And here we go againnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Wow, this time it took just a skoosh over a week to fill the topic. We’re slowing down, folks. Must be because it’s only a month and a half (give or take) til OCTOBER!!!!!




  2. Danae said

    I’m first! I’m first! YAY! Buongiorno ladies. Good luck on the play tomorrow Gypsy. You will be great.

  3. Danae said

    Hey no fair! 😛

  4. Maddie Mo said

    Morning all!!!
    Yeah it’s Friday!!!

    Good luck Ms. Gypsy

  5. Danae said

    High School Musical 2 premieres tonight. I can’t believe how excited I am. How juvenile of me. I promised Amber we could have a party with pizza, soda, icecream, and popcorn. She is all excited because she doesn’t usually get to have soda.

    Remember I said awhile back that a long lost friend of my mom’s being evicted and her husband got laid off and they were moving in with my parents? The woman’s husband is apparently mentally and verbally abusive to her and is also sneaking around and going into my parents bedroom which stays locked to keep Amber out but the keys are left above the door. He unlocked it and went in to have a secret phone call with a woman his wife suspects cheating with. What a louse. If you ask me he should leave and never come back. Marsha (the woman) kicked him out for the night and my mom said she wants the house keys back that he has.

  6. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Happy Friday my sista’s !! Danae, Logan called me last night and said he watched HSM 1 and proceeds to remind me again that HMS2 will be on tonight. He’s really excited for this it’s just so funny. Your mom most certainly should take those keys back. In this time people are so crazy and you don’t know them from Adam, so being my newly paranoid self lately I say be cautious. 🙂 Oh and enjoy the movie tonight w/Amber. I’m sure ya’ll will be dancing.

  7. Danae said

    My mom told Marsha that she was welcome to stay but if the fighting and crap that he is pulling he will have to leave. Marsha’s son is telling her that he is a deadbeat.

  8. Danae said

    I am being paranoid enough for all of us right now. I just hope he doesn’t get violent. My dad works second shift so Bob will be the only guy in the house. I worry about my mom and Amber. Amber gets very upset over yelling and stuff like that. She is like me. If there is any type of confrontation she runs and hides and cries.

  9. DIZEY1 :-) said

    DIZEY1 🙂 said,
    August 16, 2007 @ 7:44 pm

    Claire a été volée par le démon de la maison. Claire est manquée terriblement par le sang le Sista’s. Nous désirons ardemment pour l’esprit whitty et joyeux de Claire. Veuillez ainsi Claire de retour à l’ordre du YUMM. Il y aura de compensation, Henry attendra le retour ici.

    CLEARLY you can see we miss you and will pay the price the “Blood Price” to get her back

    I wanted the House Demon to see we’re still looking for our Claire, give her back damn you. 😦

  10. DIZEY1 :-) said

    changed my pic lets see if it worked

  11. DIZEY1 :-) said

    how about now

  12. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Ooohhh yeah baby just where I want him 😉

  13. Danae said

    Dizey you are too funny.

  14. Margaret said

    Dizey: A little lower…

  15. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Danae, Margaret , you know he should also be on his back don’t ya’ think? Much easier accessibility 😉 😎

  16. DIZEY1 :-) said

    OMG he’s soooo pretty 😀

  17. DIZEY1 :-) said

    oh before I forget Margaret I sent another **33** post cards today whoo hooo!!!

  18. Danae said

    Yeah you’re right.

  19. Danae said

    Oh I forgot. My date is tomorrow night. I am really looking forward to it. My mom said that out of all the guys I have talked to on the phone I sound like I am having the most fun with Adam. I realized she is right. I think because he is younger and I act younger we will really get along.

  20. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Danae good for you! I hope you have a really good time and I hope he’s a keeper, for however long you want him to be. Adam good name too 😉

  21. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Yo Prtfvr where are you today my girl ??? Are you tieing up loose ends before vaca??

    Miss YA!

  22. Danae said

    Long enough to get married and have kids then I will be done with him. There will be no other need for him,right? LOL!

  23. DIZEY1 :-) said

    I would keep him for wild , crazy, FUN SEX!! Of course when you want it 😉

  24. Danae said

    I could keep him locked up in the dungeon ready and waiting for me.

  25. Danae said

    A little bit of bondage never hurt no one. Am I right in this ladies?

  26. Margaret said

    Danae-You go… Dizey: I bow to your productivity. I haven’t quite decided whether I want to continue doing them. I’m not sure what I’m accomplishing. I’m wondering if they aren’t waiting for October to check the ratings before they make any more announcements. I’m so confused and tired. What do you think?

    Dizey: I finally learned how to type the suckers on the postcards though. But like someone said-Its not like they can’t figure that a few certain people sent certain postcards as Chery and I do the pineapple postcards. So they may be sitting there saying: It’s those two crazy people from Florida and Colorado again….lol.0

  27. DIZEY1 :-) said

    It’s the same postcards. I “ve got the pineapple also, and of course I have my little bat stamp , and my ribbon bow stamp I use also. I’m sure they know it’s me also, but hopefully they’ll realize and appreciate how much money and time we’ve put into them. Hand written and personalized I think that says alot, so I’ll keep doing em’. Hell why not it’s the least I can do for my Henry!

  28. rifkind said

    Mornign Blogkin!
    Hey Diz! Where is your picture from… what movie or show… ??
    Love those BLUE eyes and great side burns… YUMMMY!

  29. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Oh and my sweet innocent Danae Girl ! Yes ma’am a little bit of bondage may or may not have hurt anybody. You devil you, it’s the sweet innocent ones you have to watch out for 😉

    Not related but I was watching “The man in the iron mask” last night and when it was over I went to the tv guide thingy and a movie/documentary was coming on one of the HBO’s and sorry Prtfvr but I thought of you it was called “I have Tourette’s but Tourette’s doesn’t have me” and it made me think of the Idiot Savante thingy. Not saying that Prtfvr has Tourette’s although somedays people may think I have it , hey I can use that as an excuse 😀

  30. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Rif, good morning to you, say what?? Movie or show?? Yummy blue eyes and side burns HUH?? Splain it Lucy

  31. lwildstar said

    just a drive by – going out to lunch with someone from the office – we are brain dead after that meeting and the y decided NOT to feed us!

    Oh well…

    I see Arrowyn is posting at LT….I think shes coming out of her shell.

    LOVE the new picture Diz – already saved to my Henry/Kyle file….

    talk at you later!

  32. lwildstar said

    Rifkind – Diz’s picture is from beautiful people if I read the heading on BloodTiesCentral correctly.

  33. Laurel said

    Good morning ladies! I have to run off shortly, to start my new job. It only lasts until mid Oct. but I’m thinking that’s about right. After that I have to find something more serious. Quilt instructors just don’t make the big $.

    Gypsy – Break a leg, girlfriend! Then come back and tell us all about it!

    Btw, I was in Best Buy on Sunday and saw “Flash Gordon” the pilot episode – for sale on DVD! $14.99 for the first episode plus bonus features. I thought it must be for some old version or something, but there was Gina on the cover! Man, why couldn’t we get Blood Ties that fast? Inquiring minds…

  34. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Damn Uncle Kracker got busted in South Carolina on sex charges.

  35. Margaret said

    Dizey: Do you want me to tell stacey about the post cards? Or, are you going to?

  36. DIZEY1 :-) said

    If you could that would be great, TPTB here are starting to lurk a bit . Thank you Margaret. You’re the best 🙂

  37. Maddie Mo said

    I love Uncle Kracker!!! busted on sex charges, that sucks.

  38. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey My Maddie Mo, happy Friday and how goes it? I liked him also when I went to my email/cable/tv provider page it gives little tid bits of news updates and his pic was there. I thought oh drunk driving and as I read on Sex abuse charges, twisted huh??

  39. Margaret said

    Certainly, my boss is out for the day and the guy I work with in the other office is gone for the afternoon. Party!! Seriously, I was reading a Reader’s Digest article about bosses and big brother. Probably shouldn’t be on here as much as I am.

  40. Maddie Mo said

    Diz- yeah it really kind is. I love his solo stuff and Kid Rock or course, and he goes on tour a lot with Kenny Chesney, which is cool. Well, not really on tour he just shows up at a lot of Kenny’s concerts. Can’t really believe Sex abuse charges, I saw a show a long time ago with his wife(at least she was then) and their kids.

  41. DebS said

    Hi all…just another drive by posting. I spent all day doing room inventories in the halls and training a new person. Now, back to work. Have a great afternoon everyone!

  42. DIZEY1 :-) said

    You too Deb !

    Check ya’ll out when I get back from lunch 😀

  43. Himmiefan said

    Hi everybody!! Hot enough for you?

    Congratulations on your date, Dani! Let us know how it goes.

  44. Maddie Mo said

    Hi Himmiefan– plenty hot enough for me.

  45. Danae said,
    August 17, 2007 @ 7:15 am

    I’m first! I’m first! YAY! Buongiorno ladies. Good luck on the play tomorrow Gypsy. You will be great.

    Ahem! I do believe I was first. Don’t make me bite you. 😛 Hey guys! WWWWHHHHHhhZZZZZUp?! Blade the Series Pilot ep is out on DVD next month! YES!!! Although I still probably won’t buy it. I’ll just wait until the rest of the eps come out. No idea why they would wait to release the rest of the eps later. That’s just stupid. Eh. I’ll just keep it on tape for now. I really shouldn’t be spending so much money anyways.

    And yes, I’m still here…and done confusing everyone…so hopefully you all know who I am now. 🙂

  46. Danae said

    Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

  47. Girl, 8, afraid of hurricanes tries to ride bike to Ohio
    By The Associated Press
    DELAND, Fla. (AP) – An 8-year-old girl who recently moved to Florida caused a panic when she tried to ride back home to Ohio on her bicycle out of fear of hurricanes.
    A sheriff’s helicopter, search dogs and neighbors found the girl after an hour-long search Wednesday night.
    “It is amusing but at the same time sad,” DeLand police Deputy Chief Randel Henderson said.
    According to a police report, Heather Snoke told investigators “that she was headed back to Columbus Ohio, because she was afraid of hurricanes and that was her home.”
    Heather was riding her bicycle in front of her home Wednesday, mother Melissa Snoke, 37, told police. Twenty minutes later, the girl’s father, John Snoke, 41, came home and noticed Heather was gone.
    While the mother called police, John Snoke drove around the neighborhood looking for his daughter but did not find her.
    DeLand police arrived and began a search, aided by tracking dogs and a Volusia County sheriff’s helicopter. A homeless camp was also searched.
    The family did not return a message left by The Associated Press at their home Friday.
    No charges are pending, Henderson said. “There was no abuse. There was no neglect. It’s a happy story. We’re just so excited we were able to find this little lady.”
    (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

    Just figured I’d share. I can’t blame the girl. I’m always afraid of hurricanes. I went through Wilma and some of Chaley. Where I was at during Wilma, we got hit with some wind gust of 120. Talk about scary. And until Dean is past us, I’m still not relaxing. I’ve seen WAY too many hurricanes decide to turn and go the other way to relax just yet. I would hate to see it hit anyone as a CAT 4 though. 😦

  48. Danae said

    Something is seriously wrong here. I show the last post at 8:49 by Margaret but when I post all the post after that show up. Then when I push refresh they all disappear and it goes back to Margaret’s post.

  49. Danae said,
    August 17, 2007 @ 11:41 am

    Hello? Hello? Is this thing

    Yep, it’s on…hehe

  50. Danae said

    WAH! It’s not working!

  51. Danae said

    I guess I am going to go away for awhile. The computer doesn’t like me. I will talk to you later. Ciao!

  52. Annalaise duChat said

    Vampgirl — Well honey if you want to ride your bike to Ohio you’re welcome to come stay with me! We don’t have hurricanes here, just torndadoes, and floods, lot’s of floods lately. They’re not fun either come to think of it!

  53. Danae said

    What’s going on? Nope still not working. Grrrrrrrr!

  54. Maddie Mo said

    okay it is Friday afternoon and it has turned into Romper Room here at work…. Nobody is working.

  55. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Vampgrl,

    I’m in New Orleans, yep we’re still a little gun shy. But I’ve lived here all my life and until Ivan, and of course that Biotch Katrina we’ve never evacuated before. I can see how that poor child feels though so much media coverage on all this stuff now kids see and hear everything. Way too much for them to try and cope with.

  56. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Where in the heck is everybody, got off early for the weekend?? I still have another hour and a half till 5. I’m bored somebody come and play with me. Waaahhhhhhhhhhh 😦

  57. Margaret said

    So when are we meeting in the Henry House? Sunday night at 10:00 p.m., EST, in memory of Blood Ties old air date?

  58. Maddie Mo said

    Well, I am off for the weekend!!!

    Have fun, Be Safe

    Be good or Be good at it!!!

  59. Margaret said

    What am I, chopped chicken liver, Dizey?

  60. Margaret said

    Of course I’m done for the day in about 10 minutes (it’s 4:50 p.m. here).

  61. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Margaret you are so not chopped chicken liver and BTW wouldn’t that be pate’ ?

    It’s 4:13 here now going by soooo slowly. I had to place an order and missed your posts. I guess I’ll be there Sunday night my time hopefully would be 9:00 right , I’m central time zone.

  62. I’m trying to get the house in order so I don’t feel like it’s going to explode while I am gone this weekend.
    The last thing I want to worry about is the house while I am at Disneyland.

  63. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bye Maddie sorry I missed your au revoir , well have agood weekend and I guess I missed Maragaret and Danae leaving me behind.

    So Henry what’s * UP * with you? Have YOU seen Claire any where? No you either….hmmmm. Still trapped in the new house I guess. So what are you going to do for your Birthday……what you’re coming to my house? No problem I have plenty of room in my bed 😉 oh and BTW we sent you a special gift so you need to keep an eye out for it.

    Yes this is what I’m resorted to chatting with Henry, he is a smooooth talker. The sweet nothings he’s been whispering in my ear , between the nibbling that is.

  64. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Lady A have fun and take a ride on Space Mountain for me if there’s one out there. I love Disneyworld which we’ve been to so many times. I love it there. 😀

    Have FUN!!!!!

  65. I am so totally hitting Space Mountain! It is one of my favorite rides.

  66. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Mine too the Best Ride in the park. I ‘ve been to Universal when I went there to go to Dacor’s plant they took us for the day that was a cool day of fun. Went to Venice beach on that trip too and ate at the best restaurant on the beach. Walked on that long pier on the ocean, yeah I loved it and had a great time. I’ll have to come out there and visit with ya’!

  67. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Well Lady A have a good time, I’m with you in spirit 😎

    Catch ya’ll when I get home.

    XOXOXOXOX Love Ya! Beth

  68. Margaret said

    Dizey: You are right, it would be pate. Picky, picky.

  69. lwildstar said

    sorry I didn’t join in but if some of you check your emails you will understand why….won’t go into it here.

    Needless to say I didn’t make it to the store to get any of that Airborne stuff – but I found some Tylonol tea mix in my medicine cabinet so I’m going to try that tonight.

    Ok my Pacific NorthWest girls – I have decided to have my Demon story take place up that way – ideas? reference materials? HELP! I was thinking Seattle, but I am clueless.

    Already started on the sequel to Darkness Falls! I just had to start writing it sown before I forgot what I had thought up – yes I lost my little notebook already.

    Well I am starving – so I am going to see what I can find to eat – that will give you guys a chance to get home….talk to later.

  70. lwildstar said

    oh before I forget – have you seen the commercials for Moonlight? “Interview with a vampire” he’s being interviewed about being a vampire and he is so cocky its completely differnt then how he acted in the previwew I saw…so whats up with that?

  71. Arrowyn said

    No, I haven’t been lurking. I’ve had to work! WAAAH! Hardly anybody’s here, but the ones out of the office are sending work via fax & email. I even had to take a short lunch. Doesn’t anybody but you guys understand that when the bosses are gone, the bats are entitled to play?! Mixed metaphors, but you know what I mean. I have more important things to do! Like what I’m doing right now. It also took me awhile to catch up with the blog.

    Laurel – I don’t go to Beaverton Farmer’s Market very often, because I don’t like to go alone. Would you like to meet there some Saturday?

    msgypsy – I work near Tigard off of 72nd, so Bridgeport is easy for me to get to for lunch. I have to have a little notice so I can arrange to take a longer lunch, but shouldn’t be a problem. I LOVE PF Change’s!

    dizey1 – your pic – one of my favorite non-Henry pics. I love backs. I agree with Mararet.

    lwildstar – not too sure about me “coming out of my shell”. I just felt compelled to make sure that people knew about not having any reruns(maybe).

    Margaret – I am time-challenged. What is the PDT for 10 pm EST? 7 pm? 8 pm? I know me — if I meet you all in the Henry House, I’ll stay until I fall over in a dead sleep and then crawl to work in the morning. I haven’t been sleeping well anyway, so I’m trying to be good. I don’t want to get sick. It’s 4:20 pm now, so if I leave work before I hear from anybody, I’ll log into the home computer tonight.

    Can you tell? I can’t write except in complete sentences, I ramble, and I’m long-winded.

  72. Margaret said

    If you’re pacific time there’s 4 hours difference (you’re earlier) between your time and mine which is eastern standard time. Believe that would make it 7:00 your time.

  73. lwildstar said

    good evening everyone!

    I’m not going to stay long…so its 8 o’clock should I watch HSM2 so I can discuss it in detail with my neice or should I go watch DW? what to do what to do…..

    Laurel said “Btw, I was in Best Buy on Sunday and saw “Flash Gordon” the pilot episode – for sale on DVD! $14.99 for the first episode plus bonus features. I thought it must be for some old version or something, but there was Gina on the cover! Man, why couldn’t we get Blood Ties that fast? Inquiring minds…”

    I’ve noticed the SCIFI channel does that when they think the show is going to tank…but really they are only on epi 2……iI would have thought is was the 80’s version since that is what they have been advertising for the past 2 weeks – was released last Friday (cowinky dink?).

    Hi Arrowyn – “Doesn’t anybody but you guys understand that when the bosses are gone, the bats are entitled to play?! Mixed metaphors, but you know what I mean. I have more important things to do! Like what I’m doing right now.”………..ah yes and once you stop lurking, you’ll never go back! you will feel compelled to blog – to sneek over when ever you think you can – BloodTiesitis has you!

    I’ll stick around a little while longer just to see who pops in……

  74. DIZEY1 :-) said


    Not picky at all I love pate’ 😉

    Wildstar poor thing, if you can get to the store or have somebody get it (Airborne) for you it should boost up those immunities and you’ll feel better. Is all of this allergy related? Oh did you send email is that what you meant? I’m at home if you sent it to work email. I have nothing here. Anyway I”ll check back and talk @ ya later. 🙂

  75. DIZEY1 :-) said


    One of my fav’ pics also, so hard to pick just one and they’re all GOOD 😉

  76. hey Diz – doesn’t look like you were in that group this afternoon – I sent it to the bambi address – I guess you’ll have to scroll to the end and work back up to understand…I labeled it Paul.
    Mom said we can stop at the store on the way to grandmas party tomorrow morning.
    I am HOPeING that this is allergy related and that I AM NOT coming down with something – I called the doctor today and talked to the nurse – they don’t want to see me unless 1) I have a vfever 2) devlope white spots on my throat or may fav 3) develop breating problems – well excuss me but if I start having breathing problems I’m going to urgent care! not the doctors office – really. twit….

    anywho the hot green tea with honey and lemon makes it feel better for a while so if I can just get some sleep tonight I’ll be good.


  77. oh i forgot to sign it again
    Nightwalker d’ lwildstar

  78. DIZEY1 :-) said

    No prob. I chk’d it out and replied (sp) . Those Dr’s are a trip uhh yeah if I can’t breath I won’t be on the phone. Do you have your tonsils? I have mine and years ago when my candle burned at both ends I’d get tonsillitis all the time. Wicked pain not being able to swallow.

    Like the new handle BTW, very mysterious 😉

    Be back in a bit gonna grab some grub

  79. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Oh and love the PIC under your name YUMMMMMM 😛

  80. Arrowyn said

    BloodTiesitis! Perfect!

  81. lwildstar said

    Diz – yup still have the tonsils – the doctors didn’t want to take them out when I was a kid – but I have only had tonslitis (full case) twice….thank goodness, but I do get throat infections alot, and this toung thing is driving me nuts!

    Which pic? the Wildstar name pic or the Nightwalker name pic? The Nightwalker is one of my favs!

    Which should I use lwildstar d’Nightwalker or Nightwalker d’ lwildstar

    I’m going to hang out for about another 15 minutes and then I think I am going to go crawl into bed…I’m going to have a long day tomorrow!

  82. jpbaci1 said

    almost time for fg hope this week is better

  83. DebS said

    Hi everyone,

    I am finally getting a moment to myself. Is anyone around? Hen’s House anyone?

  84. lwildstar said

    ok- sorry to be a party pooper but I am going to go crawl into bed…need sleep now…..I’m going to have a long day tomorrow!

  85. Anybody want to chat? I’m at Bloody Ford? Join me?

  86. DebS said

    Oh I left the chat right when people came…I am back there now if anyone is interested in chatting 🙂

  87. DebS said

    Well…I think everyone is out, so I am heading off too. Good night all!

  88. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Night DebS, sorry watching my soaps trying to catch up a little. I guess everybody is out :-*

  89. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Well I guess I’ll chat with ya’ll tomorrow, have a good night everyone.

    Luv ya’ll,

    Beth 😉

    Reves doux d’Henri

  90. vicki said

    I am here and everyone went to bed..LOL..oh well.I had to stay up and make potao sald for a barbaque we are having tomorrow…My husband likes to cook….

    wow….It is only about a month and half before we get our BT back..WHOO HOO…we are almost there girls…Got to hang on a little longer…Go Henry..>Go MIke…Go Vicki…..

  91. Laurel said

    Arrowyn – Elizabeth and I are close enough to go to lunch near your work, but Gypsy works clear out in Forest Grove. I usually drive out to her if we meet for lunch. It takes me about 45 minutes each way but she is worth the drive! 🙂
    I am working just across I-5 from DSW. I would be happy to meet you at the farmers market some time. I would go just for the gelato!

    My dears! I think we broke my e-mail! 😦 I think my computer has contracted some virus during all of the mass mailings and now my server is locked up. My daughter can’t even get it to let her sign on anymore. I am going to have to spend some quality time with a verizon rep on the phone. Oh, joy.
    If you need to get a message to me you’ll have to leave it here for now.

  92. AlisaSG said

    my computer locked up too. It may have been in an attachment somewhere. I didn’t click on any of the attachments, to prevent something from coming thru. Was it in a link perhaps?

    After I left here and closed down the emailer program, I did a complete virus scan, and the scan only found one cookie and it said that it removed it; but my computer still ended up locking up again. It got a Windows Error message screen to somewhere, and then kicked the bucket and shut itself down. So, I rebooted it twice, and ended up on a blue screen before it started up properly.

    Anyone with McAfee could have had a bad auto-update during the day. Same problem happened to several computers at work; and I don’t have access to these blogs or my e-mailer at work – so it may have been something national.

    Also, if anyone is receiving an unsolicited GREETING CARD or POSTCARD with either an attachment or link, there’s been a rash of those afflicting many servers across the USA and possibly worldwide. There was a new one out today that showed up at work, with just a link from someone claiming they loved me (return e-mail unknown) hah!

    anywho.. when my hubby got on the computer, I asked him to clean out the history files and all of the cookies. So that the next several reboots, etc., start from scratch. Sort of like giving a computer enima. 😉

    I just hope it works. It seems to, but I never know. oh, and like a few others on here, I have Vista which wants to do auto-updates behind our back!! Most of the time, I tell it NO, so my hubby can fret with it, instead.. 😛

  93. AlisaSG said

    BTW, our virus scan didn’t find any viruses on this end.

    If (MS) Windows itself has an auto-update program, there was a recent one that just occurred about 2 days ago on most computers systems (world-wide). Sometimes, it’ll update in the middle of the night, and I can’t see anything – blank screen — so a mandatory reboot session is required (usually takes several reboots, before the computer starts working properly, too). (..and lately, McAfee anti-virus auto-updates sometimes more than twice a day –which is very annoying; and some of those can cause the same black-out or lock-out appearance).

    Sometimes, when browsing on the internet or using mailer programs, if your cookies and history files (how many places you’ve last visited since the last purging session) get clogged up in your browser, it reacts similar to -as if having a virus- but there really isn’t anything else wrong, beyond that. My IT techie person told me that (and I trust his advice!). He also recommends rebooting the computer, sometimes more than once a day, depending on how much info has been processed since the last reboot (power off, power on) session.

    I have noticed that sometimes the computers lock up if you’re trying to do too many steps ahead of it. The cursor locks up because it can’t keep up with your pace. Happens to lots of people at work — and the more times you click on the mouse in getting it to move somewhere else, it takes that many more steps before it readjusts to the place where you last clicked on the mouse.

    I see lots of folks do that at work and they get impatient, annoyed, and a few have even throw the mouse clear across the desk in a moment of raging anger! Then the tech people come along and
    1) advise against tossing the mouse (it didn’t do anything to you
    2) if all else fails, reboot and be patient.. *the computer may be turning into a sentient being with feelings* 😉

    another problem that sometimes occurs is power surges within the power lines to computers. I have an annoying computer at work that bleeps at me every time the power lines fluctuate during the day. That can interfere in various processes, especially if you don’t have a strong battery back-up system installed. Power surges can also cause computers to lock up, and yesterday, we’ve had several during the day – because of weather interference.

    anything beyond what I just wrote is over my head, and requires a computer tech expert instead.

  94. Rifkind said

    I agree… Microsoft = reboot often! 🙂

  95. Madonna said

    Good morning everyone!

    How is everybody on this fine Saturday?

    Yesterday at work was busy. The “mad” boss lady seems to pile more work on me all the time. Then when I got home I had a moderate/severe asthma attack. Between the summer heat and my parents combined 4-6 pack a day smoking habit, it makes the perfect environment for asthma attacks. After that I just decided that I didn’t feel like playing on the computer. So I went to bed at a quarter to nine, read for about 15 min. and I slept almost 14 hours. I guess I just needed it.

    Today I have to venture to the grocery store and then I have to come home and clean. I’ll stop by a few times in-between. Have a good one everyone!

  96. AlisaSG said

    well, well, well. look at the latest LIFETIME news:
    deja vu Sci-Fi channel tactics in LIFETIME’s network form– (!!)

    from BloodTiesCentral News and Updates

    >> 2007-08-15:
    >> Lifetime currently has no plans to run a marathon of the first 12 episodes of Blood Ties in September.

    I’d say that explains where Lifetime’s heart is on this entire issue. And on LIFETIME’s redesigned web site, they said to catch the returning episode on October 12.

    Is there a way to access CityTV in the USA?
    it’s becoming time to switch networks at that rate..

    I certainly hope TPTB on Blood Ties look to the rest of the world (and us here) for support in continuing the series. Because they certainly aren’t getting it from the LIFETIME network.

  97. Danae said

    Hey guys I am just biding my time until my date.

  98. Danae said

    Well I guess I will chat later.

  99. Someone come over and clean my house!!!

    I’m trying to get it sorted out still so when I come home Tuesday I’m not overwhelmed by a dirty house.

    But I just don’t have the energy to clean the house right now. *pouts*

    I am taking my laptop with me for the trip, but I probably won’t be able to keep up on the blog. If you have any questions or anything for me, send me an email, please!!!

    Ok, I’m done here for the day, I got a couple hours to clean and pack everyone up and then I am off.

    You all take care and I will see you again (in the blog) on Wednesday!

  100. AlisaSG said

    URGENT info for Blood Ties UK viewers!
    please read the following and pass on this news!!! 🙂

    today is August 18th, 2007 (please check below dates!!!)
    this is now posted on the r-com site (by Alisa) 😀

    >> okay, I just read this a few moments ago – and translation means BT is on >> NOW
    >> for UK viewers (that’s a Thursday viewing and Saturday – today viewing!)

    >> more BT NEWS directly from Tanya Huff’s LJ site-
    >> If you’re in the UK, Blood Ties starts Thursday August 16th — which would be today for the date impaired — on Living TV at 8pm.

    >> okay, today is past that point in time. Today is the first time I’ve heard about that, too.

    >> schedule listing for

    >> BLOOD TIES on UK’s Living Tv

    >> according to the schedule it reads for Saturday–
    at 21.00 (hours?)
    “Blood Ties
    Blood Price Pt 1

    Drama series about a female private eye who teams up with a vampire to solve supernatural mysteries. Ex-cop Vicki searches for answers when she witnesses a brutal murder.”

  101. AlisaSG said

    Also, I have a STRONG suggestion for everyone willing..

    Please support CityTV’s Blood Ties forum.
    I can’t give the live feed link here, but click on the “Message Boards” link over at their web page at–

    there is a special Topic forum set-up in there specifically for BLOOD TIES.

    Not sure if USA folks can join in the conversations, tho..
    apparently, it requires
    “Log in with your Chum Membership”
    and since Chum was or is being taken over by another company, please keep alerts out for any changes in web links, etc.

  102. Margaret said

    I tried registering and it Citytv won’t let you if you’re out of the country.

  103. AlisaSG said

    well, there’s always support via e-mail or BT Central “bloodlines” forum or…
    I just sent one out with another potential *alternate* suggestion. 😀

    (I also wrote it up in case people look at their e-mails first instead of here).

    Dizey, your main e-address isn’t working.

  104. AlisaSG said

    too bad we can’t help support the CityTv viewers!
    that would have been really cool to help encourage and inspire!

    I saw some names in there from the bloodties-bloodlines web forums.. so maybe that’s the route to help support them more directly…?

  105. Margaret said (TV eh) has a place to comment and you’re not restricted if you’re not Canadian. Talks about Blood Ties. Mine is the last comment there. How about joining me and encouraging everyone to watch.

  106. lwildstar said

    Good evening ladies!

    Thank you for all the wonderful support (Just finished reading all the emails)

    The birthday party was so much fun – those little old ladies are a trip! and the waitress was so nice with allof being so loud and obnoxious that along with a really nice tip we gave her one of the flower arrangements.

    I stopped and got the Airborn – the barcarbonate in it makes me feel alittle unsettled but I’ll try it over the weekend and see if I start feeling better.

    Ok my Pacific NorthWest girls – I have decided to have my Demon story take place up that way – ideas? reference materials? suggestions? HELP! I was thinking Seattle, but I am clueless.

    anyway I was just stopping to check in – I’ll be in tomorrow.
    Talk to you then!!!!!

    Which should I use as my sign out?
    lwildstar d’Nightwalker or Nightwalker d’ lwildstar

  107. DebS said

    I finally get some time off and no one is around. 🙂 I will be in the Hen’s House for a bit if anyone does read this.

  108. hello? is any one here?

  109. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey a drive by watching some tv and feeling a little pms’y (bitchy) anyway , thanks AlisaSG which email or you can use I should get both of those here @ home.

    Oh and I like Iwildstar d’Nightwalker sounds mysterious and French oolala 😉
    Oh and I like both pic’s but Nightwalker’s my favorite 😛

    Dani have a wonderful time on your date you lucky girl 😉

  110. hey Diz!
    I’m printing post cards.
    Went over to tthe Bloody Ford clinic but I think I missed everyone….

  111. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey going to watch a little Henry and I certainly don’t mean that he’s small 😉
    I think I want some Blood Price to start and maybe do a marathon. I’m feeling a deep longing for some Henry I’d love some fresh but I’ll settle for my re-runs, and or maybe a some Max. I feel like whining 😦

  112. Laurel said

    lwildstar – I know Seattle fairly well and could easily send you a map and other info if you need it. I suggest you log onto the chamber of commerce or visitor’s guides on-line for a visitor’s packet of info. It is a good way to get visuals of some of the highlights of the area. Also, I know a bit about Washington State history over the past 40+ years, and my parents could add another 25+ to that. Let me know if you want some info! I would love to chat with you about particulars.
    Actually, you should come out and see it for your self! I would be glad to go with you and show you the Emerald City. 🙂
    Danae – I hope you are having a terrific evening and a great date!
    Lady A – Clean your house?!! I am sooo not your gal for that. lol I can barely keep mine under control! The yard looks pretty good, so I will be out there enjoying the cool evening breeze. (Oh-oh, looks like it might rain tonight). Dang.

  113. Laurel said

    Hi Dizey! How’s your dad doing these days? Is your mom holding up okay? My parents are beginning to have worrisome ailments and issues, so I am interested in how my friends are handling the stresses and worries of situations like yours. I keep your family on my personal prayer list, I hope you don’t mind. It makes me feel like I have invested some of my heart into lives outside my own little world.

    I gave up on the e-mail and came over here to see if everyone is okay. I prefer the blog to the e-mails anyway. My Mac is so old I can’t get some of the recommended updates for the anti-virus program I was running. When our mystery money shows up I intend to upgrade to a faster model anyway. Of course I will also be headed out to meet all my blog sisters if that money should show up. 🙂

  114. lwildstar said

    thanks Laurel – I would love to come out there sometime, get first hand info – but I HATE to fly….I think I have your email so you may be getting a message from me this week – I’ll check out the chamber of commerce website.
    Well I’m off for tonight – being sick and tired is a drag!

  115. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Laurel, thank you so much I am most appreciative for them to be on your list. Prayers are never turned down. Dad’s doing ok they still have a main line in his chest to shoot those antibiotics straight into him. They checked last week and the foot’s healing and there was still a little of that staph(sp) left, but better. Mom’s tough but I can see it in her face that this last round has been hard on her as well as my dad. I’m waiting on that Secret money to get here anyday now, so when it does Dell will be knocking on your door w/a special delivery just for you 😉 Just a little thank you for all those prayers 😀

    Nightwalker feel better and I think the Airborne will help lift you up 😉 Sleep well.

  116. Laurel said

    Dizey – the prayers come with no strings, just lots of love. I’m glad to hear your dad is healing. Staph is nothing to mess with, especially the ones you can pick up in hospitals.
    I see my dad stressing over my mom’s increasing frailty and know your mom must really be feeling the strain. Giver her a hug for me, will you? I am a hugger by nature as well as by nurture, so that is the most comforting thing I can think to offer. I’ll send one to your dad too, just really gentle so it won’t disturb his line. And of course, a big hug for you! I think of you often.

  117. vicki said

    I am right there with you on the PMS train…arggggghh I feel like slapping people for no reason..

    I planned and cooked and NOBODY…showed up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One person called she had a family emergency….but no one else did1!!!

    what happened to courtesy???decency????MANNERS!!!!!!!!!???

    ohwell I have a ton of ribs and beef brisket if anyone is interested or in the neighborhood….LOL

  118. Laurel said

    Sleep well lwildstar. I hope you feel better tomorrow. 🙂
    I look forward to talking about Seattle this week. Btw, Portland is only 3 hours South of Seattle, and I know it even better.
    Just a thought.

  119. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Laurel, we are big huggers very touchy feely kiss every body family or friends too. I will pass on those hugs and sometimes that’s the medicine we all need. You and everyone here have such good spirits and souls , wonderful hearts and I’m so glad I was led here by I guess *TPTB* (God maybe ?) I hope your parents are well and that they’ll be ok hugs for them also. It’s hard when you spent almost 48 yrs (for my mom and dad this yr.) with one person and they become your whole world. It’s wonderful and sad at the same time.

    Vicki my poor hard working/cooking friend. How dare they be so insensitive (sp) and do that to you. Was the weather bad? Why would no one show up like that ? I am so sorry and sista’ I would certainly help with both the ribs and the brisket. And the PMS Demon is beconing me Vick grrrrrrrrrrrrrr 😦

    Well I’m gonna go watch some Herny and maybe some Max that should help 😛

  120. Laurel said

    Holy crap – if PMS is arriving by train I am heading for the airport! I am not ready to face any of that again for a while. I just started to feel better after five weeks of hell.
    Vicki – If you’d invited me over for ribs and brisket I would have been there! You are right, they were all rude! Family emergency person gets a pass, this time.
    I had ribs today, too. One of my husband’s friends sells all sorts of bar B Q meats at the local farmers’ market on Saturdays. We got there late and all he had left was ribs. Poor us 😦 We had to make due. lol

  121. vicki said

    MY HUSGAND LOVES to cook…and he has a lot of fun cooking…the sight of a clean kitchen makes him want to cook…..LOL

    Thanks for the love girls…I feel a little better…I think a few dark chocolate M&M’s and an episode of Henry will be a good thing before bed. Ahhhhhhh I am relaxing just thinking about it.

  122. Laurel said

    My mother-in-law is here to visit for the weekend and we are going to the coast tomorrow. My dear father-in-law passed away in April after 53 years of mariage. It was really hard because he was a truly wonderful, loving person, and we were all very close. Mom says there is no-one there to hold her hand in the night, and it makes me sad to think of how alone is now.
    Thanks for the hugs Beth! Now go watch Henry and feel better.
    Wear something nice!

  123. Laurel said

    Dark chocolate M&Ms. Yummmm. That should improve your mood.
    My husband is similarily affected by a clean kitchen. lol He loves to cook, especially on the grill. He watches more Food Network than I do! He is really good with recipies from Bobby Flay. I am really lucky to have him. He not only cooks but does the dishes afterwards as well. My job is to put things and dishes away and clean the floor when it is all over. Not a bad deal. 😎
    G’ night Vicki.
    G’ night Dizey.

  124. AlisaSG said

    wildstar, you had a birthday? and I missed it??
    (((((((((happy and healthy hugs))))))))))

    Margaret, thanks for the info link to SPACE. I’ll have to check it out later.
    I’m in the middle of watching ICE AGE (on FX-tv now).

    got dishes to clean, too..
    later 😀

  125. Claire said

    Beth ma soeur folle de la Nouvelle-Orléans… les démons ont m’ont laissé partir. Je suis de nouveau à l’ordre du yum. Je veux mes compensation maintenant…Je t’aime mes soeurs !

    Ok…I’m back and have no clue who all these new names belong to…and Beth promised me Henry…so send him..cause I’m sleepy and going to bed…I missed you crazy Betty Ford Clinic Alumni!!!

    Madonna….did I tell you I love my birthday girl Hen?

    Anyway…bonne nuit…sweet dreams! 😉

  126. moonbeam said

    Alas, by the time I peeked in all were gone. I probably will find the same again tomorrow. I’m very swamped in the ol’ school-house right now!

  127. Laurel said

    moonbeam? Are you out there? Long time no see!
    Love ya’ 🙂

  128. Laurel said

    Claire! Yippee, Claire checked in! Sweetie, I thought maybe you’d taken the Ferrari and left me in the dust. lol

  129. jpbaci1 said


  130. lwildstar said

    AlisaSG – NO NO NO it was my grandmas b-day – she turned 86! my b-day is Sept 10 – so you didn’t miss it….the party wan’t what we expected – my aunt made the reservations at this resturant she likes but didn’t check the menu – well it turned out that they changed the menu and the only sever sandwiches until dinners starts at 6pm! the ladies didn’t mind at all – they were just thrilled that we invited them along – this one poor lady doesn’t get any visitors! could you imagin putting your mom in a home and never going to visit! and thats what happened to her – one day she was told you are going here…and thats was that. Geeze with us someone goes to see granny every day if even just to pop in and say hello…so we are thinking maybe once in awhile taking grannies lady friends out with us with when go to vist – you know to the park or something.

    Yea! Claire is back! missed you….how are things going with the new house?

    Well I am feeling a little better today, so I guess I should try to get some things done around the house.

    If I get a chance I’ll check in later

  131. lwildstar said

    boy I can’t type today – too many typos! I’m sure you’ll figure out what I was trying to say….LOL

    out with us when go to vist

  132. Danae said

    Anybody here?

  133. lwildstar said


  134. lwildstar said

    Dani – how was the date?!

  135. Danae said

    Hey! It was good. We got along really well. He was spewing all this legal stuff that lost me but other than that it was fun. He got me a white rose so he already has more potential than the other guys. We may be going to the movie on Monday.

  136. lwildstar said

    well I am suposed to be painting so i guess i should log off and go to it…

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  137. Danae said

    Ok have fun!

  138. lwildstar said

    a white rose! wow – a man after my own heart! Movies are good – but you don’t get much time to tal, but it in nice and dark!
    😉 yeah, like I’m one to talk.
    Was this the younger guy?

  139. lwildstar said

    Our comments crossed paths so I had to reponed…now I’m going to paint!

  140. lwildstar said

    geeze I can’t type today! that was to have been

    Movies are good – but you don’t get much time to talk, but it is nice and dark!

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  141. Danae said

    Yes it was the younger guy. Again have fun

  142. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bon Jour mes amis ! Good morning my friends! Buon giorno i miei amici! Hi Ya’ll !

    Danae, Rock on my sista’! Glad you had fun and thumbs up for the rose nice touch, romantic 😉

    Nightwalker, did the Airborne help much? Glad you feel ggod enough to paint , I guess. I so dislike painting , yuck! Have fun I’ll think about you while I’m vaccuming the pool 😛

  143. vicki said

    Dani…Sounds like a good time..start watching law & order repeats..that will help with the legal mumbo jumbo…HEheheh

    Laurel…how did you get your husband to clean up????Mine wont. My mother taught us that “a good cook cleans up their mess” To which my husband replied..”nope,,,a good cook gets someone else to do it” LOL

    oh well he does cook so I cant complain. but I am not so lucjky as to get him doing recipes from the food network..Nooooo he uses this magazine that most of the stuff takes 3 or 4 days to make….Cook’s Magazine….at least it only comes every other month….

    I did find a fabulous brownie recipe in it…three kinds of chocolate..>YUMMMY

  144. AlisaSG said

    >> AlisaSG – NO NO NO it was my grandmas b-day – she turned 86! my b-day is Sept 10 – so you didn’t miss it….

    *whew!* but on another note.. nowadays, that must be rough having your birthday around Sept.11th.
    I know someone who has a birthday on 09-11.. it was supposed to be the happiest day of his life, until 2001 came along. Now, he tries not to think about NYC, even tho he worked nearby at the time in 2001.

    This morning’s NY paper news had more 9-11 news, the building behind the Twin Towers caught fire -set off a “7 alarm” firefighting blaze- and 2 firemen were killed in the process. I saw that building last year. It didn’t look very safe. Now, it’ll probably come down completely, too. 😦

    >> the ladies didn’t mind at all – they were just thrilled that we invited them along – this one poor lady doesn’t get any visitors!
    >> could you imagin putting your mom in a home and never going to visit!

    yes. I used to work in a nursing home, so I saw what most families did to their forsaken *others*.. It’s very sad. Now, we’ve got someone in a home, and having problems w/admin there. Never had a problem with that place, until they brought in a cat. The sons in the family have serious asthma around any cat, and we’re not sure how to resolve this. The Admin there won’t remove the cat.

    So, instead of helping to feed their relative, they’re being forced to stay away by a cat, and the cat lovers there don’t understand this is as serious as a NUT allergy!! (everyone’s just nuts!) I adore / *love* cats, but gave up my kitty (to my mom’s care) so the in-laws wouldn’t complain!

  145. Good Morning Ladies! Just dropping by to say hello. For those of you waiting to hear what Kieron is up to I finally posted some new stuff. Check it out.

    Are we meeting at the Bloody Ford tonight?

  146. AlisaSG said

    >> boy I can’t type today – too many typos! I’m sure you’ll figure out what I was trying to say….LOL

    ahhh. don’t worry about the typos.. I read past them and transposed the words, and guessed right on all of them. 🙂

    what I really can’t stand is typing a formal letter in WORD or some other program, do a spell check, and it changes the grammar on you! Plus, it also ignores words that are spelled correctly, but the wrong variation is overlooked!

    primo examples–
    their, there, and they’re..
    two, too, and to

  147. My daughter wanted to say hi also

    Bonjour Mes amis!!! I am Annalaise’s daughter. I just wanted to say hi!!! My mommy’s book is good don’t cha think?!?! I can’t wait for it to get published!!!!!!!!! If anyone knows a printing company, let us know!!! Talk to ya’ll l8r

    l8r g8rs!!!

    Au revior!!! – Melanie-

    GO FCMB!!!!!!!

  148. vicki said


    I will be there…same Henry standard time..Henry standard place.???//

  149. vicki said

    hey Miss Melanie..

    welcome and thanks for hte hello…dont know any publishers….sorry..


  150. AlisaSG said

    yikes! I’m too quick on the send button..

    >> what I really can’t stand is typing a formal letter in WORD or some other program, do a spell check, and it changes the grammar on you!

    that should have included how the original intention of a thought is changed too, because of the program’s grammar usage. It can’t comprehend the original meaning of what you wanted to say in the first place.. so it changes the thought so completely, and then you feel like a total dork for sending it out – based on the program’s recommendations on how to write! *eeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!*

  151. Cool! See you then.

  152. vicki said


    I never trust word to make grammar corrections…it doesnt take in to account idioms and figures of speech…so it is hard for a ccomputer program to adjust theses things..Spell check i use….but i always ignore the grammar stuff

  153. Danae said

    Hey guys. Hey Melanie.
    Vicki-I would watch Law and Order if it didn’t bore me so much. Sorry. I may have to start trying if this goes anywhere.

    My mom called me around 11:30 last night to ask how the date went and I told her about the rose and she said “Oh sweet” I was really touched by it. The other guys didn’t bother although the second guy kissed my hand.

  154. Hey again!!

    I wish I could join the blog…. i wanna be kool too. Unfourtunatly i dont know anything about blood ties. *cries* Lets discuss Tru Calling. I know a lot about that show.

    L8r g8rs


  155. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bon Jour M’admoiselle Claire,

    Grands tidings pour le dégagement de notre ami Claire. Les amis de Claire sont joyeux et revel dans le retour. Henry couvrira Claire de baisers d’affection et d’amour sur leur anniversaire ensemble.

    Claire apprécient votre anniversaire avec Henri ! Veuillez ne pas le casser et nous vous aimons 😉

  156. Danae said

    I think I will log on tonight at the Bloody Ford. I am going to stay at Kelly’s and make her watch the first HSM and HSM2 is on tonight at 8 so I will make her watch that and then log on for awhile.

  157. Danae said

    Tru Calling I watched that for awhile. The daughter of one of the owners of the company I work for is best friends with Eliza Dushku’s cousin and has met her.

  158. Danae said

    I didn’t like it so much when Jason Priestly joined the cast. He acted like a stuck up jerk. Other then that I loved it. Now I am into Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural and sometimes I watch Medium.

  159. vicki said

    sorry melaine…never watched true calling….she will always be the evil slayer to me….LOL…and what is up with your mom???She hasnt made you watch BT yet????

    Shameful….we need all the converts we can get….start with your way out from there..>HEheheh

  160. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bon jour M’admoiselle Melanie, comment allez-vous ?

    Mon meilleur ami est Melanie. Very nice to meet you and remind me what does “FCMB” mean? I take it you speak French. Claire is the REAL French girl around here, I just try to translate to be able to converse. It’s alot of fun 😀

    Chat with ya’ll later gotta check out the pool 😎

  161. Danae said

    I wish I were down there to check out the pool with you Diz. It is to cool up here for it.

  162. DIZEY1 :-) said

    You don’t know how lucky you’ve got it , wheww we actually got a good rain here yesterday and it had been at least 2-3 wks since we’d had anything. Very hot and humid, you’ve got to have a pool down here for salvation some days 😉

  163. Danae said

    My guess is it is mid 70’s here. It is nice. I like the reprieve but I love to swim and I would kill for a pool.

  164. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Danae, I got my two bats from nightwalker and they need names. Maybe since I’m down here I should go with some of my French/Cajun culture and name one or both like that or something Lestat-ish , maybe Lil’ Louis’, they need to be named. Throw out some suggestions one and all are welcome.
    Everybody , anybody Henry’s siblings need some heritage 😉

  165. My mommy has asked me to watch Blood Ties before, but I couldn’t get into it much. I’m into vampires N` such, but I’m really picky about what I watch. Henry is cute tho. *giggles*

    Madame Dizey — Je vais bien, merci, et toi?
    FCMB mean fighting Cardinals Marching Band. I play clarinet. We just had a our first show friday. Our first game is friday in youngstown university in Ohio. Our game show is the Styx show where we play The Grand Illousion/Renegade, The Best of Times/Too Much Time on My Hands, and Come Sail Away. Our compitition show is the Moody Blues show which consists of, Nights in White Satin, The Story in Your Eyes, and Question. Look us up on google sometime!!

    Yes, I took French in 9th grade and I’m taking it agiain this year.

    l8r g8rs


  166. DIZEY1 :-) said

    😎 😛 😉

  167. Danae said

    O I like Lil’ Louis.

  168. Danae said

    You should have a boy and girl bat so maybe you could name the other Claudia.

  169. Danae said

    And give them the same last name. Like brother and sister or whatever.

  170. i have a beenie baby bat. I wanna name it!!!!!



  171. Danae said

    Or maybe Sophia

  172. Danae said

    Or just Sophie

  173. Akita Avita for the girl, Xander for the boy. (That’s my boyfriends name)



  174. Danae said

    Melanie is your bat a boy or girl?

  175. DIZEY1 :-) said

    M’admoiselle Melanie, je trop AM bien, merci beaucoup.
    J’ai récemment vu Styx ici à la Nouvelle-Orléans où je vis. Ils étaient magnifiques naturellement. Grande collection de musique.

    And they played pretty much all the ones ya’ll play , very cool 😎

  176. Danae– Boy

    Dizey — Have you ever heard of Moody Blues?

    0-<-<): Melanie

  177. Mme. Dizey,

    J’aime Styx. Je suis heureux vraiment que mon enseignant de bande ait décidé de faire cette sélection. Nous avons presque joué la chanson M. Roboto. Je crois toujours qu’aurait été amusant!!!


  178. oooh – I want a beenie baby bat! My friend works at Hallmark on the weekneds – I’ll have to see if she can find me one!

    Waiting for the paint to dry on my shelf – I hate painting…but thats what happens when you diecide to redecorate…I decided to paint the furniture a completely new color schem, cheeper than buying new – ugg I’m stiff now from sitting on the floor… so I think I’ll go write for awhile, or maybe I should go fora walk since its stopped raining –

    If I’m feeling up to it I may try to stop by the BloodFord Clinic now that the chat is finally letting me in….no promises tho.

    AlisaSG – I would think the admin. there would be willing to make some consessions – so that family members could come visit without exposing them selves to the cat – I would think the well being of the residents would be more important, and having family visit is important to their well being….

    The Airbourn stuff is ok – but the daytime stuff has bicobonate in it – and I don’t handle that well – no sodas for me. I haven’t tried the night time stuff yet.

    I’ll try to stop by later….

  179. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Melanie , Vicki’s kids are named Xander and Willow guess where she got those names from??

    Danae, I think that’s a cool idea Claudia , what’s Louis’ last name from Interview ?? oh yeah Louis de Pointe du Lac, Claudia was a child and I don’t know what her name was but since Lestat fed her wouldn’t she then be Claudia de Lioncourt ? Sounds good though?

  180. oh – forgot – Laurel – I sent you an email…

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  181. Dizey,

    BUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JE T’AIME XANDER!!!!!!!!

  182. Hi everyone,

    Melanie and I are logging off for now. We are going shopping for school clothes at the Mall. Check in with you guys later.


  183. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Oui ! Buffy, et Xander et Saule 😉

    J’aime l’ange de Buffy 😉

  184. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Au revoir! have fun and “Wear something Nice” ! 😀

  185. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Be back a little later myself.

  186. Danae said

    Lil Louis and Claudia de Lioncourt, perfect.

  187. Madonna said

    Hey all!

    I spent all morning with mom. We went to breakfast, then hit the mall for a few things we needed to look for. I loooove to shop and haven’t had a good shopping trip for several months. I bought my niece’s tops for school. My sister got her the jeans but couldn’t afford to get shirts to go with ’em, so I pitched in. I also bought myself two pairs of jeans and 3 pairs of walking shoes. (They fit well, and when I find shoes that fit I stock up.) All in all it was a good morning.

    Yeah Claire’s back!
    How’s the new house treating you? Thank you on the card. I’m glad you liked it.

    I’m so happy your date went well. The white rose….. that is so sweet. Did he (Adam?) know that a white rose symbolizes purity?

    Hi Melanie!
    Welcome to our crazy little group. I don’t watch much TV so I don’t know much about other shows. Blood Ties, ER, American Idol and kinda sorta the original CSI. Those are the shows I can discuss in any detail. Nothing beats Blood Ties though.

    I’m happy to hear that your dad is doing better.
    BTW….. I watched your Saints put a whoopin on our Bengals. I don’t think they play during the regular season. Maybe a rematch next year?

    I left a comment on that blog you posted a link to. Mine’s the one that says once you see the vampire there’s no “turning” back.

    Nightwalker aka lWildstar,
    Happy to hear that you’re feeling better. BTW…. Not even I like to paint unless it is on paper or the canvas. Although I have worked on a few murals.

    Well guys I’ll probably try to stop by the hen house tonight. No promises though. I might be around a little early if anyone else is so inclined.

    Well everyone, I’m off to do more cleaning. Have a good afternoon!

  188. Madonna said

    Almost forgot…..

    Ms. Gypsy,
    How’d the play go?

  189. vicki said

    MElaine…I played clainet too>>>>Awesome show music..I am old enough to remember Styx…they rock!! I love all of those songs….

    Tonight the hen house will rock…I am washing my t-shirt and I am ready to roll….

  190. Danae said

    Madonna-I thought a white rose meant peace but it could mean both. I didn’t ask if he knew what it meant.

  191. Anzia said

    okay, so, i think i read maybe 10 of all those posts… WOW, lots of ideas were gotten through. I saw roses, chocolate, PMS, names, flattery, chopped liver vs. pate, dates, breast reduction (or was that the last page?), Buffy, Claire returning…

    WOW, yeah…

  192. lwildstar said

    Madonna – I haven’t painted on canvas or paper in years – but I did start sketching again last year – I go through periods where I don’t want to draw and then it will come back. And i really needed to update the furniture – now I have to do the walls – but I’m hoping to get someone to help with that…I want to redo the whole house – and I’ve only finished painting the kitchn and bathroom! At least my house is tiny – If I really wanted to push my self I could do it all in a couple of days – but that would probably kill me!

    The language of Flowers:
    Rose (general)(Red) – Love ; I love you
    Rose( white) – Eternal Love ; innocence; heavenly; secrecy and silence
    Rose(pink) – Perfect happiness; please believe me
    Rose(Yellow) – Friendship ; jealousy; try to care
    Rose(Black) -Death
    Rose(red and white) – Together; unity
    Rose(thornless) – Love at first sight
    Rose( single, full bloom) – I love you; I still love you
    Rose bud – Beauty and youth ; a heart innocent of love
    Rose bud(red) – Pure and lovely
    Rose bud(white) – Girlhood

    Well back to writing.

  193. lwildstar said

    ooh maybe I need to plant some Lemon verbena in my garden – Attracts the opposite sex
    if you want to look up more:

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  194. Danae said

    I am bored and I am getting a headache.

  195. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Danae, Sorry to hear that could it be……..

    From Big Fat bulging Elvis, cuz’ I’m with you that’s one scary ass Elivs 😉

  196. Danae said

    It just very well might be or………… could be Kelly’s kids screaming at the top of there lungs every five seconds and telling each other to shut up.

  197. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Oh sorry, that SUCKS!! Big Time I might add. I say sedatives all around 😉

  198. msgypsy said

    The play went really great. I think it was better than any rehearsal we ever did. We got lots of applause and (more important) lots and lots of laughs. We also were given dinner by the campsite next to our “theater” (grilled meat, rice with chicken, cornbread, lavender cheesecake…)There were two and a half video cameras on us (the half was the one that died halfway through the play) but we timed it and we ran too long to go up on YouTube. One of the guys with a camcorder said we can still put it there if we do it in two parts or if someone pays for a membership. I’ll check out Veoh, too. And a couple of people with still cameras did portrait like shots afterwards. My favorite moment in the whole play wasn’t in the play; it was during the photography session. Someone said it would be tough to get the entire cast into one picture, so we should split into two groups. I said, “Oh, like a wedding?” And Matt (the guy playing Macbeth) said, “Macbeth family? On the right. Macduff family? on the left.” Someone finally figured out a way to get us all in one shot, and Matt said, “And now one of the entire wedding party.” Colleen, his fiance who played Lady Macbeth, screeched, and said, “Dammit, Biscuits (Matt’s nickname), we are NOT getting married until I finish nursing school and that’s FINAL!” Least favorite moment was when we tasted the lavender cheesecake, which only one person liked (and that person wasn’t the one who made it) but we all felt obliged to eat all the way through just to give it a fair chance. The play itself was really good, worked really well, and flowed with perfect energy. As soon as we get the video and still shots I’ll put mine someplace you all can find it.

    Meanwhile, starting next week I’m on the committee putting on the Yule Feast for the local SCA groups. So I have a week to dedicate to blogging and sewing (I need to make a new outfit for Yule, don’t I?) and maybe, just maybe, cleaning the house…

  199. Danae said

    That’s good to hear the play was a success. I’m so glad.
    Diz-If only I had a percocet I would be happy and have no pain. TeeHee!

  200. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Gypsy so glad it went perfectly. Dying to see some of it , and I’m sure based on the info you shared w/us that it got plenty of laughs. 😀 A labor of love!

  201. DIZEY1 :-) said


    Kick the leetle friends outside, and make youself something cold and maybe a rum like beverage. It should take the edge off a little.

  202. Danae said

    The 5 year old girl has an absessed tooth because she has a cavity and Kelly can’t find anybody that will take her to fix it. None are on her insurance. She is ornery anyway. The baby is to little to leave outside by himself. He is 2.

  203. Danae said

    Ahhhhh! Peace! They have been put in there rooms and the baby is actually staying. Kelly has some Mike’s Hard drinks so I stole one of those.

  204. Claire said

    Bon après-midi mon ami….Je suis également heureux d’être de retour avec mes soeurs.

    Mon Dieu Laurel…I would never take the ferrari without you!!!
    Iwildstar…the maison is great! Another Virgo like our Kyle and me! yippee!

    Beth…Baisers et amour de henri/kyle…… anniversaire merveilleux…
    he will not soon forget this birthday…nor will I! 😛

    Je t’aime mes amis!

  205. AlisaSG said

    >> AlisaSG – I would think the admin. there would be willing to make some consessions – so that family members could come visit without exposing them selves to the cat

    you would *think*… but alas, it ain’t so. Staff wants the cat (plus, I think the cat is more therapy to them than to the residents! *g*). I was in the dining room, when the cat wandered on in. I was feeding my in-law, because the aides claim he gets too fussy. So, they walk away, and would probably just assume let him wither away and die, one less mouth to worry about. I’ve seen that attitude in the worst of nursing homes (and this place is one of the better ones, until they “let the cat in”), and these people just walk away in disgust from not being able to do their job properly. I can understand their helplessness in the *feeding* issues, so it’s up to the family to pick up where the staff won’t.

    When I worked in that type of environment, I warned everyone in my family of that being a potential attitude issue, and they’re seeing it first hand now.

    Relatives are bringing in their own protective facial masks, but it doesn’t stop the dander from getting into their eyes, especially, if they’ve touched something where the cat has been / rubbed up against, walked upon. Staff doesn’t care about that. So much for a super sanitary environment.

    The cat wanders off on its own (not on a leash, whereas the dogs for dog therapy *are* on a leash), regardless of where the staff claims it has been. And I *know* cats – some detest leashes, so its not fair to the animal (before I met my in-laws, mine hated being put on a leash – she was a totally indoor cat, too).

    >> – I would think the well being of the residents would be more important, and having family visit is important to their well being….

    Well, according to the report, none of the residents have serious cat allergies. The admin never took into consideration visiting relatives with asthma and chronic allergies.

    Problem with nursing homes is with most med facilities – they’re short on staff! ..because the staff can’t be catering to everywhere at once — it’s not humanly possible (and that includes residential B&B toilet assist needs, too).

    It’s only since the other nursing home cat showed up in the news about “predicting death” – this one brought in a cat (skrawny little thing). I hate to say this, but I think they’d be happy if my in-law just died away.. one less *problem* on their hands. And since he’s now under state care, he gets less care than under private service. The “red tape” to get help is horrendous.

    We sometimes can’t help but think of the movie “Soylent Green”.. and “Logan’s Run” reflecting administrative beaurocracies in any long-termed care of *life* issues.

  206. Claire said

    Madonna…I also love ER..and American Idol…I’m such a geek…I actually vote for my fav singer!!!

  207. Danae said

    Claire-I think most people that watch the show vote for their favorite singer. I get all excited when it gets closer to the end and the actual contestant say the message, “Hey thanks for voting for me.” I’m like, They’re talking to me. So cool.”

    AlisaSG-I hate it when nursing homes and hospitals treat their patients like that. I saw it first hand with my father when he was paralyzed and in and out of nursing homes for 6 months and my grandfather the end of last and beginning of this year before he died. The treatment was horrible.

  208. AlisaSG said

    so goooooooood to hear the play was a fun success!

    ..but lavender cheesecake?? hmmmm, I made a lavendar spice cake one time. It was weird looking in color (very lavendarish), but tasted fine. I mixed up some red and blue food coloring as an experiment, and it came out -not quite as I was hoping, because of the brownish spice colors, too. 😉 😀

  209. AlisaSG said “We sometimes can’t help but think of the movie “Soylent Green”.. and “Logan’s Run” reflecting administrative beaurocracies in any long-termed care of *life* issues.”
    YOu know I qout both of the movies frequently in regards to where our world is going…..geeze I’m sorry about the troubles. I have terrible allergies and while not specific to animals, they don’t help, so if I’m going to vist grandma mom calls ahead to make sure the facility is not having an animal day – usually I just pop a couple of antihisamines so I don’t have to worry….they don’t have resedent animals anymore – they did have love-birds, but after the bird flu scare they were removed. I know what you men about the admins attitude towards the residents – I will say at the place grandma is at they seem to be good at treating them all like people not just bodies, the same with where my great aunt was (actually that place was phominal (SP) – they really treated her wonderfully right up until the end – even when she was being difficult), in high school a friend of mine did voulenteer work going to nursing homes and assisted living places with his band to entertain the resedents and I would go with him when I could to hand out refreshents – the staff would just suddenly disappear. And since then (20 years) three of those places of shut down because they were run poorly….makes me shudder thinking about what will happen with my parents should that choice have to be made.

    Sorry I got all depressing there…but its good to get it all out.

    Claire – duh I forgot Kyle was a Virgo! no woneder we get along so well heheheh….

    I’ve been writing for the last hour on the vamp story – now I’m going to go make dinner and then work on the demon story for a while. Don’t ask me why I’m torchering myself – but its just like when I get in the mood o draw – until I get it out of my head It drives me nuts!

    I’ll check back later.


  210. AlisaSG said

    thanks for the (nursing home care) reassurance..
    When my mom had her accident, the state is either required to or provides 8 weeks maximum for rehab. She was already in the hospital for 3 weeks, and needed an extra few months rehab with all the injuries she suffered from with her accident (broken wrist, crushed ribs, infected knee – the doctor removed her knee cap it was so massively infected from the replacement pins, which helped cause her to die sooner).

    When my sister and I realized there wouldn’t be enough time for recuperative care for the insurance to cover, my mom gave up living. She didn’t want to inconvenience anyone, and knew that we couldn’t help; because we had to work, and couldn’t just take off for 2 months just to help get her back on her feet, and feed her kitties (her cats never understood why their mommy never came home.. but my sister adopted them, so they’re getting good care .. and yes, I’m a cat lover, too; but only within reasonable limits to their care and who they are living with, too).

    Life is sometimes so cruel. 😦

  211. Danae said

    No prob. Hey the Mike’s Hard Berry dulled my headache. YAY!

  212. AlisaSG said

    it’s good to vent these feelings sometimes..

    >> Don’t ask me why I’m torchering myself…

    *torturing* .. that’s what I meant about typos and transposing..
    (or editing over what was meant to be said) 😉
    of course, that one leaves a rather humorous image in a way..

    torch-er ..flame fighter!
    oh my, maybe it’s Kyle’s *hotness* that caused the other word to come out..

    >> but its just like when I get in the mood o draw – until I get it out of my head It drives me nuts!

    we need to laugh..
    maybe your subconscious was *already* hard at work above..
    (and thinking of Kyle)

    as DOCTOR WHO said Friday to his traveling companion Martha,
    ——— “Burn with me!!”
    he got possessed by a *living* sun, so he became HOT!! *literally*
    The sun creature was seeking a mate, too, with everyone it possessed.
    so the Doctor became a hot item in the *intimate* sense too.. 😛

    too funny.. I love that show’s great sense of humor.
    as I said, we need to laugh (a healthy, hearty-humor type).

  213. Danae said

    Under The Tuscan Sun is on TV right now. I love that movie. That is what made me fall in love with Tuscany.

  214. vicki said

    dani…I love that movie too…I want to decorate my house to look like hers….LOL now if I only had the money to do it…

    I have a feeling I will be watching HSM2 tonight..they are showing a sing-a-long version…LOL…my daughter has onlty seen it once and she knows most of the songs by heart already…..I may need wine to get through it…though I have to admit..Zac Efron is cute!! God that makes me sick just to say it..LOL…He is like..what 20?

  215. Danae said

    He’s 19 and that means he is legal and that is all that matters to me. He is hot. His eyes are awesome. He looks really great in Hairspray dressed up for the 60’s. Loooooooove it. I got several of the songs from HSM2 off of Limewire so I know several also.

  216. prtfvr said

    Brava, gypsy!! 🙂

  217. Danae said

    Kelly’s boyfriend turned off Under the Tuscan Sun and put on Ice Road on the History Channel. BORING!

  218. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Danae, Vicki ,

    I saw some of it the other night and thought of you my Dani girl the whole time 😀 Love Ya! oh and his eyes are WOW Blue!!

    Claire, so glad the Henry/Kyle visit w/benefits , if you will meets with your standards. A girl can NEVER be kissed or fondled enough don’t you agree ? I bet he smells good too ! 😛 It appears he thinks Vicki does 😉

    or 😛 tasting is also a good thing

    My fair Madonna my apologies for the whooping my Rockin’ Saints gave those kittens last night. grrrrrrr 😉 JK Love ya!

  219. prtfvr said

    Oh for pete’s sake! Will no one join me in the Bloody Ford Clinic? 🙂

  220. vicki said

    yep..the eyes are awesome…still makes me feel like a dirty old woman.HEHHEHEHEH

  221. Danae said

    And his eyes really look like that. They aren’t contacts which is the case with some other guys that have awesome eyes. I know because they looked the same in Hairspray.

  222. Margaret said

    prtfvr-I need to take a bath, write a few emails to advertisers, so I’ll be over in an hour or so……

  223. Claire said

    Ms.Gypsy…So glad your play was a success! lavender cheesecake hmmm? well I love cheese cake and two years ago…my very talented Nikki made me a lavender colored cake with dragon flies around it! Something else I collect…fairies ,dragonflies,unicorns.

    Ms.Diz..don’t start riling me up with those hot pics of Henry….and yes I know our baby smells delish!!!

    il entre chaud ici….oooohlala! 😉

  224. lwildstar said

    AlisaSG – I think that some times my brain and hands just don’t get together when I type – and when I read it over, my brain fills in the blanks! but I like your explanation better !
    I watched DW Friday – Burn with me!…but not Henry – we don’t want him to burn!

    Well before I embarrass myself any more with the typos I’m off for the night!

  225. Anzia said

    Okay, I saw HSM2 last night. It wasn’t bad. Zac Efron IS cute. GREAT body! The boy who plays Ryan looks like Chase from House. Which threw me off all night. I kept expecting an australian accent and never got it. *pouts* I guess I’m a horribly vindictive person ’cause the only thing that REALLY bothered me from each movie was the fact that Sharpay never really gets punished. She gets a minor lesson and dissapointment. Then, comes a dance number w/all of ’em and she’s right there. I just REALLY wanted someone to dig her in deep and watch her wallow in the mud where she belonged. (See, vindictive. Take note people! Piss me off and only God will save you from my wrath! ^_^ – scared yet? ^_^)

    Claire and others- I watched American Idol faithfully only once. When Chris Daughtry was on. my roommate and I voted like no other. SOOOOOO mad when he got booted. Although, I LOVE watching the auditions. OMG some people… gotta wonder if they’re all there. Even more, you have to wonder if they realize how rediculous and, in some cases-pathetic, they’re acting. I mean. Can you REALLY go through your life not knowing that? I’m pretty certain I act rediculous all the time! And my pathetic-o-meter is always hovering around mid-range. So, *shrugs* I don’t knwo. Definitely great for intertainment.

    As a side note. I hate spongebob squarepants. I really really want to have a serious talk with the creature. The only reason I can come up with that show being created was ’cause s/he is mentally ill (if that’s the case. I’m sorry.) or s/he was REALLY drunk and/or hungover. Really is no other explination. BUT of course KEVIN loves the show. *sigh* I think i’ve seen every ep ever made.

    *bangs head against wall* MAKE THE ANNOYING LAUGHING STOP!!

    Okay, psychotic moment done…

  226. Anzia said

    Okay… so that last post is a cross between a lot of negative emotions… SORRY! I’m not usually that bad…as I’m sure you might have guessed… i’m gonna go hide now… WOW I was harsh! sorry

  227. DebS said

    Just got back from ice cream. Over in the Hen’s House if anyone is around.

  228. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey ya’ll sorry I left the BF Clinic early but the PMS Demon is here and actually thinks he’s in control ! Ha I say!! \

    **Z** I kinda like Spongebob (hangs head) Squidwerd(sp) and Patrick who doesn’t love an irritating high pitched voice of a walking and talking sponge, oh wearing of course square pants and shoes and socks on his pourous body. I’m sure there’s something you could dislike about him not sure what though 😉 😀 Anyway I didn’t get to see all of HSM2 but it’s on aaagain (sorry Dani) already 3rd time maybe more since Friday. I’m very sorry about this whinig also. 😦

    well kidz kinda crampy I guess he’s(the demon) is winning this round chat with ya’ll tomorrow.

    XOXOXOXOX Love ya! Beth

    Reves doux d’henri

  229. Margaret said

    okay, where is everyone. We’re at the hen house and no one to cluck with other than a few of us.

  230. vicki said

    hate to tell you…but the guy who created Spongebob is a marine biologist….I read that somewhere….and he is dead on…Starfish..have no brains….sponges have very little brains…LOL….sorry my kids love it.

  231. Anzia said

    How many people can say that at basically every chat they’ve been too at the Hen house they’ve been the last person to leave? (I think there was one with Madonna where I left first…)

    😦 Do I smell that bad guys? Seriously, you can tell me. I’m a big girl. I can take it. …

  232. Well, I sure was amazed to find so hens out chatting there tonight, but I had to get back to my school stuff and now I’m off to bed so I can get to school early before my workshop tomorrow. My boy, Maxx, painted this weekend in my classroom. It will be interesting to hear the custodian’s response. :>)

  233. lwildstar said

    good morning ladies – running late no time to chat – hopefully I’ll be able to check in later
    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  234. Madonna said

    Good morning ladies,

    Thanks everyone, I had a good time at the hen house last night.

    Ms. Gypsy,
    Congratulations on the play!

    No need for apologies. They looked like kitties! Hope your feeling better this morning.

    I’ve watched ER from the beginning. As far as American Idol goes….. I’ve never voted for any contestant. I like it because they perform a lot of old music on there and I like to see the different directions they take those songs in.

    Spongebob isn’t bad. He’s good if you just need a senseless laugh.

  235. Madonna said

    This is an interesting article posted on Tanya’s blog. I love what Mr. Zalken says about us.

  236. msgypsy said

    We got a kind of sideways shout-out from Denis McGrath ( today, too. He says:

    “This blog picked up some readers through Blood Ties — so thanks to Peter Mohan for bringing me on board that show. I can’t wait for viewers to see my episodes, cause I think they turned out really well. If you came for hot vampire lovin’ and stayed for the babble, then thanks for that, too.”

    ‘Kay, Bloggerini, off to work now. Type at you later. Behave yourselves. And all that…

  237. Hey BT Family,

    I managed to step in before I leave for the classroom to get stuff done and get custodian’s reaction to paint job :>) then off to the workshop & then back to the classroom, maybe tis a mess in that there room eye yi…yi….yi….

  238. Danae said

    Buongiorno ladies.
    Diz-Don’t be sorry about HSM2. It was on exactly three time this weekend and I saw it 2 of the times. I would have seen it all three if I didn’t have my date on Saturday. You don’t have to like it. I do think the extra stuff i.e. the ice show has gone to far but I am still happy with the movies but i guess a lot of people were not happy with the new movie. I don’t understand why people can’t just accept a movie for what it is meant for, entertainment and fun, and view it with that in mind not if it will be an awe inspiring movie that will give you enlightenment. It was the same thing with The DaVinci Code. People are hating the book and movie because of what it is about. Why can’t they accept it for what it is for, entertainment purposes? I am sorry but I always get that way when it comes to movies and critics. That is what usually gets me ranting.

  239. Annalaise duChat said

    Good Morning all.

    I’m trying to get moving after being up to 1:00am chatting last night. Lot’s of coffee today.
    I had 176 emails this morning! I’m never going to get caught up!

  240. Danae said

    126? I had 23 after checking all mine yesterday at Kelly’s and combined they wouldn’t have reached over 100.

  241. DebS said

    Mornining ladies!!

    3 days and counting til students return to campus. Yikes! I am just not ready. I have so much to do and not enough time to do it in (per usual).

    Don’t know if I will be around much today, will try to keep up and check in occasionally. Hope to see everyone at the Hen’s House soon.

  242. Danae said

    DebS-Don’t overdo it. That’s all.

  243. DebS said

    Dani-I never overdo it. 🙂 I am quite lazy in life actually..haha. What I really need is more caffeine. I think I am going to track down some coffee or diet coke.

    I wish I had disney channel so I could have checked out HSM2. It would have been at least interesting to see.

  244. Danae said

    I liked it but I guess other people didn’t.

  245. Danae said

    I tend to overdo things alot. I just keep going and going. I am like the Energizer Bunny. Then I feel run down and then I get sick like a cold or something. It sucks. I need to learn to slow down sometimes.

  246. Madonna said

    Slow down? What’s that? Could someone please explain this concept.

  247. Danae said

    Exactly Madonna!

    Hey guys check this out This is what I am doing this weekend. I go every year. They have the greatest stuff to see and buy. It grows every year. If anyone saw the movie The Indian In The Cupboard from a few years ago, 1995, the indian that plays Little Bear, Litefoot is there every year signing autographs. He is rap artist and very hot. There are a lot of good looking indians there.

  248. lwildstar said

    Just a drive by – I will going out to lunch with the office manager – so I won’t be able to catch up until tonight

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  249. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Good Morning my sista’s! Sorry I couldn’t stay up for the chat last night. I am crampy and a bit bitchy but this too shall pass 😉

    Madonna, thanx for the SA link very cool, YEAH us and for the Gypsy writerboy article too!!! I don’t know about ya’ll but I’ve got a really good feeling about my show. Warm and Fuzzy BABY!!!! Many years of Henry OOLALA!!

    Dani my sweet girl I most certainly didn’t mean that the movie was bad only that they had already run it that many times in 3 days. I have to like HSM1 &2 Logan watched again and my brother Freddie had to watch w/Madison and Taylor (nieces) again last night. That’s what good dad’s do ya’ know. So don’t take offense to my big mouth 😀 Love YA!!!

  250. Danae said

    I didn’t take it that way. Don’t worry. They had built a whole premiere weekend around the movie. That is why it was on so much. I was just reading some reviews for it and they kinda pissed me off. Guess what? I am now PMSing. Critics are one of my biggest pet peeves. Can you tell?

  251. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Iwildstar d’Nightwalker, Danae and I came up with these names for my Henry bat baby siblings…….

    Bat’s names are …..Lil’ Louis de Pointe du Lac, and the other is his sister bat

    Claudia de Lioncourt. They would be the Southern Bat branch of the family tree thanx to Anne Rice 😉

    Is that Cool 😎

  252. DIZEY1 :-) said


    I understand , I usually don’t go by what “Supposed” critics say about any movies. If it interests me I’ll check it out and generally don’t listen to other people.

  253. Danae said

    Me too. They just annoy me that’s all. It annoys me more that other people do listen to them and won’t go see a movie or listen to a CD or read a book because somebody they don’t know said it sucked. Think for yourself people. Make your own decisions for crying out loud.

  254. Danae said

    If anybody on here do listen to critics, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to offend.

  255. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Well when you think about it the name says it all. Critics they are critical and as far as I know there aren’t any “Critically acclaimed Critic Colleges” around. Who died and left them in charge anyway. Siskel and Ebert used to drive me crazy. It’s a very strange job, don’t you think and how negative all the time it’s got to be depressing to always find fault with other peoples work. I can’t imagine them having many friends in the BIZ that actually like them 😉

  256. Annalaise duChat said

    Hi Dizey,

    My daughter really enjoyed talking to you yesterday. She thinks you’re cool.

  257. Madonna said

    I think that critics can give you a decent run-down on the tone or feeling of something, but you have to take what they say with a grain of salt.

    After all they are voicing their opinions and opinions are (pardon the crudeness) like ***holes, everyone’s got one and they all stink.

  258. Madonna said

    But of course…. Dizey is cool.

  259. Danae said

    I am all for having your own opinion but sometimes I feel they are trying to force it on the public and why do they have to be so cruel about it.(The cruel was said in a very sarcastic way.) I told you movies and critics really gets me going.

  260. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Dr.duChat, It was my pleasure , and like I told your lovely child that MBF is a Melanie so she automatically is cool 😉 Tell her thanx for thinking I’m cool 😎
    all my blood sista’s are very cool, we have the best Gang !!

    Madonna I love your analogy on the critic. Very true ! I can’t wait until our dude gets his gifts I’m so stoked for a response and I know he’s cool enough to send us a thank you of some kind. He could post a pic of him and Cali for us on one of our blogs that would be a pretty cool thank you note 😉 😀

  261. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey I guess Prtfvr is sleeping in today cuz’ she can! Whoo hooo I love vacation time.

    PRTFVR…… When you and Henry get up out of bed (you lucky dawg)……..can you check out the IMBD stats for our team *BT*. Love ya !!

  262. Maddie Mo said

    Good morning all!!!
    Okay almost afternoon, but it has taken me this long to catch up on Blog/ email and throw in some work here and there.

    Dani— Gald you date went well.

  263. Madonna said

    I hardly ever listen to critics anyway because I tend not to like what most people like. I don’t watch much TV or see too many movies because of time restraints so I guess I’m kind of hard to please that way. That right there tells you Blood Ties is pretty impressive.

    In fact I think the last Academy Award Winner for Best Picture that I liked was Braveheart. A good example is Old School with Will Farrell. I hated that movie.


    Are you and Adam going to the movies tonight?

  264. Madonna said

    You know, I didn’t even go into this project expecting a response from him. Yeah it would be awesome if we got one, but I don’t need it. Does that make any sense? Kyle as well as all the others involved with Blood Ties has brought so much happiness to my life the past few months that I just wanted to do something nice for him. I just hope it brings that beautiful smile to his face and a gleam to his eyes.

  265. Danae said

    I’m not sure if we are going out tonight. He didn’t get back to me.

  266. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Madonna you are so right. Very true that it is just to let him know how much we appreciate his great work , and how happy he makes us 😀 I do hope his manager gets it to him and hope he and Claire enjoy their wonderful Birthdays simultaneously or together 😉

    I lost perspective for a moment there. Feeling a little greedy and wanting something back, maybe since I can’t get any fresh Henry I want something from KYLE (hee hee hee) 😉

  267. DebS said

    I am with Madonna, I don’t really listen to critics. I watch a lot of tv and movies (although I am trying to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle, so we will see how I change my tv watching habits in the months to come). I watch a variety of tv, Blood Ties to The Office to NCIS. None of which have anything in common, so I tend not to listen to critics. I will give most things at least a chance.

  268. DIZEY1 :-) said

    I have to say Moonlight’s previews look interesting and I will check it out , basically because he’s a vamp. It looks kind of funny who knows and he’s no Henry/Kyle baby !!! And I do want to see the one that’s coming to HBO Charlaine Harris’ novel I think. It’s gonna be a Vampire Fall Ya’ll !!

  269. Danae said

    I wasn’t expecting anything back either but I was thinking it would be nice to be acknowledged somehow like Tanya did with the bookmark.

  270. Madonna said

    As I said, it would be awesome to receive a response. I’m just not going to expect one and if we don’t receive one I’m not going to think differently of him.

  271. Danae, Madonna — He’s a busy boy (man) and probably will receive tons of mail for his birthday. I imagine all of the fans are trying to get his attention. It’s enough to know that he’ll get a chuckle from our card. If he does respond in some way though i would be an unexpected bonus.
    On the 24th we should all log on and post Birthday messages just to him just for the heck of it. We should FILL the blog with Birthday wishes. What do you think?

  272. Danae said

    My sister just called. She is having a boy. I was like NOOOOOOOO! She wants to name him Kasen.

  273. Danae said

    I was going wish him a Happy Birthday on here anyway. Don’t forget that it is also Claire’s birthday that day.

  274. How could I forget that?

  275. Danae said

    I know but I don’t want everybody to only wish it for him and not her on that day.

  276. I think we should go to an absolute extreme with the Birthday wishes. Poems and links and a full fledged celebration for the two of them!

  277. Danae said

    I second that motion.

  278. What if we schedule a birthday chat and invite Tanya?

  279. Danae said

    That sounds cool.

  280. Madonna said

    I’ll third all of that.

    Also keep in mind that there is no way the pkg. will reach him by his birthday. To my knowledge it hasn’t even been sent yet.

  281. Danae said

    I figured but as long as he gets it doesn’t really matter, right?

  282. Oh, that’s kind of a bummer. I thought it was on it’s way. No matter though. We can still party. Maybe Ms. gypsy would be willing to invite Tanya. I’d do it but she’d have no idea who I was. She’s familiar with gypsy.

    Ms Gypsy would you be willing?

  283. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey ya’ll heading to lunch but I say Right On for the Birthday chat, and an all day Kyle & Claire Day!! Whoo hooo 😉

    Catch ya’ll when I get back

  284. Danae said

    Ha! This will show those damn critics.

  285. Madonna said

    Well, Dylan’s is Oct. 8th. ? Guess we’d better start brainstorming ideas for his pkg. if we’re going to do one.

  286. Danae said

    Yeah maybe something centered around things he can do with his kids. He has 2 girls right?

  287. Madonna said

    No clue……

  288. Danae said doesn’t say.

  289. Madonna said

    I think he mentioned it in his podcast. Someone needs to go back and listen to it.

  290. Danae said

    I might be able to do it later.

  291. We might want to watch centering too much on the kids. I think most family oriented actors would probably prefer to keep their kids out of the limelight.(think stalker)

  292. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey I’m back where is everybody?? Today **SUCKS**!!!!! 😦

  293. Danae said

    I am here. Busy that’s all.

  294. DIZEY1 :-) said

    We got our new email server at work, and guess what?? It doesn’t work. None of us have rec’d AN email. Not one can you imagine when it connects how insane it will be. I hate change!! Sorry just had to bitch 😀

  295. Danae said

    Whenever they change something with the computers that is supposed to be new and improved it never works. We all say you should have just left it alone. It is like Murphy’s Law.

  296. DIZEY1 :-) said

    I agree if ain’t broke don’t fix it. People can’t leave well enough alone.

  297. Danae said

    I am out for the day. Talk to you tomorrow. Ciao!

  298. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bye Danae,

    Have a good one !! Talk to ya tomorrow 😦

  299. Danae said

    Don’t talk to yourself on here all by yourself for to long.

  300. Margaret said

    I’d say we stay away from the kid thing other than maybe mentioning his lack of sleep. There’s probably a good reason no one knows how many kids he has, doesn’t seem like he wants it known and who can blame him. I think I read or heard somewhere he had a couple of small children but I don’t remember where it was. His would be more difficult unless you come up with something from the Hen House like all the hens holding a banner telling him Happy Birthday that we love him too. (and in teeny tiny letters-“maybe not as much as Henry, but we still love you”). I know, cold and a blow to the ego to boot. Sorry, couldn’t come up with anything better. Even he says Kyle’s character is sex on two legs but I’m not sure what you could do with that.

  301. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Mag’s I can tell you what I could do with Mr.Sex on two legs 😉

    Oh but that’s just me the gutter gal, CLaire I’m waiting for you 😀 😛

  302. DebS said

    hi all- Just checking in. Question. Have you eve wanted to just beat your head against a wall because of the work day you’ve had? That is so me right now. Screaming on the inside, I am.

  303. DIZEY1 :-) said

    DebS, Everyday in this asylum I call work!! head beating yep, hey lets go drink !! 😉 Hey I’m screaming on the outside (JK) I wish

  304. Margaret said

    Dizey: You’d have to beat me out of the way first.

  305. prtfvr said

    Ok, IMDB ratings are in an Kyle’s rating has gone up. Blood Ties has really moved too. Forget searching for anything else but Blood Ties on the IMDB now. Time for the big push!

  306. DIZEY1 :-) said

    OOooohh fiesty little broad aren’t you Ms. Maggie May , wanna wrestle ?? How about we do shots for him or better yet let him do the body shots (hee hee hee) I mean it is his birthday he needs something memorable 😉

    I’m game for something fun. We need a game or something new to do till Doomesday (October) waaaaaaaaaaaa I want some Henry man!

    Another 22 postcards going in the mail today and I’m giving blood again after work are they still doing the blood thingy on Bloodlines ?? Oh well I donate every 8 weeks anyway.

  307. DIZEY1 :-) said


    Just search for Blood Ties ?? Not my Birthday Boy??

  308. prtfvr said

    You can keep searching on The Man but Blood Ties seems to really be moving probably because of its premiering in Canada so that’s where I’d dedicate my efforts right now. Hit ’em hard ladies!

  309. prtfvr said

    BTW. Gina’s number is 673! She’s beating everyone!

  310. Margaret said

    Dizey: I’m a cheap drunk, so I’d prefer he do body shots off me. One or two drinks and I’m done so I can’t compete in that arena. I can always fence you for him…..

  311. Margaret said

    Madonna: How about something for Dylan’s card incorporating a fire and that stupid raincoat he wears ALL the time.

  312. lwildstar said

    Oh I’ve missed you today!

    Body shots! Margaret I’m with you – only I can’t drink at all – but I’d be more thatn happy to “serve”.

    Work was awful – ok I’m going to vent – I’ll try and keep it short – first we have another temp! I widh they would just hire someone, I’m getting tired of traing someone only to have them reach the point where I no longer have to watch over them and then they are gone! second the wicked witch of the office (I’m the good witch) decided to picl on my 10 minutes before I was to leave! Ispent those 10 minutes explaing to the office manager that if Ms.T had found a mistake in the report I had done then I would be more thatn happy to correct it, but she had never said anything to me about it (No, what she did was email the office manager and tell her that I made a $100,000 error – but no mention of where in the report it was!) so now tomorrow not only do I get to spend the day working wit the temp, but I have a feeling I am going to be going over this report with a fine tooth comb looking for the error – unless of course the office manager finds it – when I left she was printing out a copy of the report I did and a copy of last years to see if she could decipher the problem. I told her the two reports wont match – years 01 and 02 fell off and we added years 06 and 07 – duh the numbers will change – so if thats the issue I’m going to scream!

    Ok you can return to your regular scheduled programing…

    Back to body shots!

    I finally caught up reading the emails – but I really didn’t respond to any of you….sorry there were just too many!

    Finally got a chance to go on and read the emails there….so you want to know what happened to Kate? hummmmmm…..I’m not telling, you’ll just have to wait til the sequel!

    I’m writing too many things! so I’m working on the Sequel during lunch and one of the other two stories when I get home…..

    Will go do my IMDB duty and then I am going to go get dinner – If we don’t get the storm that has been threatening all afternoon, I’ll come back. I still need to go to LT and post for the day.

    Don’t forget to let Stacy know how many postcards youre mailing!

    Talk at you later

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  313. vicki said

    GOOD NEwS!!!!!!!!!

    i just got the new TV guide…and our show has a mention!!!!! Its that girl who always asks…”Do you ever wonder why” She is very funny…and this time she is talking about how all tv vampires are detectives…LOL…she starts with Forever Knight…and then goes to Angel..and the new Moonlight..and then she mentions HEnry!!! It also show the date of when it comes back on!!!! I had to laugh…she didnt do her homework..Henry is a graffic novelist…but he plalys at detective…(Plays well) Anyway…I thought that it was a nice deal…there is even a picture of Kyle….Recognition!!! YEAH!!!!!!

    I hope that brightens the day of all you Monday bad dayers…..

  314. elizabeth said

    Okay, I have serious eye strain going on here, but I actually managed to get through all my emails and scan the blog enough to say I am caught up…sort of…in a vague I think I know what is going on kind of way 🙂 Can we also not mention that I did little (okay barely any) actual work….pretty please 😉

    Laurel – I was sorry to hear about your Grandmother. Big hug, my friend.

    Arrowyn – Love your name and I am glad you joined in the fun. Another Oregonian – woo hoo!! We definately have to all meet. I’ve had lunch with Laurel a couple of times and I just love her. I haven’t met Gypsy or Moonbeam yet, so it would be wonderful for all of us to get together.

    For all of you who are not feeling well…I hope you feel better soon.

    Vacation was wonderful – too short. Northern Idaho turned out to have a lot going on for it and the Resort was surrounded by lakes and mountains. The sun was so blinding I couldn’t go out without sunglasses and now I have this wonderful raccoon tan going on. Thank goodness for makeup. It hides the white around my eyes where my sunglasses shaded my face. Yea, I look just peachy.

  315. elizabeth said

    Geez, I must have killed the blog. Way cool! I’ve never managed that before. I guess I will just clean off my desk and head home. Poor, poor pitiful me….

  316. Hi Elizabeth

    Sounds like a grand vacation! I just spent another big day in a workshop and in a very messy classroom.

    I’m not clear if we’re on for this weekend with Laurel or not. I’m scrambling to get stuff done so I can go to P-land worry free just in case. :>)

  317. elizabeth said

    Moonbeam – Hey there lady. Looks like we posted at the same time! I’m not sure about the get together this weekend either. my weekend is pretty open and I would love to meet.

  318. lwildstar said

    hello? any one home?
    the laptop has gone haywire…and with the on again off again storms I don’t want to leave the computer on long.
    So I thought I would check in….

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  319. Elizabeth, I guess it depends on Mz Laurel then :>)

    Iwildstar, we had a bit of rain in ‘ol Eugene today. I even took off the ‘ol sandals.

  320. elizabeth said

    lwildstar – I’m here for a few more minutes and then I am heading for home. I am brain dead at this point of the day.

  321. My boy Gus is itching to get to Portland one more time before school starts.

  322. elizabeth said

    I can’t believe school is starting back up soon! Krysten mentioned shopping for school stuff and I just looked at her blank until she reminded me how quickly it is coming up on us. Yikes!

  323. Yeah, I know and I’ve got to get my senior his pictures too! Geez I’m way behind the times. I have to officially start work on the 27th. Been there already for days and days. . . . . . .. . . ., naturally

  324. elizabeth said

    Speaking of my lovely child; I need to head home. I’ll talk to everyone tomorrow 🙂

  325. See ya

  326. wow I make it back in (got kicked out) and everyone has left!

    Ok I’m going to log out too…

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  327. Margaret said You want the third link. It doesn’t work all of the way but you get most of the interview! =)

    New interview of Kyle regarding BT premiering up in Canada. Stacey was good enough to give me the link and of course I had to share.

  328. Dang, I couldn’t get it to work at all :>(

  329. thanks Margaret – I got to watch most of it before it kicked me out – Kyle with a 5 o’clock shadow! scruffy!

    They were interviewing him in a seaker store? it cut off when they wre about to explain the location…

    WeI was just checking in – I’m off for the night – I’ll try to check in tomorrow morning…

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  330. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Thanx Margaret, it cut me off too, wassup wit dat?? Man what a tease 😦

    Nightwalker, more like a midnight shadow, that was almost a beard. Scruffy in a sexy dude way 😉

  331. Annalaise duChat said

    For some reason I couldn’t get it to work. Bummer.

    Hey try this though. New Eagles song.

  332. msgypsy said

    I got the link to work audio only. Sigh! Plus it dies about halfway through. Kyle needs to read up on his British history. The historical Henry Fitzroy wasn’t the child of a chambermaid. Lady Blount was the wife of an influential nobleman and she was herself a lady in waiting for Queen Catherine. That means she was noble, because the ladies in waiting are always high born. But other than that he sounds pretty up on all his stuff. Apparently he was doing some kind of sneaker ad? I was confused on that.

    On Dylan’s birthday greeting, PLEASE don’t put in anything about loving Kyle more. First of all, for some of us that’s untrue and second of all, even if he does admit Kyle is playing sex on two legs it’s rude to make that a point on Dylan’s birthday greeting. I’m all for the trenchcoat in flames idea. And, yeah, skip the mention of his kids. Even if I do insist that fatherhood looks damn sexy on him. If I were an artist I’d do a card similar to Kyle’s but with all of us dancing around the bonfire that’s incinerating the trenchcoat, and some of us making comments about poufy hair and some about his “sweet piece” (thank you, Coreen, for that bizarre mental image!) and stuff like that.

    Now that the play is over I feel lost. No one has commented on the play on the mailing lists pertinent to the group. I’m a little nervous that we’re going to be ignored and eventually forgotten.

  333. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Annalaise thanx and I love the Eagles, they look and sound as great as they did 20 yrs ago. Damn writing that makes it seem so long ago. God when did Hotel California come out? I had that on vinyl baby an actual album 🙂 Played it to death, stab it with stealy knives but you just can’t kill the beast!! YAY Rock n Roll 😀

  334. “all of us dancing around the bonfire that’s incinerating the trenchcoat” – I agree!
    Just stopped to check in! I’ve been waiting on the lap top to run the scan disk – I have no idea what its problem is – the thing just went berserk tonight. oh well, Going to bed now

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  335. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Night Nightwalker 🙂 sleep well and have………………….

    Reves doux d’henri

  336. msgypsy said

    Not the best but certainly not the worst review ever. Clued in by the lovely Denis McGrath…

    (I hope he reads himself being called lovely some day. I suspect he’d get a giggle and an unexpected snort from that.)

  337. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Gypsy, I take offense to some of that crapola that person was spewing. What an ass. I feel insulted, imagine how the cast and crew will feel. I think that Critic should be ….**Drawn and Quartered** (up coming ep from the best show around). Wow I would be a bitchy celebrity, I would take everything personally because it is personal. Danae and Madonna and I talked this morning about critics, she’s gonna be pissed tomorrow when she reads that. 😀 😛 Oh sorry for the rant 😉

  338. Anzia said

    okay, so is there a word for the state past exhuastion? Or am I in uncharted territory? (well, except for the millions of other people who are suffering from teh same illness of course….) I could SOOO go to sleep now and not get up for a few days. *sigh*

    *shakes head a couple of times* must break cobwebs free!

    So, work…yeah. I listened in on people making calls today. It was kinda weird. The girl I was with is a vetran caller of 3 yrs but she was doing things that we’re taught not to do. I kinda wanted to steal the phone from her…or scream…not really sure which. ^_^ It made it a lot less scary though. Just seeing that it CAN be done and mistakes WON’T cost you your job (at least not immediately). I mean, the girl I was shadowing typed in a customer who called in’s phone number, switched screens and lost all of the customer’s data. She (the customer) wasn’t too happy with being asked for her phone number again.

    The beginning of the day was worse. Gotta love computers and technological glitches in new buildings and re-installed systems. We spent the entier 8 hrs READING OUR MANUAL! out loud… in turns…OMG! Can anyone say snooze fest! I think I went through 3-4 mugs of coffee just trying to stay awake. (it’s quite possible that i’ve tripled my coffee intake in the last week) WOW, so boring. However, the class took a quiz that another girl (Kim) and I wrote together. They hated it. It was REALLY hard. We had a lot of stuff that wasn’t incredibly obvious on it and some “trick” questions. Lots of grumbling.

    So, have an odd question. Do you think daycare providers put jet fuel in their food? I’m just wondering where a kid of 4 can find the energy to stay awake AND run around until 10:30-11pm (or later!) and still get up at 8. That’s more than 8 hrs but don’t children that age need more sleep than just 8 hrs? I swear Kevin has found his own alternative power source ’cause that kid has more energy than a nuclear power plant! WOW!

    I’m sorry that most of everyone’s day at work sucked.

    Gypsy- I”m sorry I didn’t do this earlier: CONGRADS ON THE PLAY!

    *fingers drag across keyboard* wow… i might just passout here on the table and not make it to the couch tonight (…long story… don’t ask… don’t wanna think about it).

  339. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Aw Z I’m so sorry you’re so……whooped. If I would’ve read for * hours, OMG no that’s a sedative. If I had a smidge of that little power plant you’ve got just think of what I could accomplish. Well it sounds like you’re ready to crash , sleep well although you’ll probably be asleep before your head hits the pillow.

    Sweet dreams of Henry Z girl 😉
    (reves doux d’Henri) XOXOXOX beth

  340. Anzia said

    Gypsy- okay, that article was just… GRRR… there’s an ’email the author’ function on the side… i’m sorely tempted to do just that.

    “And No. 10: a TV pilot should never be two hours long.”- Okay… can anyone name other pilots that were 2 hours long? I’m sure there’s more than just Blood Ties. And what’s wrong with a two hour pilot? Did the author even look INTO the books?

    I’m with Dani. Critics are annoying. They’re in a position of power which they wield blindly. How many actually research what they’re critiquing? I mean, has this author even SEEN the other paranormal/vampire shows that are out? Oh, wait, THERE WEREN’T ANY! *rolls eyes* sorry… ranting… i’ll stop… UGH

  341. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Well kidz I’m gonna crash too. I’ll chat with ya’ll tomorrow until the I bid you adieu’

    XOXOXOX Love ya’ll and Sweet Dreams of Henry ( Reves doux d’henri)

    Henry de mai vous apportent beaucoup de plaisirs dans votre assoupissement. Caresse douce partout vos corps.

  342. Anzia said

    Sweet dreams to you my dear Diz. I’m FINALLY going to bed. Kev, whom I love dearly don’t get me wrong, just conked out! THANK GOD! ^_^

    Have a great night & morning/day (depending on when I get back here) guys.

  343. moonbeam said

    I couldn’t hold back and did email the reviewer. I stated, “Thanks for reviewing the show, but I felt that “Adequate” wasn’t exactly the adjective that fit for Blood Ties. I was Very nice about it, but that was the gist of my comments.

  344. Margaret said

    Ok Dizey, its up to you and me to right this guys opinion, or at least tell him thanks for the review because people will tune in just to find out whether he’s right and wrong and find out that he’s wrong. I’ve already emailed the tvguide gal.

  345. Margaret said

    Written interview with Kyle about premier the show and premier.

  346. Notably, Schmid also called upon a family member for stylistic inspiration.

    “I pulled from my grandfather a little bit, because he’s kind of a James Bond-ish, suave gentleman who brings to mind the 1960s and 1970s, mysterious, very smooth and very controlled,” Schmid said. “That’s my mom’s dad. He’s a cool cat.

    “But he’s not a vampire.”

    Are you sure, Kyle? Isn’t it possible that your family tree traces back to Transylvania?

    “Okay, you got it out of me,” Schmid said. “You’re the first one.”

    *g* Kyle is just so cool. 🙂

    Lesson Nos. 4, 5. and 6: Some vampires can’t be repelled with garlic or a silver cross. Photogenic vampires can see their reflection in a mirror, especially when working on TV shows with limited budgets for special effects. And even a seductive vampire with mind-control abilities is no match for an obstinate mortal woman.

    Ummm…Hello? The vampires in FK also had reflections. And of course, it has nothing to do with limited budgets for special effects. It all depends on how you wanna tweak the legend. Whoever wrote that article is a total ass…even if it was kinda funny. Heh. I really didn’t find it all that offensive…but that’s just me. 😉

    Okay…so did I miss anything else?

  347. Oh Buffy actually had a 2 hour pilot for Season 6…and Season 1…even if that one was actually split in half…but I still count it as one ep.

  348. lwildstar said

    hey guys – morning has started off crappy already – I got a rather condesending email from the office manager in regards to the issue from last night (see previous rant above) so I just emailed back that I had thought I had checked everything and that if she knew some tricks for dong these reports (which I have been doing for two years) I would appreciate her help. GEEZE LOUIS!

    off to the salt mine now

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  349. Annalaise duChat said

    Good morning all,

    Glad you enjoyed the Eagles Vid Dizey. I just wanted to point out that Joe Walsh is a local boy from my are, and though he’s not an original member of the band, he turned out to be a GREAT addition. His guitar solo in Hotel California is rated the best rock guitar solo ever by Rolling Stone Magazine.

  350. Annalaise duChat said

    Let me clarify that before anyone jumps on me. He wasn’t born in Ohio, but we’ve adopted him as a native son. He got his start playing around the Cleveland area in the early 70’s in the band The James Gang. Ah the good old days!

  351. Margaret said

    As far as the video I had the same problem with it cutting off, I think it has something to do with firewalls, players supporting the media, etc. Chery actually got it to play up to the point where they were talking about his bright blue tennis shoes (which I never got to see as mine didn’t play that far. I asked her to send me her version hoping that it would play longer but she hasn’t had a chance.

    I’m all for burning the raincoat, how about throwing several boxes of donuts in the flames too.

  352. Madonna said

    Good morning everyone!

    After I went home yesterday I spent some time in the pool. We all played a game by niece made up that involved those long foam tubes and closing your eyes. Let me just say those foam tubes don’t hurt, UNLESS you’ve been hit in the head with them about 100 times.

    Margaret, Ms. Gypsy,
    I like the bonfire/trenchcoat idea. Anyone, any other suggestions for the card or gift?

    (((((((HUGS)))))))) to you. Hope your day gets better.

    OK, I must not have the program to play the video with Kyle, can someone fill me in on what he said?

  353. Annalaise duChat said

    I like the bonfire too. We can all be standing around eating dunots while it burns.

  354. msgypsy said

    I think that reviewer missed the boat completely in regard to vampires being visible in mirrors. That was a point in the original books. Henry is kind of vain about his appearance. Without a mirror, how could he possibly preen? (Okay, book Henry doesn’t PREEN. But he does worry enough about his appearance that mirrors are a must.) I realize the reviewer isn’t required to read the books before reviewing the show, especially since people don’t have to read the books before watching it in order to enjoy it. But I’d think checking that kind of detail out would be something a smart reviewer would take care of before setting fingers to keyboard.

    I may have a busier than usual day today. Actually, the days have been getting busier and busier so I think it’ll just be a normal day today. LOL! Back this evening for sure, though.

  355. Madonna said

    Welcome back! How was vacation?

  356. Margaret said

    Dizey-Did you tell stacey?

  357. prtfvr said

    Man wildstar! I feel your pain, I really do. My last boss (like this past June, last) ripped me up one side and down the other for changing the effort percentage on a professor’s salary without his permission. I have so many special stories about that guy. Anyhow, I know how you feel. It doesn’t matter what kind of mistake you make, some people live to point them out to you. Let me tell you though, they can dish is out but can’t take it! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Z: OMG! Are they taking themselves a little too serious or what? We had to take all the ecourses back in November and December. Took FOREVER! They eventually told us to just cheat so that it could be marked down that we’d taken them! THEN, in March TPTB finally admitted that the classes had absolutely nothing to do with the new application. Rat bastards!

    gypsy: I must be the only one who thought that interview was funny. It was irritating but if you put that aside it was pretty amusing. If he’d read the book he’d know that it wasn’t a “budget” constraint as to why Henry can see himself. He’s not invisible? Dude casts a shadow, OF COURSE he can see himself in a mirror. 😉

    Mags, I couldn’t view Kyle’s interview. Very disappointed I don’t mind telling you.

  358. Margaret said

    Some of the computer wizes here will have to help you. I’m a computer illiterate. Might have something to do with your firewall or your player. Help computer wizards….

  359. prtfvr said

    I’m figuring it’s the pop-up blocker. I’ll see if I can view it through another browser.

  360. Danae said

    Buongiorno ladies.

    Are we starting in on critics again? Grrrrrrrr! Short on brains? Plucky Heroine? I think they are doing great with the budget they have and most one hour shows have a two hour pilot. I say As if to that author.

    Thank you for listening. I am through.

    I guess Kyle’s interview answers our question to how old he will be. I was wrong. I admit it.

  361. prtfvr said

    How do you know when prtfvr goes on vacation? When you’ve had a drought for the past two months and torrential rains start. That’s how! 😉

  362. Madonna said,
    August 21, 2007 @ 5:47 am

    OK, I must not have the program to play the video with Kyle, can someone fill me in on what he said?

    Ditto with me. I have NO idea what you guys are even talking about.
    Spill darnit! *g*

  363. prtfvr said

    Danae: Isn’t he going to be 23? I couldn’t open the video.

  364. Danae said

    Not the video the article one. See Margaret’s 3:51 am post from today. It says he will be 23 later this month. I wasn’t sure if he was 22 turning 23 or 23 turning 24. I thought it was the latter. I was going to ask how your vacay was going but I won’t know because of the rain.

  365. Danae said

    I mean won’t now because of the rain.

  366. prtfvr said

    I like the rain actually. It means that I don’t have to water the plants. 🙂

    I’m working hard at hardly working. Rain can’t ruin that! 😉

  367. Danae said

    I like to play in the rain. Especially if it is thundering also. Thunderstorms are a major turn on for me.

  368. prtfvr said

    Ok, talk about your off topic conversations.

    Does anyone know anything about Synvisc injections? I have kneecaps about the size of silver dollars (they wore away and NOT how you think!) and the left one is acting up again. I’m completely out of cartlidge on that one so it sounds like that tissue paper that you put in gift bags crumpling when I walk upstairs. Anyhow…

    So the old knee is really bothering me. Part is because I gained 10 pounds when I was on steroids in January and never lost it. The other part is that the damn thing is practically gone. Anyhow, anyhow…

    A while back the doctor recommended Synvisc injections. I’ve read all about it but I was wondering if anyone here had any kind of experience or knowledge of it. One reason I put it off was because they hurt and I’m a whimp. The other is because it doesn’t seem to have been around a long time. Less than 10 years I think and I keep reading conflicting articles about its usefulness.

    On the bright side, it’s made from roosters combs so maybe it’s a sign! 😉

  369. prtfvr said

    Oh man, I dig thunder too! I have a couple of lightning storm cds for those special moments when I want to feel all cozy. 🙂

  370. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Morning girls, Danae I knew you’d be none too happy with that critic. What a jerk and Prtfvr I have to say as twisted as I am (hangs head in shame) I did laugh at some of the stuff , and then realized we/Blood Ties was dissed big time! Hey are you going somewhere on your vacation??

    Mag’s my friend I didn’t get a chance to let Stacy know I’ll try and get over there and let her know. I will also write to the tvguide people and give an opinion 😀

  371. prtfvr said

    Hey DIZ!! I’m doing NOTHING for my vacation! AND LOVING IT! 🙂

  372. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Prtfvr, I am soooo jealous that’s what I wanna do 🙂 Nothing !

  373. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Prtfvr, BTW I would so take the **rooster juice** as a sign Bird Lady 😉

  374. prtfvr said

    Lord, DIZ! Shame on you!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!

  375. Danae said

    My sister found a potential apartment. She is supposed to get an answer today. Her jerk landlord sent her an announcement of immediate removal. A$$. Also she has a wedding date. October 20.

  376. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Last week we talked about idiosyncrasies(sp) and I have to say one I have and just realized it while in the bathroom. I cannot stand for the toilet paper to roll under I will always change it no matter what bathroom I’m in OMG I am sooo OCD!!! Please tell me someone else does this or at least it bothers them. 😉 😛

  377. Danae said

    It is right across the street from the mall. Yippee! Shopping! Loooove it!

  378. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Congrats to your sister on the wedding date, and I’ll get out my Voodoo doll for the landlord 😉

  379. Danae said

    Diz-It always has come from the back it can’t be hanging from the front.

  380. Madonna said

    I feel your pain sister. My knee caps are one of my major orthopeadic problems. As a teenager they kept dislocating. I had to have surgery on both back then and then right after HS graduation they went into the left one to put a screw in to hold it in place. The surgeoun also tried something to help repair the cartilage but told me I had almost none left to save. At that time they told me I would be lucky to make it 10 years without having to have a knee replacement done. I’m at that 10 year mark now. Last October I had a MRI done on both. They are both in bad shape but my doctor still wants to wait a while because of my age. Still, I get an uneasy feeling knowing that that is coming.

  381. Danae said

    Great Thanks

  382. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Oh Madonna and Prtfvr,

    Wow that sounds painful, and with all the advancements in science why can’t they find a way to put cartilage back in there, like skin grafts (sp). They can put a man on the moon, but……

    Danae, it either rolls over the top or under. My obsession is over the top. Crazy I guess it’s just me. 😦

  383. Danae said

    It has to roll under, from the back and it has to be ripped at the perforations not ripped haphazardly. It looks awful that way. Hello I am Danielle and I am obsessive compulsive.

  384. Margaret said

    Danae: Congrats to your sister. Madonna & Prtfvr sorry about your body parts, ouch.

    You remember how we can’t look at little swimmers and certain food items the same any more. Guess my boss is having an early lunch, well he has chinese noodles and I had to get up and leave when I saw them. Trust me, he AIN’T NO KYLE SCHMID, HE WISHES BUT HE JUST ISN’T.

  385. prtfvr said

    Madonna: Yeah, doc told me that I was too young for knee replacement plus I had a “low tolerance” for pain but he wants to stick huge needles under my kneecap. I’m a screamer, ok?! When he had to aspirate a blood clot after knee surgery one time, I scared the whole waiting room! When I came out, everyone was more pale than me!

    I’ve never had an MRI of my knees. Just x-rays. Got a second opinion: both docs say my knees are still in “good shape”. Yeah, if your kneecaps are on the outsides of your legs instead of centered then I guess they’re perfect. I always wondered why an x-ray was good enough. Of course, the first doctor has seen inside of both knees so no surprises for him. But the other doctor? I didn’t like him anyhow.

    Last surgery doc said that there wasn’t anymore cartiledge for him to clean up so it was like this until I had to have surgery or i could try the synvisc injections. I’m reading up on them again and it doesn’t make me want to have a 14 gauge needle stuck under my kneecap judging by others experiences.

  386. prtfvr said

    DIZ: Regarding the tp. I can’t stand for the paper to be on the bottom. It has to start at the top. I had it so ingrained in my kids that when we visited someones house when they were young, one of them asked me how come those people had their toilet paper in upside down!

  387. prtfvr said

    “Swimmers”?! What the heck did I miss?

  388. Danae said

    Hello!? Postpartum, they needed Mike’s swimmers.

  389. prtfvr said

    OH! Well, I knew what “swimmers” were but why we were talking about them here left me clueless. Okay, what’s the chicken noodle soup connection or do I want to know?

  390. Danae said

    Chicken noodle soup? Now I am lost. Who said something about chicken noodle soup?

  391. Annalaise duChat said

    Hi everyone,

    I’m so excited!(and nervous) I just got an email from the director of the 24th Annual Writier’s Conference that I signed up for and I have an appointment set up to get my novel critiqued and edited by children’s fantasy writer Cinda Chima. on Sept 15. Wish me luck!

  392. Madonna said

    Go for it Annalaise! GOOD LUCK!!!

  393. prtfvr said

    ‘laise!! WOO HOO!!! Don’t forget your friends!

  394. Danae said

    Good luck Annalaise. Your novel will do great.

  395. Annalaise duChat said

    If I ever do get published you guys are all getting a thankyou in the acknowlegements!

  396. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Annalaise, OMG that’s awesome. Congrats!! Damn I’ll be able to say I knew her when she was just a HEN 🙂 Yeah so happy for you 😀

  397. prtfvr said

    DIZ: No one’s “just a hen” here! 😉

  398. DIZEY1 :-) said

    You are so right Prtfvr my bad! I am beth ( and proud of it !!

  399. Annalaise duChat said

    Well it’s a place to start anyway. I have to get on the ball and get writing! I still have a long way to go yet.

  400. prtfvr said

    Man, I need to figure out how the hens email works while I’m off.

  401. Danae said

    There’s a hens email? When did that happen? How do I get one? I missed something.

  402. Annalaise duChat said

    We are all “HENS” in capital letters! and that is something to be proud of! I have never been associated with such a talented, kind hearted group before.

    Thanks Tanya, Blood Ties and Kyle for bringing us together!

  403. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Danae so far it’s in name only I can’t retrieve anything yet, don’t even know where or how to retrieve 😎

  404. prtfvr said

    There’s hens email but I haven’t figured out how to make it independent. Right now it just forwards to your real email address. Diz is my experiment/victim before I can add anyone else. Gotta get hers working and I haven’t done crap with it since I gave her the email address! 😦

  405. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Amen Dr. duChat I second that emotion !!

  406. prtfvr said

    ‘laise: Spoken like a star!! 🙂

  407. Margaret said

    Chinese Noodles goes places-I think it was one of lwildstar’s chapters on her story. Correct me if I’m wrong, anybody.

  408. prtfvr said

    Diz: If anyone uses your hen’s email address, I have it forwarded to your regular email address for the time being.

  409. Annalaise duChat said

    I think I just used my lifetime allotment of exclamation points.
    (from Smoke & Ashes)

  410. prtfvr said

    See, this is how behind everything I am!

  411. Margaret said

    Annalaise duChat-Congrats. You go….

    P.S. I might have momentarily lapses where I lust over mikey but I’m a hen all the way. O’Henry, where are you?

  412. Madonna said

    Thank you! I agree wholeheartedly!

  413. Madonna said

    I think the noodles comes from part one and two of Anzia’s story.

  414. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Prtfvr, the Lo Mein is **Dr.Z’s** Story it’s great I need to get the link for you , and Himmie’s is Elder Hostel hysterical, and Annalaise is linked to her name like the Hens is linked to your name. Oh and Lady A has one also I’ll see if I can attach them .

  415. Margaret said

    See, I knew you all would tell me where to go. lol

  416. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Here are all your HENS works of are Prtfvr check it out 😉 They are all stars!! Love you girls 😉 This is *Z’s* Himmie’s Iwildstar Annalaise (whoo hoo)

    I can’t find Lady A’s does anyone have it it must be save in my home email.

  417. DIZEY1 :-) said

    that was supposed to be works of ART! Damn typing sucks!!!! Worse than Henry FitzRoy 😉

  418. prtfvr said

    Cool beans! Thanks Diz! I sent it to my hen’s account. Have you tested the new link yet?

  419. Madonna said

    Question……. If Henry has hens, what animal do we/can we associate with Mike’s Minxes?

  420. Danae said

    A minx is an animal.

  421. DIZEY1 :-) said

    No I haven’t how do I check it out?? Which email is it going to??

  422. Danae said

    I mean Mink. See here:

    They almost look like ferrets.

  423. prtfvr said

    Diz: I sent you the site in email too. Here it is:

    Your user name is your whole email address. This is the first time I checked it out since the site was upgraded. It was much easier to use this time. Let me know if it works.

  424. Madonna said

    Hey Danae?
    Can you post the link to your writing again?

  425. Danae said

    Here you go: http://Writing.Com/authors/luvslegolas300

  426. Madonna said

    Thank you Danae.

  427. DIZEY1 :-) said

    So Sorry Danae I missed your link. i’ll add it to my fav’s here it must be on my home computer.

  428. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Prtfvr I tried the link again and it says it’s not secured can I just click on it and try anyway?

  429. lwildstar said

    The whole report issue was just the tip of the iceburg – there were several mistakes (its one report that is a compulation (sp) of ther reports) and mine was just one bit – what made me the maddest was that the person I gave the information to is suposed to proof it before passing it on to the person who sees the client – I geuss he didn’t – any who when the mistake was brought to his attention he corrected it with out telling me so now the original is gone so I have no proof one way or the other – anyway this morning I simply told the office manager that I had double checked everything and that I would appreciate it if she could show me what I had done wrong so that I know what to watch out for in the future – of course that email was sent after I typed out a rant in Word so i could get it out of my system and delete it – her response was “I like your attitude” – I guess since I didn’t fly off the handle, little does she know – and then she brought over the paper work to show me my boooboo, which is all I wanted – well really someone should have told me at the time they found it! Geezzzzz

    and then I let the temp go to lunch and forgot to have her forward the phone to VM and wouldn’t you know HR called to check up on her!

    I’m still sick – I want to go home and curl up with Henry for a nice long nap!

    so while I still have a little time left on break I’m going to go check my email!

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  430. lwildstar said

    ooppss i forgot
    congrats Annalaise!

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  431. Danae said

    That’s ok. My stuff isn’t BT stuff so it doesn’t count.

  432. Danae said

    It will get better wildstar. Don’t worry. And at least you put compulation and not copulation like Dizey did.

  433. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Danae I meant to do that 😉 NOT

    Prtfvr, can’t connect on that link either. OH POOH!!!!

  434. DIZEY1 :-) said

    And Danae it doesn’t matter that it’s not Bt stuff , it’s your stuff and that makes it important. You see we’re just a copulation of good eggs here 😉
    I think I can use some of Laurel’s/Claire’s Birthday Weed since her b’day and the Little Prince’s are Friday…….I’m comin’ out so you better get this party started!!! 🙂 😉 😎

  435. elizabeth said

    Congrats Annalaise! This is such exciting news! You write so well that I know you are going to be published. Can I have an autographed copy when you do? Please…pretty please???!!!

    i do not know what is up with work today. They actually expect me to work! And, who decided the deadlines have to be right away? Are they nuts? Okay, that was just a ridiculous statement – of course they are nuts. Now, I am muttering under my breath and people are starting to look at me. What is up with that?

    Deep breath.

  436. elizabeth said

    lwildstr – I’m sorry about the report and you not feeling good. I use your trick quite often when I am dealing with upper management. I rant away in a word document – delete it when I can breath again – and then send a wonderfully rational response to the latest insanity. Works every time. The only time I run into real problems is when I am face to face with one of them and they are making absurd demands. It is very difficult not to roll my eyes and keep a smile plastered on my face. I love my job…I love my job….I love my job. Whew.

  437. DIZEY1 :-) said

    *E* Welcome home to the roost. We missed you sounds like Idaho in the summer is great, I’d love to go in the winter. Hey did ya’ see Bruce Willis anywhere while you were there? It could happen. Don’t feel bad the other day no one was here to play so Henry and I chatted and he whispered sweet nothings in my ear and nibbled while he was there too. Hey it was my fantasy I can have him doing preeeety much anything I want 🙂 Love ya and glad you;re back.

  438. elizabeth said

    Dizey – Glad to be back! I really missed you guys. Hey, can I have Henry back? I really need him to whisper sweet nothings in my ear for awhile. I’d pout, but I don’t do it very well… 🙂

  439. Margaret said

    Prtfvr: Did you have “the” picture on your site? Where did it go?

  440. Annalaise duChat said

    Thanks Elizabeth. Of course you can! Just keep thinking those positive thoughts for me!

  441. Annalaise duChat said

    Thanks to you to lwildstar!

  442. Danae said

    Margaret-If “the” picture you are talking about is with the loincloth I believe it was a hypothetical picture. It was all created in prtfvr’s head.

  443. Himmiefan said

    Congratulations Annalaise!! Woo hoo!

    Hi everybody. I just wanted to check in. I’ve been kind of bummed lately. My boss and I just need to separate. We’re at the point where I can never please her, and I dread every interation with her because she can be rather hateful. It’s starting to affect my tummy, so I think it’s time to go.

    Oh, did I mention that I lost part of a filling and then a big chunk of the tooth fell off? I’ve got a humongous, gaping hole in my mouth. At least that what it feels like.

    Okay, just call me Ms. Sunshine today. Anybody got any parades they need rained on? I’m your woman.

  444. Danae said

    Himmiefan-Sounds like you need some BT help. Have you said anything to your boss about how you feel. Sometimes people don’t realize how horrible they can be and sound. Before I went on depression meds I was that way. The tooth thing sounds horrible. Does it hurt? Take some Tylenol and put some ice on it and go home. I think you need it.

  445. Margaret said

    Nah, I’m talking about the “Shocker”

  446. Danae said

    Oh I thought she did have it on there. I have it, do you need me to send it to you?

  447. elizabeth said

    himmiefan – How is the tooth doing? I hope you aren’t in any pain? I had the same thing happen to me awhile back. It was the weirdest feeling; like I had a crater in my mouth. It was actually not that bad, but it sure felt awful.

    What is it with bosses lately? Is it something in the air? Maybe I should check in with my employees and make sure they don’t have any voodoo dolls of me that I am unaware of? I truly do not get bosses that treat there employees badly. when I was promoted I vowed never to be the kind of manager I hated and I try very hard to be fair. Although, I have to admit, some days I feel like I am herding cats when it comes to getting everyone moving in the same direction. Good thing I am easily amused, huh?

  448. Annalaise duChat said

    Herding cats!!! I like that expression Elizabeth.

    Himmiefan. There’s nothing worse tha tooth problems. Yuk!
    Good luck with your boss.

  449. Margaret said

    I have it buried somewhere. Do you have my email?

  450. Danae said


  451. elizabeth said,
    August 21, 2007 @ 10:44 am

    Congrats Annalaise! This is such exciting news! You write so well that I know you are going to be published. Can I have an autographed copy when you do? Please…pretty please???!!!

    Same here! I SO want a copy! Congrats from me too!
    And I am SO psychic! I just mentioned something along those lines on your blog today. You SO rule!

  452. Himmiefan said

    Thanks everybody! Nice having people I can turn to!

    I’m not perfect by any means. I have a laid back style and she, well, doesn’t. She has admitted that she is a control freak (you know, there is a freak in control freak), and has said things like people don’t like her, they think her husband is a lot nicer, etc. She’s really bitter about something. Anyway, there are things that I think aren’t a crisis at all, but she thinks is the end of the world. She voices her disapproval like she’s talkiing to a child who has been very bad. I found a book at the bookstore last night, and the book has a section on the unpleasable boss, and she fits the description to a tee.

    Sorry for my rant. I’ve contacted a friend of mine who knows the career counselors in the area. I want to sit down one-on-one and see if I’m where I should be and what I’m doing wrong. For a while now, I’ve just been flat-out tired of the training field.

    Um, who’s got Henry? I don’t care if I’m in a work setting. I need him now!! Bearing chocolate. I can gum it.

  453. Himmiefan said

    Elizabeth – since you’re a boss, maybe you can give us some tips on what to do from a boss’s perspective.

  454. msgypsy said

    Wikipedia offers these for “minx:”

    Minx, a character in Zork
    Minx, Toyah Willcox’s first solo album
    Minx (comics), a DC Comics imprint
    Hillman Minx, a car
    Minnie the Minx, a comic character
    Slinkee Minx, an Australian dance act
    an archaic spelling of mink

  455. msgypsy said

    Annalaise, I’m so stoked for you! You’ll have to let us know how it goes.

    I don’t know what’s up with bosses, either, but mine’s on vacation and in his absence HIS boss has become the a**hole he usually just jokes about being.

  456. elizabeth said

    I can try.

    Usually, if there is an issue I am having with my boss I request a conference and sit down with the individual to talk about how their actions are affecting me. I am like you, Himmie, my dear, I am fairly laid back and I have had difficulties in the past with MY boss because he was such a type A personality. I also knew he could push my buttons if i let him, so I really thought before I said anything to him. I acknowledged our styles were very different and asked him what I needed to do to meet his expectations that I wasn’t already doing. He had to admit I was meeting all the requirements. We then talked about what we could do to communicate better to avoid misunderstandings and problems going forward. It actually turned out to be a good discussion and we understood each other much better.

    I also encourage any of my employees to discuss problems/issues with me. Again, I actively listen to what they are saying, acknowledge any of the issues, etc. they bring up and strive to find a compromise that will work. It can be very draining at times because, as a Manager, there are some things I can’t change for them (corporate policy, raises, idiotic processes – don’t even get me started), but I am upfront on what I can and cannot change – always.

    Does your company have a HR representative? Sometimes it will help to talk to them and get some pointers on what you can do. If your boss has had similar complaints from other employees it could land her in some hot water. Particularly, if you are seriously thinking about leaving the company because of her behavior. Most employers try to retain employees, especially good ones. It could also open doors for other opportunities within the company – depending on job opportunities and openings within your organization.

    Does any of this help?

  457. Annalaise duChat said

    Autographed copies all around ladies! But let’s not get too far ahead. I haven’t even finished it yet.

  458. Danae said

    Speaking of HR reps, I went to the HR here to complain about somebody involving a form of sexual harrassment. I had put a sign up on the bulletin board saying I was selling video tapes. Somebody put on there that they were porn tapes starring me. She told me to take it down and put a clean one up. I did and the same thing happened. So I told her again. She said she didn’t know what else to tell me. Pretty absurd huh? Even the female HR person won’t help. Of course, she is tall, thin, pretty. Why would she want to help me right?

  459. Madonna said

    Good afternoon all….

    Ms. Gypsy,
    I have a hard time seeing any of the descriptions working for you minxes. What’s your take on it. What kind of animal is a minx. It sounds almost cat-like to me. (I keep thinking of a lynx.)

    I feel for you ladies. I’m pretty much in the same boat with you all. At least your boss isn’t a lazy, self-absorbed tyrant like mine.

    She actually wrote up one of my co-workers once for taking the day off to go to his grandfathers funeral. She told him he couldn’t and he did anyway. (Our company bereavement policy for close relatives is 1 week.) How insane is that?

  460. Danae said

    I posted the wikipedia page for a mink earlier this morning. It is a ferret like animal but bigger I think. Just take the k and change to an x. They look like a slinky wily animal. You know, a mink stole.

  461. DIZEY1 :-) said


    That is absurd, and don’t give me that she’s pretty crapola young lady. You shouldn’t have to take that from anybody and she should have asked who did it more than once and see who cops to it. My company is so small that we don’t have a HR person. My credit manager is kind of that person along with being our computer guy too.

    Himme, sorry about the tooth been there done that, they suck! I too have someone like you and I call mine the Wicked Sea Hag I’m sure Prtfvr will know what thats from. I went to my credit/comp. guy and told him one day after a reaming/ranting and told him I was bleeding from the back of my head, he looked and said Are you ok? and I laughed and said I was bleeding because she was pecking me at the back of my head. Argggg she’s my button pusher, yep the Old Sea Hag 😉

  462. Madonna said

    Thanks Danae! How’d I miss that?

  463. Danae said

    It is easy to miss a lot when you have a lot to read.

  464. Danae said

    Oh all the guys flock around her, constantly taking her out to dinner and she just absorbs all the attention. She glows in it. She honestly sucks at being an HR person.

  465. Madonna said

    Well, with my addiction I’ve got this window open about 3 in. wide and hidden behind my work documents on the screen.

  466. Danae said

    Oh I have got this window as plain as day big on my screen. My boss has finally decided to ignore it I think. As long as my work gets done who cares, I guess.

  467. elizabeth said

    Sometimes bosses get on a real power trip and it goes to their head. I actively dislike that kind of person and I am sorry any of you have to deal with it. I have just learned over the years to be more stubborn if I want something or believe there has been an injustice done. Occasionally, I have landed in hot water, but more often than not, I get results. Don’t ever let anyone dismiss you or make you feel less than you are! Danae, I would have definately called your HR rep on her attitude! And if I had been the employee written up, Madonna, I would have escalated the issue up the food chain. I just don’t take that kind of crap any more. man, I am getting angry just thinking about these people. It makes me want to send them to Manager boot camp or something. Hmmm, now there’s a though…..

  468. Danae said

    Elizabeth-She is the one and only HR person we have.

  469. elizabeth said

    Danae – That just sucks rocks! My sister had to deal with the same kind of HR person in the company she used to work for. This woman thought her opinion was the only thing that mattered and wouldn’t know an HR policy if it bit her in the butt. She was universally disliked by the employee’s, but management turned a blind eye. I wish I could help in some way.

  470. Danae said

    It’s alright. I can deal. Thanks though. I pretty much avoid her as much as I can.

  471. Madonna said

    I have bad eyesight. So they could fit more and save money they once changed our insertion forms that we had to type from to 3.5 pt. type. They just sprung it on us out of the blue. I tried to work from it for about 2-3 hours then got fed up. I walked into her office, slammed the ad down on her desk and asked her who’s bright idea that was. IT WAS HERS! I then proceeded to tell her that it was f***ing rediculous to expect us to be able to work from that. It was changed back the next day.

    I say we sic Henry on all the bad bosses. Anyone else with me?

  472. Danae said

    Hey the bad bosses and HR people can be villians in our movie too.

  473. msgypsy said I think that works for us Minxes. It’s how we see ourselves, right? Okay, seriously, I want to be a mink, so we’re Mike’s Minks. Mink is the height of luxury. And they’re nasty little critters and since I don’t believe in wearing real fur I like that about them.

    Speaking of bosses, mine isn’t here but the courier is and I wanna chat with her cuz she’s fun so I’m outta here now.

  474. Danae said

    Time for me to go home guys. I may go to the movies tonight with Adam. It depends on if my sister needs help with moving. Ciao!

  475. Madonna said

    Bye Danae!

  476. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bye Danae girl, and I’m with you Madonna my Sea Hag wouldn’t know what to do if we sicked Henry on her. She’s one of these people that speaks in a sweet and condasending voice, and the minute you walk out of the room or hang up the phone does this heavy sigh thingy and then procedes to talk about you or whomever the last victim was. Makes me want to puke, gag me with a spoon!!!

  477. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Gypsy I say you go girl if you want to be a SLinkee Minx OMG, I had no idea. I was surprised when I opened up the link. 😀

  478. Himmiefan said

    Thanks for the feedback Elizabeth, and everyone else! Something to think about. My sister also suggested talking to her and just saying how I feel and what can I do. I will do that on Thursday if I think I can do it without my “go to hell” look on and without crying. I cry when I get frustrated. I hate that!!! The big thing I wrestle with is what should I say. I want to be professional and respectful. I can tell her that we have two very different styles and just aren’t clicking. Can I also say that I dread every interaction with her because I feel like I’m always in trouble? Can I say that she frequently talks to me like I’m a child?

    Dani – can you e-mail this person so you have something in writing? What happened is clearly against the law and the HR rep isn’t dealing with it. I might be wrong, but I think you can take this to a state or federal agency and file a complaint.

  479. Himmiefan said

    Okay, where’s Sea Hag from????

  480. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Popeye , remember……… 😉

  481. Himmiefan said


    That’s funny!

  482. DIZEY1 :-) said

    I forgot about her vulture (hee hee hee) Muahhhhahhhhahhhhhaaaa

  483. DIZEY1 :-) said

    It helps to think of her that way when she’s doing her nagging thing, I kinda enjoy it now.

  484. elizabeth said

    Himmiefan – It might help if you wrote down what you wanted to say; what points you want to make to take into the meeting with her. I, too, get frustrated and want to cry, but I found that being clear on what I wanted helped me keep any meeting on a professional level. It is absolutely okay to say the things you mentioned. They are very valid reasons for the problems in dealing with her. You are right in wanting to keep it respectful and professional. Don’t allow what you say to come out as an accusation. It will just prevent your boss from hearing you and the meeting will become confrontational and get off track.

  485. vicki said

    Anna,,<<<You rock girl…I am so excited for you….I’ll keep my fingers crossed and say a little prayer…

    Anyway…got to hit the school tomorrow..first day bback for us to get my room set to rights.(they always tear it up during the summer, cleaning it)

    But I just found out that I have to cook…..we are having a covered dish to welcome everyone we have some newbies in the building. Cant decide what to cook..Hmmmmmm something summery and easy LOL
    oh well…check you guys later…got to finish working on the school website, had to add a page for the football schedule.

  486. elizabeth said

    I have to run to the doctor – yuk! And, to make matters worse – I have to go to the dentist after that. Check in with you lovelies tomorrow. Have a great evening everyone!

  487. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bye Miss E, have a good one and see ya tomorrow.

    Vicki I say bring em’ all that BBQ you had left over 😉

  488. Himmiefan said

    Elizabeth – I’ll do that. Funny, I just taught that in a class the other day. Trainer train yourself?

    Seriously though, thanks for the input. I appreciate it, and I appreciate everyone’s sympathy!! Makes me feel better. 🙂

  489. vicki said

    Dizey..I wish..its all gone…leftovers rule..and my brother in law took some home…(He showed up!!)

    I am thinking artichoke spinach dip..and maybe a dessert…Our principal hates desserts..becasue she has a sweet tooth…HEHEHhe

  490. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Vicki you are totally sweet and when I say totally sweet I mean Wicked awesome 🙂 you are a bad girl and I say yes I love spinach artichoke dip, dessert’s good too 😉

  491. vicki said

    Dizey…right back at you Dizey….

    I love it too…I ususally dont like spinach or artichokes..but in dip they rule!!!!!!

    mAYBE A red velvet cake..>Hmmmm one of my specialties…totally awesone

  492. vicki said

    Hey DIzey…

    I am going to get my licence plate personnalized…HEheh its going to say

    The Diva…..heheheh get it?? ?I am a singer…and the boys in the band call me that. LOL….Cant wait…

  493. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Vick the Diva that’s way cool. Red Velvet cake, ooh like blood , my mom makes one from scratch OMG to die for. Do you use cream cheese icing? YUMMMM

    I’ll chat when I get home 😛

  494. prtfvr said

    Diz: I didn’t know the Sea Hag! I hated Popeye when I was a kid!! My husband once had a boss and I swear he looked like he stepped right off of Goon Island!

    Himmie: I have TMJ Disorder and have so many cracked and broken teeth that I don’t even have them fixed or sanded anymore. You know it’s bad when you’re cracking crowns in half! When I’m stressed that’s one of the first places that suffers!

    I also cry when I’m frustrated and trying to get my point across. I’m also very insecure so I have a hard time supporting my dumb self when I get the chance. But damn. let anyone hurt one of my peeps and I’m all over their ass! My husband always tells me not to go in trying to “save the day”. It’s a problem I have.

    Sometimes I act! I’ll pretend that I’m someone else defending me! I’m a pisces so there’s always that dual personality thing going on. One fish swimming up, the other down. What can ya do?

    Re The Shocker: I had to take it down to be included as a link on the Bloodlines fan site. Someone specifically (at BT) asked Barb to pull it so she couldn’t put my link up if I kept it posted. No big deal. I’ll treasure it always. I’m not adverse to emailing it though, as you all know. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Day two of vacation. Another day spent napping. SHEESH! I’m starting to piss me off!

  495. I think there is a special level of hell for bad bosses and creepy nasty co-workers…

    and on that note – a rant a bout temps – yes we lost ANOTHER ONE! She may or maynot be back Thursday – and we have no replacement because her agancey didn’t call us, she told me oh about an hour before it was time to leave – so I went tot the office manager and shut her office door – she gave me this frightened look so I said “I’m frustrated and I may say something I don’t want anyone else to hear” so I explained that the temp would not be back tomorrow and may not be back at all – nothing against us she has a family issue she needs to take care of – but her agency should have contacted us! ….so my office manager calls our HR to have them call the temp agency…they told HR that we said we didn’t want to keep the woman so what did it matter! EXCUSS ME! This morning I told HR that I DID want to keep the woman and the office manager agreed – we sould even keep her on another week!
    Mis-communication was the excuss in the end!
    I complained that I am sick of training one person after another to a level where they can at least be helpful – and poof they’re gone! I was told most politly that I was going to have to deal with it until they hire someone permanent!

    I’m going to go crazy – plain and simple – poof I’m going to explode!

    At least I have my writing to keep me calm and the emails and blog to make me laugh – please help me keep some level os proffessional sanity!


    wheww I feel better – sorry to vent, I’ve needed to do that the whole way home. My cousin just became a supervisor and bought a book called “how to deal with bitchy coworkers” or someingthing like that I can’t remember – but its a hand book on how to deal with all types of employees in your office….I’ll have to find out what its called.

    So speaking of writing – if you go to my story link you will find it passworded – you’ll have to contact me. and I think I may just go work on my story to finish calming down…nothing like a hot demon or vampire to help make you feel better!

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  496. prtfvr said

    wildwalker: I know what you’re going through! Work would be fine if it wasn’t for all the damned people!

  497. lwildstar said

    You guys make my day!

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker aka Wildwalker or Starnight (thanks PRTFVR!)

  498. prtfvr said

    Wildwalker: Don’t forget to update your list! 😉

  499. Annalaise duChat said

    Hey guys I need help. I need the exact wording of the sniffing scene and it seems Bloonlines has taken down their transcripts can anybody help me out?

  500. catcornmom said

    Congrats to you, Annalaise!!

    I realize the TP discussion was way up there, but I feel compelled to say, I used to need the TP to roll under, but after my divorce it now has to roll over the top. I wonder what the means??? I’m ok with ragged tears.

    Prtfvr, I hope you get your knees feeling better. I think my mom has heard of what you’re talking about…If I remember correctly, it’s a little pricey. My mom has a lot of knee problems. She started getting cortisone shots last year every couple of months. They worked about 3 times, and now they aren’t working. The doctor said she has no cartilage left in her knees. I think she should just get them replaced. It’s just painful to watch her walk sometimes.

    Totally off the subject, my 7th grade son doesn’t want to wear his Big Dog basketball boxers tomorrow because he has to change for PE. They are so cute though. He just wants to wear his plain Hanes boxers….my little boy is growing up. (SIGH)

    Well, you gals have a good evening.

  501. prtfvr said

    My 18 year old still wears his Big Dogs! Don’t worry, he’ll eventually find it funny and wear them as a goof. Well, maybe that’s just because he’s my kid so he has a slightly different sense of humor.

  502. prtfvr said

    ‘laise: I’ll try to do my best to get sniffing scene written up for you tomorrow.

  503. Claire said

    While trying to respond to some of your deliciously rowdy emails I was rudely informed by my service that I had exceeded my outgiong mail amount! WTF!!!
    I have a limit as to how much mail I can answer???

    Soo…I will catch all my lovely beautiful talented Kyle crazed sistas tomorrow!
    wish me luck..I have to do another walk through with the ex landlord from hell..who still has my deposit!

    Bonne nuit… Good night Prtfvr!! LOL! Love you!

  504. Annalaise duChat said

    prtfvr– can you meet me in the chat room for a minute?

  505. himmiefan said

    “a book called “how to deal with bitchy coworkers”

    So you take the book and hit the coworkers with it, right? So much more effective and satisfying than just reading it. Am I wrong?

    Well, maybe my string of bad luck is over. I hope. Let’s see:

    1. Bitchy boss.
    2. Grand Canyon forming in mouth.
    3. Oh, I don’t think I shared this one, but yesterday, my hand jerked spilling my breakfast smoothie all over me, my nightie, and the couch. Gotta love it.

    Okay folks, the streak has got to be over. I’m not superstitious, but trouble does come in threes just like movie stars die in threes. They do, I swear!

    Lwildstar – I sympathize about the temps. It is aggravating. Is there some kind of virus infecting all of HR?

  506. himmiefan said

    Avatar Henry’s back!! Isn’t he a cutie!

  507. vicki said

    Dizey…My is from scratch too…and yes cream cheese iccing…with pecans…and 1lb of confectionary sugar…whOooo Hoooo SWEET

  508. Anzia said

    Annalaise- WAY TO GO! SO excited for you! Good luck dear! ^_^

    I”m sorry that people seem to be having bad days at work. Mine wasn’t too great but… i’m pretty much over it. I found that there were other things to rile my blood that overshadowed it. ^_^ I’m pretty mellow right now (which may or may not be a good thing… we’ll see I guess). We did roll playing calls (not NEARLY as fun as it sounds) and one girl was just hammering people on EVERY minute detail. Which would normally be fine but she was mean about it after a while. I got a “call” that we’d never gone over before and she tried to tell me that i’d have failed my quality evaluatoin ’cause I had told the “customer” information that we’d normally tell them but had no need to mention in this call. I told her that since I had no idea how to handle it I made sure I hit every quality point ’cause I wasn’t going to lose points needlessly. She asked our trainer if you can lose points for doing something you weren’t supposed to do. Trainer answered “yes” so I asked if I had done anything wrong. Trainer said, “no. You were perfect. Hit every QA you were supposed to and noted the acct accurately.” I said thanks and had to hide the cat-who-ate-the-canary grin that I had shining on the inside. That girl (the “must find fault with everyone even though it took me 20 minutes to do my ‘call'” one) actually made one of the other new hires cry. She was soo MEAN!

    *sigh* but that’s neither here nor there. I’m not really mad, just shocked that people would act like that. It helps neither themselves or those around them. Just seems stupid and juvenile.

    I’m actually going to be making live calls starting tomorrow at Noon *long deep breathe* Not scared of being on the phone but of messin’ up the screens. So, cross your fingers, pray, send thoughts or whatever that I don’t ahve a major blonde moment and totally screw up.

    And with that incredilby depressing thought. I’m going to bed. Kevin was up at 3am this morning ’cause he was having problems with stomach pain and all that again. So, not much sleep for the Zster over here. (Which made me giggly and even more weird than normal- NOT a good thing at work btw!) Must make up for it.

    G’night all!

  509. rifkind said

    Will Cinda Chima be getting your story ahead of time, so that she can really critique it? I’ve enjoyed reading about Kieron, it is a good story.
    Getting a critique from an already published genre author is great! It sounds like they have matched you up with a good person to talk to about the story and publishing etc!
    You go girl!

  510. Laurel said

    I just wanted to check in and let you know I’m sitll alive! I have only caught up to Aug 19th at 4:18pm, so I can’t comment on anything after that. Man we are talkers.
    Brava, Gypsy! I am glad the experience ended on such a positive note (lavender cheesecake excepted) I have had lavender candy before and thought it tasted like soap. Blehhh. Nasty stuff. I like rose flavored things but otherwise think flowers are for looking at and smelling good.
    Tango – glad to hear we still have the Ferarri!

    I’ll check back tomorrow! Be warned.

  511. Laurel said

    Still alive, not sitll alive. hehehe That’s what I get for blogging after midnight.

  512. Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl said

    So speaking of writing – if you go to my story link you will find it passworded – you’ll have to contact me. and I think I may just go work on my story to finish calming down…nothing like a hot demon or vampire to help make you feel better!

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

    Yo! lwildstar aka Nightwalker. Can you send your password to my email?
    I went to your link and decided to check up on your story only to find out I couldn’t get in. WTF?! Please please please password me? It was all like ACCESS DENIED! I say Screw that! Grrrrr….

    And Anzia! All your BT stuff totally up and disappeared from your site too! What gives?! Did you move it somewhere else? Or did it suddenly decied to go AWOL? HELP?!

    And peeps, peeps, peeps, enough with all the talk about teeth and knee problems. 😦 I’ve got enough of my own…so I TOTALLY feel your pain. So I’m guessing there’s no way to rebuild cartilage in the knee? Not that there’s much left in my knee anymore either probably. It’s been dislocated too many times and the main tendon has also been pulled one too many times, so it’s all just one big mess.

    In other news…did you guys hear about Hurricane Dean yesterday? That one officially made it in the record books. They said when it hit Mexico the pressure dropped all the way down to 905 and it had wind gusts of 200. Egads! I only went through wind gusts of I don’t even wanna think about that. No deaths this time though…just a lot of homes destroyed. I swear, if a storm that powerful was coming my way, I would SERIOUSLY think about getting the Hell out of dodge…easier said than done I know but still…not good being in the middle of that.

    And the high temp for New York yesterday was 59…and raining…I heard that on the weather channel last night. 59?! Okay…I say again…WTF?! Of course…I watched a special on 60 minutes Sunday night about global warming and it showed that grass is now growing in Anartica…so that totally goes without saying. I mean, come on! Anartica hasn’t been green since dinosaurs walked the earth they figure. Nope. Nothing wrong here. Rrrriiigghhhtttt…. 😮

  513. Anzia said

    vampgirl- My stuff isn’t completely gone. I’m “revamping” things you might say. WHen I have everything sorted out and re-done I’ll re post ’em. Sorry! Didn’t mean to freak you out. ^_^ This goes to everyone who tries to get to ’em. It won’t work. I promise. When the construction site is done and all the buff hot sweaty men go home (*sad eyes*) I’ll give you your link back! Until then…

  514. Annalaise duChat said

    I got an email from Cinda Chima this morning asking me to send her the first 3 pages before the 31st and she’ll get back to me with an evaluation based on that I guess and then we’ll talk more at the conference.

    I picked up her book The Warrior Heir last night on my way back from my piano lesson and started it this morning. I’m hooked already. She writes kind of dark fantasy as well. She’s from southern Ohio and uses that locale in her writing like I use Northeastern Ohio in mine. She write young adult fiction but it’s definately adult accessible.

    Claire, There’s a present for you on my blog, but “giggle” do not open until Friday!

  515. Annalaise duChat said,
    August 22, 2007 @ 5:37 am

    Claire, There’s a present for you on my blog, but “giggle” do not open until Friday!

    Hey Anna! Did you change your password for your blog? I can’t get into your newest post. If you did, please email me, ‘kay? You guys already know my very inappropriate screen name on AOL. *g*

    New pic! YAY! 🙂 Aaaahhh…I wish Henry was hanging out on my ceiling…and Spike hanging out in my closet. Good times. Heh

  516. Margaret said

    For those of you who had trouble with the Interview Video of Kyle,here’s a little advice that stacey posted over at Lifetime (I’m going to try it when I get home):

    Good Morning Everyone! The Kyle interview is here ………… it is the third link, and you have to right click, save target as, and then when it quits at 2:20 sop it and then drag it back to that time and it will play the rest of the interviw….this is what I affectionately call Kyle’s Mountain Man look =) Enjoy. Reminder to everyone to send post cards. Lifetime Entertainment Serivices/World Wide Plaza/309 West 49th street/New York, NY 10019…………they need to be sent to Andrea Wong, Susanne Daniels or Audience Relations. If you send post cards please e-mail me at Thanks!

  517. Danae said

    Buongiorno ladies!

  518. Margaret said (Lifetime Gina is inviting everyone to tell Kyle Happy Birthday at this site. I’m wondering if it isn’t a site that Lifetime has set up to guage interest). Had trouble pulling it up with the http://www. so I took that off and just put in Looks like a relatively new site. Things that make you go hmmmmm.)

  519. Margaret said

    But do me a favor, everyone go visit and leave greetings for him, if this is what they’re doing.

  520. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Buongiorno Danae, Bon Jour Claire, Good Morning Ya’ll ,

    How are we today, Mag’s you’ve been a busy bee this morning thanks for the post card mention too 😉 I had no problem w/the Kyle site and will go back and leave a greeting. Oh Happy Hump Day and BTW anybody see Lady A??
    Haven’t seen her all week, when was she coming back from Disneyland??

  521. Laurel said

    Okay Margaret, I did go over and leave a short birthday greeting. I noticed there was a link to IMbD there, so I think that is a good sign. The truly serious fan would know about that! 🙂

  522. Danae said

    Maybe she decided to join the Disney characters in cartoon land. I don’t know when she was coming back.

  523. Danae said

    Left my message for Kyle.

  524. Madonna said

    Good morning everyone,

    I had no problem with the site either. I’ll go back during break or lunch and leave a greeting.

    I think Lady A said something to the effect of talking to us all on Wednesday. So maybe today?

  525. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Cool 😎 Madonna , my momory isn’t what it used to be. Actually since that daing Katrina, we’re still a bit scattered 😉

    Blood Drinker/Vgrl** I can only say Thank You GOD! that Dean stayed the course cuz’ we here in N.O. are sooo not ready for another hurricane for at least another 10-20 yrs 😉 I wish!

  526. Laurel said

    Arrowyn? Are you still out there lurking? I am working over near you on Boones @ I-5 for the next few weeks. I could arrange some time to meet, either for lunch or after work if you still want to. Elizabeth is just down the road from us, too.

    Elizabeth! I missed you! I’m glad you had such a great time on vacation. It sounds fabulous, and maybe even restful.

    Gypsy – you get priority on my schedule, so name your day. I think Moonbeam may be coming up this weekend so maybe we can all meet somewhere for a quick meet or even a meal. You, me, Elizabeth, Moonbeam, maybe Arrowyn?


  527. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Momory isn’t good either but it was supposed to be MEMORY 😀 I guess based on my past spelling errors it could’ve been worse I could’ve written mammory huh?? 😛

  528. Danae said

    I was thinking the same thing Diz.

  529. elizabeth said

    Laurel – Good to hear from you and I am glad you are feeling better! I think it would be marvelous if we could get together this weekend. Just let me know when and where and I will so be there 🙂

    Margaret – posted my greeting (simple though it is) for Kyle’s birthday. Love the picture of him – yummy as always.

  530. Danae said

    Anyone here? I am on lunch and am at the Bloody Ford.

  531. Danae said

    I guess I am hanging out all by myself. I feel like Dizey did the other day, talking to myself.

  532. Laurel said

    Danae – Talking to yourself is not so bad. I’ve talked with you before and the conversation was witty and intelligent. What more could a girl want?

  533. Danae said

    I can ask myself intelligent questions and give intelligent answers.

  534. lwildstar said

    HEY!!!! my last post never showed up! bummer – well lunch is over so I’m off…talk to guys tonight!
    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  535. Madonna said

    Just imagine all the neat stuff you can learn about yourself that way.

  536. elizabeth said

    Hey, I thought it was normal to talk to yourself…Personally, that way I always get the right answers 😉

  537. DIZEY1 :-) said

    **E** and Danae,

    Sometimes there’s just no one else around but yourself and hey I love me, so I’ll chat w/me if I have to. Actually Henry was conversing with me so it’s all good 😉

    ya’ll I had 5 pgs of emails to go through and it took quite a while 😀

  538. Laurel said

    I’m off to work for a bit. Back this afternoon. My cell phone is on.

  539. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Catch ya’ll when I get back from lunch

  540. Danae said

    Yay! I’m not by myself anymore. Well I learned that I don’t like to be alone.

  541. elizabeth said

    I was over checking out this site and found a link to the photo shoot he did for Reel Men. There is a short video where Kyle is briefly (and I mean briefly) interviewed. Kinda fun – check it out.

  542. prtfvr said

    Tanya’s updated her Live Journal:

  543. Madonna said

    Thanks Elizabeth and prtfvr! I’ll have to check that out during lunch.

    Just wondering… How’s that situation working out at your parents’ house?

  544. I sent my B-day message to Kyle. Under my real name…which is Bernadette….which I can’t remember if I actually told anyone. My bad. Heh.
    So go and check out my message. I am such a goof. 🙂

  545. elizabeth said

    I have to leave in a little while to pick up my daughter. I have the pleasure of getting her registered for High School today *waaaa, where did my baby go….* I can’t decide if I should have a quiet nervous breakdown about this or throw a party because she is growing into such a wonderful young woman. Maybe I will do both..hmmmm.

  546. Danae said

    Madonna-Right now things are pretty quiet. They aren’t leaving the keys to their bedroom over the door now though. I have never a more immature couple. They act like children.

  547. Danae said

    Do both Elizabeth. Then you will have both bases covered.

  548. elizabeth said

    I will talk to you all tomorrow (or should that be ya’ll?) Wish me luck with the registration – I can’t walk into a school without feeling like I am on my way to the Principals office – don’t ask 😉

  549. Danae said

    Good Luck

  550. jpbaci1 said

    elisabeth-if you need anyhelp or advive(SOCIAL STUDIES EXPERT) as– an invovled parent is the best 1st step.

  551. Danae said

    Am I all alone again?

  552. msgypsy said

    Elizabeth, trust me, they don’t have truant officers looking for grown ups. At least not in my neighborhood. LOL! Good luck!

    All Portland area bloggers, this is THE worst weekend for me to meet folks, unless it’s late on a Sunday and at or near downtown. I have a meeting in Scappoose on Saturday that’ll run til about 1 PM, and at 11 AM on Sunday I’m meeting a friend for dim sum in Chinatown. I will leave it to the rest of you to figure out if there’s a way to work this so I can meet you. Downtown is best on Sunday but Hillsboro might work on Saturday late afternoon. (A late lunch at, say, Panera on Cornelius Pass Road at Cornell? Or a really late snack at Bridgeport cuz that’ll take longer to get to from Scappoose…)

    Laurel, tomorrow is your only shot at lunch with me this week. I’m already forking spaghetti into my mouth today and Friday I have a lunch meeting in Hillsboro. Will tomorrow work?

    My boss frowns on us blogging from work so I’d better get moving…

  553. Danae said

    Yep guess so. Let’s see what can we talk about this time Dani?

    I don’t what should we talk about Danae?

    Henry is always good.

    So true, so true.

    What is your fave feature?

    Oh it has to be his smile.

    No no no his eyes and of course his bum.

    His whole body is my fave part.

    You know what? Your right.

  554. Madonna said

    Sorry Danae. Just really really busy at work.

  555. Danae said

    No biggie. I’m just having some fun. That’s all. I’m not being serious.

  556. Danae said

    Well I am out for the day. Heading to the movies with Adam to see Stardust. Ciao!

  557. Annalaise duChat said

    My sister sent me this. I don’t know if I should laughor cry!

    It was fun being a baby boomer… until now. Some of the artists of the
    60’s are revising their hits with new lyrics to accommodate all of us
    aging baby boomers.

    They include:

    Herman’s Hermits— Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Walker.

    Ringo Starr— I Get By With a Little Help From Depends.

    The Bee Gees— How Can You Mend a Broken Hip.

    Bobby Darin— Splish, Splash, I Was Havin’ a Flash.

    Roberta Flack— The First Time Ever I Forgot Your Face.

    Johnny Nash— I Can’t See Clearly Now.

    Paul Simon— Fifty Ways to Lose Your Liver

    The Commodores— Once, Twice, Three Times to the Bathroom.

    Marvin Gaye— Heard It Through the Grape Nuts.

    Procol Harem— A Whiter Shade of Hair.

    Leo Sayer— You Make Me Feel Like Napping.

    The Temptations— Papa’s Got a Kidney Stone.

    Abba— Denture Queen.

    Tony Orlando— Knock 3 Times On The Ceiling If You Hear Me Fall.

    Helen Reddy— I Am Woman, Hear Me Snore.

    Leslie Gore— It’ s My Procedure, and I’ll Cry If I Want To.

  558. Margaret said

    Be sure everyone gets their birthday wishes to Kyle on that site I posted. It appears that the lady who has the website has connections and feels pretty sure that Kyle will see it.

  559. Paul Simon— Fifty Ways to Lose Your Liver

    LOLOLOL!!! That is SO wrong! *g*
    And I protest…getting white hair has nothing to do with getting old…so says the one with more and more white hairs. Heh.

  560. Claire said

    Bon Jour my sistas!! Oh lordy Margaret..thanks for the links..2 minutes of scruffy Kyle…ah! The birthday site is actually an old site that got redone..I ‘ve had it bookmarked since I started watching BT.. but oh lord I love the pic they put up on the homepage! I also left my birthday greeting..I feel like a dork when I tell him we have the same birthday! I don’t know why…
    Elizabeth…thank you for the pretty in pink! Awe!
    Annalaise…I love do I get there to open my present?
    Oh and many congrats! on the email from Chima!!!
    Ok ladies..rally your good vibes around me…second walk through with landlord from hell tonight at 7.I want my 1700 dollar deposit back!

  561. elizabeth said,
    August 22, 2007 @ 11:46 am

    I will talk to you all tomorrow (or should that be ya’ll?) Wish me luck with the registration – I can’t walk into a school without feeling like I am on my way to the Principals office – don’t ask

    Okay…I’m asking…were you bad or something?

  562. DIZEY1 :-) said

    E, Claire ooolala very pretty in pink or any color it doesn’t matter! 😉 Go kick landlord butt , the money is yours sista’! Now that song Pretty in Pink’s running through my head. 😛

    Dr.du Chat, OMG I love those songs what a trip! I love Denture Queen, Splish Splash I was havin’ a Flash. hysterical. I needed that on this very long meeting day, thanx!

    Dani-Danae, Sorry sista’ I missed the lone chatter, I’ll catch ya tomorrow and have a great date!!

  563. rifkind said

    Hey Blogkin!
    I am finally caught up!

    Prtfvr – Thanks for the link to Tanya’s LJ and Tanya’s interview, so cool to hear her talking about the show!

    Danielle – I hope that the date with Adam went well. Didn’t you LOVE that movie! We have seen it twice now, and it will definitely be part of our DVD collection when it comes out.

    Claire – TAKE PICTURES of the condition of the house. If he refuses to give you back your deposit, you have several options. There may be a renter’s advocate in your state who may assist you.
    I am not sure what the dollar amount is in your state for “small claims court”, but I had legal aid help me out once. They couldn’t officially be my lawyers in the small claims court, but they helped me to fill out the papers and told me WHERE and HOW to file the claim.. My ex-apartment rental office freaked out that I had sued them.. needless to say, they paid me my deposit plus the required pass-book savings rate on my money. We never did have to go to court. Good Luck!

  564. rifkind said

    Annalaise duChat – Glad to hear about Cinda Chima contacting you. I sent you an email. 🙂

  565. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Mag’s that Star interview is no longer there. I went and it’s about my own Harry Connick Jr. which I took as a pleasant surprise but I wanted to try and see the whole daing interview, anybody know if I can retrieve it somewhere?? I ‘m not computer savvy enough to know if that can be done.

  566. Laurel said

    I just followed the Tanya L/J link to Peter Mohan’s written interview and left a comment about BT. It looks like I’m the only one to have left a comment so far. Weird ’cause I’m never first in line.
    Peter sounded really possitive about the show, and I hope that means he knows something we don’t. Something good for BT.

    Annalaise – Wow! That is so great about Cinda Chima. I suspect she will love your writing and give you some good feedback and a little constructive advise about how to sell the deal.

    I am a little depressed today. Josh Groban is in town for a concert tonight and I don’t have tickets. 😦 I figured I could re-buy every single one of his albums, plus DVDs for what a pair of tickets would cost. Plus, I wouldn’t be able to see without some major binoculars and a miracle eye transplant!
    I think I’d better go paint my daughter’s room to take my mind off my woes. I should listen to some other kind of music while I paint.

  567. Annalaise duChat said

    I’m sorry Claire you must wait until Friday! I have a little more work to do on it anyway. Please be patient.

  568. rifkind said

    Hey Diz!
    I don’t think that Star-tv keeps an archive of the previous days videos!
    Dang it!
    I even tried changing the link that was showing to be YESTERDAY’s date, but had no luck! Grumble grumble… I never got to see the whole interview either!

  569. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Thanx Rif baby! Well it was worth a try , *E* for effort.

    See ya’ll when I get home 😉

  570. Margaret said

    Dizey-Its winging its way to you as we speak……m.

  571. rifkind said

    You could try writing to the web master and see if they have an archive somewhere.. tell him that we had trouble watching the interview with Kyle..
    I have a hard time sending emails here at work… so I can’t do it right now…

  572. Margaret said

    Rifkind: Get dizey to forward it to you, I just emailed it to her.

  573. rifkind said

    Me too , Me too… *Rifkind is seen jumping up and down trying to get Magaret’s attention*

  574. Claire said

    Thanks Rifkind!!! I am also taking the contractor who patched up the picture nail holes and painted.He can dispute any complaints on his workmanship.The landlord is just a greedy evil man..theres nothing wrong with the house.

    Ok Annalaise…..I’m sitting really still trying not to imagine my gift…LOL!

  575. Claire said

    Hey I changed my picture to the one at KyleSchmid central and its not showing…


  576. Claire said

    Oh theres my baby!! 😛

  577. Arrowyn said

    Hi, everybody. No, I haven’t been lurking — well, not on purpose. I have been in a blue mood since Friday and didn’t turn on my computer at home because I had so much other stuff to do (part of the reason for my mood). I knew if I turned it on, I’d be here and I’d never get anything else done! Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Also, I almost never have time at work to be here. So I have been printing out the posts and reading them at home. Only you guys write so much so fast that I never get a chance to catch up! I hope next week will be better at work because the 2 partners that produce the most work for me will be on vacation! Yippee!

    So, while I have a chance now at work, I’ll try to hit the highlights:

    lwildstar, what do you do on IMDB that has to do with BT?

    elizabeth, moonbeam2016, laurel, msgypsy (whew!) — next week will be a great time for me to get together with anyone for lunch or whatever. But my weekends are usually flexible, too. Let me know at work

    Scruffy Kyle’s interview in the sneaker store — I saved it if anyone needs it. I found some more instructions on what to do because it stops before the end. ARGGHHH!! Don’t they understand our needs! “When video plays, you will encounter error at time marker 2:04. When that happens, close WMP (Media Player) and double click on the saved file again. Wait until the video completely buffers and drag the Playerhead to time marker 2:20. You should be able to see the rest of 30+ seconds. If you experiment with your WMP, you should actually be able see the messed up video between 2:04 and 2:20, but it might wear on your patience. The rest of 30 second shows Kyle selecting a pair of slip-on sneakers and putting one of the shoe on the interviewer. The banter between the two was fun to watch and his demeanor seem to change.”

    This is too long. I’ll start another one.

  578. lwildstar said

    good evening ladies – hey if you go back to Kyles site – you’ll see a birthday greating from Yeah Whatever – the band form BloodPrice part one – I don’t know if any of you saw the short vidio of Kyle helping them film their first music video using the club from BloodPrice as the stage – Kyle was so cute – he was helpoing to set up shots and moving equipment – just pitched in like the rest of the crew – the backwards baseball hat, tee shirt, blue jeans and that smile!!!!
    It was great of the band member to post!

    I’m goiing to run off and get some dinner and then I’ll be back for a little while I want to go write tonight – I came up witha lot of ideas during the seminar we had this afternoon (ooo did I just admit to daydreaming through an office meeting?) 😉

    Rifkind dear – I emailed you a presant – let me kow if you got it. I can’t remember which address I emailed it to.

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  579. Arrowyn said

    Well, that was interesting. I was in the middle of typing, had a power surge (computer, not me), and lost everything. Sigh. Starting over.

    A Canadian poster on got to see the show (she had already seen a tape by a US friend). She had a question about the musical theme sung by Tamara Rhodes and whole title sequence. She didn’t remember it in the US version. There’s a regular poster on the site named Scribble that has something to do with the show. She wrote, “In the US, they have more commercials than we do so that is why there isn’t the same opening as there is in Canada. It’s the only difference. In the US you are allowed 14 minutes of commercial content, in Canada you are allowed 12 minutes so the only difference between the two versions is that the Canadian version has a two minute opening theme song. All other actual show content is the same.” I’m glad we’re not being shorted.

    If I’m duplicating anything that someone has already posted, sorry.

    Interview w/Gina Holden w/small mention of Blood I can’t make it a hyperlink, for some reason.

    Interview w/Kyle:

    Interview w/Christian:

    Here are some links to some Canadian newspapers with stories or mentions on Blood Ties’ premier tonight. Not all are glowing, however…so keep that in mind.

    This one has a mention, it’s about the 4th paragraph down.

    The Toronto Sun has interviews with both Christina Cox and Kyle Schmid. Here they are:

    Pix (maybe new to you?) on
    “The picture of Henry biting Vicki’s neck: It’s from the episode “5:55″ my personal favorite.” (Scribble)

    For all you Minxes:
    It’s by piratewench92 to Everything Changes by Staind.

    I didn’t say I hadn’t been busy — just that I hadn’t been posting. BTW, I got out of my blue mood in a very appropriate way — I watched a couple of episodes of BT. Better than drugs.

  580. AlisaSG said

    Oooooo, Margaret! thanks for the link. I’ll have to write something up later, tho.
    supper now.

    I haven’t even read most of last night’s e-mails (sleep took over). I fell asleep and thought it was Saturday when I woke up! aaaagh!

  581. Arrowyn said

    I’m getting as much done here before someone sends me more work.

    Annalaise — congrats on being chosen to work with a pro. We all know you’ll do great!

    prtfvr — Can I get the hens emails or does it only go to those who have been participating in the chat? If I can, my work email address is somewhere above and my home is

    Dizey1 — You posted a bunch of links on 8/21 at 8:53 am. Are those links to all the Hens’ writing efforts? I really want to read them all. Thanks.

    Would someone send me the “Shocker”, please? It was gone long before I ever heard about it. Thanks.

    Now, I’m definitely a Hen, but I’ve watched Dylan for many years. So, here’s my contribution to “minx”: n : a seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men [syn: coquette, flirt, vamp, vamper, tease, prickteaser]. Well, they’re not all bad! is a new one to me. It has some screencaps that I’ve never seen. And if you knew how many pictures, screencaps, fan artwork, etc. that I have saved of Kyle/Henry, you’d know how amazing that was to me! I am such a perv and I need so much help! I should have asked this weekend, but if anyone is willing to loan Henry to me, even for a night, I would be most appreciative! *begging on knees, really*

    The kyleschmidcentral site was started by the BloodTiesCentral person. If you look at the forum on BloodTies Central, almost everything is about Kyle/Henry. Starting a new site for just him seems like a smart move to me.

    Laurel — Unfortunately, this isn’t going to do anything to lift you out of your depression about Josh Groban. I was listening to K103 this morning around 6:00 and they said that they had scored 2 tickets to his concert tonight in the front row. They were going to give them to the first caller after 8:00 who could answer a question about something that happened during the 7-8 hour. Sorry.

    The Canadian SPACE channel’s production team got “up close and personal” with the cast and crew of BT. They’re airing “Behind the Scenes” on Sunday, September 9 at 7:30pm ET/4:30 pm PT. But only in Canada? What are we, chopped liver? It just p’os me what Lifetime ISN’T doing to promote BT. Short rant.

    Oh, lord, I almost forgot!!! “Cyber Seduction” is going to be on Lifetime on Sunday, 9/2 at 8 pm ET/PT. I’ve never seen it, so I don’t know how big a part Kyle has. That sounded so innocent in my head before I typed it! Has anyone seen the movie?

    Well, people, this is representative of me after I’ve been down. A little high, a little chatty. I’ll calm down in a day or two. Time to go home. Bye.

  582. Arrowyn said

    Sorry. The link to the interview w/Christina should have been

  583. Hey Arrowyn! Looks like we are the only two here..thats presuming you aree still here…

    Im only sticking a around a little while longer.

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  584. Laurel said

    Good link Arrowyn. I hadn’t read that one. Looks like I missed the opportunity for scruffy Kyle. Darn. I’m so far behind on the blog I’ve missed some good stuff.
    Oh well.

  585. Laurel said

    I’m here! (waves hands and jumps up and down)
    I’m just sitting here trying to figure out what to do with the 40+ lbs of albacore tuna my husband caught yesterday. He wants to can some of it tomorrow and I have to go find the right way to do it and buy some jars. I think it is going to stink up the neighborhood, but what do I know?
    I hope there is a website about using a pressure canner to process fish. At least I know what we are having for dinner. lol

  586. oh Laurel!

    I remember as a kid my grandfather had a “gentalmans farm” his property was 2 acers – the house sat up front tand the rest was just about any fruit or vegies he could grow – and we had to pick it all, and can it, and of course eat it….
    my mom still tells stories of when she was young that they had to sell the produce and canned goods, including homemade jams and jellies out front of the house because even with 7 kids they grew more then they ate!

    Have no clue what to do with 40 lbs of tuna thou – have a luau (sp) and grill it

    I sent you an email – just might take you up on your offer and give Dani a break…!

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  587. Arrowyn said

    Nightwalker, I’m heading out, too.

    Laurel, it looks like you’re going to be on your own. I’ve got the video of scruffy Kyle saved, if you want to give me your email address. I’ve posted both my work and home addresses above. I promise to turn on the computer at home tonight if you want the video right away! Otherwise, I’ll send it tomorrow when I get to work.

  588. Night guys!

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  589. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Arrowyn yes those are the links I posted, and thanx for the tip to watch the video, I’ll try that, and Thanx Mag’s for sending me the link you’re the best !

  590. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Night Wildstar d’Nightwalker 😉

    Reves doux d’Henri
    XOXOXOX Love Ya!

  591. Laurel said

    Arrowyn – I’ll try to e-mail you after dinner. We eat quite late so it may be a while. I’m in no rush to have it sent, I just hate to be the only one who didn’t see it. Of course I may have to send it to Moonbeam since she is working on her classroom all this week.
    Goodnight lwildstar d’Nightwalker.
    Sleep well.

  592. vicki said

    hey girls..
    just checking in…First day back to school….loving my room and my new desks.1!!!!!

    Still getting the stuff ready….going back tomorrow and Miss Willow is coming with me she loves to help me put up my bulletin boards…>>She would teach if the students were there!!! SHe thinks its cool to hang out at my school.

    Ok…I still have to update stuff on our school website….see you later ladies..

  593. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Well kidz my butt has not been to the gym in weeks, no joke and it ends now. I ‘m heading to bed so I can get up @ 4:30 yeah me!! I’ll check out you chicks in the A.M.

    Love Ya’s and sleep well!!

    Reves doux d’Henri



  594. Well I am back… Kinda…. I mostly stayed in bed today, nursing my aching body. Can you all send Henry my way? I really could use a full body massage.

    I don’t even have the energy to be lecherous. How sad is that?!

    I’ll be around for a little while, bouncing between here and email.

  595. vicki said


    As anyone heard the ratings for BT in Canada???? Do they do ratings like us???
    I just wondered how well it did.

  596. Anne said is indeed an offspring of my site, and not a ploy from Lifetime.

    Tho’ I’m very pleased Lifetime Gina tells people to sign the guestbook 🙂
    Since I am in contact with TPTB, I’m confident that Kyle will get to see all your lovely entries – thank you so much for signing.

  597. msgypsy said

    Okay, Portland area BT fen, listen (read?) up!

    How does Saturday, 4 PM, at the Coldstone Creamery at Tanasbourne sound? I can easily get there after my meeting and I think it’s fairly accessible to anyone other than poor Elizabeth. But, isn’t Wilsonville inaccessible to dang near everyplace? I’m just sayin’… Barring that, we could shoot for Sunday at, say 3, at Powells. Right near the Tanya Huff section. Sound familiar, Laurel?

    I’ll send an email to all of you once I’ve gathered up all your email addresses. (I have “special access,” dontcha know?) But until then, go ahead and post opinions here.

  598. Laurel said

    Sounds promising Gypsy. It isn’t too bad a drive for those of us on the South end of the county, as long as we take 99w and skip the resurfacing on I-5. I’m up for either, you know me, I love to visit! I may have to call Moonbeam to see what she is planning. This weekend was kind of her idea, since it has to be before school starts back.

  599. Arrowyn said

    Oh, god, I’ve got to go to bed NOW! Saturday or Sunday sounds fine to me. Are you talking about the Powells in Beaverton? If so, that’s practically in my backyard. And now, night night.

  600. moonbeam said

    Hey it might be past midnight, but those song titles sure gave me a tickle. I’ll stick with the originals ~ even if I fit the boomer age!

    This weekend sounds GREAT! My boy Gus has been chomping at the bit to get some cousin time and I’ve been really scrambling to get stuff done so I could get out of town! Looking forward to IT!

  601. Margaret said

    For any of you still writing postcards remember to tell Stacey:

    I’m still doing them, just not to the same quanity. I think some of the young whipersnappers who are new to finding the show should be writing post cards to Lifetime telling them they picked up the show during the hiatus and would be crushed if there are no more episodes past the original 22.

    I think Cheryl and I have figured between us, over the last couple of months, we’ve probably sent 1,600 postcards. Time for somebody else to pick up the slack. I know she’s busy with school, and me I’m just old and tired and got writers cramp. That doesn’t mean I’m not still contacting Lifetime with comments, advertisers, and dispelling critics misconceptions and thanking them for bringing attention to Blood Ties, good or bad. I always thank them, telling them that even though their opinions are not mine, its good that they have reviewed the show because people will actually watch it to see if they know what they’re talking about. (Once they do they’re hooked and they’ll know the critics didn’t know s…t).

  602. Maddie Mo said

    Good Morning all!!!

    I am about 3 days behind on email and the blog so I have no clue what is going on. Not like I have a clue when I am not behind, I just have an excuse today. Been in meeting since Monday monring. Missed you all. I’m gonna go catch up on email and blog now, oh and maybe work too.

  603. I just read one of those articles off one of the links that Arrowyn posted….Girl! Still love your name…still reminds me of a character from Lord of the Rings….Arrowyn…Aragon…see where I’m going with this? *g* Anywayyzzzzz….I read that little tidbit about that new show that was supposed to come to FOX this fall, New Amsterdam, and now it might not come on at all?! Again, WTF?! That really looked like a show I would wanna watch and it gets booted before it even gets on the air? Stupid FOX. Grrrr….of course, they’ve cancelled one too many shows I’ve liked over the years so they don’t have a very good standing with me. But if that show got scrapped already…maybe…and if Moonlight isn’t getting good reviews already, then it’s already starting to look better for BT, don’t ya think? I SO do! 🙂 Not that I ever get to watch any of the eps lately myself. Never have the time. Blech.

  604. Danae said

    Buongiorno ladies!

    Dizey-Did you get to the gym this morning? How is dad doing?

    OMG! Stardust is the most awesome I have ever seen. I might even go so far as to say I liked it a little better then Hairspray. I only said a little better. Adam gave me a kiss. He is really sweet. I asked him if he wanted to go to the powwow with me on Sunday and he said yes. Woohoo!

    Arrowyn-I can send you the “shocker” pic if no one else has yet. I will sent to both your emails.

  605. Annalaise duChat said

    Danae — Thanks for the update on Stardust . I have the book and really liked it . I was wondering about the movie.

    Congratulations with Adam! He sound really nice.

    Blooddrinker — That’s a bummer about New Amsterdam. I was looking forward to that show. Is Moonlight still going to be aired?

  606. Madonna said

    I’m so happy for you. Adam sounds like a really sweet guy.

  607. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Buongiorno Dani-Danae-Bryony! Good morning to all my sista’s!!

    Yes Ma’am my butt was up at 4:30 and was in the shower by 6:15 I feel Greeeeat!! Dad’s healing but still has that main line in him w/the antiabiotics to chase away that damned staph, but each day he’s a little better and said yesterday he had not A pain! Woohoo!!

    Dani, you got a kiss, yippy and very cool for Saturday! We have in Louisiana quite a few Indian tribes, and in Washington Parish every year they have a big fair. Like a country type fair they also have a pow wow , I’m gonna see about going this year really just to check out the pow wow, very cool 😎

    Anne, speaking of cool loved the new site, great job and thanx for the update and glad to hear he may actually get it. Thanx for stopping by and your welcome to vist and hang with us anytime!! 😀

  608. Danae said

    Was New Amsterdam the one with the guy that was immortal but not a vampire. I was looking forward to that one too. Big time bummer. Another one that looks good is Pushing Daisies with the guy that touches a dead person, they wake up, tells him who killed them, and then is dead again.

  609. Annalaise duChat said

    If anybody is interested my daughter’s marching band is performing at Cedar Point sometime this morning. Here’s the link to the main midway webcam. they’ll be dressed in re polo shirts and khaki’s. Look for a tall thin redhead playing the clarinet.

  610. Danae said

    Dizey-You should definitely try to go. Powwows are so much fun. Real Native American food, products, dancing. It is a blast. The one I am going to is called Schemitzun. It is the biggest on the East Coast they say. This year it has been dubbed the Half Million Dollar Powwow. The dollar prizes they give to the dancers are high. Plus all the hottie little indians roaming around is nice too.

  611. DIZEY1 :-) said


    Like “The last of the Mohicans” yummmmm, I think I will def. make it this year. OH BTW I still have *9* days of vaca. time left to use before the end of the year. We need to see if we can do a small trip to NY around Nov-Dec. time what do you think?? We’ll check w/Lady A on the dates she’ll be there and mybe M’admoiselle Claire could go also. I want a verbal conversation so badly I can taste it. Face to Face ya’ know what I mean??

  612. Danae said

    Yeah I agree. We have been talking online so long now. I want it so bad I can taste it. I get really excited just thinking about it. I really feel like all of us have bonded in a way beyond BT. That brought us together but the other stuff kept us together. You know what I mean chica? You guys pick a time and I will be there. As I have said it takes about an hour for me to get to the train station and about an hour and a half from there. I have 2 weeks vacay still.

    I am part Native American, Iroquios and Mohegan.

  613. moonbeam said

    Hi Everyone!

    Annalaise that webcam at Cedarpoint is cool. I didn’t see a band, but is sure looked like a fun place to play.

    I’ve an eye appt. this am/ then dentist/ then kiddo goes to get his hair colored by Aunt Margaret sooo I’ve got to squeeze in an hour of work in the classroom before the eye dr.

    Nice reading emails and lurking to keep abreast (hee, hee) loved that list of web sites linked to the kyle site wow.

  614. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Very Cool 😎 I’ll look into it and see what works! I’m stoked up my sista’ and yes I agree we are connected the “Ties that Bind” us started out as *BT’s* but have moved way beyond our Henry 😉

  615. Laurel said

    Dizey – If you have 9 days of vacation… hmmm. We would love to see you out here, too! I’m glad your dad had a pain free day! That is really big news, and I know how much better it makes a person feel to finally not be in pain.

    Arrowyn – I loved the music video you steered me to. Yes, I am one of the Minx group, and I appreciated you remembering to include the Mike/Vicki piece.

    I will be happy to coordinate the meeting of the “Oregeon Chapter” of the Blood Ties Fen. I think we are waiting to hear from E, too. Gypsy is the one with the craziest schedule (always) so we may have to play it by ear, just a bit. I think all of you have my cell# so we can fine-tune it as we know more.
    I can’t wait! Now I just have to explain it to my husband. Or better yet, think of a way to distract him while I run off to play. 😎

  616. moonbeam said

    Well, Good morning Ms Laurel

  617. Danae said

    Laurel-If a man can play a woman has to be able to also.

  618. prtfvr said

    I’m behind in my blogging. Sorry about that. The email addresses aren’t ready to be given out yet. If I can ever get Diz’s to work then they’ll go into production. Unfortunately, I’ve been playing Pyramids over on Yahoo every chance I get in between reading the latest Kelley Armstrong book and emailing. Phew! Will the hectic pace of this vacation never stop?! 😉

  619. Danae said

    Oh Boohoo prtfvr. 😛

  620. Danae said

    I am really feeling for you right now. 😉

  621. Annalaise duChat said

    I’m not sure what time or even where they will playing but I’m keeping the webcam open on my desktop just in case. :)) Proud Mom!

  622. Danae said

    Just to let you know I just kidding. Don’t be mad at me.

  623. Danae said

    I couldn’t get the webcam to work on my computer. Sorry Annalaise.

  624. Annalaise duChat said

    Prtfvr– Must be nice to be a lady of leisure!

  625. Laurel said

    Good morning Moonbeam!
    Danae – I read that sentence as “If a man can play a woman…” and wondered why the subject changed to cross-dressing stuff. lol

  626. Danae said

    Robert DeNiro played a fairy pirate in Stardust. He liked to dress up in womens clothes. I guess he can play a woman. I guess I need to watch my punctuation.

  627. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Oh man Prtfvr, I wish I had that problem 😉 Hey haven’t heard anything about the Bird Kingdom, any new babies, and how is Badd Boy baby Henry?? Is he still be pecked bald?

    Annalaise, I’ll try and sneek a peek, isn’t that the park with that reeeeally tall wierd shaped roller coaster?? I may have it mixed up w/another park.

    Laurel, thanks so much for all your prayers that must be the magic 😉 I think he was kind of surprised not to hurt at all. Not sure what to do with that 😀 just happy he felt a little better.

  628. moonbeam said

    I walked into my house the other day and my husband was sitting on the couch wearing a woman’s red and white jumpsuit and a lovely necklass, hmmmm ( He’s getting ready for Burning Man so he says ~ I think he’s messing with his boys too)

    He came home w/ two dresses yesterday too and said he put them on at work for the very conservative co-worker~man-oh-man!

  629. moonbeam said

    Laurel & I might be married to brothers, but there’s a BIG difference in some areas!

  630. Annalaise duChat said

    Yes!!! It has Millenium Force, Top Fuel Dragster & The Magnum

  631. Danae said

    That is so funny. Who has seen Too Wong Fu Thanks to you Julie Newmar? Patrick Swayze, John Leguizamo, and Wesley Snipes all played cross-dressers. It was funny.

  632. Wzzzzzzzzzzzzzzup?!
    Shame I can’t meet any of you, but as I said before, sadly I don’t travel anywhere. 😦

    And yes, New Amsterdam was the one about the immortal non-vamp guy. It looked skippy. Damn fox. Grrrrrr

  633. lwildstar said

    Well this is just a drive by posting – busy today, what with a nother new temp and trying to get my work done – will check in tonight…if I’m still alive!

    Now that you that you mention it – I haven’t seena comercials for New Ampsterdam in weeks and they were showing it atleast three times in the evening.
    I have seen several commercialss for Moonlight just this week – so I’d say its sitll ago – the are “Interviews with a Vampire” so you may not even recognize them for what they are….

    lwildstar d’Nightwalker

  634. moonbeam said

    Well, now it’s for real! I’m out of here~ I thought Too Wong Foo is hysterical!!!!

  635. moonbeam said,
    August 23, 2007 @ 9:13 am

    Well, now it’s for real! I’m out of here~ I thought Too Wong Foo is hysterical!!!!

    Ergh? What did I miss? Why are you out of here?
    I’m confused. *g*

  636. Do you really wanna hurt me?
    Do you really wanna…make me cry?

  637. elizabeth said

    Yikes – I have been at work since 8am and I just now caught up with emails and the blog. Ain’t life grand 😉 Before my job interferes with my fun – good morning everyone!

    Oregon Chapter of the BT – count me in on whatever is decided. One warning though – I am directionally challenged (seriously) and where ever we decide to meet I will need directions. Please no North or South type directions – I will end up in Florida with my luck 🙂 Other than that – can I say WOO HOO this will be fun?????

    Arrowyn – I think you were the one with the explanation to the different beginning to Bt (If not, I apologize to whomever actually passed on the info) I always wondered why we just got the brief start and yet there was a whole interesting beginning for Canada. Now I know.

  638. DIZEY1 :-) said


    I thought John Leguizamo makes an awesome woman, I had seen an HBO stand up show years ago before he was really famous. He’s a trip too so funny and I especially love him as “Sid the Sloth”. Wesley and Patrick are by far the ugliest women I have ever seen. Wesley more than Patrick but pretty bad!

  639. Danae said

    That is so true Diz. Wesley was so fugly

  640. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Miss E** so funny, directionaly challenged! Go down the road a piece and go past where the old red barn used to be, if you see a tractor on the side you’ve gone too far 😉 sound like Southern directions to you ma’am?

    One of my favorite movies was on this morning “Funny Farm” I adore Chevy Chase and the scene when the movers are trying to get to the house in “Red Bud” is kinda like my southern directions. “Que the Deer” love that movie!

  641. elizabeth said

    Dizey – When I lived in the South I would always get those kind of directions – particularly since we lived in a way small town! I know I’d get a blank look on my face and as soon as I opened my mouth – people would say “aw, you’re not from around here are you? That’s right, ‘member now – you’re that foreigner from across the pond married to that Carney boy” (referring to the fact I was born in England and married into a family that went back generations in that area). Even when I developed a drawl over time I STILL always got that comment. After awhile I was just amused by it, because I knew I was being teased. Country folk – gotta love em 😉

  642. Annalaise duChat said

    I’m so sad and lonely. I think I’m the only member of the Ohio Chapter of the BT Fan Club. 😦 I want to meet with you guys too.

  643. elizabeth said

    I’m sorry Annalaise. If it helps any – we love you.

  644. Madonna said

    Good afternoon everyone.

    You are all making me so jealous with all the talk about getting together to meet each other and vacation.

    The problem with making friends online is that you live so far away generally. I would love to meet you all, but I’m in the same boat with Vampgrl, I don’t drive. Not to mention…. I’m kind of all by myself with regards to you ladies on this blog. I’m out in the middle of the US. I think the only one I’m even remotely close to is Annalaise, and that is still about 5-6 hr drive.

    2nd problem….. I still have 12 days of vacation time, but unfortunately that time is really not my own. True, I’m off from one place but I’m trying to start this candle company, so my time off get devoted to that. For example, I’m waiting to find out if we’ve won a spot in the Kentucky Wool Festival to see if I need to schedule my vacation time off to prepare for it. It’s a huge festival about an hour south of me that draws a crowd of about 100,000 people over 3 days.

    I haven’t been on a real vacation since I was 8 yrs old and that was to Margaret’s neck of the woods.

    I also have a high concentration of Native American blood as well. Souix on my dad’s side. (My great grandmother was full-blooded) Look at the picture of him I sent to you all. That tan he’s got is natural. Also I have Cherokee on my mom’s side.

  645. Annalaise duChat said

    It does! ❤ I guess I better get busy and recruit! Ive been working on my BGF Donna but she doesn’t have cable so she can’t watch the show. Ive been passing along my VHS tapes and books though.

  646. Annalaise duChat said

    Looks like it’s just you and me Madonna. We’ll have to start the Ohio Kentucky Chapter. Anybody from PA?

  647. DIZEY1 :-) said


    I’m so sorry dawlin’ but I’m the only New Orleans or Louisiana *BT* fan also. Way the heck down here almost in the Gulf. I’m dying just to have faces w/the names and I’d love to hear a voice also. 😉

    I do know how you feel, we need a *BT Intervention-Convention* our 1st Annual somewhere.

  648. elizabeth said

    I just got this from a friend and thought I would share the laugh.

    She’s sitting at the table with her gourmet coffee.
    Her son is on the cover of the Wheaties box.
    Her daughter is on the cover of Business Week.
    Her boyfriend is on the cover of Playgirl.
    And her husband is on the back of the milk carton.

    I know I’m not going to understand women.
    I’ll never understand how you can take boiling hot wax,
    pour it onto your upper thigh, rip the hair out by the root,
    and still be afraid of a spider.

    While attending a Marriage Seminar dealing with communication,
    Tom and his wife Grace listened to the instructor,
    “It is essential that husbands and wives know each other’s likes and dislikes.”
    He addressed the man,
    “Can you name your wife’s favorite flower?”
    Tom leaned over, touched his wife’s arm gently and whispered, “It’s Pillsbury, isn’t it?

    A couple drove down a country road for several miles, not saying a word.
    An earlier discussion had led to an argument and
    neither of them wanted to concede their position.
    As they passed a barnyard of mules, goats, and pigs,
    the husband asked sarcastically, “Relatives of yours?”
    “Yep,” the wife replied, “in-laws.”


    A man and his wife were having some problems at home and were giving each
    other the silent treatment. Suddenly, the man realized that the next day,
    he would need his wife to wake him at 5:00 AM for an early morning business flight.
    Not wanting to be the first to break the silence (and LOSE), he wrote on a piece of paper,
    “Please wake me at 5:00 AM.” He left it where he knew she would find it.
    The next morning, the man woke up, only to discover it was 9:00 AM
    and he had missed his flight. Furious, he was about to go and
    see why his wife hadn’t wakened him, when he noticed a piece of paper by
    the bed. The paper said, “It is 5:00 AM. Wake up.”
    Men are not equipped for these kinds of contests.

  649. Annalaise duChat said

    I’m sorry Dizey! We’ll have a Ohio, Kentucky, Louisiana Chapter. Any other orphan who want to be adopted?

  650. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Hey Madonna,

    As soon as you get that little company of yours going you let me know. I am a huge candle freak. I’ve been getting some from Pier 1 Imports, and there’s a company called Amy’s Candles in one of the malls here. But I’ll be a big supporter once you’re ready to go 😉 Hey maybe once you get set up I’ll be a franchise shop down here, can you dig it?? 😀

  651. elizabeth said

    I’m all for a “BT Intervention Convention” where do I sign up? Can you imagine the fun we would have?

  652. Danae said

    Annalaise-Don’t worry I am the only one here in New England. I feel lonely also. The only way to meet any of you is to go an a trip. It seems the main concentration of us is in Oregon.

  653. Arrowyn said

    I think I’m going to be a little more schizophrenic than usual at work today. I’m trying to balance this open blog (made small like someone above suggested), Outlook, Windows Explorer, 2 open Word docs, a blank Word doc (for the blog to hide behind), 1open PowerPoint doc, and most of my hearing to listen for TPTB coming near so I can switch from this blog. The only new thing is the blog, but my attention is instead of on all the other stuff. We women are mahvalous at multi-tasking!

  654. Annalaise duChat said

    Welcome aboard Danae! Maybe those Oregon folks should host the convention.

  655. Arrowyn said

    That was supposed to be “my attention is here instead”. Maybe I’m not multi-tasking as well as I thought. Practice, practice.

  656. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Oh Miss E, I soooo loved those. Men are so not equipped to play the game 😉

    😀 😎

  657. Danae said

    Nah! Why make it easier for them? They would be able to go home every night. There is more of them then us. It should be near one of the rest of us. I also know that lwildstar doesn’t fly. I think it is her at least. Otherwise I would suggest one of the casinos here in CT.

    Oregon ladies. I am just kidding.

  658. Annalaise duChat said

    Arrowyn– I was thinking the same thing earlier. I’m Writing pdf’s of customer files, Listening to Itunes, Checking the blog checking my 3 email accounts I have 10 programs open. Thank goodness I run a Mac G5!

  659. elizabeth said

    Arrowyn – I feel you, sista. I am doing the same kind of thing here at work, plus being interrupted by employee questions. I added a privacy screen to my computer so it isn’t obvious what is on my monitor. I got it originally because of all the confidential documents I have up on my screen, but I am thankful for it now with my Bt addiction in full force 🙂

    Hey, any of you come on out to Oregon any time! It is gorgeous out here.

  660. Danae said

    I suggest everybody come here in the fall. Talk about gorgeous.

  661. lwildstar said

    ok AOL is having issues – so if I don’t reply to anything today – tomorrow – I am not ignoring you!

    talk at you tonight – maybe!

  662. Madonna said

    I like it! The orphan BT’s chapter.

    I’ll sure let you know. However, I warn you now. I don’t make “regular” candles.

    Since I’m the closest to the center of the country, maybe we should hold it here.

    Speaking of organizing. Are we still having the blog party tomorrow? Who’s bringing the “virtual” food?

  663. Arrowyn said

    Bllod Drinker — here’s a link for some info about “New Amsterdam”

  664. Annalaise duChat said

    I’ll bring Virtual Drinks. Everybody OK with Blood Mary’s? Virgin or otherwise!

  665. Danae said

    Ick! I hate tomato juice. Make it red and that will be fine.

  666. Annalaise duChat said

    OK Red wine for Danae. I’m bringing the Bloody Mary’s for Henry.

  667. Danae said

    Does Clairy beary know about our party? She hasn’t been here in a few days. Has anyone invited her to her and Kyle’s party?

  668. Danae said

    Red wine is good. What should I bring? Something chocolate and molten maybe?

  669. Laurel said

    Hey, I don’t know who this Mary chick is but I don’t really think you’ll need to bring her along. We can provide drinks for Henry all by ourselves! 🙂

  670. Annalaise duChat said

    I pretty sure she’ll show up for her present that I promised but I’ll sent her an invite if you like. Ok Bloody Laurels, Bloody Danea’s and Bloody Annalaises’

  671. Annalaise duChat said

    If we drink wine and Henry drinks us will he get tipsy too?

  672. Madonna said

    Molten chocolate….. You’re speaking my language. BTW…. Claire probably doesn’t know. Someone should probably email her.

    If we’re going for red…. make mine a strawberry daquiri. Someone will have to bring Kyle’s Guinness.

    What time does the party start? I don’t get off til five.

  673. Laurel said

    Arrowyn, Elizabeth and Moonbeam – I talked with Gypsy on the phone this morning and she suggested we meet at 4pm Sat in Hillsboro @ Streets of Tanasbourn.

    Elizabeth, you live close to me and I would be glad to carpool with you so that only one of us has to drive. Moonbeam will be with me anyway, so you would also get great conversation out of the deal. 🙂 We can take back roads so that you can have that “turn left at the old red barn, then right at the McPherson place…” experience. I have lived here longer than any of you, so I could really take the scenic way (and actually get where we are going). I will mapquest just in case. 😎

    Arrowyn – not sure where you live but you might be on the way, too. I sent you my cell# in an e-mail this morning to your home computer. We can fine tune the meeting when you have time. 🙂

  674. Madonna said

    Annalaise duChat said,
    August 23, 2007 @ 11:09 am

    If we drink wine and Henry drinks us will he get tipsy too?

    Isn’t that what we’re counting on?

  675. Danae said

    Oh yeah tipsy baby. The better to seduce him dear. I want the bottom half.

  676. Annalaise duChat said

    Invitation Sent! I just replied to my last email. I hope everyone was included.If anyone was left off it wasn’t on purpose. So everybody continue to pass the word!

  677. Annalaise duChat said

    Just in case I missed anybody with the email:

    I just wanted to extend an invitation to all you girls and particularly Claire the guest of honor! There will be a party on the blog tomorrow Friday August 24th in honor of Claire and Kyle’s Birthdays We’re going to party all day long! Please bring the virtual dish of your choice and drop by to say Hi to all your Blogkin. The blog party will last all day and be sure to stop by the Bloody Ford Chat Room at 10:00 EST! Be there or be square!

  678. Laurel said

    Ananalaise – I am more than willing to participate in the study group to find out if what we drink has an effect on him. It is really a question we should be able to answer, don’t ya’ think?

    I’ll make some “Chocolate Death” tarts – bite sized. They have a dark chocolate/coffee truffle filling in a thin sugar cookie pastry shell. Topped with a rum suffused whipped cream. Also could put together my favorite birthday cake – Lethal Chocolate Peppermint Cake. Yum.

  679. Annalaise duChat said

    Maybe I should stop by and post an invite to Kyle?Whadya think?

  680. Annalaise duChat said

    OMG Laurel, Sounds Excellent!

  681. Madonna said

    Couldn’t hurt!

  682. Madonna said

    I’m a chocolate addict. That sounds wonderful.

  683. elizabeth said

    Laurel – I so totally adore you! I would love to carpool on Saturday. I rarely get to be a passenger because I am always the driver (single parent fun) and riding with you, Moonbean and possibly Arrowyn would be way fun!

    Do you share recipes? If so your desserts sound too good to pass up and I would love to add them to my collection.

  684. Danae said

    You can try Annalaise. That would totally be bangarang (my new word). He does stay away from the internet though.

  685. Laurel said

    Where are we having the party? Here?
    Man, there goes my Friday. 😎

    If Kyle shows up Claire will claim him as her birthiday present! Someone should warn him of the danger! lol
    I bet Kyle has plans for tomorrow, and we are probably not on the list. That won’t stop us from partying though.

    Danae – Even if we did host a meeting out here I’m not sure we Oregonians would opt to go home for the night. I wouldn’t want to miss out on any of the fun, and I suspect some of you are capable of partying all night. Okay, all of you.

  686. Danae said

    I have been known to go until 2 or 3 in the morning. I am quite the night owl. I hate mornings.

  687. Madonna said

    Even if he eventually sees the invite in hindsight, it will probably greatly flatter him.

  688. Arrowyn said,
    August 23, 2007 @ 10:43 am

    Bllod Drinker — here’s a link for some info about “New Amsterdam”

    Well…I guess I should be thankful that Bones didn’t get booted yet. That’s one of my fav shows.

    Laurel said,
    August 23, 2007 @ 10:58 am

    Hey, I don’t know who this Mary chick is but I don’t really think you’ll need to bring her along. We can provide drinks for Henry all by ourselves!

    LOLOLOL!!! Sorry, I would SO like to be around to provide a drink for Henry, but I’m afraid I’m gonna have to miss the blog party tomorrow. Work and all that stuff. *gag* Try to have fun without me…I know you all will. 😉

  689. Laurel said

    Yes, I do share culinary secrets. I will try to remember to print them off for you and bring them Saturday. If anyone else wants them I will e-mail upon request.

  690. Annalaise duChat said

    Well I want you guys to know I probably just got myself banned forever from posting on When I tried to post the links it told me the were not permitted so I changed them enough to get but so that he could still find us with some common sense. Hopefully the post will make it past the webmaster. Probably not though. I tried!

  691. Annalaise duChat said

    Maybe ms gypsy will be nice enough to give us a new thread for tomorrow since this one is getting awfully slow and we are expecting a lot of traffic.

  692. Annalaise duChat said

    Maybe call it Happy Birthday Kyle & Claire so if he does show up he’ll get the right link.

  693. Annalaise duChat said

    Wooo hooo It made it past the Webmaster! The invititation to Kyle has been sent.

  694. prtfvr said

    Are you guys trying to kill me? If Kyle showed up, this old heart couldn’t take it! Just the thought of those long fingers, stroking the keyboard….brrrrr….need a moment to myself. Carry on without me. 🙂 Oh, and;


  695. Arrowyn said

    Annalaise — I thought I knew most of the Kyle sites, but is a new one to me. I tried it, but didn’t get anything “Kyle”-ish. Do I have the address wrong?

  696. Danae said

    Oh the imagination. Forget stroking the keyboard. My imagination will take me to him stroking my face, my neck, lower, lower, lower, a little lower. RIGHT THERE! That’s the spot. Oh yeah baby.

  697. Arrowyn said

    OK. I’m going to get some lunch, sit down, and try to catch up with you guys. I have a 2 pm meeting, so I’ll have to work fast.

  698. Danae said


  699. Annalaise duChat said

    Sorry, Danae’s right. My bad. I just have it bookmarked.

  700. Madonna said

    Did anyone invite Tanya?

  701. prtfvr said

    Blood Ties Products:

    Ball Park Henrys – “They plump when you eat them!”

    Fig Henrys – “Ooey Gooey inside. Tender, flakey, gold and cakey outside. You wrap the inside with the outside and they’re SO delicious!”

    Henry Fitzroy Bologna – “Oh! I love to eat it every day and if you ask me why, I’ll SAYYYYY!! Because Henry Fitzroy has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A! How’s that?”

    Rice Henry’s – “Snap, crackle and HOT!”

    Henry’s Quick – “It’s so rich and thick and chocolick that you just can’t drink it slow!”

    Super Henry – “Bonds instantly on contact!”

  702. DIZEY1 :-) said

    OMG, You’ve been Baddddd!

    Prtfvr, I love the Bologna!

    I’ll be here and I’ll have a six pack of those Guinness’ pleeeeease 😉 YUMMMMM 😛
    And Heyyyyy Danae, watch those hands missy, do I have to remind you about Sharesies??

  703. Danae said

    I love the Ballpark Henrys. I can get them the plumpiest.

  704. Danae said

    There not my hands. There his hands. So thththththhthth 😛

  705. DIZEY1 :-) said

    That’s what I meant , don’t wear em’ out we all need to share them! OOhhhh he’s the Party Favor!

  706. Annalaise duChat said

    I love it prtfvr!

    No one’s invited her yet, I was just thinking of that myself. I’ve never posted on her blog. I will but maybe i would get more attention if someone she recognizes does it. Any volunteers? If not then I will.

  707. Danae said

    Don’t worry I promise to play fair. Maybe 😉

  708. Madonna said

    I’ve never posted on her blog either.

  709. Danae said

    I know someone mentioned maybe Gypsy could do it. I am not sure if she did though. She wouldn’t recognize me. I have only posted there once.

  710. Annalaise duChat said

    Gypsy hasn’t been around all day and I’m not sure she’ll see us asking. I’ll give it a try.
    Be right back.

  711. msgypsy said

    I have, in fact, not been around most of today. And I don’t have a lot of time to catch up right now so if something needs doing, maybe one of the folks with my work email could let me know, pleez?

    I’ll start a new topic up tomorrow morning for the party if you’d like.

    Gotta go. Short lunch…

  712. elizabeth said

    Laurel – I am only at work 1/2 day tomorrow, I think you have my cell phone number so we can firm up plans for Saturday that way if we don’t get it done tomorrow morning.

    I will only get to party with everyone for a little while, but I have faith that all you lovelies will not let me down and throw a stupendously marvelous party!!!! 🙂

  713. Danae said

    Buono Sera ladies. Time for me to go home. Ti Amo! Ciao!

  714. Madonna said

    Don’t worry Elizabeth…. We’ll take pictures and let you know who ends up dancing on the table and wearing the lampshade.

  715. Madonna said

    Bye Danae

  716. Annalaise duChat said

    Thanks Gypsy. I posted an invite at Tanya’s. If anyone else want to also feel free.

  717. prtfvr said

    I’ll bring the crab casserole.

  718. Madonna said

    I’m not a very good cook, so I’ll bring a fruit tray with a cream cheese dip and some paper plates.

  719. Arrowyn said

    Again, my bosses DO NOT UNDERSTAND that having lunch time is more important than ever! I’ sooo looking forward to tomorrow when there’s supposed to be very few people here. I hope! Of course, I’m going to have to come up with some creativity in order to fill in my timeslip. So, in no particular order…and with very little time left….

    Laurel – I turned the computer on this morning (don’t usually) but I must have turned it off before you sent me the email. Would you mind sending your cell# to my work address?
    Carpooling sounds like fun! Do you have a big BT van? I’ll send you my address and directions when I get your email. Glad you liked the video for the Minx group. Just because everything is mostly about Henry, we can’t forget about hunky Mike.

    Annalaise — I have several sites I check every day, including KSCentral, so I saw your invite to him before you answered. I thought maybe that was the site.

    Annalaise — Thanks for posting the invitation to the party for those of us not on the email list. I’m a little time zone-challenged, but I think the party would start at 6:00 am here! Oregonians, help me out, please. Correct? I’m not even UP by then! I’m very glad the party is going to go on all day. I’ll just have to be fashionably late. And I need some advice on what to virtually bring — I don’t cook or drink (two of the reasons I avoid potlucks and parties) and don’t have much party imagination. So, any ideas of what I can contribute?

    Anne – I got all fan-girly when you posted. BloodTiesCentral is my favorite site. Well, except for here, of course.

    Margaret — I liked your idea of contacting the *&%$ critics thanking them for their opinion.

    Danae — Thanks again for sending me the Shocker picture. Also, I have seen “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar” 3-4 times. I love it! And I think Patrick Swayze was very classy looking. I read where he said that the hardest part was learning to walk in high heels. He has even more respect for woman now.

    Elizabeth — I was just passing on the info about the different beginnings to BT. I live and love to dispense info!

    Darn, got to go back to work. Here’s hoping for more time later today and/or tomorrow.

  720. Annalaise duChat said

    Well everyone I’m headed home now. See you all tomorrow.

  721. Madonna said

    Bye Annalaise! I’m out of here too.

  722. elizabeth said

    I’m bummed – all the fun gets started before I even get to work in the morning and then when I am ready to rock-n-roll it is time for everyone to head home…waaaaaah! Do you think it is a cosmic sign that I should be concentrating on my job???? Nah

  723. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Bye Ya’ll I spent waaaaay too much time reading email, I missed ya’ll later Madonna, Annalaise, and my Danae girl, have a good one and chat at ya’ tonight.

    Tomorrow I’ll bring Muffaletta’s , and Bread Pudding w/Rum sauce.

  724. elizabeth said

    I’ll bring the lamp shades and disposable cameras to capture all the fun.

  725. prtfvr said

    Hmmm…that camera thing makes me worried. For some reason. 😉

  726. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Oh man Miss E , I wish we really were getting together for a party. Bummer man, it sucks being this spread apart. I can drive to Tango in Alabama she’s about the closest to me, and that’s still hours away, waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.
    Yeah that’s me whining.

  727. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Prtfvr, Evidence?? Planning on doing something unmentionable? I have some of those stories 😉

  728. elizabeth said

    I know, Dizey, it would be fantastic if we were all meeting somewhere for an actual party. We’d probably need to rent a huge house to hold all of us, but just think of the possibilities and the fun…..

  729. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Oh Yeah what a blast. We need to think about that for next summer. We were talking a while back and Tango said maybe renting a place out there next summer. We could rent a place , it would be like a reality show ” Real World Blood Ties Edition” that would be so much fun and we can all stay there, maybe on the beach. What do you think?? Tempted ??

  730. DIZEY1 :-) said

    Catch ya’ll when I get home. 🙂

  731. elizabeth said

    I am so very tempted! The beach, my BT fellow addicts…who wouldn’t want to be there. I’ll start saving my pennies, k?

  732. msgypsy said