Oh, how I envy the ladies who got to go to Megacon!

It sounds like a good — nay, a GREAT — time was had by all, and I can’t wait for pictures and all the final details.

The following macro may not be my best but I’ve been battling a really nasty stomach flu (so it’s just as well I’m not at the con…) and this is as good as I can make it. Hopefully I’ll be up and around soon, but in the meantime I can drink yummy horchata and relax in the knowledge that some of my sisters are having an absolute ball.



  1. laurel said

    Happy Birthday Prtfvr!!!!

    Wait a minute…Am I first?

    Wooo hoooo!

  2. Wildstar said

    I’m second!

    laurel you still around – or are you working?

  3. Wildstar said

    feel better Gypsy! drink some tea and get some rest!

  4. laurel said

    I’m here temporarily. Hubby just got home from five day trip and we’re going out to eat. If we can decide on what we want…

    Poor Gypsy! I imagine you’re going to want to try for lunch a little later in the week? Let me know.

    Megacon champions -Be safe on your travels home!

  5. laurel said

    Well, they can’t seem to decide anything but are watching “Ninja Warriors – Women’s edition” a strangely addicting Japanese game-show. Too funny.
    I’m here for a little while.

  6. msgypsy said

    I suspect lunch tomorrow is right out, then, Laurel. Tuesday is still a possibility, though. I’ll probably be up to going to work tomorrow but eating is kind of touch and go…

    Torchwood fans will recognize how watching last night’s episode didn’t help my flu any.

  7. laurel said

    Torchwood was a little dicey for the squeamish last night, I watched it twice and had to leave the room both times. eeeuw.

    Tuesday or Wednesday… I’m good with either.
    Feel better dear.

  8. Chery said

    Hey Cree, Rifkin, Madonna, Linda!
    Got back from MegaCon and wanted to tell each of you that it was great and I loved meeting you!!!!!
    Rifkind thanks, You rule.
    More later, I am very tired and have to get ready for work.

    (eduted at Rifkind’s request to keep certain info hidden. Sorry, folks.)

  9. Chery said

    Quick note! Kyle and Dylan are both just plain nice people who work in a very tough business.
    I think (know) that they appreciated all of us who have been supporting more seasons of BT who came to see them.
    I know it was worth it to see and talk with them..

  10. rifkind said

    Hey Gypsy Get better soon!
    That is an absolutely PERFECT screen-cap… Cree has a to-die-for pic with Kyle… and well…. I will let HER share all the details, but she has a picture with Kyle with his hands on her waist like in 5:55.. πŸ™‚

    We had a great time at MegaCon. Dylan and Kyle were both wonderful in person.
    Everybody send Dylan some positive energy, as he has auditions today.
    For all you Minxes, Dylan is a wise and gracious man. He took it all in stride as the lines to meet Kyle seemed never-ending and he often sat there alone. I know that all you West-coast Minx sisters would have showered tons of lovin’ on him sitting there all alone, so I gave him lots of extra hugs… πŸ™‚
    If BT gets renewed, I hope that they have a scene where that dang’d trench coat gets burned. I think that Dylan would like that too, it would be a nice shout-out to the Gypsy Minxes.

    I can just imagine the trouble that Kyle and Steve Bacic got into on set.. they were both clowning around and having a great time together.

    My camera died, *major pout!*, so I am depending on my sisters for some pictures.. Madonna gave Cree and I both beanie-baby goats to keep Crash company at our virtual parties.. I named mine Billy-Bob. So we have pictures of Crash and Billy-Bob snuggling with Kyle.

    It was wonderful to meet all the BT Sisters in person after chatting online for so long. It was wonderful to meet Anne. She is soooo hug-able !!

    More details later, off to work

  11. Dani said

    I’m still jealous but good naturedly πŸ™‚

  12. Madonna said

    Hello to all my dear wonderful sisters!

    First off Happy Birthday prtfvr! I love you dearly.

    What a GREAT TIME we all had at MegaCon. It was so great to be able to put faces to so many more of the hens names. My mom and I want to thank you Cree for putting up with us. We had a blast and we thank you for your hospitality.

    Rif thank you for leaving a little earlier to drive us to the airport. You’ve always been so sweet. We did make our flight on time. Is everything ok with you?

    Ladies, I have to tell you that Linda is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I’m so glad she has joined our little group here. My mom feels the same.

    The guys were wonderful beyond measure. They are truly special people and I mean that with all my heart. For more details stay tuned to your emails. I have some ablsolutely fabulous memories to share. If Google Groups isn’t woking let me know and I’ll email my reactions directly to ya.

    We may even get a few more people to start posting here. We spoke to 3 – 4 who said they may stop by. One we met in line waiting fot the Q&A. She said she may go by the name Eva or Amanda. She is very sweet and you all would like her. I really hope the others we talked to stop by. Kyle’s assistant at the convention may even stop by. She got our address written down.

    I’m exhausted and sore from all the standing and walking the past 3 days. (I have a good story I’ll post to emails about why I’m so sore.) Our flight did not get in until about 11pm and Delta lost our luggage. When they find it they are supposed to deliver it to our house. No sign of it yet though.

    Ok…. Off to type out the good parts.

    Love y’all!

  13. laurel said

    Well this minx is definitely sending positive energy out to Dylan today. I hope he got some rest before heading out to his audition. I would have loved to spend time talking with him. Ah, well, maybe the opportunity will be on the West Coast next time.
    If they start shooting in Vancouver again I may have to figure out how to make the trip up there.
    I would want to be there when the trench coat meets with its demise!
    I have my passport…

  14. elizabeth said

    Prtfvr – Happy late birthday! It is no fun without a computer at home…something I hope to remedy soon! I hope your day was wonderful? πŸ™‚

    Gypsy – Feel better! There is nothing worse than battling a stomach problem – yuk! 😦

    Torchwood – OMG! – this season just rocks! I had to look away a couple of times the last two episodes, but I was on the edge of my seat most of the time!

  15. laurel said

    I see that Moonlight has gone back into production. I can only hope this trend continues with a return for Blood Ties.

    Never give up hope!
    Are we partying for the Blood Ties Anniversary?
    Do I need to call Gypsy to set up a party room?

  16. Rifkind said

    I thought that we were partying at the hen house tomorrow.

  17. elizabeth said

    Drat I won’t be able to join the party. Work blocks me from getting into the Hen house for some reason.

  18. Dani said

    But will it be an all day party or after my works hours. I thought it was going to be at the Hen House over the weekend for some reason. Somebody said the girls at Megacon would have to miss it. That is why I thought it was over the weekend. And then Gypsy said she would look for “decorations” over the weekend just for a party thread.

  19. Dani said

    If it is after my work hours I can’t do any at all.

  20. laurel said

    I’m must admit I was hoping for a party thread here at wordpress so that we could invite people – like Tanya.

    I leave it to all of you to decide, but I have to say I’ve enjoyed the party rooms the last couple of time we’ve had them.

    Can we do a bit of both? I would also like to meet at the Hens site. Wishy-washy I know.

  21. Rifkind said

    I may have been mistaken, If Gypsy can set up a part thread, then great!

  22. msgypsy said

    I wanted to put up a party thread but didn’t have any graphics ready. If you’re happy with a thread sans graphics, I’ll put one up right now. Translation: It’s going up without graphics. I may add them later if I’m still feeling up to it when I get home.

  23. msgypsy said

    And the par-tay is UP! https://msgypsy.wordpress.com/2008/03/10/par-tay-par-tay/

  24. msgypsy said

    Just so folks understand, I wasn’t looking for much of anything online this past weekend. I’m just lucky I didn’t do something that harmed my poor laptop! I couldn’t read anything more than two lines, and I certainly couldn’t write. I did sleep a lot, and eventually managed to watch TV for a while. That was it. So I am sorry for the lack of decorations on the party room. I can add some later. If you have stuff you want added, send it to me and I’ll do my best later this evening.

  25. Dani said

    No worries Gypsy. Just get better.

  26. laurel said

    Gypsy – Thanks for giving us a place to play!
    Are you feeling any better? I sure hope so, I’ve had you on my mind and look forward to getting to talk Torchwood with you later this week – or whenever works out.

    Now, I have to get out my artistic persona and figure out what kind of Easter-bonnet to make. We’re having a contest for Palm Sunday and I’m very excited about it. For over ten years my daughters and I are the only one’s who’ve worn hats at any time.
    I have several that belonged to my grandmother and I’ll probably add a little something to one of them…. or not. hmmmmm

    If anyone has any ideas about it let me know.
    I wonder if I could hot glue some peeps on my garden hat…. maybe not the right attitude?

  27. Chery said

    Rifkind could you please e-mail me at cclamp1000@msn.com?

  28. elizabeth said

    laurel – If you need hats just let me know. I have quite a collection of hats both summer and winter. I went through a phase where I bought a lot of them πŸ™‚ I haven’t worn them in a long time, but I like to get them out every once in awhile and try them on. Occasionally when I got out for tea my sister and I will wear them just for fun.

  29. Wildstar said

    oh Laurel – Easter Bonnets sound like fun!
    One year when I was little we had an Easter parade at school and mom made me the most beautiful bonnet – it was just cardboard and tissue paper flowers but I loved it!
    two years ago when we did the family Easter party we had all the kids make Easter hats and we had our own little parade – some of the gron ups joined in as well – oh it was soo much fun!

  30. Anzia said

    Howdy ya’ll!

    I’m so glad that everyone from MegaCon that travelled made it back alright. (well except for Madonna’s luggage- which I can TOTALLY relate to since it’s happened to me too…sucks beyond belief).

  31. catcornmom said

    OMG!!! I can’t believe it has almost been a year! I know I joined the group at the end of spring break last year and my spring break starts again next week. I can still remember the little tingles the first time I watched Blood Ties.

  32. Dani said

    Laurel I was going to a tech school that had a contest for the best hat. Since srping had just started my mom and took an old hat and hot glued silk flowers all over it. Then we took several springs of different sizes and tied them all over the hat with pretty colored ribbons. We called it my spring bonnet. I won the contest too.

  33. Eva or Amanda said

    Greetings to all of you lovely ladies,

    I am the above mentioned Eva Amanda. I have to say that Megacon was abosultely amazing and it was wonderful meeting all you fabulous gypsies in the Q & A line. Since I’ve gotten back to Tally I have not had time to send out those post cards, but I have saved the information you kindly provided and will as soon as I have finished all my grad projects. I also just learned that there was a photo op for pictures with Dylan and Kyle! UGGGGGHHH!!!How could I not have known…would’ve been such great fun! I really appreciate the characters they play in the Bood Ties series (definitely a fan) but they are even more charming in person. I couldn’t seem to stop smiling about them, they just had such an infectious aire of mischief. I once made a bonnet and it was awful, but I fully expect to see pics of your completed projects

  34. susana said

    OMG!!!!! i know i have been gone a while, SORRY ladies , life caught up with me as did my 2 yr old:daycare, illnesses, more daycare, MORE illnesses!!! i got the flu 2 wks ago..that sucked to say the least! I also got into the politcs cause i have a fav candidate πŸ™‚ so all is well and i have never forgotten ya’ll, i still get the emails….just never get time to read all……i knew this month was megacon so i was lurking to get some juice…glad to know it went well, wish i could have gone 😦 glad to know our guys are just as nice as we thought…..would just like to say that if Kyle hugged me , that would be it…they would be administering CPR to everyones horror πŸ™‚



    By the way, did they hint at more BT, seem to know more than we did?

  35. Wildstar said

    I guess I ducked out of the party just a little too early last night – but Garrett had other plans πŸ˜‰

  36. rifkind said

    I sent you an email and attached a picture of you standing next to Dylan. You were showing him your I-Phone.

    Eva and any other lurkers, Welcome to Gypsy’s!

    Susana!!! Welcome home sweetie! We have missed you! I know that little ones take over your life. When you can come up for air, we will be here for you!

    Ms Gypsy, Thanks so much for setting up the Par-tay thread.. our virtual parties are always so much fun! And thank you for getting a cat macro picture of Kyle, Crash and Billy-Bob.. How fun was that!!

  37. Dani said

    Morning ladies. I guess my thread on my blog wasn’t noticed at all. The only ones that posted were Laise, Laurel, and Dorielynn. Thanks guys. Hopefully all the activity yesterday set off all the bells and whistles.

    Welcome Eva/Amanda.

  38. Dani said

    Oh and sorry guys I tried to get Dizey. I didn’t get through on the phone so I sent her an email and she didn’t respond. Maybe she was really busy yesterday.

  39. Wildstar said

    Hi guys!
    just checking in..
    welcome to all the new sisters…..

    work has been a head ache and I am ready to just up and walk out of here – but I won’t – so has everyone recovered fromt he weekend? and the party?

    Sorry about not posting at your site Dani – it completely slipped my mind ….hangs head in shame… 😦

    ok I’m off to check the last of the emails and try to get a little writting in…


  40. Linda said

    Hi everyone,

    Welcome Eva, whom I stood in line with for the Q & A, and all the other new sisters.

    Dani, my apologies as well, I didn’t get to my posting until last night and I didn’t scroll far enough back through the blog. I saw your post yesterday morning, but it just slipped my mind too. Somebody get out the wet noodle please, I need to be lashed.

    I am still glowing from the convention and it has been very difficult to buckle down and get back to work. I am going to try to do that now… Later!

  41. Dani said

    It’s no big deal. I posted the link everywhere I could possibly think of and I got nuttin. Oh well.

  42. laurel said

    I know how it is to have no one respond on the blog Dani, so I try to remember to post something to at least let you know the effort was appreciated.

    I do love our silly blog parties! We are all at our best when we let our imaginations roll and get silly. Fun fun fun!

    Gypsy – I’m assuming you’re still not up to lunch or you’d have called me. Let me know when you have the time and inclination to go to lunch.

    Elizabeth? I’m hoping you’re recovered from the par-tay. It was fun!
    Coffee??? Soon??

  43. Madonna said

    Hi girls!

    How is everyone?

    I’m still floating about Megacon, but I’m having a really sucky day so far so it’s bringing me down a bit.

    Hi Eva or Amanda, whom I also met in line at Megacon. Glad you decided to join us.

    It’s good to hear from you again. You’ve been gone quite a while.

    You’d be fine with a hug from Kyle, which are amazing BTW. I got more hugs and kisses from him than I can count on one hand and I managed to stay on my feet. If I can do it anyone can. lol… Dylan’s hugs aren’t so bad either.

  44. elizabeth said

    Laurel – Coffee sounds like heaven right now! I have a headache the size of Texas and have been in so many meetings that I am hoarse from talking. who knew I had so much to say???!!! πŸ˜‰ How does Friday sound for Coffee? I am pretty sure I can sneak away for awhile.

  45. Wildstar said

    just stopping by to check in…

    Kyle Hugs…..you lucky girls!….sigh…

    well off to work on my writing I’ll try to pop back later…

    Laurel, Annaliase, Rose? you going to be around Friday?

    Talk at you later

  46. laurel said

    Wow! Book ahead for time with Laurel on Friday!
    You sure know how to make a girl feel important!

    Gypsy – I’m assuming you are still on the mend? Let me know if you want to make a lunch date. otherwise I’ll be having lunch with my daughters on Friday (I think).
    Elizabeth – I will make time to have coffee with you Friday, one way or another!

    Wildstar – I think I can work with you Friday. I’m telling my family to count on it. What chapter are we working on and do I have it? The last one I got was 29.

  47. Wildstar said

    Luarel – I’ll email you #30 – check for it tonight

  48. laurel said

    Perfect! Thanks Wildwoman!

  49. Wildstar said

    just sent it – and I just finished chapter 34!

    off to email a teaser for this week!

  50. Wildstar said

    whoops – I guess I should post chapter 18 first…he he he maybe tomorrow….

  51. laurel said

    Thank you dear! I’ll go download that now. I’ve got an hour while Sarah has a music rehearsal at church in an hour, so I’l get to work on it right away.

  52. msgypsy said

    Running late for work but I just discovered a new Blackmore’s Night song that I wanted to share. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0XZLWKHCwM (live performance, not the greatest sound.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC6gqH8Mqz0 (better sound, but it’s WoW graphics which I’m not overly impressed with. Plus I don’t know who that is singing but I prefer Candace Knight’s voice…)

    I’m fine now but my computer isn’t. Gotta fix a memory problem. Hopefully it’ll be solveable this weekend. ARGHHH!

  53. Dani said

    Morning ladies.

    My upper back is in lots of pain. I was laying on my mom’s couch and my neck must have been in the wrong position because it feels like a pulled all the muscles between my shoulder blades.

  54. Wildstar said

    just stopping in to say HI!
    won’t be around at lunch – we’ve decided to take the lady who quit out to lunch today….I said I couldn’t because I don’t have the $$$ and the office manager said she was going to pay – so free lunch for me too!

    talk to you guys later!

  55. elizabeth said

    Hi Laurel – if Friday doesn’t work for coffee we can always make it another day. I have time today because a meeting was cancelled if that would work better? I’m flexible πŸ™‚

    Dani – sorry to hear your neck is sore. I hate when I sleep wrong and I spend all day trying not to move in the wrong way because the muscles are screaming at me! Feel better.

  56. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Yes, I’m back! Still not checking the blog from home but that should change in the Fall. I’ll be taking some of my tax return money (from 2006 year – long story short, I’m asking them to review it because I missed some stuff) to buy a new computer. I’m tying it in to ‘back to school’ time because there seem to be great packages available at that time.

    Hi to our new members and lurkers! Please de-lurk and say hi! This is a great bunch.

    I’m in a bit of a panic over Claire’s. We have 6-month probationary period here including when you start a new position within the organization. Mine has/will change 3 times between January 30th and April 1st. They agreed not to make me start over for a full 6 months as of April 1st but it looks like my probationary period runs to August 30th! I’m so bummed. I’m going to see if I can get my evaluation bumped up by a week or something. I have a really, really good reason!!!

    Okay, gotta run for now.


  57. Dani said

    Oh boy good luck on that. It would be so awesome if you could be there. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

  58. cdnfreyja said

    I’ve got to figure out a way to plead something. Not the 5th because that doesn’t apply! LOL!

    I’ll talk with the President maybe or the new ED when she is hired and explain that there is a big event, maybe family thing will fly, and that I couldn’t make it last year and desperately need to be there this time round! Yeah, that could work, right?

  59. Dani said

    Well we are kinda like family right. You just have to be there. I wish all of us could be there. I think she was a little upset about the fact that most of us can’t be there because originally several were going to be there.

  60. cdnfreyja said

    Well, I’ll see what I can do so I can be there for the weekend of the 23rd-24th. It seems like most everyone else has met at least one other sister and I’m beginning to feel a bit lonely up here in Canada. 😦

  61. Dani said

    You know if I could I would head right up there and meet ya! I don’t think Susanna has met anyone or Tango or Himmiefan.

  62. cdnfreyja said

    Well, if there is ever a convention with the boys in Toronto you know you have to be there. Then I’d get to play tour guide for everyone!

  63. Dani said

    I could do Toronto. Been there before. It takes almost all day to drive there but for them it’s worth it, and you too.

  64. Madonna said

    Hi guys!

    How is everyone? I’ve been really busy. Just found out yesterday that one of our composing centers is closing. We are taking all of their books. 9 total, about 650 ads more per week. The boss says she is going to hire on a couple more designers but has no idea how many.

    That means I’ll be working even more overtime and I’ll probably have to start working Saturdays too. Plus I usually train all new designers so I probably will have to keep up with my work, the extra work and watching new people too. This is supposed to start in 2 weeks.

    I’m hoping that I’m just panicking and that this won’t be as bad as this feels to me right now. Because I have to be honest it sounds really overwhelming and I’m dreading it.

  65. Arrowyn said

    I found these really cute pics of Kyle and the little girl at MegaCon. I don’t think that these came from any of us, and if they do and they’ve been published before, I apologize for the re-publish.


  66. Arrowyn said

    Well, do I feel stupid! I had gotten distracted after I captured the link and before I posted here and had forgotten where I found the link. When I went back to the original place — it was in one of Madonna’s emails. OK, going away now. *hanging head in embarassment*

  67. Linda said

    Hang in there Madonna, maybe it won’t last too long. Besides I know you can do it!! Sometimes these things sound worse than they turn out to be…

    Hopefully more overtime will mean more money…

  68. laurel said

    No worries Arrowyn – I couldn’t use the e-mail edition as a link but I could use the one you put up here. It helped me and I appreciate it.

    E – I was planning on coffee tomorrow, Steve and the girls are all home this afternoon and I just got onto the computer. Sorry I didn’t see your message sooner. Name your time and I’ll be there!

    Gypsy? Next week???

  69. elizabeth said

    Ladiaes you aren’t going to believe what I just found! I was shifting things around in a file cabinet and found an old box that had the beginnings of a Civil War book I was writing back in the 80’s! Imagine my surprise when I started re reading it for grins and giggles and saw that the Heroine’s name was Laurel πŸ™‚ and her brothers name was Kyle! I knew I had the chapters somewhere, but couldn’t remember where I had put them. I remember telling Laurel that I had a character with her name, but I sure forgot about the one named Kyle. too funny πŸ˜‰

  70. elizabeth said

    Laurel – how does 2pm work for coffee? Our usual place?

  71. elizabeth said

    OMG! You aren’t going to believe this Laurel – my characters nickname is “Laurie”!

  72. laurel said

    That is really kind of scary! lol
    I love it!

    2pm is great. See ya’ at the usual place.

  73. rifkind said

    Hi All,
    Work was just crazy busy, so I am waaay behind on reading the blog and emails. Sorry for popping in so late in the day.
    I love seeing everyone’s pictures from MegaCon. Thanks for the album link Arrowyn, I saw some of those costumes when I was there. It was a lot of fun.

    I love that Crash and Billy Bob are showing up on other folks websites too. The one on the the goat Farmer’s webpage is just so darn’d cute. I love the smile on Kyle’s face.

    The picture just makes you want to smile. Kind of like the little girl’s giggle during the Q and A session making everyone else laugh with her.
    Spread the joy!

  74. Anzia said

    Our animals are growing. We have Crash, Billy-Bob, Nanook & Peep now. ^_^ We’re gonna have a zoo soon! πŸ˜›

    Welcome Eve/Amanda. Great group of woman you’ve found here. ^_^

    So sorry everyone’s work is going nuts.

    Susanna WELCOME HOME!

    Okay, have to run! only day off before the big Green Bay trip w/the boss. MUCHO running around to do. Hugs everyone!!!!

  75. Dani said

    OMG Elizabeth. I don’t think that is a coincidence. I think it was meant to happen total fate kinda thing you know.

  76. elizabeth said

    Laurel – I am looking forward to coffee this afternoon – particularly since I am taking the rest of the day off! Whoo hoo! πŸ™‚ This week has been so stress filled I find I have too much adrenalin running through my system at night and I can’t relax.

  77. Wildstar said

    Happy Friday!!!!!
    hi Dani & E, and anyone else whos lurking…..
    I wish I had taken today off and just stayed home to write – I so don’t want to be here.
    Yes this has been a very stressful week…how long til July? I may never go home….
    at least its been quiet this morning – which meand it will be a bad afternoon –
    Oh well – I printed a picture of Kyle and I keep glancing at it to keep my spirits up…
    Can’t seem to log into LT – has anyone else tried?

    off to check emails now…

    laurel – rose – hoping to “see” you tonight…

  78. Dani said

    I haven’t tried today but on Tuesday it wouldn’t let me in.

  79. Wildstar said

    well I couldn’t get in today – do those people at LT even know what they are doing?
    oh well.

    Lunch is over so I am out of here!

    I’ll check in with you tonight!

  80. laurel said

    Dani – How’s your back sweetie? I know it was kinked yesterday and then you didn’t say any more about it. I hope it got better with a little stretching.

    I got into LT Tuesday but I didn’t find much to interest me there. I always try to leave some kind of note about BT just to remind them I still care.

    E – Do you want to go to a Starbucks closer to your house? I know there’s one really close. Let me know. The girls are home, but with all the rain everyone is pretty low key so I can slip away at whatever time works best.

  81. elizabeth said

    Laurel – the Starbucks by my house might be a little quieter and easier to find a place to sit! I will just leave work a little earlier and meet you there at 2pm if that still works for you?

  82. Dani said

    Laurel luv my back is still a little sore but much better. I would kill for a nice hot bath right now. Since I don’t have a tub that won’t even work later.

  83. laurel said

    Dani – try stretching gently after a nice hot shower. Once the muscles are warm they are less prone to further injury and may release some of the tension better. I’m sorry it’s still hurting, but glad to hear you’re feeling some better.

    E – That sounds good. If you need to make it a half-hour later to get things finished just let me know. It’s only three minutes for me to travel.

  84. Dani said

    I will try that tonight. Thanks

  85. laurel said

    Wow, dead blog. Too much party on Tuesday?

    Maybe Saturday will be a bigger day?

  86. laurel said

    Dani – Any better today?

  87. rifkind said

    Hey Dani,
    Yes I think that we had too much fun between last weekend at MegaCon and then the anniversary party.
    Nobody did my work while I was gone.. so I have been swamped since I returned to work on Monday.. and I am even logged into work right now….

    Hugs Dear, I hope that you feel better

  88. Wildstar said

    either of you around?

  89. Tango said

    Not much of a grand return if no one is around to talk to.

    This week is Spring break and I will be popping in from time to time hoping to find some action.

    I’ve missed you guys!


  90. laurel said

    Tango! Of course you decide to show up the one day I decide to avoid the internet altogether!
    How are you????
    I’ve missed you. 😦
    I’ll be here tomorrow afternoon for a little while, but more on Monday once the kids go back to school.

    I’m so excited you’ve dropped in and I’ll be watching for you. πŸ™‚

  91. Cree said

    Hi, Tango! Welcome back! We missed you! Wow, this place really is deader than Henry Fitzroy lately, isn’t it?

  92. It sure appears that way!

  93. Dani said

    Hello? Hello? Is this thing on? My back is back to it’s usual self.

  94. Dani said

    It’s still not on? Where are all the regulars? Guys? Guys?

  95. laurel said

    I’m beginning to wonder if someone posted a new thread and forgot to invite me! How odd.
    I know we all take a break now and again, but this is really sad! Come on ladies! Step up and say hello!

    Dani – I’m glad your back is better! πŸ™‚
    Moonbeam! I’m pouting because I called your new phone and you never ever called me back. 😦

    Tango- Where are you?
    Cree – Hi sweetie! Are you all recovered from your wild weekend at Megacon?
    Wildstar – Thanks for the ‘work’. I have been writing like a crazy person and not reading much except for your book. Wow!
    Rifkind – *waves* how’re things going?
    Elizabeth – I have written a whole bunch more… filling in the gaps… 😎

  96. laurel said

    Dani! Signs of life!!!!!

  97. Dani said

    Yay! I’m not alone in the BT world! πŸ˜€

  98. Dani said

    It’s lonely all by yourself.

  99. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies, just popping in. Had a breakfast meeting this morning that went well. Still trying to get my head around all the paperwork and reporting that needs to be done at fiscal year end. I’m just glad I get a 4-day long weekend this weekend!


  100. laurel said

    Freyja – I’m glad your meeting went well! Starting in with all that reporting sounds like a nasty way to have to start a new job. I had you on my mind this weekend, wondering how you were feeling.

    Dani – It’s lonely out here when everyone is off at work and school. Thank heavens I know you gals are out there… somewhere.

  101. Dani said

    We are we are.

    I have had this feeling since Saturday that something not so good was going to happen. Everytime I’ve had this feeling something bad has happened. It has really only happened just before my grandfather died last year. I had the feeling that day at work and then I got home and my sister was there waiting for me to tell me.

    It happened before Aiden went into the hospital and then again when Alli had all her complications with her surgery. Usually it doesn’t last this long and I don’t like the feeling. It’s that nervous, queazy feeling. I’m not liking it one bit.

  102. cdnfreyja said

    Hi Laurel, yes coming in at fiscal year end is a pain. There is fiscal year end reporting, plus an interim report on our 5-year project that needs to get done plus a couple other reports that need to be done but I don’t know what they are! I think that some things are just going to have to be postponed by a few months. Instead of being able to put out our interim report at the end of March I anticipate it coming out some time in the summer or even September if we want media coverage.

    I think after a couple more months at this it will all make sense. I’m looking at my timing as a blessing in disguise – I’m learning all this stuff in a short amount of time but I’ll learn all the necessary nitty-gritty details now.

  103. Dani said

    I hope it is just a feeling this time and nothing bad actually happens. I don’t think I could handle anymore.

  104. laurel said

    I’ll be keeping good thoughts for you today. You’ve had enough worries for this year already.
    Let us know if there’s anything we can do for you.

  105. Dani said

    Nothing right now. Thank you!

  106. Dani said

    I had to check with my mom to make sure she hadn’t heard any bad news about anything. She won’t tell me any bad news until I am home because she doesn’t want me alone at work while hearing something. She said my grandmother passed out in the bathroom yesterday, she doesn’t know how long she was out and she won’t go to the doctor because she is too stubborn. I hope that is why I had the feeling but usually it is something far worse.

  107. laurel said

    I say go with that and don’t let it wreck your day. Easier said than done, I know.

  108. cdnfreyja said

    Mackenzie’s Momma posted on the par-tay thread on Friday. I left a post there for her to let her know this is the active thread and to pop in here when she gets a chance …

    Dani – keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Tango! Welcome back.


  109. Dani said

    Thanks. I am going to go with that. If, big if, something else happens I will let someone know if I’m not here.

  110. Madonna said

    Hi guys!

    I’m around just really busy and kind of a bad day at work. There was a power outage here over the weekend and it corrupted our image database. No car pictures for any ad for any city. Our boss installed our backup but we’re still several hours behind schedule.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    Good to hear from you. Come back and see us!

    Don’t let yourself panic and worry and stress out for no solid reason. You’ll just make yourself feel horrible.

  111. Dani said

    Thanks Freyja!

  112. Madonna said

    Sorry to hear about that Dani. You must have posted that as I was typing. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and pray for your grandmother.

  113. Dani said

    Hey Madonna! Thanks I know I need to calm down. I remember what happened every other time I felt this so it’s hard but I can do it. Hey can you possibly email the picture with Kyle hugging Crash and Billy Bob and is it ok with you if I put it on myspace and my facebook profiles?

  114. Dani said

    Thanks. I’m sure she’s fine. Her wrist has been swollen for awhile and she is taking something to keep that pain at bay so it was probably that.

  115. Madonna said

    I can’t do anything with the photos right now. But as soon as I get a chance I’ll send it to you as well as share all my other pics with everyone. Might be another few days though OK?

  116. Dani said

    That’s fine. No rush. I wanted to make sure it was ok with you first. Whenever you can send it is fine. Thanks hun!

  117. BostonDeb said

    There you all are! I was wondering why there weren’t any posts on the blog. It didn’t occur to me to look at an older thread. πŸ™‚

  118. Dani said

    Here we are. This is an older thread? Are you thinking about the party thread? Gypsy will post a special thread that we use for one day for our virtual parties. Regular everyday stuff is at her weekly threads.

  119. laurel said

    Hey Deb, glad you found us!

  120. BostonDeb said

    Yes, I was looking at the party thread. I knew it was impossible that no one had posted for so long.

  121. laurel said

    I’ve done that myself. It took me quite a while to figure out where everyone really was. πŸ™‚

  122. Dani said

    I did that once when Gypsy started her new weekly thread and I posted on the new one and then the next day went back to the old one. Duh! How stupid was that. I think it was Madonna that called me back to the new one.

  123. cdnfreyja said

    Well, I knew that Mackenzie’s Momma would be stopping by – she did the logical thing and posted a comment on the most recent blog entry. I would have too. Hopefully she’ll make her way to this thread.

    ~F (somehow this sounds a bit like the elusive Mr. F. in Sense & Sensibility!)

  124. Dani said

    I loved Sense and Sensibility and just recently fell in love with Pride and Prejudice. I found I really really Jane Austen. Sadly I had to see the movies to even think about reading her.

  125. Cree said

    Laurel: Believe it or not, I’m actually still recovering from MegaCon weekend! I got the full-on flu really bad the day after it and I am still trying to get over it! Luckily, I think it is almost out of my system. Just have a really bad cough I still need to get rid of, but I am much better than I was this time last week!

    Madonna: I hope the power outage doesn’t mean you will have to stay late to work tonight. But knowing your boss, it probably does. That’s not fair if you do….its not your fault the power went out!

    Dani: I have a few different pics of Kyle with Crash and BillyBob on my MySpace that you are welcome to steal if you want.

  126. elizabeth said

    Well, I did it. I finally made a decision about all the emails we send out and have decided I just can’t keep up with it any more. I hope that circumstances will change sometime down the road, but from now on I will just hang out on the blog. Man, it was a difficult decision. I am selfish enough not to want to miss out on anything, but practical enough to know I was driving myself crazy. Anyway, I love you guys.

  127. elizabeth said

    Cree – I hope you get to feeling better soon. What a miserable way to end such a wonderful weekend 😦

    Dani – I have never actually “read” Jane Austen, but I have been a fan for years through movies. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite and Colin Firth is the gold standard I set for Mr. Darcy! Wowzer!

  128. Cree said

    Thanks, Elizabeth. Yes, it sucked to end the weekend that way, but let me tell you….it was TOTALLY worth it! I’m sorry that you have to leave the emails, but I totally understand. I don’t have internet access at work, so when I get home every night, I have 300-400 emails waiting for me! It is a LOT to go thru, and half of the time I just end up deleting them because I just don’t have the time to read them all. But on the days I do find the time, they never fail to make me smile!

  129. DebS said

    Hi everyone!

    Sorry I wasn’t around the blog this weekend. Friday night and all day Saturday I was in the NC mountains at a student leader retreat. And then Sunday I was all over town doing errands, seeing a friend perform in CATS, and having dinner with some students.

    I am glad I found you all at this thread. I went over to the party thread, and for a second thought it was more dead than usual. I haven’t read any of today’s posts, so I hope all is well with everyone.

    I think I did see Laurel’s name…Laurel have you read Predatory Game? If not, get on it! It is the best book so far, and I can’t wait to hear what you thought about it. I think I love the ghostwalker series more than the carpathians.

  130. elizabeth said

    Cree – it is weird to suddenly not have emails popping in every minute or so and I am still adjusting to it, but I am glad I finally made a decision about it all. There is a lot that is sent back and forth and some of it is really wonderful and entertaining, but I just couldn’t keep up.

    It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time at Megacon and that our boys were truly as incredible as we thought they could be. Isn’t it marvelous when you finally meet your ideal and find out he really is ideal? πŸ™‚

    DebS – You have a friend that performed in Cats? Wow! I saw it last year when it came through Portland and before that I saw it a long, long time ago in Nashville.

  131. I didn’t get to go to Mega-Con personally but i heard it was quite a blast, I sent a couple friends in my place to get Dylan, and Kyle’s Siggys for me. I’m still envious of them. Apparently one of them, had a blast chatting with Kyle(she knew very little about BT, has only seen a couple eps’) but said that he was quite personable and fun.

  132. DebS said

    Yeah, my friend Amanda perofrmed in the community production. It was fabulous. And then during Curtain call, her boyfriend of two years (who she met when they both performed in Footloose) proposed to her. It was great!

  133. elizabeth said

    Hi McKenzie’s Momma! I love the name McKenzie – way cool! I wish I had thought to get someone to get signed pictures for me. It just didn’t occur to me in time 😦

    DebS – What a wonderful memory for your friend – being proposed to at curtain call! Which cat did your friend play?

  134. elizabeth said

    Madonna – how is work going? Are you still being overwhelmed?

    Ms Laurel – Yay! πŸ™‚ You did some more writing! I can’t wait to read what you have added. I so very much enjoyed coffee on Friday! It was a great way to end a stress filled week!

  135. Hi Mackenzie’s Momma, I’m glad you found your way over here and welcome!

  136. Linda said

    Hi McKenzie’s Momma, welcome to Ms Gypsy’s.

    Dani — If you want any pics from me, feel free to take them. Also, speaking of Jane Austen, there is a movie called The Jane Austen Book Club that I thought was really good. It is a about a group of friends who start a book club to read Jane Austen’s books.

    Cree, — I am so sorry you got sick! I am glad you are on the mend now. Was this right after we left you?

    Debs — That was very romantic!

    E — I know what you mean about the emails, but now I am kind of addicted to them.

    Going home soon, will talk to later.

  137. elizabeth said

    Good night, ladies. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

  138. laurel said

    Wow! I go out to get some groceries and the place goes nuts! Of course I get home just in time for everyone to go home. 😦

    Welcome to McKenzie’s mom! We are always looking for ‘new blood’ πŸ™‚

    DebS – I finished predatory Game! Saturday I finished and then went on a writing jag and forgot to let you know. We could start an e-mail thread or just keep it between the two of us. πŸ˜› Can’t wait to discuss it. I like the Ghost Walkers better than the Carpathians too! I like the Drake Sisters very much as well.
    Cree – I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get over your flu! At least it held off until after the con. It would have been awful to miss out, and we needed to hear your stories!!!! You are good at writing it so that we can almost live it with you. Thanks for that! πŸ™‚

  139. Wildstar said

    Hi everyone – wow just caught up on all the posts
    I’ve been on the phone with a friend of mine – kinda like talking with my sister – very one sided, every once in a while I make a noise so she knows I did nt hang up – funny thing was she asked a question and I had to have her repeat it becasue I wasn’t listening! bad friend!

    oh I wish Ihad been able to go to megacon!
    Hi McKenzie’s Momma, welcome to Ms Gypsy’s, glad you found us!

    man I’m just wiped out today – tomorrow the rect. is off so I have to work the front desk in the morning and someone else will work there in the afternoon – but I am going to take lunch so I can come visit my sisters!

    Work? Laurel what work did I give you?…research? he he he I feel like a teacher handing out homework assignments.

    Well I’m going to go work on some writting for a little while…talk to you dears later!

  140. Madonna said

    I’m back for the moment.

    Welcome McKenzie’s mom! Kyle and Dylan are both very personable and fun in person.

    I’m glad you are finally starting to get over your flu.

    I got off about 30 minutes late tonight because of our little incident. Unfortunately the nature of our business is deadlines. We don’t leave until the books that are due to press go to press. I’ve worked a 21 hour day to accomplish that before.

    Unfortunately, things are just about to start getting bad at work. It’s still fairly calm at the moment. I figue we should be starting to get ads for all our new books in about a week. **sigh**

  141. laurel said

    Hi Madonna! I’m glad it wasn’t any worse than 30 minutes late last night. It sounded like it could easily have been worse. Hang in there dear!

  142. Cree said

    Linda: Yes, the last time I saw you guys was Sunday night. Monday I ended up sleeping ALL day. I thought it was just because I was recovering from a weekend of too much fun, but then I woke up with a sore throat, and then the symptoms just kept piling up from there.

    Laurel: Glad you liked my stories. I tried to remember every detail as best I could for you all. It helped having Madonna and Rifkind here to help me remember everything as I was typing it all out. And I don’t care how sick I was…if I had gotten this crud any sooner, I still would have been there to see our boys! There was no way I was missing out on that when it was right here in my backyard!

    Mackenzie’s Momma: Welcome to our home! Ditto on what Madonna said about our boys.

    Madonna: Glad you didn’t have to work too terribly late tonight. Hope the rest of the week goes better for you.

  143. DebS said

    Just stopped by to say hi before I went to bed. I will come back tomorrow while I am at work.

    My friend Amanda played Jelly Laurem. She is a trained dancer and sings beautifully. She was fantastic. i am so proud of her!

    Laurel-We can start another thread or email, I am not partial to either. I just don’t want to give spoilers to those who haven’t read. But I will repeat, PG was my fave Ghostwalkers book. I love Jess!

    Wildstar-I have a friend like yours. When we talk (which is as little as possible from my viewpoint), all she does is ramble on. She really doesn’t know much about me or my liife anymore. She and I have been friends since 5th grade. And you all know more ten times better than she does, because you all actually listen to me.

    Okay, I gotta get to bed. Long day at work tomorrow. Night!

  144. DebS said

    Oh and I forgot. Welcome Mackenzie’s Momma! We are always looking for new BT sistas. Glad you could join us in Gypsy’s world.

  145. Awww, thanks ya’ll for the warm welcome! I usually only have time in the evenings to stop by but I’ve been lurking since ya’ll visited my blog last week. I raise goats and have a two year old so life gets a little hectic at times. Plus I am just figuring out my brand spankin’ new laptop(its a shiny DELL). I’m always wandering around looking for BT stuff since I have only 1 BT friend *gasps in horror*.

  146. Wildstar said

    just a quick fly by before I have to go sit at the receptionists desk – and I don’t want any of my stuff on her computer so it will be this after noon before you see me again 😦

    Debs – I’ve been friends with this lady for about 15 years? she had beena customer at the store where I worked and she was pretty much house bound – I sould her jewelry making stuff and she always trusted my judgement in sending stuff to her I thught she would like – we became pretty good friends – sight unseen – gee this sounds familiar – we’ve stayed good friends even if we don’t hear from each other in a year we pick right back up where we left off…but when we’re on the phone its pretty much a one side conversation even after she asks me how I’m doing…its pretty funny – I’ll start to talk and then she’ll start to talk and I’m back to listening!
    Well sorry i missed the flurry of blogging last night prtmama = I was so tired i logged off before 9 and wne t to bed – i didn’t even work on writting – (ducks to avoid glare from Rif)
    today is going to be interesting – I wonder how much of MY work I’ll be able to get done working up front? oh well not my problem!

    talk to you lovelies later!

  147. Dani said

    Buongiorno Bellas!

    Welcome Mackenzie’s Momma

    Sorry E but my favorite Mr Darcy is the latest one, Matthew Macfadyen. I’m not sure what it is about him but he gets my blood boiling in a good way. I do like Colin Firth though.

    DebS-You best watch your mouth. How dare you say that about my Carpathians. πŸ˜‰

    Well the bad feeling I’ve had all weekend suddenly dissipated last night.

  148. DebT said

    Good morning ladies! Those of you who live in warmer climates, can you send some warm weather to New England? Winter is getting really old.

    Welcome Mackenzie’s Momma!

  149. Dani said

    We go back and forth between 50 to 60 degree days to waking up and it is 25. I keep getting sick from that. Grrrrrrr! I just love New England.

  150. Dani said

    We go back and forth between 50 to 60 degree days to waking up and it is 25. I keep getting sick from that. Grrrrrrr! I just love New England.

  151. Dani said

    Oh boy a double post! Go me! Go me! πŸ˜€

  152. elizabeth said

    Good Morning!

    Mackenzie’s Momma – Congrats on the new computer! I currently only have the one at work, but I am hoping to get a computer for home in the next few weeks! I’m glad you found us – only having one BT fan to talk to would be hard. Here you have a bunch of like minded addicts πŸ™‚

    Madonna – I hope your busy time at work doesn’t get too crazy. Did you mention that your boss is going to hire someone else to help or did I just make that up?

  153. Linda said

    Dani — I am partial to Matthew Macfadyen too. Did you see him in Death at a Funeral? It is a black comedy, pretty funny, but a little twisted.

    Cree — I am glad you are feeling better. One of the guys in my office had it last week too. Bad stuff!!

    McKenzie’s Mom — I only have one Blood Ties friend where I live. Thank goodness for my blood sistas on the blog!

  154. Dani said

    Actually I have not seen anything else he is in. I loved him in Pride and Prejudice and I have been sticking with that. I have researched his other roles I just never got around to adding any of his movies to my Blockbuster Online Queue

  155. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Just a quick check in this morning.

    Welcome Mackenzie’s Momma! Glad to know you got my message on the other thread. I didn’t go to MegaCon – I just started a new job, no vacation allowed for 6 months, and it was during Ontario’s spring break week so I would have gotten nailed on a flight even using points. Oh yes, since you’re new here you wouldn’t know that I’m the resident Canadian. Hello from North of the 49th!

    Cree – I’m just glad that if you had to get sick it was after all the action at MegaCon.

    Dani, I’ll have to check out the new version of P&P. I love Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. I love Colin Firth, period but I think he was particularly well suited to the role.

    Okay, back to work. I have to review before a meeting this afternoon.


  156. Dani said

    WHAT!? You haven’t seen it? Shame on you. It was very good. You did see Sense and Sensibility with Kate Winslet right? What did you think of that one?

  157. elizabeth said

    I liked Sense and Sensibility with Kate Winslet, but was not enamoured of the main male lead – drat! I can’t think of his name! I can see his face, I just can’t grab the name…..I just thought he was a little miscast for the role. Kate Winslet was wonderful.

  158. Dani said

    Was that Willoughby or Mr Ferrers or Colonel Brandon?

  159. elizabeth said

    Mr. Ferris. Dang, girl…you know your characters!

  160. elizabeth said

    Hugh Grant! Ha…it just popped into my head

  161. Dani said

    Yep Colonel Brandon was Alan Rickman and Willoughby was Greg Wise whom I have never heard of before that.

  162. Linda said

    Did you like Howard’s End? It had Emma Thompson, Anthony Hopkins and Helena Bonham Carter. It is also one of my favorites.

  163. elizabeth said

    I haven’t seen Howard’s End. What was it about?

  164. Dani said

    I didn’t really see that whole movie. I’ve only seen snippets of it.

  165. Linda said

    Emma Thompson and HBC play sisters in turn of the century London. They are on their own, but have family money. They also have a younger brother. They are intellectuals who are very active in reading, art and discussion groups. They are quite bohemian by the standards of their time. Their lives intersect with a more traditional family played by Vanessa Redgrave and Anthony Hopkins.

  166. cdnfreyja said

    Okay ladies, I’m off to a meeting out of the office this afternoon. I have to be on the computer and online tonight for a while so I’m sure I’ll be chatting with some of you then.


  167. elizabeth said

    freyja – Good luck with your meetings!

    Linda – I may have to rent Howard’s End. It sounds kind of interesting.

  168. Dani said

    A co-worker was in my office admiring my vast array of Kyle pictures I have decorating my office. She was looking at the one of Kyle with Crash and Billy Bob trying to figure out who it was. She said he was very striking and loved his cleft.

  169. Dani said

    She also said I better be careful. I was gushing so much I may slide off my chair.

  170. elizabeth said

    Dani – that is too funny! πŸ™‚ How can anyone gush too much over Kyle? It’s just not possible!

  171. DebS said

    Hi everyone!

    This is the first moment I have gotten all day to stop by the blog. Meetings after meetings after meetings today.

    I love Matthew MacFayden. You all need to watch Spooks (USA Title: MI-5). It is a tv show about the british government MI-5 (their version of the FBI/CIA). That is how I first saw him, and then I watched P&P.

    Dani-I love the Carpathians too! Lucian being my favorite. I would so take him as my lifemate. πŸ™‚

  172. Madonna said

    Hi ladies!

    Today is a little better here at work.

    Yes you did read that right. My boss is hiring people but with all the extra work (9 new books) we are getting that is a necessity. So far she’s interviewed 4 people.

    I don’t have pictures of Kyle/Henry hanging up around me but i did make my photo with him my desktop pattern here at work. My one co-worker Michael keeps running up behind me hitting F11 which makes all my open windows disappear and then you can see a 20″ picture of Kyle. He says he its fun to do because every time I smile automatically.

    Dizey emailed me back this morning. She is doing OK, just still having internet problems from home and they are watching her closely at work.

    Here’s a message from her…..

    “I will try and stop by Gypsy’s one day this week if I can sneak on at work! ((((((HUGS & KISSES))))) to all my sista’s!”

  173. Freya- well I guess I’m in good company then seeing as I am a good chunk Canadian(my grandmother was born and raised in Alberta, and Vancouver). I apparently got the ‘rouge gene’ because I am enamored with the Canadian side of everything(and apparently I speak ‘Canadian’ English more fluently than I do ‘American’ English, go figure).

    Elizabeth- I am in LOVE with this new laptop, its not ‘exactly’ what I wanted but it is MUCH better than my old one, plus it has a mondo memory which is all the better for making my BT backrounds and all the other photo editing that I do.

    Linda- My Blood Ties friend doesn’t even live ANYWHERE near to me anymore(she was a lot closer before she moved I think) anyways she just moved from Bakersfield to Greely(Colorado). We’ve been friends for years and its thanks to her that I find most of my addictions πŸ˜‰

  174. Dani said

    If you were to see my office most of my pictures are of Henry. I have several others but I have ten pictures plus the calender from Tango.

  175. Linda said

    It is so not possible to gush too much over Kyle…

    DebS — I didn’t realize Matthew Macfayden was in MI-5! I used to watch it on A&E a a couple years ago. Guess I just didn’t realize who he was. I notice it is still on the BBC. I will have to start watching again.

  176. DebS said

    Linda-You should start watching it again. His wife is Zoe…I think her name is Keeley Hawes in real life..or something close to that.

  177. Linda said

    I’m going to do a search for it when i get home!

  178. elizabeth said

    Madonna – I am glad Dizey is doing okay. I sure miss her around here.

    Mackenzie’s Momma – I was in Greely Colorado a couple of years ago (how time flies!) and really liked the area around there. Where is it you live? You may have already said, but I missed it.

  179. Elizabeth- I’m up in the northern part of washington state, on the western side(not the cold east side though I do love it over there too), in a rural town so in other words MIDDLE OF NOWHERE-ville, LOL. I visited Colorado, a number of years ago now, but wasn’t in the Greely area, but do remember how goregous Colorado was(in an all mountains kind of way).

  180. elizabeth said

    I’m in Oregon just Southwest of Portland. There are about 6 of us in this area and we like to get together periodically. They are a great group of women. It is nice to meet another North Westerner!

  181. laurel said

    Aha! Mackenzie’s Mamma is from the Northwest!!!! πŸ™‚

    And strategically placed for a visit when BT begins filming in Vancouver once more! (No I didn’t hear anything, just being optomistic). πŸ™‚

    Yes there are six of us along the I-5 corridor here in Oregon, and we get together whenever possible. If you have any plans to be in our area let us know!
    Moonbeam, Elizabeth, Arrowyn, Nisi, Gypsy and me.

  182. elizabeth said

    Hey Laurel – how is the writing going?

  183. laurel said

    The writing is going pretty well. I am trying to work on the meeting between Jake and Christina, but I’m really having trouble getting her vibe. 😦

    I do have some other stuff to add but you’ll have to decide if you want to read it out of sequence or not.

  184. elizabeth said

    Not out of sequence. I want to read the story as it unfolds so I can keep continuity πŸ™‚ I am sitting at my desk rubbing my hands together with anticipation of reading what you have written – no pressure there! πŸ˜‰

  185. elizabeth said

    It is time for me to head home. I will talk to you ladies tomorrow. Have a good evening.

  186. laurel said

    Yeah, well if I wrote it in sequence it would be a lot easier, but the little rascals just don’t tell me their stories in order. 😦
    Maybe Wildstar can teach me how to do that when she comes to visit. πŸ™‚

    See ya’ later E!

  187. Wildstar said

    hi laurel~
    teach you to what? I have yet to figure out how to keep the little rascals in line! sheesh they’ve taken over my life – I dream day and night about K and Garrett! well mostly Garrett – eh he h e

    so what are the problems you’r having anyway?

    well my dears I’m off to work on writing – which is funny becasue that is mostly what I did at work – I had receptionist duties this morning and then the system crashed for a while – fun fun fun…oh the best part was – I had two calls from people who had called yesturday and the receptionist told them “oh that persons not answeering the phone you should call back tomorrow.”
    excuss me!? your job is to find someone to help the client – now I know why she keeps forwarding calls to me – the *—- doesn’t want to deal with helping them. The other thing I found out is tht now that we have individual mailboxes in the copy room – shes putting everything inthere including over night packages – now if something comes overnight wouldn’t that indicate to you “oh maybe someone needs the s ASAP” and go hand it to them? nope she sticks it in the mail box!
    I have so much stuff I could say to the office manageer about her…but I think I will wait and see how long before she hangs herself…if I got complaints like that (I even had one caller tell me I was so much nicer then the girl who normally answers the phone) it won’t be long before tht gets back to the office manager with out my help…. (how do you make a little devil smiliy face?)

    TTFN my lovlies!

  188. laurel said

    The problem you are supposed to help me with is – how do i keep the story flowing in sequence. I get snippets of story and then things jump weeks, months, even years ahead. Things like . . . I have a guy who is single in the first few chapters and then I have him divorcing several years later. I need to fill in the time gap (because Elizabeth said so). hehehe
    I’m getting there, but it is difficult because I can’t figure out why on earth he married that evil woman in the first place! I have to make her likable enough for him to fall for her. Yeah, right! I already know how rotten she is…
    Okay, sorry for the rant. I have been working on this all afternoon, in my head, and now I have a headache and an orchestra concert/band to go to. All sixth, seventh and eighth grade musicians. Not bad, but not great with a headache.
    I’d better go feed the troops before we have to leave for the school.
    See you later! πŸ˜›

  189. Wildstar said

    awww poor laurel…I’d have to read what you’ve got to see if I can help….

    have fun at the concert! hopefully your head ache wont get worse πŸ˜›

    love you!

  190. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Boy, I’m tired. My meeting went from 2:30 to 6! At least I get to claim OT for any time I work past 4:30. I get time in lieu – not as good as pay, but if I’m able to collect time and a half to bank for vacation or long weekends for a few months I’m happy.

    Oh, I’ll have to check out the latest version of P&P now. I know who that actor is – the show was broadcast here on A&E under the name MI-5. And Keely has showed up in some Canadian productions.

    Mackenzie’s Momma (hmmm, we might need to find an abbreviation for you, oh like MM), chances are that if your grandma grew up in Alberta or Vancouver she has roots in Saskatchewan! That’s a big joke back home – half of Alberta is really from Saskatchewan. A lot of people in B.C. are too. So, you can speak Canadian, eh? Hmmm, we’ll have to see if we can figure out a way to type it too! LOL! Ladies, I promise we won’t get obnoxious about it.

    I’m out in the nation’s capital so if you ever make it up my way, let me know. That goes for everyone else if there is a convention in Toronto and the boys are there. Plus, I’d get to play tour guide – in a city I don’t live in. But I love being a tour guide. And at least I’ve been there a few times. Ah heck, I just love traveling!


  191. Wildstar said

    well I’m out for the night!
    Love you guys! if I get a chance I’ll try to check in tomorrow –
    oh I’m suposed to go to lunch with Paul on Thursday – if he doesn’t punk out on me, again….wish me luck!

    night dears!

  192. laurel said

    Fingers are crossed for Paul to keep the lunch date!
    Good night Wildstar

  193. laurel said

    Freyja – I hope we do get a chance to all get together. I speak a bit of Canadian too, thanks a couple of summer vacations in Vancouver and Victoria. Acutally it’s my Scottish ancestry (complete wi’ a wee bit ‘o brogue) that shows up when I cross the border, and my family teases me for it.

  194. E & Laurel- Yeah I may be down that aways in July but I’m not sure for how long, as it would be a ‘farm’ trip with a friend to pick up her new ram lamb. Last time I was in Oregon, was about 4 years ago for a ‘day trip’ to Salem. Nice place but was a little bit freaked out by the Portland traffic.

    Freya- Actually I think that her family hails from the Ukraine. After that I have NO idea. I know she was born in Lethbridge, Alberta and lived there until she was about 10, than moved to Vanc. to live with an aunt. I apparently wierded my father out today, while he was driving me to pick up my car from the mechanic, because I was listening to radio out of Vanc, and turned it up to listen to their traffic report. *shrugs* Typing Canadian can be a wee bit hard I’ve found, it just doesn’t translate well to the keyboard.

    Well I gotta run out and feed the girls they’re yelling at me.

  195. DebS said

    Laurel-How do we get another thread so that we can get to talking about Jess Calhoun. Can you set this up for us? πŸ™‚

  196. cdnfreyja said

    MM – it was just a joke. πŸ™‚ But there are tons of Ukranians in Saskatchewan as well. (which is why it could have been true) People tended to settle in ethnic blocks on the Canadian prairies. I’ve been to Lethbridge, yes indeed.

    When Ukraine went through their last election a number of people from SK went there as observers. In fact, many have been invited to do things like teach Ukrainian in Ukraine. Go figure! My town was about 70% German and 20% Ukrainian. Loved the fall fowl suppers at the Ukrainian Catholic Church hall – mmmm, perogies, cabbage rolls and the best apple pie.

    As for typing Canadian, throw in the ‘u’ where it should be and replace the ‘z’ with an ‘s’ wherever necessary! lol

    Laurel, you’ll just have to practice (or should I say practise) your Canadian when we meet! If I ever get to take vacation days …


  197. laurel said

    Cool MM! We’d love to hear from you when you find out about the dates you might be here. Wildstar is visiting in July and DebS in June so we will have our tour guide program worked out just in time for you. I totally understand about Portland traffic. It is not fun, but it isn’t nearly as bad as LA and I lived down there for several years. I live about ten miles south of the city, perfect if you’re on your way to Salem.

  198. rifkind said

    Hi Mackenzie’s Momma,
    Welcome to Ms. Gypsy’s
    I love the picture that your friend took of Kyle at MegaCon.. He looks so cute with Crash and Billy Bob.

    You had asked earlier about adding an Avatar to your wordpress account.
    I have instructions on my blog pages..
    Once you have added the Avatar, you need to be logged in to have the picture show up with your posts.

  199. rifkind said

    I am so sorry that you were sick after the MegaCon weekend. I’m glad that you are feeling better.
    We had such a great time, thank you for your hospitality.

  200. rifkind said

    I hope that you have a great time with Paul on Thursday… Let’s hope that he sees what a beautiful woman you are and gets together with you more often.
    Hugs Dear!

  201. laurel said

    Deb – If I can figure out how to let you post on my wordpress site we could just take our chatting about the Ghostwalkers over there.
    Rif? How do I make it so I don’t have to approve every post on my wordpress account?
    minxlaurel.wordpress.com is where I have a couple of pages set up and some of my short story things.

  202. rifkind said

    Here is what I noticed as I worked on my wordpress site.
    You can make either Posts or Pages.
    I make my entries as Pages.
    Log In
    Under –> Write –> Pages
    You can then choose to (Write Post) or a (Write Page)
    On the Page… On the right had side , top of the page Discussions: there is a check box for Allowing comments, and also allowing Pings.
    You also have to Publish your pages for folks to SEE it on the internet.

    Next step — this is where I think that your problem lies.
    GO to OPTIONS –> DIscussion
    Halfway down the page..
    Before a comment appears:
    you have these choices
    An administrator must always approve the comment
    Comment author must fill out name and e-mail (this is what I have selected)
    Comment author must have a previously approved comment

    Also further down is where you SET the number of links allowed before the post has to be approved:
    Comment Moderation :
    Hold a comment in the queue if it contains NN or more links

    make sure to click on
    (Update Options ) at the bottom of the page

    Good Luck
    Let me know if you need more info!

  203. Freya- ah, i knew it was a joke, just thought I’d toss it out there as I don’t know much about her family. Thanks for the Info! I haven’t ever been to Lethbridge but someday hope to visit. I will have to practise my canadian typing when I get the chance to.

    Laurel- I probably drove right by you when I went to salem(the fairgrounds) when I was last in oregon! I’ll let ya’ll know when(if) i head down that aways!

    Rif- I know I LOVE that pic too, and I love my friend even more for snapping it! She actually has NO idea who kyle is *gasps* unlike the other friend who at least got some ‘backround’ before going. Though I guess that my friend T’s mom(who went with her to the con) has now given me an ‘interesting’ reputation in Florida. Apparently she misheard something that Kyle said to T, and responded in quite the ‘colorful’ manner. *blushes deeply.

    Oh and thanks for the info on the avatar, I think i got it set up *crosses fingers* though I will have to get a better updated pic, since my hair hasn’t been brunette in weeks, and i am now a BLONDE.

  204. rifkind said

    MM just be prepared to be patient with the Avatar, when you first upload an image or even CHANGE an image, it can take about a half and hour or so for it to become available …
    SO just give it some time and then the image should show up.

  205. Rif- I have the image that USED to be me, but i haven’t even taken a good shot of the ‘new and improved’ me yet so uh, i don’t think it’ll be showing up in a half hour πŸ˜‰ kwim?

  206. Madonna said

    Hi girls,

    How is everyone this morning?

    We have rain here. Lots and lots of rain.

    Last night I was on Amazon feeding my paranormal romance addiction and I just happen to come across this and was really surprised.


    So I guess that means if I EVER finish my book I’ll have to use something other than my own name as it appears someone else is already using it. (Jean is my middle name.) I wonder what her first name is?

  207. Good morning ladies,

    I haven’t been feeling very talkative lately. Sorry.

    Cree — I’m glad to hear you are feeling better.

    Welcome MM — Since Freyja has endowed you with a nickname already I’m going to use it.Tell us more about the goat farming business. Are you talking about a small hobby type operation or something on a larger scale?

    Laurel — There is nothing wrong with your creative process taking you into the past and future of a character. This gives you a rich well of background information to draw on, resulting in a well rounded 3 dimensional character. I’ve done that quite a bit with Kieron as well. Let your mind wander. Write your ideas in a journal, you never know what will turn out to be useful or spark a bit of creativity on down the road.

    What you are doing is a great creative exercise and absolutely necessary. But when it comes to actually writing the story you can’t include it all. You have to focus in on one specific event or period of time that encompasses the story you want to tell. It might help you to define a plot. What is important? What lesson do you want to teach the reader? Instead of allowing the characters free rein, pick an aspect of their personalities/lives that you want to explore. Then stick to that. Items that don’t relate to or further that idea can be explored but shouldn’t be included in the actual novel.

    I hope that helps.

    Wildstar: Enjoy you date with Paul. Where’s my weekly dose of Garrett?

    Have a great day ladies. BTW Check out the new header I put up on my blog. What do you think?

  208. Madonna said

    And no I didn’t buy any of her books. I did however buy Zerophilia, Virus and The Sandy Bottom Orchestra. I’ve never seen it, but it’s the movie Kyle was nominated for an award for so I’ve gotta check it out you know?

  209. Madonna said

    Love it ‘Laise!

  210. Thanks Madonna! So you’re getting dumped on too huh?

    Maybe when you finish your book you can just go by Madonna. Oh, sorry I guess that’s been done too. LOL Well just think you’ll get to be totally creative in making up you new name.
    So did you ever get to check out the Horizon site? I know you were pretty busy getting ready for Megacon when I posted it and I haven’t really gotten to talk to you since you got back.

  211. Dani said

    Buongiorno Bellas

    You were awefully talkative last night after I left.

    MM When I was a teen my parents and I went camping somewhere and there were baby goats for sale. I was ready to snatch one up and take it home. They were so adorable. My parents put there foot down and said no. We had nowhere to put it anyway.

    Good luck on the lunch date with Paul, Wildstar.

  212. Dani said

    And we’re getting dumped on to.

  213. I find goats rather strange. I have a close girlfriend who’s goal is to some day have dwarf goats. They are adorable I have to admit, especially when they are young. You think they are cute and cuddly until you touch them and they are hard and bony. Kind of freaked me out a bit the first time I encountered one.

  214. BostonDeb said

    We have a “wintry mix” here. It was snowing earlier, but it looks like it stopped. I think we’re going to get the rain later. Bleh.

  215. Dani said

    Well they fur, hair, whatever it is you call it isn’t very soft. I remember that. It was more wirey but they are just so adorable I don’t care. I think all baby animals are adorable though so…….
    even the smelly ones like cows and pigs. I think a cows eyes are so solemn and they just melt you when you look at them.

  216. On the bright side I saw some green things pushing up it my garden when I got home yesterday and a HUGE flock of birds flying through the marsh this morning. Also my dog is shedding her winter fur in huge clumps. It’s just a matter of a little more time and a lot of patience.

  217. Dani said

    I wish I saw green things pushing through. That will happen next month. I am dying for better weather to tackle my mess of a garden. There is stupid ass brat of a kid that lives down the street that will not stay away from our yard because he knows the girl that Amber is friends with. He has managed to smash most of my fairy garden statues and trashed my mothers Madonna she has out there.

    The kids mother admits that she has no control over him. I said she needs to call SuperNanny and get Jo’s help. I seriously think nothing will help control him. He threw his damn sled in my parking spot so I would run over it. It wasn’t soft plastic, it was made of hard plastic that would literally break like glass if I had run over it.

  218. Dani said

    Of course his mother is the same girl that called me lesbian in front of my boyfriend in high school. I was devastated when she did that.

  219. Wildstar said

    thanks Dani!
    He still has time to cancell – again…shakes head – that boy just doesn’t know whats he’s missing…

    Anyway…gardening…I just planted some callas this weekend the weather was so nice nad warm – and now we are back to 40’s…grrrr – if my plant dies I am going to be so ticked…
    I bought a hyachinth to use as the center piece for Easter – the thing was baerly out of the dirt…now its 8 inches tall and blooming! all the flowers are going to fall off beofre the weekend and now ihav to go buy another one…. not happy!

    Baby goats! he he he…i was always afraid of goats – had one chase me at the pettign zoo once, tried to eat my shirt – never got over that!

    TTFN my dears!

  220. Wildstar said

    ok – so I’ve chased everyone away today – I killed the blog and not a single email! whaaaaa!

    ok – I’m going back to writing…I’ll check back before lunch is over

  221. Dani said

    sorry I was pimping my myspace page.

  222. laurel said

    I’m here! I had to get kids off to school and then my internet connection was out for a while. They started digging up the streets in our neighborhood this week to lay in the fiber optic lines. It’s supposed to be a three month project..
    Oh, joy.

  223. Wildstar said

    oh Laurel have fun – its Verizon right? they tore up my parents neighborhood to put in Fios and made a hell of a mess! at one place the laid the lines ON TOP of the drive intead of burying them becuase they would be required to dig up the drive and then repaire it! well the county inspetor is making them do it now – but only after the complaints about how dangerous it was to leave that cable exposed – people tirpping, kids messing with it, not to mention people having to drive over it to get to their house! idiots.

    so hows tricks?

  224. laurel said

    Oh, great. Now I’ve killed the blog! 😦

    Sometimes the three hour difference is hard to overcome. By the time I have the computer to my self you are all at lunch. Ah, well.

    Annalaise – Thanks for the advice. I’m not actually having trouble with too many loose ends, I’m just lamenting that I keep traveling forward and backward in time while writing. I need to edit so that it reads with a better flow. Actually I just need to fill in some of the gaps. I know what happened I just have to write it down so that I can give it to Elizabeth. πŸ™‚

  225. Wildstar said

    I’m here for a few more minutes – I was suprise d I could get on at all – the work system does not like WordPress for some reason.

    I was working on chapter 35 and a surprise for Rose – which I’m sure you’ll hear about soon.

  226. Wildstar said

    Laurel – with the time issue – I wrote down everything past present future and then arranged them to how tehey best fit into the story line – mostly flashbacks I guess you could say…the kind tha answer “how’d we get here?”

    well lunch is just about over so I must scaddle – we’ve got a bad afternoon ahead of us so i may or may not be able to get back online – but then it will probably only to check the email.

    Love ya!

  227. laurel said

    Simul-blogging!! πŸ˜›

    I’m writing lots, and needing to get a couple of things worked out so that I have something new to give to E.
    I’m not relating well to the evil #$%tch who’s chasing my favorite character. I can’t figure out why he falls for her.

  228. Annalaise duChat said

    Dani — Pimping or Primping????LOL

  229. Dani said

    Pimping! the website I use is http://www.pimp-my-profile.com

  230. Annalaise duChat said

    Oh! like Pimp my ride! Gotcha! Like I pimped my wordpress blog yesterday. I guess I’m just not “with it”. ;(

  231. laurel said

    Wildstar and Annalaise – I actually have an outline / timeline that I use to keep track of what goes where. It’s great for keeping track of what bits are still missing, and how old the characters are. I will eventually get rid of the actual dates I’m using so that it doesn’t become quite so dated, but for now it helps me. Mostly. πŸ˜›

  232. Madonna said

    I’m back for a moment.

    Ummm….. Getting dumped on is putting it mildly. We’ve had 8 inches of rain since yesterday morning. The Ohio river is already almost 2 feet above flood stage. Parts of the area are being hit really hard with flooding right now.

    You’d think my name wouldn’t be that kind of an issue would you? Now I am very intrigued and want to know what M. Jean Pike’s first name is.

    I hate to admit it but I’ve been a bad friend. I’ve been so busy I completely forgot about the Horizon site. I’ll dig up the link and check it out during lunch.

  233. Dani said

    That’s it Annalaise only I don’t think I would EVER pimp my ride.

  234. cdnfreyja said

    Nobody killed the blog. I was at a birthday lunch outside the office.

  235. Laurel — That’s something I’m going to have to do when I’m all done with my book. Very carefully go through and make sure all the ages dates and timelines are consistent. I think they are but it’s tough keeping track.

    I’m supposed to meet with my sister tomorrow to discuss some of the metaphysical stuff. She’s been studying it for years: chakra’s, rune’s, aura’s, akashic records, walk-in’s. I knew she was into that kind of stuff, but I didn’t realize how deeply until I spoke to her last night on the phone, and she didn’t realize how much my book dealt with that kind of stuff either. I had invited her to read it, but she’s been too busy. (So she says! LOL)

    Anyway, it should be interesting.

  236. BostonDeb said

    I’m here too. I had a doctor appt at 11. Then I got to work just in time to go to lunch. πŸ™‚

    Then I had a 1:00 meeting. I stuck my foot in my mouth during the meeting. My brain wasn’t firing on all cylinders I think. I made a comment about being able to get started on some “deep back end” code changes.

    Well, I work with grown men who have 12 year old brains. So, I will never live it down. One already sent an email to the whole project team….
    “I’m busy adding β€œDeep Back End” documentation to the wiki but every time I try to save it I’m receiving some strange β€œinappropriate language” warning. What’s up with that?”

    You gotta love these guys. πŸ˜€

  237. laurel said

    You’re right, they are all 12 year-olds!
    And that was pretty funny, you have to admit. Blame it on the Dr appointment, those things always mess up my brain. Dentists too.

  238. BostonDeb said

    That was from the same guy who smirks when someone mentions an application we have that’s called mailcannon.

    I didn’t get it until he said, “there’s more than one way to spell the word mail.”

    Boy did I feel dumb. Heh.

  239. I hate to say it but I’d smirk too.That’s a cute one, ya gotta admit.

  240. Dani said

    Weren’t talking about cannon’s on the email group or was that my imagination?

  241. I think I missed that one Dani, but knowing our girls…

  242. Madonna said

    I’m with Annalaise. That is pretty cute.

    I did look at the site. Do you work on all 3 of those books? I know you said you did a lot of work on hair and nail ads.

    They are very well done and it looks like it leaves some room for creativity.

    Unfortunately, when they want to put 30 cars on one page we don’t get a whole lot of room for creating anything.

  243. Madonna said

    Did you build that site too?

  244. No I din’t do the site and I only work on the Arts and Entertainment magazine, although I occasionally get do do an ad for Hair and Nails and dynasty. Pretty wild stuff, huh?

  245. Oh no I’m talking in ebonics!

  246. Madonna said

    Yep, pretty neat stuff indeed!

    Here’s one of the books I do. When someone looks at one of these ads they don’t realize that for us to efficiently put all those cars in there that all of those boxes have to be numbered. The car box, the description, price, etc….

    Most weeks we have to “shuffle” the cars around in the ads.


  247. Dani said

    Ebonics dude you need to stay out of the ghetto.

    Ciao Bellas

  248. Madonna said

    Here’s another….


  249. Very nicely done and professional looking. You do nice work!

    I understand what you mean though about getting tired of doing the same old thing all the time. Those Horizon Ads even get boring after a while. They look different and creative, but basically it’s just the same old, same old. Only I have to come up with new and exciting ways to do it. After 6 years of doing the same thing even that gets old.

    The problem is trying to maintain a high level of creativity on a REALLY tight deadline. The ads start trickling in about the second week of the month, but thedeadline for ad submission is the 28th. And guess what? That’s when everybody brings their ad in, on the 28th. Ronnie likes to have the magazines on the street about a week later. That includes press time. It gets rough. That’s why you guys don’t hear much from me that last week of the month.

    And vacations? All have to be planned around deadline becaus it’s just me with no one to pick up the slack. **sigh**

    I guess it goes with the business though.

  250. Dani I don’t go to the ghetto, the ghetto comes to me!LOL

  251. cdnfreyja said

    Okay ladies, gotta head home.

    ttyl – Freyja

  252. Dani in case you missed it last time I posted, this is the magazine I create.

    Horizon Arts & Entertainment is the one I do.


  253. rifkind said

    Afternoon Ladies!!!!
    Things have FINALLY slowed down for the day.. so I can sneak over here and catch the blog.

    WildStar … Dear sweet, WONDERFUL WildStar, has written a side-story for me in her Garrett/K universe..
    I get to “meet” Garrett… Oh My!!! Poor man was so hungry.. and I get to “Help him” with his hunger and discomfort…
    Wonderful Wonderful… such a nice way to spend my lunch.. reading a story with me in it… hee hee….
    Can I say YUMMY!!!!!
    Thanks WildStar… soooo much!

  254. laurel said

    Oh, sure! Rifkind the ‘snack’ girl! I can just imagine how that happened! πŸ™‚
    Obviously (according to the story setting) you were here in Portland and neglected to call me. 😦
    I guess I need to go hang out downtown a little, improve my chances of running into the hunky demon, Garrett.

  255. rifkind said

    Yes Dear… my alter-ego apparently lives in Portland!!!
    And the Portland version owns a nice little shop selling incense, books, crystals and candles.
    You should drop by and have a cup of tea with her!

  256. elizabeth said

    Rifkind – was your story posted somewhere that I can read it?

  257. laurel said

    Yeah Rif, I was about to ask the same question. I think you and I need to go hunt up the “shop” that Rif is working at. I know just about where it should be located.

  258. rifkind said

    We have to ask WildStar … she may not POST my story though until she has posted the other chapters up to that point..
    My side-story happens between chapter 34 and Chapter 35…


  259. rifkind said

    Well Ladies,
    I am out of here for a while,
    I will check back waaay later tonight.

  260. Annalaise- (do you have a nickname too? lol) I raise goats on the small scale, though I used to be a ‘larger’ scale operation before I went and had the midget (toddler). I currently have 7 females four of which are due to start giving birth April 1st(whose bright idea was that? oh wait- mine! LOL) I have a mix of different full sized breeds a couple nubians(big floppy ears), an alpine, an oberhasli(heidi goats), and a nubian/oberhasli cross.

    I have a friend who is in the process of opening a full scale goat dairy, in the next 6 months. I visit her farm about once a month for my mini-‘vacation’ and goat time(like i don’t get enough at home).

    Dani- I love goats too, just wait till my blog starts getting over run with baby pictures! I think I may let people virtually ‘adopt’ one this year.

    Today has been crazy around here, had speech therapy for the little one this morning, than had a bunch of stuff to do around town before returning to the farm for the ‘day to day’ stuff. Which adds about 4 things to my to-do list for the weekend now as I found a bunch of projects that need attention(including cleaning both barns UGH!)

  261. Wildstar said

    well, well, well – Rif has been braggin’

    I hadn’t planned on posting her side story until I finish posting the story and I’m afraid the posts are only up to chapter 18 and her story is between 34 and 35 πŸ™‚

    you know what a terribe tease I can be….ok who threw that!

  262. Wildstar said

    awww man – why do I get the feeling I’ll be writing side stories for a while…
    good news – I’m almost done with ch 35….will probably finish it this weekend.

  263. Wildstar said

    well my lovellies – I’m going to log out for the night – I’ll check in tomorrow!

  264. laurel said

    Good night Wildstar!
    Good night Rifkind

    MM – I had a bad experience with goats and a prom dress… Not as fond of goats as I might once have been. πŸ™‚

  265. DebS said

    Hey guys,

    Is anyone around?

  266. DebS said

    Laurel-Let me know if you find away for us to talk over at your blog…I saved it as a favorite.

  267. Annalaise duChat said

    Hi MM — Around these parts I’m often referred to as ‘laise and sometimes Doc duC and once in a great while Anna.

    ‘laise is good.

    Thanks for the goat info. Make sure you let us know when you post pictures of the babies!

  268. cdnfreyja said

    I’ve been around – checking out other things on the net and such tonight.

    Yeah – looks like I finally created a nickname for someone at the blog! Woo-hoo!

    I want the rain to stop – it started snowing last night (yes, more snow on top of the almost 14 feet of snow we’ve received this winter) that turned into freezing rain, that turned into rain that has now turned into snow. It never ends. And because of that 3 feet of snow we got just recently we’ve got lots of flooding going on and a risk of major flooding this spring – the highest risk in decades. I’m lucky because of where I live but it is a treacherous walk to the bus stop. It is either walk in the middle of the road in some places and risk getting hit by traffic or get submerged up to your ankles in murky melt water. Yuck!

  269. Annalaise duChat said

    Same here Freyja. It’s nasty out. We’ve got a lot of rivers overflowing. I’m glad I’ve got nowhere to go this evening.

  270. prtfvr said

    So THIS is where you all are. How come you guys aren’t at the newer thread? I was over there talking to myself for days! πŸ˜‰

  271. cdnfreyja said

    Yes, I’m glad I get to hang out inside too. Not looking forward to the trudging through the small lakes tomorrow morning, though! lol I just hope that a good amount of melting takes place over the long weekend. Everything is pretty much closed Friday so it should allow people to stay at home to avoid the nasty.

    Anwyay, I’m heading off to bed right away. I’ve got a good book waiting that I’m trying to get finished before I start on my next book club book. That one won’t be nearly as funny I’m sure (as it deals with slavery in Canada) but I think this one will be interesting. It had better be a heck of a lot better than the last books we’ve read. While I love books and love to buy them I’m thankful I can borrow these from the library – and that the closest library branch is 2 and 1/2 to 3 blocks away from where I live. Very convenient!

    Good night!


  272. cdnfreyja said

    prt, in our defence I was over there and did leave a couple messages telling everyone to come on over here.

    Has anyone asked MM what room she wants? Do we need to build another floor? That would make Elizabeth happy as she’d have to do more construction worker ‘interviews’. πŸ˜‰ I was thinking, did anyone keep track of that ’cause I can’t remember where everyone was and what we had incorporated into the place. Gee, that seems like such a long time ago … We need a separate blog post and comments just to keep track of where we all ‘live’.

    Okay, I really am going to bed now. Honest …


  273. DebS said

    Prtfvr-I spent some time over at the other thread before I realized I was alone.

  274. Laurel- I’m sooooo sorry about the goats and the prom dress! I had nightmares as we approached prom my senior year(we had goats pregnant) that just as I was getting ready to leave i’d go out to check the girls and one would be in labor and I’d have to deliver the kids(baby goats) in my bright blue dress(hence why that was the last time i wore a dress πŸ˜‰ )

    ‘laise- Not a problem I love to prattle on, about the goats so if i start talking about them too much just let me know!

    Freyja- I’m more than happy outside πŸ˜‰ though if ya’ll need somebody to mind the zoo, i’m more than happy to do that too!

  275. oh i wanted to share a link to my (new)photobucket account, where I’m storing all my BT stuff-backrounds, screencaps, etc. check it out if there is anything that catches you’re eye let me know!


  276. Annalaise duChat said

    Prtfvr — You came to the blog! Yay!!! Slowly but surely we’re going to draw everybody back out here!

    MM — Those are awesome pics! Thanks for sharing. I’ve got a few things of interest over at my place if you want to check it out, some Blood Ties artwork I’ve done. Make sure you go back to the older posts too. I have the comic I made for Dylan’s birthday T-shirt on there.


  277. rifkind said

    So you just kept wanting to party, Huh??
    Kept posting on the party thread??
    Hummmm a lot of party animals here!! LOL!!!!

  278. ‘Laise- LOVE that artwork you did! Mine I just did some screencaps and played with the settings on my photo software but i’m digging my awesome backrounds they make! Its so hard to put down Dell and get ‘real work’ done. I just want to sit and stare at my desktop all day *sighs* i currently have the “Heart Of Ice” dry brush on here and i LOVE it. so fun to look at!

  279. Wildstar said

    prtfvr – I was wondering where you were when you saaid you had been blogging ! Duh! never thought to check the party page – sorry…..

    well I’m suposed to have lunch with paul today – we’ll see if he shows….keep your fingers crossed!

    MM- love that picture of Kyle laughing!

    ok must start work now!

    see you at lunch………………

  280. rifkind said

    Good Luck WildStar,
    I hope that Paul keeps his date with you.
    I have my fingers and toes crossed for you that you two have a wonderful time.
    This is going to make walking around very difficult! But you are worth it!



  281. Dani said

    Buongiorno bellas

    Laise I seriously do not see a post from you with a link to Horizon until the one where you specifically said my name. Sorry! That’s a great job.

    Good Luck again wildstar!

    prtfvr-That was the party thread not the regular thread. Gypsy has always set up a separate thread for the partys then we come back. You haven’t been here in a while so you must have forgotten.

  282. rifkind said

    Do you raise goats just for the heck of it? Or do you plan to make goat’s cheese and be part of the goat dairy that your friend is going to have?
    I have seen some interesting shows on micro-cheese factories where it was a small-time operation and the woman was making specialty goat cheese.

    What got you interested in raising goats?

  283. rifkind said

    Did you get your WordPress site working ??
    Did my suggestions above HELP???
    Let me know!!

  284. Annalaise duChat said

    Thanks MM. I’m not sure what you mean by Heart of Fire Dry Brush. I didn’t see anything like that on your site.???

    Dani — You’re not crazy. It was way back before Madonna went to Megacon.

  285. Linda said

    Good Morning Ladies!

    The blog is really hopping the last few days. Good to see that!

    Wildstar — Good luck with lunch!

    MM — Love your pics. Thanks for sharing. How did you get started raising goats? A friend of mine has chickens. We get eggs from time to time. “The girls” produce some nice eggs, much better than any I buy in the store, even the organic ones.

    Rifkind – Speaking of walking, how is your knee?

    Must go work now…

  286. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies, a lunch time fly by.

    So, if MM is happy outside at the Clinic does that mean we get a zoo there too? lol

    I should be able to get the Secret Santa photos over to Ms. Gypsy soon! Yes, I know it is late but that is what happens when my computer isn’t compatible with my camera.


  287. cdnfreyja said

    MM – went to take a look at the MegaCon photos – OMG! That one of Kyle laughing really hard is priceless. I don’t know what the joke was but it must have been good!

  288. elizabeth said

    Good Morning everyone! Okay, for most of you it is actually the afternoon, but you catch my meaning! πŸ˜‰

    I am really thrilled to see the blog picking up again! I can keep it open on my desk top and check in whenever I get a chance. So much less stress!

    MM – Loved your pictures. Particularly the ones where Kyle is laughing. he makes me smile right along with him πŸ™‚

    Wildstar – I hope your lunch with Paul was good?

    Freyja – I am more than happy to start interviewing construction workers again for any new additions to the Bloody Ford Clinic. I set a high standard, you know πŸ˜‰

  289. laurel said

    Rifkind – I don’t think I figured out the changes for my blog pages. Do I need to be setting up a new page in order to have free discussion? Or do I need to add each person individually?
    Egads, I might have to learn something. What is the world coming to.

  290. rifkind said

    Thanks for asking Dear.
    The knee is trouble if I walk too far.. but I am mostly back to “normal”.
    I need to get those leg muscles around the knee cap strengthened, I should start taking some of my lunch time and walking a bit..
    I just get so busy with work, and I want to blog a bit at lunchtime!
    Hopefully when summer gets here, I will be out and about a bit more and strengthening the leg.

  291. rifkind said

    Did you try the stuff I put in my post
    Timestamp : March 18, 2008 @ 8:54 pm

    Be sure to do the second step
    Log into WordPress and go to your Dashboard then

    Next step β€” this is where I think that your problem lies.
    GO to OPTIONS –> Discussion
    Halfway down the page..
    Before a comment appears:
    you have these choices
    An administrator must always approve the comment
    Comment author must fill out name and e-mail (this is what I have selected)
    Comment author must have a previously approved comment

    That should apply to all pages and posts…
    You can either make a NEW page or Post
    Use an existing page /Post .. EDIT the page
    look on the right hand side at the top and be SURE that the
    ALLOW COMMENTS checkbox is checked

    Let me know if you tried these steps and still are having trouble

  292. Wildstar- yeah that one is pretty cute, i just wish I could clean it up a bit but alas, nothing has worked(it was a bad pic to start with).

    Rif- I actually wanted horses, but got goats instead(very long drawn out story there) and ended up falling madly in love with them and haven’t looked back. I breed show and working stock meaning that mine are ‘multi-functional’. I am slowly learning to make cheese from my friend but don’t plan on doing a micro or any other kind of dairy because of our regluations up here. I actually plan on going back to college to get a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine so I can specialize in Caprines(goats).

    ‘Laise- over on the left side there should be 2 ‘albums’ listed one called ‘episodes’ and the other ‘backrounds’. Dry Brush is a technique that makes a picture look like a painting(its really cool). If you look under Backrounds, you should see the ‘Heart of Ice'(i was looking at the wrong one) pic(Henry and Vicki) that is ‘dry brushed’. Or you could just follow this link: http://s251.photobucket.com/albums/gg306/BloodTiesFan/Backrounds/

    Linda- I got goats as a horse subsitute, but fell in love and since they are like chips haven’t looked back(you can’t just have 1 πŸ˜‰ )

    Frejya- I have a sneaking suspicion that I know what the joke was. I have a feeling that may have been snapped at the moment, that my friend T’s mom branded me forever with an ‘interesting’ reputation in front of Kyle(let’s just say I blush thinking about what she said!)

    Well I’ll see ya’ll later I have to run outside and get some more work done *sighs*

  293. laurel said

    Okay I’ve added a page for a test drive on my wordpress site, with the changes in place. It’s the one titled Blood Ties Chatter.
    Now if only I could remember why I wanted it. . . πŸ˜›

  294. rifkind said

    I added a comment to your new POST..
    You wanted to make a comment-able page because you wanted to chatter with DebS

    DebS said,
    March 18, 2008 @ 5:18 pm

    Laurel-How do we get another thread so that we can get to talking about Jess Calhoun. Can you set this up for us?


  295. cdnfreyja said

    Well MM, that must have been a mighty funny comment by your friend’s mom to get THAT kind of reaction!


  296. DebS said

    I left a message πŸ™‚

  297. Freyja- Yeah, it really was quite a funny comment(I’ve heard it several times now and it always makes me laugh). My friend was talking to Kyle, about me(since I paid for the siggy from him) and told him that I was a goat farmer and apparently Kyle said that was “kicking” (or something similar, i cant remember THAT part now lol) but T’s mom heard a slightly different, more ‘interesting’ word. If you ask nicely I may even share my horrid Orlando Reputation *blushes* gosh, it’s funny even just thinking about it!

  298. laurel said

    Debs – I’ve been over on the other site, talking to myself. Help!

  299. cdnfreyja said

    MM – okay, now you have to spill the beans! I can’t imagine what he could have misheard, but then again I’m going through resumes…


  300. DebS said

    Sorry Laurel! I was in meetings. I just left a message, and am now heading back to meetings. I will be home around 9pm my time.

  301. elizabeth said

    I think there must be something wrong with me…I have actually been noticing some really cute men here at work! Do you know how unusual that is for me??? I had put in a request to have the heat adjusted in my area because some of the employees were cold and the next thing I know this really (and I do mean REALLY πŸ™‚ ) good looking guy suddenly appears in my office. He wanted to let me know what he was doing to adjust the problems we were experiencing. That is a bit unusual for the maintenance staff. I’ve seen him around campus and thought he was attractive, but finding him in my office was a little unnerving. That is two good looking men that have sought me out lately to talk….hmmmmm. Oh wait, was I drooling on my desk? sorry *sheepish grin*

  302. rifkind said

    Oh E!
    I understand about the handsome guys making you drool at work.

    I used to work with a guy who was brilliant, I *LOVE* the smart men!
    He was also soft spoken and had the most beautiful hands… he had long fingers .. His own Dad was a surgeon and he had hands like his Dad’s.
    If we had both been single.. ….. well the mind wanders… Hee Hee!!!

  303. Freyja- Apparently T’s Mom thought that Kyle had responded to the fact that I am a goat farmer with the comment of “Kinky” *blushes* so she apparently came back with quite the off the wall comment(which i WILL NOT repeat) that has cause little old muah, to become known as the ‘kinky goat farmer’ in orlando *sighs*. T and I have agreed not to let her mom go to anymore con’s where T is getting autographs for me, because I do NOT need that reputation *sighs*

  304. laurel said

    MM – I love that story! My mom would have been making the same kind of trouble, and enjoying every minute of it. I do love her dearly, and aspire to be just like her. LOL
    Of course I couldn’t take her to a con with me because of the danger.

    Go Elizabeth! Are we going to have time for coffee this week? I need to hear details! Can you get a picture. hehehe

  305. Laurel- I love the story too, it just is a wee bit embarassing, if you think about it. It would be different if I knew T’s Mom, but I’ve never even TALKED to her, LOL.

  306. elizabeth said

    Laurel – I would love to sneak away tomorrow and meet you for coffee, but, unfortunately, I have to leave work early for an appointment – drat! How about Tuesday of next week? If that doesn’t work let me know what does and I will juggle my schedule if I have to πŸ™‚ Where has this week gone? Can you believe that Sunday is Easter?!

    Hypothetical question for you ladies…if someone faints dead away at your feet, what would you do? My character just did that and I was so surprised I quit typing. Now what?

  307. cdnfreyja said

    OMG MM! That is way too funny! No wonder he was laughing so hard. Luckily my mom would never say such things even by accident.

    Elizabeth, I can’t believe that Easter is here too! Way too early this year. But have fun with your office visitors when you’re back to work next week. I always get the ones who leer at you – you know the type … yeah … had one at the last office building and I hated it when they came in to adjust the air conditioner etc. Go leer at someone else, dude! And now I work at a place that has 20 employees and only 1 is a man.

    And don’t hog the construction workers too long – they’ll need to start on MM’s zoo.


  308. elizabeth said

    I promise *cross my heart* not to take too long with the construction workers. I also promise *big grin* to make sure they are thoroughly checked out before hired πŸ˜‰

    I hate the men in the office that leer. We have our share of those too, but lately I have been blessed with really gentlemanly eye candy πŸ™‚

  309. elizabeth said

    It is time for me to head home. I will check in with all of you tomorrow.

  310. Wildstar said

    Lunch was good – thank you for asking- we walked down to this Argentinian (sp?) place – I got wood stove pizza – very good.
    We talked about his job search and that its going slow etc etc…hey – I got to spend an hour with him! happy me.
    i was telling him about prtmama and Claire and he said he would say a prayer for both of them – he also agreed that prtmamas husband is a jerk!

    of course he just had to ask if I was going to go to church on Sunday – I told him no….that boy has really got to learn to trust my spirituality…anyway it was very nice ….we talked about the recent break ins in the building – their office was one of the ones that got broken into, and we talked about my new position and that I’m not getting the training I though I was going to get…it was nice to just spend time with him…now if he would just losen up!

    oh BTW he’s decided to keep the scruffy look – sigh…… short short blond hair, and scruffy face….he has the most beautiful light blue eyes…….where was I? no I didn’t touch his face or his hair – but I sooooo wanted too!

    FYI: I wore a low cut blouse, straight leg pants and heels – too obvious?

    he touched my arm and I had to bite my lip to keep from giggling like a school girl!

    funny thing is this was suposed to be his b-day lunch and before i could take my wallet out – he paid!

    so that was how my afternoon went… πŸ™‚

  311. Annalaise duChat said

    Glad you had a good time Pat! It sounds awesome.

    Elizabeth — Smelling salts??? LOL

    MM- saw the picture. Very Cool!

  312. Wildstar said

    well I think I’ll log out for the night – seems to be quiet tonight..

    talk at you guys later!

  313. laurel said

    E – it all depends on who was there when she hit the floor. Too funny that you were surprised, that sounds like something I would say.
    Next week is spring break and Steve is taking us ‘day-tripping’ around the state. We are going to Eugene for Easter dinner and then staying for a couple of days. His dad died just a couple of days after Easter last year and it was our last visit with him, so this year is kind of odd. Not sure how everyone will be feeling.
    I could meet you Saturday morning maybe? Let me know.

    Wildstar – I’m glad you had a good lunch with Paul. πŸ™‚
    It sounds like you were dressed just right for a lunch date, dear. I’m proud of you going for the ‘Hot” look. hehehe

  314. DebS said

    I just wanted to stop by and say hey before i went to bed.

    Dani-I finished Magic in the Wind tonight. I think I am really going to like The Drake Sisters.

    Portland Gang-I put in for vacation the week of June 21. I hope this is okay. I sent out an email yesterday, but didn’t get a response. I can’t wait to meet you all!!!

    Have a great night everyone!

  315. cdnfreyja said

    Wildstar – glad to hear things went well. I agree with the wardrobe choice! No, not too obvious. But believe it or not I actually misread that line the first time. I initially read it as HE was wearing the low cut blouse and had to give my head a shake. Gee, have I been stressed much this week??? πŸ˜‰

    MM – well, now that we know what you do in your spare time the ladies who go to any future conventions can do a little ‘psst, you know the kinky goat farmer? She’s one of us.’ j/k lol

    And you know what ladies, I’ve been seeing our lovely little mascots Crash the Monkey and Billy Bob the Goat popping up all over the Internet. Those pictures you ladies took with Kyle and the little guys at MegaCon are turning out to be quite a hit with everyone.

    Oh, and I haven’t mentioned we had a small earthquake just south of here today. Yes, mayhem abounds.


  316. ‘Laise- yeah it makes for a bit of nice eye candy on my backround when I boot the laptop!

    Freyja- earthquake? you okay? how big was it? T and I have had a huge running joke revolving around the whole ‘kinky goat farmer’ bit *sighs* I have a feeling I won’t be living THAT reputation down anytime soon!

  317. laurel said

    So, MM do we change you to KGF? Inquiring minds…..


  318. rifkind said

    Anne has posted her info about Kyle’s convention appearances over at the Par-tay thread..

  319. Laurel- How about a pass on that one? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ I’d rather just stick with MM, though I have a feeling there may not be a choice here πŸ˜‰

    I forgot to mention the part where Kyle apparently gave T the 9th degree(she went with the classic ‘can i get you’re autograph for my friend’ line) when he found out what I do for a living(i didn’t realize goat farming was so awesome, LOL) and that I live ‘near seattle'(what T said). Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go find my comfy corner and hide out some more thanks πŸ˜‰

  320. Arrowyn said

    Apparently, Lifetime liked the amount of times we downloaded and bought the Blood Ties game (50,000 sales). As of yesterday, they’re offering another game — unfortunately not with a Blood Ties theme. Of course, it’s Lifetime, so we can’t tell whether they kept track so they could see how popular a downloadable game was — or how popular a downloadable Blood Ties game was. I’ll be curious to see if LT gets as many downloads and sales from THIS game.

    Following the success of “Blood Ties,” Lifetime Games launched its second downloadable game today, this time with a fashion focus.


  321. Arrowyn said

    Calling the Portland Gang and friends of the Portland Gang! The JumpCon site lists the cities where the events are going to be in 2009 (no links yet) — and there’s going to be one in PORTLAND on March 13, 14, & 15! Let’s keep a close watch to see if Baby Boy will be there or, as an alternative, anybody else that we like!

  322. Wildstar said

    Good morning!
    just a quick fly by to check in.

    I’m going to try and stop back at lunch.

    whoo hoo mor echances to see Kyle at a convention and so far it looks like I won’t be able to make any of them 😦

  323. Annalaise duChat said

    Anybody thinking about Pittsburgh PA in the summer??? Madonna? prtfvr?

  324. Annalaise duChat said

    …..and for any of you interested I’m pretty seriously thinking about the Sci Fi/Fantasy/Horror writer’s convention in September Context 21 in Columbus, Ohio.

    Tanya Huff will be there and it’s on her birthday!


  325. Dani said

    Buongiorno bellas.

    I__can’t__believe__Kyle__is__going__to__be__so__close__to__me!!!!!!!!!!! I am so going to be there in Boston. I noticed that there is a Jumpcon in Stamford CT In July. Why can’t he do that one? You could all bunk at my place and my mom’s place.

  326. rifkind said

    Morning Ladies,
    We are supposed to be slammed with 10 inches of snow … YUCK.. Don’t you just love spring weather?

    It’s cute that Crash and Billy Bob are an internet hit, well I think that their co-star.. KYLE, was so darned cute posing with them. I just LOVE the grin on his face. You can’t help but smile when you look at that picture.

    Do any of you remember the old Coke commercials with the toddler and all the puppies bouncing around and kissing the baby?? That was another time when you can’t help but smile and feel warm inside when looking at the pictures.
    It’s nice when a picture gives you a virtual {{HUG}} like that!

    Happy Friday Ladies, and many {{HUGS}}

  327. rifkind said

    I popped over to Tanya’s blog and see that she is working on a for the next Valdemar anthology. How cool would that be if you both had stories in that Universe?. You may want to check it out. From what I read, there IS another anthology and her submission was due last week.


    Tanya also has a post that lists the conventions that she will be attending this next year.

  328. Linda said

    Morning Ladies,

    Rifkind — Sorry for your weather! I won’t say what ours is like today. Unfortunately it supposed to get cold and rainy here later this weekend.

    Kyle with Crash and Billy Bob…warm fuzzies abound!

    Wow! Four conventions… Kyle must have decided he likes doing these.

    Happy Friday girls… will be back to check in later.

  329. Dani said

    How about the Boston one? Anyone? Anyone? I would hate to be the only one going. Since BostonDeb lives there she may be going but it would be wonderful if several of us went.

    I forgot to tell you, When I got home yesterday I had green poking through the dirt. My hyacinths are peeking there little heads out of the earth. Yippee!

  330. cdnfreyja said

    Okay, just lost my response to you! Stupid computer. I’ll be so glad when I get my work laptop, hopefully some time next week! Anyway here is what I started to say.

    I love holiday Fridays followed by holiday Mondays.

    MM – no, the earthquake wasn’t big. There are a couple of fault lines around here. There have been a few earthquakes since I moved here almost 7 years ago but nothing major. There was a 5.5 close by a few years ago in the middle of the night. You know, waking up to your bed shifting wondering what the heck is going on. I remember thinking ‘wow, that was a really big transport truck to shake the ground like that’. But of course it wasn’t a transport truck on a side street at 3am. lol

    Rif – I feel your weather pain! It has finally stopped snowing (for now) but this city gets 11% of its annual snowfall after the first day of spring. So, if that holds true this year we’re still due for over 42 cm of snow yet. It is sunny today, and should be all weekend. But the forecast for here and all of Canada except where my parents live is for below normal temps for the next month. Usually the snow is gone by now and a few green things are popping up. Not this year – they’re buried under many feet of snow.

    Ladies, discuss possible convention dates, meets, etc. I’ll see what I can do to meet up with some of you somewhere. I’ve been to both Dallas and New Orleans before and wouldn’t mind going back to either. In Dallas I could see my friend and finally meet his wife and their new little guy. In New Orleans I could just have fun! And what about our resident member? We miss you my dear!

    But I’m game to go anywhere as it means I can travel and explore! I’d just like to know when Kyle is going to make an appearance north of the 49th!

    Okay, back to housework.


  331. laurel said

    Rats, no con out West. That’s not fair!

  332. elizabeth said

    Laurel – I keep forgetting that Sunday is Easter! I am sorry your Father-in-law passed away last year. I know that will add sadness to the day for the family.

    Which Saturday were you talking about? This Saturday I will be testing for my Purple Belt at the Dojo. Usually, I am only capable of crawling home and collapsing in a sweaty heap after the tests. This one is supposed to be harder – heaven help me! Next Saturday I can certainly meet you. Let me know when you get back in town and we can figure it all out πŸ™‚ I will try not to have serious withdrawal in the meantime πŸ˜›

    Has anyone played the Lifetime Blood Ties game? I can’t access it (stupid job!) but I seem to remember some of you downloading it.

  333. Elizabeth- yes I downloaded, played and beat the Blood Ties game, though I got it from a different source. It was okay but no where near as fun as I thought it was going to be(come on they so could of had a way cooler game).

    Happy friday all! I am off to town in a bit to finally run some errands that I should of done on monday *sighs* i really should stop procrastinating!

  334. Wildstar said

    Heading home in a few…they decided to let us go early!
    I’ve spent a good part of the day goofing off anyway…

    I’ll check in when I get home later – Have a great weekend everyone!

    I’ll be visiting with Prtmama and Claire-bear Monday…I promise to give a full report when we get home!

    and one last Peep! Peep! Peep!

  335. laurel said

    Oh dear Elizabeth, I don’t know if I can wait until next Saturday! Waaaaah!
    I hope your testing goes well, and that you are less damaged by the process than you anticipate.

    MM – Procrastination is an art form! I have achieved the pinnacle of success in this particular craft and anticipate receiving my PhD – if I ever get the paperwork in. πŸ™‚ I welcome you as a member of the clan.
    Wildstar – are you really getting to go home already? Nice!

    Happy Spring Holidays!

    Prayers to all who are dealing with flooding and more winter weather. πŸ™‚

  336. BostonDeb said

    Hi ladies! It’s been a busy couple of days for me. We had a departmental outing yesterday afternoon at a bowling/laser tag place. I’ve never tried laser tag before. It was so much fun.

    My daughter is spending tonight and tomorrow night at my mom’s house. We’re going into downtown Boston tonight for dinner and a show with some friends. Then tomorrow we get to do whatever we want. Wooooohooooo! We’ve never had 2 nights child free before. I’m so afraid we’ll get a call tomorrow saying she wants to come home.

    So, have a great weekend everyone. I probably won’t be online much.

  337. elizabeth said

    Laurel – I am planning to take next Thursday and Friday off of work. If you make it back to town let me know and I will gladly drop my paint brush to meet you somewhere! I have grand plans to paint the spare bedroom, but I am also a fully vested member of Procrastinators Extraordinaire and who knows what will happen! My ambition is far outstripped by my ability to put things off πŸ™‚

    BostonDeb – Enjoy your time child free! It is such a welcome respite when you get a little time to reconnect with your husband and friends and then such a joy when you have the little one back again. A total win – win!

    Wildstar – enjoy your weekend and your visit with Claire and prtfvr!

  338. laurel said

    Elizabeth – I think next Thursday might work! I have to take six girls to the train station in the morning – 10:30am I think. Then it will be just me and Rose. We are going to Cirque d’Soleil Wed night! I’m so excited,

  339. DebS said

    Hi everyone,

    I am home for the night. I have this whole weekend off. It is the first weekend I haven’t had to work since January. i am so excited to relax!

    Dani-When is the Convention in Boston? When are all the conventions again?

    I spent all day today with 11 and 12 year old girls for a huge Field Day event at my work. I am absolutely exhausted.

  340. elizabeth said

    Laurel – Give me a call when you are free and I will meet you! I went to Cirque
    d’soleil several years ago and was absolutely blown away by the whole thing. Have you seen it before?

    I was just cleaning my stupid glasses and the plastic nose piece just snapped off! Now, I have to try and figure out how to fit in a trip to Binyon’s in order to get my glasses fixed. It isn’t helping that my eye is twitching because I am stressed and currently overworked either! Arrrggghhhhh!

  341. cdnfreyja said

    Wildstar – spread the peeps! Have fun on your trip.

    Elizabeth – good luck! And why is it that things like this have to happen at the most inopportune of times?

    Deb – have fun on your weekend!

    Laurel – what is this about a Ph.D.? Hmm, fess up? I have my M.A. thesis sitting on my bookshelf – hate it, not happy with the way it turned out but I keep it there as a reminder of the fact that I finished the program and can use those two little letters.

    The Easter ham is in the oven but I won’t get any soup made from it this weekend. I can’t eat down to the bone that quickly all by myself! lol


  342. laurel said

    PhD in procrastination!
    Freyja – I actually have a BA in Political Science and Communications – Broadcasting. Minor in Muisc
    I worked on an MA in Public Admin. but I got bogged down by having a real full time job. Years ago and far away….

  343. Laurel- thank you for the welcome to the procrastination club? I went and paid my insurance(finally, kind of forgot about it last month OOPS!).

    While I was out I stopped at Ross planning on picking up a nice skirt, but ended up walking out with 3 sets of Pj’s for the toddler and a waterproof mattress cover. I have a little over 2 weeks to find a GOOD skirt/shirt combo for my dinner in Vanc. on April 3rd. *sighs* I DONT WANNA WEAR A SKIRT!

  344. DebS said

    MM-this may have been asked before, but where do you live?

  345. elizabeth said

    I am leaving work a little early today. So I hope all of you have a safe and happy Easter. For those of you traveling this weekend – be safe. Toodles πŸ™‚

  346. laurel said

    See ya’ Elizabeth! Good luck tomorrow!
    I’ll be home if you need someone to come and get you after your test. πŸ™‚

  347. laurel said

    MM – Which Vancouver are you going to? North or South?
    I totally understand about not wanting to wear a skirt for a dinner, I’ve done it and been fine, but I always wish I could find a really great dress.

  348. Deb S- I live north of seattle, Washington about half way to Bellingham and the Canadian Border(i’m an hour north of seattle, and an hour south of canada).

    Laurel- I’m going to the ‘NORTH’ Vancouver, I’m driving up for a fan dinner with the writer of one of my other favorite shows(stargate atlantis). I am meeting one of my fandom friends, actually the one who is currently in possesion of my megacon pictures. I am NOT a dress, or skirt person, and the last time I wore either was to my senior prom back in May of 2005. I am a giant blonde tomboy go figure. πŸ˜‰

  349. DebS said

    MM-Cool, Seattle. I have never been to the west coast. But I am going for the first time this summer. πŸ™‚

    I love Stargate Atlantis! I have been a huge fan of the franchise since the movie in ’94 and the show in ’96.

  350. DebS- When you come out here where are ya headed? I’m rather new to the franchise, having just picked it up last April. I started with SGA, then have recently picked up SG1 having fallen in love with Sam and Jack! It is nice to know that there is a fellow fan here!

  351. cdnfreyja said

    Well Laurel, I might have to join you in procrastination land then. I’m a very good procrastinator. Except for my tax return this year.

  352. Annalaise duChat said

    MM- My daughter loves your baby goats. She says she wants one. She alos says the your hair ins the same color as her’s now! Cool

  353. msgypsy said

    New post is finally up. Sorry for the delay. I’m having connectivity problems. Working on it, though…

    Here’s the link.


  354. ‘Laise- how bout I let her ‘virtually adopt one’? much less mess, and very little upkeep πŸ˜‰ LOL about the hair, I’m trying to eventually get back to my ‘natural’ color that I haven’t seen in years, something about I got tired of the ‘dumb blonde’ jokes.

  355. Annalaise duChat said

    MM — I’m sure she’d love to virtually adopt one! Actually her hair is red. Kind of strawberry blonde. I’ll get some pictures uploaded to photobucket and post the link.
    I’m going to head over to the new thread now.

  356. Noble said

    helo! The babes are here! This is my sexiest site to visit. I make sure I am alone in case I get too hot. Post your favorite link here.

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