YES I’m still alive!

I realize there’s been some doubt but the fact is, I am alive and I am not nearly as busy as I was. I quit even trying to finish 50,000 words by November 30 because I totally lost interest in my novel’s plot. I was sidetracked by a half dozen fanfic plots, some of which I even finished. (I’m Ms Gypsy on And I have to write a Torchwood and the dreidel story for a holiday challenge and except that I demand it include a Jewish alien goat I’m not sure where I’m going with that one…)

I have been knitting up a storm, still trying to use up all that damn yarn I have all over my house. I think I may have to make mittens for people this year since everyone has scarves already. (And I’m pretty sure they all have hats…) I’m supposed to be making a hat for a cast member of Torchwood (don’t ask who because it’s not Barrowman and it’s not David-Lloyd and since it’s not Myles either we’re kind of out of leading performers, since most everyone else got killed off) but am having trouble since (a) it’s someone I don’t know at all and (b) I’m not feeling hatly creative.

Fans of Grace Park (who, let’s face it, is one hot little Cylon…) will be interested to know that she’s now in the Canadian show “The Border,” which has “friend of the blog” Denis McGrath as writer and co-producer.  And which is a pretty interesting show. I will continue to download it and watch it until some American network or syndicate decides we can see it here south of the border. (Of course, since the show often portrays the US officers in a less than glowing light, that may never happen…) What’s driving me CRAZY is that “The Guard” is still on the air in Canada but none of my sources has it available for download. And BELIEVE ME that show is worth watching. If only for the fine, fine scenery. If you know what I mean….nudge, nudge, wink, wink…


See what I mean?


So that’s a project for the Thanksgiving weekend, finding an online source for “The Guard.” (I will have to stop downloading “Little Mosque on the Prairie” now that some US syndicate is about to pick it up…damn me for being semi-honest!)

And on that note, I think I’ll go back to hunting for pear tart recipes … er … I mean working, yeah, I’m working, that’s what I’m doing! I’ll try to keep up a little better, since I’m mostly just hanging around the house these days. You all behave, now, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Wait, that doesn’t work right, does it? Oh, sure it does!



  1. *pokes head in*

    Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating!

    I’ve gotten part of my con report up and will drop by with a link later to its home(its in 4 parts).

    Had a great time despite accidently insulting one of my favorite actors(oh my do I hate nerves sometimes!)

  2. I can’t help with the pear tarts, but my mom makes a pretty decent pear crisp. Oh!

    That’s awful, MM! Who was it?

    I am alive and working. I have a ton of homework that needs to be done sometime over the next two weeks. On the bright side, I’ll be getting a raise on my next paycheck. It’s only .25, but that’s better than nothing. Minimum wage sucks.

  3. Sophia- I accidently *insulted* David Hewlett(yes THAT David Hewlett) in his panel on Sunday. In fact its been YouTube’d *sighs* strangely enough though the second question I asked(where I didn’t insult him) has made my question famous amongst other fans of the show.

  4. msgypsy said

    Hello? Hello? Did everyone eat so much turkey that they’re still napping? Man, that tryptophan’ll do it to ya every time!

    I spent a couple of days of the long Thanksgiving weekend sick. It made me miss the Day After Dead Turkey Day festivities at my friend Kim’s house. (Sad face here) but I got a lot of knitting and crocheting and even sewing done. So yay for accomplishing something while sick!

    Did everyone else have a good day, either a good FangsGibbons or just a nice last weekend of November as the case may be?

  5. I accomplished absolutely nothing over my holiday break, which means I’m slightly behind in school this week.

    Today I had the unveiling of the peace project to my thesis class. 70 flags sewn in, the batik done and embroidered (that was drama in and of itself), and two embroidery blocks done. The unanimous vote of my class? It’s too literal, the message is too heavy handed, and I should rip the entire thing out and start again.

  6. msgypsy said

    Sophia, I can’t say for sure (I haven’t seen your project) but it certainly sounds lovely. Heavy handed can be beautiful. And batik is always cool!

  7. I have pictures up on Raverly and on my blog (not in recent posts though…not that I really have any of those).

  8. I’m finally watching firefly. We got the first three disks from Blockbuster. ^^

  9. alba17 said

    Hey there, checking your blogs. Well, I’ll definitely read that TW dreidel story and about the TW hat you’re supposed to be making,hmmm, is it for Andy? no one else left.

  10. Wildstar said

    just checking in – it took me FOREVER to get ba ck in to WordPress – I’ve been gone so long…
    SO I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is working on a great December Holiday Season…

    So Gypsy did you catch the Holiday movie with Steve Basic as Nick St. Clair aka Santa? I only got to see the last ten minutes myself. It was on the network we shall not speak of

  11. Wow, this place is deader than Henry (though admittedly, he is pretty lively for having dieded 500+ years ago).

    I’m finally on Christmas break, and I gotten a kitten. Merry Christmas to me!

  12. *waves at sophia* Yeah its been a bit crazy around here(especially this week).

    In the last couple days we’ve gotten 2 and 1/2 feet of snow which is highly abnormal for A} This time of year and B} this area.

    So today was spent trying to salvage what we could of our two hay barns(basically the costco carports modified a bit) and trudge our way through yuck and muck. Its been *fun*

  13. Ah. I’ve had to drive home in ice twice this week. What joy!

  14. laurel said

    Hi gang! I’ve been off wandering around a new planet – of my own making – and am just getting back to the real world. I see you all haven’t been overly chatty. I guess that’s just the way it goes some times. I discovered no one had been on my blog (including me) for over five weeks. Egad. I think we all need some new Kyle show to watch. I have re-watched my BT episodes on iTunes so many times I have all the lines memorized. Sigh. No new Doctor Who, No new Torchwood. No more Blood Ties. What is the world coming to.
    On the up side, I have been watching Fringe and Legend of the Seeker. Not as good as some but not bad. I have only watched the first of the Seeker episodes but I will be watching them as they replay here on the weekends.
    What are the rest of you up to?
    We are snowed in here, and now there is freezing rain. Oh. Joy.

  15. msgypsy said

    SNOWED IN!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I screwed up and did a latke story instead of a dreidel story. So I’m racking my brain for a dreidel story for before the end of the day. Eeeeek!

    I simply do not believe the entire Portland metro area is in such bad shape. My poor dog is hating this because my back door is frozen shut. I’ve taken him out front a few times but he doesn’t like it.

    I think I’m going to cuddle in my blankets and worry about Torchwood and dreidel stories.

  16. I’ve been snowed in for almost a week now(tomorrow will mark a week) and am starting to go a wee bit crazy. I’ve rewatched all my BT eps, my SGA/SG1 eps with Christina and Dylan and am running out of things to do.

    I feel horrible because I never got any Xmas shopping done and have hardly anything to put under the invisible tree(we don’t have one thanks to the weather) but am glad that the little one won’t remember *grins*

    We have 25″ on average though there are drifts to nearly 4+ feet in places and unless you are on one of the ‘trails’ we’ve blazed through the snow, you probably aren’t going anywhere.

    Attempted to get out Saturday and that failed miserably and only got about 10 feet from the parking spot, if we were lucky.

  17. Eep, hope you guys get yourselves out soon.

    WordPress deleted my last post. I don’t even remember what I said.

    The kitten is very entertaining. At some point I’ll have to put a picture of him on my blog.

  18. msgypsy said

    New topic is up.


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