I had to wait until Friday at 11 PM in my time zone to start this thread.

I seem to have sprained one of my fingers and so am typing with two of the fingers on my right hand taped together. Please forgive the typos.

And enjoy my latest BT Cat Macro.



  1. msgypsy said

    I’m going to be no. 1 tonight!

    My baking specialties tend to be cakes (not cheesecakes, just cakes) although I make awesome breads and cookies, too. I think we should hold a virtual bake sale for furnishings for the Clinic. Everyone post your favorite recipe (that you’re willing to share) for the bake sale. Figure out how much you expect to raise by selling it. We’ll cash out at the end of the thread and see what luxuries we’ve been able to add in time to watch DOA on our big screens.

    Since I can’t type well tonight I’ll see about posting one of mine after the tape comes off…

  2. AlisaSG said

    wow~!! I get to be first this time.. reposting from the previous blog..

    hi y’all.. πŸ˜€
    well, unless I get some sleep on Thursdays, it’s going to be a struggle staying up all night Friday to catch all my regular programs. I basically zonked out half-way thru Stargate Atlantis and dragged myself over to the sofa where the blankets were.

    Saw snippets of Moonlight.. yeah, Mick is okay, but he’s not Henry.
    Someone on that show was definitely channeling Lex Luthor of Smallville, tho.
    Plus, I think they like lots of bloody gore shown.. sort of like Sci-Fi’s fright fests..

    Speaking of which, October is a very bloody month mostly because “it’s Halloween” — so, if anyone thinks vampires are in — it’s mostly because *that time of the month* (year) on why the interest is peaking now, mostly until the end of the October. They can keep their bloody gore (especially Sci-Fi’s latest *thriller* about vampires — “30 nights of Darkness”.. one long bloody, sick fest (Salem’s Lot style).

    Once November sweeps start, then the family programs start to kick in popularity. The popularity has nothing to do with genres, but usually the seasons of the year. If a program cannot hold the interest outside of the season, it’s in the recipe of how well constructed the stories are written that makes and breaks various programs. Also, case-in-point, had the 1991 revamping of Dark Shadows occurred in October, instead of during the January 1991 Gulf War, it might have done better in the popularity spectrum.

    The reason why it failed, was because
    1) it was out of season (not Halloween time of the year)
    2) mostly everyone was tuned into CNN’s world news coverage on the mid-east crisis.

    BLOOD TIES has basically proven also, that when a story can mix fantasy into supernatural, it’s not the genre that’s the problem, but the way a story is written that holds one attention. We just lucked out by sticking with the series after eps 3 and 4 and got blessed with eps 5-12 (tho 3 and 4 had some wonderful moments *worth* remembering). It’s just funny reading the reactions of some who have now only seen HEART OF ICE/FIRE — same reactions as most of us had!! (too funny!!)

    things like forgetting you’ve got a snack to eat, while watching the show..
    things like wanting to punch Mike and Mendoza out..
    things like feeling Henry’s emotional heart breaking from watching Delphine being *abused* Mendoza’s sick *power-hungry* appetite; and later Vicki becoming bait for Henry, etc; and the struggles each had in wanting to protect each other.

    Saw Flash Gordon with Steve Bacic.. I think his Barin (or is that Baron?) and Baylin (Karen Cliche) like each other.. but Flash is supposed to “fight to the death” of Barin next week for Aura’s “hand in marriage”…

    TV Guide had a nice blurb comment about seeing Gina Holden twice next Friday night, too! Once on Flash Gordon, and later on Blood Ties..!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€
    we also get blessed with seeing Steve Bacic twice in the same night, too, from the same named shows! *cool*..!! πŸ˜‰

  3. AlisaSG said

    alright first person after ms.gypsy! (correction in translation.. LOL!)

    btw, ms.gypsy — were you able to get your name logged into LIFETIME yet??
    if not.. would writing it as mzgypsy help? or mizgypsy
    We’ll all know who you are.

    I managed to get back on there, but only after trying ten times, and finally realizing I needed to check the “terms” box for the thing to process itself.. πŸ˜›

  4. AlisaSG said

    oh yeah, another reason why some supernatural programs do better in the genre than others — is definitely the wit, style of presentation, and creativity. Naturally, Buffy and Angel held the interest of many. They were written more for teen audiences, but *adults* watched too! It wasn’t the genre that held them in top popularity, but the witty productions and sometimes *emotional* content struggles..

    “Charmed” and “Supernatural” are more exceptions to these programming rules, too. It’s not the genre type that saved them, but their creativity and style. Charmed was witty and funny. I haven’t seen Supernatural, so I can’t comment.

    However, Xena and Hercules also dealt with supernatural and mythical creatures, and were more examples of how well popularity levels went with various audiences. They both had witty writers, interesting stories, and excellent casting, too.
    (I miss Iolaus (Michael Hurst)… and Bruce Campbell’s “Army of Darkness” movies are funny to watch any time of the year — romantic fantasy stories!)

  5. msgypsy said

    I got my original handle back at LT. That’s from back when I was still using msgyspy (it’s subtle, but it’s not msgypsy) so no one was likely to have taken it. The place where I couldn’t get msgypsy was palchat. And that made me a lot less paranoid than it would have were it on the LT site.

    I stopped at the farm store on Sauvie Island on the way home and got lots of corn and apples and eggplant and cabbage. I’m making sauerkraut tomorrow, possibly applesauce, too. And eggplant casserole. I’ll freeze some of the corn. I love this time of year!

    Do the folks who want to contribute to the bake sale want me to start up a thread just for the bake sale recipes? (If they’re good we can print them up in a booklet and all have copies. I don’t have Publisher but I’m pretty good at formatting Word documents into booklets…)

  6. Anne said

    The CHAT is online at Lifetime – and I don’t mean a cat.


    It’s under shows, not full episodes.
    And it seems to be geolocked to the US – sigh.
    I thought it might have been viweable since it’s with the previews.

    Well, at least I got to see it live.

  7. Anne said

    The CHAT is online at Lifetime – and I don’t mean a cat.

    videos dot lifetimetv dot com/

    It’s under shows, not full episodes.
    And it seems to be geolocked to the US – sigh.
    I thought it might have been viweable since it’s with the previews.

    Well, at least I got to see it live.

    The blog at my first post with the properly formatted url …

  8. Anne said

    The blog ate my second post too – guess I can’t post urls any more.
    I used to be able to – I’ve been degraded!

    The CHAT is online at Lifetime – and I don’t mean a cat.

    videos dot lifetimetv dot com trailing slash

    It’s under shows, not full episodes.
    And it seems to be geolocked to the US – sigh.
    I thought it might have been viweable since it’s with the previews.

    Well, at least I got to see it live.

  9. Margaret said

    Anne: The chat is not the full chat as they cut out parts, I went full expecting to hear your part and it had been cut. Sorry. So not only you but several other people got cut. Maybe they cherry picked the comments. I noticed there was no audio problems so they must have sanatized it when they were cutting it.

    Ladies: Run, do not walk over to Lifetie and post under the section called Intervew with Tanya Huff, which is totally different than the Tanya Huff Blog. I was first in line and signed with our sisterly signature (just for the lcm). Moohaaaaa! Love ya, mean it. Lol.

  10. Margaret said

    Tried to post that last night but it kept eating my blog. So rush over my little kittens, lets make ourselves proud. I can see something twitching now as we speak.

  11. Margaret said

    I tried, I really tried to like Moonlight but I just can’t do it. He just seems like a comic book character and Henry has ruined me for any other vampire. I just don’t think any self respecting vampire would buy blood, inject it into his arm with a four inch needle or slurp it down from the bag, it just doesn’t do it for me. Especially when there are perfectly good necks or wrist available and yes I saw that he did take from the neck last night but that was early on in his time as a vampire. And last, but not least, since I’m being so picky, I don’t like being talked to during the show, I want to watch the action and be a part of it and him narrating it is just distracting. But this is only my humble opinion. Even when I tried to take it on its own merits without bringing Henry into it I just couldn’t get into it. Sorry, Henry-I’m all yours. lol.

  12. Margaret said

    So Henry if you’re reading this, I’m all yours, body and soul, or any other body part you want. lol.

    Don’t know about the rest of you but I’m counting the hours until Friday at 11:00 p.m. my time. I can’t wait. And even though I saw DOA, I’ll be watching it again. Wonder why Lifetime capulated? Kind of odd, don’t you think.

  13. Anne said

    Laurel –
    None of your guestbook entries for Dylan’s birthday got through 😦
    You did select the numbers to confirm the entry, right?

    I’ve just had my friend post there and he did without problems.
    I’ve increased the timeout from 10 minutes to 15 though.
    Please try again.

    I’ve signed up at the LT forum – I now live virtually with a friend in Michigan.
    And I just posted about Dylan’s birthday.

    Sniff – I’ve been erased from the live chat.
    How long does the clips run, total?

    Freyja – I posted a briliant response to you last week, but the forum ate it.
    I waited for it to perhaps be released from where it was held prisoner, but it never was. I have since learned always to copy my entries before posting them. But alas, I am unable to reproduce the brilliantness …

  14. Anne said

    I even added a picture to my BT profils, but the BT people have placed a paper clip right across my face *pout*

  15. AlisaSG said

    awww msgypsy, that’s good news — that you were able to get your original name back. Usually, I copy/paste most names; so unless I don’t, I’ll have to write myself a note to remember-

    >> I got my original handle back at LT. That’s from back when I was still using msgyspy (it’s subtle, but it’s not msgypsy) so no one was likely to have taken it.


  16. AlisaSG said

    Anne, Henry’s portrait with “daddy” Henry VIII (LOL!!)

    >> I even added a picture to my BT profils, but the BT people have placed a paper clip right across my face *pout*

    on which web site location is that? Lifetime or bloodlines?

    >> I have since learned always to copy my entries before posting them. But alas, I am unable to reproduce the brilliantness …

    I often did that over on Tanya’s blog, prior to actually posting, because some of my entries were on the lengthy side — I tried to cram everything in under one writing session..

    Yet because of how Lifetime now has there boards set up, I think they’re forcing everyone to shorten up there entries.

    The program they have there doesn’t recognize the end of any paragraph.. so any points between will probably end up with a longer line in between paragraphs ——- Unless of course, we start writing a million replies as separate paragraph entries.. I’m almost certain they might start cracking down on that too. *sigh*

  17. AlisaSG said

    there vs their !!!!!!!!!
    jeeesh — I can’t spell (and spell check doesn’t work on correctly spelled words!)

    >> Yet because of how Lifetime now has there boards set up, I think they’re forcing everyone to shorten up there entries.

    s/b instead–
    “Yet because of how Lifetime now has their boards set up, I think they’re forcing everyone to shorten up their entries.”

  18. AlisaSG said

    Ooooh, I just realized something.. quoting other people is going to be fun, too over there… everything tossed into ONE GIANT paragraph.. —— so we’ll have to figure out some way of identifying quoting another person’s comment, and replying to it, because of those run-into-each other sentences..!

    and I thought I was a master of run-on sentences.. I think my school English teachers would cringe if they read how some forums are set up, etc.. Nevermind our typos.. that’s funny enough. But to read one giant blurr on the page —— yikes!!!!!!!!!

    do people need to have a yahoo account in order to view DOA, or can we just view it? (I know it’s free this week, but I’m just curious as to how they’ve got it set up over there.)

  19. AlisaSG said

    okay, since no one else is posting in between my comments, and before I forget to reply to this later —

    {QUOTE} >> I tried, I really tried to like Moonlight but I just can’t do it. He just seems like a comic book character and Henry has ruined me for any other vampire. I just don’t think any self respecting vampire would buy blood, inject it into his arm with a four inch needle or slurp it down from the bag, it just doesn’t do it for me. {end-Of-QUOTE}

    I saw only pieces of Moonlight.. I was more interested in FLASH GORDON and Steve Bacic’s character Barin (he’s soooooooo cute in that role!).

    However, I did channel hop between the commercials. I saw the parts you mentioned — yuck. I turned the show off right after Mick went to his abode at the end, because I knew what was going to come out next. Several silver bullets in his back .. I thought that was werewolf territory about the poison. Barnabas Collins always had his WOLF cane, and the wolf was made out of silver. It was harmless to Barnabas – even with him as a vampire, but deadly to a werewolf. πŸ˜‰

  20. AlisaSG said

    so.. I just hiked on over to r-com..
    I should note that the *general TV* forum topics got removed from their original locations and are now a part of the GENERAL forum.. so, any TV topics will have to be searched for (by paging backwards on the bottom) .. I usually set the forums to view topics for

    They are usually scattered in there somewhere.. and I don’t know too many people who jump to the bottom of the forums where the other TV programs are located.. *bummer* ——–
    — btw (on the roddenberry.com site)–

    who is kylesgirl69 ..?? anyone from here??

    or is that for KyleXY..? (I always have trouble with that name because it just looks too much like KY –as in jelly. πŸ˜›
    my sister likes the story premise for KyleXY…

    I prefer to watch Kyle on BT, instead. and since she’s going to MegaCon with me, hmmm, I can only wonder *what* she’ll be thinking after seeing Kyle and Dylan in person..! (BTW, my sister is older than me — lots of salt and pepper in her hair.. more silvery salt, than pepper, tho). I like my own auburn and silver combo.. it looks like straw in some places! (but Ooooh so baby fine locks).. πŸ˜€

  21. AlisaSG said

    where is everyone?? It’s 11:30 a.m. on the east coast (USA)

  22. Margaret said

    Can someone post the TV guide link again for sexiest actor. Thanks. Tried to do it at work and it wouldn’t let me.

  23. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good morning I’m at work blech! Hay Mag’s Alisa, gypsy . I watched Moonlight again it’s not that bad and I’m looking forward to next week jsut to see what their angle on the vamp is. Everybody seems to have a different perspective on how the vamp lives of survives. I’ve watched all kinds of vamp shows over the years but never got this much into it that I literally would disect the history etc, too funny how pciky about my bad boys I’ve become. I did love Angel πŸ˜‰ I still love David πŸ˜€

    Prtfvr, YES I CAVED! I was WEAK 😦 But it was waaaaay good and ANNE that was Steve Bacic as Paul right? If so may I bow to your wiseness, he is HOT,HOT, HOT!!!!!! Very Yummy and I may now have to search out everything he’s done and watch all of that too 😎 YUMMMMMMY

  24. Anne said

    AlisaSG –

    I meant to write ‘added a picture to my Lifetime Profile πŸ˜‰
    Us Michiganers don’t like paperclips on our faces.
    Even virtual ones …

    Steve as Barin – as you won’t see him on the show …

  25. Margaret said

    AlisaG-I’m passby posting. Cleaning house. I’m not sure about DOA and having to be registered with lifetime. Trying going directly to the yahoo tv site and see if that will work.

  26. Freyja said

    Hi ladies,

    Alisa – some of us just get to sleep in on Saturday mornings. πŸ™‚ I totally take advantage and sleep as long as I need getting housework and laundry done in the morning. I just looked out on my balcony and realized that I need to stake my dahlia plant. We had a thunderstorm move through this morning and the wind whipped my plant over. But it is all good – we needed the heat and humidity to break. 28 degrees Celcius is NOT normal at this time of year.

    And I still haven’t watched Heart of Fire a 2nd time through. I need to actually be able to sit and devote the hour and concentrate. I told my mom to start with Deadly Departed (on Space this weekend) and Love Hurts (next weekend) before she watches the other episodes on City TV. She needs the light hearted stuff before it turns dark. I still think us Catholics get a slightly different understanding and feeling from Heart of Fire than the nons. I can’t actually tell you exactly how that works, though, because Catholocism was such an integral part of my growing up, it becomes the lens through which we see and think.

    Anne – det gΓΈre ikke noget …hvirkelig. Men det er godt nok svΓ¦rt til at tro at det har vΓ¦ret 14 Γ₯r siden jeg har boet i Danmark. Danes always joke with me that I must have been a Dane in a previous life. I spoke not a word before I went over and pushed really hard to learn the language. When my host brother got married in Norway last year, his friends thought it so amazing that I could still speak the language. People always ask how I do it. I don’t know, honestly. I just think my brain is wired for this and for some reason the Danish language in particular.

    But if you all of a sudden get the inspiration back or you have another brilliant response, bare sige til! I had a post almost eaten last night and will from now on copy everything before I try to post. (as she hits ctrl+C to save this before submitting)

  27. Anne said

    Dizey –
    yes – Steve has been blessed with a nice degree of hotness πŸ˜‰

    He’s also both the avatar and the sig pic I’ve been using on the Bloodlines forum – except nobody really knew who he was until they saw DOA.
    The sigpic is from Blade where he played a vampire in two episodes.
    Chase’s ex, now a GOOD vampire who drank only protoblood so we never saw even a hint of a fang.

    Sybille who does my Blood Ties caps says she downloaded DOA from iTunes.

  28. prtfvr said

    We have the opportunity to comment on Lifetime where Tanya’s interview is posted. Mags asked that I post the link for your writing pleasure:


  29. prtfvr said

    Me too. I’ve downloaded DOA from iTunes too but I watched it last night on YahooTV first. πŸ™‚

    I’m a bad, bad girl!

  30. Good Afternoon all!

    I’ve got such a busy day going on and wouldn’t you know it, It finally came to me how Keiron is going to get out of Danesti’s prison. Damn I just want to sit down and write but I doubt I’ll have much time. I’m going to sneak in a few paragraphs now. Catch ya later!

  31. AlisaSG said

    from Anne,
    >> yes – Steve has been blessed with a nice degree of hotness πŸ˜‰

    >> He’s also both the avatar and the sig pic I’ve been using on the Bloodlines forum – except nobody really knew who he was until they saw DOA.
    >> The sigpic is from Blade where he played a vampire in two episodes.
    >> Chase’s ex, now a GOOD vampire who drank only protoblood so we never saw even a hint of a fang.

    got any other pics of Steve.. the really HOT ones of him as Barin?
    I’m thinking pensive – for when he was talking with Baylin (Karen Cliche — who is also blessed with being stunningly gorgeous!).

    BTW, I love the way Steve grunts…! (growls.. sounds just like Henry)
    must be a man-thing, especially when they get mad.. πŸ˜›

  32. AlisaSG said

    okay, maybe I worded that wrong.. I meant to add that Steve Bacic has a few REALLY great moments as Barin when his hair looks a certain way.. The hairdressers must have put hairspray onto his bangs to make those few strands really *STAY* there! If you can figure out what I mean, those are the ones I’m thinking of.. and yeah,

    with Steve Bacic in his Barin character look, and Kyle as Henry with his curls and toussled hair (bangs in front, not pulled back) — that’s a difficult choice to choose between the two of them — on who looks *cuter* .. toss Dylan into that during some of his greater *hair* day moments, and which one of three would win the most votes…?? πŸ˜€

    I’m not sure I’d be able to judge that option, because each hair color and style looks GREAT on all 3 of them!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  33. vicki said

    one more week!!! one more week!1

    I will be worth nothing this week..I am sure I wont get a lick of work done thinking about next Sat. night….

    Did I read your entries right?? You can see the new episode on Yahoo TV???? Ohhhhh I want to know!!!!

  34. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Well I just went to LT and watched the chat that I heard the other night I feeeeel much better now since I saw there beautiful faces! Yep Anne he’s (Steve) very cool 😎 and very HOT πŸ˜›

    Prtfvr I can download the epi now to my iPod/ iTunes ? I though it wasn’t on there until Tuesday , Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Very interesting………..

  35. Anne said

    AlisaSG –
    this is from last nights episode –
    not really pensive

  36. AlisaSG said

    Anne, close.. getting there..
    I think it was more of a serious mood look (he wasn’t really grinning.. maybe it’s more of a *concerned* look) — the ones that I might be thinking of.
    is there a spot I can look at to find one, and get back on it?

    I think you can see his lovely arm / shoulder muscles in some of the shots.. chest up type of pic..

    (btw, I had to right click and open the above pic of Steve in a new window to view it — just in case anyone has trouble seeing it)

  37. AlisaSG said

    >> Did I read your entries right?? You can see the new episode on Yahoo TV???? >> Ohhhhh I want to know!!!!

    yes. AND it’s FREE during this very week, actively viewing operational right now as I write this.. πŸ˜‰

  38. Anne said

    Kyle’s birthday package …

    As far as I know, it was mailed from the Kaleidoscope offices end of September, so it might still be in transit – or waiting for Kyle in some office in LA.

  39. AlisaSG said

    Anne, I found a few, I think, but is it okay to post them here?
    They came directly off your web site of Steve topic for Flash Gordon..

    plus, I liked your fiddling on the yellow colorings — it made the pictures come out so much *clearer* and crispier. πŸ˜€
    (I don’t know how to do tags with the picture graphic code embedded inside.)

    BTW, I have to go out for a few hours, so I won’t be able to post a reply back too soon in 15 minutes from now.

  40. AlisaSG said

    Anne, I just sent you an e-mail (regarding Steve Bacic’s pics). All info is in there..
    if it’s okay, you can quote my comments directly from where I noted them (in lavendar.. of course the links are still in black).

    thank you!! πŸ˜€

  41. AlisaSG said

    oh, and Anne, I only highlighted the text to separate my comments about Steve apart from the rest of my e-mail.. Hope that makes sense.
    thanks again…

    for anyone who has never seen Steve in action.. oh my.. here comes the hunk!

  42. msgypsy said

    Slipping by as I nurse my poor right hand.

    Since it appears Christina is in Los Angeles, would it make sense to send her belated birthday package to her agent there (I’m pretty sure I can figure out who it is) rather than through Kaleidoscope? Or do we want to be sure it gets through as a Blood Ties item? I failed to mail it today as I overslept. Rather a lot. And the post office is closing in under a half hour. (I can take it to Forest Grove’s post office on Monday, though, so it’s not tragic right now. Oh, Laurel, the scarf I had was way too big and funky to be a good gift to anyone I don’t already know so you will be the only scarf provider… Congratulations!)

    I’ve released all the spam-locked posts. I have no idea why these are suddenly being spam-bucketed. We used to be able to post things like this. I wonder if it has something to do with the commercial appearing nature of the url?

    Laurel (again) if you want, email me the birthday wish you wanted to leave for Dylan and I’ll try putting it in from my computer, see if that helps.

    Oh, speaking of Dylan, I had a thought about the tee-shirt. It might be easier and have as much impact to print the comic as a work of art and frame it for him. If that’s too costly, you could print it document sized, put it in a document frame, and offer to send him a larger one if he would like it. (That way, we have a fifty-fifty chance of hearing back from him once he receives it…yeah, pipe dreams R us…) An artwork could be displayed somewhere in his home or trailer and wouldn’t be subject to the wear and tear a tee-shirt would be subject to. Although I confess, the idea of him wearing that tee-shirt on the set of season 3 that is really season 2 does make me squeee like the fangurl I am… (Maybe we could send him both? It’s a thought…)

  43. Margaret said

    I really like the idea of framing it as a piece of art, which it is. I don’t think I ever got the higher resolution copy of it, now that I think of it. It would be great if we knew he’d wear it. Who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall to see the rest of the cast reaction to it. I imagine that would be hysterical. lol. I think he’s really appreciate it framed as he’d have it for much longer than a tee shirt would last and it would show how much trouble someone went to for him.

  44. msgypsy said

    I like the idea of giving him both, if that can be done. He could hang it in his trailer and any time someone came in there to see him they’d see it and know that he has some really creative fans. I like thinking that he’s wearing a gift from his fans, but I can’t help wondering if he’d be baffled by it. He seems like the kind of guy who likes tee-shirts he can wear while working in the yard or going to the grocery store or going to the park with his kids. And the comic tee-shirt would not be something he could wear in those circumstances, so he might just be confused. It is a work of art and needs to be displayed as one.

    Now my hand aches and I have to stop typing. Ugh!

  45. lwildstar said

    Wow you guys were busy today!
    I’ve gone to Tanyas interview and posted, but then LT kicked me off before I could go to either the message board or the blog, so I’ll let it rest a bit and then go back and try again.

    Pooh on LT though for cutting bits of the chat out – what did they do with Anne? no fair! at least this time there was no staic and the clean up helped the resolution on the picture…

    well this was just a drive by, I’l try to come back if I can – its been one of those days!

    Wildstar d’Nightwalker
    room 910 (911 & 912)
    The Bloody Ford Clinic
    lifetime resident

  46. Claire said

    Bonsoir Mes Amis!

    I’m never first *Wah*
    SubOchick…no the J.R.Ward books The Black Dagger Brotherhood…very manly beautiful vampires!

    Doc Cree…is it cruel that I bought an electronic collar for Josie? I mean puppy school didn’t work,crating didn’t work.She hasn’t eaten poop in awhile,I got the forbid stuff,but she ate a hole in my rug,she has uncontrollable barking issues and she’ll climb on the table and steal your food even though she’s well fed.I can’t enjoy walking her cause she pulls me all over and tries to chase everyone and everything!

    Going to Lt now to try to watch video…I can’t believe they cut out our peeps!

    teacher of all things french
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  47. Nisi said

    Hi everyone. I had to get work done today (quarterly reports) since I played yesterday. Lunch with new friends, watching DOA, and being here. πŸ™‚ Handling all those papers gave me paper cuts. I need Henry to come lick my wounds. lol

    Something was mentioned about baking. I make a carrot cake and toffee that has won prizes. My husband loves my carrot cake, but my favorite is anything with dark cohcolate. Anzia, I also make great brownies. I like to put cinnamon and ground Aleppo chili pepper in them. Sometime, some chipotle pepper too. I like to put spices in my cream cheese dark chocolate truffles too. I like chilies and chocolate together. Yummm

    Room 917
    Receptionist Extraordinar
    Jewelry Maker
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  48. AlisaSG said

    another e-mail (regarding Steve Bacic’s pics) was just sent your way (same subject heading). I sent it to both of your email addresses just in case, this time.

    Please let me know, what you think of it, or what to do, since all of those belong to someone else.. 😦

    I think I found a *hunky* enough Steve photo, apart from the others without his shirt on (it’s mentioned in my last email – which is # 3 email). I also do love the photo of him on his main web (home) page. πŸ˜€
    except I was originally looking for some nice dangling *bangs* pic..

  49. Cree said

    Claire: I personally don’t like the shock collars. They are kinda mean. They do make collars that spray things like water or citrinella (sp?). Well, at least the Forbid worked for the eating of the cat poop. As far as the pulling when you walk her, instead of a collar, get her a “gentle leader”. That is the actual name of it. It goes around her nose and under her chin and fastens behind the ears. When she pulls on it, it will pull her head downwards and make it impossible for her to pull hard without her hurting herself (dont’ worry, they are perfectly safe). I have yet to meet the dog that this didn’t work for, even the huge 100 pound ones that are stronger than their owners. As far as her jumping on the table, just be more firm in your discipline. You can’t let her get away with stuff like that or else she is going to think it is okay to do so. If you have to, keep her in another room or crated while you eat. Squirt bottles with water work well also. As far as the barking, not too much to do about that. She is a Jack Russell and that is what they do. Its part of the breed. The collars that squirt stuff are your best bet with that. Hope that helps.

    Doc Cree
    Resident Vet
    Rm 113 Bloody Ford Clinic

  50. AlisaSG said

    Ooooou yeah!! the link to DOA works! I wasn’t sure how to get there or access it, so I just clicked around a little under the yahoo Blood Ties series, and it’s under the video link. I think it started almost automatically, too.

    3×5 screen.. yep! Steve Bacic is adorable in that one too! even under the hat.
    I loved that age old question he asks in Vicki’s office.. the one about ghosts moving about and not/touching things.. catch the shadows, too. (Whoops!) πŸ˜€

    I only saw the intro clip to BT so far.. got to get into the rest of it later tonight. πŸ˜›
    I do think his best photogenic pics are from Andromeda (as Rhade #2) and Flash Gordon (as Barin). He looks drastically different as Camulus on Stargate, without the beard.

  51. AlisaSG said

    >> I have yet to meet the dog that this didn’t work for, even the huge 100 pound ones that are stronger than their owners.

    I know some dogs weighing in as much as me, so pound for pound they usually knock me over, only when I’m not expecting it. Otherwise, we’re deadlocked in a some rather funny *pushover* moments… πŸ˜›

  52. lwildstar said

    Has anyone tried to go back to the HeyNeilson site?
    I tried today and it won’t load – just checkig to see if it its just me 😦
    I wanted to check for “trolls” after hat last bad tpic was posted…

    ok well I’m out of here, everyone have a great night! – see you tomorrow!

    Wildstar d’Nightwalker
    room 910 (911 & 912 jewelry studio)
    The Bloody Ford Clinic
    lifetime resident

  53. Margaret said

    Cree: Can we get the gentle leader at a Petco or some place similar? I have a dalmation thats hard to walk too.

  54. Arrowyn said

    Margaret, that TV Guide link is

  55. Cree said

    Mags, I know PetSmart has them. I am sure Petco or any other pet store like that probably does too. It takes the dogs a week or two to get used to them, but once they do, owners can’t tell you enough how much they LOVE them!

  56. Arrowyn said

    I just sent the LT link to the chat to a friend. She immediately started watching it and then called me to ask if all the chat was there. She’s not finished but she noticed an obvious cut in part 1. Kyle is saying something and then Kyle is saying the end of a different sentence and his head is in a different position. I sort of remember that was one of the static times. Oh, well, we’ll get to see most of the chat.

  57. Arrowyn said

    Isn’t this from the guy some of you complained to? From the Jerusalem Post:

    Our Blood Ties write-up mistakenly identified the vampire
    character, whose actual name is Henry, we were reminded by angry fans of the show who wrote in to complain. Turns out that watching the second part of the two-part pilot would also have explained some other things that we didn’t quite get right.

    Having vampire fans angry at us is not the way we want to start off the new year, so while we still can’t say Blood Ties is for us, we’re sorry we made a bloody mess of that information.

  58. Margaret said

    Sure sounds like it. And yes he did make a bloody mess of it all.

    Thanks Cree.

    Arrowyn: They definitely cut the chat as I was sitting in a chair during the whole thing and heard Anne, Anne’s part is no longer in the chat so I know they had to cut it somewhere. What they’re posting isn’t the whole thing.

  59. Freyja said

    Hi ladies,

    I would have checked in earlier today but I’ve been fighting a migraine from hell. None of my little tricks worked so I decided to take a rest. That was the time my cat decided was the most opportune to claw the carpet! *shakes her head*

    Just got finished watching Law & Order SVU with yet another lovely Canadian actor, Adam Beach. Great episode but definitely on the strange side.

    I think Canadians are being blocked from accessing DOA. So, I just have to be content to wait for a few weeks before I can see it and join in the discussion.

    gypsy, I LOVE making cheesecake! And anything chocolate and I’m in. Combine the two and I’ve got a winner! My mom hates (well, I shouldn’t say ‘hates’ but she doesn’t particularly like) chocolate. But I managed to surprise her with a great chocolate cheesecake I made for Christmas a few years back. Chocolate is my major vice and she knows I’ll eat things she’d never touch. But since that cake, she trusts my judgment and she’ll try what I make. I have a great recipe for a savoury cheesecake I make for Christmas every year – great with crackers! Oooh, sauerkraut – I really miss my grandma’s homemade sauerkraut. Oh god, and her apfel strudel – I have never found anything close, even over in Europe.

    Claire, I think we’re still the only residents on the 8th floor. A little on the quiet side, eh? I think we need to think of a way to liven up the floor during the times Henry isn’t visiting.

    Nisi, I didn’t come up with a job title yet. Any ideas?

  60. Tango said

    Just a quick drive by to say hello and it back to packing I go.

    I did my part posting my comments on the Tanya interview blog, but there were only about 5 of us who have done so. SO LADIES! Order of Yum! Go over there and do your part. I believe prtfvr posted the link up above. If you are reading this and have not posted yet, stop what you’re doing and post now. What’s that saying from the Superfriends’ cartoon – “Superfriends Unite!” or something like that. *imagining us all putting our hands in the middle while saying this*

    Z – “We Are Family” is the perfect theme song for us. Good one! It’d be cool if somehow that song could be playing in the background on this site. Is that a possibility anyone? *We are fam – i – ly – – – – – I got all my sistas with me! Yeh yeh yeh yehya!*

    Msgypsy – excited about the virtual bake sale although my culinary skills lie more on the cooking side not the baking side. I will share the one desert I do well that is usually very impressive at dinner parties. CrΓ¨me Brulee – which is one of my favorite deserts – better yet, I use Splenda and it is still fabulous. I think a separate link as you suggested would be a good idea so that they would be easy to sift through them. Cool beans! Maybe I will become a baker yet!

  61. Tango said

    Freyja – be sure to check your email, I sent you something.

  62. Freyja said

    Okay Tango – I’ll go check right away.

  63. Nisi said

    Freyja-I posted earlier with a title

  64. Nisi said

    Sorry about that. I hit the wrong key.

    As I was saying, I posted earlier with a title and I talked about chocolate. πŸ™‚

  65. Danae said

    Hey guys! I got my issue of Entertainment Weekly in the mail yesterday. Since I have been watching Blood Ties I have scoured it for any mention of it. I finally got rewarded yesterday. In the back in the TV section one of the What to watch this week on Friday is Blood Ties and this is what it said:

    Season Premiere
    Blood Ties
    Lifetime TV-14-V
    Who said Moonlight had
    cornered the market on
    sexy vampires? That’s
    just plain batty…Batty?
    Get it? Oh, never mind.

  66. Claire said

    Thanks Doc Cree! The collar I bought actually emits a sound not shock,and funny you should mention,I did go to petco and got the no pull trainer,this one goes over her head and around her front legs.I took her out and it was amazing,I actually got to walk not skid down the street! She’s only 15 lbs,but she’s so strong,she does this thing we call the spiderman,cause she’s almost flat on the floor but still pulling,and the harness worked great! I do have a crate,but she’s developed trying to bite us now,if we try putting her in.But I love my crazy Josie so I’ll keep working to raise her right LOL!
    Anne Darling..Thanks for the chat link..it was fun to see the play between them,and so funny to see that Ms.Christina feels the same as us! I don’t know if any of you noticed,but she is definitely affected by Kyle!
    Ms.Gypsy..I make a mean Banana nut cake,and awesome muffins!

    Freyja,someone last night posted that they were on 8,I can’t remember who.
    I guess with your fabulous cooking,we should start throwing some fabulous dinner parties,and hire sexy hot men to serve…Anzia were are those bollywood hotties you’re always going on about?

    Anyway my lovelies,I am going to pop open a nice Merlot and cuddle with Josie and find a movie to watch! hopefully something vampiric!

    Bonne nuit..Bon sommeil mes soeurs, laissent une fenΓͺtre ouverte, vous ne savent jamais, vous pourrait se rΓ©veiller pour trouver votre vampire prΓ©fΓ©rΓ© dans votre lit!

    Je t’aime
    teacher of all things french
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  67. Freyja said

    Hi Nisi,

    I totally missed that in my migraine induced haze! I like it. You aren’t just a receptionist, you are a receptionist extraordinaire! We’re all extraordinary at the clinic! (and in real life too πŸ™‚ )

    I think I’m going to be hanging out at your place when Henry is busy elsewhere – those truffles are going to haunt me unless I give in!

    Oooh, the one thing I CAN make that no one else here will is Saskatoon Berry Pie. To die for!!! gypsy may have heard of the berry. If I ever meet any of you in person I’ll be sure to bring some with me, the berries, and then I’ll actually make the pie. And because they’re in a can I will actually be able to make it past customs. If not you’ll all just have to come up to Canada. And I can also make perogies just like a friend’s baba used to make. Good thing it isn’t lunch time otherwise I’d be getting hungry.

  68. Freyja said

    Bonjour Claire!

    I know I invited someone to join us on the 8th floor since it was just the two of us but for the life of me I can’t remember if she accepted. My home computer shuts down when I go to read the comments from gypsy’s earlier blog posting. My computer is just too old and is dying a slow death.

    Yes, we need to start having dinner parties with smokin’ hot servers to go with the fabulous food and smokin’ hot guests (all of the lovely ladies here!). I might just have to get some Saskatoon berries for Nisi to incorporate into her truffles. If those don’t make you curl your toes and go OMG then I don’t know what will. (okay, maybe it is just me πŸ˜‰ )

    Bonne nuit Claire!

  69. Freyja said

    Tango, response sent. That was actually kind of fun!

  70. Margaret said

    Arrowyn: Where did you find the comment from the Jerusalem Post? I looked and didn’t see anything that looked like that. He’s still writing stupid stuff looks like.

  71. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bonne nuit mes amis! Good night sweet Prince πŸ˜‰ Till tomorrow my Sista’s O’ Blood. Mom’s heading out in the morning taking Robbie to Baylor for the Seizure Study and say prayers they narrow down the type of seizures hopefully no Epilepsy then we go from there.

    Reves doux d’Henri’ Sleep well

    XOXOXOXOX Je t’aime Beaucoup!

    Beth/Dizey 1
    Ste*69* Bloody Ford Clinic
    *Where the Blood Ties bind*

  72. Anzia said

    wow a girl goes away for a day and comes back to THIS! ^_^

    Nisi-my brownies aren’t that fancy. They’re just special fudge brownies that I put fun additives to. Like, toffee and chocolate bits and that kind of thing.

    MamaClaire- ^_^ I actually think Dani or someone suggested it WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY earlier…so I can’t ACTUALLY take credit for it. I just seriously hear it in my head if I don’t have anything else playing and i’m around ya’ll for a long period of time…

    WOOOT! I just got DOA to finish downloading from iTunes…guess what i’m doing tonight? ^_^ Well, crashing actually. Can you believe I pulled 2 muscles (or at least WAY over stretched them) yesterday while I cleaned?! Yeah…it’s the truth…now it hurts to walk, sit, stand…exist basically. UGH, maybe i’ll luck out and it won’t hurt as bad tomorrow. Yeah…right. A girl can wish though right?

  73. rifkind said

    Hi All,
    I am two days behind on reading the blog… but will try to catch up with you all, LOL
    Hey Danae!
    The World Wildlife Fund in auctioning off an Orlando Bloom autographed T-Shirt. The current bid is :
    $535.00 WWF “Hotter” Orlando Bloom T-Shirt


    With visiting Claire’s that is a bit over my budget, but it is so cool that he signed the T-shirt and the money goes to one of my favorite charities!

  74. rifkind said

    OMG! OMG!
    How sad is it that I am watching the live chat on LT over and over and over again… I am so sorry that I missed the live chat!
    I just got a giggle when they are talking about them knocking teeth and one of the fangs popped out… One fanged Henry! Too funny!
    So if the fangs are a problem, why don’t they make them SOFT??? It isn’t like Henry needs to really use the teeth to eat.

    I loved the question / answer about the animal nature vs the humanity of Henry’s character.
    Love it..
    Off to go watch again and again
    and then maybe I can get caught up on reading the blog.

  75. Margaret said

    Rifkind: Not to worry. I sat through it, saw it and have gone back twice and watched it already so don’t feel alone. You’re not the Lone Ranger. But then again with this group, when are you ever alone, right?

  76. AlisaSG said

    >> Steve as Barin – as you won’t see him on the show …

    because I didn’t mention this earlier, and should have, but my brain always often thinks after a few hours of info sinking into that noggin..

    the first photo of Steve holding the knife — at first I thought he looked like he was in a goofing off/silly actor pose! But if no one knew what this photo really was, Oh my!! he could appear to be a really psychotic killer there. Looks like he definitely had lots of fun posing for that.. (I don’t recall seeing it in the story)

    >> So if the fangs are a problem, why don’t they make them SOFT??? It isn’t like Henry needs to really use the teeth to eat.

    maybe for “realism”?
    I thought those things were fitted like a dental retainer.

  77. AlisaSG said

    regarding Steve Bacic and DOA (Blood Ties ep #1×13), I asked Anne for special permission to post this, so the pics (in the links) are from her..

    and I hope this doesn’t become too much of a memory hog.. 😦
    (and not sure this post may need to be pulled out of the holding pen)

    No photos of Steve in DOA, however, For anyone interested in seeing Steve Bacic, the following links (see highlighted text) are images that won’t be seen in BLOOD TIES.
    (and I hope I matched them up correctly)

    photos of Steve Bacic (sorry, no super-hunky shirtless ones, but these are *nice*)
    (and his *best* ones noted here are the first and last ones, I think)

    so for me to give *proper* credit where credit is due,
    these are all courtesy of Anne πŸ˜€
    (many, many *thank you’s!!* Anne)

    Showing off Steve’s lovely *handsome* appearance and hunkiness
    (please click here).
    It’s a really nice B&W one — it shows off how nice his arm muscles are, too!

    This is one of Steve’s intros on Flash Gordon..
    Barin’s sheepskins outfit (click here)
    nice wrist bands! πŸ˜€
    (wrist memories of Andromeda’s Rhade and maybe SG-SG1’s Camulus?)

    Steve as a regal “Barin” (or Baron)
    (full length view (click here))
    —- unfortunately, this photo isn’t as clear as the others. However–
    there’s something about a dark-haired guy in boots and a cape that always gets to me… *grin*

    Steve in having a contemplative look (click here)

    this one (click here) is nice, but the top of his head is cut off and part of his face
    is hidden in the wrong shadows..

    Steve- (click here) with a beautiful *blank* stare (except a good portion of his head can’t be seen..)
    contemplating whether he wants to marry Aura (Ming’s daughter, on Flash Gordon)

    I do *love* those bangs of his — a few stragglers in certain random places.. πŸ˜‰

  78. AlisaSG said

    wow, it actually posted.. now I hope I got the photo numbers all matching to what I wrote about them.. πŸ˜›

    I did notice anyone looking will have to
    right mouse click >> then “Open Link in New Window” or new tab,
    whichever you prefer. I like to open via the new window method, because I always end up closing my entire browser sometimes by using the “tab” method.

  79. rifkind said

    I am so frustrated though.. Even with DSL, they only get the video to say 3 words and then a loooong pause …. and then 3 or 4 more words .. and another looooong pause… it will take me forever to get a 9 minute section to play….

    From the comments so far, I just can’t wait to see 5:55.. when you are watching a “Ground Hogs Day: type of episode, the story can go to places that the VIEWERS WANT TO SEE… but the very next day… it never happened. . . so as an example, Henry and Vicki COULD get together, and that is OK for the sexual tension etc of the overall story because “officially” it never happened. Kind of like watching Norman and seeing Not Henry kiss Vicky and NOT Vicki make the moves on Henry… WE the fans LOVE it and we get to see what we want! Passion!


  80. AlisaSG said

    I just realized something else about Steve Bacic.. he makes a nice substitute for Adrian Paul.. the pic of “Barin” in Flash Gordon in the woods, makes him look like he could pass as Duncan McLeod’s brother or cousin! πŸ˜€

    anyone looking at the (non-BT) photos (see above post) will have to

    — either do a direct click on the link ((it will leave msgypsy’s blog, so you’ll need to use your web browser’s back arrow button to return to the blog))

    or — click on the photo ((upper left corner, there’s a link inside the box on the camera icon))

    or — on the linking text, right mouse click >> then β€œOpen Link in New Window” or new tab,
    whichever is preferred.

    *sigh* .. Henry’s got some heavy competition going on.. but it was so adorable seeing both of them (Kyle and Steve) at the same time in the same frame photo on DOA.. πŸ˜€

  81. AlisaSG said


    >> I just can’t wait to see 5:55.. when you are watching a β€œGround Hogs Day: type of episode, the story can go to places that the VIEWERS WANT TO SEE… but the very next day… it never happened.

    at least we’ve been given *that* much.. (huge grin!!)
    I can live with it.. also because I think it’s more on the funny side of life than being tortured forever without it..

    Stargate-SG1 “Window of Opportunity” .. Jack finally kissed Sam! and then sat there with a stupid ((HUGE)) grin on his face at the end of the episode..
    wooo-Hooo!! πŸ˜›

    and that Stargate episode was funny seeing the golf game being played in the gate room by Jack and Teal’c (in scottish golfing attire, too!), hitting the golf balls thru the stargate and out to who-knows-where .. becoming the farthest pucked golf balls ever done in the history of EARTH..! πŸ˜€

    yes, these are some of the simple things in life that keep me
    eternally amused in my daydreams.. πŸ˜‰

  82. rifkind said

    5:55 could also go all dark… like having someone DIE… and all the torment of that.. and at the end of the episode.. ti too … never really happened… just too us viewers through the emotional turmoil of seeing a character that we LOVE die…
    I would much rather see the PASSION…. but either way 5:55 should be GOOD!

  83. rifkind said

    Sheeesh! Man typos,

    it should have said :
    ..it too.. never really happened.. just took us viewers through the emotional turmoil. . .

  84. rifkind said

    I LOVED when Sam and Jack got together on SG-1.. Just LOVED it!
    And I too laughed at the golfing through the Stargate! πŸ™‚

  85. Tango said

    Good morning ladies!

    I finished watching the chat this morning. It appears they edited 15-20 minutes out of it. But fortunately you couldn’t hear all the static and Christina’s mic seemed to be a little louder. For those who weren’t at the live chat you missed Kyle’s rendition of an Alabama accent. Probably as close as I would get to a French one, he needs a little more practice. And I’ll work on that next time he comes over to give me French lessons. πŸ˜‰

    Alisa & rifkind- I haven’t put any thought to the 5:55 epi, so I’m excited to think about the possibilities. Of course, my hopes is that we explore the romantic side as you eluded to rather than the dark side. And from the chat, I gathered that this would be one we would all like, so I’m thinking romantic might be the way they lean. A girl can only hope…

    Well, I’m off to make a joyful noise then head out on my long journey. I won’t be able to check back in till possibly tonight when I check into my condo. So have a great day, and I’ll try to keep it between the lines today during my 5-hour drive. UGH!

  86. rifkind said

    Claire and Doc Cree,
    My brother’s crazy dog, (1/2 black lab, 1/2 Irish setter) is soo crazy. They HAD a gentle leader for her… note the word HAD… she found it and chewed it up! Sounds like a very naughty child doesn’t it???
    So Claire, hide the leash when you are not actually taking her for a walk!

  87. Freyja said

    Hi Tango,

    Have a great and safe trip!

  88. AlisaSG said

    rifkind said,
    >> AlisaSG
    >> 5:55 could also go all dark… like having someone DIE…

    SG1’s “Window of Opportunity” did get all seriously dark near the end. Before Jack returned to the Stargate program, Jack’s son had accidentally killed himself, but Jack had to wrestle with that memory and live with it knowing he could never “fix” it, and resurfaced it to share with that other guy – in order to save everyone stuck in the time loop.

    As SG1’s “WOO” ep being as funny as it was, it was also well balanced with emotional turmoil as part of the resolution portion.. and then bounced back into extreme humor mode (very last scene segment).. I think that’s what made that particular episode formula work out as nicely as it did in becoming one of the absolute top *favorites*.. for most SG viewers.

    and woo!! (Window Of Opportunity) WOO-whoooo!
    funny how that *WOO* acronym worked itself out.. πŸ˜›

  89. rifkind said

    Kyle & Christina, Part 4
    OMG! OMG!
    I just got to the part where Kyle is sniffing Christina!!!
    I hope that it can’t wear out the video… gotta go play that over and over!

  90. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good morning!, Buongiorno!, Bonjour Mes Amis!

    Just passing through I’m watching Logan today so he gets bored. So anyway reading some of the previous posts and Holy MERDE!! We will see *5:55* together I think it shows on the 26th if I’m not wrong. 😎 OMG!!!! we’ll all be crying (note, bring lots of Puffs) or all school girl giddy πŸ˜€ Now it gives this epi even more meaning, to finally watch with people who reeeeeally appreciate the Grandeur of Henry!!!! I’m so stoked up…………….spontaneous combustion πŸ˜‰

    Check back in a leetle bit πŸ˜‰

  91. rifkind said

    Not Sniffing….. NIBBLING… oh MY!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  92. lwildstar said

    good morning ladies!

    on the doggy troubles – I asked my sister about the gental leaders – she has used them on all her dogs over the years including the 150 lb rothweilers – although she did have to put a shock collar on the male rothweiler becase he got out of the yard once and chaced someone – he didn’t bite them or anything, he just wanted to play! (when the police showed up the person was sitting on top of a car and Ike was just sitting in the grass watching him – a very Cujo moment!) so the authorities told her she had two choices for Ike a shock collor or get rid of him…….oh and better fences!
    Now she has shelties and the youngest can pull me off my feet if I’m not paying attention – but she doesn’t do that with the getal leader on.

    the chat – I have watched it 5 times now (not counting the live chat) the first time to see what they cut out and the rest have just been for drooling….

    5:55 – discussed with my cousin and we think its going to be like the SG episode (which is one of my favs!)- the whole I’ve got to stop this! but then turns into ‘oh look at all the things I can do that no one will remember’ – but in the end she still has to save someone or save the world.
    I think epi 22 is where we’re going to lose whoever its is that is gong to die.. 😦

    I haven’t worked one bit on the story for Gypsys contsest beyond the intro!
    Is anyone else working on a story?

    well I really need to get out of here and go clean the house!

    on the next round of postcards I’m putting ourtag on the postcards!!


    Wildstar ‘d Nightwalker
    room 910 (911 & 912)
    BLoody Ford Clinic
    *Where the Blood Ties bind*

  93. lwildstar said

    oh PS: in case you haven’t been to Bloodlines or gotten your emailed newsletter yet – they are sponsoring a BYOF (Bring your own fangs) recruitment contest – details on the site – or if you cant find them let me know and I’ll email you

    “”Blood Ties Premiere Party
    Time to Party – BYOF – Bring your own Fangs!
    Blood Ties returns to Lifetime on Friday, October 12th after a 5-month Hiatus. It’s time to bring the fans back and recruit new viewers with a Party! We all know that you are going to watch the show anyways, so why not invite some friends to join you?
    As a special thank you for increasing the chances that the show and our site will be around for many more seasons, Barbi, Marie and I would like to offer each Party Host an autographed Headshot of Dylan Neal!
    All you have to do is take a photo of your group with our special flyer and email me your contact details so I can post your photo and mail you the gift.””

    I’ll try to post the link – but the blog always eats them!

  94. lwildstar said

    Blood Ties Premiere Party

    Time to Party – BYOF – Bring your own Fangs!

    Blood Ties returns to Lifetime on Friday, October 12th after a 5-month Hiatus. It’s time to bring the fans back and recruit new viewers with a Party! We all know that you are going to watch the show anyways, so why not invite some friends to join you?

    As a special thank you for increasing the chances that the show and our site will be around for many more seasons, Barbi, Marie and I would like to offer each Party Host an autographed Headshot of Dylan Neal! http://www.bloodtie s-bloodlines. com/gallery/ displayimage. php?pid=1567& fullsize= 1

    All you have to do is take a photo of your group with our special flyer http://www.bloodtie s-bloodlines. com/images/ partyflyer. jpg and email me your contact details so I can post your photo and mail you the gift.

  95. lwildstar said

    hey it posted the links! well somewhat…

    have a good day!

  96. AlisaSG said

    I can’t believe I just read this.. another BIG NEGATIVE against Blood Ties…
    This time regarding the LOVE HURTS episode..

    please read and jump in any time to offset // counteract the bad vibes for SPACE (spacecast viewers)..

    I’ve already added my comments to the topic.. and I’m supposed to be out shopping right now, but took a peek instead. I’m not sure if setting my REAL LIFE schedule back was advisable, but I had to say *something!!*.

    jeeeeeeesh! ((mad!!!!!!!!!!))

  97. AlisaSG said

    oops, I may have given the wrong link.. not sure if the above one works totally.

    Here’s the original link to the entire topic for LOVE HURTS on spacecast..


    (..i’m still fuming mad about reading it.. and “s/he” had to mention MOONLIGHT in there as adding insult to injury, too..)

  98. lwildstar said

    Another “troll” note – more trolls over at Hey Nelson – no comments persay – but they are marking the topics “strongly dissagree” which brings the rating number down over all.
    This is just one of the links – you can work your way through after you sign in…

  99. Freyja said

    Hi Alisa,

    I’m going to see what I can do response wise. Since this is a Canadian forum we’re talking about I feel a little responsibility for pointing out the error of her ways.

    This just means that I have to watch Love Hurts … again, but we do have to make sacrifices sometimes. πŸ˜‰

  100. Claire said

    Bonjour mes amis! Well I went over to Heyneilsen and ripped a few new A@#holes! Ugh messing with our boys!

    I used the shock collar only on the sound setting on Josie when she was tormenting one of the cats,and it worked! after that they sat together and no abuse!
    Rifkind,after I walk her I hang her harness and leash on the coat rack..she can’t reach it! learned the hard way,after my Foxhound ate his!

    Ahhh Ms.Freyja! you’re a woman after my own heart! Perogies? Girl I’m Jewish!
    Nobody turns down a perogie at my house..MMMMM!!!!!!!!
    Wait aren’t you young?as in young enough to be my daughter?
    Maybe I can adopt you…what do you say,my other adopted daughters?Anzia,Dani,Madonna,Cree? shall we get another? with awesome cooking skills?

    Wow! Diz! are you sure that’s the epi,we’ll be watching? OMG! we’re all going to be a bunch of crying fools 5:55 Lord ,is Henry going to get a little toasted?

    Anyway,it’s like 88 degrees here,weird..we’re wearing shorts and tank tops..
    So,I promised I’d take the quads out for awhile,they’re driving me nuts..lots of arguing going on with them today!

    Be back later

  101. Claire said

    Well great! it ate my post!

  102. AlisaSG said

    thank you!
    I quite enjoyed the eppy. I didn’t get hog-wild crazy over Craig being on there as a “love demon” but it sort of fit his appearance.. and I thought that alone was made a perfect spoof on his
    Stargate Atlantis character — Peter Grooooooooodin!

    >> Another β€œtroll” note – more trolls over at Hey Nelson – no comments persay – but they are marking the topics β€œstrongly dissagree” which brings the rating number down over all.

    regarding the ability to share on the heynielsen.com site..
    I thought that was going to be a bad idea when it was first initiated, because of this very problem. Unfortunately, the spammers and troll populations will do that just for spite. They don’t like a good thing to stay there when it is given an opportunity for the rest of us.

    And sometimes I really do wonder who those *trolls* really are.. the disenchanted populations of the earth in general who hate successful things. A weird detail to the negative comments– probably one that should be pointed out, too–

    there’s another topic on spacecast titled
    ‘Nielsen Ratings!!!’

    it was started innocently by a devoted BT viewer, and shortly after — that’s when most of the negative comments started pouring in for Blood Ties..

    coincidence?? I think so.
    I can’t prove it, but seriously believe that the persona named “TheVok” is a troll.. “he” is also on the sci-fi and gateworld web sites ditching various programs wherever he can, because it seems that’s (become) his job.

    Seems unfortunate that FishyLynn and Naomi have also contributed to the negative commentaries, as well.

    When I tried to encourage Naomi to stay with the series, it got quiet for a while.. until new tactics of attacking BT started up again now by FishyLynn.. which I can only wonder if that’s another name for (spammers and hackers who go) phishing.. and not for real seawater crabs. (just drawing a picture there, that’s all.. couldn’t think of a fish that’s a fish, other than Tuna, the prime *chicken of the sea*).

    and that sounds even worse when attaching *Henry’s Hens* in the same sentence, because a hen is a chicken… those name associations there.. 😦

    However, I do try to give people the benefit of the doubt, unless more agitated comments show up as signals that say that particular persona is what I dread to think the most. But I won’t redirect people back to here, because if they act like that over there — they’d only tear these blogs apart.. unless msgypsy bans their IP somehow.

  103. AlisaSG said

    btw, I do believe Denis (heywriterboy) also posted comments in that
    spacecast topic titled
    β€˜Nielsen Ratings!!!’

    (I’m about 99.9% positive, it IS Denis). He signed in as DMc!
    — which I saw him also (sign as) do on his own web/blog site, too. So, Denis tried to redirect that particular BT topic on the spacecast forum into positive directions as well, especially since he worked on Blood Ties in the editing process of a few eps. πŸ˜‰

    at least there’s one person out there besides us, and more on the inner ring, who are fighting for the actors and other BT crew out there..! πŸ˜€

  104. Margaret said

    AlisaSG: Wasn’t FishyLynn the one that posted somewhere that Blood Ties was bad?

  105. lwildstar said

    AlisaSG – yep – I’m beginning to wonder if some people make it there “job” to go about as trolls trashing things – like the bullies in school – they like to hurt people for some strange reason……..
    My nephew was victim of a bully over the summer (and I was in jr high) so I’m familar with the concept but not the mind set – trolls! you just can’t get away from them!
    Thank you for all your efforts!

    I emailed my cousin the link for epi 13 – I got several emails saying the following:
    1 – thank you , but I’m not going to watch,
    2 – really I’m not going to watch,
    3_ you’re mean sending me that a week before – I’m not going to watch
    4 – OK I gave in and watched!
    She is a total Minx – Laurel you may have compititon!

    Well there goes the timer – I’m making homemade soup to put away for colder wether – I only ever have time to cook on the weekends so I make my own “microwave” meals. I’ve already cooked chicken and porkchops for lunches this week…

    ok I’m off!………………..

  106. AlisaSG said

    No. That was —
    — at this topic (I think this is a direct link — see below)


    if the above link doesn’t work, try going to page 1 and use the link from there to get to page 4. Page 1 starts at-


    terrryb (on pages 4 and 5) also almost up and quit (because that person wanted to see “normal” characters being evil — not supernatural ones, until I tried to encourage her/him to stick with the series (at least up to HEART OF FIRE..). terrryb later replied that s/he’d try to stay and watch more.. that happened right before GIFTED was shown..

    and what was GIFTED? about a normal little girl with telekinetic abilities. Yes, Paranormal was at work in the child, but the story was mostly about a broken relationship between a child (misbehaving, and misusing her special abilities) and how her *normal* dad was involved as being suspect of murdering his own wife.

    anyway, I mentioned about GIFTED probably being the most normal eppy, so terrryb made another effort to stay with a few more eps.

    ———— just thinking out loud here — you know..(??)
    This is really hard work — being an encourager to people who’ve never seen the BT series, because you can’t write out details // spoilers, yet it’s really scary to think how blessed the rest of us were to be the first, privileged ones to see BLOOD TIES.

    Just imagine if it was the SPACECAST viewers who got to see the series first!!
    we’d all be in trouble. The show would have hit an iceberg pronto, and sunk faster than the Titanic. Then, the rest of us wouldn’t have as many blessings as we have gotten.. I’m really trying to BELIEVE the hand of divine intervention started moving these events in the beginning, and will continue to BELIEVE.

    i did forget to mention, tho, that I thought I read on one of the forums / topics (probably on the BT topic over at Gateworld), that someone mentioned that so far the reviews have been fairly *POSITIVE* (which was a good thing).

    It was shortly after I read that — when the (more) massive negatives started pouring in on the heynielsen.com site. That’s when I think the real problems started showing up shortly after. Until then, all of the ratings for Blood Ties on yahoo were in the 90’s (some high 90’s, some mid 90’s.. but very few in the lower 90’s% range). ——— and that’s what I think was most coincidental about when the bashing and trashing of BT *really* started.

  107. AlisaSG said

    okay, that probably didn’t make much sense..

    >> AlisaSG: Wasn’t FishyLynn the one that posted somewhere that Blood Ties was bad?

    from AlisaSG,
    >> No. That was β€”
    >> Hagenmeyer

    >> AlisaSG – yep – I’m beginning to wonder if some people make it there β€œjob” to go about as trolls trashing things – like the bullies in school – they like to hurt people for some strange reason……..
    >> My nephew was victim of a bully over the summer (and I was in jr high) so I’m familar with the concept but not the mind set – trolls! you just can’t get away from them!
    >> Thank you for all your efforts!

    sorry to hear about your nephew, and major ((((((((((hugs!!!!)))))))))).

    Also, *thank you!* for the “efforts” compliment. It’s the least I can do.. and I rarely get this overly involved in diligently saving various Tv programs.. When Stargate went under hostile fire from the hard core BSG folks, I went verbally ballistic ranting about them. I avoid their topics as much as possible, since they were THE most influential reasons for trying to bury the Stargate series when SG-Atlantis started. And it wasn’t until shortly after I joined gateworld, when BSG started airing, and the topics started getting hammered by the super pro-BSG folks because SG1 and SGA weren’t violent enough and permitted too much light-hearted and humorous *fantasy* into their storylines.

    Obviously, I got the picture of how that whole scenario was going to pan out LONG before it went off and the Sci-Fi channel *FORCED* SG1 off the air, by cancelling the series, and having some horrid FINE PRINT in their contract that anyone producing Stargate (MGM) — would NEVER again be permitted to continue the series on the air on any other network, etc., etc.

    The handwriting was on the wall then; and the only way to stop it now for newer programs (like BT), is to recognize those signals in their infancy stages and go on an all out verbal *war* — preferably by using redirectional positive tactics, before pulling out the *REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY* methods. πŸ˜‰

    *know thine enemy*..!!
    either they’re just stirring up jousting for discussions, or they intend to be destructive. I do question the motives of some forums, but the heynielsen.com site sounds like the negatives there are being done purely for destructive purposes.

    There’s a group of folks on this planet who want to get rid of TV viewing and technology completely, and push us into the fast lane back into the dark ages. I’m convinced that is one way for those people to fulfill their agenda for a darker (real) world. But as for who is actually making the negative comments and ZERO recommendations a zillion times over, I just don’t know who they are other than a bunch of sadistic bullies; or competing programs / networks who are vying for that coveted FIRST place of success. And if that’s the situation, they simply don’t know how to get along with each other in a peaceful co-existence. *sigh*

  108. Margaret said

    AlisaSG: She did post this about Love Hurts:
    This episode was the worst. It would want to get better fast if not I can see why there is only 1 season. Well at least I have a similar type show in Moonlight over on CBS and that is even saying something as Moonlight is just a tad bit better but not by much but it is watchable so far no pathetic episodes yet unlike episode 6 of Blood Ties Ugh

    I was able to turn a gal at the grocery store, within Lifetime’s lusted after demographic.

    For those of you who have gone to these conventions, I need to ask something although I’m thinking I already know the answer. Are cameras prohited?

  109. AlisaSG said

    >> AlisaSG: She did post this about Love Hurts:
    >>> This episode was the worst.

    that’s the first time she’s started with the seriously negative stuff with the extra emoticon icons as quadruple reinforcement. Before that, she was still sort of on the fence, but not overly into the series.. Most of what she’s written elsewhere was about other programs and technical babble type of info..

    I was hoping she actually wrote this up as a tease (as in just kidding, because I have seen some people actually do that to “test the waters” …hmmm, *FishyLynn in the waters*..hmmm…), just to get people to discuss it. But the way she wrote it just gave me (bad) vibes of a nastier sort.

  110. rifkind said

    The only time I was told NO photos was when I paid to have Breakfast with the stars.. (OK it was also with about 300 OTHER people too… ) and NO no stars sat at MY table… but Adrian Paul was a few tables away..
    Even then, they must have eaten already, as the stars did not eat breakfast.
    I have been asked to turn FLASH off… and at SOME conventions they do not want video recordings.. Snap-shots were OK.
    I do not know the rules for MegaCon though.

  111. AlisaSG said

    >> I’m going to see what I can do response wise. Since this is a Canadian forum we’re talking about I feel a little responsibility for pointing out the error of her ways.

    >> This just means that I have to watch Love Hurts … again, but we do have to make sacrifices sometimes. πŸ˜‰

    Freyja, I *like* your excuses for watching. just wish it was for a better reason.

    If people tear HEART OF FIRE apart like she and a few others have already done for other eps — I’ll scream so loud that the entire internet will hear it!!
    πŸ˜› (depends on how many bad replies start pouring in, tho)

    So far, it seems most of the viewers watching the LIVING TV and CityTv networks are mostly on the same wavelength as we are — proBT.. !! I just hope it stays that way. Otherwise, to the rest who want more gore and violence and less romantic tension (or whatever that magical allure is), they seriously need to get a life other than playing the school bully and wrecking worse havoc.

    … or is this also part of another (invisible world of the darker forces) plan to bring our real world into a darkness paralleling Astaroth’s reign of hell on earth..?? ..it seriously makes me wonder sometimes.. *creepy!*

  112. lwildstar said

    I feel the next installment of Elder Hotel coming on –
    Normans minions try to tear down BT from within the blog and forums related to the show!

    5 days and I haven’t seen a single commercial! I’ve watched the one I taped several times just to get my Henry fix! he he he

  113. lwildstar said

    thanks for the hugs AlisaSG!

  114. AlisaSG said

    >> I feel the next installment of Elder Hotel coming on –
    >> Normans minions try to tear down BT from within the blog and forums related to the show!

    you mean on Tanya’s blog (not msgypsy’s)..??

    >> 5 days and I haven’t seen a single commercial! I’ve watched the one I taped several times just to get my Henry fix! he he he

    The folks over at LIVING Tv who haven’t seen HEART OF FIRE yet, were throwing out fits of frustration. Usually the eps are repeated in something called a Catch-Up system.. except, HEART OF FIRE hasn’t been listed for this week’s catch-up..!!!!!!!!

    *conspiracy* seems to be abounding everywhere!

  115. Freyja said

    Hi Alisa,

    I’m currently in the middle of writing my response. I had a great point #3 but it seems to have gotten lost in the glass of wine I had while rewatching the show. Oooh, I just remembered it. I’ll be back to let you know when I’ve posted my response over there.

  116. msgypsy said

    I have to tell you about people whose goal in posting is to bring down a TV show, because I was once one of those. It was a cooking show and it is still on the air and I still think it is nightmarish but I feel much better about myself now that I don’t watch it at all. Watching it to point out deficiencies and defects became a consuming passion, and I had to step away from that. So I’m willing to bet there are people who go out of their way to watch and bitch publically about tv shows they don’t care for just because it makes them feel important. Fighting back never worked to shut me up and I don’t think it’ll work with these folks, but I think it made a lot of people feel better so who am I to judge?

    I’m going to open a topic for recipes. If you have one you want to share, please post it in comments there. At some point I’ll put them together into booklet form for us to download. (I just discovered the Open Office can create a .pdf document so I think I can do this.) When I settle down to do it, I’ll get some folks involved (volunteer if you want to help) to help me with the artwork. Remember, this will never be sold or shared beyond this group so we have a bit more leeway in terms of what we can include.

    I just found someone online who travels with a teddy bear dressed as one of her favorite tv characters (Capt. Jack Harkness, for those who follow Doctor Who and Torchwood) and takes photos of him everywhere she goes. I wonder if we could come up with a teddy bear Henry (or teddy bat, if you prefer) but we’d have to remember not to photograph him in the daylight. A Teddy Mike or a Teddy Vicki might work for daytime tourism… Must ponder this…. I’m totally loving the concept.

  117. msgypsy said

    Wildstar, I’m waiting with bated breath for the next installment of Elder Hostel.

    Fanfic contestants, don’t forget to send me your writing.com info if you haven’t already and don’t forget to write your stories!

  118. Freyja said

    Oh god, I think I’m channeling my inner Crown prosecutor in cross-examination mode in writing this response. Oh well, at least you ladies will get a kick out of it … if it isn’t deleted.

  119. msgypsy said

    Cookbook topic is at https://msgypsy.wordpress.com/2007/10/07/bloody-ford-clinic-bake-sale-cookbook/

  120. Anzia said

    Freyja- if you become an adopted sister of mine you MUST help me keep MamaClaire from taking Henry away from me! *sniffles* Not fair…She helped make me into the naughty (but loveable) girl I am then is punishing me for it 😦 Wait…wasn’t there a whole thing w/Sir Thomas Moore about this??? πŸ˜‰

  121. Freyja said


    How did Sir Thomas Moore get involved in all of this? Refresh my memory (and this from a woman who attended St. Thomas Moore College in undergrad. See, I wasn’t lying about the Catholic thing. I also attended a college named after St. Peter …).

    Yes, I’d be glad to have more sisters … any time. I have 3 brothers and the testosterone imbalance drives me nuts. Luckily I have 2 great sisters-in-law and a sister so it helps. But sometimes the stupidity and silliness I get from these guys (all over 6’2″) is just ridiculous.

    Although, I’m not exactly sure what you want me to do with Claire. Slap a restraining order on her? πŸ™‚ Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Let’s chat …

  122. Freyja said

    Okay ladies, I posted my reply over at the Spacecast forum: http://forums.spacecast.com/forums/thread/334215.aspx. Good thing I wrote that before I had a 2nd glass of wine.

    I had a great day. I went to exchange a couple of plates that I received as a Christmas gift from my parents. Yes, already. I always get a call from The Bay (yes, the historic Hudson’s Bay Company) in early October and I know exactly what my parents bought – a particular set of dishes that I’m collecting over time. Anyway I had to exchange a couple of plates because they weren’t in the same series as the other 6 I have. The girls didn’t know that the different series are identified by letter on the bottom of all the dishes. Now they do because I told them!

    Then I roamed around the bookstore (Chapters). It is very dangerous to allow me to roam free in a bookstore … Managed to finally find the 2nd omnibus edition of Tanya’s Blood Books. It was on the wrong shelf, totally out of order. Then I wandered through the market – reminded me of why I don’t go there on the weekends, totally teeming with tourists and folks from the suburbs. I was trying to do some serious shopping!

    I pre-cooked my wild rice for the turkey tomorrow and made some dessert. Then I cracked open the wine, watched Love Hurts (in order to provide an educated response … it was so hard to do), and checked in here.

    Oh, I’m thoroughly enjoying my long weekend …

  123. Freyja said

    Okay ladies, I posted my reply over at the Spacecast forum. Good thing I wrote that before I had a 2nd glass of wine.

    I had a great day. I went to exchange a couple of plates that I received as a Christmas gift from my parents. Yes, already. I always get a call from The Bay (yes, the historic Hudson’s Bay Company) in early October and I know exactly what my parents bought – a particular set of dishes that I’m collecting over time. Anyway I had to exchange a couple of plates because they weren’t in the same series as the other 6 I have. The girls didn’t know that the different series are identified by letter on the bottom of all the dishes. Now they do because I told them!

    Then I roamed around the bookstore (Chapters). It is very dangerous to allow me to roam free in a bookstore … Managed to finally find the 2nd omnibus edition of Tanya’s Blood Books. It was on the wrong shelf, totally out of order. Then I wandered through the market – reminded me of why I don’t go there on the weekends, totally teeming with tourists and folks from the suburbs. I was trying to do some serious shopping!

    I pre-cooked my wild rice for the turkey tomorrow and made some dessert. Then I cracked open the wine, watched Love Hurts (in order to provide an educated response … it was so hard to do), and checked in here.

    Oh, I’m thoroughly enjoying my long weekend …

  124. Freyja said

    Geez, what is it with the double posts today …

  125. lwildstar said

    Gypsy – Himme is doing Elder Hostel – I just thought that was a good idea for her to use after the whole Larry King bit last time…

    I am truely trying to work on my story for the fanfic contest – but I keep getting sucked back into my other stories…..I have an opening thou – and if I don’t finish it Robin (Pauls co-worker) is going to hunt me down!

    I am so trying to get Robin hooked on BT – so far shes only been able to watch bits and pieces online (the whole being at work issue) because evertime she tries to watch it at home her husband starts acting like a child “do we have to watch this?” whine……. I’m going to invite her over Friday – aside from getting to watch Blood Ties unintrupted, she’ll get the chance to escape her husband for an evening!

    well I’m out of here for the night – I have been in front of the computer too long and now my neck is acting up – please send Henry over I need a massage…not to mention my new glasses are giving me a headache – I switched back to my old ones – I’ll have to call the eye doctor Iguess…if its ntot one thing its another… πŸ˜‰

  126. lwildstar said

    ahhhhh! the blog ate my post!

    Ok short version:

    Gypsy The Elder Hotel plot was for Himme – shes writting it, but I am really trying to work on the sequel for may short and work on the one for the fanfic contest….

    ok I’m out of here!

  127. msgypsy said

    Wildstar…er…I knew that…I’m just old and losing my memory.

    I got inspired after posting the cake recipe and am now making chorizo rolls, cinnamon bread, runzas (Actually, that’s theoretical runzas as I ran out of bread dough but have the filling ready for later) and am about to make chorizo and egg wraps to freeze. Ah, I love days when I sleep in until after noon and then never quite wake up but cook anyway. Oh, and eggplant casserole. Can’t forget that. Gotta go get to it, in fact.

    Which means I really do need to get up and walk away from the computer, doesn’t it?

  128. lwildstar said

    I had a goof on the posting I did for my recipe – I was in the middle of typing annd did something that cause dit to post in themiddle – so if youwould like – plese remove the post where I started the recipe…thank you…..

    I baked last weeked – but it was a mix from the Lollypop Tree Co. – I’m not a very good cook…..on occasion I’ll go over to someone elses house and help them back cookies of something –

    Well as I said I really need to get off the computer before I can’t get move my neck!

    night all!

    Wildstar β€˜d Nightwalker
    room 910 (911 & 912)
    BLoody Ford Clinic
    *Where the Blood Ties bind*

  129. Anne said

    Click to open – BT review in SFX magazine – strangely they like Gifted better than the pilot.

    “Henry … a right cocky little git”

  130. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Gypsy the blog ate my post..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  131. AlisaSG said

    >>Okay ladies, I posted my reply over at the Spacecast forum. Good thing I wrote that before I had a 2nd glass of wine.

    Freyja — something happened to your link. First time it worked. 2nd time, I got a PAGE NOT FOUND ERROR. There is a period at the end of your link (that shouldn’t be there), which is probably why it broke its connection. (same reason why nothing {except a blank space} on can be touching the beginning of the link either — see below… (can’t tell I have to sometimes look for these things in my *real* day job.. oy!)

    I’m posting the same link here, just in case no one wants to scroll upward.
    >> Here’s the original link to the entire topic for LOVE HURTS on spacecast..

    thank you for sharing!! πŸ˜‰

    also, if you’re still signed in over there, we can’t delete our own posts, but you can edit it to write something else to remove the excess double info

    (edited — reason — this double posted somehow)

    I had to do that with one of mine. I had a huge reply on one of the topics and it showed the length of my info, but no words!! So, I tried to delete it, and it said only a moderator could delete the thing.. so then I went back and tried to repaste in what I typed out originally. Finally, by the 4th attempt (before I rebooted my computer), the whole thing showed up like it was supposed to do the first time. I think my computer just got cranky from sitting idol for several hours, and needed a solid reboot! (a good swift kick!) πŸ˜‰

    I do have a question.. which I’ll post here instead about something you wrote over there– *grin*
    >> 5. Everyone I introduce to the show including my mother (yes, my mother) is told in no uncertain terms to watch episode #6 Love Hurts.

    can I ask why??
    ..is it because of Victoria’s Secret (Vicki’s bra scene and Henry kissing her?)
    or was that meant to be written differently, because of the *subject* nature?
    (to which I’m still LOL in a way.. too funny) πŸ˜€
    I may have to ask my sister NOT to watch 5:55, because of the potential *passion* scenes.. πŸ˜›

  132. AlisaSG said

    Freyja, was that supposed to be a positive or negative..?
    not to watch or *do* whatever it takes TO watch?

    I think I read #5 wrong.
    But I still have my fears about my sister’s brain going into overdrive about sexy Henry in the 5:55 episode… and I *do* think my niece will be making an effort to watch it.. hopefully, my sister will go to bed early?? *snicker*

    I know my niece is over 21, but ummm, certain things they just DON’T watch..

    see what Blood Ties has done to us?? (LOL..!!)

  133. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Anne thanx for the info and what pray tell is a *Git* term I’ve never heard of before, anyway that was a good article and evidentally the more they watch the more they like πŸ˜‰

    Well kidz I gots some clothes to wash and I’ll try and check in before bed. If not.

    Reves doux d’Henri/Kyle

    XOXOXOXOX Je t’aime Beaucoup !!!

    Beth of the Rose colored Glasses

    Bloody Ford Clinic Ste *69*
    Basement Lounge & Studio
    *Where the Blood Ties bind*

  134. AlisaSG said

    Anne, (without the link here)
    >> BT review in SFX magazine – strangely they like Gifted better than the pilot.

    thank you for sharing that!! πŸ˜€
    I loved the caption under the photo.. who was the guy removing or putting on his shirt? It looked like Craig V in LOVE HURTS, but I don’t remember seeing *that*..

    As for the Bad Juju commentary — but *i* LIKED it when Henry was sharing his story with Vicki about his past.. it shows his sensitive side — that things like that really get to him, deeper than he initially reveals on the surface.

  135. Anne said

    Wikipedia says that “Git is most often British slang for a stupid or unpleasant person.”

    A contemptible person, often a fool
    A bastard
    A foolish or worthless person

    Hmm – I kinda liked the word until I looked it up doesn’t really seem to fit Henry. But then I mainly remember it as stupid or silly git, so I guess I should have known.

    Freyja – good comeback – I wonder if the fish person will respond …

    Why, oh why doesn’t wordpress comments have a preview?

  136. AlisaSG said

    Sci-Fi channel has been airing some hideous previews for a movie over the weekend–

    “30 Days of Night”

    yep.. my suspicions are proving correct about the *trolls*
    this one (particular comment) came from gateworld (and the person there usually writes in the negative anyway about most cheerier programs, except for BSG – the 2003 remake series, of course!)

    ——- {direct QUOTE} (posted August 26th, 2007, 09:51 PM)
    I just hope the vampires are truly evil. This recent Hollywood romanticizing of blood suckers is just moronic at the very least. Make them evil, ugly, and dangerous, then it is interesting. Lately though these Hollywood vampires are about as threatening as my 1lb Bichon.{end of QUOTE} ——-

    got a funny feeling I know what reference *that* was going to… (BT..!!)
    everyone on there, EXCEPT one person usually writes in the NEGATIVE about Stargate and Doctor Who, and anything that implies *romantic* (fantasy) stories. I used to like the cat with the TV remote and beer bottle, but the persona there writes nothing but nastigrams about Stargate any more.

    This should be proof that the more violent a program is (with a story) the better its reviews get by nearly everyone on that topic, so far. Like minds tend to merge into one another over there… Plus, I think most of them are into the “World of Warcraft” and violent x-box/video games, too. Some are on-line gamers. Most people I know who live on those violent games tend to hate the lighter programs. Instead, for them, it’s “cut them up, slice and dice” Saw type fans..

    BTW, I hate SAW — refuse to watch it and anything even remotely similar to it.
    The only movie I enjoyed with a chainsaw in was with Bruce Campbell in
    “Army of Darkness” (totally hilarious in parts! and quite romantic too!)

  137. Freyja said


    “As for the Bad Juju commentary β€” but *i* LIKED it when Henry was sharing his story with Vicki about his past.. it shows his sensitive side β€” that things like that really get to him, deeper than he initially reveals on the surface.”

    Way better than a cheesy voiced over monologue, eh?

    Re: the posting over on the Spacecast forum, yes I think initially you misread #5. Not that the other episodes aren’t worth watching but I think things really pick up with episode #6. Plus, if a person hasn’t been sucked in by that time, they are far more likely to be just to see how the cat and mouse game plays out. And if that weren’t enough, some people think vampire = macabre. This particular episode shows that this series is nothing of the sort.

    Canada is a bit more free with what can be broadcast on tv. We see far more on the regular networks by the time we’re 18 than you probably realize. I just wish that the episodes were being broadcast during the same week in Canada and the US so I could actually partake in the conversation that will no doubt ensue!

    Okay, I know I have more to say but my computer is acting up and I have to restart it now.

  138. msgypsy said

    Wildstar, I fixed your post for you in the recipes thread.

    There doesn’t seem to be any post in the spam or moderation buckets, so either Tango got here before I did or the post was eaten by the cyber demons.

    I’m craving that eggplant casserole now. Must go eat. Mmmmm…….

    Back tomorrow, my lovely ladies…

  139. Claire said

    Hello my ladies…how are you all tonight?
    Ms.Anzia…those comments to your potential new sister are exactly why you get time out! And if you convinced Freyja to slap a restraining order on me….who would buy you all those shiny dangly earrings you like?who would send Henry to cuddle you after a bad day? HMMM? Missy? I think you should come up here to 8 and apologize and we’ll hug and you can stay out of time out..for now.I think I’ve spoiled you since you’re the youngest here at the clinic! πŸ˜‰
    Hey and I’m not bad…Like Diz saids…I’m just drawn that way!

    OMG! Victoria is sitting next to me listening to my music and she said the cutest thing!
    “Mommy when you fix my computer,I’m going to Henry.com and I’m going to order a Henry Doll and a Vicky Doll,I love Henry!”
    I almost fell off my chair,she’s so funny!
    Anyway,time to put the junior hen to bed.
    Signing off!
    teacher of all things french
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    where the blood ties bind!
    Bonne Nuit mes Amis!


  140. Claire said


    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day tomorrow!!

    Love ya!

  141. Anzia said

    Freyja- siblings must band together to save each other from parental punishments. It’s just an unspoken (and definitely unwritten) rule. Well, one that i’ve always implimented anyway (getting my syblings outa trouble..not them getting me out). ^_^ No restraining order! MamaClaire’s hugs are BEEEEE-YUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-TEEEE-Full… ^_^ But..wouldn’t we be only half siblings since PrtMama is my other mother but not yours??? *ponders*

  142. msgypsy said

    You KNEW I wasn’t going to log off THAT easily, right?

    The following from Slice of Sci Fi has nothing to do with BT but it does mention Moonlight: The context is an article about the possible appearance of “Jericho” earlier than anticipated on CBS.

    “However, the Nielsens would beg to differ with Kahl. The new Jimmy Smits offering, β€œCane,” did quite poorly on it premiere, and the highly controversial reality skien β€œKid Nation” is showing good numbers but may be too much of a β€œhot potato” for CBS to stick with it. Some other new shows considered possible candidates for replacement are β€œMoonlight” and β€œViva Laughlin.” However, right now β€œCane,” is the most suseptible to an early axe, but no decision has yet been made by CBS execs.”

    Happy Fangs-giving, Frejya!

  143. Anzia said

    Claire- I would like to say that I posted to Freyja BEFORE I saw your post…but i’ll most definitly be here to get outa a time out…my imaginary friends are starting to scare me! ^_^

  144. vicki said

    hey girls…

    I am going to watch DOA tonight…cant wait to see it…..I would wait till Saturdya…but I miss Henry way to much to wait….HEhehehe

    Ok….got to go….I will add one of my recipes later this week, it is hard to choose…I have a great brownie and a really good red velet cake recipe…everyone in my family loves it…

    later girls

  145. Freyja said

    Anzia and Claire – I was totally kidding about the restraining order! It was actually a rhetorical question. Glad to see everyone has ‘made up’ though. My mediation skills are a little rough.

    Anzia, I have no idea what that makes us. This is all starting to sound a little like a bad soap opera where everyone is related in a really bizarre way. You know, where the uncle is really the father and through marriage the mother is really the aunt and the step-grandmother all in one … If this keeps up we’ll have to create a family tree just to keep all of this straight.

    Thanks gypsy – I’ll definitely have a happy fansgiving! Too funny. And I’ll comment on the poutine in the other thread.

  146. msgypsy said

    This video is kind of yucky (snot jokes) but the blond guy is a comic I used to be kind of friends with and in this video I think he looks a heckuva lot like Dylan. (Jim is skinnier. He’s skinnier than anyone else. Anyone…) I just wanted a second or fourth or fifteenth opinion…


  147. Anzia said

    Freyja & MamaClaire- I was just kidding! No need to appologize Freyja..and I REALLY hope Claire knew i was kidding…otherwise I have some SERIOUS “i’m sorry”-ing to do! And as odd as it sounds…the family tree seems to go like this: Claire & 2 others are sisters seperated at birth (don’t know who specifically) I’m the adopted daughter of both Prtfvr & Claire. Nina and I are twins (born 4 days apart) seperated at birth & moved to different parts of the world. Um…the rest of us are all sisters. It’s one really interesting family tree…The kind that psychologists DREAM about. ^_^

    PrtMama- WHERE ARE YOU!? I hope all is well w/you and yours. Is Henry giving you problems again?

    Diz- Just wanted to say howdy…hope all is fine in your world. ^_^ MISS YOU!

    Same goes to Tango (who i believe is gone on a trip…or will be soon) Moonbeam, Madonna, Margaret and the rest of the missing members of the family…BE WELL!

  148. AlisaSG said

    >> Anzia, I have no idea what that makes us. This is all starting to sound a little like a bad soap opera where everyone is related in a really bizarre way. You know, where the uncle is really the father and through marriage the mother is really the aunt and the step-grandmother all in one … If this keeps up we’ll have to create a family tree just to keep all of this straight.

    Oh Freyja!! you have NO idea what the rest of us here have become already..!! πŸ˜€

    Claire is my twin cousin — we’re the same age, but she came into the world about 5 months before me.. however, we *knew* each other before we were even born.. πŸ˜‰

    (Claire, please go along with this.. you *know* what I’m referring to, too! whizzing past each other and maybe sometimes with each other around the universe.)

    And Kyle, OMG!! Born on Claire’s birthday a generation later..
    nevermind he’s also part of me somehow, since his middle name is also part of my own last name!

    And Claire, your Victoria (Vicki) needs to meet my Victoria (Vicki)! (too funny!)

    yes, somehow I do believe even Tanya Huff got mixed into this *family* somehow, since she was channeling Claire’s Vicki and my Vicki (adopted cousin, who I’ve known since she was a toddler and in training pants). Tanya wrote part of my Vicki’s earlier life, and turned it into a novel series.. πŸ˜›

    and Kyle and Dylan are really distant brothers (in age), separated at birth!

    gosh, I know there’s a few others of those *family* related anomolies, but I’ve forgotten them.

  149. AlisaSG said

    DOA reminder — Steve Bacic’s (hunky) pics were posted above (not from the DOA episode, but better!), so you’s can drool some more.. and wonder who’d win as the most favorite–
    Mike, Henry, or Paul (that’s Steve’s character) πŸ˜‰


  150. Anzia said

    WAAAH! Just finished DOA!!!!!!!! *Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong dreamy sigh* There was most definitely some scruff on Henry’s face in one of those scenes…Oh Oh Oh ( I won’t say anything specific) But… noticed some interesting things…

  151. Freyja said


    Your post on the new movie ’30 Days of Darkness’ got me thinking. I’ve seen those promos on tv here too. Now add to that the fact that I just watched Heart of Fire a second time.

    In trying to explain to people why I read and watch this stuff I think it simply comes down to the exploration of the question ‘what is evil’? One of my aunts is very religious and when she found out I read the Anne Rice series of books she nearly had a heart attack. Of course, she’d never pick them up to read because they’re all about evil. First, I don’t need to justify what I read to anyone (my sister doesn’t like my choices either but not because of the topic but because she’s into ‘real’ literature). Second, I told my aunt that what I find interesting is the exploration of good vs. evil. She’s probably praying to save my soul from damnation even today. πŸ˜‰

    People are very complex creatures and we do things for all sorts of reasons. Human beings can do some very nasty and evil things, things that most of us can’t even dream up. When it becomes too difficult to explain why someone did what they did, people often turn to the label of ‘evil’. In that way, we can label the someone else as the monster and villify them all we want. (I’m such a lawyer. *rolling her eyes* Thankfully I can never serve on a jury.)

    On the other hand, we can turn to writing/fiction/literature to explore the question of what evil is. In the case of BT, is Henry really the incarnation of evil as Mendoza thinks he is? Or is Mendoza really the monster, the one who, completely obsessed, turned to the dark side to continue his quest to rid the earth of ‘evil’?

    Or in another perhaps unlikely comparison, let’s take a look at Henry vs. Mike in episode 7 & 8. Henry (the supposed monster) knows exactly what he is but is not evil – he does what he needs to survive. Mike (the human being), who has the best intentions in the world, lets fear or the green monster get the best of him, taking over any rational thought that would tell him that turning Henry over to Mendoza was a very bad idea. Yep, that exists in all of us even if we don’t want to admit it. In the end, Mike redeems himself by recognizing he made a mistake and doing something about it.

    This is why I won’t watch things like ’30 Days of Darkness’ – it isn’t about the exploration of this or these questions; it is about blood and gore. Yes, I want to be entertained but I don’t want gratuitous violence. Tell me a story, ask the questions and let me come up with my own conclusion.

    And now on top of that lovely thought process(I’m typing away as the news is on) Thanksgiving weekend in Canada will be tempered with a sense of mourning. One of our Mounties was killed in the line of duty in the NWT yesterday. We have a very special relationship with our national police force and quite frankly, very few police officers are killed on the job during the course of a year. It always comes as a big shock. Flags are supposed to be at half-mast but that got a little murky when the current government decided to change the rules. The former federal government started to lower the flags to half-mast even on Parliament Hill every time a soldier was killed in Afghanistan. For a while, flags were constantly at half-mast, and in Ottawa that is a lot of flags. A very depressing sight on my way to work every morning. Then, the new government decided that was inappropriate and only the flags at national defence are lowered to half-mast with every death. Now I get to see that on my walk home from work.

    And while I love Thanksgiving, it isn’t my favourite holiday. My grandpa died on Thanksgiving weekend back in 1996. And are you ready for it … his name was Henry … and his nickname was Hank. (I’ll tell you a funny story about his nickname in a different post.) My other grandpa died on Good Friday – we joked that it was just a big joke he was playing (the whole Easter resurrection thing – yes, our sense of humour can be a bit strange when someone dies). Needless to say, our family dreads phone calls during the holidays.

    Oh boy, this was a serious and somewhat depressing post … promise I won’t be like this all the time.

  152. Freyja said


    That sounds like a royal family tree, the whole Charles and Diana were 7th or 8th cousins thing. Not to mention Camilla’s ancestor was Charles’ ancestor’s mistress. Yes, the Queen is on our money.

    And read the comments about my grandpa in the posting above. His real name was Heinrich but he changed his name when my grandparents decided it was best to blend in after WWII. So, he became Henry. That is how I and everyone else knew him. It wasn’t until my grandma and grandpa’s 50th anniversary that I discovered they had alter egos. We hosted the entire family at our house. (My mom kept her sanity by getting the thing catered.) Someone phoned and I answered. They asked for Hank and Lena. I said, ‘sorry, there’s no one here by those names’. I told my mom who told me that they were talking about my grandparents. Great, glad you told me after the fact!

  153. Freyja said

    Anzia, no worries! I was totally joking.

    “WAAAH! Just finished DOA!!!!!!!! *Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong dreamy sigh* There was most definitely some scruff on Henry’s face in one of those scenes…Oh Oh Oh ( I won’t say anything specific) But… noticed some interesting things…”

    NO FAIR!!! I have to wait until it is actually aired on tv. I actually think Canadians are being blocked from viewing the episode online. But, once it is finally aired I’ll ask you what you noticed. Because I know you really want to tell me … especially because they are so … interesting.

  154. AlisaSG said

    about your relatives dying in the holidays – my dad died on the real
    Memorial Day before the government changed the day to every last Monday in the month of May. I never felt close to that day, because the veterans who died were originally being honored that day were in a different generation from me.

    However, after my own Dad died, I find that memory very creepy and remember it in a more powerful way, than what our government set that day aside for.

    As for your grandfather being a Henry – whoah!! you’ve been directly linked into the Blood Ties *family*..! πŸ˜‰

    >> This is all starting to sound a little like a bad soap opera where everyone is related in a really bizarre way.

    *Bizarre* is exactly the very same word I had used when I sat there and spelled out my last name with Kyle’s middle name – letter for letter..! OMG!!

    So you see we are all interconnected by BLOOD TIES in some bizarre way that
    history itself has seen to have everything perfectly woven – as if we were all meant to find each other by being brought (binded) together thru a Tv show!

    Seriously, I hadn’t really planned on watching the series this long. And I only heard about the program *by coincidence* of amazing timing from reading a blurb about it that morning in our local newspaper’s Tv Guide for that night. I felt apart and not too attached to it, until I started hearing what the plot was, and how I ended up writing to Claire first, before anyone else who’s been writing here.. and I think that was because she seemed to think enough like me that I (really) wanted a pen pal to communicate about this series with.. and Claire gave me the strongest (spirit-sensitive) vibes..

    When Claire told the blog about her family (super mom with 7 kids..oy!) — I felt additionally compelled to share my aunt’s story with her. My aunt was mother to 7 kids, and it’s *HER* Vicki that Tanya was writing (channeling) about.. she dated a cop/detective.. plus, she’s (natural platinum) blonde and auditioned for a vampire series (Dark Shadows!!).. OMG!!!! I nearly went hysterical when I sat down and tried to link all of the dots forming together between ALL of us.

    It was just so awesome of a learning experience for me, that I’m permanently bound into these BLOOD TIES, no matter what direction I look in.. and I’m honor bound by that *forever* bond to defend this show, even tho I’m not too enthused (??)) with the storyline’s voodoo and satanic Norman-type sacrifices.

  155. AlisaSG said

    and Freyja, a few more things!! πŸ˜€

    I think my hubby is related somewhere to Anne. His grandfather came to America from Denmark (thus, is why I have a Danish married name). πŸ˜‰

    also, you mentioned the following item–
    >> In trying to explain to people why I read and watch this stuff I think it simply comes down to the exploration of the question β€˜what is evil’? One of my aunts is very religious and when she found out I read the Anne Rice series of books she nearly had a heart attack….
    >> Second, I told my aunt that what I find interesting is the exploration of good vs. evil. She’s probably praying to save my soul from damnation even today. πŸ˜‰

    I don’t think she needs to worry on that. I have a strong degree of confidence that most of the people here (sista’s, as Dizey writes it =) are either strong praying Christians, or hold highly to Christian values.

    There are several blogs worth of amazing prayers asked and answered between many of the “Hens” here.. and I think the conversation that started it was Claire’s former home, when her printer went nutzo, as if someone was sending her warning signals to get out of there, if possible! (long story.. I’ll let her repeat instead =)..

    Anyway, the week that Claire shared to us about her printer going nutzo, I was at work and saw a demon storm knock out a transformer right in front of me! (no kidding on that!!), we lost power for the rest of the day, and went home early. Several days later, I was trying to write about it, and another demon storm tried to stop me from typing, because it was one of those pop-up thunderboomers that suddenly moved in from Pennsylvania (I’m in NJ across the border line).

    That was the day I managed to register onto the CityTv and Space forums, and shared how to get there with everyone else here… I think about 2 minutes after I shut off my computer, lightning cracked right over our town.. talk about close timing..!! *whew!* Divine intervention — it was *meant* to be for me to get registered onto those other forums. Awesome, awesome timing!! The hand of God held that storm off just long enough for me to log out and shut all of the power down, before the lightning hit nearby.

    the invisible war of proverbial good vs. evil..
    sometimes, I think TPTB in those invisible realms are paralleling our real life with this (BT) Tv series.. totally *bizarre* ..indeed! πŸ˜›

  156. AlisaSG said

    slight clarification on this point–
    >> I think my hubby is related somewhere to Anne. His grandfather came to America from Denmark (thus, is why I have a Danish married name). πŸ˜‰

    Kyle’s middle name is Andreas.. (and he laughed about it, when he mentioned it)

    well, my jaw dropped when I read that!
    When my husband’s grandfather reaches the USA, he took the “official” name of Andreasen, because he was the *son* of “Andreas”..

    is this *bizarre* enough reading, yet..?? =)

  157. AlisaSG said

    okay, that should have read
    “When my husband’s grandfather reached the USA..”

    believe me.. when I started connecting the *BLOOD TIES* dots, and tried to figure out the historical timeline and massive geography of the situations,
    I let out a *holy S—!!* (of course, I apologized later to God for swearing, but this went beyond mind boggling..!) I still shake my head in wonder and awe. =)

  158. Margaret said

    Freyja: Loved your response back to FishyLynn but I’m afraid it will be lost on her, she seems kind of childish in her response.

    Anywho, the slang dictionary defines git as:



    a fool. Origin: British.
    You silly git!
    Submitted by S. Cube, Australia, Oct 11 1997.

    Related words: unintelligent, idiot, dude, person of unspecified gender

    So I suspect that for our purposes, most likely the guy was defining Henry as a righteous dude. (Just depends on what circles you travel as to how its used). And since we want to only want to think the most complementary things about Henry I would suspect the right use of the word would be “dude”.

  159. AlisaSG said

    Margaret, Freyja, and anyone else tracking that spacecast LOVE HURTS topic–

    QUICK!! FishyLynn wrote back! said she saw Heart of Ice and is looking forward to Heart of Fire (OMG!! she *really??!* is?). She just didn’t like Love Hurts (too much dribble for her?)

    Well, then there’s those *other* personas over on Gateworld who don’t like “romantic* vamps – as in the gorgeous, hunky and adorable type.. I think those people are just *jealous* and enjoy living on the sadistic, dark (Norman and wraith demons) side of life, because most of them probably don’t have a happy life.. πŸ˜‰

  160. rifkind said

    Morning All,

    Sorry to be so hit and miss about my reading and posting here. Life has become sooo busy. I have a hard time keeping up with LIFE, the blog, emails, etc and now add back the LT blog.. YIKES!

    I was over reading the transcript of the hen house from Thursday night after the Live Chat, and I saw that Annalaise and prtfvr were wondering where I was. Thanks, *gush*, nice to know that I was missed!

    I have a class on Thursday nights and had JUST gotten on at PalTalk as things were shutting down. I DID get to give a shout-out of HELLO! to Anne though before PT Tanya shut down the chat room. It was so cool that I could SEE Anne half-way around the world!

    After the Live Chat I was busy reading the blog and it was very late by the time I read that I needed to be at Hens! I caught the last as Tango and Z were signing off.. I am sorry that I missed the rest of you!

    Know that I am still HERE, and read the blog, even if it is a day or two behind.
    OMG! I am so busy, I haven’t even had the TV on for a whole week… Yes, I know , what about Premiere week? Well, I let the TiVo catch the shows that I normally watch. . I had better check.. I am probably running out of space soon!

    So I see that my monkey, Crash even made it to the Hens party.. man that chimp is a party animal! (PUN intended!) I don’t know HOW HE got to go to the party on-time when I wasn’t there! Hopefully somebody kept him away from the chandelier and the 40 gallon fish tank.. I KNOW that he loves to do the back stroke in there and he did come home with wet fur! I suspect that he also did a few spins on the ceiling fan trying to dry off!
    Z are you helping him sneak out of the house again???
    Please tell me that you didn’t let him DRIVE too??
    You see, he applied for his driving permit as an illegal alien.. He wore his Yoda costume that day when they took the permit pics.. the picture kind-of reminds me of ET all dressed up …
    You don’t even want to know about the paperwork I had to fill out with MIB stating that he really isn’t Dagobah-ian.. Sheesh! Let them get an IQ over 60 and they think that they can drive too! You should read the special requirements on the permit… he has to sit on 3 phone books and have special controls for the foot pedals.. and.. and..
    IF I had known about all this when Dr Zira asked me to adopt this baby chimp… I don’t know if I would have done it!

    I am busily making gifts for the Halloween Gathering, and then after that, I will try to send a group-box to the Portland order-of-the-Yum if someone is willing to email me their mailing address.
    For the Other Gypsy friends, I will have to send the gifts to you one by one..

    Have a great week Ladies!

  161. rifkind said


  162. lwildstar said

    Good morning!

    Anzia – I noticed things too and I soooooooo want to discuss them! We are going to be blowing up the blogs on Friday night and Saturday!

    Well got to go – I was running late this morning and my free time was spent reading my emails and catching up on the blog!

    Talk at you guys later

    Wildstar d’Nightwalker
    room 910 (911 & 912)
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  163. lwildstar said

    oh forgot to mention – I was surfing through Ebay – have you seen the
    “I’d rather be watching Blood Ties” tees…?

  164. msgypsy said

    Rifkind, how big a package are we talking? I’ll give you my address if it looks like something the mail lady will deliver. Big boxes sometimes give her trouble and then I have to go to the post office to get it. And while the mail lady is a doll, her colleagues in the building are a little snarly and I’d as soon not go there if I don’t have to.

    OMG! Go to http://www.williams-sonoma.com and check out the recipes.

    Sorry, I was briefly distracted by the pretty Chocolate Pecan Tart recipe…

    Now, then…have we all resigned ourselves to this being a very, very long week?

  165. Anne said


  166. rifkind said

    It will end up being about the size of a large shoe or boot box.. Too big?
    Or should it go via UPS?
    I will need a final POotY count though … (Portland Order of the Yum)

  167. msgypsy said

    Okay, Portland and (mostly) Washington County ladies, sound off! I’ll be number one because I think I’m the only Portland-er.

    Shoebox sized is fine. UPS is worse because they won’t leave anything on my porch, not even if it’ll fit behind the screen door. (DHL has discovered my back fence and never makes me wait for anything, but that’s because the neighborhood driver is a neighbor of mine.)

    I need to shower and get this poor sleepy body off to work. Type at you later, lovely ladies.

  168. Anzia said

    Rif- *I* didn’t bring the monkey out! Diz did! All her fault! ^_^ I TOLD her to keep an eye on her monkey! Well…i told her a lot of things about her monkey…but that’s beside the point. ^_^

    Lwilstar- there will be some SERIOUS Sharing!!! I really hope I’m not the only one to notice some of these things…’cause then i totally cement myself as high up in the DORKDUM hierarchy! ^_^

    Freyja- can’t you get it off iTunes? for free????

  169. Freyja said

    Hi Anzia! I’ll have to try that while I’m at work. I’ll be crossing my fingers that it is still free after the holiday.

    And I’m not going to get into a virtual shouting match with FishyLynn. Frankly, if she doesn’t get it, she never will. Other people reading the thread will be able to read my post and WILL get it and hopefully not take her crappy opinion as gospel.

  170. rifkind said

    OK Z, you are off the hook..
    and here I thought that Diz was just stopping by to leave me some of those yummy pralines!
    All the while, crash is climbing out his 2nd floor bedroom window an sneaking into her car!. I may have to put both of them in time-out!

  171. Danae said

    Buongiorno Bellas! Quick morning drive-by. Now starts the real countdown. 4 days to go!

    I may do the Bloodlines party thing. It would only be Kelly and I though. Anything for an autographed pic right?

    Anyone that watches Harry Potter should remember that Ron Weasley uses “git” and awful lot.

  172. Danae said

    Oh yeah Happy Birthday Dylan!
    Madonna how was the fest thing you did this weekend? How many candles did you sell?

  173. Cree said

    Rifkind: Where did you find the transcript from the Hen House chat Thursday night? I wasn’t able to be there the whole time and would like to read it if it is posted somewhere. And if it is posted somewhere, are we sure that it is LCA and LCM inaccessible?

  174. Good Morning Ladies,

    Happy Thanksgiving Freyja,

    Happy Birthday Dylan

  175. Danae said

    Sorry! Happy Thanksgiving Freyja!

  176. msgypsy said

    Waitaminnit, so Dylan has to share his birthday with Canada’s Thanksgiving this year? It’s no fair, I tell you, no fair at all!

    I really should be working

  177. rifkind said

    Hey Cee,
    I will email you and prtfvr about the chat.

  178. Himmiefan said

    Happy Thanksgiving Freyja! Hope you eat lots and lots of good food! πŸ™‚

  179. I hope you all realize how hard it is to sit here and not blurt out everything!
    Self control Annalaise!

  180. Danae said

    I skimmed all the above post. I must have missed something. What are you having a hard time holding in Laise?

  181. Well I got the t-shirt transfer made for Dylan’s shirt over the weekend and dropped it off over at the printer that we share our office space with this morning. They have an advertising specialties division and the nice lady in charge, Joey said she would apply the transfer for nothing and charge me wholesale for the for the T-shirt.They are on order and she’ll press it as soon as they come in. When I told her what they were for she laughed and said she’d heard of BT, she watches Lifetime all the time. So now I have to start working on her to see if I can convert her. I’m getting a bunch of cool links together to send to her.

  182. Danae — Episode 13 of course!

  183. msgypsy said

    Annalaise, we’ve been discussing sending Dylan, in addition to the tee-shirt, a clean print out of the comic that he can frame. (Or we could frame it for him.) That way he’ll have a copy of it forever, that he can put up in his trailer to remind him that the fans really do love him. I’ll pay for a frame if you’d like to frame one, or I can print it out myself and frame it and send it separately.

    Work? Did I mention I’m supposed to be working?

  184. Freyja said

    Thanks ladies!

    The turkey is sitting in the fridge and will go in later today. No, I don’t make a whole turkey for just me. That would just be silly. I’ll toss in the wild rice part way through. I’m skipping the pumpkin pie this year. I made the whole thing from scratch a few years ago and I don’t have time this year. I made something else, though and yes it has chocolate in it. And later tonight, I’ll raise a glass to my very own Henry (my grandpa).

    Me thinks I need to buy an iPod. Well, not ‘need’ – want to buy one. I have been thinking about it for a while but haven’t done it. I have some money left on a Future Shop gift certificate. I’ve got to do a little research first before I plunk down my money. If anyone has recommendations, just send them my way.

  185. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good Morning, Buongiorno! Bonjour Mes Amis! πŸ˜€

    Freyja, Happy Thanksgiving! It is one of my fav’ holidays, Oyster Dressing turkey rice and gravy. OMG I can’t wait, and in New Orleans sadly we live to eat so Food -R-Us πŸ˜‰ Enjoy and you need to come back down here and visit me we can get into some serious trouble (good kind of course). I loved Heart of Ice/Fire one of my all time fav’s and I even bought or won the bid for the DVD Press Kit from eBay I also have the Press kit for Blood Price another fav. Mendoza was a Madd Monk too, he really was the vampire. I soooo loved Kyle being chained to that *X* hmmmmm for 3 days he said. It just broke my heart to see him broken down and having to submit to the *Dark One*. So many scenes from that ep were some of the BEST acting I’ve seen in a long time. He’s just awesome. I love the DUDE!!!

    RIf…..sorry I let the monkey out 😦 I was baddd, and didn’t watch him once we started chatting and partying w/Kyle and Christina πŸ˜‰ I wish !!

    Claire , you’re so right we are just drawn that way πŸ˜€ My little miss Victoria ahhhh she’s coming along just fine smart child, Henry.com I love her πŸ˜‰

  186. lwildstar said

    Anzia – you can always email me if you feel you are going to exsplode before Friday!

    I’m trying to get Robin to come over Friday so i can get a picture, but alass – I have the feeling she wont be able to 😦

    Ok I’m off to work on the fanfic for the contest – i promised myself I would work on it today!

    I’ll check back later!

  187. Danae said

    I thought it was Ep 13 but I wanted to be sure. I watched the first 15 minutes and them decided I wanted to wait until the actual Ep was on TV. I want to be surprised.

  188. Danae said

    Hi Diz!

  189. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hi Dani girl πŸ˜‰ and sista’ *Z*, Ssssupp my lil’ sista’s? how’s that sweet little Amber ? Being good I’m sure. How’s dancing class going?

    Madonna must be sleeping in, or is being Demonized at work. I was wondering how you did at the fest also. I’d love to buy some of your candles if you have any left. Although it woudl be great for you if you sold them all and have people backordering from you. Hope you’re not too whipped but I’m sure after all that and having to get back to the bill paying job you’ve got to be tired πŸ˜‰ Oh Henri’ said he’ll be there to give you his special massage tonight πŸ˜‰ he has FABULOUS hands and does great work with them. ENJOY!!

    Ohhh Claire before I forget I watched Moonlight again Friday and realized why the blonde woman looked so familiar. She played Isolde from one of our favorite movies. I realized it when she was at the party scene and her hair was pulled back and curled. I IMDB’d her and yep it’s her and she’s British/English and wait ALex O’Loughlin is Welsh. Go figure they do great American accents I’d have never known. Hmmmmmmmmmmm More useless information.

  190. Ms.Gypsy – Wow, I’m really flattered. I think that’s a good idea. Probably the easiest and cheapest thing to do is for me to print out a copy to our high quality printer here at work. That will save some expense. I can pick out an inexpensive frame to put it in on this end. If you wanted to send a few bucks to help out with shipping expense I wouldn’t turn it down.

  191. Danae said

    Amber is being her regular impish self. Dance class is going great. She helps all the littler girls who are doing their first year of dance. Not many of them littler than her of course, she is so tiny. She is the smallest in her kindergarten class. That comes from being a drug baby though. She is very bright and smart which is not a characteristic of drug babies. They are somewhat slower then other kids there age. I am glad she doesn’t have that lingering effect.

    I thought I recognized the girl from Moonlight. Now I know why.

  192. Danae — I was going to wait too, but when I download it from Itunes I just couldn’t. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to watch it on Friday anyway. That’s the night of my daughter’s Homecoming game and of course I have to be there. Game nights are usually pretty late nights. The next day is the Homecoming dance and she’s got a date so that will be a pretty busy day too, helping her get ready. I’m pretty excited about it.

    Anyway back to episode 13, I’m not sorry I didn’t wait but not being able to discuss it with anyone is tough.

  193. Danae said

    I know how that is.

  194. Danae said

    I know how HARD that is.

  195. Danae said

    Laise-You should post that vote for you fave fangs everywhere you possible can. Kyle will get more votes that way. It sucks that you can’t watch the episode at THE time and place on Friday.

  196. Hey girls,

    Kyle needs our votes in the Favorite Fang Contest on this page:


    If you haven’t voted yet go and show your support!

  197. rifkind said

    OK, I voted!
    Kyle Rocks, and Hens sing* his praises!
    (*Cluck sounds so …. chicken-y..)

  198. Danae said

    Right now he is 6 points in the lead.

  199. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Happy Birhtday Dylan!!!! May we share many more years together πŸ˜‰ Blood Ties Forever !!!!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  200. lwildstar said

    I just voted!
    I spent lunch working on my fanfic – and I am not happy with it – think I willstart over at home –
    Well lunch is WELL over and I must go!

    Wildstat d’Nightwalker
    room 910
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  201. lwildstar said

    hows that for a typo! I spelled my own name wrong – oyi!

  202. Cree said

    Ok, I voted too. I cheated a little too. It only lets you vote once, so I voted thru both my AOL screennames and then opened up internet explorer and voted thru that as well. Kyle is currently at 47% of all the votes. Come on girls, we need to make him win this….you never know, LT may pay attention to this kind of stuff as they are weighing their decision.

  203. Danae said

    10 in the lead

  204. Danae said


  205. dangrgirl said

    Thank you all for voting! I can’t wait for the next episodes and I hope the show gets picked up for a second season.

  206. Danae said

    Woohoo! Hey dangrgirl!

  207. Margaret said

    Rifkind: Can you email me about the chat at the Hen House. I don’t know where to find the transcript either. Thanks.

  208. Hi dangrgirl! Thanks for the fun contest! As you can tell we are BIG fans.

    He’s up by 14!

  209. rifkind said

    Check your email

  210. Freyja said

    Hi dangrgirl!

    I went and voted. He is up by 16. Anything to help out my fellow Canuck. Okay, okay not ANYTHING … but you get the idea.

    And I had to set the timer on my digital cable box so I don’t miss my football game today. If I don’t do that I might get distracted by other things and forget.

  211. Freyja said

    Hi rifkind, do you mind sending me the link too? You can send it to thegoddessfreyja at gmail dot com.

    Thanks a bunch!

  212. I’m back, but oh so tired.

    I have tons of pics from the weekend, and none are of me. I have to wait for others I know took pictures to post them up so I can steal them.

    I’ve still gotta unpack and do laundry… but first a nap.

  213. Madonna said

    Hi girls, Hi Danae! Hi Dizey!

    I’M BACK!!!!!! Sort of…..

    We did OK at the festival. I’ll fill you in on some details tonight or tomorrow, because right now I’m beat. I’ve kind of kept track and in the past two weeks I’ve had 28 hours of sleep.

    I’m getting off of work now, (my early day, thank goodness) and am going to go home and sleep for a while. If I’m able I’ll stop back by tonight. I’ve kind of caught up with the blog but I havent had the energy to touch the 508 emails in my in box.

    Rifkind, could you email me about the chat too please? I’d love to read it all.

    Girls, I MAY have a surprise for all of you in the next couple of days………

    Nope…. no use begging because I don’t know yet if I can do it or not.

    Talk to you all later. Everyone enjoy the rest of your day.

  214. dangrgirl said

    Hi gals,

    Yeah those Gerry Butler fans have nothing on you. He won the last round, but it looks like Kyle Schmid might take this one.

  215. Madonna said

    Lady A,
    Once again, great minds think alike right? Enjoy your nap! I plan to enjoy mine.

  216. Danae said

    dangrgirl when does the voting end?

  217. Danae said

    And I love Gerard Butler especially as The Phantom but he looks funny in that picture. It kinda doesn’t look like him.

  218. Danae said

    I sent out an email to every body in my address book that isn’t one of us to vote for him.

  219. I just posted the link for the favorite fang contest over at Lifetime. That should boost the numbers.

  220. Danae said

    I just went to IMDB also and checked out Moonlight and Beth, the girl in it, was also in both Underworlds. She played the vampire that didn’t like Kate Beckinsale’s character I think.

  221. Arrowyn said

    Gypsy, if you see this before 5 pm tonight, please email me your decision about Vegas. I also sent an email. Thanks.

  222. Maddie Mo said

    Hey all!!!

    I am once again behind on the weekend post. I will try to catch up.

    The baby is all better now, but I think Mommy is getting whatever she had cause I feel like hell.

    Danae, I believe you are right about the girl from Moonlight. She was also in Tristan and Isolde too I believe. So far I like Moonlight, it’s not BT but it’s still good in it’s own way.

    I’m not sure if anyone answered the room question from last weeks blog but if it isn’t spoken for I would like room 822.

  223. Danae said

    18 in the lead

  224. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey back from lunch , and lets keep voting for the WORLD’S SEXIEST VAMP
    πŸ™‚ I didn’t read far enough into her bio last night to see all the movies etc that she’s been in. Also Shannyn Sossaman was Lady Locelyn from Knights Tale I realized that also she’s the Vamp that turned him (Mick St. John). Funny how all these Movie actors are coming to the *Little Screen* huh?

    OH Rif my dawlin’ send it to me too, pretty pleeeeaase w/Praline’s on top πŸ˜‰

  225. Danae said

    Do you guys think we should add Freyja to our ever growing email list? Freyja if you don’t like getting 100’s of emails a day tell us and we won’t add you.

  226. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Maddie Mo glad Maddie’s better sorry you ‘re not 😦 There’s only 2 on the 8th floor so pleeeenty of room for you and sounds like you may need to check in now for some *HTLC*. Yep she’s the one from Tristan and Isoled I can watch it every time it comes on I loved that movie. Feel better my dawlin’.

    Hey Rif I think in the 278 emails I had I saw one from you w/a phone number on it. I’ll try and find it and give you a buzz about the hotel thingy. 😎

    Hey Madonna sleep well my leetle friend. You CLEARLY deserve it πŸ˜€

  227. Danae said

    Speaking of coming down with something I am feeling achy and tired and cranky. I haven’t been feeling well all weekend but the achiness just started today.

    Dizey-I think you meant Jocelyn not Locelyn. Yes I did notice that but I wasn’t sure who she played. I loved A Knight’s Tale. Yum Heath Ledger. Who remembers the short lived series Roar? I have the full series on DVD.

  228. rifkind said

    Madonna and Freyja,
    emails are flying to you!

  229. Freyja said

    Hi Maddie! Welcome to the 8th floor. So far it is just you, me and Claire. I think both of you are across the hall from me. My door is through my legal office at 713 but my residence is actually 813. I needed to knock down the walls to the next two adjoining units on my side of the hall (811 & 815) to make room for my penthouse style unit and ridiculously large but fabulous kitchen.

    Glad to hear that your little one is feeling better. When I went home for Christmas last year I finally got to meet my niece. Unfortunately, I didn’t really get to play with her or hold her. I picked up a cold on the way out and became sick 36 hours after getting home. Then on day 7-8 of my cold I picked up an influenza. Luckily I had my flu shot so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been but I was really out of it for 6-8 weeks. I was obsessive about washing my hands and stuff and thankfully my niece didn’t get sick at all. Everyone else did, though.

    Danae, yes absolutely add me to the list. Why do you even need to ask? LOL! I set up that address to keep my real identity secret. πŸ˜‰ Not from you guys but you know the legal profession can’t find out that I’ve gone off the deep end over a tv show … and then posting about it online. No, someone might think that falls under ‘bringing the profession into disrepute’ depending on the nature of the comments on any particular day.

    Woo-hoo! Kick off in a few minutes. We’re fighting for 1st place in the West division, 1st time since the early to mid-1970s. And of course our rivals banned our mascot from their stadium … cheeky sods. Ugh, the other game isn’t finished yet … 3 minutes to go.

  230. Freyja said

    rifkind – thanks!

    Danae – Roar is currently playing on Space here in Canada.

  231. Anzia said

    Laise said:

    Anyway back to episode 13, I’m not sorry I didn’t wait but not being able to discuss it with anyone is tough.


    lwildstar-I’ll try to contain myself. It’ll be hard…but…i’ll do it.

    Rif-see…i can be semi-good! Yeah…don’t faint on me…i know…SHOCKING isn’t it;)

    Diz- HEY YOU! I’m doing good on this end…about killed me a four year old yesterday but…that’s due to over exposuer and patience wearing thin…^_^

  232. dangrgirl said

    The voting will probably end sometime Wed. I’d like to profile Vickie Nelson as the next Danger Gal this Friday.

    Thanks for posting the poll to Lifetime! What’s the URL for that?

  233. DIZEY1 :-) said

    *Z* hey I understand the thin patience πŸ˜‰ My Logan can try me a little bit every now and then, but I adore his mischevious little butt so much that I’d apologize after I’d yell at him. Oh well I reap what I sow. I watched and I think I need a chat intvervention badd. 😦

  234. Danae said

    Ok guys I am going home taking a theraflu and going to bed.


  235. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Welcome Dangrgrl! Glad you stopped by way cool site 😎 and Christina would be a great Danger Girl, she’ll tell ya’ that too πŸ˜€

  236. Danae said

    Ah Roar I loved it. Heath Ledger is really hot and his accent is to die for. Plus all love all the elements of the show i.e. the druids etc.

  237. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Dani feel betta’ and take some Airborne I felt a little like that last week and took it a couple of nights and I feel Great!!!

    Love ya’ XOXOXO

    Beth/Dizey Bloody Ford Clinic
    Ste *69* Basement Cub and Studio
    *Where the Blood Ties bin*

  238. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Basement CLUB and Studio oh hell , It’s Dylan’s Birthday Weed sorry

  239. Maddie Mo said

    Dizey- I finally read and caught up on the post. Sorry I didn’t see where you had already posted that about the girl in Moonlight. I too love Tristan and Isolde. So much so I had the hubby buy it for me last year at Christmas.

    I’m all headachy and I have a sore throat. Went to bed when the baby did last night in hopes I would feel better today. Not so much. I guess this year we will both need to get a flu shot. I hate getting them. The sickest I have ever been in my life was about a week and a half after my last flu shot, haven’t gotten one since which has been at least 5 years.

  240. Danae said

    Signing out

    Purchaser ????????????
    Rm 625
    The Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

    bin? Dizey

    I need a clever: purchaser of what?

  241. Danae said

    Ha I didn’t catch the cub one.

    Feel better Maddie Mo

  242. rifkind said

    email coming at you too, and I left you a voice mail on you cell phone… unless I dialed the wrong number this weekend… πŸ™‚
    I can try again tonight to call YOU..

  243. Maddie Mo said

    Feyja, I guess that makes you and Claire and I neighbors then. Since there is so much room up there is it okay if I take room 821 also? After all there are 2 of us and baby’s have lots of stuff ( LOTS of stuff) Not to worry neighbors, she is a very good baby and doesn’t cry much at all. Sleeps thru the night and all.

    Diz I do needs some HTLC. I’m not sure when my turn is but if no one objects could I have Henry, so he can help me feel better.

    Amy/ Maddie
    Rooms 821 & 822
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  244. Dngergrl here is the link to Lifetime’s Blood Ties Season 2

    To those of you who are Heath Ledger fans check out Casanova, Ned Kelly, 10 things I hate about You, and the Patriot , all airing this month.

  245. Cree said

    Ok, I am so frustrated right now. I have taped LT for the past 6 hours and just went and fast forwarded thru to all the commercials. In EVERY single commercial break, there is a commercial for BOTH psychic shows (they each get their own commercial), and they have not shown ANY BT commercials. Not one single one! And to top it all off, they have this one commercial which talks about their new Friday night lineup and it doesn’t even list BT on there anywhere. And this is EVERY single commercial break that they have had over the past 6 hours! What is up with that? Its like they are wanting BT to fail or something. They have already purchased the show for this season. Maybe someone should let them know that they do not get their money back if it bombs. AUGH!!!!!! LT is so freaking frustrating!!!!!!!!

    I hate to be negative, but I am wondering if they are doing this on purpose. Maybe they have already decided not to renew for a real second season and they need a good excuse to give the viewers as to why and they are hoping that “bad ratings” can be their excuse, and therefore their goal is to set it up for failure. That could also be why they released DOA early on iTunes and Yahoo. They think if people watch it online, they won’t need to tune in to LT which will lower their ratings even further.

    I was so positive after that live chat with Kyle and Christina too. They kept eluding to a second season and were really hopeful for it and it got my hopes up. And now today something just clicked in my head and I started putting all of the pieces together from what LT is doing and now I am just pissed. Sorry. I had to get that out. Anyone got any rose colored glasses I can borrow?

  246. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Maddie my sis-in-law is an RN and brought home Flu shots about 1-2 wks ago and we all got em’. I used to think they could make you sick but they give you a killed virus and not a live one so you shouldn’t get sick. Go get some Airborne you’ll be amazed at how well it works. You may have to take it 2 maybe three nights and the nighttime one may also help you sleep too. Added bonus πŸ˜€

  247. The blog ate my post again! Waaah! (It doesn’t like links so this is the best I can do.)

    dngrgrl this is lifetime’s link to Blood Ties second season stuff.

    They have also posted vieo from last weeks live chat with Kyle and Christina.

    http: //www. lifetimetv.com/on-tv/shows/blood-ties

  248. dangrgirl said

    Thanks! I actually watched all the episodes online last week and the chat over the weekend. I sort of went on a vampire bender, what can I say? Someone mentioned that they posted a link to the poll on the Lifetime site, but I couldn’t find it.

    Speaking of that chat, Kyle Schmid is a huge flirt and it’s adorable.

  249. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Dangrgirl, I know don’t ya’ just love that about him? He’s so damned cool 😎
    and soooo adorable. I love the banter between he and Christina πŸ˜‰

  250. Maddie Mo said

    Nighty Night all. Going to go get my mini-me and head home. Daddy has already been warned that tonight he has to take the lead with the parenting cause Mama is off to bed when she gets home.

    Dani, I don’t know how but I missed it when you left. I hope you feel better tomorrow too.

  251. Freyja said

    Dizey, that was just way too funny. I guess we do need a club on the grounds.

    Maddie, Claire and I already have our own special Henry arrangement. I totally agree you need some special care and attention so if he drops by mine tonight I’ll send him straight to yours. I’ll be half asleep from eating turkey anyway.

    rifkind – thanks for the tip. I went over and read through the chatter from the 4th. OMG! I think this will make a great break over my lunches at work but I’ll have to close my office door so no hears that I am FOFLMAO!

    And I did read the story involving lo mein. Yes … remind me not to order that when I’m visiting my parents. I don’t want to have to explain THAT to them.

    Yeah – we’re about to head into half time and my team is leading 19 – 7.

  252. Freyja said

    Geez, I meant ROFLMAO … not FOFLMAO. If I was FOFLMAO then my coworkers would really think there was something wrong with me and maybe try to check me in to some other clinic … and I haven’t even had a glass of wine yet.

  253. Anzia said

    Freyja- you like the lo mein story then? or just the idea of what Henry did w/the the noodle?

  254. DIZEY1 :-) said

    **Z** The whole story was great Henry and the Noodles πŸ˜‰ I’m ready for a new addition to that cool 😎 story little girl. Feed me!!!!

  255. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Catch ya’ll when I get home πŸ˜€

  256. Margaret said

    FYI: The Lifetime Video Feed Room is out of commission. When you try to run videos you get an error message telling you its unavailable.

  257. rifkind said

    The Blog does seem to be very sensitive to any posts that have links in them.
    It used to be that we could have one or two of them before it went to Post Purgatory.
    I know that Tango was really great about keeping the bucket cleaned out and clearing the posts… with Tango on her business trip we may have to wait for MsGypsy to clear them.
    So for now I would suggest adding spaces into the URLs .. as that seems to have worked for folks today..
    … and that’s you techie tip for the day…


  258. lwildstar said

    just checked the voting for Kyle – It was att 51 – I voted twice!

    well this was just a quick drive by – I have a lot of stuff to get done…

    I’ll try to check back later!

    Wildstar d’Nightwalker
    room 910
    Blood Ford Clinic

  259. Freyja said

    Well ladies, I’m now finished my turkey and have to get a few things done before the stupour really starts to kick in. But I had to share this with you because no one else would get as big a kick out of it as you.

    I usually make turkey drumsticks – they’re quick and I don’t need stuffing (which I hate). So, I go to put together my plate and hate to fight the urge to pick up the one drumstick in my hand a la the cheesy Henry VIII images. Good thing I have a room at the clinic/resort/spa already otherwise I’d definitely need to be moving in right about now.

    Oh, and my team won although we got a scare in the 3rd quarter.

  260. Freyja said

    Geez, the turkey must already be kicking in. That should have read ‘had to fight the urge’ not ‘hate to fight the urge’ … Yes, I can fight the urge re: Henry VIII but not his son … that one I hate to fight.

    Okay, now the turkey is just making me sound stupid …

  261. Arrowyn said

    Margaret, you posted on the LT board something about Peter Mohan saying some not-so-nice things to Lifetime. But there was no link. Where did you see that? Thanks.

  262. vicki said


    Ok…for all of you (like me) who couldnt wait till Sat…can I just say one thing.??

    I really feel like slapping Coreen!!! Argggggggggghhhh she really pissed me off in this episode..and WOW could Henry be any more gorgeous???? I think he has gotten better nlooking since we last saw him…Hmmm is that even possible???

    And BTW..had a really freaky dream the other night about Henry….myself….and an elevator….LOL….I cant ride in one for at least a week….I may die if I do!!!!!!!! It will kill me..

  263. Freyja said

    vicki, at least you’re not half-drugged on turkey.

  264. vicki said


    Turkey is a sleeping drug…I love that!!! Its a thanksgiving day tradition.

    Eat turkey

    Fall asleep on the couch!! EHEHHEHE

  265. AlisaSG said

    Happy Thanksgiving (happy fangsgiving, too! =)

    >> And I’m not going to get into a virtual shouting match with FishyLynn. Frankly, if she doesn’t get it, she never will. Other people reading the thread will be able to read my post and WILL get it and hopefully not take her crappy opinion as gospel.

    I haven’t eaten my supper yet.. it’s after 10:30-pm (east coast USA).. but I did go to the other web sites first and ended up writing on LIVING Tv, CityTv, and spacecast.. for different reasons and moods.

    I’m hoping that maybe my reverse psychology worked a little bit on FishyLynn?
    Only time will tell.

    I did add a few extra thoughts to make the topic go deeper into the
    *food for thought* issues.. Margaret’s post and thinking about Gateworld helped stir that idea up… it’s in the positive vein // stream of things.. πŸ˜€

    might make some lurkers start thinking too — if they’d only READ it..! πŸ˜›
    and hopefully stick with the program — because of what I jotted down..
    it’s tempting to add some of that over on the Gateworld topic where all the ugly and gorey vampire lovers are.. (grin!) yah never know, until yah try.

    also check out my comments on CityTv for HEART OF FIRE.. It was written before you made comments about the ep here about who was the monster factor — Mendoza or Henry. Really wonderful other stuff in that topic too!

    CityTv’s topic — HEART OF ICE

    CityTv’s topic — *HEART OF FIRE*

    And.. since you’re already registered with CHUM’s account for spacecast, you can log into CityTv using the same user name and password, and then just start posting to any CityTv topics, too.

    I only registered once with Chum at spacecast, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that my user name account for that could also be used at CityTv, too!

  266. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Ahhhhhhhhh Triptophan (sp) Freyja ! The evil sleep inducer badd turkeys πŸ˜‰

    Vicki, I sooooo agree! She had me a bit ticked off myself. Friday can’t get here soon enough. It’s Henri’ foreplay now! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr πŸ˜›

    Well my dawlin’s I’m heading for bed. Check ya’ll out in the morning.

    XOXOXOXOXO Je t’aime beaucoup!!! Reves doux d’Henri/Kyle

    Beth of the Rose colored Glasses

    Bloody Ford Clinic Ste *69*
    Basement Lounge & Studio
    *Where the Blood Ties bind*

  267. vicki said

    Thank you!! I am so glad I am not the only one…I was starting to think I was seeing things that werent there…but WOW….she was getting WAYYYY to forward for me.. Oh well. we know Henry’s heart,,and hopefully his body belong to Vicki….(tv Vicki…not me..((sighs)))

    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Suite 29

  268. Freyja said

    Thanks ladies!

    vicki – was it a good freaky or a bad freaky. Bad is never good … well, in that sense.

    Alisa – thanks, I’ll check that out tomorrow when I’m not furiously writing some stuff for work. Yes, I do actually do work at work. πŸ˜‰

    Dizey – I see that the club has now become a lounge. Good job! I’ll definitely be hanging out with all you ladies, in spirit of course, on Friday. I’m just sad that we’re 4 episodes behind you.

    And now, I must give in to the turkey calling me. (not my sister’s cat ‘Turkey’ – yes, I’ll tell you that story tomorrow. We blame my brother-in-law.)

    Sov’ godt (sleep well in Danish)

  269. vicki said


    Good freaky…but I didnt remember it till I was in the shower the next morning…and I kept remembering bits of it all day….weird!!!

    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Suite 29….signing off…good night….and good luck

  270. AlisaSG said

    geeza Louisa! anyone else having yahoo doing the play, stop, play, stop thing?
    it keeps locking up after every few minutes!
    I love seeing Steve Bacic doing his growl, etc., but staring at an interrupted program with a black screen is getting on the frustrating side.

    (and because it’s late — I’m going to find my real pillow, instead of dealing with a cranky computer..) 😦
    screen is still black.. it’s probably those bot spammer programs out there messing with it (grrrrrrrrrrr!)

    sweet dreams – all πŸ˜€

  271. Arrowyn said

    It’s late, but I’ve just caught up.

    Margaret – the comment on the Jerusalem Post — it was in a Google Alert I got at work. I’ll find it tomorrow and let you know.

    Rifkind — Would you send me the hen house transcript, also, please? Where are they kept normally? And aren’t they kind of incriminating?

    Also, Rifkind — You can send the Halloween group box to me at my work address if no one else has volunteered. The size of the box won’t matter. My address should be on numerous emails you’ve received. If you can’t find it, email me.

  272. rifkind said

    I will send you an email with the info that you requested.

    Gifts to the OotY..
    Thank you for volunteering.. and YES I have the address… I just need to get the gifts done… YIKES!! This has turned into a real production.. and I hadn’t intended that! Oh well, I HAVE to share with my Blood Sisters!
    But it might be a while.. I will email you when I have the gifts completed and am ready to send them, so that you can be on the look out.


  273. Margaret said

    Arrowyn: I don’t think he said some not so nice things to Lifetime, it was said about them. Here’s the post, in its entirety, I also posted this over at Tanya’s site which she put up on her main board before she went on vacation (she said that oddly enough her google alert didn’t pick it up and thanked me).

    This was posted on Slice of SCIFI.com:

    Time to Fight for β€œBlood Ties”
    Posted by Sam on Saturday, 22 Sep 2007 Summer Brooks, Farpoint Media Supervising Producer and Slice of SciFi co-host, just heard from Peter Mohan, Executive Producer of the Tanya Huff series β€œBlood Ties,” which aired on Lifetime this past season. What he told Summer concerns us as it relates to the show.

    Lifetime TV already announced that they would not be re-airing season one of β€œBlood Ties” as was originally planned, before the news season was to begin in October. Now, season two on American television may be in doubt. Here is what Peter had to say on the subject:

    β€œWe’re still not sure whether or not Lifetime will be involved in a first position buy of the show, but even if they’re not, it could still carry on in Canada and the foreign markets.”

    β€œI know you have a lot of fans in Canada and if you could rally them to write passionate letters and emails to both CITY TV and the Space Network in Canada, it would go a long way towards keeping BT [Blood Ties] alive.”

    Thanks again, and I hope to speak with you soon about another season of β€œBlood Ties”.



    On September 29th we will be re-airing the interviews we did with Tanya Huff and Peter Mohan this past summer as a way of letting folks, who may have missed it the first time, know about this great series, but we need you to help and here is how you, as fans, can do your part to try and convince the powers-that-be of the strength β€œBlood Ties” has with you. Get out those pens and paper or start banging away on those keyboards. All Canadian and American fans of Huff’s series need to let City TV and Space Entertainment know how much you love this show and would like to see it return, not only in Canada and every where else it is shown in the world, but particularly in the huge United States market. If the Lifetime Channel passes, there are plenty of other cable outlets that could pick it up, particulary SCI FI Channel, or USA Network,or perhaps FX. However, Lifetime needs to understand how this show is actually helping them increase their viewer base too.

    Here is where to send your correspondence:

    CITY TV Feedback: http://www.citytv.com/toronto/1462_contactus.aspx

    Space Feedback space@spacecast.com
    β€œsnail” mail:
    SPACE: The Imagination Station
    299 Queen Street West
    Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2Z5

    Lifetime TV
    309 West 49th Street
    New York, NY 10019

    Let your voice be heard!

    (An as was pointed out to me: Susanne Daniels is now PRESIDENT OF ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES & Andrea Wong is PRESIDENT/CEO so when you’re addressing those post cards to them make sure you put that on).

  274. rifkind said

    ME again,
    I just got an email from Sai.. He also noticied that Lifetime isn’t promoting the show..
    I told him about the free downloads at iTunes and YahooTV.. but told him to be sure to WATCH Friday to boost the viewership numbers.
    Right now I am in desparate need of those ROSE colored glasses..because I see LT deep-sixing our favorite show!!!
    Help Dr. DuChat! I need the meds for the Depression side of the swing… (Manic all summer.. and now the let down!!!) 😦 ;-(

  275. Margaret said

    Rifkind: The packages are such a nice idea but since its the rainy season down here I need it sent to work also. Don’t want it going into my mailbox as it has holes in it. I’ll email you the address.

  276. Margaret said

    My apologies to anyone who is going to think I’m childish for doing this,but, if Blood Ties doesn’t get renewed and I have post cards left , Lifetime is going to see exactly how nasty I can be. I can go from witch to bitch in sixty seconds, or is that the other way around. I am done! I know they are probably waiting for ratings and I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on that one but to run seriously hot commercials two weeks before and then a week before just stop them cold turkey, I’ve had it! I don’t like being strung along by a network whose biggest claim to fame was who the victim of the week was. They have a certified hit on their hands with Blood Ties and treating it like the red headed stepchild. Dizey: Where are those rose colored glasses right now because I can’t see anything that appears to be rosy at this moment.

  277. rifkind said

    I have done my part. When Lifetime redid their website, I ended up accidentally starting 2 TOPICs about Blood Ties, I was actually trying to find the Blog and chat…
    So when you use their search for TOPIC, you get to this page and you see my freindly little avatar.. he has FANGS on the LT page.. as the image is a bit larger and you can see his details..

    Anyway,I wrote up a few things on MY topic.. how disappointed I am that they are not promoting the show… the link to the LIVE chat videos, the link to comment on Tanya’s recent interview, AND the link to where we can all blog after DOA has been ‘oficially’ shown.


    The new blog format shows so few comments , so I put the links that I wanted to share in a place where they shouldn’t be buried under pages and pages of comments…

  278. rifkind said

    Please be a Goddess and release my post from purgatory, Thanks!

  279. rifkind said

    I’ll check for your email Margaret..

  280. lwildstar said

    All I have time for this morning os a big GOOD MOPRNING!
    Lov ya!
    Kyle was at 71 votes this morning

  281. lwildstar said

    Ok typing WAy too fast

    GOOD MORNING!!!!!!

  282. rifkind said

    The secret is MORE CAFFEINE Wildstar! Hee Hee

  283. Margaret said


    Wouldn’t hurt to visit the site listed above on occassion either.

  284. Claire said

    Bon Matin mes soeurs!
    Sheesh..the quads ran me ragged yesterday,didn’t have time to read the blog let alone post!We are having some crazy weather here.It is already in the 70’s and expected to go up to 90!!!
    Questions..Whatever happened to our Susana? Did she go back to Africa? she had mentioned she might not be here in the fall.

    also does anyone know what time and channel that csi is on Oct 15th with Kyle?

    Well have to go work and organize a Chuck E Cheese birthday party for the quads.

    see yas later!!! πŸ˜›

  285. msgypsy said

    I think it’s just Lifetime links that piss off the spam filter.

    Claire, it’s on CBS and I’m pretty sure it’s 9 PM on the coasts (which would make it 8 PM in Central and Mountain time zones.)

    Overslept this morning so I’m outta time already. Arghhh!

  286. lwildstar said

    Just waiting for something to print……

    Claire – already have the VCR set up to tape! I think CSI MIAMI is CBS at 10pm…you can go to tvguide.com to verify – just put in search for Kyle Schmid and it will give you the show listing….

    Rif – yes caffine! I’m working on a cup of English breakfast tea, and a healthy Kashi bar (dark chocolate cherry yumm!) – I hope it helps me wake up! I acctually dozed off on the train this morning!

    I sent the Favorite Fangs link to several people – I hope thy vote!

    ok now I must go

  287. Freyja said

    Morning ladies,

    I’m absolutely beat. This night owl is having a hard time adjusting to being on the rest of the world’s schedule again.

    Margaret: “They have a certified hit on their hands with Blood Ties and treating it like the red headed stepchild.” Hey, be nice to us red-haired folk! LOL!!! I’ve been both a blonde and now, strangely enough (don’t ask how it happened – I don’t know), auburn-haired completely naturally so I guess I’ve had my fair share of comments to deal with.

    Bon matin Claire! Maddie is our new neighbour on the 8th floor. Don’t know about you but I don’t think we’ll have a problem letting her in on our arrangement. The weather here was just nice over the weekend. It was pretty crazy in Toronto, though. It was 32 Celcius yesterday – insane! The plants can’t handle that after the dry summer we’ve had. I’m going to have a hard time keeping my spruce trees from dying over the winter, I think.

    Ladies, I purposefully stayed tuned to CTV after last night’s episode of CSI: Miami just to see if they’d have a preview of next week’s show (as they usually do). Boy, was I disappointed – they previewed 3 other shows, but not that one.

    Oh, and one of the girls from work who I told to watch the show rushed home Friday night from her mother’s birthday party to watch it. Unfortunately, she arrived home for 10 instead of for 9 so she missed it. This was the first thing she told me this morning. Gee, she’s whipped up into a frenzy and she hasn’t even seen one episode yet. No problem – she gets to borrow my tape of episodes 3-8 this week! I’ll get her hooked yet!!!

  288. Margaret said


    I am a red-head at the moment, all be it, not naturally, so I feel I’m kind of in that group. Of course mine is more #41 Feria, lol. Dark reddish brown, almost Alburn so I group myself in there too.

  289. Claire said

    Hey ladies!!!!!!!!! Whew I did some work,paid some bills,reserved a birthday party..250 dollars!!! These quads better get jobs soon! LOL!! and even bought a Christmas present! Alexa has been wanting one of those robot dogs and last year,they were out of stock,so I grabbed one up!

    So,wow we have alot of redheads here! Love it!!! As I am a natural auburn along with 3 of my daughters! Don’t know where Victoria got her blonde from!

    Anyway Freyja…No I don’t mind Maddie being on eight with us at all! it will be a blast!

  290. Himmiefan said

    Morning ladies!! I’m am so far behind on posts that I can’t even try to catch up. I was gone this weekend with about 20 others hiking and eating, playing games and eating, and then we did some eating. Great time, especially since no one fell off the mountain!!

    I guess we’re all getting very excited. I’m going to crank up the old VCR and get some nice, new video tapes. Now, I have to confess I’m still trying to get Mark Antony from the Rome series out of my head so I can devote my energies to Henry. Yes, I’m suffering. πŸ™‚

    Dangrgirl – Welcome! Always nice to have new people!

    Well, gotta go do some work (and think of my recipe). Talk to you all later.

  291. Freyja said

    Hi Margaret and Claire,

    Until the rest of my cousins started entering the world when I was 11/12, I was the only blonde in the family besides my dad. All my aunts, my mom and my sister have the auburn hair. Many women seem to want to be blonde (if hair dye sales are any indication) but me, nope, I had to be different – I wanted to be like everyone else in the family.

    Anyway, fast forward to my late 20s when my hair started darkening as it usually does for most of us with German backgrounds. My mom actually had white blonde hair as a small child, then it morphed into fire engine red finally settling into a dark auburn. My hair turned this awful dead brown and I hated it so … I started getting blonde highlights which were really close to the colour my hair was when I was a kid. Fast forward to December ’06 when I was in Europe on business. I looked in the mirror one day and my unhighlighted hair was actually auburn. I thought maybe there was just a lot of iron in the water – my hair turns red like that. But no, it was like that in January too. When I was home in February I showed my mom and she couldn’t believe it. My mom figures that my hair was always like this, it was just a really light version of this when I was little. My blonde wasn’t strawberry or honey, it was more of a gold colour (if you can imagine 18K gold).

    I’m happy with it – I finally got my wish! It is a really nice colour. I’m currently growing it out a bit and will get my hairdresser to make the rest of my hair match the new colour this fall. I’m just a little leery as my hair has never been this dark before – I’m just worried about it being too dark and dead.

  292. Freyja said

    Well ladies, it seems that all my efforts to view DOA through iTunes aren’t going to pay off. Canadians, once again, are being prevented from viewing not just this show but ANY tv show that Americans have access to on iTunes.

    I know we have Canadian content rules and all but geez, the show is based on a Canadian author’s series of books, is shot and produced in Canada, and features a Canadian cast.

    This sucks … BIG time.

  293. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good Morning! Buongiorno ! Bonjour Mes Amis!

    Comment allez vous? Beth of the Rose Colored Glasses to the rescue 😎 Mag’s my sweet I love ya’! and I do understand the frustration and I’ll send them some cards too if the worst were to happen. I DO NOT think it will happen though. I in the depths of my soul think that *LT* will pick it up, not sure what they are waiting for but I think they’re GONNA DO IT!!!! πŸ˜€ Maybe today we should all email LT again and voice the same opinion of the *No Answer YET* situation. We’ve got nothing to lose but our BT’S if we sit quietly. WHy the hell not? It may make us feel that they at least heard our pleas! What do you think? I may invest in mannnny boxes of fangs from Nettie. Let me know what ya’ll think.

  294. Danae said

    Buongiorno Bellas.

    I for one refuse to admit defeat until I hear word from Lifetime themselves that they will or will not renew. I refuse to go silent into the night! I seriously think Lifetime is effing with us and enjoying watching us squirm. They have already decided to renew and will not say anything yet until the last minute. As for the commercials I think it is all a tactic to get us worked up and complain to every last person we know in hopes of getting them interested in the show. That is just little naive Dani speaking.

    Ok I woke up with a sore throat but that is going away. I am sucking down Halls Defense cough drops one right after the other. I have no Airborne and have no money to get any so that is out.

    Claire-We have been having unbelievable weather. The weather people keep saying it is going to cool down and it never does. That is global warming for you. I just hope it stays nice for Halloween and our weekend with you.

  295. Arrowyn said

    Margaret – sorry, I meant to say “about Lifetime”, not “to Lifetime”. Thanks for the info.

  296. Freyja said

    Hi vicki,

    I totally meant to reply to you but forgot. I did actually have to go to bed at some point last night. πŸ˜‰

    Glad to hear it was a good freaky dream … must have been a really good one if it is keeping you out of elevators for a week!

    I haven’t been able to remember a dream of mine for many months now so if I’ve had one like that, unfortunately I can’t walk around with a silly grin on my face all day (or all week). Nope.

  297. Danae said

    Ok I knew I got it wrong. I should have looked up the correct quote from a poem before posting it. It should have been Do not go gentle into that good night. It is a poem written be Dylan Thomas.

  298. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Dani my sweety girl I hope you feel better soon πŸ˜‰ I am with you , hence the Rose Colored Glasses 😎 I guess I live in a state of Perpetual Optimism not soo bad though. I’ve got nothing to lose by being upbeat and thinking everything and everyone is good. I know we will have MANY MORE SEASONS use the Secret Mag’s MANIFEST BLOOD TIES girls!!! We need to bring it to us. The laws of attraction will bring him oops them to me πŸ˜‰

  299. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Claire will manifest with me, Miss E also she knows the Secret too . Lets bring it come on buck up my **Leetle Friends** show em’ what we’re made of. We’ve got the power and we know how to use it. Maybe they want to surprise us and give us our show for Halloween, apropo for our show !

  300. Danae said

    So who wants to help me come up with a clever saying to go with Purchaser of ?????????????? If I can come up with some sort of prize I will.

  301. Danae said

    And I think I already have an idea as a prize but I won’t tell. Shhhh! I am still working on it.

  302. Freyja said

    Danae, is this to be your title at the clinic?

  303. Danae said


  304. Freyja said

    Do you want to be a purchaser or a purveyor? A purveyor is a fancy way of saying supplier and is used in reference to royal appointments, at least here in Canada. For example, (insert company name) by appointment to Her Majesty, … purveyor of (whatever).

    Figured we should stick with the royal theme we’ve got going.

  305. Freyja said

    Okay, this isn’t funny. I have no sense of humour when I’m really tired.

  306. Freyja said

    Okay, now the blog is trying to eat my posts.

    Do you want to be a purchaser or a purveyor? A purveyor is a fancy way of saying supplier and is used in reference to royal appointments, at least here in Canada. For example, (insert company name) by appointment to Her Majesty, … purveyor of (whatever).

    Figured we should stick with the royal theme we’ve got going.

    Oh, and a totally unrelated questin, how do you ladies get your little avatars to show up?

  307. Danae said

    I thought of purveyor but I wasn’t sure if that was the same thing as purchasing all that is needed at the clinic.

    To get an avatar and also a picture to show up when you mouse over our name you need to create a free account with wordpress. Go to your profile and it is pretty much self explanatory from there.

  308. DIZEY1 :-) said

    *Purch.Agnt of things Chocolate & Theraputic*
    * Purch. Dept of Theraputic Gadgetry* πŸ˜‰
    *Dept. Head of Henry’s Addiction Therapy*
    **Director of BT Therapy Products **

  309. Freyja said

    Danae, a purveyor is essentially a vendor and in that role you can buy and supply anything we need. πŸ˜‰ Well, okay not quite ANYTHING … but pretty darned close.

  310. Danae said

    Good ones Diz. I like the third and fourth combined like this Dept Head of BT Therapy Products.

  311. Danae said

    Purveyor is good then. Or Department Head like Dizey said because this is the only way I would be able to be Department Head of anything.

  312. Margaret said

    Ladies: I’ve emailed the gal at Megacon about getting a group photo with our boys. She said she would forward the information to their agents. I also asked if we could bring them gifts as long as it passed through security. Sooo, as soon as I know, you’ll know. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to ask, all they can say is no, right?

    P. S. When I went to get more postcards at the post office, I louded announced after I told the postal clerk I was trying to save a vampire show that it wasn’t that bloody, that it would be on this Friday, 11:00 p.m., Lifetime.

  313. jpbaci1 said


  314. jpbaci1 said


  315. jpbaci1 said


  316. Anne said


    My friend wrote this great review of 10 things I hate about You,

    I know you already like the movie, but I love his reviews πŸ˜‰

  317. Anne said

    Megacon –

    The way it worked when I was there in 2006, is that the actors would sit at the autograph table for several hours, and as long as you didn’t hog their attention or blocked others, it was fine to come by more than once.

    If it wasn’t too busy, you could also take photos with them at the table.
    And give them gifts while they sat there.

    But better not give edibles as they might be accepted, but never consumed.
    Yes, there has been problems with that at a con, so better safe than sorry.

  318. Freyja said

    Hej Anne, hvordan gΓ₯r det med dig?

    Oh my, I love that movie! I have to watch it any time it is on tv. That review was great!

  319. Claire said

    Good afternoon my ladies…I suddenly feel the urge to sing….
    We are family…I got all my Sistas with me..LOL Just me in a silly mood!
    Danae…purveyor of all things magical and theraputic!
    specializing in vanquishing potions!

    Trois autres jours jusqu’Γ  ce que nous voyons notre amour et deux semaines trois jours jusqu’Γ  ce que notre fabuleuse partie!

    Teacher of all things French Rm.824
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where The Blood Ties Bind

  320. lwildstar said

    Just a fly by…….

    Laurel – dear when di dyou send that map? I can’t find the post – it hasn’t arrived yet and I wanted to keep an eye out for it.

    I think I may have turned one of my co-workers! yippee – will keep you posted – now i must run

    Wildstar d’Nightwalker
    Room 910
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

  321. Margaret said

    Claire: Have I ever told you how much I love you. lol.

  322. Margaret said

    Anne: Wasn’t thinking about edibles. Was thinking if we hadn’t heard whether Dylan had got his gift maybe we could take the framed print of the comic.

  323. Anne said

    Megacon –

    You also have to keep in mind that Dylan would have to take any gifts back home on the plane.
    A framed print could be bulky and fragile and he might be traveling light.
    It would have to be prepared for packaging.

    Don’t worry – we have time to figure out the details πŸ™‚

  324. Anzia said

    Dani- are you taking over the product angle then? ‘Cause then I have to change the end of my title. Just wondering…

    Diz- Did you go through all those Orange Chocolate Chain Samples I gave you? Are they worth the investiment? (why doesn’t LT Just contact us for the marketing stuff???? Sheesh! ^_^)

    Okay off to do the whole Apply for Jobs thing…*sigh*

    Doc Z
    Behavioral Therapist & Product Manager
    Room 514
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

  325. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Mon bon ami Claire, seulement 3 jours jusqu’Γ  henri chaud ! Veuillez employer le Secret avec moi pour soulever vers le haut les spiritueux joyeux de nos soeurs de sang ! La Puissance Superbe De Femme ! ! !

    Going to lunch mes amis and will check back after. Bee gooood πŸ˜‰

  326. laurel said

    Sorry all, I’ve been off the blog and e-mails for several days. Nothing wrong just lots to do and not enough time to do it. I did manage to sneak in a look at DOA. A girl has to have her priorities! lol

    lwildstar – Cripes! Map! (slaps head in dismay) I bet that’s what is in the envelope my husband was asking about! I can see it on the counter even now. 😦 how embarassing.
    My apologies to you- once I packaged it I forget it was in his truck because I was sending it out on his day off.
    Concider me gone for a while. I must run to the post office now. 😎
    (muttering to self… keys – purse – coat…

    Btw – can you believe it is only 60 degrees here? I know most of you are having a heat wave, but we are having cold and rain. brrrrr.
    Back later.

  327. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Oh Z,

    J’aime la saveur du chocolat et de l’orange. L’oui magnifique investissent ! ! ! !

  328. Anne said

    Hej Freyja

    Det gΓ₯r helt fint her … og dig?

    Glad you enjoyed David’s review – I think they really have personality.
    Most reviews I see are mainly a summary of the movie, but not his.
    He’s also my webdesign buddy.

  329. Danae said

    Anzia-I was going to be the purchaser of all the food and anything else the clinic needed for the restaurant, club, lounge, theater etc. I figured since that is my job in real life that I can be in charge of that at the clinic. I can take over all the merchandise too. Keep all the purchasing and purveying together. Best of all is I would get to test all the anatomically correct Henry dolls before anyone gets to see them.

  330. Anne said

    Megacon .. again πŸ™‚

    I am acquainted with Kyle and Dylan’s convention manager and she wrote this for my site a while back:
    How to have fun at conventions

    If you’ve never been to a convention before it’s a good idea to read it in advance. Rules can differ from one convention to the other, but these are sensible guidelines.

  331. Freyja said

    Hej Anne, det gΓ₯r jo fint her. You know what is really funny? David’s last name is the same as my Danish host mother’s maiden name. I don’t think it is all that common and never thought I’d see another Bjerre anywhere!

    Danae, are you starting the slide into the gutter today?

  332. Danae said

    Yep! I don’t visit to often but I feel the need coming on. Anything to make me feel better with this cold.

  333. Claire said

    Beth..Oh mais bien sΓ»r, n’ont pas peur, j’ai Γ©tΓ© en utilisant le secret dans ce but!
    Oh Margaret! I love you right back sista!!!!!!!!!
    Now remember Danae…we have to get a little girl Henry doll for Junior Hen Victoria!

    Ok! Signing off for now!
    your favorite French teacher Claire πŸ˜‰

  334. Danae said

    For Victoria and my baby girl Amber. Got it!

  335. Arrowyn said

    Clair/Danae — Whoever is going to be the purveyor of anything — I really like the “Purveyor of All Things Magical and Theraputic (Specializing in Vanquishing Potions)”. It’s fantastical and doesn’t limit you to purchasing/getting/acquiring/obtaining/procuring ANYTHING! Sounds good to me!

  336. Arrowyn said

    Sorry about the spelling of your name, Claire.

  337. Danae said

    I like that one the best also. I will give until tomorrow at noon for suggestions.

  338. Madonna said

    Hi y’all,
    I know I haven’t been around much so how is everyone?

    I got a full 8 hours last night and it was wonderful.

    The Wool Fest went pretty well considering….. We did not do as well as we hoped or expected, but we sold about 20% of our inventory. All of the other vendors we talked to said that attendance was WAY DOWN this year and they believe it was because of the heat. It reached almost 95 degrees each day. It was so hot it actually caused your skin to hurt. And we were in large tent where there was no ventilation either. Not many people think of candles when it is that hot, so it really worked against us.

    And no…. I didn’t come home with any sheep.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Maddie Mo,
    I’m glad the little one is feeling better. Hope you are too.

    I hope the job search is going well for you two. Keep us posted.

    I know this is a bit belated, but Happy Birthday to You!

    How’s the new job going.

    Ms. Gypsy,
    How’s the finger?

    How ya doin’ girl?

    I know there are replies that I’m missing so please forgive me.



    YAY!!!!!! Only 3 more days!

    I believe that Lifetime is leaning towards renewal but is waiting to see how the ratings are after the first couple of weeks. I CHOOSE to believe that we’ll get more. It’s the only way to think right now.

    I’m not caving and watching DOA right now. I’m waiting to watch it with my mom on Friday so I don’t make her feel bad.

    Ms. Gypsy, everyone else….. I wanted to say I’m sorry that I don’t have Dylan’s card done yet. I feel like I’ve let you all down. (Hangs head) I had other things come up this past month that made working on it impossible. I promise I’ll have it done really soon though.

    I don’t know if I can make it to Orlando or not…. I’ll have to see what my financial situation is like come November. Then I’ll decide. If I went, or for any of you who do go I think it might be kind of neat if we could get Kyle to sign a copy of his card. What do you all think?

    I have part one of my surprise for you all, it’s part 2 that I’m worried won’t work. If I can… you’ll all have it in a day or two.

    Talk to you all later.

  339. Danae said

    Hey Madonna long time no talk

  340. Margaret said

    Madonna: Don’t sweat it, that’s why people use the term belated. As in, I’m sorry but I be lated with your birthday card. Sorry. Bad joke.

  341. Freyja said

    Arrowyn and Danae,

    I like that one too. It is all encompassing and allows one’s mind to wander …

  342. prtfvr said

    Ok. Who was the wise guy that sent Norman for a day trip here? My day has been hell, one thing after another culminating with my boss reaming me out for something she was wrong about. She’s never wrong though so it’s on me. I’ve got that shallow breathing thing going I’m so angry. SHE had to take a walk because SHE was angry with ME?! Because I wouldn’t agree that I made a mistake just to make her happy. When I make a mistake – and I make plenty – rest assured that I will admit it. I’ll admit to stuff most people would forget about. I’m a nut that way but I WILL NOT TAKE THE BLAME FOR SOMETHING I DIDN’T FUCKING DO!

    And how have all YOUR days been going?

  343. Danae said

    Deep breaths prtfvr count to 10.

  344. jpbaci1 said

    moonlight was 18th last week in the ratings that can only help bt as leadin 2million viewres and lt will have to renew

  345. Margaret said

    My suggestion exactly. Prtfvr, you can never let them see you sweat. They’ll use it against you. Breath, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…..You get the drift. Mine is going fine since I’m on another week of vacation since I need to burn time.

  346. msgypsy said

    prtfvr, breathe. We’re here for ya, sister.

    I keep reminding myself that it’s only X more days and right now it’s 3 1/2. Just because I saw “DOA” on Yahoo doesn’t mean I’m dying to see it on the big(ger) screen. It’s too bad we couldn’t plan a party or something, but that late at night it’s a bit difficult to have a get-together. Although I can see us doing an On Demand party over next weekend. And do we want to get together at Coldstone this weekend? Portland? WashCo? Are we all out here? Arrowyn? Laurel? Nisi? YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!

    Rifkind, it was you that needed my address, right? I’ll email it to you when I get home tonight.

    Still looking at air fares for Megacon. That’s Spring Break week for some schools and so fares might be really high by the time I can afford them but I’ll stay positive as long as I can.

    Well, back to the salt mines … er, that is to say back to work.

  347. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Bird Lady,

    I’ll come and wrangle Norman aagain, he’s reeeeally been bad lately. He must be getting stoked up for Halloween. So sorry he’s F’ing w/you and in a really badd way! Think my sista’ only *3* days and Henry will be in your living room with you πŸ˜€ All alone to do what you will with him. Oh and lets kick Coreen’s bony ass, what ya’ say , that’ll put a spring in your step.

  348. rifkind said

    Back when everyone was fighting on how to get the picture Avatars to work, I wrote up some notes and started a blog page of my own to post it on, since it was waaaaay to long to post here at MsGtypsy’s..
    Go to this link and see if the directons help you.


  349. rifkind said

    Arrowyn said that I could send it to her.. Now I REALLY have to get busy and make everybody gifts… not enough time in the day!

  350. Danae said

    Dance class is calling.

    Ciao bellas!

  351. Freyja said

    Thanks rifkind. I’ll read through that. I was playing around this morning and had trouble getting the avatar to the correct size. Well, I actually had trouble before that. When I uploaded the image and got to the ‘crop’ stage I didn’t actually see anything so I had no idea what I was cropping.

    I’ll see if I can get it down to the 32×32. Maybe that will help.


  352. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bye Dani firl I hope you feel better and tell Amber to break a leg πŸ™‚

  353. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Sorry that was supposed to be GIRL!!! heeeeee heeeee

  354. lwildstar said

    prtfvr – it must be Normans twin – cus he has been running around lose here all day! the equipment keeps going belly up – just like last week! grrrrrrrr

    and on top of that I am having client issues!!!! see what lack of training gets them – I have done the same document 5 times!

    Rif – check your email

    you too Laurel!

    ok back to work before something else blows up!!!!!!

  355. Arrowyn said

    Margaret – I found the alert that went to the Jerusalem Post, but the page is a new page, of course. I did an advanced search for some of the phrases, but there were no hits. Maybe he deleted it? Or I’m not searching correctly? Sorry.

  356. Arrowyn said

    Not BT, but…news about Alan Tudyk (pilot in Firefly & Serenity) in a new NBC pilot (not the same kind of…never mind).


  357. Margaret said

    Arrowyn: Don’t sweat it. He’s a knat anyway. Insignificant, we all know the type. I get the jest, he still doesn’t like Blood Ties, no accounting for bad taste is there, eh?

  358. Freyja said

    Okay ladies,

    I’m about to head home but I won’t be stopping in tonight. Too much election stuff to do. Provincial election day is tomorrow. Plus I get to see episode #9 for the first time tonight!

    Have a great evening and see you all tomorrow!

    Ms. Freyja
    Resident Barrister & Solicitor (*new clients always welcome)
    & Resident Canadian
    Rm. 713
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  359. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Have a good evening Freyja! Chat at ya’ tomorrow πŸ™‚

  360. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Well since Chef Mom is out of town w/Robbie and I don’t cook , Dad, Raini, and I are having Chinese tonight. Henri’s going surfing for Lo Mein tonight baby !! Hee hee hee πŸ˜›

    I’ll catch ya’ll at home later tonight.

  361. Himmiefan said

    Hi. Denis McGrath talks about Blood Ties in today’s edition of his blog.


  362. Himmiefan said

    Oh Prtfvr, hope your day has gotten better. We’ve all been there and sympathize big time!

  363. lwildstar said

    auuugggg – well I got one peice of equipment fixed and the other won’t even get looked at until Thursday – and if one more person says anything about it…well I’ll just bite them!

    Ok got that out of my system…I talked one of the supervisors into driving me home becasue I had had sucha crappy day πŸ˜‰

    just found out my one and only friend in the office is will be transfering bback to the home office this month not at the end of the year! I’ll be all alone – no help for on ething, but no one to discuss my obsessions (Henry and Paul) with, or discuss music with – or just plain gossip with 😦 pouts. We’re goin to have a party for her next week, her last day is Tuesday 😦 pouts some more….

    Well other than that I am stoked! I just wish I could have gotten someone to come over to enjoy the peview with me Friday…….three more days!!!!!!!

    Just checked on the voting – Kyle is still in the lead but that Dracula 2000 guy is catching up! I emailed that link to 7 people and three emailed back tha they voted

    Well I should go try and find some dinner – will check back later! and if not – everyone have a great night!

    Wildstar d’Nightwalker
    Room 910
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

  364. prtfvr said

    Ok, my boss called me at 4:30 and…apologized!! NO SHIT! I’m writing this day down on my calendar. I’m sure it’ll never happen again! Woo Hoo! I’m exhausted from being THAT angry though. If you know what I mean.

    We need a Norman-wrangler is what we need.!

  365. lwildstar said

    Oh Laurel thats ok – just let me know when you do get to send it – I was afraid it was lost in the mail!

    Prtfvr – a gold star red letter day! whoo hoo – I have yet to have a boss appoligize for anything!

    I think someone has been cloning Norman – because he certainly has been running rampant lately!

    Wildstar d’Nightwalker
    Room 910
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

  366. Himmiefan said

    Prtfvr – Wow! I’m amazed, and glad for you!!

  367. lwildstar said

    well it looks like we may just get that thunderstorm they’ve been calling for so I don’t think I’ll be back on tonignht – just in case – so I will see you in the morning

    (((HUGS)))) Lov ya – have a good night!

    Wildstar d’Nightwalker
    Room 910
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

  368. Anzia said

    Dani- I was just specializing in the “therapy” items which conveniently worked as consession stand items. I can still be in charge of inventory & product analysis if you’d like to help with the latter and purchasing? Does that sound good? if not, that’s fine. ^_^ I just like my title…makes me sound important.

    Diz-I’m glad you liked ’em. ^_^ Any suggestions on new flavors? OTHER than Henry!

    PrtMama- I’m sorry! *hands BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG plate over* don’t worry, fudge brownies w/chocolate chunks and a ribbon of fudge baked in. (Is that enough chocolate?) Oh…*hands big tin over* and some nuts for ya. ^_^ Glad the boss said sorry…Sorry that she couldn’t see the problem as her mistake BEFORE screaming at ya. ^_^

    Madonna- um…job hunting…can we not talk about that? PLEASE…don’t want to be THAT sad…I really have had NO hits. NOTHING. The marketing firm that contacted me about an interview is giving me the run around. All the other apps I’ve put out there are coming up bust. I think i’ll be able to get a job as a waitress for TGI Fridays (I have to go talk to a manager tomorrow at 2) but that probably won’t be enough to pay all my bills…my poor little brain is going “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!*running around aimlessly screaming until finds wall with head*”

    Doc Z
    Behavioral Therapist & Product Manager
    Room 514
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

  369. Have any of you listened to Kristinas interview at Vampires & Slayers?


    Apparently, it is a three part interview. She is very articulate and pretty much controlled the whole interview.

  370. Margaret said

    If anyone is taping Bones tonight with Christina Cox, could you please, pretty please, burn me a copy? My VCR is on the fritz and I can’t seem to make it record. Please……. Thanks.

  371. Danae said

    Just a drive by before I leave my sisters to remind you all about Christina on Bones tonight buty Margaret beat me to it. I would volunteer to do it for you Mags but I will not be home for the beginning. I can do the rest for you and send it your way. Email me with your address.

  372. Freyja said

    Another drive by … gee I speak to you ladies mroe than my own family! Too funny.

    Anyway, I got the wordpress membership set up but Freyja was already taken. 😦 So, I’m stuck with cdnfreyja. But I reserve the right to sign in as Freyja when I want!

    And I finally got the avatar thing figured out. I needed to use Netscape. IE was giving me way to much trouble. Now you’ll be able to see me … well, a part of me anyway.

  373. cdnfreyja said

    Okay, let’s see if this puppy works.

    Ms. Freyja

  374. lwildstar said

    sorry Mags – I didn’t see your post until just now….
    can I just say Christina plays and interesting character..what a little freak!

    E – thanks for the link – I love how Christina just took control – shes very open. I think it was great how she explained the differences between the books and the show – including Henrys choices in “snacks” that was a great line – “its less about sex and more about snacks” She has as good a handle on Henrys character as she has on her own – didn’t discuss Mike much – but maybe that is in one of the other parts..hope they post them soon…

    Fryja – sorry your avatar isn’t showing up. If you’re still on line try logging off and even restarting your computer – sometimes that helps…

    I was just popping in to see what was up – the thunderstorm never made an appearnce – just got windy…we really need the rain – and my allergies would appreciate it as well… 😦

    Well I’m out of here! Sweet Henry dreams! or Mike or Vicki as you prefer!

    Wildstar d’Nightwalker
    Room 910
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

  375. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bonne Nuit mes amis! I’m beat and will check in the morning.

    Freyja I saw a little clip of your face for a couple of seconds and poof you were gone. Keep trying I was very determined to make my little Henri’ work for me πŸ˜‰

    Reves doux d’Henri’ XOXOXOXOX Je t’aime beaucoup!!

    Beth/ Bloody Ford Clinic Ste *69*
    Basement Lounge & Studio
    *Where the Blood Ties bind*

  376. Claire said

    Hey my ladies…CoMama…I’m glad your boss apologized…I was going to volunteer to beat her Ass…then move on to Norman!
    No body messes with my CoMama!
    Hey Freyja…nice to see ya!..ah my daughters…biological and adopted are sooo pretty!!!!!!!!!
    Danae…hope you feel better soon!
    Anyway it’s finally raining…we were on water conservation…no watering lawns…no washing cars…my lawn looks like Merde!
    But it is still going to be in the 80’s tomorrow.

    Well…jusqu’au demain matin,rΓͺve d’Henri
    Bonne Nuit
    Je t’aime
    teacher of all things french rm.824
    The Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the blood ties bind

  377. cdnfreyja said

    Claire, I feel like throwing merde at my computer. Have I ever said how much I hate this thing? Yes, time for a new one but the student loans take precedence over the new computer for a few months yet.

    I hope I’ve fixed the issue now. If not, I have no idea what is wrong.

    I spoke to my mom tonight. She forgot to watch BT on the weekend. I told her she must see it this weekend and start watching it otherwise I’ll torture her with it over my 3-week Christmas break. Hey, I figure since my mom is a vampire in real life (she’s a lab technologist) she’ll get a kick out of it. I can’t tell you how many times she’s been called a vampire … And she gets to practice this weekend when she fills in at the hospital back home! No capes, just a white lab coat.

    Ooooh, Coreen just told Mike who Elena really is. This is crazy – I think I walked down that street, the one the club is on.

  378. cdnfreyja said

    Double merde. Okay, I’ll try one more thing.

  379. moonbeam said

    Freyja, your avatar is grand! It seems to have worked great for a number of posts! Hmmmm….. I can appreciate the tossing the computer, however. I’m anxiously awaiting one from work. They keep promising its arrival!

    My mom has no interest in BT. She doesn’t Do Vampires or lab-coats :>)

    I’ll be going to P-land to watch BT with Laurel on Friday. Must make a BT party of it!!!!!!! Oh yeah!!!!!!!

  380. Nisi said

    Gypsy – I doubt I will be able to make Coldstone. My Hubby is coming home from an 11 day business trip and I’m very much looking froward to his being home! I really want to meet all the bt sisters in Wash. county. Hope there can be another gathering soon.

    Room 917
    Receptionist Extraodinare
    Jewelry Maker
    The Bloody Ford Clinic

  381. Margaret said

    Got this as a Google Alert:


    Rory Cochrane Returns as CSI Tim Speedle

    β€œBang, Bang, Your Debt” – While investigating the mysterious death of a college student in a car fire, the CSIs find evidence that Tim Speedle may still be alive, on CSI: MIAMI, Monday, Oct. 15 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


    Horatio Caine: David Caruso
    Calleigh Duquesne: Emily Procter
    Eric Delko: Adam Rodriguez
    Alexx Woods: Khandi Alexander
    Ryan Wolfe: Jonathan Togo
    Sgt. Frank Tripp: Rex Linn
    Natalia Boa Vista: Eva La Rue


    Tim Speedle: Rory Cochrane
    Dan Cooper: Brendan Fehr
    Det. Jake Berkeley: Johnny Whitworth


    Brandon Fox: Colton Haynes
    Jessica Taylor: Arielle Vandenberg
    Gary Lanier: Jeff Hephner
    Keith Ward: Yusuf Gatewood
    Andrew Hillman: Kyle Schmid
    Rebecca Palmer: Jennifer Tung
    Lori: Deja Kreutzberg
    Mike Carlton: Casey Lee

    Written by: Barry O’Brien & Brian Davidson

    Directed by: Karenn Gaviola

    RATING: To Be Announced


  382. Margaret said

    Discussion of vampires and a mention of Blood Ties:

  383. lwildstar said

    No time this morning – but I wanted to check in!

    I’ll be back at lunch!

  384. Anne said

    I found this in the Philadelphia Enquirer, Oct 9,

    “the scandalously charming and pretty 450-year-old vampire Henry Fitzroy
    in Lifetime’s drama Blood Ties”.

    Now THAT’S a journalist that gets Henry πŸ™‚

  385. Anne said

    Hmm – I guess I should have refreshed the page before posting – I see Margaret already posted the link – ooops.

  386. msgypsy said

    Good morning, loves. I just discovered the latest ep of Robin Hood online and will be caught up in the wonder of it all this morning since I can’t download it to watch at lunchtime. Grrrr….. (Technical note, I can’t get sound at work and video is mostly disabled AND we don’t have hard drives anyway so what’s the point…? Again I say, Grrrr…..)

    I never watch Bones, mostly because I watch all kinds of other things on Tuesday nights. But I’m willing to bet you will be able to find that episode online somewhere after today. I’ll poke around and see what I can do.

    I do wish more of the free networks would follow either CBS or NBC’s leads and put their eps either on On Demand or online somewhere after they’ve aired. They’re not downloadable, just available. It’s a nice concept.

    Gotta go see Robin rescue the Sheriff’s con artist…

  387. jpbaci1 said

    only 3 days too go ladies

  388. Claire said

    Bon Matin my ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Count with me now…un..deux..wooohoooo!
    Freyja…I feel your pain…I’ve been talking myself out of buying myself a new computer for months now…mine just decided it wants to be real girl and does whatever the hell it wants! LOL! mostly at times when I’m trying to do something I want!
    I seem to have hurt my right hand somehow..last night after dinner my wrist started hurting..had trouble sleeping due to pain..and now the outer part near my palm by small pinkie is swollen and somewhat bruised..took my 20 minutes to brush the girls hair this morning..Merde! I probably fractured a small bone or something…I’ve done that alot! I have small bird bones in my hands..my wrists are ridiculous…I always have to get my watches cut to fit!
    Anyway…I have to go address 17 party invites..somehow!

    check back later!
    Teacher of all things French

  389. msgypsy said

    AHA! Yes, you can get the most recent episode of “Bones” on Fox’s website. Which I just accidentally closed. Scheisse!!!!!!!!!! Anyhow, it’s there and I’m running late for work now so I’ll watch it tonight and if anyone still needs the link by then I’ll get it for you then.

    Jerusalem Post correction is at http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1191257224299&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FPrinter or if that doesn’t work for you try http://tinyurl.com/yvfxf3. It’s at the very end of the article. Complete text of the correction:

    “With our season of asking forgiveness almost up – this is being written just before Hoshana Raba, traditionally the last day on which to confess one’s sins – we ‘fess up to messing up badly in a recent review.

    Our Blood Ties write-up mistakenly identified the vampire
    character, whose actual name is Henry, we were reminded by angry fans of the show who wrote in to complain. Turns out that watching the second part of the two-part pilot would also have explained some other things that we didn’t quite get right.

    Having vampire fans angry at us is not the way we want to start off the new year, so while we still can’t say Blood Ties is for us, we’re sorry we made a bloody mess of that information.”

  390. msgypsy said

    Claire, I’d hug you in sympathy but hand pain usually means you don’t want anyone to touch you. My sympathy and my empathy. If it’s a fracture, please get it looked at as soon as you can. You’re a mama. You need those hands for so very many things!

  391. Gypsy– The blog ate my post. Could you fish it out of the spam bucket please?

  392. Good Morning Ladies! Just a quick post to let you know I’m still alive.

    Anne– Thanks so much for the review of 10 Thing I hate about you. It was well written and informative. Your Friend did a nice job, and obviously liked the flick too.

    Madonna — Nice to here from you again! Can’t wait to see Dylan’s card. I’m still waiting on the T-shirt. They must be busy over at Xpress printing.

    Gypsy — I found a nice frame at Michaels craft store for the comic. It was $6.95 and on sale 30% off, so I grabbed it. Did you want to send it along with the T-shirt or are you guys planning to hand carry it to the convention? I’ve seen both posted.
    Let me know. If you’re going to give something to Dylan at the convention you will have to have something for Kyle as well. Did you guys give that any thought?

    I’m kind of behind on posts, so if there’s anything going on that I need to know just send me an email to get my attention.

  393. msgypsy said

    Annalaise, I’m not part of the convention goers at this point so I think sending it with the tee-shirt makes the most sense. Plus, it might be difficult for Dylan to take any gifts home from the convention and a frame (particularly one with a glass front) could be damaged. I’d say mail it. If anything is going to be given him at the convention from the birthday gift collection, the tee-shirt would probably be the easiest thing for him to carry home. However, I’d say send the whole package and just give him hugs at the convention if that’s permitted. MHO. (Speaking as someone who waited in line for hours to meet an actor — and would you believe I can’t even remember who it was other than it was someone connected to the original Star Trek? — only to learn that physical contact was strictly forbidden.)

    Gotta go. Anything else going into the spam bucket will be delayed til either Tango or I can get to it. Is there someone else who y’all would trust as my other sidekick for days when Tango and I are both out of touch for extensive periods? (I’ll find nominations at noon, at least I hope I will, when I check in.)

  394. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Gypsy I can do it if you’d like. I’m usually here everyday πŸ˜€ Let me know I have no problem helping you out if that’s ok with ya’ll.

    Good Morning! Buongiorno! Bon Matin mes amis!

    Ahhhhh Claire thumper I sooooo love patting that chest πŸ˜‰ Sorry about the war wound you’ve gotten somewhere along the way. Yep very difficult to brush hair with a bad hand.

    Hey Dr. duChat we miss you and tell My BFF Mel I said Bonjour!!!

  395. Hey Diz — Your BFF Harmony Rose (Mel) posted an essay on her site that she wrote for school. It’s pretty good. Check it out if you get a chance. She’s all excited about Homecoming this weekend. I’ll send you a pic of the happy couple all dressed up.

  396. cdnfreyja said

    Good morning ladies,

    Checking in a little later than usual. Everyone in the office seems to be in a foul mood. The organization’s presidential election is this weekend and we have to prepare written reports/briefing notes for the delegates. Just a bunch of stress buckets here.

    Double thanks Claire! You know what they say about the Canadian water. And my computer, oh geez. I got the thing back in 2000 after my Mac died. It was a good thing the Mac lasted as long as it did. I would have been in a pinch if it had died WHILE I was working on my thesis. So, I switched over to a PC which is woefully out of date. I’m working on the savings bit so I can pay for a new one free and clear. I just might give in earlier, though, if I get too frustrated with the old one. Hope you’re feeling better soon!!! I went through a period when I was thesis writing where I couldn’t type because I was so stressed out – I couldn’t move my neck and my arm and wrist were so stiff and painful. I think that was a sign I should have quit … but I kept on going.

    And my avatar seems to be working today … so far.

  397. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Claire Belle, is that avatar the little munchkins. Hard to tell from such a small picture. I was wondering πŸ˜‰

    “Laise duChat, I will check it out when I get home , I don’t have her website here at work it’s on my home computer. She made me cry with the *Things I will miss* page. OMG she is sooooo your child πŸ˜‰ in a very good way. She will also be a great writer if that’s what she wants be. Very impressive. Tell her I will read tonight. Thanks πŸ˜€

  398. cdnfreyja said

    Hey Claire,

    I loved the new avatar … and then it disappeared to be replaced by the old one. Not that there is anything wrong with the old one. It was just nice to see the little sweet peas!

  399. Diz I’m blushing and glowing with pride. Thanks!

  400. Maddie Mo said

    Morning all

    Spent all day at home sick yesterday. I think the baby made me sick. Oh well, I love her anyway.

    Today I still feel like death warmed up, but since my husbands company just went on stike I guess one of us needs to be making some money. I have a knot in my stomach and I want to throw up. They just walked out about a half hour ago.

  401. DIZEY1 :-) said

    *Laise* You should feel pride she’s a wonderful girl and I’d love to see the Homecoming pic’s.

    Maddie so sorry to hear that. Does he work for the Auto Unions? I know they were talking strikes last week. It’ll be ok Mommy don’t stress too much. Everything will be ok. Sorry you feel like caca too ! 😦 get well and if you need anything let me know.

  402. msgypsy said

    Maddie, flying by but…does he work for Chrysler? I’m so worried about the auto workers.

    Dizey, I’ll set you up aon my next break if no one screams foul on you. Of course, if anyone screams foul on you I’ll slap them silly so it’s kind of a done deal regardless…

    Robin Hood had its ultimate bad moment. How did Marion rescue the Night Watchman costume? I won’t do spoilers unless no one here cares. Lemme know.

  403. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas!

    Claire-Just looking at your avatar they look like great kids and very adorable. I can’t wait to meet them all. I love kids in case you haven’t figured out yet. That hand had better be good for our weekend. No bowling for you if it isn’t.

    Maddie Mo-That is really bad. On top of being sick you have to worry about your husband and the baby. As for Maddie making you sick I sympathize because I blame Amber for my cold.

    Laise-Can you send me the homecoming pics too? If I can’t go back to high school at least I can pretend for a little while.

    Did you all hear about the impending writer’s strike in Hollywood? It is being said that it is inevitable this time. It will be the beginning of November I think. If it happens no one will be working because I heard the actors respect the writers and will not cross the picket line. That will be a very bleak world to live in. I hope it gets resolved soon. If it doesn’t we will be seeing a lot more reality shows. Ugh!

  404. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Ok Gypsy woman, just let me know what I have to do I’m sure it’s not difficult to do or learn huh?? Should I have some Playtex Rubber Gloves for the Bucket? πŸ˜€ Like Chumming huh?

  405. Danae said

    Gypsy I can’t get the show so go ahead spoil away.

  406. Himmiefan said

    Hey Ms. Gypsy. Thanks for posting that correction from the Jerusalem Post. Very interesting! Very big of the writer to admit a mistake.

    Maddie Mo – Prayers for you and your family. I’d imagine a strike would be very stressful. Also, I hope you feel better soon! Henry coming your way with chicken soup and chocolate!

  407. Maddie Mo said

    Dizey, Gypsy,

    Yes he works for Chrysler. He as been there for 12yrs. He is a journeyman Millwright which is a long was of saying he doesn’t actually build the cars he maintians the equipment that builds the cars. You know you plan for this you save money for “just in case” but it just sucks cause you never know how long it will last or if you saved enough. I knew this was probably coming but it just didn’t seem real untill he called and said he was on his way home.

  408. Himmiefan said

    Oh Margaret, thanks for the reminder about CSI Miami!!

  409. lwildstar said

    Going to lunch with Paul so I won’t have a chance to catch up on the posts!

    I’ll check in later if I can…if there is anything I need to know send me an email – its eaiser for me to chack that then the blog.

    Wildstar d’Nightwalker
    room 910
    Blood Ford Clinic

  410. cdnfreyja said

    Oh Maddie, why do things always have to happen at the same time? Hopefully the strike will be short-lived. Definitely sending Henry your way.

    Claire – yeah! I can see the kiddos in the avatar!

    Danae – the Canadian actors went on strike last year, I think. Either last year or the year before. Time has flown by. Luckily it didn’t interfere with production too much as it hit during an okay time.

  411. Hi everyone,

    WooHoo! I just got Dylan’s T-shirt from the printer and it looks awesome! Better than awesome! Dylan’s gonna love it. I’ll send a picture of it later when I get home.

    Anybody who wants one here’s what you do:
    Go to your local office supply store or craft store and get a package of Avery white T-shirt transfers. Purchase a 50% cotton/50% polyester T shirt.

    Contact me and I’ll sent you the print resolution pdf file.
    Print the comic onto the t-shirt transfer at the best quality your ink jet printer will allow. I used the glossy photo setting. Also print it so that it reduces to fit on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet.This should be the fit to media or fit to page setting. Make sure you invert the image so that it reads backwards on the transfer.

    Follow the instructions provided by Avery for transferring the image to the shirt. You can use a regular iron on its hottest setting. I had Dylan’s done on a T-shirt press because I had access to one and I want his to look professional.

    Have fun!

  412. Danae said

    I just got news from Amber. She called to tell me she got Citizen of the Month for the month of September. This is the first one of the school year. I knew she would because she is just awesome although I am somewhat prejudice.

    Citizen of the Month is a program where I think one kid from either each class or grade gets awarded this for good behavior and good progress and helpfulness and stuff like that. She was so excited.

  413. Danae said

    That was supposed to be biased not prejudice.

  414. Arrowyn said

    Just got an alert from the Favorite Fang contest. Guess who won! Great work, everyone!


  415. Danae said

    Oh yeah I looked at that this morning and I forgot to post it on here. Sorry!

  416. Danae – congrats to Amber. That is awesome!

    Maddie Mo – I am so sorry that this has happened to you. Just remember we are all here for you if you feel you need to vent, talk, cry…whatever. There are plenty of willing shoulders to lean on.

    lwildstar – enjoy your lunch with Paul πŸ™‚

  417. Maddie Mo said

    Danae— Congrats to Amber. I’m sure you are super proud of her and you should be she sounds like an amazing girl.

  418. Danae said

    Maddie If you want to call me to just talk and keep your mind off of things feel free.

  419. Claire said

    Hey all…Yeah those are my monkeys!!!
    I’ll try to see if I can post it behind my name so you guys can see it better or put in a link to photobucket.
    Your welcome Freyja!
    Thanks Ms.Gypsy! I’m between insurance..so unless it gets to the point where I can’t use it at all…the Doc will have to wait.
    Right now it hurts if I bend my hand or put pressure on the palm..so I’m typing with my hand sort of hovering over the keys perfectly straight!
    It was probably all those months of holding my Tazmanian devil of a dogs leash in a death grip while she yanked me down the street! and she did pull my wrist last night as I was closing the door.

    Arrowyn..thanks for the info on Kyle winning! WooHooo! We did it!!!!!!!

  420. cdnfreyja said

    Well ladies, I now have a waiting list for viewing of my tape of BT episodes.

    The one who is currently #2 on the waiting list just moved here from Toronto (or as we say in Canada, TO pronounced ‘t’-‘o’) and is waiting for her stuff to arrive. Here is what she said when I shared links of certain pictures (no kidding):

    “Suddenly, it feels a little hotter in here! Uh yeah…the second the tv makes it into my home, I’m getting someone to put the vcr together!”

    Now I feel like a ‘supplier’. But at least this is an addiction we can all live with … happily.

  421. cdnfreyja said

    Claire – “Yeah those are my monkeys!!!” That is too funny! I call my niece a little monkey!

    Arrowyn, thanks for the info. Looks like we did a great job in voting for our fave! Now, if only my political party could get 56% of the vote in today’s election I’d be an extremely happy camper.

  422. Danae said

    Thanks for all the congrats for Amber. I changed my avatar to be her. If it doesn’t show up it should soon.

  423. cdnfreyja said

    Hey Danae, Amber must be so thrilled! Does she get any special recognition like a certificate or her photo up on the wall?

    And yes, I can see her cute little face in the avatar.

  424. Hey ladies, which site had the store added for BT merchandise? I can’t remember for the life of me.

  425. Danae said

    When I went to that school we had our pictures taken, we got a Northeast School Citizen of the Month pin and got to have lunch with the principal. I’m sure it is somewhat different now. I know a picture of them gets put up on a board outside the office and we get a bumper sticker to put on the car. I’m not sure what else they do now. It has been a long time since I went there and she is only in kindergarten so this is her very first time ever.

  426. Danae said

    I think it was http://www.bloodties-tv.com or some variation of that.

  427. Himmiefan said

    Hey Dani. That’s great about Amber!


  428. Danae – I went to the site, but I don’t see anything about being able to purchase merchandise. 😦 Oh well.

  429. Congrats Amber! Good job Kiddo! Get any new horsies lately?

    Danae I’ll be happy to send you Mel’s Homecoming picture.

    Way to go getting the vote out Hinxes. Kyle deserves the recognition.

    …and I still wonder how he’d be in that hot love scene on the ceiling from Dracula 2000. My imagination is working overtime on that one.

  430. Danae said

    Ok first I was wrong on the website it is http://www.bloodtiestv.com There is no dash. Second was it Scribble she said they took that section down and it would be back up on Tuesday(yesterday) and it appears that didn’t happen. I guess they are still having glitches. Maybe they have a case of Norman also.

    Laise-I got her a pretty purple velvet pony at the fair a few weeks ago.

  431. cdnfreyja said

    Annalaise – now you’ve got me curious. I might just have to find that movie and watch it. I can probably find it in our on demand service up here.

  432. Claire said

    Just testing this out….


    If it works you’ll see better pictures of the monkeys and me.

  433. Danae said

    Great monkeys. I could tell they were cute.

  434. Margaret said

    Anyone happen to notice that we no longer have to put up with the commercials on the video feeds for Blood Ties, is that a good or bad sign?

  435. Claire – your children are adorable!

  436. Can you access the video sight that shall not be named up there? You will need to register for an account because this video is Rated R (at least.)
    I’ll post the link when I get a chance. I’ve got to go find it again and I have a job I have to finish up first.

    Can you say levitation?

  437. cdnfreyja said

    Claire, they are so cute. Yes, definitely great monkeys! LOL!

  438. lwildstar said

    Yippee! I knew Kyle would win!

    E – thank you – lunch was very nice – although he was very tired and I kept waiting for him to fall asleep in his food – πŸ™‚

    well i’m running late so I can’t stay to catch up on posts – will check back tonight!

    love ya!

  439. laurel said

    Just a drive-by for me today. I have been crazy busy but I can’t tell what exactly has eaten the time. I thought I would have more time if I didn’t sit down in front of the computer for hours but that hasn’t been the case.
    I miss all of you.

    I am sooo ready for Friday night!!! (Even though I face a dozen 12/13 year old girls for a five hour party on Saturday). OMG! my baby becomes a teen this week! Moonbeam is really coming over? Awsome! She can put up the decorations while I frost the cake. πŸ™‚

    lwildstar – package should arrive tomorrow or Friday. Sent it priority via USPS.
    Dang, I’ve got to get back to work now.

  440. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Dani girl I can’t see the beautiful Amber. Congrat’s to her and you! She can only be what you’ve molded her to be so you should be proud of yourself too. πŸ˜‰

    Claire ! Beaux bébés. Dieu vous a béni sept fois plus de. Tous vos enfants sont aussi jolis que leur mère !

    I went and posted at the Dangrgirls site and said how much fun it was. Neet site. πŸ˜€

  441. Danae said

    I’ve already email tons of pictures of you to Amber Diz. It is nothing new. She is winking at the camera on the train to NYC.

  442. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Laurel ! Sweet pea we miss you too. You’re not old enough for a teenager are you ? πŸ˜‰ Hope to chat with you soon and I’m so glad Moonbeam will hang and watch Hot Henry with you Friday night. Ya’ll have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do……………..hmmmmm not leaving you too many options πŸ˜›

    Heading to lunch Dad made smothered cabbage for us the other day w/ham seasoning and smoked sausage. Yummmmmm it’s the third day i’m eating it. Sooooo goood. See ya’ll a little later 😎

  443. Maddie Mo said

    So, the husband just called. They apparently went straight to the bar after they left the plant today. I guess I understand him needing to blow off some steam, but I’m a little irritated by that. Here I am at work with a full blown cold and scared as hell about this whole situation, and he is out drinking with the guys he works with. I know they need it to try and not think about all the what if’s. I seriously need a good long cry.

  444. Danae said

    Maddie you go ahead and cry. If I am at work I usually hide in the bathroom and do the silent cry when I need to.

  445. vampfangrl said

    Hi All, I have been lurking here for a while, and even joined one of Prtfvr’s chats after the live video chat with Kyle and Christine…. but I had something weird happen that I just had to share.

    I am in the Portland OR area and was driving along last night when I looked over and saw the guy in the car next to me looked like Henry! It was dark out but his longish wavy hair was back lit by traffic and street lights. I thought ‘cool’, and then traffic started to move forward and I was pulling ahead of him when I noticed what he was driving….. a late model black jag!! I just about slammed on my brakes. I was so sad my lane was moving so much faster than his because I really wanted a better look. Anyway, it was very strange. and I hope I see him again! πŸ™‚

  446. Danae said

    Oh you know what I forgot to say who one my little contest. I decided to go with part of one Dizey suggested and part of the one Claire suggested. They are the winners but there is no way I can have what I planned to have done by the time I see you guys. Dizey and Claire what are your favorite colors?

  447. Danae said

    God another Portlander. Is it something in the water there?

  448. vampfangrl said

    Our rainy, overcast weather is a natural environment for vampires and things that go bump in the night. πŸ™‚

  449. Danae said

    Oh is that it. It gets really spooky here in Halloween usually. It is like the weather cooperates with the day. The windier the better.

  450. Danae said

    And the winning choice is Department Head of all things magical and therapeutic-specializing in vanquishing potions.

  451. cdnfreyja said

    Well ladies, since we seem to be sharing pictures of little monkeys today you can check out my niece: http://www.flickr.com/photos/girlfromals/sets/72157601771636801/. Of course, there are the obligatory ‘food all over your face’ photos. She’s only 15 months old. You’ll get to see the family as well. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I’m the family photographer. So, if you want to find me you’re going to have to dig. lol! And if you’re really good at digging you’ll see my niece and I share something.

    If this works …

  452. Maddie Mo said

    Claire— you have a beautiful family. They all look so happy which means they must have a wonderful loving mother.

  453. Himmiefan said

    What, no commercials on the Lifetime site? No Crunchlette? I was just beginning to get attached to him!

  454. Maddie Mo said

    Freyja, Your niece is absolutely gorgeous. I love the pictures with the food on the face. My daughter is 9 month old today. Wow, she has been out here in the real world longer than I was pregnant now. My how time flies.

  455. sub0chick said

    Ok, i’m only half way through the blog at this point but figured i’d chime in with some comments. sorry, i dont’ remember who all said what but here goes.

    I too am reading the Brotherhood books, good series, still have to get the latest one about V.

    Basic is very good eye candy and i especially liked the pic in the tank top with the bulging biceps (i’m a sucker for nice muscles).

    On teh whole comments from other places…Just because people don’t like something they can’t just state “i don’t like it because…” and be done with it, they have to keeep going on and on about it. Of course those that do like it do the same thing in reverse, but hey. I know the comments i read about my Laurell Hamilton books are very much the same, people just keep going on and on, and I know i’ve jumped in there and others have jumped in there and said, “hey, if you don’t like it, it’s a free country, don’t read it and let us that enjoy them enjoy them.” It’s kinda like that with the tv shows, if you don’t like it, go watch reruns or something and let us enjoy it in peace. Hell it’s bad enough the show comes on Lifetime, which I usually might watch something on once a month, if that, instead of on one of the main channels where it would have better access to the masses (though i really did like Wild Card, if they would have just shown it at a better time).

    As far as the violence/gore matter. I’m a big fan of action movies and meaningless explosions and shoot outs, always have been. I’m also a gamer, used to play FFXI and still playing Guild Wars. I understand why they write vampires to be monsters, but at the same time, why can’t they be good guys, or at least protaganists. The 30 Days of Night movie is the typical horror blood fest that’s popular, or at least somebody thinks it’s popular. Chris loves the Saw movies. I don’t watch horror movies, i have an overactive imagination when it gets dark or i’m by myself in a house. and honestly most bloodfest movies that come out, get horrible reviews from the people that pay to see them (with the exception of Saw it seems). so you’d think they’d change their plots, but no go so far. Personally, if i want to watch violence, doom, and gloom, I’ll watch the news. It’s why I’m not very interested in seeing war movies, i’ll watch the news and see the same thing just not following one soldiers’ life. I watch tv shows to escape reality for a couple hours. Be it Heros, Supernatural, BT, or the crime shows NCIS, CSI and Bones, none of them are documentaries, they’re not meant to be. The fantasy ones take the concept of “what if” and go with it. The crime shows make things really easy for the cops, like evidence actually just gets left laying around with fingerprints in major crimes and people just randomly confess, it happens, but not usually and not in the same case. You don’t watch them for reality, but they all have to have just enough of it in the story to make it believable. Like the lady that was complaining about how all the crimes on BT were supernatural related. Well duh! you’re watching a show about a Vamp and PI, it’s highly doubtful that the normal cases of mr. pimp killed miss prostitute cause she didn’t pay him are going to show up….unless mr. pimp was a demon lol. that’s why they have shows like csi, want real crimes, watch it. people need to think more like kids. “i don’t like it, i’m not going to do/eat/play with him/her/it” and stick to it, stop aggrivating yourself and pissing off everybody else. ok, that’s my speach

    as for the holiday thing…i found out on xmas morn my great grandfather had died, found out on my birthday my grandfather had died, my great grandmother died right before my high school graduation, my grandmother died before my college graduation, and my dad barely made it past xmas. so yeah, i’m not fond of calls from relatives around the holidays either.

  456. Danae said

    She is so adorable! What is her name?

  457. cdnfreyja said

    Hi Maddie,

    I didn’t get to meet my niece until she was 5 months old and then I didn’t even get to really play with her because I was sick the entire time. I was lucky in that I got to go back for a few days in February (business trip + a few days off). And I took 2 weeks in August. Normally I wouldn’t ‘vacation’ at home but I got to completely separate myself from the office which was necessary at that point – I had had 8 insane months of go-go-go. Plus I got to see my niece almost every day since my mom is looking after her until she goes to day care at 18 months. She now shows off the fact that she knows the word ‘door’!

  458. cdnfreyja said

    Danae, are you asking me?

  459. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Dani girl I take a bow anything I can do to help out my girls πŸ˜‰ Oh and either Amethyst or Red I like both colors. That lil’ Amber is such a princess isn’t she, tooo sweet.

    Freyja, that is a gorgeous child! Was that your Mom and Dad? Oh and I want the little grey lamb! I really liked him πŸ˜‰ Nice famille’

    Maddie girl let it rip! Have a good cry you deserve it and then it’ll be ok like Henry says and he also said sometimes you just have to have Faith. The good lord will take care of you and your family. My Mom’s motto to me growing up and I repeat it still today is *God doesn’t give you more than you can handle* We are stronger than we think and hell we’re WOMEN!!!!!! Rock on my sista and you’ve got my number on the email list if you need a shoulder or an ear. XOXOXOXOXOXO We Love YA!!!!

  460. msgypsy said

    vampfangrl, do you want to be part of our next get-together here? Promise you you’re not another WashCo person! I feel so lonely and alone in Portland proper. At least be in The Real Vancouver or in Scappoose or somewhere in Columbia County so I feel like I have a friendly neighbor or something…

    Dizey, you are now added as an editor and should see, at the very top of this page, a tab for Dashboard. Click on that and go to Comments and the rest should be pretty much self-explanatory. All I need you to do is get comments out of the Akismet Spam bucket when they’re legit. You can, if you want, also delete obvious spam or you can leave it there and I’ll take care of it later if you’d prefer. You are also able to do a few things I’d rather you didn’t do like start a new post or rearrange the order of the pages. If I’m going to be gone for a long time I’ll let you and Tango know and then you can create new posts to keep the comments page from getting too big but other than that, there’s nothing other than clean out the spam and moderated buckets for you to do.

    I’ve always thought vampires should move to the PNW. Now, take Henry for instance (I know you’d mostly all like to and that’s fine but bear with me for a second.) He seems to do okay in dawn light, as long as he’s not getting hit by direct sun. I would imagine at some point his body would notice that it was day and shut down on him but he seems to have some control and some ability to manage daylight so long as it isn’t shining directly on him. Or take Angel (please. He does nothing for me) Or Spike. (Not bad, not bad, can’t wait to see him on Torchwood.) Both could be in a car, even, in broad daylight, so long as there was something keeping direct sunlight off of them. So what would there be to stop them from surviving up here where we get better than half our days with no direct sunlight at all? Seattle gets even less direct sun than we in Portland do.

    Which is why I really believe they need to do an episode of Blood Ties on Portland’s Max trains. Henry at Saturday Market, can you just see it? (I’m sorry but I just sprained my brain on that mental picture.) Or, more of a pretty picture of Vicki and Henry (or Mike. Or all three. Henry and Mike only not so much) with the steam from Mt. St. Helens in the background? (Where I live is close enough that if you go up on the hill you can see the volcano even on an overcast day…)

    Well, lunch is over. Type at you later, lovelies.

    (Laurel, really, do you and Moonbeam have ANY free time this weekend? I want to get together and do a recap!)

  461. msgypsy said

    The Crunchlette is gone????????????? Oh, no, it just won’t be the same without him. (We should let LT know that we actually LIKED their commercial interruption. LOL!)

  462. cdnfreyja said

    Hi Dizey,

    Yes, those are my parents. My sister is in there and I think my brother-in-law is too (maybe 1 or 2 on the edge, okay the back of his head – I was focusing on the niece!). Like I said, you’ll have to dig around my other sets to find me (and other photos of the family/weddings/travels).

    And there is a whole story behind the lamb. It is very soft by the way. Long story short, my dad was involved in coming up with a political campaign to show the other party as a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’. The whole campaign started when I was out there. So, my mom and I hunted for a wolf and a sheep. Strangely enough, they don’t make stuffed wolves for children. LOL! (maybe at the clinic they do.) We had no time to put the ‘wolf’ inside the sheep but it didn’t matter – my dad got a huge laugh out of it. Not many men get stuffed animals for their 56th birthday. And they went to the office the next day.

  463. Looks like tragedy is striking a little too close to home this afternoon.

    There was a train derailment and an explosion probably less then 10 miles from my home today. It looks like I’m going to be delayed a bit heading home tonight as all the major routes past the area have been shut down. I’ve not been on the road yet but the word is major gridlock everywhere. The Route 44 that they’ve closed is where I exit the freeway on my drive home. We’re a little north of the area in Mentor Headlands. I’ve been hearing rumors about toxic chemicals leaching into the Mentor Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary which surrounds my immediate neighborhood.

    The second headline of the day is a shooting in a Cleveland school, in which 2 adults and 2 teens were killed. My husband called a while ago and the daughter on one of the guys he works with may have been involved…
    any prayers would be welcomed.


  464. Hey Vampfangrl it’s nice to see another Portlander! Please join us in our next get together – the ladies I have met have been wonderful!

    Ms gypsy/Laurel/Moonbeam – I like the idea of all of us getting together to do a recap of Friday. If it comes to fruition I hope I get an invite πŸ™‚

    cdnfreyja – What a lovely pink cheeked cherub your little niece is! She is adorable!

  465. Danae said

    Freyja-Yes I was talking to you. Are you channeling Al Pacino?

    Laise-I saw something on the shooting in a school but nothing about an explosion or train derailment. My prayers are going out to everyone.

  466. Himmiefan said

    Hey Annalaise. Prayers coming your way for the people in your area.

  467. Danae said

    Wait was it Al Pacino. I am thinking now it might have been Robert DeNiro. Ugh! I don’t know. HELP!

  468. annalaise – what terrible news! I will definately add this to my prayers. Good luck on your evening commute. Get home safely.

  469. cdnfreyja said

    Danae, how did I know you were going to come back with that?

    I meant for you to look for it but … her name is Freyja. *hehehe* My sister had kids first so she got the name. All the other Norse goddesses have awful sounding names so I have to pick something else. The only remotely normal sounding one is Idunn (pronounced something like Eden) but no one would ever know how to spell or say it …

    Annalaise, I heard about the shooting on the Canadian websites but nothing on the explosion or derailment.

  470. Danae said

    I only had time to look at the pics from the birthday. I would have caught it if I had time to look at the others.

  471. Danae said

    Isn’t it just horrible? Do they have crazy kids that do that in Canada or take out an entire Amish schoolhouse full of girls? It makes me sick.

  472. Danae said

    I mean ok if your unhappy fine. Don’t take everyone else out with you. Not that I am suggested that anyone kill themselves. I have been through that before. Me personally and my mom’s cousin shot himself and his dad. That has been almost 8 years now. He had Parkinsons and couldn’t deal with it.

  473. It is frightening how much violence is in the schools anymore. My niece’s boyfriend is one of the kids that tackled Kip Kinkle from the shooting here in Springfield Oregon. He was shot by the kid, but still managed to bring him down with the help of a friend. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone try to hold on to control as much as Josh did during July 4th fireworks. It was obvious the noise was very painful for him to be around. I try not to worry about my daughter in High School, but these things are always in the back of my mind.

  474. Danae said

    I have to go home now to my little Citizen of the Month. It is raining finally too.

    Ciao bellas!

  475. Maddie Mo said

    Annalaise– My thougths and prayers are with you. I hope you make it home safely.

  476. Danae said

    There in the back of my mind with Amber in school now. Anybody could go in there and start shooting, a mad parent, a fired teacher. We really put our trust in these other people. It is really frightening.

  477. Margaret said

    Dr. DuChat: My prayers are with the people up there. My aunt who lives in Kentucky was displaced by a derailment about a year ago. The railroad people are evil, if you know people up there who have property that was involved tell them to lawyer up early. They have messed around with my aunt until they have worn her down and she’s just about ready to settle. They are going to sanitize her property and sell it to some unsuspecting dupe. And we’re pretty sure the chemicals went into the aquifer.

  478. cdnfreyja said

    Hi Danae,

    Yes, we do have that type of thing here. I think it was 1-year post-Columbine when a kid walked into a small town school in Alberta and shot a classmate. The kid died, the shooter went to jail. The deceased’s father is a minister (the religious kind – we also have the political kind here like in England) and he turned it around and does public speaking engagements and the like on things like bullying, reconciliation, etc. now. They were and are very supportive of the young man who obviously needed help. A very positive thing to come out of such a tragedy.

    Last September (the 13th actually – I had just flown in from Norway, the wedding pictures are up on my flickr account – oh, you’ll get to see snippets of the brothers) a student went to a college campus in Montreal and opened fire. Luckily he killed only one and himself. But the police there were prepared for this type of thing because …

    Back in 1989, December 6th to be exact, (and I remember this one vividly because, as a woman who would shortly be graduating high school, it scared me to death), a man with a hatred of women walked into the Γ‰cole Polytechnique in Montreal, walked into a class of engineering students, told the men to leave and opened fire. He killed 14 young, bright women. One of the first cops to the scene actually found his daughter dead. Now, that was a very bad day and the whole country went into a state of depression. This is the reason why our gun control laws were tightened.

    And in a non-school related incident, in March 2005 a cop-hating guy killed 4 young Mounties in Alberta (and himself). They were all 32 and under, one of whom had just graduated 3 weeks earlier. The whole situation was weird – they can’t figure out how the guy did it. They figure he must have had help because he snuck back on to his property after the Mounties had been staking it out. A couple of guys are on trial for assisting this guy. This was the worst one-day loss of Mounties since 1885 – the whole country had a really hard time with it.

    Okay on to other less depressing things.

  479. DIZEY1 :-) said

    *Laise* No problem many prayers for the school and the derailment. My Mel’s ok though right? How far is her school from where this school is? So sorry very sad news indeed 😦

  480. We had some weird suicide pact going on at our High school last year and lost a couple of truly talented kids to it. It affected everyone in the community. Melanie is still broken up about it. The one boy was her friend. Very tragic.

    Thanks for all your good wishes. I’d just hang around here if I didn’t have to get home and take her back up to the school for another band function. I did tell her to finf a alternate ride just in case.

  481. cdnfreyja said

    Hey Annalaise, I’ll be thinking about you.

  482. Diz Mel’s home safe and sound. Thank God. Her school is in no danger.

  483. Well I’m going to be taking off now. I just heard they reopened Route 2 but I think I’ll still take an alternate down Lakeshore Blvd. Talk to you guys later. Wish me luck.

  484. vampfangrl said

    I’d love to join you for your next get together! But sorry Ms. Gypsy, I have to admit, I AM in beaver-town!

  485. Maddie Mo said

    Well, I am out of here for the night. Thanks to all for the support today. It is much appriciated. I will catch up with you all in the AM.

    Good night and Be Safe!!!

  486. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Maddie, and Dani ya’ll have great evenings and kiss those Beaux’ Bebe’s for Nanny Beth XOXOXOX

    *Doc du Chat * be safe going home and tell My BFF MEL/Harmony Rose I send her good thoughts that none of this will bring her down. So sorry about her friend that’s heart breaking 😦 and here I guess New Orleans isn’t the only place with crime and problems. Catch you later !

  487. cdnfreyja said

    Well ladies, I have to sign off. Have a safe evening. Hopefully tomorrow will be a much better day!

    Ms. Freyja
    Resident Barrister & Solicitor (*new clients always welcome)
    & Resident Canadian
    Rm. 713
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  488. cdnfreyja said

    Uh-oh, I think the blog ate my post.

    Anyway, just wishing you ladies a safe evening. Hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.

    Ms. Freyja
    Resident Barrister & Solicitor (*new clients always welcome)
    & Resident Canadian
    Rm. 713
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  489. cdnfreyja said

    I think I have a gremlin in my ‘puter … *sigh*

  490. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Freyja you have a good evening too! See you tomorrow .

  491. rifkind said

    I am sorry I didn’t get your email about taping BONES until it was too late.
    I have been so busy, and I haven’t had the TV on in over a week!
    When I checked this morning my TiVo was completely FULL.. YIKES! Now what had it deleted???? 😦
    I hope that somebody else on the blog was able to tape the show for you.

    Yikes! The train derailment looks like a real mess on the web picutres. I’m glad to hear that you and your family are safe and OK. Shootings with kids are such a senseless loss of life.

    Maddie Mo,
    { { { H U G S } } }
    Don’t be too hard on your husband. I know that when my IT group of consultants was told that we were being let go in two weeks because there was no $$$ in the next years budget… well, we all went to the bar and had a last drink together. a bit of camaraderie before everyone goes to the trenches of the unknown. I do hope that you get to feeling better soon.. Take those STRESS vitamins, you will need them!

  492. Claire said

    Hey ladies..thank you all for the comments on my kids!
    Maddie Mo…my heart and my prayers go out to you!
    Freyja…your niece is lovely!
    Dani..so Amber! congrats on her being citizen of the month!!! yea Amber!
    Beth..Merci Beaucoupe!
    Dr.DuChat…would you mind emailing me a pic of your girl at homecoming also?I’d love to see a picture of her..she sounds fabulous!
    Anyway..off to try and make dinner,take out trash,walk dog..etc..with my lame hand.

    love yas!

  493. I was looking at Lifetime’s site and under the clips for Blood Ties they had two clips from the new season… One of them being Henry lounging on Vicki’s light table. YUM!

  494. Himmiefan said

    Dani – your sister is adorable!! πŸ™‚

    Claire – is there a way I can make your avatar larger? I want to see the quads!

    Freyja – I can’t begin to imagine what that father went through finding his daughter, just like the father down here who found his son dead after a traffic accident where the police didn’t find the other car and other victims.

    Well, folks, gotta go. Gypsy and I are organizing the Save our Crunchlette campaign. Got picket signs to make. Everyone behave!

  495. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Heading home and thanx Lad A Henry on the light table I looooove it! I like the line she was………different? and Dylan I was gonna go with creepy and freakish ! Ilove them!! I can’t wait Yaaaaaayyyyyyy Friday!!

    See ya’ when I get home πŸ˜€

  496. Okay, I am just dense – I could not find the pictures you were talking about Lady A. Help!

  497. Margaret said

    My prayers with everyone who needs them.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t recall Henry lounging on the light table in DOA. And I love Henry being sexy, just as much as the next gal, but what useful purpose did he serve lounging on the light table, other than being darned sexy?

  498. rifkind said

    Lady A and Dizey,
    WHERE is the picture??
    I looked under Gallary and didn’t see the light table anywhere. . . H E L P ! ! !!

  499. It’s with the videos from the live chat.

  500. cdnfreyja said


    Do you really need to ask that question? In this case, isn’t that purpose enough in itself?

  501. I think he has drawing something as he lounged.

  502. Margaret said

    Its in the previews ladies. Not the picture gallery. Its the second one with Dylan’s face on it.

  503. I think I am going to call it a night. The internet is so slow and keeps locking up on me. I’d take it personally, but everyone around me is complaining about the same thing. Have a good evening, ya’ll. Check in with you tomorrow.

  504. Margaret said

    Do any of you lay on a lighted table when you draw. OMG, gratitous sexyness on Henry’s part. lol

  505. rifkind said

    Lifetime has the a one minute clip from DOA with Steve Bacic in it.. Look at the videos where the “Live Chat” is located

  506. If I had a light table I’d invite Henry over to lie on it while I draw him. Or we could skip the drawing….

  507. Margaret said

    Ok, now if Henry laying on the lighted table is part of the premier episode has Lifetime been cutting and pasting again to make thing appear as they aren’t. I watched DOA and at no time did I see Henry laying on that lighted table.

  508. lwildstar said

    Mags – its the preveiw of the next episode – October 19th – with the skinwalkers – I think –

    well I just wanted to thatnk Diz and Lady A for the heads up – that preveiw wasn’t there when I checked on Monday…

    well got to go

    Love ya guys!

    Wildstar d’Nightwalker
    room 910
    The Blood Ford Clinic

  509. Margaret said

    Would be nice if they said that, and in that case it wouldn’t be the premier episodes, which they’re billing it as.

  510. Nisi said

    Lady Afrodyte – Thanks for the heads up about the clips from the new season. YUM!

    Gypsy – How many to we have from the Portland area?
    Gypsy, Laurel, Vanpfangrl, Elizabeth, me (Nisi), who else?

    Room 917
    Receptionist Extraodinare
    Jewelry Maker
    The Bloody Ford Clinci

  511. Nisi said

    Help! It ate my post – twice!

  512. msgypsy said

    All fixed, Nisi.

    I’m afraid it might be those signature blocks some of us are using causing the system to read them as spam. That’s the only thing I can figure.

  513. Nisi said

    Thanks Gypsy.

  514. Anne said

    Thanks Rifkind,

    But I can’t play any of the clips on LT since I’m outside the US.
    I wish they would put previews up on MSN again.

  515. susana said

    hey ya’ll
    just sent an all round email, did not know if we send email as well as post or waht , been gone long, but just checked in to Room 69 at the clinic, still looks the same as when i left!

  516. Anne said

    The two new previews ARE on http://lifetime.msn.com/ and they played πŸ™‚

  517. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Mag’s that is from Wild Blood episode I think. I read it somewhere who knows but it’s not from DOA. πŸ™‚

  518. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Susana My sista’ where you been?? WE MISSED YOU!!!!! πŸ™‚ 😎 Hey that’s my Suite it’s huge and I’ll have a room mate now. I mean besides Henry! Heee heee so glad to hear from You.

  519. AlisaSG said

    Oooooooowch!! watch out for that sound level on the msn site. It was very LOUD.

    question.. was that the lighted table you’ve all been talking about for the past several months?? (he was all covered up! but yes, drawing something, too — relaxing..) πŸ˜‰

  520. Margaret said

    Did Christina just say he was lounging on it or was lounging on it in various stages of undress (or were we just wishful thinking on that one)?

  521. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Maggie May my sweet I think it was just us in the gutter. πŸ˜‰ I can’t wait cuz’ that ep looks very interesting. Dylan cracks me up he is so funny.

    Well heading to bed, catch ya’ll in the morning!

    Reves doux d’Henri’ XOXOXOXOX Je t’aime beaucoup!

    Beth/Dizey1** Philanthropist **
    Bloody Ford Clinic Suite *69*
    Basement Lounge and Studio
    *Where the Blood Ties Bind* 😎

  522. catcornmom said

    rifkind- Thanks for the avatar tips….hopefully I’ll have one when this posts.

    I’ve been hanging out, just not posting…wasn’t that chat fun last week? It was awesome to see so many of you sista’s hanging out there!! So cool to hear Anne’s voice. Love that accent! I ran home from my daughter’s volleyball game and only missed about the first 10 minutes. I was dragging my daughter out of the school. I was yelling at her, “I don’t want to miss this chat….move it!!!”

    Thanks for the tip on the free DOA download on iTunes. I don’t know what I would do without all of you.

    Well, the kids are needing homework help….got to go put the tutor hat on!!

    room 327
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the blood ties bind

  523. Margaret said

    Well Diz: You can’t blame a girl for hoping, can ya?

  524. catcornmom said

    Now I’m posting logged in from my new blog site…will I have an avatar?

  525. Margaret said

    Of course with Mike still there it would have been a little too hinky for my taste anyhow, and then you’d have to get rid of Vicki too. Picky, picky, I know.

  526. Claire said

    Quick run through before bed!
    Oh Susana…You’ve been missed…welcome back!!!!!!!
    You too catcornmom!
    Himmiefan..scroll up some..I posted a photobucket link..to that pic and others.
    Madonna..I’m so sorry I forgot to email you the synopsis of ER epis..
    Did you know if you go to NBC.com you can watch epis there? If you can’t let me know.
    Anyway I’m sooo tired so Bonne Nuit Je t’aime

    teacher of all things French

  527. Anzia said


    You’ll never get it! So I’ll tell you!!!!!

    I GOT A JOB! *faints for oxygen deprivation*

    OH, LORDY was it a BUSY day! I had 3.75 interviews today! Starting ta 8:30 am (and i’d like to get my hands on that A$$Hole for waking me up and being a jerk to me!) and ending only at 4pm! YEAH! So…ya’ll wanna hear the story of the oddest day of my life??? Sit down…it might take a while…

    So, got a call at 8:30 for a phone pre screening thing. Then at 9 (as i put clothes in the washer) I got a call from Jo-Ann’s to set up an interview (which I have since cancelled). Then at 10:30 I got a call from a woman at a company that i’d never heard of and was rather certain I hadn’t applied to. She was calling from a staffing agency b/c she’d seen my Resume on Monster.com (Which I TOTALLY support now!). 20 minutes later she told me she had the PEEEEEEEERfect job for me and that we should meet. So, about an hour later I walk into her office & she proceeds to tell me about this job. Title: Data Collections. …. Yeah, I freaked out too. I was like NO WAY am I doing THAT again. But, i listened to the description and was like…”well, it’s not TOTALLY the same. We’ll give them a chance to hear more about it.” So, I left there armed with directions to the Co. but no definite interview time as I headed off to my interview for TGI Fridays.

    Now, oddest interview you’ve ever had…well it MIGHT compare to this. I get there and no one had told the manager that I was coming. SO, he was doing orientation for 3 new hires. He decided he was going to see how I reacted under pressure and had the three new hires interview me WITH him. SO, i’m sitting in front of the firing squad & I was as COOOOOOOOOOOOL as a cucumber (and how exactly cool are they btw?). They kept asking the same question over and over and over again so…it was a bit easy to answer. So, after all of that I get into the car and drive home. Mind you, it’s now after 2 and I have yet to eat and all I want to do is go home, sit down, relax and get some FOOOD. But i’m waiting for Gerilyn (the girl from the staffing agency) to call and tell me if I have an interview for the Data Collections Job.

    I got home and JUST as I threw my trash from lunch away my phone goes *ring*ring* I have an interview at 3:30. It’s 3:05 at this point. *looooooooong sigh* So, I jump in the car & Follow the directions. WHICH did not tell me that there were 2 entrances to the Corp. Park w/ big signs and that I needed to go into the SECOND one not the first. So, I was searching for 10 minutes for a building that you can’t see (let alone get to) from the road I was on. Oi! So, AT exactly 3:30 I pull into Novum. As I get out of my car, my cellphone rings. It’s Janet from Wes Morrison (sp?) and she saw my resume on Monster.Com and was interested in me taking a positoin in their Legal department. (Yeah…i’m about frazzled at this point after NO NIBBLES for a week…WAHH!)

    I schedule her to call back at 11am tom. (which I forgot until later) and walk into my interview (2 minutes late). The interview lasted 10 minutes. In that 10 minutes i KNEW that I was going to be offered the job and that I would take it. It’s another call center job but it’s business to business to get contact information on who to send promotional material for Novum. Novum (if you don’t know) is a glass and steel architecture/construction company. So, I’m calling other architects & Contractors to find out their Research Librarian’s contact info & email. Setting up & updating the data base for that. Right now it’s a 2 month temp deal that will probably become perminant (there’s a STRONG chance of that happening) and when it does I’ll be doing research and such as well. I’m not in a Customer Service or Collections department. I’m working in the Marketing & Sales department. I’m also the replacement Receptionist when needed. SOOOO the breadth of experience i’m getting is AMAZING! AND they’re paying me $1.50 more an HOUR THAN KOHLS WAS!

    So, I start on monday. It’s 8-5pm, mon-fri. So i’m on a normal people schedule now. SO excited. I guess when the HR rep from Novum called Gerilyn about me the first words out of her mouth were “She’s AWESOME!” I feel this could be the beginning of a beeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeful working relationship. ^_^ *does happy dance*

    On a more serious note:

    Maddie & ‘Laise- ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))) I’m so sorry you guys. You both have my prayers and my love.

    Where exactly is the live chat at? I’ve looked and can’t find it…i REALLY wanna see henry on that table!

  528. Anzia said

    Doc Z
    Behavioral Therapist & Product Manager
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Room 514

  529. AlisaSG said

    just a thought for if anyone has ideas on where BLOOD TIES might get shipped to should LIFETIME bail out..

    possibly USA network. πŸ˜‰
    because it seems to like humor blended with its various programs.
    They’ve got Monk and Psych, and long ago had QUANTUM LEAP (and yes, there was a vampire ep on there titled “BLOOD MOON”.. arrrroooooooo! =)
    I’d suggest TBS also, but I’m not sure about which types of programming they prefer, and it depends on which way the *spirits* (spirited winds of “religion” or spiritual things) are blowing..
    (and also, since I’ve heard that Ted Turner is an atheist? so his programs tend to reflect his spiritual mood swings?)

    ANYWAYs… regarding SCI-FI channel vs. LIFETIME
    (I say *PROCEED WITH CAUTION* next to “don’t even GO there! eeeeek!!!!”)

    The harder core Sci-Fi channel viewers do not like humor. They’ve been bashing Stargate into the ground ever since BSG stepped into the picture. And as for the horror and gore factor — They merely want to be satiated in something — and I’m not sure what that *something* is. Also, I heard a rumbling of a rumor — that some folks want the Sci-Fi channel to go Bye-Bye as soon as SG-Atlantis is done with its 5th season (if there is one).

    If that becomes a true reality — BT will die with the sinking titanic Sci-Fi channel..! and WE DON’T WANT THAT TO HAPPEN, *right??*

  530. AlisaSG said

    Congratulations!!!! that sounds really *cool*.. and flexible in variety, too! πŸ˜€

  531. Margaret said

    Anzia: Congratulations! Way to go.

  532. Margaret said

    Anzia: Videos, shows, then hit Blood Ties. You’ll see the previews and after that you’ll be able to see pictures of Kyle and Christina (that’s part of the live chat, its been cut).

  533. rifkind said

    Hey Anzia!
    Congratulations! This sounds so much better than killing your soul in collections. Wow! What a crazy day! Now they are all going to WANT you!

    Go to this link
    and then under CHANNEL NAVIGATION click on Shows –> Blood Ties

  534. rifkind said

    I posted the link to the videos at LT, but we will have to wait for MsGypsy or Diz to set the post FREE. . . . and congrats again!

  535. vicki said

    COngrats girl!!! I knew you could do it!!! WHOO HOOO!!!

    As a teacher…let me say that every time I hear or see on the news a “school shooting”….I sit and without thinking about it….see the faces of the students in my building that I feel could do the same…what is scary is that I can pick about 5 or 6 of them that if something did happen…it wouldnt shock me.

    And THAT shocks me!!! I look at these poor kids and try to figure out what goes on in their lives that would make them like they are…and that scares me too. What could bring them to the point that violience of that magnitude would be nesscary>??? I usually end up with a headache..and then I try not to think about it.

    My husband has offered to buy me a bullet proof vest for my birthday….but I dont think my principal would appreciate it..

    My thoughts and prayers are with those students…and especially the ones who have survived.

    BLoody Ford Clinic
    Suite 29

  536. Nisi said

    I just found DOA on Comcast on demand available NOW!

  537. himmiefan said

    Yeah Anzia!!!! Congratulations!! πŸ™‚

  538. himmiefan said

    Claire – I love your pictures!! The quads are adorable as is Josie!! πŸ™‚

    Hey Catcornmom!

  539. AlisaSG said

    jeeeze!! it seemed to take forever to get thru ONE ep! (DOA)
    yahoo! kept locking up every few minutes near the end !!!!
    banging on the *cursor* (hmmm, appropriate lingo??!!!!) didn’t help, either!

    can’t wait til Friday.. I’ll put up with blocking the commercials to speed repeat viewings up a tad..!

    that dang hat! maybe I’ll record Flash Gordon’s eppy on tape too with this ep of Blood ties, so I can have Steve Bacic and Coreen back to back!!
    more later…! πŸ˜€

  540. Arrowyn said

    Catch-up time. Or as much as I can before I fall over in a dead heap. I know I’m going to forget someone, so I apologize in advance for that.

    Annalaise – I was so sorry to hear your news today. I hope you got home safely. I’ve been thinking about you all day.

    Oregonians — If some of you are getting together this weekend, please let me know when and where. I may have to work one or both days (3rd weekend in a row), but if I can break away in time, I’d like to meet with you.

    Claire – Is your hand feeling better? Of course, posting here probably isn’t helping it. But there ARE priorities! Right?

    Maddie Mo – I hope you will feel better soon. It sucks knowing you HAVE to work when you feel icky. Positive thoughts to you and your family.

    Danae – Your Amber sounds amazing! You must be so proud!

    Lady A? I think it was you – Thanks for the info about the preview clips. At least in the clip, having Henry lounge on the light table like he did was SO gratuitous and unnecessary. Yeah, right! The lines of his body! Oy!

    And last, but definitely not least — ANZIA GOT A JOB! Congratulations! I knew you could do it.

  541. Arrowyn said

    Alisa – Aren’t you the one who likes Steve Bacic so much? I’ve seen him in several things (mostly Andromeda), and never really warmed to him. Didn’t dislike him, just could appreciate his acting skills, but nothing much more. But then I watched DOA. Much, much better. Or maybe it’s because I like the biker bad boy look. Whatever! He really got to chew scenery in that episode. You have good taste.

  542. Arrowyn said

    And speaking of DOA (no spoilers) – I watched it (I was going to say “yesterday”, but I’m not sure. My days are running together) – anyway, I watched it. Well, at least I watched the parts with Henry in them. May I have a show of hands of anyone who would like to join me in bringing back Norman so he can take Coreen away? I feel like there should have been another episode between #12 and #13 setting that scene up.

  543. Arrowyn said

    Told you. Catch up.

    Nisi, was it you who asked who the Oregonians are? Someone did. In case no one answered you yet – Me, Gypsy, Laurel, Elizabeth, Moonbeam, Vampfangrl (Hi. I’m in Beaverton, too), and you. I think that’s all. I can hear the mutters from the rest of the US saying, “That’s quite enough”. Hope to meet you and Vampfangrl soon.

  544. Margaret said

    Ladies: During the live chat did I hear Christina called Klye Peanut when he was talking about splitting his head open?

  545. rifkind said

    Oh Margaret,
    I will use ANY excuse to watch the “Live Chat” again. . Thanks I will have to do that NOW! LOL!!!

  546. AlisaSG said

    >>Alisa – Aren’t you the one who likes Steve Bacic so much?…
    >>You have good taste.

    Actually, it’s someone else I know who likes him. I tease that person about it on another web site.. πŸ˜›

    And it’s Anne who has a special web site devoted just for Steve Bacic.
    Official Steve Bacic site-

    Official Steve Bacic fansite forums-

    lots of nice (and some rather interesting) photos on there.. πŸ˜‰

  547. lwildstar said

    Congrats Anzia – knew you could do it!

    Laurel – saw your post – I’ll keep and eye out for it

    this is another quick morning – so I’ll talk at you later! I’m falling so far behind in posts!

    Wildstar d’Nightwalker
    room 910
    The Blood Ford Clinic

  548. Margaret said

    Yes, lwildstar, I think she said, Oh Peanut…..

  549. Annalaise duChat said

    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick check in to let you all know that I made it home safe and sound and with relatively little difficulty. The fire burned well into to the night with a black billowing column of smoke covering most of the eastern horizon. I guess they just decided to let it burn itself out.The stink was intense, even by my house.

    No word yet on my husband’s co-worker daughter. I’ll keep you posted.

    Sorry I didn’t get a photo of the T-shirt yet. My daughter was hiding the digital camera somewhere in her room, and frankly I didn’t have time to look for it. I had to drive up to the school three times last night because somebody forgot their band polo shirt, and would have gotten a punishment for showing up unprepared.

    I know, I know. Consequences. But I just can’t say no in those situations. My bad.

    Thanks for all your well wishes and prayer. You guys are the best!


  550. lwildstar said

    hey – just popped over to LT they updated the picture on the Blood Ties page so that now Vicki is standing next to Henry! sigh…..

    ok must run

  551. Cree said

    Margaret, I noticed the Peanut comment the first time I watched it. I thought it was so cute. Those two are adorable together!

  552. lwildstar said

    Mags – that was Rif who asked – but yes she did call him Peanut – oh that wwas so cute!

    I was miffed that they cut the whole thing out about Cali taking over Kyles trailer…his sweet baby!

    now I must run

  553. cdnfreyja said

    Good morning ladies,

    Man, am I wiped. I volunteered for my candidate in yesterday’s provincial election campaign (he lost) and I didn’t get home until quite late. Imagine the largest state population-wise with the largest or second-largest economy and you’ll get an idea about Ontario. Then I had to call home to see if an election was called back home – yep. That one I’m definitely worried about.

    No matter how many elections my sister and I went through growing up (and into our 20s) we never really managed to separate our emotional selves from the whole process. My parents are the same way, which is probably why my dad never went further than municipal politics. I know my sister and I are going to have knots in our stomachs over the next 28 days. And it is worse for my sister because if there is a change in government she could lose her job. Needless to say, I’m operating on about 5 hours of sleep and I have to pretend I’m coherent today.

    Maddie – I heard GREAT news last night. There is a tentative agreement, right? If that is approved, that would have to be one of the shortest strikes on record.

    vicki – my dad is a retired high school teacher. He would be able to pick out those 5-6 kids too. I never thought too much of it growing up and going to school there because that stuff hadn’t happened yet. But I grew up in a farming town and guns were very readily available – every farm had them.

    Luckily the kids usually took out their anger on their teachers either by acting out in school or by doing stupid things like egging their houses at Halloween. As a little kid it scared the crap out of me – so I don’t have much fondness for that day. Toiletpapering the trees – I was never scared about that as a kid, it was just funny and completely harmless. But getting kids climbing up on the teacher’s roof to try to scare them and the teacher living next door, that was just uncalled for. And I had to go to school with these kids the next day …

  554. jpbaci1 said


  555. prtfvr said

    Z: Way to go! Isn’t it nice to be wanted? Enjoy the glow!

    Vicki: What a thing to worry about. Kids scare me on a good day but then, I live in Baltimore which is second only to Detroit in being the murder capitol of the country. We USED to be known for horse racing and crabs but this seems to be taking over.

    To everyone else having bad times: I’m so sorry! Virtual *hugs* to everyone! This too shall pass. That’s what I tell myself when things are bad. Hopefully you’ll pay more attention to that advice than I do. πŸ™‚

  556. Margaret said

    Ladies: I’m confused. They have posted DOA on the full episodes. Are they going to lead with DOA or another episode? Are they trying to get people not to watch?

  557. Maddie Mo said

    Good Morning all!

    I still feel like crap today, and I still had to come to work today cause I have a lunch and a meeting this afternoon. However, {does happy dance} the UAW and Chrysler have reached a tenative agreement and Dale is back to work. I appriciate you all listening to my freak out yesterday even if it was a bit pre-mature. Althougth I didn’t know that at the time.

    Anzia— Congrats on the job!!!

  558. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good Morning, Buongiorno Daniela ! Bonjour Mes Amis! πŸ˜‰

    **Z** My Fabulous lil’ Sista’ You’ve been using The Secret haven’t you πŸ˜€ Great Manifesting !!! Congrat’s but I had no doubt that you would get something that YOU wanted to do. YAYYYYY for you I love Ya! and am soooo happy for you! YOU ROCK!!! 😎

    Rif I dug into the chum bucket and set your little guy free πŸ˜‰ My first one.

    Maggie May, I heard the peanut remark but kinda missed how she meant it didn’t really get it at first.

    Prtfvr, I thought N.O. was the big crime capitol but it seems that they must tell each of us that on the news everyday. I’ve taken my Secret advice and stopped watching the news, I feel much better and lighter since I don’t listen to the sad and depressing crapola.

  559. Danae said

    Buongiorno Bellas!

    Anzia-Congrats! I hope this one works out.

    Maddie-I heard about the tentative agreement. Hope all that works out too.

    Margaret-They are starting with DOA tomorrow. OMG ! TOMORROW!

    Rifkind-I did notice the Oh Peanut when he was talking about his split open head. I thought it was so cute. They really seem comfortable together. I love that.

  560. Arrowyn said

    I saw this book in my Web travels and thought of us. The reviews and comments are a kick! The more I read, the more I was reminded of us.

    Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby? (True Adventures in Cult Fandom)


  561. laurel said

    Whew! I made it to the blog and think I’m pertty much caught up here.
    Welcome Vampfangirl. I can’t believe we snagged another Oregonian from this county. What is up with that? We are a friendly lot and perhaps a little… out there. Some of us have been known to go into a computer store and log all of the computers into lifetime to run episodes of BT. (I wonder who that could be?)
    PDX group – I have no idea if I will be able to get together this weekend. I am beginning to panic about the birthday party with all those 12/13 year old girls. What the heck do we do with them for 5 hours? Pizza and games…. cake and gifts… Start praying the weather holds so I can send them all to the park if it gets too crazy!
    Moonbeam – if you read this today please give me a call!
    Arrowyn – that book looks interesting. We should go look at it and see if it as good as advertised.
    Congratulations Anzia!!!!!!
    Maddie Mo – I hope you feel better quickly.
    Claire and Gypsy – how are the injured hands today?
    Everybody – By golly, we’ve just about made it!
    I reminded all the high school girls who were here last night about Friday at 11pm. Sent them off with stencils for pumpkins and showed them my copy of Dr. duChat’s comic. They are jazzed now!

    Later my lovelies, I have painting to do and a house to clean. I will try to drop back in around my lunchtime.

  562. Anzia – Congrats, kiddo! It sounds like your day was quite an adventure!

    Maddie Mo – Thank goodness the strike looks to be ending! I know that has to be an incredible relief for you!

    I found the previews and absolutely adore Henry lying on that lighted table. He looks like a big sleek cat to me – all grace and muscle. Damn, I’m drooling all over my keyboard! Tomorrow, Ladies – OMG I don’t know how I am going to manage to be at work. I am already bouncing off walls thinking about the show starting back up! *deep calming breath*

  563. cdnfreyja said

    elizabeth, the workers should be finished with my renos tomorrow. I think someone else needed them but I can’t remember who.

    So, guess what this means? You get to do another round of interviews! (Thought you’d like that one!)

  564. nina said

    Hi BlogFamily

    Guess what! I saw DOA *Doing HAPPY dance*
    I was afraid to come here, ’cause I know that I would not be able not to talk about it, but I can’t take it any more!!!
    It was just great to see Henry on the screen again!
    Can’t wait to talk about it!

    Congratulations Di!!!!!!! That sounds like a really crazy day, but now you can just sit and relax until Monday πŸ™‚

  565. Freyja – I hope the workers did satisfactory work and provided the visual feast I intended? Darn, you mean I have to interview again???!!! For my blood sisters I will make the sacrifice and put myself πŸ˜‰ through the grouling marathon of interviews for hunky – ahem – I mean qualified men πŸ™‚

  566. Maddie Mo said

    You know what I don’t like about BT new night?? I used to love coming in on Monday mornings ( now I know I should have been working but hey we all should be) and blogging about Sundays episodes. I just don’t have the time or the ISP ( i’m still in Dail -up hell) to be able to really blog on the weekends. By they time I get here on Monday ya’ll will be done talking about all the little things differnt things that we noticed that others might not have. 😦

  567. I am so with you, Maddie Mo. I don’t have a computer at home *hangs head* and by the time Monday rolls around all the initial excitement will have passed.

  568. cdnfreyja said

    Hey Maddie, I’ll still be 4 weeks behind all of you.

    elizabeth, the place looks great – and I have that super kitchen I wanted. Now I just have to get everything moved in. No new episodes of BT for me until Tuesday so I have time this weekend! πŸ˜‰

    Who is up next for renos? Dizey? You still need that lounge built? Or did your place come like that?

  569. nina said

    Maddie Mo – I know I don’t have that much time in the weekends too. But don’t worry I’ll give you a summary of the things said here πŸ™‚ I won’t miss a thing πŸ˜‰

  570. lwildstar said

    Caught up on the emails but still not caught up on the blog! you guys are just getting way ahead of me!

    I did a print screen of the shott of henry on the light table – ooo yummy! there was another shot I was trying to catch but I’m not fast enough and Mikes back keeps getting the way – so i gave up 😦

    Well I am haveing a horrendous day on top of a horrendous week so before I start venting I am going to log off….

    (((HUGS))) to every one!

  571. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Maddie, Nina, *E*, Freyja,

    I will never grow tired or weary of talking about Henry/ Blood Ties so fear not my sista’s O’ Blood I will be here to chat with you whenever you can get here. πŸ˜€

    Freyja , yeah the Lounge could use some renov’s state of the art equip and all. So send on those scantily clad construction workers, a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Oh please make sure they have six packs like the magnifique Kyle and are cut and ripped please. No Butt cracks please πŸ˜› 8-

  572. vampfangrl said

    Is anyone else having problems getting into the lifetime web site this morning? my microsoft globe just keeps spinning and the page never loads.

    Maybe they are updating the site to give us some good news!!

  573. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Vampfangrl, sorry to say I went there a little while ago and no problems, also no surprises YET! Make sure you definietly post on the blog when you get in though, we sure want LT to know how antsy we are and blog away peeps 😎

  574. cdnfreyja said

    Hey Dizey, I saw no butt cracks so I think elizabeth did a good job in screening based on that criteria. Plus I think most of them spend a lot of time playing sports in their off time so I think you’re safe on the six pack.

    And I have to add that I’m really enjoying the olives on my salad today, ladies! πŸ˜‰ Yet another thing that will have a totally different connotation at family gatherings. (I’m an olive fiend so there MUST be olives every time.)

    My new friend at work (just started here a month ago) who is #2 in line to view my taped episodes says she can see us totally degenerating at work … oh, for example, she said “I can see us coming in to the office the day after a new episode and saying ‘did you see x last night’ or ‘what about that’,” followed by us taking over the office boardroom and the power point projector to point out EXACTLY what we really enjoyed from the previous night’s episode. And this from a woman who hasn’t even seen it yet. She’s going to need to check in at the clinic.

  575. Maddie Mo said

    Nina & Dizey– Thanks guys for keeping me in the loop on what goes on on the weekends. I know everyone will still be talking on Monday mornin. I’m just gonna miss the fresh new excited never been talked about stuff that will happen late Friday/ early Saturday. Maybe, since the shortest strike in history is over, I can talk the hubby into getting satalite internet. We live in the country and it is either dial- up or satalite. I can’t wait till we get DSL out our way.

  576. nina said

    I just saw the previews on msn. Is that for next week?
    He looks yummy on that table…just one thing missing..ME!

  577. Claire said

    Bonjour mes amis!
    Himmiefan…Thank you!
    Arrowyn…It’s getting better..funny Nikki threatened to yell at all of you..my hand was really hurting last night…she came in on teacher mode…started cleaning taking out the trash…cleaned up after dinner…then came upstairs and found me on the computer!
    LOL!! She was like”Hows your hand supposed to get better..do I need to tell the girls to stop emailing you!” for a split second I was like Woah “I’m the parent”
    But today it feels much better!
    What did I miss…lighted table?where?
    excuse me while I break into song and do a little jig!
    un plus de jour, un plus de jour, un plus de jour, et mes retours d’homme !
    le dire avec moi, un plus de jour !
    One more day..yeeehaaaa!
    going over to peruse the LT blog..back later!

  578. Madonna said

    Hi y’all!

    Seems like the busy never stops here. We’re launching a new book that goes to press tomorrow and the boss won’t even be here.

    Maddie Mo,
    I’m sorry that you still feel so crummy. Hopefully you feel better soon. And here’s hoping that tentative agreement will become a permanent one. Things’ll be alright, but if you ever need a shoulder, I know there’s gotta be 60- 80 of ’em here.

    Oh and I wouldn’t worry about the excitement dying off by Mondays. We’ve managed to last 5 months on the same twelve. You’ll still have plenty of fun.

    Congratulations! You rock girl! You’ve got skills and people want ’em.

    Hi Nina,

    You’re quads are really adorable! And no I didn’t know that you can watch ER online. I’ll have to check that out to see.

    You’re nieces are just too cute. My niece Harley went from baby to eight yr old in no time flat.

    When I heard about the shootings and the train derailment in Cleveland this morning I immediately thought of you. I’m glad you’re OK. My prayers are with everyone in your community.

    BTW… I sent you an email last night. Did you get it? Any suggestions for me?

    Hi there! How are you?

    Things break in every home. You’ll need to pick out a few of those “handy men” as full time maintenance men. Do you think you can handle it? If not, I can help. Oh and I’ll need a great ventilation system put into the candle shop.

    Hi Nina,
    Hi Susana,
    Welcome back!!!!!!

    33 hrs and 42 min. girls!!!! Deep breaths now…… We can make it.

  579. Madonna said

    I don’t know what kind of problems you’ve got going on…. but ((((((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))))))) to you!

  580. cdnfreyja said

    I went over to the MSN site – yes! I can actually see these videos. Ha! No geo-locking this time.

    Okay ladies, I must really be tired. Yes, interesting way to work the light table into the scene … and from all the build up from you ladies I thought there would be slightly less clothing involved … But you know what really got me excited (and this is why I’m saying I must be really tired)? The fact that they got the Ontario driver’s license correct! Except that’s a photocopy and the real ones are blue. Yes, I’m a total dweeb today.

    And then I got all excited over the character’s name (I actually rewound the video and paused it to make sure I actually heard that right): Bannock. Who ever thought to name a character after a staple of the Aboriginal diet? Like I said, I’m a dweeb today.

    Madonna, my niece is turning into a total imp, by the way. I told my mom, ‘well that is what my sister gets as pay back for being such a mischievous child’.

  581. lwildstar said

    Thanks Madonna – its just the same old same old at work – I’m the ony support staff in today (this week) so I’m getting dumped on – last week they almost had me in tears! not this week – I won’t let them get to me that way again…

    MSN previews? are they differnt than the LT ones? post a link please – I can’t find them…


  582. Madonna – Maintenance men *scratches head and peers at clip board* Ah, yes, I have a note here about that. Six packs *not a reference to beer ;)* got it. I will go back and pick the best of the best for those coveted positions πŸ˜‰ Now, ladies, no breaking things on purpose, k?

    lwildstar – sorry your day/week has been bad. I hope it gets better.

  583. nina said

    thanks Madonna

  584. Hey, I just went over to Lifetime and the clip with Henry on the lighted table has been removed! Drat!

  585. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Going to grab something for lunch and I’ll check back a little later 😎

  586. lwildstar said

    Thanks E….

    Laurel! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! My goodies just arrived! oh you are too sweet! one of the post its fell off – the one that says “I live here”.
    So now I am all cheered up – as long as no one gets on my nerves today!

    I just keep repeating “its almost Friday – I’ll see Henry soon” ok yes I watched the yahoo thing – but the tv is bigger!

    ok I must run!

  587. Claire said

    My Darling Z..Sorry I forgot before! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Madonna..Thank You! and yes I missed Luca and Abby getting married last season so I watched it online! Nikki knows all the tricks! LOL!!

    Anyway..my stomach is complaining…must go forage in my fridge!
    Be back later!


  588. Danae said

    Hey guys I decided to create a free flickr account. I can’t hold much but I will try and rotate the pictures out and put new ones up.


    Madonna-That isn’t my niece. Technically she is my sister but I more like a mother to her.

  589. Madonna said

    (Slaps head!) Duh! Forgive me! I don’t know why I said that. I knew Amber was your sister. I just had a bit of a brain lapse there.

    (Geez – sometimes I make myself sound like I don’t read anything anyone says. I promise I do though.)

  590. prtfvr said

    D.O.A.: And yeah verily, after Blood Ties premieres tomorrow night, we shalt meet at the Hen House and discuss smiting Coreen on the head. So it is written, so it is done.

  591. cdnfreyja said

    Totally unrelated to BT – my employer has finally recognized that it would be a good idea for me to be a notary! So he’s going to pay for it. I can’t wait to get my fancy little seal!

    And now back to BT related topics …

  592. prtfvr said

    Congrats Freyja! Maybe this week will actually end on a high note for a change! πŸ™‚

  593. prtfvr said

    Hey ‘laise, I turned off the archive feature on Hen’s. Check it out and let me know if you can still see it.

  594. cdnfreyja said

    Hey prtfvr, I certainly hope so. I’m dying from not getting enough sleep over the past month or so and can’t wait for the weekend … except, we have to show up on Saturday because it is the organization’s presidential election weekend.

    I know I had a 2-week vacation at the end of August but geez … I need another one.

    Now back to writing articles for our stellar twice a year publication.

  595. Annalaise duChat said

    Hey Madonna — I didn’t get your email. What do you need help with?

  596. Annalaise duChat said

    Prtfvr — What do you mean archive feature? What am I supposed to be looking for?

  597. prtfvr said

    The chat room. Jeez, don’t tell me I asked the wrong person. I’m SO senile!

  598. DIZEY1 :-) said

    I think it was Rif πŸ™‚

  599. prtfvr said

    Freyja: I had a two week vacation in August too – I swear it feels like it never happened.

  600. prtfvr said

    Well crap! Senior moment number 99!

  601. Madonna said

    I just shot you another email.

  602. Annalaise duChat said

    This just posted on Lifetime blog:

    Hey all you DIE HARD FANS of this show go VOTE for BLOOD TIES as The Best TV Show Of All Time… It’s NOT in the Top 40 YET but you can go back and vote every 60 minutes… The link is at http://richlabonte.net/tvvote/nominations.html PLEASE take a minute to go vote for OUR FAVORITE SHOW… Who knows it MIGHT help LT make a decision to renew for MORE episodes than the first 22 they are giving us… Thanks Hula for this link… YBTB Angie from the DP…

    Let’s give our support to this one too!

  603. msgypsy said

    Prtfvr, how are we wet coasters supposed to join the Henhouse chat since we won’t get the show here until long after you’ve gone to your sweet Henry (or whoever you lust after) dreams? Hmmmmmph. I’m feeling totally left out!

    I overslept this morning. Did I say oversleep? That’s not a strong enough term. I woke up with 15 minutes to get dressed, get the dog fed (and petted) and get to work. I have a 45 minute commute. Needless to say, this is my first chance at the blog all day.

    I watched that ep of Bones that had Christina in it and I must say that show disappointed me. (Squicked me, too, but that’s a different matter.) The regular characters didn’t interest me much and there was no effort made in the script for the guest characters to establish personalities. I mean, Christina’s character changed so many times I wondered if Norman had gotten involved. And the main plot was so superficially handled and wrapped up so uneventfully it bored me. But she did look HOT in that outfit!

    Okay, WashCo (I do live on an easy route to parts of WashCo so I’ll be nice about it…) how does late Sunday afternoon sound? We could meet at someplace addictive like Powells (anyone watch “The Colbert Report?” If so, you’ll know why Powells deserves a big grin…) or someplace safe like a Starbucks NOT inside a Barnes & Noble (even though I detest their coffee) or someplace comfy like the Black Bear Diner in Beaverton? (http://www.blackbeardiner.com/loc/beaverton.html) Dameon the chef and father of my godsdaughter Rhiannon says they’re really good. (And the menu includes a sugar free peach cobbler made with Splenda which makes me very, very happy….)

  604. Good grief, msgypsy, a place was finally mentioned that I know how to get to without a problem! I have actually been to the Black Bear diner and had lunch. It was pretty darn good! I’m up for it, how about the rest of the Portland Posse??

  605. Danae said

    I have to scoot now ladies. Have to go watch Johnathan while Kim is at bible class. Chat atcha tomorrow.

    Ciao Bellas.

  606. Danae said

    Department head of all things magical and therapeutic: specializing in vanquishing potions
    Rm 625
    The Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties bind

  607. Arrowyn said

    msgypsy – Sunday afternoon is great for me (so far). I will always vote for someplace where we can sit down and chat, instead of a wandering place like a bookstore. I don’t know the Black Bear Diner, but I’ll find it. 4pm?

  608. Margaret said

    Dr. DuChat: Where? I don’t see it.

  609. Arrowyn said

    I think I need a rest. I just posted this on the previous blog. Sheesh!

    Just in case you’re a fan of Anjelica Huston (gypsy?) β€” The upcoming season of MEDIUM will feature Oscar winner Anjelica Huston in a six-episode arc, playing Cynthia Keener, an investigator for a national firm called Ameritips who strikes an unusual bargain with Allison Dubois (Patricia Arquette).

  610. Annalaise duChat said

    Margaret — You have to type it in.

  611. Maddie Mo said

    I need a title. I have no title.

  612. Arrowyn said

    Talk at you later, ladies. My In boxes (yes, that’s plural – I have 3) are filling up. I need to concentrate on work now – like I didn’t do this morning.

  613. Margaret said

    Dr. DuChat: I found it on the other blog. Copied it to the other LT Blog and said it had been posted elsewhere..

  614. cdnfreyja said

    Hey Maddie,

    Make it up as you go. That’s what I’m doing anyway. I know mine will eventually morph into something else at some point.

    Have you guys heard the details of the contract offer?

  615. Margaret said

    They have too many blogs over there. They should narrow it down to two. One for Tanya and one for the BT blog. Right now I think there are about 3.

  616. Maddie Mo said


    Well, I’m sure my husband has heard the detail but I haven’t talked to him today, which is quite odd cause he usually calls me at least once durning the day. Hummmm??? Guess with all the hoopla going on he has been busy. He is an alternate shop steward, which is an elected union job but he only does it when the actual shop steward is off, so I imagine he will know all the details. I should know more when I get home. Of course he is going to want to talk about it during Grey’s Anatomy and that will mean won’t actually hear him (who could listen to him with McDreamy and McSteamy on the TV) . So I won’t know anymore tomorrow than I know now. LOL

  617. nina said

    Annalaise – just voted!

  618. cdnfreyja said

    Hi Maddie,

    Hopefully the offer is good. It must be if the union and employer agreed to a tentative agreement so quickly. My mom went though a couple of strikes herself and my dad came close to walking out in 1990. I actually articled at a law firm that represented employees and unions. So … I bet you can guess where I fall politically. πŸ˜‰

  619. Maddie Mo said

    Ok got to go pick up my Lil’ one. Hopefully her time with auntie Rhonda ( who keeps her for me while I work) has improved he mood, cause she was not a happy baby this morning. But mayb that was just me. Hopefully the sore throat and stuffy head magically disapper while I’m sleeping tonight.

    Catch ya’ll tomorrow. And tomorrow night we get our Hot Sexy Vamp. Yippy!!

    Regional Sales and Marketing Midwest Region
    Rooms 821 & 822
    The Bloody Ford Clinic

  620. prtfvr said

    Aww gypsy honey, we’ll still be online. I’m pretty sure. πŸ™‚

    BTW, what’s a “wet coaster” and, do I really want to know? πŸ˜‰

    Voting for BT as the best show of all time: I can’t do that. The X-Files is the best show of all time. I can’t betray Mulder and Scully that way. πŸ™‚

  621. Margaret said

    Prtfvr: X-Files has no chance of coming back, how about giving Blood Ties some love right now. We’ll know that X-Files is your favorite show of all time but BT needs help now.

  622. Margaret said

    For Anyone Having a Blood Ties Party Tomorrow remember to read the following: You might be able to win something. I got this as an alert from Blood Ties Bloodlines:

    Hello Everyone,

    It’s the Eve of the return of Blood Ties!
    Bloodlines is organizing viewing parties to recruit
    more viewers to improve our chances of staying on the
    air! So far, we have 7 confirmed parties.

    It’s not too late to ask a friend to watch the show
    with you! Details are below…

    Blood Ties returns to Lifetime on Friday, October 12th
    after a 5-month Hiatus. It’s time to bring the fans
    back and recruit new viewers with a Party! We all know
    that you are going to watch the show anyways, so why
    not invite some friends to join you?

    As a special thank you for increasing the chances that
    the show and our site will be around for many more
    seasons, Barbi, Marie and I would like to offer each
    Party Host an autographed Headshot of Dylan Neal!
    http://www.bloodtie s-bloodlines. com/gallery/ displayimage. php?pid=1567&fullsize=1

    All you have to do is take a photo of your group with
    our special flyer
    http://www.bloodtie s-bloodlines. com/images/ partyflyer. jpg
    and email me your contact details so I can post your
    photo and mail you the gift.

    We know this is short notice so we leave the small
    details to you but the message board is a great way to
    exchange ideas. With Halloween just around the corner,
    the stores are full of vampire goodies to make your
    party extra special.

    If you are planning a party, even if it’s just you and
    one friend, that’s one more viewer, so please let
    Jessie know if you want to be a host before October
    11th at
    la_femme_fanatic@ yahoo.com

    Fast Facts
    What: Blood Ties TV Viewing Parties
    When: Friday, October 12th
    Why: Recruit Viewers!

    Questions, Comments, Concerns – Contact Jessie at
    la_femme_fanatic@ yahoo.com
    Let’s Party for a Good Cause!

    Barbi, Marie and Jessie

  623. Margaret said

    Hello Everyone,

    It’s the Eve of the return of Blood Ties!
    Bloodlines is organizing viewing parties to recruit
    more viewers to improve our chances of staying on the
    air! So far, we have 7 confirmed parties.

    It’s not too late to ask a friend to watch the show
    with you! Details are below…

    Blood Ties returns to Lifetime on Friday, October 12th
    after a 5-month Hiatus. It’s time to bring the fans
    back and recruit new viewers with a Party! We all know
    that you are going to watch the show anyways, so why
    not invite some friends to join you?

    As a special thank you for increasing the chances that
    the show and our site will be around for many more
    seasons, Barbi, Marie and I would like to offer each
    Party Host an autographed Headshot of Dylan Neal!
    http://www.bloodtie s-bloodlines. com/gallery/ displayimage. php?pid=1567&fullsize=1

    All you have to do is take a photo of your group with
    our special flyer
    http://www.bloodtie s-bloodlines. com/images/ partyflyer. jpg
    and email me your contact details so I can post your
    photo and mail you the gift.

    We know this is short notice so we leave the small
    details to you but the message board is a great way to
    exchange ideas. With Halloween just around the corner,
    the stores are full of vampire goodies to make your
    party extra special.

    If you are planning a party, even if it’s just you and
    one friend, that’s one more viewer, so please let
    Jessie know if you want to be a host before October
    11th at
    la_femme_fanatic@ yahoo.com

    Fast Facts
    What: Blood Ties TV Viewing Parties
    When: Friday, October 12th
    Why: Recruit Viewers!

    Questions, Comments, Concerns – Contact Jessie at
    la_femme_fanatic@ yahoo.com
    Let’s Party for a Good Cause!

    Barbi, Marie and Jessie

  624. Margaret said

    It ate my post.

  625. Margaret said

    For those of you having viewing parties tomorrow night, check out Blood Ties-Blood Lines, they have a contest that you can enter. I believe you get autographed photos of Dylan Neal. Either way, check it out.

  626. Anzia said

    PrtMama- I love you…really, totally and completely. ^_^ “so it is written…” LOL *sigh*

    Everyone_ THANKS for the congrads…YEah…yesterday was CRAAAAZY!

    DIDI- Hey it’s GREAT To see you back here! Sorry I didn’t get to talk to you today. ^_^ My aunt & I were being “Girls about the town” … isn’t it GREAT that I can corrupt people 20+ yrs older than me with MUCH more experience in life than I!? ^_^ What can I say. It’s a talent…^_^

  627. lwildstar said

    If you were going to enter the contest you had to email Jessi from Bloodlines today – I forget what time was the cut off – you had to enter your name and then Saturday you have to email her a picture of your party ….I posted the link to the details somewherre way up there…..

    I really tried to get someone to come over – even one person could get you an entry….sigh – no one loves me 😦

    well I’ve had a horrible day – although Laurel cheered me up THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!! the tempurature has dropped from 94 to 65 / my hands got cold comming home on the bus, which was late – so I was really cold….

    ok im rambling always a sign that I’m tired – off to take some airbourn becasue I have a feeling by this weekend I’ll be sick…

    Love you guys! everyone take care! (((HUGS)))

    Wildstar d’Nightwalker
    room 910
    resident jeweler
    Blood Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

  628. Cree said

    prtfvr: did anyone want the archive feature at the hen house actually turned off? I thought there was just concern that the whole world may be able to see them, which we now know they can’t. I personally actually like the archive feature. I usually can’t join the chats (and won’t be able to tomorrow night either as I have to work Saturday morning and BT won’t be over until midnight) and I love to see what everyone talked about that I missed.

  629. msgypsy said

    Wet coast—well, have you ever been up here to the northwet? You wouldn’t ask a second time about the wet part.

    I’m Den Mother and I don’t care who is whose mama, because I am this blogs den mother. phhhhbbbbbttttt…..

    Worked late again. This MUST stop dammit!

    I’ll type again later. I hope.

  630. msgypsy said

    Oh, 4 PM works for me on Sunday. I;m adjustable then. Can;t type for the life of me now but Sunday I’ll be okay.

    Can you tell I;m tired?

  631. susana said

    OMG! saw the previews, nearly fell over, you know with me, it does not take much πŸ™‚ He looks so hot in red sprayed all over that table mmmmmmh!

  632. jpbaci1 said


  633. AlisaSG said

    oh *Hell’s Bells!!!!!!* I can’t type in the dark! πŸ˜› ..and certainly NOT with a black keyboard, too! agh!!! It’s mostly the home/end keys that get to me. Plus, the comma, period, * and – vs. the keys next to those, too!!

    we had some nasty weather the other night, so I couldn’t watch DOA then. nor the night before, because I was blabbing all night on the computer about BT – and probably everywhere, but here.. *snicker!*

    anywho.. it was about 1 a.m. when I finally SAW it!! 45 minutes, that’s all, just 45 minutes. 1/3 of the way thru, the screen froze. 1/2 way thru, the screen froze! 3/4 of the way thru, the screen froze several times!!! Several times near within moments of being so close to the end, and that **BLASTED** arrow cursor moved back to the beginning of the episode!!!!!!!!!!!! aghhhhhh!

    TEN anxious minutes to go, and it was like riding in a stalling car chugging out every 2 minutes — NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo! I couldn’t take any more!!!

    I think it took well over an hour just to watch 45 minutes! jeeesh!
    I put up with the little cruchlettes! At least those screens played all the way thru — *most* of the time.

    Let’s see… was it worth all that aggravation?? hmmm. If I can say there was a reunion between the 2 hottest Goa’uld system Lords (SG-1), then maybe.. and I think there was more between them in DOA than in SG-1.. more happening — not just more in the clothing dept.. (but yeah, that too) — good thing it was cold out .. sizzle!

  634. AlisaSG said

    great editing!! s/b
    I’ll put up with the little crunchlettes!

    commercials at least made it more manageable πŸ˜‰
    …actually, I came up here to state that Richard Gere is on with Julia Roberts right now on LIFETIME.. *He* make watching the night go faster waiting for those commercials that might never show up..

    BTW, I think this is (the movie) “Pretty Woman” .. I loved the Cinderella ending. It was so wonderful, and romantic! πŸ˜€

  635. prtfvr said

    Ok. I posted at LT but it felt like penance. I like my home here. I’m going to let you guys keep up that end because I can’t add one more place to communicate. gypy’s and email are the only places I’m going. πŸ™‚

  636. vicki said


    So agree with yoU!!! X files…was the most awesome show ever….scully and mulder rule!!!!!!!!!

    Yes smitting maiden Corren is something that must be done…by all the powers of hell and heaven..she shall not NOT go down that road!!! We will call Norman and offer him money to come and get her…ANd how whacked is it that writers decided to go that direction????

    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Suite 29

  637. Claire said

    Hey my ladies..dropping in to say Bonne Nuit…until tomorrow..tomorrow…you’re only a day away…oh pardonnez moi…I couldn’t help myself LOL!
    Ok you ladies are driving me crazy..Msm preview..where…Do I just go to MSm.com? anyway I voted at that TV vote thing.Well my darlings I feel like merde so off to bed for me…see yas in the morning OCT.12TH!!!!!

    Je t’aime
    Teacher of all things French
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  638. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Night my dawlin’s sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite πŸ˜› Live long and prosper.

    Prtfvr I liked the Movie *X-Files* when she was in the cocoon thingy I love that Fox came and saved Dana they reeeeeallly loved each other huh??

    Claire be well you to Nightwalker.
    Well *Reves doux d’Henri’* XOXOXOXOX Je t’aime beaucoup!

    Beth/ *PHilanthropist Ste.*69*
    Bloody Ford Clinic & Resort
    Basement Lounge and Studio
    **Where the Blood Ties Bind**

  639. AlisaSG said

    for everyone wondering *where* those MSN previews are for Blood Ties–

    from Anne (October 10, 2007 @ 5:54 pm)
    >> YAY!
    >> The two new previews ARE on http://lifetime.msn.com/ and they played πŸ™‚

    just a comment too!! thank you Anne!!! πŸ˜€
    Lifetime was being a real pain.. no BT previews. Nothing but Lisa and that other show, plus The Gathering…

    as if *WE* folks need to do their work for them…! I went and did the laundry or kitchen chores, every time Lisa’s commercials came up. HOW NOT TO ADVERTISE FOR BLOOD TIES.. is more like what they did — grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  640. AlisaSG said

    and another item.. had it not for the *reality* that I really liked that movie with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere (especially the ending- last few minutes of the good-byes, the limo rides and then the *Cinderella tower*), I wouldn’t have watched even that much.

    Tomorrow — it’s SCI-FI (babe!!) all the way to BLOOD TIES. Double dose of Steve Bacic and Gina Holden with Stargate Atlantis in between πŸ˜‰
    I heard Teal’c has a new hair-do, too for this particular eppy.. oh boy! (yes, he’s guest starring.. title is “Reunion” and I can’t help but wonder if part of that was for reuniting his character with Sam, but over on the SG-Atlantis show.)

    Lifetime better not screw up this time. ONCE is NOT enough for BT.

    I did notice that USA network seems to have a monopoly on the crime-drama circuit with those LAW AND ORDER eps.. how about toss in a more light-hearted detective series about a PI teamed up with a vampire, named Henry.. πŸ˜€

    I’m not into watching L&O.. too dark, too brooding. They need an enlightened Henry to lighten up the atmosphere over there. πŸ˜›

  641. AlisaSG said

    oh and one more btw– I haven’t seen a single BT commercial on Lifetime – even when it was announced about the previews being on there.. never saw a single one. I get more views (of the still ads) off of the internet, than from watching Lifetime’s Tv channel..

    so, ladies, since I’ll be watching the Sci-Fi channel, please count how many times Lifetime advertises BT during the 2 hours between 9 and 11-pm tomorrow night.

    Thanks!!!! πŸ˜‰
    that’s probably when they’ll show maybe one commercial ten times over??
    Yahoo currently has (and probably only for a limited time *ONLY!!*) Lifetime’s behind-the-scenes available *now* from when they were shown earlier in the year before Lifetime *revamped* (love saying that!) their web site for Blood Ties.

  642. Anzia said

    First of all, x-files was AWESOME! Loved it loved it loved it! TOTALLY have seen pretty much EVERY episode ever and at one point had the movie memorized. Moulder…*Purrs* Yes please. I hear that he keeps Ms. Leoni quite satisfied…*coughs* horse *coughs*

    Anyway, TOMORROW! Who’s all going to be INCREDIBLY hyper???? anyone? anyone? am i it? …Okay guys…VERY disappionted πŸ˜‰

    Oh and as for Ms. Coreen…lets all remember that she did spend TIME ALONE WITH A DEMON THINGER BEFORE SAVED. AND as Henry said…just because it looks like … well those of you who have seen it understand and i’m not going to give anything away…well…not much (*crosses fingers* I hope)

  643. msgypsy said

    Crap crap crap! I may not be available that early on Sunday. I forgot I was taking a class in SE that runs either until 5. Can we schedule the WashCo get together for 6? I’ll be in garb and will be rushed, but I really want to join you all at the Black Bear… (I can leave the class a half hour or so early so it won’t be TOO bad. It’s a survey of medieval costuming and I really want to take it … not only because I’m fascinated by the subject but because if we get flashbacks in upcoming episodes I want to be able to comment on the costume more than “nice Edwardian shirt, Henry…”

    I have to teach that same class to another group of Head Start teachers tomorrow. I did okay last week but this week it’s a whole new crop of teachers and I don’t ever know what kind of difficulties I’ll have to deal with…

    I think I’m going to go watch DOA again. I’m already in bed, so it’ll be a nice comfy evening…

  644. Arrowyn said

    Damn! Why is it always close to midnight before I have a chance to catch up and reply to posts!

    About Dylan — pay attention, Laurel! — He will be in the Stargate: Atlantis episode that will be the 2nd to the last episode of the season. He’ll be playing the brother of Sheppard and the eppy was directed by BT Director, Andy Mikita.

    More Dylan — I was just poking around dylannealcentral.com and happily stumbled on the link called “Soaphunks from B & B”. http://www.soaphunks.net/bb.php Scroll down about 2/3 or use your Edit/Find to search for Dylan’s name. OMG! Remember the towel picture that you shouldn’t have opened at work? So many, many more like that! Including some lovely pics of him as a stripper. Now, I’m still a Hen, through and through, but that man (not boy) was/is quite a different kind of hunk. Excuse me. I have to dry off my keyboard. Back in a minute.

  645. Arrowyn said

    Ahem. Continuing.

    prtfvr — I’m with Cree about not turning off the archive feature at the Hen House. As long as it’s certain that the whole world can’t see the chats. Until you said something about the feature, I didn’t know it existed. I can’t usually join the chats either, so it was nice being able to read what happened previously. But, whatever you decide is cool.

  646. Arrowyn said

    I’m also with prtfvr about just posting here and doing emails. Maybe the Hen House, if I get a chance. I’ll read Tanya’s blog, of course, but I’ve had a hard time (read “impossible”) keeping up with other things in my life since I met you all. I just want to be here.

  647. Arrowyn said

    Gypsy, I’m pretty flexible about the meeting time on Sunday and later would probably be better for me, too. The Black Bear has food, yes? Because 6pm is dinnertime for me. Somebody just let me know. As some of you probably could tell already, if I’m at work, I’ll respond to emails quicker than something posted here. I get emails about work all the time, so reading and responding to an email doesn’t look suspicious. Having a website open on my screen does. Of course, when I’m seen mopping up my desk because I’ve spewed all over it from laughing so hard — well, maybe a little suspicious.

  648. Arrowyn said

    For instance — Dylan:

  649. lwildstar said

    ok the computer here at work is not liking the blog today – so I’ll be brief – went and posted at the LT blog

    less than 16 hours whoo hoo
    now I’m going to go check my email;

    Darling Prtfvr – the Queen of Sarcasm? I love it!!!!!

    Wildstar ‘Nightwalker
    room 910
    the Bloody Ford Clinic!

  650. DUDE!!! Apparently I missed a lot. I skimmed like really really quick. Quick enough to catch that pic of Dylan in the Leather Pants. *dddrroooollll…* Excuse me while I go and pass out. Heh. Did I miss anything BT important? Sorry, I was never even in the mood to check out the blog this week. I was depressed and my stomach’s been messed up a lot. Too much crap going on in my/our life right now. Like my Mom’s work hours getting cut done to 24 a week until the McDonalds where she used to work gets rebuilt. And because of that, she has to work Sunday’s now too. Double crap. Plus it’s that time of the month and that really didn’t help my mood either.

    I don’t even have a room at the Bloody Ford Clinic. I feel like I don’t belong there with you guys. I know BT is on tonight, and I can’t even get excited about that. Plus I probably won’t even watch it tonight. I’ll just program the VCR and watch it tomorrow. Have to record on slow speed though ’cause I don’t have room for all of those tapes anymore. The only show I’m excited to watch tonight is Moonlight for some reason. Yes, I actually like that show. And I think Mick is kinda hot. I’m sorry, but he kinda grows on me. Hey, I’m an equal opportunity vamp luster. πŸ™‚

    And I had this really odd dream last night that I’ll have to tell you about later before I leave. I’m outta here early today. I asked to take 4 hours off on sick time. Yay me! πŸ˜€ *sigh* Still kinda depressed though. I’m headed to Books A Million and Pets Mart tomorrow, but now I feel bad spending the money at all. But I had a discount card for the bookstore and I didn’t want it to expire before I had a chance to use it.

    I don’t think even Henry could cheer me up right now. Only Spike would work for me right about now. *eg*

  651. jpbaci1 said

    hay vampgirl– bad vamp on moolight will be there on lt at 11 pm for sure at last!!!!( spike aka JM is on tv as a human LH)

  652. Madonna said


  653. Maddie Mo said


    We only have 14 hours to go!!!!

    I am so excited. I don’t think I will be getting much work done today. Plus I still feel like hell.

  654. Dangrgirl said

    Hi ladies– FYI, I profiled Vickie Nelson as this week’s Danger Gal:


  655. Anne said



  656. rifkind said

    Hey Prtfvr,
    Yes I see that things are turned OFF at hens.

    Geesh!! Arrowyn!! DON’T DO THAT TO ME!!!
    Dylan is sooo HOT!! OMG! OMG! He is a hot looking man!
    Christina is one lucky lady to work with both of them.
    I am counting the hours until DOA..

    Thanks for the info about the store Anne, I will go over and check it out.
    I’m posting over at LT just to make an appearance, I really don’t like the new format either.. it takes too long to page through posts to find were I was at the last time I read the blog.
    I hope that Tanya will post a new review and her thoughts on DOA.
    I can”t wait

  657. msgypsy said

    Folks, don’t forget the bake sale. I know some of you emailed me recipes and I need to find them and post them but you can post them yourselves, which is easier for everyone, believe me! And I think I’m going to change it from a bake sale to the chef’s recipes for the Bloody Ford Clinic’s restaurant/cafeteria. (I think that in addition to everyone’s generous suite kitchens, there are also a number of areas for eating, something like how a cruise has dozens of places to eat at any hour, day or night…and we have an all-hours gym, an all-hours crafts suite, and what else? I’ve lost track…)

    Arrowyn, I’d take this to email but I’m not sure I know who to send it to. But, yes, Black Bear Diner serves food. It’s got a full, full, full menu, with all kinds of yummy looking things. And anyplace Dameon tells me is good, I need to try it. Dameon is a kick-ass chef. With a kick-ass massage therapist wife and a … okay, she’s kinda small to be kick-ass but his daughter is a princess in more ways than I can name. (Not always a good thing but she’s certainly got Vicky Nelson potential in her future…) (Meaning she’s got princess covered from Cinderella to Shrek…)

    If the ladies of the Portland/WashCo gang would email me and put “Portland/WashCo Gang” in the subject line, I’ll make up an email list for us so that we don’t have to keep rubbing everyone else’s nose in the fact that we have a peculiarly strong concentration of BT fans up here.

    Ms. Gypsy
    Den Mother
    Suite 623, Bloody Ford Clinic and Rejuvenation Center

  658. rifkind said

    Welcome DangrGirl,
    I am glad that you made a visit to MsGypsy’s. From your survey of hot vampires, you can tell that the gals here LOVE Henry and the gals here voted for him on your site. Nice to see you come over to our house to play too!
    Drop by again after DOA tonight and join the chat at the hens..


  659. Claire said

    Bon Matin mes amis..Seuls treize heures de plus mes chers soeurs. Vous tous excitΓ©s?Happy Blood Ties Day!!!! We made it!!!!!
    Alisa thanks for the link..
    Anne thanks for the store info..also where in Denmark are You? My neighbors Mom is visiting from Denmark…I told her I had a computer buddy from Denmark! I love the accent! She came to the school bus stop with her camera..she said she wanted everyone back home to see the quadruplets lol!
    Anyway..my hand is much better…so work calls!
    Check in later!

  660. OH! Another fly-by posty. I had a dream with Joseph from Moonlight last night. Talk about your random oddness. Clearly I have some sort of issues I need to work out in my head. *g* I don’t even think he’s good looking. I just like his car. Is it wrong that I think his car is HOT? πŸ™‚ Anywayz…basically in my dream last night vamps from various TV shows all wanted a piece out of me…literally. Geez…suddenly I’m popular vamp slurpee girl.

  661. cdnfreyja said

    Good morning from sunny Ottawa!

    I’m just making a brief fly by this morning. Finally got some sleep last night and feel much better. It is a good thing since I have to write 3 articles today. And I’m going to be working the entire weekend. On Monday I was told ‘no, you don’t need to be there’. Then yesterday, all the staff gets pulled in to a meeting at 4pm and is told that if we’re not at the event on the weekend it will be noted. Huh?

    Anyway, that means I’ll be committing a few fly bys on the weekend.

    Gotta go!

  662. Himmiefan said

    Maddie Mo – so sorry you’re still not feeling 100%. Go home early if you can; you’ve got to be in good shape for tonight!

  663. Margaret said

    Ladies: I will be out most of the day tomorrow attending a Southern Womens show. I trust that you will update me when I get back as to what happen at Tanya’s blog.

  664. Anne said

    Claire – I’m in Copenhagen.
    Or Koebenhavn as we natives call is.
    And actually I live DAnmark, not DEnmark – I’ve always been baffled by the need to change that A to an E. I get that Koebenhavn might be be easy for foreigners to pronounce – but Danmark?
    I’m not Denish either πŸ˜‰

    Okay, I might be if I lived in the Portland area ….

    Yeah – that soaphunks link sure reveals what’s hidden under that nasty coat!

  665. Himmiefan said

    Freyja – Ugh – weekend work. Good luck. I’m very jealous of my time on the weekends and hate to schedule anything – well, anything that’s not fun. So, I sympathize.

  666. Anne said

    Grumble – why doesn’t wordpress have a preview – it should have been “might NOT be easy”

  667. Himmiefan said

    Anne – I had no idea that the “e” in Denmark is supposed to be an “a.” I guess it’s something about Anglisizing the word that makes it an “e.” Now, why it needs to be Anglicized in the first place is beyond me…

  668. Himmiefan said

    Oh, oh, oh!! Quick, somebody fill me in. Is there supposed to be a certain way that we Hens sign in when we go on the Lifetime blog? I thought there was some abbreviation or something.

  669. Claire said

    Thanks Anne! for the Danmark correction! No its not hard to say at all! LOL!!!!
    Well I did my obligatory posting at LT blog!
    See you ladies later!

  670. Himmiefan said

    Attention everybody! Our lovely Henry has made the front page of the Zap2it tv guide site under the What to Watch heading. Now, BT isn’t mentioned in the linked article, but at least there’s the photo right up front.


  671. cdnfreyja said