There’s something about that electric green….

Welcome to a new week, bloggren. And remember, “Telling you would kind of defeat the purpose of ‘best if you don’t know.'”

My Nano novel is coming along decently for the second day. At least I’ve introduced the victim and the suspect. But I haven’t introduced the murderer yet… (Yes, it’s a murder mystery.)

Gab away, my lovelies…



  1. Margaret said

    The more episodes we get the harder its going to be to let Blood Ties go. Let hope Lifetime comes to their senses.

  2. Margaret said

    Wow, I’m first and get the picture of Dylan. What a way to end the week.

  3. lwildstar said

    I’m in the top three again – ok top two – cus Mags posted twice!
    Just checking in before setteling in for BT!

  4. Anzia said


    Okay so everyone (meaning all the regional sales reps) have found out that Anzia makes a nice little assistant and are now all having me plan their meetings when they do promotional weeks in target cities. Now, that’s not A BAD thing (it’s really like playing w/a huge logic problem…and i LOOOOOVE me some logic problems). The bad thing comes when my boss and my boss’ boss (the VP of the entire company) all get angry at one sales rep for what he wants me to do and tell me NOT to do it and I get emails from the rep telling me I should be doing it. Very annoying. VERY VERY annoying. Then the other one i’m actively working on isn’t telling me if he’s scheduling anything so i’m working on a blind schedule telling people that i THINK they’re going to be scheduled for certain times and that i’ll have the sales rep get back to them to confirm for sure. All because the bozo can’t freakin’ email me a simple updated schedule for the week when he fills in a slot. OR just tell me i’m doing it ’cause at this point i’m running it like I am and just having him confirm and deal with time changes if the need arises. WAH! GRRR!

    Mostly because at the same time, people have come to realize that i CAN do my job and I do it well so i’ve been giving 2 other tasks on top of my original task that i’m supposed to be oding. SO, i’m running around like a chicken w/no head trying to play middle field of all the drama and stress going on w/my superiors… damn, I knew I shoulda taken dance lessons!

    Okie…done now… gonna go to bed. I’m soo bloody tired!

  5. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Checking in, just finished Moonlight the chick vamp Lola is dating the fine Mr. O’Loughlin. She was mean and deserved to die baaaaddddd vamp!
    Well I’m going to get myself a drink and settle in to see *Bugged* should be interesting to say the least. Will check in if not too late or tired, have to work tomorrow.

    In case I don’t get back XXOXOXOXO Je t’aime Beaucoup my sista’s !

    Reves doux d’Henri (forget the bugs)


  6. vicki said


    I can see the words “No one likes a perky goth” on a wooden plague.


    The Diva

  7. prtfvr said

    Red silk underwear…OMG!!!!! *DROOL* That’s it. I’m totally befuddled now. Phew! Time to break out the old finger! πŸ˜‰

  8. prtfvr said

    Ok, I’m LOVING this episode! The sound’s kinda hinky though. It’s like they’re talking in an auditorium. Hopefully, the iTunes version will sound better.

    And, speaking of iTunes…I’m guessing that since iTunes didn’t sell this episode ahead of air time like the last two, that they were cutting into broadcast advertising money. Too bad because I LOVED having it early!

    The commercials have been at a better age range, or more varied. I usually don’t watch commercials but I’m really hung up on seeing who’s supporting BT and who isn’t.

    So far, if I have depression, asthma and identity theft issues, I’m covered. πŸ˜‰

  9. prtfvr said

    And what’s up with Coreen’s eye make up? It’s been steadily losing definition the entire episode. She looks like a raccoon. Sheesh!

  10. prtfvr said

    WTF?! NO previews?!! >:I

  11. Margaret said

    Well, we now know what Henry wears, red silk, oh boy……

    Prtfvr: You worried about Correen’s eye makeup and I’m still stuck on Henry’s underwear. lol.

  12. prtfvr said

    Mags, if you’re stuck on Henry’s underwear…well, I just can’t tell you the image that popped into my mind! πŸ˜‰

  13. Margaret said

    Come to the Henry House. Claire: Where are you?

  14. prtfvr said

    Need I say that there are some sleepy hens in the Hen House right now?

  15. Chery said

    Yes, Henry’s underwear, drool…………. I loved that Henry and Mike had to work together.
    The layers and depth to the show is better and better.
    I hope that Life Time is smart enough to renew this show……….but who knows it is getting harder, I agree with Margaret to let go if they do not renew and all we have is one season and a DVD.

  16. catcornmom said

    So is the Christine episode next week? Did they really ever explain why bug girl was after Vicki? Could Coreen’s eye liner have been any heavier? Did they really use a forklift on that gal’s hair?? And if anyone watched Moonlight….where can we get some of that vampire blood???

    Ok, I think those are all my questions.

  17. catcornmom said

    So is the Christine episode next week? Did they really ever explain why bug girl was after Vicki? Could Coreen’s eye liner have been any heavier? Did they really use a forklift on that gal’s hair?? And if anyone watched Moonlight….where can we get some of that vampire blood???

    Ok, I think those are all my questions.

  18. Jennifer said

    Hi….I liked this episode, and LOVED watching Henry and Mike work together which was pretty funny. I’m quite surprised Mike actually agreed to do it. And as usual Kyle looked FABULOUS!!!!!! Poor Coreen,how could she stand all that thick goth makeup??? And I thought certainly she might die in this episode!! Glad she didn’t!!!! I can’t wait to see the next episode to see Christine show up. She IS in the next one,right? I am going to try my very,very best to try & write to lifetime to BEG them not to take away Blood Ties!!!! This show is way too great to be cancelled!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!

  19. lwildstar said

    Laurel – I’ve left the henhouse and I’m heaading to bed – will email you tomorrow!

    oh my poor Henry – you could just feel his pain over telling Vicki to leave – but he did show up in the end, just in time!


  20. himmiefan said

    Kitten posters! I love it!! πŸ™‚

    This really was one of the best episodes. Great writing. I love Henry and Mike working together. Oh, and the pathologist ( I can’t begin to spell her name). Great acting with the toad licking comment and the way she darted her eyes.

    Well, off to bed. I can’t wait for next week’s episode!

  21. himmiefan said

    Oh yeah, the windshield wiper was a nice touch. Cute!

  22. msgypsy said

    The Portland Gang was up until 1 AM. Well, we were up later, but we left Elizabeth’s house at 1. I’m still up and it’s THREE in the morning. And I have to be ready to leave tomorrow at noon. WHY am I still awake, you ask? It’s because now that I’ve watched “Bugged” twice and “5:55: once more, I’m too keyed up to sleep! And all the good food and laughing didn’t help much, either. So I’m just dropping in to say hi, then I’ll see if reading will help….

    It would appear Coreen moonlights (no pun intended) as a geisha. Yeah, the eyeliner was bad but that wig!!!!! WTF was THAT all about?

    I absolutely adore Mohadevan in this one and I didn’t miss Kate at all. I could have done with fewer bugs, though. Cockroaches are a major ick for me.

    I’m finally starting to feel a tad sleepy. Type at you later, bloggerini.

  23. vicki said

    hey girls…

    LOVED this episode…cant wait for the next one…poor Henry so torn about Christine and trying to keep Vicki safe…Ahhhhh

    OMG…red silk….I am SOOoo not surprised!!! What else would a prince wear?????? Royalty has its privaleges….HEHEHE

    ANd how much do I love the fact that VIcki figured out what they were doing??? Strong capable woman!!!!!!!!! YES!

    The Diva

  24. rifkind said

    It sounds like the Portland Sisters had a great time together. It is so great that Blood Ties has brought toghether our little family!

  25. lwildstar said

    here are the new totals after last nights voting …..
    Blood Ties (2006) 2273….keep voting!

  26. lwildstar said

    Vicki said “OMG…red silk….I am SOOoo not surprised!!! What else would a prince wear?????? ”

    Dark Purple silk – purple is the color of royalty….but as long as its silk who cares what color it is…..oh the visons last ight!!!!

  27. vicki said


    ican so picture him in nothing…………….hehehehe

    on a bed of silk….color ANY ONE WILL DO

  28. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good Morning My SiSTA’S!!!!

    I so adore Kyle as I watched him and was just amazed at the depth he has at 23 just blows me away. I felt so bad for him when he found the dead chick @ his door and having to tell Vicki he was busy. My heart went out to him. It was such a HUGE feat to ask Mike for help but Henry’s coooool and is CLearly the bigger man. I loved the line *I’m the Devil you know*. When Vicki came to his apt. and he almost winced as he was walking to the door dreading another dead body. This was an awesome episode and cannot wait to see next week’s w/Christina. Ooooh I loved Mike’s Boyscout pledge to not try and kill Henry w/any of the ways Henry told him to destroy vampires. Comedic stuff in there also that Vicki didn’t see herself not dressed for the Goth club I love her she’s a trip πŸ˜€

  29. lwildstar said

    I thought Henry winced because he knew it was Vicki – like the last time – he always knows when its her…and he didn’t want to face her…
    I agree Kyle was fabulous last night – the range of emotion – one minute he’s being arrogant with Mike and the next he looks like he ready to cry or bang his head against the wall over Vicki…
    I loved the whole last minute resuce with the van…splat…and the look on his face when Vicki said sweet ride…..
    I’ve already watched it again this morning……

  30. laurel said

    I’m checking in to prove that I am awake. I can’t believe we stayed at Elizabeth’s so late. Sorry E… and THANK YOU!
    I had trouble falling asleep last night too. Could have been the espresso in the chocolate tarts. πŸ™‚ Wow, Gypsy made a green-bean chinese dish that was beyond yummy. And Nisi’s carrot salad w/a touch of cinnamon…wow! Chocolate truffles with Turkish chili powder – Hot stuff!!! Yum.
    Wait a minute – that probably explains the really weird dreams! LOL

  31. laurel said

    AHA! Bugged is finally up on iTunes.
    Catcornmomma – I was sure it was my fault it didn’t show up. I can’t cheer for the home team at football games either. I suspect you know what I’m talking about. 😦

  32. Margaret said

    Well, they must not have been about Henry or we’d be hearing about them right? lol

  33. msgypsy said

    Laurel, if that’s the case, then please cheer for Indianapolis. (I was born in Boston. And I’m old enough to remember the Pats as underdogs. It’s in my blood and I still love them…)

    I, too, thought Henry’s leaning on the door was to because he could hear that it was Vicki and he was bracing himself. He can’t “sense” Vicki from a distance, but once she gets close enough he apparently can hear the heartbeat and identify her (he’s said this a few times.)

    I think I’ve worked out how Vicki figured it all out (the other vampire thing.) She put loose facts together and came up with:

    (a) Mike is working a “Jane Doe” case he doesn’t want her to know about. (After “Heart of Fire,” would Mike tell Vicki if he thought he had a vampire killing to deal with? So she’s assumed it was something that looked vampirish.)

    (b) Henry is cutting HER off but not cutting Mike off. So he’s not protecting himself like he would have been were this another “Heart of Fire” situation.

    (c) She peeked behind Mike at the studio and, while she didn’t have time to get a GOOD look, she could see the glint and tell it was a blade and not a firearm. She’s seen Henry’s pointy things (NO not that pointy thing. And, no, not his teeth, either, although she has seen them…) collection and can figure out Henry gave the blade to Mike for some reason.

    (b) Vicki is a smart woman and good with math….

    BTW, I don’t think either Henry or Vicki ever heard Norman say, “Sweet ride,” so her saying that about the van (Where did Henry get a van???)) is almost like a shout-out to the fans. I think Denis McGrath is a smart cookie and he knows a memorable line when he hears one.

    Seeing Henry and Mike both staring at Vicki with forced innocence in their eyes? PRICELESS!!!!!

    And last night I thought this ep ought to have come BEFORE “5:55” but I’ve changed my mind. I’m paraphrasing Henry here: “If we’re being bluntly honest, I don’t like you either. But Vicki trusts you with her life and that’s good enough for me.” That fits perfectly with “You would die for him, wouldn’t you?” So it all fits after all. The one that should come after it is (I’m dreadful at episode names) the were-cat one. Something had to have made Henry finally LIKE Mike…

    My weird dreams were caused by seeing all those nasty roaches! I hope the actors who had to let the damn things crawl on them got hazardous duty pay!

    I am really over-analyzing this and I really need to go shower and get ready to play SCA…

  34. laurel said

    “Wild Blood” was the were-cat one. hehehe
    I know way too much about this series.

    lwildstar – I have to run around with my daughter for a couple of hours and we are just leaving now. I will send you an e-mail too. Moonbeam is still here and we are

  35. Anne said

    Weren’t those bugs cgi bugs?

    I just finished watching it πŸ™‚

    I need to watch it again – didn’t the bug lady say something like there’s open season on Vicki? Probably because of the demon brands.

  36. Nisi said

    Thanks E. Had soooo much fun last night!

    I thought it was open season on Vicki because of Christina sending the other Vamp after Henry.

  37. msgypsy said

    I think Christina has declared open season on Vicki, because of Henry. As for cgi bugs, someone last night (I think it was Moonbeam) pointed out how carefully Coreen avoided stepping on them. It looked to her like someone had said, “Now, Gina, we paid big bucks for those bugs and you’d better not so much as sprain one of their feelers!” (Or words to that effect…)

    My SCA event will be going on without me. I was in a food-sharing and ride-sharing group and they’re not going after all. There’s flu going around and I don’t think any of us wants to catch it. An unexpected day off means I can spend the entire day in my nightgown, I can easily get my word count up to where it needs to be in my novel, and I can re-watch “Bugged.” Or not. I think I want a day off from the roaches….Maybe I’ll re-watch “Wild Blood” instead.

  38. lwildstar said

    Laurel – I’m home now!

    email me to let me know youre back….

  39. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies!

    Just thought I’d drop in to say hi! Can’t comment on the episode since have a few weeks to wait before I see it.

    Just got home – spent quite a bit of time wandering the Chapters bookstore after my hair appointment. Good thing I don’t want to pay full price for books otherwise I could have walked out of there with about 100 of them! They are way cheaper to order from the store online and I can usually find the hardcover versions cheaper than the American list price if I wait a bit.

    Since I know some of you are curious, my hair turned out well. I was a bit squeamish since I’ve never actually coloured all of my hair. But he combined the colours so that it matched my natural hair colour really closely. The red is there but it is sort of subdued. You can see it in the sun and direct light. It is just going to take a bit of getting used to. I keep expecting to see blonde at the ends of my hair! I’m going to go a bit more auburn next time. He said that if we add too much red I’ll end up with ‘crazy red’ hair! LOL! And I got him to curl it up with nice big curls. I’ll be hiding out at home tomorrow though since I can’t wash it for 48 hours!

  40. Nisi said

    Ladies – I put my truffle recipe on the bake sale cookbook thread. They were a hit last night. πŸ™‚

  41. lwildstar said

    I started reading Tuesdays with Morrie – since Kyle recommended it (he he he ) at I must say its a good book – I’ve almost finished it after just two hours – its a quick read – I have found it to be very inspirational…I think the person who read it before me did as well – there are a lot of passages underlined and stared – I hate it when people write in books – but any way so far I like all the lines he/she underlined….i wonder how long ago Kyle read it – being this is one of his favorite books – it says a lot about him…
    ok I’m off – kjust waiting for Laurel to check in….

  42. msgypsy said

    Ladies, I was just visiting a blog I haven’t been to in six months and was reminded that it is time on that blog to start the Secret Santa organizing. Which made me wonder, do we want to do a Secret Santa on this blog? I know I’ll be giving gifts to many of my bloggerini anyway, and I think a lot of us are planning the same. But Secret Santa is for one gift, a specialized on, specific to the recipient, and from someone known only to the organizer. And the gift-giver, of course. I could be the organizer and remove myself from the game to make it fair, and I’ll let folks send things to me to be forwarded if some of you don’t want to share your addresses.

    What do you all think? On the other blog we set a $25 limit and we can set an even lower limit here if folks prefer, but it was a ball and everyone got something wonderful.

    I have to get back to my novel now. Or die trying!

  43. msgypsy said

    Frejya, it sounds like you’re handling the situation with way more aplomb (is that a real word?) than I could ever manage to do in the same situation. I’m glad you’re in good spirits and I’m confident something wonderful will happen for you real soon. I can’t explain why but I am. (If you DO end up in Vancouver, and I have the same feeling everyone has that you will, we must make plans to meet when the cruise ship docks in Victoria in May. I realize it’s a bit of a drive but compare it to the trip all the way up from Portland!)

    Nisi, that recipe is making me drool again! You’re SO mean! ROTFLMAO!!!!!! I’ll put my green bean recipe in as soon as I can figure out more exact measurements than “some soy sauce, but I used tamari this time” and “just add galangal, however much.”

  44. laurel said

    Moonbeam here BT family, Laurel showed me her fancy set up and it’s no wonder she ended up watching 20++++ times while doing who know what on this computer. This screen really lends itself for an Up-close look-see at our fav. vampire and detective; my-oh-my!

    We sure had a blast last night! It was just what I needed after a long haul of conferences and getting home after 7:00 all last week, especially since I arrive at work before seven…sigh. Big Fun was had by ALL. I’m sure looking forward to the next event.

    As for now, I’ve got to drive back home and do more school work. Nice break! Oh Yeah! I think I might watch BT again tonight:>) miss taking the time to get on here~been lurking now and then, but ahhhh so burnt and busy.

  45. lwildstar said

    Hi Moonbeam!
    Hi Laurel! – tag youer it! waitng on you…..

  46. laurel said

    Iwildstar, she’s getting the girl ready for the Homecoming Dance! We got the pretty red dress today! Ooh Laa Laa!

  47. lwildstar said

    have her send me a picture when she gets the chance…;)

  48. Danae said

    Hello Bellas

    OMG! My heart broke for both Henry and Vicki when he said I think we should not see each other for awhile. I could tell it was just killing him and she seemed so confused. I had my eyes covered whenever the bugs were on.

    Vicki, don’t worry. I am making a list of good lines from the episodes. I am thinking of doing something different then wood plaques this time though.

    Gypsy, I love the idea of a secret Santa. I don’t mind giving my address out. Just needs to be done via email obviously.

  49. Danae said

    MamaClaireBear has been quite absent lately. I hope she isn’t to sick. I hope she is feeling better. Is everyone else that got sick after visiting Claire? I seem to be the only one that didn’t get sick. I got a sinus attack but it wasn’t what you all had.

  50. Danae said

    I’m surprised I didn’t have nightmares just from the sound of the bugs.

  51. Anzia said

    i must confess. I haven’t seen the epi yet. 😦

  52. msgypsy said

    Okay I might be imagining things so would someone please check the video at this site and let me know if you think that’s Gina doing the voice over.

    Okay, back to the murder mystery.

  53. rifkind said

    So Gypsy, are you asking about the person doing the demonstration?
    If so, she is not Gina..
    You get to see her a bit more in this demo
    What is this stuff, some kind of wallpaper or vinyl wall covering? Seems like it would be VERY expensive

  54. vicki said


    I didnt get sick,,,,,and I cant afford to….this weekend I got two gigs….one on Friday night and one on Sat. night….

    The Diva

  55. lwildstar said

    here are the new totals after last nights voting …..
    Blood Ties (2006) 2454
    Thats up what 200 over night?

  56. laurel said

    Good morning! I have to get ready to leave in a few minutes but wanted to check in. I see the blog’s clock did not reset to Standard time last night so I am now seriously messed up about when you all were here.

    For those of you who asked – No one took video of the Portland Group watching 5:55! There is no evidence to prove an intervention might be necessary.
    And yes, I am watching it – again – while I type this. πŸ™‚

    Because I can!

  57. Margaret said

    I know we discussed it here before but does anyone know when Kyle’s appearance on the Missing episode is?

  58. Arrowyn said

    Is Missing still on? I thought his Missing episode was an old one. I think Anne (?) said it was in season 3, but only seasons 1 & 2 are out on DVD. I also think I read that he’s in a coma in a hospital bed the whole time. No lines. But, who knows, I’ve been wrong before!

  59. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Wildstar – I went and voted a few times yesterday. Not 200 times, mind you! πŸ˜‰

    I had a panic moment this morning when I thought I got out of bed really late. I panicked until I got up and saw the time on my digital cable box – yes, I forgot to change my clocks last night! Leave it to me to completely forget that. I got away with never having to do it for the first 27 years of my life. Unfortunately, it gets dark just that much earlier at the end of the day now. ;-(

  60. lwildstar said

    freyja – LOL!!! I did that one year! I was up online with Laurel til 2am so the only clock I changed was the one on the nightstand – and changed the rest this morning – I didn’t get up until 11:30 – so that was really afternoon!
    I’ve been like a potato all day – but I did manage to get the laundry done…..

    I went and checked out heyneilson again – BT is still #3 but more trolls are posting – its only brought the nubmers down 2.5% but Jerico is starting to catch up – problem is other than posting opinions and commenting and rating other opinions you can only vote once – unless you want to make another account to vote again – but you’d have to make new accounts to keep voting – thats a bit much!

    oh well – I’m outta here!

  61. lwildstar said

    Gypsy – I like the idea of the Secret Snata – we do something similar at work – only we made a game ou of it – every one brings in a gift and we put them in a big pile then draw numbers – you can steal a gift from someone who went before you – it can get real interesting (I cheated last year to get the AMEx gift card – bad girl!)…but I always make something small for each co-worker – everybody gets a handmade ornament….


  62. Margaret said

    Missing has been canceled but Lifetime shows it once in a while. I think the one where he was in a coma wasn’t a missing one.

  63. lwildstar said

    heres a link I found to an old written interview with Kyle
    wish it had been a video interveiw. πŸ˜‰ .but its pretty good….

  64. prtfvr said

    Bugs: Some were CGI some were real. The roaches they used (Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches) are normally the bugs used when they want to show big creepy roaches. I think that they’re rain forest type bugs so I don’t think you’ll find any in your Cherios any time soon. πŸ˜‰

  65. prtfvr said

    Oh, and I’m still sick. I have a terrible “call the doctor in the morning and get an anti-biotic” sinus infection. I’m whooped! Been working on the house all weekend too.

    Basement flooded during that huge rain we had the 5:55 weekend and it STILL smells! It was shampoo’d yesterday and it just stinks. I don’t know what to do. We haven’t had a flood like that in the house for at least 5 years. Figures it happens when we’re getting ready to sell. The mold smell is gone and has now moved to cat piss smell phase. We don’t have cats so it’s even MORE annoying!

  66. vicki said


    OUch…that’s got to suck big time..would Frebreeze helP?????

    dont feel to bad…I have the driveway from hell…no one will even come and look at my house when we put it on the market…Straight up…nose bleed….knock off your muffler kinda of driveway…FUN….especially in winter…

    The Diva

    Watched Bugged again…Ohhh Henry’s face….wOw can that boy emote or what????

  67. lwildstar said

    prtfvr – sorry about the basement – I know what your’e going through…I had flooding for years (they only just fixed it 2 years ago) and the sump pump is always full – so I always have moisture in the basement…….I found this stuff in a magazine called HomeTrends – its volcanic rock – comes in net bags – it does help with the smell and absorbing the moisture in the air that lingers.(you recharge them by putting them in the sun for a few hours to dry them out)…..Damp Rid also works. I also recommend getting some boxes of baking soda to set around – they make the ones with the screen so you don’t have to worry about spilling it – that really helps with the cat pee smell……

    isn’t it interesteing the kind of things we know? he he he

  68. laurel said

    Gypsy – The clock on this blog didn’t make the jump to hyperspace… uh.. standard time. I think you have to reset it manually. Please.

  69. laurel said

    Has anyone been over to see if Tanya has a post up on LT? I haven’t had time to do it yet. Better yet, I’ll go check now.
    Be right back.

  70. laurel said

    Well, that answers that.
    No. Nothing. Nada.
    Thank heavens I’ve got all of you to lean on. I’m in need of the rose colored glasses…
    Now where did I put them?

  71. Margaret said

    It wasn’t up as of about an hour or so ago.

  72. I like the Secret Santa idea too! We used to do it at work, but now we just drag ourselves to a party and party:p

    Our automatic clock just keeps doing all kinds of moving. Too bad I can’t just depend on it to give me another Saturday or Sunday instead of a Monday tomorrow. Picking up sore throat and mega-dosing airborne, hope it works. It did last time. Sigh. . .. . .

  73. msgypsy said

    Testing…testing…testing the clock…

    Moonbeam, I’ve heard the Airborne can work miracles. I’ve never tried it but I do know that Zicam works miracles.

    We had craft day at Amy’s today and I made a box for the SCA event in December. I’m pretty proud of it. Might have to take and post a photo once it’s all dry and has the trim on it.

  74. laurel said

    Hi moombeam. Long time no see. πŸ™‚
    The girl had fun last night but still thinks it was pretty lame. Not into the music selections provided. “I don’t think that jumping up and down or swaying back and forth should be considered dancing. It was better than the last one I went to…. there were at least 5 good song, an increase from the 1 good song from last time” LOL

  75. laurel said

    Argh! It ate my post!
    I’m going to tell Gypsy!

  76. msgypsy said

    Okay, this is just flat annoying. My post got eaten by the blog fairies and isn’t in the spam bucket. Where the heck did it go?

    I did reset the time and I hope it catches up with us or us with it.

    Moonbeam, I don’t know much about Airborne but Zicam works miracles. I’ve heard good things about Airborne, too. GET BETTER!

    I spent the afternoon crafting at a friend’s house and I made a very pretty box for SCA use that turned out so good that once I put the finishing touches on it I may have to photograph it and show off…

  77. msgypsy said

    Oh, hey, the blog isn’t eating posts. It’s sorting by time and resetting the clock means my post (And Laurel’s) are now earlier than the even earlier ones.

    It’s like time travel. And I hate time travel. Unless the Doctor is involved.

  78. Anzia said

    I’m sorry prtmama. I hate that smell. *gags* My grandmother’s house smelled like it for as far back as I can remember. The flooding thing sucks to. The ONLY time there should be large amounts of water in one room is if it’s in a bath (or pool). I know you don’t want ’em but i’m givin’ ya a virtual hug. Love ya my adopted mama.

    Mamaclaire- I hope you’re feeling better. 😦 *hands over a thermos* Homemade chicken soup to make it all better. πŸ™‚ ((((HUGS))))

    Hi Moonbeam. Welcome home! ^_^ Hope all is well in your end of the woods.

  79. Anzia said

    *hands thermos to moonbeam* And some for you too.

    Anyone else want some soup???

  80. Madonna said

    Hey girls,

    It sounds like the Portland Group had a great time Friday. I’m happy for y’all!

    I really liked Bugged, minus the roaches that is. I loved the “I promise not to kill you with any of the ways you tell me.” bit. Loved the holy water. You know something though, the thing that really has me intrigued is the whole story about the vampire invasion in the Polish village. Was Henry the invader or the invadee? Could this have been a nod to his darker side?

    I too, also loved the kitten posters line.

    As far as Blood Ties’ fate….. Since we’ve been talking about the Polar Express, I’ll borrow a line from that. Say it with me now…… I believe. I believe. I believe. I BELIEVE!!!!!

    Ms. Gypsy,
    The Secret Santa thing sounds fun. Somebody just let me know the details.

    I’m sorry. I’ve really been out of it for the past two weeks. It sounds like you are dealing with your situation really well. Hope everything works out soon.

    Welcome back!

    I did get sick as well. That’s made this kidney thing that much more miserable.

    Where are you? Did we wear you out last weekend.


    You know what? I should be going back to work tomorrow, since my surgery isn’t until Tuesday, but I don’t think I’m gonna. It still hurts, although I’ve managed not to take any Percocet today until about 20 minutes ago and I still feel like I’ve gotta go all the time. Sorry, TMI, I know. Besides my doctor’s statement has me covered through Tuesday. And my boss can’t legally let me come back unless it is in writing.

    If I can find few minutes tomorrow I’ll send out my pics from the Reston trip.

    You know how they say when it rains it pours?

    Well, I found out my cousin is in the hospital yesterday. He was apparently admitted just as I was checking out. I don’t think they know what is wrong with him yet.

    And…. My aunt was admitted to the hospital last night. She has a severe urinary tract infection and a bowel obstruction. SHEESH………

  81. Madonna said

    Hi Anzia! Looks like we posted at the same time.

  82. Anzia said

    Hi Madonna. ^_^ I posted and fled…i’m struggling to stay awake to finish the show playing on my comp. it’s not gonna work though… 😦

    So sad that at 22 i’m in bed by 10pm every night. *sigh*

  83. Madonna said

    Don’t worry about it. As Donna Summers sang “You work hard for the money.” I know how the work week can carry over into the weekend. (((((((((HUGS)))))))))) Oh, and when I was 22 and I had the OPPORTUNITY to go to bed at 10, I took it!

    Hi there! I just shot you an email. Let me know if you have any problems with it.

    Well everyone,
    The Percocet is in full gear now and I’m heading to bed. I’ll talk to you all on the morrow.

  84. laurel said

    Wow, I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!
    Madonna – I’m glad you are not going in to work tomorrow. You need to get past this and feel better. You are very much in my prayers tonight, you and your family. Sheesh, you all need some TLC. I can only offer the virtual kind for now, but know you are loved and we’ll be waiting to hear how you’re doing.

    I lost at least two posts to the “great beyond” earlier today and they still haven’t shown up. Rats.
    I’m trying to find Gypsy. Guess I might just have to call her on the phone. Oh, dear! :0P

  85. laurel said

    Good night all. I’m off to finish the first 2000 words of my story. Watch out Gypsy! I might just catch up with you.

  86. msgypsy said

    Anzia, I can’t make it past 11 and I woke up close to noon today. So don’t feel bad at all about an early bedtime!

    Laurel, I need to introduce you to word wars. They’re fun and you have no idea how much halfway decent writing you can get done under that kind of pressure. (I’m planning to hit 5000 before I go to bed tonight.)

    Did everyone who thought they’d lost posts find them? It was because I updated the time on the blog; stuff posted after I did that went ahead of the stuff posted before, until it all caught up a few hours ago.

  87. Anne said

    Wildstar – I’ve had the Starrymag interview listed on Kyle’s media page and on BloodtiesCentral link page for a while now – go check if there are others you’ve missed πŸ˜‰

    I finally uplaoded the D.O.A. gallery – since I’m so late you will already ahve seen the pictures, but I have a nice long quotes section and interesting trivia – if I do say so myself πŸ˜‰

    Get well everyone!

  88. Madonna said

    Good morning girls,

    I didn’t sleep a wink. Oh well.

    I found this in my Blood Ties searching this morning. Thought you all might like to see it.

  89. Margaret said

    Madonna: Are you the one who’s bidding against me ever 5 seconds. Just want to know who I’m dealing with. lol

  90. lwildstar said

    I bidded this morning Mags!

    they haven’t updated the totals from over the weekend yet – but don’t forget to vote – I’m hoping we get over 3000 this week….

    and LT still doesn’t have Tanyas blog up.

    Over the weekend some friends and I discussed the possibility that LT has been dragging its feet becuase of the US writters strike – but weren’t we told this wouldn’t affect Canada or BT?

    OH WELL…time to get to work….

  91. Margaret said

    Ah ha, it was you. lol. Yes, we were told the strike would not affect the
    Canadian Writers.

  92. Maddie Mo said

    Morning all!!!

    I really liked this epi. Loved the comment about the red silk and Loved seeing Mike and Henry working together. I wanted to cry when Henry told Vicki they shouldn’t see each other for a while. Did Henry ever answer Mike when Mike asked him which vamp he was, when Henry was telling the story about the polish villiage????

  93. Claire said

    Good Monday my lovelies!
    Been MIA due to internet problems and sick.I now have the cough from hell,as do 2 of the quads,Gregory and Alexandria.
    Friday Nikki was sent home from work…PINK EYE!!!!
    she gave it to me,a mild case,just pain,no redness.
    Sunday Brittany woke up with pretty bad case,called in sick to work!
    Now,the quads have two days off school for parent teacher conferences,and I was running around all weekend getting stuff ready for their 8th birthday this coming Saturday.
    I know it’s late to comment on the epi..but I had to say EWWWWW!!!
    while I loved,loved Henry in this epi,I had a hard time watching it! I absolutely hate and skeeve roaches! especially huge ones that crunch!
    every week I get a little more sick of Coreen!

    I haven’t even had time to check our google group! Jeeze,I probably have 500 emails!
    Well have to go do chores,I have 4 telephone conferences to do with teachers since I can’t make it to the school feeling like crap.
    I hope all of my sistas are ok and here are the Halloween pics I promised!

    Je t’aime

  94. lwildstar said

    the numbers are up! Blood Ties (2006) 2644….keep voting! I want 3000 by the end of the week.

    The Bugged Blog isup at LT!!!!

  95. Himmiefan said

    Madonna, honey, we’re all thinking about you! Hugs!

    Prtfvr – hope you’re feeling better. Much, much sympathy about the water and the smell. Vick’s Vapor Rub under the nostrels. Worked in Silence of the Lambs.

    Claire – okay, touch your eyes, then go touch your former landlord. Should do the trick. Hope you get better soon too!!

    Remember folks, no one likes a perky goth. πŸ™‚

  96. lwildstar said

    LOL!! I love that line! “no one likes a perky goth”

    And you are right maddie – Henry never really answered Mike – he just said he was the one who survived……..hummmmm……

    I hope everyone is doing better today…

    Madonna – major hugs – surgery is tomorrow right?

    I just snuck in while something is printing – I’ll be back at lunch……

  97. Margaret said

    Hugs to all of you who need it. Tried to get someone hooked at work and this is the first time I didn’t succeed. He didn’t like the writing or acting. I told him he was entitled to his own opinion but many of us here would watch Kyle read a Phone Book and still think it was pretty damn sexy. Can’t afford to piss the guy off too much though, I need him to fix a faucet in my bathroom and you know how much plumbers costs. (Fortunately, he’s a planner now and supposed likes me, just not my shows and has offered to fix it for me).

  98. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas

    Happy Monday!

    Thanksgiving is 2 and a half weeks away! Can you believe it?

    MamaClaire it looks like you got hit the hardest with the sickness. The quads looked great in there costumes but which one was the black spidey and which is the regular? Mya and Jake looked so adorable.

    What lines from the show do you all want to see on plaques and pictures. I’ve already got No one likes a perky goth, I will not be Fate’s bitch, I don’t need a sexual advance, I am one.

    I am only looking for lines from this season. Not the first 12 episodes. I think i got that pretty much covered.

  99. Danae said

    Oh I think this is the how the line went-Truth can very stimulating or something like that. I have that one down too.

  100. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies, just a quick drop-in!

    Thank you to everyone who has passed along best wishes. I feel like I’m on a long weekend, albeit a very extended one. I actually had the time this weekend to enjoy one of the things I love best – reading! I stopped reading for fun during 3rd year of law school because I was just sick of having to read so much stuff every day. Now I have a big pile of books to get through and tons more that are on my wish list at Chapters.

    There isn’t much worth watching on tv either and with the strike set to take effect, I don’t think there will be much on during the day. More time to read! And no, Canada is not affected. We have our own industry and unions (the performers are members of ACTRA – you will see that in the credits at the end of productions). I’m crossing my fingers hoping that this will entice the American networks to purchase Canadian programming that isn’t affected by the strike!

    Okay, now I have to get back to the laundry.

  101. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good Morning! Buongiorno! Bonjour Mes Amis!!! I awoke with a smile on my face after can I say a very yummy dream this morning. Fell asleep w/Henry and may I say I’d love to wake up like that every morning! πŸ˜‰ Ahhhhhhhhh heavy sigh and re-watched *bugged* again while getting ready this morning. I took it that our little Henry was the vamp that wiped out the Polish village. He was the survivor and Mike said he wasn’t liking it when Henry told him the story. Now I can soooo be wrong but that’s how it came across to me. I think he really needed a hug on this ep, my heart went out to him. This Friday’s should be some serious too that damned Christina and she is soooooo drawn that way too!

    My *Saints* kicked some serious Jacksonville Jag’s butt yesterday !!! Whooo hoooo we screamed and whooped it up big time. It was an awesome game and unfortunately my Peyton Manning lost yesterday (he’ll always be my home boy) for anybody who likes football oh and LSU beat Alabama (sorry my Tango) πŸ˜‰ this weekend was a wild and fun ride for me.

    Madonna, my sweetie I hope all goes well tomorrow *No Worries* you’ll be fine and dandy like chocolate candy πŸ˜€

    Claire Belle, thank God I haven’t had Pink Eye in years badddddd stuff and I love that *Punkin’ Jake* , looked like everyone had a great time and tell Nikki I loved her costume the best πŸ˜‰ too funny that would be my kind of costume. Feel better soon my sweet sista’!!

    Prtfvr, I can feel for ya’ after the moldy smell that hung around here after Katrina damp and musky suck ! Hope you get well soon too, HUGS!!!!

  102. Danae said

    Canadian programming like a little show we have all heard of called Blood Ties? I haven’t watched it yet but I heard it is good. Has anyone else seen it? How is it? Any good?


  103. Margaret said

    Funny, you mention that boss lady. I just happened to mention that on one of the Blogs this morning, as in: This is a Canadian show with canadian writers and we’re looking at a strike with American Writers, how hard should that decision be to make, duh! And after a lot of us gripped about how they were treating Tanya mysterously her blog appearance, coincidence, maybe, maybe not. Mooohaaaa.

  104. Anne said

    Someone finaly posted the Bllod Tie Theme on Youtube – recorded on a phone, so the sound isn’t great.

  105. lwildstar said

    Good afternoon ladies!
    I am just dragging here today……..i just couldn’t get up this morning.

    Gypsy – what happened with the writting contest? I started a story…but alas never finished it…did anyone else write?

    And speaking of writing _ think after I check in and vote I will go work on mine…

  106. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Strangely enough on my computer at home when I boot up , close or open a window at some point in time the Blood Ties theme music that we get here is on my computer. How I got it is beyond me and it’s a trip don’t know where or when I got it funny πŸ˜€ though.

    Gotta go do some voting be back soon.

  107. Danae said

    Dang I forgot about the writing contest. I’d like to try something. I didn’t know any of the details though. Was it to be a certain length, genre, style, etc?

  108. Danae said

    Does it matter if it is adult or children or for anyone?

  109. Danae said

    Eerie Diz, very eerie.

  110. cdnfreyja said

    Danae and Margaret, my point exactly. The networks need programming – we’re producing up here. Why not fill the networks with a little Canadian talent now?

  111. laurel said

    lwildstar – I know Gypsy mentioned that no one had submitted anything for the writing contest – I think it supposed to be about the “accident” where Vicki shot Mike – as mentioned in episode 1. She won’t have time to look at them until November is over (thanks to NaNoWriMo) so you can still finish it and send it. I hope you all participate in this one. It should be interesting.

    Gypsy – If I got the wrong contest info… sorry.

    Diz – I should be so lucky. I don’t have any music coming on but finally did shut up the voice that was speaking every letter I typed. Wheeew!

  112. Himmiefan said

    Denis McGrath has mentioned a lot of Canadian shows that I’d love to see. Now would be the perfect time to show them. Of course, I guess the point is for the American networks and studios to suffer so they’ll give the American writers their demands (which don’t seem to be unreasonable). Oh well….

  113. lwildstar said

    I posted the draft in the group – I’ll try and get back to it…..funny how things slip away – I’ve been so focused on the demon story that I haven’t even worked on the short Henry/Vicky story I was doing – the sequel part two…oh well – maybe I’ll post that in draft form as well…

    Well my dears lunch is over – people kept bugging me so i am lingering in my return…I hate when they do that.

    i want to try and vote one more time beofre I have to return to work…I did catch up on emails and went to LT to read the blog – it looks like they are having that issue again where not all the posts show up until you log in – and them update over night…geeze…..

    on the writer thing – I joined ASCAP to get credit for the song I helped write (The person who produced it only put his anme on the song even thoug we have co ownership and copyrite) any way you have to sign a paper in regards to online downloads aknowledging that your work could be downloaded and that you may never see money for it…..they are working on that. Actually I don’t know if I’ll ever see any money for the song – but it ticked me off that he didn’t even list me as the person who wrote the lyrics!

    talk to you later!

  114. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Dani girl πŸ˜€ I know how wierd is that I guess my Dell @ home is a Blood Ties lover too. I’m so technically challenged somedays that when I booted up one day and the tune played I was like what the hell ??? But it’s cool with me 😎 oh and BTW *Lady Bug Amber* adorable I was having email trouble at home and didn’t get a chance to tell you how cute she was. Do you have the Hey Nielsen thingy I was doing my voting duty and I guess didn’t save that one to my fav’s here.

    Laurel, I would much rather here the BT tune than the typing demon talking to me, that’s a trip I guess it’s a Mac thing huh? SPeaking of Mac I’m soooo happy with my iPod that I’m treating myself to an iPhone πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› Happy dance can’t wait to get it I looooove my iPod just like you and watch my shows more than using it at the gym (heee heee heeee).

  115. Danae said

    Sure thing, here it is.

    Yeah Amber knows she’s cute. I have to tell my landlady to stop telling her how cute and pretty she is because I am afraid she will become conceited and overly vain.

  116. Danae said

    Wow! It is really dead here today. Either that or I am banned from reading posts and everyone is posting and I can’t see them.

  117. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Dani I’m just getting back from lunch and thought I would have missed an hour or so but heck it’s just you and me kid πŸ˜€ Well if that’s the case lets talk Henry or Kyle either is fine with me πŸ˜‰

    I loved when Vicki told Mike and Henry that she knew about the vamp they were looking for and the way they looked at each other. They both thought the other told her. Henry was so concerned fir both of them and I was feeling so sorry for hin, he almost looked like he could have cried 😦

  118. Danae said

    Yeah but when she walked in on them they looked like they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. That was funny. It broke my heart when he told Vicki that they shouldn’t see each other for awhile. He looked like it was hurting him so much. It really moved me. Kyle is one awesome actor. He can only get better .

  119. msgypsy said

    Laurel, you are correct about the contest. Deadline will be sometime in December, and the topic is When Vicki Shot Mike, but told from Henry’s perspective hearing the story from each of them in turn.

    That’s all I have time for today. My lunch hour is cut in half today and hopefully I’ll get to leave on time and work on the novel!

  120. Danae said

    Well now Dizey is gone. It is time for me to go home now anyway.

    Ciao bellas!

  121. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Sorry Dani , I had another customer go figure. Bye Girlie see ya’ tomorrow πŸ˜‰

    Yep today was definitely a wierd one, maybe the Devil we know is playing games with us (I WISH! )

    Claire baby where are youuuuuuuu???? Prtfvr, Tango all MIA!

  122. Margaret said

    Ladies: Santa Claus still lives. After months, I MEAN MONTHS, of waiting on an autographed photo from young master Schmid I got a cast photo in the mail, signed by him. (Its the picture of all three of them, Henry is glaring at Mike, Mike is looking at Vicki, and Vicki is looking straight ahead). But no return letter, now I guess that would be greedy. Whoever wrote the response (Schmid Admin Per Kyle Schmid) said: Unfortunately Kyle is out of the country and cannot respond to you himself. Although he would like to answer every letter personally, with fan letters going to one location, then Kyle is off to another as is the nature of the business. He did read your letter and thanks you so much for the kind words and well wishes. As you requested, please find enclosed an autographed picture. (It was dated October 2007). Forgive me while I go off somewhere and squeel like a school girl. Geez, do I see someone bringing me one of those white jackets that ties in the back.

  123. cdnfreyja said

    Okay Margaret, don’t go off and do something that would necessitate me having to show up as your lawyer for a bail hearing. πŸ˜‰ Other than that, have fun!

  124. lwildstar said

    good evening!

    I hate this time of year – its pitch dark by the time I get home…..I almost missed my bus stop becasue I’m night blind and couldn’t see out the bus windows!

    At least now its light when I leave for work (for a few more weeks anyway) but I’d rather it be dark in the morning and light coming home!

    Well I am going to catch up on the blog and maybe check in on LT and then go vote again….yeturday I managed to vote 9 times! Something to be said for being at home acting like a potato!

  125. Margaret said

    That being said, I have to go fix supper and then I’m going to go off and dye, my hair that is. lol. I feel like I need to grow up big time but then I’m saying to myself, why bother. I haven’t felt this fangirly in a long time, I’m rather enjoying it and since the man/child is out of the country he certainly won’t know the effect he has on older women, that is, unless one of you tells him. Should have known I wouldn’t have gotten so lucky as to get a return letter. Has anyone here gotten one? I’m afraid if I keep writing his assistant will put me in the stalkarazzi pile. Freyja, what do you think? Begging him for a letter constitute stalking or just being pathetic? lol

  126. lwildstar said

    I dont think this was posted

    another Russian spoiler – but Vicki and Henry are just so cute!

  127. cdnfreyja said

    wildstar, I’m all for acting like a potato this week! After the past 2 very stressful months I deserve it. πŸ˜‰ But good news, it looks like the women will be able to get funding for this year!!! That may turn into some work for me. I’d have to work it out with them, though. We’ll see. I’m off to a women’s board meeting in Edmonton next week.

    Margaret, I think you have a long way to go before you get thrown into the stalker pile … unlesssssssss … you’ve managed to do things you haven’t shared!?!

    I too hate the fact that it gets dark so early now. But the day seemed to end on a positive note. The Finnish student my family hosted almost 10 years ago found me on Facebook! Boy time flies.

    Gotta go to dance class to practice those mata-hari skills! ttyl

  128. lwildstar said

    Have fun Freyja!
    I bought a dvd to try and take belly dancing – I’m not very coordinated though… πŸ™‚

    I was out of work for 3 months straight and I decided after the first week tht I did ot like beign a potato…however I was in a deep depression and didn’t sleep until I passed out from exustion….at least THAT didn’t last all three months!…..

    I’m so happy your womens leauge (is that right) will be getting funding and at least you may have some interesting work coming your way to look forward to.

  129. Cree said

    Thanks for the spoiler, lwildstar. I believe that is the scene Kyle was talking about where he busted his head open when he opened those double doors with the chain on them.

    Mags: I’m so jealous! How did you get that autographed pic? Did you just write to him and ask for one? No fair! I bet you are probably jumping up and down right now! Be careful not to drool too much on it! LOL πŸ˜‰

  130. laurel said

    Freyja – Glad to hear that positive note from you! How fun to think of your dance class as part of the whole “Mata Hari” persona. Enjoy yourself and remember to take some nice deep breaths of the air. Freedom has its own scent. I’m glad your women’s league is coming out with some funding.

    wildstar – I haven’t tried the belly-dance thing but I did manage to hurt myself with a yoga dvd. Some of us just aren’t the human pretzel sort. hehe

    Grrrrr I hate the early dark! It makes me sad to have the day end so quickly. I’m already looking forward to the coming of spring. πŸ™‚

  131. laurel said

    Oh yah! Congrats Maggie! That is really terrific and I applaud your efforts. Go ahead and spend some time being fan-girly! It is good for your soul.

    Cree – I sure was thinking of you this morning when I discovered that one of my cats has developed a taste for house plants – all of a sudden. She left them alone for months and has just started grazing them at night. And then puking them all over the carpet outside my bedroom door. Slimy land mines. Yuck!
    I’m locking her in the laundry room at night and leaving her with appropriate wheat grass close at hand. My vet says she is now not to be trusted and that I must toss out all of my plants. Really? Nuts.

  132. lwildstar said

    the ONLY good thing about early dark – is early Henry!

  133. susana said

    Hey ya’ll!
    I seem to always be apologizing for disappearing πŸ™‚ Ia am well just busy and miss you guys!
    Bugged was great, a good episode for Kyle to really be emotional and we all know he does that so well, the little nuances …so amazing!You know he has to carry those same emotions for the next episode!! He potrays henry’s love for Vicki so well thru that face, he does not have to say anything ya?
    I feel so bad that lifetime has decided to not give us a word despite the long wait and pleas but i will not give up!!

  134. Margaret said

    I wrote him a fan letter wayyyyy back on May 21, 2007, and then I might have written one after that for fear that the mail man screwed me up by putting the wrong postage on. I’ve gone back and read my letter, how embarrassing. One of the more stupider things I said was: As a fan I love the fact that you are so open with your fans; as a fan who would prefer not to see any harm come to you I have to ak why did you tell the interviewer from Sci-Fi Talk that you run along the seawall in Vancouver” I doubt that there will be one mile of that seawall that won’t be monitored by some of your more obsessive fans hoping to get a peak at yoiu. Which means you need to stop running there or you’re really going to have to pick up speed when you run there. Geez, who do I think I am, his mother? Sure sounds like I was channeling her. There are several other embarassing things I said but this one is probably one of the worst so I thought I’d share it with my sisters so they can share my pain. Maybe his assistant was just bs-ing me about him reading it, at this point, going back and reading it myself again, I’m hoping he didn’t. But yes, the long answer to that is I asked him for an autograph. I got to the point where I thought I’d never see one.

  135. cdnfreyja said

    wildstar – after a couple more days the potato thing will wear thin! I like to be busy and I can only read so much!

    laurel – I hear you on the plant-eating cat thing. Mine goes through periods where she ignores them, then I catch her snacking followed by lovely barf spots. Thanks kitty. I haven’t thrown anything out although I won’t keep a spider plant in the house. My sister’s one cat literally will crawl the walls to attack the thing and will pull it down off the shelf to munch on it.

    I think that bellydancing is best learned in person from an instructor. Mine is a lot of fun and it is more about fun than being drilled (like I was with my ballet teacher many years ago – scary!). If you get it, great; if not, no problem. I’m still not performing at the Christmas party but maybe, just maybe I can be convinced to perform at the spring one. πŸ˜‰ I need her to make me a costume, though.

  136. cdnfreyja said

    Margaret, I know people write much worse things than that. See, that is when the police get called! πŸ˜‰ So, relax! And if he did actually read it I’m sure it put a smile on his face.

  137. vicki said

    ok…i didnt take Russian in school…even if I can do the accent >LOL party girls… but that is a hoot to see a clip with Russian dubbing….HEHEH

    But Henry looks Sooooooo GOoood…(as always) Did Vicki seem drunk to anyone else????

    Well I survived another parent teacher conference…WHOOO OOOOHHOOOO

    Most were fine….only a few…helecopter parents…All those in education will understand….

    Ok…I have website updates to make for our school site…so I will chat at you later my sisters.

    The Diva

  138. Anzia said

    Margaret- SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL! WOW totally envious. ^_^

    Yeah, during the week at my house EVERYONE is up by 8. Including the 4yr old. He sleeps in the latest. The rest of us are up and around by 6:30 at the latest (that’d be ME!) ^_^ SOOOO odd…

  139. Madonna said


    I haven’t placed any bids on that press kit on ebay. I guess it’s you and lwildstar.

    So if he was out of the country that probably means he was here in America.

    How many of you all have actually written Kyle or other members of the cast? Just curious. I’ve yet to do so.

    My surgery is a little after 10 in the morning and it is outpatient. I’ll be back home by 1 or 2. I’m just praying like hell that they remove the stent. It’s almost worse than the stone itself.

    I would stick around but we need to keep our phone line open. My aunt that I was telling you about last night had to have emergency surgery and we are waiting to hear something.

    Goodnight girls and thank you all for the good thoughts and prayers.

  140. nina said

    Hello ladies!

    How is everyone doing today?
    Sorry for not being able to post a lot. I’ve a super busy week behind me and the next one started already 😦 Had a deadline on Thurday and a presentation on Friday! Thank god all went ok! I’m now busy working on 2 projects and cleaning my appartement. There is an indian holiday this Friday, so my appartement has to be cleaned and I’m already stressed about school work.

    Madonna – I hope you’re doing well now.

    Prtvfr – Get well soon dear!! Stay in your bed the whole day if it’s necessary.

    Margaret – OMG You’re one lucky girl!

    lwildstar – So cool bellydancing.I tried it once, but during moving I lost the DVD.

    Ok talking about the spoiler of 2.07 on youtube!!!OMG…All I’ve to say right now.
    And Henry’s red silky underwear ^_^……..
    Btw anyone knows where tofind that drugs of Moonlight????

    Anzia!!!! Di, haven’t spoken to you for a long time! Hope to see you soon on YM.

    See ya all soon,

  141. Margaret said

    Madonna: Let us know how you’re doing. You’re be in our thoughts. We all know that you’ll be great after its over.

    Freyja: Well at least I didn’t ask him to stay at my house. lol. I did tell him if he and a friend would like a tour of the Cape (Space Center) I could arrange it, then I prefaced it with, no I’m not the friend. I really can, I have a friend who works out there, actually I know a couple of people who work out that.

  142. cdnfreyja said

    Margaret, you also didn’t ask to marry him or bear his children so I’m sure your letter went into the ‘green’ pile rather than the ‘red alert, call the cops’ pile. πŸ˜‰ People who work with someone in the public eye can spot the difference pretty quick. Good thing, too. Can’t say that my dad received fan mail, nope. But he did receive threatening calls and letters. Some pretty wacky stuff – and no, the threatening kind never involved arranging tours! πŸ˜‰

  143. Cree said

    Laurel: Should I be concerned that cat puke makes you think of me? Umm, thanks???? LOL. As long as the plants aren’t poisonous, you shouldn’t have to throw them out. There is some stuff called Bitter Apple that you can spray on the leaves that tastes really bad so the cat won’t want to eat them. If they are toxic, though, then don’t even bother with the Bitter Apple. Throw them away!!

  144. laurel said

    Cree – It wasn’t the cat puke that made me think of you it was the whole “my cat is acting out” thing. I suspected one of them of “trimming” the plants once in a while but this time it was a major snack. I will look for the Bitter Apple spray tomorrow, and pick up some cat-grass while I’m at it. I gave her a sheet of wrapping paper to play with so maybe she will stay distracted and not try to follow the plants to the top of the fridge. One can hope!:) Thanks for the ideas. I like to have a few green things growing in the house over the winter. It keeps me from getting too depressed.

    Hi Nina! and Hi Susana – Good to have you back!
    Vicki – aren’t you almost done with conferences? Poor dear. I hope you know that some parents really appreciate the work you do and the positive influence you have on our next generation. You make a real difference in the world and I, for one, bless you for making teaching your life’s work. 😎

  145. Arrowyn said

    Danae, you asked for lines —

    M: Your Lordship.
    H: Constable.
    H: All it takes is a simple blood transfusion.

    H: “Do one thing for me…tell me you’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers.”
    H: “Well, if that don’t put the pepper in the gumbo…I don’t know what would!”
    H: If it’s any consolation, I believe it takes much more than a silk accessory to win a woman over.
    H: Trust can be extremely stimulating.
    (My personal favorite)
    H: I don’t need to make a sexual advance. I am one.

  146. Arrowyn said

    Here’s a clip from “The Devil You Know” showing Henry with Christina. Yummmy!

  147. Chery said

    Wow! the clip from the “Devil you know” is awesome! Holy Cow! The writers and Christina and Kyle have said in their interviews that the show gets better and better and they are right. The story arc is simply amazing.
    I do not see the depth or layers of this kind in any of the shows curently on.
    That includes “MoonLight” It is just a week to week story line with no apparent direction.
    This is just one of the things that makes BT so good.

  148. Anzia said

    Ahhh, the best part of waking up Is Henry in your bed. *sigh* (I watch all the clips and such on my laptop which is on my bed…so…i legitimately have him in my bed every morning. ^_^ Isn’t life grand)

    DIDI! I’m sorry I haven’t been around Nina. Chaotic doesn’t quite cover it on this end. My aunt is working overtime 3 days a week which means I’m babysitting EVERY day but one. 😦 So, no time for the Z girl to do jack. 😦

  149. lwildstar said

    Thank you Arrowyn! What a yoummy treat to wake up with this morning!!!! I’ve watch the clip three times already once just to watch and twice to study Kyle! How can he make pouty look so damn sexy! He is just too “old” for his age – its amazing!!!

    ok must start work now…

    they havent updated the numbers on the voting yet – I’ll try to check back later – it seems lately they havent been updating them until around 10am

  150. Margaret said

    Someone said there will be a cold case marathon this Saturday and that Kyle will be in one of them. Anyone happen to know which one it is? I also heard he was on a episode of Missing but thats been canceled although Lifetime occassionally shows them. Who knows, maybe they’ll have to start doing reruns since the writer’s strike is on.

  151. Annalaise duChat said

    Geez Louise!

    What’s the matter with people? You get a little bit of friggin snow and everybody forgets how to drive. I was 10 minutes late to work this morning because everybody’s panicking from a few ice crystals on their windshields. Cripes! Nothing that’s even sticking. You live in Northeastern Ohio in the snowbelt, get used to it or move!

    Thanks for reading my rant. I feel better now.

  152. lwildstar said

    Well we are only 85 votes from the goal of 3000 i set for this week and its only Tuesday….. Blood Ties (2006) 2915

  153. Claire said

    Bon Matin mes amis!
    Sorry I haven’t been posting lately..between being sick and work and everyday responsibilities I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day!Plus the time change..ugh for as long as I can remember it always makes me sluggish and tired! Not to mention..that my period has decided to visit twice in the last 16 days…I know t.m.i! sorry to any guys that might be lurking!

    Arrowyn..Thanks…I needed that…nothing like a little Kyle channeling his 450 year old royal alter ego,to make me feel better!
    Why am I such a weirdo? I love it when he hisses and growls! πŸ™‚

    Well the kids are home again so I might be scarce again,have a blessed day ladies!

  154. lwildstar said

    you’re in good comapny Claire – I get all tingly when he growles!

    I’ve watched the clip several times already!!!!!

  155. Danae said

    Buongiorno Bellas

    I just got an email at my work address with the headline Take part in a sexual marathon with our qualified help. Do you think my email is trying to tell me something?

    Margaret-You are so lucky. Of course if I had written I probably would have gotten one too.

    Annalaise-The first time we even get an inch of snow everybody forgets how to drive here. They freak out. You would think by now they would be used to it.

    Nina, Susana-Hi girls!

    Speaking of Parent Teacher conferences Amber gets her first report card Friday and the conferences are next week. Amber’s teacher has already told my dad that she is very teachable. She just soaks it all in. I think she is already able to read 6 or 7 words.

    About the dark coming early. It’s all good for me. I used to love the dark. I still like it but ever since my mom’s cousin killed himself and his father I haven’t been able to sleep without a nightlight. Despite all that I hate mornings and love the night. Maybe I am a vamp in disguise.

  156. Margaret said

    Well, since we don’t know what’s going on with the show everybody could certainly try writing to him and asking for an autograph. It doesn’t hurt to ask, its just I thought what could it hurt. I had waited so many months I started talking to myself, telling myself well, he’s gotten too famous and no longer has the time so this really was a nice surprise. I really would have been floating had he answered it back, like he said used to, but then again, he’s a busy actor with no time for pen pals. Whaaa. lol.

  157. Danae said

    I think I will but I have to come up with a good not fangirly sounding letter. Of course I will mention that I am one of the ones that contributed to the birthday gift.

  158. Himmiefan said

    Nina and Susane – glad to hear from you guys!!

    Laurel – was it your cat that’s eating the plants? Maybe it needs the roughage. I have two bunnies, so I have to give them timothy hay. My cat love the hay, I guess for the roughage. It keeps her off the peace lily.

    Annalaise – we get about two flakes here in Nashvegas and freak. Hey, we have to use whatever we get.

    Ladies, Freyja made a good point. We do have a resident Canadian lawyer who can get us out of jail. Yeah!! Never know when we might need one!

    Now, Catcornmom has checked in recently. What about Vampgirl. Yoo hoo! Vampgirl! If you’re out there, please check in!

  159. Danae said

    And DebS

  160. Margaret said

    Good luck on not trying to sound fangirly. I tried not to and I don’t think I succeeded all that well but as Freyja said, at least I didn’t offer to bear his children; at this point in my life it would be a physical impossibility anyway, no longer have all the working parts and I certainly wouldn’t want to, even if it was him, lol. I know TMI.

  161. Himmiefan said

    Oh yeah, DebS. Who else? Now, Tango’s been very busy, but she’s checked in lately.

  162. Danae said

    If i had the balz I would offer to bear his children. I would be his booty call any night.

  163. Danae said

    Lady A

    There is an auditor here and he is sitting at an empty desk not far from mine. He may not be good looking but his voice is. He has a very deep Australian accent. I love accents.

  164. Danae said

    That isn’t a message for Lady A. She is another one that hasn’t checked in in awhile.

  165. Danae said

    I just made it to 54% on the download that we got an email about earlier from Annalaise and Madonna. It is taking a very looooooooong time. Oops just went to 55%.

  166. cdnfreyja said

    Good morning ladies!

    Margaret, I kind of guessed that – that is why I thought the whole ‘I’ll bear your children’ thing would have been even more creepy.

    Danae – don’t write a fan letter at this point. I fear the over-the-top fan girl will come out. Here is a sage piece of advice I got before heading overseas so as not to worry my parents if I had a tough day and decided to write about it (in the days before e-mail): write it down if you must, address the letter, even put a stamp on the envelope … but put it away for a few days. Dig it out and read through it again. Chances are the problem will have blown over. Hmmmm … maybe not in this case. I have a feeling that the sentiment wouldn’t change. *scratching her head* Maybe this trick would at the very least allow you a second of sober thought before throwing the letter in the mailbox? Yes?

    Annalaise – people up in Canada seem to forget that we get snow. Yes, I know how crazy is that? On the day of the first snowfall, there are crazy numbers of accidents because drivers seem to have forgotten their winter driving skills. There is a reason why I refuse to drive on the day of the first snowfall.

    I’ll check back in later!

  167. Danae said

    I don’t know about that Freyja. I don’t think anything will fix this fangirlishness. I can’t seem to get over it.

  168. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Morning (good is a realtive term) chix! Dani I love this time of year also I don’t mind the dark when I get off, can’t see the moon without the night πŸ˜‰ maybe we are *nightwalkers* , hey to hang with Henry not such a bad existence we just need to figure out how we can all share the turf as Mike said!

    Ya’ll I’m felling like the creeping crud is trying to catch me, I’m bobbing and weaving but I don’t think it’s working. I’ve taken Airborne the last couple of nights and we’re getting another cold front in here either tonight or tomorrow and I think that’s what’s screwing with me 😦 I’m a baaaad sick person never get sick so I don’t do it well when it gets me.

    Oooh I checked out the clip for the *Devil you know* and Claire I too find it veeeerrrry sexy when he vamps and growls, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr so cool 😎 and this chick I don’t like her on principle. What a b***h πŸ˜‰ did ya’ see the little twinkle in his eye when he opens the door and sees her there. He’s so damned cool and so great at his job I can’t stand it. IS IT FRIDAY YET ??? πŸ˜€

  169. Danae said

    Diz-New slogan? Is it Friday yet? Nightwalker, I like it. Better than that damn daywalker Mick on Moonlight. I fight with my brother all the time about it. I tell him it just isn’t right and he says he is another kind of vamp and I say it still isn’t right. I am warming to that show though.

  170. Margaret said

    Freyja: What a perspective boss you are. lol. I don’t care who it is, even the man/child, I just don’t want to go there again. Although, wouldn’t mind being a booty call but that would be pretty creepy too, unless you were thinking it was Henry. lol.

  171. Margaret said

    Danae: Warming to a vampire who goes out in the daylight. What a play on words. lol. I just can’t get into him. Henry has spoiled me for all others. On top of the fact I just can’t abide by a vamp that can go out in the sunlight. There’s just something soooo wrong about that.

  172. Danae said

    I’m warming to the show not to Mick as a daywalker. That is just plain wrong. Other than that he is pretty good.

  173. Danae said

    Today is my lucky day. I’ve got the Australian accent guy and the National Guard is her today visiting. There are men in uniform and fatigues crawling all over the place here.

  174. Margaret said

    Should have been perseptive.

  175. Himmiefan said

    Yeah, where is Lady A?

    Men in uniforms, I dont know what it is, but in general, yum! Same thing with accents!

    Annalaise and Freyja – at least you all get enough snow to practice on. We don’t get enough, in fact, a few hours really.

  176. Danae said

    We get several storms a season. But they are very spread apart so before we get a second one the first one has all melted. In recent years we have been getting over a foot of snow from several of the storms though.

  177. lwildstar said

    Good Afternoon!
    I love lunch time – just to get away from reading paperwork!!!! and catch up with my sisters!
    Ok ladies you saw my post on the voting numbers we’re only 85 votes from 3000 – so we should hit 3500 by Friday! I’ve voted 3 times already today!

    I am going crazy! I have 20 postcards left and I don’t know if I should get more or not……i wish they would JUST SAY SOMETHING!!!!! its like a staring contest – will we blink first or will they?

    Well i think i will go work on my writing – I almost finished chapter 13 last night – but the basement was getting cold and I was having trouble breathing…whatever I came from the party with is hanging on… 😦

    I’ll check in later!

  178. lwildstar said

    Ok just HAD to go watch the clip on more time!
    I love the way he says “you didn’t come here to listen to records” that pouty tone – its so flirty! And the look..oooooooo
    Good God…..

  179. elizabeth said

    Oh my, I finally was able to take a few minutes and check out the preview. Is it hot in here…or is it just me???? I do believe I am going to have to go watch it again…and again….

  180. elizabeth said

    Sheesh, maybe I should clean my glasses…they seem to have steamed up…what is up with that!!???

  181. Danae said

    Is it possible for contacts to steam up?

  182. lwildstar said

    well lunch time is over – i’ll check in with you later!

    almost finished chapeter 13 – my goal is to finish it today (tonight) so that I can go back to working on the short story – I really am going to try and finish the one for Gypsys contest first…..

    ok I’m out of here…

    don’t forget to vote!

  183. lwildstar said

    and yes Dani – I do believ our lovely Mr. Schmid could make contacts fog up!

  184. Danae said

    I was wondering why my vision was cloudy! LOL

  185. Madonna said

    Hi ladies,

    I’m back home from surgery. The doctor said that the stone didn’t break up as well as he had hoped for so he left the stent in. UGH……………… Still have to deal with it for another week I guess.

    Anway I just wanted to let you all know I am fine. Right now I’m going to go sleep off the anesthesia.

    BTW……… I truly hope all of you liked the gift. Annalaise should take a bow. She worked very hard trying to help me rig it up to bring it to y’all. I can in fact say that she did most of the work.

    Talk to you all later. Have a good afternoon.

  186. Danae said

    Get better quick Madonna. Thanks for the gift! It took all morning to download so I won’t be able to watch today but I know it will be worth it.

  187. Himmiefan said

    Hey Madonna! Thanks for checking in. We were wondering how you were doing.

  188. lwildstar said

    Just a little blurb on a website – came across the link on LT – I found it didn’t take me to the BT stuff and I had to type blood ties in the search box at the bottom ….

    feel better Madonna! ((HUGS))

  189. Danae said

    Very nice explanation of Henry and Mike. I just wish it were the other way around. Man am I pining away.

  190. Margaret said

    Thanks Madonna. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  191. elizabeth said

    Madonna – Feel better soon. I’m glad you checked in to let us know how you are doing.

  192. cdnfreyja said

    Madonna, thanks for dropping by. Hope you feel much better soon!

  193. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Madonna so glad you’re home sorry about the funky stent but at least you’re in your own bed πŸ˜‰ XOXOXOXOX be well and sleep good w/sweet dreams of Henry to heal you quicker !

  194. DIZEY1 :-) said

    *Laise* , and Madonna, I forgot to say thanx and will check it out when I get home. lwildstar, I’ve done my voting I think 3 times so far today will go when I finish here too. Thanx for reminding me I get busy and forget sometimes πŸ˜‰

  195. Arrowyn said

    To all of you who are feeling under the weather (and Madonna w/surgery!) — get lots of rest, drink plenty of fluids, take 2 episodes of BT, and get back to us in the morning.

  196. Margaret said

    Madonna: Remember I sent you Henry so you could cuddle, so enjoy and have sweet dream.

  197. Arrowyn said

    Margaret — did you find out anything about Kyle being on a Cold Case eppy? I looked and couldn’t find anything. Even kyleschmidcentral doesn’t have anything listed, and I would think Anne would KNOW. If you do find something, please let us know. Thanks.

  198. Margaret said

    Nah, it was just someone at work who said they say it on TV and recognized his face and they were showing snippets.

  199. lwildstar said

    I have voted 5 time so far – and I’ll be voting at least 3 times when I get home!
    Obsess much? I think not πŸ˜‰
    its a good thing I only have one obsession!
    heading home – check in with you later!

  200. lwildstar said

    did anyone post these previews yet?

  201. cdnfreyja said

    Well, I voted a few times today. I’ll be able to vote once more before I head off to a meeting and probably once again when I get home. The chili is cooking away and the VCR is set to record DOA tonight in case I don’t get home in time.

  202. lwildstar said

    ok just did my voting duty…

    and I need to vent so you can skip this…I just need to get this out…

    I just got B****d out by my dad because he’s deaf! He sat all day today waiting at my house for the inspector to come give his stamp of approval on the electrical work dad did for me….well when the guy didn’t show upp dad called him – guess what? the guy had been there in the morning – said he ran the door bell several times, no one answered so he left! First thing I ask daad is did you wear your hearing aids? of course not and he yells at me becuase the door bell “must not be working right”! thank fully the inspector is going to try and come back tomorrow morning, but that means dad has to come back – he said he wouldn’t watch tv and would leave the door open so he could see out the storm door….ok I admit I had to bite my tounge to keep from asking “why didn’t you do that today!”

    ok thank you for listening…….. go watch the previews I posted…..

  203. elizabeth said

    Lwildstar – I have a similar issue with my Mom. She doesn’t hear very well and refuses to get hearing aids because it will cut into the travelling she likes to do. They are sooo expensive you know? It is frustrating when she gets all pi***ed off at us because she misses what we have just said. I can totally relate to your issue with your Dad.

    I can only get the previews to play on occasion. I did manage to catch the one where Henry asks her to the art gallery, but then the computer froze. Drat…double drat!!

  204. lwildstar said

    Thanks E…it woldn’t be so bad except he spent alot of money o those things and he refuses to wear them – its a big bone of centention between my parents…………

    sorry you can’t watch the previews but if you saw the one with Henry asking Vicki on the “date” and the one with Christina then those oare the best two of the three…..

  205. lwildstar said

    On Hey Neilson Blood Ties is #2 out of 3312
    with a score of 476 thats up like 6%? OMG!!!!

  206. susana said

    hey, found sometime today to say hi today!
    Lwildstar, thanks for the previews, i am feaking obsessed with those, have watched them many, any times already! Why is he so damn fine?

  207. lwildstar said

    LOL! Susana – I know what you mean!!!

  208. lwildstar said

    did I kill the blog again? 😦 well I’m about ready to log off anyway…..4 more minutes until I can vote and then I am off.

  209. Madonna said

    Hi girls,

    Just woke up a little while ago from my drug induced nap. I’m in some pain but it’s not too bad. The surgeon today sent me home with a script for Vicodin. So basically I have my choice, Percocet or Vicodin.

    I did not call my boss today to tell her but suffice it to say she won’t be happy. I told my doctor I needed a work statement and he’s got me off for another week. I have to go back to see the doc in a week and I think they plan on taking the stent out in-office. So basically the earliest I’m going back to work is next Tuesday. I’m hoping to make it back. In my company if you are out for more than two weeks straight (10 days in my case) on any incident they consider it short term disability and they cut into whatever real vacation time you have left. I have 4 days of REAL vacay time scheduled for December. After all of this I’m hoping I still get to keep it. My mom told me today I looked like I have been through a little war.

    Yep, the stent sucks, but I’m grateful that I’m home in my bed. This time last week I was STUCK in the hospital. GOOD DRUGS…….. Baaaaadddd service.

    I’ll take those two episodes tonight and get back with you all in the AM.

    Thanks for sending Henry. Yes, VERY VERY sweet dreams to be had. If no one minds and if nothing else major comes up I think I may keep him for a couple of days.

    Everyone else,
    I hope everyone who is sick is feeling better. How are the rest of you doing?

    Thank you all for the well wishes.

  210. Anzia said

    HUGS everyone…*she screams as she runs through the blog* one of these days I’ll actually get to talk to people again…:( My aunt is working all week which means i’m babysitting every day this week…and i’m just POOPED (yes, i said pooped).

    *sigh* off to dream land…hopefully the guy who was in them last night will come back. He gave great hugs. Made me feel safe and warm (the latter becoming a very rare thing in my life it seems). I almost cried when I woke up. Just because I wanted to feel like that again…:( So, *crosses fingers* Here’s hoping my Hugging Man is back.

  211. msgypsy said

    Folks, I worked 10 1/2 hours today and the most energy I can summon is enough to eat a bagel for dinner. I’m 50 message behind and there’s no way I can catch up. But it seems like there’s some enthusiasm for the Secret Santa thing so I’ll put some rules into this post and we can catch up later.

    1. If you want to participate, please send me an email with your mailing address at and put Secret Santa Address in the header. If you don’t want to share your address with anyone else, note that in the body of the email. If you want me to destroy any memory of your address after Christmas, let me know about that, too.

    2. I’ll collect addresses until next week on Monday night. I’ll match Santas to recipients Monday night and email each Santa with his/her recipient. I’ll start up a topic specifically for us to post what we enjoy receiving as gifts.

    3. If there is someone you’re not comfortable with for one reason or another, let me know in the same email. I promise I won’t tell a soul. I’m bonded for all kinds of confidential information so please don’t sweat it.

    4. How about a $25 limit, to include shipping costs? Allow a little leeway for people who live in Canada or, say, Denmark.

    I will accept suggestions for variations in email but please don’t count on me keeping up in the blog this week. It’s hell at work and I have a nasty commute on the best of days. Having to come home in the dark, 2 hours late, isn’t making my life any easier.

    Madonna, I hope you’re doing better. I’m not keeping up on the blog but I’m continuing to send any good energy I have to spare your way.

    Faraday says I’ve ignored him for long enough…

  212. himmiefan said

    Gypsy – no matter what you do, do not match me with that Himmiefan woman. I mean, what kind of name is Himmiefan? That chick is strange!

    Oh wait, that’s me. *Hangs head* Back to the therapist….

  213. msgypsy said

    Oh, I knew I’d forgotten to say something in the rules above.

    Even if you’ve already contacted me, please send me an email as described above. I have a horrible memory and probably won’t remember that you already said you wanted to be included. And I probably don’t have your address saved somewhere sensible. So PLEASE if you want to participate in Secret Santa, send me that email with Secret Santa Address in the header and your address and any special instructions in the body of it.

    Everyone got that? I’m gong Back To Bed now! (Well, back to my book at least…)

  214. Chery said

    To everyone not feeling well, and those recovering from surgery, Hope you are all feeling much better soon.

  215. Arrowyn said

    Just saw this. I wonder what this poor man’s life is like lately.

  216. Arrowyn said

    I have been looking and looking for this. DO NOT OPEN THIS AT WORK — UNLESS YOU’RE ALONE. I repeat! BE ALONE. BE VERY ALONE!

  217. Anzia said

    Okay- dylan looks REALLY adorable in that last shot when he’s saying “thank you” and what’s up with the one WHOOT! from the bartender? STRANGE> ^_^ LOVE the chainmail thinger on his underpants. *giggles* Damn…gotte get Henry to do that…

  218. lwildstar said

    I’ve seen this clip before – had to watch this morning with no sound so I couldn’t help but laugh – stripping with no music! And Phyills Diller! OMG I forgot she was in that clip!

    Well I’m out of here – I’ll check on the voting numbers later…and let you know where we stand..

  219. lwildstar said

    The numbers are up!!!! Blood Ties (2006) 3190….and we’re #2 opn Hey Neilson!

  220. Claire said

    Good morning my ladies!!
    Argh…still not feeling myself…but at least the kids went back to school…so an easier day.
    Madonna sweetheart…feel better soon!
    Arrowyn…while I’m so totally a hen…that was pretty nice! now if it had been Kyle…I’d probably still be trying to pick myself up off the floor! πŸ˜›

    Speaking of people freaking out about snow!
    Here in Northern Va…two inches and not only do people forget how to drive,but they’re at the supermarket stocking up like Armageddon is near,and all government and schools close down.Last year my kids got sent home due to wind?
    Now I’m used to NYC..Blizzard? big Effing deal..get your ass to school…12 inches you say?so what no excuse work is still open!!! Subway stuck? too bad you don’t come to work you get written up!
    We had a blizzard so bad back in the 90’s the el stopped running,I made it home.Poor Monique was in the subway behind me,when they stopped it…she had to walk 27 blocks home in snow up to her calves!!
    Wind? In NYC…you go to work and hope you don’t get hit by a giant billboard!

    My kids had so many days off school last year,and I would put them on the school bus and an hour later get a phone call school was letting out!

    Anyway off to vote and do errands

    see yas later!

  221. lwildstar said

    I just checked Hey Neilson
    Blood ties currently has a rateing score of 513
    thast up +37 (7.8%)
    and puts us at #2 out of 3328 – ok must stay off the computer – we are monitored and I am really risking it here.

    Every body feel better and I’ll check in with you at lunch –

    Calire Bear – I’m originally form Michigan – we never heard of a snow day till we moved here – they close the scolls at 3″ – hell my sisterer commentedon how she still had to go to school in 3 feet of snow! – her class mates didn’t beleive her…

  222. lwildstar said

    whoops – look at all those typos – and we’re not being monitored – I copied that off of LT and forgot to cut that out πŸ˜‰

  223. Margaret said

    Arrowyn: How on earth did you find that on Dylan Neal? What show did he do that for? Guess he would file that under things you’d do for a paycheck and be embarassed about later but let me say I don’t see anything that he needs to apologize for. Even though I’m a Hen I can still pretend I’m a minx once in a while. Whoa momma.

  224. Margaret said

    Claire: How could you be on the floor and still be able to put money down Henry’s pants? lol Besides, you’d have to push the rest of us out of the way. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Madonna, how are you doing this morning?

  225. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas

    I have a sinus headache today which is warning me either an attack or infection is coming. Ugh!

    I watched the Dylan Neal strips video. Oh my! He has one lucky wife. I wonder if he does that in private for her. Margaret that was from his soap opera days. I think he was in The Young and the Restless. If I weren’t a Hen through and through I would be lost to him.

    Claire-You are voting today? I thought voting was yesterday.

    We don’t have an overabundance of snow days up here. Maybe 4 or 5 a season. We do have lots of delays(enough time to clear the roads) and/or early dismissals.

    What are everyone’s plans for Thanksgiving? I just found out last night from my mom that my sister Kim(that sister) is having it at her place. My sister Chris isn’t going because her and Ryan are going to his mom’s but I know a big thing is because Ryan and Kim do not get along. Not Kim didn’t bother to ask any of us or tell us that she was doing it. My mom was ready to say it would be at her place. She talked to Gram who said that Kim had talked to her about going there. Kim does that alot. Plans things and then doesn’t tell us it is at her place. Another thing is she invited Gram and she invited Aunt Margaret(they are sisters). They don’t get along ever since Frankie shot himself and Uncle Frank. Aunt Margaret has become a selfish, vindictive person.

    This holiday season is going to be hard on all of us. It will be the first without my grandfather. Gram is already giving away all of her Christmas decorations. She doesn’t want to do anything this year. It is a little sad.

  226. elizabeth said

    Danae – I am sorry your Holidays are looking a little bleak at the moment. It is always stressful when dealing with family – you love them and at the same time some of them you just want to strangle! My Mom is the same way about Christmas since my step-father passed away. She doesn’t like it, won’t put up any decorations and is constantly telling us how much she dislikes the holiday. Of course, she always makes plans months in advance to be at my house for christmas because I love the holiday and my house looks like a freaking commercial for decorations. I just shake my head. Gotta love her – that is going to be me in a few years (at least that is what I tell my kids!) I love to watch them shudder πŸ˜‰

  227. Arrowyn said

    For all of you (us) that wants to Get A Man (not Henry – well, maybe):

  228. Arrowyn said

    Margaret, it’s usually useless to ask me where I got some news or a clip. Not only can I not remember most of the time, but my Internet travels are just that — traveling. Lots of times I’ll see something, copy and paste it into a Word doc, go somewhere else, do the same thing, etc., and never have a clue where I’ve been unless I also put the site name on the Word doc, which I usually forget to do.

    So, that being said, the strip is on YouTube and I THINK I got the link from Bloodlines, but I’m not sure. Dani was right. It was from some soap, but since I don’t watch soaps, I’ll take her word for the name of the soap. And FYI, although I love you all to pieces, if that strip had been done by Henry/Kyle, I’m not sure I would have shared it! No offense. Oh, I probably would have shared it eventually — after I had recovered from my stroke!

    I got that poor attorney’s site from a Google Alert.

  229. Claire said

    Lol! Mags! On the floor hanging from his leg…having already pushed you guys out of the way LOL!!!

    Not political voting Danae…BT voting lol!
    This year I’m inviting Brittanys Dad and sister,since it’s their first holiday without their Mom.I really hope it doesn’t get emotional!
    He called Brittany the on Sunday and he was a was their anniversary and he got the autopsy results the same day!
    The coroner said it looked like she had an undiagnosed irregular heartbeat for quite some time,and she had a massive heart attack in her sleep.Brittany said her grandmother died at 50 from same thing.Brittanys Mom Lynn was only 44.
    So yeah this year Rusty(Brittanys dad) is frying our turkey! a first for me!

  230. lwildstar said

    I that clip for Dylan was from Bold and the Beautiful.somewhere I found a site that had that whole scene in stills plus the still of him lying on the bed just barely covered – but now i can’t find it! If I find it again i will post the link…

    any who I have voted 5 times today alone! bad girl – stay off line I must try to stay off line!

    i set the goal at 3500 by friday (had been 3000 but we passed that) but someone on LT set the goal at 4000 by Saturday….I think we can do it…..

    So sorry your sick Dani, Claire, Madonna..prtfvr…anyone else I missed….i think i am just starting to get over whatever I came back from the party with – the sore throte is almost gone but I still have the sinuses…but with year round allergies who can tell!!!

  231. lwildstar said

    Thanksgiving plans?
    This year we are going away the Friday after Thanksgiving..the first time ever!!!! please I am begging who ever is recording these..I may need to get a copy of that episode…I am so afraid that I’ll come home that saturday and find that neither VCR has taped…bad emnough I may have to wait til Saturday to watch! Its going to KILL me!!!!

    And since I am recording on VCR escpet me to start begging to copies recored on dvd at some point…I’ll ware the tapes out!…one machine already malfunctioned and did not record Wildblood!….breath be calm……happy thoughts!

  232. Danae said

    Oh BT voting! Duh! Stupid me. I got stuck on the stupid candidates standing at the on and off ramps waving to get you to vote for them(how will that get someone to vote for them, no offense to Freyja but sometimes I want to give them the finger), I assumed you were doing other voting not the more important stuff.

    I knew the Young and the Restless was wrong.

  233. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hi ya’ll still the caca keeps chasing me that damned drip at the back of the throat, allergies suck and fall for me is worse than spring yuck!!!! I haven’t been able to sneek a peek at strippin’ Dylan yet πŸ˜‰ but any fine guy taking off his clothes is OK BY ME πŸ˜€ Abstainance SUCKS man, and it’s not by choice. Sorry if that’s TMI πŸ˜›

    Claire, down here in NOLA every ten years or so we actually may get an accumulation of sleet maybe some snow and for us it’s of course……… a *Party* and talk about not being able to drive. It’s hysterical sliding across the roads freakin’ bizarre. I’ll send some of the pic’s from Christmas day about 4 years ago when we actually had some and these were some cool pictures. Canal Street, St Charles Ave, St. Louis Cathedral very strange to see them with snow falling around/on them.

    All the rest of my illin’ sista’s misery loves company but this is rediculous. I hope everyone starts doing a *Henry Heal* and we get well soon.

    Dani sorry that the famille’ is messing with your love of the hoildays. Robbie, Raini, and Logan will be in Mag’s and Cree’s neck of the woods they’ll be in Disneyworld Thanksgiving week. Rob emphatically made sure that we would save him Oyster dressing etc, the things we live for my Mom’s Pecan Pie OMG I can’t wait I love these holidays YAY!!!! Enjoy it no matter where you are, don’t let Kim rain on your Thanksgiving parade XOXOXOXOX Love Ya!!

  234. Danae said

    My brother, Al and sister-in-law, Claire both work at Disneyworld. He is a bartender she is a waitress.

  235. cdnfreyja said

    Hey Danae, no offence taken. My dad never did anything like that. My dad always said that his re-election campaign began the day after the election. Not the ‘hey, look at me’ campaigning, no. It was about being accessible to the people, talking with them on the street when he went to pick up the mail, go to the bank, etc. on a daily basis rather than hiding in an office somewhere and popping up right before the election asking for votes.

    That being said, he never wanted to play ‘the game’ so he never made it out of municipal politics. I sometimes wonder how some of these people expect us to vote for them.

  236. Danae said

    My thoughts exactly. There was one night on my way home I was coming off the highway. It was pouring and pitch black and they were standing in the median where the off ramp forked to go one way or the other. I was just thinking how much they looked like assholes.

  237. laurel said

    I picked a heck of a day to check in from work. This computer isn’t fast enough to look at the video clips so I will have to wait a few hours until I can get back home. This would not be a safe place for me to look. Way to public! hehehe
    I’m sorry to have missed everyone yesterday. I am making quilt samples for the shop and I have a really complicated pattern to work with. Yikes! I’m glad I don’t have to teach it.
    Madonna – sorry to hear the surgery didn’t solve everything. Just lay low and take care of yourself. I wish I were near enough to really check in on you but we’d probably hurt you if we got to laughing about the show. My face still hurts from all the smiling and laughing the Portland group did Friday.

    See you later, once I get home.

  238. Margaret said

    Arrowyn: You’d be surprised how many students, soccer players, etc. out there that are named Kyle Schmid. I have a google alert, I pull it up, only to find that its a nobody Kyle Schmid, not our Kyle Schmid. lol. Then I pitch them over board and delete them from my emails.

  239. cdnfreyja said

    Margaret, Schmid/Schmidt is a very common name. Pick up a phone book in Germany and there are just as many Schmid/Schmidts as there are Smiths in North America.

    And I’m sure these kids’ parents don’t think they are nobodies. They’re just not as famous as the one you’ve put out the alert for! πŸ˜‰

  240. Margaret said

    Picky, picky. Besides I thought Kyle said his family was English, didn’t he? And yes, I’m sure their parents don’t think they’re nobodies but what are the odds of any of them reading this particular blog?

    There are also track stars, football players, etc. who have the same name.

  241. Danae said

    I swear the people I work with think I can’t hear them when they are talking about me.

    SHE takes the po’s off the printer. MY things disappear too. And they say something quiet so only the person listening can hear and then start bashing me louder again.

    I am friggin sick and tired of it.

    I mean for crying out loud. I’m not throwing anything away deliberately. Nobody’s perfect. Give me a break people.

    Ok I’m done go back to your usual scheduled blogging.

  242. Madonna said

    Deep breaths Danae! It’s all OK. We’ve all been there. They’re obviously just small minded insensitive people who probably like to talk just so they can hear themselves. And like my mom says…. Let them talk. If they are talking about you that means they are leaving some other poor soul alone that may not be able to handle it as well as you. We all love you here!

  243. Danae said

    Thanks and just to add to my rant above, the guy that sits next to me calls me and my cubicle the Bermuda Triangle.

    How are you feeling?

  244. Madonna said

    I’m doing alright, although when I called today to make my follow up appt the receptionist told me that they may or may not be able to remove my stent in office. It all depends on the type of stent I have. So I may have to go back to the hospital to have another procedure to have it removed.

    On a positive note, my niece just got home from school and my dad is up to watch her so that means I can go nap now.

    Oh and did I mention that I can’t wait for Friday?

  245. Danae said

    That is good except the stent part. I hope they can just do it right in office. Have a nice nap.

    Friday will be a good one!

  246. Madonna said

    Thanks. Have ya calmed down any yet?

  247. msgypsy said

    Danae, hugs, sorry you’re having a crappy experience at work. I’m having one, too. Taking a five minute break to bolt down some leftover stroganoff and green beans.


    DON’T FORGET IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN SECRET SANTA, SEND ME AN EMAIL WITH SECRET SANTA ADDRESS IN THE HEADER!!!!! ( Even if you saw me just last week and are positive I have your address, send it to me WITH THAT HEADER!!!!! (Please.)

    I’m going to get more coffee now. Yup, it’s being that kind of a day…

  248. Madonna said

    Thanks for the love. It isn’t so much that the surgury didn’t work, it’s just that it didn’t completely pulverize the stone(s), I had two, into sand-like particles. There are some larger chunks, which is why they left the stent in. If I try to pass those larger pieces, hopefully it won’t hurt as bad as it might otherwise. I’ve also found out that they can leave these stents in for up to six months.

  249. Danae said

    Thanks yum stroganoff. If only my brother would make it without ground meat I would be happy. I do not like anything that is ground and meat out together. On top of that I am not a huge beef fan.

  250. Madonna said

    Sorry Ms. Gypsy,
    It sounds like you are having a miserable time of things lately.

    Good for you. Sometimes you have to let those mean people know that they haven’t gotten away with something.

    ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))) to you both.

  251. Danae said

    Some. I actually went up to one of them and said what I said on here just not so nasty. They agreed with me.

  252. Danae said

    The time or something is messed up. I submitted the comment that says 1:01 after the one that says 1:03. I hate it when that happens.

  253. Danae said

    Wierd now Madonna’s post responding to my 1:03 post showed up before it.

  254. Madonna said

    Time to cue the Twilight Zone music eh?

  255. Danae said

    Dododo I am Rod Serling. Welcome to………..The Twilight Zone.

    I think Norman is invading the blog.

  256. Madonna said

    I got a message after my last post that said they were doing maintenance on the server.

  257. Danae said

    Oh good way to screw things up.

    I am heading home now. Everybody have a good night.

    The Country Music Association Awards are on tonight. It should be good unless Shania Twain wins. I don’t like her too much. I just think she dresses to slutty. Other than that she is good.

    Ciao Bellas

  258. Madonna said

    Alright, time to nap…. the Percocet is working. Talk to you all later.

  259. lwildstar said

    hello!! anyone still aound?

    I was just over at Hey Neilson – guess what – Moonlight has pushed its way to the #3 spot, just a 150 or so behind Blood Ties……

    oh well – a rather uneventful day at work – I hope everyone else has a good night!

    I’m sleeoy so I may not stick around long…

  260. cdnfreyja said

    I’m still around. Just having computer issues today.

  261. laurel said

    Madonna love, I hope you are not in pain and that the stones and their remnants are soon resolved, or dissolved…. πŸ™‚

    Danae – Good for you! Speaking up for yourself is important, not only for yourself either. Think about how your ‘teaching’ them could help them grow! Okay, that might be too much to hope for, but you are at least giving them the opportunity to prove that they can be better human beings.
    Now, for you – You Are A Person Of WORTH! You are of great value to this community of loving women. We are here for you to vent to and share pain with. We are here to share your victories and joys.
    And because of the WONDERFUL WOMAN that you are – we will share Henry with you (when necessary)
    ( if we have to).

  262. laurel said

    Aha! lwildstar! TAG – you’re it!


  263. Anzia said

    OMG! I JUST finished the BT ep this morning (I watch bits of tv episodes before I go to work every morning)… *sigh* I LOVE HENRY! OMG! I want him to protect ME like that…or just snuggle with me…

    Dani- i’m sorry your holidays are looking bad. 😦 Mine don’t seem that bad yet but I’m not going home so I get to look forward to the “why aren’t you here” from my parents (all FOUR of them!). We should call each other and keep each other’s spirits up! I don’t like Shania b/c I think she’s a sellout. When a country music star makes a pop album then later resells that album as a country version…yeah…NOT a fan! Love her early stuff though! πŸ™‚

  264. cdnfreyja said

    wildstar, do you know how the Hey Nielsen scores are calculated? Is it a straight calculation based on who votes saying they watch the show regularly or is it more complicated than that? Just curious.

    laurel, if we can figure out a way to share Mike (the mere mortal) we can figure out a way to share Henry. πŸ˜‰

  265. laurel said

    Which episode Anzia? I know which one I watched before heading out to work. (Some of you may think you know which one but you would be wrong. This time).

  266. Margaret said

    Just a little trivia for you bat lovers-The post office is now selling books of stamps called pollination-It has a bat sipping nectar out of a cactus, in case you’re interested.

  267. laurel said

    Too true freyja! We are good at sharing, aren’t we?
    While I have you on the line here… What in the heck is a ‘kitchen party?” I was listening to a Canadian band’s live album and they mentioned that they considered it a giant kitchen party. Or at least that is what it sounded like. Somehow I doubt there is any tupperware involved. lol

  268. laurel said

    Margie – I have some of those stamps! I like the bats very much and make sure to save them for sending letters to friends and not just for stamping bills.

  269. elizabeth said

    Oh! Oh! can I guess which episode Laurel??? Let’s see if it isn’t 5:55 then is it the one with the werecats? That has a lot of Mike action in it?

  270. elizabeth said

    My department had a pot luck today and there was so much food I feel like I could explode. Why oh why did I not show more restraint??

  271. laurel said

    Ha! It was Bugged! I actually meant to click on 5:55 but the mouse moved as I was clicking so I watched what came on. hehe

    Who ever heard of restraint at a potluck?
    Not me.

  272. elizabeth said

    Drat! So close πŸ˜‰ I actually watched the Werecat one today, so I guess that was why it was on my mind. I adore the first scene where Henry is talking about what he sees at night. Makes me sigh everytime.

    I have heard of restraint at a potluck, but I am beginning to think it is just an urban myth. It is a bit like an out of body experience; part of me is saying “no, no show some restraint” and the other part of me is saying “oh, chocolate! gotta have that and where’s the Lasagna’! Pitiful.

    I am going to gather my things and waddle (and I mean that literally) to my car to try and squeeze behind the wheel so I can drive home. This should be very interesting.

    Have a good evening everyone.

  273. cdnfreyja said

    laurel, the tupperware reference made me laugh! There is an inside joke there.

    The term ‘kitchen party’ is from the east coast, more specifically Newfoundland and Labrador. It is just as the phrase implies, a bunch of people get together in the kitchen and play music. I got the following from this website (http:// newfparty.html): “The traditional Newfoundland Kitchen Party, a great pastime that has been shared amongst friends and neibours for many years. Friends join together and share an evening of laughter and music. After many years the tradition has become even more popular as friends gather for a fun evening.” and here is an old photo for you: society/ kparty.html Sorry, no Mike or Henry. Just delete the spaces in the addresses.

    No tupperware involved, unless you count the stuff holding the snacks on the kitchen counters and the table. πŸ˜‰

    Even though I was out in Newfoundland twice this year I did not partake in a kitchen party nor was I screeched.

  274. Chery said

    Hey did everyone see the new Pod cast interview with Peter Mohan? I am having difficulty downloading it. This interview was done yesterday! The link was on Blood lines, Help!!!!

  275. lwildstar said

    freyja – Hey Neilsons ratings are based on the number of people who register and then go to the rating page and vote either I watch regularly or I watch rarely…you can only vote once for ech show….but you can post as many opinions as you like and you can rate other peoples opinions (I aggree or dissagree) I try to go in when I can and agree with as many as I can to bring the over all likability % up –
    did all of that make sense?
    Here is the info off off Hey Neilson:
    Blood Ties has a rating of 513 H!N Score +37 (7.8%) #2 out of 3328 members
    The Hey! Nielsen score is a real-time indicator of a topic’s impact and value and you play a major role. As the site evolves and users submit their opinions and commentary, the score will rise or fall based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, user opinions, news coverage, and raw data from our sister sites,, and

    I think Blood Ties was at 8% this morning – I think the score dropped slightly, but I’d have to find my earlier post to be sure.

  276. lwildstar said

    nope I was wrong – I just found my earlier post – the numbers havn’t changed yet….

  277. lwildstar said

    Chery – I just went to Bloodlines and I don’t see the link – can you post it?

  278. laurel said

    Hi Chery – I didn’t see the podcast yet but thank you for the info! I’ll check it out.

    Freyja – just as I suspected! And the band is from Newfoundland – Great Big Sea. I love their music. I am glad I was able to give you a laugh with the tupperware reference. πŸ™‚

    lwildstar – Heyneilsen – Wheew! I’m glad you know how it works! I have been over there rating comments a couple of times this week already. It is what I do when the writing gets slow. Something has to keep me away from the leftover halloween candy. lol

  279. lwildstar said

    I’m in the middle of working on chapter 14! can you beleive it? I just got into ta groove and cought up to the notes I made weeks ago…

    It took me a while of surfing around Hey Neilson before I figured it all out.

  280. lwildstar said

    you – hoo did I chase every one off?

  281. laurel said

    Chapter 14?!!!! Wow! I am having trouble finding time to write these days. I started the NaNoWriMo and am way behind. I hope Gypsy is doing better. I keep getting ideas for stories I already had in the works and now I have a new one that is supposed to get all my attention. Tell that to the characters who wake me up demanding to be written! I am so confused.

  282. Nisi said

    For the first time I posted an opinion on Hey Neilson. I’m new to surfing, but I think I did it right. I hope it worked and will help our show.


  283. laurel said

    Greetings Nisi! I’m sure you did fine on Hey Neilson. Now I can go over there and agree with your opinion. It’s all good!

  284. Chery said

    Here is the link:

    When I click on it it just saves it as a word document!!

  285. lwildstar said

    got to this link

    and click the pod cast you want off the menu – it should start right up

  286. laurel said

    Thank you for the second link, it does work and I’m listening now. I guess we need to not give up yet.

  287. lwildstar said

    I love how the clip starts with Kyles voice!!!
    Yep I’m listening to it now as well…….

  288. laurel said

    We are so bad! hehe
    I am happy to get to hear it at last.

  289. cdnfreyja said

    laurel – the Tupperware. I love Tupperware! No, the joke had to do with when I was living in Denmark. A good friend of host brother #2 noticed that I loved the Tupperware at our house and he and my host brother started repeating ‘Tupperware’ in strange high-pitched voices. Very strange for a couple of 16 year old boys.

    To everyone who is busy writing, good luck! I have a character in my head who really wants to get out and on paper, really she does! Unfortunately, I have a little perfection streak running through me so even though I’m feeling the compulsion to sit and write I just can’t do it until I figure out a few more things. I have a really cool idea for book #3, though. Yes, my brain operates in very strange ways. I guess I just need to tell myself that there is a reason why editing was invented! (Didn’t seem to help my thesis though – it sits there on the shelf staring at me. Haven’t looked at it since finished it.)

  290. nina said

    Hi Girls!!

    Listening to the podcast right now!!! The Kyle mimicking Norman part!! Yipieee ^_^ I’ll be right back after listening to this πŸ™‚

  291. cdnfreyja said

    Sorry laurel, I was going to ask if it was Great Big Sea!

    And yes, I meant to type ‘since I finished it’.

  292. laurel said

    Freyja – I was waiting to be able to write perfectly… then woke up to find myself in my late 40’s. I decided to start writing and get the story down, then go back and work on it as need be. I actually love to read some of the things I’ve written. Even if I’m the only one who ever reads them I am learning a craft and enjoying the journey.
    Don’t wait too long to do something you might truly love.

  293. laurel said

    For some odd reason Great Big Sea has a major following in this part of the US. We are waiting for a new CD on of these days. I listened to them just this morning.

  294. lwildstar said

    I tried writing for years but just never had any support in finishing – well now here I am on chapter 14 of one story – I have a different one started and all those short stories – and why? because of all the encouragement and support from this lovely group of wonderful people!!!!!! And a big shout out to LAurel who puts up with me almost every weeekend helping me edit and encouraging me to continue….!
    I think that if I don’t at least attempt to get this thing [ublished Laurel will hunt me down and hurt me 😦
    At some ppoint I may set up a wordpress site like Rifkind has and let you guys read – but I’m still not quiet comfortable with that yet, but I promis I thinkI am getting closer to the time where I can “let it out of the house” for other s to view…

    Well its getting late (geeze i’m old its only 9:15) and I need to make my way to bed……

    I just finished the pos cast – Peter said that watching BT on the Lifetime site is really a big help, so I guess I will have to make more of an effort to watch – I just hate the little screen of the computer even the flat screen at work – oh well we must make sacrifices!

  295. lwildstar said

    nighty night my dears!!!

  296. laurel said

    Good night dear wildstar!

  297. nina said

    Just finished the podcast. I really got worried when Peter said that Tanya read the season finale and said “I hate You”. It sounds like a huge cliffhanger and boy do I hate those!!!
    Thank you for the the pod cast link!
    lwildstar – I jumped when I heard his voice πŸ˜€

    Anzia – Dear I hope you’re getting enough sleep! We’ll talk after this weekend I hope. You’ll definitly get an email on Saturday after I get back from watching O.S.O.!!!…*Doing my Happy Dance*

    Madonna – I hope you’re doing well and the stones are not causing too much pain.

    Ok gals I’ll check in later.

  298. cdnfreyja said

    Hey Laurel, yes I think I just need to sit and write rather than continue to think about it. Like I said, the editing process exists for a reason, right? I can’t imagine what most authors’ first drafts looked like. Yeah, the first draft of my thesis was horrible too. (I still hate it but not for the reasons you might think.)

    I just need to drag out all my notes and scribbles. I even have a notepad beside my bed with all kinds of goodies on it. Hmmmm … I do have time on my hands at the moment.

    Yes, Great Big Sea is hugely popular throughout Canada too, even with people who have no ties to Newfoundland, the east coast or Celtic roots. They just make good music!

  299. Margaret said

    Nina: To make things worse, I think Tanya said she threw the script across the room after she read it. I don’t know what else we can do with Lifetime though.

  300. Anzia said

    Nina- i FORBID you to tell me what happens! I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna see that movie! OMG! SO NOT FAIR! I need to move to New York or California or somewhere where there’s a big enough hindustani population for them to HAVE hindi movies at the movie theatres. 😦 GRRRRRRRR *pouts* I hope you have a great Diwali!

    Laurel- Bugged. I can’t stay up that late anymore (seriously, not kidding) so I watch it a little bit each morning. VERY ICKY w/the windshield wipers! UGH! I’m now watching last week’s CSI. ^_^ *sigh* I love me some George Eads. πŸ™‚

  301. Chery said

    Thanks WildStar!
    Just listened, pretty interesting. Peter Mohan said another way to support BT was to watch the eps on the Lifetime site, because they really keep track of how many times they are watched.
    Also the actors and everyone were pretty tense because no word yet.
    And their contracts were running out soon.

  302. Anzia said

    nina- you know i’m kidding right didi?

  303. prtfvr said

    This is funny:

  304. prtfvr said

    How the hell do you find previews on Lifetime? I’m baffled.

  305. Margaret said

    Ladies: Don’t forget Kyle on HeyNeilsen, he’s dropped down to 15. Blood Ties is still at 2 though.

    Madonna: How are you feeling today. Claire: How are you doing? Anybody else I missed, how is everyone else doing, sorry?

  306. Anzia said

    prtmama- i can honestly say that I only qualify for 11 of those. ^_^

  307. Chery said

    Good morning!

    In the Peter Mohan interview he mentioned that Lifetime counts everytime someone clicks on their site and plays the episodes.

    That and ITunes may determine whether Lifetime buys more episodes.I play the episodes in the background while I am on the computer.

    He also mentioned the post cards and the fangs. They all seem to get a real kick out of that.

    Also, Canadian fans need to show their support to the show.Because I gathered that City TV could possibly buy more episodes and they would not need Lifetime if so.

    He also said he had talked to the cast in the last two weeks and everyone is very tense about this down to the wire decision.

    The writers strike. Peter mentioned that it would affect production of Army wives and side of life. You would think it would push TPTB to purchase more BT.

    And gang just as we suspected Peter Mohan said we really do not want to end the show with the 22 episode of this season. IT IS A KILLER CLIFF HANGER. He said it would be a shame to end on that note.

  308. lwildstar said

    I am really late this morning – damn bus was late so we ended up in the “school bus” traffic ant then ai fell down at the Metro station – my bad leg just gave out – so I had to sit there for a few minutes and missed that train and then had to wait for the next one – at least someone was nice enought to give me his seat…now my whole right side hurts!
    Then i got snappe dat first thing in the door because I din’t take care of something – I checked it out and discovered – duh – it was never given to me to process so how could I take care of it!

    Sorry for the early morning rant….

    I voted and now I’m off – Wont see you this afternoon – I’m going out to lunch with Robin today – will chat with you later!

  309. lwildstar said Blood Ties (2006) 3471 !!!!!!

  310. prtfvr said

    Am I the only one who thinks that the US writer’s strike is GOOD news for our show? πŸ™‚

  311. prtfvr said

    Poor wildstar!! *hugs* It’s not good news that all this happened first thing in the morning. Hopefully it’ll get better!

  312. Claire said

    Morning my lovelies! Just finished listening to the podcast…damn I love Kyles voice! So I’ll download like crazy today,and let the epis run in the background,and continue voting!

    I’m going to be kind of scarce the next few days…Nikkis boyfriend should be here in a few..she went to D.C. around 8 a.m. to pick him up at Greyhound.
    Then its off to buy the kids some winter clothes.We seem to have skipped fall here in Va! It’s 36 f*&king degrees out!! I hate the cold!!!!
    Then more getting ready for the quads birthday Saturday! For those of you that met them…picture them hyped up and excited! Can you say losing my mind?
    I hope everyone is feeling better! especially you Madonna

    Love yas!

  313. Margaret said

    Prtfvr: No, you’re not the only one. I’m quite enjoying it knowing that it might help the cause since I don’t watch much other than Blood Ties anyway. GO CANADIAN TV, BLESS YOU CANADIAN WRITERS.

  314. lwildstar said

    Thanks for the hugs….I could have used those as I was lying in my puddle of humiliation on the floor of the Metro station! It would be better if I didn’t hurt every where!! the longer I’m sitting the tighter the muscles get so when i stand up its oooowwwweeeee….3 extra strength tylonol hasn’t helped any…but I can’t take anything stronger and function……
    Im not suposed to be in here so TTFN!!!! πŸ™‚

  315. Margaret said

    lwildstar: Remember that tomorrow’s another day and by then, hopefully this will just be a bad memory. Try to get some ice on your worst points of pain.

  316. laurel said

    lwildstar – sorry you crashed and burned. 😦 Indignities aside, I agree with Margaret, get some ice on the main landing spots. And as much as possible get up and walk around a little bit. You don’t want those strained and bruised muscles to set up and get stiff. Here is a very gentle ( ( ( hug ) ) ). If you aren’t getting good pain control with the tylenol you can add advil or motrine (ibuprophine). It is okay to add them to the tylenol, but take no more than the recommended dose. If you are one of those who can’t take advil – disregard the advise. I’m just a mom after all. πŸ™‚

  317. Danae said

    Hello hello is this on? Where is everyone?

    Buongiorno bellas

    Wildstar, I am sorry you are hurting. Like Margaret said put ice on and when you get home take a nice long hot bath if you can.

    Prtfvr, if it helps Lifetime get more BT I am all for the strike also. I don’t mean to be unloyal to our writers but I can’t help it. I don’t watch a lot of TV shows. Bones, Ghost Whisperer, Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, House anything else I can do without. Some shows have enough scripts ready for the end of the year and hopefully the strike won’t last that long.

  318. Danae said

    Oh hi Laurel, how’s Lauren? πŸ˜‰

  319. laurel said

    prtfvr I just watched the youtube clip! LOL
    My poor new monitor! The instructions said to use only clear water on a clean damp cloth to clean the screen. I don’t think they specifically covered lattes. hehehe
    I identified with waaaaaay too many of those “obsessions” but I must admit I had not noticed Mike’s hair going “Poof” when Henry pushed him.. Still giggling. I’ll be watching it again.
    Wheeew…. *more giggling ensues*

  320. laurel said

    Danae – Lauren is doing okay… She actually made it into the story I’m writing! Things are not going well for her there at the moment, but I promised her they would get better. hehehe She should have known better than to go into the house when she found the door ajar.

  321. Danae said


  322. laurel said

    I’m supposed to be writing now so I’m going to run off for a while. It is my hubby’s day off and he wants me to help him take down a couple of trees over at our church in about an hour.
    Just how I want to spend the day. Sawdust and “ode de chainsaw”

  323. laurel said

    Jeez. I hit send before I meant to. hehe

    I will keep checking in until I have to go help him. I hate to leave you here by yourself. πŸ™‚

  324. Danae said

    Have fun! πŸ˜›

  325. Danae said

    It has happened before. I will just start talking to myself. No biggie

  326. laurel said

    Talking to yourself is a sign of great imagination. It takes a lot of brain power to hold up both sides of a conversation. πŸ™‚

  327. Danae said

    Yeah I’ve heard that before but sometimes people just look at you like you are nutso.

  328. laurel said

    You should see the looks I get when a major story line is going on in my head. I get a little distracted and, if I don’t have something to write on, have been known to mumble bits of dialogue. So far only in the presence of my close family but still…
    Thankfully they know what I’m doing and offer to find me pen and paper. hehe
    Talking to yourself on the blog won’t get you a visit to the psychiatrist, yet.

  329. lwildstar said

    heres part two to You know you’re obbsessed –

    my day is just getting better (sarcastic tone) Robin had to cancell lunch – the color printer is on the fritz and once a gain I got fussed at for something I wasn’t even part of!!!

    Ok I am going over to LT and watch some Henry!

  330. Danae said

    Sometimes when I am thinking things in my head like ideas for stories poems and someone asks me a question I answer with what I am thinking. You should see the looks I get then. Lately I have been trying to think up a poem for my sister Chris because she is going to have the baby in January and hopefully get married sometime next year. I wanted to write for her to read at the wedding but I don’t want it to sound really amateur. I want it to sound more like the one I wrote called That One Moment about my feelings when I listen to Josh Groban. I am so stuck and I am getting frustrated.

  331. Danae said

    Man your job sounds worse then mine. I am sorry!

  332. laurel said

    I watched that second part already. It was plenty funny (and familiar). hehe
    I’m sorry you’re having such a crappy day. I hate that you are injured and don’t even have your lunch date. nuts.
    I am trying to write while watching episode 2 on LT. I will leave it running on the desktop to raise the count of viewings. I don’t know if it counts more or less to watch while signed on as a member of LT. What do you think?

  333. Danae said

    I don’t think it would matter. They will still see people clicking and watching but I am guessing it can’t hurt to be signed in.

  334. laurel said

    Ah, I was pretending to be a new viewer. Guess I don’t do incognito very well, huh? hehe

  335. lwildstar said

    I’ve just left 5:55 running – looking up when i see Henry…hehehe…i did put the headphones on for the southern accent – my speakers don’t work…

    My whole day is out of whack now – starting lunch late and what not…geeze – my phone has been ringing off the hook because eeryone thinks I’m back from lunch
    and of course I’m grumpy becaue I don’t feel well..gggrrrrrr

    I did work on some editing of chapter 9 so at least I gopt something done for me at lunch….

    I don’t think you have to sign in to LT to be counted – I didn’t – but I’ll try to remember to do that just in case….One would think it would count anyone watching…..

  336. lwildstar said

    well I have a few minutes left so I will turn my attention back to henry while i can….


  337. laurel said

    I’ve got to run off and play lumberjack’s assistant. Sounds kind of kinky. hehe
    See you later if the trees land right.

  338. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies, popping in a little later than usual. Had a few things to do this morning.

    wildstar – hugs to you!

    I’m a union girl so I’m on the side of the writers in the dispute. I do hope things are settled to their benefit. (similar issue in the performers’ strike here a couple years ago) But in the meantime, I really hope that the writer’s strike does get BT renewed in the U.S. It shouldn’t take anything this extreme since it is such a great show, but we’ll take the opportunity when comes our way, right? I’m hoping that Canada will take advantage of the situation too with the networks up here developing more Canadian drama for tv. This happened in the 1980s after the last strike. We had some really great drama produced up here. But that went downhill in the 1990s and there is very little left. A resurgence of Canadian tv would be a positive side-effect.

    Anyway, I’m off to read a book that arrived at my door this morning. ttyl in between voting.

  339. Danae said

    Don’t get me wrong Freyja. I hope everything gets resolved soon for the writers. I heard that their demands aren’t unreasonable. I was half joking when I said I hope the writer’s strike last long so Lifetime will do what they have to for BT.

  340. cdnfreyja said

    Oh I didn’t think you’d be nasty, Danae. I just hope BT gets renewed on both sides of the border. πŸ™‚

  341. Danae said

    Way deep down inside I can’t help but hope it will be beneficial to BT. I would be lying if I said otherwise.

  342. Danae said

    Me too but if not you will have to hook us up. That is a big IF by the way.

  343. elizabeth said

    Morning ladies. I just listened to Peter’s podcast. What a nice way to start the morning.

    lwildstar – I am sorry you have had such a horrible start to your day. I hope you feel better soon. (((hug))))

    Laurel – you kinky Minx you…playing a Lumberjack assistant now, huh?

    I don’t remember who asked, but I don’t think you have to be logged in as a member to count on Lifetime. I believe the Web counts the number of visitors and click throughs to the videos regardless. I had an episode running in the background yesterday before I realized that was one of the ways Lifetime counts fans. So, I will do it again today. It is such a hardship; as you can imagine, but I am a dedicated fan and will suffer through the episodes running on my computer πŸ˜‰ yeah, right! Like it is an inconvenience – hehehe.

  344. prtfvr said

    Say, can anyone give me the link to the previews for tomorrow’s show? I can’t find it on Lifetime and it’s driving me nuts!

  345. rifkind said

    Hey parrot whisperer,
    How is little Henry doing?
    Feisty as ever?

  346. Danae said

    Ciao bellas! I am heading home now.

  347. lwildstar said

    prtfvr – heres the preview link I found – posted it earlier – guess you missed it

  348. prtfvr said

    Hey Rif! Henry’s as big an ass as he ever was! He’s perching on two perches (not at the same time) now and I’m really impressed. His leg doesn’t work but he uses it as balance and I’m sure glad that the doc said we should save it.

    He’s flying really well. I’m trying to let him out and get him to sit still so he doesn’t mess up the leg but…have I told you that he’s an ass? He’s always complaining at me. Yesterday was the last day that I had to give him medicine. God that sucked! I’m so glad it’s over.

    Anyhow, he goes to the vets tomorrow to have his bandage changed. Too bad it has to stay on for at least two more weeks. He really hates it. I don’t know how the doc got that on there considering that the bite was at the joint where the thigh (for lack of the technical term) meets the hip.

    Henry’s the man! Maybe that was the perfect name for him. It sure was lucky, except for that bite part. πŸ˜‰

  349. Nisi said

    Wildstar – Thanks for the youtube obbsessed. It’s great!


  350. lwildstar said

    I couldn’t wait to get home tonight!!!! What a day…..
    Well I’ve eatten taken a hot bath and popped a flexeril – so I’m not feeling as bad as I did earlier…

    SO how is everyone doing?

    Prtfvr – glad tohear baby Henry is up and around – sorry he’s a bigger ass though πŸ™‚

  351. cdnfreyja said

    Hi wildstar! Glad to hear you made it home okay and are now resting. I haven’t been able to vote much today. Other things to do, every time I sit down at the computer I get a phone call, then the computer acts up.

    I’m currently coming up with a smart (or what I hope to be a smart) letter to CityTV. I hope to send that off soon.

  352. Claire said

    Hi Lovelies!
    Wildstar..glad you’re home! a nice warm bath…candlelight..soft music..that’s what you need! I’ve got a huge pot of homemade chicken soup bubbling on the stove..wish you were here!
    Prtfvr..I’m so glad that ass is ok!! tell him his name is Henry! and he’s the one supposed to do the biting!
    I ran epis of BT all day from lifetime…even when I was out!
    and gosh I think I voted 5 times or more!
    Anyway…off to do motherly things lol!
    love yas!

  353. Chery said

    Glad you are home and feeling better Wildstar!
    I am sitting here sipping on a glass of wine, red of course, and watching spoilers, and You Tube video’s. OMG I am so pathetic!

  354. Claire said

    Anne..when you have a minute,what episodes of missing was Kyle on?I found all the seasons on Netflix,but it didn’t say what epis he was in.I don’t want to put it on my list until I’m sure it’s the right one.

    Thanks love

  355. lwildstar said

    HI Claire…oh chicken soup sounds wonderful…I made speggetti soup or as known in the family Polish spaggetti – my dads mom was Polish and she made it all the time…. I’ve had to work on cutting done the recipe since it feeds 6 and theres only me…I got it down to two servings…guess whats for lunch tomorrow?

    is it really only 7:30? geeze it feels later….

    Well I mangaed to vote 7 times and work and I’m off to vote for the 2nd time tonight – sigh….obsess much?

    I tried to let BT on LT run in the back ground while I did some writing but it kept freezing…..oh well…..i ran it during lunch at work – watched 5:55 again…

  356. lwildstar said

    586#2 out of 3350 H!N Score +73 (14.2%) I think this is up from this morning – Moonlight is catching up but I think its still 100+ behind BT and I think BLood Ties is only 80+ from overtaking the Dresdin Files….

  357. lwildstar said

    WOW!! I killed the blog!

    Sorry ….. 😦

  358. lwildstar said

    well then on that note I think I will go vote one more time and then I will log off and go watch CSI…

    talk to you tomorrow!

  359. cdnfreyja said

    Um, Claire? You could have warned us that you were going to change your avatar! LOL!

    No wildstar, you didn’t kill the blog. I’d be around more but I’ve been busy at home today … strangely. Okay, I think I have about 10 minutes to go before I can vote again. If you’re obsessing, that I must be too. LOL!

  360. cdnfreyja said

    Geez, what is it with typos lately? Being away from work must be turning my brain to mush.

  361. vicki said

    hey girls….

    Sorry been gone so long….busy busy….grades went out Friday and we had Parent teacher conferences on MOn…and I have had meetins with parents all week…during the school day…BLAH BLAH….ARrrgggg…you get the idea..

    And today is my husbands birthday….got him a cake..with Steelers colors on it..(That was Willow’s idea) and we sang Happy Birthday and ate cake and pizza….now we are watching the WVU game…(of course)…well I have about 15 shows on my Tivo to catch up on….and I got a gig tomorrow night..and Saturday night…

    No rest for the DIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the Diva

  362. lwildstar said

    ok Vicki – one of the Steelers colors is black right – If I remember the cake they made for dads retirement party the black icing turned everyones mouths purple! Hope you had fun…
    See I knew if I whined someone would show up…..

    Well I really need to go to bed though – Ihave a feeling I am going to be stiff in the morning.. sigh… but its another 45 minutes before I could go vote again so it may have to wait til tomorrow….

    nighty night everyone……

    freyja – check your email…

  363. cdnfreyja said

    Thanks! I love getting mail. Hasn’t come through yet so I’ll check back later.

  364. vicki said

    yes we had black, white, and gold icing…it was a little strange looking…but Xander did look purple around the mouth….of course he ate ONLY the icing….LOL

    The Diva

  365. cdnfreyja said

    Got it! Thanks!

  366. Anzia said

    Okay, I know you’ve had a bad day lwildstar and i promise i’m not trying to play “my day was worse” I just have not had a good night. (I sincerely hope yours is much better than your day seems to have been).

    My day was going good! The cute german architect was talking with me (ran half the length of the building to catch up w/me at lunch) which always makes my day. Then he bent down and gave me a perfect shot of his not-so-there-but-oh-so-adorable-anyway butt. And he was asking things about my job that shows that he’s paying attention to what i’m doing all day. It was great.

    Then I started driving home and some jerk decided he HAD to get on the highway before me and almost rearended me. So I quickly put on the breaks and pull off to the side a bit and the bloody f*cking cop two cars behind us does jack$h!t about it. Finally getting on the highway I get stuck behind two semis that seem to be drag racing which is BAD ’cause I had to get over in the lane the second truck was in so I didn’t miss my exit. Then my radio decided to stop working.

    FINALLY, i get home (relatively sane) where i’m still p.o’d at something my aunt said to me last night and I decide that i’m having some ME time. Going to go grocery shopping (’cause the 4 yr old raided my lunch food stash), get gas and eat at Noodles & Co. All well and good except I get home and lock my keys in the car. My extra sets (there were 2) were “lost” by wondering 4 yr old hands months ago & I have power locks so I’m thinking i’m totally screwed. Then I realize that not only can i NOT get to work in the morning i’m locked out of the house and no one’s home. So, I call my mom (waking her up) and am crying b/c i’ve had a bad day and a not so great week (Sean & Kev were HORRIBLE this week) and I spill my guts about EVERYTHING that’s gone wrong in the past week. She calls my aunt & uncle to tell them i’m locked out and they promise to leave dinner soon. They’ll only be 20 minutes….at least that’s what they said. 40 minutes later, i’m still sitting in the garage, my food is cold, i’m cold, i’m at my wits end about how to get to work and get my keys out of my car and they finally come home.

    The ONLY redeeming thing is that my uncle found one of my extra sets of keys. His parents (live in the basement apartment) had them in their ‘junk drawer.’

    So, i’m tired. Happy that I can get ot work tomorrow. Upset ’cause I said somethings to my mom about my aunt/uncle/cousins that i shouldn’t have (I WAS REALLY MAD & UPSET). I actually stood outside screaming at God crying with my mom on my cellphone yelling at me, asking if I was okay. Which I wasn’t…still not…but…that’s okay.

    Anyway, i’m done now. Feel free to ignore me. G’night.

  367. Nisi said

    Gypsy – are you OK? Did you have another 101/2 hr day?

    ((Hugs)) to those who’ve had a bad day.

    My Hubby brought home work to do, so I’m off to soak in the tub. Just to get out of his way. πŸ™‚ I’m selfless that way.

    Have a good night everyone.

  368. rifkind said

    I am so glad to hear that our fiesty bird is doing so well.
    He is one tough little guy. Too bad he is such a stinker… Maybe once he is older he will quite biting.
    Some birds bite to ‘taste’ the world, but I get the impression that little Henry bites in anger. Maybe age and experience will mellow him a little.

    { { { H U G S } } }
    Poor Dear! It sounds like you had a horrible day!
    Time to lock the food in your trunk and away from grazing 4 year olds.
    I hope that you can find a place to move , SOON!!!!


  369. rifkind said

    So much for spelling,
    Prtfvr it should have said .. quit biting..

  370. Anzia said

    Well, here’s to a new day…and hopefully a better one. You to lwildstar!

  371. lwildstar said

    So far so good Anzia – I wandered into the Starbucks to get a chi (needed to warm up) and there was no line! you have no idea how lucky that is in the morning – which has acctually helped me keep from getting drinks every morning….work is quiet and I don’t hurt nearly as bad as i thought I was….

    Sorry i missed you post last night Z I would have sent you BIG HUGS!!!!!

    Well i must start work now – we get free breakfast this morning and I am starving……

    I’ll check in wtih you at lunch………

  372. rifkind said

    Only 15 hours until HENRY!

  373. lwildstar said

    14.5 and counting!!!!
    there is no body here at work yet – the lady who is supose to be training me says shes not feeling well and is going to leave – she whines all the time so I don’t know if she is really sick or not – oh well…
    the person who has the project for me hasn’t come in yet….so I’m just paitently waiting til I can vote again then I’ll go do some filing…

  374. Claire said

    Bonn Matin mes amis!!!
    Oh my darlin adopted daughter…I hope you can find a nice affordable place to move into real soon!!! Hope you have a better day today!

    Wildstar..The soup was delish last night…what I love the everybody coming in an saying”Yes..Chicken soup!!!!”
    Add some thick slices of bread with real butter! Yumma yumma!

    Yeah like that did ya? changed the pic under my name too,something about the way Henry put his head to the door was just heartbreaking.

    Anyway,I got out all the winter coats! YUCK!!! it’s cold and raining!
    I’ve got to search through the phone book and find a chimney sweep,everyone is dying to light the fireplace,and I’m not taking any chances!

    I’ve got to wait until Nikki and her boyfriend wake up..and then be off to do the rest of my shopping,have to buy a cake large enough to fit four names on it!!!

    It’s Friday…it’s Friday…I have to tell you ladies,I’m already going into this epi with a biased mind! I hate that B*&ch Christina!!! I better not see any form of hurt or sadness in my babys baby blues!!
    and we all know how well Kyle conveys sorrow and hurt! Ahhh…what time is it?

    don’t forget to vote!
    see yas!

  375. lwildstar said

    Blood Ties (2006) 3804

    I tried to log into LT to post the numbers and the site is all screwed up……

  376. rifkind said

    Thanks for reminding me to vote!
    I also just added a new comment on HeyNielsen–blood-ties-has-me-hooked–this-is-my-must-see-show

  377. lwildstar said

    Ok Hey Neilson doesn’t seem to be working either – would someone go over there and check it out – its showing no rankings at all, yet under tv Blood ties is listed first….

  378. Vicki said

    Hey girls..

    driveby…..I am soo excited for tonights episode…saw the preview on lifetime..Ohhhhh I do so hate that woman….Go away Christina…we dont need you in our already crowded love triangle..>HEHEheh

    The Diva

  379. lwildstar said

    ok looks like LT fixed whatever their problem swas this morning – lets go see about Hey Neilson….

  380. lwildstar said

    nope they are still showing 0 for all the rankings….

  381. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas!

    HAPPY FRIDAY! I am dancing in delight. I don’t know why.

    Anzia, hugs little sis. I hope today is better for you.

    Wildstar, I am glad you are not in to much pain today. I noticed the 0 ranking thingie on HeyNeilson

    MamaClaire, homemade chicken soup with thick slices of Italian bread slathered in sweet cream butter. YUMMO!

    Prtfvr, I am glad Little Henry is on the mend.

    Ok listen to this. Our weather forcast for tomorrow is saying snow showers. YIPPEE! I can’t wait. First snowflake that falls BAM I pull out White Christmas(love Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney) and It’s a Wonderful Life, change into warm PJs, wrap up in my fuzziest blanket, hot cocoa, and a box of tissues. Me and my kitty Audrey will be happy.

  382. lwildstar said

    Hey Neilson….still not working – but the graph shows a ranking or 621…thats up from yesurday – wonder what happend to the top 10 list?

  383. rifkind said

    About tonights episode…

    I have NO spoiler info, so this is just an idea for discussion.

    If Christine tells Vicki about the horrible things that Henry did when he was a young vampire.. will you still love him? Will Vicki be able to handle it?
    I think that we will see some of Henry’s darker past …
    It will be interesting to see how Vicki handles it.
    Should Henry be judged by things that he did over 400 years ago?
    In the last episode when Henry talks to Mike about the village decimation when 2 vampires were fighting over territory…

    H: We can’t risk letting Vicki find out about this other vampire
    You don’t understand the potential fallout from this conflict
    M: (laughs) You just love to dramatize everything don’t you?
    This is a two-bit turf war, nothing more.
    H: This is much more than that detective
    M: Fine. Inside (he points into a room)
    M: I’m all ears. (Isn’t that Vicki’s line??)
    H: In the late 1700’s a vampire ensconced in a polish village found himself under siege by another vampire who had set out take over his territory.
    M: And don’t tell me, they both wound up killing each other
    H: That would have been preferable. The newcomer methodically disassembled the life the first vampire had so painstakingly created. He killed friends and acquaintances, lovers. Those closest to him were the first to die.

    M: (sighs)Which one were you?
    H: The one still alive.
    M : Rest of the village?
    Not exactly winning me over here Fitzroy
    H: Just be careful how you act around her. The less suspicion we arise in her the better.
    If the other vampire believes she’s with me. Vicki will most certainly die.

    Anybody taking bets on which vampire was Henry?
    Look at how pained he is as he tells the story. Like he is remembering a long ago dark secret. One that he wishes that he could change.

    If Vicki did not have the demon marks on her, I bet Christina would have killed her.
    Fun to think of Asterof as being Vicki’s protector!

  384. Danae said

    I don’t think things Henry did and situations he was in 400 years ago would change the way I felt about him. It was a long time ago and before I knew him. Most likely he will have changed his ways by now as much as he can. It is obvious he regrets his actions in the Polish village. Christina is just trying to stir up trouble.

  385. Margaret said

    I would say that most of us are so blinded by the man that Henry has become that we would have a hard time believing the things that he may have done in the past. There’s a good reason they say love is blind. Hmmmm

  386. Jennifer said

    Hi Ladies…..I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged here,but my cousin,mom and I just got back last night from a trip to North Carolina. Anyone on the blog from there? It’s a really beautiful state. It was SOOOO COLD there!!!! Coming back home we stayed in Tennessee overnight. Missed you all very much!!!! Am COMPLETELY READY to watch BT tonight!!!!! TTYL!!!

  387. Danae said

    Hi Jennifer! Can you email me with your address? I want to send goodies to all my BT friends for the holidays.

  388. Claire said

    Hey all!
    My take on the whole Polish village thing?
    I think Yeah Henry was the last one standing,but that doesn’t mean it was him that destroyed the village..remember…he said one vampire systematically destroyed the others life…he might’ve of been the one thats alive cause he kicked some butt,and the pained expression could be because of the others senseless destruction of life.I’m not looking for excuses for Henry,he is after all a vampire! But lets think back..when we saw that flashback during heart of fire…yes he killed the girl in the prison…by accident.Remember his “Oh No”
    and all the things he said about himself…dancing,painting,loving.
    Then in Necrodome…he told Vicky”I’m a vampire with a soul,there’s a difference”.
    Truth be told what a person does in their past vampire or not..does not affect me nor what I feel about them.See thats Vickys problem…she’s all for hanging with the hot sexy protective vamp…but she doesn’t want to deal with the reality of his not being human.Henry will always be Henry to me,no matter what…did anybody expect a vampire to have a lily white past? especially in the just turned stage.Henry clearly told Vicky in that tunnel with the Wen dingo
    “I’ve worked very hard to control my nature” So I see him not as the boy he was,but the man he’s become. πŸ˜‰

  389. Danae said

    Very true MamaClaire.

  390. lwildstar said

    Hey Neilson is working – yeah! Blood Ties is still #2 out of 3520 with a rank of 621 +35 (6.0%) I think thats only 30 or so behind Dresdin Files!!!

  391. lwildstar said

    Henry has gone to great lenghts to move on and grow away from the vamp he use to be – while he still loves and accepts what he has become – he’s “matured” – and he shows remorse for the things that maybe he could have handled differently – I would forgive him!

  392. lwildstar said

    ok – did I chase everyone away?

  393. lwildstar said

    well then i guess i will go work on some writing

  394. lwildstar said

    pouts and walks away mummbling…..

  395. rifkind said

    11 hours 26 minutes!

  396. Danae said

    Hey wildstar. I’m back!

  397. elizabeth said

    I seem to always be late to the party! I suppose it is a West Coast thing, huh? Morning everyone!

    Claire – I thought your comment on Henry was very insightful. I am a little torn as to what Henry meant exactly when he said he was the one still alive. At first I thought he had been the one to take over the territory, but he has shown us over and over again that he retained part of his humanity. I don’t think he would have dismantled the other Vamps life so cruelly. I do believe he will fight to retain what is his; he is a Kings son after all. But, whatever he has done or will do out of necessity he is man enough to live with the regret and not whine about being victimized. Gotta love that!

  398. Danae said

    And counting!

  399. elizabeth said

    I am sitting at my desk with what I thought was an inexplicable silly grin on my face – and, then it hit me, today is Friday and Blood Ties is on tonight. I know, I know…you are wondering what cave I have been in all morning. I voted on Hey Neilson, watched the clip for tonight and the one where Henry asks Vicki to the art gallery, checked the Lifetime blog and I can hardly sit still in my chair I am so psyched. I sooo love Fridays πŸ™‚

  400. Danae said

    Hello E! It’s Friday sweetie.

  401. Danae said

    Amber got her first report card today. She got one H=Highly developed, several D=Developed, and a few E=Emerging. So that is like one A, several Bs and a few Cs.

  402. elizabeth said

    Hi Danae – Good for Amber! I bet she was excited to see her scores! Geez, do you ever have a day where you are practically vibrating? oh, wait! You are “dancing with delight”, aren’t you? I’m right there with you, although I have to admit to being lousy at dancing.

  403. Danae said

    I think I am ok at dancing. I did take dance lessons. I love to dance and no one I know will even twitch there hips unless they have consumed a certain amount of alcohol.

    I think every Friday I am dancing with delight or vibrating. The vibrating could be a whole other matter though.

  404. Maddie Mo said

    Hi everybody,

    Happy Henry Day!!!!!

    I took Maddie to the Circus of Dreams last night. It was pretty cool and she LOVED it. I was afraid she wouldn’t like it but some friends of ours were going so we took her and Chase( Our Nephew). It was cool. It’s the new Ringling Bros. Circus and it’s a lot differnt than the traditional 3 ring circus. It’s kind of like Ringling Bros. and Cirque Du Soleil had a baby and they are calling it the Circus of Dreams.

  405. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Dropping in a bit later than usual thanks to a strangely eventful start to the day. I’m at home doing stuff around the house, about to step into the shower when the fire alarm goes off. I know it isn’t a test because they do tests once a month on Wednesdays and we get a notice about it. So, I get dressed, grab my fall coat (yes, I have many coats for the seasons, I live in Canada πŸ˜‰ ), and go downstairs. Luckily, not too many of us home. Eventually the fire department shows up with 3 trucks (the fire hall is 5 minutes away) to building #2 (I’m in #1). Our systems are tied together since are buildings are connected. I don’t know what was wrong. Somebody said there was smoke in building #2 but the fire department didn’t take too long to clear out. Perhaps a contractor doing work set off the system. All I know is that someone is working on things because the red light is still lit up on my alarm panel. So, now I’m a bit behind on my tasks for the day … but I’ve managed to vote 3 times so far!!! Go BT!

    Claire, I believe I’m your 3rd adopted daughter here but luckily for you I’m way past the age of majority so no one can blame you for any kind of corruption of my character, or whatever. Lucky you!

    We’re finally into the 2nd half of the season up here. I’m so envious of you south of the border! All I can say about the discussion about what Henry did or didn’t do in his past is this. People do all kinds of silly and crazy things when they are young. We seem to be able to put that aside fairly easy, right? Why would we treat Henry any differently? I went to school with the same kids from K-12. I remember some of the things my classmates did. I remember two particular boys who were sent to the principal’s office in grade 1 by our teacher (a nun) for something really stupid. One dropped out eventually, the other went to the U.S. on a hockey scholarship. I can’t remember these two without laughing and shaking my head at what they did. It colours my view of them a bit as in ‘I know what you did’ but they were kids so I can’t hold it against them.

  406. Danae said

    Oh Maddie Mo I love the circus. I went to the Ringling one they did a 2 or 3 years ago. I think it was 2 years. Amber was three I think.

  407. Maddie Mo said

    I’m so excited about tonights epi. I haven’t been able to find the previews but that’s okay. Expectation is a good thing.

  408. Danae said

    Wow! Exciting morning Freyja. At least there was nothing really wrong. I bet it had you all energized though. I think I would have been. Thankfully I have only been in that situation once and that was in middle school when you act like everything is a bore to you and you make everyone think you can care less. Deep down inside it excites you. We missed several hours of school standing and sitting around outside. I can’t remember what happened though.

  409. Maddie Mo said

    I love the Circus too. It usually comes to town every year around my birhtday and I usually go. Even if I have no children to take. I am so glad Maddie liked it. She was so excited by it and jumping on my lap and clapping and waving her arms around. It was awesome.

  410. elizabeth said

    I was just over at Lifetime watching last weeks episode on line. Henry has just found the body on his door step. OMG! Do you ladies realize how long he had his hands just resting on her chest? Why did I not notice that before? I am so envious…not that i want to be a dead body, but the rest of it πŸ˜‰

  411. Annalaise duChat said

    Good Afternoon Ladies,

    I’m just stopping by to say hello. I haven’t been around much lately. Things have been fairly busy at work and I’ve been writing a lot lately. I finally decided to give the part that was giving me trouble a rest and skip ahead and the story is practically writing itself again. Go figure. Actually I took the day off of work to stay home and write today. Is that self-indulgent or what?
    I just got back from taking the dog for a long walk on the beach and now I’m getting ready to dig in. I’m having a really great day off so far.
    I’ll check back in a bit.

  412. lwildstar said

    ok E just cus you said something i had to go back and watch!!!!!

    welll lunch is over – I’ll catch up with you later!

  413. cdnfreyja said

    Geez, what else is going to happen today. I go to open the fridge door to get lunch and a jar of dijon mustard comes flying out, shattering all over the tiles in my kitchen. Lovely. Now I have to scrub the tiles and grout clean. That was NOT on my list of things to do today.

    The day can only get better from here on out. At least it wasn’t bright yellow mustard.

  414. elizabeth said

    freyja – Sounds like Norman is visiting. I’d take it as a sign that you need to take a breather and sit down with some hot tea, either a Tanya Huff BT book or watch an episode on your tv.

  415. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Just passing through out sick yesterday and I’m here but not here if ya’ know what I mean πŸ˜‰ I feel like MERDE!!! anyway I was trying to catch up and I too think Christina was the *renegade* vamp that desimated that village. Based on her aggressive reaction to him in the previews yeah I say what a *Bitch*!!! If not I don’t think Henry would be soooo worried about the people around him being in *Grave Danger* pardon the pun. Now that being said if I remember correctly Kyle and Christina said that things toward the end of the season would be bad and not in a good way. Our Henry probably did some monsterous things in his past heck he’s been around for 480 ish years and over that time he probably had to do things that he’s not proud of to survive.
    In Blood Price when he first tells Vicki that he’s had to keep a low profile because you don’t to rally the villagers w/their torches etc, and she says that happen much and he tells her often enough or something like that. I think he’s got some very dark stuff in his past and I think like Claire that Vicki is only seeing the current good Henry and not thinking what Henry 400 years ago was doing and may very well not be able to deal. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride on these last ep’s and can’t wait for NEXT SEASON!! πŸ˜€ 😎

  416. Danae said

    I forgot to tell you guys this. My sister, Chris, sent me a text message yesterday telling me that Aidan tried to make and entrance into the world on Wednesday. She said they stopped the contractions and she isn’t allowed to work. Now they have no money. I asked her why she didn’t call anyone on Wednesday after it happened. She said it wasn’t that big a deal. I yelled at her big time about it!

  417. elizabeth said

    Check this out guys. It is a really good article and says some nice things about our Kyle and tonights episode. I just can’t wait!

  418. Jennifer said

    Hope everyone will feel much better SOON from surgeries & sickness!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Danae, will e-mail you with my home address ASAP!! I love receiving goodies!!
    Thanks a bunch!!! Just the other day I was thinking about all of you on the blog and it dawned on me that I would like to have everyone’s birthdays. Mine is November 25th. My 40th…..oh gosh, did I just say 40???? LOL!!!!!! But God has DEFINITELY been good to me!!!!!!!!! Always!!! Love you all!!!! I watched tonight’s ep clip on youtube, and have come to one conclusion….I HATE CHRISTINA…..she’s such a wench!!!!!!!!!

  419. Danae said

    Jen, do you mind that? Mine is 6/25. My sister’s baby shower is on your birthday.

  420. Maddie Mo said

    I’m back from lunch and I’m the only one in the department that showed up today. So, I really don’t feel like working anymore today. I’m ready for it to be 10pmCST. that gives me 8 1/2 hrs to wait. Can someone send me the link for the previews, I can never find them on Lifetime.

  421. elizabeth said

    Try this and see if it works.

  422. elizabeth said

    Maddie – I posted the link but it has gone into cyber hell somewhere. Hopefully it will show up soon.

  423. Danae said

    Maddie-I love it when I am the only one in my department. It is so peaceful with no one nagging at me all day and I can play my music louder.

  424. Maddie Mo said

    I usually like it too, especially since there is a guy in the department that gets on everyones nerves BIG TIME. But today, I’m tired and I’m now bored because I don’t want to start any of my big projects and all the small little stuff is done. I would sneak out early, but I did that yesterday so I would have time to pick up the Kiddos and drive the hour into Downtown STL. So, I probably shouldn’t do it again today.

  425. Maddie Mo said

    I hope you start feeling better. Tell your Saints to take it easy on us Ram’s on Sunday. I’m pretty sure the Saint’s will win, but maybe they don’t have to completely destroy us like some of the other teams have. Poor Ram’s haven’t won all year.

  426. Danae said

    Dizey, I’m sorry! I missed your post. I hope you feel better big sis.

  427. lwildstar said

    This is cute – I found it on yourtube – a reedited “alternate” ending for 5:55
    I think it will surprise you…………they did a pretty good job

  428. Arrowyn said

    Just saw this on Bloodlines. Has anybody seen the commercial he/she is talking about? Is it on TV or on LT’s site?

    OH MY GUYS I JUST SAW THE BLOODTIES COMMERCIAL ON LT!!!!!!!!!! It said newcommer kyle schmid, something about burning up the internet. Then it showed some of his steamy scenes! Like the one he says I don’t need a sexual advance, I am one… WOW I’m so excited! I think they are listening, I think Lifetime has finally paid attention!!!!
    Posted by tweety14 Nov 09, 2007 4:01 pm

  429. Arrowyn said

    Sorry. That snippet wasn’t from Bloodlines. It was from the LT BT blog (not Tanya’s blog). Clear?

  430. Danae said

    That was cute. I loved it.

  431. Danae said

    I haven’t seen it but then again I’m not watching Lifetime unless it is BT or I am at my mom’s and she has it on.

  432. Arrowyn said

    There are some new pictures in the gallery here —

  433. Danae said

    Ciao bellas! It is time for me to head home. MamaClaire tell the quads I said Happy Birthday.

  434. Arrowyn said

    I may have asked this question before. If so, sorry. The pics in the gallery on are in Adobe Flash Player 9. Is there any way I can save a picture without doing a screenshot? It’s about the only place I can’t SaveAs or Copy. They have some lovely, CLEAR pics that I would love to add to my (so large and growing!) collection. Thanks for any help.

  435. Margaret said

    Remember the comment Henry made about the learning to control the urge and kill and regretting it later. Could it be that he is regretting not killing Christina, because as some of you have surmised, she made have been the other vamp at the polish village? And he did say when Christina comes around, she brings nothing but trouble (in the previews).

  436. Margaret said

    Whoops, should have been might have been.

  437. Maddie Mo said

    I’so bummed I can see the preview. Oh well, only like 7 hours left.

  438. msgypsy said

    In case anyone is wondering where the new blog entry is, I’m waiting until the show airs tonight. Not only do I hope to get some good lines for a new macro from it, I want to say something lovely about Denis McGrath and want to make sure I know what I’m talking about when I say it.

    That is all. I’m busy as #$%$#%$#$#^^%^ and have a cold and sore throat to boot.

    Carry on… (I briefly turned into Tim Gunn. This cold is worse than I thought!)

  439. Himmiefan said

    Hi everyone!!! This is a very fast drive by (stops, catches breath) I’ve been super busy training this week plus getting the house clean for a visit from my mother. I never knew my house was that dirty until I have to clean for one of her visits. Good heavens! Anyway, I’m very excited about tonight’s episode and am prepared to dislike Christina as much as I dislike Sinead. He’s mine, I say, mine!!!

    Happy Birthday Quads!!

    Hope everyone is feeling better. Happy Friday!

  440. Madonna said

    Hey girls,

    Sorry for my absence. I’ve been trying to rest and recuperate. Plenty of reading and such. I did manage to get out for a bit today and do a little Christmas shopping, although the way my side hurts now I’m kind of wishing I hadn’t. I simply haven’t been able to drag myself to the computer.

    Ms. Gypsy,
    Anyone else feeling under the weather. (((((((HUGS)))))))) to you. I hope you feel better really soon.

    How are you feeling today? Better I hope. Hopefully you are not as sore as you were.

    Little sis, It sounds like you have just had some miseries lately. My heart goes out to you for the frustration that you are feeling. We love you here. Take care of yourself.

    Wish the quads a Happy Birthday for me. I haven’t forgotten that I owe Alexandria and Gregory drawings.

    Welcome back dear. I don’t mind sharing my b’day. It’s June 16th.

    I can’t wait for tonight’s episode. And BTW….. I did see the commercial where they are talking about Kyle and the internet. WOW!!!!!

    OK….. I’m off to grab a snack. I’m thinking a Norman (apple) sounds good, then maybe some Christmas wrapping.

  441. Nisi said

    Gypsy and everybody else, I hope you feel better soon. Sending ((hugs)) and chicken soup with lots of garlic.

    I love the alternate ending from youtube! I never even thought of that.

  442. Cree said

    Hi all. Sorry I haven’t been around too much lately. I haven’t had time to read the blog all week. Work has been crazy busy and I have been working my bum off lately. Well, until yesterday that is. I came home for lunch yesterday (I only live 5 minutes from my clinic) and I bent over to pick up something on the floor and there was a loud “pop” that came from my lower back and I couldn’t move. Right away I knew that the “pop” was most likely a slipped disk and knew I needed to be perfectly still. Luckily my cell phone was right beside me, so I called my clinic and one of my techs came over to see if she could help me get to the doctor. Well, that didn’t work out so well. I literally couldn’t move a muscle in any part of my body and was screaming in pain.
    So with great reluctance on my part, she called an ambulance and they had to take me to the ER. I don’t think I have ever been so embarrassed in all my life. I have never had to call an ambulance before, so I just thought it would be like it is on TV where just 2 EMTs come out, but that was not the case. There were 4 EMTs and they brought along 4 fire fighters in a fire truck! Luckily I don’t have many neighbors, but the ones I do have were of course all up in my business to see what all the hoopla was about.

    Well, long story short, after spending most of the night in the ER, it was determined that I do indeed have a partially herniated disk. They gave me a shot of morphine which did absolutely nothing for the pain, so they gave me a stronger derivative of it mixed with some muscle relaxers. That helped a little and I was at least able to walk at that point (although not very well) so they sent me home. The second I walked in my front door, I started vomiting profusely. I called the hospital back and it turns out I am allergic to morphine! Talk about a bad day! I was up vomiting all night long, and let me tell you, retching with back pain is no picnic! I was finally able to go to bed about about 6AM this morning and woke up today in tremendous pain again. I took some pain killers and steroids they sent me home with and they are making me really dizzy, so I probably won’t be on here much in the next week or so.

    Good news is, I get a break from work for a while (I am on strict bed rest for a week). And it gave me time to get caught up on the blog for the week (which took all day by the way…you girls have been busy). Bad news is I don’t have another doctor to cover for me, so all of my appointments will have to be rescheduled which means lots of angry clients to deal with when I get back. Oh, well. I can only do so much. They’ll just have to understand. At least we get some new Henry tonight. I’m sure that will ease the pain for an hour or so, right?! πŸ™‚

    Madonna and everyone else sick and in pain: Feel better soon. I sympathize, believe me! Whats wrong with us all that we are all falling apart? Good news is, I guess we can’t get much worse, huh?

    lwildstar or anyone else for that matter: Have you thought about emailing LT to let them know about the numbers for the TV voting sites so they can see how well BT is doing on all of them? I know you post the numbers on the blog over there, but maybe emailing them would get their attention as well. Who knows if they read the blog or not. I emailed them last Friday with all the sites and current numbers and told them with BT doing so well it would be really stupid of them to cancel it (don’t worry, I phrased it much nicer in the email). Maybe if we all email them it will really stick with them. It is crunch time for them after all. One good thing about not being able to work is that I have been able to play the BT videos on the LT site all day and vote every hour on the voting sites. I just don’t know what I (we) will do if they don’t renew.

    Sorry this was so long. Had a lot to share and catch up on. Well, my meds are making me really dizzy, so I need to go take a nap so I can be awake for Henry in………5 1/2 hours!! WooHoo! Oh, and Peter’s podcast was awesome by the way! Thanks for the link whoever sent that.

  443. Himmiefan said

    Ohhhhhh Cree. You poor thing! I’d give you a virtual hug, but I’m sure it would hurt!! πŸ™‚ Keep us updated on how you’re doing. I’m sure your patients understand. Henry is on his way to your house with chocolate.

    Hey Madonna. Thanks for checking in! Prayers for both you and Cree to get better soon.

    Everyone else – eat your chicken soup and garlic soup and get better!

    Um, what was that about Kyle and the Internet???

  444. lwildstar said

    FYI: Here are the Hey Neilson standings right now…….

    1 The Dresden Files 646 -2% Create Opinion
    2 Blood Ties 621 6% Create Opinion
    3 Moonlight 511 6%

  445. lwildstar said

    I dont know about that commercial but I just saw a 10 second snipit for tonights episode – but they were scenes from last week…….

  446. lwildstar said

    Arrowyn – I was going to ask the same question!!! The pics in the gallery on are in Adobe Flash Player 9. Is there any way I can save a picture without doing a screenshot? It’s about the only place I can’t SaveAs or Copy. They have some lovely, CLEAR pics that I would love to add to my (so large and growing!) collection. Thanks for any help.

  447. Jennifer said

    Madonna – Thanks for giving me your birthday. Cree – I hate that you’re in such pain, wish there was something to make you feel better, but you’re in my prayers. That helps I know for sure. Can’t wait to watch BT tonight!!!!!

  448. Jennifer said

    Cree- I meant to say that I wish there was something I could DO to make you feel better, what a typo:), but I think you know what I meant. Spend an hour with Henry, that should help…hee hee!!! Just looking into his eyes and seeing him smile makes me feel good!!!!!!

  449. lwildstar said

    Cree – I took your suggestion and sent Lifetime the numbers several times under several different names!

  450. lwildstar said

    Madonna – Cree – everyone else – just sit back relax and count the minutes till Henry arrives!!!!!4 and a half hours!!!.

    Well I am going to log off for a while – I’ll be back.

    TTFN>>>love you!

    This is what I emailed Lifetime…..

    FYI: Here are the Hey Neilson standings for November 9th

    1 The Dresden Files 646 down -2% over night
    2 Blood Ties 621 up 6% over night
    3 Moonlight 511 up 6% over night

    The fans are voting – working hard to show you just how much we love Blood Ties

    Curretly on Blood Ties has 3804 votes…ranking it at #38 thats up 30 places over a WEEK!

  451. lwildstar said

    ok – once again I killed the blog 😦

  452. prtfvr said

    Just got back from the vets with little Henry. Doc took his splint off to change it – he’s supposed to wear it for 6 – 8 weeks – but guess what? His leg is doing SO well that my vet didn’t need to put the splint back on. He took the stitches out and his leg’s just a little swollen (Henry’s, not the vet’s). Henry was WAY pissed off, of course. He wouldn’t be Henry if he wasn’t angry.

    Rif, as far as Henry biting goes. He’s really just annoyed. He nips, not chomps so I know he’s just being pissy. He’s a lone wolf, Dottie! πŸ˜‰

  453. Margaret said

    So are we still meeting over at the Hen House after the show?

  454. lwildstar said

    I’m not sure I’ll be joining you after the show – we’ll see how I feel…

  455. Margaret said

    Cree, lwildstar, Madonna, Anzia, Claire: Sending virtual hugs, chicken soup, Henry and whatever else you need to make you all feel better.

  456. Cree said

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes and hugs. And thanks lwildstar for emailing LT with the numbers. I didn’t think about doing it under different names. I only did it the one time and I put the http addresses in there too so they could see what I was talking about and go check it out for themselves if they haven’t already.

    So is there a party at the hen house tonight, Mags? I may try to come if I’m not too loopy from my meds. Since tomorrow is the first and only time I will get to have a Saturday off, this will probably be the only post BT chat I’ll be able to attend this season, so I’ll try to make it.

  457. lwildstar said

    well I am out of here for now – I’m going to go take a nap and then I’ll get up for Moonlight – then another nap and I’ll get up for Blood Ties…

    I’ll try to stop by the chat, but I’m not promising anything… πŸ˜‰

  458. laurel said

    Hi ladies, just checking in after a long day of writing. I need to get up and figure out dinner, but I sat down to catch up and have been here for an hour. Egads, we are a chatty bunch.
    I saw that gypsy had posted on “dead things on sticks” Dennis’s blog? The one she posted this afternoon. I left a note too. Good article.
    I’ll check in on you all later. If not here – over at the hen house.
    Enjoy the show!

  459. Margaret said

    I’m there if I’m awake. lol. I feel so bad for you and your herniated disk. My ex had a couple and I know they were incredibly painful.

  460. Claire said

    Bonjour my lovelies!
    Freyja..jeez…I’m happy it wasn’t a fire..and you’re ok! Sorry Norman visited you though!
    and man am I happy you’re of age LOL!! I’m done taking the blame for all my adopted daughters and their raucous behavior! πŸ˜‰
    Hey but you know I love you all…after all you’re only young once right?
    and I expect all my girls to have a damn good time…hey you need stories to tell your grandchildren one day true?
    Doc poor poor baby…good healing thoughts and a big (((((((((((((hug)))))))))))))))) going out to you!!

    Thank you all my darlings for the birthday wishes for the quads! Time truly does fly! Eight years ago…I had just had my first contraction that I knew meant business at exactly this time 9:10 p.m.!! and 31/2 hours later the little suckers were here..tiny fit in your hand look like puppies babies!
    Now look! LOL!!! I freakin can’t believe they will start turning eight!
    Alexandria@ 12:50,Victoria@12:51,Gregory@12:52,and Elijah@12:53!

    Anywho..ChuckECheese birthday bash tomorrow at 6p.m.

    Only less than 2 hours till I see our man…and that dirty mean B%^ch!!!
    I’m stoked for this epi!
    Nikki going out with her love to celebrate 3rd anniversary,Brittany and Chris out! Quads soon to be in bed! and me my lovely merlot and some yummy salsa and chips alone with Henry!!!

    Sorry I won’t be at the coop,I’m way tired and still recovering from this infernal cold!

    I’ll talk with yas tomorrow night after the party!
    Je t’aime beaucoup mes souers! Enjoy Henry!


  461. Anzia said

    Claire- “I’m done taking the blame for all my adopted daughters and their raucous behavior!” Um…i TOTALLY take credit of my behavior! Why would I give it to you? πŸ˜‰

    I won’t be around for the ep or the afterparty. I’m going out w/friends. Yup…me … to a bar…oh lordy. Have I mentioned I don’t like going to bars? I don’t mind drinking…i just don’t feel the need to do a lot of it and if I go to a bar I feel obligated to get a drink. 😦 I wanted to go to Applebee’s but I got out voted. -_- *le sigh* *crosses arms and pouts* Well i’m NOT changing clothes! They’ll just have to deal w/my jeans, tennis shoes & sweater! humph.

    Thanks for all the warm thoughts guys. My day wasn’t bad. Wasn’t great either…that would’ve only happend if my gorgeous german architect had bent me over my desk and… *blushes* explained all the …um…Specs..yeah, specs that I keep seeing around his desk. *twiddles thumbs and tries to look innocent* Yeah…so Henry…

    Okay…i’m off…probably to change my shirt too…*sigh* I hate it when I apply peer pressure to myself.

  462. Margaret said

    Just saw a commercial on LT-Something to the effect that you know him from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Lifetime has him (What kind of ad is that?) If you saw him in the Sisterhood of the Traveling pants I’m not sure that many people would recognize him now…

  463. Margaret said

    All I can say is OMG.

  464. Margaret said

    Anybody still up. I’m over at the Hen house.

  465. Jennifer said


  466. Madonna said

    I loved this episode too. And all I can say is “You need a water…… and a cookie.”

  467. msgypsy said

    “Nobody ever claims Detroit.” ROTFLMAO!!!!!

    I am still in mid-episode but that one line, even in a totally dark and brooding episode, still makes me chortle. And it is SO perfect coming from Denis McGrath!

    My throat is still sore but seeing Mike being all competent and manly and seeing Vicki being so …. Vicki and seeing Henry take a bite out of Christina (I take it there’s weirdness to come…) Ah, makes me feel so much better.

    LT “Second Sight,” Isn’t that starring the woman who plays Kate?

  468. laurel said

    Okay Gypsy, I liked the line about Detroit too! It was good. I soooo saw the lights coming, right out of one of the Smoke books. Nice.
    I was over at the hen house just now but I’m the only one, so…
    Good night all.
    See you tomorrow – later today?


  469. Arrowyn said

    OH. MY. GOD!!!! My blood is pounding in my ears, I’m hot and cold tingly all over, I can’t think straight, and I may have to take a trank just to get to sleep! I am nearly speechless (yes, me!) after watching that episode. Three Henry love scenes in the first half hour! My heart can’t take this! If, as the cast, writers, and producer have said, the episodes just keep getting better and better, I may have a stroke before that! If I didn’t have to go to work early tomorrow, I would watch this episode over and over tonight. I think it’s time for me to start downloading from iTunes — the tape that this episode is on isn’t going to last as long as the others. I can hardly wait for Tanya’s review! Talk at you tomorrow (*today*) when I can.

  470. Arrowyn said

    Gypsy, the woman that looks like Kate who is in the LT movie is Lexa Doig. She’s been in Andromeda, Stargate: SG1, and many other things.

  471. Arrowyn said

    I don’t know if anyone has posted this yet, but as of “16 hours ago”, Kyle was #1 on HeyNielsen. Up 30% in one day.

    Christina is #7, up 45% in one day.

    Dylan is #27, up 54% in one day.

    I KNOW that Christina and Dylan were way, way, way lower when I was there a couple of days ago. Way to go, ladies!

  472. Margaret said

    Loved the OJ line. Ok, I think that Kyle has been lying to us, he really isn’t 23 years old. He couldn’t have the acting chops he has and only be 23 years old. The look on his face when he gave Alexandar peace, the look on his face after Christina hurt Vicki, the looks on his face when Vicki confronted him about Christina. He just CAN NOT just be 23, he has the acting chops of someone 2 to 3 times his age.

  473. Margaret said

    I’ve tried to sign into the Lifetime message board and it won’t let me in. I’ve emailed them.

  474. cdnfreyja said

    Good morning ladies – just a quick fly-by as I’m heading out this morning. Stopped by the voting site. We’re now up to 4120!

    Can’t wait to actually see this latest episode in Canada.

    Margaret – some people just have a gift. I’m just glad that he has chosen to use it and to share it with the rest of the world!

  475. susana said

    i know that episode showed so many sides of henr’s emotions! All i can say is…his mouth on christina’s wrist….faints!!!

  476. laurel said

    I’m with Arrowyn! That was smokin’ hot, and my blood pressure was way up in the first 20 minutes.
    Favorite scene? How hard is it to pick one this week?
    All that biting and….
    Yikes. (fans self)
    I loved Henry laying the unconscious Vicki on the couch and whispering “I’m sorry…”
    Okay, so I love a man who can apologize and sound like he means it. And those darkened eyes really do it for me. (I think I’m turning into a hen).
    Oh, dear.
    Why oh why isn’t this up on iTunes yet?

  477. laurel said

    It is up on iTunes!
    Happy dance, happy dance….

    OMG I’m turning into Moonbeam!

  478. Arrowyn said


  479. Arrowyn said

    Don’t EVER let anyone tell you that the fans don’t have a voice! HeyNeilsen updated their numbers 4 hours ago, and the results are —

    See previous post about BT on HeyNeilsen.

    Christina is #3, up 71%. She was #7 at 1:30 am this morning.
    Dylan is #7, up 105%. He was #27 at 1:30 am this morning.

    That was only 8+ hours ago!

    Good work, everyone!

  480. Arrowyn said

    What is happening to me?!!! I NEVER pay attention to ranking numbers!! I’m doomed!

  481. laurel said

    You and me both Arrowyn.

  482. Arrowyn said

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Snippit from a Canadian magazine:

    β€œWhile fantasy shows don’t require a lot of money, they do require new ideas, and the networks may already be running low: CBS’s Moonlight, about a mystery-solving vampire, has a premise that was already used by the cable show Blood Ties.”

  483. msgypsy said

    I have two comments about the show, neither of which should spoil it for Frejya.

    1. Did anyone else watch that scene with Henry on the phone with someone, confirming which vampire lives where, and have a sudden flash of some vampire who was a statistician in life before turning, maintaining an Access database of which vampire lives where? Or some weird parapsychologist who is keeping track in the hopes that someday he can use it for a graduate thesis? I also wonder if in this universe vampires can get along by phone, so long as they aren’t so close to one another that they trigger the predatory rage.

    2. Can I please please PLEASE slap the costumers silly? That costume in the flashback was clearly from a transposed era. That took place, presumably, when Henry was still newly turned. That would make it around 1536, not 1653! I can let them slide on the “Heart of Fire” costume since it’s clearly taking place subsequent to his split from Christina, but in this one it was totally wrong. I’m assuming it was because it was cheaper to keep just one “old timey” costume for him.

    End of rant. Now I must go make a macro for this week.

  484. Claire said

    Good afternoon my lovelies! I wish I’d been able to join you in the henhouse last night,but I was wiped out,especially after watching Blood Ties!
    This morning was crazy around here,a preview of Christmas! I made Alexandrias favorite breakfast…Blueberry pancakes from scratch.Then came the gift opening..Holy Merde! I’m still cleaning up!

    So quick discussion on last nights epi! before I run to clean up some more and get ready for party.

    Margaret…I’m with you babe! The whole time,I kept thinking..there’s no way he can be just 23! How can he have achieved that level of maturity,he said he’s an old soul,yes I believe it!! and at the risk of sounding like a perverted cougar,that young man makes it soo easy to fall in love with him over and over every week! Lord what I would give to be 23 right about now LOL!!
    I loved the flash backs! Kyle is amazing…when he’s with Christina and he’s not turned yet,you see his innocence,his youth,his hope and love.His mouth on Christinas wrist? God help me..the things that went through my head! Yes Susana I almost swooned LOL!!! Did you all see and imagine the passion that man has coiled up in that body? The pain on his face remembering all that!
    I loved Vickys not being afraid of Christina!(the bitch should’ve burned)
    I loved the cookie line!! I loved Mike going from being angry at Henry to defending him to Vicky.Did you all notice the subtle look of pain, jealousy on Vickys face when she caught Henry feeding Christina,or the subtle quick fleeting look of love on Vickys face,when Christina said”You think he cares about you,he does” I loved the tenderness,pain and understanding Henry showed Alexander,the incredible look of regret when he obliged Alexanders request,the Amen after.Henry saying as he carried Vicky”You’re the past,she is the future” his tender laying her down and saying I’m sorry!

    Can you tell I really loved this episode? No? LOL!!!
    What can I say..not only is Blood ties getting better and better,but Holy Merde,how good is Kyle getting at what he does?
    I love him! that’s right lol! I’ve got no damn shame!
    OK..thanks for letting me get out all my fangirly gushing so I can go back to being the responsible Mom to those crazy quadruplets running amok downstairs!
    See yas tonight!

    p.s..can’t wait to see those screen caps ooooohlala!

  485. msgypsy said

    Did someone mention screen caps? Please? Pretty please? With sugar and whipped cream on it?

    New topic is up at With no screen caps from this episode I had to go with my second choice. I hope you enjoy my sense of humor as much as I do. LOL!

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