And she’s back!

I was unable to convince the doctor that I needed surgery before trying any other option, so my hand is now swollen to twice it’s normal size but for what is supposed to be a good reason. He put a needle into the base of my finger and pumped the muscle full of cortisone. I was upset that by last night it wasn’t all cleared up but my friend Dea looked it up and I need to give it up to a week to work. As the surgery wouldn’t have happened for another month and would have taken two weeks for recovery I guess I’m just as happy…

I don’t know how present I’ll be on the blog but I’m not forgetting my sisters here. I just fell behind for a while. (If you think I’m behind here you should see me catching up at work!)

And I have a couple of old pairs of glasses to donate to ‘Blood Ties Fans Recycle For Sight’ as soon as I find where and how to send them. (I’m catching up on that one, too.) Being as painfully nearsighted as I am, I find it easy to pledge to support this campaign. (It’s one of the reasons I was drawn to Vicki as a character in the books, too.)

And so, here we go, blog away, mah sistahs! I will join you as time permits.


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Some fellow fans are SO MEAN!!!!!

I think we all need to go to this Live Journal community and blow raspberries. Because this was a cruel, cruel hoax. Although the livestock thing was pretty funny…

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No macro this time

But there is a filk song posted to one of the LiveJournal comms that I feel moved to share with you. True, it do

The Power of the Pen

The Power of the Pen

©2007 Ariel Cinii (0707.14)

“original” Melody adapted from bits & pieces of Paul Simon
Now, the power of the pen,

Was given to us sci-fi fen.

We learned the letters that we write,

They are a peaceful way to fight.
A piece of paper and some ink,

Can show what thousands of us think.

Cause many drops can turn a wheel,

It shows them how their viewers feel.

Don’t let it die. (chorus)
Bf C
Just let those cards and letters fly.
Don’t let it die.
Cause if we write in we can try.
Don’t let it die.
Bf C
You know that we can make a stand.
Don’t let it die.
Bf C F
We’ve got our rights… in TV land.

There was once a TV show;
‘Twas liked by people in the know.
While their effects would sometimes stink,
It made us laugh and cry and think.

But then one day it disappeared,
And gone forever it was feared,
Until good people wrote and called
And cancellation we forestalled.

Yeah, the power of the pen
Can turn a wimp into a guardian,
Who’ll loose the fateful lightning
Of a wonderful swift sword.

Turn a mundane into a fan.
Defend the shows we all love and
They’ll see that we’re all kindred spirits
Who should never be ignored…

(“Diff’rent Strokes break”)
And they never will be bored!

Took a Firefly on a Star Trek
To a town called Jericho.
The Doctor Who came out to meet us
Drew his Equalizer, so,

I went and ordered up some Sliders,
And I wished that doctor Cheers,
Then Space Above and Beyond folded.

Don’t know when it reappears… (chorus 2x)

But we’ll do it once again.
It’s the power of the pen.

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Par-tay! Par-tay!

WTF is Crash the Monkey doing here? Who invited him? Oh, well, yes, I suppose he does belong at this party.

We’re celebrating a year of Blood Ties. Have fun, partake of refreshments, regale us with your happy memories of the last year. I’ll worry about the purty pikkies later.

Here we go! First pic is just a normal macro


But this one from Madonna is gonna set the party ROCKIN’!

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Oh, how I envy the ladies who got to go to Megacon!

It sounds like a good — nay, a GREAT — time was had by all, and I can’t wait for pictures and all the final details.

The following macro may not be my best but I’ve been battling a really nasty stomach flu (so it’s just as well I’m not at the con…) and this is as good as I can make it. Hopefully I’ll be up and around soon, but in the meantime I can drink yummy horchata and relax in the knowledge that some of my sisters are having an absolute ball.

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What I’ve been making lately

I made this one for my mother

This one is for my sister

And this is the detail of a dress I FINALLY finished.

Not shown are the unfinished projects, including a necklace for myself, a dress made out of a gorgeous Pendleton wool (I love the Pendleton outlet store in Camas!) and a dress out of a kind of linen-y, gauze-y, embroidered fabric I just bought. Not to mention the two piles of fabric intended for SCA garb…

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A shout out for a great fanfic writer

Sulla writes a bi-whimly Torchwood fanfic story set called  Excerpts From the Sekrit Diary of Ianto Jones. I can say with full conviction that I have NEVER laughed so hard at a piece of fanfic as I do at those entries of her’s. I promised her a shout-out and here it is.

She is a Canadian, living in Toronto. Somehow, we must convert her to “Blood Ties” fandom. I want to see Coreen’s diary!!!!!

And now I return you to your regularly scheduled mayhem.

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