Well, if you’re gonna discuss American Idol…



  1. Danae said

    Am I first?!

  2. Danae said

    HAHA I beat ya I beat ya! Sorry I had to do that. It made me feel better.

  3. msgypsy said

    This is cross-posted from my Live Journal so if there are unfamiliar references, it’s beause my LJ covers a myriad of fandoms and friends who have no clue what Blood Ties is. And some who do know who Trygve Lode is but still don’t know what Blood Ties is.

    I watched a movie last night that I had gotten from Netflix strictly for the eye candy. “Max Havoc: Ring of Fire” was missing only one thing. Trygve Lode doesn’t play the villian. Considering “Dragon and the Hawk” had only nominally worse production values than this flick, I could see Tryg right there in the thick of it having a great time. (Side note, hey, teal_cuttlefish what’s up with this “Shadowwalkers” flick Tryg’s gotten himself involved in?) But instead of Tryg, we had the lovely Superman…er, I mean Dean Cain playing a white haired evil real estate developer who is trying to demolish a bad neighborhood in what might be Seattle but all of us can recognize Canada’s Vancouver when we see it, in order to expand his luxury hotel. Luckily, he doesn’t have any plans for world domination. Yet. Still, he’s obviously still Superman as he can crush the very pretty Mickey Hardt without even creasing his nice suit or scuffing his elegant shoes. Hardt, playing good guy ex-kickboxer turned professional photographer Max Havoc, develops a love interest with a tennis has-been named Suzie who is staging a comeback in the body of the gorgeous Christina Cox (I mentioned eye candy, right?) and a friendship with a child orphaned by violence and his nunly caretaker played by the also stunning Rae Dawn Chong (whose name is misspelled in the credits. It should have been a hint to me!) Do we care about the plot? Not so much. Do we care about the special effects? Nah, not so much. Do we care about the lovely fight sequences. You betcha. Which is why I am PISSED OFF that the PTB didn’t take advantage of Cox’s kickboxing proficiency. Our hero as a character is known as a champion in Muay Thai kickboxing (he gave it up after an emo moment in the ring ten years ago.) Now, do you want to know how I found out how to spell Muay Thai? Not from Hardt’s site. No, no. It’s COX who is trained in this art. So how do they portray Suzie? As a kick-ass female who can help her new found lover in a back alley fight? (Actually, it’s an abandoned boat house fight but you get the picture.) No, not at all. She goes down with the first punch. Folks fond of Cox’s portrayal of Vicki Nelson in “Blood Ties” (will someone please tell USA network that “BT” belongs on that network so we can see more more more of it?????) can understand when I scratch my head and wonder how the writer and director managed to miss the potential there. Trygve wouldn’t have wasted it. And that is why I think Tryg needs to remake this one.

  4. Danae said

    So the thing I hate the most about American Idol is when someone tries to take on Josh Groban and tries to sing like him. OY! It breaks my heart. It gets butchered.

  5. Madonna said

    Hi Laurel and Annalaise! I’m doing alright. How about you?

    Ms. Gypsy, How are you doing? We don’t hear from you much anymore.

    (reposted from last thread)

    I also watched American Idol. The auditions are my favorite part too. Some people will embarrass themselves to no ends just to be on TV. Like that guy who waxed his chest hair.

    Frigg means love huh? Wow!

    While I was at the grocery store the other day I saw a name on the back of an SUV and I wanted to share it with you. Kylan. I thought it was great because that’s a mix of Kyle and Dylan. I suppose it could be unisex but I think it sounds feminine.

  6. Danae said

    That is a really cool name Madonna. Now would you pronounce with a short or a long “I”?

  7. DebS said

    Oh I don’t like the audition part at all…I hate to see people embarassed..ridiculous I know.

    So, if I were to say “I frigg you guys!” that wouldn’t be taken in a bad way? hehe

  8. Madonna said

    I dunno Danae. I suppose it could be pronounced either way.

  9. DebS said

    It is a pretty name either way. I also like the name Kaden.

  10. Danae said

    Ok well since I favor Kyle I am going with the long i.

    Time for me to leave. I am going to bury myself into some Ben and Jerry’s.

    Ciao bellas

  11. Danae said

    P.S. I frigg you guys!

  12. Danae said


  13. Danae said

    And Gypsy the whole saying with your macro isn’t there. It looks like it got cut off.

  14. DebS said

    AAAHHH Danae, I frigg you too!

  15. DebS said

    Maybe the Macro is supposed to say:

    Whaddya mean you’re not Paula Abdul?

  16. Anzia said

    Debs- that’s what i figured it said. ^_^

    Kylan huh… I like that. But I have a certain affinity for odd names. ^_^

    I love the auditions for A.I. The embarassing people are sometimes HILARIOUS and other times you feel so sad for them. But what i love most (other than Simon’s MOUTH!) are yelling at the judges for the people I think are really good but don’t make it in. That, and it’s after the auditions that my ex-roomie and i start takin’ bets on who’s gonna win. ^_^ I was so mad last year when Chris Daughtry got kicked off! Furious doesn’t even cover it! Stopped watching. I heard who won and that just made me even more angry. *grrr*

    anyway, So i’m off to work on my writing (yes I do write stuff other that BT fan fic- which i know I have to finish…). ^_^ Love ya’s

  17. elizabeth said

    It seems like Daughtry has got the last laugh though. His CD is doing better than some of the other Idol winners whose recording contracts have been dropped.

  18. lwildstar said


    just popping in – rough day at work and I’m tired….had 130 emails when I got home! geeze don’t you people work! πŸ˜‰ LOL!

    speaking of Idol – I don’t watch – but I heard on the news that several of the Idol winners and runner ups have lost their contracts…no more support from the Idol machine….

  19. DebS said

    Yeah, I read that Taylor Hicks lost his contract.

  20. DebS said

    I get to go and play trivia in about five minutes. I am going to put all the random information bumping around in my head to use.

    Have a great night all!

  21. catcornmom said

    Danae-Sorry to hear about your Grandpa. I know how you feel. My grandma died a year ago this week. It was a year ago on Monday. I kind of have mixed feelings. She was a really sweet lady until the last couple of years. After my grandpa died, she got really mean, especially to my mom-her daughter!!! I can handle a lot of things, but hands off my MOM!!! I just hope she’s resting in peace now, because for the last years of her life, there was NO PEACE! That whole side of the family gets a long so well now when we didn’t before. We don’t know why we didn’t get along, Grandma just told us we all didn’t get along!!

    Enough about that…I went to the kidney specialist today, and she can’t find anything wrong with me!!! She said that my primary physician that referred me is very careful and very hands on and she just wants to make sure that my kidneys are functioning ok because of the irregular creatine levels. This dr said that my creatine levels could be slightly higher because I work out a lot. My borderline might just be higher. So, I say we go with that!! She said we’ll do a recheck in 6 months, but she’s not worried about me.

    Going to our favorite subject, I watched Norman today. Henry is just so darn cute at the beginning talking about passion….I really hope we get another season. When is that DVD coming out? Wasn’t it going to be this month? I bet that gets pushed back with the reruns going on Gaytime.

  22. laurel said

    I’m just dropping in to prove that I followed the new thread over to this new local. If I don’t do it as soon as it’s posted I forget and keep posting on the old one.

    I think I’ll go work on something new for a while.

    Maybe dinner is what I should be working on now. hehehe

  23. laurel said

    Oh Gypsy…. I believe Torchwood will be out on DVD next week! And we get a new season starting this month as well. Thank goodness for BBC-America!

    I have watched Blood Ties so many times I have most of them memorized and I need some new lines to laugh at! Arggggh Please, please, please, let there be more BT seasons!

    Short rant. I’m better now.

  24. lwildstar said

    laurel – i sent you the edited 12 and the first edits on 13…..

    okay – I am tuckered out so I am off to bed!

    nighty night!

  25. prtfvr said

    Gypsy’s crushing again. I love when that happens.

  26. DebS said

    Good evening!

    My team won trivia tonight! Yay!

  27. msgypsy said

    Yay, Deb’s team!

    I’ve loved Rae Dawn Chong since “Quest for Fire.” I even went back to watch old Cheech and Chong movies to see if she was in them. (She is in “The Corsican Brothers,” but none of the others so far as I can tell.) But it was darned funny to see her as a nun.

    Last time I looked, the “Torchwood” dvds are over fifty bucks! I simply can’t afford that. And it hurts to admit that.

    Anyhow, “Max Havoc Ring of Fire” was a really dreadful western kickboxing flick but it was fun nonetheless. And Christina gets to wear some really lovely clothes. But I simply can’t believe she plays such a wimpy femme. What is it about her that makes everyone other than the BT folks fear using her physical strength and talent? I mean, she’s a trained martial artist, a trained gymnast, a trained swordswoman… Sorry, I know prtfvr is giggling at me right now. But nothing I’ve seen her in so far other than BT lets her use those skills. WTF? (What the frick, apparently…)

    I have to go make dinner. A sandwich, probably. (We had a very skinny woman walk by our office today and it was amazing how many people said some variation of, “Eat a sandwich!” behind her back!)

  28. Hi Everyone,

    Well, I’ve lurked a bit and procrastinated a ton around here.

    Read “Fantasy Lover” followed it up w/ Night Pleasures then reread “Fantasy Lover” again. Can’t seem to get much of my school work done when those books are going. Started “Dance w/ Devil” (skipped “Night Embrace” since the Library and bookstore didn’t seem to have it)

    Big 50 parties sure sound intriguing!!!!!!

    Nice Job on being the Big Trivia winner DebS


  29. rifkind said

    Here’s a fun vid
    Music by Queen and our two favorite fellows from LOTR

  30. rifkind said

    Here’s the link.

  31. Anzia said

    Moonbeam- That’s my baby you’re reading! Love him devotedly and completely! He’ll be REAL naughty back. I PROMISE! ^_^ *sigh* I love me some Zarek. πŸ™‚

    *sigh* So, I had another mini-break down tonight. Fun thing, I did it in an email to my father (who i’m not really close with). So, well see how well he handles the freak-out, insecure, neurotic & emotional me. (*giggles* gotta love that movie!)

    Okay, so i’m off to bed. I have to babysit tomorrow since Kev is no longer going to daycare. Yup, either he got kicked out (which IS very likely) or his parents pulled him out before he got kicked out. That kid has suddenly become VERY VERY aggressive and confrontational. Just another fun day in the world of Z I guess.

  32. lwildstar said

    morning ladies!
    if you haven’t checked your emails yet _ I sent a tiny teaser for chapter 12…

    ok time to start wrok – I’ve been here chatting with one of my coworkers for like the last half hour!

  33. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas.

    Ah Rif you know how to make me feel better. I needed that today. Aragorn and Legolas, they are the original Princes of my Universe. And I love Queen too.

    Congrats Deb on the win.

    I suppose I am going to try and hold it together the all day. I may skip out early to go to my grandfathers grave.

    We are going to have a memorial service on Saturday and I little dinner at my grandmother’s.

  34. Danae said

    If there is anybody on here that doesn’t regularly check email I have Fantasy Lover available to a good home if anyone wants it.

  35. rifkind said

    I love how the person made sure to end up on a picture of Stryder when the song came to the verse, “I have inside me blood of kings”. Nice editing!

    Yup we need to send Legolas over to give you a big hug today.
    *looks around and whispers,* did you know that elves ears are ticklish if you trace out their shape with your tongue? πŸ™‚

  36. Danae said

    Really?! Send him to my house and I will try it out and let you know for sure if that is true. Is it true that elves are well endowed?
    Rif keep this up and I will be your best friend. I just need to make it through today.

  37. Danae said

    Also I am working on the start of hopefully a book. Is there someone that would like to read it and edit and tell me what they think and what needs to be added or taken out or changed or anything?

  38. rifkind said

    I’m a LADY, I don’t kiss-and-tell. πŸ™‚
    He should be on his way after he gets out of the shower….. πŸ˜‰

  39. Danae said

    Thanks! I’m not a lady. I will let you know. Although it is the motion of the ocean not the size of the boat right?

  40. rifkind said

    It is how you *use* the tool, not the *size* that matters.

  41. Danae said


  42. Danae said

    You know watching that clip reminded me that I haven’t watched my boys in a long time and I think I need to pull those DVD’s out and get my fix of them. Hey I can have a king and an elf at the same time.

  43. rifkind said

    *Blushes even deeper*
    Um… I think that Legolas is a “Master Craftsman” πŸ˜‰

  44. Danae said

    I bet πŸ˜€

  45. Linda said

    Good morning ladies,

    Woo hoo! What did I walk in on…? Nothing like a little randy conversation to start the day!

    Ms. Gypsy — Maybe that skinny woman “needs a water…and a cookie.”

  46. Danae said

    Join in Ms Linda! I feel like dwelling in the gutter today.

  47. Danae said

    So who is your favorite Prince of the Universe and what do you want to do to him or have him do to you or both.

  48. Anzia said

    Dani- *tosses keys to HMS Hornball* Drive carefully sis. And i’m more than willing to edit. ^_^

    I don’t get to play today. I’m watchin’ the naughty kevinator. WE’re reading books downstairs. The Larryboy books (from the VeggieTales people). ^_^

  49. Danae said

    Great thanks Z You have been appointed to be my editor. I only have the beginning floating around in my head right now. I intend to work on it at lunch though.

  50. Linda said

    Sorry, I had to stop and do some work…

    First choice is Henry of course…Correen has nothing on me when it comes to thinking up stuff to do with Herny…

    If I had to pick someone else… 007 or Golden Compass guy (Daniel Craig) Those eyes…that body…

    Is it warm in here?

    Have to go back to work now..enjoy the gutter!

  51. Annalaise duChat said

    Well hey, since there’s so are many willing editors available on this blog I’ve got twenty chapters that could use a good editing/proofreading/continuity check. Any takers?

    I haven’t asked before because the story was getting so long I didn’t want to impose on anyone, but if anyone is willing, I would welcome the help.

    You know Legolas was always my favorite LOTR character. Even before Orlando was cast to play him. Actually, the casting for that movie was right on. Don’t cha think?

  52. Danae said

    Oh definitely spot on with that one. Actually I think they got both Legolas and Aragorn right when casting for the movies. And those boys can visit my dreams anytime.

  53. Danae said

    Ok another funny name from babynames.com. Have you ever called anyone a nimrod? You might want to be careful now as that could be there real name.

  54. Annalaise duChat said

    Tolkien must have done an excellent job of describing the characters in the books because all the people I’ve talked to about it think the same, which means we all must have visualized them pretty similarly.

    …and yes, I agree, the casting for all is perfect. Aragorn, Frodo, Samwise, Pippin, Merry, Gandalf all just walked out of the pages.

  55. lwildstar said

    wow – you go away for a few hours and look what the kids get into!

    watched Batman Begins on and off last night while typing and making cards – Cillian Murphy has such beautiful eyes! – he played the crazy phycologist…that became the Scaracrow…any way most of the time he was wearing glasses and his eyes looked so much better then with out them…go figure…

    ok off to check emails and get writting…

    Its sooooooooooooooooo slow here today – the snow is falling, the flakes are getting BIGGER, and I’m bored – but Ihave to be carefull during work time – I’ve spent too much time writing and playing on line lately – very bad girl!

  56. Danae said

    I have a question that has to do with a story I am working on. Say someone is sick and they know they are going to die. They own some property and they give it to someone before they die. There name is on the deed and everything. Does this have a name? I was thinking it was just that the property was deeded to this other person.

  57. Linda said


    Just popping back in for lunch and saw your question. Check out this site on wilkapedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quitclaim_deed

    If you look down the right hand side of the page, it says “conveyance of interest in land” There are several different topics and terms about that.

    There are several different kinds of deed, Warranty, Quitclaim etc. Hope that helps.

  58. lwildstar said

    well lunch is over – I got interupted so I taked some time on the end.

    Anyway – it looks like the snow is over and now its going to rain – not looking forward to the ride home! and I still need to get tot he salon – I need to get my hair cut.. 😦

    ok I’ll talk to you later! TTFN!

  59. Danae said

    Thanks for that Linda. I will have to look over it when I have more time and can really mull over the words. There are alot of big words there that easily confuse me. I will figure it out though.

  60. Madonna said

    Hi ladies,
    Not a whole lot of interesting things to talk about today.

    I did speak to Cree last night. She said it will be AT LEAST another 2 weeks before she’ll be back online with us. Her hard drive is fried and Dell is giving her a hard way to go.

    Mmmmm….. How about we add Adrian Paul to the mix.

  61. Danae said

    Oh don’t forget the ever important Johnny Depp.

  62. Danae said

    Z I just sent you what I managed to get done today. Be truthful. If something you said upsets me I will get over it.

    I am very very tired and need to go home.

    Ciao bellas

    Oh and I can’t visit my grandfather’s grave because I have to watch Johnathan. GRRRRR!

  63. DebS said

    Hi all,

    The college was closed today, so I didn’t really go into work. I live on campus, so I could have gone into work (I probably should have). I went to the office briefly to grab work and bring it home with me…to make myself feel better. Haven’t touched it. I feel kinda guilty about not working today. Someone tell me to stop being stupid and enjoy my random day off.

  64. elizabeth said

    DebS – Enjoy your day off!! You have totally rid yourself of any guilt because you do have work from your office. It doesn’t matter if you don’t do any of it, the guilt is mitigated by its proximity πŸ™‚ The same with calories…if I order a non-fat drink with light whip on top the calories are mitigated by the non-fat part! It is all in how you think about it πŸ˜‰

  65. Arrowyn said

    A friend of mine likes to bop around Amazon a lot. She saw this and sent me an email about the reaction to the folks who bought the UK DVD of BT. Her wish is my command — I’m posting it here. Personally, I don’t know why she was surprised by the positive reaction.


    On sale in the UK. Check the reviews. 9 reviews, all 9 gave 5 star ratings. I have never seen this happen before. Not in all the reviews that I have read, no dissenting voice. No “it was good, but”.
    Amazing. Wish we could post it somewhere, Blood Ties is appreciated in the UK.

  66. lwildstar said

    what a ride home!
    geeze a little snow and everyone forget how to drive.
    not only that sveral peopel left the office early becsue they were afraid of the snow! Hey at least they drove I had to walk in that crap just to get to the metro station then stand in it waiting for the bus – which I missed by seconds! the train was running slow because of ice on the tracks so I understand…..but then I get home and the crew we paty to clean the parking lot plowed a path down the middle of the parking lot and that was it – didn’t do the sidewalks and they are suposed to…grrrr
    ok done venting – its being wet and cold that made me cranky. πŸ˜‰

    work was borring this afternoon so I spent the last hour or so writing – he he he – at least I looked like I was working….

  67. lwildstar said

    well I guess no ones around….well I guess I will go work on my valentines – hope everybody has a good night!

  68. Claire said

    Bonsoir mes amis!
    Just a quick pop in to let you know…I’m not dead..just feel that way! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sick…sick..sick…otherwise I’d be joining you randy ladies on the hornball..but I’m good for nothing today!! and buried under snow..we had our first major snowfall today! So I’m going to take some medicine yes, Rifkind and my C’s and B’s also had chicken soup with garlic,and go to bed.I need to fortify myself in case the schools closed tomorrow and my crazies are home!

    Ahhh…at least I get to sleep with Henry…..on my pillows!….get your minds out of the gutter already!
    Hopefully I will feel up to hanging around more tomorrow.

    Je t’aime beaucoupe!

  69. Anzia said

    ‘Laise- I can do yours too. I don’t mind. ^_^ I love doing this sort of thing. i mean seriously LOOOOOOVE it. ^_^ I edited Dana’s novel. It was GREAT! I can’t promise results in 10 days or less but, I don’t mind at all if you’re willing. πŸ™‚

    Okay, Dani, I just downloaded it and will probably get it back to you before I go to bed. ^_^ Oh, and please make sure all the BT non-sanctioned and not actually real merchandise is full. The chocolate chains are getting low. You’d think Diz was around the way those things are just zoomin’ outa that closet! πŸ˜‰


  70. lwildstar said

    just checking in –
    laurel I’ll check in with you tonight!

    off to start work!

  71. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas.

    HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!

    *holds up the keys to the HMS Hornball jingling them madly* Z Oh Z where are you. I ummm spent the night there and Legolas joined me. Let me tell you-Yes Elves are well endowed. Very well endowed. And there ears are ticklish especially right at the tip. Z I have to give you money or replace the kitchen table on the boat. We kinda broke it. Oh but baby it was well worth it. Hmmm really wierd that Aragorn didn’t show up.

    MamaClaire get better quick. Actually I am still not 100%. I feel like my throat has gone totally numb. I swear. I can’t even talk very loudly.

  72. Annalaise duChat said

    Danae — Tee Hee glad you had fun!

    Anzia — Thanks!!! I’ll email you the word file tonight. No Rush. There could definitely be some chocolate in it for you!!! Maybe not chains though.

    Catch you later.

  73. rifkind said

    It looks like the DGA (Directors Guild of America) has struck a deal, I wonder how long before the WGA takes the same deal?
    According to the article many shows may not even try to salvage the 2007-2008 season.
    I wonder what all this means to the negotiations to get Blood Ties renewed?
    I still have hopes that a Canadian production will be green-lighted.
    I still have my fingers crossed. (and toes and. . . well anything else that would work.)
    I read somewhere that the actors guild could go on strike next… Within months I think… that too would cripple the American production..
    I am sure that there are lots of behind-the-scenes folks who are really hurting financially right now. It takes a lot of folks to put together a show.. and all of them have been out of work.

  74. Danae said

    Oh and Z we were way to busy to even break into the goodies…….ok maybe some of the champagne but not much. *hiccup*

  75. Danae said

    Does anyone know the address we sent Kyle’s gift too? Someone wants to right him a little on Anne’s forum and I am not sure if that is the one she should send it too but it can’t hurt.

  76. Anzia said

    Dani- WOW, last time that much fun was had Diz ended up with a tattoo on her bum! *whispers* make sure you weren’t pictorially branded my dear! πŸ˜‰ Oh, while you were doing the nasty with your elf, I sent you back your file. ^_^ LOOOOOVED it! πŸ™‚

    ‘laise- Wow, the way you’re reacting you’d think I just offered you a book deal!! ^_^ Maybe it’s panic at the thought of me editing…*shakes head* Yeah, that could explain it. πŸ˜‰ I’ll be looking for it.

  77. Danae said

    Z I did check and all the pictoral brands that I have were all of my own doing. I sent and email back to your email. Let me tell you that elf has quite a way with bed manners. Rif you really should try him out. It will be worth it. He can do some amazing things with his tongue that I never even imagined possible.

  78. Danae said

    I was just going over a few past posts. I just wanted to say I frigg you guys. Not sure if I said that lately.

  79. Annalaise duChat said

    Z– If I could get a book deal with a bribe of chocolate you best believe I’d jump on it!
    But no, I’d just like to show my appreciation.

  80. lwildstar said

    sorry sorry sorry – didn’t mean to dissapear (although that seems to be a common thing here) I’ve just been so caught up in writing…and checking the emails – and now lunch is over!
    anyway i have to be careful about coming over here – on being on line – I’ve been really really bad the last week – so TTFN…luve you guys or are we saying “I frigg you” now?

    talk at you tonight!!!!

  81. Danae said

    LOL! It’s like our own special code. No one will know what we are saying except us. It would be so funny to say that to each other and have other people looking at us like What the Hell are they saying?

  82. Anzia said

    Dani- i’m sure if we REALLY wanted to we could come up with a Bloody Ford Clinic Code. Himmie could then put it in one of her screenplays about the OOtY. ^_^

    Laise- if I had a book finished I’d be doing that too! I already have a lot of Dark Chocolate (it’s amazing how fast that stuff goes in this house!!!! ^_^)

    Wildwoman- it’s all goooooood. πŸ˜‰ The only reason you aren’t chained next to me on the picnic table, i suspect, is because i’ve got my crud all over it. Otherwise i’m sure Rif would have Madonna tie you down right along w/me. (Not that rif is the one who tied me down.) ^_^

  83. Danae said

    Well I hereby declare I frigg you is the first in our own personal code. Who will second that?

  84. Arrowyn said

    For all you Trekkies or Trekkers out there:


    If you live in Long Beach, California, San Francisco, Minneapolis / St. Paul, Chicago or Detroit, the STAR TREK TOUR will be coming to your town soon. The limited engagement in Long Beach ends February 17 and will then move onto the other cities.

    Original Star Trek star William Shatner waxed nostalgic about the franchise as he unveiled a multimedia touring exhibition of Trek memorabilia in Long Beach, California. “I must tell you I walked in this morning and went to look at the bridge and felt this surge of nostalgia,” Shatner told reporters in a news conference in the Queen Mary Dome, referring to a recreation of the original bridge of the starship Enterprise. “It was quite incredible. I hadn’t been on the bridge set … since I made the last movie.” Shatner is the official ambassador for the exhibition, called Star Trek the Tour. It wasn’t all a pleasurable trip down memory lane, Shatner joked. “I looked over at the uniform that I was supposed to have worn back 40 years ago, and I thought, ‘That couldn’t be me.’ [It was] a little small,” he said, evoking laughter from the crowd of journalists.

    The tour, produced by SEE Touring Productions and presented by Metropolitan Talent, features recreations of several Trek sets, including the bridges of the original Enterprise and The Next Generation’s Enterprise D. The 50,000-square- foot exhibition includes costumes, props, ships and other items from all five Trek TV shows and 10 movies. The tour also features a multimedia theater and several flight- simulator rides.

    Shatner was eventually asked about the upcoming 11th movie, a reboot of the franchise by director J.J. Abrams. Will he appear in it? “I think they’re about halfway through shooting, something like that, or coming toward the end,” Shatner said. “They’ve got another three weeks to hire me [laughs]. I don’t think you’ll be seeing me, unfortunately. I would love to have been in it. For some reason, I’m not. I don’t know the reason why. But I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful film, and I wish them all the best. I only hope that Star Trek continues.”

    Star Trek the Tour opens Jan. 18. For more information and a glimpse at some of the exhibits, go to http://www.startrek.com/custom/include/community/tour/news/article/1.html.

  85. Arrowyn said

    This is yesterday’s news from Zap-2-it —
    The Directors Guild of America today reached an agreement with the major studios that will now put pressure on Hollywood writers to revive talks to end an 11-week-old strike that has roiled Hollywood.


  86. Arrowyn said

    “Watch With Kristin” has some comments on the DGA deal made yesterday (2nd article on her page. At the bottom of this article, don’t miss that there’s another page of it). Within that article is a link to E!’s news story about it.


  87. Arrowyn said

    I have to admit that I’ve never had the pleasure of watching “Torchwood” — alas –so I don’t know much about it, although I gather that it’s a bit racy. (Digression — There’s probably a way to watch it, even if you don’t get BBC, like I don’t. Gypsy would know. Gypsy? Is there a way?) Anyway, I read that James Marsters is a regular now, so my intent to watch “Torchwood” is a bit more strong. As I said, I don’t know much about the show — so, imagine my surprise when I saw this snippit:

    “…exclusive clip of Spike frenching Capt. Harkness in the Jan. 26 season premiere…”

    There are several little clips about Torchwood on that clip, but that particular scene is the first one. Now, if you substitute Buffy for Harkness in that scene, it reminded me of several scenes from BTVS. Hot! And, Marsters has an English accent again! Sigh. I think I’ve been turned by Spike — again!

  88. DebS said

    Danae-I second

    OOOHHH…I really need to watch the first ep of Torchwood. Yay! James Marsters!

  89. laurel said

    OMG – Gypsy sent me some You Tube vid clips through LJ and I think I hurt myself laughing! They are Torchwood related and worth checking out even if you haven’t watched it.
    The music video is “My Shiny Teeth and Me – Captain Jack Harkness” and the song is from a Nickelodeon cartoon. Too funny!

  90. lwildstar said

    Laurel – Honey I’m home!!!!

  91. Arrowyn said

    From Bloodlines Forum — Post from Sandra (Script supervisor):

    Also, check out her picture/icon/thingy. That’s Kyle hugging her, isn’t it?


  92. lwildstar said

    it looks like it to me Arrowyn…

  93. lwildstar said

    whoo hoo! Laurel – where are you?

  94. laurel said

    I’m here! I was working on the chapter that follows “Landslide” and forgot to check the time.
    Be right there.

  95. lwildstar said

    I’ll meet you there

  96. lwildstar said

    Laurel…taps foot impaitently…..

  97. Anzia said

    WOW, watch you whip her into shape. πŸ˜‰

    James Marsters…yummy. Ever heard him sing? *whimpers* yes pLEASE!

  98. Arrowyn said

    Please don’t throw things at me, but the network-that-shall-not-be-named is going to be showing Kyle’s movie, “Sex and the Single Mom”, on Friday, 2/1, at 12 pm PST. *ducks and covers!*

  99. laurel said

    Well, last night I saw Christina on CSI-Miami (A & E) and then I saw Dr. Sargera (sp?) on Psych – (USA). Actually my 13-year-old recognized them both before I noticed the shows were on. I might have noticed sooner if I hadn’t been working on wildstar’s story…

    What’s everyone doing this weekend?

  100. rifkind said

    Hey Laurel,
    After working with you last night on Henry’s letter to Vicki. (Thanks for the edit!)
    I’m sitting her hunkered down from the cold. (it’s -18 below zero wind chill here in MN today)
    and I’m working on my Blood Ties fan fiction story that is the follow-on to “Deep Dark”.
    I’m almost done with the first scene.

  101. lwildstar said

    check your emails shortly – getting ready to post chapter 12!

    hope everyone is having a good weekend so far – I spent my morning running errands – just barely got up this morning – those late night edit sessions – ug ! I need a nap….
    Laurel – the office did not burn down – I asked dad to drive me to the office because that drove me nuts all night! HA!

    well I think I will work on valentines cards today πŸ™‚

  102. rifkind said

    Yippeee!!! Chapter 12!!

  103. lwildstar said

    Ready and waiting for you Rif!

  104. msgypsy said

    James Marsters is not a regular on Torchwood. He’s in the series opener, though, and is apparently playing one of Captain Jack’s ex-ums. (Jack and Ianto will become more of an issue this season, so folks who don’t like male/male pairings will do well to steer clear of Torchwood series 2. I don’t mind it and I adore Gareth David-Lloyd or whichever combination makes up his name, so I’ll enjoy him having more screen time no matter how he gets it.) (And John Barrowman gets to kiss pretty much everyone on the show so having him focus on just the one person will be a nice change…)

    I’m thinking I might be able to help Arrowynn out with the needing to see Torchwood problem. Are you gonna be there on Monday, dear? I can bring you something then or bring it whenever I see you next.

  105. msgypsy said

    Rifkind, here, have some virtual flannel sheets. I can’t imagine facing winter here without them, so winter in MN might require flannel sheets, fuzzy nightgown, down comforter, and the dog!

  106. rifkind said

    Thanks Gypsy!
    I’m trying to keep the cat snuggled up on my lap.

    Oh and reading WildStars chapter 12 will heat things up too. Hee Hee!
    Now for a nice hot cup of cocoa.
    And back to my writing πŸ™‚

  107. Anzia said

    Rif- I’m dissappointed in you! I KNOW you don’t need to read someone elses imagining to make steamy hottnes around you! You can do it yourself!!!! Just think HOT, Naked, Henry just warmin’ those sheets up for you. ^_^

  108. lwildstar said


    well its been a long afternoon slaving over Rifs edits…so I am going to take a break, get some dinner, and then I’ll be back to check in.

    Stay warm…I JUST finished sewing my flannel penguin pjs back together so that I can snuggle up i them (first time I washed them the elastic broke) – its supposed to drop to 16 degress tonight – just the thought makes me shiver – I keep the heat down to save $$$ but I have lots of snuggly blankets and my imagination to keep me warm πŸ˜‰

    talk at you later!

  109. Arrowyn said

    Sorry, Gypsy, no lunch date on Monday. Debra said that she watches all the episodes on YouTube. Yes? I would SWEAR that I saw something that said Marsters was going to be a regular. But I bow to your superior knowledge of Torchwood.

  110. laurel said

    Ah, I finally got to see the last episode of Torchwood Season 1.
    Sort of.
    Everyone I’ve ever known called to talk to me during the hour!
    Except my mom. Huh. That’s actually quite amazing, usually she’s the one who calls.
    I’m going to go do some of my own writing for a while, but I’ll check in after a bit.


  111. lwildstar said

    happy sunday!

    wwell I don’t know whats wrong with me – wen to bed at 10 last night and didn’t get up until after 11 thi s morning…and now my back hurts (thats how I know I slept too long) geeze!

    well I’m checking in – going to vote and work on a little writting – hope everyone is doing well this weelkend!

  112. Linda said

    Hi all,

    In keeping with the Torchwood discussion, a friend just sent me a link to a You Tube video of John Barrowman singing… he has a nice voice.

  113. msgypsy said

    Re: Torchwood online, there’s always veoh.com and some of the episodes are at stage6.com. And I’m downloading something that will make it easier for you, Arrowynne. You just have to wait til I see you! LOL!

    I have a birthday party to go to and I was assigned the bread for the potluck. I made the YUMMIEST whole wheat rolls and it’s driving me crazy to smell them so I think I’m going to hurry out to the library to spend time away from that lovely scent until the party starts….

  114. Margaret said

    Madonna: When do we get to see the valentine card?

    I believe we sent Kyle’s “stuff” to Kalidiescope. Don’t know if that would still be a good address for him or not as he lives in Las Angeles now.

  115. Margaret said

    Whoops, should be Los.

  116. Anzia said

    Guess what guys! I’m cutting my hair off tomorrow!!!! we’ll see how it goes. That’s my big news… if anyone has any pull with whoever pulls the strings upstairs…could ya put in a word for me on the job front??? 😦 A week and no interviews! NOTHING, not even a nibble!!!

  117. Doesn’t look like a lot is happening around here! Got to go to the beach this weekend, unencumbered with children!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh soooooo sweet!!!! The t.v. never came on and the spa was right next door to our room. The sun was shining and the ocean was beautiful!

    For the record, I did not call Laurel during the last episode of Torchwood and I’m on the list of everyone in the world that she knows including her mother! :>) Of course, I was at the beach having fun, fun, fun!!!!!
    If I recall, the last time she was playing at the beach, she called me from the beach to gloat!

  118. laurel said

    It’s true. I did call Moonbeam to gloat about a sunny day at the beach. hehe She was so indignant about it, and then laughed. It sure added to the fun of calling her. πŸ™‚ Just shows you the kind of relationship we have. (She really is more like a sister than sister-in-law).
    Love ya’ moonbeam!

    I am sooo going to have to get on the valentine thing, or else just give up and aim for some later holiday…. What’s coming up in Canada? Denmark? Anyone know what else we are going to celebrate?

  119. laurel said

    Hi Margaret! I’ve had you on my mind today. Dreamed I was going to get to go to Megacon. It was sad to discover I was just dreaming, but was a lovely dream while it lasted.


  120. Chery said

    Margaret is you e-mail working? I replied to you yesterday when I got hme from running errands and have not heard from you?????
    What’s up?
    Please e-mail me………………

  121. DebS said

    Good morning!!!

    I had a really relaxing weekend. I watched some movies, read a few books, hung out with some friends. It was just nice to relax, I don’t get to do that much.

    Danae-I haven’t sent the books yet. I don’t have the money until payday, which is Friday. So, they will be on their way on Friday. Sorry it has taken so long!

    Gypsy and whoever else was talking about Torchwood-I was talking to my sister yesterday…she is an avid Torchwood fan as well. She said that the previews showed Marsters in them. So, we have deduced thath he is not a series regular, but rather a multiple episode arc guest star. However, that is just our own musing…I don’t know for sure.

  122. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas.

    No prob Deb. I am reading Born In Fire right now so I am not book deprived.

    So when I got home on Friday my mom told me something that happened with Chris and the baby on Thursday. She was giving Aiden a bath. She had put the baby tub in the big tub. She couldn’t lay the towel across her lap so she put it on the floor. Aiden was all cozy and relaxed, totally chillin’. As she layed him on the towel he got startled and his arms went flying out and he grabbed the bottom of the baseboard heater. Well the heat was on. He has a tiny burn on the top of the middle finger of his left hand and a not so tiny burn on the palm side of the same finger.

    My sister cried all day and cried herself to sleep that night. My 8 year old nephew, Nick, cried with her. The next day she was trying to dress Aiden and she couldn’t look at his hand and Nick was trying to protect her by covering her eyes. How sweet is that?

    Saturday we had the memorial service for my grandfather. It was nice. Afterwords we went to Gram’s for dinner. My Uncle brought a meat and cheese platter and rolls, my mom made a tossed salad, and my brother and I made cookies. My cousins were there with all there kids, my sister’s were there, Kim with Johnathan etc. So the kids were in the living room with a few adults and the rest were in the dining room/kitchen. All the kids were getting crazy and sitting in Gram’s chair and Johnathan was spinning the chair and the girls were sitting in it laughing gleefully. We really didn’t think much of it. They can’t hurt the chair or anything. My grandmother had a fit and started yelling at my mom who wasn’t even in the room.

    Ok most of the kids are not my mom’s. Technically only one was, Amber. It is not my mom’s responsibility to watch ALL those kids. And then Gram lit into Johnathan like he was the only one doing anything wrong. My grandmother acts like my uncle’s kids and their kids can do no wrong. They are perfect and me and the rest of my mom’s kids are the screw ups. We are the ones that had kids before getting married or have gotten divorced and are on a second and sometimes third marriage or not married at all when they are nearly 30. There must be something wrong with us right? Give me a break. My uncle is on his first marriage when my mom has had three with kids from each marriage. Why does that make any of us less then perfect? Since my granfather passed my grandmother has really changed. It was almost like with him around she was able to control these actions. He was like the anti catalyst to her acting like this. I hate thinking like this because I am sure my grandfather would be steaming if he had witnessed this, at all of us.

  123. Danae said

    Sorry for the rant. I needed to get that out. I can’t say this to my mom because she would get even more upset.

  124. DebS said

    Rant away…no apology needed!

  125. Danae said

    I know!

  126. Danae said

    Grrr it isn’t letting me post.

  127. Danae said

    Ok well it let me post that!

    I was trying to post just this…… πŸ˜‰

    and it said page not found.

  128. DebS said

    I just finished the Sword of Darkness by Kinley McGregor (Sherrilyn Kenyon) and am half way through Lover Reveal of the BDB (Butch’s story). Both are really good!!! Man, you all have me hooked.

  129. Danae said

    I want to finish the Dark Hunters before starting the BDB.

  130. DebT said

    Hi. Danae sent me a link here. I am a member of the forum at kyleschmidcentral. I’m a new, but very avid fan of Blood Ties, and was hoping I could join your group.

  131. Danae said

    Hey girl! Glad you made it. Just be careful. These ladies can be vicious. HEHEHE! Just kidding!

    I frigg you girls!

  132. Danae said

    Z-I just sent you an email.

    You too Wildstar.

  133. Deb T — Welcome! Make yourself at home. Hmm, we have a lot of Debs on the blog now. Is that 3?;-)

    I’m Annalaise from Ohio. I am a professional graphic artist, aspiring writer, and the resident shrink at the Bloody Ford Clinic. Nice to meet you.

    Tell us about yourself.

  134. lwildstar said

    jus checking in!

    Welcome Deb T…I see confusion on the horizon – We have a DebS and a few Debbies – who don’t use Debbie as their blog name but still…..

    Hugs Dani – vent away – the baby thing is scary – they move really fast for being so small. When my neice was only a couple of months old she got burned with a bowl of soup – nothing bad but it was one of those things “how did she mange to reach it?” she was sitting on my sisters lap at the table with our mom and both thought they had pushed the bowl far enough away that Jess couldn’t reach it – wrong…my sister didn’t stop crying for days! the worse part was the emergency room nurse accused her of child abuse and they sent a social worker to the house the day before Christmas! (this was like 11 years ago) really now. oh well thats my rant….

    but on that note – whatch what your children say – my best friends sister took her son to the emergency room becasue he ran into a door – he was going out and his mom was coming in and BOOM! when the nurse asked him what happened he replied “my mommy hit me.” – the social worker was in the room in like 5 minutes….tramatized poor Builly – he was only 6 at the time.

    Well I’m off to write….!!!

    Everyone have a good day! and I’ll talk to you tonight – must stay off line at work…

  135. lwildstar said

    wow what an interesting typo – Builly? Billy….shessh


  136. DebS said

    Welcome Deb T!!! Love the name…very inspired. πŸ™‚

  137. elizabeth said

    Welcome Deb T! Glad you decided to join us!

  138. elizabeth said

    Ladies I was watching episodes of Blood Ties last night (okay, pretty much every night – sheesh) and then popped over to watch a recorded episode of Moonlight. It has been bugging me for awhile that I just don’t seem to be able to buy in to the Vamps on Moonlight. Well, last night I finally figured out what the problem is. Henry/Kyle makes you feel the weight of the years he has lived. He has this incredibly beautiful young face, but I never have any difficulty in believing he has lived nearly 500 years. It is in his mannerisms and the way he carries himself; even to the sometimes courtly way he talks. On the otherhand, most of the Vamps on Moonlight don’t make me believe they have lived a long time. Particularly his friend (I can’t remember his name) He has a baby face and I never get the impression of centuries of living from him. Does this make sense? Although I like Moonlight, I will never love, adore, drool over or obsess over it like I do our favorite Vamp.

    Okay, just had to get that off my chest. Thanks for your time and attention πŸ™‚

  139. lwildstar said

    hey Rif – you should be proud I have almost used up my little notebook taking notes and will be moving on to the lovely notebook you gave me! now if I can stop losing them…I’ve been luck so far (knock on wood) but I bought myself a back up and now I have notes in both..I get so confused as to where I wrote what! ha! scavenger hunt!

    Ok lunch is over…I’ll talk at you tonight!

  140. Danae said

    I totally agree with you on that E.

  141. DebT said

    Thanks for such a warm welcome all. If it’s too confusing for me to use DebT, I could add to it and be DebTfromBoston or something. πŸ™‚

    Elizabeth, I agree with you about Moonight. I didn’t discover Blood Ties until the week of Christmas. Moonlight was the first new vampire show I’d seen in a long time, and I thought it was great. Then I got into Blood Ties and watched it everyday for 2 weeks (and still watch it again when I can). Moonlight aired it’s new episodes and it suddenly seemed so bland.

    What bugs me the most is that they can go out in daylight. At first I thought it was an interesting idea, but it’s just no fun. Vampires are supposed to be mysterious and live in the shadows. I’m also getting kind of tired of all the tv vampires hating being a vampire.

    And here’s a little something about me. I live in Boston (edge of Boston, but still technically city limits). I’m a software developer (websites). I’m married and have a 4-year-old daughter.

  142. DebS said

    E- I enjoy Moonlight, but have not been able to get into it the way I did Blood Ties. That may just be ther reason for me as well. Although, I do love me some Jason Dohring (Josef). I don’t care what he is in, I will watch him. He was great as Logan on Veronica Mars

  143. Madonna said

    Hi ladies!

    Well, that was another weekend that I wasn’t around much. I have today off though. Yippee!!!!! And for some reason I feel like this is a repeat of Christmas. It could be that my mom is making a ham and sweet potatoes and rolls and apple pie for dessert.

    It was cold here in KY over the weekend too. Dropped down to 4 degrees overnight on Saturday. And YEA!!!! I booked my tickets for Orlando on Saturday. The price rose on me almost $50 per ticket in one day’s time so I figured I’d better go ahead and order before they went up even more.

    First of all,
    I sooo didn’t mean to overlook it but let me just say this…
    I’m so very glad that you got good news from the kidney specialist. I was worried.

    You know you can vent here all you like. Lord knows I have.
    I hope Aiden is OK. P.S. We frigg you too.

    Welcome DebT!

    I’m a not quite as professional graphic designer as Dr. DuChat, from the No. KY/Cincinnati area. Where are you from? I think you make our 4th Debbie.

    Margaret, everyone else…..
    If you haven’t already checked, I sent Dylan’s card to the Google Group a couple of hours ago.

    Everyone have a good day! I’ll try to check back in later.

  144. Danae said

    Hi Madonna. Aiden is fine. It was just a scary situation.

    DebT You can keep it at that IMHO. We have DebS and a prtfvr that is Debbie so I think you are ok. The daylight thing in Moonlight has bothered me from the beginning. My brother and I would argue back and forth about it. He said they are daywalkers and I said then they aren’t vampires because vampires belong at night. And again he would say they ARE vampires. They are daywalkers. So I said well that just isn’t right.

  145. Danae said

    Oh and Dylan’s card is absolutely amazing Madonna.

  146. Welcome DebT glad to have you among us!!!!!! (I’m a Debi, but I hail as moonbeam around here)

  147. Madonna said

    Good Danae! Glad he’s alright.

    Sorry DebT!! You must have sent that while I was typing my message.

  148. DebS said

    Debra/Deborah/Deb/Debbie is a great name! Debra’s will rule the world! MMUUUHHHAAA! *looks around* Oh sorry, forgot where I was at for a sec.

  149. elizabeth said

    I am also tired of Vampires hating what they are and whining about it! I love that Henry is okay with what he is. He isn’t afraid of his sexuality or even the predatory side of his nature. That is powerfully attractive πŸ™‚ I also like for them to retain some mystery as well and being a Daywalker and sleeping in a freezer just doesn’t really do it for me. Although, Mick St. James is a fine looking man he still doesn’t radiate the kind of “power” that Henry does in just breathing…..ooohhh, gave myself cold chills.

  150. Madonna said

    lol…. Doesn’t take much too much to give yourself cold chills when you think about Kyle/Henry does it?

    BTW…. How’s your leg?

  151. elizabeth said

    Hi Madonna – I really need to check into the Blood Ford Clinic and have a few sessions with Doc DuChat. My Henry addiction is in over drive today and I think it might have something to do with the marathon of viewing I did this weekend.

    My leg is doing okay. Still some swelling, but it isn’t nearly as painful as it was. How are you doing? Are you still feeling exhausted? is work still pushing your limits?

  152. laurel said

    Welcome DebT! I am glad to see you made it over here! Always nice to have new sisters to corrupt… ah, entertain? hehe

    I have to agree about the Moonlight thing. I just can’t get into the whole ‘sleeping in a freezer’ thing. Totally kills the scene possibilities. Can you imagine Vicki watching Henry sleep and heal (as in the second episode of BT) by periodically looking in the freezer? So not the vibe that works for me! Give me that big, satin sheeted bed and the sexy lounge robe any day/night…

    Oh, oh. Drooled on the keyboard. πŸ™‚

  153. Danae said

    Ciao bellas. I going to head home where I know I can work on my story without fear of getting in trouble. I swear I worked more on my story than I did work. I decided I am going to call my story Never Again.

  154. DebS said

    The library just emailed me and said I can pick up Night Embrace by Kenyon. Yay! Whose story is that?

  155. Madonna — Don’t sell yourself short, you are just as professional as I am, just not as old!!!

    Elizabeth — Any time dear!

    OK guys, now please don’t run me off the blog or anything, because I am absolutely NOT comparing vamps. You all know where my loyalties lie, but I’m really starting to like Moonlight. I think it has more to do with vampire withdrawal than anything else. Plus, I’ve got a thing for “angsty” vamps. Goes back to Barnabas and Nick Knight.

    My Kieron’s kind of angsty too, mostly because his turning was not by choice and it takes him a while to accept his fate, although at on point he does say if offered the option to be human again he would refuse it.

    Moonlight is taking a totally different approach to the vampire theme than BT, and
    I’m liking the story line. That’s good because although Mick St. John (not James) is definitely NOT Henry Fitzroy, he’s still pretty cute.

    But you are right, sleeping in the freezer and walking in the daylight I could do without. I think they finally explained it in a round about way in this last episode. At on point Mick says that “The older the vampire, the more they smell of decay.” If that’s that case then I think I prefer my vamps on ice. LOL

  156. Soooooo do we call that our vampire popsicle hmmmm. It might take a bit to warm him/them up to get a melting or dripping scene going~hope they smell yummy when they thaw!

    Got to go~ The boy needs a ride over to a female-types house, seems to be a recurring theme. He asks with a tinge of color on his sweet face~ sweet kid that he is!

  157. rifkind said

    Nice to see everyone back and posting again!

    Welcome DebT
    It’s never too late to fall in love with Blood Ties!
    I think that BT has three wonder main characters and the interplay between them is a delight. I love the little barbs between Henry and Mike..
    Henry calling Mike Renfield and constable, and Mike calling Henry β€˜Captain Midnight’, and β€˜Casper the friendly vampire’.
    Vicki’s character is no push over either. I love that she is a strong character and is not the damsel in distress.

    Here at Ms. Gypsy’s we’ve got a lot of highly talented women.
    There are artists and illustrators, members of SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and renaissance fairs, crafters, poetry writers, story writers, and postcard writers – as in MOUNTAINS of them sent to the network.
    We’ve got some very funny ladies here too, as you can tell by the last few posts.
    Be sure to check out prtfvr’s Blood Ties JPG comic, She has some wonderful screencaps from BT to tell her story.
    If you hear about ladies gathering at the β€˜hen house’, we are going to the chat room on prtfvr’s site.
    We cover all age groups and all share a passion for Blood Ties
    Yup that’s us, we’re the
    β€œBlood Ties Addiction Support Network”
    Welcome to the Sisterhood!
    We DON’T want to be cured πŸ™‚

  158. DebT said

    Thanks for all the info rifkind!

    I don’t want to be cured either. πŸ™‚

    I should add that I do like Moonlight and will continue to watch it, but it’s nowhere near as compelling (to me) as Blood Ties.

    I do know a little something about SCA, although I’ve never been involved. I am an ex-rennie though. I worked at Kind Richard’s Faire in Carver, MA back in 1994-96. It’s been ages since I’ve been back though. I do kind of miss it, and have friends who are still involved in other faires.

  159. rifkind said

    Linda just joined the crew recently too, so we’re glad to add to the family!

    I’ve written several pages on my blog page about how to add an Avatar to your WordPress account
    Once you have added the image to your account, you will have to be LOGGED-IN to WordPress before making any comments .. then the avatar will show up.
    Be patient after you first add the image, it can take up to a half an hour before it is available to link up with your posts.
    You might also have to log out and then log back in before the new settings are applied to the account.

    Let me know if you have any questions.
    Comments on how to make the instructions better are always welcome.

  160. rifkind said

    Hey WildStar,
    I’d be honored to know that the journal that I bought for you was used as a tool for your book. I’m enjoying reading it and I’m glad to be a part of your creative team!

  161. Well, I managed to take my son over to visit with his friend and visited outside with the mom. Turns out the girl went to elementary school that I teach at so the mom remembered me. We had a nice visit then I ended getting my car stuck in the ivy trying to back out of their steep driveway. I had to go in and get every available body to help push me out and up the driveway so I could get out of there. Poor Maxx, he goes to visit a girl and he has to push a car (his mom’s) with her, her brother, mother, and a neighbor ~ sheesh

    I guess I’m doing my job building memories & stories for him :>)

  162. Anzia said

    Hey Deb T, Welcome to the Bloody Ford Clinic. I totally forget my official title here but I do come up (with the help of others) with the names of the products used in our “behavioral therapy” sessions. ^_^ Should you find yourself in need of Chocolate Chains, or an Anatomically Correct, Life Sized Henry Action Toy…Danae or I will direct you to the appropriate closet/room. ^_^

    Oh, For the record, i’m an unemployed recently graduated college student in Wisconsin. I aspire to be half as talented as the REAL writers on this blog (you’ll find them out soon enough…since we all kinda harrass them and discuss their stuff. ^_^). My Dream…is to have henry chained to my bed. πŸ˜‰

    ‘Laise- I’d say Kieron is angsty! WOW. I *blushes* ACCIDENTLY started reading the second section you sent me before the first and…DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN woman! ^_^ Love the man. No CLUE what’s going on but…NICE!

    Dani- I got your email. Have it saved on my comp. I’ll send it back when I can. Feel free to send Ch 1 my way when you’re done with it. ^_^

    Howdy Madonna, E, Moonbeam, Laurel, Linda, Gypsy, Miggles, Prtmama (should she pop in), NINA (who has a test on friday … again…) ^_^ And everyone else that i’ve forgotten but DID NOT MEAN TOO!

  163. Anzia said

    list continued…RIF!, Lady A, Arrowyn, Cree (when her comp is fixed), DIZ (should she come back from Work Work Work world ^_^), Anne, Mamaclaire, Wildwoman… ^_^

  164. Linda said

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome DebT! You could not find a nicer group of women with whom to share your Blood ties addiction!

    I guess I should try watching Moonlight, although Henry has spoiled me for any other vamps. I do like Jason Dohring though, Veronica Mars was one of my fav shows.

    Danae — So glad little Aiden is ok. I know that just broke your sister’s heart for him to get hurt like that.

    Elizabeth — I am so glad you leg is healing.

    catcornmom — I wanted to echo Madonna and say that I too was glad you got good news from your Dr. You had been on my mind and I felt very relieved when you posted the news.

    Z-What’s this about an Anatomically Correct life-size Henry action toy? I didn’t know the clinic had one of those…

    Must go exercise now…Later girls!

  165. lwildstar said

    sorry I havent been around – as you know I’m trying to be a good girl and stay off line when I’m at work – except first thing in the morning and at lunch – but I came home and started writing – and the time just flew by – now its bed time….

    oh Rif – I finished chapter 26 tonight .. hehehehehehe..time to start 27….and you’ll have to wait for 13 to be posted , but I’l try and email a teaser later. It won’t be long before I’m using tat notebook – I think I have maybe 12 pages left in my little one

    Dani – emailed you edits – I hope its ok…..

    β€˜Laise – I just found the link to your story, I’m going to go back to chapter one and try to find time to read – I really want to know whats going on with Kieron..

    Rif – I promise I will go back and start reading yours – are youhaving any luck getting Bill of the computer games and back into writing?

    and becasue I’ve gon brain dead Im just going to say Dito to the above comments from Linda.

    Hugs to everyone and I’ll talk at you tomorrow!!!!

  166. Annalaise duChat said

    Now Anzia, you have to read it in order!!!

    I’m glad you like him though, I kind of like him myself.;-))

    So how’s the hair?????

  167. catcornmom said

    Linda and Madonna–Thanks for your well wishes. The good news was a relief! The only small problem when I went in was my blood pressure was a little high. Well, I told them….this building has bad memories. It was where my dad’s oncologist’s office was located. EEEK! After I spoke with my very cool kidney doctor, my blood pressure went back to normal!!

    I have to tell you, going to the kidney doctor made me feel really YOUNG. Everybody in there was gray-haired, using a walker/wheel-chair and/or on oxygen. I walked by some guy walking into the building and 15 minutes later, he showed up in the same doctor’s office I was in. I didn’t realize the kidneys were something that WENT when you start to get really old. HA!

    Madonna- the card is AWESOME!! You are AWESOME!!

    Welcome DebT. Did you say you were from Boston? I’m not even close to there…I’m from Kansas. It’s really yucky weather here right now. The roads are really slick. Sadly, probably not slick enough to call off school tomorrow–dang-it!

    I have to agree with you all on Moonlight. Don’t like the walking in sunlight, or the sleeping in the freezer. Not very romantic to sleep on ice. Doesn’t seem right that Nick can just cover his eyes to not burn up. But now he’s “temporarily” human, so what does that mean for Nick and Beth??? (Probably nothing because of the writer’s strike!)

  168. Linda said

    Catcornmom — Some people have “white coat syndrome” where just going to the Dr. makes their blood pressure high. That used to happen to me with one Dr in particular. Glad yours went back down. Getting good news will do that!

    You said you exercise a lot, what do you like to do?

  169. catcornmom said

    I go to Curves religiously 3 times a week. It’s a workout place for women. I’ve been going for 6 years now. I just earned my 900 workouts shirt in November !! It’s circuit training with weight machines. Most of the machines are double positive which means you get resistance pushing and pulling. You do each machine for 30 seconds then you do 30 seconds on a recovery board. You do this for 30 minutes. Some women never break a sweat (which is really irritating to me) but I totally bust my butt. During the spring and summer, I also walk 2.5 miles on my Curves days and 4.5 miles on my off days. I have a treadmill, but I just don’t enjoy walking on it like I do walking my path I take outside.

    When I was younger, I had white coat syndrome BAD!! I really inherited it from my dad. But after he went through all of his cancer and cancer treatments so bravely, I kicked my own ass and made myself get over it. Especially when I had my 2 c-sections. I just kept repeating to myself, “remember how brave Dad was…” and that usually gets me through anything medical. Only within the last year I can now have a blood test without laying down. That is a MAJOR accomplishment for me! I’m so proud of me!! I used to pass out!

    I was in charge of a Red Cross Blood Drive at a high school once, and they wouldn’t let me near the gym where they were actually taking the blood because I kept turning white and getting light headed. I had to do the paperwork outside the gym. I’m such a wuss!!! I mean I WAS such a wuss!!!

  170. Catcornmom, that’s inspiring for me! I have to lay down to get my blood drawn or I end up passing out. I think it has to do with the patting continually to find the elusive veins. Anyhow, it all started when my toddler (now 14) split his forehead and ended up getting sewed up and I ended up on the gurney next to him. I’ve been passing out since, if I don’t insist on laying down for the draw. Now I just go in and say that I have to lay down or I’ll end up wasting my day laying down.

    Your Curves testomonial is inspiring too. My co-worker goes pretty often, I won a month membership and went regularly, but really needed them to be open earlier so I could get there before work~just an excuse, however. Might have to give it another try……

  171. Linda said

    Catcornmom — Wow that is awesome! I am familiar with Curves, but have never worked out there. I have a membership at another fitness place. I have been on and off my exercise routine for the last 4 or 5 years. My mom has had quite a few health problems and it seems like I am always getting derailed.

    I recently started working out with a trainer who lives in my neighborhood to get back on track. She has really pushed me and also subscribes to the circuit training method of working out. I know what you mean about the walking, it is so much better when you get outside. When the weather is bad, like tonight. I bite the bullet and go to the fitness center.

    A friend and I have decided we are going to walk the half marathon not this coming March, but next one. As much as you are walking, you could do the half marathon right now!

    Congrats on kicking the white coat syndrome! You should be proud.

  172. laurel said

    Well, I had to pop in and say hi to everyone I missed today. Nuts, you all show up on the day I run off to write. I did get to lunch with Gypsy and Elizabeth so my day was pretty awesome.
    Shout out to Catcornmom ’cause she’s been scarce for a while! Missed you!

    I need to go read the rest of Dr. du Chat’s stuff. I think I missed something along the line and should go re-read it.
    No Rif, it will not slow down my editing of wildstar’s next chapters! I’m working on them!


  173. Chery said


    Congratulations on your workout schedule! I also like to walk when the weather is nice in the Spring and Summer.
    I don’t have a Curves near me but I was thinking of joining a 24 hour fitness express near my house. It is right on the way home from work.
    I need resistence and weight training.

  174. DebS said

    Hi all!

    Catcornmom-your workout story is really inspiring. I know that I need to workout, but I just don’t make myself. I used to say I don’t have the time, but eventually I copped to the fact that it was just an excuse. Now, I say I don’t make the time…but I really need too. When you first started, how did you make yourself go every time. I need advice. πŸ™‚

    DebT- I think I said welcome already, but can’t remember…so again Welcome!! The Bloody Ford Clinic is a lovely place to rest your head.

  175. DebT said

    Thanks for the avatar info rifkind. As soon as I figure out what to use for an avatar, I’ll try uploading one. I don’t do much with icons or avatars.

    My last project at work was a site built using WordPress, so I should be able to figure it out. We didn’t do much with the WordPress user accounts, so I don’t know the ins and outs of it too well. Other parts of WordPress I know a lot more about than I think I care to. πŸ™‚

  176. Claire said

    Bon Matin mes soeurs!
    I feel like I’ve missed so much! real life is kicking my derriere!
    Still feel a little sick..nauseous…tired.The quads had some days off school..and rushing to finish up and photograph jewelry so I can get it online.I miss being with my sisters more often..hopefully one day my life will slow down! yeah right!
    Anyway…Danae…poor Chris…Moms always feel so guilty when we hurt our babies by accident! I once pinched Victorias neck in the zipper of her snow suit..I could see her trying to be brave and not cry..but I also saw the hurt in her eyes..Argh I cried for days everytime I remembered! I’m glad baby Aiden is ok!

    DebsT..welcome I did see you over at the forum..good to have you here at the Bloody Ford Clinic! There are no words to describe the amazing group of women here…they just all rock!
    I am Claire,ex model,formerly from France and NYC,now live in Va. I have 7 children,ages..30,26,22 and my 8 year old girl,girl,boy,boy quadruplets.I have a grand daughter who will be 4 next Saturday and a grandson who is 8 mths.My life is nuts..it keeps me on my toes and I am certifiably addicted to BT and Mr.Schmid aka Henry! I am resident teacher of all things French here at the clinic!

  177. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas.

    And she’s my MamaClaire and Z’s too. Don’t run yourself to ragged now.

    DebT-You know you are technically the closest to me now. Boston is only 2-3 hours from me. I have been wanting to go to Boston for awhile now. I want to visit the Science Museum again. I haven’t been there in forever. If I can ever make it up there we should hook up.

    Damn catcornmom. You sound like you kick ass with the exercising. I wish I had that drive.

    We were talking about Aiden getting burned and Chris being absolutely distraught over it even though it wasn’t even her fault. We then got caught up in talking about all the crap that people do to hurt their kids on purpose. Someone from around here is in custody because they put the toddler they were caring for in a sleeping bag and whipped around and around. The little boy died. Or there is the one where the father threw his kids over the side of a bridge. I just don’t get it. If I hurt any of the kids that my parents used to care for accidentally I was absolutely horrified with myself. How can people do that to a little innocent defenseless child? It makes me sick to my stomach.

  178. Danae said

    Ok after 3 edits I think I am ready to share the beginning of my story. There is just the prologue right now but it should set you up for more. There may be more edits since I haven’t gotten Z’s second edit back but I sent it to wildstar too and she had a few grammer things that she caught and when I was correcting those I caught a few spelling errors. Check your email for the password or if you aren’t part of the email group send me an email at luvslegolas3000@yahoo.com.


  179. Arrowyn said

    Recognition for Blood Ties! Canadian film and TV association announces nominees for Indie Awards. “Programs nominated for best prime-time drama series include ‘Blood Ties’….”


  180. Danae said

    Sweet maybe this will make someone stand up and take notice.

  181. lwildstar said

    Awww… Clairebear – again? those germs seem to love you as much as we do – feel better! How are the kids doing?

    Arrowyn – she you’re still Senior Recon Girl! thanks for the link….

    I’m with DebS on the work out thing – I just need motivation – like someone following me around yelling at me! if I had someone to go walking with me – especially now that it gets dark early, I’d go more often.

    Well lunch is over – I wasted 10 minutes going to the Starbucks to get a cookie – a cookie I REALLY DIDN”T NEED..I just sudden;y wanted a cookie πŸ˜‰ right now I want a nap.

    ok – so before I log off I will go to the email and send the chapter 13 teaser…..i like this new trend with everyone writing! i thin once a week everyone should post a teaser – at least that way those of us who can’t get to the sites to read the stories will get a little taste!


  182. elizabeth said

    I finally got to see Deep Dark yesterday. Thank you, Laurel πŸ™‚ She loaded it onto my iPod for me and all I could say was “Oh..My…Gosh”. They can’t leave us like this!!!! Arrrggghhh!

  183. Danae said

    No they can’t!

  184. Madonna said

    Good afternoon y’all!

    How is everyone today?

    WOO HOO! GO BLOOD TIES! I really hope it wins. Everyone involved deserves it.

    Thanks! You’re AWESOME too! And I know what you mean…. everytime I go to the urologists office I’m the youngest one there.

    I am one of those people who have no problems having blood drawn. I even point them to the best vein. Probably because I’ve had to have it done so often. My dad on the other hand, turns white as a sheet.

    I too am trying to get myself in an exercise routine. My favorite piece of equipment is my Gazelle. It stretches you and is really low impact on the knees and ankles which is what I have to have.

    Speaking of which did you all know that Tony Little now owns a car dealership in Chicago? His ad came through our office last week.

  185. Danae said

    Hi Madonna.

    I just plain hate to exercise. I got one of those Dance Dance Revolution things you can hook up to your tv and I keep forgetting I have it.

  186. Madonna said

    I couldn’t do that. Too tough on the knees.

  187. Madonna said

    Oh lwildstar,
    You needed a coffee AND a cookie. lol….

    I loved that line so much!

  188. Danae said

    Yeah I can imagine it is.

  189. lwildstar said

    OMG!!! I just turned on the tv and the news is saying that Heath Ledger is dead of a possible over the counter drug over dose!!!!!

  190. lwildstar said

    I’m depressed now 😦

  191. elizabeth said

    It just shows how risky taking medications of any kind can be. It is such a horrible shame that he died! And he was so freaking young!

  192. Margaret said

    Ms. G: I’m going to email you Kelly a/k/a Kelrod on the Lifetime Board email address. It’s been so long since I registered that I no longer remember. Can you walk her through it. She is hysterical and I think she’d fit right in. She will be going to Megacon and bringing her mother who thinks Kyle is just as cute as a button. Her husband is going and has given her a 5 minute free pass with Kyle as long as he gets one with Kristy Swanson. lol.

  193. catcornmom said

    DebS – The way I get myself to workout is I take my workout clothes to work with me so they are in the car and I don’t go home after work….I just go right to Curves. Once you get home it’s just too easy to blow off working out. It’s difficult to get going sometimes, but I feel so good afterwards, and I sleep so much better after a work out. The better sleep is what really motivated me at the beginning. Now that I’ve gotten in the routine, I know if I stop, it would hurt too much to get in shape again.

    Hey Laurel!! I lurk everyday, so I don’t feel like I’ve been missing. You all just seem to say everything so I don’t need to say anything!! πŸ™‚ I keep very busy reading the blog and the google blog…it’s difficult to keep up most of the time!!

    Danae-what’s sad is my drive to exercise….is driven by my need to eat more!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Curves came to town about the same time our Krispy Kreme did….coincidence???? I “donut” think so. (That’s really bad, I know!)

  194. msgypsy said

    Margaret, tell Kelly to go ahead and email me, although registering for this blog is mostly a matter of posting. (You don’t HAVE to have a wordpress account to post here.)

    Steve Bacic fans might want to visit http://www.canada.com/globaltv/index.html tonight to see a brief preview of the new Canadian show he’s in, called “The Guard” about the Canadian Cost Guard. (Anyone who follows Denis McGrath’s blog already knows about this. FYI, Denis’ blog is at http://heywriterboy.blogspot.com) and if you aren’t reading his blog you’re missing out on lots of interesting info about Canadian television.

    It’s too frickin cold here! I realize we’re tons warmer than most of the US but for Oregon this is cold. And my fingers don’t appreciate it at all.

  195. DebT said

    Danae – Where in CT do you live? I lived near Middletown for about 1.5 years back a little over 10 years ago.

    We definitely should meet if you come to Boston. πŸ™‚

  196. Danae said

    I haven’t read any post since I left yesterday. I just wanted to guickly put this on here.

  197. Danae said

    Ok Buongiorno bellas. I am still speechless about Heath Ledger. Totally shocked and dumbfounded. What a senseless tragedy. RIP Heath

    DebT I live in Vernon. It is about a half and hour from Sturbridge in one direction and 20 minutes from Hartford in the other. I am about 45 minutes from Springfield.

  198. lwildstar said

    Well I’ve spent 15 minutes trying to get over here – I don’t know whats up with WordPress but I got some weird log in page and had to get here throught he back door – now I have no time to chat..

    Anywho Hugs to everyone!
    Now I must run!!!!

  199. Danae said

    You know when I came here this morning it told me I wasn’t logged in and I had to log in. I have never had that happen before.

  200. lwildstar said

    well I logged out and tried again even cleared the bookmark and cookies and put them back – had the same problem – I can only seem to get here (logged in) by going thru my Global Dashboard for WordPress.

    Go figure – well now must run!

  201. DebS said

    Hi everyone,

    I had meetings all morning, and have more this afternoon. But wanted to stop by.

    Catcornmom-Do you set goals for yourself? How long do you work out? And what type of exercise do you do? I really want to start working out and get in shape. I do need to lose weight, but that isn’t my main reason. I find that I am having more and more health problems, and I think that many of these would decrease if I just worked out two or three times a week.

  202. lwildstar said

    WTF! i can get directly to this page if i don’t log in bummer – guess I’ll try again

  203. lwildstar said

    Well now this is just getting annoying – whats up with wordpress?

    I think I’ll have to wait until i get home – I’m beginning to wonder if its something up with my server…or the links …oh well…Just checking in – I’m off to write.

  204. Danae said

    Wildstar and Anzia. I sent you chapter one for editing. I had several questions so I added those as well. While you are working on that I am going to start on chapter 2.

  205. laurel said

    Well, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one having problems with wordpress today. I suspect they are reworking some section and that tweaks things off kilter for a while. That was the problem last time.
    I hit my usual bookmark and ended up on my own blog (which has been dormant for months) and discovered I don’t remember my own password to get into my fanfic piece. lol I have to go look it up.

    ‘laise – I read all of Kieron’s story yesterday (all that you have up) and am hooked. I had to leave for a music lesson with my daughter and spent 15 minutes looking for the book I was reading. Finally realized it was your story, and there isn’t any more! 😦 Have you got more to post? Please!
    It was especially hard to push away the events of the day while picturing Kieron as you have portrayed him (HL), but I found it comforting to think of the immortality of those who live in our memories and in our hearts.

  206. Danae said

    And you know I can totally see Heath playing a vamp. Man it is just so sad,

  207. laurel said

    Catcornmom – I understand about the lurking. I kind of do it too, but I leave a comment so I’ll have Dylan’s picture as a bookmark. Otherwise I have to leave myself a post-it note on the screen with the date and time of the last post I’ve read. πŸ™‚

  208. Danae said

    I jsut got an email saying autopsy on Heath was inconclusive and they need to perform more tests and it may take 10 days to get the toxicology tests back.

  209. Annalaise duChat said

    Hi Laurel,

    I’m so glad you enjoyed my novel. I know that feeling. As I write if feel like I’m in the middle of one of those books I just can’t put down, the only problem is that I have to write it before I can find out what happens next.

    Sadly I’ve been so busy lately since before the holidays and preparing for our foreign exchange student I haven’t had a chance to write any more. Also I’m in another one of my dry periods. Sometimes I just have to step away for awhile and then I’m able to come back fresh and full of new ideas. I wish I was as prolific as Wildstar, that girl never dries up!

    Hopefully things will calm down a bit by next week and I can find some time to figure out where the story is going. I know where I have to end up, but I’m just not sure how to get there from where I left off. What I really need is a weekend to myself to go away and work through all the plot details . Yea, like that’s going to happen. ;-/

    I know this sounds very strange, and it’s probably not very healthy, but Heath and the character Kieron have become so intertwined in my head that I feel almost as if someone I knew very personally has passed. What a tragedy. I guess as I continue with my story I will think of it as my own personal tribute. I guess now I know who the book will be dedicated to should it ever get published. Let Heath live on as the vampire Kieron Maher.

  210. Danae said

    I see you type that Annalaise about him living on as Kieron and I still find it so hard to believe.

  211. laurel said

    Healthy or not I too have certain actors (and musicians and friends and family) behind the framework of my characters. Those tend to be the best ones in my stories because I have somehow invested something very personal and meaningful to me. It does, however, make it very difficult to write a scene that involves the demise of a character I’ve come to love. One of my story lines is frozen for now because I can’t let go of one special character who is based on an actor I admire. I tried to write it so that he survived, but in re-reading it I realize that I have to let go in order for the plot to progress. Argggh.
    So for now it sits while I work out my grief. Weird, huh? I think only another writer can understand how that works.

  212. laurel said

    I am waiting for news of my cousin LaVerne this morning. She has had terrible headaches for the past couple of weeks and they escalated to the point that when she went to the ER yesterday she was rushed 40 miles to the University hospital here in Portland. She has an unstable artery in her brain, that is apt to rupture at any moment. The ballooning of this vessel is causing pressure on the brain and causing the pain. The family is deciding, right now, what type of surgery the doctors are going to perform, they were given two very risky options to choose from. She is my father’s age and her kids are my very favorite cousins, so she is more of an aunt to me. After this past year, with almost a dozen funerals/memorial services, my family is reeling at the news of such seriousness.
    It doesn’t look good and I am beside myself with the possibility that we will loose someone already this year.
    Would you please say a prayer for her and the family? I’m going up to the hospital in a little while, just so I can be close for a while.

  213. Danae said

    I was wondering if one of the very talented artists on here might want to draw me a picture for what would be cover art for my story, Annalaise or Madonna. I can give you the specifics of how I would like them to look.

  214. Annalaise duChat said

    Laurel — I understand you completely. That may be why I am having such difficulty continuing my story from the point I ended. It involves the demise of one of my characters and I just can’t bring myself to do it. I keep trying to come up with an alternative, but so far I just can’t make the plot work any other way.

    Question: I’m trying to show character growth/change in Kieron from the beginning of the story. Have I been successful? What’s your take on it? I’m curious to see if you picked up on my intent.

  215. DebS said

    Laurel-my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

  216. Danae said

    Laurel sorry I missed that post. My prayers are with you and your family also.

  217. laurel said

    Thank you dears. I’m hanging out here for now. The family has enough on their plate and needed a little time before facing anyone. I’m going to be glad of the distraction you all offer me. Your support is so very appreciated.

    Annalaise – yes I am seeing character growth in Kieron as the story progresses. I feel bad for the decisions he is facing, and admire the courage he is showing in making choices that are more about others than about himself and his continuation of life.
    I suspect I know who is leaving the scene too. Difficult decision, but probably unavoidable.
    You could try writing a couple of different conclusions in separate documents to see if it becomes any clearer.
    I’m available if you need to bounce an idea off of someone, too. I did the separate document thing and had to admit that the better one was the track I had tried to avoid. So I left it hanging for now.

  218. Annalaise duChat said

    Laurel — I guess our posts crossed. My prayers for your cousin La Verne and you and your family.

    Danae — I’d be willing to give it a shot but I do better with digital stuff. My drawing skills a pretty rusty these days. What did you have in mind? Madonna’s the true artist of the group.

  219. Danae said

    Could you do something digital that was original?

  220. Annalaise duChat said

    I tried to make him seem self-centered and a little cold in the beginning. I didn’t want him to be evil and unlikable, just a little jaded by his circumstance and dealing with his isolation in the best way he can. Hence all the expensive toys and materialism.

    A little like a lot of real people in our society. As the story progresses he’s going to re-learn the value of love.

  221. Annalaise duChat said

    In order to do something digital I would have to have some images to start with, like pictures to photoshop together or trace, but yes with that as a starting point I could create something original for you.

  222. Danae said

    I just didn’t want to get in trouble for using an existing picture of someone. If that were ok I would tell to use one of Kyle’s pics and a pretty strawberry blond girl with wavy hair.

  223. Himmiefan said

    Laurel – I’m so sorry to hear about your cousin LaVerne. Prayers and hugs for her and for the rest of your family. Keep us updated on how she’s doing.

  224. Danae said

    Although my guy has hair the color of melted chocolate and Kyle doesn’t.

  225. laurel said

    Annalaise – I though Kieron was a little cold in the beginning but of course I knew he was dealing with having to leave the lovely world of Seattle. I had to admit, that would make me a little cranky too. I don’t live in Seattle, but i love it and was just there a week ago. I have some pictures of the Pike Place Market if you want to see them. πŸ™‚

  226. laurel said

    Danae – OMG You just used the words “melted chocolate” and Kyle in the same sentence.
    And it’s only Wednesday!

  227. Danae said

    Sorry! not! It put a smile on your face right?

  228. elizabeth said

    Laurel – I am so sorry to hear about your cousin. I will keep you all in my prayers. Let me know if there is anything I can do, okay?

  229. Danae said

    Kyle with melted chocolate flowing over his body. You licking it off for him. Poor baby he can’t be dirty. That would be a shame right?

  230. Annalaise duChat said

    No you can’t use Kyle’s picture if you really intend this to be the cover of a book you intend to sell, but there are a lot of sites like Fotolia, Shutterstock, Photospin etc. where you can purchase an image that could be used and modified. Once you purchase it you have the rights to do what you please with it within their guidelines.

    Type Stock Photos into Google to see what’s available. Some can be very expensive, both other reputable dealers have images for as little as $1 each. You search the sites by subject. I suggest: attractive man, male models things like that. Once you find something that you think is what you want email me a link and we’ll talk about how to purchase and download the images and what quality we need.

    I can combine photos and modify them in a number of ways to create a scene for you. I can also make the images look like they’ve been hand sketched. Other things you might want to include are images that portray scenes from you plot. Didn’t you have your heroine learning martial arts or how about an old house to represent the B&B. If you had some specific locales in mind pull out you digital camera and take some pictures. Get friends to pose as stand ins for the characters, anything to give me that basic image to work with.

  231. Danae said

    Ladies? Ladies? Are you still with me? Did you all faint from overload?

  232. laurel said

    You’re killing me here!

  233. Annalaise duChat said

    I’d love to Laurel. I’d also like any insight you have into the area. I haven’t set any scenes there but you never know what info might come in handy and spur some creativity. Maybe a memory of something or a flashback.

  234. Danae said

    okey dokey thanks

  235. Danae said

    Can you change colors once you have the pictures in your hands? The house I was thinking of is white with shutters the color of storm clouds but I don’t think there are any like that in my area. They might be close though.

  236. Arrowyn said

    Is this what all the hullabaloo about Sandra, the script supervisor, was about? Although this is a pretty sweet offer. From Bloodlines:

    Sandra, the script supervisor for the show is selling her original copy of the pilot (both parts) which includes all her notes, on Ebay! Here’s your chance to get some original BT memorabilia!!


  237. Annalaise duChat said

    Yup. I can do that. I can change the color of Kyle’s hair to chocolate too, or not.

  238. Danae said

    Sweet I have a couple houses in mind in my area then. Now I have to decide which to use. I don’t want the classic Colonial look. I don’t think it gives a house enough character. It needs to have dimensions. Colonials are plain and flat. You get me?

  239. Arrowyn said

    I HATE being a rumor-monger and the bearer of sad tidings! We need to hear from someone “OFFICIAL”! Further down, at the link I posted above, Sandra relates what she heard from the head of Insight and from Peter Mohan. And it’s not good. Then still further, Sandra wrote this (I don’t know who “her” is):
    I asked her to dig some more and find out for sure if BT is over… to check out what I had heard. Then maybe it can be more official than me saying what I heard.

    I’m going back into my cave to cry.

  240. Danae said

    Well if Sandra was really a script supervisor it seems to me that she wouldn’t need someone to do any digging for her. She would now on her own. And if she were a script supervisor for BT she wouldn’t be flinging this stuff around like last weeks garbage.

  241. Danae said

    All she is doing is alluding to something without giving a straight fact. That really irks me!

  242. Danae said

    Well bellas I have a kick-off party to go to for the Relay for Life tonight. I have to skedaddle.


  243. laurel said

    Have fun at your party Danae!
    See ya’ later.

  244. Annalaise duChat said

    Bye Danae! Have fun.

  245. Arrowyn said

    Dani, didn’t Anne confirm that Sandra really is a script supervisor? I think Anne also provided the link to a picture on one of her sites (sorry, don’t remember which one) of Sandra and Gina with the script in front of them.

    And, just so you know, I’m mad, too. I appreciate Sandra’s effort to keep everybody informed, and the Bloodlines site is a pretty good conduit for informing a lot of people right away, but I kind of would have liked to have heard her news BEFORE I read that she was trying to sell her script on EBay. That sentence was muddled, but you know what I mean.

  246. elizabeth said

    It seems a little odd that she would say the show is cancelled without any “official” word from anyone important. She may just be looking to sell the script and make some quick money….I hope, I hope….

  247. Claire said

    Good evening ladies…I finally got my shop open and have listed a few items.
    A couple of necklaces and some earrings…not done listing yet,but wanted to let you guys know.


  248. lwildstar said

    well last time I checked ebay – it looked like the same “group” of people bidding against each other – I’m sure you can guess who since they were probably given a heads up…anywho

    Dani – I’m emailing your edits

    Laurel – you free this Friday night?

    Calire – cool beans – I’ll have to go check your site out! Good Luck!

    now I’m off to check emails –
    oh and wordpress is still acting weird for me – I had to access Gypsys through my globaldashboard (shruggs) maybe its just me…

  249. lwildstar said

    ok – well it seems that I’ve killed both the blog and the email so I am logging off and call it a night.. 😦

  250. msgypsy said

    Laurel, I haven’t been near an online computer all day so this is the first I’ve read about your cousin. I’m pulling for her and for you.

    Turns out my finger is going to require surgery. Or that is my doctor’s guess, anyway. I have to see an orthopedist. Sigh! And here I thought it was just arthritis. Or a sprain. Why is it always so complicated?

    So has anyone downloaded “The Guard” yet? It’s available for download here: http://uptorrent.blogspot.com/2008/01/tv-shows-guard-s01e01.html. (It’s online for the Canadian folks but we in the lower part of the continent are geolocked out.) I’m not a big Steve Bacic fan but I have to say in this one he looks pretty tasty…

    I’m not taking anyone’s casual suggestion that BT is dead as certainty. People shoot their mouths off all the time.

  251. Margaret said

    Ladies, Ladies, Ladies:

    Sandra is indeed a script supervisor and she does need the money as she hasn’t worked for three months. BUT, BUT, BUT, she is not high enough in the food chain to know what is REALLY going on. As late as yesterday someone got a letter from one of the producers at Insight that said the sets are still up, the actors are anxious to come back and that because of fan interest it looks like Lifetime might be looking more closely at it. BUT NOTHING HAS BEEN DECIDED AND HE IS STILL HOPEFUL, SO UNLESS IT’S A BIG FISH, PLEASE DON’T GET YOURSELVES ALL WORKED UP. Don’t know about you but I’m exhausted from jumping to conclusions.

  252. catcornmom said

    DebS – I do set a “weekly” goal of working out at Curves 3 times a week. I like to go after work on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but I’m not always able to. (Especially now with my daughter having basketball games on Friday afternoons.) So on Sunday or Monday, I write in my calendar the 3 days I’m going to go work out. that week The great thing about Curves is that it is only a 30 minute work-out!! It usually takes a little bit longer with stretching, but I usually take about 40-45 minutes to get in & out of there. Pre-planning when I’m going to work-out has been really helpful…it’s like setting a date with myself!! I’m not so great about setting my walking times, but it’s freaking freezing in Kansas right now!! When it’s warmer, I try to do the same thing with walking. I like to plan when I’m going to walk because my walks take from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. There’s a great hill close to my house that is a slow incline for about a quarter of a mile….feel the burn!!

    I used to feel selfish about taking the time from my kids especially since I’m a single mom. But my doctor said that my kids will be better for it when I’m feeling healthy and better overall, and she was so RIGHT!! When we had a couple of snow days and I couldn’t get to Curves, my kids were like…”Mom, you’re grumpy, don’t you need to go work-out?” And like I mentioned earlier…BETTER SLEEP!!!

    Margaret, thank you for keeping the hope alive!!! I read Sandra’s comment on Ebay and wanted to CRY!!!

  253. catcornmom said

    Oh yeah….Laurel, I’m praying for your cousin.

    Gypsy, sorry to hear about your finger….now if it was Prtfvr’s finger, I would assume it was a middle finger from flipping people off…HAHAHAHAHAHA
    (Sorry Prtmamma—couldn’t resist!!!)

  254. Anzia said

    Dani- Kyle and chocolate…wow…*drool* Anyway, I still don’t have a copy of your chapter 1. I never got an email with an attachment….

    You have my prayers for your cousin Laurel.

    I really really wish they’d make an official proclamation about BT already. EVEN if it’s just to say they haven’t decided completely on way course of action. At least we’d know 100% where we stand and people wouldn’t be able to just willy-nilly crush our hopes. (which isn’t nice btw!)

  255. rifkind said

    Prayers going out to your family.
    If your cousin has an aneurysm this new technique may be something to try.
    The last that I had heard about this process was that it was in late-stage human trials, and that was in March 2006… so this may now be approved by the FDA
    The before and after patient images are something to marvel at!
    Prayers and {{HUGS}} coming your way!

  256. rifkind said

    The 510(k) FDA Submission was made on June 18, 2007.

  257. Chery said

    Thanks for your sanity, Margaret! I think we are so desperate that we are grasping at straws!
    O.K. everyone, pen in hand, lets bombard LifeTime with more postcards!
    Voting on all of the Websites is wonderful, but I do not really know if the Networks pay much attention to that.
    We know on this list that Lifetime DOES pay attention to postcards, and the kind of response we got from E-Online.
    So I challenge everyone to send 20 postcards a day for the next week.
    Go get ’em!

  258. Good Morning Ladies.

    Laurel — Any word on LaVerne? How are you doing?

    Danae — How was your Relay for Life Event?

    Claire Bear — Love the Etsy Site & the jewelry. That header image of the quad’s feet is priceless.

    Wildstar –Come on girl. I’m waiting on the next chapter. Get on the ball!!!

    Gypsy — what exactly is wrong with you finger? did you injure it somehow or is this a chronic condition?

    Catch you guys a little later. Everybody have a great day!

  259. Linda said

    Good morning all,

    Laurel — My thoughts and prayers are with your cousin.

    My google search picked up this blog. This person mentions both Kyle and Heath Ledger in his (or her) observations. Not sure what the rest of it means but, thought it was kind of interesting and appropriate.


  260. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas.

    Z I forwarded you the attachment again. Wildstar had only good things to say about it so if you don’t your fired πŸ˜‰ Just kidding! And yes Henry/Kyle and chocolate go very well together although so does a certain elf and chocolate.

    MamaClaire I love your jewelry. Better then anything I can even aspire to do. It seems to be my kind of jewelry too.

    Annalaise the kick off party went well. The Olive Garden provided the food and it was delish. We are all geared up for the event in June. We are coming up with fundraising ideas for my team. I am trying to become a part of the 1K club which are indviduals that raise 1000 or more. I sent you all emails to donate. If you could pass them on to people you know without being to pushy that would be awesome. Right now I only have two people registered under my team and I need a minimum of 10. I know I have time but I am always worried that I won’t make it.

  261. Danae said

    Oh and my brother and dad made me so mad last night. I was talking to my mom about Heath Ledger and what I had read about yesterday and my brother said to me “What I see is someone that was taking drugs” He said it very coldly and it pissed me off and then my dad said “Well he was taking drugs, sleeping pills.” I am not sure why that pissed me off but it did. I was so upset over the whole thing. I didn’t even take any of my sleeping pills last night and didn’t sleep a wink. I am exhausted this morning. I was tossing and turning all night.

  262. laurel said

    I didn’t hear from any of the family last night, so I don’t know how my cousin is doing. 😦
    It has gotten to the point that I’m afraid to call the hospital, and I don’t want to wake any of my cousins if they’ve finally gotten a chance to sleep. If I don’t hear from someone in the next hour I’ll call the ICU. They can’t really tell me anything but they will put a family member on the phone if they’re there.

    Thank you all for the prayers and good thoughts, these are scary times.

  263. Danae said

    It sucks that you have to go through more bad shit Laurel. I swear doesn’t all this bad stuff have to end sometime?

  264. Danae said

    Remember no news is good news. Has she had surgery yet or are they still deciding what route to go?

  265. Arrowyn said

    For those of you who like erotic romance novels, a friend of mine sent this site to me. I haven’t read any of them yet. I don’t usually like romance novels, but I like erotic novels. Maybe you’ll find something you like.


  266. laurel said

    I just got word from my cousin Dennis that LaVerne (his mom) came through the procedure really well. It went even better than anticipated and now we are praying there will be no complications. She is still in the ICU but things were good enough last night that everyone went home to sleep. (They forgot to call me, but all is forgiven in light of such good news).

  267. Arrowyn said

    I apologize to those of you who are having difficulties in your life. I know that I have pretty much just dropped info into the blog and not responded to anything anyone has said. I’m not really a callous or unsympathetic person. I’m just very, very, very far behind in everything, including reading the blog thoroughly. I will catch up. But, in the meantime, I think of and send my loving and healing wishes to ALL of you every day.

  268. Danae said

    That is great news Laurel. I really hope she has a full recovery.

    Arrowyn no one thinkgs you are callous or unsympathetic. You are busy I bet and it is hard for me to keep up with both the blog and the emails. No worries.

  269. Danae said

    I meant hard for you to keep up, not me although it is hard for me too.

  270. Linda said

    Laurel — I am happy for your good news. Hopefully her recovery will go as smoothly as the procedure did!

  271. DebT said

    Good afternoon all. I’m not too good at keeping up either.

    Laurel – That’s good news on the surgery. I know we just met, but my thoughts go out to your family.

    So, I’m trying to get straight on who does what. A few of you are writing? Is the writing posted somewhere for all to read?

    Everyone has been so welcoming. You are all such a great group. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  272. Danae said

    DebT-Email me at luvslegolas3000@yahoo.com and I will sent you the link and password to both my writing areas.

  273. elizabeth said

    Laurel – I am glad that the news on your cousin was positive! I know how very difficult it is to wait around for news. It is only after we take a deep breath once we hear something that we realize how tense we were. You are in my thoughts (as always) and you know I am only a phone call away.

    Arrowyn- no worries, sweetie. We all know that you are busy and that you care about us. You are also in my thoughts.

    I’m off to a meeting 😦 I’ll try to check back a little later.

  274. Laurel that is excellent news! I’m so happy for you and your family.

    Danea — Sounds like a good time at your fundraiser. The Olive Garden has excellent food.

    Arrowyn — No one thinks that! We all come and go as real life dictates. We are always happy when you drop in to say hi.

    Deb T — Mouse over my name in the heading of this post and click on the link that appears. That will take you to the wordpress blog where I have my novel posted and some of my artwork. Post a comment to me once you get there and I’ll email you the password. Thanks for your interest.

  275. Himmiefan said

    Laurel – great news about your cousin! Please keep us updated.

  276. lwildstar said

    hey! my post from this morning vanished – it was there – I saw it post. i don’t think I did anything wrong… walks away pouting…. oh well – wordpress currently does not like me anyway. and all I was doing was fusing about not being able to meet Cherys challange…

    “laise – you’re just going to have to wait till this weekend..I think I will be posting chapter 13 tomorrow when i get home from work….

    ok lunch is over and I must return to work –

    Laurel thats great news! Hugs!

  277. laurel said

    Thank you all. I feel very blessed when I’m here with all of you.


  278. Deb T — I emailed the link. Let me know if you got it OK.

    Wilstar- GRRRRR!

  279. laurel said

    Trust me Annalaise – Chapter 13 is goooood! 😎
    I know that for a fact. hehehe

    I can’t let lwildstar have all the fun with the teasing!

    Now, where is the next chapter of YOUR story?
    I need some more time with Kieron!
    Oh, yeah.

  280. Scribble said

    Hey Ladies:

    I just wanted to do a little drive by to drop in a comment, there’s been a lot of fear/negativity/rumour/speculation etc about the state of the show so I am going to set things to rest a bit. While there is still no news please do not, I repeat do not take anything to heart from any other source other than an official statement that when it comes will be posted on http://www.bloodtiestv.com, So to nip the rumour demon in the butt, we are still trying our best to give everybody a second season and we thank everybody for their support.


  281. Scribble said

    Please don’t repost my comments above on the Lifetime board

  282. Danae said

    Hey yay! Now I can rest easy. Thanks Scribble!

  283. Danae said

    Or rest easier!

  284. laurel said

    Thanks Scribble!

    We are trying to hold on to hope and appreciate your words. You are welcome here any time you want to drop by.


  285. DebT said

    Annalaise – I got your first email, but I haven’t gotten one with a link.

    Scribble – Thanks for keeping our hope alive!

  286. Danae said

    DebT Go back to the link under Annalaise’s name. When you click on the story chapters it should ask you for the password that she emailed you.

  287. DebT said

    Thanks Danae. I’m also not sure what the password is. I’m not seeing it in the email.

  288. Claire said

    Good afternoon my ladies! Thank you all for the kind words about my shop!
    I ‘m also so behind and busy Recon girl…I feel like a bad sista!
    Prayers and good wishes to all of you that need them…Laurel I hope all is well with your cousin.Thanks for dropping in Scribble! We appreciate your info!

    Danae..I feel ya! Everyone here including the guys are devastated By Heath Ledgers passing,so we’re all of one mind,but what is pissing me off is all the media..Today on the morning show..Dr.Keith Ablow that TV shrink was talking all this merde..about Heath hiding behind the excuse that he was drained from portraying the joker..he said Heath liked to say he lived in the now..then why was he taking all those meds..just proves he couldn’t deal with his real life! WTF? He didn’t know him..never treated him.I firmly live by the code…Don’t judge someone until you’ve walked in their shoes.Why is it that no entertainer is allowed to just gracefully rest in peace..they are human beings just like everyone else.Oh and what about that crazy religious group who are going to protest at his funeral..they had the nerve to say it was Gods punishment for acting in Brokeback Mountain! WTF is that!
    Ehem..* steps off soapbox* and walks away…

  289. elizabeth said

    Scribble – thanks for popping in and nudging us back to a calmer state of mind! πŸ™‚ We really appreciate your kindness and the information you give us!

    I survived my meeting with only a slight headache to remind me of the two hours I spent discussing business – yuk! I just need to dredge up some enthusiasm and be a good corporate citizen for the rest of the afternoon….yeah right! I think I have raised procrastination to an art form this month and I will surely pay for it now that I am up against a few deadlines. I never seem to learn 😦

  290. Danae said

    Your kidding MamaClaire! I didn’t here that about the religious group thing. So what if he was in Brokeback Mountain. I believe God created us and all that we are and all that we do and everyone should be allowed to worship where ever and how ever they like. And all this crap about the drugs is just so pissing me off. And you know what as soon as it was out that he was dead that is the conclusion that the media came to-DRUGS! It had to be right because he was famous so he died from drugs. So he was a bad person forever now? Wrong! I guess I am a bad person for taking something to help me sleep and something to kick my depression and anxiety. In that case aren’t we all going to hell because at least half of us on here are taking something.

  291. Danae said

    Whether someone is gay, straight, unwed mother, married for a second time without having the first annulled, etc does not give person the right to say you can’t do this you can’t do that. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that at all. We were all created equal and in God’s likeness.

  292. Danae said

    And all the psycho babble about it gives me a damn headache.

  293. Linda said

    Scribble — Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop as much as possible!

    Claire — I second that emotion!

  294. Linda said

    Danae — Amen!

  295. DebT said

    Well said Danae. I am also taking something to help me sleep and something for depression. It’s actually pretty recent. Anyway, the man is dead and his family is grieving. I can’t even imagine losing a loved one and then having to hear all these things being said about them.

    How can these religious people claim he deserved to die? That’s insane. Apparently, their God is vengeful and angry. How sad.

  296. Danae said

    And all the media and other people are doing is pouring salt in the wound that is grief, making things harder to handle for his family and fans and even Michelle Williams.

  297. elizabeth said

    Claire – I hear ya, sista! I am so sick and tired of all the entertainment news speculating on what happened. How in the heck can they fill all that time with nothing??? And the so called experts….give me a break! Darn, did I just knock you off your soapbox before you got to step all the way off? Sorry *sheepish grin* I really didn’t mean to…..

  298. Danae said

    Well my God is loving and compassionate. If someone has a problem with that they can kiss me a$$!

    I was a little fearful of taking something to help me sleep last night because of all this but I will not let it get the better of me

  299. Danae said

    Soapbox? Hell it’s a stage that says soap on it right now. Come on up.

  300. Danae said

    And with that last thought I leave the stage to all my lovely sistas and my MamaClaire. I have to go home. I have Johnathan tonight.

    Ciao Bellas

    I frigg you!

  301. Arrowyn said

    Thanks, everybody. I knew you all were OK with me. I’m just feeling guilty. Besides, I’m having withdrawal from not being involved as much.

    BTW, I remember right after 9/11, Falwell or Robertson (I can’t remember which, sorry) said that the attack was God’s punishment on America for being such a sinful country. I always assumed that the “sinful” part didn’t mean him, of course. Everybody’s got an agenda.

  302. rifkind said

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for your encouraging words.
    We get it that nothing is set in stone, YET…
    We just need to be reminded of that fact once in a while.

  303. rifkind said

    I’m glad that the news so far is encouraging.
    Prayers for the critical 24 hours are still being sent your way.

  304. Madonna said

    Hi y’all,

    Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past two days. But you know how it is right? Work and then I’ve had a migraine. I don’t get them too often but when I do it’s not pretty.

    You have my prayers for LaVerne’s continued recovery. You need a break.

    No worries. I know how things are. Busy, busy, busy….. The nice thing about this place is that it is a second home. No matter how long you’ve been away, you are always welcome back.

    Sounds like you party was fun! Looks like Annalaise has you taken care of with the artwork you wanted done. I would have been glad to do it but I wouldn’t be able to tell you when I could get to it. I’m kind of backlogged right now.

    Annalaise duChat said,
    January 23, 2008 @ 11:47 am

    I’d be willing to give it a shot but I do better with digital stuff. My drawing skills a pretty rusty these days. What did you have in mind? Madonna’s the true artist of the group.

    That’s sweet of you to say. You forget though that I have seen the drawing you did of Kyle. That was really great! You are quite the artist yourself. And I say that you are more of a professional than I am, because you know MUCH more. Of course it doesn’t help that my company doesn’t give me an environment where I can learn new things. They make us afraid to touch certain things around here.

    Beautiful jewelry! BTW….. How are you feeling?

    Ms. Gypsy,
    What’s wrong with your finger? I hate surgery, (although some days I think I prefer having surgery to coming in to work) I hope everything is OK! ((((((HUGS)))))))

    Hi! How are you doing? What’s up with you lately?


    Thanks so much for checking in with us and calming our nerves a bit. Stop by anytime. We consider you a sister here.

    Just a minute ago I was on Lifetime’s site and found this Blood Ties game posted. Should we consider it a good sign that they are even bothering with it?


    Looks like it only available for PCs though.

  305. Christianna said

    Tanya Huff has updated her blog with her insight into the “We’ll meet Again,” episode.


  306. lwildstar said

    good evening!

    Thanks for stopping by Scribbles – its easy for us to fall into the rumer mill with little to no news – we really appreciate the time you take to stop by and help us hold on….

    Dani – DebS – Linda – everyone else – AMEN! I can’t stand those kinds of peopel who use their religion as an excuse for intollerence – and to say God punished Heath for a part he played in a movie? Really if that were the case half of Hollywood would be dead …ok exiting the stage now….

    OOOO Laurel – good teasing! well I’m off to write more – I may acctually finish chapter 27 this week….more teasing….he he he

  307. lwildstar said

    Thaks for the link Christianna!

    Madonna – I think I may have to go check that game out…thanks!

  308. lwildstar said

    oh pooh! my computer wont let me download the game!!! grrrrrr

  309. catcornmom said

    Laurel–Good news about LaVerne!!! Yeah, you can’t be mad at the family for getting some sleep after the procedure!!

    Scribble – Thanks so much for the update. We need any encouraging words about Blood Ties that we can get!!

    Madonna – Sorry to hear about your migraine. Hope you get to feeling better!

    Gypsy – We’re dying to know what’s wrong with your finger…are you going to be OK???

  310. Annalaise duChat said

    Hi Madonna — Thanks s so much. I’m glad you like my drawing, but you are so much more creative.

    Scribble — Thanks for keeping us informed and up to date. You rock!

    As for the crap about Heath — Why don’t they just let the man rest in peace for God’s sake. It’s hard enough on his family friends and the fans who care about him. Do they have to drag his name through the mud as well? The American media are vultures! They need to learn to have respect — and that’s my tub thumping!

  311. rifkind said

    About the Heath bashing,
    All that I can say is that Karma is a b-i-a-t-ch..
    and those who are so keen to judge had better read the Good Book a little closer..
    Something about pulling the telephone pole out of their own eye before pointing fingers at someone else…
    Jesus was about Love and forgiveness… and HE is the only one allowed to judge us.

    Dang there are a lot of us on this soap box.. I won’t put it away in case another BT sister wants to use it.

  312. lwildstar said

    Can I get an AMEN!

    I just hope that sop-box stage is bi enough.. πŸ™‚ See thats why we all get along.

    Ok made a discovery today – if you use that antibactierial gel, you will find every single paper cut you didn’t know you had! OMG! and I use that stuff all through the day – so my hands have been burning.

    So Rif answer me a question…the little jurnal book you got me – it has a magnet clasp – if I throw that in my tote with my flash stick and my disks – is that going to mess things up? dcan’t risk that……email me….

    Well its late and i’m tired – I’ve been writing since I got home…

    Nighty night! Hugs!!!

  313. lwildstar said

    you can tell I’m tired that first line was awful…

    I just hope that soap-box stage is big enough.. See thats why we all get along.

  314. Claire said

    Madonna! Thanks! How are you my sweet?
    I truly love all of you! Thanks for jumping on the soap box with me!!! It’s just I hate the way so called humanity is always ready to tear someone up! And the so called spiritualists who paint such an awful portrait of God! and in the name of that God the horrible things they do! I’m with all you gals..My God is a loving,understanding,kind and forgiving entity!She/He would never want anyone to go protest at someones burial where there is already enough grief on account of some twisted sense of righteousness.. OK..I really am done now.

    Love yas! Oh yeah…Madonna and everyone…I feel much better! Thanks!

  315. Linda said

    Madonna — I hope that migraine goes away soon. I am a fellow migraine sufferer so I know how they are. Feel better!

  316. Margaret said

    Ladies: There will be a massive campaign to save Blood Ties beginning this coming Saturday, called “WE ARE NOT DEAD YET! I’m supposing that they can count on all of us, right? Once the information is released it need to go to every little live journal, website, send it through personal emails to friends you know. Kind of like the web equalivent of a phone tree. You tell a friend, they tell a friend, etec. It’s time that everyone unit and push this thing through. I KNOW WE CAN GET THIS DONE & WE’RE NOT STOPPING UNTIL WE DO.

    I called Susanne Daniels office yesterday around 4:00 p.m. (EST) and talked to her Executive Assistant Claire. I asked her if Lifetime was still in the mix, she said yes, she also added the disclaimer that we’ve heard from them ad nausem, no decision has been made at this time. SHE DID SAY THEY ARE AWARE OF BLOOD TIES LOYAL FAN BASE. Someone at Lifetime that actually admits they know we’re out there, now that’s a shocker. We ended the call pleasantly enough, she ended it with thanks for watching Lifetime, I told her I would when they brought Blood Ties back (You know me, I couldn’t resist).

  317. Chery said

    I agree Margaret, we need this final push!
    The Writer’s Guild is now in “informal talks” with the studio’s this week.
    Maybe Lifetime is waiting to hear what happens this week.
    They want it both ways, keep the hope about renewing BT up while waiting until the last minute to see if the strike can be settled quickly and then they can drop it.
    I know I sound cynical, but I am hoping another network is also in the mix to give Life Time a push.to renew the show………………..
    Can’t wait to jump in and give a final push to help save the show.
    Go Margaret!

  318. DebS said

    Good morning all!

    Yay it is Friday!

    I have absolutely nothing new to report in my life. Normal and uneventful as usual, and it is kind of a nice change.

    I noticed earlier that someone referred to me when they meant to refer to DebT. HHMM….is it time for me to be renamed so there is no future confusion. Suggestions?

  319. Linda said

    Hi everyone,

    Margaret — You are awesome! It is amazing that you have actually been talking with these people and not just getting their voice mail. I will be watching tomorrow to hear the details on the campaign. Reading Tanya’s comments on “We’ll meet again” made me feel depressed yesterday. The cure for that is when they say they will renew the show. One final push!!

    Debs — I know what you mean about normal and uneventful. I like that too.

  320. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas.

    Happy Friday!

    I would do this campaign on Saturday but I don’t have a computer at home. If I did you all know I would be joining in. It sucks not having a computer. They are going to be getting new computers at work and I was told when they do I can have one of the old ones. That will be totally sweet.

    I realized I actually like sitting for an hour and a half at Johnathan’s basketball practice. I got a lot written last night for chapter 2.

    Has the soapbox stage been put away yet. As of right now I don’t have anything to say on it but just checking in case my hackles get raised again.

    Margaret let me tell you, you are awesome. I don’t know how you do it but I frigg it.

    Hey Wildstar, I didn’t know a soapbox could be bi. See I learn new things everyday. I wonder what bi enough would be anyway.

    Madonna take care. Hope the migraine has dissipated.

  321. Danae said

    Any country music fans on here-Garth Brooks is having a special on CBS tonight at 9. It is a concert he did in LA. It should be really awesome. I saw his free concert he did in Central Park and it was very high energy. I love that he is emerging from partial retirement finally.

  322. Danae said

    Am I playing alone today? 😦

  323. DebT said

    Danae, I’m here!

    DebS – I did offer to use a different name. Maybe I should. You were first. I could just expand on it or something. DebTee?

    I’m really supposed to be working, but I keep goofing off. Also, I’m distracted because it’s time for me to register my daughter for Boston Public School. We have kindergarten 1 and kindergarten 2 here. K1 is for 4 year olds. We don’t really get to choose our school here. We are split into 3 districts. I get to pick some from my district. We go into a lottery for those and hope for the best. I think we get some priority for schools closest to home. It’s such a pain.

    I thought I had everything all set to register her, and went after work yesterday. It turns out she’s missing a couple of immunizations. So, I have to pick her up early from daycare today and take her to get two shots. I’m sure she’ll be less than thrilled. Once the job market gets better, we’ll most likely move out of the city. The only reason we’re here is because my husband works for the city and was, until recently, required to live in the city to keep his job.

    I’ll try to log on tomorrow and participate in the campaign. I don’t get much time to go online on weekends.

  324. Danae said

    DebT Shouldn’t her doctor have taken care of that. The way it works down here is you take the child to the doctor and the doctor fills out this blue form stating that the child has had all of their immunizations and you take that to the school to register the child. You have absolutely no work on your part. The doctor handles it all. That is what we did with Amber. It went flawlessly thought I was really worried something would not be done and she wouldn’t be able to start school. Actually I was wishing she wouldn’t be able to start school but that is beside the point. Here there is only one kindergarten. As long as a child is 5 before the new year they can start but they don’t have to. Amber started at 4 even though I didn’t like it at first it has been really good for her. She is really flourishing and the teacher said she is a very teachable child. She just soaks it all in.

  325. DebT said

    I had thought all I had to do was take Lexi to the doctor for all her necessary check ups and all her immunizations would be up to date. They did supply an immunization record. The doctor is in a town just outside of Boston. I live right near the city line. They normally do these immunizations at 5, but Boston requires them at 4.

    There’s a lot more paperwork than just the immunization records. I have to have proof of residency. For that I brought, a copy of our deed, a copy of our last bank statment to show our mortgage payment, a utlility bill and my driver’s license. Also, I had to bring her original birth certificate. I guess being a city, they have to be extra careful.

    Also, the age cut off is September 1. Otherwise, I’d be putting her into regular kindergarten since her birthday is October. All the towns around here seem to have the same cut off. It wasn’t like that when I was a kid.

  326. Danae said

    For as long as I can remember that is how it has been here. My parents used to do foster care and any of the kids that needed to start kindergarten while with my parents had to be five by the new year. I thought it was the same for the whole country. I guess it is done by state.

  327. laurel said

    Go Margaret! I’ll be paying attention tomorrow and hunting some new postcards today.
    I have never mastered the printing of postcards on my computer (actually my printer is the cranky party here) so I go out and find really cheap yet pretty postcards at the Dollar store. I think they have a cheap version of everything. I get my daughter’s friends to write on them after I apply the address labels and then I drive them to the post office.

    Danae – I’m going to watch the Garth Brooks special too! I hope he has some new stuff coming out before too long. πŸ™‚

  328. Danae said

    It may sound funny but I am really excited to watch it. I have always loved Garth Brooks. He actually did have a new song come out a few months ago but I can’t remember the name of it.

    DebT Do you mind me asking what your daughter’s name is?

  329. Danae said

    And is there anymore news on LaVerne?

  330. DebT said

    My daughter’s name is Lexica Zoe. We call her Lexi for short. Lexica not a family name or anything. I just thought of it out of the blue. People either say, “That’s a pretty name.” Or, “That’s different.” πŸ™‚

  331. laurel said

    LaVerne seems to be doing well. Thank you for asking. πŸ™‚
    No one’s sure how long she’ll be in the hospital, but so far so good. Blood clots are the greatest danger so we will worry about that for a long time. They are trying to decide on the best course of meds to keep her going so she can go home.

    I must have missed the new Garth song. I have been listening to a lot of Josh Groban and John Barrowman on my iPod so I haven’t had the country station on much.

  332. lwildstar said

    Hi guys!

    Finally made it over – i’ve been having such problems with WordPress lately..


    GO MAGS!!!!!!

    good news about your cousin laurel – I’ll check in with you tonight after I post chapter 13…I promised Rif.

    Dani – I have NO IDEA a soapbox could be bi either. See I learn new things too. I wonder what bi enough would be anyway? but at least my typos are fun and start interesting discussions.

    Hi DebT!

  333. Danae said

    It is different but I like it. I want to be different in naming my kids. I don’t want to go with the same old thing that everybody else uses. I want to name my first daughter Sierra.

  334. DebS said

    DebT-Doesn’t matter to me who changes there name. I just don’t want people to get confused…okay I don’t want to get confused either, which happens alot as it is. πŸ™‚ I love your daughter’s name. I have always wanted to go to Boston. I love that so many of my sistas live in cool places, one day when I have more money I will get to go to so many cool places cause you all live there. πŸ™‚

    Laurel-Glad to hear that LaVerne is doing much better…I hope that she continues to get well.

    Wildstar is posting Chapter 13. Yay!

  335. BostonDeb said

    Ok, now I”m BostonDeb. I think that’ll be less confusing. It won’t change on previous comments. I disagree with the way the comment author names are stored with the comment text. I would have saved some difficulties when developing a website in WordPress at work if they weren’t stored that way. πŸ™‚

    Wildstar – I just noticed your greeting. Hi to you too! You’re writing a book too? That’s great. How many of you are writing? Maybe someday it’ll inspire me to write again. It was a hobby/dream of mine once. Somehow I let go of it.

    Laurel – That’s great that they’re already talking about your cousin going home. Does that mean she’s out of ICU?

    Danae – Sierra is a beautiful name.

  336. BostonDeb said

    Oh man, suddenly I was reminded of Boston Rob. Do any of you watch Survivor? He was on a few seasons ago. Oh well. I’m sticking with this name.

    Coincidentally, his family has a bakery two street up from me. Heh.

  337. Danae said

    I have to admit I’m not a fan of Survivor.

  338. Linda said

    BostonDeb — I love Boston. I haven’t been there in several years, but definitely a place I want to visit again. I was there in October and the weather was fabulous and sunny. I think it snowed the next week.

    We ate at this really good seafood restaurant, whose name escapes me. It was very old (200 years?!?) or something like that. It was a waterfront place where sailors in years past came to eat and drink. I remember having corn (Indian?) pudding for dessert.

  339. Hey ladies, Kind of slow around here today isn’t it?

    BostonDeb –Like the new name. That helps. I was getting confused myself. Let’s see who is writing? lwildstar, Rifkind, Laurel, Anzia (does great fanfic), Danea (wonderful poetry), msgypsy, Lady Afrodyte, himmiefan, did I miss anybody? Oh yea, me. Anybody else?

    I’ll Laurel – I’m glad your cousin is doing better.

    Danae — Sierra is a cool name.

    I wanted to name my daughter Lauren, I think that is a beautiful name, but I made the mistake of mentioning it to my sister when she was pregnant with her first, so now I have a niece named Lauren and my daughter is named Melanie Rose. Oh well I like that name too.

    Oh Rifkind — Do you have any BIG plans for your Birthday tomorrow???

    Hi Madonna — I hope the migraine is gone. God, I hate those! Talk about over medicating, the cluster headaches I get are so bad that that is my biggest fear. All I want is to have them gone and I’ve been known to just keep taking medication until they go away. I’m afraid one of these days I’m going to really go too far.

  340. Madonna said

    Hello ladies!

    I’m doing fine. The headache had me for about 2 days but then everything was OK.

    How are you all doing? Woo Hoo! I’m getting off work early today. It’s our slow season. No one wants to buy cars in the snow so our ad count drops.

    Laurel, That’s great. I’m glad she is doing better and I will continue to pray for her.

    Thanks Mags!!!!

    I used to be a huge Garth Brooks fan too so I’ll probably watch tonight. I sort of lost interest in him when he did that Chris Gaines thing right before he went into retirement. I don’t thiink that was the best move for him.

    When I was a senior in high school he played 5 straight concerts here in Cincinnati and I went on his first night in town. It was a FANTASTIC SHOW. I couldn’t hear anything for a week the arena was so loud.

    Sierra is a very pretty name. Is it uncommon in Connecticut? We actually hear it a lot down this way.

    I’m trying to work on a book, but it has been a LONG time since I have been able to do anything with it.


    I’ve been looking at this woman’s artwork for the past couple of weeks. I really wish I could see it closer to see the details. She’s uses scratchboard which if done in a realistic style is a very painstaking process. She’s probably got weeks invested into each and every one of those pieces. I’m LOVING the squirrel, the raccoons and the wolf entitled Wilderness Spirit.

    I did some of this in college and I wasn’t too bad at. I’ve been inspired enough that I went out and bought a couple of boards and if and when I get time I plan on doing some work in in.

  341. Madonna said

    OOPs! Silly me I forgot to include the link.


  342. Madonna said

    Hi Annalaise,

    A similar situation happened between my two aunts. My aunt Linda loved the name Tara and said she was going to name her daughter that. Well, my aunt Connie got pregnant with a daughter first and stole the name. So when Linda had a girl she named her Shara.

    Both Tara and Shara have the middle name Lynn, and incidentally since both of my aunt’s married men with the surname Tackett (no relation to each other), their last names are the same as well.

    Funny thing is, is that my mom’s other two sisters, Betty and Gail both married unrelated men with the last name of Burke.

  343. Danae said

    OMG Rifkind I knew your birthday was the 26th and completely forgot to say Happy Birthday. Since I won’t be around tomorrow I am saying it now. Happy Birthday.

    Madonna I have only heard of one person being named Sierra and she lives in Florida.

    I am also working on a story/book.

  344. Madonna — What a freaky coincidence with the names! I couldn’t get too angry with my sister, it is a great name.

    That artist does do great work. We used to do scratch boards back in High School. I alway liked the medium. I wonder how she gets the color in their though. That looks like a pretty advanced technique.

    If you like that stuff you’d probably like Bev Dolittle. She’s one of my favorites. She does what’s called camouflage art.


    Oh yes and Madonna is a writer as well. Yes, Danae I remembered your book, I just wanted her to know about you poetry too because it’s really good.

  345. DebT said

    Linda – I’m not sure of the name of the seafood restaurant, since I’m not a fan of seafood. It might be “The No Name Restaurant.” I think it’s on the waterfront. I’ve heard it mentioned.

    I do like living in Boston. I’ve lived in Massachusetts since I was 12, so it’s defnitely home to me now. I was born in Pittsburgh, but I wouldn’t go back. Also, my husband has been here his whole life and would never leave.

    It’s time for me to go pick up my daughter and somehow manage to get her to go to the doctor for 2 vaccinations. I’m not ashamed to use bribes.

  346. Danae said

    My mom can’t go when Amber has to get shots. My mom will start crying because Amber is terrified of getting pinched. That is what Amber calls it. Now we tell her that if she doesn’t eat to get big and strong we will have to take her to the doctor to get pinched. She eats better when we tell her that. Of course she still only likes to eat if she is eating out of your bowl. It is always better if it is someone elses food.

  347. Linda said

    DebT/ BostonDeb — “The No Name Restaurant”, that might be it. Ironic that you live in Boston, but don’t like seafood LOL! As a friend of mine would say, “you are missing a good chance!”

    Good luck with getting those vaccinations for your daughter.

  348. Danae said

    Time flies when you are having fun. Time to go home and enjoy the weekend.

    Ciao bellas.

    When I come back on Monday I don’t want to here of anymore bad news from any of us or anymore actors dying, especially young ones.

  349. Arrowyn said

    Ladies, I’ll be working tomorrow, but I’ll pop in when I can to see what the mystery campaign is all about.

    Laurel — Great to hear good news about your cousin. Remember what I said: You need to talk? Call. Doesn’t matter what the time is.

    DebT/BostonDeb — Sorry I haven’t been here enough to say hi. Hi! I’m a member of the Oregon Gang. Your daughter’s name is beautiful. I immediately thought of “Boston Rob”, too.

    Rif — Happy almost birthday! Hope you have fun! BTW, I have the same question that Wildstar had about the magnetic clasp on the little journal book. E gave me one for Christmas and I’ve been hesitant about putting it in my purse with my flash drive.

    Margaret — You know just how I feel about your campaigning skills! You rock!

    Wildstar — Your typos are always a laugh riot! I’m with everybody else who didn’t know a soap box could be bi, let alone bi enough. I don’t know how that would work or what difference it might make since we now know something that personal about the soap box. But, we’ve welcomed people of all persuasions on this blog, so why should we treat bi soap boxes any different?

  350. Arrowyn said

    New production stills are in the galleries on the bloodtiestv website! There are some new yummy ones of Henry!

  351. Arrowyn said

    Denis McGrath (http://heywriterboy.blogspot.com/) has a loooong article on writing “We’ll Meet Again”.

  352. Linda said

    Rifkind — Happy Birthday from me as well!!

  353. Margaret said

    Got this off the Lifetime Board. Are you with me??

    Let the campaign begin!!!!!

    Here are all of the details for the new campaign!

    If you want this show back you HAVE TO participate – so send as many letters and emails as possible. This is our last chance so let’s make it count!!!! πŸ™‚


    Blood Ties Fans Bite Back!
    Fans unite to save the show they love. Join us in the fight!

    There have been many rumors and speculation circulating regarding the fate of our beloved show but know this, NOTHING IS OFFICIAL! There is still a chance to save the show so now is the time to do it!

    The most important aspect is that ALL Blood Ties fans join together to make this happen. There are many websites, forums, MySpace, Livejournal, blogs and Yahoo groups out there relating to Blood Ties and all have tried their own campaigns to help the show and that was not a bad thing but I think as our last push to save the show we need to prove to the Networks and the media that we are UNITED as one large group to save the show we love.

    Several of us from many of the BT related groups and sites have put our heads together and came up with a campaign that we can all participate in and prove our desire to keep our show on the air.

    What we propose is a postcard/letter writing campaign that targets 2 Networks and 2 Media outlets each week. While we are not entirely giving up on Lifetime giving us another season, we would also like to let other Networks know that Blood Ties would be a great show for them to pick up. We have a wonderful opportunity right now to sell our show to them because they are all hurting from the writer’s strike and Blood Ties is not affected by it. This is in our favor as they look for other programming to air on their network.

    Our first week will target Lifetime and the Sci-Fi Channel As well as E! Online and Entertainment Weekly. The media contacts will be by e-mail or feedback links only. Written postcards are best for Lifetime and Sci-Fi. Below the contact info we have included a few guidelines, just remember to keep your correspondence respectful and to the point!


    * Lifetime will only read postcards. *

    Lifetime Entertainment Services

    Susanne Daniels
    President of Entertainment
    2049 Century Park East 840
    Los Angeles, CA 90067

    Or on their feedback page: http://www.mylifetime.com/feedback/form.php?area_id=1Β§ion_id=1


    Sci-Fi Channel – NBC Universal
    30 Rockefeller Plaza 21st Floor
    New York, NY 10112

    Attn: Sr. VP of Programming

    E-mail: feedback@scifi.com


    E! Online – Direct your comments to Kristin.

    Go to http://www.eonline.com/gossip/kristin/index.jsp and there will be a link on the right hand side that says “Ask Kristin”. Just fill in the info and make your comment. Be sure to let her know that the fans have NOT given up and are fighting to save our show!


    Entertainment Weekly

    Letters to the Editor – e-mail


    Here are some guidelines to follow when composing your letter, postcard or e-mail:

    – While some of you may have phone numbers to these contacts we urge you to NOT call them on the phone. Flooding their phone lines would only serve to anger them and this could work against us.

    – Be professional, polite and positive (no Moonlight bashing). Even though Lifetime has not treated this show the way it should have been it wouldn’t look good to trash the network to others.

    – No comparisons to Moonlight – let Blood Ties stand on it’s own.

    – E-mails to the media should obviously be written differently and geared towards asking them to do a story on the show or our fight to save it.

    – Letters should be heartfelt, honest and not too lengthy – right to the point (maybe two paragraphs max???)

    – Letters should mention the fact that the show is written and filmed in Canada with Canadian writers, actors and production company and is not effected by the writer’s strike.

    – Fangs, candy bars and other items should not accompany your handwritten letters. Postcards only please, no gim****s.

    – Do not mention how cute the guys are or how beautiful Christina is unless we’re writing to People Magazine asking that they be considered as Sexiest Man/Woman of the Year. Refrain from fangirl comments like “I love the show because Henry is hot!” – we want to be taken seriously.

    – Mention that the show is well written, well acted, funny, camp, and dramatic where it has to be.

    – The show has drawn in new viewers since the show has gone off. This was accomplished by previous fans who directed the new fans to the show.
    If your handwriting isn’t that good, type it but hand write the signature.

    – This is a rare show that encourages family togetherness: Husbands and wives watched, mothers and daughters watched together. How many families do you know that sits down together to watch anything? They did to watch Blood Ties.

    – Try to be direct and to the point. Don’t just put things to paper just to say something and fill the page.

    – Remind them of all the sites where Blood Ties has a presence: HeyNeilsen, Savemyshow.com, http://richlabonte.net/tvvote/nominations.html. Remind them of the E!Online article. http://www.eonline.com/gossip/kristin/index.jsp?sid=nav-gossip
    Also mention the map at http://www.frappr.com/bloodties/map
    This could be our last chance everyone so let us all band together and help our show!

    Stay tuned for our next group of targets, coming soon!


    Please re-post this EVERYWHERE. Just be sure to post this entire message so that no details are left out. Post in blogs, forums, everywhere and anywhere you can think of!

  354. Nisi said

    Laurel – I was so far behind reading the blog I just read about your cousin. I’m glad she is doing better and I will continue praying for her and the whole family. If you need anything you have my number.

  355. elizabeth said

    Hi Nisi – How’s it going?

  356. lwildstar said

    Laurel – I’m home! you around?

    Just posted chapter 13!!!! runs quickly to avoide the stampeed

    BostonDeb – yep I’m writing too – I think we have 5 or 6 writers now? could be more!

    Happy B-day Rif! you’ll be getting a surprise tomorrow in your email πŸ˜‰ I know I’m a terrible tease!!!!!

    Thanks for all the hard work Mags!!!!! And the fun begins!

  357. laurel said

    lwildstar – I’m home too! Ready to edit. πŸ™‚

    I’ll meet you at the pre-appointed location in a minute.

    Notice – Elizabeth writes too! I’ve read a little of her latest and you all should be hoping she writes fast!
    Love ya’ E. πŸ˜›

    Margaret – You’ve been on my mind all day. I’ve been carrying the journal you sent me for Christmas and I am writing down all my characters and their different storys/worlds.
    I find the Mike book-marks so distracting that I’ve had to hide them in the back pocket of the journal when I’m trying to do character descriptions. 😎

    Easily distracted these days.

  358. rifkind said

    Thanks for the birthday wishes Sisters!
    (Annalaise, Danae, Arrowyn, Linda, WildStar….)

    We went to see Juno tonight and then had dinner with a friend who also just found out that he has a job after 2 months of being unemployed.

    I work with a gal who is Chinese-American, and she has been taking traditional asian dancing lessons for years. One time Sen had a lunchtime performance and had her constumes in the office, she let me see some of her costumes. One that I remember clearly was brilliant green silk with ‘gold’ accents. The costumes were imported straight from China.
    So tomorrow night there is a performance of the dance troupe, and I am so looking forward to seeing Sen dance. This will be the next best thing to seeing a live performance in China. I expect to see a brilliant interplay of music, and red and green silks ..

  359. rifkind said

    Now it isn’t nice to tease me like that, I will be expecting to get a sneak peak at chapter 14 in my email tomorrow… LOL!

  360. rifkind said

    Here is what I wrote to WildStar about the journal that I bought her that has a magnetic clasp on the leather tab to close the book…

    OK I bought one for you and one for me at the same time..

    I just tested mine, the magnet is the side that is the disk on to book and not on the tab.. I was hoping it was on the tab, so that we could just cut it off.
    IF the tab is securely in place, there is not much magnetism leaking outside of the closed tab… but it might not be a good thing to have near the flash disk, and we don’t want to lose the story…boo hoo

    If you can rip off the magnet… it will be ok.. I would hate for you to lose any data because of the magnet.
    If the journal is in a different pocket of a carry bag, away from the memory sticks… it might be ok.. just get the distance away from the memory sticks..
    Testing mine , the magnetism is really not very strong. and the direction of the magnetism is where the tab would match up with it.. on the sides of the disk, it is not magnetic., I tried to get the magnet to work through the TOP of the tab once it is connected to the magnet (IE closed), and I found NO magnetism getting through the top of the closed tab…
    so if the tab is always closed.. it should be ok. Then if you make sure that the journal is turned away from where the memory stick is.. the thickness of the journal is enough to be safe..
    So basically to be absolutely sure, put the journal in a different pocket from the memory sticks.. the magnetic field weakens very quickly and adding distance will help weaken the field even more.
    WildStar was going to test her journal and magnet on a test magnetic media this weekend to be sure that no data is lost.. WildStar, please let us know of your results.
    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  361. Margaret said

    Laurel: I just thought you might want to look at his “guns” once in a while. lol. (of course you know that your journal has a magnetic closure in it too so be careful).

  362. Margaret said

    Laurel: Don’t downplay your efforts. No matter what you do is SOMETHING and that’s what we need. Every person is needed for this. I managed to post the campaign info on Wikipedia. Since I have no pride left where it concerns this show I emailed Matt Rousch at TV Guide and asked him to post the information on this site somewhere. Told him I knew how he loved Blood Ties and if nothing else it would be a good human interest story about how the fans are not willing to give up on this show. I told him we weren’t quitting months ago so I closed my letter with that to him.

  363. Margaret said

    Ms. G: Have there been emails going out on the groups forum. If there have I haven’t gotten any for a while.

  364. Madonna said

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Rifkind!
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Hope you have a wonderful day! Henry will be there soon and I think Annalaise was the last to have the Birthday weed.

  365. DebS said

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIFKIND!!! Your birthday card is in the mail. πŸ™‚

  366. Happy Birthday Rifkind!!!

    I’m forwarding the Birthday weed along with a special courier, unfortunately he can only travel after dark. So at sunset, watch for the package to arrive on your doorstep tastefully wrapped in blood red satin ribbon!

    …and now, your birthday limerick…

    Dearest Rifkind, Henry’s rose,
    my birthday wish I disclose.
    An evening away
    with Henry to play,
    while he tender devotion bestows.

    Rifkind, warrior princess,
    while Henry you may caress,
    please take extra care
    with this vampire affair,
    lest Bill find out and protest!

    My love to a GREAT lady!

  367. rifkind said

    Thanks for the wishes Gals!

    Oh Annalaise!
    You are SO TALENTED, I absolutely LOVE my limerick.
    You paid attention to WHO Rifkind is, and the loves in my life.. you are wonderful, Thanks!
    So for today I get to be like Vicki Nelson, Bill by day, and Henry by night..
    Oh MY! I think I am going to need my vitamins today, LOL!

  368. My pleasure! Oh, and watch your mailbox for a little something. If it doesn’t show up within a few days let me know so I can follow up.

    Have a great day!

  369. lwildstar said

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Rifkind!
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Your present is in your email!!!!! I had intended to email you earlier – but I ONLY JUST GOT UP! I was up working with Laurel until 1:30 this morning….talk about being a zombie now…he he he ….not really. I would have been up earlier but someone outside with a very loud car woke me up at 4:30 and it took me a while to get back to sleep…oh well….


  370. rifkind said

    My comments on Chapter 13 are to you in an email.
    Great writing Dear!

  371. rifkind said

    Hi Annalaise,
    I got your gift. So wonderful. You nailed it. You have touched on all the things that are important in my life.
    Thank you so much for theEgyptian Scarab necklace. Now if only I could get Bill to work on the book!

    off to work on WildStar’s ch14!

  372. laurel said

    I wish you the happiest of Birthdays dear Rose. πŸ˜›

    I see that Annalaise is the reason I wasn’t needing to wrap up the birthday gift. I had the wrapping paper and ribbon already cut.

    And she sent you the birthday weed too?

    I’ll just have to send you more, so you can celebrate your birthday week!


  373. lwildstar said

    rifkind said,
    January 25, 2008 @ 11:05 pm

    Here is what I wrote to WildStar about the journal that I bought her that has a magnetic clasp on the leather tab to close the book…

    OK I bought one for you and one for me at the same time..

    I just tested mine, the magnet is the side that is the disk on to book and not on the tab.. I was hoping it was on the tab, so that we could just cut it off.
    IF the tab is securely in place, there is not much magnetism leaking outside of the closed tab… but it might not be a good thing to have near the flash disk, and we don’t want to lose the story…boo hoo

    If you can rip off the magnet… it will be ok.. I would hate for you to lose any data because of the magnet.
    If the journal is in a different pocket of a carry bag, away from the memory sticks… it might be ok.. just get the distance away from the memory sticks..
    Testing mine , the magnetism is really not very strong. and the direction of the magnetism is where the tab would match up with it.. on the sides of the disk, it is not magnetic., I tried to get the magnet to work through the TOP of the tab once it is connected to the magnet (IE closed), and I found NO magnetism getting through the top of the closed tab…
    so if the tab is always closed.. it should be ok. Then if you make sure that the journal is turned away from where the memory stick is.. the thickness of the journal is enough to be safe..
    So basically to be absolutely sure, put the journal in a different pocket from the memory sticks.. the magnetic field weakens very quickly and adding distance will help weaken the field even more.
    WildStar was going to test her journal and magnet on a test magnetic media this weekend to be sure that no data is lost.. WildStar, please let us know of your results.

    ok the results of the test were this:

    I left an old floppy disk (since they are very sensitive) and a flash stick lying next to the magnet clasp for a couple of hours and then moved them on top of the magnet for a couple of minutes – nothing happened, I was able to open the files with no problems…so I’m gussing it has a weak enough magnetic field tht it shouldn’t bother any of your disks – although I would suggest not leaving things on top of the magnet for extended periods of time.
    Just in case
    ok I’m out of here!

  374. rifkind said

    Oh in the movie Juno,
    They are talking about the Ridgedale mall, and the shots when they were IN the mall, WERE shot at Ridgedale. I go to that mall. I know that kiddie play area.. I will have to look at where the other shots were taken the next time that I see the movie.
    Most of the other shots had to be in Vancouver, BC. I kept looking for landmarks that I recognized and didn’t see many.
    Bill thought that the kids talked too mature for 16 year olds, but that could be the voice of the mid-20s writer coming through.
    There were several laughs in the film.
    Since the other Oscar movie nominees are all violent films, this one will probably be the only one that I see.

  375. Anzia said

    Rif- Happy birthday love! I hope you get all the happiness you deserve today!
    … er… well I hope you DID get all the happiness you deserved today. πŸ™‚ I’m late. I’m sorry.

    ‘Laise- *blushes* thanks for the comment on my writing. πŸ™‚ I’m sure you know just how great it is to know it’s appreciated by others. πŸ™‚ Even if you’re not quite sure it’s as good as people say.

    Deb T- I’m gonna continue to call you that b/c it’s quite likely that i’ll get confused. That, and most of us have nicknames on our nicknames from our original nicknames that derived from … well usually a comment or something we’ve done. So, be prepaired to be renamed. πŸ˜‰ I do write as well. So far all these guys have seen is my BT fanfic but I also write short stories, poetry, screenplays (none finished yet) and novels (again, none finished). I’m currently moving my Fanfic to a new site so when I get it all tucked in at the new place i’ll post the link for everyone to play with. ^_^

    I hope everyone had a great day yesterday and today. πŸ™‚ I might be back later. I don’t know. I have some editing to do for some lovely and talented writers. ^_^

  376. Anzia said

    Mamaclaire- Nina sends her well wishes and love to you. She also adds her support to those of us who are threatening you if you don’t take a day to relax! ^_^

  377. rifkind said

    More on Juno,
    Hey all, the actress who plays Staff Superintendent Alison Crowley, (Eileen Pedde ), Celluci’s boss, was in Juno as a lawyer for the couple who want to adopt Juno’s baby.
    It was interesting to see her in a different role.

  378. Claire said

    Good Sunday Sistas! Anzia tell Nina I’m much better! I got good sleep these past two days! Just have a slight headache left over from all the noise yesterday at Myas birthday party!
    Annalaise your limerick to Rose rocks! as usual!
    My darling Rose I hope your birthday was lovely just like you!!!!!!
    I sent you an ecard!
    Well off to get Alexandria ready for church…children they come with their own destiny to experience and it amazes me to watch it unfold…
    I always knew Alexandria was different from the others..and not just because in an entire family(both sides) of A+ blood types..she’s O+,but she seems almost ethereal.Well anyway at this young age she has decided she would like to persue the teachings of Christianity.I as you know was raised Jewish,my father was Roman Catholic and I am pagan,but I don’t enforce my veiws on anyone..not even my kids..everyone has to follow their heart so to speak..so Alexandria has been going to Reston Bible church with a friend…I have a story about these people,when I have more time..Prtfvr will again be surprised as I was.

    till later love yas!!

  379. DebT said

    Anzia – Feel free to call me DebT. I think I’d like to get a nickname. πŸ™‚

  380. lwildstar said

    Ok back to the journal – I messed around with the clasp and ended up pulling the magnet off andyway – it was just on with two little prongs – so I cut the tab off as well – I just didn’t want to take any risks with the book ya know?…
    anyway I have been writing (typing) for a couple of hours and my hands are killing me!

    Claire – I think thats great that Alexandria is finding her spirituallity so early in life.

    Just wanted to check in with you all……

    HUGS to everyone!

  381. Chery said

    I have e-mailed and sent postcards to all of the media outlets listed on the “Save BloodTies” page from Blood Lines and here thanks to Ms. Margaret!
    I will write something every day this week.

    Lets give it one more big push everyone, we can do it!!!!!!!!!

  382. Margaret said

    I trust that all of you have been doing postcards or emailing contacts, right?? Remember all the fun we have had over the last year, just think how much more we could have if we had something new to discuss. Back to my contacts.

  383. Anzia said

    Okay, I’ve moved everything over (and will be deleting them off the writing.com website). SO… the new website is http://original.adultfanfiction.net/authors.php?no=1296842776 Now, just so you konw, there is A LOT of erotica and such on this site so you’ll have to verify that you’re 18 or older. My stuff…not so much in that genre. And, if you read anything else up there… DO NOT FREAK OUT. Okay. Enjoy.

    Deb T- just wait. You’ll get one. It’s almost a promise if you stick around long enough. ^_^

    MamaClaire- Will do. I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling much better. I think Nina was on the verge of hopping a plane to come and help me lock you in your bedroom! πŸ˜‰ It’s great to know that Alexandria is branching out in areas that make her happy. It’s great! ^_^

  384. Claire said

    My darling Z! So funny and sweet the way you guys look after me! Who’s the mom here huh? Tell Nina I love her and no don’t go hopping any planes! All it is…is being the 49 year old mother of 4 very active whirlwind 8 year olds!!! I’ll be fine! I’m always a mess during winter..come spring I’m a new woman! Yes Alexandria is happy..she comes home beaming! She was given a childrens bible and she read it all! Her favorite is Noah…of course..she loves to tell me how the animals went into the ark two by two! So cute!
    Anyway..no school tomorrow…more sleeping in!!! I also put up the rest of my jewelry..but of course I will continue to make more so check in every now and then.

    love yas!

  385. DebT said

    I still have to get some postcards. Do you just buy blank postcards, or would any kind of postcard do?

  386. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas.

    DebT, any postcard will do. We always did something to make it special towards BT. Some put Blood red Ties on their postcards but my favorite was when we punched two holes in the top corner and added red drops to make it look like a vamp bite.

    Anzia I bookmarked your new page. How was your weekend? Are you feeling any better?

    MamaClaire, I sent you an email. I love love love your jewelry. I think it is really awesome that Alexa is already showing her interest in religion and thinking about trying different things. I agree you shouldn’t push a child into one certain way. My mom always told us that we were going to be brought up Roman Catholic but if at any time we wanted to try something else she wasn’t going to stop us. I do teach religious ed so if she has any questions I may be able to answer.

  387. Danae said

    Oh I forgot to mention that I took Amber to have our pictures taken this weekend as an anniversary present for my parents. A few minutes after getting home Amber couldn’t hold it in any longer and told my mom. I couldn’t stop laughing though because she did it in a conspiratorial whisper to my mom so I wouldn’t know. Luckily she hasn’t said anything to my dad.

    And have I said lately that I HATE Mondays?

  388. Danae said

    Does anyone know how to look up online how much a certain coin might be worth. My brother has a 1875 silver dime and he wants to know it’s worth.

  389. laurel said

    Good morning all!

    I had a lovely surprise yesterday morning! My cousin LaVerne called me. From Home!! She was doing so well that just 18 hours after moving from the ICU to a regular room they released her to go home. She has to have another different procedure in a couple of weeks but she is doing fine now and the prognosis is good.

    Thank you to all of my BT sisters for the prayers and support. The thought of loosing another loved one, in the first month of this new year, was more than I could wrap my mind around.

  390. Danae said

    OMG! Laurel that is amazing totally awesome. I am so glad. Sometimes the power of prayer astonishes me.

  391. Great news Laurel!

  392. elizabeth said

    Mornin’ ladies πŸ™‚ It was an interesting commute to work today because of some very icy roads. What usually takes on 20 minutes took over an hour today! You know it is bad when a guy walking on the sidewalk actually makes it to the red light the same time you do! We could have had a conversation as he walked along I was having to drive so slow!

    Laurel – I am so glad to hear about your cousin. That is wonderful news!

    Rif – I hope your birthday was wonderful.

  393. Linda said

    Laurel — So glad to hear good news about your cousin.

    E — I hate driving ice… no good way to do it! I hope it melts during the day so you don’t have to deal with with it tonight.

    Rifkind — Hope you birthday was wonderful and that you enjoyed your Henry time.

  394. Danae said

    I was just checking the prices of the Sheraton we stayed at when some of us went to visit Claire in October. The prices have gone up a bit since then. It is now 109 a night with tax and stuff like that it is a total of 247.38. I am planning on going to visit her in March and take my brother but I know he won’t pay me the money back right away. Oy! What am I to do?

  395. Danae said

    Ladies I am sure you have heard of the supermodel Gisele Bundchen that is dating Tom Brady. We are having a huge debate about how to pronounce her last name. Someone is saying it like it is French I say it is pronounced more like it is spelled. First of all she isn’t French she was born in Brazil to German parents. How do you think it is pronounced.

  396. Danae said

    Never mind I answered my own question. I decided to look it up online.

  397. Madonna said

    Hi everyone!

    How is everybody?

    This weekend was a busy one. Lots of cleaning had to be done. So I was organizing and tossing and such all day on Saturday.

    One thing I did do was watch Kyle in Haunted Prison. OMG! So gory! Kyle, I’m sad to say was the only bright spot.

    I’m so glad to hear the great news! Hopefully she continues to do well.

    I hate icy roads too. One day when I got off work about a half an hour after it started snowing, it took us 45 minutes to drive around the corner of the block. Insane!!!! Drive safe on the way home.

    That’s really funny what Amber did. I guess she just couldn’t hold it in any longer. Harley’s always been really good about keeping surprises like that.

    I’m glad you are feeling a little better.

    You’ve probably heard this before. It’s from the sixties, but Alexandria and all the the other quads would probably enjoy it. My mom used to sing this to me when I was little and it always stuck with me.

  398. Madonna said

    Thanks for that link. I had seen some of Bev Doolittle’s work before and you are right. I really like it. I plan on trying to just sit down this weekend and do some artwork just for my own pleasure. It’s probably been close to a year to a year and a half since I’ve done that. Hopefully I’m able to.

  399. Arrowyn said

    Ladies, as usual, I’m behind in reading the blog, except —

    Laurel, great news about your cousin. Get some rest now!

    I’ll be back with some news, but I wanted to alert all of you to an animated avatar/icon (I can never keep those straight) that chegs74 has. Here’s the link to his/her post on the Bloodlines forum. Scroll down to 1/27 at 10:44 am. Prepare yourself for heart attacks and/or hot flashes!


  400. Danae said

    OMG Madonna I LOVE the Unicorn Song. It is in Where the Sidewalk Ends as a poem. There were green alligators and long neck geese some humpty back camels and some chimpanzees some catsandratandelephants but sure as your born the loveliest of all was the unicorn.

  401. Arrowyn said

    TV appearances:

    Christina — NEW TV movie formerly titled “My Fair Eddie” now is titled “Making Mr. Right”. Airing on Lifetime (sorry) on Saturday, 2/9 at 9pmand Sunday, 2/10 at 7 pm (eastern/pacific).

    What “Making Mr. Right” is about: An uptight female magazine editor (Christina Cox) makes a bet with her best friend that she can make-over a scruffy con man (Dean Cain) into a handsome, mannerly bachelor.
    Dylan — Stargate: Atlantis on Friday 2/1. Eppy is called “Outcast” and was co-written by Joe Flanigan, who plays Col. Sheppard.
    Kyle —

    “Sex and the Single Mom” on Lifetime on Friday 2/1 at 12pm (note — that’s in the afternoon).

    Repeat of the CSI: Miami eppy where he was on for a glorious 64 seconds. Monday 2/4 at 10pm on CBS

  402. Danae said

    Time to go home

    Ciao bellas!

  403. Annalaise duChat said

    Arrowyn — That Banner is HOT!!! Thanks for the link.

  404. lwildstar said

    soory I’ve been absent..it’s jut frustrating to try to get on the blog from work..

    Laurel! dear thats great news!

    Mags – I ordered 100 postcards so I am ready to go as soon as they show up….

    Arrowyn thanks for the link and the schedule….

    sorry not sticking around – have writing to work on πŸ™‚ my lunch kept getting interupted at work and I got very little done….

    Talk at you later dears!

  405. Nisi said

    Laurel – So glad about your cousin. Hope you can get some rest now. It is Elizabeth’s birthday Friday. Can we get together some time to celebrate?

    Madonna – I saw Haunted Prison too. Kyle was the only good thing about it. At least he was a good guy in it.

  406. Claire said

    Hey ladies! Danae…I hope you can work something out! I would hate it if you couldn’t come! 😦
    Laurel…great news about your cousin!!!!
    Madonna Thanks! they did like it!!!!
    Recon girl….Wow..thanks…but I confess I was bad and stole it!!!!! putting that bad boy on my desktop!!!…man I can watch that over and over! YUMMMM…

  407. Danae said

    Hello bellas I am sitting here at my sister’s holding little Aiden. He is making squeeky sleeping noises.

    Well if we can sleep in the van we could do it MamaClaire or it will have to happen maybe in April. When I get my tax refund it should be no problem but I haven’t gotten all the paperwork I need to file yet so that won’t be here any time soon.

  408. Danae said

    And Chris just stole him. Grrrrr!

  409. Danae said

    And now I have to get Amber home and to bed.

  410. Anzia said

    Dani- I’m doing okay. I was having a good day today…then that stupid bank. (sorry, i’m gonna stew about it for a few days…oi!) Like I said, don’t freak out when you read some of that stuff posted up there on that new sight. My Moment is NOT a suicide note. I’ve had MANYpeople take it that way and with the way i’ve been lately I really want to push it home that it is just a story!!!!

    Laurel- I’m so glad to hear that! ^_^ That’s great news!

    Arrowyn- OH MY! That banner *fans self* those eyebrows…*thud*

    Madonna- You’re an Angel. There are no words to describe how great you are. (((((((HUGS)))))))

    Mein meri Blood Ties parivaar se pyaar karti hoon! (that’s ‘I love my Blood Ties family’ in hindi) ^_^

  411. Annalaise duChat said

    Good for You Madonna! Have fun.

    Hello to all the rest of you girls. I’ve got to go write a bit. Thanks to a three angels over at KSCentral I finally have some inspiration on the scene that was stumoing me so bad. Woo Hoo!

  412. Arrowyn said

    Re. the banner — TOLD YA!

  413. DEBBIE (NDNLOVER) said

    Hello Ladies, I am here by invitation of Danae. We met over in Kyle`s Korner a few weeks back. I posted a couple of weeks ago in another area here…have never posted on a blog before, so I am just learning my way around, it`s a bit different than posting in a forum. if any of you kind dears take pity on me and would like to extend a helping hand in getting me up to speed here, it would be greatly appreciated, honestly I feel a bit “out of the loop”.Well time to “hit the sack”…sweet Henry dreams to you one and all.

  414. Arrowyn said

    Danae, I did a little recon (coin worth 1875 dime). Here are a couple of sites:



  415. Arrowyn said

    Claire, sweety, you’re one of the biggest supporters of my recon skills. Well, now I need *your* help. You posted that you “stole” the slow-motion video snippet of Henry and the olive and posted it on your computer. How? How do I capture a moving picture and save it so it’s still moving? I’ll owe you one!

  416. Claire said

    Morning mon beautes!!
    Arrowyn all I did was right click on it and save image.I checked it and it was working.
    Well Danae..I’ll keep hoping you can come! πŸ˜‰

    later !

  417. DebT said

    Debbie (ndlover) – Welcome! I just recently started posting here too. I’m just “Deb” over on kyleschmidcentral. I’ve been thinking I should change that. Maybe I should have just stuck with my screenname maxievenus. Oh well. There are quite a few Deb’s/Debbie’s here too. I had to change to BostonDeb to avoid confusion.

    Dani – Being in Boston, I most definitely know who Gisele Bundchen is. πŸ˜€

    Ok ladies, I’m sick today, so I’m going to go rest. Have a great day!

  418. BostonDeb said

    Ugh, I just noticed I wasn’t logged in and that last post went under DebT. Sorry about that.

  419. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas

    Thank you thank you thank you Recon Girl. How can that coin only be worth 12 dollars? Ugh!

    Z I’m glad you were feeling better. What you to do is get out of your Aunts house ASAP. Can’t you put your student loans on deferment. I have thought of doing that with mine.

    Welcome Debbie(ndnlover) We certainly are getting a lot of Debs and Debbies here.

    MamaClaire I have 5 dollars that I am going to get some scratch lotto tickets with maybe I will enough to pay for the hotel or I could go for one of the cheaper ones even though they are in not so great an area.

  420. Linda said

    Claire — I could watch Henry eat that olive all day!! (I guess I had better not put it on my work computer.)

    Debbie (ndnlover) Welcome to the blog!

    BostonDeb Hope you feel better.

    Madonna — I recently rented Death Row too, only because Kyle had the lead. At least he was a “good” guy and he didn’t get mangled!

    Anzia — Banks can be so frustrating, especially if they are one of the large national banks. Are there any locally owned banks near you? Sometimes they are more accommodating because your business means more to them.

    Have to go work now girls. See you later.

  421. DebS said

    Good morning!

    Hi Debbie (ndnlover)! There are quite a few Debbie’s running around this place. Perhaps we are taking over the world, or at least the blood ties world. πŸ™‚

    Okay, going to lunch, but will check back later.

  422. Arrowyn said

    On Watch With Kristin —

    Aeryn in Rijswijk, Netherlands: I just heard/read that BLOOD TIES is definitely not gonna be picked up by another network. Can you confirm this?

    Not true! Sources tell me everything is still on the table, and negotiations may even begin this week at the NATPE conference, a major TV-biz event in Vegas. Keep your bloody fingers crossed, friends!

  423. Arrowyn said

    Danae, I don’t know much about why some old coins are worth more than others. I do know, as with any kind of collectible, if there are a lot of them, they aren’t worth as much. I just glanced at the sites I posted, but I noticed that there were certain descriptive words associated with some of the coins. I don’t know what any of those words mean in a coin context, but I gather that they have something to do with the value of the coin. Good luck.

  424. Danae said


  425. Good Afternoon Ladies I hode eveyone is doing well today?

    Welcome aboard ndnlover. That Danae, we’re going to give her the Miss Congeniality award!!!

  426. Danae said

    Hey you know me. The more the merrier.

  427. Danae said

    I may have to stop inviting people though because they all turn into Debbies or psychopaths.

  428. Arrowyn said

    Danae — yeah, your track record IS a little strange! πŸ™‚

  429. Danae said


    I added chapter 1 of Never Again. I haven’t received Z’s edits yet but this is with my mom’s and wildstar’s edits. After I receive Z’s I will update and leave it as is. I just wanted everyone’s feedback. It has the same password that I emailed you.

  430. Danae said

    LOL! Arrowyn

  431. DebS said

    “Debbies or Psychopaths” Good to know that Debbies are not psychopaths. ha! πŸ™‚

    I am having the hardest time concentrating today at work. The father of a student who works in our office died this weekend, and we are going to her funeral. So, that on top of the fact that I am extremely tired, just doesn’t make for a good work day.

  432. Anne said

    Sorry for neglecting you so, but Steve’s new TV series is keeping me pretty busy – I am of course making a website – with forum included.

    All Canadians please try to watch it tonight – I’d rather not have the viewer numbers drop too much – Global at 10 pm PST.

    And if you have even the faintest interest in him,I have to warn you that he will be showing rather more skin tonight than Kyle ever did on Blood Ties πŸ˜‰
    I’m sure the poor dear is/was pretty nervous.

    He was even on Global News:

    Before his spot, they had been talking about coffee not being good for pregnant women …

    That’s some pretty wonderful news from Kristin πŸ™‚

  433. Danae said

    Anne with all the websites and forums you are moderating and administrating how do you keep sane? How do you find time to relax, take some time for yourself?

  434. Anne said

    I relax at work ….
    But I was probably not sane to start all this πŸ˜‰

    I guess I will need a padded cell at the Bloody Ford Clinic – or just some sedation.

  435. Danae said

    Well I guess you could say technically none of us are fully sane anyway. And I find relaxing at work to be an oxymoron.

  436. Anne said

    Outside of regular office hours – 8:30 am to 4:30 pm – it can be pretty quiet.

  437. Arrowyn said

    Here’s an article about CBS and Canada’s CTV getting together to produce a 13-episode show on CBS. Haven’t we been trying to tell them that that’s a way around the WGA strike?


  438. Danae said

    Yeah but when have they ever listened to us?

    Time for me to scoot bellas


  439. Anzia said

    Dani- I’m working on it. You’ll get them tomorrow at the latest.

    I use Wells Fargo only now. I had been using it and North Shore Bank. If you have one around you, DO NOT USE IT! Horrible horrible bank. Hate it with a passion!

    Welcome New Debbie. It’s great here. You’ll love it.

    I’m off for today. Sean is stealing my internet card and I don’t know if he’ll give it back before I TAKE it back tomorrow after he leaves for school. Have i mentioned how much I don’t like that kid lately???? *sigh* Ain’t life grand…

  440. laurel said

    Okay, now I’m just confused. How many “Deb”s do we have? I’ll never keep you all straight.

    Anyway, welcome to our newest members! We are a fairly chatty bunch and are glad to have new blood. πŸ™‚


  441. laurel said

    Oh, Anne, I never figured you for the tormentor type. No fair mentioning Steve and the words ‘more skin’ and ‘tonight’ when we in the US aren’t going to get to see!

    No fair!

    Let us know when you get some stills and we will run over to your site and look.

  442. lwildstar said

    Just a fly by – bad day at work and I’m tired and crany – along with the PMS demon – fun day..whoohoo

    on a lighter note
    Welcome! Debbie (ndlover) – I think we’re being over run by Debbies! he he he
    you’ll love it here. The Bloody FOrd Clinc still have a few available rooms. Have fun!!


  443. Arrowyn said

    For the minxes —


  444. Arrowyn said

    I’ve been a couple of places where they’ve mention a RUMOR that there is going to be a Blood Ties discussion panel at MegaCon. Does anybody know anything more?

  445. catcornmom said

    OK…I tried to do my part and write some emails because I know that Margaret’s fingers are bleeding down to their little “nubs” and within a day, I received an email back from “the station that will not be named”!!! Here it is:

    Dear Lifetime Viewer:

    Thank you for your email and feedback to Lifetime. We are glad to hear that you enjoy watching “Blood Ties.”

    Periodically, we adjust our schedule to give viewers a variety of programming. We make every effort to distribute notices of these changes as quickly as possible.

    Due to legal restrictions, Lifetime does not own the rights to distribute DVDs of this show. However, you can purchase episodes of “Blood Ties” from both season one and season two from iTunes. Please visit http://www.mylifetime.com or http://www.iTunes.com.

    Beginning Saturday, February 9th and Sunday, February 10th, “Blood Ties” will air in its entirety. A different episode will air on Saturday and Sunday nights on Lifetime Real Women (LRW)at 10:00PM (ET/PT) . Check with your local cable provider to find out if LRW is available in your area.

    At this time, no decision has been made regarding a third season of “Blood Ties,” so please stay tuned to Lifetime or visit our website. We will announce the third season, once we hear word from the production company. Please be patient, you will hear from us.

    Your feedback has been forwarded to the appropriate department and we sincerely hope that we reflect your interest in the future.

    Warmest Regards,

    Viewer Services
    Lifetime Networks

    It’s probably just a copy and paste email, but I don’t recall seeing anyone post something just like it yet. Just wanted to share you my peeps!!!

  446. catcornmom said

    What the hell was I thinking on that last line?? “share you my peeps?” Maybe, share WITH you my peeps? Where’s the birthday weed? Maybe I’m hitting it a couple of months early!!! HA!

  447. Claire said

    Evening my darlings!!! New ones included! Recon Girl…yeah I do watch him eat that olive…everytime I step into my bedroom!! yup he’s on my desktop!!

    Yeah Catcornmom….hows that birthday weed doing ya? LOL!! πŸ˜‰
    But seriously thanks for the post…Hope….

    Ah Danae…I hope you win a million!! By the way I got the picture mail…really cute!! I texted you back but I don’t know if it went through..my battery was on the last bar and just when I hit send it died!

    Awe…I love little girls in dance costumes!
    MS.Anne…you naughty naughty girl…teasing us like that with Steve! mentioning flesh and all that! πŸ˜‰

    Off to check group mail before I go to sleep!
    love yas!!!!

  448. Danae said

    BuonGiorno bellas.

    Well 5 dollars, 5 scratch tickets, no reward. 😦 boohoo Kim gives me 5 dollars every week to drive Johnathan to and from basketball practice every Thursday. I will try for two more weeks to win something and if it is no good I will have to postpone my visit. You here that postpone not cancel. How does sometime in April sound to you? Never fear, I will be there.

    Z I wasn’t complaining or anything. I am very patient. I just wanted to get it posted to get feedback which I have only gotten one of so far. Well not including Wildstar and Z. I need feedback folks. If you need the password again let me know. luvslegolas3000@yahoo.com is my email.

    Ambers costume this year is very cute. My one problem with it is it is a literally a bikini, nothing covering her midrif and I think that is not quite appropriate for 3 4 and 5 year olds. The song they are dancing to is Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. And the recital is happening June 14 and 15. That is the same weekend as the Relay for Life (which I only have one donation for from Miss Laurel thanks doll) and Fathers day. Ugh!

  449. BostonDeb said

    Muhahahaha! Debbie’s unite! πŸ™‚

  450. Danae said

    Ooooooo Evil!

  451. Danae said

    Here is a new poem I wrote. It is for Aiden

  452. Anzia said

    Dani- you have a present, as promised, in your email dear.

  453. Danae said

    Thank you thank you thank you

  454. Danae said

    Wait a sec. There’s nothing there.

  455. Anzia said

    It should be, try again.

  456. laurel said

    Danae – Good story!
    Where’s chapter 2?
    I left you a comment on your blog. I have to warn you…. I’ve been editing for a couple of people and I get really excited about what I’m learning about writing and…
    I get carried away.

  457. Danae said

    Ok so apparently I still have a lot to learn. Z I found it and sent you back a reply with some statement like questions.

  458. Danae said

    Chapter 2 is still in the process of spilling out of my little brain. Z also some of the changes you suggested I had already taken care of. Question do you think the characters talk and act older then I have created them to be, mid to late 20’s? Someone told me they sounded older then I had depicted them. I also put in a bunch of contractions because both wildstar and my mom said that they all seemed to proper saying I am and it is and stuff like that.

  459. Danae said

    And I thought I described the hell out of that chapter after Z told me I need more description in the prologue. I guess I need to know to what level things need to be described, lots of description, medium, or just a little.

  460. Madonna said

    Hi everyone! (waves)

    How are y’all?

    I know I’m late getting here like usual. Same old story. I’ve just been really busy. Harley’s birthday is Saturday and I’ve been looking everywhere to get her the pink Nintendo DS lite that she wants but it is out of stock everywhere. So I bought her a gift card to buy it when it is in stock. Best thing I could come up with. Her party is at a roller skating rink which is really funny considering she doesn’t know how to roller skate.

    I’ve also been emailing people and doing my Blood Ties duties.


    WOW, We’re surrounded by Debbies.

    Welcome NDNlover!!!! This was my first time on a blog too and theres nothing to it. You just type….. just like you did.

    Alright, I’m off to look at emails before lunch is over.

  461. Danae said

    The time to go home has come and gone. I have to get out of this place. Chat at yas later.


  462. laurel said

    Okay, I put the same info up on my wordpress page – (minxlaurel plus the wordpress address) and I’l put it on my LJ page as well. Postcards make me crazy but I’m working on them.
    Miggles will hunt me down if I don’t send them today. LOL πŸ™‚

    I wonder how I lost a whole day this week. I thought today was the 29th. Nuts.

  463. Madonna said

    Hi Laurel.

    You lost a day huh? Did you by any chance partake in any of the birthday weed with Rifkind and catcornmom? Hmmmm……..?

    BTW, How’s LaVerne?

  464. Margaret said

    I knew there was a reason my ears were burning. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to the new ladies. I’ll let Prtfvr explain why everyone calls me Miggles, something to do with a fear of clowns if I recall.

    For the new gals, here is a link for the WE ARE NOT DEAD YET CAMPAIGN to save Blood Ties:


    So if you would my lovelies, start spreading the news everywhere you know. I believe the new contacts and some old ones will be coming out this Friday. Sorry I have been so scarce but you know my heart always stays here.

    The second link is for a poll to be taken as to whether there is an interest in getting professional done postcards to send out for the campaign. Neuf has designed a SMOKIN postcard and it looks great. I encourage you to visit and vote so we can get this on the road as it does advertised the Canadian aspect of Canadian crew, cast, etc. not being affected by the strike. We need to use these before the strike ends, would seem kind of silly if we ended up with a truck load of them that we couldn’t use. So here is the link:


  465. Margaret said


    Dear Lifetime Viewer:

    Thank you for your email and feedback to Lifetime. We are glad to
    hear that you enjoy watching “Blood Ties.”

    We understand your frustration with our decision to air the “Blood
    Ties,” marathon on Lifetime Real Women. Our decision is not an effort to
    sabotage this popular program. Our programming and scheduling
    departments have worked long and hard to devise a fair and mutually beneficial resolution for the network and its faithful viewers. Satisfying our
    viewers is of the utmost importance; however, in order for our business to
    run effectively, we sometimes have to opt for an unpopular choice.

    Your feedback has been forwarded to the appropriate department and we
    sincerely hope that we reflect your interest in the future.

    Warmest Regards,

    Viewer Services
    Lifetime Networks

    Original Message Appears Below:

    If you are using LRW to guage the interest in Blood Ties, that is just
    wrong. Very few women have LRW. Put it on a channel that women can
    watch and you will see the demand is there. PLEASE SWITCH THE MARATHON TO LIFETIME.

    I know a lot of you don’t have LRW, so you need to call your cable company, have your friends and neighbors call your cable company and demand that they add this channel. I have the channel as I have a digital tier with Brighthouse but that doesn’t mean I WON’T KEEP DEMANDING IT BE PUT BACK ON LIFETIME SO THE REST OF MY SISTERS CAN WATCH.

  466. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas. Very busy today, end of the month, have to make sure all price changes are entered.

  467. Danae said

    My mom just called me. She was reading a magazine and it had some excuses for not going into work, I got whiplash brushing my hair, I met a movie star and we are running away together, A hedgehog bit my tire giving me a flat. I LOVE the movie star one.

  468. Danae said

    Price changes are done YAY! and something is wrong with Gypsy blog. It doesn’t look like it usually does. The entire page is white and what is usually on the right side is on the bottom and the font is bigger. It all looks very sterile.

    I checked mine and it looks fine.

  469. BostonDeb said

    I just wanted to share an interesting story my husband was telling me oer dinner.

    One of my husbands best friends lives in LA. He was on the phone with her the other day and mentions how I’m so into “this show called Blood Ties.” She says, “Oh I know that show. Christina Cox cooked us Thanksgiving dinner.” Apparently, her girlfriend knows Christina.

    All I could say was, “Hmm.” Of course in my head I’m thinking, “Wow! I know someone who knows Christina Cox, who know Kyle.” πŸ™‚

  470. Danae said

    Yeah but can that someone hook US up? That is really really cool though. I wish I could say that.

  471. rifkind said

    I keep thinking about the 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon, so lets see

    7 degrees of Christina Cox:
    BostonDeb’s husband
    BostonDeb’s husband’s friend personally knows Christina
    BostonDeb’s husband’s friend’s friend personally knows Christina
    Christina Cox

    It really is a small world!!!!

  472. rifkind said

    I keep thinking about the 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon, loved that episode of “Mad About You.”

    7 degrees of Christina Cox :
    BostonDeb’s husband
    BostonDeb’s husband’s friend
    BostonDeb’s husband’s friend’s friend
    Christina Cox

    It REALLY is a small world!!

  473. Linda said

    Wow, that is really cool! Just goes to show how small the world truly is!!

  474. moonbeam said

    Cool Story BostonDeb~wish we could see Christina & Kyle on Blood Ties each week now!!!!!!!!! Moonbeam (another Deb~Debi)

  475. Rifkind said

    WIll wordpress actually take my post this time?

  476. laurel said

    Okay kids, I posted a little story for prtfvr on my wordpress page. If you didn’t get an e-mail about it and want to read it let me know here. I’ll figure out how to get you the info.

    For those who missed the update – my cousin LaVerne went home from the Hospital on Sunday. She has to have a different procedure done but they think she is doing better than expected. I’ll get to see her again in about a week. Thank you all for the prayers and good thoughts. She is a wonderful woman and holds a special place in my heart.

  477. Rifkind said

    testing 1 2 3

  478. Rifkind said

    I have been trying to post this, and WordPress was having troubles earlier..
    BostonDeb said :
    One of my husbands best friends lives in LA. He was on the phone with her the other day and mentions how I’m so into β€œthis show called Blood Ties.” She says, β€œOh I know that show. Christina Cox cooked us Thanksgiving dinner.” Apparently, her girlfriend knows Christina.
    OK so that made me think of the 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon

    7 degrees of Christina Cox (or is that 5 or 6 degrees?)
    BostonDeb’s husband
    Boston Deb’s huband’s friend
    Boston Deb’s huband’s friend’s friend
    Christina Cox

    It really IS a small world

  479. Madonna said

    Good morning ladies!

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Elizabeth!
    Happy Birthday to you!

    I’m sure Rifkind will be sending Henry later, along with whatever is left of the birthday weed. Have fun and celebrate. Love ya!

    (sheepishly) I was in a hurry and didn’t have a chance to send your card this morning. If I get off early you still may get it today. If not Monday then.

  480. BostonDeb said

    Does anyone know the degrees of separation between Christina Cox and Kevin Bacon? I’m no good at that game, so I have no idea.

  481. Danae said

    Christina Cox has a Kevin Bacon number of 2.
    Christina Cox was in Chronicles of Riddick, The (2004) with Keith David (I)
    Keith David (I) was in Novocaine (2001) with Kevin Bacon

  482. Danae said


    I went here to find it

  483. Danae said

    Happy Birthday E! wherever you are.

  484. Linda said

    Elizabeth — Happy birthday!! Hope you have a great day and a weekend to match.

  485. Himmiefan said

    Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!! Hope it’s a great one!

    Hi BostonDeb. I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Himmiefan (reference to my himalayan persian cat – not the car engine), and I live in room 100 here at the Bloody Ford Clinic. I’ve got a great view of the gardens and am right near the kitchen. Stop by anytime you’re in the area and say hi.

  486. Danae said

    Hey himmiefan I think the engine is a hemi not a himmie. That is what it says on the trucks anyway.

  487. laurel said

    Happy, happy Birthday Elizabeth!
    May this be a year of blessings and joys!

    love ya’

  488. lwildstar said


    I could not wait for lunch to day —ug! its going to be one of those days where the morning was quiet and boring and now the **** is going to hit the fan – never fails.
    I knew things were gong downhill when Robin cancelled on me.

    Happy Birthday E! Warrior E! πŸ™‚

  489. Danae said

    The shit seems to hit the fans alot for all of us doesn’t it?

  490. Claire said

    Bon après-midi, mes soeurs!
    Elisabeth…… Joyeux anniversaire! I hope you have a fabulous day!!!!!! I’m sure the birthday weed and Henry are in route!!!
    It’s raining like hell here…we had a two hour delay in school…and my sinuses are killing me!! I hope you all have a good day!!! Off to clean the house…type at yas later!!!!!

    Je t’aime!!!

  491. lwildstar said

    you said it Dani!
    well now lunch is over….I spent most of it writing chapter 29 and checking emails….
    now back to work 😦

  492. Danae said

    How many chapters is this book going to have? I have two more to go and I will be caught up with everyone. It is great.

  493. elizabeth said

    Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! I am waiting patiently (not) for Henry to arrive and in the meantime I am occupying myself with a little birthday weed πŸ˜‰ while listening to Josh Groban *sigh* Life is good πŸ™‚

  494. Danae said

    Weed and Josh Groban. That is an interesting combination.

  495. laurel said

    It’s not a bad combination…
    Skip the weed and just send over Josh Groban.

    Of course then what I’d really need would be a spell to make me young enough not to scare the poor boy to death. πŸ™‚

  496. elizabeth said

    Haven’t you heard, ms Laurel….older women are sexy and much sought after by younger men! Josh should count himself lucky to spend time with any of us πŸ™‚

  497. laurel said

    Oh boy! He could be really really lucky! πŸ˜›

  498. laurel said

    Hey wildstar! I’m at home and I have finished the edits on Chapter 16/

  499. Annalaise duChat said

    Happy Birthday Elizabeth. Sorry I wasn’t able to get this to you sooner but here goes:

    Elizabeth, my champion,
    your fondest wish I act upon.
    A large birthday cake
    I’ll happily bake,
    and out will pop your obsession.

    See our vamp’s covered with icing
    nothing can be more enticing.
    and the birthday queen
    may lick him clean…….
    ……I’m sorry,……what was I saying? :-))

    Love ya E, Happy Bday!

  500. Anzia said

    E- really? Older woman huh… guess that explains why any male under the age of 7 loves me unconditionally but any of ’em near the age of 25 are just not interested…

    Madonna- I know. πŸ™‚ I’m blessed that way.

  501. laurel said

    Okay, so where are you all?

    Should I assume everybody took Saturday off?

    Why wasn’t I told?

    Well, Happy Groundhog Day!

    No shadows were seen in Oregon today, so I think that means winter is ending just a tad sooner. Counter-intuitive, but that’s the theory. πŸ™‚

  502. Anzia said

    I think the MIA list is getting longer and longer and longer…

  503. rifkind said

    I have been editing WildStar’s chapters…

  504. lwildstar said

    just checking in…going back to writing….
    Laurel you still around?


  505. Margaret said

    Happy Belated Birthday Elizabeth.

    Ladies the contact/s for next week are up. Please go take a peak.


    I’ll be glad when we get Blood Ties back on so I can come back home here where I belong. Sorry I’ve gone missing so much lately. You know that my heart still stays here though.

    Have there been any messages through the google group lately. I haven’t seen any.

  506. msgypsy said

    New topic is UP finally!


    I’ll try to behave better in the future.

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