The Bovine

Here’s the contest thread. Remember, extra points if you also manage to describe Savage Garden and Funhouse, and explain where the Silver Dollar Room sign originated.

Have fun, bloggerini mia!


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  1. lwildstar said

    yeah! I’m the first
    ok – Savage Garden – thats a refernce to Vampire Lestat (I think it was how he refered to New Orleans – or the world in general, been a long time sine I read the books) so I’m thinking French Quarter decore with both an inside and outside section of the bar and dance area (we had an indoor/outdoor club downtown for awhile – have no idea of its still there) the outdoor garden could have lots of little secluded places for making out.

    Funhouse – two ideas – S&M decor, lots of private booths etc….or warped Funhouse things like hall of mirros, freak shows, general creepyness.

    The Bovine – has me stumped really – but then I associate the negative with the word – maybe a renovated slaughter house? with over the edge artwork of animal bodies and what not….certainly not my taste – but I went to highschool with a few people would would find that right up their alley (not friends too creepy for me).

    Silver Dollar room – peep show? or pancakes!

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