I Can Haz Vampire???!!!!!111!!!!

You’ve heard of Lolcats, right? If not, check out I Can Haz Cheeseburger or Lolcats. To see what happens when fans get started on the concept, check out the Doctor Who Cat Macros of Live Journal.

I’ve decided the world is ready for BTlol.

If someone wants to start, say, a Live Journal community for these, I’d be happy to join. But I don’t have time or patience for starting a Live Journal community right now. If you were to find a different place to host one and wanted someone else to do the hosting, let me know and I’ll decide then. I will be happy posting my own here but it would be difficult for anyone else to post them here. If you don’t care for the concept, then pooh on you! I’m going to keep doing them because they make me smile.

Above image is courtesy of Bloodties-Bloodlines. Macro made with Roflbot.

And now that the World Begins in just three week, I think it’s time to rev us up with my fanfic contest. Prize is to be determined. I think the best way to handle this would be to create a group on writing.com for it, which I will do after I go to umpteen different stores for dog food, dog treats, dog toys, oh, and possibly some cleaning products for me.



  1. Cree said

    Am I number 1? WooHoo! Finally, someone beat Laurel!! LOL

  2. prtfvr said

    What’s, everyone afraid of posting first? Cool! πŸ™‚

  3. Cree said

    Sorry, Laurel. 😦

  4. Cree said

    Oops, I think prtfvr and I actually tied….

  5. laurel said

    There you go Cree! I really waited for you. Hehehe
    It is good to be first, but I figured it was someone elses turn.

    Yo Claire! No offense but I am a bit upset with you! You got the JR Ward book BEFORE it was due out! It’s release date is this coming Tuesday! I am so disappointed…went to Borders…had coupon…no book…poor me…
    To make up for it I used my coupon on a new copy of Blood Debt. Only one with Celluci on the cover. They have them all now! It is going to take some good coupons to complete the set.

  6. vicki said

    Hey all…
    I have been flipping past Lifetime for WEEKS…I have not seen the promo for our show yet..>I will stalk the channel this evening..

    BTW>..I got to see Tony Bennett in concert last night!!! He was here in Charleston, WV at our Clay Center Theater…It was AMAZING!! the man is 80 years old and can still sing his face off!!! WOW…I am soo glad I got to see him. I made my husband take me out to eat (italian of course) and then we went over to the concert..>I had to dress up..it was TONY BBENNNETT!! LOL

    A good time was had by all…you could have heard a pin drop in the theater when he sang.. Not even one person coughing…

    Ok..I am done gusshing…Lookinng forward to Oct…I cant believe we are almost there.!!! It seems like forever…since we last saw our Henry (((SIGHS)))

  7. Margaret said

    Ladies: In your spare time between midnight and six, don’t forget to start writing thos cards and letters again. We need to bury Lifetime with them. Just in case someone hasn’t seen it……

    This was posted on Slice of SCIFI.com:

    Time to Fight for β€œBlood Ties”
    Posted by Sam on Saturday, 22 Sep 2007 Summer Brooks, Farpoint Media Supervising Producer and Slice of SciFi co-host, just heard from Peter Mohan, Executive Producer of the Tanya Huff series β€œBlood Ties,” which aired on Lifetime this past season. What he told Summer concerns us as it relates to the show.

    Lifetime TV already announced that they would not be re-airing season one of β€œBlood Ties” as was originally planned, before the news season was to begin in October. Now, season two on American television may be in doubt. Here is what Peter had to say on the subject:

    β€œWe’re still not sure whether or not Lifetime will be involved in a first position buy of the show, but even if they’re not, it could still carry on in Canada and the foreign markets.”

    β€œI know you have a lot of fans in Canada and if you could rally them to write passionate letters and emails to both CITY TV and the Space Network in Canada, it would go a long way towards keeping BT [Blood Ties] alive.”

    Thanks again, and I hope to speak with you soon about another season of β€œBlood Ties”.



    On September 29th we will be re-airing the interviews we did with Tanya Huff and Peter Mohan this past summer as a way of letting folks, who may have missed it the first time, know about this great series, but we need you to help and here is how you, as fans, can do your part to try and convince the powers-that-be of the strength β€œBlood Ties” has with you. Get out those pens and paper or start banging away on those keyboards. All Canadian and American fans of Huff’s series need to let City TV and Space Entertainment know how much you love this show and would like to see it return, not only in Canada and every where else it is shown in the world, but particularly in the huge United States market. If the Lifetime Channel passes, there are plenty of other cable outlets that could pick it up, particulary SCI FI Channel, or USA Network,or perhaps FX. However, Lifetime needs to understand how this show is actually helping them increase their viewer base too.

    Here is where to send your correspondence:

    CITY TV Feedback: http://www.citytv.com/toronto/1462_contactus.aspx

    Space Feedback space@spacecast.com
    β€œsnail” mail:
    SPACE: The Imagination Station
    299 Queen Street West
    Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2Z5

    Lifetime TV
    309 West 49th Street
    New York, NY 10019

    Let your voice be heard!

  8. lwildstar said

    I finally saw the commercial! Yippeeeeee!
    postcards away1

    will check back in tomorrow!

  9. Claire said

    Umm…sorry Laurel…gotta love amazon..it’s where I get all my books!!!

    Anyway..was so busy doing errands and housework today..ugh! I need a maid.
    I haven’t watched TV in so long…I haven’t even seen the commercials for BT!!

    so,I’m still not done cleaning..I’m just checking in and checking out!

    love yas my sistas..until tomorrow…20 days….

  10. vicki said

    20 days….thats like 280 hours…..and way to many minutes…

    Ok…I am obsessed.. like we didnt know that!!!!!!

  11. Anzia said

    Magaret- It’s actually Alisa doing all of the posting and such. I’m just barely keep up w/email and here let alone take on another blog…i’d go crazy! ^_^ I can transfer in a year. It’s not nearly as bad as i make it out. I just have to vent the bad stuff ’cause it’s what sticks with me most. I mean, I make/take a total of about 400 calls a day and out of those maybe 20 will be people screaming and yelling at me. Most will be answering machines or leavng msgs w/people. I bet I don’t even talk to 40 people about their accounts. ^_^

    Cree/prtfvr-congrads on being the first two! πŸ™‚ Wear your firstness w/pride.

    Vicki- *hands you small paperbag* breathe…come on…just take it in slowly…that’s it…a little more…and let it out…yeah.. just like that…Relaxed? πŸ˜‰

  12. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hi ya’ll just driving by on my way to bed. First Claire I love ya’ more than I can say and respect your *Mommy-ness* even more. Mom and I had Logan and Robbie today and my Logan has a little bit of ADD so they’re putting this medicated patch on him, has definitely helped w/concentration in school. Today I think it was defective. My little chatter box made me feel like I had Quads, OMG how do you do it everyday? I applaude you and crown you *Supermom*!!! My Rob did have a seizure today in the bathroom. You know the big spacey room, NOT! Not too bad though and Raini picked both of my dudes up and hopefully all will sleep well tonight. I’ll probably be sleeping before my head hits the pillow. πŸ˜‰

    Hello to the rest of my wonderful sista’s congrats to Prtfvr and Cree very impressive speed typing skills πŸ˜€ I miss chatting with ya’ll hopefully next week will be a little calmer and quieter πŸ˜‰

    **Z** my sweet sista’, sorry you’ve had the icky calls the last few days. I tried doing collections(private company) years ago went and did the training I lasted **1** day, Haaa !! Too funny I was like noooo way can I tell these people you ARE going to pay and sooo not me! You are good at it and there’s good money in collections, my ex-sister in law’s family owns a collection agency here and she does very well. Keep up the good work and don’t let those others get you down. Love you and stay the sensitive and sweet girl you are, you’ll gor far. ((((( HUGS ))))))

    Well I’ll check in tomorrow Logan and Rob will be here again tomorrow Raini’s got to work so I’ll flee and come here for my sanity!

    Reves doux d’Henri / Sweet Dreams of Henry

    XOXOXOXOXOX Je t’aime mes amis……….Beth

  13. laurel said

    See you tomorrow Diz. 😎

    Well, I hope you all are having a great weekend. I have company and my husband is still painting the house. Sitting down to check on all of you earns me a major guilt. I should be helping paint or something but feel luck to have gotten the laundry and vacuuming done. My feet are really dragging today. More sleep might help.

  14. laurel said

    Okay, I made Dylan my avatar once again. Damn, he’s hot!

  15. Margaret said

    Dizey: How’s Robbie feeling today?

  16. lwildstar said

    morning ladies!

    Well its been a busy weekend all around I see…so glad Ipopped in now and again or I would never have seen that the commercial was running! Saw it twice last night…the last scene “you’re wearing a dress?” is from Drawn and Quartered – gallery opening…..

    made the mistake of checking my work email and got myself all in a hugff last night! I’m suposed to be on vaca – but oh well I forwarede an email tah shows I took care of something – the client said they never recieved – oh well Tomorrow they will see that I did take care of it – so I expect Wednesday when go back to work to 1- have them ask me why I forwared the email Saturday night and 2 – why I didn’t follow up earlier to make sure there wasn’t a problem….I wouldn’t have bohtered but the email ticked me off “She was taking care of this Tuesday – don’t know why you never got it.’

    oh wel enough venting!

    Laurel I’ll “see” you tonight =I
    l’ll email you …

  17. lwildstar said

    Laurel it doesn’t look like your Avatar changed…

    Diz – hows Robbie?

    Claire – hows Chris?

    Dani – hows your brother?

    Anzia – Hows work/? (or is that a loaded question?)

  18. Chery said

    Good morning all!
    Yes! Post cards again, this campaign may be more important than the last one.
    It sounds like Peter Mohan is pushing the Canadian Networks to buy more episodes too. I knew at the beginning that the passion Peter and others put into this show makes it a franchise. It is too good to just air 1 season of 22 episodes!
    I challenge everyone to send in 20 postcards a day so we hit Lifetime with 3000 at least!
    Happy finger cramps everyone LOL

  19. Claire said

    Good afternoon ladies!

    HUgs again darlin Z (((((((hugs)))))))) you really are my supposed to be daughter,Nikki is also allergic to gold! maybe you’re her twin LOL! I was carrying twins..fraternal,and at 4 months lost one,but Nikki was fine,sometimes I think thats why shes so weird at times…missing her other maybe?

    Anyway my darling Beth…sorry Robbie had another seizure,but at least it was a small one,I can’t wait til the docs figure all that out! Thank you for the compliment,this weekend I haven’t been much the supermom,I’ve lost it a few times! the youngest quad Elijah is a clone of his father,from looks to personality,dark handsome gorgeous,but bad to the bone! It drives me crazy,time out doesn’t work,taking his toys doesn’t work.He’s bossy,controlling,and lies like a pro.He beats up on his siblings,well except Victoria,she’s tall blonde amazon princess LOL! she kicks butt!.Elijah is always,always in trouble,and I’ve caught him hitting the dog and cats! he’s been in therapy and we work really hard to raise him right,but the doc said somethings are genetic! Holy merde!
    Anyway…I’m off to my favorite place..Target LOL!! shopping always fixes thing for a little!
    Check back in later my loves!

    XOXOXO-19days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜›

  20. Margaret said

    I’ll just repeat Lwildstar:

    Diz – hows Robbie?

    Claire – hows Chris?

    Dani – hows your brother?

    Anzia – Hows work/? (or is that a loaded question?)


  21. Margaret said

    Needless to say, Chery, count me in for 20, lock and load, here we go again!

  22. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good Afternoon My Sista’s!! πŸ˜€

    Robbie’s ok so far today, actually he crawled in bed w/Logan to watch Harry Potter and fell asleep, so we’ll let him and Logan’s putting up some Halloween decorations. He’s so ready for Halloween and Party City has tons of stuff out already. Claire god bless ya’ and Elijah has good family around him and a guardian angel to lead him down the right path πŸ˜‰ any child of yours will be good and loving I’m sure! WOW only *19* days Whoooo Hoooooo!!!!!!!

    Maggie May, Chery, Wildstalker………..On your marks, get ready…………start writing! I’ll have to get my postcards tomorrow missed the PO yesterday. And I need 2 new sharpies too, drained the others dry πŸ˜›

    I’ll check back in later, my little chickadee’s 😎

  23. Claire said

    Sorry Wildstar and Margaret..by the time I read all the posts I forget who said what! old age lol!

    Chris is good..he just left for work! still waiting for that MRI.

    Thanks Beth from your mouth to Gods ears!

  24. Margaret said

    Got a response from the guy who kept calling our guy “Mickey”:

    Hi Margaret.

    You’re right. Getting the name wrong was inexcusable and I shall

    As for the injury/disease — yeah, OK. I did say that i did NOT watch
    the second part. Because I found the acting and writing so bad.

    But again — I am sure there are those who like many shows I don’t. So
    more power to you for writing in, and I will set the record straight
    in an upcoming review. And I promise to watch another episode to see
    if I like it better next time.

    Thanks for writing,


  25. Margaret said

    Here’s what I wrote to him:

    I seriously doubt that you watched Blood Ties because if you had you would know that the vampire’s name is Henry. Vicki DID NOT HAVE AN INJURY TO HER EYE, SHE HAS Retinitis Pigmentosa, AKA MACULAR DEGENERATION.

    You’re entitled to your opinion, even if its wrong. Several fans of this show feel the show is well written, well acted, funny, camp, etc. and deserves to stand on its own merits. Maybe if you had really watched it, you would have given a better review.

    But either way, its all good, bad publicity is better than no publicity and it will encourage people to watch and they’ll discover that you were wrong in your haste to kill the show.

    Margaret L. Daly
    A Blood Ties Fan

  26. Anne said

    I don’t remember if anyone has mentioned it, but just in case:

    On their blog on bloodtiestv.com, Kaleidoscope announced on September 5 that official merchandise is on the way.

    I figure you don’t start producing merchandise for a show you don’t plan to make more episodes of. If that’s not cause for optimism, I don’t know what is.

  27. Margaret said

    Anne: Do you think if I hang around you long enough your optimism will rub off? Doesn’t make sense that they would do merchandise if they weren’t planning on staying around a while, does it.? Of course we need to rush out and buy it so we can show demand.

  28. lwildstar said

    I have 40 postcards printed and 30 sitting waiting to be printed…all begging to renew past the original 22 episodes. I even did a few with how Blood Ties has brought together a community of Blood Sisters……with a thank you for airing Blood Ties and how we need role models like Vicki! Not to mention Hot Henry and Wonderful Mike!

    Went shopping with mom and I was feeling pretty good – tried on a dress for no other reason than it was pretty – plain black but very nice….first thing mom says is “thats a regular misses size, will it fit?” grrrrr – ignore move on head for the fitting room – yes the dress fit beautifully it feels wonderful on – comment #2 “that looks realy good on you , better than most of the things I see you wear.” ok why couldn’t she stop after the compliment! grrrrrr….well even though I shouldn’t have spent the money I bought the dress, because it did look good on. – now I just need an occasion to wear it! I already have a black dress, but not nearly as nice as this one, I wish I could return the first one I got, but I bought it on vacation last year…oh well.

    I’m off to work on party favors…..talk at you guys later.

  29. Margaret said

    Lwildstar: Make an occassion to wear it and try not to let the comments get you down. Sometimes you just have to come out and tell your loved ones to stop already. Sometimes they don’t even know they’re doing it. My mom bought me a nice little thing to hang up in my office with a butterfly on it: The only catch is the writing on it was: It’s never too late to become what you might have been. I asked her if she was disappointed in me and she said she just saw the butterfly and thought it was pretty. So there you go.

  30. Claire said

    Margaret I love what you wrote to that critic! you rock! and I’m jumping on the Anne optimism band wagon! I believe..if they’re making stuff then BT will be around for awhile!!!!!!


  31. Anne said

    Claire – welcome on the band wagon πŸ˜‰

    Maybe the pessimists will be right often – but I figure the optimists will have loads of fun in the meantime.

  32. Margaret said

    Claire: That’s the great thing about the internet. You can really be brave because most likely you’ll never meet those people. Of course on the other hand, you could just be old and cranky like me with a low tolerance for nasty critics. Besides I can’t talk back to people at work, maybe I’m getting it out this way. lol

  33. lwildstar said

    Thanks Mags – I know I really should tell mom when she does things like that – but I’m always afraid I’ll “go off” ya know – so I just keep my mouth shut.
    I guess you’re right I can make an occasion to wear the dress – maybe I”ll wear it to the party…. πŸ˜‰

    well I am off to research herbs – my cousin brought me some tea – suposed to be a Native American blend – and I want to see what the hearbs in it are suposed to do for you – its suposed to be a bedtime tea – but I’m not sure about it…I know peppermint & chamomile…but this has catnip, valerian root, strawberry leaf, passion flower and scullcap in it – what does catnip do to a person!

    anyway I’ll check in later.

    Laurel – haven’t heard from you, are we still on? I’ll check back here in a couple of hours….

  34. lwildstar said

    ok she knows me all too well

    catnip, Is a reliable support for the digestive system, Clams the nervous system, Helpful for insomnia

    valerian root, Relaxs nerves, Induces sleep, Reduces cramps

    strawberry leaf, for flavor

    passion flower, Relieves anxiety, Induces sleep ,Relieves muscle spasms

    and scullcap, Calms nerves, Reduces muscle spasms

  35. lwildstar said

    Laurel – send me an email if you are ready to chat – or post here – I’ll check both before going over to the henhouse

  36. DIZEY1 :-) said


  37. lwildstar said

    Dizey dear – are we in a cool mood?

  38. Madonna said

    Hey y’all,
    This is the first time I’ve looked at the blog since I left work on Friday.

    Just thought I’d check in to let you all know I’m OK. There’s just not time for anything else other than candle making right now during my “down time.” 10 days and counting left to prepare for the festival.

    Ms. Gypsy,
    I love the new thread.

    I did see the ad for Blood Ties on Friday evening while I was melting gel. It’s pretty bad when you watch TV for the commercials. I’m so excited.

    Anne, Claire,
    I’m on that optimism bandwagon too. It’s the only way to live. The other way’ll kill ya.


    My 6 mo. old baby 2nd cousin Alana is having open heart surgery in the morning to repair a massive hole in her heart. All of your prayers and good wishes would be greatly welcomed.

    I’m sure that there’s some stuff I’m missing. Again, the best way to get info to me right now is via email.

    Love you all!

  39. Margaret said

    Madonna: Our thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family and little Alana. Let us know how she’s doing.

  40. Claire said

    My prayers and good positive thoughts going out to baby Alana! Madonna.
    Going to say good night early today..treating myself to a pedicure and hot bath! even though its back to the high 80’s and 90’s here again…did someone say it was Autumn? Not here apparently!

    dix-neuf jours mes soeurs jusqu’Γ  ce que nous soyons de retour dans notre Henris embrassent!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOHHHHLALA!

    Bonne Nuit
    Je t’aime!

  41. vicki said

    My prayers with your little cousin..God alwasy watches over the children…

    Anyway..I finalllyyyyy saw a BT promo last night>>HEHEHEH It was soo cool to see them again..in new scences WOWOWOWOW !!! I didnt know how to act. i just sat there and giggled…and waited for more.. Didnt see any more last night, and I havent been home all day..

    My sisters and I went and got our picture taken for my mom’s birthday.. We did a grandkid picture for my dad’s birthday later this month..and since Mom’s birthday is Tues..we went to THE PICTURe PEOPLE….I dont know you any of you have them..but htey are kinda of neat.. You get your pictures in like 15 minutes and they print off the ones you want in like 5.@!!!

    Of course you pay more for the sheets..($18 each) But they do a great job with props and candid shots. Ok…..I am going to watch the season premiere of Shark…catch up with you later…

  42. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Yes Nightwalker d’ lWildstar, I suppose I was feeling a bit cool till Logan dragged me off πŸ˜‰ My poor dude was soooo bored I felt bad but it was raining and yuck I didn’t feel like getting wet. We watched movies all day and Logan found out that he was named after Wolverine πŸ˜€ *X-Men 3* and then *Ice Age the Meltdown* love Sid (said w/a lisp of course), oh and one of my fav’s *Michael* I can watch over and over. Anyway checking in before I head for bed, Monday’s get here so fast 😦

    Claire we’ll be in the 70’s-80’s until maybe mid October but still takes quite a while to get really cold if it does. I can remember playing in shorts and t-shirts on Christmas day when I was young.
    La sensation Henri de Claire I trop ‘restera avec nous pendant beaucoup plus d’annΓ©es ! Je porte les lunettes colorΓ©es roses πŸ˜› que j’avais dΓ©sirΓ© ardemment pour Henri ‘pendant 3 mois trΓ¨s longs.

    Reves doux d’Henri’

    XOXOXOXOX I love you! Beth

  43. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Madonna my sweet much love and many rosaries for Alana, but she won’t need them all will be fine πŸ˜‰ Children are so very strong compared to their size.

    XOXOXOXOX ((((((Many Hugs)))))))) Beth

  44. vicki said

    hey ladies…

    I made my reservations at the Sheraton in Reston..I am bringing a friend so I cant share a room. But just wanted to let you know..if you call and make reservations ask them to put you on my floor or near me…it is under my name..Vicki Hess….and we are getting closer by the minute!!! WHOO HOOO

  45. Anzia said

    Madonna- My love & prayers are with you honey. ((((HUGS))))

    Work is going okay. Today was my ONLY day off (since I worked OT last wed & will probably do so again this wed) and I enjoyed it enourmously. I watched The Holiday (which if you HAVEN’T seen you should! Totally fell in love Jude Law’s character! *sigh*). I really don’t mind work when I don’t think about work. What I mean is if I’m just working I’m just bored (and slightly aggitated) but when I’m not i’m ruminating about it. Worried about messing up and such. *sigh* oh well

    Yesterday our dialing system went ptthththtp on us. So, for a while we were doing minor skip tracing. Talk about FUN! OMG i had a blast. Sadly, all we were doing was searching for new #’s for accts that had either wrong or disconnected ones. ^_^ Found out that the Team Lead who sits next to me is actually in charge of appointing people to the 90 Day Skip Tracing Team. We had a nice little chat about that & how I have some *minor* experience with doing it. She said that if I kept my numbers up and proved to be a good & happy employee then I could be put there sometime in the future *Grins wildly* OH boy am I happy about that! ^_^

    Got an email from my friend Sarah (we work together) and she said she’d love to have me as a roommate! Wants to go “house-hunting” instead of renting ’cause then we’d have the run of the place (which could be interesting). It’s also a perminant sort of thing…not sure how that would turn out. I Like the idea of being “on my own” but …yeah…how realistic is it when I have to start paying school loans back in Dec. & that’s when she wants to start searching…What do you guys think??? I haven’t even told my family about this yet…

    okay, need to *relax* so I can sleep…sleep is goooood…also…not doing so much of it right now…yay insomnia…

  46. Arrowyn said

    Anzia, I was skimming and saw your comment about the potential roommate thing. I don’t know how long you’ve known your co-worker, Sarah, but my suggestion (based on personal experience and some advice that I got from a friend – too late to help me) is to interview each other about your living habits before you decide. Sort of like β€œdate” questions, but more like β€œthinking about moving in with the guy” questions. Especially if it seems like it’s going to be permanent. Do you both expect to do everything or nothing together (clean, cook, etc.)? Are you both neat or sloppy housekeepers? Do you both stay up late or turn in early? Are you both noisy or quiet? Lots of things like that. You seem like a caring, intuitive person, so you’ll probably be able to feel if there’s good communication happening – which is the most important thing in any relationship. And, believe me, you’re thinking about starting a relationship. Good luck.

  47. Arrowyn said

    Also Anzia, I don’t know how you do your job and stay sane. I couldn’t do it. When can you transfer from your job and what would you be going into? The skip-tracing thing? Could you transfer sooner than a year?

  48. Arrowyn said

    What does β€œfirst position buy of the show” mean (Peter Mohan said on Slice of SCIFI.com)? Does this mean than maybe it’s up for grabs by another network? Because of his comment, I’ve seen rumors floating around that Lifetime might not air the second half of the eppys. But they’re showing commercials for it. I’m confused.

  49. Arrowyn said

    On 9/25, Christina’s 2006 movie “MAX HAVOC: RING OF FIRE” will be released on DVD. Another movie with Christina is β€œAscension Day”. And for those of you who care (me!), James Denton was also in it. It was released 2/07. Don’t know if this was straight to DVD or shown in theaters.

  50. Margaret said

    Anne: Do you think your connection can verify when Kyle gets his package?

  51. Chery said

    Just a thought everyone. The way Peter mentioned Lifetime being in first postition to buy more shows.

    What if they are filiming new episodes so that as soon as a “buyer” steps up to the palte, maybe someone other than Lifetime, the show will be good to go with season 2 already filiming?

  52. Margaret said

    Why would they be producing merchandise for a show that wasn’t contining? Seems like it would be more trouble than its worth, doesn’t it.?

  53. Margaret said

    Here’s a website (it was posted over at Blood Ties-Blood Lines) telling us what we need to do to “help” BT:


  54. Anzia said

    arrowyn- I’ve definitely had roommates before. And I’m REALLY easy to live with. I know this because i change my habits to fit the people I”m living with. That way I’m not too much of a bother. But, that is something we’d have to talk about. I can transfer out of my current position as Early Stage Collections Rep in six months to any other position in the credit department. So, in theory, in six months I could be on the skip tracing team. Although, i’m not sure if there are any pre-req positions for that one or not.

    margaret-it does seem kind of rediculous that they’d put the $$ into the merchandise then toss the show. But it might be a final test. See how well the merchandise does and if it brings in a good amount of support keep the show. *shrugs* but…i don’t know

  55. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good Morning!, Bonjour! Buongiorno!

    1st, Monday’s suck! I must be PMSing cuz’ it seems that everything and everybody I have to be around here today just irritate me πŸ˜‰ Anyway this too shall pass, thank God! Oh last night watching tv and I had been thinking everyone’s seen the new previews and I wanna see em’ (whininggggg) I manifested that little sucker as I was watching and thinking tadaaaaa it came on as I was thinking about my sweet Vamp!! Way Cool 😎 !! The Secret does work and I’ll add pic’s of the show and Henry etc to my vision board I’ll manifest more seasons Ok??

    Maggie May, who made that website, that’s a trip! So a new conundrum who the hell am I supposed to write to now?? helpppp me Mag’s what are you going to do?

  56. Himmiefan said

    Hi everyone! Hope ya’ll had a great weekend!

    Lets see, for my two cents, I think Lifetime has the right of first refusal on a true second season of BT. Fine by me if the show goes to another network – a network that truly appreciates it and will properly promote it. The nice thing is that people don’t have to have watched from the beginning to pick up the story.

    Ms Anzia – sounds like you’ve got some good career potential. πŸ™‚ As for the house thing, I agree with what Arrowyn said. It’s also going to come down to cost – will you be able to do half a house payment and pay your student loans. BTW, with a house, there’s always some hidden expense that will jump out and grab you.

    Madonna – prayers for your cousin!

  57. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Prtfvr,

    IMDB I was a good clicker last week hopefully it should show in this weeks numbers πŸ˜‰ Let me know how we’re doing K?

  58. Margaret said

    Diz my love: I’m going to keep writing 20 post cards a day, which I just started back up again and then I’m systematically going to go down that list and write each one of those stations (of course I’m going to write one letter and paste it to each site which might help writer’s cramp a bit).

  59. Margaret said

    Of course it helps if you have “no life” like I DON”T.

  60. DIZEY1 :-) said

    My dawlin’ Mag’s other than work and home I have a small life right now other than ya’ll and Henry of COURSE πŸ˜› And now I have to really start writing so I get to keep Henry in my small life πŸ˜‰ You mentioned the pasting of letters you’re doing the email thing to the others listed on that website?

  61. DIZEY1 :-) said

    😎 Manifest ……………manifest……………….(subliminal messages) Manifest Henry………………………((((Henry))))))……………………. πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  62. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Ok I’m back and everyone else is MIA 😦 Oh well I’ll lurk till someone comes back to play with Henry and Me πŸ˜‰ although it is fun being his only girl 😎

  63. Margaret said

    I’m doing as much as I can for as long as I can until I fall over in a heap at my computer. I believe saving this show is that important. There is so little decent left to watch on TV any more I think we need to put a massive effort into shows we want to see stick around. To be honest with you about the only shows I watch anymore, when they’re one, is Meerkat Manor and Blood Ties, once in a while CSI and Ghost Whisperer, but other than that not much. There just isn’t that much on although I’m wondering how the Bionic Woman is going to be.

  64. lwildstar said

    just checking in between errands – first I had to go to the county permit office this morning to get the paperwork for dad to do the electrical work…uggg….he wanted to complain about mom so I vented about her comment yesturday – he asked if I wanted him to say something to her, and I said No, NO , NO, I was just venting because he had been venting, and I don’t know what to say to her anyways becasue I’ve already had the conversation with her before about the backhanded compliments and she still does it – his take was that she is just being a mom and maybe she doesn’t realize that her “concern” over my weight comes out as a slam… and that maybe I am a little sensitive – then he brought up how I do tend to snap at people …so basically it was just a “fabulous” morning… πŸ˜›

    Things sound good ANzia – keep up the good work!

    Madonna- My love & prayers are with you honey. ((((HUGS))))

    any how I checked in with someone at work and her response was “you’re on vacation – go away!” so I guess everthing is ok….yes I’m one of those who worries about whats going on at th office while I’m away.

    Well off to finish my errands – I did go drop 10 post cards in the mail today! Thnaks for that link Mags!

  65. Claire said

    Woo hooo I saw it I saw it!!! Good afternoon my ladies…can you tell I have no life?
    Left the TV on all morning on lifetime…patience…rewarded me!
    Vicky all dressed up with nice earrings..oooh and Henry!!!!

    Beth….dix-huit jours supplΓ©mentaires, et nous verrons ce beau visage, qui beau sourire ! nous avons attendu trois longs mois et bientΓ΄t nous serons rΓ©compensΓ©s!!


    Well my kiddos as usual have early dismiss today and I promised we’d go to playground,so I’ll check in later this evening!

  66. Claire said

    Woo hooo I saw it I saw it!!! Good afternoon my ladies…can you tell I have no life?
    Left the TV on all morning on lifetime…patience…rewarded me!
    Vicky all dressed up with nice earrings..oooh and Henry!!!!

    Beth….dix-huit jours supplΓ©mentaires, et nous verrons ce beau visage, qui beau sourire ! nous avons attendu trois longs mois et bientΓ΄t nous serons rΓ©compensΓ©s!!


    Well my kiddos as usual have early dismiss today and I promised we’d go to playground,so I’ll check in later this evening!

  67. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Ahhh Claire les avantages pour la longue attente ! Henry nous a laissΓ©s seuls pour loin trop long et je souhaite une rΓ©compense personnelle ; -) OOOHHHLALA!!!

    What did they say in the preview something about the lord of ?? It was so quick that I didn’t see all the details , pooh! Oh well I’m stoked and I’ll start working on the *Secret manifesting* right away πŸ˜€

  68. Madonna said

    Hi girls,
    Just a quick drive-by…..

    I’ll start doing what I can as soon as I’m able.

    Glad you’re back! I’m right there with you all, positive thoughts……
    If I remember correctly from the preview on Friday I believe they called Henry a Lost Lord of the Night.

    Anybody heard from Dani? She unusually absent today. Hope everything is OK.


    Thank you for all your prayers for Alana. Not only do the doctors have to repair the hole in her heart, but they also have to “artificially create” two valves she is missing. Her surgery started at 7:30 this morning and as far as we know she is still in surgery and it is almost 2 here.

    I’ll check back in for a minute later if I’m able.

    Take care all…..

  69. rifkind said

    Prayers for the little one Madonna,
    Surgery taks so much longer than we think it should.
    She may be under for a long time while they repair her little heart.
    It is amazing that they can do this for while she is little. Hopefully, everything will be corrected, and she will never need any more surgery.
    That is my hope for her..

    TV shows have the surgery and everything done in an hour.. so we really don’t have a REAL expectation of how long this will take.. I wouldn’t be surprised if it went 8-10 hours..
    Gotta love those surgeons! I can’t imagine standing in one spot that long!
    {{{ H U G S }}} to you and your family!

  70. rifkind said

    Question for you… how do you see the shows of Blood Ties in the Netherlands?
    Are you able to see them at lifetime website? or did you see them on YouTube before they were pulled? or satellite or something??
    Or, shhhhhh… did someone send you DVDs to watch…. shhhhhh!!! Don’t tell anybody!

    I know that at one time Canadians were blocked from seeing the episodes on lifetime…I’m not sure about NOW that the shows are running there… If CA was blocked before, someone would have to make the effort to change the website to allow them access.

    We need more world wide excitement about the show!
    Lifetime doesn’t seem to know what they have… I need some of Dizey’s Optimism…

  71. Marie said

    Hello all,

    I have a question. I was on the Lifetime wedsite under schedules and they are playing Lisa Williams and the Physic Challenge after BT on the 12 and again Sat afternoon. Why aren’t they doing it with BT? There are a lot of shows on Lifetime that get re-aired. Oh well enough complaining from me!


  72. Danae said

    Hi I’m here Madonna. I am being very quiet today. I am falling asleep at my desk. Serves me right for going to the Big E yesterday and not getting home until 11:30 and getting a migraine while driving home. I am wicked wicked tired. My prayers are with baby Alana.

    More postcards!? Ugh! My funds are slowly getting depleted. I am going to have to give my money to my parents to hold for me if I want to be able to pay for anything when I get to Virginia and Claire.

    Anzia-I LOVED The Holiday. That was an extremely wickedly awesome movie. I LOVE Jude Law.

  73. Danae said

    I did find out that my dad’s cancer didn’t come back per say but it is left over from when he had several years ago. The radiation didn’t work so they are going to have do more surgery. The left side of his throat already looks collapsed. I hope the same doesn’t happen with the right side.

  74. Margaret said

    Danae: Sorry to hear about your dad. He’s in our thoughts and prayers. If you can’t bear the weight of getting more postcards go to this link:


    and start emailing the addresses that she has suggested when you have the time. You can accomplish just as much by doing that and it needs to be done.

    Madonna: Keep us informed about Alana.

    Claire: How’s your Chris?

    Diz: How’s Robbie?

    I feel like I’m leaving someone out. If I did, sorry.

  75. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Dani Girl! So for your dad is that good news? Sounds optimistic to me. What’s the Big E ? Hope you don’t still have the migraine , would make for a really long crappy day πŸ˜‰

    Gonna go grab a bite of something. No lunch I’ll have to forage πŸ˜›

  76. Danae said

    It is good news I guess, if you can call that good news. The doctor was hoping he didn’t have to operate but there are so few cancer cells and it hasn’t spread so yeah it is good. The Big E is a huge 2 1/2 week fair that encompasses all of New England. They get big name performers. This year some of them were Daughtry, Montgomery Gentry and Trace Adkins. Those are the ones they charge extra for. I saw Josh Turner. He was a free one. There is an Avenue of the States. There is a building for each state. They sell different things in them. Vermont has maple syrup and sugar, Maine has lobsters and baked potatoes. Stuff like that. It is really fun. They have lots of rides and games and food. They even had Beignets. There is a Mardi Gras parade daily where they toss you beads. It is a big deal up here.

  77. Himmiefan said

    Hey Dani – prayers for your father!! Go get you some caffeine.

    Madonna – thanks for checking in. Keep us posted!

    Dizey – did I read that your brother had anothe seizure? Please let us know how he’s doing.

    As for me, I’m fine, sleepy but fine. Except for my tongue. Yes, my tongue. The dentist got a little over zealous with the anethesia when he was trying to put my permanent crown on (I asked for the deadening stuff since I’m a huge wuss), and the side of my tongue is still numb two weeks later. I’m getting tired of it!!!!

  78. prtfvr said

    IMDB Stats:

    Kyle, Christina and Blood Ties are somewhat elevated. Dylan dropped almost a K.

  79. Margaret said

    Ladies: They’ve posted some new pictures in the production stills at:


  80. rifkind said

    Oh Himmi!
    Not good about your tongue!
    It could be nerve damage.. check out vitamins etc that say that they are good for nerves.. you could have permenant damage!

  81. Danae said

    Himmiefan-Caffeine makes me even more tired.

    Thanks for the prayers everyone. It is time for me to go home.

    Ciao Bellas!

  82. Margaret said

    Interview with Kyle Schmid from CTV:


    Comments said there wasn’t much about BT though.

  83. Margaret said

    I can’t seem to get that link to play. Picked it up from a CityTV website (Canadian) but why wouldn’t it let us play it?

  84. Himmiefan said

    Rifkind – Hello!! They all swear that it’s temporary even though it could take a while to un-numb (I think I just made that word up). So, keep your fingers and tongues crossed. Good idea about vitamins, though. Do you know which ones are good for nerves?

    Now, it’s just the right side and part of the tip. I can feel my teeth against that side of my tongue, so it’s not totally deadened.

  85. AlisaSG said

    >>>Got a response from the guy who kept calling our guy β€œMickey”:

    >>Hi Margaret.
    >> You’re right. Getting the name wrong was inexcusable and I shall

    >> But again β€” I am sure there are those who like many shows I don’t. So
    more power to you for writing in, and I will set the record straight
    in an upcoming review. And I promise to watch another episode to see
    if I like it better next time.

    OOOOOOooo! Send her off to episodes 6 and 8. Not sure if Sinead’s ep.5 would help in that batch.

    Dumb question… if she knew the premiere was a 2-parter, how can *ANY* critic in their critical mind NOT watch both halves to get the entire whole? The story was missing a HUGE chunk at the mid-point, and thus Vicki never got to team up with Henry at that rate.

    yes, one exception– it is easier to enter into part 2 — watch HEART OF FIRE –but only IF the recalled segments from HEART OF ICE are seen with HEART OF FIRE. Otherwise, the sol thing is just a jumble of confusion.

  86. AlisaSG said

    Margaret, one more thing — i forgot to mention..

    whoever wrote the JPost article and wrote back to you, it’s better to see BOTH halves of the BLOOD PRICE episode (2-parter primiere) because–

    it just makes better sense to see it’s entire entity if anyone decides to watch
    NORMAN – the episode. Without all 3 in sync together, the whole point behind the story (and the deeper in-story jokes, as well) just falls apart – no wonder why s/he was left disappointed and confused..! πŸ˜›

    Put up with that horrid demon regardless! It’s one of those necessary evils. I put up with the first (joker) demon who did Norman’s bidding.. at least we got more action out of Henry in Part 2 because of *it*.. and more action even beyond that as well. I wonder if she’s ever seen the music videos (tributes) put to Henry and Vicki scenes..
    “Bring Me to Life” Evanescence music tribute video on u-tube of BT’s Henry and Vicki (hint, hint!)

    (so, it’s just something you might want to mention to her as well.. in addition to anything else that’s already been mentioned) πŸ˜€

    which half did she actually see and which half did she miss?? now, I’m wondering!

  87. DIZEY1 :-) said


    OMG ! that was awesome and it was mostly about BT and Kyle’s life. It was a great interview, my dude out on the Lakefront at a restaurant I think. Kind of reminded me of our restaurants on Lake Ponchartrain. Very Cool 😎 they also talked about his older lady fans……….oooh and he mentioned our Anne and the Bloodties Central sites. You need to check it ou thanks Mag’s you Rock my sista’!!!!

    Love ya and I’ll check in when I get home XOXOXO

  88. elizabeth said

    Dizey – how did you get to see it? Nothing happens when I click on the link

  89. Anne said

    Flabbergasted and flattered – that’s me πŸ˜‰
    I thought he said Bloodlines – with blog and such – I think he has my site confused with the big one. Not my name though … – I’m still fizzy.

    I did the print screen thingie, so I have a few pictures from the interview that will go up.

    So the interview definitely isn’t geo-locked since I was able to see it – but then, I have broadband. Might that be a reason why some of you can’t see it – your connection is too slow? Even with my connection there was some buffering.

  90. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey maybe he’s just here for me πŸ˜‰ No I opened it at work no less (busted if caught, ha ha ha!!!) and on the mid-bottom left was the buffer thingy and I just clicked on it. I thought it would be audio but I got to see that cool dude hanging in a t-shirt Robbie would love to have just being his cool little self. I’ll check it out on my home computer and see if the audio and video are in better sync than my work computer.

    Himmie girl he did have a seizure Sat. evening in the huge spacey bathroom πŸ˜‰ this one only lasted maybe half an hour total so waaaay better than the last few. They called me a while ago and he’d gone to the chiropractor (sp) and was adjusted and he’s @ a 6 for his pain chart. That’s like a zero for him so they were pretty stoked and laughing and joking around. Laughter such a good sound, music to the ears. Oh and the Saints are on Monday night football sorry my Nashville Titan fans we’re gonna WIN!!!

  91. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Me too Anne it would stick every now and then. But when he said about the fansites and there’s a lady named Anne I was like I know her! That’s just way cool. You got a mention from Kyle you lucky girl and I loved when he said he liked the older lady fans, in a nice way not like the OLD LADY FANS πŸ˜€ Beaming now 😎 Well and I’m not an older lady but ok I’m not 23.

  92. lwildstar said

    Yipee! I got the interview to play – it kept skipping and took two trys but I finally got it!
    He is so cute! Scruffy, scruffy! grrrrr
    Did you notice the ring on the cord around his neck – I think it was one of Henry’s…
    and the bit about the Fans (older ladies loving him!) I couldn’t stap lauging!

    And ANNE – whoo hoo – what a great thing – I think the interviewer had it confused and Kyle just went with it…..but he got your name right!

    Dizey – glad Robbie is feeling a little better – and laughter s a great medecine.

    Well I just printed off the last of the post cards – now to split them up – they need to last me two weeks – I can’t get anymore til my next payday…..glad we did a stay at home vaca – I spent way too much money the past two month and I have to pay for all this electrical permit stuff yet……oh well – I’ll make it work!

    I’ve been working on some of the suggested edits the Arrowyn gave me for the short story – didn’t finish, but I’ll let you know. Still working on the part two – that may be another week or two….hoping to have it done before the 12th! he he he ….

    Well I hope everyone has had a good day and HUGS to anyone who didn’t….good vibes to everyone who needs them….I’ll check back in later!

  93. elizabeth said

    I am pouting. I cannot get the dratted thing to work!

  94. elizabeth said

    Not only that, but everyone left!!! 😦 On that note, I think I will go home myself – so there. Sheesh, I almost sounded like my daughter in full teenage angst mode – Definately time to go home. Later, everyone πŸ™‚

  95. DIZEY1 :-) said


    I just watched it again from home and saw the whole thing no skipping and man this dude is just too damn cool 😎 I’m sorry you can’t get it up 😦


    I’ve been wanting to go skydiving and now I’ve got someone who’ll gladly jump out of a plane with me πŸ˜‰ Whooo hoooo great interview!

  96. DIZEY1 :-) said

    I’ll check back in a bit

  97. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Madonna any word on the little one *Alana* ? God is good and will guide the Dr’s hands. Keep me updated k?

  98. lwildstar said

    anyone home?

  99. lwildstar said

    Dizey said:
    Wildstalker, I’ve been wanting to go skydiving and now I’ve got someone who’ll gladly jump out of a plane with me Whooo hoooo great interview!

    Dizey – was that an invitation to go skydiving with me?…no you must have meant Kyle…becasue I would never jump out of a perfectly good plane! presuming you could get me on a plane! πŸ™‚

    Lets see he said he went two years ago – so he did that for his 21st b-day!
    He acted like such an average guy! I’ve watched it twice now – did anyone else catch the little “adjustment” to his pants? – ok im obsessing…

    how pitaful is it that I’ve been watching LT all day just to catch the comercial and I’m counting (since saturday I’ve seen 2 long version 4 short)….whimper whimper……

    Hey Laurel are you around? its 8pm now – I’ll check back in an hour…..

  100. lwildstar said

    well I guess I missed everyone….. 😦

  101. Anne said

    I’m at home and emailing, but I think I’m going to crash soon – its almost 3 am.

    And no, I’m not really interested in seeing Kyle do Powder 2

  102. lwildstar said

    I really hope he was kidding about shaving his head – I actually yelled at the screen “Don’t even think about it!”

    Night Anne!

  103. lwildstar said

    Hey Laurel are you around? its 9 now – so since you are not around I’ll check back with you Friday?

    If you are around, I’ll be online hummm about another half hour…email me or post here.

    Night! to every one…

  104. AlisaSG said

    those folks at the LIVING Tv forum sure have strange hours.
    I managed to log on and this is what happened, when I went to post into the Blood Ties topic over there–

    “Sorry this forum is currently closed.
    You can only post messages between 10:00 and midnight.”

    now, is that 10 a.m. and midnight or a 2 hour P.M. window only?
    and replying to any of the forums over there applies to the same time slot posting…!

  105. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Anne me either. I can’t picture him transparent πŸ˜‰ What pray tell are you still doing up at 3 am ?? Sleep well but you’re probably already sleeping.


    He can make anything look good, actaully 2 of my bro’s have shaved heads
    and look very handsome. Chris Daughtry is pretty fine looking guy don’t ya’ think? Over the years I’ve had my hair colored ummmmm different, eggplant was one of my favorite colors but red always wins out light or dark depends on the season and I never know my hairdresser’s so good w/color that I tell her to surprise me. ( Tanget! , sorry ) Oh and BTW I did catch the *adjustment* πŸ˜‰ you are so not alone obsessing and come on and jump with me, I really would love to do it at least once in my lifetime. Jeronimooooo!!!!

  106. AlisaSG said

    LIVING Tv’s BT topic has vanished off their index page, so it’s archived and requires digging it out to get it back on the first page of topics. That’s what I was trying to do, since I’m hearing so much positive feedback about the series over in the UK, but not seeing it in any forums.. 😦

    They’re already up to HEART OF ICE about to be shown this Thursday in the UK.
    There hasn’t been anything spoken since the first 2 eps of Blood Price. So, I thought it’d be helpful to resurrect it.. πŸ˜‰

  107. AlisaSG said

    Kyle — shave it off if you must for a job, but when BT returns, we’ll miss those lushious locks of Henry’s!! hope his hair grows fast!

    or even Vicki might start asking “what the H— happened to you??!” πŸ˜›

  108. lwildstar said

    Sorry Diz – if he shaves his head, I will mourn his lovely locks 😦 I just can’t see him bald – short hair ok, but not shaved!

    Well I’m off for the night I think – I’ve been writing and now my neck hurts.

    Check ya’ll tomorrow…just one day left of vaca to sleep in!

  109. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Sleep well and will see ya’ tomorrow πŸ˜€

  110. vicki said

    hey girls

    If he cuts off that hair I will die!!!!!!!!!!! No to Powder 2 Kyle..just say no to the scissor demons…say no

    He was so cute and scruffy…and so cool when he spoke…(((Sighs))

    Kyle…you had us at hello…HEHEhhe

  111. Margaret said

    Well, its nice to see that he didn’t totally diss all us old ladies. Probably wouldn’t be a good move on his part as we’re probably the only ones crazy enough to keep writing all these stupid post cards and letters. The demographics that Lifetime is searching for would probably just say, easy come, easy go.

  112. Madonna said

    Hey ladies,

    Again thank you for all the prayers. Alana or AJ as they call her is doing well. The surgery lasted 6 1/2 hrs. The doc says one of her valves is a bit leaky but they hope that that won’t be a problem. They’re just going to watch it. She’ll probably be in ICU for a couple of days and home in about a week and a half.


    I have dial up so I can’t see the interview at home. I guess I’ll have to try to check it out in the morning before work.

    And Kyle…… If you read this….. PLEASE DON’T SHAVE THE HAIR!

  113. lwildstar said

    Sorry – to excited when typing …….As Henry approches Vicki…..must not make typos on Henry’s name πŸ™‚

  114. lwildstar said

    had to run down here and post – they just showed a new preview!
    OMG..I can’t wait
    As Hanry approches Vicki – it sounds like he says “It only hurts for a moment” and then hes on her neck! the picture under my name!
    I was jumping up and down! good thing this is a house not an apartment or neighbors would be up set.
    eternal seduction!
    and the lines from Henry! OMG! OMG! OMG! this better have been the preview for the 12th!

    I need to go out tomorrow and get a pack of VCR tpes – I want to make sure I have back ups! I’ll be taping on BOYH machines!

    ok now I am off!
    NIght ladies!

  115. lwildstar said

    ok typo corrections!

    Henry approches Vicki

    and BOTH VCRS!

    too excited to type!

  116. Hi everyone!

    What an awesome interview! He seems like a down to earth, pleasant young man.
    I loved the story about getting pulled over after sky diving, very comical.

    Anne, congratulations on the plug! I bet you’re on cloud 9!

    As for cutting your hair Kyle — Just look at that gorgeous mane, how could you even think about it? You’ve got plenty of time for that when you’re older. Right now you’ve got baby–flaunt it!

    –and thanks for acknowledging us (your fans) Most of us have been with you since Blood Ties aired and have been working really hard to Get Lifetime to renew it for another season.

    You are an awesome young actor with a brilliant career ahead of you….

    and you have an awesome group of fans that are pulling for your success. Kudos to a great group of ladies.

  117. Margaret said

    Have you noticed how he avoided saying the strangest thing that he had gotten yet. Guess he hasn’t gotten our package yet, eh?

  118. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hi ya’ll checking in before bed. Maggie May our isn’t strange it’s just not ALL about Kyle πŸ˜‰ You can get to me through my pets, anyone else? I think he’ll appreciate it even more cuz’ we’re animal lovers just like he is, his baby.

    Dr.du Chat how’s it going? You must be crazy busy lately. Thanks again for my picture. How’s my girl Melanie doing ? Her site is very cool, I checked it out the other day. Great job on her she’s cool and so are you πŸ˜€

    Well good night, Bonne Nuit! Buona notte! Reves doux d’Henri

    XOXOXOXOXO Je t’aime, Ti Amo!


  119. Anzia said

    Hey guys! Ya’ll are great. ^_^ I told sarah today that i had in my budget $600 for rent/utilities (talk about almost impossible btw) and i COULDN’T go over that or else I didn’t eat. She said it would probably come out to about 400 a piece so…I have NO clue what she’s thinking ’cause we didn’t have time to really talk today. I kept missing my breaks b/c I was on calls (yay!).

    It was a good night! OMG! I only got yelled at twice & neither was my fault. 1 guy was po’d ’cause his wife didn’t pay the bill (for 2 mnths) and then lied about sending in a check to us. He wanted the acct closed & told me he would never shop at kohls again when I said “just so you know, by closing the acct you will no longer be eligable for the extra savings & special shopping days.” *shrugs* but I don’t care. i saved another acct later so…whatev! *sigh* love good days…makes me a little less of a basket case. I seriously don’t think I can have a day off…’cause I freak out EVERY monday. I seriously stress myself out. I couldn’t stop crying today. I tried & tried & tried…i was 5 minutes late logging in b/c I couldn’t stop (I got there almost 20 minutes early!). It’s rediculous. I really hope i’m pms-ing…otherwise i have some serious problems ahead of me. ^_^

    Dani- I’m sorry to hear they have to operate but it’s good that there aren’t that many cells & they aren’t spreading. You have my prayers dear (((HUGS)))

    Madonna-how’s the little one doing?

    Diz-how’s your little one doing? good I hope! ^_^

    Okay guys…i’m off to bed…i’m beat! LOVE YA’LL!!!!!

  120. laurel said

    I’m here at last. Long, long day. 3 hours standing and folding fabric at the ironing board at home and then 6 hours more of the same at work. Tomorrow will be the same. My knees are very unhappy.
    I haven’t seen any of the longer adds, but I saw the short one twice last night while I chatted with wildstar.
    Now I’ll have to see if I can get the interview to play. Wish me luck!

    Prayers went out to those of you in need today, I’m glad to hear AJ did okay.
    Danae – Hang in there dear. I hope your dad comes through the surgery with minimal damage and maximum benefit.
    Diz – Ya’all are always on my list.
    Claire – Possitive energy in the universe for your Elijah, plus prayers continue for Chris.

  121. laurel said

    Well!!! πŸ™‚ I got the interview to play! Sort of. Good audio and occasional video.
    Hey E! Maybe we should write down the address for that and meet at the Apple store to watch it on their computers! What do you think? I would really like to see it with the video moving!

    He sure seems like a nice kid. That interviewer was pretty silly though. They kept me smiling for all 14+ minutes.
    Good job on getting mentiones Anne! I guess we know who the older lady fans are. 😎

    Okay, now I have to get some sleep. I missed all of you today.
    Sorry I missed you Wildstar.

  122. AlisaSG said

    LADIES, I’ve gotta be quick, cause I gotta go to work..
    but I managed to register at LIVING TV last night… it 10a.m. to midnight their time that posting is, so that’s why I’m posting this now..

    Registration is easy (but you use your real name where first/last name*, and then type in your “screen” name –mine is still AlisaSG– in the line near the e-mail*)

    it’s fast too. except I couldn’t post until this morning. Topic has been resurrected and now waiting… click directly at topic link at



  123. Annalaise duChat said

    Hi All,

    Just checking in quickly this morning to see how you all are doing. I’m hoping everyone has a wonderful day.

    Hi Dizey — I’m really glad you liked the picture. I love it! Of the pictures you sent, that one was really the only on I could use, you had sunglasses on in two of them which wouldn’t have worked and in the third your mother(?) was partially in front of you. (That’s what I meant by overlap by the way)
    I have to have a clear shot of the person I’m putting into the composite picture so there aren’t pieces of them missing in the final image. I had to think about how to make it work for a while and then it came to me, the old He’s standing right behind me thing. Everyone’s been there and the look on Kyle’s face in that picture just works so well too don’tcha think?

    Yes I’ve been pretty busy lately, but I’ve also been feeling a little guilty about spending so much time blogging when I’m supposed to be working.
    So I’ve been trying to be a bit more responsible. It’s very hard, but if I don’t watch myself I find I spend too much time here and don’t get the things done I need to. It’s an obsession you know.

    Melanie says hi. Thanks for the compliment. She is a wonderful, intellegent kid, and I’m very proud of her.

    Bye for now,

  124. Claire said

    Ok so I saw the interview..Awww scruffy long hair blowing in the wind….I feel like breaking into song! He’s so beautiful LOL!! yeah definitely feeling a tad teenagerish!
    Love his sense of humor…I knew he’d be that way…

    Hows baby Alana this morning Madonna
    Danae…hows your dad?
    Diz..hows Robbie?

    I didn’t even get a chance to say goodnight yesterday..took kids to the park then dinner,baths…then sat down to watch one of my favorite shows second to BLOOD TIES of couse…Heroes! thats over at 10 and by then I’m done! LOL
    being an old broad and such LOL!!

    Madonna..ER this Thursday!
    16 days 12 hours…..THUMP…THUMP..

  125. laurel said

    Good moringing! I have a few minutes to check in with you today. I hope you all have a terrific Tuesday.
    For those of you who read my little piece of BT fic and are waiting for the next chapter – I’m working on it! I’m working on it! 😎 The Quilting Expo that I’m working for is this week Thur-Sat so it will be after that.
    Arrowyn – I never did find any sign of your corrections. Where did you send them? I wil edit chapter one with those changes before I add the second part if I can get my hands on them. The attatchement on yesterday’s e-mail wouldn’t open – said it was a movie! ???

  126. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bonjour! Buongiorno! Good morning!!

    Claire, I like the scruffy stuff πŸ˜‰ and he’s very comfortable in interviews. BTW did you love the line about liking the older ladies, smart man I say! He knows who’s buttering his bread πŸ˜›

    Claire, **Dr.Z**, Miss Laurel, etc.

    Robbie went to the back cracker yesterday and actually had a lower pain level after the adjustment, so that’s a Whooo hoooo!! He’s going again tomorrow and Eric’s girlfriend Kendra is a massage therapist and will give him a massage tomorrow also. He will be the least stressed person in the family after tomorrow that lucky dawg!! I’d like him to try acu-punture or something along those lines ya’ never know what may work, and it’d be great if he could get off some of these med’s.

    Madonna so glad the small one did so well and can go home that soon πŸ˜€ amazing what science and technology has gotten us to be able to repair a heart so small and go home so quickly, YAY!!!!

    You did a great job w/the few pic’s I had of myself to send you, so thanks again. πŸ˜€ I think your little Mel is awesome and that doesn’t just happen you and her dad must be really great people, she’s wonderful.

    Prtfvr, where are you? You must be crazy busy also. Work making you crazy?? Hey when do you move to the new house? Thanks for the IMDB update πŸ˜‰

  127. lwildstar said

    My last day of vacation! oh I so don’t want to go back to work! I think I’ll work on my writing today…
    I think dad must have said something to mom after all, becasue I didn’t hear fromher yesturday and I haven’t heard from her this morning – oh well this too shall pass.

    ok just saw the comercial again – practically sat inside the tv – turned the volum WAY up so I could hear what Henry says just before going in for Vickis neck “trust makes it more stimulating” – way different then what I thougth he said last night – and the noise she makes – yeah I think he bites! oh giggles giggles, big smile! I am going to be soooo upset if this is another one of LifeTimes little tricks with the previews!

    Hows baby Alana this morning Madonna?
    Danae…hows your dad?
    Diz..hows Robbie?

    Laurel – sent you an email…

  128. lwildstar said

    This was posted over at the Lifetime message Baord – I’m going to give it a try and see if I can get in –
    ***Good Morning! Here is the direct link on The Hey Neilsen site to Blood Ties, http://www.heynielsen.com/opinion/view/a-wonderful-show-about-a-female-private-detective-that-currently-airs-on-lifetime-tv/……………………………………………………Four of us have posted. Please add your name =) ****

  129. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas! How is everyone doing today?

    I met a new guy on match.com. His name is Jonathan and we seem to have a lot more in common then Adam and I. I told Adam that right now the only feelings I have for him is friendship and I thought we should take it that way and if something else develops great. If not that’s to bad. He agreed. This other buy Jonathan likes Nascar and country music and he already has me laughing.

    Ok so I was watching Kyle’s interview this morning. Let me just say-SHAVE HIS HAIR!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I love longish curly hair. He won’t look right without it. Remember when dumbass Johnny Damon cut his hair and beard.? Now he just looks stupid. I am not a big fan of the scruffiness. I like a nice trim goatee or soulpatch. I have to say that DAMN Kyle looked good. I miss his gorgeousness and beautiful smile.

    My dad is doing ok. There is no news as to when the surgery will be.

    Madonna-How is baby AJ doing?

    Anyone I missed I’m sorry.

  130. Danae said

    My mom just called saying that a collection agency is calling her for something I owe. I am not sure what it is because I thought I was up on everything. Anyway she gave me the number and the person I have to ask for is named Kyle. Woohoo!

  131. lwildstar said

    just popping back in – if you try that HeyNelson link – you need to register before you can post a comment..here are two there now – I posted a topic trying to post a comment on the other topic –

    I had to log in and then go to that link above for Blood ties and look for the comment short cut on the side… I may try again this afternoon and copy down how to get to it, so if any of you want to try and have problems I’ll see if I can walk you through it. …..


  132. lwildstar said

    well then Dani – it can’t be too bad…a good omen?

  133. Danae said

    I think it will all be fine. They just want to get the last of the cancer cells out. The last time they did surgery they had to cut around his voice box and it damaged some nerves now he can’t yell very loud. Maybe this time he will lose the ability to yell all together. I always try to find humor in bad things like this. It makes me feel better.

  134. lwildstar said

    oh Dani!
    I’m glad you can find a smile in this…

    good grief its lunch time and I have done almost nothing today – got up late, picked up my pants from the talyor, mailed postcards, and have spent the last few hours online!

    Well I’m going to go see if i have any food and I’ll be back later.

    (((HUGS))) to everyone!

  135. Danae said

    Oh wait did you mean the collection agency? I thought you meant my dads surgery. Ha! I really need to pay better attention. I just got off the phone with them apparently I didn’t pay one of my bills for Columbia House. Oops. He was very pleasant but he sounded nothing like our Kyle. I paid in full so I bet he is happy.

  136. Margaret said

    lwildstar: I’ve tried that heyneilson on firefox and internet explorer. It won’t work on either. What am I doing wrong?

  137. Claire said

    Hi Iwildstar! I registered and put my two cents in!
    Danae,very weird…I was watching an old epi of charmed..guy on there named Kyle,commercial came on about law and order I think,guy on there named Kyle!
    Hmmmm…good omens indeed!

    and I agree..I’d have to slap our man silly if he touched that gorgeous hair!!!!! LOL!!

    Danae..I’m the same way…when my Dr. told me he’d found a growth in my breast back in 2000,the first thing out of my mouth was”Well are you cutting it off? can you do both and give me pretty 15 year old ones?”
    He said humor is crucial to beating certain illnesses…instead of wallowing.

    I’ve never been a wallower..well not until BT…I wallow in my love of Blood ties! lol!


  138. Margaret said

    Forgetaboutit, I figured it out. I’m bad.

    Hope everyone’s loved ones are doing better. Let us know.

  139. Madonna said

    Good afternoon all,

    Just a quick drive by….

    Thanks Laurel!

    Anzia, Claire, Dizey, lwildstar, Danae, and everyone else…..

    Thanks for the prayers. They work! And yes, as much as what we talk about hating going to doctors, it is amazing the advancements medical science has made.

    As far as I know Alana/AJ is still in the ICU but is doing very well. My aunt said she would call us if there is any change and she hasn’t, so no news is good news. I’m not even going to try to go see her because I think I’m coming down with a chest cold and she doesn’t need that.

    Look at you…. You’ve got 3 guys after you. How do you balance them all?
    Lots of prayers for you dad as well.

    OK…. I’ve tried to see the interview both at home and at work and I can’t seem to watch it and I’m bummed. Can someone email me the “highlights”? Thanks in advance.

    BTW….. I have to smile to myself because every morning I have to go by Kyle’s Lane

    Alright I’m running out of here….. Watch me gooooo!!!!!!

  140. Danae said

    3 guys? Where did you get that there are three guys after me?

  141. laurel said

    lwildstar – got your e-mail. Thank you for the pep talk, I may finish that story yet!
    I haven’t got time to try the link right now but I’ll be back tonight and give it a try.

    Danae – I’m glad you had a positive experience with “Kyle” the collector. Also glad to hear your dad’s surgery is not supposed to be a big deal. No yelling would be an outcome to hope for, good health and low stress even better.

    I have to jet off to work in a few minutes but my coffee is still too hot to drink so I may putter around for a couple of minutes while it cools off.

    Anne – so glad you have been willing to share your talents and insights with us! We are truly blessed to count you among our friends. You rock!

    prtfvr, E, Claire, Gypsy, Madonnna, Margaret… everybody – Almost October!!!!!

  142. Madonna said

    Jason recently sent you a wink, you’ve been going out with Adam and now you’ve got Johnathan.

  143. Danae said

    Gotcha. I forgot about Jason.

  144. Danae said

    I was hoping you meant our Kyle and that I had missed something. Darn!

  145. Madonna said

    So many you can’t keep up with them all huh?

  146. Danae said

    It is hard keeping up with all of my admirers. What can I say? I have charisma.

  147. Madonna said

    Not mojo, charm, if you will.

  148. lwildstar said

    Dani – I meant the collections – and see it was ok, but I am glad about your dad too.

    Madonna – I’m glad things are going well with the baby

    Claire – hows Chris doing?

    Diz – Hows Robbie?

    if you guys make it on the Hey Nelson site – remember to post comments at both topics.
    I went back on and wrote down how I got back to the topic after loging in – if you need them let me know and I’ll email you

    I’m sitting here trying to catch the commercial again – is that bad or what? – but the movie thats on right now isn’t too bad….

    I’m going to go work on my writing – Laurel you keep working on yours!

  149. Danae said

    Lunchtime’s over. Be back later homies.

  150. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Ok I am having the hardest time trying to post on that Neilsen site. What the heck am I doing wrong? Arggggggg very frustrated by these computer thingy!! 😦

  151. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey kidz heading to lunch I can’t seem to get my home email to open up here so send to my work email for now, if there’s any important info I should have πŸ˜‰

  152. lwildstar said

    Diz – I don’t know which is your work email so I’ll send the directions to both.

  153. prtfvr said

    Hi everyone. I haven’t been feeling the love so I haven’t been blogging or emailing. Work has been chock full of Normans and I so want to smite these people it hurts my widdle brain. I’ve been cranky so I was waiting to cool off a bit. Thought it was over but just got an email from another genius and I’ve got my Yosmite Sam hat and attitude again! And the heart palpitations are driving me nuts!

    See what you all have missed? πŸ˜‰

    I’m really behind so I’ve just skimmed but wow, everyone and their loved ones, feel better! *HUGS*

  154. Danae said

    prtfvr-what can we do to make you feel the love?

    I just remembered that there was something that I meant to say in my first post of the day.

    Wildstar-I did see Kyle’s adjustment in the interview and my fantasies immediately kicked in. Obsessing? I think not!

  155. lwildstar said

    Ok here are my directions for getting the Hey Nelson thingy to work

    1)go to this link
    you won’t be able to post a response yet…..anyway if you click on the meter and the thing will say sign up or register. the registration button is in the upper right of the page….. If you haven’t already registered you have to wait til you get the email confirmation to start – once you are registered and confirmed you can sign in

    2) on the right you’ll see Blood Ties click on one of the blue links or you can stay on the one the link takes you too

    3) once you are logged in go back to the link above – I just copied and pasted it back into the address box – it won’t look like you are still logged in until you click on one of the blue links

    4) when you go back to the blue links – click them all to rate them – if you click on add an opinion you will post another topic

    5) you can also post a comment at the bottom of each topic by clicking comments.

    hope this helps you – if not I’ll try to simplify the directions – I’m not sure how well they make sense – I’m following them as I type.

  156. lwildstar said

    Danea! good girl – I watched it again today….just as many skips but the audio keeps playing so thats not too bad! Ha Ha Ha I’m glad I’m not the only one – guess I’m in the right house!

    Oh just caught the commercial again and taped it! I think I only missed the first line! Henry is describing how he sees in techniclor and Vicki says she wishes she could see like that and he respondes “all it takes is a simple blood transfusion”… I have it almost memorized now. “trust can be exstreamly stimulating” nibble nibble!

    ok I’m happy for the rest of the day – I can watch it anytime I want and if I am lucky I can catch the other two commerccails tonight… Dang it – I mean to go to the store and get new tapes. Guess I’ll be going for a walk!

  157. lwildstar said

    Prtfvr – Hugs darling – what can we do to cheer you up? I’d send you Henry pics – but I’m sure you have them all!

    I’ll check YOutube later and see if anyone has posted the commercials.

  158. Danae said

    And seeing that adjustment Kyle did brings back the question about his skivies, boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs, commando. Insert your fantasy here.

  159. Danae said

    Personally I am a boxer-brief kinda girl but I seriously think Kyle is a boxers guy.

  160. Just a quick run-by posty. Ugh. I am SO beyond jealous that you guy got to see the BT previews. I must say, I avoid LT like the plague as much as humanly possible. But I have to say, Henry makes the whole thing sound so damn sexy I’d totally go for it. Bite me, Baby. πŸ™‚

  161. prtfvr said

    Unless you can cure world stupidity, I’m afraid I’m just going to have to suck it up and deal with it. Maybe cut out caffeine until the heart palpitations stop. HOW CAN PEOPLE BE SO STUPID?!

  162. Danae said

    Because they never developed common sense.

  163. prtfvr said

    Oh lordy, ain’t that the truth!

    I just got an reply to my email with an apology! AMAZING! But she had to put this last line in: “keep me posted so that I can make sure you get your keys”. Ok, on the surface that seem logical but in reality, if she’s the ONE giving me the keys why would I have to keep HER posted? OMG!!

    The best one from another co-worker last week? They mailed me a document and told ME that I need to mail it – in the same f-ing group! Mailed me THEIR mail that was to the f-ing building up the street from them and I’m downtown. What the hell?! If I believed in IQ tests, I’d make everyone of these M-Effers take one before they were hired! JEEZ!

  164. prtfvr said

    Oh, and they down-graded a position by 15k and told me “not to worry about it”! Sure, that opens up th door to lots of people but I told you we already had someone doing the work that we wanted to make permanent and they already make the dollar amount I asked for. I’m thinking they’re not going to go for the cut in pay. I could be wrong but I really, really, REALLY doubt it!

    I was just ranting about all this to my son when he stops me and asks “do you have an ulcer?” To which I reply “Nope, just acid reflux.” And he follows up with a “that’s amazing.”

    I KNEW I wasn’t ready to post and email again! In the immortal words of the genius’, Insane Clown Posse, “Insane in the membrane, insane in the brain!” Oh, and Will Ferrell in Zoolander “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!”

  165. Maddie Mo said

    Hello all,

    I know I’m WAY behind on this one, but I’m glad Alana is doing well. I hope all continues to go well. How have you been?

    Just watch the video that was posted by Margaret I believe. OMG I LOVED it. I too caught the adjustment. This week has been sucky so far but now it is much better.

    Glad Robbie is feeling better. Sorry that he had another seizure this weekend.

    Congrats on the new guy. Keep me posted. Is your brother back home yet?/

  166. Danae said

    Yeah my brother flew in Saturday afternoon. He has been trying to think of a name for a business he wants to start doing refinishing work. He is doing good. He had a big fight on the phone last night with his wife though.

    On the new guy, as Madonna said how do I juggle them all. Don’t ask me I forgot all about Jason.

  167. prtfvr said

    Hey Dani, he can call it Almost Finished. πŸ˜‰

  168. Danae said

    That’s a good one. I let him know and make sure he credits you if he uses it.

  169. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Prtfvr, You are such a quick whit chick πŸ˜‰ I missed you and last week me (hee hee hee) . Hey maybe your people have *brain fever* and could use a transplant. I watched it Saturday w/Robbie and Logan slip brains through slot after 5:00 πŸ˜‰ Abby something. Is that who you’re working with??

    Dani girl glad the bro’s home and is doing ok, I like Prtfvr’s name that’s what he needs is a catchy phrase.

    Maddie Mo I think in time things will be somewhat normal, but then again what the hell is normal?? Haa!

    Oh and Prtfvr if it helps at all tomorrow is the Full Moon and alllll the LUNAR-TICS are out. πŸ˜›

  170. lwildstar said

    well Dani – we know Henry is a boxer boy – silk if I’m not mistaken….
    oh and I think you need to start numbering your guys to keep track! I envy you….

    I walked up to the store and all they had was the cheepest brand of 4 hours tapes so I’ll have to wait till the weekened and go to the other market – if the grocery by work doesn’t have anything……

    Sorry about your week Prtfvr -oh well stupid is as stupid does – one can only hope they don’t breed… and how well I know what your going through as far as stupid coworkers – I have one coworker who STILL brings me her letters to mail – hello, I’m no longer the admin and why the hell can’t she address an envelope – she absolulty refuses to let me put the lable program on her laptop grrrrr – and then she does this thing of “this needs to go in a large envelope” when she hands over a 30+ page document – DUH – no I’m going to stuff it in a letter size!…this last time I told her the temp was perfectly capable of processing out going mail (we’re still working on the incoming – I hope this week went ok).
    But I can NOT beleive the pay cut thing! You’re getting a raw deal! and now your moving further away – I wish I was there to give you a hug.

    I wish I could give all of you hugs!

    Checked my email from work – theres a big project waiting for me processing change orders – this will be my first stab at it and I’m getting the directions in notes – I hope someone will be in to work who will be able to answer questions! but at least they are giving me the chance to try. Its easy stuff, just a lot of steps – and I have a manual, plus there are templates for the letters – you just fill in the blanks.

    hummm… comcast seems to be having issues – it keeps blinking on and off – I hope it doesn’t go out!

  171. Danae said

    I am proud to say I am one of those Lunar-tics.

  172. prtfvr said

    wildstar: Sounds like your idiots are related to my idiots. The raise wasn’t for me, it’s a job I had posted and I have a specific dollar amount but it was down graded.

    It’s like a moron convention every day at work. I swear there’s a contest going on “Who’s the Dumbest Person w/a Degree”. The more degrees someone has the lower their IQ drops. Several have IQs in the shoe size range, I swear.

    Thing that really gets me is the people making the same mistakes over and over again and nothing ever comes of it. Me? Make a mistake and all hell breaks loose. Actually, I’m getting along with this new boss really well. Don’t know what changed but I ain’t gonna question it!

  173. Danae said

    That’s the way it is for me here. I make a mistake and I will never live it down but anyone else makes a mistake and it gets brushed off.

  174. lwildstar said

    nope nothing on youtube yet – I’ll keep checking.

    Blooddrinker: The ONLY reason I’ve been watching LT today while typing is to catch the commercial! Im so desprate for a new Henry fix I taped the last one I saw! ( I was quick and only missed the first 2 seconds) you know the same movie has been playing since noon – is almost 4 now!

    I really don’t want to go back to work tomorrow!

    Ugggg – I just remembered I have an HOA meeting tonight! I don’t want to go to that either – I think Im just going to drop of my ballot and come home…having been on the board I know that not enough people are going to show up and there wont be any voting tonight – we never get enough people to show up…

    Still haven’t heard from mom – so now I’m sure dad said something to her about my rant yesturday…I’ll give her a couple of days…oh well, eventually she’ll forgive me.

    I think I fixed the laptop! yeah me! I deleted everything off of it – I called my siser first and since everything was two years old she said that she had already copied it to her new laptop – wish I had known that a week ago…would have saved me some agravation.

    well I think I’ve rambled enough this afternoon – I’ll come back later….

  175. lwildstar said

    I o know what you mean – I make a simple mistake and every one is on me but no someone else makes a mistake – even a BIG one and its like “oh thats ok we’ll fix it” ugggg! sometimes I just want to scream at them…

    Ok well now I am changing the channel Henry or NO Hnery – I am not sitting through Golden Girls even for the slightest chance to my boy!

  176. lwildstar said

    my favorite thing is still the time I took the day off for an out patient proceedure….I had only been home an hour and was still doped up – and sick from the anesthesia (sp) and do you know they had the nerve to call and ask how to change the toner in the copier! and I hadn’t even called in to let them know I was ok – they just called out of the blue! I was so angry I wouldn’t talk to anybody the next day. Funny thing is – I don’t remember what I told the person who called!

  177. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Can ypu say DOUBLE STANDARD? Same here and wiat……I have to deal with nepotism(sp) my cat can work better with people than the BOSS’s son! He unfortunaltely is our shipping manager and we all dread having to ask him for anything. I fell like I’d rather carry it on my back to deliver it than to ask him for anything. If anyone else was in this position they’d have been fired a loooong time ago. Yep the big money can’t get here fast enough πŸ˜›

    Dani you and I are both Moon children huh?

  178. Maddie Mo said

    I completely understand the work situation. The problem here is you have to be a man to do anything right. Tracy( co-worker/friend) and I do the same job as a guy here and he F@#$s it up every day and he gets all kinds of praise for it. We do our job and do it right everyday and we get nothing. As we say here ” you either have to have a dick or suck one to get anywhere”. Clearly we don’t do either.

  179. elizabeth said

    i am in a foul, foul mood 😦 I have tried everything I know to see the interview with Kyle and nothing, NOTHING, is working. If it weren’t so undignified I would stamp my foot and throw a tantrum! I am desperate for a Blood Ties fix and I didn’t realize how bad it was getting until this. (((This is me swearing creatively)))) I want to dash home and put Lifetime on just in case I can see the commercial you guys are talking about. AAARRRGGGHHHH!! I am pathetic.

  180. elizabeth said

    I am also sorry I am whining about this when you guys are having such horrible days at work with idiot bosses and co-workers. I am absolutely sure that most of the people here in upper management were promoted because they were too inept to do the real work. Did I just say that out loud? πŸ˜‰ (((sheepish grin)))

  181. Danae said

    Diz-I love anything to do with the night sky. My parents got me a telescope a few years ago for Christmas and I pull it out every chance I get. On match.com I am stargazer3000. My favorite constellation is Cassiopeia. Like I said few days ago I talk to here at night.

  182. lwildstar said

    I’m sorry about your situation Prtfvr…..

    my cousin has started job hunting – she just got passed over for promotion again – and this time they just went and hired outside of the company – but now she has leverage – everytime the new boss tries to get her to work on some new project shes been able to say “well I’m only ranked an 18 and thats rank 20 work – which I can’t do becasue I didn’t promoted” they want her to do the work but wont give her the rank or the money! I can’t wait to see what her review is like next month – we’re taking bets on how hey are going to politly state she is no longer a team player! HA! after being passed over the first time – because get this, shes a mother and can’t be considered reliable becasue she may have to take time off for the children – Yes thats what she was told and I told her she should sue them…..yet now they want her to do projects that are months long and well above her ranking – she is more than capable and they all know it – so this is going to be fun watching them try to figure out how to trick her into doing the work!

    well I guess I’ll log off – I think I’ve taken up enough of the blog today….

  183. elizabeth said

    Laurel – I would be delighted to meet you and see if we can catch this interview at the Mac store. I think we should also see how many computers we can put the Blood Ties site up on the screen πŸ™‚ Truly, I’m not crazy; I’m just a little insane (isn’t that what matchbox 20 sings?) Fits me rather well, I think πŸ™‚

  184. Danae said

    I am so sorry you can’t see the interview Elizabeth. It really is good. I have to get going now guys. It is dance class night.

    Ciao bellas! Luv ya

  185. prtfvr said

    wildstar: They always make the smartest person do all the work no matter how high up on the food chain it should actually be assigned. I mean, someone’s gotta do the work after all.

    I complained once about doing the same job as the higher paid men and doing much better and they told me that I needed to “prove” myself in the position first! If you complain, you’re not a team player and you’re “not ready to move to that level”.

    Here’s another good one, back in January my husband was taking me to the emergency room and his co-worker called – while we were on the drive – to get the details of what was wrong with me. She likes to be the first person in the office with the gossip. I was SO pissed!

  186. lwildstar said

    prtfvr – she was really out of line….I think I would have told her that at her first oppournity you could arrange for her to join you… he he he – some people have no commn sense at all.

    Didn’t I say I was logging off?

    WellI went over to the hey nelson site – there are now 8 or 9 topics posted but no one is leaving comments on any of them – I think everyone is doing what I did πŸ™‚ anyway I did go in to eachone and mark them strongly agree to pump the raing sup even if they have no comments…..

    ok now I must get off of here for a while because my neck is starting to hurt. I’ll talk at you later! Hnag in there everybody!!!!!!

  187. lwildstar said

    HANG in there – geeze my happy fingers just can’t hit the keys right!

  188. Himmiefan said

    Prtfvr – sounds like your work sucks. Period. Believe me, we all sympathize! Hugs!

    Wildstar – I could almost hear everyone on the blog saying, “Oooo. She can sue!” I can’t believe a company could be that stupid, but they are….

    I’m going to have to do Kyle’s interview at home. It sounds like it’s a good one! Yes, BTW, I’ll be on the lookout for the adjustment.

    Oh, by the way, have we heard lately from Tango and Lady Afrodyte? They seem to be MIA. Catcornmom too and some others.

  189. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey ya’ll well anyone who may actually still be around, in Norman when Vicki and Henry realize Norman’s got Coreen. Vicki’s on the phone w/Mike and Henri’ is standing on the drivers side while she’s on the phone how did Henri’ heal ?? YUMMMMM could it be a Vick-snack? I just wondered cuz’ he was sliced pretty good by Vick-Norman and I don’t think he could heal himself that quickly not without a little sustenance.

    I also while watching the interview loved when he’s telling the guy about the Blog, and that we bloggers were a huge part of the fandom πŸ˜‰ He’s very kind, when the silly dude asked about the Cheetah Girls I laughed and Kyle such the gentleman said how cool Raven is. I think that dude was crushin’ on Raven πŸ˜›

  190. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hi ya’ Himmie girl, how’s that Matilda is it? You’ll love the interview and how cool our dude is. I was wondering also about them girls and where they have been. I also was wondering where Tanya’s Blog is going to be on the new site? Hmmmmmmm?

    Catch ya’ll when I get home πŸ˜‰

  191. Himmiefan said

    Hey Ms Dizey! Hope Rob is doing well. Matilda is fine, sweet as can be. Happy now that my bedroom is put back together and has nice, new carpet.

    Well, off for home. See ya’ll later!

  192. Madonna said

    Hey girls,

    I just got home from work and my mom filled me in on Alana. Today she spiked a fever of 102 and her heart rate went up to 300 beats per minute. They put her on a pacemaker and her fever has since went down and her heart rate has slowed. No word on how long she’ll be on the pacemaker.

  193. Madonna said

    Don’t feel too bad. I’ve tried to see the interview both at work and at home and I can’t see it either. Yep, I’m bummed out too.

  194. elizabeth said

    Madonna I am sorry about Alana. I will keep her in my prayers that all will be well. It is truly amazing what medicine can do now.

    I guess we can be bummed together over the interview. 😦

  195. elizabeth said

    I’ve decided to change my picture under my name back to what it was originally. No use fighting it – I totally adore that picture πŸ™‚

  196. elizabeth said

    I’m out of here. I have an appointment this evening. I will check in with all you lovelies tomorrow. Have a good evening everyone!

  197. himmiefan said

    Hey Madonna. It seems that little ones get high fevers. She’s in good hands and still in my prayers!

  198. lwildstar said

    I’m baaaack!

    Oh that HOA meeting was a joke! but i didn manage to get my questions answered up front and we did get to vote on the BOD members – so I was out of there….

    Diz – now I’m going to have to take a closer look at that scene – didn’t dawn on me before but your right – when Norman throws Henry against the wall in the loft – i don’t remember seeing cuts through the holes in Henrys tee shirt…..

    Madonna – with all the prayers and good vibes from this group the little one is well watched over.
    And that goes for everyone who needs the extra help….

    Well I just wanted to stop in and check on everybody…..now I’m off – I need to get up early tomorrow for work…uggg I’ve had a week of sleepig in and I don’t want to go back!!!!!

    I’ll check in with you guys tomorrow! Well depending on how things go – I have a feeling I’m going to be buried in paper! But I will at least check in at lunch time πŸ™‚

    Night my Dears! ((((HUGS))))

  199. Claire said

    Cruising by to say Bonne Nuit!
    My darling Prtfvr…tell all the stupid(should not breed LOL) people to f$%#K
    off! my favorite two words when I’m cranky!
    Madonna..more prayers for Alana!

    Well until tomorrow my lovelies
    sleep well and sweet dreams..of Kyle/Henry…adjusting…lol!

    Je t’aime!

  200. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Damn the PMS Demon’s here and I’m miserable 😦 I’ll chat with ya’ll tomorrow and I bid you all adieu.

    Reves doux d’Henri


  201. Anzia said

    UGH! I had an entire post made and then either my comp, the site, or my internet went PTHTPTHPTHOHTOHT

    basically it said this:

    Dani- go w/the guy collecting…MUST tell me what perfume you wear! πŸ˜‰

    Madonna- Prayers for your little one & a big hug for you! (((HUG))

    Prtfvr- *tosses keys* here’s the keys to my liquor storage. Feel free to indulge, but I get the keys back at the end of the week. Love ya girl!

    Diz- here’s a big box of choco chains for you. Hopefully they’ll help keep the beast at bay! ^_^

    I think that’s it…i don’t remember everything…SORRY. I’m going ot bed. Tom is my day off and i plan to ENJOY it as much as possible!

  202. AlisaSG said

    >> Hey ya’ll well anyone who may actually still be around, in Norman when Vicki and Henry realize Norman’s got Coreen. Vicki’s on the phone w/Mike and Henri’ is standing on the drivers side while she’s on the phone how did Henri’ heal ?? >> YUMMMMM could it be a Vick-snack? I just wondered cuz’ he was sliced pretty good by Vick-Norman and I don’t think he could heal himself that quickly not without a little sustenance.

    You’ve forgotten already?? (That’s one of those scenes that just kept getting replayed over and over and over again… wicked DVD!) πŸ˜›
    Vicki had a cut on her lip and they sort of lip-locked for a few seconds (gulp, gulp! Tanya heard 2 distinct *gulps* during that interlude). I figured that’s what revitalized Henry enough to heal his wounds. They weren’t as deep as the original ones were in Blood Price, so I’m only guessing it was sufficient for the moment. πŸ˜‰

  203. laurel said

    Wow, I missed everyone? Arrowyn? Where are you? Gypsy?



  204. rifkind said

    Hey Laurel,
    Waz up!! ??

  205. laurel said

    New Boston Legal is all I’ve got tonight. Watched Norman again.
    I did go over to lifetime and saw a familiar little purple bat on a couple of notes. It made me happy to know you’d been there.

  206. laurel said

    I suppose I’d better head for bed. I have a busy few days ahead and I just got the new JR Ward book. If I take it upstairs tonight I will have to read some of it…. that would be a bad thing since I need to get a good night’s sleep for a change.

    Can you believe we are almost at the end of our long wait for Blood Ties? Thank goodness it is only a couple of weeks away!

    I just might make it.

  207. rifkind said

    Night Laurel!

    Henry…. I have the window open…… πŸ™‚

  208. Arrowyn said

    Laurel, I re-sent the email with the proofed chapter. There’s 2 attachments, one redlined and one cleaned. If you get the email, but can’t open the attachments again, please call or email me at the office if you have time, or at home later if you don’t, and we’ll figure out some way for me to get them to you. I’ll forward them to myself at work so I’ll have them if you contact me there. I’m off to bed. I stayed up way to late (early) last night and I promised myself I wouldn’t do that tonight. So far, I’m up about 1 1/2 hours past my promised time.

    P.S. To everyone, if you haven’t checked out BloodTiesCentral lately, I really recommend doing so. They’ve changed it a lot and added many, many more things. As they say, plan on packing a lunch before you start surfing.

    Now, for real, night, night.

  209. prtfvr said

    Himmie said: “Prtfvr – sounds like your work sucks. Period. Believe me, we all sympathize! Hugs!”

    Thank you for the hugs – from everyone. Actually, it’s not the work that sucks, it’s the people. My job would be great if it wasn’t for all those dumb-asses I have to work with everyday. Sometimes I wish I was stupid too, then I wouldn’t care about anything and could fit in, oh well.

    Z! Thanks for the keys to the liquor cabinet! *tosses keys back* I don’t drink but I ate the can of salted cashews in there. I think I owe you $11 now. πŸ™‚

    Madonna: Geez, what a nightmare! Super healing hugs headed your way.

    Alisa said: “Vicki had a cut on her lip and they sort of lip-locked for a few seconds (gulp, gulp! Tanya heard 2 distinct *gulps* during that interlude).”

    I so had this image in my head of Vicki in the living room with the candlestick and Colonel Mustard. I’ve gotta stop relating everything to Clue! What’s up with that.

    Well, I should actually be showering right now but I’m procrastinating. Trying to get some quality time with intelligent people. That might make it easier to deal with the day.

    As for blog sign-offs; does anyone care for Sisters of the Blood? I feel like you all are my extended family so I thought of that title. Either way, I think ‘laise’s idea of a sign-off is great.

    Off to the fifth ring of hell!

  210. lwildstar said

    well this will be a quick post – they are already on me this morning – the one girl couldn’t wait to get her October parking apass and wa all up my….well you ge the the idea – I was still changing my shoes for (*&($*^(@^ sake!
    anyway I have a a pile of stuff to sort through – no one did the interoffice mail – thye did manual FedEx shipments – which they are not to do so I have to sort that out and well they left me a general mess!
    Havent checked my email so if you sent me anything it will be lunch before I can get to it!
    Love you – have a good day!

    on the Henry healing front – I thought we had decided months ago that 2 slurps wouldn’thave been enough to heal him…your lips dont bleed that much πŸ˜‰

  211. lwildstar said

    HEY! it ate my post….well I dont have time now to repost – talk at you later – I hope!

  212. Danae said

    Buongiorno Bellas!

    Not much to say today.

    My brother is thinking of going with something like Dreamcatcher Refinishing or something like that for his business. I really like that one.

    I fell asleep last night with Freebird running through my head. Wierd man!

  213. Annalaise duChat said

    Danea– That’s what I call my freelance graphics company “Dream Catcher Design” 2 words because there’s already a Dreamcatcher Design in Arizona somewhere.

  214. Danae said


  215. Claire said

    Bonne Matin my sisters!
    I hope everyone is ok today and has a stupid people free day today!
    Madonna..good healing thoughts going out to baby Alana!
    everyone else I love yas!
    Baby Jake is coming over to play..so I’m going to finish up all my work and not slack off so I can have the afternoon free to enjoy him!
    He’s 171/2 lbs and 27 inchs!
    anyway check in this evening!

    Now I’m off to Bloodlines real quick to feed my habit!

  216. Margaret said

    Did you all notice that it appears Dylan Neal is going to be in a movie with Ricki Lake on October 22 about a gal having breast cancer, had her breast removed. I guess he plays the cad that leaves her. Looks like it might be good.

    Danae, Madonna, Claire: How are everyone’s loved ones doing today?

  217. laurel said

    Dylan? Is in that movie? How in the world did I miss that?
    I guess they don’t show him in the adds because I’ve seen the two different versions of the promo for it over and over while waiting for BT adds. I was hoping they would put the adds on the Lifetime website so I would get a chance to see them (the Blood Ties ones of course), but there is not much over there. What blogging I did find was not bad but only a couple of people I recognized from before.

    I hope Lifetime likes wrinkled post cards because I stuck several in my purse to do at lunch and managed to scrunch the crap out of them. I’ going to buy some picture postcards at the dollar store later. I am really tired of the pineapples. πŸ™‚

    I hope everyone has a healthy, stupid-people-free day! Tomorrow is the beginning of the NW Quilting Expo and I will be on the “customer service” hotseat. We expect about 4000 people, mostly women, who will want to sign up for classes and lectures before the classes fill up. It will be a mad-house! Don’t worry if you don’t hear from me for a couple of days, I’ll probably come straight home and hide at the end of the day. Thank heavens it is only Thur-Sat.

  218. Himmiefan said

    Quilting expo? Now that sounds pretty wild and crazy! πŸ™‚

    Actually, it does sound fun. Have a great time!

  219. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Mag’s I saw that also and will watch I like Ricki Lake . I saw another preview the one where they’re looking at the stars and he also bites her neck! Whooo hoooo first time I saw that one and I don’t know which one Tango saw w/the Star belt thingy? I keep waiting though, sad that I did actually record the 1st one I saw (hangs head in shame) OH WELL!!!! I’m a happy GIRL!!

    Dani girl I like the Dreamcatcher Refinishing name that’s cool 😎 Glad he’s sounding pretty upbeat and motivated πŸ˜‰

    **Z** the Chains of Chocolate were just what *the doctor ordered* πŸ˜‰ thanks sweetie girl, always looking out for us. Love Ya!!!

    Claire pleeeeease sniff and kiss that magnifique T bebe for Nanny Beth !!! Man I just want to pinch those sweet cheeks! Enjoy the day mΓ¨re grande πŸ˜€

    Prtfvr, Go kick some stupid butt!! In the words of my smart mom……*If you keep moving they can’t catch ya’!! * That full moon will be goen soon πŸ˜‰ (lunartics remember)

  220. Anne said

    Cult Times, Issue #145 β€’ ships from Sep 26 2007

    Has an interview with Blood Ties director David Winning – he’s such a teddybear! We loves him!

  221. Himmiefan said

    Hi Anne! How’s everything going up your way?

  222. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good morning Anne, Himmie!

    Anne, David Winning seems so down to earth I loved his interview on the other fansite. Loved the picture of Kyle and David πŸ˜‰

  223. Anne said

    Well, you know – just finished dinner and now I have some webstuff to do.

  224. lwildstar said

    Well no stupid people – yet – but they have dumped so much on me this morning I didn’t think I’d get to lunch – I have to keep pushing stuff further down the priority list becasue they keep running to me saying “oh no Ihave to have this today!” I’m makeing them duke it out with eachother before I reprioritize anything so I don’t get in trouble…so far its working. And I got one person to work on the first part of a project with the temp and then I’ll work with her on the second part – my hope is that once I explain it she’ll run with it and I wont need to take up any more time…..
    I haven’t even gotten started on the project I am supose to be working on!

    I have the comercial with the bite scene taped twice now – still trying to get faster and catch the first bit about seeing the stars in technicolor – the tape doesn’t seem to click into record till Henry says “all it takes is a simple blood transfusion” oh his eyes and that little teasing smile! when he touches her face! I’m a puddle! I CAN’T WAIT!!!! You know I watched two horrible movies on LT yesturday just to catch the commercial…I wish now I had been able to tape the other two…I keep checking youtube – they have all the previews from the first 12…I want the new ones!!!!

    ok thats enough of that – so how is everyone doing?

  225. lwildstar said

    ok I killed the blog with one post!

    well lunch is over and with the way the day is going thus far – I won’t be back til tonight…

    Good luck at the Quilting Expo Laurel – we artsy people can be ….hummm…a little insain – there’s no way to be polite – trust me I know – I spent 8 years working trade show! If beaders are nuts then I’m sure quilters are too! LOL

    Did get a little writing in at lunch so that helped settle me – nothing like trying to work henry and Vicki (and Mike) out of a sistuation to help realighn the mind!

    talk at you later!

  226. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Wow this place is deader than……………..Yep Henry Fitroy πŸ˜‰ Going to lunch and will check in after, although I don’t think I’ll miss very much 😦

  227. Danae said

    Ok like my boss and wannabe boss are gone and no one is on here. What is up wit dat?

  228. Danae said

    Nope your not missing much Diz.

  229. Danae said

    Unless you want to listen to my one sided ramblings.

  230. Himmiefan said

    Just don’t argue with yourself Dani, or we’ll worry about you.


  231. prtfvr said

    Himmie, I’ll only worry about Dani arguing with herself if she’s losing! πŸ˜‰

  232. Danae said

    Sometimes I tend to do that to. I often catch myself calling me a stupid idiot.

  233. prtfvr said

    Ok, it really IS a full moon! The people in facilities that I argued with yesterday for not helping us? They’ve been busting their ass to make me happy today.

    I think that this is the first time that’s EVER happened to me in my career! I’m going to mark this on my calendar because no one’s EVER and I do mean EVER admitted that they were wrong to me before in this entire university!

    Ahhh…*leans back in chair, puts hands behind head, feet on desk* I’m going to enjoy this while I can just in case it’s one of the signs of the apocalypse or something.;)

  234. Madonna said

    Hi y’all,

    Man it is dead here today.
    How is everybody?

    Maddie Mo,
    Hi! Thanks! I’m good. How are you?

    Thanks for all your wishes for Alana. She’s got quite a recovery ahead of her. I don’t know anything different from last night. My cousin Jolene, (AJ’s mom) is staying at the hospital with her and either she or my aunt is supposed to call if there are any changes.

    Sorry I haven’t been around too much lately. Preparing for this festival and I’ve only been getting less than 4 hours of sleep a night the past 3 weeks.

    I want to see that interview so bad I can taste it. I might just have to try to sneak over the library and try to watch it there this weekend.

    Just over 2 weeks to go guys……. WE CAN DO IT!!!!

    I don’t know if any of you have seen this or not but I found this over at Bloodlines.

    Maybe Sci-Fi’s sources know something we don’t?


  235. prtfvr said

    Dani, I wish I had a dollar for every time I called myself stupid! Nobody beats me like I do. Wait…*re-reads sentence* ROTFL! That’s true in more ways than one! πŸ˜‰

  236. prtfvr said

    Mood Alert: prtfvr is having a fan-fucking-tastic day!! Truly.

    Please forgive the profanity. I’m not used to having a good day at work.

  237. Danae said

    Oh man can I say I hope so. Scifi better be right or will be on there doorstep in the near future.

  238. Margaret said

    prtfvr: Glad your day is going better than yesterday.

  239. Danae said

    prtfvr-Sometimes if you are feeling awesome the profanity is the only way to express how you feel.

  240. Anne said

    I was just over on the scifi forums, doing my bit for Blood Ties – you now, all graciouslike … yes, that is me with the Bacic avatar πŸ˜‰

  241. Margaret said

    Madonna: At least it looks a little hopeful.

  242. Danae said

    It is time for me to go home.

    Ciao bellas

  243. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Damn this place sucked big ones today! I actually had a customer and sold him a Sub-Zero $7,000.00 refrigerator πŸ˜‰ It’s about time we’re sooooo slow right now hope it picks up soon.

    Sorry I missed you Dani girl, see ya’ tomorrow.

    Prtfvr, a red letter day for you !! Whooo hooooo enjoy it while it lasts πŸ˜›

  244. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Anne, that Steve guy is one FINE looking man, I guess I never noticed him before, but the pic on the avatar is very NICE πŸ˜€

  245. Anne said

    I’ll bet if you check out his filmography you’ll find that you’ve actually seen him several times.
    His first ever TV role was in a 21 Jump Street episode. In another series, he got to kiss Salma Hayek – before she became THE Salma Hayek! He was the first beast in X-Men 2 – for a a few seconds.

  246. Himmiefan said

    Dani – you said something about calling yourself an idiot. Do you remember me bopping Madonna over the head for negative self-talk???? You’ve been warned…..

    Prtfvr – go girl!!

  247. Himmiefan said

    Oh Madonna, thanks for that link. Interesting observation. You can almost hear the author of the article telling Lifetime to hurry up and act. Sounds very positive.

  248. Margaret said

    OMG-I just saw the commercial with him biting Vicki. It really ratchets up the stakes. It looks like the show is going to be more stylized and it also looks like Lifetime is probably teasing the heck out of us and most likely it won’t be what it appears to be, but a girl can dream.

  249. Claire said

    Bonsoir mes amis!! My baby Jake just went home…oh Beth I sure did alot of sniffing,especially since when you sniff his neck(once you find it lol)he cracks up in a fit of giggles!

    Those of you that get here Thursday will probably get a chance to meet my grand children..they tend to lurk around on those days!!

    Madonna…dare I presume that the guy at scifi alluded to another season!? Did I misunderstand? am I being to hopeful? cause I am ready to start jumping up and down here!!!

    Anyway..stomach is claiming I have to feed it!
    See yas later!

  250. lwildstar said

    Just saw the commercial again!
    I’m getting faster with the record button…got one more line than the last time I taped – I haven’t seen either of the other two commercials for a couple of days now – do you think they pulled them? That would be silly – the whole idea is to tease us and new viewers.

    work eased up this afternoon – but I had something to work on and no one was available to help me…hello I’m still learning! I’ve been promised time tomorrow morning……

    Madonna how’s the candle making going?

    Prtfvr – happy happy – and don’t worry about the language – sometimes you just have to let it fly!

    Diz – whoo hoo!

    How is everyone else doing?

  251. lwildstar said

    How you know you’ve almost reached your limit…

    1) you are rushing home on the off chance you’ll turn on the tv and see a Blood TIes commercial

    2) you are taking care of things like cooking dinner, taking out the trash, and going to the bathroom – during the show so that you won’t miss the commercial

    3) you have your finger on the record button the moment the commercial block starts

    4) pressing ithe record button when the screen goes black between commercial with the hopes of catching the very first second

    5) playing the recording over and over and over again

    6) you have the lines memorized

  252. DebS said

    Evening ladies!

    Wow! I cannot believe how busy my life is these days. Why must real life get in the way of my obsessions…Blood Ties…new tv season…etc.

    How is everyone doing?

    Also, saw a BT preview the other night! I got so excited..squealed a little.

  253. Tango said

    Hi! My name is…. Hi! My name is….. Hi! My name is……… T-T-T-T-T Tango! 😎 (a little eminem reference there) It appears reintroductions may be in order since it has been forever since I’ve been on board. First of all, I’m admittedly a BT-aholic, a hen at heart, a magician in my spare time which explains why I may disappear in a moment’s notice and then materialize weeks later. My sign is “Order of Yum” and my favorite food is chocolate chains πŸ˜‰

    Now with that being said, Hello my lovelies! I’ve missed my gals and have only been sustained by the emails you all have been sending. I must say I am so far behind in reading the blog but have been working on doing my part by emailing networks and sending post cards, etc. So thanks Margo for the info! I hope you’re proud of me πŸ˜‰

    You know our catch phrase “Is it October yet?” is about to be obsolete next week – yea! We should have a virtual party October 1st and adopt a temporary new phrase until it airs. Then when this season is over we can go back to old faithful. So be thinking of what our new phrase could be.

    Well ladies, I’ll check back in later. Hope all is well with you all.

    Diz – how’s Rob? I’ve put him on the prayer chain with Christopher.
    Claire Belle – any MRI yet? I’m still praying for clear pictures and a clean bill of health for him.
    Good thoughts and many prayers going out to all those who need it!

  254. DebS said

    Hey Tango

    You are not the only one who hasn’t visited in awhile. Sometimes I can only get over here every few days or so

  255. Tango said

    (Handing out rose-colored glasses given to her by Diz) Ok ladies! Let’s get the optimism stirring. This is hopeful news from SciFi which means we really need to do some recuiting this fall and give Lifetime what they need to renew BT. I would also recommend becoming a fan of Moonlight so that they can see that this genre of show is one they should have in their line up.

    I was a little thrown by the comment that the show sometimes takes itself too seriously. When did this happen? I missed that completely.

  256. Tango said

    Hey Debs! It looks like your reality has taken over your play time like mine has too. I hate when that happens 😦

    It looks like we chose a dead day to make our return. We need to turn this into an Easter night though. Ollie Ollie Oxenfree! Come out! Come out! Where ever you are!

  257. Margaret said

    Tango and Deb: I’m just passing through. Printing up 20 post cards as we speak and watching Dancing with the Stars and Streaming the Blood Ties episodes off the Lifetime site.

  258. DebS said

    Hey Margaret…Bye Margaret.

    So, Tango, what is keeping you busy in real life?

  259. prtfvr said

    Argh! I spoke too soon. The keys that they left for our cabinets? Guess which one doesn’t work? That’s right, the bosses’. That’s the cabinet that started the uproar in the first place.

    Worst part? It’s the kind of lock that you have to push in to engage – guess how we found out the key didn’t work? Yup, locked the damn cabinet. Now my boss can’t get into – again. Unbelievable! Why would they leave a key without testing it?

    The pain, the pain. Can’t wait to explain to my boss why hers is the only cabinet we can’t get into – again. Sheesh!

  260. lwildstar said

    Tango – DebS – glad you stop by!

    I saw the Lost Lord of the NIght and Captain Midnight commercial ! but I wasn’t fast enought to tape it 😦 ok this has now taken over my life.. he he he like we didn’t know that was going to happen πŸ˜‰

    Prtfvr – I can’t believe that! OMG! Doesn’t it just figure in would be THAT cabinet?…
    We had one file cabinet that got locked with the keys IN IT~ I ended up having to break in to it – II borrowed a hammer from Paul – boy was that a fun explaination) now not only will the drawer no longer lock, it will no longer shut all the way……can’t wait to have to explain that to management hen we move to the new office and they take inventory of all the stuff we have!

    Well I am really tired – I was just stopping to check in with you guys – off to bed now!
    Night my dears!

  261. Tango said

    Debs – work has been the culprit to my busy life. My job deals with the IRS, who is making big changes with 403b’s right now (and putting the cart before the horse with little notice to the public- no surprise there) which has thrown my company into a frenzy trying to keep our clients compliant. Oh yeah, and then trying to do our regular day to day activities.

    prtfvr – sorry the perfect day ended with a snafu. It’s things like that which drive me nuts. Such a simple thing could have prevented this – Argh! I’m frustrated for you!

  262. DebS said

    Tango-Work for me as been crazy as well. Second year, which means more responsibility, more meetings, and less time to do it all in.

    Okay, I am in for the night.

    It won’t be long now folks! Can you believe we actually made it four long months?

  263. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Passing through on my way to bed, TANGO!! So glad to have you back my sista’ o’ Blood πŸ˜‰ Chains of Chocolate await you and the new phrase sounds like a great idea , I’ll work on that tomorrow. DebS missed you too!


    Full moon crapped on ya’ didn’t it, the stupid’s are out in force. It makes me wonder if they try to be that stupid or does it just come naturally. So sorry they sucked the life out of your Fan-f’ing-tastic day……..bastards!! I’ll kick em’ for ya’ if that will make you feel any better.

    Claire oh man, I bet he does that baby belly laugh huh? Ahhh so sweet, babies are so pure and innocent, too bad they grow up so fast.

    Well heading to bed and will make a HUGE EFFORT to get up and go to the gym 5:00 AM. Yay me! Sleep well and Sweet dreams of Henry/ Reves doux d’Henri’ XOXOXOXOXOX Je t’aime Beaucoup! Beth

    BTW my new Blood Books w/Kyle & Christina, and Dylan’s pic’s on them came in today, somehow I got an extra Blood Price, Blood Trail, and I think Blood Pact. Anybody want these before I send them back ? Let me know I’ll give them to whomever would like them πŸ˜€

  264. Anzia said

    Prtfvr-*gives keys back* I restocked the cashews. No charge love…& there’s fruit juices in the mini fridge in the bottom corner. GOOOOOD fruit juices! NO alcohol…promise. Also, *whispers* the second key is to the small closet behind my dresser in my room. You’ll like the contents in there…VERY useful for destressing.

    Diz-I’m glad they helped. Lucky for you this “Dr.” will give you all the free samples you want…I’m thinking of ordering the orange chocolate flavored chains? wanna be the test runner?

  265. Anzia said

    TANGO! hey you! welcome back! *sings* welcome back. welco-o-om ba-ack…*coughs* um…nevermind. ^_^ BIG HUG for you! and *hands box* a care package…it’s really an enducement to make you stick around πŸ˜‰ We missed you *sniff*sniff*

  266. laurel said

    Tango and Deb are back!!! Yipeee!
    You were definately missed herre.

    Still haven’t seen but one short commercial, but ever hopeful. I too have had the tv on just for the commercials. I even saw a very young George Clooney on Golden Girls yesterday. Almost worth the time I wasted. lol
    Expo starts early tomorrow and I have to go 20 miles across Portland before the main rush hour or I will be late. Yikes, I left LA to get away from traffic now I’ve volunteered to do it. I’m such a wuss.
    See ya’ Sunday.

  267. Arrowyn said

    Just a drive-by on my way to bed. That seems to be the only time I have these days to pop in here and it SUCKS big time! *deep cleansing breath* Anyway, I was catching up on my daily TV news and ran across this tidbit. It’s about NBC and Heroes, but it sounds like what LT did with Army Wives.

    Heroes Uses Loophole to Supe Up Premiere Ratings

    Forget invisibility and super-healing. NBC has discovered the power to inflate the ratings for Heroes’ season premiere, seizing a new Nielsen rule that allows a network to add in the audience for any same-week rebroadcast. NBC will re-air the Heroes episode this Saturday night, and as long as the hour features the exact same commercial content β€” an easy requirement in this case, as Nissan was the eppy’s sole sponsor β€” its numbers can be bundled into the 14.12 mil recorded on Monday.

    But pay attention: Not only does the Peacock get to puff up Heroes’ tally, it also won’t get dinged for the typically lousy Saturday hour that normally would have sucked up prime-time space. “Theoretically, [NBC is] doing nothing wrong,” ABC’s research chief tells Variety. “But morally, they’re playing with the weekly averages. You could see where this could lead to abuse.”
    Considering that LT showed Army Wives 9 times during the first week in my area, no wonder that show was the all-time ratings hit that it was. What some “people” won’t do to make themselves look and feel better about themselves. Pathetic! * deep cleansing breath* I’m just going to get myself all worked up again. Then sleeping is going to be more difficult than it already is. Night, night.

  268. Arrowyn said

    Everyone —

    I know I haven’t been on the blog very often since I stopped lurking, but I miss not being able to come here β€œin person” hardly at all anymore. I eventually read all the posts, but sometimes its days later — and you know how far behind you can get in just one day, let alone more than one. I’m not very good at expressing my feelings in writing (especially when I don’t have a lot of time to compose what I want to say) and I really envy and admire those of you who can. So, please know that I think of and send good, positive thoughts every day to all of you who are having challenges in your lives.

    I have a favor to ask. My busy season at work has started about one month earlier than usual and I anticipate having even less time than now to β€œplay” on the computer after about October 15 (such bad timing!). Then, of course, as of October 12, there will be 2 blogs to pay attention to. So, I’d appreciate it if some kind person would let me know if anything major happens – whether it’s about someone here on the blog on something about the show. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I really don’t want to lose track of what’s happening in your lives.

    If I don’t say it before you leave, have a WONDERFUL time at Claire’s! I know you will. Take lots of pictures.

  269. Margaret said


    TV Review: ‘Moonlight’ has no glow
    Thursday, September 27, 2007
    By Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Vampires are en vogue again, but CBS’s “Moonlight” (9 p.m. Friday, KDKA) displays none of the depth of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” nor the romance of Lifetime’s Canadian import “Blood Ties.” Instead, “Moonlight” is just a weak, generic private-eye drama with a vampire story overlay; it’s “Angel” with much less creativity and more familiar, conventional plots.

    Created by Ron Koslow (“Birds of Prey”) and Trevor Munson, “Moonlight” centers on Mick St. John (Alex O’Loughlin, “The Shield”), a private detective who was made a vampire 60 years ago. Now he helps defend others from bad vampires who don’t live by the moral code — don’t eat good guys, women or children — that Mick has adopted.

    Tonight’s premiere has way too much voiceover from Mick as a way to explain his motivation. There’s also an interview with him that begins with an obvious bad pun and sets up the rules for this particular vampire universe: Garlic, holy water and crucifixes have no impact on these vamps, but they do try to avoid sunlight.

    Mick teams up on cases with a Web reporter, Beth (Sophia Myles), with whom he shares a past incident that also involves his (former?) wife, Coraline (Shannyn Sossamon), who turned him into a vampire. Beth learns about the reality of Mick’s vampiric impulses in next week’s episode, giving the show a similar dynamic to the two main characters in Koslow’s superior “Beauty and the Beast.”

    “Moonlight” sparks to life in the few scenes with Mick’s vampire buddy Josef, played by Jason Dohring, best known for his role as Logan on the canceled “Veronica Mars.” His Josef is pretty much Logan-as-a-vamp. (“Mars” fans get another shout-out in the premiere: Hearst College makes an appearance.)

    O’Loughlin has the shaggy mane and acting chops, as evidenced by his role on “The Shield,” but he’s not well served by the show’s unimaginative stories and relationships, retreads from better series of the past.

    First published on September 27, 2007 at 12:00 am

  270. lwildstar said

    wish i could stay around this morning but work bekons and I have a lot to do – I’ll see if I can stop back at lunch..

    Welcome back tango and DebS, see you around Arrowyn!

    talk at ya’all later!

  271. lwildstar said

    what is it with the blog first thing in the morning!
    Just lake yesturday it ate my post!

    Well i’m off to work talk at you later~

  272. lwildstar said

    and I can’t type – need more caffien!

  273. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas.

    Again not much to say today. Everyone is doing fine. My brother has decided to go with Dreamcatcher Designs for his business and has started making a sign. He sounds really excited about it. Maybe he isn’t as bad off as I thought.

    prtfvr-Be happy that was the only snafu yesterday.

  274. Claire said

    BonJour mes souers! Comment allez vous aujourd’hui?
    Je me sens que bon aujourd’hui… c’est presque Octobre !

    Beth..Jake has the prettiest smile and the cutest laugh!
    I had a great time with him yesterday,then I had dinner and Nikki came home bearing two bottles of merlot because she had a stressing day at work,she is a preschool teacher and this term,she has 11 boys not one girl! Imagine a room of 11 2 year old boys!!! Anyway we polished off those two bottles..which left us silly and giggling..and ready for bed! LOL!!

    I need to finish some work..so I’ll try to check in a few times!
    Welcome back Tango dear..I missed you!
    Madonna….Are you ready? E.R.!!!! my Dvr is set!

  275. Claire said

    Jeez…Iwildstar…it ate mine too!

  276. prtfvr said

    Oh no, Dani! You didn’t just give me the dreaded “it could be worse” curse, did you? *shiver* Great, I wonder what’s in store for me today?!

  277. lwildstar said

    5 minute brain brake while everyone else is in a meeting!

    Prtfvr – Well to counter-act Dani I’ll send you lots of good vibes and (((HUGS)))

    Claire – good – I thought it was just me – seems to happen a lot!

    I’m doing ok today – I’m still trying to catch up, but so far everything is moving along. I have one thing I need help with and the person who is here and can help me is up to her eyes in something that HAS to be finished today so I may have to play a round of phone tag with the home office to find someone to help – I’m holding off til this afternoon to see what happens. Shes already upset because I had to have her help me with something else this morning and that took a half hour….hey not my fault the training is lacking!

    Well everyone have as good as day as possible!

  278. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bonjour! Buongiorno! Good morning !!

    First Anne thanks I’ll check out the filmography on your dude Steve πŸ˜‰ I loved 21 Jump Street, and I’ll check out X-Men again to see if I can find him.

    **Z** I’ll gladly be your guinea pig for those Orange Chocolate chains sound really good actually, YUMMM πŸ˜€

    Dani girl, your brother sounds like he’s doing ok, maybe he just needed to be HOME! It’s where the heart is you know.

    Prtfvr, the full moon run-off should be just about gone, so things should start looking up, if not tell them……………**Bite ME**!! it works for me I used it this morning to one of my co-workers and I feel great πŸ˜‰

    Claire and WIldstalker been gobbled up early huh? wassup with that? Ya’ll must have had some tasty posts there.

    Mag’s my little re-con sista’! Thanks for the article and the Scifi one Madonna posted sounded very positive to meeeee!!! Yippyyyy πŸ˜€

  279. Himmiefan said

    Hello Tango and Deb!!! Glad to see you guys!!


  280. Margaret said

    Ladies: I can’t tell you how much I love the little intern we have at work. She has volunteered to do cards for me (I did tell her she had to watch the episodes first so she’d know what’s she’s talking about). Of course she does them at home. She is everything lifetime wants: 17 years old and getting her friends into it. I may just have to adopt her and/or put her in my will. lol.

  281. Danae said

    I don’t want to sound pushy but we haven’t heard anything on our Elder Hostel movie in a long time. Are they any developments coming any time soon?

  282. lwildstar said

    ok I need to do this


    ok I feel better.

    I injured a co worker.. (hangs head in shame – but with a smirk) she was freaking out becasue the printer wouldn’t talk to her computer….I told her give me 5 minutes and I’ll come over…in the mean time she sends the job to the printer 2 more times (this is a 600 pg document) by the time I get to her desk – shes on the phone with IT yelling..they are giving her ditrections and I can tell she is doing it wrong so i ask her for the phone and mouse and she shoos me away – I got mad and took the phone from her – well her earring was caught in the phone and I nearly took her ear off….good news is once I took over the computer is fixed πŸ™‚ I had to have IT delete all the print jobes fromt he virtual que and we reprocessed the document – its STILL spooling to the printer so I sent her out of the office while we wait to make sure it prints – if theres a problem I wnat to take care of it …geeze – and mom wonders why I don’t want kids! I already feel like a mom! when am I suposed to get my work done?

  283. Danae said

    wildstar-Count to 10. Breath. First of all she should have waited the 5 minutes like you said. Also she should have called IT the first time it didn’t communicate with the printer. I’m sure after everybody calms down all will be fine. The thing with the earring was all an accident.

  284. lwildstar said

    yeah ! its printing!

    I only sort of feel bad for hurting her – she frustrates me – shes the one who makes mistakes and doesn’t get yelled at and gets consoled instead…

    oh well!

  285. lwildstar said

    is that bad?

    And I think it made her more upset that I was remaining calm – plus the IT guys are my buds and I know how to talk to them to get them to talk in plain words so I can follow along easily – you should have seen her freak when I had IT remote into her machine! the scren blinks – you would have thought the world ended! I know I get hyper, but this just made me want to slap her!

  286. lwildstar said

    Breathe? are you kidding – I had two twix bars – chocolate the Miracle cure all!

  287. lwildstar said

    I guess my ranting chased everyone away….

  288. Danae said

    No I am here. I am on lunch but I am working as well.

  289. lwildstar said

    Forget that! I needed the break time to cool down!

  290. Danae said

    Lunch is over. Time to get off. I will check back in before I leave.

  291. Danae said

    I have no choice. It is the end of the month so I need to enter price changes. I need the extra time for my regular daily work.

  292. lwildstar said

    Ok I have 15 minutes left so I think I will go surf for lovely Henry Pictures!

  293. lwildstar said

    this is just tooooo funny!
    just posted on lifetime under the home crafts section – A pumpkin stencil for Blood Ties



  294. lwildstar said

    this is just tooooo funny!
    just posted on lifetime under the home crafts section – A pumpkin stencil for Blood Ties



    lets try again – blog ate my post!

  295. lwildstar said

    this is just tooooo funny!
    just posted on lifetime under the home crafts section – A pumpkin stencil for Blood Ties


  296. lwildstar said

    this is just tooooo funny!
    just posted on lifetime under the home crafts section – A pumpkin stencil for Blood Ties
    http:// http://www.lifetimetv.com/lifestyle/home-crafts/parties-holidays/pumpkin-carving-stencils

    http:// http://www.lifetimetv.com/pdf/lifetime_bloodties.pdf


  297. lwildstar said

    this is just tooooo funny!
    just posted on lifetime under the home crafts section – A pumpkin stencil for Blood Ties

  298. lwildstar said

    http:// http://www.lifetimetv.com/pdf/lifetime_bloodties.pdf


  299. lwildstar said

    I GIVE UP!

  300. Himmiefan said

    Hey Dani girl!! Well, Elder Hostel was/is on hiatus due to 1) me goofing off, 2) what in the hecky doodle is Lifetime doing, and 3) um, something else, but I can’t remember what. We can go right into production if that’s what the order wants.

  301. elizabeth said

    lwildstar – I loved the Henry pumpkin! I had pretty much decided not to carve a pumpkin this year because Krysten is not interested, but I may have just changed my mind! I wish Lifetime would run the promos for the new season on their site. I sat through 2 hours of boring re runs just to catch one quick commercial of BT. I had to make myself go to bed because I was acting like an addict – I just knew the next commercial would be the one – sheesh! Okay, okay…I am an addict, but I needed some sleep πŸ˜‰

    Himmiefan/Dani – I second that the Elder Hostel movie should move to production. I was just up there re-reading yesterday. Let’s kick up the interest ladies – it has been a long summer and we are seeing the end of the Henry drought right around the corner!! It is time to have some fun πŸ™‚

  302. Anne said

    Anyone feels like going to Megacon in Florida in March?


  303. prtfvr said

    wildstar: stop competing with me in stupid human tricks! I’ll have to admit the most I’ve hurt anyone is their feelings. You win!

    Anne: Oh man, I love conventions and that’s my birthday month. I’ll have to see if I can work it out.

  304. Margaret said

    Another response from the guy who called our man Mickey:

    Quoting Margaret Daly :

    Thanks for responding. I had my doubts that you would. The show
    may not be some men’s cup of tea but then on the other hand we’ve
    heard that some of the fan’s husbands actually like it. Try to keep
    in the mind that television is not Shakespeare, it’s entertainment,
    something to take us away for an hour. Blood Ties doesn’t rely on
    the same old tired versions of other demons, etc. so you have to
    give them credit for thinking out of the box.

    Some men don’t particularly like independent women who can kick
    someone’s butt, which is a complaint that I’ve heard from some men
    when I tried to talk to them about the show. But it seems to me if
    you’re secure in your manihood you shouldn’t have trouble watching
    an attractive woman who can kick someone’s butt. I think the attraction to a lot of the female viewers is the fact that we actually get to see women inhabiting typically male occupations: The Police Chief is a female, the Medical Examiner is a female, there’s a female detective on the force, and of course Vicki is a female.

    So on that note, please do try to keep an open mind the next time you watch the show.

    Thanks for responding.

    Margaret L. Daly
    Still a Blood Ties Fan

    The woman thing really wasn’t there at all. I love Torchwood, and the
    lead character there is a woman. I just didn’t think the acting/writing was very good. But again, taste is really a subjective thing. I always try to stay ope-minded going into any new show.

    Thanks for writing,

    Aryeh C


  305. Margaret said

    Anne, Prtfvr and/or anyone else: Let me know if you’re coming and what day and we can meet there. I live 50 miles from Orlando and Cree lives in Orlando.

  306. Anne said

    I’m going – arriving Thursday and leaving either Monday or Tuesday.
    Doing a happy skip πŸ™‚

  307. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    Hey guys. Quick zoom-by posty.
    Did I miss anything BT important? Someone fill me in on anything I might’ve missed? Please Please? With Henry on top? *g*

  308. msgypsy said

    Fly-by posting (or zoom-by if you prefer.)

    ARYEH IS A BUTT!!!!!! The lead character in Torchwood is female only insofar as John Barrowman sometimes does drag. Gwen (Eve Myles’ character) is the point of view through which the story is told but Capt. Jack Harkness is the lead character. No one put John Barrowman in the co-star’s seat in his own show!

    Back to my chicken in one hand, pen in the other lunch.

  309. prtfvr said

    Does anyone know what a ‘Bookmaker’ salad is? It’s a famous salad at Sabatino’s in Little Italy near where I work. I has;

    hard salami
    large shrimp
    cherry tomatoes
    onions (blech)
    Italian olives


    House Dressing which is like homemade cesar on steroids.

    Anyhow, it’s delicious but if you suffer from acid reflux AND have a cold, I’d avoid it. I’m sitting here thinking of woofing my cookies.

    Figured Enquiring minds oughta know! πŸ˜‰

  310. Arrowyn said

    Just saw this on Bloodlines. SciFi is interested?

    Hi all…

    I just received an email from Tony at Sci-Fi Talk and he is interested in putting together a Blood Ties show that will feature all of the interviews he’s done with the cast, but in addition he’d like to feature messages from the fans!

    Call 973-658-5734 to leave a short, heart-felt message that explains why you think the show is so special and that you would like to see many more seasons of it. PLEASE CALL ONLY ONCE.

    This is a great opportunity to let our voices be heard, literally and my thanks go out to Tony Tellado of Scifitalk.com for allowing us to do this in an effort to promote the show and save it!!!

  311. Arrowyn said

    Blog ate my post! 2nd try. SciFi wants our input.


  312. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Anne I’ve never been to a *Con* before, so I guess you can say I’m a virgin
    πŸ˜‰ . Florida close enough to me and I can fly and be there in Orlando from New Orleans in about 45 min. When do you need to make reservations for such things? How far in advance I guess is what I was getting at? Cool Mag’s and Cree are there and Vampgrl’s in Fla. also I think. I’ll check into this by then hopefully business will pick up and I’ll make some dang money $$

  313. Danae said

    Hey ladies. I am checking in before I head home.

    Arrowyn I am so going to call that number and gush. No I won’t go all squeally over Kyle. Just a little I promise. I will say stuff about the greatness of the show itself.

    What part of Florida is that con in? My brother lives in Orlando so I may be able to wing it if it is in Orlando.

    Ciao Bellas.

  314. Danae said

    If anyone calls that number to leave there feedback on this show that Sci-Fi guy is working on I say we leave our signature as in *insert name* from Ms Gypsy’s etc etc etc. Maybe they will do a special block of messages from just us.

  315. Margaret said

    You know that Dylan Neal is scheduled to be a guest, it just doesn’t say what day (Megacon).

  316. Margaret said

    Which one-Ms. Gypsy’s Where Blood Ties Bind (Is that the one you’re talking about).

  317. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Dani girl, good idea, like Dizey from Tanya’s and Gypsy’s blog? Sorry I didn’t get to chat with you today, I know how end of month is gets crazy here for my controller trying to close out for the month. I’ll catch ya’ tomorrow my leetle friend, Ti Amo! Daniela ! πŸ˜‰

  318. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Mag’s he looks very pretty in that pic’ too! Not that I’d be fickle Henry’s the MAN w/technicolor eyes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh he’s so dreamy πŸ˜› 😎

  319. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    DIZEY1 πŸ™‚ said,
    September 27, 2007 @ 12:51 pm

    Anne I’ve never been to a *Con* before, so I guess you can say I’m a virgin
    . Florida close enough to me and I can fly and be there in Orlando from New Orleans in about 45 min. When do you need to make reservations for such things? How far in advance I guess is what I was getting at? Cool Mag’s and Cree are there and Vampgrl’s in Fla. also I think. I’ll check into this by then hopefully business will pick up and I’ll make some dang money $$

    Sorry, not much chance of that. I’ll never make enough money to be able to go to one of those things, *sigh*

  320. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey ya’ll I wonder if he ever got *The Gift* yet. Hmmmmmmm just wondering when he’s gonna whip up some dawg cookies πŸ˜‰ I can see him in an apron can’t ya’ll ?

  321. Himmiefan said

    Everyone! Happy Dance!!

    I just finally, finally got a speaker to talk about hospital financial reports on Tuesday!! Woo hoo!

    Well, it’s a big to-do for me. (dances off down the hall)

  322. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Himmie I guess…………congratulations? Good for you whatever that means whoooo hoooooo, I’ll dance with you 😎

  323. Anne said

    Megacon is in Orlando, and the convention hotel is the Doubletree on 5780 Major Boulevard, Orlando Florida 32819.
    The con itself is in the Orange County Convention Center Hall SB

    Megacon is not like Creation cons – the media guests are usually there for more than one day.

    Yes, I was at MegaCon in 2006 πŸ˜‰

  324. Himmiefan said

    Thank you Ms. Dizey! We’re hosting several employees from various hospitals on Tuesday, and our Finance speaker fell through. Financial reports is the number one topic everyone wants, and we had one heck of a time finding someone to fill in.

    Woo hoo, woo hoo, woo hoo….


  325. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Well than Ms.Himme happy everything worked out for ya!

    Anne the pic behind your name what would Mr. Steve be playing in there? And I’m betting he’s your McDreamy πŸ˜‰

  326. Anne said

    He’s playing Eurylochus, Odysseus’ second in command.
    Arnold Vosloo (aka the Mummy) is playing Odysseus.

    Yes he is πŸ˜‰
    But you know – variation is the spice of life ….

  327. Anne said

    The title is “Odysseus and the Isle of the Mists” – filming just completed and I think it will air on SciFi in 2008.

  328. DIZEY1 :-) said

    I’ll keep an eye out for it, thanx Anne πŸ˜€

  329. lwildstar said

    Ihave to stay late at work because of all the issues earlier – so I may not see you darlings tonight!

  330. Tango said

    Thanks for all the welcoming hospitality everyone! You guys make a girl feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

    Margaret, where can I get me one of those interns? Gosh, I would love to have one who could do some filing and faxing and postcards, and while she’s at it do some laundry and have dinner ready for me when I get home. I have an office in my house, so it would be convenient for her. I’ll even feed her and give her plenty of BT to watch. J

    Diz – the commercial where Henry is wearing the star belt is the scene when he comments to Vicki, β€œYou’re wearing a dress!” I haven’t seen it in a few days, so I think that’s the quote. You can’t miss it though; it’s made out of rhinestones or something very shiny. I want one! ~ both a Henry and a star belt. πŸ˜‰ Congratulations on your big subzero sale! I would love to have one myself with a big commercial grade stove and well, a whole new kitchen. My kitchen needs updating so bad, I’ve had to put things off for the past two years due to all the medical bills we’ve had. Maybe I’ll get started next year on it.

  331. Tango said

    Anzia – Thanks darlin’ for the serenade and the care package. I love it! Let’s see what’s inside…… Boy! Chocolate chains, some of Madonna’s candles, take-out lo mien, and what’s this?….. It states, β€œJust Add Water” Hmmmm *runs and gets water, pours it on it * Hey! It’s growing… taking shape, and a very nice shape I might add….Why it’s Henry Fitzroy! How’d you do that? Just what I wanted! He’s even wearing the star belt! I’ll make sure I confiscate that for myself! πŸ™‚

  332. elizabeth said

    *sigh* Where is Henry when I need him? I have a mild case of the blues and desperately need to cuddle with him…….. I only need him for a little while – truly……

  333. elizabeth said

    Oookay – I didn’t mean to scare everyone off.

  334. elizabeth said

    I promise – I only want Henry for a little while. I will return him – eventually.

    Why is my voice echoing in here?? Helllooooo, anyone home? …..Spooky. … I think I will just quietly leave now. *sniff, snuffle, bottom lip trembling, head hanging dejectedly* Well, if you do see Henry will you tell him I am looking for him?????

  335. Margaret said

    Tango: She’s not my intern. I certainly don’t have anybody to help me file or anything else, she belongs to the Code Enforcement Officer. She’s just a really sweet kid that I’ve been able to talk into doing post cards for me in her office hours. She only did 10 so far but that’s 10 more than I had yesterday, add that to my 20 and I got a grand total of 30. Have to say I do love the kid. She’s also talking up Blood Ties to her friends for me.

  336. Margaret said

    Got this back from City TV when I asked them about their season 2.

    At this time we don’t know if or when. We’ll have to stay tuned.
    Citytv Audience Relations

  337. Anne said

    I wasn’t scared off – I just left work and am now home.

    If you might go, you can make hotel reservations now – if you should be unable to come, you can just cancel the reservation before 72 hours to the time. Full weekend tickets are $50.

    So far, there are only 2 media gusts listed, but they will add more – I don’t remmber how many there were in 2006 – perhaps 10? Folks from Stargate and StarTrek TNG as I recall.

    The program won’t be finalized until much closer to the event.

  338. AlisaSG said

    UPDATES.. Blood Ties eppy 7 and 8

    LIVING Tv seems to have *died* a bit.. NOT a LIVING soul has posted on the Blood Ties topic over there, (except me this week), and they’ve moved past showing HEART OF ICE now going onto HEART OF FIRE — tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CityTv viewers are finally getting psyched on the band wagon — FINALLY!!!!!!!!!
    “Love Hurts” just aired, and now there’s a pre-topic about HEART OF ICE into
    HEART OF FIRE… and I *looooooooove* the reactions!!!! (week-long anxiety attacks — same as us!!!! LOL!!) πŸ˜€

    well, that’s coming from those who have actually posted..
    I wonder what the lurkers are thinking………… (hopefully *good* things!)

  339. lwildstar said

    well I made it home – but now I’m tired and cranky so I wont stick around and ….
    sorry the LONG commercial came on and I lost my train of thought! boy I needed that….
    you know they acctually had the nerve to ask if I could work over the weekend! HELL NO! Besides we should be finished by tomorrow and if we’re not – I don’t care! At least I will get overtime for tonight and tomoorrow if I have to stay….

    well enough venting and I need to go get some dinner and a shower!

  340. lwildstar said

    just popped over to the HeyNeilson site – someone posted a NEGATIV comment – Hot Girl Lame Guys…….they think the show is doing badly becasue of the GUYS! WTF?!
    Oh well everyone is entiled to their opinion I supose – even if they are wrong πŸ˜‰

    Well I’m out of here!….now I seem to have scared everyoe off…..

  341. AlisaSG said

    Margaret –
    my niece is on the western side of the state. I’m fairly certain she’ll be going, tho. She likes to go to all of those (as many as she can). She’s more into the sci-fi ones, tho..

    She also lived about 5 years in Orlando (10 months each year) when she attended college there.. and she likes to return on regular visits of the general area. She’s my active *acting* link, too! (drama/theater, etc.) πŸ˜‰

    My hubby’s cousins have one of their kids in the ADMIN office at one of the Disney parks, too. We’ve been invited, but my other half has cat allergies, and has been avoiding Florida visits just because of that.. 😦

  342. AlisaSG said

    lwildstar — re: the
    >> HeyNeilson site – someone posted a NEGATIV comment –
    >> Hot Girl Lame Guys

    that only gives the *trolls* more times to invade and tear up anything that might be good… it just dawned on me, just now, after reading that — this electronic site might not be as helpful as the *good* folks who do put helpful info out there are trying to do.

    those *trolls* just better keep their paws off BT..

  343. msgypsy said

    Flying by but have to clarify something. Sci Fi Talk is a podcast, no connection to Sci Fi network.

    I really don’t want Sci Fi network to take “Blood Ties.” They have a target audience that would destroy the show. They target young, horny males. Do you think young, horny males want to see Henry? No, they want scantily clad Vicki and even scantilier clad Correen.

    I heard back from ol’ Aryeh but since I wrote to him trying to use the religious approach his response isn’t worth repeating. It’s polite and he does explain that screwing up the names was due to a short deadline so they could go to press before the High Holy Days. But he insists the show wasn’t his cup of tea. He compares it to “Dead :Like Me” which he liked but the ratings were poor. Basically, he’s saying that a review won’t make or break a show. I think he’s right. Still a butt, though.

    Okay, meeting in an hour, gotta change clothes and drive out to Warren. I have such a damn busy life…

  344. Cree said

    Well everyone, unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to go to Claire’s as originally planned. As most of you know, I have been the only doctor at my practice since March. I got the good news last month that I would be getting another doctor to work with me which I was counting on to be able to cover me the weekend of the trip to Claire’s. Well, she started last week, and, well……..lets just say she is not at all what I expected. Not to be mean, but I don’t know how someone so dumb could have actually graduated veterinary school. She has even been out in practice in NJ for the past few years, so its not like she just graduated vet school or anything. She doesn’t know how to do the simpliest things or diagnose/treat even the easy cases.
    And to top it all off, she is still waiting on her license to practice in FL which will take about 6 weeks to get here. So in the mean time, she is practicing under my medical license which means I have to monitor her every move! Unfortunately that 6 weeks puts us past the Claire trip and legally I can’t leave her on her own until then which totally sucks!!!!! I am so friggin pissed about this. As if I don’t have enough to do already, now I have to babysit some stupid incompetent new doctor. I liked it better when it was just me, and so do my clients. I already have a few that are refusing to see her. AUGH!! I don’t know what to do. That place is running me into the ground!
    I am on vacation this week for my birthday and had to completely close the clinic down because of that and there is no way I can close it down again next month for the trip to Claire’s. That would just be too soon and I would have a lot of angry clients.

    Anne/prtfvr/dizey and anyone else possibly attending megacon: Yes, I do live in Orlando and would love to meet you guys while you are here. If anyone needs to save money on hotel expenses, you are more than welcome to stay with me for as long as you want. I have 3 guest rooms that you are all welcome to and would love to have the company. Just let me know! Since I can’t go to Claire’s, at least maybe I could meet some of you during the convention!

  345. Tango said

    E – sorry I didn’t respond earlier to your request for Henry. I was preoccupied with the care package that Z gave me. When you put in your request I must have had just accidently (on purpose) dropped some lo mein down my shirt and my “Just add water” Henry was in the process of recovering it πŸ˜‰

    I’ve sent him your way ready to snuggle, cuddle, and anything else you might need. 😎

  346. rifkind said

    Oh Tango!
    We have missed your posts! You are so creative and funny!
    I know that care package had ‘chocolate chains’, but just add water Henry…. too funny. I imagine those compressed sponge toys for little kids… just add water and they grow and grow.. Oh Henry! LOL!

    I am so sorry that you can’t come to Claire’s.. Can’t you just take a half day off on Friday and Close on Saturday?? Maybe..??? We would so love to meet you!
    I will be at a Con here in MPLS the weekend before MegaCon.. and already have tickets, so probably won’t be going to Megacon.. Dang! it would be so nice to meet you and Anne!

    Hang in there gals! It is ALMOST OCTOBER!!! YIPEEEEEEE!!!!!

  347. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hi My sweet sista’s O Blood! Heading to bed, just finished watching CSI was good , waiting for Moonlight tomorrow to see wassup with Mick St.John I think 😦

    I’d love to have a *Chia Henry* a little greenery in just the right spots. Oooh kind of like Adam , fig leaf πŸ˜‰ I missed you Beaucoup Mes Ami ! Don’t stay away so long next time πŸ˜€

    Cree thank you so much and I’ll keep that in mind if I can make it there. Sorry about the *Challenged One* you’re having to deal with. Incompetence in the field of doctoring is a bit scary huh? Good luck with Dr. Doo-very-little πŸ˜€

    Good Night, Bonne Nuit!

    Reves doux d’Henri
    XOXOXOXOXO Je t’aime beaucoup! Beth

  348. Margaret said

    Tango: I meant to say that the intern did the post cards in her OFF hours.

  349. Tango said

    I’m so jealous about your little Halloween shindig. I so wish I could join you guys. Please be sure to take lots of pictures and know that I will be with you in spirit.

    It’s funny what the Just add water Henry made you all think of:
    Rifkind – little sponge toys
    Diz – Chia pets
    Me – sea monkies

    But I must say the Just add water Henry is the best by far.

  350. Anzia said

    Tango- I’m glad my care package did it’s job. Yeah…so what I saw in my head is NOTHING like what ya’ll seem to have invisioned…definitley NOT putting on here either *blushes DEEP red* yeah…naughty naughty anzia just about crashed the Gutter Boathouse w/those thoughts. ^_^

    Diz- no prob girl. When I get ’em in, you’ll get a set…seeing as we seem to have a “just add water” henry (almost sounds like an aqua bra btw) maybe you can test ’em out…although…still like the Anatomically Correct, Life Size Action Henry “Toys” ^_^ WHICH you can now buy various outfits for…yay forepl- um… yeah. *blushes*

    Himmie- Oooo, we doing the film now? *channels some gorgeous movie star/diva* I’m ready for my close-up *struts in stilletto heels…finds hole, trips, falls, everyone laughs* or i can hide in the wardrobe room. πŸ˜‰

    Oh, and jst so you konw, I KNOW i didn’t get you the next part. I’m actually working on it…jsut…well not a lot of time these days. I’m actually writing it between calls at work (and making myself dizey by looking up and down really fast in short spans of time). Can you imagine what would happen if they found that sitting on my desk…*giggles* Maybe i’d get promoted to the marketing division πŸ˜‰

  351. lwildstar said

    just a quick drive by…

    Uggg – Cree! I was so hoping to get to meet you!

    well I’m putting in over time so I best get to work…will try to stop by at lunch!

  352. Margaret said

    Since I’m losing my traveling buddy I’m not coming either, sorry ladies. BUT THAT ISN’T THE ONLY REASON. Found out recently if I want to continue mentoring a couple of little girls that I started mentoring that I’m going to have to be fingerprinted and pay for it. And it ain’t cheap. Wonder if they expunged that time they caught me lurking outside Kyle’s house, darn. I forgot all about that. lol.

    Besides, looks like Cree and I can meet quite a few of you when you come for megacon. I was thinking we should all meet, find out when Dylan Neal is going to be there and see if he wouldn’t take a picture with the girls from Ms. Gypsy’s. What do you think?

  353. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    Hey guys, does anyone know when Supernatural starts up again? TVGuide.com says next Thursday at 9:00, but I have no idea if that’s right or not. I remember hearing last season that they were thinking about moving the show to another night, but I have no idea if they did or not. That’s the only other returning show that I do watch, besides Ghost Whisperer, Bones, Eureka and SGAtlantis, and I’d be really really cranky if I missed it and didn’t get my weekly fix of my Winchester Boys. Must have Dean…Mmmm Mmmmm good. πŸ˜€

  354. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bonjour Mes Amis! Buongiorno Bellas, Good Morning My Sweet Sista’s O’ Blood!

    Tango, *Z*, “Just add water Henry” we can’t forget the Miracle Grow πŸ˜‰ Dr. Z, I want you to know I have been a good recovering-gutter girl until you planted a seed you badd girl πŸ˜› Thanx nice visual and I see me not with a watering can, but me throwing that sucker into a bath tub full of water for a quick inflation πŸ˜‰ Mine is now *Fast Grow Henry* for the girl who just can’t wait. Can’t wait for the next installment on your story.

    Ya’ll ONLY 2 WEEKS FROM TONIGHT !!!!!!!!!! Whoooo hoooooo happy happy joy joy πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ 😎 I am soooo stoked for some Fresh Henry, ok Beth just breathe. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  355. DIZEY1 :-) said


    I looked for it the last couple of nights and nothing, but I’ll check my DVR and search for it to tape and it’ll link to it. I’ll let you know when I find something for ya’ love that Jensen waaaay back when he was Eric Brady on Days of our Lives πŸ˜‰ Ohh and when he was on Dark Angel I loved that show. He’s gorgeous and I love his sense of humor, funny dude! My DVR has so many red highlighted areas, too many shows and not enough DVR’s to record everything. Tonight Moonlight comes on and I’m gonna check it out just to see what it’s like, he’ll never be a Henry Fitzroy but it might be worth the watch. Ghost Whisperer should be good too.

  356. Cree said

    Vampgrl: I saw about 3 or 4 commercials last night on the CW for Supernatural. It comes back on next Thursday in its usual timeslot after Smallville. Yea! I too love that show. I fell in love with Jensen back when he played Eric Brady as well, Dizey.

    So sorry girls that I can’t go to Claire’s. I also feel partially responsible for Margaret not being able to go as well since I was her traveling buddy. Double sorry! 😦

  357. Margaret said

    Its not Cree’s fault, I’m a wimp that doesn’t like to travel alone, but it was
    99 9/10 the fact that getting fingerprinted is going to put a dent in my budget.

  358. elizabeth said

    Tango – I will keep an eye out for Henry – good to know he is on his way! I promise to treat him gently, ladies πŸ˜‰ I finally caught the commercial again last night and suddenly realized with my DVR I can keep replaying it. You will never guess what I did – no?- I replayed it over and over again until my daughter came in the room and wanted to know why I had a BT commercial playing in slow motion. Duh! So, I could watch Henry, of course! Amazing how much better I felt after that.

  359. prtfvr said

    So the news is tentative (meaning the rumor mill) that my hubby got the faculty position yesterday. Man, being an impatient person really sucks! Of course, we HAVE been waiting to hear for over a month so I guess it’s reasonable to want to know something now.

  360. prtfvr said

    I bought this little gadget that plugs into your car lighter and you hook your iPod into it. Well, the trip to pick up my husband every night after work is much more exciting now that I can see Henry at a glance. *sigh*

  361. Cree said

    Elizabeth: That’s what I have been doing all week. I just leave Lifetime on in the background and then rewind the live tv once an hour with my DVR to see if there were any BT commercials! Then if there were, I replay them over and over…………and over and over again just to see that pretty face of Henry’s (well, technically its Kyle’s face, but who cares, its still pretty)! I keep trying to figure out the scenes and try to figure out how Vicki will spoil all the romantic interludes with Henry that we are getting teased with, because you know she will! I learned enough from the teasers from last season not to get my hopes up because I will just be very disappointed in the end.

  362. Himmiefan said

    Hey Prtfvr. That’s great! Let us know when you hear something definite.

  363. DIZEY1 :-) said


    Congrat’s! Glad to hear it. I bought the car thingy when I got my iPod way back and I do love being able to listen to my show and then when traffic stops I’m just feelin’ the Henry love my sista’ πŸ˜‰ Heee hee hee little things make me soooo happy! They said that Blood Ties was a huge iTunes download like one of the most downloaded I think!! YAY US, my iPod’s ready and waiting to plug in and download D.O.A. πŸ˜€

    Cree, Jensen YUMMMM! I think he and Kyle together in a movie or tv show would make a good team, pretty and great actors πŸ˜‰ Oh and my fellow DVR addicts I thought I was the only silly girl doing the rewind thingy, (hee hee hee) I’m so happy with all my fellow BT addicted sista’s. I still haven’t seen the commercial with the Star belt that Tango mentioned and I would CLEARLY record it when I found it, oh well what can I say I’d bleed for Henry 😎

  364. Freyja said

    Hi ladies and a great big virtual wave to you all from the Great White North! I found all you lovely ladies over on Tanya’s blog on Lifetime. I had originally come over to give gypsy a virtual wave thanks to her comments on Saskatchewan. Yes, Saskatchewanians’ ears perk up every time we hear our province mentioned, moreso when we’re an ex-pat – I’ve been in the nation’s capital for over 6 years now. Gypsy, I can reassure you that Saskatchewan has changed over the past few decades. I grew up in a small town (and have no desire to live THAT life again) but thankfully the rest of the province is ‘growing up’.

    On to the show – I readily admit that BT had me from the fitst episode. I saw the heavy rotation of commercials on the CityTV channels when I was on vacation back home in the summer. I though, ‘Ooh, I have to check this out.” Its start was delayed by a couple of weeks. Thanks to digital cable and timeshifting us lucky Canadians can actually watch BT 4-5 days a week. We’re currently on ‘Heart of Ice’ on City TV (local stations in different cities air the episodes on different nights through the week) and about 3 episodes behind on Space.

    I’ve read through the massive amount of comments over on Tanya’s blog (boy, you ladies crack me up!) and someone asked a question about whether Canada has an equivalent to the FBI (i.e. why Kate would ask about FBI involvement in a Canadian case). We don’t have a direct equivalent to the FBI or the CIA here. CSIS (pron: see-sis), the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, deals with national security domestically and internationally. The RCMP is the national police force – Canadian criminal law is a federal jurisdiction – so you’ll find RCMP across the country (with some exceptions including city/town police forces). The RCMP does work with the FBI. For some reason, American fugitives love to hang out in Canada. (My day job – lawyer, now there is a profession that gets it fair share of ‘blood-sucker’ jokes – I’ve heard them all. LOL!)

    Gypsy – you mentioned that you have a large collection of ‘nisser’ having lived in Sweden. (Yes, I carefully read through the comments. LOL!) I lived in Denmark and have a massive collection of ‘nisser’ myself (the coincidences abound). I try to explain what nisser are to those who don’t know and translating the word to elves just doesn’t do the concept justice.

    Glad to ‘meet’ you all. If ever you have Canada-related questions (for example, what time the sun sets in TO in the winter *wink*) just fire them my way. Hopefully I’ll be able to answer them!

  365. prtfvr said

    He got the position! WOO HOO!

  366. prtfvr said

    Finally, a Canadian on the board! YEAH!! Greetings Freyja. Welcome to the Blood Ties of Love group! A nicer bunch of people I’ve never met.

  367. Cree said

    Dizey: That is so funny that you do the DVR thing too. I really thought I was the only one, but now I know you and E are doing it too! I love that we are all so much alike! Kyle and Jensen in the same show together? Wow, could you imagine? I think that might be just a little too much hottness for one show to handle. Our T.V.s would melt!

  368. elizabeth said

    Freyja – Welcome! We are always delighted to add another member to the Bloody Ford Blood Ties Clinic! I have been a resident for quite awhile and find there is no “cure” other than watching plenty of episodes and discussing every nuance with my fellow addicts! I traveled through parts of Saskatchewan years ago (okay, centuries ago – I was a kid). Is that where the Canadian Mounties have a training facility? I do remember visiting that and falling in love with those delightful men in uniforms – sigh!

  369. Cree said

    Welcome Freyja. Its nice to have a Canadian join us. You get to see BT 4-5 days a week?! No friggin fair! Lifetime only showed it twice in the same night the first half of the season, and this next half, we don’t even get that. One showing a week is all they’re airing. You hear that Lifetime?????? We want more BT!!!

  370. elizabeth said

    prtfvr – I am so happy for you guys. Congrats to your husband and his new job!

  371. elizabeth said

    Laurel – How are you surviving the Expo? I hope we can meet for lunch next week?

    Cree – I think all of us will do anything necessary to see our Henry πŸ™‚ Who knew I would want to watch a commercial, never mind sit through programs I dislike on the off chance they will show the commercial. All I can do is shake my head at myself and grin. Some things are just out of my control – hehehe

  372. lwildstar said

    Welcome Freyja!
    The more the merrier!

    Diz & Cree – Uh, I’m doing the rewind thing on tape! so I have the commercials on two tapes – well its the one commercial taped twice – still can’t catch the long one! Anywho Ihave both VCRs set up and I keep the remote close at hand to try and snag a clip! very frustrating!

    I have I think I have figured out from what I’ve seen (and the descriptions of the up capomming epis) – that a lot of the clips in the long commercial are from Drawn and Quartered and which ever epi Christina shows up in I think is The Devil You Know……could be wrong but I don’t think so….

    anyway lunch time and I think I am going to try to get some writing in!

  373. prtfvr said

    oooh, could our tag be ‘Bloody Ford Clinic’? πŸ™‚

  374. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Prtfvr, Fantastic! Great for ya’ll, does this mean you get to buy more birds ?? πŸ˜‰

    Hey Welcome !! So glad to have Blood Ties lovers from all over, I too was so hooked from Blood Price on. This is by far one of the best shows in years and the mesh of everyone connected to it is amazing don’t you think? So what did you think of Heart of Ice ? What’s your favorite or do you have one yet? YAY Canada!!!! I’m an Acadian down in New Orleans BTW in the deep south and we are so ready for October 12th I can taste it. So anyway Welcome and jump in anythime we are one big family here *Where the Blood Ties Bind* πŸ˜€ So happy to have you!

  375. lwildstar said

    Aww Mags! you too? Well at least you guys will get to have your own party!

  376. Cree said

    E: I know what you mean. I hate all the shows on Lifetime. Thats why I just leave it on in the background and then just rewind back thru the past hour of programming to see the commercials. That way I am not stuck watching shows I don’t like. There ARE ways to beat the system!

  377. Himmiefan said

    Welcome Freyja! We’re always glad to have new Hens. Oh yeah, we’re Henry’s Hens. Of course, several of us are also Mike’s Minx’s, so you can definitely be both if you’d like.

  378. Danae said

    Hey bellas. I can’t say buongiorno because it isn’t morning anymore.

    Margaret-Yes that was the tagline I was thinking of.

    Prtfvr-Congrats to your hubby. I like the sound of using *yourname* from the Bloody Ford Clinic-Where Blood Ties Binds.

    All Jensen Ackles fans-Hands off! He’s mine. I have loved him since Days Of Our Lives also. Kyle and Jensen in a movie together? I think we will be burnt out after that. I don’t think I could handle it.

    I so totally cannot wait until Ghost Whisperer tonight and I am definitely going to check out Moonlight. We can compare notes later.

    Welcome Freyja. We were hoping a Canadian would join us.

    Himmiefan-If someone like both Kyle and Dylan they are a Hinx. I like them both but I only drool over Kyle. Dylan certainly has his good looks.

  379. DIZEY1 :-) said

    You know I don’t dislike everything on LT they are what they are and they are a huge advocate for women, and I loved the way Kyle explained that to the crazy interviewer about Vicki being a strong woman and how it empowers women and how we in the States and in Canada liked that strong woman figure. That man is so ahead of all the other guys his age and alot of older guys. He gets it somehow, he gets US/Women and he likes us adoring fans and in his words I like the older lady fans πŸ˜‰ We like you too dude! Girl Power 😎

  380. elizabeth said

    Cree – Genius! I have to admit to being slow on the uptake – it took me a day or so to realize I could just rewind to the commercials. It was like a lightbulb went off over my head last night. I think I actually blushed because I felt ridiculous for not realizing it sooner – a real “duh” moment πŸ™‚ But, I didn’t think about doing it the way you described. Good thing there is more than one brain operating here. I just may get through it and last until October 12 after all!!!

  381. Danae said

    Damn why is the blod eating my post all of a sudden. Grrr!

  382. Danae said

    That was supposed to be blog.

  383. Danae said

    This is the gist of the missing post

    Yes Margaret that is the one.

    Prtfvr-congrats to hubby, I like *name* from Bloody Ford Clinic-Where The Blood Ties Bind

    Jensen Ackles Yum Days Of Our Lives-Yep

    Ghost Whisperer Woohoo Moonlight will watch compare notes later

    Burned out by both Kyle and Jensen in one movie

    Freyja-Welcome Canadian Woohoo

    Himmiefan-If you like both Kyle and Dylan you are a Hinx

  384. Danae said

    It worked Yay!

  385. Danae said

    And everyone has gone POOF! Lunch is almost over. I will check in before I leave. Laters!

  386. Congratulations Prtfvr!!!

    I like Bloody Ford Clinic as a sign off, or maybe Lifetime Resident of the Bloody Ford Clinic πŸ™‚ So many good suggestions. I think another contest is in order. All in favor say Aye, all opposed say Nay.

    Somebody else has to be the judge though, since I have an entry in the running. Yes, I will make the prize for the winner, thanks for asking.

    Freyja — Welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed our old chatter. We’re looking forward to joining Tanya again in a couple weeks. We need a resident expert on Canada!

  387. Cree said

    E: Glad my brain could be of service. I’m always looking for the easy way out!

  388. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Buongiorno Daniela ! So sorry I missed you had a customer and another awaits me, I guess I can’t complain since we’ve been so dead. I’ll be back when I’m finished. πŸ˜‰ Ti Amo baby!

  389. Tango said

    Welcome Freyja! Tango here! Glad to have you on board mate. I do believe you’re our first Canadian. I’m sure we will have plenty of questions for you as time progresses. What kind of law do you practice?

    Prtfvr – or each of us put Bloody Ford Clinic – Rm 103 or whatever room you happen to occupy. 103, yep that’s my room number.

    Oouu – maybe something like:

    Bloody Ford Clinic – Rm 103
    Where the Blood Ties bind

    Keeping fingers crossed that you will get your good news today. I know you much be excited.

  390. Margaret said

    I didn’t know we were supposed to wait so I already called and said I was Margaret from Ms. Gypsy’s I believe.

  391. elizabeth said

    Hey Tango – you are right down the hall from me. I am in room 106! Love the view – Henry all the time!! πŸ˜‰

  392. Freyja said

    Thanks for the welcome everyone! And to answer everyone’s questions:

    elizabeth – yes, the RCMP training academy is in Regina, where my family now lives. When I go to visit, theoretically I could ‘hang out’ on the grounds of the academy since the museum is located there as well. The public can also go on tours of the training grounds. Plus, during the summer months you can go to the sunset ceremony and watch everyone parade in their red serge, you know, the scarlet ceremonial uniform everyone thinks the Mounties wear every day. No, sorry, just for certain ceremonies. They get to wear ugly grey and navy the rest of the time. And for all the Mike fans out there, just imagine him in the red serge.

    Dizey – I think the casting is absolutely perfect! I have to say I’m very pleased that the cast is Canadian. I always get upset when there is a made-in-Canada production and they bring in a big name American actor just to hook viewers. No offence, but we have more than enough talent north of the border, thank you very much. Dizey, do I really have to choose between Mike and Henry? *grin*

    I have to say, though, that Kyle definitely reminds me of my youngest brother. Kyle, not Henry. And stop drooling ladies. Long story short, I lived with a great family when I was in Denmark but I ended up with 3 teenage brothers with me being the eldest (they being 6 months, 2 years, and 5 years younger than me). I call them my brothers and they call me their sister. I’m really close with the youngest (he’s 28 now). I just get this impish grin, mischievous twinkle in the eye, with way too much energy to know what to do with from the interviews. Now THAT is definitely my brother and he has the blue eyes and curly hair to boot. But thankfully Kyle is such a great actor that I completely forget about that when I’m watching the show!

    Annalaise – I LOVE playing tour guide and answering questions about Canada. I’m only too happy to do so.

    Tango – I started out in labour, employment and human rights but now do policy work related to Aboriginal issues, women and international. Luckily, I get to have a life after 5 o’clock and on weekends!

    Oh, and I just found the comments re: curling on the other blog. That can totally be worked into a show. Curling is Scottish and has been completely taken over and owned by Canadians (Olympics, world championships) – I think we’re all obsessed up here. Now, trying to get the actors to slide down a sheet of ice … well, that could be interesting.

  393. DIZEY1 :-) said

    T, and E,

    E that’s my salesperson number hmmmm , I think since I’m a Cancer my room number is *69* sign of the crab oh and I’m a Moon child also.

    Dizey..Blood Ford Clinic Rm 69 πŸ˜‰
    *Where the Blood Ties bind*

    Going to eat me some great grub, Mom made shrimp salad stuffed tomatoes w/Remoulade sauce on the side. Can you say YUMMMMMM πŸ˜›

  394. Anne said

    Welcome Freyja –

    What a coincidence! I’ve never been to Saskatchewan and I don’t own any nisser, but I DO live in Denmark πŸ™‚
    A country sorely deprived of televised Blood Ties – Lifetime commercials included 😦
    Though I can’t manage the commercials, I am not totally Blood Ties deprived.

    Margaret –
    I travel alone all the time – as long as there is someone meeting me at the other end, I do fine. Don’t you know anybody in the police that will fingerprint you for free? I guess an arrest will kinda defeat the purpose …

    Rifkind –
    What con are you going to in Minneapolis?

  395. elizabeth said

    oooh, I can just see Mike in the Red Serge uniform! He would be luscious πŸ™‚ At least he would be out of that blasted rain coat.

  396. Anne said

    When (I won’t consider ‘if’) there’s a scond season, I’m sure Mike will give Henry some competition.

  397. Margaret said

    Anne: They even made the police officers/personnel get fingerprinted else where. Just another scam by our lovely school board to get $$ I suspect.l

  398. Anne said

    Just curious – how much does such a fingerprinting thing cost?

  399. Margaret said

    Anne: I do hope you know I was kidding. I’ve never been arrested, I don’t care why Kyle says. I’ve never been near the boy.

  400. So Freyja,

    since you’re willing to play tour guide — Do you have one of the lovely Canadian accents we all so adore? I was wondering why Kyle doesn’t have one, is it something specific to certain areas? If so what areas?

    Dr. Annalaise duChat, LPCC

    Suite 204, Bloody Ford Clinic
    “Where the Blood Ties Bind”
    Specializing in addictive personality disorder.
    By appointment only.

  401. Margaret said

    Through the School Board it’s $60 (and thats the only place they’ll let us have it done) but I’m also looking at some other things coming down the pike like my escrow coming up short because of the homeowners insurance crisis we had down here because of the hurricanes. My insurance went from $1,300 to $1,600 which considering some people have been canceled isn’t all that bad.

  402. prtfvr said

    I think I’ll be “prtfvr – Bloody Ford Clinic Rm 309 (my birthday)
    Where the Blood Ties Bind”


    Man, we sure are a bunch of geeks. I blame ‘laise! πŸ˜‰

  403. Prtfvr — I can help you with that problem. See my secretary to make an appointment.

  404. Freyja said

    Hi Annalaise,

    Happy to oblige. Yep, I would say I have that adorable Canadian accent. *smile* But, hey it isn’t an accent to me. Actors actually take classes to rid their speech of that accent. Canadians are too easy to pick out otherwise. On a trip to Dallas/New Orleans the locals couldn’t figure out that I was from Canada – they thought I was from the American mid-west. Ummm, close. I just laughed.

  405. Freyja —

    I unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) am from the American Mid-West (Ohio) where we naturally speak the “ideal”. So anyone different is cool.

  406. Danae said

    Hey girls. I know I am supposed to be working. Sometimes I just can’t resist.

    Dizey are you sure that “69” isn’t for something else. Hint hint!

    Freyja-I am a New Englander and damn proud of it. I am 29 going on 16. I hate to think I will be 30 next year. I most certainly do not act my age.

    This is me
    Room 625 (since prtfvr used her Bday I used mine I didn’t want to go with 666 to obvious) Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where The Blood Ties Bind

    On top of have Kyle-itis and BT-itis I have split personalities.

  407. Danae said

    Hey my post from earlier showed up.

  408. Freyja said

    Hey Annalaise,

    I don’t actually think I sound like that but I guess the guy couldn’t think of anything else to say other than ‘American mid-west’. I’m sure you’d be able to spot me as the foreigner if we had a short conversation, especially if we used the test words like ‘roof’, ‘route’, ‘about’, etc.

  409. Tango said

    oK, just saw the BT commercial when Henry goes in for Vicki’s neck. What does he say right before?

  410. DIZEY1 :-) said


    What did you think of our accents down here in New Orleans, most people say we sound alot like New Yorkers , I love ya! Claire dawlin’ πŸ˜‰ A good friend of mine’s uncle lives in Canada and had moved there years ago. Funny thing is he now has that accent eh! and the best part is his name or what his nickname is *Yankee* I don’t know if his sister here gave it to him or if the Canadians did πŸ˜€ Next time he comes down I’ll have to check that out.

    You think β€˜laise is gonna try and fix us? I don’t want to HEAL! I’ll be a resident for years to come. For allllll the years Blood Ties will be on and also through syndication. I’ve got the power! The power of positive thinking πŸ˜›

  411. DIZEY1 :-) said

    *Trust can be very stimulating* how’s that for yummmm Tango!

  412. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Tango I think that’s right , or at least pretty close.

    Daniela, buon pomeriggio il mio buon amico! We keep missing each other and I hate it that you’re not here during my boring days. I miss you πŸ˜‰ Oh and I would never do something guttery , not meeeee! Lucky numbers what can I say πŸ˜€

  413. Danae said

    You in the gutter Of course not I would never think a thing like that.

  414. elizabeth said

    I’m very curious as to why Henry is biting her neck. Is it for pure pleasure or does he have a wound we can’t see. Me, I vote for pure pleasure – yum. He can bite my neck any time he pleases…..

  415. Annalaise duChat said

    ‘laise is the one of the worst in the bunch! I don’t think there is any hope.

  416. lwildstar said

    Tango – I posted the answer earlier way way way up there…..but just for you – I beleive he says

    Tust makes it all the more stimulating

    or something like that………….I’ve taped the commercial and I have spent hours (he he he) sitting practically inside the tv with the voulume turned WAY up to figure this out!

  417. Danae said

    We shall see Elizabeth. Just a couple more weeks to go.

  418. msgypsy said

    Freyja, howdy and welcome. I lived in Regina when I lived in Saskatchewan and I finally had to explain that it wasn’t Saskatchewan that was the problem, but I went through puberty there as an American citizen during the real heart of the Viet Nam war. I could have lived in the most perfect spot on Earth and I’d still be uncomfortable remembering it. (My worst pubescent experiences took place in Red Deer, Alberta, but who could hate a province that gave us Nathan Fillion, The Arrogant Worms (although they got their start in Ontario, but they claim to be from Alberta), and Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie? (The Dust Rhinos saved Manitoba…) So Saskatchewan takes the hit for all the prairie provinces.

    Welcome to my little corner of the world. Due to work problems and my tendency to over-commit myself in terms of extra-curricular activities (I’m double booked on October 6 and just barely managed to avoid being triple booked that day!) (OMG I just discovered another Ithra, this one in Corvallis, in November. STOP ME BEFORE I REGISTER FOR EVEN MORE!!!!!) (What’s an Ithra? Check here. http://www.ithra.antir.sca.org/)

    I derailed myself. I’ll start again. Due to all of the above I don’t get to blog nearly as often as I’d like to (which is why I set up Tango to approve messages that get spat into the spam bucket and I probably need to set someone else up as Tango’s backup!)

    I’m happy to find Canadian fans (one is a start!) finding their way here. As I’m sure you can see, we’ve formed something of a family here. When I saw the Doctor Who episode title “Family of Blood” I hooted, and said to Faraday, “Hey, has Russell T. Davies been reading our blogging?” (He rolled onto his back to get a belly rub which I think means he thinks it’s funny, too.)

    So is someone going to design letterhead for the Bloody Ford Clinic? Oh, and since we’re using birthdays, I’m in room 623. Good neighbors!

    Okay, gotta get back to work now. Type at you all later, I hope!

  419. DIZEY1 :-) said

    TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY!!!! Yeah baby!! I am so ancy I can’t stand it. Dani ya’ know it’s reeeally fun hanging in the gutter, you’d be surprised who you’ll meet there.

  420. Madonna said

    Cree, my sister,

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Cree!
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Check your email. I hope you like your present.

  421. Himmiefan said

    Hi guys! Here’s my address:

    Room 100
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

    My room’s really nice – view of the gardens, private bath, near the kitchen, and my neighbors don’t mind my loud music or if my cat wanders into their rooms. Come on by anytime and say hi!

  422. lwildstar said

    I took a snack break to walk down to the Starbucks and invited Paul along – he he he – anyway he says that when he moves back from WV “we’ll go do something artsy”…..at Christmas he said he wants to learn how to paint or draw and over the summer I told him I would teach him – but he could never find time off…I think he was just scared – so when he brought this up…well #1 he’s thinking already about getting back in touch with me – so theres the opening to give him my email (provided he has service were the farm is) to keep in touch, and #2 hes thinking about getting in touch with me when he moves back…. power of positive thinking! I won’t fault him if he doesn’t – but I’ll sick Robin on him!

    Ok must return to work – already had one unsanctioned (sp?) brake! and I leave in an hour!

    and my I guess I am
    Wildstar (or Wildstalker as Diz preferes)
    Room 910 (wow do we have that many rooms!)
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where The Blood Ties Bind

    but I haven’t called yet – will try this weekend

  423. Himmiefan said

    Happy Birthday Cree!!! Hope you get lots and lots of great gifts!!

    100 isn’t my birthday (2/6), but the room’s in a nice locations, so you know, location, location, location. Also, it’s Henry’s room, but shhhh – no one knows!

  424. Madonna said

    Hi ladies,

    I have no idea what is happening on the blog. I just had to stop by and wish my sister a Happy Birthday.

    I had to take the day off work today because my mom was admitted to the hospital last night and I’m staying with her. It’s nothing REALLY serious. It’s a large kidney stone that she started to pass that can’t seem to finish passing. If it doesn’t come through this evening, they’ll be performing surgery on her tomorrow. I’m just home to clean up and grab a few things and I’m heading back out the door. I haven’t been home since 8am yesterday and I’ve had 2 1/2 hrs of sleep in the past 48 hrs.

    Take care everyone!
    Love you all.

  425. Annalaise duChat said

    We don’t need a letterhead we need a signiture icon. Is that something that could be used on Tanya’s blog.

  426. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Cree, I’m so sorry I didn’t realize I booboo’d, my bad my sista’!

    Happpy Birthday to youuuuuuu, Happppyy Birhtday to yoouuuuuuuuu, Happppyyyy Birthdayy Doc Creeeeeeeeeeee………….., Haaaapppppyy Birthdayyyyyyy toooooo yooooouuuuuuuuuu……….and manyyyy moooooreeeee!!


    I think E had Henry last and will ship directly to the Brithday Girl, E remember when wrapping our precious cargo that the tape can be painful when yanked off so be kind to our Man πŸ˜‰ and strategically place that BIG BOW πŸ˜€

  427. Himmiefan said

    Madonna – please tell your mother we’re all thinking about her and that we sympathize. My brother-in-law had surgery for a kidney stone. He didn’t mind having surgery just as long as that thing came out.

    Please keep us informed with how she’s doing, and you get some sleep!

  428. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Madonna ,

    Mom will be fine good thougths and well wishes. Make sure you watch that blood sugar and take care of you. I sooo know how we are with our *Moms* so (((((HUGS)))))) from me to you and to mom πŸ˜€

  429. Annalaise duChat said

    Happy Birthday Cree!

    Madonna — Hope your Mom is feeling better soon.

  430. elizabeth said

    Madonna – Keep us posted on your Mom. I hope everything goes well for her and they don’t need to do surgery.

    Cree – I am an idiot! 😦 I so did not realize it was your birthday. So, my dear, happy, happy birthday to you. If you want I will make the supreme sacrifice and send Henry your way for the day?

    Himmiefan – So far we have you in room 100, me in 106 and Tango in 103 – woo hoo!! now I know where my cats disappear to on occasion – they are at your room visiting. Did I tell you I have almost finished with the mural on my wall of my room? I didn’t mention it??? How remiss of me πŸ˜‰ It is a picture of Henry. I know, I know – you are shocked by my choice. I promise to talk it over with Doc DuChat on my next appointment πŸ™‚

  431. elizabeth said

    Trust me Dizey – I was very careful with the bow. I actually had to re do it several times so I could get it just right. I am sure Cree will enjoy unwrapping her “gift” πŸ˜‰

  432. Himmiefan said

    Elizabeth – So that’s why all the cats have paint on them. I get it! Are you going to have a grand unveiling when you’re done? Party in Elizabeth’s room!

  433. Danae said

    Happy Birthday Cree. Sorry I forgot to check birthdays lately.

    Madonna good luck with your mom.

    I just got another talking to from my boss. God I hate those. No one else gets talking to’s.

    Ciao Bellas. Maybe I will catch ya this weekend.

    Room 625 Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where the Blood Ties Bind

  434. elizabeth said

    Oooh, a party – good idea! I’ll make sure I have enough drool bibs on hand for everyone. *whispers* Do you think Doc duChat believes me when I tell her that I am painting for therapeutic reasons?

  435. Annalaise duChat said

    OK Cree, a birthday limerick for you:

    To dearest blog sister Cree
    A little Henry potpourri,
    His gentle embrace,
    Sweet touch on the face,
    To commence this birthday spree.

    Progressing on to a dance,
    Then a little vampire romance.
    A delicate touch.,
    That can mean so much,
    The birthday eve to enhance.

    Happy Birthday Girl!

  436. Himmiefan said

    Oooo. Way to go Annalaise!

    Elizabeth – (whispers) Does Dr. Duchat believe you? (whispers) No!

    Dani – I’m so sorry, honey. ((Hugs)) We’ve all been there. Yes, it can get to be a bit much.

  437. Annalaise duChat said

    OK ladies, I’m outa here!

    Cree have a great birthday. Have a great evening all. I have to put in my appearance as supporting Mom at the high school football game this evening so I won’t be back until tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have the art for Dylan’s B-day T-shirt ready to show you then. Bye !

  438. Tango said

    Himmie! You are my neighbor; it’s a good thing Henry can make his way over through the secret passage behind the bookcase. And yes, the gardens do look lovely from where we are!

    Madonna – hope your mom is feeling better. Kidney stones are the pits. Wouldn’t wish those on an enemy.

    Happy Birthday Chief!
    A got you a little something….

  439. elizabeth said

    Danae – I’m sorry you had to deal with a talking to from your boss. I’m in Management, but sometimes I think Managers are just idiots! Don’t let it ruin your weekend, okay. I’m sending you a big hug.

    Annalaise – you are sooooo good with words. πŸ™‚ I loved your birthday limerick for Cree.

  440. Claire said

    Bonjour mes souers…how are we all today? I was only away two days and I’m lost! But I couldn’t resist doing the Granny thing with my favorite boy Jake,so I spent the day with him again!
    Prtfvr…Congratulations to you and your husband!!
    Madonna…positive thoughts going out to your Mom!
    Doc Cree…Joyeux Anniversaire!Happy Birthday!Buon Compleanno!
    There you go girl! Good wishes in most of my birth languages!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Freyja…Welcome aboard! A Canadian WooHoo..my favorite place besides my birthplace! I guess I should introduce my self!

    My name is Claire,I just turned 49 on August 24th!(same day as Kyle)
    I was born in Marseilles France,and moved to the States when I was 9.
    I lived in Brooklyn,N.Y. for 39 years,and last year moved to Virginia.
    I have seven children 3 adults,30,25,22 and 7 year old quadruplets.
    Two grand children,2 dogs,2 cats.
    Oh and I have a serious addiction problem called Blood Ties and have developed a side effect called Kyleitis,I am under the care of Dr.DuChat
    and spend most of my time at
    The Bloody Ford Clinic
    Where The Blood Ties Bind
    Room 824(I kind of have Henry in the closet at times,cause his alter ego Kyle likes the room number..SSHHH!!)
    Beth, seulement quatorze jours supplémentaires, et notre bel homme nous béniront avec son beau sourire!!Êtes-vous excités ?

    Must finish my work and cleaning the house (my very exciting Friday nights)
    P.S. Madonna..did you watch E.R.?

  441. elizabeth said

    Tonight my daughter is spending the night with a friend and my son is going camping. I shall be alone in the house for once. Gee, I wonder what I will do with all that time to myself??? Let me think….hmmmm…I know, I can watch, uninterrupted, all my episodes of blood ties! Now there is a thought. So let me thing…popcorn…check…comfy couch…check…DVR remote in hand…double check. I think I am good to go. All of you lovelies have a great weekend and I will catch up with you later. I hear Henry calling me.

  442. Cree said

    Madonna: Thanks for remembering my b-day. And thank you for my present. I loved it. Hope your mom gets to feeling better soon and you are able to get some rest.

    Annalaise: Thank you for the limmerick. I love when everyone does the limmericks and now I have one just for me! Yay! I loved it……thanks!

    Tango: thanks for the pics. That second one is my all time favorite pic of Henry……..how did you know?

    E: Thanks for sending Henry my way and for taking extra specical care in tying the bow. I’m sure I’ll have lots of fun unwrapping him later tonight. Oh, and tell him not to forget to bring the birthday weed……that is if there is any left after everyone else dipped into the stash on their bdays (you know how Tango can be).

    Everyone else: thanks for the bday wishes.

    As for my room at the Bloody Ford, since most of you are on the 100’s floor, I’ll join you. I’m in room 113. No bday significance obviously, but 13 has always been my lucky number. Not to mention 13 is usually associated with supernatural stuff, so makes sense someone should take it. I’ll gladly volunteer. Maybe some creepy stuff will happen in my room and Henry can come to my rescue!

  443. vicki said

    Cree ,,HAppy B-Day girl..!! Go have some fun..

    Freyia…Welcome to the Clinic..take a seat ….tell us all about your addiction…we wont try to fix you ..because we love our addiction..and this is the one clinic that wont take away your fix.. HEHEHEH

    I am looking forward to Moonlight…just to see if they do a good job..the producers are the ones who made “beauty and the Beast” tv show…sooo I am thinking it should be good.. of course he is NO henry…LOL

    ok..things to do…

    BLoody Ford Clinic
    Room 29 (my favorite sonnet)

  444. lwildstar said

    Madonna – Keep us posted on your Mom. I hope everything goes well for her and they don’t need to do surgery.

    Happy Birthday Cree!!!!!

    I’m still riding high from my little talk with Paul….It was so funny – I decided I wanted a cookie so I emailed asking if he wanted to walk with me, he said he was tied up for the next 20 minutes and then he could go with me (you should have herd lll the come backs I didnt send)….anyway I walked away from my desk to check on something and when I came back my message light was blinking – Paul – WHere are you? he sounded pitaful….
    so we’re walking down to the Starbucks and he says “when I come back we’ll have to go do something artsy”…..I just looked at him like …Oh, ok…when are you leaving and how long til you come back?!!!!!
    He said he doesn’t have the date for when he’s leaving and he doesn’t have a job lined up yet so I told him, once again, I’d help him work on his resume – he needs to start looking now…problem is he doesnt want to get a job in WV and then have to quit when he moves back here at the end of the year. 😦 my poor baby!

    giggles! it takes so little to make me happy…just the thought of him thinking about me….giggles *G* I feel like such a highschooler!

    oh well dinner calls…

    Everyone take care! Have a good night! (((HUGS))) all around! I might be back after Moonlight is over so we can discuss what we think…so far the commercials haven’t thrilled me….

  445. lwildstar said

    sorry I gushed all over the place!

    talk at you later!

  446. rifkind said

    Sorry for posting sooo late,
    I am not even caught up with reading.. scanning back I see that I have missed wishing Doc Cree a very happy birthday! Sounds like next year you will have company coming to visit!

  447. rifkind said

    We are going to a VERY small con here in MPLS..
    There used to be one really great con on Easter weekend and it has now splintered into three cons.. of the three MarsCon is the smallest.

    Then there is MiniCon at Easter.. but we haven’t gone to that one since the split.
    The third spin-off con is CONvergence in the summer, but we don’t go to that one because we have better things to do in the few months of SUMMER that we get here in Minnesota!!!!
    I guess that there are TONS of conventions here in the USA, I was just peeking at Wikipedia

  448. I’ve been missing… yes I know, but seeing as the time is drawing near for our heroes to return I thought I’d leave you ladies a small present.


  449. rifkind said

    I also missed Welcoming Freyja to the blog!
    WELCOME !! *Waves*

    You brave soul, reading through so many posts.. we are glad to have you join us. It is great to have a circle of friends who have so much in common. The song “We are family”, really describes us!

  450. rifkind said

    I wrote a post saying HELLO and WELCOME to FREYJA and it disappeared!!!
    It didn’t have any links in it… so what’s up with that!????

    It might go to never never land… so once more
    Welcome Freyja! *Waves*
    Glad to have another Blood Ties Sister

  451. rifkind said

    Can you please pass on something to Kyle’s publiscist??
    We loved his interviews, but please, TAKE OFF THE SUNGLASSES!

    Looking into the sun isn’t good either, but a good camera crew can place the sun at a side angle so that neither the host or interviewee have to squint.
    The ancient proverb “the eyes are the window to the soul” is so true, and we want to see those baby blues!

  452. Tango said

    Speaking as if she’s holding her breath I don’t know who started the rumor that I am a Birthday weed hoarder, dropping a stash behind her laptop Just because I like to celebrate with all the birthday girls and boys. Hey, does anyone have any chips? 8-).

    Chief – I knew that was your favorite becuase I have ESPN πŸ˜‰

    rifkind – I reached into the Spam bucket (as Gypsy calls it) and plucked out your post. It was pretty gross in that bucket – Eewww! The things I do for my friends πŸ™‚

    Lady Afrodyte – I love that Henry is our host/greeter. Good job on the picture! Did you do that yourself?

    Claire – I watched ER last night – OMG! I wasn’t expecting Nela to go through something so dramatic after the blonde doctor was in an accident on the season finale last season. It was a good one!

    Oh I want Moonlight to be good – I just think we have to accept that it is not going to be Henry and embrace the new vamp. Lifetime needs to see that this genre of show is something they should carry, so even if you don’t like Moonlight, take one for the team and suck up and watch it every week.

  453. Yeah I made that myself. I felt I had been neglecting you all so I decided to give you all a Bloody Ford Clinic jpeg to use as you wish.


  454. Tango said

    Hey Laaauuurrellll! I reserved room 102 across from me and Himmie and next to E. I wanted my copilot to be close at hand so we can make a midnight run in the Ferarri if necessary.

    And did I miss your birthday? I thought you birthday was September twenty-something, but it is not listed on our bloggerati roster, so I don’t remember – and that is in no way due to the amount of birthday weed that appears to be missing from the collective birthday stash. πŸ˜‰

  455. Cree said

    Yes, I second that Rifkind………someone please tell Kyle to remove those blasted sunglasses!!!!!!! We want to see those beautiful eyes of his.

  456. Cree said

    Tango, and you wonder why we always think of you when there is birthday weed missing from the stash? πŸ˜‰

  457. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Lady A, missed ya’ and love Bloody Ford Henry! You’re so cool 😎

    Tango , don’t bogart my sista’ share the wealth πŸ˜‰ I’m gonna check out the new vamp on the block just to have as comparison ya’ know. I already appreciate my dude in a BIG way, but it’ll be interesting. I was watching CSI and missed ER damn it, and I wanted to see it oh pooh!

    Logan and Kaitlin are running wild I’ll be back when I finish tieing them to a chair, BRB πŸ˜› JK on the tie up thingy πŸ˜‰

  458. πŸ™‚
    Glad you all like it. Any other requests? I’m kinda bored right now.

  459. Anne said

    Rifkind and Cree – I’ll see what I can do about the sunglasses πŸ˜‰

  460. Tango said

    Dizey, you did miss a good ER, but I bet you can get it on iTunes if you really want to see it. I’d even check the NBC/ER site to see if you can see it for free there.

    Oh, and I’m very happy to share the wealth, Birthday weed is no fun if you don’t share it.

    I hate that Blood Ties still will not pull up on my DVR search. I thought it was suppose to pull up if was within two weeks of the show. And what I hate even more is that this new DVR I have doesn’t even recognize Kyle Schmid, so I can’t put him on my wishlist. I hope that he will be on there when it recognized BT. Thank God I still have one TIVO left and have a plan B if this new one screws up.

  461. catcornmom said

    Hey Blogkin!! I’ve missed you!! God….school is kicking my ass right now!! I guess since I’m the teacher I could quit assigning things so I wouldn’t have to grade so much, but then the little angels wouldn’t stay busy in class, and then they would want to cause me problems!! I’ve been lurking a little here and there, but it just isn’t the same as being in the middle of the conversations. I saw that we’ve got a real live Canadian in our group now!! Welcome Freyja! Happy Birthday Cree! Tango, was that you with the birthday weed? I totally forgot about that!! That was soooo funny!! As I was zipping through the comments, it didn’t look like there was any new news about a real 2nd BT season. Am I wrong about that? Did I miss a Kyle interview somewhere? Did he get interviewed somewhere with sunglasses on? Could my dreams have been answered and it be sunglasses ONLY????

    Totally off any subject….Any JR Ward fans out there, her newest book, Lover Unbound, came out this last Tuesday.

    Well, I’m planning on checking out the new vampire show tonight. I’m not getting too worked up about it though…he’s not nearly as cute as Henry, but like Tango, I’m going to take one for the team!!!

  462. I had to make a list so I would remember what to watch tonight. Dr. Who, Moonlight, What not to wear, and then finish my night with whatever is on Adult Swim. Yay! I’m taking off for the night. Talk to you all later.

  463. Tango said

    catcornmomma! Welcome back sweetie! Yes, it appears that our beloved Kyle with the perfect hair has appeared in another interview. Here ya go! Enjoy!


    I’m glad you decided to jump in and converse with us. I must admit, I’ve been away far too long myself, but the blog is like a soap opera, you can jump back in after missing several days and still be good to go when you return.

  464. vicki said

    hey all..

    I am going to tivo Moonlight but right now I am watching my Mountaineers get beat by S. FL…heheh

    My husbandd is cooking Red Beans and Rice with Andouille Sausage.. we are having company for KY come over tomorrow….Got to love that man!!!

    I still havent seen but one of those promo’s on Lifetime for BT>…and I kept watching…I hate sitting through crappy LIfetime tv just to see my show!!!

    Oh well just a few more weeks….WHHHOO HOOOO…

    Catcornn…I feel your pain girlfriend..I have assigned projects for later in Oct. and I am DREADING grading them. Oh well…cant have them falling asleep in class…plus they got their mid-terms today….such sad faces as they went home…I have a sign on my wall…
    I DONT GIVE YOU GRADES>>YOU EARN THEM…..they hate that sign..but it’s true…

  465. Tango said

    Vicki – TMI my friend, TMI! You’re having company for KY come over tomorrow? What you do in private life is certainly your right to share, but I didn’t peg you for a swinger. πŸ˜‰ And Andouille sausage? Do I see a theme going here?

    I’m TIVOing Moonlight too, watching Las Vegas now, I love that my man, Tom Selleck, is joining the cast πŸ™‚ You know you should just TIVO some Lifetime for a couple of hours during the evening so that you can fast forward to the commericials to catch the BT promo. That’s what a lot of us are doing. That way you can rewind it and watch it as many times as you want. I showed my hubby the preview tonight and he smiled and raised his eyebrows like he was excited to see where the show was going. It was the one where Henry goes in for a taste. Then I told him about Lifetime not having made the committment to purchase past the 22nd epi. He proceeded to ask me what were blog friends going to do about it? I told him we were working an angle or two.

  466. Margaret said

    I’m sorry ladies, I tried, but my heart, body and soul belongs to HENRY. This other guy just doesn’t hold a candle.

  467. lwildstar said

    ok just finished watching Moonlight and all I can say is I felt like someone was reading a bad Mickey Spalain novel to me.
    *the guy who played the proffessor played Vlad Dracul in a movie and on Buffy – plus started in two other vamp movies –
    I figured it was the student at the funeral……
    and it was prediictable that the reporter was the little girl……
    I hated Joseph
    And not thrilled with Mick..
    and some how the acting reminded me of FG…..
    am I being too harsh? I’ll be nice and give it a chance to see if it gets any better – just becasue I don’t have a set 9pm Friday show
    Blood Ties and Henry have NO competion!

  468. lwildstar said

    I’d stick around to see what the rest of you think – but I worked over time last night and went i early this morning so I am heading for bed!

    I’ll check in tomorrow sometime..

    Laurel I hope the expo is doing well!

  469. Tango said

    Ok Margaret & wildstar – remember that Moonlight is not competition but proof to Lifetime that Blood Ties has a place in their line up. So we want it to do well, not fail. If it fails, then that just shows Lifetime that there is not a market for this type of show. Maybe it’s an aquired taste. I had heard that the main character did too much comentary during the premiere, hopefully this will not be the case if future shows.

    I haven’t watched it yet, but even if I don’t like it, I am going to try to give the season a chance.

  470. vicki said

    Tango…get your mind out of the gutter…company from KY is my 76 year old aunt!! LOL….Besides…I went to a Christian college…I dont know how to be bad!!

    besides I dont need sausage..I have my husband..HEHEEHEH

    I will try the tivo trick…I will do that tonight and see if I can find it…I cant wait to see Henry get a taste…as well as Vicki get one…HEHEHEH

  471. Claire said

    My quick drop in to end the night!
    Tango…Welcome back I’ve missed you my dear! umm..sorry you’re getting the blame for hogging the birthday weed….I seem to remember taking some…and remember Diz was passed out under the streamers after my birthday party..soo I think she might’ve indulged some too!Well it is birthday weed…n’est pas ce vrai?
    I got the J.R Ward book last week..early from Amazon..Laurel was upset…*sniff*
    Lady A…way to go on convincing Henry to be the official greeter LOL!! beautifully done as always!
    Madonna…I was sleepy and set my Dvr to record E.R. but Nikki wanted to watch it..man by the time they found Neela I was on the edge of my seat!
    I love BT and our man,but no one does season finales or season premieres like E.R. they always blow you away!

    Anyway my lovelies, Bonne Nuit! Reves doux de Henri/Kyle!


  472. Claire said

    Pardonez moi Catcornmom! I meant to say whats up to you and welcome back!
    and I forgot who posted what again! senility lol!

    “Stop I’ve dropped me brain”

  473. Freyja said

    A big *wave* to vicki, rifkind, claire, catcornmom and gypsy! Thanks for the welcome. As the lone Canadian on the board I feel like I have to behave myself so you all don’t get the wrong idea about us polite Canadians. *grin*

    gypsy – gotcha on the SK thing.

    vicky, I noticed everyone seemed to be signing up for rooms on the bottom floor. Is the facility only 1 or 2 stories, because I was going to ask about the 13th floor! Sorry, 13 just happens to be my lucky number and I’d actually have a room with a great view. I’d have to do something with my time during the day …

    I finally got to see ‘Gifted’ tonight so I think I’m totally caught up to the current episodes being broadcast here (I’m still waiting for the much discussed sniffing scene, though). Unfortunately, I’m totally drained from spending too much time volunteering outside the day job lately so I’m off to bed. I bought the first 2 books (omnibus) so you know what I’ll be doing! G’night all!

  474. Well Hello BT Family,

    I’ve been swamped since before Sept. and have just managed to rise to the surface. Survived Curriculum Night and get to wash cars tomorrow for our Outdoor School Fundraiser (Secretly hoping for Rain) Re-reading Henry in my spare time before crawing out of bed in the mornings. :>)

    Took me forever to find the thread to get here since I’ve been gone sooooooo long. Guess I could have emailed someone (had 455 emails when I got there too!~guess I’ve really been lost)

    I’m sure all are in bed, but maybe I’ll check in sooner rather than later next time!

    Been missing all of you!!!!!


  475. laurel said

    Cree – dearheart, I wish you a very Happy Birthday. πŸ™‚ The Birthday weed usually comes from me, so it should be showing up any time. (The story is – I was wishing someone a Happy Birthday “Week” but since I was on some strong medicine I managed to type “weed”.
    If you knew me well you would find that especially funny because I’m pretty straight-laced. Once in print that kind of thing lives forever. 😎

    Tango – My B-day was in mid July. It was a good one, I got an i-Pod to watch BT on!!!!!
    Oh, tell me my room number again, I need to see if I left something under the bed. hehehe (Tall, blond, handsome Canadian…) πŸ˜›

    The Quilters Expo is going well. So far I have been told it is running smoother than other years, with less complaints about customer service. The shop owners who sponsor and coordinate the show have each come to me and thanked me for the work I’ve done. (Two of them are my friends but the other two are notoriously difficult to please). It really helps make up for the aching back and knees from standing on the concrete floor for 9 hours a day.

    I sure have missed you the past few days. It is weird not to check in a couple of times a day. You are all gone by the time I get in.

    OMG! It’s almost October! Finally!

    whew…. I just might make it.

  476. laurel said

    Too funny! I was just thinking of calling you Moonbeam! We Oregonians are probably the only ones still awake. I think you will get you rain wish for tomorrow. So enjoy you day off. I miss you being on here too!

  477. We’ll need a big benefactor if we get the day off since we didn’t make big $$$$ on the dreaded magazine drive! :>(

    We’re buying Tina’s car tomorrow! It’s priced for Al! (He wants it for Maxx!) Best deal in town! Maxx might even consider getting a learners permit hmmmmmm

  478. moonbeam said

    Drewberry is supposed to come and stay the night so he can go to the game tomorrow. He said that he’d get here around 11:00. We’ll see if he gets here. Last time our sleeping facilities about did him in, poor guy.

  479. laurel said

    Go Maxx! He needs to start driving so you won’t have to. hehe
    You know I’ll have to donate a few $$ to your school, but I don’t think I want any magazines. I would let you wash a car for me though! lol

    Hey Gypsy? Are you coming to the show tomorrow? Give me a call and I’ll make sure you get in, my treat. (I know someone who works there… sshhhh)

  480. AlisaSG said

    well, I only realized half way thru Flash Gordon, that Moonlight was even on… that’s because Steve Bacic in one of his more handsome stances was on FG πŸ˜‰
    oh well, didn’t miss the Moonlight premiere.. πŸ˜›

    I got plenty of *eye candy* with Steve Bacic, who probably looks waaaaaaaay better on FG than he will in the DOA eppy of BT (love this cryptic acronym talk!).. “Baron” *Rhade of Andromeda style*

    >> Ok Margaret & wildstar – remember that Moonlight is not competition but proof to Lifetime that Blood Ties has a place in their line up. So we want it to do well, not fail. If it fails, then that just shows Lifetime that there is not a market for this type of show. Maybe it’s an aquired taste.

    I wouldn’t say there isn’t a *market* for this type of show. The worth is in the writing and style of how it is presented, etc. All areas working together as one unified team, so to speak to make a perfect creation.

    If marketers see something fail, it’s not because of the marketing of the genre, but the marketing of any particular *package* in and of itself.

    (Hey, the *proof* of SUCCESS to any magic is in the secret pudding RECIPE
    how it’s prepared and presented, etc ————
    ——– I have to work with a bunch of creative brainiacs who *have* taken one of the world’s MOST utterly boring subjects, and livened it up in ways you never thought you’d ever actually enjoy sitting in an educational class — reading and understanding how to comply with federal/state government laws and regulations! Trust me, that IS NOT an easy feat to do, but the folks I work with manage to do exactly that for 50 weeks of every year.. and i’m heading on in there for my first extra week of vacation – that I’ll probably have to take it as sick days instead! So, from an expert in BORING.. it takes *talent* to liven up the genre, not whatever the genre can give naturally to the audience.) πŸ˜‰

    I will admit — Some programs are an aquired taste
    (Stargate-SG1 and Atlantis were for me, so was Doctor Who). But it’s not necessarily the genre, in my POV, but how well the writing captures one’s attention span and keeps it. SO, I wouldn’t say there isn’t a market for the world of “night creatures” but how well those entities can maintain the viewer’s attention…

    Even with Blood Ties – the difference between Bad Juju, Gifted, and
    HEART OF FIRE are worlds apart. Two had me only captivated when certain *humorous* and other special moments showed up — whereas, the other had me watching on the edge of my seat 99.9% of the entire 42 recorded (or whatever) minutes. πŸ˜€

  481. moonbeam said

    Yeah, I’ve got the Moonlight show on too. The jury is out!

  482. laurel said

    AlisaSG – you are so right! there are huge differences in what makes a particular show a success. I am right there with you on those specific episodes, and of course Norman is one of those that held me for the entire 42 minutes.
    I must admit, there are a few of them that get viewed on my iPod every week, and some that I’ve watched only a dozen times. lol Serious BT addicts are pretty funny.
    Now, I’d really better find my room.


  483. AlisaSG said

    >> Yeah, I’ve got the Moonlight show on too. The jury is out!

    yep. jury’s out.. now, it’s up to the advertisers to figure it all out…
    ick… I just got done reading from the ultimate *vampire* critic (on a non-BT web site) who watched and LOVED Moonlight and it’s vamp… she officially hates Henry (because she thinks he’s a wuss who lets *girls* beat him up.. girls who just happen to be more powerful demons than he’s willing to sell out his soul for.. sometimes, the way she writes, she sounds like she’s already sold her soul to the demonic realms of going “hellbound”)..

    anyway, now it’s in the advertisers POV to determine how much *they* like the show… and if my vamp expert (now a BT adversary) starts bragging about MOONLIGHT.. just watch — how much *cooing* goes on about it.

    Anywho, she missed seeing Michael Eklund AND Steve Bacic on FG… two of her favorite men… but now they’re her loss! 2nd viewing has already gone past for FG.. so.. Oh well…

    I enjoyed them… seeing Michael Eklund playing a good guy for a nice change — geeky, but the hair — Oh my!!!!!! he’s punked out even on another planet!

  484. AlisaSG said

    I should also add that I’m fairly certain the advertisers DO go to that other site and use it for weighing in on various programs.

    H***, Hillary Clinton changed her political stance within a few days of the terrifying trio (all females, all pro-politics on the FAR LEFT on that site) complaining about Iran’s president wiping the USA and Israel off of earth’s map. What it only took 2 days to listen to them, but when I mentioned it a year ago, not a single one of them cared at all what way the winds were blowing from the other side of the planet………….!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course I blew my stack and told them so.

    Anywho.. point is, if people abandon the Blood Ties topic over there, and that other person has her way — and no one else faithful to BT helps me OutVote her annoying (limpy) anti-Henry speeches, it’s going to be a major struggle to keep BT on LIFETIME 😦 — unless the rest of the world in Canada, UK and elsewhere make the series the success it NEEDS to be in order to get a real 2nd season (of 22 additional eps to the existing set of 22 eps=totaling to 44).
    one year at a time…

  485. himmiefan said

    Welcome back Moombeam, Lady Afrodyte, and Catcornmom!! Long time, no see. Check into the clinic and let us know your rooms.

    Tango – glad to know you’re my neighbor at the clinic. Hope you don’t mind my loud music.

    Freyja – well, if we don’t have 13 floors, you at least can have room 13.

    Lady A – I love the picture you did for us!! πŸ™‚

    Laurel – I hope you’re behaving at your convention. No lampshades on heads!

    πŸ™‚ Night everybody!

  486. Margaret said

    AlisaG: Please provide the link to that other site and I’ll see if I can put my two cents worth in.

  487. Margaret said

    I don’t think that Moonlighting being weak is all that bad especially when we back it up with post cards to Lifetime telling them how much more we like Henry than this St. John character. I tried to watch it on its own merits but when he was driving down the road it just looked really fake and cartoony. Don’t stone me, its just what I think. And besides what vampire can go out in the sunlight. He was out in the sun, granted in the shad a lot but he still walked out in it. I just think Henry’s a stronger character even though some people may not think so. He has learned over the years to control his powers. Its just that the whole thing had kind of an odd feel to it and thats taking it on its own merits, not BT. I’m still going to try to watch it but I still belong to Henry, lock, stock and barrel.

  488. Margaret said

    Pardon my manners,Freyja, welcome to the Board. Nice to have a Canadian on board, come often and bring some friends. You’ll find we’re a friendly, tight knit group here with serious addictions which would be Kyleitus, Mike Fever, and I’m not sure what we can come up with for Vicki. I have to say any of the TV stars I’ve fantasized about have always been Canadians. The first one was David James Elliott and now young master Schmid. Must be something in your water up there.

    Can I ask you a stupid question? Do you all get irritated when people in the states use eh? I know stupid question and the question itself is irratating but I just had to ask. Sorry.

    P. S. The sniffing scene has got to be the sexiest thing I have ever seen that doesn’t lead anywhere. Be prepared to rewind that scene several times. Its to die for.

  489. Margaret said

    You know on Blood Ties Blood Lines they have said that one of the characters is going to die: I’m betting that its either the Police Chief, Dave, or Kate? Any other guesses ladies? The Police Chief is really irritating so I don’t know that many people would miss her. Dave is funny and I’d hate to see him go. And even though I’m suggesting Kate, maybe she won’t because she acts as a foil to Vicki, although Correen in this next episode is stepping in to irritate her going after Henry. Things that make you go hmmmm.

  490. Anne said

    So what IS that other site?
    I just saw a bunch of not-so-nice posts on the Blood Ties forum at LT.

  491. lwildstar said

    just popping in to say good morning!

    As Mags said – I’ll give the new guy a chance but my heart belongs to Henry and Blood Ties – I just couldn’t get past the “reading” voice overs….oh well.

    AlisaG: Please provide the link to that other site and I’ll see if I can put my two cents worth in.

    Hope everybody has a good day!

  492. msgypsy said

    Good morning, bloggerini, although since I fell asleep on the couch (how did Numb3rs end? I guess I’ll have to get in from On Demand) and woke up 5 hours later it’s really still good night…)

    The clinic needs to have at least 6 floors for those of us with June birthdays using our birthdates as room numbers.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOC CREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Laurel, I’ll call you in a couple hours, hopefully before you leave for the Expo Center, I may go to Ikea either before or after the expo, since it’s all along the Max anyway but I’ll call you before I do anything.

    I was watching a news show at 9, and decided to flip between it and Moonlight. Turned out Moonlight didn’t have it for me. I like Raymond Chandler and all those hard-nosed detective stories, but this vamp didn’t have the wherewithal to carry it off. I think Henry as a gangster would have been more entertaining and as a vampire he’s certainly got more charisma and charm. I may give Moonlight a second chance later but it didn’t exactly blow me away.

    If I fall asleep I’ll miss the quilt expo so I think I’ll go steam clean my carpets now. LOL!

  493. lwildstar said

    aug – tried to go to the HeyNeilson site this morning and it won’t load!

    will try later – I’m curious to see if anything new has been added – if you go there don’t forget to rate the other Blood Ties topics, or comment on them – not just add your own….

    ok I’m out of here

  494. Margaret said

    Everyone needs to go over and flag that troll and ask for removal and then go to the Lifetime site feedback and ask that they be yanked off. They did it for Army Wives so its only fair they do it for us.

  495. Margaret said

    Another thought: If they kill off Dave then they will partner Kate up with Mike which will tick Vicki off which means she may drift closer to Captain Midnight. hmmmmm.

  496. Chery said

    Well, I really tried to give “Moonlight” a chance last night. It was so interesting I fell asleep and watched the final 10 minutes.
    Lead actor not as good as Kyle, folks the eye candy was just not there.
    Not a lot of chemistry between the girl and the vamp.

    The fist episode in BT you could see the sparks, in the nightclub when Vicky tells Henry “take your hand off my wrist before I rip it off” was better than MoonLight.

    Hope LifeTime steps up to the plate before the actor’s contracts are up and they go elsewhere. SciFi even mentioned the same thing on their preview of the fall shows……….

  497. Freyja said

    Hi Margaret *wave*,

    I had this great response typed up and then it disappeared. So, here is the gist of it.

    Yes, I agree there must be something in the water up here. LOL!

    About David James Elliott, I remember him from a completely different role before he made all you American ladies swoon. He starred on Street Legal as a cop who fell for the older lawyer, Carrie. I still remember how the characters met – totally hilarious. The older woman-younger man story raised a few eyebrows at first but the public eventually got over it. The show went off the air in 1994 but the re-runs are being played on a cable network here. Sorry, this link doesn’t have any photos of him but it gives you a little info on the show:

    Margaret, there is no such thing as a stupid question. Better to ask as I always say. No, we don’t get irritated when Americans use ‘eh’ unless they are purposefully trying to be annoying. There are rules as to when you can use the expression but they are basically unspoken. We just learn when it is appropriate by hearing others use ‘eh’. One I can think of off the top of my head: instead of saying something like ‘you know what I mean’, we’ll just add ‘eh’ at the end of the sentence for that emphasis. But you cannot use the 2 interchangeably in every situation. We can generally pick out the non-Canadians using the expression since they don’t always get it right. Plus, it is generally a spoken expression and very rarely do we ever write it. But if there is ever a time when it is appropriate to write it I’ll definitely include it for you!

    Now, I love the anonymity of the Internet but I also miss the ability to actually ‘see’ people I’m talking to. Sorry, I’m just one of those people who really focuses on a person’s face when they’re talking. So, I’ve added my photo to put a face to the name and I’ll get rid of it after a few days.

    And on a last note, Margaret, don’t worry, I’ll be recording that one. I’m sure I won’t be able to get to sleep afterwards. I’ll just have to suffer through the work day, I guess. LOL!

  498. Freyja said

    Oops, sorry Margaret, I forgot the link: http://www.tvarchive.ca/database/18618/street_legal/details/.

    Yes, I’ll eventually figure this out …

  499. Cree said

    Freyja: 13 is my lucky number too! I claimed room 113 earlier yesterday, but I think room 13 on all the other floors is still available.

  500. Freyja said

    Uuuggghh! I hate it when technology and I get into a disagreement. Okay, you’ll actually have to click on my name in the previous post to ‘see’ me. If that doesn’t work, I give up!

  501. Margaret said

    Freyja: I think I’ve seen a few short videos when David James Elliott was playing in Street Legal when I was following him during the JAG days. When I first saw Blood Ties I couldn’t believe they had three people that looked that pretty in one room, their beauty almost blinded me but I soon got over it and was addicted to the show. lol.

  502. AlisaSG said

    TWO postings coming right up — with BT discussion link to follow in 2nd post…

    AlisaSG wrote–
    >> anyway, now it’s in the advertisers POV to determine how much *they* like the show… and if my vamp expert (now a BT adversary) starts bragging about MOONLIGHT.. just watch β€” how much *cooing* goes on about it.

    >> I should also add that I’m fairly certain the advertisers DO go to that other site and use it for weighing in on various programs.

    >> Anywho.. point is, if people abandon the Blood Ties topic over there, and that other person has her way β€” and no one else faithful to BT helps me OutVote her annoying (limpy) anti-Henry speeches, it’s going to be a major struggle to keep BT on LIFETIME

    >> So what IS that other site?
    >>I just saw a bunch of not-so-nice posts on the Blood Ties forum at LT.

    >> AlisaG: Please provide the link to that other site and I’ll see if I can put my two cents worth in.

    AlisaG: Please provide the link to that other site and I’ll see if I can put my two cents worth in.

    OOoooooooooo!!! definitely! yes, please!! the more PRO-BT the merrier..
    Then it might prove my theory on how involved those advertisers really are..

    and funny thing before I list it, the number of “visitors” jumped 10,000 over night! I also mentioned that to them in one of their other topics — meaning, that I noticed it, and wondered if they noticed it too..!

    To prevent the post from getting buried too far, due to the length of this one – it’ll be in the very next post of mine.

  503. AlisaSG said

    2nd post here — with BT discussion link included… (go get’em girls!!!!!) πŸ˜€

    The link is further below– I’ve also updated the discussion on the BLOOD TIES topic, because NO ONE has admitted to seeing eps 1&2 YET…!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I brought that up as an IMPORTANT and CRITICAL piece of viewing info — to keep the BT series going and going and going… πŸ˜€

    This time I didn’t pull out any of the stops, because I’m tired of catering around someone else NOT wanting to know SPOILERS — when by now, on that site anyway, they should have seen something by now, but LIFETIME screwed everyone up in showing eps 1 & 2 for people who don’t have internet modem abilities to do so via I-tunes or thru Lifetime’s own videos posted with commercials on their BT site.

    …just an additional FYI, I’ve got 5 postings in a row on this that are within 3 weeks from the first post to

    current and with no one else in between—!

    thought I’d get creative in the re-opening of the door to BT’s discussion
    on the r-com site…


    (forums at) Roddenberry.Com BBS > GENERAL > General TV
    >> (existing topic is) Blade & Other Creatures of the Night

    (registration is required to post, which is really easy, and if you do register — there will be an e-mail showing up to complete the process — usually within a few hours of registering, but for everyone already registered, they only need to remember their user name and password to log in)

  504. AlisaSG said

    maybe now I should add, after posting a direct link to the update I posted this morning — that you’ll have to backtrack probably to page 3 I think it was where the entire Blood Ties topic discussion actually began.

    Some comments ended up getting scattered into other topics elsewhere on the forum, but this is the jist of where most of the stuff is.

    And I’m trying to put most of my BT commentary into the topic posted in the
    >> (existing topic is) Blade & Other Creatures of the Night

    instead of the other *bunny trailed* ones elsewhere in the TV forum. The one for MOONLIGHT showed up under the
    >> Roddenberry.Com BBS > GENERAL > General TV
    >> (topic titled) New season

    BTW, Margaret, I hope you don’t mind, but I copied/pasted the article about MOONLIGHT under the “New season” topic, so the *proper* perspective would be seen.. that’s when our vampire critic over there went all goo-goo eyed over MOONLIGHT (in other words, she became more determined than ever to bury Henry, thus her “girly” wuss comment). But I’m still guessing she has still never actually seen eps 1 and 2 (BLOOD PRICE) of BT yet. She missed it, and hasn’t fessed up yet to state otherwise.

    So, I’m only writing in DEFENCE of the origins to the original debut script for the BLOOD TIES series via my other (direct linked post above) comment about why it’s IMPERATIVE to understand the premise behind the series and Henry’s low-profile, in contrary to her “wuss” remarks.

    this was the posting where she started going all anti Henry against BT in the
    >> (existing topic is) Blade & Other Creatures of the Night


    (it’s on page 9 of 12 pages being discussed so far…) my insides have proven true, that those were just rumblings of her even worse grumblings yet to come. I think the advertisers really pay attention to her words, too — and seriously take them to heart.. which to me, is almost scary.

    It took me a bit of an imagination to find a common groundwork of where she and I could actually discuss something on a civilized level.. and vampires are our *most* common ground – since we grew up in the same generations watching the same programs (starting with Dark Shadows.. going into Chelsea Quinn Yarbro with Saint-Germain, etc)..

    and now Johnny Depp!!!!!!! (to which I finally bought his Captain Jack card!
    gosh that guy has such a perfectly *gorgeous* profile..! Not much face on, but in profile – WOW!
    .. Henry is cuter in both directions.. πŸ˜€

  505. AlisaSG said

    you know, after reading that last post of mine with the link that may have started all of the wuss commentary stuff — it might make more sense on WHY it’s important for some viewers to be shown the PREMIERE eppy… at least, maybe they might be more sensitive to the rest of the storyline’s series PLOT that is yet to come — if they KNEW WHY CERTAIN SITUATIONS WERE SET-UP TO BE IN THAT CERTAIN WAY — IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!! ..something that LIFETIME just doesn’t seem to have the foresight to properly envision..

    I think those discussions I was having on the r-com site, just proves exactly that!

  506. AlisaSG said

    sorry, I couldn’t resist writing one more – but this post here is related to Canadian actors, in general —

    >> Pardon my manners,Freyja, welcome to the Board.

    yes, Hi Freyja!!!!!!!!!!

    >>Nice to have a Canadian on board, come often and bring some friends. You’ll find we’re a friendly, tight knit group here with serious addictions which would be Kyleitus, Mike Fever, and I’m not sure what we can come up with for Vicki. I have to say any of the TV stars I’ve fantasized about have always been Canadians.

    adding more.. Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod (“Highlander-the Series”) πŸ˜€
    .. and before him was Chris Potter from “Kung Fu-The Legend Continues” Tv series.

  507. Happy Saturday All!

    As promised I have finished the artwork for Dylan’s Birthday T-shirt Transfer and have posted it on my blog. Check it out and let me know what you think.


    Here’s my review of Moonlight:

    I actually kind of liked it, a least enough to watch it again next week and give it another chance. But then I’m a sucker for the genre, and it’s going to have to be a real stinker to totally alienate me. It took me a couple episodes to warm up to Blood Ties, too.

    Mick St. John? He’s nice looking but he’s NOT Henry, but then we didn’t really expect him to be did we? I personally think he doesn’t come off with enough angst and mystery to be the vamp that this story needs. I’m going to give myself a chance to warm up to him though.

    I absolutely hated the master vamp, Joseph was it? I didn’t buy him at all. Too young, too shallow, no acting ability. Reminded me of a weak version of Smallville’s Lex Luthor.

    The female lead was OK. She was a fairly strong character at first but the slipped back into the typical “Damsel in distress” mode towards the end. Thanks to the writers of Blood Ties for keeping Vickie a strong and self sufficient female character, without reverting to those cliches. To the writers of Moonlight: See how it can be done?

    When she kept saying “I know you from somewhere.” I got a little anxious, because it reminded me of my own story, and I was hoping the premise would be different. Fortunately it was. That story line was a little different and interesting. I’d like to see it expanded on.

    I’m wondering, they’ve started with almost a father/daughter relationship, can it progress to a romantic relationship now? From the previews it looks like it may and I’m thinking from a writer’s standpoint they are going to have to have a pretty strong motivation/reason overcome that taboo in the viewer’s eyes. We’ll have to wait and see if they can do it successfully.

    The special effects were kind of lame, and the monster of the week story cliche. When is someone going to write a vampire series that doesn’t start off with vamps hunting other vamps invading their territory? Been there done that. I’m sure there are many other story lines that could be explored.

    I also want to know why does Mick St. John sleep in a freezer? Ummm, what’s up with that? I can think of no logical reason, except maybe he decays overnight and wants to preserve his body. Yuk! I mean he doesn’t even have to sleep during the day for protection from the sun (as if a glass topped freezer would offer any protection anyway) so why not just use a bed? I’m not buying it.

    The jury is out on whether I’m ready to accept vamps walking around in the daylight with no ill effects, anyway. I know it’s been done before, but they haven’t given any reason or explanation for deviating this far from the norm when they have kept most of the typical mythos intact.

    BTW I really liked the soundtrack. I love Evanescence. Good choice.,

    As I said I’ll watch again next week just to give the show a fair chance. Hopefully things will improve.


  508. Anzia said


    Hey Freyja. I’m Z (Doc Z to Diz @ times & Vapor when I’m feeling a bit flighty). I’m one of the babies on the board. Only 22. Welcome to the innter sanctum of the Order of the Yum ^_^ Excuse the craziness…it’s a natural reaction that we all seem to have on one another.

    Lady A- okay, one request for Bloody Ford Greeting Pic: could you use either the one where Henry is wiping the blood from his mouth *purrs* or the one from ep 1 where he’s sittin’ nekked on the chaise? Talk about a greeting! ^_^

    So, do i get a fancy title at the clinic? I know the Doc ‘Laise is in charge of therapy… can i be um…

    Doc Z
    Behavioral Therapist & Product Manager
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Room 514 (my b-day)

    It’s A HUGE room. Takes up most of the floor. *shrugs* I have to have it…for storage…for all the goodies I keep so ya’ll can manage your addiction. ^_^

  509. AlisaSG said

    Annalaise duChat,
    >> I also want to know why does Mick St. John sleep in a freezer? Ummm, what’s up with that? I can think of no logical reason, except maybe he decays overnight and wants to preserve his body. Yuk!

    If that’s true, oh boy…!! am I going to have a FUN field day of teasing to do
    at the r-com site!! πŸ˜‰

    me — going into RARE form over there .. here I come!! πŸ˜›

    It sounds like it’s been created in either rip-off form or as a tribute to Sci-Fi’s LEXX Tv series. Kai slept in a FREEZER – to preserve his protoblood status.

    and BTW, there is also a real person over at r-com named “Kai” who gets teased about sleeping in one of the other member’s freezer (and maybe eating or guarding all of her food in there too!). Kai is actually one of the moderators at the site, but also has a good sense of humor in honor of his namesake “Kai” from the real LEXX series. πŸ˜€

  510. msgypsy said

    Annalaise, thou has slain me with that t-shirt! I think it needs to be a poster, too. I may have to print it out as a poster, just for myself. It’s so wonderful.

    I didn’t make it to the quilt expo. I knew sitting down was a mistake. I sat down at 8 after steam cleaning the carpet and doing a load of laundry. Next time I looked at the clock it was 2:30 and there was a Blood Ties promo on Lifetime. Then I got caught up in the movie (all-American story line, obviously Canadian actors, from inSight) and now that it’s over there’s only an hour and a half left to the Expo. Add the half hour to get in and I don’t think I can do it. Sniff, sob, sniff! I missed Laurel! And some nifty fabric, but mostly I missed Laurel…

    Last night on the way home I picked up the chocolate for Christina’s belated birthday gift. I’m not an artist and will not be creating a card, but if anyone has anything they want to include with my kinda generic belated birthday greeting email it to me. ms.gyspy@gmail.com.

    And now I think I need to eat, shower, and go forth and cat-sit. (Not even making it to Ikea. It’s SO not fair!)

  511. Tango said

    Himmiefan – music too loud? I don’t think so. Jam on my friend. πŸ™‚ The music has probably drowned out all the remodeling I’ve had going on lately. And it actually seems to be motivating the workers. Henry’s actually been able to do some of the sheet-rocking – boy that man sheet-rocks fast!

    Laurel – that room number was 102 and 104 is also available if your twin Lauren needs a room. You have a great view of the lake where Z keeps the gutterhouseboat docked. Oh, and Mike – he’s still waiting for you in your room. I saw him peak his head out the door looking for a new paper this morning. Nice red silk boxers BTW πŸ˜‰ I look forward to seeing the rest of the wardrobe you picked out for him on your last shopping spree.

    Z – ouuu yeah, the picture of Henry on the chaise. Now that is inviting πŸ˜‰

  512. Thanks Gypsy– If you are going to print it let me send you a higher resolution file it will give you better results. The one I sent is optimized for on screen viewing.

  513. AlisaSG said

    from me – AlisaSG.. regarding MOONLIGHT and the *freezer* issue..
    on the r-com discussion topic of BLOOD TIES..

    >> If that’s true, oh boy…!! am I going to have a FUN field day of teasing to do
    at the r-com site!! πŸ˜‰
    >> me β€” going into RARE form over there .. here I come!! πŸ˜›

    OOOOOOooooo! I’ve only *just* begun to get into that one!
    “Oh Kai..!!!!” (get it?? “okay??”)
    and I won’t let it rest, until they all how they set up their own *humor* in it, too!!

    I didn’t realize I made a sort of punny one, too, when I wrote the
    “Oh Kai..!!” in reference to LEXX and Moonlight vs. the wonders of BT.
    me baaaaaaaaad.. that was a totally unexpected, *rare* moment..

  514. AlisaSG said

    agh!! that should have read instead as–
    “until they all SEE how they set up their own *humor* in it, too!!”

  515. vicki said

    ok..I havent watch MOonlight yet..its on my Tivo…along with about 6 or 7 other things I need to watch. So I will reserve my opinion till I watch it..but of course I am sure it will never be as good as BT>>>>

    Freyia…every floor is the thirteenth floor…of course its major good luck..HEhehHE

    Ok..I tried the tivo trick to see if I can see the promo for BT…I am going to watch it tonight to see…((Crosses fingers)))

    anyway….red beans and rice were fabulous and a big hit….so I am full and ready to veg out in front of the TV..

    later girls..

  516. Freyja said

    Hi Anzia and Alisa *wave* and thanks for the welcome!

    I just finished watching Moonlight. Missed the debut last night – sorry Mick, I agreed to my date with Henry first. I am NOT thrilled with the damsel in distress either. I’ll definitely give it a shot just to see where it is going. But BT it is not.

    vicki – every floor is the 13th floor, eh? I was thinking Rm. 1313 but thought that might be a little too much. Then I thought 1212 for my birthday but that doesn’t incorporate 13. So, I think I’ve settled on 713, a combination of my lucky numbers.

    But I may need a rather large room just like Anzia. I figure I might as well use my legal skills to help my fellow addicts. I think my advert would go something like this:

    * Is your employer threatening to fire you because you are spending too much time on BT-related websites while at work?
    * Are you experiencing family and relationship problems because of your attachment to the undead?
    * Look no further. Ms. Freyja can assist you with all your BT-related legal issues. Specializing in the defences of not guilty by reason of Henryitis and Mike Fever.

    Ms. Freyja
    Barrister & Solicitor
    Bloody Ford Clinic
    Room 713 (New clients always welcome.)

    Sorry, I haven’t figured out any defences related to Vicki or Coreen yet.

  517. AlisaSG said

    OMG!!! an unlikely ally in Blood Ties, from GATEWORLD..????
    I’m almost certain that’ll end up being short-lived, but I’m so GLAD (and thankful) that SOMEONE FINALLY POSTED something positive ABOUT BLOOD TIES on Gateworld besides me!

    see this post… πŸ˜€

    subject matter is under the MOONLIGHT topic, but Blood Ties *FINALLY* got mentioned on there, too!!
    (and she’s still watching it.. that’s *very* good news.. because that particular person is really difficult to *please* or make happy on anything!) and I have no idea who she is, either… but I do know she’s NOT the *other* person over at r-com… πŸ˜‰

  518. AlisaSG said

    >> Hi Anzia and Alisa *wave* and thanks for the welcome!

    hi there!!! and *welcome*.. this place has become one of my more *favorite* hide-outs.. πŸ˜›

    >> I figure I might as well use my legal skills to help my fellow addicts. I think my advert would go something like this:

    >> * Is your employer threatening to fire you because you are spending too much time on BT-related websites while at work?

    Oh God..!! that’s too funny.. except I’m not allowed to even see any blogs where I’m at, so I’m sort of in a safety zone, on that aspect. I tried to view Tanya’s blog when it first began, and that’s when I discovered it was being BLOCKED by the “it” ADMIN folks where I work.

    >> * Are you experiencing family and relationship problems because of your attachment to the undead?

    again.. too true.. my hubby’s been getting seriously jealous over these blogs and “female gatherings” .. and so far, with the exception of the topic title in this week’s blog (see above “I Can Haz Vampire???!!!!!111!!!!”), he hasn’t said much.. he’s definitely NOT thrilled about vampire subjects, so I try to avoid mentioning the name around him — at all.. and that includes the characters they are portrayed by.

    Claire as supermom here; Madonna (because of her *name* — my hubby laughed when he saw her name and wondered how I was getting mail from “Madonna”..); and a few others having serious personal (health) crisises in various ways — well, he likes the bonding that has occurred, and that’s why he hasn’t complained in *that* aspect. But he is very zealous and possessive over me visiting anyone without going to a convention first by “official” PTB.

  519. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hi Ya’ll driving by on my way to bed. Busy day off running errands and stuff, tomorrow hopefully I’ll get to hang here a bit and play. πŸ˜‰

    Sorry I didn’t introduce myself yesterday , I was so excited to have new *Blood* that I forgot. I am Beth (Dizey1, pronounced die-zee, my Mom’s nickname and I am her first born) anyway I live in the deep south in New Orleans, La. I am 47 going on 25 aaaaagain. I am Acadian(Cajun) from my Mom’s side so we may be related many times removed πŸ™‚ so glad you’re comfortable here with us crazy chix. We are a fun and diverse group of women and will do anything for Blood Ties, Kyle, Christina, Dylan, Tanya, we’re on a quest to save the BEST show on any network 😎 . Pen in hand and many postcards to write.

    well kidz I am beat and will see ya’ll in the morning!

    Reves doux d’Henri XOXOXOXOXOX Je t’aime Beaucoup! Beth

    Claire, Moins de deux semaines jusqu’au beaux visage et sourire de Henri, Kyle seront Γ  la maison encore avec nous. Je ne peux pas attendre pour entendre sa voix mΓ©lodique encore. Elle fait le frisson de Beth avec l’excitation.

  520. Anzia said

    CREE! I’m sorry *hangs head in shame* I was walking around Sams when I realized that the thing I had forgotten to do was wish you a happy birthday. I’m SORRY! but!!!! to make up for it…*whispers* i stole Tango’s stash of birthday weed she had hidden. ^_^ I’ll share!

    Nina took dibs on room 518. BIG room too…mostly ’cause we’re having the bollywood guys stay in her & my room…There will be a viewing…we’ll share…well…some of ’em anyway…;) She says she loves you guys…misses ya’ll & is sending good thoughts to all your loved ones w/medical problems. (*sniffs* eventually we’ll get her back *sniffs*)

  521. msgypsy said

    Okay, I cat-sat the ungrateful feline, although she finally realized I was her only friend this week and was at least polite to me. And I decided to spoil the heck out of myself and went out to a favorite local restaurant for dinner. (Not one mentioned in Thursday’s NY Times, or was it Wednesday’s?, but a good one near my house nonetheless) and am waiting for Torchwood to start before I dive into a pitcher of sweet tea I made per my ex-husband’s instructions. I doubt it’s the gen-yoo-wine thing since while he was born and raised below the Mason-Dixon line his parents were both from New York. But it’s one of the few good things I got from him (that and his dirty rice recipe, and the ability to use power tools…)

    Freyja, I’ll see if I can come up with a Vicki one for you, since I think I’m the only Vixki’s Vixen here. There used to be a guy or two here who were but they’ve all disappeared. Sigh. All the menfolk disappear after a while. I think our Gurrrrl Powrrrrr scares them off or something. Basically, BT is more aimed at women, anyway…

    I don’t know if I warned you all about this but come November there’s a good chance I’ll be totally absent from the blog for Nanaowrimo (http://www.nanowrimo.org) although at this point the plots are swirling through my head and since the rules specify that you cannot write a single word until November 1, I may lose all of them and not have a single idea to run with this year. Anyone who wants to join me in the insanity can sign up at the website, read the rules and decide if you want to participate, and be my buddy there. My handle over there is Peasantwitch, one of the many other names I use out on the internets. I’m disappointed to realize that the “GREAT IDEA” I came up with yesterday is actually stolen from Terry Pratchett. (I thought of a were-human, a wolf who turns into a human at the full moon … and now I remember where I got the idea. Sigh!)

    Oh, thank the gods, Graham Norton is done! Going to stare at cute Welsh folk on Torchwood for a while and will try to be back later.

  522. rifkind said

    Hi All,
    Another drive-by … I end up getting caught up with the blog about once a day and finally get to post, very late…

    I saw most of Moonlight… it was OK.
    What is UP with being able to be out in the sun??? Oh, he has sensitive eyes and has to wear sunglasses… NOT! I agree with annalaise,
    >..but they haven’t given any reason or explanation for deviating this far from the norm ..
    They need to explain WHY their vampires can go OUT in the sun..
    and what’s up with him shooting up?? Why can’t he drink the blood like most vampires? I thought that the needle part was a bit too much!
    I do hope that the show has good ratings though, as I hope that Lifetime sees that a genre show CAN be financially a good idea.
    We need MORE Blood Ties!!!!!

  523. rifkind said

    One more thing..

    I contacted Sai13 last week to ask him a question.. and he wanted me to be sure to say, “Hi!” to all of you gals on the blog. He hasn’t been on the blog for months, but at least he still remembers us fondly!

  524. laurel said

    OMG!!!!! Annalaise! That is the best, most wonderful, incredible, awsome graphic art piece I’ve ever seen!!!!!
    (squealing and happy dancing commencing… then comes the begging portion of the program….)
    Please, please, please, please, please…. can you make that into a poster? I really need one! I will buy copies of it! You could sell your art to your good friends (waves hands in the air.) MEMEMEMEMEME

    That was a totally “Minx” experience and I soooo needed it right now. lol

    Whew! I didn’t know I had that much energy left.
    Now I think I’d better go lie down.


    Tell me what you need in the way of shipping and expences to get that gift to Dylan. I can just imagine him wearing it in to the set once they resume filming (yes, I still believe)! Priceless.

    You totally rock!

  525. Laurel — I will email you the hi res pdf.

    I don’t know what Dylan’s gift will cost yet. Right now all I have into it is my time. (which is priceless these days because there is just not enough if it ;-)) Madonna is going to email her work to me when she gets it finished, I’ll print it out and we’ll send both together. I’ll let you know if I need anything. Thanks for offering.

    Ms gypsy mentioned wanting to send a belated birthday gift to Christina. Maybe some of you could help her out with that.

  526. laurel said

    I’m going to have a late lunch with Gypsy tomorrow so I will see what she needs for Christina’s gift package. One of us will figure out details on this end. Thank you so much Dr. duChat. You truly made my day with your art. I would like your permission to show it to my daughter’s friends, the young BT fans I’ve been nurturing. They are into anime and graphic novels, so would really get a kick out of it.

    I’ve got to go to bed now. Tango said earlier that Mike was looking for me.
    Hmmmm, red boxers… that’s the code for…. uh, never mind. TMI.

  527. himmiefan said

    Hey Tango! Thanks for letting me blast my music. I loaded Bob Seger’s greatest hits into my iPod the other day and have been rocking big time. Hope you all like Roll Me Away and Hollywood Nights!

    (Sniff, sniff) Just finished season 3 of Deadwood. No season 4, plus no super-good looking guys from Rome. I think BT is returning just in time….

  528. msgypsy said

    Okay, before I hit the pillow (gotta work tomorrow…UGH! But at least I get to see Laurel afterwards) I have to share this.


    Just let the scroll go for a while. It lasts several minutes. And I don’t know if anyone else will have this experience but after a few lines I started to imagine this page has a British accent.

    Freyja, how about the Vicki Influenza? Or does that sound too icky? The other possibility is Multi-Patterned Vicki Syndrome (MPVS) which manifests in several ways, including envy of Vicki for those who want to be her when Henry finally gets his way, as well as for Minxes who sigh every time Mike makes those little “But I love you!” faces at her. And it does, indeed, manifest as lusting after Vicki herself if that’s one’s bent.

    I forgot to chime in on this earlier but if one of the regulars is going to croak, I’m betting on Dave. I like Dave and would hate to see him go but given Mike’s history with partners since Vicki left the Force, I’m pretty sure Dave is marked for something bad, even if it’s only a really nasty fight with Mike. I’d prefer it be the Captain cuz I really dislike her but she is a good dramatic foil for Vicki whereas Dave is just comic relief half the time. Sad, really sad…

    And now I must take my latest Dresden novel to bed and cuddle up in anticipation for — yuck — work tomorrow.

    Ciao, my lovely sistren. (And hi to SAI13!)

  529. msgypsy said

    Correction. MPVS should be Multi-Phasic Vicki Syndrome. Sounds much more like a disease. Might not actually be a good name for the syndrome as described but it sounds better.

  530. Margaret said

    How about Vicki’s vapors.

    Freya: Since everyone is introducing themselves I guess I should have been a little more elaborate. I live about 50 miles away from Cree (who lives in Orlando). I live not too far away from the Space Center. As far as my age goes, lets just say I’m a Cougar. I’m a Senior Staff Assistant to a City Manager down here in Florida and have been with the same City for lets just say many years and leave it at that. Never really was that much of a vamp type until Henry got his teeth into me and then I was gone (I know, bad pun).

    Seriously, we’re so glad that you’re here and you can give us the Canadian spin on things. How do you think the rest of your countrymen/women are reacting to BT? We just see what’s on the blog and it doesn’t seem like there’s massive numbers yet. We also tried to get the ratings for the premier and were told that was a secret. Do you have any way of getting them? Welcome, sit down, stay and while and bring all your friends, Blood Ties Friends, that is.

  531. Margaret said

    Dr. DuChat: What a masterpiece. It would be priceless to be able to see him wear it in front of his cast mates and see their reactions. It’s obvious you put a lot of work into it. Can you send a higer resolution version to me as I think I’m going to frame it and hang it. I love it, its great.

    Anne: Can you check with your sources and see if Kyle ever got his package. I know in that interview he said he was going up to the “cottage” for a couple of weeks, but who knows when that was as I don’t think anyone knows when that interveiw was done, do they?

  532. AlisaSG said

    good morning all πŸ˜€
    I just got done watching the “official” commercial for Blood Ties, for all the newbies who haven’t seen what we have… and personally, I kind of like it better than the 2 original ones from Lifetime. It’s got a lot of spoiler details in there that just make yah go hmmmmmmmmmm… πŸ˜‰

    also, at least one person is trying to help me bring the LIVING Tv forum topic on Blood Ties back to life.. The folks in the UK have seen HEART OF ICE, and are currently in between that and HEART OF FIRE. Thursday is supposed to be the main air date, but the 2nd showing (yes, they’ve been blessed with at least 1 more viewing of the same eps) — well, now that TV station is yanking the series around onto different days.. sound familiar??

    Sci-Fi channel is NOTORIOUS for pulling that. I just didn’t expect the other stations around the rest of the world to do that as well.


    and one more question… what are we going to do if Angie starts up on Tanya’s blog again with her excessive porno stuff..? I can handle some of it, but when it goes into excess drive and consumes most of the entire web page, that’s where I have problems.. because I don’t have the time to scan thru 1,000 comments about “groins”… (and yes, I know, there aren’t 1000 of those type comments, but it’s the point behind the idea that I’m trying to get across here… I’d rather NOT see the site censored because of a few, and thus make BT off-limits for viewing comments by higher authorities.)

    Tanya’s old blogs are completely wasted now with a bunch of nonsense, and they’re extremely hard to view (they’re also in a pretty blue font that’s about a size 6, if that much). I’m surprised Tanya hasn’t complained about what’s in them (and asked for them to be trimmed..)

    I DO KNOW that the rest of the world has been looking into reading Tanya’s OLD blogs, so they’re definitely getting an eye full of something. I just hope TPTB were able to get the meat out of the useless scraps being tossed in there, as well, before moving on to higher ground elsewhere. *sigh*

  533. Anne said

    Margaret – don’t worry, you will all definitely hear when Kyle gets his package from you.

  534. Freyja said

    Good morning ladies! I thought I’d check in this morning before I get going on my work for the day.

    gypsy – thanks for your suggestions. If anyone else has any ideas for legal defences, send them my way.

    Margaret, I can’t honestly tell you how things are playing out here in Canada. The 2 networks showing the series are showing it at viewable times, i.e. before 10 at night. City Toronto did move the show from Monday nights to Sunday but that is the only change I know of so far. Sorry, I just don’t know how to get ratings information. If you check my previous posting you’ll see I threw in an ‘eh’!

    Dizey – thanks for the intro. Through the Internet, I’ve been ‘meeting’ so many people who can trace their roots to Acadia! And no, unfortunately, we are unlikely to be related. My background is German/Austrian/Prussian/gypsy. Interesting factoid for the day: Schmid/Schmidt is German for Smith. Very common last name. But who knows if he changed his name. No idea. Yes, I’m totally comfortable with you ladies here! Did you see my previous posting about legal services at the clinic? Very few Canadians don’t have a great sense of humour.

    Although, you are unlikely to see me gushing about the actors, except for their acting abilities. I spent the first 26 years of my life in the public eye (parent as politician) so I have an intense respect for a public figure’s private life. I love living where I do because I am completely anonymous when walking down the street. Plus, like I said before I have a bit of a mental block re: Kyle because he reminds me of my brother. Too many eye-rolling incidents to count (followed by the stretching out of my brother’s name and telling him to ‘stop it’, whatever annoying thing it was he was doing) … oh, to be the eldest …

    The characters, on the other hand, are fair game.

  535. lwildstar said

    just stopping by between running here and ther! what a day – I was out all day yesturday so of course I didn’t get a damn thing done and need to catch up today

    Laurel if you are around – I’ll check back – and see if you are up for a chat – sent you an email, but I didn’t know where you might check in.

    I’ve only just caught up on the posts! Haven’t had time to go to any of the other sites – geeze where does the time go!

    I’m running out to the market and to drop off some more post cards – this is a pay week so I’ll be able to order some more…….

    oh before I forget – Gypsy – in the header for this thread you mentioned something about the fanfic we’re doing – did you ever get a “place” set up for that?

    TTFN πŸ™‚

  536. himmiefan said

    Morning everybody. I just saw something about one of the characters maybe dying. Unfortunately, as the show has been written, Dave’s character has been superfluous. I think they’re going to kill or transfer Dave off and make Kate Mike’s partner. This will help to spice up the plot between Vicki and Mike.

    Okay, nap time, then shopping. If I’m good, and that’s a big if, then I’ll do some vacuming. Or maybe not…..

  537. Margaret said


  538. Margaret said


  539. Claire said

    Bonjour mes soeurs! Quick jog through,I find there are not enough weekend hours in the days for me to blog when the quadruplets are home! No sooner do I sit,someone is at my bedroom door needing something.

    Didn’t we discuss back in May that it was Coreen being killed off? because she has Flash Gordan lined up?

    Anyway I’ll try to be back later…there’s a child with extremely long hair yelling from the tub..she needs help washing that mess lol!

    Love yas!

  540. Margaret said

    2:45 p.m. EST-Just saw a Blood Ties commercial on Lifetime (in the middle of the day yet). Yee hah!!!!

  541. lwildstar said

    Mags! I saw it too! Just walked in the door and turned the tv on and there it was “the lost lord of the night!”
    timing is everything!

    Well I was just stopping by to see whats up – quiet today…

    Talk at you later….I’m off to work on some writing….

  542. lwildstar said

    FYI – so far best time to catch the commercial has been between 6:10pm and 9:45pm Est….shows at least two times – so far anyway……

  543. lwildstar said

    Found this while playing around looing for posts of the commercial – I like the song its done to…


  544. Z I don’t have the blood pic you asked for and can’t seem to find it, do you have a link?

  545. AlisaSG said

    Margaret — I haven’t opened my e-mail in a few days.. will check ASAP, but I might not be able to reply for a while (hubby is home, so taking care of him takes priority to everything else.. lest he take my computer access away and put a password ACCESS ONLY on it again… he did that once to me a few years ago!)


    also.. I’ve updated more info onto Gateworld.. dropping bait on purpose in their hidey *spoiler* brackets!! Plus, I’ve also updated more info onto the LIVING Tv forum topic for Blood Ties..

    so far, Henry-itis is about to set in BIG time by the end of this week in the UK!
    LOL..!! πŸ˜€

    I love this..!!! too bad Tanya, herself, hasn’t explained the BEHIND THE SCENES stuff to everyone else as she has done for us.
    Fingers and toes crossed — we have an *unlikely* allie on GATEWORLD!!! πŸ˜‰
    I just hope that particular person (who seems to have much influence on many programs) stays mesmorized with BT, as much as she currently is at the moment.

  546. AlisaSG said

    >> Morning everybody. I just saw something about one of the characters maybe dying. Unfortunately, as the show has been written, Dave’s character has been superfluous. I think they’re going to kill or transfer Dave off and make Kate Mike’s partner. This will help to spice up the plot between Vicki and Mike.

    >> Didn’t we discuss back in May that it was Coreen being killed off? because she has Flash Gordan lined up?

    yes, I think it will be Coreen because it was an *emotional* goodbye of sorts for the entire cast. And everyone knew Gina was going to star on Flash Gordon shortly after the BT filming ended.

    I personally don’t think it’ll be one of the minor characters, because their departure won’t be missed as much as Coreen. And NORMAN wants Coreen – badly — and Kyle and Christina (Cox) did say it’s a whopper of a cliffhanger!
    So, I’m expecting exactly that based on what they’ve all shared, but not told in actual specifics.

  547. AlisaSG said

    Margaret — I did manage to get an e-mail sent back to you just now.
    Plus, my hubby just came home, while I was typing it up, too!!

    now I have to get supper ready and do some laundry. πŸ˜›

  548. Margaret said

    You didn’t have to reply, I just wanted to update you on what we’re going to do.

  549. Anne said

    I’ve been busy for some days – I wanted to get it ready for Dylan’s birthday.
    Still lots of stuff missing, but the pages are all there – well, except in the galleries, so without further ado:


    And if you find that I’ve written Nela anywhere, please let me know πŸ˜‰

    Anybody wanting to send Dylan a birthday greeting in the guestbook, feel free!

  550. Margaret said

    Anne: You’ve been a busy little minx. Looks nice. I tried to edit mine. If it doesn’t say Ms. Gypsy’s Blog can you add that for me please. Thanks.

  551. lwildstar said

    Wow Anne you’ve been busy!

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  552. Anne said

    Margaret – edited and added.
    THanks for writing.

    Do you really live in Cocoa?
    I’d rather live in Chocolate, but Cocoa will do in a pinch πŸ˜‰

  553. prtfvr said

    Cree: Happy Birthday! Sorry I missed THE day! Hopefully it was great.

    I’ve been sick and just lumping around or snoozing. I know I’m missing stuff. I hate that.

    Regarding the Bloody Ford Clinic. I’m wondering if some of our newest members know that the Bloody Ford Clinic is a real place? You can get to it by clicking on my name.

    Less than two weeks. MAN! It went fast AND slow at the same time. Is that possible?

  554. Margaret said

    Anne: Actually I live in a little town called Port St. John but have a mailing address of Cocoa. And believe it or not the story goes that the way Cocoa got its name is they were searching for a name and came upon a box of Hersheys Cocoa on the dock (people came in by river at that time) and named the City after it. So you really weren’t that far off. lol

  555. Laurel — go ahead and pass the comic along to your friends.

    Margaret — I’ll email you the higher res version.

    Anne — Thanks for waiting.

  556. Margaret said

    Thanks Dr. DuChat. I really love it. It really is a work of art.

  557. lwildstar said

    I don’t remember if this interview with Tanya was already posted or not – done in August i think…


    well I am off for the night, talk to you gals in the morning…..

  558. Tango said

    Ello Luvs!

    Hope everyone is doing well in the blogdom today.

    Anne – another great site to add to your credits. I went and posted a birthday greeting and also forgot to tag Gypsy’s Blog, could you please add that for me as well? Thanks!

    Lady A – I emailed you that picture on shirtless Henry on the chair. Not sure about the other one Z mentioned.

    Himmiefan – rock and roll or anything else would be fine. I like it all πŸ™‚ Like I said, the music seems to be motivating the very handsome construction workers that are expanding my room to also include 105 & 107 – we will have a party when it is completed. Your cat mosied over today, so I gave her some treats and sent her back so she wouldn’t get hurt.

    Laurel – I do remember your birthday being in July, and remember how excited you were to get your iPod. Sorry, my Alzheimers must have kicked in for a minute. So red boxers must be a universal sign for love. He said that he loved the birthday present you gave him πŸ˜‰

  559. AlisaSG said

    yayyyyyyyyyyy! someone FINALLY posted a topic devoted just to BLOOD TIES on Gateworld… thank you’s to the mysterious persona who did that!!!

    and yes, I’ve added my several pennies for some thoughts in ASAP on it.
    HEART OF ICE and HEART OF FIRE folks are depending on it..!!!!!!!!!!
    I firmly *believe* in that — especially! and it was to help out everyone who worked hard on the BT series, including the little folks who’s names end up not so well seen on the credits list, until the DVD’s actually come out, and we can actually READ them all.

    however, I did see quite a list of credited names on the IMDb web site for the Blood Ties cast and crews. πŸ˜‰

    thank you for posting a place for us to share our birthday messages with Dylan. I’ll be posting on there later (within a few days).
    also, I put in a wonderful plug for your hard work on getting the photos up for ep 8 on the bloodlines site. thank you, very much for that wonderful treat! πŸ˜€

  560. Anzia said

    Lady A- I was talking about one of these three for the other pic:

  561. himmiefan said

    Tango – my pookie really appreciated the kitty treats. She also really likes the oh-so-good looking construction workers, so I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more of her. Hope you don’t mind white fur everywhere!

    Well, I hope Coreen isn’t killed off as in killed off for good. Maybe now that Flash Gordon’s history, she can come back. Dave’s fine, but he’s just there. I don’t think it was planned out this way, but that’s how his character has evolved, or rather, not evolved. Oh well…

    Well folks, I need to start my going-to-bed feet dragging and procrastinating. Talk to you all tomorrow. Night!

  562. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Running through the weekend blew right by and back to the grind tomorrow, oh well I’ll check in tomorrow morning.

    Prtfvr , sweet pea I hope you feel better. My sister-in-law Raini the RN brought flu shots here yesterday and my arm’s sore and I felt a little sluggish today but well worth not getting the flu. I hope you’re not getting it. Hugs and feel better my leetle friend πŸ˜‰ Less than ” 2 weeks, 2 weeks you sound like a parakeet” ! Tonight Henry will snuggle w/you in you toasty bed and make you feel all betta’!

    To the rest of you Reves doux d’Henri (Sweet dreams of Henry) XOXOXOXOX

    Je t’aime Beaucoup! Beth

  563. Tango said

    Hey Z – thanks for those lovely pictures and right before dream-time too! I love them all!

  564. Tango said

    prtfvr – sending some chicken soup your way. Get plenty of liquids and plenty of rest. I hope you feel better soon my dear.

  565. msgypsy said

    New topic is up at https://msgypsy.wordpress.com/2007/09/30/courtesy-of-lady-afrodyte/.

    Everyone who is unwell GET WELL!!!!!

    I’ll catch you on the next topic shortly.

  566. Anne said

    Finally, Alisa?

    The Blood Ties thread on Gateworld was started on September 19th.
    Glad I could help πŸ˜‰

  567. Margaret said

    For all you Minxes who love Dylan Neal, found this interesting little antidote on a Google Alert.


    I won’t ruin it for you but this lady went to school with Dylan and embarassed herself. I would have been mortified. lol

  568. Marilynlep said

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    Copy the link and go to me… bit.ly/2wBKSBp


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    Copy the link and go to me… bit.ly/2gtThwH


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    I Can Haz Vampire???!!!!!111!!!! | Where Gypsy Reigns and Strange Things Appear

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