The Ikea bat, ready for naming

Here he is, in all his fuzzy glory.  I have fixed the labels since taking the photo.

So, what’s the poor guy’s name?



  1. Dani said

    Hello? Hello? Anyone there? Could I really be the first?

  2. Dani said

    I know he is from IKEA which is Swedish but when you put the frikadellar on(which I am sorry does not appeal to me anything ground is plain wrong) and then said oops it is Danish all I could think of was Hamlet or some variation of it.

  3. Himmiefan said

    Henry Fitzbat?

  4. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Gypsy ,

    How about “SIGMUND” which means “Victory and Protector”
    or “VIOLA” a heoine in Shakespear’s Twelfth Night” or
    “YLVA” which means SHE WOLF (cool) or
    “SOFIE” means “wisdom”
    “NANNA” which means “Brave”

    Just a couple I came accross

  5. Himmiefan said

    Mike Batalucci?

  6. Margaret said

    I realize this is lazy but you could always call him Fitzroy.

  7. msgypsy said

    Himmie, I swear, you and prtfvr … I should NOT read your posts when there’s food in my mouth! Particularly not at work. I pulled a Kate, I really did. Only it was macaroni salad.

    Sigmund sounds good. I should explain that on the same trip to Ikea we all picked up a pack of Ikea’s plastic food storage containers. And we called them tupperware, which is inaccurate but what most everyone calls plastic food storage containers these days. And Ian (who is a sick minded man) kept calling them toopervahr, faking a Scandinavian pronunciation. So having acquired Sigmund de Bat und toopervahr at the same time would be perfect.

    Still taking nominations, though, if anyone has any new ideas. Although I think I’ll wait til AFTER I eat to look at them!

  8. Himmiefan said

    Well, Ms Gypsy, apparently you’ve discovered our evil plan. Spewing! 🙂

  9. prtfvr said

    Belfry. That’s my vote. 😉

  10. prtfvr said

    How about:

    Ow, ow, get him off me!

  11. msgypsy said

    That wasn’t the BEST Mike quote, I admit, but it was funny. (I’m not sure it’s exact but I’m sure it was running through Dylan’s head, at least, and as an actor you can’t fault serious motivation…)

    I was thinking Hair Net, too.

    My friend who is pregnant is looking for a silly name to call her unborn child until they choose a name. In the past, some of our friends have gone with Taco Guacamole, Ivar Spike, and Invisible Friday. I may have to pass some of the bat names on to her, too. (I tried to get her to go with Henry Fitzroy but she objects because (a) she lusts after Kyle and will not call her child that name and (b) she isn’t sure she wants anything gender specific. Never mind that we had determined that Taco Guacamole and Ivar Spike were BOTH boy names and Taco turned out to be a girl…)

  12. msgypsy said

    Oh, to get a bat for yourself (because I just can’t go back to Ikea anytime soon. My feet won’t take it) try going to They sell lots of cute kid stuff.

  13. prtfvr said

    When I was pregnant with my first son, I called him “Alfonso Garbonzo Bean” any time I talked about him. He was NO Alfonso, I’ll tell you that!

    My tiny toy poodle’s pedigree name is Dr. George Puppalicious, Jr. AKA, Spike.

  14. prtfvr said

    Hungry Fitzbat?

  15. Tango said

    I’m really diggin’ Mike Batalucci. You can always call him Lucci for short.

  16. msgypsy said

    Hungry Fitzbat? Prtfvr. you SLAY me!

    Sigismund von Hasenpfefer?

    Chipotle Mayonnaise?

    Beowulf FitzGrendel?

    I’m just babbling now.

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