Not much to say tonight

Balancing depression over LT’s weird decision regarding the final episodes of this season with having gotten to watch “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” without canine interruption.

I think only a Minx could love this macro but others will no doubt enjoy it anyway.



  1. msgypsy said

    Want to read something interesting? It has not Blood Ties content, except insofar as many of us are both Blood Ties and Firefly fans. But it’s the observations about the audition process that I fell in love with. After hearing and reading both Kyle and Christina (how come no one asked Dylan about it?) on the subject to the audition process, this take on it is really fascinating.

    That and he sound like his character. Makes me wonder how much Kyle is like Henry and how much Christina is like Vicki. I still say that except for the gun, Dylan is a lot like Mike, or what Mike would like to be like.

    I’m not going to admit to what I’ve been doing for the past hour. Please don’t ask and I won’t tell… (But I bet many of you can guess. I feel dirty, like I just crossed a picket line, but I couldn’t help myself.)

  2. msgypsy said

    I knew I forgot something! That’s the link I was talking about up there.

  3. Margaret said

    Ladies: I don’t know whether it was the content of the episode, (they finally posted Till We Meet Again, or the fact that I’m mentally and physically exhausted from fighting, pleading, and begging lifetime over these long months or what, but HAVE AN ENTIRE BOX OF KLEENEX, when you watch Till We Meet Again. I won’t ruin it for you but I wept like a baby, a lot of things culmunating about Mike and his job, Vicki and Henry’s relationship or lack thereof, and the same thing with Vicki and Mike. OMG is all I can say. This is ripping my heart out, kudos to the writers, they have done themselves proud but I don’t know how I can make it ending on one more episode (no, I’m not going to do anything stupid) but if this gets cancelled I will be in such a deep, dark, hole for a long time. I’ve gotten so attached to these characters so I now understand what Dylan Neal meant when he was talking about a show he was in that they thought would make it and when it didn’t it broke all thier hearts. I’m writing this with tears in my eyes as I just got through watching it.

    We need to keep watching these episodes, like we have in the past, run them 24/7 to show Lifetime there is interest there. If watching them on the net is the only way we can watch them then we need to show them WE ARE STILL HERE AND NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

  4. rifkind said

    Thank you so much for the link Ms Gypsy.
    Bill and I watched Firefly every week when it was on.
    I loved the book excerpt, it felt like Nathan and I were having a chat about Firefly. I will definately be on the look out for his book.

  5. Margaret said

    Wow Ms. G. How appropriate. Ladies go read the link. It just renews my energy to keep fighting. We can’t look back and think what might have been. I know it’s been a long haul and I know everyone is tired and their nerves frazzled but do you want to look back and think you didn’t do everything you could to keep the show on. I can’t do this by myself, I know that some of you are with me, what about the rest of yah??

  6. AlisaSG said

    reposting this from previous blog session
    (AlisaSG said on November 30, 2007 @ 11:19 pm)*:

    Arrowyn, thank you for posting Tanya Huffโ€™s personal message.
    If Iโ€™m reading it correctly, it sounds like Tanya will NOT be posting on the Lifetime site after tonightโ€™s ep, for the remaining two.

    That sounds fairly final to me. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    If the On-line eps were the *only* problem, she might be posting the comments in January 2008 over on the Lifetime site, and not go this *other* route. However, based on what she wrote, it doesnโ€™t sound like that will *ever* be happening, unless a sheer miracle (from Lifetime) occurs.

    At this point, I have more hope in the foreign markets than our own
    (except maybe a new Tv network home โ€” more genre suited for BLOOD TIES)


    Just thought Iโ€™d also add, that you all have a wonderful community and support group here. Itโ€™s *always* been that way from DAY One. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Please do NOT lose each otherโ€™s friendship, regardless of what happens next.

    ..and Sweet *Oh Henry!* dreams, always, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ .. ๐Ÿ˜Ž


    — }}}}}}}}}}}} one more additional NOTE —
    I have already began passing the info on (what Tanya asked us to pass on, etc),
    and in taking this *fight* to other BLOOD TIES related web forums and blogs. These BT related topics are not at Lifetime or over at the usual forums. I will not even mention them at Lifetime, IF I post on Lifetime’s blogs ever again. They ARE however, at every web site that carries a BLOOD TIES related topic (and english speaking).
    (Also, as long as our modem will permit, I *will* be watching the eps over and over at Lifetime, since I don’t have i-tunes/i-pods, etc. …waiting for the DVDs is now my *last* source of strength.)

    I do not expect anyone here to join in on those other web forums (which have been posted here on before (and will probably be posted at the bloodlines topics site too — but the gorey (slasher) vamp crowds will *NOT* hear the *LAST* of these fighting efforts (e.g., the Hey!Nielsen non-sense that ended up on Lifetime’s site all week). And as strange as this may sound to some people, I have a dreaded *vibe* that some of those people (the “gremlins!” who were on Hey!N and Lifetime’s site this past week or 2) were sent forth from Lifetime’s own staff to shush up the devoutly *faithful* in keeping
    BLOOD TIES on the Lifetime Tv network. (more *grumbling*!!)

    for now, good-bye, and good luck (prayers mostly!) to all of you here.
    as I said above, and will repeat–

    ms.gypsy’s place has been a wonderful *haven of rest* (community) to many here — from the very first day these blogs and the *massive* e-mails to each other began; and (all of) you may need to be leaning on each other from here on out.
    — with ((((((((((hugs and prayers)))))))))))), *always*. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. AlisaSG said

    oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the macro of Dylan above, is very
    appropriate to this week’s emotional roller-coaster of feelings, and especially considering the circumstances.

    Keep up the good fight for BLOOD TIES, always.

    I have tremendous *faith* in this BT series, the cast, the production crews, and the creators of BLOOD TIES. The fight has already began in several other places to pick up where Lifetime is sadly leaving the rest of us dangling. I can mention several of them, but won’t.

    As for SPACE and Gateworld, the torch to continue there hasn’t even scratched the surface. I was surprised to read that the “syfyportal” had a very strong and supportive POV for Blood Ties, especially since many involved in the sci-fi spectrum (syfyportal area mostly) tend to lean more in the violent and gorier type of movies and Tv, than the romantic spectrum, which BT is in part.

    As I’ve said before, many SPACE (cadets) viewers hang out at Gateworld. The BLOOD TIES topics over there, haven’t even started heating up just yet. I know where the connections are. . . and I’m not giving up.

    just Keep the *faith* for a terrific BT series, and also for Tanya Huff. She’s truly *outdone* herself in promoting BLOOD TIES for the rest of us. ๐Ÿ˜Ž . . . ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. cdnfreyja said

    Good morning ladies,

    Geez, nothing like being woken up at 5:15am because the government building behind you has contracted a front end loader to come and clear the snow out of the parking lot. Went on for an hour, with the stupid thing beeping up every time it backed up which was a lot because it cleared the snow by pulling it backwards. I’m sure they poured a ton of salt on the parking lot after that as well. I tell you, this city has the weirdest attitude to snow I’ve ever seen.

    gypsy – love the macro! Helps that I’m a hinx, right? Yeah.

    Re: renewal, I’ll send off my long letter to Space today via e-mail. I’ll probably get a similar response to the one I got from CityTV. But at least I’ll get my opinion across.

  9. Margaret said

    Off to lunch with friends, buy Christmas presents and re-enter the “real” world. yuck! Later ladies. BLOOD TIES IS NOT FINISHED YET!!!

  10. lwildstar said

    oney Im home!

    Just finished watchigng “Tile we meet againn” OMG I was crying…so much stuff going on…I will watch the online shows as often as possible and watch tn=his one over and over…

  11. Margaret said

    Didn’t I tell you that you’d need a bunch of hankies.

  12. lwildstar said

    Mags – you were right – and episode 22 is suposed to be even more of tear jerker! I’ll have to make sure I have a whold box of tissue for that one…… I wonder if they are going to post Deep Dark first thing in the morning next friday or if they are going to wait till night?

  13. Margaret said

    You got me. I transcribed what the girl from Lifetime said to me, I’ll have to check it and get back to you. Got to take a bath first though. Where’s everybody at? I’m not sure how much of it was because I was frustrated or that I was boo hooing for all of them. Kyle was certainly right. I don’t know if my heart will take one more episode if it doesn’t come back. Geez…

  14. Margaret said

    The second and final episode will air on Friday, December 7 online, which I believe you already know. (Took that off what Syndney Plant told me)

  15. msgypsy said

    I don’t know if I can handle much more bad BT news this weekend. Sigh!

    I watched “Till We Meet Again” and while I’m out of kleenex, I did go through half a roll of toilet paper. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But I have to say the kid playing — well, the kid, was a really good actor and he and Kyle together, WOW.

    This just makes me feel worse about the potential permanent demise of Blood Ties.

    I think I need to go hunt up some recipes now… Cooking always makes me feel a little better.

    BTW, has anyone invented a glow-in-the-dark keyboard yet? Some nights I just want to be online without turning on the light (mood thing) but if I can’t see the keyboard I can’t type special characters and that’s a problem…

  16. Chery said

    Well, How depressing. First the news that the last two episodes of season 1 will be online for crying out loud.

    Just watched Till We Meet again, talk about depressing. The whole episode is a downer. Yes well acted. Well written, but it put be in a not holidday mood.

    And this leads up to next weeks total downer. Geeeeeee and the day after my birthday on the 6th.

    How much more “good” news can there be?

    Going to yet another box of kleenex. Wow, after 8 months of supporting this wonderful show, I am feeling like I have had a death in my family. I certainly do not feel in the holiday spirit.


  17. Claire said

    Hey my lovelies…I’m scared…I’m getting ready to watch till we meet again,and reading your posts..well geez I’ve got my box of puffs…cause I’m already sad and hormonal so I know I’ll cry! See yas after..if my eyes aren’t swollen shut lol!

  18. Anne said

    I hope to see The Good, The Bad and the Ugly later today – I have no idea when I’ll get to see the two last ones *sniff*

    Might have to wait until the UK DVDs are released …

  19. Claire said

    OMG!!! Okay? I’m still crying…this is a sensitive subject for me since I do believe in reincarnation.Wow that kids acting was amazing,all that love,all that lost and remembrance..yeah I know the feeling.From Vickys tears when speaking of Henry and Mike to Henry wanting to I’m sad.

  20. Anzia said

    I’ve decided I can’t watch this episode. I haven’t even GONE to the website but hearing your guys’ commetns and my mental/emotional state this week…I wouldn’t make it. So, I’m just not gonna do it. I can’t. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Has anyone heard from Dizey? Or Prtmama? are they okay?

  21. Anzia said

    Nevermind about prtmama…i guess i should check my email before posting…

  22. prtfvr said

    I’m here, I’m here! Got home from Ohio at about 1:30 this morning. Of course here I am blogging after catching up on email. I really need to go to bed!

    I received earrings in the mail from Tango and Wildstar today, BEAUTIFUL!! I can’t wait to wear them! Thank you SO much!

    I’m scared to watch Until We Meet Again. It’s been a pretty emotional week for me, I don’t know if I’m up to it yet. I didn’t see it on iTunes so I’m worried. Hopefully they won’t leave me in the lurch! Have I told you that I HATE Lifetime?!

  23. Margaret said


  24. Margaret said

    Whoops-should have been I can’t do it alone, that’s what I get for typing at 6:00 a.m. My dog woke me up to get fed.

  25. lwildstar said

    Blood Ties (2006) 10484
    look at these numbers! How could Lifetime be so stupid! they have a hit on their hands…grrr..well I’m off to run errands before the ice storm hits – I dread going to the grocery store – but I really am out of bread and milk….

  26. Chery said

    Margaret you are one great lady! I am still in the “FIGHT” but feeling very sad.

    Did anyone read or see the link on Blood Lines, someone posted a link about what LifeTime is doing with shows online.

    They are going to have a whole set of shows etc that are online ONLY! The Lifetime marketing directior said that their online viewing was up 260% this year. You know that was because of us watching BT online.

    I wonder if they dicided to show the last two episodes on line to see how many hits they received?

    Or do they want to continue BT but show the episdodes on line only?

    It would not make a difference in what they purchased, the show would be produced the same way, because other outlets would put it on television.

    Maybe Liftetime feels they could purchase it cheaper that way.

    Just holding out that thread of hope ladies…………………..

  27. Annalaise duChat said

    Good Morning Ladies,

    Until We Meet Again was heartbreaking. I loved the reincarnation theme. One of the themes of my own novel deals with reincarnation and true love transcending time, so it touched real close to home. This episode could be taken two ways. It has a touch of closure to it, of moving on. But it could also be taken as a new beginning, an opening up of new possibilities.

    Vickie’s drinking of Henry’s blood, and his reaction to it in this episode (I won’t go into detail for those of you who haven’t seen or read it yet ) parallels the ending in Tanya’s books without taking that irreversible step in Vickie’s life. I think the writers didn’t think we could handle that. I think they were probable right. As Tanya said there was no more to tell in Henry and Vickie’s relationship after that fateful night. So the fact that the writers left that story line open is a good sign. They were hoping for more to come.

    So we finally get to meet Augustus. msgypsy, boy were you off! LOL. I loved the character and his interaction with Henry. I got the sense that he was human, though. Talk about vampire wrangler, what a family business to inherit.

    I downloaded the balance of the episodes from Itunes rhis weekend to show my support. This episode was not up yet. I’m hoping they do make it available. I want to complete my collection. Perhaps they are waiting to see the numbers from the online viewing and the don’t want to dilute it with Itunes downloads. Maybe this final cost will influence Lifetime’s decision. I recommend watching it as many times as possible to boost those viewer numbers. Let’s make one final push to show our support and get those numbers up.


  28. Anzia said

    is it as sad as i think it is that i have to budget to buy the remaining BT eps on itunes? I think I need the last 3 eps…

  29. cdnfreyja said

    gypsy, I just posted a couple more recipes in the bake sale thread.

  30. Margaret said

    I know watching the last two episodes will pretty much knock the wind out of our sails but YOU CAN’T GIVE UP HOPE. I’VE BEEN TOLD NOT TO GIVE UP HOPE AND I’M NOT GOING TO. And at the risk of being redundant the 3 04 4 or us that are doing things here need everyone’s help. So please, put the hankies away and start writing postcards. There will be plenty of time late to call lifetime the a$$hats that they are if it doesn’t go well. I’m lonely and cold here by my computer, people are starting to talk and think I need to be commited, I need all my sisters help-where are you???

    CITY TV Feedback:

    Space Feedback
    โ€œsnailโ€ mail:
    SPACE: The Imagination Station
    299 Queen Street West
    Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2Z5

    Andrea Wong, President/CEO and/or Susanne Daniels, President
    Lifetime Entertainment Services
    World Wide Plaza
    309 West 49th Street
    New York, NY 10019
    (Post Cards Only)

    TNT: Addresses and Telephone Numbers
    How can I write to TNT?
    Please send comments and questions via email to or you can write us at:
    1010 Techwood Dr. NW
    Atlanta GA 30318
    What is the phone number for TNT Programming?
    The number for the TNT Viewer Comment and Question Line is 404-885-4538.


    If you have suggestions or comments for our Programming Department about the SCI FI Channel or any of its shows, please contact:

    SCI FI WIRE: If you are having problems reaching our online news service SCI FI Wire, please contact:

  31. susana said

    OMG! Had a busy week so had not watched either episode or heard tehe news about online episodes…..feeling like crap…hating lifetime case they do not even have the courtesy to inform us yay or nay…i mean really, either someone is really mean or they do not understand the fans at all! I am actually quite sad because i had alot of hope,still do but soooo not feeling lifetime right now!
    the episodes have taken quite a sad turn , you know we will not survive the finale, i can feel it…how can i be so anxious about a show……..oh i know….IT IS THAT GOOD!
    the rapport with Henry and that kid was amazing! this was one of those episodes where you really appreciate Kyle’s skills, he has such an expresive face and the smile he had when he meets augustus, just after he hugs him and they walk away…PRICELESS! that is the look i will always remember!

    not giving up though mags…not giving up!

  32. Chery said

    Thanks for the addresses Margaret I am continuing with post cards and will add the Canadian networks also.
    Lets begin on the other networks and see if any of them are smart enough to pick up BT.


  33. msgypsy said

    Thanks, Frejya, I saw the recipes. I’m thinking about making them into a booklet that we can all download (I’ll save it as a .pdf) if that’s all right with everyone.

  34. msgypsy said

    “I’m psychic.

    “I’m lactose intolerant.”

    Despite this one not being in my top five episodes, that exchange will forever be among my favorites in any tv show ever.

  35. msgypsy said

    Oh, and did anyone else notice Nimet Kanji in a crowd scene in “Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer”? You KNOW I’m a totally obsessed fan when I notice something like THAT!

  36. Leila said

    I’m so mad at Lifetime I could spit.

    I am glad we are going to be able to see the last two episodes online but that means I can’t record them which I have done with every episode so far. Maybe they’ll put them On Demand? *crosses fingers and wishes on her lucky star*.

    I do want to say hey to Ms Gypsy for giving us this outlet to vent on. I went to the Lifetime blog and didn’t recognize any of the posters.


    I need chocolate!!!


  37. prtfvr said

    Is this MY Leila?! bigfoggiefan? If so, I’ve missed you, girl! If not, welcome.

  38. prtfvr said

    Ms.G: Can you say “OCD”? LOL!

  39. prtfvr said

    Well, my car won’t start on the first try anymore. It started this right before I left for Ohio but it was random. Now it’s consistent. What next…

  40. Anzia said

    it’s too freaking COLD in my room…i don’t even want to consider what it’s like outside! *wimpers* where’d all the heat go?!

  41. lwildstar said

    Blood Ties (2006) 10736

  42. Dddduuuuddeee…I know I sure do love that Macro. That’s one of my all-time fav pics of Mike. *drool* I was SO pissed off at Lifetime by the time BT came on Friday night that I didn’t even watch it. I watched about 8 min. of it and decided to watch a DVD while it was taping instead. I’m not even sure why I taped it. No point, when I won’t even get to see the last 2 eps. That is just SO wrong! And I probably won’t be posting to this blog much more, because I have nothing else to say. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  43. Himmiefan said

    Oops. Forgot Leila. Welcome Leila! We’re all pissed off too.

  44. Himmiefan said

    Okay, that’s freaky. My second post appears first…

  45. Himmiefan said

    Vampgirl – don’t go! We’ll miss you! You know us, we always have something to talk about around here…..

  46. Oh so NOW you’ll miss me hmmm??????
    I feel loved. Hug me…hehe

  47. Madonna said

    Hi girls. I hope everyone is doing well this morning. I have a crap load to do and a doctor’s appointment this afternoon so I won’t be around much more today if at all.

    Of course we’d miss you. Everyone on here has something to contribute.

    I was just over on the lt message board and someone over there posted something saying she had done a google search for Blood Ties and found that Sci Fi is considering it…… I looked and I didn’t find anything though.

    Have a good day everyone. Love y’all!

  48. Himmiefan said

    Madonna – hmmm. That’s interesting. I still think it would fit in better on USA, but heck, I’ll take whoever will pick it up.

    By the way, are you feeling any better?

  49. lwildstar said

    I could be wrong but while the numbers at keep going up:
    Blood Ties (2006) 10736

    The numbers at are going down
    1 Moonlight 934 1%
    2 Blood Ties 694 -2%
    3 Alex O’Loughlin 403 7%
    4 The Dresden Files 271 -8%
    5 Kyle Schmid 244 -0%
    6 Stargate Atlantis 172 2%
    7 Sophia Myles 168 6%
    8 Christina Cox 151 2%
    17 Dylan Neal 73 -4%

  50. Himmiefan said,
    December 3, 2007 @ 7:54 am

    Vampgirl – donโ€™t go! Weโ€™ll miss you! You know us, we always have something to talk about around hereโ€ฆ..

    Heh. Whine about more like,
    ’cause I always feel like whining…hehe

    And….Ahem…I do believe the name is *Blood Drinker* ๐Ÿ™‚
    And I think that note about Sci-Fi picking up BT is old news. I read that a long while back. Personally, I don’t see BT lasting on their either. It would be better off on either USA or TNT. Preferably USA. Now what they could possibly pair the show up with, that’s a whole other thing…hehe

  51. lwildstar said

    well its been one of those days – spilling over from the weekend I guess…I’m tired, cranky and depressed. the craft show sucked, then yesturday I tried to start decorating hoping it would cheer me up and I ended up being upset becasue two of my peguins have vanished and one was my favorite… – (I have a collection of stuffed toy penguins that I put out from now until valentines day).
    If not for wonderful laurel chatting with me last night I thinkI would have just gone to bed…
    sad thing is I didn’t want to get up this morning…..
    I was so excited just a week ago – the holidays – the prospect of getting holiday cards this year..happy happy joy joy…and now I feel like crap….
    I don’t know if its just all the things going on topped with what LT pulled or what……..
    sorry to whine – I just needed to vent….I’ll go now ๐Ÿ˜ฆ thank you for listening you may now return to your previously scheduled program

  52. elizabeth said

    Friday was such a mix of emotions for me. I wanted to watch Blood Ties, but I was so freakin depressed about it being the last episode to show on TV that I was barely concentrating. Surprising for me, I haven’t watched it over and over again either. I just can’t. Not right now, anyway. I can’t watch the online episodes at work and, even if I could, I am not sure it would be wise if the show is such a tear jerker. I don’t need anything to push me over the edge.

    Honestly, ladies, I have never in my life loved a television show like this one. I know it is something we all say because it is true, but I am really struggling with this now. I just can’t bear the thought of not seeing it any more. I wish Lifetime would just announce something so I can stop worrying about if it will be picked up for future episodes. I truly, intensely dislike Lifetime! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Okay, I am done whining for the moment. My Christmas spirit is seriusly at a low ebb right now. I need Peppermint chocolate or something to give me a boost!!!

  53. Danae said

    Hello Bellas!

    Tanya seems wicked fed up with lt also. That is what it sounded like to me. And good for her for sticking to her convictions.

    Welcome Leila. I have always loved that name. It is so pretty. I don’t think I could be anymore pissed at lt.

    Gypsy, I loved that exchange to. How it was done with straight faces is beyond me.

    I was only able to watch half of Til We Meet Again at lunch. I am going to try to sneak in the rest before I leave work. It is really hard to watch it when you can’t hear it because everyone around here won’t SHUT UP. Don’t they know I have more important things to do than work?

  54. Danae said

    And even though all this crap is happening with BT I am still in the Christmas Spirit. The ice storm we had left everything looking so pretty. I always wonder how something so deadly and threatening can be so beautiful. It left the world looking all crystallized, sparkling and when the wind blows it even sounds pretty.

  55. Danae said

    Hello? Hello? *tap tap tap* is this thing on?

  56. Danae said

    I sound like I am echoing.

  57. I totally echo Gypsy’s earlier comment. I always feel like total crap. I made a mistake on one of my Xmas cards and now I feel totally stupid. I meant to type that I tried to email this girl I know in Sweden, but her email bounced, except that I spelled it bouned…twice. I felt like a total freak. But instead of crossing it out twice, I just wrote it next to it, which made me feel even more of a freak. *g*
    Plus the fact that I have no idea why I asked for the first 9 eps of BT on DVD that time, or bothered to tape the rest of them, and I don’t feel like watching any of them right now. Add to that that I’m trying to chew on the side of my mouth where there’s a HUGE gaping hole in my molar where the filling used to be, and an impacted wisdom tooth on my other side, I’m SO not feeling very happy right now…and I’m still trying to hold out until after Xmas. Plus I had to spend more money yesterday. My battery backup UPS thingy for my computer finally died. The light wouldn’t even turn on. The battery went bad. So I had to order one from I’ll probably have to use it without the software installed though, ’cause I still have Windows 98 on my pc. I totally hate everything right now. Thanks for letting me vent.

    Yippy my Skippy….heh.

  58. Danae said

    Ok I think it’s time for a rallying speech. I may not be that good at it but here goes.

    Yes lifetime sucks. Yes I hate them. But I will not let them drag me down into the depths. They don’t deserve that kind of attention. I for one will NOT let them ruin my December and Christmas. This is the best time of the year in my opinion. I always feel all warm and fuzzy inside this time of the year no matter what is going on. This will be the first Christmas without my grandfather and I have already cried but then I get up and smile. I think we all need to give it a try. Somehow we can and we will get through this. Alone we stand divided but together we stand strong. We will lean on each other until the bad feelings dull and we put them to the backs of our minds. Granted they may never disappear but they will become bearable. Remember without Blood Ties we would have never found each other.

    Saturday night I put my tree up. I will try and remember to bring my camera in tomorrow and send the pictures out to you all. Hopefully that will give everyone a boost.

  59. Margaret said

    Danae: Sorry about your grandfather, sorry to Laurel, Moonbeam, Prtfvr for all the losses that you all have suffered but you’re right. We would have never been brought together and developed such wonderful friendships had it not been for this show. Many of us have experienced doing things we would have never done a year ago because of this show. We wouldn’t have learned what a “shocker” was from the youngens. And to think I had lived this long without knowing. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, don’t abandon hope, THE FAT LADY ISN’T SINGING YET AND IF SHE TRIES I’LL GIBBS SLAP HER TO DEATH SO SHE CAN’T. BESIDES AS MARK TWAIN ONCE SAID: The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated. BLOOD TIES IS NOT DEAD YET AND DON’T BELIEVE THAT IT IS. TAKE THAT HANKIE, WIPE YOUR TEARS, DECORATE YOUR TREE, ENJOY YOUR CHRISTMAS AND IN YOUR SPARE TIME KEEP THOSE POSTCARDS GOING TO LT. WE ARE NOT GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT. ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL, WE ARE FAMILY, AND ALL THAT ROT. COME ON, BUCK UP. WE CAN DO THIS, WE AREN’T GOING TO LET SOME CORPORATION BEAT US ARE WE? LET’S KEEP TELLING THEM WHAT WOMEN REALLY WANT-MORE BLOOD TIES!!

  60. prtfvr said

    Ok, I’m announcing a Sailor prtfvr moment beginning…


    What the fuck is going on? Is it a full moon every damn day or what?! Everyone’s having such a hard especially Claire. I just don’t get it. Merry Fucking Christmas!

  61. prtfvr said

    Mags, stop with the yelling, I’m having a hard time reading what your writing, Buttercup. ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. lwildstar said

    ok don’t laugh at me but I am absurdly happy right now – I found my missing penguins…..ok you can laugh at me.
    But one of them was my favorite…and after the last couple of days I needed this…

    ok then that means good things are happening – I will spread my good vibes aout to all of you!

  63. elizabeth said

    lwildstar – I am glad you found your missing penguins! I’ve been known to turn my house upside down looking for items that I can’t find – especially if they mean a lot to me! It has even kept me up at night on occasion – now that is just plain obsessive! We all need a little something to smile about right now and penguins are cute!

  64. lwildstar said

    thanks E…
    check your emails later – you’ll get to meet the gang….

  65. lwildstar said

    so has anyone heard from Laurel today? – when I chated with her last night she was afraid of the wind knocking out the power or knocking down trees…we had to cut things short because her power was blinking….

  66. catcornmom said

    Well, let me break this bad news trend….my kidney test results were NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!! Thank you for your prayers!!! My doctor is not worried, but she is going to send me to a kidney specialist to see why my blood tests keep coming back with an elevated creatin level. But let me just say this one more time….the test results were what??

    OKl I have to finish supper for the kids, but I had to share my happy news…
    Love ya!

  67. lwildstar said

    Yeah! Chelli thats great news!

  68. Anne said

    So what is the deal with Augustus?
    I think I can handle that much of a spoiler.

  69. himmiefan said

    Yeah Chelli!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. Leila said

    Hey everyone. Yup, it’s me (aka Bigfogiefan for those on AIM).

    I’ve been in christmas light hell all weekend. 3 times I had to pull down my icicle lights because half of a string would die. Two extra trips to Costco to return bad strings and it ended up freezing and sleeting by the time I was done.

    BUT — for some unknown reason I am in the Christmas spirit. I’m filled with love and joy and I’m going to enjoy it every day for as long as it lasts.

    Even if Lifetime network is run by a bunch of bumbling morons who don’t know they have something gold when they’ve got it. And I’m proud to say that I am a successful upper middle-class income woman who will not be watching anything on their network, not buying the products they schill nor will I be recommending them to anyone to watch. I say hit em where it hurts — their financial statement!

    *deep breath*

    I should be watching Heroes and doing some xmas work — Christmas cards or wrapping gifts to be mailed or even finishing the decorating of my parlor. Decisions decisions.

    Anywho — Big hugs everyone!


  71. Anzia said

    Okay, so I have NO IDEA what got into my head last night but the dreams I had (all in BRIGHT VIBRANT color mind you) would have made some of those slasher films seem like childs play! VERY VERY NOT PRETTY. And I didn’t have just one. I had a whole sequence of them. I was lucky enough (this time) to not remember them in detail (I can probably draw you a scene from a dream I had when I was a child- complete with detailed blood spatter on the wall from a chain saw- I kid you not!). All i remember is a whole lotta blood, some vamps, and some werewolves (one with VERY big teeth and saliva dripping off his open jaws…SCARY!). So, after everyone of ’em i woke up. Now I’m REALLY tired but don’t wanna go to bed ’cause if I do then I’ll not sleep all night and be just as tired at work tomorrow as I was today.

    Speaking of work. I found out that they love my work. Love that i’m doing everything right and quickly, but they don’t think i like it there. To which my reply was WTF! so, my boss told me that on the 17th she’s gonna find out for sure from everyone if i’m gonna be perminant or not. I have a little over 2 weeks to make it clear I like it there…*sigh* no stress or anything…

  72. himmiefan said

    Hey Ms. Anzia. Do you like where you work? Do you want to stay there? At least they like what you do.

  73. Margaret said

    Catcornmom: Great new! That’s really wonderful. Prtfvr-Just want to make sure everyone is listening and I know how you love those caps. I’ve been told to keep the faith and I can’t do that by myself. Trust me, I’m just as pissed off at Lifetime as the rest of you. I’d be the first out of the gate to be calling them asshats but I don’t think that would be a great idea right now. I’m going to be beating the drum until Lifetime takes it away from me and I hate to be out there by myself. I know that I still have 3 or 4 of you all that are still writing the postcards but we need more. We need to drown them.

  74. Anzia said

    catcornmama- yes, that IS great news!

    Himmie- yup. I do like working there. and i thought i’d shown it by doing an amazing job and always willing to help and such. But my logic failed to relize that they’d never seen me at a job i DON’T like so…they wouldnt know the difference. *sigh* oh well, I’ll just tell my boss.

    Okay, so no such luck on the non-creepy dreams. Had another one. Yay serial killers that stuff their victims (with previous parts of other victims) and then do — well, i’ll keep the icky bits to myself so as to not bother ya’ll. Henry did have a cameo. Yup, he patted me on the head and left to run after only God knows what and left me with the creepy serial killer and a bus full of school children he was going to use as his next— again we’ll just ommitt that part. *sigh* WHY do *I* get these things! *sigh* Well, off to work..let’s hope I don’t fall asleep at my desk. I seriously look like death warmed over! im’ WHITE as a ghost! I had to put a crap load of make-up on just so I looked like I had SOME body heat!


  75. lwildstar said

    Blood Ties (2006) 11019 keep going up:

    they havent changed the numbers at yet
    1 Moonlight 934 1%
    2 Blood Ties 694 -2%
    3 Alex O’Loughlin 403 7%
    4 The Dresden Files 271 -8%
    5 Kyle Schmid 244 -0%
    8 Christina Cox 151 2%
    17 Dylan Neal 73 -4%

  76. lwildstar said

    went to post a feed back comment at LT this morning and its having the problems it did the other day …..

    well the new receptionsit starts this morning so i will be training her most of the day – fun, fun, fun, yeah right…

    I’ll talk to you later!

  77. Annalaise duChat said

    Good morning ladies,

    I saw a report on the news this morning about lot’s of flooding in the Portland area. Are all you girls OK up there? Check in to let us know.

    lwildstar — Thank You! I love everything you sent. You are soooo creative.

    Everybody have a great day.

  78. Margaret said

    Just thought I’d give everyone a small chuckle. You know Blood Ties has saturated your life when you start to quote lines from the show to your family.
    Example: My son has moved back in and for some reason thought it was excusable for him to take my Famous Amos Cookies into his bedroom and keep them there. Well, when he wasn’t at home I put them back up. When he asked about where they were, I found myself channeling Christina, telling him to “take what you need, not all that you want…….. (of course I left off the part about young vampires and the rest). Geez someone put me in a padded room. I’m ready (as Henry said).

  79. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    prtfvr said,
    December 3, 2007 @ 2:46 pm

    Ok, Iโ€™m announcing a Sailor prtfvr moment beginningโ€ฆ


    What the fuck is going on? Is it a full moon every damn day or what?! Everyoneโ€™s having such a hard especially Claire. I just donโ€™t get it. Merry $#@%ing Christmas!

    I TOTALLY echo that sentiment…only I omitted the F-ing part. Heh. I just got in trouble in work today. Don’t wanna say too much right now. So I’m in a worse mood than usual. Ugh.

    And to Anzia…on those dreams you’ve been having? OYE! Good to know I’m not the only one. Also weird that yours are actually worse than some of mine. I never even thought that was possible. Although…the one I had where people were chained to walls and getting skinned alive while Angelus was laughing comes pretty close. *shudder*

  80. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    Me again….on dreams…most of my dreams always involved me being chased, bitten or raped by some assorted vamp. Usually Angelus. Although…that dream where I was letting Henry feed from me was still odd. Especially the part where I was dressed like Willow with the fuzzy pink sweater. *g* Did anyone get to read my dream post? Or did that totally get run over too?

  81. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas!

    Ok I remembered my camera and was ready to load the pics onto my computer when the damn friggin battery dies. Argh!

    I hope all this crappy weather stays away from me until after Saturday. If anything messes with my NYC trip I will be very seriously pissed off!

    Catcornmom, That is GREAT news! I am so glad. Sometimes the high levels in your blood tests can be nothing really. My blood tests are always positive for lupus but I don’t have any symptoms. I guess it could be in remission. When I was a sophomore in high school during mid-terms my entire body got hit by extreme pain to the point that I couldn’t walk. My mom said I looked like I had sex for the first time when I tried to walk. It hit in the middle of the night and all my mom had was childrens Tylenol. Needless to say I missed all my mid-terms but at least I didn’t have to make them up. I had numerous blood tests and the only one that was positive was lupus. So most likely I do have it but I have not had a flare up since then.

    So sometimes the blood tests are inconclusive(I think that’s the word I am looking for)

    Anzia, I am positive you can show them how much you like working there. For one thing if you didn’t like working there your quality of work would show that.

  82. Anne said

    For those of you who hang out at the Bloodlines forum …

    I’ve started virtual Christmas stockings for Kyle, Dylan and Christina.

    Everyone can give one gift per day – and since it’s virtual, it’s okay to give really expensive things – or really huge things – like World Peace and such.
    And magical items … anything really.

    Catcornmom – good on the kidney news.
    Claire – better make a weather spell!

  83. Danae said

    I probably should not say this but all the emailing we do to each other is killing the blog. In a way it saddens me. I love the fact that we email each other but I think email should be used for special things or things we don’t want made public for anyone to read. Gypsy welcomed us here out of the goodness of her heart and now it seems to be dying. Because there are so many emails going around between us all that we hardly have time to blog. They emails are not irrelevant and I love seeing them and a lot of them crack me up but alot of those things can be said here. You might and you might not agree with me but I think we need to make more of an effort to post here more often and leave the email for what I said above; pictures, jokes, that are emailed to us from other people, things we don’t want certain others to read(I can’t honestly call them people), etc.

  84. Susana said

    Hey ya’ll, i ditto Danae above, the only reason i do not get to blog as much , despite loving everyone on this blog is not only do i get deathly busy with work and my catering thing but, i cannot keep up at times, i miss being able to just get on the blog and spend an hour catching up knowing all (at least)the comments will be on here for me to reply, i get so many messages on email i lose track, i am INTERESTED in knowing what is happening with ya’ll and at times i feel bad when i miss someones news and thus a chance to be happy or sad with them.
    I love the hens house cause that is private and fun also the group email is great, it is just all overwhelming ๐Ÿ™‚
    However i realise the friendships on the site have grown deeper than just BT and somethings cannot be said here
    Just letting everyone know that i am still here: Sorry to those going thru tough times, or lost relatives, happy birthday to those i missed, hang in there to all who need to…i am just in the background trying to catch up ๐Ÿ™‚
    Prtfvr……thought about you and prayed for you…alot to deal with i can imagine
    Claire……..what can i say dear, i mean really…WTF! Sending good vibes /prayers your way!

  85. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    I am so not feeling any motivation for anything today. I’ll just sit inside with a nice cup of homemade hot chocolate and watch it snow because it is snowing, again! Love it!

    I was busy online yesterday searching through all kinds of job ads. Some of them are the same as the ones my sister found for me. There are 3 interesting ones up north in Yellowknife. Yes, I’m thinking about the possibility of moving up there. Yellowknife (capital of the Northwest Territories) is sometimes used by young professionals as a stepping stone into better jobs especially within the public service. It is a foot in the door and great experience. The three positions I’ll be applying for (2 are exactly the same), well, I think I’m very well suited to them. And they’re open postings right now, until they find the right person. So, I’ll give it a shot. My brother-in-law is actually applying for stuff up there as well. It would be too funny if my sister and I ended up in the same northern city, at least for a few years. But I’d be closer to home, strangely enough.

    Danae – I bought a digital camera earlier this year, first one ever. Love it! But it isn’t compatible with my home computer. I have a very early version of Windows 98 and the camera requires Windows 98 SE at least. Such a pain in the butt. I’ll be downloading all my photos that I have saved up and the Christmas ones onto my dad’s laptop. I’ll share them after I’ve done that. Even my memory sticks don’t work at home. Stupid (or if I’m feeling all French today, quelle stupide!).

  86. elizabeth said

    Danae – you beat me to it, girl! I have been mulling over the email vs. blog thing all morning. I also love getting the emails, but ladies they are killing me! I can’t keep up, they overwhelm my email box and I have received numerous messages that I am over my limit. We are a talkative bunch, but when I receive emails that are only a smiley face or a one liner I feel we could communicate just as well and as quickly on the blog. I would much prefer that we keep the email for conversations that are very private, but, can we please move the rest back to the blog????? pretty please?????

  87. cdnfreyja said

    catcornmom – great news! Hopefully they’ll be able to figure out what is going on and hopefully it isn’t anything major.

  88. rifkind said

    Good for you Miggles!
    I bet your son was a bit surprised! LOL!
    I think that we all can find it helpful at times to put on our Vicki Nelson hat and stand up for ourselves. That is why I like shows that empower women. Vicki kicks butt and is not a whimpering princess that needs to be saved.

  89. rifkind said

    Anzia and Blood Drinker,
    I was never INTO the slasher/horror or vampire genre.. I just didn’t want that in my subconscious.
    Henry and light fanstasy/chick-lit is OK for me.. and I love Blood Ties for not being all intense and dark.

    The dreams could be two things:
    1.) You are watching/reading too much of the dark genre. TIme to switch to something lighter. If you fill your daytime with darkness, it is easy to see it slipping into your sleep and dreams.

    2.) (Anzia, I think you fit this one) Your subconscious is telling you that you are being chased, abused, and sucked dry. Many times your subconscious is trying to tell you what is going on in your life, and working out different ways to deal with the stressful situation.

    For both of you I would suggest trying to get some control of your dreams.
    I just did a quick Google search about Directed Dreaming or Lucid Dreaming.
    I found this short E-zine article about it.
    It may be a start to getting SOME control within your dreams. Good Luck

  90. Danae said

    Thanks for the support on this guys. Hopefully things will revert back to the old way that originally brought us together. I have been seeing less and less posts on the blog and more and more emails. That upsets me, not in the mad way. Just kind of saddening.

    I finally was able to watch Til We Meet Again all the way through today. I didn’t cry but I think that is because I am at work. It kills me that Henry is trying to move away and I think Vicki realizes that it is partly because of her. And Mike Oy! She is losing both her men. That just sucks!

    I am heading home for the night.

    Ciao Bellas!

  91. Danae said

    Oh and on the reincarnation thing, sure I believe it. Actually both my sister Chris and my landlady swear I was either a Gypsy or a hippie in a past life.

  92. rifkind said

    Blog ate my post…
    Gypsy, Tango, wildwoman can you find it and recover it…please. . . .

  93. Anne said


    I enjoy the threading that’s possible on email – but I just don’t log onto that email account every day, so the blog is a bit more fun.

  94. Margaret said

    Well, if we’re voting here I vote for keeping the email for truly personal things that we don’t want here and keep all the rest here. Because it is one humongous chore to try to post here, email on our email, post on HeyNeilsen, post on Lifetime and write 20 postcards a day. But if it will save BT I’ll do it. Can we take a vote on this?

  95. Margaret said

    Rifkind: Nobody, but I mean Nobody, gets between me and my Famous Amos Cookies, lol.

  96. Margaret said

    Anne: Hard to find your virtual stocking. Where is it,under what topic banner?

  97. lwildstar said

    hey guys!
    You’ll find me here and the emails – I like doing both.

    Went to lunch with Robin today – she was so funny – she wanted to know all about what was going on with my blood sisters…I gave her a pair of earrings and she squealed – really – everyone in the cafe truned around and looked at her…I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair….shes’s been having a rough time at work and most of our lunches have been venting sessions so I thought the earrings would cheer her up – but i didn’t expect a squeal followe d immediatly by a hug that squished me…

    got another holiday card and I figured out how to display them…I have a fabric tree wall hanging my mother made years ago so I’m pinning the cards to the tree – including the card Annalisa emailed! Now Ihave Henry under the Christmas tree!

    Well I am going to go check my emails and I’ll be back….

  98. elizabeth said

    I have been trying to sneak and view pieces of Til We Meet Again all day. I got to the very last part and the stupid thing just won’t play. It keeps stopping – arrggghhh! This is so difficult – I want it to be on TV instead of on a small computer screen. This episode is just heartbreaking. Watching Mike struggle with his job and Vicki and Henry being willing to give her up is just….well…heartbreaking. Damn. That’s all I can say. Just Damn! Maybe I will be able to catch the end of it tomorrow.

  99. Anzia said

    vampgirl- those aren’t my bad dreams. I’ve had much much worse. I’m just hoping that I get to stop this train before it ends up back where it was when I was younger. I don’t sleep well when I have these kinds of dreams. Besides, who wants to dream about death and such. Dreams are supposed to be rejuvinating…not depressing & scary!

  100. lwildstar said

    Z – I may just have to look up your dreams in my dream book – bad dreams are a way for your brain to sort things out – might be interestein to see what the book says…hummm…I’ll run upstairs and get now….

  101. lwildstar said

    ok here we go –
    to see Blood: you will enjoy honour amoung your friends (didn’t understand that one at all – unless it has to do with you putting your heart out caring for others)
    to be Bleeding is a sign you are facing opposition
    to be Bitten (Vampires) you may have uncovered a secret you’d rather not know – if you are doing the biting it means your love relationship is a lie
    groups of Children means a fear of abandonment or haveing been abandoned
    witnessing a Killing is a sign of changes to come – but not ones you would like however to see Death or a dead person is a sign of a new beginning – a positive one (go figure)
    Monsters are a sign of depression and if they chase or attack you its a sign of dissapointment.
    If you are Running you are in a situation you want and need to get out of – if you feel like running and can’t move is suggests you don’t have the confidence to move on, but if you are chasing something its a good sign that you are moving on…

    ok hows that?

  102. lwildstar said

    ok – I scared everyone away….

  103. lwildstar said

    well I don’t know how long I’m sticking around – its freekin cold in the basement and Ihad to haul out the spae heater – which I hate using becasue it starts to smell after a while….

    now I’m rambling becaseu no one is here… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  104. lwildstar said

    I did I did I chased everyone away!

  105. Chery said

    Ditto, I agree with you Margaret! Personal e-mails to individuals and everything else here.

    Also I am still sending post cards and voting on the other sites……………

  106. Margaret said

    lwildstar: You never chase anyone away we just drift away for a bit. Had to take a bath and I’ll be doing fly bys while I do my postcards, voting and emails.

  107. lwildstar said

    well i’m on the phone with my sister – poor thing is having a break down – I can’t understand half of what shes saying between the phone connection and her crying….
    her husband is **** (pick your word) and the kids are acting like little monsters…..

  108. Anne said

    Margaret –

    The virtual stockings for Kyle, Dylan and Christina are located in the forums for each of them – 2 to 6 messages down.

    It’s just a fun silly thing to do.

  109. lwildstar said

    well since I’m still on the phone with my sister I’m going to log off for the night so I can go up stairs where its warm to listen to her..


  110. prtfvr said

    I am SO tired! This day was just exhausting and I wasn’t productive at all! The legal system in Ohio blows! They won’t let me be the executress of the will because I’m the beneficiary so now I have to hire a lawyer and appoint him/her the executer! Well, if I can do that, why can’t I execute the damn will. All I have to claim as “estate” are two small pieces of property (not quite an acre all together) and a right of way to drive through someone’s property to get to the above. There’s nothing else! And the property isn’t even worth much so I’ll wind up paying for the lawyer and any outstanding bills out of it.

    How long can this last, for pete’s sake?!

  111. prtfvr said

    Thanks for not yelling, Mags. I’m a little touchy after our last all caps person. As soon as I see it I think it’s someone else writing. Yikes!

    Chellie: Good on ya, girl!! Keep everything in working order!

    Claire: My voodoo doll is on the case. Shalom, baby!

    Crazy dreams: I hear ya! I dreamed that Keanu had porked my old boss (and she’s old) and they had a baby together! I couldn’t believe that he’d prefer her over me! I mean, I’m not THAT old!

    Still haven’t watch ‘Til We Meet Again. I’m afraid I’ll get into a crying jag and won’t be able to stop but I guess I’d better get my ass in gear before Lifetime robs me of that one too. Have I mentioned that I HATE Lifetime? Oh, not yet today? Well then: I hate Lifetime and I wish them the loss of many viewers! Rat bastards!

  112. prtfvr said

    Today’s random question: Who here has an iPod?

  113. Anne said

    I have an old iPod – sound only. I can attach a microphone to it and use it as a voice recorder.

    A co-worker showed me his video iPOd and MAN! Was it cool!
    I want one – but I don’t need one, so I figure I’ll spend my money on something else – like a plane ticket to Florida ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I was even thinking about buying the episodes off iTunes in March but … Oh – I can still do that and download them to my laptop! Usually the hotels offer 24-hour connections for $10, no download limit.
    Of course by then, I’ll probably have the UK DVDs.

  114. Anzia said

    Prtmama- Nina sends her love and support. She’s in a mad rush to get things done since they’re all due this month. But she says she’s sorry for your loss and gives you big hugs.

    *sigh* off to bed…lets she what demented things my mind can come up with this time…

    wildwoman- hmm…sounds like a WHOLE mix of things. I might get mine out tomorrow and see if I can make anymore coherant ideas other than good things might happen and bad things are going ot happen and i’m stressed and not able to do something that I need to do. ^_^ Gotta love dreams. ๐Ÿ™‚

  115. Anzia said

    I have an ipod! no video. Although, I think my dad’s getting me a new one for christmas…

  116. susana said

    Soooo loving lwildstar and cree…got my mail today!!!
    See easier for me to catch up on the blog ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have an ipod, no video, gosh , i would never get anything done if i download henry on there …OY!!!!!1

  117. Margaret said

    Prtfvr: Maybe you need a good cry with all the stress you’ve been under. Believe it or not sometimes its good to get it out and no one would think the less of you. And if you want to boo hoo, trust me Till We Meet Again will get the faucet going.

  118. Annalaise duChat said

    Good Morning Ladies!

    Well the weather outside is frightful…but the fire is so delightful…

    I think I’m starting to get into the spirit.

    I want nothing more that to curl up in front of the fire today. We’re getting our first snowfall that’s going to stick for a while. Very pretty. I wish you could see the view out my office windows. It looks like a Christmas card.

    I hope everyone has a great day. I’m thinking very hard about virtual gifts for the Bombastic Blood Ties Trio. Anne, what a fun idea.

    Hmmm……..I’ll get back to you on that.

    My vote blog vs. email? Blog definatly. I have too much trouble keeping up with the emails.


  119. rifkind said

    Well it looks like my post went to never-never land..
    So here it is again as best as I can remember. . .

    Anzia and (Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl)
    I agree with what Wildstar did… check out some dream interpretation books
    Generally there are 2 ways that our mind uses dreams.

    1.) To process and “file” what we have experienced during the day. Think of it as the mind downloading and organizing what happened to you during the day. Because of this.. I personally avoid very dark movies and books. I just don’t want it in my subconscious. I’m not into dark horror movies or books and haven’t been into vampires either. Blood Ties is great in that it is LIGHT on the horror side.. I can handle chick-lit levels of vampires. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I just do not want really dark storylines running in my head.. So I would avoid anything with really dark storylines. Don’t put it in your mind, and then your subconscious will not have to ‘file’ it.

    2.) The mind uses dreams to work out different scenarios on how to handle situations that you are experiencing during your waking life.
    Anzia, I think that this definitely fits you with your current living situation. You are feeling trapped and being “sucked dry” by your family sucking every second of your free-time and energy. You really need to find a way OUT of that situation. Soon!
    Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl – please contact someone at the United way or other place to check on assistance for your teeth. Is there a college that teaches dentistry in your area? I know that they charge a lot less for dental work when students are working on your teeth.. and you may be able to get a sliding scale for fees. It is very dangerous for you to have that cracked tooth. If an infection gets into the root, it is very near the brain and can actually kill you! Please get some positive energy and decide that “There has to be a way to get my teeth fixed”. Keep looking.. and keep a positive state of mind and don’t give up until you figure out some creative way to get your teeth fixed.

    I would start by avoiding dark horror and bloody movies and stories. You can’t expect to have darkness filling your daytime and not have it spill into your dreams.

    Then figure out what is going on in your life that is making you feel weak, violated, powerless etc etc.. and then start working on HOW to address those problems.
    I always use a positive statement when working on problems..
    “There MUST be a way to figure this out. . . ”
    Avoid using the negative..(I canโ€™t.. Its Impossible) because your subconscious is listening.. and if you say “I can’t!” , you are giving up and so may your subconscious.. (Until you dream!)
    If you are positive.. (I CAN figure a way OUT of this MESS!) Then your subconscious will be given permission to start looking at alternatives .. and you may be surprised by what pops up as a new choice that you hadn’t seen before.. just give yourself permission to keep looking for ways to address what is bothering you.

    I would also recommend looking into “Directed Dreaming” or Lucid dreaming..
    were you are aware of what is happening in your dream and then helping to direct the outcome of the dream. There are tons of links out on the internet for Directed dreaming,
    Sometimes it is helpful to go to sleep with positive affirmations to help start the night out positively.

    I hope that this helps.

  120. Danae said

    Ok I want to make this clear. When I suggested moving back to the blog I didn’t mean everything. I very clearly said anything we don’t want made public definitely email. I for one know how important that is now. Anything else should maybe be posted here. I have been hearing the dying cries of the blog for a few weeks now and they seem to be getting louder.

  121. Danae said

    Now that I have said that:

    Buongiorno bellas!

    Happy Humpday!

  122. scribble said

    Hello everybody

    So Margaret has brought it to my attention that the scuttle on the Lifetime board is that people should write to Kaleidoscope/Insight to show support for the show. I am asking a favour in that would you fine ladies please advise everybody (in all the various groups that you are involved with) that they should not write to us and to write to Lifetime (or the network in their given country) instead and please please please don’t write to the Executive Producers as they definitely want to continue making BT and the fan energy should be directed at the networks to purchase the program.

    Thanks for your help everybody!


  123. Danae said

    and Happy Chanukah!

  124. Himmiefan said

    Hi Scribble. Thanks for the info!

    iPod – my father, the Gadget King, bought me a nano last year. I love it!!!!

    I agree about keeping most of the conversation on the blog. Why? I just like the blog.

    Now, I’ll go add to the e-mails.

  125. Claire said

    Morning my sweets…Well it’s coming down…and the school is still open..dare I hope?
    I noticed the debate about blog I like both! I love the blog..cause it’s where we all sort of began,and I love the craziness and privacy of the emails! I don’t have a problem catching up,and there’s so much more we can express there…but no way I’m leaving here…unless Ms. G gets sick of us LOL!

    I just don’t talk about anything personal or about my feelings and family here anymore,because of what happened in the past…we trusted people that took all the personal things we said…to other places and other people…that took our personal hurts and belittled them and made fun of them.That’s why I love the emails…I know that I’m talking to close friends,that will not hurt me by amusing themselves with my hurt,anger,loss whatever.

    But for everything else I’ll be here!
    Oh Catcornmom…so sorry..I’m scatterbrained lately…so thrilled to hear your tests were fine!!!

  126. scribble said

    Guys please don’t directly quote me on the other boards though okay?

  127. Danae said

    Well since this is the only place I post there is no problem with that from me.

  128. Himmiefan said

    Scribble – our lips are sealed!

  129. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Woo-hoo! The sun is shining today after many cloudy, snowy days! I’m hoping to get Christmas cards and packages out today or tomorrow. If all of them don’t fit into this week’s budget I’ll send the rest next week (the cards, not the packages).

    Okay, finally got to meet Christina last night. Oooh, she’s nasty! All I have to say is that the actor who played her did a great job. I remember everyone’s reactions on the blog – she definitely did her job, getting such reactions out of everyone! Okay, remember the scene when Christina is out taking photographs in front of the theatre? Anyone notice the posters of the production being staged? Anyone notice it was ‘Die Fledermaus’ (i.e. ‘The Bat’)? Please tell me I’m not the only to have noticed that. Yet another thing in the background that leads me to believe that everyone involved with this production has a great sense of humour.

  130. Danae said

    I noticed the name but I had no idea what it meant.

  131. Claire said

    Not to worry! Scribble my lips are sealed!!!!
    Prtfvr…I have an Ipod Nano..why?

  132. Himmiefan said

    โ€˜Die Fledermausโ€™

    How funny! No, I hadn’t noticed that.

  133. Danae said

    Well my mom just called and my sister is basically in very active labor. The doctor has tried to stop it 2 or 3 times now but Aiden is just kicking and kicking and pushing and he wants out. I can’t but worry after what I email earlier.

  134. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    Er….mayber cracked tooth was an understatement. Try….big gaping hole in tooth. But at this point, I’m gonna get the other side of my mouth done first. The side with the wisdom tooth. That’s the side I’m worried about. I’ll worry about my half a molar later.

  135. lwildstar said

    Honey I’m home!
    Had a three hour meeting after I got in – good grief – I didn’t even have time to settle in beofre having to wrap myself back up and leave!
    Just caught up on the blog – still have to finishe the emails – verizon was having issues

    Scribbles – thanks for stopping by with that tid bit of hope! Happy holidays!

    Rif – you had some great ideas for Z about the dreams – I use a meditation vizulization technique – like directing little movies in my head – and now that I’m writting I run that story thru each night – I’m chapters ahead in my mind……

    Well lunch is over and I need to scoot so I’ll check in when I get home -but with the snow who knows when that will be – people around here don’t know how to drive when it rains or snows!

  136. Anne said

    Annalaise – GREAT virtual gift for Kyle.

    I was planning on sending him the list, but since the gals on the Bloodlines forum are stuffing themselves in the stocking, I’m not so sure.
    Cars and slippers – fine.
    Female fans … I just don’t know.

    But since they are only virtual it might still work …

  137. lwildstar said

    I still haven’t been able to get over there to see if I can even get on the forum to post a gift – last time I tried, my computer had a fit!

  138. laurel said

    Hey! I haven’t drowned yet, but the yard is now a moat around my “castle.” I tried to go out in the backyard to rescue the planter that blew off in the high winds and the mud hole that used to be my lawn sucked my shoes off in the first two steps. Now my socks and shoes are just nasty. I left them at the back door.

    catcornmom! Thank heavens! So glad you had good news to report. I hope this makes for a great holiday. I know it helps to put me in the spirit.

    By the way, I am really in awe of those of you who actually got your Christmas/Holiday cards done and in the mail. It is fun to get cards to “Laurel.” My kids make a funny noise when they see who the cards are to, and it makes my heart sing to have all of you out there to share with.

    lwildstar – I’m meeting Nisi, Elizabeth and Arrowyn for lunch in a few minutes, am I supposed to give them there gifts now? Or do I make them wait until Dec 22nd when we are meeting again?

  139. Danae said

    Yay! She’s alive! ๐Ÿ˜›

  140. Madonna said

    Hi everyone!

    I hope everyone is doing well this cold December day. We got our first measurable snowfall here in Cincinnati. This is my first time reading the blog or checking my email since about this time on Monday.

    I like both, but if I have to say I have a preference, I prefer the blog to the emails at least when it comes to non-personal stuff. My computer handles the blog better and I’m afraid that since posting is so far down on here that it may appear to TPTB that interest in the show has waned, which is most definitely not the case. Since Gypsy’s is a fairly public Blood Ties site that is my primary concern.

    Thanks for the advice and for stopping by.

    Whew….So glad to hear that your blood tests came back normal. Let us know what the kidney specialist says OK?

    Goodness your dreams sound awful. Hopefully the bad stuff will go away soon and will be replaced by sweet wonderful dreams of you know who…..

    I got your ornament and card. Love them. Thank you!

    I got your card too. Love it and right back at ya. BTW…. How’s your back and when do you resume doing surgeries? It’s next week isn’t it?

    I hope that wherever you are and whatever you are doing you know that you are loved and missed.

    Danae, prtfvr, Laurel, Moonbeam,
    Know that my prayers are with you and your respective families. Wish I could do something more.

    How’s the job hunt going? Good luck!

    I had an abcessed wisdom tooth similar to what you are describing a coupe of years ago. My advice…. Get yourself to a dentist. I’m sure they’ll work out a payment plan for you. In the meantime….. Orajel, Ibuprofen and Sensodyne.

    As for me, I have surgery again tomorrow morning at 8:30. I’m happy about it. This stent has been hell to deal with the past month. My boss isn’t so happy though. I probably won’t be going back to work until next Thursday or Friday. Oh well….. This stent has to come out.

    For everyone and especially the ones who really need it and you know who you are, here’s a (((((((((((((((((((((HUGE GROUP HUG!!!!!!!))))))))))))))))))))) Use it wisely and pass it on.

    Things will get better everyone.

    OK, back to finishing my Christmas presents. See ya later.

  141. Danae said

    Madonna, Your boss needs to deal with it. Can’t you get an infection if a stent is in too long? Would she prefer that happen and have you out even longer. At least you will be getting some rest.

  142. Danae said

    I forgot to tell you guys this. Just as lt took the last too epis off the air my brother confessed to me that he liked the show. He said, “I have to hand it to you, Squirt. You picked a good one. And Vicki is a hottie.” He admits he enjoys the show and then lt did what they did.

  143. Danae said

    I am going to head home bellas. I am very weary and my eyes need a rest. They are very tired from all the crying I did today.

    Luv yas

  144. Danae said

    One more thing before I go:

  145. Danae said

    Hey where did my link go?!

  146. Danae said

    Grrr never mind.

  147. cdnfreyja said

    Okay, got the Christmas packages in the mail and most of the Christmas cards. I wish I could send a package to everyone but at a minimum of $6.20/pkg for surface to the U.S. it is just WAY too expensive. The rest of the cards will go out next week.

    Madonna – everything pretty much shuts down here in Ottawa in December, government town, nothing happens for about 6 weeks. There are a couple of positions I’m applying for with the feds anyway mostly because the postings say they might use this process for future staffing. The problem with the federal process is that they use this really bizarre online application and screening process. Unless you can figure out what the trick is to get through the automated screening your application is NEVER seen by a living breathing person.

    I’m applying for a few out of province positions too. These ones are with provincial or territorial governments. Their application processes are so much easier – cover letter and resume/c.v. There are 3 up north that I appear to be qualified for. The competitions are open, I figure they must be having trouble finding people for the positions. I’ll get my stuff in before I head home for Christmas. I know that they’re not going to hire now or over the Christmas break so if I get the stuff in this week or next I’ll at least get into line.

    Moving north is a common way to get your foot in the door and to get good experience. If you can tough it out for 2-3 years you can move up the public service really quickly. The only major drawback is 24 hour sunlight in the summer and 24 hour darkness in winter.

  148. Annalaise duChat said

    Anne, Glad you liked it.

    That’s the car the vamp in the novel I’m writing drives.
    It’s a pretty hot car and Kyle would look great behind the wheel.

    Anne pop over the google and leave me your address.

  149. Annalaise duChat said

    Freyja — When you say north how far north are you talking about?

  150. cdnfreyja said

    Hi Annalaise,

    I’m talking north of 60! Yellowknife actually.

  151. Annalaise duChat said

    Whoah!!! Northern Exposure North! Well at least we can send Henry up and he’ll be able to stay awake all through the 24 hours of darkness. Bonus!

  152. Annalaise duChat said

    Good Luck Freyja. I’m heading out to go home now. Catch you later!

  153. cdnfreyja said

    Yeah, that would be a bonus, for about 2-4 months of the year! One of the big benefits of the 24 hour darkness, though, is the major northern lights exposure you’d get. I definitely miss that where I am now. *sigh*

    Have a good trip/drive home.

  154. laurel said

    Madonna – Glad you’re getting the stent out! I know it seems like you’ve had it forever, and it will be good to have you finally on the mend. ( ( ( HUGS ) ) )

    freyja – Wow! That’s very North! I’m hoping you get something that leads you closer to us, not further. But, I do wish you luck in finding something that makes your soul sing.

    Annalaise – Hey girl! What are you up to these days? Any new writing?

    Danae – did someone get the Josh Groban music to you? If not I have some ready to send. I goofed up the last package I sent and then the post office smashed it, so I am packaging to prevent major destruction this time! ๐Ÿ™‚

    lwildstar – Nope, I didn’t send an updated story to you yet. I’m doing my bills and cleaning house right now so I haven’t even looked at it since we spoke. Sorry. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Bad Laurel.

  155. Claire said

    Wow Freyja! I’ve always wondered how people adapt to that! I mean the 24 hour sun I can see…but complete darkness for 24 hours everyday..serious lack of seratonin!(spelling?) isn’t everyone walking around depressed? But the Northern lights Wow!! I had a friend who spend time in Alaska…oh the pictures and videos she brought back of the Northern lights were beautiful!!!

    Danae..blessings for your sister..she’s due next month Right? she’ll be fine,it’s not too early!

    Madonna…I’m glad you’re getting the stent out…blessings to you too..and your boss can go_____________himself..fill in whatever you like!

    Its snowing like crazy here! very pretty!

  156. Himmiefan said

    Hey Dani girl. Keep us updated on your sister. Hugs to you!!!

    Madonna – let us know how you’re doing. Hugs to you too!!!

    Vampgirl – I so sympathize with the hole in the mouth. A couple of months ago, I had a tooth disintegrate when I bit down on a peanut.

    Dizey – wherever you are, I am going to hold my breath until you report in. I’ll turn blue, but I look really good in blue.

  157. Himmiefan said

    Oh Freyja, I forgot. Good luck on the job search!! Keep us updated. Now, are you still looking for jobs in Ottawa and Vancouver?

  158. cdnfreyja said

    Okay, supper is in the oven, lemon pepper chicken.

    Yeah, moving north isn’t exactly my first choice but if I can get a good job that leads me to something better, I’ll go. It is not at all isolated, though. Yellowknife is the capital. And while small it is the capital city so it comes with certain amenities that all capitals do.

    And you can drive in on the highway or fly in. It is only 90 minutes from Edmonton by air and has direct routes to other cities. Technically, my parents could drive to visit and it would be a shorter drive there. And yes, I’d be way closer to the Portland gang in terms of flying time.

    My brother-in-law is applying for jobs up there too.

  159. cdnfreyja said

    Hey Himmie,

    I’m looking everywhere across the country at this point. If I’m willing to move, it doesn’t really matter where anymore.

  160. Cree said

    Madonna: Glad you are finally getting that evil stent out tomorrow. I know it has literally been a pain! My back is better, thanks for asking. I resume doing surgeries tomorrow. I just have 2 small ones, so hopefully it won’t be that bad on me. I am a little worried about it though….definately don’t want to cause a relapse. I’ll be sending good thoughts your way tomorrow. Let us know how it goes.

  161. Hi Laurel — How are you?

    >>>>Any new writing?

    Girl, I’m working on Chapter 20. That’s one of the reasons you don’t hear too much from me, I’m busy writing. That, and I’ve been pretty busy at work lately. Deadlines! sheesh. Darn customers can get pretty cranky. They just don’t understand the need to blog with my sistah’s

    Stop over at my blog if you want and check out what Kieron is up to. That poor vamp is always in some kind of trouble! The link is behind my name. You remember the password right? If not email me.

  162. lwildstar said

    Laurel – sorry I didn’t get back to you – its been one of those days – if you see this you can distribute the goodies when ever you like!

    I’ve so glad you’re ok I was getting worried!

  163. lwildstar said

    well I left to get into work early and the traffice was so bad I ended up getting in at the same time as I would have on a regular day…somethimes I hate snow!
    No sooner had I got in then I had to get ready to leave for a meeting – we have a public transit program that gives us a stipened each month – and the COunty is changing how we get our passes and pay for them – of course this change means more work on our end! geeze…I’m turning it over to the new girl once we get set up , she was so late she barely made the meeting.

    I got back to work in time to go to lunch but everyone was “here I need this” and “can you take of this?” – I got nasty and and just strted ignoring people – “Hello its my lunch break! I wasn’t out playing in the snow for the last 3 1/2 hours I was trapped in a meeting for work!”

    so I behind on the blog and behind in the emails – well I caught up on the emails now I’m working on the blog.

    I hope everyone is doing better..

    Madonna – I’m glad you’re getting that stent out.

    Hey Dani girl. Keep us updated on your sister. Hugs to you!!!

    Vampgirl – ooo – sorry about the hole in the mouth. my sister has a broken root in her morlar and now has an absese – and its the tooth she she split over the summer and had a crown put on…dad suggested gargaling with whiskey (or alchaole of your choice) cuz it will kill the inefection then you swallow and you don’t care!

    Dizey – where are you?????

    sorry if I missed anyone….

  164. lwildstar said

    they are running a commercial on the radio around here – I think its for a jewelry store – anyway I just love it…

    there’s two kinds of love
    the fairy tale, princesses with long hair,climb up the tower and rescue the girl
    lets comendear this frieght elevator and get tangled up in each others hair…

    thats not exactly what is said – the commercial sounds much better, but every time I hear it it makes me giggle!

    did I kill the blog again?

  165. lwildstar said

    geeze everytime I come over to play everyones runs away…. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  166. cdnfreyja said

    No you didn’t kill the blog. I’m still here!

  167. cdnfreyja said

    And that is a funny commercial. Not sure that you’d buy jewelry for either of those types advertised. lol!

    Kind of reminds me (I don’t know why) of a quote that someone uses on a message board I frequent: A good friend will come and bail you out of jail…BUT, a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, “Damn…that was fun!”

  168. lwildstar said

    I’m sitting here watching old holiday movies – you know the ones that were the animated figures – Little Drummer Boy, Frosty, Rudolph, this one is something a about a little blind boy – I missed the beginning so I didn’t see the title…I love these old shows!

  169. lwildstar said

    I love that quote!
    Reminds me of a few of our sisters here!

  170. cdnfreyja said

    I like all the old Christmas shows. For a few short years they didn’t really broadcast them up here. I like the old stop-gap animation stuff!

  171. lwildstar said

    I ‘m watching a Santa one now – well listening – I working on my writing.

  172. Margaret said

    lwildstar: I’m still here but I’ll be in and out, doing my postcards.

  173. lwildstar said

    never made it to the post office today – hoping to go tomorrow and pick up some cards….

    well I thinkI am going to log out and head upstairs – even with the space heater the basement is getting cold……

    good night everyone!

  174. prtfvr said

    So, it’s been snowing ALL DAMN DAY! No accumulation, just snow. Welcome to wacky Baltimore!

    My husband found my web site tonight and said “I looked at your site – that’s it? I thought you would have some header pictures or something. You haven’t really done anything. How come?” ARGH! Is he the only one who doesn’t realize I’m a procrastinator?! Sheesh! 21 years and he STILL doesn’t know me!

  175. Claire said

    Blood Ties (2006) 11289
    we are just below Supernatural…which has been on for what?3seasons?
    Still snowing here..took me 20 minutes to haul my huge trash can from behind the house up the hill to the front!!! and now I have to haul out recyclables!

    Be back later!

  176. Madonna,

    Good luck with your surgery tomorrow. I hope everything goes well.

  177. prtfvr said

    Good luck Madonna! I’ll be thinking of you, not that it will do any good but I WILL be thinking of you. Much love, yo! ๐Ÿ™‚

  178. Anzia said

    Annalaise- OMG I LOVE YOU! OMG OMG OM GOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG… i LOVE good smelling things…and pretty things…and dangly things…*sighs* YOu’re amazing.

    Madonna, Rif, Wildwoman- I guess I should’ve prefaced all my dream stuff with, I ALWAYS have completely uncensored dreams (well, except for sex but that’s a different story). Regardless of the content. Periodically, I get some REALLY REALLY nasty dreams. Case and point would be the lovely one I had as a kid that I can still draw the bedroom in DETAIL. They eventually tone themselves down or stop altogether. I’m thinking it’s going the tone down route. Since the ones I had last night were VERY mild in comparison. I actually got to GET the bad guys! And I remember basically everything which is always a good sign w/me. (it’s when I can’t remember dreams that it’s bad)

    And Henry did make a cameo in my dream the night before last. But I was FURIOUS with him when I woke up. The JERK! patted me on the head and then LEFT ME to deal with the icky serial killer and a bus full of kids! What kind of self-respecting hero/gorgeous vampire with a heart of gold DOES that?!

    *sigh* Oh well…

  179. Anzia said

    Madonna- GOOD LUCK Dear!

  180. Margaret said

    Madonna: Good Luck, remember that we’re all with you.

  181. Margaret said

    This is off the Lifetime Board:

    A rep from Lifetime called me this evening, returning my call about the show from this weekend. She said that on February 9 and 10, Lifetime channel for Real Women will show all 22 episodes that weekend, including the two that are now only available on internet. I am thrilled!! She had no other news yet on what the future holds for the show, however.
    Request RemovalPosted by susancrago Dec 05, 2007 10:08 pm

  182. Margaret said

    Here’s an excerpt from Blood Ties Blood Lines that might be helpful:
    We still have not heard any definitive answers about the future of the show. Lifetime seems to be dragging their feet at making a decision. We still need to keep those e-mails and letters going to them so they know we have not given up!

    If you have not been over to see it yet there is a whole forum on our Bloodlines Message Board just for ideas on how to help save the show. http://www.bloodtie s-bloodlines. com/phpBB2/ viewforum. php?f=29
    I know it looked bad when Lifetime made the decision to not air the last two shows but don’t take that as a sign that the show has been cancelled. Nothing is over until we get official word and I am sure we will hear from TPTB as soon as Lifetime decides. We still need to keep up our campaign efforts!

    On a side note I would like to request that you please not e-mail or write Kaleidoscope or Insight as they are not the ones that make the decision. They would like nothing more than to make another season of Blood Ties but it is up to a network to buy them for them to continue so contacting them is just preaching to the choir. If you live in Canada please contact the network that airs it in your area. Let them know how much you want the show to continue!

    For more ideas on how to save the show here are some other helpful links!

    http://www.myspace. com/savebloodtie s

    http://www.bloodtie scentral. com/1support. shtml

    http://www.bloodtie s-bloodlines. com/phpBB2/ viewtopic. php?t=2186

    Oh and calling Lifetime is also not a good idea. You won’t get through to the ones that make the decisions and they may start to get annoyed if we flood their phones lines ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well I think that’s it for now. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Stay safe everyone!

    Bloodlines is here to stay until the very bitter end!!!
    Barbi, Jessie and Marie (The Power of Three)
    A fansite for Blood Ties the series

  183. Madonna said

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all the caring wishes. This is what family is about. It is AWESOME to have people to think about you!

    This will be the sixth time I’ve had this particular surgery. I know from experience there’s nothing to it, so there’s no need to worry. And ANYTHING is better than having this stent. It’s almost as bad as passing a kidney stone.

    Good luck tomorrow. Hope the surgeries don’t aggravate your back.

    That is great news that they will air the last two on TV, and hey, they finally figured out that WE’RE THE REAL WOMEN!

    Well, I’m off to prepare for surgery. I suppose I’ll talk to you all at some point tomorrow afternoon. Love y’all.

  184. Margaret said

    Now you have something happy you can concentrate on. Seemed like good news to me.

  185. Anzia — I’m so glad you like it! Now you have to get dress up and go out someplace really special so you can wear it.

    Love You,

  186. Claire said

    God Bless Madonna!!
    And Maggie May thanks for that info!!!! Yeah..WE ARE THE REAL WOMEN!!!
    Cree…I hope all goes nice and easy at work tomorrow!
    Well I’m off to bed with my dark Hunter..have to get up extra early to see if schools are open.It just stopped snowing and the roads are a mess.

    Bonne Nuit my darlings!

  187. susana said

    OH! great!i Caught some wierd bug from one of my patients…going to die now:(

  188. Madonna said

    Hi susana,
    What do ya mean?


  189. Anzia said


    Analaise- No kidding! It smells so GOOOD! OMG! No idea what the scent is (not from the candles) but WOW…*sigh* I might just drape it over my headboard tonight so I can go to bed smelling it!

    Oh, i forgot ot mention this… i think. I won’t be around at ALL from Friday to Monday. My brother is graduating from college on Sat so I fly to OH friday afternoon (at a bit after noon) and wont’ be back until after 2 on Monday. I can just IMAGINE the sheer amount of emails and such I’m gonna have in my in box… Keep your fingers crossed and such for safe flights and such. ๐Ÿ™‚

  190. cdnfreyja said

    Madonna, good luck tomorrow!

    Margaret, thanks for the posts. That is very interesting news from that network. Why run a marathon in February? Very, very interesting.

  191. Madonna said

    Good morning everyone!

    I was going to do this later but since I had a few minutes to kill before heading to the hospital I thought I’d go ahead.

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Chery!
    Happy Birthday to you!

    I hope you have a great day.
    Check your email. I sent you a little something.


    You want to know the real kicker? DirectTV doesn’t even carry Lifetime Real Women anymore. So, I can’t watch them on there either.

  192. Chery said


    I have been so bummed lately because of Lifetime dragging its feet about renewing BT that I have not posted much.


    As I am sure you are aware, Barbie at Blood lines is encouraging everyone to step up the post cards for one more push.

    So! I am challenging everyone to send 25 post cards a day beginning today!!!!!!

    Also how about more fangs????????

    Have a great day everyone!

    Hope everyone is feeling better and lets keep the faith!

    Love yu all!

  193. Chery said

    Madonna, my thoughts are with you!

    Feel better soon! I can’t believe you made me a birthday card and you are about to have surgery!

    The ladies on this list are so special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love ya!

  194. Anzia said


    Guess what! NO HORRIBLE DREAMS! At least I can’t remember a single THING about them (and I mean NOTHING) so… YAYA!

  195. lwildstar said

    I think these are yesturdays numbers
    Blood Ties (2006) 11289

    what a hell of a commute in this moring – well the bus and the train weren’t bad but it was the walk up from the dtation – I hit a patch of ice and slid for about 3 ft before I stopped! talk about an early morning heart attack…visions of landingon my A$$ flashed in front of me….
    so i treated myself to a starbucks stop…

    so I’m running a alittle late – I’ll catch up later!

  196. lwildstar said

    This is off the Lifetime Board:

    A rep from Lifetime called me this evening, returning my call about the show from this weekend. She said that on February 9 and 10, Lifetime channel for Real Women will show all 22 episodes that weekend, including the two that are now only available on internet. I am thrilled!! She had no other news yet on what the future holds for the show, however.
    Request RemovalPosted by susancrago Dec 05, 2007 10:08 pm

    ok Rif – your mission is to set that Tivo and make us recordings!

  197. rifkind said

    If Lifetime for real women is a different channel than the one that has already had Blood Ties on it… then I don’t get that station.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  198. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas.

    No baby yet! Argh! She was at Rockville General(that is the local hospital) and they moved her to Uconn Health Center in Farmington. They have bette facilities for early births. Aiden would be 5 weeks early. Chris’s due date is January 12th. Rockville are the ones that said he is coming and that is why they moved her to Uconn. Uconn put her in stir-ups and looked around up there and said he most likely isn’t coming tonight. They didn’t let her go home though because they think it will be soon.

    I am completely worn out.

    To top it all off Amber went to the holiday store at her school to get Christmas presents for everybody but she didn’t have any money because my mother didn’t know which day her class was going. They gave her stuff anyway which was very nice of them but it is all second rate not so nice stuff. Some of the packages were even open. That just really pissed me off. When I went there the holiday store was all stuff that was handmade donated buy the parents. Now we don’t even know where the stuff came from because we never saw a paper asking for donations for stuff. I may take her to the dollar store to shop for somethings a little better.

    Madonna good luck with the surgery.

  199. prtfvr said

    Z posted the following:

    “Annalaise- OMG I LOVE YOU! OMG OMG OM GOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGโ€ฆ i LOVE good smelling thingsโ€ฆand pretty thingsโ€ฆand dangly thingsโ€ฆ*sighs*….” on 12/5/07

    THEN Z posted:

    “Analaise- …but WOWโ€ฆ*sigh* I might just drape it over my headboard tonight so I can go to bed smelling it!”

    Ok, I ain’t saying nothing but it’s only because it’s WAY too easy and there are SO many ideas that I can’t decide on the best one. But I AM going to say…

    Thank you, Z! Thank you VERY MUCH!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  200. prtfvr said

    So I watched the reincarnation episode last night. I have to say that I didn’t cry or even get a twinge of a tear at all. Maybe I ran out of tears last week. Maybe it was over-hyped. I liked it but it didn’t pull any strings for me.

    It took Vicki long enough to realize that both the guys are pulling away from her. Sheesh. Self-absorbed much?

    Can’t blame Mike. Vicki has done her best to make him her bitch in the police department and even though I hate the Captain, she’s right to say that Vicki needs to stop coming around and (seemingly) trying to ruin Mike’s career with her selfishness. When he wouldn’t talk to Vicki though, that hurt!

    Have I told you that I hate cliff hangers, btw? WTF? Why would you put a cliff hanger on a first season show? That’s just dumb and/or cocky. Either way, I’m not looking forward to hanging suspended while Lifetime decides to finally tell us what they intend to do with BT. Just a reminder: I HATE Lifetime!

    That is all. Carry on… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  201. lwildstar said

    Blood Ties (2006) 11615

    Rif – Lifetime for real women is suposed to be the same channel – but I will check into it to make sure its not a digital cable thing – which I am still having problems getting hooked up!

    I am going to check with someone I know has didgital cable since I can’t get an answer out of ComCast…..

  202. Danae said

    Here are all my Christmas pictures from this year so far.

  203. Annalaise duChat said

    prtfvr — Maybe it was Henry I sent. did’ja ever think of that?

  204. elizabeth said

    I have “Here Comes Santa Clause” stuck in my head this morning. Much to my horror, I find myself humming it at random times! Why this song???? It isn’t even a favorite of mine.

    Madonna – I hope everything goes well getting that stent removed. I am sending healing energy your way, okay?

    lwildstar – I’m sorry you are dealing with the weather and delays. Right now I think I would like to see a little snow rather than the rain that keeps pounding us. Snow is cheerful and Christmasy (When it is light, fluffy and goes away right after Christmas kind of way ๐Ÿ˜‰ Rain is just depressing ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Danae – keep us posted on the baby front. Poor Amber, sometimes the communication from the schools are not the best and these things happen. You are such a good sister to think about taking her to the dollar store!

    I have to admit it – the possibility that BT will be run as a marathon in February certainly cheered me up. I am grasping at straws, but what the heck.

    prtfvr – I have tried to watch the episode on Lifetime, and got as far as the very last section and the computer kept freezing up. WTF! It was so frustrating and nothing I did was helping. It would play briefly and then freeze. I finally had to force myself to quit getting frustrated and actually do some work *sheepinsh grin*. Good thing work is so slow at the moment, huh?

  205. Danae said

    You know Amber is proud of what she got but I still feel very upset about it. She doesn’t know how nothing they are. I mean please, a stick of chapstick? I want so bad for her to be happy and she doesn’t realize that they really are nothing things. One of the things even said uncle on it and she doesn’t have an uncle. I want to protect her from things like this. I seriously feel more like her mother. I know the people gave her these things out of the goodness of her heart and I need to remember that but seriously the things suck.

  206. Danae said

    Out of the goodness of THEIR heart, not her heart. ugh! I am to tired and on edge right now to even notice I make mistakes.

  207. Margaret said

    Danae: This too will pass. I know it seems bad right now but a few years from now it will be one of those horrible Christmas stories you can laugh over.

    Like everyone else has said, keep us up to date on your sister. Everyone is in our thoughts and prayers.

  208. Danae said

    Thanks and I will.

  209. elizabeth said

    Danae – If Amber is happy with what she has then that is a good thing. kids can be delighted with very little and she really is too young to know any better as far as what consistutes quality in a gift. Take the generosity of the people and the gifts with a grain of salt. You can help her find better gifts and it will just make the whole experience that much more special for her. You have a good heart and I know how it can break for those we love. Margaret is right…in the future this will be one of those bittersweet stories you tell and everyone laughs about.

  210. Madonna said

    Hi all,

    I haven’t read the blog or emails yet. Just wanted to let you all know I’m doing fine. Sleepy and sore but fine and I got the stent out. YAY!!!

    Talk to you all later. Take care everyone.

    Love yas!

  211. lwildstar said

    sorry I didn’t ake it by at lunch time – one of the sales men took me to lunch as a thank you for all the help i give him – he’s technologically chalanged and is constantly having problems with the computer or a copier and Ihave to help him….so this was really nice – and we went to a really nice restruant.

    Dani – the good thing about kids – they are happy to just get something – be thank ful she is still at that age where she can see greatness in even the ting nothing things – she’ll grow up and then realize that they are nothing things, but for now its good for her to be that innocent. I wish i was at times! And just think of all the extra love she has from us!
    How is your sister doing?

    At least the snow and Ice are melting but i will be an interesting walk home from the bus stop tonight as everything will be refreezing – not looking forward to tomorrow morning either – it wouldn’t be bad if poepl would just clean the sidewalks or at lest put down sand or salt….sigh…oh well

    talk at you lzater my darlings

  212. rifkind said

    I have one for you!

    Have I told you that I LOVE my TiVo!

    It faithfully recorded all my shows while I was gone for 2 weeks.
    On Monday night I had no more room on the TiVo, so I needed to watch a bunch of shows to make room for this week’s shows.
    So Monday night was a marathon viewing of House and Moonlight.
    I watched 2 episodes of House first, and then 2 episodes of Moonlight. By the end of my TV session, it was pretty late, 1 or 2 AM, and really time for bed.
    OK, the mind processes things while you sleep, and guess WHO showed up in my dream?

    Have you guessed?

    I was surprised that my subconscious finds Hugh Laurie sexier than Alex O’Loughlin. It must be his intense blue eyes!

  213. Danae said

    So far there is no word about my sister. Right now we are trying to figure who is going to stay with the other kids tonight and get them to where they need to be in the morning to get to school. My sister’s ex husband said he can’t because he has plans tonight.

    Hugh Laurie over Alex O’Laughlin? What the hell is wrong with your subconscious Rif?

  214. Margaret said

    Yes, Danae, enjoy Amber’s innocence while you can. I mention two little girls in the fourth grade. They both want cell phones. I don’t even have one.

  215. Margaret said

    That should be I mentor.

  216. lwildstar said

    Just got my card from Dani! thank you!

  217. lwildstar said

    yes Rif – Its the eyes!

  218. laurel said

    Madonna – Awesome! Now, get some sleep and check in later. Prayers are still yours.

    Danae – I know you are worried about your sister and the baby. I will keep praying for them.
    My youngest was almost 6 weeks earlier than anticipated and ended up going to the NICU. She was there for 11 days, but only on a ventilator for the first 24 hours. She weighed 4lb 14oz at birth and lost down to 4lbs even at the lowest. When she got back to birth weight they let us take her home. Talk about nerve wracking! It was like taking home a doll.
    What I’m trying to say is this – She survived and is whole and healthy. Now 13, she has more than caught up with her age group and is in advanced math, science and reading programs. My prayer is that this little one will be blessed with a good and joyful life, and that you will all be able to relax and enjoy.

    Annalaise – I have that password here somewhere….. hmmmm. If I don’t find it by this time tomorrow I’ll let you know.

    Margaret, Rif, prtfvr, E, Z, Susana, Freyja… everybody….
    HI! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Claire – Yikes! I have no advise to offer, but lots of hugs if you need them.
    lwildstar – girl, I’m glad you didn’t land that spectacular move on the ice! No more falls!
    Cree – I hope the surgeries went well and that your back is doing okay after standing and leaning so long.

    Chery – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy your birthday weed! hehehe Unwrap the present carefully, he’s ticklish!

  219. laurel said

    I’m with Rif on Hugh Laurie… Ahh, wait a second, scratch that, I am sooo not ON Hugh Laurie. Rif can have her own dream sequence! (but he does have great eyes).

    Stop laughing!


  220. Danae said

    Your welcome. I am surprised you are getting them so quick. Gram got hers the day after I put them in the mail. I hope you like the little gifty inside.

    I have to go now. My mom and I are thinking of just bringing the kids back to her place and keeping them out of school tomorrow. No one knows where they need to be in the morning anyway. Still no word. Catch ya later.

    Ciao bellas

  221. Danae said

    Thanks Laurel is he is born today he will be exactly 5 weeks early and they say he is just over five pounds so that isn’t any worry.

  222. Danae said

    if he is born argh! Bye!

  223. Danae said

    is he is born today. Jeez of course he will be born.

  224. Danae said

    Good Lord! Shoot me now. That’s it I can’t take it. I may check in when I am at my sisters.

  225. laurel said

    Danae – Typo’s are no biggie dear! We’ll just roll with them for now and save any good ones for when you are in the mood to be teased.
    Blessings on all of you!

  226. Arrowyn said

    Margaret, was that you who said on the LT board that Tanya was going to be at Megacon? You may have posted it here, too, but I’ve been skimming for the sake of time.

  227. laurel said

    Hi Arrowyn – long time no see!

  228. Arrowyn said

    Lifetime’s Real Women channel is digital, unfortunately.

  229. Arrowyn said

    Yeah, Laurel, like yesterday! Ha ha!

  230. laurel said

    Just like yesterday. Go figure. lol

    I wonder if I get the LT real women channel? I’ll have to look.
    I now have a DVR so maybe I can be of some use after all.

  231. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies, just making a quick fly by today. I’ve got book club tonight and I’m working on the very last chapter of the book. The salad I made to take to book club smells really yummy – the dressing actually – and I’m getting very hungry.

    Chery – happy birthday.

    Danae – sounds like your sister is in a really good place right now. I’m sure they’ll take very good care of her.

    Hi Laurel!

  232. lwildstar said

    My gift to myself is to see if I can get digital cable – they are running a special right now so I think I will give comcast a call – this time no self set up kits – I want someone to come out and do all the work! maybe I’ll get lucky and young mr cutie will come back! no with my luck I’ll get the “plumbers cousin”.

    Claire I got your card when I got home! Penguins! I love it!!!!!

    Dani I was so happy when I got your card at work – I was dancing in my chair!the receptionist gave me a wierd look and that just made me laugh….

    I can’t believe how excited I have been to check the mail!

    well I’m going to go find something for dinner and then I’ll be back!

  233. Chery said

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!!! Opening a bottle of very good red wine as I type!!!!!!
    Will re-watch one of my fav BT episodes tonight.

  234. lwildstar said

    Hopefully someone here gets this digital Lifetime channel – so far I can’t find anyone around here who does…I’m still waiting to hear back from my sister – but shes kinda unreliable….
    ok – i just finished catching up on the emails – still haven’t gone to find dinner yet so I’ll back in a bit – again….

  235. Anzia said


    Laurel- LMAO! NICE!

    Rif- YummmmmmmmmmmmmY! I love me some Hugh Laurie…but really only as house…Boy do I love his attitude on that show! *drool*

    Dani- (((HUG)))

    Prtmama- *giggles* very welcome my dear.

  236. lwildstar said

    well just on a hunch I went to the Comcast website and put in my zip code – according to their channel line up my zip code doesn’t get LifeTime for real wone – only regular Lifetime and the Lifetime Movie network! that sucks!

  237. lwildstar said

    great – did I kill the blog AGAIN?! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  238. lwildstar said

    Laurel did you get to hand out the goodies yet? did you open yours?

  239. lwildstar said

    hello? is this thing on? or am I just talking to myself?

  240. lwildstar said

    oooo I didn’t tell you I saw Paul today! his hair is growing back (thank GOD) but he hasn’t shaved in days so he had the whole scruffy thing going on – I said something to him, since he was dressed in a lime green shirt, was he trying to be one of Santas helpers? he laughed and said no – since he moved over the weekend he can’t find a mirrror or his razor – I gave him this funny look and told him that those things can be baought at the local CVS…he just laughted at tme and got on the elevator….when he came back up I was still in the reception area (I’m training the new receptionits) anyway he made funny faces at me and started waving wildly and then dissappeared into his office….
    So now I need to remind him of his promise that we were going to go out and do something artsy…oh the ideas – roling around on canvas cover in paint comes to mind……what an interesting picture that would be.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  241. lwildstar said

    geeze I really did kill the blog!
    I was kidding! please come back!!!

  242. laurel said

    Sorry dear, I ran to school to pick up Sarah. She had band stuff all day.
    I didn’t open mine yet but I would love to! I can get the rest out this week. Sounds like the sooner the better?

  243. lwildstar said

    no I’m just overly excited this year – like a kid at Christmas – no wait… he he he

  244. lwildstar said

    mom just called she is coming over SUnday to help me clean the house – she says that my depression may be better but I’ve let the house go…geeze…hey since shes offering to help…but you know that means I’m going to start cleaning Saturday so she doesn’t see just how bad I let things go – she particularly pointed out my stove!

    Maybe she’ll help me decorate my tiny tree….

  245. lwildstar said

    ok what else ?????

    oh yea, I got my gift from work – its a gift card to go get a gift card….I know sounds weird, but its beeter than what they use to give us – a $15 gift cert to a grocery store that we don’t have any where around here…

  246. lwildstar said

    hello? did I lose you again? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  247. lwildstar said

    geeze the one night I hang around….going off to pout now…. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  248. Anzia said

    poor wild woman! I’m packing and doing other odd things for tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh, ‘Laise- I DID put it by my head so I could smell it all night! I woke up to it tickling my nose! ^_^

  249. lwildstar said

    well now I have my sister on the phone – poor thing..her husband is such a jerk…I’m refusing to call him my brother in law anymore because I don’t consider him part of the family anymore

  250. Anzia said

    oh, i’m sorry! I can’t STAND men who do that…I really can’t. I grew up in that kind of environment and strongly believe that people who treat their spouses like that should be taken out back and shot. (which might explain WHY i think that…such a violent idea…)

    Oooooooookay must watch Kev now…*sigh*

  251. Claire said

    Hey ladies…Glad your OK Madonna
    Happy Birthday Chery!
    Danae..5 lbs is good! Remember the quads were around 2 lbs! everything will be ok!
    Iwildstar…I’m glad you liked your card!

    I was so busy today..the kids had delayed school opening..they didn’t leave the house until 11 a.m. and Nikki was home,and The baby I watch wanted all my attention today..this is the first time I’ve been near my computer.
    Iwildstar..your sister breaks my heart…men.

    Anyway going to check emails..I need to talk.

  252. lwildstar said

    Shes still talking and I have no idea half of what shes saying – it kinda all runs together…

    she asked if we could go away with the kids for New Years and leave her husband at home….so now I’m looking at hotels on line….

  253. lwildstar said

    Dani – my nephew was only 5 pounds and was 5 weeks early – he was fine, but they made him stay in the hospital 10 days just to be sure ….

  254. laurel said

    I’m baaaaak! I threw my kids off the computer so I could do some writing. I have been clearing my e-mails instead. hehehe
    We sure do talk!

  255. Margaret said

    Arrowyn: Yup I did. And yes she is. She must have changed her mind because when I asked her months ago she was going. I don’t know which one I’m more excited about: her or Kyle. There both exciting in their own ways if you get my drift. lol

  256. lwildstar said

    I’m still on the phone with my sister !!!! she has said good by four times now and I have gotten nothing done! and shes starting to cry again because I need to get off the phone! geeze

  257. lwildstar said

    finaaly I got her off the phone !
    don’t get me wrong – I love her – but when I can’t understand half of what shes saying its kinda being talked at not with…

    sorry now I need to vent…

    my sisters husband is an A$$

  258. lwildstar said

    hello? did I kill it again… I give up!

  259. lwildstar said

    I’m going to stick around another half hour….

  260. laurel said

    Laundry, piles and piles of laundry! wildstar? Can your mom come over and help me next? I could keep her busy for a while. lol

  261. lwildstar said

    ha ha ha – I’m actually scared tohave her come over – thats why I’m going to start cleaning on Saturday!

    I am going to see if she’ll do my ironing – I hate to iron!

  262. Hi Everybody,

    Thanks for the merry wishes that came to my house from Cree and Danae! Wow it’s fun to get mail!!!! Cree was my first card of the season! I thought, who could this be from???? What a neat surprise!

    We haven’t managed to send cards from our house since forever and it’s not looking good this year either. I’m still trying to figure out what to have the kids at school make. The nifty teachers are already having their kids knit (never gonna happen with me) They’ve been asking When are we going to start knitting? Alas, what to do. . . suggestions… to inexpensive & some what easy.

  263. laurel said

    She could do my ironing too! We have so much in common! ๐Ÿ™‚

  264. laurel said

    Hey Moonbeam! I don’t know why you’re not knitting! Or having each kid make their own quilt. Yeh, that’s the idea. They could each make a full size quilt. hehehe

  265. lwildstar said

    have them make cards – you know those tissue paper ones with the cut outs that make it look like stained glass windows – I’ve done that with my sisters kids and it doesn’t cost much.

    hey about the cinnoin applesauce ornaments – if you make them now and let them sit for a couple o f days to completely dry then you don’t have to bake them…

    although I love the quilt idea!

    and no laurel – sorry I can’t share mom with you – she wont fly……not even when dad got that trip to Hawaii for his retirment – he had to ask the company to give him the equivalant $$$ instead….

  266. lwildstar said

    you can tell I’m getting tired – that was suposed to be cinnamon- oh hech who cares right?

  267. lwildstar said

    well everyone has run away again…and I’m going to bed.
    Oh I am not looking forward to the “icecapades” trying to get into work tomorrow….

  268. lwildstar said

    nighty night!!!!

  269. laurel said

    Sounds like you should go to bed dear. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. I’m going to go eat some dinner.

  270. lwildstar said

    laurel – email me if you think you’ll be free saturday evening for a chat….

    night dear!!!

  271. rifkind said

    Laurel, LOL!! Yes you can never quite tell what is going to happen in the dream land.

    I’m sure that Kyle Schmid, Hugh Laurie, Alex Oโ€™Laughlin, and Elijah Wood, all have wonderfully BLUE eyes.
    For us to see their great eyes on screen, I think that it all depends on the lighting etc. when filming each actor. Sometimes when I am watching House, Hugh’s eyes just shine! And there were some shots in LOTR where Elijah’s eyes look so big and blue and innocent.
    It is hard to see the sparkling blue of Kyle’s eyes because so much of Blood Ties is shot with a dark color pallet. The one time when they shot in ‘normal’ lighting, and had a close-up of Kyle, it was at the bar scene with the martini and olives. . . Kyle’s eyes were so beautifully blue and sparkling with mischief.

    My waking self was surprised that I planted a big kiss on House. I usually go for guys with dark hair and blue eyes, and since I had just been watching Moonlight, I would have expected Mick St. Clair to be in my dream if anybody.. Strange how the mind works..

    OK Anzia, we will share House in our dream world, LOL! His character is so much fun! He is kind of like the human version of Shrek! LOL!

    Sending you sweet dreams Anzia.

  272. rifkind said

    I’m glad that you are OK. Get better soon.

    I sure hope that the little guy can wait a little longer to be born! It sounds like your sister is in a place where they both will be well taken care of.
    Wishes coming your way for a safe delivery and and a healthy baby.

    So fun that you saw Paul and that he let his hair down (LOL) and waved at you like a crazy guy.. you must be getting under his skin too!
    Get to work safely (no more falling down on the ice OK!), and flirt like nobody’s business tomorrow.. LOL

  273. Anzia said

    ahhh…rif you’re so nice to me. ^_^ well, you’re nice to everyone but for some reason I never understand why people are nice to me…so that just makes you EXTRA special! ^_^

  274. Anzia said

    Dani-Don’t worry. All will be well. ^_^ (i have no experience but i have faith.) BIG HUG!

  275. Margaret said

    Ladies: If you haven’t done so already please go over to Lifetime and place your heartfelt pleas for them to keep Blood Ties. We don’t know how much longer they’ll keep the blog up and we really need to flood it with why we want to keep the show. If you aren’t registered, you’ll have to. Later.

  276. rifkind said

    No problem Anzia,
    I can share sweet dreams with my Blood Sister!
    We are good at sharing ๐Ÿ™‚ . . Henry, Emmanual, the pool boy at the OoTY Villa. LOL!

    There is a saying that says something like this :
    You SEE what you are looking for.

    So Z, start looking for GOOD things.. and for people to be nice to you.. it can be a self fulfilling prophesy.
    I try to look at the world as a optimist. They don’t call them ROSE colored glasses for nothing!! ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL!

  277. Anzia said

    Rif- LMAO! NICE one rif. ๐Ÿ™‚ So, i should start expecting some fun things to happen tomorrow on the plane? or during my 4 hour wait at the airport before my flight takes off? or at my brothers graduation? maybe the plane ride home? ’cause there sure ain’t nothing that’s gonna happen around here! ^_^

    Okay guys, i’m off to bed. If i don’t get to say goodbye and have a great weekend tomorrow: Goodbye and have a great weekend everyone! I love ya’ll and hope that come monday evening when I get back everyone will have a bigger, brighter and b-more beautiful smile (yeah yeah yeah…had to keep it w/the “b” theme).

  278. Oh yeah, I can see the quilts happening~christmas card coming out of my household is more likely! The applesauce cinnamon thing(ornament) sounds interesting whatever it is???? The tissue paper sounds a bit familiar too. Thanks!

  279. cdnfreyja said

    Hey Anzia, have a good trip!

    Just got back from book club. Good discussion, but the night just flew by and before we knew it the clock hit 11pm. Anyway, I know I’ll be the only one around right now so I’ll talk with you ladies tomorrow!

  280. susana said

    Hey, ya’ll
    I just realised how my comment last night sounded , sorry, i had a fever, chills and some wierd nausea, we have had a stupid bug work its way thru the entire clinic staff and it knocked me out, all i had energy to do then was sign in and tell ya’ll i was suffering, i guess in light of all the people going thru some heavy stuff i should have explained some more, not my scary one liner. I am ok, just feeling like crap!!!!

  281. Anzia said

    Susana- good to hear that’s all that it is. I’m sorry your sick though. That sucks! ((((HUGS)))) So chicken noodle soup, warm bed, some tea and a whole lotta HENRY should do the trick!

  282. Anzia said

    Oh, I wanted to mention that on itunes
    #2,4,7- Blood Ties
    #3,5,6,8- Moonlight

    WOOOT we beat out Moonlight for highest…^_^

  283. DUDE!!!! You guys think you have weird dreams, huh? I had another one last night involving Joseph from Moonlight. Talk about odd. That’s like the third time he’s popped into my head. Anyways, I was in his house…if that’s what you wanna call it. *g* Yep, just me and Joseph, hanging out, and I was sitting at the table eating hot dogs and onion rings of all things…and commenting on how good the onion rings were. Ooookkaaaayyy…and Joseph was eating french fries. Heh. It seems like I’m now conjuring up old eps of FK for my dreams too. And that’s pretty much all I remember…though I’m pretty sure me begging him to turn me was in there somewhere. I’m like his stalker now. Or his biggest fan. Yep. I’m his number one fan…hehee…

    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  284. lwildstar said

    I am running soooo late this morning – I just couldn’t wake up and missed the bus and oh grrrr its been one of those mornings – so just a quick HI and I’ll be back at lunch!
    everyione havea good day!

  285. lwildstar said

    MAgs i posted twice at LT yesturday and I will try to get over there again today!

  286. Chery said

    Please go over to the LifeTime blog, someone wrote to Matt Rousch about BT and he answered back. (TV guide critic)

    He says that although there is no official word, he would not be too optimistc as he thinks that LT’s reasoning to put the last two episodes of Season 1 showed a lack of support for the show. Well Duh!

    However, he did say that because BT is a Canadian show that whatever decision LifeTime makes, it will be an economic one, not a creative one.


    P.S. “Till we Meet again” is not up on I-Tunes, wonder why??????

  287. lwildstar said

    quick voting numbers update
    Blood Ties (2006) 11928

    I don’t seem to be able to get to HeyNeilson this morning….

  288. Madonna said

    Good morning everyone!

    How’s your sister and the baby?

    I’m doing well after my surgery everyone.

    I love my baby. When I woke from my nap yesterday, Boo-Boo was waiting outside my bedroom door for me. He jumped up on his hind legs and assumed the position for me to pick him up. He hates to be picked up so this is something. So I reached down and scooped him up and he proceeded to wash my face, (again, not something he usually does) and he nuzzled my neck and made me hold him for a while. If I tried to put him down, he made me pick him back up. After a little while he got down but he still hung right to me the rest of the night. I think he could tell that there was something wrong. Oh and both dad, who saw me in recovery and my mom asked me if I was OK immediately upon seeing me because, “I looked like death warmed over.”

    I’ve had to think hard about mentioning this because I know how down everyone is, but I also know the power of prayer and it’s needed here so…..

    My cousins ex-wife Dolly, a really sweet woman, is in the hospital. She has a rare blood disease that causes, blood clots, bleeding and infection. Anyway she had a hysterectomy done in October and she has gotten pnuemonia and such a bad infection that the doctors induced a coma and they have her on life support. So far she isn’t showing any response to the antibiotics and the doctors are talking about pulling the plug. This is just a bad situation all the way around. She has two young sons who need her, and she could truly use as many prayers as she can get.

    Her sister by the way needs to be slapped. HARD! The docs haven’t officially given up on Dolly yet but her sister told Robert and TJ that they need to “go ahead and say goodbye to thier mom because that would be thier last chance.” They did and then she quickly ushered them out the door. UGH!!!!

  289. laurel said

    I’ll be sure to say a prayer for Dolly, and Robert and TJ. And you!

    Keep us posted.

    I have so much to do today. I guess I just added LT to the list. I’ll go there next.

  290. Claire said

    Good Morning sisters…nasty icy day go with my mood,and the kids are on a field trip in D.C.! Madonna..blessings going out to your cousins ex wife..her boys..and you too.

    Susanna..feel better soon!!

    Everyone be careful..walking…driving…etc!

  291. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas. Thanks again for all the concern and thoughts and prayers for my sister and Aiden. They sent her home last night, stupid doctors. She is 2 centimeters dilated inside and 1 outside. When she goes pee there is blood so she knows something is happening. She is on strict bed rest and can only get up to go to the bathroom. Ryan(her fiance) is wonderful. He took care of the kids this morning and got them to there bus stops. The doctors said they were hoping to hold off until she was 34 weeks which is tomorrow. So tell me what difference can 2 days do?

    Susana, I am glad that you weren’t serious about what you said. That scared me. It must be hard to work in a clinic and stay healthy.

    Madonna, Your little baby knows that you had surgery and needs the love right now. Pets can definitely sense things like that. My cat knows when I am upset and crying. They can tell when something is going to happen like a storm or something.

    Laurel, I just remember you asked me about the Josh Groban Noel CD yesterday. I am sorry for now answering you. I completely forgot. When you asked me I didn’t have it. When I got to my sister’s yesterday my mom was there and she said she thought I needed a pick me up and pulled it out of her pocketbook. I was so happy. I am sure there are others on here that would like copies of it though.

  292. Danae said

    Oh and I am sending out prayers for Dolly Robert TJ and you.

  293. Danae said

    Good Lord here I go again.

    That was for Madonna.

  294. laurel said

    Danae – Good on your mom! That CD is amazing and I know you will love it.

    Well, I went to the LT blog and everyone there is saying goodbye. Very sad. I know it will be a tough ride for a while but I’m counting on all of you to stay on here and keep up the madness.
    I haven’t given up completely, and I am depending on all of our writer types to add stories for us this coming year. Notice I’m giving you Christmas season off.

    I’ll be back after I run kids to school.


  295. Cree said

    Madonna, glad your surgery went well and you were able to get that stent out. How are you feeling today?

    My back is doing fine after my surgeries yesterday. Maybe I’m finally on the mend for good! I’m still going to take on only a light load for the next few weeks just in case, though.

    Does anyone know what time lt is making the last episode available today online? I was hoping they would show it earlier than that terrible timeslot of 11pm like they were doing on TV, but knowing them, probably not. Just wondering if they had announced it anywhere that I hadn’t seen. Not that I want to watch it. I know once I do, that there are no more episodes to look forward to and that totally sucks. But, I will watch it tonight ONLY because I know lt is looking to see how many hits they get and I know a lot of you are unable to watch it online, so those of us who can have to give them as many hits as we can. It is going to be very depressing and I am not looking forward to it one bit.

  296. Is thing thing on? Hello?

  297. Danae said

    Cree, everyone is still saying lt has not made a firm decision yet. I’m not sure what time it will be up on the website. I am guessing 11:00 but the way lt has been going it may say that it is the one that should be there but when you play it it is one of the others.

  298. laurel said

    I tried posting on Lifetime but I’m not sure where to post anymore. I left a message on the BT blog and did a “feedback” but I suspect there is somewhere else I should be posting. Any one want to help me out here?


    Cree – I’m glad to hear your back did okay yesterday. I’m with you on the depressed mode about tonight’s episode. sigh

    I finally watched the first one they sent to “online only”. The episode was good, but the quality of the viewing was garbage. I’m hoping it will show up on iTunes so I can see it in a better resolution, but I’m not holding my breath.
    I think I’d better go do some Christmas decorating to get me out of this blue funk I’ve fallen into.
    Actually – Things (other than BT) are looking up! I’m going to go do something fun with my hubby tonight – out to dinner.
    Tomorrow I’m going to watch “Miracle on 34th Street.” I own three different productions of it, so it’s an all afternoon affair. I’ll be making candy and cookies while I watch, so the house will smell great.
    Sunday – Find a Christmas tree and hang some lights. Yup! Things are going to be downright cheery!

    Do you think we could send the “Ghosts of Christmas” over to Lifetime?
    Just a thought.

  299. laurel said

    Hi Vampgirl! I meant to say that in the last post, but hit a patch of “brain ice” and it slipped my mind. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  300. Danae said

    Three versions of Miracle on 34th Street? I only know of two and I have them both, the original with Natalie Wood as the little girl and the one that Elizabeth Perkins played the mom. Miracle on 34th St, It’s a Wonderful Life and White Christmas are my all-time favorite Christmas movies.

  301. lwildstar said

    Laurel! I’ll email you to night when i get home – still waiting on your edited story! you free to chat tomorrow?

    Modonna, Cree, Dani – everyone – my heart goes out to you and yours.

    I’m so happy Madonna and Cree are doing better.

    I’m going topop over to LT now – I’ll be bcak before lunch is over….

  302. lwildstar said

    well i posted my bit at LT and I’ve comeback to find the place empty…
    do i keep chasing everyone away?

  303. lwildstar said

    ok well then – I’m going to go catch up on the emails and I’ll talk at you later!

  304. laurel said

    Danae – Okay, you’re right, I only have two versions of “Miracle…” Same ones as you.
    Wonder what else I was thinking of?
    I might watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” as the third part of the movie marathon. Or skip the movies and try to keep up with lwildstar for an afternoon chat. Hmm.
    At some point in the afternoon I have to drive to Salem – 40 miles down and 40 miles back – to pick up my youngest from a birthday party.
    Then, hubby and I have a dinner party with some crafter friends of ours. He belongs to a wood workers club and we will have a gift exchange of handmade items. They are an exceptionally talented group so the gifts are exquisite!
    Busy, busy, busy.

    What fun things are all of you doing this holiday season?

  305. Danae said

    no no I am here!

  306. Danae said

    Oh boy is that a loaded question.
    Tomorrow is NYC for the day.
    Sunday is my dad’s families get together and most likely setting up my parent’s tree.

    The 15th is Amber’s birthday party
    The 16th Chris was going to have a Christmas party at her place, not sure now.

    The 19th is Amber’s birthday.

    The 22 and 23 is scrambling to make sure everything is ready, made etc for Christmas.

    In between all that is baking cookies, helping Gram make her Slovakian Nut Bread (YUM!), watching numerous Christmas movies, listening to lots and lots of Christmas music, going to Hartford to see the festival of lights, driving around looking at all the lights. Did I miss anything? Probably.

    I love this time of year and it looks like it is a good thing or I might lose my mind before it is over.

  307. Danae said

    And it looks like we are supposed to be getting some snow and sleet tonight and if that screws with my NYC trip tomorrow someone is going to pay!

  308. elizabeth said

    Hi everyone, Here it is Friday and I am caught between feeling morose over no Blood Ties and trying to catch the Christmas Spirit that seems to be just out of my reach this year. I think I will take a page out of Laurel’s book and do some baking and get my tree put up this weekend. That should definately put me in a better mood.

    My favorite Christmas movie is The Bishops Wife! I love that move and watch it every year. Krysten and I have started our Santa Clause movies. We’ve managed to watch the first one and this weekend we will see the second. I just got the 3rd. I’ve also got It’s a Wonderful Life, The Holiday and While you were Sleeping on my list as well. Okay, I am starting to feel better already.

    Laurel – Enjoy your evening out with your husband. Be safe driving to Salem to pick up your daughter, okay?

    Cree, Danae and Lady A – thank you for the cards. Like many of you have already said – I look forward to checking my mail this year! The ornament was adorable, Danae – thank you.

  309. lwildstar said

    well I have 5 minutes of lunch left…

    what am i doing for Christmas – well Xmas eve we have a pot luck at my sisters because its easier with the kids – I am praying her in laws dont come over – they were drunk when they showed up last year! frankly i’d be thrilled if her husband was gone for the evening…. sorry one of my alter egos is starting to show.
    then Chrismas day I’m cooking dinner for my parents – already figured out the menu – cornish hens, sage stuffing, baby carrots, mashed taters & gravey, and pumpkin pie! although momis going to make the pie, hers are better than mine ๐Ÿ™‚
    wish I didn’t have to go back to work that wednesday – but I can’t get the day off becasue two other people beat me to it …..
    no one wants to go to any of the light shows – so i guess thats it….

  310. elizabeth said

    Madonna – I am glad your surgery went well. I will add your cousin’s family to my prayers.

    Cree – It sounds like your back is doing a little better? You made it through the surgeries – yea! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Danae – Have fun in NYC shopping. I imagine that has got to be a lot of fun!

  311. lwildstar said

    Laurel – be careful out there!

  312. elizabeth said

    lwildstar – your Christmas dinner sounds delicious. I have never cooked a cornish game hen and the only pumpkin pies that are in my house are made by Mrs. Smith! I do not do pastry very well – it could be used as shoe leather!

    I am looking forward to having some time off. I will be on vacation from December 20th through January 1. It will be heavenly!

  313. Danae said

    Shopping is out. I have no money at all. My dad takes me there every year. We go for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. I am hoping to find my last piece for my Secret Santa Recipient. That is about all the shopping I will do. Amber is going this year. It will definitely will be fun.

    Oh and I will have to take While you were Sleeping out. I forgot about that one. I love Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman isn’t bad in it either.

  314. laurel said

    I don’t have “While You Were Out” so I’ll have to see about renting it. I saw an add for a movie about Christmas and Handcuffs or something. Sounds like just the right thing to me! I think it is on the ABC Family channel tomorrow, so I’ll have to tape it and see if it’s as good as I hope.

    (Lauren chimes in…)
    The whole handcuff things just has a nice ring to it this year. Hmmmm?
    The ones on the add even have fur lining! Yipee!

    Merry Christmas! hehehe

    Oops, should have made that – hohoho!


  315. lwildstar said

    Well I just saw Paul – still hasn’t shaved! anyway he brought up that I promised to give him art lessons…so I smiled brightly and said “well you know where to find me…”

  316. elizabeth said

    I had forgotten about the Christmas movie with the handcuffs. I will definately make sure it gets recorded. Mario Lopez is no hardship to watch ๐Ÿ˜‰

    lwildstar – flirty – I like that!

  317. Danae said

    *whispers to Lauren* Tell Laurel While You Were Out is a design show on TLC. While You Were Sleeping is the movie with Sandra Bullock.

  318. Danae said

    Too bad I found out Mario was a ass after watching him on Dancing with the Stars. I loved AC Slater from Saved By The Bell.

  319. elizabeth said

    Mario was an ass? What did he do?

  320. Danae said

    He claims he never took dancing lessons and has never danced before but I know for a fact that he did. First of all on Saved By The Bell he did lots of dancing surprisingly, even ballet. Second he got really pissy when the judges gave their critiques. He couldn’t handle and he was saying stuff about them. It just completely turned me off from him.

  321. laurel said,
    December 7, 2007 @ 9:35 am

    Hi Vampgirl! I meant to say that in the last post, but hit a patch of โ€œbrain iceโ€ and it slipped my mind.

    Ergh?! Did I miss something again?
    Oh! And while some people are mentioning vacations, I’m off Dec 26th thru January 4th. I go back on the 7th. Dec 21st is my last day. I’m also off on the 17th. *g* I can’t wait to take 2 weeks off. I feel like I’m starting to lose it lately. *sigh* I hate my job, I hate my life….I pretty much hate everything lately….and I hate people who are always in a good mood…’cause I sure as Hell am never in one. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  322. laurel said

    Vampgirl – I meant to say HI to you dear, just to be sure you knew you were noticed and appreciated. Obviously my brain isn’t just slipping on the ice, it is fogging up too. Can we give you any help with the mood? I’d offer to send Henry, but I haven’t seen him in a while. I hear he is moving to Vancouver or maybe Seattle (be still my heart), but no sighting yet.
    Maybe you should try a little chocolate, or maybe a lot of chocolate! Time off is coming soon, you can make it. Remember, we’re here for you.

    Danae – While you were out / While you were sleeping … duh, I knew it sounded familiar.
    Ah well, now that I’m armed with the correct name I might even be able to find it!
    First I’d better put some gas in my car. I think I’ll be lucky to make it to the gas station, since the light has been on for about 20 miles. oh,oh!

    I’ll be back in a while.

  323. Danae said

    Laurel I have been in that situation too many times to count. Luckily I have only actually ran out twice. One time it ran out as I pulled up to the pump. Whew! That was a close one.

  324. laurel said

    Oh, I’ve run out at the pump before too. Had to push the car the last 10 feet while the attendants laughed, but didn’t help. Morons.
    I don’t think I can push my mini-van by my self. Keep your fingers crossed, I’m leaving in about 10 minutes.

  325. Arrowyn said

    I’m confused. *not an unfamiliar feeling for me when trying to understand LT* I was on LT a few days ago and read the same thing that Margaret posted about a BT marathon on 2/9 and 2/10 of all 22 episodes that weekend on LT’s Real Women digital channel. * which I and many others don’t get. Thank you very much!*

    But then I saw this on Bloodlines posted today. This is part of an email response that somebody got from LT Viewer Services

    Beginning Saturday, February 9th and Sunday, February 10th, at 10PM (ET/PT) “Blood Ties” watch the entire series from the beginning. A different episode will air on Saturday and Sunday nights on Lifetime Real Women (LRW). Check with your local cable provider to find out if LRW is available in your area.

    Now, this sounds to me like the “entire series from the begining” will be running at 10pm each night each week (not a consecutive marathon) on regular TV, and different episodes (??) will run on LRW. LT’s explanations make my head hurt! Am I grasping at straws here? Or am I just interpreting this all wrong?

  326. laurel said

    I just sent you a copy of the same form letter that I got a minute ago from LT. “Clear as Mud,” as my grandma would say.

  327. lwildstar said

    laurel – be careful – don’t run out of gas! my sister did that last week 20 yards from the gas station – thankfully some one was nice enough to help her push the car into the station. I’ll email you later…….

    Ok on the letter from LT – yep “Clear as Mud” is a good description – I read it three times and I’m still not sure what they are saying!
    I guess we are going to have to flood them with emails and dare I say phone calls, asking for clerifictaiotn – is the marathon going to be on Lifetime (regular) and then again on the Real Woman network chanel? So far I haven’t found anyone I know who gets that chanel….ggrrrrrr

    ok need to get – I’ll check in when i get home……

  328. Arrowyn said

    I read the same post that Chery did, only on Bloodlines, from Matt Roush. In addition, he said LT’s explanation for putting the last 2 eppys of BT online was:

    Here’s the situation, as explained by Lifetime: Blood Ties’ companion shows, Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead and America’s Psychic Challenge (seriously, I’m not making up these titles), reached their season finales before Blood Ties did, so the network decided to air the remaining episodes online because the “Psy-Fridays” franchise was no longer intact. Which may not make much sense to fans but can be read as a lack of support for this show by the network.

    And he’s right — it doesn’t make much sense to fans. But, then, what about LT makes ANY sense!

  329. elizabeth said

    When I read what Lifetime has said I get the impression it is only going to be on LRW channel. Where do you see that it might be on the regular Lifetime channel – I must be overlooking it.

  330. Arrowyn said

    E, I didn’t see anything definite that said it was going to be on regular LT. That was just my confused impression because they particularly said that “different episodes will run on LRW.” Why make the distinction? Why not say that *everything* is going to be on LRW? What do I ask those kind of questions when trying to interpret LT! OY!

  331. elizabeth said

    You know – Lifetime is getting on my last nerve! I would seriously like to shake someone over there, but I know that Blood Ties is just one very small drop in their very big pond. I truly hope another network picks this up, that it takes off and becomes wildly popular and Lifetime ends up with egg on their face…so there! Childish much? Yeah.

  332. rifkind said

    SO does Paul have some place to go for X-mas?? Hummm?????
    Not pushing or anything. LOL!!!!!

    Prayers for your cousin. I’m hoping for a miracle for you.
    Sweet that Boo-Boo knew that you needed some Loving!

  333. Arrowyn said

    And now for something completely different…

    This is not my kind of music, but if you’re interested, a friend just alerted me to this:

    There are a couple of โ€œGreat Performanceโ€ broadcasts on PBS coming up that I thought you might be interested in. Tonight (Friday, December 7) will be Eric Claptonโ€™s โ€œCrossroads 2007โ€ concert on channel 10. The program is also being broadcast on their HDTV outlet on Saturday morning, too. Then next week the program will be an all-star tribute to James Taylor.

  334. laurel said

    Wheew! Made it to the gas station – all the way up to the pump. It certainly hurts to fill the tank when I let it get down to fumes. lol I have plenty of driving to do over the next few days so I had to pay up.
    I want to shake someone at lifetime too! I had a really hard time making my comment not be as negative as I was feeling at the time. Lucky for them I made Norman sit down and keep his mouth shut. I’m beginning to think we should turn him loose on the execs over there. Mostly kidding on that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  335. Claire said

    I got the same stupid letter…and maybe I’m hoping for to much..but could it mean the old ones will run on LT and new ones on LRW? I don’t even know if I have that freakin channel..I do have digital.UGH asshats!!!!!!!!

  336. Cree said

    Claire: you should have it if you have digital. I have digital and I have it. I think it is up in the 200’s somewhere though, but I know I do have it.

  337. laurel said

    I have digital with comcast and can’t find LRW anywhere! I have e-mailed Comcast and hope to hear back from them about whether or not it is going to be listed. I have Lifetime-W (I think that just means West Coast feed) and I have LMN Lifetime Movie Network. I am not happy about how they’re handling us, but at least we got a response. The same one, over and over, but at least we got noticed.

  338. lwildstar said

    OMLG!!!! the commute home was horrendus! it took 20 minutes to just go the last 6 blocks! I didn’t think I was going to make it homw with out, well, “having an accident” if you get my meaning!

    Watching Dresdin Files on SciFi right now.

    Arrowyn – I don’t get the idea of yanking the show because the others finished either – to me it just plain stupid – but at least someone gave us some sort or explaination – even if it is a stupid one.

    Rif – I haven’t asked Paul about Xmas becasue I’m ging to my sisters for Xmas eve and I wouldn’t want to subject him to the two hour ride there and back – I’m not sure yet how he sees our friendship but I’m sure he’s going to be going to church for Mass anyway…..but I thought I would ask if he wanted to go to dinner the weekend before Xmas. Plus his mom has been really sick again (per Robin) I think thats part of why hes been so stressed out. I asked how much longer he was going to be working across the hall ans he said maybe til the end of January – but he didn’t kow…..

    Ok Cree – you are in charge of finding a way to record those last episodes!…not all digital areas have the LTR station – mine doesn’t.

    Ok – I’m going to go check LT and my emails then I’ll be back.

  339. elizabeth said

    What is up with Lifetime for Real Women as opposed to Lifetime for Women. Are we less real? and, riddle me this, why would they feel the need to set up a separate channel to show the same drivel? Huh, anyone….anyone????

  340. lwildstar said

    Forget Dresdin! LT posted Deep Dark!!!!!!

  341. laurel said

    Of course they did! I don’t have time to watch it until sometime Sunday! Maybe later.

  342. elizabeth said

    Hey, ms Laurel, I sent you an email. At least I think I sent it to you. Outlook is being weird and all my addresses that used to so conveniently pop in have gone into cyber hell somewhere. I had to type in your email address and I could have sent it to a complete stranger given my typing skills today. Oh well. I’m getting ready to leave for the day – woo hoo!

  343. laurel said

    I guess I’m out of here for the rest of today. I have to drive to Salem to drop the girl off for a sleep over. Then I get to pick her up tomorrow. Good thing I like driving.

    lwildstar – I’ll hunt for you tomorrow, maybe we can work out a couple of pages or maybe finish the chapter we were on. I never did get my typos fixed. Oh, well.

  344. laurel said

    E- Call me if you want to talk. I’ll be on the road in a few minutes, but I’ll be around most of tomorrow. I’ll put my phone in my pocket in case you call.

  345. Margaret said

    Ok, ladies, those of you who haven’t seen the show yet, get out the hankies. I won’t ruin it for those of you who haven’t. We still need to continue to write Lifetime, email other networks, etc. We also need to tell Lifetime they need to order more episodes and put them on a network everyone has. We can’t give up now. I did this in lower case for you PRTFVR, although I wanted to cap them alll. Now that I’ve seen that last episode I feel like really having a good cry. Have I mentioned, like Prtfvr, that I HATE Lifetime.

  346. lwildstar said

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!
    I’m still crying!!!!!!

    I could kill LT for doing this to us!

    ok I’m over to cehck my emails and then I might pop over to the hen house to see if any one is around…

    Laurel – I’ll check in with you tomorrow – be safe!

  347. lwildstar said

    ok the ONLY good thing I can say bout getting to see this early – even online – is now I won’t be in the basement at 11pm freezing my a$$ off!

  348. lwildstar said

    well I’ll keep oposting at the LT message board as long as they leave it up – but I’m not watching their station until they bring Blood Ties Back!!!

  349. lwildstar said

    ok I’m going over to the hen house – I’ll stick around for a little while to see if anyone shows up when your done watching…

  350. Claire said

    HOLY MERDE!!! sorry Prtfvr!! I just finished Deep Dark! Henry with tears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How good was this epi..oh man LT gotta be morons not to see how good BT extraordinary Kyle’s,Christina’s and Dylan’s acting is! Geeze!

  351. susana said


  352. susana said

    I …….I………have nothing to say right now….gotta catch my breath

  353. Leila said

    Hello ladies,

    Not sure if this comment is pertinent any longer but I read a post talking about Miracle on 34th Street. Yes, there are three versions of Miracle on 34th Street — the original with Edwin Gwenn and Natalie Wood, a TV movie version was done I believe in the 70’s with Sebastian Cabot as Kris (he was excellent!) and then the remake with Richard Attenborough. I still love the original and I watch that version followed by White Christmas while I decorate my tree.

    I’m thinking about you guys going through some rough times. Sending positive energy out to all who need it.

    It snowed today and it was pretty — even if it was slippery walking to my car!


  354. rifkind said

    Friday night and no new Blood Ties episodes to watch on TV and then blog about …
    I don’t have digital cable. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ so if that is the only way that they are going to show Blood Ties, I am going to be really bummed out.
    No BT, so I am not even going to turn the TV on tonight.

    After what you Ladies have said about the two online episodes, I don’t know if I dare watch or if I will be too depressed.
    Well, I hope Lifetime figures out that they have a great show and cast and crew. What a great Christmas gift it would be if they announced another season being filmed!
    Santa??? Can I PLEASE make a wish for Christmas??

    I think that Santa listens to kids… so your young daughters will have to tell Santa all about this great vampire named Henry …. and how they want to see MORE Henry on TV… ๐Ÿ™‚

  355. Margaret said

    Okay ladies here is what we have to do: Lifetime may or may not hope that we will lose interest from now until November, we have to prove them wrong: (1) Continue to watch the web episodes, (2) Continue to write postcards to them demanding for more Blood Ties on TV on a channel that everyone has, not just a privileged few, (3) Continue to write other networks and see if we can’t get someone to pick them up. We can’t let them kill this show and its on our shoulders now. We have to keep up the steam or it will die.

  356. Margaret said

    Andrea Wong, President/CEO
    Lifetime Networks and/or
    Susanne Daniels, President of Entertainment
    Lifetime Television
    World Wide Plaza
    309 West 49th Street
    New York, NY 10019
    CITY TV Feedback:
    Space Feedback
    โ€œsnailโ€ mail:
    SPACE: The Imagination Station
    299 Queen Street West
    Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2Z5
    TNT: Addresses and Telephone Numbers
    How can I write to TNT?
    Please send comments and questions via email to or you can write us at:
    1010 Techwood Dr. NW
    Atlanta GA 30318
    What is the phone number for TNT Programming?
    The number for the TNT Viewer Comment and Question Line is 404-885-4538.
    If you have suggestions or comments for our Programming Department about the SCI FI Channel or any of its shows, please contact:
    SCI FI WIRE: If you are having problems reaching our online news service SCI FI Wire, please contact:
    PHONE Call 212-413-5577 and ask to leave a message on the USA Viewer Hotline. Please note that we are not able to return any calls POSTAL MAIL ADDRESS YOUR LETTERS TO:
    USA Network
    30 Rockefeller Plaza
    21st Floor
    New York, NY 10112

  357. Chery said

    I agree with Margaret, and I feel that if indeed the actor’s contracts were extended until the end of December, we must make the final push NOW.

    Thanks Margaret for posting the addresses. Send Postcards to Lifetime! Continue to watch the episodes online. Remeber LT web traffic increased 250 percent last year it had to be due to BT.

    FLOOD them with e-mails and postcards, also everyone contact the networks in Canada! City TV could pick up the show also.

    Later everyone You rock!

  358. prtfvr said

    Just watched Deep Dark. I have to say that it was excellent! Still no tears from me but I sense that if I would have been able to see more than just a 2″x3″ rectangle, I would have been able to react appropriately. Poor everyone! Whose heart DIDN’T break in that episode?! Talk about your tragic build up!

    I want to see the last one but I dread it too because I think that bonehead, Lifetime has cut it loose and no one acts like any other company can pick it up but them. Is it doomed then? I don’t know but I STILL hate lifetime. That’s right, lower-case lifetime. That’s all they deserve!

    Shout out to Leila! I’ve been missing our chats!

    Mags: Upper case only bothers me if it’s the entire sentence. I have a hard time reading it. I’m all for the random upper case. Don’t worry about it. I just tend not to read posts that are all upper case because it’s too hard to read and I don’t want to miss what you’re saying. ๐Ÿ™‚

  359. susana said

    hey prtvr, you doing ok?
    Claire? you?
    Thanks Danae! Made me smile today:)

    Did not cry for this episode either, but i was really moved by teary Henry and Vicki…… was such an emotion-laden episode it drained me! I wish henry had kissed her though, he wants her so bad and you could see that this entire episode!
    Phew! i am drained!

  360. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Sorry I didn’t drop by yesterday. I woke up with a killer migraine and took it easy all day.

    I did some digging to find out about the parent company ov CityTV. There was a big series of buy outs and mergers earlier this year. I thought it had been bought by CTV (which owns Space broadcasting Blood Ties on Fridays and Saturdays and which broadcasts Moonlight on the CTV stations on Fridays). It was supposed to have been bought by CTV but our regulators said ‘no, you can’t do that, too much media concentration’. But CTV was still allowed to buy up the CHUM radio stations, just not the tv stations (i.e. CityTV). We just have to be complicated.

    So, CityTV is now owned by Rogers Communication/Media which stepped in to scoop up the 5 stations. I haven’t found a contact person or department with Rogers yet as the way they set up their websites is a little annoying – I can’t find the right one. Seems they force you to contact the individual station instead. If anyone else can find it, great!

  361. Margaret said

    cdnfreyna: Do you have a division of corporations up in Canada that they would have to register with. You should be able to check through there and find the officers possibly, along with addresses possibly.

  362. cdnfreyja said

    Hi Margaret, I find most of the government websites incredibly difficult to use. I have no idea who designed them but they are totally counterintuitive and the search functions are totally useless. This includes Industry Canada which would list all federally incorporated businesses like Rogers (up here telecommunications is a federal jurisdiction). So, I went back to the Rogers website and dug around a bit. Okay, here is what I can figure out.

    The media officer listed on the notice of the closing of the purchase of CityTV is listed as Andrea Gagliardi ((416) 260-3803, According to the press release, CityTV operations are now under the direction of Leslie Sole, Chief Executive Officer of Television for Rogers Media. This is as of October 31st, 2007.

    Interesting โ€“ they donโ€™t yet list the CityTV stations as part of their business on the Rogers site.

    Listed on the Rogers site as the Media Contact:
    Jan Innes
    Vice President, Communications
    333 Bloor Street, 10th Floor
    Toronto, Ontario
    M4W 1G9

    This street address seems to be the main office in Toronto.

    Tony Viner is the President and CEO of Rogers Media.
    Rael Merson is the President of Rogers Broadcasting Limited, the broadcasting arm of Rogers Media.
    Melinda M. Rogers is the Senior Vice President, Strategy and Development, Rogers Communications Inc.
    Bruce Mann is the Vice President, Investor Relations.

  363. Claire said

    Back from Christmakuh shopping…argh the stores sucked..toysrus mad house!!
    hey Susana I’m hanging in there…
    Prtfvr..I didn’t cry either..but Henry when his eyes filled up? Merde I wanted to kiss him lol! Vicky is just a lost case..I wish Henry had said “Oh what the hell” and grabbed her like Mike did…but I understand Henry and his dignity…and how he feels it’s up to her now.Once again Kyle amazed me with how he can tune in to every little nuance of a character…he truly is gifted.

    Coreen for once did not get on my nerves..Gina did an excellent job!!!!!!!!!!
    anyway off to vote…and read emails.

  364. lwildstar said

    well I just went and checked my AOL account – thats the address I gave LT for all the feed backs I sent of 21 replys half were the old message from the summer pushing Side Order of Life and the other half were the new message about them running the marthon on LRW….funny thing is ALL the responses came in yesturday with in the same hour between 4 and 5 pm!

    so I already had a feeling it was an automated system but now this just proves it!

    Laurel if your around I’ll be back in about two hours!

  365. laurel said

    I haven’t gotten to watch the last one yet, and your comments make me fearful.
    I am buried in STUFF from my storage space under the stairs! We have a vent that is making terrible noises, under the house (actually under the oven) and my husband has to get into the crawl space. Sadly, the only access is through the closet – the really big – toss in the junk and shut the door – closet! EGADS, Not the decor I was going for. Now I have all of that to contend with for the afternoon.

    Sorry wildstar – I’ll try to hunt you up and break it to you gently. I have to leave for Salem in 25 minutes.

  366. laurel said

    Hey, I might be back in about 2 hours too. Maybe we can meet for a short session! That would improve my day for sure!


  367. prtfvr said

    Hi Susana. I’m sick, sick, sick! I have a cold and it’s so bad that I can’t breathe out of either side of my nose. I’m thisclose to having a panic attack over lack of air. It’s horrible!

    Other than that, I’m fine. How about yourself?

  368. rifkind said

    Get the GARLIC and vitamin C and B’s and take them right now!

  369. Margaret said

    Got any Wasabi around the house. I read somewhere that’ll clean your sinuses out. Might make you cry if you eat too much of it too.

  370. lwildstar said

    sorry you’re sick again prtfvr…take a hot shower – and get some of that euclyptus shower gel that Johnson and Johnson makes – of the genneric CVS brand – that will help….or Vicks makes these tablets you can put in the bottom of the shower (shower soothers) they’ll make your eyes water but they will get your sinuses open…

    Wasabi or hot chillies will work – if your throat and stomach can handel it….

    my sister called crying again – shes got the flu and her husband is acting like a jerk – he actually had a friend over to watch some game on tv!….after she got all cried out she laughed and said – you are so lucky you never married!

    poor thing – to be sick and have to deal with that a$$

  371. Hey Iwildstar are you still there? This just in from Laurel! “Stuck in Salem, running late, sorry…just got on the road home! (after a pick me up starbucks to get home and a call to moonbeam to relay this message!)

  372. Madonna said

    Hi ladies,

    I’m doing very well today and very happy the stent is out. Even so today is a very somber day at my house. Dolly passed away last night. They didn’t even have to take her off of life support. Her heart just simply gave out. Her children aren’t as young as I thought they were, 17 and 15, but it is still going to be very hard for them because they were very attached to her.

    Thank you all so much for your outpouring of love and support for both me and my family. Love y’all.

  373. Margaret said

    Madonna: Sorry to hear about your loss. Glad you’re feeling better.

    Anyone going to the Hen House tonight? If no one’s going, I’ll go back to writing my Christmas Cards and watching the History of Sex. lol

  374. rifkind said

    Prayers for you and your family.
    If she had to pass, I am glad that the family did not have to pull the plug and then wonder if there was anything else that they could do to save her.
    It will be a difficult Christmas for them.
    { { { HUGS } } }

  375. Margaret said

    I found the lyrics I was looking for to refer to the “boys” and Christina, its fromt the Eagles’ song: Life in the Fast Lane:

    He was brutally handsome, and she was teminally pretty

  376. Margaret said

    I’m fading. Night ladies.

  377. prtfvr said

    Madonna: I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. January’s gotta be better, right?

  378. susana said

    Just got back from meeting with some friends i have not seen in 6 months, they are all froo-froo and picked a restaurant that is not very kid-friendly,my girl was all over the place, could not even eat……..oh….single people ๐Ÿ™‚

    claire, i am doing better now…..I to wish that Henry had just kissed her, that would have held me over longer! Girl, when he teared up………i wanted to hold his head right between my boobs….i am a DD, lots of warm comfort there! And if he feels like, he can….

    Prtvr……sorry you are not well, hope you feel better, sending some Henry therapy your way dear ๐Ÿ™‚

    Prayers for you madonna (((((((HUGS))))))))

  379. Claire said

    Aww..Madonna…my heart goes out to you and Dollys kids! This has been some month hasn’t it?

    My other self…I hope you feel better soon love!

    Susanna..I can relate on both counts..single friends with no kids..they just don’t know! and yeah you and me both..on the Henry…lord..I wanted to cradle that man in my arms like a…well not like a baby lol, when his eyes filled up…and he did it so pretty didn’t there nothing he doesn’t do perfectly?
    I simply adore him…call me cougar…mayor of pervsville…I don’t care!!!!!!!!

    Can’t sleep and it’s 11:20..guess I’ll write some more cards and then hit up a Dark Hunter.By the way thanks to everyone who recommended them,I’m on book 3 already and Holy Merde are the hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Type at yas tomorrow..bonne nuit mes amis!

  380. Linda said

    Hi everyone,

    I have lurked on this blog periodically since last summer, hoping for news about Blood Ties. I admire the community and spirit that is always evident here. Like all of you, I have been sending postcards and emailing lifetime about renewing Blood ties.

    I did some research to see if Army Wives, of which Lifetime is so proud, had the same avid fan support as Blood Ties. I googled them and did not find many blogs or websites outside of Lifetime, however I did run across an article about production being delayed. Arny Wives was supposed to start production in November, but cannot because of the writers strike. The article talked about how it was filmed in Charleston, SC and everyone was so disappointed about the indefinite delay.

    Hopefully that is good news for us. if the writers keep striking through December…it may force lifetime’s hand.

    I watched Deep Dark this morning…what a great episode and so depressing all at the same time. I have to believe there will be more!

  381. Hi Linda,

    Welcome and thanks for the nice things you’ve said about us. We at ms.gypsy’s are very proud of the comraderie that has developed here. It’s kind of a phenomenon.

    We love the show and are adamant in our support of the talented actors and crew that have brought it to us. But even more than, that we love the friends we have made here on the blog and we welcome new ones. Thanks for dropping by and feel free to stop back any time.

    Annalaise duChat

  382. Madonna — I’m so sorry for your loss. This has been a tough past couple of months for us. To many loved ones going home.

    Prtfvr, Freyja — Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Deep dark was so tragic. I can believe they are going to leave us hanging like that.
    As Claire would say “Merde!”

  383. susana said

    Claire, i am reading some dark hunter myself….OY!!!!!

    Welcome Linda!

  384. Chery said

    Madonna, so sorry to hear about your loss.
    I am glad you are feeling better.
    Get some rest!

    Love ya!

  385. Arrowyn said

    I got a Google Alert for BT that sent me to a blog in which she said that Lifetime for Real Women is only available on Direct TV and Dish Network. Neither of which I have, I might add! Anybody have either of those and can check if that info is correct? Are there more subscribers of Direct and Dish than there are of regular digital providers like Comcast? If not, it sounds like LRW is going to be a little boutique channel. Arghhh!!!

  386. rifkind said

    I have just regular cable. Not digital or dish. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  387. Arrowyn said

    Madonna — I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. But I’m happy that your latest surgery went well and you’re feeling better (at least physically).

    Doc Cree — It sounds like your back is getting better. Don’t forget to treat yourself as well as you treat your animals.

    Prtfvr — Please take care of yourself and build up that immune system that got depleted by all the stress you’ve been under.

    For some reason, many of us seem to be dealing with a lot of stress in our lives right now, not all of it having anything to do with the holiday season. I know first-hand what stress can do to you physically and emotionally. So, that message to Prtfvr is for all of you in that situation (me, too!). In addition, we’ve gotten some great suggestions from many of our sisters on how to take care of ourselves. Just remember, if you’re responsible for the care of anyone else (that includes pets), then part of that responsibility is to take care of yourself. If you’re only responsible for your own care, then caring for yourself is just as important. Either way, YOU are important — to yourself and to us!

    Sorry for the soapbox, but the end of 2007 has been — let us say — challenging. Pray for a better 2008!

  388. Margaret said

    Welcome Linda;

    You will find that we are suffer from an addiction for which we don’t want to be cured. We’ll fight the good fight until we have no more fight left in us, and then we’ll fight some more. For “just a tv show” it has brought a great group of women together here who will be friends for life. We share our ups and downs, we’ve laughed, cryed, laughed until we cried over this show and “real life”. So welcome to the clinic.

    Arrowyn: I have the digital tier with Brighthouse Networks in Florida and I have Lifetime for Real Women, but didn’t know I had it until I called them. Didn’t even know I had it. It’s Channel 140 in the Central Florida area down here. But that does mean I’m going to stop asking lt to put it on a channel that “all real women have”. They’re losing viewers putting in on LRW, they should certainly equate in their cash register, unless it’s intentional on their part.

  389. Margaret said

    That should be: But that doesn’t mean…

  390. prtfvr said

    Welcome Linda. We’re always glad to welcome a new member [who isn’t a troll or psycho]. So long as you’re neither one of those, you’ll like it here. A nicer group of people I never met!

    Thanks for de-lurking. We appreciate all the support we can get for Blood Ties.

  391. prtfvr said

    Speaking of lifetime – not just the fact that I hate them. Are they implying that only “real” women can view the marathon in February? Or are they just trying to jump-start another channel? OR, do they just not give a shit and want to continuously jerk us around? I’m betting it’s that last one. Yep.

    Crap! I forgot to put them on my voodoo doll! First thing tomorrow morning, Steve and lifetime go on the old doll. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  392. Linda said

    Thanks for the welcome! Nope, Not a troll or a psycho…well only a little tiny bit psycho where Blood Ties and and Henry/Kyle is concerned. I know that everyone here understands about that…good to know I am not alone in my obsession.

    I even watched Death Row last night…only for Kyle would I watch such a thing. Eeeeewwwooo!

    By the way, just to introduce myself a little further, I live in Little Rock.

  393. susana said

    Linda, you have to check into the BT ford clinic where we enjoy Henritis and Mikeosis ๐Ÿ™‚ WE respect Kyle and his acting skills but boy when it comes to Henry, its fair game, all dirty thoughts are welcome he!he!he!
    WELCOME! to the dark side !

    Ditto Arrowyn…this ear has to end!

  394. susana said

    i meant this YEAR!!!! has to end! (smiles shyly!)

  395. Margaret said

    Ladies: Don’t forget to go over to HeyNeilsen and vote, Kyle is slipping. And we need to keep Blood Ties up there.

  396. lwildstar said

    Blood Ties (2006) 12549

    welcome Linda!

    Laurel did you make it home safe? Moonbeam please check on her – I never heard from her last night or this morning…….

    well mom has left – we cleaned the whole ground level and the upstairs bathroom – I told her that was enough so I still have to do the bedroom and spare bedroom – not even going to try to do the office….

    so I am all tuckered out – going to go eat something and i’ll come back and visit afte a nap…

  397. Chery said

    Hey Everyone I just read an article in the Los Angeles Times that said negotiation talks with the Writer’s Guild have broken down as of Friday, with both sides still “far apart”.

    If this continutes past the first of the year, it would force networks to look at Canadian produced shows………………… the article did not say that, just my own observation and yes hope for more BT

  398. Glad I checked in I’ll get on the phone now! Thanks! Welcome Linda! The blog ate my post three times when I sent wishes to Madonna, I’m sure you got them anyhow and prtfvr too. Off to check on Laurel, she’s probably back from church by now! moonbeam

  399. laurel said

    I’m here! Just back from church and then I’m going to eat the burger I just picked up and then deliver the older girl to a birthday party and then I’ll be back. AKKKK!
    What happened to my life?

    Oh, it’s snowing.

    wildstart – I’ll be back! How goes the day of bonding with Mom?

  400. Is that real snow or snow of overwhelming things to do??????? Okay, just looked outside and it maybe could be snowing for real in Portland, since Eugene is really covered with clouds.

  401. Margaret said

    Ladies: I know Lifetime is a dirty word but Sex and the Single mom will be on soon (check your listings). Remember our man/child has a small part in it.

  402. laurel said

    Real snow, but it has died down a little. As for the rest… well it is a flurry of activities at our house. Steve is trying to fix the annoying vent under the stove but has had to stop because he would have to lay in the mud under the deck to reach the darn thing. Poor dear. I think he’s afraid he’ll get stuck and have to call for help. We were going to go get a tree, but there is no time when everyone is home at the same time. Ah well, I’ll just have to get out the rest of the decorations and clear a space for the tree. Maybe Thursday will work out. sigh

    Margaret – I will look for the “dear boy” and am willing to watch for him as well as Dylan and Christina and Gina, even if it means tuning in to Lifetime once in a while. I check IMbD for listings every few days, but always appreciate a ‘heads-up’ from you!

  403. Margaret said

    4:25 EST for Sex and the Single Mom

  404. Margaret said

    I stand corrected, its Lifetime Movie Network. Wonder if they’re guaging interest?

  405. lwildstar said

    laurel – you around?

  406. lwildstar said

    lets see Laurel asked “wildstart – Iโ€™ll be back! How goes the day of bonding with Mom?’

    ok first off is this now a anothe name for me? or a typo?

    any who…- we cleaned the whole ground level and the upstairs bathroom -Mom scrubbed my oven and stove top awhile I scrubbed the bathroom – then I told her that was enough so I still have to do the bedroom and spare bedroom – not even going to try to do the officeโ€ฆ.I did almost all the filing I wanted to get done. To make sure that was the end for today I took mom to lunch at Panera Bread and then we went to the craft store – Michaels crafts had just about everything cXmas at 50% off – I really havent been up to decorating the tree – its been sitting there for a week, although I did get mini lights on…first off my tree is onl 4ft tall….so I bought a big bow for the tree topper and ribbon for the garland then we found some picks of glittery bright lime/neon green , added a few red berries and tada the tree is done!

    so basically I’m done decorating – I do still need to put back everything I had to take down for the electrical contractors – I might do a little of that each night this week – to make sure I at least tride I brought the boxes downstairs.

    ITs been raining all day – it was dark when I got up at 8am so I knoew something was wrong…..

    mom decided to tell me why shes been depressed – she has developed a blood clot in one of her eyes so now she has a blind spot – wellits like a big greasy smudge, but inside her eye. so shes having a heard time seeing. she said the doctors want to wait and see if it disapates on its own beofore trying anything – it has to do with her high blood pressure…. hope she told dad so he’ll stop acting like a jerk…..

    Any way she seemed to have a good day just being away from him ๐Ÿ™‚

    so I am feeling a bit more of the holiday spirt – dispite whats been going on. I miss Blood Ties already and its a pain watching it on computer!

    ok I’m goijng to go write and check emails but I’ll be around

  407. Anne said

    A good friend in the US helped me see “We’ll Meet Again” so I only have one more to go. Have to wait for iTunes to see it, so I’ll not be reading much blog or forums until then.

    I’ll spend the time thinking up silly virtual gifts for Kyle, Dylan and Christina.

  408. lwildstar said

    mom checked out my crd tree while she was here – she thought it was a great idea and I think she read the cards while I was upstairs…now she knows how wonderful all of you are (or at least those whos cards have showed up ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
    I have the email card Annalisa sent and the ornament from the halloween party with Henrys picture on it hanging on the tree with the card plus the ornament Dani sent – I was really suprise mom didn’t ask…. LOL!!!

  409. laurel said

    Good grief! I’m back… for about an hour and then I get to go pick up a bunch of high school kids from the birthday party. I’m the only one available to drive everyone today. Hmmmm, I wonder how that worked out? Ah, well. I love them and glad to be able to spend time with them since they will all go away for college next fall.

    wildstar – TYPO! Oh my gosh! I couldn’t believe I’d given you another alias. Sorry dear.
    I’ll go look for you at the chat now.

  410. laurel said

    Anne – I haven’t thought up virtual presents yet. I’ll try to do that tonight.

    Btw, How soon will you get to see the last two episodes? We’ll miss you while you wait, so let us know or we’ll come looking for you!

  411. Anne said

    I saw the second to last today, and I’ll see the last one soon after it’s on iTunes.
    I’ll be working on galleries while I wait.
    So you probably won’t even notice I’m gone ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I think the most fun is thinking up a silly virtual gift every day.
    I mean, how many times can you give lifelong love, health and career?

  412. Claire said

    Just wanted to say a quick Hello! We are slowly getting in the spirit..and Nikki finally felt like putting up the tree! I’ll try to get back tonight,but our tree is a we’ll see!

    Love yas!

  413. lwildstar said

    a 7ft tree! my word Claire…thats a lot of ornaments…..i

  414. Margaret said

    Holy Smoke, is it a real one Claire? Bet its beautiful.

  415. lwildstar said

    to those interested in FireFly – the SciFi channel is going to run a marathon starting Friday.

  416. Arrowyn said

    When Oregon and Washington were having their storms, some of you asked how we were doing. I just received these aftermath pictures from a friend of mine who lives in the town in Washington where these were taken. Here’s part of what she wrote to me:

    Our communities are dealing with the aftermath of the floods that hit us here last week in Washington… most areas are cleared of water now, with the exception of a few neighborhoods. As I’ve said, our home was spared, and I’m so very thankful. One area in the county has a separate water service where the 800+ customers have to own water shares to use it– they will have no water for probably another 3+ weeks.

    Bill (*her husband*) was gone to Canada all of last week and got back late Friday. We drove around yesterday, so he could see firsthand how high the water had been, and the damages done. When you are driving through an area at its highest point and realize your car would’ve still been underwater, it’s a humbling thing. It is still hard to wrap my mind around the fact that such an expansive area was able to contain water, 10-20 feet deep. There are piles of furniture, carpeting, household goods outside of homes, as people try to get things cleaned up. Really icky…people forget it’s not just water and dirt– it’s garbage, sewage, animals.

    We’ve not heard of the rampant crime sprees that followed Katrina– maybe small instances of looting or burglary, but not newsworthy. This is a good place to live– people watch out for and help each other.

    Here are some photos taken by some locals that convey much more than what you got to see on the news…I have no idea who Jeremy King is, but his online public albums are making the rounds on the internet.

  417. himmiefan said

    Hey Madonna. So sorry for your family’s loss. Hugs and prayers to all of you!

    Welcome Linda. The more the merrier!

  418. Claire said

    Ah..finally done! Iwildstar and the tree is artificial and pre lit..but oh so beautiful…we put aside all the stress and hurt and actually had alot of fun..I’ve got some great pics to post tomorrow..and a mess to clean up! We got to tired to put up 8 stockings for humans and 4 stockings for critters LOL!!!
    And we still have to do outside! I only have 2 gifts left to buy..that’s actually good if you knew how late I have always been before! Prtfvr…I was at target today looking for a Merry Birthday card for Chris and you know what they had? Happy Christmakuh Cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said finally the world has realized there’s alot of mixed up people like us around!!!!! LOL!!

    Linda…welcome to the Clinic! I myself think I’m the craziest…What with 7 kids and 2 cats and 2 dogs and a severe addiction to BT! I have the most delicious side affect of Kyleititis Henryitis and I am not looking for a cure…just a place to hang with the most amazing bunch women you will ever meet! I am proud to call each and everyone my sista!!!!!!!!!
    I also am prone to randomly type in French!

    To everyone else..Je T’aime mes amis!!!! See ya tomorrow!

  419. Arrowyn said

    I knew I forgot something!

    For those of you who are Josh Groban fans, I saw that he is going to be on “Live With Regis & Kelly” tomorrow, Monday.

  420. Been trying to watch DeepDark on the computer; it gets going… and then it zips over to some Ellen exercise lady stuff! It did it twice!!!!GRRRR. I’d like to exercise something on her. Therefore, I’ve yet to finish it. I’m not feeling like exercising w/ Ellen either! Guess it’s time to focus on school work :>( I’m heading over to LT to tell them my opinion of their method of delivery of these episodes, however! And then some……

  421. Annalaise duChat said

    Awesome pictures Arrowyn. I’m so glad your friend’s property was spared. We had a similar occurrence here the summer before last. It was devastating to a lot of people. The worst part is not many of them had flood insurance because they lived in areas that had never flooded before. But the rains came so fast and hard the ground and drainage systems just couldn’t handle it. we’re still hearing horror stories and telling out own.

  422. msgypsy said

    New post is up.

    I’m apparently on a Mike macro kick. Next week I’ll try to balance it out.

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