Secret Santa Thread!!!!!

I’ve gotten tons of photos so far. The first is from LWildstar, and I’m going to put Wildstar’s email below the photo because it’s so fun.

my secret santa was Dani…
It was so funny becasue I wanted this penguin – saw it on a sign in a Hallmark store – but they were sold out. The clerk said they would have them in after the New Year. Imagin my suprise and joy to find him as my SS gift!
and the penguin earrings are addorable!
I wasn’t sure how we were doing this….please let me know

Wildstar d Nightwalker
Live – Love – Laugh

And the second is from Annalaise.

I’m so glad folks had fun! I went along on one of the shopping trips and it really was tremendously enjoyable. (Next year I want to participate! Laurel is saying she can work that out for me….YAYZ!)

ETA another pic and email

From Margaret: “My Secret Santa was lwildstar.
I got a BEAUTIFUL bracelet with a Gaelic Cross and one of lwildstar’s
gorgeous necklaces with a Mother of Pearl Moon, with some ruby (blood)
tear drops extended past the moon, attached to Gaelic Looking piece
with small horse heads on each side.

Two more, from Nisi

Adding more.

From Claire:

My Secret Santa was Catcornmom! and she rocks!!! Now when I say Goodnight sweet dreams of Kyle and Henry..I am literally in bed with them LOL!! cause my Secret Santa made me the most amazing pillow cases!!
I also got an amazing blood stone necklace,which I wore with a black velvet dress Christmas eve and got lots of compliments on it! The other necklace you see in the picture is also beautiful and it says”There is nothing as strong as tenderness and nothing as tender as true strength”
Thank you Catcornmom!!!!!

And two pics from Moonbeam

And from Madonna

Oops! Almost missed one. From the lovely Dani.

New one, just in, from Catcornmom. I have to say, I adore those dogs almost as much as I do her new bling!



  1. laurel said

    I see that we need to put Annalaise’s name closer to her picture. It took me a minute to figure out which sister this is.
    I’ll try to get the pics I took at the Portland party out to Gypsy so we can get them on here too!

  2. Chery said

    Merry Christmas everyone! From very snowy Colorado. It began snowing very early this morning and has not stopped. It looks like a Christmas card outside.
    We have about 8 inches so far.
    Pretty to look at but glad I do not have to go outside. I have never been a skier…………LOL

  3. lwildstar said

    is anyone around?

    I love my penguin! I was so happy to see the cute little guy leading the post 😉

    I’m going to go over and chenk my email – I’ll be online though – working on writing so I’ll be checking in….if you want to chat – email me so I know you’re around!

    Hope everyone is haveing a great day!!!!

  4. rifkind said

    Cree was my Secret Santa,
    It was so wonderful. A nice big box was delivered to my house and once I got it in the house, it lasted a whole 5 minutes before I had ripped it open! Inside were so many wonderful packages all wrapped and tied with colored ribbons … I was going to wait to open them until Christmas… but I was like a kid again, and…… curiosity won!
    Cree was so wonderful. From my posts she realized that my Kyle Schmid video library was lacking… and she completed my library with ALL the missing titles! She also sent alone a nice picture of Kyle at the History of Violence premiere. Such a nice smile!
    Cree also got me the Josh Groban Christmas CD that I had been wanting.
    WOW! So many nice gifts in one box! Thank You so much! Now during the cold winter nights I can curl up on the couch and catch up on watching Kyle’s work.

    Thanks Gypsy for organizing the Secret Santa gifting. I had such a good time finding special gifts for my recipient. Then the waiting for a special package to arrive at my house. Women and Moms usually are making sure that everyone ELSE is getting a nice gift for Christmas, This year it was so nice to get something so special from my Blood Ties sister.
    Thank You Cree!

  5. Cree said

    You’re so very welcome, Rifkind! I had so much fun getting everything together to send you. I am really glad you liked everything. Enjoy all the yummy Kyleliciousness!

    My Secret Santa was my MamaClaire! I was telling Rifkind in the letter I sent her with her movies I made her that there was one Kyle movie I didn’t have (and hadn’t even seen yet) but I really wanted, and that was Zerophilia. And guess what my MamaClaire got me………….yep, Zerophilia! I was so excited! I watched it 3 times that night. Thanks, mom! You really know what your blog daughter likes, don’t you? I love it! It was the perfect present. I had so much fun playing Secret Santa and also getting a present from one of my Blood sisters! Thanks Ms. G for arranging everything! Next year we are making sure you get to play!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  6. Danae said

    My Secret Santa gift came on Friday. My Secret Santa was prtfvr. I tried several times taking pictures of it. It is so shiny it just wouldn’t come out. I had it on a black background with nothing else behind it. I tried with flash, without flash, sitting down, standing up, laying down. You name it I did it. It is an absolutely gorgeous gothic cross pendant with diamonds. Thank you so much prtfvr!

    Gypsy thank you for organizing this. I wouldn’t have been able to do it.

  7. msgypsy said

    Now, then, has anyone NOT gotten their present or not sent their present? ‘Fess up if you’re a slacker. There’s always Hogmany.

  8. laurel said

    Okay, I just this minute received the package from my Secret Santa. It’s from Margaret! Woo hoo! There is some “White Christmas coffee from “Barney’s” and a beautiful journal that looks antique, like it would reside on Henry’s bookshelf. She added a pretty bookmark with a kitten on it and she printed a couple of pictures of Mike that I hid in the back pocket of the journal.

    Thank you so much Margaret! I’ve been looking at journals like this and was contemplating getting one for my self. It means so much more because it is from one of my sisters. I will be writing in style now!

  9. susana said

    My secret santa was Tango:) Yeah, thankyou you know i love all things baby! she got me a CD with wonderful, wonderful lullabies and the cutest snowman ornament that is now near the top of my tree cause my little girl has plucked and hidden all the ornaments at the bottom 🙂
    Thankyou miss TT! Very very thoughtful!

  10. Nisi said

    My secret Santa was Freyja. I was so excited when I saw a package from Canada. I waited a few days before opening it, but then couldn’t stand it looking at me – it kept saying “open me”. So I did, with out waiting for Christmas. Freyja made beautiful ornaments. There are really neat folded paper stars in shiny silver, shiny gold, red and white in different sizes. My Hubby immediately started to play with them. 🙂 And hanging hearts made of Christmas fabric. I have a Blood Ties tree in the family room. It is about 2 feet tall and has the stars and hearts from Freyja, felt bat, shiny bat that I didn’t know was a light until I read about that here, and a cinnamon bat.

    Freyja also sent beautiful earrings. They are silver with blue cat’s eye and diamonds. I hope you can see them in the picture, once Gypsy posts it.

  11. Ah, my Secret Santa was Himmiefan. My gift arrived right after I left town to go party with the Portland BT sisters!!!!!! Himmie really got me RIGHT! My-oh-my!!!!! We have a little bakery nearby called “The Hideaway Bakery”; I’m in a real rut and always order the very same thing. The chocolate au pair (very much like a croissant with chunks of dark chocolate) Anyhow, Himmiefan sent me a loaf of bread/cake that is a billion times beyond it because it has the chocolate woven in the flakey bread~cake that is absolutely luscious. The chocolate blends into the rest of the cake and flakes off much like croissants ~ It is amazing. I ended up hiding it so that I could make it last longer. Definitely something that one might want to call long-distance and order again and again. Could be a problem to live close to that bakery. It really is pretty difficult to describe this treat, but Himmiefan made a PERFECT choice for me. It’s decadent and delicious! Thanks Himmie!!!!!!!!

  12. prtfvr said

    My Secret Santa was Z. She sent me the most adorable little Vampire Teddy Bear and a butterfly necklace with my birthstone. Beautiful!

  13. Madonna said

    Hi all!

    My Secret Santa was our beautiful, optimistic, but all too often absent Dizey! She sent me some great things. I received a book called 100 Creative Drawing Ideas. It has lots of tips and techniques inside intended to spark the imagination. To accompany that I got a really pretty, canvas bookmark, that has a segment of one of Van Gogh’s paintings on it and she also sent me a Louisiana keychain complete with an alligator, a Mardi Gras mask, and steamboat charms. Thank you Dizey! I love it all! You read me well.

    I’d also like to build on what Cree said. Even though many of us have never met we all seem to know exactly the right thing to do for the other person. It is a great statement to how close we have all gotten to one another.

  14. Danae said

    How much do I love the picture of MamaClaire with all her goodies. I envy her those pillowcases!

  15. Cree said

    I am also jealous of MamaClaire’s pillowcases! Claire, it looks like that one with the pic from CSI Miami says something. Does it, and if so, what does it say? I tried blowing up the pic, but it was too blurry to read.

    Prtfvr, might we see a pic of the vampire bear? I bet it is very cute.

    It is so much fun to read how much fun everyone is having with their SS gifts!

  16. catcornmom said

    Cree-Yes, the picture is from CSI Miami and it says “J’taime, Claire” You know how she LOVES French!!!

  17. catcornmom said

    My secret santa was Heather!!! She sent me some BLING from Florida!!! I got a necklace with a bracelet to match!! I also got a really pretty blue and pearl bracelet that has a star and a “dream” charm on it. I also got a notepad that came in a fishy box and a bookmark all packaged in a really pretty blue stocking–my favorite color!! My son took a picture of me modeling my bling that I’m sending to Gypsy. It was so much fun opening everything. Thank you so much Heather!! You are awesome!!!!

  18. rifkind said

    Awe CatcornMom,
    LOVE the poster in the background!! Hee Hee

  19. himmiefan said

    Hello everybody!! I love seeing the photos of everyone and their gifts. 🙂 I, unfortunately, do not have a digital camera, so I don’t have a photo to send. Santa Laurel was my Secret Santa, and she’s the best!! I got a beautiful bag and checkbook cover that Laurel herself made, a cute heart pin, and a great wooden box that her husband made. It’s great craftsmanship! I”ve got it on a side table to show it off. Oh yeah, chocolates. They didn’t last long. Yum!

    Thank you Santa Laurel!!! XXXOOO!!

  20. himmiefan said

    Chelli, your dogs are adorable!!

    By the way folks, I’d like to give a huge thank you to Ms. Gypsy for organizing our Secret Santa exchange. Thank you Gypsy!!!! Too bad you don’t mind hugs. It would be great fun to give you a ton. 🙂

  21. Danae said

    Catcornmom, I love the poster that is hinted at behind you in that picture.

  22. catcornmom said

    Thanks about my dogs!!! And I told my son to make sure he got part of the poster in the picture!!! The poster doesn’t really go with pink/floral/girly decor, but SO WHAT????!!!! It’s my room, so what I want is what I get!!! Just one of the many perks of no husband!!!

  23. Anne said

    My secret Santa was Carol, and she went wild with the edibles 🙂
    Lots and lots of my favorite Larabars, a yummy piece of 68% chocolate and a bottle of “Nellie and Joe’s Famous Key West Lime Juice”.

    I just noticed is says on the bottle that it’s also a natural cleanser!

    And for a permanent keepsake, I got a tiny bud vase, made of Oregon Myrtle wood.

    Thanks Carol 🙂

  24. Arrowyn said

    You’re welcome, Anne. I didn’t notice that on the bottle, but I hope that it means it can be used as a cleanser for windows and such — not an inside-the-body cleanser! Ick!

  25. cdnfreyja said

    Nisi, your husband started playing with the ornaments I sent? Oh my! Must have been a big hit! As I said in the note, if you want to hang the larger stars from a tree or garland you can put a thread into them just like the smaller ones. I left them like that just in case you had something you could set them in to.

    And the little hearts – the Christmas fabric is from a bunch of stuff that my mom bought years ago to make a Christmas tree skirt. One side was patched and quilted. She had tons of stuff left over so I kind of ‘took’ it. LOL! We don’t use that Christmas tree skirt at all but I’m going to ask her for it if she doesn’t want to use it.

  26. Infaracarelah said

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    God will appreciate it.

  27. ff

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