No macro this time

But there is a filk song posted to one of the LiveJournal comms that I feel moved to share with you. True, it do

The Power of the Pen

The Power of the Pen

©2007 Ariel Cinii (0707.14)

“original” Melody adapted from bits & pieces of Paul Simon
Now, the power of the pen,

Was given to us sci-fi fen.

We learned the letters that we write,

They are a peaceful way to fight.
A piece of paper and some ink,

Can show what thousands of us think.

Cause many drops can turn a wheel,

It shows them how their viewers feel.

Don’t let it die. (chorus)
Bf C
Just let those cards and letters fly.
Don’t let it die.
Cause if we write in we can try.
Don’t let it die.
Bf C
You know that we can make a stand.
Don’t let it die.
Bf C F
We’ve got our rights… in TV land.

There was once a TV show;
‘Twas liked by people in the know.
While their effects would sometimes stink,
It made us laugh and cry and think.

But then one day it disappeared,
And gone forever it was feared,
Until good people wrote and called
And cancellation we forestalled.

Yeah, the power of the pen
Can turn a wimp into a guardian,
Who’ll loose the fateful lightning
Of a wonderful swift sword.

Turn a mundane into a fan.
Defend the shows we all love and
They’ll see that we’re all kindred spirits
Who should never be ignored…

(“Diff’rent Strokes break”)
And they never will be bored!

Took a Firefly on a Star Trek
To a town called Jericho.
The Doctor Who came out to meet us
Drew his Equalizer, so,

I went and ordered up some Sliders,
And I wished that doctor Cheers,
Then Space Above and Beyond folded.

Don’t know when it reappears… (chorus 2x)

But we’ll do it once again.
It’s the power of the pen.



  1. Great Song, Love the title~ Power of the pen

    Am I first?

  2. Linda said

    That makes me 2nd!

    The blog is quiet today. It is so gorgeous here, outside is the only place to be!

    Tonight is Dr. Who and Torchwood, must go set DVR.

    Will check in later….

  3. Wildstar said

    Found you! hehehhe
    I hopwe everyone is having a great weekend
    I love my family, but a whole afternoon with the kids and I was ready to get home!
    the indoor egg hunt was a hoot – we forgot where some of the eggs were hidden – so things took a little longer… 🙂
    of course the kids wee dissapointed with the candy that was in them! we did hard candies this year instead of chocolates…sheesh they each got a chocolate bunnie…oh well can’t please everyone. and yes my mother bought them Peeps,…turns out my nephew loves them and ate four right away….of course he had to bite the heds off first to annoy his sister..

    well just wanted to stop by and wish every one a Happy Easter or a Great weekend
    talk to you later!

  4. Annalaise duChat said

    Great song Gypsy! So how are you? Long time no chat! Here’s hoping all is well in your world.

  5. Annalaise duChat said

    BTW Happy Vernal Equinox to all of you!

  6. cdnfreyja said

    Thanks Ms. Gypsy! Just in time with the new thread. The other one was starting to eat my computer.

    Wildstar! You just had to bring up the Peeps!

    Hi MoonBeam! Haven’t seen you around in a while. Glad to see you back.

  7. Thanks, I’m coming up for air for a few days. I’ve been lurking every so often, but mainly I’ve been MIA.

  8. Annalaise duChat said

    Happy Easter All! Off to do the in-law thing. Everyone have a wonderful day.

  9. laurel said

    I thought I’d better check in and let you all know I’m out of town until sometime on Tuesday. If you need to get in touch with me I’ll be down in Eugene with Moonbeam.

    Happy Spring!!!!

  10. catcornmom said

    Happy Easter!!! I’ve been on a week long spring break. I’ve been relaxing with my kids, staying away from the computer, reading, and basically just chilling out. It has been WONDERFUL!!! I’m so not looking forward to going back to school tomorrow. I’ve been lurking on our Google boards, but I’ve been bad about checking in over here. I need to be better about that!! I hope everyone has a great week!!!

  11. Fun and laughs was had by all at our family get-together! First time I’ve seen Laurel in eons. The P-land gang get their Laurel fix much more often than me! I sure needed the visit! Tomorrow we’re heading for a fun trip to Wildlife Safari~a drive through look-see at quite the assortment of wild animals Should be a good time!

    Sorry Catcornmom, our spring break is just starting. I definitely have to go into the classroom and work during the break, however. :>(

  12. Hope everyone had a wonderful easter. Ours didn’t go quite as planned. We went to breakfast at our local church, and then the toddler participated in the wonderfully small egg hunt(3 kids TOTAL) then she was D O N E. so i had to pack her up and drive home before the service even started. the pastor was very good natured about it(the church is less than a mile from our house) and encouraged us to stay but she was having none of it. something about being up late last night and getting up way too early this morning.

  13. cdnfreyja said

    Hi everyone,

    Just popping in this morning. I’m so glad that we get a 4-day long weekend here! Well, except for retail, of course. But if the stores were any indication on Saturday, they’ll be crazy busy today. Hmmm, why did I go shopping on Saturday … of a long weekend nonetheless.

    We’ve got another bright and sunny day here! Although we’re scheduled for more snow over the next few days. If this keeps up we might just break the old snowfall record. Sorry, I don’t know the actual record off the top of my head but I know we’ve received around 13 feet of snow so far this winter/spring.

    Glad to hear everyone had a good holiday! Hi catcornmom! Haven’t talked to you in a while.


  14. Himmiefan said

    Hello everybody!! I hope everyone had a great Easter. Mine was great: weather beautiful, service was great, my asparagus and ham cheesecake turned out really well, and mother and I got a parking place right near the front door of the church. Can’t beat that! I also came to a very profound Easter conclusion yesterday: Lifesaver jelly beans really are more flavorful than Jelly Bellies. Not sweeter, but more flavorful. It’s true!

  15. elizabeth said

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter? Krysten and I spent a very quiet day. It was raining here and we both could hardly move after our Belt test on Saturday. I swear, I found muscles I had forgotten I even had! I’m still moving slow today, but the good news is…I now have a Purple belt in Karate! 🙂

    Hey, Moonbeam! Glad to see you are still around! I hope you make it up to Portland soon….I’ve missed seeing you! I love Wildlife Safari! I have some great pictures of me riding an elephant when I visited there. Do they still do that? It was such a fun day!

    Laurel – thanks for the offer to come rescue me on Saturday! Lucky for me we only live a few blocks away from the Dojo and Krysten and I were both on an adrenalin high so we made it home before we crashed and burned for the day!

  16. cdnfreyja said

    Congratulations Elizabeth! Woo-hoo!

    Himmie, what kind of ham cheesecake did you make? Spicy? I make one too, but with mine you can leave the ham out if you want. Oh, I think I posted that recipe on that thread here some time ago. Tasty on crackers!

  17. Himmiefan said

    Congrats Elizabeth!! You go girl!

    Hey Freya. When I get home tonight, I’ll post the cheesecake recipe. It’s wonderful. Not spicy. Ham, asparagus, cream cheese, Swiss cheese, etc. Yum!

  18. Madonna said

    Congratulations Elizabeth!!!!! How many steps until you are a lethal weapon?

    I’m all booked to go to the Pittsburgh convention. I’m splurging and going all out with the Emperor’s Club package. It’ll be my mom, my sister and me.

    Today at work was a mess. I was already schedule to work two hours of overtime, but behold when we get to work this morning at nine the server is down because they updated it’s software over the weekend. Needless to say it took longer than they expected it to. So I had to clock out about 9:20 and wait around until we were finally able to start doing some work at almost 12:30.

    I’m also starting to feel a bit under the weather again. So I took some cold medicine and now it has kicked in and made me sleepy. I’m heading to bed girls.

    Goodnight and sweet dreams. Love you all!

  19. Dani said

    Buongiorno bellas!

    Pretty dead around here. I noticed it’s usually like that right after a holiday. Isn’t anyone going to be going to the Boston con? Give New England some love. It has a lot to offer. An old world feeling and atmosphere, lots of nature. We love our history too. It’s older than the rest of the country and you can really feel it when you come here.

    All I here is Jumpcon PA this and Jumpcon PA that. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  20. DebS said

    Good morning Ladies!

    Sorry I haven’t been around lately. This past weekend was my first full weekend off since January, so I took full advantage and relaxed. I actually got really behind in the emails, so ended up deleting a ton of them.

    Congratulations Elizabeth on your purple belt!

  21. DebS said

    Dani-I am almost finished with the third Drake book..I am loving this series. I am most looking forward to Hannah’s story with Jonas. Have you read Safe Harbor?

  22. elizabeth said

    Ladies thank you for all the encouragement and support you’ve shown me in getting my Purple belt. I am surprised I have managed to progress this far because the Martial Arts are not for wimps and I am not a young kid!

    Madonna – now that I have reached this belt level we start to learn more “killing” strikes and nasty ways to hurt someone. This belt signifies a loss of “innocense” and I move from a white Gi to a black Gi.(whoo hoo no more looking like the Pillsbury Dough Boy!) Personally, I am just stoked that I was upright at the end of the marathon endurance test to get the darned thing 🙂 I can honestly say I am the oldest person in the class and keeping up with teenagers and 30 somethings is quite a challenge.

    BTW, how are you feeling? It sounds like you are so over worked it is no wonder you get sick. I hope they pay you well for all that you do?!

    Dani – I have always wanted to visit New England. I was in that area when I was a kid, but I don’t remember a great deal about it.

  23. Dani said

    DebS-I love the Drake Sisters. I did read Safe Harbor. I managed to steal it from Kelly. I had to give it back unfortunately. Let me tell you I think it is the hottest to date.

    E-I never did congratulate you on your purple belt. If I were doing karate I would stop there because purple is my favorite color. New England is beautiful no matter what time of the year it is. I have said it before and I will say it again, I will never move away from New England. If I have no choice but to leave it will only be for a short while. I will definitely come back.

  24. Himmiefan said

    Morning everyone!

    Madonna – sorry to hear you’re under the weather. Hope you feel better soon. Have some leftover Easter candy. That’s good for whatever ails you.

    Dani – I wish I could go to any convention wherever it is. There’s just that little issue of work and money.

  25. DebS said

    I think I am going to try and get Safe Harbor tonight…I am dying to read it.

    I really want to come to the BostonCon…I hope that I can.

  26. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Madonna, I’ll be seeing you in July! Things look like a go. Should be able to fly in Thursday evening and possibly fly out Monday morning. I can use banked OT before my 6-month probationary period is over. I just want written confirmation before I book flights. I have to pay for this one – I’m not using all my accumulated miles to get to PA! That would just be ridiculous. But I might be able to use them for the August par-tay! Hope you feel better soon!

  27. E- congrats on your purple belt!

    So I somehow was overcome yesterday by the brilliant idea that I needed to paint the barn(remember its still march and i live in the WONDERFUL northwest) so i spent a good part of the day rushing around, picking colors(white), and getting what I needed to do the job. Got home and got one coat down and am now hoping to get the second done today before the kidlets arrive.

  28. oh! I almost forgot to mention that I finally took the dive and wrote my first (full length) fan fiction! don’t get too excited it was for another fandom that I know a wee bit better.

  29. Dani said

    Congrats MM! I have considered doing it with BT but I know there is no way I would be able to capture the repartee our three have. I’m not witty enough for that.

  30. Dani said

    And don’t you mean you live in the Northwet.

  31. DebS said

    MM what did you write your fan fiction for?

  32. Dani- *snort* NorthWet *snort* *giggle* I like that one! maybe thats what I’ll call next rainy season’s ark 😉 I don’t think I could capture our favorite 3’s witty repartee quite right either and I was actually kind of shocked that I was able to write any kind of Fan Fic, because I am SUCH a perfectionist, but it just kind of wrote itself.

    DebS- I wrote it for NCIS but not any of the ‘current’ characters as I haven’t really watched faithfully since the end of season 2(sorry but I live in Denial) I personally like to think it was a cute story though possibly a bit of a ‘crack’ fic as it was written on a sugar low.

  33. Dani said

    I can’t take credit for Northwet. The Portland gang has been calling it that since they first got together, I think.

  34. elizabeth said

    MM- Why do you live in denial about NCIS? Why only up to season 2? I love that show, but I was kind of late to the party and didn’t start watching until the episode where Kate is murdered and Officer Davide (sp) started. I have been catching up on the earlier episodes in re runs. It is way cool that you sat down and wrote fanfic for the show!

  35. DebS said

    MM-I love NCIS!!!! I have watched it faithfully since day one, and I never, repeat, never watch procedurals. I love Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly, and so couldn’t resist watching. But Abby and Ducky are my faves.

    You should really watch past season 2. I know it was hard after Kate, but you will quickly love Ziva.

  36. elizabeth said

    I love Abby. Her whole relationship with Gibbs is just too cute. I also like Ziva. She has such a tough exterior, but has a softness that she allows out every once in awhile.

  37. Dani- okay, i’ll give them credit then or whoever came up with it!

    E- I was/am a HUGE HUGE HUGE Kate fan, so her ‘death’ and leaving of the show hit me pretty hard(I seriously get way too attached). I own both seasons 1 and 2 on DVD but totally skipped 3rd season(it was just too fresh for me) and haven’t bought dvd’s after season 2.

    Deb S- I LOVE Michael and Mark they have such a great chemistry, Abby and Ducky are ADORABLE! Like I said to Elizabeth, I skipped(but have since seen) season 3, I tried to watch some last season but some of those eps, just ticked me off(mostly the jeanne ones, oh and anyone where they tried to ‘ship’ tony and ziva- ICKKY!). I have seen a lot of the episodes this season, but I haven’t been real thrilled with what I have seen as I feel that they are kind of remaking some of the older episodes(Dead Man Walking, anybody?) so its been a bit wierd.

    E(again)- I too love Abby and Pauley {Perette} is an amazing person she is so involved with causes near and dear to my heart its impossible NOT to like her.

    If ya’ll want I can link ya over to my story later tonight after I scrub the paint off!

  38. Dani said

    Yoohoo! Is any one out there? Where are you? So sad that no one wants to talk on here at all anymore. 😦

  39. Dani said

    Poor Elizabeth can only do the blog no emails and she must be thinking no one wants to talk to her. Well I do E!

  40. cdnfreyja said

    Sorry, I’m just really busy at the moment.

    Margaret, went over to LT and saw the poll/ad idea. I voted yes for the cause.


  41. elizabeth said

    Ahh, Dani I love you! Thanks for wanting to talk to me. I wish others would come back…I miss them all terribly 😦

    MM – What causes is Pauley involved in? Are her tats real? Okay, that sounded kind of funny, but you know what I mean….

  42. Dani said

    Your welcome. I hate seeing people being or feeling left out.

  43. Dani said

    Freyja, what are you talking about, LT doesn’t like me anymore.

  44. Dani said

    Now E *rubs hands excitedly* we could talk about Kyle, Dylan, Kyle, Christina, Kyle, Blood Ties. It’s up to you. Now…….GO!

  45. Dani said

    Oh oh oh I know! *tongue in cheek* Did you hear Kyle is doing several more conventions this year and Dylan has been added to them now to? Wouldn’t it be so totally awesome if Christina decided to do them too?

    I can be very facetious when the situation calls for it.

  46. cdnfreyja said

    Dani, here is the text I copied from LT. Margaret, hope you don’t mind.

    How about going to:

    and voting to let the people working the ad know the support is there before too much time is lost. The clock is ticking on this and they need to know if they pursue this that they can count on the other fans to help support it. I don’t think it would be that hard to do since the show had 1.3 million viewers when it was on. If you really do want this show back you need to put your money where your mouth is and support the ad. Please go vote so they can get an guage of the support for the show out here.


  47. Dani said

    Thanks done. I can’t believe how little votes there actually are. Is it a new poll?

  48. elizabeth said

    Gosh, Kyle…Dylan…Kyle…Dylan the choices are endless! I just went back and re-read a couple of the BT books. The first time I read them I couldn’t shake the show long enough to enjoy them on their own. I was more able to separate the two this time enough to really read what Tanya wrote. They are such good books. In Blood Lines where Henry tells Vicki she is his “heart” really got me.

    I read your email Dani. I agree with you. All the reasons we left the blog for email really don’t apply any more. If Scribble or anyone else is monitoring our blog she probably thinks we have lost interest and moved on. I would hate for that to be the perception. Maybe you can get people to post here more often?

  49. Dani said

    Both me and Madonna have tried to no avail. We tried contests. Nuttin. I don’t mind either, especially now that I can check email with my cell phone but the blog is very important for the bigwigs and we said that too and still we got no action or very little if any.

    I read all the Blood books after BT started and thoroughly enjoyed them. Then I tried to go back and read them a few months later and couldn’t get into them again. Maybe I will try again soon. I have a feeling I will get much more out of them now then before. Have you read the Smoke books? I read the first one and while it was good I didn’t enjoy it as much as the Blood books.

  50. elizabeth said

    I haven’t read the smoke books. They are something that is on my list to investigate. Aren’t they about Tony?

    I am sorry the rest of the crew is so entrenched with emails. It makes me very sad to think the blog may end because there are only a few of us posting regularly. I found the volume of emails to be too hard to handle and I started to get very irritated with it all. It was hard to step away because I didn’t want to lose everyone and the first couple of days were miserable because I wanted to know what was going on. But, I have to admit, I am much happier now. It was becoming such an addiction that it interfeared with work. I can minimize the blog and check it periodically and that works very well for me.

  51. Himmiefan said

    Hi E! I don’t know if this would work for you, but I turned off the e-mail function in Google. Instead, I go into Groups and read the messages like on a message board. Much better!! Now, I’d love to see everyone come back to the blog. I too don’t want the powers-that-be to think that the fans are abandoning the show. We’re still here!! Of course, in the grand scheme of things, the decision to continue BT is going to come down to dollars and cents. Anyway, Dani and Freya posted this morning about blog v. e-mail. I think I’ll encourage the group to debate the issue because at this point, I think e-mailing has just become a habit. I’d like to see everyone getting back into the habit of blogging.

  52. Annalaise duChat said

    Good afternoon ladies.

    Sorry I can only check in at lunch today. I am sorry angry right now I could just scream but I’m doing my best to control it. My magazine deadline got moved up again to Friday which means I’m obligated to take work home if I expect to get it finished. It’s just not fair. This customer just dumped a pile of ads on me that I have to finish to go in this issue. I need 2 full working days to put the layout together. I have about a full days worth of ads to do yet plus about 4 hours of work that I promised another customer. Today is Wednesday, Deadline is end of the day Friday. You do the math. So I’m obligated to take work home if I expect to get it done. I just makes me angry because he just assumes I’m going to do it. It’s a lot of unnecessary pressure and it makes me extremely angry.


  53. Dani said

    Grrrr! for you Annalaise! Stupid asshats.

    E-I know the feeling about the email. It was getting out of hand when both the blog and the email was hopping but it’s not so bad now. I have the first Smoke book if you would like me to send it to you. I don’t really want it back.

  54. cdnfreyja said

    Got a little more time before my lunch hour ends.

    Annalaise, oh I just hate it when that happens. I’ve prioritized a bunch of stuff for this week but I know some of it is going to get pushed into next week. Coming in to the office with your inbox full of paper is not a good thing. Everything else just gets pushed off.

    On the topic of the books, I haven’t gotten through all the short stories or book #5. I don’t want the Mike-Vicki-Henry story to end so I’m just putting it off in favour of my huge stack of other books. I am interested in reading Tanya’s other books, particularly the Smoke books, just because she is such an amazing writer. And I can support a Canadian author!

  55. Dani said

    Other people I have talked to enjoyed the Smoke books, just not me. I guess it is a preference thing or it could be it didn’t have the Henry Vicki Mike dynamic. Now that I think about it there was much less Henry in them and that is enough to turn me off totally.

  56. DebS said

    Sorry I fell absent the last few days guys. Life has gotten busy. I will warn you now, that I am taking students on a spring break trip starting Saturday, so I will be absent until the following Saturday.

  57. elizabeth said

    Annalaise – sorry about the escalated deadlines. I hate those! I never like to be obligated to take work home either. I have so little time with my daughter as it is that I hate it when work intrudes.

    Himmiefan – Until I get a computer at home I can’t access the google groups to view it as you suggested. Work blocks it and I get this ugly “denied access” red flag that pops up. I do hope between you, Dani and Freyja you can convince the group to blog more and email less! But, most of all, I hope TPTB get their act together and give us some good news soon. I am really missing me some Henry, Mike and Vicki. I need some new adventures to drool over 😉

  58. cdnfreyja said

    Elizabeth and Dani, as soon as this weekend I should be able to spend more time on the blog. The IT guy was just here telling me that there was a glitch with the laptop and I won’t be getting it before Friday. I’m in no rush. 😉 But once I get it home I will have a newer, faster machine with more memory and that will help me out a great deal with the blog.

    Once this place gets over about 150 posts per topic/thread, my computer likes to stall and eventually freezes. Things are okay right now because the post count is lower.

    Oh, and Elizabeth, you haven’t checked out New Amsterdam yet? If not, you’ll have to do that. There is definitely some drool-worthiness involved in that one. 😉

  59. elizabeth said

    I definately agree on New Amsterdam! I am really liking that show and the premise. It just cracks me up that his son is 65 and he barely looks 30. I like the way his life and past is woven through the episodes and that no one takes him seriously when he talks about the past. I had never seen the actor that plays him before…he is definately a nice looking man 😉

  60. Dani said

    I think he is Swedish or Danish. He is really cute. Sometimes he slips with his accent. It is quite delectable. What’s his name? Nikolaj something I think.

  61. Dani said

    Here is his imdb profile

    It says he is in Kingdom of Heaven. I have the movie but haven’t seen it yet. Something tells me I have something to do tonight now.

  62. DebS said

    I love kingdom of heaven…good movie.

    I am liking NA as well. Amersterdam is hot, and the premise is fantastic.

  63. elizabeth said

    It looks like the show really benefited when they pulled it from its original air date to retool it. From what I read the screening they did initially wasn’t real positive and by tweeking it a little they made a much better show.

    Does anyone know when “Chuck” is supposed to start back up? I liked that show, too

  64. cdnfreyja said

    Oh, Nikolaj is Danish. Yes, every once in a while a tiny bit of accent pops out but it isn’t anything close to a full-on Danish accent on English. I’ve lived with varying degrees of Danish accents – very cute by the way! 😉 I have to get my hands on something he’s done in Danish – I can actually listen to it and I can see the difference in his voice between the 2 languages. I know mine changes when I switch.

    But what is easy is that they can work that into the show – the fact that he’s been around for 400 years means that he’s seen changes in the language and the last vestiges of an accent could pop through.

    No idea about Chuck, Elizabeth. It airs up here but haven’t seen it listed in reruns at all.

  65. DebS said

    Chuck isn’t coming back until the fall. Here is a link to the show tells you when you fave shows are coming back

    Ok..never mind I can’t get the tvguide website to work right. But there is a post status blog about the shows on

  66. E- Pauley, does a TON of work with animal rescue, and as I have volunteered at a shelter the last 5 years it is a cause near and dear to my heart. And Yes! a good chunk of her tats’ are real, not sure WHICH ones off the top of my head but I know that a lot are real!

    Dani- I TRIED to read the smoke books several times, and just have not been able to get ‘into’ them like I did the BT books. It was kind of wierd because, as I was sitting reading Blood Price, I realized that I’d read it before a long long time ago but never followed up with the series(like I usually do). I am in the process of buying all the books in the original omnibus printings as well as the ‘new and improved’ ones with scenes from the show on the cover.

    So apparently just to add a smidgen more stress to my week the first goat I have due(next tuesday) has decided to put me into ‘high alert’ by being a pain in the butt and starting to have small irregular contractions. Ugh! I don’t wanna be a ‘mommy’ yet, again! 😉

  67. DebS said

    Ah…I think I found it or something close to it

  68. elizabeth said

    Things have sure slowed down this afternoon! Anyway, for any of you hanging around out there I am going to be leaving work early today and will be out of the office tomorrow and Friday. Yay! I am taking a couple of vacation days to hang out with my daughter. I will catch up with everyone on Monday! Have a good weekend.

  69. Himmiefan said

    Hey Annalaise. So sorry for work being so bad. We all know how you feel! Good luck!

    DebS – taking students on spring break? Sounds like you’re going to need lots and lots of prayers. : )

    MM – a pregnant goat??? Goodness…

    New Amsterdam’s good, but to tell you the truth, I haven’t watched it in the last two weeks. Oh well… The main character has promise, but needs some tweaking. I’m not sure what, but he’s got charisma, just not as much as Henry. Maybe the writers can figure something out. Of course, I still compare everything to Rome (reference to e-mail conversation). Oh! Men in Trees in on tonight! Woo hoo!

  70. catcornmom said

    Hey sistas! On your suggestions I went and watched the New Amsterdam episodes on-line. They were pretty good. I’m not going to tape them…I’ll just catch them on-line/ The main guy is kind of cute. No like our Kyle of course!!

    Elizabeth, that is so cool about getting your karate belt! Good job! I loved the earlier comment about when do you become a lethal weapon? HA!

    OK…my sad addiction Big Brother is on…live eviction, got to go!!!

  71. laurel said

    Hey, I’m back from my trip but now headed out to Cirque d Soleil for the evening with my girls. I’ll check back in with everyone tomorrow. Moonbeam should be here with me in the afternoon.

    :):-P 😎

  72. cdnfreyja said

    DebS, where are you going on Spring break?

    Himmiefan, you’re not the James Purefoy addict are you? Or are you? 😉 I missed my episode of Rome on Monday. They usually broadcast it at 1pm in the afternoon as well but I think they skipped that ’cause all the kiddies were home from school with the holiday. So, I’ll have to catch it on Saturday.


  73. DebS said

    I am taking students to Washington DC to do service for the week. I actually get to meet Wildstar while I am there. I am so excited to meet one of my sisters!

  74. Himmiefan said

    Yes, I’m an addict, I am, I am, I am. *falls face down on keyboard*

    As we say down here, he sure is purty.

  75. Himmiefan said

    Oh Freya, get the Rome DVD set. That’s the best.

  76. Himmiefan- yes a pregnant goat, i actually have 4 of them running around these parts. I am a goat farmer by day, as well as a zillion other things.

    No kidlets yet, possibly tonight I’m grabbing some sleep so if i’m not around much the next couple days you know why!

  77. laurel said

    Cirque show “Corteo” was amazing. My girls had never seen a show like that and loved it! We are now broke for the rest of spring break but oh well, it was worth it. Nice memories to share.

    I keep thinking we will hear something about Blood Ties renewal soon…. but nothing? Good grief, what is wrong with LT?

  78. cdnfreyja said

    Himmie – my first priority for DVDs is BT, of course! I’ll consider others after I get my hands on that one.

    Hey Rifkind, thanks for stopping by the blog yesterday! I actually have played around with tech for a while. I created two of my own webpages (which have been seriously neglected for years now) and do the online travel writing as well. But the blog thing, well I never figured I needed a blog. I think my first post will be around that! lol


  79. Dani said

    Happy Birthday catcornmom!

  80. Himmiefan said

    Happy Birthday Chelli!! I hope you get lots of great gifts!

    Laurel – I’ve always wanted to see a Cirque show. Every time they come to town, I have other things to do. Hopefully one day…

  81. DebS said

    Happy Birthday Cactcornmom!!!!

    I just spent the last two hours being frustrated, as well as last night. I think I don’t realy have a reason to be annoyed though.

  82. Himmiefan said

    Oh Gypsy, I don’t think I told you how much I like the filk you posted. Really cute!

  83. Dani said

    I just sent a somewhat upset email. Long story short I need to stay away from them for awhile. I will not be leaving her though because what is upsetting me is not being talked about on here.

  84. Dani said

    And I know what I said in the email sounded selfish but I can’t help it and I’m sorry. It’s not really me but sometimes I get that way.

  85. Dani said

    I am so totally being irrational over this. What the hell is wrong with me!

  86. cdnfreyja said

    Catcornmom! I know I’ve already said it, but that was yesterday and this is today. And today is your birthday! So ……..

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

    Now who has Henry? You need to tell him to go visit Catcornmom pronto!

  87. Dani- *****HUGS***** to you! I hope whatever the issue is(since i don’t the aforementioned emails) gets resloved! Anyways its my belief that if something is upsetting you its okay to avoid the stress if you need to(if you can’t thats another story).

  88. DebS said

    Hey Dani-

    It’s okay to feel irrational about things. I just sent you an email back. You are awesome!!!

  89. Wildstar said

    Just managed to sneak over here – the work system really does not like wordpress – and I’m not suposed to be “surfing” anyway but i just wanted to stop by and add my Happy Birthday Cactcornmom!!!! to the group greeting.

    I believe prtmama was the last recipient of henry? hummmmmm….I wonder if she secretly packe dhim for the move……

    Dani dear – HUGS!

    now I must scoot before I get cought!

  90. Wildstar said

    whoops – forgot..

    welcome back Laurel! missed you!

  91. DebS said

    Dani-I have finished the Drake Sisters novels you sent me. Do you want them sent back to you or were they books that could be passed on? I can’t seem to remember what you said.

  92. Dani said

    I would like them back at some point but if someone else would like to read them at this moment they can have them and then forward them back to me.

  93. Himmiefan said

    Somebody pass the weed to catcornmom!

  94. Dani said

    So go back and check your email again. Change of plans.

  95. Himmiefan said

    Oh, MM, just to fill you in, once upon a time, Laurel tried to wish one of us a good birthday week. It, of course, came out “weed,” so ever since then, being the mature people we are, we all get weed for our birthdays.

  96. Dani said

    It’s already on it’s way Himmie.

    And thanks for the hugs MM and wildstar.

  97. DebS said

    Himmie-I am glad you explained the birthday weed thing, because I have never understood it…assumed it was an inside joke I wasn’t here for, but never thought to actually ask where it came from. 🙂

  98. Annalaise duChat said

    Happy Birthday Catcornmom!!! Limerick to follow….

  99. Dani said

    E this is from Madonna

    Oh, could someone tell Elizabeth I’m a little too busy to chat on the blog much right now but that I love her?


  100. Dani said

    Night guys! I have to go deal with Johnathan tonight. Ugh! Luv yas!

  101. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies, just letting you know I won’t be around tonight. I’ve got a meeting. Blech. I’m seriously going to have to cut down on my volunteer activities this year. Too much going on.

    But I’ll be sure to catch up with you ladies tomorrow and on the weekend.


  102. In honor of your Birthday,
    Catcornmom I would like to say,
    that Ms. Gypsy’s girls
    want to rock your world,
    so we’re sending Henry today.

    We’ll expect a play by play,
    of the action without delay.
    So get down to it,
    get busy and do it!
    Get celebrating that birthday.

    (What did you thing I meant? ;-))

    Happy Birthday Chelli!


  103. Arrowyn said

    Happy birthday, Catcornmom!

  104. Himmiefan said

    DebS and MM – another inside joke is Laurel’s evil twin Lauren. I tried to type Laurel once and it came out Lauren, and things just took off from there.

  105. catcornmom said

    Thank you sistas for all of the good wishes!!! The stupid filters at school have blogs and google groups blocked so I had to wait until I got home to read everything. You all are so sweet. I knew the weed (and possibly Henry) would be waiting here for me and you didn’t disappoint!!!

    It’s so exciting to have my own limerick…thank you so much, Annalaise!! I’m not doing anything too exciting tonight to celebrate except being at home with my kids. My mom is going to take me shopping on Saturday for my present and my family is going to celebrate with me on Sunday so we can all be together. It used to be fun to prolong the birthday…not so much fun anymore!!!

  106. laurel said

    Happy Birthday Catcornmom!!!
    Have a lovely birthday weed!!!


    Himmie! Did you already tell about Laurel and Lauren? I can’t believe it. I have no secrets here.


  107. Himmie- thanks for the info!

    Laurel- so do you have one of those funky ergonomic keyboards that puts K next to D? 😉 😉

    So does this mean I have to share when my birthday is if I want in on the weed, and Henry?

    Oh…that could be a fun combination this year as I am turning 21. 😀

  108. rifkind said

    Hey Freyja,
    It will be fun to see how you develop your blog. I know that you said that it wasn’t really ready for primetime but I had to say ‘Hi’ once I got there, LOL

    E – Congrats on passing your test.

    MM – I hope that your 4-legged kidlets arrive healthy and happy. Are you planning on keeping them? How many goats will that add up to in your barn now, once you add 4 new kids? yes you will have a busy time in the next few weeks.

    Well MY work has been crazy too, so I am behind on posting here at the blog and waaaaay behind in reading emails…

    I posted a comment at the blog a of woman who posted :
    Will Knit for Vampire Lover…
    I think that Sophia would fit right in with this group, so keep an eye out to welcome another poster to the group like happened wth MM.

    Catch all you lovey ladies tomorrow!

  109. Rifkind- I have NO idea how many are even in there(as I just cannot afford the $1,200+ sonogram machine). I am GUESSING she has triplets as that is what she usually has, so that would bring me to 10 total, and increasing until the other 3 does have their babies. (Goats usually have twins, or triplets, singles are VERY uncommon). So I could get as high as 18-20 by the end of kidding season. It gets crazy.

    So did I mention that I decided to ‘steal’ the WONDERFUL BT dress? Yeah, I am going to a dinner party Thursday night and haven’t stepped foot near a skirt let alone a dress in nearly 3 years. So I was rewatching BT tonight and was reminded how much I LOVE Vicki’s dress in Drawn and Quartered. So I totally wrote a big blog entry about my hunt to find it. 😉 🙂 😀

  110. Um…Greetings?

    Yeah, this is the Sophia rifkind mentioned (I changed the picture by the way, so it should load).

    So yeah. Hi.

  111. rifkind said

    Hi Sophia!
    Are you still in Europe? So are you in school over there? Studying Italian?

    Another blog visitor, Anne is from Denmark. I was lucky enough to meet her when she came the US to Orlando Florida for MegaCon. A bunch of us had the chance to meet Kyle and Dylan in person.

    So are you in school over there?
    –And you knit, from some of the quick scans of your blog.

    If you look at Gypsy’s blog, you’ll see that she is a very creative woman too, Gypsy has been active in SCA, (Society for Creative Anachronism. She became a LADY.. check out her post .. (December 20, 2007 at 10:08 pm)

    So a belated, Blessed Ostara to you!
    and Welcome!

  112. rifkind said

    When I heard that you had so many kids on the way, that is why I was assuming that you were wanting the milk and were going to do the goat dairy route.
    So interesting, I never knew that goats had twins or triplets… I can see where you will be very busy one they start kidding…. (LOL.. pun intended!)
    And I can see where you want to go to school to learn all you can about your critters.
    Good luck with the babies.. be sure to post some really cute baby goat pictures.

  113. DebS said

    Good morning blogkin!!!

    This morning our housekeeping crew used the shampoor thing on a stain that was on the floor of our office. All well and good, except I seem to have a serious reaction to this stuff. Not cool! My boss said that if I had to I can take work home with me for the day, which I may have too. I can feel my throat already starting to close up.

    Sophia-Welcome to Ms.Gypsy’s. We always love having new blood aroun here. MackenziesMomma is fairly new as well. Where are you from? What do you for a living? Are you a hen (prefer Kyle/Henry) or Minx (prefer Dylan/Mike)? 🙂

    Two more days until Wildstar and I meet up in DC. I am so excited to finally get to meet one of you. Everyone else it seems has been to cons, Claire’s house, or just living near each other. I get to join the fray!

  114. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Rifkind, I’m not exactly sure what I want to do with my blog at this point. Of course some well-written stuff about BT would be mandatory. But I’m also thinking about highlighting some of the work I do around missing women. Never a bad thing to get as much info out there to as many people as possible. Plus I could do some of my travel writing on my blog too.

    MM – looks like you’ll have your hands and farm full soon. Hopefully everything goes well!

    Sophia – welcome! I’m the resident Canadian at the blog. Sorry, can’t help with the citizenship thing, though. lol Just checked out your post on your recent travels and the border guards. Are you back in the U.S. now? I love Florence – fantastic place. Didn’t get to Paris when I was living over in Europe, either time. Did make it to Strasbourg on an afternoon trip with my cousins who live only an hour over the border in Germany.

    DebS – don’t you know that there is more than once choice? lol There are those of us who are hinxes, you know! I think a few of the ladies are finally joining me in that category, but I think some of them are in the closet in full denial! lol


  115. Dani said

    Buongiorno bellas!

    Either my allergies have their ugly little heads early this year or my mom gave me the cold that my landlady gave her. I am so miserable. I don’t think it is the allergies though because the roof of my mouth usually itches when my allergies are going haywire.

    Debs, just go home. Especially if your throat is starting to close up. When I worked in the bakeries I found I was seriously allergic to caraway seeds when my throat got so swollen with hives. I had to stay away from rye bread after that. It will be so exciting for you when you meet Wildstar.

    MM I want to see pictures when the kids are born. Oh they are so cute. When it is your birthday you get the weed and Henry all to yourself but the next time Henry is needed, be it a birthday or an urgent matter where someone needs the pampering, you have to give him up. 21 huh? I distantly remember that. Seeing as I will be 30 this year it is very distant to me.

    Welcome Sophia. When I read your name my mind was reading Loren. Enjoy your stay at the Bloody Ford Clinic. Pick you room number, it is a combo of you birth month and birth day. i.e. my birthday is 6/25 so my room number is 625. I am the purveyor of therapeutical merchandise and magical rememdies. So far our therapeutical merchandise is made up of chocolate chains, Henry Blow Pops, Oh Henry bars, life-size anatomically correct Henry’s and Mikes tootsie pops-they last and last and last. A new item we just added is life size anatomically correct Mikes complete with handcuffs.

  116. Dani said

    I am a confirmed hinx now. I came out of the closet last night.

  117. DebS said

    I am leaving around 1pm today if not before. I have closed my door which is keeping it at bay and took a clairitin. I have some things to get done before i leave for the weekend.

  118. DebS said

    I think I must be a hinx as well. 🙂

  119. Dani said

    When I was still working in the bakeries the drain in the floor overflowed which happened basically everytime the sink was filled and them emptied. Well that smell was so bad and I think there was sewage crap in there and I started itching like hell and not feeling well. What did my boss say? “Go outside for a few minutes. You’ll be fine. Your not going home.” Jackass!

  120. Dani said

    I did admit I’m not a full blown minx, only half minx. Kyle is still my number one.

  121. Wow, what a welcome!

    I am still in Europe for about another month. I was studying Italian, but I was so bad at that on the advice of the prof, I dropped the class (three weeks in and I had an unrepairable F, despite an hour of studying every day. French is so much easier for me, don’t know why).

    Yes, I am in school. I’m a senior in art school doing a semester abroad. I’m originally from Columbus, Ohio (though I left my heart in Montreal).

    I currently do not have a job, but when I’m home I work at the school library. I’m an aspiring fiber artist/designer/writer.

    I love Mike, but I have to admit that I am firmly planted in the pro-Henry camp. *cough*blogpost*cough*

    Dani, it appears we are neighbors, as I am in 624. Cancerians unite!

  122. Dani said

    Yay I have a neighbor. You can join the other artists at the Bloody Ford. Oh my gosh I’m so excited. Woohoo! Go Cancers! Water signs rule baby!

    Where in Europe are you? I have been dying to go to Italy, mainly Rome and Tuscany, and Ireland.

  123. cdnfreyja said

    Okay, it’s Friday and I have no attention span today whatsoever.

    I chose a room number that has nothing to do with my birthday. I actually picked my two lucky numbers (7 and 13) and made that my office number. Oh, I’m also the Clinic’s resident lawyer so I need extra room so I took 711 and 715 to combine as my office. I actually live at 813 and did the same wity 811 and 815. I need my space.

    Sophia, I’m not too far from Montreal but I must admit (sadly) that I’ve never been there! In the seven years I’ve lived out here. I am crossing my fingers hoping I can get there this summer – there is a really great exhibit of pieces coming in from the Louvre – only show in Canada apparently.

  124. Welcome Sophia,

    From a fellow artist, and a fellow Ohioan. I am a professional graphic artist and I live in the suburbs east of Cleveland. It’s always good to welcome another Blood Ties fan.


  125. Welcome Sophia,

    I’m sitting here drinking a latte with Laurel in Portland, OR and having a grand visit. We’ll be having lunch with Elizabeth later, as well. Laurel informs me that I have a room # in the clinic, but that’s news to me….I tend to get out of touch.

    I’ve been a Henry hen since forever, but I’m moving over to the minx crowd after all of those pics from the con the ladies showed of Dylan hmmmmm

  126. Dani said

    That makes you a hinx moonbeam

  127. Himmiefan said

    Hello Moonbeam!! Long time, no see!

    Welcome Sophie! There’s always room here at the Bloody Ford Clinic. Now, my room number is 100 near Tango, Laurel, and Elizabeth. It has nothing to do with my birth date though. I chose 100 because it’s near the kitchen and has a great view of the gardens.

    Love, love, love Florence!! Absolutely beautiful, and there’s a gelato stand on every corner. That’s my kind of town.

    Oh, for all our new people, my real name is Patricia. Himmie does not refer to the himmie engine (engine?). It refers to my Himalayan Persian cat, Matilda.

  128. Anzia said

    Hey guys!

    I haven’t been around much… SORRY! Well, not on the blog anyway. ^_^

    I wanted to chime in and say HELLO to all the new friends we have! I saw some writing comments ( I LOVE NCIS too! HUGE HUGE HUGE Kate fan and cried more than my pride will allow me ot admit when she died) lots and lots of amazing writers (i’m way outa my league here w/them around! ^_^)

    So, hello Sophia and MM.

    Also, wanted to let everyone know that I heard from Nina. She got everyone’s emails and greatly appreciated it. She doesn’t have time to respond to them but wanted me to tell you she loves ya’ll and thanks you for all teh support. She knows that she got help going through all this b/c she said she never would have made it otherwise. So, Thanks. ^_^

  129. Rif- its okay someday i’d love to have a dairy i just dont have the cash lying around(its over $100,000 to start one). Right now I can do all the vet stuff basically, just don’t have the GOREGOUS letters after my name.

    Freyja- Yeah, I hope so too. Should go easier this year as our ‘old lady’ isn’t having any kids. I’m a total Hinxe its just too hard to pick.

    Welcome Sophia!

    Freyja- I guess we are kind of neighbors of sorts- I’m in room 8/10(so could ya please stop trying to take my wall down? 😉 ) Though I am hoping elizabeth gets the zoo completed soon. How are those construction worker interviews coming E?

    Anzia- I know what you mean! I cried way more than I should of!

    OH! OH! OH! I found the PERFECT dress today(actually like 2 of them) i’m working on getting pics posted on my blog ya’ll have to check it out later!

  130. Can’t wait to see them, MM.

    This fall I’ll be taking a bunch of fashion classes. Costumes, here I come!

  131. cdnfreyja said

    Hi Sophia, fasion classes? That sounds exciting! Gee, yet another creative one in our midst! lol

    Well MM, I think you’re actually across the hall from me so I’m not the one trying to take down the wall! Anyone remember who is on the 8th floor? I think there are now 3 of us.


  132. rifkind said

    Did you see that Gypsy does costumes for her SCA persona?
    Her’s is 1500’s Russian.

    Italy, I’ve never been there, but when my folks travelled, Mom said that the Amalfi Coast was her favorite place in the world. WE have a lovely oil painting of the coastal area. It is so picturesque with the homes nestled into the hills.
    Have you been there? If not, try to see it before you leave Italy.
    I’d sure like to travel there some day.

    If you really want to do the dairy, you could think of a small business loan, the SBA might be able to get you the funding that you need.
    Any new babies to tell us about?

    I hope that you wetCoasters had a grand visit together.

    I’m out for a busy busy day.. but will check in with you later this evening.
    Have a great day everyone!

  133. Anzia said

    MM- Definitely LOVED Kate’s relationsihp w/Gibbs. DRAMA! 😉 Abby & Gibbs’ relationship is my next fav (i just adore Gibbs- can ya tell? ^_^)

    Italy? TOTALLY wanna go there! My family is going to Greece (w/o me of course *pouts*) which is another place i want to visit. Oh, and Ireland. But, I get to go to Jamaica next month so…not complaining too hard. ^_^

  134. rifkind–
    No, I have not been to that part of Italy, just a few parts of Tuscany and Rome. I saved up my travel money for train tickets to Paris, which is where I’ve always wanted to go.

    I haven’t seen those. I need to poke around on the blog a bit more.

  135. *trembles*

    I was looking through the food section. Was that…poutine I saw?

    *mouth waters*

    I really need to find a Canadian boyfriend.

  136. cdnfreyja said

    So do I Sophia … so do I. But for different reasons, of course! lol

    If you feel the need for poutine and want to visit the nation’s capital, give me a shout. I love to play tour guide and there is so much to see here in Ottawa. But you’d have to give me time to find the city’s best poutine. I think I’ve eaten it only once since moving here from out west almost 7 years ago. I ate more poutine when I lived in Quebec for a summer way back when!

    Work is starting to drive me nuts but I think that is because I was tossed into the job without the 6-9 months of training I was promised. I’m sure that after 6 months there I’ll feel better but I’m feeling overwhelmed right now. We’re holding interviews for 3 new staff members on Wednesday and Thursday. Luckily this will be done by a committee of three and one of us has experience with interviews and hiring. I’ve got a couple really good candidates for the one job so I’m excited about that. And it will be nice for the one staff member I do have because then she doesn’t need to feel overwhelmed about all the stuff she’s having to do because she’s the only one in our area.

    I know I’m going to have to cut back on my volunteer work. I’m going to be doing too much traveling this year. I’m going to have to drop the executive/board roles and just stick to being a member and volunteering that way.

    And I’m still figuring out the whole blog thing. I posted my first post today but I can’t figure out yet how to link without the actual link showing up – I don’t want the http, I want the title of the page. Gee, who knew that I’d have more trouble figuring this out than teaching myself HTML and building my own websites? lol Once I figure it out I’ll post links to your blogs. One step at a time!


  137. Wildstar said

    Sorry I’ve been MIA from the blog – but the work systems has a habit of kicking off line when ever I log in..sheesh

    Hi Sophia…glad you could joins us – I’m another of the resident jewelers / writers at the Blood Ford Clinic rooms 910 and 911-912 are the studio shop – these are a few of my treasures

    Dani I so know what you mean…my allergies are killing me this week I woke up the last three days with sinuse sore throats …hate that … if I drink anymore juice I’m going to turn into a friut! although I am currently hooked on the V8 frouit drints – pmmigrantite/blueberry is delish – a little sweet but good…and full of antioxidents..hee hee hee
    and as I type I’m hold up in the basement doing laundry…uuugg I’m on the third load and I noticed that everything has sparkly glitter on it! WTF!!! I have no idea where that came from – so now that I have looked over the first two loads – yep all sparkesl – and for the life of me I can not figure out where that came from…but I AM NOT doing three loads over!
    sorry ….hee hee hee … needed to vent that

    so I’m off to write and I’ll check in with guys later!

    luv ya!

  138. Sophia- you can find them HERE:

    Freyja- might it be Kyle I hear he’s on our floor? Other than that I have NO idea.

    Rif- I’ve thought of SBA loans, but I’d like to get my Doctorate first. You know, so I can afford to pay them off 😉 No new babies yet!

    Anzia- I was more on the ‘other side’ of that one, it was Okay(their relationship) but I LOVED the sparks between Tony and Kate kinda reminds me of the henry/vicki/mike thing 😉

    We got 6 inches of snow today, and unfortunately because of it I had to miss my Mad Hatter Tea Party that I was invited to. *sighs* Oh well better to be safe and in one piece than to be in a ditch somewhere. I am thinking we MIGHT have kids tonight but am not 100% certain as it depends on how much of a barometric pressure change wee get.

  139. cdnfreyja said

    Well MM, Henry and Mike stop by mine on a regular basis. Although, I suspect if there is any trouble being caused to the structure of the building, it would be Henry’s fault. LOL!

  140. Freyja- thanks for that giggle! The snow finally stopped a couple hours ago but just before sunset some more heavy looking clouds rolled in so we’ll see.

  141. rifkind said

    I sent you an email about how to add a label to your HTML URL.

    We do end up getting ourselves over committed, don’t we??
    I hope that you can find balance. I know how satisfying it can be to do volunteer work. Don’t let work take over your life completely. I know that can be hard to do. {{HUGS}} Sister!

  142. rifkind said

    Glad to see your starting to add posts to your blog.
    I look forward to seeing what you end up doing with the blog..

    Sorry that I missed you tonight. I hope that means that you were continuing to work on your book, and not that the alergies and alergy medicine put you to sleep too early.. Get well!

    Night All!!!

  143. Wildstar said

    good morning!
    well I have about an hour before I leave for the metro to go meet DebS downtown!
    will give you the highlights when I get home this evening!
    have a good day!

  144. Madonna said

    Hi ladies,

    Sorry I’m not around too much lately. Even this is just a quick drop by.

    Can’t wait to see the pics of the kids whenever they may arrive.

    Welcome to our crazy little home.
    I’m a graphic designer/illustrator. I am from and live in Northern KY, but I work in downtown Cincinnati.

    For those of you who don’t know I am compiling photos and/or greetings to go into cards for Dylan and Kyle from our family here. I’m trying to finish things up. I’ll leave the window open a little longer. If you want to be included and you haven’t already please send them to me at no later than next Friday.

    Thanks for being my messenger.

    Hi there!

  145. Freyja- can you send me a link to you’re blog? (you can find my email over at my blog or even leave a link there)

    Wildstar- have fun!

    Madonna- I look forward to sharing the pics! I’ll have to email you when I have a spare moment this evening.

    Its snowing AGAIN, I was looking forward to it being mostly gone today(i should have known better) so that I could go out for a run. I miss running but it’s just too cold for me in the winter.

  146. rifkind said

    Last week you wrote :
    >Laurel- I’m going to the ‘NORTH’ Vancouver, I’m driving up for a fan dinner with the writer of one of my other favorite shows(stargate atlantis). I am meeting one of my fandom friends, actually the one who is currently in possesion of my megacon pictures.
    When are you going to Vancouver for the dinner? Did you go already?
    How did you find out about a fan dinner? COOL!
    Tell us about it, it sounds like so much fun. I always love hearing stories about the behind the scenes creation of our favorite shows.
    I’ve been a StarGate fan since the days of the movie with Kurt Russell and James Spader. The Egyptian link had me hooked from the beginning.
    You said that you lived between Bellingham and the Canadian border.. with all the snow you have been getting, I’d expected to see that you were up in the mountians.. but looking at Mapquest, it appears that the mountians are east of you.
    I DO hope that spring arrives before the kids do!

  147. cdnfreyja said

    Hi MM,

    I left a link in a comment over at your blog. Love the dresses!


  148. Wildstar said

    well I just returned from a delightful afternoon with Debs and I can assure you she is not a crazy serial killer. We had a great time – but sory no pictures – I didn’t bring my camera and she for got to use hers.
    Debs is funny warm and quite the talker – I have lots of fun stories about her accident prone life – but I’ll let her tellon herseld
    We had lunch/brunch at Clydes, walked down to the museums – Natural History and the Art Gallery West – then we had drinks and Starbucks
    It was a short time but lots of fun!!!

  149. Wildstar, it sounds like you and DebS had a fabulous visit!
    I had a grand visit in P-land, as well. Home and busy doing work, work, work!!!!!!! Drag, drag, drag…… ah well, we had fun. We had a Dr. Who marathon and the beginning of Torchwood~my boy, Gus came right home and put them as favorites on the DVR, right up at the top. Back to the grind. :>)

  150. Rifkind- I have not yet been to the fan dinner. It is THURSDAY night. We(my friend, her daughter and I) have a 6:15 reservation at the resturant(FUEL). I found out about it through Joe Mallozzi’s blog. He is ALWAYS talking about the resturants he eats at and whatnot and some of the fans decided to hold 2 ‘fan dinners’ during Creation Con next week. The first one is Tuesday April 1st and the other is Thursday the 3rd(the one I’m going to). I’m actually pretty ‘new’ to the Stargate world, as I only started watching last April(the 16th) but what I lack in time I’ve more than made up in enthusiasm, having seen 90% of the SG-1 Episodes, and ALL of the Atlantis episodes(i own all 3 seasons on DVD).

    I’m actually SOUTH of Bellingham, closer to Mount Vernon(just about 20 miles south) and am located in the ‘foothills’ we sit about 700 feet so we get a LOT of snow.

    Freyja- Got you’re comment, thanks! I like the second one best because it ‘hides’ my less than appetizing bits, something about having a baby changing the way you look 😉 Oh I added you to one of my 2 blog rolls!

    Well it looks like the kids are drawing nearer as Miss Fawn(the doe in question) refuses to leave the barn. I’m hoping she’ll hold off till morning at least as then the vet is open and if we need any professional intervention I don’t have to pay an emergency fee.

  151. Anzia said

    Note to self, bachelorette parties should NOT be followed by 7 hour shifts during the second busiest day of the week….oi!


  152. rifkind said

    I hope that you have a great time at your dinner.
    So are you going to Creation Con too? Or just driving up for the dinner?
    That sounds like so much fun!
    Hopefully the babies will wait !!

    Foothills, yup, the satellite view doesn’t do a very good job of showing the foothills very well.. I thought that since you were getting the snow that you must be at a higher elevation.

    Well spring has decided to take a break from MN too, we are supposed to get lots of messy, wet snow today… YUCK! Time to telecommute!
    Have a great day Ladies and I will check in later!

  153. cdnfreyja said

    Good morning ladies!

    Anzia, whose bright idea was that?

    Rifkind – we’re experiencing all kinds of weird weather here today. Started snowing around 7am, then turned to ice pellets, which will turn to freezing rain before it becomes rain later today. They are forecasting the possibility of a thunderstorm tonight! What? It is still March!


  154. Dani said

    Buongiorno bellas!

    Feeling crappy and crampy today. Ick! Time to welcome Myrtle for the week.

    Today’s weather her in Connecticut is rainy and a high of 65. The 65 I love but the rainy sucks. I want to tackle my messy gardens dammit!

  155. Dani said

    Oh and Freyja we had thunderstorms quite a few times this winter. Verwy verwy stwange!

  156. Rif- I’m NOT going to Creation, there is no way in heck I can afford it. The ‘good’ tickets are about $600 NOT including the hotel. So I’m just driving up for dinner. It ought to be fun and exciting as I haven’t been to Canada in a couple years.

    We have MORE snow today, I’m seriously getting tired of this stuff because I drive a little car, that when it snows can’t really go anywhere *sighs*

  157. elizabeth said

    Hi everyone…I’m baaaccckkkk 🙂

    Madonna – Love you right back! Thanks for the shout out. I miss you.

    Sophia – welcome! I love your name. It is kind of old worldly and elegant.

    My few days off were lovely, but I worked my butt off! I decided that my son’s old room needed to be cleaned out and painted – what was I thinking??!!! I have to say this – boys are a disaster! He had stuff spilled on his walls and his carpet it beyond salvaging. Anyway, it took a full day to clear out the furniture and scrub (literally) the walls down and then two full days of painting. I have discovered that I am a perefectionistwhen it comes to painting…Who knew?! I can’t stand for something not to look as perfect as I can get it. Ladies, I drove myself crazy which isn’t pretty! It is also not a lot of fun when I have 10 foot ceilings and spent a lot of time climbing up and down a freakin’ ladder! I kept debating about the carpet while I was painting – do I remove it – do I clean it – do I shut my eyes and pretend it doesn’t look as bad as it does. Guess what, I removed the decision from myself when I managed to dump paint all over the middle of the floor! *sigh*

    I will admit I like the way the room turned out though. And, once the new floor is installed I will like it even more.

    I had lunch with Moonbeam and Laurel on Friday! It was so good to see them both!

    Dani – how is everything going for you? I noticed in an earlier post you alluded to an issue but never really explained it. I hope it all worked out for you?

  158. Dani said

    Hi E! Welcome back!

    Yes I think I was having an identity crisis or what not. I had a complete melt down so I called my mom balling my eyes out and she talked me through.

    Thanks for asking and worrying.

    I decided I really really really need to get back on my meds.

  159. elizabeth said

    Dani – I’m glad your Mom was able to help and you are back on your meds. I hope you feel better?

  160. elizabeth said

    I meant to tell you guys that I was totally bummed on Saturday. I have (or should say HAD) all the Blood ties episodes recorded and saved to my DVR. I loved going back and watching the episodes whenever the mood struck. Guess what – my hard drive crashed Saturday afternoon and I lost everything I had recorded! I was so stunned all I could do was sit there with my mouth hanging open! *so not pretty*. Technical support couldn’t even help me. So…this begs the guestion…when are the episodes coming out on DVD?!!

    Laurel – thank goodness you recorded all the episodes to my iPod! I would probably be in tears otherwise! At least I have them there.

  161. rifkind said

    I sent a box of gifts out to the wetCoasters a while back… did you get 1,2,3… from me?
    Looks like I am behind in getting 4,5 to my sisters.
    I will have to work on that.
    I have been so busy at work that I haven’t finished making the gifts for my sisters. Sorry.

    BT DVDs
    I keep hoping that the fact that the DVDs are NOT available in the US is a sign that they hope to sell the show and want to retain the rights to rebroadcast the first 22 episodes.. and for it to still have some commercial value..
    That is my hope anyway…

  162. rifkind said

    Since you are driving up to Burnaby, it would be worth it for just a day pass to see one of the StarGate panels… that would be so much fun.
    Do you have to have a passport to drive across the Canadian border now??

  163. Anzia said

    Freyja- that wasn’t the original plan. I’d asked for Sunday off and they gave me Friday instead…but the pain lives on. I pulled a muscle in my knee so…walking, sitting, just existing hurts a bit. ^_^ oh the joys…but I had fun!!!

  164. cdnfreyja said

    Rifkind and MM – glad I caught this one. You don’t need a passport to cross the Canadian border, never have and I’m crossing my fingers that you never will. The passport rule is American so you (will eventually) need your passport to enter or re-enter the United States.

    Currently you need a passport for air and sea entry into the U.S. The land crossing rule has been postponed. It was to have come into effect this year but was put off until next year and it could be put off again. So, as of now if you are crossing back into the U.S. all you need is a document that has proof of citizenship, like a birth certificate, plus photo ID like a driver’s license. But a passport is always better. That is why I always keep mine up to date.

    And I said I’m crossing my fingers that you’ll never need a passport to enter Canada by land because Canada likes to harmonize the border rules with the U.S. There are currently no plans to adopt the passport rule for the Canadian border … yet.

    Yes, I got all this from a series of meetings I used to attend at my old job. Great venue (the Chateau Laurier) but typical beaurocratic meetings. Except the time when the American embassy official jokingly referred to the rumoured relationship between Condoleeza Rice and our then foreign minister Peter MacKay. Very funny! And yes, there were rumours especially after the public break up Peter had with a fellow politician!

    Anzia – do you at least have a good story to go with that?

    Okay, gotta get to bed so I can function tomorrow. ttyt


  165. Freyja- I tried to write out a response earlier but my other laptop is acting up at the moment and I just do NOT get along with IE so I use firefox, well today it decided that it does NOT like firefox and won’t run it. I am taking my birth certificate and drivers license(since i AM driving). In August when I celebrate my birthday I will be getting the “Enhanced Drivers License” which will have an RFID chip in it and will function in much the same way as the Passport for Land and Sea crossings. However it will NOT be a valid passport alternative for air travel. As far as I know it is also only available to Washington State Residents.

    Rif- If I could AFFORD the ‘single day pass’ I’d LOVE to do that but seeing as I have the whole insanely tight budget because I am a single parent thing, well that gets old! I have been budgeting for MONTHS to be able to just do this dinner thing on thursday(the average plate is about $20 canadian so my left kidney should about cover it 😉 ) Oh wait! That was the tank of gas NOT the meal, LOL.

  166. Elizabeth–
    I actually emailed Lifetime right after Blood Ties ended concerning this. They do not have DVD rights, so your best bet is ITunes (and FYI, it’s cheaper to buy them individually than together as a season).

    I’m hoping someone will pick it up soon. The last I heard, the sets had not been destroyed, and in mid-March one of the producers was shopping the series around to other companies. I don’t know why Lifetime won’t take them back. It was one of their highest ranking shows EVER.

    But I think we all know that IQ points go out the window once you’re in the entertainment industry. It just seemed to me that the Canadians had a better grip on things. *sigh*

    And thank you for the comment about my name. That’s kind of what I was going for.

  167. Oh, I’ve also heard that Kyle and Christina are both up for another season (don’t know about Dylan). The only one that was iffy was the girl playing Coreen (blanking on her name at the moment). Personally, I’d just write her out…I’d trade Coreen for Tony any day of the week.

  168. cdnfreyja said

    MM – great on getting one of the enhanced licenses! They’re working on those here as well. The other option for frequent travelers is the NEXUS card. When I fly domestically I never use my passport for identification – I always worry I’ll lose it somewhere and losing it is a major headache to deal with. I just take my driver’s license even if our flight will take us over American air space. I guess I travel fairly frequently internationally so that I’ve never given a second thought to having a passport – I’ve had one since I was 15.

    Sophia, I’ve heard that BT was picked up by Richard Branson’s Virgin network in the UK. Not saying that LT still isn’t interested but if Virgin could be that financial partner with the Canadian production company and network it would at least get produced for a second season. A second season is what we want, right? I don’t really care who finances it. Anybody want to thank him and tell him about the great fans and advertising base that exists to encourage him to buy into the show? 😉


  169. Dani said

    Sophia the last we heard Kyle, Christina and Dylan were all up to continue the show and Gina Holden(Coreen) would love to come back to. Is Flash Gordon still going on Sci-Fi or has it finally been canned?

    All the actors are doing is waiting to hear word on whether or not a second season was a go.

  170. cdnfreyja said

    Dani, I thought that Flash Gordon was officially dumped.

    I think that with the network change in the UK, with Virgin about to air the season on their network, BT might be able to get a financial backer. Canadian-British production partnerships are very common. Maybe I’m grasping at straws here but I’m really crossing my fingers that the fans inundate Virgin and get them to see they’d be fools not to back a second season.


  171. Dani said

    Oh I hope so.

    I was watching Sci-Fi a couple weeks ago and swear I saw an ad for Flash Gordon.

    Oh Damn! I just realized I forgot to watch New Amsterdam last night. I forget that it is on Mondays.

  172. Ug, I feel so deprived. We don’t have any t.v. over here period. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rewatched my DVDs and Itunes downloads.

    Though I will say that there is NOTHING funnier than “Walker, Texas Ranger” dubbed in Italian.

  173. cdnfreyja said

    Dani, I have regular meetings on Monday nights so I’m not always able to catch it.

    Sophia, isn’t the dubbing hilarious? When I was studying in Germany I didn’t have a tv but when I did have access to one it was so funny to see what was being broadcast and dubbed. I remember the Young and the Restless was being broadcast. They were a few years behind us over in North America. It was hilarious trying to listen to a character’s voice that sounded nothing like the actor him/herself. I don’t know if they pick them based on what they think the character SHOULD sound like or what. Definitely worth a good laugh!

  174. Dani said

    Well I usually hang at my mom’s and watch Dancing with the Stars but she switched to Deal or no Deal and it just flew right out of my head.

    Sophia, New Amsterdam is pretty good. Can you get onto the Fox website over there? They have the full episodes on the website.

  175. laurel said

    Dani – I watched New Amsterdam last night. It was pretty good, but there are some definite holes in the story. It must be hard to balance present day with so many flashbacks needed. Amsterdam wasn’t a very nice man at several points of his past. Still. . . worth looking at. 🙂

    Sorry I’ve been gone so much. We had spring break and i took the time to run all over the state and play with my kids. Both of my girls got to ride an elephant at a Wildlife Safari experience, about 3 hours from here! Really cool.

    Elizabeth – long time no see! hehehe
    Sorry to hear about the carpet, 😦 I almost had that happen last summer. Yikes. Oh, when do you want me to come over and finish pruning that bush off the front porch? (The one with the mohawk. lol )

    Sophia – Welcome! I’m not sure when you popped in but it looks like you’ll fit in just fine. I didn’t know about the room and birthday connection so I’m down on the first floor of the Bloody Ford Clinic, but I am also a cancer. Make sure we get your birthday plugged into the calendar before we get to it!

  176. Dani–
    I sincerely doubt it. Usually those sites are only available in the US–I’ve already tried watching some stuff from C-TV and

    Thanks for the welcome. You guys have been so nice. Usually I lurk for a while, but everyone has made it very easy to just dive right in!

  177. Dani said


  178. Wildstar said

    Dang it – I missed New Ampsterdam again! I keep forgetting its on….

    so if there is one more joked pulled today – I’m going to pitch someone out a window – I work with 12 year olds – I’ve had one resigantion, on transfer and one lost account – none of which were real but gave everyone heart attaks – and of course now we are at the “I can out do you ” level so now we’ve got co workers leaving other coworkers fake phone messages!

    I just want to make it home unscathed!

  179. Dani said

    Wow! I am so glad that the people I work with could care less. I hate April Fools Day!

  180. cdnfreyja said

    Okay, for those who haven’t seen it yet here is ‘Penguins Take Flight’ by the BBC and The Telegraph: Good, harmless April Fool’s Day stuff. Why aren’t more pranks like this one? Because these good ones actually take time, thought an effort. Unlike leaving your co-workers fake voice mail.

    Sophia, is the CTV you’re referring to Canadian or something else?

  181. cdnfreyja said

    Okay, back to BT. Found this really well-written article on why BT should be brought back, right here on WordPress:


  182. Freyja- I’d get the enhanced license sooner but it makes no sense to get it now then re-get it in August when I switch to the ‘horizontal license’. Have you heard of THAT wierd phenomenon? Around here when you get you’re license you get a ‘vertical’ one if you’re under 21, and then when you turn 21 you get the ‘horizontal’ it SUPPOSEDLY is a ‘easy visual identifier’ *rolls eyes*

    Still waiting on babies I hope they arrive before my trip on Thursday!

  183. Dani said

    Wow! The description of Henry alone would have me clamoring to watch the show if I hadn’t done so already.

  184. cdnfreyja said

    No, I’ve never heard of that! That is definitely distinctive. When I got my license back in ’89 we had a learner’s permit which we could get at 15. We had driver’s ed through our high school (either at lunch, during some class hours, or after school) all for free. The permit was just paper, though. We had no graduated system once you took and passed your test. They did bring it in a few years ago back home and they’ve had it here in Ontario for a while I guess.

    I know one of the provinces is making the switch to the enhanced license but I can’t remember which one it is. It isn’t Ontario, though. Nope, we’re going to have to wait a while for that I think.

  185. cdnfreyja said

    Hi Dani, I know – isn’t that an excellent article? I think I’m just going to have to link to it on my blog. I can’t top that!

  186. Dani said

    Good idea. I’ll do that too.

  187. Himmiefan said

    BBC always has something great for April Fools. One of the classics was the spaghetti gathering festival where people gathering spaghetti off of trees. Really cute.

  188. Freyja- yeah we have the ‘graduated licenses’ too. Our state takes OCD to a whole new level! You get you’re permit at 15 and a half, take drivers ed, get your ‘beginners’ license, then after a while you get you’re ‘intermediate’ license, then when you turn 18 it becomes a ‘graduate'(or some equally wierd term) license. Then when you turn 21, you get your ‘adult’ license that is horizontal, thus denoting that you are old enough to purchase alcohol.

    I took drivers’ ed but missed the original drive test(they offered the drive test AT school with the vehicles we’d learned in) so had to ‘re’ take it 6 months later, when they offered the next one. Well needless to say I didn’t pass(hadn’t been driving the vehicles in months). So after a while I decided that I didn’t really NEED a license at that point, so I waited till I was 18, and took the test and passed, AFTER my grandmere insisting that I take ‘extra’ drivers ed. *snort*

    Well gotta run and get back to packing up the closet!

  189. msgypsy said

    New topic is up.

    I’m sure I’ll be back here soon. Just have to sort through the gabillion things I have piled up to do… Sigh!

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