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What I’ve been making lately

I made this one for my mother

This one is for my sister

And this is the detail of a dress I FINALLY finished.

Not shown are the unfinished projects, including a necklace for myself, a dress made out of a gorgeous Pendleton wool (I love the Pendleton outlet store in Camas!) and a dress out of a kind of linen-y, gauze-y, embroidered fabric I just bought. Not to mention the two piles of fabric intended for SCA garb…


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A shout out for a great fanfic writer

Sulla writes a bi-whimly Torchwood fanfic story set called  Excerpts From the Sekrit Diary of Ianto Jones. I can say with full conviction that I have NEVER laughed so hard at a piece of fanfic as I do at those entries of her’s. I promised her a shout-out and here it is.

She is a Canadian, living in Toronto. Somehow, we must convert her to “Blood Ties” fandom. I want to see Coreen’s diary!!!!!

And now I return you to your regularly scheduled mayhem.

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Apropos of so much nothing even nothing is astonished.

I am not trying to make another silly Canadian reference here. I never saw this show when it was on the air and regret it a bit, but not enough to go find it on DVD or anything. I do have to ask one thing, though.

LESLIE NIELSON was in this? Wow, the useless things you learn from You Tube!

I do adore the Arrogant Worms, though, and will continue to seek their music on You Tube and elsewhere. Like Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie,  they’ve saved me from many a nightmare about hitting puberty in Saskatchewan. (I kind of owe Brent Butt and his show “Corner Gas” something for that, too. And Denis McGrath for recommending “Little Mosque on the Prairie” which is where the healing started.)

But, as said, it’s all apropos of nothing and “The Daily Show” is on. Must go soak up all the humor I can from daily news.

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Someone finally figured out how to capitalize on PMS

And they did it the RIGHT way.



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The Ikea bat, ready for naming

Here he is, in all his fuzzy glory.  I have fixed the labels since taking the photo.

So, what’s the poor guy’s name?

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Save Net Radio!

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I doubt I’ll make it but it’s a pattern that’s good to have on hand.

It came from a newsletter that I’m sure I’ll delete without thinking about it so at least this way I’ll have the pattern saved if I ever want it.

American Flag Pattern




Any yarn will do, cotton works the best.

Size 6 (US) needles


Stripes are worked in garter st.

(knit all rows) and the blue field in seed st.


Cast on 72 sts, using red yarn.

K 5 rows.

Change to white and k 6 rows.

Change to red and k 6 rows.

Continue until you have 6 stripes (3 red, 3 white.)

Change to red and k 37 sts.

Attach blue and k 35 sts.

In the next row, begin the seed

st. in the blue section.


Continue as set, changing red and white every 6 rows until 12 stripes are done. Change to red and k 5 rows.  BO as follows; BO knitwise 34 sts with the blue, change to red and continue binding off knitwise to last st.

For stars: Using one strand of white, embroider 30 stars in rows of 6 horizontally by 5 vertically.  Then embroider 20 stars in between the 30 in rows of 5 across by 4 down. Use a cross-stitch design.

Sew in all ends.

Display with pride!


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