Dragon*con, anyone?

I’m really itching to attend Dragon*con.  Among the many people I’ve met online, a huge number of them will be at Dragon*con, and among these is Phantom Minuet, famous for some of the best Blood Ties iconage ever.  Sadly, her hotel room is full up. So I’m looking for someone(s) to share a room with. At this point we’re down to overflow hotels but the Holiday Inn should be fine and there will be shuttle buses.

If you’re teetering on a decision about this con, please read the list of guests. I was sold by the end of the “B”s but then I saw Carol Nelson Douglas and was melted. I’m not finding any Blood Ties connections yet but I’m only through the “G”s. (I peaked ahead to the “M”s, though, and found James Marsters…) (“Chuck” fans will be pleased to know that Adam Baldwin is among the guests, too.)

So if I can come up with the money for membership and airfare, is there anyone who wants to share a room with me? I’ll bring lots of yummy food with me. If the airlines will let me…

Well, Wildstar is home now from her Week With the Westies, and we miss her AND we miss DebS.  It’s been one hell of a summer already, and it isn’t even halfway over yet.

Well, folks. I have a coconut ice cream experiment to tend to (details once I find out how it worked) and bread to make and a carpet to clean and…and you just know I’m going to spend two or more hours online ignoring all that. But I have to at least try!



  1. Sadly since I’ve already booked out my Convention for the year I can’t attend Dragon*Con. I’d love to as that is the one that all my friends are going to but alas I’d rather actually go see David {Hewlett} and Kavan {Smith} at Creation Burbank.

    Also heads up- I start work tomorrow *does happy dance* we start at 3pm and are projected to be done at 3am Tuesday. Tuesday ought to be interesting as Kenzie has 8:45am therapy, and a 2pm Neurology appointment. Plus I’m supposed to meet a friend for coffee beforehand at 12:15 *sighs* sooo glad I got Tuesday off!

  2. msgypsy said

    Does anyone else see the related links above? Is that absurd or what?

    The coconut cream ice cream turned out wonderful. Here’s the basics. One can coconut cream. One half cup sugar. A pinch of sald. Put them in a saucepan and heat through until the sugar dissolves. Whisk an egg and temper it (stir in a bit of the hot liquid to the egg to keep it from setting too fast) and add it back to the mixture. Stir really thoroughly. Remove from heat and add a tablespoon of vanilla extract. Add a couple of tablespoons of cocoa if you want. Mix as well as you possibly can. Chill. Then make it in the ice cream maker once it’s entirely chilled. Oh, this one vegan cookbook I looked in recommended adding a tablespoon of some kind of alcoholic beverage towards the end of the churning process, which I did but it was to keep it from freezing too solidly in the freezer and I think the egg might help with that so the alcohol might be unnecessary since this isn’t entirely vegan.

    I’m pretty excited. Not only is coconut cream cheaper than dairy cream, it’s easier to keep on hand. So now I can make more ice cream. YAY!

  3. msgypsy said

    Said? Where did THAT come from. I meant a pinch of salt. Sheesh!

  4. If you’re still looking for a room or room space at Dragon*Con I’d highly recommend checking out the Dragon*Con Rooms Live Journal…


    If you don’t mind a little shameless self promotion I’d also recommend checking out the official Dragon*Con podcast that I co-host…


    Take care,


  5. msgypsy said

    Kevin, thanks, I will check those out. But, dude, an even more important question just for you is, when will the next BT podcast be out? Huh? Huh? Do you want any help? We would all probably be happy to donate our sighs and squees!


  6. BT podcasts?! *eyes light up* WHERE?! WHERE?! I totally need something to keep me awake those long long nights I work.

  7. What? More podcasts? Blood Ties?

    I could totally do foley squees for background effect.

  8. msgypsy said


    But it’s just one so far. Hence me nagging about a new one. Hee hee!

  9. Himmiefan said

    Gypsy, thanks for the coconut icecream recipe. It’s sounds fantastic!! We’re melting down here, so ice cream is just the thing.

    BTW, I’ve read some good things about Dragoncon, so hopefully it will be really good.


  10. Himmiefan said

    Gypsy, thanks for the coconut ice cream recipe. It’s sounds fantastic!! We’re melting down here, so ice cream is just the thing.

    BTW, I’ve read some good things about Dragoncon, so hopefully it will be really good.


  11. Himmiefan said

    Okay, so you can read my post twice. Oh well….

  12. Linda said

    Happy Birthday Laurel!! I hope you have a great week.

    I looked at Dragoncon earlier this year, right after MegaCon. I think I will wait and see if any of our BT folk get booked into another con in the near future. I bet DragonCon will be loads of fun though!

  13. The crew is already hard at work on our next episode. We have a couple of crew members who are on vacation in late July so I suspect our next episode will be out in early August. 🙂

    Folks can sign-up for the email updates at our site so they can get notified whenever we release new episodes.


  14. Today feels like Christmas. I’ve been having problems with my tv; the picture was very, very dark (which made it very hard to watch things like Blood Ties, Torchwood, or Supernatural, which are set mostly at night), and the sound was so horrible that often the gender of a character or singer couldn’t be determined unless you were looking at the screen. So, this morning, I broke down and bought a 19″ HD model. Oh. My. God. The picture is sooo much nicer! And the sound! I can watch movies that involve music now!

    I’ve been watching Charmed all afternoon–I got the first season boxed set at the same time I got the tv.

    To make things even better, I stopped by the PO box and found a new flag for the Peace Project, as well as the BT book from MM had come in (thank you!). I stopped by a friend’s house, and was gifted with mint chocolate handmade soap, and then when I picked up the mail at the house, I found that my Borders order had come in. Woot! I am rolling in swag!

  15. Arrowyn said

    In case nobody else has mentioned it, Doctor Who is now on iTunes.


  16. laurel said

    Doctor Who on iTunes!!!!! Whooot! That works for me….. now if only I had som $$$.

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes! It was a great week and I’ve still got cake left over. Not bad!

    Kevin?? – Welcome! We are very interested in more podcasts re Blood Ties and can hardly wait! I’ll be checking in here and will sign up for e-mail updates.

    I’ve spent two days on the University Campus doing the doting parent things I never dreamed I’d be doing. I now have to figure out how we are going to afford to help her with the costs. Since she couldn’t get housing at U of O she’s changed schools and now has lost her proposed financial aid package. We get to start over but she will loose the scholarship that had been offered. It actually is about the difference between this less expensive school and UO so I guess it’s a wash. She hasn’t been able to find any work this summer and is getting pretty depressed about it. It is hard to want to take on all that debt when you’re only 18. If she does continue on in Medicine it will eventually pay off, but it is scary to look at now.

  17. laurel said

    If I read that website correctly (re- Dr Who on iTunes) some of the folks from DW and Torchwood may be going to Comic-Con this week. Wish we had known (and had money and time to go).

  18. Oh god. Now I’m going to have to scrape together $75 so can buy Doctor Who. Still, it’s better than the $150 it would be from Amazon. I’m going to kill my hard drive.

    Would anyone mind if I invited my roommate Alice to join us? She’s also a BT/Torchwood/Doctor Who fan. She’s read the Blood Ties books, too. We were actually sitting next to each other the first time we saw the commercial for it, turned to each other, and said “We’ve got to watch that!”

  19. Elizabeth said

    I just popped over to Lifetime to see what was going on and the comments that were usually on the front page are now gone. Weird. I didn’t stay around to figure out what had happened, but I would be willing to guess they are getting ready to shut down the sight.

    Laurel – glad to see you are back in town.

  20. laurel said

    Honey, I’m home!

    Yes, I’m finally back in town. We ran out yesterday to spend the afternoon at the beach and came home sunburned and sandy. It was really windy (the Oregon Coast always is) and not quite as warm as I would like, but still beautiful and fresh and out of the city. 😎

    Sophia – I don’t see why Alice can’t join us. Gypsy is unlikely to turn away anyone who might speak DW, TW or BT. 🙂

    If LT has shut down the site we will still be here remembering how much we love Blood Ties and looking for ways to feed our obsessions. This has always been a pretty friendly group, even though we aren’t as active as we once were.

  21. Okay. I figured I’d ask since we’re a fairly small group.

  22. Elizabeth said

    Laurel – your day at the beach sounds like fun! I love the Oregon coast simply because it is a little rugged, windy and unpredictable 🙂

    Sophia – I’ll look forward to your friend joining our chat group. The more the merrier.

  23. laurel said

    Nobody here since yesterday? Dang. Where is everyone? I’m here, writing more chapters in my book, trying to get it ready so that I can send it to a couple of Beta readers. I finally got my glitchy villain worked out. Yay! 😎

  24. *waves tiredly at Laurel* I’m here I just got home from work. We had a FUBAR day. They called at 1pm and asked if I was available to work(duh! i need the hours) and I said yes. Little did I know that when she said it’d be a ‘short shift’ she meant THAT short. We arrived in field @ about 5pm and were done harvesting by 7pm. Normally we don’t even arrive at the field until 7 pm. They could have very easily had day crew(I’m nights) finish it, but oh well I got another 5 or 6 hours on this weeks pay check.

    I snapped some pics of the machine, but will have to download them off my cellphone later.

  25. laurel said

    Having personally spent many summers working in the cherry harvests of central Washington you now have my true sympathy/empathy. I remember getting home from the hot, sticky warehouse, covered in dirt and cherry juice. Watching the sorting belt go by for hours under the florescent lights left us all with spinning heads and queasy stomaches and the hours of standing and sorting the little buggers was truly numbing to body and soul. I can’t imagine that your job is any better than that, and probably worse. At least it is only seasonal.
    Hang in there dear.

  26. Elizabeth said

    Wow, your description certainly makes me appreciate the work that goes into Cherries more! It is amazing how little most of us know about what happens between harvest and the grocery store!

  27. Laurel- *nods* yes I thank goodness every night that this job is only seasonal. I actually have pictures of my machine up on my blog at the moment. Next shift I work(hopefully tomorrow) I’m going to snap pictures of my cab so the world can see the 50 square feet in which I spend 13 hours. I’m also thankful that I’m a ‘fieldy’ and NOT a ‘plant rat’ as around our company they are considered the lowest form of ‘life’ on the food chain. I cannot imagine spending 12 hours standing on that conveyor line sorting peas!

  28. Elizabeth said

    MM – I had no idea that there was a sort of class system in your line of work! I have never done it myself, but I can imagine that any type of seasonal work is exceptionally hard! I guess the only “field” work I did was branding cows when I lived in Montana! That was certainly hard and filthy work,but, hey, I got to hang out with cowboys! 😉

  29. E- yes its not a tried and true ‘class system’ but when we all go out to breakfast at 2 am, it tends to separate the field people from the plant people 😆

    Oh branding cows! That is hard hard work! Though the cowboys do make it worth it. 😀 😉

  30. laurel said

    I feel left out. 😦 No personal cowboy knowledge but I do know about the “class system” of the fields. I ended up in the office and was suddenly not included in any of the after hours activities. Being comfortable and able to wear clothes that would stay clean made up for the change in social opportunities. I worked way more hours in the office since I worked seven days a week and the warehouse folk only six.

  31. elizabeth said

    cowboys – yum. I haven’t thought about that time for many years. There is certainly a lot to be said for tall, lanky men in jeans on horseback. Seems like several lifetimes ago now.

    Offices definitely have a class system. I tend to break those barriers though and never take myself so seriously as a manager that I can’t have lunch with those that report to me or hang out after work if we want to. I don’t have a lot of patience with those that believe they are better than others because of a title at work. Just call me a rebel ;)….

  32. Laurel *hugs* isn’t it sucky how that works? You my dear need to take a nice long vacation to somewhere populated with cowboys. 😀

    E- yes, *nods enthusiastically* cowboys are YUM. I need to find me a good cowboy. 😀

    I know from my short experience in offices that what you say is very true. We aren’t so much judging whose ‘better’ so much as who gets dirtier(us by far) 😆

    Now I must cross my fingers that I work tonight as it is raining AGAIN today. Though its letting up and off to the west I can see a bit of blue peeking through the clouds. I’m just a bit annoyed that in a little over a week I have only worked 4 nights.

  33. laurel said

    I don’t think my hubby will let me go out hunting a cowboy, but I might be able to convince him to wear his hat. No way will I ever get him up on a horse, and I’m not sure I’ll ever ride again either. My last experience separated several ribs from my sternum and a couple from the back as well. Not a happy experience. I got dumped by a seriously spooked horse who turned on a dime and left me with no options but to kick out of the stirrups and hope to avoid his hooves. (Long story) I did get back on and ride a little ways right after that, but only so my kids wouldn’t know how badly I was hurt. 😦

    On another note…. I went back to work yesterday. I am doing all the registration for a quilters’ expo here in Portland this fall. I did the same job last year and really enjoyed it. This year has already got some new problems to be solved and the shop owners trust me to just handle the details. It’s really pretty heady to have the responsibility and the trust of these small-business owners. Better yet, they treat me as a peer. Nice. 🙂

  34. laurel said

    Today is looking like a good day to do some work outside. Not too hot and not raining. 🙂

    I don’t work on Thursdays because I have to job-share the computer and desk space. I have to figure out how to deal with Mondays too. I may have to go pick up some stuff to do at home, but if I want to watch Blood Ties while I work at the dinning room table I can. Perfect job.

  35. Elizabeth said

    I’m back in the office today – yuck. It was lovely being able to work at home and not have to deal directly with personnel problems for the day. I also loved being able to work on my book a little while listening to Josh Groban – heaven 🙂 It is amazing how much work related stuff I got done in a short period of time. I guess I don’t realize how many interruptions I have during the day until I have a day like yesterday.

    I just have to share this. I had a voice mail message from my son on my work phone today. When I logged in to hear it he was singing a song by Queen. I don’t remember the title but it starts out with “Momma, life had just begun…. It cracked me up!

  36. So just thought I’d pop by and say HI! also I thought I’d mention that there are pictures(and a super short video) up on my blog of me at work.

  37. laurel said

    Looks like we’ve all gotten busy for the last half of summer. I will try to checkin at least once a day to make sure you all are still around. I can’t connect at work, I’m locked out and really can’t take the time for even the occasional e-mail. If you need to reach me Elizabeth has my phone #.
    MM – I’m going to go and try the video in a minute here. I hope you’re surviving the hard work. Hugs to Kenzie and you!! 😎

  38. Laurel- good luck with the crazy end of summer, I know how it goes! I try and pop by and see if people are commenting when I can but unless I have the day off or I do it before I go to work no dice.

    *HUGS* right back to you!

  39. Linda said

    Hi everyone!

    I hope everyone is well. We are having record heat, and it is miserable. Maybe we will get a thunderstorm soon. Sorry I haven’t been around much. I will try to check in at least once a day too from now on.

    I just finished watching the season finale of Dr. Who. I really enjoyed seeing all the Doctor’s companions working together. I adore Captain Jack. He is such a great character. He steals every scene he is in. I still need to catch up on a few of the Donna episodes that I missed. I think I can find them on the internet.

    E, I think the song you are referring to is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. That was always one of my favorites.

  40. Elizabeth said

    Linda – Yep, that is the song. I remember the words to songs, but never seem to be able to remember titles.

    I watched the Dr. Who episode too. Wow! I love that show and will really miss it until we see new episodes. I kinda liked the twist with Rose, didn’t you?

  41. Linda said

    Yes, I was sad for her though, that she had to stay in the alternate universe. I was also very sad for Donna. I hope they find a way for her to come back as a guest star in future Dr. Who’s. Do you think Martha will end up at Torchwood? They will need to add to their team. You remember what Jack said at the end about her possibly needing to do something besides work at UNIT.

    Also, I was catching up on the some of the first season episodes. Was David Tennant in a scene in the episode where the Dr. regenerated? I remember someone mentioning this on the blog. Which scene was it?

    And, my other question, at the end of the third season where the Dr. defeats the Master, there is a scene at the very end where the Master’s body is burning on the pyre and someone (only the hand is shown) picks up his ring, which is blinking and takes it. Did that come into play in Season 4 and I just missed it somehow? There are a few epis I haven’t seen from Season 4 so, it could be I haven’t seen it yet.

  42. I was the one who pointed out David’s first scene. The episode was Parting of Ways, I beleive (unless it had a part one, and it might have been it). The Doctor (or was it Jack? Anyway, one of the two) is talking up the staff of Satalite five, the big speech to recruit people to fight. The ones that choose to go all crowd into the elevator, and among them is David Tennant, in a white shirt and tie.

    I don’t recall ever seeing the ring again. I expect it will come up later, since in this last arc there were references to events in season one.

    I think that both Martha and Micky will end up at Torchwood. I don’t care for either of them, but I like them better in Torchwood/later Doctor Who episodes than I do in the earlier ones.

  43. Linda said

    Hi Sophia! I thought that was you who mentioned that scene.

    I am going back to watch it again. It is in part II of Parting of the Ways. Captain Jack is there too. That’s where he becomes immortal (Rose brings him back to life) and they also leave him there. I can’t remember now, if the Dr knew he was alive and immortal and that was why he left him. I know there was a conversation about it when they finally see Jack again in the third season. I need to go back and watch that again too.

    I didn’t think about Micky ending up at Torchwood too. it could be. I like him better now. I thought he was annoying in the early episodes, but he was been through so much that he is now a warrior like Rose and the other companions.

    I hate that we will have to wait until 2010 for new episodes, but I suppose David Tennant needs a break. At least we will get a brief season of Torchwood.

    Will you be going back to school soon?

  44. I’ll be moving this week and starting school on the 25th.

    I was watching Torchwood earlier, “Captain Jack Harkness,” and noticed the “Vote for Saxon” poster on the dance hall door, and “Bad Wolf” graffitied in the background. It’s amazing how many little clues you pick up on once you’ve seen both Torchwood and Doctor Who all the way through.

  45. Linda said

    I know! It is so intricate. The writers must have a ball creating the Dr. Who/Torchwood universe. I think I will have to buy the dvds so that I can watch them all again and study them more closely.

  46. I have all of Torchwood downloaded from Itunes, and I’m working on Doctor Who. I’d love to see the special features, but I just can’t afford a $50 boxed set. I’d rather download them and have them with me. Of course, that also means have have something to do during boring lecture classes…Not that I would EVER do that. No way. I watch anime during class because it’s subtitled.

  47. Linda said

    It would be cheaper to download all of it to iTunes. I rented some of the first season from Netflix and was not too impressed with the special features. One of them consisted of Billie Piper filming the set with her camera or cell phone over the course of a few days. It was very loosely edited and I got bored with it.

    Bad idea to watch your iPod in class, but sooo tempting. What are you studying? You might have said, but I have forgotten if you did.

  48. I’m a fine art major, which means i have to sit through a lot of lectures on art history, psychology, and moral/creative issues as pertaining to art. I’ve only every done it once or twice in the three years I’ve been at school, and only during really, really dull lectures.

  49. Linda said

    Most of those sound really interesting to me. I was a double major, English and Business. The economics classes were excruciating sometimes. I was rarely bored with any of my English classes.

  50. The history lectures get dull, because they’re mostly about the style of a particular piece of artwork. And I hate, hate, HATE psychology and philosophy. I’m just glad that I’m an art major, so I don’t have to take any kind of math class and my only science is an online class.

  51. Linda said

    Lol! I had to take six hours of sciences plus labs. I took biology, which was fairly interesting and astronomy. I liked astronomy, but they had class in the planetarium, which happened to be at 8:00 am. it was sooo hard to stay awake, reclining back in those chairs and looking up at the “night sky”! I looked down my row once and everyone was asleep!! Still, I did learn a few things that I remember to this day.

    What year are you?

  52. This will be my senior year. I’m putting together my thesis show right now.

    *giggles* Oh my…David Tennant in Casanova….*watches youtube*

  53. Linda said

    ROTFL!!! Sounds original!

  54. *waves* Hi ladies! I’m getting excited as sunday’s my birthday *does happy dance* I’m *crosses fingers* working so that the boys can’t accuse me of going out and getting ‘smashed’ *sighs* I’m saving that for november lol.

  55. Linda said

    Hi MM! I hope you have a great birthday. Will you be doing anything special besides working? What’s the occasion for getting smashed in November?

  56. Happy early birthday, MM.

  57. Linda said

    MM — Happy early birthday from me too!

    Sophia — Check this out. David Tennant is playing Hamlet in Stratford On Avon.


    I surely would like to see that!

  58. laurel said

    Wow- linda you sure got that up fast. I just saw it in my e-mails in the past 10 minutes.
    Wouldn’t you love to be able to see him in that?
    And Patrick Stewart too. Yum.

  59. Linda said

    Some days I am speedy and some days not so much!

    I would love to see both of them in that. Once when I was in London, Alan Rickman and Helen Mirren were playing in Anthony and Cleopatra. I tried like heck to get tickets to that, but it was sold out.

  60. laurel said

    Wow, that would have been wonderful. Alan Rickman is not well known here but I am familiar with his work and think he is really a great actor. Severus Snape was just one of his roles.


  61. Linda said

    I have a friend that went absolutely nuts over him in Truly Madly Deeply, which had a plot similar to Ghost and in Sense and Sensibility. I loved him as Brandon in that one. He rarely plays the romantic lead, usually he is evil or funny or both.

  62. I loved him in Dogma and in Sense and Sensibility.

    I have a list of 100 things I want to do in my lifetime, and “See a play in the West End, preferably involving David Tennant or John Barrowman” features prominently on that list.

  63. laurel said

    I would be willing to add those to my list as well. Oh, yeah.

  64. Linda & Sophia- Thanks for the early birthday wishes!

    Linda- nope not doing anything special for my birthday right now. In November however I’m celebrating by going to a convention in Burbank(creation for Stargate Atlantis).

    @All- so apparently they are changing our work schedule AGAIN. We have been working 6:15pm-7:30am, and they are now changing us to a 3:15pm-1 or 1:30am ‘stop time’ though we will get paid until 2 or 2:30 when we get back to the shop.

  65. Linda said

    MM — I remember you talking about that now. It sounds like so much fun. I have watched Stargate Atlantis sporadically, so I don’t know all the story lines behind it, but I do enjoy it. I really like Joe Flannigan and Jason Momoa.

    Sophia — I would love to see a play with either one of them in a play too. Did you see the You Tube videos of John Barrowman at Comic-Con, where he sang with the actress that played Tosh (can’t think of her name right now)? They were in Miss Saigon together. I don’t have the links handy, but if you searched for John Barrowman on You Tube, I am sure you will find it.

  66. Himmiefan said

    Hello everybody!! I’m just checking in to say hi!

    MM – Happy Almost Birthday!! Hope it’s a good one.

    I see you all are talking Stargate Atlantis. That’s my Friday night show. Also, Alan Rickman (love him!) is going to be in a new movie out soon about the wine show back in the ’70s that put California wines on the map.

    Well, as you see, there’s not much excitement occuring on my end. Oh wait! Yes there is!! I just signed up for Killer Nashville, a mystery writers conference here in Nashville next weekend. I can’t wait. I’m just a beginner writer, so I’m hoping to learn lots of great stuff.

    Chat with ya’ll later.

  67. Linda said

    Hi Himmie!

    I read about that movie last night. It sounded really good. I hope it shows up here in the next few weeks.

    The writer’s conference sounds great! I wish I had know sooner, I might have joined you for it!

  68. Himmiefan said

    Hey Linda! Bummer!! Well, if you think you can make it, then try (if that makes any sense. I’ve got a severe case of Friday afternoon brain…)

  69. Linda said

    You and me both… all I want is out of here!

  70. Linda–I shall have to look for that! Must see!

  71. Leila said

    David Tennant and Patrick Stewart are over in England as we speak doing an updated version of Hamlet. David Tennant got the producers of Dr. Who to basically give him 2009 off to do theatre.

    From what I’ve read there will be 4 ‘specials’ in 2009 with the series resuming in 2010.

    I’ll miss my Dr!!!!


  72. Linda said

    Leila — Yes, if I were getting to see David and Patrick personally, I would probably think it all worth it. Since I’m not, I will be impatiently waiting for more Dr Who.

  73. laurel said

    Wow, I get busy for a few days and you girls have a conversation! Nice.
    Himmie! I didn’ know you were writing! Way to go, girl.
    Are you going to share stories with your blog buds? You know how to reach me if you want a loving eye to read over things. And, since you’re writing mysteries…..
    I have lots of good reference material on methodologies of murder – especially poisons. My characters seem to be good at using poison and psychology as weapons, although I’ve had them use more straight-forward methods as well.
    I wish I could go to Nashville with you, I’m going to try to go to a conference next summer with Elizabeth. We’ve decided to join Romance Writers of America (RWA) so that we can get some help with getting our projects out to the public. Let us know how your weekend goes, I write several genre so I’m always trying to figure out what group offers the best support.

  74. *waves* Hi everyone just popping in before I head to work. this is my 4th shift this week! *does happy dance* apparently the 9 hour schedule might be working(though its a Pain in the arse for us drivers) as it is getting us more hours.

    a little over 10 hours till my birthday!!

  75. I had heard that about Doctor Who; I am saddened, but I think it’s really cool that David asked off to do theater and that they gave him the time to do it.

    I looked up the clip of John Barrowman and Naoko Mori singing together. It was really cute, and then i had to watch the “day in the life” thing about John. God, he’s adorable. I can’t believe he’s over 40.

  76. Linda said

    Hi MM — Happy Birthday!

    Hi Laurel — Killer Nashville sounds great. I wish I could go too, but I don’t think I will make it this year.

    I just finished watching Primeval on the BBC. It is kind of Jurassic Park meets Star Gate meets Torchwood. It is about a rift or anomaly in time where dinosaurs are slipping through to present day. A professor, his associate, a student and a reptile expert are the team that investigates the phenomenon. There is also a mystery surrounding the disappearance of the Professor’s wife eight years before. I thought it was very good.

    Does anyone here watch Robin Hood?? The season finale was last week and I was very surprised at how it ended.

  77. Linda–I was watching Robin hood for a while, but with my work schedule I lost track of it. The beginning of the season was really, really good though.

  78. Himmiefan said

    Hi guys!!

    Laurel – yeah, I’m a writer, but I’m not nearly as far along as the rest of you. BTW, I have on my to-do list to read some of your stuff, Wildstar’s stuff, Rose’s, etc. I’m sure it’s all really good.

    As for the genre, I’ve always planned on historical fiction, but you never know. This conference has some great sessions on writing fiction in general. Now, for TV scripts, everything I’ve planned so far is set in the present.

    Anyway, lunch and nap is calling my name. Talk to you all later.

  79. Himmiefan said

    Oh, I think Romance Writers of America is a really good organization to join. Lots and lots of contacts and resources.

  80. Elizabeth said

    Himmie – It is so cool that Nashville has options for Writers now. When I lived there I couldn’t find much of anything. Of course, living in Ashland City didn’t help much either, but it was pretty lonely trying to write. I’d love to read some of what you have written. We have so much talent in our group – isn’t it great!

    Linda – I meant to catch Primeval and totally spaced it – bummer. I will try to catch it next week.

  81. Linda said

    E — I am sure they will re-run the first episode. I think you will like it. The professor’s associate is a hottie.

    We have had three days of rain and cool temperatures. It has been a wonderful break for August. We were having some triple digit heat, so this is very nice.

  82. Himmiefan said

    Hello E! Believe it or not, Ashland City is actually growing! Since Franklin, Brentwood, etc. has gotten so expensive, people are moving out that way. Also, Murfreesboro has just exploded.

  83. Elizabeth said

    Himmie – I am sure I would be shocked at the changes. I haven’t been back since 1993, but my daughter kind of keeps me up on what is happening. She still lives in Ashland City. I remember Franklin was really starting to boom right before I left and Murfreesboro was starting to build up. Ashland city was tiny when I first moved there…they literally closed everything up Wednesday afternoon and on Sunday. Some of the business had been owned by the same families forever and they were really resistent when Walmart moved in. Once that was there I knew it was only a matter of time before the town started to grow.

  84. Linda said

    Himmie — Take lots of good notes to share with the rest of the group. I will be anxious to hear all about the conference. I would definitely like to come for it next year.

    E — Maybe you would like a trip back to TN this time next year and we could all go. Laurel? How bout you?

    I am having my new roof put on my house and boy is it loud. My kitteh is not happy. She stayed at my Mom’s today, but we are home now and they are still working.

  85. Claire said

    Wow!!! I’m such a horrible Sista and teacher of all things French!! I haven’t been here at the clinic since June!!! and not because I’m cured of my addiction,heaven forbid!!! Just real life nonsense!
    Just thinking of you Ms.G!!

    Je t’aime

  86. Parle vous omlet du fromage?

    (sorry, inside joke with some friends of mine. Pardon my horrible spelling.)

  87. laurel said

    Very cheesy.


  88. laurel said

    Hi everyone! Welcome back Claire! I know your life’s been crazy and I hope it’s going to settle down for you, soon.

    Sorry to say, i too have been missing for over a week. I started back to work and had VBS on top of that. Church obligations can be very satisfying but I forgot how exhausting all those kids can be. Five hours there followed by five hours at work and then the Olympics until 1am…. I got a little worn out.

    Now I’m going to be working full time for a few weeks, trying to get all the registrations done for a Quilting Expo is more time consuming than I remembered from last year. Yikes.
    But on the good side – I’m suddenly swamped with ideas on several of my stories and have written quite a bit in spite of the lack of time. 😛
    Plus – I’m reading one of Elizabeth’s stories and it is Wonderful!

  89. Linda said

    Hi Claire! Great to see you back!

    Sophia — A good friend used have a cat she nicknamed her petit fromage. She swore the cat understood french. Lol!

    Laurel — Great to see you back too. VBS can be very exhausting. Enjoy resting up this week.

    Himmie –Give us a report on the writer’s conference. I am anxious to hear about it.

  90. I was the only one of my friends from high school that took French. Everyone else took Spanish. “Parlé vous omlet du fromage” was the only French phrase they knew. When Alice and I were in Paris, she threatened to go up to everyone we met and ask them if they spoke cheese omelet.

  91. Scribble said

    Hey everybody:

    Just doing a quick drive by to prove I am not dead. I wanted to pop in and let you guys know that yes a DVD set is still in the works and the second I get clearance to release details I will. As well, there’s new BT Official merchandise for sale at CafePress (including a new yummy 2009 Henry calendar) so please do stop by and check it out!

    Thanks everybody.


  92. Another drive-by to prove undeadness …

    Scrib – you’re poking my bad conscience!
    I’ve been meaning to post on both BTC and KSC and DNC about the lovely new merchandise.

    A 2009 calendar! I admit I did think it was a bit late selling a 2008 one 😉

  93. *waves* Hi ladies! just popping by to prove that I also am not dead!

    A quick wrap up of my latest happenings-

    * I’ll be switching to day shift sometime in the next week, as they are ‘done’ with night shift.

    * I’m starting to wonder if I am the fan version of a pox on shows, as my most favorite remaining Friday night show just got canceled (Stargate Atlantis), thus bringing my total number of canceled/not renewed shows to 15.

  94. laurel said

    Go figure! I’m not dead either!

    Hi Anne! Hi Scribble!
    Wow, we had a good week for seeing dear friends pop in out of the blue!

    We need to get this place going again, Gypsy hasn’t needed to give us a new page in over a month. That is so odd compared to last year.

    I’m working almost every day and writing day and night whenever I get a free minute. Now, if only I could stick to one story and get one completed. 🙂

  95. laurel said

    MM – I don’t think it’s just you. I feel like that too. 😦

  96. Laurel- *HUGS* Its just hard because I am now down to oh- ZERO shows that I actually look forward to watching. Unless I pick up something ‘new’ during the pilot eps this fall its looking like I’m going to be spending a lot of time with my muse this fall.

    On the bright side, I officially booked my airfare to Burbank for this fall! Now I just have to complete booking photo ops, and I’ll be good to go!

  97. I’ve been out lately because I’ve been moving. I’m 90% moved in now, but I’m re-painting a room and school starts Monday (ug). Hopefully I’ll have downtime at school, though, so I’ll be able to get online then.

  98. Madonna said

    Hey everyone! It’s been forever since I’ve even looked in here and for that I apologize. I’ve had an awful lot of things going on.

    Happy belated birthday MM. I’m sorry I missed it.

    And now without further ado….

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday Claire and Kyle!!!!!
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Hope you both have a wonderful time celebrating!


    If you all see this message within the next week or so, can you all shoot me an email at MadonnaJPike@yahoo.com ? I’ve got something I’d like to ask you.



    Thanks for stopping by and checking in with us. It’s good to hear from both of you.

  99. laurel said

    Happy Birthday to KYLE and to CLAIRE!

    Kyle – you know who your fans are!

    Claire – sisters will always be there to hold you up.

    Have a wonderful day, a great week and a fabulous year.

    Birthday weed for all. hehehe

  100. Margaret said

    Happy Birthday Claire and Kyle:

    I know that we’re all sorry we couldn’t be there to celebrate with both of you.

    The best is yet to come for both of you.

  101. catcornmom said

    EEEKS! It has been sooo long since I have been over here!!!!

    Happy birthday to Kyle and Claire!! May all of your wishes come true! I love that we still mention the birthday weed! It makes me laugh every time!!!

    That 2009 calendar of Kyle is TOTALLY hot. I would not be able to hang that up in my classroom!!!

  102. Himmiefan said

    Happy Birthday Claire!!! Hope you get lots and lots of great stuff.


  103. Claire said

    Thank you my sweets! OMG!! My kids teamed up with some of the Sistas(sneaky devils)and threw me a fabulous surprise party!!! ah man it was great to see Wildstar,Prtfvr,Rifkind,Dani and meeting Linda and Kelly….you ladies rock…wish the rest of my ladies had been here…I missed you all terribly!!!!Margaret you rock for all the pictures the great card and….drumroll please…my 2009 BT calender!!!!!!!!
    I got a touching beautiful card from Madonna…missed you girl!
    Thanks for the birthday weed LOL!!

    I luv yas!!!!!!!

  104. msgypsy said

    Man, I’ve been neglecting this blog so much I MISSED KYLE’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

    I humbly apologize and offer a new topic post.


    Late for work now. But humble about it.

  105. Linda said

    I am sooo late in posting. My apologies for being gone so long.

    I was able to wish Claire Happy Birthday in person. It was so great to finally meet you Claire! You are awesome! It was wonderful to see Rif again, as well as meet wildstar, prtfvr, Dani and Kelly.

    As for Kyle, a happy belated birthday. I was celebrating with you “in spirit” with Claire. I hope you had a great time with family and friends.

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