I just couldn’t resist making this one

 Yeah, yeah, I’m a vinx, I know I’m not supposed to be drooling all over Henry but this facial expression begged for the macro. Plus, I may not drool over him but I can certainly see the appeal.

 “Jericho” starts up again tonight, and it gives me such hope. If CBS could find a way to bring back “Jericho,” there MUST be a home somewhere in U.S. television for “Blood Ties.” I think that’s my new mantra: As Jericho, so Blood Ties.

Well, maybe not QUITE that. But similar.



  1. Dani said

    The cat macro link didn’t work for some reason. I like the macro above though. I would be more like JC it’s Henry.

  2. Dani said

    Time to head home. Chances are there is no dance class tonight. We will see. Ciao bellas

  3. Anzia said

    Gypsy- LOVE the cat macro at the top! Laughed hysterically!

    Dani- I noticed the name change. Just felt stupid pointing it out so I didn’t. ^_^ And I don’t Kick your ass…i nudge it. ^_^

    LAISE (And you too DANI)- I LOVE editing! SERIOUSLY! Dani I swear if you stop sending me your story I’ll hunt your butt down! I Love doing this. Really I do. It makes me feel like i’m a part of something beautiful and amazing. I always feel like my writing is missing something. When i’m editing, I don’t have that anxiety and I get to have a tiny hand in creating the wonderful literary escapes ya’ll are making. As long as you don’t expect it back tomorrow or next month or anything like that Laise you’ll get it back. I PROMISE. I take great pride in the fact that people like me helping them on their “Brain Babies.” (you have NO IDEA how much pride i take in it!) Please don’t take it away! I’ll get you something by the end of the week. Probably the first couple of chapters that I have done. 🙂

  4. lwildstar said

    well it got icy here – I begged a ride home and it took forever – but I got home, safe and dry – although some idiot did try to cut us off, then pulled back into his lane, put on his blinker and came back over! idiot!

    anyway – Dani – I havent had a chance to reread chapter 2 – I read once through just for the story – the second read is for grammer etc – but I get caught up on my story and i forget 😦 I’ll try to read through again tonight and make notes…its a really good story and I don’t want you to stop writing it…..

    ok off to read emails

  5. lwildstar said

    all righty ms. Dani – just emailed you my edits!
    Printed my last 50 postcards –
    and now I’m going to work on my story for a while…..

    HUGS to everyone!!!!!

  6. Annalaise duChat said

    Hi Anzia — I left you a message earlier but I didn’t realize my daughter forgot to log out of her account so it’s under her screen name and I think it went to the spam bucket. Maybe someone could retrieve it. But basically I said if you want to continue I really appreciate it, but please don’t let it stress you out. It’s not worth it to me to have you get sick over it. Take it easy. I’m in no rush.

  7. Chery said

    ALERT! I was just on Denis McGrath’s Website, “Dead Things on sticks” and he just posted:

    I guess you know who is keeping track.
    This might help to save the show so PLAY, PLAY, PLAY

  8. Anzia said

    Laise- I will continue. ^_^

  9. msgypsy said

    There! That’s the original cat macro. The Torchwood one has to wait.

  10. Chery said

    oh, he posted this TODAY. Someone posted a comment, and Denis said “read between the lines”
    so we all need to download the game and get as many people as possible to do so.

  11. msgypsy said

    And now, Chery, I know why I have two computer. LOL! So I can play AND watch “Jericho” at the same time.

  12. Madonna said

    Good morning ladies!

    How are all of you?

    If I weren’t sane I’d swear Astoroth really has been loosed on the world and is wreaking havoc here in Kentucky. Seriously, I’m just getting over the bronchitis from hell, my dad has the same thing, my niece has strep throat, my sister is having chest pains and from 11pm – 2am my mom was in the ER last night. She is having severe lower back pain. She had major back surgery in the early 90’s where they removed two disks and did a fusion. She couldn’t tell if it was something wrong there or if maybe she was trying to pass a kidney stone. They did a CT and there is no stone which means it’s probably her back. Not a good thing. She’s going to try to get in to see the orthopeadist today.

    This is also the second morning that we are dealing with the snow and ice and I’ve had seven hours of sleep in the past two days. I start work at 9 and I don’t get off til 8 tonight. UGH!!!! Everyone think good thoughts for me and my family today OK? Right now I don’t know how I’m going to make it.

  13. moonbeam said

    Gracious Madonna,

    Prayers and positive energy going there big time to and your family plus some good weather!!!!!

    love, Moonbeam

  14. Linda said

    Hello ladies!

    I was going to alert you to what Dennis McGrath said about the Blood Ties game, but Chery already has. I downloaded it, but it looks as though it is for windows. I have a mac. Hopefully they count that it was downloaded, even though I can’t play.

    Also, I did see an advertisement for the Blood Ties game when I was channel surfing recently. It startled me, because it looked like a promo for the show. Anyway, when I flipped back I saw that the commercial was showing on LMN.

    Madonna, take care of yourself. Be careful on the ice and snow. I hope you and your family are feeling better soon!

    Love, love, love the cat macro!!

  15. Dani said

    Buongiorno bellas.

    I got your edits wildstar. Thanks.

    Maybe I should take my story away from Anzia. If it makes her hunt my butt down it means someone will visit me and I will be so damn bored all the time. With Kelly having no phone(cell or home) I can’t call her and she can’t call me so we haven’t been getting together. She is my only friend here. I have started getting restless and am very very bored all the time.

    When I left work yesterday it still wasn’t doing anything. Got home from Amber’s dance class it still wasn’t doing anything. Maybe and hour after that it started lightly snowing. Seriously all the things that were canceled last night didn’t need to be.

    My 14 year old neice Alli is having her hip replaced on Tuesday. Please keep her in your prayers.

  16. Himmiefan said

    Poor Madonna! Hope you and your family get better soon!

    Maybe there is still hope for BT. I was just about to head over to Denis’s blog anyway for his take on the writers’ strike ending.

    Jericho started again last night?????? How did I miss that???? CBS had sure better have it posted on it’s website or things are not going to be pretty!

  17. Arrowyn said

    Here are some nice screencaps of Christina from “Making Mr. Right”. I hadn’t seen her in much besides BT (except for the Bones eppy — ick!) and I didn’t realize how much of Christina herself is in her roles. I guess I also didn’t exactly realize how good the BT makeup people really are. Vicki is beautiful, but when I saw Christina in this movie, I realized how much the BT makeup department “plains” her down. Remarkable!


  18. Arrowyn said

    I apologize. I know I’ve been pretty MIA from the blog for a long while and I’ll try to rectify that as much as I can. You never know if maybe somebody is keeping score on posts. I’ve been keeping up on the emails (mostly), but I’ll try to do better by the blog.

  19. Dani said

    I just think if everyone does a quickie everyday about BT it would help let TPTB know that the interest is still there.

  20. lwildstar said

    I can’t download the game! my home computer doesn’t have the memory and I’m not allowed to download games at work – 😦 I really really want to play the game and “go hunting” with Henry! but its a good sign I think that someone produced a Blood Ties game.

    I mailed another 10 postcards today! good thing my printer has ink…

    off to check emails – I’ll stop by again tonight.

    Madonna – if you find the demon plague you please send him/her/it to prtfvrs boss…oh and since it only seems to bother nice people be sure you lie and say thats “the boss lady” is a wonderful person…. he he he

  21. Dani said

    I downloaded the game at work but I can’t get it to work because my memory is so low.

  22. lwildstar said

    dani – theres a smart a$$ comment there – but I can’t find it!!!!

    well lunch is over and I must return to work 😦
    I really just want to write….I tried to watch an epi of Blood Ties online but it froze on my … piffle….

    ok dears..

  23. Dani said

    I was waiting for someone to catch it.

  24. Anzia said

    Dani- we have PERMISSION do have a quickie every day? are you serious??? I LOVE YOU! 😉

    Is the game on un-named website???

  25. Dani said

    Yes but only one quickie 😉

    The game is at the website that shall not be named but it is also at big fish games.

  26. Dani said

    I was looking at Gypsy’s macro again and I think I would actually say Sweet Jesus it’s Henry! Get thee to my bed, now!

  27. Madonna said

    Thanks guys!

    I talked to my mom a little while ago and she is pretty much bed ridden.

    Me, I’m trying quite unsuccessfully to keep my eyes open.

    If I find that evil demon plague, prtfvr’s boss is toast.

    UMMMMM….. I think I’ll pass on the quickie. I want more than just that. lol…..

  28. Dani said

    I would go for anything at this point. I’m not getting any younger and I’ll be damned if I am going to die with my body in this condition.

  29. Dani said

    Ciao bellas I need to get home and continue my story. I am on a roll now.

  30. lwildstar said

    justrt checking in…is any one here?

    well I’m trapped on the phone with my sister! ahhhhhhh!

    I’ll try to come back…I’m going to print some post cards

  31. lwildstar said

    well I ditched my sister and theres no one here to talk too 😦

  32. lwildstar said

    well I seem to have run everyone off the blog – and the email is quiet too….

    did you guys have a party and forget to tell me?…pouts…Henry better not be there….

  33. Vicki said

    I will say a little prayer for your niece….sounds dreadful….

    Thanks for the Valentine…beautiful..and it sounds like we are sharing the same cold symtoms…I cant seem to get rid of it…The good news is….I am NOT hungry..LOL..I actually may loose some weight in this mess…

    Not a great way to go..but oh well…nothing taste good..and just the thought of food makes me woosy…(is that a word??).

    anyway..sorry I have been a delequent sister for so long..I am working on trying to be better at it..busy busy busy..life..family…stuff…work…you know the drill

    The Diva

  34. Madonna said

    Good morning girls!

    I got some sleep last night so I am feeling better.

    How are all of you?

    Good to hear from you. Sometimes sickness is the best diet isn’t it? I’ve lost about 15lbs myself the past 2 weeks. I’m doing Slim Fast but the bronchitis helped quite a bit with that.


    I had to look this song up and share it with all of you. It’s another one of my cute little favorites from the sixties and it’s Valentine’s appropriate.

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Enjoy!

  35. lwildstar said

    I frigg you guys!

    I’ll try to come back at lunch….

  36. Dani said

    Happy Valentines Day Bellas I frigg you all.

    Vicki trust me we all understand when life gets in the way. Thanks for the prayers.

    I sent an email complaining about last night and this morning.

  37. Himmiefan said

    Madonna – glad to hear that you’re better.

    Vicki – hope you feel better soon!! Alas, tis the season.

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! My VP just gave all the ladies SpongeBob SquarePants chocolates. I just had to laugh.

  38. Linda said

    Good morning ladies,

    A very happy valentines day to everyone!

    Vicki, sorry you are sick, hope you are feeling better soon.

    Madonna, glad that you are feeling better. Be careful on the ice. I hope the rest of your family is feeling better too.

    Dani, {{{{Hugs}}}} Hang in there, things will improve.

    wildstar, can’t wait to read the next chapter!

  39. laurel said

    Happy Valentines Day!

    At my house we started the day with mini-cinnabons (got everyone together in the morning for a change) and now I’ve had about all the sugar I can handle. lol

    Dani – prayers for your niece and her pending surgery. I hope this improves her life and relieves her pain. (Nice name change, btw)

    Sorry I was MIA for a couple of days, my parents stayed longer than anticipated and since they have a tendency to stand behind me and read over my shoulder I decided to give you all your privacy. 🙂

    I have invited someone over here to talk vampire with us. She is my daughter’s friend and LOVES to discuss the various vampires. She gave me a book called “The Vampire Encyclopedia” that has everything up to the early 90’s – except Henry! (no Tanya huff at all, 😦 ) I think we’re more expert on that subject than any book could be so it isn’t a problem. 🙂
    She is the one who drew me a picture of Mike after a long talk about Blood Ties last summer. I think I even had her send out some post cards in July.

    *HW – stop lurking and post something tonight, please. 😎

    Well, Thursdays are hubby’s “day off” and once he gets new tires on the truck we’re going to go run some errands together.
    Talk at you later!

  40. Dani said

    Thanks Laurel.

    I want to get all those ology books. Fairyology and pirateology and dragonology. I now there are more but I can’t remember them all.

  41. laurel said

    Oh, yeah… Hi Vicki! Good to see you here!
    Madonna – Thanks for the song and video, they were cute.
    Linda, Himmi, Wildstar, Z – good to see so many over here!

    I need to try to download the BT game. I don’t think it will play on my hubby’s laptop and he’ll have a fit when he finds out i’m putting it on there. My Mac won’t play it but I’m going to complain to LT about that while I’m over there.
    I keep looking for t-shirts and such to show up with the logo for Blood Ties. If they don’t show up with something soon I’m going to be forced to make my own.

  42. Linda said

    Laurel — Yes, go complain to LT about the BT game. I will too. I have a mac and can’t play either. Boo Hoo!

  43. lwildstar said

    Hi guys!

    Feel better – to everyone!

    Vicki – we’ve missed you!

    Linda – I’m hoping to post chapter 16 Friday when i get home from work….so look for the email.
    To anyone elese whos been reading my story – I’ve gone backand made a few tweaks here and there in the previous chapters…..

    So how is everyone doing? Dani – more virtual HUGS!

    glad you’re doing better Madonna….

    ok I’m at a loss here – so I’ll be back tonight when I get home.

    My cousin is going to take a look at my computer when she comes for her visit and see if she can get the Blood ties game to download and work for me – if not we may just have to drive back to her house and try (hey and hour drive is worth it to “play” with Henry…)

    TTFN my dears!

  44. laurel said

    I read “play” with Henry – and now I need a cold shower. lol

  45. laurel said

    For those of you to whom I would sending e-mails today…
    Verizon is not letting any of my messages out, even if I’m just sending replies!

    I’m receiving lots of e-mails and can’t figure out why it won’t send my messages, but if I need to contact any of you watch for an aol address (same as the verizon except substitute aol).

  46. Dani said

    I am feeling better. My finger is still very sore and I realized I must have bumped my elbow because that hurts now too not to mention the pulled muscles from trying to stop myself from falling.

    Laurel could you complain to them about the fact that it uses so much memory so I can’t play it either.

  47. Dani said

    I am feeling better. My finger is still very sore and I realized I must have bumped my elbow because that hurts now too not to mention the pulled muscles from trying to stop myself from falling.

    Laurel could you complain to them about the fact that it uses so much memory so I can’t play it either.

  48. Linda said

    Laurel!! I see your mind is in the gutter. Now mine’s there too! LOL!

  49. Dani said

    Haha two posts.

    Speaking of the gutter I was writing a kissing part in my story and was getting turned on by my own writing or could just be embarrassment over writing it. Is that a good thing or a bad thing.

  50. Himmiefan said

    Hello Ms. Laurel!! Mini Cinnabons – oh man!!! My route through the Minneapolis airport, before they re-did everything, was to go from concourse A to C and stop by Cinnabon and Carabou Coffee. Heaven!

    Hello Dani. Hope your finger gets better soon. I smashed one in a car door once, and even thought it wasn’t broken, it hurt like heck. You never realize how much you use them until they get hurt! Henry will be by to give it a kiss and make it better.

  51. Dani said

    I get Henry on Valentines day? I may start to like Valentines day after all.

  52. Madonna said

    After he “kisses” it and makes it better, you’ll likely be saying, “Finger? What finger?”

  53. Dani said

    Uh huh. He can kiss “it” all her wants.

  54. Dani said

    He wants, that was supposed to be he wants.


  55. Arrowyn said

    For all of you going to Megacon, I just saw on Tanya’s LJ that she WON’T be there.


  56. Arrowyn said

    For all of you who are sick, please take real, real good care of yourselves. And for those who aren’t sick, please do the same. My boss just told us that the wife of a friend of his is in the hospital in intensive care with a strain of flu that’s going around. The ER doctor told him (the friend) that, as of Tuesday, they had about 30 people come in with the same thing. They all got put into intensive care.

  57. Himmiefan said

    Oh, didn’t I tell you, he’s stopping by all the single girls tonight. Sorry married ladies – this is our compensation!!
    : )

  58. Linda said

    Thanks Himmie! I’ll be waiting…

    I hate that Tanya won’t be at Megacon.

  59. laurel said

    I’m now totally locked out of my e-mail at verizon. They show that I have 54 to read, but when I click on one the page goes to white and never quite loads. I waited 20 minutes for it and got nada. Nuts.
    I did go read Tanya’s LJ and there is a lovely fan letter at the bottom of the comments page that made me laugh. I checked and it wasn’t Gypsy (unless she changed her name and moved to Thailand with a cat instead of her awsome canine side kick). I did see a post from Gypsy earlier in the page with just a hint of fan-girl. Saw Margaret there too!

  60. lwildstar said

    Laurel – I hope you get the verizon thing straightened out soon – I had that problem earlyer totady, but I hit refresh and it was fine….I wonder if they were doing mid day updates again…they may have to reset soemething for you – Ihad to call three weeks ago becasue my modem wouldn’t conect…the tech actually spoke English and walked me through what to do and then he reset something and I was back in buisness.

    Yeah ! I get to spend a little time with Henry! whoo hoo! finally an advantage to being single! Ok which coast is he starting on – I’d like him to have some energy left when he gets here….

    feel better Dani , Madonna, Vicki…anyone else Ieft out…half of my office is sick – again – we’re never going to get well becasue the sick people keep coming in!

    well off to check emails!

    Love you!

  61. laurel said

    I think he starts in the East and moves this way with the setting sun.

    Dani – how are your finger and elbow? I’m sorry you fell and got hurt. Sounds like your family was having some kind of ‘lock and key’ demon visiting. My dad is a locksmith and says he sees multiple family members every so often. It is a small town, where he lives, so it is easy to know who’s related to whom.

  62. lwildstar said

    ooo thats good – Now Dani – don’t wear Henry out before he gets to the rest of us! well I’m all snuggly in my penguin pjs just waiting….ok so its not sexy – but who cares!
    Just went and did a round of voting
    now I’m off to work on writing!

    Love ya! I may check back later and see if anyone is around

  63. Himmiefan said

    Wildstar – Henry just read your post and he told me, between nibbles, that he loves penguins!

  64. Madonna said

    Hi girls! I got off early today and got a nap. Ahhhh….. So wonderful!

    Woo Hoo! Henry should be here shortly then!

    OK, so I’ve already purchased plane tickets for me and my mom for MegaCon. With my mom’s back in the shape she is in she may not be able to go. She goes to see her doctor on Tuesday and I expect him to say she’ll need surgery.

    Honestly girls I know that she is in pain and I hate feeling this way, but I’m feeling a little resentful. I’ve always considered my mom my best friend and I try to do everything I can for her to make her and my dads life more comfortable considering they are both on disability. It just seems like anytime I ask her to actually do anything with me she just can’t. Some physical ailment ALWAYS comes up just before we’re supposed to do something, yet when SHE wants to do something like go with her sister to spend the night playing slot machines she is more than capable ANYTIME she is asked. I know its wrong of my to feel that way but sometimes I feel like it is just me that she doesn’t want to do anything with. Kinda hurts my feelings you know?

    My sister doesn’t know if she’ll be able to get off to go either, so I may just be going alone. It sucks.

    Oh and for Valentine’s Day my sister bought me all five Blood books with the cast covers. Yeah!!!!

  65. catcornmom said

    Happy Valentines Day everyone.
    I had to buy a new dryer for myself as mine broke last night. Happy Valentines day to me!! But after buying my new dryer, my kids and I went out to eat together and now we’re all at home.

    I downloaded the BT game, but I haven’t played it yet. It looked kind of complicated! If it looks like I might have to read directions, then it really doesn’t constitute “fun” sometimes so that’s why I haven’t played it yet!!! Has anyone actually played the game yet??

  66. lwildstar said

    ooo – Himmie – thanks for the heads up….I’ll be waiting for Henry with the lights out and the penguins on! he he he …

    Well its been quiet – my hands are tired from typing and I’m off to bed – don’t forget to go to the voting sites, I emiled everyone the links and the curretn numbers for Blood Ties – FYI – BT is falling on Hey Nelson…

  67. Anzia said

    So, i’m gonna be gone for the weekend. I’m going to Appleton to visit my friend Dana. We need to talk about financial things so i have an idea of what to expect when i move in with her. That, and she’s dog sitting all by herself all weekend…so I figured i’d share my bollywood hotties with her. ^_^ I’m so generous.

    So, her parents went and did something. They paid for my air fare and room/board To go to the Jamacia for Tara’s wedding (dana’s sister). They knew that Dana would have fun if I was there, that I couldnt’ pay for it, and that I ‘need a break’ (as they put it). So, they paid for my half of everything. I was floored. They won’t even let me THINK about repaying them. I don’t understand how I can have so many great people in my life….

  68. Himmiefan said

    Madonna – hugs for you! I think many of us have people in our lives like that. You love them, yet sometimes you want to strangle them. Frankly, you just have to go on and do the things you want to do and let them do what they want to do.

    Anzia – woo hoo!!! That’s absolutely fantastic!! Now, do you think they’ll pay for the rest of us too???? : )

  69. laurel said

    Wow Z! That is really great! I’m glad to see some happy news for you.

    Dani – I think you must be next, and then prtfvr… and Claire… and Dizey… and and – okay, everybody!

  70. Dani said

    Hello bellas.

    Madonna I know how you feel. My mom would never come to any of my choir concerts in high school because of the damn foster kids claiming she didn’t have a babysitter but she never asked anyone to babysit so how did she know if she had one or not. Everything else everyone asked her to do she did. It pissed me off to no end. Ok so maybe it somewhat different with your mom. But seriously how can sitting on a plane for a few hours be bad for her back.

    Baby Z that is so cool. Your are so lucky. I found out I will be getting over 1000 back from federal tax return so that should pay for a trip to Claire’s and a trip to Disney plus.

  71. Dani said

    My tax refund has always gone to paying bills or helping my moms dog have surgery. I will be damned if I am going to let that money pay bills this year. I fully intend to do something for myself, a little R&R. I so totally need it. You need to do something for yourself every now and then to keep your sanity. Maybe I will get a new tattoo too.

  72. Dani said

    Do any of you watch American Chopper? We got permission from the American Cancer Society to ask them to donate a bike for my team for the Relay For Life. We will be going up there in a few weeks to ask for the donation. How totally cool would it be to actually get a motorcycle donated from them to raffle off?

  73. Dani said

    Oh my finger and elbow are both doing fine. They are both just very bruised and all my muscles are screaming at me to stop moving. They said thanks for asking.

  74. Linda said

    Hi everyone!

    Madonna — I ‘m sorry about your mom. I know how disappointing it can be.. My mom and I used to do lots of things together, but she has had terrible health problems the last few years. She is unable to do much now. You won’t be alone at Megacon, several of us are going.

    Anzia — Great news about your trip. So nice of your friends. Enjoy it.

    Dani — You should definitely use that tax refund for something fun. Isn’t is amazing how a fall can affect every muscle in your body?!? Feel better soon.

  75. Dani said

    I just got off the phone with my sister Chris. Aiden is really sick. He can’t breath plus he hasn’t gained any weight since he was born and now he is losing weight. They told her to put him on formula at the end of last week and if he hadn’t gained any by today they were putting him in Connecticut Children Medical Center. Between this and Alli’s surgery coming up, which I found out is Monday not Tuesday, she is likely to be losing her mind by the time this is all over.

  76. lwildstar said

    Dani – prayers for Aiden and Alli – what a scary time…glad your finger and elbow are feeling better.

    I just go the last piece of paper I needed to get my taxes in order – grrrrr – investments are not fun – I’m hoping that the jewelry business at least broke even last year like it did the year before – I don’t want to show another loss – if i do I don’t know what I’ll have to do ….. I’ll let the accountant worry about that.

    So i would like to thank Henry for his visit last night – where did he find penguin shaped chocolates? he he he …off to check emails and work on writing!


  77. Wildstar said

    just checking to see if my name changed I’ve tried twice now…

  78. Wildstar said

    yipee! it worked!

  79. Dani said

    Yep it worked.

  80. Annalaise duChat said

    Good afternoon ladies!

    Anzia — That’s fabulous news and very generous of them.

    Madonna — Prayers for your Mom. Keep positive thoughts maybe she will be well enough to go to Megacon.

    Dani — Prayers for Allie & Aiden. It’s so much harder emotionally to deal with illnesses in children. You are a pillar of strength for you family. Hang in there, and send our good wishes their way.

    So cool about American Chopper! Tell Paul Jr. & Mikey I said Hi!

    Wlidstar — Like the new name better. That’s how I always write it anyway!

    Jeff’s taking me out for Valentine’s dinner tonight., so I have something to look forward to this evening. It should be fun.


  81. laurel said

    Good morning ladies! I hope you all are having a great Friday!
    Dani – lots of prayers and hugs for you and Chris as well as for the kids. What a tough time you all are having. I’m hoping something truly wonderful happens in your life to compensate for the major lows you’ve been dealing with.

    Really cool about American Chopper getting involved.

    Elizabeth? Nisi? are you out there?

    Gypsy is busy… Arrowyn is buried in work… Moonbeam headed of for funerals and teacher training conference…

    Hi Linda, Himmi and Z!

  82. Dani said

    Isn’t Paul Jr so cute? My parents have been up there before and he autographed the shirt Amber was wearing.

  83. Linda said

    Annalaise — Enjoy your Valentine’s dinner.

    Wildstar – That’s how I always write it too!

    Dani — Seems like these things always happen all at once. Positive thoughts to you and your family that things will be better soon.

  84. Annalaise duChat said

    He is rather hunky. Mikey’s just a nerd though. I was real sick one day a few years back and spent the day home from work. There was an American Chopper Marathon on and that was my intro to the “boys.” It was like a train wreck. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it! LOL Paul Sr. needs a good frapping!

  85. Annalaise duChat said

    Thanks Linda. We’re going to Damon’s. Sweet potato casserole! Yum!!!!

  86. Dani said

    My dad tapes them for my mom and she was watching one where Mikey had the paint ball guns and there was in ambush in the hallways. That was so funny.

  87. Annalaise duChat said

    Laurel — Did you finish Chapter 15? So wadya think????

  88. Annalaise duChat said

    Dani — It’s hard to believe Paul jr. & Mikey are brothers.

  89. Dani said

    I know, they don’t even look alike.

  90. Annalaise duChat said

    Mikey looks like his Dad. I love their work though. Those choppers are the coolest. Hey maybe if the decide to build the chopper you’ll get to be on TV! Do ya think? It would be a great way to support the cause. While you’re the see if you can talk them into building a Blood Ties Chopper. Kyle can ride it in his Henry garb. O hhhhhh! Now why did I have to go and think of that!!!!! Now I’m not going to get anything done this afternoon.

  91. Dani said

    It would be cool to be on TV. Maybe they can do a whole show built around my team. I could mention a Blood Ties chopper. Then I could meet Kyle. 😉

  92. Annalaise duChat said

    Lucky You Dani! If that happens you better be sure to invite all your sistahs to the taping!

  93. Dani said

    Well Duh!

  94. Annalaise duChat said

    Goes without sayin’ huh? Love ya!

  95. Dani said

    How can I ask them about building a Blood Ties Chopper and have Kyle there and not invite all my sistas?

  96. Anzia said

    I know, aren’t they awesome?! I just have to wait until April now…Oh i’m gonna go NUTS!!!! ^_^

    Hi Laurel!

    I get 1100 back for my taxes. I’m psyched. Not sure what i’m gonna do with it yet…probably pay a chunk off on my credit card and put the rest in my savings account. ^_^

    Sorry to hear about your fam. Dani. 😦 You have my thoughts!

  97. Madonna said

    Hey girls. Good afternoon!

    My prayers are with your family. Kids are usually surprisingly resilient though.

    Congrats and good luck with the American Chopper thing. I’ve never been a fan but how great would it be to get a Blood Ties motorcycle? I wonder if Kyle would do something like that?

    As far as my mom is concerned…. She is in pain. I know that and I have experienced similar back pain myself. Just not as severe as hers. Because I know what it is like I know that sitting for couple hours at a time on a plane could definitely hurt. It’s not just that either. It’s walking around the convention center, standing in line and anything else we might have to do.

    This just bothers me because it is only part of a LONG list of things that she suddenly can’t do with me but whenever she wants to do something she’s fine. Seems like it’s just me that she doesn’t like spending time with anymore.

    She’s been having pain like this for a month or so now and I asked her if she thought she would be able to handle it. She said yes, so I bought the tickets. If she can’t go and my sister can’t either I’m out about $375. I’m still hoping she’ll heal enough to go so I haven’t changed plans yet, but honestly I’m kind of bummed about it.

    Yes, Annalaise, Why did you have to go and bring that image to mind?

    Have fun tonight. We used to have a Damon’s around here. Now we don’t. They made great ribs.

  98. Madonna said

    Oh yeah Anzia,

    That is great of them to do that for you. You need to get away and it should be fun.

    BTW…… I never get anything back on my taxes. I always owe.

  99. Dani said

    I know kids are very resilient and honestly I’m not worried about Alli. I know she will be fine. She is actually excited to have this surgery. When all is said and done she will no longer be in pain, her legs will be the same length, kids won’t pick on her and she can go back to playing sports which she couldn’t do since she was 11.

    Aiden on the other hand. He is so small and losing more weight and plus there was the issues with the anit depressant that my sister was taking when she shouldn’t have been and it all just worries me. He seems to be eating fine and messing his diaper fine. It is not knowing what it is and why that is causing him to lose weight that is worrying me.

  100. Annalaise duChat said

    Madonna — Yes I’m bad! Would Kyle do it? I bet you’d have a hard time keeping him off it.! He’s into those extreme experiences. Him & Dylan would probably be fighting over it. Oh and here’s one for Gypsy. Picture Christina all in a black leather cat suit on the Blood Ties Chopper. Gets me hot and I don’t even like girls! LOL

  101. Madonna said

    Try not to worry hon. It’ll do you nor him any good. Doctors can do amazing things nowadays. I’m sure they’ll figure out what’s wrong and will be able to help him.

    I’m off early again today girls. Maybe I’ll talk to you later. Take care and for those not around on weekends, Have a good one!

  102. Dani said

    I would say Christina like that would make me hot. I’m not into girls but I have admitted she could turn me.

  103. Dani said

    Maybe they could do a trio of choppers for our fave three.

  104. Annalaise duChat said

    Henry’s would have to be blood red, Dylan’s black and chrome and Christina’s white pearl.

  105. Cree said

    Hey everyone! Sorry I have been MIA for the past few days. I had to fire a few people at work and am now having to train almost a whole new crew, so work has been crazy lately and I haven’t had anytime to even turn on my newly fixed computer! I FINALLY got my new doctor working and as of last week I am officially down to working only 4 days a week (after begging for this for only the past YEAR!) so WooHoo for me for that, but I have had to work longer days lately because of having to train all the new techs. I swear, I just can’t win!

    Thanks everyone for the Valentine’s cards. It made my V-day very special to get Henry Valentines in the mail!

    I am sooooo totally bummed about Tanya not being able to come to MegaCon! I was so excited to meet her. Okay, don’t everyone hit me all at once, but I was actually more excited about meeting her than I was Kyle or Dylan. Not that I am not totally stoked to meet the boys, but I really wanted to meet the woman who created our beloved Henry and thank her in person for that.

    Speaking of Tanya’s creations…….I missed a lot while my computer was broken, so if this has already been discussed, please forgive my ignorance, but I was just over at Amazon ordering the Smoke books and after I added them to my shopping cart, some recommended books popped up and I was very shocked at what one of them was. It was called “Blood Bank” by Tanya Huff and according to the caption, it is the 6th (yes, I said 6th) book in the Blood series and hasn’t been released yet. The release date is sometime in May of this year. The cover has the picture of Henry feeding on Vicki’s neck in the elevator scene from 5:55. I was totally shocked! Where the heck did this book come from? There are only 5 books in the Blood series as far as I knew and Tanya has said countless times that she will not write anymore, so what the heck is this? Can anyone please clear up my confusion?

    Madonna said: “My sister doesn’t know if she’ll be able to get off to go either, so I may just be going alone. It sucks.” Hey, what am I, chopped liver?! :)Rose and I will be here waiting for you when you get off that plane, so no worries, okay? We’ll have tons of fun, and you will NOT be alone! Flying alone isn’t that bad, either. I actually prefer it that way, but then again, I’m a big loner, so that may be why. We’ll take good care of you while you are here. Only 3 more weeks to go! I am so excited to get to meet you all! Oh, and don’t worry about losing 5:55………I have all the episodes on my DVR (aside from the last two that didn’t air), so I’ll burn you a copy while you are here.

    Well, I have literally a thousand emails to try to sort thru, so I’m off to do that for the rest of the night, and probably the rest of the weekend as well! Everyone have a great night and I’ll try not to stay away so long next time. Love you all!!

  106. Wildstar said

    Blood Bank is a collection of short stories and has been in print for sometime – I got the reprinted books that came two to a book..the link below is for Blood Debt/Blood Bank – this was well before they did the cast covers for the book – so that may be why ists being listed a a new release

  107. Wildstar said

    Laurel – Rif…I’ll be waiting for you….

  108. laurel said

    Blood Bank was a collection of short stories that center around the main characters. It was the second half of the third ‘double book’ omnibus editions.
    I love these stories and think some of them would make great scripts for BT, except they all happen after Vicki…. Oh, wait, maybe not everyone has read them all?
    No spoilers from me!

  109. Cree said

    Oh, okay. Thanks Wildwoman and Laurel. That clears that up. I knew it was wishful thinking to think that Tanya had written a new one. I never even knew there was a book of short stories. Shows how much I pay attention!

  110. moonbeam said

    I know that no one is home, but I just had to come on and weep about my no good very bad day, week……. yesterday principal comes says parent wants to move kid from my room…He says, “Nope!” I’ve no clue, they are not happy. all I get is: “Thanks so much for helping! I’m making this kid be accountable. (in reality…he’s yanking mom’s chain to get into another room w/ best friend)
    Mom says, “Fine, I’m moving him to a different school” Principal says, “Okay, we’ll get the papers ready when the other school calls.” I rush across town to workshop, come home call different parent about their misbehaving kiddo~get thanked for caring.
    Go to work today~8:10 a.m. (5min. before kids come)read note on staff table about former student now 20 that just died from drinking alcohol and ingesting pills at a party in CA. (I lose it~BIG TIME) I’ve socialized with this family, the mom owns the store where I get my lotion, (Only saving grace is the principal is already scheduled to come and teach for the 1st hour of my day on diversity with my class~whew~ all I want to do is go home and crawl into bed, but I have to teach and cry, cry, cry. . . .
    Last week Sarah, tomorrow Aunt Rosie and today Janie. . . (such a wasted life. . Janie) then Mr. going to a different school gets in trouble with the music teacher for not working ~she teaches there too.
    I announce he is moving and one kid starts bawling as bad as I did earlier in the morning. The kid moving was already crying then kids are fussing and then …… At least I had a massage already scheduled….Thank God…..but then I get an email and my own kid had gotten into a scuffle with another kid at school that’s the sister of one of my students…geez…does it ever end….So there…..

    Thanks for listening……I love ya and appreciate it! moonbeam!

  111. Arrowyn said

    Oh, baby Moonbeam! Way too many deaths in your sweet life! My heart goes out to you. It’s not enough, but (((((HUGS)))))! Please come up and visit with us soon so all of us can give you the hugs you deserve and need. Love you.

  112. laurel said

    Moonbeam is now across the state at the funeral I didn’t get to go to. Too many people in the car so I stayed home. Ah, well.

    We need to remember that Moonbeam has a birthday coming this week. Tuesday. She’s going to need Henry!

  113. moonbeam said

    Back from the funeral~getting sub plans ready for the conference~ writing a note to the mom of the 20 yr. old~ what to say, what to say, still to busy crying. . . sigh. . .(did manage some fine family visiting:>)

  114. Linda said

    Moonbeam– How terrible! I am so very sorry for your loss. I will pray for you and for the family of your student.

    Dani — I am praying for Aiden. I hope he is better today.

  115. Wildstar said

    good morning!

    Moonbeam – Laurel – HUGS to you…..

    Dani – Keeping Aieden and Allie in my thoughts and prayers.

    E – hows the leg doing?

    how is everyone else doing?
    Its been quiet lately….ok I’m off to work on writing – I just posted Chapter 16..


  116. Madonna said

    Oh Moonbeam, I’m so sorry. You and Laurel have had such a hard time of late. Sometimes there’s just no words you can say to someone to make them feel better… But we love you both here and will always be around to listen. Try to take care of yourselves.

  117. moonbeam said

    Dani, I am so sending everything to Aiden XXXXOOOOOO

    Sisters….thank you for being there for me! I cannot begin to tell you how very much it has meant to me to come on this site and know that there are women out there who love me and are reaching right through their screen to give me tons of love and support…. How incredibly amazing…that Blood Ties is responsible for the beginning of this awesome bond among all of us.
    (Even me, who kept telling Laurel, “I don’t do Vampires!” That was before she scrolled over a luscious picture of Henry~ sunk after than I was., :>)

  118. Anzia said

    Moonbeam- I’m so sorry love! ((((HUGS)))) want a drink? or two? or three? I’m buying… ^_^ Love you girl! Hope that everything starts looking up for you. you deserve it!

  119. Wildstar said

    To think that Blood Ties and Hot Henry brought us all together – HUGS!!!!

  120. Arrowyn said

    For those of you who are thinking (maybe) of moving to the west coast or (maybe) visiting here, Portland, Oregon has been named the “greenest city”. No, it’s not just because of the rain! And we’re a modest group of folks, too.


  121. Linda said

    Ok, what are Voodoo Donuts? It was only a couple of years ago that Little Rock finally got a Krispy Kreme.

    I can’t wait to visit Portland. it sounds fabulous!

  122. Wildstar said

    morning ladies!
    just a quick fly by to check in and give everyone hugs!

    sent more postcards this morning….

    popped over to LT over the weekend and I see postings about Blood Ties reruns? whos getting reruns! I really want to know…becasue itsnot fair…unless they are talking OnDemand – grrrrr – which i don’t have

    ok must start work now!

    Love ya!

  123. Madonna said

    Good morning ladies!

    Here’s to hoping that EVERYONES’ week is much better!

    I”m praying for Alli and Aiden.

    It was great talking to you on Friday night, even if you did take a little ride on the gutter boat. Sorry my voice went out. I forgot to copy Dylan’s card and the rest of the Valentine’s to my flash drive so I could send them to you at work. I’ll try to remind myself to do that and send them to you tomorrow.

    Have a great day ladies. I mean that!

  124. Annalaise duChat said

    Hi ladies!

    Here’s hoping that everyone has a great week and stays healthy.

    I wanted to let you I’m taking over from Dani as Ms. Congeniality and I’ve invited my new friend tj from Kyle Schmid Central to come and pay us a visit. She lives in Wales and is an extremely talented and and fun lady. She’s also been a great help to me with my novel. I think you all will enjoy her witty posts as much as I do. I’m not sure when or if she’ll drop by but I wanted to introduce her to all of you and welcome her to msgypsy’s. Welcome tj!

  125. Dani said

    Buongiorno bellas

    This will be a better week This will be a better week This will be a better week.

    Chant with me. That’s it good job.

    Johnathan got a 100 on the test I had to force him to study for.

    Aiden is home and doing much better and plumping up. Alli is in surgery as we speak. Thank you ladies for all your thoughts and prayers. Chris thanks you too.

    Welcome back Cree again!

    Annalaise I remember TJ. I haven’t been going to Kyle’s Korner because I don’t as much love as I do here. This is home and I don’t intend to stray.

  126. Linda said

    Dani — I am so glad about Aiden. Let us know about Alli when you can. I am sending positive healing thoughts for her quick recovery.

  127. Cree said

    Good Morning Ladies!!

    Guess what, guess what, guess what??? I got the final word today……..I am officially Chief of Staff of my hospital!! WooHoo!! Took them long enough, don’t you think? I am sooooooooo excited! Yea!

    Madonna: Yes, it was great talking with you the other night. And I blame you for my ride on the gutter boat……what else is a girl supposed to think when you mention a certain someone’s “package”? LOL

    Moonbeam: Sorry all of those bad things happened all at once. Hope this week is much better for you. (((HUGS)))

    Dani: Glad to hear things are starting to look up for you. ((HUGS)) to you too!

  128. Himmiefan said

    Cree – Hi! Long time, no see. I know it had to be really hard emotionally to terminate people. Hugs for you!

    A 6th book? Woo hoo!!

    Moonbeam – I’m so sorry! Hugs and prayers for you!

    Dani – I’m glad Aiden’s doing better. Prayers for Allie. Please keep us updated.

    Linda – Krispy Kreme’s been in Little Rock for only a couple of years? I thought that since it’s a southern company that it would have been there for a long time. Thoughts of the “Hot Now” sign… Yum!

    Annalaise – the more the merrier!

    Oh, thank you ladies for my lovely Valentines. Very sweet and much appreciated!

  129. Himmiefan said

    Congratulations Cree!!!!!


  130. Dani said

    Yay! Congrats Cree. It’s about time. How many months ago was it that you got the word?

    We got Krispy Kreme her several years ago and now they are all closed. I guess CT didn’t like Kripsy Kreme. Personally I only liked them when I had a lot to drink. I always got a donut and a water when leaving the casino. I guess the alcohol took away from the too sweet flavor.

    I just heard from my dad that Alli is out of surgery and everything went well.

  131. Annalaise duChat said

    Congratulation Cree! Excellent!

    Hey Madonna how’s your Mom?

    Dani – I’m keeping good thoughts for Allie. I’m glad Aiden is doing better.
    When things are slow over here I still pop over to KSC to see what’s going on, but you are absolutely right. Tap your ruby slippers together and repeat after me “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.There’s no place like home.” LOL

  132. Himmiefan said

    Dani, Dani, Dani. Krispy Kreme’s are meant to be drunk with milk!! The company sold to franchisees, some of which were successful and some weren’t. I know this because I had to look up on the Internet for the exact wording of the sign. Now, do I have work I should be doing instead? Um, yeah…..

    I’m so glad Allie’s surgery went well. Continued prayers for her!

  133. Dani said

    I haven’t been over there at Kyle’s Korner in at least two weeks I think it is. Don’t get me wrong I think it is a great idea but I don’t feel as warm over there as I do here.

  134. Dani said

    But they tasted much better to me after several rum and cokes. It must be the alcohol taking over.

  135. Dani said

    I prefer my Dunkin Donuts. They are so light and fluffy. Krispy Kremes seemed to hit the bottom of my stomach hard and sit there like a lead ball. Southerners are much more used to heavy fried in grease food anyway. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😉

  136. Himmiefan said

    Well, since the health craze of the past couple of decades, a good chunk of us have had to part ways with our fried foods. KK is just an occassional treat. Sigh…

    Now, Dunkin Donuts has really good coffee. I can give up doughnuts, but don’t mess with my coffee!!

    Oh, I just remembered, I’ve got to run down some Girl Scouts and get me some Thin Mints. Now, you want to talk about good treats!

  137. Dani said

    I have ordered 2 boxes of thin mints 2 boxes of tagalongs and 2 boxes of samoas from the father that works here. They are one of the few things I really splurge on.

  138. Himmiefan said

    Mmmm, Tagalongs. Those are really good too. I know what you mean about splurging. I’ve lost some weight recently with Weight Watchers, and I want to loose about five more pounds for Easter – well, so I can eat Easter candy!!

  139. Dani said

    I hate peeps but I love the original cadbury creme eggs frozen of course.

  140. Linda said

    Yes, we southerners will pretty much fry anything. (Witness fried twinkies and oreos… Talk about getting your entire fat/cholesterol allotment for the year! LOL!)

    LR is still fairly small, so there is lots we don’t have. We only got Starbucks three or four years ago. Now we have them all over the city.

  141. Himmiefan said

    Oooo, I’ve never had a frozen Cadbury egg. Sounds really good. My all time favorites are the chocolate eggs that Hershey’s puts out only at Easter. They have a really good candy coating.

    I don’t get the Peeps thing either. Ick.

  142. Wildstar said

    Himmiefan said, “Oh, I just remembered, I’ve got to run down some Girl Scouts and get me some Thin Mints beating up little girls and taing their cookies! shame on you Himme!

    i like the new addito to the BFC – but I think we need to set up a time limit for th “private viewing area” I had to wait in line forever!

    Good news Dani!

    So Cree – we can now officially start calling you “Chief”?

    off to check the emails – will talk at ou later

  143. Himmiefan said

    Fried twinkies and oreos???? In Scotland, they fry Mars Bars. Since a good chunk of the South is Scots-Irish, that must be where we get our fried fetish from.

    Now, years ago, my mother went on this health craze, and out went our fried chicken, etc. She also decided that we were on a low-salt diet. That was just plain mean. I still have psychological damage, particularly when I see a plate of fried mozzarella.

  144. Himmiefan said

    Beating up Girl Scouts? Only if they get in between me and a box of Thin Mints. Dangerous place to be.

  145. laurel said

    You sweet talkers! hehe
    Now I want donuts and cookies for snack time. I’m trying to lose a few pounds before I hit the big 50 in July, so I’m trying to be good.
    Cinnabon for Valentines Day was my last treat before Easter (at least that is my goal).
    Himmie – I thought you were giving me a secret WW pep-talk… and then you mentioned Girl Scout Cookies. Arggggh.
    This is the first year my girls haven’t sold them in more than 10 years. I still have boxes in the freezer from last year but I’ll probably have to hunt one down for some fresh boxes, too.

  146. Dani said

    I have had a fried twinkie at one of the local fairs and I have to admit it was pretty good. I don’t understand how it is possible to fry ice cream.

  147. Dani said

    When I was a girl scout A) I hated it B) I was the one in my entire town that sold the most because my sister Kim would take my order form to the restaurant she was hostessing and the employees there bought hundreds of boxes.

  148. Dani said

    Himmiefan if you freeze your Cadbury Creme Egg they are very very hard so let it sit out for a few minutes but no more then that before eating.

  149. Himmiefan said

    We have people here at work who sell for their daughters. They really clean up!

    Now, Ms Laurel, under no circumstances are you to report my high-fat talk to my WW leader. She’d put me on bread and water for a week.

    Ladies, it must be that certain, special time because I’m craving sweet foods and salty foods at the same time! *falls face down on desk and moans*

  150. Himmiefan said

    I will definitely try the frozed egg thing. My father will love it!

  151. Himmiefan said

    Um, that’s “frozen” …

  152. Dani said

    Hell I’m always craving sweet and salty

  153. laurel said

    Me too! Always craving the sweets and salts.
    I won’t report you , Himmie dear. If I did I’d have to tell on me too!
    I’d better get some work done. My house has had every opportunity but it just doesn’t seem to understand the ‘self-cleaning’ book I left out on the coffee table.

  154. Linda said

    Low salt … that is mean. Bad enough to give up the fried chicken.

    Fried mars bar, now that does sound good. I haven’ had a mars bar (fried or otherwise) in ages.

    I think they fry ice cream the same way as the twinkies, etc. It is frozen very hard, dipped in beignet batter, then deep-fried in hot grease. The batter fries before the ice cream melts.

  155. Linda said

    Laurel — LOL! My house didn’t understand that book either. I just thought it wasn’t very smart…

  156. laurel said

    Linda – Makes me wonder what language my house speaks. Maybe if I got one in Spanish or French….?
    I’ll keep trying and let you know.

  157. elizabeth said

    Hello Ladies – Cadbury chocolate – OMG! The thing I missed most when I moved from England to Montana was Cadbury chocolate. When I moved to Tennessee and the Creme Eggs became available I thought I had died and gone to Heaven! Imagine my delight when I discovered in Oregon Cadbury biscuits and Flakes and…okay I am really drooling…so not pretty!

    Moonbeam – big hugs, sweetie! I am sorry your weed was miserable and terribly sad. Please come for a visit to Portland soon so we can spoil you just a little, k?

    Laurel – I gave up on my house understanding the concept of self cleaning. No amount of hinting or cajouling worked and when I walked into my livingroom on Saturday with my tea and noticed the sun trying (and I do mean trying) to shine through my sliding glass doors I realized I was going to have to cry Uncle and clean the darned house myself! Unfortunately, once I clean one thing I noticed other things and before you know it I had my whole living room torn apart, furniture moved out of the way and was on my hands and knees scrubbing baseboards – the horror of it all! BTW, when did my furniture get so heavy? I am sore all over today 😦 but, I have a clean living room 🙂

  158. elizabeth said

    Oops, I meant “week” not “Weed”. Laurel, I must have been channelling you for a moment 😉

  159. Dani said

    Is there such a thing as miserable weed? I think not LOL!

  160. laurel said

    Too funny! Glad to know it’s not just me with the ‘magic fingers’ on the keyboard. LOL

    You washed the baseboards!!! Oh, the horror!

    I’m going to be doing windows and cupboards today.
    Tomorrow looks like a run to the thrift store to drop of some boxes and bags. Last time I did that I took the wrong stack and lost most of my favorite winter sweaters and my blue cape. Grrrr.
    This time I look before I drop them off.

  161. Madonna said

    I’m so glad that both Aiden and Alli are doing better.

    Congratulations Chief!!!!!! Took ’em long enough. So what will be the differences compared to what you do now?

    BTW….. My comment was totally innocent. It was your mind that sent you to the gutter.

    We had a Krispy Kreme here until about 1 1/2 years ago. You can still find them in grocery stores though. I’m not too big a fan of doughnuts, unless that is, they are ALL chocolate. I’m also a big fan of cheese danish.

    My mom’s about the same. Thanks for asking. This is something we’ve been dealing with since I was in Middle School. When she had surgery they removed 2 disks from her low back L-3, L-4 and L-4, L-5. They shaved bone off her hip to grind into a paste to fill that gap. So basically she has no bend in her back in that spot. We’re all afraid that she has cracked that fusion.

    When I read that I got the image of you in your car, in a suburb running down girl scouts trying to sell their cookies door to door, then stealing them. I thought, DAMN Himmie wants a cookie. Then that reminded me of the scene from The Devil You Know. “You need a water……. and a cookie.”

    OK so I have diabetes and high blood pressure so that means no refined sugar, no fat and no salt for me. At least not much of any of that anyway.

    Ummmmm….. I don’t know how smart our house is, but where do I find that book so we can give it a go?

    How ya doin? How’s the leg now?

  162. laurel said

    Moonbeam is here in Portland – somewhere. She came up for a conference but I haven’t heard from her. We got our wires crossed somewhere and didn’t coordinate. I’m hoping to see her Tomorrow evening.

  163. Himmiefan said

    Madonna – LOL. Unlike the model, I don’t need the cookie, although, I have lost 14 lbs! Woo hoo!

    BTW, it’s not unnecessary roughness to hold a Girl Scout up in the air by one ankle and shake her until she gives up her cookies, right? No, I didn’t think so either…

    Continued prayers for your mother! I hope she feels better soon. Hugs!

  164. Annalaise duChat said

    Those pour Girls Scouts! Although speaking as an ex troop leader there’s a few I’ve wanted to hold up by an ankle and shake! And a few Girl Scout’s moms as well…Go figure.

    Nothing beats having an entire room of your house filled to the top with cartons of Girl Scout Cookies waiting to be sorted and distributed to there respective sellers.

    Himmie have you tried the Girl Scout Cookie ice cream????? Available in Thin Mint and Tagalong………

  165. Dani said

    Oh the thin mint ice cream is to die for.

  166. laurel said

    Annalaise – I was the “Cookie Mom” for three years and I know what you mean. There is something about the ‘high’ you get from knowing you have thousands of boxes of GS cookies on hand!

  167. elizabeth said

    Madonna – the leg is doing okay. Most of the swelling is down and I am gaining strength in it.

    Cree – I forgot to tell you congratulations earlier! This is awesome news! 🙂

    Ms Laurel – are we still on for coffee tomorrow? How does 2pm work for you?

    I just went out to lunch with my team and I sat by the window in the restaurant. The sun was shining and it was so lovely and warm. I just wanted to stretch out and sleep like a big lazy cat! Ooh! Flashback to Henry on the light table…….. Okay, there goes my concentration for the afternoon 😉

  168. Annalaise duChat said

    Damn Straight Laurel!!!LOL

  169. laurel said

    LOL! You are so easily distracted. I tried to lay down in the sun but the cat thought I was inviting her to treat me like a comfy chair.

    Yes, E I’m up for coffee tomorrow at @ 2pm!

    Nisi wanted to do something this week too, so I’d better go respond to her e-mail right away. I can’t remember which day she said was best.
    Still no call from Moonbeam. Hmmmm I wonder where she is?

  170. Himmiefan said

    Ice cream????? whimper, whimper……

    A room full of Girl Scout cookies? What a rush! I can just imagine the raw power!

  171. Arrowyn said

    Doc. Cree — Congratulations! About time those guys got off their A$$e$ and gave you the title to the job you’re already doing!

  172. Dani said

    Time for me to hit the road. “See” you all tomorrow.


  173. laurel said

    Bye Dani!

    I forgot to congratulate Cree!!
    Way to go girl! You rock!!!

  174. Linda said

    Cree — Congrats from me too! Sounded to me as if you did all the work there anyway…

    Must go work now. Still trying to shake the image of Henry on the light table…

  175. Himmiefan said

    Henry posing on the light table – was that ever in one of the episodes? I know Christina talked about it, but I don’t remember seeing it.

  176. Madonna said

    Yep, it was in the beginning of Wild Blood where Mike comes in and asks for Vicki’s help. Henry was “reclining” on the table drawing.

    Ahhhh…… The light table.

    Ok, now we’re all in the gutter.

  177. elizabeth said

    I may have to rewatch that episode this evening….

    Did I mention that I actually saw the commercial for the Blood Ties game on Lifetime? No one was more surprised than me. I was flipping through channels and that was on. Naturally I stopped to watch it…and then moved on.

  178. Madonna said

    The commercial had Henry (Kyle) in it. It’s mesmerizing!

  179. elizabeth said

    Laurel – did you ever finish Zerophilia? I was wondering what you thought about it. Did you find Moonbeam?

  180. Madonna said

    Himmie, 14lbs.!!! You go girl!

    I’m glad to hear that your leg is doing better. Injuries and ailments of the extremities can be so hard to come back from. I know that one well. Love ya!

  181. Himmiefan said

    Madonna – Thank you!!

    Okay, now I remember. But Henry was wearing clothes, and he was supposed to be scantily clad. Phooey!

  182. Cree said

    Thanks everyone for the congrats. And yes, Wildwoman, you can now officially call me Chief if you want, although Tango has been doing that ever since I submitted all my cases for review months ago. Speaking of Tango, where the heck has she been lately? I miss having her around.

    Madonna: Basically my job responsiblilities won’t change seeing as how I have been doing all of this work for the past year anyway. Only difference is now I will actually get paid for it. Plus, the title is nice to have as well. And if there are ever any questions about how to handle (treat) a certain case, I will have the final say over all medical decisions made within my hospital over all other doctors. And I will be the offical one to mentor any new doctors who may enter the practice. So all in all, its very cool.

  183. rifkind said

    Hey All,
    Congrats Cree! Chief!!! Wooow Who!!
    I am so looking forward to visiting with you and Madonna! ( and Miggles and Linda and..?? …!)
    We are going to have such a great time at MegaCon!

    I spent waaay too many hours in front of the computer this weekend. But I had a GREAT time working with WildStar since Friday evening working on edits for her chapters… ohhh boy … You girls are in for such… hottnesssss…. Whew!!!
    WildStar is such a great writer! I can’t wait to hold the published book in my hands! The Cover art should be ..ummm Drool-ishous!!! 🙂 😉

  184. Cree said

    Me too, Rifkind! I can’t believe MegaCon is almost here! I am so excited!! I can’t wait to meet you all!

  185. Wildstar said

    Drool-ishous! theres a word aI like!
    hum – I guess I should start holding auditions for the male models for the cover, huh?

    I’m really hoping my cousin can get the Blood Ties game to download and run on my computer this weekend….just printed up the last of my postcards….

    well off to work on writing – Rif is starting to catch up on the edits!

    I’ll check with you guys later! everyone feel better!

  186. Tango said

    Hello my wonderful beloved blogeratti!

    I have missed you all so much. Thanks Rose making sure you are checking in on me every couple of weeks. I trust everyone had a good day of love last week and at the very least loving the one your with.

    Special thanks to Dani who texted me that day. I wasn’t sure who it was as I didn’t recognize her phone number. It reminded me of when I was a child and on Valentine’s day we would go put Valentine’s cards on our friend’s doorsteps, ring the bell and run. She did fess up once I asked who she was. Thanks Dani!

    Also, thanks Wildstar, Nisi, Moonbeam and Madonna who all sent me Valentine’s cards. They brought me so much joy! You all are so creative. I got a big kick out of Nisi’s rendition of the Henry, Mike and Tango love triangle. What a delima to be in 😉

    Prtfvr – I am sorry to hear about your work situation. I know this is coming at a very bad time with the house and all. Just have faith that it will all work out for the best and that bigger and better things are on the horizon for you.

    Dani – I hope your niece is on the road to recovery with her hip and that your nephew is going to be ok.

    Moonbeam – I hear that you have been going through a rough patch and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Chief – what can I say… I knew it all along! But I must give you my official “Congratulations!” It must be a relief to know you finally got your just desserts. Job well done my friend, job well done!

    It’s been a busy month in a half with lots of 12-14 hour work days and lots of travel, that paired with basketball season has left me little time for anything else. So please bare with me as I get through the next few weeks and know that I love and miss you all.

    Tango out!

  187. Anzia said


    Now, just need My Diz back… 😦

    Cree- CONGRADULATIONS my dear! GREAT news.

    Dani- beating up girl scouts? what? my sister is a girl scout. I used to be…they kicked me out. (No, i’m NOT kidding. I was actually booted from the org.)


  188. Annalaise duChat said

    Anzia — What on earth do you have to do to get kicked out of Girl Scouts????LOL

  189. Annalaise duChat said

    I should have read back before I posted . Hey Tango welcome back! Missed you.

  190. Madonna said

    Good mornin’ ladies!

    Today is another very special day on the blog.

    Happy Birthday to You!
    Happy Birthday to You!
    Happy Birthday dear Moonbeam!
    Happy Birthday to You!

    I’m not quite sure right now who had the birthday weed last, but I’m sure they’ll be happy to pass it on to you as well as whoever has Henry at the moment.

    Have fun and I hope there’s no worries today! Celebrate!!!!

    Have a good day everyone!

  191. Claire said

    Hey Ladies! Can’t stay..took a minute to wish our sweet Moonbeam a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope your day is beautiful..you deserve it!
    To all my other sistas..I hope you are all fine and well and your loved ones also…I miss you all so much,but life is bringing me challenges as usual.I hope to have everything cleared up just a little by the end of this week and then I can spend more time with my lovelies!

    Tu me manques beaucoup et Je t’aime beaucoup!!!
    Claire..teacher of all things French, rm.824

  192. Dani said

    Buongiorno Bellas

    Alli sent me a text message from the hospital last night. She is uncomfortable but doing ok. She told me she’s glad I care. Well Duh Alli of course I care. They didn’t put her out when she had the surgery. They were going to give her an epidural but they gave her a spinal instead. I forgot to ask my sister, would that mean a spinal tap? I’m sorry but I thought of that fictional band documentary from the 80’s.

    Hi MamaClaire!

    Happy Birthday MoonBeam! Here’s to hoping Henry shows you a wonderful time tonight.

    Your Welcome Tango!

    Z I wasn’t the one beating up Girl Scouts. That was Himmie. I was the one that was in Girl Scouts and hated it. Way to clique-y for me and they all hated me anyway.

  193. Dani said

    And as soon as the spinal wore off they wanted her on her feet and walking.

  194. Himmiefan said

    Happy Birthday Moonbeam!!! You deserve lots and lots of great presents!


    Also, hugs to Claire! Long time, no see.

  195. Himmiefan said

    Dani – I’m so glad Alli’s doing okay.

  196. Happy Birthday Moonbeam!!!

    Hi Claire Bear. Good to hear from you!

    Dani — So glad to hear about Allie. I think a spinal and an epidural are the same thing. A spinal tap is something totally different. So this was just a hip replacement?
    JUST, sheesh as if that’s not enough.

    I was thinking about a friend of my daughter who had an unfortunate accident with a lawnmower when she was young, and as a result has one leg shorter that the other. She has had several surgeries to lengthen her leg that involved breaking the bone and attaching a kind of bracket to it. Everyday she her mother had to turn this crank a notch which literally involved re breaking whatever bone tissue had formed over the past 24hours, Over a period of time they forced the new bone tissue to form and added about a half inch to her leg each time. I think she’s had that surgery 3 times as she’s grown.

    Sounds awful but she’s doing very well. She still has a pronounced limp but at least now she walks without crutches, and is leading a fairly normal life as a teenager with a boyfriend and everything.

    Anyway just an example to illustrate the resiliency of children with good family support, and your Allie has some of the best.

  197. Dani said

    See I said to Chris Isn’t and epidural and a spinal the same thing and she said no there is a difference. She was texting this to me so I’m sure she didn’t want to get into explaining it that way.

  198. Linda said

    Good morning ladies!

    Well, the blog is hoppin’ this morning!

    Happy Birthday Moonbeam!!

    Miss Claire and Tango — So good to hear from you!

    Dani — I’m glad Aiden and Alli are progressing and improving.

    Must go do work now… will check in later.

  199. laurel said

    Happy Birthday Moonbeam!
    I know you are in meetings/classes most of the day, but I hope you’re stopping by here on your way home!
    Love you sis!

    Enjoy your birthday weed.

  200. laurel said

    Tango! Sweetie, I miss you terribly!
    Sorry you’re so busy, but we understand.
    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

  201. Happy Birthday Sistah Moonbeam
    the girls a gypsy’s have a scheme.
    A gift will arrive
    that we hope will strive
    to fulfill your wishes and dreams.

    The box will arrive marked fragile
    though the content is quite agile.
    With a satin bow
    we wish to bestow
    this treasure we hope will beguile.

    I just want you all to know that I took the high road here.
    fragile, agile beguile, Kyle…need I say more?

    Happy Birthday Moonbeam.

  202. Wildstar said

    Happy birthday Moonbeam!
    Ok sista’s – pass the birthday weed and the chocolate chains!
    great poem ‘laise~!

    Claire Bear! hope things are going better!
    Tango! hope you can come back soon!

  203. Madonna said

    Hi Tango, Hi Claire Belle. Good to hear from you! Hope things settle down for you both soon. Now if we can just find Dizey……

    Great poem!

    Yeah, they want to get you up as soon as possible after surgery like that so that you don’t settle stiff. Don’t quote me on this because I’m not 100% sure but I think the difference between a spinal and an epidural is that they inject the numbing agent into different spots on the spine. One numbs more of the body for a longer time. Anyway, I’m glad that Alli is doing well. Any new info on Aiden?

  204. Dani said

    I know Chris stayed overnight with Alli and she would have had to have Aiden with her because of the breastfeeding and they had told Chris if he was sick he couldn’t be there so I think he is fine. Did I mention that Alli had her surgery at Yale? That is one of the best places to be for something like this.

  205. DebS said

    Hi all,

    It has been awhile since I have visited the blog, but I know we are trying to get it going again.

    I have been the only one in my office for the last two days (minus the admin assts), and it has been crazier than crazy!

  206. Dani said

    Gee when I am the only one in the office, ok my department, it is incredibly quiet and relaxed. I am always wishing everyone would stay away for a day or two.

  207. DebS said

    That is how I thought it would be the last two days. But no all these students had crises and issues and questions and we are in the middle of student leader recruitment…oh and SGA elections…ahhh…I am getting tired just thinking of it all.

  208. Madonna said

    If I was the only one in my office that showed up for work I’d cry!

  209. Dani said

    Considering what you do Madonna and the high volumed I’m not surprised. I probably would cry too.

  210. Madonna said

    Yeah, It’s just a notch below the craziness of the newspaper offices you see on TV. The speed’s the same. People just aren’t running around as much.

  211. Dani said

    Actually I don’t think I could handle it. I would be way to overwhelmed and just cry at my desk all day from the stress. I would be so afraid of screwing up I wouldn’t get anything done.

  212. Madonna said

    Eh….. You get a few ads out of the bin. Sit down, do them, turn them into proofreading, and grab some more ads. All day, everyday.

    It’s just the volume that kills us. We have deadlines every day.

  213. Dani said

    I hate deadlines. I like my cushy slow paced job.

  214. Dani said

    Anyways I have to go chickies. No dance class tonight because there is school vacation this week and the dance school follows the public school’s calendar.

    Ciao bellas

  215. Cree said

    Tango!!! You’re back! We missed you terribly. And MamaClaire too! Yay! Wow, 2 in one day……now where the heck is Dizey????

    Happy birthday Moonbeam! Enjoy Henry and the b-day weed!!

    Dani: glad to hear all went well with the surgery and everyone is doing well.

  216. Madonna said

    Hi Cree!

    How are you?

  217. Arrowyn said

    Just popped in for a moment to wish Moonbeam a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  218. laurel said

    Ciao Dani – Glad there’s been good news for your family this week. The pictures were lovely, and it is nice to put a face to those we’re praying for.

    Spinal Tap – Withdrawing spinal fluid
    Spinal Anesthesia – Injecting meds directly into the spinal cord
    Epidural – Injecting meds around the spinal cord so that it is bathed in anesthesia. Epidural wears off faster and is less likely to cause a ‘spinal headache’ which happens when the cord is hit just right. I have had all three procedures and appreciated the epidural most. I’ve had 5 epidurals and did get the headache once. It is a real B#*ch. I also had muscle spasms in my back from the procedure.
    I believe that was the time I had to throw Moonbeam out of my hospital room because she and her sister kept making me laugh. I wasn’t supposed to move AT ALL, but they were so danged funny I couldn’t stop laughing and it made my head and back hurt much worse. I love them anyway! 🙂

  219. Madonna said

    Hi Arrowyn! Hi Laurel!

  220. Wildstar said

    is anyone still here?

    well we had a meeting today about when the office will be moving downstairs – still no date confirmed – but basically after March 1 DON”T MAIL ME ANYTHING AT THE WORK ADDRESS until April – by then we should be moved in and I’ll email y’all the new address (only the suite numbers are changing) …the kicker is that we have to pack everything up – empty all the file cabinets – would be nice to know when we’re moving – they say they’re going to give us a weeks notice! grrrr… oh well…the good news is I get to work from home fro the two days they need to move all the furniture downstairs – he he he – one of the advantages of NOT being able to get to the home office in Baltimore…no car!

    well I’m off to check the emails – I’ll check back later!

  221. rifkind said

    Happy Birthday MoonBean!
    I hope that you can get together with the wet coasters soon and have some birthday cheer!

  222. moonbeam said

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes and The Birthday Weed and Weed for the week (:>) love that typing Elizabeth :>)

    Was in Conference lock-down the whole time and never managed to get to Laurel’s or even call~so sorry. Great Conference, however!!!! Definitely worth my time, love it when that happens~afraid to read the note from the sub tomorrow~Sure be nice to see a good one or even a so – so one, just not a problem one!

    time to go to B-Day dinner, love ya


  223. laurel said

    I’m here!
    I had coffee with Elizabeth and feel great.
    She makes me feel like I can actually do something with my writing someday. So great with the empowerment speech!
    Thank you E!

    Which reminds me… I need to talk to Annalaise! Girl, what is the best way to get together with you to discuss your writing? I’ll check e-mail tonight and see if you have a suggestion. I would love to talk to you by phone, so maybe you want to pick a day and time that would work?

    It is good to see everyone over here. I missed getting together with everyone on the same page. I much prefer this format since it feels more like a visit around the kitchen table. E-mail is great but this feels ‘warmer’ to me.

    If my “other” daughter is lurking…. say hello! Start talking about Henry Fitzroy and see what happens. This group knows its vampire well! And you know how I feel about the handsome detective. (And how much I hate the trench coat).

  224. Wildstar said

    I’m back!

    I’ve been reposting sections of my story that I’ve been reworking – I’ve tweaked chapters 1-8…darn continuity issues 🙂
    I started chapter 32……oui!

    Hi! Laurel! Rif! moonbeam!

    Geeze i have such a headache now – its been haunting me all day – I think becasue it was warm yesturday and then got cold again – by a difference of 30 degrees over night and tomorrow is suposed to snow!

    Henry ,Henry, Henry! did it work?

  225. Wildstar said

    😦 I guess I chased everyone away….

    Happy Henry Dreams for your birthday moonbeam!

    night all!

  226. vicki said

    Hey girls…

    Happy B day Moonbeam…

    Thanks to all who sent Valentines..I have them on my desk at school…they make me smile every day!!!

    of course my calendar and bat are there as well..>LOL..they make me smile to..and drool>…Henry((Sighs))) God was having a good day when Kyle was born…Heck…I am thinking..that was his best of the year!!! HEH

    I had the weirdest dream the other night….havent mentioned it to the husband unit..((He rolls his eyes when I bring up Henry)….it was like a forest scene and I was running,….but I couldnt get to where I wanted to be …(which I am sure was Henry..a mansion..a bed…etc…) LOL

    anywwway….way jealous of you Megacon girls….I have a gig…must sing and Diva up…got a gig this weekend too…so I will be rocking and rolling…

    Later ladies…can I get an AMEN…about the strike being over???

    The Diva

  227. DebS said

    Anyone around tonight?

    I am watching American Idol right now. I love little David, the 17 year old! He may be young, but he sings with an old soul.

  228. vicki said

    hey Deb..
    I am here…just waiting to watch Boston Legal….I love James Spader…


  229. DebS said

    Hey Vicki

    I like James Spader but I have never gotten into Boston Legal. My sister loves it though.

  230. Vicki said

    I think he is one of the most under rated actors in the US….I was mesmerized by sex, lies, and videotape..but I loved him before in a tiny movie called Jack’s Back…tell your sister to rent it..She will love it!!


  231. rifkind said

    OK just for Moonbeam,
    I guess TPTB ordered up a Lunar eclipse to celebrate your birthday.

    Watch your skies this evening for the moon to turn Blood Red…

  232. Madonna said

    Good morning ladies.

    Well we had about 3 inches of white stuff over night so the ride in was interesting.

    Hi Vicki,
    Good to hear from you.

    Thanks for clearing that up. I knew the difference was where they put in into the spine, but I didn’t know the specifics.

    Speaking of that my mom got an injection of cortisone in her spine yesterday. As of right now she is still planning on going to MegaCon with me.

  233. Annalaise duChat said

    Rif — If we can see the sky! We’re still getting white stuff dumped on us.

    Madonna — Excellent news!

    Laurel — Send you an email!

    Lady A — Love the Valentine!

    Everyone have a spectacular day!

  234. Dani said

    Buongiorno bellas.

    I heard about the eclipse on the radio this morning and it is supposed to be at a pretty reasonable time too. They also said Saturn was going to make an appearance along with it. I forgot where they said it was going to be except that it will be near the moon. If you have a telescope you are supposed to be able to see the rings. I have one but it is very week so I doubt they will work plus there are to many lights around me. I could go to the park up at the top of the hill I live on but that will have more lights I think.

    Thanks for the info on the epidurals and spinals and spinal taps. I wanted to know the difference.

    DebS I always watch American Idol. I liked them all except for Luke Menard and Chikezie didn’t do much for me. I love the Garett kid. To me he was a cross between the guy that wasn’t Keanu Reeves in Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure who was also in The Lost Boys, Shawn Cassidy and some other guy but I forgot who. I also loved the Danny Noriega kid when he said that thing to Simon. I wanted to say “Oh Snap”. The way he said it and his delivery of it was genius.

  235. Dani said

    I remember who the other person is that the Garett kid reminded me of although it wasn’t really me it was more my brother. He said he looked like Sean Penn in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

  236. Himmiefan said

    Morning everybody!!

    Madonna – my mother had a cortisone shot like your mom had, and it really helped her. Hopefully, it will help your mom too. Someone once told me that we’re never really aware of how much work our back does until it’s hurt in some way.

    Snow!! You’re so lucky! The North and Mid-west have really had a lot this winter. Down here, at least in my area, we’ve had about two flakes. I’m all in a hurry for spring, but a good, fluffy snow would be nice before it’s too late.

    Ms. Laurel – of course you can do a lot with your writing. You’ve got a lot of talent. In fact, every one of the writers here have got tons of talent to spare. Okay, so now I’m like totally intimidated. Sigh…

  237. Madonna said

    Hi girls, we’re really busy today so I can’t stay around and chat a whole lot but I thought I would post the poll for today:

    Is it wrong that I want to reach out and slap the co-worker that sits next to me, simply because he keeps talking to me? I’m thinking it is but I can’t help the urge. He is afterall only wanting to talk about cars and he is a low talker and he’s mumbling. I must be in a bad mood, because he does this all the time. It’s just bothering me extremely bad today.

  238. Dani said

    It’s just one of the days Madonna. The full moon is tomorrow. There is a lunar eclipse tonight. All the crazies are coming out. There is no poll on your post.

  239. Dani said

    Oh duh your co-worker crap is the poll. Sorry I don’t know where my brain is. I must be one of the crazies.

  240. Dani said

    I say slap him. It might make you feel better.

  241. Himmiefan said

    Madonna – I’m getting images of Milton (Milton?) from Office Space going on about his stapler. LOL.

    Slap him.

  242. Annalaise duChat said

    I”m doing that to Paul today.LOL Every time he goes back in he office to try and work back there I start talking to him nd he has to come back up front. Ha ha! I’m not doing it on purpose though. I sit with my back to him and he keeps sneaking away… I think I’ll leave him alone for awhile before he gets as aggravated as Madonna. I don’t want to get slapped.

  243. Wildstar said

    just checking in – I have a teleconference in about 5 minutes but I just wnted to send everyone hugs…and ask for a favor on the “positive energy” front

    a friend of mine has been trying to adopt for somtime – it looked like this would be the year that everything would work out – but then I go tthis email from her today:
    “Just to update you, not sure whats happening with the adoption thing – looks like it might actually fall through but we’re not giving up yet. Turns out she’s actually separated but still legally married and pregnant by a boyfriend. That means that both the boyfriend/biological father and the husband have to sign off on this adoption and the husband outright refuses to cooperate. He’s apparently got a drug problem and is an all around icky kind of guy and just isn’t going to make it easy. ~ A”

    Please send her your positive energy and help this along – she is a fantastic woman and that baby will have more love than you could imagin, she’s waited so long that it would really suck if it all fell through becasue of that guy…

    thank you!

    must run now!

  244. Wildstar said

    duh! what a twit – that teleconference was moved to next wednesday!!

    Oh well…still waiting on the snow here – I want a blizzard so I don’t have to come in – will never happen…oh well – off to check the emails!


  245. Madonna said

    The moon does do strange things doesn’t it? I sent a message for you to the email group.

    My mom is hoping that the cortisone helps. She used to get them in her elbow and she got some relief then. If she’s still in as much pain when she goes back in 3 weeks then the Dr. is going to set her up to have an MRI.

    Lots of good thoughts for your friend.

    I bet you have never told Paul that he needed to shoot his dog in the head because he’s had behavioral problems before though have you?

    Yes, this guy has said that to me before, multiple times. I just don’t like to talk to him. He’s immature and just has a knack for putting in a bad mood.

    I even put my headphones on and he is still trying to talk to me.

    The sixties party music I’m listening to is helping my mood somewhat though.

    See y’all at lunch.

  246. Wildstar said

    ewww – cortison shots! I got one in my hip after pputting it off for years – yes it helped – but it hurt so bad I told the doctor I was never having another one unless I reached the point where I couldn’t even sit without pain..i think I left claw marks in the examination couch I was laying on when he gave me the shot. My sister had them in her shoulder when she tore her rotator cuff – they worked for a while…..I guess its differnt with every person.

    well its snowing! and there go the firetrucks! i swear as soon as something falls from the sky thers a multitude of accidents. My offise is just two blocks from the fire house so we listen to sirens all day when it rains or snows…and i think it may have stopped snowing already…what a jip…

    oh well…

    Thanks for the good vibes madonna… how are you feeling?


  247. Dani said

    I wil sat prayers for your friend wildstar. That baby would have a much better life with anyone else. The situation sounds horrible.

  248. Annalaise duChat said

    Madonna — what a jerk! You have my blessing. Frap him!

  249. Wildstar said

    thanks for all the prayers and good vibes for my friend – poor thing is really stressed over this – why do such sucky things happen to those who don’t deserve it?
    Heck what am saying? look at all the crap thats happened to you guys? bad things happen to good people and those a$$es who cause the problems get nothing bad happening to them….

    Ok Henry – new job for you – we’ve got some people who need a talking to…..

    well its snowing again – looks so pretty…

  250. Madonna said

    I resisted smacking him today. There are always other days though.

    Another one of my co-workers found Girl Scout Cookies. 4 boxes are sitting by his computer.

    Snow is pretty but I’m tired of seeing it. We haven’t gotten anything yet with big accumulations. Just enough to make traveling nasty. Friday they are forecasting a big ice storm for us.

  251. Madonna said

    Good morning ladies.

    Ok so apparently when I set my alarm for last night I accidently set the actual time to be 1 hour fast. So I get up at 5am (instead of 6), I get my mom up and get the dog up as a result of that. I didn’t realize anything until I got out of the shower and my mom asks, “Why did you get me up at 5:10?”

    What can I say other than UGH!!!!!!!!

  252. Wildstar said

    aww – poor madonna!
    I’ve gotten up early beofree with no alarm thinking “OMG! I’m late” – only to find it was really early…and then i can’t go back to sleep.

    well the snow turned out to be nothing more thatn a dusting last night – everything looks like it has a light coating of powdered sugar…

    came home from work last night and went outback to retrieve my trash can and it was gone..i was like WTF? so I started looking around – it was in my neighbors yard…so i tiptoed into their yard and took it back…I didn’t want them to see me – we’re not getting along anymore (I’ve mentioned them before – the one lady let her brother move into the basement when he got divorced – was only suposed to be for like 6 months, tht was 3-4 years ago – anyways he’s nuts and caused a whole bunch of problems) .

    si I’m having lunch with Robin today so I won’t be around this afternoon – I’ll check back when i get home….think happy Henry thoughts to keep warm (Or Mike or vicki as you please)


  253. Annalaise duChat said

    Any word from Dani about Alli this morning?

    Madonna– At least it wasn’t 1 hour late!
    PS Move away from the Girl Scout Cookies!

    Wildstar have fun at lunch. Where are you going?

    I have a date today myself at 7 this evening at Starbucks with my BGF & ex coworker. She’s the one I’m trying very hard to convert to BTism. She actually turned me on to Anne Rice years ago and Laurell K. Hamilton & Charlaine Harris. I’ve almost got her. I lent her all my Tanya books & she’s real impressed by Henry. She’s not a big TV watcher though.

    Happy Auction Day! Later.

  254. DebS said

    Good morning!

    I am so exhausted. Yesterday, I spent my entiere day chauffering three guys who do a step show. They were hot though, so it was a nice diversion from regular work. 😉

    The step show was really cool, and we had about 120 students show up. Quite a success for us.

    Dani-how is Allie, Aiden, and Chris?? I hope they are doing better.

  255. Dani said

    Morning ladies. No word on Alli, I am sure Chris is stressed, and Aiden is good. He just has a lingering cough.

    Stop talking about the Girl Scout cookies. I can’t have mine yet because they haven’t come in yet.

    I really don’t have any strength or drive to do anything. I forgot to bring anything to eat today and I am starving. Where has my mind gone?

  256. Dani said

    Did anyone see the eclipse last night? It was so awesome. The moon literally looked red at the edges like it was bleeding. Too cool. It was the perfect Blood Ties moon.

  257. Himmiefan said

    Hey Dani. Yes, I saw the eclipse! Awsome! We had some clouds, but they didn’t cover the moon, so I had a great view. I wish I had had my camera (where is my camera, btw?).

    Madonna – I got all excited the other day and went to Kroger because the Girl Scouts were supposed to be there. I was sooo disappointed. No Girl Scout or cookie in sight (yes, yes, I know about the evil cookie isle, but I want Thin Mints *whine, whine*). Well, that’s less weight for when I weigh in later today.

  258. DebS said

    I got to see a few minutes of it after the Step Show. I thought it was amazing. I wonder how many of us were watching that moon at the exact same time. 🙂

  259. Dani said

    It would be nice to know we all were. I know Z wasn’t because I asked her and she was babysitting.

    Himmie I tried taking pictures with my digital camera and it didn’t come out.

  260. Himmiefan said

    Hey Dani. More hugs and prayers for you and Allie!

  261. Dani said

    Thanks Himmie!

  262. DebS said

    Dani- I will totally send you the books tomorrow.

    Does anyone want Dark Legend/Dark Guardian from the Carpathian Series by Christine Feehan? I just finished those this weekend, and don’t have any need to keep them around.

  263. Dani said

    Wait tell me what those are about, the main Carpathian in it. I have several but don’t have them all. I intend to collect them all and never give them away. I think they are familiar but I’m not sure.

  264. DebS said

    Dark Legend is about Gabriel and Dark Guardian is about Lucian. They are twin brothers and two of the most ancient Carpathians. They hunted vampires for several cneturies, and then Lucian became vampire, so Gabriel hunted them. They had a huge battle around 1500 and Gabriel trapped them both in the ground. In present time, something awakens the two of them and both books are their stories.

  265. Dani said

    Oh I remember and I also know about the twist in Lucians book. Yep I have them.

  266. DebS said

    Cool. Well, I will only send you the two DH novels then. 🙂

  267. Dani said

    Cool Thanks. Like I said I have several of them, I think most. If you want to “Borrow” any but send them back I am willing to do that. I will NOT part with them forever.

  268. laurel said

    Wow, I didn’t get to sign on yesterday and missed you all terribly. I did get to have lunch with Nisi and she says ‘Hi’!
    I watched some of the eclipse last night too! I wondered how many of you were doing the same. It is so cool to think of us all watching together.

    Sounds like I need to get into the Carpathian books. I love the other Feehan books I’ve read – Drake Sisters and Ghost Walkers series are both ones I’ve been enjoying. I just wish she were being published a little quicker. Sometimes the publisher holds books she has finished for up to a year. Frustrating for those of us who feel we’ve been left hanging.
    I love her website and check there often for updates. http://www.chrisintefeehan.com

  269. DebS said

    Dani- You wouldn’t by any chance of Dark Gold? I cannot seem to find it in the library and they didn’t have it in stock at any of the bookstores. I know I can buy it online, but haven’t yet. I would totally send it back to you. I can read a book in a day and half, so you might even have the book back in a week.

    Laurel-You should so get into the Carpathians. I have Predatory Game, which is the most recent Ghost Walker book. If you haven’t read it yet, I can send it in the mail tomorrow when I send Dani’s books.

  270. Dani said

    I am pretty sure I have Dark Gold. I will check when I get home and let you know tomorrow.

    Laurel definitely get into the Carpathians. You won’t be sorry.

  271. rifkind said

    I got to see the eclipse last night.
    MN was cold (too cold!) and crisp with no cloud cover. I saw the beginning of the eclipse as the shadow started to nibble at the moon, then went back out to look again at the totality.
    So cool to see the red moon.
    I agree, all of us looking up at it at the same time.. very cool!

  272. laurel said

    I have Dark Gold if you can’t find a copy quickly. I’m not ready for it yet and I have access to it at my library if it didn’t get back to me.
    Let me know.

    And how the heck did you get Predatory Game? It isn’t supposed to be out until next week!!! Now I’ll have to make a trip to the local Borders with my nifty 30% coupon that was in the morning e-mail! Woohooo!

  273. DebS said

    hhmm..hold on let me check. Maybe that isn’t the name of it. Let me check.

  274. Dani said

    Wildstar and Z check your emails. I sent chapter 3 to you.

  275. DebS said

    Oops my mistake. It is Conspiracy game and/or Deadly Game that I have. You are right predatory game isn’t out yet. It comes out next week, Feb. 26.

  276. msgypsy said

    New topic is up at

    hugs to all

  277. SheilaBTFan said

    LOL…. Got quite a laugh when I say that “Jesus Christ, It’s a Vampire!” Good one.

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