I have been reminded of my duties.

I really am sorry it’s taken me so long to post a new page. Life has been happening to me in spades.

Now, then…DebS arrived this afternoon and while we were busily frightening the Ikea staff with our unabashed hilarity, I came up with a contest. Since almost all of us sitting around the peculiar Ikea table (waiting for Laurel, btw…LOL!) both Blood Ties fans AND Torchwood fans, it’s got both Blood Ties and Torchwood in it.

You are on a deserted island. All you have is a hut, a fire, the traditional unending supply of food and drink (it’s kind of like one of the old AD&D games in that you don’t have to worry about technicalities like things you need in order to live. There are three people on the island. One is you. One is Henry. The other is Ianto. (For the non-fans of TW I will include a photo.)

What will you do to pass the time while you wait for rescue. And who do you want to have rescue you? And how?

And now for the photos.

This is Henry, for those who’ve forgotten what he looks like (and you should be ASHAMED!)

And this is Ianto.

(I’m not giving Henry any unfair advantage by showing skin. Ianto=suits=teh secksie…) (If you want to see Ianto!skin, go here and click on any of the thumbnails that look like there’s nekkid men in them.)

I have to warn you that Elizabeth may have already won this one with a one-word answer. So your work is cut out for you.

For the sake of this discussion, since all necessities of life are assumed to be present, assume that Henry has a sealed off room to spend the daylight hours in.

There, let your imaginations run free. Free, free, free………!

Okay, I had much too much Ikea tonight. Sleep….must sleep….



  1. laurel said

    Oh boy! I’m first!
    Okay, that’s probably not exactly fair since I knew to look for a new page, but I only left Gypsy’s house a little while ago. 🙂

    DebS has arrived safely and we have established that she fits in just fine. We’re anxious to see how we all do on a full night’s sleep. No IKEA for a couple of days, Gypsy has shopped until we all dropped.

    Hey – I wasn’t the only one lost, I had Arrowyn and I was staying with her because I have a cell phone and she doesn’t – yet.
    We might not have ever found the others if they hadn’t started laughing. 😎
    I’m going to have to get some sleep before I can formulate an answer to how to spend the time. Henry, Ianto and me… This requires some serious thought….
    I think I’d better take some cold medicine first and get some sleep. 😉

  2. cdnfreyja said

    Hmmm, this means that I might actually have to watch the show now doesn’t it? 😉 It’s all part of a dastardly plan to get all of us women watching Torchwood!!! I’ll have to find it on CBC first.

    IKEA – oh, always dangerous to let me in there. Nearly as dangerous as me in a bookstore. lol

  3. Oh my. Do I really even need to answer that contest question? How ELSE would I spend my time trapped on a deserted island with Ianto and Henry? (For the record, I’d want Jack to rescue us. Actually, forget rescue. He can move in).

  4. cdnfreyja said

    Now that I’ve had some time to do some, ahem … research I have to say to hell with rescue! Why the heck would I want that? LOL 😉 And yes, I think I can think of a very good way to occupy my time … and their’s.

    But you do know that I’d have to add Mike to the equation!

    Okay, gotta run errands. Hopefully the rain will hold off this afternoon. Great sale at the bookstore and I can’t get my new purchases wet on the way home.

  5. laurel said

    Answer – Participate!

    Rescue? Mike, of course. He can give the plane to Henry and Ianto….

  6. DebS said

    Rescue, what rescue? Jack, Mike, and even Owen can all come to attempt rescue. But once you get to the island you can’t leave (a la LOST). I will have my own personal harem. 😎

  7. Elizabeth said

    The answer i gave when this was first suggested by Gypsy was – Please them both 😉

  8. This isn’t much of a contest when we all have the same answer, isn’t it? Well, with the exception of our rescuer *cough*fourth*cough*

  9. Hmmm tough question- what would I do? NOTHING! *snorts*

    Though my new favorite SG character could come ‘rescue’ us: Major Lorne 😀 😆

  10. Himmiefan said

    Hmmm. Great contest. Going to have to give it some thought.

    Please post pictures of Deb’s visit!!!!

    By the way, Happy Birthday Gypsy!! 🙂

  11. Linda said

    I’m with DebS, who would want to be rescued?

    Lanto by day, Henry by night…ooh la la! (Just the thought is causing me to speak french and I barely remember any from school.) Lol! I would want to be “rescued” by Mike and Captain Jack. Then of course, we would be so happy none of us would want to leave. Perhaps even Captain John could swing by from time to time just to shake things up. Maybe the Doctor could also stop by too…

  12. Linda said

    Happy Birthday Ms. Gypsy! Thanks for the new thread. I hope your day is totally fabulous!!

  13. cdnfreyja said

    Happy birthday, Ms. Gypsy!

    And thanks for the new thread. Anyone else we want to put on the ‘not rescuer’ list? lol

  14. Dani said

    Does it have to be tv shows or any hot looking male character? I go with Legolas and Aragorn and Will Turner. Mm Hm!

  15. Happy Birthday Ms. Gypsy!

    Have a wonderful day.

  16. Linda said

    Dani — It would be great with me if they dropped by the island.

  17. Linda said

    Dani — It would be great with me if they dropped by the island.

  18. Linda said

    Oops, sorry double post… my mouse is trigger happy.

  19. Dani–Why don’t we just make it simple and say Orlando Bloom? I’m sure we could find a wig somewhere (and perhaps a red beret for Ianto?)

    Is it Ms. Gypsy’s birthday today to? My uncle is today and I’m 21 tomorrow (just got my new license!).

  20. Wildstar said

    quickly passing thru between thunderstorms – just wanted to wish Gypsy a Happy Birthday!
    and aske the wet coast gang – wheres the pictures!

  21. cdnfreyja said

    Oh, we need to get the birthday weed to Ms. Gypsy!

  22. prtfvr said

    Whaz up, Miz G!!! I’ve missed ye! Happy Birthday!! 🙂

  23. prtfvr said

    Well first of all, that dude in the suit would have to take it off! It’s an island for pete’s sake!

    Since the hut is already built, I guess I’d rub the guys down with coconut oil (so they’d get a nice tan, of course) and have them build an addition onto the hut. I don’t know how long that would last but I’d be sipping out of my coconut shell while watching all that hard, sweaty work get done.

    Then, because they’d be all sweaty it’d be off to the lagoon where I would make sure that they were very clean. Well, and me too because I got sweaty for some reason too.

    By the time we were rescued by Mike Rowe, I’d have a mansion and a lagoon short on water. 😉

  24. cdnfreyja said

    Leave it to prtfvr to get graphic … well, half graphic. LOL We can fill in the other half with our imaginations.

  25. prtfvr said

    Oh, and the coconut oil has this amazing ability to protect Henry from the sun, btw. You said the island had everything I’d need. I’m pretty sure it has that too and contacts. 😉

  26. prtfvr said

    Why, Freyja! I had to keep it clean! Mike Rowe was there after all! 😉

  27. cdnfreyja said

    I was going to ask how Henry was going to get a tan … but since it is our fantasy we can make up the rules.

    Um, isn’t Mike Rowe the King of Dirty … jobs that is? lol

  28. prtfvr said

    Yes, yes he is. 🙂

  29. cdnfreyja said

    So, if he likes dirty then what’s the problem? LOL

  30. prtfvr said

    Well, I wouldn’t want him upset by all the cleaning. He might think that I’m not interested. That might be a positive for him but not me! 😉

  31. cdnfreyja said

    Hmmm, let’s see … repeatedly getting dirty followed by trips to the lagoon with you to get clean … and how is that going to be a problem for him? LOL

  32. Madonna said

    Hi everyone!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS. GYPSY!!!! (Runs up and gives her a hug.)


    Hopefully I will, but if I don’t make it back tomorrow,

    Happy Birthday Sophia!

    You live in Columbus right?

    I’m only about 2 hrs. southeast of you. I live in N. Ky. but I work in Cincinnati.

  33. Thanks, Madonna.

    I live in Columbus-ish. Which means I live in a small town 30 minutes west of Columbus that most Ohians haven’t heard of. I have a good friend that lives in Cinci and goes to school on the KY side of the river.

  34. Dani said

    Happy Birthday Sophia! 21 I remember that. Kinda. I will be 30 tomorrow. Cancers unite! After all the agonizing over turning 30 I am surprised to say that I am now looking forward to it. Hell I’m in my prime baby.

    Orlando Bloom it is but we need a nice long blond wig and pointy ears for the Legolas moments. I know Rifkind/Rose will be giddy over that.

  35. Linda said

    Happy birthday Sophia! I hope you do something special for your 21st.

  36. Dani–I think we can manage that. Actually, I’m pretty sure I have a Legolas-styled blond wig around here somewhere from Halloween a few years back.

    No special plans for my birthday. I have to work tonight. I’m going with my parents to see Get Smart tomorrow though, then I work Thursday (but I’ll be spending the gift card the gave me for my place of employment), and the day after that Alice and I are going to Yellow Springs and to see the Hulk.

  37. Happy birthday sophia! I’ll be celebrating my {actual} birthday in just over a month and a half. Though there won’t be any celebrating until November, as I have re-scheduled my birthday to a less hectic time of year 😆

  38. Himmiefan said

    Happy Birthday Sophie!! 🙂

  39. rifkind said

    Happy Birthday Sophia!
    and so that I am not LATE
    Happy Birthday Dani!


    Oh on the island, I get to hang out with Dani…
    Orlando and Will Turner …oh my!

    Of course if I can also select a book character, I vote for Wildstar’s Garrett!
    Hee Hee

  40. msgypsy said

    Happy Birthday, Sophia! Twenty-one? Wow! I feel so old!!! (I turned 55 yesterday.)

    I never told you MY answer to the contest question, did I? I’d hang out and cuddle with the boys until rescue came, in the form of Vicki and Sarah Jane (they’d be coming to rescue the boys, although why Sarah Jane would be rescuing Jack Harkness’ aide I don’t know…yes, I said aide. It’s not a euphemism. Trust me on this.) Of course, we’d eventually have to leave because Sarah Jane would have left her son with either the Doctor (oh, now THAT’S a scary thought) or maybe with Gwen or Martha because, let’s face it, no teenager of any gender or species needs to be around Jack Harkness’ hormones…and Gwen would have the sense to turn Luke over to Rhys for safekeeping…) (Speaking of whom, if I had to be rescued by a fellow, it would have to be Rhys. Then I would kiss Henry good-bye and hope Vicki shows up to claim him so I can get in some quality time with her. And I’d follow Rhys damn near anywhere, so he and Ianto and I could head for Wales and I could take a side trip to London… you see where this is going, right?

    BTW, I listened to an interview with Gareth David-Lloyd earlier, it’s one from the gap between the two seasons of Torchwood, and I have to tell you…those gorgeous, lyrical Welsh vowels? That voice that makes some of us just turn to jelly? He stutters. My impression is that he lacks some confidence unless he has a script or an audience of screaming fans in front of him. (I’ve seen videos of him on stage with Blue Gillespie and he most certainly doesn’t stutter there.)

    Anyhow, I got a bunch of way cool stuff for my birthday, including a bat we have named Bernie. My father was named Bernie and while he might not be amused, my grandma (the one I talk to in my dreams) laughed about it.

    Laurel has most of the pictures from this weekend. Once I get them from her I’ll post them on the blog.

  41. msgypsy said

    Oh, dear, I left Mike out of that rescue scene, didn’t I? Well, now that I think of it, since Rhys would have to go home to Gwen (because I’m SUCH a shipper!) I think perhaps Mike needs to rescue me. Mike and Vicki. Yeah, that’ll work. Hmmmm….. Excuse me, I’ll be in my bunk for a few….

  42. Madonna said

    Happy 30th Danielle!!!!!

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Danielle!
    Happy Birthday to you!


    Hey Ms. Gypsy,
    It’s good to hear from you. How is your hand doing?


    I hope you had a wonderful 21st. So what is the name of the town you live in. It must be just a little north of Dayton. Oh, and where does your friend go to school at in Kentucky.

  43. Dani said

    Thank you Madonna! Luv you my sister.

  44. Dani said

    Another Orlando Bloom will need is a pirate get up.

  45. Dani said

    And Rifkind-Thank you

  46. Himmiefan said

    Happy Birthday Dani!!! : )

    Now, for my rescue scenario. Well, Henry and I will definitely have quality time, but it certainly couldn’t be on the beach unless he had some really super dooper sunscreen. Then, I’d be rescued by either James Purefoy or by his character on HBO’s Rome. I can’t decide which. Now, Henry’s great and all, but he can’t be a baby daddy, so…..Hmmm. Thinking about this sure beats typing e-mails about staff meetings.

    Hello Gypsy! Nice to hear from you!

  47. Linda said

    Happy Birthday Dani!!! I hope you have a special day!

  48. Elizabeth said

    Happy birthday, Dani girl! I hope your day is absolutely marvelous 🙂

    It has been a real pleasure to see so many of my sisters on the blog! Almost like old days.

    I have to say visiting with DebS and all the rest of the Wet coast gang over the weekend was so much fun! Deb fit right in and I laughed until my sides hurt. We got to help gypsy celebrate her birthday and I accidentally took a bit of lunch that had fish in it…we won’t go there…I am still shuddering. DebS is an awesome lunch buddy because neither of us were very good at denying ourselves goodies 😉 Our ms. Laurel is a wonderful hostess and the only thing that would made the whole thing any better was if the rest of you could have shared in the fun.

    Okay, back to being a good corporate citizen *grumbles* I’ll check back in later.

  49. Linda said

    E — We all wish we could have been there too. I know y’all had a blast.

    I take it then you don’t like fish?

  50. Thanks all for the birthday wishes! I get a week of celebrating–extended family was Sunday, then I worked on my birthday so today it’s just me and my parents going out to a movie. Then the day after tomorrow is the celebration with friends, and sometime over the next week or so I’ll be reaping the rewards of my birthday money/gift cards.

    Madonna–I’m actually south of Dayton, in London. Find Columbus on the map and head directly west, into North-central Madison County. I do not know the name of Susanne’s school, just that it’s on that side of the river.

    And since I forgot to say so earlier: Happy Birthday to Dani and MsGypsy!

  51. Elizabeth said

    Linda – I really, really don’t like fish – ick! We were at a Japanese restaurant and the food looked beautiful and was beautifully presented. I tried to find the vegetable dishes and mostly succeeded 🙂

  52. Linda said

    I like fish as long as it is cooked. As far as sushi goes,I stick with the California rolls.

  53. Linda said

    Sophia — That is the best way to celebrate your birthday, stretch it out as long as possible! Enjoy the movie. What will you see?

  54. Dani- Happy birthday! Boy its been a busy couple’a days for birthdays round here hasn’t it?

  55. cdnfreyja said

    First of all, Sophia – Happy belated birthday.

    Dani, happy birthday!

    Gypsy – well, well … that was a very complicated scenario. But considering you are the one who came up with the question you’ve had a bit more time to ponder. And I’m glad you went back to add Mike!

    Himmie – of your you had to fit James Purefoy in there, didn’t you? LOL

  56. cdnfreyja said

    Yeesh, what was that last line? I thought I had typed that correctly. It should have read: Himmie – of course you had to fit James Purefoy in there, didn’t you?

    Sometimes my brain and my fingers don’t match up.

  57. Mom, Dad and I went to see Get Smart. Oh my god, it was so funny. I laughed through the entire thing. There were lots of references to the original series, and they were obvious enough that I even picked up on most of them. One of the highlights for me was seeing Hiro from Heroes in it (he’s adorable as one of the techies).

  58. msgypsy said

    Happy HAPPY birthday, Dani! Yay for all us Cancerians!

  59. Linda said

    Sophia — Glad you enjoyed the movie. I loved that show when I was little.

    Ms Gypsy — I had not scrolled far enough back and initially missed your island scenario. It was complicated, but you definitely had it all planned to the smallest details. I am glad you had a wonderful birthday.

  60. Himmiefan said

    “Himmie – of course you had to fit James Purefoy in there, didn’t you?”

    Well, of course!! James and Henry – yum! Oh yeah, and me. I’m in there too. It’s my fantasy, so naturally I look fabulous in a bathing suit.

  61. Himmie, I’m with you on that one. Definitely bikini ready. And since it’s fantasy, I never need to shave my legs.

    MsGypsy, you are evil. Since you posted your little contest, you’ve started all sorts of fanfiction ideas running through my head. I’m going to blame you for the fact that my novel is stalled but I wrote three pages of fanfiction this morning. 😛

  62. laurel said

    Someone had to throw Orlando Bloom into the mix! I think Ianto just got voted off my island (sorry Gypsy).

    Happy belated birthday to Sophia! Have a great birthday week – we Cancer sorts know how to enjoy birthdays to the full extent allowable.

    Happy belated birthday to our lovely Danae, too! (Enjoy the birthday weed).


  63. msgypsy said

    Ah, I see I remain queen of the plot bunnies!

    Did I mention that Ianto gets to go home to Jack when Rhys shows up to rescue us? I get to go to Toronto with Mike and Vicki. I mean, really, Kate? Mike doesn’t need her…and I’ll happily share Vicki with both men.

    (Did I mention that my latest TV related fantasy involves Vicki and Sarah Jane Smith? I’m SOOOOOOOOOOO weird!)

  64. laurel said

    Gypsy – Perhaps you should go back to channeling Ianto for a while. You write him so well and I’m hoping for more Torchwood fan-fic with him in it. 😉

    Sophia – I think you’ve adopted my writing style of juggling multiple plot lines and stories simultaneously. It can be quite fun, but confusion between stories is always a danger. I have too many going at once and have to make myself stick to just one per half day. I tried to stick to one per week but I drove myself crazy with trying to NOT think of the ones I was supposed to be ignoring. Plot bunnies is a good descriptor. They hop all over the place and breed randomly but with ever increasing regularity, are sometimes hard to catch and then leave you with a handful of fluff and a yard full of poo.
    My writing is not going well this week. Can you tell?

  65. Elizabeth said

    I only wish I had plot bunnies running around! I go home at night so tired I can’t even get the energy to turn on my computer…never mind try to figure out what is going to happen to Jake and Cassie! I am sure they are not happy being left with so much in the balance. And explain to me how I, as the writer, can get mesmerized by the fictional fireplace and forget to write!! *shakes head*.

  66. laurel said

    So E? How’s the iTwitch?


  67. Laurel–“Adopting?” Sweetie, I’ve been writing at least ten stories at once for most of my life. I’ve been *trying* to focus on just two or three this summer, but it’s not going so well. In fact, last night at work I started yet another story based off of my own Gareth David-Lloyd fantasies.

  68. Elizabeth said

    Laurel – the iTwitch is temporarily under control 😉 It is Friday and I am holding on by the tips of my fingernails! Does anyone know a good witch doctor? Maybe I should have one come in so he can take care of the “witch hunt” half my team is on right now. I love my life….I love my life…I am so lying right now…..

    Hey, guess what…I found out that my fighting style is The Tiger last night at Karate. It means I have power behind my moves and I am an aggressive fighter (who me???!!!) Maybe, I should let my team know that next time I end up growling at them 🙂

  69. laurel said

    Go gettem Tiger! hehe
    I can so see that as being your style!
    Your team needs to get a grip and go sit in the sun at lunchtime. Maybe a little light therapy will mellow them out, now that we’ve finally gotten out of our cold snap.

  70. Himmiefan said

    Laurel – if you guys need some heat, the South can send you some. Our 90 degree heat came early this year!

    Okay folks, what’s an iTwitch?

    Kick butt E, kick butt!

  71. laurel said

    LOL – I was hoping you would ask about the iTwitch!
    For the past couple of months E has had a twitchy eye that signals the amount of stress she’s under at work. The worse her ‘kids’ act up – the worse the twitch.
    Well, since we both have iMacs and iPods….. I decided she must have a high tech iTwitch. I promised her I’d write her a short story about either a character or an invention called an iTwitch, but I couldn’t resist just throwing it out there so you could all appreciate the pun.

    My bad. 😎

  72. Elizabeth said

    Laurel is very talented at coming up with clever puns. I have been greatly amused by this one. It helps to be able to laugh about the iTwitch 😉

    Trust me, Himmie, if I could seriously kick butt at work and not get fired I would so go Ninja on these idiots!

  73. laurel said

    Steady there E, I’m a little short on bail money right now.

  74. Himmiefan said

    I love the iTwitch!

    E – this sounds like the perfect day to sneak out a little early.

  75. laurel said

    Oh, don’t encourage her! She likes that.
    E can’t leave early unless she’s sneaking away to have coffee with me before I battle my way across town to the airport to pick up DebS tonight!

    I wonder if Gypsy or Arrowyn or Nisi are going with me tonight?

  76. Elizabeth said

    oooh, Laurel are you free for coffee then?? i will so sneak away if so, save gobs of bail money, and probably keep my job in the process 😉

  77. laurel said

    E – If you are serious about that…. name your time and I’ll be there. I have to leave for the airport by 5;30 because I don’t know what traffic will be doing tonight.
    I do intend to keep you out of jail.

  78. Elizabeth said

    How about 3:30? We can meet at the Starbucks by my house or anywhere it is convenient for you? If you don’t have anyone to go to the airport with I will tag along. You are such a buddy, such a friend to sacrifice for me to keep me out of jail 😉 I would look absolutely horrible in horizontal prison garb stripes *shudders*

  79. laurel said

    They don’t do strips anymore, now they dress you in orange. Yikes! So not my color.

    3:30 will do nicely! You don’t have to go to the airport, but if you have a real need to go I’ll let you go with me. 🙂

  80. Elizabeth said

    Orange??!!! Oh the horror! Who wants to look like an escapee from a pumpkin patch? I’ll see you at Starbucks in Sherwood. I’ll be the one with the iTwitch.

  81. laurel said

    I have to run to the bank first so I’ll be there as quick as I can.

    Everyone have a great afternoon. I’ll check back in after I have DebS.

  82. cdnfreyja said

    Himmie, do you want the regular James Purefoy to show up or the one dressed up in Roman garb, senator, general … take your pick? lol

    And I agree, since we get to decide the parameters of this universe we all look absolutely fabulous in any bathing suit we want to wear.

    iTwitch? ROFL I just get iCramp, i.e. cramps in my back, particularly the shoulder and upper back area when I’m stressed.

  83. Do you know what that iTwitch makes me think of? That scene in Torchwood where Ianto is dragging the half-cybered man out of the room where he’s hiding Lisa, and that metal thing is covering his eye.

    Completely Gratuitous: http://youtube.com/watch?v=nGBmE_QPdxw

    And because I am a total fangirl: http://youtube.com/watch?v=-0DDqmynDdY&feature=related

    P.S. I want that slot machine.

    P.P.S I must now watch Blackpool.

  84. msgypsy said

    OMG Blackpool! Did you ever see the video of David Tennant kissing? Mostly from Blackpool, of course.

  85. laurel said

    Sophia sends in a tag to you tube and I follow it and get lost for an hour! How in the world did that happen?

    I got DebS off to the airport this morning. It was so hard to let her leave. I hope she’ll decide to visit again soon.
    Things were going smoothly – if a bit early for me – until we got to the airport and found out that “Norman” had been working on her airline reservations! It took a lot of standing in lines at the ticket counter to get her reconnected after some snaffu disappeared a segment of her flight. Now she has to change airlines in San Francisco, but it looks like she ends up with one less stop, so I’m hoping it makes for an easier day.
    Just pray that her luggage makes the jump with her. 🙂

    Freyja – iTwitch and now iCramp! I love them both! I may have to write something with those particular “plot bunnies”. I was already working on the first one for E, now I’ll expand it to include you. How is your garden looking now? Mine is really growing tall all of a sudden. I had to go water a little extra this morning because we are going to reach 100 by late afternoon. That’s a long way from the 62 of Monday.

  86. Heehee. I love youtube. As of yet, I have only seen a few fanvideos of Blackpool, since it’s not on Surfthechannel, but I bookmarked the bits of the first episode that are on youtube. I’ll watch those tonight or tomorrow.

  87. cdnfreyja said

    Hey Laurel, the garden is looking good. The weather has helped everything to settle in well. The runner beans are up and growing like weeds. I’m out of town for 5 days later this week and I’m sure the beans will be huge by the time I get back. We’re expecting rain showers on and off over the next few days. I’m crossing my fingers that the weather stays mostly cloudy and a bit cooler so my flowers don’t die while I’m away. My normal kitty sitter is away and moving mid-July – way out to the suburbs.

    And it is always amazing how the iCramp disappears on weekends. Hmmm, wonder if it is tied to work? LOL

  88. laurel said

    Funny thing about that iCramp, Elizabeth says her iTwitch goes away on the weekend too. 🙂

    i’ll have to send you a couple of pictures of my garden, too. I took a couple just to send to you.

  89. msgypsy said

    Ahem. Laurel? Speaking of pictures? Do you want me to post them to the blog? (In which case you’d better send ’em here!) or do you want to post them yourself? (In which case I’d better set you up with posting privileges if I haven’t already…)

    Is the iTwitch any relation to the iRoll?

  90. Well all, I’m back after a long weekend of ‘relaxing’ *snorts* right, mmHmmm. I went to the Women of Faith Conference in Seattle and had such fun as my neurotic personality decided to rear its ugly little head and give me a couple panic attacks(I do NOT do well in large crowds of strangers) so I spent a lot of time watching on the monitors instead of in my seat.

    Yesterday and early today, I was out on the island(which WAS relaxing) then came home to find that we had NO power *sighs* I’ll be pretty MIA tomorrow and Tuesday as Kenzie has mucho mondo appointments with her therapists before her MRI a week from Wednesday.

  91. laurel said

    Gypsy – Pictures! Oh dear, I need to send them off to you first thing tomorrow. I’ll need to figure out how many I can attach and send. If the files are too big let me know and I’ll figure out how to down-size them. I also got a couple of the ones that DebS took. Some of them are great!

  92. MM–Good luck with the doctors.

    I am such a fangirl. I watched the first episode of Blackpool online, but now I can’t find the rest of it. I thought I’d placate myself with the latest episode of Doctor Who, but it was a horrible cliff-hanger. I need to get out more, but living in the country and working for minimum wage means I can’t afford anything.

  93. Himmiefan said

    Freyja – does he have to wear anything? It’s a reasonable question. Although, the toga look was really nice. 🙂

    We need pictures of Deb’s trip!!!

    BTW, I’m on vacation this week!! Woo hoo!!

  94. Elizabeth said

    YAY! Himmie…vacation! P) Are you going to do anything fun? I was in a garden center this weekend and I swear it was like being in Tennessee again…it was so humid I could hardly breathe!

  95. Himmiefan said

    Hey E! Nope, staying home and doing nothing, which is great in itself. Yep, it’s humid here. Well, today’s actually good, but that’s unusual. A couple of friends are here from Scotland visiting property they have here, and they’re about to die. I told them to never, ever think about coming in August!

    Hope your weather is better there!

  96. Elizabeth said

    A Staycation! That is what I am doing this year…I am not going anywhere much on my time off. It is too expensive to do much travelling right now 😦 I can imagine how the couple from Scotland must be suffering! I remember the weather there being very cool even in summer.

  97. laurel said

    Good thing I looked in one you all, it reminded me I need to send pics to Gypsy. I’d better do it right now.

    I hope you’re having a great Monday!!

  98. Elizabeth said

    Laurel – other than dealing with a stupid totesterone based life form who is such a darned emotional baby I want to strangle him Monday is going great!

  99. laurel said

    Ah, the master of the iTwitch!

  100. Elizabeth said

    Laurel – I will have to figure out a way to defeat “the master of the iTwitch” soon or I may be in jail 😉 I need to brush up on my magical powers to stop this dreadful black cloud from spreading the iTwitch to unsuspecting mortals. I need a vacation…can you tell?

  101. Elizabeth said

    I think I have to be careful what I wish for…a plot bunny just whacked me up side of the head and now I have a character playing with Thunder…yikes! He hasn’t told me why yet, but he won’t leave me alone.

  102. So, I’m not sure how many of you know who he was (I know Deb S. will recognize the name) but I found out yesterday that Don S. Davis passed away over the weekend. He’s best known for his role on Stargate SG-1 where he played General Hammond, but he has been in TONS more things than that(my brain is totally shut down still from the heat).

    How is everyone’s week going? Got any exciting plans for the 4th?

  103. cdnfreyja said

    Himmie, he can wear or not wear anything you want!

    Oooh, plot bunnies. Masters, magic and mortals … sounds interesting! LOL

  104. Elizabeth said

    Work is really slow because of the holiday weekend, so I have to admit to writing on and off all day. This new plot bunny was making me crazy because I am plopped right into the middle of a war and I have never written anything like this before. It was bugging me as to why this character suddenly popped up. I just figured it out…this is the prequal to the other story I am working on. Talk about complicated – sheesh!

  105. laurel said

    E – I think you have just fallen into my writing style – where things just pop in willy-nilly and then have to be pieced together into some kind of readable whole.

    Dang, I love plot bunnies! I had one in the car with me today and now I’m going to have to write it down. I think it belongs to something I set aside last fall.


  106. laurel said

    Wow E! That is some plot bunny!
    Thanks for sending me the beginning of it, but where the heck is the rest of it??? I want more and I want it now!

    Haven’t you won the lottery yet? You need to write full time!
    No, really.

  107. elizabeth said

    Laurel – Thanks for the encouragement. This one is really nagging me and it keeps getting twisted in my head with Devil’s Ride. I am probably going to need to run some ideas by you when we can get a chance because this one is definitely uncharted territory for me.

    i am so going to win the lottery 🙂

  108. Dani said

    Hi ladies I wanted to pop in and say that. I’m sorry but I keep forgetting to come over here all of a sudden. I don’t know what it is. Maybe I have to much stuff on my plate and I am finally starting to lose my mind.

    Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I should have thought to check here that day and it just slipped my mind.

    Go Cancers!

  109. Elizabeth said

    Hi Dani! If you are losing your mind then you are in excellent company. Mine has been gone for quite some time. I expect it will show up one of these days 😉

  110. laurel said

    I haven’t seen my mind in a while either. No worries Dani – just know that we’ve missed you and are glad to see you pop in.

    So, I took a class at the Apple store today and learned a lot of different things about the iWork system. There are some really neat ways to do our editing so we’ll have to look at them together soon.
    Wildstar is going to be here in just nine days and I’m so excited! I hope the smoke from the California fires blows away from us during her visit because I’ve had enough of the smoggy looking sky. I got enough of that when I lived in the LA area.
    E – I hope that story is still nagging to be written. 🙂 I would be okay with a chapter a day! hehe

  111. Elizabeth said

    Laurel – I just sent you what I have written today. Let me know if it is too confusing. I have to find out how to take a word document and open it in pages. I emailed what I had written to myself, but I couldn’t get it to open. I so need to set up a class. Hey, if you aren’t doing anything special tomorrow I am home all day.

  112. laurel said

    Cool! I’ll go open it in Pages if I can. It should open in Simple Text if you sent it in Word and then let you save it in a compatible form. Hmmm I’ll look at the problem for you.

    Tomorrow? I may be at the hubby’s beck and call while he gets ready for a Church Camp. He has three days to prepare all the crafts and some of the meals for a small group of Jr High boys and the ten councilors that are going. I may have to do some shopping and running, but I’ll bet I can get away for a while. 🙂
    I also need to deliver a phone to Arrowyn that Moonbeam sent for her. I am trying to figure out all the logistics for the day so I’ll have to get back to you on the details.

    Wheew. I’m ready for a nap.


  113. I love it when hard work pays off. I finished making a dress yesterday afternoon, and today I went over to Alice’s and she did a really cool gothic fashion photo shoot for me (she lives in an old Victorian, which is even better). We had a lot of fun with it. I’m putting the pictures (well, some. Maybe eight or ten of the 222 that she took) up on Flickr, and I’ll have more on my blog.

  114. laurel said

    Hey Sophia – I love the blueberry socks. 🙂

  115. elizabeth said

    Laurel – I am going to run to Backyard Birds today, and maybe sneak over to Borders 🙂 Other than that I plan to hang around the house and give some serious thought to catching up on some chores. Naturally, the thinking about it may wear me out and that is all I will accomplish…I am good with that though 😉 Give me a call if you can sneak away. I totally understand that you may not be able to though…it sounds like you have a full day planned getting your husband ready for Church Camp!

  116. Laurel–Thanks. And NOW the dress is up on my blog–I ended up getting a call last night and it took me a while to get off the phone, so the blog updated didn’t get done until this morning.

  117. laurel said

    Wow! Sophia! What a gorgeous outfit! You have some wonderful talent there. I make costumes for my daughters – anime stuff mostly, but this year I’m putting together a couple of elf costumes complete with special weaponry. I learned how to carve polystyrene with a special heated wire gizmo so I’m anxious to see how the staff and sword will turn out. I’m hoping to find a decent bow at a yard sale so I won’t have to make one.

    W Backyard Birdshop? I need to go do that too. Have you already left?

  118. laurel said

    I’m headed out for a while. I’ll have to call you E, once I get back from running with Steve.

    Talk to you ladies later.

  119. laurel said

    My day has not gone according to plan. I thought I’d get to visit with Elizabeth but hubby had other ideas. He’s been running us all over two counties.

    Sorry E!

    Everyone have a Happy and safe Fourth Of July!!

  120. I just got off work. While i was stuck in the fitting room (standing there for 45 minutes with nothing to do) i grabbed a piece of paper towel and drafted a letter to the Locusts–I mean, our valued customers. It’s up on the blog now.

    This is why I need a job that requires more than one brain cell. I have to give them company.

    I either need to get published and make tons of money, or marry some rich old guy so I never have to work.

  121. Happy Fourth, all!

  122. Linda said

    Hello ladies,

    I am so sorry to have been absent for a while. I just wanted to drop in and wish everyone a happy and safe 4th. Take care! I will check back later.

  123. Happy 4th of July ladies!

    Will drop by later!

  124. laurel said

    Happy 5th of July! I think everyone slept late after fireworks kept most of my city awake last night. It was a fairly noisy night, but we’ve had worse. Most of the graduating seniors in our neighborhood were girls this year. Two years ago there were four boys and they had a huge noisy party with some very big illegal fireworks. We found a number of spent bottle rockets on our back deck, lawn and even on our roof. Scary. 😦

    Much more sedate this year in that regard, but just a couple of streets over there was quite a riotous bash that involved loud music, loud laughter, and loud pops and bangs. Ah well, at least today is a Saturday and we can be lazy. 😎

  125. I’m currently watching the season finale of Doctor Who (I love the internet!).

    I got some repairs done on my bike today. While I was there, I came up with the perfect name for my bike (I name things, like my car, all the time). His name is Ianto now. I ride Ianto for at least an hour every day.

    I’m a very bad girl. XD

  126. Himmiefan said

    Sophia – very bad girl. : )

  127. Hehee. I can’t help it.

    I started sewing together the Peace Project this afternoon. I think I might have to rip out one of my long seams though, because there was a factory error in the material and now it doesn’t line up properly.

  128. So, after a long long weekend spent being annoyed by my family *sighs and rolls eyes* I’m so excited its not funny.

    Tonight I get to go to a baseball game! *does happy dance of joy* its only the local minor league team, but I haven’t been to(or invited to go with) a baseball game in 3 maybe 4 years. Actually now that I think about it the last game I went to must of been back in 2002 *shudders* gah what a horrible baseball fan i am!

  129. Elizabeth said

    Wow, not much going on around here lately 😦

    MM – how was the Baseball game? I have always wanted to head to Seattle and see the Braves play the Mariners. Maybe one of these days I will make it.

    Sophia – I was very amused with the name for your new bike. It makes me grin 🙂

    Hey ms. Laurel – You back in town yet?

    I am off to see The Incredible Hulk this afternoon. It isn’t a movie I would choose to go to, but my boss is paying for his department to see it since Xerox has product placed in the movie. Works for me…popcorn, coke and a movie I don’t have to shell out big bucks for – woo hoo!

  130. E- the game was good, it was just a minor league game (the mariners A team). We won(5 to 3) and I had a blast. I think the last time I was at a REAL Mariners game was back in ’01 or ’02 shortly after the Safe opened. Now it is just too cost prohibitive to go, since you have to pay for parking(if you drive) and tickets, and food etc.

    We just got back from kenzie’s MRI and everything went okay, we don’t actually get the results until the 22nd of this month but the nurses said she did okay(I didn’t get to go back with her).

  131. Elizabeth–Let me know what you think of the movie. I wasn’t thrilled to go see it either, but it was actually quite good, I thought (of course, I’m also an obsessive comic book fan, and usually enjoy those movies even if I’m not a member of the particular fandom involved.)

    Speaking of comic book movies, I just saw Wanted. Very campy, violent action flick, but it was funny for that exact reason.

  132. So, just thought I would pass along an interesting tidbit. I was just going through my commentaries on my new S4 discs of Stargate Atlantis, and was listening to the commentary for “Outcast”(Dylan’s episode). Andy Mikita directed the episode, and did the commentary, and actually mentioned Blood Ties in the commentary.

    I think his statement was something along the lines of “Oh, and thats Dylan Neal who was also on the show Blood Ties another Vancouver production”

    Of course that brought out the total fan girl squee moment for me because Stargate fans are a bit crazy about checking out other peoples work.

  133. laurel said

    I finally made it home! I’ve been up in central Washington visiting family and now I’ve got the chance to sleep in my own bed!

    I have to go to the airport to meet Wildstar’s plane at 12:10 on Friday (lunchtime) and I’m hoping some of my local bloggers are going with me. Elizabeth? Are you able to go? Moonbeam? Nisi?
    Arrowyn can’t get free and neither can Gypsy. So I may have to make a really big sign and paste everyone’s picture on it. hehehe Are you scared yet?


  134. Himmiefan said

    Laurel -I’m so jealous. You guys are going to have a great time! Pictures please!

  135. laurel said

    Yes Himmie dear, I’ll be sure to get pictures for you. I wish you were headed this way too!
    It looks like we’re going to have one more hot day and then things are going to cool back into the 80’s. My plants are looking a little forlorn after being left for just three days. I think I may have to replace a couple of the sadder ones if they don’t perk up soon. Ah, well. Making the backyard beautiful is cheaper than going anywhere. Stay-cation, here we are. 😎

  136. *does a happy dance of joy* I just made my hotel Reservation for my convention in November! I ended up not staying at the con Hotel, as I just couldn’t stomach the prices, so I’m going to end up saving nearly $50 a night AND get a suite, 😆

  137. laurel said

    MM – I must have missed something…. What Con are you going to? Where?

    I think I should remember this, it’s starting to sound familiar.
    Old brains don’t work as well as they used to. 😦

  138. laurel said

    I haven’t seen The Incredible Hulk but I did go to Wall-e! It was really cute and I liked it enough that I would pay to see it again. I left the theater feeling really happy. 🙂

    Elizabeth? Whatcha doin’? Are you off tomorrow?

  139. Elizabeth said

    Laurel – I have been stuck in meetings all morning *yawn*. I have finally been released from the mental prison and don’t have any meetings for the rest of the day – yay 🙂 I’m glad you made it home okay and it sounds like you had a pretty good time.

    I have been mulling it over (did you hear the wheels turning?) and I’ve juggled my schedule a bit so that I can go to the airport with you tomorrow 🙂 What time would you like me to show up at your house? This is going to be fun and I am on vacation all next week – whoo hoo *happy dance*!

    MM – I’m glad the baseball game was fun! It is always nice to get away for a bit and relax. Keep us posted on Kensie’s MRI, okay.

    Sophia – I actually enjoyed the Hulk. I used to watch the Tv show with my son and any cartoons that were on so I was very familiar with the whole set up. It wasn’t too bad, plus I got a bag of popcorn and a soda out of the deal – not to mention no work for the afternoon. Win – win 😉

    I definately want to see Wall-E. Krysten saw it already and would be willing to see it again. Between her comments and Laurel’s I think it is definately worth making an effort to go to the theater.

  140. Elizabeth said

    I thought you all might find this interesting.

    HBO plans vampire series for fall

    Just in from HBO: A new series about vampires will take over the old Sunday night Sopranos slot in the fall. True Blood kicks off a 12-episode season on Sunday, Sept. 7 at 9 p.m. The story: In a backwoods Louisiana town, Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) works as a waitress, but she’s also a mind-reader. One day, she meet 173-year-old Bill Compton, a vampire (Stephen Moyer), and the two outsiders are immediately drawn to each other.

  141. Laurel- I’m going to the Creation Burbank Con, in November(21-23rd), for Stargate Atlantis. They are also hosting a Firefly/Serenity, and Battlestar Gallactica convention the same weekend.

    They have a ‘special discounted rate’ on the Con hotel(a Marriott) for $124 per night, well it didn’t seem too bad(I’m splitting costs with a friend for the room) until I did a little digging and discovered that the Marriott charges about $10 a day for internet access. Um, no, I’d rather stay a wee bit farther away(and there are a couple other people staying there too), and have free internet access AND a suite.

    Elizabeth- I’ll be curious to see how HBO’s series does with Blood Ties AND Moonlight out of the picture. Though I won’t be watching it though thats mostly because I don’t have HBO.

  142. Elizabeth said

    MM – I love the books, so I am very hopeful that the series will be well done. Most of the time HBO does really good productions.

    The Con you are going to sounds like fun! A suite, huh? Really nice.

  143. E- Books? There are books? Whats the series name(if its different from the show, 😆 )

    Yes I’m looking forward to it. My two favorite Sci-Fi Actors are going to be there(Kavan Smith, and David Hewlett) so I’m jazzed. Yes, a suite, it won’t be quite as nice as the other hotel, but it’ll do fine for the price(really at less than $100 a night I don’t expect a lot).

  144. elizabeth said

    MM – The author is Charlain Harris and I think the first book is called “Dead Until Dark”.

  145. E- thanks I’ll have to check it out.

    Does anybody want a copy of the 2nd BT Omnibus? I have an extra copy of Blood Lines/Blood Debt that needs a good home.

  146. Free BloodTies? Dude, send it my way. 0.0

    Speaking of cons, Tanya will be at a con here in Columbus in…October, I think. Alice and I are both planning on being there.

  147. laurel said

    E = I’m going to leave for the airport by 11am .

    I’ll call you in the morning to make sure you get this message.

    MM – I forgot about that con! I remember we talked about it before, and I sure wish I could go too. I’m hoping to hear the good news about Kenzie’s MRI next week.

  148. Sophia- if you click over to my blog on my profile is an ‘Email me” link hit me an email and its yours! I felt brilliant when I realized I had 2 copies. I thought I’d picked up the one I was missing(the first omnibus) but then later realized I’d gotten the second copy and of course I can’t find my receipt so I can’t take it back 😀

    Laurel- yeah I’m just really jazzed about it and I figure if I talk about it than it makes it a little bit more ‘real’.

    Okay am off to bed. Have a long fangirly day ahead of me, (the 11th) its the SGA season premiere! that reminds me I’ll keep an eye out as to when Christina’s guest appearance will be airing(I’m thinking late August early September, as it is episode #7 in the airing order).

  149. laurel said

    MM – We are more than happy to share in the anticipation with you! It makes it more fun to be able to share some of the good things our group gets to do. I’m hoping to go to a writer’s con sometime in the next year or so and I’m sure I’ll drive you all nuts if it happens. 🙂

    I hope I remember to tape Dr Who tonight, I have company coming in and I typically forget to do these things when I get distracted. I only have four episodes left and I’m trying to savor them. I hate it that we have such a long wait for new episodes. Yikes!

    I am thinking I might have to break down and order HBO for this fall. I think “True Blook” could be really good since HBO productions tend to have a lot of money backing them up. I like the Sookie Stackhouse stories, but not as much as Blood Ties. I wonder how close to the books it’s going to be.

    I’m way to far behind in SGA to figure out what is going on, but I am really glad to see it still on the air. As a fan of SG-1 you’d think I would have gotten hooked but it didn’t fit into my life’s scheduling and I missed out. Maybe I’ll just jump in where they start tonight and work backward when I get a chance.
    I too have a busy day – Airport at noon! Yikes! I’d better go mow the lawn and finish washing the dishes.

  150. Elizabeth said

    Laurel – I’ve Juggled like crazy and will definately ride with you to meet our Wildstar 🙂 I will try to be at your house before 11am…I just have to herd the cats (employees) here at work to get them going in the right direction so that I can tie up some loose ends. Maybe if I start nagging now…hmmmm…… 😉

  151. laurel said

    Go gettem Tiger! hehehe
    Herding cats is a very specialized technique, required for all management positions!
    See you at 11. Let me know if you run into any trouble and we’ll meet you closer to the freeway if that helps.

  152. laurel said

    E – I checked the flight schedule and the flight looks to be about a half hour late coming in, so don’t panic about running a little late.

    Grrrrr. I got all ready to mow the lawn… sunscreen, hat, ugly shoes, mower gassed and ready… Sprinklers came on. Now I’m wet and cranky and the lawn is going to be ratty looking when I drive back from the airport. 😦

  153. Laurel- I knew you’d understand my excitement about the con! HBO, is now available on iTunes, but I have no idea if they’ll offer “True Blood” as a iTunes selection or not. As for SGA- over on Gateworld they have a really good ‘primer’ to catch people up(http://www.gateworld.net/news/features/the_stargate_atlantis_primer.shtml) but since you have company tonight, you don’t have to check it out right away.

    E- Hope you got those cats herded 😉

    Can’t wait to hear about Wildstar’s visit!

  154. Elizabeth said

    Laurel – Bummer! It is such a production to get ready to work outside and then to have the sprinklers come on 😦 Would it make me a bad friend if I admitted that my weird sense of humor kicked in and I actually giggled, especially over the ugly shoes? If it does – then ignore that comment and I will deny having ever written it 😉

    I am a little relieved the flight is slightly delayed. These cats are very resistive to direction of any sort today and I am about ready to start growling at them. I’ll be at your house as close to 11 as I can make it.

  155. laurel said

    Moonbeam got here so we’ll be ready whenever you get here. I’ll check on the flight again, but it was still running a little late when I checked a half-hour ago.

  156. Himmiefan said

    Laurel – I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help but giggle at your sprinkler misfortune. 🙂

    E – maybe your should try a trick that works on real cats: shake a box of treats. In my office, it’d create a stampede.

    Ya’ll have fun and remember those of us who can’t be there to party with you!!

  157. Arrowyn said

    Hi, everybody (those I know and those I don’t). Christina’s show on Stargate:Atlantis will be on Sept. 5 and is called “Whispers”. I don’t know if it’s the beginning of an arc.

  158. Arrowyn- beat me to it! I just found the email with the date on it waiting for me in my inbox! As far as I know “Whispers” is NOT the start of an Arc, at least for the moment. They have filled up all of the back half of season 5 already for the run up to the 300th episode of SG, and the 100th episode of SGA.

  159. laurel said

    Wildstar is here! Yippee!!!!

    I’ll try to check in once in a while, but for now we’re going to hang out and wind down. 😉

  160. Linda said

    Hi Ladies!

    Sorry to have been away so long. Work and other things have kept me posting lately.

    Laurel, E, Moonbeam and Arrowyn — I know you are going to have so much fun with wildstar! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

    Hi MM and Sophia and Himmie!

    I noticed you were talking about True Blood on HBO. I haven’t read the books, but I am looking forward to the HBO production. They usually do such a good job with their series. The author of those books, Charlaine Harris is from Magnolia, Arkansas. I read an interview with her and she said not many people in Magnolia even knows she writes those books.

  161. Good morning, everyone. I’m half awake and off to the Good Guys car show–4,000+ cars on the state fair grounds. It should be fun, if I can keep my eyes open. Haven’t been sleeping well lately for some reason.

    MM–Thanks for the book! I can’t wait.

  162. elizabeth said

    Linda – If you can get them I highly recommend the books. I only really like her Sookie Stackhouse series . I’m not crazy about the other series she writes.

    Sophia – Enjoy the car show.

  163. Okay, Apple experts got a question for you- is there a way I can find out wether or not (FOR SURE) a show is going to be on iTunes? I’m not seeing a ‘contact us’ button or anything of the like, maybe I’m just being blind again….

  164. laurel said

    MM – Nope. You just have to hope and pray that your show will show up on iTunes. I have made requests through apple.com – for things I would like to see on iTunes, but when I did the feed back I got said… “We appreciate your interest in our selection process. We are unable to respond to individual requests. Please keep watching for updates on iTunes.”

    Big help.


  165. MM–I requested Torchwood back in January and it’s up now. My roommate and I have requested a lot of shows, and they usually show up within about three months of the request (the one exception has been Doctor Who).

  166. Laurel and Sophia- thanks for the info!

    See they have the first 4 seasons on there now(Stargate Atlantis), and S1-10 of SG-1. BUT!(there’s always a but isn’t there?) NBC had the falling out with Apple/Steve Jobs, and the Sci Fi channel is part of the NBC family. Sooo I guess at this point its just a cross my fingers and hope kind of thing. Plus after last seasons iTunes debacle I wonder if maybe they don’t trust them? *thinks*

    See iTunes, released the wrong episodes at the wrong times. Like instead of releasing the premiere episode they released the second episode, though that was partially the production teams fault because last season they were shot way way out of order and numbered funky (ep 4-2 was numbered 4-1, and other such things)

  167. I am slowly killing every electronic in my bedroom. Last night my DVD player died, and this evening my ceiling fan (all four lights plus the motor) died. My dad thinks it’s the wall switch, but he can’t take a look at it until Tuesday.

    For safety (and sanity) I have moved my laptop to the living room.

  168. Himmiefan said

    Hey Sophia. Good thing to do. Must tread carefully around electricity.

    So, what’s going on with Wildstar’s visit. Updates ladies, updates!

  169. Good idea sophia! Don’t want to fry the laptop!

    So iTunes got the ep up and I now have my season pass. Plus I had enough left over to splurge on a few things I’d been wanting!

    Soooo funny story. Yesterday I was bored and tired of being at home so I decided to take the toddler to the zoo. Well we are smack in the middle of two zoo’s(Seattle’s and Vancouver’s) so I decided that since Vanc’s is closer we’d head there. Got in the car drove to the zoo, got parked, and went to grab my purse to pay for parking and realized I had NO money with me(well $4 that was it). So we had to turn around and drive all the way home. Left me feeling like a wee bit of an idiot.

  170. MM–I’ve done that before. Especially when I was living in the dorm, I’d stick my ID and credit card in my pocket rather than taking my whole purse if I was just going across campus. More than once I had to backtrack because I either needed cash, or I needed my student ID and only had my DL or vice versa.

  171. Sophia- it wouldn’t of been so bad if it hadn’t of been another country(granted its only an hour drive to the zoo) because boy that left me feeling super scatter brained. though just being up there for the time i was left me feeling recharged and re-energized.

  172. laurel said

    Sorry dears, we’ve been running around and having so much fun! We haven’t set down in front of the computer for any length of time. I forgot to take pictures a couple of days so now I’m behind.
    I will put up some pictures but it will probably be on Wednesday. 😛

    Sophia – be careful with that electrical concern, we want you to be safe.

    MM – I feel for you. I’ve done similar.

  173. My dad got the fan/light fixed. I guess it was just a lose wire and even though we both spent about 20 minutes pulling the cords and jiggling the switch, when he went in to fix it it barely touched the switch and it came on. He double checked everything and confirmed it was just a lose wire.

    I just got off of work. I’m not used to eight hour shifts (they usually put me down for five or six, since I’m only part time). Tomorrow I have another eight hours, and then Alice and I are going to a midnight showing of Batman, since the theater is within spitting distance of my work.

  174. Laurel- thanks! I just felt bad because even though it was a very last minute thing I was really excited about it. The last time I remember going to the zoo was at LEAST 10 years ago.

    Just a heads up sometime in the next week I may go completely MIA for a while as I start my ‘summer job’. I’ll be harvesting peas, working approx. 14 hour shifts at night, then coming home and parenting for a couple hours and sleeping when I can. Good thing I like the job and its paying for my con trip otherwise I wouldn’t do it this year. At least I get a $1.30 an hour pay raise!!! *happy dance*

    I’ll try to pop by on Tuesdays’ if I can but no promises. (Tuesdays will be my day off as that is when Kenzie has all her therapy and such).

  175. MM–That sounds exhausting! At least you enjoy it though.

    I just got back from Dark Knight. OMG!!!!!! It. Was. AWESOME. The only thing missing was an easter egg.

  176. Sophia- Sometimes I wonder WHY I like it so much. I mean I think its because I get to be the tough ‘no nonsense’ girl out there. Or maybe its just because I love the adrenaline rush of it all. *shrugs* I know that it is NOT because of the boring meetings like we had today. Man, aside from the head boss guy complimenting me on my ‘preparedness’ it was very very boring; and somewhat frightening. Apparently they were working another place with the same company, and they had a guy who tossed glass bottles into the field(cause you are NOT allowed to have glass at all in the machines), and because he ruined approximately $26,000 worth of crop(the bottles got picked up by another machine, and taken to the plant thus contaminating the load) he will be being charged with a crime. *shudders*

  177. laurel said

    My family and my husband’s family all showed up for a surprise birthday party!
    Mine. 😛

    Good thing I like surprises.
    Good thing my husband is a good cook.

    Sorry I missed everyone last week, Wildstar’s visit was very busy and fun and when we weren’t running around we were sitting here talking, laughing and eating. sigh.

    Tomorrow I can start the diet, but for today there is Birthday cake.

  178. Happy birthday, Laurel!

  179. Happy birthday Laurel! You get the birthday weed?

  180. laurel said

    Thanks girls!
    I did get the “gifts” as anticipated. 🙂

  181. elizabeth said

    I have to say, ladies, that our Laurel is a wonderful hostess. I spent a lot of time with the Portland gang while Wildstar was here and Laurel was invaded often. She never seemed to lose her cool whereas I would have been a nut case in very short order 😉 She is right, though, we did spend a lot of time laughing and eating (thus the 5lb weight gain 😦 ) It was so much fun.

    Laurel – I am glad to hear your family birthday celebration was good. I also feel blessed that we got to share in a celebration on thursday.

  182. laurel said

    Thank you (takes a bow) I’m glad you enjoyed the week.

    If you want to see what I look like when I get a bit frazzled you should see me today. I think I’m going to need some quiet time soon. Tomorrow I have to go to the University with my oldest daughter and go through freshman orientation, and pay the deposits. We are spending the night in the dorm. Oh. Joy.
    The told us to bring a swim suit. hahaha. Not this week. Nobody wants to see that.

  183. msgypsy said

    Okay, new topic is up and I didn’t even have to be kicked in the seat to get me to do it.


    Laurel needs lots of quiet time. And chocolate. I think we need to think quiet chocolate thoughts for her.

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