Fanfic awards?

A friend of mine is holding nominations over on LiveJournal for the International Fan Fiction Awards Society

You do need to have a LiveJournal account to nominate, but those are easy enough to get. I know we have a TON of writers on this blog and I’d love to see some of us nominated for this. Not the greatest prestige, I know, but here’s a chance to widen the fandom. (The lady who started this is mostly Torchwood oriented but she’s happy to see any and all fandoms and I think she can be easily convinced to watch the show.)

************************************************************************** Here’s her post:

If you’ve read a fanfiction recently, of any fandom, that you totally fell in love with, then why not nominate the writer for an award?

This is the first round of awards. In order to get winners, we need nominees. The winners will receive a banner/graphic declaring them an IFFAS winner which they can put onto their fanfiction post to show their readers.

All you have to do to nominate your favourite fanfic for an award is the following:

1) Reply to this post with the writer’s user name

2) The title of the fanfiction.

3) The fandom it belongs to.

4) The genre of the story, I.E) Angst, Fluff, Crack, Humour, Drabble,  Hurt/Comfort, etc…

5) The link to the fanfiction.

6) The rating of the fanfiction, I.E) U, PG, PG13, ETC…

7) Pairing (If applicable), Gen?

Once we have the nominations in, polls for different catergories will be set up so people can vote fairly. A time limit will be set and the writer with the most votes at the end will be declared the winner.

This community is just starting out so we need all of you to do what you can to make this site amazing. A community relies on it’s members. We are currently ‘testing the water’ to see what works best and how many people like this idea. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this community then we’d love to hear from you.

So, all that said, what are you waiting for? Get nominating and show the writer’s that provide you with fanfiction, just how much you love their work. You can nominate as many pieces of fanfiction as you like. The more the merrier!



  1. Linda said

    Am I first? I’ve never been first before!

    Have fun on your cruise, Ms. Gypsy. We will be anxious to hear all about it when you return.

  2. Dang it, Linda! you beat me!

    Have fun Ms. Gypsy- where is the cruise too? Which Line(holland america, Carnival, etc) depending on where, and who I may be able to help as I am a ‘veteran’ cruiser, having done 2 Alaskan Cruises(boy the stories I can tell about the last one).

  3. cdnfreyja said

    Hehe! I was first last time. Serves me right for not checking at Ms. Gypsy’s a little more often. If I had I might have been first this time.

    Have fun Ms. Gypsy! We’re looking forward to the stories upon your return!

    Okay, now to bed. G’night!

  4. laurel said

    Wow! I must have been asleep at the keyboard. I should have hit the refresh button sooner. 🙂
    Gypsy – Cruise wear, as long as you are clean and comfy I wouldn’t worry. I saw folks dressed in all levels of evening attire for dinners. We had two formal dinners in a week, but I wore the same thing both times because the other dress I took was too wrinkled to leave the closet. Have fun!!!!!!!
    You can spend extra time on line when you get back. With any luck it will be warmer in Alaska than here. hehe

  5. Ah, no chance of being first here. It’s 5:12 am right now. The only reason I’m even up is because I’m dog sitting–my mom gets up this early for work, so it’s when the dogs want their breakfast.

  6. Dani said

    Have fun Ms Gypsy! I wish I could go on a cruise.

    MM that is so sweet what the vets did.

  7. Sophia- that’s about when I go to bed a LOT of nights. LOL

    Dani- yeah I was really touched by it, and its not the first time they’ve done it either. I really really love my vet’s office they are GREAT.

    So I won’t be around much today, the ex is coming down, so going to spend a long and trying day with him.

  8. Dani said

    Good luck!

  9. laurel said

    It looks like a slow day here. I was wondering if we were going to discuss the next episode today. “Gifted” is the fourth in the series
    Kind of – “Monsters Inc.” vs the detective and her nightwalker ‘hottie’. lol
    Hi Dani! Hello MM!
    Good Grief Sophia! Dogs to feed at 5am? Yikes!
    I’m trying to get ready to go for a couple of days and realized I have to do a whole bunch of things because my mother-in-law is coming to watch the kids. You know, really clean the fridge, do all the laundry, make sure the window ledges and baseboards are clean… in my dreams. I’m just hoping to get the stacks lowered so nobody dies from having one fall on them while I’m gone.

  10. Dani said

    I will try and watch Gifted tonight.

  11. Laurel–Yeah, it kind of sucks. I’m about ready to skin the black lab and use him as a rug. He’s very hyper. I play with him continually, but if I leave him alone for five minutes he starts licking his paw out of boredom. I spent over three hours the other day throwing the frisbee for him, pulling a muscle in my shoulder in the process, and he still won’t leave me alone.

  12. Linda said

    Hi everyone — I got sidetracked at work today and couldn’t make it on to the blog. I had back-up issues on my network and had to call our computer consultant to get the raid back on track.

    MM — Hope your day with the Ex isn’t too trying.

    Laurel — I hate getting ready to go on a trip. I always like to get my house cleaned, especially if someone is housesitting. It surely makes everything more stressful though.

    Sophia — A good friend of mine always says, “Labs have a loooong puppyhood.”

    I will try to watch Gifted tonight. That was one of my lesser favorite epis. I didn’t watch that one over and over like I did most of the others.

    G’night ladies — Talk to you tomorrow!

  13. msgypsy said

    Okay, I’m going to confess…Gifted was one of my MOST favorite episodes. Am I weird?

    I will try to check back in at least once a day until I take off for my adventure. I should have wifi access every couple of day, so if the blog starts getting comment heavy I’ll be able to put up a new post.

  14. Linda-the day went surprisingly well right up until the point where I got lost in staring at the guy in the next car. Its not my fault that he looked JUST like Jason Momoa.

    About gifted- I really liked it but will have to rewatch it in the next day or so.

  15. laurel said

    Well loves, it looks like I’m going to be totally out of touch until Sunday night at the earliest. 😦
    I sure wish I had a laptop.

    Have fun! I’ll be missing you.

  16. We’ll miss you too, Laurel!

    Linda–Your friend wasn’t exaggerating. Smokey is three and has only just started to settle down–he’s actually sleeping right now! It’s a miracle!

    I didn’t care too much for Gifted, but I downloaded it anyway. I’ll watch it this afternoon.

  17. Dani said

    Wahh! I forgot to watch Gifted. I had to bring the munchkin to dance class (they finally put the schedule up for pictures which are in less then two weeks-jeez). Then my friend Sara was at the park (that is walking distance from me and she lives nearly a half hour away) watching her husband play softball and she had both kids with her (she just had a baby a little less then a month ago) so naturally I went up to see her and the kids. I completely and totally forgot. Bad me!

    It wasn’t my fave anyway. Bad Juju Gifted and DOA were my least favorites. My favorite was Love Hurts. What is everyone else’s favorite episode?

  18. Dani said

    Which was the episode that Tanya wrote and she appeared in? I can see the scene in my head but I can’t remember the episode.

  19. Linda said

    Dani — I thought I would never forget something like that. Now I can’t remember. *Sigh* Let me think about it.

    My favorite epi is The Devil you Know. I also really liked Bugged as the lead in to that episode. I thought Mike and Henry working together was so hilarious.

  20. Linda said

    Ok, I had to look it up. It was Stone Cold. The one about Medusa…

  21. Dani said

    Thanks! It had been annoying the crap out of me for the past few days. Now I can go back to being normal. NOT!

  22. Linda said

    I know exactly what you mean. That is why I had to look it up. I couldn’t go on with my day unless I did.

  23. Dani said

    Oh good! I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  24. Dani said

    My favorite part of Bugged was when Henry drove the van right into the bug demon and turned the wipers on. That was priceless.

  25. I don’t know if I can peg down a favorite episode. I really love the first one, and Love hurts, and Heart of Fire/Ice, and Norman, and…

    I honestly didn’t know that Tanya had appeared in an episode. Who was she? I really don’t remember seeing her.

  26. Linda said

    I like the conversation where Mike and Henry are discussing how to kill vampires. I thought it was so funny when Mike says “How about holy water?” And Henry who was already walking out the door, turns back, looks at him scathingly and says “No!” And then Mike makes faces behind his back.

    Sophia — There is a scene in the police station where Vicki is talking to Mike and in the background you see a woman being questioned by another detective. She has short reddish hair and is wearing a turquoise top (I think) and maybe even some kind of hat or cap. That is Tanya. I have to watch it again to tell you exactly where it is.

  27. Dani said

    She did a very small walk on part. At one point Vicki and Mike are at the precinct talking and Tanya is in the background being brought in for prostitution I think.

    I just tried to pull up the screencaps of Tanya in that episode at and something changed over there. I can’t pull up the separate episodes. Grrrr!

  28. Okay. I’m going to have to go back and look at that now.

  29. DebS said

    Hi all,

    Due to life and work situations I have not been purposeful in visiting the blog. Heck, some days I barely get through emails. Anyway, wanted to pop in and say hi.

    Hope your cruise is fun Gypsy!

    How is everyone doing?

  30. Dani said

    Hi DebS

  31. DebS said

    Whats up Dani.

  32. Dani said

    Not much. I was looking for people I know on Facebook. I met this girl at Girl Scout camp back during the summer before 6th grade. For some reason I put her name in the search and I got one that just might be her. I am anxiously waiting her reply to my message.

  33. DebS said

    Very cool. I have also had found people from yester years. Facebook is a neat thing.

  34. Dani said

    I was able to look at her friends and she has several people in CT so it is a very good chance it is her. Yes facebook is very awesome. I like it much more than myspace.

  35. DebS said

    I signed up for a myspace months ago, but never did anything with it. I don’t even have anything entered.

  36. Dani said

    Yeah well my computer freezes when I go on most peoples spaces because there is so much crap on there and my computer panics.

  37. DebS said

    aaahhh…poor computer. I also like really like some of the applications on facebook.

  38. Dani said

    Yeah me too!

  39. I’m so excited, I was at the mall yesterday and decided to pop into the bookstore on a whim and see if they had the BT books I was missing and they did! I was soo excited cause I have been checking all my local stores, and they were always sold out. I was a little disapointed as they only had the omnibus edition, but it’ll do for now until I can track down the ‘new’ ones. Now I just need to get the omnibus of Blood Price/Blood Trail and I’ll have all 3 omnibus versions. (yeah I’m a wee bit odd and have several copies floating around here)

  40. Arrowyn said

    And the award nominations just keep coming!

    Canadian Director David Winning to Be Honored in Hawaii. Winning just won 2 awards at the Houston Film Festival in Texas and a Special Jury Award for his work on the Lifetime vampire series BLOOD TIES.

  41. Wildstar said

    I found you!!!!

    Sorry I’ve been MIA – but I’ve been sick – still – everytime I think I’m starting to feel better I slide back – I’m going to see if I can get a walk in apt. at the doctor tomorrow…
    I took Monday off work – tried to go in oYesturday – they sent me home – I was feeling better this morning so I tried again and they sent me home – I was told not to come to work tomorrow unless I can sing an Aria (sp) Opra – which i funny becaause I couldn’t sing one if I was well!!! hee hee he 🙂

    ok – whats up with all the quilt square avatars? did I miss a memo? hee hee hee…

    ok so I’m off for the night – since I’m home I’m working on writing…
    I’ll email you a teaser for the next chapter….


    Have fun on your trips Gypsy and Laurel…..

  42. Just got back from Iron Man. Awesome! Best movie I’ve seen this year. The comedic timing was great! It was funny, because there was a group of three guys behind us, then us four girls in the row ahead–only people in the theater. We had the male, living-in-their-mother’s-basement, pasty kid comic book nerds in the back, and then us girls squeeing and shouting right along with them. I think we earned props.

    I have a facebook account, but I don’t do much with it. Mostly because I was honest in my profile and said I was a liberal and a pagan, and I have family on facebook that I don’t want to find me. I keep getting friend requests from people who made my high school life miserable. The only reason I even joined was because there were one or two people from my school in Italy that I wouldn’t be able to keep in touch with otherwise.

  43. […] time I went in search of a new fandom to add to the site. While I was searching I came across this site which in turn gave me a link to another site: International Fanfiction Awards Society (IFFAS.) – A […]

  44. Dani said

    I like the quilt square thingy. I think it is something wordpress is doing rather than having heads as avatars. The quilts squares look nicer.

    Sophia I don’t care if you are liberal and pagan. Everyone is so different around here and in our “other” group which is where most of the lovely ladies from here have moved. It adds flavor to the spice of life. If people ask me I am goth without looking the part. Although my favorite colors are black and purple. I think it’s just to depressing to wear black all the time. By the way I HATE pink. If you want to look me up on facebook I am Danielle Gagnon or you can search by my email which is If you don’t want to that’s cool too. There are so many fun things to do on there though. If you get request for friendship you can always deny them. Also I think there is a way so people can’t see your profile unless they are a friend but you have to set your preferences to that.

  45. Dani said

    Other ladies on here do you think it is ok to invite Sophia and MM to the “other” group?

    Sophia and MM I am warning you know there will be LOTS of emails coming at you although it has died down quite a bit if you ask me. If you don’t want that just say so and we won’t send you an invitation. All the other ladies over there are great and will greet you with welcoming open and warm arms.

  46. Dani, is the other group a mailing list type thing? I’ve never been good at those. If it sends me tons of e-mail, I’ll probably end up sending most to the spam bin.

    I do have my profile set to privet. I’ve been denying a bunch of people, but then I felt bad so I added a few people I was neutral on. The thing that bothers me is that this cousin is one of the few family members that I really like and get along with, and if she sees my profile, word will get back to my parents and grandparents, none of whom know about my religious path. It’d just be easier on everyone if I stayed in the closet while living with my folks.

    I think the most disappointing thing I found on there was an old friend from middle school–we had great conversations and were really good friends, and now he’s gone so conservative. He’s in groups like “If you don’t support our troops, you don’t deserve to live here,” and “George Bush Rules! If you don’t like it, move your unAmerican ass to France.” His favorite book is listed as “The terrible truth about liberals.” It just makes me want to cry because he was such a nice guy, and I can’t believe how prejudiced he’s become.

    But I guess I have to focus on the good people that I can stay in contact with, that I’d be able to talk to for more than five minutes without beating them over the head with a stick.

  47. Dani said

    The “other” group is an email group but you can choose to get the emails in several different forms such as digest form and you would only get maybe four a day with the most popular topics all in one email or you can choose no emails and just read them at the group page. There are some other ways but I’m not sure how they work. If you don’t want to that’s fine. I just wanted to throw the suggestion out there.

  48. Dani said

    As for people and changing into completely drastic changes, that pisses me off. How can people change so drastically? And yours certainly not for the better. I can’t stand people who judge other people. It is so sad.

  49. Dani said

    Of course I guess in a way I am judging people by saying what I just said so I guess I can’t stand myself but then again I never could. No wonder I am so depressed.

  50. Dani said

    I do support the troops but only because they are protecting our freedom. I in no way support the war or Bush. If I don’t stop talking about this Gypsy will have a coniption. I’m stopping now. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

  51. Dani- I have another ’email group’ i’m on that is very chat heavy, so I’m used to lots of emails(before I switched it to the daily digest feature I was getting in excess of 200 emails a day).

    Going to be a long day today have to go to the feed store and stock up on Moss-B-Gone, and RoundUp for the walkways.

  52. Dani said

    I am getting very frustrated with WordPress. I’m trying to post a blog entry and it isn’t working! GRRRRRR!

    MM does that mean you want to be invited or not?

  53. Well, go ahead and add my name to the list then. If I decide I don’t like it, I can always unsubscribe, right? 🙂

  54. Dani said

    Yeah you can. Send me an email at and me or someone will send you an invite.

  55. Dani- that was a yes, lol, sorry mind was in about a zillion places since I was writing out the feed store order. I will email you from my ‘preferred’ email address!

  56. Dani said

    MM I forwarded your email on to one of the managers of the group. Hopefully she will send you an invite soon. It will come from wildstar I think,

  57. So, I’m in a state of utter panic at the moment. I went out to do chores this evening and my beloved duck Quackers(of cheese and quackers fame) is missing. I hope that in the morning I can find her, poor slowpoke is just distraut over the whole thing she is NOT used to being alone. poor wee thing.

  58. Oh,hope you find her! I had a near miss with my own dogs just the other day.

  59. Lifetime Sucks! Blood Ties Rocks!!!
    This week I made my usual calls to Lifetime. Things were the same at the New York office, leave a message, but the LA office had some news. The person I talked to said that Blood Ties was not coming back to Lifetime, that they had no plans to show any future seasons of Blood Ties. To say that I was shocked is an understatement. I called one of my friends and asked them to call also to confirm it. It took a couple days to get a confirmation from both offices, but we finally got the calls back. Lifetime is done with Blood Ties.
    Lifetime said that they would be sending out emails with the bad news this week. Even though it might make us feel better to call them, or send angry emails or postcards, lifetime said it would not help. Each of us is going to have to decide how best to use our time, energy, and money.
    So where does that leave the fans? The way I see it, we now have to concentrate on getting another network to pick it up. The best info we have is that the production company that owns the rights to the show, is still working on finding a network to air Blood Ties in the US. So let’s help them out.
    Right now there are 3 big ways that we can help to get the attention of TV networks.
    1. Place an ad in a big trade publication (like oh, I don’t know, maybe Variety?) Since there is already a campaign underway to do this, let’s help them out. Go to or directly to and send money to . There is a deadline of May 15th on this, so please go sooner rather than later.
    2. Contact the other networks directly. You can find their contact info @
    3. Blood Ties Fans Recycle for Sight
    I know that many of us were counting on Lifetime to step up and not lose this valuable show. Unfortunately it looks like they could not see the gem that they had. So let’s help the other networks out there see what they are missing.
    This is not the end of Blood Ties. We are stronger, smarter, and braver than anyone has given has given credit for. We will not give up this easily. We ain’t dead yet.

  60. Dani said

    MM that must be really scary. I hope you find her.

  61. Sophia- I’ve been there with the dogs too(not recently thankfully). We live out in the country, where there are all kinds of dangers to dogs, so we have a fully fenced yard and yet sometimes accidents still happen.

    Dani- I’m not holding out a lot of hope, she was here yesterday afternoon when I was feeding the midget goats, and then when I went to feed in the evening she wasn’t. I think she may of slipped under the fence to the neighbors yard, and there is NO WAY I can search it.

  62. DebS said


    How is everyone here doing? I made it back twice in one week. yay! I have had the crappiest of weeks with a moment or two of goodness. Just wanted to check in.

  63. DebS- I’m doing great, now. See below.

    So the last few days I’ve been kind of down in the dumps and just not having a real great week. I’ve been wanting to go to a con for a while, and was looking at when my schedule should be clear and finally settled on a con that I really really want to go to. As long as my work schedule allows it I am going to be flying into Orlando, the weekend of July 18th-20th, for the Vulkon Orlando Sci Fi Expo. My favorite Stargate actor is going to be there and from what I can tell it is a nice smaller con to ‘start’ with. Plus its cheaper than the other con’s i’ve been looking at flight and hotel wise.

  64. DebS said

    Very cool MM. I am a HUGE Stargate fan. I have watched the show since it’s premiere and I also watch Atlantis. Who is your favorite actor?

  65. DebS- My favorite actor is Kavan Smith, he plays Major Evan Lorne on Atlantis.

    Though thats not to say I don’t have other ‘favorite’ actors from the series, at the moment he is just my ‘favorite favorite’ if that makes any sense. I’m a really active member over on David Hewlett’s board, but I just can’t afford the con he is doing(Shore Leave in Baltimore). I’m hoping to save enough money to be able to go to either the 2009 or the 2010 GateCon in Vancouver, as my friend who went this year said it is a ‘must do’ con for all SG fans. Only downside is that you practically have to sell your soul to go.

  66. DebS said

    GateCon is definitely a fantasy of mine and my sisters. However, I doubt we can ever afford the trip. I love David Hewlett and of course Paul McGillion has always been a fave of mine. As far as characters go, I have been partial to Daniel Jackson and Rodney McKay (I like Atlantis McKay better than SG-1 McKay). Oh and Ronan, gotta love Ronan.

  67. DebS- For me a trip to GateCon would be pretty cheap, as I wouldn’t have to fly in(I live an hour and a half from the con). I LOVE David and Paul they are a hoot. Have you seen the movie they did together? It’s HILARIOUS(well at least I think so my family? not so much)

    I like Daniel and Rodney, and ‘atlantis mckay’ is definatly better than ‘SG1 Mckay’. Ronan is awesome too. I was driving around on Tuesday and if I didn’t know better I’d of SWORE I saw Jason Momoa, driving the opposite direction(I was stopped at a stop light and the guy was stopped going the other direction). It was kind of trippy.

  68. DebS said

    MM-I have seen “A Dog’s Breakfast” I love how great the cast were in it. Christopher Judge’s character cracked me up. And Kate Hewlitt was fantastic as well.

    Did you know that Jason Momoa actually cut off his dreadlocks a while back and wore a wig in the last few episodes of this last season. It was causing him back and shoulder pain I think.

  69. DebS- I’m a HUGE ADB fan. So much so that even though I had pre-ordered it from amazon, I also bought it on Itunes’ pre-release. Kate was fantastic, and played it just right, since it MUST of been hard having David direct(since they really are siblings and whatnot).

    Yeah I actually have seen pics of him without the dreads, it looks better actually. I think that the dreads became so much a part of the ‘Ronan’ character that he just couldn’t give them up for that, and a wig is a lot easier to deal with. That is also why I know the guy I saw was NOT jason, as he was all Dreaded out, but other than that I swear it could of been his body double!

  70. DebS said

    haha. Don’t you wish it had been Jason.

    David Hewlitt makes me laugh in everything he does. His facial expressions are priceless and always spot on.

  71. Wildstar said

    hi guys!

    just a quick note before I go rest – just got home from the doctors – or should I say 2nd doctors – I went to my GP yestureday becasue of the coughing – and the doc said I had bronchitis and gave me an antibiotic….wellllll….. I started getting sick last night and I mean bad tummy troubles….so this morning I was worse and called my docto that I see for the colitis – well they had no openings but told me to come in and they would squeeze me in…so I took an hour long bus ride to sit in the doc’s office until he had a chance to talk to me – first thing – he said the doctor yesturday should never have put me on the meds he did that that particular antibiotic would have torn me up shown by the fact that in 24 hours I was sick….

    heres the kicker – he said he saw no reason why the other doctor put my on the antibiotics so soon – new guidlines state that unless you have a fever no antibiotics should be prescribed unless symptoms go one with no change for two +weeks

    I hate doctors……

    so now I’m wondering if I should run every prescription past my GI doctor first? well I’m sure thats more than you wanted to know…

    I’ll be back with happier things later….

  72. Linda said

    Doctors are scary. One will tell you one thing and another will tell you something completely different. I’ve even had the same doctor tell me conflicting things on different visits.

  73. I HATE doctors, thanks to one Kenzie went through 10+ months of needless suffering with her UTI’s and Bladder infections. All because she didn’t mention that ‘oh by the way, theres this specialist, and he can fix her right up.’

  74. Wildstar said

    I just need to get a new GP – been thinking about it for awhile – now I think – yep , gotta find another doctor…the coughing already took me out of work for 4 days – the meds could have laid me up for another week or two! good thing I know my body well enough to “feel” that something was off before it got too bad.

    I am really hating doctors right now oh well…

    the bad thing is mom doesn’t want to do anything for mom’s day – becasuse I need to rest…sigh…I understand where shes coming from, so I guess we can do something next weekend – I already bought her plants for her garden – I like to give her things she’s actually going to make use of

    watching Doctor Who right now – I don’t think I like his new companion….oh well…I’ll tlk to you guys tomorrow…have a good night!

  75. I watched that episode, too. I like Donna better than Martha, but I still love Rose best.

    I’m down to just Exit Wounds in my Torchwood episodes. I’m afraid to watch it because I have a horrible feeling it’s going to be a cliffhanger and I don’t know when series 3 starts.

  76. Arrowyn said

    Happy Birthday, Tango!

  77. cdnfreyja said

    Happy Birthday Tango!

    Now I know Laurel is out of town but did she leave the birthday weed with someone to pass on to Tango??? LOL

  78. elizabeth said

    Hey, Tango, lovely lady…Happy, Happy birthday to you! We miss you on the blog!

  79. Linda said

    Happy Birthday Tango! I hope you have a chance to stop in and say Hi.

    I’ve been out all day doing errands. I am making mother’s day lunch for the family tomorrow. I will check in tomorrow.

    I am watching The Graham Norton Show and he has Stephanie Powers and Robert Wagner as guests (Hart to Hart). He took questions from the audience and I laughed so hard I cried.

    G’night ladies!

  80. Wildstar said

    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! to all of you wonderful ladies…
    many of you have been as much a mom to me as sisters and I love you all!

    enjoy your day~

  81. I’ve spent most of today fighting with the computer, but I finally have my Etsy store online (

    My parents will be back tomorrow, so when I’m not swearing at the internet, I’m cleaning house.

  82. Linda said

    I hope everyone had a happy Mother’s day!

    Sophia — My two least favorite pastimes, swearing at the internet and cleaning house. I will check out your store.

  83. Thanks Linda.

    I got all of the housework done. I was going to wash my parents sheets tomorrow morning so they would have a fur-free place to sleep, but they decided to come home tonight, instead, and I don’t have time to do a load of laundry now.

    I’m kind of upset. I have this necklace that I wear all the time and haven’t taken off for over a year. It’s silver–an eye of Horus and the cartuche of Anubis. It was looking a bit dingy, so I put it in some jewelry cleaner–same stuff I’ve used before to clean it. Now it looks awful! It was supposed to be all silver, but now it’s turned an awful copper color. I even tried switching to another solution and washing it under warm soapy water and I can’t get it to go back to silver. I’m really upset because I *paid* for sterling silver, and the company was supposed to be reputable. I even came across their website at one point (of course, now I can’t find it). *grumble grumble*

    I’m going to see if maybe some chocolate makes me feel better.

  84. Linda said

    Sophia — That’s what your parents get for coming back early. Now they have to do their own laundry or sleep in fur.

    That’s too bad about the necklace. Do you have any silver cleaner? You might try that. If the necklace is really sterling, it might take it back to its original color.

    If not, chocolate can’t hurt.

  85. laurel said

    I made it back from Las Vegas! So tired I’m going to head for some dinner and then sleep, but I wanted to check in.

    I know it’s late but…

    Happy Birthday Tango!!! 😛

    Happy Mothers’ Day everyone!
    If you aren’t a mother you at least had one, and for that I am most profoundly grateful. It just wouldn’t be the same without each and every one of you!

  86. Finally getting a chance to drop by today(it was mother’s day right? right? *said in hopeful tone*) spent the day mucking the stall and chasing the toddler. Finally got tired so sent her with pop pop to the store, cause I need just a little bit of a break.

    Going to be a long week this week, I have to sort through all the stuff in my room and figure out how much a futon mattress is going to cost. I have the littlest room ever, and I have a giant queen sized bed stuffed in here, and like NO space to store anything. Since I already have a futon frame I just need to get a mattress for it, and toss it in here me thinks, to free up some space.

  87. Linda–Thanks for the suggestion. Now that you mention it, I think we do have some silver polish tucked away somewhere.

    MM–Eep, sounds like you need a break. I can totally relate to the tiny room thing. My room here is 9×10, and I have a full size water bed, three book cases, and all the stuff from two apartments crammed in there, on top of the enormous roll top desk I got for my high school graduation (my dad literally bought the largest one the Amish made. They had to remove part of the door jam to get it into my room, because he measured my computer monitor to make sure it would fit, rather than measuring things like the width of the hallway or the door or the size of my room).

  88. laurel said

    Sounds like your dad buys stuff the way my husband does. I told mine exactly what I wanted and which model…. got the one he thought was an improvement because he thought it was better. Never mind that it has none of the features I NEED! This has happened before and is an old rant for me, but I do wish he would really listen to what I asked for and realize that I had Valid reasons for choosing.
    I no longer have the small bedroom issue but have lived in my share of small spaces. Never have had enough room for all the book cases I would like to have. I can’t stand to part with a book unless I really hated it. 🙂

    E – Coffee?? Some time this week?? 🙂

  89. Linda said

    Laurel — I know what you mean about the books. I love buying books and keeping them. I am forced to cull them from time to time or they would run me out of the house. I never have enough bookshelves either. I know when I start stacking them on the floor time to make some decisions. I usually donate them to the library for their sale.

  90. laurel said

    I have so much trouble parting with books that I’m afraid for the stability of the second story of my house! Between all my books and all the books my daughters have acquired… I wonder. lol
    I tried taking a bunch of books to the used book store, but they are kind of picky and won’t take them if they already have a copy or two. The library will take them but it’s under construction right now and can’t take i any while in temporary quarters. I’m kind of stuck until next fall. I think we’ll have to have a yard sale or start our own lending library.

  91. Dani said

    I just found a long lost friend on Facebook. Woohoo!

  92. Dani said

    And I am the same as you all with books. I only have one bookshelf and it’s all I have room for and it is full. I also stack my books on the floor if I have no room for them.

  93. Linda said

    That is so cool about finding your friend on Facebook…

  94. Dani said

    I know! I can’t believe it. I just hope she doesn’t think I am too far out there for her.

  95. Dani said

    To continue being her friend. Goodness, it’s been nearly 20 years.

  96. Linda said

    Sometimes when you find someone again, like that, it can be as though you have never been apart!

  97. Dani said

    I hope so!

  98. I am such a book addict, though not nearly as bad as my father. I should take a picture of his night stand he has probably 45-50 Louis Lamore(sp) books piled up on it. Its crazy.

    My rule is that I track a book down through our library read it and if I love it THEN i will buy it. Sometimes it backfires, as I love a book so much(the BT books for example) that I end up buying multiple copies.

  99. Linda said

    I even carry a book in my car. You can get lots of reading done sitting at drive thrus and such. (No, I don’t read while driving!)

    MM — What do you do with multiple copies? Keep them in different places? I hate getting caught out somewhere without a book

  100. laurel said

    Ohh, I know all about multiple copies of books. I have a favorite series that is currently out of print, so every once in a while I look it up on used book searches and if I find a copy for a good price I buy it. I’ve shared them with friends and still keep two complete sets at home. One set is signed by the author – whom I met 15 years ago at a small bookstore, the other is the set I re-read on occasion. I have a third set on loan to a friend right now… hehe, I gave them to Gypsy.
    I also own multiple copies of books when the cover art changes – as in the BT books. I see that the sixth one is in the store – the book of short stories that makes up the second half of the third omnibus edition/

  101. Linda- I keep one in my ginormous purse(right now i have blood price in there), and the rest are floating around the house.

    Laurel- They released Blood Bank, as a non-omnibus? ooooh I may have to track it down.

    I have the non-omnibus editions of Blood Price, and Blood Trail, and the Omnibus of Lines/Pact and Debt/Bank. I like the omnibus ones but the single editions are a bit easier and less bulky to carry around.

    It was funny because the first time I read through Blood Trail(i think) i got to the end of the book and suddenly realized that I’d read it before. Of course at the time I didn’t realize it was part of a series or anything like that so I didn’t get hooked.

  102. Can’t talk. Getting reading to go to my knitting group and and out flyers about the Peace Project.

    Got “all” of my Italy pictures printed. 230 of 288, cost $64 at Walmart.

    A little irritated because even though I was recommended for a job at Whole Foods–almost double the pay I would get in Madison County–they have decided to “pursue other applicants.” They won’t even give me an interview or talk to me, just sent me a form email.

    I’m off. Going to be late.

  103. Elizabeth said

    I can’t believe the day has flown by as quickly as it has. This is the first opportunity I have had today to check in!

    Welcome back, Laurel. I missed you! I definately think we should try to work in coffee this week if possible. What day do you have free and I will juggle my calendar (if possible)!

  104. laurel said

    E- Any day! I really don’t have any obligations except for Wednesday morning when I have to take my parents to the airport.

  105. Wildstar said


    well I made it thru my firist full day of work in a week – man I hate being sick…I am so tired! but I’m almost caught up..

    I finally found two ooks I’ve been waithing to go into paper back – I told myself I was n’t going to buy any new books for awhile and did anyway….
    I so know what you meana about not wanting to give up books – but I have given some to the library and to the thrift store (they sell them and use the profits to help people in the community) and of course I Ebayed a bunch – but I still have tons…

    Speaking of which did anyone want my Nora Roberts Morrigans Cross trilogy?
    I thought someone had asked me for them, but I dont rember now..

    ok – off to find dinner!

  106. laurel said

    I just noticed that Dylan Neal is going to be in a Lifetime movie on Saturday, May24th. “Secret Past” is one he worked on last summer. He plays Stuart St. Clair.

  107. Laurel- I’ve seen Dylans movie under a different title if its the one I’m thinking of(I *THINK* its also called ‘no brother of mine’) boy was it CREEPY. I didn’t like the role dylan played in it at all.

    We got some Newb’s around the farm today: 3 little crazy nutter ducklings.

  108. Hmmm, i could of SWORE i posted something earlier.

    Laurel- is that movie also know by the title ‘no brother of mine’? If so i’ve seen it. if not i’ll have to make a note to watch it. if its the one i think it is than one viewing was MORE than enough for me.

    I got new ducklings today. You can find them over @ my blog. I went in for 1 and came home with three. they are so fracking cute its horribly disgusting(in a good sort of way). They’ll be looking for names eventually but at the moment I’m calling them, skinny, spot, and silver since i don’t know whether they are boys or girls

  109. Linda said

    Wildstar — Hopefully you will feel better as the week goes on. At least you are almost caught up at work. That’s a plus.

    Laurel — Wonder what “Secret Past” is about. The movie where Dylan played the evil guy who was trying to inherit the family fortune always stands out in my mind. He was so playing against type in that one.

    MM — Did you find Quackers? I was searching back through the posts, but didn’t see any more news of him.

  110. Linda- sadly quackers never did turn up hence the newb ducklings. You can’t have just one duck, and apparently it is physically impossible to resist the cuteness of ducklings. I assume that Quackers slipped under the fence and wandered off into the great beyond.

  111. Dani said

    I have a book in progress in each room of my apartment, one at my mom’s since I am there so much and one at work. I’m surprised I don’t get them confused.

  112. Dani said

    Wildstar if I had the Circle Trilogy I wouldn’t let it go. Those books were awesome. So far I have liked all Nora Roberts trilogies.

  113. Elizabeth said

    Laurel – I can get away this afternoon at 2pm for coffee or I can excape Thursday or Friday afternoon. Let me know which day works best for you!

    Wildstar – glad to hear you are feeling better. Everyone at work here is dropping like flies with a nasty cold. My daughter is home sick with it now.

    MM – sorry to hear about Quackers, but I totally get what you are saying about baby ducklings! They are so cute 🙂

  114. Dani said

    Ok I’ve been quiet until now. Where the HELL is everybody?

    Knock knock? Anyone home?

  115. Elizabeth said

    Sorry, Dani…I have been busy sorting through a project that went haywire. I am just taking a 5 minute break.

  116. Dani said

    No need to be sorry. It usually isn’t this dead here.

  117. Dani said

    And my fax machine here just went kaput. Ugh!

  118. Linda said

    I’m here, checking in. Unfortunately, I need to do some work, so I can’t stay. I will drop in later…

  119. Elizabeth said

    I just read where CBS has cancelled Moonlight. I thought it had a pretty active fanbase?

  120. E- its okay circle of life right? Its been a long time since i’ve had ducklings so I forgot how frickin adorable they are. I have a blue swede, a rouen, and a ??Runner??.

    Dani- I’m around just trying to get some of my DVR’ed stuff caught up. Just watched Bones, and i must say i’m glad THIS wasn’t the season finale week or I’d die between now and september. Now I have to go watch Mission To Mars. so i’ll be in and out.

  121. Dani said

    I didn’t here about Moonlight being canceled. I thought it had was ok too.

    MM, OMG! When I saw Booth go down I was like well this is the season finale. Then they said next week on the season finale. I can’t believe that bitch shot Angel! Hehe! I knew she was cagey from the start. Never trust someone named Pam. If your name is Pam, forgive me!

  122. Dani said

    I found this about Moonlight. It seems a lot like our blood sweat and tears that we put into saving Blood Ties.

  123. Elizabeth said

    Thanks for the link Dani. I popped over out of curiosity and I have to agree with one of the posts I read. It doesn’t pay to get too attached to a show anymore because the networks just don’t invest much in them or seem to hear the fan base. Like everything else in our society; they are disposable if they don’t meet the requirements right away. It is really too bad. I can’t say I am a huge fan of Moonlight (I love Henry’s Vamp too much), but I did watch it.

  124. laurel said

    E – Sorry dear, I was out getting my hair cut and didn’t check my e-mail in time to have coffee today. Nuts. I can do Thursday or friday – your choice.
    I’m currently in shock from the 90 degree heat of Las Vegas to the 50 degrees of our little corner of the world… And now I hear we are going to be at 90+ by Thursday! 😎

    MM – I love ducklings! Very hard to resist the little balls of fluff, but we aren’t allowed to have them here so we have to make due with the adult ducks that fly in and pad around the yard. Every Easter a pair shows up and sifts through our flower beds for a couple of days and then they leave. Six years in a row… odd.
    Dani – I saw that about Moonlight and New Amsterdam. I actually asked about Moonlight while at the CBS studio in the MGM Grand last week and they didn’t know about the cancellation. The folks there were very optimistic about it continuing for another season, so I am pretty surprised to see the cancellation today. Not surprised about New Amsterdam though.
    I got to see a preview of a new show they may pick up. It was a Canadian production and was really nicely put together. If it shows up on the fall schedule I’ll be sure to point it out.
    Hi Linda!
    Hey Wildstar!

  125. Linda said

    Hi Laurel! Good to have you back.

    I, too thought, that as much press as Moonlight as gotten, that they would get another year. There seems to be an audience clamoring for a vampire show. You would think one of the networks would be smart enough to cash in on that.

  126. Elizabeth said

    Laurel – How about Thursday at 2pm? I have blocked out some time on my calendar so it doesn’t get scheduled over 🙂

    I am really tired of it being cold. I am ready for some warmer weather, but I don’t think I want it to jump up to 90 as quickly as it is supposed to. What ever happend to Spring with a lovely gradual warming to the hotter weather? Nothing like having the heat on one day and the air conditioning the next, huh?

    I hope Vegas was fun?

  127. Wildstar said

    And today the lady whos been training me pulls me aside and tells me she is sending out esumes and has a couple of interviews! OMG if she leaves I will literally be alone! my training hads come to a screetch hault and now this!

    the good thing in that by tomorrow I will be caught up – but now I am freaking out…there is no way in hell I can do her job – I don’t know enough yet and suposedly I have 6 months left to get trained….

    ok – shake it off…

    good news – paul is going to try and join me for the charity walk tomorrow night – he wasn’t sure he could come, but he sent me an email subject line “SORRY” and then went on to appoligize for not getting back to me or making a commitment …hee hee hee

    oh well – it would be nice to walk with him…its only two miles, I can do tht easily..and then we get fed aftewards – now I just need to find either a ride or escort to the Metro station or a ride home..

    ducklings…we have a family of ducks living in the bushes out front of one of my neighbors houses – and I’m pretty sure there’s going to be babies!
    I saw this male malard walking across the parking lot the other morning and thought “thats weird” we don’t have any water nearby…maybe he was hurt…well this morning I’m walking to the bus stop and I hear quack quack quack from the neighbors bushes…this could be a fund summer!

  128. Wildstar said

    well I seemed to have chased everyone away…oh well I’ll be gong to bed soon anyway – I hate being sick – but I am doing a little better today…

  129. Dani- i know right? I mean though it was kind of sweet that he was willing to get shot(die) for Brennan(remind you of anyone???) Made me bawl like a big fricking baby. I’m desperately trying to get ahold of my BFF, and warn her that she may not want to watch it at the library otherwise she’ll probably get a little too ticked at it.

    Laurel- I love the fluff balls, they are still nameless little buggars. Dang I wish they were a bit bigger than I could have them sexed to find out wether they were boys or girls. Since they are only about a week old at the moment they are a bit tiny for me to do that.

    Wildstar- we did ducklings ‘the natural way’ a few years back that was a trip. our male got a little overeager and had 2 sets of babies(one with each of the girls) but only 8 of them lived as one just didn’t care about her babies.

  130. A friend passed on the message to me today that while Lifetime still won’t commit to another season, they also haven’t stated that Blood Ties is canceled. I wish they’d quit ridding the fence on this. And there’s a DVD box set available on Amazon UK for about 25£.

  131. Madonna said

    Hi girls,

    I’m sorry I haven’t been around. I’ve just had an awful lot going on. AN AWFUL LOT!

    For those of you who don’t know, my 47 year old uncle was found dead yesterday. No one was expecting it and we still don’t know why. I’m worried about my dad. He was REALLY close to my uncle and his doctor had to call him in a tranquilizer. If you knew my dad, you’d know just how out of character that is.

    All the while… my mom’s sister has been in the hospital in critical condition since Saturday morning. She is bleeding internally and they can’t figure out where she is bleeding from or where the blood is going. She also has pnuemonia.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that I haven’t fogotten y’all, and that I still love you.

  132. Linda said

    Madonna — My prayers are with you and your family. I am sending positive and healing thoughts to you.

    Wildstar — I hope you recover completely soon. It is exhausting to be sick and to have to work.

    We have a pond across the street from our office building and ducks come over from there and live in the landscaping around the building. We usually have ducklings at some point. They are soooo cute.

    I hate cliffhanger finales, so was very glad Bones didn’t leave us wondering about Booth all summer. I think Bones is one of the better shows on tv. It has great dialogue and great chemistry between the cast. They don’t have a vampire on the show, but at least one of them has played a vampire before.

  133. Madonna, sorry to hear about your uncle.

  134. Himmiefan said

    Happy Birthday Anzia!!! Hope you get lots of great gifts!

    Madonna – we’re still praying for your family. Let us know how your aunt is doing.

  135. Himmiefan said

    Ooo, I’ve got a pretty symbol by my name. My avatar’s on vacation. I’ve gotta figure out how to get him back. Rifkind, if you’re lurking, any suggestions? I believe you were our techie person.

  136. Elizabeth said

    Anzia – Happy birthday! I hope your day is positively wonderful 🙂

    Madonna – I am so sorry to hear about your Uncle and your Mom’s sister! It is always terrible to lose someone, but in such an unexpected way is traumatic. He was also so very young! I will keep your family in my thoughts. You take care of yourself, okay?

    Himmiefan – Hey *waves from Oregon* glad you dropped in 🙂

  137. Dani said

    That’s what I said Linda. No one hurts Angel and gets away with it. Or Booth for that matter because I like him to. I love the rapport between him and Brennan. I think Bones is a great show. It’s very fresh and witty. I can’t remember all their names dammit but I loved when the one guy burst into song and everybody in the lab had dropped their jaws. It was great!

  138. Dani said

    I also liked the fact that Ace Young from American Idol was on it. He was one of my favorites from that season. It sucks that he was the one that died though.

  139. laurel said

    Madonna – Honey, I’m so sorry for all the bad things in your life right now. I hope you get some answers soon. It is so hard to watch our parents suffering such overwhelming sorrows. We depend on them to shelter us from the world and then suddenly we see them at their most vulnerable like this. I’ll be praying for all of you.

  140. laurel said

    HIMMIE!!! How are you? Where’ve you been?
    We need to gather back here and speak a little vampire! I think we are about ready to watch and talk about…
    Oh, oh. What comes after “Gifted?”

    “Deadly Departed?”

    Have a wonderful day and remember to celebrate the entire week!

  141. rifkind said

    Hi Gals,
    Sorry that I have been MIA the last few weeks…

    I haven’t been able to keep up with the blog.. I did a quick scan of this post for ‘Rifkind’ and found that Himmi was asking me a question about setting up her avatar.
    I have’t walked through these steps recently.. so if the information is wrong, let me know and I will update my blog page..
    here you go Himmi


  142. rifkind said

    OK I know that Annalaise DuChat usually presents great birthday poems and limericks, she’s been MIA too, so here is a quick poem for you Z!
    Happy Birthday Anzia!


    Happy Birthday Anzia
    My sweet croquet
    Sending wonderful Henry dreams
    now don’t forget….

    Henry will be dropping by
    When the sun slips away with the last bird song
    With a grin and a sweet smile and “Hi’,
    he will make you his princess the whole night long.

    So Dear Anzia
    As you fall asleep
    Remember to leave your window open a crack
    and in the window, Dear Sweet Henry will creep.

  143. Madonna- I’m soooo sorry to hear about your loss! I’ll keep you in my thoughts and if you need to talk or anything feel free to drop me a line!

    Linda- I think if they’d left us hanging for the summer like that, it would have been just a little too much for me to deal with since so many of my fave shows left me on big cliffhangers.

    Anzia- Happy birthday!

  144. Okay, I’m freaking out now. I have $200 left. I am unqualified for every position at Whole foods, including restocking the grocery department, JoAnn’s is overstaffed and so is the school library–my fall back. I need a job, and fast. I even looked on Craigslist, Yahoo HotJobs, and I’m unqualified for every position except email spammer.

  145. laurel said

    Sophia – Sounds like you could use a little good karma! Keep looking dear, there has to be something. I know my daughter is looking for a job too, and things are tight right now, all the college kids are out and the high school kids are mostly done, too.
    I’ll keep thinking good thoughts for you, something will happen soon! 🙂

  146. Don’t get me started on Karma. We don’t have a good relationship.I swear sometimes I must be cursed. I have some of the worst luck in the world.

  147. Linda said

    Sophia — Hang in there, sometimes you have to make your own luck. I know what you mean though, my brother has terrible luck sometimes.

    Anzia — I am late posting today. I hope you have a great birthday evening!

    Dani — I loved it when Zack (that’s his name! I just thought of it.) burst into song too. He had a great voice.

    Rif — I love Anzia’s poem.

    Laurel — I am ready to discuss Deadly Departed. It was one of my favorites.

    Hi Elizabeth!
    Hi Himmie!

  148. I’ll watch that episode tonight then, if we’re going to be discussing it.

    Sent my resume to a couple places I found tonight on Craigslist. New postings, so hopefully I get points for being prompt. Just receptionist type work. I figure that if I could handle it in middle school, I can handle in now that I’m almost graduated from college.

  149. Dani said

    Zack! That’s it! Yeah that was my favorite part of the episode.

  150. Dani said

    Sophie sending luck your way on the job hunt. Let us know what happens.

  151. Himmiefan said

    Hello Elizabeth, Laurel, Rif, Linda, MM, Dani and everybody else! Hope your Thursday is going well. Mine is great, it being payday and all (of course, that also means that my mortgage payment is taken out of my account – oh well, the money was nice the few minutes it lasted).

    Sophie – don’t get too down. I assure you, we’ve all been there. I promise you, you will find something.

    Has anyone heard from Gypsy? How was (is?) the cruise, how’s her hand doing, etc.?

    I guess you all have heard that Moonlight was cancelled. It was okay, but BT was still far better.

  152. Himmiefan said

    Okay, this might be old, old news, but it was new to me. I was just digging around the Internet (instead of working, of course) looking for info on BT getting new financing for a new season. I found this from Jan. from E online:

    Apparently there is still some hope, at least I hope there’s hope.

  153. laurel said

    I don’t know how recent that is – from E On-line, but I keep holding on to just a smidgen of hope.
    I was glad to know that Pushing Daisies is going to be back for sure, my girls love it and I found it very entertaining.

  154. Himmiefan said

    I love Pushing Daisies! At first, I thought it was a bit quirky for a long-term series, but now I think it can work. The detective friend’s sarcasm is a great dose of humor, as is the waitress (Olive?)

    Dirty, Sexy Money is great too! Very tongue in cheek.

  155. laurel said

    I haven’t watched Dirty, Sexy Money. It must conflict with something else I watch… when is it on (or when was it on)? I saw that both Cashmere Mafia and Women’s Murder Club have been cancelled with no chance of return because some of the primary actresses have moved on. I know we didn’t want that to happen with Blood Ties, but now I’m just hoping they all get jobs that let us see more of them. I’m sure missing Dylan, Kyle and Christina. I’ve watched the movies that Dylan and Christina have been in, but I sure hope they get some juicy roles that show in the US if BT doesn’t get its miracle.

    E – Are we still on for coffee?

  156. I’m so glad that Dirty Sexy Money will be back I got a good laugh out of it and am intrigued to see how some of the story lines play out.

    Laurel- It was on Wednesday night at 10pm, on ABC.

    I accidently stumbled upon Christina’s episode of CSI: Sunglasses of Justice(aka Miami). It was on @ midnight so I DVR’ed it to watch later(along with about a million other things).

    I miss seeing all of them and really hope that even if BT doesn’t get a pick up they all get some ‘regular’ work so that I can see them on other things.

    I can’t wait till July rolls around and I get to see Christina in SGA, apparently its a really good ‘horror’ ep. I hear there is a possibility that her character may possibly become ‘reccuring’ instead of just a ‘guest role’. It all depends though upon which character the fans like, and who survives the episode.

    *Waves at Himmie* My thursdays pretty good, I have to clean the ducklings cage later, but other than that its good.

  157. laurel said

    Aha! Wednesday night is CSI:NY. Now I have to compete with Boston Legal – which my husband and older daughter really love. Thank heavens for Comcast’s On-Demand feature. The only network shows they have are CBS, and just a handful at that. All of the CSI’s plus NCIS and Numbers. I love the police procedurals! hehe

    When is the SGA with Christina? I have to go look at ImBD to make sure of the date and time out here. Oh, wait…. MM – You’re in the same time zone, aren’t you?

    I guess I’ll have to call E. She must be busy today.

  158. Elizabeth said

    Hi Laurel – I just got out of a long, long meeting *sigh*. Yes, I am definately looking forward to coffee. 2pm at our favorite place?

  159. Supernatural season final is tonight. XD Can’t wait for that. I missed the last couple of episodes.

    Been filling out applications all day long. I think I’ve got at least six or eight turned in so far. I found my “dream job” at the public library–organizing the youth summer reading program. I’ve only spent five years working in libraries, am obsessed with books and still read mostly from the YA section. Hopefully they won’t see my lack of a ten year work history as a detriment.

  160. laurel said

    E – 2pm!! Yes, I’ll be there. 😎
    Wow Sophia! That is my idea of a dream job, too! I worked in libraries for a few years, mostly as a volunteer, and loved it. Anything with books works for me. I’ll be out here cheering for you and praying you get the job. How soon will you know about it? 😛

  161. Laurel- Yes, I’m in the same time zone, lol.

    SGA with Christina will air by my best guess on August 22nd(its a friday) on Sci Fi. That is IF it holds out in the 7th slot in the new season line up, which is set to premiere on July 11th. I’ll keep you updated as more rolls into me about when it will air, as I’m just guessing at the moment.

    I love a lot of the crime procedurals but the CSI’s have gotten to be a bit much for me. I liked the LV one eons ago when it premiered but now its just gotten on my nerves. I’ve never really like CSI: Miami, hence the nickname(CSI: Sunglasses of Justice). I watch CSI: NY Off and on, depending on if it catches my eye but not regularly.

  162. It’ll probably be at least a week, I think. I’ll start making calls to check on the status on Monday.

  163. rifkind said

    Hi Ladies,
    Yes I think that Coreen was wanting the love juju for Henry.
    I always loved the little attitude attack from Henry as he left the office after Coreen gave him “the look”.

  164. laurel said

    Aren’t we the busy ladies! Nobody shows up for hours and hours but it doesn’t matter because eventually one or two will pop in.
    I see that I’m late for the evening chat but no one else showed up. Oh, well.

    I had coffee with Elizabeth so now I’m back in a happy mood. I sure wish we could all live closer together.
    Hey MM – If some of us make a pilgrimage to Seattle area this summer is there any possibility of catching up with you? Also, I know you mentioned you might be in this area this spring or summer (or Salem area?) so I hope you know that many of us live close to the interstate! Let us know.

  165. rifkind said

    Hey Laurel,
    I am HERE@

  166. laurel said

    Well, what do you know! As soon as I figure no one’s going to be awake out there… Sorry I ran off again. 🙂 I just had dinner and worked on one of my stories. I’m in a dry spell right now and I’m looking for that to change soon.

  167. rifkind said

    I am falling asleep here..
    I hope that we can chat, maybe with WildStar tomorrow night?

  168. Dani said

    Knock knock is anyone here?

  169. laurel said

    I’m here! Just getting the girls out the door to school.
    Good lord, the husband took the day off and now I’m going to have a different schedule than I anticipated. I need to do laundry, but he’ll be wanting to run around. 🙂
    You may or may not see me here today. 😦

  170. Himmiefan said

    Hello Laurel. Hello Dani. I’m just popping in to see what’s going on. Looks like nothing much. Same here at my desk. Oh! I am getting my magnolia tree cut down (not at my desk). The roots could damage my air unit and patio. Does that qualify as exciting? Okay, I thought not.

    Be back later.

  171. Been spending my mornings work on my writing. Trying to add ten thousand words to a story so that I can start sending it off for submission. I’m also trying to get a good chunk of the sequal done because I know I can’t write under deadline.

    Dad and I took “my” jeep out for a drive yesterday. It’s a 1984 he got to restore a few years back, and ended up being my first car (we’re both car nuts). Right now it’s in pieces and just barely street legal. For fathers day, I’m crocheting a model of the jeep. I made him one last year of his 1953 pick up, and he loved it.

    Still plugging away on the job applications. My next stop is another round with Craigslist.

  172. Dani said

    Oh man you have to cut your magnolia tree down Himmie? That sucks! I think they are gorgeous trees.

  173. Dani said

    Sophia, how do you crochet a jeep?

  174. Himmiefan said

    This really is a gorgeous tree, full of blooms. The people who did the original landscaping back in 2000 planted the tree way too close to the foundation of the townhouse. The arborist, or whatever you call them, yesterday pointed out how the roots are already getting under my patio and with time will tear up the concrete. Since the tree is right beside my air unit, he said that the roots could ruin it too. Not a good thing!! So, down it comes. I’m looking at a dwarf butterfly bush to put in it’s place to hide the air conditioner.

    Oh yes, cutting down a tree. That will take up $200 of my economic stimulus check. Exciting, huh. LOL

    Sophie – 10,000 words. Wow. Good luck!

  175. Himmiefan said

    Oh oh oh. Margaret just got an e-mail from the-powers-that-be saying that the producers are still working on getting BT up and running. So, they haven’t given up hope! Yay!

  176. Dani said

    What color butterfly bush? My mom used to have a couple. I forgot what color they were. They died after a few years. I think something was wrong with the soil. I love to watch the butterflies.

  177. Elizabeth said

    Himmie – I’m sorry about the tree, but the butterfly bush sounds delightful! Thanks for passing on the word from Margaret. I would really like to hear some positive news on our show. This living in Limbo just sucks rocks bit time!

    Sophia – I have to side with Dani here and ask how you crochet a jeep? I am really curious. My son has a Jeep and he loves it. He loves the outdoors and does a lot of hiking, off roading and snowboarding in the winter. It suits his lifestyle perfectly.

    I am really stoked, my daughter and I are going to visit him over the Memorial Day weekend. I haven’t seen him since last September.

  178. Himmiefan said

    I think it’s a laverder pink one. It’s not as big as some of them because I’ve got to think about it not growning into the air conditioner.

    Part of me says butterflies are nice, another part says that they’re flying bugs! Hmmmm.

  179. Dani said

    Oh butterflies are lovely. We have a butterfly place up here called Magic Wings. I love it when they land of you. There are literally hundreds flying around. I would love to get married there.

  180. Dani–very creatively. With a lot of ripping out. Once I have more of it done, I’ll post a picture in my blog. It’s slow going though, because I’m using thread and that aggravates my carpal tunnel faster than anything. I can only work on it every couple of days. So far I have the windshield and 3/4 of the bottom done.

  181. Laurel- If y’all come up to seattle it’d be easy peasy for me to meet up with y’all as long as I’m not working. I may take up the job from heck again depends on what kind of pay they offer and if I can get the ‘good foreman’. See I spend 6 weeks in the summer working for a local pea harvester but its really a ‘good ole boys’ club down there. Last year i was one of 2 girls, and this year i’d be one of one probably.

  182. rifkind said

    We went to see Narnia — Prince Caspian
    For those of you who enjoyed the first movie, I know that you will enjoy the movie!!

    OK, Narnia fans, help me remember the GIFTS
    the yougest has the special healing potion
    her sister has the bow and arrows and the horn
    one of the boys has the sword..
    I don’t remember the last Gift…..

    Anybody a true fan and remember?
    I only saw Narnia once… and I don’t remember.

  183. I can’t help you there, Rif. I’m not a big fan of Narnia. I tried reading the books three times and just couldn’t get into them. The movie was okay, though.

  184. So apparently I’ve been leaving my muses alone a little too much lately as they have prodded me into making at least 3 different wallpapers, each with about 2-3 versions, so about 6-9 new wallpapers. Then with in the last couple days I apparently have gotten involved in not 1 but 2! round robin fan fics *sighs* apparently I just need to feed the muses lol.

  185. Hee hee. Yes. You don’t want them turning into lionesses. Or gorgons. We all know how messy things get where gorgons are involved.

    I actually did a writing exercise the other day to get me started: describe your muse. I don’t think mine was too happy with the description I gave of her.

  186. DebS said

    Hola ladies!

    Just stopping by to see whats new. I wish I took more time visit here, but alas I have not. So whats goin on in blog land?

  187. Wildstar said

    Happy Birthday Nina!

  188. Wildstar said

    To answer Rose:

    Father Christmas gives them all gifts: a sword and shield for Peter, a horn and bow for Susan, and a healing cordial and dagger for Lucy. Edmound got a sword but from the army not from Father Christmas or Aslan because he was in possesion of the White Witch at the time.

    cool Narnia trivia game – I havent read the books in ages and still got all the questions right!

  189. Madonna said

    Hi y’all,

    Just popping by for a quick visit before heading to bed. I wanted to thank everyone for the well wishes and the prayers for my family. My uncle’s services were Friday and I just haven’t felt much like being around. There is still no word on the cause.

    My aunt is doing much better, in fact she may be released tomorrow.


    Happy Birthday Nina!

    I hope you had a wonderful time on your cruise.

    My mom HATES butterflies and will freak out if one lands on her. Simply because she is deathly afraid of worms and catarpillars and that is what butterflies come from.

    Everyone else,
    How are you all? (waves)

  190. Himmiefan said

    Happy Belated Birthday Nina!! Did someone pass her the weed?

    Hello everybody else!

    Gypsy, please report in about your cruise.

  191. laurel said

    Oh nuts! I forgot to send a Happy Birthday to Nina!

    Nina – I know you’ve got lots going on but I hope you had a terrific birthday!
    Remember to celebrate extra this year, and have a great birthday week!

    Gypsy – I’m waiting to hear about the cruise. Maybe we can get together soon so I can catch up with you and your adventures.

    Madonna – So glad to hear about your aunt getting out of the hospital. I’ve been thinking about you and your family alot and wishing there were something I could do to ease your burdens. Just know that we are here if you need us.

    MM – I think I might be able to give you a heads up if we get a chance to visit Seattle this summer. I’ll be looking at the calendar and making plans. Right now it looks like the week of July 11-18th is the window we are looking at, so if there is a date that is best for you we can try to work out something. Otherwise, I’ll be traveling a bit with my daughters and we may make an excuse to drive to Vancouver BC before summer’s end. I’ll let you know.

  192. Laurel- The only thing that will be fluid is whether or not I decide to go back to my summer job as it usually starts sometime around then but its weather dependent(its a harvesting job). If you DO make an excuse to go to Vancouver BC, I’m right on the way lol. Though Seattle is great too, I just don’t know how much of anything I’ll be doing in the next few weeks/months with gas prices and all(its $3.99 a gal down the street from my house, where i fill up).

    So I survived the heat this weekend, and even got a bit of outside work done de-mossed the roof of the barn, got the ducklings cage cleaned, and mowed the field. Now I’m bushed! I so can’t wait for my ‘mini-vacation’ this weekend!

  193. laurel said

    I see I missed the weekend chatter. I’m here writing today and will check in every so often if anyone wants to converse. 🙂

  194. Greetings all. Just stopping by.

    I have a job interview tomorrow at three, but even if I get the position I probably won’t get a paycheck because I’ll be working in the shoe department at Marshalls. I’ll just walk away with a bulging shopping bag every two weeks!

  195. laurel said

    Sophia – That is kind of the way it is for me working in a quilt shop. I have a wonderful fabric stash but barely enough money for gas and coffee. 🙂
    Oh, well.

  196. Himmiefan said

    Good luck Sophie!! If I worked at Marshalls, I wouldn’t have a paycheck either. : ) Good thing I work for a hospital company. Nothing at all interesting here….

  197. Elizabeth said

    Himmie – what hospital company do you work at? I worked at HCA years and years ago when I lived in Nashville. I was probably there about 6 months before I quit.

    Laurel – I have Friday off as a company holiday (yay!) Do you want to try and meet for coffee or are you out of town?

    Hello *waves* everyone!

  198. laurel said

    E – Friday is perfect! I am hoping to not go anywhere for Memorial weekend because I’ve been gone the past two weekends. I can see some weeding and planting in my future so coffee would be a nice break. Name your time!

  199. Elizabeth said

    How about 1pm at the starbucks either in Sherwood or Tualatin? Doesn’t matter which one to me – both are convenient. Krysten and I are going to Boise over the weekend to see Justin. We will be leaving bright and early Saturday morning, but I have Friday all to myself 🙂

  200. laurel said

    If you are at home we should go to the one closest to home. That’s closer for me too. I’ll talk to you on the phone before then, no doubt.
    Yippee! Something to look forward to! 😎

  201. Linda said

    Good morning ladies,

    Sorry to have been away so long. We had our film festival last weekend, and I was very busy seeing one film after another.

    Did anyone watch Bones last night? I won’t say anymore, in case there is someone who didn’t see it. I couldn’t believe how it ended! House was awesome too. I haven’t had a chance to watch Gossip Girl yet.

    Sophie — I hope your job interview went well.

  202. Dani said

    I watched Bones. I was so shocked who the bad guy was. I was certain it was Sweets.

  203. laurel said

    Linda – A film festival? How cool. I hope it was a good experience for you.

    I’m afraid I was off helping with homework last night, but I already know about Bones and House so feel free to talk amongst yourselves!
    I’m looking forward to a number of season finale’s this week, but we have a weird schedule tonight because today is Oregon’s primary election and our TV schedule is screwed. Hopefully, I’m going to be watching NCIS (I’m a little worried about it) and switching over to Dancing with the Stars during breaks.
    Tomorrow there will be Criminal Minds, CSI: NY and Boston Legal! I hate it that they moved Boston Legal to Wednesday, it means I have to wait for CSI: NY until it shows up “On-Demand” the next day.
    Life is rough. hehehe 😎

  204. I haven’t had my interview yet. I go in at three (It’s 1:30 now). I’m going to need the extra luck.

    Last night I went over to my roommate’s place. We watched Bones (!!) and House (!!), and then we marathoned pretty much all of series II of Torchwood. I finally buckled down and watched Exit Wounds. I bawled so hard. I still tear up thinking about it. The cruelty! Anyone know when series III starts?

    So yeah. I went to bed at 7:30 this morning. I slept for two hours when I got back to my parents. I’m a little sleepy now, but I think I’ll be okay. Might take a power nap before I have to leave.

  205. laurel said

    Torchwood – “Exit Wounds” was a tough one. I watched it with Elizabeth and we both were stunned. Gypsy still owes us a group viewing of this so we can all discuss it in depth. (Was that an un-subtle reminder?) he
    I don’t think they’ve started filming the third season yet but I’ll see if I can find out.

    Sophia – Good luck on your interview! We’ll be out here thinking positive thoughts for you!

  206. Linda said

    Laurel — The film festival was great! They honored Charles B. Pearce, who made independent films in the 70s. He made The Legend of Boggy Creek for $160,000 and it grossed an unbelievable 22 million in 1973. In today’s market that would translate to 100 million. He also made The Town that Dreaded Sundown about a serial killer in Texarkana in the 1940s. Lioness, about women who are placed in combat situations in Irag, was very good. They are trying to made a deal to get it on tv. If they do, I highly recommend it. The other one I liked was Crawford, about the effect George Bush’s presence has had on that small town.

    Dani — I never dreamed it would be you know who! I liked him so much and will really miss him next season.

    Sophia — Sounds like fun night! I do not know when Torchwood starts again, maybe in the fall? Laurel, do you know? I thought Exit Wounds was sad, but I wasn’t really surprised about the ending. Staying awake in your interview is important! I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

  207. laurel said

    I’ll have to go to Gypsy for info on Torchwood. That woman knows more about such things than you can believe. She must pay more attention than I do. 🙂

    Linda – If you hear anything about these films making it to the airwaves let me know. I love indie films and productions. 😛

    Sophia, when will you know about the job? I don’t want to stop the positive thinking too soon!

  208. Himmiefan said

    Hello everybody!! I’ve been extremely busy today, so I’m just now checking in. Hope everyone is doing well.

    Hi Elizabeth! *waves* I work for CHS. We have a lot of hospitals, but not as much as HCA, which is huge. Now, of course, the longer I stay in Nashville, the greater my chances are of working at HCA. Anyway, I forget when you lived in Nashville. You might not have been here when CHS moved here in the 90s.

    Well folks, I’ve gotta go. I get to go to Birmingham tonight and on Wednesday and Thursday, teach 80, count ’em, 80 people how to be a trainer. Thank goodness, not all at once. I do four sessions in two days, which is okay, except that Thursday’s early session starts at 7:00 am. Yuck!!!

    Talk to you later.

  209. laurel said

    Travel safely Himmie, and have some fun while you’re out there. Are you going to get a chance to see Tango? I think that’s her part of the world.

  210. Linda said

    Hi Himmie — Have a safe trip. Tell Tango to holler at us when she has a chance.

  211. The interview went pretty well–he immediately called in another manager for a second interview, and they were both really nice people and seemed impressed by skills and education. They just need to check my references. I got a call in for an interview two days after I handed in my application, so hopefully they’ll be equally quick about making an offer. The starting pay is less than I’d hoped, only $7/hr (OH minimum wage), but they promise two raises within the first year, so that’s good.

  212. Wildstar said

    good luck Sophia – I know a lot of places have that 2 raise thing – one at the end of your 3 month probation and the second is usually at 9 months……

    well I’ve had a hell of a day – first the PMS demon paid a visit big time – I was sick all afternoon..then someone went to Starbucks and I asked her to bring me back a chi – well the guy gave her the wrong drink – it was a coffee latte! yuck! I drank it – those things are too expensive to throw out so I mixed some of my chi powder mix with it…ohwell…thenon the way home two women started arguing on the train – I really thought there was going to be a smake down! scary…
    got off the train and as I’m in line to go through the turnstill this guy got just a little too close – if you get my drft – so I turned around and gave him such a look he backed off ….then I walk out of the tunnel to where the bues are and theres like 15 police! OH great – last time that happened they were chasing some freak who exposed himself ont he train – I didn’t wait around to find out what it was this time – I quick walked for the bus and got right on just as he pulled up…
    there are days I really hate public transportation!

    so now I’m off to a hat bubble bath and I’ll be back to check in with you…

    oh – are we discussing epi 5 this week? i need to know if I need to rewatch…

  213. Wildstar said

    well no ones come back….oh well I’m off to write!

  214. laurel said

    Okay, I’ll bite…. What is a ‘hat’ bubble bath? hehehe
    I’m off to my daughter’s last band concert before she graduates. Wow, just a couple more weeks and then she’ll be a college student. 😛

  215. Wildstar said

    Hot hot hot!

    sheesh I didn’t catch that before I hit submit…darn it..

    well I’m off for the night – still feeling really run down, and the PMS isn’t helping. Had a horrible coughing fit just as I started dinner and couldn’t stop coughing for like 30 minutes! Made myself sick and couldn’t finish dinner – darn it…

    well have a good night! love ya!!!

  216. *waves* evening(night?) ladies! I had a long day today. My grandmother, the midget(aka the toddler) and I all drove up to Surrey(BC) for lunch with one of our relatives. Lunch was rather blah(i had the pasta as it was the only thing i knew i could share with the midget), but the visit was nice. I think the last time I saw this particular great aunt was about 5-6 years ago now at least.

    Though I did learn a few interesting family tidbits on my trip today. Apparently my great uncle used to own one of the companies that helped to build the Canadian side of the Peace Arch Crossing, the booths and what not. I didn’t know that before as my family doesn’t really talk about what everyone does(I know one of my cousins up there has a rather large property @ Whistler but I don’t know where or why lol).

    *HUGS* To you Wildstar I hope the PMS ickys get better quick!

    Laurel- If you like Indy films boy have I got one for you! Its called “A Dog’s Breakfast”. It was written, directed, and starred in by David Hewlett. I think its funny(and I’m not a real ‘humor’ person) but its a personal thing with this film. I think somebody else here has seen it too(DebS maybe?).

    I was sooo shocked by Bones last night. My friend and I were talking about it and we just couldn’t believe it was him. I mean I’d heard he wasn’t going to be there next season but then I’d also heard someone died in the ep, so I ASSUMED he was going to die, not that!

  217. DebS said


    Is anyone around today. I have absolutely NO meetings today. Yay! So, I am stationed at my desk working away to get some things done.

  218. Linda said

    Good morning ladies,

    MM — I just checked out A Dog’s Breakfast on their website. It looks hilarious!! I saw a film last year called Shut up and Shoot Me. It is a black comedy too. You might like it.

    Wildstar — I hope you are feeling better today.

    I wonder why he is leaving Bones. I thought the whole resolution was improbable and disappointing.

  219. Linda said

    Hi DebS

    Several of the people in my office have been out this week. They are coming back today. *Sigh* Quiet time will be over for me.

  220. laurel said

    Hi DebS! i’m here watching the morning news and listening to David Tennant read a boo on C. I forget to listen to the story because I get so caught up by his Scottish accent. Lovely. *sigh*
    I’ll be here at my desk most of the day too! I have to go get some files after while, but it’s only six miles to the shop so I won’t be gone long.

  221. Hello everyone!

    I am finally awake. Well, I’ve been up for a while, but I slept for twelve hours straight last night (making up for the marathon), and didn’t even notice when my parents left for work. They’re not usually quiet about it, and neither are the dogs.

    I’ve watched Episode 5, so I’m ready to go whenever.

  222. Laurel, what station are you watching? Is he still on?

  223. laurel said

    Sorry dears – Tennant is only on my iPod. I bought a book on iTunes and accidentally started it playing while I was typing. I kind of got lost in his voice and kept typing. My bad.

  224. Ah, I well. I have a Dr. Who audio book with him as narrator. I can always listen to that.

  225. laurel said

    Which one do you have? I have three – “The Resurrection Casket,” “The Stone Rose,” and “Pest Control.” I was listening to the beginning of “Pest Control”. I’m going to step away for a minute and eat breakfast with my youngest.
    Back in a few!

  226. Linda said

    Hi Laurel — Was that a “book” he is reading? ( a boo?)

    Sophia — Glad you are rested and recovered from your tv marathon.

    Which one is epi 5? Is it Deadly Departed? Or did I miss that discussion?

  227. I have “The Stone Rose.” Really love that one. I’m thinking about getting another, but I’m not sure which.

  228. well, I’ve put off my writing long enough. Usually I’m ending my session around this time, and after skipping it yesterday to sleep, I really can’t put it off any more. I’ll be back on in three hours, probably.

  229. laurel said

    Take care Sophia! We’ll see you when you get back.
    “Book” hehe, I know better than to tease others about their typo’s, after all there was the Birthday Weed (should have been week) incident of last summer. 🙂
    We haven’t actually begun to discuss Deadly Departed, but I’m ready to jump into it at any time. Lots of folks were busy this week but we can start quoting and talking now and the rest can jump in at their leisure.

  230. laurel said

    Actually, I think I missed the discussion on “Gifted” as well. Was there one?
    I’m up for discussing either or both.

  231. laurel said

    Where did everybody go? I got involved in writing and only just realized the time. I didn’t even finish my cup of coffee.
    What stories are you all working on? I know we have a fair number of writers here and I’ve read at least some bits from each of you. Where is Dani and what is she doing with her writing these days.
    Annalaise? Are there more chapters? You left me hanging!
    Wildstar – I have to catch up and read the re-writes so we can go over them…
    Rifkind – Are you guys writing again? I haven’t read anything from you in such a long time. Tell your hubby to leave the “war-front” and get back to work! *sounds of whip snapping*
    Elizabeth – you promised me more of the story…. *taps foot* Where is it? Oh, and have you finished the last Patricia Briggs books I loaned you? Or did I loan them to someone else? Oh dear, I wonder where they went. Maybe Nisi has them.

    Speaking of Nisi…. She was writing too!
    And Gyspy – yikes! more story! Hehehe
    Sophia Rowan – What kind of writing are you working on? Hmmm?

  232. laurel said

    This is what happens when you all leave me alone out here. I start talking to myself. I’m currently actively writing three pieces. A Mystery/Romance that I’m hoping to send out in October, a fan-fic based on Mercedes Lackey’s “Heralds of Valdemar,” and a fan-fic of Blood Ties – which I sort of left hanging. I guess I’d better give that some attention soon. 🙂

  233. DebS said

    Hey all!

    I love David Tennant. If I were listening to him I wouldn’t be able to do anything.

    Laurel, I am still coming to Portland on June 21st if that is okay. I am going to spend the end of the week in California, though, with Evan.

  234. Linda said

    Laurel — You are a busy bee. Three pieces at once!

    Thinking back, I am not sure we discussed Gifted all that much. I have not re-watched that one yet. The main things I remember about it, are the beginning when Henry goes to the club to feed. While he is doing that, he gets a call from Vicki and says he has to go. Just before that the woman on whom he is feeding says “You’ve changed”, he gives her the “vamp look” and says, ” I never change.” When he says he has to go, the woman repeats “you have changed.” He just gives her a frowning look and leaves.

    Also, when Vicki and Henry go to the house where the murder occurred and Vicki asks him if he can smell anything besides the blood. He says, “I am a vampire, not a bloodhound.” (or something like that) Lol!

  235. DebS said

    Which episode are we on now?

  236. Linda said

    I saw David Tennant on the Graham Norton show about a month ago. It was a re-run, I think. It is a silly show, but it can be pretty funny.

    I remember they asked him about Rose coming back and he said he had not shot one scene with her. He went on to explain that as the story unfolded, we would understand why.

  237. Linda said

    We were talking about discussing Deadly Departed, but Laurel asked had we discussed Gifted. If we did, I must have missed it or I am having a memory lapse, either one of which is entirely possible.

  238. laurel said

    DebS – Yippee!!!! I was hoping you would still be able to spend part of your vacation with us, but I certainly would understand if you ditched us for love! This means I have to put my house in order so that you’ll have a place to sleep. 🙂
    I had to quit listening to Tennant, too distracting. I’ll save that for when I’m doing some of the stuff I hate to do, like vacuuming and mopping. 🙂 Man, I love having books in such a portable format. I can go walking and not have to put down the “book” – how cool is that?
    Linda, you’ve no idea… I have way to many stories going at once. I have finished a couple of longish short stories but have something like 20 that are in progress. I’m trying to show a little discipline and work on no more than three at once. (I have to admit I’m actually working on another fan-fic piece for Elizabeth’s daughter, but don’t tell anyone).

  239. Linda said

    That’s good! You might put something away and come back to it really inspired after working on other things.

    Which book were you listening to, that Tennant was reading?

  240. laurel said

    I think we can safely discuss two episodes at once if you want to. I’ve just pulled “Gifted” up on split screen and am remembering how much I liked the scene of Vicki perusing Henry’s books in the geek infested “Beguiling” book shop. These two guys are sooooo funny. I think I know them (as in – haven’t we all met guys like these?) he

  241. laurel said

    Henry – “I can sign that for you, if you like.”
    Vicki – “Are you stalking me?”
    Henry – “It’s Wednesday.”
    Vicki – “Huh, and that’s what… Stalking day?”

  242. laurel said

    I’m listening to “Doctor Who – The Resurrection Casket.” Well, I was until I pulled up “Gifted” and “Deadly Departed.”

  243. DebS said

    I didn’t like Gifted all that much as an episode, but there were some great lines in it.

    I love the little looks that Henry gave in the early episodes that made him seem like a 20 year old man one minute and then next minute he looks like he is so old and wise.

  244. Linda said

    Oh right! I liked that exchange too. The way the comic book store guy bows to Henry when he takes the book from him.

    And the part where one of the geeks tells Vicki about the girl wanting Henry to autograph a book in her blood. Is that supposed to have been the same girl we saw him with in the very first feeding scene in epi 1 (the pilot).

  245. Linda said

    DebS — That dichotomy of the 20 year old vs the 500 year old, is one of the things that drew me to BT.

  246. DebS said

    Laurel–I will email you as soon as I get a chance to work out logistics. I am still trying to figure out if it is cheaper to keep my current flight and just buy a plane ticket from Portland to Orange County and back.

  247. laurel said

    I am watching the beginning of “Gifted” and am stunned to discover that for a couple of minutes Vicki, Mike and Kate are all discussing the case. There is some really telling conversation here. Even Dave shows up in this scene to tease Mike. hehe Poor Mike.

  248. Linda said

    I definitely need to watch this again. I will check my iPod. I am not sure I downloaded this one.

  249. laurel said

    DebS – do you need me to look into the flights from here to OC? I used to live there and know where the smaller airports are. I also know the airlines that fly from here to there frequently – Alaska Air and Southwest are both good.

  250. DebS said

    Okay, all. There is about 10 minutes until my year end evaluation. I am kinda nervous, even though I know I shouldn’t be. I will let you all know how it goes. Talk to you in a bit.

  251. DebS said

    that would be fantastic laurel. I think Evan said that the three letter code for Orange County International Airport is SNA.

  252. Linda said

    Good luck DebS! I am sure you will do great.

  253. laurel said

    I love Mike’s interview with the doorman at Henry’s condo. Mike’s hair is doing something seriously wild though.

    It’s in the middle of the snog/bite scene at the club, probably one of the top hot scenes of the series. I didn’t realize the ‘theme song was playing in the background while he had his snack.

  254. laurel said

    I love Mike’s interview with the doorman at Henry’s condo. Mike’s hair is doing something seriously wild though.

    It’s in the middle of the snog/bite scene at the club, probably one of the top hot scenes of the series. I didn’t realize the ‘theme song was playing in the background while he had his snack.

  255. Linda said

    Oops! Double post!

    I didn’t realize it either, but then again, I had never heard the theme song until recently.

  256. laurel said

    I haven’t had a double post in a long time. Sorry about that.

    I’m finding that I like “Gifted” more than I remembered. There are a lot of great scenes and good background. I love it when Mike comes to her office to discuss the case and he says –
    Mike – “You know, ordinarily I’d say trust your gut, but this one worries me.”
    Vicky – “Aw, come on, don’t worry. You’ll get wrinkles.” She pats him on the face then she leaves him to look at the books on her desk.

  257. Elizabeth said

    Hi all! 🙂 It has been awhile since I have been able to post. Looks like we are discussing Gifted? I seriously do not remember the scene you mentioned, Laurel! This is truly weird for me 😦 I think I am going to have to buy all the episodes for my iPod which I haven’t had time to do yet.

    I will check on your Patricia Briggs books, but I am pretty sure I gave them back to you the last time I saw you along with the Diana Gabaldon book I loaned you. But, we both know my memory is a tricky thing 😉 so I will double check!

    DebS – good luck with your review. I always get the knot in my stomach before I have one and i don’t know why….I usually get pretty good reviews! Of course, I still get nervous walking into a teacher’s classroom or the principals office! It is a hold over from being a kid, I suppose….

  258. laurel said

    There is a lot of testosterone in “Gifted” I like the scene where Mike has been following Henry to the school.
    Henry – “You should have told me you wanted to follow me.”
    Mike – “‘Cause you’ve got nothing to hide, right?”
    Henry – “No, so I wouldn’t have had to slow down so you wouldn’t get lost. You should go back to ‘tailing’ school.”
    Mike – “Oh, ‘tailing school.”
    Henry – “Whatever you call it.”
    *giggle* They are so good when they have these little verbal spats.

  259. laurel said

    Elizabeth! It’s good to see you here!

  260. Linda- I love the movie(ADB) I found out about it before it was released and had such fun helping promote it. They shot the whole thing for like $120,000 or something, and it looks really good(IMHO). I’ll check out that one for sure that you reccomended, as I’ve found a new home in “Indy” films.

    Laurel- I’ve been ignoring my writing muse and instead indulging my newfound Photo Shop muse. I apparently am a ‘talented’ photoshopist, according to some I don’t think so as most of my work is tossed together rather hap hazardly, and in in very little time. I barely use any ‘effects’ but everyone on my photoshop group keeps raving about it. *blushes*

    Laurel/Linda- there’s a theme song?! where?! not like i have any more room on my cell for downloaded music, lol.

    Well I’m off to work on setting up my new blog, for my photoshop art. *sighs* this ought to be fun.

  261. Linda said

    Then there is the scene at the end where Henry has all he can stand from Mike and finally picks him up by the neck in all his vamp glory. Talk about testosterone!

  262. laurel said

    Yup, I liked that one too. Then Mike gets all pissy and rants about Vicki not telling him about the whole vampire thing.
    I really liked the scene where Mike keeps trying to break down the door, inside the school, and Henry tells him to get out of the way. I bet they had fun with that scene, even if it was really short.

  263. Linda said

    MM — Someone posted a link to a U tube video with the theme song a while back. I do not still have it. Laurel might. If not, you could search Utube under Blood Ties. It is there somewhere. If I have a chance, I will go look for it.

  264. laurel said

    I just checked IMBd and see that Dylan is on an episode of CSI: Miami on Saturday the 24th, 11:30PM on CBS. I haven’t seen it so I’ll have to see if my VCR still works. I hope I don’t forget.

  265. Oh, I loved that scene. I’m not really big on the episode as a whole, though.

    Laurel, as for my writing, I write mostly fantasy/romance, usually more in the YA genre. My biggest project right now is fleshing out and writing the sequel to what started as Blood Ties fanfiction. The characters that started it were (originally) Mike’s younger sister and their niece. When I had it running around in my head, Izzy (the sister) was some sort of occult practitioner. I don’t remember how I did it, but Mike, Vicki and Henry all ended up going to Montreal, where she lived. Mike knocks, she answers the door, they ask if they can stay for a day or two. She says yes, then pushes Mike out of the way. She looks at Henry and says, “Great. Now I have to vampire-proof the house.” (as in, find a room that won’t let in light).

    I’ve got about 37,000 words on the first story, and about 10,000 on the second one. Mike is still in the story, with the same first name, job, and still Italian, but I changed the last name. I really should change his first name, since I have a Michel in the story, but I just can’t bear to. He’s so perfect as a Mike.

    I have some other projects going too, but I’m already rambling.

  266. Linda said

    Laurel — I know!! As if Mike would even believe Henry was a vampire, if he hadn’t seen it. I thought that was kind of dumb thing for him to say.

  267. Linda said

    Sophia — Love that line. Vamp-proof the house. Lol!

  268. laurel said

    I was surprised by how many really great scenes came out of this one. It was fun to watch it again.

    Sophia – Cool, I love taking an already existing world and building my own characters into it,

  269. Yes, that’s my favorite thing to do with my writing. I started a new story last night that crosses elements of Dr. Who with the Covenant. It might get messy later. All of my character names are mixes of names of those involved in both, both characters and actors (for example, the main character is named Piper Tennant, and there’s a Roberta Tyler (inspired by Billie’s name), and a Rose Davidson).

  270. laurel said

    Oh, my! I don’t know the Covenant well enough to follow that, but I could learn. I try to stick to one world at a time, but I can see the Tardis showing up in some of them and adding the whole Doctor and companion element to the story. I’m going to pretend I didn’t just say that. 🙂 I don’t need to start anything else.

  271. The isn’t a Doctor-like character in this one. Just a talking alien cat.

    Though I’m half tempted to give it a Scottish accent.

  272. laurel said

    LOL – I can hear Tennant reading for the part! Too funny! He is so very charming, isn’t he. Brilliant.

  273. laurel said

    Now you’ve gone and left me alone again. 😦
    I even went to the grocery store and back while I waited.

  274. Linda said

    I’m here! Unfortunately, I must go exercise. I will try to check in later.

  275. laurel said

    No worries, I’m just popping in once in a while. Have a great workout!

  276. Sorry Laurel. I’ve been coming in and out. I have to go out to the living room to use the internet, but the tv is in the great room and I write in my bedroom.

    It’s kind of funny; when we first built the great room, I was about seven or eight, and I thought my mom was saying we were going to add a “grape room.” I thought we were going to have a huge purple room (I didn’t question it because it’s my mom’s favorite color. I was disappointed when they painted it pale yellow with tan carpet).

    I would love to have David Tennant do the voice of the cat (he still needs a name). I might have to write it with him in mind, now.

  277. Linda said

    I’m back. I think I will call it a night though. I haven’t had anything to eat and, I am hungry. I will talk to y’all tomorrow.


  278. Well I got my new blog up and running, and got all my recent art work on it. Now I just need to link it to my other blog, and i’ll be done!

  279. laurel said

    Go MM!!!

  280. laurel said

    What do you know, I got here first today. That’s just weird!
    I will be in and out – mostly out – today because hubby is off after a couple of morning meetings. He always runs me around town to do errands so that we can eat lunch out together on Thursdays.
    I think, with the price of gas so high we will just stay home and eat tuna sandwiches. 😦

  281. I hear you Laurel. Much as I love my jeep, I’m glad I have a car with better gas mileage now–almost double in fact. Though my dad still doesn’t believe it’s such a difference. He never does even though I’m the one that drove it every day for three years, and he’s hardly touched it except for repairs. *grumble*

    My Covenant/Doctor Who mash up is taking off. It won’t leave me alone (not that I’m complaining). New characters keep coming out of the woodwork, and they all have secrets!

  282. laurel said

    Girl – I hope you are posting this story somewhere so we can read it! I’m always interested in seeing the stories that drive my friends to write. I understand being driven by “voices in my head.” 🙂
    I’m having a couple of them running my life right now, and others waiting impatiently in the wings for my attention.

  283. I don’t have it posted anywhere. With it not being fanfiction, there’s no place I trust to post it. I could probably put it on my blog, with the understanding that it is a work in progress.

    I haven’t even gotten to the meat of the story yet. I’m only 2000 words in.

  284. laurel said

    I put some of my stuff on my wordpress site with a password. Then I send e-mails to those I want to read it and give them the password. If you decide to share let me know!

  285. laurel said

    So, did everybody drop off for the Memorial Day weekend? I’m sitting here wondering where everybody went. I’m going to go visit my mother-in-law on Sunday, about a hundred miles from here, and then I’m going to come back and plant flowers on Monday while the baby-back-ribs smoke and slow cook.
    What is everyone else doing?

    Baby-back Ribs
    Hot and spicy German potato salad
    green salad from the garden
    caprici salad – sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzerella slices, thin sliced sweet onion, fresh basil leaves – drizzled with olive oil
    Grilled pineapple and bananas over ice-cream

    Peach or strawberry smoothies if it warms up from the predicted 68F otherwise we’ll be drinking almond steamers in front of the fireplace in the family room. Brrrrr
    What happened to summer?

  286. laurel said

    I’ll check back here in a couple of hours to see if anyone is in. 🙂

  287. lets see memorial day weekend? I somehow touched upon my insanity and didn’t check my calender when scheduling my one weekend of actual work for the month. So me? I’m totally spending saturday sitting in a ferry line instead of driving to the island because either way i’m in a heap o’ trouble. Saturday night and sunday morning I work, then i’m not sure what i am doing with the rest of my weekend.

    Today I have to call the animal shelter back and arrange my new schedule there. apparently they got sundays back,and the nurse asked for me specifically to come and work weekends.

  288. I have a blogger account rather than wordpress, so I don’t think I can password protect only certain entries. I might set up another blog specifically for my writing, and put limited access on that one.

    My weekend will be spent up at my grandparents house on the lake. I’m not going to comment on that until it’s happened, because it’s either going to be a lot of fun or I’ll get arrested for murdering my dad. Either way, there will be fireworks involved.

  289. Okay, I’m going to go ahead and set up a writing blog. If you are interested in viewing it, drop me a line at knotmagickknitter (at) yahoo (dot) com.

  290. Arrowyn said

    This was posted on the Bloodlines forum on May 18 (I’m just getting caught up) in the thread about getting an alert from Amazon when the BT DVD is available to pre-order. I haven’t gone to Amazon to check this out. Can anybody confirm? How nice if we could get it cheaper.

    One thing to pay attention to when Blood Ties is available for preordering from Amazon…

    If they have a price guarantee instruction link on it when you preorder it, follow those instructions for it (it should be something like their One-Click purchase option). They guarantee the best and lowest price for you when you do. If the price drops at all before it’s available for purchase, you will get that price. I did this for Witchblade the Series when it became available for preorder. It was around $48-49 then and has now dropped to $44.99. The pending charge for it has been lowered to $44.99 in my order for it.

    I hope this makes sense.


  291. I hadn’t heard of it being available on DVD except in the UK.

  292. Well, until I have e-mail addresses to invite, it won’t let me make the blog invite only. In the mean time, you can visit it here:

  293. And this is what happens when I get left alone: (Don’t forget to take the library tour–the link is in the sidebar)

  294. Okay, this is the third time I’ve posted and nothing seems to be coming up. I apologize if some of you keep seeing repeats of the same post, but it’s not showing up at all on my computer.

  295. laurel said

    Sophia – I just tried to send you an e-mail at that yahoo address but it told me there was no such account. Should I try again or was there something I missed?

  296. Wildstar said

    ok Verizon is having issues and I dont’ seem to be able to send any messages – not sure if I’m eceiving either – any way – Rose Laurel you available tonight?
    I chek the hen house in about half hour and see if either of you are around.

  297. laurel said

    LOL – I miss-spelled it. Sorry Sophia. I resent the message just now so you should have mail shortly.

    Arrowyn – thanks for the heads-up and the info about the price lock. I didn’t know about that.

  298. I did get your email, Laurel. I accidentally added you to the wrong blog first, but I caught the problem and corrected it.

    If there’s anyone else having problems, please let me know.

  299. laurel said

    Thanks Sophia – I got the e-mail. I would go read it now but I had a peach cider with my pizza tonight and now I can’t keep my eyes open. I’m looking forward to reading your work.

  300. I’m off to my grandparents’ for the weekend. I’ll see you guys sometime Monday night. Have fun!

  301. laurel said

    If anyone wants to chat here today I’ll be checking in periodically. i’m really bummed that there was no Doctor Who on the sci-fi channel last night, and no explanation for it. Anybody know what’s up with that?

    I guess I’ll have to watch a DVD if I want my David Tennant fix for the week.
    That works. There are a couple I haven’t seen from the second season, and my girls will watch with me.
    We are due to have rain for the entire weekend, with Monday being cool and rainy enough for us to eat in the house. That just makes me sad. We almost always have a decent Memorial Day weekend. Most of my flowers are two weeks behind so I’ll have to buy flowers if I’m to take any out to the cemetery.
    Oh, well. Once the mud dries out I can plant flowers, maybe next weekend.

  302. laurel said

    I see, still just me, all by my self. Rats.

  303. Linda said

    Hi Laurel — Sorry I have been gone for a while. I got busy at work and at home with various things. I forgot to record Dr. Who on Sci Fi, so I am glad I didn’t miss it. I looked and there is is an epi listed for next Friday, so I don’t know why there was not one this past Friday.

    I hope your weather turns out better than they are forecasting. It is hot and humid here. The air conditioner is running as I am writing this. I am hoping it will cool off again next week.

    i will check in tomorrow. Oh wait, it is tomorrow! lol!

  304. *sticks her head in and waves* Morning ladies. Just popping by while on the island. Boy am I glad I got to come without the toddler, its a nice (albeit short) break.

    So last night they introduced me to their Wii, and boy did it kick my bum! I won a couple games of bowling so they suggested that I try Tennis. Ha! I don’t even watch, or understand tennis really, so that was interesting. Apparently it is possible to make your Mii(wii people) collapse in exhaustion, lol.

  305. Linda said

    Hi MM!

    I’m just checking in too. For anyone who is interested, I discovered the BBC is showing a Dr. Who marathon of the 2007 season right now. There is a few more hours left, then they switch to Robin Hood.

    I am supposed to cleaning my house, so back to that…

  306. *waves at linda* hi! hope the cleaning is going well. I’m half considering seeing if I can squeeze out an extra ‘island night’ I could really really use it. I just don’t know if I’d want to be ‘evacuating’ the island with all the other tourists tomorrow when they all head home. Granted I COULD drive off the island, that is such a long haul *sighs* I don’t know if I’d want to do that or not. choices choices choices.

  307. laurel said

    Sorry I missed everyone yesterday. I was on a road trip to Eugene and it ran really long. I did get to visit with Moonbeam so it was all good!
    MM I hope you got your extra ‘island day’ and some good rest.
    Linda, I can’t believe I keep missing you. 😦 I’ve decided to run my own Doctor Who marathon with the DVD set I bought. Maybe I’ll work in a little Torchwood, too. There are a couple of those I haven’t seen.

    I’ll check back later. My girls are both out to movies with friends. Not a bad idea on this rainy, cold day. Hubby is fishing, but even in the rain it is where he is happiest for a day of leisure. Go figure.


  308. laurel said

    Ah, alone again.
    I guess I’ll have to go back to my DVDs.


  309. What? Dr. Who marathon? Where? When? What? I missed it?


    Oh well.

    I’m a bad, bad fangirl. I’ve started two more Dr. Who/Torchwood inspired stories.

    Had a very lazy weekend. I spent most of it writing, and started recording one of my stories as an audio book to put on the website. Don’t know how that’s going to go. I feel kind of weird doing it.

    Got to see my aunt from Florida. She’s on relapse number…eight? nine? of breast cancer. She’s doing well though, very perky. I love seeing her because she and her family are some of my most relaxed relatives. Most of them are either trailer trash or very, very straight laced Christians.

    My family keeps referring to my writing as my dad’s retirement fund, but I’m not sure they’d think of it that way if they knew the kind of things I write!

  310. laurel said

    LOL – I know what you mean about wondering what family would really think of our writing. I mentioned that I was writing Vampires and Werewolves and got some funny looks. I usually say I’m writing Sci-Fi and a murder mystery trhiller. I don’t think most of them would really read what I write so I’m not going to worry about it. My mom has read some of my stuff – my choice on which – and she wanted to know where the rest of it was. Now I just have to finish something so that I can try to submit it.

    I’m sorry to hear your aunt is having another relapse, that is so very scary. Good that you had a good visit though!

  311. Yes. It was good to see her. I think she’s doing pretty well–she had all of her hair, so I don’t think she’s doing chemo right now. She might be in recovery mode. It’s been so on and off that it’s hard to keep up sometimes.

    I just tell my family I’m writing fantasy, and then they stop asking questions. If it isn’t self help, Christian lit, an EMT manual (dad) or a historical romance (mom) then they don’t read it.

  312. laurel said

    😛 That is pretty funny actually. If I wrote a book about fishing I might pique my husband’s interest in my writing, but at least he supports my efforts. He makes sure I have a good computer to work on, and he doesn’t begrudge me the time I spend writing. Can’t beat that!

  313. DebS said

    Good morning ladies!

    It is a beautiful sunny day here in the SC. I went to check my voice mail this morning and the automated voice got an attitude with me. I pushed in my password and the voice said, “I am sorry, I cannot talk to you right now.” It was the funniest thing I have ever heard. The automated voicemail lady doesn’t have time for me.

  314. DebS said

    I always come to the blog when no one is here. WAAHHHH!!!

  315. DebS said

    Did we switch to a different blog topic?

  316. laurel said

    Nope, same topic, I just wasn’t here yet. I had to drive my High School Senior to school because she overslept – homework until 3am. Crazy. She only has seven days of school left and she already has the Valedictorian spot nailed, so I’m not sure why she can’t relax a little. She is sure she’d get a B in something if she let up this close to the end I guess.

    DebS – I love the bit about the voice mail. Cracked me up!

  317. DebS said

    Congratulations to your daughter for getting valedictorian. She wouldn’t be Valedictorian is she could relax, right? My best friend in high school was Seludatorian (sp?) and she was never one to relax about academics.

  318. DebS said

    Going to lunch…be back later

  319. I am here. I taking a break from my writing. I got a late start, and for some reason between last night and this morning, I lost all of my rhythm on my writing. I’m hoping a break will get me back into it.

    My parents are semi-supportive. At least if I tell them I’m working on Dad’s retirement fund, then they leave me alone when I’m writing.

    Congrats to your daughter, Deb. And don’t take that kind of attitude from the phone! 😀 That is really funny, though. It makes me wonder what could prompt that kind of response.

  320. DebS said

    It is actually Laurel’s daughter who is graduating. 🙂 I don’t have any kids yet.

    I have no idea…maybe the automated voice system woke up on the wrong side of the bed. 😉

    I have to go to the dentist this afternoon and get a filling. Yikes! I hate the dentist.

  321. Sorry, sorry. That’s what I get for typing without looking back at the names first.

    Eep. Fillings are never fun. I like my dentist though. He’s very good, but he always waits until he has both hands in your mouth, or some paste or something on your teeth, and then he starts telling jokes.

  322. DebS said

    Oh that isn’t good. I get headphones and music while they do my teeth. I love it!

  323. It’s not too bad really. He’s nice to talk to. He has a cottage right next to my grandparents’ place up at the lake, where we were over the weekend. It’s just odd to be up there in the summer roasting marshmallows with the dentist ten feet away!

  324. laurel said

    Sophia – Thanks for the congrats to my daughter, I knew who you were talking to. She’s a great daughter as well as a terrific student and we’re very proud of her accomplishments.
    Dentists…. *shudder* I need to go but they can’t seem to find room for me in the schedule until September. What’s up with that? I really hate the way it’s set up. I need to get the girls in and then we all need our eyes tested and new glasses made…. I’m beginning to feel like a car needing scheduled repairs and maintenance.

  325. Well, I’m off for a bit. I need to pick up my mom from work, and I’ve got some DVDs in at the library. Dead Poets Society and Iron Jawed Angels.

  326. laurel said

    I’m going to have to run for a while. I’ve got a few errands to run and then I need to work on my own ‘retirement fund’ writing. October is going to be here before I know it and that is my personal deadline for having something ready for submission to a publisher. I need to have at least one story completed by then, two if I work really hard at it.
    I have to get permission from another author so that I can use a quote from one of her books and I’m not sure where to start with that. I think I’ll start with her publisher and see if I can get contact info about contacting her through her agent. I tried to find an on-line contact but this author has been reclusive for years and hasn’t updated her web page in a couple of years.
    Actually – Tanya knows her, maybe I can ask her how best to do it. 🙂

  327. DebS said

    Laurel-Is your daughter going to college in the fall? If so, where?

  328. laurel said

    Yes, she’ll be at the University of Oregon this fall, actually she’ll be in the Honors College that is within the University.
    We are a little stressed right now because there is housing shortage for the fall and she is scrambling for a place to stay,. No dorm space available but she has a grandmother and lots of friends there so something will work out.

  329. DebS said

    don’t get to stressed. As someone who works at university here are the two things most likely to happen.

    1) They find her housing even if it isn’t ideal.

    2) They don’t find her housing immediately.

    In either of these cases, it is typical for students to drop out of school during the first three weeks…which means that spaces open up and they find her housing that is way better.

  330. DebS said

    I actually think #1 is more likely than #2.

  331. laurel said

    They are making a deal with a large apartment complex nearby, but it means she ends up in a quad. Not ideal for a serious student. She is not very tolerant of the party sorts and I think that may be a problem right away. The girl she was going to room with did get a dorm assignment but they weren’t placed together. It’s a shame because they are both involved in then honors program and they know each other really well.

  332. DebS said

    They will have lots of openings within two or three weeks of school starting. She needs to keep her name on any waiting lists as well as pay attention to whats going on in the residence halls she would prefer to live in. Also most colleges and universities have a roommate change time for freshmen (typcially in october or november). That might be a good time for her to move in with this girl if she hasn’t gotten better housing before hand.

  333. DebS said

    I soooo do not want to be at work today! There about a thousand things I would rather be doing.

  334. Arrowyn said

    Well, I thought I was better — not so much. I posted this on the previous thread and then came on here to see if there was any response and wondered why the blog ate my post! Sheesh! However, in the meantime, I realized that I have lost a day — I mean lunch on Wednesday (tomorrow). And now I know E’s home address. I’m going to quit while I’m behind!

    Portland Gang:

    Is anybody available on Tuesday (tomorrow) to have lunch with me? Yes, you heard right — lunch — with me — and during the week. What is this world coming to! All the auditors are out for 2 days at a seminar. Laurel, if E isn’t working, would you get this to her. I don’t know her home email address.

  335. laurel said

    Um, Arrowy…. This is Tuesday. I’m hoping you mean tomorrow, which is Wednesday.

  336. laurel said

    DebS – thanks for all the encouragement about the housing debacle. It is such a stressor to have hanging over our heads when we just want to celebrate her successes. You made some great points and I’m going to pass them on to her.

    Arrowyn – I re-read your post and now understand it better. I guess my brain needed some translation time. 😎

  337. I’m back for a bit, anyway. I leave for my orientation in a half hour/forty-five minutes.

  338. laurel said

    Good to see you in here Sophia!
    We need to think about our chat on “Deadly Departed” or “Gifted” – or both.

    I need to think up some questions and favorite lines so we can get a discussion going tomorrow. Hmmmm.

    Anybody can start this, don’t wait for me if you have something to start the ball rolling!


  339. I’m ready to discuss either at any time. I’ve already watched them both. I’ll probably be doing another marathon here soon, since I need to burn everything to DVD.

  340. Well, I’m off. I might be back around 10 (ET).

  341. laurel said

    Oops, I went off and got caught up in writing. Sorry Sophia.

    I’ll be back later to. I have to go to an Orchestra concert at the middle school tonight, so maybe you won’t see me until tomorrow.

  342. DebS said

    No problem Laurel-I work in student affairs at a college..the gist of my job is to make the transition from high school to college easier for students and to help them develop and grow. If you or your daughter have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, and I am more than willing to talk about it when I come to visit. My parents went to college, but I still had no clue and they had no clue by the time my college years rolled around.

    The dentist went fine. It was a lot more painful than last week, but I was a trooper. I go back in two weeks for a temporary crown and three weeks after that for the permanent crown. Then after that I have two more fillings and one more crown. Yay!

  343. *wags naughty finger at Deb* Has somebody not been brushing their teeth?

    Just got back from orientation. Looks like a good company to work for. I’ve only got one day of work this week though, because they had some scheduling errors. The bright side is I get paid every Friday, though, so I’ll have cash in about a week and a half.

  344. Well, I’m off for the night. See you all tomorrow.

  345. *pops head in and waves* Hi everybody! Sorry I haven’t been around much, had a nice weekend(alas no extra day at the beach) then came home to find that my favorite forum had errupted into a war zone while I was gone *sighs* normally we are a big giant family but a new member came in and said some things that needed to be said, and started a HUGE war. So a few of us ‘old timers’ have been trying to smooth things over but it just isn’t going well. Gotta love non-moderated boards aye?

    I’m about ready to murder my ‘new neighbors’ who moved in. I have a family of frogs living under my window, that keep ribbiting all fracking night long. I haven’t slept well since I got home, and have been resorting to the old standby of passing out while the baby naps as they are asleep then. I have so many better things to do during the day, but I need sleep too.

  346. DebS said

    I do brush and floss, I swear! I have a calcium deficiency which reaks havoc with my teeth and will most likely lead to osteoperosis. I try to compensate with lots of milk and a multi-vitamin (when I remember tot ake it).

    Sophie, where are you working?

  347. laurel said

    Good morning!
    DebS – I grew up with very soft baby teeth and had lots of fillings in them. Now I’ve got plenty of fillings and several crowns – not related to lack of oral hygene! My gums are healthy and I brush and floss twice a day. Some of us just got shorted genetically when it comes to teeth.

    MM – Frogs. I feel your pain.

  348. DebS said

    I hear ya Laurel! My sister got her first cavity at 21. I got my first cavity at like 9 or something like that. I was always jealous.

  349. DebS said

    MM-I am sure this has been asked/said before, but I only recently came back to the blog. How old is your baby? boy or girl? name?

  350. laurel said

    Um, Deb? MM = Mackenzie’s Mom.
    Hint, hint.


  351. I’m working at Marshalls. I start Friday, which means I need to wrangle my mom into recording Dr. Who for me.

    We have a little pond right outside my parents bedroom window. Every few weeks in the summer, my dad goes out just after dark with a BB gun….

    I had a few cavities when I was little, but they were in baby teeth so the dentist never did anything about them since they just fell out anyway. I had my first filling last year, I think, but I’d actually had a piece of enamel pop off–I was under a lot of stress at school and at home, and didn’t realize how tightly I was clenching my teeth. I also blame my braces for that, because it was right in a spot where one of the brackets was glued. I have a sensitive spot on the left side of my mouth, but again, I blame my braces for weakening the enamel, and also my retainer because it no longer fits properly and I think it causes more harm than good now.

  352. DebS said

    Oh haha…yeah i should have known that about MM. But she always raises goats, so how do i know there isn’t a goat named Mackenzie out there? huh? huh? 🙂

    Sophia–if she can’t record Dr. Who for you. you can go to and find it there.

    Laurel–i just sent you an email asking your opinion about my trip plans. let me know what you think.

  353. Linda said

    Good afternoon all,

    Sorry to be gone for a while. Work has kept me busy since I got back from the holiday. *Waves* to Laurel, Sophia, MM & DebS.

    Sophia — Congrats on the job at Marshall’s

    I see we are discussing cavities. I was so cavity prone as a child, I had twelve (yes twelve, count’em) in my baby teeth at one time. It took 3 trips to the dentist to get them filled and I was probably 5 or 6 at the time. Fortunately, I stopped having them as I got older.

  354. DebS said

    Linda–Lucky you that you stopped getting them. I have learned to cope with my fear of the dentist that is good.

  355. Linda said

    It is true, if you have to go often enough, you do become less anxious.

  356. DebS said

    So, Linda how are things going in your neck of the woods? Arkansas right?

  357. Linda said

    I was just looking at They have The Covenant in their library of movies.

  358. Linda said

    DebS — Things are fine here. It is really hot and humid, all of a sudden. I think it will be a long summer. How are your relatives that live here? I hope they did not have any damage from the tornados we have had this spring.

  359. DebS said

    Linda-I don’t think they did. My relatives are doing pretty well. I haven’t talked to them in a few weeks. I will have to check in with them.

  360. Ooh, thanks for the link, Deb. I’m trying to watch Runaway Bride right now. I haven’t seen too much of that season. I don’t know if it’s going to load, though. Our connection seems to be a bit too slow for the site.

  361. DebS said

    I hope it loads. I love this site for shows because of how it is organized.

  362. I had to reload the site, but I got it working. 😀 I am officially in love. The Japanese subtitles are kind of amusing, though.

  363. Laurel- I’m hoping that it will get better. I doubt it will but a girl can hope right?

    DebS- My Daughter is just over 2 almost 2 and a half. She’s a March baby which was nice IMHO, as I wasn’t super pregnant during the hot summer(I spent that summer living in corduroy).

    I finally got to finish the NCIS season finale, and even though I KNEW what was coming, it was still a bit shocking.

    Had a nice day today with speech therapy this morning, and then i took a nice long sleep since I couldn’t last night with the noisy neighbors 😉 I have some typing to do tonight, to get some of my new writing transfered to my laptop.

  364. DebS said

    Good morning ladies! I think I have been the first person to the blog for the last three days. I have made a point to drop in. We really don’t spend much time here anymore, which is so sad.

    I miss Gypsy…what have you been up to lady?

  365. DebS said

    i just happened to reread what I just wrote. Sounds kind of snippy…sorry that wan’t how i meant it to sound at all.

  366. Greetings all.

    I have a new addiction now. I’ve been going through and catching up on on all the Doctor Who episodes I missed. Then I think I’m going to go back and watch the original series. I’m such a dork.

  367. DebS said

    then that makes me a dork too. I started watching DW during Christopher Eccelston’s Doctor….and have been watching the new series religiously ever since. I then started watching the original series. I have watched Doctors 1-3 and am on Tom Baker, #4.

  368. Linda said

    Then I am a dork too, I love the Doctor! What’s the deal with #4 Tom Baker? I haven’t gotten that far. Does David Tennant leave DW? You can tell me, I don’t like to be surprised anyway.

    DebS — I didn’t think it sounded snippy.

  369. DebS said

    Tom Baker was the 4th Doctor.

    I don’t know if David Tennant is leaving. I haven’t finished the current season. i am choosing not to watch ahead even though I can.

  370. I heard that he likes to keep the fans guessing as to when he is leaving. Catherine Tate was quoted saying he was going to leave at the end of this season, but he later refuted it.

    I decided that I had to watch the first series after I was going through the special episodes on SurftheChannel, and came across the short episode. I can’t remember the title now, but it was really sweet.

  371. Elizabeth said

    Sheesh – I am so far behind…David Tennant is thinking of leaving Dr. Who? I love him! I can’t say I am fond of Donna yet. I am hoping she will grow on me a bit, but so far it hasn’t happened. I haven’t seen very many episodes with Eccelston’s Doctor, but have seen the majority with Tennant.

    MM – I am with you on NCIS. I knew what was going to happen through most of it, but I didn’t see the end coming. Did you? I know I sat there with my mouth open for a minute or two while I tried to absorb it. I can’t wait for next season.

  372. I like Donna better than Martha.

    Ooh, I had no idea that Gwen was in Doctor Who! Well, not Gwen, Gwyneth…but still! Eve Myles!

  373. Linda said

    I’m convinced. I need to go back and watch the first series too. It will give me something to do this summer when nothing is on. The Lost season finale will be the last hurrah for me tonight.

  374. Linda said

    Donna gets on my nerves a little, but I am liking her better. I had just gotten used to Martha when she left the show. As you can see, I don’t tolerate change well.

    I didn’t know that Gwen (Eve Myles) shows up in Dr. Who.

    I don’t watch NCIS, but maybe I should start. Lots of people talk about it. It sounds intriguing.

  375. I feel kind of bad. We’re supposed to be discussing Blood Ties, and I keep getting distracted. “Ooh! Shiney! David Tennant! Look over there! Torchwood!

  376. DebS said

    Yep Gwen was in DW. I love David Tennant! But it is the natural order of DW for Doctors to I am hoping to love the next Doctor as much as I have come to love Tennant. This is the last year of his three year contract, but that doesn’t mean he is done yet.

  377. I really hope he sticks around. David will always be “my” Doctor, not that I can really say much since I’ve only ever seen him and Christopher Eccliston (sp?).

  378. DebS said

    He is my doctor as well

  379. rifkind said

    Hi Gals,
    Sorry about not being here much.
    I was SO looking forward to the holiday weekend at the cabin and a chance to write, and chat away with my BT Sisters… and then the dial-up account at the cabin didn’t work.. URGH!!!!!!!
    Well, next weekend should be better. The laptop that I use died since I had last been to the cabin, and I had forgotten to get the dialer and all the account information setup on the new machine before last weekend!..Then of course the internet company offices were closed by the time that I figured out that there was a problem.. SO I called them on Tuesday and found out what was UP…
    So I shoud be online next weekend. YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!!

    I am working on creating the background reference website to support our book… I finally got the first pages posted last week and the domain name registered last Saturday.. it is still under construction.. and I am spending waaay too much time playing with it.. but it is ‘pretty’.. 🙂

    Then I spent another 4 hours on Saturday researching “Click Beetles”, as they are going to be a natural warning system in our story.. and were sacred to the Egyptian Goddess Neith.
    The gals here at work said that I am doing way to much research for the book.. but then again THEY are not writing a story with an engineer!!!

    Bill got another 1 1/2 chapters written last weekend.. once he concludes this section… we can get the chapters polished and I can post them on the blog.
    I am concerned though.. as we are again at a major POV change.. this time switching to Nefertiti…. and I worry because it took Bill MONTHS to figure out how to switch POV the last time!!!!

  380. Speaking of writing, I just wanted to put out the bug one last time that if anyone wants to read my writing, drop me an email or let me know here so I can add your email address to the “allow” list on the blog with my stories on it. It’s still under construction, but it’s functioning and I think will come out well in the end.

  381. rifkind said

    Congrats Sophia on the new job!

    Time for ear plugs MM!
    I won’t travel anywhere without them and it helps me to get a better night’s sleep!

  382. DebS said

    I love reading all of your guy’s writing, so sign me up Sophia. I don’t know your email though.

  383. Thanks, Rif. We’ll see how things go. My first night is tomorrow.

  384. My email is

  385. Elizabeth said

    I am having a real hard time today posting anything 😦 Unfortunately, it is all operator error which makes it worse!

    Rif – I am glad to hear you guys are back to writing. I really enjoyed the few chapters I previously read of your work and definately would love to read more. I checked out your web site – you are right…it is pretty 🙂 Also, pretty informative!

  386. DebS said

    Hey Rifkind!

    Sorry about the internet at you cabin..that sucks.

  387. DebS said

    Mine is

  388. Linda said

    Hi Rif!

    I am interested in reading your writing. i will send you an email.

  389. I’m adding all of you to the allow list. The website it

  390. I’ll be back in a bit. I need to take my mom to the grocery store.

  391. rifkind said

    Thanks for the compliment E!
    and also to nice words DebS and Linda..
    When we finally get the newly revised first 6 chapters put out on the blog.. I am going to make the password much easier to remember!
    Once we get the latest versions posted, I will email you the new password!
    The one that I have currently on the pages, is one that Bill made up… and EVEN I CAN”T REMEMBER IT!!!! LOL!!

    We have added a new prologue to the story. I think that you will like it!
    And I like how we are slowly introducing the special attributes of our protagonist..

    Once I get the Egypt research up-to-date…. and the website where I like it… I need to get back to my own story.. a BT related story that has been sitting for a long time.. I think that Vicki has waited long enough!
    So maybe I can get some of the BT story written this weekend too!
    🙂 -Rifkind

  392. laurel said

    Holy toledo, Batman! I disappear for one day and you all show up!!!
    How the heck did that happen?

    For those of you who were talking about Doctor Who….
    Eccleston was the 9th doctor
    and Tennant the 10th. I haven’t heard if they are going to keep going with Tennant but the word is there may be a break of over a year no matter whether he continues or not. It takes them aprox 9 months to put together 13 episodes so the schedule is pretty brutal. There isn’t much time for the Actors to do any other projects. I’m hoping Tennant will continue, because I think he is just adorable.
    Gypsy won’t mind our talking about DW on here, she is my source for information about the series and she is a serious fan of both DW and Torchwood. She has Torchwood fan-fic posted out there in the cyber-world. I’ve read it and she is really awesome! 🙂

    My e-mail took a dive yesterday so I’m just getting back on line now. Google vs. Verizon. Not pretty. I had to go reset my passwords because Google suddenly forgot who the hell i was. 😦
    It’s better now.

  393. DebS said

    Hi Laurel–

    I purchased my ticket to CA. It looks like we are going to have schedule a shopping trip with the Portland gang so I can have an amazing outfit or two for my trip to CA.

    I heart the whole Doctor Who universe. I have watched old DW, new DW. Torchwood, and the Sarah Jane Adventures.

  394. laurel said

    Wait until you see the Portlanders in ‘group shopping’ mode. We are pretty funny when we get together (and of course there will be a meal involved). We may not have a lot of time to spend with you but I’m sure glad we have a chance to visit and play for a couple of days. You and Wildstar have been the subjects of several lovely conversations about the joys of our BT family.
    What a gift this world Detectives and Vampires has been to all of us!

  395. DebS said

    I know! I am so excited to come and visit. I am glad that you are all happy for me and Wildstar to visit.

    okay i am off to go walking. I am starting an exercise regime to get healthy.

  396. laurel said

    DebS – Enjoy your walk! I’m on my way out to the post office to send you a package.

  397. Linda said

    Hi Laurel! A whole year’s break! If David Tennant will stay as the Doctor, I can live with that. Glad you got your email working.

  398. laurel said

    Hey Linda! I so agree with that! I can’t imagine a new Doctor yet. I loved Eccleston and had a hard time accepting Tennant. Right. For all of ten minutes maybe. lol

    My e-mail was down for hours before I realized it was having a problem. Everything I thought I replied to yesterday is now in question. I wondered where everyone went, but lately the afternoons are so slow everywhere that I didn’t know there was a problem. Ah, well. Now I’m back in touch with the world.

  399. Elizabeth said

    Laurel – at least you remember to check your emails. I keep forgetting I have email at home! I checked it last night and had 8 I hadn’t replied to. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but not many people know my home email address yet.

    I spent a very frustrating hour or so last night trying to figure out how to send you my chapters. Notice you didn’t get them…I gave up because I knew I was tired and over complicating everything. I also was unable to open what you had sent me. I am sure you could hear my knashing my teeth!

  400. E- I had heard about the team re-assignment by accident shortly after the episode aired, BUT i still was shocked going ‘wth’ when I saw the scene at the end of NCIS.

    Rif- I can’t do ear plugs. I wear them during the summer when I’m working on the machines but I can’t get used to them otherwise. Somebody suggested I put a strobe light out there, lol.

    I’m heading out to the feed store, then going for a walk with some of my mom friends so I’ll see you ladies this evening.

  401. I’m back.

    Dad is digging up our front yard. We have a water leak somewhere and we don’t know where. It might involve tearing up part of the turn around portion of the drive.

  402. Elizabeth said

    MM – I wonder how they will resolve the team reassignments? I can’t imagine that all of those characters will no longer be a part of the “team”. I actually saw a couple of NCIS episodes I have never seen before. My DVR automatically recorded the marathon that was on recently and I was pleasantly surprised to see new to me episodes. 🙂

  403. I haven’t watched NCIS in forever. It lost it’s appeal for me after they wrote off Kate, though I am really fond of Gibbs and Abby.

  404. laurel said

    I only saw the last five minutes of the last episode of the season. Now I have to find a couple of hours to watch ‘on demand.’ Once I do that I can join in the conversation a little better. :0 :-O

  405. laurel said

    Dang. Every once in a while I try to figure out a new smiley, but as usual – I got nothin’.


  406. laurel said

    Hey E – maybe we should try to book a class this Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon (after 2:30 for me on Sunday). Or, I can just get on the iChat and we can try things out.

    You have the book so I will rely on you to look things up. hehe Just kidding!
    I don’t know why you couldn’t open my documents. I’ll have to go look at them again. Maybe I didn’t make them compatible.

  407. DebS said

    I am back for the evening. I walked 4 miles. I am so proud of myself. I did, however, have to come home and shower. Boy, did I smell bad.

    Laurel–Thanks for making these again. How much do I owe you? Do you want me to send you a check or just bring it when I come to Portland?

  408. elizabeth said

    Laurel – I am open to Sunday afternoon for a class and, of course, coffee 🙂 What do you want to take a class on? Let me know for sure and I will try to schedule one the same time you do.

    DebS – 4 miles – Wow! I barely make it a mile before I am seriously looking for somewhere to collapse! Good for you!

  409. DebS said

    Thanks E! I am pretty sure I am going fall over in pain tomorrow morning.

  410. elizabeth said

    Laurel – Whoo Hoo! I kinda sorta figured out how to open your word documents and I am printing them out now! Don’t ask me how I did it – I am just thrilled I finally got it to work!! I so need a class in this!

  411. E- from what I have seen of spoilers it is going to be a very very interesting season(I have only seen VERY VERY general ones as I try to avoid spoilers). I am curious as to how they will handle the ‘seperation’ of the team, and the new dynamics this will create. I am also very curious to see if they really bring in a new team or if its all just a ruse.

    DebS- I went walking too tonight! though I only did 2 miles I was pushing the stroller. I was shocked because I never get to go walking @ home, and I was barely winded when I got done.

  412. DebS said

    Good morning my blog sisters!

    I am reeling over the LOST finale. I don’t know if any of you watch it, but the writers and cast outdid themselves. I was screaming at the tv last night.

    MM–Hey 2 miles is nothing to be ashamed of. The only reason I did 4 was because I was walking on a trail that was 2 miles long. My friend and I walked all the way to the end and all the way back. I was so exhausted when I got back.

  413. Linda said

    DebS — I will get back to you on Lost. I haven’t watch it yet, but will shortly. Can’t wait to see it now! Good job on the walk! I walk and have started running a little too.

    MM — Two miles is very good, especially pushing a stroller. That qualifies as extra weight-bearing exercise!

  414. DebS said

    Linda and Rif–We should have a blog discussion this weekend about LOST. It was such a good season finale. I can’t wait for you all to watch it.

  415. laurel said

    DebS – We can work out details when you get here, but as far as I’m concerned you don’t owe me anything. I just make those for fun. I hope they are what you wanted, i was a little unsure of the red one so I stuck in an extra blue so you’d have an option.
    Book covers. Can’t have too many.

    I am feeling inspired about walking! We have a really great loop of sidewalk around a corporate campus that I need to measure the distance around. I usually bike around it twice before my legs get so numb I can’t pedal any more. I think the loop is at least a couple of miles.

  416. DebS said

    My end of year report is done!!!!!

  417. laurel said

    Congratulations on finishing the ‘end of the year!’ Ready to start a new one?

    I just looked at all of the stuff I’m supposed to be getting done and wonder how the heck I volunteered for so many things over the next two days. I’m actually going to add a class on Sunday – with Elizabeth – if I can figure out a time.

    I have to make a big pot of Teryaki beef and another of chicken for a potluck on Sunday at church. I think I’m also supposed to be making some sushi…. What the heck was I thinking? It’s for a graduation party for my daughter and another girl at church, both love Japanese food so we moms are trying to ake it extra special.

  418. laurel said

    Oh sure, yesterday there was tons of chatter! Now? Nada.
    I’m going to go sit in the tiny bit of sun we are having today. Then I’ll have to mow the lawn.
    Ah, Summer may yet reach the Wet Coast.


  419. rifkind said

    Hey Laurel,
    I was WORKING….
    Is your daughter’s graduation party this weekend?
    I hope to be online this weekend… the dial-up should work at the cabin this weekend!
    Hugs -Rifkind

  420. DebS said

    I am now home for the evening. I went shopping with my friend Lindsey. She needed some retail therapy and it turns out so did I.

  421. Eeep. *collapse*

    I just got back from my first night at work. I worked my butt off, but it was worth it because I got two of these star-card things–they enter you into a drawing for gift cards and additional discounts. Not bad for my first night. Of course, it helps that I’ve been shopping there for over four years and knew where everything went already, at least in a general way.

  422. rifkind said

    Congratulations Sophia!
    All that power shopping has paid off!
    Keep up the good work!

  423. DebS, and Linda- Thanks, I think I was shocked at how easy it was for me to walk the 2 miles, as its been *forever* since I went walking. Living out in the country we don’t have sidewalks and i never go anywhere anymore.

    So I had a really awesome day today. My best friend from high school had her first prenatal appointment, and I got to tag along with her. She got to hear the baby’s heartbeat which made us both bawl like little babies. I’m soo excited and honored that she is letting me be such a big help for her during all this.

  424. Hello everyone! Be happy you only know me online, for I smell very badly right now! We have no water. My dad was digging up the front yard to find where a mystery leak was coming from, and accidentally took out the line to the well pump with the bobcat. And then the bobcat broke, so he’s digging by hand with a friend, still has no idea what he’s looking for, and is covered in three inches of mud, head to foot.

    I’m going to change clothes, douse myself liberally with perfume and go to a movie with a friend so I don’t strangle something. Or someone.

  425. rifkind said

    Oh Sophia!
    It sounds like Murphy has come to spend the weekend with your family!
    Of course the bob cat is going to dig up something that it is not supposed to…. and of course it is going to break shortly there-after!

    Hang in there!

  426. I am back from speed racer. Great story and casting, horrible cinamography. Though if racing were actually that exciting, I might watch it.

    Dad fixed the pipes–somewhat. We can shower, and use the washing machine, but we can’t drink the water until tomorrow. Dad wants to put bleach in it. Would someone please explain to me why the water isn’t safe to drink, but it is safe to wash dishes with?

    Anyway, we’re about halfway there. Though if I wake up at 6:30 tomorrow morning to the bobcat right outside my bedroom window again, I might become a homicidal sleep walker, since that would make three mornings in a row. (it may or may not have been fixed while I was gone)

    Murphy is a frequent uninvited house guest. He used to tailgate me, but he’s been feeling neglected since I got a new car. I guess he’s trying to make up for lost time.

  427. ah yes, my dear dear friend sire murphy. I am quite well acquainted with the chap.

    Last fall I was walking along some pallets and slipped and fell, and went to stop myself by throwing out my hand, well it ended up twisted up under me, resulting in me ‘spracturing’ it. Basically I was brilliant enough to not only fracture but also to sprain the dadgummed thing at the same time.

    Or there is the Vancouver dinner incident which resulted in giant scars on my knees.

    Or the latest episode where I fell out of a box van(like a U-Haul truck) and onto a pile of metal racks, thus slicing my knee and calf up again.

    Or the time 5 years ago where I fell onto a fence and ended up in the hospital having 4 and a half hour emergency surgery, and a 3 day stay.

    So as you can see he is my friend too. 😉

  428. DebS said

    Wow! I know Murphy too! 🙂 MM, you sound about as clumsy as me

    Let’s see there was the time I fell out of the top bunk of a bunk bed in my sleep

    Or the time I fell (or flew) down the stairs and hit a door at the bottom

    Or the time I got my foot stuck in hole in a sidewalk in Mexico (actually that one was pretty hilarious)

    Or the time I got a pebble stuck in my rollerblade causing me to fall/roll down a hill fracturing my arm

    And those are only a few of the things that I have done.

  429. Yes. I think I can claim dumbest injury though. Last spring, I was carrying an arm load of ceramics from our outdoor kiln area into the school. This guy came barreling out of the building just as I was going in. I put out my foot to keep from getting hit in the face with the three-inch thick steel door, and ended up fracturing my ankle. I guess I should just be glad it was my foot he hit, and not my face.

    Murphy is very fond of my old Jeep though. It broke down just about every five miles, had a mystery oil leak, and all sort of other problems that are typical of old jeeps. Did you know they have holes in the dashboard specifically so you can jiggle the windshield wipers when they get stuck?

  430. rifkind said

    Hi Gals!
    For those of you who want to chat about LOST, I have set up a LOST page on my blog..
    I won’t be online again now until late tonight.. but if you want to start chattering away about LOST.. the page has been setup for a chat.
    Hugs to all and blessings to keep Mr. Murphy away from you!

  431. rifkind said

    Good Morning !
    Here is a song to stick in your head all day!
    I had to find one to replace the music worm that has been rumbling around in my head for days.. the Free credit report dot com song, hee hee, -Rifkind

    Good Morning Star shine
    The earth says “hello”
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below.

    Good Morning Star shine
    You lead us along
    My love and me as we sing
    Our early morning singin’ song

    (middle eight)
    Gliddy glub gloopy; Nibby nabby noopy
    La la la lo lo…
    Sabba sibby sabba; Nooby abba nabba
    Le le lo lo…
    Tooby ooby walla; Nooby abba nabba
    Early morning singin’ song.

    Good Morning Star shine
    The earth says “hello”
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below.

    Good Morning Star shine
    You lead us along
    My love and me as we sing
    Our early morning singin’ song

    (Repeat middle eight)

    Singin’ a song, humming a song
    Singing a song…
    Loving a song, laughing a song
    Singing a song…
    Sing the song; Song the sing
    Song song song sing
    Sing sing sing sing song
    Song song song sing
    Sing sing sing sing song

  432. rifkind said

    Good Morning !
    Here is a song to stick in your head all day!
    I had to find one to replace the music worm that has been rumbling around in my head for days.. the Free credit report dot com song, hee hee, -Rifkind

    Good Morning Star shine
    The earth says “hello”
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below.

    Good Morning Star shine
    You lead us along
    My love and me as we sing
    Our early morning singin’ song

    (middle eight)
    Gliddy glub gloopy; Nibby nabby noopy
    La la la lo lo…
    Sabba sibby sabba; Nooby abba nabba
    Le le lo lo…
    Tooby ooby walla; Nooby abba nabba
    Early morning singin’ song.

    Good Morning Star shine
    The earth says “hello”
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below.

    Good Morning Star shine
    You lead us along
    My love and me as we sing
    Our early morning singin’ song

    (Repeat middle eight)

    Singin’ a song, humming a song
    Singing a song…
    Loving a song, laughing a song
    Singing a song…
    Sing the song; Song the sing
    Song song song sing
    Sing sing sing sing song
    Song song song sing
    Sing sing sing sing song

  433. rifkind said

    Good Morning !
    Here is a song to stick in your head all day!
    I had to find one to replace the music worm that has been rumbling around in my head for days.. the Free credit report dot com song, hee hee, -Rifkind

    Good Morning Star shine
    The earth says “hello”
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below.

    Good Morning Star shine
    You lead us along
    My love and me as we sing
    Our early morning singin’ song

    (middle eight)
    Gliddy glub gloopy; Nibby nabby noopy
    La la la lo lo…
    Sabba sibby sabba; Nooby abba nabba
    Le le lo lo…
    Tooby ooby walla; Nooby abba nabba
    Early morning singin’ song.

    Good Morning Star shine
    The earth says “hello”
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below.

    Good Morning Star shine
    You lead us along
    My love and me as we sing
    Our early morning singin’ song

    (Repeat middle eight)

    Singin’ a song, humming a song
    Singing a song…
    Loving a song, laughing a song
    Singing a song…
    Sing the song; Song the sing
    Song song song sing
    Sing sing sing sing song
    Song song song sing
    Sing sing sing sing song

  434. rifkind said

    Good Morning !
    Here is a song to stick in your head all day!
    I had to find one to replace the music worm that has been rumbling around in my head for days.. the Free credit report dot com song, hee hee, -Rifkind

    Good Morning Star shine
    The earth says “hello”
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below.

    Good Morning Star shine
    You lead us along
    My love and me as we sing
    Our early morning singin’ song

    (middle eight)
    Gliddy glub gloopy; Nibby nabby noopy
    La la la lo lo…
    Sabba sibby sabba; Nooby abba nabba
    Le le lo lo…
    Tooby ooby walla; Nooby abba nabba
    Early morning singin’ song.

    Good Morning Star shine
    The earth says “hello”
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below.

    Good Morning Star shine
    You lead us along
    My love and me as we sing
    Our early morning singin’ song

    (Repeat middle eight)

    Singin’ a song, humming a song
    Singing a song…
    Loving a song, laughing a song
    Singing a song…
    Sing the song; Song the sing
    Song song song sing
    Sing sing sing sing song
    Song song song sing
    Sing sing sing sing song

  435. rifkind said

    Good Morning !
    Here is a song to stick in your head all day!
    I had to find one to replace the music worm that has been rumbling around in my head for days.. the Free credit report dot com song, hee hee, -Rifkind

    Good Morning Star shine
    The earth says “hello”
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below.

    Good Morning Star shine
    You lead us along
    My love and me as we sing
    Our early morning singin’ song

    (middle eight)
    Gliddy glub gloopy; Nibby nabby noopy
    La la la lo lo…
    Sabba sibby sabba; Nooby abba nabba
    Le le lo lo…
    Tooby ooby walla; Nooby abba nabba
    Early morning singin’ song.

    Good Morning Star shine
    The earth says “hello”
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below.

    Good Morning Star shine
    You lead us along
    My love and me as we sing
    Our early morning singin’ song

    (Repeat middle eight)

    Singin’ a song, humming a song
    Singing a song…
    Loving a song, laughing a song
    Singing a song…
    Sing the song; Song the sing
    Song song song sing
    Sing sing sing sing song
    Song song song sing
    Sing sing sing sing song

  436. rifkind said

    Good Morning !
    Here is a song to stick in your head all day!
    I had to find one to replace the music worm that has been rumbling around in my head for days.. the Free credit report dot com song, hee hee, -Rifkind

    Good Morning Star shine
    The earth says “hello”
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below.

    Good Morning Star shine
    You lead us along
    My love and me as we sing
    Our early morning singin’ song

    (middle eight)
    Gliddy glub gloopy; Nibby nabby noopy
    La la la lo lo…
    Sabba sibby sabba; Nooby abba nabba
    Le le lo lo…
    Tooby ooby walla; Nooby abba nabba
    Early morning singin’ song.

    Good Morning Star shine
    The earth says “hello”
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below.

    Good Morning Star shine
    You lead us along
    My love and me as we sing
    Our early morning singin’ song

    (Repeat middle eight)

    Singin’ a song, humming a song
    Singing a song…
    Loving a song, laughing a song
    Singing a song…
    Sing the song; Song the sing
    Song song song sing
    Sing sing sing sing song
    Song song song sing
    Sing sing sing sing song

  437. rifkind said

    Good Morning !
    Here is a song to stick in your head all day!
    I had to find one to replace the music worm that has been rumbling around in my head for days.. the Free credit report dot com song, hee hee, -Rifkind

    Good Morning Star shine
    The earth says “hello”
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below.

    Good Morning Star shine
    You lead us along
    My love and me as we sing
    Our early morning singin’ song

    (middle eight)
    Gliddy glub gloopy; Nibby nabby noopy
    La la la lo lo…
    Sabba sibby sabba; Nooby abba nabba
    Le le lo lo…
    Tooby ooby walla; Nooby abba nabba
    Early morning singin’ song.

    Good Morning Star shine
    The earth says “hello”
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below.

    Good Morning Star shine
    You lead us along
    My love and me as we sing
    Our early morning singin’ song

    (Repeat middle eight)

    Singin’ a song, humming a song
    Singing a song…
    Loving a song, laughing a song
    Singing a song…
    Sing the song; Song the sing
    Song song song sing
    Sing sing sing sing song
    Song song song sing
    Sing sing sing sing song

  438. rifkind said

    Good Morning !
    Here is a song to stick in your head all day!
    I had to find one to replace the music worm that has been rumbling around in my head for days.. the Free credit report dot com song, hee hee, -Rifkind

    Good Morning Star shine
    The earth says “hello”
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below.

    Good Morning Star shine
    You lead us along
    My love and me as we sing
    Our early morning singin’ song

    (middle eight)
    Gliddy glub gloopy; Nibby nabby noopy
    La la la lo lo…
    Sabba sibby sabba; Nooby abba nabba
    Le le lo lo…
    Tooby ooby walla; Nooby abba nabba
    Early morning singin’ song.

    Good Morning Star shine
    The earth says “hello”
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below.

    Good Morning Star shine
    You lead us along
    My love and me as we sing
    Our early morning singin’ song

    (Repeat middle eight)

    Singin’ a song, humming a song
    Singing a song…
    Loving a song, laughing a song
    Singing a song…
    Sing the song; Song the sing
    Song song song sing
    Sing sing sing sing song
    Song song song sing
    Sing sing sing sing song

  439. rifkind said

    Good Morning !
    Here is a song to stick in your head all day!
    I had to find one to replace the music worm that has been rumbling around in my head for days.. the Free credit report dot com song, hee hee, -Rifkind

    Good Morning Star shine
    The earth says “hello”
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below.

    Good Morning Star shine
    You lead us along
    My love and me as we sing
    Our early morning singin’ song

    (middle eight)
    Gliddy glub gloopy; Nibby nabby noopy
    La la la lo lo…
    Sabba sibby sabba; Nooby abba nabba
    Le le lo lo…
    Tooby ooby walla; Nooby abba nabba
    Early morning singin’ song.

    Good Morning Star shine
    The earth says “hello”
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below.

    Good Morning Star shine
    You lead us along
    My love and me as we sing
    Our early morning singin’ song

    (Repeat middle eight)

    Singin’ a song, humming a song
    Singing a song…
    Loving a song, laughing a song
    Singing a song…
    Sing the song; Song the sing
    Song song song sing
    Sing sing sing sing song
    Song song song sing
    Sing sing sing sing song

  440. rifkind said

    Good Morning…
    If my post shows up twice, I’m sorry… but it looks like it didn’t “take”

    Here is a fun song to bounce around your heads for the day..
    as I needed a new song, as the song worm that has been bugging me for the last several days needs to be replaced! I keep hearing the Free Cred-it report dot com song! Heeeeelp!

    So here is a new one …. to share with my blog friends

    Good Morning Star shine
    The earth says “hello”
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below.

    Good Morning Star shine
    You lead us along
    My love and me as we sing
    Our early morning singin’ song

    (middle eight)
    Gliddy glub gloopy; Nibby nabby noopy
    La la la lo lo…
    Sabba sibby sabba; Nooby abba nabba
    Le le lo lo…
    Tooby ooby walla; Nooby abba nabba
    Early morning singin’ song.

    Good Morning Star shine
    The earth says “hello”
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below.

    Good Morning Star shine
    You lead us along
    My love and me as we sing
    Our early morning singin’ song

    (Repeat middle eight)

    Singin’ a song, humming a song
    Singing a song…
    Loving a song, laughing a song
    Singing a song…
    Sing the song; Song the sing
    Song song song sing
    Sing sing sing sing song
    Song song song sing
    Sing sing sing sing song

  441. rifkind said

    OM Gosh!
    Not only did it post twice… it went over and over and over..
    I honestly did NOT do that… sorry!
    When I posted.. the screen went into a mode that said that WordPress was doing some kind of maintenance… and look what happens? My original post shows up 9 times!!!!
    I guess that WordPress had the song stuck in its head too!!! LOL…
    Off to work, chat with you later,

  442. Himmiefan said

    Rifkind – that’s okay. It’s always nice to start off Monday with something to laugh about. : )

    Hello everybody!! *waves*

  443. laurel said

    Talk about getting a song stuck in your head…. looks like it got stuck in the great ‘wordpress’ noggin too. hehehe

  444. laurel said

    Hi Himmie! It’s good to see you checking in once in a while. What are you up to today?

    Rif, Sophia, MM… and everyone else – Hi! 🙂

  445. rifkind said

    Hey Laurel!
    How did the graduation party go?
    It sounded like you had way over-booked yourself for the weekend!

  446. Linda said

    Hi everyone! *waves*

    Thanks for the song Rif!

    Hi Laurel, Himmie, Sophia and MM…

    Laurel, I hope you had fun at the graduation party. My best friend from high school called me last Friday, her daughter graduated last week too. She has twin boys, 11 years old. I told her when they graduated, I would then have to shoot myself. Lol!!

    Rif — I finally watched Lost and will pop in on your page shortly. I have lots of questions, not many answers, unfortunately.

  447. Elizabeth said

    Good Morning All!

    Rif – I’m impressed! You definately set a record this morning 😉 Good thing I was listening to music on my iPod or I might have that song stuck in my head instead – LOL

    Laurel – How was the graduation party? Coffee this week, I hope? 🙂 I am really tickled with myself today. I finally got some of the BT episodes downloaded from iTunes – yay! Of course, it didn’t take long to blow through $15, but so worth it.

    Hey Himmie *waves back* Don’t be such a stranger here. I miss you!

  448. Linda said

    Hi E — I have gotten a couple of iTunes gift cards from people for different occasions. They really come in handy.

  449. laurel said

    The graduation party was lovely. We had planned for 40 people but had ninty-one. Good thing I added a couple of items to the menu and two other friends brought stuff that we hadn’t counted on. Surprises like that are so wonderful!!
    The actual graduation isn’t until this Saturday, and then we will have another small – family and neighbors – party here in the afternoon. Maybe. I’m all for just getting some cold cuts, salads and a cake from Costco. I am NOT making sushi this time!
    Yes, I overbooked myself and paid for it. I spent most of the day feeling really sick and then took a two hour nap in the afternoon. I was supposed to be doing other things but oh well.

    E – Coffee? Of course! Name the time and place!!! 😎
    I’m glad to hear you are getting your BT episodes back on the iPod. I I bought a couple of music videos of ‘Nickleback” that are amazing. Now I need some non video music from them.

  450. rifkind said

    Yes Laurel, I can definately understand where sushi would be tons of work!
    Poor Dear! Working way too hard. I hope that your daughter appreciates all that you have done for her.
    You must have had good weather.. was this outside at your house? I can’t imagine 91 folks trying to squeeze in the house and garage if there had been rain.

    WildStar and I worked on her last chapter and epilogue on Friday, but I think that you can help her with some of the finer points of grammer.

    Our book moves slowly forward, Bill finished chapter 7 this weekend.. and our goal is to get it exported out of the writing software and into Word.. where we can polish it and then I can publish the latest changes to Red Nile on my blog.
    I think that BIll is looking forward to some feedback on the book from my BT sisters!

  451. laurel said

    This was a party after church – at church. Plenty of room but still…
    We had two girls graduating this week, my Sarah (June 7th) and her friend Kari June 1st). On top of everything we had a special music program so everybody showed up and stayed. We had cold weather on Sunday, so it was a good thing we were indoors.
    I’m just getting to the last chapter and epilogue of Wildstar’s book. I’m trying to read with an eye to the grammar and spelling, but I get caught in the story and have to backtrack. 🙂
    We always miss something and I know she wants it polished before she submits anything.

  452. laurel said

    Hi Linda!

  453. rifkind said

    I am so glad that you were indoors!
    When my son graduated, I rented a local hall from the city. It was nice that they had 2 of those commercial refrigerators available. A gal a work was doing a catering business on the side. and I had the best gigantic fruit trays made up. It was nice to be able to have a place inside where everyone could get together.
    I’m glad that you had a large indoor area.

    I know what you mean about WildStar’s story!
    I usually end up reading it more than once.. Once read-through just to get the story … then re-read it for story continuity, then another reading for grammer.. hee hee

  454. Elizabeth said

    Hi Linda – I really like using the iTunes gift cards rather than my credit card. I don’t overspend that way! 😉

    Laurel – I am having new windows installed in part of my house Friday and will be home all day. The only difficulty is I need to be around for the crew installing the windows. But, we could get coffee and go back to my house if you wanted? We can work on …wait for it…our writing 🙂 *Beaming smile* Let me know if that sounds like it would work for you? You can even bring your computer if you want…..

    I am sorry you exhausted yourself with all the party preparations. I know how easy that is to do. It sounds like your lovely daughter will have some wonderful memories though.

    BTW, If you are talking the rock group Nickelback I have two of their CD’s you can borrow to download if you are interested?

    Rif – I am so glad you guys are moving on your book again. I am a willing reader if you need one 🙂

  455. rifkind said

    Thanks E!
    I hope to get the chapters up on my blog this week, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it won’t be until the weekend.. I will let you know when the chapters are posted..
    If you like historical fiction.. or Ancient Egypt.. you should enjoy our book.

  456. Murphy must have heard us talking about him. We got out of Target this afternoon, and my car wouldn’t start. I thought it was electrical, so they sent a battery technician. He worked on it for a little bit, and when I tried to start it, something started smoking. He called me a tow truck, but it was going to be 2 hours, so, on the advice of the company, we called someone to come pick us up. Then we get a call that I have to pay a mileage overage, because they’ll only take me three miles and the shop we use is six miles away. At first they wanted me to turn around and go twenty minutes back to Hilliard, but then they decided that I could pay over the phone.

    I don’t really have a car right now–my old Jeep doesn’t count because it is barely street legal and goes through twice the gas. Here’s hoping I get my truck back soon.

    *Sigh* I’m going to try to get a Doctor Who fix. Surfthechannel changed their website though, and it doesn’t seem to be loading as well on my computer.

  457. Elizabeth said

    Sophia – I’m sorry to hear about your car troubles. I really hate that because I know so little about what makes them work! Hopefully, you will be back on the road soon.

    Rif – Love Egyptian stories. In high school I studied Ancient Egyptian History. I was a little grossed out by the mummification process though and that is probably why I don’t remember all that much about it. Selective memory at its finest 🙂

  458. rifkind said

    The story will be chuck full of facts about Egyptian daily life.. there is no mumification so far in the first 7 chapters. I am not sure that we will be going over that at all.. but if we do have some comments about it.. I dont think that it will be THAT detailed. 🙂

  459. I love Egyptian mythology and such. I started reading a story about that the other day, but the woman kind of butchered one of my favorite gods, so (after resisting throwing it across the room) I returned it to the library.

  460. Elizabeth said

    Sophia – I have been tempted to throw books across the room myself! I have to shake my head over some of the things that do get published and wonder why some of the things that aren’t published aren’t! That was an awkward sentence, but you get my drift!

    Rif – As an adult I have been grossed out by much worse things than Mummification *grin* so no worries there! It just made a strong impression on an innocent 15 year old. Lord have mercy..15 seems like such a long, long time ago – sigh.

  461. Linda said

    Sophia and E — I am reminded of a quote by Dorothy Parker. “Some books should not be tossed aside lightly, but hurled with great force.” Lol!!

  462. Hm, speaking of Egyptian mythology and unpublished work, I should probably post my own Egyptian story on my writing blog. I haven’t updated it for a few days.

  463. Linda, I am saving that quote!

  464. Himmiefan said

    Hello Laurel and Elizabeth!!! Any everybody else!!

    I’m just sitting here e-mailing various people in my company hoping and praying that someone will take pity on me and come to the orientation I’m arranging and explain our financial reports (now there’s a horror story for you). Hmmm. I wonder if I can turn in an expense report for bribes.

    Did anyone see the season finale of The Tudors? Wasn’t it great? I actually saw it last week because I’m apparently (and innocently!) pulling from my neighbors’ on-demand signal, and that episode came out on-demand last week. Anyway, a friend of mine was teasing me saying that I had ruined it for him when I let it slip that Anne Bolyne died.

    Hey Sophie. I’m another Egyptian history fan. A woman who was doing my hair once had a Horus eye tatoo on her arm. When I asked her about it, she said that it was the symbol of Osiris, the goddess of the moon. Um, no. I just let it drop instead of giving her a lecture about Egyptian mythology.

    Well, got a Snickers bar here with my name on it. I’ll drop back in later.

  465. Himmie–Oh. My. Someone needs Mythic Symbols 101!

  466. laurel said

    Linda! That was a great quote! I’m going to have to post it somewhere. Now, where did my sticky-notes go?
    I haven’t thrown any books lately, but I did attempt to drown one last night. Dropped it in the tub. Sadly I was only about ten pages in and now I’m going to have to read it in is damaged condition. It no longer fits in my purse. 😦

    E – Friday will work if my folks don’t get back here on Thursday. I’ll have to call and see when they plan on coming down.

    The graduation is set for 1pm Saturday – rain or shine on the football field. I have tickets for the covered area, but the graduates will be on the field (so will the band). Pray for a decent day on the West Coast. Not too hot and not rainy. Either are always possible.

  467. laurel said

    Grammar….. What a horrible sentence that last one turned out to be. I am ashamed.

  468. Elizabeth said

    Linda – loved the quote and will remember it for future reference 🙂

    Himmie – Financial reports – OMG! They are quaranteed to send me into a flight or fight response – I hate them. It ranks right up there with the lovely budget reports I get that are impossible to read. They held a class on it once and I swear there wasn’t a person I talked to later that had a clue still. It made me feel better though 😉

    I haven’t seen the last episode of the Tudors yet. I have to admit to shutting my eyes when they were beheading everyone in the episode before. I stood where they beheaded Anne Boleyn when I was visiting the Tower a few years ago and I got the creeps looking around me. That place is so haunted! It was a bit like visiting Warwich Castle and going into the dungeon. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough – those walls were positively screaming. I enjoy the show and think Jonathan Rys-Davies is doing a wonderful job of channeling Henry Tudor!

    Enjoy yours Snickers!

  469. Elizabeth said

    Laurel – One of the things I miss most about my house in Tennessee was the fabulous soaking tub. I have to admit to drowning a couple of books accidentally because I loved to sit in the tub, relax and read. Once I win the lottery 🙂 I will make sure my new home has a fabulous bathroom with a totally decadent tub.

  470. Himmiefan said

    Mmmm. Love Snickers!

    I agree with you, E. The Tower is pretty creepy considering all that has gone on there over the years. Tower Green was especially creepy. One good thing, though, with my tourist pass, I got to by-pass the loooong line to get into the Tower and go right in. (Glad to go into the Tower of London. Okay, that’s just strange.) Oh yeah, there were hardly any people to see the crown jewels, so I got to take my time there.

    Laurel, I thought your sentence was pretty funny. Actually, I didn’t notice it until you pointed it out!

  471. laurel said

    I’ve been proof reading some of my own stuff today and there are some moments when I wonder who the heck was writing that drivel.
    I love Snickers too. Wish I had one right now, but then again, it’s a good thing I don’t.

  472. Elizabeth said

    I have to say that blood ties renewed my interest in The Tudors. I find Henry Tudor both fascinating and repellant and wish there was more written about Henry Fitzroy – only because of our Henry.

  473. Linda said

    I watched the Tudors last night. I was in tears for Anne as she waited for her execution. The Tower is a very creepy place. I have been there a few times. I have a book called Haunted England which describes several things that people have reported seeing over the years. Did you notice how they kept showing her looking out of the window onto the courtyard? That is one of the things that that some have reported seeing, her looking out of the window of her prison cell. I have an ancestor buried at the Tower. Last time I was there I checked the records for his name, and bingo there he was. His name is Charles Okey.

    Stop talking about Snickers…

  474. Elizabeth said

    Linda – Why was your ancestor buried at the Tower? Curious minds want to know 🙂 I know what you mean about that window. I kept glancing at it while I was there, but didn’t realize why until the guide told us some of the haunting stories. The scene in the episode before this where she is watching her brother and friends being beheaded really got to me. She is an excellent actress because I cried right along with her! I think I need to make sure I have a box of kleenex handy when I watch the last episode.

  475. laurel said

    I may have to go walk it off just for thinking about it.

  476. Linda said

    Charles Okey fought with Cromwell and was involved in the beheading of King Charles I (?). When Charles II came back to the throne they hunted down all of Cromwell’s men and executed them.

    Charles Okey was also a great war hero, so when he was executed, rather than leave his remains on Traitor’s Gate, they allowed him to be buried in the Queen’s Chapel. When I asked one of the Tower Guards about him, he was very surprised that I knew about him. Apparently, it was all very hush, hush. The only way to access the records about him is if you know the date he was brought to the Tower. This guard I spoke with knew the date. When I asked the recordskeeper about it, he shook his head and said no such person had been brought to the Tower, but when he looked up the date… there is was.

    The name Okey has shown up repeatedly in our family history. In fact, I had a great great aunt whose first name was Okey. She was such sweet lady.

    So, that is my weird little connection to the Tower.

  477. Linda said

    E — I thought she was an excellent actress too, and really beautiful. Her name is Natalie something… I can’t remember now..

  478. Elizabeth said

    linda – Now that is an interesting story. When I lived in England there was a huge old barn just outside of the village that they said Cromwell hid in when they were hunting him down. I also saw his death mask at one of the castles I visited as a kid. Of course, you can’t go anywhere in England without running into history.

  479. rifkind said

    I know that we seem to be doing too much research on our story, but there are some authors that just destroy the history.
    We want our book to be REAL.. the story woven into the history… NOT a story with just a few splashes of historical facts tossed in for color.
    Bill bought one of the recent fictional books about Nefertiti, and the characters were like modern spoiled 19 year olds.. throwing an attitude attack.. Excuse me?
    In the time we are talking about, the average life span was lucky to reach 30 (more if you were educated like a scribe or skilled laborer) .. and when you reached puberty.. you were considered an adult.. so the 19 year old would have been considered a “man” for 5 years!
    So hopefully you will all enjoy our story, you will not find any “Eye of Osiris” in our book, or that Osiris is a blue faced god.. URGH!!!
    We really want our facts to be correct!

  480. laurel said

    For those of you who’ve been reading it, there is a now a bit more of my BT story up on my wordpress site. “No Stray Cats” part 4 was added to part 3.

  481. Elizabeth said

    Laurel – I don’t remember the password *hangs head*.

  482. Linda said

    E —

    Actually his name was John Okey. I guess I had “Charles” on my mind because of King Charles…

    That is fascinating about Cromwell and the death mask. In what part of England did you live?

  483. Elizabeth said

    I lived around St. Ives and in Nottingham. My mother is from Nottingham. I was born in a little village called Arrington. Basically, it was a manor house and few houses to support the Manor. It was turned into a hospital after WWII. I don’t even know if it still exists and have never been there other than the day I was born :).

  484. Elizabeth said

    Linda – out of curiousity I googled Arrington. It is still there and as of 2001 had a population of 389 people!

  485. laurel said

    E – I’ll e-mail the address and password to you.
    Any one else interested?

  486. Linda said

    Laurel — I would like the password too. Thanks!

    E — Wow, population 389, practically a metropolis. I have never visited Nottingham. I believe I have driven past it and the area around Sherwood Forest, but we did not stop. My favorite area is the southwestern part of England, Salisbury, Bath, Stonehenge. I visited Glastonbury once and really loved it. Talk about feeling the history of a place… I want to see the special about Stonehenge on National Geographic, it looks fascinating. One my my favorite books is Sarum, by Edward Rutherford. Have you read it? I visited old Sarum the last time I was there. It was great!

  487. rifkind said

    Me three!!!
    Please send me the link and address too!
    I’d love to read your story!

  488. elizabeth said

    Linda – I enjoyed Sherwood forest. I have a picture by the Great Oak (or, at least I did – who knows what happened to it after all these years!) Funny how life works out, because I live in Sherwood, Oregon now! Nottingham was and is a cool place. I enjoyed Stonehenge and Bath immensely. I loved reading Georgette Heyer books when I was a kid and many of them were set in Bath. I had to go to the Pump room to drink the water – gawdawful stuff! We stopped on our way back from Bath and had tea at Morton on the Marsh. The name of the village always stuck in my head because it sounded so weird! I enjoyed the book Sarum as well.

    Laurel – got the email 🙂 I will check it out tomorrow. I always enjoy what you have written.

    I am signing off for the evening, ladies. I’ll talk to you all tomorrow.

  489. laurel said

    Okay, e-mail will be sent in a minute.

  490. *waves* hi ladies! how are y’all doing today?

    Looks like you had quite the discussion about English history. I’m currently working my way through “The Other Boleyn Girl” and so far I’m liking it(I’m about 200 pages in).

    I’m intrigued by historical fiction, and history in general. Give me a GOOD HF book, and I’ll mow my way through it(okay I do with most books).

    I may or may not be saying much this week as I have a feeling its going to be very trying. I have to speak to kenzie’s speech therapist about the phone call I got from our pediatrician’s office. I have a feeling they’ve been having some more of their ‘discussions’ again, and am NOT pleased by this. They(the ped) called and told me that they are going ahead and sending her to a neurologist in July, when last I understood we were going to DISCUSS sending her, if she had not made ‘marked progress’.

  491. DebS said

    Good morning!

    Wow! The blog exploded yesterday. Of course I was off so avoided the computer like nothing else. I am back at work today and have no desire to work. I am going to have to get over this melancholy regarding my work and fast. I have so much to do and so little to do it in. I have a goal that want to reach by June 21st (when I leave for Portland), and if I don’t stop procrastinating I might not meet it.

    Laurel–It sounds like the graduation party went really well. How old is your other daughter?

  492. DebS said

    I just bought an Ipod! I am so excited!!! I have been wanting one of these forever and ever, but I was a responsibile person and didn’t buy one. Well, I am not responsible anymore..hehe. JK.

  493. rifkind said

    Congrats on the new toy Deb!
    Did you get one that shows video?
    I know that many in the Portland crowd have them, and take BT with them.
    How cool is that?
    You could be watching Blood Ties on the plane!

  494. DebS said

    I know! I did get one that shows video. I have BT episodes on my computer itunes, and I can’t wait to transfer them over.

  495. Linda said

    DebS– You will love the iPod. Just a word of caution, if you watch video, it eats up the battery much faster. If you are watching it on a flight, be careful you have enough battery life for the whole trip.

  496. rifkind said

    That would be such a bummer… you are 3/4 the way through the episode when the battery dies!!!
    How long does your battery last Linda?
    If she had the Ipod fully charged..would she be able to see the whole episode?

  497. Linda said

    Oh yes, she could watch more than one episode or a movie. I can’t remember the exact parameters, but for example, watching video, you might have 3 hours of battery life. Whereas, listening to music or podcasts, there might be six hours of battery life. Also, the iPod charges off your computer, so unless you are taking that too, you won’t have a way to re-charge during the trip. There may be an adapter that you can buy to re-charge with directly from an electrical outlet.

    I started thinking about this, because last fall when I was supposed to go to Italy, I realized that I might use up the battery on the flight out, if I was not careful.

  498. DebS said

    Thanks for the tip Linda. I will see if I can buy a charger that goes directly into the outlet.

  499. DebS said

    Here is a link to an adapter for charging your ipod. Kind of expensive, but you could probably find it cheaper in a store or on ebay.

  500. Elizabeth said

    DebS – congrats on the iPod! Which one did you get? I love, love, love mine 🙂 I was listening to music while working yesterday and it just seemed to make the day go faster. I also am putting the BT episodes on. They are wondeful when I am sitting in a doctors office or waiting around.

    I have a wall outlet charger, so if you don’t find one before your trip out here you can charge it using mine.

  501. laurel said

    Target, Best Buy and others like Costco and Sam’s Club have chargers available.
    I have a wall plug, a ‘home’ dock – speaker system, the computer, the car connector and an instant recharge thingy that uses double A batteries – “iTurbo.”

  502. laurel said

    Oh, Congratulations! hehe You will love your new toy. You may even find that you spend time petting it because it is such a cool toy. Ask Elizabeth – it seemed to affect her that way. 🙂 Which model did you get?

    MM – I’m sorry to hear the Doctor and Therapists have been talking without involving you. That is not a good policy for them to be employing.

  503. Elizabeth said

    Yeh, I confess..I tend to pet my iPod and now my iMac 😉 Who knew I would end up being such a gadget junky? Next on my list is a “home” dock.

  504. laurel said

    E – I can play on Friday! My mommy said so! hehehe

  505. Himmiefan said

    Hey Deb. Congrats on the ipod! You’re going to love it. I’ve got a second generation Nano, and it hasn’t given me any trouble, except for last night when it froze while it was recharging. I looked around the Internet and found that holding down Menu and the center button at the same time will reboot it.

    Hey MM! I love historical fiction too. Last week, I saw the historian Alison Weir at a book signing. Her history books read like novels, and now she’s got a couple of fiction books out. Her latest is about Elizabeth I, and it sounds great. I’ve got it on my to-read list.

    One thing I didn’t get to ask her is why she didn’t write about Henry Fitzroy when she wrote about Henry VIII’s children. She wrote about Lady Jane Grey instead, who was a great-niece, not a child. Oh well…

  506. DebS said

    Thanks everybody! I bought the ipod classic…it comes in silver or black. I got silver. I am sad that it doesn’t come in other colors like the ipod shuffle and ipod nano. Weird, huh?

  507. Elizabeth said

    Laurel – YAY! You get to play Friday 🙂 I am (in theory) working from home all day so let me know what time you want to come over for coffee? Tell your mommy thanks for me 😉

    Himmie – I have never read anything by Alison Weir. It sounds like an author I may have to investigate. I always thought the story of Lady Jane Grey was so terribly sad. She was a pawn and so very young. I did find it interesting though that she refused to make her husband King.

  508. laurel said

    I haven’t read anything by Weir either. I’ve been writing so much I’m not getting anything read except what I’m getting from each of the Gypsy writers. Good stuff, but hard to carry around. 🙂
    I got on a roll and added more to the Stray Cats story. I’ll have it posted in a few minutes.
    This is now where I saw the story going. It kind of went off on a tangent. Sorry.

  509. laurel said

    BTW – If any of you go to read my story… please leave a comment so that I’ll know you were there. You don’t have to say if you liked it or not, just “I was here” would be nice.

    Also, I’m not sure if I got the password set-up to work, but I’m not going to worry about it now. Let me know if you have trouble viewing.

  510. Elizabeth said

    Laurel – I tried to leave a comment, but couldn’t. This is me tapping my foot waiting for more – please 🙂

  511. Linda said

    Laurel — I was there but didn’t leave a comment. I like it. I am glad you picked it up again.

  512. Greetings all.

    Got back word on my truck today–it was the starter. It’s been fixed and is on it’s way here (It’s really nice that the mechanic is our neighbor).

    Been storming here most of the day. Our satellite went out earlier, but it’s working now.

  513. rifkind said

    Hey Laurel,
    I got your links and PW.. but haven’t had a chance to read anything yet..
    I’ll try to get some reading IN tonight… and I will leave you a note.

  514. Elizabeth said

    Sophia – I’m glad your truck is fixed and it wasn’t anything more serious than the starter.

  515. Laurel- Yeah I’m not too thrilled at the moment w/ the pedi and the therapists if that is what caused the sudden change of plans. I guess I will find out tomorrow when we go in. It just seemed odd that Wednesday I brought up a certain topic, then Thursday out of the blue I got a call from our ped’s office about the neurology appointment. *sighs* I guess that just adds one more thing to my ‘to do’ list.

  516. laurel said

    MM – Be sure you let both parties know you felt left out of the loop. There may have been an oversight or someone dropped the ball. I know physicians have plenty going on and don’t always know what information got distributed to all involved. Human error and not ill intent is the most likely suspect, but just in case – it never hurts to let them know, in as positive a way as you can manage, that you expect better from this point forward.
    Blessings to you and the sprout. 🙂
    We’ll be thinking good thoughts for you!

  517. rifkind said

    Hey Laurel!
    I really enjoyed reading your story!
    I do miss Blood Ties, and I could SEE the story as it unfolded… as if I were watching a new episode of the show..
    Keep up the good work !

  518. Laurel- Thanks! I’m going to go ahead and ASK before I assume what happened but since all the parties involved have admitted to discussing the case without me present at the moment my best guess is that they had a discussion Thursday morning, and that they felt by giving me a heads up that I’d be getting this phone call was enough pre-amble to the discussion. I’ll let you know how it goes, ought to be interesting as I was under a completely different set of assumptions then them i guess. *sighs*

    Oh and in case anyone’s curious the last baby goat of 2008(at my house anyways) was born on sunday afternoon, and I finally got pictures up over at my blog.

  519. laurel said

    MM – What pretty babies you have! I love it that you share them with us.
    Please let us know how your appointment goes, we’ll be praying for you both.

    Rifkind – Thank you so much for your positive feedback. I miss BT so much that I had to do something. I’m glad I could share it with you. The way things are going I may well finish it in the next couple of days. I have another one waiting to take off – more Henry in the second one so maybe it will appeal to more of the group.

  520. laurel said

    Sophia – I missed the post about the truck – I’m glad you got some good news and will be getting it back. 🙂

  521. Elizabeth said

    Happy Wednesday everyone! I am sitting at my desk with my leather jacket on and thinking I need a cup of tea to wrap my hands around to warm them! Is this really June or is someone playing a cosmic joke and it is still winter?

  522. Himmiefan said

    Hey Elizabeth! I feel your pain. It’s almost 90 outside here (90 this early in the season!!), and inside at my desk, I’m all bundled up. Welcome to summer!

    Gotta set aside time tonight to read Laurel’s story. It’s sounds really good.

  523. Elizabeth said

    Himmie! I didn’t mind the heat so much as the humidity in Tennessee. Here it is cold Outside (okay it is in the 60’s, but it feels really cold to me) and they have the air conditioners on inside – brrrr.

    I think you will enjoy Laurel’s story. She writes really well.

  524. Elizabeth said

    I think we need to ask Ms. Gypsy to set up a new link for us. It is taking forever to post on this one.

  525. Linda said

    Hi everyone!

    Himmie — I feel your pain for sure. 90 degrees here too. This does not bold well for our summer.

    E — I am wishing for your weather right now. The humidity is already very high here too. Same as Himmie, of course she and I are practically neighbors!

  526. Elizabeth said

    Linda – Where do you live?

  527. Linda said

    I live in Little Rock.

  528. Elizabeth said

    I’ve passed through there many times, but never actually stayed to visit. I lived in Nashville for many, many years.

  529. laurel said

    I’m sitting here with a hot cup of coffee in my hands and a micro-fleece sweatshirt on over my long sleeved shirt. There is rain drizzling on the deck and a breeze blowing, The thermometer on my deck says it’s 51degrees right now.

    The good news is? It is beautiful in my backyard. There are flowers blooming in a sea of green. A hundred shades of green surround the bright pink blooms of rhododendron, blue cyanouthis, purple iris, yellow marigolds, red geraniums, white nicotania… Roses of all colors are beginning their first burst of blooms…
    I wish you were all here with me!

  530. Himmiefan said

    Luckily, the humidity is low today. I’m enjoying it while I can, cause it’s not going to last! I envy you ladies with your 60 degree temperatures. The funny thing about the weather in Nashville this year is that April was rather chilly. May was okay, but then bam! – straight to 90 degrees once we got into June. What happened to the 80s? Sigh.

    Hey Linda! I forgot that you’re in Little Rock. I bet your August is going to be bad too.

  531. Himmiefan said

    Oh Laurel, your backyard sounds beautiful! I love rhododendron and roses. Now that my monster magnolia is down, my daylilies are getting some sun and should bloom really well this year.

  532. DebS said

    Hi everyone!

    I went and worked with Habitat for Humanity this morning. I spent a lot of time hammering, and now my arms are sore.

    Laurel–I will get to see you in just a few weeks!!! I can’t wait!!

    It is 95 here right now, but feels so chilly inside cause of the air conditioning. Plus my deks is directly under the vent.

  533. rifkind said

    Your garden sounds really beautiful!
    There are some advantages to being in a rain forest area!
    Unfortunately that means that there is lots and lots of rain!

    Our book is still moving along.
    Bill started the transfer of the chapters out of our writing tool and into Word for review.. He got the prologue and first two chapters reviewed last night..
    Now when we post it.. we are talking about adding lots of images and links to descriptions and pictures related to Ancient Egypt. Hopefully it will allow the reader to enjoy a multi-media experience while reading the book!

  534. laurel said

    Way cool Rif! I love books with pictures! hehe

    DebS – I’m counting down to your arrival! I hope you aren’t planning on getting a lot of sleep, ’cause we are a talkative group. You’ll be the first ‘out-of-town’ sister to venture into our territory and we want to make sure you can rave about your visit!
    Seventeen days! 😎
    Maybe the weather will improve…
    You’ll be here in the middle of strawberry/raspberry season, so we can make some good ‘healthy’ desserts to go with the barbeque my husband has offered to cook for us on Sunday. I need to make sure everyone is available for a backyard party – weather permitting – on the 22nd.
    Everybody is invited!
    If you show up we’ll feed you!

  535. Linda said

    Himmie- Oh yes, August is always bad here. I would definitely trade weather with the Portland gang.

    E — If you are ever through here again, you will be required to get in touch! Nashville is a nice city. I have visited there a couple times. The last time I was there was for a NCAA basketball regional.

    Laurel — Your garden does sound lovely. I wish I had a green thumb.

    Debs — Good for you! Exercise and a good cause.

    Rif — I am anxious to read your book. You have made it sound so wonderful.

  536. DebS said

    Laurel–I have no intention of getting any sleep while in Portland or in California (for different reasons of course 😉 ) . I am really talkative too…just ask Wildstar. I love strawberries and rasberries. A bbque sounds fun.

    Rif–I look forward to reading your book too.

    Linda–How close is Little Rock to Springfield/or the city with the original walmart (I can’t think of the name)?

  537. rifkind said

    Thanks everyone..
    I hope to get our current chapters out on our blog by this next weekend…
    pictures etc may take a little bit longer though!

  538. Linda said

    Debs — The first Wal-Mart was in Rogers, which is in the far northwest corner of the state. Little Rock in smack in the center of the state. Springfield is north of Little Rock, probably about an hour’s drive, maybe a little more depending on the highway. From LR you would take Interstate 40 to Conway, which is about 30 minutes, then you would hop off at highway 67. From there you would go a little father north and west.

    Rogers is about 3 1/2 hours from LR.

  539. DebS said

    Ah..I think I meant where the home office currently is..that might be Bentonville? Am I close? The reason I ask is that my favorite uncle lives around springfield and i think that might be close to bentonville. Anyway, I am thinking of visiting him sometime this year, and if you were close thought we might be able to get together.

  540. Linda said

    The home office is in Bentonville, which is very close to Rogers.

    Great! I would love to get together. Let me know when you will be here and, I am sure we can figure out something. I would love to show you LR if you have tim.

  541. Linda said

    There is a Springdale, Arkansas that is very near Rogers and Bentonville. In fact, the three towns almost run together.

  542. DebS said

    Cool. I will figure out exactly where my uncle lives. I have it in my address book (wherever that is).

  543. laurel said

    Wow DebS! You may end up being the first one of us to meet everybody! That would be so cool!

  544. Madonna said

    Hello everyone!!!! (waves)

    I thought I’d come over here and say hello to everyone. I’ve been kind of depressed the past couple of months and I think I’m just now starting to come out of it a bit.

    Anyway, just wanted to let everyone here know that I’m still around and I still care.

  545. Linda said

    Hi Madonna! (waves back)

    Good to see you here!

    Laurel — I was just thinking the same thing. DebS is meeting everyone!

  546. Madonna said

    Hi Linda!

    I think so far I’ve managed to meet 12 of the sisters.

  547. DebS said

    Hey Madonna!!! I like the icon wordpress gave you more than the one they gave me. hehe

    Laurel–How great would that be. Although, the ladies who are able to make it to the Cons are probably more likely to meet everyone first.

  548. DebS said

    Okay heading out for the afternoon. I will try to check back in tonight. If not see you all tomorrow!

  549. Linda said

    Wow! You’ve met lots too. I think I have met 9 of the sisters, if I am counting correctly.

  550. Linda said

    Bye DebS, see you later.

  551. Elizabeth said

    Hi Madonna! I’m glad you dropped in – it is always good to hear from a missing sister!

  552. *fwump*

    I just got off work. It is really sad how long it’s been since I’ve worked five hour shift. I was supposed to have the truck back yesterday, but they thought there was another problem with it, but that wasn’t so, so I took the jeep in this morning (soft top+pouring rain=very wet drive), and should have my lovely, lovely, gas-friendly, DRY Sonoma back by tonight.

  553. Linda said

    Sophia – Five hours can seem long when you aren’t used to it. I know you will be happy to get your truck back.

  554. Laurel- apparently, it was NOT the ST,and PT who recommended the ‘uppage’ of the appointment with the neurologist. Apparently(though I ‘Do NOT’ know this) the pediatrician may be leaving the practice(wah! i like her a lot!) and may be in the process of ‘tying up loose ends’. *sighs* hence the sudden uppage. They recommended we do go ahead with the appointment, and see what the Neuro has to say. I then countered that with the idea that when we get done with the Neuro, that maybe the PT, ST, Pedi, and I(and possibly by then, the OT) all sit down and have a ‘care conference’ so that we can all be on the same page. There is more ‘details’ over at my blog.

    As for the goat kid I LOVE sharing them its a passion of mine!

    *waves at madonna* Hi madonna good to see you!

  555. DebS said

    Good morning blogkin!!!

    I am incredibly sore today. Yesterday, I spent the morning hammering nails into wood and metal, then walked about 2.5 miles in the evening, then did 30 minutes of yoga. I am sore in places I didn’t even know existed. I am glad I did the yoga or I might feel even worse. I am hoping if I keep up witht he exercise eventually I won’t feel this way.

  556. DebS said

    I got my Ipod this morning!!!!

  557. rifkind said

    Congrats Deb!
    Sorry that you are so sore today. You may want to start the day off with a little bit of aspirin and some slow gentle movements to get the lactic acid moving.. along with lots and lots of water..
    I hope that you feel better!

  558. Linda said

    Deb — Rif is right. Also, you might want to do some more yoga or some mild exercise, because that will also help alleviate the soreness.

    Congrats on the iPod! Enjoy!!

  559. laurel said

    Sophia – Congrats on the return of the DRY vehicle! I know you’ve missed your ‘baby’ and I really to understand about soft-tops and rainy days. Oh my, yes.

    DebS – congrats on the iPod! You are soooooo going to love it! That is the coolest toy ever! One word of advise….
    Set it up so that you manage songs MANUALLY and not as an automatic SYNC. It will try to do the sync thing – which basically loads everything in your library that you have checked. It is much easier to just manage as you go. That way you can switch out programs or music whenever you want to and not when iTunes thinks you should. Trust me on this!

    MM – I hated it when my Pediatrician – who’d taken care of our preemie – gave up his peds practice and switched to adults only. (He was double-boarded). I still see him, but miss having him taking care of our girls. Maybe this will work out by bringing you a new Dr that is exactly what your little one needs.

    Hey! Madonna!!!! Good to have you back! It’s been too long since we had your company here!

  560. DebS said

    I loaded my ipod over lunch. Laurel, I will have to go back and change my settings on itunes. There are some things I don’t need on the ipod. I do have BT on there right now. 🙂 I also saw that Torchwood and Robin Hood Series 2 are on itunes. I am debating. I love both of those shows.

  561. laurel said

    DebS – I already had the first season of Torchwood on DVD, but I bought the second season on iTunes. I have about 5 of them on my iPod right now. I suppose I don’t have to carry all 22 episodes of Blood Ties with me all the time, but I’m not ready to archive any of them off yet.
    I haven’t really gotten into watching Robin Hood. I like it when I watch it but it gets a little too far off track and modern for my taste. Besides, I really like the actor who plays Grisborn (sp) and it seems wrong to be waiting for scenes of the “bad” guy. lol

  562. DebS said

    Much is my favorite Robin Hood character….He is played by Sam Troughton. His grandfather is the 2nd Doctor: Patrick Troughton

  563. Linda said

    Laurel — I like him too. I would be more excited about him playing Robin rather Gisbonne. There are things about it the BBC Robin Hood that I do not really like. I am not really wild about the actor that plays Robin, and there is little chemistry between him and Marion. The most they can seem to muster in the way of passion, is to fight occasionally. It seems to me, that they are missing an important and intriguing part of the story.

    I have missed some of the episodes this year, so maybe I will feel differently when I catch up.

  564. Laurel- Well we’ll see I’m *crossing my fingers* that she is NOT leaving. If she does(and if she stays in peds, I think her specialty is peds), I may follow her. I wasn’t too impressed with our old docs(same office, just family practice) as they were much too hard to get appointments to see, and really didn’t seem to care. Except for the one who sent us down the road to he double hockey sticks, and I don’t particularly care for him for that reason.

  565. Linda said

    MM — It is difficult to find a doctor that you really like and trust. I hope you are able to stay with her.

  566. laurel said

    MM – I hope she stays then. It is really hard to get a new doctor up to speed in a complex case. I have been very lucky with the doctors I’ve had, but then again I have my hubby to screen them for me – he does family practice and used to also do OB. I’m sorry you had a bad experience with the other doc.

  567. Linda, Laurel- Well I got ‘the call’ from the pediatrician today, and she IS in fact leaving and moving her practice out of the office. Sadly she is moving all the way to Bellevue, which is a bit of a drive so no chance we can ‘move’ with her. *sighs* Apparently she KNEW that she’d be getting the phone call from me 😀 wondering ‘why’. I’m just hoping that they have a ‘replacement’ either selected, or she can recommend a good ‘replacement’ then she, the new doc, the therapists, and I can all sit down and get on the same page. She is here through August but wont be finishing out the month at the clinic so hopefully we can all get on the same page by then, and have the MRI, and Neuro appointment before then.

  568. laurel said

    I’m so sorry to hear she’s leaving. it is so hard to make a change. I’ll say a prayer for you gals and hope that whoever comes next will be even better for you. 🙂

  569. rifkind said

    I absolutely LOVE my GP and have followed him as he has moved all around the twin cities. I hope that you can find a new pediatric doctor that you can trust. After all, they will be taking care of your most treasured baby in the whole world.

  570. Linda said

    MM — So sorry to hear that. Perhaps she will recommend someone that is really good and that you will come to like as well. I know you are very disappointed.

  571. laurel said

    Hey DebS – Two weeks!!!!!! You’ll be packed and ready to leave in two weeks and we’ll be here making a sign so you can find us! I’m so excited about meeting you! I’ve got lots to do before then. 🙂

  572. DebS said

    Hey Laurel–I am so excited!!!!!! I am counting down the days. I am getting my apt and life in order so I can go on vacation without any worries.

  573. elizabeth said

    Mornin’ all! I am currently sitting in my house freezing because I have a huge hole in one wall where the window has been removed! At this time of the year you would think that I would be complaining of the all the heat coming in, but, oh no, it is barely 50 degrees outside and I am FREEZING! I can only imagine what it is going to feel like when they take out the sliding glass doors. Yikes.

    Laurel – When you come over I would suggest dressing warmly! I have long sleeves and a zippered sweatshirt on. 🙂

    DebS- Two weeks?!!! Time is flying and I know the Portland gang is counting down the days!

  574. laurel said

    I’m on my way… as soon as I pack up my computer, and go to the bank. hehe


  575. Linda said

    Laurel & E — you girls are so lucky! While you are enjoying yourselves, think of us chained to our desks…

  576. Laurel, Linda, Rif- thanks for the kind words. Right now I’m not so worried about the pediatrician thing as I am trying to sort out my feelings about the whole screwy matter. Because really what parent wants to find out that they have to meet their child’s 5th ‘ologist’ in less than two years? I think that will bring me to a grand total of at least 8 different ‘doctoral languages’ that I speak at least enough to get by. *sighs*

    Oh on a much happier note, I am almost done with The Other Boelyn Girl. My gosh I LOVE this book the writing is just goregous and it keeps sucking me back with its siren call. As soon as I get done with whatever I’m working on I have this sudden urge to pick it up and cradle it in my hands whilst pouring over its pages.

  577. Linda said

    MM — Have you seen the movie? If so, how does it compare?

  578. laurel said

    Well, I’m back from E’s and we had a grand time working together. I’m not sure we got a whole lot accomplished but I wouldn’t trade the time for anything. 🙂

    I haven’t read “The Other Boelyn Girl” but have heard it’s very addictive. I’m going to have to put it on my list of ‘must read’s.

  579. Linda- No, I have NOT seen the movie, I think when I’m done reading it I’ll see if I can eek out a sitter, and some time to see it.

    Laurel- Yes it is very very addictive. I took it to my parenting group tonight, thankfully they tugged me out of the pages enough to get my attention. I seriously don’t think I’ve done anything ‘meaningful’ since I picked up the book about four days ago and actually sat down to read it.

  580. Linda said

    MM — You’ve made it sound so good, I am going to put it on my list to read as well.

  581. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies, I’m back. For those who don’t know I was out in B.C. working for just over a week – 4 cities in 8 days. Then I get home, have one day off (I was in bed ’til 1pm I was that tired), worked for 1 day then went to Toronto for a wedding. Insanity, I tell you. Then this week was wild, trying to finish the final report to our funder. We’re done. There is one missing piece which the funder has to provide to us but my work is done.

    I was going to buy my flowers today but it is way too hot to venture outside especially to an outdoor market in the heart of the city. I felt the humidity moving in starting Thursday. I could feel it on my skin and the air became heavy to breath. Luckily, it was cloudy yesterday or else we, like Toronto, could have set a record. At 9 am this morning it was 25 degrees (feeling like 29). At 11am it was 29 (84) feeling like 39 (102). And it is supposed to be worse tomorrow!

    The AC was working when I got home late from work last night but it konked out not much later. I was wondering what was going on and then there was an announcement over out system – a pipe in the cooling system burst and they had to shut off the water and we went to generator power. It was darned hot in here last night! But by the time I got up and turned the system on again, the AC was up and running. We have warm (not hot ) water today but at least it is back on. I have to do laundry!

    I have enough to do at home today that I won’t be venturing anywhere. I live only a block from a grocery store and need to get toilet paper but I don’t even want to do that.

    A hot summer is being forecast. Yuck, especially if it is going to be hot & humid. I don’t do humidity … I hide inside during the summer. And not to mention my hair looks like a rat’s nest all season. Now, if it would be like last summer, just hot and below normal humidity, THAT I could handle. But I think it is going to be super-humid. *sigh*

  582. cdnfreyja said

    Okay, I missed lots of discussion and I tried to read through it all but you were all so busy.

    Teeth – I am cavity free. We’ve got really good enamel in our family. But I also have a little help from little plastic inserts set into the crevices in my molars. Without that I’d probably have fillings and cavities in all of them. My sister has them too and it is a huge preventative measure!

    The Tudors – I think the 2nd season will air in the fall up here. We all know the ending of the story so it isn’t like it is a surprise that Anne is beheaded. But a lot of the rest is pure fiction so those details would be spoilers. Like Margaret dying in the first season? What the heck is up with that?

    I read ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ over Christmas. Very long book but a good story. Of course, the author picks a theory and goes with it so there is artistic license. But it is an intriguing idea and it is well written. I have so many other books to read first but I’d like to check out more of hers.

    I saw Alison Weir mentioned. I have ‘Mary Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley’. I’m about half-way through that one. I dropped it and read other stuff but I’ll pick it up again. I do that all the time. She is a great writer, lots of interesting historical detail and information you’d be hard pressed to find in other books. And I like that she focuses on so many women. They are often forgotten by history but have still had a major influence whether that influence is recognized or not. I’d love to pick up some of her other titles like those about Isabella and Eleanor.

    What else? Oh, the name of the woman playing Anne Boleyn is Natalie Dormer. I think she’s doing an excellent job of the complex and ambitious character. But I know there was surprise in the choice of this actor because she doesn’t look like Anne, well, except for the dark hair and perhaps her body type somewhat. Why is that important? The fascination of the time was with women more like Jane Seymour – small, petite, light-haired, light-eyed, and very fair. Anne was as far removed from these as you could get. And that is part of the reason why people were shocked that Henry had any interest in her. His own tastes were far more along the lines of Jane than Anne. I just feel like she was set up to fail – circumstances, the times, Henry and his obsessions, and her own choices.

  583. Just stopping by to say hello. It is hot and humid here in Ohio, and it’s been storming on and off for the last few days. Work is going well, but things have been pretty boring around here. I’m going to a knitting convention later this week (I think I just doubled my geek score by posting that…), but other than that there’s nothing going on.

  584. Oh so I forgot to tell you ladies a funny story.

    So last night I was at our parenting group and we do a trivia type game when we are there. We were going through the questions and there was a question that was along the lines of ‘what was the name and title of the only acknowledged heir to Henry the VIII?’ Of course my hand shot up right away and I got the answer making everyone look at me and go ‘so, how’d you know that? you were guessing weren’t you’ (yeah, because its sooo easy to guess duke of richmond and somerset *rolls eyes*) I was all ‘oh its just a thing I know’ *vbg* so it was rather fun because that was the SECOND time yesterday that the knowledge came in handy.

    Well I’m going to ‘girls poker/drinking night’ tonight so I won’t be around till tomorrow late as I work at the shelter from noon-4. funny part is there won’t actually be any drinking or poker going on.

  585. Heehee. It’s funny how fangirl knowledge can come in handy. I think I was watching Jeopardy a few years ago, and there was a series of history questions that I got right because of a tv show or movie (can’t remember which one though).

  586. laurel said

    Too funny when you just happen to know the answer to something like that! It is especially great when everyone is surprised speechless. hehe 🙂

  587. So I just got back from girls night, and OH MY GOSH! I had a blast!

    Like I said there was NO drinking involved, just 3 girls, and a lot of fun. We went to Red Robin for dinner, ‘drinks’ and ‘remember whens’. Than we hit up the mall for a couple of hours(which went entirely too fast).

    So we were wandering around Borders, and I decided to peek and see if they had the BT book I was missing and they did, so I got it. Which led my friend to ask what I was getting, and grab it and read the cover, and she was all ‘oooooh vampires, I LOVE vampires’. So of course I was all “You should read the series when I see you on the 24th I’ll bring you the 1st book” well it was funny because I went to put the book in my purse when I was done paying for it and realized I HAD Blood Price with me. So I totally was all “HERE! Have it!” so she’s going to go home and read it, I am soooo excited. Now I’m off to watch my new DVD(Stargate SG-1 Season 7), and go to bed, before I collapse off my sugar high.

  588. Linda said

    MM — It’s always fun to have girls night out. Sometimes my friends and I get get together and play poker. We are not serious about it but we always have a blast.

    Freya — I deeply sympathize with you about the heat and humidity. It is like that here every summer.

    Sophia — Do you have to travel far for your convention? I may have missed this in a a previous discussion, but remind me how you got started knitting and how long have you been doing it.

  589. Wildstar said

    I make it over her after being MIA for weeks and weeks and the blog ate my post!
    well fine (hurumph…stalks off to pout)
    fine then – I’m going to go work on my writing…

  590. Linda–the convention is in Columbus, so I’ll only be going about 30 miles. I’ve been crocheting for almost 12 years. I made a sweater right before I started college, but I really didn’t like the texture and the weight of the crochet, so I asked my mom to teach me to knit, and then I ripped out the whole thing and started over. That was about three years ago.

    My dorkdom continues to grow. While visiting a friend to day, I passed Fitz-Henry Blvd. in Columbus. I whipped out my camera to take a picture. While driving (well, while stopped at a red light). It may not be Fitzroy, but it fits.

    Okay. No more bad puns. I’m going to go off into my yarny corner and crochet and read my Doctor who novel.

  591. DebS said

    Good morning all!

    It is going to be a high of 101 here in the SC today. Yikes! I was absent all weekend and am just now checking back in. I went to Asheville on Saturday. Did some window shopping and had a great lunch at a cafe.

    Yesterday, I continued the process of organizing and cleaning my apt. I am trying to get rid of stuff I don’t need and organized my belongings in preparation for my eventual move. I am kind of doing it all clean sweep style, just taking longer than the requisite two days.

    Sophia–I noticed you live in Ohio. I lived in Bowling Green for two years for grad school. where do you live? I am from a small town in Indiana that is 15 minutes from the OH border.

    Has anyone been keeping up with Doctor Who? Friday’s ep was fantastic!!!

  592. Deb–I’m from London, which is about 20 minutes west of Columbus. My grandma went to Bowling Green for two years way back before the earth’s crust cooled and she married my grandpa.

    I’ve been watching Doctor Who on Surf the Channel. The second part of the library episode was this weeks, right? It was good. It made me cry, though.

  593. Linda said

    Good morning ladies,

    I have not seen the Dr. Who epi from Friday, yet. I am behind in my viewing. I will try to catch up this week.

    We are supposed to have storms today, at least, there is a slight possibility. We could use the rain, it is getting a bit dry here.. I can’t believe I am saying that, considering all the rain and flooding we had a few months ago.

    I lost my power on Saturday, just as I was putting dinner in the oven. It was sunny and calm, so I have no idea why it went out. Fortunately it came back on in about an hour. I was wracking my brain trying think of someone whose oven I could borrow. Naturally everyone I could think was not at home or their power was out too!

  594. DebS said

    The episodes on Surfthechannel are ahead of the ones on Sci Fi. The ones on surfthechannel reflect when they are premiering in the UK. I am trying to only watch the ones that are on the sci fi channel

  595. Wildstar said

    I think tonight epi of Bones is the rerun of the Christina Cox appearance

  596. laurel said

    I watched the sci-fi channel episode of Doctor Who! OMG! That was really a great one. I’m looking forward to what comes next!

  597. laurel said

    Okay… Was there a new page put up and I missed it? Or are you all just busy today?
    I’m going to go get my hair re-darkened so I’ll be out for a while. After that I’m actually meeting Nisi for lunch and a trip to the book store. Or maybe it’s the other way around, book store first and then lunch. hehe
    I’ll check back on you gals later. I hope you’re all okay.

    Oh, its going to be a whole 58 degrees here today – with rain and high winds. Yipeee. I had to turn the furnace back on.

  598. Elizabeth said

    Wow, it is really quiet around here! I was wondering the same thing as Laurel – did a new page go up?

    I am sitting at my desk today with my coat on because it is so bloody cold! Sunday was wonderful and I spent a lot of time in my garden, but since then it has been cold and rainy. Is it really June or am I stuck in January and don’t know it? 😦

    I hope all of you ladies are well?

  599. laurel said

    I heard the weatherman call this “June-uary” and I have to say I agree. I had to go dig out another long sleeved shirt because I was freezing. I can’t believe I sunburned my nose and the tops of my feet on Saturday and now I’m wearing three layers of clothes and have the heat turned up. Yuk.

    I’m off now, but I’ll check back after 2pm.

  600. It was cold for us for a while, but last week we suddenly jumped from the mid fifties to the mid nineties with high humidity. It seems to be starting to cool off now, though. It’s only eighty at the moment.

    Which episode was on Friday? I’m curious to know how far ahead I am since I’ve been watching online.

  601. *waves at laurel, and Elizabeth, and everyone else*

    I didn’t get a chance to stop by yesterday as I couldn’t even turn my laptop on. Stupid thunderstorms. Oh boy do I hate them. Especially when coupled with high winds.

    Ugh it was just such a mess yesterday. We had one of our zillion trees ‘top’ itself, right onto the gate that keeps the goats up in the pasture, and onto the ‘power line'(aka the extension cord) that powers our barn. So we had to rush out there, and chop the tree up(my dad was doing that) and get the line fixed so that the goats couldn’t play with it. So there I was in the middle of the rain, wind, and occasional lightning flash, on the METAL ladder(because of course the wood one was too short), playing with electricity. *shakes head* Today of course I am FREEZING and think I may now be coming down with some bug thingy, thanks to that harrowing adventure.

  602. Elizabeth said

    *waves back* Hey Mackenzie’s Momma. I’m glad to hear you survived the storm and your adventures on a metal ladder during a storm! Good grief! That is scary to think about. Take care of yourself and get some rest.

    Laurel – How was lunch with Nisi? Did you find any good books? Silly question 😉 I know.

  603. E- I’m feeling better this afternoon, am now wondering if it was just my allergies acting up. Though my head is still killing me and I’m having to avoid the Disney movie in the living room as it is making my head hurt worse.

    So I forgot to mention earlier we also had an ‘exciting’ morning yesterday. Over the weekend the baby was fed some cashews and apparently had a slight to medium reaction to them(she just puffed up no breathing issues thankfully as I wasn’t here). So we ended up in the Ped’s office for a couple hours. While we were there we ended up having some blood tests run, and apparently now have to have 2 of them rerun. *sighs* that ought to be fun. The ped opted to run a Lead test, Complete Metabolic Panel, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone(TSH), and a Free T4 level. I have no idea which one it was that came back ‘abnormal’ but one did and one ‘clotted too fast’ to get accurate results.

  604. laurel said

    What! More tests? Poor little dear. It sounds like she’s had more than her share of trials in her life so far – and of course that means you’re getting to worry even more. So sorry to hear about this latest. I hope all turns out fine.
    Oh, and I know all about electricity, wires and thunderstorms – no, not personally but through someone I knew. Bad business if you get it wrong. Survivable but not pleasant at all. Glad you and your dad, and the goats, all survived unscathed.
    My lunch with Nisi was wonderful! We had greek Gyros and then went to Powells – New and Used books. I got “The Lure of the Wolf” by Jennifer St. Giles, and “I’m the Vampire, That’s Why” by Michele Bardsley. I also got a hardcover copy of “Fairy Godmother” by Mercedes Lackey – ’cause I read and loaned mine until the pages started to fall out and then I dropped it in the tub. Ooops! Now I have a shiny new hardcover that was under $10. I loaned it to Nisi.

  605. Laurel- These are just ‘simple’ blood tests. Apparently they would be ordered at our Neurology visit anyways(or at least 2 of them would) and so the Ped is trying to save us SOME heartache, and tribulations by getting them done ahead of time.

    I was really surprised though because the tech who drew her blood SWORE she would bruise, and there’s nary a scratch on her arm. If I hadn’t seen them ‘stab’ her personally I wouldn’t believe that she’d had a blood draw done.

  606. Aw, MM, here’s hoping your little one gets better soon and can stay away from the doctors for a while!

  607. laurel said

    No bruising is a great thing! It means the tech got it just right and the needle was really nice and sharp. Nothing like a dull needle to bring up a really nasty bruise. I’m glad your baby got off with minimal damage. Now, we’ll be thinking good thoughts for the results.

  608. Laurel- Yeah I was pretty jazzed and will have to pop by the lab tomorrow when we are in for therapy and let the tech know she did great. Poor thing looked so upset that Kenz would have a bruise I kept trying to reassure her the important thing(to me at least) was that we got all the blood we(thought) we needed in ONE poke instead of having to do multiple pokes, or even wrap her up in the dreaded sheet. We don’t actually go back for the re-checks until monday(a week from yesterday) and I have NO idea what she is being rechecked on. I know for a fact the one test it is NOT, but that still leaves 3 others that could be and she has to have 2 of them re-drawn *sighs* oh well at least we have good techs 😀

  609. laurel said

    Okay girls – I have a lunch date with Gypsy today and I’m going to ask for her to put up a new page for us to play on. i know this one is taking a while to load for some of you. If you have any messages you want me to take to her just let me know. Here or e-mail is fine.

  610. Himmiefan said

    Tell Gypsy we said hi and to get back here fast!

  611. Elizabeth said

    You know there are days when my iPod and good music is the only thing keeping me from going all Ninja on some of my employees! If they only knew how many ways I could take them down they would probably run and hide. (okay, that thought actually makes me feel a little better – bad manager…bad manager!)This week has been a trial dealing with them and I have tried to retreat in the music as much as possible! Why is it that grownups are sometimes more childish than 4 year olds?! I go home at night stressed to the max and my eye is twitching for God’s sakes! Too bad corporate policy prevents me from knocking heads together *sigh* I am hanging on by my fingernails for Friday and being out of the office.

    OK – rant is now safe to come out of hiding…thank you for listening.

  612. Himmiefan said

    Hey Elizabeth!! Hang in there! Things can only get worse, um, I mean, better, yeah that’s right, better. It would be kind of cool if you could get all Ninja on them.

    Seriously, hang in there. Are there other managers you can get advice from?

    What music are you listening to?

  613. Elizabeth said

    Hey Himmie – I think all managers go through periods with employees that drive the sane to drink (ooohhh…good idea!) I have dealt with these people so many years now it isn’t even funny. It is almost a cyclical thing with them…calm, lets get along and then BOOM – I hate my co-workers! It is just another storm I need to weather, but my patience is definately strained right now.

    My daughter has introduced me to a bunch of new artists (well, new to me) and I have found I love Lifehouse, Daughtry, 3 doors down and OneRepublic. I have been listening to them quite a bit. I also have a song by Darren Hayes that is currently a favorite called Insatiable. He used to be with Savage Garden and I loved their music. I just have to make sure I don’t sing along because that could be really ugly 😉

  614. E- Maybe you SHOULD sing along, it might MAKE them get along 😉 😉

    So another day of therapy today, it went pretty well but I think I’m going to make our next session a ‘positives only’ session. If I hear one more negative thing from them I might just go all farmer on them. *sighs* Monday we have her Occupational Therapy assessment, that ought to be fun.

  615. I got a call from one of my friends from high school today. She had a little girl on the 2nd–Hannah Renee. She was 7lbs, 3oz, and today was up to 7lbs 8oz. I was kind of worried about her, but hearing the way she talks about her daughter is great. She’s so proud and happy, and she’s doing really well.

    Just got off work and wanted to pop by to say hello before I collapse into bed, so *waves* Hi, everyone!

  616. Himmiefan said

    Hey Sophie. That’s fantastic!

  617. laurel said

    Hi all! I’ve been running around with my graduate, getting her hair cut and shopping for a few things she needs for summer. Now I’m hoping to get some help with the house before DebS gets here in just nine days! Eeek! Nine days!! I’ve got to get a move on!

    I wonder if I should have her pack her coat and mittens? It is all of 52 degrees right now, but we are supposed to get up to 72 this afternoon. Not seein’ it happen…. I’ll have to get back to you on the details.

  618. laurel said

    Where did everybody go?
    I’m lonely. 😦

  619. Linda said

    Hi Ladies!

    I’m sorry I have been gone for a few days. Things have been busy at work and at home. I checked in a few times to read the posts, but didn’t have time to make any.

    Laurel — I wish I could send you some of our heat. It was hot at 93 degrees and sunny.

    Sophia — I am glad your friend’s baby is doing well.

    E — I have always been glad to work in a small office because there are very few personnel problems.

    I’ve had several things that needed to be done outside, deck and house needed to be power-washed, shrubs trimmed, gutters cleaned out etc. One of the guys I work with recommended a young guy that he goes to church with to do all these things. He has been here all day working in the heat. He is so sweet, just TCBITW (The cutest boy in the world) and has only just graduated high school too. Laurel, I wish your daughter could meet him.

  620. Saw the newborn this afternoon. I’m not much for babies (not real big on children…sorry), but Hannah is actually pretty cute and very sweet.

    We had a pretty bad storm this afternoon that I got stuck in on my way to the con. Flash flooding, power outages and a couple of downed tree limbs. There were reports of hail, but I didn’t see any of it. Not fun, but nothing compared to some parts of the country right now.

    I’m really excited–I received the first flag for the Peace Project today. It came all the way from Ontario. I love Canadians!

  621. elizabeth said

    Morning ladies! I am working from home today and my eye isn’t twitching! 🙂 Whoo hoo!!! Yesterday was just a day for gritting my teeth and surviving. I actually had one employee throw a bit of a temper tantrum and I spent a good hour in a conference room calming him down and re-setting his perceptions. Surprisingly enough…he actually thanked me later.

    Laurel – Are we still on for coffee later today? Krysten has a doctor appointment at 10am so I will give you a call after to see if you are available.

  622. laurel said

    I’m home and I’ll be needing coffee…. another coffee – whenever you are up for it. Give me a call or e-mail. I’ll be checking in periodically. 🙂

    Yeah! No eye twitch! That’s good. hehe
    So now you’re “the office whisperer”? 🙂

  623. elizabeth said

    “The Office Whisperer” That is too funny 🙂 Mostly I feel like an underpaid babysitter – mopping up tears and giving time outs for poor behavior 😦 I have to admit my mood is 200% better for not being in the office today.

  624. laurel said

    Well, I suspect it pays better than my current position as the in-home cat-sitter.
    My mood is improved today too, but I think that’s because of the SUNSHINE! Woo Hoo! It finally looks like summer so I’m going to go out and drink my coffee and eat some cereal on the back deck. High of 75 this afternoon! 😎

  625. laurel said

    Okay, now I feel better. I’ve just had coffee with Elizabeth and my soul has been recharged with positive energy. Dang I”m lucky to have BT sisters so close. I’m sending all of you a bit of that same cheer! 🙂

  626. *waves at all* how are all you ladies today on friday the 13th? *grins*

    I’m just trying to stay home, and not push my luck at all. So didn’t get much of anything done since the toddler decided she would NOT take a nap, no matter what today. Though I did get some Jell-O tossed together now I just have to check it and make sure it set up correctly since its my first attempt(and I CAN and DO burn water *sighs*)

  627. I’m doing great, MM, though the weather is crappy here today. I had day two of my knitting convention, and Hello Swag Bag! Free stuff rocks! It almost offsets the fact that I had to buy $70 in fabric for a school project. My credit card cried. I did too, for that matter.

  628. Sophia- hope your having fun at the knitting convention!

    So my Jell-O did work. Now I just have to work on learning more about Jell-O shots, for fic purposes. Dang challenges!

  629. I learned to spin. ^^ Now I can MAKE yarn, instead of buying it!

  630. laurel said

    I meant to get on here and wish you all a “Happy Flag Day!” June 14th was set aside to honor the nations flag and is a day when you should see them flying as an indication of honor and National Pride.

    See what strange things people my age know? 🙂

  631. Hm. National Pride? What’s that? *hitchhikes to Canada*

  632. *waves tiredly at all* Hey everybody how ya doin’?

    I spent 4 hours today literally running myself ragged in the clinic, and now my leg is making me pay for it(dang siatic nerve)! Oh and I’m still trying to wrangle up plot bunnies and turn them into something, well useable, and readable.

  633. Plot bunnies? Love it. Let me know if you find any. We have a dozens of wild bunnies around my house (I saw the cutest little baby ones yesterday! Just the size of a tennis ball!), but so far none of them have been any help on the writing front. It’s a bit of a problem, since I signed up for a summer version of National Novel Writing Month, and then missed my daily writing date for the last two days. And now my characters are rebelling.

  634. Himmiefan said

    Hello everybody!! *waves*

    Hope everyone is doing well. MM – much sympathy about the sciatic nerve. That’s never fun.

    Laurel – I’m ashamed to say I flat out overlooked that it was Flag Day last week. Thanks for reminding us!

    By the way, I just wanted to thank all of my Blood sisters for being so nice and mature – fun yet mature. After last Friday’s Battlestar Galactica show, I was all excited and wanted to chat about it. So, I went on the SciFi channel’s boards, and oh boy, I think you have to have an IQ of 2 to participate. I have an IQ of 3, so I left. Talk about childish!

  635. Himmiefan said

    Oh yeah, my brother-in-law was one of those lucky people who got salmonella poisoning from eating tomatoes. He had one about a week ago, and spent three days in the hospital being pumped full of all sorts of medication. Luckly he responded well and came home yesterday. All of his critters, cats and bunnies, are giving him major attitude for being gone.

  636. Linda said

    Good morning ladies — *waves at everyone*

    Himmie — I am glad your brother is better. I really hate this happened with tomatoes. I love tomatoes.

    MM — I hope the sciatic nerve feels better soon.

    Laurel — I forgot Flag Day too! Thanks for the reminder.

    Sophia — I hope you had fun at your convention. You are going to be very busy spinning and knitting from now on. Lol!! As far as plot bunnies, we have many wild bunnies running around my neighborhood too. Never thought about trying to wrangle them into “plot bunnies”. Sounds like a good idea though.

  637. Linda said

    I want to wish Madonna a very happy and fabulous birthday today! Celebrate and enjoy every minute. I hope everything is splendid for you, not only today, but all week.

  638. Himmiefan said

    Happy Birthday Madonna!!


  639. laurel said

    Hip Hip Horray for Madonna! Have a terrific birthday!

    Birthday weed and a vamp visit are scheduled for your enjoyment. 🙂

    Where has Henry been? He had a long time since the last birthday and no one has claimed to have him…..
    Anybody want to discuss this?

  640. Sophia- Hmm never thought about wrangling the ‘real’ bunnies. I keep catching glimpses of a plot its just always JUST out of reach though.

    Himmie- Glad your brother-in-law is doing better.

    Himmie/Linda- thanks for the get better thoughts. Sadly this is probably something I will struggle with for the rest of my life thanks to my stupid stupid accident 5 years ago. It compressed some nerve or other that connects into the sciatic nerve, and well its just not pretty.

    Happy birthday Madonna, hope its a good one!

  641. Linda said

    Laurel — I haven’t seen him since my birthday *sigh*.

  642. Elizabeth said

    Madonna – Happy, happy birthday! I hope the day is everything you could wish it to be!

    Himmie – I’m glad your brother is doing better. It really sucks this whole tomato thing because I love them! I totally get what you are saying about other boards. I have visited a couple lately and usually leave shaking my head at how incredibly silly people can be.

    Hey, if Madonna doesn’t want Henry I will be more than happy to entertain him for awhile 🙂 Which reminds me…I haven’t watched any BT episodes lately. Good grief! I think I need to remedy that quickly 😉

  643. Happy birthday, Madonna.

    Himmie–Hope your brother gets better soon.

    Linda–Knitting yes. Spinning…Well, I need money to buy more fiber, first. I have a good store in mind though, and fiber is so much cheaper than yarn (well, except for acrylic). I’m going to try dying my first skane of yarn tomorrow. I keep putting it off because life keeps happening. It always does that right around the time my to-do list gets to be the length of my arm.

  644. Madonna said

    Thank you all. You are all so sweet!!!

    I got off work early today and we came home and spent some time in the pool, then my mom grilled steaks. (She even made one for my dog Boo-Boo.) We are all going out to dinner either Friday or Saturday when my sister can get off work and come with us. All in all, it was a good day. One more year and I’ll be 30. (sigh)

    Anzia, was the last to have a birthday so I’ll bet she’s had Henry all this time.

    I’m glad that your brother-in-law is going to be alright. It’s scary to think about what the food we eat, even what should be healthy, can do to us.

    When I was in college I was in a car accident that herniated a disc in my back and put pressure on the sciatic nerve. I had surgery when I was 21 and they removed the disc. When I woke up from surgery I was miserable with the pain, but the sciatica was completely gone. Hope you feel better soon.

  645. Linda said

    I hope everyone got a chance to see the ads for Blood Ties that ran on the Variety website last week. If you did not here is a link so that you can see them both.

    I am humbled when I think how hard everyone worked to make those ads a reality. I especially want to thank two wonderful ladies, our own Margaret and Veronica, both of whom I have had the the great pleasure to meet. Their dedication and resolve were paramount in the success of this project.

    Also many thanks to Neuf for her beautiful designs. They were professional and eye-catching I was proud every time I went over to the Variety website to look at them. If you want to see more of her work, you can check it out at

    Congratulations not only to Mags, Veronica, and Neuf but to everyone who donated money so that the ads could run. It was a monumental undertaking of which everyone should be immensely proud. Regardless, of the fate of the show, the ads are a testament to how much this show is beloved and a tribute to those who brought the show to us. The ads, in short, are our love letter from the fans to Blood Ties. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

  646. Madonna- I was in a ‘horrific’ accident 5 years ago this summer and suffered from 2 solid years of sciatic(which is NOT fun when you are in school 6 hours a day) then had some therapy that made it better. I suspect my workaholicness yesterday triggered it as I KNEW I was overdoing, I just didn’t realize how much I was overdoing. Unfortunately they can’t do surgery to fix it, so I have to live with it. This summer I plan on writing out a thing about my accident as it is time to revisit it in a written form methinks.

  647. laurel said

    MM – Feel better soon dear. I’m hoping you’ll be able to give your body a little break and let it heal properly.

    Linda – I got to see both ads several times and I agree, they are truly a love letter from the fans. I’m proud to be a BT fan.
    Thank you to all who were involved in making it possible.

    Good night friends. It’s been a long day and I’ve got lots on my plate for tomorrow.

  648. Margaret said

    First and foremost had the fans not have contributed to the ad, it would have been nothing more than a really nice idea. Thanks Linda, but I believe my friends, Nuef and Vernocia, deserve the lions share of the credit, they really worked their butts off, spent several sleepless nights seeing that things got done.

    If nothing else the cast should know how much we loved them and the show, no matter what happens.

  649. Laurel- I just need to learn not to be such a workaholic, all the time. I know that once I hit a certain point that I should stop, but I rarely if ever actually stop. Now it wouldn’t be so bad if more of my work was sedentary but with so much of what I do being ‘active’ jobs I tend to overdo more easily. That being said I am however actually taking a ‘wee vacation’ the end of the month to Seattle for an overnight with my parenting group. We are all going down to some conference thing, and staying in a hotel(sans kids) and getting to be grownups. It promises to be a good time. Then I have arranged so that the next day(saturday) I get to go out to the island and spend some time out there for a night, again without the kidlet. Then I’ll have about 20-25 days before my ‘summer schedule’ kicks into full gear.

    OH! I almost forgot, I don’t know if I mentioned but the Occupational therapist, has deemed that for the most part, Kenzie is ‘normal’ she just has ‘slight attention span issues’ and will need MILD therapy but nothing super intensive. We’ll only have to go once every week for a half hour or so, which is great!

  650. laurel said

    MM – Thanks for sharing your good news about Kenzie! I know that will ease your mind and let you girls settle into a more reasonable schedule. 🙂

    I’m glad you’re going to have a couple of getaways to look forward to this summer. I know you have lots of work to do but I hope you can pamper your body a bit so that you can heal up and enjoy the summer. Let us know if you’re going to be making your way into Oregon, several of us would arrange to meet you.

    I’m looking forward to having visitors from this blog over the next few weeks. DebS is going to be here in just FOUR DAYS! Oh, lordy, I need to go clean something… where to start… what will we eat.. will she like us…. Argh!
    Just kidding! We’re ready for her as long as she remembers that she already loves us. I can always distract her with re-runs of Blood Ties on the computer!!

    Then, Wildstar comes out in THREE WEEKS? Is that all? Oh my gosh! She’ll be here before we know it!

    I love it that we get to meet some more of our BT sisters!
    *happy dance, happy dance*

  651. Laurel- I wish I lived closer, but now with my shiny new tom tom, portland is just a punch of a button away(at least direction wise) 😀 😉 My schedule will be normal until about mid-July then goodness knows whats going to happen!

  652. laurel said

    I’m going to be around today, but in and out while I work on a couple of projects. I suddenly have too many things to do before Saturday. I spent all night dreaming about cooking huge meals for groups of people who kept showing up at the house.
    No, I don’t suffer from anxiety!


  653. laurel said

    Hey Elizabeth? Are you out there?

    I have flight info from DebS! Now we can plot our trip to the airport for Saturday.

  654. Elizabeth said

    Laurel – Gosh it is amazing to realize that Debs will be here in a few days 🙂 BTW, Krysten wanted me to apologize to you for her. She was on the computer and accidentally put iChat up. She saw you pop in just as she was shutting everything down and since she has never used iChat she wasn’t sure how to answer. She didn’t want you to think it was me being rude 😉 Do you want to get together at some point to talk about the upcoming visit?

  655. laurel said

    Sure! You know me – any excuse to get together will do. We need to figure out who needs a ride to the airport. I’ll e-mail details as I get them.

  656. laurel said

    I apparently didn’t notice that I barely missed Krysten. Tell her not to worry about it, I am not sure how the whole thing works yet either. I have a lesson at the apple store on Friday at either 11 or 1, but other than that I’m free. Call me?

  657. laurel said

    Wow, slow day here!
    I hope everyone is just having a busy day. I’d hate to think we’ve lost everyone all of a sudden.

  658. Linda said

    Good Evening Ladies, *waves*

    Hi E, Laurel and MM

    Sorry I have been absent for a while. It seems that they actually expect me to work at least on some days. I surely do envy DebS and wildstar visiting the Portland gang. I am going to visit someday too. Weatherwise, when is the absolute best time to visit? Of course, once I go into Powell’s bookstore, I might never come out.

    MM — That is great news about Kenzie. I know you are so happy. Your trip to Seattle sounds like fun. I have always wanted to visit there too.

  659. Elizabeth said

    Laurel – I have been swamped and when I get home at night I have been too busy to turn on my computer, so I am really behind on what is going on. I can certainly come over to your house on Saturday to catch a ride to the airport. It will be so much fun!

    I would love to meet on Friday for Coffee so that we can discuss things, but if Friday is too busy I am also pretty clear today anytime after 2pm. Let me know if that works for you?

  660. laurel said

    E – I’m okay with tomorrow to meet with you. I have a class at 11-12 but then I can take Sarah back home and meet you any time. Or I could meet you before if morning is better.

    Of course if today is the only possibility for you just give me a call and I’ll head your way.

    Hi Linda! Good to have you back! Any time is good in Portland! Best weather is now through October…. always a bit of a gamble though.

  661. Elizabeth said

    Laurel – How about 3:30 tomorrow at the Starbucks in Sherwood? I can leave work early and not have to worry about going back 🙂 Is that too late in the day for you?

  662. Laurel- I’ve been MIA because I’m ‘dying’ from some bug or other that my mother brought home. I’ve been running a low grade fever, had aches, chills, and can’t breathe as my sinuses are all clogged up. It has NOT been a fun couple of days.

    Plus we are dealing with an odd phenomenon around here. My duck(Slowpoke) went broody on us, and has recently started hatching some eggs. Which NORMALLY wouldn’t be an issue(but when can things be well ‘normal’) but the eggs she is hatching are chicken eggs. *shakes head* its quite odd to watch the duck with her chicken eggs(they are still hatching)

  663. laurel said

    E – 3:30 Friday will be good! I need something to keep me from bouncing off the walls at home.

    MM – It sounds like you’ve had the same thing as my Sarah. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling under the weather.
    Chicken eggs under the duck? Does this signify some impending event – other than chicks hatching? 🙂
    I hope she doesn’t try to teach them to swim. LOL

  664. Laurel- I *THINK* I’m getting a wee bit better I can kind of breathe a little bit this evening. Hopefully I’ll feel up to running to the Library so I can download my stuff off of iTunes.

    Chicken eggs under the duck= Duck losing it. I think she got lonely(even though we got her the 3 new companions) and decided she’d remedy the situation herself. I too hope she doesn’t teach them to swim. I already told my dad(who is ‘chicken man’) that I will NOT be the one pay for the chicks to see a shrink when they grow up :laugh:

  665. laurel said

    MM – So, you think they might just “quack up” from the identity crisis? 😉

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist, even though I should have. 🙂

  666. Laurel *snort* yes yes I do(and you have no idea how glad I am that you DID say it 😉 )

  667. laurel said

    It was the perfect set up and I have no self control when it comes to puns.

    Glad to know I’m in good company. 😎

  668. Linda said

    Good morning ladies,

    Laurel — Lol!! You “quack” me up!

    MM — It should be interesting to watch her raise those chickies. Are chickens like ducks, in that the imprint on the first being they see and consider her to be “mom”?

    For the Torchwood/Dr. Who fans out there, my friend sent me a link:

    Apparently there will be a limited season for both series next year. The television industry cares nothing for my preferences. I must not be a good consumer. Perhaps what we should be asking is, “What do I have to buy to keep this show on the air?”

  669. Elizabeth said

    Laurel – 3:30 at the Sherwood Starbucks – YAY! Looking forward to it will keep me sane for the rest of my day 😉

    Linda – I hope they do bring back a full season of Torchwood. I love that show! Donna is finally starting to grow on me in Doctor Who, but mainly I just adore David Tennant *sigh*.

    Laurel/MM – I am still snickering over the duck and the chicks “quacking up” comments. 🙂 I love that kind of humor.

  670. Laurel- Yes, you are in very good company.

    Linda- As far as I know they imprint a lot, so if they see people, they will think people are their ‘mom’. They don’t imprint a specific thing though just a general idea BUT they do know WHO is their mom if they are living in a large community of chickens.

    E- glad we could make you giggle! 😀

    So, I have decided what I am doing for my birthday finally. Since everything else thus far has fallen through(apparently MY birthday is not important), I made it very clear to my family that this IS happening whether they like it or not. I am going to Creation Burbank in November! I can get a rock bottom airfare, and the tickets are pretty reasonable(for a creation event), all I have to do is a bit of jiggling on the hotel. I can’t stomach the rate they want for the con hotel(the ‘special rate’ is $124 a night) so I’m hoping to find something a wee bit cheaper, though at the moment it looks like the next closest hotel is a mile and a half away, though it IS $40+ cheaper a night.

  671. Linda said

    E — I adore David Tennant too. I saw some of the Dr. Whos with Chris Eggleston, but was really hooked with he morphed into David Tennant.

    Diary of a Call Girl has started on Showtime (stars Billie Piper aka Rose Tyler), but I have not seen it yet.

    MM — Maybe those chicks will think that duck is a a doting aunt. Who will be at Creation Burbank, btw?

  672. Elizabeth said

    Linda – I saw Diary of a Call girl and I actually blushed! I am not easily shocked, but OMG! I couldn’t believe I was seeing that on TV! I knew it would be a little risque, but there is no way I would let my daughter in the room while that was on the television!

  673. Linda said

    E — Oh my! I guess I will try to check it out next time, or I might get it on On Demand. They get pretty risque on Showtime, I think even more so than HBO.

  674. Linda- It’s a Stargate Con that I’m going to, and the Guest list is:
    David Hewlett
    Rachael Luttrell
    Jason Mamoa
    Alexis Cruz
    Dan Shea and
    Kavan Smith

    They are also having a Firefly/Serenity and Battlestar: Gallactica Convention at the same time, in the same hotel.

    Maybe that will happen with the ducks a girl can hope aye?

  675. I have yet to see Diary of a Call girl, though I would like to. We don’t have Showtime, though. I might check to see if it’s on Surf the Channel. Speaking of which, I’m in the process of watching the very first episode of Doctor Who. It’s pretty good so far. Not quite what I was expecting, but not bad for 60’s sci fi.

  676. laurel said

    Wow! The real first episode. I only started with the ninth Doctor. I know Gypsy grew up with Tom (?) as the Doctor, but I’m only a recent Tardis Traveler.
    I’ll have to go check on Surf the Channel. 🙂

    MM – I want to go to that con! The one with Serenity/Firefly! Oh my! That would be amazing. Of course I’d end up at the Stargate Con too.
    I hope you can find a discount on the hotel, but I have to say I’ve never been sorry to spend a little more and not have to pay extra transportation costs.
    Just a thought.

  677. Just thought I’d let you ladies know that I posted some of my BT “Art”(I use the term VERY VERY loosely) over on my Art blog. If your curious you can find a link on my regular blog. For some reason it won’t let me post URL Links tonight.

    or you can go to:

    goatfarmersart .

  678. laurel said

    MM – I have to admit that my favorite ‘Art’ over on your blog is Kenzie. Sooooo cute!

  679. Laurel- aww thanks. She royally scared the crud out of me with todays Gnawing on the Marker stunt. Nothing quite gets your heart going like your child drooling red marker that looks like blood 😀

  680. rifkind said

    *WAVES* a big wave to everyone.
    I am so sorry that I have been absent for so long!
    I have had trouble logging in. 3 power outages in the last 10 days at our home in the cities…
    Work is slowing down and they are watching us… and I dare not be the one caught surfing the internet… that would put me at the top of the layoff list… so I have been really careful at work… and no power at home some many nights..
    then the cabin has a very very slow dial-up speed….
    so there are my excuses…

    During one of the power outages, I lost the data on my USB drive that was up and running on the laptop.. when the power died and I hurriedly put the computer into sleep mode… the USB didn’t want to come back… I was heartbroken!
    All my work for the website that supports our Egypt book! URGH!!

    So I have been very busy trying to get the images and pages recovered… and posted out on the website.
    The great news is that we now have through chapter 8 of our book posted!!!
    Bill wants some feedback on chapter 8, which has a cat fight between Nefertiti and her daughter Meritaten.
    I want to add pictures and links to all the chapters.. and so far I have only gotten through 1.1 … but the text is out there to read, for those who are interested. (Laurel and Elizabeth..and ?????.)

    I have to run to town now, but will check back later this afternoon.

  681. Just thought I’d drop in to say hi since I’ve been kind of absent lately. Nothing really has been going on, so I’ve just been reading the posts instead of putting one up myself.

  682. msgypsy said

    Yes, yes, there’s a new topic up. I confess, I’ve been lazy.

    And please don’t shoot me or anything. Life’s been a bit difficult for me lately.

    On the plus side, I may be going back to grad school. Just to make life even MORE difficult, dontcha know? LOL!

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