Thank DOG for the Bite Back podcast!

There’s a new podcast available and I get quoted in it.  I’m so pleased that this podcast seems to be carrying on. I’m not sure how much faith I have in the future of “Blood Ties;” the more time goes by the more pessimistic I feel. It translates into my other fandoms. I mean, even the faint possibility that “Torchwood” would either not be back or would be altered significantly had my blood pressure shooting skyward (assurances to the contrary from cast and production team notwithstanding) and today when I read that the team producing “Sarah Jane Adventures” are confident of a third season (called a third series in the UK) had me shouting at the monitor that they need to keep working for it.  And you have NO idea how relieved I was to see Zachary Levi hosting the NBC preview show available on Amazon.

Has anyone been watching “True Blood?” I think it’s on HBO but since I am watching it using “the usual suspicious means” I’m not sure. I keep having to explain that I’m not a vampire fan. But I gave this show a try and it’s pretty good. (And it’s been promised a second season already.)

I’ve also been watching a few short-run British series, including “Bonekickers” and “Spooks Code 9.” The latter was dark and depressing but damn good. The former was something I enjoyed simply because anytime I see anthropologists getting to look good I enjoy it, even if it did have “Indiana Jones” overtones. (I like the Indiana Jones movies, too. So there!) I’ve been watching “Primeval” on BBC America and it’s okay but it’s no “Torchwood.” (Even if Myfanwy, the Hub’s pet pteranadon did make a surprising guest appearance in “Primeval.” Okay, maybe it wasn’t Myfanwy but I bet they borrowed parts!)

Does anyone know if “The Border” and “The Guard” will be coming back to Canadian TV? I miss them. I know “Little Mosque on the Prairie” is coming back, but that’s just one show and I have no further information.

I believe Nisi’s birthday just passed and we didn’t serenade her. I feel awful about that. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NISI!

And on that note, I think I’ll leave you to your chatter again. Really, I’m going to try to get back here more often. I try not to put all those irons in the fire but I just can’t stop myself!



  1. Kady said

    I’m one of the BT Podcast staff (Kady with the news!) and we appreciate you listening to our efforts. Please feel free to respond to any of our podcasts – we love hearing from you!

  2. I think this is a record. When has the blog ever gone so long without one of us regulars posting something?

  3. Yes, The Guard will be back – they just concluded filming episode 22.

    “Season 1 of the Guard will be airing on Showcase commencing the week of September 1st.
    You can see The Guard on Friday at 2 pm and at 8pm and Sunday nights at 7pm.

    Season 2 premieres on Global on October 29th at 10 pm where they will most likely run 108-113 and then break over Christmas to return in the New Year with all new episodes, 201-209. The actual run of this schedule is yet to be confirmed, but the start date is locked.”

    They seem to do the season/episode reshuffle.
    First order was 13 episodes and then they renewed with 9 more.
    But it looks like they will air them as a first season of 7 eps and a second season of 15 eps.

  4. Himmiefan said

    Hello Gypsy and everyone else!! I’m really getting into TrueBlood. I love Sookie (is that how you spell it?). I love how she can have spunk, but can also be vulnerable. I also love how the vampires were stumped when she asked if they were trying to “glamour” her. I love her grandmother too, but her brother Jason is getting on my nerves. I don’t like his trampy girlfriend either, but I think she’s been killed off.

    Oh, I do think Henry and Sookie would be a good pair. She’s so much more multi-dimensional than Vicki.

    Well, time for dinner. Everyone have a good night.

  5. laurel said

    Oh, oh. I’m one of the missing members and it took me a couple of minutes to realize there was a new thread.
    I have been busy getting the girl off to the University and totally lost whatever ME time I might have normally had. She is now at Oregon State University – had to go early to do band camp. There will be a televised (ESPN) football game on the 25th and the OSU band will have a field show. My girl will be somewhere in the trumpet section, so I guess I will have to watch at least part of the game. Too bad it conflicts with CSI…. Thank heavens for “on-demand” viewing.
    Thursday is also the day of the NW Quilting EXPO that I’ve been working on for months. A three day event that is getting bigger every year and I’m in charge of all the class registrations. I’m just a little crazy this week, but I’ll be back on track by October, I think.
    Way cool that Kady dropped in! Even if not many of us post here these days we still have connection to a large base of BT faithful.
    I am wishing I were going to get to go to the con and meet Tanya! I know Gypsy would go with me to any event that would put us in touching distance of her. 😛
    I haven’t seen “True Blood” yet. Still trying to figure out how to afford HBO, but not finding any money laying around. Ah well. I’ll just have to keep reading the books and wait for the DVD’s to come out.

  6. Himmiefan said

    Hey Laurel. HBO is good about getting their shows out on DVD pretty quickly. That’s how I watched Rome and Deadwood. Now, of course, I own both seasons of Rome and can watch it any time. : )

    There’s a lot to be said about waiting until a season comes out on DVD. You get large chunks of a show instead of a little here and there.

    Have fun at the quilting expo! Rumor is that those quilters can be pretty wild.

  7. *waves at everyone* Sorry I haven’t been around much, its been VERY insane around here this week. I went in on Monday for a meeting with the college expecting to be told that I had to wait until winter quarter to enroll in classes, and instead was informed that I COULD register and take classes this quarter. So I had to pick out a class schedule in about 4.5 minutes and ended up with 4 classes for 12 full time credits. I’m doing 3/4’s of it as distance ed, and am on campus Tue/Thur for Math class.

    Hope all you ladies are doing good!

  8. I watched an episode of “True Blood” last night with my roommate. Not sure that I like it, which is saying something considering what a huge Anna Paquin fan I am.

    My boxed set of the third season of Charmed came in today, so I’ve been watching that. I don’t even feel guilty for ordering it, since I had an Amazon gift card from Chase. ^^ There’s nothing better than free crack for a TV addict!

    I’m in the process of fighting with the administration about my credits for school. I graduate in May, and they’re deciding now that they shouldn’t let me take so many liberal arts courses, or play around with classes from so many majors, because, in their words, they are letting me get a Fine Arts degree without really taking any advanced fine art courses. Jerks. I’ve suffered through their classes for the last four years; it’s not my fault they don’t offer anything in the field that I’ve developed an interest in–just because they don’t consider fiber art “real art” doesn’t mean it’s true, and to top it off, their writing classes (I’m a writing minor) are absolute BS. Arg! But at least the Dean of my department is moderately on my side and agreed that making a stink about my credits at this point doesn’t really help anyone, least of all me, so she’s going to let it slide and shift some stuff around so that I can graduate on time. Thank god. I hope to be in Canada by July. Get me the hell out of here. (anyone have Kyle’s phone number? my offer to gain citizenship is still open!)

  9. Himmiefan said

    Hey MM. That’s great about being able to register. Good luck this quarter!

    Hey Sophie. I think everyone who’s gone through college sympathizes with you. Hope it works out.

  10. Thanks. And sorry about that wall of text! I didn’t mean to rant that much!

  11. Himmie- thanks for the good luck!

    *HUGS* for you Sophia! I hope it gets all straightened out and fixed for you!

  12. *explodes*

    I just met Tanya Huff. She spent about half an hour talking to my roommate and me at a con.

  13. What happened to everyone?

  14. *waves* sorry been trying to stay on top of school stuff. its gotten a bit insane since I have 4 classes, and whatnot *sighs*

  15. I’m off to the Ren Faire tomorrow, if I don’t get arrested for homicide tonight. I really want to kill Alice’s brother and his friends. And Customs/USPS, but that’s another story.

  16. Now don’t anyone keel over from shock or anything, it’s been quite a while since I posted over here. How is everyone?

    Greetings Gypsy! It’s been a long time. Are you going to do nanowrimo this year? How are all your projects coming along?

    Sophia – I take it you went to the Context SCi Fi Writer’s Con in Columbus, OH. I had planned to attend that one myself but change my mind to go to Jumpcon, and well, you know what happened there. How was your visit with Tanya? Did you get to attend her birthday celebration Friday night? I want to hear everything. How was the con? Sorry I missed your original post and I am responding to it so late.

    Hi MM – how are the kids 2 footed and four footed? They are all probably getting big by now. Do you keep all the goats you breed or do you sell them?

    I haven’t been watching True -Blood (Don’t have HBO) I wasn’t a real big fan of Charlaine Harris’s Southern vampire series. Still, I’d love to give it a watch. I’ve been hearing good things. We’ve got to support the genre whenever possible. Maybe it will eventually become available on Itunes.

  17. Annalaise–I’ve got details and pictures over on my blog– It was really great getting to talk to her. I’m also a writer, and if it wasn’t for Blood Ties, I never would have finished my first novella/part of of a novel. Unfortunatly, I couldn’t attend her birthday party, but I did go to the interview with her on Saturday, just prior to the costume contest (I went as Coreen, as you’ll see in the photos on my blog, since I really can’t pull of blonde hair).

  18. Sophia –

    How awesome that you were asked to submit samples of your work to Sci-Fi Magazine! You go girl!

    I’m glad Tanya turned out to be a sweetheart. She always seemed that way when she corresponded with us over at Lifetime and when she visited with us here at ms.gypsies’ at Kyle’s virtual birthday party last year.

    I’m really disappointed that I didn’t get to go. Stupid Shane! I lost so much money on that venture I didn’t dare suggest a attending another con to my husband so soon. GRRR! The plan was to go down and stay with my sister who lives in Hilliard which is right outside Columbus, (BTW I live just east of Cleveland)
    and take advantage of some of the networking opportunities. I’m presently working on the final edits and revisions of my novel. It’s always good to make new contacts.

  19. Annalaise- good to see you here! I’m doing well, as are all the two legged and 4 legged kids. We are just gearing up for winter hectic around here. Which means I get to go through and try and figure out which trees to watch this winter and mark them for removal if they become an issue as the season goes on. We sold most of the kids off this year though we have 2 left at the moment- Harmony and Carter(or June Carter Cash *rolls eyes*) plus the 5 big girls for 7 total. doesn’t look like we’ll be breeding this year but still not sure 100%.

    That sucks you didn’t get to do JumpCon! I have my first con(burbank creation) coming up in a little over a month and a half. I’m sooo psyched!

  20. Annalaise–Yes, I was really thrilled. Next year we plan to go all three days if we’re still in the US (we’re trying to move to Canada. If border patrol will let us through). Now I just need to put together some work to submit!

  21. Well I’m going to try my darndest to make it next year. I could really use the contacts for the book. Hopefully I have it totally finished by then.

    MM – How come you’re not breeding them this year?

  22. Annalaise- combination of things- 1) our ‘farm truck’ is broken so unless I want to drive them around in my Saturn again(which is NOT as fun as it sounds lol) I don’t have a transport method. 2) with the economic downturn its getting harder and harder to sell stock in the spring unless I’m willing to knock my prices down to rock bottom and make $0 on them(normally on kids I ‘make’ about $20-30 each, on adults its usually $10-20)

    Sophia- I’ve been doing some ‘art’ recently thought you might like. Its on my ‘second’ blog:

  23. laurel said

    OMG! Sophia! How cool that you got to meet and spend so much time with Tanya! I went over to your site and admired the picture and squeeed right along with you! *g*
    So when should we be looking for your work to be published, Sophia? Any word?
    Annalaise – I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will get an acceptance letter this next year. I want to be able to point to the exquisite cover art (which I know it will have) and your name – embossed on the cover – and say “I know her! She’s really a sweetheart!” 🙂

    I am finally done with the Quilting Expo for this year. It was bigger and better than last year and also more stressful. My boss had the stomach flu and did not get to attend until the last two hours. She still looked green when she showed up, poor dear. The other organizers were not very understanding, but I think they now understand more of what role she plays in the organization. Yikes! You couldn’t pay me to do that job.
    Now I will have a little more time to work on my writing…. I hope.

  24. laurel said

    Oh yeah, I’m going to lunch with Gypsy on Friday! We try to get together every three or four weeks. Anybody have any messages they want delivered?

  25. Awe Laurel, that’s so sweet! I guess I better get on the ball and finish the rewrites then. Maybe you better give me until next year.;-)

    MM — Have you ever considered breeding Alpacas? That’s pretty big around here now, and you could at least make a bit of income of your investment by selling their wool for yarn. They have incredibly soft luxurious wool. I have an alpaca scarf and it’s softer than cashmere. Not to mention they are adorable critters.

  26. Did somebody say alpaca yarn? *pounce*

    MM–Cool artwork! That’s a combination of hand drawing and computer, correct?

    Laurel–I haven’t submitted my portfolio yet. Alice has sent hers in, but the problem is that right now most of my work is school related, and thus not suited to a fantasy magazine. I don’t have the time to do anything else, either. I’m barely keeping afloat with school. Still, I will be keeping it in mind, and once midterms are over next week, I might be altering a few watercolors to send them.

  27. elizabeth said

    Wow! Have I been away for awhile 😦 I didn’t realize I could be so easily sidetracked onto other things and forget to check in here once in awhile. So, *waves* “Hello” everyone.

    Sophia – How cool is it that you got to meet Tanya? Isn’t it wonderful when those we admire will take the time to actually talk to us? I’ve met a authors before at writers conferences and some are very gracious and some make you wonder why you read their books in the first place!

    I have a friend here in Oregon that has an Alpaca farm. I love the yarn that is made from their coats.

  28. Oh! How could I forget to mention this? At the con, Tanya said that she is working on scripts for the Smoke books. They don’t have a buyer or anything, but they are in progress, and she is hoping to get Tony his own show soon.

  29. Woohoo! Do you think they could get Kyle to play Henry again???? He’s not as much of a main character in the smoke books but they can’t do it without him.

  30. I don’t know. Alice and I mentioned that we were disapointed that Tony wasn’t in the Blood Ties TV show, and she replied that she had to leave him out so that if the Smoke books ever went to TV, they could use a different production company, so I don’t know how that would work with Henry/Kyle.

  31. Well you couldn’t do the smoke books without Henry. He was instrumental in saving Tony’s butt several times. Not to mention the romantic interest/conflict between them. And SOMEBODY’S got to play Henry, it might as well be Kyle!

  32. laurel said

    I would love to see Kyle get to play Henry again but they’d really have to get the right guy to play Tony or it wouldn’t work. There has to be believable chemistry between the actors. I know Kyle could do, but he’d have to learn to be more of a side-kick and that might be hard. Tony would have to be someone who could draw the audience away from the vampire story and into the mage story.
    Hmmmm. I’m going to be having some dandy day-dreams.

  33. Hey, that’s an idea! Let’s come up with a cast for the smoke books. Put on your thinking caps. Kyle & Christina are givens but how about the rest of the characters?

    Tony Foster
    Lee Nickolas (Tony’s actor heartthrob)
    Arra Pelindrake (Special effects “wizard”)
    Mason Reed (Actor playing Raymond Dark Vampire Star of Darkest Night)
    Chester Bane (Owner of CB Productions, Henry’s “friend”)
    Rachel Chou office manager of the production staff
    Amy ???? Smart@$$ office assistant
    Zev (Sound engineer and Tony’s sometime boyfriend)
    Peter ???? the director of Darkest night
    The Shadow lord
    Ryne Cyratane, Demonlord
    Leah Burnett, stuntwoman & demongate

    Who did I forget? It’s been awhile since I’ve read them so let me know.

  34. Sorry I haven’t popped back sooner been studying like crazy.

    Annalaise- I’d *love* to do alpacas if they weren’t so darned expensive. To get a good quality animal that makes good fiber would be a MINIMUM $10-15,000 output up front. You can get less expensive animals but you really get what you pay for.

    Sophia- yes its a combo of hand drawing(done by my friend) and computer work(done by me). I really had fun playing with her drawing as I got to darken it up, and make it more visible and she was really shocked at how well it came out, as the drawing itself is probably 10 years old and was scanned into the computer.

    I’m useless with the Smoke books as I still haven’t been able to work through even the first one. I guess I just wasn’t as *in love* so haven’t devoted much time- been too caught up in my other books.

  35. Yikes, I had no idea they were that expensive! Goat are good. LOL

    I liked the smoke books but not near as much as the Vicki Nelson Books. It took me a while to get into them because Henry’s just not in them as much.
    I just thought this would be a fun way to pass the time.

  36. Elizabeth said

    I have never read the Smoke books. It sounds like I need to check them out from my favorite library – Laurel, do you have them 😉 and could I borrow them…pretty please…..

  37. Annalaise- Yeah most people don’t realize how expensive they are and how labor intensive as well.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who wasn’t as into them as the Vicki Nelson books. I think for me I struggle with taking Tony from being the supporting character in the Blood series to being the LEAD character in the Smoke series. I’ll probably give the series another go in December when I’m done with school for the quarter.

    So I just finished watching “The Queen”, and it was an amazing movie! The cinematography and splicing(they took actual real time footage from ’97 and added it into the ‘live action’) was just breathtaking.

  38. MM–If you ever did decide on alpacas, you could probably just wave a handful of the fleece in my face and I’d buy enough of it to knock down your costs (just not this month, kay? I kinda need to eat).

    I only got halfway through the first smoke book. I was as “in love” with them either, and I had to return it to the library. I did, however, just finish reading “Summon the Keeper”, and I’m going to have to order the next two on Amazon. Like, NOW. They’re so funny. And now, having met Tanya, I hear so much of her in the voice of her characters, especially in the voice of “Hell.” I think this might be my new favorite trilogy (sh, don’t tell Mercedes Lackey!).

  39. Sophia- yeah, I’d have to have a line of ‘you’ lined up to make it cost effective for me to invest in alpacas.

    Okay must go find some clean clothes that aren’t caked in mud(I’ve spent most of the week thus far in the goat pen and its been a wee bit wet here) so I can pretend to be a good clean nicey, nice person at the toddler’s speech therapy today *sighs*

  40. laurel said

    I loved the “Summoner” Series and am just about ready to re-read them. I thought the Smoke books were okay, and I really loved the third one. I wish she would do more with Tony now that she has him really figured out.
    As far as Mercedes Lackey…. I am a huge fan of her work. That said, I have heard not-so-good things about her new addition to the Valdemar/Velgarth series. I will probably buy it anyway but I am really looking forward to the new anthology that is coming out in December. Tanya wrote one of the stories and I know she is a friend of Misty’s so it should be good. I’m hoping to have one of my own short stories included in the next one which should be in about two or three years. 😛

  41. laurel said

    Okay, I got a good coupon for Borders and bee-lined for the new book. I had to have it, even if it isn’t her best work.
    Bad Laurel? Nah, I can’t resist books. I don’t care if I have to eat mac and cheese a lot this month, it was worth it.


  42. laurel said


    Where did everybody go? I know I got busy doing stuff, but usually you all are around.
    MM – How goes the speech therapy these days? I know it can get frustrating when progress slows down at times.

    Sophia – What are you knitting these days? I’m needing to start my annual = scarves for the women’s shelter project. Last year I only got 10 done, but the year before I did 22. They were fast and mindless, perfect for a night in front of the TV.
    E – I’ll bring you the Smoke books tonight, if we are still getting together.

    Annalaise – Anything new to report about the manuscript? I know you’ve added a great prologue and are working in a few additions to the plot. Is that working in easily or is it a nightmare to retrofit the changes?

  43. I’ve been knitting on my art project for my thesis show–one stitch on a scarf for every life lost on 9/11 in red, and one in black for every coalition or Iraqi death in the subsequent war. It is 24 feet long and just under halfway done.

    I’m also working on a sock, a hat for my roommate’s brother (who is technically my roommate as well, but it’s weird to think if him like that). He collects funky Ohio State hats, so I’m making him and OSU elf hat. It will be red, about three feet long with grey trim and pointed. I want it long enough that he can wrap it around his neck when he’s biking to and from class this winter.

    I’m also doing some doll-sized knits. I like making doll socks, because they are tiny, cute, and easy, and it’s hard to find doll socks that have heels, which is really annoying. Most of them are tubes, so they are baggy and slide around a lot.

    I do check in every day, but I don’t post often when there’s no responses for several days.

  44. Hi girls,

    I really miss knitting and crocheting. Not that I’d have much time to do it with everything else I have going on, but it’s one one of those rare craft things I enjoyed and had an uncharacteristic patience for. Unfortunately, since I started having problems with my neck and arms, I just can’t seem to do it anymore without it resulting in extreme pain later. I’m not sure if it’s from my neck or carpal tunnel, but I definitely pay for it. Especially knitting, I can get away with crocheting for a bit longer. I envy you girls. I try to avoid the yarn department, because it’s like an obsession. So pretty …..and soft….I want it…..LOL but then it just sits. I have so much yarn I”ll probably never use it.

    MM- What about Angora goats? Are they expensive too?

    The other thing that fascinates me is spinning and/or weaving. I so want to try that. I love to watch the demos they have at the state fair. Do any of you do that?

    Laurel – Adding the new stuff is kind of a pain, but I’m plugging away at it. Some sections like the flashback where Kieron explains his origins to Monica are going to have to be completely rewritten.

    I find that I’m a slow writer. I only have a couple of hours an evening to devote to it (and that’s with severe sleep deprivation) and in those 2 hours I’m lucky if I write 3 or 4 paragraphs. I obsess over every word. Particularly because this is the revision stages for Book 1 and I haven’t really found a reliable editor to go behind me and clean up mistakes yet. When I’m initially laying down new stuff, it tends to go a little faster if ‘m inspired, but now I’m trying to edit and rewrite at the same time without sacrificing the integrity of the original story line too much.

    I’m so itching to get into the meat of the new story line, which actually will be in book two, but I feel I can’t jump ahead until I resolve all the issues in this book. But at the same, time I need to know where book 2 is headed so everything agrees. So right now I’m also working on plotting book 2 as I go. I”m making progress.

    Right now I’m also a little distracted by my piano playing/ lessons. I feel like I’m on the verge of finally getting this chordal/improvisation thing. Lessons are fine, if you want to play from sheet music all the time, but I’m trying to integrate my knack for playing by ear with some of the theory I’ve been learning. I’ve been taking lessons for about 22 months now and still don’t feel like I can really play music, even though I play what’s in my lesson books. So I’ve been exploring other methods of playing and that takes time away from writing.

  45. I dye yarn and spindle spin (mostly silk but some alpaca–I’m allergic to wool). I’m saving up for a wheel and I hope to make it my Yule gift to me this year.

    I envy your piano playing, Annalaise. I tried teaching myself from a book a few years ago, but never got very far since I didn’t have anyone to show me things like extensions, or explain other things to me. We got an antique upright grande piano for free when my dad was clearing out an old house and the previous owner abandon it. It’s very pretty and I wish I could play, but I don’t even have the time to learn now. I love music, but I really don’t have an ear for it.

  46. I would just love to have the opportunity to try spinning. It looks like mindless fun. What I really want is a loom. There was an old woman in the small hometown I grew up in that had a huge loom on her enclosed front porch. This thing took up the whole porch. when I visited she was making rag rugs of all things. From that moment I was hooked.

    I’m envious of your piano. It sounds beautiful. I would never have room in my house for something like that though, not to mention the difficulty getting it in here to begin with. My house is a bi-level so it would have to come up stairs to get in here.

    I’m still trying to figure out how I can afford a better quality digital with a full keyboard and weighted keys. In other words a REAL piano.

    My little Yamaha Digital Grand keyboard is fun for fooling around, but it has only 76 keys. It has all the bells and whistles( tons of different voices, digital drums/rhythm accompaniment, metronome, track on track recording capability, onboard lessons, songs to play along with and a cool midi interface to plug it into a computer and download tons more.) But I’d trade it all for a full keyboard and a real damper pedal!
    I take my lessons on an awesome Roland Digital Grand and it feels like a real piano. Different instruments have a different feel to them. My keyboard is too different from the Roland. It messes me up. The grass is always greener. **sigh**

  47. I’ll second that. At the moment, I’m trying to scrounge up enough money for an Ashford Traveler DD I’d really like it for Yule, but I don’t know if it’s going to happen.

    I played flute for eight years (badly), but once I got out of school it fell by the wayside. I always hated listening to myself play, and I couldn’t get the right tune or tempo unless I heard it done properly first (I’m a very bad sight reader).

  48. I working on that. LOL. I’m getting a little better at sight reading, but I’m not very quick at it yet. I think I do better with the timing than the actual notes, but then for piano you have to read the grand staff instead of just one note at a time.

    The flute is another instrument I’d love to play. Too many instruments, too little time. I have played guitar since I was in high school, but I play totally by ear. I figured it was time I finally learned to read music. I also dabble a bit with the Irish whistle. I’m not very good with that though.

    The spinning wheel looks awesome. I hope the” Yule Fairy????” leaves it under your Yule log.;-)

  49. Hehe. I wish. I’m going to have to save up for it–hope my school supplies don’t eat up too much of the budget, and that our electric bill doesn’t get messed up again ($70 for the last 3 months to $400 for last month? What?).

    I tried learning guitar using a hand me down from my dad/aunt. It didn’t go well. The insturment itself was a child’s size, but the neck was about twice the thickness of every other guitar I’ve ever seen. My roommate plays some, but even she couldn’t figure out what kind of contortionist act it would take to hit the strings properly. They were too close together for my fingers to press only one at a time (and I have slender fingers), and the neck was so thick that unless I laid it in my lap and put pressure on them from above there was no way for me to press one string without pressing at least one other. I sold it for $20 to my roommate’s brother. If I ever have a decent income, I’d like to take guitar lessons, but that doesn’t look likely any time soon. First the spinning wheel. Then a new car. Then getting the hell out of Ohio. (any of you guys in Canada have any single, male relatives I could marry for citizenship? They don’t have to be straight. Bonus points if they live near Montreal.)

  50. What’s so bad about Ohio? IIt can’t be the weather or you’d be heading south not north.

  51. I hate Ohio. It’s flat, boring, closed minded, and yes, our weather sucks. It’s an all or nothing kind of place, fueled by high winds. I love the people and the setting in Montreal. It’s cleaner, safer, friendlier. I do love the south, but Florida’s economy is dead in the water, and I don’t want to deal with hurricains–we got their aftermath here with 12 hours of 70 mph winds. (A barn got lifted up and dropped on a house a couple of miles from where I live). We’re also considering Virginia, and upstate New York. Much as I hate cold weather, my two favorite places in the world are Montreal and Edinburgh. Talk about irony.

  52. Laurel- Speech has been a nightmare. She will talk at home and is on target for the goal(20 separate words) but she is still lagging far behind where she should be. It really didn’t help that her ST was on vacation/sick for 3 weeks in a row and we hadn’t seen her the week before because WE were sick, so we didn’t see her for a full month. We had a meeting with the intermediary for the county’s Early intervention program a few weeks back and she was already talking about getting us hooked up with the School District for ECEAP in the spring. Add in the Physical and Occupational therapy, and we have a crazy schedule for the week. Plus looks like I get to schedule another appointment with the Nuerologist, to do a recheck as the team feels she is making ‘little’ progress.

    Annalise- Angora goats aren’t that expensive and you can get crosses(like Pygoras{pygmy angora}) and breed up to a ‘full blood’ Angora eventually.

    As for me I’m just gearing up for my trip the end of November, to Burbank(for that SG con) and totally freaking out. Classes are going well and my overall GPA is around a high B low to mid A, so I’m excited.

  53. Annalaise duChat said

    Hi Sophia,

    I guess you just don’t live in the right part of Ohio. We took our annual Fall ride today. The foliage around here could definitely compete with anything New England could throw at you.We took a ride up Little Mountain (yes,we actually have a mountain) and the view down into the valley was a million shades or red and gold. Beautiful! Obviously you’ve never seen a Lake Erie sunset or the full moon over Mentor Marsh. Flat? Not around here, although the further south you get, It does tend to be mostly quaint farm country. I love heading down to Amish county to see the sights. Heck if I could, I’d give up the suburbs and head for the country in a minute. I don’t ever think I’d could move too far from the lake though. I’ve lived several places but never more than a 15 minute drive from the lake. Right now it’s right at the end of my street, no more than a 5 minute walk. On a windy day I can hear the pounding of surf from my front yard, on a hot summer day, the roar of jet skis.

    I’ve met my share of close minded people, but I don’t think Ohio has a monopoly on them. They are everywhere.

    Anyway, everybody is entitled to there own opinion. Mine is I like it here. I hope eventually you find the place that will make you happy. Good luck with that.

  54. Yeah, sorry. Not to be so negative. I live a little west of Columbus, and I go to school downtown. The city is better, but it just feel dirty and unsafe. I felt a lot better walking alone in Montreal, Florence, or Edinburgh than I do here.

    I’m equal parts city/country. There are things I like and dislike about both, but I’m not crazy about either in the area I’m from. Maybe it’s because I’ve been living here for 18 years. I guess I’m a little sick of it.

  55. I have a date for my Thesis show! Feb 28-March7. What’s irritating is that while I did get the gallery I wanted, I marked that I wanted the show in January, and that the date was more important than the gallery. My roommate marked that she wanted her show in March, and hers is the week before me. Hm. Well, I guess I shouldn’t complain, since this gives me an extra month and a half to work (which I’m going to need).

  56. Congratulations Sophia! thats awesome you got a show!!!

  57. Tango said

    Hello my blog sistas! I just wanted to drop by to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! It’s been far too long since I chatted with many of you. But thanks to Madonna, prtfvr, and Wildstar as well as Laurel for keeping in touch with me and being patient for me to make an appearance.

    I hope all of you are doing well and are out enjoying the festivities as it seems deader than Henry Fitzroy here tonight.


  58. Well, Henry is pretty lively. Our festivities involved craft shopping, then crashing in front of the tv. I have a really bad headache, so I’m going to bed early on this one. And I have to work tomorrow. I’m tempted to go in costume, just because I can.

  59. *waves at Tango*

    Nah, I didn’t do anything exciting or fun for Halloween really. I actually kind of ran away from the festivities.

  60. laurel said

    MM – My thoughts and prayers are with you and your little one. I’m sorry her speech therapy hasn’t gone as well as hoped, I know how hard it is to watch a child struggle.
    Sophia – I wish I could get a few of my knitting projects done while typing. Somehow I just don’t have enough hands to do both. Right now writing is more fun than crafting so I’m trying to not worry about the yarn I need to use up.


  61. Scribble said

    Hey Everybody
    It has recently come to our attention that someone is purporting to raise money from fans for production of further episodes of Blood Ties. Please be advised that this is a scam, and is not connected to or authorized by anyone connected to the production. Please feel free to report any requests for money to your local authorities.

  62. Laurel- Thank you, today we did *another* re-evaluation as the speech therapist felt that maybe she had evaluated her wrong last time and while she is hitting all 5 intents of communication she still doesn’t have the vocab so I get to try and squeeze in vocab lessons, lol.

    Okay I may or may not be around for a few days as I have been having some major issues with my laptop and in fact had to go so far as to do a full system restore yesterday, and now it is saying that its memory is nearly full. Which it shouldn’t be *sighs* somedays I really regret not having the patience to save up and buy an Apple *sighs*.

  63. I hope things go better for you, MM.

    I love my Mac, but I don’t feel like the new Macs are as high of quality, especially their portable devices, like ipods and laptops. They’ve been so focused on “New! Better! Now! Crush PC!” that they’ve let things slide, I think. The IMacs are good, we have them at school, but the only reason I wouldn’t go to a PC if my laptop died tomorrow is because PCs don’t last when I’m in the room (three in one semester vs a mac that has lasted me four years). I like the OS better, too. They’re still better than PC I guess, but they aren’t what they used to be.

  64. Sophia- Well I’ve was actually taught everything I *know* on Macs back when I was in elementary school, in the early ’90s. So I go ‘either way’ with the debate.

    I guess I am just a little frustrated was because I’d heard such wonderful things about DELL’s tech support and have had nothing but problems. I actually ended up having to do *ANOTHER* full system restore, though this time the tech didn’t skip the most important step.

    Though I learned a very important lesson- back up not only your files but your most used programs as well. I have a program that I use a lot, but have no idea where my discs are for it, and I didn’t back it up so now I either need to track down the discs(ha!) or suck it up and buy the ‘newer better’ version. Also I realized that while I *HAD* backed up my favorites list to my desktop, I had never copied it to my External HD(oops!) so now I’m trying to recreate everything from my memory.

  65. Ooh, that sucks.

    I remember using Macs in elementary school. I also remember that we had a computer lab that no one was allowed to use. I think we only used those computers four times in my entire elementary school career. If I hadn’t been bused out to another school once a week for the gifted class, then I never wouldn’t have learned to type properly or really use a computer at all.

  66. My school didn’t have computers for most of the school but my 5th and 6th grade teacher(she was one in the same) got a HUGE grant and got like 10 ancient computers and we all learned on those.

    Though we did have some computers in the library but those were mostly for the “All the Right Type” program that was considered our ‘typing class’. I actually still have my floppy of that program, lol and actually can use it still(on my old desktop).

  67. My car died this week. Heck of a time, too, right before the end of the semester, when everything is due and I can’t miss any class. I have a back up vehicle, but it’s a rag top jeep that I trust about as far as I can throw. I just know that if I brought it to campus, everything that’s not bolted down (and probably some things that are) would be missing when I got out of class.

    Still plugging away at my classes. Miss talking to you all!

  68. Aww I’m sorry your car died Sophia *HUGS*

    I won’t be around much(if at all) this weekend as I’m off to Burbank on friday for my big convention!

  69. laurel said

    I’m sorry to hear about the car Sophia. Isn’t that always the way it goes? Things give up at the worst possible time. I’m waiting for my daughter to send out a mayday on her ancient Honda any day now. If it dies at just the wrong time I’ll have to give her my van for a while. I’m now sure how I would manage without a vehicle. It’s good to have a backup plan but I know what you mean about losing anything that isn’t bolted down. My brother-in-law had some trouble with his rag-top and finally traded it in for something he could secure. I hope things get better soon. 🙂

    MM – I’m glad you got a little better news from the Therapist. I’ve sure been thinking about you and praying things would improve for both of you.
    Have big fun at the Con! I am envious, but really happy for you to have this adventure to look forward to. Be sure you fill us in on all the details when you get back. We need some stories!
    Have a safe journey. We’ll be here when you return. 🙂

  70. I should have the truck back tonight. My dad keeps insisting there is nothing wrong with the jeep (I laugh. The last time he said that, I’d been telling him for months the Jeep wasn’t working right. He didn’t beleive me until he started it and the muffler exploded. EXPLODED. Litterally). Hopefully I’ll be able to save up for a new car for graduation. I want to lease a mini cooper, but that’s unlikely to happen. Second choice is a Prius, and third is a Yaris, which is the most practical in terms of money.

    Have fun at the con, MM. I’ve had to skip out on all my cons this year (except for context) because the ren fest ate my budget.

  71. msgypsy said

    Yes, I have a new post up.

    Really. I did it. Finally.

    I drove a Yaris this past weekend. MAN that’s a small car! But I digress…

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