Courtesy of Prtfvr

This one gives me the giggles every time I see it!

So it’s welcome back week for the fearless threesome. Are we satiated? Are we satisfied? Are we mellow?


I couldn’t join the Save Blood Ties chat (seeing as it came while I was sitting in a four hour lecture and slide show about medieval costuming) so would someone please fill me in?



  1. msgypsy said

    Wow, I’m comment #1 again. And I didn’t even have to cheat.

    Frejya, I’m so sorry to hear your world is experiencing such upheaval. But if you move to Vancouver, BC, you’ll be within visiting distance from me and the rest of the Portland BT crowd.

    Gotta go lie down. I’m SOOOO tired. Got some good ideas of what Henry wore as a tyke, though. And as a teen. It’s not a pretty picture. Does Kyle have good calves? (Don’t ask!)

  2. Haha mens clothing during Henry VIII’s reign was ridiculous! I just did a Henry faire last week and couldn’t keep myself from giggling at the men in tights.

    I did send an email out with the highlights from the chat, let me know if you didn’t get the email and I will post it up on here.

  3. msgypsy said

    Thanks, Lady A. I did get the email but I’m still kinda slow tonight. I spent all morning learning Russian collar beading and working on remedial hand spindle technique, then there was that four hour costume slide show and lecture. (I realize five hundred years of clothing styles is tough to cover in 4 hours but making it 100% slide show, and then show slide after slide of the same type of outfit just to make sure we understand each and every one is just INSANE! I got a good handout from the class, though.)

    I’ll read the email more thorougly in the morning. For tonight I think sleep is all I have left in me.

  4. At least you have documentation of the wardrobe you are working on! There is hardly anything having to do with Irish garb during Henry VIII’s and Elizabeth’s reigns. We had to dig so deep for any sort of information and what we do find is sometimes so off that we can’t use it.

  5. AlisaSG said

    ((((((((((hugs and prayers!!!!))))))))))
    hoping everything works out better, in the long term… and hoping there will still be a way for us to keep in touch with each other, too.

  6. Margaret said

    Thanks to Lady A for giving me notes on the chat. Not that I have to suggest things to you ladies as you all are way ahead of me but when Halloween comes around if you’re having a party:

    (1) Use it as an opportunity to having a viewing party for Blood Ties
    (2) Have a themed party and give out awards for who can be the best Henry, Mike, Vicki, Coreen, Norman, etc.

    Are we supposed to make up the flyers or will someone ship them to us so we can duplicate them?

    Anyone seen Anne. She ok?

  7. Margaret said

    Tarad Club –

    Somewhere to go to post comments about Blood Ties. Has a nice discussion of vampires through the years that you can read before you post.

  8. Margaret said

    This is the link for nielsennet which I believe you can join. Even though they don’t talk about TV that much we could still interject it when we are given the opportunity. Feel free to join ladies if you feel so inclined. I did get a chance a couple of months ago to talk about TV programs and of course you know which show I promoted.

  9. msgypsy said

    Good morning, ladies.

    Lady A, the instructor did point out that Ireland, Scotland, and Wales are very difficult to document. She said she included every example she had of each and there was only one for Scotland. I think she had four for Ireland. Considering she had over a hundred fifty slides and more than fifty of those were England in the fifteenth century (I’ll let you guess what period the instructor’s persona is…) that’s a really small sample. OTOH, I do late period (I do late 16th century) Russian and neither that period nor that region was included in her slides. The closest she came was one Hungarian outfit from the late 15th century but she pointed out it was an Italian painter and the outfit was designed and made in Italy to make the subject of the painting look like what Italians thought Hungarians looked like.

    I can’t believe I remembered that much from the class. I thought I’d fallen asleep for a part of it. (Maybe I did and this is sleep-learning!)

  10. Claire said

    Bon Matin Mes amis! How is everyone this morning? I am still wiped out! woke up this morning to catpoop smushed into my floor downstairs! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess Chris came in late it was dark and he stepped in it! and I have a thick shag area rug in the living room..of course it had poop on it!!!!!!!!
    So I spent one hour cleaning that before getting the kids up for school!!!!!!
    and today is Monday so short day at school! I’m ready for bed!

    Anyway have do go find out what time Kyle is on tonight..make sure to set the DVR.

    See yas later!

  11. msgypsy said

    Claire… {{{hugs}}} Mondays are just like that sometimes…

    Gotta go. Speaking of Monday, here I am late for work already!

  12. Margaret said

    Claire: Sorry about your dirty Monday beginning. Monday’s are like that. First thing I came back to at work was a guy complaining.

    CSI Miami (WHICH I NEVER WATCH AND WOULD NEVER WATCH UNLESS ONE OF THE BT CAST WAS ON IT) is on at 10:00 p.m. est. here in Florida. You might want to check your local listings.

  13. Himmiefan said

    Morning everybody! Love the wire hangers picture1 πŸ™‚

    Nina and Susana – welcome back!!

    Tango – good to hear from you too!

    Freyja – big time hugs! So sorry to hear about your job. Will you get any outplacement help? I’ve got you in my prayers!

    Anzia – much sympathies. One day, you’ll have your own place and won’t have to deal with things like this.

  14. lwildstar said

    good morning my dears!

    this is a fly by – I had a doc.apt this orning and only got into work about 45 minutes ago – of course I’m buried in work!

    will check in at lunch and catch up on the emails!

    Won’t get to check out LT til tonight – so let me know if anything interesting is gong on…..

    Love the new picture!!!!!

    Wildstar d’Nightwalker

  15. prtfvr said

    GOD! I’m SO tired today! I have a low tolerence for morons and being sleepy doesn’t help. I’ve already been visited by one, so if today is going by the Scrooge-O-Meter, I have two more left. AND it’s Monday. *GROAN*

  16. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Gutenmorgen meine Schwestern!, Buona mattina le mie sorelle!, God morgen Anne! , Good Morning my sisters!!

    Happy Monday ?? NOT!! well I couldn’t get into the chat I didn’t have a current password so I did a new one but have to wait for the administrator to let me in. I’ll have to go to my home email for the recap from Lady A thanx for that too πŸ™‚ This weekend was a blur I don’t feel like I even had one 😦

    Hey Prtfvr I love that pic and very good on the macro thingy! I’ll check back in a bit I guess I have to go to the LT site ( heavy sigh ) do my duty right? I really must love this show to endure the crappy blog that LT’s set up it’s really the pits!

    Be back!

  17. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Oops Bonjour Claire,! sorry my sister it really is a crappy Monday. Today I feel like I hate people day, not ya’ll just everyone else around me glad I didn’t have the poop to deal with. However Friday while trying to get out of the house my dad yells oh crap, at least dogs poop and hack on the floor. Monkey the cat proceeds to hack on my computer keyboard, cna you say YUCK……EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I realized it was mine when my mom hadn’t called and said anything about her laptop. I said oh mannnnn it’s my computer!! Thanx Monkey girl πŸ˜‰

    Be back! aaaaaagain

  18. Himmiefan said

    Dizey and Prtfvr – hope your day gets better. At least ya’ll have your sense of humor – well, you’ve got me laughing!!


  19. Danae said

    Hi guys.

    I didn’t go and read all the posts I missed over the weekend. What is happening with Freyja?

    I hope you guys don’t mind but there is a very nice person I have been emailing back and forth about BT and I have been inviting her here for several months now and she finally gave in. I know in one of the recent emails someone said we really shouldn’t except more on the blog here but I did this before I saw the email. Hopefully she will be here soon. Her name is Jen or Jennifer. I told her she would be welcomed with open arms and that you are all wonderful great women.

  20. Danae said

    I went Norman picking this weekend with my mom. She got golden delicious Normans and idared Norman’s then I proceeded to make chicken salad with chunks of Norman in it.

  21. Danae said

    Claire-Do the kids have a half a day or something every Monday?

  22. Margaret said

    Anyone seen Cree lately? Haven’t seen her in a while.

  23. Danae said

    I saw that she responded to a few emails. She must be busy with the new vet under her.

  24. Danae said

    Ok now there is something wrong with the DOA post on LT. I am trying to read all the comments and it won’t let me. It is sending me to a page with blogs about breast cancer. It is really starting to piss me off.

  25. Danae said

    And no one wants to hear me whine here I guess.

  26. Danae said

    I have a big very painful zit on the left side of my nose.

  27. cdnfreyja said

    Good morning ladies! Here is the update.

    We had a staff meeting this morning. We still have jobs for the moment but I’m still not reassured about what is going on. If we have no money, we can’t pay the staff. Even if we have money if we have no one to sign our paycheques, we can’t pay the staff. Simple as that. So, I’m continuing on with my plan to look for work elsewhere, even across the country if need be.

    I just feel like everything has come together this past week and the signs are all pointing to me telling me to leave. And this time I’m listening to the signs instead of ignoring them.

    I’m just amazed I’m not more freaked out at the moment. I’m actually wondering if there is something wrong that I’m not freaked out. πŸ˜‰ No, I’m okay. I used to be like this – fearless, knowing I could handle anything. Plus I was already emotionally prepared to leave this job months ago. At the conscious level, I’m okay. At the unconscious level, I know I’m worried – I woke up with severe stomach cramps this morning. The 1/2 hour walk to work in the crisp Fall air helped. But I’m relying on a sage piece of advice from one of the women elders from British Columbia as told to me yesterday: Faith and fear can’t coexist. Very true. So I’m focusing on the faith part of it.

    And to break my rule about not talking about the actors, Claire I read Kyle’s quote not that long ago and really liked it. I hate most of the other ones like that. But that quote really resonated with me. And it is so true. I keep thinking about it and repeated it to myself over and over again on my walk this morning: if he brings you to it, he’ll bring you through it.

    I just keep thinking that fate is yelling at me – too many things are coming together all at once. I also feel ready for a big change. Strangely enough, I’m actually kind of excited about it. Like I said, I’ve never felt completely comfortable in this city. And I felt so much more reassured when my friend said I just don’t seem to belong in this city – she says my personality screams ‘Vancouver’.

    See, all the signs are pointing west. LOL!

  28. Margaret said

    Freyja: For a young man he is a bit wise for his age. I wouldn’t have ready Tuesday’s with Morrie had he not said it was his favorite book and I loved it. I have to thank him for that and it doesn’t seem to be the kind of book a typical 23 year-old would read, but then who said he’s typical, right. lol.

    The show has given us some good quotes as well: The-“Love is worth the risk, eternity is a long time to live with regret”. I’ve thrown out the Love is worth the risk and put the Eternity is a long time to live with regret on my message board at home.

    And Kyle (and whoever he got the quote from) is certainly right. If God brought you to it, he bring you through it. One door closes, another opens. You know all those sayings. But first and foremost, know that your sistas are here for you whenever you need us.

  29. Claire said

    Danae yes..for some God forsaken reason the county of Fairfax thinks it’s teachers are overwhelmed or something after the weekend(what do they all go out and get toasted on Sunday?)so all public schools have a half day every single freakin Monday!!!!!!

    Diz..we must really love our animals huh? It’s my 12year old cat doing it,since we moved he’s done it at least 10 times!!! Could he be going senile? and he’s a thrower upper too! since he was a kitten! The gigantic black one Thor has never even coughed up a tiny hairball.Smokie gags and pukes everywhere,believe me Diz..I’ve stepped in more yak!

    Anyway Freyja…whatever you decide my positive vibes going to you!!!
    Prtfvr….Get Danae to vanquish all your morons!
    and by the way I love that Ms.G used your macro!
    Ms.G thanks for the hug! I truly needed it! πŸ™‚

  30. Danae said

    Interesting to have a half day every Monday. When I was a kid I would haved loved that. I can just see all the teachers getting toasted on Sunday nights.

    Next week Claire. Look out!

  31. Himmiefan said

    Claire – they need a half day off every single week???? What about that little thing called, um, education????? Amazing.

  32. Danae said

    I was at and noticed that all of our questions for Kyle are no longer in Cali’s comments. That must mean Anne has passed them on to Kyle and he is working on answering as many as he can. Yippee!

  33. lwildstar said

    Dani – its not just you – the site does seem to be having problems with the DOA blog – I posted a note on the regular blog (not the message board) to see if anyone else is haveing troubels – but then who knows where anyone is posting now!

    its so confusing over there!!!!!
    ok i only have a half hour of lunch left and I promised myself that I would take a stab at the story for Gyspys contest….. 😦 but i’m not doing well.


  34. Danae said

    The woman I said was going to join us on here said she was going to come on here after lunch. That should be soon. I really hope you guys don’t mind.

    Susana-I remember you asking if we would be posting here or on LT. For the most part we are going to be doing it here. I am going to post at LT like once a day. I really don’t like the new format. I don’t see why they have to change things when there wasn’t nothing wrong with the original.

  35. Anne said

    I still live!

    I was just doing 2 12-hours shifts this weekend plus I’m in the throes of a new website, which tends to make me pretty uncommunicative;-)
    It’s all about googling, trying different word combinations and such …
    And researching the Canadian Coast Guard.

    Since the chat was at 3 am my time and I had to get up at 5, I decided sleeping was the best choice.

    Danae – sorry, no, I haven’t sent the questions to Kyle yet – I just renamed the bottom section with the comments to the “Questions” … thingie … and made a new one for Cali. Trying to make it more sensible.

    Kyle is busy with a new role – NOTHING that would interfere witih BT I’m sure – so it will probably take a while to get all questions answered since he tends to write nice wordy responses.

    I’ve emailed my contact at Lifetime – I hope they fix Tanya’s blog asap.

  36. Danae said

    What role is that Anne?

  37. Anne said

    He didn’t say – I’m dying from curiosity too!

  38. Danae said

    I think I heard somewhere something about another movie. Hopefully he plays a good guy this time. Ooooo Diz maybe a Zerophilia 2!

  39. Anne said

    The “Far Country something” has been postponed to next year, so that’s not it.

    Zerophilia 2 – I wish!

  40. Danae said

    I loved Max and I know Dizey did to!

  41. DIZEY1 :-) said


    Yes Max was one of my fav’ roles he’s done and **Z 2** would be way cool with me.

    Anne, my girl you are the coolest chick I must say. I watched DOA again this morning and I like Steve more and more everytime I see it. You’ll have to let me know where to find him so I can see him in something different. I like this epi the more I watch, and Coreen’s bony butt needs to stay away πŸ˜‰ from the nightwalker!

    See ya’ll when I get back from lunch. I need a pint πŸ˜›

  42. Anne said

    Steve was just in three episodes of Flash Gordon, playing Prince Barin, and he’s got one more episode coming up.
    He’s also also in the upcoming Battlestar Galactica special, Razor.
    This year, he was also on E.R. and CSI: Miami.

    All my best guys have been on CSI πŸ˜‰

    Heh – if Flash Gordon was a romance novel, Barin and Aura would SO end up together. Actually – I think they did in the previous versions.

  43. Jennifer said

    Hi Ladies, I told Danielle that I planned to join all of you here, I’ve come here now and then so today I just wanted to drop in and say Hi. I LOVE the new picture of Henry!!!!!! Made me giggle!!!! Will come back here as often as possible. Take care.

  44. Danae said

    Yay she made it!

  45. Welcome Jennifer!

  46. cdnfreyja said

    Hi Jennifer and welcome! *wave from Canada*

  47. Danae said

    By the way Jennifer, I am Danielle. I call myself Danae here.

  48. Jennifer said

    Hi to you all again. Thanks for the warm welcome!! I really appreciate that.

  49. Danae said

    See I told you they were all great.

  50. Anne said

    Welcom Jennifer

    *waving from Denmark*


  51. Danae said

    Now all you have to do is pick your room number at the Bloody Ford Clinic. They specialize in BTholism and Kyleitis and any other BT related afflictions. You also should come up with your title. I am the Department head of all things magical and therapeutic, specializing in vanquishing potions. I am in Rm 625. I think we have 9 floors so far. Kyle and Dylan make regular visits as well as Christina occasionally to keep the residents happy

  52. Margaret said

    Welcome to our crazy bunch of sisters Jennifer. I go by Margaret obviously but have been known to come when Prtfvr and the rest of my sisters here call me: Miggles, Mags, etc. We have all kinds of diseases here that we don’t want the cure for: Kyleitus, Dylan Fever, and I’m not sure what we’d call a disease for Christina. Someone can help me out.

  53. rifkind said

    Hi Jennifer, Welcome to the gang!
    Shhhhhh, don’t tell EVERYBODY, but Orlando Bloom stops by and visits TBFC, Danae and I once in a while. πŸ™‚

  54. Danae said


  55. Danae said

    Oh yeah I forgot about Orlando! I hope he is ok after his crash. Did you hear about that? A papparazzo cut him off and to keep himself from hitting them he hit to cars and his two passengers were injured.

  56. cdnfreyja said

    Jennifer, I’m the resident barrister and solicitor and resident Canadian. My office is in 713 (incorporating 711 & 715) and my residence is located at 813 (and 811 & 815). I think I’m the only resident to have employees. πŸ˜‰

    On a work related note, the staff keep coming to me today since I’m the only lawyer around here and the only one who seems concerned with what is happening to the staff. I’ve already placed a call to my lawyer. He’s in court today but I’m hoping I can talk to him tonight. The boss’ talk this morning during the staff meeting, well … I read through the bs.

    People keep asking me if I’m okay because I’m not all crazy freaked out. One already asked if she could take what I’m taking. LOL! I think I need to print out the quote and post it on my office door.

  57. Danae said

    And Emmanuel stops by sometimes. And there is also the pool boy. What’s his name?

  58. Danae said

    A lawyer that has a lawyer. Pretty funny. πŸ˜‰

  59. msgypsy said

    Hi, Jennifer. Welcome to the Clinic!

    Sounds like a lot of us could use a wild and wooly evening tonight after today. It must be something in the stars. Ugh!

    Ms. Gypsy
    Den Mother
    Blood Ford Clinic and Rejuvenation Center, Room 623

  60. Claire said

    Hey All!!!!
    I’m just rolling in poop today ladies! about 5 minutes ago Josie got into the garbage and ate a poopy diaper!!!!!!!!! Why?Why?Why?

    Okay*taking deep calming breaths* I am so going to polish of a bottle of Merlot after dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Jennifer***waving from the poopy house***
    My name is Claire and I’m the resident teacher of all things French I’m in rm.824!

    Himmiefan…apparently…Half day Mondays are essential to the teachers mental health,but not the parents!!!

  61. cdnfreyja said

    Danae, it is a club. LOL! We know each other, especially in a small city. Actually, lawyers usually call in the lawyers quickly. Besides, this one is a friend. I articled at the firm he used to work for. He and another former lawyer there teamed up and do some really cool stuff now.

    Claire – my cat has issues too but she’s a scooter. Didn’t know that when I adopted her. Not so much a problem, just annoying. I could so use a glass of wine tonight but my head is screaming and it isn’t such a good idea for me to grab a glass when I’m stressed out.

  62. Danae said

    Alright ladies I am out for the night. Have a wonderful night. Don’t let the poop and work problems get you down.

    Ciao bellas!

    Department head of all thing magical and therapeutic-Specializing in vanquiahing potions.
    Suite 625
    The Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties bind

  63. Jennifer said

    WHEW!!!!!!!!! Now I KNOW I’m going to have loads of fun!!!! Orlando stops by??
    OH HAVE MERCY!!!!! And Emmanuel?? Well, I think I’ll need psychiatric care after seeing them stop by!!!! Is there any chance that Steve Bacic is the main psychiatrist???? I may need his help to straighten out my mind…..that is if his good looks and charming, funny personality won’t push me over the edge!!!

  64. Anne said

    Steve’s only doctor role was as a proctologist πŸ˜‰

  65. cdnfreyja said

    Oh, for those of you who are curious about the RCMP Red Serge but don’t know what it looks like, go to: It is a sad story. I saw a number of officers in Red Serge today as they made their way up to the Hill (Parliament Hill).

  66. rifkind said

    According to Christina, Henry is her…ummmm… Chiropractor.
    Something about having a ‘pain in the neck’. . . . ..

  67. Claire said

    Ahhh…Freyja! yes I can’t have wine when I have a headache either it just makes it worse,but since I’m just stressed..yes a few glasses will do me fine!

    I added pictures of my grandson,his sister,and their mom my daughter Monique to my photobucket album…I’m so excited Jakes hair is turning Grandma!!!!


  68. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Welcome Jennifer!

    Dizey1 (Beth) here waves from deep down south in New Orleans, glad to have some *Fresh Blood* here. I promise we’re harmless πŸ˜‰ I reside at Suite *69* Basement Lounge & Studio (Music and Art) I also am the Philanthropist so I give money away for a living. Johnny Depp stops by the lounge from time to time also πŸ˜€ Love that dude! I just discovered Steve Bacic thanx to Anne and I like him too, I liked him in biker garb especially the chaps. So if you have any questions, never hesitate to ask we’re all soooo very happy here and will probably never leave.

  69. cdnfreyja said

    I’m heading out. I’ll check in later tonight.

  70. Jennifer said

    I wish Henry could’ve helped me get rid of the horrible ache on the back of my neck which woke me up at 4a.m.this morning!!! Took an extra-strenght Tylenol and finally slept until about nine this morning. A hug from Henry would
    have definitely helped!!! But I’ll be just fine. Glad to talk with all of you.

  71. Anne said

    Someone posted the info that Kyle pics are for sale on ebay:

    I’ll be curious to see how high they go πŸ˜‰

  72. Nisi said

    Welcome Jennifer. You’ll find it’s lots of fun here. And lots of support , too.

    Room 917
    Receptionist Extraodinare
    Jewelry Maker

  73. Anne said

    Tanya’s Lifetime blog works again.

  74. lwildstar said

    Welcome Jennifer!

    A new sister how wonderful – hope you’re not shy – we are a very loving gushy bunch – so feel free to vent on the days you too – you’ll get massive hugs here!

    Thanks Anne! now try and get some sleep…

    a Z2!!! oooo that would be great – I can see the preorders now! he he he

    Well I’ve come down with a sore throat (figures I was a a doctors office today) so I am going to log off and go curl up in my blanky until CSI MIami comes on – I se the tape but I sooo want to see what part Kyle plays…I saw the flash commercial agin and if you blink you miss wht I think is the only shot of Kyle…guess I’ll find out tonight.

    Well have fun ladies……!

    Wildstar d’Nightwalker
    room 019- 911-912
    (residence – jewelry studio – boutique)

  75. Jennifer said

    Thanks for welcoming me so warmly. I feel this is going to be a FABULOUS sisterhood!!!! Can’t wait to see Kyle on CSI:Miami tonight!!!!!! I plan on taping it. Should be a great episode. OF COURSE it will with Kyle guest starring!! Oh how I LOVE that young man!!!

  76. jpbaci1 said


  77. prtfvr said

    Dani’s been recruiting again! Good job! Welcome Jennifer. A nicer bunch of people you’ve never met!

    I want to see Kyle tonight but my TV is in the bird room and they’re all in bed. They wouldn’t like me going down there to watch a show. And the old man has football on upstairs so no Kyle for me. If he’s playing a bad guy though, I won’t be sorry I missed it. Let me know.

  78. Anzia said

    WELCOME Jennifer. I am the Behavioral Therapist & Product Manager. Basically all I do is keep you from going insane from withdrawl (not too much of a problem now) & supply our personal BT merchandise. You know, Blow Henry Pops, Chocolate Chains, Life size, fully functional & anatomically correct Henry Action toys…the FUN things that LT could NEVER produce. ^_^ I am in room 514. Fifth floor is where the movie theatre is & my sister Nina lives (she’ll be around at some point). We regularly have very hot, very buff, indian (as in from India) guys hiding out in our rooms…so, feel free to join the fun ^_^

    Dani- um… don’t worry about the pool boy… he’s … um… he’s occupied right now. Promise the pool *WILL* get cleaned though…soon…ish. ^_^

    So, is it scary that my first day was actually bordering on fun? I’m kind of scared. I mean i’ve never had FUN at a job when I hadn’t involved SOME form of sexual humor. TOTALLY CLEAN ALL DAY. You would be proud. I’m not sure if i’ll still feel this way tomorrow but… it’s all good right now.

  79. prtfvr said

    Oh yeah. I’m a star. Every time I visit the site I’m thrown by seeing my name in big letters on top of this week’s blog. Cool! πŸ˜‰

  80. Anzia said

    OH and I think I recruited my boss at work! W00T go me! πŸ˜‰

  81. Anzia said

    you’re a star to ME prtmama! (((((HUGS!!!!!)))))

  82. AlisaSG said

    >> I’m just rolling in poop today ladies! about 5 minutes ago Josie got into the garbage and ate a poopy diaper!!!!!!!!! Why?Why?Why?

    yah know, my mom had a saying about stepping in (animal) poop — it was
    *GOOD LUCK!*
    so you should be getting rich really soon! (my mom used the term “filthy rich”)

    I don’t know, I’ve ridden my bike over the stuff; and deliberately driven my car over it when seen in the road.. it never made our side of the family that rich (not in dollars, anyway.. maybe richer in *spirit*) πŸ˜›

  83. Margaret said


    I asked Tanya at her Live Journal: Tanya: Don’t suppose we could get real lucky and have you attend the Megacon with Kyle and Dylan down here in Orlando, could we? We were told that we’d be able to chat with you after the episode but we haven’t seen anything tagged out as your blog yet. If you pardon the expression can you tell us where to go to get to you at Lifetime? The only thing we see is someone name Johnique, you don’t have new pen name do you? lol

    User: andpuff Date: 2007-10-15 19:42 (UTC) Subject: Re: Megacon & Blood Ties/Lifetime No, sorry, I won’t be able to get down to Megacon! You’ll have to put up with only getting to see two gorgeous, talented young men! *g* This here: That’s my blog. Lifetime has to post it for me because their new interface requires an American address — which, as I’m in Canada, I clearly don’t have. It’s why I can’t read the comments too. But we’re working on that! As far as a live chat goes, like Christina and Kyle did, well, unfortunately, I’m on such a rural server that’s just not possible. Johnique wouldn’t be a bad pen name though. *g*

    I think she took me literally about chatting, I meant on the blog. So even though we don’t have her picture posted here which might make things simpler apparently the comments above are Tanya’s posted by Lifetime because as she explained she needs an American address.

  84. AlisaSG said

    btw, that photo at the top of this page (courtesy of prtfvr)
    is one of those *beautiful Kyle/Henry* tousel’d hair looks πŸ˜€

  85. Margaret said

    I asked Tanya her blog @ LIFETIME:
    Tanya: Don’t suppose we could get real lucky and have you attend the Megacon with Kyle and Dylan down here in Orlando, could we? We were told that we’d be able to chat with you after the episode but we haven’t seen anything tagged out as your blog yet. If you pardon the expression can you tell us where to go to get to you at Lifetime? The only thing we see is someone name Johnique, you don’t have new pen name do you? lol User: andpuff Date: 2007-10-15 19:42 (UTC) Subject: Re: Megacon & Blood Ties/Lifetime No, sorry, I won’t be able to get down to Megacon! You’ll have to put up with only getting to see two gorgeous, talented young men! *g* This here: That’s my blog. Lifetime has to post it for me because their new interface requires an American address — which, as I’m in Canada, I clearly don’t have. It’s why I can’t read the comments too. But we’re working on that! As far as a live chat goes, like Christina and Kyle did, well, unfortunately, I’m on such a rural server that’s just not possible. Johnique wouldn’t be a bad pen name though. *g*

    I think she took me literally about chatting, I meant on the blog. So even though we don’t have her picture posted here which might make things simpler apparently the comments above are Tanya’s posted by Lifetime because as she explained she needs an American address. Johnique wouldn’t be a bad pen name though. *g*

  86. Margaret said

    I asked Tanya about whether she could come down to Megacon and her Blog at LIfetime. She explained the blog at her website. See the link above. She answered me back and its near the end of the page. I also posted the response at the blog because people are having a problem believing it was her since there’s no picture of her there and anything that really points you there.

  87. Arrowyn said

    Just a drive by on my way home. I wish I had had time to tell you this sooner.

    Please keep my Dad and me in your prayers/good thoughts/whatever tomorrow and Wednesday. He’s going into the hospital for “minor” surgery to replace the battery in his pacemaker. The doctor is not worried a bit. However, my Dad is 92 and he’s been getting tired more easily and more often ever since my Mom died last December. So, think good thoughts and I’ll be back with the results on Wed or Thurs. Thanks.

  88. Good evening ladies,

    Jennifer — Welcome and hello from Cleveland, Ohio, Home of the Cleveland Indians! Woohoo! Go Tribe! OK sorry I had to get that out of my system.

    I’m known on the blog as Dr. Annalaise duChat LPCC (Licensed Practical Clinical Counselor) I specialize in addictive personality disorder, and I’m in charge of diagnosing and treating the BTaholics and the girls with Kylitis. Welcome and feel free to make an appointment if you feel the need.

    But seriously, in real life I’m a graphic artist and I enjoy making Photoshop collages of our girls and our favorite vampire. Scroll over my name to find a link to my blog were I have some of my work posted.

    For everyone — I posted the pictures of Dylan’s T-shirt on my blog as well. Follow the link if you want to see the finished product. As I said it came out really nice.

    I tried to post earlier today, in fact I had this real nice long post typed. I surfed away from the blog on another tab to reference something and came back and my post was gone. Bummer. I was too frustrated and pressed for time to retype it. Anyway I’m back to try again.

    I finally got my computer issues straightened out so the blog isn’t locking my computer up. I installed a new operating system last week and have been having trouble ever since. I ended up downloading a newer version of Firefox, that seemed to do the trick.

    Freyja — I was sorry to hear about your job. Remember a door closes a window opens. This could be the opportunity of your life. Good luck to you.

    Anzia — So glad you like the new job. You deserve the happiness.

    Prtfvr — Love the Henry Dearest Macro.

    Ms. Gypsy, Lady Afrodyte — I’m interested in the period garb of Ireland too. I did some research on it for my book and was unable to find too much info. I just opted to look at the popular trends in Europe, particularly France and England for the time period. (Late 1600’s) At that time There was so much traffic between the the three countries there had to be cross influences. As I recall I did find a few things specific to Ireland, but it was a while ago and I don’t specifically remember where, it was online though. I know not much help. Specifically there was a man’s outfit that was found buried in a field that they actually were selling a pattern for.

    OK bye for now, I’m going to try to get some writing done while I can still keep my eyes open.

  89. cdnfreyja said

    As promised, here is my latest fly by!

    Arrowyn – I’ve already said a little prayer for your dad.

    Annalaise – I haven’t yet seen your work so I’ll check it out tomorrow. And thanks. I’m feeling really calm about all this. I had a long conversation with my mom tonight and she has the exact same feeling that I do – she just knows that something really good is going to come out of this. I know full well I haven’t found my place or niche yet so maybe the next job/place will be. Who knows? I’m actually really excited about the possibilities.

    Having worked with Aboriginal people over the past 2 years I’ve come to learn a lot from the women elders. When they talk, I listen. And I listened very intently to what they said yesterday. I just keep repeating their words of wisdom and Kyle’s quote. It doesn’t mean I don’t feel unnerved. It just means I know that I’m going to come through this just fine … no, more than fine! πŸ™‚

    prtfvr – great macro! I think had people been walking by the office this morning when I laughed out loud, they would have wondered what I was laughing at. Maybe they would have thought I’d lost my mind given the crap going on at the workplace. But hey, the macro gave me a really good laugh on a bad day!

    Re: CSI Miami, oh what can I say except not enough screen time.

    Anyway, I have to get off to bed. I will talk with you wonderful ladies tomorrow!

    Ms. Freyja
    Resident Barrister & Solicitor (*new clients always welcome)
    & Resident Canadian
    Rm. 713/711/715 (office)
    Rm. 813/811/815 (residence)

  90. AlisaSG said

    LADIES, >>>> URGENT REQUEST!!!! PLEASE!!! >>>>

    >>> If sending any mailings to me, please use my gmail address instead.
    >>> My hubby is about to put everyone on a filter block 😦

    I haven’t had time to send out an e-mail, but he *wasNOT* a happy camper when he went off to bed, because he couldn’t send out any mailings on his own. He thought something broke the mailer program, but it was still downloading. He spouted off on his way to his pillow–
    “you have a MESS to clean up”

    Actually, it was still downloading, and came up with a bunch of errors. I had to stop the downloads as a result of it freezing up, etc.

    That’s why it’s better to send ALL GROUP mailings over to my *gmail* address instead. thank you.. I’ll try to write later.

    sorry to have to write this here, instead, first…

    in the meantime — πŸ˜‰
    ((((((((((hugs to everyone!!!!)))))))))) *yes! we’re gay!!* we’re one of the huggiest people on this planet… πŸ˜€

  91. susana said

    hey ladies , my next drive by πŸ™‚
    Doing well! Room 69 is great, just like i left it, Dizey, keep it down!!! I am on the otehr side of this wall πŸ™‚ All that noise just Cause Depp and Bacic showed up? shame on you!Hola girl!!

  92. lwildstar said

    CSI MIAMI let down….what a bummer! Kyle was on screen for less than 5 minutes! but he did look hot! all scruffy and in white beach wear…yummy – but I watched the whole episode waiting for him to show up again and nada… 😦 pouts…..

  93. Margaret said

    Ah yes lwildstar, but what a great five minutes they were. He can work on my car anytime. lol. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen any mechanics that look that hot in my lifetime.

  94. vicki said

    what a jip!!! Kyle was there for only like 5 seconds…ARGGGGGGHHH What is wrong with you H. Cane>>??? dont you know a star when you see one??? HUH???

    Jennifer…welcome….((waves from West Virginia)) I am Vicki (yes that is my real name) and I am a therapist and fellow addict at the Bloody Ford Clinic.. feel free to come to the group sessions. of course, we dont really want to be cured here…just wallow in our additions….Hehehe

    I am still bummed over CSI Miami…of course Kyle did look very scruffy and YUMMY!!! when doesnt he?? but I was still hoping he was the bad guy just so they could show him again! LOL to go lay out clothes and get lunch stuff ready.. find my palm piliot…etc etc. etc…

    BTW>…got a gig this weekend..we are hoping lots of people show that the place will hire us again..

    AND>…I have tickets to see Kathy Griffin here in Charleston on Thursday!!! 5 row!!!! WHOOO HOOO>…She cracks me up!! She says all the things about celebrities that I am thinking….besides she is a redhead like me..I have decided I am her taller, fatter, evil twin!!!
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Suite 29

  95. susana said

    SOOOOOOOOOO good to see all that cruff on Kyle’s face,i know 2 mins is not enough…personally i had to pause the DVR to stare a litte more…hmmm! obsession i wonder…….you’re damn right……. he has a more mature look, kinda like during he chat, you know the part where he leans over and kisses Christina on the shoulder…..working his way up……….ok ladies goodnight, i am going to enjoy this feeling under the covers πŸ™‚

  96. rifkind said

    Prayers for your father Arrowyn.
    It is so stressful, and I know that you are worried sick about him. Be sure to take care of yourself too. { { { H U G S } } }

  97. rifkind said

    Hey Anzia!
    I am so glad that you had a GREAT first day at your new job. You GO Girl!
    We can hope that Frejya has the same good fortune in her job search.

  98. rifkind said

    Thanks Margaret for checking with Tanya about the Blog, I wasn’t sure if Tanya was writing the posts or not. I really appreciate the confirmation that the blog was written by Tanya. It is unfortunate that Tanya can’t read our responses. I guess that it does keep her from being too distracted from her writing by reading all of our posts. LOL!

  99. AlisaSG said

    Okay, I GIVE UP… TWICE I sent out an email with a corrected address, and TWICE the stupid mailer program put an extra blank space in the address!!!!!!!

    ignore the extra space!!!!!!! there is no extra blank space in my gmail address.

    BTW, that was a *very* important email — as the last item reveals
    (news — news related… i heard it on the radio.. of course our local Tv stations said NADA about it!!!!!!!!) 😦

    I’m sure TPTB are already looking into it. THAT IS MEGA NEWS, if it is true! 😦
    and MEGA as in VERY BAD NEWS… (not Blood Ties Tv program related)

  100. Doc duChat, I have pictures of the costumes we use for faire. We made them so that they would span from Henry VIII to Elizabeth. Yes there was a bog find of men’s pants (trews) and the pants our men wear are based off of that pattern. The dresses we wear are based off another bog find of a womans over dress, but the find was altered to accommodate a pregnancy.
    I can email you a couple pics if you are interested.

    RE: CSI Miami… I think Kyle’s character could have been more involved, he was the poor girls BF, or was it ex? I missed part of his scene because I was putting the baby down for bed. The scruffy surfer look works for him. I too watched the full episode, but more as support for Kyle than the show. I don’t care much for the CSI spin-offs.

  101. msgypsy said

    Now I remember why I hate CSI Miami. Ugh! And talk about a plot hole! Kyle’s character said the girl was his girlfriend, then we find out that the guy in the car was her boyfriend and no one cares about Kyle’s character anymore. So (a) why is Kyle in this episode other than to give the Hens another chance to drool and (b) why did he get such top billing if he only had, like, three lines?

    I’m going to bed now. It’s not that I don’t love you all, it’s that I’m a sleepy girl and have already stayed up far, far too late.

  102. Nina said

    Hello Ladies!

    Thanks Himmiefan for the welcome πŸ™‚

    You girls have been busy!! 99 new posts and not counting the others from the previous page.
    I’m having a very bad week so far. One of my prof. wants me to finish something on Thursday and for other classes I have 2 extra deadlines this week!!!
    So if you don’t see me so much, you know why 😦

    What am I hearing?? Zerophilia 2???? LOL
    I loved Max! But I couldn’t stop expecting someone to call him Henry πŸ˜‰

    I can’t post on LT blog 😦 You have to register and it’s only for the US!

    Welcome Jennifer!!!!Don’t worry we all need psychiatric care here LOL

    Arrowyn – I will be praying for you and your Dad! I hope he does good and do update us on the situation.
    Goodluck dear!!

    Anzia!! You see I told you that you should be in recruitment!!!Way to go!Very impressive that you could recruit your Boss πŸ™‚ is still in my head along with very very nice images of my boy!!!!
    Am i going nuts??

    See ya all later!

  103. Nina said

    *Yay* I was post nr.100!!

  104. lwildstar said

    Arrowyn – good vibes coming your way for your dad..

    and ((HUGS))) for everyone else as well….

    yes CSI Miami was very dissappointing …did Kyles charater just end up on the cutting room floor? hopefully someone will post some screen caps some place!

    well I’m running late and must go – will not be back til this afternoon – we are having a luncheon for the girl who is going back to the home office…. 😦 I’m going to miss her – shes the only oe here I can discuss BT with!

    talk at you later

    Wildstar d’ Nightwalker

  105. Madonna said

    Hi gals,

    Yep, Kyle’s part did seem like a bit of a let down. He must have been so darn pretty in the auditions that TPTB just couldn’t pass him up.

    First of all……

    Welcome! Hi! I’m 28 and live in Kentucky. Along with Annaliase I’m also a graphic designer. At the Clinic I’m the resident artist and candle maker. We’re all a bit wild and crazy here, but in a good way.

    Big heartfelt prayers coming your way!

    Ms. Gypsy,
    I was just wondering….. since Kyle’s and Claire’s virtual party here was so much fun are we going to have a virtual Halloween Party? Costumes and all. It might be kind of fun.

    Susana, Nina, welcome back ladies. Long time, no see!

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for you and I hope everything works out with work. It sounds like you have everything under control though.

    I’m so glad you had a fun first day. I hope they all continue to be the same.

    Wow! What news! My prayers are with you girl.

    Hope today is a better day! Love you girl.

    Everyone else, in our crazy family I love you too.

    Alright now gather around for a big group hug to start the morning. (Grabs Jennifer and drags her in), you too! ((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))

    Hope everyone has a good day today.

  106. msgypsy said

    First of all, here’s the Doctor Detroit reference I’ve been talking about. It’s not the only time Akryod does it in the movie, but it’s the only one I can find on YouTube.

    Halloween party? Oh, I do like that idea. If we do it right on Halloween we can’t have it last too late but that might not be a bad thing… So, let’s do it! I’ll get the room, everyone start putting together your costumes, and PUT A LEASH ON THAT MONKEY!!!!!

    Jennifer, choose your costume wisely. I don’t think there’s a costume imaginable that one or more of this crowd can’t make an embarrassing joke about. Hee hee!

  107. Scribble said


    What news is Alisa talking about and I can look into it?


  108. Madonna said

    Hi Scribble!

    Thanks for checking in.

    Alisa’s concern is regarding a very bad news story by her home in New Jersey. Nothing Blood Ties related….. at least I don’t think.

  109. prtfvr said

    *HUGS* to everyone in need! There seem to be a lot of us stressing right now.

    And Alisa said:
    “in the meantime β€” πŸ˜‰
    ((((((((((hugs to everyone!!!!)))))))))) *yes! we’re gay!!* we’re one of the huggiest people on this planet… :D”

    Hey, I thought that was MY line?! πŸ˜‰

    Regarding Claire and her Animal Planet:

    Am I the only one noticing Claire’s escalating trend of noxious pet antics? Josie’s eating poopy diapers, cats are barfing…jeez Claire, just tell us not to come for pete’s sake! You know we don’t get subtle here! πŸ˜‰

  110. prtfvr said

    And another thing:

    I pronounce work canceled today due to lack of interest. πŸ˜‰

  111. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas! I cannot believe I stayed up to watch CSI Miami, which I don’t like, to watch a few minutes at the beginning of Kyle. He was HOT HOT HOT though. I love the surfer dude look. I am so tired for staying up to watch that. I am usually in bed by 10. He was the girls boyfriend so he definitely have been on more. When he came on and they were accusing him of the murder I thought not again. First Christina now Kyle. At least he didn’t do it although that would have given him more screen time.

    Arrowyn-Prayers for you father and you.

    Did I hear a virtual Halloween party? Ooooooo I have my virtual costume all planned out. I could never wear it in real life. I am too fat. Hah!

  112. Good morning all!

    RE: CSI Miami — Definitely not enough Kyle time. He looked awesome though, all scruffy and cocky. I think he was cast to act as eye candy, because there was no meat to that role. To all you directors and producers out there: This boy is more than just a pretty face. He can act too! Give him a chance.

    Lady Afrodyte — Yes send me what you have on the Irish costumes, I’d love to see it. Maybe there’s something I can use. Tell me about this Faire that you are making them for, I love that kind of stuff.

    Alisia — Hang in there, and keep us posted. I am always disillusioned by the way the media tells us what they think we should know, not what is really happening. What is it John Mayer says? “When you own the information, you can bend it all you want.” Try to have confidence that the system, however flawed, will prevail and they will eliminate these maniacs before they can do any more harm. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  113. Danae said

    AlisaSG-I just read something about what you were talking about but it didn’t say much. I hope for everyone’s sake that whoever these people are they are caught soon. Prayers to you too.

    prtfvr-I am curious to know what the IMDB numbers were after Fridays show. Could you please check?

  114. jpbaci1 said


  115. Margaret said

    Scribble: If you talk to Kyle about the package again, can you direct him over here if he feels like chatting about it. Thanks.

  116. Danae said

    Alright I am going to be the BIG one here (pun intended) and respond to LH. Yes what you said hurt and upset a lot of us. I realize now that we could have avoided alot of this crap by just saying something to you. I remember something about some of the others over at the DP calling us hypocrites and bitches. I for one am ready to put all of this behind us and move on. I accept your apology. Maybe now we can all concentrate on saving our show.

  117. LH — As I have said from the beginning, that we need to be very conscious of what we say here. This is a PUBLIC forum. Anyone can read it, and once posted our words never go away. Our thoughts shape the way the people who read them feel about not only the the writer of the post, but the rest of the people on the blog as well. Guilty by association.

    It is always smarter and easier to be discreet and avoid saying something that might hurt or offend than to go back and clean up the mess that insensitive words leave behind.

    Let’s hope we all have learned a lesson about power of words and the internet.

  118. Claire said

    Good Morning Sistas!
    Better day today.Well Kyle looked fabulous as usual for the minute he was on.Ehhhem..bird lady…maybe it’s you trying to get out of coming now that the time draws closer! πŸ˜‰

    Because I for one…don’t know how to be subtle..and if I didn’t want you in my house..well…you would not have been invited…hmmm…are you afraid….of hugs maybe? As I told you before you don’t live that far from me…I could be at your door in no time at all! Muhahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Arrowyn…Hope everything goes well with your father!
    Lots of work today so hopefully I’ll check in later.

  119. Margaret said

    I agree with Danae. Just think if we had all used the energy we have wasted on this towards saving the show. Maybe the lesson we should have learned is some things are better left unsaid and some things are better left swimming around in our vivid imaginations. We all need to move on, see if we can’t come up with a way to save Blood Ties. Isn’t that what brought us all together in the first place? We owe the show that much. And there’s plenty of room out there in the blog world for everyone to find a place where they feel comfortable.

  120. prtfvr said

    HELP! Claire’s threatening to molest me when I get there! Hands off, lady! Can’t we just acknowledge each other with a nod of the head and carry on? Must everyone threaten to abuse me all the time? Sheesh! πŸ˜‰

    I wonder what would happen if you DIDN’T like me?! *shudders* The horror, the horror! πŸ™‚

  121. Himmiefan said

    Anzia – I’m so glad your first day went well! You go girl!!

    Arrowyn – let us know as soon as you can how your dad’s doing. Prayers for him!

    Jennifer – Welcome! I’m himmiefan (reference to my Himalayan cat) and as you can tell, I love exclamation marks!! πŸ™‚ It’s hard to express emotion here where I can’t italicize and bold. Oh well. Anyway, I’m the executive producer of the Hen’s movie Elder Hostel: The Order of the Yum. In this movie, we’re know collectively as the Order of the Yum and we’re working to rescue Henry from Norman and assorted other baddies like Claire’s ex. This all started when the movie Hostel II came out, and I made some sarcastic jokes about monsters never going after people over 30 (it’s true!!). Things escalated from there. I’ll type up the entire scenario and post of, where a bunch of us have some of our writings posted. Anyway, if you’re under 30, you must be dunked in Monster-Be-Gone before you can participate in Henry’s rescue. Not to worry, though, I just got a new batch at Sam’s, and it’s in the new Alpine Breeze scent.

    CSI Miami – Ick!! Can you say “bad acting”??? Kyle did a far, far, better job with his two seconds of screen time than David Caruso did the entire show. And what was up with that police woman and her plunging neckline? Babe, put on a sweater!

  122. prtfvr said

    My little Z! I hope you have many future days of work goodness. πŸ™‚

  123. Danae said

    Another thing LH, I may have forgiven but I cannot forget. Not once did we say anything about you guys here. It seems that you and everyone else over at the DP had something nasty to say about us everyday practically. All of them but you and Angie don’t even know us. I am afraid to say I will not go out of my way to talk to you. The trust that I once had in you is pretty much gone.

    If any of my bellas here have a problem with what I said please let me know because I would hate for any of you to shun me for finally saying what I feel. I was so ready to rip out a can of whoop ass and really give it to them yesterday. I have since calmed down alot since that one moment yesterday.

  124. prtfvr said

    The other CSIs (LV & NY) have characters who wear low cut shirts all the time, and not just the men! Now if George Eads wants to take his shirt off in the locker room from time to time, I’m all over the gratuitous body shots but heck, who dresses like that for work? Especially at cop central? Yikes!

  125. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Morning! That’s the best I can offer this morning. NORMAN is F’ing with me big time today. I tried to lon in and WordPress didn’t recognize me so I had to start from the beginning and now Gypsy may have to do something magical to re-add me to empty the CHum Bucket. Agggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so very frustrating when your not very technically minded 😦 Does that make me right brain?? I feel more like NO BRAIN today. The stars must be out of alignment for me the last couple of days. Ok enough of my disfunction.

    Scribble, you are so sweet that you keep an eye out for us thanx and you’ll be the first one we scream for when Blood Ties problems arise. We love you !!! and thanx for being so patient with us πŸ˜‰ Oh and I ordered my poster can’t wait for new goodies, since we’ll be watching BT’S for many years to come right?? Sending out POSITIVE VIBES πŸ˜€

    The rest of my sista’s…………….

    Arrowyn, Prayers for DAD no problem top of the list………..Check πŸ˜‰

    Alisa, if anything were to come about it would affect waaaaay more than just Jersey. But the good Lord is watching over us and I think we’re ok but I pray for a good outcome on this subject since waaaay back , ya’ know ! ((((HUGS))))

    Madonna, I love you too my younger sib! Stay Cool 😎

    Dr.duChat, eloquent as usual (writers !) Love ya’ and my sweet BFF Mel did they have a good time at Homecoming? They looked so cute I love that they both have braces πŸ˜€

    Claire mes ami! Prtfvr, Danae, carzy chix i can’t wait till next weekend 😎 keep it real sista’s !!

    **Z*** I told you didn’t I that there was nothing written that said just because we HAVE to work that it can’t be FUN!! Yay for you and always have a good time. Love YA!! Keep up the great work.

    On the CSI Miami subject yes very small taste of the dude, but I love the CSI’s all of them actually and saw the original ep when Speed died , it was sad and I cried when he left Eric at the end. If you don’t watch than yeah you could be out of the loop and it wouldn’t mean much. Kyle did great no matter how little he’s on screen πŸ˜› YUMMMMM

    Whhhhhhewwwww man that was alot of stuff hope I didn’t miss someone.

  126. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Morning! That’s the best I can offer this morning. NORMAN is F’ing with me big time today. I tried to lon in and WordPress didn’t recognize me so I had to start from the beginning and now Gypsy may have to do something magical to re-add me to empty the CHum Bucket. Agggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so very frustrating when your not very technically minded 😦 Does that make me right brain?? I feel more like NO BRAIN today. The stars must be out of alignment for me the last couple of days. Ok enough of my disfunction.

    Scribble, you are so sweet that you keep an eye out for us thanx and you’ll be the first one we scream for when Blood Ties problems arise. We love you !!! and thanx for being so patient with us πŸ˜‰ Oh and I ordered my poster can’t wait for new goodies, since we’ll be watching BT’S for many years to come right?? Sending out POSITIVE VIBES πŸ˜€

    The rest of my sista’s…………….

    Arrowyn, Prayers for DAD no problem top of the list………..Check πŸ˜‰

    Alisa, if anything were to come about it would affect waaaaay more than just Jersey. But the good Lord is watching over us and I think we’re ok but I pray for a good outcome on this subject since waaaay back , ya’ know ! ((((HUGS))))

    Madonna, I love you too my younger sib! Stay Cool 😎

    Dr.duChat, eloquent as usual (writers !) Love ya’ and my sweet BFF Mel did they have a good time at Homecoming? They looked so cute I love that they both have braces πŸ˜€

    Claire mes ami! Prtfvr, Danae, carzy chix i can’t wait till next weekend 😎 keep it real sista’s !!

    **Z*** I told you didn’t I that there was nothing written that said just because we HAVE to work that it can’t be FUN!! Yay for you and always have a good time. Love YA!! Keep up the great work.

    On the CSI Miami subject yes very small taste of the dude, but I love the CSI’s all of them actually and saw the original ep when Speed died , it was sad and I cried when he left Eric at the end. If you don’t watch than yeah you could be out of the loop and it wouldn’t mean much. Kyle did great no matter how little he’s on screen πŸ˜› YUMMMMM

    Whhhhhhewwwww man that was alot of stuff hope I didn’t miss someone.

  127. prtfvr said

    Ok. We’re at peace now. No whoop ass necessary. Everyone said some cranky things in response to a perceived insult that was in fact generated by someone else. I think that’s a natural response and we’re just two sites very protective of our members.

    Let’s never post of this again. πŸ™‚

  128. Margaret said

    Prtfvr: Ok, now open up your arms and get ready for a big virtual hug and a kiss. We know how you love them, my sweet. lol.

  129. cdnfreyja said


    David Caruso is just … well, David Caruso. His character is always the same no matter what role he is in. And he kind of creeps me out a bit with that whole sunglass thing he does followed by his one word lines.

    And don’t get me started with comments about police officers with plunging necklines and the like. I hate it when they cast women to play police officers yet these women look like the slightest breeze could blow them over. Hello – these women have to be able to take care of themselves if need be! That’s one of the reasons why I like Christina as Vicki.

    Then the whole fashion show on display (not to mention other things on display) when the crime scene team shows up to collect evidence. What is with all the high heels, hair blowing in the wind, and the plunging necklines? All I’m thinking about is something like “okay, her/his hair isn’t covered, s/he is going to contaminate the crime scene.” Yes, ever the lawyer. Canadian shows like DaVinci’s Inquest and British crime drama are much more realistic. Yes, the crime scene techs have to put on those funny white suits that cover them head to toe, but at least we know they won’t contaminate anything. But I guess that isn’t sexy enough for prime time tv … so we end up with 4 inch heels and plunging necklines.

  130. msgypsy said

    If Prtfvr gathers us up into a big virtual hug, I’m gonna run away.

    So is everyone at peace now? Good. I have too much going on in my life to have anyone around me less than good.

    Nisi, my work email is pjohnpoll AT caowash DOT org and you can email me about lunch tomorrow.

    Alisa, hope all is okay; I’m keeping an ear open.

    Arrowyn, my best energy for your dad.

    Everyone else, I got WAY too much work to do today to worry about anything else. I’ll be back tonight.

  131. prtfvr said

    Aw gypsy! You know how miserable I am right now, don’t you?! I’m getting diabetes from all this sugar I’ve been spewing!

    Let’s get back to our triumvirate of hotness. YUM!!

  132. Danae said

    Hey how about Kyle on CSI Miami last night? Short but sweet and very very very HOT!

  133. Himmiefan said

    Okay, so now we know how to get to Ms. Gypsy – hugs and kisses!! πŸ™‚

    Freyja – from what I’ve seen of the show The Closer, I think those cops are a bit more realistic looking that the CSI Miami crew. Also, so are the people on Law and Order: SVU (my favorite). I hadn’t thought about it, but their hair would have contaminate the scene. My big thing, though, was how the blond woman was waving her gun around during the shooting. I’m no expert, but I know that wasn’t procedure. Maybe she was desperately trying to get her blouse open even more.

    Jennifer – I forgot to add that I’m in room 100 here at the Bloody Ford Clinic. Laurel, Elizabeth, and Tango are my neighbors. I chose room 100 since it’s near the kitchen and has a great view of the gardens. Also (whispers), it’s Henry’s room and we’re shacking up. But don’t tell anyone!

    You know, if Scribble is reading this blog, I wonder if she’s reporting back on what we say. I can just hear it now, “Well, you’ve never going to believe what Claire’s dog Josie ate now.” Makes me giggle.

    Gotta go do work. Talk at ya’ll later.

  134. Danae said

    I’m having another Norman today.

  135. Margaret said

    I’m sorry but Caruso reminds me of strange guys who wear rain coats (even though there’s no rain) and go to movies matinees in the middle of the day. He just makes my skin crawl. How that man could have gotten a series is beyond me. Kyle acted more in the five minutes he had than Caruso had in the whole hour. On top of fact he looked a heck of lot better than Caruso did while he was doing it.

  136. laurel said

    I finally got a minute to sit down and catch up. Wheeew! It has been a strange and busy few days for me and I can’t believe I have time to myself this morning.

    Arrowyn – Prayers and good thoughts for your dad and you. Batteries need changed once in a while and maybe it will help him feel better to have “more power.” Let us know – or call my cell and I can tell the blog.

    LH – I’m more than happy to work toward the goal of keeping our show alive. It is going to take all of us. I’m glad you thought it worth the effort to try to make ammends here. I think it is going to take some time.

    Claire – Cats certainly have their own idea of what constitutes “entertainment.” Don’t you just wonder if they sit just around the corner and wait for you to discover their little “surprises?” Mine have been skulking about – a little freaked out by all the 12/13 year-old girls this weekend – but apparently got over it at about 3am. Crashing noise, followed by yowling and hissing and little cat feet (pounding like elephants) running up and down the stairs. Hubby and I sat straight up in bed and managed to run into each other at the foot of the bed. I think I socked him in the head while trying to get my arm into the sleeve of my robe. lol
    Turns out the cats were “surfing” the dining room table. πŸ™‚ I had a party tablecloth covered with metallic confetti on the table – with all of the leaves in it – and they were jumping from the windowsill and sliding across the table. Wish I had pictures of them doing it but can’t risk the dining room to further kaos. They do “surf” one of the throw rugs on a regular basis and we are trying to catch them at it.

    Scribble – Thank you sooo much for keeping in touch with us. We are still hoping for good news from somewhere.

    Elizabeth – Are you out there? (tap,tap) Yoo hoooo! (waves)
    See you at 11:30?

  137. Claire said

    Hahaha Himmiefan..whys it have to be my crazy dog?
    Other people here have pets…heck there’s that crazy monkey Crash running around! πŸ˜‰

    Prtfvr…just wait til you get here….MUHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My Belle Diz..The count down is on! Laisser le bon temps rouler!

    Hey bird lady…10 days…………… πŸ˜‰

  138. prtfvr said

    I’m sorry wildstar but I will be eating whole cloves of garlic on the trip to Claire’s. I’m sure you know why! πŸ˜‰

  139. jpbaci1 said


  140. Danae said

    It’s certainly not to keep am certain vampire away. That doesn’t work.

  141. Danae said

    Lunch time is over. Have to go. Catcha before I leave.

  142. Himmiefan said

    Hey Claire (waves) – I was referring to your poopie day yesterday and poor Josie and the diaper. LOL! Hey, I had one of my bunnies eat part of a mohair throw the other day. What is that German word for rabbit stew????

  143. cdnfreyja said


    I love The Closer! I especially love how Kyra Sedgwick plays her character. And I agree, those characters look like cops. Same with SVU. I take issue with the two newer female cops on Law & Order (original and CI) – no offence to them as actors but they are the kind that look like a breeze would blow them over.

    And I agree, what was Callie doing running around with her gun when the shooting started? I would think the smart thing would be to take cover first – what good are you if you’re dead? I can’t imagine my uncle would have done that (he’s retired). But then again he wouldn’t be trying to open his shirt even more. πŸ˜‰ No, I don’t even want to go there because he’d gained a lot of weight by the time he became a sargeant.

    I’m trained to notice details. πŸ˜‰ My thought is always “hey, the defence lawyers are going to tear that evidence apart.” Law & Order always deals with these issues but some other shows let the mistakes pass without notice.

    Laurel – sometimes I wonder what is going on in the heads of my cat and the others in the family. I swear that sometimes they plot evil, especially my parents’ crazy one. And sometimes they even run off together and come back with a plan. πŸ˜‰

    Margaret – I’m with you on Caruso!

    Can’t you tell my teleconference call is boring?

  144. Jennifer said

    Hi Ladies!!!! Hope you’re all doing well. I watched CSI:Miami last night, and I COMPLETELY AGREE that Kyle should have had much,much,much MORE screentime!!! But I’m happy that he had that five minutes. I was really hoping he wasn’t going to be the bad guy as well. As I’ve said before, and will say again…….I LOVE THAT YOUNG MAN!!!!!! I wish him well always. Arrowyn, you and your family are definitely in my prayers!! My prayers and good thoughts are with ALL of you here.

  145. Madonna said

    Good afternoon guys…..

    prtfvr, everyone else, sorry about the following. I hope it changes no one’s opinion of me. Since we’ve gone there I have to say what I have to say.

    First off…. Let me preface this by saying that I sincerely hope that your health is holding up.

    That being said….. I consider myself a Christian, so I always try to forgive others and I try to treat others how I would like to be treated. That is why I have such a hard time with your words and actions. Yes. I can forgive you but like Danae said forgetting and trusting is a different story.

    Having a bad day or being sick does not give you the right or permission to verbally abuse others who have opened themselves up to you. There are people on here who have bad days all the time but we do not go around bashing anyone else for it.

    We chose on here to take a neutral stance regarding you after your comments. Niether questioning you or badmouthing you.

    I don’t understand why you would come on here and tell us about Angie having a blog and sort of inviting us over and then go over there and bash us. Makes NO sense to me.

    You have apologized for calling us fat but there are other comments which you have yet to own up to.

    A couple of days after your initial remarks when you realized we were ignoring you, you made comments at DP that we were suffering from victim’s mentality. Was this a bad day too? It sounds like you knew exactly what you were saying. You say you had friends here. Friends don’t “victimize” their friends. That kind of negates your apology and makes me question it.

    A few days after that you went on the DP and said that they were a cut above us fat girls here at Ms. Gypsy’s. I guess we’re your second rate friends then? Another bad day? If we’re sooo bad why do you want to come over here to talk to us?

    I also think that through your inflammatory comments that you have tried your best to pit us here at Ms. Gypsy’s and those at Angie’s against each other, or at the very least them against us. I believe that you have tried to cause animosity where there shouldn’t be any.

    *disclaimer – Angie or anyone else from DP….. I have NOTHING personally against any of you.

    Also in one of your posts about us you said that all we did was argue with you. To the best of my recollection and I have a pretty good memory, the women here did NOTHING but try their best to be kind and supportive to you. That makes all of your comments that much more hurtful.

    And the hurt you caused was not only personal to me but also collective. You hurt my friends too. You should remember that behind each name on this blog there is a person. In fact they are all wonderful women who did their very best to be good to you. Like Annalaise said… Once it gets put on the internet there’s no taking it back. It is there for all the world to read.

    And in the words of Forrest Gump. That’s all I have to say about that.

    Now that all that built up poison is out of my system I say we put it all behind us and get back to what brought us all together in the first place and that is the wonderful little show called Blood Ties that needs our help right now.

  146. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey ya’ll had some customers and will check in when I finish lunch. Mom made Italian sausage in Vodka Sauce over Penne’ pasta, broccoli (my fav) oh and homemade bread(heee heee heee ) needless to say I’m starving and will see ya’ll later alligators πŸ˜‰

  147. prtfvr said

    *Throws hands up in the air* Well fuck me if this ain’t over yet. πŸ™‚

  148. prtfvr said

    Diz: I’m so sorry you had Norman this morning. I suspect he’s off to torture someone else for now so maybe you and I are in the clear for a while! God knows I’m sick of him visiting me all the time!

  149. Danae said

    It’s over!

  150. Danae said

    prtfvr-Can you check the IMDB numbers? I am wondering if they shot up, or down whichever way you look at it, due to the show being on Friday.

  151. prtfvr said

    Dani: Stop pressuring me with those IMDB numbers!! πŸ˜‰

    Here’s how it shakes out:

    Christina’s numbers: WAY up
    Kyle’s numbers: Up a few hundred
    Dylan’s numbers: Down several hundred
    Blood Ties Overall Numbers: Up a couple of hundred

    I think we can all admit that D.O.A was Christina’s episode with Kyle being mainly eye-candy and Dylan thrown in as the sand to the Blood Ties pearl.

    Hopefully next week’s numbers will be better. Especially Dylan’s!

  152. Danae said

    I can’t believe that Dylan went way down. Henry didn’t have a lot of screen time.

  153. Danae said


  154. Danae said

    I wonder what Steve Bacic’s are?

  155. lwildstar said

    well I got an extra long lunch since we went with boss – now i don’t want to work.

    I’m not even suposed to be here but I just had to check in – or I feel left out!

    LH in response to your above appoligy – yes lets us put our energy into saving the show and not taking swipes at each other
    I don’t understand why you would come here and and sort of invite us over to Angies and then go over there and insult us. It makes no sense to me. I choose to be forgiving. And I dont not know why you would say such things.
    If you have a personal problem or concern with me or anyone of us it would be much better not to take it out on the blogs.

    *disclaimer – Angie or anyone else from DP….. I have NOTHING personally against any of you.

    I agree with Madonna ” I say we put it all behind us and get back to what brought us all together in the first place and that is the wonderful little show called Blood Ties that needs our help right now.”

    Arrowyn I hope our dad is doing better

    and to everyone else I hope today / tomorrow will be a better day.. (((HUGS)))

    Thank you Scribbles for keeping an eue out for us and on us……you know you are one of our sisters …..

    And now I must run before I get caught!

  156. prtfvr said

    But Dani, Kyle is young and hot and Dylan, while hot, is older and was being a pain. Which one would you look up first go round? πŸ˜‰

  157. Danae said

    I know I just thought all main players in the show would go up alot. I think I saw on the website that Christina was up 118% but I can’t actually see the numbers.

  158. Danae said

    And I thought Coreen was more of a pain.

  159. prtfvr said

    Well, I’m mad at Coreen so I didn’t look her up. πŸ˜‰

    And since you so subtly asked for Steve Bacic’s numbers: they went down 71 points.

    Christina’s numbers jumped 1,554 points. She was also on Bones recently as a sort of dominatrix which will peak anyone’s attention. πŸ™‚

    Kyle jumped 328.

    Dylan dropped 817! Don’t tell him!

    Blood Ties rose by 349.

  160. Anne said

    Hmmm – Steve Bacic is down one % – and he was also on Flash Gordon the same evening – I don’t get those IMDB numbers.

    New picture under my name πŸ˜‰

  161. msgypsy said

    Quick lunchtime drive-by.

    I adore Emily Procter but can’t believe her character in CSI Miami. I can believe the character of Grissom (who, let’s face it, is a WAY larger than life character on purpose) before I can believe in Callie. As for Caruso, yeah, what she said. He creeps me out. I keep thinking he’s gonna knife someone between the ribs. I’m glad Kyle didn’t play a bad guy last night but I wish he’d been on a better show. (I notice he got single screen credit, though, something they don’t usually give actors doing one-scene roles. So they must’ve wanted to use his name recognition for publicity or something. A promising sign for Kyle’s career.)

    Gotta go WORK !!!!!

    P.s. Prtfvr, I understand the garlic thing.

  162. jpbaci1 said


  163. cdnfreyja said

    Rabbit stew is actually Hassenpfeffer. Ich spreche auch ein bißchen Deutsch.

  164. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Prtfvr, I am waaaaay glad Norman has left the building because I was really starting to get p/o’d with his cwazy, wanky wayz πŸ˜‰ I still have no clue what happened to my password on WordPress veeeeewy stwange things goin’ on awound here. I think I’m channewing Elmer Fudd, OMG!!!! It’s that waskewy Sinead or Shanay-nay as I call her. She put a spewl on me πŸ˜› I reawy hate her!

  165. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Oh Miss Anne I totally love the new pic’ good snap!

  166. Himmiefan said

    Hassenpfeffer. I told that to my bunny Ashley. I swear that rabbit rolled her eyes and blew me a raspberry!

  167. Danae said

    I am going home. I have to go rest my red rimmed weary blood shot teary eyes before Amber’s dance class.

    Ciao bellas!

  168. lwildstar said

    Prtfvr – ok I understand the garlic – but please let me roll downt he windows!!!!

  169. Anne – OMG! What a picture! I am trying not to drool on my keyboard.

    Arrowyn – My prayers are with your Dad. If you need a friend, just give me a call

    Jennifer – Welcome to this wonderful, crazy world. I am in room 106 and have the awesome job of interviewing all the construction workers. I pledge lots of eye candy and stellar work. I am the Resident Construction Engineer. In real life I am a Manager for a large company and *looks around quickly – whispers* I know nothing about construction πŸ˜‰

    Freyja – good luck with the job. I know something wonderful will be waiting for you no matter what happens.

    Laurel – Thanks for meeting me today! You have no idea how much better I feel in general πŸ™‚

  170. cdnfreyja said

    Jennifer, elizabeth is one of my employees. Although, I’m not sure how a Resident Construction Engineer does anything for the Resident Barrister & Solicitor. Frankly, I don’t care – as long as she’s having fun and enjoying her job!

    Ladies, I know we had a conversation about Canadian actors a while ago. I just found this online: See if you can guess some of these stars. There were a few surprises in there for me. Just don’t let the first one throw you off the ‘game’.

  171. Wow! Anne that picture is awesome. I just love the lighting in that shot. The red highlights in his hair and in the background, the green behind him brings out the green on his shirt, the sparkle in his baby blues.

    From an artist’s standpoint it’s a great shot, from a fan’s standpoint it’s a great shot.

  172. cdnfreyja said

    Oops – sorry ladies. That stupid period! Just drop that at the end of the URL and you’ll get to the correct page.

    Geez, I’ll have to remember it.

  173. lwildstar said

    Its over! The world is coming to an end!
    Someone who NEVER appoligies for ANYTHING appoligized to me! You could have knocked me over with a feather – of course she did so via my sister – which made me laugh – but still..this woman is the kind oof person who would back into your car and then blame you for parking there. Shes the former boss you’ve heard me vent about…my sister still works for her… anyway she appearently is on a “I’m dying and need to make amends” gig – funny she didn’t call me to appoligize – not that I would have talked to her……and she isn’t dying (I asked my sister) – so i don’t know what shes up to…maybe nothing – I’ll give her the benifit of the doubt and say she saw the light.

    Ok just had to vent alittle – its been one of those days!
    Prtfvr – I Will go vote on IMBD when i get home…….

  174. rifkind said

    OMG! I can just see you both jumping out of bed from a deep sleep and smashing into each other in the dark.. LOL!!
    It’s like watching AFV, sometimes you just can’t believe that something so funny happened spontaneously. Table cloth surfing, too funny. My Mom’s cat just figured out how to get into the cupboard where her bag of kitty food was sitting. Mom’s going to have to get a child-proof kit for the kitchen cabinets, or she will have a fat kitty!
    We had a night like yours once. In the middle of the night, our cat got his head inside of a plastic bag that had handles and then it got stuck around his neck. The more he ran, the more the β€˜thing’ around his neck pulled. He ran even more. Then, the bag billowed and bumped and crashed into things in the dark, scaring him even more. Poor kitty! He scared the wits out of us too!
    The animals in our lives add so much richness. Just love them!

  175. rifkind said

    Maybe your animals are doing their animal magic to bring $$ to you so that you are “filthy rich’ as AlisaSG said. LOL

    Whew! As I watched CSI, I was hoping that someone would get a screen capture of that picture. Kyle looks awesome. Great tousled curly long hair and sparkling eyes. As MsGypsy said, she notice he got single screen credit. Glad to see the young man working. I wish that it was on Season II of Blood Ties though.

    Homemade bread! Oh man, my mouth is watering. There is nothing better than fresh homemade bread out of the oven with butter! Your lunch sounds sooo good.. My leftovers and a bag of popcorn just doesn’t cut it!

  176. Anne said

    The most real-looking female cop I remember seeing is Det. Faith Yokas from Third Watch – not those fashion plates without rubbersoled shoes.

    The CSI:M picture is in the gallery – I only had time for one before going to work, but expect a few more.

  177. rifkind said

    Thanks for the apology.
    It takes a big man to apologize and I respect you for being man enough to come here and apologize to all of us.

    I grew up with this saying :
    “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

    When it comes to the world of the internet, public forums and blogs, remember this saying :
    “You can’t be misquoted if you don’t say anything.”

    If you want to come here and be civil and respectful of our Blog family, you’re welcome to join in the conversation.

  178. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Anne a woman after my own heart I loved Third Watch and watched till it went off the air. That was one of my favorite shows too, Loved *Bosco* the guy you either loved or hated. Faith was a great role too, the guy who played her husband was on Numbers last Friday too.

    Hey Rif I can send some plain bread ready to bake to Claires also, sound good? Hot and with real butta!

  179. rifkind said

    If we make homemade bread, it will get scarfed-up so fast!
    Add butter and honey and we will have everyone in the kitchen waiting for the bread to come out of the oven!

  180. prtfvr said

    Anne: Lordy his eyes look SO green in that picture. I know it’s all the green around him and on his shirt but they look green to me.

    *prints picture.* *looks around.* *rolls picture and places in pocket book.* *puts hand on door nob.* I’ll see you guys in an hour or so. Later!

  181. Margaret said

    prtfvr: Maybe you could check and see if the ratings increased for CSI Miami more than usual, although I don’t know if our man/child has that kind of drawing power yet.

    Ladies: I told prtfvr she could eat all the garlic she wants but we love Italian food so that still wouldn’t keep anyone from hugging her. Come over here so I can give you a big hug. lol

  182. rifkind said

    Who sent NORMAN my way?
    Our intranet application just crashed here at work! *&^%$!!@

  183. cdnfreyja said

    Anne, how could I have forgotten about Faith? I agree that she is the most realistic female cop I’ve seen on tv.

    And I had to giggle at the new photo (for more than one reason) but the one I’m thinking of now is that you grabbed it from CTV, the lovely channel I watched last night at 7 and then again at 10! Digital cable with time shifting is a great thing.

  184. AlisaSG said

    hi all!! πŸ™‚
    *deep sigh* .. thank you all for the *DEEP concern* — we’re gonna NEED it!!!

    >> What news is Alisa talking about and I can look into it?

    >> Alisa’s concern is regarding a very bad news story by her home in New Jersey. Nothing Blood Ties related….. at least I don’t think.

    It’s not Tv’s BT related at all. This is *international* NEWS being a bit too close for comfort on where I am.. I tried to find something tangible on the internet to clue in on more details to the radio reports I kept hearing all day yesterday…

    Here’s an article for temporary viewing — and look ASAP, because I don’t know how much longer it will be available on the internet, before getting archived into oblivion.

    Kelly: Al-Qaida associates in N.J.
    Monday, October 15, 2007

    I hope the link works.. it ran off the page on me. So, I don’t know if it is correct, or if it will work at all.
    I’ll post more on this later..

  185. Jennifer said

    Hi ladies….I’m back!!! Hope everyone had a good day. Mine was okay. So tonight I’m thinking about watching all the BT episodes I taped from beginning until now!! I was going through MAJOR WITHDRAWALS this summer from not seeing Henry and the rest of the guys!!!!!! I REALLY missed them!!!!!
    It’s official…..I definitely have Henryitis!!!! And Steve Bacic flu!!! And as for Immanuel, he’s given me the sweetest headaches!! I failed mentioning that I AM a bit shy, but just TALKING about these GORGEOUS,GORGEOUS guys makes me SOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!! Now I’m off to watch BT!! Will be back later.

  186. lwildstar said

    I know how you feel AlisaSG – they only give you part of the news and then everybody gets twice as nervous…my sister lives less than 20 miles from a small nuke plant and last year they got a report that the place was targeted – but no further info was ever relayed – like how did they find out, who was it, did they catch the people, or was it just a bad joke (like the bomb threats we used to get in college) – the important things.

    Diz – homemade bread? dont tease, are you really going to send some to Claires?

    Anne – Thank you! I love the picture!

    Well I’m out of here – need food now…took forever to get home tonight, the bus never showed up and I had to wait another 30 minutes for the next one – now I know how a sardine feels!


  187. AlisaSG said

    sorry for the sudden news post.. here’s the other portions of what I heard from yesterday (via the radio news announcements).

    On the *international* NEWS front — I sort of feel like our little obscure state (NJ) is being put on the front lines of a very BAD OMEN.. yah know, on BLOOD TIES — when Astaroth decides to have Vicki “BREAK ALL HELL LOOSE ON EARTH”.. this wasn’t exactly what I was thinking in the real world..!! (MEGA yikes!!!!)

    About the radio reports I kept hearing.. Nevermind which radio station aired it (that’s not important).. what’s important was WHAT they were saying THIS TIME THAT MADE IT SPECIFICALLY UNIQUE FROM ALL THE TIMES PRIOR!

    Practically every hour on the radio yesterday, I kept hearing reports that some members of some organized (crime) have a link to al-Qaeda or some other terrorist org — nationally. Most people think of NYC and DC as being prime time targets.

    Well, obviously, TPTB looking into the matter still believe that, but there are also parts of NJ also ON THAT HIT LIST. Most are on the east coast corridor.

    WHAT I heard yesterday on the radio was VERY SPECIFIC — in — that whoever those people are, some are in the *mountains* of NJ. Well, for those who didn’t know — yes, NJ has mountains — more rolling knolls than *mountains* — but 2 weeks ago, one particular town has been having a rash of crime sprees, where crime usually *rarely* occurs (in the boonies of NJ).

    There are 3 counties that I can figure out that are the prime *mountain* locations. Uppermost northwestern side of the state. Yeah.. bullseye on someone’s dart board — that side of the state is just as vulnerable, too. Apparently, our exchange student educational programs have allowed these people to come on over and hide out in the mountains of the boonies.

    This happened in 2000 and 2001. Now, it’s happening all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦
    It’s believed by our USA government that the people who want to destroy the USA, and everyone in it, would like to nuke strategic places. One of those locations is just a few miles from my humble abode, and would devastate this entire state and *REGION*–
    and moreso,

    Also, all of the reassurances of *speculation* in the radio news isn’t helping much. That’s why the *TV* news is being focused more on idiot health care, global warming, and etc.. it’s believed to keep the locals from getting overly distracted on what concerns us the MOST — the safety of our state and country.. and apart from those so-called *crime-watch* zones, which are basically just a decorative sign on the streets..
    I’ll believe our areas are crime free, when the thugs are permanently gone!

    People tend to bounce back, but mostly thru personal faith in a being of higher authority than the humans in charge on our own planet. And we’re also resilient only because we’d all be on Prozac or something if we dwelled on this as much as those pushing it on us, want us to be. Numb the brain, forget about reality.

    I can numb them brain cells just fine by tuning in to Tv programs–as in Eureka, Stargate (any version) and Blood Ties. The imaginary is so much easier to deal with than reality. That’s what has helped me get thru so many years of my other life, even before the world decided to invade (the USA) with plans of no good for the rest of us.

    and I seriously wonder what the “chosen” folks who’ll hide out in their underground bunkers will do, after the rest of the planet is turned into a barren wasteland from “all hell being unleashed everywhere”.
    Global Warming is the *LEAST* of our problems, here..!

    sorry if that sounded so morbid..

    *Astaroth and his minions* don’t need to come out of a hell hole down the street or over a few towns from me! Why can’t they go fight their battles on some other barren planet – like Mars…?? πŸ˜›

  188. AlisaSG said

    Hi Jennifer!
    welcome to our *humble* community that keeps me and probably most of the rest of us sane! I’ve got Henryitis too, only because it’s a helpful addiction to the rest of my chaotic life..

    I know a few others here have it too, and sometimes I think their life is more chaotic than what I just wrote above (see my previous posts)…

  189. Margaret said

    Monday, October 15, 2007
    Roush on Moonlight, Supernatural and Ray Wise

    Question: I had a chance to watch the pilots for both Moonlight and Reaper. I’m a big Supernatural fan, and these ghost/vampire genre shows, when done well, are a lot of fun. To me, one of these shows demonstrates how you do it well, and one demonstrates how you do it badly. Let’s start with the good: I really enjoy Reaper. The stars are likable, the writing is fun, and it genuinely made me laugh. It obviously isn’t taking itself too seriously, but the effects are still nice and flashy, and let’s face it: You couldn’t ask for a more charming Satan than Ray Wise. I hope he gets more screen time. The creators obviously have a clear vision that the look, the music and the story all contribute to. I’ll definitely keep tuning in. Now on to Moonlight Ò€” yikes! First of all, that voice-over. We get it, you’re an angsty vampire. Shut up, already! I think the excessive VO makes the bad writing even worse. Because the writing is bad. So full of clichés! I wanted to laugh at the overly serious dialogue. But the actors aren’t bad. I don’t know much about Alex O’Loughlin, but I know he was on The Shield; Shannyn Sossamon has some decent film credits; and I like Sophia Myles (although she isn’t selling me on the American accent). But watching them in this show is painful. The only redeeming quality is Jason Dohring, who is fun and over-the-top, and the only person involved with the show who seems to realize it’s about vampires, so maybe trying to ground it in realism (comparing your blood supplier to a drug dealer?) is a little silly. They seem to go back and forth between film-noir detective story and gothic novel, and neither style really works. What was your take on these two? Can Moonlight turn it around?β€” Rebekah N.

    Matt Roush: My initial review, filed upon getting the first episodes very close to airdate, pretty much echoes your main points. As I noted, the second episode improved on the first (at least in terms of narrative progression), although since that episode’s writer (Angel vet David Greenwalt) has already left the show, there’s still no way of being convinced just yet what kind of show this will turn out to be. The good news for Moonlight fans is that it appears to be holding enough of the Ghost Whisperer audience for now that CBS may give it time to find its bearings. I am also dismayed by the clichéd writing and the wretched acting (especially by Myles, this season’s Elisabeth Rohm) surrounding a promising lead performance by O’Loughlin. Digression: I was kind of amused when I watched the first episode of Blood Ties’ second season (now airing Fridays at 11 pm/ET on Lifetime) to be reminded of how much better the female lead on that show is than the wan vampire character. Both shows strike me as so depressingly mediocre, which leaves me hoping Alan Ball can pull off his HBO vampire project and restore my faith in the genre.

    (I only copied his response as it related to Blood Ties, Good News for Christina, bad news for Kyle).

  190. lwildstar said

    AlisaSG – hang in there…we ae all with you……

    on a lighter note….found this on LT, I don’t know if anyone has posted this artical before or not

    well I doubt I’ll be back tonight – so I’ll talk to you later

  191. lwildstar said

    Tanya posted a comment on the DOA blog! shes figured out how to get in and read comments and post! yippee!
    She is LT_TanyaHuff
    by the time you get this he post may be on the previous page – she posted at time stamp 12:26pm today

  192. lwildstar said

    blog ate my post!
    ok I fogot that the blog hates the LT links so here is a recap –

    Tanya posted on the DOA blog time stamp 12:26pm today…she is LT_TanyaHUff

    by the time you read this her post will be on the previous page…got to love that woman

    yes they figured out a way for her to post and read comments – per the post that is her blog and she will catch up on the posts…..

  193. lwildstar said

    She posted a second time not long after the first – I’m so happy sh’e back!

    ok – now I am really off for the night – things seem really quiet and I feel like I’m talking to myself – again…


  194. Margaret said

    It just dawned on me-we only have a matter of weeks to make some kind of impact with Lifetime concerning Blood Ties. Does anyone live close enough to their offices in New York to picket their offices? You think I’m kidding, I’m not. If I could take the time off, had the money, I’d be there. The casts contracts are only good until November. So ladies, what can we do in a matter of weeks that would know their socks off?

    Printer ran out of ink so I have to go do postcards the old fashioned way, print them by hand.

  195. lwildstar said

    Tanya posted on her LJ about the LT blog………… it really is her – and if any of this is a repeat from post above I appoligize – I only scanned over the post from today 😦 its been one of those days….

    moving on I really am trying to get out of here – this cold is getting worse and I am alone at work for the rest of the week so I can’t take a sick day…

    Mags – what happened to the little girl that was writting cards for you?

    night again!

  196. catcornmom said

    Well, I really enjoyed Kyle’s 3 minutes on CSI. He looked VERY GOOD!! I’m just disappointed, as you all were, that he wasn’t on longer. I’m not sure it was worth watching David Caruso for that long….

    Welcome Jennifer!! Good to have you in the group! I’m not sure I have a job in this group, but I think I’m one of the original mayors of Pervs-ville. I’m a proud member of the clinic and I’ve claimed room 327. And I am definitely a HEN!!

    As I’ve caught up on all these posts today, I wish you all could see me because I’m really wondering if these jeans make me look fat…HAHAHHAHA OK, I just saw that Richard Simmons is on David Letterman tonight… maybe I’ll stay up and work it out a little bit.

  197. Jennifer said

    AlisaSG….I read your post and must admit that I’m not sure what you’re talking about since I really don’t watch the news alot, but I can assure you one thing…..IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY……Just hang in there!!!!! Just breathe!!!! And think HAPPY THOUGHTS………such as HENRY FITZROY!!!!!! Does that help? I hope so!!!!

  198. Anzia said


    Nina- yeah, well, i was singing the same song all day too…but if I sing it out loud I get funny looks (danged office is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO quiet!)… so I sing in my head & dance in my chair. & yes, my lovely lovely didi- you are crazy. But I knew that already *ducks to avoid gorgeous bollywood hunk being thrown at her* why NinA! how did you know he’s who i wanted? πŸ˜‰

    Prtmama- Lordy lordy do i love you! ^_^ And how many pet names do you have for me now? quite a few…

    mamaclaire- dear, I believe you ahve something wrong w/your pets…MIGHT wanna get ’em checked out. Especially if they’re eating poo. I mean, with all the crap ya’ll spout your poor animals will eat themselves to death when ya’ll meet! πŸ˜‰ *ducks -again- to avoid flying object* *giggles* *runs & hides* GOTTA LOVE ME! I’M THE BABY!

    Diz- yeah, you’re right. but SERIOUSLY who REALLY has fun calling receptionists & Secretaries all day to get names? I mean…COME ON! I must REALLY be loosing it! ^_^ Day 2 wasn’t as fun as day 1 but…not bad. I’m kind of tired of eating by myself though 😦 I have NO ONE my age to talk to…my boss went missing around lunch time. & she’s about the only person I know there…

    Everyone else (I’m WAYYYYYYYYYY to lazy to type everyone’s name- BUT I LOVE YOU!) THANK YOU very much. ^_^

  199. Claire said

    Good evening my ladies!!!
    Why Anne you little devil!!! Hiding such a tasty treat behind your name! love it,love it!!! I’ll be over to your site in a minute to snatch that one up!

    Laurel,I swear that tablecloth surf must be in all cats gene pool!
    I have a fairly large dining table(Cause my family is a tad large ;)! anyway yeah,every morning I wake up,tablecloth is half on the floor,placemats scattered everywhere!
    and if having them poop everywhere means I’m going to be rich well Alisa,from your mouth to Gods ear!

    Anyway..I’m headed for Annes to look around and LT then bed so

    Bonne nuit mes amis belles…reves doux d’Henri/Kyle!!
    Je t’aime

    teacher of all things French rm.824

  200. cdnfreyja said

    Ladies, I’m in the middle of Necrodome. That tape is going to be rewound before I head off to bed. πŸ˜‰

    catcornmom, you know, the city doesn’t have a mayor yet. When the municipal administration gives me trouble over zoning, by-laws, and the inevitable noise complaints (’cause you know we’re going to be noisy at the clinic), it might be handy to know someone at city hall.

  201. Margaret said

    lwildstar: She’s still writing them, not as quick as I like but she goes to school partime and I don’t want to get in the way of that.

  202. Madonna said

    Hey guys,
    Just checking in before heading to bed.

    I heard somewhere that Nielsen ratings come out on Wednesdays. Maybe we’ll have a better idea of where we might stand tomorrow.

    Everyone thinking about their virtual Halloween costumes and what kind of virtual “food” we’re gonna have?

    Goodnight all.

  203. moonbeam said

    Greetings BT Family,

    Just dropped in to see what’s up and to procrastinate! (tons of Tilly teacher work still to be done) Welcome Jennifer!

    Arrowyn-I hope all went well with your dad. It is always so stressful! (((hugs))) holding in my thoughts.

  204. AlisaSG said

    enjoy Necrodome!! πŸ˜€ savor that minute and ten seconds segment (sniffing scene! — yes, I timed it .. had to find out how long it actually was in contrast to the first 2-second kissy-kissy scene in the car =)
    the ending was nicely done too.. but I wasn’t too crazy about the middle, even tho it had a few *interesting* moments (Henry and Vicki’s feet on her desk, talking about Henry *finally* showing up — “you could have called”) πŸ˜›


    >> think HAPPY THOUGHTS………such as HENRY FITZROY!!!!!!

    Oh, that I *do* do automatically.. and often (especially when bored at work!)

    >>AlisaSG….I read your post and must admit that I’m not sure what you’re talking about since I really don’t watch the news alot, but I can assure you one thing…..IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY……Just hang in there!!!!!

    Biblically speaking.. I’m not so sure about that. But if you’re outside of the USA, you’re probably on safer ground. (You = generic reference *you*)

    I’m near enough to where my dad used to work (USA military center) that I used to find it comforting, that such a place was nearby and hopefully on top of things for the rest of us local numm-numms.. I never knew what went on in there, because I really wasn’t interested in my dad’s work. But after my dad died, I found out from my mom (also now passed on into memory) that my dad was working on the protype for the real Star Wars (earth) protection systems. I don’t know what he did other than get frustrated on computer programs and then scream at us, because he couldn’t get the programs to do what they were supposed to do.

    It was his intense anger at computers that kept me away from wanting to even be near the horrid things as long as I could.. but alas, when the PC’s came out with the internet and made the things easier to use, my sister and I agree that he’d be in 7th heaven if he ever saw us using/gabbing on the silly things now. πŸ˜‰

    My other sister is near another USA military center, which I found out in the news a few months ago, that both places were “being considered on the target list” for some sort of hostile takeover invasion.. by people who managed to gain access into another facility via delivering pizzas, etc.!

    NOT nice.. anywho.. according to the news reports — the persons being accused for *treason* or whatever it was, denied having any ill intentions, etc., even tho their phone bills went to not so savory connections // persons overseas, etc… that was the story about the guy in south Jersey who had a legitimate customer request to make a copy of a videotape, that had details about the entire heist and weapons training (in nearby Poconos Pennsylvania). I think the guys involved in the video claimed it was for hunting small game (yeah — come to think of it.. is that a *dual* play on words — statement??
    …for *US/USA* as being the small game..??!!) ohhhhhhh??

    America falls asleep, gets apathetic; and that’s just one of the stories that happens that we *did* hear about. Those in the other regions who aren’t near it — listen in one ear and out the other, and roll over again to snooze in their booze (the other way some people have been dealing with these types of news). 😦

    I’m only concerned, because that’s the 3rd incident that I’ve heard within the past few weeks of something MAJOR happening with connections on the grander scale (possibly of Biblical proportions!). Iraq and Iran are just white background *noise* to drown out the other stuff that’s been going on — that most of us are oblivious to. I don’t put much emphasis on some of those Coast to Coast nightly radio programs, but whatever it was that bothered several of the *spirit sensitives* on that show (related to our near future), it basically scared them to high heavens. I basically rolled over after hearing about it, and went back to sleep into la-la dreamland, until yesterday’s news report. I don’t need to be sobered up like *THAT*..! 😦
    Plus, I don’t drink liquor (hate the taste of it..eeeewwwww!).

  205. AlisaSG said

    sorry, but my (spirit-sensitive) *bat* radar just goes bonkers whenever I hear stories like the ones described above, any more..

    it’s sort of honed my instincts into enjoying the imaginary ends of Blood Ties, because I know those stories aren’t real, and I can live with those.. especially when a cutie pie vampire is vying for some P.I. room on the “letterhead”.. πŸ˜‰

    ummm, I originally took that comment as literal PI paper.. but after seeing how Henry just moved in shortly after realizing Vicki complimented him — I was beginning to wonder if that was an innuendo type of comment instead — of a different nature. ummm.. πŸ˜›

  206. himmiefan said

    Hi everybody!

    Catcornmom and Moonbeam – Hello!!

    Alisa – one thing that helps me is knowing that intelligence and law enforcement have had many, many successes in stopping the bad guys before they can act. Keep praying for God’s help in this area. The bad guys need to know that what goes around comes around. Evil’s a boomerang! As Earl would say (yes, only I would quote My Name is Earl in regards to terrorism), “Karma dude!”

  207. Margaret said

    Got this from Google Alert:

    The Good 5 Cent Cigar (A Student Newspaper @ the University of Rhode Island)

    BloodTies and Moonlight take a bite out of crime
    Stephanie Dennen
    Issue date: 10/17/07 Section: Entertainment

    10/17/07 – Every year, it seems that network execs are scrambling to put together the next “it” crime drama. You have the Law & Order series, and the CSI shows, but have you heard about the vampires?

    Following cult favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s spin-off Angel into the realm of vampire crime dramas come BloodTies and Moonlight.

    Now, in the interest of full-disclosure, I should probably admit that I’m something of a vampire fanatic. However, for both of these shows to receive two thumbs-up from me, they have to be worth watching.

    BloodTies, a returning Canadian production airing on Lifetime, follows a tough-as-nails private investigator Vicky Nelson into the supernatural world she never realized existed. That all changed when sexy 450-year-old Henry Fitzroy showed up to track another vamp that was leaving a trail of corpses. Better still, Vicky and Henry must resist their obvious chemistry and work together to solve suspicious cases that the Metropolitan Police Department just wouldn’t believe.

    Of course, there’s a catch: Vicky is still somewhat involved in a complicated relationship with her former partner, Mike Celluci. The show’s love triangle is very entertaining. Mortal versus vampire? No contest.

    Plus, you can’t deny that their banter is really well written, despite the fact that it airs on Lifetime. The actors, Christina Cox and Kyle Schmid, have pretty awesome comedic timing.

    The show can run on the cheesy side, however, with some other-the-top characters. For example, Vicki and Henry’s nemesis last season was an awkward Goth guy named Norman who raises a hell demon to help him pick up women.


    Add to that an evil vampire that could actually turn into a bat and fly away. Ridiculous. Henry can’t turn into a bat, but he does have a pretty nifty ability to force people to tell him the truth.

    CBS’ brand-new Moonlight, on the other hand, is about Mick St. John, an 85-year old private investigator-turned-vampire that doesn’t look a day over 35. Together with his sidekick, Beth Turner, a pretty gossip reporter, Mick always solves the case and saves the day from the evil vampires in one neat little hour.

    My favorite part of the show is the cheesy voiceover narration that makes the show enjoyably campy. Plus Moonlight is pretty much a composite of Angel and Night Stalker, two of my favorite cancelled shows.

    Besides, no one could resist noting that Henry and Mick literally “take a bite out of crime!” Take that, McGruff!

    Moonlight airs Fridays at 9 pm on CBS, and BloodTies can be seen Fridays at 11 pm on Lifetime.

    I emailed the paper and asked them to get the author of the article to encourage the students to watch the show and write to Lifetime as the matter is becoming urgent with the actors contracts expiring in November. The paper’s email is: if you want to email them and encourage their support.

  208. lwildstar said

    Well Aslia if I remember correctly Henry’s next comment after Vicki says – “are you vying for room on the letterhead” was “to start” then he steps in and Coreen ruins it! someone slap that girl!

    ok this is my morning fly-by post (decided I didn’t like the term drive by anymore – we’ve had several recently in DC that killed children)

    anywho – I’ll try to check in later – I’m more or less alone today and its going to be nuts…

    talk with you at lunch prtfvr!

  209. Claire said

    Good morning my ladies…I hope everyone is having a good day at work..I’ll be doing my usual drop ins during the day in between work…I love working from home,lol! no dealing with morons! and I can chat with you guys anytime I feel like it!
    Anne..guess what pic is on my desktop now? Thank you!

    Love yas!

  210. msgypsy said

    Good morning, although I’m not sure what’s good. One of my oldest friends called me last night. She moved to Tennessee a few years ago and her grown son stayed behind in Oregon. She’s on her way here. Her son committed suicide yesterday. He was still alive but in a coma as of 9 PM yesterday but wasn’t expected to last through the day. I didn’t ask why he did it (doesn’t matter right now and I don’t want to make her deal with telling other people about it until she’s gotten here and seen and heard what those around her son have to say.) My heart is just breaking for her. I’m not going to be a fun person today so I may stay back some from the blog. We’ll have to see how the day goes…

  211. Claire said

    Aww Ms.G…my thoughts are with you and your friend.

  212. Margaret said

    I’m with Claire-my thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend. The best thing you can do for her is just be there when she’s ready to talk.

  213. cdnfreyja said

    Good morning ladies,

    It is 10:48 here and I still haven’t done any work yet. Been a crazy morning with people coming to talk to the lawyer about the work situation. I don’t practice in the traditional sense but I still feel like I need to help everyone here. I’m waiting for my lawyer to call.

    Arrowyn – how is your dad doing?

    Gypsy – that is just awful. Sometimes we just never know why. But I’ll still be thinking about her.

    Alisa – I managed to resist rewinding it more than once. I needed to get to bed since it was already past 11pm. But it doesn’t mean that I won’t do it – it will just have to wait until Friday because I have meetings 2 nights in a row. Now, I’m definitely one lady who is too busy for the messy right now.

    And Alisa, I try to put those thoughts out of my mind. Back home I never had to think about it. Tornadoes, yes. Terrorism, no. But I live in the capital now. Actually I moved here Sept. 1/01 and things changed pretty abruptly on 9/11. There are some subtle changes and some not so subtle ones. But if I sit there thinking about what could happen then the terrorists win because what they want us to do is to live in fear, right? That is the whole point of it.

    Actually, before 9/11 the biggest incident of air terrorism was committed against Canada and Canadians. Most people around the world don’t know that because … well, Canada just doesn’t seem to be a very interesting country to most people! So, nobody reports on our business. Back in 1985 a plane carrying Canadians was blown out of the sky off the coast of Ireland. It would have been worse because there was a second plane that was supposed to have been bombed. But the bomb made it to Japan and exploded in baggage handling and killed an airport employee. So, needless to say we’ve had strict air security ever since – I can’t remember what it was like before 1985 (I’ve been flying since ’82). And sometimes the small airports are the most strict – I know my home one is.

    Now, this doesn’t mean that our police and intelligence service didn’t screw up. They did in this case – we currently are holding an inquiry to figure out what went wrong. But, I think they learned enough lessons that they are doing their jobs now. They’ve already taken down 2 groups in Canada. Are they perfect? Well, no one is perfect but like I said I can’t sit there and think about it or I’ll drive myself nuts. Doesn’t mean I am not conscious of it or that I haven’t changed my behaviour. I refuse to walk along Wellington (runs past Parliament and is a major bus route), I avoid the American embassy when possible (in the heart of the Market near the National Art Gallery – it is built to withstand attacks such that the Market neighbourhood would be completely flattened), and I notice the fighter planes overhead from time to time as they do their random patrols (there is a nuclear facility not far NW of here).

    I still have to live my life and I’m going to do it. And as part of that I’ve already decided that I’m definitely going to move to Vancouver. I don’t know when it will happen but I’ll make it happen. It is just a matter of time! πŸ™‚

  214. jpbaci1 said


  215. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas.

    Gypsy-My thoughts and prayers are with your friend. I know what something like that is like from my mom’s cousin killing himself. I refused to go in their house after that.

    I was just thinking, it is too bad that none of you live near me. My parents are going to New Hampshire for the weekend so I thought of heading up to Salem MA on Saturday.

  216. msgypsy – I am sorry that your friend is having to deal with such horrendous news. I think losing a child is a parents biggest fear and these circumstances are even more heart wrenching. I know you will be a comfort to her. My prayers and thoughts are with all of you.

  217. Annalaise duChat said

    Gypsy — That’s a terrible thing to have to deal with, condolences to your friend, my thoughts are with you.

  218. Himmiefan said

    Ms Gypsy – I’m so sorry about your friend and her son. Prayers for you, your friend and her family. I know your being there for her will be a big comfort.

  219. Maddie Mo said

    Morning all,

    Ms Gypsy, I’m sorry about your news. my prayers go out to your friend and her family.

    I have only scanned the blog since Friday. I was really sick all weekend and I was out sick Monday and Tuesday and still feel like hell. So, sorry if I have missed anything important. I feel like I have missed a lot. So glad that BT is back. Althought I didn’t watch it until last night. Someone please update me if I have missed anything.

  220. Danae said

    Maddie-Is it the same sick that you have been dealing with since the baby was sick? I can’t believe you haven’t been able to get rid of it. Maybe you should go to the doctor. Hope you are feeling better now.

  221. Himmiefan said

    Maddie – I agree with Dani. Doctor time! You’ve had this way too long, or you’re getting a relapse. Hope you feel better soon! Hugs to little Maddie.

  222. Maddie Mo said

    Yep it’s all been the same. I started feeling a little better Monday night but then I woke up yesterday and felt like it was the first day of a cold again. Don’t reallly know what is up with that. I feel like I am completely drained of energy and it feels like someone has poured concrete in my chest. Dale has been trying to get me to go to the DR. but I just have so much to do here, with our quarterly reports that are due for 3rd quarter.

  223. Danae said

    I understand all that but you are no good to them or Dale or Maddie if you don’t go. Maybe it is something more than a cold. If you keep working and running yourself ragged it will just get worst. I remember a few years ago I was sick. My chest hurt when I breathed in. I finally went to the doctor Christmas Eve. He told me I was lucky. I was this close to spending Christmas in the hospital with pneumonia. I had asthmatic bronchitis and had to be on an inhaler plus I am allergic to all the “cillin” meds. What I could take was not working the greatest.

  224. Madonna said

    Good afternoon y’all.

    I’m doing well today, except for the fact that I can’t stay awake. I’ve still got 7 hours to go here at work.

    Ms. Gypsy,
    I’m so sorry for your friend and for you. I’m sure it is a great comfort for her knowing you are there. ((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))

    Maddie Mo,
    Sounds like you’ve got something more than just a cold. You probably need an antibiotic to clear it up just like Danae said. If you let it go it’ll probably only get worse. So get yourself to the doctor. Don’t make me come down there and drag you to one myself. I will ya know. lol….. (Where are you from anyway?)

    Anyone heard from DebS? We haven’t seen her around in several weeks. Hope she’s OK.

    Where’s Dizey? She usually checks in by now.

  225. cdnfreyja said

    Hey Maddie,

    Go to the doctor. When you’ve had something drag on like this it is a sign that either you’ve got something more serious than you thought or you’ve got a secondary infection. If it is secondary, it is a sign that your immune system is working overtime and needs some serious help. It happened to me when I was studying overseas. Luckily I was in a country with a good health care system, Germany. But it didn’t keep me from picking up something that almost killed me. And no, I’m not overdramatizing this – I required emergency surgery in the evening after quick admission to the hospital. They didn’t fool around.

    So, now I take it very seriously when I get more than one cold a year or things are not ‘normal’ – I pay attention and make sure I rest and take care of myself.

  226. laurel said

    I have just a minute to catch up, hopefully I’ll be back in a few hours.

    Gypsy, what a horrible thing. You did good not asking questions she will have no answers to. I will keep them in my prayers and hope for the best, whatever that might be.
    Arrowyn, how’s your dad?
    Maddie Mo – Still feeling yucky? I don’t like the sound of that either, maybe it’s time to call for medical advise. Of course as soon as you get in to a Dr. you’ll feel better, but it might be worth the effort. πŸ™‚

  227. Nisi said

    Gypsy – So sorry about your friends son. She will be in my prayers.

    Maddie – I hope you get better soon.

    ((hugs)) to both of you and anyone else who needs one.

  228. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good Afternoon! I had a GE seminar (BORING!!) this morning and just reading and catching up.

    Gypsy, There are no words. Losing a child is most definitely the worst loss but losing them this way is soooo devastating, my prayers to you and your friend. God Bless the family again so sorry for her loss.

    Maddie, please take care of you cuz’ Maddie needs a WELL Mommy. Take care of yourself you’re a precious commodity πŸ™‚

    To the rest of my *COOP* how ya’ll doin’ sounds like we’re better than we were earlier this week. Keep it up and NORMAN stay away πŸ˜‰

  229. cdnfreyja said

    Hey D – how are you? And to imagine I didn’t even need to intervene with a supernatural restraining order. πŸ˜‰

  230. Anne said

    Someone posted this in my guestbook, but I thought it would fit better on the Media Section
    Great moisturizer – heh …

  231. Maddie Mo said

    Thnaks to everyone . My mom thinks I have walking pneumonia. I should be finished up with reports today, early tomorrow and if I am not feeling any better tomorrow I will call the DR. and see if they can get me in.

    Madonna, I’m up around St. louis.

    Freyja, how long where you in Germany? I lived in Kitzegen (close to Wurzberg) for a little over a year back in 96-97. I was there with my ex-husband who was in the service.

  232. cdnfreyja said

    Hi Maddie, I ended up spending only 9 months there. I attended university in Marburg in the Lahn Valley about an hour north of Frankfurt. It was supposed to be a year but thanks to that infection, followed by influenza, and mono, I decided to come home for 3 months to recuperate. I went back to try to salvage the year so I could get some credits towards my degree. When I was there I often listened to the American service radio station – way better music.

  233. cdnfreyja said

    Oops, Maddie that was back in 95-96 so we almost overlapped!

  234. Danae said

    Anne-I loooooooooooove love love love that picture of Kyle that you have with that interview. I want it!

  235. Madonna said

    Thanks Anne! It was interesting……

    Is everyone ready for Friday night at 11? I think the episode is Wild Blood. It’s been a while since I looked at the episode synopsis but I think this is the one with the shapeshifter. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a long time. I love stories about shapeshifters.

    Oh, During lunch here I’ve been trying to find something on Blood Ties’ ratings for Friday. I haven’t been able to find anything specific regarding BT’s but I did find that Lifetime averaged 1.3 million views for Oct. 12th. 7th in standings among cable networks. SciFi Network was ranked 14th.

  236. Madonna said

    That should have said 1.3 million viewers but I’m sure you already knew that.

  237. Danae said

    Hey thanks Madonna. I think it is a good thing that Lifetime was over Sci-Fi on Friday. I am so looking forward to Friday’s episode. I think it is Wild Blood.

  238. Madonna said

    You know what’s funny…….

    Kyle’s worried about opening the eyes of someone who walks past him.

  239. Danae said

    If he walks past me my eyes better be open.

  240. Danae said

    and looking in his direction.

  241. Danae said

    Of course if he did walk past me I would probably end up paralyzed mouth open tongue hanging drooling and babbling. What a sight that would be.

  242. Madonna said

    Maybe he’d turn around and offer you some assistance.

  243. Danae said

    I may need it if that happens.

  244. Anne said

    Danae – I’ve never seen it before and that size is the only one I found – but you’re welcome to get it.

    Kyle could probably make a pretty nice living – or do it for charity – doing t-shirt advertising.
    Viggo Mortensen definitely uses his to make statements.

    I’m off to work soon and I just programmed my DVR – a local station is airing Kyle’s episode of Missing. I’ve enver seen it before so I hope my DVR does its job.

  245. Danae said

    Time to make the donuts. Actually it is time to go home. Ciao Bellas!

  246. Madonna said

    CPR? Mouth to mouth rescussitation? (sp?)

  247. Danae said

    Good luck

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  248. Danae said

    Mouth to mouth for sure!

  249. Danae said

    The French kind.

  250. Danae said

    Ok now I really am going.

  251. cdnfreyja said

    Danae, that probably isn’t the reaction he was going for with the political statement thing. He might have to rethink that if you are any indication of the pandemonium that could ensue.

    Just kidding, πŸ˜‰

  252. Danae said

    No the look in my eyes would be of pure adoration and appreciation for him. He would know. LOL!

  253. Danae said

    Ok bye

  254. cdnfreyja said

    You so would not be looking at the political message on the T-shirt! LOL! It would be totally lost on you.

    You know you want to stay.

  255. Jennifer said

    Hi Ladies….Hope all’s well today. Ms. Gypsy, So sorry to hear about your friend, my prayers go out to you both. Hope everyone who isn’t feeling well will do so very soon!!! My thoughts and prayers to you all.

  256. Margaret said

    That boy can’t honestly think that any red blooded woman would be looking at his shirt, does he?

  257. Arrowyn said

    Quick drive-by to tell you that my Dad is fine. The doctor said that the surgery was text-book easy. She went in at exactly the same place where his original incision was and he hardly had any bleeding. She kept him overnight only because of his age (92). He called me last night after dinner and said that he ate everything but the plates! He was raring to go home. I took him home around 10 this morning. He feels wonderful. No pain, no nothing, just tired. So, by now, he’s taking a nap.

    I haven’t had time to catch up on the blog or emails or anything, including work. When I called my office after the surgery to see if I needed to go back to work (it was 4 pm then), I was told that there was hardly anything in my IN baskets, so “don’t worry about it”. When I got in this morning, my baskets were overflowing and I found out that the woman who usually helps me (at home) by taking the overload is back in the hospital with pneumonia (2nd or 3rd time). Yes, that did not sound sympathetic. You’d have to know her. She is a person who ALWAYS has something wrong with her or her life. Most of the time, the doctors can’t find anything (physically) wrong with her. And she’s a whiner.

    Well, you just learned something else about me — when I’m stressed, I’m harsh and unsympathetic about a lot of things. But, trust me, that doesn’t apply to any of you.

    I WILL find the time (eventually) to read everything, post and reply.

  258. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Arrowyn, so glad to hear you Pop is ok!! Great news and damn girl he’s 92 and sounds pretty darn spunky! Longevity must be in your genes. Wonderful news so glad all went well. Get yourself a nice bottle of Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon yummmm and go vegg out in front of the tv I hear there’s a cool new show on called Blood Ties and they have some hot, awesome actors on it. Check it out and let me know if it’s worth watching 😎 πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  259. Jennifer said

    Arrowyn…So happy to know that you’re Dad is doing better!!!! Hope you’re feeling better as well….and I’m sure you are now. God Bless!!!

  260. Margaret said

    [audio src="" /]

    This is a link from Sci-Fi Talk. There’s some silly gal called Margaret who left a voice mail rambling about Blood Ties and she signed off saying she was from Ms. Gypsy’s Blog. Take a listen, at least you’ll get a laugh.

  261. Margaret said

    Its a pod cast.

  262. lwildstar said

    Mags! you’re famous now! You didn’t do to bad there – its dificulet to think straight when you leave a message like that – you don’t want to sound all fangirly – I think you did pretty good…

    Anne – thank you for that interview – I l;ove the picture that was with it

    I hope everyone is doing better this evening – I’ll try to check in later.

    Wildstar d’ Nightwalker

  263. I am bummed. I can’t hear your pod cast Margaret, but I am sure you did us proud!

    Arrowyn – Glad your Dad is okay.

    I’ve been lurking most of the day. It is an overcast rainy day here in the Wet Coast and it makes me want to curl up in a corner with a book. Unfortunately, I don’t think my work would appreciate that. I don’t know why, but there you have it. So, I am going to head home fairly soon and curl up in my favorite corner of my couch for the evening. Talk to you ladies tomorrow πŸ™‚

  264. catcornmom said

    Gypsy-Sorry to hear about your friend. It’s going to be difficult to be strong for her, but I’m sure you are just the friend she needs.

    Arrowyn, that is really great news about your dad. I’m green with envy. I lost my dad to kidney cancer over 15 years ago when he was only 49. Hold on to yours tight!!

    Hey back to you, Himmie!!!

    Well, today was the day from hell at school. It has been storming all day in Kansas. I teach high school kids and they were taking achievement tests all morning and it was lightening and thundering and the lights were flickering and I was with freshman and every little thing set them off. (That was a really long sentence!) Then after lunch, the electricity went off for about 2 hours until school was out. We have interior rooms with NO WINDOWS!!! We kept the kids in 6th hour until school was out. That was almost 2 hours with the same kids. The rooms were getting hot because we are an air conditioned building and our windows don’t open, and of course the air wasn’t on!! During all of this, “nature called”. I went to the restroom while some students held a flashlight for me After I took care of business, I lathered up my hands with soap and stuck my hands under the “automatic water dispenser sink” and of course no water came out….at least the students got a chuckle out of that one!!! I think I’m really ready for a night of viewing Blood Ties with my feet up and drinking some margaritas!!

    Hope the rest of you are having a better day!!!

  265. Margaret said

    Tom Jicha | TV and Radio Writer (Sun Fort Lauderdale, FL
    October 21, 2007

    Q. Moonlight is almost a duplicate of Blood Ties. The only difference between the two shows is that in Blood Ties the vampire is not a private detective but a righter-of-wrongs. What I really cannot understand is why did CBS remove Close to Home? It was an excellent series with very real plots. I really looked forward to watching it. β€” B.W., e-mail

    A. CBS canceled Close to Home because it didn’t attract a sufficient number of viewers in the crucial 18-49 demographic. I agree it was a bad decision and wouldn’t be surprised if before very long Moonlight, CBS’s attempt to jump on the Heroes bandwagon, fares even more poorly with younger viewers as well as the audience at large.

    Don’t know if we should consider this good news or bad news since this show has a better time slot. Wonder what the numbers were on it. PRTFVR-Where are you my statistical wizard? Do you think you could find ratings for Moonlight?

  266. vicki said

    hey all..

    drive by…gotta do gotta do…I swear Norman was with me all morning…nothing went right…I couldnt get my laptop to work..I couldnt get a test to print…or it tried to print in wingdigs….etc. etc….I am sure that he was just messing with me..but anyway..gotta do gotta do….

  267. Anzia said

    Gypsy- I’m sorry about your friend. You have my love & Prayers!

    Guys, i’m barely keeping up w/ya’ll! You guys REALLY know how to wrack up the comments. πŸ˜‰ Not that there’s anything wrong with that. ^_^ *sticks tongue out at prtmama* I’m just mentioning…that way…if I happen to disappear (As if crawl into a hole & sleep for days) you’ll not wonder…or worry. ^_^

  268. msgypsy said

    Wow! And I’d been considering canceling my subscription to the Sci-Fi Talk podcast… (I never have time to listen to it before the next one comes out!) Margaret, you sound amazing there. Good for you and thanks for the shout-out to the blog!

    I just heard from Sylvia’s husband (Sylvia is my friend with the son who tried to kill himself) and he’s starting to regain consciousness. I’m still not asking her the questions I’m thinking, but Chuck (her husband) says he’ll call to let me know once he finds out anything, so as to spare Sylvia the need to make at least this one phone call.

    I had lunch with Nisi today (and she got to see what a klutzy freak I am) and I had a great idea. At least I think it’s a great idea. Who here is good at Photo Shop? I so want to make Henry Fitzroy paper dolls. I can find costumes for every era he lived through and I’d love to see him in some of them. Although, tell ya the truth, I think his little sister Elizabeth needs to have made things too uncomfortable for him because not only would the neck ruffs disturb his feeding schedule, but he’d look downright absurd in one of them!

  269. Madonna said

    Hi girls!

    Just checking in before bed.

    I’m so glad your dad is doing good. Get yourself some rest. You sound weary.

    Good to hear your voice. Didn’t you say you were from Kentucky once? I can kind of hear it in your voice.

    Oh and I looked it up…. Moonlight is averaging a little over 7 million viewers. You have to consider though that it is on CBS and network television gets more viewers than cable.

    If you go to this website they have a special pic of the week. It looks like it is from an upcoming episode.

  270. Claire said

    Hey ladies stopping by for my usual bed time post.
    Maddie…I agree with everyone else! Back when the quads were a year old I caught a cold,that didn’t seem to go away,I felt alot like you.One day Nikki came home from school and found the quads running around by themselves,and me shivering on the sofa almost unconscious.I was rushed to the hospital and I had 105.2 temp! and walking pneumonia!

    It’s easy to forget to take care of yourself, as a Mom our first concerns are for our children and then bam,we’re on our backs sick! Get yourself checked out!

    Arrowyn…I’m so happy you’re Dad is OK! and 92!!! I miss my Dad..he passed when I was 23.
    Anne..once again Thanks..great interview..great picture!

    to the rest of my ladies…
    bonne nuit
    Je t’aime

  271. Margaret said

    Madonna: I was born in the Baptist Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. I wasn’t aware I still had an accent. I thought I sounded like a dork. lol.

  272. Madonna said

    You didn’t sound like a dork. It’s not a strong accent, just a bit of a twang.

    Don’t know if this is good news or bad news for us but it’s news.

  273. rifkind said

    Prayers and healing energy to you and your friends. So sad to get to such a desparate place that suicide seems like an option. If the young man pulls through, I hope that he gets help and can find the joy in life again.

  274. rifkind said

    Wooo who!!!! Margaret is a star! You sounded great! Articulate and not fan girly at all. You did us good, Girl! Thanks for being the voice of MsGypsy’s blog!

  275. rifkind said

    Great news about your Dad. I guess that at 92, your Dad is allowed to be a bit tired!

    I agree with Claire. You have to take care of yourself! Take the time to be good to yourself. Get to the doctor, NOW!!!!!

  276. Margaret said

    Madonna: Do we now if BT drew 1.3 for the night or was that for all the shows. If thats the case they seem to have had the same numbers, right.

  277. Anne said

    Ohhh – Kyle was wicked in Missing – and when I say wicked, I mean completely amoral

  278. lwildstar said

    Madonna – did you see the caption for that pictuer “thanks for the bite, I need to make a phone call” and the pictuer was named Bloodtiesevil1 – is that a hint of things to come – didn’t someone say tht one of the leads was going to be possesed?

    ok must get going – spent waaayyy too much time playing online yesturday – going to try and do better today and stay away until lunch time!

    luv ya

  279. Margaret said

    Well at least we have allies at the Rhode Island College:

    I will pass that along.

    ~Chris Barrett
    Editor in Chief
    The Good Five Cent Cigar

    >===== Original Message From Margaret Daly
    >I recently read a very entertaining article by Stephanie Dennan about
    Blood Ties. >Please let her know that Blood Ties is in danger of being canceled by Lifetime TV. >Please ask her to encourage the students to watch the show and write to Lifetime asking them not to cancel the show.
    >Write to:
    >Andrea Wong, President/CEO
    >Susane Daniels, President of Entertainment Services
    >Lifetime Entertainment Services
    >World Wide Plaza
    >309 West 49th Street
    >New York, NY 10019
    >This is an urgent matter as the actors contracts expire in November.
    >Thank you for your time and consideration.
    >A Distraught Blood Ties Fan
    >in Florida

  280. Himmiefan said

    Arrowyn – great news about your dad!

    So Catcornmom, how did you get the soap off your hands?

    Margaret – thanks for all your efforts for our show! As soon as I get home tonight, I’ll have a listen.

  281. Himmiefan said

    Oh Ms Gypsy, thanks for the update on your friend’s son. Please let us know when you hear more news. I’m praying for no brain damage.

  282. Margaret said

    Glad to hear the update on your friend’s son. Know that the family remains in our prayers.

  283. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good *WET* Morning Sista’s O’Blood! It’s been raining here or the last couple of days too. Some pretty heavy rain at that. I definitely need to backwash the pool, overflowing I’m sure. Anyway looks like alot of us are getting rain and all over this great land of ours πŸ˜‰

    Mag’s I’ll have to listen to you tonight when I get home can’t do it from work. Congrat’s you master of recon πŸ™‚

  284. Margaret said

    Someone may have already posted this, but don’t forget to vote:

    I’m not sure how often you can vote.

  285. Claire said

    Good morning my ladies..Not me Diz…we’re actually on drought alert and not even allowed to use our hose to water lawn! did you get to watch missing?

    anyway I’ll pop in later,have some work to do!

  286. laurel said

    Gypsy- Thanks for keeping us informed. It is hard to know what to do for our friends when they are hurt so deeply, and you are doing the most important thing of all.. being there, without questions or judgements. There will be plenty of people who say stupid things in an attempt to offer comfort. You, my friend, are offering your kindness and care. Trust me, it helps.
    Peace be.
    Blessed be.

  287. Maddie Mo said

    Good Morning!

    Thanks for all the concern. I have a Dr appt this afternoon at 3pm CST to get all checked out. I have had pneumonia before and I don’t really want to go there again. I actually feel a little better today but I still have all the congestion in my chest and a hacking cough.

    Ms. Gypsy my thoughts are still with you and your friend.

  288. laurel said

    Good job Maddie Mo. We are not above brow-beating you into taking care of yourself but it is because you are important to us. Okay, some of us are a little bossy and enjoy giving orders, but we really do care. πŸ™‚
    Feel better soon!

  289. Danae said

    Hello ladies

    Ms Gypsy-It is a good thing that he is regaining conciousness. Hopefully he can get the help he needs. Hopefully he won’t attempt it again.

    I am getting seriously frustrated and upset here. Not only do we not have a decision from Lifetime but no one knows what BT’s numbers were from Friday. I know I shouldn’t but I am getting worried. The rosy-ness is wearing off.

    Amber is on her first field trip ever today to the pumpkin patch. I wonder what size pumpkin she is going to bring home. She wants one bigger then here. I know they won’t allow that though.

  290. Danae said

    Maddie Mo good for you. You listened to us.

  291. cdnfreyja said

    Good afternoon/morning ladies!

    gypsy – glad to hear that things have taken a positive turn. Hopefully everything will turn out well and your friend’s son can get the help he needs.

    Dizey and Claire – we were supposed to get major rain today as the system from the US makes its way up. Nothing yet. I hate rain, at least during the day. But we need it as this summer and fall have been extremely dry.

    Danae – I was getting worried about you after yesterday’s conversation and thoughts. LOL! πŸ˜‰ My niece went on her first trip to the pumpking patch a week or two ago. I don’t have the pics – they’re on my bil’s Facebook page. Very cute. And of course she’s smaller than a lot of the pumpkins!

    Maddie – glad to hear you are feeling better and that you’ll be heading to the doctor.

    Arrowyn – glad to hear that your dad is doing well. Sounds like he’s got quite the personality!

    Margaret – got to hear you on the podcast. Your accent is gorgeous – there is no way you sounded like a dork. Everyone has an accent, right? Even me, although I don’t think so (as I draw out my vowels in that Canadian way). πŸ˜‰

    Work is work – the silliness continues.

  292. Maddie Mo said

    Before I forget… My trip to Portland to Columbia has been canceled. I’m completely bummed out by it. I was looking forward to meeting the Portland gang and I have never been to that part of the country before so I was looking forward to that. There are 2( well 3) reasons for the cancelation. 1) I have been sick and I am behind; 2) the person in charge of the trip was told he couldn’t take all of us and he is involved personally with the other girl who IS going so as you can figure I got bumped, and 3) I would have missed Maddie’s first Halloween and after I thought about it I didn’t really want to miss out on that so I kind of took myself out of the situation so that the person in charge wouldn’t get into trouble for choosing the significant other over me.

  293. Danae said

    Thanks for worrying Freyja. I still think I would be drooling and in shock though.

  294. Danae said

    I ws just watching this on youtube. I absolutely love this song. It gives me goose bumps when I hear it. The girl, Lea Salonga, played Eponine in Les Miz and she was Mulan’s singing voice.

  295. Danae said

    Oops forgot to paste the URL

  296. cdnfreyja said

    Well, Danae, you seemed almost to have had a heart attack yesterday just thinking about it …

  297. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Dani, I love the woefull Max Pic under your name πŸ˜‰ I have to watch that again it’s been a while since I’ve seen them. I rewatched DOA again this morning and I sill want to Gibbs SMack Coreen every time she touches the DUDE!! Hands off chicky and then when she intentionally interrupts the kiss to be , yep plenty slapping goin’ on! 😦 😎

  298. Danae said

    Diz-Do you have the DVD of it? Can you bring it to Claire’s? I feel I need to watch it again and I don’t have it.

  299. Danae said

    I felt like I was going to have a heart attack also. I fear I would have a real one if I ever saw him. It may not be a good idea for me to go to Megacon in March.

  300. Anne said

    Claire – Missing is on a Danish TV station so I just kept an eye out for when they would air #43. Since I was at work I recorded it.
    Once I*ve done a CSI:M gallery, I’ll get to work on a Missing gallery.

    Danae – you better come to Megacon. There will be friends there who can give you CPR πŸ˜‰

  301. Danae said

    I was just kidding. I am most certainly tried my damnedest to get there. All I need are the plane tickets. My brother and his wife live on Orlando and I can stay with them.

  302. Danae said

    Going to try my damnedest

  303. Danae said

    You know my co-workers are more worried about me going to meet all of the girls going to Claire’s NEXT WEEK. OMG! Then my mom is. They said they don’t want to see me end up on an episode of Dateline.

  304. Danae said

    At 4:32 on Thursday Oct 25 Danielle Gagnon boarded a plane, she disembarked at 6:00 and a few minutes later Claire Alfeo’s 22 year old daughter Nikki picked her up at the airport. She was never heard from or seen again.

    I don’t think so!

  305. Danae said

    The only way that would happen is if Henry whisked me away.

  306. cdnfreyja said

    So if Henry whisked you away, would they air the story under the normal Dateline type show or the ‘To Catch a Predator’ version? πŸ˜‰

    I’m just imagining the cheesy voice overs of beautiful landscapes followed by photos of the victim and her loving family and interviews with local law enforcement and prosecutors.

  307. Danae said

    Well they will see him as a predator but after my initial drooling shock I will be in pure bliss.

  308. Danae said

    Adn oh the things we would do. We could invite Mike and have a menage………never mind. LOL!

  309. cdnfreyja said

    Yeah, Danae, you’d definitely end up on Dateline …

  310. Danae said


  311. Danae said

    But not for going missing. For doing things I shouldn’t be doing.

  312. cdnfreyja said

    Yes, and then they would need to include a cheesy section on how you turned a good cop bad.

  313. Danae said

    HEHEHE! *evil laugh*

  314. cdnfreyja said

    Yep, then there’d be his cheesy ‘from behind bars’ interview. He’d be in an ugly prison outfit but at least he’d be out of the trench coat.

    As long as he ditches the coat he’s welcome at 713. Now, the prison garb might be kind of difficult for this officer of the court to explain … unless he’s a client. But let’s not go down that route … as we’ve already had this discussion. Let’s see what we can do to ensure he doesn’t end up behind bars in the first place.

  315. Annalaise duChat said

    Good afternoon everyone,

    No one here is getting much done today. Everyone’s online trying to get tickets to tonight Cleveland Boston play off game. Over at Xpress (we share office space with them) they made T-shirt just to wear to the game tonight the front says “Kiss my fanny, Manny” and the Back says Boston sucks the Big Wahoo!” Apologies to any Boston fans (not) but it been quite crazy around here today. LOL

  316. Danae said

    Just tell them it is a Halloween costume.

  317. Danae said

    It probably won’t be on long anyway.

  318. msgypsy said

    Speaking of Halloween costumes, blog sisters, I need one IRL and I have no ideas. I usually don’t fit into the stuff they consider costume-friendly at Goodwill and I don’t have money for anything more expensive than that. I’ll have to pick through my fabric stash but I’m not even sure that’ll help me. So, my lovely creative Blood Ties sisters, any suggestions? (If I had a spare t-shirt I was thinking about printing out the Mike cartoon and ironing it on and going as a Minx but no one would get it at the party….)

  319. Danae said

    I will put my thinking cap on.

  320. Madonna said

    Hi girls.

    Ms. Gypsy,
    I hope that your friend’s son is able pull through it and as Himmie said, I pray that there is no permanent damage.

    Keep us informed about your dad OK.

    I have no idea what rating exactly that BT’s pulled in. I just read on another site that Lifetime’s average ratings for Oct. 12 were 1.3 Million, which mean that either all their shows scored the same or that some were higher rated and others lower. Let’s hope we’re on the high end.

    I’m willing to bet that that pic is of Henry and Christina.

    Maddie Mo,
    I’m glad you decided to take our advice and go to the doctor. Let us know what he says.

    Hi Dizey,
    We’re finally getting a little rain here too. It’s been a long, dry summer.

    If you ever get the chance to meet Kyle or any other celebrity for that matter, remember that he/they are just a person like us. In this situation it is a very handsome charming man with a gorgeous personality. If you have to use that trick people say helps when giving a speech. Imagine them naked. (Looks around innocently.)……… Oh wait, that would probably make it worse in this case wouldn’t it?

    And even if Henry were the one to swoop down and get you are you sure you’re not the one who would be featured as the predator on Dateline?

    I don’t know if you’ve gotten my emails or not, but I got that it out in the mail to you yesterday. When you get it take a look at it then we can discuss what should be done with it.

    Cree, Woo Hoo….. Cree? Anybody heard from her?

  321. Danae said

    Henry? Naked? What?

    Yeah I may be the predator.

    I have met famous people before and I got incredibly shy in front of them. I was more talkative on the phone with this one guy. When I met him and had my picture taken with him my eyes were closed dammit.

  322. Danae said

    Of course I was never completely enamored with like I am with Kyle.

  323. lwildstar said

    just flying by – while I have a sec – I’ll have to catch up on the posts tonight….

    Madonna – I’ll look at the phone booth picture again – i also have the picture from when Christina is teaching him to hunt to campare to…..

    must go now – talk to you tonight!

  324. Danae said

    Freyja-Have you been to PEI? What is it like? That would be a dream vacation for me.

  325. msgypsy said

    Oy! Now I’m picturing the short version that Dan Abrams will air on MSNBC! “Chris Hanson went undercover with a police officer and a private investigator with some experience in this kind of thing in an effort to track down the predator.”

    Vicki: Mike, how did you talk me into this?
    Mike: Crowley said it was good for the department’s image.
    Vicki: Including ME would be good?
    Mike: Yeah, the sillier you look the better we look.
    Vicki: You are SO not getting any!
    Mike: Besides, it’s not like we’re actually going to lead them to Henry.
    Vicki: Henry? You think we’re looking for Henry? Hell, no. It’s Danae that’s all predatory!
    Mike: Oh, damn, I am SO not getting any!
    Hanson: Where does this predator generally pick up his victims?
    Mike: Excuse me, but we’re having a non-marital spat and don’t have time for you right now.
    Abrams (v.o.) And that’s “To Catch A Predator: Toronto,” airing tonight at 8 on NBC, to be followed at 8:05 by a rerun of “Heroes.”

  326. Madonna said

    OK girls,

    I’m going to spill it here because quite frankly I’ve got no other place to spill it.

    The past 4-6 weeks I have been in what I call one of my pre-depression modes. I am very anxious, stressed out and I’m not sleeping well at all. When I get like this or into a fit of depression I tend to keep to myself even if I’m not busy.

    I know that I should not define myself by what I do for a living but I’ve been alone so long that it’s just something I can’t help. My job sucks and that’s just that. Since we got faster computers over the summer we are able to get work done a little faster. Some people are getting out earlier than expected and are losing hours. Notice I said some people…..

    To offset this my manager is taking on the Phoenix book from our soon-to-be closed Las Vegas composing center. We start that book on Monday and I’m freaking out about this. To my understand this book is always a mess to do every week and I always get the harder ads given to me. I’ve been here long enough to know that I’m going to be doing the OT to get these done while my fellow employees will get to leave. I just don’t know if I can handle any more PERIOD. I’m just really weary and I feel like I’m just a husk of a person.

    The candles aren’t going anywhere right now because we can’t agree where to take them.

    My sugar has been up as well and that is not helping matters any.

  327. Madonna said

    Sorry to lay that all on you.

  328. msgypsy said

    Madonna———- {{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}} and more {{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}

    I can’t offer you more than hugs, but know that to me, and likely to all of us here, you are NOT a husk, you are a truly wonderful person.

  329. jpbaci1 said


  330. Danae said

    Ok Madonna. First of all breath. I know you said there really said there isn’t any other job out there that you can do but maybe you should out your resume on or something. I am sure there are other jobs that you can do. Another thing, it isn’t the job persay but the place and the people. Keep this in mind also. Next Friday we will be together with some other wonderful women at Claire’s and we will have a banging good time. If you need me to call you to get you out of your slump I will.

    Remember it isn’t you it’s them.

    Gypsy-I love that little scenario you spelled out.

  331. Danae said

    Ciao Bellas. I have to go and make pumpkin witches for all my little students to give to them on Sunday. We are having our Halloween party this weekend instead of next because I will be with Claire Bear.

  332. Annalaise duChat said

    Madonna — First of all I did get your emails. We’ll talk soon.

    Second — her is Dr. duChat’s perscription — Go home this evening. Find yourself a good book, maybe one of the blood books, maybe a totally frivolous romance, Fill the bath tub with good hot water some yummy scented body oil or bath salts. Get some of those wonderful candles you make and around them all around the bathroom. Get yourself a nice class of wine or other beverage you really enjoy. Turn on some soft relaxing music. Ease yourself in and enjoy some well deserved Madonna time. Forget about work, forget about the candles, forget about your sugar. Just relax. Read your book, sip your beverage, and stay as long as you like. And if if need to think about something think about Henry (Who’ll be coming to join you by the way) and think about how much your blog sisters love you, and how much diminished this world would be without you in it.

    Pamper yourself and make yourself a priority. Madonna, we love you! Be strong, and realize that the things that seem truly unbearable today will be forgotten by tomorrow.

    Love You, Annalaise

  333. Madonna said

    Believe it or not I actually hit submit before I meant to.

    I’ve had to spend so much time in front of a computer lately with the full-time job and the business end of the candles that I’m not getting the exercise that I need and the two meds that I take for diabetes aren’t helping as much as they should.

    Danae, Ms. Gypsy, Annalaise,

    Thank you so much for your support! I love you guys too. All of you will never truly know the difference you’ve made in my life. Six months ago I had no one to talk about this kind of thing with.
    I know my thoughts about my life and job are irrational. Sometimes I just wonder if I have another car ad left in me.

    Sorry I have to go now. Gotta do some more car ads.

  334. Wow! Dr. duChat that is some of the best advise I have seen in awhile. I think all of us could benefit from doing exactly as your outlined! πŸ™‚

    Madonna – I could not have said it any better than our blood sister did. Please take care of yourself, do not under estimate your abilities or the delight your presence gives to us. We love ya, kiddo.

  335. Himmiefan said

    Dani and Ms Gypsy – you two are cracking me up!! Dani, don’t forget the spooky music from Unsolved Mysteries.

    Madonna – come here (((HUGS)))). There you go. Now, I think every, single one of us has been there. Mentally, put the job on the back burner. Your blood sugar and your mental state are more important. Like Dr. duChat said, you need to take it easy and do something fun. Life is a lot easier to handle if you’re on an even keel mentally. To add to the perscription, you need a flat out, laugh out loud movie like Office Space or Christmas vacation. Laughing releases endorphins, which is what you need right now. Double hugs!! We’re all here for you. Henry has just jumped up and run out the door. He said he’d be there soon.

  336. Anne said

    Madonna – maybe a little CSI:Miami gallery can cheer you up?

  337. Anne said

    Sorry – it seems my webhost picked this moment to have problems, so the gallery is not available right now. It will return – eventually.

  338. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Madonna Sweet Pea πŸ˜‰ All that stressing is why that sugar is up. I too will take the *script* of the good Doc duChat and soak in a hot jetted tub tonight. I put in Norah Jones and drift away. Right now with the state of New Orleans and the delayed perpetual state of rebuild my biz is off soooo much that I was stressing too. I’ve just figured that I can sit here and worry which will change NOTHING or I can find something funny to laugh at and feel a bit lighter. My Motto and you’ve heard it a Zillion times but ………*If he brings you to it he’ll bring you through it* words I live by. There will always be something that COULD bring us down if we let it so here’s my ROSE COLORED GLASSES. God gave us free will so use it, put yourself first and laugh! Hell be like Prtfvr and I and laugh at people, they do plenty stupid things and can really brighten your day. πŸ˜€

    Himmie’s right pick some outrageously funny/silly movie like *Funny Farm*, or
    for Dr.duChat *Major League* (Go Indians πŸ˜‰ ), oooohhhh *Young Frankenstein* and it’s perfect time of year for it. Laugh until you cry or pee on yourself which ever comes first. We love ya’ and lift your head and we’ll muddle through, it’ll get better I PROMISE 😎

  339. Jennifer said

    Hugs to you Madonna….God bless you always!!!!

  340. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Anne you ROCK girl!! I love all those beautiful pictures. Even if you don’t like CSI-Miami they’re backgrounds are so fine!! Thanx they were great πŸ˜‰

  341. DIZEY1 :-) said

    changed my name pic just testing

  342. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Grrrrrrrrrrrr YUMMMMMMMM

  343. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Okkeedokee catch ya’ll when I get home. πŸ˜‰

  344. I don’t know about anyone else, Anne, but the CSI Miami pictures sure picked me up πŸ˜‰ I was really annoyed, okay, seriously annoyed with my son the other day. I had the DVR all set to record CSI and he stopped it recording to watch something else. I totally missed seeing Kyle! He and I had a serious discussion about messing with my programming and I told him he got to live only because Kyle’s part was small in this program, but he better make sure he never, ever, even thought about messing with Blood ties in any way, shape or form. I think he got the message πŸ™‚

  345. cdnfreyja said

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry I disappeared. Stuff at work. I have a meeting tonight too. I tell you it is a good thing I am sans homme at the moment – lately I’m only home to sleep, it seems.

    Madonna – big hugs to you *HUGS*. I can’t really offer you any better advice than you’ve already received from these lovely ladies. I’ve grabbed hold of the same motto as Dizey. I’ve actually written it out beside my work computer for a quick reminder when I need it.

    Danae, gypsy and Himmiefan – what can I say? We started heading down that road and I just couldn’t help myself. We get Dateline up here and yes, I’ve watched the ‘To Catch a Predator’ shows. One of our networks has started doing that type of show too. Other than that, I can’t think of an appropriate show that this would end up on in Canada. We have a cheesy (gee that seems to be my word of the day) show called ‘To Serve and Protect’ (following cops around) but I think this would fall more under ‘Creepy Canada’ featuring stories of ghosts and ghouls from across the country. Actually, I think this would best be dealt with on a show that is a combination of those two. Hmmm …they’ve never featured a missing vampire before. That could be interesting.

    Wow, my supper break flew by so quickly. Gotta get ready for my meeting. I am so looking forward to 5pm tomorrow.

  346. lwildstar said

    Anne! love the pictures! thank you!!!

    Madonna – prepare yourself to be swamped in hugs!…but until then heres one big one ((((HUGS))))

    how many hours left?…..28? I think this is going to be a great epi…..

    Ms.G – love the story!

    Ok I’m going to log off for the night – I”m worn out…..

  347. Jennifer said

    Is anybody here going to the convention in Orlando March 2008? If so, please have enough fun for and think about me when you arrive and see Kyle and Dylan!!!!!!! Thanks a bunch!!

  348. laurel said

    Madonna – I agree with Dr. du Chat’s prescription! I will suggest that you slather on some good lotion after your theraputic soak. Think of it as an extended aroma-therapy. Give yourself permission to relax and imagine a beautiful view of the mountians of the ocean or Kyle/Henry… Deep breath… Relax…
    Turn out the lights and get a good night’s sleep.
    Tomorrow we will stay up late to watch BT.
    Life is good.
    You are loved.

  349. Anzia said

    Madonna- ((((((BIG HUG))))) SERIOUSLY take time for yourself! Breathe. relax. Take time to remind yourself why being you is so amazing (’cause you are you know). Have ‘Laise’s recommended bath. Wrap yourself in the fuzziest most comfortable bathrobe, put on some slippers, curl up on the couch and watch a fav movie. Or rent a new movie. You deserve it soo much. And you’ll always have us. We love you, dearly & regardless of what your job makes you feel like, as gypsy said, we know your true worth. Your beauty shines even through the shadows you see of your job. (((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))

    Gypsy- I’m glad to hear your friend’s son is waking up. Still have my prayers and thoughts! Oh and LOVED the scene! ^_^

    Dani- if you steal henry you’re gonna have one HUGE mob lookin’ for ya girl. So, if you do, enjoy him while you have him ^_^ *whispers* You say when and i’ll direct the mob the other way…but you’ll owe me! πŸ˜‰

  350. Anzia said

    Anne- i ment to mention this. In those ‘flashback’ pics kyle looks A LOT like mark wahlburg (NOT that there’s anything wrong w/that)…LOOOOOOOOOOOOVe the scruff!

  351. Claire said

    Wow..I didn’t think I’d make it here today,I was so busy!
    Ladies..the 65er arrived!!! giant Henry next week!
    Danae…tell your mom I’m harmless..I swear(unless you piss me off) Haha J/K!!!
    And don’t you dare get abducted by Henry on the way to my house,at least pick me up first!
    Ms.G…I’m so happy your friends son pulled through..blessings. As for your costume,can you throw together something medieval?
    Anne..Are ya trying to kill me? LOL!! Love the CSI really are the best!
    Madonna..don’t you dare call yourself a husk…you are so articulate and caring and did I mention talented! heres a virtual hug{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    be prepared for the real thing next week!!!!!!!! I love you!

    My quads are going on their first real trip with school,I mean last year they went to Cox Farms pumpkin picking and they went hiking in the nature center,but those things are nearby.Tomorrow they’re going to D.C. to the national zoo,and I’m worried sick! I kept telling them”don’t talk to strangers,don’t wander off,pay attention to your teacher”
    Is this normal? am I a worry wort? it you that wants to watch DOA again? It’s on comcast on demand,plus I also taped it and I still have it!

    Anyway…I’m cross bonne nuit mes souers belles!!

  352. Arrowyn said

    Gypsy, you’re being the best friend Sylvia could have right now — you’re available for her when she needs you. This is a shock to you, too. So, take care of yourself so you can be strong for her (and for you).

  353. Arrowyn said

    Thank you all so much for your prayers and good wishes for my Dad and me. I talked to him tonight and he said he’s puzzled that he’s sleeping so much. Duh! I reminded him that (1) he had surgery only 2 days ago and (2) when my Mom had surgery, the doctor said that, at their age, anesthesia takes longer to leave the body than when they were younger. So listen to your body!

    Actually, the way things are going with a lot of people on this blog, that’s not a bad mantra for everyone to have. Now, if I would only listen to myself!

    Thanks again for the support and hugs.

  354. Arrowyn said

    Freyja, I’ve been following your postings about losing your job. It sounds like you’re being the stable force that many people around you need. It also sounds like you’ve made the decision to move to the wet coast (of Canada). I think I’ve only been to Vancouver once when I was young, but I remember it as beautiful. Of course, that was eons ago! *right, prtfvr?* As Gypsy said, if you’ve never been to Oregon…. I know planes and trains go between Vancouver and Portland and you’ve got ready-made playmates waiting for you in the South 40, so get a move-on, girl!

  355. Arrowyn said

    Laurel, Moonbeam, Vampfangrl — we missed you on Saturday. Did anyone happen to mention that the restaurant threw us out? No? I wonder why not. We all had had a wonderful meal (way too much food) and chat and had paid our bills and boxed up the leftovers. And were still talking. And talking. Then this nice server came over to give us a bag to put our doggy bags in. Of course, we hadn’t asked for a bag, but, we COULD take a hint! So, we stood outside in the sun and talked some more! That restaurant is very, very busy all the time and that was a gracious way to empty a table for the next party. I think, next time, we need to find a place where we can talk as much as we want — because we WILL talk. And talk. And talk.

  356. Arrowyn said

    Maddie Mo, I hope the news from the doctor wasn’t too bad. Please take care of yourself.

    I’m real sorry that you’re not coming to Portland. I understand your reasons, especially about your daughter. Well, I understand except for the one about bowing out “so that the person in charge wouldn’t get into trouble for choosing the sigificant other over me”. You apparently have a heart of gold, because the situation you described sounds a lot like sexual harassment. And he SHOULD get in trouble for it.

    (1) Other than he’s sleeping with her, why would the in-charge person choose her over you to go on this trip? And, if that’s the ONLY difference, that’s sexual harassment. (2) I don’t know what your job is nor what the job is of the significant other, but since you’re behind in your work because you’ve been sick, would she have been a person who could have helped while you were sick or could help you now to catch up? Yes? Then why isn’t she helping? Maybe because she’s sleeping with the boss? Sexual harassment. Or, no? Then why didn’t the boss get some help for you? Can you tell that this is a sore subject for me? * getting off the soapbox now – whoops! – higher than I thought *

  357. Arrowyn said

    Madonna, it’s normal to define yourself by what you do for a living. Maybe not so healthy, but normal. Work CAN be a bitch! Show of hands, ladies? Especially when you’re the β€œone with the experience”, the “responsible” one, the “go-to gal”, the one that people say about, “Give it to Madonna. She’ll know what to do” or “Madonna won’t mind working late” (if you’re even asked). Sound familiar? It’s a bitch to be the adult. So I second all the advice you’ve been given. And I add from my own experience (because I’m always the responsible one, too), get as much sleep as you can. It may not be as much as you need, but it will be the biggest help to you. That’s always number 1.

    Number 2 (and all the rest of the numbers) is — you only have control over you. Control over how you feel, what you think, how you act. You can’t control what other people do or what the job is like. You can only control how you act and react to those things. No more, no less. We reasonable ones have a terrible time saying “no”. But we want to! And because we don’t say it, it eats our insides. Whatever your reasons for staying in that job, they’re YOUR reasons. Nobody knows exactly how you feel or what you fear.

    Maybe you could try this (probably not at work): Mentally distance yourself a little from your job, look at your situation, look at what sounds like the mismanagement of sharing work, and see if you can find a way to ease your workload and, at the same time, help someone else out who may want the hours that they are losing. Win/win. As an example, in my situation, I’ve worked there long enough that my overtime rate is pretty high. It costs my firm less to have me work 8 hours and have someone else work the extra hours (at a lesser rate) than it does for me to work all of the hours with no help. Plus, I usually get sick after working all those hours and I have to take time off. Overtime is nice, but not when it goes to pay for doctor’s bills. Anyway, if you can think of a solution, even a partial one, and you feel that you can take it to TPTB, you will gain brownie points in their eyes (not a bad thing) and ease some of the stress from yourself. Whatever happens, let us know.

    You KNOW how we all feel about you. You KNOW how supportive we all are for each other. So, in that β€œvein” (couldn’t resist), here’s a Gibbs-smack upside your head with your own words that you said to other people here when they had troubles:

    β€œGet yourself some rest.”

    β€œI don’t know what kind of problems you’ve got going on…. but ((((((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))))))) to you!”

    If you can say it to us, girl, you can say it to yourself!

  358. AlisaSG said

    OMG!! I just woke up. I think I slept in the same position for six solid hours without moving.. that’s how tired I was last night! 😦
    Usually, I turn over every 2 hours, but I don’t think that happened last night. πŸ˜›

    But I needed to sleep, GET my sleep on Thursdays, so I can stay up and watch Tv tonight — for BT. However, I’m typing this now, because we’re also expecting really BAD thunderstorms all evening..!! and might not get to see BT at all, if the power or cable goes out. *pouts*

  359. lwildstar said

    just a quick fly by – I only just caught up on the posts from last night…

    well no new blog at LT yet – i was treally hoping for one today – things have really slowed down over there and I think its because no one is sure where to post now….I’ll try to get over there a lunch – can’t let them think intrest is fading!

    And I just in case – I hope someone is taping /recording tonight – we’re expecting thunderboommers here as well tonight – I will absolutly cry! if the power goes out……..

    ok I need to get off of here – talk at you later!!

    luv ya – major HUGS to all!

  360. msgypsy said

    Driving on by this morning. I have do do that #$%#$^ training for the last group of Head Start teachers this morning so I have to get all dressed up and damned if I didn’t oversleep today! Got to leave in a half hour and still need to shower.

    We’re only at 330 or so messages today. Is the Return of Henry why we’re slowing down? Folks are too busy dreaming of the dreamy vampire? Or, in some cases, fantasizing about the fantastic cop? (Mooning over the marvelous PI?)

    Okay, I think the shower water is warm enough now and it’s (ugh!) MickyD’s for breakfast today. (Okay, Burgerville is on the way and has real food so I guess I’ll go there instead…) I’ll be back later today, I hope, and in the meantime does anyone know what tonight’s episode is supposed to be about? I want to know when to expect Vicki in a dress!

  361. msgypsy said

    Okay, driving by but backing up real quick to add

    Go to and you can see a bunch of videos, including an extended scene from a future episode and snippets of interviews and it’s just lovely. Although it’s making me later than I was before!

  362. prtfvr said

    We need a summary page. I haven’t had time to read all the posts! I know I’m missing the details of what’s happening to everyone but once you get behind it’s almost impossible to catch up!

    Healing hugs to those who need it. Good job! to those with successes. And Good Luck! to those who need it.

  363. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas!

    Annalaise said for all of us to take her advice with the bath thing, candles, music, great book, etc. WAH! I don’t have a tub. I have a stupid shower stall. I hate it! My landlord said he put that in instead of a tub because I would need the storage space. Otherwise the closet would have been taken out and a tub put in.

    Anzia-I was thinking, since you are the therapist and give out all the therapeutic merchandise at the Clinic I could work under you and purchase all the merch. Sound good?

    I hated Unsolved Mysteries. The show totally creeped me out when I was a kid. My parents watched it every week. Talk about nightmares.

    Anne-I am heading over to capture one of those CSI Miami pics. Delish!

  364. Danae said

    Oh another thing. Diz you didn’t answer my question from yesterday. Zerophilia? Claires? DVD? Yes? No?

    How’s Robbie? Any results come from his sleep study?

  365. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    I’m pushing through the morning on little sleep. Oh, how I hate mornings like this. I got home from my meeting after 11 pm last night. But at least it is FRIDAY!!! Woo-hoo!!!

    I’ve been on the phone trying to figure out how our women can get around the funding freeze they find themselves in. The women’s group is actually tied in to the larger organization. If the main organization is getting no funding because of this mess, the women don’t either. The women’s board is seriously thinking about incorporating – and that is a very big step for them. They chose intentionally not to incorporate so for them to even think about it is a major change. I just don’t see any other way around it.

    Danae – yes, I’ve been to PEI. It is a lovely place to visit, very quiet and peaceful. They have some great beaches there. I went there in 1991 (before the fire at Anne of Green Gables’ house). Believe it or not, I actually ran into someone from my home town while out there. The world is a VERY small place. Oh, and I was in Newfoundland this summer, twice actually. Now THAT is a fascinating place to go! Some of the friendliest people you will every meet … anywhere.

    Arrowyn – glad to hear that your dad is doing so well! Yes, I want to move. I decided back in 1991 that I wanted to move to Ottawa. It took me 10 years but I did it. So, now that I’ve made the decision it will be a matter of the right timing and opportunity. I’m just trying hard to be patient. I tend to take a long time to make big decisions but once I’ve made them I want to act on them immediately. On Tuesday, I was told yet another interesting saying: “He also serves those who stand and wait.” Yep, I’m reminding myself to be patient and wait for everything to fall into place. And yes, when it happens I’ll hop south of the border for a visit. I’ve never been to Oregon.

    Okay, gotta read a court decision now. See, I actually DO get to do lawyerly things from time to time. πŸ˜‰

  366. Claire said

    Hey all!!! Finally got a drop,just a drop of rain,and it stopped! It hasn’t rained here in three months!
    Danae I have Zerophilia! never fear!!!
    I hope everyone is OK today,I’ll pop in every now and then since today is my no work,big house cleaning,Friday gig! and I have house guest..Nikkis boyfriend in from NYC to attend the annual Halloween party at Moniques.I’ll be busier today than usual.

    love yas!

  367. Himmiefan said

    Freyja said “Oh, and I was in Newfoundland this summer, twice actually. Now THAT is a fascinating place to go! Some of the friendliest people you will every meet … anywhere.”

    You know, I think it was Newfoundland that hosted several flights that were stranded after 9/11. The people of the towns did a fantastic job organizing food, clothing, etc. and even put together bus tours to help keep people occupied.

  368. Danae said

    Oh good Claire. I haven’t seen it in months and there is no way I would get it in the mail from Blockbuster before I leave.

  369. Danae said

    Thanks for the info on PEI Freyja. I have been going there since I fell in love with Anne of Green Gables when I was a little girl. I know the house burned and it was so sad for me.

  370. Maddie Mo said

    Morning all,

    Madonna, {{{ Hugs}}} Your wonderful don’t forget that. I’m available anytime you need a hug or a shoulder.

    Arrowyn, I completely see all of your points. The only problem is I’m extremly good friends with the other girl whom the person in charge is involved with, and for the most part she does not get shown preferential treatment. Actually for the most part she has to work harder to prove herself. It’s just that they couldn’t take both of us on this trip and it was my decision to stay back so that I could get caught up and so that I wouldn’t miss Halloween. Helping her get to go was just a side effect. I wasn’t asked to stay, I volunteered. I will miss out of meeting all of you Portlanders and that part sucks, but maybe another time. We have our contract with Columbia for at least 2 more years, so there will be other opprotunities.

    Dr. appt went well. I just have a bad case of bronchitis (sp) and he gave me some meds and told me to get lots of rest and use a vaporizer when I sleep. Hopefully after the weekend I will feel better.

  371. cdnfreyja said

    Claire – we’re waiting for the rain that has been forecasted for 3 days. It just never showed up. πŸ˜‰ Thunderstorms are being predicted for this afteroon as the system from the US is moving in. It is currently way too warm for October here 22ΒΊC (71ΒΊF). Nice, but the plants are suffering since we haven’t had rain in so long. They should be starting to go dormant now.

    Himmiefan – absolutely they did! The Newfoundlanders are the most amazing hosts. (the only others who come close in Canada are Saskatchewanians – but I’m biased πŸ˜‰ ) And the province is incredibly beautiful. I was really amazed by how much it resembles Norway. I went out there in May for a site visit and then was out in June for the actual event. They were the best hosts possible. They just couldn’t do enough for us. And their premier is such a laid back, friendly guy. I, of course, had to have the serious political discussion with him. There is a big political dispute going on involving the federal government versus Newfoundland and my home province.

    Our delegation presented him with a painting, tie and a vest that was hand-embroidered by one of the elders from B.C. Our head of delegation tried to get him to turn around to show off the embroidery on the back. He jokingly said (in front of 150+ people in plenary and the tv cameras) that our delegation head only wanted him to turn around because she wanted to see his bum! OMG! That was way too funny! Do you have any state governors who would say that?

  372. Danae said

    That should have been dying to go.

    Maddie-It’s a good thing you went to the doctors then. That is what I had when I was an inch away from having pneumonia.

  373. cdnfreyja said

    Danae, the house has been repaired. And the earth is actually red there – you can see it seeping into the ocean from the shores as you fly in from Halifax.

    Man, Canada and the US are just too big … too many things to see and not enough time.

  374. Maddie Mo said

    The Dr. pretty much said the same thing. That if I didn’t get some rest and take the meds. I will wind up with pneumonia. I have to try to start eating agian too. I haven’t really felt like it since I got sick. I have been making myself eat a little bit just cause I know I need too, but I sure haven’t been hungry. My friends son has walking pneumonia right now, so I’m thinking I may not have gotten sick from Maddie, I might have picked up something over at their house.

  375. Danae said

    I think I heard the house was repaired. I have been wanting to watch the movies again for awhile. I have them on tape but haven’t watched them in a long time. I just love Anne. Of course my favorite part was the end when her and Gilbert finally got together. They were on the little bridge over the Lake of Shining Waters. I have to watch it this weekend now for sure.

  376. Margaret said

    Maddie Mo: I belive there is something you can add to your bath that has lavender and eucalyputus (or however you spell it). Might open your sinuses a little. You can find it in the baby section of the grocery store.

  377. Danae said

    Yeah you probably got it there. When I get sinus infections if I don’t take care of them they become bronchitis and the last time I had it I didn’t take care of it until it was almost to late.

  378. Maddie – there are also Shower Soothers that are wonderful to use. The last time my daughter had a bad cold I got her some and they really helped her breath better. I hope you feel better soon. I’ve had bronchitis and it took me a long time to start to feel better. I was coughing for over a month, even after the worst of it had passed.

  379. Danae said

    I have a bronchitis sounding cough that never went away from one of the times I had it. My dad is always asking if I am sick. I told him that I just cough like that.

  380. Danae said

    And then he ask the same thing the next time I see him.

  381. Danae said

    Talk about being senile. Good Lord. He can’t even remember how old I am.

  382. Maddie Mo said

    Dani, At least he talks to you. I haven’t talked to my Dad since February. He stopped by to see the baby.

  383. Madonna said

    Girls, I’ve only just been back to the blog an all I can say is WOW!!!!!!

    You’re outpouring of support humbles me and I consider you all my family and I love each and every one of you. Thank you all so much.

    I’m still feeling a bit down in the dumps but I’m OK. I feel a little less “husky” now.

    I have a feeling when I go to Claire’s this weekend I’m going to feel like a Florida orange. SQUEEZED!!!

    Ms. Gypsy,
    I might be wrong but I think tonight’s episode is about the shapeshifter. I think the episode where Vicki wears a dress might be Drawn and Quartered. That’s where Vicki supposedly gets to meet Henry’s artist friends.

    We definitely got some rain here yesterday and last night. We even had tornadoes touch down about 20 miles southwest of us.

    Maddie Mo,
    I’m glad you finally went to the doctor. I have mild asthma and when it is at it’s worst it kind of feels like bronchitis so I know what you are going through. Thanks for the shoulder. I’ve got one you can use if you need it.

    BTW… Did you see any severe weather? I heard St. Louis got hit pretty hard last night.

    Have I ever mentioned I LOVE my mom’s dreams….. She had one about Kyle and I. I’ll have to share it when I have more time.

    I’ll try to catch up with y’all at lunch.

  384. cdnfreyja said


    OMG! I loved the movie. Talk about a happy thought for the day. My absolute most favourite scene (and my sister’s too) was when Anne was acting out the Lady of Shalott at the water’s edge and the boat sinks. I loved it when Gilbert found her clinging desperately to the bridge as so not to get swept down river. Gilbert asks Anne what she’s doing. Instead of telling him the truth she replies defiantly, “Fishing for lake trout.”

    You want to know a little secret? For a while I even had my own Gilbert – not his real name, of course, but he was from the island. So, for a while my nickname was Anne. πŸ™‚

  385. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hi Ya’ll sorry it took so long to get here. Stuff to do people to see and places to go, and customers expecting to be helped huh!!! Anyway seems that all are well. Dani I loved that movie too! Anne of Green Gables it runs on PBS channel here every now and then. WHat is PEI ?? Oh and sorry I didn’t tell you yesterday that I knew Claire had a copy of *Z* πŸ˜‰ cool beans!

    Maddie Mo so glad you got to the Doc’s office and took care of that. Bronchitis and Pneumonia suck I’ve had both in the past and correct NO FUN!! Feel betta’ !

    Madonna where are you ?? Making sure you’re ok check in my sista’ and let us know how you are πŸ˜€ Love YA!!

  386. Madonna said

    Hi Dizey,
    I’m just two posts up from you.

  387. DIZEY1 :-) said

    I saw that when I finally finished my post 3-4 others were there hee hee hee
    πŸ˜€ crazy dayz my girl! Glad you’re feeling better too.

  388. cdnfreyja said

    Hey Madonna – glad to hear that you are feeling better today! Sometimes a new day gives us a new perspective. Oh, and I don’t think I told you that my mom has a 1st cousin by the name of Madonna. But don’t ask me which family she fits into because, well, my mom and dad have over 100 aunts and uncles combined.

    Maddie – glad to hear that you went to the doctor and that things are being taken care of.

    Dizey – you don’t know PEI???

    Ooh, the downpour has finally started. It got really dark very quickly. So, I’ll have even more frizzy hair than I already do and to top it off I’ll have onion breath from the Greek salad I’m eating at lunch. Good thing I’m going home straight after work.

  389. DIZEY1 :-) said


    Hey no I guess not 😦 should I ? I feel stupid. Oh and I’m glad to say that the rain finally passed through here. It rained BIG TIME yesterday like alllll day long. We had to backwash the pool because there was so much water.
    We were in a defecit on rain this summer. Generally around my birthday July the rainy season kicks in and of course the hurricane season too and we got little rain and thank God no hurricanes this year so far. I think Pensacola had a defecit of like 25″ around September and when you’re on the Gulf Of Mexico like we are you expect rain, it’s part of the beauty of living by the water. Pro’s and con’s of living by the Gulf, hurricanes are the only con IMO I love the water. Louisiana’s known as *Sportsman’s Pradise* lots of water sports, fishing pleeeeeenthy of boats πŸ˜€ Shoot we’re still wearing sandals and summer wear. Next week we’re not supposed to get out of the 70’s whoooo hooooooo maybe we’ll get a little fall weather sometime soon.

  390. Danae said

    I live right next door and he fixes my car. I guess he is good for something. LOL! Sorry I didn’t really mean that. Oh yeah he has to have surgery the beginning of November to remove the cancer.

  391. cdnfreyja said

    Dizey, PEI is Prince Edward Island, where Anne and Gilbert lived.

    This summer was dry here too. Although, it didn’t stop the Gulf of Mexico humidity from making its all too frequent appearance. Yes, some days it is hotter here in Ottawa than in Florida. I grew up on the prairie and during the 80s all I remember is drought, year after year. And what is really weird is that we don’t generally get rain during the day back home. People think I’m nuts when I say that but it is true – we mostly get rain at night when the storms roll through, sometimes nightly. People don’t own umbrellas back home. That’s why I say I wish it wouldn’t rain during the day.

  392. Maddie Mo said

    Yeah we got a little bit of the bad weather here. I have limbs all over the yard to pick up this weekend, but mostly just some much needed rain. We are way behind of the year too.

    I don’t know what PEI is either so don’t feel bad. I just hadn’t gotten around to asking.

  393. Danae said

    PEI is Prince Edward Island where Avonlea was that Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea took place.

    I loved it when the boat sank also. I love the whole thing. I am glad there are others here that like it. When I talk to people I know about it I am afraid they will give me a look like I am crazy. My mom turned me on to it when I was much younger. Megan Follows was the perfect person to play Anne. My other favorite scene is the one when Anne and Diana are walking across the pristine snow covered hill.

  394. Danae said

    Dizey-We should make a trip up there sometime.

    The rain finally reached CT. It just started pouring here. I guess your the next stop Freyja.

  395. Danae said

    I just got a news email saying that David Copperfield, the magician, is being investigated by the FBI but they won’t say why.

  396. cdnfreyja said

    Dizey and Maddie, I’ll turn all of you into Canadians-in-training yet!

  397. Danae said

    Somebody just told this joke: Why don’t witches wear underwear?

  398. Okay, Danae – Why don’t witches wear underwear?

  399. Danae said

    To get a better grip on the broom stick.

  400. eeeewww!!! I am sad to say that I actually found that funny πŸ™‚

  401. Danae said

    I laughed to after I said Ew.

    Another movie I have been wanting to watch and I can’t find my DVD is Rent. I have the case and no DVD. GRRRRRR!

  402. Maddie Mo said

    I heard they were searching his warehouse this morning, but don’t know why either.

  403. Danae said

    I heard they were going through his personal belongings. I liked him and not only for his skill. He isn’t exactly HOT but there is a mystique about him that is sexy.

  404. cdnfreyja said

    The Danish media is reporting that they found 2 million in cash.

  405. Maddie Mo said

    Didn’t he used to be married to one of the super models from the 80’s

  406. Danae said

    He was engaged to Christie Brinkley I think. So maybe it is tax evasion? It could be worse.

  407. Maddie Mo said

    I just realized we only have 8 hrs till BT. Yippy!!! That makes me feel a little better.

  408. msgypsy said

    Danea, that was WAY more of a mental image than I needed this morning! Personally, I have a seat belt on my broomstick and I never let Granny Weatherwax drive. (Sorry. Bad Terry Pratchett reference.)

    Frejya, it sounds like you work for a Native People’s (First Nations, right?) organization. If they incorporate, they should investigate how the Alaskan Nations did it because they’re not doing nearly as badly as some of the nations that got screwed like the Crow or the Sioux and so on and so on and so on…. The Alaskan nations (I actually think nations is the wrong word but I’m not sure what the right one is) had the benefit of years to study what went wrong for their fellow Native People and the time to figure out how to save themselves from that quagmire.

    I found a quick snippet about David Copperfield and it’s related to a case out of Seattle and that’s all anyone’s saying. It’s all hush-hush. I suspect he’s not the person under investigation, though. He must have a ton of staff to keep track of all that stuff and I’m betting he’s not involved except insofar as he owns all that stuff.

  409. msgypsy said

    Maddie Mo, I’m soooooooooooooo jealous! I’ve got 11 to go. IT’S NOT FAIR!

  410. cdnfreyja said

    Hi gypsy, yes, but in an effort to stay anonymous out on the web (and legal stuff) I won’t post who I work for.

    I’m trying to gather the steam to read this judgment but every time I pick up the thing I have trouble getting started. Maybe the court needs to start inserting pictures into the judgments. I’m sure we could provide a few … just a thought.

  411. DIZEY1 :-) said


    He was engaged to Claudia Shiffer(sp) , maybe they want him for stealing the Statue of Liberty πŸ˜‰ He’s too good a *Magician* to get caught with anything up his sleeve so to speak. Oh and my Mom’s the one who turned me onto Anne of Green Gables and I agree that Megan was Anne πŸ˜€

  412. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Gypsy she could tell yuou but she’d have to kill you ! Secret agent Girl 😎

  413. msgypsy said

    Frejya, yeah, I won’t say exactly where I work, either. But for folks who live in this area it’s not hard to figure out. I’m not in your area and I won’t try to guess. If it helps you feel any better, if you want stories about funding being cut just ask me about Low Income Energy Assistance Program funds last winter. Go ahead. Ask me. Damn DC bureaucrats! (Don’t get me started!)

    Oregon has entered it’s rainy season. I’m so happy! Cold, but happy. A couple of full-spectrum light bulbs and I’m set for the winter.

  414. Claire said

    Hey all!
    Well the minute of rain we had just made it even hotter with all the humidity!
    Since I live next to a Nature reserve,there are so many trees,it just feels like a tropical rain forest right now! It’s still in the high 70’s..yesterday it hit 80’s again.We are still in shorts and sandals! Weird for almost November!

    Danae…that dumb joke…made me laugh!

    Hey I like David Copperfield too! Ach I wonder what dumb merde he got himself into!

    Anyway this day is flying! The kids will be home in 20 minutes and I haven’t even finished cleaning! You ladies are a big distraction! πŸ˜‰

  415. Danae said

    I hope it has nothing to do with him. He has that same magnetism Henry has minus the vampire part.

  416. cdnfreyja said

    Dizey – I’ll add ‘secret agent’ to my list of titles at the clinic. πŸ˜‰

    gypsy – don’t get me started on what has happened since the election of the Conservative government back in January 2006. I might just blow up if I go on too long about it.

  417. Himmiefan said

    It looks like a woman has accused David Copperfield of rape. I don’t think they’ve released any details other than they’re searching a warehouse of his in Nevada.

    Speaking of Nevada, I don’t know if any of you watched Viva Laughlin last night on CBS. The show was so bad it barked. Anyway, I was astonished, and still am, that anyone would do a show about the glamour of Laughlin, Nevada. What glamour???? It’s a strip out in the middle of nowhere! And I mean nowhere! My company has a hospital right across the river, and we have a very hard time getting peopel to work there because there’s nothing in the area except some sand and rocks.

  418. Himmiefan – That is exactly what all of Nevada looks like to me. I drove through there last year and most of the time I was totally creeped out because of all these bugs that were crawling across the road. There was no way to avoid them and they crunched *shudders* I couldn’t wait to reach Arizona.

  419. msgypsy said

    Isn’t “Viva Laughlin” based on the BBC show “Viva Blackpool?” That show was hysterically funny for all that it was a murder mystery full of intrigue and infidelity and the like. I couldn’t watch it too often because I am one of those people who will always find a song appropriate to the occasion, but I never go past the first line or two and in “Viva Blackpool” they kept going through the entire song. So I missed David Tennant’s famous kiss…

    Just ten hours now, Wet Coasters. I’m so impatient!!!!!

  420. Himmiefan said

    Hmmm. Maybe it is, but of all the towns in the world, Laughlin, NV?? Lordy mercy! (Holds up right hand) I swear, there is no glamour there. None!

    Elizabeth – Ewwwwwwww!!! I’m afraid I’d scream all the way across Nevada until I got to AZ. πŸ™‚

    By the way, you get from Las Vegas to Laughlin by going through Searchlight, Nevada. At the one and only traffic light, there’s a cop car. The cop in the car isn’t real, though. It’s a dummy! Seriously!

  421. msgypsy – What famous kiss? Oh, and don’t hurt me next time you see me, but I get to see Blood Ties at 8pm instead of 11. Lucky me, Dish Network is using an East coast feed – hehehe

  422. Annalaise duChat said

    Good afternoon ladies,

    I’m glad to see things have picked up a bit. It was so slow around here this morning I logged off the internet and actually got some work done. Are we heading to prtfvr’s tonight after the show for a chat?

    Madonna how was the soak? I’m glad to see you’re feeling better today.

    Speaking of David Copperfield, have any of you had the pleasure of attending one of his shows? My husband and I went a few years back when he was in Cleveland. He is an excellent performer. I hope this is just some scam because I’d hate to have him knocked of the pedestal I have him on. It’s been a little shaky lately since he claimed he owns an island with “The Fountain of Youth” on it. πŸ˜‰

    The weather supposed to turn nasty here tonight too. Has anyone check Itunes to see if tonight show is available yet?

  423. Maddie Mo said

    okay I only have a half hour left and I really want to be done for the day. I have been busting my hump today and I just don’t want to do anything else. I am SOOOOOO ready to go home and start my evening of Hotties on TV. Friday Night Lights is on; Moonlight is on ( and I personally think Mick St. John is a cutie, he’s not Henry but He’s cute) and then Blood ties. Clearly the antibiotics are working a little cause I am feeling a bit better.

  424. Himmiefan said

    Hi Maddie – I’ve had several bad bouts of bronchitis before, so I sympathize big time. Take it easy this weekend! Your body needs to rest. Hand little Maddie to hubby and go to bed.

    Well, I’m off to the parental unit’s this weekend, so my VCR will be busy. Men in Trees, Stargate Atlantis, and yes, last but not least. BT! Woo hoo!

  425. Maddie Mo said

    Hi Himmie, Dale will be off hunting this weekend, but MY Mama is coming down to visit us this weekend, mostly cause I have been feeling so yucky and she wants to come spoil the baby some more. So, she will be around and I am her baby so she always takes good care of me. I plan on giving her my room and heading to the bedroom in the basement so I can sleep late and take some good naps.

  426. Jennifer said

    Maddie Mo….Hope you’ll start feeling better really soon!!!! Big hugs to you and to all of you who may have been feeling down or stressed out!!!! Thank goodness for Friday nights when we can sit back relax and watch our favorite Vampire!!! Margaret, earlier today I heard you on the podcast supporting BT, you sounded great!!!! Take care and God Bless you all.

  427. prtfvr said

    Am I the only one who’s already downloaded Wild Blood from iTunes? πŸ™‚

  428. laurel said

    I am so glad to hear that no one liked Viva Laughlin! That is the horrible show I got to preview when I was at the CBS studio in Las Vegas last May. It was just as bad last night as I remembered. I watched 3 1/2 minutes of it last night just to see if they had improved it any from what I saw the first time. Nope.
    The only good thing about having seen it in May was that I got to be a Neilson household for this fall season and managed to mention Blood Ties at least a dozen times. lol

    David Copperfield. Sadly, I am not a fan. I worked with a magician, as an assistant, in my college years. Not anyone you would have heard of but a good guy with some talent. Because of that my standard of expectation for a major magicain is high. Copperfield blew it when my husband and I were asked to move from our ticketed seats so that a lovely blond woman and her friend could sit in that exact location. Oddly enough the blond ended up on stage as an “assistant from the audience.” Can you say “plant?”

    Btw – Blood Ties episode 14 “Wild Blood” is available on i-Tunes now. I downloaded it this morning but haven’t watched yet. πŸ™‚
    Just thought you’d want to know, it has the conversation about watching the stars.
    Maddie Mo – I’m disappointed we won’t get to meet you this next week but I’m glad you are on track to getting well and I totally understand you wanting to stay home with that sweet baby. Our chance to meet has just be delayed, I’m sure.

    Arrowyn – I’m missing you! I haven’t seen you in too long. We need to figure something out for next week, even if I have to make us peanut butter sandwiches and eat in the parking lot at your work! Let’s figure something out, okay?

  429. prtfvr said

    Yet another corny joke:

    I went to the doctor the other day and said;

    ‘Doc, I keep having the same dream every night. Teepees, wigwams, tee pees, wigwams…. What do you think that means?”

    and he replied;

    “That’s easy. You’re two tents.”

    Bah bum bum. πŸ™‚

  430. Claire said

    Hi all…Well we finally got rain!!!!!!!!!!!! but it’s still hot! opened all the the sound of rain! I just can’t seem to finish cleaning! especially with all the rain! sidewalks are few and far between here…so all the dirt and wet leaves come in with you!
    less than 6 hours for me! meeting at the coop after? I promise not to drink my last two bottles of merlot! LOL!

    ARGH..I’m going to try and finish up the house!
    Maddie..I’m glad you’re feeling better! I’m jealous again! I would love for my Mom to be alive!Send the kids over to Grandmas and get some rest,yeah that would be great!

    OK see yas later!

  431. Margaret said

    Ladies: If any of you who live nearby each other want to order the poster from Blood Ties TV I think Scribble or someone else suggested getting one order together and having it shipped to one place because as someone who has no one close to her I ended up paying $15.00 on postage for that thing. The poster was $14.95 I think so by the time all was said and done it was $29.99 or close to it. Which brings me to the fact that if you’re going to pay $30 to look at Henry it would be nice if he weren’t snarling and all fanged out. But hey, I’ll take what I can get as this may become a collectors item if Lifetime doesn’t get off their ###@@@”””s.

  432. Margaret said

    Just say a commercial during Reba for BT. Henry says: Come live with Me, Vicki says: Its not that easy…..OMG. Of course I was in the wrong room to tape it.

  433. AlisaSG said

    thanks for the prayers.. we’re gonna need it — ALL of *US*.
    ((((((((((hugs!!!!)))))))))) back..

    re- sugar levels..
    I used to be very hypoglycemic. That’s one step away from being diabetic. My mom was diabetic and ended up insulin (needle injection) dependent diabetic.

    It was my mom who recommended trying cinnamon to help curb some of the sugar levels. It works!

    After I started making it a daily requirement to my eating habits, I realized that I used to get serious migraines every day before the afternoon, if I didn’t have the cinnamon. They were actually **sugar** headaches.

    Since then, the medical folks have determined that cinnamon does help regulate the body’s sugar glucose levels somehow. I have no idea how, but I do know it works. Two-and-one half cinnamon (graham) crackers, or two cinnamon/pecan (nuts are optional) rolls (not the ones with with super sugary icing on them, either.. these have NO icing on them.. Cinnamon in applesauce is another option.. and the quaker oats cinnamon cookie bars are another good source.

    Cinnamon Christmas cookies.. *yummy*.. that’s probably why I always liked those things! πŸ˜€

  434. Arrowyn said

    An article about David Copperfield:

    David Copperfield Investigated for Sexual Misconduct
    FRIDAY OCTOBER 19, 2007 12:40 PM EDT

    By Tim Nudd

    Photo by: rank Rumpenhorst / EPA / Landov

    The FBI investigation of David Copperfield involves a sexual misconduct claim against the magician, a Las Vegas newspaper reported Friday.

    Citing an unnamed source, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported the FBI raid of Copperfield’s warehouse on Wednesday was “connected to an investigation of possible sexual misconduct by the illusionist.”

    The source said the alleged incident occurred outside the U.S. but is within the FBI’s jurisdiction because the accuser is a U.S. citizen, according to the paper.

    Copperfield’s lawyer, David Chesnoff, confirmed there is an investigation, but added, “If in fact those are the allegations, unfortunately false allegations are all too often made against famous individuals. But we are confident the investigation will conclude favorably.”

    A Las Vegas warehouse operated by Copperfield was raided by 12 agents Wednesday night, TV station KLAS reported earlier. A computer hard drive, digital camera system, and nearly $2 million in cash were seized, the station reports.

    “The only thing we’re confirming right now is that there was some investigative activity in the Las Vegas area yesterday connected with a Seattle-area case, both of which are pending,” said Robbie Burroughs, spokeswoman for the Seattle division of the FBI.

  435. Arrowyn said

    Laurel, we’ll catch up. I promise.

    I have so many notes that I have written while reading this blog of things I want to reply to. I’m really fighting admitting that I’ll never catch up until I retire! I just keep trying and disappointing myself. Number 1 task — don’t post at 1 am! I’m long-winded anyway and, at that hour when I’m tired, I’m even worse. Sorry, Maddie and Madonna.

  436. AlisaSG said

    I had no idea what the abbreviation of PEI was either. However, I do know of Prince Edward Island. My family was virtually raised on PBS Tv.. πŸ˜‰

    — As for Anne of Green Gables.. —
    as for you taking the name of Anne with your own special Gilbert–
    it wasn’t too far off.. just a nickname from your real name (one syllable?) πŸ˜›

    (also for everyone who watched the series)
    — regarding the Tv series “Anne of Green Gables”.. —
    It was one of the few programs my hubby actually watched all the way thru WITH me! Including the “Return…” sequel. I loved the humor and scenery.. and ice-skating in the yard, too! Megan Follows was also a beautiful actress, and with red / reddish hair, too!

    I felt so bad in the first story series, when she dyed her hair a different color (and it came out purple?) and got yelled at by her mom.. those beautiful curls!

    My absolute *favorite* (memory) part was when Anne and Diana bonded into being best friends, and declared themselves as *kindred spirits*.. πŸ˜€

    Ever since that day, whenever I’ve found other people basically thinking on the same wave length as me, and / or having similar likes, I think of them as a *kindred spirit*..

    To me, it’s a forever bond.. and one that I treasure beyond measure..

    There’s lots of *kindred spirits* on this blog, and elsewhere in the Blood Ties family!! πŸ˜‰
    And that’s also *why* I write and *SAY* “Where the Blood Ties Bind” —
    There’s more (divine powers) at work behind this series than any of us could ever have probably imagined.. πŸ™‚

    WTBTB.. *g*

  437. Margaret said

    I stand corrected, he said “Come with me”.

  438. lwildstar said

    you’re so luky Mags – I’ve been watching LT since I got home at 6 and I haven’t seen commercial 1! grrrrrr…

    well I’m off to find something to eat – just caught up on the blog and the emails…

    love you guys – will check in later!


  439. lwildstar said

    yippee! I just saw the commercial – almost missed it !…I am so siked!…ok fan girlie moment…

    now I’m out of here!

  440. Margaret said

    Let me say this about that-He certainly wouldn’t have to ask me twice!

  441. Madonna said

    Hi gals,

    I also cannot wait until 11pm!

    I think the hissy fit with the kitty is tonight.

    Annalaise, Dizey, Danae, Ms. Gypsy, Freyja, Elizabeth, Himmie, Arrowyn, Laurel, Claire, Anzia, Alisa, lwildstar, Jennifer, Maddie Mo, Anne, everyone else………. looking back through here all I can say is you all are wonderful. You made me cry. (A good cry.)

    Unfortunately our bathtub isn’t conducive to relaxation. Very old and very uncomfortable. Not to mention, I would have had a dog and a niece beating the door down. Thanks for sending Henry over though. Ahhhh…….. the full body massage was great!

    Thank you for the compliment. I’ve never really considered myself articulate before.


    I promised you all I’d relay my mom’s dream, (it’s short but very sweet) so here it is…….. She had a dream that Kyle and I were standing side by side in a room having a conversation. She can’t remember about what. He was holding something in his hand, (again she can’t remember what), and smiling. Then he leaned over and gave me a huge hug and said something to the effect of “the impossible being possible.” I love my mom’s dreams.

  442. cdnfreyja said

    Ladies, I made it to the weekend still holding a job! I ran out of there at 5 o’clock, though and virtually collapsed on the couch when I got home.

    Alisa, the way my name is pronounced Anne isn’t actually a logical nickname. And I didn’t pick it – others did! He even had dark curly hair like Gilbert. My mom chose my name and my sister’s in the hopes that no one could shorten them. But people will still find a way. But the nickname didn’t stick. *hehe* I’m glad Danae asked about PEI – I had totally forgotten about this whole thing.

    Yes, ladies you will learn about Canada from me in one way or another … whether you like it or not.

    Margaret – you and the other ladies are more than welcome to Henry and Mike this weekend. I have way too much to catch up on at home – the cat never partakes in the housework – and I have to drop the stress level a bit before I could deal with either of them.

    Okay, now I really have to go and get something to eat.

  443. Madonna said

    Madonna really isn’t a very common name down here. Other than myself I’ve known 2. The singing Madonna and a girl I went to high school with.

    Funny story is that I’m actually named after my dad. During my mom’s pregnancy the doctor’s told them to expect a boy, so they did and they were going to name me Donald Jr. SURPRISE!!!!!! Well they had to improvise and Donna was just to common for them so my mom remembered a girl from when she was a child named Madonna, that had my dad’s name in it, so here I am.

  444. Jennifer said

    What a sweet dream that was!!!!!!!!!! If only I could dream about Henry…..maybe……hopefully SOON!!! I can’t wait to watch Blood Ties tonight!!!! I’m now watching a 1935 movie called Mark of the Vampire starring Bela Lugosi. I LOVE old movies like this, but REALLY prefer watching Henry!!!! Have a GREAT night!!!

  445. AlisaSG said

    I’m useless for the next 4 hours.. Sci-Fi Friday (with a very interesting Atlantis — we get 2 John Sheppard’s for the night..) wonder if we’ll ever get 2 Henry’s again.

    enjoy! unless the thunderboomers wipe screw up my night, I’ll be a happy camper into dreamland.. πŸ˜€

  446. cdnfreyja said

    Ladies, I’m signing out for the evening. Enjoy the new episode and post-epi chat!!!

    Sweet dreams!

  447. Anzia said

    Guys, not gonna be around for the post show chat. Sorry. I’m REALLY tired. I spent a bit of time today staring at the comp tech’s behind today at work and BOY does repressing urges REALLY take a lot outa ya…however, i’m not sure that stripping off those blue pants off that gorgeous butt of his and being a totally naughty girl would really endear me to my boss’ boss…^_^

  448. Margaret said

    Will wonders never cease-commercials on the night of the airing and an actual preview of next week’s episode. If they are deliberately trying to drive us crazy, they’re doing a great job. What are they up to?

  449. lwildstar said

    Three commercials in a hour in fact!

    that was a great episode – at the henhouse!

  450. msgypsy said

    You know, us wet coasters need to have our own chat after the show! I loved Mike’s answer to the father when he asked who would have found justice for his son. (Is it too soon for spoilers?)

    Faraday’s tail is trying to type (I finally defeated the block my laptop had put up keeping me from the blog!) I think he enjoyed this episode, too, although he’d have preferred werewolves to werejaguars.

    I’ll be back in the morning. Or afternoon. Whenever I wake up.

  451. Arrowyn said

    Interview with Emilie Ullerup. I THINK she’s the girl in the feeding scene when eppy 1 starts. At least that’s who her picture looks like. Long interview. Short piece about Blood Ties. Once again, Kyle is a complete gentleman.

    You also played in a show called Blood Ties can you speak about your role on that show and the show in general?

    Emilie Ullerup: Yes, I know very little about the show because it’s not up here, it doesn’t get aired in Canada yet so I haven’t had the privilege of seeing any of it yet. I had a small part in the first episode and for me that again was also an interesting role to get because it was an intimate scene and I had never done that before either. So walking on set knowing that I was not going to be wearing very much clothes was a little bit nerve wracking. But I met Kyle Schmid and he came up and he said to me – look I hope you are comfortable and anything I can do to make you comfortable just let me know and we’ll just have fun and not worry and he was just really, really great about it and it just made the day enjoyable and easy to get through and not at all uncomfortable because you can very easily get uncomfortable. It was a really fun experience. As I said I don’t know much about the show because we don’t get it up here unfortunately but I read the first script and it looked very interesting with some great characters.

  452. Arrowyn said

    I’ll be back again tomorrow (today) after I get some sleep, but I have some questions after seeing 2 eppys. I hope someone who notices things like this can give me answers.

    It seems that Vicki and Henry now share the P.I. office. I haven’t studied the last 2 eppys, but the office looks nicer than I remember. Better furniture, lamps, etc. Are they still in Vicki’s old office? Wasn’t her office part of her apartment?

    Also, Henry’s library — where is it? Basement of his building? A room in his apartment? If it’s in his apartment, he seems pretty comfortable having Coreen and Vicki come and go.

    Because of these things and the fact that Vicki is FAR more comfortable with Henry than I remember, I feel like I “missed a step”. Or I feel like I missed an episode. Inquiring minds…. Thanks.

  453. lwildstar said

    Tanyas blog for last nights episode is up at LT – and I was first! yippee – I sounded so fangirlie – gushing – but I loved last nights epi….

    just checking in as I run out the door…

    talk at you later!

  454. lwildstar said

    Arrowyn – just read the interview snippet- yep I wouldn’t expect Kyle to be anything less then a gentleman…some how from what I’ve seen of him – I’d say there was probably a lot of jokeing and laughing going on to put everyone at ease!…
    ok must go

  455. AlisaSG said

    the blogs *everywhere* are awfully quiet..!! 😦
    that includes Tanya’s blog about Wild Blood..!

    thank you, prtfvr — for your wonderful input over at CityTv! I’ll be over there later today, maybe .. if not, later in the week.

    I am curious as to whatever happened to the *others* who’ve watched HEART OF FIRE on some of those foreign networks and didn’t post about it YET on their Tv web sites. And Gateworld ain’t helping because the BT topic got buried again. I’m still the last person who wrote about BT on there — over a week ago..

    (that excludes Anne and Freyja — because we already heard your reactions here…) πŸ˜€

  456. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Morning ALisa I was just over @ LT and left my post about Wild Blood which I loved! Mike was clearly the Cool DUde 😎 in this ep. and well Henry what can I say about Light table Henry ? He’s just ultimately COOL in so many ways ! I did love the *Your Lordship* and the *Constable* lines digs at each other are so entertaining. And the Star gazing was very neet I love the unsaid stuff between these two, heat baby smoldering just below the surface πŸ˜€ I was a bit pissed that I couldn’t download it last night i sent an email to Apple to see if it was my computer or something. Haven’t heard anything yet. Well I’m at work and will check back a little later.

  457. laurel said

    I was right behind you Dizey! I posted at LT and may go over to Tanya’s LJ and see if she is around.
    I don’t know what the problem is with iTunes but it was cranky yesterday when I was trying to get some music info. I did get “Wild Blood” downloaded in the morning but by afternoon couldn’t get the free songs from Starbucks that I had codes for.
    Btw – Is anyone else having trouble getting logged on at Lifetime? I go into the Blog directly and then sign in from that page. It says “Hello Minx laurel” at the top but won’t let me add comments until I take the whole thing back to the home page and then hunt up the blog again. Really annoying.

    I thought there was some great body language in the opening scene. They are certainly more comfortable with one another than they have been before. Some of the tension has been “eased” perhaps? hehehe There is a nice bond between Vicki and Henry while they are talking on the balcony.
    And the light table? Maybe it was just to cold to lay on the floor and draw? I know I got warmer. lol

  458. cdnfreyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Just checking in. I think I’m back to a normal schedule – finally. I already see this weekend flying by … And I offered to volunteer my legal skills this weekend. When I see something wrong, I have to get involved. I am my father’s daughter, after all.

    Alisa, do you mind sending me the links to the forums in an e-mail? That way they won’t get buried or lost.

    Anyway, I’ll check back later. I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

  459. Margaret said

    Ahhhh come on sisters, does this man really need to lay on a light table when there are plenty of people standing in line to keep him warm? lol

  460. Jennifer said

    Last night’s ep was FANTABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I thought the way Henry and Vicki were sitting there looking at the stars and talking was really sweet and then later when Henry was laying on Vicki’s light table was….just…well, needless to say I almost fell out of my chair!!!!! *GASP*!!!!!!! He’s SOOOO FINE!!!! And the black Jaguar, how beautiful was THAT?!?!? Yep, I’m a big time animal lover. And when Henry and the Jag were face to face GROWLING at each other…….WHEW!!! GREAT SCENE!! I LOVE THIS EPISODE!!!!!

  461. AlisaSG said

    okay, in addition to reading Tanya’s blogs, here’s another *favorite* of mine to read–

    by Laceym–

    actually, the article refers mostly about Moonlight — but don’t forget to read the COMMENTs below the article.. πŸ˜€

    lots of plugs in there about Henry for a reason.. trying to win another convert who’s afraid to watch BT, because of it’s name implication.. (the title of the series freaked her out. Laceym tried to reassure her that — *that* there is more to the title, and on a different wave length level than just mere words tossed together. πŸ˜‰

  462. AlisaSG said

    >> Alisa, do you mind sending me the links to the forums in an e-mail? That way they won’t get buried or lost.

    Sure. But I have to go out first for a few hours. I’m not sure how quick I’ll be able to get to mailing the links, because I’m also doing laundry and house work.. Check back before 11pm. I should have something later into the night.

  463. msgypsy said

    I tried to put this question in its entirety up on the LT blog but for obvious reasons it didn’t work. Did anyone else hear the name Melville last night and think Moby Dick? The only name that would’ve run a louder bell for me would have been Hemingway and THAT would have been like being hit with a lead pipe.

    Prtfvr, you gotcher eyes on? I think you’re the one who claims to be a whiz at Photoshop. I’ve got an idea (Nisi and I came up with it, actually) that I need a Photoshop expert for.

    I have to go be domestic now. Ugh! By domestic I mean knit, sew, cook, clean, ugh! I figure it’ll take about an hour before I lose my mind…

  464. cdnfreyja said

    Alisa, no problem. I totally understand – in between the house work I’m trying to write a letter using the best legalese I can. Case of sexual harassment by an employer. Lovely.

    Ladies, I love to read your comments about upcoming episodes because it reminds me of just how much I have to look forward to!

  465. msgypsy said

    OMG!!!!! Just the title of this recipe is enough to horrify me. And reading the ingredients makes me just laugh!

    Lumpy Diaper Burrito

    1 12″ flour tortilla
    3 eggs
    2 Tbsp of baked beans
    2 Tbsp cream cheese cubed and at room temp.
    1 hot dog cut into disks

    Heat up your egg pan with a bit of oil and start browning your hot dog
    disks. Once browned, and your baked beans and eggs and finish
    cooking. In another pan, heat up your tortilla with the cream cheese
    on top. When the scrambled mixture is done, plop it on top of your
    tortilla. Now put the tortilla on a plate and fold it into a diaper

    Needless to say, this will NOT be going into the Bloody Ford Clinic cookbook!

  466. cdnfreyja said

    OMG – gypsy, who in their right mind would think that anyone would want to eat something named after or in the shape of a dirty diaper … not to mention the ‘filling’.

  467. lwildstar said

    laurel you free today?…I’ll send you an email – …

  468. Madonna said

    Hi there!

    I LOVED this episode. It ranks right up there with Heart Of Fire and Norman for me. I loved the beginning and the end. We, (my mom and I), laughed out loud at the skunk comment. I’m so glad that the bickering is back between Mike and Henry. Dizey I also loved the “Your Lordship” and the “Constable” exchange.

    Jennifer I also thought that the real black panther was gorgeous. I’m a lover of big cats myself. When I find time to paint, it’s often one of my subjects.

    Ms. Gypsy,
    I’m kind of swamped right now, but if your project could be put off for a little while (2-3 months) I’d be happy to help.

    I too am not surprised that Kyle was such a gentleman.

  469. msgypsy said

    Madonna, no rush. I want to make paper dolls. It’ll make sense when I give you the details. We won’t be able to market them but I think the ladies of the blog will appreciate them. LOL!

  470. Madonna said

    About the light table….. that kind of threw me off. Henry laying on it didn’t help either.

    They were most definitely at Vicki’s office. So what would Vicki, a PI need a light table for? Hmmmmmm…….. I don’t think she would so here’s how I take it. That light table belongs to Henry because as an artist/designer he would need it. It’s a very useful tool to the designer. That means that unless Henry is carting that think back and forth from his condo to her office, Henry is spending MUCH MUCH more time at Vicki’s place. Perhaps he’s taking a more active stance in watching over her as well as learning more about the PI business.

  471. Madonna said

    Ms. Gypsy,
    That’d be good. I’m figuring a little more free time in January, so maybe I could start then.

  472. Madonna said

    Oh yeah……. Question?

    During BT’s last night, Lifetime had a pop-up come on that was promoting some sort of contest BT’s related. Did anyone happen to catch the details?

    Maybe I’ll have to rewind and go back and have a look. Oh…… The hardships of it all. lol

  473. lwildstar said

    Madonna – Vicki has a light table to read documents on – Christinaa exsplained it in an interview – since Vicki is night blind the extra light from under papers helps her read – she had it in Blood Price

    the contest is the costume contest – Ihad posted the link – ior tried to – last thread…first prize is $2,000 and a set of autographed Blood Books – its on the LT home page – Spooktacular

  474. Anne said

    If anybody needs a direct way to Tanya’s blof, it’s third link from the top on the BTC linkpage – dunno if it’s easier that way, but at least the link is pretty easy to find there.

    I like Kate, but I was wondering where Dave went.
    And Coreen.

  475. Margaret said

    Anne: I asked the same question about Dave because if I remember correctly, the last time they mentioned him he was in court all week. Must be an awfully long week.

  476. Jennifer said

    I wonder if in later episodes will the relationship between Henry and Dr. Sagara be revealed or mentioned more? That’s been bugging me since the NORMAN episode!!!!!!! Any thoughts on this?

  477. Margaret said

    I want to know how Vicki shot Mike.

  478. prtfvr said

    Gypsy, I’m not the Photoshop expert. I barely get by. It’s either ‘laise or Madonna. I’m senile (ask Dani) so don’t go by me! πŸ˜‰

  479. nina said

    Hello Everyone!

    I just watched BT. Loved it!! Especially the last smile Henry had on his face as Mike walked away!! Also the comic book idea and “I need larger teeth”!
    I missed Coreen in this episode though and yupDave’s week seems very very long.

    Ok I’ve to go again, too many things to do before going to bed. Catch you guys tomorrow.


  480. Margaret said

    Will one of you computer experts email me: I’m through confused about WTBTB site. Help.

  481. msgypsy said

    Margaret, I keep waiting for those fanfics to arrive explaining about how Vicki shot Mike but not a single one has appeared yet. Also, I’ll email you. Seeing as how I totally understand the reference and all that…

    There’s a fun game at Although the music never stops and that’s quite maddening.

    Maybe Dave’s trial keeps getting delayed and he’s taken up near permanent residence in the courthouse. That happened to me, almost, when I was going to have to testify against the guy who stole my car’s registration. (He got a plea deal at the last possible moment, which was good for the system but sucked for me for all the times I had to take off work only to find out at the last minute that he’d gotten another delay.)

    Well, I’m off to dog sit the Mighty Shelby tonight (a friend’s dog who is 65 pounds and far, far too affectionate for her size!) I’ll be back later…

  482. lwildstar said

    I really am trying to write the story MsG …I started it – but I didn’t get very far…I’ll post it just so you can see…..

  483. Margaret said

    To quote Cree: Yes, work has been extremely crazy. I have the new vet to train and since we have 2 doctors now, we have doubled up on the number of patients we are booking up each day. Well, last Saturday, the new doc got bitten real bad by a mean cat and her hand swelled up, got infected, and invaded the nerve in her thumb. So she has been out all week unable to work, and I have to see all the patients by myself that we had booked up for 2 doctors. On top of that I am still getting all of my Chief of Staff certification paperwork in order. I had to send all of my cases and requirements to the regional medical standards board last week and I just found out that they found everything to be in order and they approved me for Chief of Staff and now I have to send everything to Portland so the national medical standards board can approve it. That was due today, so my only day off this week (today) was spent getting all that stuff in order. AUGH! I am going to pull my hair out. And to top it all off, my new vet said she thinks she is going to quit because our hospital is too busy and it is too stressful for her! WTF??!! She said she only wants to see about 6-8 pets a day. Well, guess what? That ain’t gonna happen! Before she got there, I was seeing 55 pets a day all by myself. So anyway, it looks like I will soon be by myself again. Which at this point I think may be better for me. I am so much more stressed having to look over her and deal with all of her crap and incompetency that I think I will actually welcome being all alone again. (Friday, October 19).

  484. catcornmom said

    Gypsy…you come up with the craziest things. Lumpy Diaper Burrito. HAHAHA!

    Madonna, I hope you’ve been taking everyone’s advice and taking some “me” time and relaxing a little bit!! I love to go work-out after a crazy day with high schoolers. Those weight machines take a lot of abuse depending on the day I’ve had. (Well, I’d like to THINK they do!!!–If the weights could talk they would probably say differently!)

    Anne, the CSI pics of Kyle are awesome!!

    I loved BT last night. I’ve already watched it a second time. It reminded me so much of Tanya’s were-Blood book. There were so many funny one liners. I’m so glad Tanya is back on her blog. I love reading her thoughts. I hope they get this epi back on iTunes soon. I didn’t get it when it was on there.

  485. Claire said

    I’m dropping in to say hello and Goodnight all in one post tonight..I loved Wild Blood!!!!! Love Jaguars! My big giant Thor looks like one!
    My favorite Scene was Henry and Th Jaguar Hissing and growling at each other!
    I might be the only weirdo here but to me that scene was incredibly hot!!!

    I love that Henry and Mike are back to bickering at each other,The I hate him,at the end was great!

    I spent the whole day helping my grown kids with their took 3 hours of sewing leaves to finish Nikkis.I had so much fun with them.They just all left about 20 minutes ago,and man I was laughing so hard while taking their pictures! Chris out did himself again! I can’t wait to show you all the pictures tomorrow!

    So now,time yo unwind and have a nice glass of wine…maybe watch a movie.

    My ladies the day is getting close….can’t wait to see you all…Chris said he’s putting in his costume for you all! LOL!!

    Bonne Nuit mon belle souers!


  486. AlisaSG said

    I just sent off an email to you (just under 11p.m. by my *slow* computer clock!)
    as requested. Look for the email from me, titled

    10/20/2007 Blood Ties links

    hope that helps. πŸ˜€

  487. Anzia said

    Diz- I sent apple and email too. I tried all day yesterday & today to get it to work (Well this morning) and couldn’t download the danged thing! GRRRRR

    I just assumed that they were in Vicki’s office/apartment the entire time. I didn’t know they’d moved to Henry’s place… Especially when Henry was reading the book on Lycanthropy (did I spell that right?). The pic of the two cops was on teh filing cabinet in the back.

    I too think that since Norman came around and played havoc w/their libidos that they’ve gotten VERY comfy w/one another. Which sucks ’cause i totally wanna see it! I do REALLY REALLY wish that there’d been a longer pause between the loosing friends & loosing me comments. Make more of a punch to it instead of it just being the end of a causual list. Although. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED Henry’s POV of everything.

    And Mike & Henry…OMG…LOOOOOVED it. The hellhound comment- GREAT! Animal control! I was laughing so hard…OMG… *sigh* this is why I love this show. πŸ˜›


    ^_^ Lalalalalalalla

  488. Arrowyn said

    These were posted on Wednesday on Bloodlines by Barbi. Someone from another country (who gets eppys out of order, but before us) had posted offering spoilers for future episodes.

    TPTB have asked that those in foreign countries please not offer spoilers for future episodes not seen here in the US yet as it may affect the numbers (Ratings) and that could hurt the show’s chances of being renewed.

    Thanks for understanding guys
    Sorry guys, the thread offering spoilers for future episodes had to be removed. They are worried that it may impact the numbers for the US showings of these episodes.
    Sounds like, as of last Wednesday, TPTB STILL didn’t know if Lifetime was going to renew!

  489. Arrowyn said

    Boy, I’m tired of not being able to get here until after everybody’s gone!

  490. Arrowyn said

    Did everyone remember to “tape” Cold Case tonight (w/Christina)?

  491. Margaret said

    Found this on someone’s blog, I thought about responding but what can you say to this kind of comment:

    Blood Ties is off to a reasonable start, though I must confess that after seeing Christina Cox on Bones recently as the “rider” for a horse-play sex game that I spent a little too much time trying to shake the image of Dylan Neal or Kyle Schmid in a bridle… but I digress. I always feel that they edit the end of the show poorly – it. just. stops. suddenly.

  492. AlisaSG said

    >> Found this on someone’s blog, I thought about responding but what can you say to this kind of comment:
    >> Blood Ties is off to a reasonable start . . . I always feel that they edit the end of the show poorly – it. just. stops. suddenly.

    It sounds like that person doesn’t know what they are talking about, IMHO.

    I have *YET* found an episode that ended like that.
    Unless that person is referring to the cliffhangers, with the dreaded “to be continued” — even those knew *exactly* where to stop! So which episode is this person referring to?? (In other words, what do they *WANT* — “blood??”!)

    The only ep that ever ended even remotely *SUDDENLY* was “POST PARTUM,” and that *was* because it was trying to give the feeling of something more climatic was potentially about to happen down the road further. It gave that creepy Damien//Omen feel about itself — on purpose! πŸ˜‰

    Margaret, If you want to borrow any of that and reword it — please feel free to do so. That’s my feelings about whatever that person wrote.

    (I’d add in a “duh!!” but that words, and words to of similar nature — never helps inspire the situation for other readers to keep watching… and then whoever writes the *duh!* at someone else, usually gets marked for the “moderation” list – depending on the website!)

  493. AlisaSG said

    >> Sounds like, as of last Wednesday, TPTB STILL didn’t know if Lifetime was going to renew!

    If anyone is relying on LIFETIME for assistance, I think that is putting too much *trust* into an unknown entity. I’ve seen how networks have worked in the past, and I’m personally not putting much stock into the way Lifetime has been behaving. Bringing that point up to them, doesn’t help either.

    Sci-Fi did what it did to SG1, and many other programs, regardless of what a certain amount of devoted viewers wanted. They took the ax to other series, and claimed it was due to the falling *ratings*.

    However, those of us who actually *watch* the Sci-Fi channel, know that their disgusting horror movies get worse ratings than a promising Tv series. So, *WHAT* are they talking about faltering ratings when the movies are far more worse (and some are terribly composed in various ways into the “B” and “C” movie categories)..?

    Also, if CBS is affiliated with Lifetime (as a parent company to Lifetime), then there is no contest between MOONLIGHT and BLOOD TIES. The fact that both shows are too similar, doesn’t help, so I’m hoping maybe intelligent critics // viewers like *laceym* (yes, I highly respect her POVs above most of the other Tv Guide critics) — can help sort out the differences.

    It’s the *only* hope I have for BT to get renewed by/for *other* Tv network stations. And even if the series does get a renewal — how are the writers, and everyone else going to live up to the potency of what the first 22 eps have provided so far? That’s gonna be the more difficult *challenge,* in my opinion.

  494. Madonna said

    Just wanted to stop by and say good morning.


    I just sent you two an email, so if you haven’t already check it.

    I’ll try to stop back by later.

  495. Margaret said

    Well, even though we may be fighting an uphill battle we can’t stop the battle until the fat lady sings. I lost faith in Lifetime a long time ago when they stopped advertising, changed the time and day for the show, but I still haven’t stopped writing postcards, any google alert to someone’s website I try to respond to. We still need to write to the current sponsors maybe. Couldn’t hurt. We may have to depend upon the DVD’s but I’m not ready to say die yet. I say CHARGE THE @@##xxx. IT AIN’T OVER UNTIL THE FAT LADY SINGS, UNFORTUNATELY SHE SEEMS TO BE HUMMING AT THE MOMENT. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO TO SHUT HER UP LADIES?

  496. lwildstar said

    Margaret said,

    Well Mags – on a whim I emailed one of the djs at our local radio station – I was proffessional and not all fangirlie – encouraging her to watch BT and exsplained the show and our campagin to save BT. She use to be an actress so I was hoping she would have some empathy towards the situation – will let you know if I hear anything back – I tried to copy the email so I could use it again and as soon as I hit submit it deleted the copy – go figure…I may go back to thier site and email one of the other djs…it just happens that this radio sttion is Disney owned – like LT so they would be supporting their own company – figured it couldn’t hurt!

    well I’m out of here for the day…

    Laurel – I’ll email you later….

  497. AlisaSG said

    I don’t lean on the sopranos version of life. Therefore there is no fat lady singing in my world. . . just evil networks . . . and them playing more teasing games than I like. That’s why I’ve separated myself from getting too attached to the networks a LONNNNNNNNG time ago.

    I thought some cable channels would be better than the prime-time stations, but alas, it seems not. The more popular they become, the more of the trap they fall into for competing power plays.

    I’m also not giving up encouraging folks in the foreign markets from watching Blood Ties… and apparently, some of their networks are picking up the same *bad* habits too — that we have seen. things like having BT switched to different nights, not properly informing when the repeats get changed (that sounds like the old WB and UPN networks for their syndicated programs — whatever they felt wasn’t important enough, got screwed around, and in turn it screwed the rest of us regularly visiting viewers from getting too fondly attached to *that* particular network. *sigh*

  498. AlisaSG said

    Just a side note—

    DOA is playing on LIFETIME. It’s currently coming up automatically on the BLOOD TIES video feed (I was in the Blood Ties main site, and clicked on the FULL EPISODES link on the top of the Blood Ties menu bar), but there is NO link yet –inside where the other ep links are listed — for viewing the ep by individual “acts” (divided scene segments).

    It’s also a little steadier than the one that was over on the yahoo site. I keep running (moving, but NOT clicking) my mouse over BT ep listings — just in case the web site pulls a fast one and changes the program, story, or ep order, on me, while the DOA program is playing.

  499. AlisaSG said

    *good golly MOLLY!!* .. it’s been a while since I have been reading the following topic (non-BT related)..

    On the Gateworld forums, the topic “Joe Flanigan/John Sheppard Thunk Thread” (he’s John Sheppard on Stargate Atlantis) currently has over 4232 pages (multiply that times 20 replies per each page, and that’s how many comments have been posted into that ONE topic!!)

    oh… and the (dedicated viewers who *greatly* admire him there) were discussing about his attendance at one of the conventions and the apparent *stalker* who was “chasing” after him — which made him pull out of going to the earlier conventions for the series. Because of the one/few crazies, everyone else had to suffer, including Joe. 😦

  500. AlisaSG said

    make that over 84,000 comments!!!!!!!!!!! whoah! πŸ˜›
    (see above posting about Joe Flanigan’s topic on Gateworld)

    love the *wild* hair pictures, too! I remember defending his hair to some irate complainer (who was also favoring BSG over SG-Atlantis… figgures). Now they’re having a contest for the best “wild” hair on that site.

  501. jpbaci1 said


  502. AlisaSG said

    LH, it helps to insert those j/k and various smiley faces such as πŸ˜‰ when making some comments.
    Otherwise, everything else-wise will be taken too seriously.. 😦

    besides, it gave me an opportunity to spout off about all of those *stupid*
    commercials promoting NON-stop about Viagra and Cialis and Levitra
    (?? not sure of the Levitra name). πŸ˜‰

    Apart from medical excuses, if *they* (the folks using that stuff), can’t get their act together without the stuff (and it works for both sides of the gender equation where it’s not a *forced* issue in any version of the terms), then they’ve got bigger problems than just on the physical end. (no puns intentially intended for any of that!!) πŸ˜›

    .. and Saddam Hussein was declared as using Viagra..!! yes, that news “brief” one got posted into the news — tho I’m not sure how true it was.. it probably was true. sheesh! I never thought I’d *ever* hear the end of *THAT* story! yikes!!

  503. AlisaSG said

    *Ohhhhhhh Henry* is so much better anyway. I can see the commercials for THAT coming now from the most wisest and creative of Henry/Mike fans here…

  504. AlisaSG said

    THIS NEWS FLASH JUST IN.. no pun intended either.. (hee-hee!)

    The NY Daily News Tv section of their newspaper, has a blurb in there about Gina Holden and BLOOD TIES.. imagine whatever plots you’d like, but I think the Daily News LIKES Blood Ties (that’s where I first learned about the series in the first place! =)

    here’s quoting portions of what they wrote, and please forgive the typos!! πŸ˜‰
    (and They spelled her character name as Corinne, not as Coreen)

    “SciFi star would renew ‘Ties’ in a flash”

    Gina Holden – Dale Arden on SciFi Channel’s “Flash Gordon” series — reports that …

    Holden says that at first, other commitments, including her role as the occult-loving secretary Corinne in Lifetime’s “Blood Ties” series, made it seem “impossible” to take on the role fo Dale, but long story short: This was something I really wanted to do, so there was no time to whine about being tired.”
    “Blood Ties,” with 22 episodes in the can, is on a production break, but Holden would “love to bring back Corinne if the timing worked out. Obviously, ‘Flash’ is my priority.”

    for the moment. Sooooo, the NY Daily News has more FAITH in the renewal of BT than we do!!! that’s saying something! πŸ˜€

  505. Margaret said

    Found this on the Lifetime Blog:

    I was just over on the web site to see how Blood Ties is doing today. GREAT news to share! Today’s ranking is #13 out of 2659 (inclusive category of movies, TV shows, etc.) and #10 of 681 when matched against TV shows only. The numbers have been going up daily. I hope the powers that be at Lifetime are watching this! It’s a great indication of the “buzz” on a topic and Blood Ties is doing really well!!!!
    Request RemovalPosted by lexgal4henry Oct 21, 2007 11:48 am

    We need to keep going to the Neilsen site to help it go up higher.

  506. Margaret said

    Ok, for those of you who are going to Claires, we want pictures, lots of pictures. Especially ones of all of you hugging Prtfvr. lol.

  507. Anne said

    Here are a few pictures to tide you over.

  508. Margaret said

    Believe I found this on Lifetime’s Blog to, for those of you who haven’t had a chance to see Wild Blood, this is a link to a site that has it running: enjoy

  509. AlisaSG said

    *shock!!* ohhhhhhhhh, Margaret you’re *eeeeeeevil*
    (about the video.. but how reliable is it as in would it ever get yanked like u-tube because I’m guessing those aren’t legit — whereas, the yahoo one was legal, because it was put there with Lifetime’s consent)


    I was going to write POOR HENRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    because on Tanya’s “Wild Blood” blog pages, guess who’s interested in pushing the whole Viagra, Cialis, Levitra scenes.. (don’t tell me here, please, I already know the answer). I’m guessing none of them ever had a severe cramp / charlie horse spasm where they have to go Ppppppppppppp!! πŸ˜‰

    IMHO, Henry does perfectly fine without relying on that other stuff!
    I’m sure that his 481 plus years of *expertise* massage treatments work far better than (threatening actions or) drug induced treatments.. that’s my theory and I’m sticking with it! πŸ˜›

  510. Margaret said

    All I can say is watch it while you can. Who knows how long it will be up.

  511. Margaret said

    New York Daily

    11 (LIFE) “Bloodties.” Vicki Nelson (Christina Cox) is a private investigator who solves supernatural crimes in this Lifetime Channel sci-fi drama, but the real drama these days seems to be off the screen. Fans of the show have started a petition begging Lifetime executives to pump up the volume and promote the series more. Their fear, of course, is out of sight, out of mind, which is usually a precurser to a heartless trip to cancellation city.

    Richard Huff

  512. AlisaSG said

    whoah! I’m reading the Tv Guide portion of the NY Daily News in paper form (newsprint inky paper — wasting trees *g*) and you (Margaret) got more info off the internet?? where was it in the paper? I only read the TV section in there.

    someone out there is certainly paying attention to hearing our *pleas* for help!

    and he’s right, too–
    >> … out of sight, out of mind, which is usually a precurser to a heartless trip to cancellation city.

    I have never seen a Tv series stay on the air without much promotion, unless it *was* — of course — the network’s own favorite pampered “baby” — but if that were the situation, the network would be promoting the show regardless of the ratings.. everything now-a-days boils down to ratings instead of quality.

  513. AlisaSG said

    the SPACE folks don’t seem to *like* BT and go way out of their way to say so.
    I haven’t read the full topic, but here’s the latest one..

    vampire or wussy

  514. Margaret said

    Ok AlisaG I put my two cents worth in over there. Told them I think Henry is more a lover than a fighter and that you don’t always have to fight to get what you want. Told them there’s enough vampires out there for everyone’s taste.

  515. Margaret said

    I got the information off a Google Alert for the New York Daily News. Does this qualify me as a News Hound? lol

  516. Margaret said

    Do you think we’d be shooting ourselves in the foot if I posted it over at Lifetime? Although I’m not sure if they care if they’re perceived as heartless.

  517. laurel said

    Hey lwildstar! I’m looking for you!
    You know where to find me.

    Gypsy – Great nosh! Let’s do that again some time.

  518. susana said

    well, this is how busy i am , i only ge to post 2days late πŸ™‚ here i am anyways! LOOOOOved this episode too!
    Claire: The hissing scene is hot to me too!! You are not alone…love the part where the jaguar turns to leave and just for a moment you seem to see henry go from animal/vampire to ever so human…you know the part i mean? his eyes are still dark and he seems to tuck his teeth in and swallow? Well as you can tell, my absence here does not mean that my obsession is gone with this show!
    also the conversation between them at the start and him on the table…the things i wanna do with Henry on that table are not anywhere near legal!!!!:) you can tell a part of vicky is torn between being hot for him and hot for what he is! Well played!
    Yes, since norman, they are more charming!
    Yeah, next week is 5.55
    I have not given up on lifetime yet!

  519. AlisaSG said

    Margaret, I just found it (ha-ha) *funny* that you’re down south, and I’m next door to NYC, and you more info than I found.. that’s what I get for letting my hubby take the paper away and hand it off to his dad to read..! bummer! πŸ˜€

    I don’t think posting what Richard Huff wrote would help Lifetime at all. That’s my own personal feeling there. However, with all of the postings that we’ve been doing about the lack of info and intel — it’s certainly caught the attention of the NY Daily News somehow.

    I do have to say THANK YOU to the NY Daily News staff for introducing me to Henry and Vicki. It was their little picture blurb and article in a later issue (probably from the NJ Star-Ledger or NJ Herald tho) that reinforced more interest into Blood Ties during its earlier days.

    What the NY Daily News did was — it had a photo of Vicki in bed with Henry (during the Blood Price ep premiere) — where Henry was obviously hurt. Except I don’t remember if the photo was after his injuries were less visible or not. I did think it was a strange photo, tho.. Henry’s eyes were closed, and Vicki was hovering in *watch* mode over him — fully clothed — which was a bit on the strange side for a vampire story — to see the situation sort of in reverse (usually, it’s the damsel in distress — NOT the vampire! =)

    anywho.. I saw the photo and blurb that morning (of the premiere). I never saw LIFETIME, nor any ads for Lifetime leading up to that morning. All I could think of was “Oh no.. just what I need .. tempting *fate* just to watch another vampire story!!!!!!!!!” πŸ˜›

    I had just tried to erase BLADE from my mind and had no intention of really get too involved with BT, beyond a few viewings.. However, seeing Henry and his charm, his wit, and his *good* guy spiritual image, WOW!! that’s all I could say. I think I stopped half-way thru the ep, and posted a message on r-com to the others yelling out to them — if they haven’t seen it yet, they should!

    I didn’t expect the reactions to start out so positively *yummy*. Both persons who replied MISSED the premiere ep, so they really still don’t understand the background history behind Henry’s life — nor did they see how deep the demon tore away at Henry’s chest (I was worried about Henry’s heart getting ripped out). And now MOONLIGHT has stolen one of them away.. TPTB need to allow Henry to step up on those martial arts skills as he did in the BLOOD PRICE ep.

  520. AlisaSG said

    I have another way of getting over to the SPACE site and possibly getting thru on the verbal level.. (got to get creative, but need time to think about it first!).

    Sometimes, yah just gotta return to the roots of the storyline. Those folks have simply lost focus, or don’t want to focus (and they remind me of some of the folks writing on Gateworld too.. if the historical aspects shut them up, then they want more gore and blood. . . it’s never *good* enough for that type of crowd.)

    that’s why I like CityTv better, and LIVING, except on LIVING Tv, you can’t post links or ask to email to each other, etc. The messages get wiped off the board. And so the people there, can’t find out how to get elsewhere on the internet to find out about other informative BT topics, etc. The world has to go to them, and be totally *censored* in the process, as well. You can’t even write the “B” word as in quoting dialogue Mike said in HEART OF FIRE (son of a B…!).. it got wiped out and asterisked all the way across starting at the first letter B****! and ended up looking like this *****. maybe a solid _____ would be better then, fill in the blanks.. oy!

  521. AlisaSG said

    ouch! for those who haven’t — go read Tanya’s blog.
    It’s a war of words in a humorous sense (I think!), if taken the right way!

    To you lovely ladies, I might tell the whole story (but certainly NOT here). To Angie..? nah. let her figure it out on her own. *g* πŸ˜›

    I’m a *kill-joy*… in more ways than one. πŸ˜‰
    Do angels have feelings? Henry is an Angel in disguise..
    yuppers!! definitely not in need of using drugs to gain what Sinead tried to get via pheromones! πŸ˜€

    and apparently Henry invaded my dream the other night and took over the hero’s spot in my story.. which has morphed all the way, since those days when I first met Saint-Germain, but couldn’t have him; so he got replaced by a character named *Michael* (and it’s not Mike from BT, either.. this one is dark haired, mysterious, cultured, has exotic tastes.. a well-rounded individual, who is also a fighter for justice and the good of mankind). Now, Michael got taken over by Henry the other night.. Oooooooooooo!! *g*

  522. cdnfreyja said

    Just popping by ladies! Hope you had a great weekend.

    Margaret, you are the bestest assistant I could have! πŸ˜‰ The link you posted actually works outside the US. So, I had to have a look. Yes, I just HAD to. Since my computer is old, it was slow. I’m going to have to take a look over my lunch break tomorrow. I know, excuses, excuses … what can I say?

    One of the reasons I love this show is that it is insightful without being preachy. Once again, the writers and actors did a fantastic job! Ladies, you are missing the opening credits that are shown here in Canada (maybe elsewhere too). I know our laws regulate the amount of commercial time during a broadcast – our commercial time is less than in the US (but it was recently increased). So, to fill the time, we get a long opening. I think the show is missing something without it.

    The opening scene with Henry and Vicki was great. It actually made me a little homesick. I miss being able to lie in bed looking out my window at the stars and northern lights. I can’t do that in my adopted city. Although, how they can see the stars in Toronto I’ll never figure out. Okay, maybe Henry can but nobody else is able to. But that is just a small blip.

    Am I the only one who giggled at the little ‘cat fight’ between Vicki and Kate? Do I dare say Kate is bringing the claws out? And I’m glad to see the verbal sparring between Mike and Henry again too. I’m going to enjoy watching this one on the tv screen.

  523. Claire said

    Hi all …I’ve been extremely busy…and just missing you all! not enough time to blog! But anyway..I have something to say and I just need to get it all off my chest.
    Alisa,you suggested that we go look at the lifetime blog,and your war of words with Angie.
    Here’s how it looks to me…first,whatever they thought was going on here was settled,but you brought here name here,with innuendos,which as everyone pointed out to LH,is a public blog that anybody can read,hence the possibility of more drama,when we just ended one.Two,you started a blog war of words at the lifetime blog,which now has Angie on full retaliation mode.Isn’t this what everyone was talking about,that if all those crazy postings and arguments started popping up it may lead LT to close down the blog and thus leave us one less place to show are support for Blood ties.I don’t always like what people post there,nor agree with everyone,but you know what,it’s a free country,and everyone is entitled to post whatever they want,if you don’t like it,don’t read it,skip over it.We all know that you’re pretty religious,and certain things bother you,so ignore them.Need I remind you that you did this once before at the LT blog,when you called Me,Susana,Anzia,and a few others Girls gone wild among other things,which in turn led to fighting between Angie and Prtfvr and just about everyone else.I left that blog because of all that drama,and the only reason I went back is because I discovered I had made alot of friends who urged me to stay,I went there to have a good time and discuss BT,not for drama…there is enough of that in the real world.Now you’re doing it again,and you posted about your war of words with Angie here,which is apt to bring the drama to Ms.Gypsys doorstep after shes been gracious enough to provide us with a place to hang among friends and discuss our love for Blood ties.
    I’m not trying to start anything nor hurt your feelings,just saying whats on my mind,and trying to keep this place… the one place we can come to and escape the very real dramas in our lives and the world…and feel at home with friends..a peaceful sanctuary not a drama filled who can spar better..insult better, hell.
    I don’t care what anybody outside of our group posts or doesn’t post over there,I post about the episodes,to show my support for Blood Ties.

    I’m sorry to anyone else if this upsets you,but we are all about speaking our minds here,right?


  524. Claire said

    I promised you all I’d post the pictures of my kids dressed up for their annual party at their sisters house..For the second year in a row Christopher won again,but this year he tied with Nikki,they both got 100 dollars! enjoy.

  525. vicki said

    hey girls…

    So loved that the jealousy stuff is back with Henry and Mike!!! WHOO HOo00 I love it when they get on each others nerves. And of course Mike got the best line…the last one!!!

    So glad too that we did see butinsky Coreen….anyway been so busy this week I didnt even make it to the gym, not once!! But I did mangage to get a costume for the party on Sat. night….

    Miss Claire…
    Is there anything you would like us to bring?>> I mean food wise….

    let me know
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Suite 29

  526. jpbaci1 said

    as someone who like both alissa and angie please stop fighting, as some who takes viagra for non-sex reason(it relieve water pressure on my heat please leave alone i need it,

  527. AlisaSG said

    in reference to me turning something verbal into a potential problem–
    LH brought it first over here from there. what started out as a joke, turned into something a bit deeper.. Those who don’t get it, never will understand. Those who understand it, well… *blush* .. one needs to go back to the source of the origins to understand it from the very beginning.

    anyway, the war of words is roughly a misunderstanding of ideas — it just sounds like a “war of words” when taken out of context or the wrong interpretations, thereof . If the others (from the *other* side) can post whatever they want wayyyyy off the original episode’s subject, why is it that they get to be privileged and everyone else trying to stick to the original ep topic ends up being punished.

    Instead of seeing thru the story deeper — from a potential writer’s POV, Angie saw it taken as a whiney something else. That’s her POV. And poof, just when it was thought to finally change direction — back to the WB storyline, someone else just rehashed it all over again (grumble), so I said something that could take the situation into an actual Blood Ties storyline mode. Case remedied — from my POV. If not, some other program like MOONLIGHT or even a LIFETIME movie will run with the ideas instead.. and it will slip thru the cracks away from a BT story. It’s only BT’s loss when *that* happens.

    In other words, this is more of a lesson in how to make something *positive* out of a negative (redirection).. which really wasn’t a negative, but a goof of words. Maybe we all learned (or could learn) something from this. Otherwise, it’s pointless to discuss this any further.

    goes back to that “can’t we just get along in the world” topic.. who started that anyway? (don’t answer here, please!)

  528. AlisaSG said

    oh geees.. !! I posted before I saw LH comment above mine.

    read the following post LH.. there’s always a method to some of the madness.

    it can be turned into something positive, if certain persons would just realize that! ..and I’m speaking in writer’s POV mode, here. goodnite!

  529. susana said

    ditto claire!
    Too much chilli there at LT, such a shame, what happened to exchanging pics of henry and drooling with innocent/crazy/silly innuendos about our fav vampire…when did it get so serious over there?
    thanks for this place MSGypsy…… contaminatiion here πŸ™‚
    I can go back to describing how watching henry hissing turns me on….oy, its hopeless, i am gone! did anyone not notice that part where he stops hissing and retracts his teeth and swallows?….i thought that was well played, showing him actually calming down!

  530. vicki said


    Ditto…it was awesome!! Loved it..want more!!! LOL


  531. jpbaci1 said

    like the lion in kenya–susana i just waited for them to go away from my jeep,loved seeing you again,i ma going to stop making jokes

  532. AlisaSG said

    >> what happened to exchanging pics of henry and drooling with innocent/crazy/silly innuendos about our fav vampire…when did it get so serious over there?

    I wondered that myself. If people can’t share what affect Henry has on their heart, and shows up in their dreams, I seem to recall many discussions about that going on in earlier topics nearly everywhere.

    ..for the public record, I’m not at war with anyone verbally. The way Angie wrote her comments up at (against) me made me think she was at war with me, par usual. I’m the ying to her yang or whatever that is.. heaven-side to her hell (DP-side). Instead of taking things in stride, a misunderstanding occurred. I just don’t want to see anyone being hauled off because of something they’ve posted that they would later regret.. and if that includes Angie – yes, I do care about her, too, whether she believes it or not.

    She doesn’t strike me as the gushy emotional type, tho. And I know someone who is just like her (same attitude, same verbal boasting and lingo), but this other person uses it as a barrier front to everyone, because deep down, she’s confessed she isn’t as stable of a persona as she makes herself appear to the world externally. I didn’t expect that, and primarily because I always thought of this other person (who is a staunch lesbian, and *proud* to proclaim it everywhere she goes) — I always thought of this other person as the most *together* person from all of us who have gotten to know her.

    now, if I don’t come back all week, it’s because I’m being busy elsewhere!

    (no offenses taken, and I hope the other sides would realize that too.)
    If not, then this really is a *hopeless* world we truly live in — that will never learn from its misunderstandings. ..and that’s the deeper picture right there 😦

  533. AlisaSG said

    LH — think G-string!! πŸ˜›
    where in the world did that whole cod-thing start from anyway?
    the light table.. yeah. ugh!

    (I think that whole situation and 5 plus pages of it — was a lesson in futility of various personalities letting various other people who don’t know each other, get a glimpse of another side of each other, and end up seeing, something like this — What is not understood, remains misunderstood. *sigh*)

    now, I’m saying good-night, I *think* … yikes!!

  534. Arrowyn said

    Someone posted on Bloodlines that they were going blind trying to see what the round leather-looking discs were that Henry wears on one of his necklaces. There was subsequent speculation about them being WWI or II dog tags. Someone from Bloodtiestv posted:

    Yes, one of the necklaces that Henry wears is a set of two leather dog tags. One is round and the other is rectangular. They are stamped with a serial number and embossed with the name Fitzroy. We will see what we can do about providing more information to you about them and perhaps even posting a pic.
    Wasn’t that nice of them? I like it when someone from TPTB shows up with answers or comments.

  535. Arrowyn said

    I just watched (most of) Wild Blood from the megavideo site that Margaret provided (thanks, ma’am!). Yes, I have it on tape, too, but the video was right now! I sure liked this eppy better than DOA and I wasn’t bothered nearly as much by how much Mike-centric it was. Sorry, Laurel, but I’m an addicted Hen.

    One of the reasons that I need to watch an episode more than once — don’t say it! I know what you’re thinking! I said, ONE of the reasons! — is that I’ll either get caught up in the storyline or be drooling over H or some scene will stop me in my tracks and I’ll miss a lot of the nuances. One of those happened in Wild Blood.

    As much as I liked H on the light table — and I REALLY REALLY liked H on the light table! — I think the part of that scene that I liked the best was when H asked M if the lady was “different”. It wasn’t because H was particularly sexy (well, no more than usual), but Kyle’s timing of the deliverance of that line and his facial expression and head movement were more than perfect. And Dylan’s response after swallowing the coffee was just as perfectly done.

    As we know, all of the actors on the show are amazing. But, sometimes, one of them (in this case, two) will speak or look or move just so perfectly for the moment and/or the character that it takes my breath away. This was one of those times. Just wanted to share.

  536. Arrowyn said

    Here are a couple of reviews of DOA and Wild Blood that I thought were pretty good. The reviewer is definitely a fan of BT.–quotDOAquot/Page1.html–quotWild-Bloodquot/Page1.html

  537. Arrowyn said

    heywriterboy posted about the 3 eppys that he wrote or co-wrote:

    My 3 Blood Ties episodes start with The Devil You Know, which airs on Lifetime in the U.S. on November 9th, at 11pm ET.

    Then the next week, it’s Drawn & Quartered, which I co- wrote with fellow Den(n)is, Dennis Heaton.

    The penultimate ep of the season, We’ll Meet Again, airs on Lifetime December 7. (Citytv stations in Canada are about five weeks behind, and Space is even further behind in the season, so check your listings if you’re in Canada.)….

    I haven’t seen the final versions of any of my BT stuff, so I’m looking forward to seeing the special FX and score in place. I loved the cuts I did see. Some very juicy stuff for fans of romance and backstory and Vampire Lovin…and who isn’t a fan of Vampire Lovin?

  538. lwildstar said

    Don’t have time to catch up – I’ll check back at lunch……

    Just want to check in a wish everyone a good day!

  539. Madonna said

    Good morning everyone!

    Arrowyn, Mara Greengrass? Does anyone else remember a Mara stopping by over the summer? I wonder if they’re one in the same.

  540. Claire said

    Good Morning Sistas!

    HOw was everyones weekend?
    Susana..yes totally agree with you on the whole Lt thing..thank God we have Ms.Gypsys! And yes,I loved what Henry did after all that hissing and growling..the control of getting back to his human side and reigning in the beast.Just gotta love Kyle and his ability to convey all those subtle nuances!
    Vicky…I think everyone is bringing something to munch can always pick something up when you get here,if you’d like to chip in..unless you have some delicious recipe for something you’d like to make at home!

    Anyway check with you all later!

  541. Margaret said

    For what its worth I posted this at both Lifetime blogs (Tanya’s and the Main one)

    # Whoops the word should be constructive. I am so tired of this verbal sparing. Everyone is losing sight of what’s important, in another week and half the actors’ contracts expire. Devote that energy into saving the show and cut it out already.

    Request RemovalPosted by margaretdaly Oct 22, 2007 8:49 am
    # For all of you that are feeling picked on, let it roll off your back, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. For those of you who are being harse because you don’t like someone’s opinion, back off. We have lost sight of the most important thing here-WE WANT TO SAVE BLOOD TIES!!!!! Take all that energy you’re investing in verbal gymnastics with each other and do something contstructive to SAVE BLOOD TIES.

  542. Claire said

    Thanks Maggie May….That’s what I was trying to say,and why I was upset! I want to hear about Blood ties,not who’s verbally sparring with who!cause I really don’t care!

    Love YA! πŸ™‚

  543. Margaret said

    I feel your pain Sis….and sometimes when you try to converse with people who won’t listen, it just isn’t pretty or productive. I’m sure in the past I was guilty of trying to argue with people who wouldn’t listen over there but I think the only way to deal with it, is get back to the subject and just keep posting about the subject matter. Besides, I’m tired of all the personalities being drawn in. Everyone needs to realize that they aren’t important right now, THE SHOW SHOULD BE AND SAVING IT!

  544. Margaret said

    Not obsessed much am I. I told Prtfvr I’m going on a recon mission to Barnes and Nobel and Books A Million as soon as I get my double-sided businesses cards done (took one of the tags from Save Blood Ties Site, the one with Vicki and Henry, placed the time its one and told them if they liked to the show to write to Lifetime, placed the address on the reverse side). I plan to slip them into the Blood Books and Sherlynn (whats her last name) and probably a few more if I can get away with it. (So if any of you work in a book store in Florida, look away, you don’t know me). Which brings me to this question: If I get arrested for trying to further the cause of Blood Ties, will you bail me out.

  545. cdnfreyja said

    Good morning ladies!

    Margaret, it isn’t like you are harassing anyone or stalking them. But you know who to call regardless! LOL!!!

  546. prtfvr said

    IMDB Stats:

    Without posting the numbers…

    Blood Ties is up.
    Christina is down.
    Kyle is up – by 10.
    Dylan is up by almost 1,000. He was really good in that episode. πŸ™‚

  547. Maddie Mo said

    Morning all!!!

    I know I am way far behind on this one, but I LOVED this episode. The light table scene OMG!!! I totally loved Vicki and Henry watching the stars, did he tell her that they could fight the territorial thing with a lot of self-control. Hmmm maybe there is hope. The cats were awesome, I loved the cats. loved the hissing fit between Henry and the sister.

  548. lwildstar said

    Maddie-Mo; I like that they brought that up – fighting the terretorial thing – anyone who has read the books knows Vicki pushes keeping that connection to Henry….i especially love his explaination for it – “keeps us from turning too many spouses and lovers” much better than the whole – food source reason!

    slow day guess everyone is out? or are we just not talking today?

  549. Ladies, I think this episode ranks right up there as one of my favorites. I fell in love with Henry all over again when he and Vicki were looking at the stars. When he talked about the glow that humans have and ran his finger over the rim of her wine glass I was mesmerized. I think my mouth was so dry I couldn’t even drool! I also loved the way he lounged all cat like on the table. I know I said it before, but he reminded me of a big cat all lethal grace. Did any of you notice the expression on his face when Mike and Vicki were getting close and cozy when Mike was trying to convince her to take on the case? There was this flash of frustration and anger before he cleared his throat and broke the tension. Loved it!

    I also loved how tired Mike looked when he was trying to get Felicia to confess. He looked world weary and determined. I also so loved his muttered remarks at the end about hating Henry. *sigh*

  550. lwildstar said

    E – ooo and when Henry mentioned the blood pulsing through people just below the surface – you could see the hunger in his eyes for just a sec! made me shiver….now that is great acting!
    Well lunch is at you later!

  551. Madonna said

    Good afternoon!

    Hi Maddie Mo!
    How are you feeling today?

    I had heard the contracts were up at the end of November. Where did you hear a week and a half?

    I rewatched Wild Blood again and I noticed that even though it looks like the panther and Henry are going to fight, this was more like how a dog shows his dominance in the pack. A show of teeth. Very animalistic and very very well played by Kyle.

  552. Maddie Mo said

    Hey there. I’m feeling better. My mamma came down this weekend since Dale was away and took care of me and lil’Maddie. Okay well, she let me sleep and spoiled the hell out of Maddie. Oh well, what are Gram’s for if they don’t spoil you right.

    How are you feeling? How is that lovabe pup of your doing?

  553. cdnfreyja said

    elizabeth, I noticed the ‘frustration’ as well and giggled. Or dare I say jealousy? I know he says it is a useless emotion but declaring it useless is not the same thing as actually feeling it and deciding not to act on it. And I totally agree that he looked all cat like on the table. My little kitty would agree! LOL!!!

    Hey Maddie, glad to hear that you are feeling much better!

  554. Annalaise duChat said

    Hey everyone heres another place to go and vote for Blood Ties: sign in, login

  555. Danae said

    Hey Bellas sorry I haven’t posted. I am extremely busy today and will be all week due to working half a day on Thursday and having Friday off in order to go to Claire’s. To be honest I am not feeling up to it after seeing all the crap at Tanya’s LT blog. Ciao!

  556. Danae said

    And please no one here take it personally. It has nothing to do with any of you.

  557. Danae said


  558. Danae said

    I loved Friday’s episode and to be honest I liked Moonlight on Friday also.

  559. Danae said

    Kyle on the light table was HOT HOT HOT.

  560. Danae said

    Things are just really stressful at home. The people that are staying with my parents have been there for several months now. They haven’t done anything to get there own apartment or a job. My dad at the beginning of October said they have until the end of the month to get their asses in gear or get out and they still aren’t. They are always fighting which is upsetting Amber and stressing my mom out. They are really pissing my brother off who is staying there until he can get more money. It appears they are questioning Amber about things. My mom was calling Amber to come downstairs to get ready for school and she wasn’t coming. All of a sudden Marsha comes down and says we weren’t questioning Amber about anything. In my eyes saying that incriminates you. For crying out loud, Why would you drag a sweet little 4 year old girl into this. What they are questioning her about I have no idea. They were given one of my old cell phones which has not been in service in over a year. They saw that I had the number for the police station in it and they think I have been calling the cops on them. I am really sorry but I cannot take this anymore. They have started dragging me into it and I will have none of it. On top of it all my dad is having surgery the beginning of next month to remove the rest of his cancer. I just really feel stretched to the limit. With the stuff I am reading from lca just made me snap. I am sorry.

  561. Maddie Mo said

    I agree Dani, HOT, HOT , HOT

    Mick was hot too, literialy. I like Moonligth as well. Does he remind anyone of the half demon guy that worked with Angel on the first season of Angel. I know it’s not him but he just kind of reminds me of him

  562. Danae said

    Half-demon? Not the green guy with horns?

  563. jpbaci1 said


  564. Danae – I am so sorry you are having to deal with this mess. Do not apologize for unloading the stress. We all need it on occasion.

    I totally get your comments over on Lifetime. I checked it out this morning and came away with a really nasty taste in my mouth. There is no fun on that site any more. It is crude and I am already tired of the sniping. That is why I will not post over there. I go to read Tanya’s comments, but lca and her ilk can go stuff themselves.

  565. Sorry guys, I am having a bad day as well. Can you tell? I think I will just pop over and look at pictures in the various galleries and find my happy place πŸ˜‰

  566. Danae said

    I wasnt as faithful with Angel as I was with Buffy. I am not sure who that guy is. I am also very upset right now and am not feeling like myself. I feel like I just need to go to sleep.

  567. Claire said

    Danae….{{{{{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}}}}}…now breathe..just breathe…think about good stuff….like Kyle….like Henry…all cat like on a table! Think about Thursday!

    Maddie Mo…glad you’re feeling better!
    E…funny you should mention that you fell inlove with Henry all over again!
    I just watched Wild Blood for the 3rd time..and yeah…I fell in love with the Character of Henry again…the people the way they glow..they way he looked when he said that…yeah.But I also fell in love again with Kyles ability to portray all that, to bring every little nuance of the character the way he does,it dumbfounds me that he’s only 23!

    Must go do about 5 loads of laundry! check yas later!

  568. Cree said

    Hey, girls. Sorry I have been MIA for a while. Things at work have been crazy. I saw Margaret filled in everyone in an earlier post, so I won’t restate everything thats been going on (thanks, Mags). Haven’t had too much time for the blog lately. Thanks to everyone who has asked about me and is keeping me informed of things via email.

    Don’t have too much time to catch up now. Just wanted to post and let everyone know that I am still around, just been very busy. Also, I was looking at my future recordings on my DVR for tonight and noticed that the episode of “Strange Days at Blake Holsey High” with Kyle in it is on tonight on Discovery Kids Channel at 9:30pm EST and again at 12:30am EST. Set your DVRs/VCRs ladies!!

  569. Danae said

    I noticed that as of last night Wild Blood was not on Comcast On Demand. Hopefully it is there today. I need me some Henry and some Mike and Henry bickering.

  570. Maddie Mo said

    I’m sorry you are having such a hard time right now. I have to say I haven’t been over to the LT site. I know I should post over there to show my support for BT but I just really can’t bring myself to do it. I go over and read what Tanya posts but then I come back home. Like Claire said take a deep breath and think of Henry all laid out on that light table…….

    okay I am back now. I was talking about the first guy that helped Angel WAY back in the beginning that had the visions and then when he was killed he passed them on to Cordi. Doyle might have been his name. Not too sure. Anyway, Mick reminds me of him.

  571. Danae said

    I thought Doyle was the green guy with horns or is that the black guy?

  572. Himmiefan said

    Hi everybody!!

    Elizabeth – sorry you’re having a crappy day. Go home and re-watch Friday’s episode. That will make it all better.

    Maddie Mo – glad to hear you’re feeling better.

    Dani – ((hugs)). Those people have got to go. Period. Can your parents throw them out?

    Well folks, I cruised over to Lifetime just to see what’s going on. Major ick!! I’m staying over here where we’re all nice and civilized-like. Major thanks to Ms. Gypsy for hosting us!! Oh, and Prtfvr for giving us a place to chat!! You know, if Tanya needs a place to hang out, we’d more than welcome her.

    Okay, I haven’t seen Friday’s episode yet. That’s tonight. Me, coffee, and Henry. πŸ™‚

  573. Danae said

    Thanks all

    Enjoy Himmiefan. It’s a good one.

  574. Maddie Mo said

    Doyle died in like season 1 or 2 I thougth the green guy with the horns was like Lenny or something. I don’t know but Doyle was Irish and he was half demon but almost always looked human. The black guy as Gunn I think.

  575. Danae said

    I remember a character named Doyle. I can’t put a face to the name though.

  576. jpbaci1 said


  577. Danae said

    I have to go home now and rest. I will chat again tomorrow. Ciao!

  578. Himmiefan said

    Bye Dani!!

  579. Maddie Mo said

    Bye Dani— Hope you have good night…

  580. cdnfreyja said

    Bye Dani! Here’s hoping tomorrow is a much better day.

  581. Sai13 said

    Hello all.
    Nice to see familiar names again.
    Just saw Wild Blood for the second time and i really enjoyed it. Nice to see Mike getting the “different” case this time and going to Vicki and Henry for help.
    “Ooh! Thats my line!”
    haha, classic.


  582. Scribble said

    Hey Everybody:

    Just popping in for two quick topics as I am really swamped today (no news to report though).

    1, The potential writer’s strike in the US will not affect BT in any way as it is a Canadian production so don’t worry on that front.

    2, There was some talk on the Lifetime board of other places to watch besides Lifetime and ITunes, please note (and let anybody know if the topic comes up), those sites will hurt our numbers and we are doing everything possible to have the footage removed each time we find out about it. So please encourage people to only watch on their appropriate network or ITunes accordingly. If they miss anything well, they can catch it when the DVD comes out :-). Music Vids and slide shows are okay though.

    That’s all my news for now,

    (still fan girly afte Kyle called me Honey)

  583. Arrowyn said

    Dani, I’m so sorry about all the major stress that’s swirling around you. Is there anyone close to you (geographically or by phone) that you can talk to? Minister? Counselor? Someone who’s not directly involved? You know we are here for you always with as much love and support as we can possibly give, but sometimes it just helps to vent to a real live voice. I really, really encourage you to stay away from LT right now. Read Tanya’s weekly post (or one of us can email it to you so you don’t have to go there at all) and then leave. With your emotions already on the edge, what’s going on over there is just too much extra for you. Just stay here at Ms.Gyspy’s and the Hen House and we’ll let you know if anything important (positive important only!) happens.

    Everyone else that’s emotionally affected by what’s going on over at LT — my advice is the same. Stay away from there until it calms down or (as might happen) LT slams the lid on the blog. You guys are too important to yourselves and to others to let yourselves get sucked into that downward spiral.

  584. Himmiefan said

    He called you Honey??? Okay Scribble, I’m dying of jealousy. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the info. We’ll spread the word.

  585. Scribble – I would be beyond fangirly if Kyle called me “honey” . Lucky you πŸ™‚ Thanks for popping in and keeping us up to date on things. I know we all really appreciate it!

    Himmiefan – I think I will go home and then on to my karate class. I feel like kicking “Bob” butt (he is our punching dummy πŸ˜‰ Last time I did that I felt WAY better.

  586. Claire said

    Hey ladies! Welcome back Doc Cree! missed you!
    Scribble…ah you lucky lucky girl!!! Honey!
    me and you both Himmie…I think I’d be a puddle on the floor! lol!
    Thanks Arrowyn…I gave myself freaking heartburn today!So I’m trying to follow my own advice and just breathe!

    Love ya my sistas!

  587. lwildstar said

    He called you Honey!!???? oh man Scribbles am I green with envy…

    Thaks for the post – I appreciate you looking out for us!

  588. Anzia said

    Scribble- LUCKY!

    Dani- Oh, honey. I’m sorry for all the stress. Those people in your house have no right to do what they’re doing. I know that we’re all saying to ignore them but i’m sure that’s impossible. You’re going to worry and stress. The best thing to do is realize that they can’t really do anything. If it comes to it, find a way to keep Amber w/you as much as you can to keep her away from them (the questioning thing is a bit creepy). ((((HUGS))))

    Susana- the swallowing thing… yeah, i thought i saw a look of disappointment. Like he was looking for a sparring match and kind of sad when it didn’t come to fruition. ^_^ They should stop putting him in red…i don’t think my poor heart can take the strain! ^_^

    Claire- You get a hug too ((((HUG))))! Love ya mamaclaire!

  589. prtfvr said

    Scribble: “Honey”? “HONEY”?!!! OMG!! I can’t think of anything else to say other than, wish it were me instead!*she said semi-jokingly* πŸ˜‰

  590. lwildstar said

    susana said, ” did anyone not notice that part where he stops hissing and retracts his teeth and swallows?….i thought that was well played, showing him actually calming down!”

    oh my yes – I loved that part – and he only backed down becasue of Vicki – otherwise it would have been a fight….

  591. Jennifer said


    Danielle, Why didn’t you TELL me that you were under so much stress? I’m SO SORRY!!! Please let me know if I can help you in any way!! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!! Think happy thoughts….THINK HENRY!!! Love & Hugs!!

  592. Margaret said

    OK, Scribble, you can’t just drop names like that and not give us details of how it happened. No fair!

  593. Margaret said

    I AM ONLY SPEAKING FOR MYSELF: LH: Please go back to Angie and ask her to go through the Lifetime Blog and see how many people from this board sniped at her. There weren’t that many. Prtfvr extended her an olive branch sometime back and it was sincere. You were right with your comment, if we want to fight it should be Lifetime to get them to keep the show. I am sick and tired of going to the Lifetime Board and see everyone sniping at each other. THE NAME CALLING AND SNIPING HAS TO STOP, WE NEED TO CONCENTRATE ON SAVING THE SHOW.

  594. laurel said

    I figured I’d better check in before someone comes looking for me.

    Scribble – Thanks for the info on not watching other sites. I have been sending everyone I can to the Lifetime full episodes so that the numbers will get noticed. I know they are paying attention to the iTunes numbers but it looks like those numbers are slightly down this “season.” Other than buying from iTunes and ordering each available episode from Comcast On-Demand – every day – is there anything else we can do to show how much we want this to continue? I am still sending postcards and trying to recruit as many as possible each week, but we don’t seem to be getting much possitive response.
    We bow down to she who is known as “Honey”!!! Wow, lucky you! πŸ™‚

  595. Margaret said

    Madonna: Somewhere I heard or read that the contracts expired in the first of November. If thats not the case I stand corrected. Where did you hear the end of November? Does that mean I have to write post cards until the end of November, geez? But it does mean I’ll have more time to slip those business cards into the books at the book stores.

  596. prtfvr said

    Based on my complete lack of authority over this blog and anything else in general, here’s my opinion of the current sad state of affairs I’ll refer to as Blog Wars:

    No more speaking of other blogs and/or perceived “wars” going on between “them and us” on THIS blog. We all have email, take that stuff off line.

    If you feel the urge to respond think of these things first:

    1. The LT blog is not YOUR blog. You do not control how, why or what others post there.

    2. Before you post an “opinion” of what someone elseDon’t make me stop this car and open a can of whoop ass!
    has said on another blog that’s not BT related, consider whether or not it would piss YOU off to read it.

    3. My opinion is no better than anyone else’s. Even on this topic. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. If you read it and don’t like it, either email me privately or ignore it.

    4. It’s Lifetime’s job to police their blog. If you are truly offended and feel that you must say something, request that the comment be removed. Do not do this unless you are absolutely certain that it’s a reasonable request. Otherwise it will just turn into an unnecessary “payback” session which is pretty much what we have now.


    5. If you’ve read all this and thought “I’m entitled to my opinion and I’ll say what I want to say.” That’s fine, just remember that what you type here is considered by any and all to be representative of msgypy’s blog as a whole.

    Those types of posts can and have damaged the peace that was established last week by Angie and myself between both of our groups. Again I ask that you take it off line or post it on another blog. Don’t make gypsy’s group guilty by association.

    I expect no one here to be surprised that I’m posting MY opinion of how the blog is currently running even though it’s clearly not my place to say anything. We have a good group here and this fight is frankly childish and ridiculous. Which is redundant to say the least.

    Come on people! Let’s not lose what we have. And for Pete’s sake, stay off of other blogs if you know it’s just going to piss you off anyhow. Sheesh!

    I love my peeps, I truly do and that’s saying something considering how much I hate people in general. Act your age, not your shoe size. You shoes know who I’m talking to.

    And that’s all I have to say about that – unless you email me privately, that is.

  597. lwildstar said

    can I get an Amen?

  598. Annalaise duChat said


  599. Madonna said

    Hey all,

    Needless to say it has been a stressful day. Got out of work late and now I have to try to get things together for our trip to Claire’s as I will have no time between now and Thursday evening.

    I too agree that the arguing needs to end. It’s just not worth it. It’s especially saddening to me because there needn’t be any in the first place. The bickering is just a useless waste of our time and energy, and it does nothing but beget more hostility. We joined Lifetime’s blog because we fell in love with a show. Here, there, elsewhere, no matter where we post….. we all have one thing in common. BLOOD TIES!!!


    My prayers are with you. Know that! AND just wait til you get the HUG I’ve got for you. Take care of yourself and I’ll see you soon.

    Maddie Mo,
    Sorry I couldn’t reply sooner. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Moms are great aren’t they? And my little Boo-Boo…… He’s doing OK. Much, much better than what he was. Did I say he was lovable? He’s mean as a striped snake. lol…..

    Speaking of which,
    Good to hear from you. Sorry work has been so long and stressful.
    Will you let us know when you hear for sure about Chief of Staff?

    Oh, and speaking of Blake Holsey High, I had my dad tape the Cheetah Girls for me while we were at the Wool Fest.

    Does anyone else think it’s funny that we’re resorting to kid’s shows just to get a fix?

    I’m not actually bringing any food, but if you’ll let my sister and I have access to your kitchen my sister and I will whip up a pan of my mom’s locally famous Peanut Butter Fudge…… (secret recipe.) It’s to die for.

    Thanks for the info! P.S. I’m so jealous, but I love you anyway.

  600. prtfvr said

    This group always has some drama going on. I’ve had my second migraine in one week and I haven’t had ONE migraine in over a decade. What’s up with that? Work’s good so I can only figure that it’s all this selling of the house by the time the new house is ready to move in to. Yep, that’s it. I can feel my jaw tightening up as I type!

    Dani girl, just think…two more days, two more days. Then you’ll be at Claire’s and there will be much rejoicing! YEAH!!

    Cree: I’m so sorry to hear about your incompetent boob problems. At least you don’t have to fire her, she gave you an excuse. So there’s a bright side for ya!

    Wildstar; Madonna and everyone else experiencing technical difficulties *SUPER DUPER HEALING HUGS*. Pass it on!

  601. cdnfreyja said


  602. cdnfreyja said


    Thanks for dropping by. Just a quick question – maybe you’ll know the answer, maybe not. Are there any plans to allow Canadians to view BT online or through an on-demand service? I understand the reasoning for geo-locking. I’d just love to have the same option to legally view the episodes as our friends south of the border. (My tapes are making the rounds through the office staff so I can’t just throw them in to watch. πŸ™‚ ) Thanks!

  603. msgypsy said

    “No more speaking of other blogs and/or perceived β€œwars” going on between β€œthem and us” on THIS blog. We all have email, take that stuff off line.”

    What she said!

    My favorite morning radio program has been taken off the Portland station it was on. It’s been replaced by something vaguely vulgar and uninteresting. And the person I’m closest to at work just turned in her 2 week notice. So I’m already in a bad enough mood. I don’t need people feuding and dragging my blog into it. Just ‘tween us and the wall, y’know.

    Laurel, afore I forgit…

    I’m going to start up a new topic sometime tonight. I just need to find the exact right — er — topic header…

  604. Anzia said

    AMEN Prtmama!

    Oh, and GUESS WHAT! You’ll never guesss…I’m going to Jamaca (or however it’s spelled) in APRIL! One of my best friends (Dana- who I WILL Get on this blog btw…just you wait!)’ sister is getting married there & i’m to be her “date.” mostly because her sister was ragging on her for not having one yet. So, i get to go tropical for an entire weekend! *giggles* And I have to pay for NOTHING but the airplane tickets. WICKED AWESOME! (the hotel is RIGHT NEXT TO MARGARITAVILLE btw..) Guess I know what WE’LL be doing in our free time. ^_^

  605. msgypsy said

    New topic is up and it’s my own macro this time. It’ll make sense when you see it.

  606. cdnfreyja said

    gypsy, I sense a foul mood amongst many. I found out by ‘accident’ today that this week could be the last for the office. I say by accident because the boss has ‘his people’ and apparently I’m not one of them. All this stems from an incident in the spring of 2006 when I refused to move into the office upstairs. I refused for my own sanity – I didn’t want to put up with the emotional and mental abuse other staff had suffered working for the person upstairs. I put my foot down and said ‘no’. From that point on, the boss excluded me. Too bad but my sanity is more important than making you feel like a big man. If it doesn’t come from inside, it ain’t going to be coming from me. πŸ˜‰

    Looking forward to the new topic. Hopefully inspiration strikes!

  607. susana said

    hey yall thanks for the replies to my commnets i know i am not here often enough, but i do drop by πŸ™‚
    Kyle called somebody honey…child please , i would leave my husband and before he knew it, kyle would find himself sitting in my kitchen….father of three with one on the way!!!!!HA!H!HA!
    Cute scribble…cute..i would have fainted right there πŸ™‚
    too much …i know!

  608. Jennifer said

    Hi Ladies…Hope everyone’s doing well and staying warm…’s COLD here at home right now, and I’m going to attend a family reunion this weekend….I SO WISH HENRY WOULD/COULD COME AND TAKE ME AWAY SO I WOULDN’T HAVE TO GO!!!!!!!! Oh well, we can’t have EVERYTHING we want can we? It should be,may be fun…..I hope!!!!!Hope I get a chance to slow down enough to watch Blood Ties Friday night!!!!!! Have a great weekend y’all!!

  609. Jennifer said

    Hi Ladies…Well, I actually suvived the FIRST night of our family reunion,we all met out at the local state park and the out of town relatives stayed in some really nice cabins and my mom,four cousins and I all got a cabin together. It was fun, and I’ll be going back later to my cousins’ house for yet ANOTHER get together!!!!!!! And to top THAT off, since I’ll be out of the house tonight,I think I’m going to miss Blood Ties….ARGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE THAT!!!!
    Oh well,maybe I’ll be home in time to see it…..HOPEFULLY!!!!!

  610. Jennifer said

    Hi Ladies…..Well, I DID get to stay home to tape Blood Ties then I had to leave. Got home past noon today. The reunion went pretty well,was good to see those I hadn’t seen in a while. But Kyle was in the back my mind all the time. I think I might’ve talked two of my out of town relatives into watching BT!! YAY!!! I told them about the show…but I’ll just have to wait and hear from them later to find out though. So anyway, what did all of you think about this episode??? I thought Henry looked SO FINE when he went into “vampire mode” when he told told the guy to SIT DOWN!!!! And every other time he did that!! But there’s one thing I didn’t quite understand him saying when Vicki said something and he grabbed her arm saying something back to her….he looked irritated at her for a second. What was THAT all about?

  611. Jennifer said


  612. Jennifer said

    Hello…..Anybody there??? I’ve not read any new comments since Friday!!!!

  613. Jennifer said

    Correction…..Thursday!!!! Hope everyone’s okay!!!!

  614. Jennifer said

    Danielle….Hope you’re feeling better!!! Hope to hear from you ASAP!!!!

  615. Jennifer said

    MsGypsy? Freyja? Danielle? Hello…..Anybody there??? I haven’t read any new posts in awhile…..hope everyone is well!!!! Is it something I said? I hope not…but if so…I’m SO SORRY!!!! But I DO understand if you’re all busy!!!

  616. Felix said

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