The Portland Gang

Da gang

I just KNOW I’m gonna get one of these wrong, not to mention the one person whose name I can’t remember…

Left to right: Laurel, Elizabeth, Arrowyn, ?, Moonbeam, Gypsy

If I got any of you wrong, please correct me and allow me some leeway for the headache I’m still kind of recovering from. Of course, if the one I got wrong is either Laurel or me, slap me.



  1. prtfvr said

    That’s SO cool! I’m really jealous that you guys got to meet. Nice!

  2. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Meee tooo I wish we were closer, bummer man 😦 Happy for ya’ll though you dawgs πŸ˜‰ I wish I could’ve been there.

  3. Arrowyn said

    EEEEEKKKK!!!!! I didn’t think about that picture being published! Yes, Gypsy, you probably told me, but the reality just didn’t sink in until I saw the picture. My friend Bev is the unknown name next to me.

    I don’t mean this as “rubbing it in” for those who don’t have the Oregon advantage, but we had a LOT of laughs. And, believe it or not, we didn’t talk the whole time about BT. Go figure! I really wish all of you could have been there, but if this (or LT’s) blog is the closest we ever get to be together, it’s “a good thing”, as Martha would say. Whether we are sitting face-to-face or screen-to-screen, we all know we have made good friends. Enough mush. Got to go home and catch up on all the posts since…let’s see…8/29 at about 6:30 am. Skimming time! Night-night.

  4. laurel said

    Gypsy – I showed this to Tango and she guessed me correctly. Said she had a “vibe” from the pic. Cool.
    Elizabeth – she thought you were my sister! Also cool.

  5. Anne said

    AlisaSG –
    Your guestbook entry has been changed to “Heart of Fire”.

    After reading Kyle’s bio on , I think the “No Easy Answer” TV movie has to be a working title for something else – no way can they hide a complete movie from us.

  6. Margaret said

    Ok, ok, ok, I’ve joined the faithful. I’m estatic that it “really” is “him”. But let me explain the advantages of being a pessimist-when you don’t expect much and don’t get it, you’re not that disappointed about it. Along those same lines when you don’t believe something and are proved wrong, you get to celebrate twice as much. So, now I’m celebrating twice as long as you optimists. But its all good and once again, Kyle has proved why we have fallen so head over heels into fandom over him. What a sweet guy.

    As far as movies go, wasn’t the first movie he was working on something about Into the Country, or something to that effect.

    To the Portland Gang: Congrats on the get together. When I used to follow JAG we did the same thing with a bunch of other gals from Florida. It’s hard to explain to people who weren’t there exactly how much fun you have at these kind of get-togethers. It’s nice to talk about your object of affection without having to put up with eyes rolling back in someones head, isn’t it?

  7. Himmiefan said

    I love the picture!!! It’s great seeing everyone!!


  8. Margaret said

    Ladies: Pick up your emails and aim them to stun TV Guide. I get updates from them through my emails. They are mentioned the fall schedules and guess which show they left off and the first two don’t count. And they do list returning shows so they have no excuse.

  9. Margaret said

    That should be-they mentioned the fall schedules

  10. Marie Keith said

    You guys probably don’t remember me but I posted some on Tanya blog on Lifetimes website. I think its great that you guys met. I use to live in whidbey Island, WA.

    Do you guys know if they will be bringing the blog back with Tanya? I hope so! I really had fun hearing everyones comments.

    Can’t wait til the 12th! Almost here! ttyl ladies

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