Some fellow fans are SO MEAN!!!!!

I think we all need to go to this Live Journal community and blow raspberries. Because this was a cruel, cruel hoax. Although the livestock thing was pretty funny…



  1. cdnfreyja said

    Am I first? Yes? Woo hoo!

  2. cdnfreyja said

    Okay, on to the serious matter at hand. Now, I had to laugh at the the thought of a blonde Steve Bacic. I totally cannot picture him that way! LOL

  3. Anzia said

    WOOOT i’m second!

    Freyja- no real stories for this one. I was actually a tiny bit bored just walking around with the bride-to-be as she went down her list of things she had to do. The fun came before we went to the bars. Played Guitar Hero on XBox 360 (OMG What a fun game!). Ate pizza, told stories, laughed hysterically…drank LOTS of Champagne. I pulled the muscle on the inside of my leg on my right knee and outside of my leg on my left knee trying to dance in 3 1/2 inch wedges. not one of my smarter ideas. ^_^ Oh and if you’ve never had a Strawberry Cheesecake shot or a Slippery Nipple I totally recommend them! YUMMMMMMMY!

  4. Dani said

    That is just a cruel cruel joke. A CG Henry is just not funny. There is absolutely no comparison. The blond haired Steve Bacic was good though.

    Z, I’m not sure if I want a slippery nipple. Do they have anything other anatomy that is slippery.

  5. Dani said

    Hey I posted my comment which would make it the fourth comment to this thread but the counter still says three comments.

  6. Dani said

    Is there anyone around today? Hello? Hello? Testing…..1…..2…..3

  7. elizabeth said

    Hi Dani, I’m here. How are you this morning?

  8. Dani said

    Great! You?

    Did you read the April Fools joke Gypsy linked to in the intro? How totally cruel is that? Some poor somebody gullible somebody might have read that and actually believed LT was renewing BT. Good thing they put the April Fools in there. Like I said a CG Henry would be no good.

  9. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    We’re busy conducting interviews today and all day tomorrow so I’m going to be scarce around these parts.

  10. Wildstar said

    found you..

    yes the CG Henry would be a cruel joke! I don’t seem to be able to open the link so I’ll try tonight.

    just popping in to say hi!

    its only Wednesday and the week has been a rough one – won’t bore you with the details …

    talk to you later ~

  11. A think a CG Henry would be totally cool, but just in the special effects sequences. (That’s the graphic artist in me speaking.) They’d have to use the real thing for everything else.

  12. Dani said

    Well yes if they had to have the special fx a CG Henry would be fine but not permanently. It wouldn’t be the same.

  13. elizabeth said

    I thought the whole April Fool’s joke was hilarious! Of course, there are probably people out there that thought it was for real *shakes head*. A blond Steve Bacic – hmmm. Just can’t visualize it. The special effects for a CG Henry would be interesting, but I am with everyone else in that they better keep Henry.

    Freyja- I am stuck in interviews all this afternoon. I am trying to fill 3 vacant positions with contractors and I am bringing a new hire on next week. Plus I am in the middle of a redesign on my Print Shop area. We are having to consolidate our space to make room for another organization. Lovely 😦

  14. Himmiefan said

    That joke was actually pretty funny. : )

  15. Dani said

    Ok it was funny but still cruel πŸ˜€

  16. elizabeth said

    I was reading USA Today and see where fans of Moonlight are organizing to make sure they get a second season. Apparently, they are teaming with the Red Cross for a blood drive. (now why does that sound familiar????)

  17. Dani said

    Well maybe the Moonlight people will listen the fans. The LT people apparently didn’t listen to us.

  18. elizabeth said

    I don’t think there is much doubt that Moonlight is going to be renewed. I get the impression that the fans are just hedging their bets. I really wish we would hear something positive about BT. I worry that no news will have the fans start to drop out of the blogs and web sites. Look what has happened to this one….. 😦

  19. Dani said

    Thanks E! That is what I have been trying to push at the email group. It is going to appear that interest is waning. Pretty soon everyone is going to stop trying. I already feel incredibly slighted by LT. The mind-set is going to be they don’t care and can’t be bothered so I won’t either. I’m not talking about me personally but about the general populus of the BT internet world.

  20. elizabeth said

    I guess we need to convince more of our cohorts to take a stand and say they are only going to post on the blog and stop doing the emails. The key is they need to stick with what they say. Maybe if enough migrate back more will follow. That is what I had to do. Admittedly I had withdrawal πŸ™‚ for the first day or so, but I can’t say I regret it now. I like the blog format and I am WAY happier not wading through several hundred emails a day. I know this might sound funny, but I actually feel more of a connection to our beloved show here than I do in an email. Weird.

  21. Dani said

    Yeah me too. I have said over and over and over along with Madonna, to post regular everyday stuff here. If there is anything more personal go ahead and use the email. All of it does not need to be emailed. I think it has just become a habit and the blog has basically left their minds unless someone brings it up.

  22. I am sitting here shaking my head at this, why oh why would anyone who is a ‘fan’ do something like that? Seriously!

    I get to go to my dinner tomorrow I am so freaked/excited, ugh!

  23. Dani said

    Well I do understand it was a joke but to some it will be perceived the wrong way.

  24. Dani said

    I hope you have a good time tomorrow night. Who are you going to see again?

    Are they any babies yet?

  25. cdnfreyja said

    Well Elizabeth, you can check out my new blog and my latest posting on BT, of course! Go to Every time I post something I hit a newbie glitch – the latest one is my seeming inability to get the images to post within the text. And to think that I taught myself HTML and built 2 webpages.


  26. Dani- I’m going to see Joe Mallozzi and Martin Gero tomorrow night.

    on the baby front- 3 kids arrived safe and sound at approximately 1 pm PST, 2 boys and 1 spitfire little girl. I am sooooooo tempted to name them after the BT characters LOL.

    you can find pictures here:

    I’ll post more tonight when they move into the house.

  27. rifkind said

    I loved seeing the pictures of the babies! Yes naming them after the BT characters could be lots of fun!

    So are you going to stay overnight in Canada? Or are you going to try to drive all the way home after the dinner?
    I hope that you have a safe trip and a TON of fun!

  28. laurel said

    Hah! You thought you could get away from me, didn’t you? I was on the wrong thread, catching up and thinking…”wow, this hasn’t got much to it.” Then I discover the link to the new site. Wheew! I hate it when I miss one of those.

    I am at home laying on the couch – sick. Stupid sore throat, headache, body aches, fever, cough…. Blaaaaah.

    I need to feel better by tomorrow so I can have lunch with Gypsy. Good thing we didn’t make it a date for today.
    Unfortunately I may have to take a rain check, again. Waaah!

    MM – Congrats on the new kids! How many more are you waiting for?

    Freyja – If I want to send a gift to someone in Montreal do I need to do anything special? I will send it in international envelope, but do I need special paperwork for a gift? I don’t want to make it difficult on the recipient, just fun. 😎 I suppose I should just go to the post office and ask.

  29. elizabeth said

    Freyja – I checked out your blog πŸ™‚ Nice work! Your post on BT was excellent and well thought out.

    MM – I would so name those new babies Henry, Mike and Vicki πŸ˜‰ It would be too good of an opportunity for me to pass up – LOL.

  30. elizabeth said

    Laurel – I hope you get to feeling better soon! I have a sore throat and hope it goes away soon. I blame it all on this crazy weather we have been having. Anyway, when you feel up to it give me a call and we can meet for lunch of coffee πŸ™‚ Also, I am hoping that I can check out the apple store next weekend to buy my computer (Finally!!!!) I hope we can work it out where you can go be moral support and ask all the questions I won’t think of…I’ll be too busy petting the computer…I wonder if my iPod will get jealous? πŸ˜‰

  31. rifkind said

    I can’t see Steve with blonde hair either.
    He looks great with his dark hair and eyes.
    Blonde hair would just look WRONG with his eyes and eyebrows.

  32. rifkind said

    I hope that you get better soon, there are some real nasty bugs going around this spring. Make some of Gypsy’s garlic soup!
    Get better!

  33. Rif- Aww thanks I love taking them, in fact I am putting up tommorow’s post now since I wont be back until midnight-ish. Meaning I am planning on driving all the way home its only about 2-3 hours one way(depending on traffic and the border).

    Laurel- Feel better soon! I’m still waiting for 3 more sets of kids, this is just one set of siblings.

    E- I may have to hold out on having Henry, Mike and Vicki until ‘MY’ doe kids *sighs wistfully* though I may refer to them as that privately who knows! Don’t make the I-pod jealous! My Crapshiba *coughs* sorry i mean Toshiba is quite jealous of the dell.

  34. cdnfreyja said

    Hi Laurel, good question. Are you sending something in a letter sized envelope, a bubble mailing package, a box? I would expect you have to fill out a customs form like we do to mail something internationally. Other than that I don’t think you’d have to do much different. Doesn’t the USPS have a website?

    Elizabeth – thanks! I just wish I could do more to help. I found that other blog entry this week and it said everything I wanted to say, just way better.

  35. Dani said

    MM, they are so cute. I want one so bad!

  36. Dani said

    Feel better Laurel!

  37. Dani said

    I just realized something. I’m leaving for Florida in 2 weeks! Holy Crap! I can’t believe it is almost here. I haven’t been in several years. OMG! I can’t wait!

  38. Linda said

    Hi everyone!

    Sorry I have been gone a while from the blog. I’ve been swamped at work.

    cndfreyja — I really like your blog. This was the first chance I had to look at it. It looks great. I loved the post on BT and Canadian tv.

    MM — I am anxious to hear about your dinner. Love the pics of the baby goats. So cute!!

    I totally fell for the stupid April fool’s gag. Got all excited, then thought, what a dumb idea, then finally saw the April fool’s tag. I guess I am too invested in this to have a sense of humor about it. I thought it was mean.

    Must run now. Will try to check in later…

  39. Dani said

    It’s not really hopping here much lately anyways.

  40. Linda said

    Dani — You will have a blast in Florida. I know you are so excited!

    Laurel — Feel better. I am still going to email you about Torchwood and Dr. Who.

  41. Dani said

    I am really really excited. We are taking Amber to Disney for the first time. She doesn’t even know yet.

  42. Linda said

    Dani — Oh, wow! She is going to have a wonderful surprise.

    If I remember right, you are going to see some of our Florida sistas while you are there?

  43. New pictures of the kids are up!

    I have to run and get ready I’m leaving in about an hour and a half to two hours and I still haven’t decided which shoes to pair with the dress yet *sighs* I’m HOPELESS!

  44. Dani said

    Linda if I can get ahold of Cree I think it may only be her. That also depends on how she is feeling. You know with her heet and all.

  45. Dani said

    Her feet, that should have been her feet.

  46. Dani said

    MM they are sooooooo cute! Is that your daughter? She is adorable.

  47. Annalaise duChat said

    Have fun MM, the kids are adorable.

  48. laurel said

    Thanks for the good wishes everyone. I am still sick and had to cancel my lunch date with Ms Gypsy. 😦
    I think this is the worst headache I’ve ever had. Can’t even watch tV or read a book because I feel so awful. I get about a half hour of feeling better when the Advil kicks in and that is where I am right now, so I’m checking in with you and fixing a little tea. I hope Elizabeth and Moonbeam didn’t catch it.

    MM – Sounds like you are getting an exponential population explosion. Are all of your herd likely to do the three-kid-drop?

    Dani – Have a great time in Florida! I haven’t been to see “The Mouse” in a long time but it was big fun when my girls were little.

    Eilzabeth – We should set up a special meeting with the Apple store so that you can have an hour of time booked with one of the techs before you make your purchase. Which Saturday? the 5th or the 12th? Don’t worry about the i-pod getting jealous, The iPod will get over that when it gets to spend some one-on-one time with the new family member. They will have a good relationship in no time. I promise. πŸ™‚

    Linda – you can e-mail me direct to talk Torchwood and Dr. Who or we can take it over to the minxlaurel.wordpress site. Just use the Blood Ties page we were on before. It’s not being used for anything else. We should drag Gypsy into the discussion, she’s the one responsible for me getting hooked on Torchwood.

    Freyja – Thanks dear, I went to the USPS site and it’s no help. I think it won’t be a problem, I just get worried about having a gift turn into a nightmare. I guess I should just let it go and see what happens.

  49. laurel said

    Here’s a page for Torchwood and Dr. Who –

    Feel free to talk amongst yourselves!

  50. Linda said

    Laurel — When I send docs fedex to Canada, I mark that they have no value and are business correspondence, so there is nothing further to fill out or account for. If you send anything else, there is a customs form. It is fairly simple, just asking what you are sending, what it is worth etc. Fedex simply gives you the form to fill out online. If you go to the post office, I’m sure you could get one there. Seems like the Post office should have it online too, but perhaps that would be too easy.

    I hope that headache goes away. I know how miserable it is. I’ve had a few migraines that lasted too long…

  51. Linda said

    Laurel — Thanks for the link. I will try to get over there tonight…

  52. Linda said

    Dani — I know. I’ve been wondering how she is too. Don’t know if she has been able to work or not. I hope you two are able to get together.

  53. laurel said

    Somehow this is less like a migraine and more like… well kind of like when I stayed up for a couple of days in college to finish writing some papers. So tired I can’t think, but I can’t seem to fall asleep because of the coughing. Blaah.

    I’ll look for your comments later tonight – re Torchwood and Dr. Who. πŸ™‚

  54. elizabeth said

    Laurel – I’m sorry you are still feeling under the weather. Headaches are the worst to deal with! It is even worse when you can’t read or watch TV. That is just torture!

    Did you guys see where the new Doctor Who will be starting this month? I am totally stoked! I love that show. I’m kind of curious who they are going to bring on to the show this season. I am also really liking this season of Torchwood. It has had some very interesting developments especially with Owen’s “death”. I wonder where the story arc will take that?

  55. elizabeth said

    Oops sorry. I didn’t see the bit about Laurel’s wordpress site until my comment posted.

  56. Himmiefan said

    Hi everybody!

    MM – the kids, human and non-human, are adorable. I think it’s great you’re going on to get your veterinary degree. A graphic artist friend of mine who runs a bunny rescue group is going back to college to get her science credits and will then apply to vet school. She’s got a straight A average!

    Laurel – so sorry you’re not feeling well. One Henry and a bunch of chocolate will make you feel much, much better.

  57. msgypsy said

    Laurel, oy! That sounds awful! Worse than I thought earlier. Chamomile tea, dear, and lots of sleep. No chicken soup for headaches. (Well, yeah, if I had some made I’d share but there isn’t any and my chamomile plant is doing well…)

    I got a wild hair and started looking into getting a Masters Degree in Urban Studies (there’s an excellent school of same at Portland State University.) I’d love to do it but MAN that’s gonna cost! My mother’s trying to convince me to start applying for grants but I can’t find any grants to apply for. Well, plus, you think I’m busy NOW???????????? OTOH, it was my first love and I always wanted to go back to it. I’d end up old enough to retire whe I start looking for work with the city planning department, but at least I’ll have enjoyed myself…

  58. rifkind said

    I can’t wait to hear about your dinner.
    I hope that you didn’t push yourself too much with trying to drive all the way home afterwards. Hopefully you had your friend with you for company to help keep you awake.
    Was the border crossing even open that late in the evening?

  59. Dani said

    Anymore kids MM? How was your dinner?

  60. rifkind said

    Not living in the northWet, I had assumed that SeaCouver meant that Seattle and Vancouver, BC were just across the border from each other, like San Diego and Tijuana Mexico … NOT!
    My parents and I ended up being bumped from a flight that went directly to Vancouver and decided to go to Seattle and take a bus across the border into Canada. I was in for a surprise when it was over a 3 hour drive!

    Waiting at the border for everyone on the bus to be cleared by customs was awful. It was summer, and the bus driver had the door open, and all the diesel fumes from the idling busses filled bus. Between the heat and the fumes, I was sick to my stomach.
    Not fun!
    When we finally got to Vancouver, we had to go out to the airport IN PERSON to recover our luggage from customs. We got booted from the plane, but our luggage had not. (This was pre-911).

    My parents and I had a great week wandering around Vancouver. I found some of the locations where Highlander (the Series) was shot. I was so tickled when I found the stairway and door β€œleading” into the dojo. A nice piece of fiction, as the interior shots were obviously made elsewhere.
    Vancouver had a fireworks contest during the summer, and we were able to see one of the displays. It is where they time the fireworks to music, the contest went on for several weekends, but we were only there for the one contestant.
    After a fun filled week wandering around Vancouver, Mom and Dad boarded a ship for a trip up the inland waterway to Alaska, and I flew home.

    Maybe some of the Gypsy Sisters can make a trip to Vancouver and hit one of the SciFi conventions. I’m up for another trip.

  61. Dani said

    Hi ladies

    I just heard from Dizey on myspace. She sends her love but things are really wierd for her right now. Work still isn’t going good. A very close family member died the Thursday before Easter and they buried her the day before Easter. She is bummed that she can’t get here or the email to talk with us and misses us something terrible.

    Just wanted to let you know.

  62. Linda said

    Rifkind — I have always wanted to visit Vancouver. Keep me in mind for that!

    Laurel — I didn’t make it online to talk Torchwood and Dr. Who last night. We had severe weather/tornados, so it was a nasty night. Maybe tonight…

    I’m off work later today, so I will try to check back later…

  63. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Lunch time … on a Friday! I had a killer migraine yesterday and tried really hard to make it all the way through the last two interviews. Yes, it was one of those migraines where you want to run to the washroom to vomit. As soon as I got home I popped into bed. It went away after a few hours and finally I got to eat something around 8:30pm. Feeling much better today but I have that leftover headache that I always get the day after a migraine. So Laurel, I feel your pain, literally.

    MM – got a chance to check out the kids! How cute – both the kids and the little human! She looks like she was mauling the one! My niece loves to maul their calico, and the cat loves it! My brother-in-law refers to such photos as examples of ‘animal abuse’ – it isn’t abusive, of course, because she loves hugging the cat and sitting with her (well, sometimes on her when she was younger). How was the trip to Vancouver? Details my dear!

  64. Wildstar said

    sorry I’ve been MIA – i really wish I could figure out why I have such difficulties with WordPress and the work network….I can get on at home with no problems…
    sorry you’re feeling so yuck Freyja – my sister suffers from killer migrains – the kind that have her huddled in a dark room, no light or sound.
    I am soooo far behind on post! sheesh …bad sister that I am…..
    MM – congrats on the kids!
    laurel – are you feeling any better? i think i saw you had some questions about mailing to Canada – if its just a letter theres no extra paper work involved, but if its something like what I sent out at Chrismastime – the buble envelppes then yes they may make you fill out a customs paper – I mark those things as “gifts” .

    Everyone feel better and take care of yourselves (and the kids be they two footed or four footed) πŸ˜‰
    Ok well now lunch is over and I havent’ caught up nearly enough…I’m sorry I’m so much better at the emails becasue its easier for me to sneek into at work 😦
    I’ll try harder to stop over here – promise…
    love you guys!

  65. Annalaise duChat said

    Good Friday Afternoon Ladies,

    Laurel, Freyja — I hope you’re both feeling better soon.

    MM — The kids are adorable. Melanie still wants one.

    Gypsy — Nice to hear from you!


  66. laurel said

    Hi gang. I’m doing a bit better today. I can now maintain a distance from the kleenex box and am able to read. TV is of no interest and writing is not happening, but I’m doing a little editing. πŸ˜› I need to get into my spring cleaning mode, but it’s going to have to wait a few more days.
    Himmie – Can’t taste chocolate yet, and Henry sounds like too much energy. Of course Mike would be welcome, he might be able to make a decent cup of tea.

    Gypsy – I have been drinking chamomile tea (and peppermint because I love it). πŸ™‚ The headache has finally subsided to a reasonable level and I think I may be almost back to normal by Monday, at least I’ll be able to taste it.

    The questions about mailing to Canada? Well, I used to ship products internationally – for a couple of different companies – but there is a huge difference in sending commercial packages and personal gifts. I know how to fill out paperwork for orders but just wanted to be sure I didn’t need all of that for a gift. I guess I’ll send it out and see what happens. My Post Office is very helpful (small town, Oregon, friendly…) so I’ll ask them on Monday before I seal the envelope.
    Thank you to everyone for helping answer my questions.

  67. laurel said

    Clarification – I will be tasting ‘lunch’ on Monday, not tasting Monday. hehe

  68. Dani said

    Hm? I wonder what Monday would taste like. I’ve tasted Sundaes but not Mondays

  69. Hey all, I had a fabulous time last night at Fuel for the most part. The drive up was WONDERFUL I literally had a 4 car wait at the border going up(none coming home). The scenery was goregous, though the directions left a wee bit to be desired as I nearly got lost(first time actually driving up there).

    The drive to the resturant was INSANE. We almost got into at least 3 different accidents and I’m a GOOD driver. Literally one time we were travelling behind a car going straight ahead in our lane(the centerish one) and he suddenly turned right and did like a 180 and made a U turn RIGHT in front of us, I slammed on my brakes and BARELY missed hitting him it was SCARY. then he got all mad at ME! Then there was all the weird merging without warning(literally lanes would just randomly end). I swear that is the LONGEST 20 miles I have EVER driven in my life.

    Dinner was wonderful we got a nearby parking spot(and I didn’t really have to parallel park). Some WONDERFUL stranger paid our meter for us because we couldn’t figure them out(and had NO canadia money) so I stopped a guy walking down the street and asked him and then he just randomly popped in the money for us and wouldn’t even let me reimburse him.

    We started with a WONDERFUL cheese platter with 5 different artisian cheeses from around the world. they were all quite yummy except maybe the brie which had quite a strong undertone to it. We(my friends and i) ended up ‘adopting’ another dinner who happened to be sitting alone, that was SUCH a fun time! For dinner we had the salmon(friends), and I had the beef which was DELICIOUS. It was all very rich and savory.

    Joe and Marty were wonderful, very personable, and friendly quite magnetic personalities. It was actually funny because Marty and I ended up having a 15 minute discussion about BT, and the fact that Sci-Fi should pick it up.

    We had a wonderful dessert, between the Creme brulee, apple tart, pound cake, and chocolate thingy.

    I have tons of pictures up on my blog:

    The kids are doing great, and the rest that are due will all probably have twins. Which is MUCH more manageable than triplets. If I missed anyones’ comments I’m sorry! I’ll try and get to them later, as I am still DEAD TIRED from arriving home just before midnight. I’d of been here sooner had I not gotten lost and spent 20 minutes driving in circles.

    I may be able to *hopefully* walk again sometime this weekend as I fell and cut up my knee pretty badly. I had to go to the car part way through dinner and get something, and was coming back down the hill, and tripped and fell, and cut my knee up. It is STILL bleeding today which is just sooo much fun!

  70. laurel said

    MM – Can I just say… you did a nice job of layering all the ‘tasty’ pics!
    Pictures of beautiful foods layered with eye candy and the chance to see one of our sisters all pretty.

  71. Dani said

    Those are great pics MM. The guys seems really nice from the pictures. I hope your knee doesn’t give you to much trouble.

  72. Wildstar said

    well wordrpress ate my entire post!
    Gypsy if you get a chance could you see if you can fish it out of the “bucket” – though I’m not sure where it went…

  73. Wildstar said

    lets see if I can remember the gist of what I typed..

    here it is –
    you will see less of me than usually becasue they are clamping down on internet usage at work – personal internet usage will be restricted to lunch time – so no more sneeking over to play – and this answeres the questions as to why I’ve had such problems getting ont he blog from work – ..
    anyway they sent a company wide memo about the new “software” they installed to track internet usage and people who abuse the system will start receiving remremands…

    so no more blogg during the day and very little email.:(

    I explained better in the lost post – but oh well….

  74. Himmiefan said

    Hi everybody. Just popping my head in before I head off for home. Hope everyone gets to feeling better. Oh, Battlestar Galactica starts tonight!!! Woo hoo!

    Gypsy – what about a Stafford loan? I think that’s what I did for grad school (and finally got paid off!). Good luck! If you do go for grad school, you won’t regret it.

  75. cdnfreyja said

    Well ladies, another technologically frustrating day. Found out by talking with one of the IT guys who looks after our system at work that I need a router to connect my work laptop to the Internet at home. Why didn’t they mention that when they gave me the laptop? Anyway, went and bought one today and I try to install the software, get the IP address up and going and low and behold I can’t install the software because of the bloody firewall on the laptop!!! And I have no ability to turn it off just to install the software. So now I have to call the guys in to the office, drag the stupid laptop with me on the bus sometime next week, simply to get them to turn the firewall off.

    Second piece of technology issue – I discovered how to get my images to show up on my blog but I discovered a little glitch that couldn’t be solved WITHOUT knowing HTML. Yes, you could find out how to fix this little error if you went searching through the FAQ section but isn’t the point of using the WYSIWYG editor the fact that you don’t need to use HTML fixes? Sheesh! The image isn’t positioned exactly where I want it but I’ve gotten so frustrated by the process that I’m giving up on it for tonight.

    And not to mention (but I will anyway) the new behind the scenes look of WordPress. It may be an update (in what way I don’t know) but the pages now take forever to load and the new dialogue boxes I’m supposed to use to edit things/enter information take forever to load or don’t load at all. I shouldn’t have to get a new computer just to edit my blog. Geez, what about everyone else in the world who doesn’t have a fancy new Vista computer? Gee, do you think that all this graphics intensive content makes people WANT to surf the net at work? Of course it does when that is the only place that has the most up to date technology.

    Okay, enough venting … I’ll come back with a much less ‘frustrated’ post later.

  76. laurel said

    Okay, what happened to WordPress today? I went off to get some groceries, came back and then couldn’t get back to this page! I had to spend almost ten minutes trying to figure out where it went!
    Now my own blog shows up but there is no link to this one from mine.
    Dang it all, I hate the updates. I’m having trouble with Live Journal too.


    Still sick. 😦

  77. rifkind said

    Oh the pictures are so great!
    YOu hair looks wonderful, it glows copper like a new penny.
    It looks like you had a great time, and some pretty fancy food! WOW!

    Sorry to hear about your falling and hurting your knee…. OUCH!
    Get some mycetracin on the cuts and be sure to keep it clean.. I know that with the kids coming, you will be hanging out in the barn, so be careful!

  78. rifkind said

    Oh the pictures are so great!
    Your hair looks wonderful, it glows copper like a new penny.
    It looks like you had a great time, and some pretty fancy food! WOW!

    Sorry to hear about your falling and hurting your knee…. OUCH!
    Get some mycetracin on the cuts and be sure to keep it clean.. I know that with the kids coming, you will be hanging out in the barn, so be careful!

  79. rifkind said

    oops double post… LOL!
    I caught the spelling errors, but not quite fast enough…

  80. Rif- aww thanks, actually it was just the light that made it glow like that its still really blonde. Hopefully on tuesday when we all go out again, it’ll be better piccys of it. I had a BLAST last night.

    Though I am floating on cloud 9 right now, as from the pictures I gave Joe the scrapbook I had made then david(hewlett) went and mentioned it on his blog, *sighs* gosh.

    Can anyone tell me I want to add a message to the thing for Dylan and Kyle(that madonna is doing) is that still open?

  81. Madonna said

    Hi all!

    I’m here working my first Saturday with our new schedule. Not happy about it. Nope, not at all.

    I hope you are feeling better soon.

    It’s still open if you can get me something by tonight or 1st thing tomorrow morning. I’ll be finishing them up on Sunday.

  82. rifkind said

    I was going to ask about the scrap book in the pictures. Tell us about it.
    What was it all about, and what did you put into it?
    Sounds like a nice gift that was appreciated. Cool that David mentioned it on his blog.

  83. Arrowyn said

    Here’s an article posted on Slice of SciFi today written by our very own Miggles (Margaret) about the money raised for Christina’s charity:

  84. rifkind said

    Go Miggles!
    What a wonderful article!

  85. cdnfreyja said

    Good job Margaret! I’ve put up a short entry over at my blog linking to Margaret’s article:


  86. Madonna- I emailed you I hope it was in time!

    Rif- David supports a charity called “Doctors Without Borders” and has made the request that instead of fans sending him gifts, that we all donate to DWB. Well he is getting married in June(it was supposed to be last year but Baz threw it off a wee bit). So we were running a “Wedding Fundraiser” in his and Jane’s honor. On the site it had a guestbook that people could sign. When the fundraiser closed the guestbook became ‘closed’ also. So one of our fans over there printed all the messages off onto a BEAUTIFUL parchment like paper and mailed them to me. I had a wedding scrapbook that I then took the 12×12 pages and scrapbooked all the messages onto. You can see pictures of it here:

    Oh so today has been reeeeeeal fun, as we cleaned out my sister’s room and got it ready to paint(the toddler is switching with her). Then we got the paint on the top half(a light purple) and went to put the ‘blue’ on the bottom got i on 1/2 of one wall and it was GREEN(well more green than blue) so I had to take it back and exchange it for new BLUE paint. we got most of that done but will have to put at least another coat of blue on tommorow and finish the last bit that is ‘white’.

  87. Speaking of Doctors Without Borders, I’m working on a textiles project to support them. If you go to my blog, ( there’s a link in the sidebar to the 198 Countries Peace Project with all the info.

  88. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Oh how I love surfing the net on Sunday mornings – way faster than other days. So yes, I suspected that the ISPs controlled access and downloading abilities long ago.

    I got the Mediterranean Chicken slow cooker style recipe up on my blog. Just click on my name to get there. I’ve included info on how I changed the recipe and how I might change a few other things when I make it again.

    Hi Sophia, I was wondering about the 198 Countries project – you’ve already got flags for the countries that I’m connected with so I can’t help you out there. Really interesting idea. Better than my ‘posting and sharing recipes’! Okay, that’s useful too, just in a totally different category.

    I’ll be busy making split pea soup with my leftover Easter ham as well as some blueberry muffins today so I’ll be popping in and out.

    Laurel – did your headache ever go away?

  89. rifkind said

    We have a dreary day here with lots of rain already this morning. Thank God!
    I hate to think how much snow this would have been.. at least we don’t have to shovel rain!

    Congrats on the scrap book MM. And it is nice to see you back Sophia. I was worried that we’d lost you. Supporting the Doctor’s without borders is amazing and shows your warm hearts.

    I spent a fun evening last night working with WildStar on edits to her book. Soon it will be time to get this out to a publisher!

    Work on our book has stalled again. Very frustrating. So I think that I will take one of the immortals and write a separate storyline about him, just to feel some movement in that universe.

    Off for a day at a wine tasting with friends.
    Talk with you later!

  90. cdnfreyja said

    Well, a friendly vampire told me that Anne’s birthday is April 7th! And since it is already the 7th over in good ol’ Danmark I thought I’d post a little Danish birthday song for Anne. And the lyrics are totally silly because they refer to Anne’s mom and dad waiting at home for her when she comes home from work. Plus lots of references to cake and chocolate! That is always a good sign of silliness.

    I dag er det Annes fΓΈdselssdag
    Hurra, hurra, hurra!
    Hun sikkert sig en gave fΓ₯r
    som hun har ΓΈnsket sig i Γ₯r
    med dejlig chokolade og kager til.

    Hvor smiler hun, hvor er hun glad
    hurra, hurra, hurra!
    men denne dag er ogsΓ₯ rar
    for hjemme venter mor og far
    med dejlig chokolade og kager til.

    Og nΓ₯r hun hjem fra arbejde gΓ₯r
    hurra, hurra, hurra!
    sΓ₯ skal hun hjem og holde fest
    og hvem, der kommer med som gæst
    fΓ₯r dejlig chokolade og kager til.

    Til slut vi rΓ₯ber hΓΈjt i kor:
    Hurra, hurra, hurra!
    Gid Anne lΓ¦nge leve mΓ₯
    og sine ΓΈnsker opfyldt fΓ₯
    med dejlig chokolade og kager til.

    God fΓΈdselsdag Anne!
    ~F (English translation to follow when my computer decides it wants to cooperate with me.)

  91. cdnfreyja said

    Here is the English translation for everyone else:

    Today is Anne’s birthday
    Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
    She’ll probably get a present
    For which she has been wishing
    All with tasty chocolate and cakes.

    Oh, how she smiles; how happy she is
    Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
    But then, this day sure is nice
    cuz’ Mom and Dad are waiting at home
    with tasty chocolate and cakes.

    And when she goes home from work
    Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
    She’ll be going home to throw a party
    And all those invited as guests
    Get tasty chocolate and cakes.

    To end this we’ll all shout together:
    Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
    May Anne live long
    And have her wishes granted
    All with tasty chocolate and cakes.

    I do want to know about the thing Anne has been wishing for and whether that comes WITH the chocolate and cake and in what form it does or if the chocolate and cake are separate and totally unrelated! LOL


  92. cdnfreyja said

    Oooh, Ms. Gypsy’s comment on my blog just reminded me that I might be out on the West Coast (Vancouver, B.C.) on the weekend of May 24-25. I’ll be hanging out in Vancouver between workshops the entire weekend with nothing to do … if everything comes together and I go out on that trip.

    Any takers for an east-west Canadian-American get-together?

  93. Wildstar said

    Happy Birthday Anne – hope you had a great day!

    Thanks for all your help this weekend Rose!
    Things are moving right along – I’ll try to send a ch20 teaser this week…

    hopefully I’ll be able to log in to my email tomorrow – unfourtunatly – as I told you – I will no longer beable to get to the blog while at work so I’ll see you when I get home tomorrow 😦
    I promise to try and check in more often.

    oh I got three out of the 4 free love notes I ordered from the postoffice – just printed up lovely letters to LT and will be mailing them out tomorrow!
    Did anyone else get a chance to order before the promotion eneded?

    night dears!

  94. Freyja- depending on my schedule I may be able to drive up for a SHORT visit. I’m about an hour south of the border and depending on which part of Vancouver you’re in it adds travel time. Burnaby for instance is only 30 minutes north of the border whereas downtown Vancouver is another hour.

    I have spent the last 3 days(since friday evening) up to my eyeballs in paint! we are in the process of moving the toddler into her ‘big girl’ room. we got most of it painted yesterday but had to put a second coat of the ‘pooh blue’ on this morning before we could get her princess wall border up. also got the toddler bed put together and ready it really turned out GOREGOUS for what we paid!

  95. Dani said

    Morning ladies! Happy Birthday Anne!

  96. laurel said

    An early Happy Birthday to Anne!
    Enjoy you birthday week/weed! 😎

    E- sorry I missed you in Borders yesterday. It was great to see Kristen and finally introduce her to my Sarah. I wanted to introduce you to my hubby, but he was feeling ill so we left. How about coffee this week? Any day but Wed, since I have a field trip with the middle school orchestra all day. Scarry.

    I am feeling a little better but still have the headache. At least now it is more of a sinus headache that I can treat with decongestants and advil. My youngest is home with a nasty sore throat (second one in three weeks) and now the school receptionist tells me there is a major Strep-throat epidemic going around the school. Lovely.
    MM – I remember the transition to the ‘big girl’ bed. My youngest loved having the room painted – but thought we were going to do it every week! She had plans for many changes, but actually decided she liked it well enough once we hung up some pictures and worked out a cool window treatment. Wheew! In the end it took her a couple of years before she was ready for a change. πŸ™‚

  97. elizabeth said

    hey Laurel – I was really bummed when Krysten told me I had missed seeing you! She enjoyed meeting Sarah. I am going to have to go back to Borders sometime this week. Even though I write down my favorite authors and the books I already own and was looking at the stupid page I still managed to buy a book I already have! Grrrrrr.

    Coffee this week would be lovely. I can meet you tomorrow or Friday? You let me know which day works best for you. I can also meet Thursday if that is easier?

  98. laurel said

    E – Any or all of those days would be fine! πŸ™‚ Tomorrow I have a class about my iMac at 9am but after 10 I’m free. Morning or afternoon will work on any day, just give me a call if you don’t see me here.

    Borders will let you return the book if you do it right away. I know because I’ve done the same thing a couple of times. πŸ˜› It happens. hehehe

  99. Laurel- yeah she has just gotten to see the paint in her new room and we got the border up on the wall I just need to go get some wall paper paste to actually secure it. Apparently ‘peel and stick’ is a little too ‘peel’, lol. So I have a good portion of it stuck up there with push pins. Not a pretty look. Then we still have the Castle, and princesses to put up on the wall in a while(its a princess theme room).

  100. Himmiefan said

    Hello everybody. Happy Birthday Anne!!

    Laurel – I’m glad you’re feeling better. I sympathize with the strep throat epidemic. We’ve had a nasty stomach/lung/throat thing going on around town here. I’ve had co-workers be out for days, then come back only to have to stay out again for several more days. Hope everyone in your family gets to feeling better soon.

    MM – I remember my first big girl bed! It was great!

    Well, boring day here at work. I’ll talk to you guys later.

  101. elizabeth said

    Laurel – How will Wednesday at 2pm work for coffee? If that isn’t good let me know and I will see what else I can work out.

    This has been a Monday from you know where today! 😦 I can’t wait for 4:30 to roll around so I can go home.

  102. Laurel said

    Gypsy and I went to lunch today and I’m just getting home. It is fifty minutes from my garage door to her office so it is about a 3 hour round trip to go to lunch. Well worth it!
    We talked Torchwood and Dr. Who and laughed a lot. Of course Blood Ties was part of the conversation, as is almost always the case when we get together. I know that we could have added each and every one of you and had such a great time together. I hope we all get a chance to meet up this year. . . (maybe we’ll win some fantasy trip or the lottery?).

    Himmie – Thank you for your well wishes! I always appreciate the kind thoughts.
    I’m sure glad our local ‘bug’ is missing the stomach component. That would just be more than I could stand. Bad enough as it is. πŸ™‚ I’m most concerned about my husband because he has a sinus infection on top of everything else and is now on antibiotics. They really make him feel wiped out and that is not good when he works such long hours.

  103. cdnfreyja said

    Hey Laurel, did you miss my post about being out on the west coast in May? I’ll have an entire free weekend because we’ll be conducting workshops only during the week. It would be the weekend of May 24-25. Hmmm, that’s Memorial Day weekend in the U.S. … after our Victoria Day long weekend up here. Why did I think they were the same weekend?

    My ticket hasn’t been booked yet and I won’t say I’m coming out until the flight is booked. But I’ll get back to you ladies on that later.

  104. elizabeth said

    Laurel – so how is our Ms Gypsy? I miss seeing her and Nisi and Carol. We haven’t gotten together since Christmas, right? I am glad you are feeling a little better and I hope your husband recovers quickly. Hey, do you think you will be up to going with me to the Apple store on Saturday? If so, I will schedule a time to talk to one of their associates so I can get my computer πŸ™‚ If the weekend is busy (and I totally understand that) maybe we can meet one evening if your family doesn’t mind?

  105. rifkind said

    Hey Tango!
    Thanks for stopping off at my blog and commenting. Yes your early days with Vista were eye opening! I am glad that I could help!

    Glad to hear that you are feeling a little bit better, but it sounds like the creeping crud has found a home out in your neck of the woods. I hope that your family starts feeling better soon.

    Oh the bedroom sounds like so much fun! Every little princess’ dream!
    Your daughter is very very lucky!

  106. rifkind said

    WildStar had asked me how the wine tasting went on Sunday.

    I don’t usually drink too much and not much wine.
    When I have tasted wine it was usually waaay too dry.. and makes my mouth pucker.
    Red wines like Merlot… tastes bitter to me.
    Maybe it is an acquired taste.

    We had a fun get together with our friends at a local family run winery here in MN.
    This was my first wine tasting, and there were LOTS of nice sweet wines to test… which I was surprised that I liked.
    One that was very very sweet was a dessert wine called “Ice Wine”, which is made from grapes that have been left on the vine and then allowed to freeze on the vine. It is kind of like making wine from white raisins.

    Then I moved on to the fruit wines. I could actually taste the fruit. Strawberry, Peach, raspberry, rhubarb.. all were very yummy…
    Then I had some nice MEAD.. honeyed wine.. very good and sweet again…
    I even had some tastes of white wine that I liked, Riesling…
    and the only RED wine that I really liked was very very sweet.. tasted like the grape juice from communion! LOL!

    Anyway it makes me sound like I had lots and lots to drink.. but tiny sips spread out over a couple of hours.. so it really didn’t add up to much alcohol.

    Then our group of friends ambled off to dinner at a restaurant down the road that served buffalo burgers and some local cheeses and a variety of European stouts and beers.
    All in all a great day with friends!
    Not a bad way to spend a cold rainy day in Minnesota!

  107. Himmie- She doesn’t have a ‘real’ big girl bed yet, just a toddler bed for the moment. But she got a wee bit mad at me tonight as she didn’t get to sleep in it(it was her first night in the new room so I went with the crib). Plus I have yet to toddler proof the room for her.

    Rif- I’ll be posting pictures probably Wednesday on my blog of the room. I actually need to get another castle for in her ‘toy’ closet(our house is in a monitor style, and her room has a sloping closet attached to it) for the roof once it gets painted white. I LOVE the one on the wall, and the 2 giant princesses, and all the ‘little’ princesses ‘dancing’ around. It’ll be really amazing when its actually done. I’m actually snuggling under her princess comforter(I got the princess bedding set- I think my “TYPE A” personality was coming out a wee bit)

    I’m going BACK to Vancouver in the morning to visit some more with my friends. We are talking about going to the Aquarium. We might take the sky train up there ought to be fun! So I am off to bed!

  108. Dani said

    Buongiorno bellas!

    I guess no ones around again.

    Talk to you later.

  109. laurel said

    Wow, everybody is busy elsewhere today? I came to see where you all went, but apparently I’m not looking in the right places. Ah well, I’ve got plenty to do today. I’m going to be watching some Blood Ties on my iPod (connected to the big-screen). Maybe I’ll do a little writing too. I’ll have to check back in and see if anyone shows up.
    Dani – Sorry I missed you this morning!

    Elizabeth? Coffee? Soon?

    Arrowyn – I got your message on my cell, but I couldn’t figure out when you called. I hope you saw my response in the e-mails. You sounded good and it reminded me how much I miss seeing you.
    Nisi? Are you out there? I miss seeing you here.

    Thank you to everyone for the good thoughts this past week. I’m finally feeling a lot better. My cough is subsiding and my nose is finally drying out.
    😎 Just in time for allergy season. lol

  110. elizabeth said

    Laurel – How about coffee on Wednesday at 2pm? Glad to hear you are feeling better. I am sure the crazy weather hasn’t helped much, has it?

    I keep waiting for work to slow down a bit, but so far it has kept me hopping. I try to sneak in here when I get a chance, but I guess everyone is still on email and not posting very much. oh well *sigh*

    Hey Nisi – if you are lurking out there…I sent you an email πŸ™‚

    Arrowyn – I second Laurel’s comment about missing you. It was wonderful chatting with you this morning!

  111. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    I wanted to post earlier but I was so tired I couldn’t put a coherent thought together! lol Just great when I’m supposed to be checking people’s references. Makes me look like a great supervisor! lol

    Got the laptop up and connected to the Internet! Yeah! The IT guy came in to work today and configured my router so now everything is good. He was surprised when I told him exactly how old my desktop is – he was actually shocked that it still worked! Guess I made a good purchase.

    With the laptop up and running I can pop in to the blog more often (and other places too, of course). Only problem will be the download speed. Bell Canada has decided to limit the amount a customer can download – too much downloading of things that use a lot of bandwith – things like movies, videos, etc. So that may mean that things load slower between 4:30pm and 2:00am EST from now on. Frustrating to me – I don’t use all that media heavy stuff.

  112. laurel said

    E – I think I can have coffee with you tomorrow! I am on an Orchestra field trip from 10:00 to 1:45, so I should be able to leave the school right about 1:45. I’ll give you a call if it looks like we are going to run late, but I have been on a few of these trips and they usually have a good feel for the timing.
    Worst case – it may be 2:15. I’ll check here in the morning before 9:20am.

    Freyja – I feel for you! I finally moved up from my very slow computer in Oct and can’t believe I put up with the slow system for so long. Of course now I find out that I could have dumped a lot of what I had on it and it would have been a bit faster.

    Notice – Verizon is going to be digging in my neighborhood starting tomorrow. If I disappear it will be their fault. At least it won’t affect my cell phone. πŸ™‚

  113. cdnfreyja said

    Hi Laurel, yes I’m sometimes amazed that my machine keeps on ticking. I’m looking at my options and am considering a Mac but I don’t want a small screen (i.e. 13 inches). I’m also shocked by the price difference as well. I don’t know what you paid for yours in the U.S. but the prices up here are ridiculous!

    Rifkind – sorry, I posted really quickly yesterday and forgot to say that I was glad you had such a good time at the wine tasting. I did one over in Germany at a small vineyard, family run. We had a multi-course meal and did more than just taste the wine. We ended with an ice wine too. I would bring some ice wine down for you lovely ladies when I see you but considering this stuff starts at ridiculous prices/bottle, I won’t be doing that! πŸ˜‰

  114. Dani said


    Is anyone around today?

    Seriously we all seem to dropping like flys.

  115. cdnfreyja said

    I’m around but just not too chatty. Still tired from last night’s meeting. Lots of little things to catch up on in the office today. Okay, not really little but I can get them completed or complete up to a point to pass along to the required person in good time.

  116. Dani said

    Things have been wacky around here. Yesterday the entire office network was totally freaking out. Today the boss is out again. He will have surgery next week and will be out for at least two months after that. Really really odd.

  117. Linda said

    Good morning Ladies,

    I just wanted to stop in for a minute.

    Rifkind and MM — The wine tastings sound fabulous. Over the last few years I have tried to expand my knowledge and palette concerning different wines. I have heard of ice wine, but never had any. A friend who went on vacation in Canada recently brought me some ice wine tea, which is quite good.

    I will stop in later. Keep a good thought for us the next 24 – 36 hours or so. We don’t want to make national news again for tornados.

  118. elizabeth said

    Hi Dani & Freyja – I’m kind of lurking around today in between work. How are you ladies today? It is rainy and cold here and I am so freakin’ tired of it it isn’t funny! I want some sunshine!!!

  119. Dani said

    Hi E! It was gorgeous this morning. By this afternoon it will be cloudy. Tomorrow though will be around 70. YAY! This weekend is gonna suck! Rain and in the 40’s. Ugh!

  120. Dani said

    Don’t the weather Gods know it is supposed nice on the weekends?

  121. Annalaise duChat said

    Freyja have you lookked into Getting a Mac Mini and then gettinga big flat screen to go with it?

  122. laurel said

    I’m just jumping in to say hi. I’m on my way to a field trip and way behind schedule. I’l have to check in later.

    Yes, the mac was $$$ but I know it’s worse in Canada. Worth it to me, but I understand it gets pretty prohibitive

  123. cdnfreyja said

    Thanks for the input. I really want a laptop and that is the main problem. The laptops are just so expensive! I checked and the Mac laptops are only $100 more here in Canada. Prices for electronics have come down considerably. The Apple website is NOT helpful in locating a store that sells Macs. I have passed 2 on my bus route but other than that I wouldn’t know where to go – the website lists 2 stores in Toronto and 2 in Montreal. How stupid is that?

    I’m going to go into one of these stores just to see what the options are and ask questions about compatibility and such. But I’m waiting around until August when the back to school specials kick in hoping to get a good deal on whatever I buy.

    Elizabeth, it was really nice and sunny all weekend and on Monday, cloudy yesterday. We have a rain system moving in today but I’m not sure when that is supposed to hit – later today/evening I think. And it has warmed up. The snow if finally going away but areas around here are flooding. Not hard to do when you’ve received 14 feet of snow!

    Linda – I’ll be thinking about you. While I enjoy a good thunderstorm, I’m not big on tornadoes! lol Spent a few nights sleeping in the basement back home.

  124. laurel said

    The good thing about the Mac is that you are subject to far fewer computer viruses and they tend to not be outdated nearly as fast as a pc. I love the new Leopard operating system on the Mac, and highly recommend it if you can afford to do it.

  125. Linda said

    I love my mac too. My experience is that they do last much longer than pcs and as Laurel pointed out, not subject to as many viruses.

    You might order a website like, although there might be some problem with shipping to Canada. If you wanted, I could order one for you and then ship it to you.

  126. cdnfreyja said

    We started off with an Apple IIe way back in 1982. If you read my blog entry on this you’ll know that my parents thought it would be a good idea for my sister and I to learn about technology. Then when my sister and I went to university we both chose computers. This was before the Internet – we both chose Macs. Mine actually died, twice. First time I had it repaired for $500. I said if it happened again I wouldn’t repair it and would instead put the money into a new computer. And that is exactly how I ended up with my PC. I’m just very thankful that my Mac didn’t die while I was writing my thesis. OMG – that would have been horrible!

    I’m going to go into the one store and ask lots of questions so I know everything I need to know. If I have to I can always buy one in the U.S. Canadians have been doing that for over a year now with our dollar around par. The only issue is the warranty which may not apply in Canada.

    No need to rush out and buy me one yet! I still have to get the rest of my money for it! lol But thanks for the offer – I’ll let you know.

  127. Himmiefan said

    Why in the world would the warranty not apply in Canada?

  128. cdnfreyja said

    I think they do it so that they can prevent cross-border shopping … if that makes any sense. If everyone rushes across the border to buy cheaper electronics, sellers here will have a problem. Some people have easy access to border crossings (i.e. Windsor, London, Ottawa) and it is no big deal to go down to centres with lots of shopping. Maybe there is some other issue that I don’t know about. The good news is that with a strong Canadian dollar electronics prices have taken a dive in Canada, I think about 30%. Good for us.

    I know that there is a warranty issue with buying cars. There are other issues too, one being that in Canada daytime running lights are mandatory. I think we also have different rules about mandatory airbags.

    But the good news is that I checked MacMall and low and behold they actually ship internationally! Quelle surprise! I’ll have to delve deeper into their options and find out about shipping costs to Canada as well as the applicability of the warranty first, though.

  129. Himmiefan said

    Huh. Okay… good luck computer shopping!

  130. rifkind said

    Hey All,
    Sorry I haven’t been by for a few days.. busy busy at work and no time to get caught up on email or the blog.

    I didn’t notice until I went looking for the website link, that the vineyard didn’t list their ice wine for ordering on the web..
    It wasn’t THAT expensive, however the bottles are smaller than most wine bottles. I also think that the batches of ice wine that they make each year is not too large. If you really want the ice wine, you could call Wine Haven for pricing.

    Our Book
    I’ve been thinking about our vampires/immortals and the universe that they live in.. plotting some early early history for them.. so I was telling Bill about it last night at dinner, and he got excited again about the book, and he actually worked on it a little bit last night. So we are making slow slow progress..
    He said to me at dinner, well this is way outside the current timeline of the current book.. Well if he doesn’t start working on the current book, then I will start writing the precursor book… anyway I was happy that my comments got him thinking in our universe again.


  131. cdnfreyja said

    Well Himmie, there could also be some really weird reason I don’t know about. Sort of like why the Gap has stores in Canada but will not allow us to shop online (I was told by a store clerk that I could shop online … um, no they won’t ship to Canada silly).

    Rose, yes ice wine is particularly fickle because it all depends on the temperatures reaching just below freezing at the right time. B.C. and Ontario have produced award winning ice wines for years. I know they’re also trying it in certain parts of Europe. Most of the stuff at the store close to where I live starts at $60/bottle. If I had to bring one for every one of you I’m meeting in July, that would get a tad expensive. πŸ˜‰ lol I’d rather be able to afford the plane ticket so I can see you!

  132. rifkind said

    I dont think it was $60 a bottle.. I’ll have to check out invoice and see how much it was.
    Yes we want to SEE you .. no worries bringing nice Canadian wine for us all to drink.. We want to SEE our BT Sister!

  133. cdnfreyja said

    Well, don’t forget that we have massive taxes on alcohol up here – that really inflates the price. But we also produce the major award winners when it comes to ice wine so the vineyards can up the price that way too. We export tons of it to Japan and Europe and they’re definitely willing to pay.

    I should pop in to the local LCBO (and yes, we have special stores at which we can buy alcohol, we can’t just buy it anywhere) which is literally a block from where I live and check what is on the shelf. And no worries about identifying where I live – there are tons of LCBOs in this city. Tons.

    And yes, I know you’d rather see me! But everyone has been so generous I want to return the favour by bringing something from the Great White North. I have to think about that for a little bit.

  134. Wildstar said

    Rif – glad to hear that Bill is working on the book – or at least interested again…

    well work has been slow and tedious this week – the new guy started today and evertyuing whent wrong – he had no monitor for his computer – I had to go find one, his phone jack didn’t work so I had to string a line to another cube until I could get in touch with IT and of course I had to chase down whether or not the receptionist got him a key card – becasue once again she never bothered to ell anyone she had taken care of something….ggrrrr…
    do we see a trend?…

    anyway I’m hoping to start new training next week or the week after – the lady training me has been sick so we’re waiting until after she sees the doctor to plan out my training – if its as serious as we fear she may be taking some time off…

    I hate the new online restrictions at work – no more going to LT to watch Blood Ties at lunch!
    Bloodlines falls into the parameters of the “b;locked” sites – I can’t go to any of the voting sites – oh and of cours LT, youtube, and the blog are blocked….at least I can still eamil you guys at lunch!

    oh yes we got another email today describing the rules – we get 1 our of free internet time daily – to be taken at lunch – not just becasue of people abusing internet use, but the streaming video and radio were taking up the bandwidth…a few people messed everything up…oh well, I’ll get a lot of writing done at lunch I guess….

    speaking of which I am off to do some work…

  135. rifkind said

    If you want the Ice Wine, it might be worth calling Wine Haven, even with shipping, import tax etc., I think that it should be affordable!

  136. rifkind said

    I can’t wait to see the pictures of the princess bedroom.

    So you went back to Vancouver? Canada or WA??
    What did you end up doing?

  137. hey all- vancouver yesterday was FABULOUS! We met up with my friend and her daughter at their hotel, and then took the sky train up to Burrad, then the bus to stanley park. We ended up going to the aquarium as the drive to the zoo was just TOO far. We had a blast though except the whole elevator debaucle at the Sky Train station. We got to the one that we got off at and their elevator was broken. So on the way out not really a problem as they had an escalator and it was really pretty easy to get the stroller(I have a narrow one) onto it and up the escalator. Well when we came back we forgot that the elevator was broken and so we ended up toting the toddler/stroller/goodies down one flight of stairs thinking that was the train we needed only to find out it wasn’t and we had to carry the toddler in the stroller down another set of stairs.

    @Laise- Let you’re daughter know I will email her tomorrow when I get a moment to snap some pics for her! I may hide her comment so as not to have anyone be able to see her email addy for safety!

  138. rifkind said

    Have you gotten to explore any more of Italy?
    Or did you go back to France ?
    Wow what a chance in a lifetime!
    So what was your favorite place(s)?

  139. Rif,
    Haven’t done much exploring–at least, not in a good way. I ended up stranded somewhere south of Florence, thanks to my art history teacher. My cell died, and it was raining and I couldn’t get into the church I was supposed to visit for a paper. The nicest restaurant manager ever ended up calling me a cab so I could get back, since the bus never showed up.

    Again, thanks to that teacher, who keeps springing trips on us, I can’t go back to France before we go back to the US, so my $550 in tickets is getting wasted. Oh, and my flight home? At least one leg is on an American Airlines flight. We’ll see how that goes.

    And I’m sick.

    Yeah. Great week.

    I loved Paris (the little of it I saw), and Rome was cool, but honestly, I can’t wait to get out of Italy. My roommate and I are both wishing we could have done our study abroad in Edinburgh. We were there for a week prior to the start of school, and didn’t want to leave.

    Finals are next week. I actually need to go write a paper now.

    I think I’m done traveling for a while. I have the worst luck in the world when I leave home.

    Sorry for the rant. I usually try to keep my mouth shut when I know I’m going to complain, but since you asked….

    I’m going back to my corner to lurk now.

  140. Linda said

    Sophia — I hate that you are having a bad experience with your travel abroad. Go back to Italy someday. I promise you will love it. Italy is one of my favorite places. I especially love Venice and Florence. Next time I go, I plan to visit the Amalfi coast.

    I had a trip to Italy planned for last fall, but a family emergency forced me to cancel.

    Edinburgh is beautiful too and I also enjoy traveling in the UK.

    Don’t give up on it!

  141. Dani said

    Buongiorno Bellas!

    My brother’s stepson is arriving today from Florida. He wasn’t supposed to be moving up here until the summer but he can’t stand his father and the way he is acting lately and he hates his father’s girlfriend. He is coming all the way from FLA on a bus. Ugh! He can help with my brother and his broken leg while I am in FLA for vacation. I am leaving a week from Saturday. Woohoo! I can’t wait!

    Sophia it’s too bad you aren’t having a good time in Europe. I am so dying to go to Italy! I want me some Tuscany.

    MM That sucks about the whole elevator broken stroller on the stairs thing. I have been through that and it isn’t fun. 😦

  142. rifkind said

    Oh Sophia!
    Sorry Dear!
    Yes getting stranded in a strange country when you are not fluent in the language is scary. That happened to me one evening when I was studying in Mexico. I went to the rest room and when I came back to join our group, they were gone and the courtyard that we were in was LOCKED with this huge pad lock.
    Panic set in… we had just gone to this building to meet someone working for the school, and I had never been in this building before..
    When I calmed down a bit, I heard sounds from open windows of folks playing basketball.. so I followed the noises and eventually ended up going up some stairs into another building where my group had moved on to.. but for a few minutes I was thinking I was going to be locked in the courtyard all night.

    Study and get your paper done, then take some time to enjoy your last week.
    Soak in the sights and sounds.. have some of your favorite food, (IF your stomach will behave!)

    Wishing you a safe journey as you fly home!
    And not too many delayed flights!

  143. rifkind said

    Hey Linda!
    It sounds like I have found my travel partner..
    So far, we’ve wanted to travel to many of the same places..

    How do you feel about Machu Pichu??

  144. rifkind said

    OF course I HAVE to go back to Egypt, since ancient Egypt is the location of my book.
    then Ancient Greece
    and Ancient Rome….
    I need to get the first book written so that I can write off my travel for research!!!
    Later Dears, WORK calls.

  145. Linda said

    Rif — I would love love love to go to Machu Pichu!! I also want to go to Egypt. I was planning a trip (in my head, no arrangements were made) then 911 happened and I dropped the idea for a while. Definitely want to to there!

    Yes, you have found your travel partner!

  146. rifkind said

    We could put together the Ms. Gypsy travel club!

  147. Annalaise duChat said

    Thanks MM! Yes please hide her email address. I didn’t realize she posted it. I thought she had more common sense then that! Maybe she didn’t realize she she was posting on a public blog. Arghhh! Kids!

  148. Annalaise duChat said

    P.S. Hello everyone. Sorry things have been really busy so I haven’t been around much. I have some exciting news pertaining to my book but I’m afraid if I say anything I’ll jinx it. So I’m just going to keep it to myself until I know for sure. Everyone have a great day!


  149. laurel said

    Annalaise – Wow! Way to grab you audience! I really want to read the rest of your Kieron story, and hope you will be posting more of it soon. I love the characters and the story very much. I can hardly wait to hear you news.

    Rif – Ms. Gypsy Travel Club! Oh, yeah! We could have a lot of fun traveling together. Maybe we should make some long range plans for a trip. I planned for two years, making small payments, for a cruise to the Caribbean. It was fabulous and I would do it again. Maybe we could plan something a couple of years out.

  150. rifkind said

    Sending postive energies for your book Annalaise!
    We have so many talented writers here..
    Good luck Dear!

  151. laurel said

    Good grief, I re-read that post and . . . Let me try that first paragraph one more time. “Wow! Way to grab your audience! . . . I can hardly wait to hear your news.”
    Pesky little “r” keeps eluding me. lol

  152. Annalaise duChat said

    Hi Laurel,

    LOL I have a couple more Chapters I’ve just been too busy to get them posted. I’ll try to get to it tonight. You guys still doing Friday night edits? I haven’t heard from anyone in a while.

    I stumbled upon a great opportunity. I can say this, one way or another the news is good… It’s just one way it’s great… I’m just waiting to hear.

  153. laurel said

    Annalaise – We’ve been sort of just chatting on Fridays, at least on my part, because of spring break and this hideous flu bug I’ve had. Rif and wildstar have done some editing, and I’ve offered a few things (mostly punctuation). It gets hard to keep track of more than one editor at a time so I’ve kind of let the two of them work out the last few chapters. Last week I was totally on the wrong chapter so I wasn’t much help.

    Okay – I was flipping channels while fixing a cup of coffee, and ran across ‘Flash Gordon” on Scifi channel. I wouldn’t have watched except for the fact that the first face I saw on the screen was Steve Basic! Dang. So easy on the eyes. πŸ™‚
    Also seeing Henry’s Door-man (actor’s name eludes me) Still looking for Gina.
    Ah well, I’d better go plug in the vacuum cleaner.
    Oh, joy.

  154. ‘Laise- I ended up ‘deleting’ her comment as I didn’t figure you wanted the info out there. I have her email in my inbox at the moment, and will be snapping pics in a bit when I get them out to feed ’em lunch.

    I will be getting pics from my trip to Vanc up on the blog today! I’m in the process of uploading them to my Photobucket now.

  155. DebS said

    Hi all,

    sorry its been a long time since I visited. Last week, I was in DC, and this week I have been swamped at work and then getting myself in order in the evening. I promise to stop by more often.

    What’s the news around this place?

  156. Annalaise duChat said

    Thanks MM, For Taking the time with her, she’s really loving those kids.

  157. Dani said

    Not much DebS. We are all gobbling up the adorable pics of MM’s “babies”

  158. ‘Laise- no problem I can’t help but share my ‘hobby’ with people(its a very very expensive one lol)

    I got the pics up from the trip to the aquarium- check them out! I have to spend the rest of the day cleaning off my ‘desk’ that is moving out of my room, to go upstairs and then figure out where the laptop(s) are going to live, UGH! Plus I have to return the garbage can to Target, cause I got it home and it was broken!

  159. DebS said

    I just went to the national aquarium as well. Tonight, I am going to make a photo album on facebook. First one πŸ™‚ And I think I might find a picture of myself to put as my profile, or something else..i don’t know.

  160. cdnfreyja said

    Boy, the one day I don’t have time to post is the day everyone shows up here! LOL

    Had a crazy and somewhat crappy morning – tons of small things, some crisis control, and insanity. But the day turned out well. We had a traditional feast and cleansing at the office. Very nice potluck lunch with elders, everyone finished lunch in a very positive mood. We got on to the topic of weiners (the hot dog variety … pay attention people! LOL) and the conversation went downhill from there. Then 3 of us had a meeting out of office with a new federal government office. A good initial meeting, I thought. I was able to get home early since there was no point in going back to the office. And now I’m here!

    Annalaise – oooh, the suspense is killing me! Sending you positive vibes!

    Laurel, are the symptoms starting to subside? We’ve had some really nasty bugs going around up here including in our office. But I’m a good handwasher so I’ve avoided picking them up, thankfully.

    Hey Sophia! Totally been where you are now … twice in fact. And I even have an overseas ’emergency hospital visit’ story, well, two in fact. Something for another time, or maybe a spot on my blog relating why travel medical insurance is a necessity!

    MM – will check out the photos when I get a chance.

    Oh boy, did somebody say travel club? LOL I have always wanted to go to Egypt myself but haven’t found anyone to go with. I’ve been to Greece but would love to back since there have been so many changes since I was there in 1989.

    Crap, I know I’ve forgotten something. If I remember it I’ll be back.

  161. laurel said

    So DebS, are we going to have to find an aquarium to take you to out here? There is one in Newport, OR that used to house the killer whale that played “Free Willy”. He is no longer there, but it is a lovely place with some great exhibits. So many places we could go…

    lwildstar – I sure do miss you during the day. I’m getting a little more written and lots more house work accomplished, but it isn’t as much fun as talking with all my blog sisters.

    I think I feel a Blood Ties marathon coming on. I think I have a little time between “CSI” tonight and”Dr. Who” tomorrow. πŸ™‚

    I can hardly wait to see more pictures from you MM! How many kids do you have now? Any chance yo are coming down this way in June or July? I should get your e-mail so that we can meet some time.

  162. laurel said

    Freyja – Well, the symptoms of this ‘bug’ are steady progression over the course of a couple of weeks. Each symptom gets a couple of days all its own.
    Part 1 –
    a. sore throat – worst one I’ve had in years, even my ears hurt when I swallowed
    b. fever
    c. headache – of monumental proportions
    d. feel better for a couple of days, tired but not bad. . .

    Part 2 – (Same thing or new thing?)
    e. voice gone
    f. sore throat, again
    g. stuffy head and drippy nose
    h. cough and headache

    My youngest – 13 – has had it for over three weeks and is still coughing enough to wake us all up several times a night. No pneumonia, but many are having that complication as well. My husband isn’t sure whether we’ve gotten the bug from school or from his patients. The only one not sick at my house is Sarah – 18. She is our obsessive hand washer (we are all very major hand washers but she is the queen). Last year she was the only one of us that got the flu (while on vacation in Hawaii), so maybe a year off is her reward.

    I know several of the blog sisters have had similar illness this year, and it went on for weeks. Keep washing your hands and pray you escape it.
    I can hardly wait for summer so I can air the house out really well.

  163. elizabeth said

    Laurel – I sent you an email about Saturday! I set up a 10am appointment. I have just spent a very frustrating hour trying to get information on the Verizon FiOs. The web site is lovely if you just want to order, but finding a live body to talk to is almost impossible. I am sure all of you can hear me knashing my teeth. BTW, those symptoms sound really nasty. I’m glad you are starting to feel better.

    Annalaise – I can’t wait to hear your news! I hope everything works out well for you.

    freyja – the traditional feast and cleansing sounds very interesting.

  164. Himmiefan said

    Hey Laurel. Sounds like you’ve got what’s been going around work here. Really nasty and hangs on forever. I went to a charity meeting last week, and there were several women there with it.

    Did someone say Egypt? I’d love, love, love to go. My parents went several years ago back when they still let tourist boats go down the whole length of the Nile. The government had to finally stop that because of terrorism. Anyway, my parents really liked it. In fact, my parents have loved everywhere they’ve gone – well, except my mother and India. No, no, do not get her started. Very bad thing to do. Very bad.

    Rifkind – rent HBO’s Rome DVD set if you haven’t already seen it. Excellent! And wonderful eye candy!

  165. rifkind said

    Hi Himmiefan!
    It sounds like we could fill a tour with the Gypsy Sisters!
    It would be SO MUCH FUN to travel with all of you!
    We will have to start saving our nickels and pick a location!

    I will have to rent Rome and The 300!
    Get the mind going on the descriptions for Ra and Thutmose in my book!

  166. cdnfreyja said

    Oh Laurel, that sounds really awful. Christmas 2006 I picked up something that we suspect was influenza. I’d had my shot so what I had was mild. And that was in addition to a cold I had picked up about 7 days before. I was sick with whatever it was for about 8 weeks – just didn’t feel well at all. But I managed not to pass it on to my niece who was only 5 months old at the time … thankfully.

    Elizabeth, I sent you an e-mail. I hope it went to the correct address.

    Himmie, are you trying to get others involved with your addiction? Hmmm? Fess up! LOL

  167. Wildstar said

    hi guys!

    oh geeze Laurel – I just read your symptoms and thats what I’ve been fighting all week – just great – at least I know what to expect..hee heeh heee

    ‘lasie I’m sending you lots and lots of good vibes for your book – things sound promising! – sorry about not contacting you about the editing but things got really confusing have 3 editors and I confuse easily 😦 and poor Laurel was chapters behind….and now I’m working on book 2….

    laurel – I miss you too – I miss all of you! I hate not being ablre to at least peek at the blog during the day….and restricted to an hour of internet a day is maddening – already this week I caught myself ready to sneek on because I needed to vent….sigh…oh well …learning restraint

    well I’m off to write – I’ll check in later…night dears!

  168. laurel said

    I refuse to let the ‘bugs’ get me down! I am on the mend and ready to get out and enjoy the sunshine we are supposed to have this weekend.

    E – 10:00 on Saturday sounds good, do we meet there or have coffee somewhere first and then go over? Sorry about your experience with Verizon. They can be very frustrating. Good thing the product is good and you won’t need to contact them often. Have you got it figured out?

    cdnfreyja – Good thing we don’t all catch this kind of thing very often. I can’t imagine another six weeks of feeling like this. Of course, I may have now moved into allergy season and will continue with some of the symptoms because of that. I would just like to be less tired. Soon.

    Egypt? Are we all going? When? Should I start packing my bags? πŸ™‚
    Of course, if I’m going where my writing takes me I’d better go through Chicago and New York on the way. I also need to stop at a private air-strip in France.
    Research, you know.

  169. laurel said

    Wildstar – sorry to hear that you are fighting a virus too. Maybe you’ll have one of the short-lived ones. You already had a bad one this winter.

    I just noticed our clock on here is off, again. It is actually an hour later – on the West Coast – than the post would indicate. I’d better let Gypsy know. Makes me wonder if the time stamp is right on my blog.

    Torchwood and Dr. Who fans – be sure to take a look at “The Sarah Jane Adventures” on scifi channel this Friday night, just before “Dr. Who.” It is a spin-off about one of The Doctor’s companions. Gypsy’s already seen it and says it is pretty good.

  170. cdnfreyja said

    We all need our own private airfields in our favourite locations, Laurel! LOL

    And I’m not looking forward to allergy season either. Luckily I haven’t developed serious issues with the pollen out here. The trees are much different – we don’t really have hard wood trees back home, just soft wood. And the grasses are different. The winter is too harsh.

    My problems start when the flowers come out to play. And lilacs, oh just shut me up in my house for a while when they bloom! I’m very glad I have NOT developed a problem with ragweed. I hear about how bad that is and am so thankful. If I do develop an allergy to that, I’ll be moving back home. I don’t
    want to deal with it.

    But I’m very glad I haven’t run into any snow mould here. Now that one knocks me out for a week or two if it is around. OMG! My brain just totally stops functioning when there is snow mould.

  171. rifkind said

    OK, so we have to start saving waay more than nickels now! I’m glad to see that we have so many adventurous women.
    I forsee great travels in our future!

  172. cdnfreyja said

    Rif – as the resident Gypsy, the foreseeing great travels line should be mine! LOL Or at least found in a fortune cookie in an episode of BT!

    I’m always up for a great trip so I’d have no trouble getting motivated to save the money!

  173. cdnfreyja said

    Oops! That should have read other than Ms. Gypsy herself! Maybe a cookie or two could help with that. LOL

    Okay, now I’m the one talking to herself.

  174. Wildstar said

    you still here?

    I’ve been fighting this “bug” all week – so I’m hoping by taking the day off for a little extra rest I can kick it…but as I sit here typing I can feel my throat – you know like I can feel the swelling…yuck!

    oo the traveling sounds like fun – I’d love to go to Eygpt, or Spain, or France – research…hee hee hee…but I don’t travel well…hopefully things wil go well on my trip to visit Laurel.

    Allergies! lets not even go there – I’m allergic to just about every plant there is – all kinds of oaks – every kind of pine – ragweed – flowers? you name it I’m probably allergic to it – and one of my favorite things is gardening! oh well at least the flowerbed looks pretty πŸ™‚

  175. Wildstar said

    well I’m off to bed!
    talk to gals tomorrow!

  176. cdnfreyja said

    Oh, I think I just missed you Wildstar! Too bad. I love having this laptop! Easy surfing, can listen to my own music … can’t wait to get my own.

    Have a good night! See you at lunch tomorrow.

  177. Laurel- no new kids yet the next ‘batch’ isn’t due until next week sometime. Then our 3rd batch is in may around the 2nd, then we have the ‘stragler’ of the group who isn’t due until june.

    Well I have to run and do chores the kidlets are hungry *sighs* the work never stops around here!

  178. Thanks for the good wishes everyone. I’m feeling better today, and am about to go off to see a textiles exhibit.

    Egypt sounds like fun. I’m a little wary of it though–I had a friend whose parents when several years ago, and brought back lots of pictures of nasty men with big guns. Getting shot isn’t something I want to do on vacation. That aside, I love ancient Egypt, and am working on a novel based around the gods.

    Cross your fingers that American Airlines gets their crap together. While we have different carriers for all of our other flights, the big trans atlantic on is AA.

  179. DebS said

    Good morning ladies!

    I will be in and out at best today. I have a full work schedule, plus tonight is our Relay for Life. yay for staying up all night and sleeping all day. πŸ™‚

    I think I might have saw something about traveling earlier in the blog. I love to travel! I am there, where are we planning to go?

  180. Dani said

    Don’t get me started on allergies! Worst damn time of the year.

    Freyja what does the cleansing entail? I wonder if it is the same as they do down here.

    Good Luck on the Relay tonight DebS. Let me know how it goes and what happens there. I always wonder what other Relays are like and if they are more or less fun than ours.

  181. Wildstar said

    hi guys!
    stayed home sick – slept in til 9:30…I needed that …and I think a day with no talking will do my throat wonders..
    I think I have the same bug Laurel is fighting

    I was watching Montel – but I started getting all weepy so I turned to SciFi to watch Doctor Who reruns…

    well off to work on some writing – I might as well make some use of theday πŸ™‚

  182. Himmiefan said

    Hey Wildstar! Hope you feel better soon. This bug going around is really awful.

    Sophie – good luck!! It’s great that American is inspecting (forced to?) their planes, but I hate that so many people have been inconvenienced. Hope your travel goes smoothly!

  183. Dani said

    If American Airlines had done it on a regular basis like they were supposed to this wouldn’t be happening. It is good they are doing before anything tragic happened. I just think they should do what the rules say. I’m not always a rule follower but when something bad might happen I generally do.

  184. Wildstar said

    feeling a little better – the headache is back though…

    I’ll tell yo that Native American Tea Company relaxing te my cousin got me really works – I add a cup of that lst night before bed nd was out in no time…

    I’ll check in later!

  185. elizabeth said

    Laurel- I’ve been buried at work today and I am beyond thankful it is Friday. Why don’t we meet at the Apple store tomorrow at 10am. Maybe we can have coffee afterwards? Will that work for you?

  186. laurel said

    E = I guess I’ll have to call you, since I checked in here after you’d gone home. Sorry.

    Busy day today, but I’ll be back tomorrow.

    Love you all!

  187. *Runs around squeeing like a mad woman* GUESS WHAT! GUESS WHAT! GUESS WHAT! GUESS WHAT!

    Christina Cox is going to guest star on at least 1 episode of Stargate Atlantis this season! *squees* Oh gosh, I may just have a heart attack over here, I mean combining my two favorite things into one? Seriously I think I owe Joe {Mallozzi} another kiss.

    I was so amazed by her previous guest appearances in SG1 that it just blew me away. So I can hardly wait to see her as this new character. Unfortunately I think if I remember right this is a ‘short lived’ character *sighs heavily* oh well, i guess.

  188. Linda said

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to let everyone know that Odysseus with Steve Bacic will be on Sci Fi this Saturday night at 8:00. Watch and enjoy!

    MM — That is great news about Christina. I will be sure to watch for that episode (or episodes)!

  189. Linda- it will be an episode called “Whispers” and from what I figure will air in the ‘front half’ of the season (first ten eps). I think it is set to air before the mid-season 2 parter but am not 100% on that.

  190. cdnfreyja said

    Really quick fly by – gotta run out the door in 6 minutes – day is full as I’m off to help with setup for our club’s big social event of the year which will be tonight. I’ll see if I can pop in later this afternoon when I’m back home between setup and event.

  191. Linda said

    Enjoy your party, freyja!

    I just got back from a brunch. I now have to go to the grocery store. I am making cake in the crockpot for my mom’s birthday. It is called Crockpot Chocolate Mess a la Mode. I will let you know how it turns out.

    I am looking forward to Dr. Who, Torchwood and Odysseus tonight.


  192. So in case I haven’t mentioned it previously I seriously LOVE Joe’s {Mallozzi} blog. It makes me like a kid in a giant internet candy store. In today’s entry he pontificated, upon Christina(as well as a couple other recently cast actresses) and her amazing talent. If you want to read the whole entry you can find it here:

    Just thought i’d share!

  193. I will be so happy to get back to Sci Fi and BBCA–I need a Torchwood and Dr. Who fix, fast. Not to mention Ghost Hunters, now that they are no longer on Itunes.

    Found out that the AA plan I’ll be on is not one of those affected by the inspection, so *hopefully* there won’t be any delays. But I also have the worst travel karma in the world, so we’ll see.

    Only a week left and then I can sleep in my own bed. It’s the little things I miss about back home–grass. Sky. Chinese food. Being woken up at 6am by 85 lbs of slobbery puppy love.

  194. Linda said

    MM — Thanks! I will check it out.

    Sophia — Hang in there! Maybe your karma will change for the better during this last week. I hope it turns out really great. When I travel overseas, the food I really miss is Mexican. I can’t wait to get home to cheese dip, enchiladas and a margarita!

    Where are you right now? Are you still in Italy?

    Laurel — I did check out the Sarah Jane Adventures. I missed part of it, but thought it was good. I will check out the next epi this week. She guest starred on a Dr. Who last season (or two seasons ago depending on where we are) as a former companion that he and Rose encounter. Should have known that she was going to get her own series.

  195. Wildstar said

    did anyone else watch Odysseus with Steve Bacic last night?
    It wasn’t bad andhe hads a gret body! of course his charactor was one of the last surviers and he gave up his life to save Odysseus and Homer…

    did you catch the First Vampire myth? cool………….

  196. Wildstar said

    ok now why did I not catch those typos before I hit send?


    the show wasn’t bad = and he (meaning Steve) has a great body –

  197. Linda said

    Wildstar — I saw it and thought the same as you. Did you notice that all of the characters had a formal way of speaking except for Homer. He spoke in a more contemporary way.

    What was the First Vampire Myth? I missed that…

  198. Wildstar said

    Persephone was the “demon” who bit – Periclesiuos (sp?) although they didn’t know it was her – they thought it was one of the “shadow demons” who were attracted to blood (did you notice they could only be killed by wooden stakes through the heart?) – anyway he had Odysseus stab him with a sword to kill him so tht the creatures couldn’t steal his soul – …at the end of the movie when old Homer was writing…”creatures killing villagers and drinking their blood, then vanishing before dawn” they cut away back to the island and Periclesiuos (sp?) rose out of the grave all fangs and claws – sprouted bat wings and flew off…the first vampires were the spawn of Persephone….

    and yes I did notice how they all spoke very formally – and your right Homer was more contemporary – now I know Odysseus was noble – but still he was a soldier – they all were – and would not have spoken so formal…but hey thats what writers do….

    hee hee hee I was disapointed tht the only point you got to see Steves bare chest was tat the end when the monsters ripped him to pieces…..

  199. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Super tired today. Great event – might blog about it but haven’t decided – need to find a clever name for a category under which I’ll post stuff relating to Denmark and Danish stuff. Got way too much to do today. On Friday we got a notice that contractors will be in tomorrow and Tuesday to clean the outside windows. Talk about giving us no notice at all. What if we’re actually busy on the weekend? I mean I have to make sure the laundry is put away, and things are tidy. Gotta do the recycling, move the furniture and cedars on the balcony, etc. Sheesh!

    Sophia – I had heard that international flights weren’t affected by this so that is good for you. I’m sure everything will lead to a smooth return home for you. And I’m right there with you – there is a certain anticipation about returning home after being away so long. I know one thing I really wanted as soon as I got home was for my dad to do something up on the BBQ!

    Oh, the party! I’m distracted easily today. Down about 20 guests from last year as one table that usually comes out wasn’t there. Way too much food, as usual. And my eyes were bigger than my stomach, of course. Being on the board I had to be there early and stay late doing cleanup. Nothing major of course but when you’re tired (and hoping that everyone will just leave early so you can go home and go to bed) even the little things that have to get done before you can go home get a little annoying.

  200. laurel said

    Well, I went with Elizabeth to the Apple store and she purchased her first computer for home! We had so much fun, and then we added lunch, πŸ™‚
    I keep thinking I’ll see her on here, but she doesn’t have internet access yet. 😦

    I also got to go to an NBA game last night with my hubby, plus Moonbeam and her hubby. Moonbeam won two pair of tickets at a conference and asked us to go with them. We had big fun and yelled and clapped and carried on! It was great.

  201. Linda said

    Wildstar — I see what you meant. I thought you were talking about something else on sci fi, but true, that is the first vampire myth. I thought it was interesting, I always just thought of Persephone as being responsible for the changing of the seasons.

    Freyja — Glad your event was a success. Those things are way more fun when you are not in charge and someone else has to do all the work.

  202. Linda said

    Laurel — I have never been to an NBA game, only college. Sounds like a blast.

    E — Enjoy the mac… you will love it!

  203. laurel said

    The game was fun, and it helped that Portland managed to hold on and win!
    It went right down to the last 4 seconds and Debi and I were making lots of noise. I guess that’s why our husbands had us sit together. Maybe they were pretending we weren’t with them. hehe 😎

    No sign of E yet. Hmmm She didn’t answer her cell phone either. Nuts. I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to talk to her.

  204. Hi all hope everyone had a great day! Got a lot done today tried to get some pics of the kids as they have moved outside part time but everything kept coming out blurry. Maybe tomorrow, I will get some good shots *sighs* Took them to get their horns off, and the boys neutered always a fun trip.

    Had ended up staying up late last night/this morning(5:30 pst) talking to my BFF in Colorado. We are apparently doing ‘virtual Chinese tonight’ so I have to go ‘pick it up’ *snort* We used to do Chinese every Friday but since she moved its rather hard. Well gotta run!

  205. sherri tyme said

    okay so like I found out that the theme “live forever” for blood ties is by james jandrisch and tamara rhodes. Does anybody know where I can download it? also do you know if they are dating or married or something? he’s pretty cute.. I LOVE musicians…;)

  206. Freyja–

    Don’t say BBQ! I have been dying for grilled chicken for over a month! You can’t even find BBQ sauce over here. Thankfully I discovered the wonderfulness that is kebabs (probably not the kind you’re thinking of–they’re like a cross between a gyro and a soft-shell taco. They’re Middle Eastern and the closest thing you can get to grilled meat around here).

    I am still in Italy. I’ll be here for a few more days. Our flight leaves in six days and ten hours, give or take (I’m not anxious to be home. Why do you say that?).

  207. hey all, just thought I’d let you know, that I put up a blog about my addiction(yes that is what I am calling it because of the 8+ hour conversation last night) about BT! you can find it here:

    I apologize in advance for any mistakes, as it was written at 2 in the morning, but I hope you enjoy it!

  208. Dani said

    Morning Bellas!

    I have a problem! Those of you that blog and email can you please let the emailers know that I can’t get into my email. For some reason it is saying server not found but I can get to these websites-just not Yahoo. I need someone to email me at as I have a question about that little thing I am supposed to be doing today. Anyone in the email group knows what I am talking about. Sorry this is so cryptic but it is hush hush!

  209. cdnfreyja said

    Hi everyone,

    Oh I hate Monday mornings … espcially when I’m sleep deprived. Yuck.

    Sophia – I know exactly what you’re talking about ! They sell that here but it is way better over in Europe. And I know what it is like to be counting down the minutes and seconds to returning home. lol

    Laurel – I love a good live sports game. Love basketball, hockey and football. I don’t watch hockey or basketball on TV. But I will watch my football team play.

    MM – I’m still tired today and my event was on Saturday. And I didn’t even stay up THAT late!

  210. Madonna said

    Good morning ladies!

    Just stopping by to say hello. Sorry I can’t stick around. Work, work, work….

    Welcome Sherri tyme!

    I just forwarded your entire message to the emails. Hopefully someone who knows can answer your question.

  211. DebS said

    Hey all!

    Dani-I am so far behind on emails….did someone help you yet?

  212. Dani said

    Thanks guys Freyja emailed me. Yahoo is being poopy today. I can get to anything Yahoo except the email. I have been considering switching to gmail but I haven’t decided just because I hate having to inform everyone of the email change.

  213. Dani said

    Ok so I’m on vacay next week. My boss is out having surgery this week and he won’t be back for another two months. I had an email from him this morning telling me it was my responsibility that everyone covering for me next week knows how it gets done and to make sure my desk is clean. I mean ok no wonder I think I’m stupid. Apparently everybody else does. I have been working her for 7 years. I think I know what needs to get done before I go on vacay. My desk is always spotless before I go. It is when I get back that it isn’t.

    As my email isn’t working you can forward that to Carol.

  214. Arrowyn said

    To anybody in the Portland Gang (except me, of course):

    Please check your emails. Madonna left an email message for us especially that she needs answered today. I answered her as best I could (not good enough) and left a question for the rest of you. E, I cc’d you. Thanks.

  215. elizabeth said

    Hi gang – I am so totally stoked right now I can hardly sit at my work computer. Laurel told you guys I finally bought a iMac computer!! πŸ™‚ it was such a fun experience, particularly since Laurel was there helping me out! We spent 2 hours with this delightful guy who answered all our questions and some I didn’t even think of! My daughter couldn’t wait to get it out of the box when I got home.

    Right now, I am being frustrated to death trying to get internet through Verizon. Their web site is giving me fits! It may be a couple of weeks before I can get online at home.

    Laurel – I didn’t realize you had tried to call me until I pulled my cell phone out of my purse today. I don’t have it set very loud and if I am in another room I never hear it. Do you have my home number? That is probably the best way to get hold of me on weekends or evenings. If you don’t, let me know and I will email it to you. I wish I had talked to you, I was really nervous setting the computer up, but I think I did okay. Now, we just need to coordinate on class *rubs hands together in glee*

  216. laurel said

    Hey gang! I finally got out of the Apple Store… Spent all morning learning about the “right way” to set up my system. Of course, I should have done this at least two computers ago, but at least I’m getting there.

    Elizabeth – I don’t think I have your home phone number. I would be happy to help with any of the set up (even the Verizon part) I finally have mine fixed so that I can use all of the special features. πŸ™‚ Boy, do I know a whole new set of questions to ask. hehe

    Arrowy – I answered Margaret’s question and sent her a couple of files. I haven’t heard back from her about whether she got them, or not. I’m going to try to set up a web page with our pictures from Halloween and Christmas BT parties. I have some really great ones that you all will enjoy.

    I am watching Blood Price on the split screen right now. 😎
    Ah, I miss having new ones.

  217. elizabeth said

    Laurel – Look for an email. It will have my home number on it πŸ™‚

  218. laurel said

    Cool! I’ll look for that E.
    Now we just have to get your e-mail up and running from home so you can get more connected at home. πŸ™‚

  219. laurel said

    Sorry about that last sentence. hehe. I’m watching “5:55” and a little distracted. I love this episode.
    We need to get together soon for a Blood Ties Marathon.

  220. Arrowyn said

    A friend of mine just sent this to me. Pass it on —

    Scifi Channel

    04/23/2008 09:00 AM ODYSSEY 5 VANISHING POINT(Kyle)

    04/23/2008 10:00 AM ODYSSEY 5 FOLLOW THE LEADER(Kyle)

  221. What? What? You mean Kyle is going to be on Sci Fi? The day after I get back?

    *happy dance*

    I’m doing my last load for Florentine laundry. I miss having a dryer. Every time I do laundry, it rains. Without fail. I tired of leaving my underwear all over the room to dry. It makes it hard to have people over.

    My big major final is tomorrow morning. There’s no way I can pass. We’re supposed to memorize 95 slides, and in three hours we have to write twelve essays that are “well thought out and put together,” including the name of the artwork, the artist, year, patron, original location and present location, as well as all of the information she talked about in class, like the method of painting, the medium, how it’s typical of the artist and period, and the effect it had on later works. We usually have 7-10 minutes to write these essays.

    THEN, I have an hour to write a longer essay about the progression of painting from early Renaissance through high Baroque.

    To accommodate this, she’s starting the class an hour early, and letting us out a half out late–we’re supposed to be in class before the school is even open. How exactly is that going to work?

  222. Dani said

    Good luck Sophia!

    So where has everyone been? You’re all missing.

  223. cdnfreyja said

    Sophia – good luck! I know, isn’t it crazy? Sort of like something I saw on the news this morning – the bunker where the Canadian government was supposed to hang out in the event of a nuclear attack. They had everything stocked and whatnot – typewriters and everything. My question is if there has been a nuclear attack who is going to produce all the ink ribbons for the typewriters? I don’t think that was well thought out at all. LOL

    Hey Elizabeth – glad to know you’ll be joining us online again soon, this time from home!!!

    Okay, back to work.

  224. cdnfreyja said

    Oh, and for those of you who haven’t heard, Denis McGrath posted on his blog about the eyeglass recycling campaign launched by BT fans. He calls this campaign smart:

    http:// 2008/ 04/ fan-campaigns-again.html

    without all the spaces, of course.

  225. Himmiefan said

    Oh Sophie. We’ve all been there and sympathize big time. Good luck! You’ll do fine!

  226. Anzia said

    Jamiaca in 2 days! Not sure i can stand the idea of coming back though…:(

  227. DebS said

    Ooohhh….Jamaica! That is fun, I really am out of it..I had no idea you were going.

  228. Wildstar said

    I wish I could visit more often – but the work restrictions knock that out even during lunch – and by the time I get home – well all you worker bees know what thats like – nd I don’t have a family to deal with.

    lets see …

    funny thing:
    I really didn’t feel like cooking tonight so I got off the bus at the shopping center to pick up some dinner – as I passed the CVS i saw a torn up condom box and started to giggle – I had this image of some guy tearing the box open with both hands as he runs from the store – desprate to get to his “afternoon delight”!

    work has been crazy we have a new guy who knows nothing and the guy who’s his mentor isn’t much better – I can’t wait til we have to start cleaning up the mistakes…sigh

    oh the receptionist – lets see – yesturday she was an hour late – today she calls (not me, not the office manager – she said all she got wa our voice mail and didn’t want to leave a message) she called another co-worker and told her that her car broke down and she was waiting for AAA = now she was alrady scheduled to leave early today – so byt the time she called back to say she was just getting to the mechanic the office manager told her not to bother coming in – so of course I haad to work the front desk from 8:30 to lunch time…no this wouldn’t bother me, if it didn’t happen at least once a week – if i didn’t have to work half a day up there while all the other “voulenters” only have to put in an hour or half hour, depending on who they are…and guess what – she’s put in for a day off next week and I have to wolr half the day up front…yes I complained becasue I had to haul a stack of files up there this morning so I could get MY work done…of course I do get brownie points for competeing everything I had to do today dispite the disruption (now my coworker told me to stop being so efficient so they won’t put me up front if I fall behind – I already know that wont work I’ll just get fussed for not completeing my projects) anyway ……………sorry needed to vent

    well things are slow so I’m off to send you guys a teaser and then off to write…

  229. laurel said

    Wildstar – you go, girl! Superwoman covering the front desk and still getting her own work done! Amazing and awesome! πŸ™‚ Of course, we already knew this about you.

    Sophia – We’ll be thinking about you tomorrow/tonight while you prepare for the test and then take it. I know what you mean about having laundry drying all over the apartment. I used to live in a small place here in Portland (loads of rain) at a time when I couldn’t afford the coins for the dryer. And yet, I remember most of that time fondly. I hope you will be bringing some good memories home with you. When do you get back? Keep us informed. πŸ˜›

    Rifkind, Claire and DebS – You are in my prayers.

    Z – Jamaica? Way cool! Er, maybe I should say Way warm? I hope you have a great trip! How long will you get to be there?
    I wish I could go, too.

    Dani, Himmie, Freyja… (and our lurkers) Hi gals! It sounds like everyone is really busy. I know I’ve been running six directions at once out here. And yet, I’m not sure I’m getting anything done. Ah, well. Some weeks are like that.

  230. laurel said

    Ah, Arrowyn – I love Odyssey 5! It has Christopher Gorham. πŸ™‚

    I see that Kyle’s part in that is to lay in bed, comatose. And his hair is all the wrong color!
    Looks like he needs a nurse, or a doctor…

    Do I see any volunteers for the job?


  231. Wildstar said

    please Laurel – I think we could “attend” to Kyle so much he’d end up in the hospital!
    poor boy…hee hee hee…
    I set my VCR to catch the episodes – you know I haven’t seen that show since the last time I stayed home sick from work on a Wednesday – it was pretty good…..

  232. Wildstar said

    Hi Sophia! good luck on your test…I haven’t had time to catch up on the posts, but are you taking Art History? I remember that class…ug! I do not have a brain for dates – I could barly rmember the names of the peices – surprisingly I passed – I had a wicked teacher (not in a good way) he liked to do “speed testing” flashing slides on the screen for like 5 seconds and then he would hand out the questions…
    just relax you’ll do fine!

  233. hey all its been a bit crazy this week as we moved the triplets outside, and are preparing for the next group of kids to hit the ground with in the next 5 days. Plus next week i have to go out to my ‘vacation home’ in the middle of the week, and I just realized that’ll mean I have to cancel the midgets’ speech therapy, for wednesday(she goes once a week). sometimes farming kicks you’re butt!

    Oh then I picked up the cold that has been taunting me since my trip to Vancouver, add to it the fact that my knee is still killing me, and I’m feeling pretty under the weather. I’m not sleeping much(not that I do anyways but thats another story), and running myself ragged. Oh how I can’t wait for the kids to be a bit older and I can slow down a bit. When they are little I’m on 3+’s a day feeding duty, and then when you add NEW kids to the bunch you have two totally different feeding schedules.

  234. Wildstar said

    feel better MM – take lots of vitemins and try to get some rest!

    well I’m out for the night..

    talk to you guys tomorrow!

  235. laurel said

    MM – Better take good care of yourself! We need all the BT sisters!

  236. Anzia said

    I am only going to be gone 5 days. it’s my best friend’s sister’s wedding. I’m my best friend’s “date.” I cannot wait to get there. I’m pretty sure i’m not gonna want to come back…actually. I know I won’t. I don’t want to come back NOW and i haven’t even gotten there yet…*sigh*

  237. laurel said

    Z – have a terrific time and take lots of pictures! You will love it, I know I loved being in St Thomas, which is similar. I’d go with you if I could. 😎

  238. I will totally sign up as a Kyle nurse. My roommate and I re-watched The Covenant for the millionth time last night. It’s so sad that his biggest part in that movie involves getting puked on.

    Wildstar–yes, it is art history. My teacher is also wicked, but in a different way. It doesn’t help that she butchers both English and Italian (she’s American, but has been living in Italy for about twenty years), and has most of her facts wrong, especially when it comes to the mythology and Bible stories that are depicted.

    I leave Monday evening. By this time next week I should be home (and probably asleep).

    The laundry is done, so I can finish packing now. Took the exam. I have no idea how I did. I completely forgot everything about a Rosso paining–I don’t even remember seeing it in class. I guessed on most of the dates. I think I did okay on the last essay, but I couldn’t remember the names of two paintings, and I got the definitions of Mannerism and Manniera swapped, but I was thinking of my old art history class on that one. The teacher for that class actually knew what he was talking about, but she doesn’t care about what’s right, she cares about what she tells you. If you don’t regurgitate it exactly as she said, then it’s wrong.

    Oh well. It’s over. I never have to see her again.

  239. Dani said

    I hope you passed the exam Sophia. The part I remember the most from The Covenant with Kyle in it was when the bad witch guy called Kyle “small”. I don’t know why that stands out in my mind. Maybe because it must be totally untrue.

    MM-maybe you should have your knee looked at by a doctor. It should be feeling better now.

    Little sis “Z”-You will have a blast in Jamaica. Have fun and don’t do anything naughty. LOL!

    Hi Laurel!

  240. Dani said

    Oh and I will sign up to be Kyle’s nurse. I am very good at bandaging up booboos!

  241. Linda said

    Good morning all,

    One of my favorite scenes from The Covenant was where where Aaron’s (Kyle) girlfriend is called on to answer a question in class and does so correctly. When she does Kyle looks back at her and grins while she is playing with his hair. Of course, I always watch all his other scenes too. LOL

    Sophia — Good luck the exam. You may do much better than you think you will!

    MM — I hope you start feeling better soon.

    Z — Have a great time in Jamaica! Don’t listen to Dani! Do something naughty and tell us all about it.

    Dani — You might need my help taking care of Kyle, the characters he plays get beaten up a lot. LOL!

    Hi Laurel — I really liked Odyssey 5 too. I thought it was a creative concept.

    Off to work now. Will try to check in later.

  242. laurel said

    Linda!! You’ve been missed! I just recently saw Odyssey 5 for the first time because I was looking up C. Gorham on iMBD. I guess I have a thing for geeks.
    I loved the concept of it too, and was sad to see it only had one short season. Ah, well. They are new to me. At least they came out on DVD, unlike Jake 2.0.

    Hi Dani! *waves* How goes your Wednesday?

    Z – Sunscreen. That’s all you need to know.
    Sophia – Take lots of pictures! Some of us will never get to see Italy, so we have to experience it through others. πŸ™‚

    Wildstar – I don’t have the next two chapters to edit. At least I can’t find them on my computer. 😦

  243. elizabeth said

    Okay, I have never heard of Odyssey 5 until Arrowyn mentioned Kyle is going to be in it. Is this a recent show and what is it about? I need to remind myself to record it so I don’t miss seeing our boy πŸ™‚

    Z – Jamaica sounds wonderful right now! I am really getting tired of the cloudy cool weather here. I heard on the news this morning that we could have snow in the valley – WTF! It is the middle of April; it should be warmer. Anyway, enjoy your trip. I have never been so I will have to live vicariously through you! πŸ˜‰

    Linda – My favorite scene in the Covenant with Kyle is the one you described. I just think he is adorable!

    MM – feel better, kiddo. Your life seems very busy and feeling under the weather while juggling all that you do is seriously draining. Take a little “me” time and pamper yourself for an hour. You will definately feel better!

  244. laurel said

    Odyssey – was a short-lived series on either HBO or Showtime.
    The plot involves astronauts who were on a space mission when the earth was destroyed by… (I’m not sure what). They were approached by a ‘supreme being’ and offered the chance to go back in time – five years – to try to reset the events that lead to the destruction. They are not allowed to confide in anyone outside of the group, and who’d believe them anyway. On board were a father and son – the son played by Chris Gorham. I think this was filmed in 2003-04.
    It has its moments. I’m currently watching four episodes of Jake 2.0 on Scifi.

  245. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Lots going on at the office this week, well for the next 2 months I anticipate. So, I can’t stop in as much as I’d like. I still read what I can, though!

    Laurel, oh I should send you a photo of my brother-in-law – total geek look going!

    Anzia – have a great time in Jamaica! I so need a vacation – wish I could go with you! My time off will be in July. πŸ˜‰

    I haven’t seen Odyssey 5 – I’ll have to look to see if it is even broadcast in Canada, even on some obscure channel. And since it looks like there are more than enough nurses to take care of the boy I think I’ll just have to offer my legal skills to sue the idiots who routinely beat him up! LOL

    Sophia – I forgot the underwear thing! Yes, my dorm room in Germany was super small. I strung up a clothesline that ran across my room from the bookshelf on the wall above the bed to the window at the end of the room. Always lovely to have impromptu guests show up with my underwear hanging up! My place in Canada is pretty small (but I own it ;-)) and I always have the worry of my laundry hanging out in my living room. At least I got notice of contractors coming into the building at the beginning of the week!

  246. laurel said

    Freyja – Feel free to send the pic!
    I do have my own hot geek (25 years of marriage this fall) but I still admire them all. 😎

    Since we have enough nursing staff I think I’ll go back to the security detail and see if we can’t keep the boy safer next time. Reminds me of our ‘movie-making’ story.

    Hey, is anyone interested in scheduling a discussion about Blood Ties episodes? I mentioned this on a couple of e-mails and got a positive response so I’m inviting everyone here.

    I propose we all try to watch Blood Price 1(or maybe 1 & 2) by Tuesday next week so that we can begin a discussion about it on April 22nd. If any of you are interested I’ll contact Gypsy and see about having her put up the next page so we can start discussing it there.

    Think about how you feel about it now versus the first time you saw it.
    What do you remember and what surprised you this time through?
    What is your favorite scene, and why?
    If you could change one thing about this episode what would it be?
    Come up with your own questions and answers? Go for it!

    Who’s with me?

  247. DebS said

    Good afternoon my sisters!!!

    I hope all is well. I bought my plane ticket to Portland today! I am so excited to visit the Portland gang…June seems so far away.

  248. laurel said

    Too funny DebS! I was just thinking how close June sounds. My oldest graduates from High School just two weeks before you come out here, and I’m amazed at how fast the time is going. I’m so glad you get to come out for a visit.
    We are going to have a blast!

    Happy, happy, happy!


  249. Linda said

    Laurel — That sounds great. I’m there!

  250. Dani said

    Hi Laurel Wednesday is going great because it brings me closer to Saturday which brings me to Florida! Woohoo! I can’t wait. I haven’t been down there in 5 years. Pretty tough when I used to go every year.

    Linda, you have to get through me to get to him. I can do it all myself if it is for Kyle.

    I think what Laurel is proposing is a great idea. I won’t be able to do this one as I will be in Florida but for the next one I am there. The only ones I couldn’t do is DOA as I never recorded it and the last few 3-5. I used dvd-rw’s instead of r’s and they aren’t playing on any of my players. It may work on my mom’s since that is the player I used to record them.

  251. DebS said

    Laurel–it may seem so far away cause lately my job has been dragging on and on each day. I love my job, but I hate April and May.

  252. Wildstar- I’ve been popping vitamins like crazy the last couple days, I’m sure it just helps sooo much that I practically live outside *typed with sarcasm*

    Laurel- I’m trying to take care of myself. With the toddler, and 3 little ones running around I don’t have much ‘me’ time lol.

    Dani- Yeah I think I’m going to see about getting in at the Walk in clinic tonight. *sigh* there goes 3 hours since its not a ‘urgent’ case but its better than trying to get an appointment with my doctor.

    Linda- Thanks! I hope I feel better soon too!

    E- I’m going to try and carve some ‘me’ time out of this weekend. I didn’t realize how drained I was until I ended up sleeping with DELL last night(my laptop). I woke up wondering why my face felt so funny, only to find I’d passed out on DELL’s lid, I keep joking that I didn’t realize our ‘relationship’ was so serious πŸ˜‰

    Laurel- I’d love to schedule a discussion of BT eps. I have another friend who might want to join in too(my BFF, who I gave my laptop, and all the eps too). I have been having nightly BT watchings which has been fun so I’ll just go toss Blood Price 1 & 2 into the schedule(again).

    Well I have to get the barn clean as it looks like our new kids may arrive tommorow. I have new pics of the triplets up, with their names(sadly Vicki, Henry and Mike got veto’ed hopefully i get another set of trips later this season).

  253. DebS said

    I am so in on the watching and discussion of BT eps. Just let me know when.

  254. cdnfreyja said

    Hey Laurel, I think that is a great idea! I’ve got the first 12 on DVD and VHS and the last 10 on VHS. Really good to go back and watch after so much time.

    MM – I completely understand … although I don’t have such a deep relationship with my laptop! πŸ˜‰ My coworkers laughed at me today when I told them I was leaving on time today and looking forward to just sitting on the couch tonight! I’m still crossing my fingers hoping that my schedule next week stays free of evening meetings – so far so good – better than this week as I had 4 scheduled! See why I need to quit some of the volunteer stuff??? Blech.

  255. Linda said

    Here is a link to an audio review of Blood Ties by Signal. Listening to it made me really miss the show even more.


  256. Wildstar said

    Laurel – I can’t rmember what chapters I sent you last week so I’ll send you 33,34, 35 and the epiloug….

    Sophia – I’m sure you did well – I always figure I’ve don’t poorly and then I’m suprised…I got lots of extra points in art history for sketching examples – if i had to rely soley on dates I would have flunked…hang in there

    MM – I can’t believe they vetoed your name coices – how rude..hee hee hee….good luch with the new kids!

  257. Anzia said

    dude if i could fit ya’ll in my suitcase i would in a second. Oh, and what’s with the limit on the naughtiness!? you DO know who you’re talking too right??? Naughty just kind of speeds towards me whether i try to deflect it or not. So, i’m SURE there will be at least ONE good story for ya’ll to enjoy when i get back. Right now i have to go to work. until midnight…then get up at 5am so i can make my flight in time…

    the only thing keeping me going at this point is the promise of sun, sand and LOTS of yummy alcoholic drinks…with cute little umbrellas. ^_^

  258. Wildstar said

    Have fun Z!

  259. laurel said

    Nice to have so many on board for this! Lifetime still has full episodes available if you need to look one or part of one up on-line.
    Do you want to do just Ep. 1? or both parts of Blood Price at once?
    I like part 2 the best, but I’ll go with the crowd on this one.

    Wildstar – I didn’t have anything past the last chapter we edited. I’ll go look at my e-mail attachments. Thanks.

    Dani – I can’t believe you are already getting to go to Florida! Have a wonderful time.

  260. Laurel- If you’re doing Blood Price you MUST do both parts. That would be equal to watching the Rising part 2 without having seen part 1(stargate atlantis’ premiere episode). Maybe we should do ’em in order too? (just a thought)

    Have fun Z!

    Freyja- *snort* I didn’t think I had THAT kind of relationship with my laptop either, obviously I was wrong. πŸ˜‰

    No kids yet, thinking tomorrow or friday. Though it ALMOST was today as we had a 45 minute unexplained power outage. The whole town was out, someone must of hit a feeder line. (gosh I just realized how countrified i’ve become now)

  261. laurel said

    MM – Actually, I really do think I’d like to take both parts of Blood Price and review them together. If I were going to do only one of them it would be part 2 because that is where we really get to know Henry. My personal favorite quote is in it. I’ll talk more about that next week though.

    If the timing is to short let me know and we can delay the start of the conversation. πŸ™‚

  262. I am up for the discussion, but the 22nd falls when I’ll be traveling so I don’t know if I’ll be able to post. It depends on whether or not I’m in the airport with either free wifi or a long layover. I’ll try though. If I can even remember what day it is. Time zones kill me!

  263. I posted a link to the blog in the Blood Ties group on Ravelry. I don’t know how many hits it will add though, because it’s been pretty dead lately.

  264. rifkind said

    Hi All,
    Sorry for being absent for a few days. At work, this is our busiest week of the month and I have to try to get everything done early as I have to take tomorrow off for my uncle’s funeral.
    Thanks for the support Laurel and all my BT sisters. It is nice to know you are here for me.

  265. rifkind said

    BT 1 & 2,
    Yup, I vote that we watch the two episodes together, since together they are a complete episode, and besides things don’t get going until we MEET Henry!
    I always loved the scene where he was going through Vicki’s purse and wearing her glasses..

  266. DebS said

    Good morning,

    Rif-I love that part of the ep too. He was so cute when he said “Victoria Nelson, PI. cute.”

    Apologies from me as well for being away. April is also a crazy time in Higher Ed…I have worked non stop, and now it looks like I am heading home on Sunday to be with my family.

  267. Dani said

    This is just a fly-by to say hi! Things get crazy the last two days before I go on vacay. Everything gets dumped on me and that is when all the problems start arising. I hate it.

    You definitely need to do Blood Price 1&2. Rose and DebS that is my fave scene to in that episode.

  268. Linda said

    Hi everyone,

    I agree, we need to discuss both Blood Price 1 & 2. The first one is just build-up for the second part, which is where things really get interesting. That is one of my favorite scenes too. I also like the part where he tells Vicki about Christina and how he because a vampire. This will be fun.

    I will check in later.

  269. laurel said

    Okay, Both parts of Blood Price together! Yipee!

    I only proposed the 22nd as a start date for discussion. I fully expect we can find things to talk about for a week or more. When it starts to peter out we can move on to the next one. I don’t know about all of you, but I NEED some Blood Ties in my life right about now.
    Looks like you gals are chomping at the bit, already naming favorite lines. I’m holding on to my faves ’til next week. hehe


    Be safe Dani! and have fun!

    Rif – I’m holding you close, in thought and in prayer.
    MM – how’s the leg? Any better? I hope you feel better soon, and get some rest. I look forward to pics of the new kids when they get here.

  270. laurel said

    Sophia – I don’t remember which day you are traveling, but please let us know when you’re going and then when you arrive safely.

  271. I leave the evening of the 21st, and will arrive about 48 hours later on the evening on the 22nd (time changes are screwy). You guys will probably get some airport updates, since I have a 12 hour layover in Heathrow.

  272. laurel said

    Keep us informed Sophia, we like to know where all our sisters are and what fun they’re having.
    I must admit that sounds like a horrific flight schedule though. I hope you get to go straight home to your own little bed at the end of all that travel.

  273. Yes. You have no idea how much I miss having my own room. And my water bed. The bed here is like a rock. It’s even worse than the one I had in the dorm back home.

  274. cdnfreyja said

    Okay, Heathrow is a huge airport with lots of shopping and things to do but I wouldn’t want to be stuck there for 12 hours! I feel for you and that crappy flight schedule.

  275. elizabeth said

    I can’t believe it is already the afternoon! This day has been so busy I’ve barely been able to sit at my desk.

    I am all for chatting about episodes 1 & 2. I miss the discussions we used to have about the show, so this is a wonderful idea! Count me in for sure πŸ™‚

    Laurel – I had my first Mac class last night. I started to grin like a loon when the guy introduced himself…his name is…ready…you aren’t going to believe this….JAKE! I am sure he thinks I am demented, but what the heck. The class was good and I signed up for another one on the operating system for next Wednesday at 5pm. If you haven’t already taken that onetoone then maybe we can plan to be there together?

    Sophia – have a safe trip home. International travel always wipes me out and I am a total zombie for a couple of days after I get home. When I landed in Chicago the only thing I wanted right away was an ice cold Coke. I was so tired of drinking it lukewarm with a tiny ice cube floating all alone in it.

  276. Himmiefan said

    Hello everybody! I’ve been lurking for a couple of days – not too much to say.

    Elizabeth – l love you comment about wanted in icy cold Coke. When I was in London a few years ago, I didn’t ask for ice because I knew they didn’t serve it that way. Well, thankfully times had changed, and my Coke was always served with ice. But, there’s always a but, there’s a difference between ice and icy cold. I never could get one cold enough. My cousin’s frig in London couldn’t even get my Coke icy cold. It makes a difference. Coke tastes better very, very cold. Not that I feel strongly about this or anything…

    Well, I’ve procrastinated enough. I’m preparing to lead a class on managerial skills tomorrow, but I’d rather go shopping since my tax refund was just deposited. Woo hoo!! Well, after I pay off my credit card bill…

  277. elizabeth said

    Himmiefan – I can so relate to wanting to enjoy the tax return! I purchased my new iMac with my return πŸ™‚ I should have internet by Wednesday and I won’t be so limited in what I can see – no work firewalls, etc…yay!

    I’m glad to see there is another traveller that experienced the cold vs. COLD soft drink dilemma. Most of my Brit friends and family thought I was crazy to want so much ice in my drink, but there is nothing better than the fizz of a coke that is so cold it almost burns the throat. Particularly on a very hot, humid Nashville day πŸ˜‰

  278. cdnfreyja said

    Okay I don’t drink Coke or any other soft drinks so I can’t commiserate with you there. My issue is water – with gas or without? πŸ˜‰ I drink a lot of water throughout the day, even more when traveling. I hate the water ‘with gas’!Ugh! And somehow it seems cheaper than the water without the added gas. And since I can’t drnk beer I’m up the creek in a lot of countries!

    Sophia – safe travels home.

    Elizabeth – I’m going to check out the Macs at a store that is on my way to work. Depending on what I see and hear I may be going back to Mac!

  279. elizabeth said

    freyja – what is water “with gas”? Is that like a vitamin water? Oh, and while I am thinking of it what is snow mold? I may have misread that in an earlier post though.

  280. elizabeth said

    Is it me or is the clock wrong on these postings? My recent post says 2:18pm, but I posted it at 3:18 in reality. what gives?

  281. Linda said

    Himmie and E –Ditto for me on the soft drink with ice issue. The europeans think we are crazy to have soft drinks or water with a glass full of ice. Once when I was in London, I was talking to some guys who had been to California. They thought it was so funny because they ordered a soft drink and got a glass full of ice. I told them that’s how we liked it, especially in parts of the country where it gets hot.

    Freyja — I ran into that in Russia. You could only get carbonated bottled water. It was awful. I even had to brush my teeth with it. blah! The bottled water in St. Petersburg was the worst. You didn’t dare drink the tap water though, it was full of nasty bacteria. Only if you lived there and had developed tolerance for it could you drink it.

  282. Linda said

    Generally these posts show a two hour time difference from me (CST), now it is three hours. I wonder if it might be daylight savings time.

  283. elizabeth said

    So water “with gas” is actually carbonated water? Ick.

  284. cdnfreyja said

    Yes, Elizabeth, water ‘with gas’ is carbonated water. Hate it! And you didn’t misread the snow mould thing. It is a type of mould that grows under snow in mild winters. I’m not sure that we have it here but we definitely have it back home. When the snow melts in spring you’ll see something that looks like thick white spider webbing all over the grass and on low lying shrubs. The milder the winter the worse it is. So I always prayed for really cold winters.

    And the clock is definitey off here. I’m now 4 hours off instead of the 3 it should be.

  285. laurel said

    I know the post is supposed to be set to Pacific time – because that is where our Gypsy lives. I don’t know how it got messed up, but it isn’t synchronized with any of our clocks at this point.

    E – I know Jake at the Apple store! Always makes me grin like a loon too. (I’m writing a story with a character named Jake, and he is my favorite in this story arc). I’ll look and see if I can schedule next Wednesday for my next class, too.
    Freyja – I wish I could go with you to the Apple Store. Elizabeth and I had fun buying her computer last Saturday.

  286. elizabeth said

    Okay, snow mold sounds really disgusting! I guess the winters in Montana were cold enough that it wasn’t a problem, because this is the first time I have ever heard the word. Interesting, in a gross sort of way πŸ˜‰ And, now I know what water with gas is. I guess I am never too old to learn something new, huh?

    Laurel – Can you imagine the fun we would have helping Freyja pick out a Mac? I know just enough to be dangerous πŸ˜‰

  287. Wildstar said

    hi guys!!!!

    ok a quick recap of the day and then I’ll go catch up on the posts…

    I had a lovely lunch with RObin – she just loves to hear about our little gooup – I wish I could get her to join she would fit right in – she is so funny, even when we are talking Kyle she calls him “Henry” – shes only managed to watch two episodes without her husband bothering her and shes hooked!!!!

    I’ll email you the details of most of our conversation…

    but the rest had to do with crapy co-workers – I have really had it with the receptionist – get this – ok at Easter someone gave her one of those little cheneil (sp?) peeps/chick and some stickers – they’ve been sitting on her dest since – well this morning she asked me if I had seen them – they’ve disappeared – did she ask anyone else? nope just me – can you believe the B*** would actually think I would take or trash her stupid peep? anyway I didn’t and I told her they were there when I had to sit at her desk all Tuesday morning – uh dah – 6 other pepele covered her time on Tuesday! and I don’t remember seeing them yesturday when I covered for her – so duh!
    sorry needed to vent..
    we did A LOT of venting at lunch…

    ok thats it for now – let me go catch up and then I’ll email you…

  288. elizabeth said

    If you email the details I won’t know what is going on 😦

  289. Wildstar said

    ok all caught up ! Epis 1 and 2 got it – I’m sure the disscussion with start before the 22nd….

    Laurel – did you get the email with chapters you were missing?

    work today was slow as all get out – I completely filled the joural I’ve been working in – I think I may have up to ch 6 for bk 2 hand written now to get typing – I would type at work except – well ch 3 is hot enough to fry an egg with and I don’t want to get caught typing THAT at work!!! hee hee hee

    Its getting warmer outsdie and my allergies are screaming – ok heres a weird thing – my right thumb is all swollen and if ffels like I have a knot on the middle joint…my mom thinks my arthritis is flareing up but I don’t know…I’ll give it a couple of days and see what happenes if it stays sore and swollen ofve r the weekend I’ll make a docters apt next weekk…sheesh if its not one thing its another..

    ok off to the email

  290. laurel said

    Wildstar – yes, I got the last couple of chapters. Waaah! I’m not ready for it to end. And don’t even tease me with the second book, I need to work on my own at some point!
    Sorry to hear work is still giving you such irritation.
    Say hi to Robin for us!!! She should join us as we start Blood Ties from the beginning again.

    I don’t care if we start the discussion early, but I haven’t had a chance to talk to Gypsy about setting up a new page yet. I’m hoping to connect with her to watch the last episode of Torchwood this weekend. She made me promise not to watch it alone. I’m trying to figure out how to get she and I and Elizabeth together to watch, maybe Moonbeam too if she’s around.
    If you start discussing Blood Price here I guess it doesn’t really matter, but I was trying to give everyone a chance to watch them first. πŸ™‚

  291. Wildstar said

    Hi Laurel!
    I’m going to try and watch this weekend – its not liek I can’t watch them again, and again, and again…..

    sorry to tease you with the book – but I’m on a roll – although I decided to give my hands the night off and not type – ok yes I’m typing but this is different…

    have fun watching Torchwood – I don’t get to see that – bummer – say hit to the ladies for me…I can’t wait til July and I get to meet all of you in person!!!!

  292. Wildstar said

    that was SAY HI to the ladies – sheesh I hit enter and then noticed the typo – oh well

  293. Wildstar said

    nighty night! talk at you tomorrow!

  294. cdnfreyja said

    One last pop in before bed. Got home from the meeting a little while ago. I’m definitely cutting back on the volunteer work come June. I can’t keep up with all these meetings. Sheesh! I’ll keep my position on the one board I’m at but the other stuff has got to go. Besides, how am I supposed to start writing if I’m stuck in bloody meetings almost every night of the week?

    Elizabeth, Montana actually has a slightly milder climate and a drier one than where I’m from. If snow mould can grow where I grew up it can grow anywhere! LOL That isn’t actually true. I haven’t seen or heard of it in Ontario and we have milder winters than back home. Our climate out here must not support it for some reason. We have much different vegetation than back home. And I say that if stuff grows back home it can grow anywhere because the growing conditions are so harsh and difficult to work with at times that if you can get something to grow successfully you can get it to grow elsewhere surely. lol

    And I’d love to have the 2 of you along to go Apple shopping. I might stop in the store on my way home after my hair appointment on Saturday. Ha! The final step in the 2-step process of going back to my natural hair colour. I might have to get it done once more before I see you ladies in July – if so you’ll see the red.

    Anyway, I’ll talk with you ladies tomorrow. I’ll have more time to play after work. ttyt and have a good night!

  295. Laurel- oh that makes sense now. Sorry the cold meds are really messing with my head. I had a conversation last night with my friend and according to her I was quite entertaining. *sighs* Dang cold medicine!

    Sophia- safe travels!

    Rif- Sorry to hear about you’re uncle! {{HUGS}}

    Laurel- the leg is ‘miraculously better’ the scab came off at some point yesterday and I can actually use the knee again! I still have to be careful not to hit it directly but its pretty good otherwise.

    Sophia/Himmie/E- About coke, I had the BEST coke the other day! Our town has an old fashioned soda tap in one of the stores but its hardly ever ‘open'(the tap not the store) and the other day I was in there and they were open, and I had a coke, My goodness it was DELICIOUS!

    So another long boring day on the farm. I have to take the toddler into the Pediatrician tomorrow she has now had the Yuck for going on day 13, and with her other medical issues one can never be too safe. Then in the afternoon I have to scrub out her toy closet so we can get it painted this weekend, and clip wings and move all the chickens so I can overseed the ground before the thistles and crud come up in the yard. *sighs* never a moment for the weary.

  296. In case anyone missed it.

    Save Blood Ties!!!

    A Message from the Ad Committee

    WE are pleased to announce the ads are completed and at the link below for viewing.

    We have established a Pay Pal account and placed a donate button along with the sample demos to be placed in the ad on the web site. If you are interested in making a donation of $20.00, or whatever you can afford you may do so now.

    WE have also established an e-mail address for all inquiries @:

    So, if you would like something to make you proud to be a “Blood Ties Fan”, please remember to make your donation early and tell all your friends on-line, spread the word to every board. We don’t want to leave anyone out/or omit anyone from the largest endeavor by Blood Ties Fans to date.

    Remember Blood Ties Fans Can Bite Back!

  297. Ug, I hate the Fizzy water. Do you know how many times I’ve accidentally purchased a great big bottle of it?

    I don’t drink soda, but I love really gold water. You can’t get anything really cold around here, unless you stick it in the freezer and then you risk actually turning it to ice–if you can get it to fit inside.

    I figure this flight plan can’t be worse than our last one–12 hours in Boston Logan and I didn’t sleep for three and a half days. And I was high off of Dutch cold medicine. I was so loopy by the time we got to Edinburgh, I was falling over things standing still.

    I just hope I can avoid getting sick this time around–I caught a cold in boston, and was running a fever the entire time we were traveling. It didn’t break until we were in Scotland and I’d managed to sleep. And then I caught the exact same cold twice more in Italy.

    I have really bad travel luck. I keep expecting to find a broken mirror in my suitcase.

  298. rifkind said

    OK, only plastic travel mirrors for you dear!! LOL
    Safe journey and blessings ride with you.

  299. Himmiefan said

    Regular water in Europe is called still water, I think. No, I don’t like the carbonated stuff either.

    In London, I got a bottle of Coke from a pharmacy’s refrigerator, and the bottle was just barely chilly. Major bummer. Coke definitely tastes different, and better, when it’s very cold. Water too.

    Congrats Elizabeth on your new Mac! You’ll really enjoy it! BTW, humid Nashville, you sure got that right!

    MM – hope you get to feeling better!

    Sophie – happy travels!

  300. elizabeth said

    Himmiefan – I distinctly remember the day I got off a plane in Nashville and walked outside. It had just rained and the pavement was steaming. I could barely breathe. My clothes instantly stuck to my back and I seriously began to wonder what possessed me to move from Montana to Tennesse at that point! πŸ™‚ I also remember talking to someone later in the day and the first thing out of their mouth was “Honey, ya’ll aren’t from around here, are ya?”. The person was really nice and we chatted for a few minutes. She wanted to know where I was from and when I mentioned I had just moved from Montana she asked me if I had ever been in a grocery store before. I swear it is true! I have some hilarious and sweet memories of my adjustment to Southern living.

  301. laurel said

    Hello loves!
    I’ve been writing this morning and suddenly realized I hadn’t logged on anywhere. It’s been a while since I’ve done that.
    Now I’ve caught up here so I’m back on track.

    I remember my arrival in Kansas City, MO. Late August, 99 degrees, 98% humidity, no air-conditioning in the dorms. Third floor walk up. I had hair to my waist and it was thick and heavy. I had heat rash on my neck for almost a month and wished I could afford to cut my hair just so I could get some relief. The only time you feel even remotely human just as you step out of a cool shower.
    Oh, yeah. Now I remember why I keep coming back to the Northwest.

    E – I’m still laughing about the reaction I got when we went into the Apple store on Wed. When Chris asked me if I were there every day I really had to stop and think.
    It’s only every other day.

    Wait a minute, that means I need to go over there today! Can’t break the pattern. ;-P

  302. elizabeth said

    Laurel – I still think you should get a commission for converts! Because of you I bought an iPod, which led to the iMac, which led to classes….you see a pattern here? So many things to little time πŸ˜‰

    I would not have survived the South if I had hair as thick as yours is! My hair is baby fine and short and still managed to end up in damp strands if I was out during the hottest parts of the day.

  303. laurel said

    I don’t know how I managed with the long hair, but I think I braided it and prayed for cooler weather.

    I keep trying to convince the Apple Store that they should be paying me. I think I’m responsible for eight iPod sales, two iMacs, two iBooks, one iPhone… and that just counts the people I’ve personally shopped with! That doesn’t even begin to count all the accessories that were bought to go with.
    My sister just got her first iPod and loves it.
    Tax refunds are awesome! I just wish I’d gotten one. 😦

    I’m hoping to see you on-line this weekend! What are we doing about watching Torchwood? I haven’t heard any more from Gypsy.

  304. elizabeth said

    I am all for getting together and watching it. It is set to record to the DVR so we can watch it any time it is convenient for everyone. We can meet at my house if you want?

    I won’t be on line this weekend because I don’t get internet until Wednesday. I am counting down the days!

  305. laurel said

    E – Are you available for a little viewing and some take-out or something? I don’t have any time constraints except for Church on Sunday morning. Do you want to pick a time and e-mail Gypsy? If you want me to I’ll call her this evening.
    Arrowyn’s busy, Nisi’s busy, Moonbeam is in conferences and… busy.
    I’m looking for an excuse not to be busy.

  306. elizabeth said

    I have Saturday late afternoon and evening free and probably Sunday afternoon. The only thing on my agenda is a 10am hair appointment tomorrow and my ex-brother-in-law putting new carpet in a bedroom sometime on Sunday. Why don’t you see when Gypsy can get together with us? Take out works and we can all watch the episode together πŸ™‚

  307. laurel said

    E – I guess the only other question is where?

  308. Linda said

    Portland Gang — I wish I could be there to watch Torchwood with you!

  309. elizabeth said

    Laurel – We can meet at my house if you guys want to.

    Linda – We wish you could watch it with us too!

  310. laurel said

    Linda – come on out and we’ll have a marathon of viewing!! I have the first season on DVD and by the time you can get here we may have the second season as well. I hope they do it quickly.

    E – I was really hoping you would offer! If that works for Gypsy were good to go!
    btw – I asked Gypsy about putting up a new page for starting our discussion on Blood Price 1 & 2. I suspect she was going to give us a new page soon anyway but keep an eye open for it. We can just move all our chatter over like usual, no need for an extra page.

  311. elizabeth said

    Laurel – what day do we want to get together? Saturday afternoon/evening or Sunday afternoon?

  312. Wildstar said

    hello sisters!

    first off – I invited Robin to come visit – so if you you see someone new who says they were invited by Wildstar – thats probably her…I think she’s only gotten to watch two episodes but I gave her a copy of the wonderful Holiday present we got – so she could enjoy Henry for the next 12 months…hee hee hee…..I lent her my tapes but her husband won’t let her watch in peace – he makes comments …men…anyway I’m hoping she stops by.

    second – short vent…the receptionist – yes again – I was to cover for her lunch break todyay 1:45 to 2:45 (why so late – she had a pedicure) at 2:43 she calls to say she’ll be a few minutes late her toes were still drying…a HALF HOUR LATER she comes back…the good thing…the office manger left to go take some policies to a client aat 3pm and saw me still sitting at the front desk – I just said oh shes running late coming back…let her chew on that over the weekend……

    lunch with uncle walt was very nice – he’s such a sweet guy – poor thing …he tells me that he got in a fight with his wie last night and this morning she was still mad at him…he said that when the argument started last night he walked out and went to a bar for a couple of hours…I tried not to laugh..I said 1) buy her flowers on the way home – and not cheep road side vendor flowers either…and 2) just tell her you are wrong she is right, doesn’t matter what you did, just agree it was your fault – then maybe she’ll tell you why she’s mad at you so you can talk – then tell her you love her and agree you’re an idiot…

    ok now to catch up on the posts…BRB

  313. laurel said

    E – I don’t care which day, still waiting to hear from Gypsy. She may have a preference.

  314. elizabeth said

    Laurel – when you find out just give me a call. I am getting ready to leave work – yay!

    Wildstar – How is your receptionist getting away with all this?

    Have a good weekend all. I will check back in on Monday! Toodles πŸ™‚

  315. Linda said

    Laurel — I very well may take you up on that offer in the near future!

  316. laurel said

    Linda, you’d be welcome here! It’s a lovely place for a visit.

  317. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    I am SOOO glad it is Friday! Got to make somebody else’s day by offering them a job! That makes it a great day.

    I’m able to sleep in a little tomorrow and while I know I can’t actually catch up on lost sleep I’ll still try. πŸ˜‰ Then I’m off in the afternoon to get my hair done – cut and the second step in the process to go with my natural colour. It should look good after it is done.

    I am just sweltering here – it was only about 24 degrees Celcius today but I work on the top floor of an old house that’s been converted and the AC hasn’t been turned on yet so it was 30 degrees inside the office today. And at home it is super hot. The AC was scheduled to be turned on next week but something has to be replaced (I swear this thing breaks down every second day, no joking). At least the heating WILL be shut off on Monday. It was still pumping out heat when I came home from work today!!! How stupid is that?

    I’ll be around popping in and out so I’ll see you later.

  318. Long day today. I had to take the toddler to her pediatrician she has had the yuck that was going around and we were on day 14 today. Apparently she has(d) a sinus infection, poor little thing!

    Also we finally talked about the elephant that has been lurking in the exam room on our last several visits. The toddler has 3 months to show improvement in her talking and physical abilities, or she may have to go to a neurologist and have a brain scan done to make sure that everything is okay. I am so freaked out. This is on top of her urologist(who we go see a week from tuesday), her opthamologist, the audiologist, and cardiologist she has seen in the last 2 years. I tried to talk to her father about it, and all he could say was ‘I hope theres nothing wrong with her that’d suck’. Gee, way to be reassuring.

  319. laurel said

    Dear, if you need to talk with someone you’ve come to the right place. This is the best support group I’ve ever known. If you are not comfortable discussing here on the blog I can give you my e-mail or a password protected page on my own blog.
    My prayers will be with you and your little one. I’ll be hoping you get some good news on her soon.

  320. Laurel- thanks! sometimes its just good to type it out. I laugh because I have come to realize that basically I am a ‘real’ version of vicki *chuckles* I hold a LOT of my emotions inside as a coping mechanism and then have no ‘release valve’ for them. Plus there is the whole I feel like i’m half blind sometimes thing(like today when I tripped over a shopping cart).

    Oh I MUST share that story. I had to run into the store to pick up the prescription and some misc. groceries since they were predicting snow and I live in the hills. I was coming out of the store pushing my ‘mini’ cart(one of the little ones) and noticed that they were watering the plants out front. Well I went to walk out to my car, and the next thing I know I’m sprawled across the back of my tipped over cart. I glanced around to see what’d happened apparently I’d run/tripped over the hose.

  321. I’m getting a head start. XD. I’m watching Post Pardum at the moment. I’d forgotten how funny it was.

  322. Arrowyn said

    Dylan telecommutes his auditions.

  323. laurel said

    So MM! Are you okay? I hope you didn’t damage your knee further!
    (My word, we may well be related. That sounds like something i would do… have done. lol)

    Sophia – I know, I love that one. Of course any time we get to see a good ‘snog’ between Vicki and either of the guys I’m happy.

  324. laurel said

    Is it sad that that tiny snippit of info from Dylan made me warm and happy?
    *sigh* I would sure like to see him in something really great.
    Like BLOOD TIES!!!!

  325. rifkind said

    Was the little one born early? Premie babies can be slow to develop. It is just so scary to think that something is wrong with our babies.
    My step-son was born early and it took him many years to catch up.
    Hugs Dear!

  326. laurel said

    Hey Rif? The time clock is off on our blog! I will tell Gypsy if I see her today/tomorrow, but I thought maybe you could do something about it. πŸ™‚

    Good to see you here, did you get a good night’s sleep?

  327. laurel said

    Clocks says 1:31 pm but it is actuallly 2:31 pm here right now.

  328. cdnfreyja said

    MM – you’re in good company. I know there are a few of us, me included, who are the clumsy sort. My clumsiness seems to involve sports injuries … which is why I generally no longer partake. Your daughter seems to have had a lot of experiences with the health system. That must be absolutely nervewracking at times.

    Someone asked you if the munchkin was a preemie. Neighbours who lived across the street from my parents had a set of very premature twins. They were told the girls would never walk and probably never talk. One does have hearing and vision problems but their parents worked hard with them and the kids far surpass their classmates now. Those two are an absolute hoot! One of them wants to be a race car driver.

    The hair is looking good. It is a bit darker seeing as how the gold highlights are now covered. But it will lighten up a bit over time allowing my natural shade of red hair to come through. Just unfortunate that I had to go through the expense of this whole process to get there though.

    We’re definitely into salad weather here – that’s what I call it when the warm sunny weather arrives because my appetite totally disappears. Had a good Greek salad with homemade dressing. Yummy! Now if my stupid headache would go away I’d be so much happier …

  329. Laurel- I don’t know it could be a possibility. I am SUCH a klutz I can seriously hurt myself standing in one spot. About 5 years ago now I actually fell on a fence, and ended up in the hospital for 3 days after having to have an emergency 4 and a half hour surgery to fix the damage I did. My knees seem okay its the ELBOW that is going to kill me on this one. It’s all purple and black, such pretty colors πŸ˜‰

    Rifkind- she was born at 38 weeks 6 days so just slightly early but not ‘preemie’.

    Freyja- Yes, she has had quite the run through the medical system. She was born with a condition called Vesicoutreal Reflux, or VUR, where her ureters didn’t work properly and keep flowing in the ‘correct’ direction. She was diagnosed at 4 months and had surgery just over a year ago now to correct it. Ever since we’ve had ZERO UTI’s which has been wonderful. Her eyes are watched closely because we have a history of family eye problems(3/4 people wear glasses/contacts).

    I WISH we were having ‘salad weather’! We got 6 inches of snow last night! I swear I just want to move to the bahama’s right now!

  330. rifkind said

    I once met a woman whose baby had the same UT problems, and after surgery and the child grew everything worked out OK, everything inside stretched as the child’s body grew and helped to fix the problem. I hope the same happens for little Mackenzie. I know that seeing your baby in the hospital after surgery, when they are so little, is a heart break, but hopefully everything will be healed by the time she is older and she will have no memories of the surgery.
    It sounds like you are addressing the elephant issues head-on and making sure that Mackenzie gets the care that she needs. Good for you Mom. Don’t be too harsh on her Dad. He probably feels terribly helpless and honestly wants his daughter to be healthy and happy. He probably doesn’t know what he can do to help.
    If there is something that you’d LIKE him to do to help her? Ask him head on, maybe if he still lives nearby, find something small that he could do with her. Come and read a favorite book to her and help her make out the sounds.. or flashcards, or if the therapist has some exercises that she needs to do, maybe ask him to come over and work with her a little bit.. The therapist may have some “play” activities that will help her, and maybe her Dad can help her that way… maybe.. I obviously don’t know your situation with him, but if you WANT help from him, I’d pick something small, and something that you know that he can do for Mackenzie and then ask him if he’d like to help, then offer a few small things for him to choose from…
    Open the door for him offering something small, and something about Mackenzie, not about any left over elephants between the two of you. He might surprise you, he might not… but he just might, if you give him the chance. He may feel awkward about seeing you, but it needs to be about Mackenzie, not about water under the bridge.
    Maybe he can meet you at the therapist’s office and be shown some play activities that he can do to assist in her development. That will give him some confidence in knowing that he is helping Mackenzie. It will also be a neutral setting for interaction between the two of you. If things start to get snippy, just take a long calming breath and remind yourselves that this is about Mackenzie.
    I hope that you can find a way to ask him for help, and for him to grow into the father that you’d both like him to be for his daughter.

    Hugs and blessings sent your way with love and friendship,

  331. rifkind said

    Nope, I am not one of the ‘keeper of keys’ for the blog. So I can’t fix the time clock for posts..
    I could understand if the posts were an hour or two off..because of daylight savings time, or the host server being in a different time zone that I am… but it looks like the main server that is hosting the blogs is off by some additional minutes… 9 or 10 minutes, on top of the whole hour shifts…
    Sounds like it is a rip in the space-time Continuum!
    Where’s our resident time Lord when we need him?

  332. cdnfreyja said

    I tell you, Norman has gotten into WordPress ever since they ‘upgraded’! lol

    Yes, salad weather here. As soon as it hits about 18 above here I just have no appetite come supper time. So, if you are the same way check out my newest recipe addition at my blog: Chickpea Tomato Pasta Sauce. The whole thing can be done in under an hour. I usually take an hour because I’m slow at chopping and get distracted saying ‘oh, I forgot to do that’ re: something totally unrelated to the recipe and I go off and do it. But the cooking time is about 30 minutes. The sauce tastes better the next day after sitting overnight. Nothing wrong with it straight out of the pot after it is cooked but it is WAY better the next day.

    MM – my niece has GERD. Every time she ate she fought and cried. She never wanted to eat and it was a huge ordeal. After many frustrating months and a trip to a pediatrician she was finally diagnosed but it took almost a year for the doctors admit there was something wrong with her. Even my aunt who is an M.D. had never seen a kid like this. She learned from the experience too. My niece was put on 2 different medications, one of which made her kind of wiggly and prevented her from sleeping through the night (which she had been doing since 2 months).

    She recently went off the ‘wiggly meds’ and is still taking the other one. She is supposed to grow out of this by 3 years. Once she got on the medications she finally started to put on weight normally and she just shot up like a weed. She’s still kind of a skinny kid but that is just the way she is built – long and skinny. But now she is a voracious eater! And she likes spicy food. Okay, not so good for GERD but she refuses to eat bland food.

  333. Wildstar said

    morning ladies!
    well I’ve been waiting all morning for the thunderstom to pass through so that I could get on line and chat – and so I can get some writing done….

    Hope every one is doing well today!!!


  334. Wildstar said

    oh before I forget – I’m going to post Ch 20 today!!!

  335. cdnfreyja said

    A thunderstorm! Man, I wish we could get a good dumping of rain to help clean the dirt and grime from the winter (salt in particular) off the streets and sidewalks. The street cleaning has begun but it is a slow process.

    And for those of you suffering from the snow, I sympathize, well my parents do more so than I do today. They’re getting a dump of snow this weekend after it was 28 Celcius last week! But they’re expected to miss the bulk of it – places west of them are expecting as much as 50 cm of snow!

  336. msgypsy said

    I haven’t forgotten you, honest! New post is up.

    Carry on. (I really do have an unbearably cute crush on Tim Gunn…)

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