Party! Party! Happy Halloween!!!!!

Welcome to the party. Please feel free to partake of all the lovely refreshments. Oh, your costumes are just fantastic! But I see there are a few of you who missed the word COSTUME in the invitation.

Wow, Mike, we thought the whole get up was your Columbo costume.

We sure do, Norman. It’s totally convincing!

Oh, Betty, stop teasing Coreen…

Oh, Emmanuel, no one’s gonna argue with you. That costume looks just fine.

There will, of course, be no disturbances caused by Crash the Monkey.

No goat, either

Remember what happened at the last party!

Have a great time, everyone!



  1. rifkind said

    Hey Did I get to post FIRST… YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!!

  2. Nisi said

    Gypsy – I love your macros!

  3. rifkind said

    Crash is hiding behind my NAME…
    But PLEASE, don’t give him any alcohol!!

  4. Margaret said

    Well, since I can’t seem to get Henry any other way, I’m coming dressed as Vicki. Already have the glasses, now all I have to do is borrow her body. lol.

  5. rifkind said

    I’ve set up the punch bowl on the table in the corner. The dry ice has the punch bowl over-flowing with fog…. it’s safe to drink… just don’t drink chunks of the dry ice….
    Double bubble, toil and trouble…. C R A S H ! ! ! ! Behave!

  6. cdnfreyja said

    I’ll bring the Death by Chocolate tomorrow. It has to sit in the fridge overnight so that it can undergo the magic that blends the flavours.

    Yes, I’ll post the recipe in the other thread later.

    And this blog is becoming dangerous to my health. I have got to start getting to bed earlier. But as a bonus for being up late, I got to see ‘Norman’ tonight!

  7. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Passing thru on my way to bed. I broke down and watched the *Wrapped* spoiler can I say I’ll be pissed this whole episode, OMG!!! Can’t wait and I’ll be back in the am with some kind of Southern Nourishment (Hurricane anyone? )

    Reves doux d’Henri XOXOXOXOXOX

    Je t’aime Beaucoup! Beth

  8. susana said

    yes i know, beeen gone long, crazy week, this being the mum of a toddler is killing me, how did you guys do it? CLAIRE!!!!!help!! luv my little mama to death though πŸ™‚
    Just wanting to let you guys know i am still here and yes …claire i did have a….when he fed on her…jeez are they trying to kill me here?
    This ismy fav episode ,right up there with norman and heart of fire
    I could so make out with henry right about now!!!

  9. Tango said

    (Stands in the doorway with hands on her hips) Hello Ladies! Wonder Woman is here! I couldn’t resist after talking about her the other day. I arrived via my invisible plane, and if you’ll look out the window to your left – you won’t see it. I’ve brought plenty of good dance music, a Breakin’ 2 – Electric Boogaloo DVD to inspire Vicki to do some more break dancing like she did at Claire’s (that is what she was doing on the floor – right?), some crab dip and crackers, and some champagne. Oh, almost forgot – brought a bag of candy in case we have some Trick or Treaters.

    Hey Crash! You bring that champagne back! I’ve got to chill it for later. Don’t make me use my lasso you bad boy!

    Gypsy – you’ve out done yourself with the macros. These are terrific! You really know how to get a party started. And I love that you invited just about the whole crew. Modehaven (sp?) (don’t tell her that I neither know how to spell her name, nor even know what her first name is) will be here in a few minutes. She’s out in the plane getting her costume just right. She needed someone to be her designated driver, so I volunteered – she can actually be quite the lush. And here it was you thought she really in tune with all the supernatural stuff – it was just the booze that was making her see things all along. Who knew?!

    Hey Susanna! Long time no see girlfriend! Hey! Could you stop making out with Henry long enough to give me a hug? ((((HUG))) Ok, resume what you were doing.

  10. Anne said

    HAHA! LOVE those macros!

    I need to find that cat macro url – it seems I’ve lost it again.
    I only have an idea for one though.

    I’m a bit away as I am busy working on a website for Steve Bacic’s new series “Search and Rescue”.

    Melancholy news – it looks like one of Kyle’s fansites have closed down, kyleschmid dot net. Kyle-Schmid dot com is partially closed for updating – at least the gallery, forum and fanlisting are still open.
    Never fear – kyleschmidcentral is here to stay πŸ˜‰
    Bits and pieces will change though.

  11. Anzia said

    *lugs in two very large & Heavy boxes*
    *plops ’em on the table to see many staring faces*
    What? A girl can’t be super strong? *disbelieving eyes look back* Well, don’t believe me. BUt there’s about three more loads like this in my … uh vehicle out there and I need help. Wonder woman, Vicki, hut to you’ve just been enlisted to help.
    *looks at remaining crowd* NO one can play with the BT therapy toys until iwe’ve brought ’em all in! *sad faces greet comment* FINE, enjoy ladies. πŸ™‚
    *runs out to get the rest of the boxes to a crowd cheering behind her*

  12. lwildstar said

    You started the party early i see!!

    Well I’m just running by – I won’t be back til lunch so don’t get in to too much trouble while I’m gone….I don’t want to miss anything!

    Couldn’t find my cat ears to wear to work – bummer – not that it matters now that I’m not sitting up front, but I thought it would be fun…

    Oh well must get to work 😦

    see you guys later!

  13. Margaret said

    Ok, I’m bringing my virtual cherry cheesecake but keep the monkey out of it. I don’t want stick footprints all over Henry. And if that does happen, I’m going to be the one to clean him up since it was my food, back off ladies. lol.

  14. Margaret said

    Whoops, should be sticky.

  15. Annalaise duChat said

    Goot evening my fine ladies. I vant to velcome you to this vonderful Halloween party. Thank you ms gypsy for inviting me to your humble abode. You have outdone yourself vith the party decorations and the decor. Quite haunting. Reminds me of my home in Transylvania. For refreshments thes evening have brought Bloodrinker’s Punch. A lovely combination of pomegranate nectar, orange juice ginger ale, grenadine and vodka. I am also supplying shots of Bloody Brains. Vat is dat you say? Pour a half a jigger of strawberry Schnapps into a shot glass. Slowly drizzle in Bailey’s Irish Creme to form the “brain”, a dab of Grenadine for the Blood and there you have it. Delicious! I vill stop back as time permits but I cannot leave my coffin until full dark tonight. Until then my lovelies.

    Yours in Blood,
    The Countessa Annalaise duChat

  16. Danae said

    Signore graziose di buona mattina

    I am here to quickly drop off my food. I made loads and loads of that delish recipe that I made at Claire’s, Grecian Party Squares. Every one loved them. i will put the recipe on Gypsy’s recipe thread later for everyone to enjoy.

    I will be back at lunch decked out in my skanky skimpy fairy costume. In my imagination I can where things like that. In real life even my own mother tells me I don’t have the body for it. My biological mom not my adopted mom mamaClaire.

    Don’t forget to think of a name for my vampire. Remember there is an autographed head shot of Dylan for the winner.

  17. rifkind said

    I see that Crash is TRYING to be good. . .
    Tango, he was just taking the bottle so that he could put it in some ice… just don’t let him near it once the bottle is open.
    I see that he is hanging from the chandelier and throwing purple mylar bat cut-outs as confetti.
    Don’t worry MsGypsy, when he runs out of little bats in his basket, he will dutifully climb down and collect them from the floor and then hop back on the chandelier and start over… that should keep him out of trouble for a while….

    I am dressed as Arwen… and my date is Legolas… Danae …he’s MINE!
    Here’s the link to our pictures…
    As I said on my page… the glamour spell works wonders for weight loss… hee hee πŸ˜‰

  18. rifkind said

    My name for your vampire is
    Devlyn Fury

  19. Danae said

    Well then I have Aragorn because he is just as hot!

  20. Danae said

    I changed the pic behind my name and my avatar. Just something a little special for the party.

  21. Margaret said

    Batty name suggestions: Henry Fitzroy II, 2nd Duke of Richmond and Somerset ,
    Little Benwa, Fitzroy, Little Prince, Heir Apparent, Little Lord Fitzroy. I know, uninspired. Sorry.

  22. cdnfreyja said

    Okay ladies, the Death by Chocolate is in the house!

    gypsy – love the macros! OMG, you are just too funny!

    Vicki, did you check your spam filter/bucket for the invite?

    Costume, costume, costume … well, I’m going to be all witchy today. But not the ‘garbed in black’ kind. No, I’m dressed in a luscious, deep, rich red today. Natutrally, I’m sporting an appropriately low neckline ’cause you never know when a vampire will drop by ;-).

  23. In honor of the Halloween Party a”Bat Macro”

  24. Danae said

    I like Little Benwa. His last name needs to be balls though. Just ask prtfvr.

  25. Danae said

    And Tango, I loved was insanely obsessed with the Breakin movies when I was a kid.

  26. Danae said

    I was looking at the pictures that Vicki emailed and in everyone of them you can see my bra through me shirt. I want to make sure Kyle sees those pics minus the one where Crash found his way in there.

  27. Danae said

    This party is dead. Why isn’t it jumping?

  28. cdnfreyja said

    Danae, the west coasters aren’t here yet. And I won’t even ask how Crash got in there …

  29. Danae said

    Please don’t. He’s a sneaky little bugger.

  30. Danae said

    Oh MamaClaireBear You Raise Me Up just came on my player.

  31. Margaret said

    Danae: Which caused me to wonder if they weren’t doing a play on words and I tried to find an interpretation of the word “Fornyeah”. Remember the man’s name in 5:55 was Benwa Fornyeah (I know that’s probably not the way you spell it).

    Wearing a white peasant shirt, tucked into a black leather bustier with a red velvet skirt. Oh, and somehow I’ve had a spell cast upon me which has allowed me to steal Vicki’s body type.

  32. Himmiefan said

    Hi everybody!! Hang on *struggle, struggle* I’m having trouble getting my hoop skirt *struggle, struggle* through the door. Whoops! *enters with a rush and falls to the floor* Stop laughing! Haven’t you ever seen a woman with a hoop skirt over her head before?

    Hoops skirt you say? Come on, don’t you recognize my outfit? It’s a vampire version of Scarlett Ohara!! Okay, okay, watch this. *Raises an IV bag of red goo in the air* I swear as God as my witness, I’ll never go thirsty again!

    Good, huh?

    Now, I’ve brought my extra-special chocolate chip cookies. They’re the best!! Oh, I can’t wait to try the Death By Chocolate.

    Dr. duChat! Send me over one of those cups of punch!

    Hmmm. My fangs are starting to make me drool. Do you guys think this ultra-white makeup will make me break out? How scary would that be? A vampire Scarlett Ohara with acne. Geeesh!

    Um, have I drunk too much punch, or is that really a goat nibbling on my skirt?

  33. Danae said

    Ooooo I didn’t think of his last name. All I remember is prtfvr saying balls every time they said Benwa.

  34. laurel said

    Ah ha! Thought you could hide the party location from me did you? I found it anyway.
    I see the monkey got in here after all! Man, I’m going to have to put a guard on the food and beverage tables to keep him off of them. Whoever gave him the basket with the little bats was truly inspired. It seems to be keeping him occupied. πŸ™‚
    The goat is out in the parking lot in a little corral wearing a saddle and bridle. If Crash gets bored he can have a ride, but remember THE GOAT STAYS OUTSIDE! He is not to be trusted around food, drinks and decorations. He eats costumes if given the opportunity. You’ve been warned!

    I brought a big pot of home-made chicken soup. I figured with so many of you feeling bad it might be good to have a little something that soothed. I wondered about dumping some airborne into the second punchbowl and serving it up as the first round for everyone who shows up. Don’t want to pass that sore throat around.

  35. laurel said

    Costume? What?
    (looks at self – sees black jeans, t-shirt with black cats w/glowing eyes….)
    I’ll be back in a few.

  36. Himmiefan said

    Help! Help!! The big, scary blog ate my post!

  37. cdnfreyja said

    Margaret, why do I think that red will be a common theme today? At least we’ll complement each other in the office! Yes, I have a red skirt too – it is long and tight in all the right places! LOL! I have to stay away from the bustier, though, as it might just be a little bit too scary for some. I can’t scare all my sisters the first time we meet! LOL! Hence the lovely wide and low v-neck.

  38. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Mag’s I would spell his name ……Benoit’ Fournier but that’s my French-Acadian speaking. Keep in mind my mom’s maiden name was Le Blanc.

    Dani where are the Vicki pic’s ? Oh and more jealous of the Baby Jake sniffing ! πŸ˜› Man I wanna sniff that beautiful boy πŸ˜‰

    I am dressed as Malefecent and I found a link to refresh memories from childhood, I actually got my mom to make this costume for me years ago and I still have it. It was so beautiful and we in New Orleans do like costuming πŸ˜‰ (Mardi Gras too). I’m partaking in some spicy *Bloody Mary’s* , and will bring some other nourishment later, I guess we HAVE to eat huh??

  39. cdnfreyja said

    Sorry Margaret, I should clarify – I should stay away from wearing a bustier myself! Don’t mean to imply anything else. Get your minds out of you know where ladies. LOL!

  40. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Himmie there you go girl I scooped it out of the chum bucket πŸ˜‰

  41. Danae said

    Vicki sent them in an email I think.

  42. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Forget to add the link for my costume 😎 πŸ˜›

  43. cdnfreyja said

    Dizey, I didn’t hear the name being said but from what I’ve heard I’d spell it that way too.

  44. Danae said

    Ok fine so we were spelling his name wrong. It should still be Ben Wa Balls.

  45. Himmiefan said

    Thank you, Ms. Dizey!! You get two chocolate chip cookies! πŸ™‚

  46. cdnfreyja said

    Himmie, drop by my office later today. You’ll fit right in with Margaret and me – the whole recurring red costume thing. And yes, you’ll like the Death by Chocolate. It is good but not as good as death by vampire, perhaps …

    I will post the recipe on the other thread eventually! For the chocolate version, not the vampire one. I think we can all figure out the recipe for that one … LOL!

  47. Maddie Mo said

    Hello ladies,

    bring in my refreshments and then it is back to work. I made some cupcakes ( yellow cake with orange icing and little bats on them) and I have a veggie tray with all the usual goodies. Also, I had a jello mold in the shape of a brain so I made a Jello shot brain mold. Strawberry Jello and vodka, careful I think I put a lot of vodka in it cause it didn’t seem to want to set very well.

    Costume— Black Velvet dress, Black angle wings, combat boots, long blond wig with Black strips thew it, nose & lip rings. Very goth ( I’m channeling Coreen toda).

  48. Himmiefan said

    I thought that was from Sleeping Beauty! Malefecent scared the heck out of me as a kid.

  49. cdnfreyja said

    Maddie – thanks for bringing the veggies to the party! And great costume description! By the end of the day I think I’ll have all the details of mine figured out … I hope! This is what happens when my brain is involved in too many evening meetings, followed by a late evening viewing of ‘Norman’ the day before Halloween/Samhain. LOL!

  50. Margaret said

    But I was trying to figure out what kind of name that would be and it has me stumped. Denis McGrath was involved with this episode, should we ask him if they were trying to make a play on words

  51. Margaret said

    So, what does the word Fournier stand for? Is it French?

  52. Margaret said

    In French that name means Baker.

  53. cdnfreyja said

    If we need more to drink (as if we didn’t already have enough alcohol at the party – no Crash, you’re not allowed to have any), I can always scrounge up some Crantinis with Skewered Melon Eyeballs.

    Okay, it sounds a little gross but the recipe sounds good: regular or cranberry-flavoured vodka, cranberry juice, dry vermouth, dried cranberries, and the eyeballs (honeydew melon balls with a pomegranate seed stuck in to each ball).

  54. Danae said

    Babelfish says it means Baker.

  55. laurel said

    OMG! I just choked on my coffee! I showed my Rosie the picture of Kyle on the Light table (the one behind Danae’s name) and said to her I don’t know why he’s on the light table, but he looks good there.”
    Her response? “Maybe because it looks like a tanning bed?”

    Hehehe – cough, choke , gasp….

  56. Margaret said

    So actually his name would mean “Little Balls”? Ben Wa is actually a brand name, I checked it on wekipedia. Although I did know a gentleman once whose name was Balz Feiner. Pronounced Balls Finer, go wherever you will with that one, lol..

  57. elizabeth said

    *grand entrace music playing* Hello, my lovelies. I hope I am not too late for the party. Being on the West coast can sometimes be a bit of a hindrance. I know, I know…you don’t recognize me in my black leather cat woman costume. Lots of exposed skin, but you never know if Henry might need a little snack and I want to make it easy for him you know. *looking around quickly, whispers loudly* Mike may feel the need to cuddle later, so I don’t get cold….sshhhh, don’t tell Laurel and Gypsy. We know he can be quite the gentleman. Hey, this is my fantasy and I can be thin, toned and totally HOT if I want to…. πŸ˜‰

    Crash let go of the tail!! And, no, the whiskers are not a toy! Maybe I should have rethought this? Oh, where do you want me to put these caramel apples. No Halloween party should be without them. I also have a chocolate fountain and fresh fruit to dip…or if you prefer you can just drink the chocolate…it has a hint of chili pepper in it for a little spice.

  58. elizabeth said

    Laurel – I see your daughter has your sharp wit. Tanning bed, indeed.

  59. elizabeth said

    I hit submit before I finished my thought. Anyway, it is a good thing I had just swallowed my tea or I would have been choking right along with you πŸ™‚

  60. lwildstar said

    I finally made it!

    ok for my costume refer to the picture I emailed of my lovely sister – if I had her body thats what I would wear…

    My virtual food contribution – red velvet cupcakes…..and lo mein….of course
    actually i’m having chix fried rice for lunch

    i popped over to LT and it looks like they may finally have gotten the blog fixed – all the missing posts from last night showed up (you could only see them if you logged in)….looks like the message board is hoppin today too

    Sorry, can’t stay long – I have some stuff to get done and lunch just isn’t long enough!

    Keep Crash out of the food and out of Dani’s shirt please…. πŸ˜‰

  61. cdnfreyja said

    We’ll also have to keep Crash out of the alcohol. If he gets drunk I’m sure there is no way we’ll be able to keep him out of the food or the outfits.

    A drunk monkey is never fun.

  62. lwildstar said

    checked out that voting site – Blood ties is up to 1696!
    & Still holding at #3 on Hey Neilson – but the rating is only up 6 points 404 to 410 (although they haven’t listed it yet – I found that on the graph) its up to 15 pages of comments – but I noticed there have been a lot of trolls over there…..


  63. Danae said

    He won’t fit in my shirt. I am wearing a skin tight skimpy sexy fairie costume. Purple of course with glittery wings.

  64. laurel said

    Okay, I got my costume figured out but it ‘s someone I made up. Probably a character I’m going to be writing about for the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) starting just after midnight, tonight.
    CONTEST – Maybe you could help me name her! She is a powerful Mage from another time and place.
    I will make one of my little “book tote” bags for the winner!

    Deep sapphire blue dress with silver runes around the edge of the skirt. Black velvet cape with celtic knots embossed into it and more silver work. Silver gryphon clasps at the neck of the cape. Long dark hair (like mine used to be). Rosewood staff. Trained as a mercenary in her father’s company, she is capable of using the sword and knives she carries, but her favorite weapon is the bow.
    Soft grey eyes become a glowing sapphire blue when she works powerful magic.

  65. elizabeth said

    Danae – Crash keeps tugging on my cat tail! Hey, will someone come get this little Monkey and find something else to amuse him with!!….pleeeaaaasee

  66. elizabeth said

    oooh, Laurel – love your costume. Can you work some magic on Crash? Hey, where’s the goat, maybe Crash wants to go for a long ride πŸ˜‰

  67. Danae said

    Laurel-Arriana or Rhiannon Where is she supposed to be from.

    Crash Get away from Elizabeth. Leave her tail alone. Remember, you break it you bought it.

  68. Himmiefan said

    Muhmuh hehulp muh!! Oh! Thanks Laurel. Phew. Got a big caramel apple stuck in my fangs. Now, do I pick my teeth with them in my mouth or out?

    Hey, Crash’s got my fangs!!!

  69. elizabeth said

    Why is it that meetings always show up when I am at a virtual party? Sheesh, now I have to go and try to be professional for awhile. OMG! Do you think they will notice the costume?

  70. cdnfreyja said

    Elizabeth, I’ve got my lovely red witch costume underneath my grey suit today. Nobody’s noticed … but that’s probably because it is all in my head. Good thing too because a tight red skirt underneath a knee length grey suit skirt wouldn’t look too good. LOL!

  71. cdnfreyja said

    And yes, I’m trying to be professional today. I’m attempting to figure out how to incorporate a non-profit corporation.

  72. laurel said

    Danae – Probably British Isles, my own heritage is Scottish so that is the influence.

  73. lwildstar said

    well I see I made it back just in time to find Crash in trouble!
    I had a lunch meeting with the property manager about the office moving – or rather I was at lunch and they showed up to talk – at least i was done eating but they intruppted my party time and now lunch is almost over! I should get to exstend my break to make up for it – but …well you know how that goes…

    Hey… um…. Laurel – I think Crash is hiding under your skirt…….

    Well I will be joining you ladies after I get home tonight – I might skip my allergy shots – with being sick I’d hate to schlep all the way down there to have him say no – I’m still waiting for the nurse to call back…..

  74. laurel said

    Himmie – There is some hot tea in the carafe on the table. A couple sips of that should melt most of the caramel off your fangs. E brought the apples and I’m going to have to have one before the monkey sheds on them.

  75. Danae said

    I wonder where MamaClaireBear is. I hope she isn’t too sick. I ended up with a sore throat last night but it is gone this morning.

  76. laurel said

    Hey! hey! Crash is hiding under my skirt! Yo, Mike! I need your help over here! Yeah… above my left knee…. πŸ™‚

  77. lwildstar said

    Laurel – heres several names that mean Blue – based on the color her eyes change to – could be a way to go……AZUL , AZURA , HITOMI , INDIVAR , NILIMA , SUNILA , ZULIMAR…………..I don’t know I’m brain dead today….

  78. Danae said

    I you sure it isn’t a little higher then that?

    Hey why aren’t you trying to win the autographed Dylan photo. You’re a minx. Come on. Give it a try.

  79. Himmiefan said

    Well, Crash’s got my fangs and has just *shudder* put them in his mouth. No, I DON”T want them back. Ick!!

    Well, easier to eat without them anyway, even though without them, I look like Scarlett Ohara in kabuki makeup. Oh well….

  80. cdnfreyja said

    Laurel … excuses, excuses …

  81. laurel said

    Did someone say something? I’m a little distracted over here.
    Above the knee is all you need to know. Some people don’t need more direction than that. πŸ˜›

  82. laurel said

    Scarlett O’hara (choke) in kabuki (cough, cough) makeup! (wheeez)

  83. cdnfreyja said

    Okay Laurel, now I’ve been distracted right before I have to get back to work. Not a good idea. :-p

  84. Himmiefan said

    Well honestly, would YOU want the fangs back?

    Now, now, Laurel and Freyja, no tug of war over Mike. There’s more than enough to go around!

  85. rifkind said

    Anyone seen Legolas arrive?

    What is HE wearing??

    If he is wearing WHITE… anybody UP for a hand-fasting??
    Yup, that’s my fantasy…mine, mine, all MINE…. YUM!

  86. cdnfreyja said

    Himmie, there’s no tug of war going on here! Honest! LOL! I just got a little … um … distracted. Never good when I actually have to do something serious. πŸ˜‰

  87. laurel said

    Yup, he’s wearing the lucky tie.
    Back to the party Detective. πŸ™‚
    Freyja’s looking lovely and lonely, and I think I said I could share. Elizabeth will be back in a while and Gypsy is due in about an hour if she gets a lunch break. You’d better get something to eat. Must keep your strength up!

    Who was it that just fell into the gutter? lol

  88. Tango said

    Z- where do you want me to put these boxes? What’s that aroma I smell coming out of this one?

    Danae – something special indeed. It wouldn’t be a party without Henry on a light table.

    Rifkind – I didn’t realize you had Crash trained so well. Pretty neat trick there.

    Anne – here’s that link you were asking for:
    Looking forward to what you’ve got in mind.


  89. cdnfreyja said

    Well Laurel, I just had a really good lunch including a good infusion of iron, vitamins and anti-oxidants so he’d better be the one preparing! He didn’t really need to wear the lucky tie today, did he? Oh my, I’m heading off into the gutter now. LOL!

    I’m sure he’ll be good with the sexy boots I’ve got on. Although, I seem to be down one heptagram pendant as Crash just ran off with it. He seems to be picking up the bad habit of stealing shiny things. Klepto-monkey!

  90. Maddie Mo said

    Okay the wings have to go. I am tired of having to walk threw doors sideways and I can’t sit in my desk chair cause of the arms so I had to get a different less comfortable one. Oh, did I forget to tell you guys that I am actually wearing the costume I described above. We have a Halloween party every year here at the office. Anyway, the wings have to go. they reach from my shoulders to my knees and stick out about half a foot on each side of me.

  91. laurel said

    I brought in some chocolate death mini-tarts and some key lime mini-tarts. There is some rum in the whipped cream that goes on top of them. Beware – there is a fair amount of espresso in the chocolate death filling. Don’t let the monkey have any or we’ll be scraping him off the ceiling.
    Tango – thanks for the link. I wanted it too. 😎

    Dang – I have to run an errand. See you in a while!

  92. laurel said

    Maddie Mo – Any way we could get a picture of you in that costume? The picture in my head is pretty dang cute!

  93. Danae said

    Damn where is Dizey with those Hurricanes? I need some big time.

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    spotted her husband cavorting around
    on the dance floor, dancing with every nice chick he
    could, and copping a little feel here and a little kiss there.

    His wife sidled up to him and being a rather seductive

    babe herself, he left his partner high and dry and

    devoted his time to the new babe that had just arrived.
    She let him go as far as he wished; naturally, since he

    was her husband.

    Finally, he whispered a little proposition in her
    ear and she agreed, so off they went to
    one of the cars and had a little bang. Just before
    unmasking at midnight, she slipped
    away, went home, put the costume away and got into
    bed, wondering what kind of explanation
    he would make for his behavior.

    She was sitting up reading when he came in, and she
    asked what kind of a time he had.

    He said: – Oh, the same old thing. You know I
    never have a good time when you’re not there.

    Did you dance much?

    I’ll tell you, I never even danced one dance. When
    I got there, I met Pete, Bill Brown
    and some other guys, so we went into the den and
    played poker all evening. But you’re not
    going to believe what happened to the guy I loaned

    my costume to…….”

  95. elizabeth said

    Annalaise – OMG! That is too funny. I just got out of a stuffy meeting and this is just what I needed.

    Laurel – I have just got to try those tarts they sound marvelous!

    Freyja – did Crash give you your pendant back? You can’t trust that little guy at all. Ignore his soulful eyes – it is all an act…trust me πŸ˜‰

  96. elizabeth said

    Hey, has anyone seen Henry? I need to consult with him about this neck pain I have been having *wink, wink*

  97. cdnfreyja said

    Elizabeth, he’d better return it before tonight because I have an event to go to! I’ll give him a couple of hours or I might just have to use a little magic on the little guy (seeing as how I’m a witch today). LOL!

  98. Himmiefan said

    Annalaise – that is hysterical! πŸ™‚

  99. msgypsy said

    I have a lunch break for a few minutes. Being rushed, I’m only bringing pizza. Five of them. Big ones. Veggie, garlic chicken, sausage and pepperoni, garlic white sauce with fontina cheese, and Mexican style.

    Why is everyone staring at my costume? Did you think I couldn’t pull off being an angel? Sheesh!

    Dammit, NOW what is that dumb monkey up to? Someone has to tell me because he’s ON MY WINGS!!!!!

    Oh, I’m glad someone brought Mohadevan. She’s the life of any Halloween party! Love the costume; she’s dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt. Who’d have thought she OWNED anything other than scrubs?

  100. Himmiefan said

    Well Gypsy, from the looks of it, he’s wearing my fangs and hanging Freyja’s pendant from your wings. Don’t keep at him! You’ll only encourage him.

  101. Himmiefan said

    Oops! That was don’t keep batting at him. Durn delete key!

  102. Maddie Mo said

    Laurel, they took some pictures earlier. I will have to see if the receptionist will send to me and I will send to you. I have to take it all off before I can pick up the baby cause she freaked out this morning. Did not like mommy in a wig and goth make-up.

  103. Danae said

    Here is the recipe for my contribution. Everyone at Claire’s had some and they loved I suppose. It is really good. Enjoy!

    I also posted this at Gypsy’s recipe thread.

  104. Danae said

    I use garlic flavored feta rather then buy a whole garlic thing for one clove.

  105. nina said

    Happy Holloween!!

    I brought samoza’s and some of my wicked patato salad. And look *Shhh* in the bag, some tequilla πŸ˜‰ Don’t show the monkey!
    I’ve my Indian costume on, like my saree? I know the top is a bit sexy, but it’s no problem right?

    Annalaise- OMG that is hillarious!!

    You gals are looking good and SEXY. This is going to be a very dangerous place if Henry decides to come πŸ˜€

    Z – what’s in the boxes?? Something good for me?

    OK ladies, I’ll be back in a few hours.

  106. Himmiefan said

    Yum! I’ve gotta make some of these.

  107. Danae said

    It is time for me to go home. I have to grab something to eat then head to my sister’s to take the munchkin trick-or-treating.

    Ciao Bellas

  108. Danae said

    By the way the party was kick ass.

  109. Annalaise duChat said

    Danae — Thanks for the recipe. That sounds really good. I printed out a copy for me and Paul. I’m going to give it a try next get together.

    What’s your little munchkin going to be for Halloween? Tell her a said Hi & Happy Halloween!

  110. cdnfreyja said

    Danae, have fun with the munchkin! You know we want pictures!

  111. elizabeth said

    Danae – Enjoy trick or treating with the little one!

  112. Maddie Mo said

    I gotta run get my little one too.

    Ya’ll have a great night and enjoy the party. See you in the AM.

  113. cdnfreyja said

    Oops – was I supposed to send Mike on to someone else? *as she looks over her shoulder*

    Twilight is at 6:22pm so I expect Henry to show up not soon after. Yes ladies, I can have my cake and eat it too! LOL!

    Anyway, gotta dash as I have to get home before heading to an event tonight. Have a happy halloween/samhain!

  114. rifkind said

    Crash is behaving isn’t he??
    I thought that I saw him riding around the parking lot and racing with the fellow from Taco Johns… Who got him started with the racing??

  115. rifkind said

    I’ve gotten my costume link working… it is behind my name..
    at the bottom of the page, Crash has a link to his own page too..

  116. nina said

    Hello, I’m back πŸ™‚

    How is the party going?? Anyone drunk yet?
    It’s my first holloween party so I don;t know what kind of songs are played. But here is my party song:

  117. Cree said

    Happy Halloween Everyone! Sounds like everyone is enjoying the party so far. I’ve been busy at work and didn’t have time get a costume, so I’ll just wear what I have on. I got sprayed with blood by one of my patients earlier this afternoon (literally), so I’ll just wear my red-speckled white lab coat and I’ll fit right in with the whole Halloween theme! Hey, Henry………want to play doctor? πŸ˜‰

    Himmiefan: sorry about the goat eating your costume. I tried to get him to stay home, but he followed me in. πŸ™‚

  118. laurel said

    Holy crap! Get the goat out of here! I did not put this much effort into a costume to risk having it chewed on. I have actually had that happen once and once is enough.

  119. Nisi said

    Hello Ladies! I finally made it. I’m wearing the costume from Ever After. The one Leonardo de Vinci made for the ball. If I knew how I would put up a link to the picture from the movie.

    I brought my spicy chocolate cream cheese truffles. We can never have too much chocolate!


  120. elizabeth said

    I just popped over to Anne’s site and she has posted that Kyle is currently filming a movie called Joyride II. Cool….

  121. laurel said

    Hi Nisi! Glad you could make it to the party. I love that costume, and the movie!
    Of course you are right, never can have too much chocolate! I am going to remember that for Friday.

    I think we got the goat back outside and Crash went with him. Wheew!

    Himmie – I hope your costume can be repaired. I have my sewing machine in the back of my van if you need some help with it.

  122. Anne said

    My one and only roflbot/lolcat – so far.

    Party on – I hafta go to bed.

  123. elizabeth said

    I hate to do it, but I have to leave the party and head home. It has been a blast. Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!

  124. laurel said

    Goodnight E!

  125. Nisi said

    Goodnight Elizabeth. Talk to you tomorrow.

    I need to walk the dog before the little kids get here. I don’t have a costume for him, but he does have a Halloween scarf. It is purple with candy corn, black cats, and orange trick or treat sacks on it. It looks cute on our little white dog.


  126. rifkind said

    SUNSET…. Hang on Gals! Henry should be here really soon!

  127. Anzia said

    Tango- put ’em with the rest of the boxes. And don’t you open it! You have to GUESS what you think is in there first… ^_^

    Nina- I see you’re dressed up…looking GOOOOOD

    So, costume. I’m Superman. Yup wrong gender…but…well i’ve … okay it’s the ONLY way i can think of to get into superman’s pants legitamently (sp?). And Heaven help me…i’ve just GOT to get into those pants. *sneaks a peek at Nina* Don’t look at me like that!

  128. rifkind said

    I have a name for your character.


  129. Madonna said

    Hi girls,

    I really hope the party has been great! Sorry I didn’t make it.

    I was admitted to the hospital on Monday evening and had to have surgery today about 4 hours ago. I’ll try to stop back by tomorrow and explain it all and hang around for a bit if I’m able.

    Everyone enjoy the rest of the PARTAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. lwildstar said

    well I finally made it back!
    What an afternoon!
    One person f***ks esomething up and I end up staying late to help fix it…..but then I guilted the office manager into driving me home (she didn’;t want to, but I was all “well its going to take me 2 hours to get home now…” so she gave in) plus I didn’t get my shots becasue I was working – so I told her I had to leave at 4 on Friday….yipee!

    ok enough venting – its been dark here for almost 2 hours – Wheres Henry!!!

    is anyone going to the hen house? I’ll stick around for awhile – but I’m beat…..

  131. lwildstar said

    oh Madonna! I hope everything is ok…..

  132. Cree said

    Kyle is going to be in JoyRide 2? That’s awesome. I loved the first one and I LOVE scary movies and am glad Kyle is doing one. I wonder if Paul Walker is going to be in the sequel? Could you imagine Paul Walker and Kyle sharing the big screen? Yummilicious!!!!!

  133. Cree said

    Madonna! I hope everything is okay. We’ll keep you in our prayers.

  134. Margaret said

    Ok Cree, what’s Joyride #1 about. Madonna, hope you’re feeling better. Come back and let us know how you’re doing.

  135. Nisi said

    Madonna – I hope you feel better. Your in my prayers.

  136. laurel said

    Madonna – ( ( ( ( Hugs ) ) ) ) Sorry to hear about that sweetie! Let us know if there is anything we can do to make you feel better. Prayers for you. Get some sleep.

  137. lwildstar said

    Joy Ride – Three young people on a road trip from Colorado to New Jersey talk to a trucker on their CB radio, then must escape when he turns out to be a psychotic killer.

  138. lwildstar said

    what do you know Laurel – were on line at the same time!

  139. Danae said

    Hi guys I see the party is still jumping. The munchkin wouldn’t let me take pictures of her. She was a ladybug. Now I am just hanging at my sister’s house.

    Madonna I hope everything is ok.

    I notice Dizey hasn’t shown back up yet. I wonder where she is.

  140. Anzia said

    Madonna- well…i’d give you a hug but… i don’t know where your surgery took place so i’m not going to. Love ya though and will be sending healing thoughts your way.

    Margaret- Joyride is about these two guys (paul walker being one) who play a joke on a trucker and he comes after them. I don’t know details…haven’t actually seen ALL of the movie.

  141. Danae said

    My niece just got back. She is a vending machine that is out of order and on crutches. I just found out she has to have more surgery on her hip.

  142. lwildstar said

    I’m only going to stick around for a fwe more minutes and them I’m off to a hot bubble bath….is anyone going to the hen house later? I might check back…

  143. lwildstar said

    well I guess I chased everyone away 😦

  144. Danae said

    I think this party has all but fizzled out.

  145. Danae said

    Nope your still here.

  146. lwildstar said

    I’m out of here – I’ll check back later!

  147. Anzia said

    Dude i have the SWEETEST set up. I have my laptop by the door (i’m on candy duty) and since we have wireless through the house… bloggin at the ‘ween party, Chatting w/my didi Nina & watching NCIS! TOTALLY got the sweet end of this deal.

  148. Anzia said

    sorry wildwoman. had people at the door. ^_^

  149. lwildstar said

    well I’ve had a rough afternoon – so I am going to take a break – but i”ll be back….

  150. Danae said

    Lucky! I am running to the door for my sister so she doesn’t strain herself and the baby. He kicked me earlier by the way.

  151. nina said

    Madonna – I hope everything goes well! Sending lots of love from here and get better soon.

    DIDI, OMG!! I knew your costume would be something naughty πŸ˜‰ Don’t worry I’ll get you in those pants. First I’ve to get my baby, then chase away KK and get Superman for you! Sounds like a plan? Btw what did you do with the boxers *don’t look away, you know which ones* πŸ˜‰
    Is Tony sweet enough??Or need more?

  152. Danae said

    The party is dead again.

  153. Danae said

    And now the candy is gone and kids are coming to the door and everyone is scrounging through there bags for things to give them. Good Lord.

  154. Margaret said

    So far I’ve only had one kid and its almost 8:45 p.m. est.

  155. Anzia said

    Nina- boxers…*looks totally sweet w/o hiding the guilty look* i…uh…well let’s just say those boxers will be kept for prosperity but won’t be too much in the way for useful…Tony’s good but Superman is better. *winks*

  156. Danae said

    It is a condo complex so there are several groups that come. When I was a teen that is where we frequented. All the complexes with huge pillowcases.

  157. Anzia said

    Yeah, basically no one here too…LOADS of candy left…^_^ Not that i’m complaining.

  158. rifkind said

    OMG Girl! Hugs to you … get better soon!

  159. Danae said

    I am going to home now. I want to watch 5:55 before bed and my sister’s On Demand service is frozen.

  160. lwildstar said

    just checking in – anyone still here?

    by the time I got home – all the kids were gone…I didn’t buy any candy anyway – too tempted to keep it πŸ™‚

  161. Anzia said

    i’m out for now. FINALLY getting dinner…it’s only after bloody 8 pm! UGH!

  162. lwildstar said

    off to go watch criminal minds – see you guys tomorrow – have a good night!

  163. Margaret said

    I don’t know about the rest of you but maybe some of our party has left us since we’re so unsure as to what Lifetime is going to do with Blood Ties. I feel like I’ve been on pins and needles for months now and its exhausting. I’m tired of writing post cards, I feel like I’m sending them to a brick wall. Once this is over, one way or the other, I’ll either use them to fall all over myself to thank them for renewing or I’ll use them to tell them what idots I think they are. They haven’t made friends with me just on the basis of the way the fans have been treated over the last 6 months.

  164. rifkind said

    Where’s Tango and prtfvr….
    Their humor is always so much fun!
    I miss you two!!!
    Come back, come back where ever you are!

  165. Claire said

    Bangs loudly on door…to be heard over music..I ‘m sorry I was away all day and missed all the fun..just got back from Moniques house,where we go trick or treating every year.*smiling* to show my nice vamp teeth that were a Biotch to put on! Sorry to say I can’t stay…I ‘m not getting better…my voice is all hoarse and I have the cough from hell…so enjoy the party…um I saw crash riding a broom around the parking lot when I came in,you might want to go check on him!

    Anyway..I really need a bed..I’ll post pics of the kids tomorrow!
    Enjoy the soirΓ©e darlings!!! If Henrys still around give him a big kiss from me.
    Bonne nuit mes amis!

  166. Margaret said

    Going to watch 5:55 again.

  167. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Madonna – so sorry to hear about that! Oh my! I’ll definitely be thinking about you. Sending you wishes for a very speedy recovery.

    Claire – Crash ‘borrowed’ my pendant earlier. I eventually got it back. And I know the broom that he was last seen riding wasn’t mine ’cause I had mine with me tonight.

    Since I managed to hog Mike for most of the afternoon, I don’t need to see Henry tonight. πŸ˜‰ Doesn’t mean to say I don’t want him to drop by but he does have to make the rounds of the clinic, right? I’m sure I’ll see him tomorrow though – the sun doesn’t rise until 8 am tomorrow!

    Well, this sista is tuckered out. I’ll see you ladies tomorrow! Have a great evening and sweet dreams!

  168. msgypsy said

    Well, I’m out of work finally. I’m quite annoyed because everyone left early to take their kids trick or treating and left me the only person to oversee the temp. Who works til an hour later than I do. ^$#%%^$#^%$*&^@#$ I’m not trying to be a total Halloween Scrooge. But if someone had said something about this yesterday, the temp could have come in to work an hour earlier (and taken his own kids trick or treating. Needless to say, he’s not happy about this, either.)

    This seems to have been a sedate party by our standards. Crash has .. er .. crashed over there on the futon. I didn’t think that monkey EVER slept! And to whoever got rid of the goat for us, thanks so very much! Henry was getting worried. He didn’t want to come in for fear his finery would be eaten. Wait, I think there are a couple of hens who would happily pay the goat to do that. Just to, um, unwrap what’s underneath.

    I believe it’s time to serve Snugglers and Mudslides and the Irish Cream ice cream. And we can watch a lot of BT on the giant flat screen in the corner. Or flirt with Henry and Mike. Or whoever you’ve a mind to flirt with. (I really believe we have some of Norman’s Nymphs here in disguise!)

  169. laurel said

    Trick-or-Treat! 😎

    I’ve had less kids than usual tonight. We usually have 200-300 but probably had less than 100 this year. Odd because the weather was really not too bad. A bit chilly but no rain at all and no wind. I have loads of candy left. I think I’ll send it with my oldest for her Anime Club in two weeks. I may hide it in the freezer until then. To dangerous to have out when I’m home alone.

    Crash was really pretty good today. I notice that without prtfvr sneaking him drinks he is pretty sedate. Where is everyone btw? Some folks never showed. 😦

  170. rifkind said

    Well, I am calling it quits too..
    The scratchy throat has caught up with me too… so I am going to see if I can gets some zzzz’s and keep from getting too sick.

  171. laurel said

    Clean up crew is here!
    What? Yes I think it’s over now. The food is mostly gone and the punchbowl is empty.
    The monkey? WHERE?? Oh dear.

    Crash.. come here dear…it’s okay…come down from the light fixture…
    There’s a good monkey.

    No, no need to tell Gypsy, I’ll take care of it.

    Good night all.

  172. Madonna said

    Good morning y’all,

    I find myself in that wakeful stage between taking pain meds and the pain meds actually working so I thought I’d check in and let you all know what is going on.

    Monday evening I went to the ER because I knew I was passing a kidney stone. Once you’ve had one you know what you’re dealing with. After an almost 3hr wait, (they COMPLETELY forgot about me for the first 40 minutes), they took me back.

    When they triaged me my blood pressure was 217 / 111 and I had a temp of 100.8. I figured it would be just like all the other stones I have passed and they’d give my something good for pain and send me on my merry way. Not this time. This time the ER doc came back and told me that CT scan indicated that my left kidney was almost double the size it should be and that my stone was causing a blockage. The swollen kidney and the fever told them that I was full of infection. So, he tells me he has no choice but to admit me for IV antibiotics and observation and a possible stent.

    They decided to watch me all day on Tuesday and when nothing changed and I continued to run a fever yesterday they decided to go ahead and put the stent in. It’s basically like a long plastic straw that they thread through you all the way up to your kidney. It keeps the passage way open so that everything can pass from the kidney freely. If all goes well I’ll have to have surgery again next week to get the stone and to remove the stent.

    Right now I’m bleeding pretty badly and running a medium grade temp. My mom believes that if we call them to tell them about the temp that they will readmit me. I don’t want to do that, because let me tell you, not only do I not want to go back to the hospital, but, I also had the room mate from hell this last time.

    I’m supposed to go back to work tomorrow from vacay, but I don’t think I’m going to be making it. My boss is going to be pissed. UGH………………..

  173. Madonna said

    Oh yeah,
    You can’t beat the timing though. Just 24 – 36 hours earlier and I’d have been going through all of this in Reston or on the plane. That would have been a great party wouldn’t it?

  174. Chery said

    So sorry Madonna! I hope you are well and have gotten rid of the kidney stone soon!
    And yes glad you did not have to go through this in Reston!

  175. Chery said

    Margaret! I agree with you! I posted a challenge yesterday about sending more postcards over at the LT blog and it was pretty much ignored.
    I feel that the way LifeTime has treated the fans stinks! We have not been a group who rallied at the last minute when the show was cancelled!

    I know that you and I and others have been e-mailing, sending post cards, contacting advertisers even before the producers of the show asked us to do so.
    So we have been contacting them going on 6 months. I don’t remember that happening for any show. Now this show has fans WORLDWIDE (see spoiler on U Tube) and still no word.

    They (Life Time) will certainly hear from me if they cancel this great show.

    Thanks Margaret for you and others on this list for all you have done to save the show.

  176. Anzia said

    I hate getting up before the sun does…can I just mention that now…*runs out the door to work*…*thud* *passes out in driveway…snoring loudly*

  177. Margaret said

    Ouch Madonna. Hope you’re feeling better soon. But at least you got to make the trip, that was a blessing.

    Thanks for the thanks Cheryl but I did it willingly because I believe the show is worth saving. But for the people who sit over at the Lifetime Blog and whine about the show being canceled I just want to send them somewhere, they know who they are. They’ve left the burden of the heavy lifting on the rest of us, made fun of us for doing it and they will be the first ones to whine if the show gets canceled and wonder why. Sorry for the rant.

  178. lwildstar said

    Oh Madonna! talk about timeing – hope you are doing better – good vibes coming your way with lots of gental hugs…

    Last last night I came home turned out all the lights and hid fromt he tricker treaters – well wouldn’t you know right around 9:45 someones banging on the door and ringing the doorbell – and thye wouldn’t go away – so I go downstairs and yell through the door “theres no candy – go away!” and look out through the window to see whats going on – theres 2 VERY large (deffinatly not kids) in street clothes and full face maskes standing out front for another 5 minutes just standing there looking at the house – so I pick up the phone to call the police – and the lines are all busy! WTF! anyway about that time the two would be tricker treaters wandered down the street – but then I couldn’t go to sleep waiting for them to come back….

    and then this morning I come in to find the rush job I did last night was wrong and had to fix it first thing – its still not right but I think it will take care of the issue until I can get the correct forms done – at least they have proof of insurance…what a night! what a morning! and I want to go home!!!!!

    ok enough venting – hugs to everyone – I’ll try to stop back around lunch time….

  179. lwildstar said

    mags – I sent more cards out this morning!
    oh and I printed out your buisness card memo thing – I have been dropping the little slips on the bus and train – a couple at the grocery store – jus tto get the word out…..

  180. Annalaise duChat said

    Hey Madonna, Sorry to here about your emergency surgery. dI sure hope you’re feeling better.

    Sorry I didn’t make it back for the party last night. I had a house full of teenagers and lot’s of trick or treaters. Insanity!

    I’m on deadline so you won’t here much from me for a couple days. Everybody stay well and healthy.

  181. rifkind said

    I left some $$ on the table to cover anything that was broken by Crash.
    (He gets blamed for everything that gets broken.. NO FAIR!)

    Although I refuse to scoop up after the goat!

    Who owns the goat anyway? Whoever owns him needs to get some plastic bags and go clean up the parking lot.

  182. Margaret said

    lwildstar: Thanks. I’ll be printing up more and sneaking into Barnes and Nobel and Books-A-Million again since I didn’t get caught the first time. Why do I feel like a cat burgler though. Geez, I must have been born feeling guilty. I stopped post cards for all of a day or two until Tanya said it could only do good so I started again. I really need to pay bills though so I wish Lifetime would just get off their butts, stopping playing games and let us know what’s going on.

  183. Margaret said

    I seem to have lost the link for the voting site, not the HeyNeilsen, the other one. Can anyone help a sister out?

  184. msgypsy said

    Madonna, I am sending you gentle hugs and a virtual cloth to wipe your poor feverish brow. Do whatever you need to in order to heal.

    Wildstar, Holy mierda! That’s scary! I wonder if you ought to call the non-emergency number for the police and report what happened to you. Those two might have done some evil elsewhere and your seeing them and experiencing that might help the police.

    The party room looks good. I think Laurel is a great clean up crew! I believe we’ll be getting most of the damage deposit back. Well, except for the parking lot. Who DID bring that goat?

    I think we’ve got the party room for the rest of today. I think I’ll be able to put up a new topic tomorrow….

  185. prtfvr said

    *Runs into room waving a feather duster* Sorry I’m late! I have my French maid’s outfit on that I wore one year. *Looks around, stamps foot.* Oh POOH! I AM late! Well, Happy Belated Halloween everyone!

    Madonna: Damn girl! When you do it, you do it BIG! Take care of yourself and remember that’s a straw for your kidney NOT your Pepsi! πŸ™‚ *hugs*

  186. Danae said

    Signore graziose di buona mattina

    I am beat. Last week and this week had to much excitement in it for me. I still haven’t up from visiting MamaClaire. I managed to get a picture of Amber with my cell phone. I will email it to me and then forward to everyone.

    Madonna I am so glad you didn’t get sick when we all together. You would have had a miserable time and we would have been worrying about you even more then now because we were right there when it happened. Take care of yourself and check back in when you are better.

    Dizey-Are you ok? I missed you and those Hurricanes yesterday.

    Crash is under wraps today right?

  187. cdnfreyja said

    Geez, who spiked the punch with extra strong alcohol? LOL! Just kidding – I simply feel like I have a hangover without the nasty side effects, i.e. my brain just doesn’t want to get going today. I’ve been trying to type a short e-mail message over the past 1/2 hour and the brain is functioning on slow-mo! I think I’m just slightly sleep deprived as of late. It will sort itself out this weekend!

    Is Crash behaving himself today? Or are we going to have to search for other missing items?

  188. Danae said

    Prtfvr-I thought you were offering to do any left over clean up.

  189. Danae said

    Speaking of hangovers, one of the people at my sister’s complex was passing out spiked cider. It was very spiked. I couldn’t even taste the cider but it kept me warm.

  190. Danae said

    And Amber was saying to the people at the doors: I’m a ladybug. I’m cute.

    Ok that just needs to stop now. I don’t need a conceited child on my hands. If my landlady would stop telling her she was pretty and cute etc. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

  191. Himmiefan said

    Madonna – I’m soooo glad you weren’t sick last weekend. I mean, if you have to get sick, you sure don’t want to do it away from home. Virtual flowers for you!!! Hope you feel better soon. Henry’s on his way up to you.

    BTW, I asked Henry if he knew who let the goat in, and he just gave me an evil grin. What’s up with that? Hmmmmm.

    Oh, a box just arrived. *Opens box* Yech!!!. Crash sent my fangs back! Ick! Ick!!! Monkey spit on my fangs! Blech!

  192. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bonjour mes amis πŸ˜‰ sorry I didn’t make it back last night Mom and I watched a movie I got from Netflix was really cool *The Invisible* we really enjoyed it. After that well it was punkin’ time and here we are today πŸ˜› Like that costume Prtfvr you look soooo good , um those arent’t bird feathers on that duster huh??

    Madonna my sweet ! Talk about timing , glad you made it home to do this nothing worse than to be sick out of town. Be well and know we love you and are sending healing prayers your way πŸ˜‰ XOXOXOXOX Feel that it’ll make you well!

    Cree, I love Paul Walker (Eight Below) I’m a sucker for any guy that’ll let a dog kiss him in the mouth. I own that movie and watch it pretty frequently πŸ˜‰ I cry every time they get back to the base camp. Anyway I may have to put that(Joyride) on my Netflix que so I’ll know what’s up when the 2nd comes out.

  193. cdnfreyja said

    Himmie, at least with my pendant if Crash decided to drool on it the ick factor is missing. I could at least sanitize it and still wear it without feeling like I’ve got a case of the greeblies.

  194. Himmiefan said

    Freyja, I saw that pendant in his mouth at least once. You might want to use some industrial-strength Lysol on it. As for my fangs, well, they’re living in the garbage can now.

  195. cdnfreyja said

    Well, I’ll have to dig out the super-cleanser tonight I guess. LOL!

  196. Danae said

    Do you think it’s too early to start playing my Christmas music?

  197. Margaret said

    Geez, Danae: Can’t we get past Thanksgiving first. lol

  198. cdnfreyja said

    I was going to say that in Canada we have to get past Remembrance Day first! lol! We’re all wearing our red poppies now.

  199. laurel said

    Gypsy – I hired a couple of high school boys to clean up the parking lot this morning. I’m going to pay them in halloween candy and give them each a movie pass. I tried to give them the goat but they were too smart for that. Btw – I think the goat is still sleeping, too much racing in the parking lot.

    Madonna – Dearheart, that just sounds miserable. I hope you are feeling better quickly, but I’m concerned about you not calling your doctor about the fever. Don’t second guess the medical opinion here, his is not something to mess with! You are unlikely to get the same horrible room-mate if you end up back in the hospital and we need you safe and healthy. I’m adding prayers for better room-mates and a sudden wave of understanding from your boss.

  200. Danae said

    Nope When I see the first snowflake fall I pop White Christmas in the DVD player, make some hot cocoa and wrap up in a nice warm blanket. The only thing missing is a fireplace with a roaring fire. Amber has already watched The Polar Express and Rudolph. I have listened to Josh Groban sing O Holy Night a few times already. It is so heavenly to listen to. I won’t torture you now with it but when it gets closer to Christmas I will post the youtube link for it.

    Can you tell that Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I have just myself realized I like it more than Halloween. I love the warm fuzzy feelings.

    Which I am not feeling from Lifetime by the way. You have no idea how friggin nervous I am that BT doesn’t get renewed. I heard they have until the 5th. I am feeling very despondent right now.

  201. Margaret said

    Where did you hear they had until November 5th and what was the reasoning behind that?

  202. laurel said

    Freyja – your Remembrance Day is our Veteran’s Day. I too will be wearing a poppy in remembrance of those who’ve served.

  203. Danae said

    I think I read something on here. I am not sure. It had to do with there contracts. But I also heard that the contracts go until the end of the month. I am so confused and tired of waiting for an answer. I mean Lifetime could at least say they haven’t made a decision yet. I mean gives us some sort of news good bad or neither but that you are still considering it.

  204. Danae said

    I could have been wrong. It might have been somewhere else. Since this is the only one I usually read I assumed it was here.

  205. lwildstar said

    Laurel – tag your it

    MsG….I tried the non emergency line 3 times and never got through – finally gave up…..but as one of my co-works said “you would have probably gotten a respones like : oh well a person in a mask – that narrows things down – ”
    I just hope they didn’t do anything in the neighborhood – I’ll have to check around and see if there was any trouble last night….

    someone on LT message board posted that they saw a tv listing for BT at 10pm on November 9th? anyone else find that?

  206. lwildstar said

    its been a hell of a day already – the parking permits for Nov. vanished, come to find out someone picked them up l;ast night – had to go find out who – then call him – he wasn’t coming in and then did but forgot the passes!!!!
    then we found a BIG booboo that is a month old – had to take care of that and now we are finding that the things I have to do today I can’t because the info in the system is wrong and the ONLY person that can fix it is so buried in work that she can’t get to it – and here I am begging to help but no one can show me what to do or even has the time to show me….

    one moment please:


    Ok now if I could do that out loud I would feel loads better

  207. Himmiefan said

    I’ve noticed the red poppies in years past. What is the significance?

    You know, there’s a reason why Thanksgiving and Easter are my two favorite holidays. 1) You don’t have to buy gifts, 2) lost of good food, and 3) no music!!

    Bah Humbug.

    Yeah, yeah, okay, I like Christmas just fine, just not as much as the other two. Seriously, I get as excited about Thanksgiving and Easter as everyone else does about Christmas.

    So, why am I saying all this? Um, I’m not sure. Lost my train of thought…. Oh yeah, Christmas music should start about two weeks ahead of the holiday. Tops. Now, if I can just convince the shopping malls….

  208. lwildstar said

    Current total: Blood Ties (2006) 1853

  209. Himmiefan said

    Wildstar – much sympathies!!! You have my permission to yell out loud. Will make you feel better and heck, scaring everyone around you does have its benefits. πŸ™‚

  210. elizabeth said

    Mornin’ ladies,

    Madonna – I hope you are feeling better? I am so sorry you had to deal with this.

    msgypsy – The party was a blast and I am sorry I had to leave so early. I guess it saved me from a monster virtual hangover today though.

    Danae – I am with you on Christmas. I totally love that time of year, but I have to say I get really tired of having it shoved down my throat in the stores. We already have some stores with Christmas items on display! I used to love it when nothing appeared until right after Thanksgiving! It was really intense and fun. Now, it can be a let down by the time the day actually arrives because I’ve just spent two solid months being inundated. That is why I try to avoid the Malls and shops as much as possible. I love to sit with my hot chocolate, a warm lap quilt and goofy, sappy Christmas movies playing on the tv. Do I sound a little conflicted? hmmmm…gotta think on that for a bit.

  211. Himmiefan said

    “goofy, sappy Christmas movies”

    Christmas Vacation is the best!!! I swear, I must be related to the people who wrote that movie. πŸ™‚

  212. elizabeth said

    lwildstar – sorry your day is sucky already. I hope it gets better; if not, I say follow Himmiefan’s advice and see what happens πŸ˜‰

  213. elizabeth said

    Himmiefan – I think my all time favorite movies is “The Bishop’s Wife” . I love Cary Grant and David Niven. I have to admit to being a sucker for “It’s a Wonderful Life” as well. I even own both of them *hangs head* I know, I know I have a serious problem. Krysten and I was the Santa Clause movies. It is our tradition. Does anyone else her Jingle Bells playing???

  214. rifkind said

    I think that Anne was the one who told us about ehen the conracts expire….

  215. elizabeth said

    oops, it should be Krysten and I WATCH the Santa Clause movies. Sorry, I can’t seem to type today.

  216. rifkind said

    How many typos can I get in on little line… UGH!
    I think that Anne was the one who told us about when the contracts expire….

  217. lwildstar said

    I am sooooo tempted to just start screaming! maybe they’ll send me home…he he he …no I wouldn’t get that lucky ….sigh…..I guess I can wait till I get home and then start screaming…

    My sister just sent me pics of the kids from last night – OMG!! my nephew went in drag…and he makes one fine looking girl – I’m not sure what my neice was dressed as – it looked like she just wore one of her regular dresses? oh well………… it looked like they had fun

    well I have about a half hour left so I’m going to go work on some writing and so a little surfing on some of the sites….

    talk at you later

  218. Himmiefan said

    “Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg,”

    Call me a cultural Neanderthal.

    “It’s a Wonderful Life” is really good. I had resisted it for years, but a friend dragged me to a showing at an old theater here in town. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the movie was. Now, I haven’t seen “The Bishop’s Wife.” I’ll keep an eye out for that this year. Didn’t Whitney Houston do a re-make of it? I’m sure it wasn’t as good as the original.

  219. lwildstar said

    I use to love Christmas – the lights the music and then they started putting up trees and playing carols and movies beofre Halloween! I still like Christmas but not as much as any more!

  220. Danae said

    Ok I think I got all the party photos uploaded to the net. Here is all of them. I didn’t put them all in the Google group files.

  221. Danae said

    I was passing a Walgreens the other day and the marquee outside said Halloween costumes 5.99 and they had Christmas decos for sale in the windows. Seriously though I hava already visited all the Christmas sections in the stores and stared at everything in wonder. I am already all excited. The excitement will only build until after New Years.

  222. elizabeth said

    Himmiefan – yeah, Whitney Houston did a remake called The Preachers Wife. It wasn’t that great. The original is marvelous. Cary Grant is an Angel that comes to help a Bishop who is in trouble. Loretta Young is also in it. Like I said, an old movie, but good. BTW, isn’t there more to the Jingle Bells version you just sang?

  223. Himmiefan said

    Elizabeth – πŸ™‚ I’m not sure. I might have to do a Google search on that. This is the version my older sister taught me when I was an impressionable child.

  224. lwildstar said

    All I can remember is the last line….”the Batmobile has lost a wheel and the Joker got away”

  225. lwildstar said

    Well lunch is almost over – I hope the afternoon is better!

    talk at you tonight…

  226. Danae said

    Jingle Bells Batman smells Robyn laid an egg The batmobile lost its wheel and the joker got away

  227. elizabeth said

    You know, I’m kinda sorry I asked…now that song is in a perpetual loop in my head. It is going to be one of “those days” I can see it now *sigh*

  228. DIZEY1 :-) said

    **E** You are so right *The Bishop’s Wife* is awesome and Mom was watching it the other day, it counldn’t have been on tv already ?? One of my alllll time fav’s besides Christmas Vaca, is *Scrooged* I sooo love Bill Murray and watch it every time it’s on and of course I own it too πŸ˜‰

    Dani, Mom and Logan, and I last year fell in love w/Polar Express and I could cry when I watch Tom Hanks did a great job on that movie wonderful!! I too am a Christmas lover and I do know the *Reason for the Season* and appreciate it for that but I do love all the decorating and our house is VERY GRISWALD πŸ˜‰ I bought an artificial tree (years ago NEVER) but this tree is magnificent and I spent like ($800.00 shhhhh) on it and it has little pine cones and fake snow on the bows I’ll snap a pic of it this christmas and show you soooo pretty. Mom and I were in Sam’s last weekend and they had all kinds of stuff out and we were so excited and ready to start picking our theme (scary huh? ) and that’s the kid in me πŸ˜› 😎

  229. Himmiefan said

    Here’s another version courtesy of

    Jingle Bells, Batman Smells, Robin laid an egg.
    Blows his nose in Cheerios and Joker got away.

  230. Himmiefan said

    Can’t you just picture Henry sitting at his desk working away singing this oh-so-cultural version? Makes me giggle.

  231. Danae said

    Yes I can so see that. I am cracking up right now.

    Dizey-I love Josh Groban’s song Believe for Polar Express. Believe is my fave word, saying, mantra, etc.

  232. elizabeth said

    I bought The Polar Express last year and loved it! And Scrooged – how could I have forgotten that one. Bill Murray is wonderful in it! I also tend to seriously decorate the inside of my house. Since my Son will be in Montana this winter and I don’t like climbing ladders – I doubt I will put up many outside lights. When I lived in Tennessee we had an artificial tree, but now that I am in Oregon I adore having a real tree. The house always smells wonderful!

  233. elizabeth said

    Henry can come over to my house and sing to me any time he wants!! πŸ™‚

  234. DIZEY1 :-) said

    *E* I loved a real tree and thought it was sacrilege (Sp) that my Mom years ago wanted to use one that my aunt had. I fought her all the way and she said let me put it up and if it looks fake no prob we go buy a real one. Sadly the sucker looked so real it was one of the *bank* trees and was great. We’d alternate and every other year we’d get a real tree. The hard part is that down here in New Orleans by the time the home centers get trees they’ve been cut weeks in advance and keeping the needles on the suckers is tough w/our climate we could still have the ac running and they dry out so fast. I love the smell and we usually get a Frasier Fir or a Douglas Fir soft and smell like oranges a little. YEP you and me DANI lets sing……Fa la la la la la la la la!! Tis the season…….oooohhhh and the presents for all my sista’s can’t wait!

  235. Danae said

    Deck the halls with boughs of hollys

  236. Danae said

    Tis the season to be jolly

  237. rifkind said

    Spending too much is just such folly…
    fa la la la la – la la la la. . . .

    Oh, doesn’t the song GO that way?
    Credit Card debt, the gift of the season!

  238. elizabeth said

    Fa la la la la la la la la πŸ˜‰

  239. Danae said

    The other female in my department says to me to not wait until the last minute to give her a certain purchase order. I said I already gave it to her before 1. She found it but did she say sorry for accusing me of keeping the po until the last minute? No! Grrrrr! It just really pisses me off.

  240. Danae said

    Sometimes it doesn’t seem worth the energy to be civil to her. I can’t call it kind or nice.

  241. rifkind said

    It takes a BIG person, to admit that they were mistaken.
    It would have been better for her to say… “Oh, I found it.. Sorry.”
    But a lot of people can’t ever admit that they were wrong.. AND if she was a bit testy and b*tchy you… she probably feels like a jerk… and doesn’t know HOW to admit her mistake.
    take a deep breath and try to let it go. . .
    Remember, forgiveness is for the person GIVING it… don’t let HER screw-up destroy your day!

  242. Danae said

    I know I just get this crap almost daily. It is really no big deal. I just needed to let it out.

  243. Cree said

    Ok, I’ll own up to it…..the goat was mine. Sorry about the mess in the parking lot. Thanks for hiring the boys to clean it up, Laurel! Goat is very tired today. He really out did himself yesterday with too much partying. And I just realized that Goat needs a name.

    Okay, who started the Christmas hoopla? I agree with who ever said can we please wait until after Thanksgiving? Sorry, I’m just a big bah humbug. Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier each year and it gets old fast. I heard on the news the other day that this year the malls are going to open up at 1:30AM the day after Thanksgiving! I couldn’t believe it! I’m still trying to get rid of my Thanksgiving company at that time! πŸ™‚

  244. Danae said

    I fess. It was me. Sorry but I loooooooove Christmas and think you can never have enough of it.

  245. rifkind said


    I agree that Christmas seems way to commercialized these days.
    More pressure to buy, buy, BUY! Spend, spend, SPEND!!!
    I too liked it when the Christmas season waited to start until after Thanksgiving..
    But the whoopla seems to start earlier and earlier.

    About the goat name..
    How about GoatFried ? (He’s a german goat after all!)

  246. rifkind said

    Is he a fainting goat?

  247. Maddie Mo said

    I am so with you on the Christmas thing. I started trying to talk the girls here into decorating the office for Christmas already. Of course I got completely shut down on the idea. Apparently they all want to wait till after Thanksgiving. I ususally start the house the wekend before Thanksgiving because Thanksgiving weekend is SO busy for us. And to be honest the weather is supposed to be nice here this weekend and I will probably put my outside lights up while it is still warm. I won’t turn them on till at least the week of Thanksgiving, but it is always better to put them out in the 50 degree weather than the 20 and around here it could be 20 degrees by Thanksgiving.

  248. Maddie Mo said

    okay apparently I am dyslexic.

    Dani, Sorry about the miss-spell on your name

  249. Danae said

    Ok I want to clarify that commercialism is overboard. That isn’t what I like about it. It is everything else, The Reason, and the togetherness, the warm fuzzies, watching the kids faces light up, seeing the lights, all that good stuff. Plus the movies and music. To me everybody seems to transform during the holiday season. It is sad that once it is gone everything changes back to normal.

  250. laurel said

    If he’s a german goat shouldn’t his name be Wilhelm?

    Danae – I just got the NEW Josh Groban Christmas album! As soon as I find out where my kids hid it I’ll put it on! I love Christmas and decorate a bit over the top, but I do prefer to wait until after Thanksgiving. Once Santa appears at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade I know that it’s time to unpack the works! I will sneak a little music before that but for now I’ll be switching out the skeletons for indian corn and some multicolored paper leaves. I love the big honeycomb-paper turkey centerpiece and the tall cranberry tapers in slender oak candle holders.
    I can almost smell the turkey roasting already.

  251. Danae said

    And I can’t wait for the first sip of eggnog.

  252. Danae said

    WHAT! Josh Groban has a Christmas album? When did that come out. I have been saying for years that he needs to put one out. I am a member of his little club and I didn’t know about it. What is up with that? I NEED that CD!

    I just wanted to let you know that you made my day.

  253. Maddie Mo said


    I’m so sorry you are feeling so bad. I hope that the surgery works and you start feeling better really soon. I’m glad you got to have your weekend of fun before this all started. Henry will be right over to wait on you hand and foot till you are all better. {{{gentle hugs}}}.

  254. laurel said

    The new CD just came out a week ago, Tuesday. I snapped it up when I ran across it by accident at Borders, I even had a coupon!!!!
    I belong to the little club too. (I know, he’s almost as young as Kyle). I didn’t hear about it from the club yet either.
    Btw – I have a story character that looks just like him. hehehe

  255. Danae said

    I think he is 26 or 27. The last time I heard he was 25 and that was a couple years ago. I have to get it! My mom will so kill me.

  256. elizabeth said

    I have a CD of Josh Groban which I like and knew somewhere in the recesses of my over burdened brain that he was doing a Christmas CD. So what I am hearing, Laurel, is it is terrific? I love Trans Siberian Orchestra music for the holidays, too.

    Okay, why, why, why did I set up a meeting for this afternoon? I am operating on 4 hours sleep and my eyes feel like sandpaper. My brain is fuzzy *whine* I just wanna go home – wahhhh. This is me schlepping off to my meeting. Check with you ladies later – *big sigh*

  257. Danae said

    Ooooooo I love TSO. Nothing like a little electric guitar Christmas music. E you need to get all the Josh Groban CDs.

  258. Himmiefan said

    I’m with you Laurel. I love, love, love decorating for fall. Cornucopia, fall-smelling candles, colored leaves, etc. πŸ™‚

    I also love it when other people decorate their homes for Christmas. I don’t have to put it up and I don’t have to take it down. Woo hoo! Okay, I do decorate, some.

  259. laurel said

    I haven’t found it yet! My girls said I couldn’t play it until after Thanksgiving and have hidden it from me! Now that’s just asking to have mom attack their rooms, if you ask me. Although, knowing them they probably put it in my room thinking I wouldn’t look there.
    Am I over-thinking this? Hmmmmm.
    Be right back.

  260. Danae said

    Let me know if you find it. I want to know what songs are on it. O Holy Night had better be on it.

  261. laurel said

    Found it! hehe
    Hid it from myself while decorating for Halloween. lol

    Silent Night
    Little Drummer Boy
    I’ll be Home For Christmas
    Ave Maria
    Angels We Have Heard On High
    The Christmas Song
    What Child Is This
    The First Noel
    Petit Papa Noel
    It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
    Panis Angelicus
    O Come, All Ye Faithful

    No “O Holy Night”
    WHAT! How can that be?


  262. Danae said

    I have an idea. Maybe your girls will let you burn it for me. That way I can keep my head. I won’t have to by it and my mom won’t kill me.

  263. laurel said

    Gotcha! I’ll see what I can figure out here. They’ll be home in a couple of hours.

  264. Danae said

    *$*!)$*@%* screw that. That so totally sucks. He puts it on his live CD. The first that was put out but not on the actual Christmas CD. QUEER!

  265. Danae said

    Sweet! I will be your best friend forever and ever and ever.

  266. Danae said

    And when I say sweet I mean wicked awesome!

  267. Arrowyn said

    I’m so behind, so if somebody has already posted about this, I apologize. I’m so stoked!!! This isn’t about BT and it’s long, but it’s Happy Dance news to me! I just can’t understand why he would want anything to do with FOX again.

    According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” creator Joss Whedon is returning to television with “Dollhouse,” a new sci-fi project starring “Buffy” alumna Eliza Dushku that has received a seven-episode commitment from Fox. “Dollhouse,” from 20th Century Fox TV, is Whedon’s first TV project since his 2002 Fox drama “Firefly.” The drama, whose license fee is said to be in the $1.5 million-$2 million-per-episode range, stars Dushku as Echo, a member of a group of men and women who are imprinted with different personalities for different assignments. In between tasks they are mind-wiped, living like children in Dollhouse, a futuristic dorm/lab. They have no memories of their previous lives, until Echo begins to try to find out who she was. “Joss has been my favorite friend, genius, ally and confidant in the business since I was 17,” said Dushku, who also will serve as a producer on the project. “It’s incredible how much energy and excitement I have for this; I can’t wait to be this Echo character.” “Dollhouse” came out of a lunch between Whedon and Dushku in September, shortly after the actress had signed a development deal with 20th TV and Fox. Whedon was giving her advice about writers and types of shows that might be good for her but wasn’t interested in venturing into TV himself because he was trying to get a couple of movie projects off the ground at the time. “In the middle of the conversation, I went, ‘Oh, God. I thought of the show, and I had the title,’ ” Whedon said. Dushku came on board immediately. Within a week, the show was set up Fox and 20th TV. Broadcast networks had been pursuing Whedon for years, but he had been focused on features. “It was a really welcomed surprise,” Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly said of getting Whedon’s pitch for “Dollhouse.” Reilly and Fox entertainment chairman Peter Liguori called the decision to pick up the show “a layup.” “Joss is not only one of the more innovative show creators out there, he is an unbelievably accomplished showrunner,” Liguori said. “It was a creatively inspired idea, and the fact that he wanted to do it with Eliza was the cherry on a sundae.” Whedon met with Reilly and 20th TV chairman Dana Walden for several hours Tuesday afternoon talking about “Dollhouse.” “You can imagine a really exciting, timely, emotional show that will be packed with his signature storytelling involving humor, emotions and themes that are relatable,” Walden said after the meeting. Although an agreement on the project was reached a month ago, the deal didn’t close until this week, so writer/ executive producer Whedon hasn’t started writing it. With a writers strike considered imminent, he might not be able to finish it any time soon. “I’ll hit the ground running, and I’ll work until I’m supposed to, then I’ll stop dead in my tracks and will pick up my picket signs,” he said. Although it interferes with his work on “Dollhouse,” Whedon is in favor of a strike. “I think the issues are extremely serious, and I think the studios are extremely entrenched,” he said. “No one wants a strike, but it has to happen because (the studios) would not listen. I support it and will do anything to fight for the creative rights that the people deserve.”

  268. Danae said

    That sounds like an interesting show. I will definitely check it out.

    I am heading home now.
    Ciao bellas

  269. elizabeth said

    Bye Danae – have a good evening.

    Arrowyn – This show sounds like something I will check out. I loved Firefly and the move Serenity! I wasn’t a big fan of Buffy though – sorry.

    Laurel – glad you found the CD! I love the songs on it. Have you ever heard a song called “Mary’s Child” (I think that is the title) That song gives me goose bumps every time I hear it. I think he would sound wonderful singing it.

  270. lwildstar said

    hello!!! is anyone still here?

    Just made it home – hell of a day – I had it out with the chic who is suposed to be training me – I told her I was going to go talk to the office manager about it and while I understand that she is up to her eyes in work – if she trains me I can HELP her….she premted me and went to the office manager herself and comes back saying I’m to spend an hour with her each morning when I first get in ! Well S**T! I’ve been trying to work something out like that for 2 weeks!..grrrrrr….shes been giving me this “go figure it out” speech for the last couple of weeks – but I’m not comfortable doing that with somethings….oh well – we’ll see how this goes…..I did work on some things today I hadn’t done before and they came out right.

    well now that I’m done venting – hows everyone?

    Sorry its just tooo early for me to think Christmas, although I have started Christmas shopping…..its going to be one of those years where I think the family is getting gift cards and only the kids are getting real gifts πŸ˜‰

  271. Anne said

    Hello Gypsies,

    It’s the eleventh our for the renewal of our beloved Blood Ties and it’s “been suggested” that all fans contact the Canadian broadcaster CityTV at the following address;Β, and tell them how much they love the show and how they want a second season.Β 

    We’ve all seen the dramatic rise of BT over at the heynielsen website since we started posting there, so let’s make this one really count and jam their server!

    And send emails to with the same message of love, devotion and appreciation.

    Don’t mention that you’re Americans, eh πŸ˜‰
    But DO mention that you watch the show regularly, religiously – use your own expresions.

    We’re VERY close, we just need that one last push, this might do it.
    The finishing line is in sight and you don’t even have to buy more postcards!
    It’s D-Day – fiiiight! Invade! Persuade!

  272. Anne said

    Hope it’s clickable this time:

  273. cdnfreyja said

    Thanks Anne. I guess I know what I’ll be doing next week since I’m out of a job tomorrow! At least it gives me something to do.

  274. lwildstar said

    aahhhh!! I was just over at Hey Neilson and while Blood Ties is STILL #3 – its droped by 10 points since yesturday night – the trolls are posting again – we dropped from 404 to 394…(we were up to 410 at one point) you need to make sure you go to the rating page .
    and submit your positive comment “I watch this show regularly” – thats what they are counting for the ratings you’ll need to register to vote….

  275. laurel said

    Anne – Do we need to create an account with Citytv in order to post a comment?
    I have sent one to them but can’t tell if it was actually received.

  276. lwildstar said

    Just sent my emails!
    Just voted!
    Just went to Hey Neilson!
    Been over to LT….

    wow what a night!

  277. lwildstar said

    Tag Laurel!

    He he he ….ok I’m out of here…

  278. laurel said

    Oh no! lwildstar – Tag right back at you. You have to sign on again sometime!

  279. lwildstar said

    i’m here – I was over at LT and then I went to vote

  280. lwildstar said

    then I went over to Bloodlines to check out the wildblood and 5:55 pics

  281. laurel said

    hehhe, that means you are it!

  282. lwildstar said

    Well this time I am logging off – I want to try to get some writting in tonight – I’m working on a steamy part right now…..(fans self)….
    Laurel – I’ll check in with you Saturday? Haen’t heard if I’m doing anything yet

    I voted twice already – may try to come back before bed and vote one more time..

    Night my dears…hope everyone is doing better !!!!!

  283. vicki said

    hey girls…

    Sounds like I missed a wild halloween party…sorry I missed it..I am having website issue with my school website…of which I created…and I have been having a bitch match with the web mistress at the board office…(Dont ask…it is ugly)

    Anyway….I am glad that Hallloween is over…now I can start thinking of Christmas and Thanksgiving…

    Madonna…Feel better girl….

    sorry so short…papers to grade…websites to fix..etc

    the Diva

  284. Cree said

    Rifkind: A fainting goat? Did I miss something? I’m confused (don’t worry, it doesn’t take much)!

    Madonna: How are you doing? Hope you are feeling better and not in too much pain. I have passed a kidney stone before and it hurt like heck, but it never landed me in the hospital. I can’t even begin to imagine what you must be going thru. My thoughts are with you.

  285. laurel said

    Sorry I missed you Vicki. Sounds like you and Moonbeam are in the same boat. She has been fighting her website and a couple of other computer and admin issues since the beginning of the school year. I’ll add your name to the prayer I say for our teachers here.

    Cree – You didn’t miss much, at least not about the goat. I think he’s okay, just worn out from yesterday. Except… I’m not exactly sure what all he ate at the party but Crash was feeding him whatever he stole from the table but didn’t like the taste of.
    Maybe you should be worried?

  286. Margaret said

    Blood Ties Blood Lines has a link for centralized suggestions as to what we can do to help, here it is (I believe you have to register but it has a great gallery of pictures so it will be worth it):

    We also wanted to let you know that we have now created a forum just for ideas and campaigns to save the show. It will be much easier having all the ideas in one location so feel free to post your suggestions or ideas on what else we can do to keep our show around!

    http://www.bloodtie s-bloodlines. com/phpBB2/ viewforum. php?f=29

  287. Margaret said viewforum. php?f=29

  288. Anne said

    My page probably has a lot of the same info (and I need to update a few details), but here goes

  289. Cree said

    Laurel: Don’t worry about the goat. I’ll fix him right up. I think I still have some goat knowledge from my vet school days that may come in handy if it turns serious. πŸ˜‰

  290. vicki said


    Thanks…I could use it…

    well I am trying to grade papers and watch Greys….tough…but I’ll manage…

  291. rifkind said

    There is a small population of a specialized breed of goats that “faint” when they are startled. The animal goes all rigid, as if it had fainted.

    I couldn’t find a video on YouTube that had SOUND that worked.. but if you watch this video, you’ll see the goats all fainting.
    at about 51 secinds, the man is using an umbrella to ‘shock’ them, and it almost looks comical, like goat-bowling as he gets 5 goats to faint at the same time.

  292. rifkind said

    Laurel and Freyja,
    Thanks for the comments on my Halloween party pages. πŸ™‚

  293. rifkind said

    SO tomorrow is IT??
    The office is closing?
    Best wishes to you.. I hope that a WONDERFUL opportunity comes your way.
    { { { H U G S } } }

  294. catcornmom said

    Madonna, I hope you’re feeling better. My ex-husband used to get kidney stones and I remember how painful they were for him. (Bastard kind of deserved them now that I think about it!!) I remember the first time he had one we went to the hospital and they told us that he would pass it. Well, I started thinking about the gall stone that my mom had removed and was sitting in a jar at her house. This stone is a little bigger than a gumball. I’m sure my eyes were as big as saucers as I said to the doctor….”he’s going to pass a what, where?” Because, to put it nicely…he was NOT blessed. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

    I came by the Halloween party last night, but it was just a fast fly-by. My son had a ton of homework to do after he went trick-or-treating. I wasn’t planning on being home much during the early evening, so I didn’t get any candy to pass out. I left my porch light off, and EVERYONE should know that is the international signal that means NOT HANDING OUT CANDY. I can’t believe how many times the doorbell rang. And some people rang it a lot!!! Like, I know you’re in there….give me some candy! How rude!! One reason I decided not to hand candy out for the hour I was home is my terrier is so mean, it’s embarrassing to open the door and try and keep her in. I should have let her out and had her tear someone’s butt off. Oh sorry….let me get my dog off your ass. Her name is Daisy…she at least sounds friendly!!

    Well Bloggerins…I hope that those of you that had a bad day today have a better one tomorrow. It is a Blood Ties day after all!!!

  295. Anzia said

    Okay, I hope everyone’s days were good. I can’t stay. HAVE to get ready for work (i’m running behind) but I wanted to say HELLO and give everyone a virtual HUG! Love you guys..

    oh and someone remind me to tell you about embarassing the heck outa one of the big-wig sales reps yesterday at work. ^_^ It was GREAT!

  296. lwildstar said

    They havent updated yet – I’ll have to check back later….. Blood Ties (2006) 1853

  297. lwildstar said

    I’m in training all morning – I’ll check in with you guys later!

  298. rifkind said

    Thanks for the link, I just voted..

  299. Cree said

    Rifkind: Very interesting video about the fainting goats. I have never heard of those before. Our party goat is not one of those. If he was, he would be passed out the whole time with all the excitement we have………especially when Crash is around!

  300. Cree said

    Thanks for the link, lwildstar. I just voted. I counted the shows to see where BT fell into the mix of the top 40 shows of all time, and BT is number 80! I know its not in the top 40, but still, being 80 out of all the hundreds of shows on there isn’t too bad. Maybe if we keep voting we can make it into the top 40. We don’t have that much further to go!

  301. lwildstar said

    Just updated the numbers!!!! Blood Ties (2006) 2026 – don’t forget to vote as much as you can!!!

  302. cdnfreyja said

    Good morning ladies!

    Yes, today is the last day. I am expecting 27 days pay which isn’t too bad to tide me over. And as the saying goes as one door closes, another opens. One of my colleagues (who just moved to Ottawa to start a job at our office 6 weeks ago) and I have decided that we’re going to set up shop ourselves as consultants. She’s been thinking about doing it for years; I’ve thought about it but thought that I would need a few more years before taking the plunge. It is all a bit scary but we’re really excited about this. πŸ™‚ We’re going to take a week off and then tackle it. And then at some point I can open a Vancouver office! LOL!

    My mom is now addicted to BT after one episode. And my dad will start watching next week too! So, I guess I’ve got to include that in my letter to CHUM next week. I just went to vote over at HeyNielsen. Gotta do my part for all my international sisters!

    Anyway, I’m going to check back in later. I have a few things to wrap up at the office before I leave around noon.

  303. Madonna said

    Good morning guys,

    I’ve finally caught up on this thread and the last. Sounds like the Halloween party was a blast. I’m sorry I missed it. Right now it’s one thing at a time for me.

    First of all thank you all so much for your love and support. You don’t know how much it really means to me.

    Maddie Mo,
    I got your e-cards and I love them.

    As for me….. I know I’ve sounded like a big baby, but I’m doing well. Yeah, it hurts but it’s managable. Percocet has become my good friend. I’ve spent most of my time sleeping, I can’t do much else right now.

    I didn’t make it to work today, but I’m going to attempt it Monday if at all possible. I also probably won’t be any help to my mom during the small festival we’ve signed up our candles for tomorrow. I can’t lift anything.

    My next surgery is scheduled for Tuesday. They are going to attempt to break up the stone and remove the stent. After that I’ll probably be off for the remainder of the week.

    I’ll be back later if I can stay awake long enough.

    Thank you all so much. It’s so good to have you all. Have a good day!

  304. Himmiefan said

    Hey Madonna. Thanks for checking in. We’re all thinking about you!! Hugs!

    Freyja – hugs to you also!! There are good things out there for you! Keep us posted as you get your consulting business off the ground.

    Well, I’ve gotta go check out the links Anne and Margaret posted and do my voting and e-mailing thing. Check back in later!

  305. cdnfreyja said

    Hey Himmie,

    My dad was so funny last night. I told my parents about our plans and my mom said ‘go for it’ because this is EXACTLY the type of thing I want to do. With all of the political shenanigans at work they agree that I could easily turn stuff into a book. Then my dad made the funniest comment, that I should write a book about a vampire consultant! LOL!!! How I work in the political intrigue angle I don’t know. Oh yes, my dad has a great sense of humour!

  306. Himmiefan said

    I agree. It’s got potential! πŸ™‚

    Politics and vampirism. Isn’t that redundant?

  307. Claire said

    Hi girls…I missed you all yesterday…I’m feeling much better,just had a case of Norman internet problems!
    Madonna my dearest darling…I haven’t been on that much and totally missed you having surgery! Good healing thoughts going your way!
    Catcornmom…your Daisy sounds like my Josie!!! just ask the ladies that came over! the door bell rings…she becomes a hellhound!!
    Thank goodness I wasn’t home for the trick or treaters!
    Chris was though LOL!!! he said we only got a few..but he seriously considered killing the dog she was soo bad!
    Freyja! I’m hoping everything turns out good for you!
    I didn’t forget I promised Halloween pics…I just need to catch up on some work and house cleaning today…I’ll post them later!!!

    love yas

  308. Danae said

    Signore graziose di buona mattina

    Yay! It’s Friday!

    Madonna, thanks for checking in. Good to know the percocet is working for you. When I have those once a month cramps I raid my mom’s stash. I looooove it.

    Freyja, I just know that you will succeed in whatever you decide to do. Hey maybe writing that vampire book might be a good idea. Who knows? I will try anything with a vampire in it.

    Ok so I wasn’t which name I wanted for my vampire. It was a toss up between Rifkind’s Devlyn Fury and Margaret’s Little Benwa. The twisted part of me had to go with Little Benwa but I added Balz. So it is Little Benwa Balz and Margaret is the winner of my extra Dylan autographed photo.

  309. Danae said

    Morning MamaClaire!

  310. Danae said

    Margaret, email me with your address when you can.

  311. Danae said

    I guess I killed the blog.

  312. Maddie Mo said

    Morning all!!!

    Madonna thanks for checking in. I had Percocet when I tore up my knee a few years ago. They were awesome.

    Freyja, Goo luck with your new endevor. I hope it really works out for you.

    I have a bad case of the Friday’s today. I know I should care about work, but I don’t. I do however care that BT is on in 11 hrs.

  313. Danae said

    I have a case of the Friday’s every Friday. Go figure.

  314. Danae said

    The only thing I am unhappy about is that I will not be watching with MamaClaire and my Blood Sista’s tonight.

  315. Maddie Mo said

    I usuall don’t get the Friday’s until after lunch. But today I had it before I got out of the bed. I just couldn’t get going this morning. Plus, there is a girl here in the office that really pisses me off. She has only been here since Aug and she claims she can’t concentrate here in the office because it is so loud. So she worked from home most of October. I think she was in the office like 3 times the whole month and those weren’t even for full days. Funny thing is there wasn’t room for her here in the sales department so her desk is located in the Finance department and those girls back there are so quite half the time you don’t even realize they are here. Anyway, it just makes me mad cause the rest of us get the 3rd degree is we need to stay at home and work one day or two if we have sick kids or something.

  316. lwildstar said

    Oh I wish we could all get together every Friday night! last weekend was sooo much fun – and its a joy to be able to sit and watch the show make comments and not get the rolling eyes…

    madonna – glad you are felling better – don’t push yourself – its not worth it…

    I’m still sick – that sore throat just won’t go away! I’m going to go check out LT and Bloodlines – BRB

  317. lwildstar said

    ok looks like I killed the blog this time!

    training was mind numbing – but at least I am learning something so I should be able to help out more – maybe we won’t fall so far behind after we get caught up….

    I love the new Santana song with Chad Kroger (SP)? I’m going to have to get this cd!

    I’ll be back – just got an email from Paul…..

  318. lwildstar said

    wow I thought I was joking about killing the blog!…;( pouts…..

    I guess I’ll go work on my writing…..

  319. Danae said

    I am here. I am working during my lunch hour. I heard that Santana song with Chad Kroeger. It is awesome.

  320. laurel said

    i’m here too!
    Just catching up.

  321. lwildstar said

    Well Paul just asked if I wanted to go for a walk – so I’m logging off πŸ˜‰
    he said 5 minutes – but it will take him 10-15 – he’s never ready…..

  322. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good Afternoon sorry it took so long to get here. Can’t stay long a customer awaits me.

    Madonna so glad the *Magic Med’s* are working that’s what Robbie found helped him also w/headaches etc. Stay horizontal and be good πŸ˜‰ take care and I’ll keep you in my healing prayers. XOXOXOX Love ya!

    Be back my chickadee’s oh and I changed my name pic’ can ya say YUMMMMMM πŸ˜›

  323. cdnfreyja said

    I’m back too. Things are taking longer than I thought so I stayed for ‘The Last Lunch’ potluck. Yeah, not exactly something to celebrate.

  324. Danae said

    I can Yum Delish Yummy Yummo Delicious Delicioso Smackalicious Bangarang(take that anyway you like) Heavenly

    Actually what I really want to say

    Uno sguardo nei suoi occhi mi rende la faretra nell’anticipazione. Vedo che il suoi sorriso ed io tremo. Quell’uomo appena mi trasforma la fusione una pozza di angst lustful

  325. Danae said

    This is for Kyle

    Do mind me I am in a rare mood today.

  326. lwildstar said

    Well, Well, Dani….Lustful angst?

    We only went for a short walk……….and now I must return to work…I so just want to go home….

    talk at you later!

  327. lwildstar said

    Laurel – tag!

    i’ll email you later about tomorrow….

  328. Danae said

    DON’T mind me


  329. Danae said

    Yes lustful angst!

  330. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Dani I totally agree I too will start to quiver and …..lustful angst works for me πŸ˜‰ He’s YUMMYLICIOUS πŸ˜› Salt-n-Pepa let’s tawk! I loved that song when it came out and haven’t heard it in years. Thanx!

  331. DIZEY1 :-) said

    I can’t figure out why my pic’s not showing up correctly.
    Hmmmmmmmm 😦

  332. Danae said


  333. laurel said

    I see that the tonight’s episode is NOT up on iTunes yet. This is the first time it hasn’t been available a little early since it started back this fall. What gives?
    I wanted to have it to take with me to E’s tonight. I guess I’d better go get something ready to take. I’m thinking Chocolate Decadence Tarts for dessert – lots of coffee in it to keep us awake.
    lwildstar – Tag, your it!
    I hope you had a nice walk with Paul. Why does this whole story make me think of Betty and Henry on “Ugly Betty”. (If he looks anything like Christopher Gorham – when he isn’t playing a geek – you’re a luck lady).

  334. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Let’s try this one……. maybe it didn’t like the last pic.

  335. lwildstar said

    I’m still trying to get a picture of Paul so you can see him…5’9 blond blue eyes (and I’m into dark hair and dark eyes!) – today he was scruffy….giggles…

  336. Danae said

    I was going to post the link to Color Me Badd’s I Wanna Sex You Up but I thought that was a little too overboard.

  337. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Dani when it comes to Henry can there reeeally be an overboard ?? I think not it’s allllll good πŸ˜›

  338. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Laurel that sounds like to die-for dessert πŸ˜› I want someeeeee

  339. laurel said

    I am such a sad little person…. I am watching 5:55 AGAIN! I can’t see it from the kitchen but I can hear it and I am quoting huge sections of dialogue. AGHHHHHH! There had better be some good quotes in this weeks! I need something new to think about. If not I am going to have to start singing Christmas music.
    The whole Nanowrimo thing is not going well. I am getting plenty of writing done on my previously begun pieces but only a single page of something new. Nuts!
    Time to figure out what I’m contributing to dinner. πŸ™‚
    Dizey – I see you got your picture to work. I need lessons – again! Maybe Moonbeam can help me when she gets here tonight. I’ll make her check in with the blog!
    lwildstar – Blond? And scruffy? Makes you giggle? Ohhhhh! Nice. 😎

  340. DIZEY1 :-) said

    This is just a test

  341. Danae said

    Yeah I realized last night that Henry on Ugly Betty is kinda cute.

  342. laurel said

    Dizey – It is really yummy! I can only make it once or twice a year because I can’t seem to leave it alone. I’ll e-mail the recipe to those who want it. πŸ™‚

  343. DIZEY1 :-) said

    ok heading to lunch starrrrrving and yeah I’m waaaay undernourished (hee hee heee) at least I can laugh at myself πŸ˜€ See ya a leetle later

  344. lwildstar said

    tag laurel!

    I’m not evern suposed to be over here but I can’t resist….

    and yes he makes me smile and giggle – I feel sooooo high school around him! I’m such a dork! I’m trying to recruit Robin to take a picture of him but I just can’t seem to talk her in to it – I ma jus thave to walk up to him with a camera and click!

  345. laurel said

    Danae – Go look up Christopher Gorham on imbd. He is in his thirties and in amazing shape. I was a fan of his show “Jake 2.0” that got cancelled and only showed the first 12 of 16 filmed episodes. They are only available on you-tube as of now. No DVDs have been produced. The fans have been trying for a couple of years to get them but to no avail.

  346. laurel said

    Feed the hunger Dizey, feed the hunger!

  347. laurel said

    Oops, If you want to see an episode of Jake 2.0 it will be showing on SciFi Channel, Tuesday – Novemeber 6th from 8am to 4pm. One of their marathons. They are playing them out of order and all from the second half of the season. πŸ™‚

  348. Danae said

    He’s no vampire Henry though.

    Ok here you go.


  349. Danae said

    Don’t forget to change your clocks back an hour tomorrow night unless you are in Arizona.

  350. cdnfreyja said

    Or unless you are in Saskatchewan – they’re on summer time all year round. A major pain in the you know what I had to get used to when I moved to Ontario.

  351. Margaret said

    OMG, Thanks Danae. I’ll have to email you my address a bit later as I’m at work at the moment. Holy smokes, I NEVER win anything. Love the fact that you added the Balz on there.

  352. Danae said

    Your welcome! What can I say? I said I was in a very rare mood lately.

  353. Cree said

    Madonna: Thanks for stopping by to let us know how you are. Glad the meds are keeping your pain under control. Hope you get to feeling better soon. πŸ™‚

  354. Himmiefan said

    My little pet peeve here folks. Or, well, one of them. Why do we have to move our clocks back anyway? I know it had something to do with farming, but is it necessary today? Dark at 5:00 pm is just so wrong.

    Tonight’s a good night! Men in Trees, Stargate Atlantis, and last but not least, Blood Ties! On second thought, this is looking a little pittiful. I need a date!

  355. Danae said

    Ghost Whisperer for me and I actually enjoyed Moonlight a couple weeks ago so I will check it out tonight and then chillax before BT.

  356. Cree said

    Am I just missing them, or has anyone seen any previews anywhere for the Bugged episode tonight?

  357. Danae said

    Hello Henry is your date! πŸ™‚

  358. Danae said

    Nope Nada

  359. Cree said

    Is this the episode that Christina (the vamp that turned Henry) is supposed to be in?

  360. Danae said

    That is the one The Devil You Know I think.

    I got Rent in the mail today so I will watch that before them all.

  361. Himmiefan said

    True Dani, very true!! πŸ™‚

  362. Danae said

    And if you go to bed right after BT is over he may be with you all night.

  363. Himmiefan said

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  364. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Dani, my set up also Ghost Whisperer, Moonlight (tonight’s is gonna be good) I’m likin’ me some Mick sorry girls I am an equal oportunnity vamp lover nivce variety pack πŸ˜‰ and then @ 10 for me dadadada ……..Henri’ the FINE πŸ˜› YUMMMMY night if ya’ gotta be home.

    Cree this is the ep with all the roaches (YUCK!!) in Coreen’s Goth Club. It should be interesting to say the least. I remember heywriterboy mentioning what a trooper Gina was cuz’ I think said bugs crawl all over her. Ewwwwww

  365. Danae said

    I think I will actually have nightmares tonight from the roaches. No sweet dreams for me.

  366. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Just wanted to drop in quickly to let everyone know that I packed up my office and got home about a 1/2 hour ago. It feels really odd leaving work knowing that I won’t be going back on Monday. But at the same time, I’m not sad about it. I’m completely ready to move on.

    But more stuff to do tonight. I have a meeting at 6 followed by a social. And I’m treating myself tomorrow – getting my hair done. Finally saying good-bye to the blonde and going with the red my hair wants to be!

    Anyway, I’ll go through the comments this weekend and respond to everyone who has sent me a little note!

    Have fun watching tonight’s episode – I know I’ll be cringing when I watch it (I hate bugs and little creepy-crawlies, sort of an equal opportunity bug hater πŸ˜‰ )

  367. Danae said

    I am heading home now.

    I don’t know if any of you like The Sound of Music but I am going to see the great grandchildren of the real Captain and Maria Von Trapp perform on Sunday. They do free shows at the Yankee Candle Flagship Store in Deerfield MA. It is always very good.


  368. Himmiefan said

    Freyja – red hair sounds really nice. Let us know how it turns out. Myself, being the wild and crazy woman I am, I’m going all the way from medium blond to medium beige blond. Feel the rush.

    Ladies, if the bug rumour is true, then all of you will be hearing me shriek. Get ready.

  369. Maddie Mo said

    Have a great weekend ladies. Have fun watching Henry tonight!!!!!

  370. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Freyja Girl** this is the next chapter of your life, Whoooo Hooooooo !!! Ya for you πŸ˜‰ I believe in destiny, fate (not that I’m it’s bitch mind you) but I do think there are some things that are pre-ordained this is the next step for you and the world is your oyster. Just sitting here chatting w/a co-worker about how many years I’ve been here and that’s scary how quickly time flies by. Have some fun while you’re at it and take some time to smell the roses too. I wish you all the good stuff life has to offer. Oh and welcome to the *heads of red* πŸ˜‰ We actually have more fun my sista’ !! πŸ˜€ Embrace the red I say.

    Ciao! signorina Daniela enjoy the goodies tonight I know I will. Sorry I missed when you left. Love Ya!!

  371. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Maddie sorry I didn’t get to chat w/you today you enjoy also the hottness of the Henri’ tonight and the Mick πŸ˜‰ See you Monday!

  372. laurel said

    New episode still not up on iTunes? What’s up with that? I am getting pretty annoyed with this. I did se a “sort of advertisement” for BT on LT last night. It was just a little blurb in the corner of the screen saying “Watch Blood Ties, Friday at 11pm Here on Lifetime”

  373. lwildstar said

    Hello!! anyone still here?

    I just got home and I can’t wait for Henry! I’ll watch Moonlight tonight – its suposed to be a good episode….

    just found out that we are going away for the Friday after Thanksgiving and won’t be back til Saturday – we never go away…so what episode is that? my tapes better tape and the hotel better have Lifetime! Just in case I will be begging my sister to record for me…..

    well I am going to go get some food – I may not be back before the show – I’ve got stuff to get done before settleling in for the night…

    Laurel – I’ll be out tomorrow until about 5 my time – I’ll check in with you then and see if you are around…


  374. Nisi said

    I just got caught up on 2 days worth of blogs.

    Madonna – Sorry about your kidney stone. My Hubby had one & it is not a fun thing. Get well soon. Sending you ((hugs))

    I told my hair dresser about Blood Ties and got her interested. Hope she did check it out.

  375. Cree said

    I’m right there with you on the nightmares, Dani. I can handle snakes, spiders, and any other kind of creepy crawly critter, but when it comes to roaches, I completely freak out. I am going to be having nightmares for sure. But I guess it’ll be worth it for some new Henry, right?

  376. Cree said

    For anyone who doesn’t have the Blood books yet, but wants them (like me), I just noticed Amazon has a good sale on them right now where you can get one book for free as long as you buy at least 4 of them. And there is free shipping too. I just bought all 5 books and my total order was only $27!!! Yea!! πŸ™‚

  377. laurel said

    Good deal Cree! I love the new covers and now own a couple of them. I wish I had waited for this sale at Amazon. Oh well.

    Nisi – See ya’ soon! hehehe

    lwildstar – Sat at 5 sounds like a possibility. I will at least be able to check in with you then. Hubby works most of the day tomorrow and Moonbeam will probably leave me around that time. I am feeling hopeful about it, anyway. πŸ™‚

    Have a great evening everyone. See you after the show?

  378. lwildstar said

    I’ll try and stop in for a bit around midnight – we are having intermitant powere blips – for no reason I can figure out – and I am freaking!!!! I will starte screaming if the poser goes out and I miss this!
    my sister is recording – I hope so I’ll eventually get it – AAUUUGGGGGGG!

    I better get off now – we had one blip already while I was on line….so much for writing while I wait on BT…

    Oh don’t forget to go to Hey Neilson – and not Just to post opinions you need to go to the trating tab – click the pictures or Coreen – you need to rate there (I watch regularly) BT is down 10%!!!!

  379. lwildstar said

    ‘scuss me that was suposed to be 10 points 2.5% climbing…..BT is still number 3 but Jericho is catching up again

  380. msgypsy said

    I’ll get caught up later, still making my potluck contribution for tonight. But I have to put up the new topic for the new episode, don’t I? I’ll get right on it…Really… I will soon….

  381. catcornmom said

    Sorry gals…the reason iTunes didn’t put BT up early is because I actually thought to look for it this time. I started checking for it on Tuesday, so I REALLY killed the chances of it being put on early. Same thing happens when I get in a check-out line somewhere. It may a really fast line…then I get it in…turns to super slow. I don’t know what it is.

    Claire, let’s not EVER get our dogs together!! That could be dangerous!! My mom came over to get my kids out of bed for me once because I had to leave early on a fieldtrip with a class, and she could not get them to wake up. She went to shake my daughter, and Daisy bit her. I got a really nice phone call while I was on the bus with all of these high school kids about how Daisy was hanging off her arm and blood was dripping off. (of course, she was exaggerating!!!) I should have never opened my cellphone!!

    Cree-thanks for the heads-up about Amazon. Books are one of my weaknesses, so I’m going to have to go check out that website in between Moonlighting and BT!!

    One of the gals I work out with said that she watched BT for the first time last week with the “groundhog” episode and she hated it. I told her that it probably wasn’t the best one to start with and that she just HAD to go to the Lifetime website and start with the 1st one. I probably should have told her to watch Love Hurts. But I think I was just in shock that someone was dissing my show!! I’ve never had that happen before. I’m used to being on this blog where we only share the love!!!

    Well, I’m going to get a fresh Diet Coke and get all comfy for Moonlighting…just a little warm-up before the main event later!!!

  382. catcornmom said

    Moonlight…not Moonlighting DUH!

  383. msgypsy said

    New topic is up at

    Go forth and comment….

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