I’m on my way back to reality from living a particular fantasy…

I’m really not up for much this weekend. I did see the “final” episode and I’m pissed that it’s left hanging like this (although it wasn’t the horrible cliffhanger I was afraid of) but after that it was like go-go-go until a few hours ago and now I’m ready to do a faceplant and snore until I have to get up for work tomorrow. I left my house Saturday at 9 AM and was on my feet from nearly 10 AM until 10:15 PM with the exception of a couple of quarter to half hour breaks to eat. And then I found out that I was supposed to receive an award from the King and Queen of An Tir, that I had been awarded it last month but having been absent at the event was supposed to receive it this month. But it was forgotten in the mad rush for all the nobles and stuff to get to the event (for those of you who have no freaking clue what I’m talking about, it’s all SCA stuff) so I have to wait yet another month and I just found out I don’t have to avoid the situation because they realize some of us have knee problems and an inability to kneel isn’t as embarrassing as I was afraid it would be. (I’m just ranting here and you can skip this without upsetting me…) But the King and Queen have two little boys, two year old twins, and the position of King and Queen requires them to be traveling and traveling and traveling for the six months of their reign so I can’t really fault them. And the Baron and Baroness, who were the ones who were supposed to remember the award, had just had duel panicky situations where he was suddenly gravely ill and she was sent out of town for work for two weeks. So I can’t fault them, either. (And I kind of adore them because they’re enormously cute and fun to be around…) So all I can do is whine. And as it’s kind of unseemly to whine to other Scadians, I’m whining to you.

I feel nominally better now. The event was fantastic, we even managed to get done an hour ahead of schedule, and I even made some new friends there. Aubrey, whose title I’m unsure of but she seems to be the Baroness’ aide-de-camp or somesuch, and I discussed doing a show on HGTV called “Decorating, SCA style.” And when one of the Vikings a table away from where I was standing pulled out his laptop and got online to show off pictures of his current project several of us joined in to discuss how this really IS “The Middle Ages the way they SHOULD have been, with flush toilets, antibiotics, and laptop computers with wifi cards.” One of the teenaged members wants help making her own garb and is offering to help me clean my house in exchange for that help. And the woman I took the spinning class from remembered me and made an effort to seat me at her table during my dinner break. Those of you who don’t know me well might not realize how astonishing this is for me. It’s like with this group; I have to remind myself every once in a while that there really are great people out there who like me. I must be a pretty good person if folks like Claire and Tango and Bridget (SCA) and Laurel and Arrowyn and Jacinda (SCA) and Danae and Prtfvr and Margaret and all of you and all of them (and don’t take it wrong if I didn’t name you; I’m actually going down a posting list from a while back and I picked out a bunch of names just in order) like me. So I send hugs to you all, and when I’m up and totally sane again I’ll send holiday love, too.

One of the women I was running myself ragged alongside had just come back from Orycon and she said there was absolutely NO “Blood Ties” presence there. So I must encourage all of you attending Megacon to MAKE OUR PRESENCE KNOWN! Had I realized no one would be representing anything to do with BT there, I’d have tried like hell to find a way to get to Orycon. Now I need to save my pennies for Confilkt .

On that note (pun, get it? filk–note? Bad pun. Sorry) I think I see a bed that misses me and a puppy who needs some cuddles and some time chasing a toy. Enjoy the macro and talk amongst yourselves. I’ll be back during the week.



  1. himmiefan said

    Wow! I’m number one!! Woo hoo!

    Gypsy – congratulations on your award!!

  2. rifkind said

    Who Hoo! I’m First!
    I spent the day watching the last two episodes of Blood Ties online.
    Then off for some Christmas shopping.
    I even found gifts for my Secret Santa recipient. Now to find boxes to ship everything. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I hope to get things mailed out tomorrow or the next day

  3. rifkind said

    Nope. himmi beat me..
    TAhat’s what I get for typing too much LOL!

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever been this early on a new post! Wow!!!!!
    Just have to say, I got my secret Santa boxed and sent on Saturday!!!!Yippee, Skippee!!!!!! I can’t believe I actually managed it. I had such a blast getting it together! I wish I was the “Martha Stewart” type and could say it was full of nifty, dandy creative treasures made by me, but then I wouldn’t have it in the mail and I’d probably be at least 30 years older by the time I managed to get it all together. So, suffice to say, I had BIG FUN and leave it at that!

    Well, Monday is looming and I’ve still tons of school work before Monday & 30 bright & smiling faces!

  5. Margaret said

    Stacey is right about lt knowing how many postcards that we’re sending so I’ll post my tallies with her. If lifetime wants to know specifics they’ll have to get with her.

  6. lwildstar said

    we finally beat the Wlatons! Blood Ties (2006) 12818
    Hope everyone had a good weekend – it was rainy and cold here most of the time – at least it wasn’t the ice they called for

    a coworker sent me this – I thought it was funny


    According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, while both male and female reindeers grow antlers in the summer each year, male reindeer drop their antlers at the beginning of winter, usually late November to mid-December. Female reindeers retain their antlers till after they give birth in the spring.

    Therefore, according to EVERY historical rendition depicting Santa’s reindeer, EVERY single one of them, from Rudolph to Blitzen, had to be a girl.

    We should’ve known… ONLY women would be able to drag a fat-ass man in a red velvet suit all around the world in one night and not get lost.

    I’ll come backl at lunch!

  7. Good Morning Everyone,

    My goodness has it been dead around here this weekend. Not just the blog, but the email as well. Everybody must be busy getting ready for the holidays. Everybody must be depressed about “Deep Dark.” I know I am.

    I think our fab four Kyle, Christina, Dylan and Gina (and the rest of the cast as well) really gave their all to those final performances of the season. I’m adding the words “of the season” because I’m doing my best Cleopatra impression here until it is no longer an option.

    Awesome acting and interaction by all. The episode was full of poignant, heartbreaking moments, Kyle’s and Christina’s tears were real. Gina gave great “demon” and Dylan’s performance was impeccable as always.

    No matter what happens with the fate of the show I just wanted to say thanks to the cast and crew for a truly entertaining season. I will miss having this show to look forward to as part of my weekly schedule. We hope to have you back next year, but because of TPTB at Lifetime we may not. We all pulled together: cast, crew, actors and fans, to give this wonderful little vampire series our support. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving up yet, but sometimes you have to prepare for the worst. Hopefully Lifetime will recognize what a gem this show is before it’s too late. But if not, in Henry’s immortal words “So be it.”

    Thanks & Love to you all,

  8. Well, I guess the fat lady is singing:


  9. lwildstar said

    ok i picked up 20 postcards to send out this weekend – got home to find I have no ink left in the printer!
    oh well hopefully i can stop at the Staples on the way home tonight……

  10. lwildstar said

    whoops hit send to o soon –
    who do you think is the best place to start sending pleas to pick up Blood Ties too?

  11. Himmiefan said

    Well, I hope the producers try to sell the show to another network. Too much of a good story to waste.

  12. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas.

    How was everyone’s weekend?

    Mine was pretty decent. New York on Saturday was beautiful. The weather was gorgeous. I have some really awesome pictures to post. I will do that during lunch, or I will try.

    My sister still hasn’t had the baby. Robyn here at work, the really bitchy one, said, “Do you realize you were all hysterical last week for nothing?” Ok what the hell is wrong with her? Has she no compassion?

    Madonna I am so sorry to hear about Dolly’s passing. That is so awful at this time of the year. Her poor kids. No matter how old they are it hurts just the same.

    Welcome Linda. I won’t reiterate what everyone else said. It is all true.

    Annalaise I don’t think the fat lady is singing. After I clicked on the link you posted I clicked on the first link there. That article was written on November 30 and lifetime is still sending out responses that there is no decision made. Until I hear it direct from lt or Tanya I will not believe it.

    Ms Gypsy Congrats on the award.

    Did I miss anyone?

  13. Danae said

    Prtfvr get better quick. It sucks to be sick this time of the year especially.

    I think judging by what everyone has said USA seems a likely candidate.

  14. Danae said

    Oh and another thing Linda. Claire said she has 7 kids 2 dogs and 2 cats but what she forgot to mention is she adopted several of us also, me, Anzia, Freyja, Cree, Madonna(I think), and there are some others.

  15. Margaret said

    Dr. DuChat: I posted the article on the Lifetime board so that should get everyone fired up AGAIN. If nothing else it will force Lt to start sending out those responses again like Danae said. Nothing like stoking the fire though is there. Mooohaaaaaa

  16. Margaret said

    Have to do some more Christmas shopping. Later, ladies.

  17. Danae said

    Oh and Laise Not to be a pain in the ass or anything but I have waited as long as I can about this, How is my award for winning the Halloween costume contest coming?

  18. Danae —

    I’m sorry. I really haven’t forgotten you. Can I please just have a little more time? Things are just a little hectic with the holidays coming. Soon. I promise.

  19. prtfvr said

    ms.gypsy: LOVED your opening post! It was sorta like reading Klingon but I got the gist of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Re: lifetime canceling BT – Nothing new to report. You know that I hate lifetime. I’ve posted on their website that I hate them. If we’re pursuing USA now, let’s do it!

    Dani: Your co-worker is an ass. I know, no news flash there. Those types of people are in their own little self-centered world. An old boss here once got mad at a co-worker because she took off a week of work to help arrange her best friend’s wedding AND to also serve as the Maid of Honor. Unbelievable! And this wasn’t a person who took off all the time either. Great worker, fantastic work ethic…I still hate that guy. He’s on my voodoo doll at least twice so far (I still see him around the halls so I’m still working on some back pain for him.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for asking after my health. I’m feeling better because I had stashed a bottle of anti-biotics from the last sinus infection I had. This one is going down in history as the worst one ever!

    Don’t worry, Rif. My 20 year old has been pushing the vitamin C too. Between the two of you, I’m bound to take some soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Danae said

    Don’t worry Laise. I was just wondering. Actually I worried that you had already done it and I had missed it.

    Prtfvr Yes an ass she is.

  21. No, I’m bad. Part of the delay is that I missed your pictures when you originally sent them and since you resent them I have been very involved with my writing and and deadlines at work. But really I have no excuses, and I just need to schedule the time to do it. I’ve just moves it to the top of my to do list.

  22. prtfvr said

    Does anyone know if the rumor that the actor’s contracts were extended to the end of the year is true? I need some shred of hope here. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  23. Danae said

    I wish I knew but since there are still talks going on with other countries I would think it has to be true.

  24. Danae said

    If they didn’t and were still talking, while they were talking, Christina, Kyle, and Dylan could find other work and they would not be able to work on the show any longer if the decision was a positive.

  25. lwildstar said

    well i caught up on reading all the posts but paul has asked me out to lunch so I won’t be a round to catch up on the responses – maybe later – things are pretty quiet here, but you know how that goes.
    I hope everyone is starting to feel better.
    HUGS – Madonna – Im sorry to hear of your loss…..

    Mags – i knoew you post that link over at lifetime ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ok TTFN – luv ya!

  26. Danae said

    I just got done watching Deep Dark. I wish I hadn’t watched it. That episode killed me. I hate to say but that episode could very easily be a last episode. I don’t know why but I feel very affected by that episode. After all 22 episodes I feel like I know the characters so well that they feel like real friends to me. I don’t want to lose those friends. When it was over I just sat here staring at my screen. Not moving not blinking nothing. When Henry’s eyes filled with tears, Oh God it felt like my heart was ripping from my chest(no pun intended). My eyes filled up right along with him. God, please don’t let this be the end.

  27. rifkind said

    No fat lady singing yet.
    There is no one on the stage.
    It is just an echo from when Tanya shouted into the auditorium that we would only be able to see the last episodes online.

  28. Claire said

    Hi guys! Welcome back Danae!! I got your pics on my phone! It was nice to see the tree!!! Did you do any ice skating?
    Annalaise and Freyja!!! Got my cards today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love my Magnet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I’m excited Doc DuChat?
    Freyja..beautiful words!

    Ain’t no fat lady singing here*fingers in ears*Lalalala…

    Yes Linda…sorry blog daughters..Anzia,Danae,Doc.Cree,Freyja,and last but not least the lovely Madonna! are all my adopted blog daughters!!! oh but Prtfvr and I share custody of Anzia as she can be a handful LOL!!…I love them all dearly!!
    Ugh..Ups left a note saying I missed a package!!! Dare I hope it’s from my secret Santa? they’ll be back tomorrow!!

    Anyway off to read emails and order the last two gifts!

    Love yas!!!!!!!!

  29. lwildstar said

    ok just for giggles

    you know the issues we have with typos – well here I am at work and I am trying to look up a clietn I know is in the system, but it just would come up – finally figured out the problem
    the comapny is called NewHampshire and I kept typing in New Hampster
    now we’ve all got the giggles! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Linda said

    I just checked in…almost had a heart attack when I first saw that “fat lady singing” post.

    Still hanging by my fingernails, floating down that famous river…

  31. Danae said

    Now I have the giggles.

    MamaClaire, I don’t know how to ice skate unfortunately. I know, the horrors! I grew up in New England and I don’t even know how to ice skate.

  32. Danae said

    Linda, we know De Nile really well.

  33. Annalaise duChat said

    Claire, glad you liked it. I can’t believe it got to you already. I just mailed it Saturday afternoon. Wow I’m impressed.

  34. rifkind said

    I was so late getting out to work today, but I know that I have some wonderful cards in the mail that I can’t wait to open tonight.
    I got a package from Wildstar too which I will open tonight too!
    Chiristmas has come so early! Hee hee
    Love it!

  35. Madonna said

    Hi guys,

    Thank you all. Love you all too. Each and every one of you. So how is everyone today?

    A doctor not within the group I usually see did my surgery and put down for me to go back to work today so here I am. Probably could have used an extra day or two. My side has settled pretty sore.

    Glad you are feeling better.

    Hi there! I don’t believe we’ve “met.” Welcome to Ms. Gypsy’s.

    Ms. Gypsy,

    Glad you had a good time and glad your sister is doing well.

    I soooo get you on the busy thing. The past three months, if I’m not having surgery, I’m killing myself at work. Hey, you all remember Dylan’s card? Yeah, it’s still not done. I haven’t forgotten or haven’t quit caring. Just haven’t had the energy or the opportunity to work on it. Oh well, better late than never right?

    I just got another email not two hours ago from LT saying that no decision has been made yet. Fingers and toes crossed.

    Hi Cree! Been busy. I’ll try to email you later.

    Hon….. Where are you and how are you? I’m about ready to rally the villagers for a search party. Check in with us soon OK?

    Thank you….. lwildstar, Cree, Claire, Heather, Elizabeth and Danielle. Those are the ones I have received so far. Love the cards and the ornaments.

    I’m finally getting my Christmas stuff out in the mail tomorrow, or I should say my mom is.

    Does anyone know Nina’s last name? I found her address on the google group but can’t find a last name anywhere.

    Talk to you all later. Take care.

  36. Danae said

    I’m pretty sure Nina’s last name is Lucks.

  37. laurel said

    Good Day to you all! I wasn’t going to check in today (I really must get some work done) but you are impossible to resist.
    Madonna – My heart and prayers go out to you and Dolly’s family. I am sorry you are so sore from your surgery and hope that heals up quickly so you can enjoy the holidays.

    wildstar – you gave me the giggles too! Now I’m not going to be able to see the word hampster without thinking of you! Oh, yeah, that’s a good thing!

    Everyone – Even if there is now good news about BT I will always be grateful that for what joy it has brought into my life.
    That means YOU!
    All of you.
    ‘nough said.

  38. Danae said

    It’s late, I’m crampy, cranky, cold and tired. I need to go home and curl up in a blanket and watch some sappy Christmas movies.

    Ciao bellas

  39. lwildstar said

    Well I did it to myself – now t seems I can’t type the wor Hmpshire with out making a concious effort not to type Hampster – we still have the giggles
    can you believe it took 3 trys to figure out what I was doing wrong?
    (slaps head V8 style) some days it doesn’t pay to come into work…….

    everyone her is lisless (sp) no one wants to work and I feel like curling up under the desk and going to sleep.

    Lunch was nice – I got Paul to talk a little more but not much…..his mom is doing better, so thats a good thing (I’ve never asked exactly what illness she is suffering from, but this is a relapse of 4 years ago) so i think that is part of the stress he has been under. Now that he doesn’t have a 2+ hour commute he’s looking better – more sleep will do that – and yes he shaved ๐Ÿ™‚ not that I minded him scruffy too much. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    To show you how often we go to the same resturant – the owner is the waitress – anyway I don’t have to order because I always get the same thing and she was amazed I cleaned my plate – usually I take half home , well I didn’t eat breakfast this morning so I was really hungry! LOL! she thought that was funny.

    well that it – hoping to get a ride home, its really icky outside….I’ll check in when i get home!
    i can’t wait to check the mail box……. ๐Ÿ™‚
    luv ya!

  40. Linda said

    Madonna — I just signed on a couple of days ago. Everyone has been so sweet and welcoming.

    I received the same email from Lifetime twice now, in response emails that I sent months ago. Hard to imagine it has taken them all this time to compose that little announcement. They must not have much to do, except for spending their time thinking of ways to torture us.

    btw, are we discussing the last few episodes in detail or are we waiting for the Canadian viewers to catch up? I did not want to write about something I shouldn’t.

  41. Himmiefan said

    Hello ladies in blog land. Any of you affected by the ice storm? I just saw some pictures on CNN and FoxNews, and it looks pretty bad. Here in Nashvegas, we had almost 70 degrees this weekend!

  42. rifkind said

    Do you remember the Hampster dance ??
    Here is a holiday version!

  43. Claire said

    Ms.G…I forgot to congratulate you on your award and give you a shout out for mentioning my name..I don’t just like you my wiccan friend…I love you!!!
    Not going to get mushy my dear don’t worry…but all of us here got to know each other and form the bonds that we did,because of you.You created this blog and graciously invited us to hang…and hang we did LOL!!! some even hung from the chandelier!!!!!!!
    Hey Danae girl….I can’t skate for MERDE!! so don’t feel bad!

    love yas!

  44. Claire said

    Oh, by the way, Bloodlines has screencaps of we’ll meet again!!!

  45. rifkind said

    This is the version that I remember
    I love the giggle at the end.

    Listen three times and see if you can get the song out of your head! LOL!!

  46. Anne said

    While I wait for the weekend so I can see Deep Dark, I did a little update on BTC – nothing spectacular, just props pictures and I embedded the title song


    But since I know most love Henry’s rings I thought I’d mention it.

  47. lwildstar said

    is anyone there?
    I’m havinga major melt down
    I just need to talk to someone and no one is home
    I almost got run over on my way home – not exagerating not joking
    I’m still shaking and I can’at stop crying…

    where I get off the bus is a crosswalk but no traffic light – you wait til the traffic claers and got o the median and the cross again. I made it across the first part ok, but i guess when I was in the median this car thought I was going to step out in traffic and slammed on his brakes the car behind him came up on the median and I freaked and just ran across the street an dall the way home.
    had to get in the tub to change my clothes for obvious reason – then I just sat there and cried somemore
    I’m babbling – but I just need to get this all out.
    God I can’t even etll you how close the car came all I heard was squealing brakes and saw headlights.
    i feel sick now…
    thank you for listeing – I’m going to stay around just becasue I don’t want to be alone….

  48. lwildstar said

    ok I’m starting to calm down – I just went and opened my mail thatn k you Frejya and Annalisa
    I made some tea and I think the shaking is going away

  49. rifkind said

    Oh WildStar..
    Sheeh! Too close! {{{HUGS}}}
    listen to the Hampster dance!

    and This one

  50. lwildstar said

    thanks Rif _ I needed a good laugh…
    I think I’m starting to calm down. I’m not shaking as much now and I stopped crying – but I still feel like I could start again

  51. Madonna said


    It’s OK….. Breathe, in and out, that’s it……. It was a close call true, but your safe and whole and that’s all that matters.

    For the record, I HATE stupid drivers. That’s why I don’t drive myself. I am one.

  52. lwildstar said

    i know they put in those mid lane cross walks to keep people from dangerously j-walking – but there should be something other than a sign telling drivers to be careful people could be crossing.
    just a few miles a wy they put these in and they installed lights in the road – you press a button and the lights start blinking to let drivers know there is a person crossing.
    thing is I was in the median, waiting for the traffic to clear – i wasn’t trying to run across the street.
    I bet anything someoen was on a cell phone….either the guy who freaked and slamme donhis brakes or the one that cam up on the median –

  53. lwildstar said

    I’m sitting here staring at my Henry birthday card – to help calm myself..that smile is magic

  54. Margaret said

    lwildstar: Glad to hear you’re ok. You must have a guardian angel. Maybe it’s our spirits hovering over you to protect you, you think? Seriously, breath, take a nice bath, and count your blessing. People can be soo incredibly stupid.

  55. lwildstar said

    thank you all – I’m felling better now…I just needed to get it all out and I didn’t know where else to go.
    mybe you’re right MAgs – all your spirtis hovering around – I guess its all those good vibes we put out to each other everyday. all those virtual hugs…
    thank you thank you.
    really I am starting to feel better.
    I’m going to go get a cookie

  56. Annalaise duChat said


    Honey, I’m so glad the car was able to stop in time. What would we do without you? You are so lucky. You better take care of yourself!

  57. lwildstar said

    well I have decided to got the extra couple of blocks and get off at the shopping center and walk back – at least there is ia traffic light – but its also the listed as one of the worse intersections in our county…and with the bad weather coming – geeze….I’ll just haave to decide which is going to be safer.

  58. lwildstar said

    Annalaise – forgot to thank you for the wonderful giftie in my card

  59. lwildstar said

    had a cookie and made anothe cup of tea.
    sorry I keep babbeling – but now I’m all wound up.
    called mom just to hear her voice – didn’t tell her what happened – just said I was checking in on her becase of her eye..
    and I had been having such a good day…

  60. Chery said

    To any one who would like Henry’s rings, I ordered all three this summer, they are quite spectacular. I love them!

  61. Linda said

    Wildstar –How horrifying to have such a close call! Thank goodness you were not hurt. I hope you start to feel better and calmer soon.

  62. lwildstar said

    Thanks Linda – Thanks everyone – I am starting to feel better.
    I just realized that I bit the inside of my mouth…
    but now I have all this energy – adrenilyn I guess

    oh my favorite commercial is on the Coke one with the polar bears and the penguins!

    ok I must be feling better – just a little jumpy still

  63. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    I’ve been MIA for a couple days because I simply decided to keep the computer totally OFF! I had other things I needed to get done and you ladies are just too much of a distraction, in a good way! LOL! Got the last of the Christmas cards in the mail today. The wind was pretty brisk so it felt a lot colder than it was. I always miss so many things while I’m offline so let’s see if I can catch up.

    gypsy – congrats on the award! Love this week’s macro too. Personally, if there is another season, I think that Mike should be featured as playing in some kind of rec hockey league. That macro shows exactly why he’s calling out to have a hockey helmet on his head. Sorry, maybe that’s just a little too Canadian for you. But Dylan reminds me of someone I used to know a long time ago … who was a hockey player … and had hair just like that …

    Madonna – I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I’ll be thinking of your family especially over the holidays.

    Claire and wildstar – very happy to hear that the cards have started arriving! Although, that was mighty fast.

    Linda – welcome to the group! These ladies welcomed me many months after they formed their bond. They are a really great group.

    Danae – glad to hear you had a good weekend and that all is well with your sister and nephew. Hopefully he holds back on his entrance into the world for a while yet!

    wildstar – glad that you’re okay. I know how scary that can be. I was hit by a car while on bike. Not serious, but not fun either.

    Okay, I think I caught it all. Hopefully … we’ll see.

  64. prtfvr said

    OMG! Wildstar! What the hell? I’m so glad that you’re alright! I’d be lost without you. There I go, making it all about me again! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Love ya, honey! *hugs*

  65. lwildstar said

    ouch Frejya….
    I’ve been in car accidents – but not like this – pedestrian verses car – I couldn’t believe this happened – what happened to everything slowing down ? everything went very fast! and I ran like a rabbit!

  66. prtfvr said

    Is no one going to mention Coreen kissing Vicki? Did I imagine that?

  67. lwildstar said

    I luv you prtfvr! yes you can make it all about you becasue I know where then sentiment comes from sister….

    and to think – I’ve made jokes about getting hit standing at the bus stop – you the old “life is short – I might get hit by a car at the bus stop tomorrow…” God no more jokes…seriously….

    speaking of buses and accidents – that horrible incedent in Baltimore with that poor women getting beatten up on the bus…thats the kind of thing I worry about with all these crazy teenagers on the bus coming home in the evening….if a fight breaks out – you’re trapped, if you even look at someone they could go off on you, they curse you out if you just say excusme to get past them…the world has gone nuts…

  68. lwildstar said

    wait what? when did Coreen kiss Vicki? what did I miss? was she possesed at the time or was this after the rescue – I don’t remember seeig that!

  69. cdnfreyja said

    What? Coreen kissing Vicki? Okay, now I’m going to have to pay extra attention to that episode when it airs up here.

    Wildstar – the accident wasn’t serious. Kind of banged up my knee but I didn’t even need to go to the hospital. It happened while I was in Denmark. My youngest host brother got all indignant and very protective of me. Way too funny considering he was only 13 and shorter than me. So not intimidating. Now, well, he’s 6’4″ and is a very big guy.

  70. lwildstar said

    Frejya – I find my nephew can be very protective – at 12 – even though latley most times he acts like a jerk.

    I do feel better now, being here with all of you. Thank you so much!

  71. lwildstar said

    well I think I am “coming down” from the adrenilyn and now I’m tired.
    I’ll check in with guys tomorrow.
    Thanks for the love!

  72. Claire said

    OMG!! Wildwoman! Thank God you’re alright!!! I would have been devastated if anything happened to you..geez..to any of you! I must remember to double the positive thoughts to you! Stupid driver!!

    Sleep well my sista and don’t forget those wonderful Henry dreams!

  73. prtfvr said

    OH YEAH! Coreen kissed the dancer. False alarm. Probably just wishful thinking on my part. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  74. Margaret said

    If we need to make our presense known at Megacon maybe someone needs to design an iron on t-shirt design. I”m thinking as far as a caption: We know the Fat Lady, and she ain’t singing. Give us more Blood Ties. (Just unsure about the art to use with that). lol.

  75. Annalaise duChat said

    Wildstar — I’m so glad you are feeling better. Take care girl. I’m glad you liked my present.

    Freyja — I got your card today Thanks so much for you sweet note.

    Anzia — So didja get it? Hmmm?

  76. himmiefan said

    Wildstar – I’m so glad you’re okay. Poor thing! You weren’t even doing anything wrong!

    May that driver get horrible gas milage from now on.

  77. msgypsy said

    Will this do for the fat lady singing? It looks like they’ll make the t-shirts for you at the site. http://www.fundraw.com/clipart/clip-art/00001074/Opera-Singer/

    I’m slowly getting human again. I’ll be back later, once I’ve gotten some more energy. I managed to finish most of my projects, but there was one left to finish on Saturday and I forgot the beads so I have to finish it tonight. And then I have another one to make, different image, for January. And sleep. I must sleep! My legs are STILL killing me!

    I’ve gotten some cards from you lovelies already and every one made me smile. I just love this family or community or whatever you want to call it we have forged here!

    Wildstar, I hope you get a good bit of sleep; that was quite a scare you had. I’m often terrified about crossing streets, even when they aren’t busy, because there’s always the one jackass driver…

    Linda, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to greet you from the start, but believe me when I tell you I had a LOT on my plate! I’m so glad to see a new face and you are, of course, welcome here any time.

    I think there’s a nap in my near future…

  78. Margaret said

    I love the art on the Fat Lady but she’s not supposed to be singing. Do you think we could get them to draw a gag on her, or maybe we could do that ourselves. lol.

  79. msgypsy said

    OMG! I just found this and am laughing so hard there are tears in my eyes!


    Margaret, maybe there’s some way to indicate that she’s just gathering in her breath before singing? I can’t find any of fat opera divas who aren’t singing. Sorry.

  80. Anzia said

    “oh but Prtfvr and I share custody of Anzia as she can be a handful LOL” WHAT!? Sure go ahead and say that. Uh-huh. We ALL know that you guys share custody of me because i’m just so damned love-able. WEll, that and there’s just too much of me to be loved by one mortal person…


    SO, haven’t seen the ep. can’t watch it yet…

    ‘Laise- have i told you lately- that i love you? OMG you ROCK!

    I think i can describe my weekend as a circle of Hell yet to be discovered by those NOT trapped there. I was SO SICK. Throwing up all day saturday, nauseous sunday and having bad allergies & asthma problems all weekend… someone could have shot me and i’d have argued their case for sainthood to God MYSELF!

  81. himmiefan said

    Hey Ms. Gypsy. I’ve just sent you an e-mail.

  82. msgypsy said

    Hey, Himmie, I replied to it. LOL!

    And now I really do need to hit the pillow. And then go to sleep. In that order. I hope.

  83. susana said

    Fat lady singing, tell her to shut the F*** up!

    Pardon the french! I am having a long day! Still feeling weak form the bug i had the lst 2 days, now my daughter has it and all she wants is the breast, she will not eat yet i had manged to get cut her off to only breastfeeding twice a day!
    Felt good to get cards from lady afrodyte and annalasie, made me smile!

    The lawyer i have working on residency papers for my brother who is also my chef (i have a catering business) is messing them up and i am mad, the whole process takes upto 5 yrs and costs over $10,000! and she is screwing it up! i have always been an advocate of staying legal and following the rules when in a foreign country but the system is against anyone who follows the rules, they make it impossible for you to follow the rules and so easy not to! i mean i want this company to thrive and hire americans, is that not improving the system? All i want to do is follow the right path, but you will not even begin to imagine the obstacles! see why the border is so osmotic Grrrr!
    OK, deep breath, you are a guest here ๐Ÿ™‚ smile and wave….just smile and wave………

    you guys are great, somehow, i feel i can vent here ๐Ÿ™‚ i do not mean to get political.Its just that running a business, raising a child and working fulltime…overwhelming somedays!
    but you know what, sometimes i let random thoughts of henry flood my mind and i get this warm feeling in my………..ooh i meant….oh what the heck, you know where…no not there you fellow pervs ๐Ÿ˜‰ ha!ha!ha!

    By the way i am about to mail my secret santa gift, am i the last one to do so ?hopefully not! hang in there my giftee! I am usually MIA, not by choice, so i may have missed the chance to follow all the rules, do not want to ruin anything, is there a big reveal or are we just sending it out?

    I am going to bed to sing some really loud african tribal rum-based songs so that i do not hear the damn fat lady sing and to be honest, like someone said, until, Tanya confirms anything, i remain optimistic!

  84. lwildstar said

    good morning ladies
    I am feeling better today
    after i logged off last night I took two Alieve – read all your holiday cards,cried for a half hour, took a bubble bath and went to bed…..
    didn’t take a happy pill til this morning…..
    thank you for all the hugs and love last night – i reallyneeded it.
    I love you guys!

  85. lwildstar said

    Blood Ties (2006) 13123
    just in case you wanted to know

  86. Margaret said

    Susana: You’re not the last Secret Santa to mail. That would be me, I’m mailing mine tomorrow. I got so many things to do right now I feel like a chicken with my head cut off.

  87. Annalaise duChat said

    Hang in there Susana, and any time you feel the need to vent we’re here for you. I hope your baby girl feels better soon and you, too. Sometimes with the flu the tiredness can hang on for a whille even after you are officially “better.”

    Is there any was you can switch to a differant lawyer? Maybe a differant lawyer in the same firm?

    Freyja any advice for or sib?

  88. Claire said

    Thanks for that Ms.G!! Very very funny!! Loved it!!
    Susana Dear! Hang in there..I hope your baby feels better soon and I pray your legal stuff gets solved soon too!

  89. prtfvr said

    Z: Welcome to the wonderful world of sickness. Some of us are still there. I hope you get better sooner than me and Claire have.

    ms.gypsy: We could put Kyle’s star over the fat lady’s mouth. Would that work? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Susana: No worries, this place has great ventilation so get it out of your system. These here are some nice girls!

    Regarding everyone “cursing” using pound signs, asterisk and stuff and THEN apologizing for it?! That cracks me up! I’m the only person who really curses on the blog or in email. Everyone here is much more genteel than I am. I’m bad, I know I’m bad and what a bad habit to have! I try to behave but I’m rarely successful.

    Anyhow, I just thought it was funny that everyone apologizes and they haven’t even cursed! And here I don’t even bother apologizing anymore! Man, I’m an ass. A mostly lovable ass (I hope) but an ass none the less. And don’t think I don’t know it either!

  90. prtfvr said

    Question: What do you do when the IS guy decides to stand in front of your desk and talk to you for ten minutes and his zipper’s down (I have a short desk – no pun intended)? I SO wanted to tell him but it was like three feet from me (his open zipper, not his dick) and that just seemed way too close to tell him.

    Sheesh! I guess it helps that I can’t stand this guy but still, me, of all people! I couldn’t say anything. Yikes!

  91. Annalaise duChat said

    Prtfvr speechless? OMG ! get the calendar. We have to mark the date! LOL

  92. prtfvr said

    I know! LOL! And he just came back to my office, I wouldn’t look down. You know, I’m the type of person who will tell you if you have food on your face or in your teeth OR your zipper down because I’d want someone to tell ME but with his zipper so close to my face…AWKWARD!

  93. Linda said

    Ms Gypsy & Freyja: Thanks for the welcome!

    Ms. Gyspy: Special thanks to you for giving us this place to hang out.

    Wildstar: Glad you are feeling better today!

    Prtfvr: Saw your post on LT– you go girl! I am sick of trying to maintain a positive tone in the face of their indifference!

    Susanna: Everyone should get at least one good rant a day! I’m with you, I will hope until Tanya says it is really over.

    Now, I have got to run, my boss is sitting behind my desk working on the computer. Later…..

  94. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas.

    OMG wildstar thank God you are alright. I would probably be in as bad a shape as you sounded. I would definitely be shaking and feel like I am having an out of body experience, a completely surreal feeling.

    Little sis Z I have been feeling icky that past couple days, my sinuses have been going haywire and my stomach just isn’t cooperating.

    Susana No prob vent away. I have heard how tough it is for people coming here from another country. It must suck.

    I forgot to mention I got E’s card over the weekend and Freyja’s yesterday. I went to my mom’s because that is where my mail goes(my landlord won’t let me use my apartment for an address). She said I had mail from Canada. I was excited about getting International mail. LOL!

    Still no baby. Now I am getting tired of waiting. I want to hold that baby in my arms right now.

  95. laurel said

    Welcome Linda! What part of the world do you hail from?
    We are really spread out across the country, but we are pretty good about staying in touch. Always nice to add a sister!

    Chery – Did you say you have Henry’s rings? The ones from the set! Pictures! I want to see pictures! I’m looking for a couple of rings like his but haven’t found just the right ones yet.

    Wildstar – It makes me want to cry that you had such a close call yesterday. I’m sorry I wasn’t here for you when you were so shook up. I would have called you! Are you okay now?

    prtfvr – I can’t believe you didn’t offer the guy some pithy comment! It must have been pretty funny and I’ll bet you thought up a few good lines (the kind you don’t appologize for). ๐Ÿ™‚

    Officially… I will likely be the last one to send my Secret Santa gift. Sorry dear. You’ll know who you are soon enough. Cards are going out sometime this week. I hope.

  96. DIZEY1 :-) said

    ~~~~~~~~slinks in hoping not to be noticed like she’s been here alllll along ๐Ÿ˜‰ la deee daaaa ……….. Hey I’ve been here just watching from above…. yeah that’s the ticket !

    Ok I must apologize profusely to all for my absence of late. I was a VERY BADDDD GIRL and should be flogged and sent to Henry’s Penthouse to receive my proper reprimand ๐Ÿ˜› Henry is the one who needs to teach me a lessen I won’t soon forget. I deserve it and will take my punishment like the bad girl I am. Bite ME Henry and anything else you see fit to do to me!! I AM READY !!!!

    Truly sorry for anyone worrying, nothing wrong just life getting in the way and trying to make a buck doing something I hate and is CLEARLY NOT FUN!!

    Now to anyone who’s had hardships or problems I am so sorry I wasn’t here with sista’ly support and I will try and get on here a little more when I can sneak in ๐Ÿ˜‰ Although I may have been MIA you were always in my mind and never far from my thoughts. I love ya’ll more than I thought I could w/people I’ve never even met in person but ……….*Absence DOES make the Heart grow fonder *

    I adore all of you and thank you all for the Christmas cards and my *Wildstalker* I love my Smelly BAT !

    XOXOXOXOXOX Je t’aime beaucoup mes soeurs!!!!

    Beth ๐Ÿ˜€


  97. Danae said

    That’s the ticket. She’s back and sending her lovely little pictures again. I suddenly feel lighter.

  98. Danae said

    Luv ya Diz!

  99. Margaret said

    Did you say your name was Diz, do we know you? Welcome back to the fold Sister, you had us worried.

  100. DIZEY1 :-) said

    You too Dani Girl I missed all my sibs’ oodles and oodles !!

    Prtfvr, you could always sing *Tube Steak Boogie* might give the dude a hint ๐Ÿ˜‰ (heee heee heeee) GUTTER GIRL’S back w/ a vengance ! Damn I missed you people in such a badddd way !!

  101. Madonna said

    DIZEY!!!! (Runs over and gives her a huge hug!) Welcome back!

  102. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Actually it was *Tube SNAKE ๐Ÿ˜‰ Booge* by *ZZ TOP* and was a good tune in the day but I like my version better. Henry and stakes and all things Vampirish!

    MAG’S ahhhh spoken like a true smart ass I love you too! And I’ll try and get those books off to you soon, although it may be after Christmas.

  103. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Madooooonnnnaaza Heeeyyyyyy I missed you too BIG HUG!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Happy Happy Happy Girl here WOW !!!!

  104. laurel said

    Not much of a stealth approach there Diz!
    Not exactly quiet. lol
    Glad to have you back, you’ve been missed. ๐Ÿ˜›

  105. prtfvr said

    My fellow entertainment triviot! There you are!! Who’s going to understand my vague movie references if you’re not here?!

    Forgot to say that I’LL most likely be the last person to get their Secret Santa gift out in the mail. *hangs head in shame* I guess by process of elimination, whoever doesn’t get one until next week will know it’s me!

    Linda: I’m the resident pessimist. Mags is the number one optimist. If there’s a negative way to spin something, I’m your girl. I think I might be a bit argumentative but nuts to whoever said that! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Diz: I WAS thinking something along the line of: “Is your zipper down, or are you just happy to see me? Seriously, I can’t tell.” But I’m just too nice to infer that he has a small penis. That’s just not who I am! Today. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  106. prtfvr said

    OMG! I have six plants in my office that I just watered. NOW I hear this slow drip, drip, drip sound but none of them seem to be leaking. It’s driving me CRAZY!

  107. laurel said

    prtfvr – How about… “Based on my observations… you must drive a big truck?”

  108. prtfvr said

    Laurel: Did I just detect a bitch frap from you regarding me not apologizing for my “colorful” language?! HOW DARE YOU!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  109. prtfvr said

    Laurel: ROTFL! He’d probably take that as a compliment though. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed or the brightest bulb in the batch. He’s stoopid, ok? ๐Ÿ˜‰ (and that’s not a spell-o.)

    }:O )

  110. Linda said

    Hi Laurel: I live in Little Rock…I think maybe some of the other girls on this blog are from the south too. Fortunately LR is far enough south to miss most of the bad weather in the winter. If we do get bad weather it is usually ice. I feel sorry for the people in OK City right now…an ice storm is really awful.

    Hi Dizey: I’m Linda and I think your punishment sounds so…enviable! If I haven’t done anything bad enough to be sent to Henry’s penthouse…I will!

  111. laurel said

    Oh baby, I dare!
    Did you think I was afraid of pissing you off? Not shy demure little ol’ me!
    No apology necessary!

    I figured the guy was no rocket scientist.
    They take better care of their rockets.

  112. laurel said

    Hey Linda! Good to know you’re out of the ice zone. How did you find us?

  113. prtfvr said

    Meh. Laurel, you KNOW it’s no big challenge to piss me off. That’d be like shooting fish in a barrel! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Besides, I don’t normally hide my light under a barrel. If I’m pissed you’ll know, as you already know, I’m sure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  114. laurel said


  115. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Linda I know you’ll be lookin’ to break some laws huh?? I hear ya’ I’m always looking for a way to be reprimanded by my Sweet Henri’ I do love him soooo!
    Yep imagine how po’d he’d be if he had to bail me out of jail……..WOOO HOOOO what kind of punishment would that get me? ๐Ÿ˜‰ JK (NOT)

    Oh and BTW I’m down here in New Orleans and oh winter for me this year was ……..lets see yesterday was 83 degrees ! it sucks in such a bad way and is so difficult to get into the spirit ya’ know ?

  116. lwildstar said

    Thanks Laurel – yes I am feeling better today – I know you were with me in spirit
    after i logged off last night I took two Alieve – read all your holiday cards,cried for a half hour, took a bubble bath and went to bedโ€ฆ..
    thank you for all the hugs and love last night – i really needed it.
    I love you guys!

    well we have finally decide to have a holiday party in the office – a side from the company party, the big party is in downtown Baltimore – and some of us, just can’t get there, so we are going to have an in house Pot Luck and play the Dirty Santa gift swap…..I think that is more fun than the other and with all these new employees starting at the beginning of the year – this will be our last in house party ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    now Ineed to go get something for the gift swap – i held off becasue i didn’t knnow if they were going to let us have a party (we spent too much last year on catering).

    off to check the emails

  117. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Laurel *MY Birthday WEED Sista’* I missed your sneaky sense of humor and ooooh I got my cord thingy to watch my iPod on my tv I LOVE IT!!!!! No Commercials that thing rocks! How are you on the WET COAST and are you high and dry I saw all that bad flooding there recently. I know of flooding so my heart goes out to all who are suffering with the tragedy of that. Miss you MISS Laurel/ Lauren ๐Ÿ˜‰

  118. prtfvr said

    And I wanna give a shout out to ‘laise for the awesome magnet she sent me! I have it right on my file cabinet where I can admire it!

    And in case you’re wondering if I’ve done ANY work today, I haven’t! I’m properly ashamed but unfortunately unmotivated. I have to go back to Ohio on Thursday to pick up my step-father’s guns from the police department there. How the heck do you get THOSE home when you’re flying? Can you mail guns to yourself?

    I have so much to do – STILL! Gotta pick up the ashes, death certificates, go to the probate office, go back to his house to see if the cats are still in there or dead – because I won’t feel completely awful until I know for sure that the cats died because I couldn’t get them out of the house before I left!

    Ooh and get this! My boss received extra money for giving a lecture and she wants to split it with me and a co-worker as a Christmas bonus and don’t you know that the department payroll person went to Scott (we work in the same department) and asked him if I was doing more work for my boss since she’s paying me extra – this one time!

    First of all, NYFB! Second, she’s PAYROLL! That’s confidential you dumb-ass harridan! And third, it’s like $200 after taxes! Not that I won’t love to have the money but what the hell? It’s not like I can quit my job now or start lighting the stove with twenties. This is why I hate people!

    When Scott got that raise last month, this same chick was asking if people wanted to order anything for lunch and she said to Scott, “You should buy US lunch with that big check you’re getting.” WTF?! Hello, have I mentioned that she’s our payroll person AND it’s none of her business what any of us makes?

    WOW! I’m cranky today – BIG TIME! AND my stupid arm hurts! It’s been hurting for days. I can’t breathe, umm…I’m STILL fat…and I just wanna go on vacation – I know, I was just off in August and I missed a week of work but I’m just, I dunno…exhausted.

    Ok, WAH me! I’ll move on now. Maybe I’ll go yell at someone. Damn, where’s that IS guy when you need him? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  119. prtfvr said

    And another thing, the department is having their annual pretentious holiday party next week and they can kiss my ass! I’m not going to a place filled with people who “meant to send me some flowers” after my step-father died.

    Hmmm…maybe Debbie should take a walk!

  120. Linda said

    Dizey Yeah, 83 degrees is a little warm for Christmas, although we see that kind of thing in LR too. One Christmas Eve, a few years back, we were dodging tornado warnings!

    Henry has plenty of money to bail us all out of jail, as often as needed…at least that’s the way it works in my fantasy land!

    Laurel I found you through Tanya’s blog at Lt last spring. I lurked off and on for a long time. Never posted on a blog before. Y’all just seemed like you were having so much fun. Also, another reason it took me so long to de-lurk was having to deal with some events last summer. My mom was in the hospital for 3 months! She is out now and doing better.

  121. Vampaliscious aka Vampgrl said

    prtfvr said: WOW! Iโ€™m cranky today – BIG TIME! AND my stupid arm hurts! Itโ€™s been hurting for days. I canโ€™t breathe, ummโ€ฆIโ€™m STILL fatโ€ฆand I just wanna go on vacation – I know, I was just off in August and I missed a week of work but Iโ€™m just, I dunnoโ€ฆexhausted.

    Ok, WAH me! Iโ€™ll move on now. Maybe Iโ€™ll go yell at someone. Damn, whereโ€™s that IS guy when you need him?

    Whoa! Prtfvr! We should TOTALLY get together. You’re mood matches mine lately. I’m pretty much in a bad mood 24/7. Oh! And I did get a dentist appointment, but not until jan 8th, 1 day after I come back from vacation. Heh.

    Hmmm…let’s see…skimmed a bit…had no idea that dacing hamster site was still around. I totally forgot about that. I used to LOVE that site. to lwildstar, glad you’re okay. I’m voting on the guy was probably on a cell phone. I swear, they should outlaw those friggin’ things while driving. Grrrr…

    And I know it’s hard to get into the Xmas spirit when it’s hot out, ’cause it’s hot where I am right now too. Of course, I was too young to remember snow…so that totally goes without saying…hehe

    Like my new name? *g*

  122. lwildstar said

    prtfvr – regarding the guns – I asked my dad – he knows a lot people – anyway he said to ask the police to remove the firing pins and to get a letter stating why you are transporting them – of course they are considered “checked luggage”, and there may be a fee – he thinks that they may require you to lock them in a special secure gun container. he wasn’t sure about what you do to retrieve them at your destination – he was told you had to make arrangements with security.
    When mygrandfather (dads dad) passed away dad drove to MI to pick up grandpas gun collection so he wouldn’t have to worry with airport security. He removed the firing pins himself and put the guns in the trunk and kept the amo up front – but I think he said he went to the police office in town to make sure he didn’t need a special form or something to cross state lines, and becasue he was not registered as the owner on any of them. He couldn’t remember what they told him (it was 10 years ago)

  123. Danae said

    Calm down prtfvr…….breathe. Vent to us and say something to the stupid guy with his fly down. People are definitely stupid and unfortunatelty there is nothing you can do about it.

  124. lwildstar said

    Vampgrl – i didn’t stick around to see..cell phone or not the guy that came up on the median had to have been following the guy who stopped much to closely. Several years ago i was on the bus and we got rearended – how can you NOT see a friggin bus?! turned out the person driving the car was on a cell phone……
    i think they passed the law here about you can only use hands free phones and it is illegal for teenagers to use a cell phone even with a hands free set.

  125. laurel said

    Well I’m glad you got brave enough to join us!
    I’m sorry your summer was so stressful, and it’s good to hear that your mom is better and out of the hospital. We are here to support one another and to celebrate our victories, big and small.

    prtfvr – Yup, a walk sounds like a good idea. How can I help?

  126. lwildstar said

    prtfvr – i know what you mean about the pretentious party – thats the other reason why a lot of people don’t go – i know , aside from not being able to get there, that is what keeps me away – i don’t want to see any of those people….and everyone is so false!
    I did go to the picnic becasue i have never gone and just wanted to see….could have stayed home!

  127. Danae said

    At our holiday party it is held during the work day in the big test kitchen. We don’t even go off sight although it is catered. We have a gift swap that I don’t think I will be participating in this year. Every year the gifts get worse and worse. If the gifts aren’t alcohol or scratch lottery tickets they are regifts that are often broken or just plain stupid. I don’t even want to participate this year.

  128. lwildstar said

    our gifts tend to be gift cards (last year anyway) and of course there is at least one completely stoop (yes meant to type that) gift – like romote control caddy shaped like a big can of beer or my favorite – the singing bass. Two years ago half of the gifts were wine!
    I admit I am not in the mood to put a lot of thought into it this year and I’m going to get a gift card and wrap it in a really really really big box with lots of peanut foam…if we have any around here…… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  129. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Prtfvr, My sista’ * I YES I * the Optimistic one has to say that *PEOPLE SCARE THE BEJESUS OUT OF ME* totally. They are so wierd and freaky sometimes that I’m amazed at how they make it through life at all ๐Ÿ˜› Can you say *assess* and they are. But that being said it’ll probably make you feel better if you tell the *FLY GUY* something it’ll certainly give you a laugh and maybe you can vent ๐Ÿ˜‰ (pardon the pun) a little that way too. So sorry about your step dad something I missed I am so sorry my friend ! Love ya and hell I say yell at somebody they’ll get over it! Boy do I sound pessimistic hmmmm when did that happen ?? OH YEAH when I started watching LIFETIME !

  130. laurel said

    Vampaliscious ! You are going to have more names than wildstar! LOL

  131. lwildstar said

    well i just looked at my calander – I have a lunchion on the 19th one on the 19th and then the holiday party on the 20th – can we say overload?!

  132. lwildstar said

    nope laurel i don’t think thats possible – i think I’m up to somewhere between 15 and 20 names

  133. OK now ladies, It’s time for afternoon meditation. Henry’s going to lead us in some deep breathing exercises. Alright Henry you have the floor. Now everybody, look deeply into his eyes. Breathe in 2, 3, 4, and out 2, 3, 4,. Again. Now relax.
    There you go. Feel better now?

  134. lwildstar said

    I put up the holiday bush in the reception area yesturday and handed out the ornaments i made – I was on a roll with the “smelly” stuff so I made everyone here a star with their name on it – so far everyone has said thank you and hung the ornments on the bush…..one lady is keeping her’s at her desk so she can smell it! LOL!!!!!
    i gave her the directions so she make her own.

  135. DIZEY1 :-) said

    ***LAISE** yes thank you and when he rubs my back like this it helps alot too ๐Ÿ˜‰ How’s my BFF Mel? I think about her alot too, sweet child of yours. Can you tell nobody’s around right now I’m manically typing like my PC’s gonna blow up or something.

  136. laurel said

    Dr duChat – Okay, my mind jumped straight into cougar mode and I read that you told Henry to lay down on the floor…. and then I had my own little world to live in for a couple of minutes. lol

  137. lwildstar said

    well that was weird – Worpress wouldn’t comeback….if you get my email ignor it now – for obvious reasons – I’m here…

    i like your mind laurel!

    well now lunch is almost over and I ma going to log out….
    talk at you later!

  138. Hey Diz! Glad to help! Mel is doing great. Most of the time anyway. But there are days…. Nevermind we’re supposed to be relaxing. Henry, me next?

    To any of you that have or have ever had tenaged daughters: Did they ever try to ditch you at the Mall? Yea. I am just the pariah that drives the car you know. *sigh*
    Henry, please hurry.

    Laurel — I didn’t actually say Henry was lying on the floor. I said he HAD the floor.My goodness, you are in Cougar mode. I’m so glad you had fun though. Creative minds and all!LOL

  139. Danae said

    Those eyes those eyes! I’m drowning in them. Someone save me.

    Diz you missed the whole fiasco with my sister and her pregnancy. I will copy and paste from last thread sometime soon for you.

  140. laurel said

    WordPress had a brain-freeze or something… I had total blankness for a little bit when I tried to refresh the page. Weird.

    I have to run out and do a few errands, but I’ll be back to check on everyone later.

    prtfvr – hang in there lady! Let me know if you need to pick a fight and I’ll get out the gloves (and hand them to someone with a little more expertise) lol
    We’re her for you, as always.

    Now, back to that little fantasy I was having….

  141. Annalaise duChat said

    Now if we can just get prtfvr to relax. Henry Spend a little extra time with her please.

  142. Linda said

    I prefer Henry on the floor too (or maybe the light table…). I’m in my happy place now. LOL!

  143. laurel said

    prtfvr – Make that “we’re here for you,.” I think my heat needs to be turned up a couple of degrees ’cause my fingers are cold and that’s why I can’t type.
    Yeah, right. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yup, total cougar mode, since I’m older than both our fav actors.

    I just watched Deep Dark this morning and I think I have the same problem as Vicki. Can’t decide between the two of them. Sadly, watching this episode just made my addiction to the show worse! There has to be more!

  144. Danae said

    Ok well I guess I didn’t post it on the blog must have been email. Be right back.

  145. prtfvr said

    ‘laise: You mean that Henry is going to lead us in the “heavy breathing” exercise, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Dani: Man, your cheap ass work gift exchange wins hands down as the lamest party every. They spend good money on our party but cheap out on the wine which I don’t care about since I don’t drink. But then it’s all silly skits and people talking about the school…OMG, it’s SO boring!

    Wildstar: Thanks for the gun info! Hopefully, the police department will be more helpful than when they didn’t have a record of finding my step-father’s body the day before and knowing nothing about it.

    Laurel: Thanks for the offer of help. I think I’ll go downstairs to the deli and get some soup and a bag of Pepperidge Farm cookies. That’s a pick me up if ever I heard one!

    Vampgrl: Who KNOWS what would happen if the two of us got together in this mood! Not World Peace, that’s for sure!

  146. Deep, heavy, long, wide. let’s not go there. I’m trying to design a hardware brochure. (unsuccessfully I might ad.)

  147. prtfvr said

    Laurel, baby! If there’s a fight gonna happen’, I ain’t wearin’ no gloves today! Thanks for being my fight pimp though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  148. prtfvr said

    Oh ‘laise, you do know how to write a “pick me up”, don’t you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  149. You betcha prtfvr.

  150. Danae said

    For Dizey-The rest of you already know this so you can skip over it. I sent this on 12/5

    My sister Chris who you all know is pregnant had a panic attack the other day. To tell you why I have to start back before she was pregnant. She was put on a bunch of medications when she was diagnosed with bi-polar and depression. She asked the doctor if any of the medications will be a problem if she got pregnant. The doctor said that they would all be fine. Again when she got pregnant she asked the same doctor any of these would be bad to take while pregnant. Again he said they were fine. When she went to her first appointment for the pregnancy she made a list of all the medicines she was taking and the doctor looked it over and didn’t say any of them would be harmful.

    Each time she went to a checkup they checked the list and asked if she was still taking them all and she said yes and they said ok.

    One of these medications is called Adavant. She ran out of the Adavant a few days ago and she didn’t have the money to pay for a refill so she went to her doctors to ask if she can get any samples to tide her over until she could pay for her refill. The doctor all of a sudden yelled at her for taking it because he said you aren’t supposed to be taking it while pregnant. She flipped out at the doctor. The doctor said he didn’t know she was taking it. She said that every checkup she was asked if she was still taking it. She said it’s in my chart. The doctor said she needed to go have an ultrasound immediately to make sure the baby was growing ok. She has been having several ultrasounds just because of the risk from the colitis.

    She asked the fucker what the birth defect will be if any. He said that it isn’t anything you will be able to see until after the birth. She asked again what the defect will be and he would not answer her. She has gone her whole pregnancy taking this stuff. She is due next month. If anything were to happen it has most likely happened.

    If there is ANYTHING wrong with this baby you better bet that fuckers ass is getting sued.

    Oh and I just heard that the huge bonus we are supposed to be getting isn’t coming until after the first of the year. Happy Holidays everyone. Why the hell have we been busting our asses for this damn company and then we get shafted. Stupid people suck. I need the money know!

  151. prtfvr said

    Ok, my boss just called me and asked if I wanted to go to a conference in Puerto Rico with her! I’d only have to work one day and the other two I’d have to myself! I wouldn’t have to pay for airfare OR hotel!! Woo hoo!!

    I’ve never been there before but she says it’s nice and I’m a big time water baby being a Pisces and all. Oh, and she said that I could bring my old man so I’d only have to cover his airfare, and food for us of course.

    So, I’m still cranky but my mood has subtly uplifted. Maybe I should go eat now, the hypoglycemia’s attacking me something fierce right now!

  152. Congratulations! that sounds like a great time. Goodfor you!

  153. Danae said

    For Dizey-And then I posted this later on the same day.

    Well my mom just called and basically Chris is in very active labor. They have tried to stop the contractions 2 or 3 times and Aiden just won’t give in. He is kicking and kicking and pushing like crazy. He wants out! I can’t help but worry after what I emailed you about earlier.

    I was wicked freaking out. There is still no baby. The hospital sent her home when she was 2 centimeters dilated and bleeding a little. The baby isn’t due until January 12th. When I got to work yesterday the dumb ass in my office, Robyn, asked if the baby was born yet and I said no and she said, See, you were hysterical for nothing.

    I should have told her to go F herself.

  154. Danae said

    Go for it prtfvr. It should be fun. Congrats!

  155. Claire said

    My sista…I’m sorry your poor eyes…nasty man and little zipper open Yikes!!!!
    As for your payroll asshat? sounds like she needs a taste of the Frap from the creator..want me to come over and show her?Hand me those gloves Laurel!…actually no..it makes a better sound without the gloves!

    Hey mes amis…Henry? Floor? Where? Oh there! Laurel geez back away from the Henry…whilst I mosey on over there..Walks over and hugs long lost triplet Dizey..um who has Henrys left arm buried under her shirt…ehem..Mon amour Henri, pendant que vous utilisez votre main gauche pour jouer avec mes soeurs retour, pensez-vous que vous pouvez utiliser votre droit de m’aider, vous voyez j’ai รฉtรฉ terriblement stressรฉs et peut vraiment utiliser ces magnifiques doigts de la vรดtre.Mes soeurs et moi-mรชme partageons toujours ne vous inquiรฉtez pas ils ne seront pas de soins…Oui … Voilร  trรจs agrรฉable ….Err..excuse us…Henry has determined that I need a private therapy session ๐Ÿ˜‰

  156. Danae said

    I was just skimming at Kyle’s Korner and saw this strange question and warning. Tell me what is so dangerous about Orlando?

    Hi Kyle,
    My question is:
    1)What’s your next role?

    P.S.Don’t go to Orlando, please, it’s very dangerous and I am very afraid for you!!!!

    You really think Orlando is more dangerous than L.A.?

  157. Danae said

    Now that I put this on here I realize I probably shouldn’t have. I probably should have put it in an email. Too late now. Stupid Stupid Stupid!

  158. prtfvr said

    Just pulled this post off the lifetime blog. I can’t vouch for the validity because I don’t know why only one person would get this answer but here goes nothing.


    Hi Melodi,

    Kirk Shaw has asked me to respond to your e-mail. I’m afraid there is good chance Blood Ties will not be renewed. Despite strong audience interest Lifetime (US) has decided not to continue and CHUM (Canada) has been bought by another company. We will try to find other broadcasters to finance and air more seasons but to be honest it is not looking good. Thanks for your support – we love the show too…


    Meaghan Cochrane
    Publicist – Insight Film Studios
    phone number deleted


    Request RemovalPosted by Henrys_lady Dec 11, 2007 2:39 pm”

  159. prtfvr said

    I’d be surprised if Insight was sending this type of response out to random fans before it’s been posted anywhere else but stranger things have happened.

  160. Danae said

    As I said before I will not believe anything unless I hear straight from lifetime or lifetime asks Tanya to tell us.

  161. Madonna said

    Hi y’all!

    I think I’ve mentioned this before but my company’s idea of a Christmas bonus is to give the employees $5 fast food gift cards. We also have to sign a paper saying we received it for “tax purposes.” For the past few years we’ve done Secret Santa here. This year we’re not. It’s just as well though. Last year my boss pulled my name and I got a $10 gift card to Wally World.

    Speaking of Secret Santa…. I finally got my cards and such out in the mail today. Yippee!!!! To my Secret Santa recipient…. Part of yours went out in the mail today the rest should go out tomorrow. (Box problems at the post office.)

    (((((HUGS))))) dear. No need to stress yourself out. Things will work themselves out eventually.

    I say don’t tell the guy his fly is open, especially if he’s a jerk. My sister used to work at a United Dairy Farmers years ago. One day she had a lady come in who had an inchworm crawling through her hair. My sister said she and other customers started to tell her until the woman turned into a bitch. Long story short that lady walked out of the store with ice cream AND an inchworm.

    It’s good to have you back! The spirit of the blog tends to pick up when you’re around. See, we got on the gutter boat in no time at all.

    I don’t have the daughter to contend with but I work full time too and am trying to start my own business. I know just how tough it is. You’re a strong woman though. You can handle it. (((((((((HUGS)))))))))) Hope you and the baby are feeling better.

    I could take Henry therapy anytime. Anytime at all!


    Oh yeah with regards to Danae’s post above…..

    You’re not THAT dangerous are ya?

  162. Madonna said


    I saw that too. That basically says what we all believe, but until I hear it from a person with the authority to tell me, I’m damn well gonna believe that we’ll get more Blood Ties. I’ve got no other choice…..

  163. prtfvr said

    Madonna: With gifts like that from your company, lunch is on YOU!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I love your inch worm story. It warms my heart to hear dumb-asses get theirs – even if they don’t realize that they’re getting it, so to speak. Thanks for the happy story! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  164. Margaret said

    Prtfvr: Do you like stirring up the masses, my love? Saw your comment at lt. lol.

  165. Danae said

    LOL! You haven’t learned yet that prtfvr speaks her mind and doesn’t care what other think or say? That is why we love her.

  166. Madonna said

    Oh yeah,

    Lady Afrodyte,

    I received your cards yesterday. Thank you bunches!

    Got yours too and I love it and the magnet. Thank you bunches too!

  167. prtfvr said

    Madonna! You cursed! Man, I AM a bad influence! Cool! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  168. Danae said

    What did she say by the way. I don’t like going over there anymore.

  169. Madonna said

    Oh yeah! Lunch for everyone! It’s on me. How about a nice piece of lettuce? If you’re all good I’ll throw in a Henry pop. How about it?

  170. Danae said

    Time for me to go home take a shower and take Amber to dance class.

    Ciao Bellas
    Luv ya!

  171. >>>>Oh yeah with regards to Danaeโ€™s post aboveโ€ฆ..

    >>>>Youโ€™re not THAT dangerous are ya?

    Maybe the poster found out a bunch of you gals are planning on going to Megacon. LOL.

    Here’s the official Bloody Ford Press release:

    “After careful psychiatric evaluation, I assure you, I had absolutely no reason to suspect any of these women were a danger to themselves or other people. They were all so quiet, so well behaved. No one could have predicted that unfortunate incident would have occured.” ;-))

  172. Madonna said

    Bye Danae!

  173. Madonna said

    Love it Annalaise! Think it’ll work?

  174. prtfvr said

    Dani: That’s not true, I really DO care what people think. Just not everybody. I’m very selective that way. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mags: You know I’m a pot stirrer. I’m bored of everyone sucking up to lifetime and saying how wonderful they are when all they’ve been consistent in is lying to us. If you treat your customers like crap, they’re gonna rebel. MUHAHAHAHA!

    It’s my niche, what can I say? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  175. prtfvr said

    ‘laise: My oh my, you’re a good liar! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’d say that Cree wouldn’t hurt a fly but, well…she’s a vet so I’m sure SOMETHINGS screamed a bit while in her company. Animals too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  176. I guess it just depends on what exactly the unfortunate incident entails….

  177. prtfvr — You make her sound soooo evil.

  178. prtfvr said

    Why, whatever are you implying, ‘laise? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  179. I am implying nothing. As I said before there is no reason to suspect an “fowl” play on the part of Henry’s Hens.

  180. prtfvr said

    ROTLFMAO! Ok, that was corny but SO good! LOL!

  181. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  182. prtfvr said

    And on a side note: I swear, I’m sick of all the viagra, cialis and penis enlargement emails! Where the hell did I visit to pick up all that stuff? I know I didn’t enjoy it as much as they enjoy sending me these dumb emails. And I’m a girl, OK?! It’s not my job to worry about enlarging penis’ any other way than you normally do it. And you can’t catch all the emails either because they spell words with dollar signs and such to get around spam guard!

    Ok, back to your regularly scheduled blog.

  183. I completely agree with you on that one, and some of them are so vulgar. I want to reply with DUH! Why would I be interested, but I know that will just make it worse.

  184. I’m heading home now. Catch you all later, maybe after my piano lesson. Bye!

  185. Susana said

    Madonna, thanks, i will hang in there! Starting your own business is tough, mine could do better but at least the initial starting phase is done

    Yes, i read that email from insight on lifetime, man i hate LT! Even more because they are not woman enough to tell us the truth!!! Woooses!

  186. lwildstar said

    made it home on one peice to night…someone drove me home.
    well now we are having an office pot luck party so now I need to go get something for the Dirty Sanata exchange game – I don’t feel like it – no one appreciates what they get so I don’t feel like putting any effort behind my choice….I may just get a gift card. But this is the last year we will be having an in office party – they are getting so damn cheap – hence I suggested the pot luck so that we can have a party at least – I asked the office manager, and told her for moral reasons we should do something – I mean really, to wait untill two weeks before Christmas to tell us we can’t have a holiday party…geeze – the company party is this Friday but most of my office isn’t going becasue its in downtown Baltimore…..sorry it just ticks me off.
    I’ve also been told that starting with the new year we will no longer have free breakfast on Fridays becasue the office is growing and it will be too expensive whent he new employess come in – so dissapointing that was like a nice social gathering time for us to just BS for a few minutes…you know team building.
    Well I guess they don’t want us getting chummy – they’d rather we be good little worker bees trapped in our cubes…
    sigh……very dissapointing….

  187. lwildstar said

    my poor sister – she fried her computer…wel there goes the last for episodes of Blood Ties (rior to the online move) tat she was going to burn to dvd for me – they are trapped in the computer….my nephew is fit to be tied – she was burning episodes of The Avatar for him becasue its on when he goes to wrestling…
    Shes been crying since she called 15 minutes ago.
    if its going to happen its going to happen to her….

    ok resident computer techies – she says she can’t get Vista to talk to her Lexmark printers or her picture printer – any clues?

  188. lwildstar said

    well I told my sister about what happened last night – now she wants me to get my drivers license and get a car – like thats any safer!

  189. lwildstar said

    ok – did I chase everyone off?

  190. lwildstar said

    well I know when I’m not wanted ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I’ll come back later…..

  191. lwildstar said

    ok its official – I killed the blog – again ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  192. lwildstar said

    well I thought if I came back someone would have shown up – whell I guess I will log out for the night and go read.

    oh I got another Christmas card in the mail today – from my mom! she mailed it! I see her just about every weekend and she lives 20 minutes away and she mails it – just good manners she says….I think she mailed it becasue I’ve been so excited about getting cards in the mail from you guys – and yes I added it to the tree of cards…

    night everyone! take care.

    oh madonna – any word on your sister and the baby?

  193. lwildstar said

    tap – tap – tap —-is this thing on?
    I really killed it this time….pouts….hangs head in shame…….
    oh well I just thought I’d check before heading off to bed….

    talk at you in the morning….nighty night!

  194. prtfvr said

    Aww, Wildstar! I’m sorry I missed you! We were watching Dexter, and my son insisted that I turn off my laptop – they swear I don’t know what’s going on because if I’m upstairs, I’m a typin’!

  195. Anzia said

    DIZEY! I swear if you make me worry like that AGAIN you WILL be punished. And not in a good way! All henry time and paraphinalia will be suspended. Do you hear me? huh? yeah.. i thought soo. Okay, done being mad ((((HUGS)))) i missed you!

    Dani- i’m sorry. I’m feeling fine now I just am still having breathing problems…

  196. prtfvr said

    Damn, Z! You can’t breathe either?! I swear, when I go to bed at night I sound like friggin’ Darth Vader!

  197. Anzia said

    awww…finally letting luke know he’s going after his sister? that’s mighty nice of you Prtmama. but the death star is MINE!

  198. Vampaliscious aka Vampgrl said

    Anzia said,
    December 12, 2007 @ 4:35 am

    awwwโ€ฆfinally letting luke know heโ€™s going after his sister? thatโ€™s mighty nice of you Prtmama. but the death star is MINE!

    LOLOLOLOL!!! You guys are just too funny. *g* Nah. You can keep the Death Star. I’ll just go futher back in time…or would that be forward?…whichever way you wanna look at it…and take Anakin Skywalker from Episode 3. Mmmmmmm…Yummliscious. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And to lwildstar…where you talked about being rear-ended when you were on the bus? That happened to me once too. I ride one of those special handicapped busses and we were parked on the street ’cause the driver had to load a wheelchair on, he had the flashers on and everything, and we got rammed by a mini-van. The lady said she couldn’t see the bus ’cause the sun was in her eyes. Ummm…Hello? Dumb ass? Sunlight or no, the bus is white! How could she not see the friggin’ bus?! Grrr….my guess is she was yelling at her kids in the back and not paying attention. Either that or again…on a cellphone. I swear, cell phones are EVIL. Heh. The bus barely moved enough to give anyone whiplash, even if the back door of the bus was all crumpled…so was the front of the minivan…the kids did get taken to the hospital though. I never did forget that. I swear,people are just beyond stupid…..

  199. Madonna said

    Good morning everyone!

    Well, last night we finally got our tree up. Colored blinking lights and all. Actually our tree is really really pretty or at least I think it is. 6 1/2 feet, and an eclectic assortment of ornaments.

    After that I pretty much just passed out. Barely made it to the bed.

    Asthma right? Sorry you are have such a hard time breathing. I have mild asthma so I’ve been there and can sympathize. (((((((((HUGS))))))))))

    Sorry I wasn’t around last night. BTW….. I think you’ve got me confused with Danae.

  200. Claire said

    Morning my lovelies! I hope everyone has a good day today! I’m off to vote and read emails while put off work for a bit! and the baby is sleeping so a little break!

    see yas later!

  201. lwildstar said

    good morning – just a brief fly by – meeting this morning – snooze fest more likely
    Blood Ties (2006) 13451
    I’ll try to come back at lunch…….

  202. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas!

    No baby yet. Argh! Wildstar I think you meant me and not Madonna.

    Prtfvr, I know you care what people say. So do I but I like to think I don’t. Yes I saw your smiley face.

    My mom has been working on getting their tree up. They have been working on it since Sunday. Who ever heard of taking four days to get a tree up? Seriously it will be Christmas before they get it done. My mom is intent on every single bulb being lit. Once she gets one fixed another goes out. I would have seriously given up by now. Who is going to notice a few dead lights? The ornaments will most likely go on tonight.

  203. Danae said

    Oh and I got my card from Annalaise yesterday. Yay! I love the magnet. Thank you.

  204. lwildstar said

    sorry Dani – yes I got the names mixed up once again….

    well the meeting went by zoom – good thing cuz I was starting to day dream ๐Ÿ˜‰

  205. Danae said

    I am always daydreaming so that wouldn’t be hard for me. That is why Kim is always telling me to get my heads out of clouds and back to the real world.

  206. Danae said

    but……….the clouds are so much fun and maybe that is my real world.

  207. Madonna said

    Without dreamers nothing would ever get created.

  208. Danae said

    That’s right. My sister needs to lay off and maybe do a little more dreaming. Then maybe she wouldn’t seem so stuck up.

  209. rifkind said

    OK Bligkin!
    Here’s some fun for your Wednesday.
    Think through the shows and list all the fun barbs and name calling between Mike and Henry

    Henry has called Mike :
    the Michaela Angelo of understatement

    Mike has called Henry:
    Captain Canine
    Bastard son of a king
    Casper the friendly vampire

    Can you gals think of any others?

  210. Margaret said

    Annalaise: I loved the magnet. Thank you so much.

    Got this from Blood Ties/Blood Lines this morning (pay special attention to where it says that lifetime has NOT made a decision yet).

    To: “Bloodlines Updates”
    From: “Barbi”
    Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 08:40:01 -0800
    Subject: [Bloodlines Updates] UK Fans – Pre-Order the DVD Set Now!

    Greetings all!

    Well looks like the Blood Ties fans in the UK get an extra special Christmas this year as they are the first to be able to pre-order the DVD Box Set of the complete first season of Blood Ties (all 22 episodes)! The DVD set will be released on January 28th but you can pre-order your copy now!

    Check the front page of Bloodlines for a link to where you can pre-order your copy!
    http://www.bloodtie s-bloodlines. com/index2. html

    For those of us in the US, we will be getting our own version of the box set sometime in 2008 but if you absolutely can’t wait and have a multi-region or region free DVD player, you can order a copy also!

    In case there is any confusion, Lifetime did not cancel the last two episodes, they are just being shown online only. You can view them on their website http://videos. lifetimetv. com/?fr_chl= ab9d2f213939f5b3 b6807649f60cd200 c1ddddc4&rf

    Select Blood Ties from the list of shows at the left and look for the episode you wish to view.

    You can also download them from iTunes. There is a link to download the episodes on the front page of Bloodlines
    http://www.bloodtie s-bloodlines. com/index2. html

    I have seen many articles and blogs claiming that Lifetime has cancelled Blood Ties but please know that Lifetime has NOT made any decision yet as to the future of Blood Ties. There is still hope so don’t give up the ship yet!

    Well that’s it for now. For those of you out in the Midwest of the US, please be careful and I hope you aren’t one of the many that have lost power due to the severe ice storms. Stay safe everyone and have a wonderful holiday!!

    Barbi, Jessie and Marie (The Power of Three)
    A fansite for Blood Ties the series
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    Messages | Members | Calendar
    Bloodlines: YOur website for everything Blood Ties

  211. Madonna said

    Mike has called Henry Captain Midnight.

  212. elizabeth said

    Hello Ladies – I have tried to write this a couple of times, but for some reason I just can’t seem to explain myself well today. I spent Sunday afternoon in the emergency room. Okay, a little blunt, but true. I was in my garage attic getting Christmas lights down and stepped off the flooring and fell part way through the ceiling. I was really lucky I didn’t go all the way through because I would have hurt myself far worse than I actually did. I caught myself on a cross beam and that stopped me in time.

    Have you ever hurt yourself so badly that you can’t breathe? I did manage to pull myself out of the hole, but I had to sit in the attic for awhile. I literally wasn’t sure if I was going to pass out, throw up or writhe around in pain. Shock can be a wonderful thing because I just sat huddled up trying to catch my breath and mentally taking inventory of what hurt to see if I had actually broken anything. Krysten was in a panic and I kept trying to reassure her. I did manage to get down from the attic and in the house, but knew I needed to get checked out because I was in some serious pain. I called a friend and she took me to the hospital.

    Anyway, I am covered in bruises and scrapes and my right leg is really messed up. I hit pretty hard on that cross beam and I have really, really bruised those muscles. My leg is swollen to twice its size and I can barely walk. i probably will only be at work for 1/2 day today.

    One of my co-workers went and got a bag filled with ice for me without me even asking. I almost cried I was so grateful because my thigh feels like it is on fire right now. People can be so kind when you least expect it some times. Who knew a bag of ice would be the most wonderful thing in the world right now!

  213. lwildstar said

    lets see if I can kill the lunch time blog like I did last night…sigh…

    so how is everyone doing today?

    I’m having one of those don’t want to do a damn thing days – and I think the PMS demon has put in an apperance….ggrrrrrr

    ok tell me if this is tacky…i usually give a little token gift to my co-workers and since this will be the last year we will be doing anything I wanted to make sure i did it this year…
    I was thinking food for the guys – chocolate covered pretzels or nuts (giggles no pun inteneded)
    and for the ladies – except for the one with sensitive skin – hand lotion from Batha nd Body with the antibacterial stuff in it…everyone has been sick and complaining tha the air is so dry our hands are like sand paper……
    also i have made a door prize for the party every year so I need to come up with something…..
    I’ve made a stocking, a big stuffed pillow shaped like a gingerbread man, and handbeaded ornaments…….but I just haven’t been inspired this year

  214. lwildstar said

    Did Mike call Henry Fang Boy? is or is that my imagination?

  215. lwildstar said

    OMG E – you poor thing! only once have I hurt myself bad enough to loose the power to breath – I thought Ihad broken my leg – that sometimes is scarier then actually hurting yourself! That was nice of your coworker – sometime people surprise you. Can’t believe you went to work! Keep a close eye on that swollen leg – we don’t want you developing anything bad like a clot.
    Sending you good vibes – and I’m sure whoever currently has Henry will send him right over!

  216. elizabeth said

    Thanks lwildstar. I would certainly love to have Henry for awhile. I can tell I am still not back to myself – it doesn’t take much to bring tears to my eyes today.

  217. Claire said

    Jeez..E! What a frightening experience! I’m so glad it wasn’t more serious! Please stay out of the attic!!!!! Yeah I second Iwildstar…keep and eye on that leg..and yeah I can’t believe you went to work either! Poor baby I hope you heal up real quick!

  218. lwildstar said

    Well here’s a virtual HUG since I can’t be there to hug you in person…..

    did I tell you someone drove me home last night? – he heard me telling a coworker about what happened Monday night and voulentered – i felt like saying ” a little late” but its the supervisor who does drive me home sometimes and i didn’t want to tick him off….but i just wasn’t in the mood.

    oh well – I think I’ll go work on some writing…..

  219. Madonna said

    Oh, Elizabeth, I’m soooo sorry honey. Did they do X-rays at the ER? Is it broken or just bruised? Take it easy and GO HOME and get that leg up and take care of yourself. Henry’s on his way.

    Love ya!

  220. elizabeth said

    This has certainly been an interesting year for all of us, hasn’t it? It seems like the last month or so we’ve dealt with illnesses, accident, near misses and death’s of loved ones. So, on the one hand I will be glad to see the end of 2007.

    On the other hand, this year has brought you guys into my life and I guess that does kind of balance out all the bad stuff. I am setting my sights on 2008 and will not accept anything less than a fanstastic, all you could wish for, stupendously marvelous year for all of us! So there!

  221. Danae said

    Oh My Gosh E! Stay off that leg. That is horrible. Thank God nothing serious happened. Are there any bad cuts? Definitely keep an eye on it. If anything looks off or it isn’t getting better get back to the hospital. I have hurt myself so bad lots of time that I couldn’t breathe. When I was 6 or 7 my parents took me to the park to teach me to roller skate. They were pushing me back and forth on the tennis courts. I fell flat on my back and hit my head. It hurt so much I couldn’t breathe. I was taken to the hospital but they said nothing was wrong.

    I am saying 2008 can only be better. Nobody better die next year.

    I just got done watching Deep Dark and Mike called Henry Commander Canine.

  222. Danae said

    This elf thing has really caught on. I forwarded it to some people here at work and now the marketing department is doing them by department. Here is me and Robyn from my department. It is so funny.


  223. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bonjour Mes Amis! ***E**** OMG! I’m so sorry to hear that you hurt yourself so badly. Do take very good care of your self as you are a precious commodity to all here ๐Ÿ˜‰ Gotta watch crawling around in attics as you can see they are dangerous places. I am not an accident prone person pretty athletic when I choose to be, anyway years ago when I was a younger and more bendy flexible chick, Melanie and I were at her Aunt’s house for a family reunion and we were out back and jumping on a huge rectangular trampoline. YEP her Uncle’s giving us directions on flipping and acting like Bela Carolli and tells me to flip and I DO AND……..Yep I flew off that sucker face first eating dirt my friend! Today I look back and it’s hysterical but I was one sore ass girl for a good week and luckily again I broke nothing but my pride. Picture this and it should give you a good laugh at the very least ๐Ÿ˜€

    Love ya and no more dare devil stuff WonderWoman ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Claire Belle,
    Claire ma soeur merveilleuse, j’apprรฉcie ainsi quand Henri frotte ses mains glorieuses partout mon corps. Henri me soulรจve vers le haut de tant de maniรจres merveilleuses. Beth me donne ร  service de Henri avec un sourire ๐Ÿ˜€ ainsi adorez le corps glorieux qui est Kyle et aimeriez avoir mes mains partout qui corps ! (Yes your Sista’ of the Gutter is Home !)

    Dani , what can I possibly say about your poor sisters situatuon, the good Lord wants that child here and no matter what he sent him here for a reason. We don’t know what the grand plan is and I BELIEVE that God will take care and this is a special child that wants to be here. I love ya’ and listen to the *Sista’ of the Rose Colored Glasses* God is Good!!

  224. DIZEY1 :-) said

    **Didn’t my fine Smart Ass Henry call Mike …..*Renfield* I love that one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  225. Danae said

    Dizey my dear sweet lovely big sister. Thanks and luv ya.

  226. Danae said

    I just got out of a meeting that told what our bonus checks were going to be. We made it! We made 12% over budget which means we are getting 10% of our total yearly salary as a bonus. I will be getting $2340! That is before taxes of course. You remember what I said about not getting them until after the first of the year?…………Well they said they will be ready THIS Friday! YAY!

  227. Danae said

    I think this is the beginning of a wonderful 2008 for all of us. I am feeling pretty damn good right now.

  228. Arrowyn said

    Reminder — Wish Heather and me lots of luck starting tomorrow. We’re meeting in Las Vegas! Woo hoo! We’re taking cameras, so expect pictures sometime after Saturday. Probably A LOT AFTER Saturday from me!

  229. Danae said

    Oh My Gosh! I completely forgot about that. Have fun you guys! Good Luck!

  230. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Danae – thanks for the card! Yours is the first to arrive. The others must be stuck in customs, somewhere.

    Susanna and Annalaise – sorry, I can’t offer advice. The American legal system is so different especially regarding immigration law. I guess the only thing I can say is to find a different lawyer if this one is not doing the job.

    elizabeth – Oh, my dear! I hope you heal quickly! Just like the Post Partum episode – those stupid accidents you always hear about happening at home. I do know what it is like to injure yourself and not be able to breathe. Did it during a figure skating practice before heading up to my aunt’s cabin at the beach, 2-hours’ drive away. Practicing a dance routine, swung my leg up and landed on my tailbone, not only knocking the wind out of my lungs but jamming something in my back. Needless to say the drive up and my time at the lake were not fun.

    Oh, and my birthday has just been a total non-giggle fest so far. Woke up with a nasty headache – too many high and low pressure changes lately. And of course, I can’t seem to get friends interested in celebrating with me. I even sent out invitations and everything. Gee, it isn’t like every day of the year is my birthday. Not like they don’t know that it isn’t coming up. Yes, I know it is near Christmas but that doesn’t give people the right to excuse themselves from bad behaviour. I basically didn’t celebrate my birthday for 13 years because that is how many years I spent in university and I was always writing exams at this time of year. I’ve had enough of having to move my birthday celebrations to different days and even different months just to accommodate other people. I don’t expect my friends to move theirs in July to August!!! And worst of all is my friend whose birthday celebrations I attend every year who dropped off the face of the earth (except it seems for her own birthday) when she found herself a man. This was almost two years ago and she seems to think that she must only socialize with married people now.

    Okay, can you tell I’m just a bit sour today? At least one of my friends will join me for supper and another friend and her husband will pop by later when she is finished with work. Next Monday our family will go out together to celebrate the joint birthdays. So, it isn’t all that bad but I’m tired of being forgotten about because it is December.

  231. Danae said

    Oh Freyja Happy Birthday. I am so sorry that this crap is happening to you. Amber’s is next week and there is no way I would ever let that happen to her. Just because yours and her’s is right around Christmas doesn’t make it ok to brush it off. My niece Alli’s is on the 27th also. We have always made it special for her.

  232. Danae said

    Oh and your welcome for the card.

  233. Himmiefan said

    Freyja, I didn’t know it was your birthday! Happy Birthday!!! Today’s my mother’s birthday too. Got her a cake with her cat on it. Yes, her cat. Not the real thing (ick), one done in icing. Cute!

    Hope you have a good time and get lots and lots of good gifts!

    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  234. laurel said

    Freyja! Happy Birthday! Holy smokes ladie, you’ve got to give us a heads up on this vital info!

    Your very special “virtual” birthday present should arrive shortly.
    As always – remove the tape carefully, he’s ticklish!

    Oh, and enjoy your birthday weed!


    Happy Birthday, to you!
    Happy Birthday, to you!
    Happy Birthday, dear Andrea! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Happy Birthday, to yoooooou!


  235. Himmiefan said

    Poor Elizabeth!! Henry’s on his way over. He’ll kiss your leg and make it better. Bless your heart! (sympathy)

    Way to go Dani!

  236. Himmiefan said

    Freyja, can you share some of the birthday weed with Elizabeth? She needs it!

  237. Madonna said

    Happy Birthday Freyja! I’m sorry it’s not so much fun. I’ve got you’re “present” at home all waiting to be sent. I just didn’t have time to this morning. I just put the Christmas cards in the mail yesterday so hopefully you and everyone else will get them soon.

    Congratulations on your bonus Danae!

    Arrowyn, I just sent you something to you home email address.

  238. lwildstar said

    Happy Birthday Frejya! I forget did my packet to you ever show up?

    Congrats Dani!

    Have fund and becareful Arrowyn and Heather!

  239. Danae said

    If I could share it with everyone that gets really horrible bonuses I would. Especially Madonna and her $5 Burger King gift card.

    I am going shopping for some Christmas presents. I am going to finish my Secret Santa gift tonight.

    Ciao bellas!

  240. Madonna said

    It’s $5 at Wendy’s actually. Have fun shopping Danae!

  241. Himmiefan said

    Well, $5.00 at Wendys will get you a fried chicken sandwhich with cheese on it. Nothing to sneeze at! It is a little chinzy, though. Oh well, beats unemployment.

  242. Madonna said

    Did I mention they tax us on that gift card?

  243. laurel said

    I just talked to Elizabeth on the phone. I gave her heck for not calling me to drive her to the ER since she lives all of six minutes away from me. Bless her little cotton socks. (she says that!)
    She is doing alright, taking some pain med this afternoon so she can sleep. She expects to work half-days the rest of the week and will check in with us in the morning. I’ll see her in person some time in the next couple of days. (I read your last few posts to her while we talked).

    Congrats Danae! Nice to know that something good happened for you this week. It was your turn for some good Karma!

    Arrowyn and Heather – travel safely and take pics! Oh, and HAVE FUN! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Was that Dizey I saw a few posts ago? Good to have you back!

  244. laurel said

    I know we have discussed dvd “Zones” before, but I don’t remember what we have here in the US. Can someone tell me quickly? I’m trying to order DVDs for my daughters – Japanese Anime stuff.

  245. Vampaliscious aka Vampgrl said

    laurel said,
    December 12, 2007 @ 1:20 pm

    I know we have discussed dvd โ€œZonesโ€ before, but I donโ€™t remember what we have here in the US. Can someone tell me quickly? Iโ€™m trying to order DVDs for my daughters – Japanese Anime stuff.

    That would be Region 1.

  246. Claire said

    Ahhh.HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! dear sweet blog daughter! I wish you were closer..I’d celebrate with you!!! I’m So sorry you’re not having a fun day! we never forget or combine birthdays at my house, Christophers birthday is on the 22nd,and I’m taking him to the melting pot for dinner and I bought him a baseball cap..he collects them. I bribed Chris to go to the post office for me earlier..so your card is on it’s way!!!

  247. laurel said

    Thanks Vamgirl !! I was pretty sure, but not certain enough to spend money on something she potentially couldn’t watch.
    What I’m looking at only comes regioin 1

  248. Claire said

    Danae! Congrats on the bonus! yea! go have some fun!
    Beth…On peut dire que de nouveau, qui ne serait pas aimer ces longues artistique doigts voyageant sur leurs corps!!(So nice to have my other gutter sis back!)
    Carol and Heather…what happens in Vegas..does not stay in Vegas! ya hear!
    we will be wanting details…pictures..transcripts LOL!! Have a great time ladies!

  249. cdnfreyja said

    Thanks ladies! Thanks for the present that will arrive later tonight. He has to visit Elizabeth first. LOL! And Laurel, thanks for the birthday weed! I’ll put that to good use and send the rest to Elizabeth although customs may have issues with that. LOL!

    wildstar – yes I got that package a while ago. Got it early so I didn’t reveal what it was so as not to spoil the suprise for everyone who hadn’t yet received your gifts.

    Himmie – that was just too funny about the cat. My niece will have issues regarding turkey shortly for that is the name of their second cat, Turkey (well, actually Turkey Puppet as named by my brother-in-law). Don’t ask because we can’t figure out his sense of humour! Eventually she’ll have to sort out how she can maul the cat who loves her and eat the poultry named turkey. She’ll definitely be confused.

    Oh Danae – thanks for the little gift too! I laughed when I saw the pictures on it. I don’t have a tree so it will go into one of my many Christmas boxes. I think I’ll have to start a special little box for BT related Christmas stuff. Could be pretty small if the show doesn’t get renewed. Anyone feel like bombarding Rogers Communications (new owner of CHUM Television/City TV)?

    Mama Claire – you do realize that you and Diz are not the only ones who can understand the French gutter talk? LOL! Don’t ask me to write it though …

  250. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Ohhhh Laurrellll My *Birthday Weed Sista’* Yes Ma’am dat’s me ! I know I was bad , but *I’m Drawn that Way* ! I love ya’ and have missed you terribly. I posted yesterday but it must have slipped by you ๐Ÿ˜‰ and wanted to thank you I bought my cord thingy for the iPod/TV connection and I sooo love that bad boy ! It ROX my world!!

    Claire , I needed some good *Smut My Sista’! I been so bored and lonely without ya’ll and Henri of course! I’ll have to send Christopher a cap from NOLA would he be insulted if I sent him a *Saints* cap ??? I’ll send him one oh and a big bottle of *Tabasco* ๐Ÿ˜€ (hee hee heee)

    Dani girl my first question is…………….*What’s A Bonus*?? Congrats and spend it on YOU! Have fun and you deserve it you certainly earned it working with smucks!

  251. DIZEY1 :-) said

    OOOhhhhhhh *Barrister* So sorry your friends SUCK!! You need to come down to New Orleans and I’ll get you liquored up and we’ll hang out on Bourbon Street and party till the break o’ dawn! Happy Birthday and thanks for my Christmas card, I hope you can make another trip down here soon it would be a blast !!!! I’ll drink a few for you this weekend!

  252. Himmiefan said

    “Did I mention they tax us on that gift card?”

    Now that’s so pitiful that it’s hilarious. ๐Ÿ™‚

  253. Himmiefan said

    Turkey Puppet? Did brother-in-law get into the birthday weed? ๐Ÿ™‚

  254. rifkind said

    Oh Elizabeth!
    Be careful! You should not be at work at all!
    Keep the leg elevated and ice on it.
    Definately watch out for blood clots!
    Laurel is going to watch over you in person for us..
    We want to know that you are OK
    { { { HUGS} } }

    My aunt fell through a floor/ceiling that was being worked on and the worker had just put cardboard over the hole! (What an idiot!)
    She fell through and caught herself, but landed on her back and kidney.
    It bruised the kidney so badly that it has quit working permanently!
    She tried a stent for a while, but the stent caused so much pain that she had them take it out and the kidney ‘died’.
    So *E* if you start having any other problems, get back to the doctor!

  255. rifkind said

    Happy Birthday Frejya!
    It really sucks when folks forget your birthday.
    So sorry that your ‘friends’ that you sent invites to, were too busy to help you celebrate.

    Winter birthdays aren’t much fun. Mine is the month after Christmas, you know, right when all the Christmas credit card bills start arriving!
    Then on top of that, add below zero weather!
    I never enjoyed having a winter birthday!
    It’s too cold for you to leave your window open for Henry, so maybe you need to leave a key under the mat, or the door unlocked tonight.
    Henry will be there soon!

  256. rifkind said

    OK Ladies, this is what I have so far…

    Henry to Mike
    Renfield (LOL! I forgot that one)

    Mike to Henry
    Captain Canine
    Blood sucking bastard son of a king (or something like that)
    Casper the friendly vampire
    Captain Midnight.
    Fang Boy?

    Any more?
    so I am looking for any other references from the show

    OR if you can come up with a NEW bunch please send them to me or post them here.. you never know where they may show up!!

  257. Chery said

    Elizabeth! so sorry to hear about your fall.
    Please take care of your self and I hope you are feeling better soon.

  258. Claire said

    Ah My Sista Beth! I missed ya! I missed having my French gutter talking Sis!
    It isn’t any fun writing all those naughty things if no one understands it or writes back!
    Umm..my bad blog daughter LOL!! I remember you saying that you spoke French…but you know my darling…you are my daughter…so feel free to jump in at anytime! LOL!! can’t write it? then just visualize what we are saying! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m not bad…I swear..like Diz said..I’m just drawn that way!!

    anyway off to read emails and go to bed…

    Bonne nuit ma belle fille Andrea Je vous souhaite beaucoup de bonheur et d’amour pour votre anniversaire!

    you see it’s not just smut in French! Je t’aime!

  259. Anzia said

    E- i’m so sorry hon! Perfect excuse to sit in front of the comp and watch BT! With a BIG cup of whatever you like and a warm blankie!

    Yup, asthma. SUCKS! They thought i’d grow out of it…nope instead i’ve gone through EVERY inhaler known to man (or d@mn close to it) ’cause they couldn’t control it. *sigh* It’s getting better slowly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  260. cdnfreyja said

    Umm, Claire, it really isn’t too difficult to visualize what you’re saying. No, you two are pretty clear in what you write! LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰ Et merci beaucoup! Okay, I lied, I can write limited French.

    The evening turned out more than okay. It was quite nice. Better than being at a table full of people you don’t really know but invite just to have people around. And one really good thing about today? I got NO bills in the mail. I love those days.

    Himmie, ummm … if only we could blame it on my brother-in-law getting into Ms. Laurel’s birthday weed. ๐Ÿ˜‰ No, he just has a really weird sense of humour. I did the welcome to the family speech at the wedding, even referenced Turkey the cat (the M.C. who guest stars on Corner Gas, actually, picked that up and ran with it), said some really nice things (better than the speech his parents gave for my sister! Boy!) and the part that got the biggest laugh was when I said something I hadn’t written out – I said something like ‘well, Chris doesn’t have the same sense of humour that we do’ and everyone broke into laughter, the kind that draws tears! Yeah, that was an understatement.

    Personally, I thought that we might be able to pull him into watching Blood Ties because of certain lines like the basilisk being referred to as a ‘chicken lizard’ because that is totally something he’d say! And then he’d make a voice to go with the chicken lizard.

  261. catcornmom said

    Happy Birthday Frejya!!

    Did I see Dizey??? Hello stranger! I thought I was bad! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve got a good excuse because I’ve been doing Christmas cards and I’m putting my Secret Santa gift in the mail TOMORROW!!!! I’m so excited!!! I hope “You” like it. I was hoping to do all of this yesterday during a snow day, but when every other school in Kansas was out for the ice storm, our superintendent did NOT call off school. Seriously, there were 2 schools in session, and mine was one of them. We did not get anything accomplished the first two hours because of the constant bitching and moaning, and that was from the teachers….HA!

    Ok, I’ve done my checking in. I need to get to bed. My daughter has 6 AM basketball practice which really sucks. We went to get her restricted license today so she could drive herself to those practices and we have to wait 2 more days because she got her learners permit on June 14, and she has to have had it for 6 months. AAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH! I hate the fine print!!!

    Oh well…good night sistas!

  262. susana said

    Hey ladies,
    Elizabeth….be careful ๐Ÿ™‚
    So today, my lawyer calls, apologizes galore, states he had handed over the case to a junior lawyer who had not done her homework well andwas playing catch up, after 20 mins of profuse apologies and an offer to reduce the fee by half, i decide to give them one more chance cause i have spent $1500 already and would have to use the same amount if i went to someone else….so we’ll see! It is looking more positive now, he seemed like the new lawyer had embarrased him and the rest of the firm.

    So i got better from that semi- “flu” thing i had and i woke up this morning itching like crazy!!i mean my skin broken out like i my bed sheets were made of poison ivy,CANNOT, recall adding anything to my diet or any new sop etc nadda!zilch…so why the heck am i itching? i mean i am a nurse practitioner i should know what this is right? Not even the MD’s i work with know it, it is definately contact dermatitis, but what the hell did i touch, is someone messing wiht my vodoo doll? huh? poured some itch powder on it! he!he!
    So tomorrow i am going for a steroid shot, that will be THE END OF THE BREASTFEEDING! I am ready for that, but a part of me will miss it , sounds crazy ya?
    Hey diz , you been ok?

  263. rifkind said

    Oh Susana,
    Did you change your fabric softner?
    Henry should be around soon to do some sniffing!
    He could tell what was different ๐Ÿ™‚

    Get better Dear!
    I’m glad to hear that the attorney has stepped up to the plate and will fix the problems. It sounds like they will NOW (finally) watch your case more carefully!

  264. Madonna said

    First of all…….

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear susana!
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Hope you stop itching and have fun celebrating!


    Hi all!

    How is everyone this morning? I doing well but sleepy. I’ve been busy trying to teach my dad a bit about the internet, specifically shopping at Amazon. Something he wanted to buy for Christmas was out of stock so I was up until 3 am helping him find something else. I got up at 6. So I need stay awake wishes this morning. But I did see what he ordered for me although I acted like I didn’t. Boy is it pretty. It’s a diamond accented palette charm for the charm bracelet he got me about 3 years ago for Christmas. For a man he has really great taste in jewelry.

    I’m glad your birthday turned out better yesterday evening. I sent your card last night when I got home. Hope you received it. Love to ya dear!

    Love to you too! Just because you need it.

    Arrowyn wanted me to tell you all that she and Heather are supposed to go see The Thunder From Down Under (male review) while they are in Vegas. She also promised pictures.

    Even getting up at 6 this morning I’m still going to be late for work because I have to go have follow up X-rays taken today. So basically I’ve got to go now and finish getting ready. I had my Strawberry Mini-Wheats while checking the blog and emails.

    Talk to you all later if I’m able. Take care everyone.

  265. Madonna said

    Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My rather lengthy post disappeared. Help!!!!!!!

    The most important part……

    Happy Birthday susana!

  266. lwildstar said

    just a quit note …

    Happy Birthday Frejya and Susana!

    voting numbers …….Blood Ties (2006) 13774

  267. Claire said

    Happy Birthday…Happy Birthday Baby…Susana…I hope you have a great day and your itchiness goes away! Anybody have some calamine lotion?I’m sure Henry won’t mind rubbing it all over you dear!

  268. Good Morning All,

    Sorry I didnโ€™t get a chance to drop by yesterday. Looks like I missed a lot.

    Elizabeth — sorry to here about you accident. Thank goodness you werenโ€™t seriously injured. Take care of yourself girl!

    โ€œZโ€– I hope you are finally starting to feel better.

    My daughter Melanie has asthma problems too, and though she seems to be outgrowing it a bit all it takes is a bout of the flu or a cold to trigger it again. I didnโ€™t tell you guys this but two weeks ago, at the last football game when the band played, my husband and I were paged from the stands. Melanie had to leave the field with breathing problems. They had her in a rescue squad on oxygen with we got there. A combination of the extreme cold and physical exertion (marching) and playing her clarinet cause her to almost pass out. It was scary but nothing serious thankfully.

    Susana โ€“ Good news! Iโ€™m glad they are going to review your case and give you a discount. See sometimes speaking up gets results.

    And last but not least Freyja โ€“ Happy Belated Birthday!
    What a bummer that none of your โ€œstick in the mudโ€ were available to party with you.
    Your blog sisters will take care of you.

    And now your birthday limerickโ€ฆ.

    Sister from north of the border
    your evening with Henryโ€™s on order.
    Heโ€™s arriving in style
    To bring back your smile
    Youโ€™ll be laughing again in short order.

    To Freyja the goddess of law
    our Henry will leave you in awe.
    If you take a chance
    On vampire romance
    Your birthday will not have a flaw.

    Itโ€™s Susanaโ€™s birthday too?
    Geeze I canโ€™t keep up! Happy Birthday!
    OK on the fly here I go:

    Oh! Susana our vamp will cry,
    โ€œSomethingโ€™s different about you, why?
    Itโ€™s your birthday you say?
    Iโ€™ll come right away!
    Be there in the blink of an eye.โ€

    East African sister unique,
    For the rest of us let me speak.
    We welcome you home,
    No longer to roam,
    Our blogโ€™s multi-culturally chic.

    Love you,

  269. Margaret said

    There are new production stills at Bloodtiestv.com. I can’t seem to get them to copy. Are they protected somehow, copyright infringement?

  270. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas!

    No baby yet.

    Happy Birthday Susana! I hope you get over the itching soon. I used to work in a bakery. Every night I would come home covered in very itchy hives. I couldn’t figure out why. Finally discovered it was the rye bread. I am apparently allergic to caraway seeds.

    Well I caught a cold that has knocked me on my ass. I am seriously dragging big time. I am trying what everyone said, the garlic, vitamin c, etc. Hopefully something will start working soon. I even came to work. I never take time off no matter how sick I am feeling. My boss has a cold too and was not in yesterday and didn’t come in today. They should give me his job.

  271. Danae said

    The snow has started. The accumulation totals have increased to 10 inches and we are supposed to be getting another one Saturday into Sunday.

  272. Danae said

    Another one as in another storm not another inch.

  273. Danae said

    Geez This place is deader than dead today.

  274. Annalaise duChat said

    Hi Danae,

    I’ve noticed things don’t usually pickup until around lunch time. It’s probably just as well. Too distracting.

  275. Madonna said


    I see my earlier post hasn’t shown up yet so I’ll recap that and add on if my 15 minutes allows.

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear susana!
    Happy Birthday to you!

    I’m going on 3 hours of sleep now. Fell asleep at 3 and woke up at 6. I was helping my dad who knows nothing about the internet try online shopping for the first time. 2 of the 5 things he wanted to order were out of stock, so I helped him find a couple of replacements. I didn’t let him know but I DID see what he ordered for me. It is a diamond accented gold charm to go on the charm bracelet he gave me about 3 years ago. He got my mom a heart with a rose charm, he got my niece a rose charm, (because that’s here middle name), and he got my sister a crown charm for “princess”. My dad has always had excellent taste in jewelry for a man.

    I’m glad your birthday turned out better than you thought it would.

    Sending you love, because I know you need it.

    Have a safe flight to Ohio.

    Wow, I bet that was scary. I’m glad Melanie is alright though.

    I’m sorry you’re sick. EVERYONE here at work is coughing and sneezing and sniffling and we’re short-handed with lots of deadlines today because one of our graphic designers is out sick. I’m just trying to lay low. That’s why I can’t play too much today.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  276. Madonna said

    Oh yeah, the charm he ordered for me was a palette.

  277. lwildstar said

    hey Dani & Annalaise! yep – I try to stay away until lunch – I don’t want to get into trouble….

    sorry I was absent last night – my sister called just as I walked in the door from the allergist – it was 9:30 before we got off the phone and I was exhausted! She went on and on about work – I jus tcan’t get her to understand I don’t want to hear about those aful people unless shes calling to tell me they’ve gone out of buisness……the big thing last night was that she had called work to tell them her computer died and that she couldn’t get a new one for another week when her husband gets paid (she does the photography for thier website) – she was told to go buy one and not worry about the money – now to me that means a reimbursment? right? well when she called them back to tell them she got a new computer and how much it cost – appearently things didn’t go well……she knows these people are nuts. Did she reallyt think they were going to give her the money? I told her she should have made them overnight her a check before going to buy the computer – oh well, I nolonger work for those nuts.
    Sorry needed to vent…it just makes me so angry sometimes.


  278. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSANNA!!! Everytime I hear your name I just wanna start singing Oh Susanna…hehe..
    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO…ummm…whoever else I forgot. Sorry. My bad. Too lazy to bother scrolling back up. But Happy Birthday anyways. *g*
    *sigh* Someone needs to send me Henry for my birthday next year.
    Actually….someone needs to send Henry to me right now. I need him to…eeerrr…distract me from all this tooth pain I’ve been experiencing lately. And I’ve still got a little over 2 weeks until the dentist. How I’m going to hold out through my vacation I’ll never know. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    And I feel kinda bad right now. Here people are talking about all the ice and snow going on everywhere and I’m complaining that it’s too friggin’ not right now. We’re getting a cold front next week, if you wanna call it that. I remember one year it was so cold we had icicles hanging from the clothesline outside…and we’ve still got the pic to prove it. *g* Can you believe we still have mosquitos outside right now? Mosquitos! In December! That is SO wrong! And I’m sure you guys heard about that Olga storm. Also wrong.

    But seriously…someone send me Henry…right now…or preferably tomorrow night so I can keep him for the weekend. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  279. Madonna said

    Oh and Arrowyn said to let you all know that she and Heather are supposed to go see The Thunder from Down Under (all male review) while in Vegas. She promised pictures.

  280. elizabeth said

    lwildstar – gosh, I’m sorry to hear about your sister and the computer. She would have definately been smarter to wait until they had given her the money before getting a computer.

    Freyja – Happy late birthday! I’m glad you had a better time than you were expecting. My daughter’s birthday is 12-29 and I know how easy it is for birthdays to get lost in the Holiday shuffle. I always take our Christmas decorations down the day after Christmas so that her birthday is special and she isn’t competing with the holiday.

    Susana – Happy Birthday! I hope your day is wonderful.

    Danae feel better soon and take good care of that cold.

    I want to thank all of you for the good wishes and for Henry! I feel very blessed to have such wonderful people in my life! I am starting to turn some really interesting colors with these bruises. I can’t say they are pretty though. Do you know what really just sucks rocks?! I was blessed with the family thighs (or maybe I should say cursed?) So it isn’t bad enough that my thighs are not dainty – oh no – I have to add insult to injury by having fluid build up on my leg from the trauma and it has made my thigh TWICE its size!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ How is that for a thrill? The doctor wants me to elevate my thigh above my heart – is he kidding me???!!! I can’t even wrap my mind around that concept! I think I will elevate it as much as I can, put ice on it and take the drugs for pain and call it good…sheesh.

  281. Danae said

    Woohoo! Maybe one of them will look like Kyle. HA!

  282. Danae said

    The only way I know to elevate your thigh above your heart is to hang upside down. Can you do that? Maybe do a handstand.

  283. elizabeth said

    Danae- a handstand, huh? Nope, not gonna happen in this lifetime ๐Ÿ˜‰

  284. Danae said

    Well it was a an idea. ๐Ÿ˜›

  285. lwildstar said

    E – I am hoping your doctor means for you to lay down on an inclined table or somethng like that – but it does make you want to ask if he thinks your an acrobat… LOL!

    Well the good news is that mynephews neurolgical tests came back and the doctor says that the migrans are from stress – so he can now start back with a sport…..he chose wrestling……so we’ll see how long this lasts.
    My neice has joined course and dance so now my sister is running around like a crazier person thatn she is….

    it was funny when she called last night – it was to check on me to make sure I was ok – then she launched into her work gossip….oh well I got in a few bitter comments about her boss, maybe she’ll think about how badly they treated me – she could be next.

    oh well – lunch is over and I’m cranky so I’ll talk at ou guys later….thanks for listening

  286. Danae said

    Well they are kicking us out. They want us to go home. I guess they are shutting down for the day and the night crew isn’t coming in either.

    Ciao bellas!

  287. lwildstar said

    Be safe Dani!

  288. elizabeth said

    Take care going home Danae. Be safe and stay warm.

  289. Claire said

    Danae..sorry you don’t feel well…Freyja Darling…I’m glad your birthday turned out better than you thought!!!
    Madonna..A palette for you is just perfect!!! the one you made for Alexandria is proudly on display on the tree!!
    Susana..I’m glad your lawyer stepped up..now maybe things can get on a roll!
    E…find a comfy spot then put a bunch of pillows under your leg maybe that will help.
    Iwildstar…Thank goodness…your nephews headaches are just stress! Christopher used to get killer migraines where I had to put him to bed in a dark room,when he was around 12…since I get migraines also,the doctors never thought to check further back then.Once he had the cancer at 19..the doctors said those migraines were probably due to the cancer! It’s just so weird..that he was born with a tumor growing in his brain..and no one noticed…but now in hindsight I remember all the weird stuff he did as a baby..and it makes sense.

    Anyway..I’m watching all my grandchildren for a few hours and baby Jake has a yeast infection on his poor little weenie!!! so he’s kind of cranky and whiney!
    be back later!

  290. Danae said

    Well I am still here because everyone else in my department is still here and I didn’t feel right leaving before them when I have the shortest distance to go.

  291. lwildstar said

    thanks Clair – see that was the problem – we have a history of migrains and the first doctor didn’t even want to test him – but thankgoodness my sister knows better (we’ve had enough medical issues in our family) that she took him to another doctor. With the attitude changes on top of the migrains we were very concerned that there maybe something else going on. The doctor said to just monitor him and track his migrains if they start coming back…he hasn’t had one in a month….right now the poor thing has bronchitis – he came home from school with out his coat! My sister ran him back to school to get it, but the damage was done…he has weak lungs and sick at the drop of a hat.

    well I’m not even suposed to be here – but I was waiting on a print job so I snuck over….its rainy and icky outside – they are calling for winter mix – and I want to curl up and tak a nap!

    I’ll talk to you later – take care…..

  292. Margaret said

    Just saw this posted by Sam on SliceofSciFi.com dated Thursday, 13 Dec 2007 about Saturdays Slice of SciFi Show #139.

    “We have an official statement from the Lifetime Network concerning the fate of Blood Ties, for our TV Talk segment, as well as the latest on the new TV offering from J.J. Abrams called Fringe.ย

    Here’s the link to the page about Saturday’s show

    There’s is no hint as to what the official statement is or if it is on the level. Request RemovalPosted by bennnan Dec 13, 2007 12:09 pm

  293. lwildstar said


    my sister just called me AT WORK to repremand my nephew! when did I become a parent?!
    He called her a lier and said that she was on the phone til “well after 10pm” with me last night – I had to tell him that we got off the phone at 9:30 and lecture him on calling his mom a lier to the point where she felt she needed to call me at work….

    thank you for listening I just needed to yell!

  294. susana said

    OH!!!!!!!!!!Thanks you guys…..this is such a special place ๐Ÿ™‚
    Annalaise, that is a cute poem!
    Vampgirl, you have no idea just how many times that oh! susana has been sang to me……i don’t mind ๐Ÿ™‚
    You guys made me cry, it feels so good to go to a place at the end of the day and find all these lovely people wishing you well, and you all remembered! I love you guys! ASANTE!!…that is thanks in swahili!

    Elizabeth, WE africans are into big hips! Very sexy where i come from ๐Ÿ™‚

    Still itching,i am now on a steroid dose and so ends my breastfeeding, i actually cried!I know it is time and it is ok….but still…i feel like being just a little pathetic about it…is that ok? My husband can get his boobs back ๐Ÿ™‚ OH ! Wait, and henry can mmmmmmmmH with them as much as he likes….but i digress ๐Ÿ˜‰

  295. Anne said

    A little something to cheer you up:

    A big smile from Dylan!

    I just added a new gallery, containing all of one candid shot.

  296. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies, had to reboot the computer but here I am!

    Annalaise – Ooooh, thank you for that great limmerick. Very good!

    Susana – I know I already sent you birthday greetings through e-mail, but Happy Birthday!!! Quick question, is it possible that the laundry detergent you are using has any perfumes or dyes in it? Unless it specifically says it doesn’t, it will contain something. And it is possible to develop an allergy to something you’ve been using for years. My allergies switch all the time (okay, not all the time but they change). Luckily no food will actually kill me so it is easy to prevent that problem.

    Margaret – isn’t that stupid? Why post something about a decision and then not say anything?

    Madonna – got the e-mail. Tried to open it up here and had trouble. I’ll open it up next week when I’ve got the supercomputer in my hands.

    They’re forecasting a big storm to roll through here on Sunday, the day I’m set to fly out. But I did something very smart again this year – I am NOT flying through Toronto. Chances are very good that not only will my flight leave from here it will leave on time! Early in the morning, mind you (but that is even better because the plane will likely have overnighted here, i.e. not flying in that morning arriving late). And if we’re running late, chances are very good that I’ll catch my connection – WestJet holds connecting flights, especially if they are the only or last ones that day. My fastest connection time was 5 minutes this past August. Love WestJet!

  297. lwildstar said

    Thank you Vicki! I got my card today…..

    I am so glad I’m taking tomorrow off work and tough toenails that they are mad at me – geeze! I rarely take time off unlike some people who I sware shouldn’t have any vaca time left…


    well I guess I should finish my rant about my nephew – when I called to tell him that his mother was not lying I told him that if I got in trouble becasue of my sister having to call me at work to talk with him that he was going to have to talk to my boss and exsplain the situation to her….I’m hoping that will hold him at least for a little while – he’s got to understand that his actions affect other people not just him and his mother….sorry again….

    so I’m getting off the bus at the shopping center now – basically I pass the house and then have to walk back – adds 10 minutes to the commute home, but at least I can cross the street where there is a light….

  298. Anzia said

    has anyone heard from prtmama?

    “Laise- i am. Thanks for askin’ dear! ^_^

  299. lwildstar said

    no word from the prtfmama yet – I hope shes doing ok – Ohio is getting crappy weather

  300. lwildstar said

    ooo the Little Drummer Boy is on…that’s one of my favorite Christmas shows.
    I guess I’ll watch that for a while…

    is anyone going to try and catch that pod cast this weekend? do they post those online then? I don’t remember – I’d like to know what they say….

  301. lwildstar said

    ok – lets see how many posts it takes me to the blog this time ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  302. Anne said

    lwildstar – you haven’t killed it, but I hafta go to bed now.

  303. lwildstar said

    doobedoobedo…. ๐Ÿ™‚
    well I’m gong to log and and go work on some writting – I’ll check back alter.
    Hope everyone has a good night!

  304. lwildstar said

    Anne – I can’t beleive you’re still up!
    Take care of yourself!

  305. lwildstar said

    well since I’ve chased everyone off again – I’m going to go take a bubble bath and go snuggle up witha book.

    Talk to you tomorrow!

  306. laurel said

    Good night Anne!
    I was just over at your Dylan site and looooooved the picture of him in the grey sweater. sigh
    Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜›
    I just hope he is toasting some good news. I will be looking for more of his work no matter what happens with BT.
    wildstar – hi sweetie! I’ve been gone all day but I’ve had you on my mind for some reason. Hope all is well today.

    Susanna – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Sorry I missed you today, but I will send the usual birthday gifts – The big one with the red bow should only be opened after sundown anyway – so it isn’t really too late. The Birthday Weed is to be enjoyed as needed.
    Seriously, you get a whole WEEK to celebrate your birthday, so you can continue to party even after the itching stops. I’ll pray for that to stop ASAP so you and your family can enjoy this anniversary of your life.

  307. laurel said

    Freyja – I got my card from you today, thank you! It looks like you’ll get my card when you get back, sorry. Have a great holiday, and be safe!
    Will we be hearing from you online?
    love ya’

  308. Claire said

    Danae..thanks for texting me and letting me know you got home ok dear!
    Susana..what a beautiful word..Asante!
    Thanks Anne..although I’m a hen through and through…I don’t hurt any to peek at Dylan!!!!
    Anyway I’m off to read emails,write more cards and sleep!

    love yas!

  309. lwildstar said

    well if you check your emails you will see that prtmama is alive and well – I think I just had 29 email responses from her! looks like shes playing catch up.

    if you stop by here Prtfvr – HUGS – I hope things are going well.

    Laurel – hummmm….maybe you were channeling me – I finished chapter 18 at work today and I was wondering if you were had opened the box yet – curious minds want to know! wondering how all of you Wet Coasters were doing with the weather – mudslides outside Portland?

    we’re going to vist grandma tomorrow – I hope the weather is nice enough to take her out…..I mailed her Christmas card – I know how much she loves getting mail – but I forgot to pick up anything to take with me for her – mom said shes not allowed to have sweets anymore – maybe I cn get mom to stop somewhere and I’ll pick up a plant……

    well thats it for me tonight

    I’ll check in when I get home tomorrow –

  310. cdnfreyja said

    Hey Laurel! Glad to hear that you received the card. Yes, you’ll hear from me over the next three weeks. My parents don’t live in the middle of nowhere. LOL! My dad has a great laptop, fairly new and I love to surf around on it when I’m home.

    I figure the only thing that will distract me from checking in from time to time is either the Christmas baking (that I will do) or my impish niece who will beg to be read to multiple times a day. I have her all to myself on Wednesday and I’m preparing myself for her silliness. We think she’s inherited her dad’s sense of humour (see posts above referring to a cat named Turkey Puppet and how I thought he’d love the reference in BT to a ‘chicken lizard’).

  311. Anzia said

    Have a good trip freyja!

  312. Have a fun trip Freyja!!!!! My box continues to fill up with cards!!!! Thanks nisi.

  313. Margaret said

    Do you believe this? Found it when I woke up this morning:

    Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 22:12:22 -0600
    From: “Samuel K. Sloan” Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
    To: “Margaret Daly”
    Subject: Re: Lifetime
    Margaret Daly wrote:
    Can you tell us what the deal is about Lifetime making an official announcement through you instead of their own website?

    Margaret Daly
    A frustrated Blood Ties Fan

    Easy. We had one of our people ask and they replied back.


    Samuel K. Sloan
    SoSF Producer & Farpoint Media Executive News Director
    Business Phone: (402) 304-1186
    Email: sam@sliceofscifi.com

  314. Margaret said

    To use Claire’s words, we’ve been begging these asshats for months, someone asks at Sci-fi and all the sudden they puke some official announcement up. Seems rather odd if you ask me.

  315. Margaret said

    Also found this last night: (Pay special attention to the fact that the traffic at Lifetime went down considerably WHEN BLOOD TIES WASN’T ON).

    Thanks again margaretdaly for your words of reason.
    Perhaps Lifetime’s official statement about Blood Ties on Slice of SciFi is not negative – perhaps they are going to announce that Blood Ties will be part of their original broadband programming or just the same old “We haven’t made a decision yet”.

    Here is an excerpt from MediaPost’s “Lifetime Rebrands Digital Property to Reach Fragmenting Female Audience” by Tameka Kee, Wednesday, Nov 14, 2007


    ‘The move comes as broadcast media staples like Lifetime increasingly seek to shift some of their brand’s TV equity online, even as the online female audience continues to fragment. According to Hitwise data, October traffic to LifetimeTV.com increased by 31% year-over-year, but it has decreased by nearly 20% in the past six months.”

    Is it possible that October’s 31% increase in traffic ( compared to the year before) on Lifetime.com was due to Blood Ties’ Season 2 starting in October?

    Is it possible that the 20% decrease in traffic on Lifetime.com during the 6 months before Blood Ties’ Season 2 started was because Blood Ties was not on from May to October?

    Here’s another excerpt from PRNewswire’s “Marking Dramatic Expansion of Its Digital Business, Lifetime Networks, the Leader in Womenยดs Entertainment, Re-Launches and Re-Brands Its Online Destination as myLifetime.com, the Ultimate Digital Entertainment Escape for Women”
    Nov 12, 2007


    “ON TV myLifetime.com remains the home for all of the official sites and content surrounding Lifetime’s on-air programming and is bolstered with full episodes, exclusive scenes, actor interviews and more for the network’s top programs. Site visitors can watch full episodes of “Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead,” “America’s Psychic Challenge” and “Blood Ties,” and will be able to do the same with “How To Look Good Naked” in January and the return of “Army Wives” in the spring.

    “In addition to an interactive TV schedule and Shows and Movies channels, the On TV section features “Highlights,” showcasing programming for the week and month, “Coming Attractions,” a blog that features casting announcements, pilots, returning series, and more on Lifetime, and “Movies A-Z,” a database of hundreds of legendary Lifetime movies.”

    “Lifetime is expanding its digital business and myLifetime.com will reach women with . . . . original broadband programming and full episodes, features and more that will enable them to engage deeper with Lifetime’s on air programming. The site will also feature more video content, including original Web-only series like “Gift Intervention” and “Mommy Madness” and select network shows.”

    My feeling is that the official announcement may not be bad news. When Lifetime says that they have not made a decision yet, it could simply mean that they are weighing the pros and cons of showing another season of Blood Ties on-air, online, or both. Right now, Blood Ties is still an original Lifetime series and with the expansion of Lifetime’s digital business, the trend will be toward broadband programming. I’m a glass half full person and I’m going to be positive about this. Request RemovalPosted by bennnan Dec 13, 2007 9:39 pm

    siege223 ~ My favorite episode is the first one ‘Blood Price’ and season 1 finale, ‘Norman’. The one when Vicki kissed Henry. Request RemovalPosted by radient_2001 Dec 13, 2007 9:36 pm

  316. Margaret said

    Thanks again margaretdaly for your words of reason.
    Perhaps Lifetime’s official statement about Blood Ties on Slice of SciFi is not negative – perhaps they are going to announce that Blood Ties will be part of their original broadband programming or just the same old “We haven’t made a decision yet”.

    Here is an excerpt from MediaPost’s “Lifetime Rebrands Digital Property to Reach Fragmenting Female Audience” by Tameka Kee, Wednesday, Nov 14, 2007


    ‘The move comes as broadcast media staples like Lifetime increasingly seek to shift some of their brand’s TV equity online, even as the online female audience continues to fragment. According to Hitwise data, October traffic to LifetimeTV.com increased by 31% year-over-year, but it has decreased by nearly 20% in the past six months.”

    Is it possible that October’s 31% increase in traffic ( compared to the year before) on Lifetime.com was due to Blood Ties’ Season 2 starting in October?

    Is it possible that the 20% decrease in traffic on Lifetime.com during the 6 months before Blood Ties’ Season 2 started was because Blood Ties was not on from May to October?

    Here’s another excerpt from PRNewswire’s “Marking Dramatic Expansion of Its Digital Business, Lifetime Networks, the Leader in Womenยดs Entertainment, Re-Launches and Re-Brands Its Online Destination as myLifetime.com, the Ultimate Digital Entertainment Escape for Women”
    Nov 12, 2007


    “ON TV myLifetime.com remains the home for all of the official sites and content surrounding Lifetime’s on-air programming and is bolstered with full episodes, exclusive scenes, actor interviews and more for the network’s top programs. Site visitors can watch full episodes of “Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead,” “America’s Psychic Challenge” and “Blood Ties,” and will be able to do the same with “How To Look Good Naked” in January and the return of “Army Wives” in the spring.

    “In addition to an interactive TV schedule and Shows and Movies channels, the On TV section features “Highlights,” showcasing programming for the week and month, “Coming Attractions,” a blog that features casting announcements, pilots, returning series, and more on Lifetime, and “Movies A-Z,” a database of hundreds of legendary Lifetime movies.”

    “Lifetime is expanding its digital business and myLifetime.com will reach women with . . . . original broadband programming and full episodes, features and more that will enable them to engage deeper with Lifetime’s on air programming. The site will also feature more video content, including original Web-only series like “Gift Intervention” and “Mommy Madness” and select network shows.”

    My feeling is that the official announcement may not be bad news. When Lifetime says that they have not made a decision yet, it could simply mean that they are weighing the pros and cons of showing another season of Blood Ties on-air, online, or both. Right now, Blood Ties is still an original Lifetime series and with the expansion of Lifetime’s digital business, the trend will be toward broadband programming. I’m a glass half full person and I’m going to be positive about this. Request RemovalPosted by bennnan Dec 13, 2007 9:39 pm

    (Pay special attention to where it says that traffic at lifetime went down considerably when BLOOD TIES WASN’T ON!!)

  317. Margaret said

    got kicked out. Seems we need another thread maybe?

  318. It seems that they are going to the automated response mode. I sent them a note and got the same message back that someone posted awhile back. It feels so personal! Even though they said that they’d forward it on to the next appropriate dept. That would be the on that gets results, right!

  319. rifkind said

    Miggles Honey,
    That late at night they may be doing server maintenance and such..
    be sure that you get enough rest, or you will be the next bloggerini that is sick!

  320. rifkind said

    We’ve been talking about Tango being our resident Word-Smith

    Anzia was worried about swords and such..so I looked up the meaning of the word SMITH
    Here is what I found :
    I looked up SMITH online

    Main Entry: smith
    Pronunciation: \หˆsmith\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English, from Old English;
    akin to Old High German SMID smith
    and probably to Greek smilฤ“ wood-carving knife
    Date: before 12th century
    I bet the last name Schmid came from this!
    So cool
    Kyle Schmid — smid as in a smith.

  321. Very, Very Cool!!!

    Now I’m going to get to work! We’re busy with a fun day going to Whangdoodleland and riding on the Jollyboat! (this is a book written by Julie Andrews) Big fun ~ We’re designing sundaes and making them! yum, yum, yum!!!!!!!Thank goodness it’s a half day! Happy Friday All

  322. Claire said

    Good morning Sistas!
    Well I’m all alone..everyone is either at school or work..ah house to myself!!!!
    Mags…that response you got from Sam Sloane…is a crock of Merde! Asshat!!
    Have I mentioned lately how much I hate lifetime!!!!!!!


  323. Linda said

    Hi everyone, the last several days have been crazy. I checked in a couple of times to skim the posts…

    Hi Susanna– happy belated birthday!

    Freyja — happy very belated birthday!

    Elizabeth — I am so sorry about your accident. Bless you, you were lucky not to be hurt worse. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    Danae — I hope your cold is better soon. No fun to be sick during the holidays.

    Claire — You wrote some posts earlier telling me about yourself. I think I neglected to say “WOW”! You definitely have your hands full with family and adopted family. I can see why everyone here loves you so.

    Margaret — Jeez, are they trying to kill us with this announcement business? It is not nice to torture people. I also want to thank you for everything you do…you always find out something for us and keep us encouraged. I really appreciate it.

    Now, I am off to clean my house and cook. I am having a party here tomorrow. My house is a pit…While I am cleaning I can gets lots of stewing done thinking about “the official announcement”.

    I hope I can check in later….

  324. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas.

    What usually takes me 20 minutes to get home took me 1 1/2 hours. By the time I got home my car was shuddering and stuttering and hating me. My brother thinks one of the spark plugs is misfiring.

    I promise to get my Secret Santa gift mailed out tomorrow. I hope she likes it whoever you are.

    I am feeling quite better today. Still quite stuffy but more myself.

    My baby girl’s birthday party is tomorrow, her real birthday is the 19th. I can’t believe she is going to be 5 already.

    Stupid lifetime!

    Have a safe trip Freyja.

  325. Danae said

    Oh and no baby yet.

  326. Danae said

    Thanks Linda. I am already feeling better. I will be doing a hell of alot more than stewing over the “official announcement”.

  327. Annalaise duChat said

    As for the official announcement – I guess you have to be somebody before you get a straight answer.

  328. Linda said

    Danae I hope that baby comes soon. I know how nerve wracking it is. My sister-in-law went through something similar.

    Yeah you are right, maybe “stewing” was not a strong enough description… having a stroke?!? maybe…that would better describe it!

  329. Danae said

    That sounds much better. If you ask my mom she would probably say I would be ranting and raving and screaming and throwing things because they didn’t have the decency to say anything to us or give the announcement themselves.

  330. Claire said

    Hey Linda! Thanks! I figured with three adult children,8 year old quadruplets,two cats 2 dogs! Heck why not adopt a few virtual daughters too!LOL!! I love everyone here Linda..They’re the best!!!
    Ha..I do my thinking and stewing when I clean also,which is what I’m doing now!!
    Have to bake cookies For Victoria to take to her bestfriends Christmas party tonight..so cute to me that they’re developing a social life!! While she’s at her party from 5-8..Chris and Britt are babysitting the other three so Nikki and I can go to my favorite home away from home…Himmie you know the answer!!
    Seems the Latvian Lover heard the message loud and clear and has begged forgiveness from the entire family and asked if he would be welcome for Chrstmakuh,he’d really like to come! latest installment in the saga of Nikkis love life…is he bought a one way ticket!!!!!!!! So off we go tonight to buy more stocking stuffers…thank god for the dollar section lol!!!! although I love the gag gifts also..I got Nikki and Britt light up Christmas socks!!

    Anyway..see yas!

  331. Danae said

    Have fun MamaClaire. I will be busy tonight cleaning, putting together goodie bags, baking a cake and all that good stuff for Amber’s birthday party tomorrow.

  332. Danae said

    I swear I am more like a mom than a sister to her.

  333. laurel said

    So, we had a moonbeam sighting! Hey sis, long time no hear from ya’! You must be staying out of trouble, the family grapevine has had no reports on you this week. lol
    I am off to work for a while and then finishing up cleaning and decorating. I wonder if it is time to start shopping yet. hmmmmm?
    I am really behind this year. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I have to run off, but if E wants to get ahold of me she can “call me.” I won’t get to check in for a few hours so you all behave yourself.

  334. susana said

    sreroids, benadryl and creams and still itching, now my boobs really hurt! My girl is going crazy, looking for the boobs…all is well though, hanging in there!

  335. susana said

    i meant steroids….why can i not type!!

  336. Danae said

    It’s all the steroids. LOL!

  337. Margaret said

    REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU HEAR ON THE PODCAST TOMORROW BLOOD TIES IS NOT DEAD. As Mark Twain said: The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I have it on good authority that Blood Ties is still alive and on the bubble.

    Request RemovalPosted by margaretdaly Dec 14, 2007 1:54 pm

    Another news flash: I called Andrea Wong’s office. Actually got a human being, her secretary. She said she didn’t understand why Sci-Fi would say anything about an announcement as they had no connection to them. I informed her they said they asked and were told. She said she’d transfer me to Viewer Relations to get them to research it. I told her before you let me please tell Ms. Wong if they don’t renew the show that the backlash wouldn’t be pretty (I reminded her I wasn’t threatening her). I told her that they were suffering from bad pr from the way they treated the fans and the show and it was something Ms. Wong needed to know. I told her you have a shining star with an independant woman when you’re known as the Victim of the Week network and you get rid of it. I don’t think she even knew whether a decision has been made.

    Someone else I was talking to reminded me that television seasons are no longer the typical seasons that we’re used to so we can expect things to come right back to the screen anymore.

    SO, NO MATTER WHAT YOU HEAR ON THE POD CAST – Blood Ties is not dead. Don’t give up hope.

  338. Margaret said

    Whoops, should be we can’t expect things….

  339. Madonna said

    Hi everyone!

    Haven’t been able to play much today because my boss has been out here with all of us designers most of the day. We just got a copy of our 2008 holiday schedule and we will not be getting Christmas Eve off next year. Instead it will the the day after Christmas. It kind of makes me upset because Christmas Eve is usually the day I go see my grandmother.

    I get to leave at 3:30 today to go to the urologist for follow up from surgery. I already know what he is going to say. The surgery only broke one stone (I have two), in half. Pretty bad when I can read my own KUB’s (X-ray) isn’t it?

    Tonight, it’s the grocery store and finishing up buying my gift cards. Cincinnati is gearing up for what is supposed to be a pretty nasty snow and ice storm tomorrow and Sunday so I probably won’t be going out much this weekend.

    Glad you’re feeling better. Have fun at the party tomorrow. They’re only young once.

    Wish you felt better. Hang in there.

    We all love you too! With regards to Nikki’s boyfriend, Mmmmm….. Men are strange, evasive creatures aren’t they?

    Hi Moonbeam, Laurel and Linda

    I hope you are feeling better.

    Thanks Mags!

    Alright. I’m going to finish lunch now since I only get 1/2 hr today with leaving early and all. Talk to you all later.

  340. Danae said

    We had the storm we had yesterday and we are supposed to be getting another one Saturday into Sunday too. Yesterday we got a little less then a foot.

  341. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Annalaise – thanks so much for the card and the magnet! It is up on my fridge with my odd assortment of other magnets holding up important and non-important things on my fridge! I’ll put it to good use.

    I think I’ll be the last one to post my secret santa gift. Since nothing arrived today, I’ll pick it up in January.

    Thanks for all the best wishes on my travels. We’re definitely going to be hit with a big storm this weekend. I’m crossing my fingers that we’re able to take off on Sunday. I don’t care if we’re on time or not. As long as we get off the ground I’ll get my connection in Calgary.

  342. Danae said

    Good luck Freyja!

  343. Danae said

    I wonder how Arrowyn and Heather are doing in Vegas.

  344. laurel said

    I’m checking in from work. My space is a desk in the back room and my little feet are just freezing back here.
    Margaret – thanks for the warning on the podcast info. I didn’t think they really had anything, but I hope you can get us a straight answer soon. It sounds like you have the best shot at hunting down the truth. Go get em tiger!
    Hi madonna! and everyone!
    Susanna – hang in there! I hated the weaning part of childbearing. ow!

  345. Danae said

    My 10 year high school reunion is next weekend. I am very nervous. I don’t even know what to wear. What should I wear? Why am I even going? I guess I am going because Kelly is going and Kelly is going because I am going.

  346. Danae said

    It is time for me to head home now. Time to get ready for the party.

    Ciao bellas!

  347. Danae said

    But Kelly’s not really going because I am going. She had alot more friends then me. I want to go but I don’t know why. I am glad she is going though because if not I definitely wouldn’t be going. It’s that whole social anxiety thing, you know?

  348. Linda said

    Hi all!

    Just a drive by to see what’s up…

    Hi Madonna — I sympathize about that kidney stone. I know you have been through a lot with it. I hope they find a way to get rid of it soon. A guy i work with has had kidney stones. One Dr. told him, beer and hot baths. Might not cure anything, but it would feel good.

    Margaret — You rock…getting through to Andrea Wong’s secretary!! You are amazing!

    Freyja — Good luck with your travel… hope everything goes great and you have lots of fun.

    Still cleaning and stewing… be back later!

  349. susana said

    funny danae ๐Ÿ™‚

  350. rifkind said

    I’m glad the baby is waiting.
    The longer he can wait the better for him. He needs to develop his little lungs.
    What a miracle if he could hold on until his due date.. which is like 4 weeks from now. Right?

  351. rifkind said

    I think that Miggles should get the stuffed animal tiger that was sent to prtfvr!

    Well at least Lifetime will know that we do not give up without a fight.

  352. rifkind said

    Should have been

  353. Claire said

    Thanks Madonna…I got treats in the mail!!! I love them Madonna and your card! Oy you made my eyes water!!! Wow love the ornament!! it’s on the tree!! and my bat is right here next to me!!!! I love ya!

    Where Carol is recon girl for finding us all the wonderful BT related pictures and things..Miggles is what? think of a title..she chases down network execs and pow! lets them have it!! lol!

    Danae girl give a big kiss and hug to Amber from the whole bunch of us here at chez Claire!
    Well have to go take Victoria to her party!

  354. cdnfreyja said

    Danae – I didn’t go to my 10th. My excuse was that I was defending my thesis the next week (literlly 3 days later) and three days after that moving across the country. Honestly, I didn’t go because I felt like I hadn’t accomplished anything in my life – I was still a student, not married and no kids. So, I didn’t really have much in common with anyone else going. What was I supposed to do, get into a really in depth conversation about the subtleties of Canadian foreign policy and its voting pattern at the former UN Commission on Human Rights (yes, related to my thesis)?

    Thanks Linda. I plan to have fun, especially with my niece. She’s at a good age now (she’ll be 17 months on Christmas Day) where we can have lots of fun. And thankfully, she hasn’t figured out the power of the word ‘no’ yet! LOL!

  355. nina said

    Hello Blog Family!!!!

    I’m just passing by after a really long time! Just wanted to say Hi to everyone and hope you gals are doing fine. This is probably the busiest time for me as I have 3 deadlines and an exam in the comming week ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I can’t watch the last 2 epi’s on lifetime, because of the whole US only watch thing. I really need some good news before I can watch those 2. I’ll just start crying when BT isn’t going to be renewed!

    Time to go again,
    Bye everyone! I’ll be back in a couple of days.

  356. nina said

    Oh and last night I was listening to this and I almost started crying!


  357. lwildstar said

    Blood Ties (2006) 14060 keep voting

    Thanks madonna! I got the ornament…love it!

    MigglesI got your card too!

    I couldn’t wait to get home! I then as I came up the walk and saw the yellow envelope sticking out of the mailbox I practically ran up the steps!!!!

    Laurel – I’ll check in with you later – your poor cold toes!

    Hi Linda, Nina, Dani, Claire, Rif, Susana, Frejya…did I miss anyone? Sorry HI!!!!

    I’m going to go check my emails now – I’ll be back later….

  358. Margaret said

    Tango: Got my calendar, have I told you how much I love you lately (but not in that way, not that there’s anything wrong with that). Thank you so much. I’m still behind on my cards ladies so if you haven’t gotten one yet, don’t think I have forgotten you yet but I have been somewhat single minded as late. Sorry. Couldn’t believe I actually got a human being in Andrea Wong’s office. She seem to be a nice lady. I told her I knew it was all about money but this was the one show they have showing an independant woman, why would they want to get rid of it.

    So IF THE PRESIDENT/CEO of the Network’s office doesn’t know anything about it, I don’t think we should put much store in what we hear on the podcast tomorrow. Like I said, I have it on good authority, that Blood Ties is NOT DEAD YET.

  359. lwildstar said

    Hi Miggles!
    I mailed my last 10 postcards to LT yesturday – begging them to keep Blood Ties…..

  360. Margaret said

    lwildstar: I have some more but I think I’ll wait until Monday to mail them. Remember don’t believe what you hear tomorrow as I have it on good authority that Blood Ties is NOT dead yet, still on the bubble. So it really won’t matter what they say tomorrow unless its coming out of someone at Lifetime who we know who they are. I’m not going to believe it because if the CEO of the network doesn’t know doesn’t that tell you something.

  361. Anne said

    I realise fans can’t be party to all of Lifetime’s business decisions and negotiating details, but it makes sense to me that LT would want to inform fans themselves instead of doing it by these proxies.

    Don’t thy know they are in the communication business?
    COMMUNICATE already!

    I haven’t given up yet either ๐Ÿ˜‰

  362. lwildstar said

    I’m holding off getting more cards, just becasue I’m afraid to go near the post office this close to Christmas…I may still try to pick some up next week, if we stop nagging them LT may decide we don’t care anymore ๐Ÿ˜ฆ can’t have that.

    Went to vist grandma today – she was having a good day physically but mentally – she’s almost completely lost her short term memory so in an hour you can have the same conversation several times….I don’t mind – I know she gets frustrated because she’ll even say “did I ask you that already?”, but I don’t get to see her that often so just having me there for a few hours was good for her, now she may not remember I came for a visit – but if she looks at the Christmas cards it will jog her mind – I gave her one of the penguin cards and twice she looked at it and said “this is the one you gave me.”.. after lunch we went for a drive around town and looked at all the holiday decorations, so I think she had a good time.

    We’re expecting nasty weather this weekend – more ice, ๐Ÿ˜› yuck!

    I hope everyone is doing well and being safe!

  363. Margaret, I can’t believe that you got a human. That gives me hope! I needed some of that!

    I know I said this already on the email, but I love the Calendar that I found in my mailbox today!!!!!!! It really brings home just how amazing our Blood Ties family has grown! Thank you for being so special!

    We made fun sundaes today at school and the some of the kids had to ask if this followed the “new” school healthy foods guidelines (which means no fun creative activities to culminate learning if it includes sugar or fat or anything that tastes good) Geez, talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth. I even bought the light ice cream, organic toppings and fresh fruit so I could pretend that I was adhering to the over-the-edge absurd regulations. I told them that they could choose to skip the opportunity to pretend to travel to Whangdoodleland, which was the purpose of the activity. (I did manage to get the A-ok for the principal first)

    I finally came up with the Christmas present for the kids. Good thing since it’s the last week and they are still cranking out a research report. It’s a great scarf. Sorry Laurel ~no knitting or quilting ~ Great fleece ~ double sewed and then fringed. I did it a couple of years ago. I’m going to check out the fabric tomorrow. Hopefully there will be some fabric and it won’t cost me an arm & a leg. Otherwise, it will be back to the drawing board.

    Wish me luck

  364. Margaret said

    Ladies: The podcast was a bust. It has all the pr for it on the site but you can’t get it. Seems they probably pulled it. I’d say maybe Lifetime asked for it to be pulled since they didn’t know anything about it when I talked to Andrea Wong’s secretary. Guess they’ll have some splaining to do Monday. I don’t think the person doing the story did any fact checking, didn’t verify whether the person was in a position to make a comment, yadah, yadah,yadah. So at this point, no news is still kind of good news. Back to your regularly scheduled postcards. Again, stilllllll.

  365. Linda said

    Thanks Margaret! I guess I can go on with my party without running back and forth to check the blog. Guests arrive at 11:30… I am off to finish decorating the tree.

    Will check in later today, after I have collapsed from exhaustion.

  366. susana said

    thanks madonna!Love my ornament!
    thanks mags for all the updates!
    Hey nina!long time?school sucks,hang in there!

  367. Margaret said

    Supposedly the time was posted wrong:

    The 8 a.m. thing was wrong. Whoever started posting that got it from the SoS events calendar. All of those dates are listed as 8 a.m. That’s just the default time. SoS podcasts are at 5 p.m. pacific (west coast) time. Check the SoS archives. All start at 5 p.m. Request RemovalPosted by siege223 Dec 15, 2007 12:12 pm

    Which is odd since he told me there was a glitch. Why would it be considered a glitch if they weren’t even broadcasting it until 5:00 PM Pacific Time as we wouldn’t get it here until about 9:00 P. M. right?

  368. Madonna said

    Hi everyone,

    Just taking a break from wrapping. We have about 4 inches of snow on the ground already and it is raining/sleeting here now, which is supposed to change back over to snow tonight and tomorrow we’re supposed to get another 3-4 inches. They haven’t cleared our streets yet so for all intents and purposes at the moment I am snowed in.

    With the exception of waking up at 6:30 and talking with mom for about an hour I slept 11 hours. Yea me!!!!!

    Thank you for all the recon work Mags. Although if their info is not correct I’m not all that worried about what they say in the Pod Cast. In my world Blood Ties LIVES until someone with the authority to tells me otherwise.

    I saw your pic and your plight in the emails. If I could be there with you to help I would be. (((((((((HUGS))))))))) Take care of yourself.

    When my mom picked me up from work yesterday she said I had a manila envelope from someone named Tricia and I told her that it was the calendar I had told her about previously. After that we couldn’t wait to get home to open it. Thank you so much we both loved it.


    Glad you got your packages and enjoyed what was inside. Everyone else should be getting theirs soon.

    Back to wrapping my sistas………… LOVE!

  369. Claire said

    Bon Matin mes amis!!!
    I’m starting to get excited about Christmakuh finally!! Did some more shopping last night for stocking stuffers..finished all the gift buying!!
    We are in the process of making zeppoles,beignets and latkes for my daughters multi cultural holiday party at 7 tonight…I’m a little worried about the drive back home late at night though…we are supposed to get some nasty weather later and people in Northern Va can’t drive!

    Nisi..Thank you for the lovely card
    Ms.Tango….LOVE…LOVE…the calender I just opened!!!!! Thank You!!

    I’ve run out of stamps…so everyone who hasn’t got a card yet..I didn’t forget any of my sistas…you will receive them by the end of this coming week!

    My darling daughter Freyja Goddess of Law…Have a very save trip and enjoy your visit with your real family!!! take plenty of pictures!

  370. Vicki said

    Hey all…

    I have soooo been out of the loop the last two weeks. I am trying to get htings ready for Christmas…still working the 7th graders to death…and we have had band jobs every weekend..both days!!

    We sang last night and we have another one tongiht. I cnat believe they posted the last two episodes online..and they are not going to show them!! SOO STUPID>>>>

    Anyway I am not giving up..I spoke with a women last night at the party who is from LA and I was telling her about our show. (I am pretty sure she thought I was a stalker by the end of the evening!!) I asked if she knew anyone at LIfetime and she said a friend of hers did. I asked her to PLEASE tell her friend that Lifetime neeeded to keep our show.. IT IS SOO GOOD@@!!

    A strong independent woman??? WHo can kick ass?? And has a “real” love life….including problems and struggles. (ok..not many of us have a vampire, but you get what I mean)

    Anyway..she was very nice..AND BIG NEWS!!! She wanted a CD of the band to let her “friend”, who is doing a pilot with HBO, listen to it !!! EHEHEHEH

    I think it would be soooo funny if I could sing at a LA party!!! Can you imagine me…walking around asking people “Do you work for LIfetime” “Do you know Kyle Schimt”?” Have you seen anyone from Bloodties”? HEHEH I am sure security would be chasing me within mintues..

    Well just wanted to get back into the hen house and let you know I hadnt fallen off the face of the earth..

    The Diva

  371. Oh Vicki, We’re lucky to have you out there scouting for us!

    I’m off to order a stove. We got our Oregon kicker check and I talked the hubby into using it for the stove. (haven’t had a complete set of working burners for many, many years) We can only get a 27″ drop-in so it’s a one choice expensive deal so I’ve got to get it before he Cheaps out again like he did two years ago. It’s now or never….. The joke around here is He’ll never say, “Whatever you want dear again” since I’m off and running

  372. lwildstar said

    Wow – did you see todays numbers? Blood Ties (2006) 14367…even with the show no longer airing the numbers keep going up…

    Tango – Thank yo for the calander! Its wonderful!

    Nisi – thank you fro the beautiful card!

    went out to themall with my cousin today – crazy crazy – wht were we thinking? its nuts out there…

    anyway I just wanted to pop in and say hi – lots of things to work on…..

    Laurel if you want to work tonight – email me – I’ll check back in a couple of hours!

  373. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies! I’ve been busy packing and doing last minute stuff here for a trip that might not happen tomorrow. Luckily, it looks like the storm will bring us snow only (no freezing rain) but they’re talking about ‘historic snowfall amounts’. Okay, does that mean in all of recorded history or just for that particular date? LOL!

    I called WestJet about a half hour ago to check and so far everything is okay. They said to check back at 9pm EST. I’ll do that and see what they say. If everything is fine at that time, I’ll still check back later, say at 3am EST. Yes, I’m planning on staying up all night since I have to leave home around 5:30am anyway.

    WestJet is at least offering to rebook passengers for Tuesday and Wednesday at no cost to us, even those of us (like me) who booked using points. So, I might just have to do that if the storm results in a cancelled flight. I just need them to have room for my cat.

    All I can say is that at least I had the foresight (i.e. lots of very bad experiences) to avoid changing planes in Toronto! That would have resulted in a cancelled flight, guaranteed.

  374. Annalaise, the magnet is sooooo cool! Thanks!!!!!

    Cdnfreyja~ hope the weather holds out for you!

    Got the stove ordered and it is going to be installed on Friday!!!!!!! It will be nice to have more than a 1/2 of working burner. I am soooo jazzed!

  375. cdnfreyja said

    Hi Moonbeam! I’m always excited when I get a new appliance! Not so exciting when I was 12 and my parents were planning to build a new house. But now it certainly is.

    Things are still looking good for departing on time. Forecasts show that we’ll get only about 2-4 cm of snow overnight and the worst of it shouldn’t start until after we’re scheduled to take off. WestJet flights are still leaving on time tonight from Toronto and Hamilton which are already in the midst of the storm. I’ve done my scouting and it looks like the plane that I’m flying on overnights here so I don’t have to worry about it arriving late in the morning. So far, so good ’cause I’ve got an important date with my little niece on Monday!

  376. cdnfreyja said

    Oh, and when I say ‘the worst of it’ they are now forecasting up to 2 feet for Ottawa. Yes, looks like it could be a record snowfall in one event. I love snow and I love storms – why couldn’t this have happened last weekend???

  377. lwildstar said

    well I’m logging off for the night
    Frejya – have a safe trip

    we’re suposed to get ice mixed with rain tonight – but the forcast keeps changing – so it will be a surprise in the morning.

    everyone have a good night! I’ll talk to you tomorrow…..

  378. Linda said

    Freya — I hope that your travel goes smoothly… I know how important it is to keep those dates with your niece.

    btw, I visited Ottawa once and thought it was the nicest city. I remember we rented bikes and rode around. We went to a park with a lake. It was during the fall and everything was very beautiful.

  379. cdnfreyja said

    Hi Linda,

    I bet that was Dow’s Lake. Nice area. They have huge flower beds that are filled with tulips for the Tulip Festival each May. Well, the entire city is full of them actually but there is a big concentration there.

    We’re currently waiting for the Rideau Canal (now a world UNESCO heritage site! Tanya refers to it in book #4 as it runs all the way down to Kingston.) to freeze over so we can go skating on it. Last year wasn’t very good – too warm a lot of the time. But you can skate all the way from downtown where the canal enters the Ottawa River all the way down to Dow’s Lake.

  380. Linda said

    Freya I would love to see the tulip festival. It sounds beautiful.

    I hope you can ice skate on the Rideau Canal this year, but wow, it must get really cold up there for it to freeze like that! You mentioned Kingston, I am almost certain that we had lunch there. We ate at a restaurant on the river. I am a little fuzzy on the details since this trip was several years ago. It was one of those group tours where we visited several places. We went to Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and to Niagra Falls.

    I was lucky enough to visit western Canada a few years ago, I went with a friend who is a travel agent. She was taking a group to stay at Chateau Lake Louise, so the marketing director comped her rooms so she could come for a visit prior to bringing the group. It was so beautiful. We also stayed in Banff a few days. I missed getting to see Jasper, but hope to return some day. I have never visited Vancouver and Victoria, but everyone says it is fabulous. I definitely want to visit there as well.

  381. msgypsy said

    New topic is up! https://msgypsy.wordpress.com/2007/12/15/im-feeling-lost/

    I apologize for the bad quality of the macros. I had to size them down to fit the page. A much better version of the Henry one ought to be viewable at http://img526.imageshack.us/my.php?image=roflbotuwdhtc3.jpg, if I’m lucky.

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