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The Christmas Bat

A friend of mine reminded me of this lovely Christmas legend which she has been regaling me with as long as I’ve known her…and that’s a long time.  It’s adorable and totally appropriate for us!

The Tale of the Christmas Bat
Okay. This is how it goes. Long ago, when organization had been invented, but before stockings really caught on, Santa was developing a pattern. He would make toys all year, with his helpers, they’d all work like crazy just to get everything done. He’d take a couple days off to relax, and then off he went on his sleigh, delivering presents. But some always fell through the cracks.

You know the ones I mean–the little ones. Holiday earrings, rings in padded boxes, the tiny little trinkets that sometimes mean so much. Holiday ornaments, small glass animals, teensy little stuffed and jointed bears. Later on, gift certificates, gift cards, pens, pencils, and erasers–all were falling away. Few made it through.

Santa finally decided he needed to do something about this.

So he looked around, looked high and low, for someone to help him with the little things. He pondered in the snow fields and he pondered in the kitchen. He pondered in the stables and he pondered in the barn. And while in the barn, he saw the bat. The lowly little bat, quietly sleeping, brown in the rafters of the barn. Santa pondered. Santa pondered the bat.

“Hmm,” Santa said. “That little bat can fly. And I bet if I ask him, he could carry the little presents for me. I bet if I asked him, he could help me in my nightly task. He is, after all, nocturnal.”

So he asked the bat, and the bat said yes, and thus, the Christmas Bat was born. For it is he, the little Christmas Bat, who’s responsible for the little things. It is he who flutters down the chimney or in through the mail slot to tuck gift certificates in bright red envelopes under the tree. It is he who flaps through the house, dropping gelt into stockings. It is he who struggles with the holiday mandarins, one per child, and he who flies in candy cane, and holiday chocolates, and rings and necklaces and bracelets.

It’s just, sometimes he’s a little absentminded, and that’s why the little stuph sometimes arrives late.

[So, for those wondering…I still don’t know where I got this from. My mother tells me I first related the story of the Christmas Bat to her Christmas morning, 1969. Yeah, I was two. But it’s been a family tradition ever since.

[Feel free to spread the tradition, if you like. I know that would make the Christmas Bat very happy.

This story is by my friend Jeanne, who also goes by Pirate Jenny and sometimes by Kelandris. And on LJ she’s Nematoddity.
Merry Bloody Christmas, everyone!


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YES I’m still alive!

I realize there’s been some doubt but the fact is, I am alive and I am not nearly as busy as I was. I quit even trying to finish 50,000 words by November 30 because I totally lost interest in my novel’s plot. I was sidetracked by a half dozen fanfic plots, some of which I even finished. (I’m Ms Gypsy on And I have to write a Torchwood and the dreidel story for a holiday challenge and except that I demand it include a Jewish alien goat I’m not sure where I’m going with that one…)

I have been knitting up a storm, still trying to use up all that damn yarn I have all over my house. I think I may have to make mittens for people this year since everyone has scarves already. (And I’m pretty sure they all have hats…) I’m supposed to be making a hat for a cast member of Torchwood (don’t ask who because it’s not Barrowman and it’s not David-Lloyd and since it’s not Myles either we’re kind of out of leading performers, since most everyone else got killed off) but am having trouble since (a) it’s someone I don’t know at all and (b) I’m not feeling hatly creative.

Fans of Grace Park (who, let’s face it, is one hot little Cylon…) will be interested to know that she’s now in the Canadian show “The Border,” which has “friend of the blog” Denis McGrath as writer and co-producer.  And which is a pretty interesting show. I will continue to download it and watch it until some American network or syndicate decides we can see it here south of the border. (Of course, since the show often portrays the US officers in a less than glowing light, that may never happen…) What’s driving me CRAZY is that “The Guard” is still on the air in Canada but none of my sources has it available for download. And BELIEVE ME that show is worth watching. If only for the fine, fine scenery. If you know what I mean….nudge, nudge, wink, wink…


See what I mean?


So that’s a project for the Thanksgiving weekend, finding an online source for “The Guard.” (I will have to stop downloading “Little Mosque on the Prairie” now that some US syndicate is about to pick it up…damn me for being semi-honest!)

And on that note, I think I’ll go back to hunting for pear tart recipes … er … I mean working, yeah, I’m working, that’s what I’m doing! I’ll try to keep up a little better, since I’m mostly just hanging around the house these days. You all behave, now, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Wait, that doesn’t work right, does it? Oh, sure it does!

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Thank DOG for the Bite Back podcast!

There’s a new podcast available and I get quoted in it.  I’m so pleased that this podcast seems to be carrying on. I’m not sure how much faith I have in the future of “Blood Ties;” the more time goes by the more pessimistic I feel. It translates into my other fandoms. I mean, even the faint possibility that “Torchwood” would either not be back or would be altered significantly had my blood pressure shooting skyward (assurances to the contrary from cast and production team notwithstanding) and today when I read that the team producing “Sarah Jane Adventures” are confident of a third season (called a third series in the UK) had me shouting at the monitor that they need to keep working for it.  And you have NO idea how relieved I was to see Zachary Levi hosting the NBC preview show available on Amazon.

Has anyone been watching “True Blood?” I think it’s on HBO but since I am watching it using “the usual suspicious means” I’m not sure. I keep having to explain that I’m not a vampire fan. But I gave this show a try and it’s pretty good. (And it’s been promised a second season already.)

I’ve also been watching a few short-run British series, including “Bonekickers” and “Spooks Code 9.” The latter was dark and depressing but damn good. The former was something I enjoyed simply because anytime I see anthropologists getting to look good I enjoy it, even if it did have “Indiana Jones” overtones. (I like the Indiana Jones movies, too. So there!) I’ve been watching “Primeval” on BBC America and it’s okay but it’s no “Torchwood.” (Even if Myfanwy, the Hub’s pet pteranadon did make a surprising guest appearance in “Primeval.” Okay, maybe it wasn’t Myfanwy but I bet they borrowed parts!)

Does anyone know if “The Border” and “The Guard” will be coming back to Canadian TV? I miss them. I know “Little Mosque on the Prairie” is coming back, but that’s just one show and I have no further information.

I believe Nisi’s birthday just passed and we didn’t serenade her. I feel awful about that. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NISI!

And on that note, I think I’ll leave you to your chatter again. Really, I’m going to try to get back here more often. I try not to put all those irons in the fire but I just can’t stop myself!

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Since my life seems to be devoted to knitting these days

Crochet, actually.

But I found this picture online and it reminded me how remiss I’ve been at keeping up with my own blog. I’ll let you figure out why.

user caffaknitted followed up her knitted Anne Boleyn doll with a knitted Henry VIII.

From the CRAFT Flickr Pool: user caffaknitted followed up her knitted Anne Boleyn doll with a knitted Henry VIII.

I got totally caught up in the Ravelympics and lost track of everything. And only earned one silly medal, even so. But I had fun. I still have the Afghan from Hell to finish, since my best bud Billy is getting hitched (New Jersey still doesn’t let them call it marriage when they’re both guys…) and I need to get it done in time. (I probably won’t make it but I have to try.) But I’ll do my best to pay attention to my own blog in the future.

In the immortal words of my beloeved Tim Gunn, carry on!

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Dragon*con, anyone?

I’m really itching to attend Dragon*con.  Among the many people I’ve met online, a huge number of them will be at Dragon*con, and among these is Phantom Minuet, famous for some of the best Blood Ties iconage ever.  Sadly, her hotel room is full up. So I’m looking for someone(s) to share a room with. At this point we’re down to overflow hotels but the Holiday Inn should be fine and there will be shuttle buses.

If you’re teetering on a decision about this con, please read the list of guests. I was sold by the end of the “B”s but then I saw Carol Nelson Douglas and was melted. I’m not finding any Blood Ties connections yet but I’m only through the “G”s. (I peaked ahead to the “M”s, though, and found James Marsters…) (“Chuck” fans will be pleased to know that Adam Baldwin is among the guests, too.)

So if I can come up with the money for membership and airfare, is there anyone who wants to share a room with me? I’ll bring lots of yummy food with me. If the airlines will let me…

Well, Wildstar is home now from her Week With the Westies, and we miss her AND we miss DebS.  It’s been one hell of a summer already, and it isn’t even halfway over yet.

Well, folks. I have a coconut ice cream experiment to tend to (details once I find out how it worked) and bread to make and a carpet to clean and…and you just know I’m going to spend two or more hours online ignoring all that. But I have to at least try!

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I have been reminded of my duties.

I really am sorry it’s taken me so long to post a new page. Life has been happening to me in spades.

Now, then…DebS arrived this afternoon and while we were busily frightening the Ikea staff with our unabashed hilarity, I came up with a contest. Since almost all of us sitting around the peculiar Ikea table (waiting for Laurel, btw…LOL!) both Blood Ties fans AND Torchwood fans, it’s got both Blood Ties and Torchwood in it.

You are on a deserted island. All you have is a hut, a fire, the traditional unending supply of food and drink (it’s kind of like one of the old AD&D games in that you don’t have to worry about technicalities like things you need in order to live. There are three people on the island. One is you. One is Henry. The other is Ianto. (For the non-fans of TW I will include a photo.)

What will you do to pass the time while you wait for rescue. And who do you want to have rescue you? And how?

And now for the photos.

This is Henry, for those who’ve forgotten what he looks like (and you should be ASHAMED!)

And this is Ianto.

(I’m not giving Henry any unfair advantage by showing skin. Ianto=suits=teh secksie…) (If you want to see Ianto!skin, go here and click on any of the thumbnails that look like there’s nekkid men in them.)

I have to warn you that Elizabeth may have already won this one with a one-word answer. So your work is cut out for you.

For the sake of this discussion, since all necessities of life are assumed to be present, assume that Henry has a sealed off room to spend the daylight hours in.

There, let your imaginations run free. Free, free, free………!

Okay, I had much too much Ikea tonight. Sleep….must sleep….

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Fanfic awards?

A friend of mine is holding nominations over on LiveJournal for the International Fan Fiction Awards Society

You do need to have a LiveJournal account to nominate, but those are easy enough to get. I know we have a TON of writers on this blog and I’d love to see some of us nominated for this. Not the greatest prestige, I know, but here’s a chance to widen the fandom. (The lady who started this is mostly Torchwood oriented but she’s happy to see any and all fandoms and I think she can be easily convinced to watch the show.)

************************************************************************** Here’s her post:

If you’ve read a fanfiction recently, of any fandom, that you totally fell in love with, then why not nominate the writer for an award?

This is the first round of awards. In order to get winners, we need nominees. The winners will receive a banner/graphic declaring them an IFFAS winner which they can put onto their fanfiction post to show their readers.

All you have to do to nominate your favourite fanfic for an award is the following:

1) Reply to this post with the writer’s user name

2) The title of the fanfiction.

3) The fandom it belongs to.

4) The genre of the story, I.E) Angst, Fluff, Crack, Humour, Drabble,  Hurt/Comfort, etc…

5) The link to the fanfiction.

6) The rating of the fanfiction, I.E) U, PG, PG13, ETC…

7) Pairing (If applicable), Gen?

Once we have the nominations in, polls for different catergories will be set up so people can vote fairly. A time limit will be set and the writer with the most votes at the end will be declared the winner.

This community is just starting out so we need all of you to do what you can to make this site amazing. A community relies on it’s members. We are currently ‘testing the water’ to see what works best and how many people like this idea. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this community then we’d love to hear from you.

So, all that said, what are you waiting for? Get nominating and show the writer’s that provide you with fanfiction, just how much you love their work. You can nominate as many pieces of fanfiction as you like. The more the merrier!

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