In case you’re wondering where I’ve been all day

I bought a new sewing machine so naturally I spent the day crocheting and moving furniture.

I’m trying very hard not to comment on last night’s episode, because I know there are a couple of you who haven’t seen it yet. But it’s SO HARD. Let me just say that Danny Trejo is a very interesting actor; anyone who can do “Once Upon a Time in Mexico,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” AND “Blood Ties” (not to mention “Spy Kids”) is okay in my book…

Of course I have to put in a macro for you.

Hurry up, everyone, and see this episode (no pressure, Freyja!) so I can talk about it…



  1. prtfvr said

    I liked Wrapped actually. Maybe it’s because I read the book and it was loosely based on it so I knew why some things happened. Plus, this had the most yummy Henry pictures EVER! Wow! By the time I was done grabbing everything, I needed to have a moment alone and fan myself. WOAH! I think it took me 90 minutes to grab everything from the 40 minute episode. Oh momma! 🙂 Happy, happy, joy, joy!

  2. prtfvr said

    Oh wow! What’s it been like two months since I was first! I feel like a born again virgin! 😉

  3. msgypsy said

    rifkind said,

    November 24, 2007 @ 11:47 pm · Edit

    Prtfvr how could you forget the RED SILK!!!!

    (from the previous topic)

    I believe the red silk is a dressing gown and doesn’t count as daily wardrobe. Oh, wait, this is Henry. Maybe it does.

    Born again virgin? Dayum, that’s MY line.

    I r go to bed naow. Srsly.

  4. msgypsy said

    This is a test. It is only a test. If it fails, just ignore it.

  5. msgypsy said

    Ah, failure, she is mine.

    Move along, folks, nothing to see here.

  6. rifkind said

    Red silk boxers… hee hee

  7. prtfvr said

    Oh yeah. He has black boxers and black thigh undies too. 🙂

  8. Margaret said

    When were the black thigh undies-first episodes?

  9. Anzia said

    Laurel “The line that I just totally dispised was when the Incan dude was talking to the thief and corrected him that it was a “Graphic Novel” – too corney. And just how did the Incan know Henry’s name?”

    —– this is sort of the same issue. DUring the dreams the incan dude (so NOT gonna get his name right) was taking parts of Henry. Which included his memories and soul. (as was mentioned on previous thread I think…not sure). So, that’s how HE knew HENRY’S name. How Henry knew his, I think vicki said it when she got there. But the line in question (yeah, NOT one of my likes either) I think came about because the scene RIGHT BEFORE (i think…i’m doing this a day AFTER seeing the show…so I could be wrong) was of Incan dude & Henry so he (incan dude NOT Henry) was still “digesting” his henry snack. Thus very much still in his head and responding in a combined manner of incan dude and henry.

    I liked the episode. I’m not to hot on the fact that Vicki is by herself. (really wanna take on Henry for that one) but like I said before, I can understand WHY he feels the way he does. It’s just sad he doesn’t realize exactly how much she cares about him if she was willing to jeoprodize (sp?) everything they had to save him. Which is the one HUGE HUGE HUGE problem I had w/the ending. Vicki has NEVER come off as teh kind of woman to back down and she didn’t really even fight for Henry to see it her way. When he said, “You risked it because you were ‘pretty certain'” (or something like that) it would have been a PERFECT oppritunity for her to say she would have risked more for him on less. I just thought that the ending could have been more. Especially since those two have a history of things happening between them or to them and they just push them aside. It would have been an ideal breaking point. Very loud, very firework-y, very satisfying ’cause then both would know where they stand…*sigh*

    Margaret- you’re gonna KILL Me girl! “black thigh undies” *DROOL!*

  10. lwildstar said

    good morning ladies!
    I got up late and now I am sooo far behind for the day
    I did go vote
    Blood Ties (2006) 8394

    Wrapped – I so agree withthe “graphic noel” line – I did laugh but it was just so corny – guessing he was chanelling Henry…

    was it just me or did things seem to start out slow and then suddenly speed up towards the end? could have been just because I was tired – but it should have beena two parter…

    Poor Mike – and at the end when Vicki came in and sais “Its over” – you could tell that Kate took it to mean Vicki was dumping Mike – so does that mean shes going to make a bigger play for him? and theres Mike not able to exsplain…

    well I’ll be back later…..

  11. lwildstar said

    Laurel – if you check in here I sent you an email….

  12. lwildstar said

    yea, yea, I know I keep saying I’m leaving but I just went to Hey Neilson
    think the holiday slowed things down big time…..
    1 Moonlight 962 3%
    2 Blood Ties 721 -3%
    3 The Dresden Files 347 -11%
    4 Alex O’Loughlin 337 -5%
    5 Kyle Schmid 278 -9%
    7 Christina Cox 158 -6%
    13 Dylan Neal 103 5%

  13. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    gypsy, I’ll call up all the tv execs I know to get them to skip over all the other episodes and air Wrapped this week instead. LOL! Talk away, ladies. I’ve read the book.

    prtfvr – you and all your grabbing! Geez. Well, at least the end result turns out great. I can never wait for your new macros. Yours too gypsy!

  14. prtfvr said

    I didn’t feel much of a desire to write macros for this episode. It was too sad.

    Henry thinks that he doesn’t need saving. He’s always the savior. I think he’s really bitter that he needed saving in this episode. He doesn’t like feeling weak. Who does. But a 450-some year old vampire being rescued by a slowly going blind mortal? How awkward!

    I like how they showed that Vicki didn’t need her glasses because she drank the blood. I didn’t like that the never said what the price she paid was. It was probably cut for time but it’s still annoying.

    It definitely should have been a two parter. It was rushed at the end. Henry will forgive Vicki I mean, he porked Sinead even though he couldn’t trust her and the black magic upset him. Not to mention the fact that the show must go on. 😉

  15. Claire said

    Hey ladies! guests feeling like merde! I can’t shake this thing.I have a cough that keeps me up at matter what I take,and today I woke up with clogged ears,itchy runny nose and runny eyes! I’m sick of being sick! oh did I mention I sound like garfield?

    Laurel and Moonbeam,My heart goes out to you.I hope everyone else is doing well.

    Lord I probably have 2000 emails by now and I’m sure some lovely goodies from bird mama!

    Wrapped…yes,yes and yes what a stupid line!Graphic Novels!
    The reason Henry was so angry…he loves Vicky…and while he would probably walk into the sun for her…what he loves most about her is her goodness,her conviction that good always wins…Henry doesn’t make excuses for what he is..but he would not want Vicky tainted..even remotely.Did you guys hear him when he was lying on the floor..”Do you know how you’ve poisoned yourself” “what you’ve done” and I think he said”with my blood”
    Not only does she now carry some vamp traits in her,but he feels the closeness between them might be at risk due to the fact that now,both of them have shared each others blood.He also abhors black magic and he would rather be dead than owe his life to something evil or see Vicky and Coreen tainted by it.Of course it also shows how much Vicky really loves him too..she would have done anything…and I can understand that.

    Anyway..have to drag my sick ass to the unpack heavy winter coats and gloves..since winter is in full force here!

    Love yas! and I’ll apologize in advance for the replies to all the old threads you will be receiving once I start wading through emails!

  16. The episode was just lacking. It was too good of a plot to shove in just one episode, they should have extended it or not used it at all. We could have learned a lot of juicy vampire tidbits, but instead we were dragged wildly through a story that at times just didn’t make sense. I am glad I had read the book this plot is from because without it I would have been so terribly lost.

    Ooo I am coming off a bit crabby…. Sorry I haven’t eaten yet today, I don’t want to look in my fridge and see any more turkey and stuffing!

  17. cdnfreyja said

    Two hours and counting until kickoff! Go Riders! I have to duck out of here in about an hour to go to the Grey Cup party. I just hope that people actually show up. Nothing like a public party with only 5 people. Ottawa’s old nickname was ‘the town that fun forgot’. So true … sadly.

    I’m all nervous, getting butterflies in my stomach. Bad … very bad. If I were a nail biter I would be biting my nails about now. LOL! We’re usually the underdogs but this time we’re the favourites.

    Still can’t comment on the episode. But my parents did see ‘5:55’ last night and finally my dad found an episode he liked. My mom is hoping someone sees the light and renews this show!

  18. Jennifer said

    Hi Ladies…..Hope everyone’s doing well today. I just want to thank you all for sending me good wishes for my birthday!!! Well, today’s THE DAY!!!! I had a really good day. Just got home from my nephew’s wedding……I don’t think it has really hit me yet that he’s an adult now!!! How time flies!! I also don’t think it has really sunk in yet that I’m FINALLY 40!!!!!!!!! WHEW… I said before,time flies!!!! Last night I had my FIRST EVER surprise birthday party!!! Mom took me out to lunch and shopping. On the way home I mentioned that I wanted a soft drink, so mom stopped at a little store near home, went in and that’s when I noticed she was talking on her cell phone, I began wondering what was gong on, she then as we got to our house we noticed our yard was full of cars, we went in & our house was decorated with black baloons(since I’m “over the hill”,or so they think HAHA), and my brother,sister-in-law,my2nephews and his fiancee-now-his-wife,my 2cousins and a couple friends from high school I’d not seen in a long time, and a couple other friends from church. Needless to say, I was SPEECHLESS!!!!!! We all had a GREAT time!!!! I’d have cried if I’d not been so stunned!!!!! Oh, and my nephew & his wife already have a 3month old daughter who is so sweet & beautiful…..I love her so much, so we all held her last night. So all went well!!

  19. Jennifer said

    I’m sorry to have gone on & on, but this has been an exciting weekend!!! I plan to give Henry all the hugs and affection he wants ALL week since Vicki seems to have upset him Friday night!!!!! I LOVE HENRY!!!!!!! I LOVED HIS BIRTHDAY HUG….HEE HEE HEE!!!!! SUCH A SWEET VAMPIRE!!!

  20. susana said

    Happy birthday Jennifer! Many, many more!!!! If you close your eyes in the dark and suck your wrist right after you have watched “the devil you know” you can feel him……….that’s whati hear them say 🙂

    OH! hell, thats what i say and i am proud to be a henry freak!

    OK! shoooot! Now i am horny! Can’t have..ahem….ahem…”relations with my guy cause we are “saving” ourselves for our anniversary night, this friday (5yrs since we married and 10yrs since we met) this will be the first night away form our 22 month old since she was born and it will be our first 8+hr sleep , well that is if we sleep 🙂 i told him he was going to need his vitamins!

  21. Jennifer said


  22. susana said

    love and respect kyle… very much so
    fantasize about his portrayal of henry…..all the time 🙂

  23. Margaret said

    Glad you had such a wonderful Birthday Jennifer. Wait till you hit 50, then it will really hit you. You can call yourself middle aged then, provided you plan to live to be 100. lol.

  24. Jennifer,
    Sounds like a terrific 40th party! They gave me a surprise one on my 40th too! a long lost friend from Ohio came plus all of my sibs (4) They live in Maryland, Delaware, Texas & California. It was quite the deal. I’m 40 through now ~ that would be through with 40 :>)

    Susana, quite the “picture” you’ve painted! Happy Anniversary! You’ll probably need a dose of those vitamins too!

  25. Anzia said

    prtmama-i haven’t read that book (well any past the second actually…I don’t own any but the first “volume” of books) so PLEASE tell me what it cost her! I got the impression that it was a big thing but I didn’t know what it was so I thought it might not be that important.

    I thought the end was definitely in a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am vein. How did Coreen get put on the radar? She said, what, the first line/line and a half? That confused me a bit.

  26. prtfvr said

    I TOTALLY think of Henry in a carnal way and try not to remember that the I’ll see the second coming before I’ll get a shot at Kyle. 😉

  27. Margaret said

    You could always come down in March and we could try to subdue him together. At least we’d all die with a smile on our faces. lol.

  28. prtfvr said

    Mags: ROTFL! Except for maybe Kyle! LOL!

  29. Margaret said

    Well, we’d just have to say that we were the best and the last, lol.

  30. msgypsy said

    Susana said: “Happy birthday Jennifer! Many, many more!!!! If you close your eyes in the dark and suck your wrist right after you have watched “the devil you know” you can feel him……….that’s whati hear them say :)”

    Hmmmm….not that there’s anything wrong with that. LOL!

    Happy birthday, Jennifer. I vaguely remember being 40. I think. Hmmmm… now I’m not so sure. Was I ever that young? (Sorry. I’m not nearly as old as I make myself sound.) I’m glad you had a great day. I love it when I see people I haven’t seen in years and whom I’m not totally expecting.

  31. vicki said

    hey girls…

    Back from Colorado….had a great time..and the kids loved flying..(was worried they would hate it)

    Jennifer Happy Bday…my 40th is this week on the 29th…(I am thinking of just skipping the day) EHEHEHEHEH…but my lovely husband has been threatening a “party” for months….I have terrible visions of black ballons..and over the hill cakes…YUCK!!!!!

    Anyway…I loved the episode…is was gut-wrenching(no pun) to see Vicki and Mike struggle with what to do..and Henry not wanting her to go to the dark side….

    I am sure we will find out what her price will be later on ….someone she cares about getting hurt no doubt (Correen??? maybe??) henry will forgive her i just know it..but it might take some time…He will see that she would do anything to save him…just like in 5:55 when she said she would die for mike….she is willing to do the same for Henry…I actually think she would go farther for Henry…( of course we would too) though what is farther than dieing.????Soul to the devil??/ the picture up top WOW…Lord that man is so HOt…saw parts of History of Viloience last night….

    I am looking forward to Fridays ep…I hope there is a nice forgiving scence….or maybe a good kiss and make up???? we can dream\\\

    The Diva

  32. AlisaSG said

    Ladies — *oh dedicated ones of BLOOD TIES*,
    I realize I may be on the outside posting in at this point in time, but the LIFETIME comments blogs needs your comments. I’m not sure if we’re down to the last week or not, before LIFETIME makes a decision to commit or drop BLOOD TIES altogether.

    But the anxiety levels are skyrocketing at this point.

    Tanya Huff said a few days ago on her live journal that there is STILL NO WORD as to whether BT is being renewed or not (by any network station)…! 😦

    Please, just go with the flo if you would (put aside any quibbles with ML viewers or whoever) and PLEASE SUPPORT BT at Lifetime. BT is about to go on *life support*. It’s already hanging in the balance at the other (country) web sites. If LIFETIME doesn’t care where the series goes from here, then if it hasn’t been done before, it’s time to contact the other networks.

    Margaret here, compiled a wonderful list of who to reach where.
    (thank you Margaret).

    sorry — i had to break this into 2 posts, more continued…

  33. Anne said

    Margaret –

    I’m afraid you’ll end up with broken arms instead of dying happy 😉
    I’m sure there will be “bodyguards” for the actors at Megacon – maybe not of Secret Sercive caliber, but still 😉

  34. AlisaSG said

    again, Ladies — *oh dedicated ones of BLOOD TIES*,
    — part 2 continued from my previous post above this one–

    I don’t know who might be reading any of the info on Lifetime, if at all (but we’ve had a frenzy of postings yesterday and today — including between me and Angie (in a good way, too! I hope!!), and people I’ve never really talked with before on there…

    And as far as I know, Anne’s country (Denmark) is still without Blood Ties.

    (Anne, I don’t know if you realize how many BT fans you’ve made happy on the Lifetime boards, but I think some of them just realized how important you’ve been to ALL of us BT viewers everywhere around this little earth.)
    Thank you, Anne for all of your hard work and diligent efforts at keeping us all posted on the latest BLOOD TIES news. . . 😀

    Ms.Gypsy and prtfvr, I do hope you both realize how *valuable* your web sites have been — and still ARE — to the many who have been on them (me included =)
    PS– I *love* the macros!!

    oh, and for the written record — I’ve not only apologized to Angie, but also to Lifetime Karen for having to intervene in anything that occurred during October. I got sick with the flu after I posted the last time, and missed the entire conversation, plus any yelling on the other email list. I was too sick to see a computer, and by the time I came back to look, I no longer had access, and already asked to be taken off the email list (for reasons not related to that incident whatsoever).

    Anyway, if I haven’t said I’m sorry for having offending anyone (especially you two) here, please know I think I realized I spoke out of turn, and didn’t think what I said about something totally unrelated to any person would be taken as an insult against that person.

    to everyone else with birthdays, prayer requests, etc., I’m still tuning in weekly reading the comments, and remembering ALL of you. I’ve got a few personal health issues to resolve (major bleeding for a month for one…), and have to stay away from emails and posting for time issues and health issues.

    Maybe someday later, I’ll send an e-mail explaining everything. wildstar heard part of it, but then menopause hit me full circle (the bleeding situation).
    gosh, I’m crying now… later. 😎

  35. Margaret said

    Anne: Haven’t you figured out when I’m joking yet? lol

  36. cdnfreyja said

    Well ladies, I promised an update – WE WON!!! OMG!!! It wasn’t a very pretty game. It was clean penalty wise but a very gritty game that came down to the last minute and a half. I think I was completely hoarse by the end of the game. Sheesh, I still can’t believe we won. Yeah Riders – 2007 Grey Cup Champions. Okay, enough of the Canadian stuff for now.

    Jennifer, happy birthday! Glad to hear you had a really great day and surprise party!

    Margaret, you totally crack me up. You are going to be such a fantastic host to the women who travel down to Florida for Megacon!

  37. himmiefan said

    Happy Birthday Jennifer!!!


  38. Anzia said

    I’m wishing everyone a good night! Hope your dreams are happy and fulfilling.

  39. catcornmom said

    Hey Bloggerins! My son was just kind of reading over my shoulder these new posts and he was asking me what was going on with everyone…and I had to tell him, “well, I’ve been following this blog all summer and fall, and I’m as lost as you are!!” We’ve got sucking wrists, holding off sex for the weekend, winning a nitty gritty game, a birthday, health problems, Thanksgiving, stress about BT, and of course an awesome episode to discuss!!! I’m sure I missed a LOT, but those were just some of the things that stuck in my head!!!

    I hope everyone is doing well and had a great Thanksgiving holiday. I am so not ready to go back to students tomorrow. They were acting like such little turds before the break. I’m sure 5 days didn’t get the turd-ness out of them. And yes, I think that’s an official phrase now…turd-ness.

    Prtfvr, the wrapped grabs are great. I don’t know what I like better. Your grabs or your titles. They both crack me up!!

    Does someone have the little vampy smiley sucking the other smiley? I had it and saved it incorrectly and so I don’t have it any longer. If someone has it can you email it to me or put it on the google files? My email is

    You gals have a good evening!!

  40. Jennifer said

    Thanks HimmieFan & Freyja…..I certainly DID have a great birthday today!! The only thing that DIDN’T happen,and would’ve made me REALLY HAPPY, is that Kyle himself DIDN’T show up at my door…HAHAHA!!!! Oh well, he’s in my heart anyway!! I LOVE THAT YOUNG MAN!!!! G’NIGHT ALL!! SWEET DREAMS!!!!

  41. Margaret said

    Yep, I can see it now: Older woman arrested in Orlando at Megacon for trying to get all fangirly with a BOY several years younger than she is, sadly she had a clean arrest record before this happened. He has now been forced to file a restraining order against her. (YOU ALL DO KNOW I’M KIDDING!!!! I TALK A GOOD GAME BUT WHEN IT COMES RIGHT DOWN TO IT I KNOW I’LL GET MY NANOSECOND FOR AN AUTOGRAPH AND BE HERDED OUT THE DOOR WITH ALL THE OTHER CATTLE).

  42. prtfvr said

    Just posted a candid picture of Kyle that I found on the IMDB. It’s from Drawn and Quartered. Too cute!

  43. prtfvr said

    Mags: I feel your pain. That’s why I got angry when it sounded like some in our group were taking me seriously about what I’d do if I had Kyle’s email address.

    It sucks to be lectured about a joke because it makes it sound like you’re some kind of dumb-ass with no self-control. That’s why I like the smiley faces, it let’s everyone know you’re joking and takes the sting out of anything that might otherwise be taken seriously.

    Ah, this brings me back…to last month when I was pissed off for those few hours. 😉

  44. prtfvr said

    Anne DID use the winking smileys. It might just be that you don’t think it’s funny to think about being a crazed stalker. I know that I hated that implication.

    Well hell, Mags. At least we can keep each other company in the Big House! 😉

  45. Margaret said

    Prtfvr: Where did you actually post the picture, at that Google Place? I would consider myself lucky to share the cell with you. You know I love ya.

  46. prtfvr said

    Mags: Awe baby, you know what I like! 😉

    Yep, it’s “at that google place”. LOL!

  47. Madonna said

    Hi there,

    I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend! I was busy doing Christmasy stuff.

    Sorry I wasn’t around the blog yesterday. Happy Birthday! I’m glad you had a good one.


    The great thing about this place is that even though we are all from different parts of the country and different walks of life we all know each other and we all share the same obsession(s). We all know you wouldn’t act on anything. Just like the rest of us wouldn’t! (At least not without including the all the rest of the sisters in the adventure that is.) I would use a little winking smiley here, but sadly I admit I don’t know how to.

    I’ll try to check back in at break and or lunch.

    Love y’all!

  48. Margaret said

    PRTFVR: Which one of the pictures is supposed to be from IMDB?

  49. cdnfreyja said

    Good morning ladies!

    My voice is still struggling to recover – my throat is a bit sore. And I’m dead tired today. I have no idea what time I fell asleep last night. The last time I remember looking at the clock it was somewhere around 2am. Guess it is a good thing that we don’t win the national championship every day. But it would be nice if we could win it more often than once every 18 years. Sheesh.


  50. prtfvr said

    Mags: It’s the one just down loaded today: candid_kyle.

  51. lwildstar said

    good afternoon! I am so glad I took today off – geeze I have so much left to do! I have envelopes to stuff and jewelry to make – plus I have to pack for the show! I should have taken tomorrow too – but at the end of themonth they frown on vacations because we have a lot of clients with policies that renew on the 1st…

    so how is everyone doing today?

    I’m feeling better – Laurel how bout you?

    Prtfvr – I’ll have to go check out the candid shot – I just finished snatching some of those lovely grabs you got…..and the emails good grief! I just emptied the mail box last night and its was at 80+ this morning!

    well off to run some more errands!
    Talk to you later!

  52. Margaret said

    Here’s something else to weigh in on. SexxyNikki posted this on Lifetime.


  53. Cree said

    Ok, am I just blind and missing it, or has LT still not yet posted Tanya’s blog about this past episode? Its freakin’ midday on Monday for crying out loud!

  54. Danae said

    Hello ladies.

    Friday’s episode still has me feeling very upset. I just can’t believe what happened. I know Vicki did it to protect Henry and I understand it all and I know why Henry said he can never forgive Vicki and I understand that all too but I am still upset over it. Mostly because of Vicki’s actions. I also think Mike is starting to lose it and he needs to take time off from Vicki and her investigations to gather himself.

  55. Margaret said

    No, you’re not blind Cree and we’ve been griping about it over there. How’s your back?

  56. Danae said

    Ok so I found out that my brother’s wife and her daughter are going to come up here to surprise him for Christmas. He thinks he won’t be seeing them until May when Ashley is finished with school for the year and they move here.

  57. Madonna said

    Hi girls!

    Boy is it quiet around here today.

    That will be a great surprise for your brother. How long has it been since he’s seen them?

    I have to tell you all….. I got a wrong number call a little while ago. The woman who called me was obviously calling her boyfriend and was shocked when I answered the phone. She started to go off on me until I interrupted her and told her she had the wrong number. For about 5 seconds I was the “other woman.”

  58. Jennifer said

    Danae……I know EXACTLY how you feel because I feel the same way!!!!! Even though I understand WHY Vicki did what she did to Henry, I am STILL upset about it as well!!!!!! I cannot stand it that Henry was betrayed!!!! It was JUST HORRIBLE!!!!!!! To see him in such physical & emotional pain was VERY upsetting!!!!!!!!!!! Wonder what next week’s episode has in store????? Haven’t e-mailed you in a while, will try to do that asap!!!!

  59. Jennifer said

    Cree…..Hope you’re feeling much better!!!!

  60. Danae said

    I did feel seriously sorry for him but I don’t feel she betrayed him because she thought that was the only way to protect. I see why both of them feel the way that they do. I have to admit as I was watching the show all I felt was animosity towards Vicki but after having time to stew and thing over it I see why they both did and said what they did. That doesn’t make me have to like it either way.

  61. Cree said

    Margaret: It’s doing better. Still sore, but not in constant sharp pain like I was those first couple of weeks. Thanks for asking.

    Thanks, Jennifer. Glad you had a great birthday/surprise party.

    Madonna: That is hilarious about that phone call you got. So how was it being the “other woman”? LOL!

  62. lwildstar said

    sorry I’ve been absent today – I got alot done thou – but I still have stuff I was “suposed” to do and didn’t – like filing and putting the house back together after all that electrical work I had done…I just didn’t feel like doing either and decided to work on my writing instead.

    I did get every single little package wrapped and ready to drop off at the post office ! I even finished my holiday cards – although I will admit – I typed the notes (hangs head in shame) my handwriting is terrible…and I wanted everyone to be able to read what I wrote 😉

    Now I really should be working on jewelry – but I just can’t seem to get in the mood…grrrr…and thats important – not that I don’t have stock for this weekend, the oppisite is the case – I have MORE than enough, but I wanted to get some holiday stuff done – I found the cutest glass penguins and some little wiggly santas and snowmen to make earrings out of….well I will just have to shake off whatever is bugging me and get to work – sigh….maybe tomorrow…
    I’m glad I took the day off – but I am so not looking forward to going back tomorrow – we have a new temp – yep the one we had for what two months quit a week before the “permanent” replacements is to start! grrrr…….

    well enough of that.

    I rewatched Wrapped….I think part of Henrys problem isn’t just that Vicki did what she did, but as he put it she “fuoled herself” with his blood – I think that hurt him more thatn anything……I would like to know what Vicki was going to say before Henry went to sleep…I loved that scenc – drowsy Henry – yummy!

    ok off to write………..I’ll check back later

    Claire, Cree, Laurel everyone (sorry I’ve lost track!)…hope your doing/feeling better.

  63. jpbaci1 said


  64. Margaret said


  65. Margaret said

    Unless you can substantiate rumors and where you got them from don’t bother posting them!

  66. jpbaci1 said


  67. prtfvr said

    Fine, I posted at Lifetime but that sight sucks the big one. That’s why they’ve lost their original following from last season. I miss the formatting. The ability to create paragraphs, it’s just unwieldy and crowded looking. Sometimes you have to wonder if Lifetime just isn’t doing everything in its power to sink the show. I mean, they actively seem to be undermining the potential of a new season.

    Sheesh, I’m REALLY angry with Lifetime huh?

  68. prtfvr said

    Yes jpbaci1, but we don’t trust or like you so you can see the dilemma when getting any information from you. We just can’t believe you. I’m sorry.

  69. prtfvr said

    BTW, what convinced me to post at Lifetime is the fact that there were only eight posts to Tanya’s blog about Wrapped. Even though Lifetime sucks, I LOVE me some Tanya.

    So even though I hate to join in on the recommendation of someone I wish had stayed away, please go post on the Lifetime blog like Mags has so that they know we still care.

    I’m hoping that Scribble still pays attention to gypsy’s blog and gets the word out that the fans are still rabid as ever.

  70. prtfvr said

    And now for something completely different. Here’s a cool quiz that I sent out on email to the other Hens. Figured I’d post it here for the peeps who can’t get through all the email.

    You are going to love this one!!!!!!
    I don’t know how this works . . . but it does.
    Just click on the word QUIZ below and answer the questions truthfully.

  71. jpbaci1 said


  72. Claire said

    HAHAHAHAHA Prtfvr! I love you for so many reasons!! Love the quiz!

  73. vicki said


    ROFLMAO….I love that quiz….HEHEHE I have to send it to my friend Brandi..she will love it…

    Dani…I am happy for your brother..can you kept a secret???

    Anyway….I was thinking about sending an email to People…their 50 Most Beautiful People issue comes out in Feb. I think…dont you all think that Kyle should be like…Oh I dont know…Number 1????

    THe Diva

  74. prtfvr said

    Well, got a call from a funeral home in Ohio tonight right after my last post telling me that my step-father had died. I’m the next of kin not to mention that there’s no one else – at all – left to take care of it so off to Ohio I go tomorrow. I’m feeling kind of blue and even MORE cranky than my last post. Go figure. I know he doesn’t have insurance so I don’t know what I’m going to wind up having to pay by the end of all this. Ah, the holidays.

  75. vicki said


    I am so sorry for your loss….taking care of older family members has become a big thing in my family as well…..Take care and have a safe trip….my prayers and thoughts are with you….

    The Diva

  76. Margaret said

    Sorry to hear about your step-dad. If you need anything let me know.

  77. Margaret said

    I sent them (People) three pictures of Kyle. Told them shame on them for not even including him.

  78. himmiefan said

    Hey Prtfvr. So sorry to hear about your step-dad. Keep us posted on how things are going.

    Hope you throat gets better.

  79. cdnfreyja said

    prtfvr, so sorry to hear about your step-dad. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Have a safe trip.

  80. Jennifer said

    prtfvr…..keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!! God Bless you & yours.

  81. catcornmom said

    prtfvr – sorry for your loss. Your quiz had me laughing out loud…as did some of your earlier posts. You were on a roll today!!! Hope things get better for you and your family.

  82. himmiefan said

    Prtfvr – about your quiz. I love it, love it, love it!!! 🙂

  83. Now that was a quiz that had me ready to ROTFLMAO!!!!! Too Funny!!!!!!

    I needed that laugh ahhhhhh.

    Prtfvr~I’m thinking about you and your family during this time with the death of your step-father. I know how difficult it is and it certainly causes the heart to ache~ sigh~

  84. Chery said

    prtfvr so sorry about your loss.

  85. prtfvr said

    Thank you so much for your kind words, everyone.


  86. Anzia said

    *wimpers* is it nighttime yet????

  87. lwildstar said

    Sorry to hear about your step dad prtfvr –
    I guess I got off line too early last night – HUGS for you

    well I was late getting in to work – Metro had issuse this morning so I am way behind on the blog and the emails
    70+ this morning!

    So I will have to catch up later….luv ya

  88. Annalaise duChat said

    prtfvr — So sorry for your loss. You’re in my prayers. Be careful on your trip. They are predicting bad weather for the entire state for the later part of this week. Are you going to be anywhere near me? I’ve got a HUG ready if you are.


  89. msgypsy said

    Prtfvr—{{{hugs}}} (the safe kind. From a distance.)

    Travel safely and I wish you peace and happy memories.

  90. Madonna said


    I’ve just now made it back to the blog and saw this. I’m so sorry about your step dad. Have a safe trip… Like Annalaise the weather in Ohio is supposed to be nasty most of the week. Take care and we’ll talk with you soon. Love you!

  91. lwildstar said

    if anyone cares – heres the numbers forr this morning
    Blood Ties (2006) 8993

    1 Moonlight 964 0%
    2 Blood Ties 707 -2%
    3 The Dresden Files 355 2%
    4 Alex O’Loughlin 322 -4%
    5 Kyle Schmid 253 -9%
    6 Stargate Atlantis 168 -12%
    7 Christina Cox 142 -10%
    16 Dylan Neal 93 -10%

  92. Claire said

    Good morning ladies!

    Prtfvr..I’m so sorry for your safely and God Bless!

  93. Danae said

    Buongiorno Bellas!

    prtfvr I am sorry you have to go through this crappy time. Especially at this time of the year. We are all here for you. Be careful on the trip and let us know when you get back safely.

    Madonna I am sorry I forgot to reply to your post about my who long it has been since my brother has seen his wife and step daughter. He has been up here since late September.

    Vicki Yes I am very good about keeping a secret. Only my mom and I know that they are coming because the more people know the harder it is to keep it a secret. She was very adamant about it being a secret.

    Dizey Thanksgiving is over and all guests are gone. It is seriously time for you to come you of hiding. Well unless you are very busy are work and then that would be a good thing. Did your brother and Logan and his wife(sorry I forgot her name) have a good time at Disney?

    I seriously don’t know how to feel about LH’s post. When I read the message(you know the one) my stomach just about dropped and I seriously got tears in my eyes. Corny I know but this show is what brought us all together and I just hate to see it end.

  94. Madonna said

    Hi ladies,

    No worries! It’s all good.

    I don’t really know, but I do know that I definitely took the wind out of her sails when I told her she had the wrong number. It was funny because she sounded all deflated. Like she was eager for a fight and I snatched it away from her. Now, if I had wanted to be mean or (more like my mother), I would have said something like…. “Hold on a minute. He’s in the shower.”

    As far as Blood Ties’ fate goes, I REFUSE to give up hope until someone with the authority to, tells me otherwise. Nope. I’m going to believe that we’ll get more Henry and Vicki and Mike. It is afterall, just a rumor and many of those aren’t true.

  95. lwildstar said

    Madonna – I’m surprised she believed you! she could have called back…..

    well I am still trying to catch up on the emails – I had so many that Verizon wont load someof them until I clear some out! that is riduculous…but then they just did and “upgrade”over the weekend and I hate it…

    Oh well

    And I’m with you Madonna – until I have concreat confirmation I refuse to believe BT is going away – Yes I still have Diz’s rose colored glasses on!

  96. Margaret said

    Madonna: You have the right mindset. If we jump at every rumor we hear we’ll need a padded cell soon. Remember that when Tanya thought we’d hear word and it came and went, that could still happen and we may not hear anything until the end of the year. We just have to keep the faith, keep beating the Blood Ties drum to anyone who will listen and trudge on. Remember: Vicki Nelson, Warrier Princess, let’s consider ourselves her sisters and take up the battle. CHARGE, let’s kick some butt and take some names…. BESIDES IT AIN’T OVER TILL THE FAT LADY SINGS, SHE MAY BE HUMMING BUT SHE AIN’T SINGING YET & IF WE KICK HER BUTT, SHE WON’T HAVE THE ENERGY TO SING.

  97. lwildstar said

    well I have 5 minutes of lunch left and I managed to whittle the emails down to 13!
    Never made it over to LT or Hey Neilson – I’m going to go vote now and I’ll check in with you later!

  98. Jennifer said


  99. Margaret said

    Ladies: Diz is alive and well and making comments on HeyNeilsen. I told her she best be getting her butt over here and tell people she’s still with us. In a kidding way of course.

  100. Danae said

    Maybe she just got fed up with us bugging her to come back to us.

  101. laurel said

    My rose colored glasses! Where are they? Must… put… them… on….!

    So did we “kill the messenger?” I don’t think we have to beat up LH for passing on what he heard. We CAN choose to wait for further confirmation though. No one likes to get bad news.

    prtfvr – So sorry to hear of your loss. Travel safely and let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

    I finally feel human today and have spent an entire hour without a kleenex pressed to my face. Yipee!
    Thank you all for the condolences – the entire year’s worth! I have one more memorial service to attend on Saturday, but then I’m done.
    NO BODY HAS PERMISSION TO DIE! I simply can’t take any more.

    I’m actually doing fine, just had to let out a little rant.
    Now I’ll go post at LT.

  102. Jennifer said

    prtfvr…..I took that STUPID quiz, am OFFENDED at what the answers were!!! I didn’t think this was funny AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Madonna said

    Hi ladies,

    I was browsing over on Bloodlines and I found a thread that said that Blood Ties is not supposed to air on December 7th. Will & Grace has it’s time slot that night. It might help show some support to contact Lifetime about this.

    Here’s the direct link.

  104. Himmiefan said

    Hey Laurel. We’re all here for you, you and Moonbeam. Hugs!

  105. Madonna said

    Danae, Laurel, everyone else…… I love ya….

    I’m sending out calm vibes to all. Tomorrow can only be better.

  106. Madonna said

    Wierd, I read Danae’s post and responded to it, but my response showed up before hers.

  107. Danae said

    I have that happen to me often.

  108. Danae said

    I swear if one more person jumps down my throat I am going to bite their f@#$@n head off. Someone’s printer in another cubicle isn’t working it’s my fault. There was a cutting today of pancakes, waffles and french toast. Any leftovers we are aloud to take home. I went into the test kitchen and start filling and empty box from all the full boxes. I reach into one box and someone comes in and says Excuse me! What to you think you are doing?

    Apparently it was their box. I didn’t know that. Was there name on it? NO! God, one mistake and they practically beat me up.

    I lost it. I had to go into the bathroom and sob. On top of that stupid post earlier(you can guess which one) I am just not feeling the greatest right now.

  109. Danae said

    Good Lord this thing is wierd sometimes.

  110. jpbaci1 said


  111. Himmiefan said

    Dani, honey, hugs for you! (HUGS) Some people are just stupid, and it is our lot in life to have to encounter them.

    Hello Madonna! (waves)

  112. Danae said

    Thanks and I know. I just needed a good cry. Everything culminates and you can’t hold it in anymore.

  113. Himmiefan said

    Go sneeze on their waffles. 🙂

  114. Madonna said

    LOVE IT Himmiefan!

    Go do it Danae!

  115. Danae said

    LOL! Thanks I needed to laugh.

  116. Himmiefan said

    Stick with me and I’ll get you in all sorts of trouble. 🙂

  117. Danae said

    I have to go home now. Amber has dance class and I have to get gas before I get home. I think we are going to be a little late.

    Ciao Bellas!

  118. Jennifer said


  119. Margaret said

    Again, if you can’t substantiate what you’re saying I don’t want to hear it. You quote some person who is supposed to be a script person with Blood Ties but she seems to be rather invisible, she hasn’t posted at LT, she hasn’t posted here. Unless I know who she is and what her position is in the Blood Ties organization I don’t want to hear it. Until I hear it from Lifetime or someone I know within the Blood Ties organization I really don’t care to hear any more rumors.

  120. jpbaci1 said


  121. Margaret said

    When I asked Tanya if she had heard about the rumors, this was her response to me on her live journal:

    I don’t know any more than you guys do about this — actually, a little less since I hadn’t heard that rumour. I get told things after the decisions have been made.

    But, consider this… if Lifetime had given BT a firm no then someone would have told me. And since no one has… it’s all speculation at this point.

  122. Margaret said

    Keep the faith ladies. That’s why I love Tanya-if she knows something and can tell us, she will. She has certainly treated us better than Lifetime ever tried to, actually there’s no comparison.

  123. Madonna said

    That’s the spirit Margaret. I don’t doubt that she is the script supervisor. (I remember her posting at Bloodlines waaaaayyy back in the beginning.) She doesn’t sound like she know though, and there is no sense in us getting our hopes up or having them dashed because of admittedly unknown information. That’s why it is a rumor. She’s not sure. AND if they haven’t told Tanya that it’s a definite no, then that can’t be the case.

    During lunch I was reading Lifetime’s blog, (not Tanya’s) and there is something on there about Lifetime running a Blood Ties ad constantly. Something to the effect of Lifetime’s passionate show is back. Has anyone watched Lifetime and seen this?

  124. Himmiefan said

    Good point, Margaret. Tanya has treated the fans wayyyy better than Lifetime has.

  125. lwildstar said

    Well Madonna I was home almost all day yesturday and just left the tv on LT in the back ground and did not see (or hear) on commercial – so I don’t know when they are running them…just as a test I will leave the tv on LT until NCIS comes on and lets see if I see anything… that twisted or what only watching for the commercials!!! remember the days when the commercials were for running to get a snack or a potty break!!!! LOL!!!!!

    Good point, Margaret. Tanya has treated the fans wayyyy better than Lifetime has.

    Well Ijust wanted to check in before going to find dinner – I’ll pop back in later….

  126. Chery said

    Thank you Maragaret!

    No news is good news really means something!

    Maybe a mad push of postcards etc. is in order everyone!!!!! LOL

  127. lwildstar said

    I got postcards!

    I just tried to go to LT site and I kept getting error messages grrrr….I’ll try again later.

  128. prtfvr said

    I have had an AWFUL day and I’m feeling VERY evil so I hope you’ll forgive the next two posts…

  129. prtfvr said

    Jennifer: Jesus called – wants your halo back!

    And a special note from me? Blow me, you hypocritical bitch!

  130. prtfvr said

    And a special shout out on proper netetiquette to jennifer and jpbaci1:

    It’s considered to be VERY RUDE to type in CAPS. It also means that you are YELLING! You couple of dumbasses, you!

  131. msgypsy said

    Okay, I have to say this. Prtfvr, I certainly forgive you but please, take a minute to breathe.

    Jennifer, to be honest, you were kinda confrontational. Next time something like that bothers you, maybe you should just ignore it.

    Jpbac1 (or letters to that effect) thanks for sharing what you heard. I think I’m going to keep that in the rumor column for myself, too. I don’t know who this person telling you this is, and reassurances from a third party don’t work in this instance. But I do feel justified in keeping on hoping.

    Now, then, would all of you please reassess your caps lock usage? (I realize jpbetcetc might need it for sight reasons but the rest of you can pay some attention to when you shout and when you probably ought not.) I find it extremely difficult to read a post that has a lot of all caps words in it. I blame astigmatism. That and tri-focals.

    I think we all need a breather. Okay? Everyone, take a deeeeeep breath. Hold it. Hold it. Keep holding it. Okay, now let it out slooooooowly.

    Nah, it didn’t help me either but at least I gave it a shot…

  132. Thanks Gypsy! I love ya Prtfvr~Bunches!!!!!

  133. Anzia said

    Prtmama- I’m sorry. So very truly sorry.

    Dani- HUGS my big sister!

  134. msgypsy said

    BTW, since Prtfvr is feeing kind of down tonight I think it’s time I reminded folks that she was the very first person I befriended on the LT board (Sorry, Laurel, but you were number 2 or 3…) and she is the reason I felt strongly enough about the little group we’d gathered that I wanted to be sure to have a blog-in-exile for us during the hiatus (and in retrospect, considering how badly LT effed up their blog format, aren’t you GLAD I did that?) As far as I’m concerned, without Prtfvr, we wouldn’t all be here.

    So everyone, send a little (hug-free) love her way, willya?

  135. prtfvr said

    Awe Ms.G!! I should snap and have a teen moment more often! 😉

    Love ya, girl! *hugs*

  136. catcornmom said

    “Kum Ba Yah….”

  137. susana said

    thats why i love you msgypy, you are too funny……..and i like the way you try t keep things calm …try is the key woord 🙂
    Dang! Ya’ll, i was gone for 2 mins and BOOM! hiroshima!
    i had a long day….had to go shopping for a dress for my anniversary and for an christmas party the next day, all sizes at this stupid froo…froo mall end at size 12, what the hell? i am a 14- 16, with some serious boobage and boody, how the hell will i fit that stuff? ok, breathing ….like msgypsy said!!Not working either!

    Jennifer….It was only one of those cute/get back to work quiz things to passtime…thats it……we are all stressed about life and about BT

    prtvr….you’re my girl always, from way back 🙂 funny quiz

    as for rumors…i wait to hear from Tanya! I get so mad at LT for turning us into a bunch of frenzied panic…….well at least me!thats not nice, at least just say yea or nay!

  138. Now this is why I love my BT family! It’s family! I was riding on a school bus on a fieldtrip today sharing about the Blog, Blood Ties and our community. It was amazing how strongly I felt about it as I shared how important it has become to me as a way to offer support, share the joys and sorrows of every day living, as well as, lusting over Henry & Mike! I feel blessed to have this group even though I’ll always live with the “I Don’t Do Vampires” line to haunt me! Of course, that was pre-look-see of Henry!!

  139. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    prtfvr – sending you a virtual hug through the magic of cyberspace!

    Got distracted after the Tudors by Henry and Mike in ‘Bugged’. Great to see the banter back in this episode! Although I have to ask what kind of wig was Coreen wearing? Man! And the episode where it looked like she was sporting Princess Leia’s hair buns but they exploded instead? At least Gina gets to play with different looks but I have to laugh at some of the stuff they do to her.

    From everyone else’s comments I was expecting far more bugs. Good thing there weren’t as many as I was expecting. Oooh, and I don’t have to wait much longer to meet Christina.

    And yes, I’m still annoyed by the historical inaccuracies in the Tudors. I’m now waiting to see what silliness they try to pull next week.

    Okay, off to bed. Good night!

  140. Anne said

    “I just hope that LT does make a big profit for playing hard to get”
    Hmmm- don’t get that.

    I hope Blood Ties becomes a huge success after Lifetime has let it go and they gnash their teeth at their own stupidity of passing on season 2 (the REAL one).

    No news is good news, and I’m sure Kaleidoscope, cast and crew are just as eager to be back as we are to have them back. And I’m sure the Kaleidoscope peeps are doing everything they can to make it happen.

    I finally made Firefox my default browser, so now I have a permanent resident spell check 🙂

    Prtfvr – thinking of you.

  141. Anne said

    Some of these images are from as yet un-aired episodes:

  142. prtfvr said

    Well, the motel was horrible! I have a crick in my neck from the crappy pillow, the single sheet and ratty 1/8th inch thick bedspread did keep you warm at all. Plus the heater without a thermostat roasted us all night until we unplugged the darn thing and then we froze. There were rotten 10 year old boys running back and forth in front our room until 1am…oh, we’re in the damn mountains and it’s turned cold. What good timing.

    The funeral home told me that when my step-father was found he was surrounded by about 30 beer cans and about every packaged meal he’d eaten for the last few months. I have to go there this morning to find his legal info, I really don’t want to do it!

    I owe the funeral home $1,500 to cremate him, right now he’s just in a box in their morgue waiting for someone to claim him so I have to go settle that bill today.

    I’m dreading what this day is going to bring.

  143. Anne said


    Close your eyes and think of Henry – but NOT while you’re driving …

  144. lwildstar said

    Well Ilogged off too early last night I see – I had 120+ emails this morning and just finished reading them – although verizon wouldn’t open several of them so I’llhave to go back and check later.

    I really wish we could ALL get together for the holidays and just give one big huge hug! yes prtfvr – you included! I think we could all use it right about now…

    Well now I am really late getting started at work so I better start before someone notices – I have a Pile of stuff on my desk I didn’t finish yesturday.

    Luv you guys!

  145. Claire said

    Good Morning my lovelies! Ms.G…I truly love you! in a strictly platonic way that is!
    😉 !

    Prtfvr…I love you like the twin sister I never had…and I get you…I was so having a teen moment myself…jumping up and down in my chair and hooting when I read your post! I hope the rest of your day and everything you have to do today goes as smoothly as possible..I’ll be thinking of you.

    Well off to vote and read emails..before real life intrudes.

  146. msgypsy said

    Claire said, “Good Morning my lovelies! Ms.G…I truly love you! in a strictly platonic way that is!
    😉 !”

    I love you, too, platonically. Not that there’s anything wrong with the other.

    I got up extra early, planning to get going early because some of the fog might be freezing to the overpasses. And then I got links to pictures and… Sigh! I’m just a BT slut…

    Type at you later, and all I can say to you all is, “Oh, beHAVE!”

  147. lwildstar said

    If anyone cares….
    can you believe the numbers!? Blood Ties (2006) 9309 – we should be over 10,000 by Friday – what do you think? ****** I don’t seem to be able to log into HeyNeilson this morning but I did get the rankings everything dropped after the holiday – I guess a lot of people were out of town…
    1 Moonlight 943 -2%…
    2 Blood Ties 682 -4%…
    3 The Dresden Files 345 -3%…
    4 Alex O’Loughlin 308 -4% …
    5 Kyle Schmid 235 -7% …
    7 Christina Cox 137 -4% …
    16 Dylan Neal 88 -5%

  148. Himmiefan said

    “Type at you later, and all I can say to you all is, “Oh, beHAVE!” ”

    Ohhhhh maaaaannnn (best whiny voice). No fun! 🙂

  149. cdnfreyja said

    Good morning ladies!

    Wildstar – yes, I checked the numbers when I voted the first time this morning. Looks good!

    gypsy and Himmie – now why would we want to behave? 😉 LOL!

  150. laurel said

    Okay, once in a while I have dreams that are significant and tell me something I need to do. I ignored one about selling some stock once and lost my retirement fund because I ignored it. I find lost things sometimes, and feel compelled to call or visit certain people. When I do as the dream leads me I never regret it. Well, I had one about posting on the Lifetime blog. Specifically that it is important to make ourselves visible there TODAY.
    Frankly, I would rather have dreamed about Mike or Henry but no, I get time with my computer for dream fodder.
    So, Humor me? Remind LT that we are ALL still out here pushing for more Blood Ties.

  151. laurel said

    Now that I’ve done my commercial bit…

    prtfvr – Sorry you’re having such a crappy week. Cyber love has been sent.

    catcornmom- You soooo owe me a new keyboard! Kum-ba-ya! (unlady-like snort followed by coughing from asperated coffee….)

    I couldn’t even read the quiz, but obviously we have a diverse range of what strikes us funny. I have been known to delete a couple of things, but I think I’ll keep all of you. I appreciate our differences, keeps us from being boring.

  152. Anne said

    Crass commercialism! Promotion! Advertising!

    Mark Dacasocos, the other verrrry nice actor I met in Burbank, has a recipe in this cookbook and some of the proceeds go to charity, so if any of you are interested in cookbooks or might want to use cookbooks for presents, you might want to give it a try:

    FYI – some people who bought the book also bought the first season of The Magnificent Seven and second season of Without a Trace.
    If that doesn’t tell you something, I don’t know what does … 😉

  153. Danae said

    Buongiorno Bellas! Well it isn’t really morning here anymore but oh well.

    Gypsy I don’t wanna behave. Oh I forgot I don’t know how to be bad.

  154. elizabeth said

    Good morning everyone. While I was on vacation it seems I missed so much! I am not even going to try and catch up with the blog – too many postings, but I have to say getting back on the computer, reading my emails and the posts has felt like coming home. It is a lovely, warm fuzzy feeling and the big sigh you hear is me ( along with the beautific smile). For those of you that had birthdays – happy belated birthday!

    Laurel/prtfvr – I am so sorry you are dealing with such terrible losses. I love you both.

  155. lwildstar said

    Well Laurel I did post at LT and I sent them a feedback…I try to send them at least one feed back a day but that doesn’t alwasy work – so oone day I sent 4!

    lunch time is too short, Stuofferes is too small and I’m tryig to be good and NOT attack that lst candy bar in the dish….if I can hold out maybe I’ll treat myself to dinner ont he way home from the allergist…

    Well i have things to do my lovelies and I’m sure my email box is full again..
    I’ll try to check back alter
    Wish i could give all of you real (HUGS)…..

  156. rifkind said

    OK, I posted over at LT.
    Twice on Tanya’s comments about “Wrapped”,
    and once on the main BT blog
    I really hope that your dream has a GOOD ending. 🙂
    Blood Ties is renewed… That would be a great ending!

  157. rifkind said

    Susan Danials has a post, on “What women want”
    Please go over to LT and comment on her post

  158. Danae said

    Ok I posted a comment to Susanne Daniels. I hope we can get through to her.

  159. Claire said

    Ok darling Rif! POsted one to Ms.Daniels and at the LT message board.

  160. rifkind said

    I think that it is great that ALL the posted replies to Ms Daniels’ article are asking that Blood Ties be renewed!
    Maybe that is what Laurel’s dream was about. We can HOPE that our comments and responses to Ms Daniels find SOMEONE who is reading what we write as resposes.
    I have a feeling that the main BT blog is never read by TPTB.
    Tanya probably skims her blog, but has no power to renew the show. 😦
    Let’s hope that dreams can come true.

  161. elizabeth said

    I posted on Ms Daniels site! It is wonderful to see all the posts regarding our favorite show. Surely, she gets the message???

  162. lwildstar said

    just snuck over and posted a comment at the Susan Daniels link – i must admit I snitched a few lines from Rif? anyway – I think she will get the message. we love this show and want to keep it!

  163. rifkind said

    My words were hurried and not very eloquent, but feel free to use any of my comments that you can use.
    We all LOVE Blood Ties. I hope that Ms Daniels gets that message LOUD and CLEAR!

  164. Madonna said

    Good afternoon all!

    I just went over and posted at Susan Daniels’ thread. So how is everyone today?

    I hate to say it but that motel sounds like a lot of little places in Appalachia where my mom is from. ((((((HUGS))))))) for you to help you accomplish the tough tasks ahead. We’re here for you.

    ((((((((HUGS))))))))) to you to. And I’m blowing you a kiss on the cheek to go with it. Hope you are out there and catch it. Hopefully you are just very busy selling appliances to holiday shoppers.

    Speaking of busy…. I have an awful lot to get done between now and Christmas so I probably won’t be around so much for the next two weeks or so. Just telling y’all so you don’t worry about me.

    Take care and enjoy the rest of the day.

  165. Margaret said

    Prtfvr: Are you sure you weren’t staying at the Bates Motel? Wasn’t that guy’s name Norman too?

  166. Danae said

    Hey Madonna!

    Ciao bellas. I have to go home and finish working on all the ornaments I am making for everyone. I hope you all like them. I have finished filling out my 40 Christmas cards(that includes family and non-BT friends). That is the most I have done ever. It is all thanks to all of you and I love it.

  167. laurel said

    Good to see so many of you went over to lifetime and added to Ms Daniels’ post. Nice.
    We are a fairly eloquent bunch when we let our BT passion lead us! Reminds me of when we all first met.
    Keep up the good work!

  168. cdnfreyja said

    Just read the comments over at the Ms. Daniels article/interview. She makes very interesting comments about liking strong female characters who can take care of themselves. Well, who better than Vicki Nelson? I hope that she has some influence in the renewal decision.

    I finished my Christmas shopping today. Back to Chapters I went. Of course, I got the 2 remaining Christmas gifts (for dad and brother-in-law) and got a good deal too. But I also managed to pick something up for myself – I just can’t resist books. Picked up my first one by Sherrilyn Kenyon – at $7.19 for a hardcover of hers, I couldn’t resist. If I like her writing, I’ll pick up the others in the series. I love that at the beginning of the book it lists all in the series and actually says ‘this is the correct order in which to read them’. LOL! Sometimes I can’t figure out which order they go in and have to dig each book out to check the publication date since some list the books in reverse order.

  169. prtfvr said

    For today’s burial update: Went to step-dad’s house today to find the legal paperwork. It was unbelievable. He had 15 cats – 13 were chased out by the police on Monday but I couldn’t get the last two out. There were empty beer cans and trash bags full of empty beer cans EVERYWHERE. Literally 100s! There were empty beer cases – he was drinking two cases a day. He was using his bathtub as a toilet and the cats went everywhere else. I had to change my clothes when I came back to the motel, the smell just clung to them.

    I was able to find all the pertinent documentation but it was a very unpleasant process. I took care of everything at the funeral home. Going to pick out a headstone tomorrow although I’m having him cremated. I’m taking his ass back to Baltimore where I can watch him this time!

  170. elizabeth said

    Ms Laurel – Have I told you today how much I enjoy meeting you for coffee? Starbucks is fast becoming one of my favorite places and it is all your fault! Now, if only they would have a special “reserved” section for us so we didn’t have to sit in the car due to lack of seating- life would be perfect 🙂 I am sitting at my desk with my iPod playing happily away in my ear. We’ve had a very happy reunion! Thank you!

  171. elizabeth said

    prtfvr – I am so sorry you have had to deal with this! I don’t know what else to say – it is just so tragic. I am sending warm, healing energy your way.

  172. Anzia said

    Prtmama- Yah…i might just start calling you Teddy…but that might give people the wrong impression… ^_^ I loveyou. I’m sending strength, love and support. YOu’ll make it. Imagine Henry playing a gangster, talkinga bout bumping uglies…then sniffing you. Breathe deeply… then beat teh daylights out of the hotel manager! 🙂

  173. lwildstar said

    prtfvr – oh my darling sister – my heart goes out to you. I hope you can feel all the warm psoitve energy we are sending you ((HUGS)).

    well its been a long tireing day for all of us I think….I like Anzias RX for feeling better – I suggest repeating as often as possible……..

    well now off to vote and check my email …

  174. lwildstar said

    oh now that is an interesting typo – positive (slaps head)

  175. prtfvr said

    Thanks you guys! I’ve cried SO MUCH today and I HATE that! My lips and nose are chapped and I’ve washed my hands so much that my thumb is literally cracked and bleeding.

    We’re going to be here until Sunday because of all the stuff that still has to be done. Scott told me in the beginning that we’d be leaving tomorrow. I told him not but did he listen? Nope! So here we stay. I told him there was no way I was spending the rest of that time in this god-forsaken motel hell! We’re staying tonight because we’d already paid and wouldn’t get our money back but we found a nicer place that will seem like the Hilton after this one! I dread tonight!

    Scott is allergic to cats and has asthma so he’s fairly uncomfortable from going in that house. We had to keep the front AND back door open to be able to handle the smell. I had told him not to come but he wouldn’t listen. Boy am I glad! I feel bad for him though.

    I had to take an extra pill last night to be able to sleep in this plan last night. I’ll have to do that again tonight, I know.

    I love you guys! Thank you SO much for listening to me whine! I truly appreciate! You’re all awesome!


  176. laurel said

    Cripes prtfvr! I totally know that smell. If it persists there are products at Petco that can get the cat smell neutralized, they work pretty well. I hope you can head home soon.

    Elizabeth – you are so funny! I’m glad you and your little “vampiro” are happy. We need to look for a Starbucks with more seating if we’re going to keep meeting this winter. My car was getting pretty chilly by the end of our visit. 🙂

    Um, where did everyone’s icon/pictures go? It looks kind of naked with the blank spaces beside your names. Did I miss something?

  177. Arrowyn said

    I’m sooo far behind, it’s not funny anymore! Just in case no one has mentioned it, there’s a repeat of “House” Thursday (11/29) at 11pm ET/PT on USA (“Love Hurts”) that has Christina in it.

  178. elizabeth said

    Night ladies – it is dark, cold and rainy and I am heading home for the evening. I think a little hot chocolate, a snuggly quilt and an episode of BT are the order for the evening.

  179. lwildstar said

    prtfvr – thank God you found a place you can move to – to bad you can’t move tonight – but I understand about the money – personally I think they should give you money back!
    Take care of yourself and Scott – bless him…

    well I’m out of here for tonight – I’m feeling tire and cranky myself – think now I’m coming down with something – can you spread germs over the internet?

  180. Margaret said

    Prtfvr: Where ever you are knowing that I’m hugging you big time. Seems like things like this seem so much worse during the holidays. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You need to come to FL in March so I can hug you personally and get a picture. Know that you’re loved and being thought of.

  181. catcornmom said

    prtfvr- My thoughts have been with you today. I’m sorry things have been so crappy for you. OMG, walking into your step-dad’s house must have been like walking into a bad movie. It’s a sad situation that he let himself fall into. Thank god I take pills for that!!!! No problems here—HA! Try and keep your head up. You’ll be back home soon with all your birdies!!

    Laurel-sorry about the computer. 😉 I was only trying to share the love!!

    It’s hardly the same blog today. Ms. G spoke, and for once, the people listened!! What power you wield!!

  182. Margaret said

    Someone needs to go to Blood Ties Blood Lines and check and/or post the link to Ms. Daniels What Women Want so we can get people from there to post. I would but I still have six more postcards that need to be inked.

  183. Oh Prtfvr, it can only get better from here! Gracious~what a horrible chore~ I’m glad you have someone to help you and I sure wish that we could do more than just send all of our cyber {{{hugs, love and energy}}}!!!!!

  184. Hey Laurel,

    Did you have a conversation with a certain somebody about their “Secret Santa”?????

  185. Margaret said

    Got through with my postcards so I went to Blood Ties/Blood Lines and posted the link for Ms. Daniels.

  186. Madonna said

    Hi girls….

    Drags out wooden box to serve as my stage……

    Okay, for just a little while lets pretend that it is already after midnight, simply because I don’t know when or if I’ll make it to the blog tomorrow.

    It is my understanding, if I have all my info correct that today November 29th is a very special day here at Ms. Gypsy’s blog.

    Today we celebrate two of our sisters…….

    So without further ado……..

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Arrowyn!
    Happy Birthday to you!


    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Vicki!
    Happy Birthday to you!

    If I’m not mistaken this is her 40th girls. Vicki am I right?

    Have a great day celebrating. Check your emails. I sent you both a little something.

  187. Anzia said

    OOOO, TWIN birthdays! Happy birthday Vicki & Arrowyn! 🙂 Hope you guys have GREAT birthday weeks… Who’s got the birthday weed? Come one…gotta pass it on! 😉

    Prtmama- (((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))

    Laurel, Moonbeam, Madonna, Himmiefan,Rif, Dani, Ms. G,Margaret, lwildstar, E, Doc Cree, Annalaise (wherever she went tooo), Catcornmama, Freyja, MamaClaire, Anne, Nisi, NINA (poor poor busy girl), Dizey, Susana, Chery, And anyone else I’m missing (it wasn’t on purpose I PROMISE!)- *waves* Just wanted to say Hi and to give ya’ll a BIG HOLIDAY SEASON HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. himmiefan said

    Hey Ms. Anzia! Good to hear from you!!

  189. susana said

    hi anzia! (((((hugs))))))))))

  190. jpbaci1 said


  191. Anne said

    JP – not the news I wanted to read.
    I guess Lifetime is a bunch of [deleted]

    I’ve posted it on Kyle’s news page too and will update on BTC and Dylan’s site too.

  192. rifkind said

    I hope that the Canadian networks realize what they have in Blood Ties.
    IF there is enough interest from outside of the US market, BT might still be renewed.
    I am still wearing ROSE colored glasses.. at least until the end of December.

    Will SOMEBODY please get the fat lady to quit HUMMING???
    No singing YET!

  193. Arrowyn said

    Madonna, thank you for the birthday singing. How lovely! *um – anybody know if I’m being polite or if she can really sing?* Got your Henry card. THAT made for the warm fuzzies! Thank you, too, Anzia, for the birthday wishes. I certainly plan on sharing the birthday weed – in a little while. This is a BIG birthday for me, in case somebody out there doesn’t know it! 65! Not ashamed to say it out loud! Mainly, ‘cause I don’t look it and I don’t feel it! Well, most days, anyway.

    Vicki, I’d like to add my congrats on reaching the big 4-0! That is a VERY good year! And it just gets better! Party hardy!

    And, then, the much unhappiness – WTF!

  194. Margaret said

    Happy Birthday Arrowyn and Vicki.

    Ok, any of you detectives on the board need to google, search, dig, wherever you can to find phone numbers on Susanne Daniels and Andrea Wong. I say we flood the switchboards, I say we still write postcards until we drown the a$$hats (my new favorite words of Claires) in them. I’m not taking this as defeat yet until they say its canceled, I don’t think Tanya is sure of what it means either.

    Then if we find those phone numbers we need to take out a billboard and let all the other blogs know what they are. IT AIN’T OVER YET. DON’T GIVE UP YET!!!!!!!!!!!!

  195. Margaret said


    Lifetime Entertainment Services
    World Wide Plaza
    309 West 49th Street
    New York, NY 10019
    Telephone: (212) 424-7000
    President and Chief Executive Officer: Andrea Wong

  196. Margaret said

    And then if it really does go south, I say we boycott every crappy thing that Lifetime and their associates put out and encourage others to do the same.

  197. prtfvr said

    Happy Birthday you birthday girls! How do you like your present from Lifetime?

    You know, this is such a fitting addition to how my week is going. I just can’t be surprised anymore. I’m just going to start backing into rooms with my hands on my ankles so they can fuck me right away instead of drawing out the agony.

    And there’s still today and tomorrow to go through. When will Hell Week be over? Is “week” being optimistic? How about some good news?

  198. prtfvr said

    But on the bright side: Happy Birthday all you Sagittarius out there!

  199. Chery said

    No wonder people are tuning t.v. off and watching and doing other things.
    To string us along, and then to not even air the final two episodes of season one on television is just so rude.

    I guess Lifetime things they are such a popular network that they have just tons of people watching.

    I for one will not only tune out Lifetime, but will actively tell everyone I know not to watch this dumb ass network.

    I also hope that the writer’s strike puts a stake in that stupid Army Wives show.
    Well everyone, Merry Christmas from Scrooge (LifeTime)

  200. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    I swear, I don’t even know why I bothered to tape the eps up to this point if they’re not even gonna air the last 2. Like I wasn’t in a bad enough mood already. Lifetime SUCKS!!! GRRRRRR

  201. Anzia said

    I an NOT in any way defending what they did BUT I can see how they would do this and rationalize it. If they aren’t renewing the show, there is NO WAY that they should, in good consciousness, air a cliffhanger as the final episode. So, instead, they air one wholy unconnected WITH the finale and put the other ones online where those who WANT to see them can. This way, they also have numbers for just how many people are true die-hard fans who WANT to see the end even if it could be the end, end. Maybe we can turn it around. If we flood their site w/people watching the episode online then they’ll have high numbers. IT’d be awesome if we could immobilise their site just by having that many users but i don’t think that’s possible (that’d be A LOT of people!)

  202. Margaret said

    212-424-7000 (I tried calling already, will call back). They may or may not send you to voice mail as they made me spell out the last name.

  203. lwildstar said

    Well now I AM sick…my heart is in my stomach….arrrggg! I need to yell at someone! How depressing – I just want to go curl up with my dvds.
    So how are we suposed to get the last two episodes if they do this?
    I can’t think.
    Sigh…have to get to work…
    now I’m depressed…………….

  204. Margaret said


  205. Margaret said

    Whoops, should have been mad or maybe we have been made by Lifetime. Either way lets show them what we’re made of. DON’T GIVE UP YET, IT’S DARKEST BEFORE THE DAWN, THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL AND ALL THAT OTHER CHEERY CRAP. GET TO CALLING SISTERS.

  206. lwildstar said

    Sorry – I forgot toe wish the birthday s girls a happy day – but now I’m depressed…

    Sorry mags i can’t call til I get home – I forgot my cell phone 😦 and I can’t do long distance on the work line….darn it…..

    What kind of message are you /we leaving? nice polite begging “please don’t do this” – or “you guys are a bunch of idiots”

    ok back to work!

  207. Margaret said

    You can always go buy a phone card at lunch and do it on a phone card. I’ve made my last two calls on a phone card to them. I’d say polite begging until the end, I did tell them if they were canceling and letting Tanya do the dirty work that it was pretty low.

  208. Claire said

    Boy I wish I hadn’t even logged on this morning…what a F&*king stupid thing to do! Argh!!!!!!!!!! I hate lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway…HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! my dearest Vicki and Arrowyn!! I hope you have a fabulous day!!!

    I’m off to read emails and Bitch a little louder!

  209. Himmiefan said

    Happy Birthday Arrowyn and Vicki!!!! Hope you get lots and lots of great gifts!

    Now, I sit here in my nice little land of denial. (sticks fingers in ears) La la la, I hear no evil news from that evil, evil network. Everything in my own little world is great and renewed (hear that, renewed!!!). La la la…..

  210. Margaret said

    Lifetime is taking off my phone number posts within minutes. I’m going to keep doing it until they block me.

  211. Anne said


    You might have a point about a cliffhanger ending – but booh on Lifetime for making Tanya be the bearer of bad news.

  212. Annalaise duChat said

    To my Blood Ties Sisters,

    I’m on deadline today so I only have time for a quick post.

    Good news 1st:

    Happy Birthday Arrowyn & Vicki. I’ll be working on your limericks as soon as I get a chance to breathe.

    I have a friend/customer who’s girfriend had a baby boy yesterday. Guess what his name is? Daniel Michael Kyle Schmitt. Made my morning.

    Prtfvr — I’m glad to read you are doing better. I’m sorry you had to deal with all the BS but you are a strong, competent woman. Though things may be difficult when you are going through them, hard times give us the opportunity to dig deep and let our true strength and courage shine through. Hang in there lady! PS: please don’t judge the rest of Ohio by this one bad experience. It really is a wonderful progressive place to live. We aren’t all backward hicks.

    One more thing and I can no longer restrain myself:

    I’ve been catching rumors that they were going to pull that through Google Alerts for a few days now. I didn’t want to say anything because it wasn’t verified. How cowardly of them to make Tanya Huff the bearer of bad tidings. Poor Tanya, no wonder she turned her comments off.

    I for one will NEVER watch the the Lifetime Network again. (That is after the show ends.) I will also NOT patronize their advertisers.

    Sorry if that offends you, but I’m tired of being treated as if my opinion doesn’t count because I’m not in their 25 to 45 demographic. I’m sure they know what they can do with their demographic.

    My money and buying power is just as good as the younger crowd, I’m just going to take it elsewhere. Sucks for you Lifetime.

    Annalaise duChat

  213. lwildstar said

    obviously Lifetime hasn’t been paying attention were # 17 over ont he voting site
    Blood Ties (2006) 9618

  214. Margaret said

    Its been suggested that it might not be a great thing to flood their switchboard with calls and we should go the viewer relation and message board route. I stand corrected. Forget all the other stuff I just told you.

  215. lwildstar said

    I’ve already sent three “feedback” emails this morning …will send as many as I can with out getting caught on the net 😉 when I’m not suposed to be
    after all i am suposed to be working…
    whoops what am I doing over here? How did I get here?
    Well I’ll just go back to work now!

  216. elizabeth said

    I feel crappy this morning. I have the beginnings of a cold that I am determined not to let become worse and then there is the news about BT! This is unbelievable 😦 It is infuriating that they are going to air the last episodes online! I don’t even know what to say I am so disappointed…

    On a brighter note, Happy birthday Arrowyn and Vicki! I hope this day brings you nothing but good things.

  217. Margaret said


  218. Anne said

    Someone sent me a link to this nice version of the Blood Ties theme – I thought we could use a little song

  219. Danae said

    I feel so sick to my stomach and I have a headache. WTF has all our hard work been for and not even an acknowledgement from lifetime. I can’t comment anymore. I may have a breakdown.

    I am soooooo sorry you have to go through this *big hugs* to you.

    Happy Birthday Arrowyn and The Diva.

    DIZEY! Where are you? We need you big sister! You and your rose colored glasses although I have a feeling they will not help at this point anymore.

  220. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    lwildstar said,
    November 29, 2007 @ 5:13 am

    Well now I AM sick…my heart is in my stomach….arrrggg! I need to yell at someone! How depressing – I just want to go curl up with my dvds.
    So how are we suposed to get the last two episodes if they do this?
    I can’t think.
    Sigh…have to get to work…
    now I’m depressed…………….

    Yeah! Especially for those who CAN’T download or view the eps online because of older PC’s. It’s SO not fair!!!! 😦

  221. Danae said

    Thanks for the song Anne. It was nice to see the whole intro to the episodes. We don’t get that here. It was very bittersweet watching it though.

  222. lwildstar said

    Thanks for the vid Anne – we don’t get to see that opening here…

    I’m just so angry with this whole situation – we put all this time and effort not to mention $$$ and this is how Lifetime treats us…

    I’m seriously sick to my stomach now….

  223. Danae said

    And why would lifetime do this when they have BT listed as the top show on their home page. If you ask me they need to go take long walk on a short pier.

  224. Danae said

    I have been trying to get on to the feedback page on lifetime and it isn’t letting me. All I am getting is a blank page.

  225. Margaret said

    Ladies: It ain’t over yet but it will be if we sit on our hands. Keep writing the postcards, keep emailing viewer relations. We have gotten their attention. If nothing else they deleted the phone number posts which means they must have been some phone calls, eh?

  226. Heh. I could think of a few better things than that. For starters, I say we starve Henry for a month and then send him after all those people. I swear, if I was a vamp, I would do it myself.

    What’s worse, I was gonna do a BT Xmas manip this year, and I’m suddenly not in the mood anymore. 😦

  227. rifkind said

    Could you post the LINK to the lifetime feedback page here?
    Please. . .

  228. lwildstar said

    Dani – i got an error message that said the feedback page was overloaded – I think thats a good sign – keep tring – I eventually did get through and it let me post a message but I had to get out and back in a couple of times.
    I won’t be able to try anymore during work and I have a feeling it will be worse tonight!

    Well I am going to go work on my writing, maybe that will keep me sane a little longer.

    i just sent 10 post cards and I have 10 left all printed and ready to go for tomorrow – but now I want to go get some more and write really nasty notes on them!

  229. lwildstar said

  230. lwildstar said

    the feed back page is having major issues – i tried again and it cut me off when i went to submit my email – I think they are being flooded!

  231. Margaret said

    Rifkind: The link:

    Lwildstar: Don’t do nasty postcards yet, wait until we find out from them that its definitely been canceled. I’m trying to encourage people to go ahead and write more even if they do say its canceled to see if we can’t bring it back. If they finally do put a stake in it, then we can get nasty. Just check the postal codes first, you can’t threaten physical harm.

  232. lwildstar said

    I know, I know, mags – I’m just saying it really makes me want to get …grrrr….nasty with them – I’ll send my nice sweet “please keep Blood Ties” postcards I already have printed and if I get the chance this weekend I’ll go pick up some more…..but I really want to smack someone over there!

  233. Margaret said

    Trust me, you’re not alone.

  234. laurel said

    Happy Birthday Arrowyn!
    Birthday weed for you!

    Happy Birthday Vicki!
    Birthday weed for you too!

    Singing later if my voice settles. Still raspy from the bad cold. I could sing it in a really low key right now. hehe

  235. Danae said

    Ok it finally worked for me. This is what I sent to them:

    First of all I have to say that having Tanya post the decision to only air the last two episodes on-line is very low. So low you might as well be six feet under.

    Second, on your home page you have Blood Ties as one of the top shows. You are running ads stating Kyle Schmid and Blood Ties is burning up the internet. If you ask me that translates into ratings yet you go and make stupid decisions like this.

    All of the very loyal and dedicated fans have spent a lot of time effort and money into saving this show. You haven’t even acknowledged us. In my honest opinion you have treated us and Blood Ties like we don’t matter. To be pure and simple. like crap.

    It seems as soon as you had Blood Ties in you possession you didn’t intend to go any further than the first 22 episodes. I have lost complete faith in your network and will never watch again. Not because you don’t intend to keep airing Blood Ties but because you didn’t care about us or the show and it hurts. I loved watching Reba and Still Standing. But I never will again. Not on your network anyway.

    I couldn’t stand the woman in peril movies or the ones that the woman was all helpless and couldn’t function without a man supporting her. Is this what we want our daughters and even our sons growing up believing. I know I sure as hell don’t. Most of the women out there need a show like Blood Ties with a strong female lead that holds her own against the men.


    I guess some of it might have sounded pretty snarky but I couldn’t hold ALL my pent up anger in.

  236. laurel said

    As to the news…
    Nothing nice to say

  237. Danae said

    I heard yesterday that they are going to be cutting some of the jobs here at work. I am a little worried over it. I think something is wrong though because I am more worried over this whole BT thing then I am about possibly losing my job. My job is one of the less important ones around here.

    I want to know why they went crazy hiring lots and lots of people over and above what they already have and promising much bigger bonuses and getting paid for sick days that we don’t use and giving 110% pay if we don’t use any sick days and then go and cut jobs. It makes no sense to me.

  238. elizabeth said

    Danae – welcome to the corporate world! I have never figured out why companies do half the stupid things they do. I will be sending positive energy your way that your job is safe – and, if it isn’t that you will find something even better!

  239. Danae said

    I hate doing interviews. Wahhhhhh!

  240. Claire said

    Thanks Anne for the video link.I posted something very similar at lt(Lower case)
    i don’t think they deserve caps! Argh watching the vid at youtube made me sad!

  241. lwildstar said

    Well i tried the feedback thing again – just getting to go back to work – and It won’t let me in now…I’ll try when I get home..

    HUGS! I’m too depressed and angry to work…

  242. rifkind said

    I just wanted to tell Gypsy,
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for hosting the blog here.
    It appears that the blog at (lt) will be going away for good once the show has its final airing.
    It has been so nice to have this home away from home..
    and now it will stay our HOME base forever.

  243. Danae said

    Yeah what she said. 😛

  244. Danae said

    Sometimes I just can’t put into words how I feel, especially when I am feeling the way I do.

  245. Margaret said

    Its not over ladies, don’t give up. Still send emails to viewer relations, still post on the message boards or they will certainly think there is no interest.

  246. Claire said

    Well I left feedback..essentially telling them,that they treated us badly,they haven’t got a clue what a great show BT is and that they’re cowards letting Tanya do they’re dirty work,I also told them no one in my household watched LT before Bt,and no one will watch it after.I couldn’t help not being angry,and I don’t give a flying S&*T that I shouldn’t be rude..they are rude.

    By the way does anyone know where and what time the show will air online?
    Since the Asshats that be couldn’t even post that!!!

  247. Danae said

    Maybe this will help

  248. rifkind said

    I went to (lt) and tried to send a comment in the feeback section.
    I am not sure if it was properly sent or not. 😦
    I will try again later.
    Sorry to say this, but I hope that their server is so busy that it can’t handle all the messages!

  249. Danae said

    I hope so too. I think that is why we are all having problems getting onto that page. Either that or they are really really really bad cowards and shut down the feedback section so they won’t have to deal with all the messages. When I have sent them feedback messages to them in the past and I checked off yes for a response they never bothered to respond.

  250. cdnfreyja said

    Happy Birthday Arrowyn and Vicki!

    Thanks for posting the link, Anne. That’s the intro we get every week here too.

    Re: the network whose name shall not be mentioned, I find it bizarre that it would advertise BT as a top show and feature Kyle in promotions only to dump the show. It is totally illogical. Then again I’m not a network so who knows what the decision makers are thinking. Obviously nothing logical.

  251. lwildstar said

    ok i was able to send a feedback – finally!
    they must really be swamped it took quite sometime for it to let me in – and I can’t mess with it anymore – snicker – I am at work after all…
    And all I want to do is spend my time online messing with this!
    geeze…I need some chocloate and a nap…

  252. cdnfreyja said

    Aaargh! This thing just ate my post. Help!

    wildstar – I just had some chocolate and it didn’t really help. It was still tasty, though.

  253. Madonna said

    Hey girls,

    First of all let me say…. Arrowyn and Vicki, I’m sorry this crap happened on your birthday.

    Second….. It is an understatement how offended and sad I feel. I have watched this show from the very beginning and so has my mother. We have dial-up at home. How the hell are we supposed to watch it? Hmmmmm…? To have Tanya do it, was just low, plain and simple.

    Third, I don’t know about any of you but I am terribly offended for Kyle, Christina, Dylan and Tanya. They don’t deserve the treatment they’ve been given either. It was obvious to me at least how much they love Blood Ties and how much of themselves they put into it, both for themselves and for the fans. I truly hope that their home country sees that and gives them the recognition that they so deserve. Lifetime sure the hell hasn’t.

    Fourth, I LOVE Blood Ties. Everything about it. As much as I love it though I love all of you 10x more, and I treasure each and everyone of you. When Blood Ties ends, be it tomorrow or 5 years from now, we’ll still have each other. That is what we can all take from this. Thanks Ms. Gypsy and prtfvr and Anne for giving us gathering spots.

    If you read this, is there any insight you can give us as to what is going on? Obviously Lifetime has no intention of telling us.

  254. laurel said

    Nuts, I was going to say something witty and empowering but I’ve got nothin’.
    I’m still trying to get into lt to comment but it is not connecting for me. I hope they are overwhelmed.
    For some odd reason I expected to see a news clip about rioting at the lt offices when I flipped on the news just now.
    Nothing yet.

    These last few episodes had better go straight to iTunes. I’ll see if my “computer wizard” brother-in-law can help get it out to the dial-up set while we await the DVDs.
    I figured it was not good when I read a blurb that said “Blood Ties – Complete Series” will be released on DVD January 28th. Wish I could remember where I saw that.
    It had better be awesome and have lots of extras!

  255. Claire said

    Ok so now I have tears in my eyes aafter reading your post Madonna and the video Danae…cause I turn into an emotional waterbag during my period and I’m even more pissed off!!!!!

    Not at you guys…at lifetime!!!!

  256. Madonna said,
    November 29, 2007 @ 11:21 am

    Hey girls,

    First of all let me say…. Arrowyn and Vicki, I’m sorry this crap happened on your birthday.

    Second….. It is an understatement how offended and sad I feel. I have watched this show from the very beginning and so has my mother. We have dial-up at home. How the hell are we supposed to watch it? Hmmmmm…? To have Tanya do it, was just low, plain and simple.

    Don’t feel too bad. I have dial-up too.
    I just hope I’m able to get the DVD’s when they come out. 😦

  257. Danae said

    Sorry about that MamaClaire.

    Hey I am going into the city a week from Saturday for the day. I may spend my time attacking lifetime’s studios and offices. Who’s with me? My mom dad Amber Kim George and Johnathan may not be too happy with me but my show is more important right now.

  258. Margaret said

    Ok, ladies I’m going to look awfully stupid, pathetic and somewhat crazed if I’m the only one still writing postcards. Anyone going to keep me company?

  259. Danae said

    Don’t worry your not the only one Mags!

  260. Anne said

    To cheer you up a little, I’ve added a new picture of Kyle – the black & white in the Kyle’s Pictures section

  261. cdnfreyja said

    Okay I don’t know if my post will make it out of blog purgatory so here is the gist of what I said.

    Arrowyn and Vicki – Happy Birthday!

    Anne, the link you posted, that is the intro we see every episode here in Canada.

    Re: the network whose name shall not be mentioned (we use that phrase in our family for our one cat, Winnie, who is also known as the Windigo), it is just so bizarre that the network would list Blood Ties as a top show and promote Kyle in particular and then drop the show. It is just illogical.

  262. Madonna said

    The problem is, is that I don’t think they have a firm grip on logic.

  263. Margaret said

    Don’t give up yet or it will be over. We have to keep at this until they cry uncle or admit something.

  264. cdnfreyja said

    Himmie, yes, there is a serious lack of logic going on at that network. (My original purgatorized comment was better. ;-( )

  265. Madonna said

    I haven’t given up just yet. I simply feel bad physically and mentally and I’m rather pissed off at the moment. I sent Lifetime some feedback.

  266. Margaret said

    To be honest with all of you I’m going to buy some booze on the way home, I’m going to drink it and then I’m going to write those asshats some really polite postcards telling them I’m not going anywhere and won’t until they say something official. Remember Tanya said it wasn’t in stone yet. I’m just as exhausted mentally and physically as the rest of you but I’m going to have a good cry when I get home and then I’m going to be renewed and start battling them renewed. How many of you are with me?

  267. lwildstar said

    ok this seems to be what I am hearing now: that they are going to air tomorrow nights show. They are also going to put the next show online tomorrow sometime. Then next Friday, they will post the last show of the season online. Tomorrow night, we will get two shows. One on the Tv, one online.
    Does that make sense?
    And where are they putting them on line? THe LT website or Itunes?
    If its itunes I’m screwed! can I cry now? 😦
    prtfvr you may have to bring your little ipod thing and come for a visit!

  268. lwildstar said

    headinghomw soon – talk at you later!

  269. rifkind said

    I’m on dial-up and can’t seem more than 6 seconds at a time of the LT videos. At least when it was on U tube, I could pause the download and get it loaded and then watch the entire segment at once.
    The (lt) site won’t let you do that. 😦

  270. lwildstar said

    well I am so depress I made myself sick – yep – I stopped at the CVS and bought a 6 pack of Reeses penutbutter trees and ate three – now I feel sick….
    I think I am going to stay away from LT tonight – It will just make me mad.
    I finally fiinished my emails…and caught up here.
    I’ll be around, but I’m not in a very “happy place” right now…

  271. Margaret said

    Well, ladies the fates are conspiring against me. Couldn’t find any booze that I like where I went so I picked up some Bailey’s Flavored Filled Chocolates thinking I would get the best of two worlds. Damn if they were NON-Alcoholic.

  272. rifkind said

    I think that we are all going to have to go visit Freyja so that we can see the final shows on a REAL television.
    Freya , got room for 30 ladies … for 2 weeks?? LOL!!!

  273. cdnfreyja said

    Gee rifkind, my condo is only 500 sq. ft.! That would be pretty tight. But I’m sure we could all make the sacrifice. At least I have a DVD player and a tv.

    Now if I still lived out west, I’d invite you all out there and we could hang out at the parents’ place since there is much more room and they’re getting a flat screen.

    We could always take over a pub on the non-busy evenings. At least we’d bring them business! LOL!

  274. cdnfreyja said

    On second thought, if I still lived out west I’d have a bigger place ’cause real estate isn’t as expensive.

    And my parents wouldn’t mind. They love guests. My mom would probably put on this big spread for you. Mind you, my dad would probably greet everyone and then make himself scarce in his basement office! LOL

  275. Vampgrl said

    Just wanted to share a post I sent to a mailing list I’m still on…and Cairo. I figured the rest of you guys would enjoy this too. My head is a strange strange place…hehe
    Hey guys! I had another weird dream I had last night that I wanted to share, before I totally forgot what it was. Although, I should’ve typed it out this morning ’cause I lost most of it already, so I’m pretty much going with what I can remember, so just go with me. It was another Henry dream, which is weird, ’cause I haven’t been watching BT all that much lately, even the ones I have been taping.

    Anyways, in the dream, Henry kept having to rescue me from someone…or something…can’t really remember the specifics of that, or even where I was, just that Henry had to rescue me. And this dream had a little bit of Moonlight in it, ’cause Henry could walk about in the daylight, though not for long periods of time, obviously. After Henry carried me out of where he had to rescue me from, he took me to this weird castle type place with a winding staircase; we got to the top of the stairs, with me supporting Henry ’cause he was weak from being outside too long, and we got to this door, and when I opened the door, I found Vicki inside with some guy….who wasn’t Mike. No idea who it was, that part was even fuzzy last night, I just know Vicki was in a bedroom with some guy, and then she kept giving me evil looks when she saw Henry having to lean on me. Then she started yelling. Basically she was getting all pissed off and jealous ’cause I was too close to Henry. I didn’t even get a chance to tell Vicki what happened. I don’t think she cared. She just wanted me away from her vamp. And yet she’s the one in the bedroom with a total stranger. How rude. *g* Skipping ahead…me and Henry were standing on an enclosed balcony, all weak from not feeding the night before, so I offered to let him feed off of me. He kept refusing, I kept insisting, so finally he gave in. Here’s the weird part, in the dream, I was wearing this weird fuzzy pink sweater and this long neon pink scare around my neck. Basically I was dressed like Willow…also odd ’cause I can’t even remember the last time I watched Buffy anymore. The dream was so real though I could actually feel Henry’s arms wrapped around me. And we were getting pretty heaving with the smooching. *g* I don’t remember the actual biting part though. The dream cut out right at that part. Bummer.

    And the Henry being able to walk about in the sunlight part just means I’ve been watching WAY too many vampire shows. *g* That’s pretty much all I can remember. If anything else pops into my head, I’ll post it later. Heh.

  276. lwildstar said

    well its a quiet night – I think I will take myself to bed…

    if you happen to go over to the LT message Baord it looks like they are playing Blood Ties Trivia….

  277. Ugh. I wouldn’t post on LT if
    someone paid me a million dollars.
    Plus I never bother to reregister. I never liked it sinced they changed the format. And I guess eveyone is just too angry to talk. 😦

  278. Margaret said

    vampgirl: I’m still posting on Lifetime and I’m writing postcards. I AM NOT GIVING UP YET, IT ISN’T WRITTEN IN STONE….

  279. Yeah well I still don’t like the format.
    Even at work the page was too darn slow.
    I think they lost a bunch of people when they changed the format.

  280. catcornmom said

    Happy birthday Arrowyn and Vicki! Hope your day was filled with good wishes!!! Well, except for this BT Snafu!! I can’t get the picture out of my head that Prtfvr painted up there earlier about backing into rooms….I hope your day was better than that, Prtfvr!!!

    I want the people at LT to get their asses kicked so maybe they’ll get some sense knocked into them. What are they thinking???

    I want this week over NOW! My week hasn’t been as rough as Prtfvr’s or some of the rest of you, but my doctor sent me to the hospital today for what was only supposed to be a kidney sonogram because of some abnormal readings in my bloodwork. Well, they also did one of those nuclear-imaging tests where you have the iv-drip dye and have to lay there for 30-40 minutes while they x-ray or take pictures or whatever. Not normally a big deal for the average person, but my dad died from kidney cancer 15 years ago. Yeah…lay there on the x-ray table for 30 minutes thinking about that…I’m glad I didn’t know about BT during the test. They probably would have had me do a heart stress test next b/c I would have been so pissed my heart would have been palpitating!!!

    Well, I’m only 40, and he was 47 when he was diagnosed, 49 when he died. I don’t even feel sick, so I’m trying to be as positive as possible. They let me leave the hospital, so I think that’s a good thing!! I didn’t even have the blood work for feeling bad. It was just a check up. So, if you have some good thoughts to spare, please send some my way.

  281. laurel said

    Holy smoke catcornmom! You’ve got good thoughts and prayers as of right now!
    Girl, you’ll have them every day until you tell me you don’t need them any more.
    Is there anything we can do for you? It is so hard to wait for test results, and especially so when you have some family history to add to your fears.

    Blessings dear!

  282. himmiefan said

    Catcornmom – prayers for you!! Please, please let us know when you get the results.

  283. catcornmom said

    You gals give me tears….thanks. I needed that!

  284. Anzia said

    Wow this hasn’t been a good week for the OOtY has it?! *sigh*

    Catcorn- You have my thoughts and prayers! Definitely let us know that you’re results were good news. (positive thoughts!)

    prtmama- Still sending you love & Hugs

    MamaClaire- LORDY to i understand the period problem! UGH! And right now…VERY VERY not happy with LT.

    I just keep thinking that next week will be better. it HAS to be better ’cause this week has sucked for pretty much all of us and that means we’re due some MAJOR smiles. If it isn’t…on my end at least I’m gonna lose it completely and either end up a bawling mess in the corner of my room or in jail for assault, attempted murder…a whole bunch of not fun and medically expensive (for the other party of course) things…

  285. laurel said

    Easy there Z, we can’t afford to have you out of commission or in jail. 🙂

    I say we follow Margaret’s lead and let’s get out our remaining postcards and create a flurry. Even if it doesn’t change anything it will be noticed.
    I suspect all the Blood Ties folk could use some support & good feelings sent their way. An abundance of cards has to be good for someone, and every positive action you take is good karma!

    Okay, I admit it, I was watching “Earl” earlier tonight. hehe

  286. rifkind said

    If Lifetime will not be forthcoming about the status of Blood Ties, I find it amasing that Tanya’s blog is quoted by firefox News!
    They basically reported what Tanya posted on her blog.
    We are so desparate for news on the status of the show, now the news is reporting what Tanya posted..

  287. Arrowyn said

    I was going to come home from work, eat something, and then tell you all about my wonderful/not so wonderful roller-coaster day. But I thought I’d read a little and let my dinner digest before I posted here. The next thing I knew, I had a crick in my neck because my head was leaning back on the back of the sofa and I had been asleep in that position for about 2 hours! I think everything going on in my life is catching up with me. My remedy for that is (so I don’t get sick) — TO BED! I’ll try to post tomorrow. I really did have a pretty good day, mostly because of all of you! My heartfelt thanks to you all for just being — you! Nighty night.

  288. Margaret said

    Catcornmom, Claire, prtmama, prtfvr, laurel and anyone else who needs it my thoughts and prayers are with you. This has been one rough week and I for one, along with the rest of you, will be glad to see it go. Meet at the Henhouse after the show tonight??

  289. Dude…is it quiet around here. You could pratically hear a pin drop…
    Hey…not to go around BT, but did anyone watch Supernatural last night? Was it new? Honestly, I forgot it was even on. I was too busy answering emails for once. Oye.

  290. Anzia said

    TGIF !

    and that’s all I have to say about that…

  291. Also wanted to send this. You know, just in case it happened to get swallowed up….hehe
    Just wanted to share a post I sent to a mailing list I’m still on…and Cairo. I figured the rest of you guys would enjoy this too. My head is a strange strange place…hehe
    Hey guys! I had another weird dream I had last night that I wanted to share, before I totally forgot what it was. Although, I should’ve typed it out this morning ’cause I lost most of it already, so I’m pretty much going with what I can remember, so just go with me. It was another Henry dream, which is weird, ’cause I haven’t been watching BT all that much lately, even the ones I have been taping.
    Anyways, in the dream, Henry kept having to rescue me from someone…or something…can’t really remember the specifics of that, or even where I was, just that Henry had to rescue me. And this dream had a little bit of Moonlight in it, ’cause Henry could walk about in the daylight, though not for long periods of time, obviously. After Henry carried me out of where he had to rescue me from, he took me to this weird castle type place with a winding staircase; we got to the top of the stairs, with me supporting Henry ’cause he was weak from being outside too long, and we got to this door, and when I opened the door, I found Vicki inside with some guy….who wasn’t Mike. No idea who it was, that part was even fuzzy last night, I just know Vicki was in a bedroom with some guy, and then she kept giving me evil looks when she saw Henry having to lean on me. Then she started yelling. Basically she was getting all pissed off and jealous ’cause I was too close to Henry. I didn’t even get a chance to tell Vicki what happened. I don’t think she cared. She just wanted me away from her vamp. And yet she’s the one in the bedroom with a total stranger. How rude. *g* Skipping ahead…me and Henry were standing on an enclosed balcony, all weak from not feeding the night before, so I offered to let him feed off of me. He kept refusing, I kept insisting, so finally he gave in. Here’s the weird part, in the dream, I was wearing this weird fuzzy pink sweater and this long neon pink scare around my neck. Basically I was dressed like Willow…also odd ’cause I can’t even remember the last time I watched Buffy anymore. The dream was so real though I could actually feel Henry’s arms wrapped around me. And we were getting pretty heaving with the smooching. *g* I don’t remember the actual biting part though. The dream cut out right at that part. Bummer.
    And the Henry being able to walk about in the sunlight part just means I’ve been watching WAY too many vampire shows. *g* That’s pretty much all I can remember. If anything else pops into my head, I’ll post it later. Heh.

  292. WOOOHOOO on the whole TGIF thing, Anzia! Or Z! Or whatever the heck I’m supposed to call you! *g* Now I have to pick out my Xmas cards this weekend and start writing them. Ugh. And find the rest of my Xmas decorations to take to work. I hate the holidays…*grumble*

  293. lwildstar said

    just a flyby – I’m here by myself – everyone is out sick – so I won’t be back til lunch 😦

    Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Friday – Prtfvr , Laurel and everyone else – ((HUGS)) I wish I could be there to give it to you in person…

    that didn’t sound good..oh well….

    I will try to meet at the hen house tonight, but I have to get up very early to leave for a craft show tomorrow morning, so if I stop by it will be brief…
    I’m still depressed – but I did go to LT and send them an email this morning….

    Laurel – I would stilllike to conect with you Saturday night if you are available? I’ll send you an email…your story was wonderful!

    TTFN !!!!

  294. Margaret said


    Third paragraph down. It was posted on the Lifetime site this morning. The fat ##xxx isn’t signing YET.

  295. Margaret said

    Now you techno chicas need to figure out how to get copies and maybe we’ll have to wait for DVD’s at the end of the seasons.

  296. lwildstar said

    Took a minute – just thought I would post these numbers –

    Blood Ties (2006) 9913
    1 Moonlight 944 -1%
    2 Blood Ties 701 4%
    3 The Dresden Files 341 1%
    4 Alex O’Loughlin 340 9%
    5 Kyle Schmid 233 2%
    6 Stargate Atlantis 178 -2%
    7 Christina Cox 144 1%
    16 Dylan Neal 82 1%

  297. Danae said

    Buongiorno ma bellas!

    catcornmom, I am sending love and hugs your way. I pray everything is ok.

    I felt like hitting someone yesterday and that feeling hasn’t dissipated. It is still there. I am not glad it is Friday. I do not want this day to end. It hurts me to know that after tonight BT might never grace our TV screens again. Seeing the article that Mags posted does give me a glimmer of hope even if they are only online. Kelly will like it because I will be spending lots and lots of time at her place. Speaking of Kelly, I found out that one of the topics that started the fight between her and her ex was me and my booze. Um hello he always had beer in the apartment and she always has the Smirnoff drinks. The kids never got into it so his claims seem unsubstantiated-sp?

  298. Margaret said,
    November 30, 2007 @ 5:51 am


    Third paragraph down. It was posted on the Lifetime site this morning. The fat ##xxx isn’t signing YET.

    Yeah…still doesn’t help those of us who CAN’T view eps online. My pc is from 1997 or 98. Even my version of AOL is WAY outdated by now. As if I really care though. I only use it to check my mail anyways. But according to some people, my pc is so old it’s got dinosaurs hatching out of it. *g*

    Still….I’m so depressed I don’t even feel like watching BT tonight. What’s the point if I won’t be able to see the last 2? To not air them on TV is just rude. I SERIOUSLY hate the internet anymore. Everyone automatically makes the assumption that everyone and their brothers sisters mothers whoever can watch TV eps online. IT’S A CONSPIRACY!!! I’m so upset right now I could just……ummm….do something really really bad…

    And you know those tooth problems I was telling you guys about? They just multiplied. The cracked molar on the one side still has pieces falling out and finally the filling finally fell out too, so now I’m eating on that side with half a tooth with no filling, so everything I eat is just getting crammed in the hole…and the wisdom tooth on the other side is still rubbing against my mouth and the molar, so if I chew on that side, it just gets more and more irritated…and I still don’t have the money to go to a dentist right now, what with all the Christmas shopping and all…so pretty much I’m screwed.

    So again, REALLY not in a good mood. And I hope someone on here can hook me up with some DVD’s too. If anyone needs my email, just give a yell. *g*

  299. Danae said

    I think I may have to give Dizey a call tonight. It has been a few weeks since she has graced us with her lovely optimistic presence. We need that right now. Hopefully I will be able to remember when I get home.

  300. Good Morning to you BT Family,

    Gracious! Thank goodness it’s Friday!!!!! Catcorn, thinking of you!!!!
    Prtfvr too!!!!!

    As for LT….Everyone has said it all and then some!!!!!

    I’ve come on here at work since my internet at home is misbehaving. Now, I have to do just that~get to work! See ya

  301. Claire said

    Good Morning(I hope) my lovelies!!!
    Mags…Thanks…does that possibly mean that the asshats might continue to run seasons of BT online? I know I would be happy to have BT anyway I can!!

    Catcornmom…positive energy and love going your way!

    Now I’m off to read work just cleaning some and slouching around since I still don’t feel myself.

    love yas

  302. Danae said

    I know I can move in with Claire in Virginia. We can watch together on her computer. I would move for BT. MamaClaire do you want one more person living with you? I might be losing my job anyway.

  303. rifkind said

    I got an email from Diz yesterday.
    She has been really busy recovering from her vacation …
    LOL, I know how that goes!
    Anyway she keeps hoping to pop in here and say HI to everyone.
    Let’s hope that she can take a deep breath and stop by soon.

  304. Danae said

    At least everything is ok.

  305. Danae said

    Just got an alert on in my email as follows, “By webMistress
    LIFETIME blood ties: the good, the bad & the ugly [last episode before hiatus] – yes, there are a couple of Season 2 episodes yet to be seen!” SHE’S CALLING IT A HIATUS!

    Request RemovalPosted by bennnan Nov 30, 2007 11:54 am

    I just found this on the Blood Ties main page from someone that posted on there. It is not from Tanya’s BT blog.

  306. laurel said

    I’m here! Not getting anything done this morning, but I’m off to the “Biggest Craft Bazaar on the West Coast” later today. My folks are here to go with me. It should be exhausting 🙂
    I’m looking for gifts and decorations and Rum Cake! Yum, free samples rock!

  307. lwildstar said

    Dani – I tried to open you link and didn’t see anything pertaining to Blood Ties…

  308. lwildstar said

    ok – never mind – it just hadn’t loaded properly – ok so they say its a hiatus…but thats it nothing further! grrr…I wish they would stop playing with us! Does this mean they WILL air the two episodes or not?
    as Pooh Bear would say “Oh bother….”

  309. lwildstar said

    laurel – I’ll email you at lunch time..have fun at the craftshow!

  310. Danae said

    They are still only airing the episodes on-line but it says hiatus and I would think the TV people need to know more than we do.

  311. Danae said

    The last 2 episodes that is.

    I swear, most days I wish the internet didn’t even exist. 😦

  313. Danae said

    I just got an email from Diz too. She says she misses us and loves us alot and will try and come on next week.

  314. lwildstar said

    Thanks Rif and Dani – I was beginning to worry about Diz…..

    Well I finished up all the emails and i still have a little time left of lunch so I am going to write…

  315. cdnfreyja said

    catcornmom – sending positive thoughts and vibes your way.

    To everyone participating in nanowrimo, hope the month of frenzied writing went well for you!

    Margaret – thanks for posting the info.

    Ladies, it sounds to me like the network whose name shall not be mentioned wants to have its cake and eat it too. I read the reference to posting episodes of BT online at that network and, of course, it wasn’t clear whether this would be old or new episodes. If we are talking about new, seems to me like they know they’ve got a good show with dedicated fans but they don’t want to broadcast it on tv because …?!? So, they won’t broadcast it but they won’t allow it to go to another network? Maybe a part of some dastardly plan, hmmm?

    And please tell me, what is so much better for broadcast during that late Friday time slot occupied by BT? Yet more movies where women kill their sisters to take over their lives including their husbands and children? That is NOT a message of empowerment. That is just CRAZY.

  316. Danae said

    Right on Freyja!

  317. Danae said

    And I like the use of dastardly. It reminds of a cartoon character but I can’t remember his whole name. I am pretty sure dastardly was in it though.

  318. cdnfreyja said


    Oh, I’ve got more but I doubt the ladies here want to hear my feminist analysis of the state of the entertainment industry and the crap being produced trying to be passed off as messages of empowerment. Please, let me stick my finger down my throat. And I’m sure they don’t want me to turn all Marshall McLuhan (‘the media is the message’) on them.

    But if you do, I’d be happy to oblige. 😉

  319. Danae said

    Be my guest. Email me with it. I love paying attention to the entertainment industry, it is one of my fave pasttimes, but the way the media and their self-righteous crap annoy the hell out of me. The way they treat the celebrities and the fans alike leave a lot to be desired.

    And I know this is no surprise to anyone on here but I hate critics and think they are a waste of space but I know they have to make a living too.

  320. Danae said

    Oh and some actors think that they are Gods and everybody should do what they say because they are so special and they are last and final word. Hint: Tom Cruise! I hate him with everything in me. I shudder just seeing him.

  321. Anne said

    My friend Dee was involved in the Save Jericho campaign, and she’s a HUGE Blood Ties fan too.

    She just created

    As I can see, there are several Save Blood Ties campaigns and sites out there, but knowing about Dee’s involvement in the Jericho campaign makes me trust this one. We need a coordinated effort and I think this could be it.

    The other campaigns seem to be solo efforts mainly – at least none of them have contacted me and asked to be listed on BTC.
    But maybe it’s because I’m bigheaded and think that all the fans know about the littler Blood Ties fansite 😉

  322. Madonna said

    Hi ladies!

    So maybe there is a little hope left huh?

    To all of you needing hugs and love, which I know is everyone, but especially catcornmom and prtfvr, you got it. I love you all. And a special message to everyone, and I include myself….. Let’s try not to worry about tomorrow. We’ll only make ourselves sick.

    Did the doctor tell you specifically what they were looking for in the tests? (((((((HUGS)))))))) Let us know OK.

    I’m sorry you’re going through such bad times. Try to keep your chin up and stay strong. You’re a woman. You can do it.

    Here I’ll give all of us a little inspiration with Bon Jovi.

    We don’t even get a crappy movie. I think they are running Will and Grace repeats in it’s place.

    I’m glad you heard from Dizey. Glad she’s OK. I imagine she’s busy with people buying appliances for Christmas.

    So after today I’m on Vacation til next Friday. I go back to the doc on Monday at which time his office will start scheduling my next surgery.

  323. lwildstar said

    Dani – it was Dick Dasterdly and Pennelope Peril (or something like that)

    well lunch is over
    I got someone to go to starbucks and pick me up a chi Latte, but I have to wait till they come back from lunch – hey just not to have to go outside – I’ll wait!

    Ok must return to work! talk at you later…..

    oh I finished chapter 17 at lunch – nice to know depression is good for something….

  324. Danae said

    That’s it. I knew it was something like that.

  325. catcornmom said

    God, I love this group. Thank you so much for your well wishes.

    Madonna, no, the doctor didn’t say what she was looking for. In my blood tests my creatin level was going up. She had me do a 24 hour urine collection…oh yeah, really fun…and based on that she scheduled these further tests. The hell of it is, I feel fine!! I religiously work out 3 times a week so I feel like I’m in sort of decent shape, although, I’m not thin by any means…a size 14. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t sleep around (sadly) –but I am willing!!! HA

    Well, I don’t normally peek at the blog during school, but everything is so crazy with the latest news from the station that shall not be named. My sister and I have always referred to it as Gaytime just to make my mom mad. I’m trying to think of worse names now!!!

    Thanks again for your good wishes my sistas!

  326. rifkind said

    I won’t believe it until Scribble says that they are back into production!
    Scribble, got any GREAT news for us… PLEASE?????

  327. lwildstar said

    ok – just to give you a lugh –

    I got caught singing at my desk – no I’m no song bird by any strech of the imagination – but tell me what is it about “Its the end of the world” by REM that makes you just sing along even though you butcher the words?

    got to go – luv you

    catcornmom – I hope everything goes well…

    have we heard fromprtfvr today? I’ve lost track!

  328. laurel said

    lwildstar – just wanted to let you know I got the package you sent. It arrived safe and sound! I’m not opening it until you give me the okay.

    Fingernails…. hanging on by my fingernails! I still have a flicker of hope in my heart for some reason. Perhaps just because ’tis the season, but I’ll try to keep the faith and dream that some solution can be found.
    btw – I have my passport within easy reach, Freyja beware!

  329. laurel said

    I love that song too! Another band that does it well is “Great Big Sea.”
    I have it playing now, thanks to wildstar!

  330. elizabeth said

    ****** I just got a phone call from lifetime a very nice woman named Sydney.She said the episode will air in this website tonight afterthe tv episode airs.I am est time so that means it will air at12:00! She was very nice and said that NO DECISION HAS BEEN MADE TO CANCEL THE SHOW AT THIS TIME!!!!!LET’S BE HOPEFUL!!! iHAVE GOT TO RUN, BUT I SHOULD BE BACK BY 6:00. TALK TO YOU LATER
    Request RemovalPosted by kelrod Nov 30, 2007 3:06 pm

    I found this over on the Lifetime blog.

  331. Danae said

    How does kelrod know that this Sydney person is definitely at lifetime?

  332. Danae said

    I hope she is from lifetime and she knows what she is talking about. I just don’t want to find out that it was all false and have my hopes dashed once again.

  333. lwildstar said

    laurel I would say next weekend is good – by then everyone else will ahve started to thiers…I know Anne got hers – Frejya was still waiting…

    E – i saw that post too – I snuck over just to see what was up – I am so not suposed to be on line – but I need any little tid bit I can get right now!

    How does kelrod know that this Sydney person is definitely at lifetime? maybe they said – “in response to the phone message you left”

    I tried calling last night just to see and got a “beep” you can not leave a message at this time….

  334. lwildstar said

    lets try that again – typing too fast – laurel I would say next weekend is good – by then everyone else will have started to get thiers…

  335. Danae said

    I know what I said sounds really cynical.

  336. Margaret said

    Like the rest of you I got a call from Sydney Plant and she is definitely with lifetime. I ran mine back several times and this is what she said:

    Returned from lunch to find this on my voice mail (11/20/07, 1:45 p.m., EST).

    This is Sydney Plant of Lifetime Television returning your call. You called about the series Blood ties. I just wanted you to know that there’s no word whether the series is being renewed for another season at this time. That’s all the information I have. And the show will air tonight at 11:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and Pacific, followed by an additional episode on-line, which is the first of the two final episodes. The second and final episode will air on Friday, December 7 online, which I believe you already know. That’s all the information I have at this time. I will definitely pass on your concerns and thank you for being in touch with Lifetime.

    (I ran this back several times so I could get this verbatim. The second and final episode will air on Friday, Dec. 7 line doesn’t seem to make sense, I believe she’s talking about the final episode and just got tripped up).

  337. lwildstar said

    Well I will be online immediatley after the show and see if they have posted it on LT or not – if they do I guess I’ll stay up – just callme zombie woman tomorrow (no wait my monster came back as ghost) anyway if its posted on LT at least I’ll get to watch it this weekend….

  338. Danae said

    I think she meant the second and final episode as the second of the two episodes that were airing online only.

  339. lwildstar said

    In the spirit of the season I thought I would send this out:
    one of our local radio stations is collecting gift cards for the injured soldiers being treated here at Walter Reed and Bethesda Medical hospitals (see link below)
    If you have unused gift cards or even if you wish to purchase a card you can send it to the radio station directly – of if you want you can send it to me and I’ll forward them to the radio station…….this is a legit thing – this radio station does a great deal of community work and I have met some of the DJs at community events.
    This is a good way to help the troops and their families – many of them can’t go shopping due to their injuries so they can pass the cards on if they choose or they can use them to help their families enjoy the holidays. So far I have heard good things – that just today they collected something like $500 worth of cards.

  340. lwildstar said

    speaking of donations –
    our company is sponsoring underprivliged kids for Christmas – each team was to pick a kid from the list we had and buy them something off their list…well we have two tiny teams in our office so we decided to pool together and buy something – well i was feeling a little guilty becasue I could only donate $5…one of the ladies here told me I shouldn’t feel guilty, that it really is the thought that counts – that this child will know that someone cares when he opens the one or two things we get him, even if i had only donated $1 towards the gift…made me feel better, because she is right.
    Well the funny thing is some how I got elected to go on line and see if the cd’s on his list were “age apropritate” since I have a nephew the same age as this little boy – out of the 6 he listed I only thought one was not good – but I looked over the list and this kid has a good head – yes he asked for a cd player and cds, but he also asked for a new winter coat and new sneakers (of course he picked something name brand, but then he is 12) so I am feeling a little more in the holiday spirit…

    i guess sunday I may just feel like decorating the house, At least I will put out all my stuffed penguines – they make me smile – I’ll take a picture – I’m suposed to decorate the reception area next week for the office….

    ok back to work – I’m being really bad today 😉

  341. Madonna said

    OK, I was looking at this screencap again and I finally pinpointed what was bothering be about it. We know that vampires are excellent climbers but can Henry fly? He looks like even if he did climb up there that he is defying gravity here.

    Any thoughts?

  342. lwildstar said

    he has his feet and hands pressed against the wall – so he is “holding” himself up…like he did on the fence in Blood Price before the demon cut him up…..I’ve seen this in other vampire shows – that they are strong enough to use pressure to hold themsleves say in corners or something like that…. 🙂
    but yes he does look like hes hovering or levitating….

  343. Danae said

    Sure I would like to think Henry can fly. It will make him easier to get to my bedroom window.

    I started decorating last weekend. I put up my lights and put some of the knick knack things out. I have this really awesome Bing Crosby doll in a Santa suit that sings songs. It has full mouth motion and swings his head and moves the microphone back and forth. I have so much Christmas stuff I don’t know where to put it.

    Tomorrow I am taking Amber and my nephew Johnathan to Breakfast with Santa at my church. Then they are having a celebration on the town green all day. They will be doing The Christmas Carol and lighting the town tree. There will be caroling too. Then tomorrow night everybody is coming over to decorate my tree and have some pizza.

  344. Danae said

    My mom just called and she said she has lifetime on and she saw an ad for BT and it said all new episodes not episode.

  345. Danae said

    I wonder what they mean by that. I noticed on the BT page at they now have something that says the last two epi’s will be online and not TV.

  346. Madonna said

    That sounds like fun. I’d like to go to the Cincinnati Zoo’s Festival of Lights while I’m off next week but I don’t think I’m up to it. Have a good time.

    I figured he climbed and was just holding on. Still looks a bit unnatural, but I guess it’s supposed to huh?

    I know it’s hard but try not to stress about it OK. You’re in my prayers.


    I was browsing over on Bloodlines and I found this. Don’t know how true it is though.

    In addition, Tanya Huff, who walked a WGC picket line in support of the WGA yesterday, has announced that she will blog about The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, but that, out of support for the WGA, she will not blog about the two episodes shown on-line.

  347. Madonna said

    Blood Ties trivia….

    In what episode does Henry wink at Vicki?

  348. Danae said

    Well what would be the point to blog about the last two if they are not even going to be aired online. lifetime doesn’t have the balls to do there own dirty work Tanya shouldn’t for them.

  349. Danae said

    Wow I have no idea. Love hurts?

  350. Madonna said

    Nope, not Love Hurts, at least that I know of.

  351. cdnfreyja said

    Madonna, how about Necrodrome? Right before he clocks the doorman?

  352. Danae said

    I honestly don’t remember a wink! Blood Price or Drawn and Quartered. Those were the only episodes where he said she was beautiful.

    I have to go home now.

    Ciao bellas! Luv ya

  353. Danae said

    Was the camera on a close up of him there. I can’t remember.

  354. Madonna said

    Freyja’s got it!

    Bye Danae,
    Have a good weekend. Love ya too.

  355. cdnfreyja said


    Tell Amber and your nephew that Santa has been very busy. I just saw him this afternoon driving one of the Ottawa buses. There he was dressed in red, with the full white beard (this one was definitely real), wearing that festive red hat. He wasn’t driving a route, probably taking the bus to the beginning of the route since it was right before the afternoon rush starts.

    The bus signage flipped between ‘Merry Christmas – Joyeux Noel’ and ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’. And how appropriate that it has been snowing all afternoon. I got totally nailed by the big fluffy ones this afternoon. It has been snowing off and on all week and will continue into next week. Oh, and the vendors started putting out the Christmas trees in the Market today.

  356. elizabeth said

    Madonna – I went to Tanya’s live journal and she will not post comments on the last two episodes at lifetime. She is doing it in support of the walkout, but I tend to wonder if a little of it isn’t because of them just showing the episodes on line? Anyway, She did say she would post comments on the last two episodes at some point down the line on her site. That is if I remember everything correctly that I read……

  357. cdnfreyja said

    Madonna, don’t ask how I remember that. I have a mind like a trap when it comes to all kinds of useless (or seemingly useless) things.

  358. Madonna said

    I know I’ve asked this one before a looonnggg time ago… but what the heck….

    In Norman what type (brand) of donuts does Mike bring to Vicki.

  359. Madonna said

    That’s good to know Elizabeth. Thanks! How are you doing?

  360. elizabeth said

    Hi Madonna, I’m hanging in here with the rest of you. I can’t decide if I am depressed, mad or more frustrated over the Lifetime thing. As to your question, I think the donuts that Mike brings to Vicki are Happy Girl donuts

  361. cdnfreyja said

    Madonna, all I know is that it wasn’t a real donut place. I looked at the box and said ‘what the heck is that supposed to be?’. Honestly, I did. So at least we know there is no product placement in this show. Otherwise it would have been Tim Hortons donuts AND coffee.

  362. Madonna said

    You’re right Elizabeth! Happy Girl

    I’m right there with you. I’m bummed because I know it will be at least a week or two before I get to see these last two episodes. DIAL-UP AT HOME!!!!

  363. lwildstar said

    what a day!
    I came sooo close to getting busted this afternoon….my boss was suposed to have been out all day – and she came back at 3:45…I was online messing around (email or here – can’t remember) the point is I had just , just clicked out when she came up behind me and asked me to take care of something – scared my half to death!

    but I ended up staying 15 minutes late so I could get a ride – so i think I was punished 😉 he he he

    Well I think I will go find dinner and maybe take a nap – I plan to try and check out LT for episode 21 right after tonights episode – geeze thats going to make for a long night, day – if it is there I’ll stay up and watch – I am going to be zombie woman at the craftshow tomorrow!

  364. Margaret said

    People on the lt board are talking about a fund raiser. I’ve emailed Kalidescope to see if I can get anyone to answer.

  365. Margaret said

    People over at the lt blog are talking about a fundraiser. I emailed Kalidescope, we’ll see if anyone responds.

  366. elizabeth said

    At least you guys can go and watch the next episode online. I am kinda screwed with no computer at home – waaaaa! sniff…snuffle..wipe tear away quickly.

  367. Margaret said

    Elizabeth: Most public libraries have internet access. Spend a nice quiet Saturday at the library.

  368. elizabeth said

    Sherwood may have a library with computers, but getting to one is nearly impossible. I will have to strategize I think 😉 What is the fund raiser about over at Lifetime? I tried reading some posts, but it goes back further than I want to wade through.

  369. Margaret said

    Talking about sending it to Kalidescope, Chum or whoever I believe to defray the production costs. Although from what Tanya said production is really expensive. But it would be great publicity. Blood Money for Blood Ties maybe?

  370. Claire said

    My lovelies…I started cleaning the boys bedroom from hell..little boys can be such dirtbags LOL!! anyway it turned into moving furniture,finding all kinds of trash behind their dresser fiasco and I’m still not done,so cleared off one bed where they can sleep and will finish tomorrow! I’m off to spend hormonal time with Nikki LOL!! watching Supernatural and E.R then our Henry,I hope I can stay awake enough to watch online also,if not I hope they keep running it!
    So Bonne Nuit mes amis!

  371. Margaret said

    What, no Henhouse Claire?

  372. Arrowyn said

    Ladies, this is from Tanya’s LJ:

    Date: 2007-11-30 14:04
    Subject: Ethical Bloggyness
    Security: Public
    Tags: blood ties, wga

    So, as I said back on Wednesday, Lifetime has informed me that they’re not airing the last two episodes of Blood Ties on-air but are instead airing them only on-line. They wanted to know what I wanted to do about the blogs I write for their website, leaving the decision entirely up to me. Well, I thought about it, and I talked to some people who I consider wise and this is the message I sent to Lifetime yesterday:

    “While I’ll certainly blog the last televised episode I feel that, given how much the WGA strike concerns internet downloads and new media, as a member of the WGC I’d be ethically crossing the line should I blog for episodes only available as downloads by an American network. Don’t worry about the fans, I’ll let them know.”

    So this is me letting you know. There’ll be one final blog for tonight’s airing of The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly posted on the Lifetime site. And that’s it for them. You can dl the next episode — We’ll Meet Again — tonight as well but here’s the thing about dl’s, it’s one of the big things the WGA is striking over — the networks make serious money off them but the writers see none of it — so I can’t in good conscience recommend you do that.

    BUT because I don’t want to screw over the fans who were enjoying the blog — and the blog is the only thing I have any control over — here’s what I’m going to do: As soon as the final two episodes air in Canada and the torrents are up, I’ll post the blog I would have posted on the Lifetime site here. I won’t have comments enabled but y’all can link to it or copy it into your BT communities and pass it on in whatever way makes you happy. I know this doesn’t much help those people who can’t dl torrents because of slow computers or need the closed captioning because they’re hearing impaired and I’m very, very sorry about that but right now it’s the best I can think of to do.

    How’s that sound?

  373. Margaret said

    It just makes me admire her all the more. Like I said I got a phone message saying a decision had not be made yet and I also got an email to the same effect. I’m NOT giving up YET.

  374. Margaret said

    Well here’s something typical for lt-they have pictures from When We Meet Again but they are playing Drawn and Quartered. Talk about a cluster XXCK. And of course when you try to go to feedback you can’t get through.

  375. cdnfreyja said

    A very principled decision on Tanya’s part, in my opinion. The online downloads are at the heart of the dispute. I had a feeling that she would wait until the final episodes aired up here, too.

  376. Margaret said

    Anybody coming to the Henhouse? I’m all dressed up over there with no one to talk to.

  377. Margaret said

    Where’s everyone at? You can’t tell me you’re watching the web episode. It’s not on. Drawn and Quartered is on in its place. Nobody going to come out and play, wahhhhh.

  378. lwildstar said

    AUUGGGGG! I’m going to kill someone at Lifetime!

    per the posts on the LT message Board the Episode was up at 11pm and has been wrong since it was posted!

  379. laurel said

    Well, well. I won’t get to see any of Drawn and Quartered for another hour and more. I may come over to the hen house anyway. Are you all headed over there?

  380. Anzia said

    vampgirl- whichever is fine with me.

  381. AlisaSG said

    Arrowyn, thank you for posting Tanya Huff’s personal message.
    If I’m reading it correctly, it sounds like Tanya will NOT be posting on the Lifetime site after tonight’s ep, for the remaining two.

    That sounds fairly final to me. 😦
    If the On-line eps were the *only* problem, she might be posting the comments in January 2008 over on the Lifetime site, and not go this *other* route. However, based on what she wrote, it doesn’t sound like that will *ever* be happening, unless a sheer miracle (from Lifetime) occurs.

    At this point, I have more hope in the foreign markets than our own
    (except maybe a new Tv network home — more genre suited for BLOOD TIES)


    Just thought I’d also add, that you all have a wonderful community and support group here. It’s *always* been that way from DAY One. 🙂
    Please do NOT lose each other’s friendship, regardless of what happens next.

    ..and Sweet *Oh Henry!* dreams, always, too. 😉 .. 😎

  382. msgypsy said

    New topic is up.

    I think I might be getting some of my life back after next weekend so I might blog a little more then. In the meantime, everyone behave yourselves. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Hell, don’t to anything Henry or Vicki or Correen wouldn’t do while you’re at it.

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