Apropos of so much nothing even nothing is astonished.

I am not trying to make another silly Canadian reference here. I never saw this show when it was on the air and regret it a bit, but not enough to go find it on DVD or anything. I do have to ask one thing, though.

LESLIE NIELSON was in this? Wow, the useless things you learn from You Tube!

I do adore the Arrogant Worms, though, and will continue to seek their music on You Tube and elsewhere. Like Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie,  they’ve saved me from many a nightmare about hitting puberty in Saskatchewan. (I kind of owe Brent Butt and his show “Corner Gas” something for that, too. And Denis McGrath for recommending “Little Mosque on the Prairie” which is where the healing started.)

But, as said, it’s all apropos of nothing and “The Daily Show” is on. Must go soak up all the humor I can from daily news.



  1. Arrowyn said

    I loved “Due South”! But I don’t remember Leslie Nielson. But it was 13 years ago. Have a heart!

  2. vicki said

    I LOVED THIS SHOW>>>It was soo great….Leslie just did a guest spot…BUt the montie.> Ohhh Laa LAa He was hot..and he can sing!! It was soo funny…..I was soo sad when it went off the air…

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