Still loving this book.

In view of last week’s conversation regarding the grimoire or grimoires, here is a picture of the original grimoire, the one Henry had on a pedestal.

Now I tried to find a picture of Dr. Sagara handing the book over to Norman, but couldn’t find anything. However, when my search terms were Blood+Ties+Sagara I got some amazingly weird hits. Like this.

And this

I’m thinking this all looks like her research!

It’s a new week, my sistren. And that means it’s another week closer to OCTOBER 12!!!!!

Ahem. Carry on.



  1. laurel said

    Is this the right place? I’m here! hehehe

  2. laurel said

    No possible way did I get in first two weeks in a row! I’m ususally the one who’s asleep at the wheel, posting on the blog everyone has already left.

    Gypsy – lunch today is still on – I can hardly wait! See you then.

  3. Himmiefan said

    Gypsy – What in the heck is that second picture?????

    Prtfvr – Phooey, phooey, phooey! I want to come to the party and can’t. Phooey, phooey, phooey!

  4. Blood Drinker said

    Why can’t I ever be first?! That is just SO WRONG!
    GRRRRRRR… ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    Ooops! Sorry about that. *g*

  6. Danae said

    Hello guys.

    Claire-I love Penne ala Vodka. There is an Italian restaurant in NYC that makes the best. Good luck with Chris.

    I can’t make a chat tonight I don’t think anyway. My parents are gone for the weekend and I have Amber. I may be able to pull it off.

    For the weekend with Claire this is what I compiled to far.

    If these stats change or anyone else can make it email me at

    I have asked Claire to check out hotels in her area that are nice but not to expensive.

  7. Danae said

    Oh another thing. I tried to book a flight today and they were somewhat cheaper then Decembers fares and they wouldn’t accept my damn credit card. I don’t get it. I still have available credit on it and I am paid up on it. Now what?

  8. Himmiefan said

    Now to worry Vampgirl. I wanted to be the first too, but that darned Laurel beat me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Danae said

    Where is everybody?

  10. Danae said


  11. Danae said

    Hello!? Anybody home? I am bored. I have nothing to do right now on lunch. I don’t even have any food.

  12. Danae said

    My boss just said I can have that Friday off. YAY! Virginia here I come. Now I just have to find a way to get a flight. I wonder if I went right to the airport if I can book a flight there and pay by check or cash.

  13. Himmiefan said

    Hey Dani. You probably can, but I think it’d be chancy. Southwest probably has some pretty cheap flights.

  14. Madonna said

    Hey girls!

    How are all of you?

    Still don’t know for sure if I can come or not. Does anyone know any way to find cheap plane tickets. I’ve never flown, and our airport here in No. KY has the most expensive fares in the country. This will probably be a deciding factor since I’ll be paying for two tickets. If my mom can’t come my sister Angela might. You all will love her. She’s 37 and the craziest of the 3 of us. She likes Blood Ties and she likes Henry although she has only been able to see 3 or 4 episodes. We’d have to make her watch it to further her education wouldn’t we? What a chore that’d be….. lol…

  15. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bonjour Claire et Christopher ! Dieu sourit vers le bas sur vous et tout est bon ; -) Ayez un jour splendide et ayez plaisir ร  รชtre sain et bon. Beaucoup de priรจres venant ร  votre rencontre.

    Danae, it took me a while to get here today, man work! I’m a *YES* and let me know the exact dates and what airline should I check for the flight? I am so stoked up for this ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

    Good morning to the rest of my Blood sista’s oh sorry it’s already afternoon darn!!

  16. Danae said

    Madonna-Try,, They are usually cheaper then going right through the airlines themselves.

  17. Madonna said

    Thanks Danae,
    I actually looked at Expedia and this morning and the both want almost $400 a ticket. That would be $800 for me and that’s a little steep right now.

  18. Madonna said

    Any other ideas anyone?

  19. lwildstar said

    Danea – put me down as a yes – I’ll work something out even if I have to call in sick!

    just back from waling with Paul – which turned into me teating him to lunch…he is so cute when he’s emabaressed! HE said something abut heading back and seeing what leftovers were in the fridge at the office and I said no – you need real food so we stopped and got sandwhiches….he ordered one by name and I stopped the girl becasue it had meat on it (hes a vegitarian) and he smiles and says thank you for looking out for me! ok I’m good for the rest of the day. He may not be leaving in 4 weeks – he may be around a little longer. They haven’t found a repalcment and he feels guilty about leaving them in the lurch.

    Well I guess I should get back to work!

    Laurel – 9pm here is 6pm there? so i’ll hang around a while tonight and see if any one shows up…

  20. Himmiefan said

    Has anyone looked on the Southwest website?

  21. Danae said

    From Kentucky?! You have got to be kidding. Mine only came to 209 total. Hide your mom in your luggage.

  22. elizabeth said

    Good morning ladies! I have had a Norman morning unfortunately and I don’t trust myself to cross the street without having a problem today! I guess I shouldn’t have been rude about him yesterday on the blog in wishing him back in Hell. He has been messing with me since I got up today.

    First off, how sad it is that my hair looked better right after I got out of bed than it does now???? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It went flat!!! ) I got up got ready for work and told my daughter I just needed to get my glasses and I would drive her to school. Guess what, they weren’t where I usually leave them and after an extensive search we found them jammed down the side of the couch – WTF! Not only that, one of the lenses was missing. I figured it was in the couch somewhere and proceeded to tear the thing apart looking for it. No luck. Finally, I had to wear my sunglasses (it is overcast today and I looked like a dork) to drive my child to school. I came back home, because I can’t work at a computer all day without my blankety blank glasses, right? I’m back to the couch moving it (who knew so much junk could hide under a couch???) and still can’t find that lense In desperation I wake my son up so he can help me tilt it to see if it is caught under the bottom behind the felt. We decide we have to loosen the felt to see if it can be found, so I proceed to the garage to get a screw driver, muttering to myself about ruining my expensive couch and losing a stupid lense to my glasses. I brush up against my car and realize I have just left a dirty streak down the front of me #@#%%$. Ladies, after taking the couch somewhat apart there was still no lense. I had to search the house for an old pair because I needed to go to work. I changed cloths (trust me, I looked better before I changed cloths, but who cares at this point) grab my bag and head out to my car. Guess what??? That damn lense was on the floor board of my car!!!! Now this is really weirding me out, okay.

    I went to Karate last night and I do not wear my glasses in class. I get out of class, put my glasses on and drive my daughter’s friend home before we go home ourselve. I get in the house and I am wearing my glasses, sit down and knit for awhile until I realize my eyes are really tired and take the blasted things off and put them on the arm of the couch. At no time, during this evening does anyone, INCLUDING MYSELF, notice I have a lense missing!!!! I put the lense back in my glasses and drive to work. Only half way there my seat belt decides to lock up on me and I suddenly have ramrod straight military bearing while sitting in my car!! Believe me, I debated undoing it so that it would release because nothing else was making it let go, but I decided I would probably get a ticket at that moment for not having my seatbelt on or something equally as stupid. I did make it to work in one piece, but proceeded to run into a wall when I got here. sigh. I think I need an exorcism or something to get rid of Norman…

    Thanks for listening. I actually do feel calmer.

  23. Madonna said

    LOL!!! I told you they did a study and The CVG airport is THE most expensive in the country, which is surprising since it is one of Delta’s largest hubs.

  24. Madonna said

    Oh, Elizabeth! You poor thing you! ((((((HUUUUGGGGSSSSS)))))))

  25. DIZEY1 :-) said

    OMG E!

    So sorry my dawlin’ *Bless your heart* ๐Ÿ˜‰ I must admit that I had to chuckle a little. You knitted and all that with one lens ๐Ÿ˜€ Yes ma’am I’d say a very Norman Day for you, burn a little incense dance around in the smoke and cleanse yourself. Hopefully the rest of your day will go smoooooothly!

  26. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Wildstalker said:

    just back from waling with Paul – which turned into me teating him to

    Ummmmm wailing and teating Paul, I’d say a very good day for you little Miss Nightwalker or you really are Wildstalker ๐Ÿ˜‰ Loved it thanks for the typo’s. Just think if you hang aroudn me long enough you’ll be copulating before end of day ๐Ÿ˜›

  27. elizabeth said

    Geez, Dizey – all I could see was you smiling while saying “Bless your Heart”! It actually made me laugh, coz I sure ain’t feeling all that smart today ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. lwildstar said

    Madonna – Southwest has flights from Loiusville to Dulles for $93 – don’t know if that will helps you or not. Leaving Friday the 26th and returning Saturday the 28th

    Good God – I have got to start checking what I am typing before I post! But at least its good for a laugh!

    And I dind’t even get my Birthday Weed~

  29. Himmiefan said

    Poor Elizabeth! You had me laughing out loud! Hope things are going better now… Quick, send Henry Elizabeth’s way!!

    Good catch Dizey! Those two went right over my head. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. DIZEY1 :-) said

    **E** I’m sorry but I just couldn’t resist, you were prime for the pickin’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ How are things Normie leaving you alone now ?

    Please don’t you’re entertaining me ๐Ÿ˜‰ hey can you find something that cheap for me? Hell my fight’s gonna be like 4-5 hours. Needless to say I will drink and I’ll have my iPod so I can at least watch Henry ๐Ÿ˜€ while traveling.

  31. Madonna said

    Thanks for checking that for me. I had considered looking into Louisville and Dayton OH because I know they are cheaper, but that creates a logistics problem. Louisville is a 2 hour drive and Dayton is about and hour and a half. For some reason I don’t think my dad is going to be willing to drop us off and pick us up. I’m going ask him but I don’t hold out high hopes. He can be a real selfish ass when it comes to things like that. That’s part of the reason we haven’t gone on a vacation in 20 years.

  32. elizabeth said

    Thanks all for your words of support and for sharing a laugh with me. I swear I have to have a really off kilter sense of humor because even I ended up being very amused by my start to the day. Norman has been pretty quiet, but I am avoiding all electrical outlets, stairs and automatic doors – God only knows what could happen given my day so far ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. lwildstar said

    Southwest is running a special – but it depends on when you book the tickets -some of them you have to wait until 14 days prior to leaving to get the cheep rate….that $93 rate may have been part of that.

    Northwest currently has one for $118 – but again from Louisville…and you were not kidding! the same flight from CVG was $335!

    I went to a site called

    I use to have to do this for my old job – very frustrating – on time I paid a travel agent out of pocket for one set of arrangements because it was driving me nuts! Once she met my boss, She felt so bad she gave me half the money back!

  34. elizabeth said

    Oooh, I get Henry??? Okay, I feel WAY better now ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Madonna said

    Hmmmmm…….. When I look up that flight from CVG it actually says it’s $398, and when I look on Southwest I don’t see anything about $93 at all.

  36. elizabeth said

    Okay, I have to share this. It made me laugh. I know, I know…we’ve established it doesn’t take much to amuse me, but I think you ladies will enjoy this.

    The Why’s of Men


    (because they are plugged into a genius)


    (they don’t have enough time)


    (they don’t stop to ask directions)


    (because their balls fall over their butt-hole and they vapor lock)

    (You’re laughing, aren’t you?!?!)


    (so they won’t hump women’s legs at cocktails parties)


    (you need a rough draft before you make a final copy)


    (don’t know… never happened)

    ( C’mon guys, we laugh at your blonde jokes!)

    And the personal favorite:


    (because a vibrator can’t mow the lawn)

  37. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Miss E,

    that is soooo funny and you’re right #4 ROFLMAO!!!! I love that one, where is Prtfvr she’d love those ๐Ÿ˜€

  38. Danae said

    Hey guys I am heading home now. I am going to see if I can borrow someones credit card and give them a check. The cheapest flight I found was for 209 and it was only a 1 hour 25 minute flight. It was also a nonstop flight.

    Ciao Bellas

  39. lwildstar said

    OMG! E- that was too funny!

    Madonna – I wonder if that price was in the sale section – if it was then its not availablefor two more weeks…see thisis the kinda thing I use to run into at work – i’d find a great fare, but have to check on if the times were good and then go back and it would be gone like it never existed! The other one I may have read wrong – but then maybe not.
    I put in Friday to Sunday – sometimes if you put leaving Thursday or returning Monday they are cheeper.

    I just went back to the SW site and I see the $93-$108 to get out here but $133 to go back? and thats from Loiusville. that was my goof – it must have been set on oneway the first time. Bummer! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Email me the airports and I’ll look around tonight before the chat and emil you info back if I can find anything

    I’m willing to help you find something chica – YOU NEED A VACATION!

  40. Maddie Mo said

    Hey everybody!!

    What have I missed. I was out sick yesterday and haven’t had time to read email or blog.

  41. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Maddie,

    Sorry you were sick, hope you’re better now ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lets see, we’re trying to gather some of us and doa get together @ Claire’s in October and have a Halloween Party while we’re there. Hey get that hubby to baby sit for the weekend and come and play with us ๐Ÿ˜‰ looking @ Oct.26-28th Fri-Sun.

    Lets see oh Miss E was beaten up today by Norman , he stole a lens from her glasses and played hide-n-seek with it.

    Wildstalker, was *wailing* with Paul and *teating* him not really sure if she was trying to feed him or whip him ๐Ÿ˜‰ Either sounds promising.

    Oh yesterday Prtfvr aka *No Cracker* had soup yesterday with a fork and I had a variety of produce suggestions (Emanuelle the Virtual Vibrator) ummm, one of which was recommended by *Z* corn on the cob (don’t ask) your better off. Ladies let me know if I missed anything or anyone.

  42. Madonna said

    Thank you! You’re too sweet. I’m going to ask my dad tonight if he’d be willing to do the driving. If he isn’t then I’m not even going to worry about it because I won’t be going.

    Maddie Mo,
    Hope you are feeling better. We’re trying to organize a 3 day weekend at Claire’s house in Virginia for Oct. 26th, 27th and 28th.

  43. prtfvr said

    Mistress E: Is it bad that I laughed at the tale of your misfortune? I think it must be but by damn it, it slayed me! I’m sorry! I feel for you sister but man you can tell a story!

    Oh, loved the man list too! You’re on a roll today.

    Diz, I was in the produce aisle but it was Ms. Scarlet (I forget who although I can’t imagine how I could!) in the kitchen with the corn. That would NEVER occur to me! And believe you me, LOTS of stuff occurs to me! I mean, do you know how long it would take to get all that silk out?! You’d be shedding for days! It’d look like you had worms for pete’s sake!

    Turnup lovers of the world unite! :)Truly, it’s a one stop veggie. ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. prtfvr said

    Oh yeah! Z!! Our young ‘un! Amazing things go through the minds of our trainees. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  45. Himmiefan said

    Ellizabeth – love the list!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. prtfvr said

    This is crazy! It started out with me saying I’d drug up wildstar and take her to Reston now it’s a huge get together with people flying in! That’s pretty impressive actually. I wish it could be the full crew. Especially since it looks like a third of us are actually going to try to make it. Perhaps we might want to watch the show in the hotel instead of Claire’s house. I don’t know how bit it is (don’t say it!).

    Claire, are those quads of yours portable? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  47. prtfvr said

    Damn! That should have been “I don’t know how BIG it is.” And still DON’T SAY IT!

  48. prtfvr said

    Has anyone ever watched Scrooged with Bill Murray? There’s one scene where he finally has the girl of his dreams but he’s no good at giving Christmas gifts so he gives her Ginsu knives (if anyone remembers them). And he said to her:

    “I never like a girl enough to give her knives.”

    Don’t know why that popped into my head, it’s not Christmas, has no bearing on the conversation and was utterly pointless. *hangs head in shame* I think I’ll go home now.

    Oh! I was on the phone with Dell’s crack help desk (or help desk on crack) in India. The language barrier was one thing but did he have to be stupid too?! I mean “Take out the battery. Is there a white thing on it?” WTF?! I burst out laughing. Truly though, to call him a moron is an insult to morons! I’m so hyped up right now! ARGHHHHH!!!

  49. elizabeth said

    prtfvr – Thank you; thank you very much (Oh, man – now I am channeling Elvis!!!!) – glad I was of service today ๐Ÿ™‚ If I hadn’t lived through this morning I am not sure I would have believed it. Norman has left the building (please, please say he has) and Henry is on his way to my house *jumping for joy* so my weekend is looking up ๐Ÿ˜‰

  50. Maddie Mo said

    Ptfvr— OMG LMAO

  51. Maddie Mo said

    The trip sounds great, really great. However, Starting this coming weekend I become what I have called ” a hunting widow”. Which means for all intents and purposes my husbnd is dead to me until hunting season is over. Which isn’t until Jan 15th. It really sucks cause he is never home for my birithday in Nov. I always get a raincheck birhtday at the end of Jan. I will see what I can do, because I SO deserve a long weekend to myself. I might just pack her up and bring her with. She’s a good baby and easy to travel with.

  52. DIZEY1 :-) said


    How wierd is that Scrooged was on HBO the other day ! Actually his girlfriend’s name was Claire, I love Buster Poindexter, his dad gave him veal for Christmas. The bitch hit me with a toaster! Yep I watch waaaay too much TV/Movies.

    Miss E, I think Elvis and Norman have left the building and you are good to go. And BWT you do weave a nice tale. I just love all you did evidentally without a lens, I’m chuckling again picturing you knitting. Sorry I love ya!

    Maddie, I know many of those widow’s. Our license plates say Sportsman’s Paradise , they love to fish, hunt you name it they’ll hunt for it and shoot it if they can ๐Ÿ˜‰ See what you can do, it’d be a great time.

  53. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Oh and Prtfvr I love the CLUE reference ๐Ÿ˜‰ Cream of corn….ewwwwwwwww

    Catch ya’ll when I get home.

  54. Himmiefan said

    Prtfvr – I had to deal with the Dell (Hell?) customer support once for my father. We got the help only because my father had bought the extended warranty on his crappy laptop. Anyway, working with them was not exactly the best experience, but to top it off, the support guy called me back and asked me to give him a good rating on the customer support survey. He said that since he had helped me, could I help him. Well, he helped me only because my father had paid for his help! I wish I had said that to him, but I was just too stunned.

    Speaking of my father, I have to give him a call because the Gadget King, as I call him, apparently bought me an Apple flash drive. Nice, but I don’t have an Apple! Every now and then, the Gadget King finds nifty gadgets and sends them to me. Nice, but not always applicable.

  55. elizabeth said

    I do believe I am going to call it a day and head on home. All of you lovelies have a great weekend. I will catch up with you on Monday. Toodles!

  56. lwildstar said

    finally made it home and wanted to check in before I go forage for dinner….. so

    “Wildstalker, was *wailing* with Paul and *teating* him not really sure if she was trying to feed him or whip him Either sounds promising.” ..I really need to check my typeing before I post! We went for a walk and I treated him to lunch – but what I typed sounded sooo much more fun! wishful thinking I guess… ๐Ÿ˜‰ at least Diz and Prtfvr got a good laugh!

    oh well – Madonna I hope your dad says yes…you could always play up the “you’ll have the house to your self” card if you think that will help? offer still stands to help you search for flights!

    I am sooo looking forward to this – and I hate social gatherings! but I guess I feel like I know you guys so well it will be more like a family reunion – no wait didn’t like that last one of those I went to – hummmm – nope still looking forward to the party!

    Talk to you guys later!

    Laurel and whoever else wants to join – we’re going to try for another writers chat around 9 eastern, feel free to pop in – we tend to get off subject real quick so non writers don’t worry!

  57. prtfvr said

    Maddie who are you packing up? And your husband gets you all the time! *stamps foot* It’s only over night AND we get to watch Blood Ties together. Oh my! And I bet we’ll watch it again too. *sigh*

    Oh wait, where’s Claire? I thinks she’s scared now and I didn’t get her address first. DAMN!

  58. prtfvr said

    wildstar: Are you going to make me call you “wildstar” on the drive? What do I do? “Wildstar, wanna stop and grab some lunch?” “Wildstar, could you hand me a tissue?”

    Nope, can’t do it! What’s the mysterious K stand for? Not Kay, I hope. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  59. prtfvr said

    Dell has a great product but their tech support is driving me away. Not to mention that this laptop is a lemon and I built it for my new boss. Yes, I’ve impressed her with my excellent technical abilities!

  60. Danae said

    Hi guys! Maddie I really hope you can make it. So far me prtfvr dizey and wildstar are a definite yes. I ma bringing a costume and I hope to God I am not the only one. I will normal clothes just in case.

    E-Great yarn that you spun. Being Normanized is better then poltergeists.

    I loved the man list.

  61. Danae said

    I feel so lonely.

  62. heading over to the hen house!

  63. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey ya’ll checking in they had to take Robbie by ambulance to the hospital, seizing and wasn’t coming out of it. Mom’s up there w/Raini and they’re doing a Catscan (sp) and and EEG so I’ll touch base and keep ya’ll updated. And the hits just keep on comin’ ! Anyway I have faith all will be ok ๐Ÿ™‚

    see ya in a bit

  64. Danae said

    oh god diz let me know how things turn out.

  65. Margaret said

    Diz: Let us know as soon as you do. We’re over at the Hen House.

  66. Madonna said

    My love and prayers are with you and your family always. Let us know!

  67. Margaret said

    Dizey: Come back here and let us know. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Love you.

  68. lwildstar said

    We’ve left the Hen House –
    Diz, we’ll check back with you in the morning.
    All our love, hugs and prayers, positive vibes and energy for you and Robbie!

  69. laurel said

    I just got a chance to sit down for the first time since lunch. Sorry I missed you gals over at the hen house. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I really wanted to spend some time with you.

    Diz… Beth, I’m so sorry to hear about Robbie having more troubles. I will be holding you all in prayer tonight and through the weekend. I wish I could be there to give you support in person. If there is anything you need, do call. We will be waiting for news.


  70. Claire said

    Hey guys…no wasn’t running scared Prtfvr…just really busy!
    Diz…so very sorry to hear about Rob…Good positive vibes going your way!
    Merci tellement Bethโ€ฆ que vous รชtes un ami merveilleux. Tout est bien aujourd’hui allรฉ.
    They ran some tests on Chris..and are now waiting for authorization from the insurance company to do an MRI..thank you all for the prayers!The MRI will be the scary part..cause thats where it will show..if its back.
    E…OMG…I’m sorry too..I laughed at your fight with Norman…you just have a way of telling a story! your man list? right on target…I loved it!!!
    I hope most of you can make it over..Prtfvr…yeah them Quads are portable..but they would insist on partying with us..and I ain’t having it! LOL!!

    The huge isn’t a mansion..but it’s not small…My sofas can seat 7…and the rest of you…heck thats what the floors for LOL!! besides..those participating in the drinking game…you know your butts are going to be on the floor anyway!

    Well,it’s 11:07 here..and I’m sooo tired! will look into flights,hotel,airport..tomorrow.Someone make a list so I know who’s definitely coming! Also lets put together a list of who eats what and who drinks what.
    Alcoholic and non..for the non drinkers!

    Je T’aime mes soeurs! jusqu’au demain, rรชves doux!Beth, tout sera bien avec Robbie, Dieu sera avec lui!
    Bonne nuit!

  71. vicki said

    ok… I am looking at flights from Charleston, WV at around 208…and I think I can swing it…

    Are we meeting at Claire’s house??? Hotel??? Someone give me I can book this flight and have my very own girls weekend out!!!

    the diva has spoken lllllllllllHEhEHHE

  72. rifkind said

    Hey Diz,
    So sorry to hear about Robbie. I hope that they can map the misfiring cells and zap them into submission..

  73. Anzia said

    lwildstar- LOVE the typos! ^_^ The images…oh the images that came to mind!

    Prtfvr- *bows, looks up and smiles mischeviously* Oh, Honey if you only KNEW what went through my mind! And when did I become a Trainee? I’m the one who owns that gutter ship we all live in most of the time. ^_^ Me = captain…you’re the 2nd in command… i think…or is it Diz…I don’t remember…must be losing my mind in my old age ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oh, and I KNOW HOW BIG IT IS! *ducks quickly to avoid projectile*

    Srry, I SERIOUSLY couldn’t help it! … You were begging for it…you know you were…^_^ Besides, i’m the baby, gotta love me!

    Diz- I’m so sorry about Robbie. You have my prayers! and don’t “ewww” my corn comment…you know you’re secretly impressed

    E- LOVED the list! ^_^

  74. rifkind said

    Hey Z,
    Did you find out if you were really sick, or just sick of work?

    I hope you are feeling better.

  75. Anzia said

    I think it was the food. I actually ended up being sick again yesterday (but I was at work and stayed) to the point where I couldn’t eat anything and didn’t unilt this afternoon. My stomach is just a bit sensitive right now it seems…

    Work is actually going a lot better now. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks rif! ^_^

  76. Cree said

    Hey, Margaret, are you going to Claire’s for the party? I found flights thru SouthWest for $79 each way from Orlando! I think thats cheaper than anyone else has been able to find. How fun would that be if we could fly up there together? Its only a 2 hour flight, but still it would be so much fun! I still have to make sure I can find another doctor to cover me that weekend. I should know by next week.

  77. lwildstar said

    Just checking in to see if anyone has heard from Diz – I know its still early.

    Claire – I hope everything is going well with Chris…

    So glad my typos were so enteraining! if only lunch really had been as much fun!

    ON the Eastcoast Southwest and possibly Jet BLue will have the best prices – I think Prtfvr and I are going to drive down – so we’ll just need hotel info…..

    I guess everyone else should email Danae – if she is still coordinating or you can email me – I’ll help.

    Claire – good call on the food thing – allergies, other health issues – yeah would not be a good thing if one of us got sick at the party!

    Well I’ve got to go get dressed – I’ve got an eye doctors apoointment, and then I’m with mom for most of the day…..I’ll try to come back this afternoon

  78. lwildstar said

    ok the blog ate my post!

    geeze this is getting tiresome….

    ok short version – Diz and Claire – hugs and good vibes coming your way

    so glad my earlier typos brought so many joy! too bad lunch wasn’t that much fun..

    Well now I have to scaddle – I’ve got an eye doctors apointment and then Im with mom the res t of the afternoon – I’ll try to check back in on you gutys latter…

    Clair I’ll email you about the food – I do have allergies, but nothing bad. I think Prtfvr and I are going to drive down, so we’ll need hotel info!

    talk to you later!

  79. rifkind said

    About the get-together at Claire’s,

    I’m checking HOW I can fit a trip in.. I don’t have much vacation time left for the year.. still trying to figure out how to juggle the time off. Gosh I would love to come though!

    Maddie Mo, can you ask Maddie’s grandparents to babysit for a weekend? Or, do you have any friends that have kids about the same age who could take her for the weekend, and then you reciprocate and give them a weekend away…

  80. rifkind said

    About the Grimoire,

    Norman had to have his own spell book. In HIS rituals he was using the three items. The book, the chalise, and the knife. When Henry showed up to stop Norman from bringing Asterof through the portal, Henry has is OWN book that he reads from to send the demon lord back to hell.
    (How do you SPELL the demon lord’s name anyway?? )

    I think that Norman’s book is a partial book of spells, like you gals were discussing. I may be confusing the story lines between the TV show and Tanya’s book. In the BOOK, Norman must have been using some book to originally call the lesser demon, but the Grimoire that Asterof wants is the ancient COMPLETE spellbook that Henry owned.

    In the TV show, the story line is that they want to separate and or destroy the 3 items that Norman used in his rituals.. so THE BOOK that they are talking about would NOT be the one that Henry had at his apartment. I wonder if the prop master & continuity folks had the correct book when they filmed Norman??

  81. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good Morning all my magnifique sista’s ! Bonjour Claire *MRI* clean slate no worries mes ami! XOXOX to Christopher. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks ya’ll for all the prayers poor Mom and Raini didn’t get home till like 4 this morning, waiting to get Robbie a room, and you know how long that takes. He slept good from what he tells us this morning he called at 7:30 A.M. and the Catscan was clean *NO BLEEDS* YAY!!! Thank you God! Always the big fear, he can’t have MRI’s cuz’ it would displace the clip in the noggin, but they give a much better pic’. So hopefully they’ll break him out sometime today. I have to work today so Logan crawled into bed with me last night and he’s still sleeping , my sweet little dude ๐Ÿ˜€ He was crying when the took Rob off in the ambulance, but he was here with me and he’s a strong little sucker, I love him to bits. Any way gotta finish getting ready for work and will check in when I get there.

    Ya’ll are the best and I so look forward to being with you soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

  82. prtfvr said

    That’s great news, Diz! Congratulations! ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. Margaret said

    Diz: Glad to hear that Rob’s feeling a little better. Keep us informed.
    Claire: Let us know how Christopher is getting along.

  84. DIZEY1 :-) said

    thanks girls ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love Ya’s it’s an absolutely gorgeous day here. That little front I think made it through here and it’s dry/less humid and just such a pretty day.

    Rif, My little researcher what interesting info on that artifact you found. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m so glad we can enetertain that hubby of yours, and he doesn’t tell you , you can’t play with us crazy chix anymore. Glad he doesn’t scare easily ๐Ÿ˜€ Oh and thanx for clearing up the Grimoire thingy I kept thinking they had been using the same book. I love the pic of Henry’s Grimoire it looks serious with the lock & key and all.

  85. Madonna said

    So glad there is no bleeding! Now if they can only figure out why he keeps having seizures. (((((((((HUGS)))))))))

    I’ve got my fingers (and toes) crossed for Chris. Also ((((((HUGS)))))))

    LOVE to you both!

    Well girls,
    I’m waiting to see if my sister Angela can get off of work on the 26th. She should know next week. If she can, either she or her fiance could get us to my aunt’s home in Louisville, who could then drive us to the airport. That’s the only way I could afford to go. Everything is still a long shot on my end but I’m working on it. I want to meet everyone so much. And yes, my dad was an ass about it.

  86. Danae said

    Dizey-I am so glad. I was very worried for you and him and Raini and Logan last night. I think that is why I had a hard time sleeping. Poor Logan. It must be so hard on him. He is such a little tough guy it seems though. He is very blessed to have an Auntie like you. I just realized something yesterday. In case we don’t have enough in common two of my cousins are named Beth and Robbie and they are brother and sister. How is that for a coinkidink? I wanted to call you this morning but one of Kelly’s kids took of with my cell phone and we tore that apartment apart looking for it. One of Ambers shoes is missing to. I think the baby took off with them.

  87. vicki said

    well girls..

    I could take off the Friday as long as I come home that Sunday.. School waits for no one..and I cant miss more than 1 day.. THey are giving us a pay bonus if we dont miss any days this year..

    I am really looking forward to it. Is there a hotel we can meet at?? Stay in>?? Any details would be nice….Thanks

  88. Danae said

    Vicki-Claire is looking into hotels and such today. I think we are going from the airport to Claires to a hotel. I am going to try and get there Thursday night which Dizey was going to do to. Can you send me an email so I can keep it in a special folder I created? It will be easier to keep tabs that way.

  89. Danae said

    Cree-Which airport were you planning on flying into? I looked on Southwest and they don’t even have Dulles on there.

  90. Danae said

    Dizey are you planning on getting there on Thursday?

  91. Danae said

    Did I kill the blog? I thought that was wildstars job.

  92. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Danae,

    Hey thanx for all the concern, sorry you didn’t sleep well ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I checked w/Travelocity and Expedia and they’ve got a few flights that could get me there like 6ish that evening. Southwest doesn’t go to Dulles I checked them first.

  93. DebS said

    Hi everyone,

    Taking a few minutes break before I have to go pick our concert performer up from the airport. Anyone heard of Jason Mraz? He is performing tonight at the university..very cool.

    Last night I got to deal Texas Hold ‘Em at the Casino Night. Busy weekend for sure!

    How is everyone doing?

  94. Cree said

    Danae: It was the Dulles airport. It was listed on there. Its almost at the bottom of the list to choose from. I can’t believe how cheap the flights were. It was an internet special. I just hope I can find doctor coverage before it books up.

  95. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Miss Madonna thank you for all your hugs and support sorry I didn’t get a chance before my customer grabbed me to say thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you can make it work ๐Ÿ˜€

  96. Danae said

    Dizey I found one that can get me there at 6:05 that evening, united airlines.

  97. Danae said

    Dizey I found one that can get me there at 6:05 that evening, united airlines.
    Cree I still can’t find it.

  98. Danae said

    Ok I found it Cree but then it disappears.

  99. laurel said

    Good morning luvs. I’mm just checking in for a second before work.
    Dizey – Glad to hear Robbie is feeling better. The “no-bleeds” news is awsome. I hope he continues to improve, for all your sakes.
    Claire – I’m keeping Chris in prayer, too. Those milestone checkups are scary and there’s just no way around it. We are looking at the 5-year mark for my hubby and even though we expect only good news there is still fear at the back of our minds. The waiting for results is the pits.

    Ladies, I sure wish I could join you in October. I hope it all works out for you to have a big party. ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. AlisaSG said

    ahahhhhhhhhh! so, now I know where everyone’s been hiding out! (LOL!)
    e-mail was sent your way, ladies about the get-together, etc.

    prayers and hugs for you all who could use lots of them — always! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    meantime, thought I’d share 2 items..
    1) both CityTv and the SPACE forums are awfully quiet (overnight). I’m not sure if that means there are “lurkers” reading and thinking about joining, replying or what..

    but I refuse to believe there are only TEN people (maybe 20, that I’ve seen, so far) in all of Canada watching the entire BLOOD TIES series!

    2) adoring Henry is becoming an addicting habit!! *snicker*! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I found this next comment WORTH sharing from seeing it on the BT-bloodlines forum under topic- ๐Ÿ˜›
    “To be the chick in the first feeding scene.”

    (not sure if person’s name wanted to be mentioned, but here’s the time and “quote”)
    Posted–Fri Sep 14, 2007 10:53 am
    >> TWO new nicknames!

    >> Henry’s Hussies and Fitzroy’s Fanatics. I gotta tell my friend this, we’re both hopelessly addicted now.

  101. Danae said

    I have started drinking so if my typing gets sloppy thats why. My sister and I just started watching A Knights Tale with Heath Ledger.

  102. Danae said

    Alisa you are just now realizing that you are hopelessly addicted? Where have you been since March?

  103. Anzia said

    DIZ- I’m so glad to hear that! (((HUGS)))

  104. AlisaSG said

    Danae.. no I’m not the one *just* addicted.. the folks on the BT-bloodlines forums were saying that. I don’t even post messages on there (..YET).

    I’ve been reeled into BT hook, line, and baited ever since ep. # 5 with Sinead!
    “Ohhhhhhhh Henry!” (LOL!!)

    now.. as for Heath Ledger — another OMG *yummy* looking actor! I saw him in the short lived Tv series “ROAR”. It’s his eyes.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    From his distance photos in shorter hair, he isn’t much to look at facially, but in his close-ups on ROAR, there’s something to there *roar* about.. (LOL!)
    I adore his accent, too!

    (whereas, Kyle looks good in mostly all of his action photos – except for the main publicity still of him on the IMDB site.. he just looks too plain there and he’s far more fascinating than that one – which his publicity photo seriously should be changed to something far more intriguing! ..just my IMHO, tho)

  105. Danae said

    I LOVED Heath Ledger in Roar. I have the whole thing on DVD.

  106. Anne said

    I’ve been busy updating KyleSchmidCentral I hope you will find soemthing you like … but how can you avoid it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m especially pleased to ahve found a 7 year old interview – short though it be.

  107. Danae said

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  108. Danae said

    this is a visit from amber bare with us

  109. Danae said

    hhjhjjhjfhhbghfghfnjkgfnjghjgbhfhjhjrhhhgyugfhgytttttttttttttttttttttttgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffgfhuhtyyryryfrui8eururuuifjjjbknklknlmkljhjkuhyighghfhrhgrtyurtyuredfujhrfduruhjhjhtrhrfhrfgh ghujgujguhgutijiyjiuoyfgujgujguyfyhufhututyutruifugutruturtjrtjhirhjfhfhgfhrtfyhufjghjghubghytgygygyurhyhghghurhyhhuihujufjfjuguujujigfjfnkgjfjkfjkfhjfhkhhhhjghjhhgbhbghfhgdccjhjcmcjmdmmfmcxjjkjkggkjhjgnjfjnjngnjnknkjgbnggnjkgjkhjkhjkgkhjjhjngnjjbgnjkgnjjgkbjkghgjhnndfhgrtrfedsgvtrthep[y43-tgypwyte02g3lw;qtr0-

  110. lwildstar said

    hey guys! just causght up on the posts! and I couldn’t have killed the blog today – I just got back ๐Ÿ˜›

    Diz – thats great news!

    Claire – sending good thoughts to you as well

    uggg the eye doctors apt was the highlight of the morning – does that tell you something about how the day has gone – Dad didn’t go diving so he decided to join mom and I – I wish he had stayed home – after we left the eye doctors we went to Annapolis Mall and then dad wanted to go down to the warf – theres no parking and the traffic is horrendus – and he starts making all these smart ass comments about how mom and I could get out and go walk around town and still get back to the truck while he’s stuck! uggg

    Anyway I told them about the party – mom is wary (you know moms) with the how well do you knows these ladies? and who is driving you? …etc…Dad thought the whole idea was great, after I once again explained who all of you little vamp group…he started making suggestions to spare Claire and just rent a banquet room at the nearest hotel to her and that we all should stay there so that when the party is over the drinkers only need to stumble up stairs! you should have seen the look my mom gave him!!!!

    I loved Roar! I wondered if anyone else had seen that – I don’t have the dvds though ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    ok well I have stuff to get done, and my stomach kinda hurts – should not have eaten all of those sweet potato fries, but they were sooo good!

    I will check back later….

  111. Cree said

    Danae: Did you finally get the SouthWest thing to work with the Dulles airport? If not, let me know where you are flying out of and I will try to pull everything up on my computer and email you the page with the times and prices.

  112. AlisaSG said

    OOOOOOOOooooo! did I hear “sweet potato fries”..?? ๐Ÿ˜€
    I can’t get them any more. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Our supermarket used to carry them, but only sell the “golden” so-called “sweet potato” variety. My husband hates the golden ones. So, I had to go out of my way and buy a french fry cutter.. real sweet potato/yams, and make those
    (cough, cough) *ahem* !!
    .. Julienne fries .. myself..! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I keep thinking if whoever made up that name did it just for me..
    (Anne is my middle name!) .. (LOL!!)

  113. lwildstar said

    hey guys!

    I’ll need a head count for the party by the end of the month – if possible! why you ask? ssshhhhh – its a surprise!

    anyway it seems slow today so I’m going to log out and come back later!

  114. lwildstar said

    Julienne Fries! sounds like a head line!

    these were great fries and I ate way too many –

  115. Danae said

    Hey guys I just booked my flight to Claires for Thursday night. If you all cancel this partay on me I will have to hunt you down.

    Wildstar my mom knows I am careful about who I meet and stuff like that. Sometimes to careful. She is happy for me because she doesn’t think I have enoigh friends. I talk so animatedly about you all to her. She loves it and is very grateful you are all in my life.

  116. Danae said

    Julienne Fries! Your right it does. I had my first taste of sweet potato fries on Wednesday. Let me tell you I loved them.

    Cree I am all set. I just booked on It was only 210.80 total which is doable for me. I am flying on United Airlines. It is a 1 hour 20 minute flight.

    I am so excited. I can’t believe this is coming together.

  117. Danae said

    Jeez as soon as I type you all disappear.

  118. Danae said

    And don’t tell me your working because it is Saturday and most people don’t work.

    Dizey-Did Robbie get broken out of the hospital today.

  119. Anzia said

    I’m sorry. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m being a lurker today. I don’t have anything to add since i’m not going to the East Coast Blood Sisters Convention.


  120. Anzia said

    I’ll share this though It’s short, has a hot man…and water…and he’s half nekked in some of it…

  121. Danae said

    I’m sorry Anzia. It just seems as soon as I post everyone disappears. You will be there in spirit. If there was anyway to get you to go I would do it.

  122. Danae said

    This is what I have been listening to all day


  123. AlisaSG said

    Danae — hi there..
    I just need a nap.. a long, revitalizing nap.. (Zzzzzzzzzzzz).

    I’ve spent the last 3 nights up most of the night tracking and replying on the CityTv/Space forums, while also switching gears and getting into a heated debate about psychotropic meds, nursing homes, and the criminally insane on another web site!

    I *really* enjoyed responding to the Blood Ties topics, but that other mess was sheer *Politics* by someone who won’t even kill a fly buzzing in her ear or swatting a mosquito, because to her — that’s “murder”..!

    NJ just had 3 college students *executed* by some MS-13 wannabees (gang). It’s been in the news for the past several weeks now, and apparently keeping murderers like that alive, until they die a ripe old age is the best recourse in her POV. Your tax dollars at work. She doesn’t believe in the death penalty, in any situation; she’s convinced the terrorists on our planet won’t attack anyone in or from the USA; and it’s just so tempting to toss her into a room full of those murdering monsters to see how long she lasts before she starts screaming to be let out.

    Like I said, it was insane pounding out the entire conversation until 2 in the morning! End result? I don’t think she listened to any of it. She asked me a question. I answered. And then after 2 days, told me to go fix the problem we were discussing and not to complain… duhhhhhhhh!!

    When I reminded her who started the entire conversation (HER and someone else), and where I jumped into the middle, and where she asked me a question about what led to the next 30 comments or so, she went right back to square one about “go fix the problem and don’t complain”. GEEZE LOUISA! I wasn’t complaining (for crying out loud!!). She just feels so superior to the rest of the world around her, and it’s just really annoying when nothing gets thru her *thick* skull of psycho-babble.

    I desperately wanted to say something totally sarcastic to her about her doctorate psycho degrees, but it’s not worth pushing more stupidity into the situation than what already came out. What amazed me was her friend and her are usually like
    “2 peas from the same pod” except in matters of dealing with the criminally insane. Oh, and she won’t watch Blood Ties, because she can’t hear too well..

    Oooooo! And that wasn’t meant to come out as double-speak, either! ๐Ÿ˜›

  124. Danae said

    HAHA We should toss her into a room with Henry. He will show her. He won’t like someone like her. Sounds like she deserves it.

  125. lwildstar said

    Dani – sorry I missed you – still suffering with an upset stomach! damn fries..
    just popped in to see what was up….

    Don’t worry Dani – if something happens and we can’t go to Claires we will find some place to have this party! I am sooo looking forward to meeting everyone! too bad I have the tinyest house…its smaller then my apartment was! otherwise I’d have you over here!

    So we need a list of confirmed party go-ers…
    Claire – of course the hostest with the most-est!
    Dani – yes
    Diz – yes
    Lwildstar ๐Ÿ™‚ yes
    Prtfvr – yes
    Cree – yes ?
    Mags – ?
    Arrowyn – ?
    Maddona – trying… ๐Ÿ™‚ + guest?
    anyone else?

    ok, well my tummy is starting to rumble so I think I’ll take off for a while again – if I start feeling better I’ll be back – if not I’ll check in tomorrow!

  126. lwildstar said

    Danae – or maybe he’ll bring her around to our way of thinking!

  127. Danae said

    Yeah that’s right. I have to go now. Amber is falling asleep. She had a late night last night. Talk to you later maybe tomorrow.

  128. Cree said

    Wildstar: I’m not a definate yes yet. Still trying to find a doctor to cover me for that weekend. I should know for sure by the end of next week at the latest whether or not I’ll be able to go. I’ll keep you posted.

  129. Good Evening Everyone!

    Sorry I haven’t been around to post for a while.Things have been a little hectic. I just got caught up though.

    Dizey — So glad Rob is OK. My thought and prayers are with you.

    Prfvr — #4 in the men’s list. OMG I laughed so hard my husband had to come over ans see what was the matter. He laughed too.

    Sorry I won’t be able to make it to Claire’s as much as I’d love to. I’ll be with you in spirit though.

    I attended my writer’s seminar today and had my meeting with Cinda Chima. I wrote a post on my blog about it.

  130. AlisaSG said

    before I forget again– *HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!* (tho a bit belated) wildstar ๐Ÿ™‚

    >> HAHA We should toss her into a room with Henry. He will show her. He wonโ€™t like someone like her. Sounds like she deserves it.

    no, actually, she *likes* looking at Henry and wouldn’t mind him *biting* her either.. she’s seen his videos, but just can’t hear him speak — so she doesn’t watch at all..

    Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of putting her into a padded room with about 500 psychotic “Norman”s — who aren’t in a straight jacket either! If she’s such an expert like she *claims* to be on the mentally ill, she’d be able to soothe those savage beasts – tho I’d hate to think *how*.. since she’s pro-evolution and likes mating..
    (which just sounds eeeeewwwwww!! whenever I think of *NORMAN*..!)

    >> Danae – or maybe heโ€™ll bring her around to our way of thinking!

    actually, the day that happens would be the day she meets her maker/creator (it’ll be too late by then). She is so anti-Christian (that’s all she ever talks about most of the time), that I wouldn’t wish Henry to have to put up with talking to her at all. And if you think Vicki in “Blood Ties” is stubborn, this one is a piece of work — worse than a mule.

    What’s worse is that one moment she’s so high and mighty and above the rest of the entire world (intellectually superior-wise), and the next she’s overly sensitive as if she’s being picked on. In the words of someone I worked with, she likes to dish it out, but she can’t take it in herself. So much for psychology, psycho meds, and degrees from the floor to ceiling.

    An unknown reality about myself is that I graduated as one of the top ten in my school (Class Valedictorian, actually.. and I have NO idea how I managed to do that, while pulling a few C’s and B’s in college prep classes!). However, I try as little as possible to explain that to someone more knowledgeable in science and math (I never did trigonometry, and never took calculus or Chemistry classes.. I breezed thru as an art major, and felt like it was almost cheating –because no thinking was necessary for those classes!! Just talent and imagination.) ๐Ÿ˜€

  131. Tango said

    Claire โ€“ the Halloween pictures were great! Man it kills me that I canโ€™t make it to party with you guys! Prayers for a clear MRI for Christopher and for peace of mind for both of you as I know the waiting will be tough, When should you get the results back?

    Dizey โ€“ Also good thoughts and prayers coming to Rob, you and the whole family. Glad to hear the good news. Poor sweet Logan, you know how scared he must be โ€“ being so young. I know you all must be exhausted. I hope you all will be able to rest tonight.

    Vicki โ€“ enjoyed the article. How cool was that to be in the paper. So, no Eminem from the guys eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    E โ€“ ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!! You poor thing! Sorry your day was FUBAR! But for those of us who needed some stress relief โ€“ you delivered big time, so thanks! Maybe you should think about having a spare pair like Vicki. *smiles*

    Prtfvr โ€“ Your post about the crack customer service staff with Dell was very reminiscent of a conversation I had with the crack customer service staff of Bellsouth โ€“ also from India. Coincidence? I think not! I donโ€™t know if you watch Last Comic Standing, but Lavell Crawford, one of the finalists, had a routine talking about his experience with the crack customer service staff of Sprint. He starts off saying that he calls and gets the automated service, โ€œFor English โ€“ press one; por Espaรฑol – prensa numero dos.โ€ So he presses one, only to get one of these crack customer service reps from India. He then promptly tells him, โ€œ Oh no! I pressed ONE FOR ENGLISH!โ€ The rep tells him he IS speaking English. To which Lavelle replies, โ€œNo, what youโ€™re speaking is Indian with a little English sprinkled over the top.โ€

    Ainโ€™t that the truth?! How many times did you have to ask them to repeat what they said? I lost count!

    Wildstar โ€“ thanks for the list. I will work on something for ya. Hope you are still enjoying your birthday week! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  132. AlisaSG said

    ..part two (continued) of the above..

    Anyway, I just try to avoid getting into debates that tend to go over my head in that sense. What started the whole thing.. someone close to her died, and she’s blaming it on Christians, because he wanted to “get saved first”.. and then committed suicide, because of a bunch of other problems that happened in his life. The conversation shifted into caring for mentally unstable individuals, nursing homes, and shifted yet again into the criminally insane ending up in a nursing home where a bunch of lesser psychotic, but just as dangerous mentally, people were (IMO).

    Anyway, she claims to have degrees in the psycho-social fields, and that she worked as a psychologist // counselor type of person, until a friend of hers committed suicide; and it broke her emotionally (which I can totally understand, but there are limits as to what you work with in contrast to how much bragging goes along with it.. and she likes to *brag*).

    I worked in a nursing home — and typed up the quarterly evaluations in all care levels for the residents // patients — and had to work on a floor where there was a lock-out set up in place.. end result– the place was a virtual prison to those who ended up on the psychotic meds (anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, and anti-psychotic.. which made them hallucinate anyway!). It broke my heart watching them; and I’d often cry myself to sleep after getting home, but it was also a valuable learning experience for me, too.

    I really commend the nurses and other staff who are there, and give more than 150% of themself in spite of the facility being short staffed, etc. They not only put up with a lot of grief from the residents giving them many difficult moments, but grief from the stress of being overworked (short on staff), doing double shifts, and dealing with the criminally insane being admitted to their facility, just because the owners at the top wanted the beds filled up to near full capacity. The owners finally didn’t care where the people were coming from. They just wanted the money; and let the workers deal with the *emotional* stress fallout.

    (so, her basic argument ended up being for me to go fix the situation… report the facility to someone higher up.. I told her that it didn’t matter!! The CDC and the State already had the place as one of their most *favorite* inspection places! They were quite thorough on their auditing inspections.. What I didn’t say, was that the State would go thru there with a “fine tooth comb”, because of most medical places –doctor’s offices, hospitals, other healthcare places, that place had the worst plagues of Scabes scares than any others in the state!! In other words, the place gained a not-so-pleasant reputation // notariety, that I didn’t know about before I started working in there. It was quite an eye-opener.. sort of like Vicki in the “Post Partum” ep, but for different reasons, of course!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ..anywho, in essence, contrary to this other person’s continuous stream of debating about handing out meds like candy bars (which she flat out denies is actually being done), I too *knew* what I was talking about, as well. I lived in it for several years. You just have to learn to keep yourself distant from getting too involved, because it was a place where people went to grow old and eventually die. When you see 30 and 40 year olds entering there also, and dying young, it’s more of a heart-breaker, and especially when you’re there 5 days a week plus holidays, and see who visits whom…

  133. Tango said

    I know how everyone loves monkies, so I bring to you…
    Whiplash, the Cowboy Monkey

    How cute is a monkey dressed in chaps and a hat riding a border collie? Love it!

  134. AlisaSG said

    sorry for the rant / venting, but that’s where a HUGE chunk of my time went this week. It actually started several weeks ago, when her relative died; and trying to comfort someone who just doesn’t see life in the same VEIN (har, har!), just ends up getting frustrating. My problem is that I’m too forgiving and hopeful that maybe she’ll listen better in the next conversation. But you’d get better results with a BRICK wall. The wall at least can’t move on its own, so it’s stuck listening to you!! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Worst of all, I had tried to convince myself beforehand, NOT to look at the topic or respond to any of the discussion. When she asked me what “years” I worked at the nursing home, and told her – I expected her to go off on another tangent or go on one of her “I know more than YOU do” rants..

    She listened a little bit, but deliberately avoided seeing her own responses to the entire conversation — that she started going down the psycho-yellow brick road in the first place! And she firmly believes in handing out meds and experimenting on people to control their *behaviors* — including the criminally insane.. which to me, is just SHEER *insanity* in and of itself!!! (IMHO) ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  135. Claire said

    Evening ladies…sorry I didn’t get on earlier…really busy day!
    I haven’t read all your posts yet..just wanted to post the link to the hotels..
    The two that are closet to me,right in the town center are:
    The Sheraton and The Hyatt
    maybe you all can double up.I’ve stayed at the Sheraton,when Monique got married,they have nice bar,pool tables etc.

  136. Claire said

    Dizey…Hows Rob?
    Tango..thanks Darling…I will miss you being here…I really wanted you to come.
    So my grownup kids,are just as excited as me to be meeting you all and want me to DVR BloodTies on Friday so they can go out on the town with us,since they will be gone to Moniques house on Saturday for her annual Halloween party.Nikki is stoked for this..she wants me to tell all of you that she has the karaoke machine and mike ready!Monique is already recruiting her husband to babysit and being a guy”Yes,I’ll be the only guy with all those women!”
    Anyway..we’ll plan some more tomorrow..I’ve got to go to bed…I think I’m catching whatever it is thats circulating.
    Oh Margaret.. thanks…you too Tango..they haven’t done the MRI yet..waiting insurance approval.
    Love you all!
    Bonne nuit mes soeurs!

  137. Tango said

    The Many Names of Lwildstar

    LWILDSTAR is whom we all first met
    on a Blood Ties blog page upon the Net.
    WILDSTAR , a name we have come to embrace ~
    not sure why the โ€œLโ€ was there in the first place.
    NIGHTWALKER is who she soon became
    For Henry Fitzroy she wanted to claim.
    STARNIGHT came about after the Order of Yum,
    but no one knows where that name came from.
    NIGHTSTAR ~ a variation of the many she possesses
    Iโ€™m sure thereโ€™ll be more as our friendship progresses.
    WILDWOMAN, a nickname that speaks for itself,
    a nickname of which she brought upon herself.
    NIGHTSTALKER, a name that Paul can attest
    as he screamed it from the car before her arrest.
    MISS Kโ€ฆ Miss K? Well, what the hell,
    I have no idea, but itโ€™s easy to spell.
    WILDNIGHTโ€™s a name that Paulโ€™s now repeating.
    Pretty sure this is due to the wailing and teating.
    These are the many names she has used
    Is there no wonder why we all seem confused? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Happy Birthday Week LWildstar, Wildstar,Nightwalker, Starnight, Nightstar,Wildwoman, Nightstalker, Miss K, and Wildnight (am I forgetting anyone?)!
    Tango ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  138. Arrowyn said

    Just a drive-by —

    lwildstar, sorry, can’t come play at Claire’s. Work, work, and more work!

    Still lwildstar — Did you find out how to get that picture from IMDB you wanted? If not:

    This is for a PC; don’t know if it’s different for Apple

    Cursor on pic you want to save (from anywhere, not just IMDB)
    Drop-down menu pops open
    Click on “Save Picture As”
    I always get a small “Save picture” screen of my folder “My pictures”
    If you don’t want to save the pic in there,
    Click “Up One Level” icon
    and save the picture anywhere on your computer you want

    The only thing I haven’t been able to use this method with is a picture within Flash. Someone (Annalaise?) told me to use the Print Screen method for that. I have saved more pictures of Henry (and Kyle) than I care to divulge right now using the “Save Picture As” method. It has been a blessing during the hiatus – and a curse because of my ADD-ishness. Oh, well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!


  139. laurel said

    I’m just checking in on all of you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now I know how you all feel when we Portlanders have lunch dates. I really hate being left out, but I’m so glad for all of you who will get to meet. If your experience is anything like mine you will find sisters you just hadn’t met until now. Take lots of pictures, even if you’re usually camera shy. We will be wanting some documentation of the momentous occasion.

  140. rifkind said

    Hey Tango,
    I see that Crash has been moonlighting on the set of Taco Johns.
    His stage name is Whiplash.
    Now I know why he is getting straight Aโ€™s on his report card, even though he canโ€™t write! He has been bribing his teacher! I thought that he didnโ€™t know how to read, but I saw him reading the Simian Report newspaper at the barber shop.

    Talk about hat hair, that darned monkey!
    The hair gel he is using leaves him with tree-top hair all day!

    Next thing you know, he is going to want speaking parts like the Taco Belle Chihuahua and the Geiko gecko. I guess that I had better plan on shelling out some moola so that he can join the SAG (Simians Actors Guild).
    Gals, Iโ€™m not sure if he will be allowed to come to Claireโ€™s for Halloween. The last party he was at, he ended up breaking the chandelier, taking a few spins on the ceiling fan and swimming the backstroke in the fish tank at the Hen House for Kyle and Claireโ€™s birthday party.
    He secretly wants to come to the party completely naked and pretend that he is King Kong.. I hate to tell him that he will NEVER grow up to be as big a star has his uncle Kong. Shhh, donโ€™t tell himโ€ฆ the little guy has to have a few dreams. If he figures it out, he will be bugging me for growth hormones!

  141. laurel said

    Rifkind – good thing you are using good sense about that monkey. He is the one who was pouring drinks at the end of the party, The little dance with the umbrellas from the drinks was cute but… well he was a little out of control. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Ix-nay on the ormones-hay. Shhhhh

    Good night dears, I’m off to a family gather tomorrow. All the September birthdays (3) are needing a party, so I’ll be spending the afternoon with Moonbeam and company. She is back to her teaching schedule and has been staying away, but I’ll drag her in if I can.

    Love ya!

  142. vicki said

    IF you say Eminem to these guys they are asking plain or peanut….its that bad.
    Most of them are in their late 40’s or early 50’ I am working with old men…

    wldstar…I am coming to this party too.!! I saw the site for shearton…I think that would be good. I am going to try and make my plane reservations this week. (Let the husband find me a good deal)
    Ok….Its late…I should go to bed

  143. lwildstar said

    moring ladies – just a drive by to catch up – need to go grocery shopping – I’m been trying to get out of the house for an hour!

    Tango – I loved the poem! I printed it out to keep on my desk – LOL!

    Arrowyn – yep – Rif helped me – I actually had done the print screen but could only get it into a word doc – Rif was abl to get it iot a JPG for me….

    Vicki – yipee!

    I dont’ have time right now to go check out the hotel site – I’ll do that when I come back from shopping! Thanks Claire!
    We’re going tohave to start booking soon – so we may want to talk “room assignments” if we are going to share… ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll be back later!

  144. lwildstar said

    ok just had to do this before I left – since you can’t do colores – My comment is in bold!I;m no poet so maybe yo can come up with something from what I put down!

    The Many Names of Lwildstar

    LWILDSTAR is whom we all first met
    on a Blood Ties blog page upon the Net. –

    WILDSTAR , a name we have come to embrace ~
    not sure why the โ€œLโ€ was there in the first place. –

    NIGHTWALKER is who she soon became
    For Henry Fitzroy she wanted to claim. –

    STARNIGHT came about after the Order of Yum,
    but no one knows where that name came from. –

    NIGHTSTAR ~ a variation of the many she possesses
    Iโ€™m sure thereโ€™ll be more as our friendship progresses.-

    WILDWOMAN, a nickname that speaks for itself,
    a nickname of which she brought upon herself. –

    NIGHTSTALKER, a name that Paul can attest
    as he screamed it from the car before her arrest. –

    MISS Kโ€ฆ Miss K? Well, what the hell,
    I have no idea, but itโ€™s easy to spell.-
    TO TYPE!

    WILDNIGHTโ€™s a name that Paulโ€™s now repeating.
    Pretty sure this is due to the wailing and teating. – IF ONLY!!!!!!!

    These are the many names she has used
    Is there no wonder why we all seem confused? – YOU THINK YOU’RE CONFUSED – SOMEDAYS i DON’T KNOW WHO IM!

    Happy Birthday Week LWildstar, Wildstar,Nightwalker, Starnight, Nightstar,Wildwoman, Nightstalker, Miss K, and Wildnight (am I forgetting anyone?)!

  145. lwildstar said

    and see I still can’t typ even when I am paying attention!

    now I better scoot or I’ll never get out of here and I won’ thave any food the week~

  146. Good Morning Ladies!

    I have a question for you. Yesterday at the writer’s conference we had a youngish gentleman who hailed from Toronto as a presenter. He had the niftiest Canadian accent. You know: elongated vowels, aboot instead of abowt, clipped consonants. Very pleasant to listen too, but a little hard to understand at times because he talked very fast.

    I was wondering has anyone noticed in any of Kyle’s candid interviews does he have an accent? I know he doesn’t in the show but he could have worked with a vocal coach to eliminate it.

  147. lwildstar said

    Hey Annalaise – nope never noticed Kyles accent – but now I will have to go back and listen to some of those interviews again, just to be sure!

    After all your comments from the conference – now I’m even more nervous abut letting my “baby” out of the house….oh well I am mainly writing for myself (and for you guys) so I guess it doesn’t really matter…

    Prtfvr – I emailed you my contact info and the hotel link….let me know what you want to do?

    Well I’m off to eat – will check back latter

  148. DebS said

    Hi everyone,

    Finally getting some downtime, and was trying to read some of the blog posts. I find that I can’t keep up most days.

    I read somewhere up there that a bunch of you are getting together. So exciting! Where are you all meeting up and who is going?

  149. laurel said

    Hey Wildwoman! I fully expect to see your name on the spine of a book at Borders in the next couple of years! Have a goal and shoot for it! I am going to b doing the same, even if I am getting a late start in my life. We have to have faith and work hard, but I believe we can do it! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Now, I’m off to Eugene to see Moonbeam! She is totally awesome, and I’ll have to see if she got my videos of HF transfered to DVD. She is trying to get to the point where she can quote lines like the rest of us. Everyone needs a goal. hehehe We are also making an attempt to get our mutual sister-in-law Queen Margaret deeply involved. She is the one who went directly to Comcast to see why there was no On Demand in her area. Can you believe part of the Capital city of Oregon doesn’t have On-Demand! And she has Comcast already! What are they thinking.



  150. lwildstar said

    DebS – yes the eastcoast gang is trying to plan a Halloween get together – Diz, Dani and Vicki are going to fly in…

    Laurel – we still to “talk” – maybe we can plan to meet on chat again next week…and I will keep writing – i thinkat this point if I were to stop my head would explode! too much going on up there.

    I’m taking a couple of days off work to unwind and recenter…I’ve had just too much stress the last couple of weeks – hoping to work on some of all the stories…I’m about a third of the way through the sequal part two – almost cone with chapter one on the vamp story and started chapter 11 on the demon story…busy busy busy….

    Diz – how are thingsgoing with Robbi? did they let him out of the hospital?

    Claire – hows Chris doing?

    well I’m going to go do some house cleaning ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I hate that…oh well
    Talk at you guys later – hope everyone is having a good sunday!

  151. Cree said

    Annalaise: I have always wondered about Kyle’s accent as well. I used to date a guy from Toronto and his accent drove me crazy (and not in a good way). He had the accent you were describing earlier about the guy at the conference. And he always ended every sentence with “eh?” AUGH! It was so annoying! Because of my having dated the guy from Toronto, every time I have watched one of Kyle’s interviews, I have listened for an accent, but I have never heard one. I always thought that was kinda strange. But with his grandfather being British, who knows what kind of accents there were around him growing up, so maybe that is why he doesn’t really have one. He may not have been exposed fully to the true Canadian accents. Just a thought…….

  152. AlisaSG said

    okay folks, I’ve been searching all weekend for new comments to Blood Ties from our Canadian friends.. Their boards have been *very* quiet.. and I find that a bit unnerving, to say the least.

    Anyone here want to liven the comments up?? I think the lurkers need to be LURED out of their hiding places.. *snicker!*

    Also, TV-eh? has some ratings posted for the top 30 programs each week (CityTv and SPACE being in the list of *rated* channels). It’s a listing for the entire week. BT hasn’t shown up yet, but their local NEWS has been among the top 30.. !!?? It can be accessed by viewing the “RATINGS” link at the TV-eh? web site.

    Also, no more additional comments have been posted since we all last posted onto the Tv-eh? articles for Blood Ties… (what gives??!)

    and I haven’t seen the new Moonlight series, but heard one of the characters is too pretty?? I thought the whole thing about that was it’s similarities to BT (BT aired here in the USA first) and the timing of this sudden explosion of same programming types in vamp-land on TV suddenly came about because of BLOOD TIES.. and I also thought that BLOOD TIES was a replacement to LIFETIME’s former “Wild Card” (2003) detective series. I only watched that because Chris Potter (from Kung Fu-The Legend Continues) was in it…! *g*
    ๐Ÿ˜€ .. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I could say that the Sci-Fi channel has been trying excessively to make the genre return, but they keep turning out low quality/junk movies, instead. Too much blood, gore, and terror just doesn’t cut the icing on the cake!

  153. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hi Ya’ll Beautiful Day again, low humidity I wish it could be like this year round ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Claire Belle, Wildstalker (tango forgot that one ๐Ÿ˜› ) Robbie’s supposed to be getting out as soon as they get the release papers. You know how quickly that happens, he’s doing ok and is ready to go home ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks again for all the prayers ya’ll are the best ! I love ya!

    Just a drive by Saints are somewhat playing, not looking too good for my boys. I’ll check back in a little later.

  154. lwildstar said

    maybe should have used Wildstalker instaed of Nightstalker! hahaha

    good to hear about Robbie…I know the waiting to the relase papers is frustrating!

    Well just spent and hour on the phone with my sister – it looks like she is going to try and schedul the corrective back surgery – but not until next spring/summer – close to when the kids are out of school so they wont be so stressed out worrying about her – the doctor says two weeks recovery?…I’m still trying to get details about what they are going to do exactly so I can research it…when she was about 18-19 years old she slipped on some ice and landed flat on her back -when she fell she had cracked one of the bones but didn’t “break” it ? had to wear a brace for a year and on and off for a while after – shes had three car accidents since and after two kids well her back is really bad now, she can go for months with no problems and then have months of pain – they put her on morphin this last episode – I don’t really understand all the issues and she is at the stage where she wants to talk but doesn’t want to talk about it….either way right now its oly a 60% chance that the surgery will releive the pain….
    Sorry just needed to vent!

    so on that note – I am off to go finish house cleaning, laundry, etc…so i don’t think….I have time off coming up and I just want to relaxe!

    I’ll check in later

  155. AlisaSG said

    let me just reinforce and rephrase that– vampirology timelines..
    >> I thought the whole thing about that was itโ€™s similarities to BT (BT aired here in the USA first)..

    tracking the timeline between these shows (and I’m trying to stick w/programs which have taken the whole “vamp” approach, not the other “paranormal” venues, because the list would be endless in that)–

    “Dark Shadows” (the remake series) came out in 1991 and failed. War in the Gulf killed it.

    Buffy and Angel probably started the interest up again..
    “Earth-Final Conflict” took upon itself the vampire theme in its last season with (soul-life sucking) creatures known as the Atavus.

    “Stargate Atlantis” premiered with a vampire type of creature, called Wraith, but who wants to look at ugly vamps?? (They look too similar to Buffy/Angel types anyway) The SG-Atlantis teams are the heroes caught in some very angsty situations.. did the creatures

    “Supernatural” on the WB (now CW channel) has been there for a while, and I’m not sure if they’ve actually had vamps on, because I’ve never watched it..

    and somewhere inbetween came–
    “BLADE-The Series”.. which was too gorey, IMHO

    “The Dresden Files” sort of followed the Supernatural in the genre field, and the very make-up on its vamps is basically what BT is patterned from, but watching Dresden often came in direct conflict with Blood Ties in Sunday night viewing times (for me, it did! and I had to choose between the two!)…

    Now, it’s Blood Ties..
    Within a few months of Blood Ties, there was suddenly
    New Amsterdam
    and there’s another out there, but I don’t remember the name at the moment.

  156. lwildstar said

    well the blog ate my post! how rude! but this time I copied it!!! sorry if duplicates show up later…

    maybe should have used Wildstalker instaed of Nightstalker! hahaha

    good to hear about Robbie…I know the waiting to the relase papers is frustrating!

    Well just spent and hour on the phone with my sister – it looks like she is going to try and schedule the corrective back surgery – but not until next spring/summer – close to when the kids are out of school so they wont be so stressed out worrying about her – the doctor says two weeks recovery?…I’m still trying to get details about what they are going to do exactly so I can research it…when she was about 18-19 years old she slipped on some ice and landed flat on her back -when she fell she had cracked one of the bones but didn’t “break” it ? had to wear a brace for a year and on and off for a while after – shes had three car accidents since and after two kids well her back is really bad now, she can go for months with no problems and then have months of pain – they put her on morphin this last episode – I don’t really understand all the issues and she is at the stage where she wants to talk but doesn’t want to talk about it….either way right now its oly a 60% chance that the surgery will releive the pain….
    Sorry just needed to vent!

    so on that note – I am off to go finish house cleaning, laundry, etc…so i don’t think….I have time off coming up and I just want to relaxe!

  157. AlisaSG said

    >> ..had to wear a brace for a year and on and off for a while after – shes had three car accidents since and after two kids well her back is really bad now, she can go for months with no problems and then have months of pain – they put her on morphin this last episode – I donโ€™t really understand all the issues and she is at the stage where she wants to talk but doesnโ€™t want to talk about itโ€ฆ.either way right now its oly a 60% chance that the surgery will releive the painโ€ฆ.
    >> Sorry just needed to vent!

    vent all you need. I understand a little bit about *excruciating* back pain, because I went 2 years of on/off spasms and then had an MRI and was told I had 2 slipped, herniated discs, and a disintegrating cartilage condition in my spine. It’s permanent. There is treatment for what I have, and surgeries, but no cure.

    (and that was actually part of the conversation on the other web site that started the other one on the entire nursing home one that I mentioned way above this one — because it involved back pain and back surgeries, and of course someone who couldn’t relate on why her relative just wanted the pain to end.. so he committed suicide — after he turned his life “over to Jesus” which *she* resented BIG time.. and blamed the Christians for his death, instead — long, warped out story).

    my mom had back pain – was diagnosed with the same thing I have, and wanted to get surgery for it, but in the process of going for approval from her other doctors, she ended up in a head-on car accident.. died about 5 weeks later from other complications, because of it.

    My sister and I tried to talk her out of the surgery, and just go for a dermal every six months (or so), because it would have been better for her age (she was in her 70’s.. and the surgery might have caused worse problems, such as a gangrene infection in her spine, if she didn’t end up in the car accident first).

    Anyway, I met someone else in her 30’s who has the same back problem that I do, and she’s had the surgery, and expects to be back for more, because her spine is still shifting. Screwing her bones, etc., together only helps a little. It doesn’t help stop the cartilage from disintegrating over the years. I was on morphine pain meds for a few days, but stopped it because it just made me sicker and dizzy, and I had to go to work (eventually). ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  158. lwildstar said

    thanks AlsiaSG – I live with pain myself – the damage to my hip after I was mugged has never healed up right and sometimes I literaly freeze mid step when a spasm hits – but its not constint…when i was a kid I had pain 24/7 I had a condition where my muscles and skin were over sensitive so even just laying in bed hurt, eventually that went away – but back pain and back spams are the worse ever…I’ve seen my sister double over in pain and lay down on the floor crying and you can’t do anything. I’m trying to find out what the surgery is and what its suposed to correct. one doctor says at the very least (he hopes) it will reduse the frequesncy of spasms even if it doesn’t correct everything – so I’m praying for that much at least!
    My sister hates being on the meds – especially the morphine and told the doctor that is why she is finally giving in the the surgery – to try and get off the meds…when she has to take them she just curles up in a ball and lays there – not good when you have two kids…so she’ll only take half the dose – so she’s loopy and still in pain…
    she said this has been worse than when she was on chemo! and I remember how bad that was for her…my job then was after school everyday to stop at her apartment and try to make her eat something – won ton soup was the only thing she could stomach if you can beleive it ! now I don’t think she can stand it!
    this is all just so frustrating – she lives an hour and a half away – I don’t drive so I rarely see her -(plus I really dislike her husband so I hate going to visit) so its hard for me to give her any more support thatn listening to her when She needs to vent…..
    I guess thats the circle uh – she needs to vent , then I need to vent…and then that helps someone else vent…. the “strange” circle of life… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I was so stressed I went shopping and bought a new blouse – like I need anymore clothes! But what the hell right? Besides I looked really cute and if I’m lucky Paul will see me on a day I’m wearing it! – oh for the little things in life!…ooo I should go looking for shoes to go with it…hehehe

    well the dryer just beeped so I guess I should go put the clothes away…

  159. lwildstar said

    ok lets try this again – once again the blog ate my post! it really doesnt’t like me…does anyone else have trouble with that?

    thanks AlsiaSG – I’ve lived with pain myself – the damage to my hip after I was mugged has never healed up right and sometimes I literaly freeze mid step when a spasm hits – but its not constint…when i was a kid I had pain 24/7 I had a condition where my muscles and skin were over sensitive so even just laying in bed hurt, eventually that went away – but back pain and back spams are the worse ever…I’ve seen my sister double over in pain and lay down on the floor crying and you can’t do anything. I’m trying to find out what the surgery is and what its suposed to correct. one doctor says at the very least (he hopes) it will reduse the frequesncy of spasms even if it doesn’t correct everything – so I’m praying for that much at least!
    My sister hates being on the meds – especially the morphine and told the doctor that is why she is finally giving in the the surgery – to try and get off the meds…when she has to take them she just curles up in a ball and lays there – not good when you have two kids…so she’ll only take half the dose – so she’s loopy and still in pain…
    she said this has been worse than when she was on chemo! and I remember how bad that was for her…my job then was after school everyday to stop at her apartment and try to make her eat something – won ton soup was the only thing she could stomach if you can beleive it ! now I don’t think she can stand it!
    this is all just so frustrating – she lives an hour and a half away – I don’t drive so I rarely see her -(plus I really dislike her husband so I hate going to visit) so its hard for me to give her any more support thatn listening to her when She needs to vent…..
    I guess thats the circle uh – she needs to vent , then I need to vent…and then that helps someone else vent…. the “strange” circle of life… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I was so stressed I went shopping and bought a new blouse – like I need anymore clothes! But what the hell right? Besides I looked really cute and if I’m lucky Paul will see me on a day I’m wearing it! – oh for the little things in life!…ooo I should go looking for shoes to go with it…hehehe

    well the dryer just beeped so I guess I should go put the clothes away…

  160. lwildstar said

    ok it ate my post twice in a row so I’m totally frustrated now – if they both show up later – sorry!
    it really doesnt’t like me…does anyone else have trouble with that?

    thanks AlsiaSG – I’ back pain and back spams are the worse ever…I’ve seen my sister double over in pain and lay down on the floor crying and you can’t do anything. I’m trying to find out what the surgery is and what its suposed to correct. one doctor says at the very least (he hopes) it will reduse the frequesncy of spasms even if it doesn’t correct everything – so I’m praying for that much at least!
    My sister hates being on the meds – especially the morphine and told the doctor that is why she is finally giving in the the surgery – to try and get off the meds…when she has to take them she just curles up in a ball and lays there – not good when you have two kids…so she’ll only take half the dose – so she’s loopy and still in pain…this is all just so frustrating – she lives an hour and a half away – I don’t drive so I rarely see her -(plus I really dislike her husband so I hate going to visit) so its hard for me to give her any more support thatn listening to her when She needs to vent…..
    I guess thats the circle uh – she needs to vent , then I need to vent…and then that helps someone else vent…. the “strange” circle of life… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I was so stressed I went shopping and bought a new blouse – like I need anymore clothes! But what the hell right? Besides I looked really cute and if I’m lucky Paul will see me on a day I’m wearing it! – oh for the little things in life!…ooo I should go looking for shoes to go with it…hehehe

    well the dryer just beeped so I guess I should go put the clothes away…

  161. lwildstar said

    nope still doesn’t like me so there may be three posts should they ever show up!

    Thanks AlisaSG – see thats why I love this place and you guys so much!

    this is all just so frustrating – she lives an hour and a half away – I don’t drive so I rarely see her -(plus I really dislike her husband so I hate going to visit) so its hard for me to give her any more support thatn listening to her when She needs to vent…..
    I guess thats the circle uh – she needs to vent , then I need to vent…and then that helps someone else vent…. the “strange” circle of life… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    well the dryer just beeped so I guess I should go put the clothes away…and I’m tired of trying to get a post to post!

  162. lwildstar said

    thanks AlisaSG – if any of my posts ever show up you have been thanked alot today!

    I’ve tried 4 timesnow – changing the wording so it doesn’t say duplicate and none have showed up so the blog wins!

    I’m outy!

  163. ok lets try this again – once again the blog ate my post! it really doesnt’t like me…does anyone else have trouble with that?

    thanks AlsiaSG – I’ve lived with pain myself – the damage to my hip after I was mugged has never healed up right and sometimes I literaly freeze mid step when a spasm hits – but its not constint…when i was a kid I had pain 24/7 I had a condition where my muscles and skin were over sensitive so even just laying in bed hurt, eventually that went away – but back pain and back spams are the worse ever…I’ve seen my sister double over in pain and lay down on the floor crying and you can’t do anything. I’m trying to find out what the surgery is and what its suposed to correct. one doctor says at the very least (he hopes) it will reduse the frequesncy of spasms even if it doesn’t correct everything – so I’m praying for that much at least!
    My sister hates being on the meds – especially the morphine and told the doctor that is why she is finally giving in the the surgery – to try and get off the meds…when she has to take them she just curles up in a ball and lays there – not good when you have two kids…so she’ll only take half the dose – so she’s loopy and still in pain…
    she said this has been worse than when she was on chemo! and I remember how bad that was for her…my job then was after school everyday to stop at her apartment and try to make her eat something – won ton soup was the only thing she could stomach if you can beleive it ! now I don’t think she can stand it!
    this is all just so frustrating – she lives an hour and a half away – I don’t drive so I rarely see her -(plus I really dislike her husband so I hate going to visit) so its hard for me to give her any more support thatn listening to her when She needs to vent…..
    I guess thats the circle uh – she needs to vent , then I need to vent…and then that helps someone else vent…. the “strange” circle of life… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I was so stressed I went shopping and bought a new blouse – like I need anymore clothes! But what the hell right? Besides I looked really cute and if I’m lucky Paul will see me on a day I’m wearing it! – oh for the little things in life!…ooo I should go looking for shoes to go with it…hehehe

    well the dryer just beeped so I guess I should go put the clothes away…

  164. nope no luck! it keeps kicking me out!

  165. Marie Keith said

    Hey! Don’t think you ladies remember me but I posted a few times back when BT firsted aired on the Lifetimes website. I loved reading your views on the episodes! I hope Tanyas Blog returns in October.

    I see west coast has met and east will be soon! Thats great! BT really brought together many friendships!

    I live in Va so if anyone needs to make a pit stop before heading to Claires let me know! So glad I found you guys on here! I missed the chatting about BT. The blog set up on Lifetimes website isn’t like it use to be!


  166. lwildstar said

    one last try – I’m being annoyingly tenatious!

    ok lets try this again – 5 times the blog ate my post! it really doesnt’t like me…does anyone else have trouble with that?

    thanks AlsiaSG – I’ve lived with pain myself – the damage to my hip after I was mugged has never healed up right and sometimes I literaly freeze mid step when a spasm hits – but its not constint…when i was a kid I had pain 24/7 I had a condition where my muscles and skin were over sensitive so even just laying in bed hurt, eventually that went away – but back pain and back spams are the worse ever…I’ve seen my sister double over in pain and lay down on the floor crying and you can’t do anything. I’m trying to find out what the surgery is and what its suposed to correct. one doctor says at the very least (he hopes) it will reduse the frequesncy of spasms even if it doesn’t correct everything – so I’m praying for that much at least!
    My sister hates being on the meds – especially the morphine and told the doctor that is why she is finally giving in the the surgery – to try and get off the meds…when she has to take them she just curles up in a ball and lays there – not good when you have two kids…so she’ll only take half the dose – so she’s loopy and still in pain…
    she said this has been worse than when she was on chemo! and I remember how bad that was for her…my job then was after school everyday to stop at her apartment and try to make her eat something – won ton soup was the only thing she could stomach if you can beleive it ! now I don’t think she can stand it!
    this is all just so frustrating – she lives an hour and a half away – I don’t drive so I rarely see her -(plus I really dislike her husband so I hate going to visit) so its hard for me to give her any more support thatn listening to her when She needs to vent…..
    I guess thats the circle uh – she needs to vent , then I need to vent…and then that helps someone else vent…. the “strange” circle of life… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I was so stressed I went shopping and bought a new blouse – like I need anymore clothes! But what the hell right? Besides I looked really cute and if I’m lucky Paul will see me on a day I’m wearing it! – oh for the little things in life!…ooo I should go looking for shoes to go with it…hehehe

    well the dryer just beeped so I guess I should go put the clothes away…

  167. lwildstar said

    well what do you know – it finally let me post! sorry for all the duplicates should they ever show up.

    Ms. Gypsy if they are hiding in limbo land youcan delete them….

  168. lwildstar said

    hello Marie! wow its been a long time since you visited!
    Yes the message board over at Lifetime is awful now and I stopped even going to the blog…but Tanya said she will be back starting October 13th on the Blood Blog so I am hoping things return t the way they were over ther!

    nice of you to join us!

    Is it October yet! just 20+ days to go!

  169. Anzia said

    lwildstar-wow, LOTS of alter egos…^_^ If you get bored do they all talk to one another? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m kidding!

    Diz- I’ve never stayed overnight in a hospital before so I really don’t know how long it takes for the “warden” to sign the “parol” papers to free ya. I do hope that it doesn’t take too long ’cause there’s nothing worse than being stuck somewhere you REALLY don’t want to be.

    Marie Kieth-Welcome back! Hopefully you’ll be able to post more often ^_^ where in VA are you?

  170. Marie Keith said

    I’m glad to be back! Thanks for the welcome!

    I live in Norfolk about 15 miles from Virginia Beach!

  171. lwildstar said

    Anzia – I have 13 alter egos – not counting the ones that Diz, Prtfvr and Tango have come up with – ha ha ha no seriously they all developed from my days when was going to be a cartoonist/graphic novelist – and now writer – they’ve been sleeping a long time – I only just woke them up a couple a months ago = it gets a little noisy in the attic at times (they talk alot) ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think thats one reason I’m trying to stick with the writing – I need to get some of them out of may head!!!!
    Maybe I should do up a list of ALL the names!!! mmmm, then again maybe not, I can just imagin what Tango would come up with then!

    well I’m off for the night I think – still trying to get things done around the house – But I just haven’t been in to it – I hate house cleaning – did finish the laundry though, so thas a plus…

    Hope you can join us more often Marie!

  172. AlisaSG said

    >> ok lets try this again – once again the blog ate my post! it really doesntโ€™t like meโ€ฆdoes anyone else have trouble with that?

    awww, I managed to see the first posting, and then at least 5 more.. (Oh No!!).

    the blog ate my post too — screen went all blank and white and said “Done” at the bottom. So I closed the window and the program, waited a few moments, and then opened up a new window again (used my favorites link to get back in), and whoah!! there it was! *it* shocked me.

    anywho.. back to the above–
    >> this is all just so frustrating – she lives an hour and a half away – I donโ€™t drive so I rarely see her -(plus I really dislike her husband so I hate going to visit) so its hard for me to give her any more support thatn listening to her when She needs to ventโ€ฆ..
    >> I guess thats the circle uh – she needs to vent , then I need to ventโ€ฆand then that helps someone else ventโ€ฆ. the โ€œstrangeโ€ circle of lifeโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    actually, the last serious time I had a spasm, I was on my way out the door to work, stopped to tie my sneakers, and ended up flat on the floor instead for about 10 to 20 minutes, until I could crawl up the wall, and dial my boss at work. That’s when I went to the doctor’s and they ordered an MRI for me.

    I ended up getting Physical Therapy for about 16 sessions, and I honestly didn’t think it would help (i really WANTED a new back brace!!), and they were determined to fix me up enough that I wouldn’t need to get a brace. So far, I’ve been free of that thing for a lot longer than I expected, and haven’t had to rely on hot packs either for therapy treatments, except for when I was shoveling snow over last winter.

    I’ve got to go now. My hubby is chasing me off the computer, so he can get have his turn… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  173. Marie Keith said

    Earlier today I was reading the blog on Lifetime website and I am wondering the samething most bloggers their are talking about. Why haven’t they started promoting the second season? Does anyone know why? Fill me in.

    Anzia- Thanks! I am glad I found Ms. Gypsy page! Lifetime blog getting pretty awful! Not much chatting about BT anymore! Do you live close by?

    Calling it a night! Like lwildstar I have house cleaning too! See ya in the morning!

  174. Margaret said

    Claire: How is Christoper? Dizey: How is Rob doing?

    Claire: What is the sales tax up there on hotels?

  175. lwildstar said

    I needed a break form the house cleaning!

    ha…all the post showed up – go figure – you know each time it vanished I logged off and then back on and not one showed up – until now!

    sorry guys! I don’t think the blog likes me any more ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    AlisaSG -anywho my sister got this thing that stretches your back at home – sounds painful to me, but she says it helps…you lye down on it and it folds you backwards? and you “hang” there for like 10 minutes…

    Marie – well we get off topic here too, as if you can’t tell!! but thats family for you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Mags – I think VA has changed their rate to 5% and 2.5% for food? So I would think the hotel rate would be the same?

    Well back to “work” – one day I am going to treat myself and hire Molly Maids or something!

  176. Margaret said

    Thanks. If things work out I actually might be coming. I’m so excited.

  177. AlisaSG said

    Marie Keith,
    so far, it seems we’re all stumped as to why LIFETIME hasn’t already begun advertising commercials *any* where for BT. Lots of speculations on *why* we think so, only to be met by sheer silence from Lifetime. I think the network favored Army Wives a bit too much, and don’t like Blood Ties, nor the amount of blogging BT fans have been doing for it, in contrast to Army Wives.

    Even when the Sci-Fi network began to pull Stargate SG-1 off the network map, at least they did show some commercials a month in advance — in contrast to their *OTHER* favorite (BSG, which has been bragged into the ground and shown several months in advance of the next season’s worth of eps).

    Anyways, because of the EXTREME silence being met by Lifetime, in spite of the amount of praise that’s been given to the BT series, etc., some of us have taken the initiative to help our fellow newbie viewers in Canada (and elsewhere, if possible).. because it seems the entire premise for any future eps will be relying more on them than whatever we say over on the Lifetime web forums/blogs. *sigh*

    I did manage to talk 2 of our newbie Canadian BT viewers to stick with the rest of the eps, and they managed to get some sneak previews of all the eps up to as far as we are now.. and they’re totally immersed in the series. ๐Ÿ˜€

    it only took a little bit of enticing bait dropping (without going into spoiler details).. and they got hooked!! u-tube music to BT scenes helped, and so did that heart-wrenching one of Henry watching Delphine’s “confession” to Mendoza. No story details told about the photo, just the photo of Henry’s emotionally torn expression. Their reactions were as awed in amazement as we were with HEART OF FIRE.

    HOPEFULLY, and also because CityTv has changed their viewing times (sound familiar..??)
    The rest of Canada is only nearing this week ep 5 with Sinead. *yummy!!*

    Living Tv in the UK is also at ep 5.. so far, there BT topic stopped on Sept 7th. It hasn’t moved since then! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    me thinks they need some nudging from (some of) us.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  178. lwildstar said

    Mags – heres another hotel site – I think these are the same hotels Claire suggested – I think we are looking at the Sheraton – we all should try to stay at the same one! we could drive the hotel staff nuts!|2179717|2179799|2179789

    yeah yeah – I’m suposed to be doing house cleaning! maybe I’ll go off and do some writing – at least that would be a creative use of time!

    night my lovelies!

  179. lwildstar said

    well how weird the link didnt work..
    Put in Reston, VA

  180. Claire said

    Good evening Sistas! Man What a day I had today! Nikki tore her contact lens,so I had to find someone open today.Believe it or not…Walmart! They did an eye exam and gave her a pair of contacts for 79$..awesome right?
    Anyway Margaret..Ms.Wildstuff(Ha theres another one..for you)answered your question about the tax.Chris is good Mags..we’re waiting for the insurance to give the go ahead for the MRI.

    Marie Keith..I don’t remember you..I was on the lifetime blog since episode 1,but welcome!
    I hope you don’t mind,but we don’t always talk about BT here either..although we love it tremendously! but we have become family and as such,we do go off on our tangents,and we also like to type in French LOL!
    So on that note..
    Bonne nuit mes souers Je t’aime !
    Beth…Je prie tout va bien pour Robbie, garde les pensรฉes positives!

  181. Margaret said

    Question: Now if half of us are going to be in Claire’s neighborhood who is going to dvr and copy the episode of BT that night?

  182. Arrowyn said

    I give up! I’ve tried 3 times to post something and nothing shows up. I’ll try again tomorrow. Maybe the blog will like me better then.

  183. Marie said

    Claire~Yeah I commented on a couple episodes but I usually stayed in the background. I guess I was a little shy. I was always interested in hearing everyone take on each episode. I would read something and realize I missed it and have to rewatch it. I don’t mind that you don’t always talk about BT. I see since March that you guys have built a great relationship. I can tell by some comments that you guys are a great support group for eachother! Thank you BT for bringing you guys together!

    One of the main things I remember from Tanya Blog was the drinking game! Do you guys still play it! When you guys watch the episodes over and over!

    I hope to comment more! Thanks for the welcome! Good Night!

  184. himmiefan said

    Welcome Marie! The more the merrier! We’ve also got another newbie, Anne from Denmark.

    Tango – love the poem!

    Diz -how’s your brother doing?

    Alisa – did you ever sick the press on the nursing home? I’m not a big fan of the press, but it does come in handy when the state isn’t doing its job.

    Well, time for bed. Sweet Henry dreams everyone!

  185. laurel said

    Do you all remember the Wednesday vortex from… Norman’s world? The one that messed with computers, iPods, all things big and small? Well, it at something like 40 lessons that Moonbeam had prepared on a new program at her school. Gone…poof. I finally caught up with her today and I can tell you that she needs to be included in your prayers and good thoughts. She has had a bumpy strart to the school year. She is, however, coming along nicely on being able to quote whole scenes of dialoge from BT! ๐Ÿ™‚ One must have prioritys. lol

    Wildstalker – I’m going to put my notes to your story in a Word document and e-mail them sometime tomorrow or Tuesday. I would love to meet you at the chat some time when we are both on-line. Good stuff girlfriend! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    Welcome Marie! I don’t remember you either, but my memory isn’t all that stupendous, so not a surprise. Jump in when notion hits you. We get a bit silly and off topic but we are totally sweet. And by totally sweet I mean …….

    Well, you all know that one!

  186. laurel said

    Don’t you just hate it when you think you’ve caught all the typo’s but one sneaks through anyway? Well the first word of line three, above, should be “ate” not “at” . Sheesh. I don’t even have an excuse.

    Um Wildstar…. from the typo’s you had last week it looks to me like maybe you did get the birthday weed. Hmmmm? ๐Ÿ˜Ž I hope you did have a great week, you were on my mind alot.

  187. AlisaSG said

    Marie Keith,
    I remember seeing you on Tanya’s blogs.. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I think your comments sort of got blurred in with Gwen’s and a few others. I actually started reading Tanya’s blogs from the beginning, but didn’t start posting until prtfvr dropped a hint that the blog didn’t require a registration process (which is what I was trying to do) — it only needed to go thru that “read the code” thing in order to post. Sometimes the 1’s and l’s and t’s and f’s looked too alike.. ๐Ÿ˜›

    >> Alisa – did you ever sick the press on the nursing home?

    which one? the place with the cat, or the other one where I actually worked?
    If it was the cat, not yet.. haven’t had time to mention it in the right place.. however, I did mention it to the social worker who had a few words with my hubby over the cat..!!!!!!!! (OOOooops! I didn’t know *she* was the one who gave him a hard time over the cat, until after I got home!)

    if it was where I worked– well, I think the owners were in cahoots with someone in the regional area — in order to keep their name OUT of getting in trouble. They started buying up other property in a neighboring town, so their reputation followed *them*.. mafioso style (but as a rival “Sopranos” type of *family*). One of the nurses who had a dispute with their working policies found out the new building she was renting in (it was newly converted into cheap apartment condos, because the walls were paper thin) — was bought out by the same *family*.. and when my nurse coworker found that tidbit of news out, she moved ASAP outta there down to her sister’s, because she didn’t want to end up getting sacked in the process, while living there! (OMG!!)

    I just happened to overhear her conversation with other nurses about it, because I was doing my work, and got stuck waiting for a nurse to translate info.. she was there talking about her *issues* with the new policies and how she realized how the owners were running that place, etc.. I think I heard more than I needed that morning.. but whatever she said, made sense.. put info together from outside sources about the building she was renting in, and OMG!! I wouldn’t step foot in that other place, because of it!! (tad paranoid?? — yeah, maybe..!) ๐Ÿ˜›

  188. Margaret said

    Ladies: Something just struck me. Vicki meets Henry in the bar first, she offers to take his arm off and beat him with it. After that she discovers Henry at a crime scene leaning over the blonde. Now, she doesn’t seem to act like she remembers him from the bar so his powers of persuasion must have worked just a little. Comments?

  189. lwildstar said

    Mags – it could have been that she couldn’t “see” who he was in the park leaning over the blonde – remeber her sight is even worse in the dark and by the time he got close to recognize well he knocked her out – it wouldn’t have mattered – BUT in that line of thinking why didn’t she recognize who he was, that they had met, when she woke up in his condo? So maybe his powers work on her when shes not on guard which means they wouldn’t work now – she expects them! In the books I think he does get her on occasion – I think usually to end an argument and make her see his point of view or to get her to calm down….have to get my books back so I can re read them!

  190. lwildstar said

    Vicki – “It must be that vampire magnetism that I find so tempting.”
    Henry – “My powers of persuasion don’t work on you.”
    Vicki – “Then I guess it’s just you.”

  191. Claire said

    Bon Matin mes souers…Holy Merde…its only in the 50’s here..last week it was 90’s!!!!!!!!!
    Ms.Margaret…I will graciously DVR Bloodties that if we go out..we can watch it when we come back! Heck I DVR it even when I’m home,so I can watch it 50 times LOL!!!!
    Marie Keith…Yeah the drinking game still lives…it will be played when we all get together at my house!!! with incriminating pictures!!!!!!!!! LOL!!
    Anyway..Work calls!! check yas later!
    Beth…give us a shout out with info on Robbie!

  192. Margaret said

    Claire: Do you have some way to make extra copies as you know we won’t want to miss an episode? Is Rose coming as I think she’s my source and if she’s there with me, what shall I do?. We won’t be able to get the “real dvds” until December or later from what I hear. I am so looking forward to this so I hope my finances roll out right, I’ve got overtime coming. Only problem is my mom has threatened to stay in my house while I’m gone to take care of my dog. That can’t happen as she’ll be cleaning my house. I’m not the house cleaner that she is. I told her I’d give her the gas money to come up for two days rather than have her realize what a slob I am. Geez.

  193. Anzia said

    Marie-nope, I live no where close. Just was wondering how much “on the way” your house was to Claire’s. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Margaret- good question. I would say that she didn’t get a great look at him at the bar. that and she has her mind occupied with a lot of other things and one randem guy at a bar might not be on her list of things to never forget. Granted, he did sneak off into the alley w/those one guys but…she didn’t know for sure that it was him. Just assumed after hearing a vague description.

  194. lwildstar said

    I will be programing BOTH VCR’s to tape (I don’t have DVR) so I’ll have to see if I can’t get someone to either send me DVDs after the 10 have aired or see if someone can copy from tape to DVD – my cousin thinks she can, but we havent played with it. After the last booboo my sister won’t do the dvds off of OnDemand anymore – she copied four episodes of the wrong show! Thankfully Rose resqued me!
    Anyway – muct return to work – I really don’t want to be here!

  195. msgypsy said

    Drive by today.

    I thought she didn’t recognize him from the club because she didn’t really see him in the dim light and she was so thoroughly distracted shortly thereafter by the fleeing supposed bad guy, she totally forgot. She may have remembered later but by then it didn’t matter.

    I made the yummiest rum raisin cake for my friend’s birthday party yesterday. We were all afraid Capt Jack Sparrow would show up. Okay, maybe afraid isn’t the right word…

    Gotta head to work as I’m extremely late already.

  196. Blood Drinker said

    Hey guys…did I miss anything?

    I have another comment/question for Cree:
    My cat fountain came by fedex Saturday and we had it plugged in the same night. How long did it take your cat to get used to the fountain? The instruction book that came with it said it might take cats a couple of days to get used to it. So in the mean time..what? They won’t drink any water? Right now she acts like she’s afraid of it. Most times she just sits on the floor and stares at it. And she keeps jumping up on the bathroom sink ’cause that’s where she expects the water to come from. She did that lots of times yesterday, but I didn’t give her any water out of the sink ’cause if I do, she’ll never use the fountain at all. As far as I know though, she didn’t drink any water at all yesterday. So I ask again, have you ever heard of any cases where an animal would actually dehydrate itself for being stupid? ’cause that’s how I feel she acts most times. Stupid. Grrr…I’m so depressed right now I can’t focus on anything else. I mean, it’s not like we don’t supply her with water. She’s got the fountain and her regular water bowl…and she still wants water out of the F*#%^&&@#$ sink!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  197. Danae said

    Buongiorno guys! Morning drive by. I am a little stuffy and sneezy. I think I caught a cold from this weekends chilly weather and for some reason I am extremely thirsty.

    I booked my flight on Saturday to arrive at Dulles on Thursday the 25th at 6:05. Diz don’t hold out on me.

    I already called dibs on sharing with Dizey. The snoring won’t bother me. I need background noise to sleep anyway. LOL!

    I am going to be bringing blowpops for everybody. Might I suggest that everybody that adopted HMV Fangs family members bring them? They can’t miss out on this either. I talked to Calpurnia Headbanger and she is just DYING to come.

    Welcome Marie Keith. I think I remember you but I am not sure. You will be made to feel very comfortable and loved here.

  198. lwildstar said

    I was thinking of bringing the remainder of HMVFangs siblings – they need to get out of the basement! It can be a fuzz ball family reunion!
    I had four of them hanging on my booth at the craftshow and they kept attacking people – it was so funny!

    I think Prtfvr and I will be sharing accomidations – Danae which hotel are you and Diz looking at so we can try to get the same one?

  199. Danae said

    I like the Sheraton you and Claire suggested. It isn’t to pricey and with sharing rooms it is reasonable. Plus it has an indoor pool and I love to swim and Claire can bring the chitlens to go swimming Saturday during the day. Dizey hasn’t gotten back to me if she is taking that flight she saw that will have her arriving there Thursday around 6.

  200. prtfvr said

    I had a flash of insight sometime during the night and boy do I feel stupid for not realizing it before:

    If the cast is still under contract until October there’s NO WAY that Lifetime is waiting to see how they do in the ratings with the show not premiering until 10/13. They’d have to actually have renewed everyone’s contract already which we all know they haven’t.

    So, one or two shows aren’t enough to decide the fate of the series that fast. Which means, no way is Lifetime keeping that show on their channel.

    Oh Canada, thou shalt get thy shit together and LOVE this show so we Americans can continue to enjoy it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  201. lwildstar said

    Cool! I am so looking forward to this! I was going to bring Blow Pops as well – but you know everyone may be thinking that! I wonder if I can find any chocolate chains?….humm worth investigating…..

  202. lwildstar said

    Keep the faith Prtfvr!

  203. Himmiefan said

    Other networks, folks. Other networks.

  204. Himmiefan said

    Oh, good morning, by the way! Hope everyone’s weekend went well. My new carpet looks wonderful, and Her Majesty is happy that my bedroom is, for the most part, put back together. I’m just being very selective about what I put back in. I have a bunch of stuff that needs to go live at Good Will, so I’ve been sorting through things.

    Oh, am I the only one who thought the Highlander movie was lame beyond belief? Arf, arf.

  205. prtfvr said

    I have faith, wildstar, just not in Lifetime. They don’t have any faith in me so turn about is fair play. It’s ok, so long as SOMEONE keeps the show on AND I can see it, I don’t care WHO has it!

  206. Danae said

    I was wondering something. On the website I booked my flight from it said you can now bring small travel size containers of soap shampoo etc with your carry-on but I am assuming it is ok if you bring full size and put it in your checked luggage.

  207. Himmiefan said

    Hi Dani. Check the FAA website. Last I heard, all liquids you carry on had to be 3 ozs or smaller and must fit in the quart-size Ziplock bag.

    By the way, that quart size fills pretty quickly!

  208. Anne said

    Prtfvr –
    The cast are under contract until the end of November – not October.

    Danae –
    full size liquid containers are okay in your checked luggage.

    Remember a change of underwear in your carry-on – just in case your luggage goes awol for two days ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Looking forwards to pictures!

  209. Danae said

    Oh there will be alot of pictures if I have anything to do with it.

  210. Cree said

    Prtfvr: I thought I read somewhere that the cast was under contract until November, not October. Am I remembering that wrong? That would give LT a few episodes in which to make up their minds.

    Danae: did you check the hotel rates for Thursday night? They were pretty expensive (over $200), whereas the weekend nights were much cheaper ($89). There was more than one Sheradon on the list Claire sent. Its the Sheradon Reston, right?

    Vampgrl: It took my cat a few days to get used to it, but during that time he was very curious about it. He would try to play with the running water and eventually he drank it. Is the one you got loud? Some cats are afraid of loud sounds. Mine is very quiet. I can’t even hear it most of the time. If she absolutely won’t drink from it, you may want to put it in the sink that she likes to drink from just for a few days to see if she will get used to it that way, then move it down to the floor. Cats aren’t stupid, they won’t dehydrate themselves. They will find ways to get water, even if you don’t see it. Some like to drink whats left on the bottom of the tub after you take a shower. Others drink out of the toilet (mine does if I don’t leave the lid closed). I’m sure she’ll get used to the fountain in a few days.

  211. Cree said

    Thanks, Anne, you beat me to the contract thing. I knew I read that somewhere.

  212. Danae said

    Cree-Your right. I didn’t think of that.

    This one is cheaper and for Diz and I if she goes on Thursday also is 79 for each night and it still has an indoor pool. It looks nice to.

  213. Danae said

    And yes it was the Sheraton Reston not the Tysons Corner one. Claire said that is far from her house.

  214. Claire said

    Mags..I know theres a way to make extra copies…but I haven’t got a clue how.One of our genius Sistas will fiqure it out! Right ladies?
    I hope everyone gets to book in the same hotel…that would make things alot easier and alot more fun!
    most of the quests and wedding party booked that particular Sheraton for my daughters wedding and it was a blast!!!
    There was lots of room hopping and their bar has sofas and a really nice atmosphere!
    Soo ladies lets get on the ball here!!! I bought the girls cheerleader costumes yesterday(Their choice) The boys need football player costumes..this is the theme my four came up with LOL!!

    Ms.Nikki is going to be Eve..she’s making her costume..
    eg..gluing leaves on a bathing suit! LOL!!

    time to do more work…kids are home at 1:30 hopefully I’ll check in later this afternoon or tonight!

  215. Claire said

    oops not quests..guests…must be that leftover birthday weed from wildwoman!

  216. prtfvr said

    Thanks Anne.

  217. Danae said

    Dizey oh Dizey Come out come out wherever you are.

  218. lwildstar said

    the link Danae sent was for the Marriott Coutyard in Reston – is that one where we are to make the reservations? I’m going to call tonight.

  219. Danae said

    According to Claire’s email she doesn’t like Herndon at night and she isn’t sure where it is. The Sheratons prices went up extravagantly when I checked Thursday night prices. Maybe it was a mistake to go on Thursday. I should have just gone with leaving Friday morning. I still have not heard anything from Dizey.

  220. Danae said

    You know what you guys book reservations where you want. I will go with that and figure something out. Go with the Sheraton. Maybe I will just sleep in the airport Thursday night.

  221. Danae said

    I get so gung ho about things I don’t think everything through before hand.

  222. Cree said

    Danae: I really liked the Sheraton from the description. They had lots more stuff in the rooms and it looked really nice. It looked like the only things that other one offered was pretty much just a bed and a shower. Is there any way you could come in on Friday like the rest of us?

  223. Cree said

    lwildstar: when I clicked on danae’s link it took me to the spring hill hotel.

  224. Danae said

    I could but I already booked my flight for Thursday. I am so stupid I know but I thought the earlier I get there the quicker we can start having fun. Besides Dizey was looking at a flight for Thursday also. The Sheraton did look better. I can’t believe how much the price went up for just Thursday night.

  225. elizabeth said

    It took me awhile to catch up on all the posts. There is so much excitement about the October trip and I so wish I could join in.

    I think the Portland contingent should get together for a Halloween party and a BT marathon at the same time. What do you ladies think???

    Marie Keith – Welcome. I lurked on the Lifetime site, but never posted. It took me awhile to finally take the plunge on this site, but I have never regretted it and adore everyone here. These ladies are family!

  226. elizabeth said

    I can’t remember who talked about it, but has Moonlight already started to air? New Amsterdam was mentioned, too. Anyone????

  227. Danae said

    I think New Amsterdam was the one that was scrapped.

  228. Cree said

    Danae, can you not change the flight? Most airlines will let you this far in advance. If not, maybe you could cancel it and then rebook a whole new one with the Fri-Sun dates?

  229. Danae said

    Well I booked on Travelocity and I tried to change it because there was an option to change or cancel but when I clicked on that it said to only cancel and there will be a 6 dollar fee and I used my sisters credit card to I can’t cancel and rebook because I don’t have the information.

  230. lwildstar said

    Aww Danae don’t stay at the airport! I’m sure Diz will be in on Thursday – and you know you guys can always stay at the one hotel for Thursday night and stay at the other for Friday and Saturday – call and find out what the rates would be that way…..

    Has anyone thought about calling the Shearaton Reston and seeing if they would consider a block of rooms with one room starting on Thursday and the rest starting on Firday? I sdon’t know if hotels will do that anymore for groups less than 20…but it can’t hurt to find out…maybe then they would give thurday night a lower rate?
    Just throwing ideas out there!

    Paul and I went for a short walk – ok my new nick name is Vamperella – thats what he is now calling me since I mentioned the vamp / Halloween party!
    I was in a crazy mood and surprised him twice by crossing the street in the middle and not at cross walk – something I don’t usually do – I told him to be careful I could do anything today! Not that I will – mores the pitty – but he he he made him think… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Well lunch is long over and I should get to work!

  231. Anne said

    In Stone Cold, Henry has this little thing with TV detectives, starting off with … Jack Briscoe? I know Columbo and Cannon, but I don’t know any Briscoe.
    Maybe I’ve misheard the name – or I’m just not up on US TV police detectives ๐Ÿ˜‰

  232. Danae said

    I have honestly never booked my own hotels before. Someone has always done it for me. I am a little spoiled. I have never even heard of a block of rooms like that. I am so unbelievably naive about everything. Dizey why are you hiding. Help! When are you going? I bet you are there lurking laughing over me squirming in my seat. I guess doing one hotel one night and then the other the rest sounds good.

  233. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bonjour, Buongiorno Danae!!

    It tooka while to catch up and emails and here I am! So Dani girl what’s the deal?? I’m just waiting on some spiff money coming in today or tomorrow and I’ll book my flight, let me know what the total for the room will be and we’ll see what we can do. Did you book at a different hotel? Is that what’s wrong?

    Ok here’s the **Tales of BOB aka(Robert, Robbie, Rob)** we need to do a sleep study like a week long they hook up electrodes thingy’s to his head and watch brain waves etc. Before Katrina that *Bitch* Memorial Hospital is where he did one about 4-5 yrs ago. Katrina killed that hospital and the closest one to do this at is Baylor U. in Texas. They want to see where in the brain the seizures are sparking and hopefully be able to tweak meds etc. It’s like being a detective, anyway that’s kinda where we are.

  234. DIZEY1 :-) said


    Briscoe (sp) was from Law & Order the original and his partner was **Big** from Sex and the City!

  235. Danae said

    I haven’t booked anywhere yet. Claire gave a link to a Sheraton close to her and the price was 89 a month then Cree said if I checked the prices for Thursday night and it went up to over 200 dollars for the one night. I calculated for all three nights and it was 577 total. I can’t afford that. So I found a Marriott that was 79 for all the nights which I can do and Claire said she isn’t sure where it is exactly except it is in Herndon and she doesn’t like that area at night. I am so ready to give up. I just get so excited and react before I think and I get in these pickles. Changing my flight isn’t an option because Travelocity only gives the option to cancel and I used my sisters credit card so I don’t have the info to rebook for Friday morning. Grr! I feel so stupid.

  236. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Sadly enough I’m going to lunch it took all morning to catch up but I’ll check back as soon as I get back from lunch.

    Dani girl don’t sweat it my lil’ sista’ we’ll be ok, are we sleeping in DC or something how bad is it?? How far away are we from the other hotel ? I’ll check back after lunch. ๐Ÿ˜‰ XOXOXOX Beth

  237. Danae said

    I am not sure because Claire isn’t sure where the other is. It is in Herndon, that is all I know. The Sheraton is in Reston.

  238. Anne said

    IMDB calls the L & O guy Lennie Briscoe, not Jack …

  239. Danae said

    On top of all this screwed up hotel and flight crap I am menstruating. I need a break.

  240. prtfvr said

    Dani: I’m always the reservation maker so when wildstar volunteered to do it I was like ALRIGHT!! It’s nice not to be The One for a change.

    You have over a month before the trip, you don’t need to make the change right now. Wait until you have all your information and then change it. You have time. Deep breaths, deep breaths!

  241. prtfvr said

    Dani: I can’t help you with The Curse. I have to draw the line somewhere. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    **hugs** puddin’! It’s going to be fine.

  242. elizabeth said

    Here’s a little something that might make you guys grin.

    Subject: God and Science

    God is sitting in Heaven when a scientist says to Him, “Lord, we
    don’t need you anymore. Science has finally figured out a way to create life out of nothing. In other words, we can now do what you did in the ‘beginning.'”

    “Oh, is that so? Tell me…” replies God.

    “Well, ” says the scientist, “we can take dirt and form it into the likeness of you and breathe life into it, thus creating man.”

    “Well, that’s interesting. Show Me.”

    So the scientist bends down to the earth and starts to mold the

    “Oh no, no, no…” interrupts God,

    ( I love this)

    “Get your own dirt.”

  243. lwildstar said

    Dani – get some chocolate, take some deep breaths – it will be ok – we’ll get everything straightened out.(HUGS)

  244. Maddie Mo said

    Hello everyone !!! just got caught up( I will explain why in a bit)

    Dizey– I now I’m a little behind here, but I’m sorry to hear about Robbie, I’m glad he is out of the hosital and I hope the sleep study can help you guys to figure out what is going on. {{{ HUGS}}} to you and your whole family.

  245. Danae said

    Dizey-I forgot to mention that my mom has had a couple sleep studies but that is because she only has sleep apnia (sp). They were only for one night though.

  246. Anne said

    Argh – just relistened – dunno where I got the name Jack – all Henry says is Briscoe.

  247. Maddie Mo said

    Now for the reason it took so long for me to get caught up.

    I am almost always the first person to arrive in the office every morning. I start at 7 most everyone else gets here at 8 or 9. Well, sure enough this morning I am the first one here, and since my office is in the back part of the buildin I use a side entrance, not the front door. Well, I go to unlock it and it is smashed to hell, all scraped up and a metal bar of some sort laying on the ground. We also have a bay door there too for vehicles to pull into the building, well, both the windows are busted out of that. My office is in a fairly new industrial park at the very end of a road by itself pretty much. So, I’m afraid to come in alone. I call the police and wait. He shows up pretty quickly, and he is totally Dept. Dewy. I feel no safer knowing this man is here to protect me. Anyway, he finally lets us in the building and it is completely ransacked( sp). Spent all mornin trying to clean up the mess. Good thing I took my computer home Friday night. Others did not and now they don’t have compters.

    Sorry for the long post.

  248. lwildstar said

    sorry about the scar maddieMo – I would be too freaked out to go back to work!
    Be safe!

    I am bieing sooooo bad today – I just can’t stay off the blog or the emIl! eeekkkk – oh well

  249. lwildstar said

    And i still can’t type!
    sorry about the scare MaddieMo

  250. Danae said

    WOW! That so totally sucks. How much personal stuff was on the computers. I bet they will all take there computers home from now on. That must have been really scary though. And of course Dewy wouldn’t give you the protective vibe.

  251. prtfvr said

    Poor Maddie! That’s horrible! Nothing says robbery like a new building! I’m glad that you weren’t there AND that you took your computer home! You could take just about anything else out of my office and I’d be fine but my computer goes and all work stops!

  252. Maddie Mo said

    It was all bad. The really scary part is ( and I don’t do it much anymore becuase of the baby) but I used to stay here really late by myself a lot to get stuff done too. Not anymore, even if I have someone to pick up the baby. My friend Jacquie is here all the time till like 9 or 10 by herself at night. It sucks big time. and I am SOOOO scared that Dept Dewy is actually allowed to carry a gun. I have the utmost respect for police and firemen. They do a potentialy dangerous job everyday for not great pay, but this guy. WOW. He had me walk threw the building with him to let him know what was out of place. Can you say contaminated crime scene. He touched everything and was letting other coworkers touch stuff. the dude seriously needs to go back to the academy. He was nice though. I’m just pretty sure I was tougher.

  253. prtfvr said

    Perhaps he’s the thief? I’d want everyone’s finger prints all over the place if I were the bad guy too.

    Tell that he at least secured the building before he sent you on the walk through.

  254. elizabeth said

    Smart move on your part, Maddie Mo, to call the cops and not go in the building alone! I am really sorry for the scare. It is so freaky to realize someone tore up the place. I wonder what they were after?

  255. elizabeth said

    Besides the computers, that is…..

  256. msgypsy said

    I just checked on Orbitz to see if maybe, possibly, perhaps, there was an outside chance that I could join the east coasters for Halloween. After all, I was born on the east coast; there ought to be some points for that. Sadly, no, the only affordable flight is on US Airways and I simply will not fly on US Airways. Well, that and it’s at o’crap o’clock in the morning. And while I could afford the airfare, I can’t afford the hotel in addition.

    So I guess I’m not a dyed-in-the-wool wet coaster. I kinda already knew that.

    I think for Halloween night the Portland contingent ought to meet someplace for a festive dinner and then head to our respective homes to fend off trick-or-treaters. (In my case, I go dark because in my neighborhood trick-or-treaters tend to be a little less … er … cute … yeah, that’s the word … than in most other neighborhoods…) And then we can get together on Saturday after for a BT marathon. Although I am STILL trying to figure out how to burn a DVD from my .avi files. I’ve tried Brisk DVD and some other program, neither of which does a damn thing other than destroy expensive blank DVD discs. If anyone has a suggestion, I’m all ears. Well, eyes. Just put it in big letters or something because I’m too old for you fast moving young whipper snappers and can’t keep up on the blog.

    Maddie, that’s damn scary. Has the insurance company showed up to investigate? I bet their investigation is more thorough than the police investigation is.

    I’m going to try to download the missing Project Gutenberg image and fix the main message here, then I need to print a gazillion checks and get back to work. Ugh.

  257. rifkind said

    Maddie Mo,
    Smart gal!
    It was a good thing to call the police before going into the building.
    Some workplaces have a system to lock computers to the destop.
    When I travel, I have a cable to lock my laptop to my desk. Even in my office, I am supposed to use it, in case of a break-in etc.

    Yes you can carry full sized shampoo in your CHECKED luggage.. I always put it in a sealed plastic bag though! You don’t need shampoo and Conditioner all over your cloths! The pressure changes in luggage compartment can cause liquids to sneak out of your containers! always bring screw on covers rather than the toggle-top lids.
    Oh, and besides a change of undies, be sure to put any medications into your carry-on bags. If there is anything that you absolutely need, put it in your carry-on. Luggage can get lost, and it is NOT a good time to discover that your medications are missing!

  258. msgypsy said

    As you can probably tell the problem with the Project Gutenberg picture is fixed. (I don’t blame them for objecting to folks linking to their site. It’s a very big, widely used site.)

    I really ought to get back to work now.

  259. Danae said

    Ok I see the new picture but why are there two medievel condoms now?

  260. Danae said

    You know Madonna is MIA. I wonder where she is today. I hope all is ok.

  261. Himmiefan said

    To everyone flying, remember to keep you ID out. Recently, I’ve had to show mine in front of the security area AND to the person manning the scanning walk-through thing. Also, buy your bottled water after you go through security. Of course, you’ll have to take out a loan to do so….

    Do you guys think a conference call is possible so those of us who can’t come (sniff, sniff) can at least call in?

    Oh BTW, if you’re going to fly, you’ve got to check out this week’s Opus comic strip. You can’t beat the seat numbers in the toilet!

    Elizabeth – thanks for giving me something to send to everyone in my address book!

    Maddie – I am so sorry! What a headache. Sounds to me like Barney Fife isn’t even going to investigate.

  262. Arrowyn said

    My typical end of lunch drive-by:

    Moonlight is due 9/28 at 9-10 on CBS
    New Amsterdam is due (last I heard) in Spring on Fridays

    After all my bad kick-out experiences this weekend on this blog, I’m keeping my posts short.

  263. Arrowyn said

    From Bloodlines forum: 2 new articles about BT:

  264. Danae said

    So I don’t know why but I did a search on Medieval condoms and I found this. It is very interesting. There is one line that says it has never been tested on a live man. Can you see anyone volunteering for this?

  265. Arrowyn said

    The Saturday after Halloween sounds great for me! We’ll all talk more. Back to work!

  266. prtfvr said

    Dani said “Ok I see the new picture but why are there two medievel condoms now?”

    Dani my love, in case the first one breaks, of course! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  267. prtfvr said

    Damn Dani! I LOVE that new condom! I know at least one guy that I would have liked to have tested it out on. “Date-Rape” my ass!

  268. DIZEY1 :-) said

    *I call Briscoe* !! Maddie, glad you’re ok very scary stuff and people will steal some of the strangest things too. Thanx for the support and good thoughts.

    Gypsy Woman, you should come and bunk with one or two of us ๐Ÿ˜‰ Take the darned o’crap o’clock flight and come and play! Ya’ know ya’ want to. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Danae, chill out my leetle friend! We’ll fix whatever we have to and it’s gonna be a WILD time ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  269. prtfvr said

    Arrowyn! I could make a page out of all the research you’ve done. You’re awesome!

  270. Danae said

    Well they are supposed to be really good and reusable. Hello!

  271. prtfvr said

    Ooh, Dani, Dani! Maybe gypsy has two pictures of the condom so that the guy doesn’t go off half cocked? ๐Ÿ™‚

  272. Danae said

    Yeah well the anti-rape condom is so he does. HEHE! Night guys. My worrying has given me a headache so I am going to go home take some meds and reast.

    Luv Ya’s

  273. msgypsy said

    Two pics of the condom was a technical glitch (I clicked when I ought not to have) but I think I’ll leave it up as it looks so funny.

    I shouldn’t be online but I needed to be for work reasons and decided to swing by and say hello while I could.

  274. msgypsy said

    I realize I could bunk with someone but now that I’m firmly established here in the wet I think my place is at a Saturday night BT and popcorn fest in Portland or Washington County.

    You know, the fastest route by car from Los Angeles to The Other Vancouver is straight through Portland. We ought to establish an I-5 Watch for the day Kyle or Christina or maybe Dylan (since he’s bought a house in BC I suspect we’d see less of him than of the others) drives by. No, I’m not insane. I’m joking.

    Yeah, now I need to log off and pretend this was all checking credit card charges. Uh huh, they’ll believe me.

  275. Maddie Mo said

    alrighty, I need to get out of here for the day. All the excitement has made my head hurt. Thanks for all your comments. I don’t think I will be staying late or coming in early by myself for a while, but that is okay. Will catch up to you all in the am.

    Trip to Claire’s might not be possible after all. Boss just told me I may be in Portland that whole next week. We do business with Columbia Sportswear and I may have to go to meeting there. If I don’t have to go to the meeting I will try to get to Caire’s. I can’t be away from my baby that long if I have to go to Portland too.

  276. elizabeth said

    Arrowyn/Gypsy – I think a Saturday night BT and popcorn fest is perfect! Watching with everyone will be a blast. i wonder if it is something that Moonbeam could make it to town for? Watcha think Laurel?

  277. elizabeth said

    Maddie Mo – are you talking Portland, Oregon? If so, Awesome!!! We can all get together here…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  278. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Dani Girl, in the immortal words of Henry Fitzroy……..It’ll be ok! Sometimes Dani you’ve got to have faith ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ciao Bella and we’ll see you tomorrow.


    Half Cocked ๐Ÿ˜‰

  279. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Heyyyy Portlander, don’t be trying to steal our Maddie Mo!! She’s ours kind of ๐Ÿ™‚ Ok we soooo need to have a convention, somewhere and soon. Mid America, name a place and lets do it!!! Love Ya’ll ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  280. DIZEY1 :-) said


    Ooops sorry wasn’t screaming at ya’, what’s the IMDB tally for the week? I’ve been doing my thang, how about you??

  281. elizabeth said

    Hey, Diz – I’m just being friendly ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wouldn’t dream of stealing our Maddie – (No, of course I am not rubbing my hands together and grinning evilly – no way!)

  282. elizabeth said

    Were did everyone go? I feel so alone – sob, sniff, sniff

  283. lwildstar said

    hello! is anyone around?

    So how are plans going for everyone?

    Danae – how are things going wtih Adam?

    Diz – did Robbie get released yet?

  284. lwildstar said

    ok – did I chase everyone away?

  285. lwildstar said

    wow I guess I did!

  286. msgypsy said

    Columbia Sportswear? Yup, that’s our Portland. Hey, Maddie Mo, no matter when you’re here, we’ll manage to find you. If you are going to be here for the weekend after Halloween, we’ll bring the popcorn and the shows and we can all gather in your hotel room (cuz that way none of us will have to clean. LOL!) And if you’re here on Halloween itself, we’ll schedule a dinner around your hotel.

    And we’re not STEALING Maddie Mo. After all, her job may require her to be here. We’ll be CONSOLING her. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

    Gotta head home now. Homemade beef vegetable soup and turkey sandwich awaits.

  287. laurel said

    So are we maybe “borrowing” Maddie Mo? Too cool!
    I’m even available to pick her up at the airport if need be!
    Seriously girl, I would make sure you saw everybody out here in short order. If you get a date arranged let us know, and we will roll out the “evergreen carpet” of welcome.
    I am up for a BT, popcorn night for the Wet Coast set. I have a pretty good sized TV screen, or I can drive a certain number of us to someone else’s place if that works better. Come on – lets make some plans!

  288. lwildstar said

    well since things are slow I’m going to log off for the night.

    Laurel – hey do you have an evening freethis week you can chat?
    I can stay up ;llate evry night except Friday – company coming in……

    I’m going to go write for awhile if I can get the laptop working – sitting down here at the desk top is giving me a neck ache

    I’ll check back before I go to bed…prtfvr where did you go – haven’t heard back from you……..Night guys!

  289. lwildstar said

    ok I guess I officially killed the blog tonight to I am off to bed! one more day of work and then I am free for the next couple of days!

  290. laurel said

    lwildstar – I’m here!

  291. lwildstar said

    hello – you know just as I say I’m going to bed someone showes up!

  292. laurel said

    Wildwoman – Wednesday is the most likely night for me to really be free in time to talk with you on the chat this week. Tuesday is trumpet lesson night and I don’t get home until after 7pm my time (which is the same as the blog time). I don’t want to keep you up too late.

  293. lwildstar said

    Wednesday would be perfect….what time? Your hree hours behind me so 9pm for me would just be 6 where you are….

  294. lwildstar said

    boy I can’t type today!
    hree hours? Prtfvr is right – where’d me english go?

  295. laurel said

    Glad I didn’t miss you all together.

  296. prtfvr said

    Ok, when the hell is Blood Ties on? Friday or Saturday?

  297. laurel said

    Do you want to go to the chat now? I will have to quit and fix dinner pretty soon, but I should be good for at least 20 minutes.

  298. lwildstar said

    yeah I just came down to check my email and see wwho was around.
    Oh I wish you could come to the party!
    I have the excited nerves now! I hate social gatherings yet I am so looking forward to this!

  299. lwildstar said

    meet you at the hen house!

  300. laurel said

    Hey prtfvr! Want to join us over there?

  301. Arrowyn said

    Prtfvr, thank you for the kind words. It’s not really research. I have 7 non-BT sites and 7-9 BT sites I check out at lunch every work day. They’re all about TV entertainment. Sometimes it’s BONANZA! And sometimes it’s pfffft! Anyway, I have fun finding the stuff and passing it on to all of you. Didn’t someone once say — I surf so you don’t have to?

  302. laurel said

    Arrowyn – there are four of us over at the hen house. Join us if you can!
    Same goes for whoever shows up. The more the merrier!

  303. Claire said

    Lord ladies…I had 62 emails!! Well I had such a busy day…I’m beat!
    Danae..don’t will work out..and we’ll all get to see your pretty face!
    Ms.G…Aw come on? I can’t travel..unless I bring the when are we Eastcoasters ever going to see you? In Prtfvrs words”Don’t make me come down there!” I’ll bring my crazy kids with me…MUHAhaha!!!!

    Diz girl…I’m glad Robbie is out of the hospital,and I hope the sleep study shows some results.

    You girls should be able to get connecting rooms with double beds,also there are rooms with a small living room with a sofabed and a doublebed.
    We had 250 people bombard that place for Moniques wedding.I had a nice room with the quads,2 double beds.The bridesmaids were 2 to 4 to a room.
    Or even rooms right next door to each other.
    Anyway my eyeballs are falling out..need sleep!
    Bonne Nuit mes Souers! Je t’aime!

  304. vicki said

    i am working on my travel plans….i wanted to fly..but kind of expensive,,.,,I live to close…so I might just drive..(only 6hrs) and I will probably bring my husband or my friend Brandy…

    My husband is not convinced that all of you are real and not some scary internet stalking crew!! LOL

    anyway talk to you later.

  305. laurel said

    Vicki – sooo relate to that “scary internet stalking crew” business. lol
    My anti-stalking force, hubby and two daughters 12 and 17, were on hand for my first two meetings with BT friends. Pretty funny, they circled around and around the isle of the bookstore where I met Gypsy. They went for the straight up greeting the second time. hehehe
    I have to say, of the four or five I have met so far there have been no bad surprises. The BT fans are amazing.

    Hey, maybe you should invite Tanya! Of course then we would all have to get there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  306. Anzia said

    Okay, I feel we should make this a yearly thing ’cause next year i’d actually HAVE Vaca time that I could take and come. ๐Ÿ™‚ OOOO, we should just hold a “convention” every year and move it around so that not everyone has to travel long distances every year! ^_^

    Yes, i’m with whoever suggested the “conference call”! I want in on THAT!!!!

    Maddie-I’m so sorry about that! ICKY! In all seriousness, i’d have freaked out if the cop asked me to come in with him & saw him touchign things! I’d probably have quoted CSI or something (*hangs head* yes, i can do that…quite thuroughly too). I hope that this doesn’t effect you long term or anything. i’d be spooked whenver i went into work.

  307. AlisaSG said


    Maddie Mo– ((((((((((hugs!!!!))))))))))
    hoping things get better. It also sounds like not just the computers, etc., but personal ID’s, etc, were stolen too in the process. Keep watch on your personal records (and especially if the personnel department got ransacked too! your Social Security numbers and everything is {supposedly} kept there.)

    I’ve just come back from reading (and as politely as possible *reeming!!* out) the latest SPACE forum topic. Seems the hard core BLADE viewers from Gateworld, and elsewhere are trying to bury BLOOD TIES — before it sees more eps on the SPACE channel.

    To which, this is going to be really challenging in keeping the entire thing balanced in in perspective. I can’t keep writing on those forums. (It’s all too consuming, and taking a lot of creative imagination to redirect everyone into the BEST/BETTER direction) ..part of that whole psychology nonsense I had to deal with in the nursing home, but now I’m doing the “redirectional therapy” on a forum that is looking like it is beginning to promote a hate BT campaign! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I don’t mind putting my brain into higher gear, but it only goes so far before burning out of ideas..
    (look here — bad vibes on page 4 – default forum mode)
    Blood Ties comes to SPACE this fall

    I also *have to* stop and get things done — so if I stop.. who will step in and pick up the pieces and gently nudge everyone into keeping BT on the air..??
    Please help, if you are able to. thanks!!

  308. AlisaSG said

    btw, all of that above (that I just wrote here and over at the SPACE forum)
    doesn’t mean that I’m giving up on this BATTLE — not that easily!
    Noooooooo Way! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I just have to take time away from the computer and reading, etc., to get other (more important things at home)
    taken care of first. If I have to take the battle up in prayer, I will. But I am also only one voice.

  309. Anne said

    I really don’t understand the need for people to put down another show on its own forum – or elsewhere. Well, except maybe for Flash Gordon ๐Ÿ˜‰

    True Blood on IMDB also has a Blood Ties-putting-down thread, – but since it’s called “Bump if you think BT bl**s” so I’m not going to post in it.
    Maybe I should start a thread called “Bump if you like more than one vampire show” …

    I can understand Blood Ties not being to the taste of horror fans, but it’s one thing saying it’s not to my taste and another so say it’s badly made.

    I enjoyed Blad for what it was, and I’m enjoying Blood Ties for what it is and and they don’t need to be each other.

  310. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    For Cree again….you’re popular. *g* Well…my cat still won’t use the fountain.
    Even if we COULD put the fountain in the sink…which we can’t since we use that sink all the time…we couldn’t ’cause that wouldn’t work with her. She’s too smart for that. She knows the water comes out of the faucet and that’s where she still wants it from apparently. She’ll look at the fountain, walk right up to it, look like she’s sniffing the water, and still jump on the sink. She was licking water out of the sink again this morning after I was done in the bathroom. So I don’t think she had any water all day yesteday either. I know you said cats aren’t stupid enough to dehydrate themselves, so I hope you’re right. How long is it safe for them to go without enough water? I seriously don’t know what else to do here. I’m just hoping she eventually figures it out and drinks from it before she damages herself. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  311. lwildstar said

    Just a drive by -I’ve got a lot to do today since I won’t be in the rest of the week – and I only just finished reading all the emails!

    Anne if you start a new thread over there – let us know. Sure BT may not be everyons cup of tea, but why do they need to trash it? Trolls!

    Anyway the party seems to be shaping up – wish more of you could come! We’ll have to work out a convention for next year – come what may….(think good thoughts, think good thoughts!)

    ok – I will talk at you later!

  312. Claire said

    Bonne matin Madamoiselles et Madams… Comment allez vous tout ce joli matin?
    Yes looks like everything is coming together,for the trip!
    I am so tired this morning…some jerk called my house at 5a.m.woke me up and of course I couldn’t fall back to sleep!
    Now I purposely have a very long greeting on my machine..if you can stand to listen to”Hi you’ve reached Claire,Christopher,Nicolette,Alexandria,Victoria,Gregory and Elijah,no one is available to take your call,so wait for the beep leave a message and one of us will get back to you” it means you love me and really want to talk to me! if you’re a telemarketer then you hang up.So why would you listen to all that and still not figure out you have a wrong number,and leave a F%$^ing message I can’t understand! at 5AM?

    Anyway..yeah we can call all the non attendies and make you all feel bad for not coming..Aw just kidding! you all know I love yas!
    Maddie..jeez what a way to start the work week! I’m so glad you are ok!
    OK back later sometime!
    ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

  313. Maddie Mo said

    Morning all. Well, today started off better than yesterday. No break in overnight!!! Yeah!!! I was really worried I would come back today and the place would be hit again. I think they made off with 6 laptops, some video conferencing equipment, the personal effects of some people, 2 sets of keys to a company car that stays here all the time. I guess they took everthing they wanted over the weekend. Fortunately, all the HR files were locked so they couldn’t get anyones personal information.

  314. Maddie Mo said

    If I wind up taking the trip to Portland it will be Oct 29th- Nov 5th. So I will be there over Halloween. I will let all you Portlanders know for sure as soon as I know, hopefully I will be able to get in on one of your meetings. I still really want to party with the east coasters too, I just can’t leave the baby for 11 days. It’s going to be hard enough for the 8 I am scheduled for. Not to mention this will be the first time I will be away from her for more than a few hours.

  315. Danae said

    Buongiorno bellas. I have the department to myself today. Our food show is today and all the people (buyers) in my department are there. YAY! I don’t have to be so careful about being on here today.

    Claire-What is the weather like down there at that time of the year? It might be a little cooler then Dizey is used to but maybe a little warmer then I am used to.

  316. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    Anne said,
    September 18, 2007 @ 4:57 am

    I really donโ€™t understand the need for people to put down another show on its own forum – or elsewhere. Well, except maybe for Flash Gordon
    True Blood on IMDB also has a Blood Ties-putting-down thread, – but since itโ€™s called โ€œBump if you think BT bl**sโ€ so Iโ€™m not going to post in it.
    Maybe I should start a thread called โ€œBump if you like more than one vampire showโ€ โ€ฆ

    Grrrrr…if I was registered, I would SO post to that. But that would just make me seem petty and immature….kinda like when I was slamming Army Wives just ’cause I was annoyed with LifeTime. Still am, but I totally can’t stand people that do that. If you don’t like a show, then don’t watch it. It’s not like anyone made you watch it. Why do people have to beat shows into the ground? Total A@$$%^&*@%%%!!!!! GRRRRRRRRR!!!!! Ugh. I would like to shove all of those people in a locked room with a starving Henry. ๐Ÿ˜› Bitter much? HELL YEAH!!! WOOHOO!!! Heh.

  317. prtfvr said

    Anne: I don’t get why people have to disparage other shows? I mean, there are some occasions that might warrant it (some horrible plot twist or some other random upsetting thing) but if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Sheesh!

  318. prtfvr said

    My rant for today (so far).

    So I go to Mc’y D’s everyday for a Coke. I LOVE their Coke! Anyhow, I absolutely HATE IT when people stand in the middle of two lines waiting for the first one to open! You ask which line they’re in and then act like you’re crazy for wanting them to pick one! ARGH!!! God people are SO rude! And god forbid you pick a line around them. Sheesh!

    Ok. That’s all for now. Phew, that was a short one.

    Oh, I have a WordPress Blog related to Hen’s but I haven’t posted the link to it because gypsy’s is the best but I’m thinking that I might open it up for off topic rants. Then when you really need to say something you don’t have to be sorry for saying it.

    Kind of our own editorial. What do you think?

  319. Margaret said

    Claire: Do you know how many people are actually driving to this summit. If everything goes well Cree and I will need a ride from the airport or should we count on taking a cab?

  320. Danae said

    Margaret-Prtfvr is driving and Wildstar is riding with her. I think it was Vicki that said she might drive also.

  321. Danae said

    prtfvr-We are hardly ever on topic here anyways so I don’t think it will matter but it is a good idea.

  322. Danae said

    Oh wildstar sorry things with Adam are still good. I think the newness is starting to wear off. We are not calling or texting to often now but we are still talking to it hasn’t completely stopped. I hope it doesn’t but I am stil thinking we may only be friends.

  323. Anzia said

    Maddie-Eww, sounds like they got quite a bit of $$

    prtfvr- i hear ya, drives me nuts too. Even worse when you’re working there and they do that b/c they’re GOING to cut infront of someone and then you get to talk to already angry people who sorta blame you for not setting the person right. ^_^

  324. laurel said

    Good morning!
    Maddie Mo – I am so glad your day started better than yesterday! I too would have been horrified by your Barnie Fife cop. CSI is my second favorite show, the latest in a long line of cop shows I love.
    I would be happy to coordinate meetings with you if you truly get to come out here. Let us know if you’ll be downtown or out in one of the burbs. There are some great things to see out here if you have a little free time, and of course, we local fans are always happy to just sit and talk. Lots of spots for coffee or tea and plenty of great food!

  325. Himmiefan said

    Morning everybody!!

    Prtfvr – These must be the same people who don’t know which lane to drive in, so they straddle the line. Bless their hearts! (Grrrrrr).

    Alisa – So if some don’t like BT, they think no one should? Idiots! And I say that in the nicest way possible.

    Hmm. I think I took an extra sarcastic pill today. Well, I can’t let this go to waste. I must inflict it on my co-workers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh, is anybody going to send a search party out for Madonna? Yoo hoo! Madonna! Madonna!

  326. Himmiefan said

    Oh, Maddie Mo – did the alarm go off? It sounds like it would have taken them some time to do all the damage they did.

  327. Danae said

    I think Madonna will be a little busy the next couple of weeks. She has little time to blog. If you need her for anything she said email her.

  328. Claire said

    Margaret..I think Prtfvr is picking up Wildstar and Driving,But Diz said something about renting a car..if not depending on what time you guys get in on Friday I can enlist my daughters to pick up,but only if anyone arrives around 7..cause she gets off work at 6.If you have to cab it either to my house or the hotel..its not much..I’ll ask Nikki,she flys to NYC all the time. in Northern Va can be crazy! It’s only been in the low 60’s the last few days,the weather channel is saying by friday it should be in the 80’s again.Two years ago my grand daughter birthday..January 27th it was 79 degrees here,so we’ll have to wait until it gets close..but it shouldn’t be too cold,my kids didn’t have jackets over their costumes last year.

  329. lwildstar said

    Danae – friends are good – at least you can spend time with someone you like and get along with even if it never goes any further thatn that – look at me and Paul…and that doesn’t mean things can’t change later….

    Well I have had a frustrating day – can’t wait to get out of hear! Someone called in sick – so Ihave so much stuff to get done before I leave….

    One good thing is, at least I got the half day off for the party….

    I think I am going to go write for awhile and calm down…grrrrr

  330. Danae said

    GONG! Wildstar!

  331. Himmiefan said

    Dani, you know, I think she said something about that. Well, she had better get back here quick and defend herself or we’ll nominate her for all sorts of stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚

  332. lwildstar said

    no stop leave me alone! I just can’t type!

    I’ve only got a couple minutes left at lunch – but it doesn’t look like you got too far ahead of me! The rest of day is going to be crazy. So I may not be back till tonight.

  333. rifkind said


    You said to fly into Which airport? DULLES right?

    How far is the Sharaton Hotel from the airport?
    About 4 miles

    And recommended that we stay at the Sharaton , right?
    Sharaton Reston.. right???

    The Sheraton Reston DOES HAVE A FREE SHUTTLE FROM THE DULLES airport
    It runs at the top and bottom of the hour, every half hour.
    Call the hotel when you are picking up your baggage and they will let you know when the next shuttle will be arriving at the airport.

    IF we were to get 9 or more rooms reserved we could contract “Group sales” and negociate a rate for the rooms.. I think that we are at 5 or 6 rooms right now, but don’t have the final count for the party.
    Wildwoman do you have counts?

    If you combine Thursday night in with Friday and Saturday night.. it will cost you $169 instead of 299 for Thursday.

    Don’t forget that there will be fees and taxes added on.
    You can ask the reservations agent for the TOTAL amount rather than just the ‘room rate’

    If you have AAA,, are a Federal or State employee, or have a corporate account with the Sheraton, you can get the “best rate” for the rooms.
    The also may be a rate that is cheaper on the internet.. but if you go for a LIVE reservation agent, ask for the best rate.. it never hurts to ASK!

    Reserve early to lock in the room rates.
    I was told that we would have until October 25th to cancel the reservation with not problems. SO if you are on the fence on being able to go.. Like me.. I don’t know if I will be able to work out the time off of work..
    We can make the reservartions and cancel later if we need to.

    Being able to take the shuttle to the hotel will save me lots of $$ on a car rental! So the weekend just became much more affordable.

    I hope to be able to see everyone!

  334. Danae said

    Rifkind-I calculated the price for all three nights for Dizey and I because we were going to share to cut down on the cost and it brought the total to 577 for all three nights. That was for both of us not each. That would be 288 each and that just seems a lot to me but I guess it isn’t. Yes that is the hotel. Right now I have a total of 6 comfirmed yesses.

  335. Danae said

    What do you think would be some good songs we can have at the party that are kinda related to us or BT? I am trying to get some music together.

  336. lwildstar said

    Rif – I made my reservation through – it was $10 cheaper a night and the confirmation says you have until the 23rd to make changes with no penalties, and it was guaranteed late check in since its prepaid…..last count I had would be 4 rooms because of doubling up…
    If you firgure out a way to get a group rate I don’t think that I will be able to take advantage – but with the taxes it only came to $101 for one night and Prtfvr and I are spliting it – so thats not too bad.
    The trick will be to see if we can at least get rooms on the same floor since we won’t know til we get there!
    ok must go now!

  337. lwildstar said

    I CAN”T WAIT!!!!

  338. lwildstar said

    Didn’t Anne post a music list? music played on the show?

  339. Danae said


  340. Danae said

    Yeah but I am talking like party music that runs with the theme. Plus anything like We Are Family.

  341. rifkind said

    Call and ask to talk to reservations..
    She told me that two nights (FR-Sat were $99 a night room rate.
    When adding in taxes and fees the total for those two nights alone would be 215.82.

    Now add on Thursday for $169 room rate — (but she hadn’t calculated the taxes etc)
    so you would be right around

    or about 192.41 each… ๐Ÿ™‚

  342. Maddie Mo said

    Laurel — Thanks, as soon as I find out if and for sure what dates I will be there( trying to talk my way out of 8 days) I will let you know. It will be so nice to finally meet some of you face to face. Since I’m here in the middle all by myself.

    Himmiefan– Alarm?? what is that. My company has been too cheap to install an alarm on this building. Until now. The alarm company will be here tomorrow to start the install. Which still won’t make me feel any safer here at night alone. The alarm only protects the building, not the parking lot. Our building is at the dead end of road and there is a creek and woods behind it and then a woods in between us and the neighborhood we suspect the hoodlems live in on the one side and woods on the other. Oh not to mention it’s like down in a hole at the bottom of a hill to. Only 3 other building on this road.

  343. Danae said

    I just recalculated on and it was now 507.26 for all three nights which works out to be 253.63 which is a little easier then what I first saw. If direct through the hotel is less then going online what is the point of going online?

  344. elizabeth said

    Count me in on any Wet Coast plans for a night of BT and Popcorn! I have an okay TV and all of the episodes on my DVR if we need a place to hang. Whatever is decided, I am sooo ready for ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hey, Ms Laurel / Arrowyn/ gypsy- when do you guys want to get together again for lunch?

  345. lwildstar said

    Danae – how did you get a lower rate calling the hotel directly? when I called it was more and online through was $10 cheaper a night ($89 a night instead of $99) but with the taxes it only came to $101 for one night and Prtfvr and I are spliting it – so thats not too bad.
    or am I confused by what you said?
    ok must go now!

  346. Claire said

    Rif..I love ya! you got it all under control! LOL!!
    Yup..hotel not far from Dulles airport,not far from my house,not far from town center,where all the restaurants,bars and shops are!
    I know my daughters wanted for us to all go out for drinks or something Friday night! We can either go to Clydes..fav bar of ours or stay at the hotel pub…
    Whatever we decide…it will be a PARTAY!!!

    Ehem…Miss Nikki is going to make everybody karaoke on her freakin machine…just so you know! So yeah music is a must!!!!

  347. Anne said

    Danae –

    I once saw a Buffy video made to this song, but I’m sure it can work for Henry and his hens too:
    Marvelous 3: Vampires in Love

    Email me if you want it.

  348. Danae said

    No wildstar look at Rifkinds last post and then what I found on There is a bit of a difference there and by what Rifkind said calling the hotel directly it cheaper.

  349. Danae said

    Dizey is MIA today. Yesterday it was Madonna but now I know why she isn’t here.

  350. lwildstar said

    interesting Danae – when I called the hotel this morning it was more and online was cheaper…go figure!
    Well at least everyone is gettting things together!

    Claire – you really really really don’t want me to sing – the dogs will howel and run away! and so will everyone else!

    Laurel – if you are lurking – I’ll see you at chat tomorrow!

  351. rifkind said

    HOTEL stuff
    Thanks Claire for verifying that I had the correct hotel!
    We don’t want to end up across town!

    I first called the Sheraton Reston and talked to someone there…
    who then transferred me to someone who does reservations.. I THINK that this person does reservations for ALL different Sheraton hotels… as the second woman did not KNOW for sure about the shuttle to the Reston Sheraton..
    I then called the Reston Sheraton directly AGAIN, just to verify the free shuttle.

    The second woman (Reservations) quoted me the Friday & Saturday $99 a night.. (Without taxes and fees)
    And also the $169 for Thursday IF it was bundled with a Friday and Saturday stay.

    Lwildstar – can you or prtfvr post the link for the online booking where you got the $89 a night rates??

    I agree, USUALLY, you expect that the online booking would be cheaper..
    Unless a LIVE person can apply the AAA discounts etc..


  352. msgypsy said

    Driving by…

    Maddie Mo, if we can arrange it we should take you up the Columbia Gorge. No matter the time of year, it’s stunning. Icy in mid-winter, though.

    Portlanders, I think we can get together next weekend for lunch. This weekend works for me but might be too short notice for some. (Plus I’ll be cat-sitting and won’t be able to race all over the continent…er, neighboring counties…for a meet-up.)

    When is October 13 again? Drumming fingers on table, waiting, waiting, waiting….

  353. Arrowyn said

    From Bloodlines:

    If you need a little encouragement …

  354. Danae said

    Ms Gypsy Don’t you mean the 12th?

    Arrowyn-I like that.

  355. prtfvr said

    wildstar said: “Prtfvr and I are spliting it – so thats not too bad.” We ARE?!! :O ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oh lordy, here I go…yep…gonna do it…here it comes:

    Let’s keep the Hen’s travel arrangements off the blog. It’s only interesting to us and probably very annoying to everyone else. Let’s just continue to torture each other in email. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I know that I wouldn’t give two figs about the west coast’s airfare and hotel costs if I knew I wasn’t going to be there! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ok peeps, back to other random thoughts that might or might not have anything to do with Blood Ties.

    BTW, regarding nude beaches. I’d NEVER, EVER go to one. Not even if you told me everyone was blind AND deaf (don’t want to hear that fat slapping!). I mean, I’ll stare at my nude body but mostly it’s to wonder why I’m getting hair THERE now? WTF?! Anyhow, I might spy on people at the nude beach but I ain’t gettin’ nekked for the public and my public thanks me too!

  356. prtfvr said

    Diz: The IMDB stats sucked so bad this week that I couldn’t decide whether they sucked or blew. I think it’s both which is actually a vacuum if I’m not mistaken.

    Anyhow, everyone’s stats headed south. The bad south, not the good south. I must admit that I fell down on the job this past week. I’m on it this week though!

  357. Arrowyn said

    I’m not involved with the east coast party (pfffft to you!), but I had a thought about the hotel arrangements, if it would work for some or all of you. If anyone has AAA, and if AAA has the cheapest rates with their discount, could that member make all the arrangements through AAA Travel and pay for all the rooms? It would take some financial juggling on everyone’s part, but AAA would take care of all the room hassles. Just a thought.

  358. Arrowyn said

    Portlanders — lunch next week! Any day but Monday for me.

  359. Arrowyn said

    From Bloodlines:

    Christina is going to be on Bones next season. 3rd season, eppy 3 “Death in the Saddle”. You can find a photo of her with series star Emily Deschanel at this website:

  360. Arrowyn said

    Whoops, too much in a hurry! Portlanders again — This weekend is fine for lunch for me, too.

  361. elizabeth said

    Msgypsy – I could get together this weekend with everyone if that works, but next weekend my Mom has invited herself over so I won’t be able to sneak away.

    Next week, my calendar is fairly clear any day, except Monday for lunch. Why oh why, did i schedule meetings on a Monday???!!! Let me know what day works best for everyone and I will be there ๐Ÿ™‚ It would be a good time to plan our BT marathon, too!!!!

  362. lwildstar said

    This is the exact link – sorry its so long…I called and talked to a human being – 800-804-6835 – follow the prompts – you need to verify that it is the Sheraton on 11810 Sunrise Valley Drive upplierId=&PSRC=OT2&usertypedcity=Reston%2CVirginia&paging=1&alternateSell=up&searchType=&sortBy=HCOMPICK&CIMonth=-1&CODay=-1&allPropertyTypesSelected=true&COMonth=-1&priceRangeKey=1&TSRC=1&CIYear=2007&CIDay=-1

  363. prtfvr said

    Man Arrowyn, you’re good! What the heck is Christina doing on there? I love that show but that’s going to be darned distracting!

  364. lwildstar said

    ok the link didn’t do the whole thing – try
    and do a search for Reston, Va and scroll down to find the Reston – now you understand why I just called!
    verify the $89 a night too – with tax thats $101 a night

  365. prtfvr said

    wildstar said: “sorry its so longโ€ฆI”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Good one! Wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that one! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  366. prtfvr said

    wildstar, did I or didn’t I say to stop posting trip info? Admit it, you’re just trying to make everyone else jealous. As it should be. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  367. Danae said

    Ciao bellas! I am running late and Amber has dance class.

  368. lwildstar said

    Sorry Prtfvr ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    wildstar said: โ€œPrtfvr and I are spliting it – so thats not too bad.โ€ We ARE?!! :O

    Oh lordy, here I goโ€ฆyepโ€ฆgonna do itโ€ฆhere it comes:

    Letโ€™s keep the Henโ€™s travel arrangements off the blog. Itโ€™s only interesting to us and probably very annoying to everyone else. Letโ€™s just continue to torture each other in email.

    since the link didn’t post right I emailed it to interested parties.
    Sorry for all the arrangment talk…are we getting on peoples nerves?

  369. elizabeth said

    And it is working admirably! I am soooo jealous because I can’t fly out to meet all of you ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  370. lwildstar said

    actually Prtfvr – i didn’t read your post until after I posted – I saw Rifs!


    Sorry for all the arrangment talkโ€ฆare we getting on peoples nerves? (Hangs head in shame – shuffles off to the corner, bangs head against wall) – no more party talk!

    ok blog-kin I’m headin home now

  371. Himmiefan said

    “Sorry for all the arrangment talkโ€ฆare we getting on peoples nerves?”

    (sniffle, sniffle, lips trembling)

    no…. Where’s my hanky?

    (sniffle, sniffle)

  372. prtfvr said

    Well, we’d be getting on MY nerves! That’s for sure! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Aww, Himmie dumpling! I’ll miss you so! *hugs*

  373. Claire said

    Ms.Wildwoman…if the dog howls and runs away…might be a good thing! LOL!!!
    and pfftt! to you too..Ms.Arrowyn! it’s not like we wouldn’t love to have you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    you too Himmie..I’ll miss you being here!
    Ugh! Got to go..that damn Josie was tormenting the cat…and he almost took her eyeball out!! have to call her vet…damn she’s bleeding from the $%$^ eye!

  374. Arrowyn said

    OK, to make amends for the pfffft!, here’s PICTURES!!!! From BloodTiesCentral:
    Added TWO galleries today – episode 9 with 234 pictures and episode 10 with 200 pictures
    Hope this helps until October 12.

  375. Himmiefan said

    Prtfvr and Claire – thanks so much! Hugs back! (blows nose loudly)

    Ooo Claire, hope the cat’s okay!

  376. elizabeth said

    Arrowyn – Thanks for the links. I didn’t realize I was having such withdrawal until I got to look at the pictures. I feel much better now ๐Ÿ˜‰

  377. Margaret said

    Things to ponder. Remember how they said Henry has no kitchen. Doesn’t he have a bathroom either? Do you ever or have you ever heard Henry mention taking a shower or cleaning up? He might say he has to get changed but I don’t believe we have ever heard him utter that he needs to take a shower. Anyone want to volunteer to help him get clean? lol

  378. elizabeth said

    “When Vicki and Coreen study the tablet hahlf that Vicki photographed in Mohadevan’s lab, why would it say Diesel Swanson as Henry claims? It was from Carl Blundell’s mouth. ”

    This was a question posed on the Bloodtiescentral site and I have wondered that myself. I just kept forgetting to bring it up.

  379. elizabeth said

    Maragaret – Me, me (jumping up and down; waving hands) I volunteer to help him with a shower ๐Ÿ™‚ Yummo

  380. elizabeth said

    I guess it is unanimous then – I get Henry ๐Ÿ™‚ Since no one else has volunteered. I’m doing a happy dance – oh yeah – oh yeah!

  381. Margaret said

    You got so excited about doing that task, you misspelled my name but I understand. lol

  382. lwildstar said

    Arrowyn – oh yes the pictures help!

    He must have a kitchen – it comes with the condo – he just wouldn’t be using it – and he did have salt in the cupboard…..
    In the books they mention a kitchen – bottles of water in the fridge – and they mention him taking showers

    E RE: the tablet – me thinks a continuity booboo? The only other thing I could think would be that the fighters have the stone peices of their oponants forcing them to fight? but then what did Diesel have in his mouth in the end? never mind…..

    off to find dinner – maybe I’ll be back later.

  383. elizabeth said

    I was just typing too fast – sorry ๐Ÿ˜ฆ You should see how badly I mangle my own name when I am in a hurry to send an email…

  384. elizabeth said

    You know..l think the picture I have under my name just doesn’t want to be changed. I have tried three times already and it goes back to the same one. Spooky….

  385. elizabeth said

    Let me try one more time….

  386. lwildstar said

    E – last time I wanted to change my picture I had to log out and get off line and then come back – try that…
    and no – you need to share! he can take lots of showers!

  387. lwildstar said

    ok – it worked this time – nice shot!

  388. lwildstar said

    well I didt it again – killed the blog ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  389. lwildstar said

    ok! which one of you sent me the Norman demon!
    first the laptop went ffffttttt and now I Tried to update my avatar and now I have nothing! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and I can’t get it back….oh well I’ll try again later. It won’t let me upload a new picture – no matter what I pick it goes to black WTF?
    Oh well, since no ones araound I’ll logg off and come back later..

  390. lwildstar said

    Dang it still didn’t work !!!!!!

    ok thats enough for me !

  391. lwildstar said

    boy I was just joleing! but I guess I really did kill the blog!

    walks away hanging head in shame!

  392. lwildstar said

    jokeing! I was just JOKEING!!!!!

  393. lwildstar said

    Yeah! my avatar came back!!!!

    I wonder if the laptop is working now…

    echo! echo!…..

  394. vicki said

    hey girlss…

    I am so DMS ing that the next person I talk to may just get an earful or a fist in the face…

    I hate that i get this way…it seems like it is getting worse as i get older….((Sighs)) I really want to eat every piece of chocolate ever made and sit in a bubble bath until Oct. 12…..

    IS IT OCT YET????? PLEASE!! Can I close my eyes and pretend its OCT??
    ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGgHHHH….I want to sleep for a week and wake up to a new world….

    Venting done.

  395. lwildstar said

    vicki – just breathe then go outside and just scream…

    ok if you don’t want to upset the neighbors scream into a pillow, but its not as much fun!

  396. lwildstar said

    well I guess I didn’t totally kill the blog.
    Have tried 3 times to get on Lifetime and it jsut sits ther – I gave up!

    So I’ve been surfing the assorted BT sites

  397. lwildstar said

    ok guess I was wrong ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  398. laurel said

    Dearlings – It actually makes me very happy for you when I see all your arrangements. Also, should I win the big money I will know where you all are going. Every single post makes me smile about how excited you all are. Keep it here if that’s easier.

  399. Arrowyn said

    From me to you all —
    Take a quiet moment — turn your sound on — enjoy — and then pass it on:

  400. Claire said

    Hey ladies..I’m back…I had to take crazy Josie to the vet…crazy f%^&ker messed with the wrong cat! She torments Smokie,but him being 12 and not an alpha at all,he just runs and hides or meows at her like please leave me alone.So she figured she’d mess with Thor some.He is only 3 and weighs around 15 lbs! and he is definitely Alpha! I could swear he did the FRAP!! he kicked her butt!
    but he got her eye,blood everywhere,anyway vet said she’ll be alright,he cut the white of her eye and a little of the brown,but no eye damage,thank god!
    Anyway I’m beat and I need a shower….Oh Henry…where are you..LOL!
    OOps..there he is…
    Bonne Nuit mes amis..Henry et moi vont apprรฉcier une douche chaude gentille!


  401. lwildstar said

    Arrowyn – the link didn’t work

    Sorry about the cat Claire – but thats waht you get when the “children” won’t play nice! So how many animals so you have?

    hi Laurel! did you get my email?

  402. lwildstar said

    never mind Arrowyn – it just took forever to load…..
    very nice.

  403. lwildstar said

    well I’ve managed to chase everyone away again… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  404. lwildstar said

    I’ll see you guys tomorrow!
    yeah! no work – i get to sleep in!
    thats why I came to see if anyone was lurking – I can stay up!
    oh well – guess its off to bed…

  405. AlisaSG said

    >> So Iโ€™ve been surfing the assorted BT sites

    me too.. so far, nothing has moved since last night/early this a.m.
    LIVING Tv network forums had a BT topic that fell off the index page (it went into archive / dormant mode) because no one else was posting on it. So far, there’s only 11 (eleven) comments in it. Only one was negative that I remember.

    As for the other one on SPACE –

    >> Sure BT may not be everyons cup of tea, but why do they need to trash it?
    >> Trolls!

    that’s exactly what I was thinking, too.. Trolls! (grrrrrrrwl!)
    I think most on CityTv *like* BT, but the SPACE channel seems to have more *space* cadets on there who act more like they want violent video game equivalent stuff to watch.. they gravitate into the violence (which really makes one wonder “where the H%## are those people coming from” -really?!)

    and here’s the weird part — a certain group of people on Gateworld have been cussing out the Sci-Fi network, because it’s not catering to their *demands* and moves solid viewed programs into other time zones, etc. – due to their six month mood binges (which are more like every 3 months, those programming mood binges change — much to the annoyance of the regular viewers). Latest suggestion was to see how many of them could upset NBC’s popularity (on its various sister networks, too).

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — if something shows even an inkling of success, there’s a wild batch of someones out there to knock it out of popularity. I may have had my gripes with NBC, because they keep yanking off programs that I’ve grown attached to…

    How about ABC affiliated networks?? ABC seems to *know* how to keep it’s good programs on so they will last (5 years or longer!), regardless of what the throngs of Trolls (anti-viewers) want. Afterall, the only reason why MacGyver ended after 7 seasons was because one of the main actor’s was having a difficult time with glaucoma and going blind. So, Richard Dean Anderson and TPTB packed it up and went on to other projects.

  406. AlisaSG said

    oh no.. another incomplete thought! NBC.. I loved that channel.. to name a few–
    “Man from Atlantis”
    “Cliffhangers – Curse of Dracula” series.. (with Michael Nouri.. and this was the only serial in the entire trilogy that ever saw it’s actual ending “The End”).

    NBC is wonderful to try out new approaches to innovative programs, but it just doesn’t know how to keep them on, especially when ABC steals most of the viewers. CBS was always at the bottom rung of the ladder. *sigh*

    When the Cable networks came into existence, I thought something positive had stirred, but I’m not so sure any more.. since even those seem to be chasing a higher name for themselves than what they initially began with.

    Sometimes it’d be nice to have satellite, but there’s no place to keep it (or keep it safe from winter weather, etc.)

  407. himmiefan said

    I loved the Curse of Dracula series! I saw it in college when it was shown as a TV movie. Michael Nouri was major sexy!

  408. AlisaSG said

    >> Michael Nouri was major sexy!

    He was the first Dracula impersonation that I had ever seen with *curly* hair.
    And I had seen Frank Langella’s Dracula too.. (too old for me)

    ..but Michael… oh my!! He did nearly everything right, except for the teeth bit– that always seemed to me to get in the way of a *real* kiss, when such a moment warranted it!

    The Count in a melancholic mood — while feeding his dogs a sip of wine–
    “They do not understand. Even the most *foolish* have other souls to share their lives with..”

    wow! not bad for remembering *that* particular line when I haven’t seen it in what – almost 30 years ago?? (yes, that scene left quite an *impression* on me.. I even remember the punctuated emphasis // accent he put into each word!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    *sigh* .. now there’s another *curly* haired vamp out there (cuter, too!) in the form of an adorable “Henry,” by Kyle Schmid..
    yep.. *hopeless romantic* to the core ๐Ÿ˜€

  409. Anzia said

    Himmie-*gives hug & tissue* I’m with you honey. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ We’ll have a good drink or two to consol ourselves over not being able to go.

    So, i got my first “death” call today. I called this guys house and his mother answered & sd he died on saturday. She sd she knew her daughter had been calling places that needed the death certi. And as we were talking (more like exchanging info needed to resolve issue) I asked if he had an executor of the estate. She started crying & sd he hadn’t even had car insurance and had died in a car crash. I almost lost it. After i had hung up I just sat there trying not to cry. Then, about five minutes later I had another person call in b/c the crd holder had died and needed to know what to do. About 2 calls later I had a lady who sd was driving and couldn’t write anything down b/c then she’d probably crash and die. I wanted to say, “that’s not a joke. I talked to one person today who’s son had just done that.” Seriously…I don’t think i could’ve made it through the day if i’d had another death call. I would’ve just cried…and not stopped. NOTHING is worse than hearing a mother cry over her son and not be able to do anything.

    The one thing that made my day a little better was that I called a lady whose daughter had gotten married over the weekend. She said that i was too young to be able to have a daughter old enough to be married so I wouldn’t understand but that it was an amazing and beautiful day.

    *sigh* and i’m working overtime tomorrow from 7am-11am so i need to go to bed or i’m gonna sleep through my alarms…which would be VERY bad!

  410. himmiefan said

    Kyle – Major Yum!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh baby, baby….

  411. himmiefan said

    Z – Henry’s on his way over with the box of Kleenex and some chocolate. He’s been consoling me (blush!) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Seriously, I am so sorry for the calls that you’ve had to make today. How gut wrenching. God’s put you in this job for a reason, though. Maybe these people need a friendly person to talk to, even if it is someone in collections!

    Well, I’m with you. Time for bed or I’ll be useless tomorrow. Night!

  412. Anne said

    Since I can’t watch Lifetime in Denmark …

    Those other Friday shows that are being promoted – are they all new?
    Is Blood Ties the only returning one?

    If so, could it be that they are focusing the commercials on the new shows trying to create a buzz, figuring that BT was promoted in the spring and that it will need fewer tv spots?

  413. Arrowyn said

    Just saw that A&E channel is going to show a CSI: Miami repeat that has Christina in it (“Stalkerazzi”). 9/21at 1pm and 7pm Eastern

  414. Anne said

    Only one more to go – but what a wicked awesome one!

  415. Margaret said

    Anne: Lisa Williams is a returning show, The Psychic Challenge is a new one. They are on the same night with Blood Ties. I don’t even think there are that many print ads out there for Blood Ties either. Lifetime has really fallen down on the job and it seems to be intention, for what reason, who knows. They haven’t aired even ONE tv spot for Blood Ties yet. But then you know how I feel about Lifetime, I won’t bother repeating it again.

  416. Margaret said

    Should have been intentional.

  417. prtfvr said

    Z: I’m so sorry to hear about your depressing day! *HUGS* GF!

  418. prtfvr said

    Regarding posting the East Coast Conference travel arrangements here. I still think it’s rude and I don’t know why anyone would care about our airfare or car arrangements so there! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    We all have email, god KNOWS that’s true. Let’s just use that for the travel arrangements and only mention the fun parts of the adventure. Yo, dats all I’m sayin’. I don’t wanna rain on anyone’s parade. Ok, only the boring parts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  419. Margaret said

    Z: If you stay with the company long enough can you transfer to another department? Sorry to hear about your day. This too will pass.

  420. Good morning all.

    Just stopped by to say hi and let you know I haven’t dropped of the face of the Earth. I’ve been pretty busy lately, without a whole lot to say and very little time to say it. I’m enjoying lurking though. Sounds like the conference plans are coming along nicely. I’m so jealous I won’t be able to come. I hope you all have a great time though.

    Any new info about Kyle and the Birthday gift? You’d think he’d have gotten it by now. He’s such a sweetie I can’t imagine he wouldn’t acknowledge it in some way.

    TTFN Love Ya!

  421. lwildstar said

    damn the blog ate my post again!


    Laurel – I sent you an email – will talk at you later – no biggie if we can’t connect tonight

    Anzia- Hugs dea

    well I don’t remember what else I had typed…

    I would think Kyle would have gotten the box by now – if they could track him down – Iwonder if he would post over at on the guest book?

    Well I got to scaddel – will be back later….

  422. Danae said

    Buongiorno Bellas,
    Here is my morning drive-by. Everyone is back in the office so I have to stay away again.

    Anzia-Hugs to you dear. I would have been feeling the same way you did. Good luck with today.

    As for Stone Cold, I think the tablet had Diesel Swansons name on it and one half was put in his mouth and the other half on the other guys mouth and Diesel went after the other guy because he had the other half of the tablet and Diesel would want it back because only when the two halves are together again can he rest in peace.

  423. Claire said

    Morning Darlings! Big hugs Z!!!! (((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))!!!
    Iwildstar…How many animals do I have? Is that counting the kids too? J/K!!
    couldn’t resist..I have a very twisted sense of all know I had a litter!!!
    I have 2 cats,2 dogs.
    Don’t worry I’ll put all the animals in cages when you come over! LOL! OK I’m in a very twisted mood today!
    Type at yas later!

  424. Anne said

    lwildstar –

    “I would think Kyle would have gotten the box by now – if they could track him down – I wonder if he would post over at on the guest book?”

    There ain’t no ๐Ÿ˜‰ There’s and

    Well, actually there IS a – there’s just nothing there.

  425. Danae said

    Guys I wanted to say this before I forgot. Did I mention that my brother in Ft Myers was going to be traveling to Indiana on foot? He said there was no jobs for him down there. He tried construction, electrician, chef. He said there was nothing. I am pretty sure I did because I tell you guys pretty much everything. This was three weeks ago and my mom has going crazy with worry the whole time. He never even called. Well the jerk called last night and my mom lit into him big time. It turns out he never did go. His wife left him and he is moving back up here in a few days. He has been living in FLA nearly 20 years and he swore he would never move back here. I can’t wait to see him even though he is a thoughtless jerk.

  426. Margaret said

    Didn’t Lady A send the box? Is she still out of town? Probably need to ask her when it was sent. I think it was sent to the agent. Maybe we should try calling the agent, eh?

  427. Laurel said

    prtfvr – out here in Portland it always rains on the parade! ๐Ÿ™‚ Wish we were ALL going to be meeting, but maybe later.

    lwildstar – A demon (or computer virus) wiped out several days worth of my Word documents. I lost two partial stories of my own and the worksheet for your chapter one. I am recreating it today so we can talk later. I had clicked on the survey yesterday, from the e-mails, and everyone’s responses – I didn’t even know they had downloaded – appeared in Word instead of on the desktop. I was in the middle of editing one of my own stories when the screen froze for over an hour. I finally had to shut it all down and lost everything I had open. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Nuts. Oddly all the e-mail documents disappeared as well. Hmmmm

    I keep forgetting to tell you the funny thing about last weeks computer glitches. When we had the power outage at work I was working on a customer file. Her name was K_____ Bridewel !!! In the end it was the only file I had to totally recreate. Coincidink! Hmmmm NOT!

  428. Danae said

    I am starting to get worried about Dizey. I haven’t heard from her since Monday and she hasn’t been on hear. She has been posting on here everyday.

  429. Madonna said

    Good afternoon ladies,
    Just a quick drive by to let you know that I too have not fallen off the face of the earth. I haven’t even looked at the blog since Saturday afternoon and I’ve only had a couple of minutes to kind of skim through all the posts on this thread. So I’ll address things that stood out to me:

    First of all….
    Himmiefan, Thanks for the shout out!

    Just what are you gonna nominate me for?

    Sometimes the thing about working with the public is that the public has their own lives that they bring along with them. (((((((HUGS)))))))) for your sad day.

    Kyle’s Package……
    I got an email from Lady A the other day and she said that she misses us all but she is just busy working on her screenplay. She said that she did send out his package but has not heard anything yet.

    We all have to remember that lots of factors could be at play here. I know it was said that he was living in LA, but we know that he has been in Toronto recently, so if it was sent to his LA address he won’t even know about until he goes back. Also, his agent could just be holding it with the rest of his fan mail instead to forwarding it to him. So who knows how long it might take for him to get it if that is the case. It could be weeks yet….. so, I would suggest we all settle ourselves in for a good wait and if a response comes sooner…… YEAH!!!!!

    Skimming the posts I also noticed that Dizey has been absent. Maybe she went to Texas with her brother for that sleep study.

    Is there a chance you could call her to see if she’s OK?

  430. Himmiefan said

    Anne – I think a lot of us have given up trying to make sense out of anything Lifetime does. Frankly, I wonder why they even bought BT in the first place. Just to try something new? Who knows.

    Dani – did you say your brother was going to ID on foot??? Not driving or flying??? Um, huh? I’d have killed him too!

    Alisa – last night, you were talking about different networks and their programming. A couple of nights ago, I caught a few minutes of a M*A*S*H reunion show. I didn’t know that it struggled in its first year. I mean really struggled. It only survived because the wife of the network president liked it. They all noted how these days, it would probably have not made it past a few episodes. Just goes to show what can happen if you give a show a little time to build an audience.

  431. Madonna said

    Hi ladies,
    I just typed out a rather lengthy post and it looks like the blog ate it.

    If I have time at lunch I’ll check back, and if it hasn’t shown up by then I’ll repost it.

    Is there any way you could call Dizey to check on her?

  432. Danae said

    Madonna-I finally got an email from her. She is just not up to posting right now. She has been lurking.

    Himmie-Isn’t ID the abbrevation for Idaho. He was planning on going to Indiana. He isn’t going now. He is moving back here to CT now. He has no money for gas to drive or to buy a plane ticket. He is trying to find odd jobs right now to make enough money to buy a one way plane ticket.

  433. elizabeth said

    Is it just me, or do we all seem a little weary? We aren’t posting as much, many of us have dropped off and our enthusiasm seems sparodic at best… What’s up, my friends????

  434. Himmiefan said

    Indiana, Idaho. Okay, so they’re hundreds and hundreds of miles apart. IN? Anyway, so he’s going to CT (That’s Connecticut. There’s one abbreviation I know). Well, I wish him luck. Hopefully he can get a cheap flight.

    Hello lurking Madonna!

  435. Anne said

    I’ve just learned that the package to Kyle is about to be mailed on to him, so he hasn’t gotten it yet.

  436. Danae said

    Anne I just love you and your connections.

  437. elizabeth said

    Anne – you are awesome. Thank you for finding out about the package.

  438. Laurel said

    You go, Anne! What did we ever do wihout you?

    E – I think we are all pretty weary. We have given a lot of energy and excitement for months and yet we are still waiting. It’s kind of like being on hold with the cable company. lol
    I don’t know if I will make a lunch date this weekend but I would like to try if it works out for the rest of you. Saturday or maybe later afternoon on Sunday. My parents are driving in today, going to visit Winnifred. Winni is on hospice now and not doing well. Your mom probably already knows that.

    Hey E, if you are not doing anything today for lunch give me a call. I’ve got a little bit to do at work but am free otherwise.

    lwildstar – still hoping to meet up tonight.
    Himmie ๐Ÿ™‚
    Danae – hang in there sweetie!
    Madonna ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    prtfvr, Annalaise, Dizey …. everybody keep the faith a little longer! At least we will have new episodes to direct people to in just a couple of weeks.
    Queen Margie – if you are lurking… good for you. (sister-in-law I share with Moonbeam) ๐Ÿ˜› I gave her the link. She is a Minx!!!! Smart woman.

  439. lwildstar said

    good afternoon ladies!

    Anne – hangs head in shame over the website address – I wasn’t quite awake ๐Ÿ™‚ but thank you for checking – yes love you and your connections!

    Laurel – I sent you an email about tonight – no biggie if you can’t make it – but where do you want to meet? email me!

    So how is the first day of vacation going? well lets just say that my father has ruined it…I told you about the electrical issue right – I have aluminum wiring – anyway the HOA is going to do the remediation work on the outlets and switches, but dad is insisting on changing the brker box (He is a retired electrician) any way he has to get a permit – and now this is all my fault! I told him I would just have to dip into what I saved for the new floors and pay a contractor – I don’t need new floors I just want them – this is something I need – but NO he wants to do the work and he’s driving me nuts over this!

    Ok done venting. thank you for listening….

    I have stuff to work on, but I will be checking in occasionally!

  440. laurel said

    Dang – forgot to sign in before I posted. I hate it when my avitar goes missing.
    Does anyone recognise him? I’ll change it back to Dylan in a day or two, but I was playing with pictures and liked this one.

  441. laurel said

    Well, since I’ve killed the blog I guess I’ll go to work for a while.
    Seizure later!

  442. laurel said

    Sorry Beth, that was insensitive and I regret it.
    Prayers are with you all the time, love to Robbie and all your family.

    On that note…

  443. Margaret said

    Elizabeth: I’ve tried to take myself off the Lifetime blog except for posting links as the whole thing has put me in a continual state of pissedoffness with Lifetime. Like some of the rest of you I’m wondering why they even bought it in the first place if they were never going to do anything with it. Was this just some kind of social experiment to see how much you can torture genre fans. At this point it just seems to be one cruel joke on us until we hear whether they’re going to buy additional episodes. I still try to convert people to watch but then I have to ask myself why if there won’t be anything there to watch after the 22nd episode. And here’s something to think about, the actors have told us that the 22nd episode is a “real” cliffhanger. Is that how we’re going to be left?

    Thanks for checking on the package Anne-you’re Aces. Has it been sitting in the agent’s office all this time?

  444. lwildstar said

    i”m here I ve been trying topost but it wont let me

  445. lwildstar said

    good afternoon ladies!

    Anne – hangs head in shame over the website address – I wasn’t quite awake ๐Ÿ™‚ but thank you for checking – yes love you and your connections!

    Laurel – I sent you an email about tonight – no biggie if you can’t make it – but where do you want to meet? email me!

    I have stuff to work on, but I will be checking in occasionally!

  446. lwildstar said

    So how is the first day of vacation going? well lets just say that my father has ruined it…I told you about the electrical issue right – I have aluminum wiring – anyway the HOA is going to do the remediation work on the outlets and switches, but dad is insisting on changing the brker box (He is a retired electrician) any way he has to get a permit – and now this is all my fault! I told him I would just have to dip into what I saved for the new floors and pay a contractor – I don’t need new floors I just want them – this is something I need – but NO he wants to do the work and he’s driving me nuts over this!

    Ok done venting. thank you for listening….

  447. Claire said

    Arrowyn..thanks for that was beautiful!
    Mighty quiet sistas…is everyone alright?
    Lets not let negativity and doom and gloom get us down..remember Positive thoughts..thoughts are things that really manifest…believe me!
    So,here’s what I do…I don’t read any negative posts about Blood ties..I skip right over them…watch plenty of repeats…look forward to Kyles angelic face as Henry on Oct.12th.Look forward to meeting my long lost sistas!
    So*raising a guiness* Heres to Blood Ties!!

    Everyone have a great day! ๐Ÿ˜›

  448. Arrowyn said

    I haven’t had a chance to catch up from yesterday, but until I do, here’s a little something from Necrodrome.

    Question for anyone who is familiar with LiveJournal — What does it mean when someone says something is “behind the cut”? When I double-click on the picture that that statement refers to, it takes me to a general LJ page.

  449. Maddie Mo said

    Hello all,
    Work is super crazy right now.

    Dizey– If you are lurking, I hope everything is okay. If not know that my thoughts are with you. Miss Ya!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dani- Glad you heard from your brother. Sorry he is having all those issues. I hope he gets home to you and your family soon.

  450. lwildstar said

    Arrowyn – it looks like the person has more photos stored at photobucket, but I don’t know how you get to them..?…

    Claire “Lets not let negativity and doom and gloom get us down..remember Positive thoughts..thoughts are things that really manifestโ€ฆbelieve me!” – I vote you official cheerleeder!
    I’m trying to stay positive really – but my energy is wearing low……

    my cousin is coming for the weekend – we are going to the museums on Friday then home for a BT marathone – that will perk me up! – then Saturday we are going shopping and to a nice dinner for my b-day, funny thing is I can’t remmber where I wanted to go! it was someplace new that I wanted to try and the name is completely gone from my mind!!!!! unfortunatly I can’t blame lapsees in memory on age – I’ve been like this since college!

    Ok I am going to try and clean the spare bedroom for her so I will check in later!

  451. Danae said

    Maddie-Thanks. I really can’t wait. I have been wishing since he moved down there when I was 11 that he would move back. Even though he can be a jerk I still love him.

    You are all right. I am feeling very very weary right now.

  452. Anne said

    Arrowyn –

    Behind the cut on Livejournal means clicking a link to get to a separate page containing the goodies – might just be a text link.
    But you link has cutid in it, so I believe you’ve already found the page with the goodies.

    Glad I could be of help with some package info.

  453. Madonna said

    I see my earlier post did not show up.

    Like Annalaise, I also wanted to let you know that I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Today is the first chance that I’ve had to even look at the blog since Saturday afternoon.

    So, I’ve still only been able to skim all the posts but here’s what stood out to me.

    First of all…..
    Hi girls! Thanks for the shout out!

    What exactly will I be nominated for? Will it involve Henry or Kyle? Cause if it does you don’t have to nominate me I volunteer!

    (((((((((HUGS)))))))))) for your for your sad day!


    I think we’re all just stressed out from life right now. The cosmos is screwing with us. DAMN COSMOS!!!!!!

    I can only assume the situation with your family is what has you down. I’m praying hard for you and yours. Have a little faith, it’ll be OK!!!! If it’ll make you feel any better I’ll make up a silly nickname for one of the other girls!

    This is for you….. I’ve always loved this and sometimes we all need just a little reminder.

    One night a man had a dream. He dreamed
    he was walking along the beach with the LORD.

    Across the sky flashed scenes from his life.
    For each scene he noticed two sets of
    footprints in the sand: one belonging
    to him, and the other to the LORD.

    When the last scene of his life flashed before him,
    he looked back at the footprints in the sand.

    He noticed that many times along the path of
    his life there was only one set of footprints.

    He also noticed that it happened at the very
    lowest and saddest times in his life.

    This really bothered him and he
    questioned the LORD about it:

    “LORD, you said that once I decided to follow
    you, you’d walk with me all the way.
    But I have noticed that during the most
    troublesome times in my life,
    there is only one set of footprints.
    I don’t understand why when
    I needed you most you would leave me.”

    The LORD replied:

    “My son, my precious child,
    I love you and I would never leave you.
    During your times of trial and suffering,
    when you see only one set of footprints,
    it was then that I carried you.”

    written by Mary Stevenson

  454. lwildstar said

    Its been a long time since I’ve heard this, but Somehow when I heared this story again, I thought of all of you guys.

    A young girl was walking on the beach one day when she noticed thousands of starfish were washed up during a storm.
    She tried to save the starfish by picking them up, one at a time, and tossing it into the ocean.
    When someone told her she couldn’t save all those starfish, she started to walk away, disheartened, then she turned and replied, “Well, I made a difference to that one!” and picked up another starfish and threw it back into the ocean.
    Soon she inspired others to join and together they made a difference.

    I guess in our own ways we are both the little girl and the starfish… does that make sense?

  455. Himmiefan said

    Anne – You go girl! (That’s American for “good job!” Said preferably to a female, of course.)

    Margaret – “pissedoffness” I love it!

    Madonna – well, yesterday there was talk about Henry and a bath….

    Dani – hugs! At least you’ll have your brother nearby. That should be nice.

    Laurel – (waves hi) What is your avatar thingy?

    Wildstar – He’s just being a father. What can you do? My father once decided I desperately needed something, I forget what, on my new PC. He ended up locking up everything, and I mean everything. I had to erase the hard drive and re-load all the software. Oh well…He does send me neat gadgets out of the clear blue, though. That’s how I got my three MP3 players. He gives them to me to figure out and explain to him.

  456. Danae said

    I have to head home now. Amber has open house at her school tonight.
    For the East Coast Convention girls-My mom and I will get our heads together and try to figure something out. You know what I mean.

    Ciao Bellas!

  457. msgypsy said

    As I drive by to say hello…

    While it is exciting and fun to see all of your travel arrangements for the Great BT Gathering on the East Coast, I see prtfvr’s point about it not being anyone’s business. I think you might want to take it to email, but do continue to talk about the hotel so we can all pretend to be there with you.

    I keep downloading software to convert my .avi files to files a DVD player can read. Haven’t found one that works yet. And I’m most upset that the software I downloaded to turn .m4a files into .mp3s failed, too. And that’s a pisser because I have a whole book in .m4a format and can’t play it in the car unless it’s an .mp3. Grrrr…….

    Back to work, bloggerini. Type at you all later.

  458. lwildstar said

    LOL! Himmie – dad did that to his computer two weeks ago – and had to call the ComputerGeeks out to fix it.

  459. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Madonna , that’s low using Jesus and the Footprints ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m here. Work’s picked up a little and , just stuff going on. But you had me in tears thanx I love Ya!!

    Thanks everyone for the concern and I’ll keep ya’ll updated when I know what the next step is. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes I so appreciate them. Been a crappy week and today would have been my good friend Leanne’s birthday she’d have been 44 and is gone a year this past July 20th. I think she’s been hanging with me the last couple of days adding to the *Crappy* week. Anyway just a quick note to say we’re ok.

    Dani my lil’ sista’ I love ya to bits. You have a very sweet and generous spirit and thanks for caring I love ya’ girl!

    Mon bel ami Claire ! Merci pour m’aider avec le secret ร  nous apporter Henry/Kyle glorieux. Mes pensรฉes apportent Henry au boudoir de Beth pour de pleins massages de corps sur les feuilles ou la soie, et Beth montrera la gratitude ร  Henry. Service avec un sourire : -)

    Je t’aime ! XOXOXOXOX Beth

    Oh and before I forget ANNE you ROCK!! Remember me when you go visit Kyle next time. I’ll carry your purse whatever if you let me tag along ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m a great gopher if need be. I’m a chameleon (sp) I can adapt~!! Thanks again!

    TTYL Love Ya! ๐Ÿ˜Ž Peace Out

  460. Himmiefan said

    Dizey – Hugs!

  461. Anzia said

    Thanks guys. You’re all amazing woman. Thanks for just being you! ^_^ Makes me feel a million times better. ๐Ÿ™‚

    OOOOOoooo, i get to brag for a second. Yes, bragging is bad… i shouldn’t do it but…well…tough! I’m excited. So let me explain something then i’ll get to bragging. *squeeee!* When you miss your payment (even if just by a day) Kohls marks you as a Dun 1. At 30 days behind you become a Dun 2 & are reported to the Credit Bureau. Well, this goes until you become a Dun 7. At that point the account has been written off as a loss to Kohls. Well *puffs up chest* I got a payment for the Balance in full w/a check over the phone from a lady who had been a dun 7 for 3 MONTHS! Yup…i’m proud. SO, does the story end there? NOPE! I asked one of the supervisors if there was anything special I was supposed to do & found out that technically I wasn’t supposed to talk w/the lady. We’re supposed ot immediately send them to Recovery (the dept that takes over after Dun7 level has been reached) THAT and she’d already been sent to an outside agency. *sigh*

    Well, i went and was talkign to her about it after I got off & Dan walked up behind me. Dan is the guy I had my 2nd interview w/and i got the distinct impression taht he didn’t want me hired. Well, he said that getting money was never bad (he hadn’t heard everything) and Kristin (suprvisor i was talking to) said “especially not when it’s a balance in ful (BIF).” Dan looked at me and said, “NEVER anything wrong with that.” I just smiled and, as I walked away, said “especially considering the dun history.” I assume he looked at kristin and she told him b/c he yelled (rather loudly for a call center) “Dun 7! Way to go Anzia!” ^_^ So… sorta felt like I justified myself in getting hired.

    I don’t remember who asked but, yes, I can transfer to another dept after 1 yr. I can transfer within the credit dept after 6 months. So…i’ll stick it out I think.

    Diz-honey I hope everything is okay with you & yours. Sending my love

    Dani-Sheesh, sounds like something my brother would do! And you’re a much better sister than I ’cause I’d REALLY lay into him when he got home! ^_^ Aren’t siblings just grand?

  462. Anzia said

    Ooops…that post took a bit longer to write than I thought…^_^

    glad you’re okay diz! Love ya!

  463. Arrowyn said

    If this was posted before, sorry. It’s comments from an interview w/Peter Mohan in the 10/07 SciFi Magazine.

  464. Arrowyn said

    Boy, I hope I can find time today to read all the things that have been going on since last night. If not, well, there’s always tonight after work.

  465. lwildstar said

    Anzia – you go girl! I think that should show them that they made a goog choice in you…

    Dizey – Hugs!…I went to Babbel fish to translate your French note – oh my my!

    Well I need to get back to the house work ๐Ÿ˜› yuck. I know my cousin won’t care as long as the sheets are clean…..but I’ve let things go the last couple of months – I haven’t even balenced the check book since March!

    Oh well….I’ll be back later!

  466. Anne said

    Arrowyn –

    Did you see that short – very short – interview I found with Kyle from 2000?
    Since it was WAY before bloodties, he was just a kid, but I’m pleased to have found it. It’s listed on the media page of KyleSchmidCentral

  467. Maddie Mo said

    Night all!!

    Have to get out of here before I lose my mind. Have a great night.

    Dizey {{{ HUGS}}} hope it all gets better soon!!!

    Catch ya’ll in the morning!

  468. Himmiefan said

    Yeah Anzia!!


  469. Margaret said

    Ladies: I realize that I have been the most verbally pessimistic about the show’s chances and that certainly isn’t because I want it to be that way. I have become so attached to this show its ridiclous. The things that we all have gotten out of this show are awesome. A lot of us have a lot of self imposed boundaries, a lot of us have taken steps to exceed them because of this show. I thought, because of some circumstances that happened to me about 5 years ago, that any romantic feelings I had, had died. Surprisingly enough I found out that I still have the energy to lust, even though it might border on being a little pervy (can you say Major Cougar?). And I thought those feelings had died years ago. Lets face it, who among us wouldn’t kill to hear a many say some of the things that we’ve heard Henry/Kyle say?

    So that being said, I still have 100 or more postcards and I plan to DROWN LIFETIME IN THEM, once the show starts back up. But all the post cards in the world won’t help unless the show has ratings so we have to keep recruiting, and pray that some of your friends are Neilsen Families. So, when the show cranks back up join me ladies and lets whip out some post cards, ok?

  470. Margaret said

    Whoops, should be hear a man say

  471. lwildstar said

    Mags – I’ve got postcards! right now I’m sending 6 or so a week untill the show starts back up and then it will be back to 5 to 10 a day just like before!
    Well things seem to be slow today – even the email is quiet..
    oh well…finished cleaning as much as I’m going to, so I’m off to write – the laptop as completely go to crap! and I can’t use it anymore ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I hate working in the basement at the desk top – makes my neck hurt – and I just hate being in the basement…..

    And I agree with Mags – if not for BT I would never have met any of you, I would never have taken chances with my writing, would still be hiding in my own little world….who would have thought a tv show could have made any of us passionalt about life?


  472. lwildstar said

    passionalt? well theres a new spelling! ha

  473. Margaret said

    And don’t forget to keep streaming those videos @ Lifetime. They do keep track of that, don’t they?

  474. Margaret said

    And how pathetic is it that I watch Lifetime for commercials for BT, not for the shows. Please get me to a padded room, preferably with Henry in it.

  475. lwildstar said

    Mags – I’ve been know to do the same thing! I think we’ve all gon a little loopy lately…its called withdrawl!

  476. Margaret said

    Well at least we’re all in good company, eh?

  477. Claire said

    Arrowyn Thanks for the LJ link..snatched up #4..if all works should be my new avatar.
    Thanks my lovelies for all the inspirational words…you are all the most beautiful women in the world!
    Mags Darling…you are not a Cougar…you’re just a healthy normal woman…appreciating a beautiful man!
    Dizey…Merci ma soeur, mais naturellement j’รฉtais heureux d’aider Kyle ร  vous satisfaire, aprรจs tous tu envoyรฉ lui, quand j’รฉtais dans le besoin, et lui couvert dans les baisers et a frottรฉ des huiles partout mon corps, ainsi je dis vous remercie ร  toi !

    Now I must just started and Alexandria already caught a bug! UGh!
    she has 102.5 temp and stuffy nose,coughing.
    So must go give her tylenol and tuck her in.
    Bonne Nuit mes souers!

  478. lwildstar said

    Laurel – if you stop here first – send me an email so I know where you are!

  479. laurel said

    lwildstar – I’m here! and now going to e-mail you then look in the other room. hehehe Sorry I’m late.

  480. lwildstar said

    do you want to move to the hen house?

  481. lwildstar said

    laurel! you-hoo

  482. lwildstar said

    ok Laurel – I’m moving to the hen house to wait for you

  483. AlisaSG said

    okay.. I’m really losing the battle to stay awake right now..
    incentives are always there, but the energy is just kaput..

    That same topic over at SPACE (spacecast) just added a few more anti-BT comments. Nothing positive is coming in at SPACE for the moment. The eps have only gone thru “Blood Price.” Haven’t even reached Bad Juju yet, tho some of the negative critics over there claim to have already seen *several* eps (don’t know which ones, just yet).

    LIVING Tv (in the UK) is now showing BT at the LOVE HURTS ep. Nothing has been posted since the one person (who’s posted on the bloodlines forum also) asked about what happened to the BT topic (the original one that fell off the page over there).

    Either people just don’t post about it, or are more interested in discussing other Tv shows. I find that disturbing.. and strange, because when Tanya’s blogs started in the first WEEK there were
    over 70 messages for Bad Juju..
    currently 77 messages for GIFTED..
    and after that, it’s hard to count, because Angie was posting backwards into every topic (to put just anything into them after mostly everyone came here).

    But the point there was — even a 70 count of replies is better than 1. Two, if you include the reply from the forum moderator. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    The only other forum that seems to be in sync with us (here and with bloodlines) is CityTv. But even there, it’s only a handful of viewers.

    I do know that CityTv and SPACE have a joining topic links sidebar available to both – so the “Feeling the Pulse” topic showed up while I was reading the SPACE (spacecast) forum. I just wonder who else is reading those.. there’s a box at the bottom of both index forums (of all of the available programs) that lists what topic is the most viewed, has the most posts on it (for that day)..

    And as popular as BSG is (forum with the most amount of replies over 10,000), BT’s “Feeling the Pulse” has been a popularly viewed topic. ๐Ÿ˜€

  484. AlisaSG said

    Ladies!!!!!!!!!!! go over to BT’s “official” web site and check out their blog entries–

    1) WE’ve been posted on there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it’s within the article under the following date
    >> Aug 31, 2007
    >> Read some reviews for Blood Ties
    >> Montreal Gazette
    >> “Running With My Eyes Closed”
    you’ll need to click on the link under the actual “Running…” article title. Otherwise, the other links go somewhere else.

    2) the other item I noticed was that either someone’s been screwing with the site or it got screwed up — last entry on the same blog page reads
    >> Nov 30, 1999
    >> Watch the newest episode of Blood Ties this Monday at 8pm
    >> Episode #4 Gifted

    1999…????????????? don’t think so!

  485. rifkind said

    I just saw an ad for Blood Ties.
    It was on the TV Guide Network on cable.
    You know the channel where the nightly programming scrolls by at the bottom of the screen.
    it is a show on the Fall 2007 Preview.
    I think that they covered BT as part of the genre shows.

  486. rifkind said

    The show is called
    Fall TV Preview and is on RIGHT NOW..
    I don’t know how many times they will loop through the show..
    I just accidentally surfed into it

  487. Anne said

    Goodies for all Kyle Schmid fans:

    8 new production stills from Death Row

    That should color y’all something other than blue ๐Ÿ˜‰


  488. Arrowyn said

    Un-freaking-believable! Lifetime issued a press release about BT!,181675.shtml

  489. Arrowyn said

    I was just on iTunes and if you click on the Blood Ties icon, it says that “New espisodes of Blood Ties debut on iTunes on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9 and air on Lifetime Friday, October 12”.

    Does this mean they are going to offer them on iTunes prior to airing them on Lifetime??? That doesn’t make any sense, does it?

  490. Margaret said

    Arrowyn: How on earth did you find that press release? What a detective you are.

  491. Anne said

    Google alerts is very handy …

  492. Claire said

    Good Morning my Ladies!

    Anne can I say ..Je T’…you are seriously feeding my addiction to Kyle!
    Love all the photos you put up,I only had one from Death thanks to you many more! Aw..and the interview with 15 year old Kyle…almost(but not quite)made me feel like a dirty old woman LOL!! He was so cute!

    Arrowyn,you too woman! you are a wealth of info! was good to see the press review!! See…Positive Thinking!!!!!!!!!

    Love Yas!!!!!!!!!!!!

  493. Danae said

    Morning drive by Bellas. Buongiorno!

    Dizey-Love ya too. As I said no worries. No matter what we have to do we will get together somehow.

    Anzia-Way to go! As for my brother we will all be at the airport ready to lay into him. He needs an intervention and big time. He is 42 and he doesn’t act it. He also needs a big time intervention. He drinks way to much. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it once in a while but he drinks every night and alot. Now he has no money so he can’t buy it and there is no way I am going to feed his addiction. His father was an alcoholic and I am afraid he may be one too.

    Arrowyn-You go girl on that. Great job on the sleuthing. I start doing searches and get so frustrated I give up.

  494. Margaret said

    Danae: Let me give you a little advice, my ex was bi-polar, poly-addicted, alcholic, in other words a depressed guy who had two addictions-pills and alcohol. Unless your brother is ready to accept help an intervention won’t help, he has to bottom out and want the help. I was a very slow learner-it took me 20 years to learn that while I enabled my ex to continue with his addictions. You and your family are in my prayers. Been there, done that.

  495. Danae said

    We have all inherited depression and anxiety disorder from my grandfather. My brother doesn’t want to acknowledge it though. My mom already told him if he wants his marriage to work he needs to shape up. I already said I will not be going to the bars with him every night and my sister said if he starts her fiance drinking heavily again he can just stay away. Hopefully he will realize that no one wants to be around him if he keeps it up. As I said I WILL NOT feed his addiction.

  496. Danae said

    Oh and thanks. I hate seeing him like this. He used to be a really great person and still is when he is sober.

  497. Maddie Mo said

    Good Mornig!!

    I hope your brother hears you and your family and takes this opprotunity to make a change in his life. I understand what you are going threw.

  498. Margaret said

    Danae: The up side to it when they want the help and get it, you feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven. You get to discover the person that you loved is still there. My ex got help, got on lithuam and I thought I was in heaven. When he was straight I couldn’t have asked for anyone sweeter.

  499. laurel said

    Arrowy – I guess you missed my note about iTunes having BT available on the 9th. I put in up last week. I will be downloading it ASAP but may try to wait and watch it on the 12th early enough to get onto the blog with all of you.

    Are we going to be meeting here after we watch? Or are we going back to Lifetime? I suspect we may want to do a combination of the two so that Lifetime knows of our interest. I suspect we could easily take over the site and we need to let others in to sing the praises. I guess we have plenty of time to figure that out, huh?

  500. laurel said

    I really liked the tone of the press release! It makes Lifetime sound really proud of having brought Blood Ties to the world. Now, I just hope they put their money where there mouths are and buy up another season! I think I’ll go post at Lifetime in a minute.

    Himmie – My avatar is “Herald Vanyel” from the Mercedes Lackey books. One of those characters that calls me back to re-read the books. My daughter found me several pictures and I liked this one.

  501. laurel said

    Arrowyn – thanks for the link to the press release. I sent a copy of the link to Tanya’s LJ just now. Where in the world do you find this stuff? I bow to your greater knowledge. ๐Ÿ™‚

  502. Himmiefan said

    Dani – There’s hope. He’s going to need some tough love. Maybe that’s why he’s coming back to his family. Anyway, we’re all here for you!

    I agree with Arrowyn that we could post on the LT blog and here. We can post there to help keep the numbers up, then be our usual crazy selves here.

    Hey Laurel! I’ll have to check out Mercedes Lackey. I’ve never read any of her books.

    Well, I’ve got to go act professional with a bunch of managers. What a drag! Talk at cha later.

  503. Margaret said

    Somehow, someway, I managed to be approached for Neilsen ratings on the net so I just filled out a survey regarding my video watching habits on the net. Rest assured any time I could mention Blood Ties, I did.

  504. Danae said

    As for which blogs to post on I think we should both also. Especially if 2 certain someones are still going to be posting over there and filling it up with filth.

  505. lwildstar said

    Laurel – dang, I ment to ask you if that was Vanyel last night! I thought it was the first time I saw it…

    Danae/Laurel – I agree I think we need to post at both blogs

    Mags – dang it! now that they took the TVGuide channel off of regular cable I don’t get to see those previews any more! grrrr – I have got to see if they can get the digital cable straightend out over here.

    Dani – weโ€™re all here for you! Thereโ€™s hope if heโ€™s coming back to his family. He wants help and doesn’t know how to ask – thats my opinion.

    Super sluth Arrowyn! you go girl!

    Thank you for the new pics Anne!

    I’m all giggly now!

    well I’ve got to go! will check in later.
    Sorry if I missed any one.

  506. lwildstar said

    Himmie – you would love Mercedes Lackey – I have almost all of her stuff – shes fabulous!

  507. Danae said

    I am starving and I have nothing to eat. Grrr!

  508. Danae said

    Found an apple

  509. AlisaSG said

    >> As for which blogs to post on I think we should both also. Especially if 2 certain someones are still going to be posting over there and filling it up with filth.

    Two? They seem to be adding to it in *numbers!*
    (“it’s just not my type of vein in viewing” — that sort)

    The most recent comment on SPACE came from someone I didn’t expect. I’d like to say “good riddens” and don’t come back, but I’m too nice to word things in that manner.

    There’s another topic at spacecast that I added my comments, which are starting to sound like a merry-go-round of repetitions..
    Topic is “Oh dear…” and somehow I think is the same one within the other one titled
    “Blood Ties comes to SPACE this fall”.

    I would like to see the UK’s exciting reviews this far into the series… so far, I haven’t seen too many from there just yet.

    Oh, and Arrowyn,
    thank you for the article link about LIFETIME! ๐Ÿ˜€

    .. That isn’t exactly the most *popular* place to find a review within, even if it was on the positive side of the series.

  510. laurel said

    Himmie – I recommend you start with “Arrows of the Queen” Lackey’s first Heralds of Valdemar book. It is the first of a trilogy (also the first of around 20 books in that series). At least three of us on the blog are fans.
    Danae – An apple is a good start, what else are we having? I’m hungry too.

  511. DIZEY1 :-) said

    I also had an apple for breakfast, but it’s not doing much and I’m craving some cheese. Maybe with some triscuits.

    Hi Laurel, sounds like you’re hungry too. Can you make me some scones (comfort food) ๐Ÿ˜‰ You do all that Mommy stuff right?

  512. Madonna said

    Hi y’all,

    I trying to squeeze in a quick post here during my 15.

    HI DIZEY!!!!! Happy to have ya back!

    How is everyone today? I’ve been so busy I don’t know what the heck is going on with anything right now. The 5th, 6th and 7th of Oct. is coming up so quick on us. The Wool Fest lasts from 9am – 10pm Friday and Sat. and 9am – 6pm on Sunday. We’re lucky if we have a 110 candles in stock, made to go to take with us. That’s not much to get us through 3 days IF they sell. On top of that we still have to figure out how to decorate our booth which is hard considering we won’t even see it until the 4th.

    BTW…. I had a “Norman” myself this morning.

    Only 3 weeks from tomorrow night girls…… We can make it! I know we can.

  513. Danae said

    Just apples Laurel. That’s all I got.

  514. AlisaSG said

    >> I was just on iTunes and if you click on the Blood Ties icon, it says that โ€œNew espisodes of Blood Ties debut on iTunes on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9 and air on Lifetime Friday, October 12โ€ณ.

    >> Does this mean they are going to offer them on iTunes prior to airing them on Lifetime??? That doesnโ€™t make any sense, does it?

    It might not, but in a way it actually does make sense. I think the reasoning is to discover just how many people are actually THAT interested in this series to go to i-Tunes and download, or try to download for pre-viewing before the rest of the series actually airs.

    If the amount of hits are high, then that might give the network(s) an idea of how interested people might be in seeing this series, as opposed to how many begging postcards actually went in to bring the series back. That’s just my own speculation.

    I’ve seen this theory/formula put to the test before with certain other programs, and I’m just (pleasantly) surprised that LIFETIME is making this available for the audience they’ve gained from BLOOD TIES. Of Course, there’s always the options of
    — who will actually be able to download (including if other countries make attempts to do so!)
    — and exactly “which” episodes they are actually going to make available — that’s the zillion$$$ question right there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  515. Maddie Mo said

    Hi Dizey
    Hope things are getting a little better for you.

    Good to see you back too. How is BooBoo feeling? Sounds like life is super crazy for you right now. I hope it slows down for you soon.

  516. elizabeth said

    Hey everyone – I am stoked to feel the excitement that seems to be regenerating the blog! Blood Ties kind of does that, doesn’t it?

    Arrowyn – You are my hero! I never have luck finding things, so it is wonderful you share the info.

    Madonna – I am so sorry Norman has been visiting you! When he was messing with me it was horrible. It makes me wonder why I still like him – hmmmmm

    Danae – I am sorry your brother struggles with alcohol. It is a terrible disease. You stay strong though and don’t let him manipulate you. My dad was an alcoholic and my ex also had a problem. Both were really good, decent men when they weren’t drinking.

    Himmie – you are going to LOVE Mercedes Lackey ๐Ÿ™‚ Definately follow Laurel’s advice and start with the Arrow series. My daughter even read them and loved them. Usually I can’t get her interested in anything other than Anime (I can’t seem to spell today)

  517. lwildstar said

    Hey Laurel if you are still around I just sent you several emails per our discussion last night…

    I sat down and looked through my Valdamar serise and discovered I’m missing like 4 books from the middle – how the hell ?- either I lost them in the move 7 years ago or I lent them out and never got them back – grrr – I hate when that happens…..I need to find my shopping list. I promised myself no more books until I finsh what I just got – but some times I just can’t help myself!

    Has anyone been over to LT yet to see if anything has been posted over there? I wasn’t able to get on the site this morning…maybe it was too busy- I’ll try again later – I wanted to post a comment….anywho I’ll be around to night.
    Having a lazy day off and I really should be winterizing the garden…

    Diz! glad to have you back – we were getting worried.
    Madonna – Saw your emails…yipee! how are plans going?

    well I was just checking in – talk at you guys later!

  518. Danae said

    Ok Laurel the rest of lunch was ice cream sundaes. I made a vanilla one with chocolate and caramel syrup rainbow sprinkles M&M’s three cherries and whipped cream. That was what they gave us at our budget/bonus meeting to take a look at the numbers.

  519. Danae said

    From the looks of it one are going to get nice big fat bonuses this year. Right now the numbers show us getting 7 percent of our yearly salaries as a bonus. If we can make 12 percent over budget we will get 10 percent of our salaries as a bonus. At the 7 percent mark my bonus will be $1638. At the 10 percent mark I will get $2340 for a bonus. I can live with that.

  520. Danae said

    We are going to get not One are going to get.

  521. Margaret said

    I posted Arrowyn’s link over at Lifetime. I think if enough of us take that certain unnamed person to task she may back down. Short of that write to the Lifetime people and complain.

  522. Madonna said

    Hi Maddie Mo,
    Boo-Boo’s doing OK right now. Not great, but OK. Thanks for asking how are you?

    Unlike you i didn’t have a Norman morning. I had a “Norman” this morning. I thought that was a nickname we were using for apples several weeks back. I believe that was Dizey who started that.

    I ought to know by sometime tomorrow. Which emails are you referring to?

    Ice Cream Sundaes? For your bonus? That sounds like something my company would do.

    I went over to imdb and Bloodlines to do a little looking during my lunch and someone posted this on IMDB.

    I have no idea if it’s true or not.,%20Dianna

    Can everyone hear me weeping?

  523. Madonna said

    Sorry Danae,
    I guess I need to refresh before I hit send.

  524. Danae said

    No prob. Didn’t I tell you guys that I am dating Kyle. HA! In my dreams. Madonna is that other link the picture of his “girlfriend”?

  525. Madonna said

    Sharesies Danae!
    And SUPPOSEDLY yes, but you know how rumors go……. It’s likely that it isn’t true at all.

  526. Maddie Mo said

    I can’t hear you weeping over my sobs!!!

    I’m going to go eat a big @$$ bowl of cookie dough ice cream now.

  527. Danae said

    Well the little B-atch. She needs to keep her hands of my……I mean our guy. If you ask me the two of them together will be like glaring gorgeousness. They are both very nice looking people. Is it bad that I kinda feel catty towards her?

  528. Himmiefan said

    Madonna – are you referring to the girlfriend comment? It’s okay honey chile; the ring isn’t on anybody’s finger yet. Remember, Henry’s still free!

  529. Madonna said

    Don’t feel bad about feeling catty. Strangely, I think we all feel a little possessive of him.

  530. Margaret said

    Arrowyn: Sorry I posted your link. Had I know you had I wouldn’t have.

    Let’s all have a moment of silence to mourn. He couldn’t wait for all of us. lol.
    I’m happy for him. Still doesn’t mean we can’t look at him and think he’s pretty.

  531. Danae said

    I have a whole chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies w/milk and two full Ben and Jerry’s ice creams at home. Anyone want to wallow in misery with me?

  532. Madonna said

    I see I kind of woke the blog up…..

    Yeah, I know there isn’t a ring on that finger, but I look at him and then look at myself in the mirror and all I can say is “Yeah right!”

    There’s also the little problem of me being a lowly designer from Kentucky and him being a movie star who lives in Canada and LA.

  533. Danae said

    He deserves it though. She better be good to our man/boy/vamp.

  534. Danae said

    Don’t talk like that about yourself Madonna. You are beautiful and alot of stars want someone that isn’t famous. To famous people in one house often do not work out.

  535. Danae said

    I thought of it more like I am older than him. Why would he want me when he can have someone younger?

  536. Danae said

    I still have my dreams and t-shirt though.

  537. Madonna said

    Thanks Danae!

    I’m not trying to put myself down, just facing reality……

  538. Madonna said

    Lots of dreams on this here blog.

  539. Danae said

    I have to go home now. Sob amongst yourselves.
    Dizey-miss you.

    Ciao Bellas!

  540. Madonna said

    Bye Danae!

  541. Himmiefan said

    Madonna – considered yourself bopped on the head! Bop, bop, bop!No “lowly” about it. Kentucky’s nice too. No LA traffic! Hugs!

    You know, this is why I’ve kind of stopped looking up personal things about actors I think are nice looking. My little fantasy world is usually so much nicer than reality. I recently read an article about an absolutely gorgeous guy who played in the show Rome on HBO. Well, let’s just say, like I said, I prefer my fantasy world.

    Henry, though, is here! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Henry, stop that! Okay, don’t stop. ๐Ÿ™‚

  542. DIZEY1 :-) said

    HOLY MERDE !!!! I choose to live in DENIAL! and in my fantasy world. I too would be shedding HUGE TEARS Madonna if it were true ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜Ž Back to the denial thingy, oh and I also had a Mott’s red delicious Norman today.

    Dani girl I miss you too! I have my spoon and I’ll meet you at the fridge ๐Ÿ˜‰

  543. Madonna said

    OWWWW… Himmie… Stop that!

    That’s gonna leave a mark.

  544. Himmiefan said

    Madonna – Henry’s on his way over to kiss the boo boo (not your dog…).

  545. Madonna said

    All those who choose to live in denial about this matter say AYE!


    He said he was dating someone. It doesn’t necessarily mean that girl is her.

  546. Margaret said

    Danae: I’ll see you the whole chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies w/milk and two full Ben and Jerryโ€™s ice creams and trump it with a Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing. lol.

    P. S. I read a long time ago that he said he was seeing someone, I just can’t remember where.

    Quietly sobbing. lol.

  547. Madonna said

    Thanks Himmie,

    That might be kinda wierd if he were coming over to kiss my dog.

  548. Maddie Mo said

    I’m joining Dizey and Madonna in the land of DENIAL.

    Dani girl please come with us and bring all the goodies

  549. elizabeth said

    Madonna – Can I say “duh” to myself here? I just read your post wrong and considered your whole day a Norman fiasco – not that you were eating an apple!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ It is funny because I met my mom for lunch and told her when Blood Ties was starting back up (she was really excited ,BTW) and I filled her in on my Norman day AND that we had started calling apples a Norman. sheesh.

    As for Kyle, I really prefer not to know a great deal about his private life – it messes with my fantasy of Henry. Besides, I’d rather have my ideal than the reality of someone (Tom Cruise for example) But, Madonna, girl – don’t you put yourself down in my hearing. You are a wonderful person and any man would be lucky to have you in his life!!!!

  550. elizabeth said

    Ladies, I am a lifetime resident on the Isle of Denial! It works really well for me ;). The goodies will be most welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

  551. Margaret said

    Well, whoever he’s dating I give him credit for being a gentlemen to the end and keeping her under wraps as I’m sure that’s a real pain but why would he want to subject his private life to scrutiny. I’m rowing up that river of denial with the rest of you. I’ll just keep my fantasies in Henry’s world.

  552. Madonna said

    AWWWWW…… Thanks Elizabeth!

    Like I said though, I’m a big girl (in more ways than one) and I just know when to face reality.

    Such as I know that I’ll probably never meet him anyway and even if he were free and we did meet AND he didn’t mind that I was a lowly designer, he’d most likely take one look at me and laugh.

    It’s all a moot point anyway!

    Got any sugar free ice cream?

  553. Maddie Mo said

    You are awesome, your beautiful and your talented. That is what is important not your size. Besides, I have found that like blondes, big girls have more fun….

  554. Margaret said

    Tanya has a new post on her live journal:

  555. elizabeth said

    Madonna, honey, you make me want to cry. You are not a “lowly designer” you are a creative and fun young woman. So what if you are a big girl – me too, but I prefer to think of myself as “fluffy” as in huggable. We are judged by others as we judge ourselves (if that makes sense) If I feel bad about myself then others will only see that. So, straighten up, put on that lovely smile and learn to love all the good qualities you have. That is what people will remember.

  556. DIZEY1 :-) said


    Remember we live on a river called De Nile ! Eat the real ice cream sista’ !!

  557. Maddie Mo said

    I’m out of here for the day!!!

    Thanks to Dani, I got to go to the store and buy junk food. Not that I really need it, but what the hell. Why not??

    Have a good night all

    Will chat with you all in the morning

  558. DIZEY1 :-) said

    I too would love to see them bumpin’ uglies like bunnies ๐Ÿ˜€ Cain’t use Miss T’s actual wording I sooo loved it that she wrote that. She’s the coolest chick!

  559. Madonna said

    Bye, Maddie Mo,

    THANK YOU for the link!

    THANK YOU! I’m OK really! I didn’t mean to make you cry. I made Dizey cry yesterday. I was gone for five days and now I’m making everyone cry. Hangs head…… I’m sorry y’all!

    THANK YOU! I’ll try to remember that. So let me get this straight, in the land of De Nial I can live off of hot fudge if I so choose right?

  560. Madonna said

    Maddie Mo,
    THANK YOU! Have a good evening.

    THANK YOU for the link.

    THANK YOU! Iโ€™m OK really! I didnโ€™t mean to make you cry. I made Dizey cry yesterday. I was gone five days and now Iโ€™m making everyone cry. Hangs head and shuffles off to a corner…. Iโ€™m sorry yโ€™all. I didnโ€™t mean to.

    THANK YOU! Iโ€™ll try to remember that. So let me see if I have this straight…. In the land of Denial I can live off of hot fudge if I choose to right?

  561. Himmiefan said

    “heโ€™d most likely take one look at me and laugh.”

    Bop, bop, bop!!

  562. lwildstar said

    Mags – thanks for the link – I love how open Tanya is when she says thisngs – yeah i don’t think ******* like bunnies isnt approriate for here – but I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that!

    Madonna – I was refering to the trail of emails titled HELP! and you are not a “lowly” anything!

  563. lwildstar said

    ok so I just spent the most depressing hour and a half on the pone with my sister – and I just need to get this out of my system so feel free to pass this over
    shes depressed and needed to vent – but….and before you say anything I know this is just me….but when she said that shes dropped all this weight and the doctor is now yelling at her to eat more – it made me feel bad about my self. I know she wasn’t saying anything against me….she was just rambling…. At the begining of the year I was 188 and she was 170 just 18 pounds differnt and in my eyes should looked much skinier…anyway 9 months later I’m still 188 and shes down to 135…..I know its the medication shes on for her back – but geeze – and I know its petty – but shes always been the “pretty one” her nick name was princess and mine was pumpkin (short fat and round)…….and my cousin, the one I talk about all the time, has dropped from a size 20 to a 12 – and no matter what I do, short of not eatting, I’m stuck….sorry didn’t mean to go there I guess its that every once in a while all that self doubt raises its ugly head and sticks its toung out at me.
    Sorry…..grrrr…I hate feeling like this!
    Thank you for letting me vent!

    and on to other news….
    I prefer living in the land of Denial myself….but as long as Kyle is happy thats fine with me! Beside I always have him in my dreams – and since dream Kyle is willing to time share with dream Henry and Paul – why not!

    well I’m out for the evening – maybe I’ll check back later……

  564. elizabeth said

    Wildstr – I am sorry you are struggling with your weight and feeling bad about yourself right now. I know about being stuck and not being able to lose those pounds and how difficult it is to be around others who have succeeded. Been there. Remember the strides you have taken over the past few months; your blossoming confidence and the friendships you have developed. The rest will come in time. ((Big Hug))

  565. Margaret said

    Someone mentioned music for us: How about: We are Family. Isn’t that by Sister Sledge, goes something like: I got all my sisters with me…..

  566. Claire said

    Hi all,Spent the day with My daughter and her kids…can’t believe Jake will be 4 months tomorrow!
    Anyway..Madonna that link didn’t work for me..I couldn’t see anything and when I went to the actual IMDB and clicked on Kyle might have a girlfriend post,it took me to register page! Not that I care..I am firmly entrenched in the land of DENIAL.

    In my universe..he’s mine! LOL!

    Madonna and all of you that are feeling down on yourselves…what did I say yesterday?

    You are all the most beautiful women in the world…that is how I see you…that is how you should see yourselves…and the world will start to see you that way too!!!

    I have a friend that I know for 26 years,we raised our kids together,we met at a playground when Monique was little,she is also French and Sicilian,anyway she is quite large,but never saw herself that way,she has the most amazing personality,people gravitate to her! This is all during the time I was in the prime of my modeling carreer,we would go out and you know what?NO one would notice me,she had all the men surrounding her! that is what I’ve always loved about her! She flirted laughed joked wore sexy under clothes.Today she is happily married and Grandma to 3 beautiful girls!
    See yourselves as Beauty Queens…You are!
    I also once met a very hot young man,who told me”All women are beautiful,each one has her own unique beauty” too bad he was on an airplane and I never saw him again! LOL!

    Anyway dinner calls My beautiful sistas!

  567. elizabeth said

    I am heading for home. Unfortunately, I am going to be locked into a training all day tomorrow – double yuk, so I will catch up with all of you on Monday. Have a safe and wonderful weekend all.

  568. DebS said

    Hey Gang!

    How’s it going? I have the next three days off! First in a long time. What is everyone up to this evening?

  569. lwildstar said

    sorry to be a downer……I just know I’m understood here
    Claire / Elizabeth dears, thank you – yes I know…I’ve stuggled with this my whole life, the weight the self doubt….I was picked on horribly as a child even by my own sister (until she grew up)..even sometimes my mom will say something that stings (usually backhanded compliments), I don’t know if they realize they are doing it – and I’ve never been able to say anything to them – I always feel I am being over sensitive…..
    I can look at another “big girl” and applaude her confidence, and I’ve been much better myself – especially lately – but every once in a while its like getting slapped – that old monster sneeks right up on ya….and puts me in a funk – sorry.

    On Tim Gunns new fashion make over show he has a saying “I can not control how I am perceived. I can only conrtol how I am presented” If you set out into the world wearing nothing but confidence you will be the most well dressed person in the world –
    I still need to work on that but I am trying….I just have to keep reminding my self of the cable boy and the guy in the elevator – and yes Paul….but some days its difficult.
    And I need to keep remeinding myself of all the beautiful wonderful ladies here and all the support we have for each other…

    So how many Henry quotes are going to follow this rant? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for they hugs – I love you guys!

  570. Marie said

    Good Evening!

    I heard about the press release today. I am happy to see something happen! Do you think that it will really help? Lets hope so!

  571. lwildstar said

    Claire – I logged in to IMBD and then found the comments link – its acctually kinda old – it looks like it was posted in June – sorry I don’t remember the date – but it wasn’t recent….

    Feeling better – but it looks like I killed the blog ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Well I may or may not be around tomorrow – depending on how tired I am after all the walking we’ll be doing!

    Night ladies!

  572. Claire said

    I was going to say..just driving through…but why do I say that? I don’t drive!
    so I’ve decided from now on..just typing through makes more sense LOL!!!

    This ones for my go get someone to translate..

    Mes belles soeurs, vous รชtes merveilleux, sensible, et certaines des femmes les plus douรฉes et les plus fortes que je connais. C’est un honneur pour vous connaรฎtre et pour vous compter en tant que mes amis,et je t’aime comme mon famille, quoique nous ne nous soyons jamais rรฉunis.

    Bonne Nuit!

  573. Madonna said

    You had to go and bop me in a different spot didn’t ya? Now that’s two marks. Seriously though…. Thanks! I love ya!

    Sorry ladies….. I know you all are worried about me feeling down about myself, but you needn’t worry. I treasure all of your love and kind words. They have helped me make strides in recent months. The thing you all have to understand about me is that I’ve lived all but isolated for over half of my life. Not only was I the fat girl but I was also the recluse and because of that in social situations around both women and men I don’t really know how to act. Plus, I’ve never really been around a man who was not at least somewhat superficial in the way that they viewed me, my dad included. That’s just my experiences.

    I’ve lived a looonnnggg time having my face ground into the dirt in some form or another and while I don’t truly believe that I’m ugly or anything, like lwildstar said, sometimes you feel like you’ve been slapped. I’m trying really hard to believe that I’m beautiful no matter what shape or size that I come in, but I’ve also come to realize the reality that those feelings have been there for about 20 years and the roots are deep. Trying to pull those roots out is just going to take some time. It’s not going to happen overnight. I’m just one of those hard cases to crack and it’s a learning process for me.

    You all have helped me tremendously though. If only I could return the favor.

    I love you all.


  574. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Claire, Ditto!

    Amen je dis ! La beautรฉ est dans l’oeil du spectateur. Ceux qui ne la voient pas, ne peuvent pas voir qu’elle pour elles sont aveugle. J’adore toutes mes soeurs ici, vous รชtes tous beau et m’inspirez vraiment ! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Nightwalker I hear you and fight the same battle. I haven’t lost the war and refuse to. Never say die! It’s what’s inside that counts , cliche’ but true none the less. Have fun tomorrow.

    It was a good cry, every now and then we all need reminding that we don’t carry the load he steps in a lifts the burden. Thanks for the reminder and yes in the *Land of OZ(Denial)* dawlin’ you can have all the hot fudge you’d like with a cherry on top. (Sweet Dreams ๐Ÿ˜€ )

    Much love to all of you sorry I’ve been a little busy and stuff and hadn’t had a chance to blog much this week. I’ll make a concerted (sp) effort to try and participate more next week.

    Reves doux d’Henri
    XOXOXOXOXOX Je t’aime, Peace Out ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  575. Anzia said

    Hey guys ^_^ Thanks for the congrads. ๐Ÿ™‚ Had one guy today make me so mad i was shaking. I mean totally and completley furious to the point where I was deathly calm. Which is NEVER NEVER NEVER good. If I’m mad & I get quite…someone will be hurt. Just the way it is. I asked for the CH (card holder) & he sd that she wasn’t avail. So, I asked if he could take a # so she could call me back. WEll, he asked what it was in regards to. I said “private buisness matter” b/c we can’t say anything else. He asked if she had an acct w/us. I said “sorry sir i cannot dilvulge any information. Can you please take a # so she can call us back.” “Well, what’s the # for?” — it went on like this for about 3 minutes before I got fed up and said, “thank you for your time, we’ll just try back another time.” “You better not,” came the reply. AND, with the biggest and most self satisfied smile on my face (because i knew we could call the # back) I said, “Have a good evening, sir” & hung up. Now, I wanted to scream. He was unneccessarily doing that. Just saying, “no won’t take a msg” would’ve workd. One of the supervisors said he was just trying to get a rise out of me & he succeeded & I looked at her like: “Excuse me! I was SOOO Polite, soo patient and he had to be a jerk. If I DIDN’T get mad then we’d have something to talk about.” UGH!

    sorry, he just made me REALLY REALLY mad…grrr…

    Okay, i’m done now…

    lwildstar, madonna- ((((HUGS)))) I love you guys. Diz is right. Beauty isn’t what’s on the package, it’s in the heart contained inside. You’re both beautiful in my eyes. I understand the weight thing. I really REALLY do. Never considered myself pretty (barely qualify as plain most of the time) but I’m working on it. I know you guys can do it. ๐Ÿ™‚ You’ve both already shown just how amazing you are to us, the world is just waiting for it’s chance to see it to. ^_^ LOVE YOU!

  576. Margaret said blog –

    Blood Ties under Monday.

  577. lwildstar said

    thanks for the link Mags – how dissapointing though – the reviewer didn’t even describe the show! ohwell…

    Thanks for all the hugs guys! Uggg..I just need to shake all this off. It like the anxiety attacks – they sneek up on you and it takes awile to get rid of them – but this time I kept myself out of the “death spiral” where you just keep adding more self doubt and araound and around we go – I guess becasue I have such wonderful understanding friends to vent to….

    How do yo guys find these Links! I can spend so much time surfing and I keep coming up with thw same old links!

    Well my cousin will be here shortly – will check in is I have time!

  578. Margaret said

    Well, like Anne suggested try instituting a google search. It will email you when there is news on certain items. I should have remembered that as I had one out for David James Elliott, but alas I have moved on to young master Schmid.

  579. Margaret said

    Whoops, that should have been a google alert.

  580. Madonna said

    Good morning guys!

    Claire, Dizey, Anzia, everyone…. Thank you all for your kind words of support.

    You don’t have to work at posting, we were just worried by your sudden disappearance is all.

    Thanks for the link. At least we’re getting noticed.

    Have fun!


    I was watching the martini scene again yesterday during lunch and I noticed that the olive is still in Vicki’s drink. Which means Henry could not have stolen it. I also remember reading on Bloodlines a while back that the scene was not written for Henry to eat that olive…. which means our little trickster Kyle had to have kept an olive hidden and snuck that in. I love it! What do you girls think?

    Accident not caught or purposeful mischief?

  581. msgypsy said

    Driving by this morning. It got hopelessly busy at work and then I discovered that I have a way to burn DVDs so I’ve been busily making Blood Ties dvds to give a couple of friends who don’t have cable. (And, in once case, doesn’t have internet, either.)

    If anyone is having trouble accepting that Kyle is dating someone (and I don’t know that anyone really is, but just in case…) remember that the Minxes are dealing with Dylan being Married with a capital RING as well as a proud father. It certainly hasn’t interfered with our fantasies and I contend it’s what makes Dylan so attractive. And my fantasies are about Celucci, anyway. (Sometimes I think about David Martel but usually it’s Celucci.)

    BTW, if anyone feels the urge to discuss Christina’s personal life please rethink that. I adore her in everything I’ve ever seen her in and hope she’s got a deeply satisfying PRIVATE life. (Something about her makes me want to protect her privacy. I can’t explain it.)

    Well, I’m off to shower and head to work. And wish I hadn’t turned on the news this morning…

  582. prtfvr said

    gypsy’s in luv, gypsy’s in luv!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I don’t know where Norman finds the time to hassle us all but he was all over me yesterday. Z, I hear with the anger/stillness angle. That’s me at my most rattlesnake about to strike moment.

    wildstar: I TOTALLY understand the jealousy about the weight loss. It’s human nature. Some people are above that but I know I’m not so we can sit together and be jealous together!

    Except for a few years in my life – 16 – 18 when I was porking so much I didn’t have time to eat! I’ve always been a chub. I was brought up by someone who was naturally thin and she always said “where did I get all these fat girls from”. Oh and the ever popular song “Fatty, Fatty two by four, can’t get through the kitchen door”. LOVED that one. Oh and “you’re shaped like a pear, girl”.

    There are more “jokes” but all those people are dead and I’m still here! AND they didn’t even look good in their coffins so HAH!

    I’m randomly shy but so opinionated that I have a hard time shutting up. I know, SHOCKER! And I don’t worry about talking with people because I’m fat (excepting Kyle and Keanu, of course). Once you get past the fat, it’s just me talking and that tends to take your mind off of the fat.

    Like yesterday in this email battle I was having. She was just thinking of me as your garden variety bitch, not “that fat bitch” so that’s progress, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Cheer up, fatties of the world unite! ๐Ÿ™‚

  583. Margaret said

    A nasty little review from the Jerusalem Post. The person who reviewed the show kept calling Henry Micky. And said that Vicki had quit the force because she had an eye injury. Her email Ready, set, go, set your emails on stun. Sounds like she didn’t even watch it from the details she listed throughout the review.

  584. Margaret said

    Ms. Gypsy: Glad to know that I’m not the only one who feels that when someone is happily married that it seems to make them all the more sexy in my eyes. I used to follow David James Elliott, not literally, and the thing I found the most attractive about him was that he was happily married and proud of it. But I can’t figure out why that would make me think he was that much sexier. How could I ever expect a man to figure me out if I can’t figure myself out. lol.

    I can still have my fantasies about Kyle as I know there is absolutely, positively NO DANGER of them ever coming true. I’ll never met the boy, must less be in a position to talk to him and if I was I’m sure I would be struck dumb and realize all those naughty thoughts I’ve had about him are seriously inappropriate. I look at him like a beautiful piece of sculpture-absolutely gorgeous to look at but you can’t touch! lol.

  585. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    Margaret said,
    September 21, 2007 @ 6:52 am
    A nasty little review from the Jerusalem Post. The person who reviewed the show kept calling Henry Micky. And said that Vicki had quit the force because she had an eye injury. Her email Ready, set, go, set your emails on stun. Sounds like she didnโ€™t even watch it from the details she listed throughout the review.

    Okay now that just went WAY beyond rude. I hope stuff like that really un-called-for nasty review doesn’t get our show cancelled. I SERIOULSY wanna hurt that person…more than I’ve ever wanted to hurt anyone…like sending a nasty email with lots of curse expletives. *G*

  586. Claire said

    Wow..Margaret…I just read that post…what a f%&king Bitch!
    Did she/he even watch the show before posting that? It made want to break her/his fingers and see if he/she could type with his/her mouth.

    Is this trash typist a woman? She probably hates strong women and hot men!
    A%^hole! Oh…I’m riled up now…see my potty mouth on full alert and my face is matching my hair!

    How dare she..horrible writing? I’ll sic Tanya on her!

  587. Danae said

    Buongiorno Bellas. Here’s my drive-by.
    Madonna-Sugar free ice cream? Never heard of it. There are just somethings that aren’t meant to be sugar free. It should only be allowed for the diabetics.

    All of the ones saying they are fat. I like to refer to it as pleasantly plump. There is more of you to love.

    Wildstar-188 lbs is nothing. I am 200 exactly. At least you are still 188 after a year and not more. Look at the positive not the negative.

    Ok now on to that god awful review. What a biatch. You all know I hate critics. She really need to get her facts straight before she can even think about bashing something.

    This is my exact email to her.

    Let me just say before you review something you need to get the characters names right. The vampire isnโ€™t Micky itโ€™s Henry. Hello!? The woman that plays Vicki is named Christina Cox not Christine Cox. It is so obvious that you were planning to go into this not liking it so why bother. If you werenโ€™t planning on giving it a fair chance leave it alone. The second hour of the episode explains all that needed to be explained. Also Vickiโ€™s failing eyesight isnโ€™t due to an injury. She has retinitis pigmentosa which is a disease of the eye. You really need to get your facts straight before you start bashing something.

    Why canโ€™t reviewers just let the people that are potential fans of something decide for themselves. You guys are just wannabees.

    You have just made a bunch of Americans upset over your blatant naivete. Get a clue!


    Proud fan of Blood Ties from Connecticut in the United States.

  588. Margaret said

    Well I told her, it, that it was obvious that she hadn’t actually watched the show. And reminded her that bad publicity is better than no pubilicity and that people would watch to see if she knew what she was talking about which they would find out that she didn’t. Told her it was too bad she didn’t watch it as she might have given it a better review.

    Sickem my sistas. She deserves it. I guess its a she, not sure.

  589. Danae said

    No we should sick Henry on him/her!

  590. Himmiefan said

    Margaret, Dani, and all others who responded to that reviewer – You go girls!!!

    Now, as Delores Umbridge would say, “Ahem, ahem.” Attention please. As I was dodging potholes on the way to work today, I actually did some semi-deep thinking. We’ve got to learn to divorce our feelings of worth from our looks (and believe you me, I’m preaching to myself here). Our looks will always let us down. We’ll never be thin enough, tall enough, short enough, light enough, dark enough, etc. Plus, our hair will never, ever act the way it should. This goes for all those models and movie stars too. They don’t look the way they do in pictures. They’re a lot more like us. I remember watching a few minutes of Dr. 90210 and hearing a woman say that if she got a boob job, then she would have self-esteem. Geesh lady! The cameras never show what happens a few months down the road when women like her find that their new looks didn’t solve all their problems.

    God specially made each one of us and pronounced us good.

    You may now resume your regularly scheduled blogging.

  591. Danae said

    Except that God intended for me to get that breast reduction a few years ago. He planted that idea in my head, I swear.

  592. Himmiefan said

    Morning Dani. He probably did! Sounds like your genes went a little haywire. Nothing wrong with correcting a medical problem.

    Now, on the subject of looks, I did go to a Bobbi Brown makeup event last night. A lot of fun! Found out I should be using a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. And who would have thought to put brown lipstick on a blue-eyed bottle blond?

    This has nothing to do with my self-esteem. Nothing.


  593. DebS said

    Morning everyone!

    I am enjoying my first day off in a long, long, long time. How is everyone this morning?

    I tried reading some of the blog, and noticed that many of us are feeling down about lots of things.

    I love you guys! Keep your head up, all things do pass in time.

  594. Maddie Mo said

    Morning all!!!
    It’s Friday YEAH ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m all fired up here today at some of the stupid people I work with. Why bother asking someone to put in 2 or 3 days work if you already think you know the answer. I did a couple sales reports to base royalty payment off of for the finance department. Today they have questioined everything I did cause what they pulled out of the system was different than what was on the report. The reason why, because the IT team has never changed the things I asked them to change in the system so the infor in the system for some of our items is incorrect according to our contracts. So, you have to manually change the report. I have had to send 15 emails this morning defending myself. I hate that. I pride myself on attention to detail and accuracy, I hate it when I am questioned. And I hate it that I have to ask the people who maintain that information in the system 200 times before they will change it.

    Rant over~!!!

    Ready to smile and have fun:) ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  595. laurel said

    Sounds like I need to break out the fresh scones and make some lattes and chai! Come on over and we can sit on the back patio and listen to the birds sing.

    Lol – I need to follow my own prescription here.

  596. laurel said

    Btw – WordPress sent me a message this morning – they will be doing some maintenance on the sites today at 9am pdst and we may have some glitches for about 2 hours. So don’t panick if you have trouble, it will be better soon.

    love ya’

  597. msgypsy said


    On Lifetime, under the picture of Henry, where it says “get more” the link takes you to ads for a bunch of OTHER shows.

    Clearly I need to get to work.

    BTW, the Jerusalem Post reviewer is a man. I used to date a guy named Aryeh. That could explain a few things. Doesn’t make him less of a jerk, but I think men don’t get this kind of show easily. I can’t email him from work but I think tonight I’ll send him a gentle (I can be gentle! Really I can!) tap on the knuckles.

    Prtfvr, what, that’s news? I’ve had a crush on Christina Cox for a long, long time. I really don’t want to know anything about her. It’d spoil my fantasy life. Learning things about Angelina Jolie destroyed that one for me. (I stopped watching “Inside the Actors’ Studio” when someone I like is on it after that.) And don’t EVEN get me started on Nicholas Cage!

    Okay, I’m being VERY naughty today and MUST get to work or be in big ass (and I have a really big ass!) trouble. I’ll try to get back at lunchtime.

  598. Himmiefan said

    DebS – Hi! Long time no see (hear? read?)

    Maddie – I feel your pain. Been there, done that. Kick butt!

    Laurel – that screeching sound you hear is me turning the corner to come get me some of that chai and scones. Yum!

  599. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    I hate my life, I hate my country, I hate workplaces that feel it’s fun to shuffle you around from desk to desk and make you move all of your useless crap AGAIN…I hate cable TV…I hate rude people…and pretty much life in general lately.
    ‘enough said.
    Plus my Dad keeps telling me I need to lose weight and that REALLY doesn’t help my mood. Plus I eat something I shouldn’t when he tells me stuff like that…just because I can. Ugh.
    Rant over….feel free to ignore….

  600. Madonna said

    Hi girls,
    Just a drive by…..

    Henry’s got a lot of stops to make this weekend doesn’t he?

    (((((((((HUGS))))))))))) to all of my sisters whether you need it or not!

    I vote we all take a few deep calming breaths and find something in our lives that we can all look forward to. Hope is what keeps us going. How about Blood Ties! Just 21 days away. That’s something to make all of us smile.

  601. Danae said

    Laurel-I want the cranberry scones with butter and the chai. Is it vanilla? Add some Josh Groban to the mix and Henry and I will be in Heaven.

    Good things to look forward to? Lets see-My brother is arriving tomorrow at 6:25, Blood Ties starts in 3 weeks (3 weeks sounds better then 21 days sorry Madonna) and the trip. Not to rub it in really but that is a big one I am looking forward to.

    DebS-Did you say you were going to try and make it to Claire’s? I am having a hard time keeping track of everybody.

  602. Danae said

    Ok my post disappeared. Sucks to be me.

  603. Madonna said

    Some of you may have already seen this. I saw it a while back but I had to find it again. I think its cute.

  604. DebS said

    Himmiefan-yeah it has been a long time. Work keeps getting crazier and crazier.

    But hey, I am working up the courage to ask out this guy that I like. ๐Ÿ™‚

  605. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bonjour, Buongiorno! Good Afternoon! Happy Friday and I’m off tomorrow too so not too bad a day today. ๐Ÿ™‚ Vampgrl so sorry your day is sucking but as the other sista’s say this too shall pass.

    Madonna the old full moon is coming and could be bringing alot of this ick with it. You and I are on the same wave length I watched Love Hurts this AM and he pulls said olive from his sleeve area on his right arm and then proceeds to check out Vicki while saying, and I love the look as he says what’s eating you ? (badd boy ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) he also drinks my kind of vampire. Not just a blood sucker.

    Dani, Himmie, Maggie May great job on the angry critic ๐Ÿ˜› Sad that people actually get paid to tear someones life and or career apart and can sleep at night.

  606. Danae said

    Hi Dizey. My boss and the woman that thinks she is my boss left. I get to play.

  607. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    Er…it’s not the DAY…my life in general just sucks.
    On a positive not…my cat is FINALLY drinking out of the fountain. She started Tues night. Poor thing went almost 3 full days without water before she finally gave up asking for water out of the bathroom sink. She never even bothered with the spout part. She was so thirsty she just shoved her head right down into the bowl part. She drank for about 5 to 10 minutes. Moron. Talk about one stubborn cat. But it’s so nice not to have her bothering us for water for a change. ๐Ÿ™‚

  608. Danae said

    I forgot to mention that Adam came over for dinner and a movie last night.

  609. DebS said

    Hey Danae! So you and Adam are still seeing each other? Great!

  610. Maddie Mo said

    How did that go?? Still think you are going to stay in the friends zone???

  611. msgypsy said

    Heh! My last post turned into spam. I don’t know what WordPress is doing but stuff is going into the spam bucket that has nothing at all wrong with it.

    Aryeh is a man’s name. Which may explain the Jerusalem Post reviewer’s issues. Lots of men just don’t get shows like BT. JP should have had a woman review it, but their tv reveiwer is obviously a man and an annoying one at that. (I used to date a guy named Aryeh. He wasn’t annoying but I can imagine he’d never like BT.)

    Then I talked about my crush on Christina Cox but that’s back up there if you want to go find it.

  612. Danae said

    Yeah I am taking it very slowly. Too slowly some think but with all the heartache I have seen my sisters and brother go through and what I heard my parents went through I don’t want to set myself up for heartache. I guess there a thing as being to cautious though.

  613. Madonna said

    Hi Dizey, Maddie Mo, Deb, and Ms. Gypsy! How are y’all doin?

    The moon huh? Well, I have a few choice words to say to the moon.

    Did ya get a kiss? Hey, I live vicariously through others!

    BTW…. Watcha playin? Can I play too?

  614. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Ohh I forgot to mention my Lifetime Press kit for Blood Ties Blood Price (I won) on eBay cam in this week. Excellent condition and this one came with all the paperwork. The first one I won was Heart of Ice/Heart of Fire didn’t have all the paperwork with it but when the digital cable goes out I have a DVD I can watch now. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Whoo hoooo!!

  615. Madonna said

    I can sympathize with you. Sometimes it seems like life is always knocking you back 3 steps for your every one, but you’ve got to continue on! You can do it!

    I can also tell you one thing that you do have in your life and that is about 30 friends here.

  616. Madonna said

    How exciting! The only episode I can watch at home is Norman. Damn dial up and stupid me for not taping them.

  617. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Madonna you are so right. Boy when we go back to blog with Tanya it’s funny we are gonna be the blog ๐Ÿ˜€ We like my friends here travel in packs ๐Ÿ˜‰ and we protect our own!

  618. Danae said

    Yes Madonna there was a kiss but it was just a peck so there isn’t to much exciting there.

  619. Danae said

    I watch at my mom’s house as often as she will let me. She has On Demand now. She is liking the show surprisingly but not as much as us here.

  620. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Madonna I have them all DVR’d but if the dang cable goes out I can’t watch any of them. I soooo can’t wait to be able to order our DVD’s after this season. And then we get to look forward to next season ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  621. Himmiefan said

    Vampgirl – Hang on girl. Henry’s on his way armed with chocolate. We’ll even let you keep him a couple of days!

    Hang in there. Your friends are here for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  622. Madonna said

    You know, I was thinking about Tanya’s last blog post and I think that the fact that ANYONE from Lifetime calling her to find out how she would like the story to go is VERY encouraging.

    BTW…. In that link that I posted earlier…. Did you all see the custom Henry doll someone made for Tanya?

  623. Anne said

    Maybe some lovely Henry – NOT MICKEY! – icons will cheer you up?

  624. Danae said

    I meant to say this when I posted about that damn reviewer.

    Oh Mickey your so fine, Your so fine you blow my mind
    Hey Mickey Hey Mickey

    I saw that doll Madonna. It is very cute although the shoes look very girly.

  625. Madonna said

    Mickey, Henry, Sue…. I don’t care what the hell his name is. I’ll take him.

  626. Danae said

    Sue?! Ever heard the Johnny Cash song A Boy Named Sue. Wierd.

    Anne-I love those icons. How do I get one?

  627. Madonna said

    Danae, yes, I’ve heard of that song. I love it. It was a direct reference.

    I love the animated icon that starts by talking about Blood Ties then flashes to scenes of Henry.

  628. Danae said

    That one is my favorite also.

  629. Danae said

    Naked chest scenes of Henry. I need more of those.

  630. Margaret said

    Sweeeet icons of Henry. Thanks.

  631. Danae said

    Buona Sera Bellas. It is time for me to depart. Ciao!

  632. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bye Dani girl, I’ve been with a customer, talk to ya’ Monday unless I see over the weekend ๐Ÿ˜‰

  633. DIZEY1 :-) said


    What’s the diff between an Icon and an Avatar? Oh and thank you sooo much for giving us some Fresh McHenry!

  634. Madonna said

    Bye Danae!

    We’re easy to please aren’t we girls?

    Well, sorry but it’s back to work for me. Just 45 minutes left though….. 45 min….. 45 min…. 45 min. Sorry, just reminding myself.

  635. Maddie Mo said

    I’m good. How about you?

    So, I had all my Blood ties on the tivo, but something happened to the modem inside and we have to get a new one. And I don’t want to cause I will lose all the old episodes. Husband wants to go buy the new one today.

  636. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Madonna no apologies necessary and I don;t need a reminder only and hour and a half left for me though! Yay!!!!!!!!!

  637. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Maddie there’s no way to transfer the info, the Super Geek Highway or something? That blows big time man I’d be very sad, maybe even shed a tear or 2 hundred ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  638. Claire said

    Hello my Sistas…Anne you’re my hero! LOL! I went right click crazy! OOOOH can everyone just say it with me…Those abs..that chest…man…I’m happy! See Anne that worked better than chocolate!

    Hey Mr.Aryeh …reminds me of he that shall not be named…Remember?
    always talking trash about Kyle/Henry….Jealousy…I tell you…Just Jealousy!

    Anyway have to clean my house..since I played hookie today and didn’t put in any referals for work…didn’t clean!

    Spent the day being a child again with my grandkids at Chuckie E.Cheese!
    Beat Monique at air hockey,and got Mya 978 tickets!!!!!!
    My outlook on life…you are never too old to be a kid!

    Luv yas

  639. Maddie Mo said

    Dizey, I don’t know if there is any way to transfer them. I know you can transfer them to VCR, but I don’t have a VCR anymore, just DVD.

  640. Maddie Mo said

    Yeah it’s time to go Home ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope ya’ll have a good weekend and be safe.

    I’ll catch up with you Monday.

    Love ya!!!!

  641. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bye Maddie have a great weekend and kiss the sweet one for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Claire did you play Whack a mole? Logan whacks the hell out of those suckers. Where a kid can be a kid ๐Ÿ˜€

    I finally made myself go read the BADD Critic’s article. May I ask what the hell was he watching?? I have to say the Mickey thing was way over the top, and Vicki carries “some kind of scary long knife thing” it’s an ASP you A$$ ๐Ÿ™‚ I try and follow my Secret advice and I don’t watch the news or read negative stuff anymore and this guy’s such a negative man, YUCK !!!!! He’s a Mendoza ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  642. DIZEY1 :-) said

    see ya’ll when I get home ๐Ÿ˜Ž Peace Out!!!

  643. Claire said

    I sure did whack a mole!!! made believe it was nasty critic among others(LOL)
    But my fav was something called Bubble up..just because I like to test my reflexes! You have to keep the ball in the green part while all the other parts are moving up and down faster and faster,if you touch red part you lose.Beat it on my first try!

    Ms.Mya went home a happy little girl!
    Baby Jake is growing two freakin teeth already!

    Beth..thats what I said the other day! I don’t listen read or put up with negative merde.!

  644. Margaret said


  645. Margaret said


  646. Himmiefan said


    And about time.

  647. Margaret said

    I feel like I should be doing my Horshack impression, jumping up and down, eww, ewww, eww.

  648. Anne said

    Most excellent Margaret – I’m very happy to hear it.

    And also pleased that it was YOU who saw it and got to report it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  649. Anne said

    Hurry up and post it on Bloodlines!

  650. Margaret said

    Anne: It’s done (posted on Bloodlines. Its great when the Doubting Thomas gets to see it first, eh? I was in such a hurry to post I didn’t even watch it all the way through. I hope they run it again.

  651. Claire said

    WOOHOO!!!! About freakin time!!!!
    Thank you..Thank you Margaret! Oh things are looking up!
    Ah…I am feeling good!
    going to open a bottle of merlot…eat some Ravioli and chill!
    been listening to some tunes on my ipod..for our list Danae! but I think what I’m doing is blowing out my kids eardrums with my singing LOL!!
    I get in these know sing like nobody’s listening!

    Ok see yas later!!!!!!!!!

  652. Margaret said

    7:30 p.m. est. IT SHOWED AGAIN. Near the end Henry is walking behind Vicki and he asks: You’re wearing a dress?

  653. Margaret said

    Google Blogs Alert for: BLOOD TIES TV SHOW

    Time to Fight for “Blood Ties”
    By Sam
    What he told Summer concerns us as it relates to the show. Lifetime TV already announced that they would not be re-airing season one of “Blood Ties” as was originally planned, before the news season was to begin in October. …Slice of Scifi –

    Ep. 13 to be on Yahoo TV – and a Nielsen thing …
    By Blood Ties on TV(Blood Ties on TV)
    Looks like Episode 13 is going to be available on Yahoo TV from Oct. 4 – 11. The mention is at the bottom of this page. Seems like a good way to show interest, along with still watching the premier on 10/12, of course! …
    Blood Ties –


  654. Marie Keith said

    Just saw the preview of Blood Ties on Lifetime!! I can’t wait! 3 more weeks!!

  655. Margaret said

    This was posted on Slice of

    Time to Fight for โ€œBlood Tiesโ€
    Posted by Sam on Saturday, 22 Sep 2007 Summer Brooks, Farpoint Media Supervising Producer and Slice of SciFi co-host, just heard from Peter Mohan, Executive Producer of the Tanya Huff series โ€œBlood Ties,โ€ which aired on Lifetime this past season. What he told Summer concerns us as it relates to the show.

    Lifetime TV already announced that they would not be re-airing season one of โ€œBlood Tiesโ€ as was originally planned, before the news season was to begin in October. Now, season two on American television may be in doubt. Here is what Peter had to say on the subject:

    โ€œWeโ€™re still not sure whether or not Lifetime will be involved in a first position buy of the show, but even if theyโ€™re not, it could still carry on in Canada and the foreign markets.โ€

    โ€œI know you have a lot of fans in Canada and if you could rally them to write passionate letters and emails to both CITY TV and the Space Network in Canada, it would go a long way towards keeping BT [Blood Ties] alive.โ€

    Thanks again, and I hope to speak with you soon about another season of โ€œBlood Tiesโ€.



    On September 29th we will be re-airing the interviews we did with Tanya Huff and Peter Mohan this past summer as a way of letting folks, who may have missed it the first time, know about this great series, but we need you to help and here is how you, as fans, can do your part to try and convince the powers-that-be of the strength โ€œBlood Tiesโ€ has with you. Get out those pens and paper or start banging away on those keyboards. All Canadian and American fans of Huffโ€™s series need to let City TV and Space Entertainment know how much you love this show and would like to see it return, not only in Canada and every where else it is shown in the world, but particularly in the huge United States market. If the Lifetime Channel passes, there are plenty of other cable outlets that could pick it up, particulary SCI FI Channel, or USA Network,or perhaps FX. However, Lifetime needs to understand how this show is actually helping them increase their viewer base too.

    Here is where to send your correspondence:

    CITY TV Feedback:

    Space Feedback
    โ€œsnailโ€ mail:
    SPACE: The Imagination Station
    299 Queen Street West
    Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2Z5

    Lifetime TV
    309 West 49th Street
    New York, NY 10019

    Let your voice be heard!

  656. Margaret said

    I guess this is a good news/bad news situation. Ladies: Its time to start writing postcards to Lifetime again.

  657. Claire said

    Like I said before…I know we will be seeing more of BT whether Lifetime keeps it or not.I will still to my part and write postcards and posts in all the right places,but I just have this hunch…I hope it is correct.

    Anyway..on that note my lovelies..I have a date with a vampire!
    P.S J.R Wards next Brotherhood book is now available! mine was shipped out from amazon today! Lover Unbound..

    Those brothers got me through all those months of waiting for my favorite vamp Henry!

    21 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! THUMP….THUMP

    Sleep tight you all! leave a window open! lol!

  658. Arrowyn said

    I am FINALLY leaving work tonight! I was hoping to get caught up, or at least find the time to skim the blog today. No way! I know I saw something way back about the Portland gang getting together for lunch this weekend or next week, but that’s about when I stopped having time to read. If that is indeed happening this weekend, somebody please let me know. Laurel, Elizabeth, you have my phone number. If a lunch is happening next week, I’ll probably read about on the blog or in an email. I’m blathering. Time to go home and have some dinner. There’s nothing on TV tonight that I care about, so I think I’ll have a little BT marathon. Bye for now!

  659. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Maggie May very cool on the *sighting* ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll surf tv tonight and see if I can find some Henry. Tomorrow I guess it’s off to the old PO and pick up another 100 of those lovely little post cards. YIPPPPPYYYYY!!! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    Claire the power of positive thinking, lets manifest those thoughts into things ๐Ÿ˜€ I feel like Bob the Bldr, can we do it Yes we can!! I too believe that Lifetime will recognize this new arena they’re in and will pick it up for more seasons. I love thumper!! I’d love to pat that sweet heart. BTW is Jake a
    sweet boy ? I’m sure he is and smells good too ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Well I’ll check in with my sista’s tomorrow Logan’s sleeping over and is calling me.

    Reves doux d’Henri XOXOXOX Je t’aime…………..Beth Peace Out ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  660. Hey Everyone!

    Hi Dizey I Finally got your prize picture of you and Henry done. Sorry for the delay things have been pretty hectic lately. I posted it on my blog site and I will email it to you. I hope you like it.

  661. Anzia said

    who’s the one who was celebrating ’cause it’s friday? *looks around room* no celebrating! NOT allowed. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I have to work at 7:30am..and it’s already after 11pm…:(

    Okay, I must seriously be plagued w/some bad mojo. I had 2 death calls again today! *hides head in hands* WHAT is going on! The one lady’s son had died just hours before of cancer and she was desperately trying not to cry (as she quietly told me that she really hated kohls b/c of the calls she recieved). Talk about wanting to cry! Then, (and I think I annoyed my supervisor w/this one) I had one where the CH died & we were still calling the hsbnd. Reason: b/c we had no confirmation on the acct that we’d rec’vd the info we needed so no one put it in the right queue. So, I asked since he said he’d sent it all if we could do that (which would stop the calls) ’cause he was on the verge of crying when I talked to him. He said, “It’s bad enough she’s gone, but why do you guys have to call everyday and remind me?” He thanked me for being so nice and everything but…man did I feel like a heel!

    I’m going to bury myself in my bed ’cause 6am comes way to bloody freaking early…*sigh*…

  662. Margaret said

    Anzia: Isn’t there some kind of manual you could find to help you through these calls. I guess Kohl’s doesn’t care about being that compassionate but maybe there would be a way you could find a better way than theirs to get the job done. My heart goes out to you. Could you transfer to another part of the company?

  663. Margaret said

    Anzia: Weren’t you the one posting on space’s board, etc. I’ve already posted the article from SciFi over at the CityTv website (under feeling the pulse). Can you copy and paste to the other boards that you were visiting?

  664. Margaret said

    I also posted the SCIFI article on the Lifetime message board and the Blood Ties-Bloodlines boards.

  665. Margaret said

    And I posted it over at Tanya’s live journal. If I’ve forgotten anybody, please post at any of the ones that I’ve missed. Thanks.

  666. Margaret said

    11:45 p.m. EST-Another siting of a BT commercial.

    Riddle me this my peeps: Why are they trotting out a nice, shiney, new commercial for Blood Ties, which by the way looks pretty sweet and then as late as today in essense from what Peter Mohan says that Lifetime still hasn’t commited. The Blood Tie commerical never runs with the other two commercials for the shows that are on the same night. My head is spinning. Can anyone figure out their logic? I’ll be starting post cards again Monday.

  667. Cree said

    Wow, it is really dead on here today.

    Margaret said: “The Blood Tie commerical never runs with the other two commercials for the shows that are on the same night. My head is spinning. Can anyone figure out their logic?”

    I saw the BT commercial a few times last night (the only reason I even watched LT) and each time I saw it, it was right after the commercial for the other 2 shows that are on that night. They put the other 2 shows in the same commercial, then right after that they show the BT commercial separately.

    The preview looks totally awesome by the way. The new episodes look so good. There is one part in the commercial when this woman tells Vicki she doesn’t know Henry as well as she thinks she does, or something to that effect……..I am wondering if that woman is Christina (the vamp who turned Henry). I think only she would know Henry better than Vicki. If it is her, she looks totally different than what I pictured her as. What does everyone else think?

    Vampgrl: Glad to hear your cat is finally drinking from the fountain. I figured she would if you just gave her enough time. It usually takes them a few days to get used to it and not be scared of it.

  668. msgypsy said

    We’re up to post 666 and even a Jewitch like me has to break that one. (Mostly because we’re slowing down.)

    New topic will be up later today. I’m still burning dvds and that takes way more of my computer’s mind than I can spare especially since I have some special pictures to share. No, not special like that. Special like funny.

  669. Margaret said

    I stand corrected but when they were airing it earlier they aired it by itself and ran the other two ads together. I really love the look but it only makes me want more episodes. I think we all need to start writing post cards to LIFETIME again.

  670. laurel said

    Warning! Gypsy has notified us of a new topic on its way! I will try not to be first again, but you all better have your act together because it is way cool to be first, and I won’t resist for long.

    Now, I have to run off to Borders for that new JR Ward book. Woohooo!

  671. laurel said

    Where did everybody go? I didn’t even get to the bookstore yet, just ate some lunch and visited with my folks. You all must be doing something fun, I hope.

    Gypsy – how goes the computer effort? I’ll check back in about an hour.

  672. msgypsy said

    New topic is up at

    Quick, get posting before Laurel gets back to the computer! Can’t have her ALWAYS being number one, now, can we? Hee hee hee!

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