No new macros til I get a screen cap of that belt!

Ya hear me, Prtfvr? Macro THAT star, ya star!

This one

just ain’t gonna cut it, knowwhatimean?

Edited to point out what an incredible macro-er the bird lady is.



  1. Margaret said

    Somehow it doesn’t look like the one on Henry. lol.

  2. Margaret said

    Hey, I’m #1, wooo hooo.

  3. lwildstar said

    oh oh ! Im second again!

    whoo hoo – I posted at the other thread this morning…was this one up and I missed it ?

    weel its been an exhausting day already then I come home to find a bill from the dentist that I was told was paid two months ago so now I have to call their billing dept. first thing monday morning and get that straightend out…..some how I just have this feeling it wasnt paid….and now its over due…geeze…I think I need to find a new dentist again – I have the feeling he no longer participates in the plan…..ok enough ranting…

    I loved last nights episode – I knew the murder want the girl Mya becasue her tat is the same as the taliman of protection I wear – she wouldn’t be wearing it if she was the evil since it keeps evil away……and yes I had agood idea that Henry was the “monster” in her paintings – but God can that boy emote! the facial expressions when Mya was talking about her mother…and the way he was “brotherly” and protective of her – but I thik he should have exsplained himself to Vicki so she would have been willing to help Mya out….
    I loved Henrys Artsy look – it fit him well…..

    ok thats it for now

    Luarel I’ll check in with you later!

  4. lwildstar said

    We’re up at
    Blood Ties (2006) 6227

    I cant beleive Moonlight jumped that much – this last episode was awful!!!
    1 Moonlight 964 9%
    2 Blood Ties 872 +32 4% #2 out of 4106
    3 The Dresden Files 626 1%
    4 Stargate Atlantis 310 -1%
    5 Kyle Schmid 288 2%

  5. susana said

    hey, not in much last week, had a party to cater this weekend then now off to a christmas party for my husband’s job, busy day!
    Enjoyed henry with make up last night, wanted to run my hands thru that hair more than ever, did not think that eyeliner would look good on him….so wrong!Loved to see his hands behind her head, when he grabbed maya for that hug, befoe she got all fresh with him…well at least tried!
    that “thing “on his critch..VERY VERY distracting!………OY!
    Also that glimpse of him shirtless, why do they torture us so…well, just have to wait for wrapped!!lots of skin then :)mmmmmm!
    Lately, he has had me so distracted in fantasy land, even had a dream about henry last night….no …did not get to …..or…….not even….just a hug,warm, got to smell his hair πŸ˜‰ then they had to sedate me at the clinic πŸ™‚
    hope my husband did not hear me panting !!!!

  6. susana said

    oh!i meant that thing on his crotch!

  7. susana said

    ok,ya’ll that line above was meant to be correctin an error in my post, but seeing it sitting there all by itself….hilarious…oh!henry makes me horny….ok, i am over it…moving on, nothng to see here!

  8. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies! I’m back, thankfully! The meeting went well but the travel just gave me a headache, not literally but I definitely could have had one from the lack of sleep induced by craziness (unfortunately, not lack of sleep due to anything good or juicy πŸ˜‰ ).

    My trip out to Edmonton was fine. Got in around midnight Edmonton time, got to the hotel and they couldn’t find me in the reservation system. This was the 2nd day of work for the front desk clerk and she couldn’t figure it out – hotel was booked solid. After a 1/2 hour, she finally checks the already checked in box and low and behold my stuff is there. The person I was sharing a room with had already checked in and they never bothered to note that I was still to arrive. So I ended up getting to sleep some time around 4 am my time.

    Then Friday morning, get out of the shower and turn the news on – Air Canada flights are delayed and cancelled around the world because of some computer problem shutting down their electronic check-in system. So not a surprise. Air Canada always seems to have problems of one sort or another. Every time I travel through Toronto something seems to go wrong: a storm, missed flights, and lost luggage (they lose mine 50% of the time). So, I usually request to fly through Winnipeg or Calgary when going out west. This time I had no choice. So, my flight ended up leaving Edmonton 2 and 1/2 hours late, missed my connection in Toronto. Luckily, there was one last flight out to Ottawa after midnight. Ended up in Ottawa at 1:10am, waited for luggage (which seemed to take forever but it DID arrive) and got into bed by 2:30am.

    I’m just glad I got home last night. Our community organization had its annual fundraising Christmas bazaar this morning. I could just envision it now – me phoning the club VP after midnight telling her I’m stranded in Toronto overnight at some crazy hotel thanks to the madness of Air Canada!

    I did you ladies a little favour on my way out west. On my stop in Toronto I said a little ‘hello’ to Henry’s adopted city for you.

    Okay, I’ll check back in later. Enough rambling.

  9. msgypsy said

    Um….Frejya, that may be Henry’s adopted city but last time I checked all three leads are from the Toronto area so you were actually saying hi to all three of them to some extent…

    Toronto looks so pretty in those shots they use for the show, even the ones of the empty lots and slums seem to be under nice clear skies. But I know it’s so close to Detroit, and nobody ever claims Detroit (still getting a huge laugh out of that) so I imagine we’re seeing an idealized version of the city.

    I’m still working on getting a picture of Augustus Wiederbaden of Wiederbaden and Sprog. Frejya, in the US they’d be Certified Public Accountants and in England they’d be Chartered Accountants. What are they in Canada? I want to get my terminology straight. Of course, Henry could have been talking to a vampire in Buenos Aires for all I know…

    I didn’t find the eyeliner on Henry distracting although it was a touch pretentious. I thought he did it so no one would notice his vampirish appearance since the artsy community is one he is seen in a lot and he wants his fangish side to go unnoticed. But wearing more makeup than Coreen seems excessive. (Yeah, true, it wasn’t REALLY more than Coreen but since he isn’t given to wearing it at all, it seemed peculiar…)

    I do find myself wanting to yell at him that he has issues. Maya was obviously a disturbed young lady who would have benefited from some professional help. But his affection for her blinded him to that.

    I wonder if we’ll ever have the pleasure of seeing Kyle do Shakespeare? I think he’d kick ass as Hamlet. But I’m kind of a Bard Geek….

  10. cdnfreyja said

    Hi gypsy, following British tradition, they’re Chartered Accountants here too.

    And yes, I know they’re all from the Toronto area but I was busy reading book #4 on the flights out so I was thinking about the characters. The CN Tower was lit up all bluish-purple as it usually is. Speaking of the book, I got a huge laugh when Celluci asks about the creature from the Rideau Canal. I walk over the canal every day!

    gypsy, I agree he should try Shakespeare. There is a huge festival every summer in Stratford, Ontario. And yes, he should try Hamlet!

  11. cdnfreyja said

    Guess it was my turn to kill the blog … yeah … ttyl

  12. prtfvr said

    Ok, ok! I just sent of some belt ahem, grabs. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

  13. prtfvr said

    I find myself strangely attracted to Henry in make-up. What’s wrong with me? I saw stars last night, LITERALLY! And I looked A LOT too! Long, and hard. Couldn’t tear my eyes away. Sheesh, subtle they weren’t last night! The only thing missing was the arrow from last week’s ep! YUM-ME!

  14. lwildstar said

    loved the new pictures prtfvrmama! YUM_ME indeed!

  15. lwildstar said

    If I miss you Laurel maybe I can catch up with you next week….

  16. Claire said

    Jeez..what am I missing..I saw the makeup…but codpiece? where?

  17. cdnfreyja said

    Oh Claire, leave it to you to have to ask the question! LOL!

  18. himmiefan said

    Hi Freyja!! I sooo sympathize. Every, single flight I had going into and out of Philly a few days ago was delayed. Thank heavens I didn’t check a bag because I understand that there’s some law that the Philly baggage handlers must loose every bag that comes their way. Glad you finally got home this year!

    Oh, how’s the red hair coming? I’ve got a great set of roots growing, so I must pull out the ole color soon.

    You know, I kind of like Henry in eyeliner. Strange.

  19. Margaret said

    OMG Claire, you didn’t SEE it? Take away your honorary Cougar badge. You have the watch the episode over and over and over again as your punishment. lol.

  20. cdnfreyja said

    Hey Himmie! I don’t know what is wrong with Air Canada or the Toronto airport. Like I said, I now expect that if I fly through Toronto, there is a 50-50 chance my bag will disappear. And something is wrong with Air Canada too. I don’t know how one airline can have so much bad luck. Strange things like their entire computer system going down happen all too frequently. Luckily my flight was in the afternoon so the computer system came back up. But by then basically all the flights were delayed. One of the passengers who flew into Toronto with me missed his connecting flight to Heathrow where he was to connect elsewhere in Europe! I’m just glad I got home and with my bag too.

    The red hair – well, got the first demi-colour put in and I think I’ll have to go back to get another one. I hated that he had to colour the stuff that has never been coloured, ever. It isn’t as dark as my natural colour or as red as it should be. It actually looks gold with a bit of red in it (you can definitely see the red when the sun shines on it or the light hits it). But he said that we have to be careful with my hair otherwise I’ll end up with ‘crazy red’ – yes, his words! It is a process and it will eventually get there.

  21. prtfvr said

    Speaking of red hair. I thought “Henry’s” comic of Vicki was great. It was a graphic novel cover. My only complaint was that it was too Tomb Raider and Vicki’s tits were HUGE! Which is typical graphic novel too but jeez! πŸ™‚

    Lots of grabs for gypsy this time. Hope you enjoy them gypsy! πŸ™‚

  22. Anzia said


    yeah, haven’t seen it yet. 😦 I watched CSI instead…where Sara leaves…I cried…

  23. prtfvr said

    Oh god, I just watched that CSI tonight. It was SO sad! I finally like Sara after all these years and poof, she’s gone.

  24. msgypsy said

    I refuse to watch that episode of CSI. Just like prtfvr it took me a while to get to liking Sara and now that I do she left. I understand they left it open for her to come back and I’m sure Gil will carry the Sara Torch for a long time. But, still…

    Ah, yes, that bed really wants me to crawl into it and sleep!

  25. prtfvr said

    Yeah, Gil finally decides to trust someone and look what happens? Plus, who know how they’re going to deal with her being gone. I hate that new girl. I knew as soon as I saw her that she was the substitute. She’s so perky and no one else is. ARGH! I’ll bet she doesn’t last long on CSI.

    They should have just paid Jorja Fox, she’s only been asking for a raise since the third year of the series. Would it have killed them?

  26. lwildstar said

    Blood Ties (2006) 6501

    1 Moonlight 1,022 6%
    2 Blood Ties 884 1%
    3 The Dresden Files 609 -3%
    4 Alex O’Loughlin 324 19%
    5 Kyle Schmid 312 8%

  27. lwildstar said

    sorry we missed each other last night Laurel – but I used the time wisly and editied other chapaers – no biggie…
    hope things went well yesturday…- sent you an email last night

    Well I’m off to do Christmas shopping with mom – and dang wouldn’t you know dad insists on coming along – can’t that man just stay home! geeze it was suposed to be girls day out – mom really needs to put her foot down – but all they did was snipe at each other yesturday so I really didn’t want him around today – but if I back out now mom will be hurt – so I’ll bite the bullit…sorry just needed to get that out….

    talk to you later

  28. laurel said

    Sorry your girls’ day out got disrupted, lwildstar. I know how that goes.
    I thought I would get to chat last night but my folks had a list of places they wanted me to go.

    I did work on chapter 5 when I wasn’t driving, I didn’t get to share with you and I feel like I missed something important. We’ll have to connect very soon so I can move on to the next chapters. πŸ™‚

    Freyja – glad you made it home! Glad your bags made it with you! My bags usually try to get off in Denver when I change planes. The one time I missed a plane there my bags got home before me. 😎

    I too watch CSI and am unhappy to see Sarah leave. They’d better figure out how to bring her back in soon. I suspect it will effect the ratings enough to get noticed, hopefully before she gets pulled into another part somewhere.
    Hmmm. Do you suppose Jorja Fox could be the next Correen?

    I don’t think so.

  29. msgypsy said

    Jorja Fox the next Coreen? And they say I’m the one just ain’t right!

    Although I can see her as someone else Henry can’t vamp into doing his will. There aren’t a lot of them, so far. Vicki. Maria (who died anyway, poor girl), and I suspect Sinead. Mike to a lesser extent, I think. I can just see Sara Seidel vs Henry Fitzroy. Oh, damn, they have to do this! They have to bring Sara in as an adjunct character for Mohadaven. My mind is just a-whirl.

    Damn you, Laurel! Now I have that all boggling up my mind and it Just Ain’t Right!

    And I have to go take a newcomer to the area on a tour of downtown in the rain. (Hey, it sounds good to me!)

  30. nina said

    Hello Ladies!

    It’s me again after a long time. I was a little tied up with school work (I wished with something else).
    How is everyone doing? Enjoyed the last episode? I know I did!
    Loved it when Henry said “She is a little to young” and Vicki went “Aren’t they all” πŸ™‚
    And Margaret, I saw that codpiece!!! I fhad to rewing and watch it again to see if it wasn’t just my imagination. Well that scene is a bit fuzzy cause y’all know where my eyes were looking πŸ˜‰

  31. Margaret said

    THE FRONT PAGE OF TV WEEK THAT COMES OUT IN FLORIDA (WHICH IS THE EQUIVALENT OF THE PAPER’S TV GUIDE) IS ADVERTISING THE 2007 AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS. NOW THAT ISN’T THE NEWS, THE NEWS IS IN THE BOTTOM LEFT CORNER IT HAS A PICTURE AN INCH OR SO HIGH OF DANNY TEJO. IT SAYS: ‘Blood Ties’ Danny Trejo (“Grindhouse”) gueststars as a resurrected Incan mummy who Vicki believes is connected to Henry’s nightmares of being burned alive. 11:00 p.m. Lifetime.


    Any my horoscope says: The fantastic news you get is merely a glimpse of good thing to come. Love thrills and enthralls. (One could only hope that they are talking about the show as the advertisement is fantastic and the only thing I would consider to be a good thing, a great thing would be renewal for Blood Ties).

    I have to scan this on the q-t at work and email it to you all if I get a chance.

  32. lwildstar said

    I’m back! geeze all they did was pick on each other – I felt like I was out with a couple of teenagers…and I’m going away with them next weekend!
    Oh well what can you do…

    Oh I like the ideas with Sara! She would make a good assistant ME. I was sad to see her leave CSI – I loved the way she just walked up to Gil and kissed him – like they do that everyday….I hope they find a way to brigng her back…..

    Laurel I sent you an email – I’ll send it again – if you can figure out how to scan and send me your notes tht would be helpfull…can you believe it – I finished chapter 15 last night – all set to start 16 – and NO I haven’t touched the short stories of the vamp story – I told you its like K and Garrett wont let me be until I finish teir story…

    well I’m tired and I have a migrain so I am going to go make a chi latte and eat a scone and curl up in my penguin pjs…

    will be back later! TTFN>>>

  33. Hi BT Ladies,

    Still on about the cod piece I see! I hope Claire has gone back for a look-see by now! It sure caused a distraction!

    I’ve been busy making up ???? for the clickers that the kids are going to use tomorrow in the class room. They are pretty cool, but it would be more fun to make up multiple choice questions on Blood Ties than salmon, the latest story we’re reading and our current math concept. It’ll be fun to let them be engaged and point the little remote gadget at the screen to answer the questions.

    I’m so sorry that you’re suffering with a migraine Iwildstar.
    I had a four day run with one last week. I got the sub from hell in my class and I still haven’t recovered from it. (She stripped my boards and put my desks into rows) In addition, I had a parent in there taking copious notes and audio-taping such fun……..I get to meet with them on Tuesday, I can hardly wait.

    Well, back to the questions. . .

  34. lwildstar said

    hey moonbeam – the migran has ammped down acctually – I took two benadryl and it really helped so maybe it was my allergies and not my parents…i hope so – being with them for a weekend away from home…I’m not sure I’m looking forward to this. Was easier when I was younger, but now they just anoy me…like they are getting more childish…at least we got a suite for the weekend so I’ll have my own room…more or less – I get the “living room” but it was cheeper thatn getting my own room and its only one night…but its Friday night!! Yes I am still freaking out that I may miss Blood TIes Friday…..If I have a tv and the hotel gets Lifetime I WILL be up watching….sound down low so not to keep my parents up, and I will sit inside the tv if need be…I’ll take my head phones just in case they have a headset hook up (but not yelling at the tv is going tobe tough!)

    well since my head is feeling better I think I will go work on my writing – up to chapter 16….and when my cousin comes for her visit next month she is going to help me start posting on my own wordpress blog – like annalisa and Rifkind did so that I will be able to start sharing and getting your feed back – if I don’t chicken out πŸ˜‰

    talk at you later!

  35. lwildstar said

    Good luck with your questions moonbeam…salmon huh…not very exciting…and don’t you hate when subs change everything around? I always hate coming bak to work after being out ato find tht the tempops have rearranged everything…though we finnaly hired someone – no more temps (God willing) I just want to train a person – and be done with all the admin crape so I can start really training for the job I’m suposed to be doing…

  36. Margaret said

    Dylan Neal is on Lifetime (No Brother of Mine Movie) which he was talking about months ago. He’s starring with Kellie Martin. (Started at 5:00 p.m. EST).

  37. lwildstar said

    Worse Dylan Neal movie I’ve seen was Chubracarba on SciFi a few weeks ago – it was suposed to be a monster movie – and I kept laughing at how stupid everyone was…of course Dylan played the hero….

  38. Anzia said

    Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble but sara wont’ be coming back in any perminant capacity. Jorgia Fox left the show b/c she saw it as continuing far into the future and wanted the freedom to do what she wanted with her career. That and she was worried about getting “stuck” as Sara Sidel. I think they ended it the way they did b/c they COULDN’T kill her character. She’d already been through that this season. That and if the fans got TOO irrate they could always have a guest appearance or a letter or SOMETHING to ease the wounds. But Sara’s always been my fav of the two girls. Catherine just drives me nuts at times (MOST of the time actually). And i was a bit p.o’d after Sara and Gil got engaged and then all “romantic” moments between them basically ceased. It’s like the writers thought that since they’d given us what we wanted they were done. But for Sara go leave like that after fighting for 7 years to get Gil’s attention PUBLICALLY…yeah…really mad. But that letter she wrote! OMG! I was crying so hard!

  39. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies, finally checking in. The club executive had a post-bazaar lunch with the left overs from the bazaar restaurant. And the lunches go on forever as Danes eat and eat and eat. LOL!

    The big news (I was jumping up and down earlier and almost cried) is that my football team won the western final and is heading to the Grey Cup next Sunday in Toronto!!! Yeah Riders!!! The Grey Cup is our equivalent of the Superbowl, this one will be the 95th. We last won in 1989 (now that was a nailbiter – we won in the dying seconds with a field goal 43-40) and last went to the Grey Cup in 1997. I’m just trying to figure out how to get there – need to get myself a ticket. No one I know out here is as crazy a fan as I am. And the best thing is that we’re likely going to win because the other team’s starting (i.e. only) quarterback broke his arm in the last few minutes of the game. Very bad for Winnipeg and the quarterback (he actually used to be with us) but good for our chances. OMG, I don’t think I’m going to come down from this high for a while.

  40. Glad you’re good Iwildstar! I got most of my ???? done after numerous computer clitches. Now, if they work tomorrow.

    Go Team Freyja :>)

    Watched Blood Ties again ummmmm. . . . now I better figure out how to go to sleep. It’s definitely Monday

  41. prtfvr said

    Top of the morning to ya! Man, I’m NEVER the first person on the blog in the morning, what’s going on ladies?

    Nothing to say – I know, WEIRD, cue Twilight Zone music – just wanted to wish everyone a good day without dumb people messing it up!

  42. Anzia said

    uh-oh..better be careful prtmama. at this rate you’ll be chasing US for hugs πŸ™‚

    Have a good day (yay for 3 day work weeks!)

  43. prtfvr said

    We’ve put four mice out in the past week but there’s still one crawling around in the rafters. I swear! I’m about to give up on the humane stuff and just kill him! What a menace.

    Oh, and Sam (soon to be 19 year old) asked for a rabbit for his birthday. Guess what – now we have two! Apparently the first one needed a “friend” to keep him company.

    I told Sam that he should be a vet since he’s such an animal lover but he said that he wouldn’t like that because you’d have to treat the sick too. He doesn’t want anything to die. He doesn’t look delicate on the outside but he’s a softy when it comes to animals.

  44. prtfvr said

    Uh oh. Depression alert. Great! I hate this time of year. And Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday in spite of it all. The next few months are really going to blow.

  45. lwildstar said

    good morning prtfvr mama and everyone else!

    well its a short week – yeah!!!! so lets make it a good one……

    I’ve spent the last 15 minutes yelling at the billing dept for my dnetist – they sent me a bill for something they told me was taken care of months ago! Turns out they never resubmitted the bill as I was told they were going to do (they screwed it up the first time so they have to fix it) so I tole the girl – I had best not get any phone calls telling me I’m in collections and this better be sorted out before my apointment in two weeks – I even “offered” to come over there at lunch today and discuss this….she’s suposed to call me back … πŸ™‚

    well I guess I should start work – I voted already and if I get the chance I’ll check them later to see what the numbers are….and I’ll post them here

    still can’t log into LT from work – oh well…..

  46. Annalaise duChat said

    Hi ladies,

    No time to catch up now but I’m checking in after an extremely busy weekend. Early Thanksgiving with the inlaws on Saturday and my Mom & Aunts 75th (twins) Surprise Birthday party on Sunday. Let the Holidays begin! I don’t think I’m going to eat until Thursday.

    Loved the episode on Friday. Loved that Henry was so dedicated to watching out for his “surrogate daughter.” But still wondering how she found out that he was her protector. He didn’t tell her that.

    I hope everyone is feeling better and doing well. Bye for now I’ll try to check back later.

  47. lwildstar said

    Blood Ties (2006) 6736

    hey Neilson says they haven’t updated in 26 these numbers are the same as yesturday……………usually they update like every 12 hours so I wonder whats up?
    1 Moonlight 1,022 6%
    2 Blood Ties 884 1%
    3 The Dresden Files 609 -3%
    4 Alex O’Loughlin 324 19%
    5 Kyle Schmid 312 8%

  48. lwildstar said

    Annalisa – i was wondering that too – in the end she painted a portrait of Henry over the monster – so did it have something to do with the mind games he kept playing on her? I’ll have to watch again to see if he said something I missed…the first time was when he interigated her – and all he told her then was that she would forget and feel safe – I don’t remember him saying anything the second time except “you don’t feel that way towards me”….. Hum now I need to listen more carefully during their talk about her mother….


  49. Claire said

    Good morning my ladies!
    Well finally everyone back at school!!! Now if I wasn’t so damn tired…lately that’s become my middle name! Back in the 90’s I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.I hope it’s not rearing it’s ugly head again! Even when I go to bed at 10,I still feel like merde! are not alone…I get kind of depressed during this time of year also! Don’t know why… to vote and check emails..then run errands..have to buy Thanksgiving dinner stuff!
    love yas

  50. lwildstar said

    Well Hey Neilson finally updated…..only 106 behind Moonlight!

    1 Moonlight 1,012 -1%
    2 Blood Ties 906 2%
    3 The Dresden Files 560 -8%
    4 Alex O’Loughlin 348 7%
    5 Kyle Schmid 335 7%
    8 Christina Cox 197 8%
    18 Dylan Neal 98 11%

  51. laurel said

    Happy Monday!

    Wait a minute, do those two words go together? Ever?

    We’ll see.

    I’m here to ask for prayers and good thoughts for my mother-in-law (the one I share with moonbeam). She had several little heart attacks a little over a week ago and then in a separate incident – passed out in the yard and managed to break at least one rib when she fell. My hubby is with her for her angiogram this morning. They hope it will show how much damage was done to her heart. Since we already lost his dad this past spring we are all on pins and needles with worry.
    Thanks dears.

    Now, I’m going to go vote and then run out and get the car worked on. Don’t you just hate it when an unknown light shows up on the dash? I imagine the one shaped like an engine is a bad sign.


  52. laurel said

    Oh, I looked up that dash light in the owners manual and it says it just wants an oil change! Yeah!
    That’s where I was going anyway.


  53. Danae said

    Hi ma bellas! Miss me?

    It took me until now to go through all the emails. I had almost 500 of them from the weekend. You were all very busy.

    Speaking of nobody ever claims Detroit there was a new list put out that says Detroit is the number 1 dangerous city in the US.

    This is pretty much all I have time for.


  54. Maddie Mo said

    Good afternoon all!!!

    Just catching up on emails and blog.

    Okay I just had to say that before all the emails I had no idea that the big shinny thing was a STAR. To me it was just big and shinny and placed so very well. That is all my brain could handle. Could not filter out the shape no matter how long I stared at it.

    Althought the star was a bright point in the epi it was not one of my favorites. I still liked it, but there was just something missing.

  55. Danae said

    Oh and if I weren’t straight, Vicki in that dress would have had me playing for the other team. I loved Henry’s eyeliner. If just defines those beautiful eyes even more. I forgot this was the episode with the star buckle/codpiece. I didn’t even see it. *blushes* What is wrong with me?

  56. Danae said

    And there are 2 radio stations in this area that are playing Christmas music non-stop. I have been sprinkling in a few CD’s of Christmas music here and there but nonstop until Christmas is a quite ridiculous.

  57. Madonna said

    Hi girls! How is everyone? Boy is it quiet around here today.

    About Friday’s episode…. I agree with Maddie Mo. It wasn’t bad. There was just something missing. I didn’t hate the eyeliner, but I’m not sure I was digging it either. The hair though….. was wonderful. It looked so soft I found myself wanting to run my fingers through it. But, I want to do that when it is curly too. lol

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who got that Henry kind of considered her his daughter.

    Here’s a ((((((((((((HUGE HUG)))))))))))))) for you and lots of prayers for your mother-in-law. I hope she’s OK. Give a hug to Moonbeam for me too.

    I’m glad your little ones are doing better. I’m sorry you feel so tired.

    I heard about that list this morning on the news. Cincinnati was ranked 16th and there were 4 other Ohio cities on that list of 20. NOT a good distinction.

    If you read this…. How are you doing?

    Same questiion to you.

    Do you have the list of everyone’s addresses? If you do could you please send that to me in the next week or so?

    Well… between now and Wednesday we have to work close to 40 hours, maybe more if our sales reps don’t get their butts in gear and get the work we’re supposed to already have to us. So, if you I don’t reply to you right away on the blog or the email that’s why.

    Love y’all!

  58. Danae said

    I also like his hair wild and curly over soft and brushed. In LOTR 3 I did not like Aragorn’s hair at the end. It was too perfect. Give me unruly, unperfect, etc anytime.

  59. laurel said

    Hubby just called and mom came through the angiogram just fine. She is feeling well enough – in the recovery room – to be making a list of the things I’ll need to take for Thanksgiving dinner. Even though we live 2 hours away (non holiday traffic) I am doing the turkey, stuffing, tofurkey (if you have to ask… it’s tofu) yams, home-made rolls, and at least four pumpkin pies. She wasn’t done with the list yet. Yikes!
    Good thing I love to cook. πŸ™‚

    btw – I’m doing it because I love her so much, and I offered to do it all.
    Someone else can bring salads and drinks and such. Party for 20? No problem.

    I think I’m going to have to eat some chocolate now. I’m going to need it.

    Madonna – thanks for the hugs! You are such a dear. I hope you are feeling better.

    I’m still dazzled by the “star belt” on ‘Captain Midnight’ hehe.

    Not a great episode for Mike but I did appreciate Dave’s return. He cracks me up. And Mike feeds him some pretty good lines. I especially like the idea of seeing one of Dave’s Christmas cards. lol
    I totally missed that the painting got redone at the end. I’m going to have to watch again. And again. And again. hehehe

  60. laurel said

    Geeez Danae – You had to mention Aragorn’s hair! Now I’ve got that lovely image on my mind. sigh.
    I agree about LOTR 3, but in the others. Yummm.

  61. Danae said

    That’s good Laurel. I am sorry I missed that on your post. I am glad she’s doing well.

  62. Danae said

    It was fine in all three except at the end of the third one. Why does his hair have to be all perfect just because he is the king?

  63. Danae said

    Time to head home.

    Ciao ma bellas

  64. Maddie Mo said

    I just got a very pleasant and unexpected call from my sister. She is planning on doing Thanksgiving at her house this year( I already knew that part) and she wanted to call and tell me she had it all under control and not to worry about cooking/baking anything since I have the little one and she realizes I don’t have a lot of time. The reason this is so unexpected… for the past 8 yrs or so I have had to do all the holiday cooking. Even if she was “hosting” at her house I would be expected to bring most of the meal with me or show up to her house first thing in the morning to cook what she had to prepare. So, I just started doing it at my house every time. It was easier. I like to entertain and do the holiday cooking, but it will actually be nice this year to not have to worry about it.

  65. laurel said

    Wow Maddie Mo, that IS a nice surprise! I love to do the cooking too, but I know that the times I don’t have to are really nice.
    Enjoy it!

  66. lwildstar said

    madonna and everyone else – that name list will be going out tomorrow
    I’ll send it in a PDF which I have to do from work -I thought I had emailed here last night so I could do it today – but it never showed up – go figure… so I will try again tonight.

    Ok its been a long day it looks like it could start snowing at any minute – so I think i will play the puppy dog pout and see if I can get a ride home!

    Talk to you when I get home!!!!

  67. Jennifer said


  68. lwildstar said

    well the puppy dog pout worked! I got a ride home – been home for an hour and caught up on some things………..

    I’ve gotten out of cooking Thanksgiving this year – but I have to do Christmas day….but thats ok – since I think it may only be me and my parents for Christmas day (we go to my sisters for Christmas eve and mom is going to cook Thanksgiving since we’ll have My sister and her “tribe”)…
    I love this week – only a day and a half left to go!! whoo hoo!

    Laurel – I emailed you – but I am sending good vibes to your mother in law……. (((HUGS))) – I’m so glad she made it through the test ok

  69. Cree said

    Madonna: Thanks for asking about me. I’m hanging in there, but just barely. My back was finally starting to feel slightly better this weekend and then last night, stupid me re-injured it. I was sitting on the couch and dropped something on the floor and out of instinct, I bent down real quick to pick it up, and “pop” went my back again. It was almost as bad as that first day when I couldn’t move at all. Only this time I was able to at least crawl and made it to the medicine cabinet to get some drugs, then to bed. AUGH! I could kick myself for being so stupid! I have been so careful not to bend down or over this past week, and then in one split second, I ruined everything!

    lwildstar: Thanks for posting about the address list. I was just about to ask who had it because I was thinking of starting on my Christmas cards this week since I can’t really do much else laying around the house like a freakin helpless invalid.

  70. Margaret said

    Claire, Laurel: Hope things go better for you soon.

    Ladies: The notice in the paper’s version of the TV Guide, IT GETS BETTER-IT LISTS BLOOD TIES UNDER FRIDAY HIGHLIGHTS.


    I’ve never seen this as an actual highlight in this before. WHOOHOOOO.

  71. Margaret said

    Crap, I was going to ask about you, whoops. Now I don’t have to. What are we going to do. Have to send Henry to your house to hold you down. Now how would he do that, do you prefer silk ties or just Henry.

  72. Cree said

    Margaret: Who was that last comment of yours intended for?

  73. lwildstar said

    well things seem to be slow here tonight – so i am going to log out and go work on some writing –

    Oh and just so theres no worries – I am only sending the name lis to those who sent their addresses in – I presume those were the only ones who wanted to participate….actually that doesn’t leave too many of you off the list πŸ™‚

  74. lwildstar said

    Madonnaa, Cree, Laurel – Claire – everyone else – hope you all are doing better – feeling better – ((HUGS))) to everyone…


  75. Claire said

    Well ladies…I seriously feel like Merde..sore throat…ear ache..exhausted.I am not shaking I’m going to get under my blanket and watch heroes,then go to sleep.

    Bonne nuit! mes amis!

  76. Anzia said

    Good night guys! I hope ya’ll have fun dreams and a VERY restful night.

    Laurel-my prayers are with your mother-in-law

    prtmama-regardless of how much of a jerk I am. I love ya! *hands her a small piece of chocolate* since you don’t like REAL hugs I thought i’d give you a Hersey’s hug. ^_^ (which is almost better than a real one ’cause it’s CHOCOLATE covered love!…wait…it IS BETTER! There’s CHOCOLATE!)

    Mamaclaire- put blue sheets on your bed & wear blue pajamas. It’s supposed to help you relax while sleeping…you get more restful sleep. *shakes head* I read it in a psych article or for one of my courses. I don’t remember exactly. But I understand COMPLETELY. So…(((HUGS))) to you.

    Dani-ooo…lovely pretty men in my head before I go to sleep…THANKS!

    Diz- where are you?! Have I missed seeing you? am I going crazy? I miss you…

  77. himmiefan said

    Hi everybody! Well, I’m on vacation this week, so woo hoo!!!!

    Laurel – Hugs to you and Mom!! She must be doing better if she’s thinking of Thanksgiving.

    Cree – to use a good, ole, Southern phrase, bless your heart!! (That was the sympathy version). Much sympathies. I hope your back feels better for Thursday.

    Madonna – are you still doing okay?

    Jennifer – good to hear from you!

    Well, gotta scoot. Got a Martha Stewart molassas and spice cake about to come out of the oven. Night!

  78. susana said


  79. Tango said

    Just a quick drive by to wish Maddie Mo a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you take the time to celebrate you. May this year bring you all that your heart desires.

    Laurel & Moonbeam- many prayers for your Mother-in-law/Mother. Keep us posted on her progress.

    Hope all is well with each and everyone of you. May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving! (in case I don’t make it back here before Thursday)

  80. lwildstar said

    thisis just a fly by – the Metro was stuck and I had to wait extra long – soo I am soooo behind this morning – did answer emails will check back in later
    These are yesturdays numbers – they don’t update until after 9am – but I’m thinking we should be at 7000+ today….
    Blood Ties (2006) 6736

    these are last nights numbers
    1 Moonlight 1,012 -1% Create Opinion
    2 Blood Ties 906 2% Create Opinion
    3 The Dresden Files 560 -8% Create Opinion
    4 Alex O’Loughlin 348 7% Create Opinion
    5 Kyle Schmid 335 7% Create Opinion
    8 Christina Cox 197 8% Create Opinion
    18 Dylan Neal 98

    I’ll check back at lunch….


  81. lwildstar said

    sorry I didn’t clean that up and take out the Creat Opinions – in a rush πŸ˜‰

  82. Madonna said

    Good morning everyone!

    I’m doing alright Himmiefan. How are you? Enjoy your vacation.

    Cree, Ouch!!! Take care.

    Maddie Mo,

    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday dear Maddie Mo!!!!
    Happy Birthday to you.


  83. lwildstar said

    Wow! what did I tell you!!!
    Blood Ties (2006) 7044

    Happy B-day Maddie-Mo!

  84. Claire said

    Good morning my ladies…still feeling yucky…but did get better sleep last night!
    I hope everyones feeling good!
    Laurel…glad your Mom is feeling better!


    Love yas!

  85. Scribble said

    Hey Everybody:

    I hope everybody is well and excited for this Friday’s episode, I flipped when I found out we had cast Danny Trejo as he is huge! The episode is amazing, funny, disturbing, frustrating, I think you will really like it.

    Hey Margaret, could you scan those TV Guide mentions and send to me? I’d really appreciate it.

    Thanks everybody,


  86. prtfvr said

    SCRIBBLE!! Hiya! I’m assuming that since you don’t mention it that there’s either no word of renewal or you want to spare us bad news over the holidays.

    I’m thrilled to see Wrapped! It’s the episode I’ve been waiting for since last year since it’s based on my favorite Blood book. And I love Danny Trejo! He’s the scariest ex-con turned actor ever! I’m dying to see what they do with that huge tattoo on his chest. That’s a scary dude. He’s always an attention grabber in any Robert Rodriguez movie he’s in, heck, any movie. Totally dig his hair too. πŸ™‚

    I can only feel optimistic that you’re asking Mags for the article. *crosses fingers*

  87. prtfvr said

    Happy Birthday, Maddie! Today is my son’s 19th birthday. I’m surrounded by Scorpios! Not that there’s anything wrong with that! πŸ˜‰

  88. prtfvr said

    Z: Thank you for the love! Right back at ya!

  89. prtfvr said

    And SUPER HUGS to Susana! You didn’t say much but it sure sounds like you need them!

    I’m calling a Hug-Pile on Susana! Hope you brought some oxygen with you! This is a group who takes their hugs seriously! πŸ˜‰

  90. lwildstar said

    Susana – ((((HUGS))))

    Hey Scribbles! thanks for stopping in! πŸ™‚ when I saw your name I was really hoping for good news for the holiday weekend…. 😦

    I have been looking forward to this Fridays episode for weeks and now I’m going away! I’m telling you that hotel had better have Lifetime!!!!!

    well this is just a sneak in so I better scaddle…

    Happy thanksgiving everyone – again!!!!

  91. Danae said

    Morning ma bellas

    IT’S SNOWING!!!!!!! Yay!

    Hugs to anyone that needs it. If you check your emails you will see the latest snafu in the saga of my life. Ugh!

    As Anzia said, Diz where are you? Come out of hiding.

    Thanks for checking in Scribble. Everytime I see your name on here my heart skips a beat thinking this is THE post announcing the continuation of our beloved show.

  92. Annalaise duChat said

    Maddie Mo —

    Since it’s become a tradition…

    Birthday wishes dear Maddie Mo.
    May more than your cake be aglow.
    We seek to inspire
    one handsome vampire
    his birthday surprise to bestow.

    We’re finding it quite apropos
    that he spend the day as you beau.
    He’ll wine and dine you,
    your turns overdue,
    So relax and enjoy the show.

    Have a fabulous day Maddie,

  93. Maddie Mo said

    Morning all!!!

    Tango, Madonna and Prtfvr— Thanks so much. You guys truned a crappy day around and made me smile.

    Prtfvr– that’s pretty cool. Happy Birthday to your son.

    Madonna– I love the card. I printed it out and have it on my desk right now. Love our man in Red.

  94. Margaret said

    Scribble: Crap, I’m actually mentioned by name and wasn’t even here. Scribble, please email me at I have the cover sheet scanned already. The other section is at home where I don’t have a scanner but we’re off and I can come in Friday and scan it under the cover of darkness and sent it to you. Its NOT the TVGUIDE but Florida Today’s version of a tv guide for the week’s shows. It actually called it a highlight on Friday, I almost squealed. This is the most publicity I’ve seen in a while. Asked my son about Grindhouse and his words were and I quote: “It’s the shit.” Which I guess in young adult lingo means it was great. That’s when I told him maybe we could get the grindhouse audience. If he doesn’t come around to Blood Ties I may just have to kick him out. lol.

  95. Danae said

    Maddie Mo-I meant to put this in my last post. Happy Birthday.

  96. laurel said

    Maddie Mo –


    Make sure you take full advantage of the celebratory possibilities. A birthday nap has long been one of my favorites, especially when my girls were little.

    Have a great birthday WEEK!

    (week – weed – it was a typo! really!)

    Oh yeah, (hands small package over) here’s your birthday surprise. (It’s tradition).


  97. lwildstar said

    Well hey Neilson finally updated…..
    1 Moonlight 1,081 7%
    2 Blood Ties 978 8%
    3 The Dresden Files 560 0%
    4 Alex O’Loughlin 389 12%
    5 Kyle Schmid 354 6%

  98. laurel said

    Well, I pressed submit and my message vaporized. 😦 Hmmm.
    I guess I make a new one and hope the other shows up eventually.

    Maddie Mo –


    Enjoy your birthday week!

    (psst – here’s the good stuff. Remember, you didn’t get it from me. hehehe)

    One little typo… 😎

  99. laurel said

    Help! I’m not able to post!

    Gypsy? Did I get lost in the spam bucket?


  100. laurel said

    Oh, sure.
    I sent two different Birthday greetings for Maddie Mo and they didn’t show up.
    The whining bit gets through, no problem.

    Well, one more time….


    Enjoy the week!

  101. laurel said

    Prtfvr – your son is 19 today… my daughter will be 18 in January…. Should I send pictures? She’s pretty cute and very bright. Her sense of humor is nicely wicked. No dumb blond, but she tells the jokes really well.

    Wish him a happy birthday, too!

  102. Maddie Mo said

    Annalaise, Dane and Laurel — Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    Wow I get Henry for the whole day really. THAT ROCKS!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ If that is the case my birthday wish has already come true.

  103. Danae said

    Hmmmm So I’m Dane now. I actually like that.

  104. lwildstar said

    ok I’m back – had to go fix lunch, check emails, the usuall routine…..
    I am soooo bored today – it so slow here – half the office is out sick and tomorrow we get out early… I’m trying to pace my work so Ihave something to do…I may just end up spending the whole day writing… πŸ˜‰ at least I’ll look busy…..

    There is on salesman here that is driving me nuts – ok he is like in his 50’s and acts like he’s 12! and now he has grown this gotee thing that looks awfull – and don’t even get me started on his clothes – he has a Col. Sanders suite! anyway I won’t let him call me by my full first name so now he has taken to calling me by my last name! it is so annoying – but I’m not going to fall in tot he childsh behavior with him – I just ignore him…..

    sorry needed to vent

    Maddie-Mo – Glad you like the group “gift”, he should be arriving shortly – when opening your “present” remember – be gentle removing the bow πŸ˜‰

  105. lwildstar said

    I’m going to check out for a while and go work on some writing… and I see the email is filling up again…..

  106. Danae said

    Don’t forget to indulge in Laurel’s birthday weed.

  107. lwildstar said

    oh – almost forgot –

    TAG Laurel – you’re it!

    I’ll check in with you about Sunday

  108. Maddie Mo said

    Danae, Sorry about the typo– I guess I was a little too excited thinking about Henry!!!

    I will be very careful with the bow, wouldn’t want to cause any injuries.

    I almost forgot about the birthday weed. Althougth now that the day has become much better I’ve been acting like I’ve already had a little.

  109. Danae said

    Don’t be sorry. I said I liked it.

  110. laurel said

    Oh no you don’t lwildstar!

    TAG! hehe
    Now you’re it again.

  111. Claire said

    Hi Scribble! Thanks for dropping in!!!!! I can’t wait to see wrapped!! That was also one of my favs in the books!!!!!!!!!!

    Prtfvr! Happy 19th! to your son!!!!!!!!! LOL!!! I’m freaking surrounded by Scorpios too! you saw what thats like!

    Doc.DuChat! Love the rhyme!!!

  112. lwildstar said

    No Laurel – you’re it!
    But you win this round anyway because I must return to work 😦

  113. Danae said

    Dude where is everybody?

  114. Danae said

    Dude Where’s my car!

  115. Madonna said

    Hi all!

    Just dropping by quickly to say Hi. We’re on a marathon work schedule today and tomorrow so that we get Thursday and Friday off.

    Is there anything wrong or are you just really busy? Being our resident optimist the mood of this place is very different if you aren’t around. Hugs and love.

    Thanks for stopping by. I am really looking forward to Friday’s episode.

  116. himmiefan said

    Maddie – Happy Birthday!!! Hope you get lots of good gifts! πŸ™‚

    Susana – I’m joining in Prtfvr’s group hug. ((HUGS))

    Laurel and Moonbeam – continued prayers! Hugs for you also!

    Well, gotta go. Got to ice my cake. Sour cream and cream cheese icing. Yum!!

  117. Madonna said

    Hey guys….

    Keith Dallas paid a visit to Bloodlines forum.

    Here’s the link.

  118. Maddie Mo said

    I just got sent to my room here at work. Apparently the gutter boat has docked here at my office today and I am corrupting people.

    Oh and the office manager sent the jar around to collect bail money for those of us going out to celebrate. Although we aren’t going till tomorrow night.

  119. Danae said

    You go Maddie! Maybe they have something special planned for you.

  120. Maddie Mo said

    Actually, They decorated my office and had flowers sent to me. Then one girl baked me a cake and they took me out to lunch. I have some really great friends here at work

    Dale on the other hand has nothing planned for my birthday. He didn’t think it would bother me. Oh and his idea of a gift is to take me shopping this weekend.

    So, that is why all the birthday wishes from you guys here on the blog mean so much to me. Cause until I started reading the blog this morning I didn’t really think anyone cared. Thanks so much for remembering!!! I love you guys!

  121. Danae said

    Gee I wish I got a decorated office and flowers and a cake for my birthday here at work. As for your husband he should know that he should give something small at least. Even if it was just from the baby. Is he paying for the shopping this weekend?

  122. Danae said

    I wish I got a simple Happy Birthday from the people I work with. I don’t even get that.

  123. Danae said

    The day is over for me. Time to go home and bring Amber to dance class. Then I can watch White Christmas because it finally snowed.

    Maddie have a wonderful rest of your day.

    Ciao ma bellas.

  124. Maddie Mo said

    I’m sure he will pay for the shopping. He is usually pretty good about my birthday but this year he has been hunting every night and every weekend cause they got a picture of a Big Buck on the property he and his buddies hunt and it has been like a male macho contest thing to see which one would get the deer. So, he just didn’t think about it this year. I told him he could have got me something small like a movie or a CD or anything little something. I would have been happy with that. It isn’t even that I want the presents, it’s that he put no thought what so ever into my birthday cause he was to busy with his stuff. That is what pisses me off.

    I work in a pretty small office and with the exception of a very few people; we are a pretty tight group. This is by far the best place I have worked as far as camaraderie with co-workers. And I guess I shouldn’t bitch about the hubby I’ve had a pretty good day thanks to my friends

  125. Margaret said

    Note to anyone who hasn’t listed their wish list yet, please do so. It’s supposed to be Secret Santa but not Secret Gift.

  126. Jennifer said


  127. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies, checking in a little later than normal as today was flu shot and errand day.

    Maddie – Happy Birthday, girl! Have fun with your gift and use it well. LOL!

    Laurel and Moonbeam – sending positive thoughts your way for your mother-in-law!

    Cree – oh girl, what can I say, reinjuring your back? Sending lots of positive and healing vibes your way.

    Danae – Sending big hugs your way. You so don’t need this drama.

    Claire – I hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Scribble – thanks for dropping by. Always great to hear from you.

    I think Canada is about to fall another week behind on BT episodes. Looks like this week is a repeat week for many shows, possibly BT as well. Tonight’s airing is bumped in favour of the Bachelor post-finale show (what???) and the Thursday episode isn’t giving me any information as it usually does when I check.

    Okay, gotta run. I’ll check back in later.

  128. lwildstar said

    I’m with you Dani – my office didn’t even remember my birthday and then I got fussed at for not telling anyone! Birthday greatings from all of you are better thatn the ones from work anyway!!!!

    Well I puppy dog puteded my way into another ride home πŸ˜‰ but instead of getting a nice relaxing evening I hae a stupid HOA meeting to go to – they are going to raise our condo fees – the questionis “just how much?”

    This is really going to mess up my budget!!!! oh well.

    I’m supose to be wrapping little gifties to start sending out and I’m suposed to be preping for my crat show in two weeks – sigh….looks like I won’t get either done – so I took Monday off work πŸ˜‰

    Well I better scaddadle oso I can get some dinner before I have to go…

    I’ll check in when I get back.

  129. laurel said

    Maddie Mo – I’ve had years like that, with the hubby not putting in the effort.
    Things have been better in recent years so I can offer you the hope that yours could ‘see the light’ and change his ways. πŸ™‚

    I want to thank all of you for the prayers and hugs and well wishes. The mother-in-law that Moonbeam and I share is doing very well. Her angiogram showed that there is no damage to her heart, and it’s possible she did not have a heart attack at all. She has had severe pain that was helped by nitro, but now they think she may be having issues with some of the meds she takes. The whole fainting episode may have been caused by an imbalance of medications. Still has broken ribs, but we are all much relieved that the tests showed nothing life threatening.
    It was good to get some good news for a change.

    Cree – oh love, I’m so sorry you hurt your back again. Should I send you a pile of books to read? I wish you lived close so that I could check up on you. I’m glad you didn’t have to be “rescued by paramedics” or anything.

    Claire – I hope you can find a little bit of time today, just to take care of yourself a bit. Have a cup of something warm and lean back against your favorite pillow, read a little and dream a little. You have permission to pamper yourself.

    Since I’m not sure how tomorrow is going to go, and I’ll be on the road Thursday…

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    On Thursday I will say a prayer of thanks for the gifts I have received this year. I want you all to know that your names are all at the top of the list.
    Blessings to you my friends. May your days be loving and your travels safe.

  130. Chery said

    To everyone Have a great Thanksgiving! I hope we can be thankful that LifeTime is renewing BT!


  131. Cree said

    Happy Birthday Maddie Mo! Sorry the hubby is being a punk about it. Just think of it this way……at least with him out hunting, that will give you more time to spend with Henry all by yourself! Sounds good to me! πŸ˜‰

    Thanks everyone for the sympathy for my back issues. And yes, Laurel, I am very thankful I didn’t have to call the EMTs again. One embarrassing ambulance ride was more than enough for me!

  132. Claire said

    Laurel.. from your mouth to Gods ear!! I now have Gregory covered in itchy little bumps..and 101.8 fever!!! Jeeze!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dr. said to give him benedryl and tylenol…but now it’s another sick kid to take care of while I feel steadily neck is killing me.

    Now..who can send Henry my way..Maddie done with him?
    I sure could use a steaming bath..while he washes my back and brings me tea!
    I love being a Mom..but I’m just tired of running up and down getting tylenols and taking temps…and hearing whining when all I want to do is collapse on my bed! argh back to Gregory who’s crying!

    see yas in a bit!

  133. Tango said

    Chief – sorry to hear about your back. I know being a vet that you have to use that back quite a bit. I hope you have a lot of good vet techs to do the lifting for you.

    Laurel, Lauren & Moonbeam – glad to hear that Nellie is doing better. Prayer for her continued recovery.:-)

    Maddie – hope you are out having a nice dinner and time with the hubby. Maybe all the vibes we’ve been sending gave him the clue that he needed. But I also hope that you still get your shopping spree this weekend.

    Hey Susana! If you’re out there. I need you to email me your birthdate girlfriend! Pronto! You too Anne!

  134. Jennifer said

    Hi Ladies….My birthday is Sunday, so if any of you just happen to run into Henry would you PLEASE send him my way??? All I want is a birthday hug!!
    Thanks bunches!!!

  135. Claire said

    My ladies I’m done…no more energy…Greg is in bed with his benedryl and tylenol..staying home from school tomorrow…and I barely have energy to lift my toothbrush! so I’m going to bed! Love you all! Doc Cree…healing thoughts for your back going out to you! Everyone else stay well!

    see yas tomorrow!

  136. Anzia said

    Oh, MAMACLAIRE- I’m sorry! You should ask Henry to play nurse…maybe get him to dress up a little? I bet he’d be GREAT with sick kids! That way you could take a nap! AND if they get outa line he can just VAMP ‘EM! Perfect solution!

    PRTMAMA- ^_^ Thanks. I kinda needed that. πŸ™‚

    Dani- My friend Dana’s pen name is Dane. Well…part of it anyway. It’s rather pretty.

    MADDIE MO- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope your week is grand!

    Okay, gotta scoot before my head hits the keyboard. LOVES!

  137. Cree said

    Tango: Yes, I have awesome techs. They do everything for me, including all the lifting. And they have been great since my back has been hurt. If I drop anything on the floor, they all scramble to pick it up for me so I don’t have to bend down. Its kinda funny actually. Then they all laugh at me because I am helpless. The only thing they can’t do for me unfortunately is surgery, but I have rescheduled all of those for the next few weeks to allow my back time to heal. The doc up the road is taking them on for me thank goodness! I hate surgery anyway, so it will be a nice break from it, even if I do have to suffer thru the back pain to get out of doing it.

    Thanks, MamaClaire. Hope all of your little ones get better soon and you can get some much needed rest!

  138. prtfvr said

    Laurel: My birthday boy has an internet girlfriend, believe it or not. It’s weird. She’s 35, lives in New Mexico and is married. AND the husband supports their long distance romance. They talk at least every night before he goes to bed. She bought him a phone so that he could talk to her without it showing up on our bill – I just found that out last week. Until then he said that he’d bought it! Now he tells me that she’s buying him a cell phone on her plan so they can talk for free.

    I’m at a loss for this one. He’s 19, an adult. I’m no dummy. I can say “she’s kinda old, kinda married, kinda far away” and he can lie and say they don’t talk but I don’t want him to lie to me. Although I have to admit I did have that conversation with him. I never thought that THIS would be the teenage problem with him. There’s always something with teens. I guess it could be worse – she could live in Maryland!

    I wish he WOULD be interested in your daughter. She’s certainly more appropriate. He thinks he’s in love though. Sheesh. Of course, he’s the only one that didn’t think it was strange that I grew so close to other fans of a TV show so I have that going for me. πŸ˜‰

  139. prtfvr said

    Jennifer! In case I forget: HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance! I have senior moments so I want to make sure I put birthday wishes out there for you. Enjoy your day! πŸ™‚

  140. susana said

    happppy biiiirrthday Maddie Mo! may you live to see three digits!
    Thankks for the group hug, it teared me up a bit, i am just facing alot of pressure from everywhere and i have no energy left! My girl is killing me, she does not sleep thru the night, i thought i was doing the right thing by breastfeeding her as long as i could now i cannot get her off it, and it drives both my guy and i nuts when she wakes up at night and cries for 2hrs for the damn breast, i am only feeding her twice a day now and stopped the night feeds 2weeks ago and she still screams for her life,i have a 200pple wedding this weekend and still have to cook for thanksgiving, there is some family drama with my sis and lots of pressure form family in kenya to be the “stable” one to hold every one together cause we live so far apart!!!
    OK! calming down…just breath…i think i am being punished cause i do this for a living, damn it i taught breastfeeding classes, i know how to weaan…but when it is your own life things are different. at work one of my teenage patients baby on ultrasound showed she had no arms, and i thaked God for my healthy child…even though at night when she is screaming, it drives me nuts!! ok, all the mus out there tell me that she wll outgrow this and i will be sane πŸ™‚ please ………………………..then send me henry in them red silk boxers..i need to borrow his tongue for this neat little trick i thought of………..!

  141. prtfvr said

    Poor Susana! I know how you feel! Except for the Kenyan part and the 200 people wedding. My birthday boy had about a month and a half where he just screamed all night and I couldn’t get him to stop. I thought it would never stop. It would have me in tears at 3am and on a work night, that was extra crying time. It was horrible. We’re lucky we both survived that time! πŸ˜‰

    This too shall pass, I swear!

  142. prtfvr said

    gypsy: I think you can take down that threatening header on this week’s topic or didn’t you like the grabs that I sent? πŸ˜‰

  143. Tango said

    Susana hon, I’m sorry you’re so stressed. You need to take a moment just for yourself and just center yourself. Hopefully things will slow down for you next week and baby girl will have gotten acustomed to her new routine. Just remember you are only one person and this is the only life you have, so don’t kill yourself trying to cram everything you can into it. I need to take my own advice here too. Things will get better – sending positive energy your way!

    Parrot Lady – sounds like you got your hands full yourself. Have you actually talked to this woman? Did you ask him what makes him think that she wouldn’t do the same thing to him or isn’t already doing the same thing to him when she is doing this to the man she has a legal requirement to be with? What a sticky situation. Hopefully he will get tired of it and move on to something else. Maybe some hottie in MD will give him some attention and distract him.

    Jennifer – let me begin by saying Welcome! I haven’t been around on the blog in awhile, so you may feel that you need to welcome me. I’m Tango, one of the originals from the Lifetime Blog that migrated over here. I live in Alabama and have been addicted to BT since it’s inception. I’m a big Henry fan myself as I see he is also to your liking. I will send him on your way this weekend and he has plans to be at my house for Thanksgiving. I have so many things to express my gratitude to him for;-) Well, in case I don’t get back by this weekend. Happy Birthday to ya!

    Dizey Dizey Doo, where are you? We got some work to do now. No really, where ya been? Miss you my Canjun friend!

  144. Anzia said

    Tango— LOVE the call to diz…^_^

    I’m late, i’m late i’m late….no time to stop, (..i don’t know the rest)…

    Have fun guys. Talk to you when I get the chance!

  145. Annalaise duChat said

    Hi Ladies,

    I posted this elsewhere but I thought I’d post it here too.

    Here’s a link to a new video interview with Kyle Schmid. He’s discussing his character in the new movie Joyride II. It sounds like he’s got a major role this time. Way to go Kyle!!! Your fans are behind you 100%. We love you.

    In the interview he’s in costume and looking looking pretty awesome, all dark and and brooding. Check it out.

  146. Margaret said (That’s a link to to an interview for Kyle for the Movie Joy Ride II, WHICH WAS POSTED ON LIFETIME BY SOMEONE ELSE). I tried to capture it but it won’t work. Can someone try and email it to me? Boy you can tell he has a receding hair line, not a good look for his hair (but he’s still pretty). And yes, he really does look different but I’m supposing that’s the whole purpose of it, isn’t it.

    A little background:

    In Joy Ride 2: End of the Road, Kyle Schmid plays Nic. He is a closet Internet nerd that describes himself as an “Emo badass.” Two words that act as an oxymoron. He has met the beautiful Kayla (played by Laura Jordan) on Myspace and the two meet for a romantic rendezvous while on the road to a rock concert in Las Vegas. After stealing a car, they are targeted by the grumpy truck driving serial killer Rusty Nail. Russ takes a particular liking to Nic, forcing him to dress in drag and degrading him until he is a crying wreck of man. While out in Vancouver, we got a chance to sit down with both Kyle and Laura.

    Apparently Rusty Nail doesn’t like pretty boys as he says in his interview. Not sure I want to see Kyle in a dress and broken.

  147. Annalaise duChat said

    Sorry Ladies,

    Wrong link. Here it is. ms. gypsy could you delete the my previous post when you get a chance? Thanks.

    I posted this elsewhere but I thought I’d post it here too.

    Here’s a link to a new video interview with Kyle Schmid. He’s discussing his character in the new movie Joyride II. It sounds like he’s got a major role this time. Way to go Kyle!!! Your fans are behind you 100%. We love you.

    In the interview he’s in costume and looking looking pretty awesome, all dark and and brooding. Check it out.

  148. lwildstar said

    Blood Ties (2006) 7362

    Whoo Hoo!

    hey Neilson hasn’t updated yet – they are really slow this week – I’ll check back at lunch time…..

    Happy Turkey Day!

  149. Claire said

    Morning my ladies! What a nice way to start the morning…seeing my favorite obsession! Dark, brooding,whatever…I love him! can’t wait to see his amazing acting talents in this one!!!! Thank you Doc.DuChat and Margaret!

    Anzia…I would love Henry to vamp the kids for just a few hours…

    “You will quietly sit in your rooms and read,you will let your mother take a two hour nap,you will not remember any of this,you will just feel the need to be very very good to your mother.” I can dream right?

    I voted off to read emails before cleaning and cooking!

    love yas!

  150. rifkind said

    I am very sad.
    I was on a plane to AZ last Friday night and missed seeing the latest episode of Blood Ties.
    I was going to go to Lifetime to watch the show. They don’y have it on the Lifetime site yet. What’s up with that??
    So now I sit here on dial-up.. (OMG aweful SLOOOOW) and am watching episode 5 – the Christina ep. over and over again.
    Thank goodness, I have my TiVo faithfully recording back at home…
    It is going to take forever to even download the first 9 minutes of the show at dialup download speed.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  151. Maddie Mo said

    Good morning!!!

    Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. It really does mean a lot to me. Hubby did step up a little yesterday, took me out for a nice dinner and he also had some beautiful flowers deliveried late yesterday afternoon. He explained that he wanted to take me shopping cause he was afraid that what he picked out for me I would not like. Which has never been a problem before, but I can see his point of view.

    Jennifer— so I don’t forget and since I may not be around this weekend —HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! I wouldn’t say I was done with Henry but I know how to share. So, He is off to help Claire out for a while and then he will be by for that Hug you requested.

  152. Maddie Mo said

    Where is everybody today????

    I’m all alone (((sniffle, sniffle, sniffle)))

  153. Anne said

    I’m back home in one piece πŸ™‚

    I’ll just have to say, that if great roles were awarded based on niceness, Mark Dacascos would be a household name.

    That Kyle interview “forcing him to dress in drag and degrading him until he is a crying wreck of man” – sound like interesting times for our guy …

  154. cdnfreyja said

    Hi Maddie,

    I’m around, just haven’t popped in here until now. I’m going through the 150+ messages I received from these prolific message writers. LOL! Glad to hear that hubby took you out for dinner and got you some nice flowers yesterday.

    For many years, my dad got my mom the lamest gifts, if he got her anything at all. When I got old enough, I dragged my dad into the local jewelry store and started getting him to buy some things there. Nothing wildly expensive mind you but something nice. Also got him to start buying the Denby dinnerware that my mom really liked. My mom and I share the same birthday (Dec. 12) falling right before Christmas, so I made sure that she got a separate gift for her birthday. I hate it when people combine gifts. Would you do that to a kid whose birthday falls in July? I don’t think so.

    Anyway, my dad has gotten pretty good at it now. Sometimes my sister and I have to play elf and ask my mom what she would like and relay it to our dad. But most of the time, my dad can figure out some good things now without our help.

  155. lwildstar said

    Heres the latest update from hey neilson…for some reason i can’t log in just read….oh well I’ll do some “reacting” when i get home
    1 Moonlight 1,056 -2%
    2 Blood Ties 970 -1%
    3 The Dresden Files 528 -6%
    4 Alex O’Loughlin 404 4%
    5 Kyle Schmid 355 0%
    7 Christina Cox 208 -6%
    16 Dylan Neal 118 3%

    I told my sister she could have her laptop back tomorrow, ans she asked if had finished my “great american novel” – she is such a smarta$$ – anyway I told her no, I’m gigving it back caz its a piece of crap – so now she has taken it upon her self to flood my email with sales notices for the weekend all refering to laptops – I keep telling her I can’t buy one right now – thats why I borrowed hers! silly thing……
    i would be looking forward to theis weekend more if I didn’t have to see my brother in law and I wasn’t possibly going to miss BT Friday night… bad is that – I’m having anxiety over the the possibility of not getting to see my Henry (ok – our Henry) and that the vcr may not tape!

    oh well….

    its slow here at work – I forgot my lunch and had to tap into the emergency rations – ez-mac and pepperidge farm gold fish….. πŸ™‚

    I think I will go work on my writing….

  156. cdnfreyja said

    Hi Anne,

    Glad you arrived home safe and sound! Hope you had a great time!

  157. lwildstar said

    boy did I rack up a number of typos in that post LOL!!!!!

  158. lwildstar said

    ok I think I’m caught up on posts

    Welcome back Anne!

    (((HUGS))) Susana

    Prtfvr – sounds like you got your handsful with that one (((HUGS))) to you too..

    well I’m going to go write for a while – i’ll check back in……

  159. Maddie Mo said


    Hubby usually does a good job. That is why I was so hurt by his lack of effort this year. My step-father always makes me play elf for my Mom for Christmas. He just gives me money on Thanksgivig and tells me to get her what she wants. So, then I do his shopping for him and then wrap it all in different paper than what I wrap all my gifts in and he manages to smuggle it into their car on Christmas eve. She has to know it happens and she has made references to her “little elf”.

  160. cdnfreyja said

    Maddie, my dad has momentary lapses of judgment or brain freezes once in a while too. He’ll usually run things by my sister and I. Last year he got my mom an ipod, which she’s never actually used. Not a bad idea, but she’s never used it. Neither has he, though, so I know it wasn’t a gift for him in disguise. (hey, I’ll buy it from you!) If he completely forgot, he’d hear it from my mom, my sister and me. πŸ˜‰

  161. Danae said

    Hello ladies.

    Anne welcome back

    Jennifer Happy Early Birthday.

    Freyja I didn’t respond to your Happy Thanksgiving email. I deleted it accidentally. Sorry and thanks.

    All of you will be on the top of my list of who and what I have to give thanks for, right under my biological family. I would do it as part of my sister’s Grace tomorrow but I don’t think she would appreciate it. Just no that in my heart I thank God for everyone of you and what you have done for me and given me.

    Dizey Get Your Friggin Ass Back Here!

  162. laurel said

    lwildstar – Hey girl, I’ve edited that chapter! I’m trying to get it typed up to send. Watch for it in a few hours.
    I have to make 6 dozen rolls and chop veggies for the stuffing so it may take me a while.

    Anne – glad you made it home in one piece. I was apparently thinking of you yesterday because I dreamed I had a lovely visit with you over lunch. I actually had that same lunch with Gypsy a few months ago so at least I didn’t make the whole thing up, I just inserted you – as I saw you on the live chat with Kyle and Christina.
    It was nice meeting you! LOL
    Frejya – what a good daughter you are!

    Susanna – Oh sweetie, we need to get Henry right out to you! I’ll make sure he takes chocolate with him, you sound like you need it. Tell me – Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate? Lots of hugs, of course.
    I’d offer advice…. but short of locking yourself in the bedroom with loud music and Henry for as many days as it takes…. Wait a minute! That’s not bad, huh?
    As the “Dog Whisperer” says, “It is up to you to be the pack leader. Be consistent and believe that you are the one in charge, because that is really what they need you to be. Channel calm, assertive energy.” Hey, if it works with dogs it’s worth a try. πŸ™‚

  163. Danae said

    MamaClaire, I would be be down there in an instant and take care of the quads for you and let you get some catch up and get better time. Seriously I would. Tell them I told them to give mommy a break for a few hours. Maybe you can tie them to their beds.

    Another thing about my friend Kelly that should have been part of that email I sent on Monday. Her own mother is telling her what a screw up she is and how she is ruining everybodies lives. Isn’t that so special?

  164. laurel said

    prtfvr – My girl is cute! Plays jazz trumpet, loves anime, wants to learn to speak Japanese (so she can read more anime, I think) She is scary smart, wants to be a geneticist or MD.
    Oregon is not that much further away than New Mexico… Maybe your son just likes the fact that this woman he met on-line is not really available. The unattainable can be really attractive to some men. Hmmmmm?

    I watched that interview from Joy Ride 2. Thanks Margaret and Annalaise! It sounds like our boy doesn’t make it to the end of the movie though. 😦
    I hate it when that happens.

    Claire, bella – how did I manage to get your sore throat thing all the way out here? This is a monster sore throat, my ears hurt when I swallow! Yuk!
    I don’t think it’s going to get me out of fixing dinner tomorrow though. I can’t imagine how you are coping. Hugs to you and Greg, too. Hope you all feel better.

    Tango! I love it when you’re on here! Now, where is Dizey? Didn’t her family go on vacation to Disney somewhere? Did she go with?

  165. laurel said

    Danae – Kelly is lucky to have a friend to believe in her through all her woes. You gals hang in there.

  166. vicki said

    hey all…

    Greetings from Colorado!!! We are here with the kids in a beautiful house a friend lest us have for the week….it snowed about 6 inches last aweseome!!! I can even begin to describe how major the mountains are here…(much bigger than in WV) LOL….

    Whitney is dying to hit the slopes and ski..and Xander just wants to go outside and make snow angels….I have gotten a sinus cold but I am still enjoying the view…

    Anyway….just wanted to let you know I am here and wish all of you a HAppy Thanksgiving!!

    I havent got to see last Fridays episode…we were traveling at the dont tell me..I have to wait till I get home to see it….

    The Diva

  167. himmiefan said

    Lets see, bags packed. Check.
    Perscription picked up. Check.
    Cake in car. Check.
    Extra pet food put down. Check.
    VCR set up to tape BT.

    Oh my gosh!!! (frantically runs to TV and VCR). Wow, that was close. It would not have been pretty at all if I had forgotten that item on my to-do list.

    Susana – my deepest sympathies. πŸ™‚ I promise, you and the baby will get through this with your sanity intact.

    Freyja – my sister and I are elves too. It’s funny when our father has one of us get our mother a gift and forgets that he already has the other shopping for her.

    Now folks, we need to put out an APB on Dizey. She’s supposed to be bringing the dressing to our Bloody Ford Clinic Thanksgiving feast. I get a little cranky if I don’t get dressing.

    By the way, I’m bringing the sweet potato casserole. With extra marshmellows on top! πŸ™‚

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  168. Danae said

    Dizey didn’t go with them. I don’t know where she is. I am going to have to give that girl a call.

    Laurel-You want to come here and watch her kids for a couple days so that I can get her away from all the Merde as Claire would say. She really needs it and she doesn’t know anyone that is willing to watch the kids for that long.

  169. Danae said

    Does anyone know when the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is on tomorrow? I want to watch with Amber and I can never remember what time it is on. Is it 9 or 10?

  170. Claire said

    Hey ladies! Anne..glad you got back in one piece! I hope you had fun!
    Susana..big hugs to you! …After I’m done with Henry…I’ll send him to you straight away!!

    I’ll be popping in and out in between cooking and cleaning!
    Thanks Danae! If you were closer…I’d take you up on the offer!

    Glad you had a great birthday Laurel!
    Freyja…my son Christopher was born Dec.22…right in the middle of Chanukah and Christmas! and I made it a point of never combining! He get his birthday dinner, cake and separate gift on the 22nd!

  171. Danae said

    Amber’s birthday is the 19th of December. We never combine Christmas and her birthday presents. That would be jipping her out of both. I can’t believe she is going to be 5 in a few weeks.

  172. Maddie Mo said

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO ready to get out of here. No one is here, except those of us who have no vacation time left ( they took all of mine when I was on maternity leave). There is a big happy hour planned for after work and it just will not get here. There is a band that we follow/stalk playing tonight at the bar my freinds husband works at. So that promises to be a good time there.

  173. Madonna said

    Hi ladies,
    There is kind of a lull in the action here at work so I thought I’d pop by and say hello.

    I wish you felt better. Stay strong! (((((((((HUGS)))))))))

    Where are you?

    You might want to give her a call. I emailed her too and I still haven’t gotten a response. Who knows, maybe she decided to go with her brother to Disney World at the last minute.

    Glad you had a good time and made it back safely.

    Annalaise and Margaret,
    Thanks for the links to Kyle’s interview. Did you all notice the black nail polish?

    My sister Angela’s birthday is December 30th. We NEVER combine it with Christmas.

    I know some of you are hitting the road soon so I’ll go ahead and wish all of you a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. I haven’t had a whole lot to be thankful for the past few years but this year all of that has changed. I am thankful that I know each and every one of you. You all have added so much to my life and you are all such wonderful people. Love y’all!

  174. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    I had plans to get a whole bunch of stuff done today, oh say like ironing a bunch of summer clothes I washed to put away in the closet so they’re ready to go when it warms up again, tons of cleaning, etc. but BT related stuff has gotten me completely side-tracked today! πŸ˜‰

    Laurel and Himmie – Luckily my dad doesn’t get us to shop for my mom so there is no way he could forget that he did that. The one year I told him exactly what my mom wanted (and had for years), a Kitchen Aid Mix Master. He went and bought some food processor thing. My sister and I raised our eyebrows at that one. My mom didn’t really use the thing. We prodded dad to fix it. Then just a few years ago he went and bought the Kitchen Aid she had been asking for. She was very happy with that.

    We have plenty of Christmas birthdays in our family. My mom and I share one and her dad’s was December 9th. For a couple years we 3 combined the cake. When I became an adult my mom and I shared a cake too. No sense in having both of us make cakes that wouldn’t get eaten. It is really weird not being a twin (or other multiple) and having to share your birthday with a family member. My mom and I have never really felt like we’ve had the day to ourselves. But my mom always did a good job of ensuring I had good ones when I was little. I still get a separate gift but my parents keep it for me to open when I get home at Christmas. They even put different wrapping paper on it.

  175. Danae said

    Ok I have gotten several emails from my co-workers saying they will be out Friday also returning on Monday. I felt compelled to send an email stating that I WILL be in on Friday and thanks for rubbing it in.

  176. Danae said

    and now all the union people are leaving and I have to sit here and wait for my boss to tell me I can go.

  177. Madonna said

    Our company is under new ownership this year so this is the first time we’ve had Thursday and Friday off. We also get Christmas Eve off too now, whereas we didn’t before. It really sucks trying to work about 40 hours in 3 days to get that extra time off.

  178. Madonna said

    I’m not supposed to get off until 8 tonight. I think it’ll be earlier than that but still.

  179. Danae said

    I am so glad I don’t have your job. I get out at four everyday unless my work runs over.

  180. Danae said

    I am heading home now. Have a Happy safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. Go easy on the turkey. I don’t want to hear about all the tryptophan induced comas. I love yas!

    I will give Dizey a call tonight to see how things are and what is up.

    Ciao ma bellas.

  181. laurel said

    Good lord Claire! I didn’t have another birthday, mine was in July and I’m in no hurry to get to the big 5 0!

    Maddie Mo had a birthday this week and Jennifer is having one on Sunday.

    Happy Turkey Day Danae!

  182. Maddie Mo said

    I’m off for the day ladies.

    Everyone have a happy and safe Thanksgiving. I know I am thankfull that I have found all of you.

    Be safe and have fun!!

  183. lwildstar said


    Oh yes the VCR _ Must make sure that is ready to go before I leave Friday……
    I will cry if they don’t tape! I’m going to cry if the hotel doesn’t have Lifetime!

    Got out of work early – yippee! I’ve got a lot of stuff to do since I’m losing three days of time (tomorrow Friday and Saturday ) I want to start sending goodies out Monday – especially to those a long way off…..I haven’t even started packaging stuff up yet!!!!

    Laurel – I’ll keep and eye out for the email and I’ll probably email you on Saturday to let you know whats going on……
    I’m almost done with chapter 16!

    Well Iam off to finish working on all ths stuff here I’ve got to do…where did the time go???!!!! I have a craft show on Dec. 1 and I am no where ready!

    talk at yo later!

  184. laurel said

    Madonna – I hope you have a great Thanksgiving break. I worked for a company that always did “inventory corrections” on the Friday after. That meant arriving at 6am and counting all the inventory a minimum of three times while waiting for the computer to spit out the numbers we should have been coming up with. We usually finished at @ 10pm. Yiipee. I don’t miss that.
    I hope you get out of there soon!
    Be safe and have some good food.
    Then, spend a little time with Henry!

  185. laurel said

    lwildstar – I just burnt two dozen rolls because I was playing at the computer. I got a little lost and went ahead and read a couple more chapters of your story. Very distracting! lol
    I haven’t sent the e-mail yet. 😦 Working on it. Now I have to start another batch of rolls to replace the ones that are still smoking on the counter. I hope the fire dept doesn’t show up. hehe

  186. lwildstar said

    HEY!!! don’t blame your burned buns on me…and I haven’t even sent you the good chapters yet….I really should resend you everything because I”ve been doing some edits, I’ve worked on everything now up to 14…

    oh and Laurel – I Just sent you an email that needs to be replied to ASAP

  187. lwildstar said

    although I guess I should be flattered that you got caught up in reading and forgot what you had in the oven…

  188. lwildstar said

    geeze I killed the blog AGAIN!!????

  189. Jennifer said

    Thank you to eveyone who wished me an early Happy Birthday……you’re ALL such sweet,sweet ladies!!! Henry hasn’t arrived at my house yet….ok, who’s hiding him??? LOL!!! Maybe he’s just waiting for Sunday to surprise me!!! Is it okay if I hugged him for a LOOONNNGGG while before I let him go?? He’s the ONLY vampire I’ve ACTUALLY fallen truly,madly,deeply for!!! I cannot help it and I know you all understand that. Susana, I would certainly babysit for you if I only could…..hang in there friend!!! Everything will be okay, you’ll see.

    BTW…I went for a complete physical checkup today and my bloodtests and all turned out FINE, I just need to start taking Iron pills because it was a little bit low. But I’m okay otherwise…..something to definitely be thankful for!!!!!

    GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!

  190. cdnfreyja said

    No, you didn’t. I’m still around. Gotta vote in a few minutes.

  191. lwildstar said

    well good – usually when I get on here everyone rusn away..
    Its weird getting to stay up and not have to go to bed to get up for work! πŸ˜‰
    But I’m only gong to stick around a little while longer.


  192. Arrowyn said

    I’m nowhere near caught up in reading the blog, so I’ll probably miss commenting on a few things I shouldn’t (miss, that is).

    Maddie Mo — Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it went as you wished.

    Laurel/Moonbeam — see you Friday, but I just wanted to say how good it was to hear that Nellie was not as ill as everyone suspected. Medications are tricky to balance if you take a lot of them.

    Prtfvr — glad to hear that Little Henry has mended so well.

    Claire — hope ALL your kids get better real soon so you can get some much needed rest!

    Cree — hope you feel better real soon and something good can be done about that tricky back of your in a more permanent manner.

    Susana — sorry about what you’re going through with weaning your daughter. No pun intended, but we ALL suck at change, don’t we? I’m sure she will learn to love that Mommy’s still there, even though the Breast isn’t. But in the meantime, B R E A T H E!

    All for now. I don’t want the post to be lost.

  193. Arrowyn said

    Welcome back, Anne! Did you bring back pictures? Did you bring back a tan? Did you bring back your luggage?

  194. Madonna said

    Hi girls,

    I got out of work at about 6 tonight. As usual I was the last designer to leave.

    Thanks…. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving too. Tell Moonbeam I said HI.

    How are ya? Do you at least get tomorrow off?

    Dizey emailed me back and she said to tell you all that she is fine, just very busy. She said to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and to tell you all that she loves ya.

  195. lwildstar said

    well I’m out of here for the night.
    I tried writing for awhile and just cant get my mind on it tonight, so I think I will go read and off to bed!

    Nighty Night!
    EVERYONE HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!! Take care! Love you all!

  196. Claire said

    Hey ladies! Finally with a big help from Brittany Mashed potatoe casserole and 1 apple pie and 1 pumpkin pie and brandied carrots DONE!!!

    Thank you all my wonderful beautiful blood sistas for the get well wishes!
    Laurel..I’m sorry I added another year to your life LOL!! it was supposed to say Maddie Mo…but you know how I’ve been this week!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day
    I am Thankful for all of you!
    ‘espΓ¨re que vous avez tous une joyeuse et sΓ©curitaire jour et que votre journΓ©e est remplie d’amour.
    Je t’aime

  197. Arrowyn said

    Madonna — Thanks for asking. Yes, I get the next 4 days off! My first in almost 3 weeks. I’m too old for this S**T!

    I don’t mean for this to be a downer, but Thanksgiving isn’t going to very good this year. It’s only Dad and me now. Thanksgiving and Christmas used to be the 2 big holidays for my Mom. Before she started to fail, she went all out with the meals and decorating. So Dad is particularly missing her right now (not that I’m not) and going out to Thanksgiving dinner is a pretty hurtful reminder of his loss. I think he’ll agree to go to the local restaurant with me tomorrow for lunch, but maybe not. To tell you the truth, I’m feeling a little low right now, too. I know part of it is because I’m so exausted, but I kind of would like a quiet day off, too. I’ll talk to him tonight about it.

    However, the good news is that Gypsy and I are driving down to Eugene to meet with Laurel, Moonbeam, and 2 friends of Gypsy’s at the Eugene Holiday Market on Friday! That will be much fun and will make up for all the *who is it that says this?* merde from the last few weeks. Then I’ll take Saturday and Sunday off. Well, “off” means that I’ll do stuff around the apartment. But, at least, that’s not at work! However, I did bring some work home to do that will help me be more organized next week. Maybe I’ll get it done, maybe not!

    Yesterday, I told the boss that has had all this work for me, when he brought in yet another thing that “would only take 5 minutes” and it was 1:30 pm and I hadn’t had lunch yet — that I learned a new word. I said I was still a little unsure how to pronounce it correctly, but I’d try. The new word is *NO!* I asked him how he liked it. He laughed and left and brought me back a cookie. I still did the “5-minute” job (1/2 hour), but I was smiling while I was doing it.

    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My heartfelt thanks go out to all of you. You have changed me and changed my life — all for the better. I didn’t know I was missing anything until I “met” all of you.

    Eat lots of turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce for me!

  198. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies! I know I missed some of you so before I head off to bed I just wanted to wish all my new American sisters a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that everyone has a fantastic day.

  199. Tango said

    Arrowyn, I am a very family oriented person so I really feel for you having to celebrate without you mother this year. Although she will not be with you physically, she will always be with you in spirit. I know she must have been a great lady to have such a wonderful daughter as you. May you and your father find unexpected joy this Thanksgiving day. Enjoy the time with your father knowing she will be happy to see that you are carrying on the most important tradition of spending time together reminiscing on what you have to be thankful for. Have fun with the Portland gang, but remember to give yourself enough time to recharge your batteries.

    And for the rest of my blogeratti…May your cup overflow with blessings.


  200. Anzia said


  201. Jennifer said

    Arrowyn….I’m sending you a BIG HUG and wish you and your Dad a Happy Thanksgiving. All my best to you both always…..hang in there!!! Love ya!!

  202. Nisi said

    I’ve been away for a while. I haven’t even read all the posts yet, but saw I missed Maddie’s birthday. Sorry about that. A very happy belated birthday to you. And extra special Henry dreams!


  203. lwildstar said


  204. Margaret said

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my sisters, Happy Birthday to those I missed, hope those of you who aren’t feeling well are mending, (Cree you have to get better or I will be renting that wheelchair for March, lol). I never had a sister so I really consider myself so blessed with having you all as my “blood” sisters. Hope your Thanksgivings are great but remember the day after, drop that piece of Turkey or pumpkin pie, go vote, vote, vote, email, email, email, email to sponsors, networks, etc. LET’S MAKE LIFETIME WISH THEY NEVER PLAYED GAMES WITH US THIS LONG, LET’S BURY THEM WITH POST CARDS, SO MANY THEY CAN’T SEE THEIR DESKS. WE DON’T HAVE THAT MUCH MORE TIME.


  205. prtfvr said

    Well, I’m supposed to be deviling eggs, making stuffing, and creaming some celery right now but I wanted to stop by and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

    It’s really great to meet people who I’m excited to see what they say everyday! That’s amazing to me! I’m usually not so interested and really, Henry is my first major crush since I fell in love with Keanu all those years ago. I sure didn’t meet anyone I wanted to associate with from that!

    So my love to you all, you too, Lurkers!


    — Debbie

  206. prtfvr said

    P.S. Don’t think that I don’t know how the celery part sounded. πŸ™‚

    Oh yeah…


  207. prtfvr said

    BTW: Blood Ties jumped almost 400 points in the positive between this week and last! WOO HOO!

  208. Jennifer said


  209. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    I hope that everyone who has to travel today arrives safely at their destination. We have a (small) snowstorm up here today.

    Question for those who are around the blog today: what episode comes after Wild Blood? I’m trying to figure out whether tonight’s is actually a repeat. Thanks!

  210. Cree said

    Happy Turkey Day Everyone!! Hope everyone has a great holiday.

    Freyja: 5:55 is after Wild Blood. I actually just finished watching that one on the LT website. Amazing episode! Hopefully you will get to see it tonight instead of a rerun. I didn’t realize that you guys were that close to catching up with us.

  211. cdnfreyja said

    Thanks Cree. They’re not giving us any program info for tonight’s episode. Yet, they’re giving us info for next week’s – the goth club one. So, the one tonight should be 5:55 unless there is a screw up.

    Back to cleaning.

  212. Cree said

    Yeah, the goth club one was Bugged which comes right after 5:55, so YAY for you that you get to see that amazing episode tonight. You’ll love it! Word of advice: Have some tissues handy. One part in particular is sure to make you cry!

  213. lwildstar said

    I’m home already from the family feast – boy those kids can be a handful! and there’s only two – how did my grandparnets manage when we use to do the big family shin-digs? I have 14 cousins! so you can imagin the whoopla…

    Well just for fun I decided to check the numbers….

    Blood Ties (2006) 7655

    Whoo Hoo!

    Well I guess things are slow becasue of the holiday, becuse everyone is down…at

    1 Moonlight 1,038 -2%
    2 Blood Ties 913 -6%
    3 The Dresden Files 483 -9%
    4 Alex O’Loughlin 389 -4%
    5 Kyle Schmid 355 0%
    7 Christina Cox 200 -4%
    16 Dylan Neal 110 -7%

    Happy Turkey day! I am off to go take a nap…..

  214. nina said

    Hello Ladies,

    A belated Happy Birthday to Maddie Mo and Prtvfr!I hope you had a wonderful celebration.

    Jennifer- Happy Birthday!!! I hope you’ll have a great day and use your B-day wish wisely πŸ˜‰

    And everyone, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

    Anzia – I hope you like the little present I sent you through youtube πŸ˜‰ Can you tell that I’m going mad here!! OHHH…my dil goes hmmm..(whole new meaning)

  215. Jennifer said

    Thanks so very much to everyone wishing me a happy birthday…..and Nina, I promise to use that wish wisely…..nothing too far fetched!! But I should be receiving my birthday hug from Henry Friday night…LOL!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!! And again, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my American friends here on the blog, and to Freyja, I hope your day has been wonderful as well. I’m sitting here watching CHOCOLAT….I’ve LOVED Johnny Depp for MANY years!!!
    And now I’ll LOVE Kyle for MANY years as well!!! Peace & Love!! God Bless you all!!!

  216. Madonna said

    Hi everyone!

    I hope everyone had a wonderful day with family and delicious food. We went to my cousin who lives about 20 minutes from us in a fairly rural area. Lots of twisty turning roads. The best part was when his wife laughed to the point of tears when he tried to draw a map to get us out of there.

    Anybody hitting the stores tomorrow?

    Well, goodnight. I love y’all!

  217. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Thanks Jennifer. Had a busy day – lots and lots of cleaning. But I FINALLY got to see 5:55 tonight. Yeah! What can I say – I loved this one. I’ll definitely be watching that episode again tomorrow. That one went by way faster than an hour. I love any episode of a show that deals with time loops and distortions. Can you tell I’m a Star Trek fan?

    Cree – while I had the box of tissues ready (allergies makes that a necessity) I managed to keep the tears in. They were there, I just didn’t want to let them out. I’ll just have to remind myself not to rewatch this when I’ve got PMS ’cause then I’ll really need the tissues!

  218. Cree said

    Freyja: How did you manage not to cry when Mike died? Though that was sad, the part that got me even more than that was when Vicki called Mike when she woke up to make sure he was alive. She was so choked up, I couldn’t help but cry! And then when she hugged him in the end, it got me again! Very well played by Christina!

  219. cdnfreyja said

    Well Cree, I knew from a preview that Mike got shot and was going to die. The tears were there, dear. I just hate crying, I fight it. (honestly, I do! Emotion is a bad thing in the family, even at a funeral.) It goes a little like this: if I let one out, I won’t stop. lol Plus, I’m one of those weird people who uses logic during scenes like that. I tell myself, ‘they can’t kill him off, at least not yet, because there’d be no show without one of the main 3 characters’. Okay, enough of the self-analysis!

    Needless to say, I’ve stopped watching previews. I want to be surprised. And I’m holding off looking at some of prtfvr’s macros because I can figure some things out based on that … and I’d rather be surprised.

    Christina did a great job in this episode, not that she doesn’t do a great job in the others. Loved the ending – that got to me, definitely!

  220. Anzia said

    Nina- I haven’t watched the lovely suprise yet. I’ve been chasing a four year old and WILL be continuing to chase him until Sunday night at around 8 pm when his mother gets home. I’m VERY much not a happy psuedo-mom right now either (kevin’s starting to call me MOM again & even told his mom that he was my son the other day- NOT GOOD!) LOVE YA DIDI!

    Prtmama- I’m glad that you found us too. Can’t imagine this group without one the HMS Hornball’s most frequent captains. πŸ™‚ Love ya & am VERy VERy VER y happy you’re here.

    That goes to everyone! You guys are great. (which is SUCH an undestatement)

    *sigh* speaking of four year olds…kevin’s awake… and demanding food/attention. I’ll talk to everyone later!

  221. rifkind said


    I just found this wonderful site.

    Hugs to all my Blood Ties family

  222. cdnfreyja said

    Good morning ladies! Hopefully everyone had a good Thanksgiving with lots of stupor-inducing turkey!

    Since Wildstar hasn’t popped by yet today I thought I’d update you on the one set of numbers. BT is now at 7906 (#19). Sorry, no HeyNielsen numbers from me. That site loves to freeze my computer.

  223. Danae said

    Buongiorno ma bellas.

    I am glad to hear that everyone’s Thanksgiving went well. Mine was actually quite pleasant even though it was at Kim’s(THAT sister) and her husband likes to piss me off at every chance he gets. After Johnathan’s(my nephew) blessing I added my own special thanks to all of you and Kyle and BT.

    Today is the official start of the holidau season. Amber has been bugging me to put my tree up for the past 1 1/2 weeks. I had to promise her we would do it this weekend. I have a lot of cleaning and rearranging to do before we can do it though. Probably tomorrow night. I will take lots of pictures and send them to you all. To celebrate the start of the holiday season here is some holiday cheer for you:

    The last one is my favorite. I love the wail of the electric guitar it is one of my favorite sounds. O Holy Night is my favorite Christmas song. The two combined is very goosebump inducing.

  224. Danae said

    This one is very awesome. The song is TSO’s A Mad Russian’s Christmas.

    I bet the neighbors really love these people.

    And my all-time fave Josh Groban O Holy Night. Pure heaven!

  225. Danae said

    Ok one more this one is awesome also.

    I case you haven’t noticed I love the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

  226. Danae said

    Am I the only one here? I hate it when I have to work and everyone else has the day off.

  227. cdnfreyja said

    No Danae, you’re not the only one around! I just got busy with other things and didn’t pop in for a little while.

    It finally feels like winter and Christmas are coming. I never feel like it is Christmas without snow. The snowstorm that came through yesterday didn’t really drop all that much snow, about 10 cm I think (4 inches). And it so wasn’t a storm. To me a storm involves way more snow, fierce wind and a blizzard. This was just a 36 hour snowfall.

    And the drivers were stupid again this year – hundreds of accidents in and around the capital alone. Not like they didn’t have warning this was coming – they had a week’s notice to get winter tires and to remember to drive like it is winter. Lots of stories on the news featuring the city and provincial police basically saying people were stupid this year wondering where the drivers put their brains. Of course they didn’t actually say that but it was certainly implied.

  228. Danae said

    That is the way it is here. We only had an inch of snow last week and there were accidents galore. Some people can be so stupid.

  229. cdnfreyja said

    When I had access to a car, I’d always leave it at home the first snowfall and take the bus or walk to class/work.

    If I were living back out west, I’d be starting Christmas baking right about now. It is a little difficult to take lots of cookies and cake with you on a plane, though!

  230. Jennifer said

    Freyja…..I sometimes wish I could just pack up everything here and move to Canada, we get snow here in the South once in a blue moon!!!! I’ve seen a really good snowfall maybe three times in my lifetime……maybe we’ll see some later though. I can only wish & hope!!!!!

  231. Madonna said

    Hi there,

    How is everyone?

    My mom and I just got back a little while ago from shopping. We went to the mall and I went to Bath & Body Works to pick up a couple of things. Comparing other people’s bags to mine as they left the store I know some people left B&BW with $500-$700 worth of merchandise. All I could think was how could anyone do that in JUST ONE store???

    I picked up a few things for the Toys for Tots drive. I always try to get a couple of things for babies and something for an older boy and girl. The marine taking the donations said that the donations were WAY WAY down this year compared to the past several.

    We were only out for about 4 1/2 hours but I have to admit it was tough on me. My stomach and side is hurting and I’m bleeding a little. So I took something for it and now I’m going to take a nap.

    BTW…. Is everyone pumped up for Wrapped tonight? I can’t wait!

    Oh and I found this over at Bloodlines and it was the first time I had ever seen it. Most of you all probably have though.

    Looks like our man wears glasses. They look pretty strong too.

    If I’m not back tonight (although I probably will be) everyone have a great evening and lots of pleasant Kyle/Henry/Mike/Christina thoughts.

  232. Madonna said

    We also got our first light dusting of snow this morning. It’s that kind of thing that really puts me (and my mom) in the mood to Christmas shop.

  233. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    I had to actually sit down and start reading the next book for our book club meeting in a couple weeks. I’m actually enjoying this one right from the start. I don’t think it will take me long to read through it.

    Jennifer, you’re more than welcome to come up to Canada. Once the Canadian dollar drops (as it inevitably will at some point) you can find a bargain. A great place to go in winter is Quebec City for the big Carnival. I haven’t been to Carnival yet.

    We’re expecting flurries on and off for the next few days with the possibility of rain Monday and Tuesday. I really wish that the weather would make up its mind and stick to one season at a time. I really hate the rain and slush we get in winter. Give me glistening white snow over dreary grey rainy days any time.

    Okay, back to the book.

  234. Jennifer said

    Madonna…..I hope you feel better soon!!!! I can’t wait to watch WRAPPED either!!!!! Love ya!!! Hope you feel better soon!!!

  235. Jennifer said

    Oops….I said hope you feel better soon!!!

  236. Anzia said

    Yeah, went shopping (for christmas tree lights…ours were dead) at 4 this afternoon and it was STILL really busy. Kev picked out a toy for the toys for tots thing. He didn’t understand at first why we had given it away and he was really upset but I asked him how he would feel if he woke up on christmas day w/o any presents. And when he said he’d cry. I told him that he just saved a little boy (or girl) from feeling just like that & that it was a VERY special thing to do what he did. He told his daddy as SOON as he walked in the door. He was quite proud of himself. But he wanted to give the present to the little boy himself. So he could give him a hug and make sure he didn’t cry (his sentiments NOT mine btw!).

    it’s moments like that that keep me from killing the kid.

  237. Danae said

    Hi Bellas

    Wrapped just came on and already there is a great line.

    Something must be different. Could be someone you ate.

    Love it!

    Madonna he looks so cute in glasses. For some people they just work.

  238. cdnfreyja said

    Danae? Guess who played in Ottawa tonight? Yes, your favourite, TSO! Just thought I had to let you know. πŸ˜‰

    Hope you’re all enjoying the new episode right now!

  239. Danae said

    And Christina got her hair cut. What’s up with that?!

  240. Danae said

    Oh that is so not fair!

  241. Danae said

    Commercial time

    Kelly and I are having Chinese and pretend bad beer. Really it is Smirnoff drinks. I am over here I thought she would like some adult company

    Commercials are over.

  242. Danae said

    What the hell did she just do? I can’t believe Vicki just did that!

  243. Danae said

    That episode seriously pissed me off! It was really really good.

  244. Danae said

    I knew Henry would be seriously pissed off and would not be able to forgive her.

  245. Danae said

    When I have been off my meds for awhile and something really gets me mad I get seriously seriously mad. I get this feeling in my chest. I have that feeling right now. I am interested to see how this little debacle will be fixed.

  246. susana said

    my happy thanksgiving post, did not post 😦 Anyway, hope you guys had a good one! My last post from yesterday was full of exclamation marks in anticipation for today, i had set it to record, so now everyone is in bed and i can mourn and groan over him shirtless all b my self!!!

  247. Jennifer said

    I just finished watching WRAPPED a few minutes ago!!! WHEW…..WHAT AN EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor Henry, those nightmares were HORRIBLE for him!!! I wanted to run to his bed,sit beside him & hold him in my arms so protectively!
    And I COULD NOT BELIEVE what Vicki did!!!!! She just STABBED him and took his blood!!!!*GASP*!!!!! I didn’t know whether to PASS OUT OR FREAK OUT!!!
    And at the end it looked as if he’ll NEVER trust her AGAIN!!!!! Since she KNEW he wasn’t into the dark arts!!! Someone PLEASE,PLEASE tell me this isn’t the end of the show for this season!!!!! That we’ll get another episode NEXT Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Night ladies.

  248. Danae said


  249. prtfvr said

    Meeting at the Hen House for those who don’t know.

  250. rifkind said

    I’m so bummed.
    I’m in AZ for Thanksgiving, but my sleep cycle is still on MN time.
    I checked Lifetime at 10:45 PM… and the Psychic lady was on… at 11 PM, was the psychic contest show.. I was falling asleep. It was already midnight MN time.
    I absolutely couldn’t stay awake another 2 hours to watched “Wrapped”.
    Lifetime still doesn’t have the last few episodes on their site. By the time I get home, I will be three episodes behind!
    Thank Goodness for my TiVo!

    Sorry that I missed you at the hen house. I would have loved to chat!

  251. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies!

    Hope everyone enjoyed the episode last night. Still have to wait a few more weeks for that one up here. Rifkind, I wish I were able to participate in the chats but it is usually so late I’m in bed!

    Here’s an update on the votes. BT is at 8146, still #19.

    I’m trying to decide what to do today. I thought I might go shopping for Christmas gifts for the nieces and nephew and maybe something for my dad, if he would give me the list of books that he’d like. Still have to give some thought to my Secret Santa gift, though.


  252. Anne said

    I went to buy a color cartridge for my printer and came home with a mini stereo system and a potato peeler – AND the black cartridge.

    Actually I only needed a tape player as I want to convert some old casettes to MP3 – but they really didn’t have a big selection of casette players.

    Wrapped – fancy that!
    A human did something so bad that the wicked (or not so wicked) vampire won’t forgive her. At least Vicki will now be able to drive at night.
    Somehow Danny Trejo didn’t really scare me – but Mike did.
    I’m very worried about him too – he’s on the slippery slope too and the trio has fallen apart.

    I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving – we don’t have that here.
    Instead, last night I went to the company Christmas do – a small party of 1056 people.

  253. Anne said

    I upgraded to Internet Explorer 7 and I’ve permitted pop-ups here, but I still don’t get pictures when I mouse over names *growl*

  254. cdnfreyja said

    Anne, was this Christmas party one of the famous (or infamous) julefrokosts?

  255. Claire said

    Hey ladies! I’m still alive lol!!!! Thanksgiving was wonderful! Who knew fried turkey was so delicious and Quick!!!!!

    Brittanys Dad is very nice and extremely funny in that Southern way that only Southerners can be!!! Her sister Brandy is a lovely wonderful young lady just like Brittany…We had a good time..and the only touchy moment was when Nikki was giving Thanks…my darlings hard shell has been cracking lately..and there is a very emotional girl underneath…she got to say “I’m thankful my brother is…and the tears just came..which caused every other adult to tear up! She did laugh and say “Heck when did I become such a waterbag?” “Chris I’m glad you’re here”
    but I did glance over at Rusty(Brittanys Dad)and he had his eyes closed and was concentrating really hard on keeping his composure.It was 77 degrees out and gorgeous! Woke up the next day and went to our towns parade and holy merde…it was like 20 degrees and soooo cold!!! You’ll see us all shivering when I post pics! I’ll be scarce..since I still have guests..but I’ll try to pop in! I hope all my wonderful sisters had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    My poor Henry!!! stabbed in the chest by his love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and man is he pissed!!!!!!! hated Vickys haircut…so did Nikki!
    Anyway have to run! We’re going shopping in a bit!

    love yas!

  256. Good Morning BT Family,

    Wow!!!! I sure was wrapped up in that episode last night! Oh my what an ending! I hope it doesn’t leave us with it like that! I couldn’t bear the way Henry looked at Vicki. It hurt!

    Fabulous day with Gyspy, Arrowyn and Laurel yesterday ~ still feeling grand from all of the laughing and visiting! Arrowyn is hooked and will probably be down to the Holiday market one more time before the season is over.

    Have to go to a funeral this p.m., however, will be tough ~ lots of special people coming together for Uncle John ~the big brother of my father-in-law who died last April. hmmmmm
    Especially tough for Laurel (It has been a mega-year of loss for her on both sides of the family) sigh. . . . At least we’re an amazing family that really loves to be together and will find a way to make it through this sad service.

  257. lwildstar said

    hello everyone!
    Made it home in one piece – Ihave decidded I can not stand to go away with my parents again! I would rather try a weekend with my sisters kids to see which is worse…it was like being with two grumpy argueing kids the whole time!

    The Christmas show was wonderful – of course dad didn’t like it – it was jus the right blend of spiritual -traditional – and modern and the blond one guy,….oh my yummmy! Nad we had really good seats so no squinting or trying to watch the big screen tvs….

    So I hope everyones weekends are going well…

    Laurel & Moonbeam (HUGS) to you…Laurel – I’ll check in with you later to see if you are availabel this evening or tomorrow…

    ok I am off to unpack and check email

    I already voted – first thing back πŸ˜‰
    Blood Ties (2006) 8146

  258. rifkind said

    I think that you have to go into Tools –> Internet Options and then the Security tab. Then Custom Level, and then allow some scripting. Scrool to the bottom of the list and the second to the bottom section will be SCRIPTING. I have all three options in the section ENABLED.
    Be sure to click OK as you close windows to get out of Internet Optons.
    Note : Once you make the change, you will have to close ALL open Internet Explorer windows. Then when you open a new window the changes will be applied.
    Give it a try!


  259. Margaret said

    You all need to stop being so bummed about last night’s episode. Remember some of the ads where we see Henry asking Vicki to go with him. I heard that he was asking her to go to Vancouver with him. The press kit says that in the last episode that Correen is possessed by Astroth, so there will be a truckload of decisions that they will all have to make.

    Maybe we should pretend that the show is already cancelled, think how pissed we’d be and put that in writing to Lifetime. Or use that steam to motivate us to wrtie to as many networks as we can to do what we can.

  260. lwildstar said

    Well I guess when I go to the postoffice Monday, I’ll have to get some postcards and started pleading again…….

    Mags – do you have any contact addresses for say the USA channel or any others?

  261. Margaret said

    I’ll start searching for some. I need to clean out my BT files anyhow. File-Names/addresses, file for Save Blood Ties, Files for object of my lust, lol. Have to get back with you on it. Sometimes I just google, try the contact address and ask them to forward.

  262. prtfvr said

    Ok, I posted a bunch of grabs from last night’s episode on msgypsy’s google site. There were too many to email. Check them out if you get a chance. I think I might have missed some because the damn google site only let me post one pic at a time. >:I

  263. prtfvr said

    moonbeam and Laurel: I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. There’s never a good time to lose anyone but the holidays are especially difficult. *hugs*

  264. Margaret said

    Ladies: This is what I’ve scounged up so far. Let me know if I’ve missed any and I’ll add them.


    CITY TV Feedback:

    Space Feedback
    β€œsnail” mail:
    SPACE: The Imagination Station
    299 Queen Street West
    Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2Z5

    Andrea Wong, President/CEO and/or Susanne Daniels, President
    Lifetime Entertainment Services
    World Wide Plaza
    309 West 49th Street
    New York, NY 10019
    (Post Cards Only)

    TNT: Addresses and Telephone Numbers
    How can I write to TNT?
    Please send comments and questions via email to or you can write us at:
    1010 Techwood Dr. NW
    Atlanta GA 30318
    What is the phone number for TNT Programming?
    The number for the TNT Viewer Comment and Question Line is 404-885-4538.


    If you have suggestions or comments for our Programming Department about the SCI FI Channel or any of its shows, please contact:

    SCI FI WIRE: If you are having problems reaching our online news service SCI FI Wire, please contact:


  265. Margaret said

    Whoops, need to go back and find USA.

  266. Margaret said

    Call 212-413-5577 and ask to leave a message on the USA Viewer Hotline. Please note that we are not able to return any calls

    USA Network
    30 Rockefeller Plaza
    21st Floor
    New York, NY 10112


  267. lwildstar said

    I copied thes into a word doc so I can find the links again…. I’ll email it to the group.
    Thanks Mags!

  268. Margaret said

    I posted it over at Blood Ties/Blood Lines and at Tanya’s Live Journal. If you know of anywhere else, feel free to post it. I could have emailed it to you as it is a word document on my computer.

  269. Well, we made it through the service. Laurel has a no-good very bad cold and had to drive home to Portland feeling downright poorly! The rest of us went for a pretty good visit with the extended cousins and shared stories! Talk about a long afternoon ~ Just had to come home and plug in Henry and get “Wrapped” up again!

  270. rifkind said

    Still no new videos available at Lifetime.
    I keep checking, but the last episode posted was the one with Christina. “The Devil You Know”.

  271. Tango said

    Laurel & Moonbeam – I am so sorry for your loss, and here at the holidays too. Just know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.

    prtfvr – thanks for all the new “wrapped” grabs! Good job as usual!

    Wrapped – I have mixed feelings about this one. This one was a heart wrencher for sure. I didn’t like the fact that this wasn’t a 2 parter, because you know that they are going to leave some things unresolved. I also didn’t like the fact that here was yet another villan stronger than Henry. The line that I just totally dispised was when the Incan dude was talking to the thief and corrected him that it was a “Graphic Novel” – too corney. And just how did the Incan know Henry’s name? What I did like was all the shirtless Henry moments we were privi to and the return of the red robe:-) I also liked the scene between Mike and Vicki when he said that he just couldn’t compromise his ethics to deal with these bizarre cases anymore. My favorite scene was the sleepy Henry talking to Vicki. How sweet! I will definately be looking forward to the next epi so that we can get back to Henry and Vicki being close again.

  272. laurel said

    Well, I made it home. I made Sarah drive so i could blow my nose every 30 seconds.
    It was a lovely memorial service, but I would like to not do that again for a long time.

    I loved Wrapped. It gave me weird dreams though. Actually that might have been the stupid cold I have, a little fever does strange things to my brain. I can hardly wait for the next episode, but dread the point at which we run out of new ones.
    Thanks to everyone for the condolences.

  273. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Laurel and Moonbeam, I’m so sorry for your loss. You and your family will be in my thoughts.

  274. susana said

    condolences to laurel and moonbeam. allow the loss to pass, keep the memories

    Got back from catering the 200pple wedding, went very well! Feeling really proud right now…need a glass of wine and then get wrapped again, feeling very tired and stil have all that tension from the wedding,shirtless henry will cure everything, you could see that he soooo wanted to forgive her ,but he could not………i will be available to comfort him…will not be long before he is gasping…and it will not be from bad dreams πŸ™‚

  275. Jennifer said

    Laurel & Moonbeam…..So sorry for your loss, that’s something I completely understand. You and your families are in my thoughts and prayers!! Love ya!!

  276. prtfvr said

    susana: ROTFL! Another shy member. I’ve missed you, girl!

  277. prtfvr said

    Oh yeah, while I was pulling pictures it was brought to my attention – again – about the lack of variety in the men’s wardrobe on BT. Henry apparently has four shirts (black; white; red; black with stripes), one jacket, one coat, two pair of pants. Possibly three.

    Mike has three shirts, three ties and one raincoat. He doesn’t get cold in the Canadian weather somehow.

    Obviously they spent the money on Vicki’s wardrobe which I understand but how much could a shirt cost? Couldn’t the guys use some of their own clothes? I mean, I’m sure they own some suitable clothing. Wow!

  278. msgypsy said

    New topic is up at

    In case you didn’t notice, I put up Prtfvr’s macro, now that there’s a new topic. LOL!

    BTW, Mike doesn’t need a warmer coat. His incredible good looks and sunny smile will keep him warm. And everyone within a fifteen food radius, too.

    Don’t forget Henry has a sweatshirt….

  279. prtfvr said

    Ah! A hoodie! I knew I was forgetting something!

  280. rifkind said

    Prtfvr how could you forget the RED SILK!!!!

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