Since my life seems to be devoted to knitting these days

Crochet, actually.

But I found this picture online and it reminded me how remiss I’ve been at keeping up with my own blog. I’ll let you figure out why.

user caffaknitted followed up her knitted Anne Boleyn doll with a knitted Henry VIII.

From the CRAFT Flickr Pool: user caffaknitted followed up her knitted Anne Boleyn doll with a knitted Henry VIII.

I got totally caught up in the Ravelympics and lost track of everything. And only earned one silly medal, even so. But I had fun. I still have the Afghan from Hell to finish, since my best bud Billy is getting hitched (New Jersey still doesn’t let them call it marriage when they’re both guys…) and I need to get it done in time. (I probably won’t make it but I have to try.) But I’ll do my best to pay attention to my own blog in the future.

In the immortal words of my beloeved Tim Gunn, carry on!



  1. Am I first? I didn’t know Ms Gypsy was on Ravelry!

  2. Wow, I am. That’s surprising.

    Sorry I’ve been pulling a dissapearing act. I moved over the weekend, an school started yesterday–senior year of art school. Very busy. I’m still getting settled at the new place, we’re painting one of the rooms, and everything is in a general dissaray. It’ll probably take me a few weeks to get into the swing of things. It’ll help once we have our own internet connection and are no longer leeching off of the neighbors.

  3. *waves* Hi Sophia- hope you have a good year!

    Madonna- I emailed you!

    Well I’m officially a part of the ‘human’ race again, πŸ˜† I started working ‘day’ shifts Monday morning- bright and early. I have to be to work at 6:15 in the morning, and it is BRUTAL! It feels like in the last two days I have put in more hours than I did all season long(which is theoretically impossible, lol). Plus I am now having to adjust to having that bright shiny thing in the sky while I work!

  4. Bright shiny thing? What is that? It’s been cloudy and rainy around here (it always rains the first week of school. We consider it nature’s commentary on our school’s policies for just about everything).

  5. @Sophia- actually we haven’t seen the bright shiny thing since monday when it was about 70-75 degrees outside. Now mind you the cab’s are solid windows of glass, so it was about 85 degrees+ inside which sucked. The fans/AC doesn’t work so it was actually cooler to have the door open and deal with the noise.

    @ALL- Just a heads up that a week from tomorrow(Friday september 6th) at 10pm EST Christina’s episode of Stargate Atlantis will air on Sci Fi. Sadly it doesn’t look like *THIS* role will pan out after the cancellation last week of SGA. Though when they announced the new show(SGU) they did mention they are looking to cast a ‘known’ face……

  6. I mad my credit card cry yesterday. I had to order $116 in school books (I actually need another $50+ book, but I can’t find the title at the moment), so to take the edge off I ordered the second season of Charmed. Then I got my overpayment check, and bought a sewing machine–just a basic one, identical to my mom’s, that way I know I’ll be able to use it (machines+me=bad). And I bought silk. Just because it was pretty and I want something to spin.

    I decided to give my card a day off. I think it might revolt if it saw the list of supplies I still need…like the $60 block of watercolor paper.

  7. Linda said

    Hi Sopha and MM!

    I hadn’t heard that SGA was cancelled. What is the premise of SGU?

    Sopha — Your purchases sound like so much fun. Good luck with school. Are you glad to start back?

  8. linda–not really. I was really productive over the summer,but I have so much to do during the school year that it kind of leeches the life out of me. I did find out that my thesis show is going to be at least a month later than originally intended, however, and I’ll have two holiday breaks to work on it, so I’m happy about that.

    On a side note..if anyone here does any sewing, knitting, croceting, cross stitching, etc, you can head on over to my blog for more infomation about the 198 Countries Peace Project….There’s still 23 countries that need taken.

  9. Linda- Yeah we(the fans) got the bad news on the 21st *sighs* If I understand it right the premise of SGU is as follows:

    There is a ship, made by the ancients, that is boarded by some of the people from the SG world, and then that ship transports them somewhere far, far away.

    To me it sounds like an SG remake of Voyager(and to a lot of others as well). In fact one of the nicknames it has earned is SG:Voyager, to go along with SG:90210. The second comes from the comments(by several key people) that they want to appeal to a ‘younger’ audience.

  10. laurel said

    Aha! I found you! I am pretty tied up until the end of September but I’ll try to be better about checking in.

    I have to run out right now, but I’ll try to check in this evening. I’m spending the entire weekend at Kumoricon – the local Anime convention. I have a carload of young teens to take and I’ll be sitting in on some of the panels and taking some craft classes. I have to stay out of the vendor mall. 😦 No money this year.

  11. I should probably start setting money aside for our anime convention this year…and Context 21. I still need to order my ticket. Like, now. Crap. And request off for that weekend. Which will mean no paycheck that week, since I’m down to Saturdays and Sundays, only.

  12. laurel said

    I barely made the cut-off for pre registration. It is really expensive to pay daily entrance fees. Sometimes I end up volunteering to cover breaks for some of the vendors (whom I’ve come to know over the past couple of years) and they give me a discount or trade merchandise for my time. I got a really beautiful cape last year for 50% off because I made sure the vendor got lunch all three days. She was so sweet and so very tired.
    Sophia – what part of the country are you living in? I forgot. 😦

    Well, tomorrow is almost here and I need sleep if I’m going to keep up with the youngun’s.


  13. Laurel–I’m in Ohio, about thirty minutes west of Columbus.

  14. laurel said

    I hope it’s nicer in Ohio than it is here today. We are going to be lucky to get to 70 today. Not nice enough to eat out on the patio. 😦

    Yesterday was a short one at the con because there was a downpour outside that seriously cut into the “glomp” circles and sword play in the park. Lots of pictures and a cos-play contest plus, craft halls and discussion panels were going on indoors, but that meant there were a lot of people in wet costumes. It was fun but really crowded.
    I wish I was still young enough to dress up for these cons, but I’m not sure they’d appreciate a Herald of Valdemar in their midst. πŸ™‚

  15. I dress up anyway. I love costumes. I’m dressing as Coreen for Context, since I have dark red hair and a really good goth costume. I won’t be entering the contest, but I think it’d still be fun.

    What I wouldn’t get for 70 degrees! It’s 92 here right now. I think it must have been closer to 95 this afternoon. I was at a car show, and absolutely dying. The crinoline on my poodle skirt was absolutely suffocating.

  16. laurel said

    LOL – That poor poodle!

    I actually don’t have the Herald costume finished but I do have most of a Healer green outfit that I will wear to the local Ren-faire if I get to go.

  17. That makes me think of a line from “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang,” which I was watching the other night.

    John: “I can see what Jack likes about this place.”
    Gwen: “Shut up.”
    John: “Ten minutes to live and you want me to behave? Oh, that’s nice.”
    Gwen: “That’s a poodle.”
    John: “Very nice.”

    Those probably aren’t exact quotes, but close enough.

  18. Linda said

    I hope everyone had a good holiday. Mine was busy for the most part.

    Sopha — love the quote of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!

    MM — Yes it does sound like Voyager. That was always one of my least favorite Star Trek spin offs.

    Hi Laurel!

    It is pouring rain with high winds here today. We have Gustav to thank for that. He blew a tree over in my yard this afternoon.

  19. I have to giggle every time I hear someone talk about Gustav–don’t get me wrong, horrible storm, people dying, all that. What makes me laugh is that one of my roommates Freshman year had an air fern that she named Gustav. We had a running joke that the plant was “staring at us,” so this storm just makes me think of a giant fern attacking people, a la Godzilla style.

  20. laurel said

    Sophia – I too love those lines from “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang” Gypsy gave me a tiny knit poodle finger-puppet in honor of those quotes. hehehe All of the local BT gals got the reference and got a good giggle out of it.

    Linda, sorry to hear about the tree. I hope it missed the car and house!

    About the name of the storm…. I have a nephew named Gus and this storm has him written all over it. We teased him about his hurricane force winds all weekend (I was at the anime con with him, my niece and my two daughters). He sort of got even during a sword fight in my backyard – we bought foam bats to play sword-fighting with – and he got in a lucky hit. Broke one of my fingers and stopped the game. One of his other aunts avenged my honor and got in a good hit of her own. We are all sporting bruises today but it was worth it. πŸ™‚

  21. Ack! I didn’t realize LARPing was that dangerous! I hope you feel better!

  22. Himmiefan said

    Hello everybody!! Just thought I’d stop in and say hi.

    MM – so glad to hear that you on days now. Congrats!

    Did someone say Star Trek spin off? Deep Space Nine rocks!!

    Yeah, they’re going to do movies with SGA like they’re doing with the first Stargate. In a way I’m not surprised since SGA hasn’t had a “reason to be.” I mean, it hasn’t had an overall goal that spans the series. They’ve just kind of floated along for a while. I mean, getting rid of Carson – big mistake even though I like Jewel Staite’s character – then not really doing anything with Samantha Carter. Now, at some point, they’re supposed to have a Ronan/Rodney rivalry over Jennifer. That’ll be great because the series hasn’t gone into relationships enough, in my humble opinion.

    Elizabeth – I know you’re lurking out there. This is a delayed reaction to something you said a few weeks ago. You said that your daughter lives in Ashland City. Let’s get together the next time you come out to visit her!

  23. *waves* HI ladies!

    So I am OFFICIALLY done harvesting peas(finally). We wrapped up the season late Thursday afternoon, and I once again got the ‘honor’ of being last machine through the gate(its rather a strange thing to want to be last place, lol).

    Now this week I have to spend getting all my stuff ready for fall quarter at the community college(getting transcripts, taking placement tests etc) and getting ready for my parenting groups retreat next weekend. Apparently we are going out to Ocean Shores and staying in a beach house. Ought to be fun!

  24. Arg. My world has narrowed to a few craft projects and my anatomy/physiology homework. I just finished the eleven page study guide and addition reading that is required for our first exam. All of the other classes have minimal homework and two exams. I have a quiz every week, four exams, four study guides, and four labs I have to do.

  25. Elizabeth said

    I can’t believe how long it has been since I popped over here to visit! I hope everyone is doing well?

    Himmie – If I ever make it back to Tennessee I would love to meet up with you! I think RWA is having a conference in Nashville 2010 (yikes) so maybe Laurel and I will be coming down for that.

    MM – I bet you are glad the harvesting is over? good luck with school and getting everything sorted out. The same for you Sophia…anatomy/physiology sound like tough classes.

  26. msgypsy said

    Did I hear a rumor that today is someone’s birthday?


    (If I’m wrong, please just go with it. I hallucinated that I heard a Torchwood radio episode this morning.)

    Oh, that wasn’t an hallucination?

    But still go with it if I’m wrong. I don’t actually have the calendar here, I’m basing this on vague memories and Laurel reminding me.

    I have not yet finished the afghan-that-wouldn’t-die. I may NEVER finish it. But I am making a scarf for no one I can think of (it’s VERY hot pink and very bulky wool; suggestions?) (No, I’m not sending it to Dylan no matter how hard anyone pleads. LOL!) I did make zucchini pickles this past weekend and this weekend I’m going to the knit and crochet show and that’s my great socializing for the month.

    Take care and be good, kids. I’ll try to get back over the weekend and talk about knitting and crocheting and the like.

  27. I ordered tickets to Context 21 this morning. I need a day off. I really wanted to go all three days, but Alice and I don’t have the money for the classes. Still we’ll get to see Tanya Huff’s panel, even if we do miss her birthday party on Friday night.

    I’ll be going in costume, by the way. I’m dressing as Coreen, because she’s the only character I can come even close to pulling off.

  28. For those of you that don’t know, there is a huge community out there for Asian Ball jointed dolls, such as this one:

    There’s a company out there that casts special-request celebrity heads. Among those that have been cast are David Tennant and John Barrowman. This week my roommate and I are putting in a group order for Gareth David-Lloyd. Eventually, I might put one in for Billie Piper (because it’s just not fair for Jack to have Ianto, but the Doctor not to have Rose.

  29. We had some serious wind yesterday. Holding steady at 51, with gusts of up to 71. We lost half the shingles and tarpaper on the roof of the garage, and a bunch of shingles elsewhere. Three downed trees on our property alone. My mom said that there was one that was eight feet in diameter that went down in Upper Arlington, and 70 of four surrounding counties are out of power. All Madison county schools are closed, and there’s no power in downtown Columbus, so I don’t have to go to school today. πŸ˜€ Is it sad that I’m happy about this because it will give me more time to do my homework?

  30. I feel so alone. Where has everyone gone? Did everyone check out of Bloody Ford and not tell me?

  31. Elizabeth said

    I’m still around…sort of. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been visiting the blog very much. It is awful when you feel like you are the only one around…sorry. I will check in more often, I promise πŸ™‚

    It sounds like your property had a bit of damage from the winds. Lucky it wasn’t worse. I’ve heard from some of our other sisters that the winds were really bad and they were without power.

  32. Yes. Some people may have to wait as long as a week to get power because all of the repair crews went to help victims of Ike.

  33. Elizabeth said

    I know the few times I have been without power for just a few hours have been very difficult. I can’t imagine trying to manage for a week! Inever realized how much I relied on having everything at a finger touch away until I flipped a switch and nothing happened.

  34. I get a five day weekend thanks to the power outages. πŸ™‚ School has been canceled until Wednesday night, and I don’t have class until Thursday morning.

  35. Elizabeth said

    Enjoy your time off! You didn’t lose power, did you? That might put a bit of a crimp in your fun if you did.

    I need to take the time to schedule some vacation for myself. I have only taken 5 days off this year and I am pretty tired. I am going to take Friday off, but I still have at least 5 more days I need to take sometime soon. This doesn’t even count the time I have scheduled out for thanksgiving and Christmas.

  36. No, we have had power through the whole thing, thank goodness. We’re having a big dinner tonight because we have a friend that lost power and needs to use up her perishables before they go bad.

  37. *waves at sophia* sorry, i’ve been so busy trying to get to a ‘normal’ schedule that I have barely been online. Plus over the weekend I was out at Ocean Shores, and had no internet access.

    Not having power SUCKS! A couple winters back(’06) we lost power for 4 days, and live in the middle of nowhere. We literally had the power crew cut their way in and out. Thankfully we have a woodstove, and had heat, and a way to cook at least a little. Our poor neighbors however had just gotten rid of theirs so we had them over here a LOT as they had no heat and there was no way they were leaving to go somewhere else.

  38. A few years ago there was a major ice storm in Quebec/New York. My grandmother was without power for almost four MONTHS, and even weeks later they were still shutting off power at night.

  39. msgypsy said

    New post is up.

    My sister in Dayton just got power back on day before yesterday although my mother, also in Dayton, only lost cable. (They put all the food from my sister’s house into the refrigerator in my mother’s apartment. I had to suggest that. They never thought of it.) We still haven’t heard from my nephew in Louisville, but that’s not unusual. He’s kind of a brat. A forty six year old brat. Ugh!

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