The Christmas Bat

A friend of mine reminded me of this lovely Christmas legend which she has been regaling me with as long as I’ve known her…and that’s a long time.  It’s adorable and totally appropriate for us!

The Tale of the Christmas Bat
Okay. This is how it goes. Long ago, when organization had been invented, but before stockings really caught on, Santa was developing a pattern. He would make toys all year, with his helpers, they’d all work like crazy just to get everything done. He’d take a couple days off to relax, and then off he went on his sleigh, delivering presents. But some always fell through the cracks.

You know the ones I mean–the little ones. Holiday earrings, rings in padded boxes, the tiny little trinkets that sometimes mean so much. Holiday ornaments, small glass animals, teensy little stuffed and jointed bears. Later on, gift certificates, gift cards, pens, pencils, and erasers–all were falling away. Few made it through.

Santa finally decided he needed to do something about this.

So he looked around, looked high and low, for someone to help him with the little things. He pondered in the snow fields and he pondered in the kitchen. He pondered in the stables and he pondered in the barn. And while in the barn, he saw the bat. The lowly little bat, quietly sleeping, brown in the rafters of the barn. Santa pondered. Santa pondered the bat.

“Hmm,” Santa said. “That little bat can fly. And I bet if I ask him, he could carry the little presents for me. I bet if I asked him, he could help me in my nightly task. He is, after all, nocturnal.”

So he asked the bat, and the bat said yes, and thus, the Christmas Bat was born. For it is he, the little Christmas Bat, who’s responsible for the little things. It is he who flutters down the chimney or in through the mail slot to tuck gift certificates in bright red envelopes under the tree. It is he who flaps through the house, dropping gelt into stockings. It is he who struggles with the holiday mandarins, one per child, and he who flies in candy cane, and holiday chocolates, and rings and necklaces and bracelets.

It’s just, sometimes he’s a little absentminded, and that’s why the little stuph sometimes arrives late.

[So, for those wondering…I still don’t know where I got this from. My mother tells me I first related the story of the Christmas Bat to her Christmas morning, 1969. Yeah, I was two. But it’s been a family tradition ever since.

[Feel free to spread the tradition, if you like. I know that would make the Christmas Bat very happy.

This story is by my friend Jeanne, who also goes by Pirate Jenny and sometimes by Kelandris. And on LJ she’s Nematoddity.
Merry Bloody Christmas, everyone!



  1. *sniffle*

    Has Bloody Ford closed down for good?

  2. @Sophia-

    nah I think its just the inevitable holiday slump. I know I just celebrated Christmas (again/for the first time) yesterday, with the very fun Beer and bad Chinese feast.

    Am now stuck trying to figure out what to do with the Fondue Pot I was given. *scratches head* Still not sure why they thought I needed a fondue pot!

  3. You could send it our way. My roommate has been craving cheese fondue. Come to think of it, who can resist the call of random snack foods dipped in cheese or chocolate?

  4. If I could get away with that I would send it your way but alas my aunt said (and I quote): “Next time we come to visit I want Fondue” *sighs* so that means I who is Miss. I can injure myself while walking into an open door, must learn to conquer the fondue pot.

    Ought to provide some interesting adventures.

  5. My mom has an old one that she undug for one of my tree trimming parties a few years ago. It was very easy; I’m sure you can manage it. Of course, hers was pretty easy: place tea light in slot. Light. Insert chocolate melts. Dip marshmallows. Enjoy.

  6. Mine’s a *little* more high tech than that sadly, lol.

    So its snowing *again* here bringing this to the 20th day straight we have:

    A} Had it snow
    B} Had snow on the ground
    C} Not reached a temp out of the 30’s

    Its *so* fun let me tell you 😉

  7. Scribble said

    Hi Ladies:

    I urgently need to get in touch with Margaret but don’t have her email or phone number. Would someone please email me at



  8. Hi Scribble,

    I’ve sent you her email address.

    Hi MM & Sophia! Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were wonderful!

  9. Annalaise- mine weren’t too bad, other than the snow. Hope you had a wonderful holiday too!

  10. Hi MM,

    Yes, it was spectacular! Thanks!

  11. Anne said

    Gypsy – harking back to your remark “So that’s a project for the Thanksgiving weekend, finding an online source for “The Guard.”

    Did you succeed?
    I haven’t so far, so I rely on Canadian frineds sending me physical recordings.
    The Guard is still on break for several weeks more.

    My current project is housecleaning at BTC – updating and removing dead stuff

  12. *le sigh* I go back to school tomorrow. On the bright side, I’ll get my overpayment check, so I won’t be strapped for cash anymore.

  13. Okay, got a question for you Canadians: My roommate and I have become hooked on the show Regenisis, but it’s only available on DVD in the UK, as far as we can tell. Does anyone know where we can find season 4 for a decent price?

  14. laurel said

    Where did everyone go? Did I miss the switch to a new page?
    I’m busy writing and re-writing two novels an preparation to seek publication.
    Scares me to death to think of actually making a commitment to such a project but it is my dream so I’d better get over that. Anybody else on the verge of publishing? Annalaise? Any word yet?

    All is well here in Stumptown – also known as the Rose City. I’m ready for some spring time, but it doesn’t look imminent yet. 😦

  15. I’m working on a novel for my independent study class. I’ve been super busy with school–show is the first week of March, and I’m less than halfway done. And all of my teachers expect meaningless homework and small projects to be done on time as well. Joy.

  16. laurel said

    Oh oh. Looks like the place emptied out.
    I hope everyone has good things keeping them busy.


  17. I’ve been busy with school. Things are finally settling down now that midterms are over. I’m on spring break right now, and I just had my wisdom teeth out yesterday morning. It’s not so bad though–I had braces and a pallet expander, so having four teeth removed is nothing compared to having the other 32 re-arranged.

    I’m working on a short story, hope to have it done by tonight. One of my favorite folk tales is Robin Hood, and I had a dream the other night that inspired me to re-write it with a more sympathetic view of the Sheriff (who, in my mind, is played by Alan Rickman, a la Sense and Sensibility). Once I get it finished I’ll probably post it on my writing blog, since I don’t think it’s terribly marketable, and I have no idea what magazine I would send it to.

    Oh, and my roommate and I managed to download that last season of Regenisis.

  18. Hey! HEY! *pounds on clinic door* Did you guys see? BT DVDs set to release June 23!! The day before my birthday! Check out Tanya’s blog!

  19. Hey, I don’t know if anyone is still even checking this page, but I wanted to let those of you that write know that my roommate is starting up a little online fantasy magazine. If you’re interested in posting your work (it’s unpaying, at the moment), then head on over to to get in contact with her.

  20. laurel said

    Looks like it’s all over here.
    I’ll just sweep up and turn out the lights.

    It’s been fun!


    Blessings to you all.


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