And, now, my bloggren and blogginis, our next topic

I figured I’d get ahead of the game this time and start the new one before we hit 1,000 posts. Go for it, folks, chatter away!



  1. prtfvr said

    Thanks ms.G. I’ve missed you! You only make cameo appearences these days.

  2. Margaret said

    Huh? I thought the ones airing in October were the remaining unaired episodes, which means what?

  3. Rifkind said

    Z and Prtfvr,
    Thanks for the hugs πŸ™‚ You gals are the best-est!

  4. lwildstar said

    Thanks for the new thread Ms.Gypsy! you know its getting big when event he super computer at work is having problems opening it!

    Was tracking a package online and had to sneek over πŸ˜‰

    what I “read” (meaning what I understood) was that the October airing were to be the remaining 10 and that is why they pulled episode 13 from the original “set” – remember the first postings said there would be a “remaining 9 episodes” so for continuity they pulled episode 13 to make it an even ten for October……to me thats says that this was planned a long time ago and someone goofed…..anyway I am still hoping for a marathon prior to October – or maybe in the week leading up to the 13th – that would be the best thing they could do to reintroduce the show, and really play it up…what do you think? especially since they’ve switched the day from Sunday to Saturday.

    ok got to go….

  5. Margaret said

    So is this good news or bad news, I’m thoroughly confused.

  6. Tango said

    The tallent of this group is fabulous! I have enjoyed your creativity emensley as it has truly made the Btless summer go down easier. Much like the β€œspoonful of sugar” in that song.

    Gypsy – I loved your pseudoNorman encounter. What a great thing to happen, it’s too bad no one had a cameraphone to capture you two together. That would have been a wicked picture, and when I say wicked, I mean totally sweet, to post here beneath your name.

    The closest thing I had to a BT experience while I was gone last week was my roommie was from England and said β€œbloody hell” and called people β€œlove” a lot. So my mind immediately went to Henry. She also preferred cake over death – that was for you Z and any other Eddie Izzard fans out there! πŸ˜‰

    Z-glad you feel good about the interview. Sending good vibes your way and hope that we will be celebrating your victory this weekend!

    Prtfvr – loved chapter 7- loved that I started the day with it J I love how the pictures come first so that we can guess what you’re going to say, but the delivery is so much better. Fav line: β€œI…not…? Just out of curiousity, how come?” The picture with it is priceless. And the one that follows it – I just love the whole thing. This one is my favorite so far. The frame you ended with – ROFLOL! You are so twisted! I love it! πŸ™‚ 😎 πŸ™‚ 😎

    Lady A – what a treat! I finally got the time to read you fanfic. I have to agree with Laurel, or was it her twin Lauren πŸ˜‰ who said it was like being able to see a new epi this summer. You write so vividly. Please give us more! 😎

  7. Anzia said

    It doesn’t sound too good that’s for sure. It’s quite possible that when they run the new eps like that, they’ll loose more viewers than gain. Who wants to feel like their show isn’t appreiciated by the network that’s airing it?

    Alisa- you said something about finding another channel to take BT but, as someone mentioned before, why would they buy a series when they don’t have the first season? Not too many, if any, will do that.

    rifkind- Thanks (((HUGS))) just to help with whatever may come today.

  8. DIZEY1 said

    Hi ya’ll feeling a little on the crappy side today. Just a bit off kilter (SP). Margaret I put another (20) cards in today’s mail and only have 13 left I must have put extras in another days mail. I’ll have to go pick up another 100 from the post office tomorrow. I’ll keep on HAND WRITING these till LIFETIME says OKAY Ladies we’re giving you as many seasons as you’d like just PLEASE STOP SENDING IN THOSE POSTCARDS (hee hee hee) And that’s exactly what they’re going to say. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  9. Anzia said

    Tango- ^_^ “Cake or death?” I have the soundtrack to that on my iPod and listen to Eddy quite often. ^_^ He’s so funny! I have a confession, when you said “cake” then “henry” my mind went to the idea of frosting and the groceries he has sitting on his kitchen counter while Vicki… anyway. Didn’t quite make it to Eddy first. ^_^

    Oh, I keep meaning to say but I like Styx too. I went to an REO Speedwagon and Styx concert my freshman year of college. ^_^ Loads and loads of fun.

  10. Tango said

    rifkind – sorry for your loss. Was this your neighbor? I think I must have missed something. {{{{{{{hugs to you}}}}}}}

    Margaret & lwildstar – I don’t take the comments that lwildstar posted to be anything different than what we have already heard a couple of months ago. I’m hoping we know more by the end of next week. I think we just need to keep up the campaign we have going and stay optimistic. I’m sure Dizey has a few extra pair of rose colored glasses she’d be willing to share to help us all get through the next week or so. I’m with her, I feel good about a second season.

    Claire – thanks for the French. I needed it! I feel like Morticia from the Adam’s family. Something about someone speaking French to me just motivates me! Quand Henry s’embrasse en haut mon mon bras Γ  mon cou beaucoup comme Gomez fait Γ  Morticia, il me motive pour faire des choses que je ne dois pas mentionner ici! Qui est d’accord avec le service avec un sourire! Je suis sΓ»r qu’ils sont les mΓͺmes services vous souriez de quand Henry est avec vous. πŸ˜‰

  11. DIZEY1 said

    **Z** Sorry I didn’t get to congratulate you yesterday on your interview, I KNOW you’ve got the job if you want it, just make it yours. I am amazed at how many of you are STYX fans, too cool that they have crossed over few decades. It’s THE GRAND ILLUSION πŸ™‚ I also saw and love REO Speedwagon, “You can tune a piano but you can’t tune a fish” Heard it from a friend who…….. 😎

    Girls, we’ve got to keep positive thoughts about our show. The Secret is that what you think is what you’ll bring to you. Bad thoughts will bring more bad thoughts and that’s all you’ll attract. Keep those positive affirmations going so that’s all we’ll bring to us is positive good stuff which is what we want. πŸ™‚ It’s not hocus pocus I swear. The law of attraction is what we need to use here think good thoughts. πŸ˜‰

  12. Tango said

    Z – yes to cake and YES to Henry. And ABSOLUTLEY YES to cake and Henry! thanks for that imagery πŸ˜‰ Have you been working on the next scene and could we please have cake and no death in it?

  13. DIZEY1 said


    Yeah baby I’ve got plenty of those glasses to share with all my peeps here 😎

  14. Tango said

    Z – I didn’t realize you could download Eddie from Itunes – FABULOUS! I will do that now! I love Dressed to Kill. Thanks for that info. Which ones did you download? I wish they had him on video to download.

    STYX – love them. Renegade being one of my all time favorite songs by them. I have a sister who is 6 years older than I am, so I was up on the cool music before most of my friends as she was a music major.

  15. Chery said

    Hey everyone!

    How about a challenge for Fangs? Nettie has all of the info for purchasing at the Lifetime Board. At .14 cents each, How about purchasing 100 or 200 a piece? We could send at least 1,000 to LifeTime.

    How about it everyone?????

    Got an e-mail back from Slim Fast, one of the advertisers I e-mailed about seeing their ad on Blood Ties, they said thanks for noticing their ad on Blood Ties and sent me some coupons for Slim Fast. So my e-mail was noticed!

    Don’t forget to play episodes on your computer from the LifeTime site.

    O.K. off to write 20 more posticards………..

  16. Himmiefan said

    Morning everybody!

    Ms Gypsy – “ya’ll” is a very useful word. Have at it.

    Rifkind – I’m so sorry about your neighbor. Hugs!

    Annalaise – so how much will you pay me not to reveal any spoilers? Just kidding!! (sort of..) πŸ™‚

    Vampgirl – so sorry for your knee. That can’t be fun..

    As for the episodes, I also thought they were the back 9 and that maybe by showing them that way, it would give Canada time to catch up with us. Hmmmm. Well, if Lifetime doesn’t pick up, and I’m still feeling optimistic, then they’re crazy because 1) there several “immortality” and fantasy-type shows coming up in the fall so obviously there’s a market, 2) BT already has an established fan base which would be easier than creating one from scratch, and 3) um, what was three…. BT does appeal to their demograhpic, if they’d just read those postacards. Of course, the eye candy doesn’t hurt. πŸ™‚

    Oh, Dizey, hope you feel better!

  17. DIZEY1 said

    What do ya’ll wanna do about the fangs?? Do we don’t we?? We need to do something soon. I’m writing like I’m manic or something. My poor mom is my partner in crime with helping me out. See she loves me cuz’ how many mom’s would help their ADULT child write about a TV show. She’s cool and has had to put up with me since OMG the Donny Osmond days how’s that for a blast from the past. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  18. Margaret said

    Dizey: Got to love your mom. Ordered an entire box from Nettie but also told her if it didn’t look like it would fly send them to me and I’d hand them out for Halloween. Told her we might want to send a test box. We need to decide if we are going to s— or —-the —.

  19. lwildstar said

    I have a link from Netti re: the fans if anhone is intereted – the LifeTime board gets a little cumbersom trying to find old posts on it.

    I really can’t beleive LT would be ignoring the cards – really now if ten of us sent ten cards a day (including weekends) thats still what 700 a week? and I know there are more than ten of us!
    Now admit Ihave fallen behind on emailing the sponsors – I’m going to leave myself a post it remeinder to do that everyday when i get home.

    Just spent that last half hour looking for a file – I was nearly in tears – it was on my desk the entire time! I was looking under the wrong name! A mind is a terrible thing to loose.
    Ok I’m going over to Lifetime and put an episode on to calm me down!

  20. Margaret said


  21. DIZEY1 said

    My aunt works for a company called Big Wheel Novelties, she has some kind of fangs etc, but I don’t know if they are the same ones. If so I can get them at a good price w/her discount. I’ll see if they have a website and maybe we can look at them and figure out what we should do.

    I’ll Be BACK πŸ™‚

  22. Chery said

    Margaret and all:

    Margaret, you are so right, more than 10 of us need to be sending postcards! I noticed on Bloodlines people are sending them in but 2-3 at a time.

    Please everyone, in order to make an impact, we need over 1,000 postcards this week and if possible 1,000 fangs!


  23. Himmiefan said

    Hey Ms Gypsy – to get to this page, I had to go to the previous page (if that’s the correct term) and then click on the link you posted. Is it supposed to be that way?

  24. lwildstar said

    Sorry Margaret – was was just trying to point out how simple it is too get the numbers of postcards we need.

  25. Anzia said

    Hmm, I promise no death in the next installment.

    I have everyone of his shows in audio. I have to admit that while you can get them off iTunes, I did not. ^_^ Dressed to kill is my absolute favorite as well. I really want to walk around with a flags and just claim things half the time. :0)

    How many people do we have here? Diz, tango, laurel, me, alisa, claire, ms.gypsy, himmie, blah (wherever she went off too), LH, LA, Danielle, Chery, Cree, Madonna, Vicki, Margaret, prtfvr, lwildstar, rifkind, vampgirl… that’s 21 and that’s assuming I didn’t miss anyone… If I did… SORRY! Wasn’t intentional!

    Thanks again for all the positive thoughts re: the job. ^_^ I really love you guys. You’re absolutley great!

    Diz- I hope you’re feeling better. ((((HUGS))))

  26. elizabeth said

    msgypsy – I too was married to a southerner and lived outside of Nashville for a lot of years. I can say Ya’ll with the best of them πŸ™‚ So this is for all you wonderful Southern women out there – I know you will get a giggle out of it like I did.

    Southern women appreciate their natural assets:
    Clean skin.
    A winning smile.
    That unforgettable Southern drawl.

    Southern women know their manners:
    “Yes, ma’am.”
    “Yes, sir.”
    “Why, no, Billy!”

    Southern women have a distinct way with fond expressions :
    “Y’all come back!”
    “Well, bless your heart.”
    “Drop by when you can.”
    “How’s your Momma?”

    Southern women know their summer weather report:

    Southern women know their vacation spots:
    The beach
    The rivuh
    The crick

    Southern women know the joys of June, July, and August:
    Colorful hi-heel sandals
    Strapless sun dresses
    Iced sweet tea with mint

    Southern women know everybody’s first name:

    Southern women know the movies that speak to their hearts:
    Fried Green Tomatoes
    Driving Miss Daisy
    Steel Magnolias
    Gone With The Wind

    Southern women know their religions:

    Southern women know their country breakfasts:
    Red-eye gravy
    Country ham
    Mouth-watering homemade biscuits with momma’s homemade jelly

    Southern women know their cities dripping with Southern charm:
    Foat Wuth

    Southern women know their elegant gentlemen :
    Men in uniform.
    Men in tuxedos
    Rhett Butler

    Southern girls know their prime real estate:
    The Mall

    The Country Club
    The Beauty Salon

    Southern girls know the 3 deadly sins:
    Having bad hair and nails
    Having bad manners
    Cooking bad food

    More Southern-ism’s:
    Only a Southerner knows the difference between a hissie fit and a conniption fit, and that you don’t “HAVE” them, you “PITCH” them.

    Only a Southerner knows how many fish, collard greens, turnip greens, peas, beans, etc., make up “a mess.”

    Only a Southerner can show or point out to you the general direction of “yonder.”

    Only a Southerner knows exactly how long “directly” is, as in: “Going to town, be back directly.”

    Even Southern babies know that “Gimme some sugar” is not a request for the white, granular sweet substance that sits in a pretty little bowl in the middle of the table.

    All Southerners know exactly when “by and by” is. They might not use the term, but they know the concept well.

    Only a Southerner knows instinctively that the best gesture of solace for a neighbor who’s got trouble is a plate of hot fried chicken and a big bowl of cold potato salad. If the neighbor’s trouble is a real crisis, they also know to add a large banana puddin!

    Only Southerners grow up knowing the difference between “right near” and “a right far piece.” They also know that “just down the road” can be 1 mile or 20.

    Only a Southerner, both knows and understands, the difference between a redneck, a good ol’ boy, and po’ white trash.

    No true Southerner would ever assume that the car with the flashing turn signal is actually going to make a turn.

    A Southerner knows that “fixin” can be used as a noun, a verb, or an adverb.

    Only Southerners make friends while standing in lines, … and when we’re “in line,”. We talk to everybody!

    Put 100 Southerners in a room and half of them will discover they’re related, even if only by marriage.

    In the South, y’all is singular, all y’all is plural.

    Southerners know grits come from corn and how to eat them.

    Every Southerner knows tomatoes with eggs, bacon, grits, and coffee are perfectly wonderful; that red eye gravy is also a breakfast food; and that fried green tomatoes are not a breakfast food.

    When you hear someone say, “Well, I caught myself lookin’,” you know you are in the presence of a genuine Southerner!

    Only true Southerners say “sweet tea” and “sweet milk.” Sweet tea indicates the need for sugar and lots of it — we do not like our tea unsweetened. “Sweet milk” means you don’t want buttermilk.

    And a true Southerner knows you don’t scream obscenities at little old ladies who drive 30 MPH on the freeway. You just say,”Bless her heart” … and go your own way.

    To those of you who are still a little embarrassed by your Southerness: Take two tent revivals and a dose of sausage gravy and call me in the morning. Bless your heart!
    And to those of you who are still having a hard time understanding all this Southern stuff, … bless your hearts, I hear they are fixin’ to have classes on Southernness as a second language!

    And for those that are not from the South but have lived here for a long time, all y’all need a sign to hang on y’alls front porch that reads “I ain’t from the South, but I got here as fast as I could.”

    Southern girls know men may come and go, but friends are fahevah !

    Now.. … Shugah, send this to someone who was raised in the South or wish they had been!

    If you’re a Northern transplant, Bless your little heart, fake it.
    We know you got here as fast as you could!

    May this day bring you joy!

  27. Anzia said

    22- Elizabeth! *smacks head* I’m going to feel really horrible once I relize just who I forgot on that list. I swear it wasn’t intentional!

  28. elizabeth said

    Dizey1 – I keep forgetting to mention that I am also a “practitioner” of The Secret. Love that book and how it has helped me turn some negative habits into positive reinforcement – now, if I only had 480 years of positive reinforcement like our favorite Vamp – look out world!! πŸ˜‰

  29. Himmiefan said

    πŸ™‚ “Bless you (his, her, etc) heart.” is a very useful expression. When done with a concerned look and sympathetic tone, it means “oh poor thing.” When done with a smile or even half smile, it means “you’re so dumb!”

    Anzia – there’s also catcornmom, moonbeam, and mara.

  30. Anzia said

    25 then…

  31. elizabeth said

    “Hey Ms Gypsy – to get to this page, I had to go to the previous page (if that’s the correct term) and then click on the link you posted. Is it supposed to be that way?”

    I’m having the same problem that Himmiefan is. 😦

  32. elizabeth said

    Himmiefan – Believe me, I have found some of those southern expressions so very, very convenient at times! When I mix them up with my British roots, people never know what I am saying…too funny πŸ™‚

  33. Anzia said

    I saved the link in my favorites then just clicked on it. If you look under the title for htis page it says it’s filed under uncategorized. So if you’re looking under the BT convo’s it won’t be there. ^_^ Or at least I assume that’s the way it works…

  34. elizabeth said

    prtfvr – You just keep getting better and better! I giggle my way through all your chapters and can’t wait for the next installment!

  35. lwildstar said

    or try this one if you have a log in

    or just try to get to the list of blog threads

  36. lwildstar said

    whoops check that – the first one takes you to the wordpress dash board – let em check taht again

  37. lwildstar said

    ok this is the link I use to take me to the “menu” of Gypsys blog threads

  38. Margaret said

    lwildstar-Wasn’t yelling at you. I’m sure we’re thinking that we’re getting some where but I’m wondering how much impact we’re making when they are thinking they want viewers in the millions.

    Got the same old letter from Lifetime, usual intro, here’s an excerpt of what followed intro:

    “Blood Ties” completed its first season of 12 episodes on May 20th.
    Lifetime is excited to announce that “Blood Ties” will return for a
    second season of ten new episodes in the fall. Please stay tuned to
    Lifetime for more information. If you can’t get enough of “Blood Ties” or
    missed an episode, they can be purchased from iTunes by going to and selecting the shop button.


    Then after that they go into selling the other two shows they premiered.

  39. Margaret said

    Now Lifetime is launching its next generation of new programming,
    beginning on Sundays at 8PM (ET/PT) two new dramas will be added to the
    lineup. (Insert text about the other two shows,……)

    Although the last line did sound kind of hopeful:

    These new series are just three examples of the high quality caliber of
    programming that you’ve come to expect from Lifetime. To learn more
    about what’s happening on Lifetime, log on to where
    you can access the daily schedule and read more about the shows that you


    The three shows they are talking about are Blood Ties, Slice of Life and State of Mind. First part of the letter mentions that they are glad I’m interested in their new series Blood Ties, the story of…….. Then it skips to the promo on the other shows and then the paragraph below follows.

  40. Margaret said

    Forget everything I just said: I’ll just post the whole thing and you all can see what you think:

    Dear Viewer:

    Thank you for your email. We are happy to hear of your interest in the
    “Blood Ties,” a drama series starring Christina Cox as a private
    investigator specializing in solving supernatural crimes, who joins in an
    unexpected partnership with a mysterious and sexy vampire.

    “Blood Ties” completed its first season of 12 episodes on May 20th.
    Lifetime is excited to announce that “Blood Ties” will return for a
    second season of ten new episodes in the fall. Please stay tuned to
    Lifetime for more information. If you can’t get enough of “Blood Ties” or
    missed an episode, they can be purchased from iTunes by going to and selecting the shop button.

    Now Lifetime is launching its next generation of new programming,
    beginning on Sundays at 8PM (ET/PT) two new dramas will be added to the
    lineup. First is “Side Order of Life,” a comedic drama starring Marisa
    Coughlan as a young magazine photographer who receives a “wake-up call
    from the universe,” before marrying co-star Jason Priestley. Following at
    9PM (ET/PT) is “State of Mind,” which follows a brilliant, take-charge
    family therapist whose personal problems rival those of her eclectic
    and offbeat patients. Then at 10PM (ET/PT) with “Army Wives,” starring
    Kim Delaney and Catherine Bell, about a diverse group of women and one
    man living with their spouses and families on an active army post and
    the pressures and traditions of the military on those who are left behind
    while their partners serve their country.

    These new series are just three examples of the high quality caliber of
    programming that you’ve come to expect from Lifetime. To learn more
    about what’s happening on Lifetime, log on to where
    you can access the daily schedule and read more about the shows that you

    Thank you again for writing. Your opinions are very important to us
    and we greatly appreciate your support.

    Warmest Regards,

    Viewer Services
    Lifetime Television

  41. Tango said

    Elizabeth – I loved your Southern post. I am a GRITS myself (Girl Raised In The South) and appreciated this light-hearted way you’ve explained our idiocyncracies. My roommie that I had for the convention last week was England las transplanted in Tennessee & married to Tennessean. I got a big kick out of her trying to put on a Southern accent. I would love to hear some of your British/Southern expressions.

    Anzia – let’s not forget about Susana. Our Kenyan (?) sista transplanted in TX. I just e-mailed her to see how she’s been. There’s also Nina & Terresa we haven’t heard from in awhile.

    I downloaded Dressed to Kill thinking that Death or Cake was on it, but I never heard it. What performance was that from?

  42. Tango said

    Try this link and just log on from this page.

  43. Madonna said

    Hey everyone!

    So sorry for your loss. Prayers are with you.

    I’m still fighting the fight…. Postcards, emails, searches…..

    So who thinks they are going to do fangs?

    All this talk on here about the south and the term y’all, I just had to look this up and share. It’s a water tower about 10 minutes from where I live.'all_Water_Tower

  44. rifkind said

    Tango –
    Thanks to all of you you hug, and right back at you {{{ H U G S }}}

    Yes my sweet Angel was my neighbor, and like a Mom to me for the last 21 years. After her husband died we started taking her to dinner with us every Wednesday night. She was LOVE incarnate, never a bad word about anybody. I’m sure that there won’t be enough room at the funeral home to hold everybody.
    Like I said the other day, her life was about Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness. She passed surrounded by loved ones and sent to Heaven with prayers.
    Sorry to be a downer, having all of you here as extended family helps so much!

  45. Madonna said

    Ok, That link didn’t work? Lets try this again.'all

  46. Tango said

    Rifkind – Wow! What a legacy to leave. We should all strive to leave such an impact on this earth. Your paths crossed for a reason. Maybe to carry the torch that she has passed on – passing it forward, if you will. It sounds like you are already taking a piece of her and sharing it with those around you.

  47. Madonna said

    Err…. One more time.

  48. Himmiefan said

    Margaret – thanks so much for posting that letter. I think is sounds good.

    One thing I meant to point out earlier is what happens if BT really takes off and Lifetime hasn’t bought the other episodes. Bad for them. Don’t some networks buy a series and don’t show some episodes if the series tanks?

    Susana, Theresa, and Nina, I forgot about them!

    I was in London a few years ago visiting my cousin, who was living there. I had the best time teaching his British girlfriend how to talk Southern. I got her to say “nice, white rice” with a really good twang. πŸ™‚

  49. Tango said

    Himmiefan – are you a GRITS too?

    “Nice white rice” – is that the test phrase? LOL πŸ™‚

    There are others we haven’t heard from in awhile too:
    Maddie Mo & Scotialynn

  50. Himmiefan said

    Madonna – how cute! Reminds me of a kosher deli we had back in the town where I grew up. They had a sign in the window that said, “Shalom ya’ll!”

    Rifkind – double hugs!

  51. rifkind said

    Tango or MsGypsy.
    The new topic needs to be Edited and then the Parent page set to the (Blood Ties Conversation ) Category.
    Then we can easily find the new conversation

  52. I’ve just been keeping this conversation open in a new tab so I don’t lose it.

    Afternoon all! I slept in a little late. eep!

  53. rifkind said

    Again thanks everyone for the Hugs! πŸ™‚

  54. lwildstar said

    Margaret: Those are the same letters I got from Lifetime

  55. Tango said

    Rifkind – I have e-mailed Gypsy about it as that would be something that she would need to remedy.

    Does everyone right click and add to favorites everytime she starts a new page? This is how I keep up with it.

    Madonna – the water tower was great. It reminds me of going to the PGA tournament while it was in Birmingham, AL.

  56. Tango said

    OK, I wasn’t finished…

    Madonna – It reminds me of going to the PGA tournament while it was in Birmingham, AL and they would hold up signs that stated “Hush Y’all!” when the golfers would step up to the ball.

    Now I’m finished.

  57. Claire said

    Bon Jour mes amis et famille!

    Rifkind…((((((((HUG)))))))) it is always a blessing to have known someone like your angel.I’m sorry for your loss.
    Tango…mais naturellement… je comprends pourquoi vous souriez… je souriez toujours quand Henri me rend visite !

    Lady A….we are the same height…I felt very gawky and insecure when I was young until a wonderful teacher in High School told me”Never be embarrassed about your height,Hold your head up and walk proud when you enter a room and when everyone turns around to look smile!”….She was so amazing…I think she kind of suspected my life was not the usual teen life and always gave me encouragement! She also wrote in my yearbook” Never stop and hide your smile…you are a beautiful young lady inside and out I wish beautiful things for you!” Those words got me through so much when I needed them!
    Now…I love being tall! My daughter Nikki is also 5ft 8in….I don’t do high heels anymore because of an injury…but Nikki…girl…she loves those 4 and 5 inch heels…she looks like a Goddess in them!

    Ms.Dizey…J’espΓ¨re que vous sentez meilleur aujourd’hui mon cher ami.

    Anyway I’m off to look at prtfvrs latest installment..check back later!

    XOXOXO πŸ˜›

  58. Chery said

    Just a thought, but does anyone know how to check the ratings of the two new shows that LifeTime is premiering?
    I would like to see how they compare with BT’s ratings.


  59. Claire, I shouldn’t wear heel either. I’ve got really bad knee and back problems, but heels looks way too good for me to give them up!

  60. elizabeth said

    My daughter is very tall – she is about 5’9″ and has been lucky enough to have an older brother that always made her feel good about her height. She has towered over many of her school friends and it has only been in the last year or so that the boys are starting to shoot up and not be so much shorter than she is. I have never seen her slouch (I think I spelled that wrong) and she loves to tease me about being short (5’4″). She loves being tall. I suspect, Claire, that she will also proudly wear heel when she decides that jeans and t-shirts and the ever present flip-flops no longer are her uniform πŸ™‚

  61. Tango said

    Claire – did you just tell Dizey that you hope she smelled better today? I hope that was a mistake on my part, as I wouldn’t want to see the ragin’ Cajun come out in her. πŸ˜‰

    prtfvr – Kyles IMBd starmeter is up by 3% today. I hope that means that I make a difference since I wasn’t able to search him las week while I was out of pocket – he was down 2% according to the figures you posted.

  62. Tango said

    Chery, no I don’t know where to get those figures, but would also love to know.

  63. DIZEY1 said

    Merci Claire. J’espΓ¨re que ce bogue part bientΓ΄t !

    Elizabeth , yes I bought the movie (The Secret) and a lady I work with who originally *TURNED* me onto it had the audio discs so I copied those and cruise around with them in my car all the time now. Gotta try somethin’. And I am one of those grits girls also. I loved the list, hysterical and alot is so very true. Now what’s even funnier is if ya’ll come down hea’ and listen to my Cajun family, Poooyaya!!! Cher’ dey talk alot like dis’. Heavy cajun accents it’s a trip. Some will talk in French but more Cajun French than Claire’s Parisian French.

    Rifkind, XOXOXOXO for your sweet friend. She’ll be in my prayers.

  64. elizabeth, I think your daughter would find that a good pair of heels with those jeans makes them look 10x better. πŸ˜‰

  65. Not that I am one to give clothing advice at the moment… I’m still in my “summer” pj’s. Men’s boxers and a tank top.

    It’s way too hot for real clothes at the moment.

  66. elizabeth said

    Lady A – Krysten is more into comfort right now, but with her long, long legs heels would be fabulous. In our Karate class students are warned about her long legs – her kicks will knock you through a wall πŸ™‚ Me, I’m definately more into comfort. Heels (I had to backspace because I typed hells – fraudian much?) kill me.

  67. Annalaise duChat said


    I know I haven’t been around much lately but you forgot me too.

  68. Anzia said

    I add each page to my favorite too! ^_^

    Okay so our numbers are now 29 + Sai13 = 30 and that doesn’t include the people who lurk but don’t post. They might be helping too!

    Um… I think Cake or Death is in Glorious.

    and for all you hens i have something for you. NOT from me! but something great nonetheless Nina showed me that one… so all thanks should be directed her way. ^_^

  69. Anzia said

    SORRY! Dr. Duchat! 😦 31… *throws hands up* I give up. Horrible horrible memory!

  70. I found this pair of knee high heeled boots that feel like slippers when I wear them. Omg, they are totally my favorite pair of shoes right now.

    ok, talking about shoes is dangerous when I can’t go shoe shopping!

  71. poor Z! It’s hard to remember all of the folks that come and go through here. I was surprised you remembered as many as you did!


  72. Claire said

    Lmao! Tango!Lord no! I said I hope she feels better today!!!!
    clearly you need more French! Where’s Henry? get him to Tango Asap!!!!

    Elizabeth…Nikki also has a brother who loves her height…but then he’s 6ft5!
    Yesterday…I was complaining about a hanging light fixture where the lightbulb blew out…it hangs in the middle of a curving staircase in the hallway…I kept wondering for weeks how I could get up there..can’t use a ladder.So yesterday Chris goes what are you complaining about? this thing? goes up the stairs reaches up and changes the bulb…Victoria was amazed and said” Wow Chris you are so big!” Chris goes” Yeah gee thanks little for making me feel like a giant!” I said ” I knew you would come in handy someday!” Then he started goofing on his older sister..”Well at least I’m not Tiny Tim like Monique!” she is 5ft4 like her paternal grandmother.Monique always pokes fun at herself…she saids my refusal to breastfeed her stunted her growth..and that I created giants by breastfeeding everyone else! LOL!

    Anyway Dizey this is for you…but everyone else enjoy also!

    Ok if I did this right it should be 3 pics of Jake and 1 pic of his parents my daughter Monique and her husband Matt….She looks 12 in the pic instead of 30!!!

  73. Himmiefan said

    Tango – yep, I’m GRITS too. πŸ™‚

    Claire will love this, or will scream in horror, it could go either way. I took three years of French in high school, and one of our teachers was a really nice woman who was from France. We had the best time practicing our vocabulary words with a double dose of twang. Drove her crazy! At the end of the year, we chipped in and got her a book called “How to Speak Southern.”

  74. Anzia said

    Thanks LA. ^_^ I just feel bad for forgetting people…

    I’m not southern although I get accused of having the accent at times. It’s REALLY obvious when I get mad! Which is kind of funny since I’m from Ohio and have only lived there and WI. *shrugs* oh well… but I just wanted to say that I LOVE GRITS! and am the only one in my family (except the step-father who lives in OH) who does and everytime someone mentions them I get REALLY hungry! ^_^

  75. My mother was raised by folks from Arkansas. It’s really funny when she tries to say certain things, like Wash. Wash becomes Warsh…. SO I’ve got to Warsh the dishes, and start the Warshing machine, pick up the Warsh cloths…

    Sometimes just to pick on her I tell her “Mom, I don’t know how to Warsh the dishes, but I can Wash them, is that close enough?”

  76. Margaret said

    Forgive me for basically posting that letter twice. Won’t do anything like that again. I realize it takes up too much space.

  77. It’s ok Margaret. It lets us know that at least someone is getting a response from Lifetime, even if it is a form letter.

  78. Anzia said

    yup no worries margaret

  79. elizabeth said

    Woo Hoo – my friend just called to remind me that we have a “girls only” weekend coming up πŸ™‚ How could I have spaced that this is the weekend we go away???? I must be working πŸ˜‰ too hard, or something! We plan to check out a spa at the coast, do a little wine tasting on the way down πŸ™‚ and who knows what else. Life is good, my friends πŸ™‚

  80. I am so jealous! I want a spa weekend!

    Have fun, be safe!

  81. Madonna said

    Lady Afrodyte,
    Honestly, where I live 5’8″ is not really that tall. My sister is 5’8″. My niece however is well on her way to becoming a giant. Harley is 8 years old and she is already 4’10” and wears a size 9 shoe. I only only wear a 6 1/2. I believe that this time next year she’ll be taller than me.

    Ladies, Ask an ye shall receive. Here’s the ratings for Side Order Of Life and State Of Mind

  82. Margaret said

    Blood Ties only got 1.3 million didn’t they, which means it was half of what the others did. Am I wrong?

  83. I wish being 5’8″ weren’t so tall, but walking through the mall I’m a giant! Not to mention I’m not a twig. And when I wear my 6″ heels to go dancing in… Holy cow!

  84. Madonna said

    Blood Ties debuted at 1.6, got as high as 2.something and average 1.3!

  85. The thing to remember is that Blood Ties did not get the push that the other shows did because it’s a vampire show. I’m waiting to see how it does in the fall, which should be the perfect time for it.

  86. Madonna said

    The one thing you have to remember about those numbers is the fact that Blood Ties was not promoted nearly as much as those other three. No one knew about BT. We’re changing that now!!!!

  87. Madonna said

    Lady Afrodyte,
    Great minds think alike right?

  88. elizabeth said

    Blood ties would have probably done a lot better if they had advertised as much for it as they have for these new shows, don’t you think? How many of us found it by accident…I know I did.

  89. DIZEY1 said

    Now Ladies, all that being said remember what Denis said not to concentrate on ratings and demographics it’s not our forte’ and that’s not what they (network) want to hear from us. I for one don’t have a clue as to what those numbers really mean. I’m not sweating those because I don’t know what it does or doesn’t do for our show. That’s the bean counters job I guess. I think if anything it makes us think that Blood Ties didn’t do well and I think in the short time it was on and not Highly publicized (SP) that it did do good numbers for a show that’s not normally their forte”. Did that make any sense at all. I lost myself there, must be that damned cemetary bug that Angelique slipped into my Voodoo doll.

    I’ll catch y’all ehen I get home.

  90. elizabeth said

    Good grief! It looks like we all were thinking the same thing!

  91. Himmiefan said

    It seems to me that Lifetime didn’t promote BT as much as the other programs, which I think they produced. I think BT was almost an afterthought and based on that, probably did pretty well. Imagine how well it could do if they promote it as well as the other programs!

    Grits must be cooked with milk, salt, and butter and must be very creamy. Use of sugar is an abomination!! Adding in cheddar cheese is a plus.

    Just listened to “Lorelei.” on my iPod. πŸ™‚

  92. whoa, totally, Madonna!

    Geeet out of my head!!

    lol πŸ˜›

    I did find the show by accident. I was flipping past lifetime and saw Lovely Kyle in an ad and stopped. It was the only ad I saw and I had nearly forgot about the show by the time it aired.

  93. DIZEY1 said

    I love Lorelei, and yes sugar in grits is grose(sp) Most def. add the cheese.

  94. Himmiefan said

    Um, looks like great minds are thinking alike.

  95. Now if any of you all are snacking on carrots we have simply gotten too familiar with each other….

  96. I think it ate my post. Shoot!

    If any of you all are snacking on carrots… that would just too fricken weird.

  97. I killed the blog!

  98. Himmiefan said

    No, no, not to worry! I think a lot of us are just on the way home.

  99. elizabeth said

    Unlike those of us on the West Coast that still have at least an hour left of work – bummer

  100. ahh… I always forget that there is a time difference between some of us.


  101. elizabeth said

    yes, but isn’t it lovely that we can forget time and distance?

  102. Yep! Well that is until I think I killed the blog with carrots… Thats an odd feeling by the way.

  103. elizabeth said

    I don’t think carrots would be my weapon of choice…. Luckily, they didn’t kill the blog πŸ˜‰

  104. Madonna said

    Lady Afrodyte,
    Ya didn’t kill it. Himmiefan was right. I was just in transit.

  105. oo yay you all are kinda back.

    My fiance took off with a friend to go watch a live showing of ECW (wrestling) so I’m alone in the house with my napping nephew. So bored!

  106. Madonna said

    When I was young I liked wrestling. Now I can not stand it!!!!

  107. I watch it occasionally. I’ll watch tonight because I think they got ring side seats. I am kinda jealous because he gets to go out, but oh well.

  108. elizabeth said

    I think it is time for me to shut down the computer and head home. Talk to all of you tomorrow.

  109. Madonna said

    Well, I’m going to jump off here for now and grab a bite and finish my postcards. After that candle making, then writing, maybe the Gazelle for a few minutes. With any luck I’ll make it to bed by 2am.

    Love y’all!
    Check back in later

  110. Tango said

    I just wanted to drop in for a momento, por favor, before I go eat cheap Mexican, to say that I too found BT by accident. I was scanning the TIVO programming guide and from what I recall, the summary didn’t even mention vampire. From what I remember, we watched it the next night and loved it so much I immediately “season pass” ed it. I never saw a promo for it or anything.

    Check you guys when I get back from the border.

  111. AlisaSG said

    >> Blood ties would have probably done a lot better if they had advertised as much for it as they have for these new shows, don’t you think? How many of us found it by accident…I know I did.

    mine was just *good* timing..

    I hadn’t been watching LIFETIME for a while, and don’t normally watch much TV (outside of Sci-Fi and the news), but saw an article blurb in the local TV guide, which I had stopped reading for a while, too, because the former guides were getting boring (nuttin interesting on).. and came across a picture of Christina Cox and Kyle, with a summary explaining about the first ep of Blood Ties, and that it’d be a regular series on Lifetime.

    That same night between commercials, I made an announcement on a web site that isn’t BT related, to let everyone there know about the show being on. Only a few people replied. The rest were probably lurking, or didn’t get the channel at all.

    A few weeks later when Craig Veroni guest starred as Emmanuel (in the LOVE HURTS ep where Henry *really* kissed Vicki for the first time), I found a few postings about Craig’s appearance in BT over at his topic on Gateworld. πŸ˜‰

    so, that’s 2 web sites outside of BT’s regular sites that I know of, where some or a lot of info has been posted. Because Norman kicked Henry’s butt a bit too much, now Michael Eklund (Norman) has become the favorite on the one web site.. *sigh*

    gotta do something encouraging — so the few who are watching (and sharing there) don’t give up on their first wonders of Henry.. (that’s at both web sites — which have very strong connections to most of the world — on a larger scale than LIFETIME has).

  112. moonbeam2016 said

    Damn Anzia – That utube scene got the blood rushing, heart thumping and could make one wet whew. . . . . talk about breathn’ heavy

  113. AlisaSG said

    BTW, it took me a few more weeks before I found Tanya’s blog and posted on it.

    >> Who wants to feel like their show isn’t appreiciated by the network that’s airing it?

    >> Alisa- you said something about finding another channel to take BT but, as someone mentioned before, why would they buy a series when they don’t have the first season? Not too many, if any, will do that.

    I’m not sure what you’re actually talking about, but I do remember a while back discussing about how popular “BLADE” got on SPIKE-TV. The series got cancelled about a month after it’s last episode from the first and only season aired, because SPIKE apparently wanted better ratings, or something like that.

    So, faithful viewers of the BLADE series went researching into other possible networks that might pick up the series, including the Sci-Fi channel (to which many pleaded a very loud–
    “NO!! They killed Stargate! They’d only do the same to BLADE”
    so, the viewers kept on looking for other networks to write to, etc.)

    BLOOD TIES on Lifetime.. sounds like a deja vu of BLADE’s same problem..
    –Unless other countries get better and higher results than LIFETIME did, and seek a renewal directly from TPTB who create Blood Ties. If the other countries pick up positive results on their *own* stations, it could make LIFETIME’s own efforts of advertising into it .. well.. obviously show someone which programs Lifetime prefers to air (if Lifetime doesn’t get/take the *hint*).

  114. vicki said

    I too found BT by “accident” I am a tv aholic..and I was flipping channels and they said my name during the promo..and of ccourse I stopped and watched and listened. Made a mental note to watch it, and saw the ad in the TV guide. The ad mentioned vampire and of course the picture of Kyle helped. So I set the Tivo and watched at the same time. LOL

    The other thing is…Lifetime has rerun all these “new” shows just about every day!!! during the “high” time. BT was only rerun the same night at midnight!!!
    PLEASE!!! I have seen the army wifes running like a marathon some days..and the same goes for State of Mind, and side ORder of Life..etc.

    IF they want to keep the show they would rerun it as often as they could. i dont thinnk the content of the show would stop them from rerunning it during the evening hours. 4-7pm….but it doesnt matter I am still sending my postccards..and still wearing my t-shirt

    BTW my room mate from college was MAJOR southern girl, from Shaw, MS. She knew all that southern girl stuff..and I learned alot!!

  115. moonbeam2016 said

    I had to go get more postcards and labels for my computer. Writers cramp~Thankfully, I use lots of labels in my classroom so I could by a BIG box of labels

  116. Laurel said

    Just checking in. I’ve been off doing other stuff, trying to get motivated to teach 5 days of craft classes for VBS next week. My heart is just not in it this year.

    Rifkind – so sorry to hear of the loss of your “angel”.

    Postcards! I’m drowning in postcards. I have to hand decoreat the little buggers and I just don’t have the kind of tallent I would like to have for this medium. That said, I am hoping they are getting so many they don’t know what to do with them.

    Killing the blog with carrots!!! Man, that is funny! πŸ™‚

  117. *smirk*
    Don’t make me pull the carrots back out, man. I’ll do it! I’m crazy enough to do it!

  118. Laurel said

    Fine. I’ll just have mine with some ranch dressing. πŸ™‚

  119. *whips out the carrots*


    Here you go. Would like like a glass of iced tea to go with that?

  120. Laurel said

    Yeah, I take my iced tea straight up. No sugar. No lemon.


  121. moonbeam2016 said

    I’ll take my carrots with the luscious green tops on them for. .. . grow in the windowsill or Sure, I’ll take that ice tea too!

  122. moonbeam2016 said

    What is with my Henry fellow? One minute he is there and the next he is blank~ go figure!

  123. goodness I’ve gotten silly.

    I think that means it’s dinner time!

    I’ll be back after I shovel food in me and my nephew.

    Wish me luck!

  124. Laurel said

    Dang, moonbeam, I am soooo jealous! Why didn’t you learn to do that while you were at my house? Now you’ll have to come back!
    I think you have to be logged in for your avitar to show up. Now, figure out how to put a pic behind your name. If you scroll over the names that are printed in orange you can click and get a picture. Warning, some of them are pretty hot!

  125. moonbeam2016 said

    Ooh, ooh, I have got to go there, Oh Yeah! Did you see that youtube video Anzia mentioned? I’m still panting.

  126. msgypsy said

    I think there’s a chance the link problem had something to do with me forgetting to categorize the topic. It’s categorized now, and if you’re still having problems, please let me know.

    BTW, having my work email wouldn’t have helped today. I was in a 3 hour tech committee meeting (the contractor sitting next to me kept poking me to keep me awake. Too bad he’s married cuz he’s darned cute and I was perfectly happy to let him poke me…) and training a temp to replace me. Busy, busy day.

  127. Tango said

    Moonbeam – I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you. I’m Tango, one of the GRITS we’ve been talking about today. You must also reside in OR since you are visiting with Laurel – I have a younger sister who lives up in Portland. Have you met Laurel’s sister Lauren?

    You must have joined us while I was out of town last week. Glad you’ve decided to join us. How did you find us?

  128. Tango said

    Good news Minxes – Dylan has made two movies for Lifetime while on hiatus. One called ‘Secret Past’ w/Kelli Martin (playing the husband w/the wandering eye) and ‘The Art of Dating’ with Ricki Lake (playing the guy that gets the girl)

  129. Laurel said

    Tango – Moonbeam is my sister-in-law! We are married to brothers, and are essential to one another’s mental health. While you were out and about I had a little incident involving the ER and she is the one who took me there. She lives about 100 miles down the freeway from me.

  130. Laurel said

    Oh yeah, moonbeam had assured me – all spring and well into summer – “I don’t do vampires.” Then while she was visiting at my house I was on the blog and pulled up a pic someone had behind their name and she was standing behind me. “Wow! Who is that?!” When I explained that that was the Vampire I’d been trying to show her she had a change of heart. We proceeded to watch all 12 of the episodes aired to date. Then she borrowed all the Blood Books and began reading. We took Henry to the hospital with us so she wouldn’t have to wait alone while I was floating on pain meds. πŸ™‚

  131. DIZEY1 said

    CLAIRE, Jake est un bΓ©bΓ© trΓ¨s beau. Jake ressemble Γ  Monique πŸ™‚ Remerciez-les des belles photographies.

    Tango thanks for the Dylan update. Now if we could find out when Kyle’s flick is out or where it will be aired. I need Kyle/Henry fix. You see how those two just flipped, Kyle’s never fought to be in front of Henry before, hmmmmm. Laurel isn’t it sooooo easy to **TURN** someone once they SEE the Vampire??
    πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ 😎

  132. DIZEY1 said

    πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

  133. Claire said

    HI BlogKin…
    I’m down in the dumps tonight….The big old house that I live in,I don’t own…I rent.Well tonight my A$#hole of a landlord called me and said”I’m not making enough money off you so unless you can pay 2500 a can move cause I’m not renewing your lease.My lease ends on my Birthday Aug.24! Hows that for a great Birthday!!!!!
    My oldest quadruplet Alexandria is very sensitive and shy…she burst into tears.I got her calmed down…then when she went to bed..she looked around her room and burst into tears again…which made me start crying…which made Nikki start crying…which made Chris start cursing and saying he wanted to kill the landlord!
    So,I can’t afford 2500 amonth…if that was the case..I would have bought the effing house! So he tells me start looking as soon as possible!
    Now I can’t even think straight….and looking at my babies crying is breaking my heart…they love it here!
    Anyway I’m having a real hard time staying positive…like jeez how much more do we have to go through! I wish I had Henry….I’d sic him on my money hungry evil landlord!!!!
    See you guys tomorrow…going to look on Craigs list…see if I see anything.
    wish me luck!

  134. Oh no! How horrible. That man needs a good butt-whoopin! Ok a few more colorful words came out of my mouth, but I tried to be nicer on here.

  135. Laurel said

    Oh my yes! It was almost tooo easy to catch her with Henry/Kyle.
    I am working on others as well. When I droped my Rose off at camp I was carrying my i-pod with Henry frozen on the screen. (I was hoping to turn new viewers). What do you know, both the camp director and one of the councelors (sp) saw the pick and said – in unison – “hey! I watch that show! Where did it go?” Of course I gave them the whole story and invited them to join us. They probably won’t but who knows?

    Now who was it that turned me to the “Black Dagger Brotherhood” books? Merde’ I am on the fourth book already! They are really hot!!!!

  136. DIZEY1 said

    Claire, it’ll be ok. Positive , I know it’s hard but something good will come. I’ll say a prayer for you tonight. You’ve got a guardian angel watching ya’ll so keep a good thought and I will too. If you need anything you know where to find me.

  137. Laurel said

    Claire darlin’, we will be out here sending you lots of positive energy and prayers. Change is so hard on our children, and watching them hurting is the worst part of parenting.

  138. DIZEY1 said

    Well I’m heading for bed oops gotta write out the last 13 of my last 100 postcards then I’ll jump in bed. Henry’s waiting you know and he can be a little grouchy when he needs to be fed….. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

    reves doux d’Henri

    XOXOXOXXO Claire, les rΓͺves bΓ©nis et nous vous aiment πŸ˜‰


  139. moonbeam2016 said

    Oh My Claire, I am definitely thinking of you and sending every little bit of positive energy that I can muster your way. I sent bunches of X#%! to the landlord, as well. UGGG

    Laurel- I am heading to the library for the”Black Dagger Brotherhood” Books my interest is piqued. author, please! I’m waiting for the first two of the “smoke books” so I’m definitely needing something!

  140. moonbeam2016 said

    Still trying to figure out the orange name and Hot picture scene! Plan to get there!

  141. Tango said

    Claire dear my heart goes out to you. Just remember that God will not bring to anything that He will not bring you through, and He will not put you through anything He knows you can not handle. So I must say, He must think you are one tough cookie. He must have something great in store for you, just have faith that either there is a better house for you and your family, or He will provide a way for you to make this increased amount for the rent. If it is a move for your family then maybe there is something about the house that is not right ( it could be the ghost in the printer will cause problems down the road, or there maybe black mold that will one day creep up. Who knows! God knows everything, things we may never understand, things we may never even think of, but there is a reason for everything that happens in our life, so be of good cheer and trust that He will take care of you.
    In 2003 when my husband lost his job w/UPS due to his accident, I knew that I needed to make a change in my job to make up the difference. God sent that job to me, but it was a big leap of faith, because I initially knew it was about a $15k paycut in my base salary. With commissions, I ended up about $300 ahead of what I made with my last job, but every year I have steadily made considerably more. Last year I increased my salary by about 39% – best year so far. I never would have achieved that with the last company, and it took something bad, something drastic, for me to step out of my comfort zone and take that leap of faith. He has always been there for me and will always be there for you.

    Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.

    You are one of the strongest, bravest, most loving, beautiful people I know. I have no doubt you will come out of this ordeal shining like the star that you are.

  142. Himmiefan said

    Claire – prayers for you and your kids. I know you’ll find something better than what you have!

  143. Tango said

    Laurel – so I guess moonbean knows Lauren afterall (smiles) I do remember you having to go to the emergency room right before I left for OKC. How have you been since? Did you have to go back again last week?

    I’m curious to know what pictures sealed the deal. Was it one of the ones with Sinead? I know Dizey ususally has some steamy pictures behind her name. Although any of the pictures of Kyle make me swoon.

  144. AlisaSG said

    news Flash on “FLASH GORDON” with Gina Holden..
    there’s a topic started that you can follow the latest flips or flops from the critics of Sci-Fi channel’s new series.. starts August 10th at 9:00 PM (I’m guessing that’s EST – NY, USA time).

    TOPIC: “Flash Freakin’ Gordon!!”

    ..I hate it when the critics (and *bridge* trolls) get in dissing things before the show has even aired. At that rate, Gina won’t have a chance of survival on there, because even tho she’ll most likely be the appealing *eye* candy, the rest of the show has already been declared a *disaster* before it’s even been shown!!

  145. Tango said

    Moonbeam and Laurel – see if these directions will help you with the picture behind the name.

    1. Find a picture on the web that you want behind your name and capture the web address from the site. There are many at the bloodties-bloodlines site. Ie.
    2. Make sure you are logged in here
    3. Go to β€˜My Dashboard’ at the top of the screen
    4. Go to β€˜Profile’
    5. Go to β€˜Contact Info’ to the β€˜Website’ box and enter the url (web address) of the picture you want behind your name.
    6. Scroll down and click ‘update profile’
    7. Scroll up and click ‘view site’
    8. click on the page you want to go to and you will see it there once you post.

    Presto magico!

  146. moonbeam2016 said

    Tango Just about all of those yummy Henry pics took me down and then Kyle, well he’s looks tasty too! Henry really does it for me, but I can struggle with a that other lovely to rest my eyes upon!

    AlisaSG I’m with you about the critics. It really makes the road tough.

  147. moonbeam said

    Oops! I meant Mike (Guess that means~I’m gone no matter what)

  148. Tango said

    I never listen to the critics. They rarely have the same POV as me. They always seem to be so jaded and don’t seem to enjoy the simple pleasures some programs offer.

  149. Critics are paid to talk bad about shows and movies. I rarely if ever pay any attention to them.

    I am always willing to give a show a chance.

  150. AlisaSG said

    Rifkind and Claire,
    (((((((((((((((*prayers* and HUGS!!!!!!!!!!)))))))))))))))

  151. Tango said

    Moonbeam, yes BT brings the eyecandy, it’s when you get to the point like many of us have when you also look forward to the geeky freaks like Norman that you know that you are ‘insert twist’ and won’t be letting go anytime soon.

    Hey does anyone have the link saved of the fanfic that was so steamy a while back? You know the one that came with the warning not to read at work πŸ˜‰ I didn’t have time to read it back then, but it may also be a good to share with some of the newbies.

  152. you know I never did get to read that fanfic… I try to stay away from fanfic stories least they cloud my images of the characters… And now here I am writing it… Oh poop!

  153. Tango said

    LA – you did such a fantastic job with it too. I admire those who have the talent and the patience to make their thoughts appear on paper or screen as the case may be. I don’ have a problem with images getting clouded as I watch the originals so often, but I can see your point.

  154. Okay here my shot at the pic.

  155. Ok, here is image test Thanks for the Tech support Tango

  156. testing image etc

  157. I’ll also be very honest. A lot of the fanfic I encounter online is nothing but junk. You find thousands of fanfic sites that are looking for pornography. While I like a little romance and sex in my stories, if thats all it is then why write it?

    Sex is good, sex is great, but if you wanna see your favorite characters doing it, dream it, don’t waste web space.

    Now that being said, I still love what our ladies have been writing. It is creative and original.

    Man I sound like an ass tonight!

  158. hmmm… seems the blog ate another post

  159. I’ll also be very honest. A lot of the fanfic I encounter online is nothing but junk. You find thousands of fanfic sites that are looking for pornography. While I like a little romance and sex in my stories, if thats all it is then why write it?

    Sex is good, sex is great, but if you wanna see your favorite characters doing it, dream it, don’t waste web space.

    Now that being said, I still love what our ladies have been writing. It is creative and original.

    Man I sound like an a$$ tonight!

  160. oh well… I’ll leave it for Ms. G to recover. I’ve got to glue my tush infront of the tv and see if my honey gets his face on screen during the wrestling show.

    Goodnight folks!

  161. testing image

  162. Yes, Yes, Yes! Thank you for the tech lesson Tango! Just makes me giggle!

  163. rifkind said

    Hi everyone!
    FInally logging on again, and getting caught up.
    Thank you all for your hugs and support.

    OMG! You need the hugs tonight! {{{ HUG }}}
    Whatever happens, we are here for you!

  164. Tango said

    Thanks for the head’s up, I took care of it for ya…

    LA – I know what you mean. I don’t know how far the fanfic that was mentioned earlier goes, but maybe someone will comment about it. I just need some new Henry action to make it to October. Good night!

    moonbeam – it looks like 4th time’s a charm! Good job! Great choice of pictures! The shadowing in that photo is very sexy!

    Well, I’m going to follow LA’s lead and also say Good Night!

    Tango out!

  165. Well, Dang I guess I was impatient with all those posts. Some didn’t show up and I was sure they didn’t work and I couldn’t post at all so I started all over and did it again. Oh well, now I know how to do it! Good learning curve

  166. Tango said

    moonbeam, don’t know why but sometimes post get caught up in limbo until either msgypsy or I can release them. I didn’t realize that anything was caught up until Lady A mentioned it. We’ve noticed that sometime’s links within the post or long post will end up in post purgatory, but not sure what the deal was tonight. Don’t worry about your muliple posts, we understand you’re new at this.

  167. Gracias~Hey, I thought you were off to dreamland

  168. rifkind said

    I should be asleep.
    I am trying to get through some TiVo’d shows on Egypt…
    Research for my book.. hee hee!

    Night All!

  169. Anzia said

    Claire- I’m sorry honey! ((((HUGS)))) You have my thoughts and prayers. If there’s anything else I can do you have my contact info. I suggest the Order of the Yum pay a special and not so nice visit to that landlord of yours. Total jerk! UGH… i hate people like that… 😦 (((HUGS))) here’s another one… so sorry hon.

    I’ve read quite a bit of CSI fanfic and it’s amazing some of the plotlines people come up with. Some of the stuff I’ve read is better than the episodes themselves. There are of course the barely hidden porno ones of course, but i shy away from those. Which is why I was leary of writing the stuff I have and am for BT. It was described as “porno” by someone and I REALLY don’t want that label on them. Which means more plot but I can’t do that as quickly as I can when I’m just doing sensations and minor plots… Oi.

    I’ll have something new for you guys either tomorrow night or really early Thurs. morning.

    I’m going ot bed guys. g’night.

  170. Himmiefan said

    Ms Anzia – I just replied to your e-mail on At least I think I replied; I have no idea where to type a response. Am I doing it in the right place? Simple! I need simple!!

  171. Anzia said

    himmie dear. if you hit reply and then just DELETE everything else… there’s no problem. ^_^ It makes it simple. I just type at the top of the box given after I hit “reply.” If that’s right is a different matter. It works for me. ^_^

  172. Himmiefan said

    Hi everybody. I’ve been scanning posts and have a question since you all are talking about fanfic and sex. There’s something that’s been bugging me from a writer’s point of view. Let’s just say that Vicki and Henry do the deed (I’m not talking about the books here). Okay, now what? Where do they go from here? Is a roll in the hay for a roll in the hay’s sake their goal? Sometimes I wonder if it isn’t Henry’s goal simply because he can’t have a real relationship. I mean, he can’t have one with another vampire, and he can only have a limited romantic relationship with a mortal. So, now what? Maybe it’s kind of depressing to me since I want the relationship.

    I’ve been pondering this because, well, it’s so much more interesting than thinking about work. πŸ™‚

    I’ll talk to you all tomorrow. Night!

  173. Anzia said

    From a TV perspective, that’s going to be the either the end or close to it ’cause all the tension between the three characters will be gone. This is assuming TV Vicki doesn’t follow Book Vicki in the events of the third book. That would change things quite a bit and add it’s own tension.

    From a purely fan perspective, I think Henry CAN have a relationship it just isn’t going to be a “forever” kind. Vicki will grow older and Henry won’t. There are many ways to keep the tension between the characters. Mike would have to central to every one of them. Unless Henry or Vicki start pulling back as the other one pulls in. But it really depends on how Mike’s character is managed during all of it.

  174. Himmiefan, in the show if they do the “deed” it will take an element of the tension out of the show that they play on. Naturally, we all expect that there is something happening or should~but the fact that he is going to out live Vicki and she’ll become one of his dear trusted “old friends” someday is really depressing instead of his sweet hot saucy mama

  175. Margaret said

    In the books she had a night shift (Henry) and a day shift (Mike) but I don’t think Lifetime would want it to go that way as they would probably think it would make her look slutty, even though a guy could probably get away with it.

  176. lwildstar said

    Heres the Fanfic link – be warnded do not read at work – it is not sutle at all -I’ve stopped reading any of thiese because in most cases its bearly veiled porn

  177. prtfvr said

    Claire: I’m so sorry about your house! I’m not a religious person but I believe in Karma. Unfortunately, the problem with Karma is that it belongs to the person doing the bad deed. Us regular folk rarely get to see it in action but rest assured, he’ll get his.

    Ok, having said that I’m not religious, I DO have a VooDoo doll that works quite well. Give me a first name and I’ll give him shin splints for a year! πŸ™‚

  178. Margaret said

    If she has a relationship with either one of them on tv the tension will be gone along with the show according to the “tv” types. You always have to have the sexual tension, heck look at how long JAG rode that pony-close to ten years and the only reason we got closure is Don Bellasario knew that closure between the two would sell more DVDS.

    Claire, my heart goes out to you. The State of Florida has a statute concerning the Landlord Tenant Act. Don’t know what the equivalent would be in your state. If its an unwriten lease it usually runs for 30 days and he has to give you at least that much time to leave. BUT I AM NOT A LAWYER-if you have friends that know any you might want to check into how long you can stay before he has to legally evict you but I doubt you would want to go that route as I’m sure you have enough stress already. Our local community college has a WENDY program for displaced homemakers that sends them back to school etc.-I realize you don’t need that but if you have a similar program in your state maybe they could help you locate housing. Maybe a church would know of something, one of their parishners, perhaps.

  179. prtfvr said

    Episode 13 of Blood Ties, D.O.A premieres on 10/13. FYI.

  180. lwildstar said

    Clair – (((HHUUUGGSSS) what an A$$ of a landlord…I don’t know what laws there are where you live but in MD they ahve to give you 30 days notice (and then in the county I live in you get another 30 days to move – every county is different here) but if he’s going by the “non renewal” thing – i would have no clue….
    i look at it this way – you are not going down, you are going up. When my room mate moved out of the apartment – the mangement co. said I had to leave because I didn’t make enough money to cover the rent….I found out who the property manager was and called her at work and reamed her out…my name is on all the checks! I yelled, you can’t just throw me out unless I can’t acctually pay the rent, not because I “might not be able to”….and the whole thing was cleared up by the end of the day – six months later I found a house with a mortgage that was half my rent and moved out….

    You will be fine, you have the whole Blog family praying for you and sending you all their good vibes!

  181. Chery said

    Well all, I am really bummed about the ratings for State of Mind and Side Order of Life.

    They were at 2.l million viewers and I think that BT only received l.5 million on a steady basis.

    Now having said that, remember that LifeTime produced these shows, they bought BT!

    I notice on the link about the new shows ratings, Susanne Daniels went on and on and on about the “sharp writing, acting, etc.” Sounds like a pushback about how we are writing about the great writing etc in BT.

    Also, remember, BT wat up against all of the Main stream shows through May sweeps for crying out loud. And LifeTime did not promote the show as much.

    When the networks trot out their shows in the fall, Lifte time may not do as well.

    Another thought It sounds like LifeTime is building nights around a few shows.

    Remember in the interview on Denis’s blog she said they were thinking of building a night around BT. (Saturday it looks like) So I guess I am still optimistic……………….

    What do you all think????????

  182. DIZEY1 said

    Good morning ya’ll I’m home today I’ve still got that damn bug Angelique put in my Voodoo doll. Mom actaully just made me some noce bland grits w/real butter of course.

    Chery, I think we’ll be ok. We also have to realize Susanne Daniels was hired to “RE-VAMP” if you pardon the pun, this network. They were stagnant (sp) and that’s why she’s here now. Look what she did for the WB. I think we need to trust her smarts and let her do her job, cuz’ we don’t know what they’re real thinking is. Sure they’ve done some of their own shows now but I BELIEVE that we have a place in their line up. We’re different and I’ve said that on some of my post cards also, that I like that they took a chance on a show that’s not part of their usual style. These are the shows that will draw new viewers, because women aren’t happy being the victim all the time. A lot of the movies were about abuse of some kind, and sadly based on true events. So I will keep writing my post cards until they say “UNCLE”.

  183. DIZEY1 said

    Prtfvr, how’s the bronchitis?? I have a history with it also. Nothing worse than a summer cold etc. It’s so hot and then coming and going in and out of the AC probably creates alot of these problems. All the feathered friends are good I assume also. BTW I loved the new addition to the site. Dylan’s got some funny facial expressions too. Great job as usual. πŸ˜‰

  184. Margaret said

    Heard that phrase: I see dead people? I see Lifetime, it has a bubble machine generating thousands of bubbles…..How many people are writing post cards here and how many? I’ve been writing/mailing 20 per day for the most part. Would be doing more if I had a working printer.

  185. DIZEY1 said

    Margaret me tooooooo! My hands killing me. My printer won’t recognize the post cards I guess. My mom tried on my aunts printer and the same thing happened. But yeah I’m sending at least *20* a day. I’m gonna pick up another *100* today and start writing those. My poor mom looked at me last night and said oh please no more ;( I told her it’s ok I’ll do em’ all by myself. I’ll give her a day and she’ll be addressing some for. I love her πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ 😎

  186. Margaret said

    Tell your mom I love her. Maybe we can get Henry to come over and massage her hands after this is all over. lol

  187. lwildstar said

    sent 10 cards today – almost out – I only have 20 left – need to go get some more – I’ve been doing AT LEAST 10 a day for a while now.
    The blessings on the printer – and a label printer – otherwise I would never have made it this far!

  188. DIZEY1 said

    I did my Blood Ties duty went to IMDB, surfed a bit with BT an KYLE etc to try and bring up hits on sites, went and posted at LT we’re still at the top over there. Googled our show and friends also. Let me go finish those 13 pc’s and get to the Post Office to mail and get more πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  189. elizabeth said

    Claire – I have to echo the thoughts here about your situation. I am so very sorry your landlord is being such a jerk, but I also have to believe that something better is in the works for you. As parents, we hurt more for our children than for ourselves and I know your grief is magnified by seeing your children be so upset. You are a great Mom and they will be fine as long as you are in their lives. I am winging positive, loving thoughts and wishes your way πŸ™‚

    Moonbeam – you and I definately have the same taste when it comes to Henry’s picture by our names. I love the look on his face and the way part of it is in shadow. Yummy πŸ™‚

  190. elizabeth said

    lwildstr – my daughter is crazy about my little vamp bat and wants to adopt his sister. Do you have any left?

  191. Laurel said

    I’m out here doing my post cards too! Of course I really hit the jackpot when I caught moonbeam in our web. She is probably sending more cards than I am because she is way more computer savey! I am doing all mine by hand while watching episodes, and while waiting for this page to load each time. I think I’d better have a latte to boost my writing speed.
    Be right back!

  192. Himmiefan said

    Morning everybody!

    I love Moonbeams’ sweet hot saucy mama! I just think it’s depressing that Vicki would grow older and Henry wouldn’t. Personally, I’d probably not get into a relationship with him in the first place since it would hurt too much to break it off with him after several years. Little things like this just bug me as a writer. I am sooo glad this isn’t real life, but it makes great TV! Hear that, Lifetime?

    A couple of you were talking about looking at things from Lifetime’s perspective. Maybe that’s a great thing to add to our postcards. You know, how paranormal shows seem hot this year and that BT has the strong female as it’s main character – therefore perfect for Lifetime!

    Claire – I agree, talk to a lawyer!

  193. Laurel said

    Moonbeam – Black Dagger Brotherhood books are by J.R.Ward.
    #1 Dark Lover
    #2 Lover Eternal
    #3 Lover Awakened
    #4 Lover Revealed
    I hope this gal writes fast because I have almost finished book 4 and I want more!
    Aha! The light on the espresso machine now says it is warm enough to make the goods. Thank heavens!
    Mini-wheats are poured and ready for my very late breakfast. I guess 9:20 isn’t too bad. I’ve already had to take my husband his cell phone and now I have to turn around and take in his palm-pilot.

  194. DIZEY1 said

    Laurel, I’ve had LT’s ep’s running on another window so I can listen while I write to you. I also just emailed Kellog’s about those cute little crunchlettes etc and how I love them while I watch BLOOD TIES !! COOL 😎

  195. DIZEY1 said

    Ya’ know it’s sad but I pre-ordered the new books with my gang’s pic’ s on them. I’ll have *2* sets now except for the Smoke Books. I guess I need to order the above Black Dagger Books now too. I’m afraid to read the Blood Books cuz’ I don’t want them to change the way I feel about the show. Has it changed the way anybody else views the series?? 😦

  196. lwildstar said

    Elizabeth – yep – I have bats left (two on reserve for Dizey) I sware they are breeding, everytime Ilook at them I think there are more! – just let me know when you send the $ so i can watch for it. i was making a family tree for them – my cousin suggested a family cave – but if everyone comes up with where their bats orginated from (like yours is from Italy) I’ll make a map and connect them.
    poor little guys having to stay in the basement day in and day out – i treated them all to Blood Price last night……i have them hanging from the ceiling in my work room…I have to take them down thou – I have contractors coming and I have to get everything out of the way for them……oh well.

    I just came back from lunch with Robin – she point blank asked me “what was up with me and Paul” I told her I would like to be more than friends with him, but he is not “receptive” to the idea….I probably shouldn’t have said anything, but shes really easy to talk to, and I just didn’t check my mouth.
    Oh well, what can she do – go hit him up side the head and tell him to get a move on? would be nice, but no….I wouldn’t want her too.

    Ok must get back to work now.

  197. Margaret said

    One of the ladies over at the Lifetime message board is trying to keep a tally of how many post cards we’ve been sending. Please go over to the site, register if you haven’t already and let her know how many you’re sending every day. Thanks.

    Remember that Blood Ties has brought us together, remember that it has helped some of us come out of our shells (while others of us should probably go back in-me), remember it’s helped some of us be more confident, and last but not least REMEMBER BLOOD TIES NEEDS US NOW!! ASSUME THE POSITION-Take your printer or pen in hand and keep writing those postcards. Let’s show our appreciation to Blood Ties and try to see that they stay around for a long while.

  198. Laurel said

    Dizey – I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who wants the books with the new covers! I am waiting for them to show up at Borders so I can use a coupon or at least get credit for them on my membership there. I read the books after I started watching the show so I don’t really know how much that affected my “inner vision” of the characters. I do know that for me Dylan is very clearly Mike and Kyle is usually Henry, but I apparently play the part of Vicki when I read them. Trust me, that is quite a stretch! πŸ™‚

    Margaret – I am sending another dozen cards today. I’ll go over to Lifetime and mention it. 😎

  199. elizabeth said

    I also read the books after I started watching the show. It just seemed to add another dimension to what I was seeing on the TV. I guess it helped me understand what the characters might be feeling. I got a clear image of Mike w hen I read and could certainly see Vicki. I struggled a little more with Henry, but after awhile I just visualized Kyle and happily read away.

    I’m like you, Laurel, I will wait until Borders has the new covers and then I will buy them. Last time I was in there, they still had the original style cover.

  200. elizabeth said

    Oooh, I just made reservations for a 2 hour horseback ride along the beach for Friday! I can’t wait. I’ve ridden mountain trails a lot, but never on the beach πŸ™‚

  201. Himmiefan said

    Have fun Elizabeth! Think about those of us stuck at work.

    Seriously though, it sounds great!

  202. Margaret said

    Got this back from Weight Watchers:

    Hi Margaret,

    Thank you for taking the time out of your day to contact us. I’m glad you approve. We like to surround ourselves around positive, viewer friendly shows.

    You letter was much appreciated and will forwarded to marketing team.


    Michael Rice
    Corporate Affairs Representative
    Weight Watchers International, Inc.

  203. Afternoon folks!

    Wow we have been busy, haven’t we? Jeeze!

    I should get my tush in gear and hit the online BT spots and show my support. I’m out of postcards, so those will have to wait until I can go to the store.

    Happy Hump Day!

  204. Anzia said

    Hey guys. I got my pictures up FINALLY from london & paris. I hope this link works. If not I’ll be shooting off emails to anyone who wants to see ’em. This is not, by any means, all of my pics. They’re just the ones I thought ya’ll might like and came out the best. ^_^


  205. Anzia said

    if you need to sign in the account is and the password is lemondoor45 ^_^

  206. elizabeth said

    Anzia – your pictures are beautiful. It looks like you had a wonderful time! I particularly enjoyed the gargoyles looking out over the city. Was that in London or Paris?

  207. Anzia said

    That was paris. I was on the top walk way in Notre Dame. I have some picture from the very very top of the right most tower… but not put up there. ^_^

  208. Anzia said

    Okay, I have to appologise for the HORRIBLE spelling on the picture names. SO SORRY! Espcieally since I’m sure the french isn’t right. *smacks head* that’s what I get for being in a hurry. Sorry guys…

  209. Tango said

    Elizabeth – I am so jealous! I hope that you have a fantastic time with the girls this weekend. I must say that horseback riding on the beach is one of my dreams. I hope to accomplish this possibly next year in Cancun, as they don’t allow animals on the beach where our vacation home is. You know we want to hear all about your escapades when you return. You will have to take some pictures and share as Z has.

    Anzia – thank you for sharing your pictures of London and Paris. They were absolutely beautiful. Was that you and your father incognito in front of Big Ben? 😎

    Did you go on the farris wheel? What a great view you must get up there, I bet you could get some fabulous pictures from those seats. I also enjoyed the gargoyles. Was there one that was smoking or was that his tongue? I have this little gargoyle statue on my desk – he’s sitting with a laptop in his lap just typing away. He looks a lot like the smoking gargoyle.

  210. Anzia said

    That was his tongue. Actually, In front of big ben it is my father and step-mother. ^_ ^ I did go on the London Eye (the farris wheel thinger) and I do have pictures from there but I couldn’t remember what exactly all my pictures were supposed to be of (WAY too far away in some cases) so I didn’t put ’em up. πŸ™‚ Same with the ones from the top of Notre Dame. They’re great pics if you want to see how developed the city is but you can’t really pic out any monuments or anything. ^_^

  211. Gorgeous pictures Z! I hope that one day I’ll be able to travel.

  212. Tango said

    Madonna – sorry for the delay in the thank you department, as I just checked my alternate e-mail address and found the “Fangs 4 More Blood Ties” postcard you sent. You are very talented with the graphic art. I would love to be able to produce something so professional, but that is what you do for a living, so I guess that’s why you make the big bucks, huh!?

  213. vicki said

    evening blogkin..

    Claire…My prayers are with you and my curses with the landlord.. Do you have anyway to get a break with him. I know in my state single mothers can sometimes get a discount for rent adn stuff…I dont know where you are,but it might be something to check into..

    I know a girl I used to work with only had to pay 7 dollars a day for daycare because she was a single mom.. i wish I could have only paid that! LOL..but I dont think I will give up the husband to get it.

    Anyway…I will be sending out 10 more postcards tomorrow, I think that makes my total only 30,,,,((hangs head in shame))) I will attempt to do better.
    Summer is not what it used ot be….I have the kids in swimming lessons..I am working on my schools website…I admit that I have been lazy though,,,,I only do laundry when someone runs out of underwear.


  214. lwildstar said

    Work sucked today – I made a bunch of mistakes (all about learning the job) but I felt so stupid…sigh…but at least lunch with Robin cheered me up. I’m off to study for a “test” at work tomorrow.

    but I just wanted to tell you something – do you remember the icedent two weeks ago with the mooing boys on the bus? Anny way coming home from the allergist that very same transit worker who shut them up was on the bus. So I politly asked her “I don’t know if you remember the rude mooing boys from a couple weeks ago, but I really have to know what you said to them…I mean they were quiet as two church mice” she smiled brillantly at me and said “well hun’ I simply told them that when they said things like tht they were not only insulting every woman around them, but their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousin and every woman down the line and if they didn’t stop I was going to remove their (>>>>)’s so that they could not reproduce more (>>>>)’s like themselves.” I almost pee’d myself laughing. Now if I had been one of those boys I would have taken her seriously, this lovely lady is at least 6’2″ maybe 230-240 lbs… with an up front attitude I love!

    Elizabeth – yep – I have bats left

  215. Himmiefan said

    Hey Vicki – do not hang your head in shame. Thirty is good! We do have real life to do, you know.

    Prtfvr – I love chapter 7! Mike dresses for his flashback, and wonders why he wouldn’t be Henry’s type! Cute!

    Anzia – I love the photos! I wanna go back, I wanna go back…..

  216. Himmiefan said

    Lwildstar – good for her!!

  217. DIZEY1 said

    **Z** les photographies sont trΓ¨s belles. I showed them to my mom and she thought the same and is very jealous. London’s Tower Bridge very cool and I did love the gargoyles. Lucky girl πŸ˜‰

    I laid down a while ago and fell into that wierd kind of sluggish stupor (sp). Well I’ll go do some pc’s I think I’ll try and wrangle my little drummer brother Eric also artsy talented too into doing some post cards with mom and I. He’s the one who keeps complaining that I keep watching the same ep’s over and over and over……… This way 2 birds one stone/post card HA HA!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

  218. vicki said

    Thanks Himmfan…I feel better now..

    This week has been rough…not on the same scale as others here..but I did finish the new Harry P book..Cried my eyes out!! so the next day I had a headache that would NOT go away. (i never get headaches!)

    of course my children decided THAT day was the day they would try to kill each other and fight and yell all day. LOL

    And of course I am DMS ing and I ran out of dark chocolate..good thing I dont own any firearms….LOL But dont worry I got my dark chocolate today..and I feel much better..

    Anyone else reading Harry>>>???

  219. lwildstar said

    oh just had a chance to check out the new covers for The Blood Books
    Blood Price is the flame trower scence form Heart of Ice
    Blood Trail is a promo shot of Henry and Vicki (one of my favs)
    Blood Lines is Episode 9 – damn can’t remeber the tilte – but the picture is of Vicki with the sword
    Blood Pact is a promo shot of Vicki
    and Blood Debt is a promo shot of the “trio”.

    Ok must go study so I can get some fun reading in before bed tonight!

    May or may not be here tomorrow….

  220. elizabeth said

    lwildstr – I know my daughter will be thrilled about the bat. I will email you when I get the money in the mail. thank you πŸ™‚ I’m glad you asked the lady on the bus what she said – what a hoot! Maybe those little punks will think twice before they decide to be unkind.

  221. elizabeth said

    Oh, I forgot to tell you – my daughter has picked out a name for her Vamp. Vampiro della Luna. She’s the sister of mine – hehehe- or, at least, that is was Krysten informed me this morning.

  222. elizabeth said

    oops – that should have said “what Krysten informed me” not was. Long day….

  223. Laurel said

    Vicki I totally relate to the laundry issue. Today is laundry day for my house because I’m the one who is running out of underwear. I just don’t go for the dark undies beneath the white shorts/slacks/skirts look. TMI if you ask me.
    I have not finished Harry Potter yet. Only up to chapter 22 but loving it so far. πŸ™‚
    I guess I’m not in a hurry to finish it because I know there won’t be another one to wait for.
    Meanwhile I finished with the Brotherhood books until the next one comes out in September. Man, I hate waiting for it but I may actually get something done if I stay away from them for a while.

  224. moonbeam said

    Iwildstar- Thanks for the story. I’m saving it for future use!

    Anzia- Love those pictures, I’d even give that ferris wheel a try and I get pretty spooked on them. I like a good fast & STRAPPED IN ride , but a ferris wheel always seems too loose and free for me, especially if your partner is swinging the seat.
    I hope I get to see those gargoyles someday too.

    I got more cards done today, after a very long Dr. appt. with my mom ( a miracle that she allowed me to accompany her) Tomorrow, another with a boy of mine.

    Going to the library to check for the books~ thanks Laurel~ Think I’ll check on-line to see if they have them first!

    Vicki- Still in line to get my hands on Harry in my house!

    Elizabeth- (You’re right, we do have the same taste. I decided he was the one I wanted before I started and then couldn’t get it to work and ended up going through the back door to get him) After lots of techno trouble, I finally went to your pic and took your “Henry” Thanks for sharing!

    Off to print more labels

  225. Hmm. . . Library doesn’t have everything. . .enough to get me in the car and heading over there

  226. vicki said

    Elizabeth..its worth the wait..but the library in you area should have some copies…give it a try..

    I couldnt stop reading it, I got it Sat morning and I finished it by Monday evening. (thats with…dinner out..etc.)

    Lost some sleep, but well worth it.

  227. prtfvr said

    DIZ: I haven’t had bronchitis in about 10 years. Got me an antibiotic – it’s still in the package. I can’t decide whether having an attack of ulcerative colitis is worth taking them. My doc said I could wait a couple of days to see if I felt better so I’m waiting…I think I’m getting better (All hail Monty Python and the Holy Grail).

  228. Laurel said

    elizabeth and gypsy – I really need to introduce you to moonbeam. If we can get something set up for a weekend day…? Or maybe we will have to just hope for a spure of the moment meeting next time moonbeam is in town. It looks like none of you are going to the quilt show with me and my folks on Saturday. 😦 Oh well, I will go and take some pictures.
    Anzia I am still trying to get a look at some of your pics from the trip. I can hardly wait to see them!
    prtfvr – I hope you are feeling much better without having to resort to the antibiotics. They can sure play hell with a body’s systems. I try not to take them either. I’m still keeping you in my prayers.

  229. aha, just got all of the “smoke” books from the library. It looks like I might get another bit of a Henry fix in between postcards and on the vacation road!

  230. Madonna said

    Good evening everyone,

    Hope you are feeling better soon!!!!!

    I just love what that transit worker told those boys!

    How are you ladies holding up? ((((((((HUGS))))))))) to you both.

    Your landlord sounds like an ass. I’m sure this will be the hardest on your kids but kids are usually pretty resilient so hopefully they’ll manage OK! As for you, maybe this is God’s not so gentle way of telling you that it is time to get away from those snotty women in your neighborhood. Maybe wherever you relocate you’ll find some good adult companionship.

    Thank you for the compliment. As Rifkind told wrote to me we all have to do whatever we can to save our show. As for Big Bucks….. what/who is that? They told us in college we’d meet him, but I’ve yet to see hide nor hair yet.

  231. Anzia said

    I’m a bit scared of heights. Not all the time but sometimes there’s just SOMETHING that spooks me. Like, the London Eye… VERY VERY High up. The pic of Parliment is from going down on the opposite side. I glanced down once and about had a panic attack. The ENTIRE capsul is glass (or plastic) except the bottom, the bench and the supporting beams that create the structure. AHHH! I wouldn’t go near the windows. Totally freaked me out. Now, at the top of Notre Dame I had no problem. ^_ ^ I did kind of freak when I went to the top of the Eiffle Tower. Mostely because it was really windy and you could (or at least I imagined I could) feel the structure sway.

  232. Elizabeth, just chatted with Laurel and she explained “who” you are ~ had lunch together~know Aunt Winnie etc. . .small world

    Have big fun riding on the beach. I love the beach. . . I’m going to go to the quilt show after all!

  233. prtfvr said

    Chapters 8 & 9 are up. God willing, there are only two more chapters and I’m done!

  234. Anzia said

    Iwildstar- LOVE the transit worker!

  235. AlisaSG said

    >> DIZ: I haven’t had bronchitis in about 10 years. Got me an antibiotic – it’s still in the package. I can’t decide whether having an attack of ulcerative colitis is worth taking them.

    ulcers of anything.. not worth it πŸ˜‰
    my preventative and healing remedy = vitamin C and Zinc
    Preferably chewable C’s (my mom and sister recommend about 2000 mg daily).
    I break my doses down to 3 times a day with the C’s.. and take with juice –NOT water.

    for some reason, the “water” just pushes the vitamins C and B’s right on out, instead of them getting absorbed into the body. That’s what the vitamin book says.. I found out years after I had been taking both with water, and not feeling like they were working at all. Now, they work.


    (from Himmiefan)
    >> Hey Vicki – do not hang your head in shame. Thirty is good! We do have real life to do, you know.

    just thirty?? wait til 50 rounds the corner.. seems like yesterdays were forever.

    When I was younger I used to wonder what getting older into those “middle-aged” years were going to be like. I couldn’t imagine it, because I was in school and hated school, regardless of my grades (A’s and B’s level). wondered back then about getting older and living life all over again – retaining the knowledge of our former entire life’s years, to prevent making the same mistakes over and over again..

    I guess that’s what inspired me to become interested in time traveling Tv shows..
    *g* πŸ˜€

    >> This week has been rough…not on the same scale as others here..but I did finish the new Harry P book..Cried my eyes out!!

    I heard DOCTOR WHO read the last ((the 7th Harry Potter)) book and he said it was very sad.. so the rumors MUST be true about the sadness (that was the ep that gave a surprise *tribute* to J.K.R.). πŸ˜‰

  236. Anzia said

    okay, for the record. I might not get the new portion up tonight. My computer is getting some fixin’ done… if it gets done in time… no prob… but I’m not sure.

  237. Madonna said

    Just a thought before I go to bed.

    I’ll bet the United States Postal service is raking in a tidy profit from Blood Ties.

    Well goodnight all…….

  238. label makers and printer ink too :>)

  239. Rifkind said

    prtfvr –
    I just LOVE the new chapters~
    > Picking up a guy in a bar.
    Too funny!

  240. Rifkind said

    Madonna –
    Thanks for the hugs. You gals are SO good for me!
    Thanks for being my Blood Ties Family!
    Everyday I can find something fun here and between all the great writing, I find myself smiling.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  241. DIZEY1 said

    PRTFVR, OMG you are so damn funny. I just loved chap 8 hysterical. Is that a sword in your pocket?? πŸ™‚ LMAO πŸ˜‰

    Madonna thanks for the postcard and yes you are a professional. WOW I wish I could do that. Oh and my mom went and picked up the last 100 postcards my Post Office had and she said the woman had to count them out to see how many were left. Postcards are a hot commodity right now.

    Well ya’ll going to jump in my jet tub and relax after writing all those cards out and then to meet Henry in bed. Feeding time again you know and it’s good for both of us.

    Reves doux d’Henri XOXOXOX Beth Luv ya’ll my Blood Sisters πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ 😎

  242. Anzia said

    prtfvr- OM! That’s GREAT! I love the “kiss your ball” OMG! SO GREAT!

    Rifkind- I love ya hon! (((HUGS)))

    Claire- I love you too my adopted mom. I hope everything is a little better today. (((HUGS!))) *whispers* I’m sending you some extra special chocolate chains and blow henry pops. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG lasting ones.

  243. Tango said

    prfvr – very clever as always. I love how since you couldn’t produce wavy lines, you just made us imagine them LOL! And what doe you mean there’s only two more chapters! If you thought Henry did protest too much, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet sista! October is too far away for there to be just two chapters left. Please reconsider! (gets down on her knees, folds her hands in true begging fashion)

  244. prtfvr said

    Tango: I meant two chapters left to the I’m Not Gay Story. Next chapter is Henry flashing on all the things that prove he’s not gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. πŸ˜‰

  245. Tango said

    Good night Beth – sleep well!

  246. Rifkind said

    Dr. DuChat.
    What was the password again.. my brain is tired and fried and I can’t remember ..
    It looks like I am MANY chapters behind in my reading πŸ™‚

  247. Tango said

    prtfvr: whew! I guess I can get up off the floor now. Did find some change under the couch while I was down there though. πŸ™‚ I get really antcy when I don’t have new Henry each week. For the sake of all that is good and pure –
    IS IT OCTOBER YET?!!!! Criminy! Would someone please run to the infirmary and fetch me a tranquilizer before they come with the straight jacket? *-*

  248. prtfvr said

    Tango: You’re a mess! LOL!

    I’m afraid that October will get here, they’ll show the eps they bought and then cut it loose!! This show’s gonna give me an ulcer, I swear!

  249. prtfvr said

    Alisa: Thanks for the advice! I don’t think I can take one more pill though. I take about 10 a day already. No lie! And I’m supposed to be taking 16 but I just can’t do it!

  250. Tango said

    prtfvr: Bite your tongue! Or I’ll have Henry come over and do it! πŸ˜‰ It sounds like you need to dream…

    In the imortal words of Martin Luther King, Jr., β€œI have a dream…”

    I have a dream that my TIVO actually recognizes that there is a Blood Ties epi within the next two weeks.

    I have a dream that I see enough BT commercials during the week that I am not going through DTs. DTs for BT – not good 😦

    I have a dream that I am trying to figure out next week’s story line from the previous week’s teaser previews.

    I have a dream that I have something exciting and sexy (besides my hubby) to look forward to on the weekends.

    I have a dream that I am so excited to talk to my fellow bloggers about what I just watched that I am staying up waaaaaay past my bedtime due to excitement about the show.

    I have a dream that I am β€œturning” people left and right because they were able to tune in on the weekend or see the commercials throughout the week and I wasn’t concerned about were they on dial up or dsl.

    Do you have a dream?

    I posted this over at LT board, but it seemed like you needed a little pick me up.

  251. prtfvr said

    Oh, don’t worry. If you send Henry over, I’ll pick us both up! πŸ™‚

  252. Tango said

    Red rover, red rover, Henry will be right over! πŸ™‚

  253. Rifkind said

    Dr. DuChat..
    Yup, brain fried… I found the PW …

  254. AlisaSG said

    >> Alisa: Thanks for the advice! I don’t think I can take one more pill though. I take about 10 a day already. No lie! And I’m supposed to be taking 16 but I just can’t do it!

    During that water fiasco discovery, I also learned that I can’t take my B-vitamins in one pill. Otherwise, I end up getting too much B-1 and B-2 (more than I need). So, I have to take ALL of my B-combo supplements separately.

    And I can’t take Vitamin A, either. I ended up getting vitamintosis from that (toxicity from too much A .. it thinned my skin to red-raw, right in the thighs area, too! Did wonders being able to stay home for that time frame and not having to wear pantyhose for 2 weeks, let alone wear much of anything else!).

    So, now I have to avoid ALL multi-vitamins and take each one separately. I totaled them all up to about 13 vitamins in one sitting. I think I’ve cut down that number and managed to spread them out a little at other meals. But now I have to also take iso-flavinoid vitamins too to control those *OMG!!* HOT flashes; and add Caltrate and another 2 (MSM, Glucosamine/Chrondrotin) for stabilizing the cartilage in my spine (for a degenerative cartilage condition). 😦

    Fish oil Omega-3’s look like horse-pills, but so do the pantothenic acid ones that come in 250 mg and have to be broken in half, because the whole pills in one meal sitting is too much to absorb with my body’s petite size (slightly higher than 5 feet tall, less than 120 pounds average with clothes!). πŸ˜‰

  255. Anzia said

    Wow you guys are really in need of some Henry. I almost feel bad with doing what I’m going to do to you guys. ^_^ I’m warning you now 2 things. 1) The next segment WILL be up by tomorrow morning when ya’ll go to work but it WILL not be like the other two segments and probably CAN be read at work and 2) it is NOT the last segment. I just had a perfectly delightful idea as to what to do and it would be way too long to change everything that needs changing. I’ll work on it tomorrow and hopefully have the fourth part up by friday. ^_^

    I just wanted to warn people now… so… yeah…

  256. susana said

    Sorry been gone so long! usually lurk around, but cannot seem to catch up wit everyone by the time i caome back on!

    – Welcome to all that i do not know!
    – Yes i still have great orgasms thanks to Henry..with or without my husband :), the ones with him are better, he is involved ina threesome and does not even know it :)…….ya, dizey…AM BAAAACK!
    – Claire: Sorry you are going thru all that crap, i think you need some prayers and a lawyer
    – Tango, thanks for checking on me!
    – My brother the chef and i started a new catering business , with all that is involved with that and that plus my clinic job and a breastfeeding toddler…no energy left!
    – I start fulltime work on aug 6th, so i will be even more tired!
    – Please know that i have not abandoned you guys, so please send me an email when lifetime stops this teasing game they are playing with us, just incase i am not here on that day for the celebration, i will celebrate by drinking my, now famous safari punch!
    – ptrv, i do visit henryshens every now and then….love it! anzia, i see you are still writing , where can i get your latest, i last read the first one only, soooooo good, give me more πŸ™‚
    -Is loves history ok?
    – love you guys, hope everyone is well and i will reply and lurk aournd as much as i can! We have to cook for 20ppl tomor at 7pm!
    – By the way , anyone who know about limited liability companies and corporations , please email me at

  257. Anzia said

    Hey Susana! ^_^ I’m glad you’re still here. Good luck with the business and such. ^_^ My portfolio is at this link: All the BT stuff is obvious by the title. ^_^

  258. Laurel said

    Susana!! Thanks for checking in! We are always glad to have you show up. Sounds like you will have plenty going on next month, but be sure you take care of yourself. Don’t let yourself get too run down at the beginning because it is way too hard to catch up later.
    We’ll keep some good thoughts headed your way.

    Good night my sisters!

  259. Anzia said

    Okay, part 3 is up ladies! Here’s the link

    Enjoy. I still think you should be okay if you read it at work but be warned about what happens towards the end. I can’t wait for ya’ll to get part four. If you guys love that part as much as I am loving writing it… Oh my! ^_^

  260. Margaret said

    Anzia: I never knew that looking for keys could be that steamy.
    WELL DONE!!!

    And yes, people should definitely NOT read this at work but your writing is so great who can wait until they get home. lol

  261. Margaret said

    Anzia: It was soo good I had to read it one more time before I left for work. You got talent!!

  262. rifkind said

    Z –
    Wow! You definately have the characters down!
    Henry IS always playing inside of Vicki’s personal space, isn’t he???
    I just LOVE it! Great job!

  263. lwildstar said


  264. lwildstar said

    damn computer!

    PRTFVR – looking for the link for your chapters! I dind’t see it on HenrysHens

    *OMG* Anzia! – i should not have read that – now I won’t be able to concentrate on my test!

    got Krystens bats name – little sister uh…

    talk to you tonight!

  265. Annalaise duChat said

    Good Morning All!

    Whew! Between being on deadline at work and writing until 2:00am the last several nights I’m pretty exhausted. I went home last night, fixed dinner, cleaned up and crashed in a big way. I know I shouldn’t be abusing myself like this but when I get rolling I can’t stop. I’ve got to get it all down while I can.

    Rifkind – sorry I didn’t see your post yesterday. I’m assuming you found it OK but Just in case its : Password: dreamcatcher. I hope you like what I’ve done, let me know what you think. The stuff I wrote Tuesday needs to be reworked a bit before I post it so I’m a day behind. Things are really starting to get intense.

    Thanks for your support.

  266. msgypsy said

    Good morning, blog fambly. I was at rehearsal until after 10 PM. We’re now rehearsing twice per week, but it all seems so pointless as we’ve lost our expected performance venue. The event we were going to perform this at was just too packed with other things for us to fit into the schedule. We may have to create an event for ourselves, and that’ll take even more time since there are only 9 of us, and 2 of them are leaving at the end of August. (She’s going to nursing school on the south coast of Oregon and since they’re Macbeth and Lady M we face a challenge…)

    So I won’t be around much for a while. But I do check in every morning, so hopefully you won’t all need to scream in panic when the topic gets too post-heavy. And I’ll check in any evening I’m home.

    Be good and keep thinking all those Henry positive thoughts! (Or Mike positive, like me, although I’m actually more thinking Blood Ties positive in general.)

  267. vampgrl said

    Hey guys. Just wanted to swing by real quick and say that I did read Anzia’s new part to the Vicki/Henry food scene…and yes I did read it at work. πŸ™‚ I especially like the part on the end when Vicki goes back in and jumps Henry behind the couch. All I gotta say is…YOU GO GIRL! About damn time! What took you so long?! I would’ve jumped him WAY before that. *g* But DUDE! That was HOT! And I liked the additional chapters to the not gay story. Too cute. We have to have more stories like that on there. The pics match the words almost too perfectly…hehe

    Oh! How you like my new piccy? πŸ™‚

  268. vampgrl said

    grrrr…never mind…pic didn’t work

  269. vampgrl said

    trying again….

  270. vampgrl said

    Aaaahhh…that’s better…now…how you like my pic?

  271. DIZEY1 said

    Good morning still got a little bit of that Voodoo bug in me!! Can’t wait till that sucker leaves me alone.

    Susanna πŸ™‚ We been missing you my girl. Glad to hear things are goin good for you and your brother w/the new venture. Will def. check in with you when you’re MIA. Love ya & good luck πŸ˜‰

    **Z** my wonderful story teller. I loved this addition, keep em’ coming PLEASE!! The keys oh yeah baby ! And he can invade my personal space 24-7-365 πŸ˜‰ Love her jumping him YES! YES! YES!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

    Vampgrl… Love Emanuelle great pic πŸ˜‰

  272. Himmiefan said

    Prtfvr – how hilarious!! I love it! πŸ™‚

    You know, something about the melting hands picture I, um (clears throat), um, never noticed before…..

    Anzia- girl, I know better than to read your stuff at work. I’ll check it out when I get home tonight. I’ll bet it’s good!

  273. DIZEY1 said

    Man Deader here than ……badumbump HENRY FITZROY !!!!

  274. lioves history said

    h i iam safe and sound in nashwill

  275. DIZEY1 said

    Oooh LH glad to hear it πŸ™‚ How are things and what is the next step for you??

  276. Himmiefan said

    Oh Dizey – groan…. πŸ™‚

    Loves History – good to hear from you! Hope everything is going well!

    Folks, I have a Harry Potter hangover (sleep deprevation from staying up waaay to late to finish the book).

  277. DIZEY1 said

    While you’re there get some good BBQ if you can eat that. My brother’s friend lives there and my bro. went to see him last month. Eric (brother) loves it up there. My best friend Melanie’s brother and uncle & wife lived there for a few years and they loved it also.

  278. Anzia said

    Well I’m glad that ya’ll seemed to like it. ^_^ If you thought the keys were hott…wow, ya’ll combust in the next part. ^_^ Although, I’m not sure if it’s the end. Seriously, at the rate it’s going it’ll NEVER end! Wahh!


  279. elizabeth said

    LH – Glad to hear you are okay. Keep us posted; you know we care a great deal about you!

    Moonbeam- I think Laurel’s idea about all of us getting together is terrific! I will be out of town part of August, but maybe we can all plan to meet after the 20th sometime? It would be so much fun πŸ™‚

    Laurel – have you thought much about lunch next week? You pick a time and place since I know you are involved with your art class.

    Prtfvr – I am running out of ways to tell you how much I enjoy your whole web page. It definately makes me smile and I often pop in during the day when things are tense at work for a little Henry R&R.

    Anzia – I had to check out your newest chapter even though you had a warning about reading it at work πŸ˜‰ Loved it! I soooo want Henry to invade my personal space. Okay, need to wipe the dreamy smile off my face – not professional …. drat…too hard to do……must think of something work related *yeah, like that is gonna work!*

  280. Tango said

    AN UPDATE ON CLAIRE: This is a reply to something I sent her – she asked me to keep everyone updated.

    β€œTango…Thank you so much…. I’m just at my wits end. He has given me until Aug 24th to pack up and leave…I am on 4 hours sleep since Tuesday…all I do is look online for houses and I can’t find anything…he said by law since he gave me 30 days notice…he can put me out in the street if I don’t get out! I don’t have time to go on the blog, please update everyone…I need all the good thoughts I can get.”

    Please continue to keep Claire in your thoughts and prayers.

    Z – Wowie! Zowie! πŸ™‚ 😎 πŸ™‚ 😎 You’ve got me reved up girlfriend! I can’t wait for the next part. It will be hard to concentrate on my continuing education (CE) (boring money laundering and securities crap) that I now have to drag myself into my office to do. I knew I should have waited until after so that it could’ve been my reward for finishing. (hits herself on the forhead with the palm of her hand)

    Vampgirl – Bravo on the picture – 3 gorgeous men in 1 shot. Well done!

    Annalaise – I must say, I too burn the candle at both ends. I feel that it is living life to the fullest. I know it is probably not the healthiest lifestyle, as you can never really make up for the missed sleep, but I can’t imagine living life any other way. I can’t wait to read what you have linked here. I will do that this evening once I have completed my conintuing education courses. This will be my reward for finishing my CE.

    Gypsy – I do hope that you get something on youtube for us to see. It sounds like it will be histerical. And I hope that you find another venue soon before your fellow thesbians have to leave.

    LH – welcome to the Heart of Dixie, the Dirty South, the Land of Humidity! I hope this will be a successful trip for you. I agree with Dizey – make sure you get some of the South’s BBQ, it’s the best down here.

    Voodoo Bug – GET OUT OF DIZEY!

    Diz – hope that helps! I also agree with you about the personal space issue with Henry. As far as I’m concerned, he can be permenantly attached sniffing my neck and other pleasurable nicities 24/7.

  281. DIZEY1 said

    Tango thanx I hope your little hex drives that sucker away!! Thanx also for the update on Claire , I just seconds before coming back here sent her an email just to make sure she was ok, and to let her know we are here for her. There’s got to be something someone can do for them. I find it hard to believe that what he’s doing can be legal. I’ll pray for her and try to think of something she can do. God Bless her and her family.

  282. lwildstar said

    i only scored 60% on the assesment test today – but then again I’ve only been learning the new stuff for a couple of weeks – I really don’t know what the point of this was so soon…oh well

    LH & Clair – you are in my prayers!

    Anzia – if asked I am going to blam my low score on your story! hahahahah!

    I have completly reworked the begining of my Henry&Vicki short, so its been like starting over.

    I started chapter 8 of my story.

    and I have printing postcards like crazy and I am down to my last 20 – ordered 100 more online.

    couldn’t mangae more thatn tw chapters of HP last night – I was just too tired after studing!

    Well lunch is over so I’ll try to hollar at you tonight.

    take care everyone!

  283. Tango said

    Oh Susana! (Oh don’t you cry for me, cause I come from Alabama with me on Henry’s knee) I don’t own a banjo πŸ˜‰
    So glad you popped in! All this talk about catering and remembering some of the dishes you spoke of earlier that your brother prepares really makes me want to hop on a plane and show up to yours or your brother’s house for dinner. It being lunch time doesn’t help either. You’ll have to tell us the recipe of Safari punch, sounds interesting. I would tell you to slow down, but at this point that would be hipocritical of me. When you go full time, is that is nursing or catering?

    prfvr – hope you are feeling better today. I know the ol’ upper respiratory problems can really wipe a you out. Although I must say it hasn’t slowed you down in your comic writing thank God! I am still laughing about what you wrote last night!

  284. Anzia – I wouldn’t mind losing my keys near as much as I do if the search for them were as incredible as Vicki’s/Henry (Heck, I’d lose them on purpose for that bit of invasion. . . sigh)

    Elizabeth – The week of the 20th, I have teacher workshops except for 22nd & 23rd or the weekend. After that, it’s back to school full-time all day everyday!
    I’ll zip up to P-land for some fun and spoiling at Laurel’s if we can make it happen that week!

  285. Tango said

    lwildstar – you take the cake for the typo prize of the week.
    “I was just too tired after studing!” Oh the images that came to mind! πŸ˜‰
    That was as good as Birthday Weed!

    Am I to assume that Henry was the stud you were referring to? Or Paul?

  286. elizabeth said

    Moonbeam – I vote for a weekend if that works for Laurel? Otherwise, I could only visit for a short time during the week because I would have to get back to work. Where has the summer gone? Here it is almost August and I haven’t even reconciled myself to it yet *sigh*

    For any of you that have Claire’s email – please let her know that I am thinking of her. At times like these – I wish we all were a little closer in proximity so that we could be there to help.

  287. Tango said

    Elizabeth – I know what you mean, I would love to help out more with Claire’s situation. It’s amazing how close we’ve all binded toghether, and I am sure if one of us were close by we’d be there in a minute. I think it’s great how you have several people in your area and are able to get together. Hopefully when I get my sister in Portland in the loop, she may be joining you guys for lunch at times as well.

    I will pass along your well wishes, and have already told her of the lovefest that is going on.

    I recommended to her to check out to see if there is a service in her area that helps people find homes and or appts to rent (much like a realator does). It is a free service here in Birmingham. Maybe this will help take some of the stress off.

  288. It is so frightful to think about what is happening to Claire! It makes one feel very impotent (perhaps we can attach that to the voodoo doll, too) I don’t even bring home that much $$$ I don’t know how someone brings it in for rent alone

    Elizabeth – either side of the weekends before Mon 20th or after is good for me. Husband is leaving for Burning Man the weekend of 25th, I think. My Gus is always anxious to get up there to be with the cousins. We’ll see how things fit for Laurel. . . Otherwise, it’ll happen sometime!

  289. elizabeth said

    Tango – Has Claire checked with the United Way? I know they work a lot with single parents to help them get settled. I don’t know if she is involved with a Church, but I do know they often have resources available to help as well.

    I hope we get to add your sister to our growing “group” here in Oregon. The more the merrier πŸ™‚

    Moonbeam – I am totally open the weekend of the 25th and 26th of August.

    Hey Laurel/msgypsy – does that work for you guys?

  290. Margaret said

    Claire should check with the Clerk of the Court (or whatever the equivalent is up there) to see what legal papers have to be filed against her. In Florida, I believe it has to be in writing, sent by certified mail, I could be wrong so don’t take it as gospel. Maybe legal aid up there could help?

  291. I’m with Margaret! It just seems that Claire should have some legal resources backing her up against a money-grubbing landlord! Maybe legal aid. She might have to still move, but the next person might not get the same shaft. Somehow, it just seems that the landlord is taking advantage of Claire and her situation (from my very new and limited perspective)

  292. vampgrl said

    Anzia said,
    July 26, 2007 @ 9:28 am

    Well I’m glad that ya’ll seemed to like it. ^_^ If you thought the keys were hott…wow, ya’ll combust in the next part. ^_^ Although, I’m not sure if it’s the end. Seriously, at the rate it’s going it’ll NEVER end! Wahh!


    Well that’s good. Who says we want it to end? MOREMOREMORE!!! And I have a confession to make. I never got your post about the 3rd part being up. I have that link saved to my fav places and keep checking up on it. Same with Henry’sHens. Those can keep going too. My all time fav is still The Dance for some odd reason. We really need a sequel to that one. πŸ˜‰
    I don’t have the link for Henry’sHens saved on my pc at home, but it’s a really easy name to remember. Heh. And I swear, if I don’t get the time to finish Lady A’s novel up to where she is now, I’m just gonna print it tomorrow and take it home with me. I am SO tired of not getting past chapter 8…formerly known as Chapter 7 continued. 😦 Still love the story so far though. Hey! If you ever happen to get it published, I’d be one of the first to grab it up. *g* It’s nice to read something new every now and then. I kinda got tired of reading BT fanfics for the moment. Fanfics seem to get old after a while. Or maybe that’s just me. No clue…hehe…

    Glad you guys liked my pic. I wasn’t really looking for that one in particular, it just kinda jumped out at me…hehe

  293. Tango said

    Elizabeth, I’m not sure about United Way. I wasn’t aware that they were involved in such things. I will pass the information along. As for church, I don’t recall her mentioning it, but I am sure if that is the case that she probably is utilizing that.

  294. lwildstar said

    Tango – what did I win? oh trust me the “studing” would have been MUCh more fun than “studying”!
    I really can’t type when my brain is tired. My mother fusses at me all the time about how bad my grammar is when I send her emails – not to mention the typos!

    But hey – I’m good for a laugh!

  295. lwildstar said

    For Claire – i don’t know if this is any good or not, but I mentioned to one of the ladies here at work who is a single mom with a child who had some problems after her divorce…she suggested to look here for info

    hope you find something helpful – if only an agancy you can contact.

  296. msgypsy said

    Real quick drive-by posting. What state does Claire live in (yeah, memory like an elephant. The extinct kind…) Some states have hotlines to assist people in just that situation.

    Also, most states have a set up that if you dial 2-1-1 you get connected to a referral service for social services and she certainly qualifies for their assistance. In NW Oregon, the 2-1-1 service has been excellent. Some places not so much. But it’s well worth the try.

    Back to the grind now. Later, bloggren.


  298. Himmiefan said

    I found these on renters’ rights in VA. These might have some info that could help Claire:

    Do you think Family and Children’s services would have something that would help single parents find housing?

  299. DIZEY1 said

    Lady A, thanks so much for the link. Way cool girls she got the goody. I just love this woman. Tanya you rock!!! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait till OCTOBER πŸ˜‰

  300. Laurel said

    I will check with my husband about Aug 25-26. I was supposed to be in Ashland with the Girl Scouts, but forgot to send in my order for tickets. Now I just have to admit it to Sarah. 😦 I suspect that weekend will work for me. I will confirm that when I figure it out for sure.
    Elizabeth next Friday would be fine for lunch but would be easier if we could start a little later than noon. Even 12:15 would be better if possible but if not I will simply go back to pack up my stuff after lunch. btw – Have fun with your weekend at the beach. 😎

  301. Himmiefan said

    Looks like Tanya was please with her gift. Good going guys! πŸ™‚

  302. lwildstar said

    Thanks Lady A for the link – that makes my day so much better! Its great to know she really got it and really appreciated it!

  303. Margaret said

    Which means the cast members should be getting the letters too if they were sent to Kalidescope, right?

  304. vicki said

    hIMmfan…let me know…if you like the Harry P. ending..I think you and I are the only ones here who have finished it. take a nap and get back to me. LOL

    I had a good daughter FINALLY jumped off the diving board all by herself. She is taking swimming lessons and so far they have had to push or throw her off. (I know that sounds terrible,,,but these guys and girls are great!!) My husband has been calling it swimming “boot camp” HEHEHE

    I am so proud of her…and my son is just a fish..he has been jumping on his own from day one!!
    Sorry I am having a proud mommy moment.

    Check back with you guys later

  305. Just thought I’d pass it along. I don’t know how many of you have livejournal accounts of her blog bookmarked. When it popped up in my friends list I just had to passed it along.


    I’m glad she liked it.

  306. whoa I am totally not typing well today… Jeeze! Ignore my previous post. It made no sense whatsoever.

  307. DIZEY1 said

    Yeah Margaret did you write letters to them also?? Your hand must be killing you πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  308. DIZEY1 said

    Lady A, it made perrrrfect sense to me. Hey can you make me a pic of Henry and call it “THUMP DAY” I’d love that πŸ˜‰ 😎 THUMP THUMP, THUMP THUMP, I call Briscoe ! I just love that ep, and that was our girl Tanya’s ep too.

  309. I’ll work on that pic right after I finish watching Bad JuJu

  310. DIZEY1 said

    Call me **CRAZY** but I’ve got a warm and fuzzy feeling right now. I’m a little bit psycho and I’ve just got a good feeling. Maybe something good’s coming down the pike. You know sometimes you’ve gotta trust your instincts. Maybe it’s that Hex Tango put on my Voodoo bug, but I just feel GOOD and wanna pass it along. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ 😎

  311. DIZEY1 said

    OOh thanx you Rock Lady A πŸ™‚

  312. Awesome bookmark, thanks for sharing

  313. Margaret said

    Dizey: Actually I typed the letter to an unnamed actor and printed it on an unnamed printer (obviously not at home because it wasn’t working back then, back then being May 21st to be exact). Actually I think I WON’T be getting anything back as the people at the post office sabatoged me by possibly putting the wrong postage on it, even after I asked for an international coupon for the return.

  314. Margaret said

    When did they go on hiatus? How are you feeling Dizey1? How’s your dad?

  315. elizabeth said

    Dizey – if you are crazy then I am standing right next to you. I am having a marvelous day myself – all warm and fuzzy and there is absolutly no reason that I should be feeling this over the top happy. Good things are definately on the way πŸ™‚ We must be dialed into the same ESPN station πŸ˜‰

    Laurel – next Friday works for me and I am absolutely open on the time, so 12:15 will be fine – we can meet later if you need a little extra time. let me know where you want to have lunch.

    Vicki – yea! for your daughter. I love having proud Momma moments and hearing about others, ya know? Seeing our kids accomplish something they have been struggling with is such a good feeling, isn’t it?

  316. DIZEY1 said

    I’m actually feeling a little better this afternoon. It could have something to do with the hot ham and swiss po-boy and the fries I ate. I was so hungry since I hadn’t eaten too much the last 3 days I scarfed it down. My pop’s doing ok still has the IV antibiotics going till he sees his Dr. I’m not sure when the next appt. is but that will be the final decision on the foot and some of the leg. Still holding out for a miracle and maybe he’ll keep it a little longer. God’s holding all the cards so whatever he says we’ll do. Thanks for asking.

    They went on hiatus sometime around end of May maybe. I’m trying to remember when Kyle did his pod cast and that wasn’t long after they went on Hiatus.

  317. Here you go Dizey.

  318. DIZEY1 said

    Thanks Lady A, too cool πŸ˜‰ I just love that DUDE and his sweet thumpin’ heart.

    Or as we southerners would say ” Bless his heart” and your too πŸ™‚

  319. πŸ™‚

    I have fun playing with photoshop. It gives me something to do during the boring afternoons.

  320. Himmiefan said

    Vicki – I agree with what a reviewer said about the ending: it’s really the only ending it could have. The last battle (no spoilers here since everyone knows there are battles between the good guys and the bad guys) and the epilogue are awesome! Now, she wrote the epilogue years ago, so wording-wise, I didn’t think it flowed as well as the rest of the book, but content-wise, it was great.

    What did you think?

    By the way, my mother started her book last night, so now I get to torture her and say that I know how it ends. πŸ™‚

  321. DIZEY1 said

    Oh and that lovely chest you chose a good pic for it too. Oh yes the ORDER OF THE YUMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!

  322. πŸ™‚ I just want to lay next to him and play with his chest. It’s so inviting.

  323. DIZEY1 said

    Oh yeah me too. I don’t think the fiance’ will approve though huh???

    Oh and the six pack ab’s just……what can I say about those. It brings back to mind the sexy swagger when he was going to munch on the madd monk!! God I love that scene. YUMMY !!!!

  324. Himmiefan said

    Uh huh, you got that right. Yum!

  325. The fiancΓ© would be a bit miffed, but I think he’d understand. It’s not like I want to jump the poor guy and grind him into the ground. I just want to cuddle and play with his chest.

    Gods I sounds weird today.

  326. Margaret said

    Ok, Dizey was I sleeping at the wheel. Has Kyle’s girlfriend turned into a fiance and where was I when this happened or are you talking about Lady A?

  327. Me! I’m the one with the FiancΓ©.

  328. Margaret said

    Forgive the momentary lapse. I’ll crawl back into my obsessed hole.

  329. lol it’s ok. I had a few moments today where I’ve just drawn total blanks.

    I blame the heat.

  330. Margaret said (Re the book covers)

  331. Tango said

    Another drive-by post – love that gypsy!

    Lady A – love the picture, as you can tell from my avatar. So is Thursday Thump Day now? I love it!

  332. Dani said

    Hi guys! Long time no talk. Has anything big happened with anyone? Have we gotten the good news out of Lifetime yet? Prtfvr I read the new comics. Love them!

    I have two new entries on

  333. Tango said

    lwildstar – your prize ? Cake, as in you took the cake. I am sending it to you now, be careful unpacking it as there may be someone jumping out of the top for you πŸ˜‰ It all goes back to the studing comment ya know. I know what you mean about the studying as I have been sentenced to studying for my CE, which is so long and drawn out. I’ve completed two parts and have the longest one to complete. Argggggggggggggggggg! I am such a procrastinator!

    I just did my updates yesterday and had something strange happen, it wiped everything off my ipod and I had to download it all again. Had to go into settings and change the settings back to sync all the movies, tv shows, video, and music b/c at first it was only doing about 190 of the 750+ items. Thank God they were still on my computer via itunes. I was about to have a heart attack.

  334. Dani said

    lwildstar-I got HMV Fangs sister yesterday. I have named her Calpurnia Headbanger.

  335. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Dani girl , we missed you this week. Glad to hear from you, has it been a good week off?

    Tango yes it’s official Thursday is THUMP DAY πŸ˜‰ Woo hoo bring on thumper. I may have to go watch that one now since I’m home. Get me some of that FINE HUNK of VAMPIRE !

    Iwildstar, I promise I will put the money in the mail tomorrow for the Bat Babies. I so love that Tanya actually got the bookmark. Way COOL 😎 πŸ˜›

  336. Dani said

    I just read Tanya’s comment on the book mark. That was sweet and when I say sweet I mean totally wicked.

    Dizey it has been an awesome week. I have been so busy it is hard to believe that is only Thursday. Tomorrow is aquarium day.

  337. DIZEY1 said

    Dani that sounds like a fun day to me. Who’s going just you and Amber??

  338. Dani said

    Wow! I really screwed that up. It should have been wicked awesome. My brain is on vacation as well.

  339. Dani said

    Me, Amber, my mom, my dad (he took the day off from work), Kelly and her kids Jesse and Rianna. Amber is talking about seeing the penguins, That is all she cares about since seeing Happy Feet.

  340. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Dani you’re not supossed to think while on *Hiatus* that’s what I’ll call my vaca. time from now on. Anyway yes it was wicked awesome, and totally sweet!!! πŸ™‚

  341. DIZEY1 said

    My nephew Logan has been hooked on Penguins and Zebra’s maybe it’s the black and white thing. Anyway ya’ll will have a great time. I love to travel in packs. We do alot of that with my gang of peeps. We’re also known as **The Louds** a name given to us by Melanie’s brother in law yrs.back. We all will be talking at the same time and of course it gets loud, but we all manage to know what the others said. Freaky but it works.

  342. Dani said

    Yeah I know It is just not working this week.

    So everyone that bought the new Harry Potter book, how fast did you finish it. I was up until 2 am Saturday morning reading and I had it finished Monday afternoon. My grandmother has it now. She was so excited to read it she stopped the one she was reading when I gave it to her, It is so funny watching my 88 year old grandma reading it and my 38 year old sister won’t let My nephew even glance at the books.

  343. elizabeth said

    I am getting ready to log off of here. I have been absolutely useless this last hour at work – I have officially mentally checked out and I am thinking of 3 lovely days away from it all πŸ˜‰

    Everyone – enjoy the weekend and I will endeavor to catch up on all the post on Monday. At least I now have something to look forward to when I come in each week.

    ciao bellas

  344. Dani said

    Same with us.

    I have been working so hard this week. Went to Rein’s Deli for breakfast on Monday and went SHOPPING, Tuesday was swimming at Valley Falls, the local pond, Wednesday was Chuck E Cheese and getting pampered at my sisters salon, today was shopping with Gram, tomorrow is Mystic Aquarium and Saturday is Santa’s Land or as Amber calls it Santa’s World. Sunday I am just going to sit back and relax.

  345. nina said

    Hello Hello Bloggers!!

    How is eveyone doing here?
    I’ve been busy the couple of past weeks and it looks like it’s going to be so for a few more days. It’s been a while since I last posted and I see that there are a few new bloggers around. For those who don’t know me, I’m Nina and like most of you BT addict.

    Anzia kept me a little up to date to what has been going on here πŸ™‚ Isn’t she an Angel!!!! Z keep up the writting, read part 3 for the fifth time today!! Too GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My YM is giving me troubles, but I’ll be online as soon as it starts liking me again πŸ™‚

    Claire – Darling I’ll be praying for you and hope that something good comes out of this. I know that the situation is harder when you’ve got your little children to think about. Lots of hugs and love coming your way and if I could I would send Henry. Try to be strong for the kids.

    Tango- Thanks for your mail! Made me feel special *blushing*

    Ok I’ve to finish up a report for tomorrow and not going that well. I’ll be back soon πŸ˜€
    Have fun here!!!


  346. nina said

    Sorry for my spelling guys 😦 1.21 am here and sleep deprived…

  347. Dani said

    Hey Nina is has been a long time.

  348. Hello Nina!!

    Glad to see you back from the depths of wherever you were.

    Don’t be a stranger.

  349. nina said

    Hi LA and Dani!!

    Yup has been a long time, but keeping up with you guys and my school work was getting impossible. I promise to try and visit as much as I can πŸ˜€

  350. lwildstar said

    Tango – ooohh cake with a surprise in the …my fav! please make the bow dark purple if you don’t mind – thats my favorite color!

    Ran into Robin on the way out tonight – she says she needs to talk to me – *G* I hope she didn’t say anything to Paul…I kinda gushed a little at lunch yesturday. oh well whats done is done….
    Its funny – her husband won’t let her watch the BT dvds I lent her – he thinks its “silly”….and this from a man who has the biggest collection of Japanimation I know of!

    Finished twenty postcards, I found ten more that had gotten lost under a pile of papers – and I ordered another 100. I’m not sure when they’ll arrive so If I can get to the post office tomorrow I’ll pick up a few more.

    Had a thought – I don’t make it over to the Lifetime board often aenough to keep up – has LifeTime Karen posted anything for or against the fangs? we all know she reads over the posts and I was curious.

    I have my Nephew Saturday…I have no idea what we are going to do…he’s never been on the Metro (subway) to go downtown before so maybe we’ll brave that and I’ll take him to the National Mall and we’ll go to the museum…somewhere down there is a childrens hands on educational museum…..he might lke that – you get to play with experiments and what not….I got my sister to send a laptop with him – I’m going to try the creative writing thing and see if I can’t get him to open up alittle about whats been going on with him.

    Dizey – I collect penguins! how cool – at Christmas I have oh about 20 stuffed penguins that I put on the stairs – tiny ones towards the top and big ones at the bottom….it has become a tradition to get a new pengiun every Christmas now. I also collect hedgehogs.

    Dani – where is your bat “from”? please, for the family map. (Headbanger, I love it!)

    Don’t worry Dizy – I set two of the little fuzz balls aside for you.
    Yes and one for you Elizabeth.

    Well I’ve got stuff to do so I’m going to log off.

    Nighty Night my lovelies!

  351. Well I’m handing the computer over to my boy toy.

    I’ll be back later.


  352. Dani said

    Do you mean my personal location or the place I would like Cal to be from? She is hanging in my car quite happily flying free. Of course my dad took my car to work today so I could use his van so it might be down.

  353. lwildstar said

    hey have any of you been over to the LT baord? I just checked in…and whats up with the negativity over there? Appearently someone posted they don’t like BT on the BT message baord…HUH?…anyway it looks like they got some nasty messages back about it and just posted a rant….

    Oh well, I am soooooooooooooooooo glad we play nice over here πŸ˜‰

    now I am off to do a little writing and a little reading….

    Oh my short story is looking better since I re vamped (giggles) the first part. Will let you know when I get the courage to post it.

  354. Dani said

    She is from Rome in my world.

  355. lwildstar said

    hey maybe shes a cousin of Elizabeths little guy Vampiro Lunari and the soon to be adopted Vampiro della Luna…

    Now really I got to go!

  356. Dani said

    I will have to ask her tomorrow. My dad works secod shift so she will be out late tonight. Elizabeth you should check with your little one to see if they are relatives.

  357. Dani said

    Hey Diz did you ever get everything squared away with eBay, your check and your t-shirt? Did you ever get it?

  358. Madonna said

    How is everyone here tonight?

    Dani, Missed ya.

  359. Dani said

    Hi Madonna Thanks

  360. Dani said

    My mom wants to get going home so I have to go. I will talk to you Monday if I can’t come on between now and then.

  361. vicki said

    Elizabeth…Yes proud mommy moments get me..I was struggling not to cry todday as she jumped off that diving board. (I am sooo DMS ing!! LOL) She was just so brave, and she has come a long way with her swimming. Her brother (who is only 3) was yelling for her by the side of hte pool. “Just jump Willow,,,you can do it” Again with the tears..they are such joys to me.

    Himmfan…I know what you mean about hte epiloge….I noticed the difference as well. (I kinda also wanted a little more info..what kind of jobs did everyone have…etc) But the funny thing was, while I was reading hte last three chapters before the epiloge, my husband was outside in the backyard playing with our dog. He could hear me crying and came to the door. “what is wrong?” I was sobbing so hard all I could do was hold up the book. He promptly rolled his eyes and went back outside. LOL

  362. DIZEY1 said

    Welcome back Nina we missed you. Good luck w/school and don’t be a stranger. πŸ™‚

    Vicki congrats on the guppie. That’s what they called it when my cousin learned yrs. ago at the *Y*. Amazing how those little ones can jump from there. πŸ˜‰

    Well I’m going to write out some post cards aaaagain and then to bed.

    reves doux d’Henri XOXOXOXO Beth

    Claire may you rest well and take care of yourself and the kids, you’ve got a guardian angel protecting you. Like Henry said sometimes you have to hav FAITH. You’ll be ok. I’ll keep ya’ll in my prayers. Je t’aime XOXOXOXOX

  363. I managed to sneak by the LT boards earlier… What I saw sickened me. Yet again there was fighting. I tried to remain neutral and think happy thoughts… I wouldn’t be surprised if someone called me a few nasty names by now… *rolls eyes*

  364. I bopped over there too. I don’t understand all of the particulars, but I left a post anyhow. i figure if the LT powers poke around it might help if a newbie shows up and makes a statement about wanting BT

  365. From what I’ve heard they do poke around quite a lot. That is why I always try to stay on topic and positive.

    Negative things only make us as a whole look stupid.

  366. I agree and it feels so ugly, as well.

  367. Madonna said

    Hi guys,

    I personally don’t understand why someone who does not like the show would bother to post there anyway.

    Although I had a hard time understanding that woman’s post it almost sounds as if one of the Lifetime bloggers may have started it by saying something nasty on another board. I went to Army Wives board and lurked a little…. I didn’t see anything derogatory there? Who knows? Although I try to post there occasionally under mjp79 just to let TPTB know I still care, I much prefer it here. This feels like a home.

  368. Madonna said

    OOPS, I meant the Blood Ties board.

    Well I just finished up my postcards. I’m heading to bed now.

    Love y’all

  369. Madonna said

    What I meant to say is that it sounded like one of the Blood Ties bloggers started it.

    Heading to bed now really………..

  370. goodnight folks!

    Sweet dreams!

  371. Anzia said

    Hey guys! I’m sure most if not everyone is in bed but this is the first oppritunity I’ve had to be on here today and i wanted to share GREAT news.

    *clears throat* lalalalla

    *bellows* I GOT MY JOB!


    Yup, I start working for Kohls on th 13th of Aug. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY there was much celebration on this end so I will desperately try to get pt 4 done. ^_^

    I’m sorry I missed you NINA! Me? an angel? HA! got the wrong girl lov! ^_^ I’m too naughty to be an angel!

    I heard from Claire. She really misses all of us but is really not having a good time of it. Her landlord’s broker came to take pictures of the house today. 😦 Oi, Like to get my hands on that man. Grrrrr…

    Anyway… I’m off to turn angry frustration into something else. Talk to ya’ll later. ^_^

  372. Tango said

    ANZIA!!!!!! Fabuloso bella! What great news! I think we all knew you nailed that interview and we are so happy for you. So, are you gonna get the discounts?!!!!! I did the whole retail stint in my life when I was in college, and just loved getting that 40-50% discount. I would think even though you were in the corporate office that you would still be entitled to a discount. Let’s hope so anyway. In honor of your big news ~ I shall go shopping at Khols this weekend! Good for me…and…good for you! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sending me that email to give me a head’s up on Claire. I sent her another email to give her a solution on my email debakle (sp?) I thought that problem had gotten resolved, but I guess…not!

  373. Himmiefan said

    Yeah Anzia!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! You go girl!! πŸ™‚

  374. Himmiefan said

    Vicki – Once I got to the school part, I couldn’t put the book down. I’d cheer then I’d boo hoo, then I’d cheer, then I’d boo hoo. πŸ™‚

  375. Tango said

    CLAIRE NEWS: Thank you for all the good suggestions posted today – Himmiefan, Gypsy, lwildstar & Elizabeth. I am taking what you post here and sending directly to Claire since she doesn’t have time right now to sift through the fluff. Maybe not the right word there, but you know what I mean.

    Nina – Mission accomplished! But you don’t need me to make you feel special, you accomplish that on your own. You forgot to tell the newbies where you’re from. This is the cool part! So, you’re going to summer school, huh. I did that one summer in college to get ahead, took 4 classes, did the whole work-study program and also worked a retail job on the weekends. I fondly refer to that summer as “the summer from hell”!

    Did anyone else get giddy today to see their name on Tanya’s LJ? How goofy am I?

  376. Tango said

    Jeez Louise it’s getting late, what am I thinking, I have to be up in less than 5 hours….. good night all!

  377. Anzia – That is Fabulous!!!!!!! I’m so excited for you! OH YEAH!!!!!!!

  378. Anzia said

    Thanks guys. ^_^ I’ve come to the realization that part 4 won’t be done by … well… today. I’m going to bed and will finish it tomorrow…er… when I wake up. πŸ™‚ When the words on teh screen start moving and you’re not typing… you KNOW it’s time to sleep…

  379. Margaret said

    RE: The Lifetime Message Board

    For the most part that board is a positive board. That was an isolated incident between two-three people. There are such things as trolls and its quite possible this person was/is one. The mistake was that anyone reacted, had they let it pass she probably wouldn’t have felt the need to keep posting.

  380. Tango said

    Good morning bloggerati! TGIF to ya! I must say after we’ve named Thursday Thumpday, we’ve got to come up with something better for Friday.

    I wanted to leave a quick note before I got on the road today as I might forget, ok, most certainly will forget by this afternoon…

    LH – I’ve got a present for you. I saw this cool plane, almost spaceship-like for you to fly in our movie. It’s the newest thing from NASA. it’s not in color here, but on the news this morning, it has this royal blue trim around the border where you see the white writing – just along the edge. Then the rest of it is like a gunmetal grey. Notice the bended wings – they are actually doing this wing style with the newer commercial jets too. I was on one last week and they are furistic looking.

    Hope everyone is in store for a fabulous day! Check you guys out later!

  381. Margaret said

    Depp lights up ‘Dark Shadows’ (
    Warner Bros. is teaming with Depp’s Infinitum-Nihil and Graham King’s GK Films to develop a feature based on the ’60s daytime supernatural sudser “Dark Shadows

    Does anyone see a theme here? TV and now the movies. Lifetime would be foolish not to purchase more episodes the way this genre is heating up.

  382. Tango said

    And that would be futuristic, not furistic. Could you imagine a furry plane? Snoop Dog might have one, but I doubt it would ever go commercial. Love to start the day with a good typo, don’t you?

  383. Tango said

    I really got to go, but I sure hope they notice our man, Kyle for this. Really gonna be late not – bye!

  384. lwildstar said

    Good morning Blogkin!

    Anzia – I told you you would get it! congrats!

    Tango – thanks for passing on the info to Claire….. I have friends who have been through similar situations – if you want to send me a personal email that I can reply to – I just need to know where Claire lives (city, county, state) I’d be more than happy to help on the research end …there has got to be some sort of protection group that covers this sort of thing.

    And No tango you’re not goofy – seeing my name – both names – gave me a warm fuzzy feeling – like she was passing on a hug…

    Ok need to go to work – I picked up a few post cards a tthe post office this morning to tied me over until my order comes in.

    Talk at you later!

  385. Madonna said

    Congratulations Anzia!

  386. Margaret said

    If anyone has sent post cards over this week, please personal message


    over at the Lifetime Message Board. She’s trying to keep a running total and aiming for a 1,000 this week.

  387. Margaret said

    Whoops, Congratulations Anzia. You should really be as proud of yourself as we are. We knew you could do it.

  388. Chery said

    Good Morning fellow addicts:

    Koodos to everyone writing postcards! I noticed that Stacey posted on the Lifetime Boarad that numbers seemed down yesterday. I am sure people just did not tell her their numbers.

    Keep up the good work everyone, we really need more postcards to make the 1,000 this week.

    Love Yu!

  389. msgypsy said

    Anzia, CONGRATS!!!!! Kohl’s is now officially my favorite department store!

    I haven’t had a chance to send any postcards so far this week but tomorrow I have scheduled a full hour to produce and address them.

    And I’m late for work. Latter, bloggren!

  390. DIZEY1 said

    ***Z**** BABY CONGRAT’S Not that I ever doubted you wouldn’t get the gig. You’re a very smart chick and I guess they saw that too. Yeah for You!!!

    Tango yes ma’am warm and FUZZY. I loved that she posted it with our names too cool 😎

  391. lioves history said

    hey just saying hi didnt see any blog on bt bu anybody who hated the show whats up.

  392. lwildstar said

    consider this a drive by posting…..

    LH – the negitive stuff was on the LT message board not the BT blog.
    And last I checked – it looks like its moved on….

    Already emailed StacyNy my postcard count.

    Must go now – will check in tonight

  393. Margaret said

    Got two emails saying the exact same thing from Lifetime, thank you for your interest, yadah, yadah, yadah….and then goes on to describe the new shows, again.

  394. Laurel said

    Way to go Anzia! You rock sweetie! I might even have to shop at Kohl’s now.

    LH – always glad to see you check in. I hope you are soon on the mend.

    It seems to my that today is our usual “brain-fry-day” but maybe it’s just me. 😎

    Moonbeam – tonight or tomorrow? When should I expect to see you and your guys?

  395. DIZEY1 said

    Hi LH how are things going?? What are you there to do? Is it the actual transplant??

  396. Laurel said

    Looks like I’ll be in and out today. I get to pick up my Rose from camp at noon and then some running around to do for my crafting classes.
    To top it off sci/fi channel is showing “Jake 2.0”! I can’t even get this on i-tunes, and it never went to DVD. I love Christopher Goram but prefer him as Jake but watch him on “Ugly Betty” where he plays Henry. Hmmm maybe it’s a Henry thing.

  397. Laurel said

    Christopher Gorham is te correct spelling. 😎

  398. Laurel said

    Apparently my fingers think I need more coffee. If they don’t respond I will have to add chocolate and an hour of Blood Ties. Actually, I should probably just go for the BT and chocolate with the coffee so I can feel better faster. I figure I can watch BT on my i-pod while watching Jake on TV

  399. Anzia said

    Laurel- BT & Jake? Um… dear… should we step up your treatment? ^_^ I can’t throw stones. I go to bed with Henry most nights. I LOVE having a laptop! I too am in desperate need of chocolate. Sadly, there is NONE in the house! @_@ Yeah, it’s getting a bit harry over here without it.

    Everyone- Thanks for the congrads. I was so excited I was dancing in the kitchen and woke my aunt up (she works third shift at a hospital- she’s a nurse). She said she felt a whole lotta energy and couldn’t shake it enough to go back to bed. ^_^ I was REALLY dizzy ’cause the dancing was, of course, in a circle. I almost fell trying to sit. BUT i’m happy! ^_^

    I’ll definitely be shopping at Kohls. I get a discount! YAY.

  400. vicki said

    good morning blogkin..
    I had to go to school today my prinicpal was interviewing math teachers for my team, and she wanted some of use there..FUN!!!!!

    Anyway..i noticed on the lifetime board that BT was number one!! And I watched “dearly departed” on there video page.(thats the only one I dont have on my tivo) Naturally its the one where Henry has his shirt off alot!!! LOL

    it’s nicce that they have all the episodes on there… easier to recruit people..oh sure..just go to the lifetime site and watch the episodes. HEHE

    And I still agree with that Canadian reviewer…”women gasps when Henry came on the screen” (I am paraphrasing)

    God knows I still gasps when I see him

  401. vampgrl said

    Ugh. More negativity over on the LT board. I swear, I just don’t get people. As I said before, if you don’t like the show, why would you go on the BT board and say you don’t like it? It would be like going on the AW board and saying you don’t like Army Wives. Stupid much?! See? That’s why I stay away from that board. I’m the kind of person that just can’t let a negative comment against BT go. It could get ugly. πŸ˜›

    Oh and why do a movie of DK? Sorry, never did get the whole DK thing. I used to make fun of the reruns when I used to watch them on Sci-Fi. *g* Too before my time I guess. Heh.

    Oh and finally read up to Chap 9 of Ana’s novel. Not to be confused with Lady A or A or Z…or whatever you guys call yourselves. πŸ™‚ Now keep going…hehe

    Like my piccy? I’m an equal-opportunity drooler…heeh

    ZZZZZZZZZOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ 😎 😎 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  402. lioves history said


  403. lwildstar said

    just checked the LT Board – there is a post from LifetimeKaren that the negative comment posts and the responses to said posts have been removed as the “violate house rules”
    So there you go.

    help! I need someone to proof my short story – any Volunteers? email me at

  404. Madonna said

    loves history,
    How are you feeling?

    How’s the knee?

    Prayers and good wishes going to both of you!

  405. Himmiefan said

    Loves History – so did they just do testing at Vanderbilt? You’ll stay in NYC until a liver comes available? I don’t know how organ donation and transplants are handled. Seems to me that they’d send the available liver to NYC.

  406. lioves history said


  407. Congratulations Z!!!

    Another late morning, I swear I need to find some way to convince myself to sleep before 2am. Ugh.

  408. DIZEY1 said

    LH, so will you stay there till you get the liver? And your wife will go back to NY and work until it’s time for your surgery??

    When my sister passed LOPA (La.Organ Procurement Assoc) was standing by us waiting. I know that sounds horrible but God Bless her she couldn’t use them anymore and there are so many people just like you Loves History that can use them. It’s truly a wonderful feeling when you get a letter saying that (2) people can see now becasue of her cornias, and I think a couple of people rec’d her heart valves. So in some small way my sister lives on. Everyone should make sure your loved ones know you want to donate your organs, after this I told my family and Melanie to make sure it happens if I go before them.

    Good luck LH I think you’re gonna be fine and healthy.

  409. Himmiefan said

    LH – I’ll keep you and your wife in my prayers so that she can work in New York and you stay in Nashville. Can she telecommute (work on a laptop from anywhere)?

  410. vampgrl said

    To Madonna: Knee’s about the same. Doctor said it will take 6 weeks to heal, I’m thinking longer, since I never get enough time to rest my let, hence the reason why I’m not on my own pc right now. If I sit in that low desk chair, I might not get back up. I still can’t get enough pressure on the leg to stand up on it. And I’m still limping like and old lady. Ugh. I’m too young to feel old….again…ugh.


  411. DIZEY1 said

    Oh Vampgrl I forg to to say earlier like the pic. Zander a blast from the past. I really did like Buffy and Angel. At least I can still see my hot David Boreanes (SP) Love Bones ! Very cool show 😎

  412. DIZEY1 said

    Oops that was supposed to be FORGOT not forg.

  413. Vampgrl, that sucks! I hate when my knee goes out on me. Keep taking it easy, hopefully it’ll heal faster than you’re thinking.

  414. DIZEY1 said

    Oh and another thing, what is JAKE Laurel or should I say who is JAKE??? And not baby Jake either. I know Christopher Gorham from I think the show was called Popular maybe from a couple of seasons ago. He also was in a show not long lived about the CDC and he played a scientist I think. Anyway just curious what that show was about.

  415. Madonna said

    I can sympathize with you. I was in 9th grade when my left kneecap first dislocated. While I was recovering from that the right one went out. Too much outward pressure. I had to have surgery on both of them. It helped for a while but when I was a senior I walked on a sublocated (partially dislocated) left knee for almost a year. Immediately after I graduated they cut the bone in my leg in two, realigned it then put a screw in through the bone and tendon. Non-weight bearing for over a year. Now I have no cartilage left in that knee at all. It does make you feel old.

    One of the tricks I’ve learned is to keep the muscles surrounding the knees strong, especially the quadriceps.

    Keep it elevated and stay off of it. Take care!!!

  416. Well I am off. My wrist isn’t allowing me to type comfortably… *grumbles*

    Hopefully I’ll be back tonight!

  417. Chery said


    Just received my “Henry” rings today! They are awesome!
    Glad I purchased them.

    Thanks Margaret for the suggestion, let’s push for postcards over the weekend so Life Time is flooded with them!!!!!!

    Off to write postcards……………… (looking at the rings………:)

  418. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Chery, did you get all 3 of them? I’m thinking I want the band and the filigree looking one. I’m a ring girl big time.

    BTW mom and I will sit tonight and finish off my pack of postcards probably 70 or 80 left out of this 100. Are we still sending in 20 at a time?? How many do ya’ll want me to send?? πŸ˜‰

  419. Chery said

    Thanks Dizey1
    I purchased all three and they are just beautiful!!!!!! I just love them.

    Yes, thanks we are still sending out 20 per day, trying to send 1,000 this week. I think this week is critical, LifeTime will be making a decision soon,
    so, keep those postcards flying right out to them!!!!!

    Also everyone, do not forget to contact advertisers, and look at the episodes on the LifeTime Video board.

    Back to writing………..

  420. lwildstar said

    I’ve got my 20 postcards to drop in the box tomorrow!
    I hope my pack of 100 comes Monday……

    Well it looks like my nephew isn’t coming tomorrow – he decided he didn’t feel well and had my parents take him home – oh well.

    I just stopped in to see whats up …its been storming here on and off so I’m not going to stay on…

    Night all.

  421. Dani said

    Hi guys! I jsut got back from Mystic Aquarium about 1 1/2 hours ago.
    I am hanging at Kelly’s. We are going to watch some movies, John Tucker Must Die and Premonition.

    I am wondering what has happened with Claire? I know I asked yesterday if anything big and good or bad has happened with the familia but no one answered so I assumed nothing happened.

  422. Dani said

    Oh and I was very giddy to see my name on Tanya’s blog. To know that she was talking about me made it very squealish.

  423. Madonna said

    Hi Dani,
    Glad you had fun at the aquarium.

    Claire’s landlord told her that he was raising her rent to $2,500 a month and if she couldn’t pay it she was out by the August 24th. Right now she is scrambling to find someplace else to live.

  424. Dani said

    Thanks for letting me know. That sucks. A long lost friend of my moms is moving in with my parents for awhile because her husband lost his job, she has been in 7 car accidents (none were her fault) so she can’t work, and they are being evicted. I hope all this is true and she isn’t going to screw over my mom. The last time they saw each other was before I was born. They are moving in next week.

    Claire my thoughts and prayers are with you and the kids. If I could put you up somewhere I would. I have a hard enough time paying my rent.

  425. Madonna said

    How close have your mom and her friend been in the past 29 years? I hate to say it but that situation sounds kinda funny to me.

  426. Dani said

    My mom heard from her for the first time about a week and a half ago since my mom was married to my sister’s father. That was long before I was born.

  427. Tango said

    Hey Dani – I haven’t heard from Claire today. So the latest news is what Z posted about the broker coming to take pictures. Nutshell is the landlord appears to be acting like a royal jerk, not showing any respect nor compassion to Claire for her and the situation she is in. ( He has gone up on the rest exponentially and the rent is out of her reach) Threatening to kick her out regardless August 24th.

  428. Dani said

    Some people can be so effing thoughtless, cruel, and just plain stupid.

  429. Tango said

    I guess I should have refreshed before I posted. Sorry for being redundant.

    Dani – I’m with Madonna, the situation with the “long lost friend” does sound questionable. It sounds like your mom is sof-hearted. She needs to set some ground rules and a time frame. And you may have to help her stand up to these people. I hate that I am so jaded, but with identity theft as rampant as it is, there is more at stake than just having over-baring houseguests who wont leave.

  430. Dani said

    Her and I are a lot alike when it comes to things like that. She already told me that she is going to put them to work. My sister Kim does the woman’s sister’s hair. That is how they got back in touch. She said none of their family will help them. i am definitely going to be looking out for my mom and speaking up if anything seems suspicious to me. She has looked out for me since I was born. It is my turn to look out for her and my dad.

  431. Madonna said

    Hey Tango,
    How are you doing tonight? While you were away I started taking ideas for everybody’s super hero emblem for Elder Hostel. Do you have any ideas for yours? Email them to me along with a description of your costume, for style, colors etc… and I’ll see what I can put together for you.

    Did you ever think of any ideas for your logo. I know it will have to be something in purple and silver?

    I’m working on Anzia’s right now.

    Where do you guys think everyone has been tonight? In fact it has been pretty dead on here all day.

  432. Dani said

    I am thinking a silver sword encrusted with amethysts maybe with a rose twisting up it. That sounds really cool. Has anybody else had their’s close to that?

  433. Madonna said

    Nope nothing like that yet.

  434. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Madonna, Dani, Tango πŸ™‚ Stopping for a moment to see wassup ?? Mom’s helping me write postcards again god bless her little heart πŸ˜‰

    Anyway I got a message back from Kellogg’s saying how thoughtful of me to take the time to write and say how much I love their products, she sounded almost surprised that someone would write and say thanks. I also got one from I think SlimFast too.
    Tango loved the Grandma and the lawyers, email hysterical.
    Dani how was the aquarium?

  435. Dani said

    Diz it was great the kids had a ball.

  436. DIZEY1 said

    Glad to hear it . All we got here was rain today, and most of the day. Tomorrow evening out on the river front is the Pre-Game Arena Bowl Concert, the bands will start sometime around 5:00 until I guess I think Styx comes on about 7:00 I’m STOKED baby. I hope if it’s gonna rain it does it early. It should at least keep the temps a little lower.

  437. DIZEY1 said

    Well since I sucked her into doing these postcards I should at least go help her write some. Will check in before I crash. πŸ˜‰ 😎

  438. Tango said

    Madonna, I’m doing well, just a little worn out after a busy week. How was your week?

    So everyone is having their own emblem, or we are pitching in ideas for the group emblem?

  439. Madonna said


    Worn out here too. You know, too much work and not enough people to do it.

    Everyone gets their own emblem!

  440. Madonna said

    I’m signing off for a little while guys. Gotta go do some drawing.

  441. Dani said

    Diz what are the other bands performing?

  442. prtfvr said

    Looked at the Lifetime Blood Blog for the first time since May. What a waste of space. A chat room would better serve everyone. I can’t believe it’s over 1,800 with still more going. Why people still post there is beyond me. That and why Lifetime keeps that blog open. Maybe I’m just missing something, but I don’t get it.

  443. Dani said

    Good Night guys I am going home to go to bed.

  444. vicki said

    Himmfan…I was the same way at the school thing..cry…cheer…cry…laugh..cry…etc.

    Cherry…where did you get Henry rings????I WANT!!! I WANT!!! Let me know.

    well..I have pictures of kids..a birthday party..AND i have a singing gig tomorrow night…Not rest for the wicked.
    So I think I will go to bed soon, not really sleepy yet though…maybe just little Henry before I go to bed…LOL

  445. Anzia said

    So, want to hear a heart wrenchingly sad story? a true story btw. If not, sorry. I’m going to tell you anyway partially ’cause I’m sure the support for you guys wouldn’t compare to anything I could get from my non-internet family. That and it’s after midnight and I have to tell someone before I cry all the tears my body will ever be able to produce.

    My freshman year at LU I met a guy named Nick. He was 23 to my 18, in the Army and totally amazing. In a matter of weeks Nick was in my room more often than not. He’d just come up and sit and talk, do homework, or just about anything. We ended up becoming really good friends. Him, Me and my best friend Stephanie were basically joined at the hip the next year. During this time, I found that I had fallen for him. I also knew that he was in love with Stephanie and, though she didn’t admit it for another year, she was in love with him. By this time Nick and I were really close. He told his fraternity brothers one night, during an all night event on our main green, that out of everyone in his life besides his parents, I knew him best. He said that he’d told me things that he’d never told anyone and that combined his entire fraternity might come close to knowing him like I did. I was pretty happy with this. It meant I was important to him and at that time, it seemed enough.

    Well, Nick was also 2/3 of a year ahead of stephanie and I. So, our junior year things changed. Partially because Stephanie and I weren’t living together (for the first time in over a year) and because we both had to deal with the fact that Nick was leaving. He started pulling away from me. Instead of visiting me at least three times a week, it fell to twice, then once, then it was a good week if I just saw a glimpse of him on campus. At the same time, he was starting to visit stephanie more. I came to the conclusion that it was just ’cause she lived closer (denial is great—for a while). Then he graduated. And I never saw him while Steph saw him a few times a month. Three months after he graduated he was told he was going to Iraq. And I about died inside. Stephanie had FINALLY come to terms with the fact that she loved him although she wasn’t willing to believe that he was interested in her, let alone in love with her. Me, being the person I am, put the facts out there for her. I, his confessed closest person next to his parents, was no longer ever seeing him. INstead he spent his time with her. He called her to do things, not me. The best evidence was that when he left. He wasn’t going to say goodbye to me. Stephanie had to force him to come to me. I can’t tell you how much that hurt. I cried so hard that my roommate at the time was going nuts. I kept screaming that I wanted to know what I’d done wrong to deserve this. Why did I have to lose him for her to gain him.

    By this time I’d figured out that he couldn’t be good friends with the woman he’s in love with’s best friend. So, I freely gave him up so the Stephanie could be happy. While he was gone I never wrote. I never had Stephanie tell him I said “hi.” I just let him be. Hoping that it wouldn’t hurt so much later.

    Well, Nick came back for leave mid-way through our last term at LU. I was so busy that I couldn’t have seen him if he’d wanted to. Not that he ignored me. I was the first one out of the two of us to see him. I hugged him so hard and cried (the first time he’d ever seen me cry) that he was worried that something was wrong. Well, Stephanie pushed him away. She was afraid he only wanted sex. She kept pushing me for the reason why Nick and I really couldn’t be in the same room for too long. Why I was always really upset when he left. I wouldn’t tell her. I still haven’t.

    He left again. He didn’t say good-bye to either of us. Mostly ’cause stephanie made it very clear that she wasn’t sure about him. She wanted a gaurantee before she’d take that first step. I wanted to scream. I still care very deeply for the man and it really REALLY hurts to know that I could’ve fought for him. I could’ve tried to save the friendship from whatever had made him decide to drop me.

    Right now I’m so mad. He’s back for good. He’s going to be a trainer at a boot camp in Indianapolis and Stephanie wants nothing more than friendship. She’s so scared that it won’t work that she’s pushed him completely away and I’d give anything to hit her over the head right now. This man is so great guys. He’s sweet. He’s caring. He was engaged when he was younger but his fiance ran off with his best friend on the night before the wedding and he doesn’t hate them. He wont’ talk about it ’cause it hurts still. He’s been there every step of the way for his sister who’s a drug addict. He keeps trying to help her, to make her life better but she resists. He doesn’t give up. He makes the most outlandish jokes and makes everyone believe that he’s the “bad boy.” He went to seminary school for a year. He has complete belief in God and has a tattoo on his left shoulder of his Squad (Is that right?) number around a cross. I don’t understand what’s so scary. He’s the kind of guy that comes along ONCE in a person’s life. Just once, and I can’t make her see it.

    Sorry this is so long and so … well desperate is probably a good word. My only excuse is that Nick meant the world to me and I lost him for her. AND i’m really hormonal right now (and we have NO CHOCOLATE). I just can’t believe that she’d give it up. For no reason other than fear.

    Sorry guys, no Henry tonight. I can’t write it right now. I’m really sorry. g’night

  446. Margaret said

    Anzia: Sounds like you really need to have a good talk with your friend. You are a great friend and a loyal one but if she’s not interested in Nick maybe you should try reopen that door. Sometimes you can go back home.

    My boss’s brother is the man that Black Hawk Down was written about. He had married, had kids (his wife did that of course), divorced, came back home, got reacquinted with his high school sweetheart and married her. So never say never. Not exactly the same situation but it does prove that you can go home, at least once in a while, and once in a while there is a happy ending.

    Remember: “Love is worth the risk, eternity is a long time to live with regret”.

  447. Chery said

    Anzia, I also think that your friend Stephanie lost her chance and you should try and establish communication with him.

    and I totally agree with Henry’s quote also

    “Love is worth the rish, eternity is a long time to live with regret”

  448. Chery said


    Blood Ties Central has the contact information. The jeweler is in Van Couver BC. and he also made the “Iluminacion del Sol” He makes jewelry for tv and movie productions. The propmaster designed the rings and the Iluminacion del Sol, and Gil made them.
    I wrote my 20 post cards yesterday with them on. πŸ™‚

  449. Tango said

    CLAIRE UPDATE: She’s going out today to look at a house, the owner had faxed her a picture of the house yesterday, so it must have some curb appeal. She’s got a friend who will be looking out for the quads while she goes so that she won’t have any distractions. She said she heard the kids praying last night about the house, how sweet is that!

    Keep those prayers and good vibes going her way.

    She quoted Willa Cather, “Where there is great love there will always be miracles”

    I told her there was a lovefest going on for her over here and with all those kids you know her cup over floweth! Miracles will continue to come her way, I know it! If you’ve read her previous posts, you know her life has been one miracle after another, yes she has had plenty of pain in her life, but it was the miracles that have brought her out of the pits and I know she’s due for another.

  450. prtfvr said

    Anzia: I was so worried about your story when it began talking about your soldier. I thought for sure you were going to say that he’d died over there.

    Here’s the thing though; he DIDN’T die. You still have a chance to find out if you’re right for each other. Don’t waste time with regret. Don’t wait until he has someone else and your chance has been lost.

    Get your butt in gear, tell this man how you feel and see what happens. What’s the worst thing that could happen? He’ll reject you and talk to you less than he does now? At least you’ll know that you tried.

    Go out and make a grab for happiness. There aren’t soul mates around every corner! Find out if he’s yours! Plus, it’ll change the ending to your story and who doesn’t like happy endings. You know what happy endings are, right? πŸ˜‰



  451. Tango said

    Anzia, I think all signs are pointing to you making contact with Nick. Stephanie had her chance, and it was her choice not to pursue that avenue. You are at the top of your game right now, you’ve just graduated college, you’ve just landed your first β€œreal” job. You’ve got all this emotion bottled up inside you, much is the regret that you let love slip away. Take the chance to rekindle the friendship and allow love to grow.

    Passion isn’t something you can shut out forever Z, it knocks down walls, it sweeps you off your feet, it can change your life.

    Go for it!

  452. Tango said

    Henry’s fangs

    I guess if there is anything about Henry that doesn’t sit well with me it is his fangs.
    The bitemarks he leaves only show the canine marks, yet as you see two of his incisors (yes, I had to look that up) are also longer, yet they don’t leave marks. Hmmmm. Has anyone else noticed this?

    I was noticing in the promos of Moonlight that the vampire in that show only has long canines, which would match up with the traditional fang marks we are accustomed to. I must say I like his fangs better.

  453. AlisaSG said

    from Madonna,
    >> I personally don’t understand why someone who does not like the show would bother to post there anyway.

    >> …
    >> What I meant to say is that it sounded like one of the Blood Ties bloggers started it.

    from Margaret,
    >> RE: The Lifetime Message Board

    >> For the most part that board is a positive board. That was an isolated incident between two-three people. There are such things as trolls and its quite possible this person was/is one. The mistake was that anyone reacted, had they let it pass she probably wouldn’t have felt the need to keep posting.

    from vampgrl
    >> Ugh. More negativity over on the LT board. I swear, I just don’t get people.


    okay, just from reading the few above comments — this sounds like it’s either the proverbial *TROLLS* under the bridge coming in from another web site (hmmmm, let me guess – GW?? since BT is posted there)..

    or it’s possibly someone on the inside of LIFETIME’s programming team (or friends of them) posting in the negative to set about trashing the show to rile up the true viewers and getting them to post more or their real feelings (and sadly, I’ve actually seen the Sci-Fi channel pull that sort of internal campaign just to liven up the notches and blood pressures of various viewers).

    Since BLOOD TIES is soon to debut in several other countries, it’s going to come under attack from the “trolls and other inside folks” who like poking holes into anything that’s positive.

    Wait til Johnny Depp comes under attack for being in Dark Shadows..!! My guess is that it won’t be him who’ll be attacked, but the storyline itself.
    too many wonderful fans of his are already going *THUD*.. just hearing his name.. and that he’ll be portraying a vampire..! okay, that means
    Henry’s gonna have some serious competition going on there..!!

    and if that’s true, OOOOOOOooooo!! what a way (for us) to help promote BLOOD TIES even MORE..!! πŸ˜‰
    Yes, I *Like* my way of thinking, sometimes!! Let Johnny Depp go forth.
    Henry’s right next to him, too!! Depending on how TPTB do J.Depp’s vamp make-up.. One dark-haired guy for those attracted to him..

    and one curly, lovely, sandy-brown haired and ultra handsome HENRY for the rest of us! πŸ˜€

  454. Margaret said

    Tango: But ah yessss, do we REALLY care that much about Henry’s fangs. I myself love his other ASSets more.

  455. Laurel said

    Good morning/afternoon blogerkin. I am anxiously awaiting moonbeams arrival in about an hour. I wish more of you were on your way because I know we would have a great time together. πŸ™‚

    Dizey – I’m sorry I didn’t get your question answered yesterday. “Jake” is actually Sci/fi’s “Jake 2.0” from 2004. It was very short lived with only 12 episodes aired even though 16 were filmed. The final four have aired since then but it left a cliffhanger in the last episode. The main charactor, a computer geek for a gov. agency, was infected by nanites – tiny robots that enhanced his abilities physically and mentally (and electronically). I came across it last fall when sci/fi was running a marathon day of episodes. They show them about once every 2-3 months over a couple of days. If you liked it but want to know how it would have ended check out the ImBD site and follow the threads for Christopher Gohram – Jake 2.0 and look for the fan offering how the final episode would have gone. It was a good ending that never got filmed.

  456. AlisaSG said


    has anyone here contacted anyone on the main Dark Shadows forums about possible suggestions for what to send to TPTB at Blood Ties??

    The DS folks have had 30 years experience in that field (for reviving their beloved series on TV, old and new remakes, etc), so I would imagine they’d be a good resource for finding out what works best or not.. however, I don’t think TPTB creating BT are the problem here..

    I think LIFETIME is a moot case – they only want postcards

  457. AlisaSG said

    >>>>> ALSO >>>>> RE: POSTCARDS 😦
    (not the *BT* type from here, either)

    ..AND BTW.. I’ve been getting VIRUS emails about POSTCARDS and GREETING cards within the past week at work. My hubby got them at his addresses, too. It’s also been posted from someone else at another web site, that there’s a sudden RASH of GREETING cards POSTCARDS recently.

    PLEASE be careful at what you’re all opening. My computer quarantined the one(s) at work and I had to delete it – pronto. 😦

    The geeky crooks on this planet are sending out computer viruses faster than the anti-virus software folks can keep up with them. I see several anti-virus sweeps daily now, and it’s getting annoying. Seems the sabotaging virus geeks out there scan sites for what is the most popular method to attack, and they’ve picked this one up within the last week or so.

  458. DIZEY1 said

    Hi ya’ll just checking in to see what’s goin’ on??

    **Z** Sweetie girl life is so short, all the shoulda’s and woulda’s suck when you look back. If you think about it what’s the worst that could happen? It’s not reciprocated ? Which is no worse than where you are now. As our beloved Henry would say “Sometimes you’ve gotta have FAITH” just believe that it can be you and that you deserve it. You know our Henry is so wise πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ Well whatever you decide I’m behind you poking at ya’ to take a chance. Take a walk on the wild side. 😎 Ok my friend I’m done preaching but it’s only cuz’ I love ya!!! (“Oh and wear something nice” πŸ˜‰ )

    Laurel thanx for the scoop on Jake 2.0, I’ll have to look for it and check it out.

    Well I may check back in before we head downtown to the Styx & bands etc concert. I am so stoked to go listen to some good old music. I’m gonna take my camera and will get some pics to send ya’ll.

  459. AlisaSG said

    not sure if this link will work, but..

    about Johnny Depp sinking his teeth into DS–
    “Depp Steps into Shadows”
    by Josh Grossberg
    Fri, 27 Jul 2007 04:15:51 PM PDT

    Based on the photo in this article.. he looks too much like BT’s
    Michael Eklund as *NORMAN*! πŸ˜›

  460. AlisaSG said

    Until the previous post link shows up–
    here’s a snippet and more of what was mentioned in there..

    from AlisaSG,
    >> Based on the photo in this article.. he looks too much like BT’s
    Michael Eklund as *NORMAN*!


    ((so maybe *that* is GOOD NEWS..??.. positive REINFORCEMEMT..??))

    someone is *definitely* out there keeping track of BLOOD TIES!!
    no wonder it’s coming under negative attacks..

    >> Depp lights up β€˜Dark Shadows’ (
    >> Does anyone see a theme here? TV and now the movies. Lifetime would be foolish not to purchase more episodes the way this genre is heating up.

    WHOOOOOOOOAH – a totally ***WILD*** thought just popped in my head.. πŸ˜€

    Yuppers!!!! Apparently, LIFETIME has NO CLUE about the fan base explosion that is about to come into this world.. *funny* (totally, totally OMG!!!!!!) thought just hit me – Vicki’s initial storyline is to bring about “HELL on earth” via Astaroth.. –right??? πŸ˜‰

    REAL WORLD events are escalating into HELL invading earth (end times prophecies)..
    it sounds sort of weird and uncanny if both BLOOD TIES and the new Johnny Depp “DS” film/series would escalate that even faster.. πŸ˜‰

    If so, who’d ever thought Vicki’s BT encounter with the supernatural world would bring about the end of this life on earth, as we humans know of it (excluding the 1000 years of peace that follow in the prophecies, etc., too) πŸ˜›

    Vicki, Henry AND Mike.. oh, (Michael too as) Norman teaming up with DARK SHADOWS and Johnny Depp to bring about the prophecied HELL on earth (the age of *THE* real/FINAL, deceptive Anti-Christ).. this is too much INFO overload to think about.. but sort of funny, too – as in uncanny, if it did.
    (OMG!!) :p

    might as well toss in CoastToCoastAM radio broadcast this week with George Noory, about performing an actual Ouiji board (international) *experiment* for reinforcement too – with bringing about all that HELL into our dimension stuff.

    ..any additional thoughts??

  461. Afternoon folks!

    I’ve been kinda giddy about the DS announcement. Johnny Depp as a vampire, oh yeah baby!

    If I went by the temperatures I’d say Hell had already come to earth. Ugh!

  462. Tango said

    Margaret – yes you’re right. His other assets (too many to name) do more than make up for this inconsistency, I’m just surprised the propmaster didn’t think of this.

    Alisa – thanks for the heads up on the virus.

  463. I am not a fan of the doubled incisor. I makes the vampires mouth look crowded, if that makes any sense.

  464. Tango said

    Lady A – It does – that’s a good way to put it. Thanks, I thought it was just me.

  465. πŸ™‚

    Hooray I haven’t lost my mind! I’ve been feeling a little out of it lately, so I wasn’t sure if I made any sense whatsoever.

    Usually I’m just a babbling idiot.

    Ooo look! Something shiny!


  466. lwildstar said

    Tango – I’ve noticed the teeth too – in episode one the first time you see Henry in bed with Sandra – you see four puncture marks in her neck – so that fits with the four teeth.

    I don’t remember if the dead hooker in episode 7 had them – the one Mendoza fed to Delphine…but I think she only had two puncture marks.

    I just poped in to see whats up – my nephew went home last night – turns out he was sick – he has a raging ear infection – my sister called this morning and said he woke up with a fever so she took him to urgent care and they put him on antibiotics….so I spent the day trying to get stuff around the house done – dropped off 20 postcards in the mail box this morning – I’ve got ten left for Monday – I hope my 100 show up on tuesday or I’ll b behind!

    Ok – I’m fried so I’m going to log off – really should finish cleaning the house….yea, right….- talk at you later!

  467. I should be cleaning as well, but with my wrist and all I can’t lift anything! It’s interesting trying to wrangle a hyper kid with one hand…. hahaha!

    Soo… How’s everyones weekend been so far?

  468. lwildstar said

    yea – I wish I had an excuss – other than being drained – I have had three anxiety attacks this week alone! I’m PMS’ing today – so I think thats part of it.

    Ok I just did my posting duty on the LT Board soand IMDB so I am off for the afternoon!

  469. Margaret said

    Well, since we’re talking about his teeth, here’s one for you. If a vampire is a self healer he shouldn’t have chapped lips either, should he? In one of the first two episodes, specifically when he’s talking to the waitress looks like his lips are chapped. Or, am I just looking too close? lol.

  470. Margaret… Put down the magnifying glass and step away from the tv… lol!

    True he can heal himself, but I think he also needs to ingest water to maintain his body. If he was dehydrated that would account for his chapped lips, even if he can heal himself.

    The water thing varies in the mythos, so I have no clue if our Henry needs it or not.

  471. Margaret said

    Ok people, Hallmark is now on board with psychics, wonder if they have a vamp up their sleeve. Found this in Woman’s World

    Claire Premiers on the Hallmark Channel/August 4, Valerie Bertinelli stars in this murder myster as a widowed mom with psychic ability.

    Is this where we all say whoohaaaaaa?

    The trend continues and we’re one day closer to October.

  472. Margaret said

    Whoops-should have read murder mystery….

  473. AlisaSG said

    Tango, re: the virus info – you’re welcome.

    Lady Afrodyte,
    >> I am not a fan of the doubled incisor. I makes the vampires mouth look crowded, if that makes any sense.

    I never heard of making teeth look that way until BT came along. However, it’s the same set version that the DRESDEN FILES used with its mythos vampires double fangs on both sides on the mouth. πŸ˜‰

    If anything, it would make more blood squirt out faster (*that* sounds disgusting!), if not make it harder for the person in the role have a harder time wrapping their mouth around someone’s neck in the right spot.

    >> Tango – I’ve noticed the teeth too – in episode one the first time you see Henry in bed with Sandra – you see four puncture marks in her neck – so that fits with the four teeth.

    >> I don’t remember if the dead hooker in episode 7 had them – the one Mendoza fed to Delphine…but I think she only had two puncture marks.

    I’ve always seen the 4 marks on everyone, but Mike (after Henry bit him.. imagined and the real deal). His collar kind of hid his.. Maybe when Kyle’s teeth hit him, they all figured it was too embarrassing for Dylan and Kyle, so they hid the marks, until the behind-the-scenes DVDs come out.

  474. Tango said

    Alisa, well maybe I stand corrected then. I was thinking that a couple of the girls in the clubs only had the two marks. I will have to go research this. But I still agree with Lady A and the mouth seeming crowded. Something I can obviously overlook considering everything else he’s got going for him. πŸ˜‰

    Michael Eklund’s artistic abilities. He mentioned that he actually did the drawing of Coreen in epi one and that he sold some of his stuff on the side. I went back and looked at said picture of Coreen and I must say that it is wicked awesome, and by wicked awesome, I mean totally sweet. Or something to that effect anyway. Wouldn’t it be great if we could commision him to do something? And when I say we, I mean me.

  475. AlisaSG said

    >> Ok people, Hallmark is now on board with psychics, wonder if they have a vamp up their sleeve.

    Sci-Fi has always had psychics on its programs. Nothing new there.
    USA network has a new series out called “Psych”..

    that’s still nothing new. REAL TV type Detective programs have often used psychics; and now its been announced that the military is investigating the use of psychics for various reasons. The Russians have used psychics for decades and done intensive research into that area.

    Art Bell and CoastToCoastAM with George Noory have psychics on their radio program almost weekly (definitely monthly).

    Probably the trend on HALLMARK probably has nothing to do with vampires (as with Johnny Depp’s DS interest- which I’m curious at where his inspiration was beyond Dan Curtis’ recent passing (Dan Curtis created and produced DARK SHADOWS – the 1960’s version, and helped in producing the 1991 version, too).

    My guess is this planet earth of ours is about to have an explosion of psychic and supernatural activity as it has never before experienced. The spiritual warfare out there is intensifying on the same levels as the physical warfare. There’s been historical studies into these things, so its not info just coming of thin air.

    (more info in next posting of mine..)

  476. msgypsy said

    Bloggerinii Mia! I decided to have a contest whether you all want to participate. But I’m not ready to do the one Laurel wants me to do. So here’s the contest for this time. It borders on fanfic but I just love this whole concept.

    In episode one, we see Corinne’s boyfriend Ian walking down the street, talking to her about where they are going to go later. He names three clubs: “Funhouse, Savage Garden, The Bovine.” I was more or less okay with the first two but … The Bovine? Soooo….. here’s my contest. I want you to describe The Bovine. Describe the music (and keep in mind that I’m not as up on music as some of you are so links to sites where I might hear a sampling of what you have in mind would be a good thing), the decor, the layout, the lighting, anything that gets your mental image across in words. Extra points may be awarded if you also describe Savage Garden and the Funhouse. May be. Depends entirely upon my mood. (I’m the judge. I can be arbitrary if I want to be. LOL!) Extra points, too, if you believably explain why the Nervosa Club has a sign reading “Silver Dollar Room.”

    I’ll set up a new topic for you to post the descriptions in. I’m not judging on style, per se. I’m judging on how convincing you are. I’m really looking forward to finding out what The Bovine is all about!

    I’m dog-sitting a kinda sick dog this weekend and they don’t have a computer at that house so I won’t be around much but I’ll do what I can. I spent a lot of today shopping for stuff to clean up their kitchen floor (DON’T ASK!) and finally came home to take a nap and check in online. Think nice thoughts for me, willya?

    Oh, on a different topic, I checked that scene in the diner. His lips aren’t chapped. They are more matte than usual for Henry. It’s possible Kyle had licked his lipstick off. (No I’m NOT making nancy-boy jokes about Kyle. His makeup almost certainly involves lipstick of some kind…)

    I’ve been listening to the Dresden Files on CD in my car (I have a killer commute…) and I’m starting to think Henry needs a long, leather duster. I can’t explain why.

  477. AlisaSG said

    continued (from my previous posting)
    re: Psychic energy // beings, etc.

    and actually, it was strange listening to George Noory on the radio the night of his Ouiji board experiment (I’m intrigued in hearing how THAT whole thing turned out). George was interviewing some guy who was experiencing spiritual warfare of the WORST kind just for mentioning the experiment in recent weeks. He said the attacks were definitely *demonic* in nature (more known as Murphy’s LAW, but a relative was involved in a serious accident and died).

    Christians (especially, the power praying born-again Christian) need to be praying against those forces. The reason why I say this is because I’m just so amazed that people like Kyle and many of you here sound like you ARE that praying type of person. The stronger the prayers and angelic shields go up, the stronger the forces of darkness fight against the GOOD side. I’ve spent over 25 years studying spiritual warfare, and this is true in every single case I’ve heard, and actually experienced within my own life.

    Encounters with these other dimensions are God’s territory and that of the interdimensional angels // beings who can walk in both the physical (human- hands on) dimension and the invisible (because humans with their non-supernatural vision cannot see the other dimensions); and *faith* will help guide each person (being prayed for) get thru the fog..

    I can’t help but think of that nasty-little (demonically devastating) storm that hit our area the week these blogs were discussing “ghosts”. I actually saw a power line get hit (nice, pretty colors came out after, too!). But another oddity occurred a short distance away as well.

    Some guy was driving his truck thru a traffic light intersection, just as lightening hit a tree, that snapped in half breaking the traffic light pole in half, and that came smack down on this guy’s truck just as he was passing under it. He managed to escape unscathed. I’m not sure how badly damaged his truck was. But that was a WICKED storm, and–

    I do NOT mean *totally SWEET..! *eek!!!*
    demonic in nature and very, very NASTY.

    Everyone in that town lost power .. our generator didn’t even work (something got burned inside it, and not sure what caused that). But the folks in a nearby town got to watch from a safe distance — a *fantastic* “Lightening” show from nature itself.. πŸ˜‰

  478. AlisaSG said

    >> Oh, on a different topic, I checked that scene in the diner. His lips aren’t chapped. They are more matte than usual for Henry. It’s possible Kyle had licked his lipstick off. (No I’m NOT making nancy-boy jokes about Kyle. His makeup almost certainly involves lipstick of some kind…)

    >> I’ve been listening to the Dresden Files on CD in my car (I have a killer commute…) and I’m starting to think Henry needs a long, leather duster. I can’t explain why.

    OOOOooo! is that a long, leather Coat?? πŸ˜‰

    as for the chapped lips.. I saw that too — same scene, most likely.
    He probably did chew off the lipstick, even if a clear variety was used.
    I’ve dabbled with make-up, so I’m a little bit familiar with some things that are used ..and when powder is used on faces.. so the lights for the cameras aren’t so over-poweringly shiny on the skin.. of course, I did admire Kyle’s *OOooh so SOFT* — *ivory* soap skin face in the first bed scene with Vicki – it’s most noticeable when she runs her hand across his cheeks.

    It’s best seen here (with the light from somewhere above)
    in Henry’s β€œOh. My. Gods.” worthy photo!!

  479. Margaret said

    Lady A: Didn’t Tanya say that her vamps only drank water? So we know that the production has already departed by that by having Henry eat olives. Maybe we will see him cook later? We all know he’s smokin (I’m sorry, it was just too easy not to). At least we know he has salt, even if he doesn’t have a kitchen.

  480. AlisaSG said

    >> At least we know he has salt, even if he doesn’t have a kitchen.

    maybe he has one of those kitchenettes that you see in some motel efficiency apartment rooms.

    That house my hubby and I were in had one of those 3-in-one kitchen units that are usually installed on larger yachts and probably motor home units (the nice ones that are used for traveling around the country..).

    Plus, I think the kitchen was a converted 8 foot wide by 10 foot long, bedroom! (yes, it was THAT tiny!) My husband’s old bedroom was bigger than THAT..!! Oh, and my kitchen table was a 5 feet by 5 feet, solid countertop unit – not much room to maneuver chairs around when the room was only 8 feet wide in that corner.. I’ve seen college dorm rooms that size!
    (did I miss my parents *humongous* 15×15 kitchen..) 😦

    anyway, the 3-in-one kitchenette unit had a little sink, 2 stove top (electric) burners, and a mini-fridge with only enough freezer to stick ice packs in — You get to see those in some motel rooms, now. Yup, the owners expected us to use that to sustain our living habits..! Believe me, I protested and wanted at least to bring in my 2-year old, brand new 18 cubic foot fridge/freezer. WWI lights, too, my foot!

    Oh yeah, and my kitchen work counter space?? Hah! I had to use my own kitchen table for that. It was a sad apartment set-up for us, but for Henry, it might work (better), especially if he only needs it occasionally — for his dinner dates.. πŸ˜€

  481. Madonna said

    Good evening everyone! How are y’all?

    11 WEEKS FROM TONIGHT we’ll have new blood. How are we ever gonna make it? Speaking of Kyle, if you have the STARZ package on DirectTV, the Covenant has several showings the next few days, starting at 12am ET tonight.

    I’m glad to see that there has been a little activity on here. I was beginning to think there was something wrong with everyone or that all the hens have fled the coop.

    As for me I think I’ve got the voodoo bug now. I’ve got a little bit of a scratchy throat and just no git up and go.

    Does anyone find it strange that we’ve got Johnny Depp in Elder Hostel and now he is going to do a vamp movie. Just exactly who is watching this board?

    How’s this for the jerk of the day….. My 8yr old niece’s father left her alone for the first time today and didn’t even tell here where he went. Then when he got back he lied to her and told her he wasn’t gone he just had to move the car. Harley called up here panicking and my mom rushed on down to their apartment. When she got there the A-hole was already back. As you can probably tell there is no love loss between he and I. We’re civil to each other, but at least on my end, I don’t like to be around him anymore than I have to be.

    He is getting ready to turn fifty. When I first met him at sixteen he hit on me. About 3 years later he hooked up with my sister and she got pregnant. For the first 3 years of my niece’s life he wanted nothing to do with her, then out of the blue he pops up one day. Everyone except my sister still believes that by doing so he was hoping to have the child support dropped. He is an alcoholic and has a serious gambling addiction.
    My mother canned some of her home-grown tomatoes today. I really don’t like raw tomatoes but I love them when she uses her canned tomatoes to make homemade vegetable soup. By far my favorite thing she makes. It’s different because she uses a tomato base instead of a broth. I just love it!

    If you haven’t already, check your email. I sent you something.

  482. Madonna said

    Lady Afrodyte,

    Did I miss something? Did you hurt your wrist?

  483. AlisaSG said

    *cool..!!* (no *pun* originally intended.. LOL!)

    Heart of Ice – episode 1×07 is finally up on BloodTiesCentral

    lots of photos…
    still waiting for HEART OF FIRE photos.
    ..hope whoever is working on those hurries in time for the new folks coming in from the other countries (outside of the U.S.A.)

    anywho.. hears the trivia surrounding the question on the 2 puncture wounds–
    Direct QUOTE from

    {Mike says “Listen – I have a body with two puncture wounds” – we’ve just seen a close-up showing four puncture wounds.}

    possible solution in resolving that — it may be either Dylan messed up the lines with the traditional vampire comment (from other movies), and it wasn’t caught until NOW??

    or the writers wrote it in – forgetting that there were 4 marks instead of the traditional 2..

    or .. Mike meant “2 sets of the 2” vampire teeth puncture wounds, which is the way I understood it the first time he said it.

    Kyle’s double fanged-tooth set are clearly visible as two separate sets of teeth as seen during the
    intro theme video (of season one) at–

    yes, the web site is working again..! However, I didn’t see anything new or different on there. So, if TPTB are working on it, they’ve got less than a month before the first Canadian broadcast date comes up. (I looked under their Links link, and didn’t see any new web links to other stations or countries in there.)

  484. Anzia said

    Johnny Depp’s in a VAMP movie? REALLY!? I really missed something there. *ponders* I wonder if there will be a scene with him and his leading lady in one of the changing tents on the beach. ‘Cause if so, I’ve SO totally already seen that scene! ^_^ (yay for good dreams)

    Thanks for the support guys. My family isn’t the most understanding bunch and most of them don’t like Stephanie already so for me to try and explain all this would just be a mess. I’d really like to contact him but I don’t have that information.

  485. AlisaSG said

    my post with links just flew the bat coop — just in case Tango or msgypsy might be reading this.. 😎

    >> As for me I think I’ve got the voodoo bug now. I’ve got a little bit of a scratchy throat and just no git up and go.

    awww. Get some rest. That and lots of C and zinc.. (didn’t I say that before??)

    >> Does anyone find it strange that we’ve got Johnny Depp in Elder Hostel and now he is going to do a vamp movie. Just exactly who is watching this board?

    Johnny Depp..?? or (and his) friends??
    it’d be *interesting* and fun to find out.. 😎

  486. AlisaSG said

    I’m not sure if what I said came out sounding right – but just in case,
    please – hoping you feel better soon..

  487. Claire said

    Bonsoir mes amis merveilleux!

    I am back..still the same…just a little more battered and bruised(mentally)
    first off I’d like to thank all of you for the prayers..the emails..and all your words of encouragement…I truly have found family here…I hope all of you are okay…especially you LH!!! I’m just to tired to read through everything right now…but I gather congratulations are in order for Z girl!!!

    Okay…I won’t make you all suffer any longer….I found a house on Craigs list the other my town…when I looked up the address…it was right around the corner!!! I had emailed so many people on Craigs list and no one had answered..I didn’t even think I’d get a response…but I did…and a bunch of pictures…that blew me away.Anyway the price was two thousand more than I pay here,but my kids..especially Chris…said he would throw in six hundred more a month…so I said what the hay…maybe I’ll try it.

    So,I saw it today,I loved it! wood burning fireplace…large deck..back yard..5 bedrooms 3 1/2 baths…and it’s a single family…not an attached townhouse like I have now…Signed the lease…gave my deposit…MOVING IN ON THE 1ST!!!!
    Does dance of joy!!! πŸ˜›

    Mr.Riverson can kiss my French Γ‚ne !!!!!

    Oh and my babies….stay in their beloved school!!!!!
    So I’ll pop in whenever I get a chance in between trying to pack up a house in 4 days! I did all of the living room and part of the kitchen tonight.

    Je t’aime tous tellement …Bonne nuit mes amis…rΓͺves doux !!!
    Finally…to sleep..with good worries!

  488. Claire said

    OOps not two thousand more…see what no sleep does…seven hundred more.I pay 1243.00 now the new one is 1900.00.

    Okay seriously Bonne Nuit!

  489. AlisaSG said

    WOW!! Claire, that’s EXCELLENT news.. πŸ˜€
    see what the power of prayer does??

    Hoping everything works out much better and as smoothly as possible.
    May your angels continue to guard and watch over you and your *precious* ones!
    *GODSPEED* .. too!! πŸ˜‰

  490. Anzia said

    Mama Claire! I’m so glad to hear that! ^_^ No one deserved what your a$$ of a landlord did, least of all you! *thinks evil thought about the man* Grrr. And thank you for the congrads. πŸ™‚ It seems that I was the only one who had a bit of doubt about me getting the job. But, if you know me, that’s not a surprising thing.

  491. Tango said

    Claire – I join you in your dance of joy! ( does a litlle cabbage patch and running man around the room)

    Positive thoughts, positive energy, positive results! You did feel it!

    I must say good night because I can’t see through my eyelids and there’s no telling what I might type with them shut.

    Madonna – I am still thinking about my crest, I haven’t forgotten. Will probably use my family crest and tweak it just a bit.

  492. Tango said

    Oh, before I go…

    Watched Flicka tonight. Good story, bad filming. Most of the shots cut the people’s heads off when they were shooting dialog. I can’t believe they let that go to print. I would have been ticked off if I had paid to see that in the theater.

    Done with rant – good night!

  493. msgypsy said

    Claire, WHOOT!!!!! I just KNEW something good was going to happen for you. YAY that it did!

    I discovered another show to distract me while I wait for October. It’s an old one, too, called “Jeremiah” and it used to be on Showtime. I used to have a crush on Luke
    Perry (did any of you ever see the original “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” movie, the one with Kristy Swanson?) Plus it was created by the unspellable J. Michael Strazinski, who also created, produced, and wrote almost all of the worlds of “Babylon Five” which is my first love (and which would explain why I’m a Minx if I didn’t think it was already self-evident…) so I’m pretty happy. Still watching a BT ep a day on the Lifetime site (I watched two today!) but at least I have something to distract me…

  494. msgypsy said

    Oh, I just watched “Blood and Chocolate,” too. Good movie. No vampires but I think that’s okay under the circumstances. Although I was kind of sorry for one of the deaths that I think the audience was supposed to be glad for. I’m just weird that way…

  495. Laurel said

    Claire – I’m so happy for you. I know the anxiety of such a situation must be especially hard on you little ones in school. Moonbeam and I said prayers specifically that they wouldn’t have to change schools. Continued blessings, my dear!
    I spent the day with Moonbeam and my folks. We even saw a quilt made by Elizabeth’s mom! She does lovely work. πŸ™‚
    Gypsy – sorry to hear about your dog-sitting being such a challenge. I am sending good thoughts your direction. I already have an idea for the Bovine, now I just have to figure out the best way to get it to you.
    Well, I get to leave for the airport in about a half-hour. My Sarah is coming in from the mid-west after being gone for 10 days and I sure have missed her! She’s never been away from us this long but I think she had a good time.

  496. Laurel said

    Good night! We are headed off to pick up the girl! I hope her plane is still on time.
    Sweet dreams.

  497. Hooray Claire! I am super happy that you found a new home and that it’s so close to your old one. Moving schools sucks, trust me, I know.

    Madonna, I hurt my wrist a few days ago and it is still giving me problems. I’ve been trying to take it easy, but in doing that the house is falling apart around me!

  498. Anzia said

    Ms.gypsy- I too saw “Blood & Chocolate.” While I liked the movie, I was more in love with the lead man. *purrs* WOW! ^_^ And i own the original Buffy. I love that thing! I had a crush on Luke Perry when I was younger. I look back fondly on those years (I was pretty caught up in the whole 90210 Kelly or Brenda debate–KELLY!). But everytime I watch that movie I renew my love for the man. He definitely looks good! ^_^

    LA- Are you wearing an Ace bandage or anything on your wrist? I have a brace for mine but before I got it I found that wearing an Ace Bandage really helped since it kept it slightly less mobile. πŸ™‚

    I’m on the verge of going crazy. My crocheting isn’t cooperateing with me tonight and I really don’t have the patience to make it. Grrr… stupid yarn with a mind of it’s own. Who told it it could do that? ‘Cause I sure didn’t! *mumbles about evil yarn out to destroy what little peace there is to be had*…

  499. I try to keep it wrapped, but after so long it starts to bug me so I take it off for a couple of hours.

  500. msgypsy said

    Laurel, silly, I have a blog topic set up for you to post your Bovine description! (I know you’re just dying for me to do the contest we talked about but I don’t want to waste it. I’m testing how many people actually want to participate in a fanfic contest like this.)

    Shelby (the dog I’m taking care of) seemed to have been kind of sick this morning but this evening she was fine, even nagged me for treats. So I just now got home. Chasing someone else’s dog around the house trying to get her to go outside instead of beg for more treats is not my favorite experience. But she gave me a lot of slurpies later. And now I’m home with Faraday the Almost Bald and it’s bedtime… Tomorrow I’m going hiking so when I get home I may be TOO DAMN TIRED to post but I’ll try.

  501. Thats why you take the treats outside as a bribe!

  502. Anzia said

    I have a question about the contest. How serious is this description supposed to be? ‘Cause the picture that I get when I think of “The Bovine” might not be as plausable/serious as you might want it to be. Any requirement?

  503. I think I’ll refrain from the contest… lol that first thing that popped in my mind was not kind in the least!

  504. Anzia said

    It can’t be nearly as bad as mine. Seriously, it alternates from disgusting to just plain freaky depending on which details I’m omitting in my head. Have I mentioned my very odd personality and penchance for non-sequitor mental images? Or just completely off the wall mental images in general. Over active imaginations can be very interesting at times. ^_^

  505. My third eye is nearly blind after a conversation with a few fans over at Sherrilyn Kenyon’s chat.

    Too many fantasies about hot guys. Oh my!

  506. Anzia said

    Really? Hmmmm *ponders the wonders of hot guys and fantasies*…. who’s your fav Hunter?

    She used to have a Dark-Hunter of the month and the guys she had pose for the pics! OMG! Those things make the photo of Dylan on the bed look amateurish. Unfortunately she got rid of all the pics on her site. Those things DEFINITELY made your day a bit brighter!

  507. Claire~ I’m thrilled about your home & school find for you and your kiddos! As for ex-landlord, Karma will come home to roost.

    May or may not be around for awhile~off to Seattle tomorrow and then Victoria all next week with the family Yippee ~ Skippee, playtime, CD of the new Harry to entertain us in the car~love that voice; Jim Dale

  508. prtfvr said

    Claire! Congrats! Everything happens for a reason, I’m glad that it turned out to be a positive result.

    I still have my voodoo doll standing by so let me know if old Mr. Riverson needs a pin stuck in him anywhere and I’m there for you!

  509. Margaret said

    Claire: Congratulations, I am soooo happy for you. I can’t wait for Christmas for you, when you can hang all those stockings on your fireplace. I live in Florida and even though I don’t use it that much I wanted a fireplace. There just something about seeing stockings on a fireplace mantle that really brings Christmas home. But alas, it will just be me and my dog’s stockings this year, unless I can move before then. lol.

    Seriously, it really sounds nice and I’m so glad the ordeal is over for you. Now your babies can settle down and stop being so stressed right along with you.

  510. Tango said

    Good morning my BT sistas and brothas!

    Madonna – sent you an email about the crest. Evidently I am having problems again when people reply to the address, so Anzia figured out if you will just reply, take out the address and type the address back in, that this will work. However if you just start a new one, that works as well. I’ve tried explaining this problem to the tech support guys with examples to show them and they can’t figure out the problem. So, until I have a chance to totally wipe out the account and start again, I will have to live with the problem.

    Moonbeam – have fun on holiday! I’m not familiar with Victoria (if it’s the beach or the mtns or what), but I hope you get a lot of R & R.

    Have a great day everyone!

  511. msgypsy said

    Oh, heavens, The Bovine? Serious? Heavens, NO! I can’t imagine there’s any way to do a serious description of a club called The Bovine. Go for it, silly, nasty, other-wordly, I don’t care. I think there’s extra points for making me laugh so hard my co-workers notice.

    Sorry I didn’t make that clear enough.

    Claire, still doing the happy dance for you. And your current landlord? Needs a kick in the pants. Not saying what part of the pants.

    Well, I’m off to check up on (and most likely clean up after) Shelby. And then to a state park that opened two weeks ago to explore the great wilds of Vernonia. (In Portland, so far as I can tell, all roads lead to Vernonia, which is just this little town in the Coast Range that has no distinguishing characteristic than that it seems to appear on every distance and direction road sign.)

    Oh, “Macbeth in Minutes” is on again, in two weeks. Now I’m starting to get mild stage fright…

  512. Chery said

    I am so happy for you Claire!

    Especially since it is just around the corner, and your children can attend the same school!

    Best wishes on the move to a much better house!

  513. Rifkind said

    I am adding my **Happy Dance** to the others.
    I’m so glad that this worked out for you.
    We have been very worried about your situation.

    Remember back a bit when you were having the Printer ghost?
    I think that it is a good time for you to move out of there. I wonder if that house is going to have an electrical fire or be hit by lightening or something.. It is just a feeling I have, after re-thinking about some of your previous posts.
    I’m so pleased to hear that you are able to stay in the same school. You’ve only been there for a year, and it has to be hard on the kids to change schools again.
    Hugs to you and yours.. and always remember that your Blogkin have your back!

  514. Rifkind said

    If there are any TPTB reading this, and are casting from our Elder Hostel.. (Ala the Johnny Depp stuff above)
    I get a dance with Orlando Bloom! We did a wonderful waltz in my dream last night..
    So Orlando and Kyle, you’d better sign up for some ballroom dance lessons!
    We just LOVE men who can dance!
    You lead and I will follow!

  515. AlisaSG said

    more info on >> re: Psychic energy // beings, etc.

    >> Ok people, Hallmark is now on board with psychics, wonder if they have a vamp up their sleeve.

    posted from AlisaSG,
    >> that’s still nothing new. REAL TV type Detective programs have often used psychics; and now its been announced that the military is investigating the use of psychics for various reasons. The Russians have used psychics for decades and done intensive research into that area.

    >> Art Bell and CoastToCoastAM with George Noory have psychics on their radio program almost weekly (definitely monthly).

    >> Probably the trend on HALLMARK probably has nothing to do with vampires (as with Johnny Depp’s DS interest

    Here’s one of the most recent articles that I think was being referenced, if not on the news (where I thought it was being implied in one radio program last week), then most probably on the CoastToCoastAM radio program with George Noory – who discusses this stuff on a regular basis (at least several times every year – providing updates on various situations or news reports).

    “Pentagon’s Psychic Vision Revisited”
    By Sharon Weinberger
    June 28, 2007, 8:46:28 AM

    >> John Alexander, a former Green Beret, … was also a champion of the government’s now defunct β€œRemote Viewing” program, which, until its termination in 1995, sought to use psychics in the service of national security. Today, he continues to advise the military and frequently writes on national security issues.

    >> Danger Room: So, tell me about the witches [who were brought into the Remote Viewing program].

    >> John Alexander: It was a group of women. They were not doing remote viewing. They were doing palmistry, crystal ball kinds of stuff. This was very different from the guys who were the remote viewers, who were following very strict protocols.

    >> DR: Then who were the witches?

    >> JA: They were more like storefront psychics.

    >> DR: Were the witches successful?

    >> JA: Not terribly. They lacked discipline and protocols.

    >> DR: But I thought you could train anyone in remote viewing?

    >> JA: Well, yes and no. My thesis on it is that this is a latent skill everybody has.


    please click on the above link for rest of the article.. not sure if it’ll get archived under the same linked location..

    other potential article links are–

    “Boeing’s Psychic Lab”
    By Noah Shachtman, posted July 05, 2007, 11:00:00 AM

    there were links in the above article to related links in other articles, as well.

  516. susana said

    Me just passing by….real quick..the catering thing has relly taken off and is verwhelming us a little,good problem to have though! to Tango, i will be going full-time in my nurse practitioner job, not catering, that is still too new to give up what i really love for.
    LH- still praying!


  517. AlisaSG said

    >> Claire,
    >> Remember back a bit when you were having the Printer ghost?
    >> I think that it is a good time for you to move out of there. I wonder if that house is going to have an electrical fire or be hit by lightening or something.. It is just a feeling I have, after re-thinking about some of your previous posts.

    and that printer problem was one of the stories that started the whole cycle of other bizarre phenomena that same week (with the demonic storm that hit my employers property with the power lines).

    as for landlords getting their just desserts–
    here’s a sad, but true story (still ongoing, too)

    we heard of a home-owner renting out their huge house to a wonderful couple with a baby. Well, since the house was turned into a multiple family (apartment) home, the one neighbor didn’t like the nice neighbor.. so she made all sorts of complaints to the landlord (BTW, her teenager son was accused of sexually assaulting the little girl across the street, and that’s why this “mom” didn’t like the nice neighbor..).

    So, the landlord pushed the rent up $1500 higher than it already was. Everyone in the house ended up moving out, and who came in – but a welfare family. Because the state was paying for this family’s services, the landlord couldn’t push them out after rumors of drug ring being operated within the home and added basically a bordello for teenagers and young adults moved in. It’s a revolving door of parties – last few years, some in and out all night long. The place is a mess – literally, with garbage everywhere.

    None of the families inside clean up whatever the “sanitation engineers” (garbage men) toss into the garbage trucks. So, whatever falls out of their bags and gets blown by the wind into someone else’s yard, the persons who aren’t the original owners of that garbage ends up picking up the trash instead.

    It’s a totally disgusting situation. But who’s really paying for the damages? Not the landlord, except in legal hassles and aggravation (and only when the STATE agencies are forced to intervene), but the rest of the neighborhood itself. 😦

  518. msgypsy said

    >> DR: Then who were the witches?

    >> JA: They were more like storefront psychics.
    >> DR: Were the witches successful?

    >> JA: Not terribly. They lacked discipline and protocols.

    >> DR: But I thought you could train anyone in remote viewing?

    >> JA: Well, yes and no. My thesis on it is that this is a latent skill everybody has.

    I might comment to Danger Room that he SAID they weren’t witches. Why did the interviewer continue to call them witches?

    Sorry. Just a little sensitive on the subject.

    And I’m off to get dressed and discover the real Vernonia. (This is a big joke among some of us…)

  519. Claire said

    Good Afternoon Family…

    Thank you all my fabulous family!!!!
    I think all your positive thoughts and love made this happen!!!!!
    Because it really was weird…I was on Craigs list all day…tired of all the ads…I got up got a drink of water and when I sat back down…I closed my eyes…and said..Please God…started looking at the same list and saw my a house in my town…I was like…WTF…that wasn’t there before..unless I missed it cause I was so tired.And here we are…Now can anybody tell me how to pack up a 5 bedroom house in 4 days? I seriously am in need of sleep..but I have to finish this up!Anyway Prtfvr…How about a pin to the Ane…LOL…you pin…Ms.Gypsy can kick!!!!
    And you know what…Karma exists…what goes around really does come around….I’ve seen it happen.
    I also think those of you who thought that something was going to happen here…are correct.We have been seeing alot of activity…it doesn’t scare me…cause my family have been sensitive that way forever…but it’s been on the rise…and I know we can’t all be going crazy at the same time…even one of the quads said he saw something. for more packing and cleaning…see yas later!


  520. lwildstar said

    Claire~ I am soooooo happy for you! A new home a fresh start & the kids get to stay in their school !
    As for ex-landlord, Karma will come home to roost. You may never see it, but just knowing it will bite him in the A$$ one day is enough…

    Sorry I wasn’t around last night we had horrible storms, and I didn’t want to risk it – plus I’ve been feeling alittle out of sorts. I haven’t written or read anything in two days – had a wonderful day out with mom yesturday and then got in a, well not a fight, but a disagreement with her this morning.
    We were going to go out for breakfast since dad is on one of his diving trips – anyway she saw my postcards sitting on the counter (so I dont for get to take them to mail tomorrow) and asked me just how much money I’ve put in to this “silly show”…I told her that one I’m an adult and that if this makes me happy, and I’m not hurting financially, its my right…..besides the profits from the Blood Moon jewelry paid for the first lot of cards. and 2 at least I’m not spening $100s of $ on “toys” like my sister and then struggling to pay the mortgag. Well that didn’t sit well with her. Actualy I don’t think the whole blog thing sits well with her. She doesn’t understand that I have friends here and that we are like a family. Shes afraid of, i don’t know the whole anonomus (sp) aspect – “you don’t know who your talking to”….I’m not even going to try and exsplain it to her – and lets say we didn’t go to breakfast. oh well.

    Hoping to have lunch with Paul tomorrow so I have something to look foward to…..and thats a good thing.
    Trying to get the laptop my sister sent me up and running, but i just dont seem to have the energy today.

    Clair – again Congratulations – I think things are looking up for you – sometimes you just have to hit the bottom first…..(((((HUGS)))))))

  521. AlisaSG said

    >> I might comment to Danger Room that he SAID they weren’t witches. Why did the interviewer continue to call them witches?

    probably because that’s the most term most often used for anyone associated in having occultic-like powers or psychic link connections to the supernatural (or the world that transcends beyond the understanding of *normal* science and logic).

    It’s sort of weird listening to people constantly operating in terms LOGIC — they utterly deny that the the supernatural world even exists (that’s the world that people cannot see with their physical vision, but can *perceive* from their “intuitive” senses). And arguing with them about real situations happening and thousands of coincidences occurring is folly to them. They simply don’t believe it, even when it happens right in front of their own faces / or they’ve experienced it personally, and still deny it being caused by something beyond understanding or a higher being being in control – in one way or another.

    So, it’s more a matter of name labeling *convenience* than comprehensive understanding. To most people who aren’t familiar with the various levels of various “religions” / beliefs in our world, they resort to OLD world historical terminology, instead of modernized “21st century (A.D/A.C.E.)” ones.

    In science, unless such (interdimensional) “realities” can be scientifically and logically explained away, it basically falls under 2 categories – that of “spiritual religions” or “witchcraft”, which some branches of Wiccans consider the whole “witchcraft” term being a different *religion* than what Wiccans do. (What is the difference between the *good* witches on Tv’s “Charmed” series from what a Wiccan does.. is it just an erroneous term used or part of science/fantasy not knowing who is really what?)

    What amazes me in Blood Ties is seeing the whole HEART OF FIRE inquisition routine from Mendoza with Henry. Henry was obviously innocent, and just caught because of being a vampire.. but Mendoza stretched it beyond all of that into services of the devil.. and ordered Henry to confess his “sins”.. yet Mendoza never told Henry what Henry did to warrant the torture, until after Henry was ready to break his chains.

    I just loved it when Henry yelled back at Mendoza–
    “YOU FIRST!!!!!!!!!” πŸ˜›

    anyways.. I also came across several articles this morning defining the difference between Harry Potter’s involvement with magic and how some persons interpret it as opening the doors to witchcraft. Didn’t think anyone here would really want to read those.. they were even worse – sort of discussed the same stuff most of us here were talking about in the last blog before this one started.

    maybe someone else has more info on the terminology labels used?

    PS.. my mom used to tease my dad into believing she was a *white witch*, following the term Sybil Leek (sp??) lived as. My dad was an agnostic more than a real Christian (we were raised Catholic, so such practices are often *tolerated* in the Catholic Church, but NOT in the more born-again, fundamental Churches). whatever my mom was at heart and spirit, I’ve inherited her side of the family’s ability to *sense* the other dimensions and living beings from within those realms.

    and THAT I know is NOT witchcraft.. instead, it’s something that has become termed as a person being *spirit-sensitive*. πŸ˜‰

  522. Anzia, Sherrilyn still does the DHotM, you can find it through her message board.

    My favorite… Acheron. *sigh* He is totally my ideal man, even with his funky eyes.

  523. AlisaSG said

    one other item,
    >> whatever my mom was at heart and spirit, I’ve inherited her side of the family’s ability to *sense* the other dimensions and living beings from within those realms.
    >> instead, it’s something that has become termed as a person being *spirit-sensitive*. πŸ˜‰

    just a footnote..
    the more fundamental, born-again Churches accept persons who are gifted in as being “spirit-sensitive”. They do not accept anything darker, if the intentions involve (various “entertainments” as such things are now labeled) the no-no’s of Deuteronomy that Moses (and Paul later admonished) said were of the devil in origin.

    So, when does the fine line difference in GOD’s own eyes define at what point a person has actually crossed the no-no barrier of understanding, and treading the fence, so to speak in the devil’s darker domain??

    I’m not going to answer this myself, because I’ve been thru it, and seen when God has made an absolute and CLEAR NO. Sometimes, it happens when in sharing these things with other Christians who oppose programs like BLOOD TIES (and *CHARMED* if anyone is caught watching that one too, even just to watch the *pretty* girls acting..), well, that’s when and where some of the troubles of baggage comes in.. it’s in having a lack of *faith* on my part that “GOD” (the one I firmly believe in) cannot help me without the assistance of the harder cored, fundamental Christian who I know opposes watching those shows.

    I think the lesson there was learning a lack of *faith* on my part, and because of that, the other person would be praying for terrible things to happen within my life – if reading books by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro or watching Tv shows – dealing with the mystical magic/fantasy realms were ever discovered within my life.. I’ve put that theory to the test, and so far, it’s proven TRUE – that it was my lack of *faith* that God wasn’t strong enough to help me praying on my own.. which in a way, is contrary to what Jesus himself, taught.. “when you pray, go into your closet..” (imaginary prayer closet, if that helps make the visual description make better sense).

  524. ok, it seems that I am being dragged to the store. I will be back this evening.

    Have a great day, folks!

  525. lwildstar said

    Wow, in a way I guess I’m lucky on the religious front – neither of my parents are very religious and well I guess I grew up not looking towards “organized” religion in anyway. My dad – well his mother was removed from the church (not sure thats the right phase) because she married a man who was not of the same religion – I know my grandfather was constantly making remarks about the Catholic chruch being “evil” ….but being as he was of Irish decent I just figured well that was how he had been brought up. So he had very little relegious influence in his life, and My mom was raised basically Christian, but only insisted that my sister and I attened Sunday school as children so that we would at least have a basic understanding.
    As we got older and started asking questions – our parents said that it was our choice what we wanted to believe. In college I even took a religious course just to get an understanding of “what was out there”.. Even visited different churches, temples, etc. with friends…and nothing felt right. In time I guess you could say I found a more spiritul path with out having to follow any church – my dad jokes that I am a witch (now you can t replace the w with a b and probably be closer πŸ™‚ ) any who he even bought me a talisman of protection after I was mugged so that nothing like that would ever happen to me again – and one year he bought my sister and I each silver tarot card pendants (my is The Star)….and I read the tarot so it fit. He and I have had many interesting religious discussion, from the out side looking in, but I think if not for his openness I wouldn’t have had the freedom to find myself…I have always gotten the impression that my mom wished I had taken a different path, but has never said anything. She just shakes her head alot.
    Neither of my parents know I’m sensitive to “the other world” and such – they just think my fasination with ghosts and the paranormal is “interesting”, but they don’t understand it.

    I guess thats why I refuse to dissus religion with Paul – he is so set inon his path that he really has a hard time understanding my veiws – not that he says they are wrong – he just doen’t understand where I’m coming from.

    And non of them understand my facination and obession with Blood Ties – so I’ll just have to deal with that.

    Oh well there goes the thunder again so I should get off the computer.

    Have a good night ladies.

    Hugs to every one!

  526. AlisaSG said

    hmmmmm, should I also make note that while I was writing up the info yesterday about that nasty weather phenomenon a few weeks ago being demonic in nature, I was keeping an eye on the weather radar — most of the time I was writing that note yesterday.. heard a few rumbles of thunder in the nearby distance, but went against the forces of whatever was out there, and continued typing (I prayed too, the whole time, to keep the storm at bay, until I was done!).. Well, here’s the results of that BIZARRE experience..

    there was a “system” that grew up around our area, and blew up into almost a storm – it reached the “orange” radar levels, until I was done and posted. Strangely, the so-called storm over our area, suddenly dwindled away into the lighter green shades and vanished..

    I call that *WEIRD*.. BIZARRE, if nothing else makes better sense.
    .. and for reinforcement – there’s another one slowly growing to the west of our area, and heading our way — it’s turning into the RED weather radar zone shades, so that means shutting off the computer.. πŸ˜‰

    uh-huh.. somethings out there (from those other dimensions) just don’t like getting exposed.. and (me) having a migraine on top of all this doesn’t help the situation, either.. πŸ˜€

  527. AlisaSG said

    >> Wow, in a way I guess I’m lucky on the religious front – neither of my parents are very religious and well I guess I grew up not looking towards β€œorganized” religion in anyway. My dad – well his mother was removed from the church (not sure thats the right phase) because she married a man who was not of the same religion..

    If his mom was Catholic, it’s termed “Excommunication”..
    Otherwise, if it’s a protestant Church, I have no idea what it’s called (probably something like *shunned* or ostracized).

    TTYL..! πŸ˜€

  528. AlisaSG said

    >> And non of them understand my facination and obession with Blood Ties – so I’ll just have to deal with that.

    I do. And it’s difficult for me to explain why I bother watching it, to other people too, so I just don’t say anything to them. It’s pointless getting into huge debates, especially when Henry is a vampire who still has strong beliefs in serving a *Christian* God.

    Try explaining that to a real, born-again Christian, and I guarantee it’ll wrap the wrong way around their brains! (as in *YIKES!!*). On the other extreme, I find it quite intriguing — especially, when I was writing a story about a vampire who fell in love with a Christian — and she couldn’t explain it to the Christian family she was living with at the time. πŸ˜‰

  529. lwildstar said

    AlisaSG – even my cousin who I have recently “turned” and is my partner in crime when it comes to the paranormal has difficulty understanding me… and as far as exsplaining to someone who is religious – Paul really can’t wrap his mind around the whole vampire aspect…I remember him askin gif I believed that “such things” were real…I said – “why not?” I loved the look on his face!

    And my story has the main charactor falling in love with demon – what would be the religious implications of that?

    Damn I wish the weather would make up its mind…the storm pased and now its back. boom boom boom

    I think I am going to have to stay off for a while – everytime I get online the thunder starts up! I think someone wants me to go clean the house and stop playing!

    Talk at you later!

  530. lwildstar said

    AlisaSG – forgot to say I think grandma was Catholic and Grandpa was Protistant……..So I guess she was excommunicated.
    I know da has always said that in the eyes of the “church” he and his brother didnt exist….So I wonder what that would mean to my sister and I?

    All Right already! Geeezzz now the power is bliping!
    I guess I really need to go do some house work! and then I’ll go read.

    I need to work on my writing, but the battery on the laptop wont hold a charge, so I guess thats out tonight.

  531. lwildstar said

    ok also she was Polish and he was Irish.
    For some reason I just can’t get my thoughts straight….oh well.

    Now I’m logging off!

  532. Anzia said

    LA- Ach’s eyes are his best feature! ^_^ I LOVE those things. I”ll definitely have to look for the DHotM. I am a total Hunter fan! They’re my fav “vampire” books (even though they aren’t really vamps).

    Claire- YAY! (((Hugs))) m’dear! You’ll get it done. You could turn it into a game for your kids. Set up teams and give each team a room and have them go at it for a while. Then, judge to see how has the most packed and efficiently. Which would be a tie and everyone could have ice cream. ^_^ Or, not… don’t know… just an idea. Good Luck!

  533. Tango said

    Z – great idea! Tag team packing! Who would’ve thunk it?

  534. Madonna said

    How is everyone this evening?

    I almost got scammed today. I opened up an email that said it was from AOL and that they wanted me to update my account info or my service would be terminated in 24 hrs. I started filling out the form but then I noticed that the page it took me to was not secure. So I called AOL up and they said everthing with my account is fine.

    I so happy everything worked out for you! You had lots of prayer from everyone on here working in your favor. And might I add about Chris….. That’s one hell of a boy you’ve got there! You raised him right.

    Lady A,
    Ouch! Sorry about that wrist! Take care of it.

    My favortie Dark Hunter is Vane. I think it is because he fell madly in love with Bride who was a size 18. That’s powerfully attractive to me. My least favorite, I’d have to say Wren. I’d love to meet the man on the cover of “The Dream Hunter”, OMG….. Those eyes!

    Thanks hon for the well wishes. I’m feeling a little better today.

    My mother is almost as big a fan of Blood Ties as I am. Almost! She has been making out postcards with me, but the other day she said she was not going to make out any more. In her words… If they’re going to make another season, they’ll make another season. If not, they won’t. I don’t think she gets the blog for herself, but I think she has come to understand what it means to me. She knows how lonely I’ve been and she knows that I need the contact with others desperately even if it is only on here.
    I’ve been hard at work on the Elder Hostel logos and costume illustrations. Long way to go still. Anzia’s is almost done. So far I’ve got Anzia’s, Elizabeth’s, Rifkind’s, Tango’s, Himmiefan’s, Margaret’s and Danielle’s. I’ve recently discovered that alot of my mail has been going to the spam folder and I don’t check that as often as I should, so if you’ve sent me yours and I didn’t mention your name please send it again. It may have gotten deleted. Sorry and thanks in advance.

  535. Madonna said

    Oh and might I add, you gals sure do have a thing for leather!!!

  536. Anzia said

    Madonna- shhhh, you weren’t supposed to tell πŸ˜‰ I do love Vane for that… well that and I have a BIG thing for wolves! So, yeah… totally dig the weres. It’s because of the little things in those books that make me love the male characters so much. Kyrian, love him because of what he does when he picks Amanda up from work. OMG! I SOOO wanted to see her slimy fiance’s face! Not to mention the whole scene with the whipped cream, honey…. OH MY GOD I don’t think I closed my mouth for a week! *giggles* It is quite possible that I owe my LOVELY sense of humor and imagination to that scene. ^_^ But my all time fav is still, and will always be, Zarek. Devil on a snowmobile!

  537. I saw a show a week or so ago about Alaska. I stopped to watch it and thought of Zarek the entire time.

  538. Anzia said

    I want to ride a snowmobile ’cause of him.

  539. lwildstar said

    Well the latest set of storms have passed so I thought I would check in and see whats up.

    Madonna – I wish my mom would take an intrest in the things I like…you’re lucky! At least you have someone to split up your postcards duties with πŸ˜‰ .
    oh and I’ll have to email you my costume and logo design – I think I may have actuall drawings around here somewhere…

    I managed to get some writing in and now I think I’m going to go read for a while.

    Hoping my postcards show up tomorrow so I can get started on them!.

    Night everyone!

  540. lwildstar said

    well my post disappeared….Oh well, its been that kind of a day

    Modanna – you’re lucky your mom shares your interest – and you get to split the postcards duites!
    Oh and I need to email you my costume design – I think I may actually ahve a drawing around here.

    Well I forgot what else I wrote – so if it shows up it shows up.

    Hopefully my postcards I ordered show up tomorrow so i can get started on them!

    Night all!

  541. lwildstar said

    Well what do you know…there it is.

    Ok the ghost in the machine again!

  542. Haha! I had the disappearing post issue the other day. I think it just doesn’t like me.


  543. lwildstar said

    well than its not happy with me either, because it happens to me all the time –

    Ok I just wanted to check back before signing off.

    Night my lovelies – I’ll try to check back tomorrow!

  544. lwildstar said

    Almost forgot – Maddonna – make sure you clean the “cookies” off your computer and then empty the recycle bin – thos scamm things can pop cookies in even through the firewall…we had that happen at work.


  545. vicki said

    hey all…

    well I had to sit through a stage production of “high school musical” today. My daughter and neice are BIG fans!! Actually it wasnt bad…they got some pretty good singers from the local “light opera” guild and eveven one of my old students was in it. (not a big part)

    I sang last night with my band for a high school reunion (class of 72) HEHeh they were great…they danced and clapped and had a great time. the only bad thing was it was outside and it was HOT and STICKY.. Not good….

    anyway…just logging on to check in..
    Claire…congrats on the new place…
    claire..I looked at the site for the jewerly…no pics of the rings.kinda of sucks

    well I have more swimming lessons with the munchkins tomorrow…so see you guys later

  546. Margaret said

    Didn’t Blood Ties Blood Lines have the pictures and the site link for Henry’s Rings at one time?

  547. DIZEY1 said

    Hello my Bloggeratti, sorry I’m checking in so late. Long day yesterday at the Arena Bowl Extravaganza, we were there from about 4:00 till about midnight last night and then they shot off fireworks over the river (MS.) after the concerts. STYX ROCKED!!! they were here back in Feb. I think they played at the Endymion Extravzaganza (parade organ.) so they like it here and have been really good to N.O. from the Katrina thing. And Tommy Shaw a native Alabama boy is a good southern boy (I love him, too cool 😎 ) .

    Gypsy, the thing about Savage Garden etc, when Ian was talking on phone to Coreen, I thought those were bands. I think Savage Garden is a band but I could be totally wrong. I could only skim through so I may need some clarification on what the contest is about. Sorry I’m slow today.

    Anyway my poor Rob had another seizure today they’ve been kicking his butt lately and in turn kicks ours (he’s 6’1 and about 190#) a force to be reckoned with. Logan’s stressing over his dad having these seisures, trying to let him know it’s ok but when you’re only 6 everything seems larger and scarier (sp). We’ll be good though.

    Claire, j’ai su que Dieu bΓ©nirait vous et votre famille merveilleuse.
    I’m so glad everything worked out so well. See God is good, and so are you, he didn’t want ya’ll to stay in that house. He sent evil landlord so you could leave there. If he leads you to it….he’ll get you through it. SO happy for ya’ll πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

    Well guys I’m pooped got my pc’s to mail out tomorrow and will try and finish the rest of this 100 and dole some out each day.

    Bonne nuit et rΓͺves doux d’Henry.

    XOXOXOXOXO LUV YA’LL and chat w/ya tomorrow………Elisabeth

  548. Anzia said

    Savage Garden was a group. One played the guitar and the other sang. ^_^ I have their first CD. πŸ™‚ LOVE IT!

    Music groups or not, I like the idea of a place called “the bovine”

  549. Laurel said

    Buenos noches Beth! Sounds like you have burned the candle at both ends this weekend.
    I know Claire is pretty much exhausted, too. I hope you all get a good night’s sleep and come back to join us here tomorrow.

    I start Vacation Bible School tomorrow. I almost have my crafts ready to go.

    I guess I belong to an odd group of Christians, there are quite a few of us who watch Blood Ties and read loads of paranormal stuff. The Harry Potter book will be a prime topic during the week, and most of us will enjoy talking about that as one of the summer’s highlights. Like Hagrid says in book one “Well, you get weirdos in every group.” πŸ™‚

  550. Anzia said

    Okay for all the french speakers & Friends fans: You’ll love it!

    Claire- Nina says congrads and wishes you luck on moving!

  551. lioves history said

    back to nyc on monday

  552. Chery said

    Margaret, It is Blood Ties Central that has the information about Henry’s rings. If anyone wants to see a picture, please e-mail me personally and I will send pictures.

  553. Claire said

    Merci tellement Beth… je crois Γ©galement au ce qui notre Kyle a dit.
    I am pooped as well! I may not look almost 49…but my back is sure feeling that way! LOL!!

    Well Living room,dining room,part of the kitchen,and part of my room is done..Nikki packed some of her clothes..Chris is arriving tonight…He and Brittany went to Virginia Beach to visit her Dad…see how he’s doing.So everyone should be into more packing tomorrow.I hope the old tenant coughs up the keys tomorrow..the landlord said he would let me start taking things over.

    anyway this morning me and Nikki indulged in 3 epis of BT on demand…we just sat there smiling…you know what we noticed…Henry tells the waitress in epi one that he’s a just goes over head! She had said something like I think gruesome blood thirsty monsters would leave some kind of impression on people if they were running around Canada…when he was leaving,he said something like it was nice meeting you I’m glad I kind of made an impression on was nice to see my baby again…can’t wait to see him in October!! Oh but wait…he’s coming to my house in 26 days! πŸ˜‰

    Bonne nuit mes amis et rΓͺves doux d’Henri !!!! et Kyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  554. msgypsy said

    Drive by posting again because I ACHE! The trail kicked my ass! It wasn’t so much the length but the constant climbing. I have GOT to get into better shape! But I finally got to see Vernonia and it really is a cute little town in the middle of absolutely nowhere. (And all roads DO lead there, it turns out…)

    Go here and vote for Kyle. He isn’t winning yet. Not even close. Go vote. Although, to be honest, I can’t imagine him playing a young Captain Kirk but I’d love to see him getting more exposure (NO not that kind! Well, not that kind in this context, I mean) so I say we should all vote for him…

  555. DIZEY1 said

    Claire vous Γͺtes tellement trΓ¨s bienvenu. Vous et Kyle partagerez votre anniversaire ensemble, n’oubliez pas qu’il aime le service avec un sourire ! πŸ™‚

    Claire, Henry rendra cet anniversaire merveilleux pour vous. Pensez le chocolat sur le corps.

    Claire I did love that scene w/the waitress “You think blood sucking freaks would’ve made an impression” …….”I’m glad I made an impression” that was pretty slick on his part and the look on the girls face like she kinda got it???

    **Z** Merci beaucoup for the Joey video. And my I say “Bluuu Bluuu Bluuuu, poo poo” ala Joey. Loved Friends I can still watch and laugh like it’s the first time seeing it.

    Bonne nuit encore. XOXOXOXOX πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

  556. AlisaSG said

    >> well my post disappeared….Oh well, its been that kind of a day

    mine disappeared, because it had links in it, so I knew it went to blog limbo until it could get dug out.

    >> I know da has always said that in the eyes of the β€œchurch” he and his brother didnt exist….So I wonder what that would mean to my sister and I?

    well, from what I’ve always been told, if you’ve personally done your good Catholic deeds by being baptized Catholic and graduated from all of the sacraments (First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Penance – for starters), attended Church “mass” weekly (except in extreme weather.. boy, have I got a story there!!), then you’re probably still in good standing within the eyes of the Pope, Bishops, and local priests.

    In the eyes of the *Church* elders, each person is supposedly based on their own merit.

    However, it is in the eyes of “God” that counts heavier at the point of no return. If God were to ask why He should let me into heaven, and a good Christian “dispensationalist” – such as is the term replies,
    “because (at the cross) Jesus paid for the penalties of *sin* in my place, and it is thru him that my slate has been cleaned *washed whiter than snow*”
    (and not as in a snow-job/con)
    then, according to the dispensational belief, heaven’s entrance is granted.

    If a person never believed in the Christian way, according to the dispensational belief, then it is by that person’s own value system that judges their soul. For example, if they have ever deceived anyone, (even *fibbed*) that’s an automatic strike-out. Of course, I know people who are huge teasers, and tell tall tales all the time, just to see how another person will react – so where does that leave them??

    Especially if God gave that person the talent to be a BIG tease all the time, and quick on the wit, etc., how can that person be pure of heart, when the gift of deceit (teasing) is part of their personality.. and especially if they don’t fess up and come clean with the truth after eons of teasing some poor soul, who believes and hangs on their every word as *gospel* truth?
    From my own personal experience, I always considered Jesus’ words higher than that of the Church (any Church, any denomination).

    Those are hard questions to answer, and I’m just glad I’m not in God’s shoes.. supervising ALL of the universe – everywhere, and all at once.. supervising your own home or office domain is hard enough, especially, when rebellion shows up in the ranks to test your *patience* or sanity.. but to watch over ALL of history with everyone everywhere, and ALL at the same time..? that’s too much to think about.. πŸ˜‰

    let’s see, on the more humorous side, how many *eyes* or monitors does God’s master (all-seeing visuals from any angle) control room have and how many (angel) operators are processing that info back to the throne room of heaven? Prayer has been nicknamed as the hot-line to heaven. I’m not sure, but I think that’s possibly what other belief systems also believe it as, too.

  557. AlisaSG said

    I forgot to mention that my post did finally show up..
    It was an answer to the whole 2 bite marks comment vs. seeing 4 marks instead..
    (see my post dated- July 28, 2007 @ 8:03 pm)

    >> AlisaSG – even my cousin who I have recently β€œturned” and is my partner in crime when it comes to the paranormal..

    I just loved how you phrased that “partner in crime” for believing in the paranormal..! πŸ˜€

    >> I guess you could say I found a more spiritul path with out having to follow any church – my dad jokes that I am a witch (now you can t replace the w with a b and probably be closer πŸ™‚ ) any who he even bought me a talisman of protection..

    I’ve either destroyed or removed all talismans from my life. When *faith it* or *fake it* is put to the test, there is no one there, but me and God – nothing else that’s tangible. Those things never brought peace into my life anyway. Plus, it didn’t help that as a Catholic, I had a rotten stage designing teacher in college who made me break a mirror nearly a hundred times to create it into his crystal ballroom glitter ball. He broke only broke one piece – and bragged,
    “see? that’s only 7 years of BAD luck!”

    I thought he was nuts. I cursed out loud (yelled out for help to “almighty God” to intervene and STOP the MADNESS!!) every piece he made me break. The superstition on that alone would have put me into enough *superstitious HELLs* for several lifetimes. Anyway, the night of the opening ACT, the ball fell and broke some more.. serves him and the of them right! They finally broke down and paid for a real glitter ball!

  558. AlisaSG said

    agh.. thought I caught all of the typos (that’s why I never use spell check .. it skips grammar and overlooks correctly spelled words!! brain malfunction) πŸ˜›

    here’s 2 of the corrections..
    >> serves him and the of them right!

    should be
    “serves him and the rest of them right!”
    >> He broke only broke one piece

    should be
    “He only broke one piece”

  559. Anzia said

    Diz- you’re welcome dear. ^_^ I love the bloopers! OH MY! are they great! πŸ™‚

  560. AlisaSG said

    *cool*..!! I *NOT* the only person writing for now.. πŸ˜‰

    >> And my story has the main charactor falling in love with demon – what would be the religious implications of that?

    well, if the demon is an outright demon from hell, bad news on the hard core Christian (Church) front.

    Is it someone like “Emmanuel” from the “Love Hurts” BT’s episode? “Emmanuel” in the world of *Stargate* understandings, could actually be an *being* entity which can co-exist in other dimensions.. and is not necessary a demon but something else.. such as- a different type of sentient creature with higher intelligence and abilities.

    If your “demon” was really an being from an alternate reality, and had magical powers beyond human comprehension, that’s okay (in the eyes of some Christians), because he’s not really a “demon” (he’s not evil in nature, either), but is merely another creature of life – he’s just living somewhere else in or beyond the scope of human understanding and exists as a different “life-form”.

    I’ve found it extremely BIZARRE that in watching *STARGATE*
    and *DOCTOR WHO*- it’s okay to encounter beings with higher powers of telepathy and healing abilities and telekinesis, etc. It’s okay to watch those programs, and believe in ascension or even discuss it on a fantasy alien *being* level.

    But it isn’t okay to have those abilities as a human.. in our *natural* (Biblical vs. whatever) world.

    I’ve heard of other “Christians” who accept that, but keep it in perspective separately from our real world understanding of heaven and hellish beings. They can accept the “other world” E.T.alien aspects, but cannot accept it in *theological* terminology.

    In some ways, I think Stargate has touched upon some biblical issues and brought them to light in a better understanding than how we’ve all perceived thruout the centuries. I don’t think the program is deceptive, but more on the lines of being an eye-opener to new understandings of old teachings. I can *thank* (or attribute that sort of thinking to) Daniel Jackson’s character role for all of that bending of mystical, mythical, and theological info.. πŸ˜›

    I’m not saying what I wrote is right or wrong, but it is intriguing, at best.
    Maybe that helps answer your question better.

  561. msgypsy said

    Watching my Sunday night Blood Ties and … does Vicki have a key to Henry’s apartment? Sometimes she just goes in and sometimes she knocks. And there doesn’t seem to be any sense to the times she knock and the times she walks in, other than what the plot seems to require.

    Ah, yes, crunchlets. Back to the show….

  562. msgypsy said

    Back to crunchlets. Why do Henry and Mike want to know about Vicki wanting to get a dog? What does that have to do with either of them?

    “Did you miss the part where the demon showed up?” My favorite line in this episode…

  563. Anzia said

    msgpsy- I think they want the discussion to continue because they both believe that her want of companionship is really her desire for themselves. I really think that the “no” is in response to the end of the discussion not the dog comment. I’ve been wrong before (but don’t tell anyone πŸ˜‰

    LH- I hope you have a safe trip! Does this mean you got your surgery?

    Hey, I have the second section of the dance scene up. Um… NOT like anything else I’ve written so… yeah. It’s probably still rough in places ’cause I JUST wrote all of it in like half an hour. So, PLEASE be kind. Here’s the link Remember, it’s all the same file so you’ll either have to re-read part 1 or skim through until you get to the “section 2” heading. ^_^ Enjoy peeps

  564. AlisaSG said

    >> Why do Henry and Mike want to know about Vicki wanting to get a dog? What does that have to do with either of them?

    I later got the impression that both Mike and Henry were sort of following Vicki around like long-lost puppies clinging to their newly found mama.. which is what might have inspired Vicki to come out with the dog statement.. of course, at the time she said it, I thought she meant a seeing-eye dog, because of her belief that she was eventually going to lose her eye-sight.

    But back to the dog comment from both Mike and Henry – it was just too funny that they both said it at the same time.. and *who* was seeking Vicki’s affections up to that episode?? Both Mike and Henry (as in *puppy-love*) .. of course, Henry finally snuck in a real kiss just prior to that scene about Vicki wanting a dog..

    Was she making a potentially subliminal, double intended, meaning statement there?? just makes yah wonder.. πŸ˜‰

  565. Margaret said

    As far as Vicki thinking about a dog, remember the incubus was talking about “longing”, she says she was thinking about getting a dog and starts to explain, he says you don’t have to explain it and then both of the “boys” say “explain”. They want her to explain her longing I would think. Remember she was the bait for the incubus as she is/was sexually frustrated.

    On the Sci-Fi link-I voted and placed a comment about viewing Kyle’s work on If people don’t know his work maybe we can suck them in that way. Of course I’m still waiting to see if they let that comment stay.

  566. lwildstar said

    Good morning!

    AlisaSG – My demon is actually from a differnt plan of existance – a different world – and is quite insulted that he and his kind have been “lumped in” with the term demon – although even he admits that even he would refer to many of his “cousins” by the same term because of their “bad habits”…..
    last night I finally got the laptop up and running so I started on the edits for the first eight chapters – 8 good grief – anyway made it thru the first two. I’m very wordy – but I figure someone else can take care of that in editing. πŸ˜‰ if I ever get the nerve to show it to someone else that is.

    Anzia – I love it! a great way to start off the morning!
    Now if i can just get up the curage to post my story – you have been a big inspiration. May be this weekend – still have a few edits to make – I completly changed the into.

    didn’t risk watching BT on the computer last night – the last line of storms was pretty bad and I was afraid of power outages – so I’ll make up for it tonight.
    Crunchlets! could use some this morning – forgot to bring breakfast.

    Well its time to start work…depending on whether or not Paul chickens out of lunch again will determin if I visit this afternoon – other wise it maybe tonight – but of course we are under that thunderstorm warning for this evening – again.
    So maybe not….

    Have a good day my dears.

    Oh and I hope things went well for you LH – and Claire πŸ™‚

  567. lioves history said

    in 3 weeks i will get a letter if iam to be listed here i need to come back for more tests(ihave already had in NY) is hard for me to travel my feet har black and blue from wearing shoes to much..

  568. msgypsy said

    Anzia, that was (dare I say it?) cute! Although Sinead was annoying (as usual) and I’m having trouble visualizing Coreen trying to stay in the scene with Henry all vamped and angry and Sinead egging Vicki on. (Good thing they got Dave to leave before all this happened.) All the scene needs now is Kate and it’ll go from potentially explosive to full-fledged nuclear. I’m pretty sure Coreen would get out of the way, but Sinead could be collateral damage. Wait, that would be a GOOD thing!

    Late for work. Type at you later, bloggren.

    LH, put those feet up and rest! I hope all goes well for you now.

  569. DIZEY1 said

    Yo Babies !! πŸ™‚ How is everyone on this fine Monday?

    LH** stay positive and well, I’ll keep praying for you and soon you’re gonna be a healthy well man!! πŸ˜‰

    Went and voted again on the Sci-Fi link for my Kyle again and he’s moved up alot since I voted last night. Very cool 😎

    **Z** going to read your addition now and will be back.

  570. Dani said

    Hi everybody. Ugh! I wish I was still on vacation.

    Anzia-I just read the new story. It was great I loved it. If I were you I would go after that guy. All the cards seem to be right.

    Claire-I am so glad that you found a house for all of you. It sounds like a great place to live. I wish I had a fireplace!

    So my mom’s “friend” moved in yesterday. Her and her husband seem pleasant enough. I stuck around all day to keep an eye on them. She seemed very apologetic for having to be there. She seems very genuine to me. Who knows maybe she is for real. She said she has been in 9 car accidents int he past two years, none were her fault, and is having back problems from them so she can’t work. Her husband lost his job and they were being evicted. I know things can happen like that so I am not going to show any animosity towards them but I am definitely going to be keeping watch. I was watching BT last night, I noticed episode 3 is On Demand now, and she seemed interested in it so she can’t be all that bad.

  571. Anzia said

    Oi, I had a post, hit the “submit comment” and it came back with “internet explorer cannot view this page” which was soon followed by “this site has a programming error” GRRR Translation- post go *poof*

    So, a recreation is in order *grumbles*

    lwilstar- thank you very much. I’ve never had anyone say that to me. I don’t know what I did to deserve it but thank you. It was a great way to start the day. I can only hope it is a good thing and not me setting examples of what NOT to write. ^_^

    msgypsy- is cute a bad thing? you seem so tentative about saying it. are you not sure? I was trying for funny and exasperating but Cute is TOTALLY fine (well, as long as “cute” isn’t your equivavlent to Emma Woodhouse’s “elegant”). ^_^ I felt that adding Kate would be REALLY unfair to Vicki. And, I kept trying to get Coreen out of the scene but I kept seeing her in a chair with a bowl of popcorn in her lap. It was almost like a Mystery Science Theatre thing with her there. Watching but commenting just the same. ^_^

  572. DIZEY1 said

    **Z** great addition, I loved it. Very funny and I could see all this chaos going on. Wondering if Henry were to feed on lets say a drunk Vicki or anyone, could we get a sequel where Vicki would have to take care of a drunken Henry. I think that would be very funny. I’d love to see him drunk. She could be his caretaker instead of Henry always taking care of everyone else. It just crossed my mind when they were in the bar.

    Welcome back Dani girl πŸ˜‰ I know it sucks to come back from vacation. Reality BITES !! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

  573. lwildstar said

    Anzia – no pressure – I mean it inspires me that you have the courage to let others read your work – that is something i am still struggling with.

    And since i’m here – i guess that means I’m not at lunch with paul – no biggie – balls is in his court now, lets see if he picks it up.

    Well i am going to run off and play for awhile.

    Talk at you guys later!

  574. lwildstar said

    Anzia – just had the same problem posting – but I copied my post to the clip board first…funny thing is when i hit refresh the post showed up.
    i think I am going to start copiying all the posts to clipboard until I see that they have really posted – that way I don’t have to ry and remember what I wrote if they go poof*

  575. vampgrl said

    (Henry growls again. “Why bother Vicki. I can take care of the problem. I’m feeling a bit peckish and I do love the taste of fear.”)

    *eg* For some reason, that had to be my fav part right there. Totally LOVED this though. Go Anzia! MORE!!! I love it when Henry and Mike are going at each other. I really miss that on the show. They should bring that back. Kinda reminds me of Angel and Xander. Or Xander and Spike. Or Angel, Spike and Xander…hehe

    And I did have more…but I totally forgot what it was…. πŸ˜‰

  576. Dani said

    My internet has gone wacko on me and I have to stay off for awhile until the IT person can check it out.

  577. lwildstar said

    (Henry growls again. β€œWhy bother Vicki. I can take care of the problem. I’m feeling a bit peckish and I do love the taste of fear.”)
    …it reminded me of that line “do you leave your window open when you sleep detective?”

    You know Henry is baiting him! yes i miss that in the show too….

    An hour just goes by so fast! I’m waiting for the mail to be delivered to see if I have to sneek out to the post office for more post cards.

  578. Dani said

    My internet is working again. I swear the IT guys get paid to do nothing. The guy pushed one button and even he was surprised that it was fixed. He isn’t sure what he did.

  579. Dani said

    You know speaking of the postcards and all the campaigns to save our show. today is the 30th it is the end of the month. We should be getting an answer soon. I don’t want to admit that I am a little worried that it is this late and there is still no answer. I just keep hoping that they have made their decision and they want to keep the good news from for as long as possible. The longer they keep the good news to themselves the bigger the response in my opinion.

  580. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Dani I agree, they’re saving the *BEST* for last baby!! No worries cher’ (Cajun) it will be worth the wait. I forsee many seasons coming and I’m freakin’ over these last October ep’s. Kyle said in his pod cast that he’s only seen the same ep’s that we’ve seen and I think the balance of this season’s gonna be temultuous (SP). I can’t wait especially for the Christina ep, I wanna see some of his past and hope they show when they met etc. Oh and BTW……..***IS IT OCTOBER YET ?***

    See ya’ll after lunch πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ 😎

  581. elizabeth said

    I think I have skimmed enough to be caught up with all these posts – good grief!

    Anzia – Congrats on the job! I am so very pleased for you πŸ™‚ Also, I second..third…whatever, the comments made about your friend and how much you still care for him. I have let too many things pass me in life because I hesitated to reach out – please, don’t make that mistake. Tell him how you feel. Nothing ventured; nothing gained. You don’t want to wake up years from now and wish you had taken the chance.

    Claire – Yea!!! I am thrilled you found a place to move to!!!! With all the positive energy flowing your way it had to happen.

    Madonna – I also loved Vane from the Dark hunter books and probably for the same reason you did. Do you havea the link to her site? I quess I could search for it… πŸ˜‰

    Dani – I do believe your fuzzy little vamp is the cousin to Vampiro Lunari and Vampiro Della Luna. At least, that is what mine whispered to me. Definately, love the name for yours and that he is from Rome.

    Laurel – how is Bible school going? Looking forward to lunch this week. I didn’t know my mother had put a quilt in the Estacada show. I will have to give her a call and find out which one she showed.

    Can we say I had a terrific few days off?!! Oh yeah! We visited some wineries and I bought a few bottles of wine I liked. Took a fabulous 2 hour horseback ride through the Oregon Dunes and on the beach. Because I am an experienced rider they put me on a fairly young horse that was HUGE! I could barely get my foot high enough to get in the stirrup! But, wow, what a fun ride he was :). We also did some hiking, visited some of the lighthouses along the coast and talked a lot. It was relaxing and fun. You guys are the only reason I am not moping because it is Monday and I am back at work.

  582. elizabeth said

    I finally got to see The History of Violence this weekend. Kyle looked so young and I am so tired of seeing him as a bully in most of his movies. I truly hope that BT has shown him to be far more versatile and, dare we say it, leading man material. I was watching some other program (I can’t remember which one), but during that show The History of Violence was mentioned. weird.

  583. Margaret said

    Maybe Kyle has been playing bullies so he can prove he’s more than just another pretty face. At least that’s my take on it.

  584. Dani said

    Dizey-I was watching Extreme Makeover last night and the team had put a light table in one of the kids rooms. I couldn’t help but think about Christina’s interview about Kyle lounging on her’s scantily clad. I can’t remember if she said it was from an actual episode or if he was just clowning around. Do you remember. If it is that is the future episode I am looking forward to.

    Elizabeth-Yes C.H. told me they were cousins. She also told me that they were close at one time but they grew apart. She is very happy they have found a good home.

  585. Margaret said

    Just in case we don’t hear anything:

    July 31
    I think we need to look at tomorrow with guarded feelings. If we don’t get an announcement tomorrow could be that they led someone to believe something that had changed over the months that we’ve been waiting that isn’t necessarily the case now. Even though we think we might get word tomorrow they could drag this on forever if they really wanted to, its not like we can stop them.

  586. Dani said

    You know what I think? Someone out there is getting some sort of sick pleasure out there by leading us on. They think it is hilarious watching us go from yippee to agony and back again before they release the good news. πŸ˜›

  587. elizabeth said

    Margaret- good point! I hadn’t really thought about that being the case. It is definately obvious over the course of time how his face has become more beautifully defined. He has lost some of the baby roundness *sigh dreamily* I missed watching Bt over the weekend – even though I was having fun, I still missed my show.

  588. Margaret said

    Mon, 30 Jul 2007 12:49:12 -0400

    Recieved the standard email from Lifetime, thank you for your interest…but got absolutely no answer about whether they were purchasing additional episodes past the original 22.

  589. Dani said

    I know this is really bad but I am getting very depressed. I am having a hard time thinking positive. I need some chocolate and Henry to lift my spirits.

  590. Madonna said

    How is everyone today!

    Welcome back!

    Glad you had such a good weekend!

    I loved it!!!! Especially the part where Henry says “Since your pointing at him, does that mean I get to see two?”

    Just a thought….. Tomorrow is Christina’s birthday….. Maybe Lifetime is planning on giving her a gift.

    Well I’m leaving work, then I have to go to the grocery store. Chat with you all later.

  591. Dani said

    Ooooo a gift of buying more episodes and keeping her in a job. It would be like a birthday gift to us all.

  592. msgypsy said

    Drive by again, blog-kin. I remember SciFi dragging out the Dresden Files decision for weeks and weeks beyond when they said they’d have it done. And even then there was the faint possibility they’d change their minds for a later season. So I’m not giving up hope yet.

    Hiked yesterday, serious hiking, through spooky dark woods and around horse droppings (because there’s a horse camp nearby…ugh!) So today I ache and don’t think I’ll be doing much of anything this evening so maybe I’ll be back to chatter then.

  593. Dani said

    I have not completely given up hope. I am still hanging on to a thread of hope. Sometimes the thread does seem stronger.

  594. DIZEY1 said

    I vote to give that to Christina for OUR birthday gift this year. It’ll work for everybody πŸ˜‰ No matter I’ll keep sending out my token *20* postcards tomorrow until they say “WHEN”.

    Ms.Madonna, I thought I emailed my Elder Hostel emblem, if not will send to you tonight from home. I too loved the line about can I see too?? I say oohhh yeahhhhh πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

    Elizabeth , you lucky dawg! I love horseback riding and can only imagine riding along a beach. OMG so freeing !!! We used to go to Kiln, MS. they had lots of places to rent horses for the day and ride through the woods/forest etc. I don’t know if any survived the hurricane. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time Good for you πŸ˜‰

  595. DIZEY1 said

    Hey PRTFVR, if your lurking I just wanted to say HI and hope you’re feeling better. Miss you and I keep checking out the funnies and the dance oh and I”M NOT GAY !! (hee hee) πŸ™‚ Hope you’re doing better and didn’t have to take the dreaded antibiotics.

    LUV YA!! Feel better πŸ˜‰

  596. lwildstar said

    yeah my postcrds arrived today!
    hopefully the storm will hold off tonight untill I get some printed – its lookin awfully dark out there right now!

  597. Margaret said

    On August 1, will re-launch its website. To continue the conversation about β€œBlood Ties,” go to β€œOn TV” on the new site and click on the Talk About It button in the upper right corner on the page. Keep the conversation going!

    This is what is posted above the message board on the Blood Ties conversation. Not sure what it “really” means.

  598. I have no clue what Lifetime is up to. You would think that they would send an email out to let the viewers know that they are revamping the site so soon.

    Is it the weekend yet?

  599. Dani said

    I made it through my first day back. YAY! I am outta here. Ciao!

  600. Hooray Dani! Are you totally insane yet, or still hanging in there?

  601. Margaret said

    Seems like the same notice is over at Army Wives so I suspect its on all the discussion topics so that really doesn’t tell us anything yet. Other than they’re revamping their website.

  602. DIZEY1 said

    Ok Kidzzzzzzzzz, I’ll chat at ya’ when I get home. Quarter to five here and I’m ready to run like my hairs on fire !!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    Later Alligator ***

  603. Laurel said

    Whew, I survived the long morning of VBS. For some reason we had more pre-school kids than usual. They are cute and funny, but really hard to craft with. None of the skills you get with the Kindergarten and older kids. Can’t cut with scissors, can’t glue, can’t color in the lines (okay one of them can do all that but she doesn’t believe any of the rules apply to her). Rose and I are worn out after having four different classes in a three hour period. I am going to have to change out some of the crafts I was going to teach because they are too hard for the littles.
    Elizabeth – your mom’s quilt was really bright! Orange sherbert the predominant color. Lots of yellow, green, and pink, too. I really liked it. πŸ™‚ It would really look great on a day-bed! (Or my couch!) lol

  604. lwildstar said

    well as my sister would say “this is dash in”…the sky is darkening – no thunder yet – but I ‘m not risking it after yesturday.

    I’ve printed 10 cards for tomorrows mail.

    Wow so LifeTime is going to redo their website – wonder what that means for the blog and message boards….

    I’m going to go eat dinner and see what the weather does – if it blows over I’ll be back! πŸ˜‰

  605. AlisaSG said

    >> Ooooo a gift of buying more episodes and keeping her in a job. It would be like a birthday gift to us all.

    Lady Afrodyte,
    >> I have no clue what Lifetime is up to.

    well, since I’ve seen this sort of Tv *NETWORK* behavior before (NBC), and since CBS is just as bad as NBC and CBS owns Lifetime.. I think they are waiting until the results show up from other countries, before they stick their paws into saying anything.

    Otherwise, it’s sort of like Sci-Fi sticking their fingers in the air to see which way the wind is blowing..

    that’s just my inner gut speaking..

    don’t forget also that Kyle’s birthday occurs after the premiere eps begin on several stations. If TPTB wait until his birthday to make any decisions, after the first several eps, would seem to be the most likely time for Lifetime to realize what they’ve got.

    The only way the other stations and viewers are going to find out tho, is if people who have seen BT already help inspire and encourage the new viewers to watch. Please refer to the list of countries and stations again at–
    ((last recorded update was listed under this date — “2007-07-19”))

  606. AlisaSG said

    HOPING it’s okay to post this NOTE here below.. (another link into forum limbo in the meantime)

    okay, more updates on CANADIAN listings.. and I’m not sure how accurate these are. This info came directly from the bloodties-bloodline forum topic link at-

    it’s currently *stickied* on the forum’s website. 😎

    The new premiere air dates are as noted-
    “For any of you in Canada that have not had a chance to see the show, here are the new air dates:

    Citytv Toronto and Winnipeg:
    Monday August 20 8-10PM

    Citytv Vancouver:
    Sunday August 26 8-10PM

    Citytv Calgary / Edmonton:
    Thursday August 23 8-10PM”


    Also, one more note of potential *importance*..
    this was posted in the same topic as the above BT forum link
    and again, I’m not sure how accurate the info is, but —

    (originally posted by vicki&henry4ever)
    “Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2007 7:49 am

    It seems that the Canadian TV landscape is changing. City-TV will no longer be owned by CHUM as they have been sold to Rogers Communications. This means that City-TV and Space will no longer be a part of the same corporate family.

    I’m wondering if this will put into doubt the deal to have Space carry Blood Ties since a different owner will be involved? Ugh. I’ve got a headache. I just hope that, once all is said and done, that City-TV will still be carried by Bell ExpressVu satellite (as that’s what I have and I don’t have cable) and Space will still broadcast Blood Ties, along with Supernatural. Phooey, if they don’t!!!”

    and that viewer won’t be the only one with a headache. 😦

    elsewhere in the world..~~ πŸ˜‰

  607. AlisaSG said

    msgypsy, if there’s anything in my last 2 postings that need to be trimmed out (because they’re direct quotes, please feel free to edit them). If the quotes have to go, could the links please stay?? it would be helpful, since they’re the hot-lines to most of this new broadcast date info.. (for Canadians).

    anyways.. if everyone else can see the info in that last post of mine, Tanya reinforced the new air times with this comment on her LJ-

    “CHUM has decided to delay the Blood Ties launch by one week in order to allow the airing of the two hour MOW as our Premiere and give the show the best possible opportunity to reach it’s audience. The previous dates we relayed to you would only have accommodated the first hour. So, that said, here are the new airdates per market..”

    and you can see those new times posted in my previous posting before this one. 😎

  608. Margaret said

    We all know that Henry doesn’t have a kitchen but do any of you remember Vicki EVER saying anything about cooking super? We certainly haven’t seen her kitchen now have we?

  609. DIZEY1 said

    Margaret heck no, all she eats evidently is chinese cuisine πŸ˜‰ I know Henry has salt and if he’s got Tequila than I’m good to go ! πŸ™‚ OOh better yet he and I can do *Body Shots* yummmmmmm 😎 Anybody else want to play?

  610. Madonna said

    Hey everyone,

    loves history,
    Take care of yourself OK. We’re all pulling for you!

    Unless it went to my spam folder and it got deleted before I got to it, I haven’t recieved it. Don’t worry though, you still have plenty of time. It’ll take me at least 2-4 more weeks to finish them. When you send it please give me a description of your costume as well. I’m trying to illustrate the costumes also.

    I think the darn voodoo bug still has me. I don’t necessarily feel bad so to speak, I just have absolutely no energy. That being said…. I’m 28 years old, it is 8 o’clock where I live and I’m going to bed. Kinda pathetic huh?

    Good night all. I’ll check in with you all tomorrow.

  611. DIZEY1 said

    Madonna I soooo feel for you. The nasty little bug that had me last week sucked! It just made me feel off kilter (sp) nto quite right. Anyway I hope you feel better and I’ll put a description also. Not like you’ve got nothing else to do. Don’t run yourself down. Oops sorry there I go Nanny Beth that’s me at home always trying to fix something or someone. Feel better. πŸ˜‰ Well I’m gonna watch a little tube and I’ll check back later.

    LH….Godspeed, and good prayers coming your way.

  612. Tango said

    Hey guys!

    Madonna – I hope you feel better dear, get some rest and hit the vitamin C before you go to bed. I’m feeling like lead myself today, just now get a pseudo second wind now.

    What we know is they do not have a kitchen set built at Henry’s, but they have eluded to his kitchen with the salt in Bad Ju Ju and the popcorn in Norman. And you know if he is entertaining the ladies, he has a stocked bar or at least a liquor cabinet in his virtual kitchen. I’m thinking they will have the kitchen built by the next 22 epies. So body shots? I’m in! πŸ˜‰

  613. prtfvr said

    Hey DIZ! Thanks for the well wishes. I started the antibiotics and lasted only two days. I’m getting better – sorta. Still have the dumb cough. Haven’t felt like working on Hens but I will finish the story soon, promise.


  614. DIZEY1 said

    Tango yay another drinking buddy besides Henry of course. Yep I see him with a Wolf Range and the big 48″ Sub-Zero of course I sold them to him and sold him only the best.

    Prtfvr, Glad your feeling a little better. Please, I know I’m a *PIA* but I swear try the Airborne. It will boost up your immune system and will shorten the duration at least. You may even feel a little better. Ok Nanny Beth’s done nagging, sorry it comes naturally. And as much as we’d like another addition take the time and take care of you first. πŸ˜‰ 😎

  615. prtfvr said

    IMDB Stats: Dylan and Christina are on the move but everyone else is down, including Blood Ties. How the heck did that happen?

    This week’s stats, compared to last week’s stats:

    NAME ******* 7/30/07 **** 7/23/07 **** TREND
    Blood Ties **** 3,846 ****** 3,462 ***** -381
    Kyle ********* 2,873 ****** 2,583 ***** -290
    Dylan ******** 5,939 ****** 6,792 ***** +853
    Christina ****** 2,766 ****** 3,779 ***** +1,013
    Gina ********* 2,636 ****** 2,569 ***** -67
    Michael ****** 11,104 ***** 11,189 ***** +85

    I guess there are more Minxes than Hens. But what the heck happened to Blood Ties? It took quite a dive.

  616. DIZEY1 said

    Prtfvr, I looked this morning and thought I looked at it wrong. Hell I guess not. So this means we need to click more BT’s and more Kyle so we can get their numbers up. Very strange don’t you think? I always click on Bt’s first and then just link to all the others after. I don’t know. Hmmmmmm. πŸ˜‰

  617. Tango said

    prtfvr, are you sure you have the dates on that right? It looks just the opposite to me.

  618. DIZEY1 said

    Well my blood buddies, I’m gonna go do my BLOOD TIE DUTY and write out my token *20* post cards , Mom’s waiting so off I go. Will chat at ya’ tomorrow.


    reves doux d’Henri

  619. msgypsy said

    I’m home but likely going to curl up in bed shortly. If I get the laptop out I’ll be back tonight; otherwise I’ll be back in the morning. For some reason today was a long day…

    I stand by my belief that we are way premature to be worrying about BT being renewed. Lifetime is obviously waiting for something and if they’ve got the website being redesigned and relaunched, I’m confident no announcements of any kind are going to be made until that’s taken care of. And I suspect they’re waiting to see the response in Canada, as well as still judging how large a viewership they can count on for the back ten (formerly back nine.) I’m not giving up hope until the announcement is already made, but it’s final and at least one of the stars is so busy at something else that the show can’t possibly come back. I AM the fat lady and I don’t aim to sing for a long, long time. (You wouldn’t want me to but that’s beside the point…)

  620. Claire said

    Dizey….Oh mais oui. Je ne peux pas attendre le jour… ses belles mains… le chocolat….sa bouche…. son beau sourire ….Ahhh… oui… ce sera un bel anniversaire pour nous.

    Madonna…thanks…he is a good young man…you think he would be dying to move out so he can do whatever he wants…but he saids for now…he is the man of the house and it’s his responsibility to help out.

    Anzia….OMG!!! could your writing be any funnier…I loved it!!! I could see them in my head standing there arguing!

    Lh..God Bless

    Now I have to say Bonne Nuit mes amis, Je t’aime tous… jusqu’Γ  demain.

  621. Anzia said

    Claire- I’m glad you found it funny. ^_^ How’s the packing and such going? Are you getting any sleep??

    The “don’t worry Vicki, I can take care of the problem” line is one of my favs too. ^_^ Although I just really love the idea of the whole scene. ^_^

    lwildstar- where do you live? It seems you’ve had nothing but storms for the last week! Here, no storms, just HUMID and HOT weather. *ick*

  622. Himmiefan said

    Hi everybody!! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

    Ms Anzia – I loved your two new chapters! Some good one-liners! Now, I do have to say that I would have slapped the hell-fire out of Mike, but anyhoo… After making Vicki jealous, Henry can then show his devotion by tripping Sinead. πŸ™‚

    Folks, I thought Kaleidoscope was waiting for Lifetime to order another full season before they started filming. Is this correct? I kind of hope not since the stars could get busy with other projects.

    Oh! This appreared on CNN’s website today. If you haven’t finished Harry Potter yet, DO NOT even think of clicking on this link. Hands off the mouse! Fair warning.


  623. Anzia said

    Okay, I hate doing this but I have to ask. Did anyone get the “are you a goldfish?” line? I debated about keeping it… obviously I did… ^_^

    Himmie- *blushes* yes, I might have been a bit harsh with Mike’s character. However, Henry is letting Sinead do suggestive things to his yummy backside just to make Vicki jealous…

  624. Laurel said

    Just a drive by for me tonight. I have caught up to this point and if I don’t post something I won’t know where to start in when I get back tomorrow! lol
    Today was really long and ended with a killer migrane so I am going to head for bed now.
    I am shocked that the ImBD numbers weren’t better. I was on there every day and looked up everyone! I always start with BT so I can’t imagine why it would be down so much. I probably did click on Dylan a few extra times though. πŸ™‚
    I’m with Gypsy – it ain’t over yet! We can keep up a positive attitude better than any group of women (and man)! It would make sense to wait and see what the numbers are like when this hits Canada and when there are episodes actually playing here for us to send new viewers to. It is too bad it hasn’t replayed over the summer. I do appreciate Lifetime sending this to Comcast – On Demand because it has enabled me to pull in my friends and relatives. I still believe there is new life for our Blood Ties world.

  625. vampgrl said

    Hey, guys. Just another quick fly-by posting. On the whole Dark Shadows, JD thing, I just can’t see Johnny Depp playing a vampire. At all. Maybe it’s me, but I never found him sexy. Weird maybe…but not sexy. *g* I have this list of who gets to play a vampire, and he’s not on it. Heh. Tom Cruise used to be on it…until he got too weird…then I booted him off the list too. Sorry, Stuart Townsend still made a better Lestat. Especially that part in Queen of the Damned when he’s singing on stage in that see-through shirt and those tight pants. *dddddddrrrrooollll….*
    OH! Caught part of that convo and vamps today and the whole double fangs thing…and the part about making the blood squirt faster. Can I just say…eeeewwww…thanks SO much for that. Ugh. That image alone would almost be enough to give me nightmares. Henry all vamped with the eyes and the teeth freaks me out to begin with…which is why I still can’t watch Heart of Fire before bed…ever…but add in that tasty mental image…and I have to run away and hide. *shudder*

  626. prtfvr said

    Tango: Nope, the dates are right. I couldn’t believe it myself and checked the IMDB stats several times. Very disappointing.

  627. lwildstar said

    Anzia – I live in MD just outside of DC – its the humidy that causes us to have these storms – we’re in the middle of a drought though – how weird – no rain expected til the weekend wtih temps back in th 90’s auuugggggggg.

    Oh to those who asked – here is my website agian – I haven’t had a chance to update (hangs head in shame) but with so many other things gong on I haven’thad the time – yes there are bats left, and although the site says book marks are out of stock Ihave three. New item (maybe if any one is interested) Cell phone charms? I’ll make a sample at some point and let you know when I post the picture

    Did my duty and dropped 10 more cards in the mail – just got those done before the first power blip last night

    oooh dang, times up must start work – will go to IMDB and do my thing there first – talk at you later!

  628. lwildstar said

    where is everyone this morning!
    Maybe you’re all west coasters and haven’t gotten up yet.
    Well i guess I’ll pop back in a t lunch. 😦

  629. AlisaSG said

    >> where is everyone this morning!

    usually I’m working and not able to come visit..
    but this morning I caught up with the flu bug (chills, fever, vomiting, migraine)..

    we also had nasty storms pop up now and then, so the weather wrecked havoc on my head. Dewpoints and humidity were less than 10 degrees apart at times.
    didn’t help either that my faithful *female* companion (period) showed up yesterday to stay for the next few days.. adding to the migraine that wouldn’t quit and sicky feeling. Airborne wouldn’t have helped keep this away. I forgot to eat supper and take my vitamins yesterday! Took my allergy tablet and Tylenol only to lose them both shortly later down the toilet.. 😦

  630. Dani said

    I am here now. Everybody say a big Happy Birthday to our favorite half blind private investigator, Christina. Ok everybody? On three





  631. Dani said

    Everybody it getting sick. Please don’t pass it on to me. I refuse to vomit! I hope everybody feels better.

  632. DIZEY1 said

    Iwildstar, thanks for the website address. I had it saved but when I pulled it up it took me somewhere else. Very cool and I’ll pass it along.

    Alisa, sorry about that ole VOODOO Bug going around. It does suck to be sick. My family has a history of migraine’s and other brain thingys. Hope you’ll be feeling better. My alergies are acting up a bit also living in N.O. were always moist so mold, and stuff are always here too. I live on Alegra and Nasonex, and I did actually do an Airborne last night it helped a little. Take care and be well soon. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  633. DIZEY1 said

    OOpps I almost forgot.

    Ok….Happy Birthday to youuuu……Happy Birthday to youuu…….Happy Birthday Our Christinaaaaa……..Happy Birthdaaaayyyy toooo youuuuuu…….and many more!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ 😎 WOOOO HOOOOO

    XOXOXOXOX From your Blood Ties party girls and Drinking Buddies

  634. Dani said

    Diz-I forgot about the body shots. I am right there with you. You know I am. Have you had jello shots. Yumm-o

  635. Dani said

    I have been recording everyone’s birthday’s. The next I have on my list is 8/24 both Claire’s and our favorite guy Kyle. If anyone is between now and then let me know.

  636. loves history said

    hime in nyc a few hours late but i am good

  637. Dani said

    Glad to hear it LH.

  638. DIZEY1 said

    LH…Safe and sound back in the BIG APPLE πŸ˜‰ I want to ge there soon. Glad you made it back ok. Do you have trouble traveling, by plane etc. The elevation must play havoc w/blood pressure etc. Hard on the legs too I would think. Anyway glad you made it back home ok.

  639. DIZEY1 said

    Ooh Dani yes ma’am we love Jello shots, had some for my birthday man those pigs were scarfing them down faster than I could grab em’ πŸ˜‰ But body shots w/ Henry/or KYLE baby works for me πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ 😎

  640. Himmiefan said

    Hey Anzia! What you wrote about Mike was in character. You know, sometimes our characters have minds of their own. Of course, feel free to use and abuse Sinead. I don’t like her; she seduced my man. Grrrr. Of course, she didn’t hold a gun to his head, but we had a long talk and he’s sorry. πŸ™‚

    Great dialog in both stories, by the way!

    Alisa – hope you feel better!! I sympathize.

    As for Johnny Depp and Dark Shadows, I think he’ll make a good Barnabas. I assume he’s up for Barnabas, surely not for Maggie! πŸ™‚ I do hope they change the story just a bit and not just do the same ‘ole same ‘ole plot line again. Also, I remember being frustrated with the second Dark Shadows in the early ’90s. The first Gulf War had just started, and everyone was wrapped up with that, but the show was just concerned with the strange goings-on in the town.

    As for IMDB, maybe, just maybe Lifetime realizes that the numbers will go down a bit since BT isn’t currently being shown. Maybe the numbers are good in that case. Maybe? I don’t know, just casually thinking here….

  641. Dani said

    Diz-You have so got to let me know when you do go. I am only a little more than an hour away by train. I love NYC! You should try to go during the holiday season. I know there will be a LOT of people, very busy but it will be so worth it. With any luck it will snow and you can go to Central Park to see it. I think Lady A has a modeling job there in November though.

  642. DIZEY1 said

    Dani you know I need to figure out a time to go. Mom loved it her and my Aunt , I know she’d want to go again and she’s fun she loves Lemon drops and Tequila shots also my brother turned her/us onto Patron Silver smooooth stuff, and now she’s hooked. At 66 yrs. old she starts to drink hmmmm. But I’d love to go in the fall or winter , I’ll look into it πŸ˜‰ We’ll get Claire to meet us there too , her old stomping grounds and she can probably get us into some cool places (hee hee) I’m stoked up now!!

  643. Dani said

    That would be totally freakin awesome. I would be more than stoked.

  644. lwildstar said

    yeah! people…I was lonely this morning.

    you are welcome Dizey – I checked this morning and the site had 73 hits on page one! whoo hoo – so I guess people are still looking.

    Himmefan – did he also appoligize for nibbling on Sinade in episode 7 when he could have had Vicki? I have watched episode 7&8 so many times and i am convicned thats Sinade he goes to after the Wndigos first attack on them (not to mention he was suposed to be mad at her for the whole love potion routine – maybe he was using her because he was mad at Vicki) my my my how we analize these things!

    Well, while I still have some lunch time left I’m going to go do some writing and pop in at LT.

  645. AlisaSG said

    if Christina (Cox) is reading this blog.. in the words of

    >> Happy Birthday to youuuu……Happy Birthday to youuu…….Happy Birthday Our Christinaaaaa……..Happy Birthdaaaayyyy toooo youuuuuu…….and many more!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ 😎 WOOOO HOOOOO

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  646. Himmiefan said

    Lwildstar – I’ve watched that scene too and I’m not sure it’s Sinead, but it very well could be. I’ll have another talk with him. You know, that whole episode was crazy with the wrong lines at the wrong time. I’d love to totally re-write it so that it makes sense. Of course, once Henry says he has work to do, I’d have backed off and let him work and gotten Ronan from Stargate Atlantis to help me track down the windigo. Then, of course, Henry would have come running along to help.

    Does all this kind of make you worried about what goes on in my head? πŸ™‚