And after the party, life goes on…..

Sober up and wake up, my friends. Back to the usual chatter. It’s still only August. We have to make it through all of September, still, and part of October.

It was a great party, and thanks so much to Tanya for dropping by with her wishes, even if there was no noticeably good news yet.

I keep thinking that THIS will be the week. Every week I think that. And one of these weeks I’ll be right.



  1. Anzia said

    I’M THE FIRST ONE! It’s my first time, be gentle. ^_^

    Ya’ll were wild in the Hen house! Anything fun happen after I passed-out. I told you I didn’t need anymore BEER! let alone another Tequila sunrise!

  2. msgypsy said

    Someone asked for my recipes. Well, I didn’t invent any of them. My dark chocolate sorbet is from the Cuisinart website, in fact, so it’s the easiest to share.

    Dark Chocolate Sorbet

    1-1/2 cups water
    1-1/2 cups brown sugar, packed
    1-1/2 cups unsweetened cocoa powder
    2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract


    1. Combine the water and sugar in a saucepan and place over medium heat. Stir until the sugar dissolves. Whisk in the cocoa and bring the mixture to a simmer. Simmer for 3 minutes, stirring constantly.

    2. Remove from the heat and pour through a fine strainer into a bowl. Stir in the vanilla extract. Chill in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

    3. Stir the chilled mixture. Prepare ice cream maker. Turn on the machine; pour the liquid mixture into the freezer bowl and let mix until thickened, about 25 – 30 minutes. Turn the machine OFF. The sorbet will have a soft, creamy texture. If desired, transfer the sorbet to an airtight container and place in the freezer for about 2 hours (or longer) until firm. If made ahead, take ice cream out of freezer 10- 15 minutes before serving

    You can add a tablespoon of instant coffee, if you like, for added depth to the flavor.

  3. msgypsy said

    Had to get my file open for these two, though.

    Cherry Amaretto Ice Cream

    2 cups heavy cream
    1 cup whole milk
    1/4 cup honey (light flavored honey is best for this recipe)
    3/4 pounds cherries, pitted and torn into chunks
    3T. Amaretto

    Place cream, milk, and honey in a medium saucepan. Stir to dissolve the honey. Heat over low to moderate heat, stirring from time to time, until tiny bubbles form around the edges of the pan. Be careful not to heat to a full-out boil.

    Remove from the heat and let cool for 5 minutes. Add the chopped cherries and liquor. Cover and refrigerate until completely chilled. Don’t skimp here or your ice-cream might not set up.
    Stir the mixture again to blend and transfer it to an ice cream maker. Freeze according to manufacturer’s instructions and eat the same day.
    Makes 1 quart.

    Rum Raisin Ice Cream

    1/2 C. golden raisins
    1/2 C. dark rum
    3 C. heavy or whipping cream
    1 C. milk
    1/2 C. sugar
    1 T. pure vanilla extract
    4 egg yolks

    Soak the raisins in the rum for 30 minutes.

    Combine the cream, milk, sugar, and vanilla in a heavy saucepan over medium heat. Cook until the milk is hot but not boiling and the sugar is dissolved, about 10 minutes. Remove from the heat.

    Place the egg yolks in a bowl and whisk to mix. Whisking constantly, slowly pour in 1 cup of the hot milk mixture and whisk until smooth.

    Slowly pour the egg mixture into the saucepan, whisking constantly until well combined. Place the saucepan over medium heat and stir the mixture constantly until it is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon, 6 to 8 minutes. The mixture should never boil.

    Strain the mixture into a bowl and cool to room temperature. Strain the raisins and rum and stir the rum into the custard.

    Freeze in an ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Five minutes before the ice cream is finished freezing, add the raisins and complete the freezing process.

    Makes 1 quart.

  4. Annalaise duChat said

    Thank you for the ” Good Luck ” We had a blast!!! It was really quite amusing because the other marching band, that was from Cardinal Mooney, only had like…. oh…. maybe 8 people. Only ONE clarinet!!!! They were all REALLY out of tune. They didn’t even march in formations. My daddy said that the school probably ask for volunteers because they didn’t have a marching band.
    My band has so much fun at games! The drums have little things they play, and the other sections stand up and dance, and we have chants. It’s really fun.
    The bus rides are amazing too!!! On our way to the game we stopped at Quaker Steak and Lube. If there are any by you I highly recommend it. YUMMY!
    The only bad thing is that we lost the game. Winning doesn’t matter to me.
    Well, that’s all I have to say for now. My mommy is gratefully taking me shopping for school clothes!!! (Start Tuesday : / )


    P.s. YOU ROCK TOO!!!

  5. AlisaSG said

    this is for whatever it’s worth.. I’ve added my two cents commentary to the “media release” topic at “TV, eh?” (link to main article is below)

    Margaret (posted on August 18, 2007 @ 4:08 pm)
    (TV eh) has a place to comment and you’re not restricted if you’re not Canadian. Talks about Blood Ties. Mine is the last comment there. How about joining me and encouraging everyone to watch.

    done. I only hope it helps *inspire* more creation of BT eps!!!
    (my reply isn’t too difficult to locate.. it’s under “AlisaSG”)

    it’s only sad that “rtms” had to be the first person on there.. it’s probably a (media) troll.. because that’s what those folks do. They do whatever it takes to tear a show apart, before the rest of the world has made up their minds for themselves. That’s why I dare not start a new topic on Gateworld.. that place is littered with those types of people. I only hope helping the GW topics where the guest actors (special topics of interest) are – will help share the GOOD news.

    According to the TV-eh site, link to other BT *archived* topics is at-

    Helping encourage the rest of the world to see what we have been super-blessed with, via “Blood Ties”. 😀

  6. Annalaise duChat said

    Good Morning Ladies

    So dish!!! What happened in the chat room last night?

    I really missed you guys and I was thinking of you while where taking Cook’s tour of Youngstown and the surrounding areas. We got a little lost on our way to the game last night. Which is surprising because my hubby knows his way around the whole state. He used to be an alarm installer for ADT. Well we stopped for dinner so we got a late start to begin with, and then we missed our exit and…oh well. They don’t charge admission if you arrive after halftime. =P YES! we missed the halftime show after all that! :-t

    Gypsy, looks good in here, guess you didn’t need any help cleaning up.

  7. Chery said

    Madonna, just curious, did you send a copy of Kyle’s birthday card to Tanya, I think she would get a kick out of it, plus, it also might mean that it would get to him faster………
    What do you think?

  8. prtfvr said

    Oh ‘laise! I have such a headache! It was after one when we quit gabbing and I couldn’t go right to sleep after either! There’re still streamers EVERYWHERE! I think Kyle’s under there somewhere, cute as a button, sleeping away.

    A good time was had by all, with the exception of some people getting randomly kicked out. We’ll have another party when they renew BT. *think positive, think positive*

    I’m off! The old man wants to pull the kitchen apart – further – today! *groan* I’m SO tired!!

  9. Prtfvr–

    Have fun. After Mel and I got back from school shopping I’ve got to get my book submission ready to send off to Cinda Chima. After that I’ll look in to those cells for the Hen’s if I have time. I have to get back to my book too I haven’t written in a week.

  10. Annalaise duChat said

    When you find Kyle send him over to to my place. I have a great hangover cure.

    Luv Ya!


  11. Anzia said

    Analaise- LOL, I just bet you do. After the conversation about him at the Hen House last night… I don’t think there isn’t an aspect of Henry or Kyle that wasn’t covered (be it with words or tongues…) ^_^

    Gyspy- oooo, those sound YUMMY!

    Prtfvr- Did you get the boat…sorry SHIP in to port okay lats night then? Oh here’s for the tired/hangover/energy problem *hands over a glass filled with mysterious thick liquid* Don’t ask what’s in it. Just sip, ONLY SIP, and if you start to feel a bit …um…high strung, SIT DOWN! Immediately. Otherwise, you’ll feel like a million bucks (whatever they feel like-smooth, wrinkled, rough in a pleasureable sort of way) in a few minutes.

  12. Claire said

    Awee…I had a great time last night but..I sure missed being at the henhouse with you all!!!

    Took 4 aleves to calm down my head!! and it’s back to heat here…100!
    So Nikki and her Latvian guy and the Quads are dragging me out to the lake…much too bright…I think I’ll hide under the streamers with my baby Kyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Brittany moved back to her dorm today…I surely will miss that child..she’s one of mine now…sweet thing got me Calgon(take me away) products!
    She said she would like to permanently live with me…and she’d pay me rent…
    so maybe at the end of this term…
    Anyway my loves …off to the lake…see ya later!

  13. lwildstar said

    aww man you started the good stuff after I left teh henhouse last night!
    Oh well I have a vivid imagination – I can make up for it….

    I had a blast for little time I got to spend at the party!
    I’ve got a different kind of hangover today – bought a new flash drive so that I can work on the lap top and then save to the Dell – the laptop wont recognize the flash drive – doesn’t even recognize the USB!
    Oh well – I’ve got some house cleaning to do – I have no clean clothes – and I wnat to get some writting in….

    I hope you guys wern’t too rough with Kyle last night – we want him able to start filming the season real soon (Positive thinking!)

    talk at you later!

    lwildstar d’ Nightwalker

  14. AlisaSG said

    okay, THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOO *UNFAIR*..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve been spending all day here and there reading the various feedback, etc.
    for the DEBUT of BLOOD TIES elsewhere on our planet. And after finding at least 3 sites/topics starting out negative, because the *trolls* from sci-fi have invaded early into the scene and scheme trying their best to convince people watching BT is going to be a waste of time———-

    ——–for those of us who have watched, and KNOW what’s down the road, it’s sooooooooo UNFAIR that we can’t join in on City-TV and Chum’s spacecast forum sites to encourage new viewers into sticking around. I did see a few positive comments from some who managed to see via Lifetime, so why can’t the rest of us *help*..???!!!!!!!!

    I’m not normally given over to swearing, but this is sooooo “D” frustrating.
    questions about Vicki’s eye-sight and Henry not having any affect on her with his powers of persuasion.. they don’t YET have the comment about it being due to Vicki’s STUBBORN hearted self.. they think it has something to do with her losing her eyesight, and interesting theories there, but HENRY already told Vicki what he thinks it is — and we can’t share!!!!!!!!!!

    NOT FAIR..!!!!!!!!!
    unless someone reading this has access to a CHUM forum (spacecast), or CityTV and can pass this info on, where it’s being asked. CityTV had better comments, but the spacecast site has some negative vibes interfering while the pro-BT viewers try to offset the negative comments.

    here’s the troubling site and main link to read the Blood Ties forums for now.

    not sure when they’ll change their links.. forum folks are prone to doing that, so I don’t know how long this will last.

  15. AlisaSG said

    BTW, I haven’t finished reading all my emails, and have those horrid house jobs to do (laundry, cleaning, shopping, etc.).

    I also have another web site to visit and reply to a bunch of items there, too, so if I haven’t replied to something I should, apologies. I’m usually wiped out energy-wise on most days. The incentives are always there, but napping on a lushious pillow is just so enticing.. and dreamy.. and you all know where that ends up.. 😛

    *sigh* sometimes I wish there were more hours and energy in a day to get everything done.

  16. Anzia said

    Much rather have more hours and energy in the NIGHT to get things done! ^_^ Not only is Night the time for most forms of fun, it’s also quite a bit quieter in my house than Day is. ^_^

  17. AlisaSG said

    well, actually — when I say “day” — I mean the entire cycle, not just the daylight or night-time.

    One HOT (humid) weekend for a very hot vampire series!! 😀

    Ohhh, I forgot to mention..
    CITY-TV gets to watch 2 viewings of the same eps each week.. Lifetime needs to take a hint! Once, is just NOT going to be *enough*!

  18. Margaret said

    Alisa: That site indicates you can register but keeps telling you every login name and nickname has been taken. Did you have the same problem?

  19. AlisaSG said

    Margaret, which site are you referring to?
    Chum (spacecast) and CityTV both request a registration login, but I don’t have an account with either, and wasn’t sure if making an account would be worth trying.

    Did you try a different name?
    I didn’t get that far yet, due to other scheduling (at home to do) priorities.

    I managed to get another message posted to the TV-eh site, under the
    “Running With My Eyes Closed” (BT) topic. But neither of my messages shown up yet (requires moderator approval first for all). I think either they’re haven’t read their responses yet, or they’re off for the weekend with no external access. Plus, the weather is keeping folks out in the pool all day or inside A/C all day doing other things (possibly sleep!).

    We get lots of critters that crawl out at night. Sometimes, it’s very annoying, because when they’re awake, we’re trying to nod off. I can understand what the genuinely working night folks have to put up with (during the daylight hours), because of that.

  20. Margaret said

    I tried all kind of different names, none of which it would take and said that all of them had been taken which I find rather odd.

  21. Claire said

    Hi ladies…
    Comment allez-vous tout aujourd’hui ? Êtes-vous tout fatigué de la nuit passée ?
    Je suis meilleur maintenant, mes maux de tête seulement..
    I don’t know what brought on this migraine..perhaps not enough sleep…but chocolate does work! I ate a slice of my chocolate brownie cheesecake birthday cake and voila` migraine gone!
    had fun at the lake..will email drunken birthday pics and lake pics later…

  22. I got a small taste of the party last night. You guys are wild!

    I would have posted sooner but I spent 3 hours crawling under my desk trying to figure out what was wrong with my computer….

    I need a shower and a good stiff drink.

  23. AlisaSG said

    we’ve got some serious T-storms brewing, so I’ll be off most of the remainder of this evening 😦

  24. Danae said

    Hi ladies. Sorry I didn’t make it to the chat last night. I left my sisters to take a shower and tried to get ahold of Kelly to go to her house and come on there. I called her several times and she didn’t answer. It turns out her phone was buried under a pile of clothes so blame it on her. She never heard it ring.

    I wanted to let you know that I am still partying. I am in my second rum and coke. Hanging out at Kelly’s. We are going to watch Kingdom of Heaven with Orlando and The Lake House with Keanu.

    I noticed somebody broke the boy toy at the partay last night. Didn’t I warn you guys not to do that. Do I have to keep an eye on you all the time. Gypsy I am so sorry about the chandelier. I started the monkey swinging on it.

  25. Danae said

    Realmente ho bisogno di Kyle e del suo bello massaggiandolo su e giù. Potremmo rifinire che cosa abbiamo iniziato la notte scorsa ed allora prendiamo un acquazzone freddo insieme. Il mio acquazzone è piccolo ed intimate.

  26. AlisaSG said

    OMG!!! I’m in!!!!!

    okay, I wrote this up previously, before I tried to see if I was actually in or not-

    >> hey Margaret,
    >> I don’t know — but I think I just got registered at CityTv w/potential access to spacecast.. (not sure tho)

    this is the screen info that came up-
    >>>Congratulations, you are now a Citytv Toronto Member. You should receive a confirmation email in the next couple of minutes

    >>>Final step is to close this window and log in with your username and password to enjoy everything Citytv Toronto has to offer.

    it worked!!! OMG!! either this is tempting fate or someone is looking very kindly upon my heart’s desire to share the BEST that BLOOD TIES has to offer.

  27. Danae said

    Yay! Good for you Alisa.

  28. AlisaSG said

    I still gotta scoot off the computer, because of those nasty looking radar storms heading this direction..

    I skipped the contest and the mobile phone thing. It’s also required to enter your birthdate & year, and Country of origin (United States is near the bottom of the list, and unless you’re military APO or whatever that was, use the plain United States selection). Keep track of anything you’ll need for a password and nickname..

    CityTV let me sign on as AlisaSG, so I get to keep my own nickname in that sense. *cool*!

  29. AlisaSG said

    BTW, that same (registration) info suggestion is for anyone else who is trying to join in and help out with Blood Ties. 😎

  30. Margaret said Ok, sistas, please don’t let me be fan girl all by myself. I posted over at Eh Canada and I need company. Help a sista out. Thanks.

  31. Danae said

    I just got done posting over there Margaret. I hope what I said helps.

  32. Margaret said

    Thanks. Now I don’t feel so alone, eh?

  33. Danae said

    I wouldn’t want any of my ladies to be alone. I know all to well how that feels and I hate it

  34. lwildstar said

    any one around?

  35. Danae said

    hey I’m here

  36. Danae said

    How are you? I got your email and will start going over the story.

  37. lwildstar said

    I wa having a good day but now I’m having an anxity attack….

  38. Danae said

    Why? Is everything ok?

  39. lwildstar said

    I think I made a booboo thursday – I’m now “waiting” to see if I did. I wasn’t worried about it earlier, but some how it popped into my head and now the “hamster is running” ya know?

  40. Margaret said

    I’m paying bills and doing walk by postings. What’s wrong lwildstar? Anything we can help with?

  41. lwildstar said

    it all because of having my brain split between training and watching over the temp and still trying to get mMY work done…plus I did make a mistake on Friday – the temp open some mail Friday marke Confidential and I didn’t notice….the mistake Thursday was I had her copy a packet of stuff and there was an envelope in with it that had notes all over it and she asked if she was to copy that as well and I said yes and the whole thing was mailed out to someone…

  42. Danae said

    I hope nothing terrible happens over this “booboo”. I know exactly about the hamster running. I always worried over things that I did and the effect was always to minor I wonder why I ever worried.

  43. lwildstar said

    just need to keep from thinking!

    I don’t know why I do this to myself – I wasn’t even thinking about work – and ther it was! now I’m trying to break out of the anxiety attck and all I want to is cry over something stupid

  44. lwildstar said

    if I hadn’t gotten yelled at over the confidential mail booboo ….I think I’ve been on the verge of this since yesturday…

  45. Margaret said

    I know it seems bad now but it will pass. Besides you shouldn’t have to babysit a grown woman. Try not to worry so, you’ll get yourself all torn up about it. All anyone can do is apologize and go one. And sometimes thats not good because you admit culpability that way. Never give them ammunition to shot you with and never let them see you sweat.

  46. lwildstar said

    so I’m here looking for a distraction 🙂

  47. Danae said

    Well when your bosses are running you ragged doing this and that and training new temps after new temps after new temps and being trained yourself plus getting work done things are going to happen. They are the ones that promoted you so they know that you do a good job. Otherwise they wouldn’t have promoted you. If the nitwit temp had any brains at all she wouldn’t have opened mail marked confidential anyway. By the way, is the temp blonde? No offense to any blondies out there. Just a joke.

  48. lwildstar said

    All I said over the mail was – “well, I missed that.”. I know I am probably making a mountation out of a mole hill – I just want to do well in my new positon and having to “wear two hats” is driving me nuts – I just feel like everything I do is being judged and its not fair to put me in that position.

  49. Danae said

    I also agree with what Margaret said. Sometimes it feels good to cry. It lets all that pent up anxiety out. If you want to just do it. Lord I have done enough times at work. I know you aren’t supposed to give them ammunition but I am way to soft.

  50. lwildstar said

    no shes not acctually – shes a little pregnant college girl….two days and shes already on my nerves…

  51. lwildstar said

    so distract me!
    how did things go after I logged out of the party last night? I got the impression it went to gutter and then some?

  52. vicki said

    Enjoyed the party….still my baby boy’s pciture taken today…He turned four this month…God bless Target…they take cute pics and dont charge a fortune….

    Anyway I will check out the Canadian sites and write something inspiring to welcome the new Canadian groupies to the BT club….

  53. lwildstar said

    I never cry at work….and I only seenm to have these bad attacks at home when I’m alone – I guess because I can think about other things when I’m at work – or like today I was out with the parents – I didn’t even think about this thursday night or last night – and now….
    I think Its a good thing I don’t drink….and I stopped at 6 peices of chocolate…

  54. lwildstar said

    sorry to be adowner…just needed the company

  55. Danae said

    I didn’t go on to the chat last night. I tried but I couldn’t get to a computer. I am still partying though. I am about to get my third rum and coke.

  56. lwildstar said


    everybody started to show up as I was leaving

  57. Danae said

    No prob wildstar. We are here for you.

  58. Danae said

    I can gush about the hottie Indians I am going to see tomorrow.

  59. Margaret said

    Or we can keep up with that discussion of whether Kyle is a stud or a V. Were you still there for that lwildstar?

  60. Margaret said

    Anything happening with Paul?

  61. Danae said

    Bronze skin, long black straight silky hair, muscles. Oh yeah. It will be fun. Adam won’t be there so I can look all I want.

  62. Danae said

    A stud or a V? What? I wasn’t there? What was that?

  63. Margaret said

    Danae: You know there is something to be said for a good looking native american man with long black hair down his back. I could almost be distracted from Kyle, at least for a minute or two.

  64. Margaret said

    Come closer, I have to whisper this in your ear-prtfvr suggested our young man actually might still be a virgin. A lot of us told her NO WAY. He seems to have those love scenes too down pat.

  65. Danae said

    I should try to get some pictures to send you guys in all there regalia. Oh yeah baby.

  66. Margaret said

    Oh, great, someone else to lust after that I can’t have. lol

  67. Margaret said

    lwildstar-where are you? Are we talking to ourselves here?

  68. lwildstar said

    no I logged out just as we started discussing sex – all because of my mentioning my comment to Paul (yesturdays post about my lunch with him) any way by 11pm I was too tired to type and went to bed….so to Margaret I WISH something was happening – did you get to read any of that in the party last night?

    Danae – I watched a Baliwood (sp) movie this morning – every once in a while I come across one on cable – did understand a word but between the dancing/singing the inappropriate humor and the great looking lead male – I found my self watching until dad showed up!

    last week I came across some music videos that were an Indian singer teamed with a Caribian rapper – still didn’t understand it but it made me want to dance!

  69. lwildstar said

    sorry the computer kicked me out for a minute….’sides I needed a tissue

  70. Danae said

    He may be a virgin. He can have practice without going all the way. I have. I’m not sure where I stand on that subject. I want to say I hope he is a V but I’m not sure. It just makes me look up to actors that are still virgins. Of course Britney Spears kept saying she was but I had to disagree at the time. Then it came out that her and Justin Timberlake lost there virginity together and I doubted that too.

  71. lwildstar said

    I got kicked out for am minute – and it just did it again…..

  72. lwildstar said

    Well I still am so if he still is – maybe we can work on that together!
    See I knew you guys would cheer me up!

  73. Margaret said

    Well, make the most of the time that you have left with him and don’t do anything you would regret, or don’t regret NOT doing anything. Geez, what is that quote again, how many times have you heard it now, couple of hundred. lol. Lets see, now what was that Henry: Oh yes, Love is worth the risk, eternity is a long time to live with regret. And we only tell this to you all the time because we love you and want to see you happy.

  74. Danae said

    Sorry not Bollywood Indians, Native American Indians.

  75. lwildstar said

    I would like to think he is……don’t know why….?

  76. Margaret said

    I have to go write a few more bills. Talk amongst yourselfs for a bit.

  77. Danae said

    True but only do anything if you are comfortable with it and of course if he is comfortable with it.

  78. Danae said

    Yeah I would like to think he is too. I don’t know makes him more wholesome. Oh God know I am making him sound like a loaf of bread.

  79. lwildstar said

    OH – sorry for the mistak Danae….
    I dated a guy who said he was a quarter Appache? but I din’t know whether to beleive him or not – I guess because he seemed ashamed of it..(don’t know why) .but then he turned into a jerk after a month and I dumped him – so I never got to find out if it was true.
    I love Native American art – still trying to get to the museum downtown.

  80. lwildstar said

    wholsome bread – LOL

    And some how Margaret got my response to Danae about Kyle mixed up with Paul…LOL again…….I can’t even get Paul to hold hands – so I don’t think there will be any “deflowering” going on there!

  81. Danae said

    I would say i am about a quarter Indian. I am part Iroquios and part Mohegan. If only I could prove I could get some nice royalties from the casino Mohegan Sun up here. My aunts have tried but to no avail. That would probably be where my secret money would come from. The secret money that Dizey is always talking about.

  82. lwildstar said

    I understand its real hard to get proof – and get them to accept it. I’m orginally from Michigan and I knew several people who were trying to prove their ansestry…we havent visited in a LOOOONNNNGGG time so I don’t know what ever happened to them, if they found anything of not.

  83. Margaret said

    Well, actually that could apply to either one of them. I do have to say that Kyle does have this awe shucks (notice I didn’t spell it wrong this time) attitude which is really sweet and indearing but do we really need anything more to make us be any more infatuated with the boy.

  84. lwildstar said

    so did my depressive rant chase everyone away 😦

  85. lwildstar said

    oh good I thought i was alone again. I’m popping back and forth between here and printing post cards. Finally got some ink! I was out of red , black and blue.

  86. Danae said

    My aunt did a book on our family’s genealogy. They did not find a thing on any Indian ancestor. My grandfather, not the one that recently passed the one that died when I was 10, called his wife Little Squaw or something like that. My dad’s uncle also says that we are definitely Native American and he said that we are British which we never knew. Your ex-boyfriend that said he was Apache should not be ashamed. There is nothing to be ashamed about. If anything The White Eyes as the whites were called should be ashamed. Native Americans were and are a proud strong race. It is the part of me that I am the most proud of. I think Madonna also said she is part Native American. I wonder how she feels about it.

  87. Margaret said

    Forgive me for my upcoming rant but I used to live in New Mexico, the worst thing the white man did to the Navaho’s there was put them on welfare and help them become alcoholics. It took a lot of their spirit away, it was criminal what was done to the indians out there. My ex read Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee which I hever have gotten around to reading, which I’d like to do.

  88. Danae said

    I will take anything that will make me even more infatuated with Kyle. Those hands, those eyes, that body, his smile, his manners. I want it all.

  89. Margaret said

    Isn’t Claire several parts Indian? I hadn’t seen her picture before the card, I never realized she was that beautiful.

  90. lwildstar said

    I found a great braclet today – but couldn’t afford it (trendy store) it said “change is only the begining”
    the other I liked was “live for the moment”
    she had a lot of nice ones. I hinted that mom could get me one for my birthday 😉 but she’ll probably just give me the money – which means I can got back and see if they still have them…there was also “live, love, laugh” and “Dare to Dream”

  91. Margaret said

    Ah come on lwildstar, don’t you want a bracelet engraved with: Love is worth the rest, yadah, yadah, yadah. lol

  92. Margaret said

    You know, looking at Kyle just makes me so damn depressed that I am sooo damned old.

  93. Danae said

    What the whites did to Indians was horrible. If a person can prove they are at least one quarter Native American they get a free ride through college. It is only one of the ways the government has tried to make it up to them. Pretty crappy way if you ask me but it is worthwhile. My favorite books to read besides fantasy and paranormal are Native American romances. My favorite author of them is Cassie Edwards. She has set a goal for herself to right about every Native American tribe there is. I don’t think she is even halfway there.

  94. Danae said

    wildstar-Those sayings remind me of my three favorite words. Dream Believe Imagine. I believe with those three words you can achieve anything. I want them tattooed on my lower back in Chinese symbols.

  95. lwildstar said

    I may have to check out her books – I don’t normally read romance (and now I’m writing one) but once in awhile someone will recomend a good one.

    Did I tell you one of the ladies at work noticed me writing at lunch and asked about it – I said i was writing a fantasy romance – she replied “arn’t the all?”

  96. Margaret said

    Hey, Kyle is my fantasy and my hobbie. Told people at work some people garden, read, etc. I Kyle. lol.

  97. Margaret said

    Besides I don’t have to EVER worry about meeting the boy.

  98. Danae said

    No not all romances are fantasy. Some lucky biatches get it all.

  99. lwildstar said

    I have a craft show on the day before my b-day so I’m hoping to make enough to go back and get at least one braclet, if I can get someone to take me back to the store….my cousin is going to spend her vacation with me (vaca from her husband and kids) which is great! she’ll take me to get – we get in so much trouble – I already told her at least one night of Blood Ties – she missed a lot of episodes before I turned her.

  100. lwildstar said

    Well I have a health fantasy life – thought I should write it down!

  101. lwildstar said

    geeze I wish the basment tv had a dvd player to watch BT – I am watching/listening to an awful snake movie – didn’t even realize it until I turned around and saw someone get eatten – EWWWW!

  102. lwildstar said

    turned to the cartoon channel!

  103. Margaret said

    Ladies: I’ve been running since early this morning on empty. I need to bank some sleep from what I missed from staying up until one with everyone at the Hen House. Have to say I had so much fun I laughed until I had tears running down my checks. Night, Night ladies. Lwildstar-try not to worry. Its kind of like 15 minutes of fame, this too will pass and something else will take its place. The other thing you need to learn if you don’t know all ready is alway CYA (Cover your ass). If I haven’t learned anything from working in government for years, that is the one thing that I’ve taken from it.

    Ladies, be good to yourselves.

  104. lwildstar said

    dang – got kicked out again!

  105. lwildstar said

    take care Margaret!

  106. Danae said

    LOL! I think we all Kyle. He is all of our hobbies.

    Most of her Cassie Edwards books are really. I rarely find one I have a hard time reading. I live for romances though. Her and Christine Feehan are my faves. Christine Feehan has the paranormal ones though. Most of Cassie’s books are Savage something or another. Savage Obsession, Savage Innocence, Savage Heart, Savage Torment etc. Her website is

  107. Danae said

    By Margaret. Wildstar is the movie Megasnake?

  108. Danae said

    We are watching that too.

  109. lwildstar said

    I think my mom may have read one of those – I normally read fantasy,paranormal or SciFi – currently reading the third book of a Mercedes Lacky trilogy – the poor male lead was saved bty a unicorn and has to remain not just celebat, but chase for one year and one day – he found the love of his life and now can’t even be around her! at least his sister explained it to the young woman (who is half demon – the enemy) so she understands why he avoids her…the romance is just a side story to battel between the demons and everyone else- but love her charators

  110. lwildstar said

    geeze its almost10pm already!

  111. Danae said

    I love any books with paranormal, fantasy or Indians or all in it. Fat chance for the last though.

  112. lwildstar said

    YOu could start writing one?

  113. lwildstar said

    ok – did I chase everyone away again?

  114. Danae said

    I have thought about doing a vampire one but what can I do that hasn’t been done already. I just got the book from Borders that Anzia suggested, The Complete Idiots Guide to Creative Writing. I had to order it. They didn;t have it. I have even come up with a kinda scenario.

    Funny story connected to that book. This will tell how fresh and sarcastic my 13 year old niece is. She was looking at the book and she said who’s the idiot and I said You. She said to me that she wasn’t the one reading it I was. That girl is so fresh and has such a bright mind on her. I would have never thought she would come out with that.

  115. Danae said

    No sorry drinking is slowwing my typing down. I am making mistakes and am bothering to go back and fix them. I want my typing to be legible unlike some other bozo we know and that’s being nice.

  116. Danae said

    Are you feeling better?

  117. lwildstar said

    Hey I have no excuss for my typos –
    What about an Native American / Vampire story? That could be cool…
    Either the vamp is Native American or involved with someone who is – it could work as a period piece….just throwing out ideas.

    Along with my demon story I started a vamp story as well……

  118. Danae said

    I thought of doing a story of brothers that were turned into vampires years before and can’t remember anything about it, why they are what they are, how they became that way and find any family left. They are fed up with not knowing and set out on a quest to get some answers.

  119. lwildstar said

    yes – thank you – I think I just needed to “talk” to someone – you know some company…I still feel a little like crying – but maybe thats the “coming down” side of it now.

    After tonight Iam begining to see more of myself in my female leads personality – when she gets upset she becomes a little bit like a child, needing a lot of comfort. I guess that happens when you write – because when shes “up” shes a force to berkoned with! and whenI’m “myself” thats how I am…

  120. Danae said

    That actually might work. I could incorporate it with the scenario I just gave you. I was thinking of setting it in New Mexico. That would fit really well.

  121. Danae said

    A lot of authors put a little of themselves in their characters.

  122. Danae said

    Whether knowingly or unknowingly.

  123. lwildstar said

    oo thats a good start!
    My vamp was actually turned by his “master” in order to save his life – I have the whole scene worked out in my head – haven’t written it down yet , becasue I’m not to the “flash back” yet – but I’m thinking maybe I should before I forget – what with bouncing back and forth between the tsow stories and the short – and WORK – sometimes I haste work just becasue it gets in the way of life…

    I said that to Paul and he was like “oh yes it does!” he is also going through the same thing I am with having to do several jobs at work becasue people have left and they havent replaced them yet – but he’s quiting…can’t say I blame him.

  124. Danae said

    I noticed Dizey posted at tv-eh. I wonder why she didn’t come here after. Not that you aren’t good company. Just wondering.

  125. lwildstar said

    in this case unknowingly – I didn’t even realize it until I started rereading sections tonight….and then this break down through it in my face.

    I like your idea – run with it!

  126. lwildstar said

    I know I’m getting boring! She probably lured – saw where this was going and tiptoed out! LOL 😉

  127. Danae said

    You should definitely right it down. You never know. Tomorrow it good be completely erased from your mind. I have already written mine down. Now if only I could remember what I did with my journal.

  128. Danae said

    No your now boring. Fair from it. I didn;t mean it that way. I was just being curious.

  129. lwildstar said

    tv-eh, I posted there earlier – I hope in the right place.

    you know ms. G started a blog for writers to chat about story lines and what not – and I don’ think anyone went back after the first couple of days! I know I went back and the last post was the one I had posteed like two weeks before…

  130. Danae said

    The mistakes are starting to crop up without me noticing them. That was supposed to be not boring.

  131. Danae said

    Huh! I will go and see if anyone bites but not tonight. I am having a hard time thuinking.

  132. Danae said


  133. Danae said

    Nope :O

  134. Danae said

    Nope :0

  135. Danae said

    Grrr how do you do the laughing smiley.

  136. lwildstar said

    I know you didn’t mean it. I was poking fun at myself! And I think I will have to write it down. Just in case as you say. I’m going to get my cousin involved she use to study the Russian language and cluture – why I don’t know, it was her minor in college – and I have decided to make my Vamp Baltic – possibly Russian or Ukranian….hoping she could give me some good historical and cultural ideas.

    Laurel has become my location researcher for both stories – the demon story takes place in present day Portland and the Vamp in present day Seattle! two cities I know nothing about!

  137. Danae said

    I keep gettign knocked off to. It is really gettign aggravating. Aw hell I ma not correcting anynmore

  138. Danae said

    Ooo go weith unkranian. The guy on ER Goran visnjic is from the ukraine. he;s hot

  139. lwildstar said

    : )
    : O

  140. lwildstar said

    ok non of those worked!

  141. Danae said

    Oh weel I give up

  142. Danae said

    I jsut used the last of the pepsi with the rum I don;t thin k it is a good idea to do straight rum at thsi pioint.

  143. lwildstar said

    don’t bother correcting – I stopped a while ago!
    oooo…I forgot about that doctor! oh yes…hum Ukrainian…I will have to make sure that Michael – not sure how to spell the pronounciation, Mikal? – is used in the Ukrain – but if its not I guess he can use Michael as his current “use -name”

  144. Danae said


  145. Danae said

    It worked yay! It is a : with a D

  146. Danae said

    Try Mikhail

  147. Danae said

    It is pronounced Mik short I and hail as in the ise balls thatr fall from the sky

  148. lwildstar said

    Mikhail – duh – its almost phonetic!
    (could have had a V8 slap to forhead)…I love that name!

  149. Danae said

    I liek to go to to find names for characters.

  150. Danae said

    Yep V8

  151. lwildstar said

    had to read that twice! After last nights conversations something about balls just throws me off!

    I’ll have to find a web site and look up its meaning.

  152. lwildstar said

    and you are one step ahead of me!

  153. Danae said

    LOL! The website above gives names and meanings and origins and whethere is is boy gitkl or both

  154. Danae said

    I used to put things stories together in my head and went there to find names for the people.

  155. Danae said

    unfortunataely i never wtotye them down. lately I ahve been extended books i ahve read or movies i saw to continued the story line

  156. lwildstar said

    The meaning of the name Mikhail is Who Is Like God? Origin – Russian

    Do you think a Ukraininan would have a Russian name?…

    Either way I am still going to keep his use-name Michael

  157. Danae said

    adn when i was a kid i would act out my favorite movies at night when i shold have been sleeping

  158. Danae said

    yeah the urlaine used to be part of russia

  159. Danae said

    doo you knwo the movie the dark crystal

  160. lwildstar said

    When I thought I was going to be a graphic noveleist (yeah I know) I had hundreds of story lines and outlines – only found a handful – the begining of the demon story – which ahs really changed from what I orginally plande, was one of them.
    The vamp story came from all our discussions surrounding Henry – it just seemed inevitable 😉 ;D 😀

  161. lwildstar said

    LOVED that movie! I really need to get it on DVD!

  162. Danae said

    yeah i agree

  163. lwildstar said

    Had the sound track – but I lost it.

  164. Danae said

    I ahve it if I could maek a copy for you i would. When I was a kdi I would pretend I as the girl gelfling at the end of the movie that was stabged and hte boy gelfling brought me back. I would act that one scweene iout several bnights in a row. I jsut showed that movie to amber she loved it.

  165. Danae said

    oh cool the soundtrakc woudl be awesome

  166. lwildstar said

    yes your typing is getting worse – how many drinks have you had? 😀

    BTW – Thanks for sticking around with me.

  167. Danae said

    your welcome and 4

  168. Danae said

    i haven;t eaten dinner though

  169. Danae said

    dont; worry i think i anm through

  170. Danae said

    no i promise i am trhoguh

  171. lwildstar said

    yes your typing is getting worse – how many drinks have you had? 😀

    BTW – Thanks for sticking around with me.

    having posting issues here!

  172. Danae said

    I know what it si like to have anxiety attacks.

  173. lwildstar said

    are you sure?

    maybe you should go have asandwich 😉

  174. Danae said

    the funny thing is i feel compeltely sober i am not gettign any hotter like i usuaally do and i am not foggy headed

  175. Danae said

    I promise I am done. and I think kelly has some chicken i can eat. I will go do that know. BRB

  176. lwildstar said

    what makes it worse is that the boss is out of town til Friday – so it will be a week before I know if it was a big booboo or a little booboo – either way I’m going to tell her – that if my brain wasn’t split I would be able to concentrait better! It just makes me feel so “stupid” ya know? Something so silly as “should I have sent a copy of that or not?” and I’m a wreck! But even when she yelled at me Friday – I didn’t let her see me get up set – and Paul was so sweet – when he finished venting – he let me vent – and ince he is going through a lot of the same crap – hewas very understanding….and then I invoited him for a sleep over ! 😀 😀 😀

  177. lwildstar said

    well at least the typos are funny!

  178. Danae said

    Nomore chicken no bread I am havign rice krispioes

  179. Danae said

    You know what I think all witll be fine. I liek being funny even if it isn’t on purposed

  180. Danae said

    snap crackele pop

  181. lwildstar said

    protine is better but that should help!

  182. Danae said

    milk has protein right

  183. Danae said

    hey i semlld protein right

  184. Danae said

    and I haven’t gone to get another drink

  185. lwildstar said

    I know it will be fine – I really can’t play dumb thought – the temp did ask if she should copy it and I said yes – wouldn’t be right, if asked, to denie it…. oh well, but I’m NOT throwing myself on the sword – let them yell at me. I’m sure others have done worse – and I don’t think its would make a diffenece one way or the other – it was just notes scribbled on an envelope and it didn’ look like anything “comprimising” ….but you know how bosses can be…”You did what?”

  186. Danae said

    i started watchign that smake movie and the snake bit the heads off of a bunch of people on a fair ride and i couldn’t watch. Ew!

  187. lwildstar said

    yess you SPELLED protein right – I didn’t but I spelled SPELLED right!

  188. lwildstar said

    I flipped back to just at that scene!

  189. Danae said

    yeah i know I always get reprimanded fro things but no one else does. Especially the men. Ugh! One guy goes to Kahoots, a strip joint, on work hours and gets no flack for it or just a slap om the hand.

  190. lwildstar said

    ewww IS RIGHT! I went back to the cartoon channel!

    what is the gang going to think when they play blog catch up? do you think anyone stopped by and snuck off?

  191. Danae said

    LOL! what you mean I almost spelled smelled.

  192. Danae said

    Probably Dizey and I jsut got a couple email from prtfvr so maybe her.

  193. Danae said

    They might wish They were me right now. We are goign back and forth bewteen that and X2

  194. lwildstar said

    OMG! you’re kidding!
    The worse , that way, anyone has done was drink alcahol at lunch and then came back to the office a little tipsy….

    I wish the little things didn’t bug me so! but what irks me is that the boss was very suportive to someone who mad a BIG mistake this past week and I get chewed out for something small because “I sohould know better” geeze she should have know better for what ever she did – it must have been “bad” becasue she was still apoliginzing three days later – and was told “oh no I’ll take responsibility for it, I’m your boss” UUUUGGGG!
    I’m thinking too much, thats the problem!

  195. Madonna said

    Hi Danae, lwildstar, everyone else…..

    Sorry you are having such a crappy couple of days. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. ((((((((HUGS)))))))))

    Step away from the bottle of rum………..

    Did you all notice on that Peter Mohan signed it?

    Wish I could stay around and chat but I’ve been busy, busy, busy and I have candle supplies to order before I go to bed.


  196. Danae said

    Ok stop thinking. That’s easy right

  197. msgypsy said

    Whew! I finally got caught up!

    Just got back from meeting with Laurel and Elizabeth and Moonbeam and Arrowyn. And a friend of Arrowyn’s whose name I can’t remember because I totally suck at remembering names. We ate good ice cream, introduced some new people to the wonder that is Trader Joe’s (if you haven’t got one in your home town I really pity you) and then stood on the sidewalk and undoubtedly frightened many people. It was GREAT! We took pictures and I will have them available for your perusal at some point.

    We talked about the blog party and it was interesting how many of us said that as we read we could hear the noise and just picture ourselves in this party. It was real to us. I’m fascinated. I could hear it, too, and smell some of the yummy smells, and picture the whole event. How DID that monkey get in? It was great. I think we should have another one in a month or so. Maybe to celebrate the return of Blood Ties to Lifetime!

    I need to make something real to eat soon. The ice cream was yummy but now I need real food.

  198. Danae said

    Hey Madonna. I am away I promise

  199. lwildstar said

    aww crap – my anime shows arn’t on tonight – theyre showing Futurama all night!

    I love Bleach and Blood (two differnt shows)
    Blood is a vamp anime
    Bleach is a paranormal about – well hell how would I explain – theres a parrella world where beings live who collect and protec the souls of the dead and help those who have “been lost” pass on properly…

  200. Danae said

    I don’t Rice Krispies is good enough. I will just sit her for awhile and calm down. HEHE! I am so happy right now. Hi Gypsy. Ditto on the next party. I could totally hear it too. My typing is gettign better.

  201. Danae said

    I don’t usually watch Cartoon Neteork. I have caught Adult Swim but wasn’t too impressed.

  202. lwildstar said

    hi guys!
    Wow I checked the gust book at a couple of hours ago and it was at 56 – and Peter is 57 – so he just signed tonight!

  203. Danae said

    I am goign to look know. Shoule I post in my drunken state?

  204. lwildstar said

    I only watch those two shows – they change them every couple of months – so I could turn it on and they’ll have something else running – or like tonight Futurama! hate taht show!

    And I read your respons to Prtfvr – LOL

  205. lwildstar said

    sure why not! some one will get a laugh out of it!

  206. Danae said

    I made sure it was clean and perfect. Maybe i should do anitther one that isn’t

  207. lwildstar said

    Well its getting late and I am feeling better – I have monopolized your time enough….hopefully I am too tired to think!

  208. Danae said

    It wom’t let me do a doubl;e post. darn! Ok I should go so I can get up to see all the hottue Indians tomorrow. Ciao! Glad I coudl help.

  209. lwildstar said

    thanks again for sticking around with me. I really appreciate the friends I’ve made here.
    Can’t wait to see your notes on the short story and I am really looking forward to reading your vamp story in the near future!

    and thank yo to everyone else!

  210. Danae said

    Take some tynenol PM or Advil Pm and sleep well.

  211. lwildstar said


  212. Danae said

    Ti Amo

  213. msgypsy said

    For those who want to see “Macbeth in Minutes,” here’s the link.

  214. Anzia said

    lwildstar- I’m so sorry about the work thing hon. ((((HUGS)))) The key to the emergency stash of everything is yours. Just don’t let Claire, Diz or Prtfvr know. Oh, and what bollywood movie did you watch? Or what was the plotline? And where do you live that they come on cable?!

    Danae- the convo last night was a bit all over the place. We seriously covered almost everything regarding Henry/Kyle. We covered a tiny bit of religion, a little bit of viriginity/sex, we talked about books, which led back to kyle/henry. There was a very small thing about writing and other creative things. My new job was talked about, and that led to shoes and weddings and feet and well… we covered A LOT of ground last night. ^_^ I kept getting kicked out towards the end so I’m not sure of everything that was covered.

    Claire- chocolate cures practically EVERYTHING!

  215. Laurel said

    Well, Moonbeam, Elizabeth and I had lunch and went shopping, then drove together to pick up Arrowyn and her friend (Bev) and drive further to meet Gypsy. We have laughed so hard I don’t think I will be able to smile comfortably for a week. 🙂 It started yesterday with the party and then at the Hen House, and continued pretty much non-stop today.

    If our small Oregon group is any indication – and I am sure it is – we all have a great deal in common so we could meet anywhere and you would think we had always known one another. If there is any possiblity of getting together, my advise is GO FOR IT! For those of you who weren’t with us today – You Were Missed!

    Fyi – Trader Joe’s is an awsome grocery and goodies market. They have good, inexpensive food, exceptional chocolates and cookies, beer and wine. Not a bad place for our group to wander for a little while. We were not quite as giggly by the time we left the Coldstone Ice-Creamery. I am a little surprised we didn’t get ourselves thrown out because we spent a really long time there. 😎

  216. msgypsy said

    Apropos of nothing other than Hello Kitty tattoos (and it makes sense in context, but of course I’m not giving you the context…)

    It’s just SO wrong!

    And we didn’t get thrown out of Coldstone Creamery because they knew we’d be back. They’re not fools there…. LOL! And the fact that the wine steward at Trader Joe’s was following us and eavesdropping proves that we’re lovable…

  217. Arrowyn said

    Somewhere waaaaay back near the beginning of this topic, AlisaSG posted the site to the SPACE forum for Blood Ties and one of the posters there put a link to the behind-the-scenes video that Canada saw (or is going to see). Great video, but I couldn’t get any sound! Did anyone go there and have the same problem? I checked all the volume settings I could find on their site and my computer — nada! Very frustrating to see Kyle being his cutey self, and I couldn’t hear his lovely voice (oh, yeah, there were other people in the video, too, I guess).

  218. Margaret said

    Arrowyn: I can hear it fine. Have you checked all your wiring to make sure it hasn’t gotten pulled out and is still plugged in.

  219. lwildstar said

    good morning – I would like to say thank you for the hugs and support – I’m so glad I have all of you as a fmaily – can’t reply to emails currently it looks like AOL is having issues again – I may have to switch to another email address for you guys – will keep you posted.

    Anzia – I have no idea wha the Baliwood movie was – nothing was in English – once in a while one of the cable channels will run international movies or music videos in the morning – sort of during the paid programing slots – you never know what you’ll come across…but it was the typical love story just with more music and more comedy….guy loves girl – girl rejects him, only to realize she does love him – a horrible man comes along and asks her father for her – good looking guy must crash the wedding to win her back.

    ok I’m off for now – going to go see whats up with AOL – will check back this after noon

    and Ms G…if you want to zap some of the ranting posts from last night I don’t mind – I kinda took over.

  220. lwildstar said

    until I figure out what is up with AOL – please send email to me at
    that is the same as the AOL only with verizon.

    I can’t get into AOL to inform anyone so I’d appreciate it someone could spred the word and update your distribution lists. It looks like I read emails at AOL just not respond to them…and I find any technical support because its a free account not a paid one.


  221. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good morning chix! Sorry I didn’t hang around too much yesterday played in the pool for a while and I guess the sun kicked my butt a bit 😉

    Maggie May, I did make a post for you on TV-Eh? my posting duty you know I do whatever you tell me to do 😉
    Danae-Dani-Bryony, Ciao Bella’, sorry I didn’t come and chat w/you and Wildstalker but I was beat by the heat. I was however very entertained by the power of Hooch and trying to write while under the influence of said Hooch 😀 you are afunny girl! Love ya’

    Laurel, Gypsy, Arrowyn, E, Moonbeam………Ya’ll SUCK! I need a pal down here to play with mannnnn. I’m glad ya’ll had a good time though , just a little jealous 😦

    Hey I didn’t get any emails if ya’ll are emailing , which is scary if they’re held up anywhere I may get a 100 or more if they get released.

    Prtfvr how goes the kitchen, come see me I’ll sell ya’ some waaaay cool appliances sista’! Sub-Zero , Wolf (made in Madison, WI yeah **Dr.Z**) Asko d/w the ultimate. Anyway hope the project’s going well, remodeling or renovating can suck! We lived through a full kitchen remodel last fall , yep big PIA, but it’s beautiful now and I love it 😀

    Check back a little later, enjoy ya’lls day !

  222. lwildstar said

    boy we all seem to be having email issues

    Madonna was kind enough to email all of you my new email account address

    So please update your address books – as soon as I get my new one set up I’ll send out a message with the new Names list attached – I had more updates anyway.

    Ug! I really hate getting all this stuff set up! I can still read messages in AOL I just don’t seem to be able to reply to anyone except Madonna becasue she has an AOL account – ok thanks!

  223. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Done Wildstalker! changed and I got that one from Madonna, unless they’re going to my work email. OH well cool beans 😎

  224. lwildstar said

    Dizey – I just sent everyone an email with the update and the update name list – but I can’t remember which of your emails I sent it to.

    need Arrowyns contact info – please send to new address

  225. lwildstar said

    i’m off to go write – will be back later!

  226. lwildstar said

    well I got the account set up but I can’t get it to stop showing the account name so if you get an email for K Wheeler – thats me……
    thank you for your patience with this!

  227. prtfvr said

    Everyone who’s selling stuff, email your website to me! Beads, appliances, WOO HOO!

    Diz, the kitchen’s going great! I haven’t done a damn thing with it! It’s just been the hubby and the boys! Sweet! I have laundry to do today – I know because my husband just so nicely reminded me – but our water cooler is at the top of the basement stairs so I can’t get a basket down there until it’s moved. Darn it! 😉

  228. Madonna said

    Hey everyone! How goes it this Sunday?

    So far I’ve been really busy this weekend. The rest of today looks no different. I have some bad news girls. It may be another month or more before I can get back to Elder Hostel emblems and costumes. This is just getting ready to start candle season and that means little rest for me from now til Christmas.

    I did find a little time this morning to do my Blood Ties duty and do some searching.

    Here’s a Canadian review I found. This is the kind of critic I love.

    You know I think one of the biggest differences between BT airing in Canada as opposed to here is that men will get a much bigger chance to see it there and I think that will help their ratings.

    Are you OK? We haven’t heard from you since your work troubles about a week ago.

    Ms. Gypsy,
    I couldn’t agree with you more. It was AMAZING how much fun Friday’s party was. It was a testament to the vivid imaginations all of us girls have. I only wish more people could have shown up. I think we should have another one for Blood Tie’s renewal (POSITIVE THOUGHTS) and I can only imagine the fun we could have with a Halloween and Christmas party. We could have started a new phenomena here ladies.

    Well I’m off to work now girls. Hopefully I can check back in tonight.

  229. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Prtfvr, cool deal w/the guys doing the main hard work on the kitchen, this is my work website but you can see some of the diff. products available to you I don’t know how much remodeling you’re doing but it’ll give you some ideas of what’s out there and we carry a small portion of what’s out there but we carry some of the best products (IMHO)

    Madonna, when you get some of those candles done let me know I’d love to order some from you maybe for gifts , probably I’ll just hord them 😉 Are they soy??

  230. Margaret said

    Thanks Dizey. You’re too good to me. Ok, where were the rest of you, eh? Need more comments on Eh Canada so these Canadians will know what they have, if they don’t already, from us North Americans who think Canada is exotic, eh.

  231. Margaret said

    Madonna: Are those the candles that burn but the things in them stay where they are? Saw something like it at Cracker Barrel, with leaves in it. I’d like to get some for gifts for Christmas, too. If you have them done by then. Keep me in mind.

  232. Annalaise duChat said

    Hey guys,

    Check out my new post on

    If that doesn’t entice him to check us out nothing will. LOL

    Have a great weekend.

  233. Margaret said

    I love it Dr. DuChat.

  234. lwildstar said

    Dr. duChat! that was wonderful – maybe someone else will seeit and pass it on to him! You know I saw Peter Mohans post and the guy from YeahWhatever – but I didn’t see one from Tanya…did I miss it?

    Per Prtfvr’s request here is my website – the link doesn’t always work so you may have to typ it in – page one has had 97? hits since I redid it in May..

    Ok I got lots of updates for the Name sheet to work on…I’ll email it out tomorrow.

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  235. Laurel said

    lwildstar – I’m so glad you mentioned the schedule change on cartoon network last night. I was supposed to be taping my daughter’s favs while she is out of town. I forgot last night, but it didn’t matter – because of the Futurama marathon. You totally saved me! 😛

    Diz – don’t be too jealous! We Portlanders were plotting how to get more of us together. You, my dear, live in a very desirable vacation local. 🙂

    Okay, my favorite idea was for us all to go on a cruise with our favorite writers. Tanya at the top of the list, of course. Once all that money comes in (from where????) we should book our cruise to the Carribean. We could leave out of the Orlando area and pick up our SW group on the way. What do you think? Nice dream, anyway. 😎

  236. lwildstar said

    Laurel – So glad I was of help! I was so bummed my shows weren’t on! I’m looking forward to seeing what info you come up with for me – don’t forget to use the new email address (see above) anywho I think we need to schedule a convetion maybe dead center of the states so it would only be a half cross country trip for those of us on the coasts – just a thought -or we could go to Toranto! I’m saving my pennys!

    I have spent so much time online today just trying to get this email stuff squared away my head hurts!

    Ok off to find food – I have HAD NOTHING to eat today and its amost 3pm! Maybe thats why my head hurts.

    I’ll check in later – I still want to get some writing done today.

  237. Margaret said

    I asked Anne when she sent the greetings, she sent it on August 23 so anything after that won’t be seen. I emailed her to ask how she would handle the ones that came in after Aug. 23 and am still waiting.

  238. AlisaSG said

    >> I asked Anne when she sent the greetings, she sent it on August 23 so anything after that won’t be seen. I emailed her to ask how she would handle the ones that came in after Aug. 23 and am still waiting.

    I sent Anne an e-mail on the 24th, because that’s when I posted mine, and I wasn’t sure if it posted (so I sent her an e-mail just in case). If what you wrote is true, Kyle’s birthday hadn’t even happened yet.. so, I don’t know if the rest of the replies will be seen based on what you just mentioned.

    However, I’m sure something would be, because Peter Mohan signed Kyle’s guestbook list (on the 25th), too, in addition to several other members of the BT crew (who posted their messages on the 24th).

    okay ladies, TV-eh is having technical difficulties today..

    so, of all of the articles and places I could have looked on TV-eh for the rest of your comments, how did I *EVER* guess you’d all pick Kyle’s topic.. Nice comments, too! Very professionally stated, too. 😉

    I was finally able to post under *guess where* or guess who! (hee-hee!!!), and the screen locked up again..!! I hope whatever I shared helps. I wrote something up this morning; and it just didn’t sound quite right, so I walked away and rewrote it maybe 50 more times, before the final product was submitted.

    (I’m a sloooooow writer, what can I say?? *g*)

  239. Margaret said

    Yeah but since she’s half way around the world and the international date line, she probably actually sent them on his birthday, right? Anywho, I’ll let you know as soon as I hear from her.

  240. Margaret said

    Madonna: Is it ok if I forward the card you made for Kyle to Anne ( I mentioned it to her and how much work you had done on it.

    AlisaG-She said she might mention to the production person (who shall remain nameless) that some greetings came in late, Peter Mohan’s for one.

  241. AlisaSG said

    oh gosh, ladies I can’t handle this..

    I’m reading thru the comments, and Ohhhhhhhhhhh, it hurts to think of those very nuances that Kyle poured into Henry during HEART OF FIRE..

    Margaret — about your comments on TV-eh about Kyle–
    his passion, his soul.. heart-aching indeed!

    I’ve got every image of what Mendoza tortured Henry thru, and they’re embedded in my brain! I can see and FEEL the images without even looking at eps physically. 😉

    ughhhhhhh. We’ve GOT to help these new folks around the world STAY interested in the BT story..

    ..and hopefully without giving out the details to every story, as one person almost already did on the spacecast site (whoever it was, gave away each significant episode name with its specific detail to look for — sniffing scene), which some folks get downright nasty if SPOILED to that extreme wayyyyyy ahead of time. Grant it, I personally wouldn’t mind being spoiled, but I’d rather be kept in perpetual suspense (as on Tanya’s blogs), than to know that I could SKIP other eps, just because the ones that were recommended to look for were already listed.

    hmmmm… yes, I had to ask myself, how that last comment of mine makes my gushing over HEART OF FIRE with Kyle as Henry any different (referring to my commentary on the TV-eh site article). I didn’t mention Mendoza, or the tortures or Kyle being placed into REAL chains for filming, because he kept breaking the props.. But I hope the way I did mention it, is creative in itself, just enough to stir the imagination, and let it go overboard all on its own, until the moment of reckoning actually occurs..
    😀 .. 😛

    *sigh* .. some comments elsewhere wanted to quit after the premiere
    eps 1 & 2.
    NOooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! (I do hope they were only teasing.) 😦

  242. AlisaSG said

    btw, PS– when I mentioned HEART OF FIRE under Kyle’s article at the TV-eh site, I took a creative cue from those of you who managed to see the story before the rest of us — and zipped up the most precious of details — all of them, except Kyle’s stunning acting performance within it. 😎

    gotta drop SOME bait into those (public) lurking waters *somehow*..

    only time will tell.
    hoping *ultimately* that the BEST results will inspire MORE Blood Ties eps to be contracted and completed..

  243. Arrowyn said

    Margaret, I’ve checked all wiring, etc. and I’ve gone to other places that have sound and everything’s fine. Argh! I vaguely remember (my usual kind of memory) reading “somewhere” that other people were having the same problem. I’ll try again, but I bet it will show up elsewhere eventually. I’ll just search.

  244. AlisaSG said

    zipped up the most precious of details — I meant to say, I continued the legacy of that self-imposed GAG order.. to which those of you who experienced it, knew so very well!

    man, that must’ve been the most frustrating weeks of your life
    (especially for prtfvr, because her reaction AFTER was the best description of it!)

  245. Arrowyn said

    Can I USE the excuse of trying to watch the behind-the-scenes video at 3:30 AM? I am not a stupid woman — I just do stupid things. I FORGOT TO TURN THE SPEAKERS ON!!!!!!! Well, the good news is — I found a lot of places on my computer that have to do with volume. Not helping the “stupid” feeling. I need chocolate!

  246. minxlaurel said

    My beloved Moonbeam is tutoring me in all things WordPress. lol
    I am trying to get an avitar of my own. Wish me luck.

  247. minxlaurel said

    How do I edit the pic I want behind my name.
    Use small words, please. 😎

  248. Arrowyn said

    So, do we have yet another identity crisis going on? minxlaurel, is that you, Laurel?

  249. lwildstar said

    minxlaurel – when you go to the blood lines site open the picture you want big size – then right click – choose properties and highlight and copy the html name then go back to word press and past that in under where it sas html: or URL I can’t remember which – its under your screen name

    for the avatar you need to save the picture you want to your computer first then go to the avatar seletion click browse choos your picture it will give you a cropping window and then make sure you save profile –

    hope all of this made sense – if not Rifkind posted it on her WordPress page but I don’thave the link…

  250. Claire said

    Good Sunday my lovelies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment allez-vous cet dimanche après-midi ?
    Beth darling…if you need a friend to play with….move to VA!!!!!!
    Got back from Ikea…ate some delish Salmon! Saw a fabulous huge mirror…it would have looked lovely in my dining room…too big for car!!!!!!!!!!!!! to clean the house..ugh!
    Are we at the henhouse tonight?

  251. minxlaurel said

    Yeah, it’s me. (hangs head in shame). It appears I never actually signed in properly to wordpress before. When I finally did so today I discovered there is already a Laurel. Okay, it may even be me but if so I don’t remember my password and had to start over.
    Ah, well…
    Now I am stuck as minxlaurel when I actually sign in. A small price to pay if I can get the whole picture thing figured out.

  252. Cree said

    There’s a behind the scenes BT video? Somehow I missed that post. Can someone either post or email me the link? Thanks.

  253. Margaret said

    Just trying to get a picture near my name again.

  254. vicki said

    hey girls…

    happy sunday!!! well school starts tomorrow here…and that brings me one day closer to OCt. WHOO HOOOO!!!

    Got to get into teacher mode tonight..(doesnt take much…its genetic) LOL I will check back to get some last minute laundry done..

    Anyone found out about the ratings for Canada yet????????

  255. Margaret said

    Where would the avatar selection be?

  256. Margaret said

    Cree-I just sent you what I had plus a few others. Didn’t know whether you had the flare photo shoot, or the daily interview so I sent those too.

  257. prtfvr said

    IMDB Ratings for last week are already in:

    Holy Cow! Canada must be searching like crazy because EVERYONE moved up. Here’s how it stacks up:

    Blood Ties
    This Week: 1383
    Last Week: 1932
    Status: UP!! +549

    This Week: 1392
    Last Week: 2058
    Status: UP!! +666 Superstitious much?! 😉

    This Week: 1888
    Last Week: 2702
    Status: UP!! +814

    This Week: 4160
    Last Week: 5205
    Status: UP!! +1045

    Ok, let’s get serious! We finally have Canada on board. Let’s make those numbers POP for next Monday! We at least have to search Blood Ties enough to get it under a thousand. Come on!

  258. Margaret said

    Cree, the last thing I sent you had a bunch of garbage on the message section, disregard that, find the attachment, open it and it will still play. You’ll have to sit through Cheetah’s birthday first though. This is one of the very first ones with Christina telling how Kyle broke the bed the first week.

  259. Claire said

    Holy Merde….Those numbers are up!!! WoooHoooo!!!
    Hey..wheres my girl Diz….are you in hiding..cause Z…let out your secret about the Henry Tattoo on your bum? Aw girl…it’s all good we’re family! LOL!
    Je t’aime ma soeur… tu me manques!


  260. Cree said

    Margaret: Thanks for the links. I enjoyed the videos very much!

  261. Madonna said

    Good evening everyone!

    Chery, I just saw you earlier post. I would send it to Tanya but there is so many inside jokes on it I don’t know if she would appreciate it or not. What do you girls think? The hard copy of the card itself is being sent by Lady A with the rest of his presents, so he should get it all at the same time. I want to be sure that he has a chance to see the card for himself before the rest of the world, (excluding us) of course is given the opportunity to view it.

    The candles I make are called gel candles. And yes when they burn the “embeds”, the items inside of them made of ceramic, glass or metal do stay put while the candle burns. I’ve been making them for about 3 years now and turning it into a business is a slow process. When I do get something going I’ll let you all know.

    Margaret, be careful of buying those gel candles that look like they may have real leaves and flowers and such….. Unless they are “forever” candles (scented but unwicked, used for decoration.) organic items should not be used because they can be flammable.

  262. Madonna said


    I posted over on that tv eh? site almost a week ago. My alter ego is mjp79. I haven’t let you down either girl.

    I love what you put over at kyleschmidcentral. Even if he never sees that, although I’d say he will eventually, it was hysterical and the best part was that it was true. Almost anyway. Just who brought that darn monkey anyway? He needs to be there for the next party too. He was fun to watch.

  263. lwildstar said

    Margaret I sent you Rifkinds link to do the Avatar

    I’ve spent the last hour writing and my eyes hurt – but I only stopped because the laptop had a fit – I really want to try and finish chapter 9 tonight or tomorrow – then I’ll move on to the vamp story – and after I hear back from Danae and Laurel? about the short – well I’ll post that and start the next section of that…busy, busy, busy! then I’ll start over!
    The hampster in my brain is begging for a break! run run run!

    I really just don’t want to go into work tomorrow after last nights anxiety attack – but I did better today…I made an apt with the doctor to discuss these attacks – she cant see me till October!

    Does anyone know if you can become OCD later in life – even if yo never had tose tendancies before? I find that I am checking things over and over – or maybe its just my mind going…phst – there goes another nueron!

    Prtfvr – you started something with the renameing – thanks to the booboo with the new email address puting KWheeler in the from box I have now been nicked named Miss K – which is fine with me – that is one of my characters names…

    well I’m going to go over to IMDB – was there earlier, but one more trip tonight cant hurt right!

    I really shouldnt stay up – but is anyone going to the HenHouse tonight?

  264. lwildstar said

    dang it!
    My post disappeared – I hit submit and it popped me off.

    I have got to remember to start copying those before I his send!

    Anyways it may show up – ya never know….

    Margaret I sent you the link of Rifkinds for doing the Avatar.

    I have been renicknamed – Miss K because of the booboo when I set up the new email account.

    Lets see what else did I write – oh I’m half way through chapter 9 of the demon story – going to work and the vamp story – and when the editing is done on the short I’ll post that and let you know – then I can start on its part two.
    busy brain – no time to think – I’ve been beter today – only mild aniety – made a doc apt, but she can’t see me until October! oh well.

    I’m going over to IMDB to see I can help tose nubmers – I was there earlier – but we need more numbers!

  265. Margaret said

    Madonna: Chery could always give her a little legend. Like these two crazy people with the pile of post cards would be Margaret and Chery who between them have written approximately 1,600 post cards. They can now be found in a corner rocking back and forth ,going where’s my Blood Ties or O’Henry, O’Henry. Which means we’re either asking for a candy bar or depending upon what kind of emphasis we use on the “O”. I’m sorry, going down that slippery slope again, aren’t I.

  266. Claire said

    Annalaise…I love the comment at Kyleschmidcentral! You’re so funny! Thanks for the hottie compliment! I really really wish he would see all our comments!
    Ah well we can hope right?

  267. Margaret said

    Anne said something about she might pass the others along, especially when you think that Peter Mohan didn’t make the cut with all the others.

    Didn’t someone say that His Cyber Seduction was supposed to be on Lifetime sometime in October?

  268. vicki said

    Alright!!! Numbers up thats what we like to hear.,,,I will have to go add my two cents….LOL

  269. lwildstar said

    well I’m outie for the night – i took something to help my stiff neckneck – and now I want to sleep.

    Talk to you tomorrow!
    lwildstar d’ Nightwalker

    AKA Miss K!

  270. laurel said

    Hah! I may not be able to get the avitar to show up, but I did get my name back. Whooo hooo!

    Little things like that just make me so happy. It looks like I will need more expert assistance from one of you. Could someone send me rifkind’s avitar primer? Thank you!

    I refuse to give up.

    lwildstar – I am working on the location thing. Looks like I will have to drive into Portland to refresh my info on the downtown area. I got you one map that is not detailed enough but I have another I am using to hunt locations. You did send me the Portland one, didn’t you?

  271. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bonsoir Claire, comment sont vous ? Qu’est-ce que c’est au sujet d’un tatouage de Henri ? Quelqu’un a fait que quand j’ai été passé dehors, peut-être Henri l’a mis là. D’ailleurs le chocolat peut traiter n’importe quoi 😉

    Today was a slow dreary kind of day. I re-watched The Secret juuuuust making sure I’m doing it all correctly ya’ know? I needed a little Henry/Kyle so I watched Heart of Fire again and Blood Price, and I may watch Norman before bed. I’m waaaaay ready for October!!!!! My own mini marathon 😀


    Splain somethin’ to me. The numbers we want are higher or lower? What’s posted appears lower than last week and you say the status is a positive so I guess I don’t git it 🙂

    Madonna , let me know when you’ve got product and I’m your girl. Love candles!

  272. Annalaise duChat said

    Yes Cyber Seduction is on this month I already have it set to record in my DVR. The first time it was on I my daughter watched it because she was hot for Jeremy Sumpter who plays the lead. That was before Blood Ties though and I really wasn’t aware of who Kyle was at that time. I’m going to make a point of watching it again with an eye for our guy.

    I the meanwhile though I have just one thing to say this evening.

    HEATH LEDGER!!!!! in A Knight’s Tale. Trust me on this on girls!

  273. Arrowyn said

    Annalaise, I had Cyber Seduction marked for September 2, but now I can’t find it on any schedule anywhere. When is it on?

  274. AlisaSG said

    looking at the IMDB numbers — they do appear to be the reverse of the outcome (and I was going to ask, but you did it first!). This hasn’t been the first time either that I’ve seen the numbers written in reverse with an opposite reaction (yes, this isn’t easy to explain)..

    for example, prtfvr wrote
    This Week: 1392
    Last Week: 2058
    Status: UP!! +666 Superstitious much?! 😉

    This Week: 1888
    Last Week: 2702
    Status: UP!! +814

    by what I’m seeing the numbers would be the same, but the week’s listed would also be in reverse order so that in order to get the current *Status UP* results, they should appear this way instead..

    Last Week: 1392
    This Week: 2058
    Status: UP!! +666 Superstitious much?! 😉

    Last Week: 1888
    This Week: 2702
    Status: UP!! +814

    Does that make better sense?? (the increased amount = the same total)

    But on the actual IMDB site, it shows that the arrows increased (2 were over 40%; Gina’s % dropped, tho) from the previous week. Maybe it’s in whoever is calculating the stuff from the site has their week’s listed in reverse, and they meant to say the opposite, so that the higher numbers increased in appearance to us are actually this week, and not the way it’s listed in their program.

    I didn’t see the actual number calculations, only the percentage points.

  275. Annalaise duChat said

    Cyber Seduction is on Lifetime, Sunday 9/2 8:00pm

  276. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Dr.du Chat,

    A Knight’s Tale , I loved it and I like Heath, also “The Patriot” OMG very good actor! Please, tell my friend Melanie that I’m sorry I didn’t respond to her yesterday, it slipped by me. I am very happy that her band out shined the other and sorry their team lost but winning isn’t everything , it’s how much fun you have along the way, the journey’s the fun 😉 She’s a great kid I’m sure you are very proud Mom ! Did she get lots of great clothes? 😉

    Well ya’ll trying to get to bed early so I can be @ the gym for 5:00, I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow and sleep well……..

    Reves doux d’Henri (Je t’aime tout mon sang suçant des soeurs!!) 😎 XOXOXOXOXOXOXO


  277. AlisaSG said

    ohhh, about LIFETIME and “Army Wives”..
    expect a bit hullaballu over this week’s episode. It’s definitely going to draw in a HUGE audience, because the storyline apparently has a terrorist threat made against the military base (where the wives are probably housed).

    For folks in NJ, we’ve already seen and heard the plot in real life. Happened a few months ago, which was probably the very story that inspired this Army Wives episode. Our government found and stopped a group of terrorists who had planned on infiltrating a NJ military base, and go on a killing spree in there.

    They had previous connections with the base from being pizza delivery guys, and other transport suppliers with *granted* BASE access. One of the suspected guys caught claimed to have personal knowledge of the base’s layout, so it would be easier to take over based on his floor plan schematics. Within one week, several alternate reports came out claiming this whole thing was just a set-up and a lie deliberately planned by our government making prejudiced biases against a certain “religion” to stereotype profiling that particular group of “fundamentalists” into a terrorist category.. Their families declared denied all charges and demanded them to be set free…

    right in my own home state, this happened. Lovely, hunh??

    Yep, that’s what was in the NJ newspapers a few months ago. I wouldn’t doubt if folks watching Tv would be watching just for the sake of comparing the real story with the “Army Wives” LIFETIME version. PLUS, it wouldn’t surprise me if in the future we’ve heard on the news that the terrorists scattered on our planet are ALSO watching this program.. feeding them all sorts of ideas..!!!!

    Worst part was also discovering that 2 other facilities (for the *real* NJ story) were also on the targeted hit list of possibilities. One being near my sister’s house, and the other being near me! If they changed their minds and went after the one by me, there’d be a sizable hole in the ground in this state.. probably covering several square miles, not just a bunch of buildings (it’s an arsenal!! think Cheyenne MOUNTAIN.. Stargate command center.. something similar to *that*.. except the facility near me ain’t under a mountain!!)

    Now, ask me if I feel any safer and more secure about life in the good ol’ USA..!

  278. Anzia said

    Um… Diz wasn’t getting the emails.. she know NOTHING about her little tribute to Henry…See Diz my dear. This is what happens when you get really really drunk. YOu forget things. ^_^ I sent you an email explaining Diz. To two different accounts…lets hope one gets there…

    Danae- do you like the book?

    I saw “Becoming Jane” today. LOVE IT! I cried (yes I’m THAT much of a dork- I’m also hormonal right now so…just be warned). It was my second not so happy ending movie in two days. THAT’S some major sadness build-up! The first movie actually ended with the heroine shooting her hero to save him and everyone else. SO SAD! GREAT movie, but really sad. Then Jane, my dear dear Jane, who blessed us with so many great stories *shakes fist at the Fates* So not fair.

  279. Claire said

    Beth… vous avez passé dehors sur le plancher… nous vous avons trouvé le jour suivant… avec seulement des décorations de célébration couvrant votre derrière et un tatouage d’Henry !

    Ask Danae how you got it!…She was pretty toasted..and wanting one on her boob…before she passed out and joined you under the party streamers…and for your info…ehem…I found Kyle under there too! Are you sure you and danae didn’t break him and blame me? cause he couldn’t remember…all he remembers is Margaret fixing it…so he could come over my house! LOL!!

    Anyway…Until tomorrow my darlings..Bonne Nuit … Reves doux d’Henri et
    Kyle… mes belles soeurs!

  280. Anne said

    No, you’re not – you’re sleeping 😉

    Meanwhile, here in CET land …
    I will email an update to Scribble when she gets back from her vacation.
    I know Tanya is swamped with emails, so she’ll probably get to my suggestion that she sign Kyle’s birthday guestbook in about a month 😉
    I could poke her of course …

    Sorry I didn’t make the party – I would have bought Key Lime Pie and onion rings. But I’m not very good at sharing Key Lime Pie – I’m slightly notorious for my Key Lime Pie obses … INTEREST!

    I wonder if there’s a fanlisting for Key Lime Pie?
    Or Lemon Meringue Cake in a pinch.
    Or Ben & Jerry’s Lemon Merengue Ice Cream …

    You can keep all the likker – just hand over the Lemon Merengue Cake!

    I love onion ringes (preferably those with smooth batter without crumbs in it), and having Kyle mention them in his first sentence just made me love them even more.

    For the cruise you should also get Denis McGrath – he sounds verry entertaining on his blog. And Peter Mohan could give you Blood Ties insights.
    Perhaps even Insight insider insights ….

  281. Anne said

    Wanna comment to Jill?
    Jill on Blood Ties and Henry

  282. Margaret said

    Anne: Thanks for dropping by. Educate me, who is Jill? When you visited the set, didn’t Kyle smell them before he actually met you?

    I have a great Key Lime Pie recipe but its a Weight Watchers recipe. Still tastes good though.

    I can’t remember, are we talking about a real cruise or a virtual one like the Birthday party we just had. That would be some cruise, now who wouldn’t love to pick Denis McGrath and Peter Mohan’s brains over Blood Ties. As Norman would say, that would be wicked awesome.

  283. Margaret said

    Thanks Dr. DuChat for the tv listing. Remember ladies, if you’re building your Kyle Schmid movie library, this is one that Lifetime does NOT have on DVD yet, so you need to record it if you want it.

    Claire: I thought you got to see Kyle before you went to your other party. If that’s the case, trying to “fix” him is like closing the fence after the horses got out, especially after you got through with him, Ms. “Hot Stuff”. lol

  284. Anne said

    I asked IMDB a while back – who apppears in their birthday profile spots has to do with how many searches have been made for the person, so I figure if we want Kyle to show up next year, we better get started now.
    I don’t know whether they count multiple searches from the same IP number though.

    Jill Golick is a TV writer – I’ve never seen any of her stuff though. Found her site googling.

  285. lwildstar said

    Laurel – I sent you an email but just incase you arn’t use to my new email address yet I’m posting here – Yep that was the Portland story – any hting you can get would be helpful, but don’t knock your self out – I’ mean is started writing it with out any location specifics!thanks bunches!

    Well it looks like even if you guys change my welcome name in your replys – it changes back when i reply – oh well you know KWheeler is me now….

    Well off to work – lets hope its a better week!

    lwildstar d’ Nightwalker AKA Miss K!

  286. lwildstar said

    wow must have been a slow night – I had only two emails! oh well now that I have things set up at work to get into the verizon account i can check back at lunch time – have a good day!

    lwildstar d’ Nightwalker AKA Miss K!

  287. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for stopping by. Any chance the balance of the guestbook will get sent Kyle’s way?

    While Key Lime Pie is wonderful my latest fixation is anything with bananas. Banana Cream Pie Chocolate Banana Milkshakes, Banana Cream Pie Blizzards at Dairy Queen…

    Dizey Melanie was asking me if you replied. She’ll be happy when I tell her you did. Yes we spent lots of money on clothes The credit card in smoking.

  288. prtfvr said

    Diz: The IMDB stats are indeed in reverse. The lower the number the more people have been searching on them. For Kyle that means that out of how ever many actors are searched on, he is the 1,888 most searched for. Last week he was the 2,058 most searched for.

    The lower the number the more popular the search. The difference between last week and this weeks number is 666. So he was searched 666 times more than he was the week before.

    Hope that help.

  289. laurel said

    Annalaise – Can you say Bannan Malt – made with hand scooped hard ice-cream? I know a place where we can get one! Come on over for lunch. -)

    I see my avitar showed up this morning. Of course it isn’t the one I really wanted but now I at least have a clue. Now, where did I put that picture of Dylan?

    Re: The cruise – We would love to figure out how to do a REAL cruise but I think most of us have pretty tight budgets so it is just a dream for now. Unless one our you all won the Powerball lottery last night? If we decide to do a virtual cruise we could have a lot of fun with it. We will need a big hospitality suite!

  290. Laurel,

    I’ve never had one but it sure sounds good. It’s a date!

  291. laurel said

    Ooooh. Found him.

    See, I am really pretty easily amused. 🙂

  292. laurel said


    I wish we really could meet for lunch.
    I am having some problems with my writing and would like to hear how you address some of the odd issues that come up. I apparently write like I quilt; make a few blocks and and then try to sew them all together into an attractive whole. I think some of my “blocks” are not going to be in the same end product.

    Ah, well. I’d better make some coffee and pour my frosted mini-wheats.

  293. Margaret said

    We could plan a virtual cruise, just like the birthday party we had. I laughed until I cryed. Had a great time.

    What are we doing for Dylan’s birthday? Madonna, have you been commandered into making another masterpiece. Since he’s married and we want to be respectful of that I would think a virtual party for him would be out.

    The things we do while we’re waiting to hear from Lifetime. lol.

  294. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good Morning you crazy chix,

    1st.) CLEARLY I was the “BUTT” of the joke on the email-scapades, hey it’s cool 😎 lucky for ya’ll I have a sense of humor and most definitely can laugh at myself. Oh and BTW Henri looks mighty fine on my…….Derrière 😉 Oh and **Z** no hard feelings my sista’ it’s all good even though I wasn’t invited 😦
    JK 😛

    Prtfvr, thanks for clearing up the status confusion. I kept looking at those and though ok Prtfvr’s a smart woman how is she seeing this and twisting it to work out the way she wants, Is She drinking?? Oh no it’s just me (hee hee hee) 😀

    Claire, vous avez vu tattooing mon Henri sur mon derriere, Henri l’avez peint lui-même 😉 Je pense que Henri pourrait être un artiste. Henri a modelé son corps glorieux pour moi, jusqu’au sunrise:-D

  295. DIZEY1 :-) said


    Good job on the avatar is it a lapel?? We need to work on your pic now. When you go to the Bloodlines site and you choose the pic, click on the pic so it is enlarged. Once it’s big 😉 copy the url and then go back and paste on your wordpress profile site. It should show up after you update your profile once pasted. Let me know if that helped.

  296. Laurel —

    Why don’t you email me? I’d be happy to discuss your writing, and as you know, I always like to talk about mine.;) I’m no expert though. So it would be a case of the blind leading the blind.:-D But maybe we could help each other. Title it something about writing so it catches my attention. I think there’s 60 some emails in my inbox again. I just can’t keep up.

  297. Oh I just had another Idea too, maybe we could make a chat date for some evening to talk about our stories. We could set a time to get together at Bloody Ford or set up a private chat (so we don’t annoy anybody else, unless somebody else wants to join in.) I’ll bring banana pudding ice cream! Email me to let me know.

  298. DIZEY1 :-) said

    😀 😛 😎

  299. msgypsy said

    As I drive by this morning…

    Laurel, do you think you could manage some kind of birthday card for Dylan? I hate to make Madonna do all that work again, and so soon! But I don’t know any of us Minxes with sufficient talent to do what she did for Kyle. You, at least, have crafty talent that I know of, and possibly artistic talent that you haven’t told us about yet…and being a Minx and all, I just know your heart will be right in it…

  300. Madonna said

    Hey guys,

    Whoever has Henry could you please send him to Kentucky NOW!!!!!

    I’ll explain in a little while.

  301. Maddie Mo said

    Good Morning all!!!

    I am completely out of the loop.. Have not been able to catch up from being in meetings last week.

    Sorry I missed the party.

    Claire—- Happy late birhtday!!!!!

  302. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good Morning Madonna , I have him almost literally in my back pocket 😉 I guess he’s a butt man now, if he wasn’t before.

    I’ll send him along I hope you’re ok, let me know if I can do anything for you, Hug, or even a tattoo I’m CLEARLY your girl. Love YA! 😀

  303. lwildstar said

    Did the world end and I didn’t get the memo? or are you all still recovering from the weekend?
    Boy were are quiet today – usually by now i’d have 50+ emails in the box – I had 2! at the new verizon address and only one at the old AOL address
    I Hope I haven’t dropped off the lists when i changed my address – I can still get into AOL so I’m sending reminders. Am I being shunned?

    I’m sure many of you are back to school – have fun take care!

    I love the idea of a writers chat…so many of us writing that would be great – to kick around ideas and what not! I know we tried the writers blog , it didn’t seeme to catch on.

    And speeking of writng – since I have no emails to return and I’ve caught up on the blog I am off to finish chapter 9! maybe I’ll get brave enought to post it someday….

    talk at you later

  304. Himmiefan said

    Hi everybody!! So sorry to be MIA for a while. I was scared that you had thought that my boss had killed me and hidden my body in the filing cabinet. Actually, things are going much better (you see, no room in the filing cabinet). We met on Thursday and got on the same page, so to speak. It turns out that she’s very, very left brained and needs everything plotted out. I didn’t realize how right-brained and spontaneous I am. Anyway, we talked and things seem better. I’ve decided on my own to try to give her more details than I have been. That might help.

    Anyway, thank you very much for your kindness and caring last week. You guys are the best!!! Ms. Gypsy, I’m afraid that was me giving Faraday some cheese at the party. He said it was allowed! Then he gave me puppy dog eyes, and you know how hard that is to resist.

    Anyhoo, I’ve got to check out the Macbeth video and see what the Canadians have been saying about our man. Looks like it’s probably good.

    Oh!! Happy Belated Birthday Claire and Kyle!! 🙂

  305. Himmiefan said

    By the way, if any of you like historical dramas with good looking men, rent Rome. I got hooked on the first season, then rented the second season last week. I enjoyed it so much that I watched the first season all over again. Great stuff!! Rather shocking amount of nudity, but um, well, um…

  306. laurel said

    Sorry it took me so long to respond. I was getting ready for work and thought it would only take a few minutes to figure out my new hair cut. hehehe
    I was wrong. 😎
    Annalaise – I would be happy to chat about our stories some time! I have only shared them with my daughters so far, and they are pretty serious about critiquing my work. I get lots of corrections and advice. lol
    If the Bloody Ford works best that would be fine with me. I also have my own blog site on wordpress now so I could offer that if you prefer blog over chat. Let me know either here or on the e-mail.

    I am off to work now, so I’ll see you all later.

  307. laurel said

    Gypsy – Me? The card for Dylan? ROLFLMAO
    Crafty I may be, but also extremely challenged on the computer. Maybe I can put my older daughter on it. It will probably cost me money! lol
    Let me think on it for a couple of days before I commit to anything.

    Now, I am really late for work, so I’ll see you later!

  308. lwildstar — I’d love to have you at the writer’s chat. I’m sure Laurel won’t mind. I haven’t heard from her yet though. I’ll include you in any plans we makeAny bod else who’s interested in joining in email or post and I’ll include you in the planning.

  309. rifkind said

    Hi All! Just a drive-by post until I get caught up…
    I am sooo far behind… I wasn’t on the blog all weekend.. so I am VERY far behind.

    Laurel, it looks like you are still having trouble with your Avatar.
    Pop me an email with what you’ve done so far and I’ll see if we can’t get your picture formatted correctly.

    Dr DuChat.. I just sent you an email on your story submission and some ideas.. so check your mail.

    {{{HUGS}}} to all my Blood Sisters!

  310. Himmiefan said

    Hey Annalaise. I’d love to be part of the writers’ chat.

  311. OK Himmie I keep you posted when we get a plan.

    Thanks Rifkind. I’ll check it out.

  312. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Oh not even realizing it while I was talking to MBF Melanie that her mom’s birthday was also on Friday 8-24, what a trip I never knew so many people with b’days in August. Now some of my best peeps are born on 8-24 😉

  313. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Ok you crazy people, I’m sitting at my desk and eating a banana. My controller walks by and gives me a strange look as I bite my banana, wasssup wit’ dat’?? Do you think he knows about the tattoo??? 😉 Bad things I was doing at the virtual party 😎 (hee heee heeeeeeeee) HA!!

    Just an observation you baddd girls 😛 😀

  314. Hi Rifkind — Good advice.

    I had a whole letter typed out and then I lost it I have no more time now. I’ll have to try again this evening.

  315. rifkind said

    Glad to be of help

    Quick before I forget..
    The moon will turn RED with a total lunar eclipse on Tuesday!

  316. lwildstar said

    Annalaise duChat ; thanks! please send info to the new email address –

    I can’t beleive how quiet we’ve been today!

    Back to work!

  317. Madonna said

    Good afternoon everyone,

    Thank you! (((HUGS))) back!

    My day so far has pretty much been a wash. I started it with a little spat with my mom this morning.

    Some of you might remember me talking about my dog being really sick several weeks back. Well he still is and has been since mid-June. In fact I have been questioning whether or not to take him to another vet and thank God for Cree who has been helping me by email. Anyway when my mom took Boo-Boo to the vet this morning she asked for his records so that we could take him to a stomach specialist. The thing that I feared most happened. The vet and his assistant got insulted and exchanged heated words with my mom (not an argument exactly) just pissy attitudes. I did not want to insult anyone and in the past this vet has been good to us, but my first concern is my dog. Anyway, now my mom and vet are mad at each other and my mom is mad at me. I feel guilty even though I know I have no reason to. I just don’t know what to do.

  318. Anne said

    Did you see the updates on>?
    The behind-the-scenes shot of Kyle’s chest being painted – *gigggle* I always figured bodypaint might be fun.

  319. Anne said

    Sorry – it’s

  320. msgypsy said

    Madonna, hugs for you and your poor dog, and phhhhbbbbbtttttt to the vet and kinda to your mom, too, because the dog should be the first priority, not their feelings.

    Laurel, I have great faith in your artistic abilities and I bet your daughter would be willing to help out in exchange for something more motherly than cash! LOL!

  321. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Anne ,

    You Rock!! thankx for the link, I’d love to have to paint Kyle’s chest. Tough job but somebody has to do it. 😉 😎


    I say TUFF if they don’t like it. I would give mine (dogs, cat) mouth to muzzle if I had to, and if the Dr. doesn’t understand that he’s not a very good vet and he isn’t looking out for your pups best interest. Besides it’s not like he’s doing it for free, he’s been paid for his services and you’re dissatissfied. They should be more understanding, you’re their customer. Well keep us updated w/the progress for *Boo Boo*. I used to call my little Pom *Boudin* BooBoo, or Scooby-Boo and had a whole little song that I say for him and his little tail would wiggle, 😀 I miss that little sweet pea. Good luck!!

  322. Himmiefan said

    Madonna – don’t worry. You’re doing the right thing by changing vets. Your pet’s too valuable to worry about the vet’s feelings. If I remember correctly, he sounded pretty crappy anyway.

  323. Margaret said

    Anne: I don’t see anything. Could that be because I need to download the latest flash player?

  324. Margaret said

    Madonna: Don’t worry about the vets feelings, your dog is the only important thing. If he really cared like he should, he wouldn’t let his ego get in the way.

  325. Margaret said

    Just playing since my other picture took a dive.

  326. Margaret said

    Trying one more time.

  327. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Maggie May , that’s my avatar pic, good selection ma’am 😉 What a beautiful face, did you check out the ………ahhhhhhhhhh Kyle body painting? Ooooooh man I want that job 😛

  328. Arrowyn said

    Hi, everybody. Catch up time…

    Annalaise, thanks for the date and time for Cyber Seduction. That’s what I had, but when I tried to double-check my favorite schedules, I couldn’t find it. Of course, that was around 2 or 3 am!

    Anyone — I’ve had great success capturing pictures from all the various BT sites to save and savor later. All, that is, except for They have some FINE pictures on their site which are new to me, but I can’t use my usual magic to capture anything. Has anyone had more luck than I have had?

    Madonna, I’ve had 2 vets that I’ve fired because of that kind of attitude. Our pets are our babies, no matter what they are or what size, and any vet (AND THEIR STAFF!) who don’t treat my baby like their own shouldn’t be in the business. I expect people doctors to be like that (and they usually are), but not vets. My present vet (heaven’s gift to veterinary) told me once that you should “interview” your vet, their staff and their facilities before taking your pet to them. He said to look for photos that owners have sent them; adoption notices; animals set out for people to see if they want to adopt; CLEAN facilities, not just out front, but in back where they keep the animals; separate facilities for dogs and cats (less trauma); etc. My vet has a complete hospital, so all those things are there, but most places aren’t that large, of course. Mostly, you want to feel that, when you leave Boo-Boo there, they will take care of and love him like you would.

    As an aside, but on the same topic, that vet should have suggested having a specialist see Boo-Boo before your mother even thought about it! I’m with Dizey — TUFF S**T if they don’t like it! Go love your dog up. HE won’t be mad at you! Sorry, one of my many soapboxes.

  329. DIZEY1 :-) said

    juuuust chkg

  330. Arrowyn said

    Sorry if I offended any vets reading my previous rant. I’m not taking anything back, you realize, but I’m still sorry if I offended.

  331. Margaret said

    Playing again.

  332. DIZEY1 :-) said


    I don’t think anyone even Doc. Cree would be offended. Pets are like some people’s children. I know they are for me, and that’s why they live to be so old I guess. I loved and adored every dog, cat, etc I’ve ever had the pleasure to share space with. Most vet’s probably feel similar if not the same. I love my vet so much I’d let him treat me 😉 I still haven’t found a pup yet but I guess he/she’ll find me when they’re supposed to. Monkey girl (my cat AKA Louise) has been very vocal and loveable lately. She’s a sweetie girl.

  333. DIZEY1 :-) said

    I tried that Mag’s it didn’t work, but you saw that fine dude eh??

  334. Arrowyn said

    Dizey, I feel the same way. My last (and only) cat was 21 when she died last April. I’ve never been without a cat or two in my life, but I haven’t gotten another one yet. Although I know another “baby” would help me through the grief from the loss of Kali, I’m not emotionally ready to contemplate going through it again. In fact, just typing this started the tears. Not good. I’m at work. Sorry, I usually hold everything in much better than that.

  335. Anne said

    The only way I know to get pictures off flash files, is to use the print-screen key and paste the result into an image program and trim the extra stuff away.

  336. Arrowyn said

    Thanks, Anne, I’ve never done that. I love learning new things — especially when they have to do with enjoying Henry more.

  337. Arrowyn said

    Who was it – way back when – who wanted the dialog from the “sniffing scene”? I printed the comments from that blog before LT shut it down, so I have the dialog if you still need it. Type it here? Scan and email?

  338. DIZEY1 :-) said


    My old cat she’s been gone quite a while now but she was 23yrs old and only 3 yrs younger than my youngest brother. It was like loosing a sibling. All my dogs lived to be 16 and 17 yrs old, yep I get teary also just thinking about them. But I think it’s good because it shows how much we loved them and what a huge space they took up.

  339. Arrowyn said

    Dizey, you weren’t kidding when you said your pets lived for a long time!

  340. lwildstar said

    Good evening ladies!

    Long Lived Pets are the Sign of a Happy Well Balenced Home and A Healthy Happy Owner….

    So that speeks a lot about you Diz!

    Well its been a quiet day – I had no problems catching up.

    When I came into work this morning there was a new icon on my computer – a green eye – first thing I thought was spy wear – but not every computer had it (yes I checked and only found one other) so I called IT and asked – what is the green eye for? Its suposed to be a new control panel for the duel monitors – so I clicked on it and brought up properties and yep there was a tool bar for the monitors – I got an email back jokingly calling me paranoid!…its a good thing I like those IT guys…

    So since its quite I’m going to go do some writing – I’m looking forward to the writers chat Annalaise!

    Laurel – I emailed you back about the locations! You out did yourself!

    Talk to you guys later.

    lwildstar d’ Nightwalker AKA Miss K

  341. Cree said


    I’m sorry it all went down that way at the vet this morning. I feel partly responsible since I feel like I pretty much talked you into taking BooBoo somewhere else. I just can’t believe he acted that way, especially since it is a specialist you are wanting to take him to. I am just the opposite with my clients. If I can’t fix it, I am the first one to say go to a specialist and give them the names and numbers of the ones I recommend that I know are great. It really is for the best though. BooBoo needs help from someone that knows what they are doing.
    Your mom will get over it. She will realize that in the long run it is what is best for your dog. She’s probably just upset that she is the one that had to deal with the confrontation, even though you couldn’t help it that you had to work. None of us like doing that.
    So did the vet do anything today before your mom asked for the records….repeat bloodwork, or anything like that? Hey if you have the previous bloodwork results, you can email them to me if you want and I will be able to tell you with a little more certainty as to what I think is going on with him. When is the appointment with the specialist?

  342. Madonna said

    Thanks for the support everyone. I can’t tell you what it means to have you all here to turn to. I did not mean to post my rant earlier and run, but I was just getting ready to leave work and I had to go to the grocery store. Its just been a stressful, tension filled day.

    I wanted to stress the fact that my mom is on my side in this too, she was just a little more scared of insulting the doc than I was and sadly that is exactly what happened. When she mentioned maybe taking him to a stomach specialist they got very short with her and he pretty much refused to even examine my dog today. My mom kind of soothed things over a bit by telling him that we still want him to be our vet (not exactly true) but that we are convinced that there is something underlying wrong and that we thought seeing a specialist if we could would be a benefit. He gave us a number for a specialist. Anyway he did more blood work today. We’ll find out the results of that from him at an appointment on Saturday. The whole time she was there they pretty much gave her the cold shoulder.

    I’ve had a dog that lived to be 17 and a cat that lived to be 22, both had to be put to sleep because of kidney failure.

  343. Madonna said

    Hey Cree,

    Sorry, you must have posted while I was typing. I don’t want you to feel even partially responsible at all. So get that out of your head OK! You just encouraged me to do what I’ve been thinking of doing for a while now. In fact you’ve been a godsend in this whole matter.

  344. Cree said


    He is making you go back for another appointment on Saturday? Can’t he just call you with the results? Sounds like he is trying to get more money out of you for another office visit. It shouldn’t even take that long for bloodwork. It takes me about 15 minutes to run a full blood panel inhouse, and if I have to send it to an outside lab for some reason, it is back the next day at the latest, and I call my people with the results, I don’t make them come back in for them. We all have the same blood machines because there aren’t exactly many to choose from in our field, so there is no reason it should take that long to get results. Just my opinion. And have I mentioned again today that I REALLY don’t like this guy?

  345. Cree said

    Aww, thanks Madonna. Glad I could help. 🙂

  346. lwildstar said

    Madonna luv, rant all you want! thats what we are here for – good grief I mean I spent an hour on here with Danae because I didn’t want to be alone!
    And although I dont have pets, even I understand they are your children and you are doing the right thing getting your baby help – for your vet to act like that just isnt right.

    lwildstar d’ Nightwalker
    AKA Miss K

  347. Madonna said

    Check your email in few minutes. I’m going to send you the particulars.

  348. Madonna said

    Thank you lwildstar. This has become an emotional subject for me and I need all the support I can get.

  349. Madonna – ((((HUGS))) just don’t seem to be enough.
    Luv ya!

    lwildstar d’ Nightwalker
    AKA Miss K

  350. Margaret said

    Just trying to get a picture.

  351. Margaret said

    Why can’t I get these pictures to work and or stay.

  352. NICE piture Margaret – he’s still ther – or are you trying for an Avatar?

  353. Margaret said

    Halleluah. Now that is dead sexy, as Austin Powers would say.

    Where do I sign up to be a makeup artist. I’m ready to quit my job now. lol

  354. See I liked your picture soooo much I went in and changed my Avatar – the picture I had of Kyle was too dark to see any way – this is much better!

    lwildstar d’ Nightwalker
    AKA Miss K

  355. Margaret said

    Anyone else having trouble getting into the lifetime site?

  356. Madonna said

    Ms. Gypsy,

    Unless someone else WANTS to do Dylan’s card, I don’t mind really. I had already planned and expected to do Dylan’s and Christina’s. In fact, I’ve already got some good ideas for it and have even started a few sketches. I think I’m going to do it in the same style as Kyle’s, but I would like to keep the artwork to one page instead of three. If anyone has any ideas post them here or email them to me. I think I am going to start working on it this weekend. Also if you’d like to start sending greetings go ahead.

    Thanks for sharing all the “insider” info with us. I LOVE key lime pie too.

    I think I’m off for tonight guys. Gonna go watch the Bengals pre-season game with my dad and relax.

    Talk to y’all tomorrow. Thanks again.

  357. Margaret said

    lwildstar-Naw, wasn’t trying for the avatar yet. I find that the pictures stay for a couple of days and then they give me some kind of error message?

  358. laurel said

    Madonna – Thank the merciful heavens! I’ve been saved! ( ( ( HUGS ) ) )
    Thank you.

    Gypsy – If you want me to do a little something from the Portland group I might be up to that, but with the Quilting Expo coming in late September I am already a little overwhelmed by the idea of something for the entire blog. I bow to Madonna’s greater skill and patience on that score.

    Wildstar, Annalaise, Z. Gypsy, and any other interested writer sorts, I would be happy to try out my new blog space with the whole group of you. It’s just sitting there with only messages from me.
    Now that is the ultimate in talking to one’s self. 😎

  359. Margaret said

    First and foremost we need something involving a bonfire and that raincoat going into it. Dylan is way too pretty to be hiden by that stupid raincoat all the time (and this from a 99.9% hen). I’m not sure how you can work donuts into it but I have faith in you.

  360. laurel said

    Okay, I typed a message about 1/2 hour ago and it vaporized. I have never had that happen before. Wonder if it went to the hold bin?

  361. AlisaSG said

    >> Anyone else having trouble getting into the lifetime site?

    “Army Wives” did an encore finale tonight (at 8 p.m. EST).
    The site is swamped. I can’t even get access to the Tv schedule, but it appears that tonight is the last viewing for this week, UNLESS Lifetime changes their schedules again without warning.

    I did manage to get to Tanya’s old blogs on Lifetime, but not without waiting nearly two to five minutes between clicking on the links. I was sort of hoping maybe it was new viewers to BT checking out Tanya’s blogs, but I think the internet traffic has more to do with “AW”..
    (see my earlier post about “AW” – thus would explain the excessive overload on the site.)

  362. I managed to get into LT and post a message but then when I tried to LogOUt it froze my computer for 15 minutes – I decided to leave it until it sorted itself out, because last time I closed out in the middle it screwed up my account and I had to redo it.

    Anyway, I’ve spent the last hour writing – finished chapter 9 and my neck is killing me – so I am off for the night!

    I can’t believe how quiet we have gotten! Did we tire ourselves out with that party? or is it the “going back to school” syndrome.

    Talk at you tomorrow!

    lwildstar d’ Nightwalker
    AKA Miss K

  363. and if they think AW casused a comotion – just wait til we hit them October12-13 – we may lock ourselves out with all the traffic!

    lwildstar d’ Nightwalker
    AKA Miss K

  364. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Night my little Blood Sista’s! I bid you all adieu’ till tomorrow

    Reves doux d’Henri

    Love YA!~!


  365. AlisaSG said

    I just put my first 2 comments over on spacecast..
    They are getting both eps parts of “Blood Price”, right?? (the 2-hour version, not the story chopped in half one week, and one half the next…?)

    this is going to be a challenge to keep up with who’s seen what!
    I know CityTv is supposedly seeing both parts in one sitting.

  366. laurel said

    Madonna – you go right ahead sista’. I am so not the artist in this medium. If it doesn’t require my sewing machine, or needle and thread of some kind, chances are good I’m not your girl.
    That being said, I might be able to come up with some kind of idea for a birthday gift. Any ideas out there?

    I totally agree on the coat burning! There is no reason for sexy Mike to channel Columbo. If Madonna wants to draw in a scene about that I would volunteer to be the one with the blow torch. Who’s with me? 😎

    Has anybody seen Tango? I’m needing a ride in the Ferarri! Tomorrow is supposed to be good convertible weather and we need to practice the part of the movie where we “jump out with weapons drawn.” lol

  367. laurel said

    Hi there Alisa! I think everyone else just ran off to sleep. It happens to me every time I get the computer to myself, so I am glad to see there are some night owls left.

  368. AlisaSG said

    ps– and I have to laugh over reading some of the Canadian commentaries..
    I’ve seen several so far, where they’re all concerned (worried!) about people noticing Vancouver substituting for Toronto (or vice-versa)..

    really————!! reading the (side) STREET signs never even entered my mind, while watching this series.. and that goes for all of the outdoorsey scenes!

  369. AlisaSG said

    hi Laurel. 🙂
    I’ve got laundry in the dryer, so I’ll be up for a while longer..
    I still haven’t read most of my e-mails yet from last week. 😉

  370. vicki said

    hey girls…

    I know its a sacrific but I will volunteer to paint JKyle’s chest..(((SSighs))) DIrty job but somebody’s got to do it..>>LOL

    Aniza…I feel your pain girl…Jane Austen is my FAVORITE!! I have an action figure of her on my desk at school…Cant wait to see the movie..

    ok..bed time…got to go dream about Henry

  371. Anzia said

    Diz- ^_^ You’re a DAWLING dear. ^_^ And i am SOOO envious of your tat! Too bad I wasn’t drunk enough 😉

    Himmie- Hey! I was wondering about that. Wasn’t sure you’re boss would put you in the filing though. I was thinking more like the huge desk drawer on the right so she could make sure you were still there everytime she needed ot yell at someone or demand it get done. ^_^

    Rifkind- oooo, have fun w/the catch up. I’ve basically resigned myself to the idea that I never will be able to read every thing on the blog after missing a day. You are a brave gal to even try.

    Okay, who ever has Henry, unless it’s a life or death thing, can I have him? In my defense i’ve never asked for him! EVER! I was just gonna wait my turn but… well there was the particularly jerky a$$ that I got for my last call of the night and I really have some energy to work off. I understand if he’s already tied up. Just…well…a bit of agression would be good for him *blushes at the visuals she’s getting* Yeah… so this guy. He was a a wk late in paying his bill right. Well, Kohls calls after 2 days of being late. He asked when the last time he was late was, I told him and he said, “Good, you can go ahead and close my account out. I’ll pay the balance in full tomorrow at the store and you can tell your supervisor that you lost my account because you called me. I’m sure you’ll get something special for that.” I wanted to hit him. 1) i’m PMS-ing in a big way, 2) I’ve spent the last 7.5 hours (.5 for food) getting yelled at in various forms, 3) I DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING TO HIM TO WARRENT THE SCATHING SARCASM HE SENT MY WAY! Who the h@ll told him he could talk to people like that? It’s RUDE! JERK! Grrr…then my trainer was making digs at me ’cause I have a lot of one kind of finish code (I guess i’m missusing it and now we all have to keep track of why we use it). I’m not sure if I want to scream, cry, or pulverize something. *sigh* Maybe a blow henry pop will do it…*shuffles off to the supply closet*

    *Screams* OH NO! We used all the supplies at the party! We won’t get anymore in for a week! 😦 Who hid the RUM!

  372. laurel said

    Z Sweetie – I don’t have Henry but I can send Raoul the pool boy. He gives a great massage and it sounds like you need one. A little warm oil and his strong-yet-gentle hands… You will feel better without the rum, how about a cup of warm honeyed tea?
    When I have a customer like that I try to imagine that he is having a terrible day and I was just the deliverer of the last straw. You just can’t take it personally! I suspect you are not the only one to ever get that response and your boss won’t be surprised that it happened. Once, when my life was falling apart in big ways, I said some harsh things to some poor woman on the phone. I have regretted it ever since, and now I try to remember that other people get to that dark place sometimes too. I will say a prayer that you will find peace tonight, and get a good night’s sleep.

    Remember… YOU ROCK!

    And you are loved! 🙂

  373. laurel said

    Psst – My personal secret supply of blow henry pops is in the book case, behind the “Smoke” books. They are in a dark blue box with a picture of Mike on the top. I figured no one would think to look there. 🙂
    Oh, yeah, don’t tell anyone else.

  374. laurel said

    Oh nuts. I killed the blog.

    I guess I’ll go work on my writing for a while.

    I’ll check back.


  375. Rifkind said

    Hi All!
    I am STILL trying to get caught up with the blog…
    Did my monkey behave?? I think I brought him into the party when I was looking for a music vid of Orlando and the Pirates of the Caribbean…
    I just thought that the pic of him all wet and wild was too fun NOT to mention…
    Now gals …. mind OUT of the gutter! Hee Hee 😉

    I’m off to try to get our first 3 chapters out onto my WordPress account…

  376. lwildstar said

    AHHH – my Nightwalker Avatar switched back…whats up with that? the new one was ther last night – just checking in I’ll be back later!

  377. Ok lets see if my baby came back

  378. yippeee! I don’t know why he did the dissaperaing act last night – even wierder that it switched to old picture.

    Ok thast really weird – I just scrolled up to the posts from last night and now all the pictures have changed to the what I just did – WordPress is messing with me – when I logged in under Lwildstar they were all the old pictuer…owch my head hurts now!

    I had another anxity attack over that stupid mistake friday- called the doc- she can’t see me til October! oh well – I’ll just have to deal.
    I’m just falling apart……..well by the end of the week I’ll know if I’m in trouble or not – I think that is the worst of it – the waiting…..

    Its bad enough haveing to wait for Blood Ties to come back! I can’t take the stress any more!!!

    Oh well now I am off – have a good day
    lwildstar d’ Nightwalker
    AKA Miss K

  379. Margaret said

    lwildstar: Step back from the situation, breath deeply for the count of 10. Then go back have a conversation with yourself, ask yourself could you done anything different. How much of the situation was out of your control? First and foremost, go back and document what you know to be true, cover your A$$ because trust me, no one else will offer to.

    I’ve been in government for almost 20 years now and if I haven’t learned anything its document everything you do, especially if you are uncomfortable with something that’s happening. Like someone telling you to do something you feel is wrong. Create a journal and keep it up, until you feel comfortable. Do it at home and certainly don’t leave it a work. I know this is fostering more paranoia but who said anyone of us on this board weren’t?

    Then after you’ve done that, Let Go and Let God, or whatever or whoever you perceive your higher power to be. Its done, stop worrying about it. Know that we all love you and you’re in our thoughts. Please try to calm down or you’ll work yourself into a state.

    Years ago I decided I needed mental help, I went to check it out, they told me I needed to come 4 times a week at $50 a pop. Thats when I decided to heck with that, or words to that effect and went to the local bookstore. I figured I could cure myself a lot cheaper. lol. I feel like I’m ok now, muhaaaaa. (Insert picture of me rocking back and forth calling for my O’Henry). Seriously, do what you’ve been doing, try to get your mind off it. You can’t do anything more than you have.

  380. Good Morning All,

    Tanya finally posted her birthday wishes for Kyle at Now maybe Anne can send another installment of it off to him.

    Anzia– Some people get really defensive and lash out when the are backed into a corner and know they are wrong. Try not to take it personally. My recommendation? Take a Oh! Henry break. (Either or both)

    Attention all writers interested in a chat– Please contact me with some ideas of a good time to set this up.

    Laurel– Maybe you could sew up a little trenchcoat and write everyone’s B-day wishes on that for Dylan.

    I have another idea, let’s design a T-shirt transfer, something along the theme of Loose the trenchcoat”or Take off the Trenchcoat and make one up to send to him. I could do that.

    Sorry about the typos, mt keyboard is acting up again.

  381. msgypsy said

    Good morning, bloggerini! I have fifteen minutes today, but it’s divided between four tabs and my email. ARGHHHH!

    I spent last night doing a NY Times crossword and going to bed early. I don’t know why but I suspect I’m coming down with something.

    My previous dog, the brilliant and beautiful Tesla (also a Tibetan Terrier, but a lady if ever there was one…) lived to be 18. Technically, Faraday ought to live that long, but the way he’s tearing through life, barking and chasing everything under the sun, he may burn out early. I hope not, because he’s totally my baby and I don’t know what I’d do without him. (He has his own room, even. Well, it’s not his room so much as the guest room but he prefers it in there to anywhere else when I’m not around.

    If you’ve been reading Denis McGrath’s blog, he had some things to say about Canadian TV today, including the statement, “Genre stuff like Blood Ties that sells around the world and develops a loyal fan following.” Gosh, I like that man’s way with words!

    It’s likely to be another busy day today; with the boss out of town we’re all having to pitch in and cover his desk, plus I’m new on my own job (everyone moved over one a few weeks ago) and the person I can usually turn to for help won’t be available today. But I’ll try to stop by at lunchtime.

    Oh, yeah, Madonna, go for it if you want to do Dylan’s card. And if Laurel is holding the blowtorch, I wanna be holding the olde (spelling deliberate) style wooden torch. That trench coat needs to GO! (In the next season they film, I think working the destruction of the trench coat into an episode would be a Good Thing.)

  382. Madonna said

    Good morning everyone!

    I’m doing better this morning. Thanks again sisters. Cree thanks for the help.

    Try not to worry. That is the worst thing you can do for youself. If you have made a mistake, it’s done. If not then great! If one of your superiors approaches you with it, be sincere and apologize and ask their advice as to how not to make the same mistake again. Above all, calm down and breathe. You are human and you are new to this position. Mistakes will happen, but in the grand scheme of things it’s no big deal. You know where we’re at if you need us.

    Dizey sent Henry to me yesterday after my crappy day, so I had the pleasure of his company last night. He’s on his way to you now.

    I’d love to participate in a writer’s chat if I’m not too busy when it’s scheduled.

    Also, I love the idea of making him a T-shirt like that.

    Minxes or anyone else…..
    Do any of you want to write up the sentiments from all for the card and either post them or send them to me.

    That was your monkey? I hate to tell you but he broke the chandelier.

    I think we need another contest to name the monkey like Ms. Gypsy’s bat. Any suggestions?

    How was your day off yesterday?

    Well, I’ll catch up with you all at break.

  383. Margaret said

    Dr. Duchat: Wonderful idea about the t-shirt but what size. He doesn’t appear to be that large but he is tall. Madonna you could put a miniture version on Ms. Gypsy’s hen for the card.

    Ms. Gypsy-hope you’re feeling better soon.

    Lwildstar-you know where we are, if you need us.

    Anzia: Ditto on the advice I gave lwildstar. You know where we are.

  384. Margaret said

    Anne most certainly will have to send the newer greatings now with Tanya’s addition. And the neat thing is Dr. DuChats little description of the party is that far away from Tanya’s post. I’m sure it will give him a chuckle.

  385. Margaret said

    Should be “not that far away). Where’s my second cup of coffee?

  386. Anzia said

    Thanks guys. ^_^ It wasn’t that I was taking it personally it was just I didn’t warrent being talked to like that. If you had ever heard me talk on the phone you would know that I seriously sound like a little girl going door to door asking you to buy girl scout cookies. SOOOO disgustingly sweet and nice and helpful. *sigh* Oh well… We’ll see how I get graded on it ’cause knowing my luck that’s the phone call they’re going to pull.

    Madonna- thanks for Henry. If you still need him go right ahead and keep him dear. I definitely don’t want to make anyones day worse than it already was.

    Laurel- I just took one and put ’em back where you had ’em. And I didn’t tell no one. ^_^ Good luck on the writing.

  387. Madonna said

    I’ve had my turn. I’m not selfish. Enjoy and then send him to lWildstar when you’re done.

  388. Danae said

    Buongiorno Bellas. Yesterday was great. I just forwarded you all pictures of her first day. I am more nervous today then I was yesterday. She did wonderful though.

    Madonna-I am so sorry I wasn’t here when you were talking about your dog. I agree with what everybody else said. It is your right to change to a better vet. We used to go to a vet that would yell at the pets if they were scared and not cooperating. We changed immediately. I didn’t like that environment for them.

    Anzia-Don’t worry about that one call. It wasn’t even your fault. It is their policy and you were doing what you were told. No worries.

  389. I’m thinking a men’s large T-shirt would probably work. My hubby’s just a little bigger through the shoulders and he wears a L/XL depending on the cut of the shirt. What do you think? He doesn’t appear to be a real big guy, but he is kind of muscular in the shoulders.

    I’m thrilled about the proximity of the party post to both Tanya’s and Peter Mohan’s. He can’t miss it!

    I am trying to find a convenient chat time for all but haven’t had any suggestions yet. So I’ll just go ahead and throw something out there–8:00pm EST Wednesday August 29th at the Bloody Ford. We’ll move to a private chat room if anyone else needs the Clinic. Is that OK with everyone? We’ll call it Pie & Prose. Everybody bring your favorite dessert, questions and problems, victories and challenges. Let me know if that works for everyone.


  390. Madonna said

    Wednesday at 8 won’t work for me. I don’t even get off work til that time. But if it works for everyone else go ahead and schedule it. Maybe I can make a future one. I’m not even past a partial outline yet.

  391. Would a weekend be better?

  392. Danae said

    You all go ahead and do that date and time. I won’t be able to make it and I am only just starting and outline for a possible book.

    I have another date with Adam on Thursday. I realized I have a problem. After the first two or three dates with a guy I clam up. I have done this three times now. I am already starting to drift away from Adam. It gets very frustrating for me. I think it is part of my anxiety disorder. Any advice?

  393. Madonna said

    I could probably make any evening 7 or later except Wednesdays or Thursdays.

  394. Tuesday and Friday are out for me.

  395. Danae said

    The weekends are the best for me. It is easier to get to Kelly’s or Chris’s for me.

  396. Madonna said

    I don’t have much experience with men but I have found that it is better to be a little mysterious. Don’t reveal everything about yourself in the first 2-3 dates. It’ll keep his interest longer trying to figure you out. Other than that, just be your own loveable self.

  397. Laurel, Rifkind, lwildstar how about you guys?
    gypsy, Z you guys interested?
    Did I miss anybody?

    What about Saturday morning?

  398. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good morning ya’ll 😀 Buongiorno Bellas,

    Danae, glad to hear Amber’s 1st day was good for her and you 😉 On the Adam subject, have you sat back and asked yourself what you’re backing away from? Control, closeness what are you afraid of?? You’re not marrying him, so sit back and enjoy the ride a little. Let yourself be free and have fun for however long it lasts, you never know if you normally stop it at this point you don’t know where it can take you. Go beyond your comfort zone, put yourself out there 🙂 I love ya and want you to be happy and this is just my opinion 😉 I am not an MD by any means 😎

  399. Danae said

    There is one thing about him that makes me a little uneasy. I told him that I was on depression meds and he said he was too but that he had to change because he has different “equipment” than me. Ok I thought that was pretty funny. Then the other night he was talking about sneezing and that it releases the same chemicals in a brain that the “Big O” does, an orgasm. I found that just a little inappropriate for only have gone out on two dates. Am I just being paranoid? My sister and mom thinks I am.

  400. Himmiefan said

    Hey Anzia and Wildstar – sympathies from me!! It will get better. BTW, I’ve scheduled Henry to drop by both of you, so be on the lookout for him. He’s supposed to be bringing chocolate.

    Annalaise – I can do any week night this week or Saturday night.

  401. Himmiefan said

    Oh Madonna. I still say to find another vet.

    Let us know how it goes with BooBoo.

  402. Madonna said

    Good morning Dizey!

  403. Danae said

    I think part of it is the eventual intimacy and possible sex. You guys are probably thinking that I am crazy now. Being a 29 year old “V” does not help. I feel so ready to do it but when I am going out with a guy and think about it with him I freak out.

  404. Madonna said

    Good morning Himmiefan,

    I plan on taking him to a specialist and taking the rest of his care from there.

  405. DIZEY1 :-) said

    You know sometimes we get set in our ways and we get comfortable with life as it is. Even though you’re saying you want someone maybe mentally you’re waiting for Mr.Perfect, the guy we dreamed about as little girls and he’s not real. I think we set our standards too high and there will never be a guy who can meet them. Way to much pressure on us and on the poor guys we want to be **HENRY** I think he’s the perfect man for me, other than the small age difference, and oh that blood issue but I think I can overlook those little
    idiosyncrasies 😉 Sorry I tangent!!

  406. Himmie, that’s right! I knew there was one more. I’m also OK with Saturday evening. How about the rest of you?

    Danae — I’m probably not in a real good position to give advice on dating, I’ve been married to the same man for 20 years. But I think you need to ask yourself how do you feel about this guy? After a few dates you should have a pretty good instinct about whether he’s worth pursuing or not. I would advise arranging a date somewhere doing something you are really comfortable doing. That will eliminate that stress then you can relax and concentrate on enjoying his company. The rest should fall into place.

  407. Madonna said

    I would not let his comment concern you too much. Guys think about sex all the time. You don’t have to do anything with him that you don’t want to do. As far as being a virgin at 29, don’t sweat it. I’m proud of you for it. I wish I had waited. That is just a gift that you can give to the guy who deserves it.

  408. Danae said

    See I thought after a 2 or 3 dates that I should be feeling something and my mom said no way. It takes time.

  409. Himmiefan said

    Hey Dani. I agree the comment is a little odd, but he could just be nervous. See what develops; he might be a great guy. If there are any more comments that are weird, then maybe he is truely strange.

  410. Did you ever consider he may be just as nervous as you are and that was just an unfortunate foux pas? He could be kicking himself for saying it.

  411. Danae said

    I have thought of that but he just seemed to confident when I said OK? after that comment. He came back with he remembers odd things.

  412. Madonna said

    Look at it like this. Would you want a man, any man, that you liked to give up on you after 2-3 dates? Do you think they can know enough about you in that time frame to make a decision on you? If you like him at all give him chance. Like our favorite vamp said “Love is always worth the risk.”

  413. Danae said

    That was supposed to be so confident. It was like he knew what he was saying.

  414. Danae said

    Ok I knew I could count on you guys to set me straight. We are going out again on Thursday so I haven’t given up yet.

  415. laurel said

    Annalaise – I could meet on almost any evening except Wed this week. I am volunteering at the middle school’s ice-cream social from 5:30-8:00 PDT. I would love to do the Bloody Ford Clinic thing again, though. Just about any other date could be made to work.
    Oh, wait, I am booked for the weekend! I am going to Kumoricon 2007! It is a Manga/Anime convention here in Portland. I am the only adult chaparone for 10 High School Seniors. The con requires that under 18s have an adult on site for the con. It seems a little extreme since my group is all very nearly 18, but since I went with all the 16 year-olds last year (and had a great time) I am the official adult for this 3 day event. I learned a great deal about fan-fic, Role Playin Games, Cos-Play, Copic Marker art… It is the kind of con that Henry would be invited to because of his graphic novels. Portland is the home of Dark Horse publishers – specializing in graphic novels.

    You all go ahead and start the discussin without me. 😦 I know we will do it again so I will have to be patient. Don’t forget to invite Lady A, too.

    PS – Has anybody seen Tango? I miss her!

  416. Give him a fair chance but don’t let him push you into anything that you’re not ready for. Just curious, do you know anything about his dating history? Has he been single for awhile? Is he a player or a nice guy?

  417. Danae said

    He is 25 and his profile on doesn’t say much. I can’t pull it up right now.

  418. Danae said

    He is 25 and his profile on doesn’t say much. I can’t pull it up right now.

  419. laurel said

    Danae, you are getting some really great advisce and I hope it is helping. I agree that he probably got nervous and some words left his mouth – unfiltered. I know I sometimes do that, and there is no way of calling the words back, you just have to hope that the other person likes a little touch of the unexpected in a conversation. 🙂

    Re: the trenchcoat convo – I have to admit that I have been noticing men’s coats in store windows and on other programs, searching for the right replacement. I’m not finding much I like and I’m sure Mike needs a coat in Toronto. If anyone finds a picture of a good replacement let me know. Maybe we could put together a colage of ideas to send with the birthday card.

    Madonna – How are things going today? You were on my mind all night. Prayers were sent.

  420. Madonna said

    I think the intriguing thing about sites like is the fact that because you have to pay a membership fee the chances are that the guys you meet are more likely to really be lonely themselves. Men don’t like to pay money so I’d say a higher percentage of them are seeking a meaningful relationship rather than a roll in the hay. That’s not to say you shouldn’t be cautious though.

  421. laurel said

    Anzia – I see you found the secret stash, now, what about Raoul?

  422. Madonna said

    Thank you! The prayers were received. Don’t worry about me. I’m in much better spirits today. I just don’t like tension and I don’t like to fight.

  423. Danae said

    On eHarmony there was a guy that would only meet with me if I came to his apartment or him to mine. I stopped contact with him right away. The people behind eHarmony said that I should keep an open mind about that because maybe he has a fear of being in public or something when I complained about it to them. What is up with that?

  424. Madonna said

    Social Anxiety Order or agoraphobia (sp?) could have definitely have been an issue with that guy, but you are right to have cut off contact with him. Something like that is definitely not something you want to mess around with.

  425. Madonna said

    You’ve been awfully quiet the past week or so. Is everything OK with you?

  426. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Miss Madonna, sorry I missed your Ola’ before 😉

    **Z** Sorry that dude was such an ass! he evidentally thought he could bully you and get away with it. Good riddens and he should have just said I’m sorry it’s late and moved on. People who make all that noise are bad customers anyway. It’s tough to have to eat crap like that but when you’re a collector it’s part of the package unfortunately. Stay the course and don’t let a bad seed like that ruin your outlook. Your great at your job 😀 Stay strong my blood sista’, Love Ya! Me and my tat 😉

  427. Margaret said

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I admit I watched too much Lifetime when I was growing up and expected some prince to come and rescue me. But alas, what I got was a very sweet but flawed human being. I’m still holding out for someone like Henry but we all know that is a fantasy, but what a sweet one. I don’t have a problem with him being a vamp, just as long as he doesn’t make me anemic. lol.

  428. Danae said

    I am trying to keep my mind open about guys. I can’t help but think I want the tall dark and handsome but I know that usually isn’t really life.

  429. laurel said

    Annalaise and all you writers (and interested parties) –
    Do you want me to set up my wordpress page for a blog about our writing? I have not made it a public site and there is nothing there so far. We could do a running discussion there and also have live chats when folks are available, if that appeals to any of you. I know Gypsy set up a space for it too, but maybe it would be good to shift some of the burden off her wordpress account.

    It is also possible I don’t know what I’m talking about. 😎

    I need to get to work so I can pay for a new computer. This one is really giving me a rash.

    Gypsy – I hope you are feeling better. Btw, how is the dog bite? And what happened with the o’possom? Inquiring minds…

  430. Danae said

    I just talked to Amber. She was all excited. They had a fire drill today and there was a girl locked somewhere and she was crying and she could get killed. She made a friend but she doesn’t know her name.

  431. Maddie Mo said

    Morning all!!!

    To all who need it {{HUGS}}.

    Danae– I think you should give him more time. You have to let your guard down a little to find that dream guy. You never know Adam might be that guy once you get threw the first stage and move on to were you can be comfortable and relax and let your “real” selves out. Not to say either of you is being fake, there is always that part of us we don’t let out till we are fairly certain it will be accepted.

  432. lwildstar said

    Yes – Annalaise duChat – I should be home by 8pm tomorrow – Wednesdays are my allergy treatment days – and unless the traffics bad I should be ther – are we just going to go to the BloodieFord Clinic per usual? BUT THURSDAY night would be better – 8pm is a good time for me.

    Madonna -(((( HUGS ))))

    Danae – try being a 39 year old “V” then tell me about nerves! Sent you an email – haven’t heard back from you on the writing and didn’t know if you had found time…..are you going to join us on the writing chat? you had some good ideas when we talked….and good luck with the guys!

    Anzia – you are going to get jerks like that when you work with the public – Lord knows I get at least one a day! I had a guy call from the accident site and start yelling at me because one of my clients damaged his car – as though I was personally responsible – I was very sweet – which made him even more upset – ended up handing him over to someone else – thankfully she got fed up with him as well and transfered his call to to someone higher up the chain!

    Thank you everyone for your warm comments, advice and HUGS, I know I do 99% of this to myself. i wish I could stop it. And I am so glad to have friends like you to turn to. I know its not going to be a big deal – I reassured myself by finding a copy of the file and rereading what I think i accidently sent – and ther was nothing “comprimising” there – I just felt stupid. I could have avoided the whole thing by leaving that out – but I wasn’t thinking at the time – everything was going wrong that week… thank you so very much!

    And Anzia can have Henry first, as long as promises to pass him on directly…i have some gormet chocolate to tide me over til he gets here.

    Monkey names? I keep thinking of this place at the mall called Bumble Knees Monkey Teas……

    Did I miss anything or anyone? Probably….sorry

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker
    AKA Miss K

  433. lwildstar said

    Gypsy – I hope you are feeling better. Btw, how is the dog bite? And what happened with the o’possom? Inquiring minds…

    i forgot about the possum! how are you? hoe is he/she/it?

    writers – just keep me in the loop – send me an email please when things get finialized so i know where to meet – I’m sooo excited to have people i can dicuss my writing with who don’t roll their eyes at me – of course I can’t see you – so you maybe looking out the back of your heads…….. 😀

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker
    AKA Miss K

  434. rifkind said

    Whew! I’ve finally caught up with THIS thread anyway! (still behind on the party thread and the one BEFORE that… 😦
    Madonna wrote :
    >That was your monkey? I hate to tell you but he broke the chandelier.
    >I think we need another contest to name the monkey like Ms. Gypsy’s bat. >Any suggestions?

    I think that the Monkey’s name should be CRASH….. Hee Hee
    And wasn’t that him hanging off the ceiling fan too!
    Bad monkey! I swear that I saw him doing the back stroke in the fish tank!

    I would be OK for a chat tomorrow night.. (Wednesday Aug 29th)
    This weekend is kind of busy, as I will be in Duluth with friends for 5 days.. (Friday through Tuesday).
    I may get SERIOUSLY behind on the blog again! Dang it!
    I hope to be able to share our book with you later today

  435. Laurel–Thanks for offering. This is probably a stupid question, but if it’s not public how would we access it?

    I could also start a topic on my site, but the one gypsy created hasn’t gotten much traffic so I figured nobody was really interested.

    Gypsy do you have to pay extra to keep us in blog space? I know there is a memory limit and they charge by the month to increase it?

  436. DIZEY1 :-) said

    I didn’t realize I was being so quiet. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed lately poor Ptrfvr asked me last week and I thought I had controlled and covered pretty well, I guess not. My poor brother Rob’s having seizures every damn day now, last night he said he had *4*. It’s scary and after loosing our sister I worry and am living in fear constantly. Don’t get me wrong I have my *If God brings you to it he’ll bring you through it” running through my head constantly, but I can’t fix it and I can’t save him and I’m anal and want to control the situation. I feel so bad because Prtfvr tried last week to get me to spill and I kept it in figuring I could deal all on my own. Sorry Prtfvr, it’s hard to take help when you’re the *caretaker*. Love ya’ll and sorry to blurt all this out but I’m submerged in this caca and just want to run away somedays. I sooooo need some vacation time 😉 😎

  437. Danae said

    Diz-Never keep it on. We are all very intuitive and know when something is wrong. I had noticed that you were being quiet and thought you were just very busy. I am going your whole family on the prayer line at my church. I think you all need it. You don’t need anymore problems and stress. I am not very familiar with seizures. How is he being treated? Is there anything else that can be done? I don’t mean to sound dumb but I really know nothing about them except what happens when you have one.

  438. Danae said

    That was supposed to be keep it in. You need outside support.

  439. lwildstar said

    Dizey Girl – We are family – by now you should know you can count on us! We are here for you whatever it is! I had noticed that you were being quiet too and thought you were just busy, but as Danae said “We are all very intuitive and know when something is wrong” even if you don’t blurt it out….its not healty to keep it in – if you need to go somewhere and just scream – or as Mork use to do (yes I remember Mork and Mindy) crow like a rooster – you feel stupid at first but if you can get past that it really does help release some of the tension – but I rocmend doing it where you wont get carted off to the funny farm. ((((((HUGS)))) my dear….

    ((((HUGS)))) to everyone!

    I think we need a BIG group hug with Henry/Kyle, Mike/Dylan, in the middle – we can fight over who gets who after – oh man I forgot Vicki! so sorry! oh hell lets throw in the pool boy Roual? and Emanuel….and who else was at the party……..

    Well lunch is well over and I must return to work – will check in tonight!

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker
    AKA Miss K

  440. Madonna said

    AWWWW Dizey, I’m so sorry you’re going through such a stressful time. ((((((HUGS))))))))

    You’ve been on my mind a lot lately and I just couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wieghing you down. I was hoping that I was wrong and I’m so sorry that I wasn’t. I’m with Danae. Don’t keep it in. You’ll only make yourself sick, trust me on this, I know. Lean on us. Although we’re not there physically for you we are still here. There is a reason we all found each other. Someone bigger than us had a hand in it. Pour it out and let us 30 or 40 some odd women help you carry that burden. If you don’t want to let it out here, you have my email.

    Does Rob have epilepsy? If that is not it do they know what is wrong?

  441. Anne said

    Regarding the trench coat – I just got this silly idea that Henry gives Mike fashion advice. Or maybe Vicki suggests that Mike ask Henry … it would be fun seeing his reaction.

  442. From what I’m seeing a writer’s chat where we can all get together is probably not going to work out anytime this week. Let’s schedule two different sessions this week. This is what I’m seeing:
    Wed Sat
    adc: OK OK
    Rif: OK NO
    lws: OK NO
    laur: No No
    him: OK OK
    Dan: NO OK
    Mad; no yes

    Did I miss anyone?

    It looks like we could schedule 2 chat sessions. What if we were to do the 1st chat on Wednesday 8/29 at 9:00pm est and another on Saturday 9/ 1at 9:00 pm est. I will copy the text from both chats and post it on my blog so we all can see what was discussed at the chat we missed. I’ll password protect it so it’s private, and let you all know the password at the chat.

    Laurel– look into setting up a permanent blog if you want and pass along the info when you get it ready. I can host it until you are ready.

    How does that sound?

  443. Danae said

    That sounds good to me.

  444. Margaret said

    Can someone explain to me how I can have the picture by my name for a day or so and then it reverts back to the site page and not the picture. I’m so confused.

  445. Danae said

    Dizey-If you need to you can give me a call. I am sure you have lots of support down there but I want you to know that I am here for you. We can talk about whatever. Make fun of people or you can just talk and I will listen.

  446. Danae said

    I have a feeling I should know who Anne is but I am having a brain fart. Who is she?

  447. Anne– Interesting idea for prtfvr to make a Sunday funnies comic from.

  448. Margaret said

    Danae: She’s the lady that set up the site for the birthday greetings for Kyle’s Birthday. I think she also has Bloodties Central website.

  449. Danae said

    I thought it was something like that.
    Hey prtfvr-When are you going to unlock the guestbook for Huh? Huh?

  450. Margaret said

    Anne: That would really be funny since poor Mike looks like he’s trying to channel Columbo in that raincoat. It does nothing for him, he’s such a handsome guy. Are they afraid our hearts can’t take two at a time on screen?

    Correct me if I’m wrong on your website.

  451. Anzia said

    analaise- me, missed me. Sorry, I didn’t respond via email. But don’t worry about scheduling me in. I can’t make the Wed ’cause I’m working and Saturday would be a shot but a long one. ^_^ Ya’ll have fun! Let me know what ya talk about. 🙂 I’m a curious little thing..

  452. Madonna said

    Damn work interferes with your social life and Blood Ties doesn’t it? Don’t bosses know what is really important. I mean, come on……

  453. Anzia — I sent out a group email with you included, so I didn’t really forget you. (How could I?). Sorry you won’t be available, but I’ll make sure you get the link & password so you can see the post of what we discussed. Maybe next time around you can make it. You will diffinately be missed girl!

    I invited Anne to join us when she emailed me about forbidding links on

    Anne I am so glad you decided to join the fun. You have tremendously interesting insight.

  454. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Thanx ya’ll are a great support group. I feel like I’m in therapy but it’s free 😉

    Madonna,Danae, Nightwalker,

    He had brain surgery 6 yrs ago to clip an aneurysm that strangely enough our sister died from in Jan 1998, they were in almost identical location in the brain. He survived the surgery and now suffers from seizures from the scar tissue where they cracked the melon as Robbie puts it.He has a pain management Dr. and a seuizure Dr. that he sees this Friday, so hopefully some med’s may be working against each oither. He’s truly blessed because the Dr. gave all these other scenarios of what could happen and he woke up knew us and himself and is very intelligent and high functioning. He survived and that in itself was the gift. I sooo believe that God wouldn’t let us fix him if he was not meant to be here. I thinks God’s got plans for him , I have faith. It just gets a little shaky at times. Thanks for everything though, it really does help, I usually don’t spill cuz’ I try to be strong for my mom and dad, they already lost a child so I try to be strong for them. That’s just me.

    Anne, Love the idea, that would be funny if the clothes horse Henry gave “Colombo Mike” fashion advice. I’d love to see what clothes Henry would choose for our Mike 😀

  455. Danae said

    I was just wondering where she was from and who she was. Welcome Anne. The more the merrier.

  456. DIZEY1 :-) said

    see ya’ll when I get back from lunch 😉

  457. Danae said

    Happy eating Diz

  458. Danae said

    Did Dizey take everyone to lunch but me?

  459. Madonna said

    Oh yeah guys,
    I finally got to see the behind the scenes painting picture. Did I mention that I not only make bad car ads and birthday cards but I paint too. I’ve been looking for a new job….. Canvas to illustration board to Kyle’s chest. It’d be a natural leap. I think I’ve finally found a medium I could excel in. Oh and ladies did you all happen to notice that he looks like he’s ticklish?

  460. Danae said

    He did look like he was trying not to laugh.

  461. Hey Madonna I’d be willing to quit my day job an go into business with you!

    Hey everyone check out Tanya’s comment to me on her blog. It make me feel all warm and fuzzy!

  462. Danae said

    Warm and Fuzzy indeed!

  463. Hey, guys! Still here. Just busy. End of the month stuff going on at work and all. Also no idea what I missed. I did scroll through some of the party posts real quick though and got to see Tanya’s post though. Cool that she dropped by. Bummer Kyle didn’t. 😦 I’m just glad I didn’t miss Kyle dropping by, ’cause that SO wouldn’t sucked. I checked out that vampire quiz and the one question was what was the longest running most popular vampire show on TV or something like that…BUFFY! WOO FRIGGIN’ HOO!!! *g*
    I’ll drop by tomorrow.
    Outtie! 😀 😛

  464. Grrrr…I meant would’ve sucked. Damn tired fingers….

  465. Maddie Mo said

    Diz– Sorry your family is going threw suck a rough time. I hope that the DR on Friday can help your brother out. Keep us posted on his progress.


  466. Madonna said

    Hi Maddie Mo,
    How are you?

  467. Himmiefan said

    Hi guys! Just driving by today….

    Dizey – Hugs and prayers to you!!! You know we’re all here for you!

    Annalaise – Wed at 9:00 est works for me.

    Hi Anne. Welcome to the blog!

  468. Maddie Mo said

    Madonna– hey there. I’m good. I’ve been crazy busy with meeting all last week and just got caught up on everything. I am sorry to here your baby isn’t feeling well. I treat my dogs like they are my babies too. We actually fired our vet one night when we had a very very sick dog and we called her office and she said she didn’t have time to squeeze her in. We called the vet down the road ( and when I say down the road keep in mind I live in the country and down the road was like 20 miles) who said bring her right in and we did. The dog had to be kept overnight and on our way home our old vet was still at her office. We stopped and they were just standing around waiting for someone else to come in in like 15 mins. We let her know she would never need to worry about seeing our dogs again. So, I understand wanting the best care you can get for you furry loved ones. My husband actually raises beagles.

  469. Maddie Mo said

    Sorry I got long winded there.

    How are you doing Madonna???

  470. Madonna said

    Maddie Mo,
    I’m doing much better than yesterday. Thanks for asking.

  471. Maddie Mo said

    Glad to hear it!!!

  472. Danae said

    Ciao! Signoras and signorinas. I am heading home soon. I need to see my little school girl.

  473. Madonna said

    Bye Danae!
    Have a good evening.

  474. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bye Dani girl, thanx again I love ya!! BTW I loved the little school girls pic’s so darned cute and she looked like she really likes it 😉 Ciao baby till tomorrow!

  475. Danae said

    Ti Amo Bella

  476. Laurel said

    Annalaise and everyone – My blog site is not “private” just won’t come up on a random search. I will send out the details by e-mail tomorrow. There is just my initial testing there so far, but I can work on it later today and have it set up for a discussion.
    It would be a good use of the space.

  477. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Maddie Mo thanx my friend, hopefully Friday his Dr. will change some of these med’s which I think are the culprit, but I don’t have MD behind my name. So yeah they have to do something soon , this can’t be good for his body or his brain. Besides he has **Henry Super Hero** power when he’s having them, and he’s like 6’1 and weighs about 190ish #’s, one time he lifted me up w/one leg and I am not a small woman. I just want him to be able to play with his son (my Logan) and have some quality of life. 😀

  478. Madonna said

    Sounds good! Maybe we can start a business and be Kyle’s personal makeup artists. Heck, I might even be persuaded to work for free. Fringe benefits you know?

  479. Madonna said

    Keep us updated on Rob okay? Don’t make yourself go through this alone.

  480. Annalaise duChat said

    Mental image–Doing Kyle’s makeup. up close and personal with that smile and those eyes glittering with mischief…..

    I’m so there!

    Dizey — Hang in there. Hope your brother recovers soon.
    Madonna –Your puppy too!

  481. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Madonna I will keep ya’ll updated thank you for everything. BTW I don’t see what Annalaise was talking about on Tanya’s site. Help me what am I looking for??

  482. Madonna said

    Look under the comments on Tanya’s latest thread. 3 or 4 posts from the bottom.

  483. elizabeth said

    I think my eyes have crossed and I know I have the beginnings of a headache….it is impossible to catch up on everything that has happened since Friday!!!!

    First off…to all of you that are having a difficult time right now; I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all disappear, but since I can’t I will just send you all a big hug. i love you guys!

    I know this was mentioned before, but I have to add my two cents worth. I absolutely had the most fabulous, wonderful, hilarious time meeting the Oregon ladies on Saturday. I can’t remember the last time I felt so immediately connected or at ease with a group of people. I hope we can do this again soon 🙂

    I keep reading about Kyle being painted and I went to the link for Blood Ties, but I can’t see it or find it. What am I doing wrong..WAAAAAH! 😦 Is it in the Gallery? If so, all I see is vague outlines and a lot of black – no pictures. Help!

  484. Maddie Mo said

    Diz- keep me posted. I hope the rest of the week is better for him than last night. I have never seen anyone go threw that in person, but I would imagine it is very hard on the body, mind and spirit. and hard on your mind and spirit to have to see him go threw it all and feel helpless.

    I whoever has Henry needs to send him to Dizey’s house.

  485. elizabeth said

    Can we say a big DUH??? I can be such a doofus sometimes. I figured out how to see the pictures on Blood Ties. Okay, back to looking at the pictures..

  486. Maddie Mo said

    I meant —I think whoever has Henry needs to send him to Dizey’s house

  487. Annalaise duChat said

    Bye everyone,

    Headed home. Catch you later.

  488. prtfvr said

    Diz: You told me briefly, VERY briefly that you were concerned about your brother last week. I figured if you were that reticent to tell ME, your Goomba, maybe I shouldn’t be the person to mention it. I like your positive outlook. It doesn’t make you a bad person to feel badly from time to time. Sometimes it’s better to let it out then stew. Your imagination can run wild without a sounding board. **hugs**

  489. prtfvr said

    Danae: that Amber! What a sweetie!!

    Haven’t even worked on the Guest Book. Judging by my site’s stats recently, there wouldn’t be anyone visiting to sign it anyhow.

  490. DebS said

    Hi everyone,

    I just finished two weeks of residence life training, followed by five days of orienation with freshmen students, and yesterday I promptly got sick. I think I literally ran myself ragged. I look so horrible right now. I couldn’t even stay at work all day.

    Claire, I am so sorry I missed your (and Kyle’s) birthday. I am so tired of the real world taking me away from where the real fun is..hehe. So to you, I wish a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

    I lurked around the emails as much as i could this past week, you ladies continue to crack me up. 🙂

    Okay…going to go lay back down on my couch and dream of being healthy again.

  491. I just left a rather sappy reply of Tanya’s blog…. Sorry I’ve been disappearing a lot. The heat here is really getting to me and I’ve had a hard time getting out of bed the past few days.
    I did manage to get out yesterday, only to find myself at the craft store… I built a really cute Halloween/fall wreath and put together a really cute silk flower arrangement for my dining room table.

  492. rifkind said

    Hi All!

    I just sent you an email… my book is OUT THERE… for you to read.. at least the first 4 chapters worth!
    I LOVE ancient Egypt!
    Can you tell??? 🙂

    Thanks Annalaise for your help with getting from Word into the WordPress world. I still kept losing my ‘tabs’ at the beginning of paragraphs.. I hope that the final product is OK to read.


  493. Madonna said

    Hi Elizabeth, prtfvr, DebS, and Lady A! Missed you guys.

    DebS… Take care of yourself!

  494. ello Madonna!

    How’ve you been?

  495. DIZEY1 :-) said

    I’m so sorry I just figured it would kind of take care of itself, and thanks for being my Goomba and not being mad at me. I have such a hard time asking for help, duhhhhh? God what would I do without ya’ll?? It would be a sad and lonely place. 😉 Thanx for the hugs 😀

  496. Madonna said

    I think Crash is a really cute name for the monkey.

    Does anyone else have any suggestions before we decide?

  497. Madonna said

    Lady A,
    I’ve been good with the exception of yesterday.

  498. O.o
    I haven’t had a chance to catch up on the blog. What happened? Email me if you want to.

    I feel so bad about not being around. 😦

  499. Chery said

    Well everyone, I hope we here from Lifetime soon! It appears that things are falling apart here in the hen house. LOL

    I have been out of commission since Sunday. I was taking a walk ( exercise trying to be healthy) and tripped and fell. Cut my knee really badly. I spent most of Sunday Afternoon in the ER and had to have stitches.

    This is only the second week of school. I have had to keep my leg up and stay off of it. I am going back to work tomorrow with a brace. Stitches out in two weeks.

    Sounds like everyone is having a tough time this week…………

  500. ouch!!!

    Maybe all of this negative stuff now means that we are getting something very positive this week?


  501. Madonna said

    Ouch! I’m sorry. I hope it feels better soon.

    Lady A,
    Yesterday was just a long emotional, fight filled day with my vet and my mom. I poured my heart out about it about a 150 posts back or so. But I am much better now. Thanks for asking.

  502. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Lady A, Chery, DebS, good to hear from you, you of course we’re missed 😉

    Rif**Way cool on the story and where do I see this or read this??

    E** can I say how much I hate ya’ll being able to get together. I want that too !! Sooooo jealous 😉

    DebS, god the moon must be in retrograde or something. Wierd stuff going around here, bobo’s, brain fever (from what movie?) , or just plain worn out. The universe is playing hard ball with us. Hope you and Chery feel better soon. I’m going home light up a sage smudge stick and cleanse my house and all the people in it, just for preventitive measure.

  503. DebS said

    Ouch Chery-I hope that you heal quickly. I am really clumsy and have had many a fall in my short lifetime. So I understand your pain.

    I spent Sunday night in the hospital not because I was hurt. One of the freshmen was walking down stairs and fell. I spent three hours with her, and then my colleague spent another 2 hours with her. She sprained it pretty bad, but didn’t need crutches.

  504. Maddie Mo said

    Good night all!!

    Hope you all have a good evening.

  505. Madonna said

    Goodnight Maddie!

  506. DIZEY1 :-) said


    I think for the monkey how about “ChimChim” or “Marcel”. Wierd I know but they actually have meaning behind them. I knew a lady from the feed store that had a cappucine(sp) monkey named “Puddin”, I held it fully dressed a bit on the odd side (the lady 😉 )

  507. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Night my Maddie Mo kiss that sweet little one for me have a good one and chat with ya’ tomorrow.

  508. rifkind said

    Did you get my email about the book? I had to send it to your work address.. as the other email address that I had bounced.

  509. elizabeth said

    Dizey – I wish we all lived closer together so that it would be easy to meet. That has been one of the most wonderful parts of this blog – having you all become friends and family and the icing on the cake is meeting Laurel, Arrowyn, Moonbeam and Gypsy. They are fun on the blog, but fantastic in person. Am I gushing a little???

    Chery – I hope you feel better soon. I have taken many painful tumbles in my time and even managed to fracture my ankle once WHILE STANDING IN MY OFFICE!!!! What are the odds on that?

    Madonna – I hope things get better for you.

  510. Madonna said

    Thank you. Things are already a little better.

    When I was 13 I dislocated my knee sitting in a chair.

  511. elizabeth said

    We are quite a pair, aren’t we?

  512. *hugs Madonna*

    Parents can sometimes overreact. Everything will work out in the end.

  513. rifkind said

    Here’s the recipe for the BBQ’d ribs that I brought to the part

    SECRET FAMILY RECIPE (just kidding)

    Boil the ribs in salted water with one large cut up onion, salt & pepper for about 45 minutes.

    Drain the ribs (I use the country ribs – the meatier ones)
    cover with your favorite bbq sauce – I like Kraft

    Bake for 1/2 hour in single layer – turn once and baste with more sauce, bake for another 1/2 hour.

    Can you SMELL them yet??!!!

  514. rifkind said

    Were you asking about WHERE your Avatar went?
    You have to LOGIN to get the avatar to show up.. otherwise all you post with is your name.

  515. Madonna said

    Thanks Lady A.

    They were good at the party. Thanks for the recipe.

    I’m getting ready to head home now guys. Don’t forget to post or send suggestions for Dylan’s card. I like what I’ve seen so far. Also start sending your greetings. Have a good evening everyone.

  516. Claire said

    Hi My lovelies…Wow I feel out of it..missed so much…Nikkis beloved is in town from NY..and he is very family have been running around doing thing with him and the kids…last licks before school starts.

    I’m lost..who is Anne…did one of you change your name again?

    Debs..feel better and thanks for the Birthday wish!
    Madonna…good luck with Booboo I hope everything turns out Ok!

    Chery…Ouch feel better!

    Did I thank you all enough for my party? I love you all! for making it soo special…it’s usually a hard day for father died on my 22nd birthday..but this was one birthday where I know he was laughing right along with me!

    Beth…vous savez combien je t’aime… comment pourriez vous ne pas me dire une votre douleur ? Nous sommes ici pour aider un un autre… que mes prières sont avec toi!

    Is there anything I can do? if you need to know what I went through with Christophers Brain Cancer…he also had seizures.
    Guess we’re all entering one of those cycles…I call them Tests..
    and yeah just like Kyle and you…If he brings you to it…he’ll bring you through it…Chris has a doctors appt on Sept.10th..he is approaching the 7 year mark in remission and thats when the Docs said it usually reoccurs…

    So to all of you…be strong..hold your heads up…and never stop believing in Miracles!!

    Je t’aime my sistas!

  517. Chery said

    Thanks for all of the good wishes……….
    Makes me feel better already………..

  518. Margaret said

    Rifkind: Haven’t attempted an avatar yet, was talking about the “other” picture by my name, you know when you run the cursor over it.

    My prayers to all who need it. Seems like we’re all falling apart, along with our loved ones, on the upside things can only go up from here so as Henry says: Have faith.

    Someone explained the whole lunar eclipse to me and the implications. Something to the effect that the week before and I think the week after aren’t going to be so good. Usually around government offices that means every looney tune out there comes in to cuss us out. Got to love it, especially when they call you a public servant. That ones’ my favorite. Oh, and the other one is I’m your boss which makes you want to say: I’ve been meaning to talk to you about my raise.

  519. Anne said

    Thanks for the welcomes – and I guess I better introduce myself. Both Margaret and Annalaise suggested I drop by, so here I am.

    I’m Anne, 51 and I live in Denmark where Blood Ties has yet to air.
    Afaik, it hasn’t even been sold to a Scandinavian station yet, so it looks like it’ll be along wait. Fortunately, there are ways ….

    I created both http://www.bloodtiescentral – which makes me the lucky cheese who visited the Blood Ties set.
    I also recently created – because
    a) I couldn’t help myself,
    b) it was Kyle’s birthday, and finally,
    c) because is closing down.
    I’m pretty sure the reason is mostly a 😉

    The reason links are not permitted in KyleSchmidCentral’s guestbook, is because of stupid spammers. They will post their stupid stuff if they can get away with it – which unfortunately means that I have to disable links for everyone.

    If anyone has a question about music used in Blood Ties, it will soon be answered since I’m working on adding a page about it to BloodTiesCentral.

    Anne, GMT +1

  520. Welcome Anne! thank you for all your wonderful work!

    Diz – Anzia has Henry right now but I will have her tell him to make a side trip to you before he comes to my house – I’m feeling better and can hold out a little longer 😉

    I’m listening to Tanyas interveiw right now – She is wonderful. I love how she gushes about everyone – especially Kyle 😀

    Cant wait for the writers chat tomorrow!

    Wish I could stay longer tonight but I have things to do – wasted and hour at the HOA meeting tonight 😦

    Everybody take care, feel better, ((((HUGS))))

  521. Margaret said

    Anyone notice that the Blood Ties site has posted a major spoiler on its site. You will know what it is, if you’ve read the books.

  522. lwildstar said

    Margaret – you mean the post on LifeTime? If not which site?

  523. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bonjour belle de Claire, je n’ai pas souhaité tracasser n’importe qui avec mes problèmes. Mais il a obtenu si lourd je ne pourrais pas le porter. Votre coeur est généreux avec moi et votre bonté accable. Merci tellement.

    I hope it’s just a matter of changing med’s he takes like 5-6 different kinds maybe more. But I do have faith and it just feels like it gets tested every now and then and it drags you down. My mom’s the rock like you Claire, very strong and not a doubt in her mind, it’ll be ok. Mom’s don’t lie right 😉 Anyway thanks and Christopher sounds like he’s doing wonderful. I will certainly add him to my prayer list that he stays healthy and well. God Bless all our DUDES!!

  524. Margaret said

    The Blood Ties site that got reworked. You know the one with the behind the scenes pictures, production stills, the one where Kyle is getting his chest painted .

    What spoiler, where on Lifetime? Did I miss something?

  525. Margaret said

    Ok, I’ll make it easy for you. Here’s the excerpt:

    Although Vicki is attracted to Fitzroy, she’ll always harbor a deep-seated fear of his vampirism – a hard-wired human response. Even at the moment when she seems to be dying, when her only chance of living is to allow Henry to turn her, Vicki will refuse…even if it means risking death.

  526. Margaret said

    Although Vicki is attracted to Fitzroy, she’ll always harbor a deep-seated fear of his vampirism – a hard-wired human response. Even at the moment when she seems to be dying, when her only chance of living is to allow Henry to turn her, Vicki will refuse…even if it means risking death.

    That’s the excerpt from the site.

  527. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Anne,

    So glad you came and joined us, we all have a common……..obsession ? 😉
    We all love Blood Ties and I adore Henry/Kyle as do most of my Blood Sista’s. I am so jealous that you got to visit THE set, you are the lucky cheese.
    Strange that you mentioned music I was watching *The Devil wears Prada* for the zillionth time and there’s a song that sounds like the woman singing from the ep *Stone Cold* when Vicki’s burying Brendan’s pieces parts. I’d swear it’s the same woman/band/group. Looking forward to the info, and I really like the new site, great job! He looks sooooo pretty in pink too 😉

  528. DIZEY1 :-) said


  529. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Well ya’ll I’m beat and must sleep 😉 I’ll chat with ya’ll tomorrow sleep well and…………….Reves doux d’Henri

    i love ya’ll and thanx for loving me warts and all


    beth 😎

  530. Claire said

    Welcome Anne…I guess I have to say..I love you! LOL! for creating..BloodtiesCentral…and KyleSchmidCentral!!! because well as everyone else here is…I am totally emersed in everything BT and everything Kyle.You are one lucky lady! visiting the set!! Oh what I wouldn’t give…
    Well enjoy hanging out here..and visit the Betty Ford clinic for the chronically addicted to BT…they have a special wing for the ones with Kyleitis! The meds are wonderful! mega doses of yummy videos!

    Mon beau Beth tout sera fins.
    Bonne Nuit…Je t’aime

  531. Margaret – someone posted blurbs about each of the upcoming episodes o the LT blog – I think they maybe the ones on the Bloodlines site under episodes – if so then I guess they are’nt really spooilers.
    YOu know when I was listening to Tanyas interview it seemed like she was hinting at the story line heading towards what was said in the spoiler you posted – not sure thought….

    Well I just popped in to see what was up – going beddy by now.

  532. Margaret said

    If thats the case, there won’t be much of a show left. That doesn’t seem to make much sense.

    This is the site that Kalidescope reworked for the Candian Premier.

  533. Margaret said

    Just playing with my picture.

  534. Arrowyn said

    Just wanted to say hi and goodnight. I’ve been sick for the last couple of days and haven’t even felt like going on the internet, let alone blogging, so I’m just catching up with the posts. I’m fading fast, so I think it had better be an early night tonight. I’ll be back here tomorrow. Night.

  535. AlisaSG said

    hey Margaret,
    >> Although Vicki is attracted to Fitzroy, she’ll always harbor a deep-seated fear of his vampirism – a hard-wired human response. Even at the moment when she seems to be dying, when her only chance of living is to allow Henry to turn her, Vicki will refuse…even if it means risking death.

    >> That’s the excerpt from the site.

    *it* wouldn’t have anything to do with that teaser photo as well, Henry biting Vicki.. so the photo is real, but it’s also a real teaser — as in, she shoves him away?? (par her usual self..!) she didn’t look like she was enjoying the moment too much.. certainly not like Sinead has. 😉

    also, if that IS the situation, that’s going to drive more viewers up the wall enough to toss their Tv sets out the window in frustration..! (yikes!)

  536. laurel said

    Good night everyone. I hope everyone is feeling better tomorrow.
    Diz – You and your family remain in my prayers. ( ( ( hugs ) ) )
    I hope a little medication tweak will help your brother. The whole thing just sounds like a nightmare.

    love ya gals

  537. Anzia said

    Diz- I express sent Henry. You’ll have to sign for him but I’m sure if you flash that lovely bottom & tat it’ll do just fine. 😉 I’m sorry you’re having a hard time love. I want you to know that you don’t have to be strong all the time honey. I do understand the need, compulsion, to do but, if you find that the weight is getting to much I have a really soft boney shoulder waiting for you. I’m sure anyone here would move heaven and earth to help you if you need it. I love you honey. You have my prayers and that of my family.

    Chery- I’m sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you get better fast. Are you spending a lot of time off your feet? Watching BT and daydreaming about the scruptious morsels they tease us with?

    Annalaise- you’re so sweet. I doubt I’ll be missed that much ^_^ My work schedule will basically bar me from anything that doesn’t start after 10 (yup, i’ll miss the beginning of BT every week *sniff*).

    Arrowyn- I hope youg get better soon! Chicken Noodle soup! Might not be medically helpfull but it makes the soul smile (or at least mine ^_^)

    Anne- welcome. I was wondering if I had missed your intro. 🙂 In case you were wondering, yes, we ARE as crazy as we seem! ^_^ Welcome to the maddness!

    Danae- that girl of yours is ADORABLE! just thought I’d let ya know

    Rifkind- can’t wait to read your story! 🙂

    Laurel- ooo, BOY did I find Raoul…a couple of times actually… then he found me once…i’ve never been good at hide & seek… ;0)

  538. Anne said

    Forgot to say … if any of you happen to do fan art with Kyle that you don’t mind sharing with the outside world, there will be a fan art section on KyleSchmidCentral.

    Yes, I’m up early – since I don’t really know all of you yet, I have no idea whether any of you are in Europe like me?

  539. Laurel said

    Anzia – I decided to check in one more time before I head for bed, and there you are! You always make me feel good, so I’m glad Raoul could… be of service. 😎
    (blushes) It just sounds so much worse out loud. hehehe

    Sorry you’ll be missing the beginning of BT every week. That pretty much sucks. I hope you can record it for total viewing! It would still let you see it before I do, here on the W. Coast.

    love ya’ girl, have a good night.

  540. Laurel said

    Anne – It is almost 11pm Monday, in Portland, Oregon. Some of us are still up at this time every night, so it never hurts to check in just in case.
    I sure enjoyed looking at your website. Keep up the good work! We tend to love anything to do with Blood Ties, so you have a ready audience with us.

    Now, I really am going to bed. My eyes are giving up on me. 😎

  541. Margaret said

    AlisaSG-Somehow it doesn’t look like she’s dying leaning against that wall. And for Vicki, at least she’s not literally pushing him away. Who knows, something else to torture us with, eh?

  542. Margaret said

    Still playing with my picture.

  543. Margaret said

    still playing

  544. Chery said

    Arizia: Yes, the only saving grace of having to be immobilized with my leg up was watching a marathon of BT.

    Going back to work this morning with a leg brace that will be just great.


  545. rifkind said,
    August 28, 2007 @ 1:43 pm

    Hi All!

    I just sent you an email… my book is OUT THERE… for you to read.. at least the first 4 chapters worth!
    I LOVE ancient Egypt!
    Can you tell???

    Hey rifkind! Where’s your book at? I SO wanna read! 🙂

    And where’s this pic of Henry you guys keep talking about? You’re driving me CRAZY! ’cause I still have no clue what site you’re talking about. SPILL! *g*
    So, I know I haven’t been around much lately, no time and all. Plus my feet are usually all swollen by the weekend and I try to keep them up, which is why I’m never on my own computer…did I miss anything? I haven’t even done much skimming. Heh.
    And while all you guys are all over Henry…hehe…I spent the weekend watching various eps of Buffy and Blade…not that I did keep many from Blade…but I had to rediscover my love for my Spikey Poo. 🙂

  546. Chery said,
    August 29, 2007 @ 4:08 am

    Arizia: Yes, the only saving grace of having to be immobilized with my leg up was watching a marathon of BT.

    Going back to work this morning with a leg brace that will be just great.


    Ugh. Totally feel for you there. I SO know about leg braces, having to wear one about 3 times already. Hope you feel better…and I’m so glad mine is off. Kinda missed it though…what exactly happened to your leg?

  547. Margaret said


    Its the reworked website by Kalidescope for BT. I think its the first picture on the behind the scenes. They’re painting his chest with the makeup when he gets all torn up in the Blood Price II, I think. Seems he’s a bit ticklish as it looks like he’s trying not to laugh.

  548. Madonna said

    Good morning everyone!

    Hey Annalaise,
    Last night I ordered the body paint and theatrical makeup for our “company”. So are ya ready to go?

  549. Annalaise duChat said

    Good Morning all.

    I was up a little too late last night corresponding. Didn’t even get to write a paragragh. Poor Kieron’s been stuck in that cell for a long time now. Poor guy. Sorry. See some of you at the writer’s chat tonight.

    Prtfvr– were you able to open the html file I sent you? If you have any questions let me know.

    Laurel — Good job girl.. When you’re ready to go with you blog why don’t you email the link to the entire group instead of posting it. More private that way.

    Anne– So dish girl. How did you got to go to the BT set? Did you get to meet Kyle? Is he as nice as Tanya says? Tell us everything!!!

  550. lwildstar said

    Margaret said: RE: the Henry picture: “They’re painting his chest with the makeup when he gets all torn up in the Blood Price II, I think. ” – yep thats the scene when vicki brings him home and gets to spend the day in bed with him …..sigh…..Seems he’s a bit ticklish as it looks like he’s trying not to laugh….or the make up girl said something to him about his wonderful body!

    Annalaise – I haven’t had a chance to read past chapter 4 yet – I need to catch up and now I have Rifkinds to start! I just started writing chapter 10 on the demon story last night – and then switched over to chapter one of the vamp story….not wnough time in the day!

    ok must get to work – feeling sluggish today – I really don’t feel like doing anything 😦

  551. Annalaise duChat said

    You betcha Madonna! Meet ya at the Columbus Airport. (Although talk about backtracking. I’m closer to Toronto where I am.)

  552. Anne said

    Annalaise – everything about my visit is here:

    As you can see at the bottom of the page, yes, I got to meet Kyle, and yes, he really is as nice as Tanya says.

    How I got to go … I was going to Vanocuver for the Creation Stargate convention,and when I realised BT was still shooting while I would be there, I asked my connection if I might be permitted to visit.
    The “It never hurts to ask” and “Fortune follows the brave” has worked pretty well for me in that area. It wasn’t an open set otherwise, but they made an exception for their first fansite webmaster 😉
    BloodTiesCentral was the only BT fansite – for all of 17 days.

    I think they were pretty chuffed to have two fansites before the show had even aired.

  553. Annalaise duChat said

    Madonna — Don’t laugh but my husband is really into theatrical makeup. He worked with the drama dept. in high school. When we first started dating he made a life mask of my face. That’s where you let someone put plaster on your face to make a mold of it. You have to trust someone a lot to allow them to do that to you. Then we made latex masks with the molds it was fun.

    I was actually taking a life drawing class at the time and he modeled for me. Yes to what you are thinking. He is also an artist, so of course turn about is fair play, if you catch my drift.

  554. Danae said

    Buongiorno Bellas. For anyone that needs it my prayers are with you.

    Claire I pray to God that Christopher’s cancer doesn’t come back.

    My dad’s is back and he is going through more radiation treatment which means I have to far away from him or I may become sterile. I don’t want that to happen. I do want my own kids at some point in my life. The big problem I find though with his cancer coming back is that my parents didn’t say anything to us kids. The only reason I know is because I overheard my mom talking to the doctor about it over the phone.

    Anne-Are you Danish or do you just play one on TV? Translation, do you just live there>

  555. Danae said

    I had to put this on here. I love this song. I brings me back to my childhood. It was a song in the cartoon The Snowman. It is a cartoon with no speaking, all music. Plus I like Celtic Woman.

  556. Margaret said

    Anne: Not familiar with the word chuffed, notice that both you and Tanya have used it. Can you translate? Would that be the same as our stoked (stoked” – adjective – to be “stoked” is to be completely and intensely enthusiastic, exhilirated, or excited about something. those who are stoked all of the time know this; being stoked is the epitome of all being. when one is stoked, there is no limit to what one can do.)

  557. Danae said

    Yay! One of the salesmen here went to Italy and he is showing his slides and buying everybody pizza for lunch. Why do I feel this is the only way I will get to experience Italy?

  558. Madonna said

    I’m so sorry to hear that about your dad. How long have you known? Why didn’t your parents tell you? (((((((((((((BIG BEAR HUG))))))))))))) and of course you have my prayers.

  559. Danae said

    I have known for a few weeks. He has been a survivor for several years now. I think 4 or 5. He had thyroid cancer. They removed his thyroids and several muscles and part of his larynx. His throat looks like it caved in. My parents probably thought it wasn’t a big deal but any cancer is a big deal.

  560. Margaret said

    Anne: The pictures from the Spacey Awards. I have the other 76 if you ever want to see them. lol. No, I’m not addicted, not much. I bought them before Rolange took the collection private. Did you get them from him, too?

  561. Danae said

    Beth-I just got an email from Kim at my church. She is the religious education director so she is my boss on Sunday mornings when I am teaching religious ed. She is the one that I go to when I need someone on the prayer line. She is an awesome woman. She said you and your family are on the line. Many people are now praying for you.

  562. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    Danae said,
    August 29, 2007 @ 6:50 am

    I had to put this on here. I love this song. I brings me back to my childhood. It was a song in the cartoon The Snowman. It is a cartoon with no speaking, all music. Plus I like Celtic Woman.

    YES! Another Celtic Woman fan! WOOHOO! I have 2 of their albums…I would love to buy the Xmas one, but I never got around to it yet.

    And I couldn’t get into that site to see that pic of Kyle you guys were talking about, something about the flashplayer not being the right version. *sigh* The downside of posting from Ye ol’ work pc.

  563. Danae said

    I have the first Celtic Woman CD and the Chloe Agnew one. Have you heard of the Mediaeval Baebes. They are really awesome. Here is there website.

  564. Anne said

    Margaret –

    Your guess seems pretty spot on to me – I use chuffed instead of pleased.

    I don’t know anything about Rolange’s Spacey pictures – I capped the image myself off a recording. But I would definitely not mind seeing the other 76.
    You know where to reach me 😉

  565. Annalaise duChat said

    Anne — Looks like I’m going to have to polish up my web design skills! You are so lucky.

    Danae, Vampgirl — Celtic Woman is very good. I came across one of their CD’s at the library and loved it. I have a quite a selection of Celtic music in my Itunes on my home computer.There’s one song in particular That inspired a line in my book: Keiron says to Monica “You are like the dawn after a long dark night…”

  566. Danae said

    I love the peacefulness of Celtic music. It is so serene. It makes me feel the same way when I listen to Josh Groban sing. It really helps me relax.

  567. Danae said

    Do you know what I mean? Like everything is alright with the world. All our worries and hard times have been blown away by the wind. Nothing can harm us anymore. Everything is just perfect in that one moment.

  568. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good morning ya’ll,

    Much better day, Robbie had no seizures last night so that’s a plu right there, and yes Maggie May that gets me **Stoked** my sista’.
    Thanks everyone for putting up with me yesterday and not kicking me out of the clubhouse 😉 I so appreciate all the prayers and good vibes sent our way that’s the best medicine some days.

    **Z** thanx for the offer of the shoulder I won’t forget it and I will try to say *Uncle* when it gets too heavy.

    Prtfvr, my Goomba, my partner in crime thanks for poking me and not being mad at me for claming up……”I love ya’ more than my luggage” 😉 you help keep me sane (whatever that is)

    CLaire , I agree that Rob and Christopher will be great and healed, I listened to the Secret on the way to work and it was the part about healing one’s self so I need him to listen and try to apply it, I love you too 😀

    Danae my sweet girl sorry about dad and will add him to my list, with all this praying going on everyone should be healed and happy!! Love ya! and keep me updated on your pop! 🙂

  569. Anne said

    Try visting this movie site:

    I LOVE that music – I sometimes visit the site and have it running in the background while I work on other stuff. I wish there was a soundtrack.

    Yes Annalaise – polish up your web design skills – you never know what might happen.

  570. Danae said

    I just visited that website and it says the it is a Claude Gagnon film and produced by Samuel Gagnon. I wonder if I am any relation. LOL!

  571. Anne said

    I think these Gagnons are in Toronto – where are you?

  572. Annalaise duChat said

    Anne – I do print design now. I work for an Adobe Service Bureau. We do high resolution imaging, typesetting/design and technical support. I have done enough web design to be dangerous. I do our web site at work . I’m self taught for the most part, although my boss sent me to in of those all day seminar things. I always say print design and web design are two totally different animals though. Just because you can do one doesn’t necessarily mean you can do the other!

  573. Anne said

    The music is Canadian cellist Jorane who also sings.

  574. Margaret said

    Anne: I was kidding about actually seeing them. But I guess I could scan them at my 8-5 and then send them on, or I’d have to copy them, or go buy a scanner.
    Actually I think the guy just sat there, shot the roll, because a lot of them look the same. You know when you were little and people showed you how to make an automated cartoon by drawing several images on pieces of paper and then fanning them, that’s pretty much what these look like except for the shot you had when he was holding his hands up and a few others. Let me work on that. Short of that, you’ll just have to come to Orlando for one of those conventions and we’ll have to meet. They were dirt cheap, I don’t think I even spent more than $20 on them.

  575. Anne said

    I’m self taught too, and since it’s my hobby, my boss never sent me to a seminar. I could definitely use some more teaching and I’m not really confident in the graphics department, both text and images.

    But I don’t let that stop me 😉

  576. Danae said

    Anne-I am in Vernon CT. We don’t have any Canadian relatives. There are so many Gagnons around here it is crazy. There are a few working here where I work and we are not related in any way.

  577. DIZEY1 :-) said


    Cool chick! I am actually Beth and I live in New Orleans, LA. where a lot of vampires roam and roost 😉 I’m glad you joined our group, make yourself at home and there’s plenty of chocolate products when the BT attacks kick in 😀

    Vampgrl, you so need to check out the site when you get a computer that will cooperate, he’s so darned cute little ticklish Good to Know 😉

    Dani, thanks for the prayer list you Rock!!

  578. Anne said

    You could still claim them as long-lost cousins 😉

  579. Danae said

    I know (Dani says as she preens) Hehe! You do too!

  580. Danae said

    I could do that.

  581. Annalaise duChat said

    I’m very strong in that department, my problem is that being a print designer I want to do certain things and use a lot of overlap and layer that is just not possible in html. I get frustrated when I can’t make something work the way I want it to.

    Do you write the code or do you use Dreamweaver or Go Live?

  582. Maddie Mo said

    Morning all!!!

    Diz- glad to hear your Rob had a better night last night. {{HUGS}}

    Danae- sorry to hear about your fathers relapse. {{{HUGS}}}. I will be thinking of you and your family.

    Anne- Welcome!!! I’m so jealous!!! You got to meet Kyle you lucky lucky girl.

    Madonna– how are you and BooBoo doing today???

  583. Anne said

    I write the code in notepad – saves me from buying and learning to use an expensive program.

  584. Annalaise duChat said

    How do you process your images?

  585. Anne said

    Process? You mean create?
    I capture them off DVD with PowerDVD and work on them with
    PaintShopPro 7, PS Elements 2 and Quick Web Photo Resizer for the thumbnails.

    I know, I know – I tend to stick with what I know, so I haven’t upgraded to PSP10 and PSE5.

    I like to try to improve the images, but I don’t often do it with the big galleries

  586. elizabeth said

    Good morning everyone!

    Welcome Anne! this may have already been answered and I missed it, but if you live in Denmark and Blood Ties hasn’t shown there yet…how did you find out about it? I checked out your sites and they are spot on! I also totally envy you getting to go on set and watch it being filmed. How did you manage to keep from melting into a puddle of goo when you met the actors???? 🙂

  587. Since I have access to all the Adobe programs, Creative Suite specifically, I use Go Live for the site and Photoshop, Image Ready and Illustrator for the content. I know, I’m spoiled. When I first started playing I wrote code in wordpad and simple text, but I don’t like doing it that way. I’m more of a visual type person. I have to see it as I’m working.

    Here’s the link to the site I designed/the company I work for. It’s pretty basic but it does the job.

  588. Anne said

    Thanks Elizabeth.

    I’m made from hardy viking stuff – it takes more than a couple of sexy guys to melt me 😉
    But to be on the safe side I brought a couple of friends to lean on – actually we leaned on each other.

    I found the novels when they were first published and I read them again a couple of times over the years. In the end I found Tanya’s livejournal and the rest is history.

    I was also extremely lucky that David Winning was directing when I visited. I’ve met him a few times before at conventions and he took such good care of us. He’s a big teddybear. He could make me go weak to.

  589. Danae said

    Italy was great. Imagine there and back in 30 minutes. I can’t believe they make their pizza better then we do though and who would have that they have Shasta soda. Go figure.

  590. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Danae, I’m jealous did the pizza have thick or thin crust. I love the thin myself kinda like a cracker crust. Yummm 😉

  591. Danae said

    It was thick crust. Almost like a pan pizza. I like soft doughy crust. The pizza I had was with mushrooms. Yumm-o

  592. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    I have both Celtic Woman CD’s Celtic Woman and Celtic Woman A New Journey, and some other assorted Irish CDs. My all-time fav Celtic artist though is still Enya. I have 3 of her albums, A Day without Rain, Amarantine, and the Best of Enya. Oh! And I also have the soundtrack from Lord of the Dance.

    Oh and on that Kyle pic? Every computer I’m around is deficient, so I guess I’ll never see it. Bummer.

  593. lwildstar said

    Good afternoon ladies – I hope everyone is doing better….
    (((HUGS))) all around.

    I’ve got some stuf to do so i may or maynot be back till tonight – you may not see me until the writers chat – its turning out to be one of those days!

    Luve ya

    lwildstar ‘dNightwalker
    AKA Miss K.

  594. DIZEY1 :-) said

    I’ll eat either but prefer the thin, and I love mushrooms any way. I like pizza with everything on it. YUMMMMM I’m starving now and can’t wait till 1:00 that’s when I usually take lunch. Don’t know if I can make it that long, might have to go grab some cheese or something to tide me over 😉 😛

  595. Margaret said

    vampgirl-don’t have your email here. Give it to me and I’ll email it to you.

  596. Margaret said

    Well, I guess I won’t. It won’t let me copy it. Rats, sorry.

  597. Margaret said

    Don’t know what search engine you’re using but it works better with internet explorer. Doesn’t play well with firefox.

  598. Vampgirl got to the link to see the picture.

  599. Madonna said

    Hey everyone!

    I hope everyone is doing/feeling better today.

    Maddie Mo,
    Thanks for asking. How are you? I’m doing pretty good today and so is Boo-Boo. That is the most frustrating thing about this. One day he acts like a normal healthy 20 mo. old pup the next, he acts like he’s close to death.

    Well, maybe your husband can give us a crash course in theatrical makeup before we take off. That way it’ll be a little less like the blind leading the blind you know. Although I’m pretty sure I can do a good job of faking it.

    You are so right about print design and web design being two different animals. Once I have an idea I can do almost anything in print but when it comes to web design I’m all but clueless. I’m going to have to learn soon if I’m going to make the site for my candles. If I could make money at it though I’d probably be in fine art.

    Here’s the only website I’ve ever had any involvement in and that involvement was extremely limited when I was in college.

    Welcome to Ms. Gypsy’s. We love to have new blood. Thanks for all the insight. What can I say though….. I’m jealous.

    You lucky thing. The only time we get pizza at work is when my boss’ concious stirs because she’s made us work 24 hrs straight. And donuts….. I cringe when I think about what donuts mean at my office.

    If you post you email I’ll send that picture to you tonight after work.

    Oh well break’s over……. Time to put the shackle back on.

  600. Madonna — That’s a pretty impressive site. What did you do on it?

    The biggest problems I run into is people copying image from the internet and thinking they are suitable for printing. NOT! They just don’t get it. Also a lot of web designers prepare images in Photoshop and then expect the to be printed in spot colors. Also not happening, and that’s my job — to fix there %*@4-ups and make it work.

  601. Claire said

    Bonjour mes Amis….Vont-elles comment mes soeurs aujourd’hui ?
    Danae…Prayers for your dad!!
    Beth…I’ve no doubt either..everything works out eventually!So glad Rob is feeling better!
    Anne..let me properly introduce name is Claire..I just turned 49…I have 7 children,4 are 7 year old quads…2 grandchildren…I was born in Marseilles France…I am actually…French,Sicilian and Isreali…I moved to the States..NYC..when I was 9…and moved to Virginia last year…to be close to my eldest daughter and her children.

    Great to have you here!

    My sistas!!! got the check from evil landlord!!!! WOOHOO…school clothes shopping for the quads!!!!!!

    Who has Henry? I feel like a little celebrating….

    😉 XOXOXO

  602. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hi Madonna,

    I’ll carry the bodypaints and supplies, need a paint brush ? Oh you need me to wipe Kyle where?? (hee hee hee) I’m a great gopher if need be. I can learn anything 😉 Glad to hear Booboo’s better, I thought he was an older dog, but he’s still a puppy. I’d have done the same thing and found another vet also. Thanx also for your words of support yesterday on my downward spiral 😉

  603. Congratulations Claire!!!

    Dizey — Welcome aboard! I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better. Any improvement?

  604. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bonjour M’admoiselle Claire, Bien mieux aujourd’hui, et j’aimerais faire des emplettes avec vous aujourd’hui ! Les achats sont médecine très bonne que j’entends ; -)

    Kyle, oh and I love to shop for shoes. I may not have the best clothes but I”ll certainly have shoes. Fetish 😉 😎

  605. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Doc duChat, a little better no seizures since yesterday afternoon. I’ll take whatever we can get. He’s wierdly in good spirits but has never seen one and I’m glad cuz I know it would make him feel bad/sad. It’ll get better, I guess I was just overflowing with worry and fear, like Prtfvr said the imagination can run wild and takes over. BUT I’m back to the positive side , and thank you for asking 😀

  606. Anne said

    Hi Claire,

    Happy late birthday – or et forsinket tillykke med foedselsdagen

    Nice to meet you – by quads, you mean four-legged, right? What an interesting background you have. I’m as Danish as liverpaste.
    I’ve always lived in the same zip code in Copenhagen.
    But a few years ago I started going to conventions and I’ve traveled quite a bit since then, but since most of the cons are in the US and Canada, I admit to shamefully neglecting Europe.

  607. laurel said

    Hi all,
    I have just enough time for a drive by – then off to do all the bizzare little tasks that make up my new job. Thank heavens I work in a building full of women I know pretty well. Lots of them have taken my classes and some I have taken classes from. It is kind of a neat environment, and I am feeling blessed to be working near them, if not exactly with them.

    Chery – I hope your day goes well. Don’t let your advil/tylenol lapse, playing catch-up with your pain meds is a b—–!

    Diz – That is really good news about Rob. Prayers to continue, of course.

    Madonna – give Boo a skritch behind the ears for me. I have a real soft spot in my heart for ailing pups. It has been several years since I had one and I still miss my little buddy.

    Danae – Prayers for your Dad, too. This has been a year when the big C has touched my family in profound ways. The word evokes a deep fear in my heart and I am sorry that it has reached out to touch your family again.
    Annalaise – I think I got my blog set so it won’t need approval for every post. I will have time later to put the password on it and then will e-mail the details.

    Love ya’ gals!
    See you later.

  608. laurel said

    Anne – Claire has four children born on the same day, same year…. Quads age 7.
    Brave woman, great mom, awsome friend…

    love ya’ Claire!

  609. Madonna said

    Welcome aboard! BTW….. No problem! Everyone needs somebody to lean on.

    That site has evolved a lot over the last 8 years. There used to be a lot more images. I collaborated on the logo and did a lot of work on processing images. That is pretty much where my involvement ends. We all had to create a website for them. Mine sucked. Needless to say they didn’t use it.

    Hi Claire! Congrats on the check!

    I’m sorry. I should have introduced myself a little better. I’m Madonna, I’m 28, a graphic designer and I live in Kentucky.

  610. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Anne, I went and checked out the Blood Ties site again, are you in any of those pic’s ?? Inquiring minds want to know and it’s nice to have a face with a name 🙂

  611. Dizey — That’s good news. Anything we can do to help keep you on that positive side, be glad to help.

    Vampgirl — Did you get your Picture of Kyle being painted? I posted it for you on my site. Go get it girl!

  612. Madonna said

    Thanks Laurel. I will.

    Doesn’t Lady do some theatrical makeup. She’d make a great technical consultant in our little “dream business”.

  613. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Laurel, my sweet thanks so much you are such a wonderful person and thanks for keeping my peeps in prayers. I Love Ya! XOXOXOX

    Catch ya’ll when I get back from lunch 😛

  614. Danae said

    Hey guys. Thanks for all the prayers. I really don’t think it is that much of a big deal this time or my parents would have said something but they still should have told. There is always the one time that it might come back and spreads and is untreatable. That would be the worst.

  615. Anne said

    Dizey1 – I’m the one in the red top with formerly brown hair …

  616. Danae said

    Formerly brown hair! That is so funny. LOL!

  617. Danae said

    Did I scare everybody away?

  618. Madonna said

    Sorry Danae…… just too busy to play. I’ll be taking lunch in 10-15 min. though.

  619. Danae said

    Yay! I always worry that I say something wrong and I get deserted.

  620. I’m still here Danae. What cha up to?

  621. Danae said

    Actually, the conversation about Celtic music and Josh Groban sparked a poem topic for me and when I should be working I am working on it.

  622. Danae said

    And peeking on here. Lately I have been leaving this window up and blatantly obvious on my screen.

  623. Danae said

    And of course Josh Groban Awake is playing.

  624. Bad Girl!!! Actually I’m supposed to be working too, and I am, between posts.

  625. I’ve got James Taylor playing.

  626. Danae said

    I am squeeking a little work in but it is the minimal amount.

  627. Danae said

    I like him but I like Jimmy Buffet more.

  628. Danae said

    I am a Parrothead

  629. Madonna said

    OK! I’m here. I got to take the shackles off again for an hour. It start to chafe after a while. I have to be very very careful about posting on here during work, especially since my job performance is based almost solely on productivity.

  630. Gee Jimmy’s playing right now! go figure!

  631. Madonna said

    I really really don’t like Jimmy Buffet. He plays Cincinnati every summer and it’s always a sell-out. I just don’t get the appeal.

  632. I did a design job for a customer 2 years ago and my patment was box seats and VIP passes to Jimmy Buffet’s concert at Blossom Music Center. It was a GREAT concert!

  633. Maddie Mo said

    Madonna– I am doing great today. Except ( and I know you will relate) my boss thinks I can do more than what I am doing. okay granted I do take a few breaks to catch up here during the day. However, the work they want me to do would keep me here for late everynight. I think I might be unemployed soon as there was a slight “Do it or we will find someone who will” attitude to the discussion. Well, they better start looking is all I can say about that. I will not stay late cause I’m not leaving my baby with the sitter any longer than she is already there.

  634. Anne said

    I’m just posting so I can change the url that goes into my name.
    I’ve had the day off since I worked the weekend, but tomorrow is a dept meeting and friday a seminar and there goes those two days. At least I’ll be paid overtime for coming in on my days off.

  635. Maddie Mo said

    oh and I’m really glad to here Boo Boo is feeling better today.

  636. Madonna said

    Maddie Mo,
    You go girl! I wish I could do and say that, but with my physical problems and education my job choice is art or nothing.

  637. Danae said

    I like Jimmy Buffet’s Carribean feel. His music is just really stupid and fun. Where’s that Cheeseburger in Paradise?

    I would love to go to a Buffet concert.

  638. Maddy Mo — Hang in there. Don’t risk your job. Wait until you can leave from a position of strength rather than getting yourself let go.

    Danae — I come into being a Parrothead rather late but I love him just the same!

  639. Madonna said

    If you ever decide you want to take a summer trip to Cincinnati, Jimmy Buffet plays here every summer. I can try to let you know when he’s coming.

  640. Danae said

    Cool I have a lot of vacations planned for next year. Back a few months ago Dizey said to come to the jazz fest, I have to get to Claire’s 50th, if we have a convo I have to travel for that and my aunt wants me to visit here in CA before she moves here.

  641. He puts on a tremendously entertaining show.

  642. Margaret said

    Ah but Madonna, you do it so well. I love that card and I hope Kyle appreciates exactly how much work you put into it. I’m sure he will. I’d love to have your computer skills. I’m only talented enough to probably blow up one maybe. Take pride in your work, you do beautiful work.

  643. Danae said

    I bet he does. It doesn’t surprise me.

  644. Madonna said

    Awwww Thanks Margaret! (blushing)

  645. Madonna what exactly do you do?

  646. Danae said

    She’s right Madonna. The card was awesome.

  647. Maddie Mo said

    Madonna- fortunately I work in sales and have a lot of contacts at other places. Plus, I would probably just stay home with the little one for a while. I wanted too after she was born, but my company really wanted me to come back, and made it damn near impossible for me to stay home. Unfortunately, since then they have fired the boss that really looked out for me. My new boss pratically lives here and thinks we all should too.

  648. Madonna said

    Thanks Danae! (turning really really red now)

    I’m a designer for AutoMart (the redneck’s bible) LOL!!!
    At my office we now do the magazines for 19 different cities. I think the closest one to you would be Columbus.

  649. Maddie Mo said

    That card was awesome. You are very talented. I would think your profolio would speak for itself in a job interview.

  650. Madonna said

    Oooops. I meant to give you guys the link in my last post.
    You can browse through some of the books online. We do Dayton, Milwaukee, Twin Cites, Chicago and Detroit to name a few more.

  651. Madonna said

    Thanks Maddie Mo! I’d like to be able to say that my portfolio would speak for itself, but in almost 7 years working here, I think I might have done 3 ads worthy to go into it.

  652. Maddie Mo said

    Annalaise– Thanks. I don’t really know that they would let me go, but I guess it’s always possible. I do know that the most important thing I can do is be at home in the evenings for my child. My company is owed primarily by a Chinesse investment firm and a lot of upper management is now Korean or Chinesse and they don’t go home to their families and their children are all away at some boarding shcool on the east coast. So, they have a hard time understand that us mothers here in the US want to go home and be with our families. I am not alone in this boat, there are a couple others here in the same position.

  653. So you do the little freebie mags you in various locations?

  654. I’m sorry that’s: that you find in various locations

  655. Madonna said

    That’s the ones.

  656. Madonna said

    5 designers for 19 books that all go out once a week.

  657. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey ya’ll back from lunch and forgot today is the 2 yr anniversary of Katrina that b***h, I found some pic’s from the days after it. I’ll put the link here if ya’ll want to see some of the water and mess she left. I understand if you don’t want to look it sucked 😦 but it happened.

    Compared to 2 yrs ago it’s a much better day, we had some rain (kind of appropriate) but nothing like that.

  658. Danae said

    If they own or run a company in the US they need to respect our customs just like we would have to do if it was the other way around. It doesn’t matter what they do. They need to keep there employees happy or they won’t have a company. (that was all said in a sarcastic tone)

    I work for a company owned by Jewish people and I know it isn’t exactly the same but they give us time off for our holidays and such.

  659. Danae said

    Wow 2 years already. My time flies.

  660. Cool! I work on a similar project. An inner city Cleveland rag called Horizon Arts & Entertainment Magazine. Also a freebie. It pays for itself with ads. It’s aimed at the Black community. You’ve read my comments about “Wouldn’t they freak if they new their favorite mag was designed by a 51 year old white suburban woman?

    It’s a job and it’s steady. I get to do a lot of other projects too.

  661. Madonna said

    I’m sure things were at least a little different than what was portrayed on TV after Katrina, but from the images I saw one of the worst things I saw was the heartlessness some showed afterward.

    For me it’s all car ads, all day, everyday.

    The company I work for is huge. Cox Enterprises….. Television and radio broadcasting, AutoMart, Auto Trader, heck they even own a coffee farm in Hawaii.

    I think they’re Dizey’s cable provider.

  662. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Doc duChat, I have to say I still have Claire and Henry on my desktop @ home and @ work, I just love that picture. It is so beautiful and every time I roll across your name I wanted to tell you that. You are very good at that.

    Madonna very cool on the Redneck Bible 😉 and the Aquarium site too. I’m so jealous I can barely fiddle on here and get around. I’m so not very technical.

  663. Danae said

    I am heading home now ladies. Ciao! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

  664. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Madonna I think it is the same company this is my webpage for them.

  665. Madonna said

    That card IS amazing!

    SURPRISE! I’m not technically inclined either. You all ever notice that I don’t even have a picture attached to my name?

  666. Madonna said

    Bye Danae!

    If it’s Cox Cable or satellite then it’s the same company.

  667. Annalaise duChat said

    For me its Beauty Salons and bars. I do get a little variety though. But you win! If I had to do car ads all day I think I’d freak!

    Thanks to both of you for the compliment. That was a fun project to work on. Who wouldn’t want to stare at Kyle and Claire for an hour or two?

    I looking forward to coming up with something for a T-shirt for Dylan. I’ve got some ideas.

    Well I gotta go home now. Chat at ya later!

  668. Madonna said

    Bye Annalaise,
    Have fun at the chat tonight.

  669. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bye girls, ya’ll have a good evening and I’ll see ya’ tomorrow 😉

  670. Madonna said

    Bye Dizey!

  671. Maddie Mo said

    I am out of here for the day!!!

    Dizey– I hope your brother has another good night tonight.

    Everyone have a great night!

  672. Claire said

    Mais naturellement Beth… les magasins m’aident toujours quand je suis triste et quand je suis heureux aussi !

    Oh..Diz..Kyle…I love shoes also..who doesn’t?

    Thanks for all the congrats!

    Anne..thats funny…you probably thought I had 4 dogs or something!!! LOL!
    Thanks for the belated birthday!
    I should have explained better…I had quadruplets, 4 babies at the same time!
    Laurel…Thank you so much…Je t’aime beaucoupe!!!
    Oh AnnaLaise…’re making me turn as red as my hair! LOL!!!
    but I must confess…your card is soo beautiful that it is also on my desktop!!!!

    I wish we could show it to Kyle…but he might freak out!
    Think I’m an obsessed fan…well je suis…but he doesn’t have to know!!! LOL!!!

    Anyway…So happy to hear that your comng to my 50th Danae!! all of you better show up!!
    My daughter is looking into renting a beach house at the outer banks…not too expensive and we can make as much noise as we like and talk our pretty little heads off!!!! So you all start saving and planning!!!

    Be back later…laundry…dinner….vacuuming…etc…calls…
    you all notice how glamorous my life is? LOL!

  673. “Doesn’t Lady do some theatrical makeup. She’d make a great technical consultant in our little “dream business”.”

    Yes I do. It’s a hobby I picked up years ago. I do mostly blood and guts type stuff though. Making stuff pretty is rather difficult. I can do my own makeup, but doing it on others is a whole other ball game. lol

    I did this for a Horror Movie website that was asking for fan content. The guy that runs the site was incredibly impressed with it. *blush* This makeup only took my 20-30 minutes. The most difficult part was convincing my fiancé to stand outside without a shirt in the middle of winter.

    My fiancé again. He’s a real trooper. This is just chocolate syrup. I knew I would be shooting in black and white. I had done his face up, but most of the pictures show a tad too much nudity. *blush*

    Another real simple makeup I did for some custom Christmas web cards I sent out. At the time I had a small gathering of fans from my stage show. This was their special present… (please ignore the massive amount of cleavage, that was also enhanced by makeup)

  674. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Lady A very cool my brothers would love you around here at Halloween. Oh and I like the skull bustier(sp). Great special effects 😉

    Claire you are so right shopping can cure what ails you or can just be a fun day out 😀 My mom loves William Sonoma, very dangerous place for us 😉 And my bags are already packed for Virginia ma’am , I can leave at a moments notice 😉

  675. Dizey, thats actually just a bra. It’s a tad too small, thus the extra lift.

  676. lwildstar said

    hi guys!
    Just adrive by right now – I’ll check in before the chat tonight .

    Oh this afternoon was one of those that I was ready to run screaming from the office – the up side thou: HR has finally agreed that they have put me in a bad position by making me supervise the temp – and try to do my job – I told her that I have been so stressed out over the last two weeks that my “mental hampster” is ready to roll on its back and put all four feet in the air! It took a minute before she got herself under control – unfortunatly we are losing the current temp hopefuly we will have a new one on Tueday and I pray shes good!
    Other up side -I sent Paul a email just asking how he was, and a tiny vent about my day! (he loves the mental hampster analogy)…got an out of office message – so it surprised me when before I left I got an email reply – “Sounds like you need a break – Maybe we could go to lunch on Friday” – WOW I needed that – I responded that I get out at 3 on Friday so maybe we could do an early dinner – if he can get out as well – maybe a movie??? 😉
    We’ll see how this goes!

    Anyway – I’m feeling alittle better anxiety wise today – dipise how the day went – Paul is perfect medicine!

    I finally caught up on all the posts – oh I just want to give all of you big hugs again!

    Going to get something to eat – I’ll see you tonight…I’m going to see if I can get some writing in before the chat – we have a single topic or is this just going to be one of those OPEN ended discussions?
    Only because I have a suggestion about keeping track of who you are responding too – the other night at the party it got really interesting while I was there – we were getting the answers to one question mixed up with the wrong questions!….which led to other discussions….very fun! but very confussing…

    ok talk at you later!

  677. I must have missed something? Writers chat? What’s that?

  678. lwildstar said

    Anyway – I’m feeling alittle better anxiety wise today – dipise how the day went – Paul is perfect medicine!

    That was meant to be DISPITE how the day went – ok – my brain is fried already? not a good sign!

    Todays booboo – I double ordered some office supplies because I thought they hadnt sent what I ordered the first time – now I have to find out if they will take them back or not…Hey I look at it this way – I could have kept the stuff since they resent it thinking it had gone missing – but I am an honest person – if a bit of twit lately!


  679. rifkind said

    Hi All!
    HEck of a day here.. my computer system was DOWN almost all day, I was sooo far behind in my work.. anyway I haven’t had a chance to read anybody’s posts for today..Yet!
    I plan to be at the writer’s chat!

  680. lwildstar said

    Lady A – you must have missed the earlier post:

    Annalaise duChat said,
    August 28, 2007 @ 10:24 am

    From what I’m seeing a writer’s chat where we can all get together is probably not going to work out anytime this week. Let’s schedule two different sessions this week. This is what I’m seeing:
    Wed Sat
    adc: OK OK
    Rif: OK NO
    lws: OK NO
    laur: No No
    him: OK OK
    Dan: NO OK
    Mad; no yes

    Did I miss anyone?

    It looks like we could schedule 2 chat sessions. What if we were to do the 1st chat on Wednesday 8/29 at 9:00pm est and another on Saturday 9/ 1at 9:00 pm est. I will copy the text from both chats and post it on my blog so we all can see what was discussed at the chat we missed. I’ll password protect it so it’s private, and let you all know the password at the chat.

    Laurel– look into setting up a permanent blog if you want and pass along the info when you get it ready. I can host it until you are ready.

    How does that sound?

    Hope that helps!

  681. That must have been buried in the bulk of the stuff I missed the other day. Where are you guys doing this chat? I would love to be involved, if not tonight then Saturday.

    Tonight I have a massage scheduled and after is supposed to be “movie night” with some friends… That’s if I don’t fall asleep after the massage!

  682. Madonna said

    Hi Lady A,
    I’m still at work but I saw your post. I think it’s supposed to be at the hen house both nights.

  683. Ok. I’ll keep an eye out.

    I’ve got to run and get ready for my appointment. Hopefully the massage therapist isn’t too chatty today, I really need to be able to relax.

  684. Claire said

    Glad to hear that Ms.Diz…I can’t wait to meet you all in person!!!
    LOL!! lets see…dangerous stores for me…Ikea…Target…Victoria Secret….Old Navy….Gap…Vera Bradley…and any and all shoe stores..theres so many more!!!

    Enjoy your massage Lady A…I had one on my birthday…it was glorious!…no chatting just celtic music and out door forest sounds!!!

    I’ll check out all those links on your make up when I get back from Target!

    see yas

  685. AlisaSG said

    hi Anne! glad to see you posting here, too! 🙂
    this is the “andreas” fan who wrote on Kyle’s guestbook, and mentioned it also to you via e-mail. BTW, thank you for writing back (whoah, you were up early that morning, too)..
    I married into a danish named family.. and I really adore that name over my maiden name. anyway, I got my card out to my niece, but haven’t even been able to get to Kyle’s yet. I keep saying tomorrow! it was supposed to be in the mail by yesterday.. (yikes!) I do hope he gets it.

    I’ve had several delays this week, so far..
    Been trying to help out our new Canadian BT viewers, without spoiling details. Just taking each episode as they come up.. Spacecast already has some folks who have seen the 2-hour premiere Blood Price ep, but mostly everyone else won’t be able to see them on SPACE until mid-September.

    Last night, I was gabbing with my sister for 2 hours (we’re both in the USA, but about 2,000 miles apart). Every time she’d go to hang up, she’d bring up another subject and we’d just keep on talking and talking and talking! 😛

    Plus, someone on another site was consuming my time because of a personal crisis (death in her family) issue. So, that’s where most of my spare time went.

    anywho.. I’ve got a question (for Anne) —
    do you have any idea when the episode stills will be going up on ep# 8 for
    HEART OF FIRE over at the bloodtiescentral web gallery? or if there’s a waiting period for the rest of the world to catch up in eps?

    just being curious.. 😉

  686. Just making a quick stop to see if Ive missed anything – Lady A how I envy you – I’ve been sitting at the computer writing and my neck is hurting now – so I’m going to take a break so I can sit through the chat!

    AlisaSG – your sister sounds like mine – and mine only lives an hour and a half away – you’d think we never see each other or talk!

    see you in a bit

    lwildstar d ‘Nightwalker.

  687. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey is everybody a writer?? except me 😦 All chattin’ it up 😛

  688. AlisaSG said


    >> AlisaSG-Somehow it doesn’t look like she’s dying leaning against that wall. And for Vicki, at least she’s not literally pushing him away. Who knows, something else to torture us with, eh?

    it’s definitely a TEASER photo!! (gasp!!).. and I’m guessing it’ll be a VERY CRUEL and TORTUROUS TEASER, at that..!!!!!!!!!! 😉
    I just read the preview *idea* blurb (in the new Lifetime comments blog) that it shows up in (5:55); and put 2and2 together. It’ll probably last 2 seconds or thereabouts, like the car scene in Necrodome and then bam — commercial..!

    Remember what Christina Cox said in one of her early interviews. Keep that in mind — ALL the way up to episode 22, about her impression of Vicki with Henry. There’s the answer.

  689. AlisaSG said

    BTW, Stacey posted snippet preview blurbs about the upcoming eps — if anyone *dares* to look.. and ultimately come to the same conclusion I did about the photo on the re*vamp*ed BT official web site (front page and in the gallery). 😎

  690. Madonna said

    Okay ladies, I expected this, but it still hurts.

  691. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Driving by on my way to bed 😉

    Yep, Madonna it *BITES* , it Sucks too! Oh well I’ll go and get some more post cards and start back writing. I’ll do whatever I need to do to keep Henry. I’ve grown accustomed to his face 😀 And what a face it is 😛

    Well goodnight and sleep well,
    Reves doux d’Henri

    XOXOXOXOX Love ya!


  692. Claire said

    OK so I actually go to Target and they hardly have any school supplies..
    So I go to office Depot…
    16 composition notebooks
    8 12 pack pencils
    4 8 pack thick markers
    4 8 pack thin markers
    16 3 pack glue sticks
    1 pencil box
    4 24 crayola crayons=71.27

    Harris Teeter-supermarket…
    12 3 pack pink erasers
    12 boxes of tissues
    8 boxes of baby wipes=58.60

    still have to get 4 bottles of hand sanitizers


  693. Claire said

    Ugh..I hit submit before I was done…the total was 129.87!!!
    Oh and of course the comments…are you a teacher…do you have a daycare..
    then the incredulous looks…when I say no..I have quadruplets!
    This is the only time that I notice how expensive it is to have Quadruplets!!!!
    I don’t know how they’re supposed to carry all that on the school bus Tuesday! house at their school to find out their classes and meet teachers…then clothing and shoe shopping for them…yikes! usually about 1000.00 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I started joking with the kids.. “Ok so you know next year you all have to get jobs right?”. Alexandria is in a gifted art class…so I told her she had to start selling her paintings in town.LOL…they just started laughing…”Mommys crazy”

    Diz..I’m not a writer…so you’ve got me..
    Lady A very cool…especially the creepy stitches down your face!!

    Madonna…UGH!!! I was not a part of that..I haven’t even watched lifetime since BT went on Hiatus! and yes Diz..I’ve grown accustomed to his beautiful face too! and I would like to keep seeing it!

    Anyway…..jusqu’au demain… puits de sommeil mes soeurs!

  694. AlisaSG said

    okay ladies… some new CityTV viewers have confessed to “feeling the pulse”
    between Vicki and Henry..
    — how Henry likes touching Vicki’s *pulse* and hair —

    OMG!! they haven’t a clue yet (trying to keep them spoiler FREE about Necrodome and NORMAN), but they’re ON the right path! 😎

    That’s GOOD news.. VERY GOOD news.
    Let’s KEEP this going..!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    BTW, is anyone else going to join me in sharing the BT enthusiasm??
    it’d really be appreciated, if we can all keep *mum* as prtfvr did with Henry in chains! (No mentioning of those chains!! NOR the *eeeeeeeeevil* Mendoza — not until AFTER they’ve seen the story.. don’t know if they even get to see preview teasers / commercials as we did..)

    whetting their appetites just enough to keep watching the series.. 😉
    It’s really difficult to do that — when I personally thought eps 3 and 4 were on the more bland side (Bad Juju and Gifted). It’s only the little nuances that held me enough to keep coming back for more and more..

    Bad Juju’s best moments..
    scenes like the zombie and Henry running back for the SALT canister..
    Henry to Coreen- “I want to KILL it, NOT *season* it..!!!”
    Vicki kissing Henry on his cheek.. Henry accepting it with his eyes closed..
    ..and Angelique was extremely beautiful physically – in spite of what she was (evil) and did (more evil.. stole Coreen’s mouth! and made Vicki sick).

    and Gifted had several *intriguing* moments..
    Henry’s rosary being revealed quite out-in-the-open..
    Henry’s comment about “I’m a vampire.. NOT a blood-hood..!!”
    Petite Henry breaking the door down at the school and surprising Mike..
    Henry nearly throttling Mike (at the end)
    “Seamus Harper” guest-starring from Tv’s Andromeda series..

  695. AlisaSG said

    Regarding Army Wives season finale ratings–

    >> Okay ladies, I expected this, but it still hurts.

    hmmm .. I hate to say “i told yah so”. I really expected that would happen. It’s actually almost as high of a rating as the sci-fi channel’s season finales for BSG.. the 4.1 million was an accumulated total (and over how many air times, too??)
    It was the (“d—!”) terrorist plot against the local military base that brought it in.


    I’m not thinking about how LIFETIME is being so *apathetic?* about Blood Ties.
    Instead, I’ve been trying to get the new viewers on the other stations (I’m only on 2 of the regular Canadian sites). If those stations get good results, they’ll bury LIFETIME’s current, stone cold approach with Blood Ties.

    Everyone highly anticipating commercials or something from LIFETIME…
    I saw an ad on the SCI-FI channel for Lifetime’s ARMY WIVES a few weeks ago!

    NADA for Blood Ties. If anything shows up, maybe it’ll be a few days in the same week before D.O.A. airs (that’s BT, ep# 13). I think Lifetime is saying something without saying it physically with D.O.A. being the first ep back in October… it feels sort of an almost insult that they see BT as Dead On Arrival in October (2007).

    We NEED to change that.. if the postcards, etc., aren’t working —
    please *help* the numbers go up on the other world networks airing BT now.

    Help show LIFETIME the mistake they’re making in their lack of advertising and concern. We’re doing the BT series ADVERTISING (around the rest of the world) work FOR them..! and it’s coming from our hearts for cast and crew who poured their hearts into the series for us..

    at least I can say thank you’s to Tanya and everyone who worked on the BT series for us. 😎

  696. AlisaSG said

    ughhhhhhhhh! typos!! (me baaaaaaaaad!)

    >> and Gifted had several *intriguing* moments..
    >> Henry’s rosary being revealed quite out-in-the-open..
    >> Henry’s comment about “I’m a vampire.. NOT a blood-hood..!!”

    that last line should have been —
    Henry’s comment about “I’m a vampire.. NOT a blood-hound..!!”

    hope everyone transposed the word prior to that like I did.. (ugh! LOL!)

  697. Anne said

    AlisaSG –

    The remainder of the galleries are in the works – I just got distracted by a new toy 😉

  698. Arrowyn said

    Saw this on Bloodlines today (sorry, Anne).


    There are 2 panels relating to Blood Ties at the 2007 Dragon Con this weekend. Jessie, one of the three ladies running this site, is going to be both panels.

    Sunday 10:00 am – Blood Ties: A Second Bite of Season One We review the first season of this show that mixes romance, crime drama and vampires.

    Monday 01:00 pm – From Page To Screen Blood Ties and The Dresden Files both began as a series of novels and, inevitably, changes were made in the translation. Are the resulting shows faithful to their authors original vision?

    Jessie is bringing a few special prizes for some lucky attendees! She looks forward to meeting everyone!

    And some of the guests from film and TV are (ok, so there are many, many more guests, but I would be excited about these):

    Claudia Black, Claudia Christian, John de Lancie, Lexa Doig, Christopher Judge, Juliet Landau, James Marsters, Gates McFadden, Nichelle Nichols, Robert Picardo, Michael Shanks, Kevin Sorbo, Brent Spiner

    Alas, no BT people (that I recognize).

  699. Anne said

    No need to apologise Arrowyn – I love Bloodlines too.
    Btw – Gordon Michael Woolvett is also supposed to be at DC – it’s quite an Andromeda group there.

    AlisaSG, especially for you – and for anyone else who might care:

    If any of you have suggestions for more trivia, please let me know.

  700. Anne said

    And BTW was in Blood Ties ep 4, Gifted, playing the dad.

  701. Annalaise duChat said

    Good Morning All,

    First I want to say last nights Writer’s chat was a ball. Thanks to all who participated. I have the transcrip,t but it was 25 pages in MS Word so unless somebody is really interested, I’m not going to post it. I’ll email it to you if you want it. Minus Rifkind’s and my book spoilers (sorry) We told all!

    I’ll probably be a little scarce today. Magazine deadline time. Check in when I can. Everyone have a great day.

  702. Madonna said

    Good morning ladies,
    I hope everyone is doing well this morning.

    I have to echo Annalaise I’m afraid. We’re on early deadline tomorrow so we can have Monday off which means today is going to be hectic. I’ll try to stop by if I can.

  703. Danae said

    Buongiorno Bellas

    Annalaise and Madonna-Work those little assets off. Working on Monday will totally suck.

    Diz-How did Robbie do last night? Is there any improvement in your dad’s situation?

  704. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bonjour, Buongiorno , Good Morning my sista’s!!

    Comment allez vous? Pretty good day so far, glad to hear the writers chat went well, who showed up??

    Claire, you, me, Prtfvr I’m in good company for the non-writers club 😉

  705. Anzia said

    I posted a comment last night and it never actually went on the board…:( Maybe the Hen house isn’t the only one that hates me….

    Anne- since it seems quite a few other people did a formal introduction I’ll do one too. Should have done it sooner sorry. I’m Anzia, I live in Wisconsin but from Ohio. I’m only 22 (yup, one of the babies on the blog) and work in Front-End Collections for Kohls Department Stores. We have one more international member but she’s pretty scarce these days. Nina is 22 as well and lives in the Neatherlands.

    Speaking of Nina, she sends her love. The poor girl lives in a small studio apartment that is currently housing five people and she’s slowly going nuts. Then to top it all off she’s starting school again in a week. She misses us all and really wishes she could sneak on to say Hi but her mom doesn’t let her stay up too late. Which really bites since the two of us talked almost daily and now I’m lucky if I get an email response in a week. 😦 *sniff*sniff*sniff*

    Diz-how’s robbie?
    Danae-your dad, how is he?
    Chery-how’s the leg?

    Madonna & Annalaise-good luck on the deadlines. I actually *hangs head in shame and mumbles* miss having them. Only time I actually got anything done. Knowing how talented and motivated you two are, i’m sure everything will get done and done very very well

    Claire-how’s supermom going? talk to the dad lately? (don’t remember his name, sorry) Make sure you shop at kohls when you go shopping. ^_^ Yup, I’m shamelessly plugging! *giggles* buy some awesome earrings. I know they have some ’cause I’ve got my eye on quite a few of ’em!

    Okay, off to finish laundry *gag* which I hate almost as much as dishes! We SOOO need to hire someone to do laundry on the House boat…er…ship. Well, at least someone to fold ’em…^_^ I’m lazy!

  706. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Danae,

    Robbie went another night w/out one so keeping my fingers crossed and my poor dude wants to go to the Saints game tonight so we’ll just play it by ear. My mom said if my brother Eric didn’t want to go she’d go with him and I got the tickets from boss so they’re good seats and a parking pass. Dad’s doing pretty good the staph is hopefully at bay and we’re playing that by ear too. 🙂

  707. Danae said

    So far my dad is doing good. He is working so that is good. Those damn cancer cells just keep sneaking up. Those devils suck.

    Diz-I am so glad to hear that he went two nights in a row without one. That poor man deserves to go to the game.

    Anzia-Give Nina my love also.

  708. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey **Dr.Z** I miss you my girl, Rob went another day/night without a seizure, so I’m happy if he goes a day without one. We miss poor Nina too I’m sure she’s happy to see family but I bet she’s ready for them to leave also 😉 Love Ya girl! glad the job seems to be going well, and what’s the closest one to me in New Orleans. They show commercials all the time but I have no clue where one is. 😦

  709. DIZEY1 :-) said


    How is your dad? Has he given any info to you ? What are they going to do as far as treatment goes?? keep me updated *K*

  710. Danae said

    Diz-I looked up online. The closest Kohls to you is in Baton Rouge. It says it is 66 miles.

  711. Danae said

    No they still have not said anything to me. They don’t know I know. So far all I heard my mom talk about is radiation treatment. That is why I can’t be near him. Radiation can make me sterile and I do want my own kids someday. He had the treatment and I guess they are waiting for the new test results to come back. His endocrinologist keeps calling. That also alerted me to something.

    I guess my mom figures since I am at work all day and he works second shift that we won’t come in contact to much. They still should have said something. I will not confront them about it though because I hate confrontations.

  712. Anzia said

    Danae- I’m sorry girl! ((((HUGS)))) parents can be a little unthoughtful in their protectiveness. You are much stronger than me, I’d have gone screaming to them the second I figured it out. I’m still praying for ya!

    Diz- same to you, about the praying! Sorry there’s no Kohl’s near you. 😦 Silly people obviously have their priorities mixed up. I do know they’re opening another 100 stores in a few weeks or so. Maybe one of those will be closer. *shrugs* I’m just a peon, I know nothing. Job is going okay. I’m getting higher scores on my QA’s (quality controls). But, i’ve closed 4 accts in 3 days and keep forgetting to ask why pymnts were late…*sigh* I’ll get it and at that point…well, we’ll know just how much I’m going to like/dislike the job. Like I told the girls last night, I’d like my job a whole lot more if I didn’t have to talk to people. ^_^ Just hunt ’em down. That’s what I wanna do.