Courtesy of Lady Afrodyte

I see I got one person making Blood Ties Cat Macros. It warms my heart, plus it keeps me going for the next week and 2/3 or so until THE NEW EPISODES AIR!!!!!

I’m okay, really I am.



  1. Anne said

    Thanks for the birthday wishes for Dylan 🙂

    And it looks like I could be FIIIIIRST! Yay!

  2. Anne said

    MsGypsy sez:
    “I see I got one person making Blood Ties Cat Macros”.

    I sez Where?

  3. lwildstar said

    well I made it into the top three – well top two since the first two were both Anne!

    Good morning ladies I posted a link for an interview with tanya at the end of the last thead – if I get the chance to retrieve it and move it over here I will… it was from August, but I don’t remember seeing the link posted before.

    AlisaSG – link to Gateworld please – I know you posted it before but I can’t find it…
    (((HUGS))) and chicken soup Prtfvr, hope you are feeling better.

    Ihope everyone had a good weekend and is feeling better….

    And can I just say…12 more days!!!!!!!!

    I’ve set it up so that I will have my OWN marathon – one epi a night ending with Norman on the 12th just in time for DOA!

    I spent way too much time analyzing the commercials this weekend…..the one that starts “Lost Lord of the NIght” and shows the flashback ..henry taking a bite out of some poor girl in an alley – look carefully Christina is in the background – I think thats a flashback to his “training” days……
    I noticed they haven’t been showing the long commercial anymore and they haven’t started showing one for DOA yet…I guess that will start next week?

    Well must get to work…talk at you later!

  4. lwildstar said

    I don’t remember if this interview with Tanya was already posted or not – done in August i think…

  5. Margaret said

    For all you Minxes who love Dylan Neal, found this interesting little antidote on a Google Alert.

    I won’t ruin it for you but this lady went to school with Dylan and embarassed herself. I would have been mortified. lol

  6. Anzia said

    W00T! for finding new page before there were over 50psts on it…like I usually Do! ^_^

  7. msgypsy said

    Anne, look up at the top of the thread. That’s Lady Afrodyte’s BTLOL or Blood Ties Cat Macro (the cat is an honorary part of the name) heading up the thread. I’m going to post a bunch of my own somewhere, probably here…

    As for the fanfic contest, I haven’t figured out yet how to do the group at but the group page is at and if someone knows how to do this, please let me know. I think I need to get people’s handles or email addresses or something to sign them up. If I don’t have this worked out by the end of Tuesday the 2nd, I’ll set it up a topic here either for your own links to where the story is or I can set up a new, short term blog, just for the stories. Does anyone have any other ideas?

    At the very least, anyone interested in the contest should go to the site above and read what the contest is about.

    Deadline for the contest is going to be fluid since I don’t want to give people only a few days to finalize their work.

    Wildstar, thanks for the link to the interview. I adore Tanya more and more with each interview I read or hear.

    Laurel and I came up with an idea for Christina’s belated birthday gift. I have a couple of really luscious gourmet chocolate bars (the truffles by Moonstruck would be more elegant, but the bars don’t require refrigeration) and she suggested we include a nice warm scarf for those cold Canadian winters. I offerred to knit one and just now realized that Laurel said she already had one made. If that’s the case, I think that’s perfect. Laurel, can you get it to me sometime this week? I’m going to see if one of my artistic friends can help me make a card this week and then I’ll try to get it mailed on Saturday (on my way to — you guessed it! — a meeting!)

    And last, apropos of nothing in particular, I found this website for bottled water that had better be a joke because if it isn’t, someone out there needs to be hit repeatedly with many wet noodles.

  8. Claire said

    Bonjour mes amis!
    Can everyone say with me now”Twelve more Days!!!!!” WOOHOO!
    Can you believe we made it?
    Remember back on May 21st? “How are we going to get through the long wait”

    In the company of very good friends..some with very cool websites and some with really cool talents…awesome virtual parties…and last but not least…

    Where the blood ties bind!

  9. Freyja said

    Just stopping by to say good morning to everyone!

    I’m glad to see gypsy posted a new entry and with it a new comments thread. I got into another disagreement with my home computer this weekend – too many comments in one thread and the computer threatens to drop dead.

    Anyway, I’ll stop back in later. I’m involved in crisis management at work at the moment. Working for a non-profit is just no fun at moments like these.

    Oh, prtfvr, I don’t think I actually gave you my official little wave from north of 49 yet. *wave* Although, technically Ottawa isn’t actually north of 49 … (*sigh* Why do I have all these useless facts in my head?)

  10. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bonjour Mes Amis! Buongiorno Daniela!

    Good Morning to all. Checking in before I get busy seems a little quiet but it’s Monday and that pretty much says it all 😦 I re-watched Moonlight and listened closely and I think it’s not that bad, some of the scenes film-wise were a little campy kind of reminded me of an old movie ya’ know like The Maltese Falcon. Old black and white movies but it was ok and I’ll probably watch just to see how GREAT my KYLE/HENRY really is. My/Our man is really such an excellent actor his portrayal of this older character is top notch, and I didn’t realize how top notch till I watched someone else try and pull off a similar character. Props to you Yoda-Kyle you are wise beyond your years 😉 Hey did anybody else watch Las Vegas one of my fav’s and it was a 2 hour season premier it was very good. Tom Selleck (Love him) took over the role that was filled by James Caan (love him too) he’ll be missed what a great actor! Anyway just seeing what’s happening in the Blood Zone 😎

  11. Anzia said

    Just to make sure it’s found:
    Lady A- I was talking about one of these three for the other pic:

  12. Tango said

    Good morning gals!

    Lady A – what program are you using to create these overlays? Another great job BTW~

    12 more days Woohoo! So why isn’t my new post-klightning-strike DVR picking up Blood Ties or Kyle Schmid? Why! Why! Why! Thank God I actually have a back up TIVO in the bedroom that it is already programmed in, but FOR THE LOVE! I want it to record on the big screen so I can see everying clearly – and I do mean everything 😉

    Another beautiful day in the Heart of Dixie! I hope everyone else has a fabulous day! I’ll check in with you later!

  13. Danae said

    Buongiorno Bellas.

    How was everyone’s weekend?

    I decorated my porch for Halloween. I have a skeleton in a cage that hangs and when you push the button it shakes and rattles it’s chains and yells get me out of here I want out as it is clanking. Amber thinks it is a riot. She cracks everytime I push the button. I have my fog machine and strobe light set up but I need more juice for the fog machine. I am not going to bother with the damn webs this year. Those things are such a pain. I have a flying bat and several headstones and gargoyles and a menu sign that tells what is being served at the graveyard.

    I watched Moonlight on Friday and I thought it was ok. It was definitely nothing like our Blood Ties but it was ok. It held my interest better than Flash Gordon did. I think I will watch it this Friday. There isn’t anything else on after Ghost Whisperer that I want to see anyway. Question-Who else thinks Numb3rs is out of place with thhe other shows airing before it? It is a good show it just doesn’t fit with Ghost Whisperer and Moonlight.

    So we need to think of another catch phrase. We can’t use Is it October yet? anymore.

    Happy October month! Don’t let the ghosties get you.

  14. Danae said

    OMG! I am so excited. You know when you send an email you can have a signature attached? I created one with the link to help save Blood Ties. I just got an email back from the Religious Education director at my church saying she has done her part and she loves the show. I didn’t even have to recruit her. She did it on her own. I then sent her an email back gushing and asking if Henry or Mike was her fave and gave her Ms Gypsy’s link and the link to Henry’s Hens. I hope she at least looks. Her name is Kimberly.

  15. lwildstar said

    Twelve Days and counting Whoo Hoo!

    Ms. Gypsy – great now another story I feel compelled to write! ha ha ha – love the idea. I have a account (free) I’ll look at it tonight and see if I can figure out the group thing – it may be one of those things you can only do with a pay account.

    I hope everyone is doing well….I just did something to my neck – someone came up to talk to me and when I turned around – ouch….I need a massage or something!

    well I have 30 minutes left of luch so I’m going to go see if I can find someplace in one of the back offices to lyedown……

    talk at you later!

  16. Danae said

    Well lunch time is pretty much over. I will check in before I leave

    Rm 625 Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

    Signing off.

  17. lwildstar said

    Gypsy – took a quick look at – I think you need to add our login names to the group – we can veiw but it doesn’t give you the add item link….

    Will take a better look tonight!


    Wildstar ‘Nightwalker
    Rm 910 Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

  18. elizabeth said

    I just tried to post to wish Dylan a happy birthday, got interrupted at work (go figure) and it timed out! Drat, now I have to find time to go back and do it all again.

    I am totally stoked that we only have 12 more days! I adore the cooler weather and the leaves changing and, best of all, my favorite vamp is coming back soon. Life is good!

    I saw a lot of comments on Moonlight. I watched it and tried very hard not to compare it to our Henry. I will definately continue to give it a chance. I also totally disliked the other vamp (so much so, I can’t even remember his name!) He looked too young to be threatening and he didn’t carry it off very well when he tried. And, the freezer coffin, hello – what is that all about???? Nuff said. I will give it a chance to grows on me : )

  19. Himmiefan said

    Hey Dani. Your porch sounds adorable! I can send you a giant spider web along with spider if you’d like. This little b%^&* has taken up residence on my front porch and has spun a huge web across most of it. If it blows down, she spins it right back. And man is she ugly!! Plus she thinks she owns the whole universe. I verbally abuse her everytime I walk by. I think she flipped me off one day.

    12 more days!!! Woo hoo!!

    I might have to change my avatar temporarily. There’s another gorgeous man I have to get out of my system before Henry returns. You know how jealous he gets. 🙂

  20. Himmiefan said

    By the way, I only got through about 10 minutes of Moonlight. I’ll take another look later. Pilots tend to be not so good, except for BT’s which was quite good actually.

  21. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey my Dani girl I missed you again 😦 Bad timing I guess.

    I had to re-watch it and some things I missed the first time around and caught the part about the little girl, missed that on the first watch. Yep the freezer hmmmm unsure but I guess everybody’s trying to make it a different kind of vamp story. We shall see. The previews looked somewhat interesting but we know how sneeky those networks can be 😉

    Journeyman was very cool too, I think that one will be added to my DVR-ing list, so many and not enough DVR’s 😛

  22. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Well death looms here in Blood town soooo quiet today 😦 I’ll check back when I get back from lunch 😉 😛 😎

  23. Freyja said

    Okay, crisis averted for the moment.

    But when I went to grab my staple remover before converting a paper document I had to send off I thought ‘Gee, these look like fangs’. I think I’ve definitely gone off the deep edge now … and it is only Monday.

  24. Danae said

    Himmiefan-I have enough spiders of my own and they are among my least favorite insects bugs creepy crawlies etc. Thanks but no thanks.

    Freyja-I never thought of staple removers looking like fangs. I use them every morning. You are so right. I may need your legal help with the work thing. I have talked to more in the last few months then I have been in the 7 years I have worked here. Jeez don’t they understand?

    Diz-You there? I don’t want to miss each other again.

  25. msgypsy said

    Freyja, we’re glad to welcome you to the deep end of the insanity pool!

    Wildstar, I think I have your handle somewhere; I’ll try to add you and see what happens. If I can’t, then we’ll try to figure it all out later. I only have a few minutes left of lunch and my Ethnic Gourmet Chicken Biryani has left me desperate for water.

  26. msgypsy said

    Wildstar, I apparently do not have your handle. I do have Himmiefan’s, though. Himmie, dear, may I add you? You need not compete, but I want to see if this thing works.

  27. lwildstar said

    Gypsy my handle is nightwalker01

    Wildstar ‘Nightwalker
    Rm 910 Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

  28. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hi Dani I hope I didn’t miss you again ! What a drag of a day, I can’t wait to go home. I could use a siesta right about now 😉

    Hey did anybody see *Chuck* ? It was a great show, the nerd herd too funny ya’ll need to check it out and I think it’s supposed to be on Monday nights. How about Brothers and Sisters? I have a very eclectic array of shows I watch and like. 😀

  29. Danae said

    I am still her Diz. Dancing with the Stars is on tonight so I won’t be watching anything else most likely. I have to see what else is on for new shows.

    How is everyone doing-your dad and Rob?

  30. msgypsy said

    Okay, wilddddddwalker, you’re added (I love it when a typo makes me giggle.) I only have a few minutes left of lunch so I’ll check back on it when I get home. I wonder if you’re supposed to put it in your own account and link to the group? That would make sense. I really hope I get some entries with this one because the whole idea of the story makes me giggle.

    Laurel, btw, is the one who suggested this topic. And I’m not opposed to letting her compete, even though she’s had lots of time to work out her story. Do any of the others who want to compete object? I’ll leave it up to her competition to decide.

  31. I use photoshop for all my photo editing, even just adding in some text. I do cat macros and BT macros as a way to flex my mad photoshop skillz. I think I’ll go image hunting and make up a few more for you guys to celebrate the coming of the “new” season.

  32. Danae said

    Dizey? Hello? Where did you go?

  33. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Wierd but Dad’s doing pretty well, 6 wks of IV w/main line antibiotics finally killed the staph and let the hole on his foot where the toe was removed close up so far so good and he’s feeling better too. My poor brother is still sparking (seizure) had one at 2:30 this morning and Raini said it lasted 40 ish minutes. Hopefully the trip to Baylor will happen soon so they can see if the seizures are deep inside the brain if not than on to plan B. If they don’t find any abnormal /spikes on the scan than that means they’re not Epileptic seizures and he can get off like 5 different medications. That will basically mean that the seizures are what they call pseudo seizures, which are his bodies way of releasing all the pain he’s experiencing. I know waaayy too much info , it’s trial and error and his seizures are this small percentage of people who have this after this kind of brain surgery. The scar tissue on the noggin is what I think is the biggest culprit so hopefully not Epilepsy and maybe w/advancements in Science and Technology (thanks 401K) they can remove the scar tissue and relieve the pain. It’s chronic pain since he awoke from surgery 6 yrs ago. Considering everything he lives with day in and day out he’s really pretty upbeat except when the headaches are unbearable, I like him and I think I’ll keep him warts and all 🙂

    I bet you’re sorry you asked eh?

  34. Himmiefan said

    Hey Gypsy. Do whatever you need to, and yes, I’d like to compete. Sounds like fun!

  35. Danae said

    No I’m not sorry I asked. I worry ya know. The daughter of one of the guys I work with was having seizures. One happened at the top of a flight of stairs she fell and broke her arm. I turns out she was getting them from severe depression and anxiety. I have never heard of that before. I am glad mine wasn’t that bad.

  36. Danae said

    I am glad my depression and anxiety wasn’t so bad that it gave me seizures is what that was supposed to mean.

  37. msgypsy said

    Himmie, you’re added. We have GOT to figure out how to do this. And now I MUST get back to work!

  38. Danae said

    I have to get going home. Talk to ya later.

    Ciao Bellas

    Stanza 625 di Danielle e di Dani e di Danae e di Bryony la clinica sanguinante del Ford dove i legami di anima si legano

  39. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Dani , wow I’ve never heard of that either. Was it from the med’s she was taking for the Anxiety and depression? Luckily Robbie’s had someone there with him most of the time. The worst thing was actually a few wks ago he fell like face down in our den and hit the floor, his nose and left eye & cheek were swollen but nothing broken. Amazing but he flails (sp) it’s almost like he hurts so bad that unconsciously he’s trying to beat the pain out. If I could take it from him I would in a heart beat, he and Eric are like my kids I was 11 when Eric was born and 13 when Robbie was born so I helped Mom pretty much raise them and I do feel like they are my children. 😀

  40. Freyja said

    Hey Danae,

    I’d be glad to help you with your legal problems! LOL!

    I’ve been a member of the Bar for 2 years and don’t feel like a lawyer because I don’t actually represent clients in court/proceedings/arbitrations in the real world. I do other important things for the agency. But after reading through the document I had to prepare this morning I had an ah-ha moment. I proofread it before sending it off and I said, ‘Boy, I sound like a lawyer’. Then I thought, ‘Oh yeah, I am a lawyer.’ *shakes her head*

    I’m trying my best to recruit viewers here at work. I can’t seem to turn anyone by telling them about the premise of the show. So I’ve resorted to sending them links to websites with pictures of our friendly neighbourhood vampire. Then they say ‘Oh, now I see why you watch that show.’

  41. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    Freyja said,
    October 1, 2007 @ 1:15 pm

    I’m trying my best to recruit viewers here at work. I can’t seem to turn anyone by telling them about the premise of the show. So I’ve resorted to sending them links to websites with pictures of our friendly neighbourhood vampire. Then they say ‘Oh, now I see why you watch that show.’

    😎 😀
    And that’s all I have to say about that…hehe

  42. Two more for you guys.

  43. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Lady A thanx girl you know just the right kind of candy we like 😉 I love Dr.Segara and the poke on the nose LOL! Great job as usual.

    Hey what happened w/the script?

  44. I’m still working on the movie script, but I’ve been writing at night, too many things were being neglected around the house during the day, including my sanity.

  45. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Oh man Lady A I just found YUMMY HENRY!! I saved them all to my computer, I want Photoshop man, too cool 😎

  46. I have a few more that I have hid under my name over the past few months, but most of them were made to be myspace comments so they aren’t too funny.

  47. The last one is a good ol cat macro…. A livejournal friend knits hats for her cats and wanted someone to macro this picture for her.

  48. Cree said

    Thanks everyone for the belated birthday wishes.

    I just have one thing to say: Is it October yet???………….Why YES IT IS!!!!!! Can you believe we finally made it? May seems like so long ago but yet at the same time it all went by so fast by us having each other on the blog to help pass the time and *feed* our addictions.

    Tango: my DVR will only catch shows about 3 days before they air. Its based on the “guide” channel and how far in advance whoever types in all the shows and info gets the info added to the guide station. Thats how mine works anyway and whoever types in the info for my cable network only does so about 3 days in advance which is really annoying. I end up missing a lot of stuff that way because I see the previews weeks in advance and then forget about them by the time the show actually comes on. That’s cool that yours will let you search by actor. Mine won’t do that. It only searches by show title.

  49. Claire said

    Bonjour my fellow Bloody Ford residents…Himmiefan,here in natureville where I live,jeez all we have everywhere is spiders..I don’t need to decorate for halloween,the front of my house is spiders gone wild.One time Nikki had one in her room so big,her boyfriend put a yogurt container over it and it barely fit!

    try opening your front door with a daddy long legs the size of your hand standing there! and yeah,you knock down their webs,sheesh next day they’re back!
    the front of my house is always covered in webs,eggs,tasty insect snacks,ugh!
    but the worst was last week I opened my Tshirt drawer and a huge spider crawled out! And I have to watch Josie,cause when she was 9 weeks old,she got stung by one and looked like she lost a round to Mike Tyson! cost me 200 dollars at the vet!

    Anyway..counting down the days…thump…thump! in the mean time I have Heroes and this Thursday Jensen Ackles…awe he’s soo cute when he cries! Then more E.R and before you know it….celui que personne ne peuvent remplacer à mon coeur.. l’homme le plus bel vivant!

    My house apparently has become the cool place to hang out and I am exhausted!
    At ten a.m. My daughter Monique and my grandkids ring my bell,at 11 a.m. her husband rings my bell,at 12 p.m Christopher says his car won’t start,I can’t go to work I’m waiting for a tow truck(broken starter) at 12:30 Brittany rings the bell,she has a migraine,she didn’t make it to school,then at 1p.m the quads come home,then Nikki came home for lunch…It’s a mad house I tell yu guys!Now all is quiet,everyone is gone! Shhhh! they might come back!

    I hear Dominos calling my name…nope not going to cook!

  50. Last one for today. Show this one off everywhere you can, message boards, livejournal, myspace. Advertise our show!

  51. Himmiefan said

    Lady A – I love everthing you’ve done, particularly the nose! Cute!!

    Claire – I’m mentally shreiking and jumping up and down! 🙂

  52. lwildstar said

    Just checking in – whew what a day! the one and ony copier in the office broke down and the tech couldn’t fix it – had to order a part! uggg it will be Wednesday before its fixed – and of course some how everybody is on my case about it! ppffffffffffffffffffffffffffht to them

    On the way home I ran in to t afriend I haven’t seen in like four years – we both sqealed and hugged – his husband looked at us like we were a couple of aliens – I guess he didn’t remember me – anyway he said that being out of the “nut house” of my previous employer I must be doing better because I looked wonderful……oh I wanted to tell him about all of you and Henry and Blood TIes, but his husband was waiting and I was going to miss my bus – so we exchanged numbers and email – I sent him an email with Henrys picture attached!

    well I am tuckered out and my neck stillhurts – I have no idea what I did to it…I’m gong to go take a muscle relaxer and settle in with Henry – tonight is night 1 of my personal mini marathon…
    Oh someone posted at LT that Yahoo will be running Blood Ties online October 4th to October 11 – full episodes…I think you need a yahoo account, but I’m not sure. I checked it out and all they show is the coming soon so I guess I’ll have to go back on the 4th……

    Gypsy I’ll have to check out thing and see if I can figure it out….

    well cicas – I’m out for the night (I may stop back before bed) but if not everybody have a good night

    Prayers and hugs for everyone!

    Wildstar ‘Nightwalker
    Rm 910 Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

  53. lwildstar said

    AAAHHHHH – the blog ate my post!

    well I’m not going to type it all out again….

    the only news I have is that Yahoo will be airing the full episodes of Blood Ties October 4 thru 11 online – you may need a yahoo account – don’t know – right now all they are showing is the coming soon ad – I’ll have to check it out on the 4th.

    HUGS to everybody and I am out of here!

    Wildstar ‘Nightwalker
    Rm 910 Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

  54. lwildstar said

    Gypsy – I’ll check out the thing later…


    I know what I’ll be working on at lunch time now!

    Wildstar ‘Nightwalker
    Rm 910 Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

  55. msgypsy said

    That’s my latest. I’m taking a five minute breather and then it’s BACK TO WORK!!!!!

  56. I guess I should check into my room… what numbers have been taken? Is 107 open?

  57. lol gypsy!

  58. Margaret said

    Looking at the commercials for the remaining episodes I don’t know how I’m going to survive if they don’t renew. And even if they did, how will we survive another hiatus. This one was rough enough. Its cruel and unusual punishment.

    Those new commercials just make you want to jump in the screen so you can be there with them.

  59. Margaret said

    I want a room down the hall from my friend, Freyja, so put me in room 701 at the Bloody Ford Clinic.

  60. Erin said

    Wow….I haven’t been to this blog in awhile. So Bloodties in 11 days!!!! I’m excited. Who has checked out Moonlight on CBS? It is a very interesting show, I think. The acting is all around good. TV Guide did make a comment about how all vampires in television shows seem to gravitate towards being detectives or private detectives. Isn’t there anything else they want to do? Well it does make for interesting story lines of vampires doing good and fighting crime! Does anyone out there know if there is going to be a Bloodties marathon? I missed the first half of last season and have been dying to watch it. My computer is too slow to download off of websites. If anyone knows, please pass on the info.

  61. vampfangrl said

    Hey there fellow BT fans. Does anyone know if there is anything in youtube with the new BT commercials? I have been watching lifetime but have only seen the promos once. I am in serious Henry withdrawal.

  62. lwildstar said

    I have searched youtube and so far no commercials posted – and LT hasn’t posted them either – interestingly enough the three they have been showing aren’t even for DOA – episode 13….so LT may not post them!

    and nope no word of a marathone – if they were going to run one they better do it now!

  63. lwildstar said

    hey my missing post showed up! why doses the blog keep doing that to me?
    sigh – I’m off to bed – yes this early – the muscle relaxer made me really sleepy…..

  64. vampfangrl said

    I just checked the lifetime blog and Tanya posted a message there this morning. Here comments don’t show up on the message board, you have to click on the blog tab. I am not sure I like the new lifetime format, but it is great to hear from Tanya again!

  65. vampfangrl said

    whoops, ‘her’ not ‘here’.

  66. Freyja said

    Oooh Margaret, I’m glad to finally have a neighbour on the 7th floor! This could be fun, eh? Although, you might have to put up with a lot of traffic as I anticipate a lot of people will need my legal services once the episodes start up again in the U.S.

    I don’t know how many more neighbours we can take on this floor, maybe a couple more – I think I’ll need lots of room for the legal library and all the books on Canada since I’m the only Candian resident at the clinic.

    Anyway, I just got home from bellydancing class and I still have non-BT things to do before heading to bed! Have a fantastic night!

    Ms. Freyja
    Resident Barrister & Solicitor
    Rm. 713
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  67. catcornmom said

    The pictures you gals are putting up are sooooo funny!!! Keep up the funnies. I enjoy the laughs.

    I watched Moonlight, but it doesn’t compare to BT by any means. There was way too much narrating. I felt like it was too much like an old movie that I have already seen, but can’t remember the name of. The upcoming previews looked more promising than the actual episode. Yeah…what is up with the sleeping in a freezer? Henry & I don’t sleep in a freezer at night….HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Has anyone claimed room 327? It’s my b-day, so I’m claiming that one.

    Chelli – catcornmom
    Rm 327 Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

  68. Tango said

    Wildstar – sorry to hear about your neck. I suffer with neck pain, but haven’t done anything about it. BTW, that doesn’t seem to be working for me – the not doing anything about it. Well, I take that back, today I did got out to Kohl’s (plug for you there Z) and bought not one, but TWO contour pillows – BOGO – Yea BOGO! Hopefully yours is just a temporary thing and not this blasted chronic thing that I’ve got going on. Go get yourself a message! I should do the same.

    E – I too had a problem with the squirmy little “other” vamp on Moonlight. Wasn’t buying his character at all. The show did have some redeeming qualities, so I am going to try to give the season a shot. The new show I am really digging this fall is Chuck – thanks Gypsy for the head’s up on that show. Just watched the second epi and it was as good as the first. This is another exception to the premier rule like BT was.

    Freyja – It’s official! You definitely are showing symptoms of Henritis. Just wait till you start quoting lines from BT, or you have jewelry made (thanks wildstar) to look like Henry’s, or you order the lo mien because of the fanfic that Z wrote and you have fantasies of Henry retrieving it from you – well just read it and you’ll see. Someone give this child the links to our great fanfic writers. But the staple puller, I’ve not thought about that one – I may have to go staple something so I can use my staple puller – which BTW is now called Henry. You really should talk to Dr. du about some therapy.

    I am a happy girl now. My frustration with my new DVR not seeing BT when I thought it was suppose to see anything that was within two week’s is now resolved. I got home today and tried it again, and it was there! 🙂 does happy dance 🙂 It still doesn’t know who Kyle is though. 😦

    Be back later when I finish catching up on today’s posts.

  69. AlisaSG said

    >> AlisaSG – link to Gateworld please – I know you posted it before but I can’t find it…

    I know I posted a link to r-com… a few days ago.. Margaret wrote in.
    But gateworld… my memory is in a fog…
    that was probably for the Flash Gordon topic! (where Gina Holden is Dale)

    there’s actually 2 more topics…
    One mention of BT got started in the MOONLIGHT topic… halfway into this post it’s mentioned–Shadowmaat helped opened the door on this topic for a BT re-direct.. (and she’s very difficult to please in creativity). 😉

    here’s a direct link where it’s easier to find–
    MOONLIGHT (and the Blood Ties redirect–)

    It continues a little into page 2 (not sure what might get posted after that)

    the real BLOOD TIES topic (all in its own *spot*) on Gateworld starts at–

    I have no idea who the person is who started it (she’s from Australia?).. and as Anne said, it began Sept.19, 2007 and must have gotten buried onto page 2 of the indexed topics. I just noticed it after seeing the Moonlight topic got pushed under it over this weekend! 😛

  70. AlisaSG said

    BTW, in case anyone was wondering regarding those Gateworld links —

    Darren is the web site owner of Gateworld. (He also moved to NJ — near me!!)
    I have yet to send him an e-mail about it. But I do know that he and his wife just had a baby born, I think it was last year.. so Congrats were in order for them getting settled down. I actually think he’s closer to NY where the main server is, so it’s easier to access in case the caretakers need him. He was down south before he moved last year to NJ (Tennessee? I think).

  71. Anne said

    I have just learned that Kyle too will be a guest at MegaCon

    Still want to go to that convention in MPLS?

  72. Tango said

    Lady A – love the two new pics. You are so clever! Photoshop, huh? That’s the expensive program I don’t have. Gosh I want that program, it looks like you can have so much fun with it. Don’t understand why they are called cat macros or BT macros. But I do love them. Too funny that you have a friend that makes hats for cats. Dr. Sues would be proud. Ouuu and the moon one – how cool is that picture?! And Yea for us! It certainly is October! 🙂

    Claire Belle – sounds like you need to go to your local Home Depot and get some Dursband and spray it around your house (outside) that is what most pest control companies use, but of course it is much cheaper to do it yourself. Did you know that the Daddy Long Legs is the most poison spider? It’s just that their mouth is too small to bite us. I still freak and have my hubby get them in case I just happen to run into one with an abnormally big mouth. Is the big spider one of those yellow and black ones? We have those outside. They are scary looking, harmless I hear, but very scary looking.

    Any news with Chris’ MRI?

    Diz – I’m so glad to hear that you father is doing better. And it is encouraging news we are hearing about Rob. So we are hoping it is not epilepsy? I know the road has been long, but know you’ve got 25-30 women here in your corner sending good vibes and prayers your way.

    Gypsy – LOVED your cat macro! Please someone explain that to me – cat macro? Too funny! What program did you use? And don’t say Photoshop, tell me it was something that was loaded on your Vista computer. Please tell me something good about Vista. Pretty please?

    Still got more posts to catch up on. Later taters!

    Bloody Ford Clinic, Suite 103
    Where The Blood Ties Bind

  73. Margaret said

    Anne: Are you kidding? Are you sure? OMG. Well, I guess I know where I’ll be. What convention in MPLS?

    If Kyle comes to Orlando he can always go to Vans and skate, go the beach and surf, or go to the Blue Martini Bar with that pair of fangs and his camera man. I’m sure Cree and I could keep him entertained if he comes down, right Cree? LOL.

    Freyja: You can train me to be your paralegal. I’m a hard worker and I won’t mind the traffic. I work in government so I’m used to it. lol

  74. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hi ya’ll just a drive by to the big bed. Henri awaits me there the way things are going he and I are both up for a feeding 😉 All are stoked up and counting down the days till Captain Midnight comes a’ knockin’ and I’m letting him in! Whooo hooooo !!

    Claire ma soeur de sang, je conviens que Henri est le seul homme pour moi. Henri enlève mon souffle quand je vois son sourire magnifique : -) L’anticipation peut me faire le combust 😛

    Tango I loved *Chuck* it’s a great show I missed some of tonights ep, but what I’ve seen is really good. I’m also gonna go play w/my DVR and make sure my BT’s is ready to burn baby!!

    Bonne Nuit! Reves doux d’Henri/Kyle 😉

    XOXOXOXOX Je t’aime Beaucoup!!

    Beth/Dizey 1
    Rm *69* Bloody Ford Clinic
    *Where the Blood Ties Bind*

  75. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Anne I am making reservations to go tomorrow!! Count me in baby!!!!

  76. Anne said

    No, I’m not kidding – yes, I’m sure 😉
    Of course all actors at conventions always have the “work permitting” clause in their contracts. But he’s signed on to be there if at all possible.

    The MPLS convention – that was just someone saying that they were going to an MPLS when I mentioned that Dylan was going to Megacon.

    Our guys in Florida!

  77. AlisaSG said

    okay, since this was the closest quote, here’s my theory on the freezer bit

    >> I watched Moonlight, but it doesn’t compare to BT by any means. There was way too much narrating. I felt like it was too much like an old movie that I have already seen, but can’t remember the name of. The upcoming previews looked more promising than the actual episode. Yeah…what is up with the sleeping in a freezer?

    I think it’s a *tribute* joke in honor of referring to the assassinator
    character of Kai on LEXX. Some viewers thought he *was* a vampire in the beginning, because of his need for protoblood. But that wasn’t the case. They did bring a real vampire into the series, who ended up being a female VLAD (as in VLAD – the impaler). She morphed out some nasty metal vampire teeth, and both her and Kai slept in a *freezer* to preserve their protoblood’s energy levels.

    The protoblood was manufactured from somewhere, but became scarce when the planet where the LEXX was grown was destroyed. I forget the details. But it was one of the Sci-Fi channel’s strangest creations, and funny at times, but also pushed the limits of how far “Hollywood” (the TV censors) would allow talking “dirty” implying sex most of the time, and see how far they could get away with it before getting axed off by the FCC censors. It was a CHUM production, too, and made in Canada in alliance with Germany and a few other film locations, too.

    As for the narration on MOONLIGHT.. was it anything near what
    “Interview with a Vampire” was like…???
    I’ve noticed most people who really *liked* “Interview…” love MOONLIGHT, but tend to dislike Blood Ties on varying levels. It might be something to do with a vampire hierachy (political structure), but I’m not sure. I’m just guessing there.

    I think the ones who liked ‘Interview…” also have a deep love for power control structures. Thus Josef on Moonlight is a Lestat or La Croix (Forever Knight) in waiting.

    Henry (on BT) is just a huggable and lovable vampire who enjoys being alive – such as it is, enjoys sharing with some of his “dinner” dates, and doesn’t really strike me as being power hungry (since he has so far shown that he likes to keep a low profile, regardless of keeping his territory purified of *criminals*).

  78. vicki said

    Hey girls…

    I can’t believe it, finally here!!! I am soo excited and totally PISSED>>>I have been watching lifetime for a week and have not seen ONE promo!! I even Tivo’ed FOUR hours just to watch the commercials..and NOTHING!!

    Can anyone tell me an approx. time to tape it??? I have got to see it!!! It is driving me crazy>>>>I have that picture of Henry bending over Vicki’s neck in my head and it wont go away!! I even dreamed about it the other nnight!! HEhehe (((Sighs))) What a dream….anyway I digress…

    I dont know how I am going to contain myself for twelve more days….I my faint with anticipation….Oh henry…we need some reviving over here!!((waves)))

    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Suite 29

  79. Margaret said

    I still don’t understand. What is MPLS?

  80. msgypsy said

    Holy s-word-of-your-choice! And me with no more relatives to mooch off of in Florida!

    Tango, go to make a cat macro (like I said, the word cat is honorary and no cat need be present. I know two communities on LiveJournal doing these, and both use the term cat macro even if no cats appear in the pictures…) Roflbot is pretty much self-explanatory.

    “Chuck” is my new favorite network series. It’s replacing “Numb3rs.” I mean, “Numb3rs” may have Rob Morrow, David Krumholz and Peter MacNicol (Also known as Dr. Joel Fleishman, Mr. Universe, and one of the most adorable Renfield’s ever) but “Chuck” has Adam Baldwin… And Jayne beats out Mr. Universe any day. (Yeah, those are obscure references to “Firefly”/”Serenity”.)

    Before I forget, lest I lose my sexual identity street-cred…I haven’t seen any previews of “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” so I can’t comment on how my lovely Summer Glau is doing.)

    I think my meatloaf is finally done. (I make yummy meatloaf, really I do…) so I need to get back into the kitchen. I also make yummy caramelized chicken thighs. Hmmmm…..I think I know what’s for dinner tomorrow night…

    I’ll be back later after experimenting with the site.

  81. AlisaSG said

    >> I have just learned that Kyle too will be a guest at MegaCon
    >> Still want to go to that convention in MPLS?

    OMG!!! I’m due to visit my sister, and have been holding off due to too many job changes (lost a few coworkers for other hunting grounds!! and had to retrain several within the past 2 years..)

    That’s in March, tho!! aghhhhhhhhhh!
    ummmmmmm, maybe if I ask my niece politely and get my hubby’s cousin to do some travel / visitation arrangements, I can go with this lovely niece of mine??!

    Margaret — looks like come SNOW or ICE — I just might be coming down for a visit!!!!!!!!!! I’ve already printed the MEGACON info out for my niece; now it’s all on her end to let me know if she’ll go with me or not. It’s a 2-1/2 hour drive for us –one way– Five hour round trip!

  82. Anzia said

    Lady A- OOOO, if i hadn’t checked into the bloody ford clinic…i’d have done it after that pic. *sigh* so hot…

    Gypsy- LOVE the hospital line! OMG. GREAT!

    Freyja-I always thought that the stapler remover thingers looked like a snake’s fangs so…totally w/ya hon! The link to my fan fic (if you really want it-otherwise pretend I stopped with the “hon) is

    Oh, I have some semi-important news. I quit Kohls today. My aunt & uncle and I had a talk and I just couldn’t do it anymore. Having anxiety attacks before work. I’d pretty much stopped eating again. Wasn’t sleeping. The reason I hadn’t quit yet was because i didn’t want it to seem rude. (i’m so not even kidding) I didn’t want to quit because I’d worked there less than 2 months & it seems inappropriate for me to do it. Like I hadn’t tried. But, my aunt & uncle said that they really feared I was making myself really sick (i’ve been sick a lot lately). So, I went into work & told my boss that I just couldn’t do it. She was a sweetheart and almost started crying (doesn’t help that I was). She gave me hugs, said she had troubles coming at times and had worked there 3 years. *sigh* so…now i kinda feel like I failed…and that i burnt a pretty good bridge jst b/c I couldn’t handle the stress anymore… *hangs head in shame* It seems that everyone from my training class thought I’d be there the longest. They’re all stunned that I was the first to leave. Sarah (the girl I was gonna room w/) has been texting me all night ’cause they’re all trying to talk me into coming back. Which I can’t do…:( Is it normal to feel like i’ve failed? Or am i just that messed up??? (feel free to ignore that one)

    *sigh* I’m going to go find a new job now…Maybe i’ll find something in the legal field now…*crosses fingers & prays*

    Doc Z
    Behavioral Therapist & Product Manager
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Room 514

  83. Anne said

    Rifkind said she’d be at a Con in MPLS the weekend before MegaCon so would probably not make it to MegaCon.

    MsGypsy, Cree said last week that she has 3 guest rooms that we are all welcome to and would love to have the company, so who needs moochable relatives?

  84. msgypsy said

    Okay, I’ve figured out how it works. You put in an item and set access for the group. I’ll submit something of my own to test it but I’m pretty sure that’s all you need to do.

    Anyone else want to play?

  85. AlisaSG said

    does that mean you’ll be at MegaCon too??

    wow…!!!!! Claire had better book a trip down to there, too!
    (it’s amazing how some *wishes* do come true.. LOL!)
    “be careful what you wish (really, really hard) for..” except this is a GOOD wish.

    I do hope the world, the traveling vehicles, etc., and the weather cooperates..!!

  86. Tango said

    And I’m back…

    Lady A – you almost missed your chance with room 107. I’ve been remodeling down in 103 and have already knocked out the walls and expanded into 105 as well. I tell ya what, if you’ll let me come play with your Photoshop and teach me some tricks, I will let you have 107 without whining about it. I’ll just have my sexy construction workers put in some stairs and take 203 and 205 if they haven’t been occupied. The place is going to look great! Remember, big party at my place when the renovation’s done.

    I think it might be a good idea if we email wildstar so that she can put the room numbers on the roster. I know I can’t keep up with it anymore. I know who my neighbors are (1st Floor Party Crew), but that’s about it.

    Margaret – yes the previews have got me revved up for the new season too. You know, if we got a commitment for new seasons with another 22 epies, I think the hiatus would be easier to handle. This summer was so bad because we were and still are unsure of the fate of the show.

    Have we come up with a new saying now that it’s October? I have nothing. Only 11 more sleeps until new BT!

    Vicki – you poor dear. I can’t believe you haven’t seen one yet. I’ve seen them during an afternoon movie, there was the one where Henry get’s a Vicki snack (much like a Scooby snack, but oh so much better) on two or three times during the show with Jason Priestly in it – can’t remember the name. I want to see the Captain Midnight one again. The one where Henry’s wearing the star belt that I want.

    Diz – have you seen that one yet? Yes, I love Chuck! It kept me rolling tonight. Especially when the killer spi dude showed up with appetizers at the front door. They are blessed with some great writers on that show. Man, think of how our BT would take off if we only had 1/4th of the advertising Chuck has had. And poor Vicki would surely have seen the commercials then.

  87. Anzia said

    I HAD A POST! I swear I did! *starts crying* UGH! this sucks…horrible ending to a horrible day! 😦

    I quit Kohls. Not in a good way either. It took a freaking intervention from my aunt & uncle to finally get me to do it. I wasn’t eating much at all, wasn’t sleeping much & having anxiety attacks/issues before my shifts. ALL of which I was ignoring b/c I kept saying that it’s just me. I had to learn to deal w/the stress. But I couldn’t. I sat at my desk and CRIED last monday…for no other reason other than I was trapped at work & couldn’t get out. I seriously was terrified to go but would just because I didn’t want to look bad. But, nope, I went in and told my boss straight out that I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t even handle another 2 wks *hangs head in shame* Yup. I did something I said i’d NEVER do. I just up and quit. Now, I don’t feel stressed but I feel like a big piece of crap & really kinda wanna curl up into a ball and cry until there’s nothing left for me to cry. Everyone at work I guess is stunned that *I’m* the one who quit first. I guess I was a shoe in for a lifer at kohls…:( But I was a baby and couldn’t deal for another 11 months. UGH!

    (okay…ignore the self directed anger and disappointment)

    *Takes a deep breathe…lets it out slowly* okay…sorry…

    Freyja- I’ve always thought that stapler removers looked like snakes…well their fangs anyway. So, totally with you. If you’re wondering about the Lo Mein noodles that Tango was talking about you can find it here: http://Writing.Com/authors/storyndreams The BT stuff is clearly labled…feel free to ignore if fanfic isn’t your deal. ^_^

    Lady A- LOVED the new greeting! ^_^ Totally would check in if I hadn’t already done so.

    Gypsy- The hospital pic…GREAT! ^_^

    To everyone who needs ’em (if you’ve openly expressed it or not) here’s a (((HUG))))

    Prtfvr-did you give me the keys back to the liquor cabinent? I know i gave ’em back after I stocked the nuts…

    Z, Vapor (definitely feeling this one right now), Doc Z
    Behavioral Therapist & Product Manager
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Room 514

  88. Anne said

    AlisaSG –

    Yep, I’ll soon be shopping for airline tickets to Florida.
    With two of my website subjects there, I figure I have to go 😉
    I already put in for vacation at work.

  89. vicki said

    Jason is on that Side ORder of Life Show…I dont watch it,,,but they show IT constantly..I will tivo it and hope for the best…Vicki snack..Heheh I love that….I wish I WAS that!!!

    Ok…laundry…hair…lay out stuff for school..things to do things to do….

    The work of a mom/wife/teacher is never done!!!

  90. AlisaSG said

    *Cool!!!!!!!!!* now my hubby can’t say no to me going… I’ll hire a limo to get to the airport, if necessary! and my sister has been waiting 2 years for me to come down and visit. So are my husband’s cousins, who also live nearby to my sister (it’s a small world!) I can stay at either place, as long as I let them know wayyy in advance.

    Maybe I can drag my niece or pay for her tickets to get her to tag along with me..! I keep teasing her that I’d love to be her acting manager. (She’s an actress in waiting). She’s become quite the *friendly* starlet in meeting actors Kevin Sorbo and I think it was Shawn Ashmore (who played Ged from “Legend of EarthSea”). Kevin didn’t know she was into acting, and he told her she’d looked like she’d be a terrific director! (She almost *died* when he said that!)

  91. Margaret said

    So how many of you all will Cree and I being seeing down here in March?
    Say about 99% since Anne has sweetened the pot by telling us Kyle is coming down.

  92. Tango said

    Z – (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((bear hug)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    Nope, don’t think that did the trick, wait a minute, come back here….
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUUUUUUUUUGGGG}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Feeling better yet?…… You know I can keep doing this all night! ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((BEEEEEEEEAAAAAAARRRRR HUUUUUUUGGGG}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    And a kiss on your head. Now breathe! Slowly, deep breaths, OK now open the care package I brought for you…

    Seriously, this is a good thing. Collections is one of the most draining, soul wrenching jobs there is. You gave it the ol’ college try, but there is something so much better for you. And you will find it when the time is right. Listen, when I was first out of school I tried selling stuffed animals and novelty toys to local gift shops and Halmark type stores. I lasted all of about 3 days. Sometimes you have to try things to find out it wasn’t meant for you to be there. So cheer up my little friend. One door doesn’t close without another one opening. Focus on what you really want to do and choose a job that will be a stepping stone to your goal.

    Love you Z!

  93. AlisaSG said

    ((((((((((hugs and prayers!!!!))))))))))

    as Tango said,
    >> One door doesn’t close without another one opening.

    believe it. Sometimes life gets really foggy and we can’t see even one foot in front of us.. I’ve been there, too – lost in the wilderness of uncertainty. But something better came along when it happened to me. I wasn’t expecting it either,
    but GOD was very GOOD, and I almost felt guilty after a few years of feeling like I was given a gift.

    When I worked at the nursing home, I didn’t think I’d last longer than the 3rd day — I just cried all the time the first few weeks.. and prayed to get thru it. I did my best while I was there, until a new door opened up. I got booted out because they no longer wanted a “civilian” doing their medical office computer work for the nursing staff. So, it took a few months, but another door opened up just a few more minutes down the same general road. It was meant to be.

    Will be praying for you.

  94. AlisaSG said

    you all who are planning to attend — down to the Orlando MEGACON…

    I have a suggestion.. if someone can co-ordinate this —
    maybe we can get a group seating arrangement set on reserve for us, so we can be together??’s just an idea. (we’ll need numbers on who all is going to be with us, etc. to get enough seat numbers, tho, too.)

    That way, we won’t all be scattered across the room to the 4 walls with hundreds of other folks between us..
    (and then have to rely on cell phones to meet across the room somewhere!)

  95. Tango said

    Ahhhh drats! Gypsy, you link didn’t work. Will you post it again? I can’t wait to try this.

    Thanks, T

  96. oooo yay room 107 right next to the party room, score!

    I’m out for the night, glad you guys enjoyed the pictures.

  97. msgypsy said

    Here ya go, Tango.

    I don’t know about this Megacon thing. I’ll be taking a huge vacation in May, so might not be able to get time off to fly to Florida and attend, not to mention the expense of it all. But I’m sorely, sorely tempted.

    Anzia, {{{hugs}}}, hon. Collections is a tough job, and most of the people I know and like who’ve done it have ended up quitting much like you did. I think it’s the kind of job that steals your soul.

    Well, it’s getting late and I’m getting sleepy. I’ve been trying to find the place for BT discussion on Lifetime’s site and I’m confused and fretful so I think a warm blanket and a bouncy pup (and a Harry Dresden novel) are what I need. Type at you tomorrow.

  98. Tango said

    Thanks G! I got it now! Now I’m just waiting for this flickr account dealie to resolve a technical problem so I can have a url to post it here. Sounds like a job for Chuck!

    Good night my lovelies! May those who have had a hard day be refreshed with a good night’s slumber with the hope of a new day and a bright beginning. May those of you who are ill be renewed with the rest that your body needs in hopes that tomorrow will bring renewed health. And for those of you who have had a good day may you awake tomorrow to repeat the splendor that brought you through the day sharing it with others so that they too may enjoy all that the day holds for them.

    Tango out

  99. laurel said

    Hey! Can I go too? Why oh why don’t I know someone with a private jet? Gypsy, Elizabeth, Arrowyn, Moonbeam and Me!!!!!! Geez girls, if you all are going there must be some way to figure this out…..

    Good thing I had sound proofing added to the walls of my room at the clinic. It could be very noisy in rooms 104 (and 102 – Lauren isn’t around much these days so I have the keys to hers as well as mine). Mike suggested we could add a jacuzzi to the extra room, maybe we should add big screen plazma tv so we can watch the replays of BT in High Def. hehehe
    Actually we could have a virtual party for Dylan in that room, maybe.

    Gypsy, I would like to play along on the fanfic contest. I didn’t think up anything beyond the one conversation we had at lunch last spring, so don’t get your expectations too high. lol

  100. Cree said

    Kyle is coming here to Orlando!!!!!!! WooHoo!!!!! Well, I was (and still am) totally bummed about not being able to go to Claire’s the end of this month, but it makes it a little better knowing that a lot of you are going to be coming down here in March and will get to meet you then (not to mention our beautiful man child). And yes, Anne is correct, anyone needing a place to stay is more than welcome to crash at my place. I have plenty of room here at Hotel Cree.

    Vicki: I have noticed that LT usually shows the first BT commercial every day sometime between 6:30pm and 6:45pm ET. Then they play about once an hour or so after that. I am not sure how late they run each night though, but that is when they start. I have never seen one earlier than that.

  101. laurel said

    Z sweetie – I really think you have done the right thing for you! Have faith sista’! There must be something out there that will make your life not just livable but joyful. I will be saying lots of prayers for you, as so many of us will, and something will come your way soon. I truly believe that you needed to make a change and I applaude your brave spirit in stepping forward when standing still would have been simpler.
    Love ya’ girl!

    Tango, that was a lovely blessing you left for us. Thank you.

  102. msgypsy said

    One more macro before going to bed.

    And I was right. To post a story for the group, you put it in at under your own handle, and assign it to the group. So if you want to compete in the fanfic contest, send me your handle (register for one if you haven’t already; it’s free for the basic level) and I’ll add you. Then you can add your entry and my impartial panel of one or two (not members of this blog, so it’ll be fair) will judge them at a date to be agreed upon by the competitors. I think this link will work to give folks the basis of the contest:

    Good night, now, folks.

  103. msgypsy said

    You know, Laurel, I asked if anyone objected to you competing, and no one spoke up so go for it!

    Okay, just one more and then it’s beddy bye time.

  104. Anne said

    Anzie – you had to quit – for reasons of self preservation.
    Check out som lolcats to cheer you up.

  105. Arrowyn said

    Anzia, I was skimming before I went to bed and saw your posts about quitting Kohl’s. Congratulations! You’re not the first and you definitely won’t be the last to leave Kohls. I went through a similar situation many years ago, except that I had worked for this company for almost 10 years. One day I just started crying and couldn’t stop. I didn’t have the control that you did — I just walked. My boss and my co-workers kept calling me, too. But I knew that, if I went back, I was going to break, one way or another. The good news is that my next job was one of the best I ever had! And part of the reason I got that good job was that I now knew what I WASN’T looking for. Kohl’s may have been the suckiest job ever, but you learned that you don’t ever want to do that kind of work again! It’s so normal to have the feelings you’re having, but you wouldn’t feel that way if you didn’t have integrity and a good work ethic. You just wouldn’t care. So, after your grieving subsides, look in the mirror and know that you did something very positive and supportive for yourself. Also know that you’ve got a lot of people rooting for you! I’d say “good luck”, but you won’t need it – you’ll do fine. ((((((((((((((((HUGS!!!))))))))))))))

  106. Anne said

    Just a thought … if any of you roflbot picture makers wants to share with the world, I think it would be grand to have a roflbot gallery on bloodtiescentral … you can just email them to me.

    Silliness is GOOD!
    Laughing rules!

  107. Margaret said

    Anzia: You had to quit for your own self preservation. Someone once said that when one door closes another opens so believe it or not this is for the best. You will find something much better the next time out. You know that we’ll are here for you.

    Cree was telling me that we can now have a new motto: Is it March yet? And she’s certainly right. One waiting period after another with Blood Ties isn’t it.

    Anne: Thanks again for making our day, year, month, for letting us know the man/child will be in Orlando. Time for another convention of Blood Sisters. It will be nice meeting all of you.

  108. Margaret said

    Found this post on SCI-FI from a Google Alert:

    susan Says:

    October 1st, 2007 at 10:37 pm
    I’m very excited that we get the 10 episodes of Blood Ties that we were promised. I can’t wait until Oct. 12.
    I would love to see many more seasons of Blood Ties. Kyle Schmid is great. Just wanted to let all of the Kyle fans out there know that I read on TV.Com that Kyle will be on CSI:Miami on Monday Oct. 15 on CBS. The name of the episode is Bang,Bang,Your Debt. I hope to see Lifetime keep Blood Ties going because it is a terrific show.

  109. lwildstar said

    Z- (((((HUGS))))
    just had a moment to scan the posts – I feel for you girl – I spent 8 years in a job that treated me like crap because I wouldn’t quit, had to stick it out and all that garbage, made myself sick and I was not a nice person to be with, all for the sake of a paycheck….YOU DID THE RIGHT THING. Self preservation…..I wish i had taken a stand…….you’ll get through this part – its a little tramtic. the OMG what did I do syndrome – but you are loved and supported and you can vent on us all you need! And just like with me YOU WILL FIND SOMETHING BETTER!!!

    Speaking of which play time is over and I mys scaddle –

    Gypsy I’ve alread ygot ideas for the story! Will try to checkout the group thing tonight…..

  110. lwildstar said

    oh before i forget – I am working on edits from the sequal part one – When the Sun Rises and I have started on part two – only half way through – I will posts the links when part two is ready – if any of the new comers would like the links to the first short story let me know!
    Now I must get to work!

    Funny think, any more all I want to do is write? and watch Blood Ties of course!

  111. msgypsy said

    Anne, I’m flattered. I don’t keep my bt cat macros on my own computer because so many places need a url in order to display them. So go to my Imageshack site at and grab whatever you want to display. Some of them are BT and I also do them for Doctor Who and Torchwood and who knows what else I might find?

    I do have Lady A’s macro there, the one that is on top of this thread. I had to because this is one of the sites that needs a url in order to display the picture. (I also have a flickr site where other pics are but the cat macros are all on imageshack. ) So you probably would be better off waiting for her to send you hers. (That’s the only one there of which there are two because I thought I had trouble saving it but I actually didn’t…)

    I have a pizza in the oven (at 6:30 AM. Don’t ask!) and must go rescue it! I’ll be back at lunch. When I’ll be eating the pizza…

  112. Tango said

    Good Morning Everyone!

    Laurel – glad you liked it. My Irishness was gushing last night if you couldn’t tell.

    Cree – I guess I should stop whining about what my DVR won’t do and be grateful of what it does. Only 3 days out? That’s rough. I would be forgetting things all the time. I love the wishlist feature of the TIVO/DVR. It is suppose to pick the actor up whether he’s on a talk show, movie, tv show etc. Of course I’ve got Kyle as my #1 wish – in more ways than one 😉

    Margaret – Thanks for the good news! Now that’s a great kick-start for a good day! I’ll be setting my TIVO to record it later this week when it shows up. Ouu – I hope he plays the sexy boyfriend and not some punk. We’ve seen him play that role enough. Can’t see to much of the sexy boyfriend or sexy main character. I wonder if he’ll be the killer?

    Sorry I won’t be able to join you ladies at the convention. March is one of my busiest months. I actually would be more excited about seeing all you ladies than Captain Midnight and Pseudo-Columbo, because I know that we would have so much fun together. Promise me if Kyle is wearing the star belt that you will use your feminine wiles and get it for me 😎

    (Takes pixie dust-like substance from a pouch, blowing it out of her palm toward you) Now go and have a fabulous day!

  113. Good Morning Everyone! I’m just dropping in on my way out to work! Missed All of you! Read quick this morn and now feel behind already! Maybe I’ll make it back when you’re all asleep again! :>)

  114. Margaret said

    I must have missed something. Where is the star belt? In one of the commercials?

  115. Margaret said

    I was telling Anne if we all make it to Megacon we could die happy between a man sandwich-Kyle and Dylan. What a month! Blood Ties coming back and now we have Kyle/Henry as a pumpkin head. Does life get any better than this? Renewals would be the only thing to make this month perfect.

  116. Tango said

    Amen to the renewals Margaret!

    The star belt one that Kyle is wearing as he is walking behind Vicki and Coreen in what appears to be a night club. It’s at the end of the commercial when Henry says something to Vicki like “You’re wearing a dress!?!”

    It’s a big rhinestone or shiney silver star buckle on a belt. He’s wearing a t-shirt with a shirt overlay and black pants (I think) That’s the commercial I haven’t seen in about two weeks, but I think it is the one that Mike calls him Captain Midnight. I want this belt. If Henry has to come with it – then so be it!

  117. Margaret said

    Crap, that was the one that took me totally by surprise and I was never able to tape and you’re right, they haven’t aired it for weeks. Oddly enough I wasn’t looking there, shame on you all. lol.

  118. Freyja said

    Good morning ladies! Gee, the benefits of the time difference for most of you. I was long in bed while most of you were still furiously typing away!

    Margaret – you are more than welcome to become my paralegal. I think I’ll need the help once the episodes start airing. I think my case load will become overwhelming. Just imagine, just like Coreen you can reasearch all kinds of interesting cases, facts, and ingenious defences so that I can help the masses. Thanks for the info on CSI: Miami. That episode airs one week after our Thanksgiving. And luckily no BT on at the same time on Mondays anymore.

    Anzia – I have a huge phobia of snakes. Much better than when I was young, though. I no longer get sick at the thought or sight of a snake. So, I think I’ll continue thinking of the staple remover as vampire fangs, thanks. Thanks for the link. I’ll wait until I’m home to check that out (but not tonight – Heart of Fire is on, first viewing in Canada) as I have a feeling I’ll get too distracted from work if I read it here. Most people say that members of my profession are really frustrated actors – yeah, I know a few! LOL! But I’m more the frustrated writer type but not frustrated – I actually do travel writing in my spare time. You can find me here: Although, I have to say I have had a character in my head for 4 years now and while she went away for a couple of years she’s been screaming at me very loudly at me to get out since the summer.

    Tango – OMG, you are too funny! I think I might follow your lead and take over some rooms on the 8th floor. Now that I have a paralegal, I’ll have to fit her office into my place on the 7th floor along with my office, legal library and Canada resource centre. If I take over some rooms on the 8th floor and put in a staircase like you suggest I can actually live upstairs. Send those workmen my way!

    As for showing signs of Henryitis, I think you’re right, I need to talk to the Dr. As the saying from my other favourite show goes ‘Resistance is Futile’. Well, except you definitely want to resist the Borg – who wants to become that? I’m very stubborn just like TV Vicki and just as Henry is slowly getting to her, he is to me too. *sigh*

    I am a rabid football fan (CFL – Canadian Football League, here is my team: and I actually missed the game on TV on Saturday afternoon because I was doing you know what. I talked to my dad last night and he asked if I saw the game (we won) and embarrassingly I had to tell him no, I missed it. I didn’t tell him why.

    Oh Tango, no one has called me a child in a long time. My parents (who are in their mid-50’s) don’t even call me that anymore – I’m 33! All I can say is that come Christmas time I’ll be home for 3 weeks. If BT isn’t bumped by holiday shows I’ll be taking over their TV. I can just see it now, my dad going to hide in his office downstairs and my mom on the couch politely watching. Hey, I had to put up with Canadian Idol when I was there on holiday in August. Too bad my niece is only a year old – I’m sure I could get her if she were older.

  119. Claire said

    Good morning ladies…wow..I didn’t go anywhere..yet I missed so much!
    Himmiefan,yes I saw a documentary about daddy long legs! yuck thank God their mouth is too small! The big spiders we have are scary brown with stripes and furry,not sure if its a wolf spider,which I’ve told can really F@%k a person up!

    My darling Z…I love you here’s a big hug from your adopted Mom..

    Well wishes may come true..but seeing Kyle in Florida won’t be one of mine,I can’t go,not because of husband issues like Alisa,cause you all know there isn’t a man in sight in my life! but because I can’t travel due to no babysitters for the quads.Nikki leaves for work at around 8:30 and is not back until 6:30,Christopher and Brittany have all different schedules,and Monique is going back to work in January,she’s in the process of interviewing and background search for a human resources position with the C.I.A.I can’t take the quads with me cause they’ll still be in school during March,so I’ll miss out on that fantasy coming true…maybe someday. mountains of work are calling..I’ll try to check in more than once today!
    Love yas!

  120. Freyja said

    Hey Claire,

    I’ll be joining you at home while the other ladies are at convention. While I have more than enough points to get there, I won’t have any new vacation entitlement until April 1/08. So, unless I get a new job between now and then … Too bad since the Canadian dollar is now trading above par. Now, if you ladies were coming to Toronto I’d definitely meet up with you there. It is only 5 hours’ drive away.

    Everyone who is going to convention, just be nice to my fellow Canucks!

  121. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bonjour Mes Amis, Buongiorno Signiorina’s! Good Morning My SISTA”S O” BLOOD!

    I am ready to make reservations for Orlando! Put out Cree, and Maggie May I’m coming your way 😉 Mag’s thanks for the Schmid tip I’ll set my DVR up for that night although I have it set up for the Big screen in the den already hee hee hee 😀

    Cree I like the is it March yet ? slogan new campaign ladies, and I may call you closer to March 😉

    I have a question, If the show isn’t p/up yet by LT or some other network would they still be appearing at the Megacon? Could it be that it has been picked up (hopeful and VERY OPTIMISTIC) Rose colored glasses anyone?

    I am soooo stoked up right now I CAN spontaneously combust 😎 but I’ll be cool!

  122. Margaret said

    Seems like it would be rather sad for them to appear if they weren’t promoting their show, wouldn’t it? Who knows? I have long since stopped trying to figure out Lifetime. It will make you go insane and probably need legal assistance from our friendly Canadian Barrister. lol.

    Tell you one thing if it does goe south and doesn’t get renewed and I have post cards left it won’t be pretty. I’ll leave it at that and you can fill in the blanks.

  123. prtfvr said

    Ok. My spam mail has reached a new low. I received “eHarmony Online Dating Service for Seniors” in my email. WAHHHH!!! Don’t tell Kyle. Henry yes, Kyle no. 😉

  124. laurel said

    Margaret – I suspect some of your blog sisters (me, for example) would love to get a postcard in the mail if you end up with some extras. I am trying not to fret over that just yet, even though I am beyond irritated with LT for being so slow. I

    Wow! Did I see a post from my missing Moonbeam? Nice to know she’s still with us. I talked to her husband a couple of nights ago but she was not available due to school project she was working on.

    lwildstar – I am off to the post office in a few minutes, watch for a package!

  125. prtfvr said

    Ok, someone explain these macro thingies to me. They just look like pics with writing on them. I’ve been puzzling over it for a while and figured I’ll just take my chances looking dumb. I’m fairly used to that by now anyhow. 🙂

  126. Danae said

    Buongiorno Bellas!

    Now that Anne said Kyle will be at Megacon I am so totally going. I have to! I have to! I have to! My brother and sister-in-law live on Orlando so you all can stay with Cree. That way more of you will be able to have a place to stay. I was looking at the prices for the con and they don’t seem to bad.

    Anzia-I say good for you for quitting. I was in a place that I hated and was having panic attacks every morning and I didn’t even have the courage to quit. If you were so bad that you were not eating you needed to get out of there anyway. It isn’t healthy. (((hugs)))

    Anne-I sent you a BTmacro that I did. It isn’t too clever but it was the first one I did. Be gentle.

    I was worried last night because I have very limited funds and my landlord didn’t want the check I gave him because he was afraid it wouldn’t cash even though I assured him it would. I also need gas and food which I have no money for. My mom was yelling at me because of it. My landlord had no right to talk to her about it anyway. I started crying and Amber gets very sensitive when someone is upset. She asked me if I was crying and I said no because I didn’t want her upset. She opened her play wallet that she had a penny in and gave it to me so I could buy gas. She told me not to worry that she would help me. That got me crying even more. She is the sweetest little girl ever.

  127. prtfvr said

    This week in IMDB stats:

    Blood Ties is moving up the ladder finally getting below 2,000 (the lower the number the better).

    Dylan’s stats improved too but Christina and Kyle dropped a little.

  128. Danae said

    I also meant to say that I have scrounged up enough money to go to Claire’s. I should use that money for rent but I will be damned if I miss it after all the planning I put in.

  129. Anne said

    Ladies, Megacon has now listed Kyle on their page of gusts:

  130. Danae said

    prtfvr-Go to this link You can make macros from there. Follow the directions

  131. Anne said

    Gusts, breezes, winds, storms ..


  132. prtfvr said

    I’m so behind I barely know what’s going on here but…

    Z: I gave you the key to the liquor cabinet back but here’s the copy that I made *throws key*. Sorry about that. It’s the nuts, they’re SO irresistible!

    As far as Kyle being at the Megacon, I’m not sure I’ll be able to go. The timing might be bad. We could possible be moving in either March or April so I doubt I’ll have the money. RATS!

    For a show that hasn’t been renewed, I’m finding the fact that Kyle and Dylan are attending the conference to be VERY encouraging!

  133. Danae said

    rotflmao! Anne so funny

  134. prtfvr said

    Looks like Anne and I had the same idea (posting the site showing Kyle’s pic).

    Dani, but what are those macros supposed to do? They just look like pictures to me. What am I missing? I thought a macro was a set of instructions that you typed to have a specific action occur. As far as I can tell, these are just pics with captions.

  135. Claire said

    Hey Freyja! Yeah we can stay home and dream about meeting Kyle in person!
    Oh I would so love to go to Canada again! I was in Montreal for Bastille day 2006,ah I hated leaving! One of these days I’ll have to get up there to Toronto!

    Danae…it will all work out..have faith! love you!

  136. Danae said

    prtfvr-As far as I know they are only pictures with words on them too.

  137. lwildstar said

    Freyja said “Oh Tango, no one has called me a child in a long time. My parents (who are in their mid-50’s) don’t even call me that anymore – I’m 33!”

    Fryja – I’m 39 and when I call my parents my dad still calls me “the baby”.

    laurel – I’ll keep an eye out! whoo hoo…I’ll email you later about trying to chat this weekend!

    I’ve already started my Vicki Shot Mike story – I’ve got the lead in sections for both sides – now i just have to figure out the shooting!

    Well lunch is short and they keep bugging me so I’m going to run away for a while…talk to you later!

  138. lwildstar said

    found this posted over at LT
    According to this listing I found, Kyle Schmid is going to be appearing on CSI: Miami in two weeks! Check this out — 125. Bang, Bang, Your Debt First aired: 10/15/2007 Production Code: 604 The team investigates the puzzling death of a student and find evidence that Tim Speedle may not be dead. Writer: Brian Davidson, Barry O’Brien Director: Karen Gaviola Guest star: Rory Cochrane (Tim Speedle), Brendan Fehr (Dan Cooper), Johnny Whitworth (Det.Jake Berkeley) , Colton Hanyes (Brandon Fox), Arielle Vandenberg (Jessia Taylor), Yusuf Gatewood (Keith Ward), Kyle Schmid (Andrew Hillman), Jenifer Tung (Rebecca Palmer), Deja Kreutzberg (Lori), Casey Lee (Mike Carlton), Jeff Hephner (Gary Lanier)

  139. Margaret said

    lwildstar: I’ve already posted it here. lol. Great minds think alike.

  140. Danae said

    I’m not worrying. A part of the problem was my sister was bugging me to pay her back for the plane ticket yet when she was on my cell phone bill she took forever to pay me. I paid her to get her off my back. I don’t have the exact amount for rent in my checking but I have overdraft protection so neither me nor him will be in trouble over it. My mom is paying my rent for me this time out of Amber’s account and I have to pay it back a little at a time. Right now I don’t have anything to eat for breakfast or lunch and I don’t get paid again until next Friday.

  141. Anzia said

    *rubs tears off face* Thanks guy. Ya’ll are great. I’m already applying all over the place. “thanks” just doesn’t cover it. I’m blessed beyond reason just having you guys.

    prtfvr-I think the deal is that they’re funny comments made about the picture. I THINK, don’t quote me’ cause I could be wrong. Yeah…lost the keys…thanks, I’ll give your copy back as soon as I make a copy…of a copy…;)

    I’d totally be in Flordia w/you guys…but…nope. I have to use what little savings I have to go to my brother’s graduation in Dec & can’t promise to have $$$ in March for FL. If someone gets an autograh or something could you get one for me too??? PLEASE *gets on knees & begs* I don’t know what you can & can’t do at a convention like that (never been) so…

  142. Danae said

    Argh! I wish I could get my bonus check now.

  143. lwildstar said

    I’m so jealous of those getting to go to that convention – I doubt I could get the time off even if I had the money…sigh…..
    I am so looking forward to our little party – which makes up for it!

    Well I’m out of here – if they day is slow imay pop back in – other wise I’ll see you tonight!

  144. lwildstar said

    And those of you going MUST bring back goodies and pictures galour for the rest of us! LOL!!!!!

  145. Margaret said

    Danae: Please email me at

  146. Danae said

    Ok I did.

  147. Danae said

    Ok well lunch is over. I will check back in before I leave.

  148. Freyja said

    Oh Claire! Montreal is so close to Ottawa, less than two hours actually. But I’m turning red of emarrassment here because I’ve never been. Shame on me! But I have been to Quebec City. I spent 6 weeks in Jonquiere on a French immersion course.

    If you ever make it north of the border again you’ll have to stop in Ottawa. Great city, fantastic festivals, tons of green space, museums and galleries … and a UNESCO world heritage site. I’d highly recommend the Tulip Festival in May. Oooh, and the haunted walks – no vampires in the local legends but you can pretend anyway. Something other than malaria had to have killed all the Rideau Canal builders.

  149. Freyja said

    lwildstar said “I’m 39 and when I call my parents my dad still calls me “the baby”.”

    That had me lauging. Oh boy, if my dad had ever done that he would have gotten major evil eyes from me – I would have wanted to smack him too but never would. My dad is a saint, though. He’s had to put up with 3 very independent, strong-headed women in the house, all fire signs btw (my niece makes 4).

    I was the baby of my class all the way from K-grade 12 (bday 12/12 at 3:33 am – I think that is a rather auspicious combination, plus I share the bday with my mom). Hated that! Quite the opposite in my family, though. I have only 2 cousins around my age. All the others (10) were born in 1984 and after.

  150. Annalaise duChat said

    Hello all.

    I’ve been to busy with my magazine deadline to come and play, but I did a quick skim of the posts.

    Kyle Schmid at Magacon? woohoo! You ladies that are going to get to go are so lucky! Maybe one of you can stuff Kyle and Dylan in your carry on before you come back. Do ya think? Everybody get at least 2 autographs so you have enough to share with those of us that can’t go.

    Kyle in CSI Miami — Consider my DVR set to record!

    Anzia — I’m so glad you got out of that place. It was tearing you down. You are too sensitive a person to work a job like that. Now you can find something that truly suits you. Good luck.

    Gypsy — I’ve got an idea brewing for the fanfic contest. I’ve never tried fanfic before, but what the heck, I’ll give it a go.

    I love Kyle’s new nickname Captain Midnight! That’s so perfect.

    Gotta go Horizon Magazine awaits. OMG I hate that thing!


  151. prtfvr said

    Dani, Z: Ok, so it’s just a pic with a clever caption? I can do that! 🙂

    Gypsy tell me if it’s something else.

  152. elizabeth said

    It has taken me forever to catch up on the posts this morning! I have a blinding sinus headache and a day full of meetings – yuk 😦

    Anzia – For your sake I am glad you quit your job! Do not feel bad about it in the least. If the job makes you that miserable then it is a sure sign you need to move on and I am sure that company has a high turnover in collections; so it is nothing they haven’t dealt with before. Please don’t beat yourself up – we love you and with all the collective good wishes headed your way things will definately be looking up!

    I sooo wish I could go see Kyle at the convention! If my lottery win happens between now and then I will absolutely be there. Otherwise, I will have to live vicariously through all of you – so savor everything, remember all the details and totally dish to those of us sitting at home 🙂

    Danae – Financial worries just sucK!!! – and not in a Henry biting your neck good way!!! I have been down that road and know how scary it is. (((HUGS))) You will be okay, my dear. Things absolutely will get better.

    Msgypsy – you made me laugh this morning when I saw your picture of Kyle hanging from the ceiling. Quit a feat, I might add, since I am miserable with a headache.

    Moonbeam – Good to hear from you! I think about you often and hope we can get together again next time you are visiting Laurel.

    lwildstar – I am so going to watch the episode of CSI – Miami with Kyle in it. I don’t usually watch that show, but will make a point now. Thanks for sharing that information.

  153. elizabeth said

    Wow, it looks like my floor of the Bloody Ford clinic is filling up fast! I don’t really need a lot of space, so room 106 is still good for me. There is plenty of activity in the other rooms, so I will not be spending too much time alone. I have great neighbors. Besides, I have my beautiful mural of Henry to gaze at when I am in my little sitting room. What’s that? You want me to put more seating in the area so you all can share my view? Hmmm – well, okay. I won’t be greedy. Stop by any time to share the visual feast 😉

    Elizabeth *E*
    Room 106
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  154. Maddie Mo said

    Hey all!!

    Just stopping by to catch up.

    Watched Moonlight Friday and thought it was okay. It’s obviously not Blood Ties and Henry, but it was still entertaining. And if it will help keep Blood Ties on the air by showing an interest in other Vamp shows I will watch them all.

    I see some of us now have room assingments. How do I get mine or do we just pick.

  155. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Ok chickadees going to gobble , Mom made chicken salad w/grapes in it on croissant’ (SP) yummmy so I’ll catch ya’ll when I get back 😉

  156. Ah, I just did a dangerous thing! I left this on my dock and slipped in while the kids were at P.E.! Dang, two just popped in because they got in trouble! I’ve been crancky with everyone because they were very naughty with the sub yesterday! They only had her for a couple of hours, had lunch, P.E., assembly and art! go Figure!

    Hmmm Looks like a new day a new seating arrangement is happening!

  157. You know, I’m getting really aggravated. I’ve posted twice today and neither has shown up. It’s a conspiracy! I hardly have any time as it is, and I sneak one in and it never shows. D@##$%!

    Catch you this evening when I have more time.


  158. prtfvr said

    Z: I totally identify with saying you’d never just up and quit a job! I always looked down on people who did that as irresponsible and maybe that’s true but I did the same thing that you did at the end of June.

    I was owned 20% by another professor (I work at a university and my salary is funded by grants). Anyhow, they were horrible to work for, the pressure was making me sick and all for 20%. I was working for them full time to the detriment to my other two professors.

    The last straw was when I received an email telling me that I needed to “pick up the slack” now that one of their people had quit. It made me sound like I wasn’t doing my part. I was already working 100% in a 20% job. There was no way I was “picking up” any more “slack”. I found funding that day and said “see ya!” and never worked for them again.

    I just couldn’t take it. My chest hurt all the time, couldn’t sleep, I was always tense and angry. It was literally making me sick. I’ve always wished for a brief case of anorexia or a vacation from my mind and leaving someone in charge who would diet and exercise but I eat for all occasions – it takes something horrible to keep me from eating and I’d rather be fat then have something happen. I ain’t THAT dissatisfied with my looks! 😉

    Anyhow girl, you did the right thing! Get rid of that guilt! You’re just not cut out for that job, nothing wrong with that. I couldn’t do it either. Well, I pretty much hate people anyhow so as soon as someone wants something it pisses me off. But that’s besides the point.

    If I can share mother-hood with Claire, I’d be more than happy to add on to your over dose of moms! *HUGS*

  159. msgypsy said

    Prtfvr, yeah, that’s pretty much what a cat macro is. Check out for the actual CAT cat macros (and even some of those aren’t cats per se.)

    I just realized I may have enough points to go to Orlando. It’ll be a week or so before I’m sure, though. Since my points are on Delta and right now they show fares in excess of $800 for that weekend…

    How many of us are on the 6th floor at the Bloody Ford Clinic? I think we Denizens of the Sixth need to form a posse and raid some of these other floors’ parties!

    People keep snitching parts of my lunch because it smells so good. I feel like Archer-Daniels-Midland. (I feed the world…)

  160. Danae said

    Ms Gypsy It may be only you and me on the 6th floor.

    Dizey-I absolutely love chicken salad with big chunks of chicken and either grapes or cherries and celery and only Real Hellmans Mayo can be used.

  161. I’m with Danae, I want some of that chicken salad. I had a dry tortia w/ string cheese for lunch. No wonder those poor kiddos have a cranky teacher. Hmmm… They should be nicer to their subs. Opps, time to go get them. I don’t think I can make it a habit to have this in my dock!

  162. Danae said

    Your lucky I had nothing for lunch. One of our suppliers came in with Dunkin Donuts around 2:00 so I got lucky.

  163. Danae said

    Alrighty, time for me to go home. Dance class night.

    Talk to you tomorrow.
    Ciao Bellas.

    Rm 625 The Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where The Blood Ties Bind

    Singing out!

  164. prtfvr said

    By George Carlin


    George Carlin’s Views on Aging

    Do you realize that the only time in our lives when we like to get old is
    when we’re kids? If you’re less than 10 years old, you’re so excited about
    aging that you think in fractions.

    “How old are you?” “I’m four and a half!” You’re never thirty-six and a
    half. You’re four and a half, going on five! That’s the key!!

    You get into your teens, now they can’t hold you back.
    You jump to the next number, or even a few ahead.

    “How old are you?” “I’m gonna be 16!” You could be 13, but hey, you’re gonna
    be 16! And then the greatest day of your life . . . you BECOME 21. Even the
    words sound like a ceremony. YOU BECOME 21. YESSSS!!!

    But then you turn 30. Oooohh, what happened there? Makes you sound like bad
    milk! He TURNED; we had to throw him out. There’s no fun now, you’re just a
    sour-dumpling. What’s wrong? What’s changed?

    You BECOME 21, you TURN 30, then you’re PUSHING 40. Whoa! Put on the brakes,
    it’s all slipping away. Before you know it, you RE A CH 50 and your dreams
    are gone.

    But wait!!! You MAKE IT to 60. You didn’t think you would!

    So you BECOME 21, TURN 30, PUSH 40, REACH 50 and MAKE IT to 60.

    You’ve built up so much speed that you HIT 70! After that it’s a day-by-day
    thing; you HIT Wednesday!

    You get into your 80s and every day is a complete cycle; you HIT lunch; you
    TURN 4:30 ; you REACH bedtime and it doesn’t end there. Into the 90s, you
    start going backwards;
    “I Was JUST 92.”

    Then a strange thing happens. If you make it over 100, you become a little
    kid again.
    “I’m 100 and a half!”

    May you all make it to a healthy 100 and a half!!


    1. Throw out nonessential numbers. This includes age, weight and height.
    Let the doctors worry about them. That is why you pay “them”.

    2. Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down.

    3. Keep learning. Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening,
    whatever. Never let the brain idle. “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”
    And the devil’s name is Alzheimer’s.

    4. Enjoy the simple things.

    5. Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.

    6. The tears happen. Endure, grieve, and move on. The only person, who is
    with us our entire life, is ourselves. Be ALIVE while you are alive.

    7. Surround yourself with what you love, whether it’s family, pets,
    keepsakes, music, plants, hobbies, whatever. Your home is your refuge.

    8. Cherish your health: If it is good, preserve it. If it is unstable,
    improve it.
    If it is beyond what you can improve, get help.

    9 Don’t take guilt trips. Take a trip to the mall, even to the next county;
    to a foreign country but NOT to where the guilt is.

    10. Tell the people you love that you love them, at every opportunity.


    Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
    but by the moments that take our breath away.

    And if you don’t send this to at least 8 people – who cares?
    But do share this with someone.
    We all need to live life to its fullest each day!!

  165. msgypsy said

    What is this? Everyone wants to steal lunch today? I had to hover and protect my caramelized chicken and onions with potato-artichoke casserole on the side. I baked garlic bread this morning and that was gone before lunch even came around. (Yes, I bake in the morning. I make the dough and let it rise in the refrigerator overnight…)

    Gotta get back to work now. Hugs to all. (Glad you’re feeling better, Z. Getting out of a bad job is never a bad thing!)

  166. elizabeth said

    prtfvr – I love your post with George Carlin wisdom! He is so right and it makes me laugh at the absurdity of the amount of focus we put on things that are so not important. When someone asks my age (and after I give them a haughty raised eyebrow) I tell them I am 39 and holding. It sure shuts them up fast and amuses me to no end 🙂 – win, win!

  167. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Awwww my porr Dani girl, sorry you had to eat donuts for lunch. Were they *Happy Girl* donuts? Mom’s chicken salad was very good and I/We only use Blue Plate Mayo, the only kind I eat. Mom like Helmann’s also. Remember I’m picky about textures, veeeery picky. I’d actually love a chocolate donut right now for dessert. 😉

    Moonbeam, kick those little badd butts! Shame on them they get what they deserve though. You want to play you gotta pay! Glad to see ya’ ! You’ve been greatly missed.

    Gypsy woman, I’m trying to make Orlando work for me also. That would be the coolest thing if I can go. Tickets to the Megacon are cheap for the 3 days it’s the other stuff that adds up, but hopefully I’ll get some spiffs and whalla done! We shall see.

  168. Freyja said

    gypsy said, “How many of us are on the 6th floor at the Bloody Ford Clinic? I think we Denizens of the Sixth need to form a posse and raid some of these other floors’ parties!”

    So it begins! You are more than welcome on the 7th floor. Now that I have my very own version of Coreen (thanks Margaret!) I’m having to expand my home/office to the 8th floor. I’ve already put in a request for the workmen to stop by my place next. After the renovations are complete, there will be lots of space for guests and parties, not just those with legal trouble!

    Anzia, good for you for quitting. As has been mentioned, if it made you miserable why stay and put yourself through that? I purposefully chose a different career path because I didn’t want to work 14 hour days, 7 days a week, complete with all that entails. Good for you!

    Ms. Freyja
    Resident Barrister & Solicitor (*new clients always welcome)
    Rm. 713
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  169. Margaret said

    Does anyone know what they’re chatting about regarding a live chat with the stars (over at the Lifetime board)?

  170. You all had actual food? I had leftover Chinese food….. Which ain’t bad, but it was breakfast, a really odd breakfast.

  171. elizabeth said

    Oooh, Freyja can I interview the work crew? huh? Huh? Please? I guarantee they will be excellent workers and provide a visual feast in accordance with the soothing atmosphere of the clinic 😉

  172. Margaret said

    Ok, now I’m going to act like Coreen Freyja. My hair is too short to make those funny fashion statements that Coreen does so I’ll need a raise to buy extensions. lol.

  173. elizabeth said

    Okay, what am I doing wrong? I have tried twice to Register on the Lifetime site and it won’t let me get past the first page. It keeps taking out my password and telling me items with an asterix need to be filled out. I talso turns my name Red. Huh????

  174. elizabeth said

    Margaret – could they be referring to the live chat with Kyle and Christina that is supposed to happen on Thursday?

  175. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Maggie May I went and parused over at LT and I’m not sure should we write Lifetime Karen or did she quit after the 1st part of the season? We may have given her a run for her money 😛 Someone’s got to have the scoop de jour!

  176. DIZEY1 :-) said

    E** what live CHAT? that’s what I was looking to find out. Hell I wish! that would be freakin’ cool. DId you get scoop?

  177. Freyja said

    Okay Elizabeth, you’ve got yourself a job!

    OMG, what have I started? How did I end up with 2 employees all of a sudden?

    Margaret, you’re more than welcome to wear your hair however you want. As long as you lead us into the appropriate supernatural mess every week, I’m fine with that. The more vampire the better. *smiles*

    Oh, and I think I’ve managed to turn one of my colleagues. *cheers* She wants to borrow my video of the episodes I have thus far. Yep, all she needed was the Henry photos and she was in.

    Ms. Freyja
    Resident Barrister & Solicitor (*new clients always welcome)
    Rm. 713
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  178. Cree said

    I just went over to the LT site and read Tanya’s new post. I know someone dies in an upcoming episode, but is it going to be the first one (DOA)? Tanya said she cries every time she watches it, so I am assuming that means someone probably dies. But she also said that Christina’s performance is what will make us cry and I can’t think of anyone who would die on the show that would make Vicki cry other than Mike or Henry, and we know its not one of them. I figured it would be Dave or one of the other cops, and I really can’t see her crying over any of them. Maybe its Dr. Sagara who dies and Vicki is crying because she feels bad for Henry that he is so sad over it and thinks maybe her relationship with Henry will end up like Dr. Sagara’s? I hope not. I really like Dr. Sagara and want more of the backstory between her and Henry. Any thoughts anyone?? This is driving me crazy!

  179. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Cree is this the page you were on? I read the paragraph next to the pic and am assuming that’s the one you were speaking of. This new blog has me stumped where are Tanya’s comments at? Below? I feel stupid but I still have trouble manuevering around on the site. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 😦

  180. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Cree, I just went there and is this the page you were on ?

    Where are Tanya’s comments etc, I’m still having trouble manuevering the site and am wondering if I’m in the wrong spot. Help me and this is the second time I’m writing this so sorry if the POST DEMON spits out a similar post 😦

  181. DIZEY1 :-) said

    It ate my post not once BUT TWICE grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr baddddd machine!!!

  182. elizabeth said

    Dizey: On the Lifetime site in the lower Left hand corner: Christina Cox and Kyle Schmid are chatting live this Thursday at 9 pm ET/ 6 pm PT. Come back soon for more details!

    Freyja – Yeah! I have a job interviewing hunky men. Life is good 🙂 Besides, I have to be able to support myself at the Clinic. Therapy can be expensive 😉

  183. DIZEY1 :-) said


    Talk to me like I’m a 5 year old, Is it online ? Am I hopeful or what, I wish it were on LT (ROSE COLORED GLASSES REMEMBER 😉 ) Hey don’t laugh it could happen 😛

  184. Well I guess I know where I will be thursday at 6pm.

  185. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Lady A***

    The same place I’ll be at 8 , man I’ve got to chek and make sure everything that needs to be recorded is ready, set, go******************** How cool I can’t wait 😎

  186. elizabeth said

    Sorry, Diz – that was really all that was said on the Lifetime site. I would assume it is a video chat on their site, but there are to be more details to follow. All I know is if it is Live online then I will be “working late” so that I can see it 😉 Although, I would adore a 1/2 hour show (at the very least) of it being on the Lifetime tv channel, too.

  187. Anzia said

    Cree- ooo, backstory on them would be interesting but probably very depressing for Vicki since at this point that’s where her relationship w/him is going to end up.

    Re: Lunch- i went to pizza hut & had their lunch buffet…but that chicken salad did sound good…

    Prtfvr- *stamps paper* application for adopted mama accepted. Just need to make sure Claire doesn’t mind sharing. ^_^ I don’t mind having more moms. More dads…now THAT would be a problem. Just don’t start telling me to be good. I hate that…i AM a good girl *whispers* for the most part anyway…. (((HUG))) wow…mother’s day is going to be a BIG card buying day for me. ^_^

    everyone thanks for the support. Did I mention ya’ll are great?

    Diz- I LOVE YOU! you’re just about an angel you know that?

    If we’re doing construction work on the floors, and I believe Nina & I are the only ones on the fifth floor, I say we cut the floor in 3rds. The third NOT occupied by either Nina or I can be turned into a movie theatre like thing so we can ALL just converge on friday nights…or any other time we all wanna watch a movie/show/naughty something-or-other together. We can have a “consession stand” in the back that links w/my storage area in my room so we can have access to the BT goodies. ^_^ Besides, i have a pretty extensive movie collection already but add all ya’lls movies to it and i’m sure i’d rival the NetFlix library! This way, no one person has to hold viewings in their private quarters and we can all have enough room to be together.

    So, I applied for 5 jobs today…keep your fingers crossed. One was titled “assistant to president” which made me giggle. It’s for a marketing/tradeshow company…which sounds interesting. The guy in charge of hiring emailed me back saying I should call and set up an appointment for an interview but didnt’ give a number. ^_^ Which I thought was funny. Then it took me over 20 minutes to apply for a job at a hospital (doing secretarial/clerical work)…a bit excessive i think! sheesh.

  188. elizabeth said

    Anzia – I love the idea of a theater. Just think of the BT marathons we can have? The Bloody Ford Clinic is certainly turning into an interesting place, isn’t it? I am not sure I ever want to be cured……

  189. Madonna said

    Hi girls,

    Whew….. I think I’ve finally kinda caught up. YAY!!! It’s October and the excitement is back!

    Thanks for the wishes for Alana and my mom. As far as I know Alana is doing well. My mom was in the hospital til Saturday afternoon. She finally passed that stone this morning. I was getting kinda worried because our festival starts on Friday.

    As far as I’m concerned….. I feel like the walking dead. I’ve had a grand total of 13 hrs. of sleep in the past 6 days.

    Amazing job on Dylan’s T-shirt design. I didn’t expect anything less.

    Girls….. I’m soooo sorry! I have fallen so far behind on Dylan’s card. I’ll get it done but it will be late. Please don’t stone me.

    Great job on your T-shirt as well!

    How was your birthday dear? Did you have fun?

    Don’t feel bad about having to quit. I lasted 4 mos. at Staples before I had to quit. It doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you human. (((((HUGS))))))

    Ms. Gypsy,
    I’m on the 6th floor too. I guess since we’re going by b’days I’m in room 616 but I think I need 617 and 618 too. Hey, an artist has to have a studio and room to think doesn’t she?

    (((((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))))))) for all the rest of you because I’ve missed you and just because.

    Hi girls! I don’t think we’ve met. I’m 28 and a graphic artist in Kentucky.

    Kyle’s gonna be in Orlando huh? Well I think I could get the time off work. I’ll have to see if I can make it work financially. HMMMMMMMMMMM……………….

    Live chat? Thursday night? That just sucks! I’m supposed to be an hour south of my house Thursday staying with my aunt since she is right up the road from the festival grounds. If I can’t make it, will someone PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take careful notes and fill me in.

    I’ve gotta go now.

  190. Margaret said

    Someone educate me-what does a live video chat consist of? How does it work?

  191. Cree said

    Madonna: Glad to see you are back with us. Missed you. Glad your mom is doing better. My birthday was nothing special. Just another day. Not many people remembered it which was not surprising. I kinda expected that. I had a nice week off for vacation, though. Plenty of time to relax and not think about work. Today was my last day of vacation. Back to work tomorrow. 😦

  192. Freyja said

    Hi Madonna,

    I’m the resident Canuck around here. Yes, the real thing! I’m a lawyer in the nation’s capital. I think we figured out yesterday that I went off the deep end and am in need of an appointment with Dr. du.

    And I don’t think I’ll be joining the live chat as I have an old computer that really needs to be replaced but the student loan repayments take precedence.

  193. I think this live chat will consist of a chat room set up by the website (lifetime) it will be heavily moderated so nothing naughty or rude is said. Usually star chat will ask you to wait your turn to ask a question so that it does not become overwhelming for the actors.

    If they do a video feed it will be connected to the chat so we will see their reactions live as they chat with us. Although I do not remember seeing if there was a mention of a video.

  194. Himmiefan said

    Hi everybody!! Quick drive-by before heading home. Our day of presentations went really well!! I finally got a finance person down to explain all those icky hospital financial reports. The group took notes and asked intelligent questions (what is wrong with these people?) I even got some of those chocolate cookies I love so well. Good day.

    Party tonight!! Everyone is invited to the 100s section at the Bloody Ford Clinic. Laurel’s making lattes and chai, and I’m doing my special chocolate chip cookies. We’re celebrating Anzia and telling her how proud we are of her having the courage to dump a job that was sucking the life out of her. If anyone’s going to be doing any sucking around here, it’s going to be Henry!! Yes, Ms. Anzia, you get Henry with a big bow on top.

    Seriously, we’re all glad you walked away from a job that was so emotionally draining. No job is worth that. Also, I want to thank your aunt and uncle for their intervention. Nice to have people to care for you.

    Well, I gotta go a straighten up before ya’ll come down. Bye!

  195. elizabeth said

    Himmiefan – I will bring chips and dip to our block party! I can’t wait to taste your chocolate chip cookies – my favorites!

  196. laurel said

    Man, it’s a good thing I stopped and got extra coffee and milk. I suspect I’ll need someone to bring soy milk for the lactose intolerant. I also make steamers with Amarretto or Kalua or Frangelico… Name your own flavor here!

    I’ll be needing those workmen to put in a private elevator so Mike can get up to the 6th floor when Gypsy calls. hehehe

    When do we start production of the movie? I am ready for a ride in the Ferrarri with Tango! Did everyone get their costumes? Now where did I put that list….

    Chat on Thursday? Really? Someone remind me here during the day because I’ve started my new job and my brain has turned to swiss cheess. sad.

    My verizon e-mail is not working today 😦 so if anyone needs to reach me leave a small tag here or on my wordpress site. Thanks

  197. Okay! I’m up for the block party! I need the break!

    I just got back for a 5 min. meeting that lasted 30 minutes and was presented with a Math Test that I have to give my class tomorrow! Ah, no child left untested~ They’ll be so pleased to see it tomorrow! I’ll sport my lovely “Turtle Test Dress” (thanks Laurel ~ It didn’t always mean test) I’m not permitted to give them sugarless gum during the test anymore. I’m considering being a rebel and doing it anyhow!

    Back to the grind. . . . Guess I don’t have to prepare for math class tomorrow!

  198. lwildstar said

    hey guys – just checking in . Today was horrible – you would think that the world had come to an end because the damn 3 in one (copier/printer/scaner) isn’t working right and the tech can’t fix it til tomorrow – then another printer started making noises! GG! I work with a bunch of babies! I spent most of the day listening to people whine about the machines..i finally got mad and told them to start emailing upper management – its not my job!- then on top of that I had to keep helping someone with her powerpoint presentation – and of couse shes one of the hyperones who freaks out at the slightesst thing – I really started losing my patience and snapped at one of the coworkers i like – I took a deep breath and appoligized to him….
    I need ice cream! thank goodness I’m too tired to walk up to the baskin robins! I think the stress today made my neck tighten up – sigh….

    anyway – I will have to rearrange things but I am going to try to join that live chat Thursday night! whoo hoo…..

    Gypsy – I looked at – looks like the group thing just adds a link to our indivdual portfolios – cool – then I can add the story there….thanks for setting things up…you said theres not time limit right now right?

    well I am going to take a muscle relaxer and curl up in my chair –

  199. lwildstar said

    I think the blog ate my post!
    hey guys – just checking in . Today was horrible – you would think that the world had come to an end because the damn 3 in one (copier/printer/scaner) isn’t working right and the tech can’t fix it til tomorrow – then another printer started making noises! GG! I work with a bunch of babies! I spent most of the day listening to people whine about the machines..i finally got mad and told them to start emailing upper management – its not my job!- then on top of that I had to keep helping someone with her powerpoint presentation – and of couse shes one of the hyperones who freaks out at the slightesst thing – I really started losing my patience and snapped at one of the coworkers i like – I took a deep breath and appoligized to him….
    I need ice cream! thank goodness I’m too tired to walk up to the baskin robins! I think the stress today made my neck tighten up – sigh….

    anyway – I will have to rearrange things but I am going to try to join that live chat Thursday night! whoo hoo…..

    Gypsy – I looked at – looks like the group thing just adds a link to our indivdual portfolios – cool – then I can add the story there….thanks for setting things up…you said theres not time limit right now right?

    well I am going to take a muscle relaxer and curl up in my chair –

  200. lwildstar said

    well how rude! the blog ate my post twice!!!!!

    anyway – I will have to rearrange things but I am going to try to join that live chat Thursday night! whoo hoo…..

    Gypsy – I looked at – looks like the group thing just adds a link to our indivdual portfolios – cool – then I can add the story there….thanks for setting things up…you said theres not time limit right now right?

    well I am going to take a muscle relaxer and curl up in my chair –

  201. elizabeth said

    Hey Laurel – I’ll take one of those steamers! Kahlua or Frangelico would be delicious! Do you think you can get away for lunch sometime this week?

    Moonbeam – you rebel! 😉 Definately buck the system and pass out gum! Surprise tests are the worst, so why not give them something to chew on rather than their pencils?

  202. lwildstar said

    well I guess it didn’t like my venting earlier – it posted this last one – oh well – night all

    Wildstar d’Nightwalk
    room 910
    Blood Ford Clinic

  203. elizabeth said

    Oh, for any of you that are needing work done at the clinic, just let me know. Freyja hired me to interview the workmen – hehehe – and I am coordinating their schedules. I’ll let you know about the elevator, Laurel. It shouldn’t be a problem. I assume you are wanting an express elevator? We wouldn’t want Mike to get tired 😉 before he gets to gypsy’s place.

  204. laurel said

    Yup, if you want to e-mail me today it will have to be at my yahoo address. I don’t use it much but I do get updates from Jesse at Bloodlines and my book club there. Make it to minxlaurel over there.

  205. Margaret said

    If any of us get through on that chat we need to ask Kyle if he got his birthday present.

  206. laurel said

    Looks like I’ll need to make time for lunch! Yes Elizabeth, I will go to lunch with you – name the day! Tomorrow maybe? lol

  207. Tomorrow sounds great! Too bad I can’t come too! We’ve tickets w/ Nellie for Body World (works ~ whatever) @ 4:00 p.m. on Sat., however

  208. yes whoever goes to the chat must remember to ask him if he got the package. I have no clue if it got to him and I am kinda worried. *crosses fingers* I hope he got it!

  209. elizabeth said

    Woo Hoo, miz Laurel – I just so happen to have tomorrow, Thursday and Friday unscheduled so we can do lunch any of those days 🙂 Just let me know your preference and I will sooo be there!

    Moonbeam – I wish you could be there too.

    Man, I have to go to a business dinner tonight. I really do not like having to spend hours with upper management at a restaurant (well, actually anywhere for that matter). I know the new VP is playing nice, but I can think of other things I would rather do. Okay, I’m looking for the positive here…let’s see…it is at Hayden’s, which is a nice restaurant…that’s a good point, right? Oh, and he is French so listening to him could be interesting….. I know at least three other people who will be there, so I will have someone to chat with. I guess I can survive this *sigh*

  210. Anne said

    New page – hope you like

  211. Freyja said

    Sorry ladies! I can’t join the party on the 100 level tonight. Nope. See, I’ve got a date with Henry tonight. Heart of Fire is on at 10 pm.

  212. laurel said

    Elizabeth I think tomorrow sounds great. Give me a call and we can pick a place, or better yet you pick and tell me where!
    Steve may be back on Thursday so I don’t know about the rest of the week but I would let him go fish some more to make room for lunch with you. lol

    Moonbeam – happy to see you love! Sounds like we may be seeing you this weekend? Let me know.

  213. elizabeth said

    Freyja – You so cannot miss Heart of Fire! I would pass up the block party for that in a heartbeat 🙂 I think that episode is one of my all time favorites. Enjoy!

  214. We’ll see! Hope so! Just found out about the tickets this A.M. I have to pretend to get some stuff done before I get myself packed up and out of here!
    I’m anxious to figure out this live Chat stuff~so I can be sure to make it!

  215. lwildstar said

    ANNE!!! YOU ARE THE WOMAN – Kyles baby girl is sooo cute – and he can’t type either! love the typos! LOL!
    I’ll have to come up with a question that doesn’t sound stupid before I post!

    Laurel – saw your post – I’ll keep an eye out for the package – email me later this week so we can schedule….

    yes yes I’m suposed to be resting, but I started working on touching up the tee shirt and thought I should come check in one last ime 😉

    talk at you later

    Wildstar d’Nightwalk
    room 910
    Blood Ford Clinic

  216. Laurel said

    Must leave NOW for Sarah’s trumpet lesson. I hate driving into downtown Portland at this time of night, but the teacher is worth it.
    See you later!

  217. rifkind said

    OK Anne!
    UNCLE… you are twisting my arm!

    I may have to do 2 conventions in March and come out to FLA to meet everyone.. It will be so nice to see Margaret and Cree and You and. . . whoever can come… and Dylan and Kyle of course!
    Hubby will think that I have gone off the deep end!
    I will see what I can do … take two Fridays off in a row… hummmmmm

    I am so glad that your Aunt and Uncle were aware of how distressing that job was on you and told you to quit. I know that they were pressuring you to get a job and move out… but their actions show that they really care about YOU and know that this job was a bad fit.
    When you told us all that you got a job, I was happy… then you said that it was in collections…and I thought, “I could never do that job.. .It would make me sick with stress”. No need to hang your head. Get well and find something else. All jobs have their moments when you are not “Happy”, but sometimes it is better to move on to something else.
    { { { { H U G S } } } }

  218. Margaret said

    Anne: This is where I ask you, how do you do it and then you tell me you’d have to kill me. Nice work! Now if you can get him to answer about the birthday package we won’t have to use that on the video chat and can ask something else. Are you going to limit us to how many times we can ask something or can we just go crazy/ier?

  219. Anne said

    It’s the first time I’ve tried a system like that, so we’ll see how it goes.

    Questions are to be mailed to me and I’ll send them to Kyle.
    They won’t go on the site until he responds to them.
    I don’t expect more than one response from him per week – but that’s not to say I won’t send him more than one question 😉
    He’s new at this too …

    Consider yourself killed Margaret.
    Except in Danish, killed means tickled.

  220. elizabeth said

    Anne – I think it is way cool that Kyle is willing to do this. However did you get him to agree?

  221. Cree said

    Anne: Thanks for the new page. That is awesome that he is going to be answering fan questions. He seems like such a nice guy. Kinda on the same note as what Margaret was saying, ……….so are you in contact with him directly, or do you go thru a middle person? Was it hard to get him to agree to doing the Kyle’s Korner page?
    I wonder how old Cali was in that pic. She looked like a little puppy, much younger and smaller than in the “Shocker” photo. Did he just automatically send a photo of her with his answer or was it your brilliant idea to ask for one? You rock!!

  222. rifkind said

    Anne YOU ROCK!
    Thanks for being our Blood Sister and sharing with us!
    We are really a very lucky group of gals!
    🙂 🙂

  223. Margaret said

    Well, I’ve proved that people can’t read and follow instructions. Or maybe I should just say me. lol

  224. elizabeth said

    Well, lovely ladies – I am outta here for the evening. Wish me luck…I have that dinner meeting to attend on this wonderful rainy evening. Talk to you tomorrow 🙂

  225. Margaret said

    Anne: Did you post this info on any other sites? Wonder if you’ll be hearing from our friend from the LT Board?

  226. Anne said

    I asked him and he thought it would be interesting to try.

    I’ve asked him for any pictures he might care to share and since one of my questions was about Cali, that’s what he sent.
    The picture is dated 10-02-2006 – not sure whether that means February or October.

  227. Freyja said

    Anne, er det dig der bor i Danmark? Det har jeg hele glemt!

    I’m really excited now because tonight I get to watch Henry VIII (in the Tudors premiere) followed by Heart of Fire.

    If this keeps up, Tuesday might just become my favourite night!

  228. Anne said

    I haven’t posted it elsewhere – yet – you got to see it first.
    Feel free to post it on the LT board as I can’t post there myself.

  229. Cree said

    Anne, I am soooooo jealous of you right now!!! You are one lucky girl. Keep up the good work. You know what we like! I am so glad you came to join us here in our addiction at the Bloody Ford. 😀

  230. Anne – I love the Kyle site Yum! Thanks!

  231. Hi everyone!

    That is just so awesome of Kyle to agree to answer questions on your site. Anne thanks so much for all you do to keep us connected.

    Hi Madonna, How are you? It’s good to hear from you.

    I haven’t see it mentioned but The Cheetah Girls is going to be on the Disney Channel, sometime in the next week or so. Check you listings.

  232. Tango said

    Margo – OK, just because I noticed a shiny silver star in the midst of a dark scene when it is the size of a cowboy’s belt buckle doesn’t mean that I am always looking there. After all, his SMILE is his best feature, or so he says. Is anyone buying this?

    Freyja – first of all, in case I missed it. Please explain your screen name. Mine, for those of you who haven’t heard this, comes from Tango of the military alphabet (ie. Alpha=A; Bravo=B; Tango = T). Now that I’ve adopted this name, I guess I should learn the dance. One of the things on my life list.

    No foul was intended with calling you a child. You will just have to get use to us Southern girls (commonly referred to as GRITS – Girls Raised In The South). We will honey, sugar, baby people as our terms of endearment. Trust me, I am not old enough to have a child your age, but I do play the part of the older, wiser sista quite well if you need one.

    I’ll be sure to send the handsome construction workers up your way when they are done. I had another brilliant idea today that might keep them busy for a little while longer. Yep, we’re going underground (get this) to the bat cave! (I crack myself up sometimes) So when you see the muscle-bound firemen show up with a fire pole, you’ll know why. I also am going to have an elevator too, but have always wanted a fire pole (insert stripper jokes here prfvr). This is where the Order of Yum will meet. We will have plenty of room for all our vehicles and gadgets down there. I am so tempted to have Henry bite them so that it will speed up their process, but they appear to be innocents, so I just will have to suffer through watching these guys strut their stuff a little while longer.

    Claire – striped furry spiders? Oh no! Sounds like you have a infestation of tarantulas!

    Grandma, I mean prtvr – eharmony isn’t just for the young, but the young at heart 😉 Sometimes I wonder what marketing strategy they are persuing – the cast out a large net to see what you get?

    I think moonbeam needs a new nickname – phantom maybe? Z already has Vapor, but you are even more elusive. Miss you Moonie!

    Takes a breath, going back to read some more posts, be back in a few. If you’re online and want to blog real time with me now, email me and I’ll come back.

  233. Claire said

    Anne I know I’ve said this before but I LOVE YOU!!!! LOL!! Thank you so much for the new page! It’s so refreshing to see a star willing to appease his fans graciously! Did I tell you that I’m crazy for Kyle LOL!

    Freyja,I would love to go up there again,and I’ll make sure to come your way! I love festivals! when I was in Montreal,that’s all I did! Much dancing and drinking in the streets! such fun! and reminded me so much of Paris!

    Ms.Gypsy…ain’t nobody on floor 8 but me and my honey hiding out in room 824!
    Oh and a magnificent room it is…of course it has the fabulous view of the garden and waterfall,but it has the most magnificent en suite! sunken whirlpool tub,candles(Madonnas of course) and the bedroom is huge..big enough that I brought my Black iron high 4 post canopy bed! Henry thought it was very sexy,he loved the curtains all around it! He loves to hide in it all night! But I told him to be nice and go cheer up my adopted Z! so I’ll be over for the party! Wheres the Kalua? thats what I’m having ya hear Laurel!

    OOH wait LOL! Arrêter ce Henri ! Aucun arrêt Cesser d’embrasser mon cou, se comporter ! LOL sorry Henry is being naughty! Go to Z now!

    Ok ladies I got him to behave and go see Z I’ll be down in a few!

  234. msgypsy said

    Hey, I’m one of those people eHarmony turned down. I’ll let you figure out why because, frankly, I can’t. (Had I said I was looking for a female companion I would understand it but I didn’t. Mmmmmph…..

    Thursday chat is do-able. Especially at 6 my time since that’s about when I get home and I’ll SO be in the mood for something fun. Faraday thinks he’ll get to chat but I’m pretty sure they want humans only.

    Speaking of which, Cali just became her own Cat Macro. Oh, I guess I should say Dog Macro because even Faraday, who grew up with a cat, growls around felines. and Anne, if you think this one belongs on your site, feel free. (You can even send it to Kyle. Just because I’m no Hen doesn’t mean I don’t think he sounds like a really wonderful guy. Anyone who loves their dog that much gets my affection. Speaking as someone whose dog sleeps on the pillow next to me — which I can see being an issue in any romance I might encounter, although anyone romancing me had better romance Faraday, too! LOL!)

    Laurel, if you’re reading this, can we do lunch on Friday? And can you bring a scarf for Christina’s belated gift? If not, I’ll make one out of the weird yarn I’ve collected over the years but if you have one already made that you want to include, I’d love to have it.

    And now Faraday wants my attention and the computer wants to be rebooted so I guess I need to go away for a while. Type at you all later.

  235. Claire said

    Oh Prtfvr,I don’t mind sharing custody of Z! It takes a village to raise a kid remember?

  236. Tango said

    A question for the techno freaks – is there anyway to get a song off my itunes library and email it or have it as a link to attach to the blog?

    Anne, frequent typos are a prerequisite for this blog. It’s what keeps us laughing. Case in point, birthday weed.

    Ok Diz – I’m officially inviting myself to spend the weekend with you and this wonderful chef-of-a-mother you have. You are so spoiled and you just keep rubbing it in. Well, I’m hungry for some good Dizey cookin’ so let everyone know Tango’s on her way!

    Hey Gypsy – suite 103 is always open. The only lock is on the bedroom door. 😉 Big party when the renovating is done – you can count on it!

    Just reached into the spam bucket and pulled our two of wildwoman’s and two of Dizey’s posts.

  237. Tango said

    Prtfvr – love the George Carlin post and the one after it – maybe also by George. You know it embodies what this blog is all about. A group of friends of all ages sharing laughs, tears, wisdom, silliness, and obsessions in an unconventional way. We are definitely friends of the 21st century ~ thank God for technology and for those of us who know how to use it and those who can help those of us who have a hard time with it.

  238. DIZEY1 :-) said

    ANNE!!! You really are THE GREAT DANE! You so rock and roll 🙂 I love ya and the new page awesome. Thanks for taking such good care of us. It’s a love fest here or what! I do so love the pup, she looks as sweet as……………..her dad 😉 As usual great job you make it seem so easy. I’m having trouble figuring out the Image shack thing.

    Lady A, on this live chat how do they do it? You just log in like you normally do and it’s like a que based on when you logged in? How do they know who’s questions to ask? Does this sound lame or what! 😛

  239. himmiefan said

    Anne – love the Kyle question and answer page. You’re the woman!!

    Elizabeth – Thanks for bringing French onion dip. It’s my favorite.

    Who did the Frangelico steamers? I’m going to have to have me another one of them. Yes, Frangelico steamer and French onion dip. It could work….

    Tango – was it you who’s building the bat cave? I think it’s a great idea for all of the Order’s equipment.

  240. himmiefan said

    Oh Prtfvr, you can’t beat George Carlin! 🙂

  241. Anzia said

    LOL- I love how i’m gathering parents. ^_^ who would REALLY willingly be my mom? Seriously, you can ask my bio-mom…she’ll tell ya i’m no picnic sometimes. *giggles* Ask Prtfvr about my tendencies to turn off my filter between brain & mouth… i can get NAAAAaSTeeee!

    OOOOO A party for me! ^_^ Do you know how many parties i’ve had in my life that were just for me? I mean actual party. 2. 16th birthday and HS graduation. So…i’m gonna start crying…just so you konw…and i’ll take whatever beverage someone puts in my hand (just no vodka please).

    Anne- nice site. Will have to think of something to ask…

    I’m glad ya’ll like the idea of the movie theatre. I just like the idea of having a common space that we can all watch BT in. Instead of just divided parties in rooms. ^_^ I’m big on family “meals” 😉

    Yup, I have Vapor…only because the Hen House doesn’t like me too much and kicks me out. I tried to bribe it w/chocolate chains…but I guess it doesn’t like chocolate…;)

  242. you should be able to use your lifetime login info for this chat. In the past they have done the question que based on what order you contact the moderator in, they will call out names as the chat goes on.

    Of course they could just make it a giant free-for-all, but that might cause them to run away screaming.

  243. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Thanks *T* for sticking your hand into that Chum bucket and pulling those bad boys out of there. Oh and ya’ll are most kindly welcome to come to my home for some of Mama’s great cooking anytime. Our home is always open! Come winter some of ya’ll may want to come visit good ole’ New Orleans when it’s cooooold and snowy up there pretty much sweater weather here ;-).
    She’s making seafood gumbo Friday want me to send ya’ some ? Oh and yes I am very spoiled and so not domestic. I’ll buy it and she loves to cook it , works for all of us 😀

    Well dawlin’ I’ve got one of those butt crack of the morning meetings tomorrow so I’m heading to beddy bye. I’ll check in after the waste of time meeting in the AM.

    Reves doux d’Henri

    XOXOXOXOX Je t’aime Beaucoup!

    Bloody Ford Clinic Full Moon Suite *69*
    *Where the Blood Ties Bind*

  244. Tango said

    Himmie – I’ll be over in a moment with some champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and some nuts for prfvr. I’ve got to take the Ferrari out to the store, b/c much like my Henry; I don’t have a kitchen yet.

  245. Tango said

    Oh, Henry said he’s bring some popcorn and olives 😉

  246. Popcorn & Olives, hmmm quite the dish. The choc. covered strawberries & champagne umm Tasty needs luscious real whipped cream for dipping and swirling :>)

  247. AlisaSG said

    I haven’t quite read everything above yet since last night’s entries, but
    I just got off the phone with my niece and she’s GOING to MEGACON!!!!!!!!!

    Not only *THAT* .. but I told her about who / why I wanted to go, etc., and so I just got a brandy NEW VIEWER to BT!!!! *card blanc!*
    she’s never seen a single ep, so I gave her the websites, and she’s going to try to watch all 12 eps before next Friday, so she’ll be all caught up with the storyline, etc., and stationed in front of the TV as of OCT. 12 – PROMPT.

    Anne – or Margaret or whoever,
    I need confirmed dates and times to pass the info on. Plus, to work my airfare, etc., around. What I found was March 8, 9, 10. If someone can pinpoint what dates/times Kyle and Dylan will be there and what other specifics (film clips, speeches, signings, etc.) — that would be extremely helpful in us coordinating a time on how to work around that weekend.

    THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big time *thank you’s*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (and Anne — you’re a sweetheart!!!!!!!!!)

    ALSO — when I mentioned all this to my sister, she asked if she could go too. and my niece added a note — when her mom didn’t go last year, when her daughter met Kevin Sorbo, he suggested/told her to bring her next year (next time).. She wasn’t sure if he was teasing or not, but it was an added incentive for “mom” to tag along next time. So, now that I’m going, my sister would like to come too.. 😀

    And there might be one or 2 more friends tagging along too. I’m not sure who from the Orlando area might also be meeting up with us, but if we need to stay overnight, I think there might be room *at the inn* of one of my niece’s friends homes. *whew!!!!!!* I can’t believe I’m going.

  248. vicki said

    ok…I am wayyyy out of the loop..where and exactly what dates is this Megacon thing..and what the hell is a Megacon thingy???

    I love Florida…even have friends there I could stay with… give more info girls…

    It hit me this morning….10 more days!! JUST 10 MORE DAYS!!! AhhhhhhGgg!!

    I may die of anticipation!! And i STILL havent seen those promos!!!!! GRRrrrrrrrrrrhhhhh!! Lifetime hates me!! Oh well..i will comfort myself with the image of Henry biting Vicki’s neck….and (pretending its me!!) Eheheheheh

    Well I have 7th graders to torture….Almost done with Where the Red Fern Grows…thank goodness..this story wears me out!! But I love it!1

    bloody ford clinic
    Suite 29

  249. vicki said


    So excited about the get together…I am planning and trying to think what I ccan bring for everyone…buttons…shirts….cant decide…oh welll I will think on it….
    Are we having a night on the town on Friday????? Just wondering.

  250. Tango said

    Are my eyes deceiving me? Do we have a direct line to Kyle? What a sweetheart for agreeing to participate. Am I dreaming? Someone pinch me – Owie! Crap that hurt prtfvr! Figuratively, not literally!

    Anne – you Angel! Love what you’ve done. Already sent you a question for Mr. Schmid. Next can you manage to arrange home visits for Kyle 😉 You are the master of the impossible – or so it seems. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

  251. Cree said

    Tango: how is it that you always somehow seem to manage to incorporate “birthday weed” into any conversation? And you wonder why you are the one that always gets blammed for the missing stash! LOL 😀

  252. Tango said

    Awwwweeee COME ON! I only mentioned it once today! (Honestly, if you guys only knew that it was so polar opposite of me – now that I’ve grown up at least)

  253. Tango said

    Moonbeam – just in case you haven’t reached the stage 4 of Kyleittis. These are the only two foods we have seen Henry either eat or have at his home. And of course there is the salt he got out of his non-kitchen.

    Z – are you bringing the lo mein?

  254. Tango said

    While I’m out making a party run, if you need me to pick up anything – call me on my cell (205)555-KYLE. 😉

  255. AlisaSG said

    Oooops! wrong dates!!!!!!!!!!!
    from AlisaSG,
    >> I need confirmed dates and times to pass the info on. Plus, to work my airfare, etc., around. What I found was March 8, 9, 10.

    ——— The correct dates are March 7, 8, 9 (2008..!) ———

    March 11-13, 1993 (I think that was the year), was the STORM of the CENTURY all up and down the EASTERN USA seaboard! So, PLEASE PRAY — NO SNOW OR ICE STORMS (NOR HEAVY and HORRID RAINSTORMS) during Flights down and back!!

    If anyone could confirm more firm dates / info for when Kyle and Dylan might be speaking or signing, etc., please tell… anxious hearts are waiting 😉

    and ANNE–
    yes, you *definite* ROCK!!! I didn’t realize you were also meretean (of Steve Bacic’s website! =) you’re one very busy lady! I knew that name looked familiar (and so did your photos), but couldn’t place them.

    and I *love* your Henry comment on GW–
    “Finally an non-broody unapologetic vampire.”

    amen! 😀

    you MUST share with us what your (OMG!!!) reactions were to
    HEART OF FIRE — please!!!!!!!!! *unchain* those thoughts and spill/spell all..
    inquiring minds would like to know… 😛
    spill all (the juicy details – as many as possible.. you might need to break up your posts into smaller chunks if listing too many details, tho..) 😉

  256. AlisaSG said

    Tango — pinch, pinch!! 😛

  257. AlisaSG said

    >>ok…I am wayyyy out of the loop..where and exactly what dates is this Megacon thing..and what the hell is a Megacon thingy???

    >> I love Florida…even have friends there I could stay with… give more info girls…

    MegaCon is a convention of several miniconventions, sometimes all happening at the same time. My niece has gone for the last several years, and said it’s more like a flea market of Hollywood-type related people and items (sp?), including dozens of comic book booths.

    She also said usually the actors who come are located in the back near or in the “gaming” area (I have no idea what goes on in there, yet). Details are on the MEGACON website.

    Click on the MEDIA GUESTS link (for list of actors/people attending)
    Dylan and Kyle (of BLOOD TIES, yes, that’s MIKE and HENRY!!) are scheduled to come (work pending probably for both).

    It’s happening this March 7, 8, 9 (of 2008). Times and prices of admission and pre-registration are available on the MEGACON website. email for (gaming) info is– (Beth Widera at)

    MEETING PLACE = is Orlando, FL (on International Drive)
    *Note: The Orange County Convention Center is located directly across the street from the Peabody Orlando Hotel. (that’s what the web site had listed)

    more info was posted earlier by Anne.

  258. Tango said

    Let me close tonight by passing along this profound statement Z made earlier in an email. It is possibly the sweetest thing I have ever heard. I won’t post it all, as I am sure she would have posted it here originally if she intended it to be here.

    In summary… We are the kind of family that people only dream of having.

    What greater compliment could one have? Wow! That just blows me away!

    Bonne nuit mes dames justes ! Pouvez vous demain éveillé avec un esprit remplacé apprécier le jour actuel.

    And for Anne-

    Goede nacht mijn eerlijke dames! Mei u wakker morgen met een vernieuwde geest om van de dichtbije dag te genieten.

  259. laurel said

    Sorry gang, I got lost in space for a while there. I was catching up on e-mails, blogs, writing sites, live journals… whew. And to think I didn’t do any of that stuff before I met all of you.

    Gypsy – Lunch Friday – check. Scarf – I have a couple done and one almost so I’ll bring them and you can decide. The purple one is softest and is almost complete (well, with a couple hours of work it could be done).

    I feel some major typo’s coming on and my eyes just won’t stay open, so I’ll bid you all a good night.

    See you in the morning!

  260. laurel said

    Hah! It ate my post! Good grief!

    Well I’ll check in the morning and see if someone lets it out of the penalty box. lol

  261. Anne said

    Tango – thanks for the greeting, but I don’t really understand Dutch 😉
    My main language is Danish.

    I’ll enjoy the day though 🙂
    I think …..

  262. Margaret said

    Anne: Since you’re a pro at going to these conventions maybe you could enlighten us about protocol and procedures at these things like:

    (1) Do we have to bring something to autograph or will they have a stock photo that they’ll sign? I understand its one autograph per person right? And there’s a charge, right?

    (2) If the group from Ms. Gypsy’s gets together and asks for a photo with Kyle and/or Dylan will that be possible and of course there will be a charge right?

    (3) On an average, depending upon how many people are they we’d probably have to stand in line for an autograph for about 3-4 hours? Kind of like being at Disney World.

    The new page at your website for Kyle is fantastic.

  263. Tango said

    Good morning all!

    Sorry Anne – that’s what I get for staying up way past my bed time. And boy am I paying for it now. I’m impresssed that you knew it was Dutch. It looks German to me, and frankly when I saw it, I was thinking they don’t sound like that over there! But my delirousness just let it slide. Actually Babelfish doesn’t have Danish. I will have to find a site that does.

    Got an early appointment. Gotta go! Check ya later.

  264. lwildstar said

    good morning!

    well HR is here this morning so this is a real quick drive by..

    if no one has answered the question yet about how old Cali is in the picture – if you hover your coursor over that pic it says Cali at one yesars old…

    I’ll have to catch up at lunch and I’m still thinking of a good question for Kyle…

    Love ya – talk at you later – geeze I still have to see if I can sneek over to LT to post today!!!!!

  265. rifkind said

    I’ve been to a few (*looks sheepish* hee hee) conventions in my day. . .
    Star Trek – 2 or 3 conventions by Creation many years back in Mpls
    Highlander – 5 times?, I can’t remember the exact count. Again many years ago in Denver CO
    Highlander related con in Baltimore,MD. I took my step-daughter and 2nd cousins who were all CON virgins, that was a blast!
    MiniCon – Mpls
    MarsCon – Mpls
    You get the idea.. anyway, Rifkind has been appearing at the conventions for many years. During that time, I have had differing experiences with getting autographs.
    For William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy autographs were going for $100.. it kept the lines from being TOO long.. (It may cost more now, that price was many years ago. . ) My son was heartbroken.. as he was just a little guy and didn’t understand the economics of what the signature could bring on the pictures.. NO, we didn’t get an autograph.. but we DID wait in line so that he could say “Hi”.
    Other Star Trek stars would have their pictures available at their table for purchase then you could stand in line and get the autograph. Usually for FREE.

    Also other vendors at conventions will usually have pictures printed up of the actors that were appearing at the Convention. (Priced anywhere from $10 – $25), So you could usually find at least one picture of the actor as your favorite character. That also depends on copywrite etc. for photo availability. Candid shots of the stars at previous public engagements are fair game, but copywrited images from movies and shows are sometimes a problem. If you have a favorite shot from a show and can get it copied to a one-of photo that you bring to the con yourself, the stars will usually sign it with no problems.

    Some conventions have started giving out ‘tickets’ which allow you access to the autograph line.. that way the actors aren’t sitting for hours and hours and hours signing autographs. Depending on the convention and the star, the “tickets’ cost extra at the time of the convention registration.
    I think that Hubby has a pic of me sitting on James Doohan’s lap from many years back. He was a great guy to see in person, as are/were many of the other actors. There was no charge for his autograph or the photo op. (RIP Jimmy!)

    At the Highlander conventions, Adrian Paul wanted you to purchase one of HIS items, which supported his charity PEACE. You would buy the item from his table at the convention and then stand in line for autographs, but they were FREE for the signature.
    At the first Highlander convention Adrian was very gracious and sat for hours and hours signing autographs… Everyone had to have at least ONE autograph from him! The following years, the convention started the “ticket” method, to keep the signing time to a limited number of folks. 😦
    Photo ops with Adrian were limited, as security was pretty strong because of the content of the show. After all, we don’t need some wacko deciding to take Duncan’s head! I DID however get him to sign my just-purchased Highlander Katana! It went to him via the security guards.. and after he signed it, the blade was then secured with a tie-wrap.. (called Peace Bonding).. all cons will have a weapons policy.. and any knives or swords have to be secured so that the open blade is not out where it could hurt someone.

    (I’m going to post this and add more in another post… this is already long enough that it will probably go to POST Purgatory until Tango sets it free)

  266. Cree said

    Wildstar: Well, now I just feel dumb………putting my cursor over the picture of Cali. Why didn’t I think of that? Thanks.

  267. Margaret said

    Thanks rifkind. I think Megacon is doing the ticket thing.

  268. rifkind said

    More Autograph Experiences
    When Highlander was still being filmed and the show was on the air, and before beginning of the autograph line tickets, the wait could be hours and hours and hours. I know the twins waited in line for hours in Baltimore, and then still didn’t get an autograph… So maybe the tickets aren’t that bad an idea. At least you are SURE to get your autograph.

    Yes, I’ve spent my fair share of time sitting in lines :-), but it is worth it!

    Not all actors are inaccessible.
    Last year at MarsCon, I spent at least 20 minutes chatting with actress Patricia Tallman (Lyta Alexander – Babylon-5 ).
    In Denver on year, I spent a bunch of time chatting with actor David Prowse (Darth Vadar – the man behind the mask in Star Wars)

    Many years ago at MiniCon, we took SciFi author Paul Hogan to dinner here in MPLS.. See it pays to have a minivan! 🙂

    I’m hoping that we can get a MsGypsy’s group photo with Kyle and Dylan too!

    Looks like Rifkind will be travelling again! 🙂

  269. msgypsy said

    Tango, I didn’t think Intertran did Danish but, lo and behold, it does!

    Goddag , Anne, eller er den aften?

    Rifkind, were you at Starcon in Denver? What year? I stopped going after the eighties or maybe early nineties, went to MileHiCon for years after that, but that’s a whole ‘nother kind of con. Sigh! Sometimes I really miss having lots of con choices… I can’t afford cons anymore but I miss having the choices.

    Laurel, ooooh, purple! I’ll bring the camera so we can share it with the blog, although it won’t be nearly as soft online as I bet it is in – er – person.

    Ca at cer awron. Brofa at bod bacia am canolddydd.
    (I have no idea if that’s right but Welsh is just such a lovely language to look at!)

  270. msgypsy said

    Muszę już iść. JA wola próbować zostać w tył przy południe.

    And then there’s Polish…

    Sorry…. I really have to go now.

  271. lwildstar said

    wow you guys have been lucky getting to go to all theses cons – oh well…

    I get a break this morning! we are having a breakfast and I snuck out – too many people in that little room! plus the social anxity thing started kicking in becasue of so many people in that little room!

    I’ve been emailing Paul all morning! Much better way to spend my time! he wants me to go paint some autumn pictures – i said i didn’t like to go to the park by myself (hint hint) 😉 no response to that yet LOL!!!

    Well I guess I should mosey on back there before someone comes looking for me….

  272. Freyja said

    Oh boy … I think I need to move to the west coast just so I can keep up with the posts in real time. Vancouver would be a lovely choice!

    Okay, where do I start?

    elizabeth – looks like there will be a delay on the renovations to my office/condo. Tango has them tied up installing the bat cave. If you want to hang out in the basement gathering evidence for an ‘objective’ assessment of their skills, go for it.

    Claire, you’ll actually have a neighbour on the 8th floor – me! I have to keep the office at 713 and put a set of stairs up to the 8th floor so I can actually live somewhere. I’ll need a neighbouring unit (knock the walls down) because I MUST have a ridiculously large kitchen. I love to cook and throw parties.

    prtfvr – I did go over to your website. Thanks for putting that up! When I went through the funnies I absolutely died laughing! It was a very good thing that I was not drinking anything at the time otherwise I know I would have spit it out … and that wouldn’t have been good for my computer.

  273. Claire said

    Bon Matin,mes soeurs!
    Tango ma belle soeur, ma seulement tristesse est que vous ne serez pas ici le 26 Octobre! Oh and I don’t want tarantulas!!! you can have them! I have to look deeper into that link you posted,cause I think they are wolf spiders,and they are quite harmful!
    Ms.Gypsy! I love the Cali macro!
    Anne once again,thanks for the Kyle page! I just wish I could think of something to say to Kyle..I’m only eloquent and sexy when we’re playing around here..when I really have to say something to someone soo beautiful I’m mute! even though we could probably talk for days about his baby and mine..Crazy Jack Russell,Basenji mix,she’s crazy,she eats cat poop,she barks at everything,but I adore her! Like Faraday she sleeps right next to me on my pillow like a little girl!
    Vicki…I am soo excited about seeing you all! that is enough gift for me!!!

    Anyway,have to go grocery shopping and do some work…see yas in a while!

  274. rifkind said

    Nope not Starcon, this was a purely Highlander convention. Held right in downtown Denver. They were put on my a true Highlander fan. they were called “The Gathering” :
    The first convention was called:
    The Highlander Con, October 7-9, 1994
    The Regency Hotel, Denver, Colorado

    I found this link online to one fan’s photos etc from the last convention put on by the Denver fan group on 2000.

    I also went to LA back in 2004 for the Highlander convention.

    I always enjoy listening to the writers and creative folks. Their insights and behind-the-scenes stories about what it takes to make the production of the show. I really liked hearing David Abramowitz talk about the creative side of storytelling via the visual media (TV).
    I never missed a session when they were talking about script development with Gillian Horwath & Donna Lettow.

    Another high point of the conventions was that Jim Byrnes (watcher, Joe Dawson) would bring along his Blues band and have a concert on Saturday night!

  275. Freyja said

    Hi Tango,

    Absolutely no offence taken! I simply laugh when people say ‘child’ because that is so not me. I can’t say that I’m an old soul but I’ve never really been a ‘child’ if you know what I mean. I never had an older sister and never had any aunts who played that role. I was ALWAYS and continue to be the older sister – both sides of my family (all my cousins except 2 are actually Kyle’s age and younger), with my sister, and with my brothers in Denmark. I automatically slip into ‘older sister’ role with everyone far too easily. I’d be very happy to have an older sister! Yeah!!!

    Re: the bat cave, don’t get me started on the fire pole. I’m trying to convince a couple women from work to try out bellydancing. Somehow the conversation morphed into a discussion about one of the women’s friends who got into pole dancing classes after having a baby. This woman lost 45 pounds, feels fantastic and her husband is benefiting too. *wink* I’d be happy to give bellydancing classes to the residents of the clinic but we’d have to find someone else for the pole dancing classes. Sorry.

    And the question about my name – since I’m the newcomer I should have done that already. I chose Freyja because of the Norse/Germanic goddess Freyja, goddess of fertility, love, beauty, attraction, war, battle, death, and a few other things. We northerners are kind of complicated but equal opportunity kind of people – there was also a god of war. 🙂 My favourite gemstone is amber (‘rav’ in Danish) – I call myself an amber fiend. 😉 As the old legend tells it, when Freyja’s husband died (or was murdered) she cried profusely. Living in the heavens, her tears fell to earth. When they landed on the earth, they turned to gold; when her tears fell into the seas, they turned to amber. Amber washes up on the beaches all around the Baltic Sea.

    My alter ego, aka the name my parents gave me, is Andrea, massively popular in Germany. (*sighs* Yet another useless fact in my head!)

    Oh and if everyone made it through this post, if you ever want to send anything to Anne in Danish to surprise her, send it to me and I’ll translate it for you (thegoddessfreyja at the service run by google followed by the lovely com). Online translators miss the nuances of the language.

  276. rifkind said

    Tango Help!
    The blog ate my post!

  277. laurel said

    Good morning my lovelies. I think my e-mail is now fixed so I can read what is there for the first time in two days. Yikes, I’m behind!
    I started my new job yesterday and had nightmares over it last night. Not sure why because I have taught in this quilt shop for over 15 years and know everyone. Maybe it is just that I now have much less time to write and work on my own projects and designs. Who knows.

    I wish I could go to the con with you. It is pretty unlikely that I will be able to go and airline tickets will be in the “spring break” price range so I’m not too hopeful. I would love to see all of you in person, but at least I get to be with you here. 🙂

  278. prtfvr said

    I’m trying to catch up on the blog and just noticed that Tango is bringing nuts for me. Everyone else gets drinks and I get a double entendre! Just how I like it! 😉

  279. Anzia said

    Love the name Freyja! So pretty.

    Tango- ((((BIG HUG)))) Until I was 9 I was the oldest child. Then my father got remarried and I found myself being the youngest. I always wanted older siblings but when I got them, I found that the bond between siblings can’t be as close as I’d dreamed it would be if you don’t live together, or see each other on a regular basis. I’d take you as my older sister anyday. (that goes for all of you- well except my two moms ^_^). I’d post the message on here but…well, it’s special, and unless it’s okay with everyone that I do, I don’t want to put something that special and well…private…for just anyone to see. I’m a dork, not new news ^_^

    Oh, and TOTALLY loved the party (unless we’re all still going…then i’m loving it) and yup, lo mein is/was in the fridge. ^_^

  280. Anzia said

    prtfvr- Oh, you’re a hoot and a half! ^_^

  281. Margaret said

    Ladies: I emailed the Megacon people regarding autographs. She said that Dylan and Kyle would be selling their autographs (usually $20-$25 a piece). I told her that a group of us from a certain blog would like a group picture taken with the two and would that be possible. She said group shots are usually more and she will contact their agent and try to get the info up on the website as soon as she can.

  282. prtfvr said

    FINALLY! Just checked out Anne’s site for the first time. It’s great! ‘laise swears to me that I have the ability to put something together with that skill but…

  283. Himmiefan said

    Hi folks. Party was awesome. I’m still full. Z girl, hope you’re feeling better. You’ve got all of us pulling for you. 🙂

    Laurel – I totally missed that you had changed jobs. What are you doing now?

    Oh, Henry says he hopes you all enjoyed the olives.

  284. Freyja said

    Oh Margaret, the potential group photo is certainly making it more tempting for me to cash in some points to fly to Florida! It is during spring break month, though, and I’d have to cash in extra points (plus deal with that pesky vacation issue). But I might be willing to make the sacrifice … there HAS to be a real Canadian amongst the group besides the actors, right?

    Thanks Anzia!

  285. prtfvr said

    I’m so sorry to hear that the autographs are being sold. That’s a big disappointment. I go to the ComicCon in Philly every year and have never paid for an autograph. That really turns me off. Paying for a group photo I understand but paying someone to sign their name on a picture because I adore them is a bit much. I’ll pass on that one. Still love my man, just disappointed!

  286. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bpnjour Mes Amis! Good Morning My sweet Blood Sista’s! Well my butt crack o’ dawn meeting was a waste o’ time but that’s the way the cookie crumbles

    Maggie May thanx for doing the recon for the Megacon, I need to go to this soooo badly I can taste it 😛 When should I purchase the tickets? Cuz once I do they are non-cancellable. I also need to look into hotels etc will they give rates this far in advance and can you reserve this far in advance ? I’m a Virgin at this too Rif 😀

  287. laurel said

    Having been a full time mom for almost 18 years I am now working part time in a Quilt shop. I will be working mostly behind the scenes putting together kits for people to make into full sized quilts and wall hangings. For 15 years I have been teaching in this same quilt shop (as well as several other shops locally). I teach wearable art – where people create pieces (small quilts actually) and then turn them into jackets or bags. My most popular class has been a design class where everyone creates something different and I teach whatever skills they want me to during a three-four evening class.

    Sorry Himmie, you asked. lol

    The new job is supposed to be part time but the woman I’m taking over from warned me it could easily become full time if I let it. I don’t think I want that since I’m trying to spend as much time as possible with my family. I will also be teaching after the first of the year, but only a couple of classes since they are evening events.

  288. prtfvr said

    I’ve always wanted to learn how to quilt. I even bought books about it and have all kinds of scraps saved up to do it. I’m worried that I won’t finish or I’ll suck so I’ve never done it. Plus I’d have to do it by hand because I gave away my sewing machine years ago and while that’s not really a problem, I just can’t imagine me piling up my work in the living room because as Richard Gere said in An Officer and a Gentleman “I got no place else to go!” I get tons of complaints when my crafts are taking up space. Not enough room for everything you need at one time so it’s just a big mess.

    One day I shall have a sewing room for my crap and it shall be good! Yeah verily and tru dat, yo! 😉

  289. Danae said

    Buongiorno Bellas.

    Anne-You friggin rock lady. I love Kyles Korner.

    Prtfvr-I understand what you are saying about charging for autographs. I was thinking this: Maybe it isn’t the actors that are charging and they aren’t getting any royalties from them. Maybe it is all the agents or managers doing it. I have to say one thing at least their’s will be only 20 or 25 as opposed to 100 like rifkind mentioned above. Yes I know I am doing that it could be worse thing again but I think I have been wearing Dizey’s rose colored glasses alot lately.

    I can totally handle 20-25 dollars-at least by March I should be able to. I can’t see 100 though.

  290. DIZEY1 :-) said


    Sup my sista’ how’s it hanging ?? Are you going to have a sewing/crap room in the new pad? I say stake your claim now before your dude’s do 😉 How ‘s that sweet widdle Baby Henry ? Bald and Bad?

  291. Sub0chick said

    Wow, so i’ve been reading all of these for like two hours, so I’m commenting on a lot, sort of. As one of the local Florida gals, I am so happy to hear about the con, and I’d love to go, think the group pic is a great idea. On the one hand, since BT is a new show (and on Lifetime) I would think the fanbase might not be that large as far as standing in line to get to them goes. On the other, as soon as any females there get a good look at the guys, they’ll probably be in line and become instant fans.

    I want a room at the clinic, i’m not picky, so pick a room, as long as there’s plenty of rooms for books…and video games…and stuff…lol, but i’m not a fan of stairs, so make sure those workmen do a good job on the elevator.

    Z-good luck w/ the job hunt. I’m in the middle of my own at the moment. I’ve been working for a flake of a lawyer for a year now (swear she’s OCD and bi-polar). So i put in applications for a job, got called back to interview at this one place, got offered the job, went in and did the drug test. this is the part where it gets funny. If you haven’t had to do a drug test recently, they have these little instant thermometer strip thingies on there, well for whatever reason, my temp didn’t register (which i’m thinking to myself, can’t you just hold the cup and tell it’s warm, but i guess that makes too much sense) so they asked if i could come back in a while to give another sample (told them it would take a couple hours and a lot of fluids). So I call my mom who works for the government and she laughs so hard she could barely talk because it was such a stupid thing to happen. So I go back, do the test again and everything goes fine (btw, the actual drug testing strip cleared fine, it was just the temp it had an issue with), I’m starting my job on the 8th. Now, I’ve already given my two weeks notice, at this point have one left. Here’s where I about lost it, ok, did lose it. I get home from work on the 1st and there’s a message on my machine, the guy that’s head of the safety dpt called me back and said that it’s their company’s policy that if you fail the temp reading on the test that you’re automatically disqualified and I’m no longer hired. So now i either get to tell my current boss that things changed and i can still work in a job i hate, or i can hope i can find some temp work til i find a new job. i’ve pretty much convinced myself to go with the temp work idea, i’ve applied to about four different places in the past two days so hopefully i’ll hear something back soon.

    But I have to say a big THANKS to all of you, cause reading what you said to Z made me feel better about my own situation and the guilt (I’m leaving one lady here to do all our work and we were already doing the work of 6) and hurt I was feeling about it. This truly is a great group of supporting people and whether or not you realize it at the time, your words of support wind up affecting all of us at some point.

    ok, so that’s enough for this, but i just remembered….love the pics, they are so cute, and the kyle message board thingy is wonderful, he’s so sweet

  292. sub0chick said

    OH yeah, i forgot the other thing i was going to talk about. The new tv shows. Ok, love Chuck, great concept and great acting, it’s absolutely hilarious. Of course I’m still stuck on Heros. Journeyman I’ve gotten hooked on, reminds me of a mix of Quantam Leap and Dead Zone (think cause the guy looks Johnny). Tuesdays I’m all about Bones and then I’m tugged between House and Reaper. What i’ve managed to see of Reaper during House commercials ahs been really good, but right now House is winning out. Wednesdays…well I want to see Pushing Daisies and I’m going blank on what I normally watch, I’m sure there’s something. Thursdays, gotta see Supernatural. Fridays, when I’m home, have been Dr. WHo and Flash Gordon, and sometimes Pain Killer Jane and now of course BT. I’ve been waiting for Moonlight to start so i can check it out, can’t believe I missed it, I’ll have to remember to look for it this week.

  293. Danae said

    I decided I need a lot of room for my eclectic array of crafts. I need room for scrapbooking, crocheting, cross-stitch, writing, making necklaces, drawing, and I am now working on my second quilt by hand because sewing machines scare me.

  294. Freyja said

    So Danae, does that mean you’ll have to expand your room at the clinic to make room for all these craft supplies?

  295. Margaret said

    And since I’m going for Pushy Broad of the month I asked the lady at Megacon since she was talking with the agents anyhow could she check with Kyle’s to see if he got a certain package. All she can say is no but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. That way we can save our better questions for the live chat Thursday night.

  296. Danae said

    I will need lots of room. My tiny apartment is overflowing with craft crap. I have some of it at my mom’s now actually. I also need lots of blank wall space for all my movie posters and memorabilia and fairies and dragons and shtuff.

  297. lwildstar said

    Hey guys!
    Whats up?

    crafts? the basement has been taken over by the jewelry buisness – which is kinda at a stand still right now – need to start getting rid of stuff – only have one craftshow left for the year and I’m not even sure I’m in yet! now I’ve started writing and that has taken over my time – put the sketch book off to the side…..where does all the time go?
    Had to ditch the website of my regular jewelry stock – but the Blood Moon site (such as it is) is still up. And if anyone is still interested I still have some grape candy….whoops I meant little purple bats left!

  298. Danae said

    How nice, my dad came by with Amber because they were out and about. Freyja in one of your posts your were talking a lot about amber and I wanted you to know that I have a 4 year old sister named Amber although she is more like my daughter.

  299. laurel said

    Hey Sub0chick – glad to see you here! Sorry about the job search issues. Man that sucks in a bad way. The temp of the test thing is to prevent you from bringing in a clear sample from “someone else”. Like I’d want to carry that in my purse?
    We’ll be adding you to the positive vibe / prayer list and let us know what works out for you.

    Why don’t we turn one complete floor of the clinic into our crafting den? We could have beading, quilting, knit and crochet…. you get the idea. Of course we will need some comfy chairs and really good lights (and magnifiers). Fireplace in the corner for cozy evenings… Might be a good place to put the espresso machine, or at least one of them. hehe

  300. lwildstar said

    I so wish i could go to the convention maybe if something come ups later in the year…sigh….
    Just (9)10 more days to go! and just 3 weeks till the party!

    Well I still have a half hour of lunch left so i am going to go work on some writing.

    There was something else – but someone intrupted me and now I have no idea what I wanted to say – my sister calls it “oldtimers” or “CRS” syndrome!
    Oh well……….
    Everybody take care! talk at you later

  301. lwildstar said

    oh thats what it was –

    Laurel good luck with the new job and watch out for that creeping time – you start as part time and it morphes into fulltime – that happened to my sister and she didn’t realize the affect on the kids till the first report crd – she told the boss (she works for my former employeer the crazy woman) that she was going back to working from home an donly comeing in 4 times a month – family first!….email me whenyou get the chance.

    How are you doing Anzia?

    ((HUGS)) all around!

  302. Madonna said

    Hi y’all

    So, I have to work until 8 tonight and then I set up for the festival tomorrow and the fest goes from Friday – Sunday. Wish me luck!

    You’re T-shirt gave me an idea for a candle design. I’ll have to try it after the festival. If it works out I may have a little contest and give it away as a prize.

    I’m sorry I missed your party last night. Did I mention I’m proud of you for getting the hell out of Dodge? Getting sick isn’t worth it. You go girl!

    Thank you! I love the site and you! You’re an awesome woman and I’m so glad you decided to join us here. We’re lucky in more ways than one to count you among our circle of friends.

    If you’re feelin’ it, you can pass this message along to Kyle. He is awesome too. As a young woman I think the world would be a much better place if more young men displayed the qualities he has shown to us. Tell him Madonna said so. (Yes, I know he’ll say, “Who the hell is Madonna?”, but hey the truth is the truth right?)

    As for the rest of you. I also don’t think I’ve ever really passed along my true thoughts to you. I love you all. You have all helped to fill a spot deep within me that has been completely empty for a LOOONNNNGGG time. Thanks!

    Wow, I can tell I’m tired. I get emotional.

    I missed ER last Thursday. That was the time my mom was being admitted to the hospital. I’ll probably miss it tomorrow too. If it is possible and you have the time, do you think you could email me a summary of the episodes so I’m not lost. Thanks in advance.

    I’ll try to stop back in at lunch.

    Take care.

  303. Himmiefan said

    Laurel – your job sounds like fun! I tell you what, you can teach all of us quilting in our new crafts room at the Blood Ford Clinic. Now, can anyone teach pottery? I’ve always wanted to try using a wheel.

    Sub0chick – Hi! Are you new here? If so, welcome! We’re a bunch of wild and crazy Hens here. Always room for more!

  304. Himmiefan said

    Hi Madonna!! How is your mother doing? How are you doing?

  305. Danae said

    Hello Madonna. If Anne were to give that message to Kyle he would probably think you were THAT Madonna. Not sure if that is good or bad. Good luck with the fest this weekend.

  306. Freyja said

    Margaret said, “And since I’m going for Pushy Broad of the month…”

    Oh you are totally the right person to be my paralegal! LOL! Just let me know how you want your office decorated. And like I said before, as long as we get into the appropriate supernatural trouble we’ll be good.

    Danae, I know a few people named Amber. I’m slowly building my collection. It can be ridiculously expensive in N. America. I just did a quick search on other legends regarding amber. Tears and lost loves seem to be a common theme. Sadly, the opulent Amber Room at Ekaterininsky Palace (St. Petersburg) was stolen by the Nazis and no one has found it.

    laurel, I think we need a complete list of the residents so we can figure out who is where. I think there are a few floors above ground with no residents. I’ll bring the tea.

  307. Margaret said

    Freyja: I guess we can start with some of Coreen’s sock puppets, various pictures of the cast, mostly Kyle of course, lol.

    Madonna: Do you think you’ll have your candle business up before Christmas? I’d love to order some from you.

    For everyone with job woes, this too will pass. When one door closes, another opens and know that we hold you close in our thoughts and prayers.

  308. Danae said

    Lunch time is over. I will check back in before I leave.

  309. elizabeth said

    I think my cry for help went unheeded (got lost in all the posts) so I will throw this out there again. I hope one of you know the answer.

    I keep trying to register on Lifetime, but it won’t let me. I am starting to take it personally 😦 I fill out everything and then when I hit continue it tells me I have to fill out all the fields with an asterix. WTF, I already filled everything out! It turns my name red and removes my password. What am I doing wrong???????

  310. Freyja said

    Anne, tusind tak for at du har lavet websiden. Det skal nok være sjøvt til at læse Kyles svarene til spørgsmåler. (Jeg skal bare sige undskyld – jeg har ikke ordbogen med på arbejde. Jeg er sikkert på at jeg har lavet fejler.)

    Sorry everyone, just thanking Anne for her webpage.

  311. Maddie Mo said

    Hello all,

    Stopped by yesteday, breifly but things have been crazy.

    I love Kyle’s Korner. You are awesome for putting it together and He total rocks for being willing to do it.

    How are you? How’s your Momma? How’s BooBoo?

  312. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Madonna, SubOchick, *Z*, Dani Girl! Anyone else who may need or seek comfort you are CLEARLY in the right place , lots of mothering going on and plenty of hugs and kisses for all! Like my Tango girl said we’ve been drawn to this place and to each other for some divine purpose, maybe it’s the support we didn’t find someplace else. I’ll be here for whomever may need me, just call my name and I’ll come runnin’ 🙂 GIRLS RULE!!! We’ve GOT the POWER 😎 Oh and we’re cool too! Good luck on the job hunts chix you’ve got what they want you will get the job you want, the power of poitive thinking will take you and get you what you want!

    Love you chix, henz, minx, and vice’s !!

  313. elizabeth said

    I agree with Freyja, we definately need a listing of who is on what floor and what room. Anyone good with design? We should have our whole Clinic set up on plans – how cool would that be? It looks like we are going to need a pretty big building.

    SubOchick – welcome. Good luck with the job search. I know something good is going to come along for you.

    Madonna – how is your Mom?

  314. lwildstar said

    hey – just a pop in –

    Laurel – i have two chapters to email you but now Verizon is down so I will try later

    Dani – go post!

    gotta run!!!!!

  315. lwildstar said

    never mind Laure – sent the email and the chapters – hope your yahoo/verizon is working today!


    now really I must leave!!!!!

  316. Anne said

    Selv tak Freya – fornøjelsen er helt på min side.

    Pyt med småfejl, jeg forstod sagtens hvad du skrev – og jeg glæder mig til at se alle spørgsmålene og Kyles svar 🙂
    Så mange han nu har tid til ….

    Just thanking Freya for thanking me 🙂

    Lifetime Video chat tomorrow – this link should explain the workings:

    System requirements:
    Win2000 or higher and 128MB RAM
    Windows 95/98/ME users can download version 8.5
    And preferably a webcam.

    I’m told it’s an international system, so I should not be blocked – just very, very sleepy as it’s 3 am my time …

  317. Anzia said

    LOL, I say we rent out Hogwarts! 😉 MIght be the only place big enough… 🙂

    sub0- Hey, thanks for the support. ^_^ You’ll find something. I actually contact the Milwaukee County DA’s office today seeking employment…well just seeking really. I heard from my contact that there was a spot open. ^_^ Or will be soon *does happy dance* Keep your fingers crossed.

    Madonna- Thanks. ^_^

  318. Margaret said

    Elizabeth: Try emailing them on the feedback and explain the problem. I had problems the first time around and I think they got back with me but its been a while.

  319. sub0chick said

    Hey to all the peeps that didn’t recognize me. First time posting in here, but i’m in the email list. i don’t pop up too much except when i find something funny i want to share. i try to find something funny to look at everyday, reading the posts from you guys help with that 😉

    as for the room setup, i actually can do something like that. give me an idea about what we’re looking at and i can try to set up something. from what i’ve read, i’m seeing typical hotel/hospital/dorm style with rooms across the hall from each other. big entry/foyer thingy, and actually since somebody mentioned one viewing room, steal an idea from my old dorm and have it attached to the side of the entry room. the “bat cave” below ground, the “arts and craft” floor (you know all us patients have to have something creative to sooth our frazzled minds). and the spa/exercise floor for all those belly dancing and pole dancing classes 😉 then we need a restaurant w/ fully stocked bar. and of course all the rooms would have to have those nifty day shields just in case a certain somebody should happen to stay too long hehe.

  320. msgypsy said

    Laurel, you read my mind. I was just thinking we needed a whole crafting suite at our disposal. After all, it can be part of occupational therapy at the clinic…

    Freyja, are you Asatruar? My friend Anna is, and she speaks of Freya in the form of a hawk. Whenever Anna needs something I can provide, a specific hawk appears at the side of the road as I’m driving to work. She also showed up once while we were lost in Lane County. I’m not particularly drawn to the Northern traditions, but that hawk sure does like me. (I’m an old-time dyed-in-the-wool Gardnerian Wiccan, currently taking a hiatius so I can regroup and re-examine my path, which seems to be heading back to my Jewish roots but not without kicking and screaming on my part. LOL!)

    If someone is collecting our clinic room numbers, I’m in 623 and I must have my own kitchen and my own sewing room. Even if we have a crafts floor, I like to get all cozy in my jammies (well, my robe) late at night to sew. It needn’t be a big room, since I will store my huge fabric and yarn stashes in the extra closet space I’m about to mention… I do not entertain in house frequently but I love to cook and feed my friends. And I bake. I bake good bread and good cakes and good cookies and good pies and … you get the idea. I also once made my own pastrami. Don’t ask. I’ll buy from now on. And Faraday doesn’t need his own room but he must have access to the backyard, so a back staircase leading to the dogs’ part of the garden is a must. To make things easier, it can be combined with the stairs Laurel and I are installing to make life easier for Mike.

    And as we’re taking a co-worker out for really good Chinese today for her birthday, I’ll not be around at noon. But I’ll be back at sometime today.

  321. msgypsy said

    Almost forgot. Dryad (a friend of mine in “our” Vancouver) takes pole dancing for exercise and she loves it. If I can convert her to our insanity she’ll be happy to teach us… Trouble is, she doesn’t watch BT and hasn’t been interested so far. I’ll work on her…

  322. Freyja said

    Hi sub0chick *wave from Canada* Thanks for taking care of that. I’ll deal with the zoning bylaws and the regulatory officials wherever it is that we’re building this thing.

    elizabeth is in charge of hiring the construction workers …

    Ms. Freyja
    Resident Barrister & Solicitor (*new clients always welcome)
    & Resident Canadian
    Rm. 713
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  323. Nisi said

    Hi. I’m Nisi. I love in Hillsboro, OR. I’ve lurked for a while, but this is my first post. When my Hubby said I need help for trying to tivo the Blood ties commercial, I knew where to go for understanding.

  324. msgypsy said

    Hey, Nisi, I forgot to email you. Laurel and I are doing lunch on Friday, care to join us? We have great fun when we get together.

    And I think it’s time we scheduled another mass migration to Coldstone. I’m busy all this weekend; how about next weekend? Ladies?

    I have decided that, due to the intense concentration of Blood Ties fans here in the Portland metro area, any member of the cast en route between Los Angeles and “the other” Vancouver is going to be required to route through Portland, so that they will regularly see the fair region where we worship them.

  325. Nisi said

    Gypsy, I would love to join you. When & where?

    I agree. The cast should be required to route through Portland.

  326. prtfvr said

    Hey! I want a title in the Hen’s Clinic!

    I’ll be:

    Professional Cynic & Queen of Sarcasm
    Bloody Ford Clinic, Room 309


  327. Freyja said

    gypsy, no I’m not Asatruar. I actually had to look that up! I’m actually what I like to call a ‘recovering Catholic’. LOL! I just find the northern traditions much more interesting than some others, particularly as it comes to the portrayal of women. And, the northern legends don’t portay the gods/goddesses as infallible. They’ll often have to give up something in return for what they want. And don’t get me started on things like the hawk. Weird things happen to the women in my family all the time. I could go off on a really bizarre tangent with all my thoughts and theories but I’ll have to save that for a time when we actually meet!

    Speaking of meeting, if I ever do meet you lovely ladies in person, I’ll have to bring some quintessentially Canadian stuff with me. No, I can’t stuff a Mountie (red serge and all) into my luggage. I’ll have to think of something else. Currently everything that comes to mind relates to food. U.S. Customs agents might have something to say about that. That is, if I can get into the country. I got the customs agent from ‘h-e-double hockey sticks’ when I went to Dallas and New Orleans in 1998.

    And see, I know all you ladies want to meet me … just to hear my accent! 😉

  328. rifkind said

    Just a guess here, but it looks to me like they haven’t designed the LT site very well, and turning your name RED is their way of telling you that the userID that you chosen is ALREADY TAKEN!
    So try making a new handle /avatar/ username and try again!

    LOL, Picking on my poor little avatar again huh??!!
    For the new ladies.. my Avatar is NOT a wrapped piece of purple hard candy… It is a craft. It is a poof vampire bat with little black wings.
    You can see it more clearly on Lifetime, look at the bottom of this page and you will see HMV Bat (Henry Mike Vicki Bat)
    Which was something that Lwildstar had on her website a long time ago and I adapted as my avatar.. For the longest time she was the only pne who knew what it was! LOL

  329. msgypsy said

    I’ve always loved the northern traditions because the idea of Thor cross-dressing makes me laugh so very hard. (I think those of you who don’t know the story need to. There’s a version of the story by Bruce Colville ( that I loved when I read it to Rhiannon, or you can read a fairly dry telling of it here

    Anyhow, we’re running late getting out to the Chinese restaurant (good Chinese but no beer…)

    Laurel, Nisi, how’s about we meet at Mazatlan on Baseline in Cornelius? It’s right next door to Grande Foods so it’s not too far from where I work but still close enough that Nisi can probably find it easily.

    Oh, Frejya, the one thing I wish someone would bring me from Canada is totally not border-crossable. It’s cyclamate sweetner. I’m old enough to remember when that was banned in the US. Lots of subsequent artificial sweetners have proven to be even less safe than cyclamates, but they don’t dare ban any more of them because of the uproar the first one caused. I just wish they’d lift the ban here because it remains the best artificial sweetner out there. Sigh! When my mother and sister and I are on the cruise, we get to spend a little time in Victoria (where, as an aside, I know the wife of one of the local police detectives but that’s of no consequence and I haven’t seen her in over a decade…) and I totally plan to have coffee with cyclamate sweetner one way or another while there!

    And, Portland fans, since so many of you are in Washington County, I think we should also demand that all cast members route through the Hillsboro airport (never mind that it’s virtually impossible to do so) just on principle…

  330. Danae said

    My title will be

    Purchaser of all food stuffs be it Henry Blow Pops, Chocolate Chains etc and all other merchandise
    Rm 625 The Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

    I get to test all the life-size anatomically correct Henry’s first. Don’t worry he will be sent on his way all clean and refreshed.

  331. Danae said

    Welcome to the Nuthouse Nisi!

  332. Nisi said

    Gypsy – Mazatlan is one of my favorites. Sounds fun.

  333. Margaret said

    Well if we’re going to have titles just give me #1 Couga on the 7th Floor. I can’t bring myself to put the r on as it makes it seem so dirty and final, as in dirty old woman. lol.

  334. Nisi said

    Danae – Thanks for the welcome. All of us in here are fine – it’s everybody else that’s nut.

  335. rifkind said

    Gypsy — Tango… H… E… L… P
    The blog keeps eating my posts..

    Elizabeth, I wrote a longer post.. but basically try changing your username on LT. I think that the one that you are trying to use is already taken.. Rifkind

  336. lwildstar said

    just had to stop by and tell you this…

    one – my typos have become a great source of enjoyment here at work as well – I just “over knighted” a package…

    and two – I was talking with the one coworker I consider a friend – telling her about the up coming party and how bummed I was I can’t go to that convention and i showed her the tee shirt – blah blah blah on and on about great and positive women you are and all the support –

    she told me that she hasn’t seen me this happy (except for the few Paul moments) in the two years she has known me…I think if nothing else that says alot about you guys!

    sorry, just had to take a moment to gush!

    will check back with you when I get home – its been one of those afternoons!

  337. lwildstar said

    E – I couldn’t use any of my old user names for the LT blog – i had to get a new user name – it won’t recognize any of the old ones….

  338. rifkind said

    Welcome Nisi,
    There are several of us here on the Blog that have TiVo’s and we LOVE them!
    Have you tried to record anything with your TiVo before? It is pretty easy.
    If it is not a genuine TiVo, maybe there is someone else who can help if you have a cable box DVR.
    Let us know where your confusion lies!

  339. Himmiefan said

    Welcome Nisi!! Always nice to have newcomers!

    Sub0 – better get a big eraser for the floor plans. Tango’s currently co-opting a good chunk of the 100 block. I’m currently trying to hold my wall up so it can’t be knocked down. 🙂

    Since we’re doing titles here, here’s mine:

    Executive Producer, Elder Hostel: The Order of the Yum
    Room 100
    Bloody Ford Clinic

    For all newbies, I’ll do a write-up on what Elder Hostel is (our movie) and post on Oh yeah, we’ve got a lot of writers on here, so you’ve got some good stuff to read.

  340. Nisi said

    Thanks rifikind. I have no problems recording shows. Only confusion is in trying to record just the commercials. Recording just the commercials was why he thinks I’m nuts.:-) Well, the recording and watching them over and over.

  341. Claire said

    I’m back my darlings…Vicki..yes we are looking into a night on the town Friday..I’ll DVR BT. Just have to see what everyone wants to do!

    Oh My daughter Monique is buying a plasma hang on the wall TV…
    guess who’s getting her 65 in? this Thursday?

    Ladies who are coming over..can you say yummylicious Kyle/Henry in 65in!!!!!

    Freyja..I would love your company on the 8th floor! I’ve been raising kids and cooking and baking since I was 19…now I hate to cook! So if you want a super kitchen and apt.on my floor…I’m in!
    Just don’t worry to much about the sounds emanating from my Apt.Henry can be alittle over zealous at times!

  342. Madonna said

    Hi! I’m back!

    Hi Nisi! (waving) Welcome!

    You’re right. Might not be such a good thing. Sometimes it sucks sharing my name with her.

    If you pass on my message…..just say it’s from Madonna from Kentucky.

  343. Danae said

    Wow! Claire 65″ My parents have a 54 or 56″ and I thought that was great.

  344. Arrowyn said

    Saw this on futoncritic. I don’t know what a “HH” rating is. Don’t care what they say about increasing their total number of female viewers, they still want young males.


    As the SCI FI Channel approaches the 15-year milestone, the Channel’s audience continues to get younger enjoying its best 3rd quarter ever among younger viewers averaging 222,000 adults 18-34 and 100,000 women 18-34. The Channel is also up this quarter in key female demos: +8% among women 18-49 and +5% among those 25-54. For the quarter SCI FI averaged a .9 HH rating, 567,000 Adults 18-49, 634,000 Adults 25-54, and 1,186,000 total viewers. SCI FI was the 6th ranked basic cable entertainment network for the month of September averaging a 1.0 HH rating, 581,000 Adults 18-49, 647,000 Adults 25-54, and 1,232,000 total viewers and was up in key female demos (+19% F18-34, +9% F18-49, +5% F25-54).

  345. rifkind said

    Cree wrote this to Vicki earlier in this thread..
    >Vicki: I have noticed that LT usually shows the first BT commercial every day >sometime between 6:30pm and 6:45pm ET. Then they play about once an >hour or so after that. I am
    So if you record Lifetime for a block of time, say from 6:15 to 9PM or so… you should then be able to fast forward to the commercials and see if you caught anything.. 🙂
    Now that is what advertisers want! Folks fast forwarding past the shows to see the commercials! LOL!

  346. Danae said

    We all know you are better then that Madonna anyday although I do have her hits CD which I love. All her older songs take me back to a simpler time.

  347. Madonna said

    Maddie Mo,

    Hi! Thanks for asking about my mom. She’s fine. Just exhausted and on her last legs just like me. And Maddie Boo-Boo is doing really well right now.

    Good luck with all the job applications. Same for you Sub0chick.

  348. Arrowyn said

    Live chats with Kyle and Christina notwithstanding, LT still doesn’t show enough love! This is part of a press release for Lisa Williams and LT’s “Friday Night Primetime Reality Line-Up”. What’s BT? Chopped liver? Note down at the bottom what the live chats did for LT’s traffic.

    Lifetime Premieres Second Season of the Popular Reality Series ‘Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead’ Friday, October 12 at 9:00 PM (ET/PT)

    Series Opens New Friday Night Primetime Reality Line-Up — Also Featuring “America’s Psychic Challenge” will also provide exclusive webisodes behind-the-scenes at the show. Site visitors will be able to view full episodes from season one and season two and participate in live chats and e-mail Lisa questions directly. During the first season of “Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead,” hosted four live chats, which tripled the site’s traffic.

  349. msgypsy said

    All posts are out of the spam hell. We aren’t going to lunch today because of folks getting dragged into other things so I’m still around for another 15 minutes or so.

    Nisi, no, you’re not nuts. Not in this crowd, at least.

    Laurel, you need to sign up on or at least give me your handle there if you still want to compete. BTW, in answer to a previously asked question, the contest will remain open until all contestants have submitted their works or thrown in the towel. Judging will be by acclaim, with me making the final decision. No clue what the prize’ll be but I’m giving it a ton of thought. This contest has to end either (a) Before November 1 or (b) after November 30. Nanowrimo rules November.

  350. Freyja said

    Welcome Nisi! I’m a relative newcomer myself so it is nice to see somebody else who is new here too!

    Himmiefan – at least the 100 level is on the ground floor, then we can expand that floor all we want. I’ll just have to deal with the regulatory authorities, maybe a variance application is in order. I’ll have to check. Unless we do the European thing and the 100 level is actually what we call the 2nd story … then we’ll really have to expand the main floor.

    No one wants to read my writing … too many boring legal words. Unless … we work collaboratively on a story each of us taking turns with an individual line and seeing what we come up with in the end. Either that is an utterly brilliant idea or an utterly stupid one.

    Sub0 – I think you’ll be busy.

    Margaret – I don’t know what to say about the resident Couga title. Since we’re the only 2 on the 7th floor and I don’t think I’m anywhere near borderline Couga (or Cougar, for that matter) … a lawyer left speechless.

    (If you haven’t figured it out yet, today is a very slow day … is it 5 o’clock yet?)

    P.S. Alisa, I haven’t forgotten about your question. I’m just thinking about it, plus I have to re-watch the episode because my cat was pestering me.

    Ms. Freyja
    Resident Barrister & Solicitor (*new clients always welcome)
    & Resident Canadian
    Rm. 713
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  351. lwildstar said

    Welcome Nisi, no, you’re not nuts. Not in this crowd, at least!

    Wildstar d’Nightwalker
    room 910 (all alone on the 9th floor)
    Bloody Ford Clinic – resident jeweler

  352. Madonna said

    Thanks Danae! You make me blush! I got a lot of jokes about my name in school.

    I wish I could say that I’m going to have my business up by then, but I doubt it. We’re still a touch too unorganized.

    Since we all have our own unique talents I think it’d be cool if we all had a title at the clinic. Kind of to help pay our way through therapy you know?

    So I guess I’ll be resident candle maker and painter.

    Resident Chandler and Painter
    Rm 616 residence
    Rm 617 studio
    Rm 618 candle shop
    Bloody Ford Clinic

    Ms. Gypsy, anyone else on the 6th floor….. I’ll warn you now the scents on our floor could get interesting. Everything from Apple Pie to Cotton Candy to Cool Water men’s cologne. Just depends on what I have to make on any particular day. I don’t do cinnamon too often though. I’m allergic to one of the chemicals they use to make it and it leaves me with a headache for days.

  353. Himmiefan said

    Hi! I just have to share this quote I got off of Denis McGrath’s website. Here’s a partial quote of what he said about Moonlight:

    “Vamps who can go out in the day? That’s not fun, dude. That’s cheating.”

    I just had to laugh!

  354. Madonna said

    You all probably won’t hear anything from me from now until Sunday night or Monday. The festival is an hour away and I’m staying with my aunt. I feel like a heel asking all these favors but could:

    1.) Whoever participates in the live chat please give me a summary of what is discussed.
    2.) I won’t be anywhere near a computer so if I email someone with my cell# could one of you call me if anything important comes up either about Blood Ties or if there is anything important I need to know about on the blog? Any volunteers?

  355. msgypsy said

    Madonna, I’ll be providing the cinnamon scent. I bake cinnamon bread and have made cinnamon rolls before but my icing was less than perfect and I never get them as soft and gooey as Cinnabon does. But the bread makes incredible french toast.

    Gotta go back to work now…

  356. Madonna said

    Oh, Himmiefan,

    I’ve done just a little work in clay and pottery.

  357. Danae said

    Madonna-Make one that smells like Drakkar and I will be in heaven.

    Freyja-I like the idea of each of us doing one line for a story. The first person starts it and go on down the line until the story is finished. That would be hilarious.

  358. Freyja said

    Claire … you can come over to invade my ridiculously super kitchen any time. I love to bake (thanks grandma J!) and end up taking everything to work because I don’t eat it. See what I mean about needing the ridiculously large kitchen – everyone will be over at my place. My entrance will still be at 713, though.

    I was actually going to type a response to your last line but had to stop and censor myself so we can keep these comments clean. All I’ll say in response is that I’ll regularly be working nights after my super paralegal, Margaret, has gone home. I think business will be booming. You can send Henry over afterwards … oh boy, now I’m dividing his time into shifts. At least I won’t bill him for his time with me. 😉

  359. Danae said

    Madonna-Email me with it and I will call you. I fully intend to visit Kelly alot this weekend and confiscate her computer.

  360. Danae said

    Freyja-We have all visited the gutter one time or another. If it isn’t accessively dirty like someone else we know, have at it.

  361. Madonna said


    I’ve had requests for Drakkar before and I’ve looked into it but they don’t make it for use in gel, only parrafin and soy. If I used it the candle would go BOOM!

    I can do Cool Water, Eternity and something called U Da Man….. that smell just like you’d want a strong man to smell. I usually make my beer candles in these fragrances.

  362. Danae said

    It sucks not having my car. My brother needed it so he dropped me off and is picking me up and he is late. At least I have you guys to help pass the time.

  363. Madonna said

    Thanks Danae!

  364. Danae said

    Beer candles?

  365. Madonna said

    Yep, beer candles!

  366. Danae said

    Cool Water and Eternity might smell ok. U-Da-Man sounds wierd.

    My brother is making beer in the butt chicken for dinner tonight. Should be interesting.

  367. Danae said

    You know Dizey has been awfully quiet today.

    Well my ride just got here. Gots 2 go.

    Ciao bellas!

  368. Madonna said

    U Da Man is great. It basically smells like men’s cologne.

    I can get beer scent for my candles….. but it’s NOT GOOD! NOT GOOD AT ALL!

  369. Freyja said

    Hey Danae, I read about what happened over on the other blog. I just don’t want to contribute to the delinquency of … hmmm, I don’t know what to call it.

    I think I’ll just follow everyone else’s lead until I get a better sense of everyone before I really let at it.

    Ms. Freyja
    Resident Barrister & Solicitor (*new clients always welcome)
    & Resident Canadian
    Rm. 713 (Residence at 813)
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  370. rifkind said

    Thanks Gypsy,
    So many posts getting put into purgatory
    So for those who want to go BACK to see my longer posts, you can search on these time-stamps.

    October 3, 2007 @ 11:56 am
    Elizabeth – More about your registration problems with LT
    Wildstar – Grape Candy wrapper … NOT! My avatar is NOT grape candy 🙂

    October 3, 2007 @ 7:00 am
    Answer to MsGypsy asking about my attendance at a Highlander Con in Denver, Co.


  371. prtfvr said

    Dani said: “Wow! Claire 65″ My parents have a 54 or 56″ and I thought that was great.”

    I just wanna say DAY-am!! I’m in awe of your capacity for size! Me, I’m lucky with 6″ but 65″?! Holy mackerel! I now know where the Bat Cave is! 😉

  372. Well I made my appearance over at the Lifetime blog.

    I need to think of a job title for the clinic…. Hmm…. Any ideas?

    Lady Afrodyte
    looking for a job (lol)
    Rm. 107
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  373. prtfvr said

    BTW: Is there a reason that I’m all alone on the 3rd floor of the clinic? Diz made me Dr. Ruth so I guess I’ll have plenty of space for recovering Pervs. IF they want to recover, that is!

  374. Freyja said

    prtfvr – OMG! If I had had water in my mouth it would currently be streaming down my computer screen!

  375. Freyja said

    Oh prtfvt, I was going to ask whether you had any intention of putting up a message board on the hens site. I have 2 completely selfish reasons for asking:

    (1) my home computer freezes when the comments go over ~150 on these blog entries, and
    (2) all you lovely ladies are going to be a few episodes ahead of us in Canada (not fair!) and I think I (and any Canadian lurkers) will end up missing out on the non-episode banter and talk if it is tied in to episode reviews and comments. No fun to not be able to comment on an episode. 😦

    Ms. Freyja
    Resident Barrister & Solicitor (*new clients always welcome)
    & Resident Canadian
    Rm. 713
    Bloody Ford Clinic

    Just a thought …

  376. Margaret said

    I know there’s more than one cougar on this board, I just wanted to get the first number. Guess I’ll be the first and last on the 7th floor until we get neighbors Freyja.

    Welcome to the group Nisi. You’ll find we’re all addicted to the show, some of us more than others, but on the other hand we don’t want to be cured.

  377. Christianna said

    Hi Ladies:
    My computer doesn’t seem to like the lifetime site because I can’t get the page to load but what time is the live chat with Kyle and Christina tomorrow?

  378. Himmiefan said

    Okay, Madonna’s doing candle classes and pottery classes in our new crafts room. Laurel’s doing quilting classes.

    Wildstar – do you want to teach the painting classes?

  379. elizabeth said

    Nisi – Welcome to this wonderful world we inhabit! Another Oregonian – woo hoo! I live in Sherwood and absolutely agree with gypsy that we need to schedule a trip to Coldstone or something for all of us in this area again. The last time we got together was a total blast! Don’t feel bad about the commercials – as you may have noticed many of us have been doing the same thing 😉

    Rifkind – Thanks for the advise about Lifetime. Sheesh, now I have to be creative and come up with a name…any ideas ladies? Hey, this could be fun. You are all so creative let’s see who can come up with a good psuedonym (did I spell that right) for me on the Lifetime blog!!!

    Since we are giving ourselves titles and Freyja put me in charge of hiring the construction crew I declare myself (ready for it ….drum roll please…

    Elizabeth *E*
    Resident Construction Engineer
    Room 106
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties bind

  380. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Dani still here but now you’re gone. See ya tomorrow! Meeting days are just soooooo long 😦

    Madonna glad to hear your mom and Booboo are good, my dad had kidney stones years ago, I thought he was dying he was in so much pain. I feel for her. I can’t wait to buy some of your goods. Good luck at the Fest although you won’t need it , you will sell it all and others will backorder form you 😉

    Claire I bought Mom and Dad a 50″ for last Christmas and think that’s big but 65″ WOW! Very cool, I’m jealous. I wish mine was as BIG as yours 😛 Ahhhhh Henry Blown up to 65″ ……….there are no words (hee hee hee)

    Frejya welcome to the gutter my newby sista’ ! It’s a lot of fun down here and my sista’s of Blood will visit me from time to time. I try to stay *On the Wagon* so to speak but I tend to fall off every now and then 😉

  381. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey my room # is/was *69* for my Cancer traits so am I in the basement? If so do I get the whole basement and I’ll have a Music/Art studio put in and hey we can have the theatre be part of that area. Wow that would actually be so cool. Have a giant movie screen just like in the real theatres 😀 I’m a Happy Girl now, music and art and Henry or Kyle on a HUGE screen. When can I move in? Oh and do I have to do some kind of job? Actually I’m a Philanthropist (sp) so I give money away for a living, cool 😎

    Nisi, sorry I was rude and didn’t welcome you properly. Our house is your house help yourself to anything you’d like oh except Henry 😉 . We’re not bad, we’re just drawn this way !

  382. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Madonna I’ll also be on the chat thingy or will die trying , so let me know I’ll give ya’ a buzz and give you some good scoop 😉 😀

  383. Nisi said

    lwidstar & freyia – thanks for the welcome.

    lwidstar – I’m in room 917. I need room for beading and a big kitchen.

  384. rifkind said

    A clarification on paying for autographs

    Creation Entertainment conventions seem to have a sliding scale for autographs. I just looked online and their con this last July 20-22, 2007, in Cherry Hill, NJ had fees for Shatner and Nimoy at $75,. Other actors autographs were going for anywhere from $20 to $35. When I went to the Creation Cons in the past, I didn’t get very many autographs because of all the fees. I haven’t been to very many of their conventions because it gets to be TOO expensive.

    At smaller conventions the autographs were usually FREE, and the pictures cost anywhere from $10 – $25 dollars. Many vendors carry photos of the featured actors. Sometimes the actors will bring their own merchandise and will sell it at the convention and will autograph it for you. Last year, at MarsCon, I bought a photo from Patricia Tallman (Lyta Alexander – Babylon-5 ) , and had her autograph it to my brother, who is a big fan, but couldn’t be at the convention.

    Some conventions charged a premium to get the autograph tickets. At the Highlander convention, you paid extra, at the time of registration, to be one of the 300 people getting Adrian Paul’s signature.

    I have seen many gracious actors who would sign almost anything that you ask.. not just expensive photos.. I’ve had scriptwriters and creative folks sign my convention booklet as I didn’t have any of their works along and they were not selling anything at the convention.. AND somebody beat my bid on the Highlander script that was being auctioned off 😦
    Most of all, I really enjoy the few moments of chatting with them as they give me their autograph.
    AND they were usually more than willing to pose for a photo op too! (As long as the convention wasn’t too big and there weren’t too many fans around..)


  385. Claire said

    Welcome Nisi! join us in the nuthouse err..The Bloody Ford Clinic!
    Aww should have just ran with it,I mean look at what Ms.Prtfvr insinuated! I swear’ve got to stop making me laugh so loudly,my kids are looking at me strangely..oh and by the way,you’re are coming here,so
    Who wants to take bets PrtFvr licks the 65 in Henry first! 😉

    Yes Diz! huge Henry!!! My bad boy Christopher said”Oh God Moms going to lick the TV and slob it all up next week!” and then he said “OhOh,Moms friends are coming,alot of women licking the screen,I need a drink”
    That boys sense of humor is worse than ours!

    Oh Freyja..I meant to tell you….Kyles middle name is Andreas!
    Another coinkidink! Ladies!

    Also…do we call into the video chat?
    I do telesiminars with my favorite guru Dov Baron,who by the way lives in Canada! and basically he puts a number at his website and then you talk…does this work the same way?

    Or are we typing questions?

  386. Claire said

    Oh I forgot! I have a profession and title for my work at the clinic!

    Resident French teacher
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  387. Nisi said

    Margaret – Thanks for the welcome. I don’t want to be cured.

    Elizabeth – Thanks for the welcome and I would love to get together. What fun!

    Dizey1 – Thanks, didn’t think you were rude. I thought we shared Henry?

  388. Madonna said

    Thanks! I’ll email you and Dani my cell# tonight.

    Hi, Welcome to the party!

    Hi there! I think the chat starts tomorrow at 9pm EST.

  389. rifkind said

    Will LT let you try this name?
    *E*eyes (Starry eyes) or Star*E*yes

  390. Nisi said

    Clair and Madonna – thanks for the welcome. It’s nice to have a home away from where my weirdness is understood.

  391. elizabeth said

    Way cool, rifkind! I love that! See, I knew there were a lot of imaginative people here.

  392. rifkind said

    I am just not sure if LT’s system will allow you to have the Asterisk in your userid.. that is the question…
    Try Star*E*eyes I like that even better.

  393. Margaret said

    Christina: The Chat is 9:00 p.m.

  394. Margaret said

    Get ready for the new season by chatting live with two of your favorite stars, Christina Cox and Kyle Schmid, Thursday at 9 pm ET/ 6 pm PT.

    Come back on Thursday night right before the chat to log on. A link to the chat will be added to this page to direct you to chat live! Christina Cox and Kyle Schmid will be chatting live for one hour, so don’t be a minute late!

    Details About Live Video Chats

    On the night of the chat, we will provide you a direct link to the video chat.
    After you click on the link, you will be prompted to install Paltalk.
    You will have to sign in to the chat by creating a user nickname and password on Paltalk (these are not your Lifetime username and password).
    Everyone particpating with the chat will be able to watch the stars live. If you have a webcam, the stars will be able to see you.
    You can partipiate in the chat by typing your questions or by asking them through a microphone.
    Every question posed by users will not be answered.
    We will be accepting questions only during the chat hour, not before or after.

  395. elizabeth said

    Okay, swearwords! That didn’t work rifkind. It still turned the name red and removed the password. Now what????

  396. Margaret said

    Ok, ladies I want all of you to sit down as I’m going to say something that is optimistic…….I think they are going to use Thursday night’s chat to announce its coming back for another season. Otherwise, they are really nasty Bit….
    They have to know that the first questions is: Are you coming back for another season. What do you all think? Could I be right?

  397. elizabeth said

    Margaret – That would be beyond cool! Now, it is even more important than ever that I get to register on that blankety blank Lifetime site!!!!!

  398. Calling it a night. Got faire stuff to take care of.

    Take care ladies, talk to you all tomorrow.

  399. elizabeth said

    Have any of you seen the pictures for season 2 on Lifetime? Here’s the link:

    I am finding it hard to sit still I am so anxious for the new shows to start 🙂

  400. elizabeth said

    Okay, I could have sworn I posted a link to Season 2 pictures on Lifetime??? I’ll try it again:

  401. Freyja said

    Dizey, I noticed the problem with the room numbers. Either you are in the basement, you’re on the real main floor (and the 100 level is the 2nd floor), … or … here is my suggestion – your place could be sort of the basement but walk out into the back gardens??? We’d have to go to the 1st basement level to enter your unit but we’d have a lovely patio to socialize on!

    Hey, I’m trying to come up with something since I am the one who has to deal with the zoning issue.

    Thanks for the welcome to the gutter. The next time I feel like entering the gutter I’ll come down to your floor (when we decide which floor you’re actually on.)

    Claire, yes I did notice his middle name. Very European!!!

    And since I’m now being encouraged to enter the gutter my thought went something like this: I’m a night owl (in real life) and I’ll be busy with my case work after Margaret leaves work anyway. That means I’ll be up late. Since we’ll be neighbours on the 8th floor and you’ll be busy with Henry I originally thought, ‘man, I’m going to need to put up soundproofing between the walls’. Then I thought about it and realized that I don’t really care what I hear. If I get all hot & bothered by it, as long as Claire sends Henry my way afterwards I’ll be a happy camper. 😉 Now, if Claire doesn’t send him my way, I’ll have to get those construction workers back to put in the soundproofing because I don’t want to get all worked up and have nothing come out of it.

    Okay, I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead … and then make an appointment with Dr. du.

    Ms. Freyja
    Resident Barrister & Solicitor (*new clients always welcome)
    & Resident Canadian
    Rm. 713
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  402. elizabeth said

    My posts got eaten, so I am taking that as a sign I need to give up and call it a day. Have a good evening ladies. i will check in with you tomorrow.

  403. rifkind said

    Try again with just StarryEyes and NO special characters I was worried about the *
    If that doesn’t work,
    Try an 8 digit username like StarryE1 (That is an number ONE)
    If that doesn’t work, send and email to LT right away for HELP!
    Also , do you have the pop-up blocker turned ON on our browser??
    there could be a message box trying to pop-up with the explanation of the problem, that is being blocked…
    SO for just while trying to register, turn on the pop-ups..
    Are you on a PC or a MAC??

    Good Luck!

  404. AlisaSG said

    Hi Nisi (*welcome*!!)

    When you didn’t write back I was sort of hoping you went back to see either the entire eppy over again or certain portions of it. It took me a week of watching it over and over and over again… before I could come off of that *high* feeling from watching it — in order to watch Tanya’s own creation STONE COLD (which was the very next ep).

    BTW, I’m only asking about HEART OF FIRE because there is additional info you MUST HEAR about — that will make that story even more exceptional.. 😛

    ..per Tanya’s personal inside scoop–
    1) Kyle really bit Dylan in that scene.. it was an accident. He bit down a bit too hard and drew blood ..honest to God — this is the truth!!!!!!!!!!

    2) those were REAL chains they put our Kyle into. Apparently, he got so passionately into his scenes that he kept breaking the fake prop chains.. So REWATCH .. and enjoy ALL.. 😀

    On a personal note, the more you watch HEART OF FIRE, the more nuance details you’ll pick up – how certain items just flow within the story, and come full circle.. how scenes stop and pick up – almost on the same impact level.
    and right from the sewer scene – the tolling of the bell was a rather
    *OMINOUS* sound//story effect .. wasn’t it..??

    and that *mouse* was so precious! But I seriously was terrified Henry was going to eat the little critter, instead of *kiss* it (that’s what it “looked” like he did from my POV.. the live one, not the dead rat shown later..)

  405. Nisi said

    Elizabeth – I had to try lots of member names before I found one they would take. But I did finely get on.

    Good luck.

  406. AlisaSG said

    >> My alter ego, aka the name my parents gave me, is Andrea, massively popular in Germany. (*sighs* Yet another useless fact in my head!)
    >> Claire, yes I did notice his middle name. Very European!!!

    that’s makes two of us! my last name is
    Andreas = Kyle’s middle name
    Andrea == your alter ego.. 😀

    except I’ve had my name longer than Kyle has been alive on this planet.. 😉
    and I was so happy to get something that had a nice melody sound to it..

    (it’s far much better than my slavic maiden name.. which I swear that must have come from the provinces near Wallachia.. Vlad Dracul’s real-life empire. My grandparents on my dad’s side were Austrian-Hungarian and a bunch of other slavic countries further back into the ancestry line.)

    This BT series has more real-life *coincidences* than I can keep track of..!

  407. lwildstar said

    Nisi – yeah – happy to have you aboard! we can take over the rooms in between and make a big jewelry studio – so far I think we are the only ones on the 9th floor…what kind of beading do you do? and we can build a big gormet kitchen..

  408. lwildstar said

    dang – my sister just called and I can’t listen to her and concentrate – so i’ll be back…appearently my nice got hit in the face with a baseball!

    good grief!

    I’ll be back!

  409. laurel said

    Greetings Nisi, and welcome!
    Another Oregonian? Holy smoke, we are really lucky to live so close out here. You’re going to enjoy this group, we are pretty funny and have really formed a sisterhood on the blog.
    Gypsy – Do you want me to come and pick you up so we can ride to Mazatlan’s together? I am more than happy to do that if it works for you. Let me know. See ya’ Friday. (scarf is almost done).
    Cool that we get to meet Nisi so soon. 🙂

    Madonna – glad to hear your mom is finally feeling a little better. 🙂
    I guess I’d just assumed Boo was doing better since we hadn’t heard any more. Sorry I didn’t think to ask. I hope you all get a good night’s sleep and can feel a bit steadier tomorrow. If there is anything we can do for you just yell.
    If E can’t get registered tomorrow morning I will see if I can do it for her – or we can meet at the Apple store nearby and do it from there. We joked about going there today just for that purpose. (I go in and put BT up on every screen I can get my hands on using the LT full episodes site. I did it with E and Moonbeam about a month ago). lol 😎 My bad!

  410. laurel said

    Hey did I see Christianna on here a while ago? Hi! Come Back!!!

    I hope we all make it to LT tomorrow night! I’m going to take over my hubby’s laptop with the faster processor. I almost bought a new computer today, just so I could play tomorrow, but had a reality check in the nick of time.
    What the heck was I thinking. I’m waiting for the system upgrade later this month and can’t get one yet. 😦

    Gypsy – I did register at and will e-mail you my info or call later tonight if you prefer.

  411. Nisi said

    lwidstar – Sounds fun. I use mostly crystal – swarovski is my favorite. Lost of earrings and necklaces. I’ve used dichroic beads too. love those. Still learning wire wrapping. What do you do?

  412. lwildstar said

    link to season 2 pictures on Lifetime

    my sister won’t shut up – I’m getting ready to hang up on her so I can watch Pushing Daisys

  413. lwildstar said
    season two pics

  414. Madonna said

    Thanks Laurel!

    Well girls,
    I have to sign off here for til Sunday or Monday.
    Take care everyone!

    BTW…. Is it just me or is this like Kyle’s and Claire’s virtual party? The excitement is palpable.

  415. lwildstar said

    i just tried to post a link for the new season two pictures over at life time and blog won’t let me post the link!

  416. lwildstar said

    going to try one more time

  417. Nisi said

    Laurel – Thanks! I’m looking forward to it. This is fun! I can’t believe how close I feel to people I’ve never met. 🙂

  418. lwildstar said

    LT has pictures from season two up – some we’ve seen on other sites but the blog won’t let me post the link – may show up later – but until then
    go to LT and do a search for Blood Ties and scroll to the bottom to look for the topic Blood Ties season tow that mentions the new pics.

  419. lwildstar said

    Nisi – I make everything – necklaces, earrings, whatever I feel like – and I use everything…..
    somewhere up above is the link to the Blood Moon jewelry I made – since the blog is eating my posts I’m not going to try and post it again.

    Laurel – did you get the email?

    well I’m off – I think I’m caught up but there were so many posts I dont who or what to answer!

    Wildstar d’Nightwalker
    room 910 (studio 911)
    resident jeweler

  420. lwildstar said

    LT has pictures from season two up – some we’ve seen on other sites but the blog won’t let me post the link – may show up later – but until then
    go to LT and do a search for Blood Ties and scroll to the bottom to look for the topic Blood Ties season two that mentions the new pics.

  421. Freyja said

    Hey Alisa,

    When I went to live in Denmark I ended up with a brother by the name of Anders. He is only 6 months younger than me – he had a hard time adjusting to being the younger brother. When I lived in Germany I was able to pass *hehehe* because (a) that is where my ancestors are from, and hence I look like everyone else there, and (b) my name (first and last) is German. My language instructor took one look at me, read my name off the class list, and asked if I was German. Uh, no I’m Canadian … why else would I be in your class?

    But my last name is very often mistaken as English. And I’ll never change it and just can’t hyphenate it because it sounds completely ridiculous with any other name.

    Yes, I have to watch the episode again. My first impressions:

    (1) I’m glad Vicki punched Mike, he deserved that. But I am glad he redeemed himself in the end as I do have a soft spot for him.
    (2) Mendoza – excellent casting. Brought back the whole Catholic experience for me. I know a few priests who can be that scary (okay, not the immortal scary kind, just the ‘women are evil’ and ‘you’ll be condemned to hell’ kind). It is sort of difficult to describe … hmmm … let’s see, it doesn’t matter what you do or what you say, you’re always going to be damned. They’ll find a way to twist things to suit their purposes, just to prove their point. You get a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach because you realize you can’t get out of it.
    (3) The prayer at the end – very dramatic, especially for those of us who actually say/said that one before our meals. (refer back to point #2) I actually haven’t said it in many years but it is so ingrained in my head that I was able to say it along with him.
    (4) I was left with a dark feeling of foreboding.

  422. Cree said

    So do we need a LT username and password to log into the chat tomorrow, because I don’t have one. From everything I read on their site it sounds like we are using a username and password that are to be made up tomorrow thru the chat program, not the one thru LT. Does anyone else understand that?

  423. Melanie duChat said


    I haven’t had time to catch up on all of the posts yet so I don’t know if this was mentioned.

    I hate to inform any of you that may be running a Macintosh operating system (like me) that you will not be able to install the interface software for tomorrow night’s chat. It is available for the Windows operating system only.

    For those of you running Windows I highly recommend you go to this site
    and download the interface and register before the mad rush tomorrow evening.

    For those of you running Macs, throw yourselves on the mercy of a friend with a PC and make arrangements to go visiting.

    FYI The original post on Lifetime said the chat was at 8:00 ET. The chat actually takes place at 9:00 and will last for an hour only. You will need to log in and register early, particularly if you want to get in the queue to ask a question. I also recommend planning your question in advance and typing it out before hand so you won’t have to waste time on that when the time comes. Then you can just copy and paste it into the submission box.

    You guys all have fun. I’m going to have to do some fancy finagling to get my husband to let me use his pc tomorrow evening. Maybe I better start tonight….


  424. Annalaise duChat said

    Tango, Gypsy I just made a very inportant post about the chat tomorrow and it went into the spam bucket. It won’t let post it again could you retrieve it Puleeeesss!

  425. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Maggie May thanx for wearing those glasses of mine! What an awesome idea, brilliant. Man I sure hope so and this should be pretty cool I’ve never seen a live chat before or participated in one. I need to think of what I’d want to ask if my question was picked, hmmmmmmmm. I love the idea though Merry Freakin’ Christmas to MEEEEE. Yumm mom made some pralines today and may I say they are delich 😉

  426. sub0chick said

    ok, so Pushing Daisies is….interesting so far. ill have to watch again next week to see if it’s worth following. checked out the megacon website, looks pretty cool, told my hubby about it he’s all for going too. he’ll go check out the comic and gaming stuff, but he said he wants to meet kyle too because “he plays a vampire” lol. go figure. as far as reservations and things go, i’m sure you might be able to get group rates at a hotel and stuff, dinner shows, that kind of thing.

    and yes i can tell i’m going to need an eraser, and lots of paper. lots and lots of paper lol. so since i’m sure i’ve missed stuff, what does the grounds look like? what about a square building with a center courtyard? or pentagon, thought about circular but the walls would be difficult to decorate with pictures and things. rooms on one side, glass walls facing the courtyard? dog park area on the outside with balconies off each bedroom/suite with stairs leading to it for all our doggy lovers. how bout a net thingy over the courtyard so all of prtvr’s birds can hang out there lol. and yes the media room would be set up with movie style screen with stadium seating with nice cushy recliner type chairs/couches. and then i’m going to have to read back through everything to pick up all the rooms and titles lol ok, i’m off to play with my birthday present, y’all have a good night

  427. Margaret said

    Cree: You don’t use a Lifetime id or password.

    Dizey: But does anything I suggested make sense. You know they would know that’s one of the first things we would ask. They wouldn’t be so cold as to tell them to tell us they can’t say, do you think? Granted it could be another way for them to hype more interest and still not tell us but I just can’t believe they’d be that evil.

    What do you think?

  428. Annalaise duChat said


    I haven’t had time to catch up on all of the posts yet so I don’t know if this was mentioned.

    I hate to inform any of you that may be running a Macintosh operating system (like me) that you will not be able to install the interface software for tomorrow night’s chat. It is available for the Windows operating system only.

    For those of you running Windows I highly recommend you go to this site
    www. (Sorry I had to trick the blog to get this post up. It’s not taking links tonight. Use standard http when you put it in your browser.))
    and download the interface and register before the mad rush tomorrow evening.

    For those of you running Macs, throw yourselves on the mercy of a friend with a PC and make arrangements to go visiting.

    FYI The original post on Lifetime said the chat was at 8:00 ET. The chat actually takes place at 9:00 and will last for an hour only. You will need to log in and register early, particularly if you want to get in the queue to ask a question. I also recommend planning your question in advance and typing it out before hand so you won’t have to waste time on that when the time comes. Then you can just copy and paste it into the submission box.

    You guys all have fun. I’m going to have to do some fancy finagling to get my husband to let me use his pc tomorrow evening. Maybe I better start tonight….


  429. catcornmom said

    Hey prtfvr–you’re on the 3rd floor too? I’m in room 327. Are we close to each other or are we roomies??? 😉

    That is too cool about that chat tomorrow. I’ve got the software downloaded and ready to go. Now, if I can only think of a way to slip out of my daughter’s volleyball game…. CRAP!!! It’s a home game so maybe I can take my laptop and get it to slip by the school’s firewall. I’ll just have to remember not to drool or let my mouth hang open when staring at Kyle. Probably a good thing I don’t have a webcam for the laptop!!!

    Good news about Kyle’s commitment to MegaCon. I’m really going to have to give that some serious consideration. Kyle & Dylan in Orlando. That’s a difficult combination to pass up.

    Gypsy, thanks for the roflbot website. I’m anxious to give that a try. I loved all of your photos on your ImageShack website. You are so clever!!

    Have a good evening bloggerins!

    Rm 327
    The Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

  430. catcornmom said

    That is too cool about that chat tomorrow. I’ve got the software downloaded and ready to go. Now, if I can only think of a way to slip out of my daughter’s volleyball game…. CRAP!!! It’s a home game so maybe I can take my laptop and get it to slip by the school’s firewall. I’ll just have to remember not to drool or let my mouth hang open when staring at Kyle. Probably a good thing I don’t have a webcam for the laptop!!!

    Good news about Kyle’s commitment to MegaCon. I’m really going to have to give that some serious consideration. Kyle & Dylan in Orlando. That’s a difficult combination to pass up.

    Hey prtfvr–you’re on the 3rd floor too? I’m in room 327. Are we close to each other or are we roomies??? 😉

    Gypsy, thanks for the roflbot website. I’m anxious to give that a try. I loved all of your photos on your ImageShack website. You are so clever!!

    Have a good evening bloggerins!

    Rm 327
    The Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

  431. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Mag’s I already went to Paltalk and registered using my same handle from here and LT. It would be very cruel but they still may not know, so we don’t want to kill the messenger 😉 They’re waaaay too pretty to hurt them. Anyway I went and registered but what do we want to know? We should get together on the questions we have and make sure we don’t ask the same things so we can pull more info out of them. This is so bizarre to me, 7 months ago I was leading a perfectly average life and now WOW! If anyone would have said that we’d have even gotten a message from Kyle, Tanya etc. I would have laughed in their face. I love this show it has changed my life ! 😎

  432. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Well kidz I’m bushed meeting days seem to be sooooo long and tiring. Go sign up my little chickadees over at Paltalk and think about what info we’d like to get from our favorite Vamp and PI 🙂

    Reves doux d’Henri XOXOXOX Je t’aime Beaucoup!

    Beth aka. Dizey 1
    Bloody Ford Clinic Res.Philanthropist
    Basement Ste*69*/Music Studio/Movie Theatre
    *Where the Blood Ties bind*

  433. Anzia said

    Okay, general note about our digs we’re creating (the house- not insults). We NEED immediate access to the ocean ’cause The Gutter Ship (going to be called the Good Ship HornBall thanks to prtfvr) needs to be easily accessed. ^_^ Also, Movie theater isn’t on the first or basement. It’s supposed to be on the fifth floor w/Nina & I. (who, btw, sends her love ’cause I got to talk to her yesterday! *DOES HAPPY DANCE*) And the consessoin stand has to be in/on the wall that my room shares with it so I can get to the “candy” 😉

    Nisi- welcome! make yourself comfy. *hands pillow & blanket* third chair from the right is the softest. 😉 I’m a dork, don’t worry.

    Christianna- if you’re not new i’m sorry but I don’t recognize the name. so WELCOME!

    Okay, i feel like we should have a packet to handout to all new comers. ^_^ Detailing our “roles” in the bloody ford clinic as well as our not so sane tendancies where Henry/Mike/Vicki is concerned.

    Doc Z (Vapor, Anzia)
    Behavioral Therapist & Product Manager
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Room 514
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

  434. Cree said

    I just went and registered at paltalk. Did anyone else notice that in order to get video feed you have to upgrade and pay for it? I am hoping that is just if you want to hook up your webcam so people can see you. I am going to be so bummed if we are not going to be able to see him during the chat tomorrow. That is what I was looking forward to the most. I tried getting video feed on the site thru my webcam, but it won’t work. 😦

  435. catcornmom said

    Ya know, when this thing eats your post….it just doesn’t seem so freakin important anymore!!! Man, that makes me mad!!!

    I do remember mentioning to prtfvr that I also have a room on the 3rd floor!! What room are you? I’m 327. Are we close to each other or are we roomies??? 😉

    Gypsy, thanks for the roflbot website. I’m anxious to give that a try with my own pictures. I also enjoyed your pictures over on ImageShack. You are so clever.

    I hope to get in on the chat tomorrow night. I’m going to try to use my wireless laptop at my daughter’s volleyball game. It’s a home game at our school and the tech guys say we’re all wireless in the school, so we’ll see if I can get through the school firewalls so I can see Kyle live!! (Must not drool!!!)

    Good night bloggerins!!

    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Room 327
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

  436. Annalaise duChat said

    Well I talked my sweetie into letting me use his computer tomorrow night so I’m all signed up with Annalaise duChat as my screen name and I’m good to go WooHoo!

    I think my question is going to be for both of them: What is the most outrageous thing that ever happened on the Blood Ties set?

    To enter that chat tomorrow you have to go through the Lifetime website to get the direct link. Be sure to get there early!

    I think will will be able to see them but unless you have your own web cam they won’t be able to see you. FYI There is a tutorial at the Paltalk site to learn the particulars of operating the interface.

  437. Claire said

    Quick! Bonne Nuit to my lovely sistas! I swear there’s a negative curse on me ever talking to or meeting Kyle..There is no way I’m going to be able to join that chat at that time! 😦 I have a meeting at the quads school at 9 that I can’t skip! I thought it was on Friday,but the kiddos came home with reminders!

    As if I were not sad enough about the megacon!
    Someone please say hi to him from me,and tell him that I love my birthday buddy! Yeah right! I wouldn’t dare LOL!

    anyway slinking off to bed with box of tissues *sniff*

  438. Nisi said

    Thanks Anzia. It a very comfy chair. Mind if my little dog sits on my lap while I use it?

  439. Cree said

    OK, so I just took the very boring paltalk tutorial and learned that if you do not upgrade (paid membership), you do not get to have your webcam used, NOR can you see other’s video feed within the chatroom. They did say that you will get to see 10 seconds of video of the person of your choice in the chat, but thats it. No freakin fair! What fun is that going to be if we can see our beautiful young Mr. Schmid?! I was so looking forward to the chat tomorrow night, but now I’m totally bummed.

  440. Tango said

    Oooouuu! Thanks for the translation link G!

    Meget vel , Gløde nu Jeg har en smuk Dane hen til oversætte nemlig mig. Altså være indrettet på at være spoken hen til i Dansk. Lave du har en foto eller samkøre i jeres hometown jer kunne lod hos os? JEG ville elske hen til se efter hvad det trækker op til der der hvor jer opholde sig.

    Oui, je déteste que je ne puisse pas s’associer aux festivités. Je vous enverrai mon numéro de téléphone ainsi vous des types pouvez m’appeler. Avez-vous un speakerphone ? Si pas, faites apporter à quelqu’un un qui peut avoir un.

    I saw this Halloween shirt the other day I wanted to get you, but didn’t know what size (if you want to email me your size and address, I’ll go back and see if it is still there – it stated:

    “You don’t scare me ~ I have children”
    with handprints all over it.

    Boy! The spam monster was out in full fury today. 8 posts in the bucket today. Let me just say – send me an email at if your post goes to purgatory and put post disappeared or something like that in the subject line. I’m bound to see that first. Who was the last person with the Moster-be-Gone?

    Freyja – signing as first on the list for belly dancing class – OK, now I’m off to buy a lot of scarves! 😉

  441. Tango said

    Now that I go back and look at the Danish translation. It looks like someone else dropped by.

  442. Anzia said

    BELLYDANCING! I have DVD’s for that! ^_^ I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove shaking my behind like that…just wish I looked like them instead of a bowl of jello sitting on an active fault line. *sigh* 😛

  443. Anzia said

    Nisi- don’t mind having animals on furniture. Just can’t have cats.

    *holds hand up to fend off cat lovers/owners* Now, it’s not that i don’t like them. I LOVE cats (pretty much all animals actually) but i’m REALLY allergic to them & my asthma isn’t too kind when they’re around. SORRY! Dogs, allergic to as well…just not as bad. So, puppy dogs can sit on the furniture all they want, just no kitties in my room.

  444. Arrowyn said

    Speaking of October 12 — * Please. Whatever your conversation was, you KNOW that date was in the forefront of your mind * — Anywho, a good friend of mine and fellow addict just told me that SciFi channel will be showing repeats of “Odyssey 5” starting * you guessed it! * October 12 at 8pm ET/PT and each Friday thereafter. I never watched the show, so I’m only mentioning it because KYLE WAS IN 2 EPISODES! SciFi is starting with the pilot eppy and the show ran for 20. Kyle was in #16 (Vanishing Point) and #17 (Follow the Leader). Enjoy!

  445. Tango said

    You guys! I’m dragging today from all the partying we did last night. I think I got a total of 2 hours of sleep. (Unfortunately the real culprit was the power kept going off, when it would come one the answering machine would make a noise waking me up each time. And then there was the fear that the alarm wouldn’t go off – and there was not a Starbucks in sight today – ugh!)

    Wildstar – Thanks! I needed that! (pics) It was just like a B-12 shot!

    Himmiefan – It was not the olives that I enjoyed from Henry 😉

    Prtfvr – Dido on the paid autographs. Big turn off for me too. This is one of the things I was referring to in the email earlier.

    I’m trying to think of the word for you and how you have so many movie references. You kill me how you just throw these quotes around like the Officer and a Gentleman today, not to mention the Jennifer Gray one earlier. You are very entertaining!

    Danae & Laurel – I like the idea of a community craft room. That way we can all teach each other how to do the different types of crafts! I love it! Let’s make sure we have a gift-wrapping station in there too!

    Laurel – congrats on the new job – you’ll be great. Just don’t let it eat up your time to turn into full time.

    Sub0chick – along with Z we are sending good vibes and prayers your way in your job search. Some of the ladies are just using their DOB’s as their room numbers. What’s yours?

  446. Tango said

    Madonna my dear – I always seem to miss you. How’s it hangin’? How’s the candle business going? When do you think you’ll be up and running?

    Has anyone noticed that Bloody Ford Clinic is turning into Bloody Ford Clinic & Resort? And most probably will eventually turn into a retirement villa, because none of us are going to ever want to leave.

    Nisi Welcome my TIVO-challenged friend! That is too funny! The Bloody Ford Clinic is becoming famous. I love it! What I want to know is what the Portland Posse is putting in the water up there? Please send some down this way.

    Prtfvr – Professional Cynic & Queen of Sarcasm – that’s perfect! But you’d better be careful ~ Norman has just learned the spell “How to stop a screaming queen”

  447. Tango said

    I’m with Diz – in this alternate universe we’ve created, I’m filthy rich. No working for me. I’ll just do artsy stuff, travel and oh yeah, Order of Yum duties.

    Bloody Ford Clinic & Spa, Suite 103
    Where The Blood Ties Bind
    Humanitarian/Vampiretarian EEOC

  448. msgypsy said

    Well, I downloaded paltalk and discovered that someone already has msgypsy. Who knew it would be a popular nickname? So i had to go with msgyspy. I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to see anything, especially since I have this really cool new webcam, but I’m too broke to pay for access. Sheesh!

    Well, it’s badtime and then some. And I think I’m the last one standing. Although I’m actually sitting and that’s only because I had to download a new software package… All this new technology, I just don’t get it. I’m a Luddite at heart.

    But I think my bed is calling my name.

    Back tomorrow, my lovelies

    Ms Gypsy
    Den Mother
    Room 623 Bloody Ford Clinic and Rejuvenation Center

  449. moonbeam said

    Well I tried to download the handy dandy paltalk but it said that I needed a pc system rather than mac hmmm I couldn’t find an option for mac. I’ll look again when my eyes are open a wee bit more (hopefully, I’ll make it home before the big Chat!) (My school is supposed to give me a new laptop w/the camera too bad I don’t have it already. Another week or so after it gets more memory added to it!!!

    All of the special emails ( I made it through a bunch~ were sooooooooooo amazin! I really agree! We’re an incredible group and family. I feel honored to be a part of it! I miss you when I’m away and I sure thrive on all of the support, fun and love that we share! !!!!!!!!

    This moonbeam is going to try and beam over to bed before all of the moonbeams are gone for the night~of course Oregon probably won’t see sunbeams tomorrow~ We’re heavy into rain for a few days!
    Hope to see you at the big chat!

  450. Arrowyn said

    It’s late and my mind is a little blitzed right now, but did I understand correctly that, even though we’re registered at paltalk, we won’t be able to SEE anybody (Kyle!) during the live chat unless we PAY?

  451. Arrowyn said

    2nd question — Some of LT’s instructions for the live chat weren’t real clear to me. I registered at paltalk with my LT username/password and it went fine. Am I going to have to re-register as someone else in order to get in the live chat?

    I’ll check back here tomorrow from work. I’m going to have to hustle tomorrow to be home and ready by 6pm, so if I need to re-register, I need to do it tomorrow ASAP.

  452. Arrowyn said

    I may have answered my first question. I re-read LT’s instructions and they specifically say “everyone participating with the chat will be able to watch the stars live.” I know LT is sometimes not very helpful, but you would think that they would tell everybody if they had to pay to play, wouldn’t you?

  453. Margaret said

    Cree: I left a message over at Lifetime asking them about the pay bit. But if they are giving us a diret link to the video maybe it overides the pay to play.

  454. Margaret said

    Was anyone able to capture the interview with Kyle on Canadian TV? It no longer works. I tried originally but it wouldn’t let me do it.

  455. prtfvr said

    Tango said: “Prtfvr – Professional Cynic & Queen of Sarcasm – that’s perfect! But you’d better be careful ~ Norman has just learned the spell “How to stop a screaming queen””

    Tango, I think that’s referring to an entirely different kind of queen!

  456. prtfvr said

    Tango ALSO said: “Prtfvr – Dido on the paid autographs. Big turn off for me too. This is one of the things I was referring to in the email earlier.”

    I’ll stand in line for hours waiting to say hi to Kyle, I just won’t get an autograph. No biggie.

  457. prtfvr said

    And speaking of Tango;

    That woman’s been complementing me up and down since last night. Claire, I’m afraid that I might have to ask Tango to be my Valentine as well. 😉

  458. sub0chick said

    Tango- my b-day is 10/03 so i’m either in the skyscraper level or down on the first floor lol

  459. Margaret said

    Ok Anne, come out of hiding. Where did you go when I was optomistic for the first and last time? You disappear. It might not happen again in this century.

  460. lwildstar said

    Well I don’t know if I’ll be able to join the chat tonight or ot – and now finding out we wont get to see them – bummer! I wonder if LT will record the vidio and post it somewhere! that would be great!
    Well I spent all my free time reading the 500 emails! so I will talk to later!

    Suggestion – those who make the chat might want to work MsGypsy into their log in name – just a thought!

  461. prtfvr said


    Yeah! Someone else is finally on the third floor with me!! I’m just down the hall in 309 and since you’re in 327, we can both be odd. Yuck, yuck, yuck. 😉

  462. msgypsy said

    “Suggestion – those who make the chat might want to work MsGypsy into their log in name – just a thought!”

    Folks, since I was unable to get Msgypsy as my Paltalk handle, this might be counter-productive. I really want to know who already has msgypsy. Sheesh! But, be that as it may and all that, we should find some way to identify ourselves to one another if our regular handles are unavailable for whatever reason.

    I’m going to try to leave work a few minutes early to be sure I’m home by 6. And I’m going to eat a big, big lunch so I don’t have to get up mid-chat to get something to eat. The only problem is that my mother ALWAYS calls between 6:15 and 6:45 and when you have an 87 year old mother who still drives and lives by herself, you don’t let that call go to voicemail. So I’ll have to miss part of the chat. I’m trying to find a way in Paltalk to save a chat session so we can figure out how to share it with less fortunate bloggren, but haven’t found it yet. And if I don’t find it in the next five minutes, I won’t have time to find it after, so maybe someone else can poke around during the day?

    Grrrrr….. my software install popped up to request info just as I hit return for the previous paragraph and I was unable to register Nero YET AGAIN! I think I’ll have to wait until after the chat tonight to do it all again. Grrrrrr…..

    I’m out to shower and work. No lunchtime blogging for me today, but I’ll try to sneak in at some point. Y’all be good!

    Ms Gypsy
    Den Mother
    Room 623 Bloody Ford Clinic and Rejuvenation Center

  463. Anzia said

    those who go to the chat, take notes! i WON’T be able to( go ’cause the uncle is on a business trip & must help keep the aunt sane and the kids alive (although the latter is debateable at times) Which is really really really sad ’cause I just wanted to go come and see. I wasn’t even gonna ask anything…i just wanted to hear his answers. 😦 Especially if someone was asking if he got his package yet. (we all know we want his package too ^_^)

    Sub0- Happy belated birthday! *steals Tango’s bag of birthday weed & extracts a bit* Here ya go. It’s sort of a tradition/ritual/thinger with us. Oh, and you get to party all week. Not just one day so don’t go to heavy on the fun stuff. 😉 Oh, and you could be original and flip it. So you’d be in 301. Or you could just take the penthouse. ^_^ I think there’s someone on the 8th floor and maybe a person on the 9th…So you wouldn’t be all alone…^_^

    Ooo, has anyone mentioned a ballroom or dance floor? Maybe we could have a nightclub on the grounds that we ran to generate funds? Oooo, to see Henry move that behind of his…*purrs* *coughs* um…anyway…

  464. Himmiefan said

    Ms Z – “The Gutter Ship (going to be called the Good Ship HornBall thanks to prtfvr)”. That’s priceless!! 🙂

    Ms Gypsy – I don’t want to be paranoid, but do you think someone might be pretending to be you? I’m not familiar with Paltalk since I haven’t tried to register with Lifetime yet, but I couldn’t help but wander. You might try something like “the real Ms Gypsy.”

  465. prtfvr said

    How about “gypsy.tbfc”? As in “gypsy, the bloody ford clinic”. We could all do that. Of course, anyone who reads this blog can take that too so…

  466. prtfvr said

    Wait, before Diz chimes in, I didn’t mean that we should ALL be gypsy.tbfc! Smarty pants!

    Like, I’d be prtfvr.tbfc (I had the initials without the “t” first but it looked too dirty. As in it being an acronym for something else. bfc = big fat cock. And who needs that? Put your hand down Dani! 😉

  467. Margaret said

    I’m already registered as Maggiemay_29. Thought I could be 2 but someone else had it.

  468. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Whatta’ ya’ mean before Diz chimes in?? Not me sista’ 😉 I’m not bad………
    I’m registered as Dizey1 but I can edit it, and would I be reeeeeeally bad if I paid watched and then cancelled the membership? EH?

  469. prtfvr said

    I bow to your wisdom and miserliness, Diz! 😉

    I don’t know where I go to do this account set up thingy. Lifetime?

  470. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Cheap R Me! I went to Paltalk and downloaded the thingy (technical term) and it let me pick my nickname and password. The LT link said that anyone signed up for the chat will see them and if you have a webcam they can see you.

  471. lwildstar said

    I just snuck in to see what was up – going out with Robin for lunch – I’ll try to pop back in this afternoon – if not I’ll stop by before the chat tonight!

    Prtfvr – on the home page for LT under the “On Tv” tab they now have the direct link to the directions Blood Ties Chat!


    Please take lots and lots of notes – because now I don’t know if I’ll be able to join…I hope they post the video since now it looks like you can’t watch unless you pay! grrrrrr…any who

  472. msgypsy said

    Clicking in quick. You can’t use a . in palchat which is why I couldn’t go with my favorite ms.gypsy. I’m not worried, because I bet if I investigate far enough I’ll discover that I signed up there long ago and lost the password or something.

    Oops. Boss is here. Gotta go.

  473. msgypsy said

    “The LT link said that anyone signed up for the chat will see them and if you have a webcam they can see you.”

    Damn! Does this mean I have to wear nice clothes for this?

    REALLY gotta go now.

  474. laurel said

    I know we’re all on about the chat but I don’t think I can play. Silly non-Mac set up 😦
    You would think they would be nice to the large percentage of iPod / iTunes purchasers who have Mac systems. Short sighted not to include us. Maybe my husband won’t notice if I download the setup onto his laptop while he’s out fishing. hehehe

    On the plus side of my day, I bought a special A/V cord that hooks my iPod into the TV and lets me watch Blood Ties on the big screen! Yeah! 😎

  475. Danae said

    Hi Bellas

    prtfvr-Just because I am a pathetically naive 29 year old you know what does not mean a need a BFC.

    Ok wait maybe I do.

    As for the chat I will have to see if it is alright with Kelly to download that paltalk thing on her computer because that is where I will be going to chat.

    I have been trying to think of questions and I just can’t come up with anything. Grrrr! I hate it when my brain freezes.

  476. Danae said

    Oh I just thought of 2

    I have always wanted to know if Kyle where’s cologne and what kind if he does. A guy that wears cologne turns me on big time. Kyle doesn’t need it to turn me on to him but it will make me turned on even more knowing he does.

    For Christina I wonder what it was like for her working with two very gorgeous distinguished gentleman everyday. It must have been such a chore for her *sarcastically*

  477. elizabeth said

    Happy dance, happy dance – bowing gracefully – grinning from ear to ear – Ifinally was able to register on Lifetime. Many, many thanks prtfvr for your advise – oh-wise one! I ended up having to use StarryE1 as a login. I keep forgetting I have pop up blocker set on my computer and once I removed that I got the messages that told me what I was doing wrong.

    Now for the low – I am bummed that I won’t be able to see the live chat tonight. I am really hoping Lifetime will put it on the site for later viewing. Any of you that do actually get to watch and participate…remember I am living vicariously through you so use all your super chick powers to remember everything and fill me in later, k?

  478. elizabeth said

    Laurel – I sooo want an iPod video! I know I am whining again, but the more you talk about it the more I just have to have one. I am thinking positive here – lottery win….lottery win 🙂 so many ways to view Henry any time I want….

  479. elizabeth said

    *quiet cough* Ahem. Asking meekly – Would anyone like to take Norman off my hands for awhile? He seems to like me an awful lot and I am sooo over him for the moment. Pretty please? He is particularly fond of my glasses and trying to work without them is becoming a real pain in the A**. He is really needy and wants attention and I guess he things that is the best way to get my attention. He isn’t content any more to let the lens just pop out willy nilly; I guess that got old. Now he made the whole screw fly off that holds the frame together and sent my lens flying across the room. I hear him maniacally laughing in the background…….

  480. Danae said

    Sorry E I don’t really want or need Norman but I could use a Norman right about now.

  481. laurel said

    Husband not going to be home by chat time. Oh darn 🙂 hehehe!
    I am signed up as laurel-gypsy figured that would tell all of you it was me. I wonder if Tanya will join in? I think I’ll go to her LJ and see if she’s back from vacation yet.

  482. elizabeth said

    Just a warning Danae – Norman is really attracted to people snacking on Norman’s (oooh, that sounds kind of dirty) So he may come over for a visit. I promise not to encourage him – much 😉

  483. Freyja said

    Hi ladies,

    elizabeth, how did you end up with Norman on your hands? No, I’m not willing to take him. Maybe I can think up some supernatural legal remedy to the situation. See, ’cause in the world that exists at the Clinic I can have supernatural powers/abilities if I want. Seeing as we already have a vampire on the grounds these powers might come in handy in other situations … my paralegal will no doubt find lme egal cases with supernatural aspects to them. Best to be prepared.

    Ms. Freyja
    Resident Barrister & Solicitor (*new clients always welcome)
    & Resident Canadian
    Rm. 713
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  484. Danae said

    Well I guess it is a good thing I don’t have a Norman right now E.

  485. elizabeth said

    Freyja – I think Norman just likes messing with my head. He has been hanging around for quite awhile now and ALWAYS messes with my glasses. Long story posted quite awhile ago. Any loop hole you can find to make him move on is more than welcome.

  486. laurel said

    Oh E! Norman is such a pain sometimes. I think he switched my contacts so that I put the left one in the right eye and visa-versa! I walked around all day yesterday thinking I was having some weird headache-eyepain kind of thing. Turns out that when I traded lenses I could see better. Go figure.

    Danae – Sweetie, I wish you lived closer because I would bring you some lunch and a “Norman.” Actually it is apple harvest season here right now and there are all varieties to chose from. I may have to get your address and send you a care package. I will do that for you if you are in need. 😎

  487. Tango said

    Sub0chick – Happy Birthday girlfriend! Enjoy the week! Hands over the birthday weed – see Chief – I can share! A penthouse room – that would be cool – don’t worry about being alone – everyone loves a good penthouse view, so I am sure you’ll have plenty of visitors. That is as long as you don’t have to have a special key to the elevator to get up there.

    All this paltalk and everything is getting a little overwhelming and I see myself getting very frustrated later. I ended up going with tangotango3000, so you guys will know me, if I can make it on there. Now my LT username is tangotango – is this going to be a problem? Jeez – am I going to have to try logging on now and just stay there until it begins to make sure I know what the heck I’m doing? I have that I am so illiterate when it comes to this stuff.

    Ouuuuuuu laurel – I want one of those ipod thingies you are talking about. Too cool! I ’ll go out today and find one. I didn’t know that the technology existed. Does happy dance

    I had a great idea last night and went and got one of those Easy Buttons from Staples. I pressed it, and guess what!?! Suite 103 is complete along with the second story and the Bat Cave. Party tonight in suite 103 to discuss the chat! E – I’ve sent the construction workers your way.

    As appealing as you made the Norman offer sound, I think I’ll have to pass.

  488. Danae said

    I was really lucky today. Somebody cooked up a bunch of cheese ravioli in sun-dried tomato sauce so I’m not hungry right now. Things will work out for me. Please don’t worry about me. I do it enough myself.

    Lunch is over. I will check back before I leave.

  489. DIZEY1 :-) said

    E mee to sorry I have enough on my plate without totally wicked Norman adding to the mix. I still chuckle when I think about the lens story, so much I told my mom the tale.

    Buongiorno Daniela ! I usually have a Norman every morning to munch on but today I had whole wheat toast w/Whole Foods fresh ground honey roasted p-nu butter 😉 Mom made shepard’s pie for lunch w/homemade bread, and YES MIss Tango I am spoiled by a Mom who loves to cook and cooks very well, I sooooo cannot COOK nor do I care to try. I can bring some of Mom’s homemade goodies w/me to Claire’s Pralines anyone??

    Laurel what’s the name of that gadget I want one of those bad boys ! I to have sucky contacs and seems lately I could put a fresh pair in everyday with the yuck in the air the get so funky so fast 😦

    Prtfvr, did you get registered? I did and had someone sending me and I want to be your friend message, kinda freaked me out a bit. I’m not there to find friends just Kyle and Christina. Should I answer the wanna-be- friend guy ewwwww. Eric may go get me a webcam when he gets off work, I am so baddddd! And yes I am drawn that way yoo!

  490. Danae said

    Oh Dizey Pralines yummy. Does this mean you have the flight and all now and you are definitely going to make it? Should I be more excited yet. I know you told me not to mention it until you knew for sure.

  491. DIZEY1 :-) said

    I’ll make my reservations today hopefully I’m not sure what site to go to. I went to Travelocity, is there another one I could check and see if I can get something cheaper or do you think they’ll all be the same price? You can get excited though cuz’ I’m gonna pay no matter what the price I WILL BE THERE!!! COme hell or high water and I’ve already seen high water 😉

  492. prtfvr said

    I’m registered as prtfvr. I wanted to make sure someone else hadn’t glommed onto my name like gyspy’s. Or like gypsy did to herself maybe? 😉

    Dani: Take it from me, a BFC is a girl’s BFF.

  493. DIZEY1 :-) said


    I am with you sista’ 😉 although it’s been soooooo long it’s a bit foggy and maybe I need a refresher course 😀

  494. sub0chick said, the actual plane company,,, those are the ones i usually hit

  495. prtfvr said

    Dani, long is good but BFC is WAY better!

  496. prtfvr said

    Ok, had to sit through Death Proof last night at the insistence of the old man. I love Quentin Tarrantino but it’s not gold just because he wrote it. Anyhow, the first have SUCKED! Whatever your definition of ‘sucked’ is? It was worse than that! The second half was really good and should have been the whole movie. Anyhow…

    I’ve always had this mad crush on Kurt Russell and at 56, he still rocks my world. Those tight black jeans…OH MOMMA! He’s not his Big Trouble in Little China/Escape From NY fine self but he’s pretty tasty still.

    And that’s all I have to say about that. (They’ve been playing Forrest Gump all week. Sorry.)

  497. Freyja said

    elizabeth, see what happens when you’re a newcomer. Since I don’t know the background story I’m going to have to take a ton of notes. And as far as figuring out a solution, I’m currently thinking about what superpowers would be handy. And since our Clinic isn’t located in any particular country (just somewhere by the ocean, apparently – as long as I can see the stars from my balconies, the grounds and the roof I’m good with that) so I think I can make up the law as I go.

    Tango, I sent you an e-mail. It was from my gmail account so I don’t know if you got it. Thanks for finishing with construction so quickly! elizabeth still has to conduct job interviews so I have NO idea how long it will be before the renovations can be started on my place. Margaret, what kind of rooms do we need in the office besides the ones I’ve already mentioned? I might need to add a 3rd library, this one dealing with super/paranormal information. Refer to my new superpowers above.

    I’ll also have to talk with Claire to see whether I need soundproofing up in my fabulous residence on the 8th floor. Refer to my post from last night, Claire and we’ll discuss.

    Dizey, you crack me up (but sadly, I think I need to join the club). But if I can get my little arrangement worked out with Claire I can burn my membership card fairly quickly. 😉 And was it me who yesterday was talking about avoiding the gutter. Oh, how time flies …

    Ms. Freyja
    Resident Barrister & Solicitor (*new clients always welcome)
    & Resident Canadian
    Rm. 713
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  498. Danae said

    YAY! Ok my excitement factor just went way up. Dizey I had checked expedia and travelocity and there was only a difference of 10 cents. I didn’t check the others. Do you still have the link to the hotel site I sent you? Like I said I think most got the phone number off of there and called the hotel directly. Ask to be on Vicki Hess’s floor.

    Sorry prtfvr I know I shouldn’t be posted this on here but I couldn’t help it.

  499. prtfvr said

    Dani: It’s ok. I’m always waiting from gypsy to come ping my on my bossy head anyhow.

  500. Danae said

    Well you know the Portland Gang keeps posting there lunch and other plans on here so they need a tasted of what they have been doing to us. Not to be evil or anything.

  501. laurel said

    sub0chick – Happy happy Birthday!!!!!
    (sorry it’s a day late, but you really do get a birthday week so enjoy) The whole birthday weed thing was actually a typo I made when I was sick and medicated and wishing some dear soul (who will remain nameless for the moment) a happy birthday week but mis-typed “weed.” Of course this group lets nothing get by them…. enought said.
    Enjoy your birthday week/weed. :P)

    iPod users – the gadget is one I got at the Apple Store, label says “iPod AV Cable”
    It plugs into the tv or vcr with the three prongs color coded yellow/white/red. The iPod end plugs in where your earphones do.

    1) You have to go to video setup on the iPod and select “tv on” or “tv ask”
    The “tv ask” lets you turn on that feature when you go to play a certain video without going back to the set-up. Once you say “tv on” you won’t see video on the screen, it is being sent out to the tv screen.
    2) You then have to use the “input button on your tv remote to find where it is playing. Mine plays on video 3 if I plug into tv – video 1 if I plug into vcr. It just depends on what your setup is.
    Call if you need help.

  502. Freyja said

    Well ladies, I see everyone is excited about the chat tonight. I will not be joining you but I am sure I’ll get all the details here tomorrow.

    Anwyay, just want to say ‘be nice to my fellow Canucks’. Thankfully, cyberspace will keep those with biting problems from acting on their impulses. No, that wouldn’t be good … biting could lead to an diplomatic incident and then that could cause strife at the Clinic.

    Have fun during the chat!!!

  503. Freyja said

    Sheesh, what is it with me and typos today? I really miss having the ability to go back and edit afterwards.

  504. laurel said

    Freyja – sometimes the typos are the best part. We have fallen completely into the gutter over some of them. Wait until some night when we are all typing tired (or when some have been playing the drinking game – there really is one). We get pretty silly, but we sure do have fun with it.

  505. Danae said

    Now now I am the only one that does horrendous typos when I am drinking. LOL!

  506. Danae said

    And that’s drinking game or not. I can do that on my own without the game.

  507. Claire said

    Good afternoon my lovelies!
    SubOchick..Happy Birthday!
    Tango…Je suis si malheureux que vous ne soyez pas ici, mais oui j’ai un téléphone de haut-parleur et nous pourrons entendre votre voix. Je suis également malheureux au sujet de la causerie ce soir. Volonté que vous essayez de dire bonjour à Kyle de moi, lui dites que je suis son ami d’anniversaire. Je serai si heureux.Merci Beaucoupe!

    Oh the shirt sounds wonderful! I will email you later!

    Freyja…I will be considerate and try to keep it down…but it’s so difficult with one so beautiful and with 450 years experience..I am not jealous type,so if he can walk,I will send him to you after I’m done with our errr..french lesson.

    Prtfvr…as I said,I am not the jealous type,so you can ask Tango to be your Valentine…besides she loves me err this sounds like a ménage à trois….ooohlala!

    For those of you that are coming to my festivities…Monique wants me to ask if you would like to grab a bite then go cosmic bowling,they have a bar.Then off to my house to watch BT and more drinks!
    Email me!

  508. elizabeth said

    I have to share this wonderful discovery I just made in case the seemingly magic portal should disappear right away! I work in a sprawling campus and every ladies restroom mirror makes me look like death warmed over. I know, I know…hard to believe, but oh so true. Anyway, I happened to dash into one I don’t normally visit and I stood in awe before the mirror. The lighting was perfect and the mirror made me look…well…good. I double checked just to make sure I wasn’t having an out of body experience I was unaware of. Even the full length mirror cooperated! The added bonus – I feel giddy with delight! I think the Clinic has to have these kind of bathrooms in every room!

  509. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said


    Sorry…thanks for listening….

  510. Freyja said

    laurel, see what I mean about joining late? There is so much I DON’T know. And frankly, as the resident lawyer there are some things I CAN’T know if I’m ever going to give any of you a proper defence! 😉 (insert long-winded explanation given by my first year criminal law prof who is a defence lawyer)

    Yes, I noticed the weed comment. I haven’t made a typo like that but I figure it will only be a matter of time. Maybe this weekend – it is Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada and I revert to my night owl behaviour.

    sub0chick – happy birthday! Gee, the group has you working during your birthday week …

  511. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    *sigh* Again….
    again…thanks for listening….

  512. Danae said

    Claire I know what bowling is but what is Cosmic Bowling?

  513. elizabeth said

    Blood Drinker – Wazzup?

  514. Danae said

    Vampgrl Problems?

  515. Freyja said

    Claire, like I said before I don’t care how much noise comes from your place as long as he stops by mine after. He can help me with my … umm … paperwork. And how lucky for us he has super human strength – I am sure he has super human stamina as well. It just goes with the territory, eh?

    So, seeing as how we have our little agreement and I don’t have to get the construction workers to do extra work, renovations will take less time than expected. The holdup will be elizabeth. I don’t know when she’ll finish interviewing these guys …

  516. Danae said

    Can we tell the builders that I need my rooms to be purple black and silver maybe with stars and a moon on the ceiling.

  517. *waves hand* If I remember correctly I was the first recipient of the magical birthday weed.
    I spent that entire day trying to figure out what the heck she was talkin about, until she popped up and admitted to her typo.

    I’ve got tons of baking to do today. Pumpkin tofu cheesecake, and 4 loaves of pumpkin bread.

    I’m going to go register for the chat right now I’ll pop back in and let you know what my screen name for it is.

  518. Freyja said

    Hmmm, Danae, I think elizabeth is going to get a promotion. She’s going to have to deal with all the building questions, not just interviewing the construction workers.

    (geez, I fixed a ton of typos in this message – now I know why – I haven’t had any caffeine today)

  519. Danae said

    Damn damn double damn. I just remembered that it is Thursday and I have to watch my nephew until after 9 on Thursday. This sister doesn’t even have a computer nver mind the internet. Grrrrrrr! Could somebody look at one of my first posts of the day and ask Kyle and Christina my questions and let me know the answers. Also tell them I said hi and can’t wait to see them grace my screen again. I am SO PISSED!

  520. Ok I am registered…. Afrodyte was taken so I am Ladyafrodyte.

    Off to bake my cheesecakes! Chat with you all tonight.

  521. Danae said

    And even if she did have a computer and internet she probably wouldn’t approve of it. This is the overly religious one. She doesn’t like the fact that I wear Arwen’s pendant from Lord Of The Rings around my neck. She would never approve that my favorite show is about a vampire.

  522. elizabeth said

    Freyja – I will try to hurry up the interviews for the work crew, but I tend to get a little distracted and forget what I was going to ask. I will absolutely guarantee the visual – ahem – feast and well as building skills 😉

  523. lwildstar said

    I think my venting vanished into the blog never never land – oh well

  524. Margaret said

    Danae: Have them bring your nephew to your house.

  525. Claire said

    Freyja..I suggest you send someone to find out whats keeping E..I somehow think she’s doing a very thorough interview! Know what I mean?maybe E has super human stamina!

    Danae,cosmic bowling is’s in the dark! with laser lights! Lots of fun and a full bar!

    I love the gives a person the balls(pardonnez moi) to say things you normally would not.So,being that I’m going to miss the love of my life at the chat tonight,I went to Kyles corner and told him who I was and asked him if he would consider being the guest of honor along with me at our birthday party next year! I told you I was going to ask him Diz!

    Imagine if he saids yes? A girl can dream right?

    Madonna..don’t worry I will send you the summary of E.R. last weeks and todays.

    Oh well…I’m off to the school bus stop,see yas later!

  526. Danae said

    I don’t have a computer at home and he needs to be in bed by 8 per my sister. I was going to go to my friends house. He’s 10 I think by that age 8:30 or even 9 is ok once in a while. They don’t need to be going to stupid bible classes anyway.

  527. Danae said

    Wow! Claire I don’t even think I could be that ballsy even on the net. If he really came OMG OMG OMG!

  528. Danae said

    Ciao bellas! I have to go home. I am hoping that for some reason Kim doesn’t need me to watch Johnathan tonight. Maybe he will go with her. Oh I hope!

  529. Danae said

    Oops! Forgot my sign off.

    Purchaser of all things Bloody.
    Rm 625 The Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

  530. Danae said

    Ok maybe not ALL things Bloody.

  531. Freyja said

    Well elizabeth, considering Monday is a holiday in Canada (Thanksgiving) you’ve got some extra time to complete the interviews. Danae has already started planning her colour scheme so if you’re up to it you can take down all the details for everyone. You’d get to spend even more time with the workers, then. It’s a win-win for everyone.

    Claire, I gave myself super human powers in the clinic world so I can’t see why elizabeth hasn’t yet. I’m still torn about which ones I want to claim for myself. The super human stamina would really come in handy … I’ve got employees, I’ve got to take care of everyone’s legal cases, teach bellydancing, throw fantastic dinner parties in my ridiculously large kitchen … I need to be able to keep up when Henry drops by.

  532. msgypsy said

    Nothing in the spam bucket just now so unless Tango freed some I suspect the lost post(s) is in cyber space somewhere floating, all lonely and confused, looking for a home.

    I have a question for Christina tonight and will try to get through with it but I have a feeling they’ve got some questions pre-screened and planned for. I want to ask her about what percentage of her own stunts she does and what percentage of Vicki is coming from herself rather than from the character. Really, it’s just one question.

    Boss just got back from lunch. Ciao, back later, lovies!

  533. Arrowyn said

    Margaret, I think I saved the Canadian TV interview with Kyle that you want, but it’s at home. I’ll look for it tonight — AFTER 7PM! I’ll email you if I find it or if I don’t.

  534. msgypsy said

    oops. forgot to sign out properly

    Ms Gypsy
    Den Mother
    Room 623 Bloody Ford Clinic and Rejuvenation Center

    p.s. Laurel, a ride would be nice tomorrow. See ya at noon!

  535. Margaret said

    Thanks Arrowyn: I tried at the time but it wouldn’t let me save it. I’ll owe you forever….

  536. msgypsy said

    Oh, almost forgot, what with the Canadian dollar being so strong against the US dollar right now, I think we need to increase Freyja’s fee or pay her in her native currency.

    Ms Gypsy
    Den Mother
    Room 623 Bloody Ford Clinic and Rejuvenation Center

    REALLY signing off now

  537. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Ok my leetle friends, when you two up on the 8th floor are finished with Super Henry you can send him down to Club Basement Suite *69* he and I share the basement and the Music Studio. Oh he does play the drums for me every now and then when we’re feeling a bit *Primal* 😉 he also sings to me he’s got a great voice BTW, among other things 😛

    Dani, I’m booked!

  538. elizabeth said

    Okay, I give in and will not continue to interview workers *sighing dejectedly* I was only doing it for you guys…truly, I was. Of course, it was getting a little difficult to justify how many I planned to hire but I do so relish my work – hehehe.

    Before we can start satisfying everyone’s needs 😉 we need to have the schematics for the building to work from. Was that your job Sub0Chick? In the meantime, I will keep the guys occupied “discussing” the project. I have to have some fun, since Henry seems to be occupied elsewhere at the moment *pouting*

  539. lwildstar said

    well I guess my vent wasn’t amoung the freed posts.. sigh oh well doesn’t matter – hopefully i didn’t send that to some one (eekkk) oh well if I did then someone knows I ticked off!

    Well getting ready to head at you later!

  540. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    elizabeth said,
    October 4, 2007 @ 11:48 am

    Blood Drinker – Wazzup?

    Danae said,
    October 4, 2007 @ 11:49 am

    Vampgrl Problems?

    *sigh* Just having another bad day…actually I have a bad day every…single…friggin’….day….*double sigh* I SO need to go home and watch cartoons or something….

  541. elizabeth said

    I’m sorry your day is lousy. Consider yourself hugged ((((hug)))))

    lwildstar – Sorry your vent went into cyber space. Maybe it will turn up later? Anyway ((((hugs))) to you too.

    Laurel – I hope your day is a little brighter than yesterday? BTW, I am totally loving the CD. It throws me right into the stories and I know what is happening. Thank you for sharing it!

  542. Freyja said

    Okay ladies, I have to head home in just a few minutes. Have a fantastic time at chat tonight! Give my fellow Canadians a *wave* for me!

    I look forward to ‘hearing’ all about it tomorrow!

    Ms. Freyja
    Resident Barrister & Solicitor (*new clients always welcome)
    & Resident Canadian
    Rm. 713
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  543. laurel said

    Dizey – I think maybe room 69 is one of the small cottages across the pool and garden area from my room. There are several nice ones that I can see from here – look out the window and see if you can see me waving! Dark hair, jeans, plum colored sweater…
    (waves arms)
    Fresh cookies at my place, come on over!

    I’ll hit the intercom and invite everyone. Yes E the workmen can come in for cookies too.
    Now where did that pool boy go?
    He sure does wander off a lot.

  544. lol

    I’ll have cheesecake ready for you all in a couple hours.

    First I have to find my kitchen…. It got buried under dishes. D’oh!

  545. laurel said

    E – thanks for the e-card yesterday. You made me smile, just like you always do. Glad you like the music, I have 5-6 others for you to listen to. (Lyrics by Mercedes Lackey, one of my favorite authors).
    Gypsy – I’ll be there a couple minutes early! Ususal spot.

    Laurel (Minx laurel, gypsy-laurel)
    Quilt Diva/Writer
    Room 104
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  546. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Lady A !

    You’ve done this on line chat before haven’t you? How does one go about becoming a vampire? Oh no sorry I was channeling Vicki somehow, how does one do the chat thingy? I don’t want to be stupid or make an ass of myself 😉

  547. I actually haven’t chatted this way. I have had numerous opportunities to chat with some of my favorite singers and stuff, but they weren’t in a “controlled” environment, meaning that the artist was the moderator, not someone else.

    The best advice I can give is to remember that they are people, don’t gush too much and try to avoid repeating the same thing everyone says. It is best to assume that everyone there is going to say “omg I totally love you/the show/ your character”
    Try to think of a question that will yield a long answer, yes and no questions eat up time and don’t really let you know who the actors are.

    And make sure you thank them for their time, we may get another session with them if they think that we are nice and appreciate the time it took to give us this small taste of their real selves.

    I know that really didn’t answer anything, but hopefully it will help you guys out.

  548. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Laurel my leetle Minx 😉

    No Henri and I share the basement , huge area Music/Recording Studio on one side and then there’s Henri, and my Suite’s w/connecting doorway of course. And he can come and go as often as he’d like, I’ll NEVER kick him out 😀

  549. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Lady A , thank you for your time 😉 You won’t be there?

  550. Himmiefan said

    Vampgrl – so sorry your day has been lousy. You officially get Henry.

    Hey! Whoever’s got Henry, please send him Vampgrl’s way!! Thanks!

  551. Claire said

    Freyja..Henry and I were discussing a little redecorating..Do you think your wonderful construction guys would mind painting our Apartment? Henry was complaining it’s too bright for him..he wants it all burgundy/reds and a little cream thrown in.I of course don’t mind because my living room and Dining room are a mixture of creams and burgundy/red.I’m also in agreement with Ms.G! you need more pay! How many titles do you hold? three?

    Lady A are you a vegetarian? I noticed youre making Tofu Cheesecake? Yum!
    I love Tofu and cheesecake! 6 out of my 7 children are vegetarian as well as myself..Although we eat chicken every now and then,we don’t eat red meat or pork.Christopher is a to him,it’s hypocritical to be a vegetarian(his words) plus he saids he’s a growing boy and needs real food! I don’t know where he thinks he’s growing,he’s already 6ft5!
    Anyway signing off for now

    Resident French Teacher
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where The Blood Ties Bind

  552. No not vegetarian, just looking out for my health a little bit. The tofu cuts the amount of cream cheese in half and makes it lighter.

    I’ll email out the recipe later tonight.

    And yes I will be in the chat, that is if I can ever find enough of the kitchen to start on the baking!

  553. laurel said

    Okay if Dizey’s in the basement who the heck waved back at me? Oh well, maybe my contacts are still in the wrong eyes.
    Maybe those aren’t cottages but well disguised garages for all our cars, trucks and vans. Or it could be part of the movie set?
    (rubs eyes and squints)
    Dang, I still can’t tell.

    Lady A – my kitchen is available if you can’t find yours. I’m working on a story right now and the oven is still warm from the ginger cookies I just took out. Come on over.

  554. Anzia said

    Laurel- *looks sheepish* Um…i’ll get the pool boy for ya. He was a bit tied up…well IS a bit tied up. You’ll have him back before the chat tonight. I promise…^_^

    vampgirl- SORRY for the bad days. (((((HUGS)))))

    lwildstar-same to you ((((HUGS))))

    a BFC huh? is that on the list of things for Dani to buy for us…’cause if not as official behavioral therapist…i’m PUTTING it on the list…and I get the first one. ^_^

  555. laurel said

    E – yup, today is a much better day. The sun is actually shining and nobody died.
    So far – so good. 😎

  556. laurel said

    No worries Z, you can keep him for a while, but make sure he actually cleans the pool and hot tubs. I just wondered where he went. 🙂
    Glad he could be of service. lol

    Vampgirl and lwildstar – sounds like you need some cookies and a latte (or beverage of your choice) virtual goodies on their way. We’re here if you need to talk, or at the chat room if you need to schedule a real time session. Just let someone know and we can meet you there.

    Danae – you too, love. We are here to help.

  557. elizabeth said

    Laurel – glad to hear it, my friend! You cookies sound really good, btw. I love the smell of ginger cookies right out of the over. The same with Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal raising – sheesh, I guess I just like cookies right out of the oven 🙂

  558. elizabeth said

    Ooops, that should have been Oatmeal raisin. I was probably wiping the drool off my chin and miss keyed the word. That’s my story – and I am sticking to it 😉

  559. Claire said

    Thought I’d throw a have fun tonight my ladies,and remember,the object is to impress him so much that he never forgets us! So do me proud and be your lovable interesting selves.Don’t forget to shamelessly plug our Ms.Gypsy somehow and Henryshens! Maybe you can tell him, PrtFvr!

    I know theres some fool on there already with Ms.Gypsys name,so try to think of a way! who knows he may get curious and stop by! heck invite Christina too!

    say hey from me!

    I’m off to cook dinner and then school meeting..UGH!!!
    See yas tonight !

    Je t’aime
    Resident French Teacher
    Rm.824(new students always welcome,my assistant Henry helps out)
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind!

  560. lwildstar said

    Laurel – Im still avaialbel for chating this weekend

    Everyone thanks for HUGS even though you have no idea what I was venting on…

    I got yelled at for no good reason at work – but its ok now I was just really upset – After I posted here I happened to get an email from Robin and I ventered to her she told me tom come over to her office and she gave me chocolate!

    Then when My post didn’t show up I freaked out a little – you know the “OMG did I post that or email it someone?” so I checked my email and the only person was Robin so I just hink the blog ate it….could be that I hit logout instead of submit becasue I was so upset…..oh well no biggie.

    Now if I can get into the chat tonight I’ll be fine! If not I’ll go write to calm me down…might do that anyway to waste time til the chat starts..


    Wildstar ‘Nightwalker
    room 910 Blood Ford Clinic
    Resident jeweler

  561. lwildstar said

    ok well I’ve gotten a log in name for the chat – I hope this thing lets me in tonight – I really need a pick me up
    I did go take a chocolate bath a- a chocolate bath you say? yep, my best freind sent me a sensual sweet shope of chocolate for my b-day, chocolate scented bubblebath, showergel, and body lotion – currently I smell like a Hersey bar!

    Well ist onlly 7:30 here – so I am going to go write while I wait. I will try to take notes!


  562. Cheesecakes are FINALLY in the oven… I’ll probably be up all night making the bread now. Poop, but nothing is making me miss that chat!

  563. AlisaSG said

    >> LT has pictures from season two up …

    from my POV, until KEI/Insight *officially* notes eps 13-22 as Season 2,
    this will still remain as Season 1 to me. Bloodlines has them all marked as Season 1, and the other Tv Network stations have them all listed as Season 1, so far…
    so that’s the way I’m going with those — on other Tv network sites. 😉

    Lifetime sure didn’t have the foresight to think that out long enough, because confusing the ENTIRE world (and yes, this was one of the main questions other viewers from other countries were asking about from when the series began on their own Tv networks).

  564. AlisaSG said

    from Claire,
    “I know theres some fool on there already with Ms.Gypsys name,so try to think of a way! who knows he may get curious and stop by!”

    well that’s not good, if it’s not *our* msgypsy 😦
    it’s not a troll, is it?

    that doesn’t help bring Kyle any closer to this web site if it is.

    … I do remember seeing someone on long ago, claiming to be a gypsy, (it wasn’t our msgypsy), and that persona was also from the northwest.. which can get things very confusing..

  565. lwildstar said

    Laurel – if I cn’t get intot he chat tonight I’ll come over to the henhouse – so check in around – what is 9:15 your time – 6:15?
    I’ve got the short cut up and ready to log in! Ihope tis works.

    Meanwhile I’m working on edits for the story – I really should be working on the writing contest story – but my mind isn’t on it. I told Robin about it and the premis and she is all excited – I promised to give her a copy. She is so funny – she pritned out the When Darkness Falls Parts 1 & 2 and When the Sun Rised part one and had me autograph them!
    She is really pushing me on the Demon story – she wants to help me come up with a new pen name – I used mine as a charactors name in the vampire story! oh well….

    I might check back after the chat – keeping fingers crossed!

  566. lwildstar said

    oh boy look at those typos! I don’t think I’ll be sending any questions in!

    Wildstar ‘Nightwalker
    room 910 Blood Ford Clinic
    Resident jeweler (studio 911 / shop 912)

  567. Nisi said

    I did it. I got on paltalk. It took a while. My name is nisi-tbfc. I’ll be eating dinner fast so I can be sitting in front of my computer.

  568. Tango said

    Lady A – you know birthday weed will do that to you – make you confused to take an entire day to figure out something. Hey would you mind bringing that cheesecake to the party at my suite tonight when we gather for my renovation party and discuss the chat? I do love me some cheesecake :-p

    Freyja – Thanksgiving in Canada – anything like thanksgiving in the states? Lots of family, turkey, other rich food, football and then followed by a triptophan-induced nap?
    I’m all about your ridiculously large kitchen and have put the gourmet chef’s dream kitchen in my suite as well. We will have to get together and whip up a feast for our fellow bloggerati. Anyone else want to join in the fun? Just to let you know – I don’t bake, so I can’t be in charge of dessert – unless we have creme brulee – I can do that. Yes ladies – I do have my own blow torch! Of course it isn’t like the one Vicki used. As- for cleaning up, we will just have my man servant, Rajalio, do that for us.

    I’m logged in over at LT waiting for this thang to start. Diz – if this hasn’t been mentioned before, you may want to go ahead and type out several questions and have them ready to go so that you don’t have to waste your time typing or worry about publishing stuff like birthday weed on a live chat!

  569. Anzia said

    Have fun w/Kyle ladies.

  570. msgypsy said

    Back from chat. That was great fun! But now I have to eat dinner. I’ll be back to analyze the experience after I eat.

  571. Margaret said


  572. prtfvr said

    Meeting in the Ladies Room (Hen’s).

  573. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Ok I couldn’t read or type and listen/hear what they were saying, so I finally just sat there and read and listened cuz’ I had no video. That sucked I would have updgraded if I had known. 😦

  574. Arrowyn said

    Dizey, you didn’t have to upgrade to get video. I’m so sorry that you couldn’t see or hear them. Pray for somebody to post everything somewhere.

  575. Margaret said

    Props to Anne. She got through. Did you have a webcam up?

  576. Margaret said

    Well, that will show me for being optimistic. Lifetime does enjoy torturing us, the Beeouchs.

  577. Anne said

    I saved all the chat text – 69 pages worth!
    A lot of it is just filling and there are no responses there – Kyle and Christina didn’t type.

    I was pretty nervous my sound wouldn’t work, but they got my questions anyway.

  578. Cree said

    Yeah, good job getting thru, Anne. It was cool to get to see and hear you. I am surprised you are still up. I probably would have gone back to bed after that if I were you.

  579. rifkind said

    It was so cool to see you Anne!
    I am so sorry that I missed the chat! Well maybe next time!
    I was even ready and had the program all downloaded and stuff, but had my class.. UGH!
    Chat with you all tomorrow

  580. Anne said

    Actually, I had gotten up early, and since I was getting up one hour after the chat ended anyway, I decided to stay up and updated the BloodTiesCentral main page and stuff.

    Glad you all could see the cam – I had tried to add a picture to my profile but it didn’t work

  581. I am a bit miffed…. I was in line to ask a question and when I sent my question in (no mic) they figured it didn’t need to be asked and dumped me out of line.

    I really, really need to know if he ever got that package because if I screwed it up I am going to feel sooooooooooo bad.


    Other than that the chat was fun. Kyle and Christina goofed off quite a bit and seemed to have an extreme case of the giggles. They didn’t have word on a new season (damn!) but they know about all the work that has gone into the writing campaign and the fangs campaign (lifetime boards I think it was).

    I’m waiting for my last 2 loaves of pumpkin bread to cool so that I can finish packing and head out in the morning. I’ll be gone until Sunday night, so you all take care and if anything interesting pops up, shoot me and email.


  582. Anne said

    Christina to Kyle:
    Don’t bike and sign autographs at the same time.

    Someone asked if Kyle was bothered by fans when he was out mountainbiking, and he said there weren’t many fans on the trails.

  583. Yeah that can be dangerous!

    How about the random cuddle fest in the middle? I damn near fell out of my chair! I am sure that if anyone would have been looking at my webcam they would have thought I’d fainted!

    It was just too cute.

    I swear I am leaving, the damned bread won’t cool off enough so I can pack it up.

  584. Margaret said

    Lady A: The same thing happened to me, they told me they’d ask me question and dumped me to. So close,yet so far. It was nice seeing them again but I still remain pissed at Lifetime.

  585. Chery said

    Got into the chat and could hear but for some reason could not get the video! dang! Loved hearing them though.
    Christina is one very articulate lady! And even though they had the giggles, thought they handled it well.
    They both want another season, to take the story line and the characters further. Christina said the first season the cast works out kinks…..
    Did anyone notice that almost 300 people were on the line?
    Loved that they noticed the postcards and fangs!
    Come on Life Time!!!!!!!!

    Anne loved hearing you!

  586. lwildstar said

    good morning ladies!
    well wasn’t that treat! so sorry to those who didn’t get to see the chat – they were so cute! really goofy at times – like real people….

    Props to Anne for getting throu – you know somebody don’tcha? and I love your accent! And Kyle recognized who you were! wow 69 pages of text?! I didn’t bother trying to read any of it – it went too fast – but I didn see some comments that I’m not sure would be considered G rated –

    I had entered the room early and they were already fussing people for comments that could not be said! It was funny for the 15 minutes prior watchng nothing but elbows moving behind the black screen!

    I hope someone posts the video somewhere – the sound was lousey – mic troubles – and the resolution on my screen isn’t that great – so I was hoping for a “cleaner” picture to watch!

    Well I am tuckered out today – went to the HenHouse after and stayed up too late (for this old lady) then I couldn’t get to sleep!

    I’ll see if I can check back later – suposed to go for a walk with Paul at lunch – we’ll see……oh and my mising post from yesturday never showed up 😦

  587. msgypsy said

    I underslept this morning and now I have to go train some Head Start teachers in how to fill out their paperwork. Does this sound exciting? Nah, I didn’t think so. At least my handouts are cute and cartoon-y.

    I’m still trying to find Tanya’s (Tanya Huff, not the Tanya from last night’s chat although that Tanya was nice enough in her formal, professional way) posts on Lifetime’s website. Would some kind soul please post a link?

    I really ought to eat breakfast since what’s provided at the training will likely be donuts and scorched coffee. Sounds so yummy I just can’t wait to get back into bed and snooze through it…

  588. Margaret said

    Ok, I’m back to being a pessimist again. Should we take it as a bad sign that Kyle and Christina have moved back to LA?

  589. msgypsy said

    Margaret, despite the growing show business presence in BC, Los Angeles remains the absolute capital of the film industry. They were both doing work over the summer that was filmed there (At least I assume that’s where CSI is filmed, and Christina does have other irons in the entertainment fire that are centered in California instead of BC.) Moving to California is something folks in that industry are likely to do whether or not they’ll be filming in Canada in the future. I would say that’s not a sign of anything.

    But keep those postcards flying to Lifetime anyway. MHO.

  590. Freyja said

    Good morning ladies,

    Margaret, I wouldn’t take that as a bad sign. Most Canadian performers live in LA year-round and take up temporary residence wherever their project happens to be. One of my friends from high school is down there. I have to say, though, that it is a bit weird to see her on tv!

    Strangely even though I am out east I feel like I’m the one who always has to catch up with everyone! I’m in bed while you ladies are still typing away. I know there are a few questions I have to answer but I’ll try to break them up so they’re in smaller bites.

  591. Freyja said

    Okay, now to answering questions.

    Tango, yes Thanksgiving here is very similar to that in the U.S. minus the pilgrims. *giggles* We eat a ridiculous amount of food, including decadent desserts. At my home they’re all homemade. Unlike Lady A., though, this year I won’t be making any pumpkin creations. I have too much work to do and don’t have the time to cut up pie pumpkins and go through the whole process. I end up taking everything in to work anyway as I live by myself. My family is still out west. If I lived out west, I’d definitely be going over to my parents’ place. Then I could eat my mom’s homemade creations.

    And yes, we have football too but the games are scheduled on different days throughout the weekend. My team just happens to be playing our new rivals on Monday. This time I WILL actually watch the game (I missed the last one thanks to BT) but I won’t be wearing any watermelon-related paraphernalia. I’m a great fan but not THAT crazy! If we make it to the Grey Cup this year, I’ll be heading to Toronto.

  592. lwildstar said

    Gypsy – go to the Blood Ties Page on LT and click the blog tab – I was going to post the link but LT isn’t playing nice this morning!

  593. lwildstar said

    Gypsy – here you go

  594. lwildstar said

    ok the blog ate the link – so you’ll have to free it Gypsy

  595. Freyja said

    Oh Tango, I forgot – I do desserts. I see we already have a ton of people who make cheesecakes, my favourite to make AND eat. So, I’ll have to devise some tasty Danish and German creations for everyone. My mom is a great cook and baker but I seem to have inherited my grandma’s ability to mess with a recipe and have it turn out better than the original.

    Congrats on getting a man servant. I already have two employees. They can unionize if they want – as long as there are 2 or more, they can do that.

  596. Scribble said

    Hello Everyone:

    I am glad you all enjoyed the Live Chat last night. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that on our official Blood Ties site at that we now have a store and are starting out selling merchandise, our first item is a poster so please stop by and have a look. There is one small favour I’d like to ask is that if you are going to order, please wait until Tuesday as we are having some minor processing issues. Otherwise please spread the word to all BT fans to come shopping. We are starting small with the poster but there are definitely more items in development, I’ll pass along details as soon as I am able.

    Thanks again for your support.

    Executive Assistant at Blood Ties Headquarters

  597. Himmiefan said

    Hey Scribble! Thanks so much for keeping us updated!

  598. msgypsy said

    Boy, you can sure tell that the Canadian dollar is strong against the American. The poster costs the same in either. (Sorry. My one semester of econ creeps up on me at the strangest time!)

    Much as I love the look of that poster, I have no room on my walls for another full sized poster so I’ll have to wait for something a big smaller. But I do love that the BT schwag store is finally open. (It’s pronounced schwag whenever I hear it on radio. Is it the same name in the world of television?) It gives me great hope and I wish I could get a nice ball cap or tote bag or (and this is a hint, Scribble, if you’re reading this) a nice MULTIPLE X SIZED t-shirt. (I believe I’m not the only big and beautiful woman on this blog, at least!)

    I’m running late. Can you tell how anxious I am to be teaching a bunch of teachers how to fill out reimbursement forms? Zzzzzzzzz…….

  599. Freyja said

    gypsy, the Canadian dollar is rip-roaring along and is expected to hit $1.10 American within 3 years. It should result in us paying lower prices for things here in Canada but companies have been slow to adjust. Book lovers are up in arms over the refusal of the publishers to change the prices to reflect the new exchange rate. They were quick to jack up the price when our dollar fell to $0.63 American. If I had a car, I’d be south of the border doing some shopping.

  600. Scribble said

    Hi Again:

    Okay, slight change, to avoid confusion, we have taken the store down until Tuesday so we can get the glitch worked out. So once we are back up again on Tuesday I will let you know and please feel free to spread the word to let all BT fans know to come by on Tuesday.

    BTW Ms Gypsy, I am pushing for larger sizes as I am a big girl myself.

    Have a good day everybody and happy Thanksgiving to any Canadians (yeah we do it different up here).



  601. Danae said

    Ok I know I’m not supposed to be here but I can’t help it. Besides I’ve been a good girl.

    I looked at that poster that was created. I soooo need that poster. The funds aren’t there right now but someday oh yes someday it will be mine.

    Ok so I was feeling so sorry for myself last night sitting at my sisters house watching Ugly Betty, watching the minutes tick by, watching the time get closer and closer to the Chat hour. I knew I would not get over missing it any time soon. I left my sisters house got to my moms to say good night to Amber and

    TADA! Dizey calls me back! Thank you thank you thank you thank you. I can’t thank Dizey enough. I will have to give you a big kiss when we see each other in Virginia. I was so happy to be able to experience the chat that way. It could here Kyle’s voice loud and clear. It was so awesome to know that it was really him. OMG! Christina wasn’t as loud and clear as Kyle but I could still tell it was her.

    I can’t stop gushing. *sigh* I am in heaven.

  602. Claire said

    Bonjour my sistas!
    I enjoyed my brief visit to thee henhouse last night,you girls are crazy in the best way,and you quickly made me forget my pissy mood from missing the chat!
    Scribble..Hi..thanks for the info! I too have no room for anything else on my walls,but the minute you guys get other stuff…I’m jumping on it..Oh so would like to drink my coffee with Kyles face looking back at me from a mug*hint* Tshirts would be awesome!

    Freyja…sounds like me and Henry will be hanging out at your kitchen,just cause he doesn’t eat,doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to watch me eat! LOL!!!

    Anyway dreaded clean the house day…no work today…so

    resident French teacher rm.824
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the blood ties bind

  603. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    hey guys, just a quick posty to tell you all about a really weird dream I had last night. Henry happened to be in it, which was really odd ’cause I haven’t even watched BT at all in like 2 months. I could’ve been a vampire myself in the dream, but I’m not too sure about that part. Most of it faded away already, but the only part I do remember is Henry was fighting this group of guys, and one of them stabbed him with a needle. Don’t know what was in it, but after that, Henry would become human sporadically, but only for 15 minutes at a time. Freaky.

    More on my bad day later. And it just got worse when I got home yesterday. My Mom got into an accident with her car. She’s okay…after my Dad said she almost had a heart attack from freaking out so much…but the car is kinda messed up…and now my Dad is yelling about money once again…which is probably why my Mom did it in the first place. She took a right turn too fast and slammed the side of the car into a pole in a parking lot. Told you my/our life sucks. I swear, we always got handed the really short end of the stick. I think the Cosmos likes screwing with us. 😦

  604. Arrowyn said

    This is part of a press release from LT. Note the word “free”! Has anyone been to Yahoo to see if they also are providing the first eppy for free? And if it’s going to cost (like iTunes) after the first eppy?

    The cable industry’s leading women’s network will premiere Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead, American Psychic Challenge and the second season of Blood Ties on iTunes and Yahoo! before they debut on the service Oct. 12.

    The first installments of the shows will be offered as a free download on iTunes from Oct. 5 through Oct. 19, while the premiere episode stream of the three series will also begin on Yahoo! one week before their network debut, extending through Oct. 25.

  605. Danae said

    I will make room for that poster amid my Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Narnia, Audrey Hepburn, autographed Phantom of the Opera, Grease, Pirates of the Caribbean, Josh Groban ones. I told you I hate blank space. It just bets to be decorated.

  606. Freyja said

    Hey Scribble, thanks for the Thanksgiving greetings! So far I think I’m the only Canadian who regularly posts here. These ladies have welcomed this northerner with open arms! Aahh! I can feel the love!

  607. Danae said

    That was supposed to be begs to be decorated.

    I forgot about the Moulin Rouge one.

  608. Danae said

    Oh and Lord of the Rings Return of the King and Baz Luhrmans Romeo and Juliet

  609. Annalaise duChat said

    Good Morning Ladies,

    Just a quick post to say hi and let you all know what a great time I had last night.
    That Kyle is such a cutey. A very playful and fun guy. He’s still new enough at celebrity that he’s still enjoying it. and Christina, what a classy lady. Ms.G you’re lucky I’m exclusively into men or you’d have some competition!

    Hope you all got a little rest last night, at least more than I did. sigh. I’m really draging today.

    Anne we love you, you did us proud.

    Scribble & Freyja — Don’t eat to much on Monday! Oh what the hell pig out! That’s what holidays are for!

  610. Arrowyn said

    Merchandise? MERCHANDISE!!! And free eppy #13!!! Boy, that took care of how I felt about coming into work an hour early. Woo hoo!!! (I AM going to wear out the “!” key)

  611. Annalaise duChat said

    Free eppi 13?

  612. Danae said

    Jeez I didn’t realize how many posters I had. I also have some Titanic ones but they aren’t up. I have an Angel-David Boreanaz and a Legolas-Orlando Bloom life-size cardboard stand-ups. I don’t have those out right now though.

    Dizey-speaking of Legolas. He will be visiting our hotel room in the down times when Henry can’t be with us. Rifkind thought he would be the next best thing. Is that ok with you?

  613. Margaret said

    Scribble: Can we pay in American Dollars or how do we handle that once you all are online and we want to buy you out?

  614. msgypsy said

    Danae, I love “bets to be decorated.” Sounds like my kitchen which bets me I can’t possibly decorate it. (It might be right. I haven’t tried yet…)

    I’m late now. Really late. Back when I can. Laurel, Nisi, see ya at lunch!

  615. msgypsy said but I’m not sure if it’s a full show or a preview and I’m LATE FOR WORK so I won’t know til later.

  616. Arrowyn said

    I know we talk mostly about Kyle (and Dylan) here. But after last night’s live chat, I’m thinking about leaning in Ms.G’s direction. Christina was so funny and has the kind of dry, deadpan sense of humor I love. And the interaction between the two of them was priceless. I could go on and on. Sorry, not the point of this post. I found this at

    I’m working on setting up a contest so that three (3) lucky winners will win an autographed picture signed by Christina & I’m hoping to coincide this contest with the new episodes of “BLOOD TIES” that will start airing on Friday October 12th. So, start watching the first 12 episodes of “BLOOD TIES” again & see if you will be one of the three lucky winners of a signed picture by Christina!! This contest will be fun & hopefully everyone who enters will have a good time!! So keep checking back for details on the “Win a Christina Cox autographed picture Contest”!!! I’ll have three (3) pictures to give away in this contest to the winners & they have been personally signed by Christina!!

  617. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Scribble so glad to hear from you , I loved the chat did it give the kind of turn out ya’ll hoped for? We miss you stop by more often if you can 🙂

    I’ll be more than happy to check out the new merchandise and will certainly buy 😉

  618. elizabeth said

    Morning Ladies, It sounds like the live chat was a lot of fun last night. I am really sorry I had to miss it. I was really hoping there would be news of a second season though. How Awsome is it that Kyle recognized some of the references to us?

    Scribble – I am really excited that you are going to be selling Blood Ties merchandise. Thanks for popping in and letting us know about it. I know where I will be shopping tomorrow 🙂

  619. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good Morning, Buongiorno, Bonjour Mes Amis!

    Danae, so glad we at least got to hear them. I’m still p/o’d that I couldn’t see them but they were great anyway. I’m happy to have somewhat participated , it was my first a virgin ya’ know 😉 I don’t think Prtfvr could see them either, I don’t know what I did or didn’t do but c’est la vie !! Hey I’m a little confused on the iTunes download thingy , wassup wit’ dat’ ? Why would they let us download it three days prior to the show coming on?

    Hey Happy Thanksgiving Scribble and Frejya! Eat up ! 😛

  620. elizabeth said

    I was just over at Lifetime and Veronica from Lifetime said they will be posting video of the chat soon! For all of us that didn’t get to see it we now have a shot! *happy dance, happy dance*

  621. Danae said

    HEHE! Everytime I even thing of the fact that I was hearing his voice live gives me butterflies and goosebumps. Did you see the question I left for Kyle’s Korner? So completely geeky right? I have to add the cologne one now. I am dying to know.

  622. Danae said

    If I act like this just by hearing his sweet voice, can you imagine what would happen if I met him. I would melt into a Danae puddle.

  623. Freyja said

    Thanks Dizey,

    I still have to buy turkey! Hopefully the boss will let us leave early today.

    I’m busy typing up a response to Claire but it is kind of long – I’m cooking up a really good one. Hopefully I’ll get it finished over lunch. I just got off a teleconference call – UN politics and diplomacy is so absolutely maddening sometimes.

  624. Tango said

    I’m rather surprised you guys aren’t talking about DOA. You know the link that Gypsy gave earlier is the full episode. It’s been awhile since I saw the sneak peak that Lifetime accidently posted and then snatched off the air, but this time I got to see the whole thing. I’m posting it again for you. I won’t comment now, but I’ll check in later to join the buz.

    msgypsy said,
    October 5, 2007 @ 7:47 am · Edit but I’m not sure if it’s a full show or a preview and I’m LATE FOR WORK so I won’t know til later.

  625. lwildstar said

    Tango – I’m watching DOA! I can’t beleive they let it be posted already!

  626. Freyja said

    Okay Claire,

    Now having prepared my infinitely long response to you I’m going to have to divide it. So, here is Part I.

    You and Henry are more than welcome to come over to my kitchen any time. Honestly, I don’t think he cares who it is that he’s watching eat. And I think our places will end up having very similar colour schemes. Mine isn’t going to be changed no matter what Henry wants – he has to put up with it, it just comes with the territory. I envision my place much like my own in real life except I have the money to do the upgrades … we’ll talk about the raise later. 😉 Dark maple flooring accented with light maple cabinets and complimentary quartz countertops. This is all accented by warm camel and rich chocolate leather furniture. My favourite colour is a spicy pumpkin so my accent walls and accent pieces, like pillows, will follow that theme. And the bedroom – well, that is an entirely different story. Using a non-traditional complimentary colour scheme, my bedding will be royal purple. I think Henry would approve – not that he needs to.

    I think I now have at least 3 titles: lawyer, resident Canadian (but that is not a job, it is who I am) and bellydancing instructor. Somehow I seem to have finagled my way into being general contractor & decorating consultant at the clinic. Even though I’ve been involved in the general contractor thing in real life, this is a big conflict of interest and I need someone else to step up and take these tasks off my hands. I’m already getting in over my head. Somebody – HELP!

    I can already predict that Henry and I will have a rather tempestuous relationship. I am so going to pull a Vicki on him! Partly my personality, partly as a result of too much work at the clinic. But I get a sense that Henry likes a bit of a challenge.

    Part II to follow …

  627. Danae said

    I didn’t know that it was the full show. I can’t get it to load. It was taking forever.

  628. laurel said

    Yep I started to watch but have to dash off to work. I hope they don’t yank it off there, otherwise I will download from iTunes on Tuesday.
    Hey Anne? I can’t seem to leave a birthday greeting for Dylan. No matter how fast I time it tells me it timed out right after I hit submit. I wrote four messages yesterday, and nothing showed up. Please tell me only one of them got through. If more than that please edit. hehehe

  629. Tango said

    Poor Danae, are you on dial up darlin’?

  630. Maddie Mo said

    Morning all!
    Had a sick baby all week so I am SO far behind.

    I have a question, I keep seeing everyone talking about the new blog format on LT but when I go over there all I see is the old stuff from May. What am I doing wrong???

  631. elizabeth said

    OMG! I started to watch DOA ( I know, I know – bad corporate citizen – yada yada yada) Totally, freakin’ awesome! I got interrupted for work, so I have decided I will stay later tonight and watch it uninterrupted.

  632. elizabeth said

    Maddie Mo – I had the same problem. Try this link: I don’t know why the old link is still up.

  633. Danae said

    Nope not dial up and I finally got it to work now that lunch is over.

    Maddie Mo-If you are using what you had bookmarked all those months ago it isn’t all the new stuff. You have to go to the home page of LT and on the right side there is a section that has Lisa Williams and BT and the Psychic Challenge. Click on BT’s name and then click on the picture. It will take you to the new stuff.

  634. Danae said

    And I hope Maddie is ok.

  635. elizabeth said

    Maddie Mo – i posted a link for the New Lifetime site, but it must have ended up in the spam bucket or something. I hope it turns up later.

  636. Danae said

    The link is

  637. Danae said

    I just tried posting the link and it spammed me too.

  638. Danae said

  639. Danae said

    lets try this

  640. Danae said

    You get the idea right?

  641. lwildstar said

    Dani – I am going to email it to you!

  642. lwildstar said

    ok it didn’t do what I wanted it to – will try again

  643. Freyja said

    Sorry Claire! One of the girls came by to chat – I’m trying to convince her to give BT a try.

    Here is Part II …

    I envision it going something like this. I’m in my office working late (again!), still in my work clothes having been too busy to remember to change after a day in hearings and meetings. So, I’ve still got on that lovely pencil skirt, great crisp blouse and a fantabulous pair of heels. (I love shoes and am currently fighting a compulsion to blow a bunch of money on shoes. I am obsessing about a pair of red ones I saw yesterday.) In the clinic world I can actually wear 4 and ½ inch heels and look good at about the 6 feet they would make me – and all my shoes would be comfortable enough to wear 24/7!!! (I would look silly in real life as I already tower over most people in Ottawa including a lot of men. It just starts to get weird when I approach 6 feet.) But I digress …

    So, I’m sitting at my desk working away when Henry drops by.
    Freyja: Oh, hi Henry.
    Henry: (not looking particularly amused) You’re working late, again?
    Freyja: Uh, yeah. Lawyers don’t exactly have 9 to 5 jobs. Not to mention the stress we have to deal with.
    Henry: Well, I can help you relax.
    Freyja: Fine. You want to help me relax? How about you help me with the ton of paperwork I need to finish. I have to file one motion and argue another in the morning.
    Henry: (looking annoyed) I don’t do paperwork.
    Freyja: Okay, fine. (She rises from her chair and tosses her glasses on the desk) Then here is something you can do. Dampen down the magnetism thing a bit, eh? Putting the women here in the clinic into a tizzy every time you drop by only makes my life more stressful. I’m the one who has to deal with their employers so they can keep their jobs … I’m the one who has to deal with the family law courts so they can keep their families together …
    (Henry just stared at her waiting for her to complete the logical reasoning process she always went through when trying to make an argument.)
    Freyja: And you can stop it with that vampire voodoo thing you’re trying to do. It gets really annoying when I’ve got so much work to do. (She sat down and grabbed her glasses, looking at the mountain of paperwork and research that was building up on her desk. She always allowed the stress to take over when her case level began to build. Unfortunately, her colleagues usually ended up paying the price. But that wouldn’t do tomorrow. Biting off the head of the judge hearing her motion wouldn’t win her any favours amongst the members of the Bar. She let out the breath she had been holding. Thinking that maybe a little stress relief would be a good thing, she turned to Henry …)
    Freyja: Let’s make this quick then because I have to …
    Henry: … argue a motion in the morning. I know, you told me.

    Okay, so you get the idea. 😉

    I know I promised shorter posts today but I just couldn’t help myself … sometimes the thoughts just flow.

    Ms. Freyja
    Resident Barrister & Solicitor (*new clients always welcome)
    & Resident Canadian
    Rm. 713
    Bloody Ford Clinic

  644. Claire said

    Afternoon my ladies!
    Freyja…Everything sounds wonderful,seems you and I have similar tastes!
    As for your tempestuous relationship with Henry,that also works fine!
    Not being the jealous type(Only among my blood sisters)outsiders no way!
    I’d be more than happy to pick up the slack when you pull a Vicky! Just as long as you return the favor!

    Tango…I’m a good girl..I didn’t cheat…desire and expectation make everything more pleasurable! I will not watch D.O.A,I will not watch………

    E,what you mean he recognized references to us? what he say?

    Vampgrl…good thoughts going out to you,Maddie Mo,hope Baby Maddie feels better soon!

    Ok break over…back to cleaning!

    Teacher of all things French
    Rm 824
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the blood ties bind

  645. lwildstar said

    Dani – tried to send it to myself (Yahoo account) but it hasn’t showed up yet – if it does I’ll pass it on to you – will come through as a video – if it ever shoes up!

    later – well past lunch time being over!

    Wildstar d’Nightwalker
    room 910 (911&912)

  646. Tango said

    Maddie Mo – thanks for the question about the link and I was needing that info too. I finally got through although it was much like being lost in a hospital trying to find someone’s room. I did get there and post. Try this.

  647. Tango said

    Claire – CHEATING?! I didn’t really look at it that way. Honey, I’m in sales/marketing and my genetic make up gives me the disposition of wanting to be first. So sorry, I had to look. I won’t spoil it for you though.

  648. Maddie Mo said

    Thanks Elizabeth and Dani and Tango for the link. I will have to try it out. Do we have to register. I was registered before just not sure if it still works.

    Dani, Maddie is doing better we are past the worst of it. She has a virus like Roseola. She had a constant temp of about 100.5 to 101.3 and rash and sore throat and apparently a headache ( that is what the DR is telling me, although I don’t know who we would know that, since she can’t tell us). She should be right as rain in a day or so.

  649. prtfvr said

    Gotta love Scribble! I can’t see the poster but considering that I’m a huge collector of vamp images, I’m sure I’ll get one as soon as the store opens on Tuesday.

    Scribble: How were the participation stats on the chat last night? An hour was NOT long enough, especially with the technical difficulties. I couldn’t see anything and I came a half hour late to the party but damn it was fun!

    Couldn’t get D.O.A. to open up. What am I doing wrong? I was one of the people who downloaded Heart of Fire when it was posted on iTunes by accident so I’d like to keep up the tradition of getting things early but it ain’t working so good!

  650. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    Vampgrl…good thoughts going out to you,Maddie Mo,hope Baby Maddie feels better soon!

    So I take it my message from this morning actually got through?

    Danae said,
    October 5, 2007 @ 7:30 am

    Dizey-speaking of Legolas. He will be visiting our hotel room in the down times when Henry can’t be with us. Rifkind thought he would be the next best thing. Is that ok with you?

    What?! NO WAY!!! I will SO fight anyone for Legolas! I have a couple of WP’s of him on my computer at home. He totally makes me melt. *drroolll….THUD*

  651. Freyja said

    Claire, I think we have the beginnings of a very successful working relationship here. A total win-win-win situation going on! I will most absolutely return the favour every time.

    And yes, my real life condo is like that, or will be. I have to rip out the carpet and replace the countertops in a couple years, though. And I have the orange paint – I just have to get around to putting it up on the walls.

  652. Freyja said

    OOH! I totally forgot. In a good piece of news I think I might have gotten us a new viewer in Canada – my mother! I talked with her last night and was finally able to tell her about my new addiction (my parents always put me on speaker phone when we talk – annoying, but my dad had to leave part way through last night). I told her the show has a vampire in it. Immediately she said ‘Is it Blood Ties’? Yes!!! She actually knew which one I was talking about.

    So I told her that she had to watch on Space this weekend. She sounded disappointed that we’re already 8 episodes into the season. I told her to watch the Space rebroadcasts. I didn’t tell her, though, that I can always bring my tape home at Christmas so she can catch up. *hehehe* I told her to check out the episode next week – Love Hurts. We like smart comedy, not 5-year old bathroom comedy, so I know she’ll like this one. And we love to support Canadian talent in our family. (my god, we didn’t even have cable growing up and were stuck with CBC and CTV – my parents’ choice. Finally, when I was 25 they got satellite!)

    I’m predicting she’ll be a Mike fan!

  653. sub0chick said

    ok, i’m going to have to go back through all 600+ posts to find all the websites and stuff i’ve gotta look at this weekend. not to mention all the scematics for the clinic (did we ever figure out if single digit rooms were below ground?) and somebody said something about a waterfall? lol anyay, i’m at work and since i’ve been slack all week, i guess i actually have to do some work and wait til later to check out ep13, yes i’m going to cheat, i’ll watch it on tv on my big screen friday. in case you’re wondering, i do the same thing with books i want to read. i buy them in hardback, read them in a day, and return them the next day. chris keeps fussing at me though, tells me the bookstore is NOT a library. i told him if they’re fine with me camping out in their chair for the entire day reading the book, they should be fine with me buying it to go home and read it in my nice comfy bed.

    and THANKYOU everyone for the b-day wishes, it’s been a bad week and i’m so glad it’s over. i appreciate all teh happy thoughts coming my way. i decided to keep on working for the lawyer til i find something else. she was happy and my coworker was happy, wish i could be happier about it, but as y’all said, something will come up when it’s time.

    and i didn’t get to check out the chat last night as i was sucked into the supernatural season premier, jenson and jared are soooo cute, so i’m glad that lifetime’s going to post the whole chat. i’m glad you all had fun.

    as far as merchandise and stuff goes, has anybody checked out i know you can make all kinds of stuff, shirts, mugs, hats, you name it, on there, pretty sure you can upload images to add, dont’ know how the whole copyright thing would work though. just an idea.

    as for the poster collection, i have a funny story. when i was away at college, i had a dorm room to myself and had posters of different guys (most only in a pair of loose pants) all over the place. i figured i was in an all girls’ dorm, i needed something worthwhile to look at. well, one of the girls i was in rotc with came over to change clothes so we could go to a costume party, and she had to go down to the communal bathroom to change. she said “it feels like they’re watching me” personally, i didn’t really see the problem with that, but to each their own.

    Resident Architect (?? hehe)
    Room 1003

  654. Nina said

    Hello Girls!!

    I’m Back! Sorry for being gone for so long, but my family was here and I hadn’t seen them for over a year.
    It will be impossible to read everything now 🙂 I hope everyone is doing good.
    Hello to all the new bloggers here. I hope you guys are having fun.

    So ladies enjoyed the chat last night? I was really busy drooling over Kyle, so maybe I didn’t get all the things being said 😉

    I’ll be back in a few hours, gonna have dinner!

  655. Maddie Mo