Sorry, no clever Henry quips this week.

I’m going to get hours of laughs out of this concept. Kudos to Denis McGrath. And to Kyle for his wonderful delivery of that whole speech. I really believed he was talking to Lester.

That was an excellent episode. How touching the ending was. How peculiar it is that the sight of a vampire snarling at another vampire is touching. And how much I love that Mike and Henry seem to have developed an uneasy mutual respect.

Chatter away, my beloved friends. And don’t forget, Secret Santa assignments will be made after the weekend. If you want to participate, be sure you’ve sent an email to with “Secret Santa Address” in the header if you want to participate. I’m too forgetful to find your info any other way.



  1. laurel said

    Am I first?

  2. laurel said

    Gypsy – I love the new macro!
    I too wondered about Henry “Googling the location of the nearest vampire” and getting a viable phone number. How funny is that idea?
    I am going to have to go watch this a couple more times to catch the nuances, but I loved every bit of it.
    I had to laugh when Henry and Christina kissed with vamp teeth in place. I remembered Kyle talking about the difficulties of doing anything safely with the teeth in. Two sets at once had to be a special challenge. Egads!

  3. Arrowyn said

    Oh yes. Pooooor Laurel. She HAS to go watch the eppy a “couple” more times! If she obsessed over 5:55 and watched it — well, I lost count at 30 times, are we going to be hearing from her at all in the near future?

  4. Arrowyn said

    I found this on a blog that was a link from heywriterboy’s blog —

    Q. It’s still OK for Canadian production companies to hire WGA writers then sell the product to US networks?

    Yes. The US market is a big part of the payday for any Canadian project, so if we couldn’t sell to the States, we’d have to shut our industry down too. We’ve agreed not to scab — write on US shows — but it would be a bit much to ask Canadian writers, who don’t get WGA rates or residuals, to stop work during a US strike.

  5. lwildstar said

    I just got home and only just checked the numbers! Well my goal was met and then some!!!! whoo – hooo Blood Ties (2006) 4120
    I haven’t counted to see where that places BT in the top 40 but I’m thinking around 32?

  6. Nisi said

    Wow! I loved this eppy! So much of Henry vamped out! Henry “googling” vamp locations! I liked that Vickie resisted Christina. I’m sorry Mike didn’t but he did act like something was up – like he was fighting the command.

  7. Margaret said

    I have to give an Amen to Claire my sister. Yes, what wouldn’t we all give to be 23 again. Holy smoke. I just can’t believe that boy is only 23. Maybe he’s channeling Laurence Oliver (Or however you spell it). If he’s this good now, can you imagine how much better he’ll be when he gets older. OMG. I have this silly idea that maybe they (LT) is going to renew. Why would they do an ad that says they “have him” unless they “Had” him in a contractual sense. If they don’t renew this show I’m going to go totally bald and thats all I have to say about that. This episode was off the hook and I think the following ones are only going to raise the stakes higher and higer. They can’t leave us like this. Otherwise we’re going to have to plan a trip to New York so we can sit in their offices until they renew this show.

  8. lwildstar said

    I was sooo screaming at the tv last night – when Henry put Vicki on the couch and bent over her to appoligies…I was like “KISS HER!!!” good thing I thin kI am alone when I watch these – I would drive eeveryone crazy!

    Kyle just amazes me for someone so young to be so mature…his acting skills are a marvel – look at all the actors older than him that don’t do half as well at bringing the charactor to life a she does….gushing I know….

    Everytime I think I have a fav epi the next one blows me away…the whole scene between Henry and Alexander – OMG!….

  9. lwildstar said

    WE”RE #1 out of 3599 on Hey Neilson!!!!!
    648 H!N Score . +27 (4.3%)

  10. Arrowyn said

    lwildstar — I did the very same thing! Screaming! How can that boy/man convince me that he has over 480 years of experience and then equally convince me that he’s a just-turned 17-year old member of royalty? Whether or not LT renews BT (and I’m with you — I think the signs are turning), all of the people that he has touched in his career (oh, my, the image! *fans self*) are going to watch his every move and not forget him. And I include the cast and crew of BT in that statement. Like I said in an email, he’s got the IT factor!

  11. cdnfreyja said

    Hey ladies! Just back from a busy day doing nothing! LOL! All I can say is that it is always a dangerous proposition to let me into IKEA. I ALWAYS spend money there.

    Can’t comment on the episode. We’re getting the werecat one next week. Excellent news on the voting and ratings numbers. I didn’t even have to creat multiple accounts to help out! LOL!

    Comment about the advert you mentioned. I think the network has finally figured out they have a star on their hands and are using that as a draw. I have a feeling that many people have seen Sisterhood (especially those who watch that network normally) so it is a natural connection to promote. When I read the comment (can’t remember who made it) I thought immediately that it was a very positive sign. Why else would you blatantly promote one of the actors otherwise? And I am very confident the US writers’ strike will be a blessing in disguise.

    Like I said at the end of the other thread, some people are just born with a gift. I expect Kyle will be a very successful and famous actor not too long from now. And we’ll all be able to say ‘we remember when …’

    Okay, gotta go deal with my shopping booty.

  12. catcornmom said

    When was the Kyle promo on? I rewatched the entire episode from last night again and I didn’t see one commercial with Kyle in it. Did Lifetime run it before or after Blood Ties? I tried to see if someone put it on YouTube, but I didn’t find it there either. Gee, I feel really stupid actually LOOKING for a commercial!!!

  13. lwildstar said

    I saw the Kyle promo 20 minutes before the epi started – I tried to tape it but mised it…grrrrr

  14. msgypsy said

    I thought it was about 10 minutes before the ep started that I saw the promo, because I can’t imagine I watched that much of “Psychic Challenge” without throwing things at the television. But I’m pretty sick and that was late last night so I may not have paid a lot of attention to the time.

    My OMG moment was when Vicki told Christina she wasn’t afraid of her. I also had a brief moment when Henry said to Christina that if he ever saw her in his city again … “I…will…kill…you…” And then there was the rather horrifying moment when we realized that Mike might have some resistance to Henry’s vamp-out, but he succumbed to Christina’s.

    Well, I need to down more tea and soup and get more sleep. I’ll be back after a while.

  15. lwildstar said

    I’m trapped on the phone with my sister so I went over to HeyNeilson and reacted to something like 14 pages of comments!
    2 minutes befoe I can vote again…

  16. lwildstar said

    Still on the phone – she has said good by 6 times now!!

  17. lwildstar said

    geeze loiuse! I finally just got my sister off the phone and now I’m too tired to work on writing – I couldn’t work while I was listening to her – too distracting!

    so I think I will log off and go make myself sof chi latte and sh=nuggle into my chi and watch some season “1” epis!

    besides I think I killed the blog again 😦

    Nighty night!

  18. Arrowyn said

    From BT writer, Dennis McGrath, replying to comments posted on his blog (he is a kick!):

    Yup. “Nobody ever claims Detroit” was one of my lines. Bit of an in joke really, because the series I’d just finished was partly set in Detroit. That’s how writers amuse themselves. We put little in jokes into everything. It’s quite sad, really.

    “I can’t help picturing some vampire with obsessive organizational tendencies keeping an Access database of which vampire lives where.”

    Mmm. Yes. Of course, who says it has to be a vampire?


    It’s interesting to remember now, but I think we went through the script at the production meeting and ran down exactly which lines Henry was “vamped out” for, and which ones he wasn’t.

    It’s kind of an unintended effect — you don’t want ANY of the really dramatic stuff said when they’re vamped because you can’t see their eyes — but in this case it was indeed very deliberate that we wanted to see him say that not all vamped out.

    And I remember writing “You’re the past. She’s the future,” and whooping it up to the other writers and saying, “I gots me some fangirl crack here, yes I does!”

    Actually, looking back at this ep now, Mikita stayed REALLY faithful to the script. Although I’m pretty sure the lemon tea line was a Christina adlib. I might have had the “I don’t like you,” part. But the tea is what makes it really funny. See? Comedy is very, very specific.

    Glad you liked the ep. Next week’s the cowrite I did with the other Dennis, Heaton. And the Great Peter Mohan did lots of work on that one, too. I’m digging seeing how that went. And there’s an interesting story on the process that I’ll have to get up sometime next week, too.

  19. rifkind said

    Hey WildStar!

    I wish that Vicki had learned to throw that sun thingy like a throwing star.
    That would have given Christina something to think about.
    Oh well, there is always next time!
    It was also interesting that Christina KNEW about the device. hummmmm. I wonder how?
    I really expected Vicki’s demon marks to be of some protection against Christina.

    Touching how Henry still feels for Christina and just can bring himself to kill her. However the fact that HE can feel when she is around and senses her as a threat, means that the close link between Henry and Christina has been broken.
    Vampire sex, the ultimate in necking and swapping bodily fluids!

    I missed portions of the show while I was taping it..I got a call and missed some of the story points. DANG! It sounds like Henry was in an orchestra, but I missed the rest of the conversation outside the theatre.
    I am definately going to watch this episode over and over again!

  20. msgypsy said

    I can’t wait for this show to get onto On Demand because my tape is getting old. I may even have to download it from iTunes, even though I can’t watch it anywhere but my desktop…

    I’m so congested my EYES are dripping! No, I’m not crying. This is the worst cold I’ve had in years. I’m going to KILL my boss (I got it from his son via him.)

    (BBCAmerica just bleeped something on Torchwood. AHA! I knew that would happen! In this particular episode.) And then they cut out the ENTIRE Owen-Diane love scene. Phhhhbbbbbttttt……….

    Okay, back to Blood Ties. Actually, I’m probably going to sleep for another couple of hours. Ugh! (But I have hot tea, hot garlicy bean soup, and a warm if stinky dog so it’ll all be okay.)

  21. msgypsy said

    BTW, did anyone else notice, it was Christina who taught Henry to feed without killing? It’s like she has this one saving grace. I rather enjoyed that touch,

  22. Anzia said

    I think I liked that Henry finally got to see that Mike DOES understand a lot more about Henry than Henry thought. Not sure I liked that Mike got vamped though. I think it said a bit about his character… i mean, Vicki can withstand it…but Mike can’t. And Mike usually gets manuevered (sp?) into doing what others around him want him to do… *cringes* just not liking that…

    Okay, going ot bed. I wish you all incredibly delightful naughty dreams. ^_^

  23. msgypsy said

    I’ve decided to explain Mike’s being vamped by Christina thusly: He’s only had One True Love in his life, and that was Vicki. Since it’s now obvious that he’ll never have her all to himself (He’s probably known that all along but Henry makes it VERY obvious) he’s often susceptible to the wiles of other beautiful women (even Kate!) and can be manipulated by them more easily that he used to be. (This doesn’t answer me when I think that he KNOWS vampires have this power, that he knows he’s talking to a vampire, and he should have been expecting her to try something like that, though…)

    Okay, so the cold has me keeping weird hours. At least I’m getting some writing done today.

  24. lwildstar said

    Blood Ties (2006) 4361 – the numbers are going up!!!!

  25. rifkind said

    Thanks for posting the links, it is nice not to have to go searching back in the blog for them.. it helps me to remember to go and VOTE.

  26. lwildstar said

    Well now I am sending the following emails to Lifetime when I can…at least once a day when the numbers change…..

    Blood Ties (2006) 4361 – the numbers are going up!!!! and on HeyNeilson Blood Ties is still #1 out of 3650 with a score of 681 +33 (5.1%) πŸ˜‰

    and posting them on the message board to remind people there to vote!

  27. cdnfreyja said

    Hi everyone!

    Hey wildstar, that puts BT at #32 at the site.

  28. laurel said

    Good morning!

    I’m liking the positive attitude I’m feeling here. Maybe this will be the week we hear some good news. πŸ™‚

    Well, Hubby and I stayed out rather late and danced more than we have in years, now we are sipping lattes and swallowing advil. Maybe the whole conga line thing was a mistake. lol Work related holiday parties can be a good thing, when you actually like most of the people.

    We live in exciting times! lol

    I’d better go do some writing. Gypsy is going to post her word count some time today and I suspect she is going to sail past mine. We are supposed to have something like 20,000 words by tonight, and I am only just over 8,000. Yikes!

  29. laurel said

    Hi Freyja! The Were-cat episode is good! Let us know when you’ve seen it and we can re-watch and talk about it with you! I’m afraid I forgot that you weren’t seeing the same ones we are and I apologize for any spoilers we’ve done. 😦
    Would you like us to be a little more discrete? We could try…. Hmm that line sounds familiar. I wonder if I should quote some poetry? hehe

  30. lwildstar said

    hey Laurel – tag your it!

    I’m glad you had fun – I don’t go to the company functions 😦 maybe I would if I had someone to go with…..sounds like you two had a blast!

    just went to vote…

    Currently I’m bakeing the cinnomon ornaments I emailed you guys about and the whole house smells wonderfull!…

    Writing? Yeah maybe I should go work on that myself! my goal is to finish chapter 14 by Wednesday…ha ha ha …I wrote 13 so fast I feel like I have to keep up the momentum…..and no I havent’ gone back to work on either the short stories or the When Vicki Shot Henry story – hangs head in shame.. 😦

  31. lwildstar said

    Do you see what I see? this is the TOP 10 listing from Hey Neilson….

    1 Blood Ties 681 5%
    2 The Dresden Files 630 1%
    3 Moonlight 525 -3%
    4 Days of our Lives 321 -17% C
    5 Supernatural 261 -2%
    6 Stargate Atlantis 243 -5%
    7 Farscape 207 6%
    8 Jericho 197 -6%
    9 Firefly 195 2%
    10 Kyle Schmid 171 20%

  32. msgypsy said

    Laurel, think again. I spent most of yesterday asleep and all of today trying to get something done around the house or asleep. You’re $%^#$thousand words ahead of me… Poor Mr. Faraday has GOT to go to the groomer either today or tomorrow (probably tomorrow at this point) and I have sewing and knitting and book binding to do, not to mention stuff that needs to be done on copper flashing. I think I might get a thousand words written this weekend if I’m lucky! Of course, it isn’t even noon yet so there’s always hope…

  33. vicki said

    hey girls…

    I watched and LOVED every minute of this episode. WOW>…what a beautiful, tradgic story.. Poor Henry he so wanted to believe in Christina…

    OMG moment….She’s my future…((Fans self)) I was dying..that was awesome… and Vicki lying to Christina about the star thingy….Henry has no idea she has it..(did you notice how it slid under the bookself and Henry did see it???)

    Can I get an AMEN on how much I hated Christina for her manipulation of Henry>>>>totally evil…She knew he wouldnt do anything to her….BUT…boy she is in deep do do if she ever walks into his town again…

    Laughed myself silly over the territory phone call..HEHEH COOL…

    ok..done gushing…must go watch it again…

    BTW>…my husband bought us and IPOD with video stuff….CANT WAIT to see my show on it…WHOO HOO>….

    The Diva (tired one)

  34. cdnfreyja said

    Hey laurel, no worries. Most of what is mentioned here isn’t really spoiler stuff. Plus whatever is said here gives me a different perspective before I see the episode. Every once in a while there is something I wish I didn’t know about, not because it spoils the end of the show, but because I wish it would come as much of a surpise as it did for everyone else. I could really spoil things, though, if I went through all the stills from the episodes. If they’ve been turned into macros they’re out of context – that is okay. But if I spent time going through them I’d sort of figure out who was doing what. So I refrain from that.

    I’m supposed to be off to Edmonton on Wednesday. I’ll be back home Friday night but I’m away all weekend too so … someone is going to have to pick up my voting slack while I’m away. LOL!

  35. msgypsy said

    Oh, Frejya, I hope Lester up there didn’t ruin for you what I consider the funniest concept in BT history!

    Edmonton, eh? Home town of the lovely Nathan Fillion. I hope this is for a fun visit.

  36. msgypsy said

    Oops. Third time through “The Devil You Know” I realized “Lester” has a name. Augustus the vampire accountant sounds even better. but it’s too late to change the macro now. Sigh!

  37. Claire said

    Bonjour mes amis Belle! The birthday weekend is over!!! whew!

    ChuckECheese is filled with barbarians!! (Chris’s Reaction) it truly is though! what a mad house! but the kids had a blast! It was also nice seeing pool Dad again! He said he sometimes drives by my house but was afraid to ring the bell! I didn’t expect that! So I told him well next time ring it!
    We got back around 9 and then more gift opening..we didn’t get the kids to bed until 10:30! Then stayed up just talking.This morning we got up early and went ice skating,well not me..Brittany and me just took pictures and there was some nice eye candy skating around LOL!! We just got back…the kids had alot of fun learning how to skate!
    My camera is dead as soon as its charged I’ll post pics!

    Margaret Sista! double amen! You aren’t the only one that will go bald if I don’t get my Henry fix every week!
    Did I mention just how great Kyle is enough? LOL!! This epi was right up there with heart of fire for me!!!

    Well have to go write a bunch of Thank you cards!

    See yas!

  38. cdnfreyja said

    Gyspy, no it doesn’t ruin anything. I’ll be waiting for the line and can giggle a bit extra when I finally hear it.

    I’m going to Edmonton on business. The women’s board is meeting there and they’re paying for my ticket and hotel. They’re meeting with a government rep re: funding, etc. so I’m hoping that by week’s end I’ll have a better idea what the situation will be. I know they’d hire me in a heartbeat to be their executive director (or whatever title we could negotiate) but it all depends on when the money could flow. There will be funding this fiscal year, it is just a question of when it flows. If there is no money for a couple months, I can’t be spending all my time working for them for free.

    It will be a quick trip, though. Probably not even any time to make a quick visit with my friends. Then once I get back home I have to hit the ground running. The club I belong to is hosting their annual Christmas bazaar on Saturday – it is our major fundraiser – and it is always nutty. Well, the crowds are more insane than nutty. Then on Sunday, we executive members have a post-Bazaar lunch at the president’s house. Bazaar weekend is always really crazy and tiring so I’m glad I don’t have to go to work the following Monday.

  39. lwildstar said

    OH YES CLAIRE!! Let him ring your bell !!!!

    Although him driving by and not stoping is somewhere between cute-shy and scary-stalker….

    off to vote again!!!!

  40. Hey BT family,

    I managed to nap on the couch during the 11:00 pm showing and then woke up and watched it at 1:00a.m when I was heading to bed and discovered I was too awake and decided to watch Blood Ties instead. It was so great. Naturally, I had to watch both episodes the next morning, as well. Ooh the evil Christina. Interesting how she has been portrayed over the centuries through memories and the portraits that Henry paints each year. I sure loved the interactions between Vicki and Christina and finally Henry.

  41. Arrowyn said

    I think it’s wonderful that “we” and the people we’ve encouraged to vote and post have managed to increase the numbers on HeyNeilsen and TVVote so much and so fast! I noticed that Christina is #16 and Dylan is #24 on HeyNeilson. Wonder how fast we can increase THOSE numbers like we did Kyle’s? Congratulations, everyone!

  42. himmiefan said

    Hi everybody!! The parental unit left today and I had a really good two-hour nap.

    Wildstar – excellent stats! Thanks for posting!

    Question – my VCR (yes, I’m still in the stone age) started taping right as Henry was on the phone and opened the door for Vicki. So, what is this about a database for vampire territory and Google? Fill me in please!!

    Gypsy -hope you get better soon!

  43. laurel said

    It took me a couple of minutes to figure out who was supposed to “ring Claire’s bell!”
    We have the strangest conversations on here. 😎

    Sorry Gypsy, I didn’t realize you were not getting any chance to write this weekend. I have been really struggling with my story and trying to keep up with your other writing buddies. I hope you’re at least starting to feel better.

  44. laurel said

    Himmie – Henry was trying to find the last known location of Christina. He was on the phone to another vampire in another city, going over the locations/territories of various other vamps. Pretty funny idea. He may or may not have “googled” for the info, we kind of just made that up here. Imagination is a wonderful thing. πŸ™‚

    I’m going to have to look at it again and see if I can figure out more details. I wonder when it will show up on LT as a full episode. I’ll let you know what else you missed, but except for the line about Detroit there wasn’t anything important.

  45. Claire said

    Iwildstar..thats funny! I don’t think he’s stalking..just scared.Plus he said he’s been looking at houses in my area on Saturdays.I asked him about this girl that was interested in him at the pool,and he said”I never even called her back” I said why? she seemed nice and pretty too.He said..”It’s just too much work..I’m too tired after work and taking care of Angellica I just don’t have the energy to worry about calling and someone elses feelings,you know how it is.” and I said yeah I do,you’re the male me LOL!! and we both laughed.He sounds like a single Mom doesn’t he? I’m bone tired..Thank God Nikki loves cooking when her boyfriends around! She’s whipping up Chicken Marsala! and I’m just sitting here!

    I need to watch Fridays ep again..God I’m turning into Laurel! LOL!! I’ve watched it twice already!

  46. lwildstar said

    Laurel – sent you an email – location help needed – no rush…

    I have managed to vote 5 time today…I posted a challenge of 5500 by Saturday on the LT message baord – so please vote often!
    Oh and I challeged the LT message board to help raise the Hey Neilson number to 700 this week – what do you think?

  47. Arrowyn said

    Laurel, are we SURE that Henry was talking to another vamp? Henry has 480-plus year’s of connections. Maybe there’s a secret society out there (ala Highlander’s Watchers) that keep track of things.

    Himmie, don’t feel bad about the VCR. I have 3! I’ll get a DVR eventually, now that I’ve seen how they work (thanks, E!), but for now, the VCRs work just fine.

  48. laurel said

    I just watched the beginning on split screen and am pretty sure he was talking to another vamp. I must admit that is just my interpretation of the evidence.

    Claire, I resemble that remark! LOL Turning into ME? Could be worse, that’s all I’m saying.

    lwildstar – I’ll go check my e-mail for your message. I have over 400 messages that I’m behind on since I started this writing challenge. argh. I’m going to have to make time to sift through them tomorrow, after I catch up on a couple of other things.

  49. lwildstar said

    Hey – I have two VCR”S well one has a DVD player in it (Now I wish I had spent the extra money to get the burner!) lately my back up VCR hasn’t been taping – but I think its the tape – so I went and bought a pack of tapes this weekend.

    My mom is dangerous – I had NO intention on spending the amount of money I did this weekend and yet – poof – impulse shopping strikes again.

    I only went looking for a pair of brown slacks and moms Christmas gift – and I bought a $50 tote for work, – but I really do need a new tote – mine is ripping….and then I bought all these little things – those little things add up!

    oh well its only money and you can’t take it with you!…as long as the bills are paid πŸ˜‰ right?

    back to my writting!

  50. msgypsy said

    It has to be another vampire Henry’s talking to. The familiarity of reference speaks of long acquaintance and that would have to be another vampire. (I love “but who has the Village,” too, although Detroit was my favorite. I have to wonder who claims Anchorage. I don’t plan to see “Thirty Days of Night” but the concept has long bothered me…why don’t vampires just travel north when it’s winter there and south when it’s winter there? Okay, so Antarctica may not be great hunting but still….)

    I noticed something this time through. Does the ability to speak Latin come with the eyes and fangs when converting to vampire? Or was Alexander an altar boy in his youth?

    There are two characters named Alexander in my novel. (Alex and Sasha, who are related by marriage…) so I had a little trouble looking at this Alexander without cringing just a little. The fact that he looks like I’m picturing Alex didn’t help…

  51. Sounds like you might be feeling a bit better Gypsy, I hope so!

  52. susana said

    ok! i am officially nuts….again! i have watched the devil you know 5 times so far! The chemistry these three have is very rare!!! I alos watched the spoilers….wrapped will be awesome,lots of skin :)mmmmmh!

  53. Anzia said

    Wow ya’ll have been busy! ^_^ Talkative bunch…:-) I hope the everyone continues to get better. I wish I had more time this weekend to spend with ya’ll. BUT my aunt only works 3 days this week! SOOOOOOO in theory i’ll have time for some semblance of a life! πŸ™‚

    But, now, it’s bedtime. I wanted to wish everyone wicked awesome dreams staring whichever character you’d prefer. There’s a request list posted by the door on your way to your rooms. You can not request the same character more than twice in one night and no more than 8 times in a 6 day period (they rest on thursday nights. they HAVE to regain strength at SOME point!) πŸ˜‰


  54. vicki said


    Got to watch The Devil you Know on my new IPOD…awesome picture quality…so cool..

    And Henry stole my line…I ALWAYS say “she needs a cookie” whenever I see someone who is to skinny!!!

    I want my copywrite money!!! LOL…where’s my screen writing credit?? Should I be on a picket line somewhere in Hollywood???? HMmmmmm just wondering.

    The Diva

  55. Christianna said

    Well, i finally got to see The Devil You Know, and what an episode. It was great and i just love the chemistry between all three leads. Can I just say I hate Christina (LOL!) Although, i don’t want to be too mean to the actress that played her, since she’s Mr. Schmid’s girlfriend in real life but the Christina character really annoyed me.! And Mike Cellucci, I’m loving his character more and more. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  56. vicki said

    THey are dating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I may die…..

    THe Diva

  57. Arrowyn said

    On the Bloodlines forum, James Jandrisch, the Blood Ties composer, left a very nice thank you message to the fans:

  58. Anzia said

    They’re dating? For real dating? really really dating???

    Oh, well…there goes THAT fantasy πŸ˜‰ Hope he’s happy (truely, that’s NOT a sarcastic remark)

  59. lwildstar said

    Blood Ties (2006) 4637

  60. lwildstar said Blood Ties (2006) 4637 Blood ties is still #1 out of 3714
    H!N Score 671 but we are down from yesturday! -10 (-1.5%)

    ( This was November 11ths scores….on Richlabonte: Blood Ties (2006) 4361 – and on HeyNeilson Blood Ties is still #1 out of 3650 with a score of 681 +33 (5.1%) )

    I was goign to post this on LT – but once again their site is having issues!

  61. Margaret said

    Christianna: Ok, fess up. How do you know that she’s his girlfriend? I’ve been commending him for keeping his girlfriend under wraps all this time. Where did you find the info?

  62. Margaret said

    I heard she may or may not be with him at the Megacon so that should be interesting. Wonder if she’ll enjoy the sites or stay close.

  63. Margaret said

    Well, that explains that yucky feeling that I had when Vicki pulled the curtain back and caught Christina and Henry together. I felt like a voyeur, now I know why. lol.

  64. Claire said

    Bonjour mes amis comment Γ§a va aujourd’hui?Je suis bien ,un peu fatiguΓ©.
    It’s sooo cold here! coats,gloves,scarves! What happened to fall?

    As for the above comment by Christiana? I live firmly in the land of DE NILE!!
    as Vicky said! I hate that cow,Christina,and she needs more than a freaking cookie!As for the actress,I’m sure she’s a nice girl…I will still stay in my comfy spot in DE NILE…and frankly,I don’t think anyone will have the power to stop me from my very vivid imagination when it comes to Kyle and his alter ego Henry! LOL!! My lust for them will always be there…well..unless I find out some hideous secret…but a rumored girlfriend? I can so totally wipe that from my mind!

    Henri et Kyle aura toujours le pouvoir de me faire carquois!! πŸ˜‰

    I just substitute myself in place of whom ever LOL!!

    Love yas!

  65. laurel said

    If she is dating him they certainly look lovely together. I can’t help but hope he finds great joy in his personal life.

  66. cdnfreyja said

    Good morning ladies!

    Laurel, I’m right there with you. Life is too short to be unhappy. That is why I hope that everyone finds someone they are well suited to and are happy together, if that is what they want.

  67. Margaret said

    Ah yes, and he needs someone to help him through all this adulation and keep his feet on the ground. I keep remembering when Kelly Ripa said she and Mark Consuelous went back to her parents for Thanksgiving. Her dad made them wash out the garbage cans. Boy, talk about keeping your kids grounded. I laugh everytime I remember it.

  68. cdnfreyja said

    Margaret, that is so true! It is so important to keep one’s feet on the ground and keep level-headed. I can’t tell you the number of everyday people I know who, once elected, got themselves some really big heads. When you combined all the factors involved, they ended up divorced and alone in the end. Not a pretty picture.

  69. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bonjour Claire, je me sens comme la merde ! Je vivrai avec vous sur le le fleuve le Nil ; -) avec le coeur Henri de rupture, ses Γ©motions m’incitent Γ  vouloir pleurer pour lui ! Christina devrait Γͺtre donnΓ©e au moine de Madd ! Convenez-vous ? ?

    Henri et Kyle aura toujours le pouvoir de me faire carquois!! I say….
    OUI ! OUI ! OUI ! ! ! πŸ˜‰

    I watched many times already and I loved everything about this ep, oh except for *Christina* who I knew going in I wouldn’t like but now I *HATE* her for what she is and what she did to Henri and to Alexander. Henry was farrrr to kind to her and should have let her get the tan she so rightly deserved! Alexander broke my heart and Henry’s, especially when Henry realized that Alex hadn’t asked her to turn him, That was a great scene oh and Saturday morning Robbie and Marc (band boy) were both watching with me (hee hee heee) I’m turning dudes on to my show!!

    Loved *nobody wants Detroit*, Vicki is my hero she rocks! and takes no crap from anybody even an evil vamp chick! Oh I did love when Mike brought the chinese over and they were talking and he said *You forget he’s(Henry) not human* and I think at times she does forget or tries to forget that he’s a vampire. I can understand I feel the same way about him 😎

  70. Margaret said

    Claire: I try to forget he’s only 23. lol.

  71. lwildstar said

    Well bummer – Kalidescope pulled the Russian spoilers of Youtube – I think they found out becasue someone posted the link on LT…
    Oh well! I have Prtfvrs wonderful macros to gaze at for the the week…. πŸ˜‰

  72. Margaret said

    Well, it does seem to be asking to be discovered when you put in on Lifetime’s own site. Fortunately I went to look at them this morning.

  73. lwildstar said

    I don’t know why anyone would be so dumb! I saw the post on Friday? evening – and the first thing I thought was – it will be gone torrow – the person who posted even gave directions for finding it becasue “its tricky” and then posted the NAME of the person posting the Russian spoilers to “help you find them”!!! Idiots!

    Currently i can’t even get into LT – well I can get there and watch vids – but I can’t log in – they seem to be having the same error issues they had Friday…
    oh well.

  74. Danae said

    Hello bellas!

    Cree, I hope your back gets healed quickly!

    MamaClaire, I’m not bad. I think you need to put most of the blame on Anzia. *ducks head* Sorry Z

    Margaret and everyone else on Kyle’s age, I now firmly believe that he is really a vampire and he was turned when he was 23. How’s that for an explanation. I know impossible because we have seen him in the sun but a girl can dream, right?

    Bad news, there is most likely no way I can go to Megacon in March. I am not totally giving up hope but there is pretty much no way I can pay for those tickets now. It is seriously breaking my heart. You have no idea.

    Now onto the episode.

    *BIG SIGH*

    OMG I loved this episode. I think one of my favorite lines was So she his ex and his vampire mommy. That’s sweet! said my Mike.

    I have to watch it again. I haven’t watched even a second time. I am really pissed with Comcast because they still have not put Bugged up yet On Demand. Grrrr!

    Kyle is just amazing.

  75. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Dani,

    I understand, I have both DVR’s set up to record one in my room and one in the den w/the big screen tv. The one in my room had a recording error when I went to watch and it wasn’t there. It’s an OMG!!! feeling so funny that I kinda freaked a bit πŸ˜› I made sure immediately that the one in the den was saved until I maually erase. It’s the only copy besides iTunes ya’ know. Crazy things we do to drool over the DUDE~!! πŸ˜€

  76. Danae said

    I have been burning all the eps with my mom’s burner once they are On Demand except DOA because that ep didn’t thrill me. I haven’t watched Bugged a second time either. I am planning on watching on Lifetime tomorrow. I was going to do it today but I spent my entire lunch look for free crochey patterns online for Christmas presents. I wonder what I can make to immortalize Blood Ties in yarn.

  77. Madonna said

    Hi girls,

    Sorry I havent’ been around too much lately. How is everyone?

    I just went and had X-rays taken and picked up the copies. Let me just say EEEEEWWWWWW…….. You can see the stent in the X-rays. I would stick around and chat but I need to finish lunch and I have a Drs. appt. at 2:30. I’ll try to stop by later.

    Take care y’all.

  78. elizabeth said

    Do you have any idea how horrible it is to watch such an amazing episode and not be able to access a computer to drool with the rest of you? 😦 I actually (shudders) look forward to Monday so I can catch up on the blog and the emails. I am so pathetic having said that – OMG! that episode was off the charts fantastic. I was concentrating so hard on the TV I was deaf, blind and dumb to everything else going on in my house. The subtle facial emotional shifts across Henry’s face; Vicki standing up to Christina and the line about the cookie…Oh my. I have watched it so many times and every time I do I catch something new.

    lwildstar – I can totally relate to the impulse shopping! I had a major attack of it on Saturday. I keep expecting to feel a little remorseful, but so far all I feel is total glee.

    Laurel – I bought an iPod on Saturday!! (does happy dance) I just totally caved and all I could think about was getting BT on it! The fact I don’t have a computer at home was totally irrelevant in my decision. I also visited Coldwater Creek – I know, I know…I am weak I tell you…weak πŸ˜‰ Do you think we can do lunch this week?

    Cree – I am so sorry you are in such pain. Soft, soothing thoughts are heading your way, k?

    Madonna – How are you doing? Gypsy, how’s the cold? For any others that are feeling poorly – ((((big hugs)))))

  79. Danae said

    Does anyone on here crochet? I have been scouring the internet for a free beret pattern for little girls(various ages) and came up with nothing. Does anyone possible have one or know how to resize the one I have for an adult?

  80. lwildstar said

    E – my big impulse buy – flannel PJs lime green with snowflakes and penguins (I collect penguins) – I did need new PJs but I hadn’t expected to spend $35 – and that was the sale price! but I HAD to have them! the remorse comes with the credit card bill πŸ˜‰

    tag laurel youre it!

  81. msgypsy said

    Danae, you can always do little yarn stars with Henry’s pic in the middle. LOL! Or can you replicate this?

    or this

    And I am now sooooo happy about my policy of NEVER knowing ANYTHING about the personal lives of celebrities I find attractive. (Dylan’s an exception because knowing about him makes him just so much cuter and more worthy of my at-a-considerable-distance admiration.) But I never want to know whether Christina is gay or straight. I never want to know who Kyle is dating. In particular I really don’t want to know he’s dating Laura Mennell because I found her pretty darn drool-worthy. I really HATE that I can’t avoid knowing about some celebrities because they make it onto mainstream news. Winona Ryder is lost to me now! I lost all my attraction for Brad Pitt when he hit the mainstream news. And don’t even get me started on Nicholas Cage!

    Okay, no more ranting. In finding knit and crocheted vampires I discovered the Buffy knitting community and now I must download the Willow hat pattern. ROTFLMAO!!!!!

  82. elizabeth said

    gypsy – I am with you on not wanting to know about the personal lives of celebrities. It seriously messes with my fantasies πŸ˜‰

    lwildstar – Your jammies sound warm and cuddly (as well as cute) I am not much into flannel jammies – I get too hot. Never mind the credit card bill; think about how comfy and cozy you are going to be this winter instead. πŸ™‚

  83. msgypsy said

    Hey, Danae, you can try to adapt this one to a Henry style bite mark, I bet.

    I think a white choker with two distinct red lines in it at the side would work.

  84. msgypsy said

    Oh, damn, Elizabeth, you have to work today? I’m so sorry. And I wish I felt better because this would be the perfect weekday for all of us to meet for lunch! I’m trying to convince myself that if I could only get better fast I could go to Ikea tonight. It’s not working, though.

  85. msgypsy said

    More clever knit/crochet ideas.

    Damn you, Danae! Now I’m all caught up in trying to find this stuff and I’ll never get any writing done today!

  86. Danae said

    OMG! I completely forgot about Christianna saying she was his girlfriend. To me she is a skank. JK! πŸ™‚

    Gypsy, thank you for those ideas. They are so cute and so easy and do-able.

  87. Danae said

    Sorry but thank you very much. For some reason it won’t let me open that last one. If it is any consolation it is giving great ideas to give for holiday goodies.

    I also forgot to say that the blood sucking Henry does is a great aphrodisiac. It is definitely a very sensual action. Every time he does it I am like Oh boy and get that feeling in my stomach.

  88. Danae said

    And I don’t like the girl that played Christina very much now that I know(think) she is Kyle’s girlfriend but there is nothing I can do about it so I will go into my corner and have a good cry, over that and the Megacon thing.

  89. rifkind said

    A fantasy is a terrible thing to waste!
    Go get some chocolate and have a nice daydream about HENRY!

  90. msgypsy said

    Is it the “badjuju” one that you can’t open? I can email it to you if you’d like.

  91. elizabeth said

    Okay, where did my post go?

  92. elizabeth said

    It may show up later – or not. Anyway, even though I have to work today, msgypsy, it is all good. I have all of next week off as vacation. I am totally up for meeting everyone whenever we can get together. I love spending time with all of you.

  93. Danae said

    Rifkind, I am feeling crampy today so the chocolate will help in two ways. πŸ˜‰

    Yeah that’s the one Gypsy.

  94. rifkind said

    Well if SHE is his girlfriend, that’s OK..
    It shows that he likes Brunettes!!!!
    Lady A and I both have long dark hair, LOL!!!

  95. Danae said

    I have brown hair that reaches halfway down my back and it is really curly when it is wet. When it dries though it is only wavy.

  96. Claire said

    Beth ma chΓ©rie je suis dΓ©solΓ© vous sens comme la merde! je me sens mieux, mais ma gorge fait mal encore, Je vais vivre avec vous en de Nil oΓΉ nous pouvons partager notre amour pour Kyle et Henri!Oui oui je suis d’accord CHRISTINA devrait Γͺtre accordΓ©e Γ  la moine fou! Je la dΓ©teste pour toute la douleur qu’elle a causΓ© Henri et Alexander.

    Danae…Darling I know you’re not bad! πŸ™‚ all my girls are good…some just like to experiment more than the others! LOL!! πŸ˜‰

    I’m with you! He’s a yeah the tan was fake,so he could fit in,and he had 100 spf uva uvb protection! And he does always have sun glasses on!
    yeah..that’s the ticket! So…everyone..feel free to lust on..he’s 480 years old!

  97. Danae said

    Luv ya MamaClaire.

    Time for me to scat, cats.

    Ciao Bellas!

  98. Margaret said

    Danae: Join Claire and I in the land of De Nile, in fact I think we should call it the Land of Kyle De Nile (Kind of like a Disneyland for all of us women living in our Henry fantasies.). I’m happy for him but I join Claire in living in that land of De Nile. We can always have our fanatasies, it doesn’t mean we have to act on them and we don’t have to let “real” life interrupt them. Besides, if you want to get bummed think about being older and thinking this way. (Besides, I talk a good game but the boy is safe from me).

    “As for the above comment by Christiana? I live firmly in the land of DE NILE!!
    as Vicky said! I hate that cow,Christina,and she needs more than a freaking cookie!As for the actress,I’m sure she’s a nice girl…I will still stay in my comfy spot in DE NILE…and frankly,I don’t think anyone will have the power to stop me from my very vivid imagination when it comes to Kyle and his alter ego Henry! LOL!! My lust for them will always be there…well..unless I find out some hideous secret…but a rumored girlfriend? I can so totally wipe that from my mind!”

  99. Danae said

    Matter of fact, I don’t think I know how to be truly bad.

  100. Danae said

    Kyle DeNile! I like it. It has a nice ring to it.

  101. Danae said

    Ok I am really leaving now

    Ciao Bellas!

  102. Cree said

    Dani and Elizabeth: Thanks for the concern. I went back to the doctor today because my back wasn’t any better and he thinks it may be more than a partially herniated disk, that it may be completely herniated! He added in some muscle relaxers and a transdermal pain patch to my regiment. Hopefully that will help, as nothing has so far and I am supposed to go back to work on Wednesday!

    So, who found out that the chick playing Christina was Kyle’s girlfriend? I have a hard time believing that until I see it in print somewhere. I thought he was dating some 20 year old cute little blond chick a while back. The girl that plays Christina is almost the complete opposite of that. I would have thought her to be a little too old for him. I have always thought that I was too old for Kyle and I am only 1 year older than she is! Who knows? I am joining Mags and Vicki and whoever else in the land of De Nile until I see proof!

  103. elizabeth said

    Margaret – You, me and Claire all all cruisin down that lovely Kyle De Nile. That is my reality and I am sticking to it! πŸ˜‰

  104. elizabeth said

    Oh, and Cree too! BTW, I hope the pain meds help with your back. what will they do if it is completely Herniated? Does that require surgery?

  105. Cree said

    They will only do surgery if I lose feeling in my legs or control of my bladder. Other than that, physical therapy and pain management are about all that can be done.

  106. Madonna said

    Hey girls!

    I’m living in Kyle DeNile too. I looked a little when I was online earlier and the ONLY thing I saw about that anywhere was over at the message board. Who knows whether it is true or not. It’s quite possibly simply a rumor just like the blonde girl a while back probably was. True or not, as long as he’s happy I’m happy.

    Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for inquiring!

    I just got back from my appointment….. Well I’m passing a small fragment as we speak. There are still two more large sized chunks of stone in the kidney. I go back to see him in 3 weeks at which time he’ll probably set me up for surgery again. I get to keep the stent at least that much longer. (can’t you just feel my joy at that…… said dripping with sarcasm.) And I’m back to work tomorrow.

    Hey Cree! How’s your back?

  107. rifkind said

    Cree I just sent you an email with info on NON-SURGICAL Spinal Decompression and a place naer you that does this treatment.
    Check it out!

  108. Cree said

    Hey, Madonna. Sorry you have to keep that stent in. Is it going to be painful having to work with that in? At least you are passing some of the stone fragments. My back still hurts. I went back to the doctor today and he thinks my disc is completely herniated and added muscle relaxers and transdermal pain control to my regiment. I go back to work Wednesday and am not looking forward to the pain that will certainly bring with it!

  109. Cree said

    Thanks, Rifkind. I’ll go check that out now!

  110. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Ok so now we have a new club…..*D’Nile O’ D’Kyle* You may be a member if:

    1) You are able to daydream about said person at the mention of his name

    2) You have a tendency to drool or lick πŸ˜› when viewing said person whether on tv, internet, iPod etc.

    3) You quiver when said person *Growls* and fangs up (yummmmmm)

    4) You are able to ramble off credits of said person from childhood to current day

    5) If when viewing any visual stimuli of said person puts one in a trance or coma

    6) If you are a member in good standing at the *Bloody Ford Clinic* (Multiple offender πŸ˜‰ )

    7) You have purchased electronic equipment JUST for viewing said person (iPod, 50-60″ TV’s, DVR’s,) $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    8) When speaking to people on the street you start to talk about said person as if he were one of your family members

    9) You surf the internet madly to find any image be it childhood or current day

    10) 2 or more have gathered in his name saying that you *Just appreciate his acting* ( Yeah sure πŸ˜‰ )

    11) You create websites, blogs, purchase Photoshop……….

    12) You manically search for stat’s, voting polls and blogs to spread his words

    These are just a few of the signs and symptoms of said affliction. If you join you cannot I repeat, cannot be healed nor do you want to be. You must speak to others around you at least 5-10 times a day about person and or show, and NEVER MISS an epsiode.

    *Yes you too can be a member of the …..*D’Nile O’ D’Kyle* Society* become on of the twisted sista’s today !!


  111. Cree said

    Dizey: ROFLMAO!! That was too funny! And oh, so true! LOL

  112. Madonna said

    Sorry about that Cree. Didn’t mean to make you type that all out again. I read your earlier post but somehow only remembered reading the second paragraph. Mmmmmmm……. Maybe I should back off the pain meds. What do you think? As far as work goes. It won’t be comfortable but I think I can handle it.

    I’m also sorry about your back. Are they going to do an MRI? There is also something that they tried on me before I had my back surgery. They are called chemopapane injections. They put you under live X-ray and inject this chemical into your spinal column. It does help but for some people like me it just wasn’t enough. The chemical is made from an extract of papaya. I know they won’t do it if you are allergic to papaya.

  113. elizabeth said

    I am so a member! Number 10 just cracked me up and I actually purchased an iPod when I don’t even have a computer so that I can “rely on the kindness of strangers” and get BT downloaded. (raises hand and stands) I am a loud and proud member of D’Nile O’ D’Kyle society.

  114. Madonna said

    I LOVE it Dizey! I think it probably describes most of us perfectly.

    BTW…. How are you feeling?

  115. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Madonna, Cree my other sickly/wounded sista’s I feel like caca but compared to ya’ll, no worries! Glad I could bring a little Henry/Kyle cheer to the club. *E* I know it almost felt a little sacriligious (sp) but God made him so we should appreciate the gift of him πŸ˜‰ and do soooo like when he gets all growly yummmmmm!

  116. msgypsy said

    Hmmmm….. I’m not a D’Nile d’Kyle-er. Of course, I have already made that point a time or ten, haven’t I?

  117. Himmiefan said

    Madonna and Cree – hugs and prayers for both of you!! Here’s to hoping you’re feeling better soon. Luckly, Henry’s talented enough to bounce back and forth between you two bearing chocolate.

    Dizey – we need membership cards for the D’Nile O’ D’Kyle. Shoot, I should just go ahead and post a bumper sticker on my new car. πŸ™‚

  118. DIZEY1 :-) said

    I keep picturing when Vicki pulled the curtain back , grrrrrrrrrr that wench just pushes my buttons and that he still didn’t do her in bugs me. I wanted to snatch her by that black mane and get her off his wrist, tuff let her burn man! He in this episode portrayed how very human he still can be, she doesn’t get it. He’s kind and loving even after 480ish years, very deep and heartfelt. I love that he does love Vicki and I think it really showed in this one. He still WOW’s me (gush) πŸ˜›

  119. Margaret said

    Madonna and Cree, hope you guys are feeling better soon. Diz, you never fail to amaze me and yes, I want to be a charter member of that club. lol. Ladies, after this week we only have four more episodes before the end of the show. Anyone got any clever ideas of what we can do to blow Lifetime’s socks off?

  120. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Mag’s happy to oblige, I think the suckers (pardon the pun) have probably already decided to pick it up and are just teasing us. I don’t have a clue as to what else we could do to wake these people up. I think the numbers are probably there the iTunes etc, they’re just mean and cruel. All the stuff they advertise to not do to women they’re doing to us! πŸ˜›

  121. Cree said

    Madonna: He said at this point an MRI would be a waste of money as it would just confirm what we pretty much already know. He did mention epidurals, but with steroids, not that papaya stuff you were talking about. I have never even heard of that. He also talked about physical therapy. He said it would probably always bother me to some extent, but should become manageable at some point soon (hopefully). If I am not better by next week, Rifkind sent me a link to a clinic down the road from me that I may check out. They do non-surgical decompression. From the video, it looks like they kind of stretch you out to lengthen the space between your vertebrae to relieve the pressure. That sounds preferrable to epidurals. I am soooooo NOT a fan of needles!

  122. Claire said

    OMG!! I think I sprained something from laughing Diz! Thanks for that!!

    So sorry you’re still in pain Cree…I really hope you get better soon!
    Heck bumper sticker? Billboard in Times Square!
    I said yes to all of Diz’s quiz!!
    D’Nile O’ D’Kyle…here I come!!
    Diz…Official founder and president
    Claire…next in line to never recover with said obsession.Life long membership to the D’Nile O’ D’Klye society! πŸ˜‰

  123. Margaret said

    Cree: I’ve had the shots with the Papaya and they’re no fun, especially if the idot that gives it to you doesn’t know what he’s doing. I’d check into what Rifkind gave you the tip on.

  124. Cree said

    Thanks, Claire, Mags, Himmie, Dizey, and everyone else for the well wishes! They are really appreciated.

  125. Cree said

    Mags, what exactly is the papaya supposed to do?

  126. elizabeth said

    I just got off the phone with my 76 year old mother. She said she didn’t understand Henry’s fixation with Christina because she was a total b**ch and not at all pretty. Hard to argue with.

  127. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Cree my thought exactly I’d say get drunk before you go cuz’ they may already be drinking some of that πŸ˜‰ Maybe when they said get a shot they meant have a shot (body shot O’ D’Kyle) drink up ! I do hope you feel better back trouble is sooooo bad.

  128. rifkind said

    I am so tickled that your Mom is into Blood Ties!
    I wish that I could share it with my Mom!

    I get the giggles when I read your post.
    SO Cool to share the addiction with family!

  129. DIZEY1 :-) said

    *E* your mom RockS!!! that’s just what I thought too. hee hee hee!!!

    Claire I am so glad you enjoyed. I thought about it one day and said we all share these same fixations or addictions.

    Ooops they’re closing up shop I’ll catch ya when I get home.

  130. Cree said

    Elizabeth: That is too funny about what your mom said. I totally agree. I am a little more hesitant to say so now, knowing that she may be Kyle’s girlfriend and I don’t want to offend him, but I didn’t think she was all that pretty either. I think what is the funniest thing of all, though, is that your 76 year old mother watches BT! LOL!

  131. elizabeth said

    My Mother adores Henry! She said she may be old, but she ain’t dead yet! It is really funny hearing her say that with her British accent. I have it on the best of authority (hers) that he is luscious.

  132. Margaret said

    Cree: I think its supposed to have some kind of enzyme in it that brings the swelling down. Elizabeth: Have to say that I love your mom. Mine just starts to laugh when I start to talk about Kyle/Henry but at least she doesn’t hit me with her Bible so I’m thankful for that.

  133. laurel said

    Hey, isn’t D’Nile O’ D’Kyle the name of the river that runs past the Bloody Ford Clinic?
    Pretty sure that’s the name of it.
    Go figure.

  134. Anzia said

    Diz- I’m totally IN! ^_^ You’re a hoot girl!

    Dani- “MamaClaire, I’m not bad. I think you need to put most of the blame on Anzia. *ducks head* Sorry Z” Suure you are…;) Sorry- probably not. Right- Probably so. ^_^

  135. laurel said

    Elizabeth, dear? “Do on thing for me ? Tell me you always depended on the kindness of strangers.”

    An iPod and no computer. lol Way to go girl! I bet we could work something out. Maybe I can pick it up some morning and meet you at lunch with downloads?

    I have to call Apple today because I got hubby a nano for our anniversary today and it is not acting right. I think I can authorize one more peripheral, for a while at least.

  136. laurel said

    First line should read “Do ONE thing for me.”
    Dang stupid fingers.

  137. elizabeth said

    Laurel – Glad you could drop in for awhile. It seems like I usually miss you on the Blog! Yeah, can you believe I just up and purchased the iPod? I would be more than delighted to let you take my iPod and download some of Blood Ties for me. Maybe we can meet this week and talk about it? I will even bring what Southern accent I have left if that will help?

  138. elizabeth said

    BTW, I am being so rude – Happy Anniversary! I am sure your hubby is going to love his Nano.

  139. lwildstar said

    hey guys!
    today was soooo boring – I hate holidays where we have to work and most of our clients are closed – it makes the day go very slowly…I spent the last half hour of work working on my writing.. he he he…

    so Laurel – are you free this weekend to chat?

    I want a memebership! D’Nile O’ D’Kyle – that is great!!!

  140. msgypsy said

    Okay, a thought that’s been bugging me since Friday night finally came to me in words.

    Obviously, Christina needed blood to help her heal after the incident with the tanning lights. I get that. But Henry’s blood isn’t normal healing blood to another vamp, is it? Isn’t her need for human blood? I thought vamps shared blood as part of some kind of sex thing, not for healing. But maybe blood is blood is blood. Mendoza thought Henry would survive on rat blood, after all.

    Laurel, Happy Anniversary! Your hubby is such a sweetie! I foresee so many happy years ahead for the two of you!

  141. msgypsy said

    Hey, Portland area gang, here’s something we might want to consider participating in.

    I’m not sure how much I can donate but I’d love to take a kid shopping! Too bad we can’t wear Blood Ties tee-shirts of something to bring it to Lifetime’s attention.

  142. elizabeth said

    I guess it is time to shut down my computer and head home. I have a few errands to run and then I have Karate class tonight. All of you have a wonderful evening and I will catch up tomorrow.

  143. laurel said

    Gypsy – I like the idea! Let’s talk about it soon.
    Are you feeling any better?

  144. lwildstar said

    well its slow tonight so I think I will log off…
    Having avery dissapointing evening – I went to make myself a chi latte – and the milk was bad – not just bad – it was yuck, chunky! and I just bought it yesturday – so that means it went bad at the store!

    I did work on some writing – started chapter 15!…but no I didn’t go work on the short stories – hangs head in shame …

    Anyway I think I will go make some hot chocolate (no milk required) and snuggle up in my recliner and watch “norman” (I’m afraid to rewind and rewatch the tapes of the new epis too often….

    talk at you tomorrow! Everyone feel better – I’m sending amny many good vibes out to all of you!

  145. Arrowyn said

    Dani, I also found some patterns —

    Have to register


  146. Arrowyn said

    Just popping in on my dinner break. I’ve worked 9 days straight now and the company has sprung for pizza tonight — the only time in those 9 days! Aren’t they just the sweetest thang? Arrrgggghhhh!

    Cree, let me get this straight — Rifkind has recommended a place where they put you on a Rack and stretch you? How mad-monk-ish. πŸ™‚

  147. Madonna said

    Hi girls.

    Just popping in to say good night. Tomorrow is my first day back at work since Oct. 25th.

    I don’t know that I’ve necessarily been stretched, but I did have some light traction done before my surgery. In my experience it feels great while they are doing it but shortly after the effects wear off.

    As far as the papaya stuff goes…. They told me when I had it done that it is something like delivering powerful pain medicine straight to the source of the pain.


    I just found out that Lou Diamond Phillips who is doing the play Camelot in Cincinnati for the next week or so will be a guest at the FOX news station in the building where I work tomorrow morning. It probably all depends on timing as to whether or not I catch a glimpse of him. Usually I get to see the star’s limo waiting out front for them but not the star. I loved La Bamba.

  148. vicki said

    To all my blood sisters..
    From: Vicki while floating down the river DNile….

    Dear Sisters…

    As I sit on the deck of the riverboat sipping my mint tea I ponder the problem before us. First of all…let us all agree that Henry deserves so mcuh better than a total bitch who needs a cookie..and a conscience.

    She played him so easily..(((sighs))) poor HEnry

    Second…Can I get an AMEN for Vicki standing up to the cookie needing bitch???

    Third…If Kyle is dating that actress(using that term loosly)I wish them luck..of course she so not pretty enough for him..and she looks older…

    FOurth…I refuse to believe number three until I see proof…pictures…internet sex video….National Enquirer photo spread…etc.

    Fifth…Why would that man tie himself down with one woman when he has legions to choose from??? Nobody 23 yrs old would do that….they want to do as many as they can…LOL

    ok..I am done ranting….I am so PMS ing…does anyone have a cookie???
    I dont need one….but I want one..

    The Diva

  149. Arrowyn said

    Laurel, I just got to the part of the blog about your — Happy Anniversary! How many? Doesn’t matter — just as long as he makes you go *thump thump*.

  150. Madonna said

    Happy Anniversary Laurel!!!!!!

  151. Margaret said

    Vicki: Maybe he doesn’t want to “do” as many as he can. And besides, if you think the girl is older that means he’s enlightened to the thought of older women. Hmmmm..

  152. Arrowyn said

    Well, I’m off to home and something mindless and pleasant, like “Dancing With the Stars”. I’ll try to get back here tomorrow, but no promises. Nighty night.

  153. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Yet another show on Henry VIII tonight – David Starkey’s Monarchy.

    Laurel – happy anniversary!

    Madonna – I hope that this works itself out quickly!

    Cree – oh dear … I can’t imagine having such back pain! I really hope that whatever treatment you get works well, and quickly too!

    Gypsy – since I know you’ve tuned in to Corner Gas, tonight’s episode featured the RCMP musical ride making a traffic stop. A bit surreal but very funny! Hope you’re feeling back to normal soon! (Geez, what is it with everyone’s health lately?)

    Vicki – I see you’ve channeled your inner civil litigation lawyer. LOL!

    Regarding the D’Nile Society (Dizey – that was just too good!), as long as this doesn’t result in any behaviour that requires me specializing in stalking defences (either those who stalk someone they admire or stalk those whom they really, really dislike, i.e. Christina), then I’m good.

  154. vicki said

    Margaret…Hmmmm I do like to think he is open to older women..LOL

    I wonder if he is open to older women with two kids….stretch marks…etc…

    I would like to think he doesnt want to “do” as many as he can either…I was going for the joke…I have obvioulsy failed miserably…((Sighs)) I will have to write better next time..

    THe Diva

  155. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey ya’ll passing through on my way to bed. I hope everyone feels better tomorrow.

    Madonna, good luck on work tomorrow and if you feel bad stop and go home. They’ll have to just deal, it’s your health and well being and that’s not replaceable πŸ˜‰ hugs and sleep well.

    Laurel, my sweet Happy anniversary!! You seem to have a great catch and some great doctor stories to boot. Hope ya’ll do something nice go out and maybe have dinner a little dancing who knows somebody might get lucky πŸ˜€
    Oh and Oui’ you are correct that would be the river Henri actually rides down to visit us at the Clinique’.

    The rest of my *Blood Sista’s*

    Bonne Nuit! Reves doux d’Henri/Kyle πŸ˜›

    XOXOXOXOXOX Je t’aime beaucoup! Beth

  156. vicki said

    I dislike the term stalking….cant we use something like….following without being noticed??…. “not getting caught while admiring”??? “skillful survailance”???

    stalking is such an ugly word….HEHEHEH

    The Diva

  157. cdnfreyja said

    Oh Vicki, use whatever term you want. I still have to use the correct legal term, at least in my head. … specializing in following without being noticed defences … somehow that is a bit wordy! LOL!

    But at the clinic, there is no such offence. Keep it on the grounds or in the river and you’re good.

  158. Margaret said

    I like admiring from afar, stalking is such a dirty word with such nasty conotations.

  159. vicki said

    Good to know I am covered….LOL

    The Diva

  160. cdnfreyja said

    Margaret, don’t pelt the lawyer, ‘kay? πŸ™‚

  161. himmiefan said

    Vicki – Re: your rant. Preach on, sister, preach on!

    Laurel – Happy Anniversary!

    Well, gotta go. I’m organizing an intertube party down D’Nile O’ D’Kyle. My room here at the Bloody Ford Clinic is right off the garden, which goes right down to the river. Ya’ll, grab your intertubes and follow me! I’m serving champaign, martinis, mimosas, etc. while we float.

  162. Cree said

    Arrowyn: Yes, from the video they have on their website, it does appear that you get “stretched out”. When I watched it, I couldn’t help but think of one of those medieval contraptions they used to use back in the day. I may be describing it wrong and I am sure there is more to it than that, but that’s kind of the gist of it.

    Laurel: Happy anniversary!!!

    Madonna: Good luck with your first day back to work tomorrow. May it be fast and pain free!

    Well, I’m off to take a muscle relaxer and some pain meds, play some Henry on the TV, and head to bed to rest my back. Good night everyone. Sweet dreams!

  163. msgypsy said

    Secret Santa List:

    Maddie Mo

    Did I miss anyone? I’m going to make final assignments in the morning.

    BTW, the WordPress system has been hacked so I can’t get in to release any held comments. Sorry.

    I spent a couple hours at Ikea tonight. Wheeeee! I do love that store! I got some yummy Swedish jams and jellies and a bed tray and some other little kitchen things and priced a dresser to use as a replacement for my nightstand that is falling apart. I’m going to watch “Heroes” now. Then, if I don’t fall asleep, I’ll watch “The Devil You Know.” Again…

  164. susana said

    wait! you forgot to add me to the secret santa list 😦 i am a little new to the concept since i did not grow up in this country, but i asked around….:) i guess i get a name and address and mail them a gift and not reveal my name? somebody tell me if that is right
    PLS ADD ME TO THE LIST, i sent an email with my address a couple of days ago πŸ™‚

  165. susana said

    Happy anniversart Laurel, mine is on november 30th, 5 yrs πŸ™‚

  166. susana said

    i meant anniversary, can’t seem to type these days…smile shyly πŸ™‚

  167. susana said

    Good luck tomm madonna

  168. susana said

    amen diz! too funny! number 11 should be: If you know that you will soon be needing a new dvr, due to multiple rewinding of all parts kyle πŸ™‚

  169. himmiefan said

    Gypsy – Please add me to the Secret Santa list. I thought I sent an e-mail, but maybe not…. Thanks!!

  170. msgypsy said

    Susana, you can tell the recipient who you are when you send the gift. The way it works is this. You are given the name of someone to buy a present for. You buy or make something and send it to that person and when you send it you can admit who you are. Until then, it’s a secret who you’re buying a gift for.

    Do me a favor, though, and send an email with your mailing address in it to with Secret Santa Address in the header. That header is the only way to get your address into my Secret Santa folder. If you sent me an email without that particular header it probably got shucked off into one of my many misc. email files and I’m way behind on reading those.

    I’ll wait another day, then, for people to add themselves if need be. I’ll make the assignments tomorrow night, then.

    I’m very upset. MSN has two previews for next Friday’s Blood Ties but all the videos on the Lifetime site at MSN are improperly embedded and I can’t watch them. Hmph!

  171. Anzia said

    On the joy of a new day….YAY house it tonight though! ^_^

  172. lwildstar said

    good morning ladies!
    Well I was going towatch Norman last night and decided to go watch The Devil You Know againa nd risk the tape …
    In all the discussions I haven’t noticed one mention of when Christina turns to Henry and says “you haven’t had her yet” (in reference to Vicki)…the look on Henrys face!

    Well its about time for me to start work – I’ll be back later……

  173. prtfvr said

    Diz: Number 11 scored a direct hit! Man, were you talking about me on that one? Hmmmm… πŸ˜‰

    I’ve done a bunch of quips (macros) so if anyone who hasn’t already seen them is interested just email me at and I’ll send some out.

  174. rifkind said

    I loved Tanya’s posting at LT.
    Denis has many fans!

  175. lwildstar said

    Blood Ties (2006) 4971

  176. lwildstar said

    On Hey Neilson 679 #1 out of 3794
    it looks like last night we recovered!
    H!N Score +8 (1.2%)

    I wanted to post the numbers at Lifetime but I can log in!!!!!

    if anyone can get on to LT I’d appreciate you posting the numbers on the message board and the blog! I’lll try later – thanks

  177. Margaret said

    lwildstar-Your wish is my command. Done this morning.

  178. Margaret said

    lwildstar-Actually got a notice that Lifetime was doing maintenance. What a day, actually being told what is going on by Lifetime, will wonders never cease. Sorry if I sound bitter much.

  179. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Morning sista’s !! I sound very manly today very hoarse and raspy. Hope the rest of us are healing as well.

    Prtfvr, #11 could be many of us, but I am not technically as crafty as some of my sista’s so yes my leetle macro sista’ it could be you πŸ˜‰ I loved them BTW the arrow one was hysterical and no I don’t need it to point me in the right direction.

    Gypsy, I sent you an email that I too want ot be on the list. I was having computer prob’s @ home last week and it probably ended up in limbo. But YES for me.

    Himmie I’m all for a ride down the lazy river since I’m in the basement lounge/suite i’m right off the pool area YAY!!!! I’ll be right there 😎

  180. Margaret said

    Not encouraging anyone to hate on Moonlighting but if you’re voting for them on HeyNeilsen, stop it! They aren’t that far behind Blood Ties and we need all the votes we can get.

  181. Danae said

    BuonGiorno Bellas!

    Dizey, I am a almost a full blown member of D’Nile O’ D’Kyle. The only one I haven’t done is the buying of various electronics to watch BT. I do want to get an ipod and if I had the funds I would have gotten one. It is on my Christmas list though.

    Gypsy, I think the Christmas For Kids is a great idea.

    Arrowyn, Thank you for the patterns. I had found the one at LionBrand after I asked.

    Vicki, Internet Sex Video? Even though I would love seeing my man nekked I do not want that to happen to him. It would so diminish my thoughts about him.

    Has anyone thought about a BT fan club, like a serious one? I wish there was or I knew how to go about forming one. If you ask me we have a pretty good start here.

  182. Claire said

    Bonjour My darlings! Couldn’t even get on last night to say goodnight…whatever is going around,tried to make come back…by the time heroes was over I had a stiff achy neck and just felt beat to hell.Plus Alexandria came home from school with 100.2 fever.Well woke up this morning feeling a little better,but Alexa woke up with a horrific barking cough and 103.8 fever!!! and its pouring rain!

    My poor baby is slightly better…102 now…she’s under covers watching T.V.
    I hope it isn’t the flu!

    Oh and I had a thought…the rumor was that some beautiful young babe that was going to be on heroes was Kyles girlfriend a while back.Does anyone remember that? So…who even knows if the actress portraying bitch vamp is even truly dating him.OK yes..I’ve spent some time on the D’Nile boat with Diz this morning in between nursing sickly child! πŸ˜‰

    love yas!

  183. Danae said

    MamaClaire, tell Alexa that I said I hope she gets better quickly. It does feel good to be wrapped up in a nice warm blanket being taken care of by mommy. Being sick is the pits though.

  184. Danae said

    And give her a bunch of hugs for me.

  185. Arrowyn said

    For those of you who like TV numbers, I stumbled on this site. This is an “online warehouse of useful data about the televisioni industry.” Basically, they gather TV numbers and info from everywhere (including online traffic) and digest it into charts, lists, news, etc. The Hey!Neilsen ratings are on there, too. If you like this sort of thing, be prepared to spend some time here — there’s A LOT of info. The link goes to a page with a short article (about half-way down) about the vampire interest on TV.

    As an aside, there’s a link from that page to an explanation of how Neilsen works that I found fascinating. Seems they gather data from a lot less households with TVs than I originally thought.

  186. Maddie Mo said

    Morning all! i’m just catching up from Friday.

    Cree– I didn’t catch how you hurt your back, but I have a friend that is going threw the spinal decompression therapy right now. It is doing wonders for her. She says she feels a little sore after the sessions but that usually goes away pretty quickly and she is doing much better. 3 weeks ago she was flat on her back in a hospital bed cause she couldn’t walk. She started the therapy and went to a walker, then a cane and is now walking on her own. I hope your back starts to feel better real soon

  187. Maddie Mo said

    For everyone else still under the weather I hope you start feeling better soon.

    Madonna– take it easy and don’t let that boss work you too hard.

  188. Danae said

    And don’t forget to take care of yourself MamaClaire.

  189. lwildstar said

    Thanks Mags! if its like the last couple of days I’ll be able to log in by the time I get home…

    So how is everyone doing? I’m just having a peach of a day (said dripping with sarcasim) I ws just informed Ihave a lunch meeting tomorrow – I never got the invite and niether did someone else so I know its not just me, but nay who I got fussed at for not remembering we have this meeting the second Wednesday of every months – so I should need the invites! Hell I need a reminder to empty the dishwasher~

    oh well at least its free food and I ordered from the place I like! πŸ˜‰

  190. lwildstar said

    ok going to go see if I can catch up on emails!

  191. Danae said

    I am off to Lifetime to catch me some bugs.

  192. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies! Just a quick drop in. I woke up with a splitting migraine. Of course, it has to happen on a day when I have a ton of things to do. I’m supposed to fly out west tomorrow but haven’t received my flight itinerary yet. Tick-tock! LOL!

    I’ll pop in later.

  193. lwildstar said

    Good luck Freyja!

  194. Cree said

    Did anyone else notice that Kyle is up to #6 on the Hey!Nielsen site? WooHoo!

    Maddie Mo: I just bent over and there was a loud “pop” and then I couldn’t move. Turns out one of my disks herniated. Thanks for telling me that about your friend. I was hoping to find someone who had been thru that treatment to see how it was for them and if it helped. Sounds like she is having great results. My back is a little better today (probably because I am doped up on drugs), but if it is not much better by Monday, I think I am going to check out the spinal decompression thing.

  195. lwildstar said

    Dani – wow I need to slow down when I read – I thought your post said “I am off to Lifetime to catch me a buzz”!!!
    well I guess Henry can have that affect πŸ˜‰

  196. lwildstar said

    whoo hooo The Devil You Know is on LT!

  197. Maddie Mo said

    Cree, I don’t know the exact nature of her injury cause it happend a couple years ago, but what I do know is she has a ‘Dry disk” and also a “slipped disk” one right on top of the other. Her main issue is that her doctor recommened the spinal decompression back then and she didn’t do it because our insurance at the time did not cover the treatment. So, she has had issues with it off and on for a couple years. The Dr’s say that if she would have had the treatment back then she wouldn’t still be having issues. She is having a lot of luck with it now. Plus her therapist looks like Will Truman from Will and Grace.

  198. Cree said

    Maddie Mo: I don’t know what a dry disk is, but a slipped disk is the layman’s term for a herniated disk which is what I have. Hearing her doctor say that if she would have done the spinal decompression to begin with would have solved her problems right away makes me want to go do it today! Maybe I will get lucky and my therapist will look like Will Truman too!! LOL

  199. lwildstar said

    My sister has back issues and got one of those self stretching couch thingys – she says its helped her a lot….She may still have to have surgery next year – but she’s not rushing in to it. My cousin had back surgery this year and he was fine for about 8 months – moved wrong picking up one of his sons toays and now his back is out again!
    the whole idea makes my back itch! (shivers)

    Well lunch is almost over – I’ve spent most of it watching The Devil You Know – I love some of the lines from this one!
    I just thought of this – First we had “get the girl a dounut” and now we have “get a cookie” I see a trend!
    Do we still need to come up with more lines for you Dani?

  200. prtfvr said

    Cree: I was in a minor car accident almost five years ago. Got hit in the bumper by a person going 15 – 20 miles an hour. It totally messed up my back for good and only did $500 worth of damage to my bumper. Wish it would have been the other way around.

    Anyhow, I had physical therapy, trigger point injections and the epidural steroid injection (you’re supposed to do that three times to have any kind of success but after the first one I was like “you’ll have to catch me first!”

    And the physical therapy? Turned out that after four years I had been misdiagnosed and they were having me do exorcizes that just made my back worse. They were trying to get my back to loosen up so that the disk would go back into place but guess what? Turns out that I’m “hyper-mobile”, extra bendy so everything they were doing just had my back slipping out constantly. I gave up on physical therapy after that. Trigger point injections actually caused a flare-up within three days and it was worse after the shots then before.

    The End

  201. Danae said

    Haha! I wish it were a buzz and yes I get that giddy happy feeling just seeing that man smile or when the muscle in his jaw ticks. I am lost to him forever. The poor guy I decide to marry, Kyle has ruined it for him, unless it is Kyle.

  202. Danae said

    I have been keeping a list of the best lines but any you can think of I want.

  203. Annalaise duChat said

    Greetings everyone,

    I so apologize for not keeping up lately.I hope everyone is well. I should have a major book posting soon, I’ve been on a real creative streak, there are just not enough hours in the day.

    Cree, Madonna — Both of you get well soon.

    Claire –I hope the little one is better soon. It’s awful to have a sick child.

    Danae — If you want your prize for winning the Halloween costume contest you will have to submit a picture. (Or I’m going to pick one from Claire’s, be forewarned.)

    I loved “The Devil you Know.” Our little Kyle acted his #$s off in that one. Nice work Kyle. I loved Denis McGrath’s comments about how Kyle prepared so seriously for this episode. (Check out his blog if you haven’t yet.) This was another on those landmark episodes. I can’t what to see where they go from here. All I know is Henry’s going to have to do some real schmoozing to get back in Vickie & Mike’s good graces after what a p#%@k he was in these last two eppis.

    My BGF in coming over for dinner tomorrow evening and a marathon BT watching session. I swear this to you, she will be turned before she leaves my house tomorrow. I’ve been working on her for months and she’s almost there. I’ve got this entire season so far on my DVR and we’re going to watch them all. That should do the trick.

    Madonna — Did you get to see Lou Diamond Phillips? I was scanning back through the posts and saw your post a little while ago. I almost had a coronary. OMG I am such a big fan! I am so jealous. Let me know!

  204. Danae said

    Annalaise, I sent you a picture or two several weeks ago, not long after I got back from Claire’s. I will try again.

  205. Annalaise duChat said

    Thanks Danae,

    It probably got lost in my in box. Sorry.

  206. Danae said

    No prob! πŸ™‚

  207. Maddie Mo said

    Cree, yeah she is pretty lucky with the hot Doc. We make fun that she has the dirtiest sounding therapy we have ever heard of. She calls the spinal decompression “getting streched” and then after they did that a couple times the Doc did something he called ” tapping her pelvis”. She’s pretty funny she asked him, when he told her he had was going to have to tap the pelvis, If the insurance was going to pay for that or if it cost extra.

  208. Margaret said

    Good News/Bad News Ladies: Don’t know which is which but here goes: A friend told me from a larger grapevine that the last known girlfriend of Kyle’s is a blonde model. Do with that what you will. Mourn, cry, laugh, whatever you have to do to make yourself feel better, run out and buy a pound of chocolate and eat it as you float down that river called De Nile. lol. The poor boy does deserve a life even if we do lust after him. I’m happy for him.

  209. Cree said

    prtfvr: so if all of those things made your back worse, or just didn’t work at all, what did, if anything, or are you still dealing with the pain?

    lwildstar: what exactly is a couch stretchy thingy? I’m afraid I haven’t come across one of those. All of this back stuff is new to me. Fortunately, I have never had to deal with back issues before now.

    madonna: hope work is going okay for you today. come out and play when you can, although I am sure you are extremely busy trying to play catch up.

  210. Danae said

    I guess I am happy for him too but I am still going to cry and mourn and cry and eat all the chocolate chip cookies I made the other night. He is too young to be tied down to one person anyone.

  211. Cree said

    Mags: thats the girl I was talking about yesterday. that young cute little blond chick (much prettier than bitch vamp). that is the same girl Claire mentioned earlier that was supposed to be on Heros. I forgot her name, but it was in one of the message boards on the imdb website a while back. I can much easier see Kyle with her than Laura.

  212. Margaret said

    Danae: He’s not MARRIED yet. He’s only 23 years old. I’m sure he’s going to enjoy every minute of all the adulation that’s coming to him. Hopefully he stay grounded or we’ll have to send him to Kelly Ripa’s parents house so he can clean some garbage cans out. lol.

    Cree & Madonna: Let me echo what everyone else is saying-I hope you all get to feeling better soon. Kidney stones and bad backs are nothing to mess around with. But on the upside Cree, do you think we could rent you a wheelchair if you’re still not feeling well and get to the head of the line to see Kyle in Orlando. I know, thats pretty low and I shouldn’t have mentioned it.

  213. Cree said

    Wow, Margaret. Interesting how you see me in a wheelchair as an “upside”. LOL. I sure as heck hope I’m still not in this much pain when March rolls around. It hasn’t even been a week yet, and I am already wanting to shoot myself from the pain. I definately wouldn’t make it 4 more months like this, not even for our beautiful man/child. πŸ˜‰

  214. Margaret said

    The only upside would be the sympathy and possible moving to the head of the line, I certainly wouldn’t wish for you to be in pain that long. I was just thinking someone might take pity on you but then considering the subject matter, they’d probably tip you out of the chair and claim it as their own. Stupid idea. Sorry I brought it up.

  215. Margaret said

    I was told she was a model. Is this gal a model/actress?

  216. Margaret said

    I don’t know if this is good news or bad news for Blood Ties but found this on TVGUIDE.COM:

    Network Exec: Settlement Unlikely Until Next Year

    With the Writers Guild of America strike entering its ninth day, network executives are now saying they don’t expect a settlement until early next year. As of late Monday, there was not even a hint of the WGA and the Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers, which represents the studios, returning to the bargaining table, as both sides are dug in on the issue of residual payments for DVD and digital distribution of programs.

    “We’re being told by our labor people that it won’t be resolved before the end of the year,” says one network executive.

    There are also no signs that any of the late-night talk-show hosts will return to their desks without writers. Several network insiders said published reports about a scenario where substitute hosts fill in for Jay Leno on NBC’s Tonight Show and Conan O’Brien on Late Night with Conan O’Brien was unlikely. “It would be hard for any late-night host to go on without writers, but someone who’s never hosted before?” said one exec. But the hosts will clearly feel the pressure to return as the staffs of those shows could be laid off after this week. β€” Reporting by Stephen Battaglio

  217. Danae said

    Well it certainly isn’t bad news because our writer’s strike does not affect the Canadian writers and shows.

  218. Cree said

    Yes, I’m pretty sure the girl I’m talking about did have modeling on her resume. I wish I could remember her name. Am I the only one who remembers her? I am pretty sure this is where someone posted the link to her imdb profile a few months back. And no worries, Mags, I know you were only kidding about the whole wheelchair thing. πŸ™‚

  219. laurel said

    I’m willing to see that as good news! I have my rose-colored glasses on today.

    Hey, has anyone heard from Anne lately? I don’t remember seeing her posting for a while now and wondered if she got lost out there. I know folks have gotten busy and don’t show up often (Tango… where are you?) I miss seeing everyone here.

    I still think a happy Kyle is a good thing! (within reason, of course) πŸ™‚

  220. laurel said

    Note to self – It isn’t always clear which post I’m referring to when mine finally shows up.
    1. Writer’s strike may have positive influence on our Blood Ties – Good News.
    2) I really miss the folks who have not been posting on the blog.
    3) I thought I heard that Kyle was currently ‘single’ but we don’t want him to get all depressed. Cali may be good company, but he’s going to find someone special – some day…

    Keep an eye on Maggie at Mega-Con! If she shows up with a wheel chair and casts on arms of legs, be suspicious. πŸ™‚
    Cree – I hope you are feeling better. 😎

  221. laurel said

    arms OR legs.

  222. Peachtree_5 said

    Dianna Aragon is the name of the girl featured on Heroes. She is a pretty 22 year old blond.

  223. Danae said

    Ok I do want Kyle to be happy but I want him to be happy with me and only me, dammit. Sometimes I can be incredibly selfish.

  224. Danae said

    Who’s Peachtree-5?

  225. Cree said

    Yes! That’s the girl I was thinking of. Thanks, Peachtree. I knew I wasn’t imagining that.

    Laurel: I’m not worried about Mags showing up in a wheelchair as long as its not ME she is trying to put in the wheelchair! πŸ˜‰

  226. Madonna said

    Good afternoon y’all!

    How is everyone today in the land of DeNile?

    My thanks to all of you! My first day back so far is going pretty well. My boss can’t be too hard on me today because she is taking a vacation day. I guess having to actually do a little work around here herself wore the poor thing out.

    My only problem today so far is that I’m pretty much wiped out from the Percocet I had to take. I can’t stay awake for anything and quite honestly I fell a little high.

    I’m doing fine guys. Don’t worry about me. The pain isn’t too bad. The whole situation is more of a nuisance now than anything.

    My techie friend here at work brought in a chocolate cake today for us all that his mother made. OMG….. One of the best chocolate cakes I have ever tried. Tastes like milk chocolate and has a chocolate whipped cream icing. Sinfully good.

    Don’t feel jealous. I did not get to see Lou Diamond Phillips. I saw his pretty white limo just like I thought I might, but no Lou. I get to work at 8:30 and the station usually does their celebrity interviews between 7:30 – 8 or 8:30 – 9. Oh well…….

  227. Annalaise duChat said

    Madonna — That’s too bad. I think I’d have had to stow away in that pretty white limo.
    Sorry Kyle. Lou’s a little closer to my age. I can lust after him without feeling guilty.
    I think I’m going to watch me a little “Young Guns” tonight. Woo Hoo.

  228. Madonna said

    Lou’s not necessarily someone I lust after. I just loved La Bamba and it would have been cool to see him. I should be able to catch his interview on tonight’s 10 o’clock news though.

    Hey Cree,
    Is your new pain medicine helping more than the oral meds?

  229. Annalaise duChat said

    I’ve been lusting after Lou for a number of years. Must be that Cherokee blood of his.

  230. Danae said

    I think many Native Americans are very good looking(me not included) but I feel nothing for him except in La Bamba.

  231. msgypsy said

    Here is the updated Secret Santa List. If I’ve missed you, you have until close of bidness today (that means around 5 my time, later for most everyone else) to get me an email with Secret Santa Address in the header. If you don’t get it to me by then, it’ll be too late. Sorry.

    I’m pretty sure everyone has gotten on the list by now but things do change quickly around here.

  232. prtfvr said

    Poor Madonna! Percocet doesn’t even make me high anymore. And if I take more than one in a day I itch all over! It’s horrible. My doc gave me something else called Ultracet. I don’t think it’s a strong as Percocet but it doesn’t make me feel weird and the pain goes away so BONUS!

    Cree: When my back gets so bad that I can’t sit or stand I have to lay down, it hurts too bad other wise. I’m down with heating pads though! Love those things! And I’ll take the afore mentioned Ultracet when I’m desperate. Plus Tylenol has the semi-new quick release med that’s awesome if you’re not in agony already. Once agony hits, you need a good anti-inflammatory (sometimes combined with real meds) and the heating pad!

    After almost five years my back has more good days then bad but the bad days really make an impression on ya!

  233. msgypsy said

    Hey, all, hands OFF Lou! He’s my secret love!

    Speaking of none of that… Have you heard the latest from Paris Hilton?

    Hilton Tries to Help Drunk Elephants

    It’s actually even more pathetic than the headline makes it sound.

  234. prtfvr said

    gypsy: Forgot to tell you – diggin’ the accountant macro. πŸ™‚

  235. msgypsy said

    Okay, it’s been a weird day I guess.

    Secret Santa List

    1. Madonna
    Maddie Mo

    Last chance, ladies. Make sure the email is to and make sur it says Secret Santa Address in the header. If it doesn’t, I won’t get it in time.

  236. Danae said

    Two questions Gypsy

    Where is the list ?


    Why are the elephants drunk? I don’t have time to read it.

  237. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey *Laise, long time no see 😎 I loved Denis’ article about the artistically endowed Kyle. I love his blog it’s a trip and his view on things is interesting to say the least. Oh and I’m a Lou fan myself. Tell MBF Mel I said *Bonjour* and hope she’s having fun with school and the boys πŸ˜‰

    Madonna glad work is good and wish I had a *buzz* it would make the day a little more fun ya’ know.

    Hey Prtfvr, I think it was you my friend of all gadgets technical and electronic (hee hee hee) that had mentioned about the cord thingy that I can buy to connect my iPod to my big screen tv and play commercial free???? If so tell me what I need to look for when I go to Circuit City or Best Buy. Or can I get it at Wal-Mart I do frequent there a bit.

    Claire dΓ©solΓ©e que vous et bel Alexa soyez malades. La maman a fait Γ  soupe de nouilles de poulet la semaine derniΓ¨re, elle l’appelle pΓ©nicilline juive, il est magique ! Je souhaite que votre famille soit puits bientΓ΄t et ai un Thanksgiving merveilleux. Je t’aime et espΓ©rez que vous et Alexa allez bien bientΓ΄t ! XOXOXOXOX
    I know when I am sick the only thing that makes me feel better is hugs from my Mom! I love her to bits πŸ˜‰ Moms are so special that way maybe it’s the nine months we are one be well soon!!

  238. msgypsy said

    But Lester isn’t who Henry was talking to. Henry was talking to Augustus, Lester’s boss. The firm is Wiederbaden and Sprog, and Augustus is the visible partner, the one everyone likes to talk to, while Lester Sprog does all the work.

    OMG, I think I’ve created a whole vampire universe separate from Blood Ties, haven’t I? I will have to stop now.

  239. Danae said

    Ok first question was answered.

  240. prtfvr said

    gypsy: Regarding Paris Hilton and her elephant walk. Ahem…are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?!! Why can’t these rich people stay in America and help their fellow countrymen? This shit drives me NUTS!! Charity begins at home and all that. We have kids that need adopting here. Starving people. Sure, we don’t have drunken elephants but there are plenty of fat drunks.

    Sheesh! My head hurts now. I hate her SO much! She’s a blight on humanity and is famous for being famous. Hate her, hate her, HATE HER.

    Ok, back to your regularly scheduled programming. πŸ˜‰

  241. Annalaise duChat said

    See, Ms. Gypsy appreciates a good thing when she sees it. Gypsy we can admire together.

  242. msgypsy said

    The elephants are drunk on the beer the farmers make. It’s in India. I’ve already closed the window it was in so that’s all I can remember offhand. It’s Hilton’s commentary that’s pathetic.

  243. msgypsy said

    Prtfvr….DOWN girl! I think she’s focusing on the drunken elephants because she’s all anti-drunkards now that she’s done her time and been rehabilitated and…urgh. Had to hold my lunch in. Sorry.

    My other secret love is Tommy Lee Jones. The one in MIB. The Old Guy. He sure got better as he got older. (Kinda like Dylan…)

  244. Annalaise duChat said

    Hey Diz, I’ll pass the word along. You should see the new one (boy that is) What a cutie. He’s at my house every night now. This is serious! Although not too serious I hope. They are too young. I’ll send you a picture when I get home.

    Paris Hilton. Don’t even get me started on that pathetic excuse for a…..
    never mind.

  245. Danae said

    Why do drunk elephants need help? Who cares?!

  246. Annalaise duChat said

    Bye all. Time to head home. Try to catch you later.

  247. Scribble said

    Peeking in to say Hi!

    Really swamped but nothing news worthy for BT

    BTW, the actress that played Christina is not Kyle’s girlfriend to my knowledge.

    Be back soon!


  248. msgypsy said

    Danae the people being trampled when the drunk elephants go on rampages are the ones everyone else is worried about. Paris, of course, is worried about the poor elephants. She’s a dweeb. And I’m being nice.

  249. Danae said

    Hey Scribble, Phew that’s good to know.

    Ciao all

  250. prtfvr said

    I love animals and I don’t want to see bad things happen to them but sweet jesu! WTF? Hows about helping out here? Bee-atch!

  251. prtfvr said

    Good to see you, Scribble. I sure hope you have some news one way or another soon. The suspense makes for some cranky hens/minxes/vices!

  252. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Gypsy I’m a Tommy Lee Jones fan from way back. I love him he’s a fabulous actor, and I kinda like that ruddy tough looking kinda guy. Good taste!

    Prtfvr AMEN!!!! I am soo with you and I’m sick to death of these people *Celebrity* who truly contribute nothing productive to our society asking me to help take care of people in other countries when they should shut up and take care of their own. Pardon me but I think Oprah is *AMERICAN* is she not , we didn’t need schools here in the United States all that money in a country that is oozing Diamonds and she went and built a school there. Something’s wrong with this picture and I agree Paris is a tramp and sucks as a person. THIS is just my opinion only and not the opinion of the GYPSY πŸ˜‰

  253. Margaret said

    Scribble: Always nice to “see” you. Hope you can bring us good news soon as I have to agree with prtfvr we’re all getting pretty cranky here at Lifetime torturing us and not letting us know anything.

  254. elizabeth said

    I have to chime in here…Paris Hilton is a total waste of breath in my opinion. I think one of the two brain cells she had up and died. I put here right there with Brittany Spears and Lindsay Lohan. I don’t want to read about them, don’t care what they are doing and wish they would just quietly go away!

    Gypsy – I saw the headlines for the drunken elephants and was laughing so hard I had to close the browser. I couldn’t be bothered to read the article.

    Scribble – Hey girl! Thanks for dropping in. I hope life slows down a little for you soon. Thanks for keeping us up to date on our show. I know we all really appreciate it.

  255. cdnfreyja said

    Hey gypsy – ‘sprog’ (pronounced ‘spro’) means language in Danish.

    Hi Scribble!

    Ladies, there is a reason why I don’t call my cat by her real name. Unfortunately, she shares a name with that infamous Hilton girl. The employees at the shelter named her that thinking of the famous French city in the springtime (when my cat came in as a stray). So they named her after the city. Not long after I adopted her, the Hilton girl became infamous for the sex tape incident. I just call my cat Kitty but she gets called the other name when she is being bad. It all makes for a very interesting story to tell people when they ask what her name is.

  256. elizabeth said

    I had an interesting experience in the lunch line today at work. I am usually totally oblivious to what is going on around me. Lunch time is just a quick break and my mind is usually whirling with tasks. Is it any wonder I tend to walk into walls and doors? Oh wait – that is just me being a klutz. Anyway, I was waiting to pay for my salad and just happened to look behind me to see who was standing next to me. I literally did a double take, ladies! There stood the most gorgeous dark haired man I have seen in awhile! I felt like a complete idiot because I kept sneaking peaks at him expecting him to suddenly turn into less than he was. I actually blushed! I was muttering under my breath when I walked away “please don’t trip, please don’t trip”. This is a big campus and I may never see him again, but can I just say “Wow!”

  257. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey ya Scribble Girl! Glad to see you and I bet your probably busy making new merchandise huh? Yeah that’s the ticket πŸ˜‰ I love my poster BTW and can’t wait for some new goodies to be made available. I’m feeling that we’re gonna have more seasons of BT’s I’m Wearing my Rose Colored Glasses baby !!

    Oh and *Honey* the next time Kyle emails you tell him we said HI! πŸ˜€ 😎

  258. rifkind said

    Check your Email!!!

  259. Cree said

    Madonna: Yes, the new meds are working better. I now have a muscle relaxer and that transdermal pain patch. They didn’t work so well last night, but I am feeling a little better today. Glad to hear your first day back went well. I go back tomorrow and am worried about how that is going to go. I have to bend over a lot or sit on the floor to examine the bigger dogs that can’t fit on the table, so I am concerned about that part of it. I was able to reschedule all of my surgeries for the week, so at least I won’t have to do that. Surgery kills my back even when its not already hurt!

    Prtfvr: I had the same reaction from the Percocet. I was sooooooooo itchy. I had a hair brush in each hand sratching myself all over my body! It also made me extremely dizzy. Needless to say, I only took that once. I have been taking Tylenol, but it hasn’t been doing too much. I can’t take any anti-inflammatories until I go off of the steroids (which is tomorrow). The transdermal patches are working okay though. I think I’ll stick with those.

  260. Madonna said

    Heading home for the evening girls.

    Thanks for the update!

    An experience like that always brightens your day doesn’t it?

    Good luck tomorrow. Don’t overdo it. I’ll be thinking about you.

    Don’t think I’ll be back tonight. I’m pretty darned tired. Have a good evening everyone.

  261. lwildstar said

    hey guys!
    Rif – answered your email – BRB…..having computer issuses

  262. lwildstar said

    geeze – sometimes I just want to throw this computer against the wall

    previews for Wrapped are up

    I haven’t caught up on all the posts yet – but Heres to everyone having a better day tomorrow!

    Scribbles! thats for stopping by – you know you are welcome to visit anytime!

  263. prtfvr said

    Diz: Go here for the iPod AV cable. Should work fine.

    Cree: Tylenol won’t do anything for disk problems because the stuff around the disk is inflamed and Tylenol don’t do jack shit for it.

  264. lwildstar said

    my sister takes motrin for her back – until it reaches the point where she needs the scripts…

    E – you never know – you may find Mr. Dark Hair in the lunch line again…
    The property manager was up today to look at our office since we willb e moving to another floor – I HOPE that the guy who was walking around with him is one of the new tenants…all I can say is YUMMY! I did runinto Pual in the hall way and he said he misses seeing me up front (blush) good to know πŸ˜‰

    I have a stupid lunch meeting tomorrow that I didn’t know I had (the office manager insists she sent me an invite a week a go – never got it – but I “should know” because we have these meetings the 2nd Wednes day of every month – like I’m going to remember…well I wasn’t the only one who didn’t get the email invite and that person told her so – so I don’t look like I’ was trying to pull something) any who I won’t see you at lunch tomorrow….be good πŸ˜‰

    Well I have to go put the house back together and I’ve been putting it off…had the electricians in today to do the aluminum wire remediation…had to move everything away form the walls – now I have to put everything back….I did get all the tvs and vcrs reprogramed…..the important things – oh and the clocks – need those…..

    so TTFN my dears! Talk at you later – don’t forget to vote!

  265. prtfvr said

    wildstar: Sheesh, never mind. I really AM a moron!

  266. lwildstar said

    you should get a screen with Henry on the left and a little tiny preveiw screen on the right – it should start automatically but it takes a minute or so…I click on the expand button in the corner and it will enlarge the screen alittle but then you have to go back to the first screen and hit pause or they both play at the same time…..does that help?
    maybe I can call you tomorrow whne I get home and talk you through it….

  267. prtfvr said

    Ok wildstar, I can NEVER figure out how to get previews to play. There doesn’t seem to be a choice to play previews. Help a moron out, please?

  268. lwildstar said

    ok your never mind post showed up after I posted the instructions but before your cry for help – weird….

  269. lwildstar said

    I’ll stick around a bit…I’m watching NCIS and working on the cover art for my story…..

  270. lwildstar said

    did I chase everyone away? ….

  271. lwildstar said

    well I’ll come back…

  272. prtfvr said

    I’m still here. Just checking out Hey Nielson and voting on the other site. Trying to do my part to keep my man on the air!

  273. lwildstar said

    oh good – I thought I killed the blog again…

  274. prtfvr said


  275. lwildstar said

    yeah latley it happenes everytime I stay here for longer thatn 15 minutes – and on that note I think I will go run away and hide in shame….

  276. prtfvr said

    I’m off too. I have a splitting headache! Husband insisted on having the sex and it GAVE me a headache. I think we’re doing it wrong. Isn’t that backwards? πŸ˜‰

  277. prtfvr said

    But wait, who IS Peachtree? And Christianna too? Are we gaining members and no one is telling me?! πŸ˜‰

  278. lwildstar said

    Peachtree? And Christianna ? who – are we playing the name game again or didn we gain new sisters no one told us about!!?????
    know I know I sais I was logging off, but the art work is ginving me issues so I took a break…

  279. lwildstar said

    night prtfvr!

    I logging out too….

  280. rifkind said

    Hi Scribble!
    We have missed you.
    Please tell everyone that we loved the last episode. Denis did a great job and each episode gets better and better.
    I know that you can’t tell us anything, but we are still holding out hope that Blood Ties will get renewed.

  281. lwildstar said

    Rif I just sent you an email –

    Nighty Night every one!!!!

  282. Chery said

    Thanks for stopping by Scribble.
    We really are hoping that you can give us some good news soon!

  283. rifkind said

    Hello Peachtree and Christianna !

    Welcome to MsGypsy’s blog.

    We are a fun loving group that LOVE Blood Ties.
    We’ve been chattering here since Lifetime first Tanya Huff’s Blood Ties blog on hiatus. Those of us on dial-up had a hard time loading the LT blog pages when our postings started getting into the 500 or more posts.
    MsGypsy was kind enough to host us, and here we have stayed.

    prtfvr has a companion site :

    and Anne hosts sites for Kyle and Dylan


  284. Claire said

    Flying by real quick…never enough hours!
    Who are Peachtree and Christiana? Never heard of them before…someone change their name again?
    Anyway…Alexandria has the flu…YIKES!!! although she is a trooper just like mom..103.8 whining,crying,complaining.
    Thanks for the get well wishes you all..I told her..she got all happy lol!
    Now if I can stay well…and no one else gets it..we’ll be OK!!!

    About the supposed girlfriend…the only new person on heroes is this obnoxious little blonde bimbo…lord I think I’d rather he was with vamp bitch! LOL!!

    Cree,Madonna,feel better soon
    Prtfvr,Freyja…hope your headaches are gone! although I’ve never heard of anyone getting a headache from sex..but then again…you are unique my dear!

    Beth Merci J’ai Γ©galement fait la soupe de poulet, il est juif pΓ©nicilline! Je donnerai Alexa vos bons voeux qu’elle a la grippe, nous vous aimons aussi!

    Anyways…I need a hot bath after this long day!
    Bonne Nuit mes Soeurs belle!
    Je t’aime

  285. Claire said

    Oh and Thanks for stopping by Scribble! It’s always great to hear from you!

  286. Anzia said

    Peachtree_5- Hello…care to introduce yourself? We’re all aflutter w/curiousity…

    Paris hilton, i can’ honestly say I have no feelings one way or the other. She doesn’t really fly on my radar as someone I should pay attention to. I know who she is and most days I feel that that might be TOOO much of credit to her.

    Scribble- Howdy, Thanks for that bit of info. ^_^

    So, is our boy open or not? ’cause if not, i’ll be a tiny bit sad but hopeful that he’s happy. Which is what I want (even though we ALL know he’d be happier with one of us than any MERE outsider. ^_^)

    Mamaclaire- i’m sorry one of your little ones is sick. Give her hugs & love from me (even though she has NO CLUE who I am). Take care of yourself too!

  287. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies!

    Just a quick drop in to say I’m off to Edmonton tomorrow. Nothing like getting the confirmation after 10 pm the night before while you are trying to watch a new episode of BT! So, needless to say I’m finishing my packing now.

    Claire, um yeah, things can get a little uncomforable the next day after Henry has been so zealous. LOL! It is all worth it. Gee, I just noticed it got really hot in here. (My headache did go away later today.)

    Okay, everyone who is feeling under the weather, I really hope that by the time I get back to the blog you’ll all be feeling much better. Claire, that goes for your daughter too.

    Somebody, please pick up my voting slack. I probably won’t be able to contribute a single one until Sunday. Thanks.

    Bye! *waves*

  288. Anzia said

    Mamaclaire, Prtmama & Frejya-if i’m not mistaken, sex actually cures headaches w/the release of endorphins and other chemicals…

  289. Christianna said

    Hello everyone,
    First off, I so did not mean to upset anyone or destroy fantasies about KS/Henry when I posted that comment about L. Mennell. Prior to posting I was at KyleSchmidCentral and a couple of people posted that rumor and in writting my post real fast i mentioned it. Sorry, for upsetting everyone.

    Second, I am a HUGE BT fan and have been from the beginning. I use to post at LT Msg Bd and Tanya’s blog earlier this year but when they re-vamped there site it became too frustrating. I kinda followed the group here. I don’t post often because I’m often busy but I’m always reading the board and loving the community here. But again, my apologies if i offended anyone.

  290. Anne said

    Hello Gypsies,

    Ever the procratinator I am now being superbusy as I leave for California in 24 hours – going to a Stargate convention and hang out with friends in the flesh. And I’m also in the middle of a decluttering binge that I want to prolong as much as possible.

    These are my excuses for being MIA – I’m not even sick and my computer didn’t die (perish the thought!)
    I might have updated one or two of my websites … or three … I’ll just mention Toronto International Film Festival … but you probably know those pictures of Kyle since they were posted on the bloodlines forum ..

    As for Kyle having a girlfriend – we already knew that from his LT interview.
    As for it being Laura Mennell – I have no idea how that started and what people base that on.
    I guess we shall have to ask Kyle at MegaCon ….

    I don’t plan to ask him personal questions like that – he’s been careful to keep out of the limelight and I respect his wish for privacy.

    Though I might ask about his underwear – that’s a convention standard – boxers or briefs? is also mine – plus a few Blood Ties un-related ones.

    I’m bringing my laptop since I have to activate people on my forums and approve guestbook and Kyle’s Korner entries, but I probably will be mostly missing until Tuesday.

    And I won’t be able to see the new episode until then since hotels usually don’t have the Lifetime Channel. And I won’t get to see Steve Bacic in Flash Gordon since hotels usually don’t carry the SciFi Channel either.

    But okay, I will see Steve live, so I guess I can wait to see him on TV πŸ™‚

    Be good!

  291. msgypsy said

    All righty, then, ladies. The Secret Santa assignments are made and mailed out. If I missed someone, I’m really sorry. I did the best I could with the emails I received. Just so you know, I’m not in the exchange. It was only fair. I mean, I’d have given everyone ME to send gifts to! LOL!

    Reminder, the emails you got was for who you are sending a gift to. I’ll start a new topic for us to post what we’d like for a gift. But not tonight. I’m way too tired now. That was a LOT of work! Way more than I’d expected it to be. But it really was fun.

    There are a couple of addresses I couldn’t locate. If I haven’t found them by the end of the week, I’ll email you and ask.

    Price range is around $25 but use your own best judgment.

    Going to sleep now. Whoooo!

  292. Margaret said

    Claire: Sorry to hear Alexandria is sick. Be nice and remember that a man’s gotta eat and everyone has to be loved by somebody. We honestly didn’t expect our boy to be a monk, did we? Besides, I’m just glad he’s not gay, remember that discussion. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  293. Margaret said

    Christianna: No need to apologize but in the future you might want to tell people where you’ve heard the rumor. Trust me, you didn’t offend people and if you read further up you would understand a lot of us like to live in the land of Kyle De Nile. Kind of ruins the fantasy knowing the boy/man has a girlfriend. I personally know I have an addiction to the show and I’m not sure about Kyle/Henry but I’m finding as I keep calling him a boy I’m slowly being able to break free. Although I never want to break my addiction to Blood Ties and I don’t believe anyone here wants to be cured.

  294. Anzia said

    Christianna- margaret is VERY right…except on one point. I don’t think there IS a cure. Nor would we want to find it. (Love you margaret!) ^_^

    Gyspy- You’re a doll! ^_^ (((HUGS)))

    Anne- have fun!

    Wow…off to another unexciting day in the world of data entry. πŸ˜‰

  295. lwildstar said

    here are the Hey Neilson numbers – 679 H!N Score +8 (1.2%) #1 out of 3794

    the voting site doesn’t update until 9am – I may or may not get to post those…

    meetings all day!

  296. prtfvr said

    Claire! Tell my little Lexi that I hope she feels better and to give those germs HELL! Or heck. You choose. πŸ˜‰

    Z: It’s not sex that cures the headache, it’s the orgasm. I was feeling kinda rushed at the time…TMI!!

    Forgot to update about the IMDB. Everyone’s numbers have been dropping but this weekend was particularly bad. It might just be that everyone’s spending their efforts elsewhere and it IS the Internet Movie Database so it’s not the hot spot for TV shows.

    Man, got on the scale today and all I can say is: SHIT! WTF?! OMG! I’m so depressed. Better eat some cookies. πŸ˜‰ Ok, I’m not all that depressed. I’d say more disappointed. That’s the ticket!

  297. Margaret said

    Anzia: Are you saying I shouldn’t be cured of my somewhat pervy addiction to someone who is way younger? lol. The Blood Ties addiction I never want to be cured of.

  298. lwildstar said

    Blood Ties (2006) 5300! Whoo hoo – I set a goal of 5500 by Saturday – I think we are going to blow that out of the water at this rate!

    I don’t seem to be able to get on LT this morning – Mags would you be so kind as to post the numbers?


  299. Claire said

    Good Morning my ladies!
    Gave all your get well wishes to Lexi Lexi(her sick name lol!)She’s still home,but at least her fever is 102 now ,not 103.8! So far the other three are ok! but she does sleep with Victoria…so we’ll see.

    Have a great time Freyja and Anne! see yas when you both get back!

    Awe..Margaret…I wasn’t being mean..of course I want our Darling to be happy and loved…I just wish I was 23 and I was the one doing the loving! LOL!!
    NO,seriously…you know how we say he’s wise beyond his years and all that?
    So naturally you expect him to have taste in women that is similar.The new girl on Heroes,I don’t know her name…but the role she plays is quite annoying! she appears to be a teenager..but who knows right? and she’s evil,bimboish,dumb,you name it.Of course she could just be a great actress and really be intelligent,witty and nice!

    And as for being cured of the somewhat pervy addiction to someone much younger? Sista just cause we got older in age..don’t mean we’re dead or blind!
    A beautiful man is a beautiful man..and honey that ain’t no boy! LOL!
    Although I know guys older than him that are boys! My son Chris is almost 26..and Vicki the Diva can attest to the fact..he’s a boy! Her and Brandi spent some time in my dining room with Chris being their Brooklyneese coach! to check my emails..I’m sure theres quite a few!

    love yas…keep voting!

  300. Margaret said

    lwildstar: Posted on LT Blog and Tanya’s Blog there. As I said, your wish is my command. Especially when its tied to Blood Ties.

  301. Margaret said

    I like one of my co-worker’s spin on the whole thing. He’s over 21 therefore he’s legal. But I know I talk a good game and don’t have a bat’s chance in …. but it feels good to dream and fanatize about it. Makes me remember I’m not ready to take that big dirt nap yet. And for that, I do thank the young man and his character (Henry and otherwise) lol.

    And to that end: What a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man as Salt-n-Peppa used to sing. And Dylan don’t look half-bad either, now that they’re getting him out of that damn raincoat more.

  302. Margaret said

    Besides, as long as I look and don’t touch I think I’m safe although I’ll have to keep remembering that when he comes to Orlando in March.

  303. Margaret said


    Help SHAPE TV products and TV shows
    Click here to become a team member today!
    You have the chance to win $500 cash by
    answering today’s survey.

    If you have any problem clicking on the join button above please copy and paste the following link into your browser’s location bar:

    I got this from an alert and the fact that I had to sign into TV Guide to give a comment way back when. LADIES THIS IS OUR CHANCE TO PUSH FOR BLOOD TIES.

  304. Margaret said

    Be forewarned, there is some demographic information they ask for, I think they’ll let you decline the salary questions.

  305. msgypsy said

    I forgot to tell you all the funniest thing about generating the Secret Santa recipient list. I used an online random number generator and I knew it was likely to happen but I had to laugh when I saw which person got herself. (I fixed it, of course, by throwing a couple of names back into the randomizer.) Prtfvr, you came soooooo close to saving a ton of money on postage!

    I’m a brat, I know. But, as I said, I did fix it. But it was sooooo tempting to leave it and see what she said.

    Prt-lady, you know I love you, right? LOL!

  306. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good Morning, Boungiorno, Bonjour Mes Amis! Comment allez vous ? I still sound like a frog but what can I say…..ribbit!

    Claire so glad Lexi girl’s fever is going down. Scares me when kids get fever I feel a bit helpless. Hugs and kisses to both of you and the Jewish Penicillin is truly an amazing thing. It does have medicinal properties πŸ˜‰

    Prtfvr, may I say sorry you had the headache but envious about the sex thing πŸ˜‰ I love Ya! Thanks for the Apple link I’m gonna get me one of those bad boys too πŸ˜€

    RIF~~~ My sista’ YOU ROCK!!! Santa came to my house early. The eagle has landed and may I say I love you too! Thank you, thank you, thank you 😎

    Speaking of when do we send said Secret Santa gifts to recipients ??

  307. Danae said

    Good morning ma bellas!

    Not much to say today.

    Dizey, I bet you can send it out once you have it. Whoever has Freyja should mail it ASAP.

    On the way to Amber’s dance class yesterday she said something about a lock-down at school where the teacher locked all the doors and read a book while men with dogs walked around. My mom was going to check with the school today concerning that. I have yet to hear from her. When Amber told me that it felt like I had swallowed several rocks. I was scared.

  308. elizabeth said

    Christianna – Welcome! Don’t worry about your comments offending anyone. We are a chatty group and go off on tangents quite regularly! That is all part of the fun. You won’t find a better group of ladies.

    Gypsy – got my Secret Santa name – thank you. And, no, you didn’t send me it twice.

    prtfvr – I so hear you with the scales! I got on my bathroom scales the other day and about had heart palpitations! From there I went instantly into denial for a few seconds and then bounced on to disappointed. I personally think scales should be dropped into the deepest reaches of Hell….unless, they are going to show me what I want to see πŸ˜‰

    Claire – I hope you and your little ones feel better soon.

    For any of you that are travelling – be safe. Cree & Madonna I hope you ladies are doing better?

  309. elizabeth said

    Danae – I can so relate to how you felt when Amber told you about the school lockdown. I went through that with my daughter several times when there was a bomb threat at her school. The next day the school was surrounded by police and every back pack was thoroughly checked before the kids could enter the building. Another time, I found out about the lock down after she got home. Some boy had threated some of the students. It is pretty scary nowadays.

  310. Danae said

    It just isn’t something I expected to encounter with her first year of school. Middle and high yes but not elementary school and to find out about it from her hours after she got home just pissed me off.

  311. Madonna said

    Good morning sisters,

    I’ve seen you post on here once or twice before. Welcome to Ms. Gypsy’s! And don’t worry…. no need to apologize.

    Give Alexandria a hug for me. I hope she is all better soon. How are you?

    How are you feeling other than being hoarse?

    Are you any better? How’s Henry doing?

    Anne & Freyja,
    Have lots of fun on your respective trips.

    How’s work gone for you today? Feel better!

    Yep. It is scary, but at least Amber is safe.

    Ms. Gypsy,
    I got my secret Santa name. Thanks for doing it for us.


    Do you guys remember a couple of months back I got into a big fight with a little girl I work with? Well I found out that she has put in her two weeks notice. So either this Friday or next is her last day. She told one of my fellow employees yesterday that she couldn’t wait to leave here because she hated me and a couple of other people AND that she was moving up in the world. Yeah……….OK……..Whatever!? She’s going to be a receptionist for a lawyer….. WTF???

    Also I told my boss today about how my doctor said I need more surgery next month. Do you know what she said? She said and I quote….”That’s not good! Everybody else needs to take their vacation time. Can’t you do it next year?” Again….. WTF????

    Gotta go…. Hopefully I’ll make it back at lunch. Have a good day everyone.

  312. elizabeth said

    Madonna – Good grief! Your boss is a moron! You absolutely need to do what is best for you. On the up side – at least the little twit in the office is leaving πŸ™‚

    Well, Ladies, I am off to a meeting. I was truly hoping it would be cancelled, but no such luck today. Talk to you when I get back.

  313. laurel said

    Madonna – this is where I want to say – to your boss, “Okay moron, play that back in your head a couple of times and see if it still sounds like you have a clue.”

    I have had THAT boss type before and don’t miss him. Sorry you have to put up with someone like that.

    prtfvr – I had to laugh… I have one of THOSE headaches today, myself. lol It might have something to do with getting less than 5 hours of sleep. 😎

    Dizey – I got that cable for my iPod and it is awesome! I can take my Blood Ties everywhere and not be limited to the small screen. It is much nicer to share the experience when you don’t have to fast forward past a bunch of commercials and it is cool to share your toys with others. Makes them want their own iPod! hehehe

  314. Danae said

    Madonna, you should tell your boss to F-off

  315. laurel said

    Anne, I’m really glad you checked in. I had this sudden concern that we’d lost you out in cyber-space somehow.

    Have fun in California! I am envious of your travels and Con experiences. Hopefully you’ll get some good info and pics to share with us.

    We live vicariously through you so do us proud!

  316. Claire said

    Bonjour ladies!
    Madonna..may I say..good riddance to the little Ms.AssWipe and F off to your moronic boss!

    Alexa is alot better..her temp went down to 99..lets hope it stays that way!
    she also ate breakfast and lunch…so thats good.

    Wah..I want a video ipod!!! I just have a nano.But maybe it’s a good thing,cause then I wouldn’t get anything done! It’s bad enough I have a slideshow of Henry on my nano!

    going off to vote and read emails check yas later!

  317. prtfvr said

    Dani: I’m sorry to hear about the school excitement! I remember when 9/11 happened and I was on my way to work on 95S and I just wanted to turn my car around and grab my kids to me as fast as possible. We’ve had to deal with the bomb threat thing too. It really sucks! *hugs*

  318. prtfvr said

    Madonna: Ask your boss if she’s willing to put that into writing and you’d be more than happy to put off your surgery until next year because you’ll be able to better afford it after you sue the company for negligence. Then I’d add a “You fucking whore!” after it and go back to my desk. That’s just me though. πŸ˜‰

  319. Danae said

    Thanks. I checked with my mom again to see if she had called the school to see what happened. She said no and it wasn’t that big a deal. I understand that it was over but I still want to know.

  320. prtfvr said

    Ok. Took a co-worker to lunch as a get together and good bye lunch (she’s moving home to NY) anyhow, I had sushi followed by a trip to the Cheesecake Factory where I got a slice of Godiva Cheesecake to go. It called to me, I ate almost all of it and my scale is going to be even MORE pissed tomorrow!

  321. elizabeth said

    I really, really hate meetings that last so long I get sick from hunger. It is even worse when we are discussing budgets for next year!! Man, it is a good thing I didn’t have a pencil in that meeting I would have probably tried to eat it!

    Claire – you can put a slide show on your iPod? I wonder if it can be done on a iPod video as well? i did tell all of you I broke down and purchased one this weekend, right? Did I also tell you I don’t have a computer at home? Laurel told me it was a bit of putting the cart before the horse – so true πŸ™‚ When she asked me if I had it with me I told her that I did, it was in my purse- even though I can’t download anything to it from work. I am bonding with it at the moment. πŸ˜‰

  322. elizabeth said

    prtfvr – ignore that stupid scale! Come on…Godiva Cheesecake…so worth it!

  323. prtfvr said

    gypsy: I’m glad you didn’t leave me as my own Kris Kringle! I can’t afford me and I have a crappy attitude besides! πŸ˜‰

  324. Madonna said

    Thanks. You guys are all echoing the same thoughts I had on both my boss and co-worker.

    What ticked me off is that she implied that I was enjoying myself while I was gone. HELLO? I spent my vacation in the hospital. I wasn’t sitting back drinking piΓ±a coladas by the beach.

  325. Danae said

    Maybe in your imagination you were.

  326. Danae said

    Maybe in your imagination you were.

  327. Anne said

    Video iPod – yeah.
    Watching Blood Ties anywhere any time I want – sounds like a good idea.

    I’ll try to travel safely and not talk to strangers … hmmm, most people will be strangers – at least until I talk to them … and I’ll try not to lose my luggage this time.

    The Mancunians ( think they’re called) did it – this time I’m flying via Frankfurt and Denver. But I’ll put a few neccesities in my backpack, just to be safe.

    New picture under my name -)

  328. Danae said

    Hey my post doubled. I think that is the first time it happened here.

    Have fun Anne!

    Ciao ma bellas. Time to go home. I have to take Gram shopping not that I can buy anything. I hate it that she isn’t into all the holidays this year. With my Grampa gone she just isn’t into it.

  329. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Awww Dani have a good time I wish my MawMaw was still here I miss her and Christmas was a wonderful time w/them. You are so lucky tell her happy Thanksgiving for me! I’d want to know about the school thing too!

    I adore your sarcastic ass so much I can’t stand it! I don’t own a scale, see I figure I can look in the mirror or feel it in the clothes that the weight is there. That damned number will just *F* w/you and make you do badddd things. Baskin & Robbins, or Ben & Jerry’s danger, danger !!! I say use the scale as a trivet and enjoy the cheesecake πŸ˜‰

    Miss Anne you lucky dog, you are gonna have so much fun, nice pic’ BTW. I wish I were going to Cali it’s been a while since I’ve been there. I wouldn’t want to live there but it’s a cool 😎 place to visit. Have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (hee hee hee) πŸ˜€

  330. Chery said

    Anne if you have a layover in Denver, wave to me to give me a call would love to speak to you in person!
    I will send you my phone number on my private e-mail!

  331. lwildstar said

    good evening! well the day was a total waste in meetings…I’ve missed so much…I haven cought up yet – just finished going through my emails – but verion. so all F*d up right now so I may not be answering anything – infact I’m so fed up I log off altogether and just come back tomorrow!

    love you guys!

  332. lwildstar said

    Ok just finished checking the emails
    MS. GYPSY – I didn’t get my santa assignment…. 😦
    I know I was on the list – please resend…thank you…

    ok now I’m loggoing off – I have had enough of the screwy computer!

  333. lwildstar said

    whoops his submit too soon

    Mags if I didn’t thank you earlier thank you for posting the numbers on LT…it looks like I can not log in to LT from work anymore – I can view the site but thats it..

    so if you don’t mind I’ll look up the numbers if you’ll post them πŸ™‚ in the morning…


  334. vicki said

    hey girls…

    Did you all see the People’s magizine choice for sexiest man??? Matt F’ing Damon!!!!!!!! Yuck…he is cute and all..but they also had the top100 sexiest men in the world…and was our man on it NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am soo writing a nasty letter to people mag. They need to know Kyle’s name when their 50 most beautiful people issue comes out.. HEHEHEH

    Obviously they have been living under a rock and dont know about our man..(boy)

    Claire…Brandi and I still talk about Chris…what a funny sweet young man…we have been tawking like him too!!! It was nice to know that the F word is just an adjective that should be sprinkled liberaly throughout your conversation. HEHEHE

    New girls…(cant remember your call names) Welcome to the Nile…..we will never be cured of our addiction..and baby we dont want to be…

    And can I just say WOW for previews of this week…HOT>HOT HEnry running around without his shirt…COOL…the writing gods love us..and know what we want..

    500th birthday…what do you get a man for that??? Hmmmm will have to ponder awhile…. to go…

    The Diva

  335. prtfvr said

    Ok, here’s‘s attempt at saving Blood Ties:

  336. Cree said

    Madonna: What the hell kind of boss do you have that expects you to postpone your surgery until next year! What an effing dumb ass. Sorry, that just really pissed me off. How is your candle business doing by the way? Hopefully it is doing well and you won’t have to work at that crappy job much longer. I’m so sorry they treat you that way.

    As for my first day back to work, the morning went by okay. I wore my pain patch but didn’t take any meds because they make me kinda loopy which is not a good way to be practicing medicine! I took it easy and my techs did most of the work for me, but by the afternoon, my back started spasming (which it has never done before) and then my lower back got really stiff and it hurt to move. So I cancelled my last 2 hours of appointments and went home early. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Maybe I just tried to do too much too soon. I have already moved my late appointments for tomorrow to earlier times so I can leave a couple of hours early then as well. Right now, I am going to go take a muscle relaxer and lay down for the night. Hopefully the stiffness will wear off by tomorrow.

  337. vicki said


    Smile at your boss and tell him what a more productive employee you will be once your surgery is completed…LOL..and if that doesnt work…tell him to go screw himself….backwards…

    The Diva

  338. Anzia said

    Madonna- Dude, your boss is a MORON!

    Sex, orgasm, pain meds…*shrugs* feel as if the first usually occurs with the second…

    I gotted my secret santa vict- I mean recipeint (sp?) ^_^ Thanks GYPSY!

  339. Anzia said

    I had a comment…even hit submit…and was told it was a duplicate…and now it’s gone… *sigh*

  340. Anzia said

    Dude has my computer gone nuts or am I really the last person to post? did I kill the blog?

  341. msgypsy said

    No, Anzia, the blog didn’t die. It’s just resting.

    Yeah, resting. That’s the ticket. LOL!

  342. msgypsy said

    Anyone who thinks they should have gotten a Secret Santa assignment but didn’t needs to email me right away. If there are enough of you I’ll set up a second list but right now I think I have everyone assigned.

    Going to bed now. Really. Honest…

  343. lwildstar said

    Gypsy – I sent you an email with an alternate address – whatever was up with Verizon last night – it ate several emails….
    We past the goal I set! whoo hoo
    Blood Ties (2006) 5612
    723 #1 out of 3857
    H!N Score +44 (6.5%)

    mags if you could kindly post I would appreciate it – I can no longer log in to LT from work….

  344. Claire said

    Bon Matin mes amis!
    Well Alexa is not better…just when I thought her temp would stay at 99,it shot up to 103.6 last night! Now it’s hovering at 102.4! Well it’s for the best cause it is pouring rain! heavy heavy rain and wind! friend ,I sure do! have a slide show to music of all my fav pics of Henry on my Nano.

    Vicki…LOL! I agree…Matt Damon..EEWW so not sexy or attractive to me! and you know what? In Chris’s favorite words”They don’t know what the F*&K they’re tawking about!!!” LOL!! Maybe we all need to vote for sexiest man alive!!!! What are they BLIND?
    I’m glad you and Brandi enjoyed your time with Chris! He is a trip,isn’t he?

    Tomorrow is Friday! YEEHA! Pathetic isn’t it? living my life for Friday?
    Anyway off to vote,read emails,work,unload pics from camera,so you guys can see them.

  345. Margaret said

    Claire: Sorry to hear Alexa isn’t getting any better. Give her a hug and kiss from all of us.

    Madonna & Cree: Hope you’re feeling better.

    lwildstar: At your command. Done.

  346. Margaret said

    How pathetic am I, I went to Wal-Mart to get an ink cartridge for my printer, saw the Pacifer on sale for $7.50 and snatched it up, knowing that Kyle was in it for all of five mintues. Someone please shoot me!

  347. msgypsy said

    Margaret, you’re not THAT pathetic. I didn’t BUY “Pacifier” but I did force myself to watch it On Demand for that same reason. (I generally like Vin Diesel but this was one of his movies that I just couldn’t bring myself to watch until now.) It wasn’t as bad as I’d feared, although it sure wasn’t good. Kyle does play an admirably sullen teen ager. I’m glad he’s got a role he can stretch his acting wings in now, though.

    I’ll try to get online at noon today. Yesterday, Nisi and I had a nice lunch at a Chinese place (Sorry I forgot to get back to you, Laurel. But my boss kept reminding me how much work I had and I didn’t dare go to personal email.) and there was not time to get into the blog.

    And now I have to get to work. Type at you all later!

  348. lwildstar said

    Thanks mags!

  349. prtfvr said

    Don’t forget to check out‘s Save Blood Ties campaign!

  350. Madonna said

    Good morning ladies,

    I just spoke with my doctor. I’m having kidney spasms. Feels like someone is reaching into my side and squeezing my kidney. He said that is commom with the stents and to just take the pain meds and if I need more to call.

    My boss – Believe it or not the woman is actually pretty intelligent. She is simply lazy unless she has no other choice than not to be AND she is completely ambivalent and uncaring when it comes to employee concerns or problems. Which sucks because we are such a small office (12 employees) that she is our personnel dept. too. Most of the time I just feel really sorry for her 4 kids.

    The candle business is at a standstill right now. We just can’t agree on where to sell them.

    I’m glad your first day back wasn’t horrible. You’re probably right. Most likely just a little too much a little too soon. Hope you feel better.

    Hope your little one feels better soon. Spoil her a little extra.

    You are not pathetic. Look at it this way…. he gave us all a little spark to our lives and helped bring all of us together. You are just returning the favor by helping out his career a little.

  351. Madonna said

    Oh, and I was re-watching a bit of The Devil You Know before work this morning. Is it just me or does Kyle’s hair look amazing this episode?

  352. Danae said

    Buongiorno ma bellas!

    Vicki, when I first heard that Matt Damon was the sexiest man alive this year I was like WHAT!? He is kinda cute but there are other guys out there that exude sexiest. They are literally sex on two legs(Kyle).

    MamaClaire, give Alexa more hugs and kisses from me. I am so glad I don’t get sick often.

    Madonna, Yes Kyle’s hair looked amazing in this episode. Wait, I think his hair looks amazing in every episode.

    Everybody else Hi.

    Dizey this is a shout to you. How is Robbie and your dad?

  353. Danae said

    Hello! Is this thing on? Where is everybody?

  354. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hi ya’ll !!

    Claire, hugs and kisses to the sweet girl I hope she feels better soon πŸ˜€ Tell me how to do the slide show thingy on my iPod when and if you get a little free time πŸ˜‰ Hey also ask Chris is if he’s seen a movie I LOVE THIS MOVIE the *Boondock Saints* every other word is *F’n* everyhting but I think he’d love it hysterical πŸ˜‰ a good New Yawk flick ya’ know!

    Dani, Robbie, Logan, and Raini are leaving Saturday to go to Disneyworld for Thanksgiving week so it’s in the good Lord’s hands and I think they’re gonna have an awesome time. I’d love to see Disney decorated for Christmas and I think it’s gonna be decked out now 😦 damn you and I should be there w/Santa hats on ! Dad’s doing pretty well and he’s pretty much over the crap that Logan gave us so next week should be a nice vacation for me πŸ˜€
    How’s Gram and did ya’ll have a good time shoppin’ yesterday??

  355. elizabeth said

    Cree- I am so sorry your first day back was rough. I hope you will take it easy and not work too hard next time.

    Madonna – Kidney spasms?! Ouch! Take your pain meds, kiddo. I truly hope those final stones pass and you can get that stent out.

    Margaret – if you are pathetic you are in excellent company. I bought The Covenant because of Kyle and I bought Zerophillia (love that silly movie) for the same reason. I didn’t know anything about them except he was in them. Funnily enough, I watched the Pacifier on cable before I knew who Kyle was and I didn’t pay much attention to him other than to think he had potential. I will definately catch it the next time it is on TV and watch with better attention πŸ˜‰

  356. Danae said

    Hey Dizey, Well my mom never got a hold of Gram yesterday to tell her we going shopping last night. I can’t do it tonight because I have to watch Johnathan on Thursdays and there is no way anyone is interrupting my Friday nights. That leaves Saturday morning to do what she wants to do. I really wanted to go during the week so I didn’t have to get up early on Saturday. Gram likes to be at the mall when it opens at 10. Ugh! That is way to early. If I could afford plane tickets you and I could go to Disney. We could get in for free too. All because of my brother and his wife. Sea World to because they have a couple friends that work there.

  357. lwildstar said

    did you ever have one of those days where so many small things went wrong that it became one big thing and you start to doubt you can do your job? Well I’m having one of those days – and now I feel like a big twit – 😦
    sigh…I think i will go watch Blood ties…Henry always makes me feel better πŸ™‚

  358. Danae said

    And my mom still hasn’t found out about the lockdown at Amber’s school.

  359. Danae said

    Wildstar I have those days often!

  360. laurel said

    llwildstar – Looook into my eyes…. you are getting sleepy….. you are floating in your happy place… You are wonderful … competent … beautiful. When I snap my fingers you will awake…. refreshed and happy, you have watched three episodes of Blood Ties and it is Friday tomorrow. Norman’s little friends/fiends have been vanquished by your sisters so that you can do your job with the quiet efficiency that is your hallmark. You are a person of great worth… you are loved.


  361. lwildstar said

    grrrr – I can’t even open LT!
    Well i brought a project to work on so I will go play – I’m making a map of all out baby bats – I’ll email it to the mommies when I’m done to make sure I got all the names and locations right –
    I’ll check back beofe lunch is over….

  362. lwildstar said

    thanks for the HUG Laurel!

    do you think its fair to sick Norman on my co-workers? snicker – I just might out of princple – you’d think I was the ONLY one who ever makes mistakes!

    I’m not even going to discuss that meeting yesturday (Roles and Responsibilities!)

  363. laurel said

    Oh, Elizabeth… I sure do like this pretty new iPod sitting here on my desk! πŸ™‚
    It has features my old one didn’t have and I’m really going to enjoy it… hehehe


  364. laurel said

    Of course it’s fair to sick Norman on them! Consider it done!

    I’ve been writing a whole lot of magic in my novel so I have the power at hand! lol

  365. elizabeth said

    Laurel – So how is my iPod enjoying her visit with you? Can you hear me giggling? Seems like I can’t help myself – it is full of glee πŸ™‚ Coffee – you betcha, I am seriously addicted to Starbucks Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha..yummy! What time would you like to meet? I am totally without meetings today – woo hoo! Wow, you must have a lot of magic going on today – I think a little of it flitted over my way when you were helping out lwildstar. Lovely …

    lwildstar – I am adding a little mental “push” to Laurel’s hypnosis. I also highly encouraged Norman to slink on over to co-workers.

  366. lwildstar said


    I feel alittle better – I went and snitched the last two chocolate chip cookies from the coffee nook πŸ˜‰ mmmmm

    I have 20 minutes left of lunch and I did bring my writing disk in so I think I will go work on Chapter 15 – I just can’t seem to get back in to the other stories – its like these charactors have taken over and won’t let me do anything eles until I finish their story…..selfish little things!

    Oh – Just emailed the Bat Map out…….

    TTFN – will check in when I get home tonight (HUGS)

  367. lwildstar said

    Thanks E!

  368. laurel said

    The Bat Map? Did we fall into a Batman and Robin comic? hehe I did read the note above, but I just had to tease.

    E – Please, call to make an appointment with “vampiro della luna.” We’ll try to fit you in. 😎


  369. elizabeth said

    Laurel – Am I to understand that Vampiro Della Luna is having too much fun to want to come home? Drat! I knew I hadn’t bonded enough with her yet πŸ˜‰

  370. laurel said

    Name your time dear, she is ready to see her “mommy” when you can break free.

  371. Danae said

    E did you name your Ipod after your bat?

    Yummy we had customers come in today for a meeting and someone made them Alfredo Primavera with cheese tortellini. It is so good.

  372. elizabeth said

    Danae – When I got my iPod I didn’t realize you had to name them. My daughter piped up immediately and said it would have to be something to do with vampires and Blood Ties (gee, I wonder how she knew that?) Anyway, she decided it should be named after her bat, Della Luna. Since my mind was absolutely blank of any ideas πŸ˜‰ we went with that.

  373. Claire said

    Hey Ladies! Speaking of pathetic…I really did rent or buy every movie Kyle has been in..including the horrific haunted prison…that movie sucked big time….but the honey was in I watched it!

    My nano has a section for photos…just upload your fave photos from your computer to your Ipod..when its plugged in!
    then add a few choice songs to it and Voila! listen to music and stare at Henry!

    Pathetic…my ipods name is Kyle!!

  374. Danae said

    Well whenever I finally get one it will be named Fitzroy.

  375. msgypsy said

    Well, I am here but it’ll ahve to be brief because I have to cut lunch short. I’m getting tired of the constant emergency mentality. There’s something to be said for relaxing and taking it easy once in a while.

    Have I mentioned how much I love my slow cooker? (When work gets like this it’s bloody awesome to come home to a pot roast or chicken stew or something like that, piping hot and right there, right on time!)

  376. Margaret said

    Madonna: Sorry you’re in so much pain and you’re boss is an ass. Lwildstar-stop doubting yourself, you’re an incredibly smart woman, look who you’ve surrounded yourself with, us! lol.

    And yes Claire I have bought everything except Alley Cat Strike (because I can’t find it), maybe the Spill movie, and the Beautiful People things. I am going to be purchasing the Cheetah Girls movie as soon as I can. And yes, the Haunted Prision really stunk. If that boy has an agent he needs to change. If he’s making his own decisions maybe he needs an agent. Sometimes you can’t have it all. It’s enough for all of us that he’s pretty, he doesn’t have to be smart too.

    And ladies, is there really any part of Kyle/Henry that we don’t think looks great from one week to the next? Although my hairdresser would like to get ahold of his hair, not because it looks bad mind you, she’d just like to get ahold of his hair. I told her I didn’t believe her for one minute that she probably wanted more than his hair. lol.

  377. elizabeth said

    Laurel – guess what? You will never guess…go ahead, give it a try? Don’t know??? Okay, I’ll tell you….I AM LISTENING TO MY iPOD!!!!!! Josh Groban in crooning Christmas music in my ear as I type! I am smiling beautifically..that weird glow on the horizon is me shining with glee. Thank you!

  378. Margaret said

    Madonna: Sorry you’re in so much pain and you’re boss is an ass. Lwildstar-stop doubting yourself, you’re an incredibly smart woman, look who you’ve surrounded yourself with, us! lol.

    And yes Claire I have bought everything except Alley Cat Strike (because I can’t find it), maybe the Spill movie, and the Beautiful People things. I am going to be purchasing the Cheetah Girls movie as soon as I can. And yes, the Haunted Prision really stunk. If that boy has an agent he needs to change. If he’s making his own decisions maybe he needs an agent. Sometimes you can’t have it all. Its plenty for me that he’s soooo prettyyyy.

    And ladies, is there really any part of Kyle/Henry that we don’t think looks great from one week to the next? Although my hairdresser would like to get ahold of his hair, not because it looks bad mind you, she’d just like to get ahold of his hair. I told her I didn’t believe her for one minute that she probably wanted more than his hair. lol.

  379. Danae said

    E-NO FAIR! I want that disc! I looooooove Josh Groban. If I could I would have him and Kyle all to myself.

  380. Margaret said

    People: Blood Ties is #2 over at HeyNeilsen. Pls. go vote.

  381. elizabeth said

    Danae – The music is beautiful! There have been a couple of songs that brought tears to my eyes. That says a lot for him as a singer that he can be such a touchstone for emotion. Can you imagine this music playing quietly in the background while you sit with Henry in a darkened room? Okay, that was a very strong visual *sigh* I think I need a distraction…..

  382. Danae said

    E, I am at work and did not need that visual or maybe I did.

  383. elizabeth said

    I know. The same with me and now my mind keeps going back to that picture.

  384. Danae said

    Mmmmmm When She Dances, February Song, You Raise Me Up. I could Raise Him Up.

  385. Danae said

    I am heading out now ma bellas.


  386. Arrowyn said

    Some lovely new pictures of Christina (our Christina) at a special event in L.A. from November 10th. God, she’s gorgeous!

  387. Margaret said

    At the risk of asking stupid, is the guy her boyfriend? And she really is beautiful.
    Oh my gosh. What is a lint roller party?

  388. lwildstar said

    I just spen the last half hour on Hey Neilson disagreeing with the negative comments (and some of them are really nasty) and agreeing with all the positive ones – I can’t believe BT slipped in one day!

    my day got a little better late in the afternoon – theres is one coworker who started a little over a month ago – she wasn’t at the meeting yesturday – but she was very understanding about how I was feeling put upon and said that she would try to work with me t o help as she is still learning how our company works. And once again the lady who is suposed to be training me – blew me off today and shes taking tomorrow off! no wonder I don’t understand stuff….

    on a positive note – ding dong the temp is gone – well in two weeks, when she found out she wasn’t up for the job well her work slacked off – I hope the girl they hired works out….I can’t take anymore of this!

    ok – i’m off to go check on the emails and maybe gett a little writing done….

  389. Arrowyn said

    lwildstar (I think?), please explain something to me about H!N. I read their blurb about where their numbers come from. I go to the site several times a day and “react to the comments for BT, KS, CC, & DN. I’ve noticed that the percentage in the little cloud to the right of a comment changes when I click. Can I assume that the “react clicks” influence the numbers?

    I’ve been keeping a log of the numbers this week (for my own amusement) and, when I went there this morning, I noticed that Dylan had dropped from #54 on Wednesday to #65, but with an increase in score and percentage. I just went over there again, and he’s at #20 at 4:30 today with the same score and percentage. Huh?

  390. lwildstar said

    I’ve read the information at H!N several times and I’m still not completly clear on how the numbers work – I do know that everything is “connected” over there – if the numbers of everything else are changing at the same time it all reacts – so in that respect yes say Dylan could go up with the same numbers if other numbers are going down – negative reactions etc…

    thats just my understanding of course………

    but the more you go and react to the opinions the better the over all numbers will get when they update – I don’t know how many times a day they do that – I think every couple hours – unlike the TV voting site that doesn’t update until 9am…

    Does any of this help or have I just confused you more? Oh Kyle was up to #5 when I last checked!

  391. lwildstar said

    well i’m out for the night…i’ve had a rough day – I’m ging to finish writing the scene I’m working on and then go curl up with a blankey and my new flannel penguin pjs to watch CSI…

    nighty night!

  392. msgypsy said

    Ladies, I have a quick post to make and then I must write.

    The agency I applied at several weeks ago just emailed me to try to arrange a telephone interview. HOORAY!!!!!

    Back to writing. And writing. And writing…

  393. susana said

    how the F*** are we going to make it when the last episode airs?…..No i mean like really!!! πŸ™‚ LT has got to be kidding me, they need to say something! Everyone is so edgy! OK! just had to get that out! At least last “season” we knew we had more BT to come….can’t breath………oh………… (quickly been sedated by clinic nurse… going ot happy place πŸ™‚ AHHHHHH!
    hi scribble!
    P.s. Ladies, i do not care if Kyle has a girlfriend, hat has nothing to do with my fantasies involving me and Henry….i am happy for her………not! πŸ™‚

  394. Margaret said

    Congrats Ms. G. on the interview.

  395. Chery said

    Margaret, no he is not her boyfriend, she was at a benefit for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary a great charity. I have been a member for over 10 years.It is in Kanab Utah and usually have at least 1500 animals at one time. They take animals that can’t be adopted, or were about to be euthinized…….. mostly dogs and cats but also bunnies, horses, some birds.

    The picture looks like it is Seal the singer. He is married to a beautiful model and they have jjust started a family. So a publicity picture.

    I really applaud Christina for appearing at such a worthwhile charity function.

  396. Chery said

    Here is the link to Best Friends.

  397. lwildstar said

    Well here’s hoping today is a better day!
    I’ll try to come back at 9am and post the numbers – I did check Hey Neilson and BT is still number 2 with no over night change….WTF! I spent over a half hour on there last night! Wheres the reward for my tired fingers? 😦
    726 H!N Score +3 (0.4%) #2 out of 4016…I do like the fact that they finally changed the picture to a Blood Ties picture instead of the Gina Holden picture…

    talk to you later

  398. Margaret said

    Cheryl: I don’t think its Seal. And OMG, could she be any pretty or any smaller. What size is she? A double 0?

  399. Margaret said

    Should have been any prettier. When do they change the daily count on HeyNeilsen?

  400. lwildstar said

    Blood Ties (2006) 5954
    We only need what 46 to break 6000! whoo hoo!
    726 H!N Score +3 (0.4%) #2 out of 4016…I do like the fact that they finally changed the picture to a Blood Ties picture instead of the Gina Holden picture…

  401. lwildstar said

    Hey Neilson changes a couple of times a day – I’ll check back this afternoon…

  402. prtfvr said

    I believe the man in the picture with Christina is Tony Todd.

  403. prtfvr said

    Henry Report: Little Henry is doing MUCH better. He can actually move his toes now, I’m amazed! He misses his mom and dad though (he’s in a separate cage while recovering). When I let him hang out with him they didn’t want anything to do with him. It’s really sad. My lovebirds keep attacking him too (they home in on sick or injured birds) so I can’t have them all out at the same time anymore.

    At least he’s back in the basement where he can see everyone and he’s really picked up on the eating. He’d lost a lot of weight last time I took him to the vets and he was only eating millet. Seems to be chowing down again now that he’s feeling better and is at least in view of his parents.

    And that is this week’s Henry Report!

  404. prtfvr said

    Good luck, gypsy!! πŸ™‚

  405. lwildstar said

    thanks for the update Prtfvr! Its amazing how resiliant that little bugger is….

    Good Luck Gypsy!

    I still can’t log into LT so if someone would be so kind as to post the number for me over there? “I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers” sorry…giggle…couldn’t resist……

  406. Himmiefan said

    Prtfvr – thanks so much for the Henry report. Glad to hear he’s doing better!

    Gypsy – excellent! Good luck!!

    I’m soooo far behind on posts. That’s what happens when you spend hour upon hour in the Philly airport. Anyone know how Madonna and Cree are doing?

  407. Claire said

    Good morning ladies…at least I hope it is for you guys! I’m having a Norman morning! and now two down,two to go…Elijah is home from school also! I don’t know how those quads do it,but they with stand very high fevers without even looking sick! Elijah felt warm to me yesterday when he was playing after school,I took his temp and it was 104.2!!!! Now when I had pneumonia a few years temp was 103.5 and I was delirious and shivering under blankets!
    Alexa for some reason is not fighting this off to well..her fever is still 102.Elijahs went down to 101.6.Then my ASShole of a dog Josie…decides to destroy a plant in my bedroom…dirt and plant all over my freaking cream carpet!!!
    The only thing saving my sanity? IT’S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Catch yas later…must clean this damn mess!

    Good Luck Ms.G!!!

  408. Maddie Mo said

    Morning all!!!

    Claire, I hope those babies of your get well soon. Hopefully the remaining 2 won’t catch it.

  409. Danae said

    Buongiorno ma bellas!

    Good luck Ms Gypsy!

    Prtfvr, Good to know little Henry is doing so well.

    Arrowyn, My computer won’t let me open the Christina Cox page. It locks up and freaks out on me. Wierd! I really wanted to see them to. I admire her so much because she is so good looking and still acts like the girl next door. She doesn’t play up her good looks and think the world should bow down to her. I hope that doesn’t happen to Kyle. I think he has a good head on his shoulders though.

    MamaClaire, That bad Josie! I can’t believe Victoria isn’t sick yet since her and Alexa shares the bed. Hopefully one will get better and back to school before another gets sick. Give them both more hugs from me.

  410. Cree said

    Himmiefan: Thanks for asking about me. My back still hurts. I had to leave work early the past 2 days because I couldn’t handle the pain. I have today off and don’t plan on leaving the bed. Hopefully it will start to get better soon. I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

    Good luck on the interview Ms. G

    Does anyone know if on the H!N site if we strongly agree with the negative Moonlight comments, will that bring their numbers down, or will any activity whatsoever (negative or positive) raise their numbers? I don’t know if they count clicks in general, or if they pay attention to which are negative and which are positive. I don’t want to do anything to add to Moonlights numbers, but if there is anything we can do to bring them down, I want to do it!

  411. Himmiefan said

    Hey Cree. Good to hear from you! I’m glad you’ve got some time off. Your back need good, old fashioned rest. Maybe you can spend the time giving online psychological counseling to Claire’s dog. Sound like Josie needs it! πŸ™‚

  412. lwildstar said

    Ihave no idea Cree – but I was over at H!N last night strongly disagreeing all over the place! But I only made it through a third of the pages – will have to catch up tonight while I wait for BT to come on…
    well I’m going out to lunch with Robin so I just wanted to check in – I’ll talk at you later
    I’m afraid of what my email box will look like by the time I get home!

  413. prtfvr said

    My poor Claire! You tell those kids to get better or else I’ll come down there and boss them around again! πŸ˜‰

  414. prtfvr said

    wildstar: were you strongly disagreeing about Moonlight stuff? That would raise their ratings I would think. Any attention is attention, right?

  415. elizabeth said

    Morning everyone! Ms G. – Good luck today!

    Claire – I hope your little ones feel better soon. Take care of yourself, my dear, as much as you can. I know how difficult that can be with sick children, but you are also just getting better yourself.

    Prtfvr – I am so glad your little Henry is recovering. He sounds like such a character!

  416. Danae said

    I just got done voting everywhere and for everybody. Man H!N takes forever to load on my computer.

  417. Cree said

    Yeah, prtfvr, that’s what I was thinking too. I wonder how we can find out for sure if any attention is attention. lwildstar, you may be the reason moonlight surpassed BT! Prepare for you flogging!! LOL. Just kidding πŸ˜‰ But seriously, I think it may be best to not comment at all on Moonlight on the H!N site until we find out for sure. We don’t want to accidentally be the reason Moonlight is beating BT.

  418. Cree said

    that should have been your flogging, not you flogging

  419. Danae said

    I was just over at and there is a shout out to us Gypsy’s girls.

  420. Claire said

    Hey ladies..thanks for the get well wishes for my monkeys!
    Danae..Victoria has always been really hearty!But I’m surprised at Gregory…cause he’s always been the frailest.Himmiefan Cree could give therapy to Josie till she was blue in the face…Josie would still be crazy! She was born that way! She is now incarcerated in her cage!
    Well off to finish my housework!

    love yas!

  421. Danae said

    It is in the guestbook.

  422. laurel said

    Just a quick drive by on my way to yet another funeral. I actually have two at the same time today so hubby is going to one with his sibs and I’m going with my folks to another, about 5 miles apart. I have two more memorial services in the next two weeks and then we should make it to the new year. For heavens sakes take care of yourselves. I can’t take any more.

    On a lighter note – Elizabeth, I hope your “baby” is performing well. πŸ™‚

    Prtfvr – glad to hear baby Henry is doing so well.
    Claire – I hope your babies feel better soon.

  423. lwildstar said

    I only have a minute to pop in but I checked the numbers at H!N – everything jumped this morning – come on! we’re only 46 points from Moonlight!

    1 Moonlight 886 13%
    2 Blood Ties 840 16%
    3 The Dresden Files 618 4%
    4 Stargate Atlantis 314 8%
    5 Kyle Schmid 282 13%

  424. elizabeth said

    Laurel – My “baby” is awesome! I have been happily listening to Josh Graban and working away. Take care today, my friend. I know you have some stressful days ahead so don’t forget to take time for yourself to unwind a little. You are in my thoughts today.

  425. Danae said

    Ooooo Josh Groban O Holy Night just came started playing on my music player.

  426. Danae said

    Laurel that is awful. So many all clustered together. It must bring a person down.

  427. Christianna said

    Hello Ladies- Happy “Fitzroy Friday” to you all.
    Question: How exactly do you vote on Hey Nielsen? Do you just react?
    Really cute pictures of Christina (Cox) and actor Peter Mensah. There is a whole thread dedicated to this at bloodties-bloodlines forum. Well, off to figure out how to vote on HN…

  428. prtfvr said

    I think it has to be voting, opinion, ratings and comments that move the number. I start a new thread on Hey N!elson every day and rate as many comments as I can while I’m there. I can’t imagine it’s just based on voting because you can only vote as yourself once. Or at least, I think they only count “member’s” votes. I’m not sure. The definition of how it works on their site isn’t that enlightening.

  429. rifkind said

    Just a late fly by, I haven’t been able to read the blog for a few days.
    Somebody please shoot me an email if I have missed anything important.

    I found this WONDERFUL picture of Henry on the video at YouTube
    I think it is now my favorite “Seroius’ Henry picture..
    but I really love the ones where he is smiling!

    Here’s the video link

  430. elizabeth said

    rifkind – I LOVE that picture!

  431. Madonna said

    Hi girls,

    I’ve been busy here at work. We’re on early deadline starting today so that we can have next Thursday and Friday off.

    Thanks for asking about me. I’m doing well as long as I have my friend Percocet with me.

    I’m so glad the little guy is doing so well. I was worried about him.

    I hope your day is going better and I hope that your little ones will be well soon.

    BTW….. I’m sure Josie didn’t mean to be bad.

    I have to go now. I love y’all!

  432. Danae said

    Rif-I looooooooove that picture. I had to steal it.

    Time for me to scoot.

    Ciao ma bellas!

  433. rifkind said

    Thanks Danae,
    You can tell that the DP and directors love to play with light and shadow when filming Blood Ties.
    The imagery in the show makes the whole experiece very rich.
    I love the way the light plays on his face!

  434. Himmiefan said

    Madonna – Percocet, Henry, and chocolate. Good for whatever ails you. πŸ™‚

  435. elizabeth said

    I’m with Danae. I also had to steal that picture. Of course, we all know I like the pictures that have a lot of shadow play on his face (big sigh).

  436. elizabeth said

    Today has been a weird day. I woke up totally stoked that it is Friday, Henry day and that I am on vacation all next week!

    I get to work and I am crusing along, listening to beautiful music and blasting through my work – until, the dreaded employee from H**l decides he has to talk my ear off. It wouldn’t be bad if what he was spouting was important (or even half way interesting) he was just feeling needy and wanted to tell me EVERYTHING he had been doing…arrrggghhh. He never picks up on visual or even verbal queues and absolutely had no problem with me having to put my iPod on pause, take out the earpiece and then listen to his ramblings. He did this several times. I ended up with a splitting headache and the last time he was in my office I actually growled at him! I think he got the message that time because he didn’t stick around very long. Sometimes being a boss is not a fun place to be. I try always to be courteous and listen to everyone’s complaints, questions and personal business, but sometimes I really just want to jump up, shake them and tell them to catch a clue!!

    Okay, rant done. Thank you for your time and attention. I feel infinitely better now. I do believe the next person that ventures into my office is safe from my wrath πŸ™‚

  437. Himmiefan said

    Elizabeth – I love the growling!!! This guy is totally clueless and self-centered. Unless he gets a clue about when to talk to others, and what to discuss, he won’t get far. My VP has noticed that the super needy employees are ones who had dysfunctional families growing up. Now, how does this help you? No clue, just an observation. Anyway, like I said, I love the growling! πŸ™‚

  438. elizabeth said

    thanks Himmiefan – I was definately channelling my inner Vampire at that moment! I didn’t even realize I could actually growl! Your observation is very true; from what little he has said about his personal life I get the impression it was very disfunctional.

  439. elizabeth said

    It has been really quiet on the blog today. I think I am going to sign off. A couple of co-workers and I are heading out for happy hour – boy do I need it! I am on vacation all next week – so everyone, please have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! I will talk to you all after the holiday. Love you guys!

  440. lwildstar said

    Hey guys! Happy Henry Day~ I couldn’t wait to get home – and now the long wait – counting down the hours the minutes….

    I just finished catching up on reading emails and the blog –

    I’m going to go vote and look at HeyNeilson…be back later to see whos around…

  441. lwildstar said

    well I can’t get on Hey Neilson – hummm wonder wahts up with that – it ct made my computer lock up…poooh I wanted to go react to all the new posts…..
    Oh well maybe I’ll try later…

    Well since things are quiet I think I will go work on my writting…

  442. Claire said

    Hey ladies!
    Thanks Madonna! I hope you feel better also!
    Elijah believe it or not is better already,normal temp!
    It’s little Alexa,I’m worried about,now her temp is 98.3,but her right eye is all red and she can’t stop coughing..she has this dry god awful cough…I gave her Childrens clod and flu tylenol and nothing..I can see that it hurts her…and she didn’t eat dinner! Nikki just went out to get some delsym.Otherwise I’m going to take her in to the doctor.
    Anyways….TWO MORE HOURS!!!!

    Love yas!
    P.S…Thanks Rif!! love the the Vid!

  443. laurel said

    I finally made it home. It’s been a hard day and yet good to remember those who have loved us so dearly.
    Please, call or write someone who is important to you. Let them know how much you love them, even if you’re sure they already know. It could be the most important thing you do this week.

    That said… Blessing to you my dear sisters! You’ve given me more than I can ever thank you for.

  444. Margaret said

    Laurel: You ok? Cree & Madonna, hope you all get to feeling better.
    Claire: Hope your younguns get to feeling better. I know its no fun when the kids don’t feel well.

  445. Margaret said

    Anybody going to show at the Hen House if they’re still up after the show?

  446. prtfvr said

    Watching the show right now. HOLY SHIT! Henry’s practically wearing a cod piece! OH MY! The eye DOES wander!!

  447. prtfvr said

    If I’m still awake I’ll be there Mags! Sleepy though.

  448. Anzia said

    Sheesh girls…cod piece? what am i MISSING?!

  449. prtfvr said

    Oh momma! A cod piece AND makeup. Be still my heart! πŸ™‚

  450. laurel said

    No fair! I have hours to wait yet! Egads!
    Cod piece…. didn’t we have a whole discussion/fantasy scenario this summer on precisely this subject?
    I hear the gutter boat pulling up now!

  451. lwildstar said

    hey Laurel! Just checking in before bed – talk to you tomorrow!
    Enjoy the show
    oh if you haven’t seen the Kyle commercial start watching a half hour before the show may already be watching – the time differnce messes me up..


  452. laurel said

    Okay, I have to laugh. My parents are visiting and stayed up to watch with me. Actually Mom bailed with 20 minutes remaining but my Hubby and Dad stayed up and watched to the end. The only person who noticed the cod-piece besides me was my Dad! And he was so funny, waited till i went to the kitchen during a commercial to ask me if I’d noticed. lol
    I think he’s going to ask to borrow my tapes so he can watch the whole series. πŸ™‚
    And to think I’ve been working on my mom and sister. Didn’t think about turning Dad!
    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. He is amazing.

    Sorry about the whole melancholy bit earlier. Too many sorrows this year.
    I tam truly thankful for you all. Without you I’d have lost my self in the darkness.

    Hugs all around! That includes you too prtfvr. No one escapes my hugs! No one!


  453. Margaret said

    You know that we love you and we’ll always be here for you. Now how funny is it that your dad could be turned. I join you in your Moohhaaaaaa.

  454. Anzia said

    So, new ep up on itunes. AND out of the top 10 sci-fi/fantasy eps 7 are vampire but only 2 are BT. Moonlight has been #1 since it came OUT! BUt BT usually has at least 2 eps up there…Stargate is the other one that’s usually there…just thought i’d update…don’t know if its i’mportant but… yeah

    off to shopping ALL DAY…^_^ Love ya!

    Laurel- if you’d been lost in the darkness you know that we’d have moved heaven, earth and Henry to get you back. Have no fear of getting lost there ’cause we’ll ALWAYS find a way to bring you back. THat’s what family is for. Love you dear! ((((HUGS))))

  455. lwildstar said

    We’re up at
    Blood Ties (2006) 6227

    But it doesn’t look like anything has changed at Hey Neilson
    1 Moonlight 886 13%
    2 Blood Ties 840 16%
    3 The Dresden Files 618 4%
    4 Stargate Atlantis 314 8%
    5 Kyle Schmid 282 13%

  456. Anne said

    Hello All –

    I’m languishing here in California wehre the’s no snow and where I have palm trees outisde my window – sigh – life can be so hard sometimes πŸ˜‰

    And I’m finally online – I forgot my foreign travel outlet addaptor, bought a new one in Frankfurt that didn’t do the job and got a new one yesterday from RadioShack, so YAY!

    And I just realised a upside to being here:
    I can watch Kyle’s and Christina’s chat since I’m logged on with a US IP address πŸ™‚

    I got pulled over for an extra security check in Denver – I guess I look like a spice smuggler og something. That queue meant I missed my plane to Burbank by 4 minutes – grrrrr.

    I imagined there would be one the next day, but it turned out the next one was in 1Β½ hour, so not too bad after all.
    The delay also gave me time to phone Chery, so there was definitely a silver lining.

  457. Margaret said

    You’ll have to keep all of us updated on your adventures. Weren’t you the one that had your luggage lost that Tanya said you were nicier than she would have been (a long time ago).

  458. prtfvr said

    Re: How Hey Nielson gets their ratings.

    The webmaster on H!N posted that reactions to comments don’t have a lot of weight with the score. It has some but doesn’t make a huge dent. It’s the voting and commenting that matter but they don’t like the same opinion being posted over and over and think it’s just a waste of the space.

    So, I’ll still be reacting anyhow because I can’t vote more than once. Just an fyi.

  459. laurel said

    Anne – Face North (toward Oregon) and wave at the Portland group. I’m not sure which city you’re in, but I wish we could fly down and meet you!

  460. laurel said

    Thanks for the hugs Z! And for the promise of rescue.
    I’m doing okay, I just get the blues when I think about it too much.

    Margaret! You’re up bright and early on a Saturday! I’m still giggling about my Dad getting into the show. He has asked me several good questions and I know he would sit and watch with me if I put on a few of my favorites. πŸ˜›

    Prtfvr, I am amazed at how well your baby Henry has recovered. I told my girls about his mis-adventure and then we went to the local Petco and looked at the birds. Such a tiny leg must have been hard for the vet to work on. What a miracle that he didn’t loose it. You’ve been on my mind this week – that’s a good thing btw.

    Well, I’m off to renew my vow to be a brunette! That should make me feel better. 😎

  461. Anne said

    *Waving* from Burbank
    I did all four directions, just to be on the safe side πŸ˜‰

    Tuesday I’m flying home via San Francisco – you might see me wave from there since it’s closer to Portland.

    I recorded the Lifetime chat as wav files – BOY! Did that take up a lot of space!

    I should have emptied my harddrive before coming over here – then I could have downloaded the new episode from iTunes. I’ll see if there are some files I can do without.

  462. Chery said

    Actually the cod piece and the make up is what the real Henry Fitzroy would have been used toin that time period. Men and women both wore make up back then. The upper class especially, because besides thinking it made them look better it hid the small pox scares many had.
    High heels were invented by Louis XVI.
    So Henry would have felt at home in fact he would think he was dressed very subtly.
    I also liked his hair not so curly, but Kyle is one of those men who look really good in long hair.

  463. Madonna said

    Hi ladies,
    Just dropping by to say hello. I’m really busy today trying to finish up my Christmas shopping as I don’t know what next month will bring. I probably won’t finish but I can try right?

    Hi Anne. Have fun. BTW…. Check out our google group SOON if you haven’t for a while. There is something you might find interesting there.

    Kyle looking good with long hair is a bit of an understatement. When it is like it was last night I love it more and more.

  464. Claire said

    Good afternoon my ladies…I feel like merde…just so damn exhausted..I had two cups of coffee which actually made me feel worse!

    I only saw the beginning of BT…I know…I know…hangs head in shame!
    How could I….I sat down with my blankie and my wine…and bam next thing I know…Psychic challenge is on! I am feeling so disoriented! Doesn’t help that Elijah woke us all up at 4a.m. with a screaming nightmare or something.He saids a ghost was making his legos fly around the room.We checked all boxes of legos were firmly closed and Gregory heard nothing!He also did this the morning before last.Nikki and I are dead!!!!!
    Once I finish tidying up…I’ll watch BT and comment on the Epi.
    Laurel…we all have to walk through the darkness at one time or another…but you don’t always have to walk alone…we will go with you.
    I love that your Dad got turned! That Henry could turn a rock lol!

  465. himmiefan said

    Hi everybody!!

    Anne – so what’s the scoop? What’s the purpose of your trip? Enjoy the palm trees and great weather!

    Claire – much sympathies! Poor little Elijan – flying Legos!

  466. msgypsy said

    New topic is up at

    Gotta go. Only 45,000 words to go, give or take…

  467. Anne said

    Himmie –

    Steve Bacic is at this convention – his stage thing is supposed to start in 35 minutes.

    Madonna – lots of interesting stuff on the google group – what especially do you mean?

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