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Just so it doesn’t have to be posted over and over again

Thank you, Sandy, for gathering all this information for us!Here’s the info for sending in those emails and postcards!
Postcards (Lifetime will only accept/read postcards) can be bought on-line at for the price of the postage. The link is:

Lifetime’s address is:
LifeTime Television
309 W. 49th Street
New York, NY 10019

The email link for feedback is: and for the petition for more seasons…

(NO icepick! – I’m only posting this once!)

Posted by: Sandy


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So now we’re doing limericks

Just saving some really amusing limericks and other poetry from the Bloodties Lifetime blog. I’ll add more poetry as it appears.
Please note that I’m only responsible for writing one of these. I’m just saving the rest for posterity. Comments in parentheses and italics are mine.

There once was a P.I. named Vicki.
Took on cases extremely icky.
Met Henry Fitzroy
And oh what joy
Things proceeded to get really sticky.
Posted by: Annalaise duChat

Despite limited visual ability,
Vicki checked on the clinic of fertility
But Henry’s assistance
Was moot in this instance
For his swimmers were lacking motility
Posted by: ms.gyspy | (That would be me. That second line is awkward, innit?)

There once was a lady named Gypsy
Who made beer and got a bit tipsy
Drinking games we did play
On the floor we did stay
Now I drink to get tipsy w/Gypsy**
Posted by: DIZEY1 (I’m blushing!)

Will Vickie choose Henry or Mike?
One of them must take a hike
Vamp and then human
She keeps going through them
Which one does she actually like?
By Kurapika404 (posted by Laurel)

There once was a cop named Mike
Whom Henry tried not to bite
Along came a monk
Mike lost a chunk
And Vicki’s staying out of sight!
Posted by: DIZEY1

I’ll first taste your blood my dear,
To do that I must bite here
I said “what the heck!”
And showed him my neck.
Cuddling after? Yes dear!
Posted by: Laurel

There once was a man called Fitzroy
Who was *VAMPED* when only a boy
He wandered through history
To many a mystery
Hell I wish I could just be his TOY
Posted by: DIZEY1
There once was a vampire named Henry
Who counted his lovers as many
Then he met Vicky
And things got sticky
Since there were not any
Could make him forget Vicky
Posted by: Claire (It’s not very limerick-y but I like it nonetheless)

Really enjoyed the things you’ve been rhyming
I thought I would try, but I’ve got really bad timing
This blog is the best,
of that I attest
The walls it does keep me from climbing.
Posted by: Tango

I know of Henry of Richmond
Who’s condo had no kitchen
The zombie he salted
The priestess he halted
And now Vicki’s no longer bitchin’
Posted by: DIZEY1 (I think DIZEY1 is the reigning Duchess of Rhyme, working up to Queen.)

We watched as Vicki, Henry did sniff
We watched as his body did go stiff
We watched him fight the perp
and from her arm did slurp
Oh Lord do we think our Blood Ties terif
I think it works… *shrugs* We’ll try again later. 🙂
Posted by: Anzia
There was a vamp named Fitzroy,
Man he looked good, this our boy,
For vicky we long a kiss, oh my,
Soon to be, we scream with joy!!!!
Posted by: susana (Not a limerick per se but rather good nonetheless…)

There once was a man named Henry,
Who sent all our hearts into a frenzy,
But Lifetime said NO,
you won’t see the show,
Until there’s snow.
Posted by: Margaret (Again, a poem, not a limerick. I hope Lifetime doesn’t really say NO, though!)

There once was an addict named Tango
Who liked her youtube vids in slowmo
At Kyle she did gaze,
her heart was ablaze
Keep those videos coming ~ I say, “Bravo”!
Posted by: Tango |

We thought that Norman was dead
Sucked into a vortex they said
He duped Henry & Vicki
The kissing got really icky
And Astaroth’s coming for her head
Posted by: DIZEY1

Said Henry to Vicki “I bite!
But I’ll try not to give you a fright.
Try not to struggle,
after we’ll snuggle,
if passion you’ll let me ignite.”

Said Vicki “I think that I might.”
But she opted to put up a fight.
Avoiding his kiss
she’s likely to miss
a preternatural delight!
Whooo I did it! I managed to use “preternatural delight” in a limerick. It wasn’t easy.
Posted by: Annalaise duChat (and congratulations on using preternatural delight. That can’t have been easy!)

Henry had a little take-out
Vicki had a little freak out
Demon Tats a burning
Astaroth is yearning
Watch while they knock Norman’s light out
Posted by: Maddie Mo

Henry, he wanted some passion,
Which Vicki, she wanted to ration;
They both leaned in tight,
But Vicki veered right,
So Henry must just keep on askin’.
Posted by: ndayeni
There once was a vampire named Henry,
Who lived life with gusto and energy;
He met an ex-cop,
Who had issues–a lot–
Now to love her is the fate of poor Henry.
Posted by: Ndayeni

There once was a BloodTies fan Sandy
Who loved all the BloodTies eye candy
With fang in her throat
This limerick she wrote
With the help from her BloodTies blog fam’ly.
*bows to blog-kin* – it’s all your fault!
Posted by: Sandy

Danielle |

The Lifetime blog is saying goodbye
But the Blood Ties fans never say die
To Gypsy’s we did move
We had something to prove
Waiting five months and still asking why

Norman from Hell got his ticket out
Most people still thought he was a lout
The three items he found
While slinking around
But in the end he went back to pout

Several people we have tried to turn
But some of them can’t seem to learn
They won’t listen to us
So then we want to cuss
It appears that they don’t give a durn

Hey I am pretty damn proud of them (As they say, I don’t know much about art but I know what I like and I like these! Thanks, Danielle!)
There once was a girl named Beth
Who lived her life obsessed
She impatiently waited
For Henry she stated
Now this summer will be her test

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Canadian Cuisine part deux

Oh, how could I have forgotten Molson? How? How? It’s pretty much the definition of Canadian beer and, let’s face it, “Blood Ties” fen, what do we all think it is that Vicki clearly needed more of?

Now, being from Oregon where we not only like, but pretty much worship our local microbrews, I of course have found what ought to be Henry’s favorite malty beverage. (Yes, it has been established that he drinks. Presumably he doesn’t get drunk. Cuz that would be ugly.)

And while Dead Guy Ale is one of my favorites, it’s no

Hmmmm … I think I need to head out to the store now.

Beer reviews are always welcome here. I’m a brewer (not necessarily great at it yet but I’m getting there) and a bit of a connoisseur of grainy, malty beverages. And a Pacific Northwet beer snob. (And a PNW wine snob. But I concede that other regions have excellent beer and wine, too.) In fact, I believe I’ll start a brewing topic here. After all, I’m city famous (in a certain number of circles) for my autumn apple ale, and I intend to make a batch of herb beer this summer as well as some regular beer. I’ll need a place to keep my notes. And share them with the world. Or at least with the world’s residents who are really dedicated to finding stuff buried deep within the World According to Google.

And, clearly, I need more coffee.

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Not my cup of … um … prose, but might be of interest to others

I successfully defeated (they call it won but I know what it really was) the 2006 National Novel Writing Month challenge of completing a novel of 50,000+ words in 30 days. It’s not what you would call a GOOD novel and I’m not sure it’ll ever be good enough to be read by my best friend, much less an editor. But I finished it and in November, 2007 I intend to top my word count AND produce something worth reading.

In my misspent youth I wanted to be a screenwriter. I dated one for a while and realized this wasn’t the kind of writing I wanted to do. (Writing for stand-up is one thing; writing for the screen … nah, not my style. It’s a talent I lack and don’t feel as embarrassed about it as I did when I first woke up to the fact.) But I know a lot of people who really want to do it and some of them seem to have the talent. Those people might be interested in Script Frenzy, brought to you by the same wonderful people who brought us Nanowrimo

So speaking from my heart and remembering how much damn FUN Nanowrimo was, I encourage all who read this who think they have a script or screenplay in them to go to the Script Frenzy website, sign up, and spend June having as much intense fun as I had last November.

Script Frenzy only goes for 20,000 words. Come on, you folks. you KNOW you can do it!

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Accepting Suggestions for Vampire Novels

Strange as this may seem, I’m not a big fan of vampire novels. Really, I’m not. I am a fan of novels where either the supernatural or future tech intersect with murder mysteries. I am dealing with the unfortunate fact that romance often intersects as well. But on the topic of just plain novels about vampires, I’m not a fan. I’ve tried. I’ve really tried. And vampire movies are fine. (Especially the ones with Keanu Reaves and Winona Rider but I digress…)  I didn’t much care for Interview With a Vampire, although I did take advantage of the concept of the Talamasca and run with it for a Halloween costume one year. (Business suit, briefcase, mystical looking ID card and for some reason a large box of chocolates because I figure even a vampire ought to be attracted to gourmet chocolate.) I tried reading Laurel K. Hamilton’s stuff but … you know, I’m the last person to object to pornography in general, but her stuff just makes me shudder. It was good for the first few novels but then she got all humpy and I lost interest.

So my enthusiasm for the tv series “Blood Ties” can only be explained by a combination of (a) remnant of my time as a Buffy fan, (b) my love for Tanya Huff’s writing, (c) my admiration for a helluva job done by a helluva casting director, (c) and everyone else connected to the show did a helluva job, too, and (d) I have to confess a small crush on Tanya herself. (I didn’t realize that was going on until this afternoon when the friend who first introduced me to the Vicki Nelson books pointed it out. {BLUSH!!!}

On the LifetimeTV’s “Bloodblog,” which Tanya sorta kinda runs (at least she directs it at the outset of each week but I think we bloggers just run amuck unsupervised and we have way too much fun doing it) people are recommending vampire novels to one another. I’m not able to contribute to that discussion but I am able to offer a place here for people to make their suggestions easier to access. So, go ahead, post a comment recommending your favorite vampire novel or series of novels. This way people won’t have to hunt through that whole bunch of wild and crazy posts to find your suggestion.

And, who knows? I might even decide to read your recommendation and discover that I actually LIKE your taste in vampire novels.

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Sometimes I show up in the oddest places

My post about poutine showed up in an archived web search (not sure what engine was used) someone did on Montreal. I don’t speak a word of French and while I have been to Montreal, it was only to visit some relatives who came over from what was then the USSR and so all I got to see was standard Russian Jewish people. As I recall, they were the ones who bought and served the poutine, and my recollection is that they asked my family to figure out what the big deal was. (My sister, anorexic as she was, probably ran screaming from the room, but I don’t remember that far back.)

There is a branch of the SCA in Saskatchewan (about which we will not speak), which I find only a little disturbing since I can’t imagine any season there where an outdoor event would be doable. Even more perplexing is that it is part of An Tir. (No wonder the Crown only shows up every once in a while at events here. Look at the ground they have to cover in just six short months!)(Will someone please explain to me why An Tir contains the entire Pacific Northwet EXCEPT Alaska which is somehow mysteriously part of West Kingdom along with California, Nevada, and presumably Hawaii as well as Japan and the rest of the Pacific Rim?????) Between you, me, and the lightpost, I think SCA draws its Kingdoms a trifle bigger than most people’s travel capabilities can handle.)

And lest I start doing a Mickey Rooney SCA piece, let’s get back to icons and Russian baking, shall we?

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Because I realize most of my readers have no idea what poutine is…

Poutine is one of those things that must be experienced rather than explained. So here is a recipe from a source known to me as reliable. I first had poutine in Montreal and later in a department store cafeteria in Saskatchewan (about which we will not speak.) And I’ve had it made for me a few times by well meaning folks who don’t realize how utterly nasty the dish is. I mean, I’m as cheese and fat loving as the next girl but THIS stuff! Wow! You can feel your arteries harden the minute you take your first bite. So I’m pretty sure none of the characters in “Blood Ties” are making it a regular part of their diet. I think it’s safe to say no actor worth his or her contract eats this much, if at all. But it’s about as Canadian as they get, so enjoy! Just remember your cholesterol.

Poutine (Fries, Cheese, and Gravy) Recipe

  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • 2 cups beef stock
  • Salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 pounds Idaho white potatoes, peeled and cut
  • 1/2 pound fresh cheese curd

In a saucepan, over medium heat, combine the butter and flour. Stir until incorporated. Cook for 12 to 15 minutes for a dark roux. Stir in the stock. Season with salt and pepper. Bring the liquid to a boil. Reduce the heat to medium low and continue cooking for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove from the heat and keep warm. Peel the potatoes and cut fries, 4 inches by 1/2-inch. Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Add the potatoes and blanch for 4 minutes. Remove, drain and cool completely. Fry the potatoes until golden brown. Remove and drain on paper towels. Season with salt and pepper. To serve, mound the fries into the individual (16-ounce) disposable cups. Spoon the gravy over the fries and crumble the cheese. Serve immediately.

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