Wow, we’re a bunch of talkers, aren’t we?

Here we go, bloggerini. I’m not even sure what number we’re up to but let’s go to it!



  1. prtfvr said

    Ah!! Thanks ms.G! Even my DSL connection was starting to slow down when opening the posts!

  2. Chery said

    o.k. Margaret challenged us to write 10 post cards to Ms. Daniels and 10 postcards to Ms. Wong.

    I accept the challenge beginning today!

    Everyone lets flood LifeTime with post cards!

    Does anyone know how to check the ratings on the two new shows LifeTime aired last night??????

  3. Chery said

    Question I just tried to get onto the Blood Ties Web page put up by Insight, you know the one that plays the real opening credits and it wasn’t there!!!!!! Can someone else try????

    Yikes what does that mean? Why would they take the site down????

  4. Chery said

    O.K. I am officially freaking out now. I just went to Blood Lines Web site and tried their link to “the official Blood Ties Site” That was put up by Insight and it is GONE!

    Is this bad????? what is going on.

  5. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Chery I’ve been to Blood Ties Central, & Bloodlines no problem which site are you speaking of??? Postcards, am I to mail all 21 I did last night is that the plan??

  6. Margaret said

    Chery: As someone told me breath: Take a nice long breath in and out. Maybe its under construction or temporarily unavailable.

    As far as the postcards go wouldn’t it be great if we could get enough to where they would ask us to stop. We need to make it where they can’t see their desks. Have you ever heard the term: Be careful what you wish for you may get it.

    When someone tells me that I can’t have something it makes me all the more determined. Are you with me ladies. I think the men have left us.

    Hope you’re ok LH. We haven’t heard from Sai13, probably too much estrogen for him. lol.

  7. Margaret said

    I’d say go for it Dizey. I’m mailing 20 today. Ten to Ms. Daniels and 10 to Ms. Wong.

  8. lwildstar said

    ok just popping in to christen the new topic!

    Since my last post vanished into the either I will repeat it…

    challange accepted – I maile doff 8 to Ms. Daniels this morning – I had 10 cards so the other two must be in the bottom of my tote or on the counter – will look later.
    I went online and ordered a pack of 100 postcards – should be here tomorrow or Wednesday – I set up my printer over the weekend to print my messages on the postcards and I printed out lables – my handwritting sucks!
    Snitched a red magic marker from work to draw blood drops on the hole punches! I think it will look better then the red ink pen i used.

    Ok back to work

  9. Dani said

    Morning blogkin! I had a horribly scary day yesterday. My parents were at memorial service for one of my gram’s family. I stayed home to watch Amber. I was working in the garden pulling weeds and stuff and Amber was on the porch playing. She took her shoes off and ran down into the grass with me and got bit by something. I asked my parents next door neighbor/my landlord to look for a bee sting. I have never seen one, never been stung. He could find no place on her foot that a bee could have stung her. He didn’t see a spot anywhere where there was a sting. I went in the house and sat her on the bathroom sink and had her stick her foot in cold water. I could find no spot on her foot where she got bit. I called my mom and she said out cortizone cream on her whole foot. If anything it would at least get Amber to calm down. Cream always works for her whenever she is itchy or anything. It didn’t work this time. I finally found a spot on the toe next to her big toe right where the toe meets the foot. It was really swollen. I thought maybe she stubbed it and fractured it and she thought she stepped on something. I was putting ice on it and elevated it. I called my mom again told her I found the spot and she said watch it for more swelling. Amber and I sat down to watch Barbie’s Rapunzel. I checked her foot again and the whole end of her foot had swelled. I called my mom again and she said we have to come home don’t we? I said yes. A little after that Amber started shaking. That really freaked me out. I was ready to take her the hospital. I asked her what was wrong and she said she was doing it because it hurt. I think she was just scared though. My parents came home with some Benadryl and a present for her, this is her first big time injury, and by that time the swelling was going down and the redness was gone. She completely forgot about her foot with the present.

    I made my daily visit to imdb.

    Chery I noticed the bloodtiescentral was down. I thought maybe they were renovating. I didn’t check the other one.

  10. DIZEY1 said

    Same here Margaret, my mom helped me make them out last night. I used my cute little bat stamp ,and my cool bow/tie thingy, oh yeah baby she’ll know which ones are mine. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

  11. Dani said

    I mean not bloodtiescentral.

  12. Dani said

    I have run out of postcards I have to get more. I am going to get ones specific to Connecticut though.

  13. Chery said

    Thanks Margaret, I took a deep breath and finished my 10 cards to Ms. Daniels. On to the 10 I am sending to Ms. Wong.

    I agree let’s send so many cards that they ask us to stop as they can’t see their desks!!!!!!

    Margaret I would like to e-mail you privately if you don’t mind giving me your e-mail address? or I can give you mine.

    Thanks everyone for the post card support. we have a dedicated (addicted) group here LOL

  14. Margaret said

    No problem on the email: I’ve splattered it here several times: Its Just don’t email me and tell me I’ve gone over the edge, I already know that. lol.

  15. prtfvr said

    OMG Dani! That’s horrible! I’m so glad that it wasn’t something more serious. Bee stings are horrible! Unlike mosquito bites, they hurt even after it’s really puffed up. Oh, and the itching! I feel for Amber, I really do.

  16. Dani said

    My mom thinks it was either a s-p-i-d-e-r or a nettle.

  17. prtfvr said

    Here are last week and this week’s IMDB numbers:

    Ok, the IMDB stats have changed but it’s really weird.

    Week of 7/9/07:

    Blood Ties: 4,620 – That’s bad! We have to fix that.
    Kyle: 2,613
    Dylan: 8,359 – Minxes! What’s up with that?!
    Christina: 4,136
    and just for fun:
    Gina Holden: 2,856
    Michael Eklund (Norman): 10,439

    Week of 7/16/07:

    Blood Ties: 4,360 – Nice
    Kyle: 2,681 – Kyle went south?!!
    Dylan: 7,645 – Nice
    Christina: 4,246 – Looks Like Christina went with Kyle!
    Gina Holden: 2,303 – Nice
    Michael Eklund (Norman): 9,656 – WOW! What a difference.

    Of course, we just started searching on IMDB so those numbers don’t really reflect how tenacious this bunch can be. Next Monday, though. That’ll be the one that tells the tale.

  18. prtfvr said

    Dani: I’ve been bitten by a wolf spider twice. Both times on the back of my calf. Besides hurting, it swelled to the size of a golf ball and was just about as solid too. No camping for this girl!

  19. prtfvr said

    New comic’s up but is To be continued…

  20. Dani said

    Oh I saw Harry Potter at the drive-in Saturday night. What I caught of it, it was good. My nephew was sitting in the pickup with my sister who had a migraine. He kept turning the radio down so we missed a lot of the dialogue. Personally I thought the last one was scarier and darker but a lot of people are saying this one is. Luna really helped keep the movie lighter though.

  21. Dani said

    prtfvr-The gay comic is very clever. I love it. I can’t wait for more.

    I have tried my hand at writing. I wrote a poem not long after 9/11 but I think it is so horrible. I had my mom read it and her only reaction was “Hm” I haven’t shown it to anybody since. A few months ago someone told me I should right a screenplay. I thought it would be fun so I started but I thought it was really queer and didn’t know where to start anyway so I ditched that idea.

  22. DIZEY1 said

    Prtfvr, I loved it more dick jokes?? ROFLMAO !!! I love Greg the doorman, especially the scene in Blood Price where he makes the stake & meets Vicki @ the door. When she says Henry’s tied up ( that’s what I’d do w/him ) and he says ooohh I didn’t want to disturb anything..oh anyone. I like him he’s kind of geeky funny. πŸ˜‰

  23. DIZEY1 said

    It is tough being a beautiful man in this world. Not all pretty boys are gay. There’s still some out there for us straight chix !!! 😎

  24. Dani said

    I also found out yesterday that my mother’s Visa card through Chase Bank is on my credit report. With my dad being incapacitated last year and my mom losing the foster care job nothing was paid on it so it is bringing my credit score way down. My mom has since gone bankrupt. I was trying to help my sister buy a duplex and I would move there but I can’t because of that. Argh! I have to find out how to get that off of my credit report.

  25. prtfvr said

    I’m glad that you both enjoyed it. Then next chapter is actually humorous so I can’t wait to post it. All this build-up is frustrating! πŸ˜‰

  26. Anzia said

    Hey Dani- if you really want to write a screenplay there are books to help you get started. One of my favorite writing self-help books is Complete Idiots Guide to Creative Writing. It covers basically EVERYTHING! It gives little exercises so you can get to learn your characters. Talks about poetry, setting, novels, short stories, plays … it really is great. I recommend just going to B & N or borders or someplace and just flipping through it. Just to take a look. ^_^ I bought that book when I was in the 9th grade and STILL reference it from time to time, So, i really REALLY do love it. That and the writer(s) are really funny!

    ms.gyspsy- this is our seventh topic thread. We really do talk quite a bit. I think we average out to a thread per 8 days or something close to that.

    Have a great day guys!

  27. Dani said

    Thanks Anzia-I get paid this week so I will head to Borders and check it out.

  28. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Dani girl you write it and we’ll act it out for you. Gypsy’s always in some kind of play etc. Make it a vmpire story and I’m your girl, or I’ll be the neck if you will. πŸ˜‰ 😎

  29. Dani said

    I think I am going to try. I have considered joining and trying to write. I get all nervous at the thought of it though. The whole anxiety issue flairs up at that point and I keep talking myself out of it.

  30. DIZEY1 said

    Hey don’t psyche yourself out, write it. You don’t have to show anybody anything you’re not comfortable with. Have fun with it. I wish I could write but I’m a tangent girl. I’d have trouble staying on track and would go off on bunny trails ya’ know? If you can do it , just do it like Nike says!!

  31. lwildstar said

    good afternoon ladies!
    Lunch time – freedom – yippee! I even kicked my sheos off under the desk – I’ll have to retrieve one of them later, its all the way in the back!

    Finished part one of my Henry / Vicki short – now what do I do?

    Still working my my story – can you believe I’m up to chapter 6? I only started what two weeks ago? this is the most writing I’ve done since highschool (that was when I planned on being a graphic novelist/comic book writer – or at least penning the stories) Wow you guys are agreat inspiration!

    Dani – sarry about the big scare. I was bitten by a spider while doing a winefest (crafters were set up in an old barn) my arm hur so bad i couldn’t even lift it and just about punched the EMT when he moved it. The bite was so small that the swelling had hidden it. They gave me a shot of anti histamin and the swelling started to go down. Now I’m paranoid of spiders. I refuse to go to my sisters trailer in Luray, just in case!

    I’ll have my nephew for aweekend at the end of the month – he is turning into such a drama queen! I decided that I will ask my sister to let him bring one of her laptops with him and we are going to do some creative writing (I’ll take him to the park) I looked over some of the writing he has done for school projects and he has a really vivid imagination. I hoping that maybe I can get him to express whats been bothering him so much lately – he has difficulty with expressing his feelings……

    Then I’ll have my neice the following weekend….I found a place at the mall that will do makeovers on younger girls (tweens) for about $10 – depending on we want – i may take her to do that – shes the little Diva……

    Well i am off to work on my writing…

    Plaes let me know how to get the Short story accessible to all of you….that one I’m not nervouse about sharing.

  32. lwildstar said

    ok took a minute to go to IMDB – all we need to do is search for Blood Ties, Kyle, Christina, Dylan..etc right?

    Dani – I suffer from anxity too – and you know lately I have found the writing helps center me. Last week was bad here at work – I felt like I was “on the verge” for three days – but coming here and taking part of my lunch break to write helped. Now thats not to say I’ll get up the nerve to show anyone – but all of you have been so great I just might…who knows. πŸ™‚

    Postcards, Postcards, postcards! I’m going to be dreaming of postcards from now til October!

  33. elizabeth said

    Wow, I leave on Friday and come back on Monday to a whole new posting thread. I couldn’t believe how busy you guys were over the weekend!

    I feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster with BT! I get excited when I hear something positive and then deflate when there is something that casts doubt on its renewal. I can absolutely relate to those that gasped when Kyle first showed up on screen for the Canadian viewing. I think I pretty much did the same thing. I need more episodes of BT….I have watched the ones I have on DVR so many times I can speak the dialogue along with them. sigh

    I am also bummed about my car. I was out and about on Saturday and at one stop I turned back because I left something in my car and realized that someone had hit my car!! They scraped the whole driver’s side and dented the rear panel! I have no idea where it happened, but I was beyond annoyed..arrrggghhh. I hate dealing with car issues, but my insurance company is great and all I need to do it take it in and it will be fixed.

    prtfvr – I checked out your site this morning and love your new storyline. Good work, lady!

    I have the Dark books waiting for me at the library. maybe that will cheer me up πŸ™‚

  34. Scribble said

    Hey All:

    Just poking my head in for a minute and noticed everybody worried about the “Official” site at, NOT TO WORRY (forgive the caps, I just wanted to catch people’s eye) we are in the process of a complete redesign of the site in time for the Canadian launch of the show so all is well!!!
    I have no other news to report at the moment other than we are thrilled that the troops are rallying after the publication of Paul’s letter. Keep em coming!!


  35. Madonna said

    Scribble, Thank you for the update. We appreciate it!

  36. Dani said I signed up on There is nothing on there yet of course. I will try and remember to bring in the 9/11 poem I wrote tomorrow and put it on.

  37. Dani said

    Thanks Scribble. My heart palpitations has started to set in again.

  38. prtfvr said

    I love Scribble! It’s nice to know we’re not in a vaccuum.

  39. rifkind said

    By law we are all allowed one FREE credit report a year.

    Two of the site have online dispute methods. So you could try getting your Mom’s credit card off of your report that way.
    If that doesn’t work.. then they should list a snail mail address to write to. they will want the credit report reference number.. so keep track of that info.
    The reports are usually active and available for 30 days.
    You will need to go to all three credit report companies and check them out for correctness.
    One of them, I can’t remember which one, doesn’t have the nice automated dispute pages on the web.. so you’d have to write to them.. once you have the letter written, you could tweak it and send to the other two credit bureau’s too.

    I co-signed on a friend’s loan, and now for the last 10 years, they are showing her address as someplace that I have lived.. I just can’t seem to get that off of my credit report.. it really doesn’t hurt me, I don’t think… but it COULD if someone asks how long I have lived at my current address… it could be confusing..
    Good Luck!

  40. Dani said

    Thanks rifkind-I can’t figure out how my mom’s credit card got on my report. Don’t they need to use my SS#? It is a card that she had me on as a secondary card holder quite a few years ago.

  41. Chery said

    Thanks Scribble! And I am so glad that our postcards are being noticed by TPTB!
    All I can say is wait this week will be even better!

    Thanks for letting us know they are redesigning the site.

  42. lwildstar said

    I’m glad I decide to check in again….thanks Scribble! you’re the best – we need a good word now and again to keep the anxiety under contro1.

    By law we are all allowed one FREE credit report a year, however I found out that it is state specific to a particular month. Like I am in MD and my free one is only avaolbe during September – if you want your credit rating it costs like $7. You can go to and find out when yours will be free (VA right?) other sites may have them availabe at other times for free, but I only use Equifax and I call since they ask for your SS# – not doing that online.

    ok back to work now!

  43. Dani said

    Thanks for the info everyone. lwildstar it is CT.

  44. rifkind said

    If you are on the card as a secondary card holder, that is why it is on your report.
    Are you still listed as being on it?
    If your name is off the card and has been for a while, then you will definately have to write snail mail letters. the automated system to dispute errors, will say that you ARE a signer on the account, and will not let you ‘fix’ the problem online. So you will have to write the dispute letters.
    Get your report corrected as soon as possible. Bad credit can affect your car insurance rates, and even folks considering renting to you can run a credit report. many employers also run credit checks on folks.. So it is VERY important that you check your report for accuracy

    Foe me, the automated dispute said that the co-signed debt had listed MY address as my friend’s address…when I called then about it, I was told that I would then have to go to my friend’s credit union and get them to correct MY information on a 10 year old paid-off debt … at that point I dropped trying to get the address corrected! I am now just waiting for this one to fall off of the credit report… but that can take up to 10 years! UGH!!!

    If anybody else wants info on your credit reports etc.. check out Suzi Orman, she does an excellent job at explaining how the whole credit system works and how it can help or hurt you.
    You can check stuff out there on your FICO score etc.


  45. rifkind said

    I think that you WERE correct about the State you are from and which month you were allowed to get your credit reports.
    BUT, I think that the staggered report requests were just for the first times that the reports became available to the public because of the new credit reporting laws.. They didn’t want the credit bureaus to be swamped by everyone in the country trying to get their credit reports, all as soon as the law became effective.. so they staggered when each region could get their FIRST reports. There shouldn’t be any problem with getting the reports now..

  46. DIZEY1 said

    Thanx Scribble, you rock girl!! We are rallying, massive amounts of postcards and very creative ones at that. I hope Ms. Daniels, and Ms. Wong like them because their desks will be covered by them.

    πŸ™‚ 😎 πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

    I’m stoked here girls, I am using my positive affirmations, we’re gonna rock the BLood Ties world with all our responses. Keep on writing my friends. I’m gonna fill out another 20 of those little bat cards tonight for tomorrow’s mail.

  47. Dani said

    I am getting a headache just reading what I have to go through to get this corrected. I should have my mom do it. It is technically her fault. She put me as a secondary on her card without asking me. She was trying to be helpful when she did it. The account has been closed by the creditor and as I said she has gone backrupt.

  48. rifkind said

    I think that we have to search IMDb for Blood Ties this way
    “Blood Ties” (2006)
    otherwise we will end up hitting on 1991 TV show….

  49. Laurel said

    Good day bloggerkin! I have been running around with family and figuring out postcards, registering at IMDb and searcihing for everything and everyone related to Blood Ties.
    I am getting ready to make a potato stamp of a “bloody tie” and maybe a moon that I can hand draw some bats over. I have several stamp-pads of ink and embossing supplies and think I will involve my girls in that project this afternoon.

    On the map for the Paranormal Avenger team – if you put Gypsy in Portland I would be just 15 miles South, with Elizabeth just a pin’s width South of me. πŸ™‚

    Scribble – thank you so much for the updates!

    I hope Lifetime is paying attention to what is happening in other media as well as television. There has been such a tremendous increase in all things Paranormal in movies and books as well as the upcoming season of new television offerings. My local Borders has added an entire row (between romance and sci/fi) for stories of Witches, Were-folk, Vampires, Angels, Mages….

    I may be off line for a while today. My mother is having heart problems and is undergoing an angio-gram in a few minutes. I am very worried about her, especially after she called last night and pretty much told me “good bye.” I know God is watching over her and everyone at the hospital will be good to her, but I couldn’t be with her and Dad today because they are 200 miles away and I can’t drive while on pain meds. Now I have to wait for a call from my Dad to see how she does. Scarry.

  50. Dani said

    Diz-Send some of that positiveness my way that I can get this damn credit card off of my report.

  51. Dani said

    And send some Laurel’s way too. My prayers are with you Laurel.

  52. rifkind said

    Oh Yeah !!
    I TURNED a couple more folks to Blood Ties..
    When I go to the post office to mail stuff.. Margaret it is on the way!!!……
    I go to the small local post office… there are usually only a few main folks who work at this post office at the front desk area… so I have been talking to one lady over and over about the show and our addiction…
    Well today I went in and got this nice young man… I waved to the other gal and said , “Yup another care package being sent out to my Blood Ties buddy!”

    He asked about the show.. and seemed very interested. I told him that it was on Lifetime and that the first episodes were available ON DEMAND..
    I told him that the first shows were based on a book… he wanted to know the author… Tanya Huff… OK then… Now he is going to check out the show…
    and IF HE likes it, I am sure that he will remind the other postal lady to watch the shows when they air again on Lifetime.. as she doesn’t have ON DEMAND.
    Adding more to the flock all the time!!

    Off to do even MORE post cards!

  53. msgypsy said

    “after the publication of Paul’s letter.”

    I’m feeling out of the loop. What’s this about a letter?

    Gotta get back to work before the boss comes in…

  54. DIZEY1 said

    Laurel, my dawlin’ with all the support and prayers you’ve done for me, I’ll send some your way . I’ll get my ladies @ work to put her on their prayer lists. Many prayers coming your way. I know how you feel when it’s so close to home. God’s got his hand on her she’ll be ok. πŸ™‚ XOXOXOXOXOX

    Luv YA!!!

    Beth & family

  55. rifkind said

    {{{{HUGS}}}} Laurel,
    I know how nerve racking that can be when you can’t physically be there with your parents..
    I hope that all went well.

  56. DIZEY1 said

    Be back after lunch.

  57. elizabeth said

    Laurel – I am sorry to hear about your Mom. I am beaming positive thoughts to you all πŸ™‚ I am right around the corner if you need anything, k?

    i was in Borders on Saturday, but was so intent on the books I wanted I did not notice the new set up with the Paranormal section. Geez, I need to get my nose out of a book and pay attention πŸ˜‰ You would think with the amount of money I spend in that store I would get personal updates on changes – hehehe.

  58. Himmiefan said

    Thank you Scribble!!!

    Laurel – prayers for your mother!

    Danielle – I feel for you girl. Let us know how it goes getting that off your credit report.

    I’m heading over to Hen’s to see what Prtfvr’s been up to. Check back in later.

  59. Laurel said

    Thankk you dears. I knew I could count on you to add prayer power and positive energy for my mom. As always, I am in awe of the friends I have found here. You are truly a blessing in my life.

  60. Himmiefan said

    Prtfvr – “I’m Not Gay” I love it! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  61. Madonna said

    My prayers are with you and your family.
    For those of you who have a troubled spirit, just think about the poem Footprints In The Sand. During the times in your life when you are at your weakest, God carries you.

  62. Claire said

    Bonjour Mes Amis..

    Thanks for the link Madonna…Canadian fans weren’t the only ones that gasped when Kyle came on….Jeez I almost fell off my sofa…then immediately went online to search….who was that magnificent specimen….LOL!!

    I’m kind of dragging my butt today…didn’t get much sleep…my cats decided to go crazy at 4a.m. I heard a loud crash..thought someone was breaking in…went downstairs only to find everything knocked off my console table! couldn’t fall back to sleep.Finally discovered what happened when I saw the Cat chasing a huge brown ugly moth! Josie the nut dog jumped in and more havoc insued…thus waking everyone up.Don’t know where the ugly sucker is right now…but you will hear my screams if it lands on me! I really don’t like Moths!
    Laurel…Prayers going out to you!
    Scribble..Thank you so much…for keeping us abreast of things!

    Check you out later loves!

  63. Madonna said

    OK, my last post disappeared and since it was relevant to the moment I’ve decided to type this again. Please, just ignore the other one when it comes out of spam hell.

    No problem Claire!

    I hope you are able to get all that credit stuff straightened out. Unfortunately I can’t offer any advice there. I’m glad that Amber was OK.
    When I was six we went to a family reunion in Southern Ky. My great uncle took all us kids on a nature walk one afternoon. We came to a steep hill which I couldn’t climb because of the rigidity in my feet and ankles. During my struggles I fell face first into a yellow jackets’ nest. I was stung about 25-30 times before my uncle was able to get to me. He got me back to his house and my mom threw me into a cool bath and started picking the stingers out. Other than being really tired I was perfectly fine. I think my family was more afraid than I was. Funny thing is, is that I am not afraid of bees. You’d think I would be, wouldn’t you?

    Elizabeth, Sorry about your car.

  64. Madonna said

    By the way,
    Not to get anyone’s hopes up…. I might be wrong and probably am but I think it is a good sign that they are revamping the website. Why would a production company spend the time and money to completely update a site for a show that won’t be around long?

    They probably are spending a great deal of money too. A good graphic designer can make up to $26-$50 dollars an hour. I know those numbers are higher for web designers.

  65. Margaret said

    Not to be the devil’s advocate but the other markets have ordered the first season, second season, and additional episodes too haven’t they? Which could mean the north americans will be left out in the rain while everyone else gets what we couldn’t have.

  66. Madonna said

    I know other markets have expressed an interest in ordering future seasons but I do not believe that any have done so yet. I might be wrong though. Does anyone else have any info on this?

  67. prtfvr said

    Laurel: Sending hugs your way!

  68. msgypsy said

    Laurel, I’m sorry I missed your post earlier. Love and brightness coming your way. Hugs, too.

    So, I ask again. Who is Paul and what’s this about his letter?

  69. Dani said

    Gypsy go to It will be on the first page once you enter the site.

  70. Margaret said

    I think the information I picked up was from one of the podcasts that Peter Mohan did some time back.

  71. prtfvr said

    Guys, I gotta tell you. I’m so sad today. One of my budgies died this morning out of no where. I had lost four parrots between September and October – all from different things and I hope I’m not on to another run of deaths. I’M SO SAD!!! It’s hard to explain why you’re sobbing at your desk to someone who’s not an animal lover, you know? They think you’re nutty.

    This was a total shock. Everything had been fine. I don’t know what happened. I DO know that I can’t keep going through this. It’s too hard and I’m so tired…

  72. msgypsy said

    Thanks, Dani. I found it. Wow, this is a production team that knows and respects its fan base. I’m, frankly, blown away by this. I’ve known other groups who have approached this level of respect (Firefly comes immediately to mind) but this is beyond that.

    Is it a Canadian thing? I know they’re REPUTED to be more polite than folks in the U.S. but always thought that was a stereotype. And does being more polite equal being more in touch with fans? Or is this a really special group of people no matter what nationality?

    Whatever … I’m gobsmacked. (Yes, yes, I picked that up in an unrelated manner but it’s SUCH a great word!)

  73. elizabeth said

    prtfvr – I am so sorry about your little budgie. I totally understand how you must feel because I am a total animal lover. I had a cat, Gizmo, for 11 years and he was just awesome. When he passed I had him creamated with the idea I would bury him in the back yard where he liked to hang out. Believe it or not – he is still sitting on my mantle. I just can’t bury him. My daughter made a little memorial with his picture and his collar.

  74. prtfvr said

    Here’s a list of TV shows (including BT eps) that Kyle has done from There’s an air date for “Wild Blood” of 10/31/07. Is that the “season” premiere? Also, I know that I didn’t watch the first show until March but it has a January air date.

    So who saw those January shows?

    Kyle Schmid

    TV Episode Filmography By Series

    Beautiful People (7 episodes)
    Pilot (8 August 2005) – Evan Frasier
    Point and Shoot (15 August 2005) – Evan Frasier
    Reload (22 August 2005) – Evan Frasier
    Over Exposure (29 August 2005) – Evan Frasier
    F-Stop (12 September 2005) – Evan Frasier
    Blow Up (19 September 2005) – Evan Frasier
    Photo Finish (26 September 2005) – Evan Frasier

    Strange Days at Blake Holsey High (1 episode)
    Past (19 March 2005) – Blake Holsey

    Odyssey 5 (2 episodes)
    Vanishing Point (22 January 2003) – Zack Ambrose
    Follow the Leader (29 January 2003) – Zack Ambrose

    Degrassi: The Next Generation (1 episode)
    Parents Day (18 November 2001) – NAK Reporter

    The Zack Files (1 episode)
    Gone (12 March 2001) – Jason

    Blood Ties (22 episodes)
    Deep Dark (????) – Henry Fitzroy
    D.O.A. (????) – Henry Fitzroy
    Wrapped (????) – Henry Fitzroy
    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (????) – Henry Fitzroy
    The Devil You Know (1 January 2007) – Henry Fitzroy
    Drawn & Quartered (1 January 2007) – Henry Fitzroy
    Bugged (1 January 2007) – Henry Fitzroy
    We’ll Meet Again (1 January 2007) – Henry Fitzroy
    Blood Price: Part Two (11 March 2007) – Henry Fitzroy
    Blood Price (11 March 2007) – Henry Fitzroy
    Bad JuJu (18 March 2007) – Henry Fitzroy
    Gifted (25 March 2007) – Henry Fitzroy
    Deadly Departed (1 April 2007) – Henry Fitzroy
    Love Hurts (8 April 2007) – Henry Fitzroy
    Heart of Ice (15 April 2007) – Henry Fitzroy
    Heart of Fire (22 April 2007) – Henry Fitzroy
    Stone Cold (29 April 2007) – Henry Fitzroy
    Necrodrome (6 May 2007) – Henry Fitzroy
    Post Partum (13 May 2007) – Henry Fitzroy
    5:55 (15 May 2007) – Henry Fitzroy
    Norman (20 May 2007) – Henry Fitzroy
    Wild Blood (31 October 2007) – Henry Fitzroy

  75. elizabeth said

    msgypsy – LOL – I haven’t heard gobsmacked in ages! I used it at work once without thinking and people thought I was nuts until I explained my British family!

  76. prtfvr said

    elizabeth: I have my other birds cremated too. They’re in an oak box in my bedroom. I have one bird that I haven’t added to it yet. It’s just so sad to see him reduced to less than an ounce of ash…I can’t bare to put him in with the others.

    Trying to occupy myself with BT stuff. Work hasn’t been doing the trick. Can’t really lose myself in it. I really hate being here today…

  77. Dani said

    prtfvr-I am so sorry. I can’t believe. That is so sad. I cry if there is anything wrong with my hotdog. I can’t imagine what it will be like when she dies.

  78. prtfvr said

    Thank you, Dani. I wasn’t going to say anything here but it was just too hard to keep it to myself so here I am.

  79. elizabeth said

    prtfvr – I checked out the site and noticed that when I searched on his name there were several kyle’s that come up – Kyle Schmidt (not our boy Kyle Schmid) was one of them and it looked like some of the shows you mentioned were his. Am I confused?

  80. prtfvr said

    elizabeth: See if this one works.

  81. prtfvr said

    Here’s the IMDB link for Blood Ties.

  82. prtfvr said

    Everyone should still search on the names though. I’m not sure if going right to the link counts.

  83. msgypsy said

    Prtvfr, I’m so sorry. I hope your budgie is with happy friends from previous lives now.

    Re: Gobsmacked. It’s SUCH a wonderful word. American English has nothing equivalent.

    Ever heard the phrase England and the U.S.: Two cultures separated by a common language? We need to adopt gobsmacked. Bring the two cultures closer. Just a little.

  84. elizabeth said

    gypsy – I watch BBC America quite a bit and it cracks me up that before some of the programs there is a voice over and a TV remote on the screen. Telling us that it would be a good idea to use CC in case we don’t understand everything (it is very cleverly done and funny, but I can’t remember exactly what is said). I know I have spent a lot of time translating things for friends watching the telly with me πŸ™‚

  85. Madonna said

    I’m so sorry about your baby. Here’s a hug!!! I understand what you are going through. For those of us who have a pet that we really love it is like losing a child. When they die, a piece of you dies with them. God will carry you!

  86. Dani said

    I found phone #’s for all the credit agencies. I got through to transunion no prob. They were very helpful. They are going to verify with Chase what I told them and send me a copy of my credit report when it is corrected. The other two I can’t even get through to anyone.

  87. Dani said

    This is really very frustrating. I am going home now to take some Extra Strength Tylenol and have some rum. YAY!

  88. Dani said

    Oh and I emailed the religious education director for my church to see when the registration is for this school year because Amber needs to be signed up. I also asked her how much it was. She emailed me back that Amber was already registered and she was free because I teach. She told me Amber is already on my student list. YAY!

  89. Madonna said

    I’ve done a little looking around. I’ve seen lots of stuff about other countries buying the first season, the U.K., France, Germany, Eastern Europe and Israel, among them. One site said it was selling like hotcakes. However I have seen nothing definite about another country buying a season two.

  90. lwildstar said

    prtfvr – Wild Blood is epi 14 – remember orginally they were going to show #13 as part of “season one” and changed their mind so that they could do 5 weeks of two episodes each.

  91. rifkind said

    I am so sorry about your baby!

    When Tanya Huff was asked about what sparked her interest in the vampire genre she said.
    “I’m very interested in how one deals with the gift/burden of immortality …”

    Hubby and I are writing a vampire story together and just this weekend, were talking about the ramifications of being immortal.
    How does an immortal interact with mortals? Do they get CLOSE?
    Do they DARE let themselves fall in love with a mortal?

    We recently lost our kitty, and I miss her terribly. (Had her cremated too).
    Most of our pet’s lives WILL be shorter than ours, (unless you have the large parrots that live to 150 years…)
    When our pets die, will we withdraw and never have another pet in our lives, because it hurts too much when they die?
    Some people DO go that direction because it hurts too much.
    I hope that you can let the JOY of having these creatures in your life outweigh the saddness that you are feeling right now.
    Sending a big {{{HUG!}}} and we can all cry with you!

    You said:
    > This was a total shock. Everything had been fine. I don’t know what
    > happened. I DO know that I can’t keep going through this.
    > It’s too hard and I’m so tired…

    You know, I can almost hear our sweet HENRY saying the exact same thing about the mortals in his life.

    I know that the little critters in our lives will be there waiting for us when we cross over too!

  92. Laurel said

    prtfvr – I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Such small creatures to take up such big places in our lives and hearts. Here is a <<>> for you today.
    I hope sharing your sorrows brings you some comfort. We are here for you dear.

  93. DIZEY1 said

    Prtfvr, So sorry about your baby. I can associate I have 1 cat, and 3 dogs in little containers from the crematorium. I will never forget any of them or the love they brought me. I might start crying writing this. Love ya’ and I empathize with you. XOXOXOX

  94. Madonna said

    It’s amazing the love that animals can bring out in even the most stoic of humans. My father is the strong, silent type. He does have a genuine soft spot for animals though. I’ll never forget when our Pekingese Minnie who at 17 was dying of kidney failure. My father sat up with her all night long, talking to her and petting her. When I woke up in the morning he actually had her in his arms like a baby, just whispering to her and telling her it was alright. We had her put down later that day. That has been about 7 years ago and I’m still bawling my eyes out right now just thinking about that moment.

    They’re like babies to us. I have a deep, abiding respect for those who treat their animals like members of the family. They say you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat an animal and I’ve always found that to be true.

    I can tell by your love for your birds that you are a great woman. Sorry for all your sadness.

    (We have a whole host of other great women and (man) on here as well!)

  95. prtfvr said

    Thank you everyone for your support. It really means a lot to me. I needed to tell someone about it who wouldn’t think I was crazy for being devastated. This really helps.

    I have 16 other parrots and I love them all. Some more than others of course. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that. This budgie was my favorite of the four. He would complain when I had to catch him but suffer through me petting him afterwards. I just hope it isn’t a disease. I can’t bare to lose all of them!

  96. prtfvr said

    Tanya verified that Paul McCovney (sp?) really wrote that letter so she’s posted it on her site. FYI.

  97. Laurel said

    Okay, the word hug was in the middle of all of that. Weird that it disappeared.

    Elizabeth – sorry to hear about your car. 😦

    Update on my mom – her proceedure went well and she should be home soon. They didn’t find anything that would cause the shortness of breath and other symptons, only minor beginnings of blockage. I don’t know what will come next.

  98. rifkind said

    OK crying at work isn’t cool…

    Get onto a Henry Fitzroy wave length…

    From Love Hurts:
    * ================================
    Vicki: You weren’t just at my place, somehow in bed with me, running your hands all over my body?
    Henry: Well, that depends. Did you enjoy it?
    Vicki: Henry.
    Henry: No.
    Vicki: Are you sure?
    Henry: I think I’d remember it.
    * ===============================+

    Yup! We’d remember it too Henry!

  99. DIZEY1 said

    I guess I’m the only sucker still at work. I’ll check in with ya’ll later when I get home.

  100. Claire said

    Prtfvr…So Sorry…since lately I have turned into a water bag…I got all teary! I too empathize with you…One of my cats Smokie is like my baby….sleeps and cuddles with me and he just turned 12 yesterday…I can’t imagine life without him!

  101. elizabeth said

    Laurel – I am so glad your Mom’s tests turned out well πŸ™‚ It is frightening to feel helpless when a loved one is involved.

  102. Margaret said

    Dani/Amber-Hope everything is ok now, prtvr-wish I could give you a hug. My ex brought home a kitten I didn’t even want one time, she got sick, I had to put her down and it broke my heart so I can empathize with you; Elizabeth-I’ve had someone shot out my window in my suv years ago so I can feel your pain too, Dani-my ex had bad credit so I can feel some of your pain.
    Laurel-glad things seem to be taking a turn for the better with your mom.

    Scribble-Thank you so very much for visiting and letting us know what is going on. We don’t have to tell you how much we love this show. Although, we do need to build a hospital with a wing for our addictions-only problem is we don’t seem to want to be cured. lol.

  103. Margaret said

    I’m out of here for a while to cook dinner and write those cottin-pickin postcards.

    By the way, I have developed a new diet: Its called the Blood Ties Addicts Diet-You sit in a dimly lit room with post cards in one hand, pen in the other, and a computer screen with looping Blood Ties episodes. You also have the computer set to where you can send postcards through it when you take a break from handwriting them. With all this multi-tasking, who has time to eat. lol.

  104. lwildstar said

    I am mortified!
    I just got home and pulled the pages of my story – that printed at work – out of my tote…and *OMG* the first two pages are missing!
    Someone must ahve been printing something at the same time – ok no big deal, my names not on it…but it had the only smut section of the story !(thus far)…so now I’m hoping no one says anything like “do you know who wrote this?” or ” do you know who printed this?” augggggggg!
    Oh well whats done is done – hopefully they just trashed it.
    I am so not looking forward to tomorrow!
    I hope it didn’t end in anything going out to a client!
    Good Grief – anxiety atttack on the horizon…….
    Hey may be they’ll think its the temp?

    Oh well…….now on to better and brighter things!

    They got my second screen set up at work, so now I can watch BT on Lifetime at lunch while Ilm writting…yippee – ok thats not why they gave me the second screen, but as I say “waste not want not”

    Laurel – (((HUGS))) glad to her your mom is doing well.

    Just printed off ten more post cards for tomorrow – found the two that went missing this morning…and I’ve got 100 on the way!

    Ok I’m going to go write now.

  105. msgypsy said

    Laurel, when you use the angle brackets (or whatever are called) whatever you put in between them disappears. It’s a peculiarity of this kind of blog.

    I need to do some work now before my boss catches me.

  106. AlisaSG said

    I had a gorgeous cat that died over ten years ago (severe anemia and kidney failure). When I first got her, she became my baby, because all of our cats belonged to the entire family.. but this one came specifically to me, so I claimed her as my *baby*. It was very sad when she finally left us. I still mourn her loss now and then.


    there’s a special welcome message waiting for you at That was *cool* how quick you were able to get in.. it took me 2 days on my initial registration (cause I did something super dumb). I had to flag down the moderator for extra help.

    Thought you’d enjoy the adorable smilie in there, too 😎
    they have a huge list of smilies to choose from, and I almost couldn’t find it..

    If you need additional help (because there’s an inter-forum *PM* also waiting for you), just ask.

    my e-mail addy is

  107. moonbeam said

    Hello BT Fans & Family,

    This is moonbeam (Debi—Laurel’s sis-in-law) of the famous, “I don’t do vampires” line blogging in! Henry has changed my opinion on that, umm, yummy!

    Gracious so much is happening! I feel like I know many of you from your warm and loving care last week when I was up visiting Laurel. It sure shows here again. I’m touched by your comments and my heart goes out to all of you. I’m looking forward to getting to know you. I already know that some of you are too funny to read at work, or with coffee in your hand anyhow!

    I have dutifully sent off 10 postcards and have ten more ready to go! Should I be signing a different name to any of them?

    I’ve just about finished all of the Blood Books? Do I move to the Smoke Series? Does that mean I done with Vicki, Henry and Mike until our postcards work their magic?

    I definitely believe that I have begun that new diet that Margaret mentioned.

    FYI Laurel’s B-Day = 7/19

  108. lwildstar said

    Welcome Moonbeam!
    So glad to have you visit. Yes move on to the Smoke books – althougth Vicki isn’t in them Henry does put in some appearences…they are much differnt then the Blood books – a lot funnier – especially the last one. I’m about half way through book three sSmoke and Ashes – and I swar every other page is a line that makes me laugh out loud!.

    Wll my dears I think I wil log off for the night.

    Still worring about what happened to the two missing pages of chapter five; and why, oh why, did it have to be THOSE two pages!? some one “up there” is messing with me, I just know it!

    Oh just had to tell you – couple days ago Paul emailed me (in response to good morning) requesting valuim – I said I didn’t have any but I had chocolate and if he was stressed out he needed to take a break – even if only to hide in the bathroom for 15 -20 minutes….I got his reply to that today – he asked “and what would I be doing in the bathroom for 20 minutes to relieve stress?” ok I once I stopped laughing, spewing tea all over my desk (yes Kate – take two) I started to type out a long list of options…and immediatly delted them – ok the boy is starting to losen up, don’t want to scare him now!
    So I just replyed “thats not what I meant” and left him to think about it….no response this afternoon, so we’ll see if there is something in the morning!

    ok now I’m off……I have postcards to finish up! punching holes drawing blood drops…

  109. moonbeam said

    See that is what I mean about making people lol!

  110. DIZEY1 said

    Welcome Moonbeam, Yippy for Laurel keep on recruiting. Glad to have you here. We’re a crazy bunch but we’re fun!! πŸ™‚ Once you get to know us you can’t live without us, just like Henry πŸ˜‰

    Iwildstar, you go girl. He’s slow but sounds like he’s starting to loosen up a little. The 2 pages, don’t stress over it, I’ll bet they were a good read, watch they’ll ask if they can read the rest.

  111. lwildstar said

    oh those pages are a good read – not graphic (THANK GOD!) but still theres enough there to make someone blush…I’m hoping that if ANYBODY in the office found them its the one lady who has the dirty mind (she is a hoot!) and since she had been the last one back in the copy room, that I know of….oh well it doesn’t matter unless someone brings it up.

    As for Paul – I’m beging to wonder if the stress isn’t shkeing himn up in a good way. I’m gong to plan another lunch with his coworker – the one I’m trying to “turn”….maybe she can give me the “skiny” on him…the trick is how to ask tactfully – but then again shes’ the one who brought him up last time we went to lunch…hummm….

    oh well, they just beeped in with a storm warning so I guess I should get off the computer now!

    Night all…happy Henry dreams! I’ll check in tomorrow morining.

  112. DIZEY1 said

    Night Iwildstar, reves doux d’Henry πŸ™‚


  113. Annalaise duChat said

    Good Evening Ladies & Gent.

    This is the 1st opportunity I’ve had to write today. My you’ve been busy!

    prtfvr – So sad for your loss. Loosing a pet is very hard. Hang in there.You have your blog sisters to give you moral support.

    Moonbeam – Welcome! So glad you’ve decided to do vampires. They’re actually quite an entertaining group! Now that you’ve “done” Henry, may I recommend Lestat & Louis (Anne Rice), Jean-Claude (LK Hamilton) & Javier Vachon & Nick Knight (Forever Knight Series) just to get you started! Enjoy!

    Scribble – Thanks for the encouraging news! We truly appreciate you taking the time to keep us in the loop. Now that wee know we are having an affect we will try even harder!

    Bad news guys somehow all of the emails you sent me that I was saving for the map got deleted. No I did not do it! I opened my email tonight and was informed I had 0 messages. What’s up with that?! I’m not a happy camper. Until I figure out what happened, please let’s try again using the old account.

    Same as before if you want to be indicated on the BT Avenger’s Location map email me at: :


  114. DIZEY1 said

    Going to write some postcards, I’m watching Heart of Ice on another window. The scene before they go into the sewer w/the flame thrower, when Henry says his speech about every time he feeds he’s choosing to live and then he says “what’s your choice Vicki ?? ” . She says nothing, what the hell is he saying there?? her choice about what?? it confuses me ……..Help!! πŸ™‚

  115. DIZEY1 said

    And another thing when Mike puts the Illuminacion del Sol on our sweet Henry’s heart, I hate it that Vicki didn’t go to him. She should have gone to him & held him. It’s what I would’ve done. They could’ve taken the Madd Monk πŸ˜‰

  116. rifkind said


    I think that he is saying that Vicki is hiding from other parts of her life because of her eyes.. she is still trying to prove to herself that she is a worthwhile human being since she left the police force and has blocked out all other things in her life.
    She really ISN’T living fully.. she is withdrawing from a potential of continuing her relationship with Mike .. or a new one with Henry.. or with anyone else.

    I loved Henry’s line about passion when they were watching the vampire movie. I think he was trying to get her to face the same thing then …
    make sense?

    Laurel — Check your verizon email .. sent you a message..

    Moonbeam — Welcome! Put your coffee down NOW!
    There is always room at the Clinic for the Totally Insanely Addicted Blood Ties Fans …. The padded room is around the corner.. I was just leaving, I promise… for some reason I was having flashbacks to playing PONG… while was in there and Henry was winning…
    Straight jackets come only in white … but we have special ordered ones that have easy wrist access for any emergency wrist slurpies..
    Dance lessions with Henry are on Wednesday nights, and the formal dance is on Saturday night.. formal gowns preferred. Henry likes dress up.
    Oh YUM!!
    The sign-up sheet for Henry’s dance sheet is full already for this week.. but you can join the stampede next Monday morning..
    There is still room on Mike’s dance card ..
    and Orlando will be stopping by… but for some reason all his dances have MY name filled in… Hee Hee!
    Welcome to the fun!

  117. DIZEY1 said

    Thanx Rif, you know that does make sense after I went back and re-watched, as if I minded. I feel so bad for him when he’s almost pleading for her to understand why he did the things he had to do to survive. She ‘s a bit bitchy when she says “you chose to be a vampire” he’s pissed there. I watched Post Partum this morning getting ready for work. I so love the way Henry was with the boys telling Damian, omen child that he won’t kill people or animals. He has so much humanity still in him even after 450ish years. Oh man I miss my show….(whining) an my Henry.

    Well gonna go , those postcards aren’t going to write themselves……I’ll check back before bed.

  118. prtfvr said

    Hi moonbeam! This is the nicest group of people, you’ll enjoy it here. Oh, and they’re wicked funny too which is a bonus!

    Many heartfelt thanks to all of your for the support on the death of my budgie. I just came up from sitting with them all and I’m so paranoid! I see a ruffled feather and I’m like “Are you ok?”. I took Nicky Jr. (budgie) to the vets tonight to have a necropsy performed. I have to know what killed him. I’m praying that it’s not contagious but he was a fat, bouncy little guy and definitely a pig. He was only 4 which is young for a budgie to die.

    I have several parrots that have long lifespans. I’m so paranoid now though, I just keep waiting for the next thing. As it is, since the four birds died in Sept/Oct, I always look at the bottom of everyone’s cage to make sure no one’s down there. This morning I noticed that three of the budgies had squished themselves over the waterbowl which was weird. I look down and there’s Nicky Jr. panting like crazy. I knew right away that it was the end. I’m so tired of watching my birds die.

    My husband said that I shouldn’t have pets because everything dies and I’m wrecked for a while after one passes.

    Anyhow…I appreciate all the love! Thank you!

    — Debbie

  119. Madonna said

    Good evening everyone,

    I’m so happy that there was no bad news for your mother today!

    Welcome to the fold. Make yourself at home. We’re a crazy bunch but at least we’re a happy crazy bunch.

    I think Rifkind is pretty much right on. Henry is asking Vicki if she is going to choose to take life by the horns and really live it or is she just going to go through the motions.

    With all the talk about animals today I have to wonder how you handle seeing your favorite patients go? As you are obviously an animal lover, I know It can’t be easy, no matter how much you try to detach yourself.

    I’m freaking out a bit myself today but for different reasons. My ex-boyfriend cornered my mom out in front of our house today. She said he was asking all kinds of questions about me, including if I was seeing anyone. It’s got me worried, because incidents like these usually end with a visit or a phone call within a week or two. I really don’t need to have to deal with that right now.


    Elder Hostel….. Every superhero has their own emblem or logo a calling card if you will. I was thinking we all needed one. It could be embroidered somewhere small on all our costumes. For example…. Anzia’s could be something with ^_^, and Margaret’s could be a pen, lol. If you like this idea, email me your ideas for yours including a description of your costume and I’ll draw some things up and send it out to everyone.

  120. Madonna said

    Oh, my email is

  121. Margaret said

    You’re soooo funny Madonna……..make mine a pen in a crippled hand from writting too many postcards…. Have to go write some more. Was just lurking for a bit. Or maybe it can be a pen with a line through it, on top of a postcard, but wait I can’t stop until we get word from Lifetime.

    Oh Henry, Oh Henry, where are you when I need you. Couldn’t you convince Damon to write these for me. lol.

  122. Margaret said

    Whoops, should have been Damian.

  123. moonbeam said

    Let’s see, I think the repeating name on the dance card is. . . Oh yes, that would be mine. I look sooooo good dancing with that or yes, it’s those men!

    prtfvr I had a parrot, Sunny, in my classroom for a year or so. It was so grand to have him sit on kids shoulders, squawk around and be a friend to us. I’m thinking of you and how anxious you’re feeling right now. I’ll send positive thoughts and energy to you and your feathered family.

  124. Anzia said

    prtfvr- I’m so sorry honey! I’m sending you lots of love, hugs and warm thoughts!

    Laurel- I’m glad to hear about your mom. I’m sending you love and hugs and such as well.

    I’m sorry that bad things are happening to you guys! 😦 We’ll have to direct some of our positive thinking to making everyone happy ’cause it’s no use having Henry and them back if everything is making us sad at the same time! (even though they do have the tendency to brighten our days…i’m sure you guys get what I’m trying to say)

    Moonbeam- Welcome to the BT family! I never blogged until I found BT so, I understand your new found interest in it! ^_^

    Scribble- I’m sorry I haven’t done this before but thank you soo much for the updates and welcome to the craziness that is our BT family.

    Dani- If you don’t like that book I know that there are loads others out there. πŸ™‚ But it is the one that I recommend. But then again, i’m biased. ^_^ Oh and if you just want some fun writing exercises I recommend Write Brain. Such a fun little book. A friend and I do them together and then share them with each other. ^_^

    ms.gypsy- are you on now too?

  125. Anzia said

    I just got an “account birthday card” from! So cute! I’ve been there 5 years! Wow… how time flies…

  126. Himmiefan said

    Hello everybody!! I took a sick day today because I was wide awake from 1:00 am until after 6:00 am. Not only did I have insomnia, but I was very stressed too. The only thing I can think happened is that I drank for the first time one of those new cans of Starbucks iced coffee. I usually don’t like Starbuck’s coffee, but this was good, so I had the whole thing. Note to self: do not do that again!

    Welcome Moonbeam! Glad to have you!

    Alisa – Hi! I’ll run over to Roddenberry and see my message. Now, I might have to call on you for help since at first glance,the site does look kind of complicated. I need simple.

    Madonna – I love your idea!! When I read your message, the first thing I thought of was Prtfvr’s ice pick! πŸ™‚ Anyway, I’ll think on my symbol and get back to you.

    Prtfvr – so sorry for your loss! My sister and brother-in-law came home Easter weekend and found their original bunny, the one they found dumped in their back yard – very, very sweet bunny – lying dead. From the look of it, she died while in mid-run. The bunny rescue lady said that with improper breeding, many bunnies have heart defects that cause sudden death. If she had to die, at least it was all of the sudden. Anyway, we all boo-hooed for quite a while. All the other kitties and bunnies in the family sent a bouquet of pale pink roses.

    Ohhh Dizey. That whole scene in Heart of Ice drove me crazy (even though Kyle’s expressions were, as usual, adorable!). First, he says to Vicki that his life is his business. At that point, she should have pointed out that she had not said anything, so why make that comment. He then goes on to insist that she ask him about the woman in the picture. She should have noted that he had just said that his life was his business. He clearly did not have his mind on stalking the creature, so Vicki should have turned around, gone back up, and said that Henry needs to come clean and just come right out and say what he wants to say. None of this talking around the issue and saying confusing lines! Well, at least that’s what I would have done. Of course, I would have never bothered him in the first place while he was trying to make a deadline. Oh yeah! I would have also busted his chops for not saying in the first place that Delphine had asked to be turned. Just saying that he had killed her and leaving it at that caused a lot of unnecessary trouble.

  127. Anzia said

    himmie- I LOVE that stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! actually, i love coffee in general but that stuff is delish!

  128. vicki said

    wwelcome mooonbeam…

    We are family…pull up a chair and let your hair down.

    Dizy…I was watching that episode tonight LOL…I took it to mean Henry was asking her to choice if she wanted the truth..and was willing to accept the truth about his life…OR did she want to pretend that Henry didnt have a life or a history before he met her.

    I looked at it as a “accept me for what I am….and dont try to see me through rose colored classes.” “I am a killler..and its my nature.”

    I did LOVE the line when he said he asked to be turned to be with the woman he loved.. What would you give for a man who felt like that about you??

    THings that make you say Hmmmmm…

    Oh well..night all…

  129. loves history said

    i nailed bill oreilly if you saw the factor last night his answer to quustion about the Titanic was a night to remember 1958 ok but weak, but then he asked who stared and he said clifton webb ZZONKKKED CW was not in ntr but was in the TITANIC 1953 EASY IF YOU LOVE HISTORY

  130. lwildstar said

    good morning!

    well the missing pages were not in the copy room and the recycling bin was emptied last night – so IF I am lucky they have dissappeared and no one will come asking “whos are these”…
    if they do, well I am going to play dumb – unless someone pointedly comes to me (there are two people who would suspect me) then I’m going to say I’m editing for a friend! Oh well…….chapter three had a slightly more graphic scene, (which somehow I forgot about?) I could have lost that one!

    ptrfvr – ((((((HUGS)))))…..I don’t have pets (allergies to everything), but I know its just like losing a child. My heart goes out to you. When my sisters ferret passed, she cried for three days – at least she had two dogs, a cat, a husband, and two kids to comfort her – not to mention hours on the phone with me.

    Rewatched episonds 1 & 2 on LifetimeOnline last night – oh the park scene when Henrys talking about Christina – his expressions – and if you listen carefully he even seems a little choked up when talking about how much he loved her and you can here the subtext “what I gave up to be with her” in his voice….to be so young and be able to express himself that way – oh justs tugs at your heart.
    I love the bedroom scene after the demon fight when Henrys asleep – the way Vicki touchs him, you see she really is starting to care for him dispite how she acts – ok yea she had just fed him, but that was instinct I think – you know the whole “serve and protect” mindset, “he’s injured I must help” she was really paniked when he didn’t just get up after the fight – the whole “why arn’t you healing?” speech – I wonder if she had had to think about it would she have done it?

    oh well must start work now!

  131. lwildstar said

    Came up with another excuss if some one should ask: there are two people who may suspect they are mine but not “MINE” – I had mentioned the blood ties story site and how porny some of the stories were – she could think I just printed one off? hey theres a thougth! In which case she’ll come to me and tell me to be more carefull.

    Positve thinking there.

    Got half way through chapter 6 before the storm warning came up so i went to read – finished Smoke and Ashes….don’t know if you’ve read thos books yet – but (SPOILER) I was so Happy for Tony at the end of book three!

    ok got to go

  132. Margaret said

    Scribble: If you’re out there please go the the Blood Ties/Blood Lines site and clarify the fact that they need to send Post Cards as they have interpreted the letter from your boss to mean an actual letter. We have been told that Lifetime will only accept post cards so all their hard work will be for nothing. HELP!!

  133. Margaret said

    Rifkind tells me that I should share that my Blood Ties Addicts diet is actually working, over the last 2 1/2 weeks I’ve lost 6 lbs. As I told her who can eat when you’re hand printing all those stupid postcards. (my printer is on the fritz). lol.

  134. Dani said

    Good morning everybody!

    Welcome Moonbeam.

    If only I could convince Kelly to type in to here also. She lurks but she said she doesn’t say anything to us because she has nothing to say. I said yeah right. How can you have nothing to say with all that goes on here?

    I did my daily search at Don’t forget to go everyone.

    Here is the url for my 9/11 poem,

    Be honest but gentle if you review it.

  135. DIZEY1 said

    Good Morning, my bloggeratti !!!

    Dani girl that was excellent. You underestimate yourself girl. That day and every day since I fell the same way. I am a proud American and things like this bring it back home. Thanks it was great. Good for YOU!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  136. Dani said

    Thanks Diz. I need the encouragement.

  137. elizabeth said

    Moonbeam – welcome to our wonderful world! I have had such a wonderful time since I quit lurking and joined in the fun. This group makes me laugh, cry along with them, and doesn’t think I am insane for my addiction – how good is that!!? You are going to love it here.

    Ladies, I think the thing I like most about Henry is how tactile he is. He never gropes Vicki, but gently feathers his hands along her skin or hair. He always makes eye contact with her and listens when she speaks. You know he desires her, but he also respects her. Who wouldn’t want that?

  138. Laurel said

    Good morning! I see moonbeam made her debut while I was off writing chapter four yesterday. She is a good fit for our crazy group and I am deilighted to have her company here.
    Thank you all, again, for the prayers and good wishes for my mom. I talked to her last evening and she is pretty happy to have been told she won’t need bypass surgery. They still don’t know what is wrong but that eliminates one of the biggies.

    prtfvr – How are you this morning? I have you and all of your feathered family in my thoughts and prayers today.

  139. Margaret said

    Moonbeam-welcome to our crazy, addicted bunch.

    Elizabeth: I was just thinking the same thing last night as I was rewatching some of the episodes. Seems like Henry never misses an opportunity to touch Vicki, like you said, who wouldn’t want that. But on the other hand, wouldn’t we also die and go to heaven to hear some of the lines that he uses, such as: We could cuddle after. How often do you think you’ll ever hear that in a lifetime?

  140. elizabeth said

    Dani – I loved your 9/11 poem. It made me cry and remember that day, yet, I still felt undefeated. Does that make sense?

    Margaret – if a man like Henry ever gets within my radar I will grab him so fast he won’t know what hit him! πŸ˜‰ Or, at least I hope I would be smart enough to do that.

  141. Dani said

    Thanks Elizabeth.

  142. Laurel said

    I have decided to use the time between postings to address post cards. I actually gave 12 pre-addressed cards to my daughter’s friends yesterday. They were here to watch Blood and Chocolate – it didn’t live up to the book, which they loved. At the end of the movie I offered to show them Blood Ties On-Demand. Within two seconds two of them yelled “Hey! I watched this before! We love this show! I explained about them needing to get postcards in if they wanted new episodes and they started writing them. Each of them has promised to buy and send more cards, and to get more friends involved. Woooo hooo!

  143. Dani said

    I have been putting together a scrapbook to commemorate that day. I saved all the newspapers from that time. I just recently started working on it again. I only have 6 more pages to use and dozens more papers. It really helped me cope.

  144. elizabeth said

    prtfvr – How are you doing today?

    Madonna – you have know idea what consternation I feel trying to come up with a logo that represents me – who knew it would be so difficult! As for a costume – hmmm – I’ll have to think on that one too.

  145. Dani said

    Laurel-I second that WooHoo!

  146. Anzia said

    I feel that TPTB should put us in charge of marketing for the show! Seriously, our recruiting powers are AMAZING

  147. Anzia said

    way to go Laurel… (that was supposed to go in the last post but got happy with the “enter” button)

  148. DIZEY1 said

    Laurel my little pied piper. You go girl keep on recruiting !! Glad to hear about Mom. Will keep her in our prayers, and thanks for Moonbeam, another great addition to the Hens (batty family). I wrote out 17 postcards last night also, wierd number I grabbed and how strange I noticed today is the 17th and also my aunt’s wedding anniversary. Cool 😎

    Lets sock it to em’ ladies, lets write and send !!!!

  149. Laurel said

    Dizey – Is it just me, or does your “Write and Send” sound remarkably like “Lock and Load”?


  150. elizabeth said

    Laurel – good to see you use your powers of persuasion for good πŸ™‚ Way to go girl! BTW, how are you feeling today? Better, I hope..

  151. DIZEY1 said

    It sure could I am from down south and I’m writing that with a twang !! Lock and load, tuck and roll, it’s all good. Hey I can use that in our movie , still need to figure out my logo. I saw the Fantastic Four last night and they had the #4 on they’re costumes. Gotta think about that one.

    How’s your booboo?? Feeling better ??

  152. Dani said

    Madonna-I have been trying to come up with my crime-fighting logo. Thing only thing that I can come up with is something that represents a mature refined 29 year old woman that acts like a starry eyed, “Like oh my God” valley girl 16 year old and sometimes she wishes she still was. It has to match my purple and black outfit.

  153. DIZEY1 said

    Hey **Z** I’m hungry for another addition to your tale. Give me a little midnight swim with my dude πŸ˜‰ hee hee. October’s still a loooong way off and i need a little bit of O’Henry πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

  154. DIZEY1 said

    **Z** I forgot , they should contract us for the marketing of said Henry Memorabilia/Products. Chocolate chains, Blow Henry Pops, Life size inflatable Henry’s ,Vicki’s, Mike’s etc. There’s definitely a market for the goodies that Henry’s Chix offers, don’t ya’ think??

  155. DIZEY1 said

    Ooops that was supposed to be “Henry Blow Pops” *Z* another Freudian slip I guess?? πŸ˜‰

  156. Laurel said

    Danielle – I read you 9/11 piece. You really put your heart into it and it shines through. Nicely done!

    Elizabeth – I still have a catch in my side that won’t go away, but I must admit having lunch with a friend seems to be the best pain relief I’ve been able to find. πŸ™‚
    Which leaves me to wonder…. what’s Gypsy up to this week? I still have her “Legend of the Rangers” DVD. Dylan is so easy to look at. I really prefer him in a Star-Captain type uniform, or anything but that horrid raincoat! Maybe I should design his clothes for the movie! What do you think?

  157. Laurel said

    Skip Freud! We know exactly what you meant! Now I’m not going to get anything done. Dizey sent my mind straight to the gutter.
    Hmmm, I see I’m not the first arrival of the day. 😎

  158. Dani said

    Thanks Laurel.
    Dizey does seem to be dangerous. Her mind is in the gutter all the time. She seems intent on taking us all down. I am happy to join her from time to time.

  159. DIZEY1 said

    Ahhhh Laurel I spend all my time down here the view is very nice, though. Glad you could join me. It’s much more fun down here too. πŸ˜‰ ;(

  160. Anzia said

    LOL, NICE Diz! Your freudian slip and my mind must be psychically connected. Midnight swim huh… I’ll see what I can do. I’m really trying to get the third part done guys. It’s really hard to do when you have NO clue what’s going on. I don’t want to write something just porny. i wanted something with a plot… however minor it may have been…

  161. Claire said

    Afternoon Family!

    Welcome Moonbeam…Love that name!
    I went to IMDB and searched for Blood ties and Kyle Schmid…got to show theres interest!
    Dani…your poem is made me teary…I almost lost my daughter that day…and she lost her best friend and alot of co workers.

    Anyway promised the quads We’d go to the lake and feed ducks.
    check back later!


  162. Anzia said

    I open my home to all of us whose mind LIVES in the gutter. ^_^ It’s rather nice… I promise that I have extra Henry Products for anyone who stops by. πŸ™‚ Full sized, anatomically correct Henry Action Toys for all! ^_^

  163. Himmiefan said

    Oh Dani. Your poem made me cry. Thanks for posting it.

    It’s amazing how it still feels like it happened just yesterday.

  164. DIZEY1 said

    Hey I’ve got Bad JuJu playing on another window. I do miss that darned Henry.

    Henry l’aime dans la gouttiΓ¨re avec moi. Henry m’aime quand je parle sale !!!!
    (hee hee hee) πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

  165. Dani said

    Yes it is shocking to believe that it will be 6 years this year. I am dumbfounded that so many people can simply forget and complain about the war. I personally don’t condone fighting and wars but something had to be done.

  166. DIZEY1 said

    AMEN Dani girl. I’ll stand next to ya’ . I love this place best country in the world, if not there wouldn’t be soooo many people wanting to be here legal or illegal. Oh and BTW if we’re so bad here the devil’s and all that I did notice that Osama rode off in an “SUV” probably an Escalade Ha HA!! Not off on a freakin’ camel. Ok no more of my political opinions. I’m reigning them in.

  167. lwildstar said

    Danielle – the dvds and key cahin came today! yippee thank you thank you thank you!
    Your little bat should be going out Saturday? Maybe sooner depending on how things go – will let you know.

    can’t stay – I’ll catch up later!

  168. Dani said

    I was figuring they would show up today. I’m glad you got them. Enjoy!

  169. prtfvr said

    Laurel and elizabeth: Thank you for your concern. I’m doing better today. I’m having something that I call “heavy sigh” moments. You know, when you realize that you have been doing some shallow breathing and then just do a big inhale and sad exhale? Can’t explain it but that’s the place I’m in today. Just waiting to hear from the vets. I woke up at 4:30 this morning with a feeling of dread and couldn’t figure out what my problem was, then I remembered…I’ll be better when I know what the hell happened.

    Thank you for asking.

    — Debbie

  170. lwildstar said

    *OMG* I almost choked laughing – and the saga continues – Paul just responeded to my invitation to lunch Friday – one of his co-workers is leaving so they will be celebrating Friday: “”Although I may be hanging out in the bathroom w/ my pants down!!”” was the rest of his response!!!!!!!!!!
    Well thats what I get for making playful suggestions about where to go hide from co-workers! I think stress is starting to losen him up…….yea me!

  171. Dani said

    That is funny lwildstar. Go you!

  172. lwildstar said

    Now the question is….just how long is he going to keep bringing that up? Funny thing is I think its Hilarious! I’m going to have a smile on my face all day just from imagining….well I’m sure you can guess!

  173. vicki said

    Hey all

    I bought 20 postcards today…..HWooo Hoooo..I am going to write on them today.

  174. Anzia said

    lwildstar- make sure that you let him know that he should do it at an ‘off-peak’ time. Getting caught with your pants down could lead to MANY unwanted career changes ^_^

  175. Chery said

    Good morning everyone!

    Just dropped off my 20 postcards at the mail box for today. Talk about writer’s cramp!

    Now I am off to send e-mail to advertisers, and post on the LifeTime Board!

    Have a great day everyone!

  176. moonbeam said

    Hello BT Crowd you sure get started early. I had to lay around and finish the very last pages in the “Blood Series” The first two “Smoke books are out at the library. Guess that leaves me more time for postcards.

    Dani- Thanks for sharing your poem. I felt the day and emotions of the people nearest to the place by reading it. It made my heart ache.

    I’m off to look at assisted living homes with my mom today! Yesterday she went without me and got lost. (ended up way out in no-wheres land) I was assisting my mother-in-law with insurance stuff and getting her van in the shop since she was rear ended on Friday the 13th, no-less. Neither want to be hovered over but, it’s nice to be there as the “ears” since theirs don’t catch it all.

    Better get before she takes off without me again.

  177. DIZEY1 said

    bienvenue à la gouttière Iwildstar.
    Henry aime de mauvaises filles comme nous (hee hee hee) πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

  178. Dani said

    Isn’t it funny how wierd things happen in Friday the 13th. That is the day that I was in my very abnormal mood. I went a little to crazy with the liquor that day.

  179. elizabeth said

    lwildstr – I love hearing your saga with Paul. I think it is a good sign that he is allowing a little naughty humor to surface πŸ™‚

    Dizey – I so love the way your mind works πŸ˜‰ You often say things I wish I had thought of…..

    Anzia – I am looking forward to seeing my room in your house for those of us with our minds in the gutter. Nice to have another place to hang out other than the BT room. Life is good!

  180. prtfvr said

    DIZ!!! LOVED your “freudian slip”. Good thing you didn’t have a comma in there, else it would have had a WHOLE new meaning! Instead of “Blow Henry Pops” it could have been “Blow Henry, Pops!” πŸ˜‰

  181. Dani said

    You guys are bad!

  182. elizabeth said

    Moonbeam – good luck with helping your Mom find a new place. I often have to help my Mom because she doesn’t hear very well and doesn’t catch what is being said to her. Funnily enough, she didn’t seem to have a problem hearing Henry when I introduced her to Blood ties. She was glued to the screen the whole time. Must be that Vampire magnetism πŸ™‚

  183. prtfvr said

    A male friend just sent this to me and I thought that our group might enjoy it:
    9 Expressions That Women Use

    1. Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.

    2. Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.

    3. Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine.

    4. Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don’t do it!

    5. Loud Sigh: This is actually not a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.)

    6. That’s Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a woman can make to a man. That’s okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.

    7. Thanks: A woman is thanking you, do not question, or faint. Just say you are welcome.

    8. Whatever: Is a woman’s way of saying *@!$ YOU!

    9. Don’t worry about it, I got it: Another dangerous statement, meaning this is something that a woman has told a man to do several times, but is now doing it herself. This will later result in a man asking, “What’s wrong?” For the woman’s response, refer to #3.


    *Send this to the men you know to warn them about arguments they can avoid if they remember the terminology.

    *Send this to all the women you know to give them a good laugh, because they know it is true.

  184. Dani said

    prtfvr-I have seen that one before. It is so funny and true.

  185. DIZEY1 said

    Prtfvr, LMAO !! I never thought about Pops that way, but he needs to step off cuz’ that fine hunk of man is mine πŸ˜‰ No sharesies w/ a dude sorry I have to draw a line somewhere right??

    elizabeth any time you’re looking for something questionable you know you can always count on me . Open mouth insert……(_________) I leave it up to you. Beth the Queen of “Dirty thoughts” but it’s fun and damn it……………………………….IS IT OCTOBER YET ??????…………………………..:P

  186. elizabeth said

    I thought I would share this with you guys. My sister sent it to me this morning and I thought it was kind of funny.

    You might not have known this, but a lot of nonliving objects are
    actually either male or female. Here are some examples:* **

    FREEZER BAGS: They are male, because they hold everything in, but
    you can see right through them.

    PHOTOCOPIERS: These are female, because once turned off; it takes a
    while to warm them up again.

    They are an effective reproductive device if the right buttons are
    pushed, but can also wreak havoc if you push the wrong Buttons.

    TIRES: Tires are male, because they go bald easily and are often
    over inflated.

    HOT AIR BALLOONS: Also a male object, because to get them to go any
    where, you have to light a fire under their butt

    SPONGES: These are female, because they are soft, squeezable and
    retain water.

    Female, because they’re constantly being looked at and frequently
    getting hit on.

    TRAINS: Definitely male, because they always use the same old lines
    for picking up people.

    EGG TIMERS: Egg timers are female because, over time, all the
    weight shifts to the bottom.

    HAMMERS: Male, because in the last 5000 years, they’ve hardly
    changed at all, and are occasionally handy to have around.

    THE REMOTE CONTROL: Female. Ha! You probably thought it would
    be male, but consider this: It easily gives a man pleasure, he’d
    be lost without it, and while he doesn’t always know which buttons
    to push, he just keeps trying

  187. Laurel said

    prtfvr – I love that. So true. πŸ™‚

    Poor Moonbeam – she lives in the same town as her mother and our mutual mother-in-law as well. Both are single women with profound hearing loss and very independant attitudes. I have the benefit of 100 mile buffer, although that is often not a good thing. Keep the good thoughts and wishes headed her way today, she may need lots of mental/emotional support to get through this latest adventure.
    This is the wonderful lady who took me to the ER at 3:30am, driving my car, and then stayed by my side for the next 8 hours at the hospital. My hero! πŸ™‚

  188. elizabeth said

    Laurel – it sounds a bit like you and Moombeam are cut from the same cloth. If she is anything like you; then she is gracious indeed. I am beaming good thoughts to both of you πŸ˜‰

  189. vicki said

    Is it Oct. Yet???
    I want fall leaves….windy days..pumkins…mums….chili…football..

    I want HENRY>>>!!! aRGHHHHHhhh…I think the PMS is starting. LOL

  190. elizabeth said

    Okay, I don’t know where my previous post went, but I am going to hang out and see if it shows up instead of double posting.

  191. elizabeth said

    Ha – it showed up…woo hoo!

    Vicki – Fall is my favorite time of the year and when you add Henry into the mix *OMG* can’t wait!

  192. vicki said

    where’s the chocolate???

    Have you tried the Dark chocolate M&M’s…???


  193. vicki said

    Elizabeth..My favorite too..I love the colors!! I live in WV and our mountains look soo amazing at that time of year.

  194. Dani said

    Ahh! October. The best month next to December. You have Henry, Halloween, Henry, Pumpkins, Henry, going to Edmondson’s Farm for a hayride and hot cider, Henry, Changing leaves, Oh and did I mention Henry.

  195. vicki said

    right Dani..
    And cnady corn..and Henry and VIcki..and Halloween..and Mike and VIcki….and jumping in leaves..and Henry…and costume parties..and Henry…and oh well you get the idea.

  196. elizabeth said

    You know Dani I am surprised you didn’t mention Henry in your Fall delights-hehehe

  197. vicki said

    do you think we all might be a little obsessed.???

    Hmmmmm Nah….not us.

  198. Dani said

    Pumpkin Pie, Henry, Pumpkin Bread, Henry, Pumpkin seeds, and don’t forget Henry.

  199. Laurel said

    Okay Elizabeth – YOMANK! (you owe me a new keyboard) Dang I hate having a latte sinus wash! At least it wasn’t hot anymore.

  200. Dani said

    And come Christmas all I want under my tree is Henry in Christmas colored boxer briefs.

  201. elizabeth said

    What about snuggling with Henry by a warm fire or snuggling under a down comforter. Oh…oh.. I know, horseback riding through the Fall foliage. Okay, gotta stop now..system overlaod *sigh*

  202. vicki said

    Forget the briefs…where’s that red robe of his…we can fight over who gets to wear it…AFTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  203. Dani said

    AFTER you won’t want to be wearing anything anyway. Just snuggle up together under a blanket. If it is December watch It’s A Wonderful Life or White Christmas. Perfect night.

  204. Dani said

    Christmas lights on the tree twinkling.

  205. vicki said

    egg nog…no wait..champagne….MMmmm your right no robe..just Henry and me under the covers…DAMN!!! WHere is that CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  206. vicki said

    not a great substitute…but it will do for now..>IS IT OCT YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  207. Dani said

    Egg nog with my fave, RUM.

  208. Margaret said (Advice from Denis McGrath on Save Our Show Campaign).

  209. Himmiefan said

    Prtfvr and Elizabeth – you two are cracking me up!!

    As for holidays, I wonder what Henry does for Christmas? Of course, this year, he’s at my house. πŸ™‚

    Now ladies, and gentleman, am I to take it that for the location of the Order’s headquarters, castles are out and the gutter is in? πŸ™‚

  210. elizabeth said

    Margaret, thanks for the link to Denis McGrath. There was some very good information in that article.

  211. DIZEY1 said

    Dani, I think ya’ll forgot HENRY. BTW ya’ll suck because I live in LA. what the hell is changing leaves ???? I’m in a sub-tropical climate so i don’t get the fall foliage although I’m not in knee deep snow either. Every 10 yrs or so we get a little bit of sleet/snow even way the heck down here. No shoveling to my car or chiseling my way out of the door. Ok it’s not so bad here. I’d love to see the fall foliage one year and I have got to get my mom to Vermont before she dies or she’ll haunt me ya’ know?? I do love the fall , the crisp breeze going to the French Market and getting a pumpkin. Yep I’m ready for fall , Henry, Football Henry will watch with me he likes sports, good idea ladies.

  212. Dani said

    After reading that I am going to say I watched State Of Mind. I was a little afraid to say I watched it. The ads for it that were OnDemand when watching BLood Ties looked cute. I think the show was fairly good.

  213. Dani said

    Diz-Changing leaves are when the leaves change from green to beautiful oranges and reds and yellows. When the sun hits the trees on the mountains they all look golden. It is gorgeous.

  214. elizabeth said

    Dizey – the Fall leaves also kind of shiver in the wind and drift to the ground. When you walk on them they make a whispery sound and release a woody scent. The clear, crisp weather makes everything sharper to me and the slight chill is a delight after the heat of summer.

  215. Dani said

    Oh no Himmiefan we still need the castles.

  216. Margaret said

    I was the biggest criminal now I have to eat crow. I’ll tell them whatever they want to hear but I’d like to hear what Denis thinks are our chances. I’m almost afraid to ask. I suggested to nettie28 over at the Lifetime board to rethink the fang campaign after reading that. Denis isn’t the most warm and fuzzy guy in the world but his points are valid and he is in the business.

  217. Himmiefan said

    Dizey – for some reason I thought you were in the South? Do you mean Lower Alabama?

  218. Himmiefan said

    Oh, wait, wait. LA – Louisiana. I’m slow, but I’ll get there…

  219. msgypsy said

    Damn, I heart Denis McGrath.

    Okay, folks, remember, no politics here. The poem was beautiful and I have no problem with it but please don’t discuss partisan matters here. That NEVER ends well.

    I woke up with a tummy ache and decided to stay home today. But, Laurel, how does Thursday sound for lunch? And can Elizabeth come, too? THAT would be fun!

    Well, since I’m no longer tummy-ached, I guess I’ll eat something and maybe sew some.

    BTW, one of my best friends, who has only one fallopian tube due to a major problem during puberty, just found out that she’s preggers. It’s too early to say for sure and I made her promise to stop telling people since she’s so high risk for miscarriage (and a ton of other problems) but since none of you knows her (yet; I’m working on Laurel but it’ll be a while since Amy’s in Alaska for a while with her mother) I’m safe telling all of you. She and her husband (he’s a child welfare worker for the state of Washington) are going to be such awesome parents!

    Well, gotta go do house stuff now that I’m awake and no long icky.

  220. Dani said

    I am out of here for the day guys. Gypsy I am sorry for starting that debate.

  221. Himmiefan said

    Denis McGrath made some really good points. I wrote on a couple of my postcards how much I loved a show where the main character was a strong female instead of just the sidekick. Actually, I think I got that idea from Denis’s earlier post. Anyway, I think we all established early on that we wouldn’t bash Army Wives on other boards. Here, it’s a good joke within the family and few if any of us want the show to take it “personally.” Army Wives was a go regardless of what Blood Ties did. Lifetime produces it and it fits Lifetime’s demographic. I wonder if BT was just something they decided to try out, and being cheap didn’t hurt. Soooo, as we all know, its our job to convince Lifetime that we’re their demographic and that the demographic loves BT.

    Now, from my purely non-expert opinion, I think getting BT renewed is much more likely than trying for a show that has already been cancelled. So, I still think our chances of more Henry, Mike, et al are good.

  222. Himmiefan said

    Not to worry, Dani. I think we’re all filled with lust too much to debate anything other than Mike vs Henry. Or more likely, who gets Henry now. (Me BTW!!) πŸ™‚

  223. Dani said

    Ha that’s what you think Himmiefan. I am still here just doing some last minute things.

  224. Himmiefan said

    Ms Gypsy – I hope you keep on feeling better!

  225. DIZEY1 said

    Sorry gypsy it won’t happen again. Consider me slapped, ouch!!

    I adore Denis , I think he’s a very smart dude and funny. His humor’s a little on the dry side maybe. He’s very knowledgeable and I appreciate him stepping up to help us help him !!! COOL DUDE 😎

    I must confess my friends I’ve watched Army Wives, and liked it. I watched Side or of Life, and State of mind both were really good. I’ll add that info on my next 20 post cards I write up tonight.

    Oh for you smartie pants with the fall foliage ( I’m giving you a Bronx cheer **)


  226. Dani said

    Ok I am really leaving now. Ciao!

  227. Margaret said

    Ladies: What would you think of sending a thank you bouquet or something from FTD to each of the ladies’s assistants telling them thank you for putting up with all the post cards coming across their desk?

  228. prtfvr said

    Am I the only one who wants Henry on a synthetic bear skin rug, stretched out in front of the fire place in edible undies?

    Henry! NOT Kyle! He’s just a kid. An fricking HOT kid but still a kid. πŸ™‚

  229. DIZEY1 said

    Prtfv, yo I can live with the faux bear skin rug. ALthough he’s not physically warm we’ll have to see how we can remedy that πŸ˜‰

  230. prtfvr said

    Ok, I’m an animal lover, can’t kill a bear even for for some hot monkey love with Henry.

  231. prtfvr said

    DIZ, trust me, I’m hot enough for both of us! I’ll keep him warm, no worries there! πŸ˜‰

  232. Himmiefan said

    Margaret – interesting idea. Might just be effective. What do you all think?

  233. DIZEY1 said

    Ok we need a refresher course on “sharesies” little lady. πŸ™‚

  234. elizabeth said

    mcgypsy – I hope your tummy feels better? I can take almost anything except nausia. I had morning, noon and night sickness with my first baby for 6 months! Thought I was gonna die 😦 Ever since then I dread even the least tummy upset.

    I would love to crash your lunch with Laurel if she doesn’t mind? Only thing is I will need to be somewhere close enough that I can get back to work fairly easily.

  235. prtfvr said

    DIZ! He’s undead! He’ll have plenty of energy for both of us. First dibs though, I’m older! πŸ˜‰

  236. prtfvr said

    According to the stats on hens, 11am is the hour when the most people hit my site. You devils you!

  237. Margaret said

    prtfvr: One of my so called friends at work laughed her butt off at the Not Gay comic as she’s trying to tell me she thinks Kyle is gay. I told her if it was true it would surely break a lot of lusty, older hearts. lol.

  238. vicki said

    Confession..I watched State of Mind..>I liked it…it was funny and sad. TOTALLY different than BT.

    Anyway…I will post pictures of what “Fall” is when we get there. My mountains here in West Virginia are absolutely gorgeous!!(of course, we are the mountain state) I was in college in TN and that was one of the things I missed the most. THe colors of fall. My uncle sent me a video of him driving down the interstate with all the colors of fall on the mountains. It really rocked. So did my uncle.@ LOL

    Bear skin rug…bed…floor…table..desk…shower…I dont care where…just when!!!! Say now????? HEHEHEHEH

    BTW did find the dark chocolate M&M’s ahhhhh life is good.

  239. msgypsy said

    Elizabeth, let’s try to plan something for a weekend sometime. Unless you work in Forest Grove because I have the same problem. Poor Laurel has to accommodate EVERYONE!

    May I suggest not sending flowers to the folks at Lifetime? At least not until they say yes? It might prove more annoying than helpful. I think we need to take Denis McGrath’s advice to heart. Looking back at the campaign for Jericho, it was a lot better organized than most and as a result wasn’t as annoying as it might have been. MHO.

    My tummy is fine now. I just haven’t eaten yet today. I probably ought to do that about now…

    I’ll type at you all later!

  240. Himmiefan said

    Here in TN, fall is really risky. Maybe we’ll have a good one and maybe not. I think we just don’t get enough cold weather early on, plus August and Sept are dry, dry, dry. Spring is really our time to shine.

    Speaking of fall, I was up in CT a couple of years ago, and while driving down the road, I came to a dead stop, luckly nothing was behind me, because I saw the most beautiful maple tree I had ever seen. I had never seen anything that vivid orange before. Aboslutely gorgeous!

  241. Himmiefan said

    ‘scuse me, that should read “absolutely.”

  242. elizabeth said

    msgypsy – a weekend would work good. I work in Wilsonville and must confess to being directionally challenged at the best of times. Don’t tell me to head North because I am sure to ask if that is left or right 😦 There will be less pressure to find somewhere convenient for us on a weekend. Just let me know when πŸ™‚

  243. rifkind said

    Thanks for the link to Denis McGrath. It is always nice to see the sutiation from the other side.
    We are fanatical but wil be polite… and take his suggestions to heart.

    Take some B vitamins with you vitamin “C” — Chocolate that is!
    It might help.

  244. vicki said

    rifkind…got it…
    How abut some vitamin H…(LOL)

  245. rifkind said

    Oh YES! You go Girl!
    Some T.L.C. from Henry will always make us feel better!

    But really, good nutrition and making sure that you are not dehydrated will help you feel a lot better… Can you tell I’m a Mom???

  246. rifkind said

    OK Ladies, LH and any lurking Gents,

    We have to stop hitting Lifetime Execs over the head and calling them names …..
    Play nice now kids!

    I do hope that our polite and fervent post card pleas, give just the right amount of pressure to let them know that we really do want the show to be renewed for production of more episodes without becoming a burden for the exec assistants who have to sort the mail

    As Paul McConvey said in his “Open” letter —
    “…please remember to be respectful, as they (Lifetime) are valued partners in the series.”

    Paul asked us to write, and write we will… but politely and OFTEN.

  247. vicki said

    THANKS rifkind..
    I have been drinking more water…and I tend to eat more fruit this week….I also treat myself to a bubble bath…HEHEHE that really helps.

  248. prtfvr said

    Margaret: That’s too funny! I’m going to try to work on the comic some more tonight. I was looking for a specific picture – it scares me that I can remember them THAT well and know where to find them!

    Anyhow, I was looking for it when I realized that I didn’t have Deadly Departed on my computer! It was like finding a whole new episode! I’d forgotten all about it. *happy dance*

  249. prtfvr said

    Beware of bubble baths! They don’t like, um…poons very much. Can I say that? πŸ˜‰

  250. lwildstar said

    ok my post vanished while I was typing…and now I don’t have time to re write it!
    Damn HOA meeting tonight…

    sent Scribbles a Thank You email for joining us and leaving us little tidbits – I think she appreciated it.

    lets hit the highlights..
    Haven’t read all of Denis’s post yet – but I think – I hope – we are all being “helpful” in the ways that he said and I think he made some really good suggestions to us.Speeking of postcards – my order of postcards didn’t show up today! I should have just gone to the post office and had them count a a 100 out…hopefully they show up tomorrow – I did get my last 12 out this morning. I did four with limricks on them – we had a couple of cute ones a while back….

    uh what else – oh how do you guys like If I get up the nerve I think I’m ready to post part one of my Henry/Vicki short story this weekend…

    I think I have Robin convinced to join us – especially after I mentioned we have Harry Potter fans amoung us…..

    How has Blood TIes snuck into your life? I used the term “bugfucked” today in refering to a pain in the ass client – my co worker looked at me and I said “don’t ask” – anyone reading the Smoke books will understand!

    and of course I’ve had a goofy ass smile on my face all day (Sooo highschool) it just seems the phrase “and what am I to do in the bathroom for 20 minutes to relieve stress” pops into my head, and there it goes SMILE CITY – I’m such a spaz!

    Ok I’ve got to get ready to go – If I get back early enough I’ll try to stop back in.

  251. prtfvr said

    And I was worried about typing “poon”. πŸ˜‰

  252. msgypsy said

    Hey, I’m not even sure what “poon” is!

    Sewed the top to the skirt on my garb and then realized THE TOP WAS WRONG SIDE OUT when I did it. Gotta tear it all off and do it again. (Black thread is hard to find on black fabric…) So I’m taking a break. A long break. Maybe even a nap.

  253. moonbeam said

    Oh my, I come home and decide to pop in for a little peek (ergo new fast approaching addiction) and see lots about pops and “poons” funnies and such.

    The boys are wondering why I’m laughing so hard at the great descriptions of men and women. My sides are aching whew. . . .

    Dragging from the retirement home, three for tomorrow (get lunch at one) and another on Thursday.

    Desperate for a Henry fix since my books are done~ went in for the character talk etc in the lifetime channel working on more cards to send…

  254. Anzia said

    Elizabeth- here’s your key to the house. Just remember that trash goes out wed. nights. ^_^ Oh, and the supplies you’re looking for are in the back closet.

    Bear skin rug huh? I was thinking Persian rug on the floor of a cabin with a gentle snow falling outside and a fire in the fireplace. WHICH would be pretty close to us. Lots of honey, whipped cream, grapes (not a big fan of strawberries) … ~_~ mmmm

    About the dark chocolate M&Ms, those things are great! I love dark chocolate. Dark chocolate Kit Kats are great as are Dark Chocolate Milkyway Bars. Yum, yum, YUMMM!!! Oooh, how about a dark chocolate covered HENRY! ^_^

    oh, I HAVE AN INTERVIEW ON MONDAY! Yayayayayayayayayay so excited! not so much for the interview but ’cause I might have a job! ^_^

  255. moonbeam said

    I’d love a Dark Chocolate covered Henry! ooooo

    Elizabeth- I’m jazzed about the job prospect!!!!!!

  256. AlisaSG said

    re- reading Denis McGrath’s heywriterboy’s blogspot ..
    above this post of mine, I saw something about a debate re: BT campaign?

    Well, I have a different story thought I’d share that bloomed out of reading Denis McGrath’s encounters and suggestions.. This is related to his horrid DOCTOR WHO (“DW”) encounter.. mine is sort of similar, but for a different reason. (hope there’s a few laughs in here some where, too..)

    OMG!! I just read heywriterboy’s blogspot.. came across the DOCTOR WHO line
    >> When SPACE went on the air, we bought Doctor Who. We polled the online fans on our website asking where we should start the series. Like, 90% said, “Play it from the beginning.” So we did.

    >> And the show’s ratings were abysmal. I’m not talking bad. I’m talking, test-pattern bad. It was a colossal mistake.

    >> So we decided we hated Doctor Who.

    >> It took me years — til the new series, as a matter of fact, to get the bad taste left by the Who fans out of my mouth.

    reason why I have to laugh at Denis’ ordeal is – because when I was working on creating my own Tv series (supernatural/sci-fi soap that never actually got launched beyond the outline), well DOCTOR WHO was airing on Tv in those days/years. It was being introduced on FOX network, and my mom was addicted to it. Me, forget it.

    I saw some creepy Doctor looking guy with a slimy green hand (he wasn’t the doctor, and turned into a giant wasp later), but I didn’t know any of that at the time, and mistaken identity – thought HE was DOCTOR WHO.. never even dawned on me the guy (Tom Baker) with the curly hair and funny long scarf was actually the DOCTOR..!!
    I didn’t like the show, nor did I *want* to see it ever again.

    Seriously, I had NO idea what it was about. I wasn’t paying attention, because I was too preoccupied writing up my own series in my head. DW was an interruption in my life. In fact, I hardly watched *any* Tv in those days.

    early 1980’s (not sure which year) – My mom broke her foot, and needed me to help out around her home. So, I’d do her laundry and mine together.. and be at her mercy with the TV set.

    OMG! She had this horrid show on about man-eating TREES! I hid behind a wall cursing the program out for scaring all of the little kids.

    Two weeks later, time change. Same show, but during Leonardo da Vinci’s era. It was the same program, but this time Sarah Jane was kidnapped and about to be sacrificed on a slab..

    okay, that sort of grabbed my interest. Again, I hid behind a wall, but peeked whenever I could, barely making a sound. Oh, my mom figured it all out that I was watching (in secret).. So, I finally braved myself to ask her what in the world was she watching??!

    DOCTOR WHO, of course! What?? I had no idea *who* was Doctor Who. I also had no idea the show was really about time travel and exploring the universe – using a similar tactic my soap opera was attempting to get involved with.

    Whoah!! and finally, after several months came that blasted ep, that I saw the first time. Boy was I ever wrong about the show.
    — deja vu, but seeing it from a new and *unique* perspective.

    Actually, I fell in love with the entire approach once I started to *REALLY* watch it.


    when I realized the idiocy of my reactions, I was totally embarrassed at myself. I never forgave myself – until I wrote about the whole story to Tom Baker, who was portraying “Doctor Who” at the time (and apologized directly to him – handed him the letter in person, too, at a Who – convention!). So, that’s my life’s story about my first Tv story writing idea in a time bubble, or TARDIS.

    Mine involved angels and vampires, and E.T. aliens, too.. πŸ˜‰
    But it was missing a KEY ingredient I had to have, but lacked the talent for-
    HUMOR. 😦

    (sorry if this ran a little on the lengthy side.. but it was *worth* the experience! I learned a valuable lesson from it all, too) πŸ˜€

  257. loves history said

    prtfvr BELIEVE WHEN A 6-700 LB IS AFTER YOU YOUWILL KILL HIM THE ONLY PROBLEM WILL BE WILL HE DIE FAST ENOUGH IPUT 23 ROUNDS (17 from a9mm) before i stopped mine. teachsme to let a bear get between me and my rifle. Nobody commented on my nailing oreilly dont you see the factor

  258. AlisaSG said

    one more thought.. (in contrasting my previous post about my DW encounter with now)

    This is why I so highly ENJOY watching Blood Ties..
    Because it **has** a nice balance of action, fantasy, and everything else – laced with a very NECESSARY ingredient (well, to capture my attention, anyway)
    – called *humor*.

    It helps to also have an adorable vampire like Henry in there, too! πŸ˜‰
    ..and he’s definitely got a sharp wit, graced with years of experience, and with a great sense of (realistic) humor! πŸ˜€

  259. AlisaSG said

    uhhh, loves history,
    if you’re talking about a real BEAR, and not a person –
    it’s ALWAYS recommended to SHOOT to KILL the first time. Otherwise, you’ll just anger the animal. In the country where lots of bears roam, some people just shoot the animals, because it’s just a sport to them.

    But in self-defense, when they’ve never been told how to deal with bears, shooting them without killing them only makes them go wilder and angrier. Not sure if the first shot was between the eyes, but if the bullet misses their heart, wounded bears only go on rampages.

    and yes, I get stuck watching O’Reilly, but I read the scroll bar on the bottom of the screen (for news updates), more than watch him. πŸ˜‰
    my hubby watches and *listens* to him.

  260. msgypsy said

    Me, I’m thinking bare skin rug… Okay, that one out of context sounds kinda gross but you get my drift.

    How come no one ever does a Vicki/Mike YouTube video?

    AlisaSG, have you gotten hooked on the new “Doctor Who” yet? I’m not in love with David Tennant yet but he’s growing on me. Christopher Eccleston was my favorite but I can see where “Heroes” was a better gig for him. Tom Baker is the Doctor most people remember fondly anymore. But there were some really awesome earlier Doctors. William Hartnell even managed not to get romantically involved! I never saw Paul McGann as the Doctor but he looks like he was a yummy one. And I’m weirded out a bit by the fact that I got hooked on “Torchwood” after following it from “Doctor Who” and find that I prefer “Torchwood” these days. But no one in “Torchwood” strikes me as terribly sexy. (I’m still mind-boggled by the idea that the character getting laid most often is the obnoxious and unattractive guy. Well, that’s discounting Gwen but she lives with her boyfriend so of course she’s getting more than anyone living alone is…)

    But I have digressed.

    LH, I think discussing O’Riley comes too close to politics for my comfort. Sorry, darlin’.

    Gotta go do laundry or SOMETHING useful today!

  261. prtfvr said

    LH: I’m an animal lover until one decides to eat me – unless it’s Henry then all bets are off!

    In any event, it’s highly unlikely that I will EVER meet a bear chasing me in downtown Baltimore. In fact, compared to what COULD be chasing me, I might welcome the bear.

    Didn’t comment on O’Reilly because I despise him and never watch him. It’s hard enough when my husband’s watching and talking to the TV. Sorry, I just think he’s an opinionated ass. If you got his goat, good for you! I’m glad! πŸ™‚

  262. lwildstar said

    Hey I think I’ve caught up!
    That meeting was a TOTAL waste of time – not enough people showed up so we couldn’t vote on anything.
    So now its almost 9, I’m too tired to write and I still need to take a shower…

    And I don’t have time to watch my dvds!…I CAN”T stay up late again.

    oh well – I’m off – I’ll check in in the morning.!

    I guess I’ll be having Happy Paul dreams tonight hehehehehe πŸ˜‰

  263. Margaret said

    TCA: Lifetime gets real; O’Donnell on ‘Nip/Tuck’By Kimberly Nordyke
    July 13, 2007 (From the Hollywood Reporter)

    Lifetime Television is launching a new Friday night reality programming block in October that will include returning series “Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead” and new series “America’s Psychic Challenge.”

    Meanwhile, the July 24 premiere of “Damages,” FX’s new drama starring Glenn Close, will run commercial-free thanks to a sponsorship from Cadillac. FX also confirmed that Rosie O’Donnell will return to “Nip/Tuck.”

    The announcements were made Thursday during the Television Critics Assn.’s summer press tour at the Beverly Hilton.

    At Lifetime’s presentation, the network’s president of entertainment Susanne Daniels said that the network has ordered eight episodes of “Challenge,” a competition series in which amateur psychics compete against one another to become “America’s No. 1 psychic.” It’s produced by Bunim-Murray Prods., with Jon Murray executive producing.

    The series will debut at 10 p.m. Oct. 12, following the Season 2 premiere of “Lisa Williams,” which features the medium clairvoyant helping others by using her abilities to see and speak with the dead, at 9 p.m.

    “(Lifetime will be) offering women a distinct alternative on Friday nights,” Daniels said.

    Daniels also was asked by the critics about her decision to schedule three new dramas on the same night starting Sunday, with “Side Order of Life” at 8 p.m., “State of Mind” at 9 p.m. and “Army Wives” at 10 p.m.

    “I felt we needed to be loud at Lifetime to let people know we were doing things differently and to come check us out,” she said. “We put the marketing money behind it. Our thinking was, let’s start off with a bang on one night and should we be so lucky we’ll build out to two nights.”

    Daniels also officially announced the renewal of “Wives,” which she said has been given an 18-episode order for Season 2 (HR 7/12).

    Andrea Wong also was on hand to address the TCA crowd for the first time since becoming president and CEO of Lifetime Networks in April.

    “I’m excited to build on (the network’s) success, and I hope to infuse the Lifetime brand with energy, vibrancy, relevance and optimism,” she said, adding that “we’ll be tapping into themes for women … with a confident power and tone. That’s what you’ll see in Lifetime going forward” on the air, the Web site and in its public advocacy campaigns.

    In other news, Lifetime officially announced the original telefilm “Racing for Time,” starring and directed by Charles S. Dutton, which premieres next year (HR 7/12).

    The network also announced the premiere dates for several programs, including the original movie “The Murder of Princess Diana,” starring Jennifer Morrison, which will air in a special three-night premiere at 9 p.m. Aug. 25, 6 p.m. Aug. 26 and 9 p.m. Aug. 27. It also will air at 9 p.m. Aug. 31, the 10th anniversary of Diana’s death.

    The original movie “Custody,” starring James Denton and Rob Morrow, also has a three-night debut at 9 p.m. Sept. 8, at 6 p.m. Sept. 9 and at 9 p.m. Sept. 10 (HR 6/21).

    Also debuting in the fall is the original movie “More of Me,” starring Molly Shannon, and the miniseries “The Gathering,” starring Peter Gallagher, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Kristin Lehmann, Jenna Boyd and Peter Fonda, which premieres in October.

    In addition, the reality series “How to Look Good Naked,” hosted by Carson Kressley, will premiere in January.

    Later in the day, “Nip/Tuck” creator/executive producer Ryan Murphy said that O’Donnell will be returning for “several episodes” of the show’s upcoming fifth season starting with Episode 4. As for talk about a potential spinoff featuring her character, Dawn Budge, Murphy said, “The character was so instantly popular. We’ve spoken about (a spinoff); it’s an ongoing discussion.”

    Meanwhile, Close said she took the part in “Damages” — her first leading role in a TV series — because she’s “always been seduced by really good writing. … To have chance to do a show like this with an incredibly complex character and make it in my own backyard (New York) was very exciting.”

    FX also announced that the comedy series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” will have its Season 3 premiere at 10 p.m. Sept. 13.
    Save Print Email Reprints

  264. Madonna said

    Not one mention of our show. It makes me sad….

  265. lwildstar said

    had to run back down here…just saw the commercial for SciFis Flash Gordon! Gina looks great – but I’m skeptical about the guy playing Flash..
    Show starts next month.
    Night guys

  266. Margaret said

    I’ve emailed Denis, don’t know if he’ll respond. If he does, you all will be the first to know.

  267. Chery said

    Well, Lifetime is promoting the hell out of Friday Nights and Sunday nights and did not say one word about Saturday night.

    What does that mean????????

    Keep up the postcards until we hear for sure.

  268. msgypsy said

    Margaret, what did you email Denis about?

  269. Margaret said

    I asked him if he knew anything more about the article in the Hollywood Reporter since Blood Ties didn’t seem to be mentioned at all.

  270. Laurel said

    I’ve been out running around all afternoon. To many things got put off last week because I felt so bad. 😦

    Gypsy and Elizabeth – Thursday this week won’t work because it is my B-day and my husband has 1/2 the day off. I am expect I will be doing lunch and dinner with him.

  271. Margaret said
    (Here’s a link that actually mentions Blood Ties).

  272. AlisaSG said

    >> Not one mention of our show. It makes me sad….

    ahh, .. have *FAITH*.. (i do!!)
    Henry does, too! πŸ˜€
    Besides, if Lifetime decides to downplay something that isn’t really their genre portal STAR program, then we need to do it for them – if not for LIFETIME, then for everyone working on Blood Ties, and have us bound by ties that bind deeper than just a *blood* bond. πŸ˜‰

    >> Well, Lifetime is promoting the hell out of Friday Nights and Sunday nights and did not say one word about Saturday night.
    >> What does that mean????????

    ..that INSTEAD — *we* need to step UP to the plate, grab that BAT and make home-runs for our BT *team*!!

    If LIFETIME won’t do it — then *we* will .. or should, with whatever time and amount of inspirational encouraging we can give from our hearts to the rest of the world..

    .. I’m already doing it at r-com (been doing it from the beginning – ep # 1).
    .. I’m also hoping to try to help out those who are already on Gateworld, and will do my darndest best to spread the BT news – as often as possible. Steve Bacic – guest star from Stargate and star of Andromeda (sci-fi) will be appearing in Blood Ties episode # 13.. so LOTS of promotion is going to go into sharing THAT news with his fan/other viewers.

    Also, with Gina Holden’s leading exposure on Flash Gordon, Sy-Fy portal usually picks up info from both web sites, and reaches out to the entire Sci-Fi community in various ways, sharing the info even into further reaches of the universe.. 😎

    HOPE THAT INFO HELPS, even just a smidgen..
    it only takes a tiny spark to light the match for the warming glow of a candle. tiny light in one tiny corner to start..

    (sounds *romantic* – visions of Henry.. or Mike or Vicki for everyone else)

  273. msgypsy said

    I don’t know if this works here but

    and if that doesn’t work, the url is

    It’s just a really fun vampire video done to one of my most favorite songs.

    Laurel, THURSDAY is your birthday? Then how does Friday sound? Hmmmm?

  274. Margaret said

    My apologies to everyone, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad but I think we need to know what we’re up against but as we have been advised-whoever we talk to this at Lifetime we must always be polite and sweet, even if we want to…..

  275. Madonna said

    Hi everyone!

    Everyone seems so sad tonight. FIGHT THAT SADNESS OFF!!!!!!!!

    We will not be able to win our series without enthusiasm. Don’t give up yet. Take ownership of this thing. IMHO….This is as much our series as it is Lifetimes. Let’s do it justice. Kyle, Dylan and Christina poured their hearts into this show for seven months. We can pour our hearts into it for them. We can handle it ladies.

    As for the Elder Hostel emblems…. This could be really fun. I will probably start working on them this weekend. If you think of ideas email them to me. If you can’t think of anything, email and we’ll collaborate until we come up with something. If you want me to try them on my own, I’ll do that too. I have a few ideas. I just need to know your costume for colors, design etc…

    I do have an idea for yours. Email me and I’ll discuss it with you.

    I believe you have the list of costumes. Can you send that to me. Also, Can I have your email address so I can send you something?

    Everyone get those thoughfully written postcards out.

    Sweet Blood Ties dreams!

  276. AlisaSG said

    >> Me, I’m thinking bare skin rug… Okay, that one out of context sounds kinda gross but you get my drift.

    LOL!! drift gotten.. plushy carpet helps
    ever try a waterbed?? (hee-hee!) *that* would be a sight to experience on..! *g*

    >> AlisaSG, have you gotten hooked on the new β€œDoctor Who” yet?

    goodness yes – got an addicted family who keep reminding me of when it started and.. hey, at least we’ve finally got something in common to talk about around the dinner table, too! πŸ˜€

    my hubby *MAKES* me record the eps, because he can’t see them while they’re airing. Sometimes he’d fall asleep in the past from an exhausting day, so Tape we do, as often as possible. It’d be nice to get the entire series with all the extras attached, but for now, temp 4-hour sessions (cram that much onto one disc/tape) will have to suffice.

    >>I’m not in love with David Tennant yet but he’s growing on me. Christopher Eccleston was my favorite but I can see where β€œHeroes” was a better gig for him. Tom Baker is the Doctor most people remember fondly anymore. But there were some really awesome earlier Doctors.

    Definitely. Actually, each actor brought their own specialness to each carnation of the Doctor. We’ve enjoyed them all.. except Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy’s stays were too short-lived. We miss them all, when each moves on, too, but keep the door open for the new guys to stretch their wings and do their *thing* .. haven’t been disappointed yet.. altho, Peter Davidson was a bit too whiny, in spite of his youthful appearance to the Doctor’s role.

  277. Madonna said

    Again, my email address is

    It might be fun if when I’m finished I put them all on one sheet and everyone can guess which emblem belongs to which person.

  278. Anzia said

    Moonbeam, you wanted the dark chocolate covered henry right? Maybe we could market that too. Have the chocolate molded into that lovely torso of his and then stick it on a stick so we can lick it and su… well i’m sure you get the idea. We could make it cream filled or strawberry or any flavor combination…we could call ’em Bite-O-Henry’s. ^_^

    Diz- what do you think? Could we do a party pack with a Blow …er Henry Blow Pop, Bite-o-Henry, and a Henry Action Toy? Maybe with coupon for a bear skin rug or a good moisturizing cream for a bare skin rug?? ^_^

  279. AlisaSG said

    I bet LIFETIME didn’t expect us here to be so gabby and enthusiastic AFTER the first 12 eps of Blood Ties got smothered off Lifetime’s Tv airwaves.. and *seemingly* forgotten by them for future eps viewing (that sounds like something the Sci-Fi channel did with Stargate on many pre-occasions!).. but it’s NOT forgotten by us! πŸ˜‰


    >> My apologies to everyone, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad but I think we need to know what we’re up against..

    these are never easy battles to win.. especially when it *looks* like the ODDs are against you.
    When we least expect it (and hopefully before “just in-time” for rest of the BT cast/crew), the light of hope shines forth.


    >> Hi everyone!
    >> Everyone seems so sad tonight. FIGHT THAT SADNESS OFF!!!!!!!!

    >> We will not be able to win our series without enthusiasm. Don’t give up yet. Take ownership of this thing. IMHO….This is as much our series as it is Lifetimes. Let’s do it justice. Kyle, Dylan and Christina poured their hearts into this show for seven months. We can pour our hearts into it for them.

    now THAT’s the *spirit* (of HOPE!!)

  280. AlisaSG said

    silly question.. (within last 10 minutes — 11:43 PM, eastern standard time, NYC)

    Did LIFETIME disable their “Blood Ties” video links on their website,
    so that it’s not possible to view anything (any more) –
    no previews, no eps (at ALL).. or is there just a high traffic jam into the sight in general — right now..??

    I was able to view Christina Cox doing her sword-swinging techniques, but couldn’t get into either video link to view the other items in there.. 😦

    so.. maybe they ARE reading our messages and cutting us off that way, or there’s a high internet traffic jam going into there??

  281. Himmiefan said

    Not to worry! I ran over there and got it to work!

  282. Himmiefan said

    Well, I didn’t make it work. It was working when I went over there.

    Obviously time for bed.

  283. Rifkind said

    I got the Videos to work too..
    BUT I normall HAVE to go through the Blood Ties Blog and click on Videos there.. I always have trouble getting to the videos from the LT Boards page.

  284. Anzia said

    Hey guys. I don’t have a madlib or a third part to the dinner scene but I do have something else. I am rewriting the dance blurb. I am going to just add to the same document so check back to see if i’ve added anything. I promise to post here when I do as well. πŸ™‚ But the link is:

    I’m sure you will notice but the title has changed and when you click on it, the tiny TINY description of the item says “section 1” at the end. When I update the story I’ll update that as well so you’ll be able to quickly see if there is anything new. πŸ™‚

    I hope this helps tide everyone over ’til I can get everything else done. And I really hope that this one doesn’t have such a porny feel to it. Let me know. thanks guys

  285. AlisaSG said

    >> I got the Videos to work too..
    >> BUT I normall HAVE to go through the Blood Ties Blog and click on Videos there..

    thanks!! I go thru the blog url, too about 99% of the time, because I have it bookmarked.. makes my life easier..

    sidetracking for a moment.. got radio on CoastToCoastAM with George Noory.
    they’re doing a study topic on the so-called *real* Stargates
    (originating at Babel or possibly “Babylon” – yes, the one in Iraq.. is that what our guys are over there trying to obtain, too?? ..makes yah wonder)
    (the *gateway* of the gods, nephilium, angels.. sounds like a wormhole, but is interdimensional – cool! if it really is real..!) 😎

    anywho.. Jim Croce.. “time in a bottle” song was playing.
    imagine Henry meditating with this song playing in the background..

    >> Not to worry! I ran over there and got it to work!
    >> Well, I didn’t make it work. It was working when I went over there.

    hee-hee.. i knew what you meant.. πŸ˜‰
    BTW, Himmiefan, I sent you an e-mail earlier (from AlisaSG in subject line), with possible helps for your r-com maneuvering around dilemma..
    Kyle info in there, too.. πŸ˜€

  286. Rifkind said

    About the Video link on Lifetime,
    I think that there is a Javascript error on the Blood Ties Board page because when you click on the Video link it doesn’t work… I can’t get it to work from there..
    So, I go to the Blood Blog and click the Video Link from there to see the full feature shows with the nice Mini Wheats with crunchlettes!

  287. Laurel said

    Gypsy – Friday is a definate possibilty but I may have my smaller anti-stalker carbon-based life-form (Rosie) with me. She may opt out if I let her have the nintendo for the afternoon. πŸ™‚

    Madonna – I am hunting the wardrobe list….it is buried under a pile of papers next to the printer…maybe…. I’ll have to get back to you on that in the morning. is the easiest way to find me. If that one doesn’t work I will give you a yahoo address. 😎

  288. Margaret said

    Well, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet so I intend to keep fighting the good fight. I’m sending postcards until we know one way or the other but after reading Denis’s advice I’ve tried to focus on quality which kind of cuts down on the quanity. Tanya seems to think the end of July or around the end of July so we have taken it this far, so we need to keep the pressure up until we get word. At least we can say we gave it everything we could.

  289. Margaret said

    On the good news front-I’ve lost 10 lbs. on my BT diet. lol.

  290. lwildstar said

    good morning – just checking in – busy day ahead so if I don’t get back at lunch I’ll check in tonight.

    Rifkind – Thank you!

  291. Annalaise duChat said

    Just checking in to say hi blog friends,

    Things are pretty busy here at work so I won’t be around much for a while. I’ll pop in when I can though to check up on you guys. Keep up the good work BT Avengers.

    I’ve been writing a lot in the evening. My main character’s in a pretty sticky situation right now and I have to write him out of it before I can start working on the map. I’m keeping my blog updated if you’re following.

    I’ve got some cute ideas for the map if I can pull them off.

    Have a great day all.

  292. Margaret said

    Just a thought when we’re all putting art on the cards, and I am as guilty as the next person, it dawned on me if they all looked alike they will get the idea that every one of those cards came from ONE person. When I get my printer to work I’ll be changing fonts ever so often and leaving my artwork off. After all Scribbles says they know that ONE fan sent them 150 which I doubt equates to anything than more than one viewer to them and we all know they’re interested in numbers of viewers.

  293. Rifkind said

    You have lost 10 lbs!!! Woo-hoo!!
    Not bad, as most folks say that you have to exercise more than just your writing hand! Hee HEE!!

  294. Margaret said

    One more thought and then I have to go to work: We know that they will, at the very least, air the episodes in October. That gives us between now and October to become more mobilized but we need to be coordinated about it. Ms. Gypsy since this is your home do you want to coordinate our efforts so we don’t go flying off wily/nily?

  295. msgypsy said

    I’m not a coordinated or coordinating kind of person so I think someone else needs to handle any mobilizing and coordinating.

    I have a lunch meeting today and thus will not be available to drop in. Hopefully I won’t be needed (as if!) and I’ll be back in the evening.

  296. Dani said

    Everybody don’t forget to go to and do your searches.

  297. AlisaSG said

    I was thinking.. (sorry, just can’t help it!) πŸ˜‰
    Since Gina Holden is going on Flash Gordon, wherever the Flash Gordon boards are – drop a few positive lines about her awesome beauty on Blood Ties, too!!

    just to pass the word around.
    also, it’s a good idea to watch a few eps of Flash Gordon, just to get the feel of Gina’s new role in there.. it helps to have a reinforced *in* on the situation
    — but a word of *caution* when doing so —
    ..if at all possible, let the comments be more on the positive side as much as possible, because the dedicated sci-fi folks take their programs kick-a## hard, and tend to be quite territorial.. had the displeasure of that between the 2003 BSG series vs the SG’s. The proBSG’ers didn’t like the pro-SG’ers.

    hope that helps. I do know a few places where Gina’s name will be showing up, but one site I utterly refuse to go into ( to post, because of the *nasty trolls under the bridges* over there. *sigh* if those folks don’t like BT for any reason, they’ll merge into a battalion and clobber everything connected to BT, just like the proBSG’ers did to all the other shows. I think some of them just thrive on violent video games, and that’s part of the reason – if something or a main character isn’t violent enough for them, they’ll cream the show..

    THAT’s what Blood Ties is REALLY up against.. it’s not just LIFETIME’s choice in when and what to broadcast; but the other viewers out there who deliberately diss programs, when the programs or characters aren’t done to their liking. Plus, I’ve also noticed that some people (especially in the sci-fi/fantasy realms) get bored too quickly after a few eps, and start complaining about the “same old same old” instead of enjoying that episode all on its own.

  298. DIZEY1 said

    Good morning bloggeratti πŸ™‚ Happy Hump Day !!

    Buck up my little BT familia’ we need to shake off this defeatest attitude. All that is going to do is draw the same thing to us. Positive affirmations, will bring you the good stuff you want. I need to **TURN** you all onto The Secret. Check it out it works. Creative visualization, see it , live it, make it happen. Don’t think I’m crazy now, it’s really out there.

    I want it and it will happen. TPTB will purchase more shows I BELIEVE ( I before E right??) Just because they haven’t said anything yet doesn’t mean it’s bad news. Hey Baby they save the best for last πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ 😎

  299. Dani said

    Right on Diz! No news is good news right? I am trying to stay off because I am on vacay next week and I have a lot to do this week because of it. It looks like it isn’t working.

  300. Margaret said

    I’ve gone to one of the Jericho sites to ask for their advice as to what they feel worked for them.

  301. Dani said

    Good idea Margaret.

  302. DIZEY1 said

    Denis told us waht to do, and he’s been on both sides of this. I’m taking the info he gave me and am going to run with it πŸ™‚

    Dani girl I understand the vaca thing unfortunately you’ll need a vaca from your vaca. Are you going anywhere special?? I didn’t go anywhere but not being at work was a vacation πŸ˜‰

  303. AlisaSG said

    finally got into the BT videos (previews & eps).. I’m just a sap for watching..
    plus, I’m too lazy to go turn on the TV and plop in an ep there, instead.

    commercials got me hungry, too. So, the pop tarts I’ve been craving, finally went and toasted a batch.. came back and watched the rest.. Nice having 2 screens open. Type, read, and listen at same time.. πŸ˜€

    anyone notice when in Blood Price, when Vicki first meets Henry, and he sits down on the “love seat” the background has the lighting lit on Henry VIII’s portrait and *our* Henry sits next to Vicki.. but the way he is first viewed in the scene sitting on the chair, he is looking towards Vicki in the same direction Henry VIII is posed toward in the background.. πŸ˜‰
    oh, that’s classic.. 😎

  304. AlisaSG said

    okay, just discovered something tricky on the LIFETIME video’s site..
    **WARNING** to take heed about..!!

    I was watching BLOOD PRICE, and between the “6th act” and the 7th, the wheat commercial came on, as usual, but all of a sudden, Side Order of Life popped up.. I thought it was a commercial, until I looked down at my screen bar, and it switched over from BT to an actual scene from Side Order of Life..!

    That’s not nice..
    So, ladies (and any gents), if you’re watching the videos over at LIFETIME,
    PLEASE be aware the channel navigator might pull a fasty and switch all on its own.. must be a built-in default programming trick LIFETIME installed, just to keep us folks watching stay ALERT and on our toes!!

    Yep, me thinks the folks over there are doing their hardest best to turn us OFF from Blood Ties, and on to their *other* programming in the nagivator.. gosh, and all I thought I’d have to do was shake the mouse now and then, because one time weeks ago – I was watching one of the BT scenes, and my screen went black because the saver kicked on – I forgot to shake the mouse!

  305. Dani said

    Diz-I am just doing a bunch of day things that Amber will enjoy.
    Sunday-Santa’s Land in Putney VT
    Monday-breakfast at Rein’s NY Style Deli, get my hair done by my sister, dyed cut and she is giving me a manicure and a pedicure. It is her b-day gist to me.
    Tuesday-Valley Falls to go swimming and hiking
    Wednesday-Chuck E Cheese
    Thursday-not sure yet either Magic Wings and Yankee Candle or a childrens museum
    Friday-Mystic Aquarium and shopping at Mystic Village nearby.
    The weekend resting up to get back to work.

  306. DIZEY1 said

    Alisa , that’s one of my favorite ep’s. I love when he kind of whispers ” I am a vampire” his sweet face, OMG he’s such a good actor !! I ‘ll rewatch that one over and over. I love when she feeds him and holds him like he’s her baby. πŸ˜‰

  307. Dani said

    And the noise that comes out of Vicki’s mouth when he first bites into her like it is painful but strangely erotic at the same time.

  308. DIZEY1 said

    Dani I know and the music that scene was very erotic to me. It was like slow motion and the music followed along. It’s in my top 10 scenes. And of course when she watches him in his apt. I thought about that he had to trust her not to kill him, they’d only just met, so he was very trusting of her. And the last scene when he tells her she’s a great P.I. and that she’s part of him now since she gave him her blood. Love that genuine like they have for one another, very cool. Great writing. Yep they had me at Blood Price all the way !!!

  309. Dani said

    They had me at Hello! Jerry Maquire

  310. Dani said

    I guess I am not having my cottage cheese for lunch. A supplier came with boxes full of sweet stuff to sample. Oh man this place is evil.

  311. DIZEY1 said

    Ooooh Dani you lucky thing you. Eat something with chocolate for me or better yet are there any glaze donuts ??? (hee hee hee) Yeah just call me Sinea-nay , now Norman’s partner in crime πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

  312. DIZEY1 said

    BTW I do love Jerry Maguire, Tom’s pre-freak out days. Great flick and I love Cuba Gooding Jr.

  313. Dani said

    Cheesecakes, seven layer bars, pecan bars with chocolate, molten cakes. chocolate mousse cakes, raspberry chocolate cakes and pies, I can’t even name them all.

  314. Dani said

    I didn’t care for Jerry Maquire, I can’t stand Renee Zellweger. She reminds me of a mole with her squinty eyes. She just looks funny. I didn’t understand Bridget Jones’s Diary. I didn’t think it was funny at all.

  315. elizabeth said

    I have been catching up on the posts this morning and, man, I was starting to feel depressed that BT was doomed That is not a good feeling on a rainy Oregon day. So, ladies, let’s turn this around like Dizey said….it ain’t over til the fat lady sings and, trust me, she ain’t even warming up yet! πŸ™‚ Everyone has terrific ideas on saving our show. This site is loaded with creative talented women and we need to stay focused on what is important. We don’t want to go over to the dark side with negative thoughts *does anyone but me hear the darth vadar theme here?)

    I actually sat down last night and wrote a letter to the creative director at LifeTime. For some reason I have felt really compelled to do this for the past couple of days and decided to go ahead and do it. The words just flowed and I made a point of stressing that this was a show that caught three generations of my family in its spell. That none of us were LifeTime viewers and I discovered the show purely by accident. I don’t know if it will be read or if they prefer postcards, but I feel better now that it is done.

  316. elizabeth said

    Dani – my mouth is watering hearing about all those delicious goodies. Enjoy a molten cake for me, please πŸ™‚

  317. elizabeth said

    Madonna – I sent you an email regarding the Order of the Yum emblam.

    I was watching Love Hurts last night for the (okay, lost count of how many times) time. I love the interchange between Henry and Vicki at his door after she has been visited by Emmanuel. How she was able to walk away is beyond me *sigh*

  318. DIZEY1 said

    Elizabeth I don’t think it would hurt to reach out to them via your letter. I say we just try what my heywriterboy said cuz’ he’s got just as much invested in a show that he likes too also a job for him. It should work for all involved, producers, the cast & crew have jobs, the writers (Denis) great words, the manufacturers of the products, Lifetime, and ultimately us the viewers who are hooked on a great product. It all comes down to consumption doesn’t it?? I’m gonna find the list my Tango girl made w/manuf.’s info and write to some of them like Denis mentioned also. He took time to write that on his blog because I think he sees how much WE like the show and was nice enough to give us the help to help OUR show, I feel like it’s part of me now wierd as that sounds. I’ve invested my time and energy into keeping a really cool show on the air . I have NEVER participated in anything like this before and have no clue as to why this show grabbed me the way it has, but oh well I’m here and I’m gonna stay as long as they let me, I’m here for the long haul.

  319. AlisaSG said

    yes, *positive* thoughts.. (and not the positively negative! that I am prone to do). I think maybe my mouse might have slipped onto something over the web page that caused the other show to come on?? hoping that’s more the case, than the program pulling a nasty quickie.. still, I’ll be watching for it in the future.

    I’ve been graced with a real day off, but need to put it to more useful projects around the home (like clean the oven, and sort thru my really *old* junk – found coupons dated from the 1980’s!).

    but.. need to do more typing before I go wander off.. πŸ˜‰

  320. Margaret said

    Henry (In Norman)-Well, we have to keep trying……

  321. Dani said

    Yes Diz This is much our baby as it is there’s. When, I repeat when, the show gets renewed we can feel real good of ourselves and everybody should give themselves a pat on the back.

  322. Anzia said

    At this point I think we should just have a huge Renewal party. I mean, lots of deserving people her at this blog. Really, the amount of work that the people here have put into keeping this show alive is astounding and inspiring. If anyone ever doubted that a few people could make a difference s/he never met you lot. I know we’ll get the show back because we all love it enough to do almost anything to get it.

  323. elizabeth said

    I know what you mean, Diz. I can’t explain why this show has become so important to me either, why I actually looked it up on the internet, or why I ended up on a blog about it. Those things are so out of character for me it isn’t even funny. But, I did and I feel like I have made some terrific friends through it all. The character of Henry awakened things in me I thought I had buried, which I will always be grateful for. I’ve said it before and will say it again “eternity is too long to live with regret”. We will have our show back!!!!

  324. lwildstar said

    lunch time! whoo hoo!

    Postcards – I change what I do for every set of 10 or so. So like this last batch had 4 with limericks and 10 that had the bite marks and 6 that just had thank you notes on them. a lot of them I just sign – from a fan in Maryland – some I put my name on…depending on how the mood strikes me.
    Hopefully my pack of 100 cards will show up today. I already set up four templates at home so all I have to do is drop them in the printer and away they go!

    the missing 2 pages of chapter 5 have not showed up so i am hoping that IF someone picked them up off the printer before I got back there – they trashed them.
    And yes I still have that goofy smile today – I found myself just smiling for no reason on the way in to work this morning until I realised that “bathroom time” was dancing in my head again!

    ok I’ll check back later….

    Now that my second screen is up and working I am going to go watch some BT and work on my writing.

  325. AlisaSG said

    re: BLOOD PRICE..

    >> OMG he’s such a good actor !! I β€˜ll rewatch that one over and over. I love when she feeds him and holds him like he’s her baby.

    She’s gently cradling his head to support him, and he was holding her arm up, nearer to the end of that whole scene.

    >> And the noise that comes out of Vicki’s mouth when he first bites into her like it is painful but strangely erotic at the same time.

    that’s because we all have extremely *vivid* imaginations.. and when I kept watching the music videos (u-tube type) with the various scenes, I could swear Henry was kissing (dare I say french kissing?) her arm and may have tickled her into gasping at a few points..

    oh my..
    >> And the last scene when he tells her she’s a great P.I. and that she’s part of him now since she gave him her blood. Love that genuine..

    I don’t know if he was anticipating that moment at the park prior to that or not, but there was so much longing in his expressions at his apartment – when she said it must be him that was so charming.. and later when he tells her that she’s now a part of him, makes you wonder what was in the psychic link that he had with her in the park.. and drempt about afterward, during the day, while he was healing.. (yes, I’d like to believe even in his “death” state, he does dream!)

    after seeing the arm slurpee again (and again), had visions of a few neck slurpees in a pool/deep jacuzzi?.. to cool off that hot sizzle from the intensity of the deeper emotion felt within.. it’s a little challenging transposing characters from my *Michael* character to Henry and his *cherished* one, tho.. After listening to Henry’s passion for his other girlfriend in Bad Juju, sometimes I think he cherishes each one during the moment, but some more and longer than others.. (so they’re not all just a morsel of dinner to play with).


  326. Dani said

    Vivid imaginations we certainly do have. There is no lack of that here.

  327. Madonna said

    Hey guys,
    Keep up the positive thoughts about OUR show.
    I trying to but today is a bad one. Do ya ever just have one of those days? Nothing is going right for me today. I have a huge stain on my shirt I didn’t see until I got to the office and I can’t get it out, and it seems like technology is completely against me. Our computers are really slow at work today, can’t seem to get anything done.

    At home, I can’t connect to the internet. It says it can’t establish communication with the modem. I get a dial tone when I hook a phone up so it has to be something with the modem itself or the settings. Darn it, it was working last night! I don’t get off til 8 tonight so that means that I won’t even get a chance to sit down and take a look at it until at least 9:30 or 10 tonight. I hope there isn’t something wrong with the modem because the closest place that can service my computer is a 2 hr drive from me. ERRRRRR……

    And I had a really bad low sugar episode here at work.

    Let’s hope no one here at work aggravates me today, they just might regret it.

  328. elizabeth said

    I like hearing everyone’s interpretation of BT scenes. I often find myself watching these shows with a slightly different perspective because of your insights and it just makes the whole thing so much more intimate – does that make sense? I feel like I can get into the characters heads a little better – or maybe it is the other way around-hmmmm.

  329. elizabeth said

    Madonna – sorry to hear about your bad day. I’m sending soothing, positive thoughts your way πŸ˜‰

  330. lwildstar said

    Just finished most of episode 2 – the end of pat two when after the line about his vampire magantism and Vicki leaves – oh the look on Henrys face when he closes his eye! oh just makes you want to grab him and tell him “everything will be all right – I’m here now!” i think thats the first sign you see from him that shows his feeling are more than just “intrest” in Vicki – he feels a connection….and the promis of more?

    Well enough anylisis – just about time to go back to work and I wnat to get some more writing in.
    talk to you later!

  331. Dani said

    Madonna-You poor thing. I am so glad I got out of a company that I had to work late like you for. Now I get at four or maybe four thirty everyday now.

  332. lwildstar said

    Madonna – do you have an interier modem or an exterior? if its an exterior turn it off and unplugg it count to five (some universal magic number) and plug it back in and turn it on – always works for mine. Internal – well thats a little trickier and you have to feel confident enough to open the case – when the computer stopped recognizing my cd burner I had to open the case unplug it and plug it back in – when i started the computer back up – everything was happy – I on the other hand I had to come off an anxity spike from having to open the case! the thing scares me!


  333. elizabeth said

    Anzia – I just popped over to read your newest work. Loved it! It was so easy to visualize the action. I can’t wait for more…. πŸ™‚

  334. DIZEY1 said

    Madonna so sorry you’re having a “sucky” day. But when you think sucks, think HENRY. It should help a little. You can turn this day around though, notice what’s not working and bring thougts of what you do want. The more you dwell on the crap, the more crap will come. It’s the secret. I swear it works. What have you got to lose, right???

    **Z** I went and re-read Mr.LO-MEIN again. OMG it;s better every time I read it. I’d love to play find the noodles with tongues……(hee hee hee) πŸ˜›

  335. Himmiefan said

    Madonna – try some complex carbs. That’ll make you feel better.

    Margaret – 10 lbs. Way to go!!

    Remember, this is a lot easier than trying to resurrect a series that has already been cancelled. I feel optimistic.

    Question: I don’t know much about how networks operate, but would Lifetime monitor scifi boards, or would they monitor more “girly” boards, you know, something that is more like their demographic? Isn’t that what iVillage is?

    I’m off to see what Anzia’s up to.

  336. Dani said

    Has anyone seen that new show The Singing Bee? It is all about karaoke. I think it is so funny. I can totally win that show.

  337. rifkind said

    Love History,
    I saw your note the other day. I have a hard time figuring out what you are saying sometimes.. You wrote
    ..i nailed bill oreilly …
    But I didn’t really understand from what you typed as to exactly HOW you nailed him..
    (it is kinda cryptic for me to understand sometimes).
    Did you call in to the show and ask a question that stumped him?
    I do not watch (the factor), not my kinda show.

    I hope that you are feeling better. We miss you around here.
    BTW we need you to stick around and drive the Avenger Mobile for us crazy ladies!
    I really do hope that you are feeling better.

    You were a history teacher, right?
    What areas did you teach?
    I’m working on some research for my book and need ancient egyptian names for different kinds of watercraft that were used on the NILE in ancient times.
    Current boats with sails are called feluccas .. but I need ancient names if possible.
    I need names for the small 2 person boats that are poled along the shallows, and are there any names for the royal barges that were towed .. and then there was a version that had about 20 rowers.. and also ones that were shallow bottomed and carried the great stone obilisks down the nile during the flood…
    I want to make my story as factual as possible
    Thanks in advance, if you can help me with the names!

  338. elizabeth said

    rifkind – weren’t the smaller boats called skifs? I think they were made out of reeds, or something like that, and were very bouyant (spelled wrong?) I think I remember that from High School – back in the dark ages, when I studied ancient Egyptian History. I don’t remember that much though…..

  339. Dani said

    Woohoo I actually finished all my tasks today. Now I have about a half hour to catch up on things I am behind on.

  340. Himmiefan said

    I think O’Reilly got the name of a movie wrong because he said something about it last night. Anyway, I think LH noticed and named the correct movie.

  341. DIZEY1 said

    Hey ya’ll just over at Lifetime’s boards and found this interesting tidbit from Scribble. Thought ya’ll might be interested too. I need to order some of those fangs. πŸ˜‰ 😎

    (edited by request)

  342. Himmiefan said

    Okay Rifkind, now’s your turn to say,”And is your name Loves History?”

    Sorry, smart mouth mood today. The authorware I’m using at work does it to me.

    Anzia – loved your piece! So when is Henry going to be scantily clad?

  343. rifkind said

    I just saw that too Dizey,
    Glad to see that you were descrete about not including the last line..
    I am sure that Lisa Rose will wish that nettie928 had been as careful.

  344. Himmiefan said

    Wasn’t JAG also originally cancelled, bought by another network and then became a big hit?

    Anyway, thanks Dizey!

  345. Madonna said

    Thanks for the positive energy guys,
    After I finished my rant earlier (sorry about that) I put on some music and I’m just a little better now.

    I get off at a different time everyday, everywhere from 3pm – 8pm, sometimes later depending on when the work is done. It’s not so much the hours here as it is the work itself and the environment. I’ve been here for six and a half years and all I do all day everyday is build car ads. I’m burnt out of it I guess. Also, I have some REALLY REALLY BAD CO-WORKERS!!! That’s why I’m trying to start my own business.

    I have an iMac…. everything’s internal.

    Today’s reason I adore Kyle/Henry so much…. Even though he is slightly younger than my co-worker I don’t believe I’ll ever see him try to show me how a turtle would eat a worm! Yes, my 23 year old co-worker did that this morning with a gummy worm!

  346. loves history said

    rifkind oreilly has the great american culture 2 victims are asked pop culture questions while bill makes fun of there mistakes one answer to a question about the TITANIC WAS ANIGHT TO REMEMBER A BRITISH MOVIE ABOUT THE T bill then said for extra credit who starred in ANTR whennoone knew bill said clifton webb well cw was not in antr he was in 1953s TITANIC AN AMERICAN MADE MOVIE AND THE MOVIE WHICH SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE ANSWER(remember its the great americn culture quiz) I EMAILED THE SHOW SHOWING BILL HIS MISS NEXT day” our humble corrispandant”(what bill calls himself) has to fess up a rare thing indeed soory i dont know nautical terms of ancient egypt, a skif is a small boat but it could be from anywhere.

  347. Himmiefan said

    Loves History – I don’t watch O’Reilly that much, but I did catch the last few minutes of last night’s show. He read an e-mail from someone telling him that he had the wrong movie. Was that your e-mail he read?

    Rifkind – I don’t know if this site has a search function, but it’s pretty interesting:

    Good ‘ole Google might help you too.

  348. Dani said

    I think we can get fangs from Oriental Trading Company. Let me check. Be right back.

  349. rifkind said

    Himmiefan ,
    I DO Love History.. and my story is based in Ancient Egypt.

    I think that the word “skiff” will describe the boat.. but that is OUR word for it.. I found one website that said that the ancient word for a boat was “Bari”
    but just like we have different words for different TYPES of boats.. I was looking to see if I could find ancient words for the boats

  350. Dani said

    I found these at Oriental Trading.

  351. Dani said

    These too for bats. It looks like H.M.V. Fangs is on here.

  352. Dani said

    Alright I have done my work for the day. C ya tomorrow. Ciao!

  353. Himmiefan said

    Rifkind – is your book fiction? We need more fiction books set in ancient Egypt. There are a few of us who have read everything available and are desperate for something new. Amazon has just started carrying a new ancient Egyptian detective series that’s published in Britain and hasn’t reached the US yet. I bought my copy from a used book distributor who’s taking it’s sweet time getting it to me. Oh well, come Friday night, nothing else will matter but Harry (and Henry of course!)

  354. rifkind said

    Thanks Himmiefan,
    The web page shows only the front / back cover of the magazine. I may have to check with the local University and see if they have it in their library.. It would be very nice if I could do a search through the text…
    Looks like I have some research to do, and the KMT magazine could be a gold mine!

    Loves History,
    Thanks for the explanation!
    He ready your email, huh?? Good for you!
    I wonder how he liked eating crow? I don’t go for shows that make fun of people like that. It seems too mean to me. I guess that the producers think that if people want their 15 minutes of fame, they can do it by looking like an idiot. It is just not my style.

  355. Margaret said

    Nettie28 over at the Lifetime message board has already ordered some fangs. Might be best to check in with her before you place any orders. Would be nice to try to centralize this as much as possible.

  356. rifkind said

    Himmiefan ,
    YES! My book is fiction, set in ancient Egypt AND has vampires..
    Who’da guessed??!!!
    HEE HEE! and it’s all Henry’s fault!

    It is my first and usually only search engine.
    Ages ago, I used to use (Web Crawler) because they allowed you to have words that could be EXCLUDED from the search criteria.. Unfortunately they were bought-out and the renamed/re-packaged product was never as good.

  357. Himmiefan said

    “The web page shows only the front / back cover of the magazine.”

    Well that’s a bummer! Geesh! I’ve bought KMT every now and then, and it’s a really good magazine. Expensive, but good.

    Your book sound really good. Can’t wait!

    BTW – I have a thing about interviewers who won’t shut their mouths and let their guests talk.

  358. Laurel said

    Looks like you’ve been having quite the down in the dumps day. As Gypsy said earlier it is rainy and dark here in Portland today. High of only 69′. It is a good day to curl up with a book and a latte. πŸ™‚

    I had to get up at 3:30 this morning to take my 17yr and her 17yr cousing to the airport. Unfortunatly we got to bed at 1:45am. They are off to a big international church function in (of all places) Iowa. Can you say hot and muggy? Yuk. I went to college in Kansas City, and remember arriving at the end of August. 98′ and 98% humidity. 😦

    Needless to say, I am a little tired in spite of the nap I just woke up from. This could be one of those major typo days so look out. πŸ˜‰

    I refuse to be disheartened by the lack of news about BT. In what little I have been able to read, interviews and such, I get a sense that Susanne Daniels is one smart cookie! She has plenty to point her in the right direction, and just because Blood ties was not as big as Army Wives doesn’t mean it was a bomb. Lifetime invested a great deal of time and effort into giving us not just a web sight, but also a blog with direct access to our favorite author – Tanya Huff!
    When we (and I know I mean me here) asked for episodes to be returned to ON-Demand @ Comcast, they showed up. I got a nice response on e-mail from both Comcast and Lifetime after I requested episode 12. Okay, it took a few weeks but I’m over the delay, now. We requested a chance to see episodes 1 and 2, and they showed up ON-Demand. πŸ™‚
    When the not to be named site with the episodes disappeared, Lifetime gave us a chance to watch them all on their web site. Obviously we have the attention of someone with power. It seems like there is some commitement there, and now we need to have faith they will buy 22 more episodes.
    So say a prayer, lite some candles, cook with fresh herbs…. whatever works for you!

    I am really hoping we get the good news tomorrow. I will wish for it when I blow out the candles on the Birthday cake!

  359. Laurel said

    Oh, and mail lots and lots of post cards. πŸ™‚

    Did I mention how lovely my hair looks with the Hydrience hair color? And that I haven’t had a single one of my Pink Frosted Mini-Wheats talk to me?
    What’s up with that? Mine just lay in the bowl and look tasty.
    Speaking of tasty…. who’s got Henry, and where is Mike?

  360. DIZEY1 said

    I know I wanted to wish you a Pre- Happy Birthday ! Today is my aunt’s b’day also. All these great cancerians that I am lucky to know and call my friends. I love you people here, it’s such a great place to run away to. I hope you have a great birthday and get treated like the Princess that you are πŸ™‚ What are you doing for said b’day and how young will you be ??

    Kind of like the circus, speaking of where’s Lady A , and Susanna, and Maddie Mo hasn’t been here either. 😦 Missing some of you people come back to us, we’re longing for you!!

    BTW on the Bloodlines site I think Barbi posted some links to different sites to search for BT’s and I went of course and looked at each site so hopefully it helps.

  361. DIZEY1 said

    Henry , sweet girl is in transit oohhh noooooo you get Mike huh???

    Where the heck was he last seen ??? Must research the trail of Mike for Laurel’s b’day.

  362. DIZEY1 said

    goodby mes amours vous parlent quand je deviens Γ  la maison


  363. rifkind said

    > I haven’t had a single one of my Pink Frosted Mini-Wheats talk to me?

    Don’t DO that to me here at work.. folks will wonder WHY I am laughing..
    You are so funny!
    Have a great birthday tomorrow.

    Dizey, (Where is everyone…)
    Summertime, vacations, and WORK seem to keep folks busy..
    Poor Claire is probably run ragged by now with the 4 kids..
    Besides, if it is nice outside.. we should be enjoying the weather instead of sitting at the computer….. just think how many posts there would be if it were winter time???

  364. rifkind said

    I shared your message with the hubby about the need for MORE fiction books about Egypt…
    So we are going to eat fast food and work on the book!

    Later BLogkins!

  365. Margaret said

    Got some great comments back from a few great Jericho fans: Here they are:

    (1) What worked? Organization, mobilization and devotion. Don’t forget to be polite.

    (2) You have to remember also that Jericho was right on the line and many of CBS’s people didn’t want to cancel it in the first place. That made it easier for us to convince the others although I think our campaign was awesome. Find something to rally around like our “Nuts”.

  366. Margaret said

    Whoops-that should be: Put don’t forget to be polite…

  367. lwildstar said

    having one of those days.
    If not for replaying Pauls comments – I’d have lost it today – point in fact, today is Wednesday – I’m suposed to be at the allergist – why am I home? because I guess I was in “auto” mood and got on the bus to come home rather thatn the bus to the allergist…
    oh well – missing one week wont hurt me.

    I sent Scribbles a little thank you note for her encouragement….does anyone know where the info about the “fangs” campaign is? I thought I had booked marked a link – but now I can’t find it.
    I like the glow in the dark fangs. and you are right abuot the bats – I guess thats where my friend got the pieces parts from…….
    The intern at work says he knows of a costume place you can order fangs from – he’s suposed to give me the link tomorrow so I can check it out….he’s a nice kid and thinks we are all “nuts”, but he heard me talking to the one co worker I’m friends with and wanted to join in – usually he stays away from everyone “socially”….I think he doesn’t want to make friends because he’s only here til September – kids – now the Intern we had last year was da bomb – you couldn’t give him enough work, he was friendly, sweet, cute (baby), sent us all holiday emails at Christmas – and came back this year and joined one of our training programs! Unfourtunatly thats in the head office so we won’t get to see him, but after working with him last year, I was disapointed with the intern we got this year.

    Well I am going to go write for awhile…I’ll check in later.

  368. Margaret said

    Postcards to write, they won’t write themselves, you know.

  369. Barbi said

    Wow, I can’t believe this is happening again on this site. Someone has yet again posted the entire “private” e-mail that Scribble sent to someone, including her full name and info. I am surprised Scribble ever e-mails anybody anymore when her private e-mails are constantly being posted for all to see. These e-mails are private guys and by you posting them you can get her in major trouble and at the very least ruin it for all of us. Even worse it was posted on the Lifetime site! If she wanted the information passed along for all to see she would ask the person to do so. Even though the “Fangs” campaign was not her idea and had nothing to do with her, it can look to Lifetime and her bosses that she was involved in some way and that can be VERY bad for her. They can also instruct her to cut off all ties with the fans and not give us the support that she has been giving us. We over at Bloodlines have been immensely gratefull for all the support and goodies the production, cast and crew have given us and all the fans and this not cool at all!

    I certainly hope the webmaster of this blog will once again come through and delete the ENTIRE post with Scribble’s e-mail in it, not just her name.

  370. Margaret said

    Barbi: It was posted over at the Lifetime site with that info, not here. In fact someone from here cautioned her to get it taken off and cautioned others not to use the email address.

  371. Margaret said

    Ok, I take that back the email was posted by not her personal information. Sorry.

  372. Barbi said

    While it is very bad that her personal info was posted along with the e-mail, it is the entire e-mail itself being posted that bothers me. E-mails are private between the sender and the receiver and should never be posted on the internet without the senders permission. Whoever posted the e-mail, here or on Lifetime was VERY wrong in doing so and may have ruined it for all of us.

  373. Margaret said

    Barbi: At this point there’s nothing we can do to make it any better is there? Kind of closing the barn door after the horse has gotten out.

  374. Margaret said

    Barbi: Since you have more experience at this than a lot of us here can you give us some rules of thumb to follow?

    (1) Obviously don’t post emails……

  375. Barbi said

    The only thing to make it better would be to have it completely removed which I hope the webmaster does. Not much can be done about the one posted on the Lifetime site I’m afraid.

    There really isn’t a rule of thumb but any e-mail sent to you by another person should never be posted on the internet or made public without the senders permission. They send these with the unspoken assumption that what they are discussing is private between you and the receiver.

    If you have any kind of dealings with someone from behind the scenes of a show then you need to be very careful about what you repeat to others, Any e-mails or conversations should not be repeated without getting their ok first. Everyone wants what’s best for the show and you have to trust that they know what that is. Clear everything with them first, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

  376. Margaret said

    Tango: Aren’t you handling the site when Ms. Gypsy isn’t here?

  377. lwildstar said

    well I have spent the what last hour and a hlaf writing – finished chapater 6!
    Started part two of the short today at lunch – I’m going to take a try at this weekend anpost part one for you – I’ll let you know monday.

    well off for chocolate and some mindless tv before bed – I ‘ve got an early an morning meeting tomorrow so I’m not staying up tonight.

    Happy Henry dreams!

  378. DIZEY1 said

    Barbi regarding the email I am the one who copy & pasted here. It was in a forum and was not aware that it was not legal to copy & paste into my post. Clearly you can see that I was the one who put it here. So sorry if I stepped over some line, I was not aware of a problem.

  379. DIZEY1 said

    I can only appoligize & regret having moved it here. I’m sure as soon as gypsy is aware she’ll remove it, there won’t be a problem with that. Tango’s out of town this week. I’ll see if I can email gypsy and I or she’ll be back.

  380. Laurel said

    Rifkind – Sorry about catching you with that mini-wheat post. πŸ˜‰ I have heard the commercial so many times I now expect to see Blood Ties come on every time it plays. It was a huge disapointment to get just some random program on the TV after hearing “I’ve got crunchletts?” My husband laughed because my head sort of whipped around from where I was typing on the computer.

  381. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Laurel verify gypsy’s email I think I’ve got an old one. Thanks

  382. Margaret said

    Did anyone happen to catch that I don’t believe anyone from BT was nominated for an emmy. Kyle-you were robbed. What do those people know.

  383. Laurel said

    I must admit I am hoping for both Mike and Henry for my birthday. I think I’ll be old enough to deal with one by day and the other by night. πŸ™‚ (49, yikes!)

    I’m hoping that we will get 22 more episodes AND some substantial merchandise as well. I was in Hot Topic yesterday with my girls and when the sales-person asked if we were looking for anything specific I told him I was looking for Blood Ties merchandise. To my surprised delight he knew about the show and said he was hoping there would be something showing up in time for the holidays. From his pierced and adorned lips to the somebody’s ears! Not sure who needs to hear it but I know I would buy more than my share. 😎

  384. Margaret said

    I tried asking Hot Topic where I live and they looked at me like I had two heads. Of course the site of an old fart like me in Hot Topics was probably too much for them. lol.

  385. DIZEY1 said

    Me too Laurel. Over by I’m sure, and guess what everyoen would be getting for Christmas, that’s right folks Blood Ties tee’s, tie’s, socks, hats yep I’ll *TURN* them yet.

  386. DIZEY1 said

    Anybody got a current email for the gypsy. I really want her to remove that post soon. I don’t have an anxiety disorder……yet ! I so don’t want to get anyone in trouble ya’ know what I mean. 😦

  387. Madonna said

    Her email is
    You have to watch the spelling.

  388. Madonna said

    Strike that…. more of my nothing’s going right day.

  389. DIZEY1 said

    Thanx Madonna you rock sista’.

  390. Laurel said

    Dizely – be careful typing in Gypsy’s name on her e-mail it is actually gyspy – I remember it as gy (guy) spy. I will send you an e-mail to give you the whole address. Give me a couple of minutes and then check.

  391. Laurel said

    You gals are way fast. I barely got my page loaded and you all had Dizey taken care of! Wheew.
    Nice work.

    Anybody seen moonbeam today?

  392. Madonna said

    I just thought I’d check in and see how eveyone is doing. Things are going a little better for me now. Our computer guy at work gave me a list of some things to try and the 2nd one worked. Whew…. I still don’t understand how something can work perfectly fine and then 8hrs. later be completely whacked.

    Don’t beat yourself up over that! You didn’t know!

    I got your emblem design. Thanks!!!

    It’s been a looonnng day! I think I’m going to finish a few things up then head to bed.

    Love y’all!!!!

  393. prtfvr said

    DIZ: Don’t torture yourself. If you picked it up from a public site and posted it, you haven’t done anything wrong.

    Of course, we all know that you’re an incredible hacker and probably broke into Scribble’s email account and stole that letter for your own personal gain but we’ll keep it our little secret.

    If you start feeling better about yourself and the horrible, horrible thing you did by posting that, just get in touch with me and I’ll make you feel guilty again. Deal?


  394. prtfvr said

    Oh, P.S. New nonsense on the front page of hens if you care to look.

  395. Madonna said

    Just thought I’d let you know….. Looks like that post was deleted from Lifetime’s board.

  396. DIZEY1 said

    OMG prtfvr , thanx that made my day πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    Yes that’s me the hacker?? That is funny if you only knew how much I don’t know. My technical terminology is “THINGY” it describes any part of a computer for me. It’s safe and generic, it works for me.

  397. Margaret said

    prtfvr: Laughed my butt off. Are you trying to tell us something with his finger like that (how perfect was that picture)? At least it wasn’t the other gesture. lol.

  398. DIZEY1 said

    No Madonna I looked a little while ago and it was still there #2906. I’ll check again and see. Be right back.

  399. DIZEY1 said

    Oh good I had emailed LTKaren and asked her to please remove it so no one would catch flack from their superiors. Glad she did.

  400. AlisaSG said


    I have an email from msgypsy with return email as

    (there’s a period between in there, too)

    I’m not on the LIFETIME boards, so it was a shock to see conflict show up about this whole “inform the media,” etc.. Based on what I’ve read between the receiver and what Barbi said, it sounds like a misunderstanding occurred from the receiver.

    I can understand the whole e-mail privacy issue, we get lots of those marked *privacy* attached in the emails, mostly from the executive staff, but sometimes from the lower rungs on the totem pole, too.

    However, the phrase “rally the troops” (which was in that) is probably where the misunderstanding came in the receiver thinking that comment (phrase) in itself was a green light to show the entire rest of everything in the correspondence.

    I know of news web sites that don’t permit anything from their site being passed out into the public domain, which netiquette sort of screams-
    “well, if you want the news made public, but can’t lead people back to the news article in some form, how are they going to know it even exists??”

    anywho, in the meantime I would recommend taking what Barbi said to heart about how we share what we’ve encountered, because especially with the internet, TPTB in the legal depts are finally cracking down on everything they’ve failed to spell out before this medium (the internet, etc) became exposed to the entire planet and overly popular.

  401. prtfvr said

    Thanks Margaret! I noticed that my site hits were down since I pulled the pics and only had the comic links, can’t lose the few viewers that I already have so I put in a “lead” story. πŸ™‚

  402. prtfvr said

    DIZ: We can’t have non-regulars come in and slap our peeps around! Girlfriend, you KNOW I don’t play that! Only the regulars get to be condescending and shitty to each other! πŸ˜‰

  403. DIZEY1 said

    Alisa I didn’t think beyond the information, that’s my ignorance about the internet I guess. I’m not savvy w/any of this legal/illegal thing. I just joined in a blog and started talking, and here we are.

    Well that being said nothing I can do now. Once gypsy removes it I’ll feel better. Any way I’m beat and have to go write more postcards before I hit the hay.

    Bonne nuit

    reves doux d’Henri

  404. prtfvr said

    OMG!! Can we stop the self-flaggellation and reprimands around here? For Pete’s sake, not only has the horse been beaten but ground to a pulp, put into a pipe and smoked! Man! You’d think Scribble was in the Witness Protection Program and was outted by DIZ herself.

    We get the message, someone’s personal info was published and we’re almost certain it wasn’t supposed to. Give the girl a break.

  405. AlisaSG said

    >> DIZ: Don’t torture yourself. If you picked it up from a public site and posted it, you haven’t done anything wrong.

    (that’s true – how else would anyone know, unless the laws and regs were posted on the what NOT to do, except for the ones working on the laws and regulations?)

    >> Of course, we all know that you’re an incredible hacker and probably broke into Scribble’s email account and stole that letter for your own personal gain but we’ll keep it our little secret.

    prtfvr, you’re too funny!! πŸ˜€
    and DIZEY1,
    >> Yes that’s me the hacker?? That is funny if you only knew how much I don’t know. My technical terminology is β€œTHINGY” it describes any part of a computer for me. It’s safe and generic, it works for me.

    β€œTHINGY” works for me too many times too, even at work.. also go with
    “you know – *that* (point to “thing” in question) – right there!” πŸ˜›
    I get told that I’m the *expert* in “such and such..” ok… fine.

    Then, do I get to sign my working title as “the Nobody person”..??
    it works for me.. nobody else cares – anyway. πŸ˜‰
    even just once, as an inter-office joke.. someone else suggested I should just try that to see if anyone else notices.. πŸ˜€

  406. DIZEY1 said

    Thanx Prtfvr, I know I can count on you to have my back πŸ˜‰

    V:”He just wants to ask you some questions, you have nothing to worry about”

    H: ” That’s what my father said to Anne Boelyn just before he took her HEAD”

    I feel like I’ll be dragged away by a Madd Monk and chained to a big “X”.

    There better be something good in it for me if I’m scarificing myself for my village !!! And I mean something (someone) REAL GOOD yummty even πŸ˜‰

  407. prtfvr said

    Well DIZ, I’m feeling a little brutalized myself today and I could tell by your responses that if you fell on that sword apologizing for something that you didn’t do, we might have a bleeder on our hands.

    But just in case it didn’t sink in…NEVER, EVER do what you didn’t even do again in the first place! Don’t make me tell you again, young lady! πŸ˜‰

  408. prtfvr said

    Now it’s off to bed. I’m thinking that although I have some pretty good grabs, I’d better get them laminated because my tongues turning colors from liking the ink jet print outs. πŸ™‚ Henry’s worth it but I’m feeling kinda woozy… πŸ˜‰

  409. DIZEY1 said

    Got it ma’am. You’ve got me laughing so hard my mascara’s runnig. Thanx , oh and love the witness protection thing. I’m gonna go check out Hunky Henry before bed. Thanks again for the good laugh, besides I have PMS and this just makes it funnier.

  410. prtfvr said

    That’s pronounced “licking” and the “grab” are the pics I pull from BT! Whew! Couldn’t leave that one out there without a correction!

    Nite, nite!

  411. AlisaSG said

    an encouragement — as
    as Madonna said-
    >> Dizey,
    >> Don’t beat yourself up over that! You didn’t know!

    and also as prtfvr said,
    >> DIZ: Don’t torture yourself. If you picked it up from a public site and posted it, you haven’t done anything wrong.

    just imagine the hundreds or thousands of younger people out there on the ‘net who do the exact same thing.. and have never been told. I think most of us posting not connected to any of the more professional sites — we’re all sort of in the same boat.

    .. and something I wanted to share earlier but didn’t, because of time factors.. Madonna’s not the only one having a bad day – I locked myself out of my own house this morning (had the wrong set of keys), and had to wait on a damp step for more than a half hour (it fortunately stopped raining), until my hubby came home to let me back in. Meantime, my Slimfast (milk) breakfast shake was sitting on the kitchen counter getting warm and going sour.. 😦

    good thing was that I didn’t have to go anywhere at all. I couldn’t even get into my car where it was warm and more comfortable, and I couldn’t call because I didn’t have my cell phone with me. Good thing also that I just went to the bathroom only moments before getting stuck outside, too.. =)

  412. vicki said

    hey all..
    I will mail my post cards tomorrow…Should I add fangs to them?? I am sure I could find some at the dollar store..or somewhere.

    Dizy…dont worry…we are all just trying to make till Oct. and praying for that second season..
    I am old enough to remember the whole “Beauty and the Beast” show..(LOVED IT) and BTW the second season is out on DVD now. I taped every episode of that show..but I still was not motivated enough to actually write the network.

    I am a tv aholic..I tivo at least 20 shows a week. My children are named Willow and Xander.(buffy fan). I had end of show party for X-files, and end of season party for Buffy. This is the first time I have written a network and I am going to mention that on one postcard.
    My name is Vicki and I want more BloodTies..

  413. Laurel said

    AlisaSG – Oh girl, I have soooo done that! hehehe
    I had to walk two blocks in my slippers – at least I was dressed for the day – just to find a phone. My husband was unreachable and the only neighbor with a key to our house was on vacation in Hawaii. It finally dawned on me that my daughter had a key and she was at the middle school just five blocks away. Lucky for me she didn’t even notice the slippers. Just gave me the key and said “Good going, mom!”

  414. AlisaSG said

    now you’re daughter will now have an *interesting* memory to remember in those years after she leaves the nest.. we tend to remember the strangest things, but even if we think of them as a bad experience at the time, they do tend to make us laugh later – at ourselves.. and for some reason, things like that keep my mom’s memories even closer to my heart.

    also Laurel-
    >> Update on my mom – her proceedure went well and she should be home soon. They didn’t find anything that would cause the shortness of breath and other symptons, only minor beginnings of blockage. I don’t know what will come next.

    sorry I missed this earlier and didn’t mention it sooner. Prayers for all of you!
    my mom had an angio-plasty. I’m not sure if that was before or after her cabbage (five-bypass) heart surgery. She lived for many more years after, even tho she was diabetic. Complications in health care from her car accident is what killed her – not her heart problems or diabetes.

    Had she not been in a head-on collision and banged up so bad, and realizing her body was rejecting the super antibiotics she was getting, she’d probably still be kicking now and calling me up nightly “Hi doll!”
    (huge, HUGE phone bills! AT&T loved her!!) πŸ˜‰
    (I was her youngest, and I looked like a *doll* in my toddler years, too.. so the name sort of stuck.)

    anywho.. on cheerier notes “HAPPY early BIRTHDAY!!” Laurel 😎

    and Hi moonbeam.. πŸ™‚
    >> This is moonbeam (Debiβ€”Laurel’s sis-in-law) of the famous, β€œI don’t do vampires” line blogging in! Henry has changed my opinion on that, umm, yummy!

    even when he was tortured, he was still *yummy!* πŸ˜€
    I love his acting – especially in HEART OF FIRE.. absolutely fantastic!

  415. Himmiefan said

    Hi everybody! This is the sound of me dragging our wagons into a circle. I agree with Prtfvr. We can slap each other around, but no one else had better try!

    Dizey – I doubt a vortex from Hell is going to open and drag you down into it. Now,I know nothing about posting an entire e-mail like that, I assumed it was public, but I do know there was no personal info in it. On Lifetime’s board, yes, but not what you posted here.

  416. Himmiefan said

    Prtfvr – where did you get the sad face? That’s hysterical!

    As for the gay thing, I can’t help but wonder if that was started by some wishful thinking guys…

    Funny, funny, funny. πŸ™‚

  417. Anzia said

    Diz- Honey, Here’ a hug: (((DIZ))) and a LARGE Blow Henry Pop. ^_^ And, if I’m not mistaken, you didn’t do anything wrong at all (this is based on my knowledge of the WI state laws so, I could be wrong in other states). An email is a transferance of information from one person to another. Once it has been transfered it is no longer in the control of the person who wrote it and, unless it invovles copyright issues, is no longer owned by the person who wrote it. So, even if the email had been sent to you directly you could have posted it. It’s your email. I hope that makes you feel a better. Love you girl! hey are you still coming to milwaukee??

    I haven’t had Chinese since writing Part 2 and have never had Lo Mein. *hides head* Yup… i’m a traitor with a great imagination it seems. ^_^ I’m glad ya’ll like it. The numbers on that thing are AMAZING! I don’t think you guys are the only ones reading it. Well, unless ya’ll have read it about 10 each!

    elizabeth (i think it was you, if not, SORRY to you and whomever I forgot :()- I’m glad you liked the new bit. I plan on having a VERY Scantilly clad Henry very soon. I actually have a GREAT idea to get henry in a pool. *giggles* and Vicki gets some revenge for the outfit she’s wearing in the rewrite. ^_^ So wicked those two are…

    prtfvr- I LOVE THE NEW STUFF! OMG. I was laughing so hard I actually had an asthma attack! GREAT STUFF! “and 2…” GREAT!

    Madonna- ((((MADONNA)))) I’m sorry your day has been bad. My computer actually does that too. What sucks is that I can’t just restart my modem. I have a laptop… don’t work that way. I have to reboot the internet itself. 😦 Which my uncle hates doing so I have to hope and pray that a rain storm comes and knocks it out (we have digital internet…). 😦 It sucks! *giggles* like Henry… *holds up bag* I have a bag of yummy henry hard suckables… want some?

    rifkind- go with the book! ^_^ I don’t have the patience to finish any of the many I’ve started. It has a little to do with not getting stuff to come out the way I want it to and disbelief in my own writing ability. (which is slowly changing thanks to the support of lots of friends- a lot of which inhabit this site) I love ancient Egypt and it’s mythologies so I’m am STOKED about your book! ^_^

    Vicki- I’m with you on the Buffy & X-files! And I never wrote to the networks for them either… Just goes to show that BT has something that no other paranormal show has had yet.

  418. Anzia said

    himmie & Prtfvr- my uncle claims the Kyle is gay. It’s really annoying. One night he was being particularly pushy about it so I looked at my aunt and said, “if that’s the case I’m scheduling my surgery now.” She started to laugh and my uncles just looked a little confused.. it took him a while to figure it out. Hasn’t mentioned it since. πŸ˜€

  419. Barbi said

    Ok, while all you “regulars” are picking up your torches and ropes I will say a few things. First off, of course an e-mail sent to one person is considered private, that’s common sense. Now when I posted my message I had no clue who posted it on this blog, didn’t even look, just saw it on Lifetime and here and assumed it was the same person. What irked me was the fact that this same thing happened here on this very blog about a month or so ago and we discussed how wrong it was then so I would have thought that any “regular” would remember that and not post it even if it was copied from another site.

    For the record Himmiefan, there is personal info in it. Lisa goes by Scribble all over the internet and only those receiving her e-mails would know her complete real name and that was posted along with the e-mail. In my book that is personal info.

    I have been coming to this blog for months but I guess because I don’t actually post everyday I am not a “regular”, whatever. You guys are trying to protect your own and I am trying to protect Scribble. The true one who should be chastised is the receiver of the e-mail and hopefully the wrong people do not see it on the Lifetime site.

    So prtfvr and Himmiefan if you have something you wish to say to me directly by all means do so, no need for innuendos, it’s easy enough to find my e-mail.

    Dizey, no harm not foul, I know you did not set out to itentionally hurt Scribble and I see now that you were not the one that made the original post, you were just passing on information. Hopefully it will be removed from the Lifetime website and all will be right with the Universe again πŸ™‚

  420. Himmiefan said

    Anzia – that’s funny! Yes, less clothes for Henry! I love how sometime his shirt isn’t buttoned all the way, like he just threw it on or something.

    I’m glad you said what you said about the e-mail. I had wondered about that with it being in the public domain…

  421. Himmiefan said


    Seriously, I am not, I repeat not, happy with Barbi’s e-mail and am backing off from this blog for a while. I will let the rest of you deal with this.

  422. Himmiefan said

    Sorry. I was mad and said e-mail when I should have said post.

    Sorry, I’ve had it.

  423. Anzia said

    Himmie- don’t leave lov! 😦 Please! This place wouldn’t be the same! Seriously girl, don’t do it. The reason we all love this place is because of the special something everyone brings to the board. It’s a home and if you leave, we’ll be missing a very important part of our home. No one, no matter how much we may compare to each other, is exactly like you. And what you are exactly is what helps make me love this place. Don’t let one person drive you from your home. (((Himmie)))

  424. Anzia said

    I’m off for the night. I’m not fit for anyone’s company right now. I’ll check in tomorrow morning. I hope everyone else has an okay night and sweet dreams. 😦


  425. Barbi said

    Oh good grief, this is just ridiculous. Once again Himmiefan I will say, if you have a problem with me then deal with me directly instead of stomping off in a huff. I was merely trying to say posting someone’s e-mail is not a good idea and I told Dizey I know it was not her. I honestly would not have said another thing beyond that first post but it is in my nature to defend myself, especially when it is done by little jabs and innuendos instead of someone coming right out and saying hey we think you were wrong.

    I am not driving anyone from their home or off this blog. Himmie, by all means stay and I will go. WAY too much drama for me. Next time I will just try and find a way to contact the poster personally. Yeesh.

  426. Anzia said

    😦 Okay, so i said I was going to bed, but I got another call from my mom & I don’t have anyone to tell right now. 😦

    My puppy (not really a puppy. He’s 17 yr old rotty), they don’t think he’s gonna make it. 😦 It seems he’s been pretty sick. He has a tumor…they just now told me! My mom called earlier (between my post to himmie and saying goodnight) saying that they’d had to take him to the pet ER but that it wasn’t anything to worry about. She’d lied then felt bad ’cause she’s sure the next call will be “Sorry he’s dead.” 😦 She wouldn’t tell me what they’re doing… just that i should ‘be prepared.’

    I’ve had Ruffuss since I was in middle school. He’s always been “MY” dog. He woke my mom up when our house caught on fire. He woke me up on the weekends…:( Tomorrow isn’t going to be a good day…

  427. Anzia said

    We need a henry stuffed thing or just something that can be cuddled with. … Now i’m going to bed… with Henry playing…

  428. Margaret said

    Barbi & everyone else: As they used to say on a skit on Saturday Night Live Years Ago (showing my age, sorry) everyone needs to “simmer down”. I think what has happened is the poster over at Lifetime did the posting out of inexperience. I see your points Barbi and the last thing any one of us wants to do is get Scribble in trouble. The information looked like it needed to be shared so how does one do that: Saying something to the effect of “a source has told us this, this and this” (no names included and certainly no location of the source). How would they have explained their reversal on the fangs campaign if they didn’t explain it somehow.

    You certainly have more experience at this so please share how we can get information out that we need to know without killing the messenger.

    P. S. Barbi, I for one, want your experience. You have my email but if not its The problem with the written word is that no one can see your face or hear your tone of voice and it came off kind of gruff but some of the things need to be said. If you see us doing something wrong email one of us, since this is Ms. Gypsy’s board it would probably be best to email her.
    I guess I need to apologize because I posted the information from Denis McGrath which caused the response in the first place. I believe that we are all so passionate about trying to save this show that we would do just about anything. We all now get not to post an email without permission but if you have any more information that we need to know please share. I, for one, am getting sick of being told send fangs, don’t send fangs-you’ll piss everyone off, do this, no, don’t do that. Many of us haven’t been involved in something like this before and we need your experience. If I had the money I’d be flying up there sitting in Ms. Daniels or Ms. Wongs office and going on a hunger strike until they make a commitment (I need to lose the weight anyway).

    And last, but certainly not least, TOGETHER WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. We all need to be circling the wagons on this board and every other connected to Blood Ties and work together. THATS HOW THE FANS OF JERICHO MADE THEIR VOICES HEARD-MOBILIZE AND COORDINATE EFFORTS.
    So, please everyone, lets put this all behind us, we’ve learned a rough lesson and hopefully our friend will be safe.

    We have a common target that we all need to mobilize against and we can’t do it if we’re wasting time on regrets about what we did. Lesson learned, lets move on AND NOT DO IT AGAIN……


    Love all of you……..

  429. lwildstar said

    I have 15 minutes until my meeting and just wanted to check in…

    today is a new day, lets all take a deep calming, cleansing breath and move on.

    Finished champter 6 last night and i think I may start chapter 7 at lunch – if I get a lunch today.

    Play nice and I’ll check in after work!

  430. lwildstar said

    Ok this is scary – I just thought I’d check in while we are on a break – and I’m the only ones whos been here this morning?
    Did last night take the wind out of our sails? Or am I just too early?

    Well this is suposed to be a potty break so I better tak the opportunity….
    Hopefully things will pick up by the time I check back in. πŸ™‚

  431. msgypsy said

    Wow, I go out for dinner and WEIRD STUFF happens here.

    1. I’ve edited the post but haven’t deleted it because it does weird things with my stats when I do that. But the entire post is gone. For the record, I didn’t see any email addresses in it, but it wasn’t yet 6 AM when I read it.

    2. Barbi, if you see stuff that bothers you on this blog, please email me. I don’t always check the blog when I get home after 10 PM but I do check email.

    3. Himmiefan, come back! None of it was hostile. I think we’re all on edge this week for some reason. And Mercury’s gone direct! (Or did it go retrograde again?)

    4. My email is and if that doesn’t work, there are a few folks here with my work email (and I can’t ever ignore that one!) so you can ask Laurel (or I think Tango has it and if not she should, and I thought I gave it to a couple of other people) to alert me to something.

    5. Laurel…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LADY! 49? Is that for real or again? And am I buying you Chinese tomorrow to celebrate?

    Now, then…some of the cast of “Macbeth in Minutes” met last night to enjoy a really good dinner and go over our lines. I’m having a hell of a time with “Macbeth shall never vanquished be until Great Birnam Wood to High Dunsinane Hill doth come against him,” which I think is the entire speech I make. I also do “All hail Macbeth, thou shalt be king thereafter,” but it’s easy to remember it since I sing it to the tune of “YMCA.” (We’re determined to get this on YouTube to share with everyone when we’re finally in production.)

    And under the heading of Only In Portland. We ate at a vegan restaurant perched up on a hill bordering Forest Park. It’s in the NW Industrial District and it’s quite lovely and apparently on weekends it’s extremely lively. It’s called Pirates Tavern and … uh … yeah … it’s totally pirate themed, all the way through to the live music they book most nights and the design of the menu. Vegan. Pirates.And yet it works quite nicely.

    And on that note I think I’ll go get ready for work and wish the day would end because I’m in a “Gifted” kind of a mood…

  432. msgypsy said

    Prtfvr, where did you get the shot of Henry with the glowing ring and the … er … gesture? I ask because I once again must say that Kyle is a smartass! If he were my kid I’d … oh, hell with it, I’d be SO proud!

  433. Margaret said

    Laurel: Are you a hen or a minx? Can you email me ( your email. I need to send you something.

  434. Margaret said

    Ladies: Don’t forget to write to the advertisers on the show, along with the writer’s cramp we’re getting from doing the post cards.

  435. Dani said

    Ok dears. Lets all calm down. Now that that is out of your systems lets get down to what we love best, each other, Henry, and Blood Ties.


    Reading what I just read kinda made me sick to my stomach. Confrontation and me don’t mix well. I have always been known in my family to be the one to heal everyone else in situations like this. Now is when we all have to be together in this. Himmiefan we need you back. Barbi and anyone else from Blood Lines we need to too. Now is not the time to fight. Now kiss and make up. Let’s make Laurel’s birthday the most memorable of ever.

    Happy Birthday Luv!

    Don’t forget to go to to do your daily searches.

  436. Dani said

    Oh I forgot to mention that prtfvr, I loved the new stuff on

  437. Dani said

    I had to go back and figure out what you were saying about the finger gesture ms gypsy. I missed the first time around. I caught it this time. I love it even more now. HEHE!

    I saw Hairspray last night. My sister had 6 free passes for the special screening. That movie was hilarious. You all have got to go see it. John Travolta as a woman is the funniest thing I have ever seen. The movie was just great all around.

  438. Rifkind said

    Sending you a H U G E cyber hug this morning
    {{{{{{{ H U G }}}}}}}
    Those of us who have lost pets are crying with you today.
    It is so hard to lose a cherished loved one, and our pets worm their way into the deepest corners of our hearts, where we may never feel safe sharing with anyone else. This makes their loss so much more difficult.
    Remember that we love you here!

  439. Dani said

    Sorry Anzia. I forgot to put this in my first post of the day. You little puppy will always be with you in your heart. Like I said to prtfvr when my hotdog gets sick I get so nervous. She is your still and I still get scared.

  440. Dani said

    That was supposed to be she is young still.

  441. Rifkind said

    I am soo late for work!
    Catcha’ all later my wonderful cyber family!

  442. Anzia said

    prtfvr & dani- thank you. very much. It really seems to be a bad time for us here huh? bad stuff just keeps happening. I’m glad I woke up to understanding individuals. so thank you!

    I’m not sure how much I’ll be around. I might just bury my head in all the crochetting I need to get done.

    I love you guys! Have a good day.

  443. prtfvr said

    “Barbi said,
    July 18, 2007 @ 3:46 pm

    Wow, I can’t believe this is happening again on this site. Someone has yet again posted the entire β€œprivate” e-mail that Scribble sent to someone, including her full name and info. I am surprised Scribble ever e-mails anybody anymore when her private e-mails are constantly being posted for all to see. These e-mails are private guys and by you posting them you can get her in major trouble and at the very least ruin it for all of us. Even worse it was posted on the Lifetime site! If she wanted the information passed along for all to see she would ask the person to do so. Even though the β€œFangs” campaign was not her idea and had nothing to do with her, it can look to Lifetime and her bosses that she was involved in some way and that can be VERY bad for her. They can also instruct her to cut off all ties with the fans and not give us the support that she has been giving us. We over at Bloodlines have been immensely gratefull for all the support and goodies the production, cast and crew have given us and all the fans and this not cool at all!

    I certainly hope the webmaster of this blog will once again come through and delete the ENTIRE post with Scribble’s e-mail in it, not just her name.”

    and Barbi followed up with:

    “So prtfvr and Himmiefan if you have something you wish to say to me directly by all means do so, no need for innuendos, it’s easy enough to find my e-mail.”

    So Barbi, I’m addressing you personally. Your first post (above) did not mention the name of the “someone” who posted Scribble’s email here although you knew it was DIZ, second, if you regularly read this site you’d know that the webmaster is ms.gypsy whom you didn’t mention by name either. I responded in kind which was not to mention any names. I have no problem mentioning names but I was continuing in the passive-aggressive tone set before me.

    You have to understand that just because you regularly read the site doesn’t mean that we know you. Plus your email was a little harsh and the person you were chastising hadn’t done anything wrong. I don’t want my friends taken to task over an unfounded accusation and you don’t want your friend’s annonymity exposed. We can consider ourselves both protective den mothers of our own and call it even. Nothing wrong with defending people as long as it’s not done blindly.

    If you want to continue arguing with me or just bury the hatchett, more like a dull blade, you can email me at

    Himmiefan! You are SO not allowed to run away!! I have to keep all the people who actually find me funny as close as possible! It helps the old ego!


  444. prtfvr said

    Anzia! I’m SO sorry about your baby! I really know how it is! There’s not a good age to lose anyone or thing. I completely understand!

  445. Anzia said

    sorry, i meant rifkind in there. I was thinking about your recent loss prtfvr.

    Sorry rifkind! (((hugs))) didn’t mean to do that.

  446. Anzia said

    thanks prtfvr. πŸ™‚

    addled brain much on my end huh?

  447. prtfvr said

    Anzia: I SO don’t care if Kyle’s gay. Actually, I’d rather he’d be bi so everyone could have a chance. The man is BEAUTIFUL! No doubt about it! He’s probably getting boxers and bikinis thrown at him right and left! God, I hope he doesn’t trip on one and fall!!

    Regarding the sad face and “the finger” pics. They’re from the same episode but I’ve sat through so many frames of images one click at a time to get the pic to give the impression of the story that I’m writing that I can’t remember where they’re from specifically. I might have to apply for pointer-finger-over use disability if I don’t quit going through all these shows soon!

    The only good thing about having only 12 episodes is that I’d NEVER get anything posted if there were 22 already!

  448. prtfvr said

    Random thought for the day: Am I the only one who finds Henry/Kyle’s sideburns extremely sexy? Maybe I’m having a flash back to the 70s or something but I likey.

  449. DIZEY1 said

    Good morning to my blog family. Thanks to all of you for having my back. CLEARLY, ya’ll will be the people I call if I ever need anything, you girls ROCK πŸ™‚ That being said I’m sorry it got so blown out of proportion(SP) and the only ones I really didn’t want to catch flack from this were gypsy and Scribble, so if you’re lurking I do apologize again. MOVING ON!!! πŸ˜‰

    **Z** My dawlin’ you know I feel for you. I’ve had to put 4 animals down over the years. I’d hoped God would just take them but sadly it was not his plan. I would not trade that experience as sad as it was for anything. It amazes me how much love and loyalty they had for me and I for them. Mine were also old like your pup, it’s like a sibling I know. Love you and I’ll think about you all day . On a lighter note I’m not a Lo-Mein girl either but for Henry I’ll learn a new trick πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ Oh and yes I’ve been there waaay more than 10 times (hee hee) XOXOXOX Luv Ya !!!

    Gypsy, I would love to see some of that play. Hysterical YMCA do you have to make the letters too?? I think the Chariots of fire thing will be hysterical too.
    Thanks for taking care of the post .

  450. DIZEY1 said

    Prtfvr wierd that you say that, cuz I think so too. I love when he’s on the floor and Vicki fights of Norman and she kisses him. They do look sexy I think anyway.

  451. prtfvr said

    Does anyone know how to reach Himmie? I don’t trust her to lurk and come back. Force may be necessary to bring her ass back!

  452. Dani said

    I just like all of him, his hair, sideburns, bum. You name it I love it.

  453. DIZEY1 said

    Prtfvr how’s that for service, and with a smile.

  454. Dani said

    prtfvr-I thought I had her email. I guess I was wrong. It might be on the list that Dizey has of all our locations and emails though.

  455. Dani said

    Oops! Dizey beat me anyway. πŸ˜›

  456. DIZEY1 said

    Hey off subject , has anyone watched “John from Cincinnati” ?? I have and am trying to figure out is he God??? Just a random thought also.

    May I say YUMMMM…. πŸ˜‰ 😎

    or maybe ……yeah very fine, very sexy dude πŸ˜‰

    and one of my favorites πŸ™‚ oh that’s me next to him BTW

  457. Claire said

    Good Morning Family,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREL!!!!!!! I’m sending Henry over in a few!
    I wasn’t feeling well and he was keeping me company.
    Dang…I go away for a day and all kinds of drama breaks out!
    Is everything Ok now? Himmiefan?
    Anzia…I love you girl…hang in there!
    Prtfvr…I’m sorry I haven’t checked out the new comic…but I promise I will today…love you girl!
    Diz…Je t’aime fille… vous n’avez fait rien mal ! Quelqu’un doit fermer leur bouche! know how it is with quads…so I will check in later! πŸ˜›


  458. Margaret said


  459. Dani said

    Yes Ma’am! πŸ™‚

  460. DIZEY1 said

    Claire , bonjour! Je t’aime aussi. Je conviens, et espΓ¨re que vous allez bien.

    Merci beaucoup. XOXOXOX

  461. Margaret said

    Anzia: I should have done this first and I’m sorry. I’m so sorry to hear about your pet. I’ve been there and its never easy. My thoughts and prayers are with you, they get to be like your kids after a while. Heck, my dogs is probably nicer to me than my “natural” kid is. Wish I could send you a hug.

  462. Himmiefan said

    Hello everyone.

    Last night, I was so taken aback that I had to leave. I’m back now and will say this:


    You may have made a good point in your original post, but your wording was harsh and unproductive. Had it been here at work,I would have nailed you for being unprofessional. This is great group of people, and antagonizing words are not welcome.

  463. Himmiefan said

    Now, for everybody else, good morning! I missed all of you for the five minutes I was gone.

    Anzia – I am so sorry! I was 13 when I got my other cat and 32 when she died. You know we’re all here for you!

  464. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Maggie May, I read Denis’ post at his site on the same day so no big. Yesterday I went and emailed the manuf. that I could actually get an email to some I had trouble getting onto. My postcards are written and ready to mail.

    Oh and on the BLOODLINES site which I saw and left there was a list of sites to go and search for BT’s etc. I clicked on all the sites and searched where I could.

  465. AlisaSG said

    >> Random thought for the day: Am I the only one who finds Henry/Kyle’s sideburns extremely sexy? Maybe I’m having a flash back to the 70s or something but I likey.

    *cool* – I think this is the first time this has been brought up. I first noticed his sideburns when Rifkind and I were comparing Kyle’s *Henry* pix with actor Roy Dupuis (who portrayed Michael) on La Femme Nikita. Roy’s *Michael* didn’t always have the sideburns, and that’s when I noticed it.. πŸ˜‰

    >> Does anyone know how to reach Himmie?

    I do.. unless she writes back here first – I’ll send her an email or PM to let her know you’re trying to contact her.. πŸ™‚
    .. she might be busy doing other things in the meantime, or reading a long list of topics I recently sent to her..

    I have to go out, so it might not be until later, that I can send something out.

  466. Laurel said

    Good morning! Thank you all for the Birthday wishes!
    Himmiefan – glad you came back! It wouldn’t be the same without you!
    Claire – I was begining to wonder if your kids had tied you to a chair by the pool. lol You were missed.
    Anzia – My heart goes out to you sweetie.
    prtfvr – how are you doing? Did you get any answers from the test?
    Gypsy – I think tomorrow will work, I will figure that out shortly and e-mail you. Btw – yes, 49. For the first time. Or, as my daughter said – the 24th aniversary of my 25th birthday. Egad!
    I get to pick a place to go out for dinner tonight. I told my husban P.F. Chang’s sounds good. I think I’ll have to order Mushu instead of lo-mein. πŸ˜‰

  467. AlisaSG said

    dang! she (Himmiefan) beat me to it.. (that just shows how sloooooooooow of a writer I am)

    >> Now, for everybody else, good morning! I missed all of you for the five minutes I was gone.

    glad to see you back.. πŸ™‚
    I’d encourage – don’t forget to visit my other *secret* place..
    keeping Norman in focus over there, so HENRY can be absorbed by all of us here.. *g*
    even in a pool / jacuzzi scene, if necessary. πŸ˜›

  468. moonbeam said

    Good Morning BT family, ( I checked in about midnight last night and was way too burnt to get my fingers moving.)

    Happy Birthday Laurel!!!!!! Love you!

    Anzia- I’m so sorry about your forever puppy.

    Prtfvr- I like those random thoughts. Sideburns hmmm. . .sexy oh yeah, makes my blood moves. Must be true, I caught a typo- good thing I caught it before I sent it. I know how much fun everyone had over the (weed) typo of Laurel’s

    Back to the labels and postcards and then the retirement homes again. . . .

  469. Laurel said

    Margaret – I am a Minx, but I wouldn’t turn down time with Henry so maybe I am a Hinx. is my primary address. If it doesn’t work I can send my yahoo address, of couse then I would have to remember what my password is. πŸ™‚

    Dizey – Keep putting ice on those bruises! 😎

    Re sideburns – not every man can wear that look well. Kyle/Henry can and does.
    I think I’ll go watch some more BT while I sip my latte and eat my Mini-wheats. Maybe the little pink guy will sing me “Happy Birthday”!

  470. Claire said

    Lmao! Laurel! If they could they would!!! As It is They kept me and Nikki at the pool until closing 9p.m. last night!!!!
    Plus I had gone hiking with them in the woods all day!
    Listen…this here gal will also be 49 in about 3 weeks…
    almost 49 versus 4 7 year olds= one very tired person!!!!!!

    It’s cloudy today but still 93…I’m hoping to get away without outdoor activities…but you never know when the Indians might revolt!!!

    Hi Dizey!!!!!!

  471. Claire said

    Ok Prtfvr!!!! That was hysterical!!!! I am going to have to watch all the Epis in slo mo to find those scenes….love the finger shot…and the booboo face!!!!


  472. Laurel said

    Hah! I knew moonbeam had to be out there somewhere!
    Good morning dear, your latte is ready. hehehe

  473. prtfvr said

    Damn Margaret, we were done. What’s up with the yelling?

  474. DIZEY1 said

    Hi my Claire, did I say my french thingy right??? Or at least close ??

    Laurel if those little pink guys sing to you , well it was a gift from Henry, he has SUPER POWERS !!! Well you know you’ve seen him. Actually in just a bow right??? Oh and lot’s of tape of course πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  475. moonbeam said

    Thanks, Laurel It’s nice to know that the “girls” didn’t interfere. Hey, how were my heart shaped biscuits? Dang that Gus!

    Have a fun B-day, You can have a visit from Kyle, oh what the heck- I’ll even share Henry for an hour or two (during the day)

  476. Laurel said

    Oh, yeah. Heart shaped biscuits are just coming out of the oven. Can’t you just smell the cinammon? I think I’ll top them with fresh blueberries and raspberries from my back yard. Add a little freshly whipped (real) cream. Yum!

  477. Margaret said

    I yell when my nerves are shot, when I haven’t slept well, when I haven’t been able to polish my nails for weeks because I’ve been writing all those damn postcards, when my friends look at me like I need to be commited, when I realize exactly how much time this has comsumed out of my life and I’m wondering if we are actually making a dent with Lifetime. I just think we need to be spending our time better than rehashing something better left alone. SORRY FOR YELLING. LOL.

  478. DIZEY1 said

    Laurel I’ll take mine with real butter, no fake or diet stuff oooh and my mom makes homemade apple butter that would taste really good on there.

    God I’m hungry now.

  479. Dani said

    O Diz I love apple butter. I am really hunger. You all need to stop.

  480. DIZEY1 said

    It’s ok Margaret, we’re all a little stressed, no Henry and all. He gives really good massages with those strong hands I’ll send him over. Get the deep tissue massage with the body oil, trust me he’s GOOD πŸ˜‰

  481. Dani said

    Wait that wasn’t nice. I was just talking about the sweets we had yesterday. Don’t mind me. I am frazzled from all the work I am doing and wishing it was 4 on Friday so I can start my vacation with a Harry Potter party at Borders. Sorry luvs.

  482. DIZEY1 said

    Dani you lucky dawg!!! Great way to start your vaca w/Harry Potter. πŸ™‚

  483. prtfvr said

    DIZ, I now pronounce you “Quick Draw”! Nice reflexes on the email address for Himmie!

    Laurel said: “Maybe the little pink guy will sing me β€œHappy Birthday”!”

    I have absolutely NO idea what you’re referring to above but my mind instantly pictured the little man in the boat. =O

    I need to get out more! Or would that be, in? πŸ˜‰

  484. prtfvr said

    Margaret: I SO know how you feel! I try to avoid the yelling on IM though. It hurts the eyes! πŸ˜‰

    Happy Birthday Laurel!

    DIZ said: “Get the deep tissue massage with the body oil, trust me he’s GOOD”

    OMG!! ROTFL! You’re too young to need the oil! You should be able to go without. Now maybe when you’re geezing it up like me, Laurel and msgypsy that might be justified but right now? I think it’s excessive! Enjoy the “deep tissue massage” without the oil while you can. Getting old sucks! πŸ˜‰

  485. DIZEY1 said

    Prtfvr, LMAO you don’t know how much you were missed around here πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    The little mini wheat guys w/crunchlettes are shown before the videos on Lifetimes site. Before every freakin’ part of every show. After a while they’ll make you want to pull out the ICE PICK!!

  486. moonbeam said

    You’re cute and I love you! But I know for a fact that you’re talking to some little pink shredded wheat guy because you said so earlier. Hah!

    It your birthday so I guess you can just have your Hinx guys and dangle tempting yummies at me- but I know you’re having the wheatie & latte (ahhh)

  487. DIZEY1 said

    Thanx but I don’t think you’re that much older than I am . I just made……….(whispers) (47).

  488. prtfvr said

    DIZ: Hey, I’ve missed you guys too! Can’t wait to post Chapter 6. It’s actually funny.

    So THAT’S where my ice pick went! You keep it! If its been around the little man in the boat I, uh…I’ll get another one but you GO girl!! πŸ˜‰

  489. prtfvr said

    Damn DIZ! You’re a geezer too!! I’m 46! Ok, go for the oil but be very, very careful. I think I’ve warned before of the dangers of too much oil versus things going where they shouldn’t! That “liberal amount” thing on the label is BULLSHIT! πŸ˜‰

  490. DIZEY1 said

    Hey chick I just TURNED 47 13 days ago. BTW when is your b’day bird lady???

    Speaking of birds did you get any wrod on the necropsy??

  491. DIZEY1 said

    that’s supposed to be word not wrod. So you’ve had oil problems?? I love the way that feels on the bod. Very erotic, too much Henry on the brain.
    God is October yet??

    Jimmy Buffet says that it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, can’t it be October somewhere?? Grasping at straws here I know. It was worth a shot πŸ˜‰

  492. moonbeam said

    Henry, massage, biscuits, apple butter, hmmmm. . . . sounds luscious I’m sure there’s chocolate and lots of well room for the imagination in there, but it’s a grand beginning

  493. DIZEY1 said

    Moonbeam, you’re gonna fit in here just fine πŸ˜‰ I’m sorry did you say chocolate?? Right now I’m having a “Norman” of the red variety , but with some chocolate it would be even better YUMMY πŸ™‚

  494. Dani said

    You know vampgrl hasn’t been here either. What happened to her?

  495. moonbeam said

    Dizey1- I will probably live to regret this, but what the heck is a “Norman”?

  496. DIZEY1 said

    It’s an apple. It’s become his trademark. So I figured why not just go with it. Oh but mine are NOT from the garbage can and sooooo not partially eaten.

  497. moonbeam said

    Dang, I get it now! Norman—-oh yeah—duh! Hello..

    Okay! I guess I can give myself a break since I did just see all of the episodes at Laurel’s last week and read all of the Blood series too! Thanks!

    I’m in bad shape here. I have this going and now I have the other computer up looking for something that I need to do…….

  498. Dani said

    Hey Diz-Anymore news on your dad’s foot? How is that infection?

  499. Claire said

    Damn…Prtfvr….if Dizey is a geezer…then all us 49’rs are….Mummys?
    Well at least we rhyme with yummy!!

    You all are making me hungry…I love apple butter…and where are the biscuits?
    pass one over here!!!

    Yeah Diz…your French is getting better and better! hmmm…which leads me to believe..everytime Henrys missing…we should go looking at your house!!!

    Est-ce que vous m’avez-vous obtenu Γ  des leΓ§ons supplΓ©mentaires de Henri… en franΓ§ais signifiez ? parce que je pense vous avez Γ©galement obtenu d’autres leΓ§ons! ;0

  500. prtfvr said

    DIZ: My birthday was in March so you’re going to be 47 a while longer than I’ll get there. πŸ˜‰

    Laurel, DIZ: No word on the necropsy. I’m calling today! I can’t imagine what’s taking so long!

  501. prtfvr said

    Claire: Maybe I prematurely geezed everyone! It’s just that I’ve been studying Kyle/Henry so intensely recently – purely for research, of course – that I’m starting to feel really old!

  502. elizabeth said

    Laurel – Happy birthday! I hope you have an awesome day! hey, I love that you are a Hinx. I think I have a little of that in me as well πŸ˜‰

    prtfvr- you have no idea what a delight it was to check out your hen’s site. My morning has been horrific and I sooo needed a giggle. There have been so many times I wished I could carry off “the gesture” as eloquently as Henry does in that picture πŸ™‚ Oh, and the sideburns, Love them!!!!!

    Moombeam – good luck with your day visiting retirement homes.

    Himmiefan – Glad you didn’t stay away. I know it has been said numerous times in previous posts; but we would miss you! And, trust me, I don’t think anyone would have let you stay away for long. This is one group of terrific ladies!

    Anzia – I am sorry about your puppy. I’m sending you a hug, k?

  503. prtfvr said

    Good thing I know I can’t be pregnant! I just went to Panera Bread to pick up lunch and came back with;

    A sourdough bread bowl;
    Cranberry/Orange Muffin and;


    Almost forgot – butter!

  504. prtfvr said

    Thanks elizabeth. I live to entertain our group. πŸ™‚

  505. elizabeth said

    Dizey – a Norman!!! I will never be able to look at an apple in quite the same way again. You actually made me laugh out loud this morning and I didn’t think that was possible today πŸ™‚

  506. elizabeth said

    lwildstr – I have my rosary bracelet on today. You have no idea how many compliments I have received on it.

  507. DIZEY1 said

    Claire, oui Henri ‘m’a enseignΓ© que beaucoup de choses utiles, des baisers franΓ§ais Γ©taient l’un d’entre eux.

    Dani , they went today to the wound care nurse. His Dr. is not back in town yet and has a main line in him for the IV antibiotics. As long as the infections controlled he’s good, but there lies the problem will it flare back up when they take him off those. Only time will tell and the Dr. should be back in about a week or so.

  508. DIZEY1 said

    Hey kidz, heading to lunch and will be back in a bit.
    be good and “wear something nice ! “

  509. Laurel said

    Hey lwildstar? Any chance you have a bracelet like Elizabeth’s still available? I would really like to order one and now that I’ve seen hers I REALLY want one! Let me know?

    My Rosie (12) and I figured out our wardrobe for the Hallows Ball at Borders. That is the pre-book event. We are going to go in our most formal attire – velvet gowns, jewels and silly shoes, flowing capes, plus owl and dragon puppets.. Anyone care to join us? We will be there all evening!

  510. Dani said

    I have a really awesome deep purple dress with a handkerchief hem that I am going to wear. It has black velvet moons and stars on the bodice and the back laces up with silky black cord. The sad thing is I don’t have a cape. I have these cute little silk Japanese slippers that I am going to wear with it.

  511. Margaret said

    Thanks Dizey1 but I’m so tense it will probably take a really, really longggggg time before anyone gets him back.

    I realize those little shredded wheat guys are a pia but remember they are the reason we can still see the episodes. I emailed Kelloggs and told them I appreciated their sponsoring the site so much that I would be eating cereal morning, noon and night now.

  512. Dani said

    I will eat the normal frosted shredded wheat but there is no way I am putting anything pink in my body. Not no how, not no way.

  513. prtfvr said

    Budgie Scoop: Vet said that Nicky Jr. was perfectly healthy and most likely suffered from a heart attack, stroke or anuerism. WTF? I’m glad it’s not a disease, believe me but a heart attack? He was fat but he wasn’t THAT fat.

    Basically, it was just how it looked. He was fine one day and dead the next. So unfair…They asked me what I wanted to do with the body and I said that I wanted him back and they asked when I would pick him up and I was too choked up to answer that one and said I’d call them back. I couldn’t think of when I wanted to pick up his little, dissected body…

    Ok, I’m getting teary eyed again so I’m going to go.

  514. elizabeth said

    prtvfr – I am so sorry about your little budgie. I don’t know what else to say that can give you any comfort; believe me, at time like this, I wish I had some magic words that would make everything better.

  515. Dani said

    Hang in there prtfvr. We are here.

  516. Anzia said

    First off, ya’ll are great. Thanks for the hugs and love.

    Secondly, “pink guy?!” SO did not go with shredded wheat! I was gonna comment that he probably wasn’t little either. ^_^ Great to have a dirty sense of humor to fall back on when in emotional termoil huh? ^_^

    oil huh? I’m not a fan of major slippery feelings so… anything that can be quickly licked off is better for me. Thus, whipped cream and liquid chocolate. YUMMY!

  517. vicki said

    HEY ALL..
    I just wanted to pop in and say I am just about finished with my 20 postcards. I printed off a picture of a tie dripping blood from the bloodlines site. (looks nice) I made it smaller and I am cutting them out to put on the postcards.

    prtfvr…my thoughts are with you.

    I also printed a thumbnail picture of me in my “is it Oct. yet?” T-shirt. I am going to put those on a few of the postcards, but I am writing on each one that we all want a full, new, 22 episode season.

    Anyway…busy writing postcards…later all.
    BTW..I am wearing my T-shirt today and I had about 4 people ask me what it meant.. Of course I explained in detail LOL

  518. Claire said

    Prtfvr…first let me say I’m sorry about your budgie…I had a kitten named Simba a year old…all loving..always giving kisses.Well one minute I was scolding him for running up my curtains…that same night he was dead! same thing as your budgie! The vet said sometimes animals are born with heart defects that aren’t noticed.I still get upset…and that happened in 1996.

    Now to make you laugh…Hmmm…sure heard that before..studying Henry so closely…hmmm for research purposes? Lmao!! Okay! ;P

    Dizey.… vous mauvaise mauvaise fille ! Vous connaissez puisque je suis franΓ§ais qui c’Γ©tait qu’enseignΓ© notre Henry tout au sujet de l’art des baisers franΓ§ais ?


  519. lwildstar said

    laurel – the website is I think the remaining rosary bracelets are on page 3 – follow the links
    I have one more black one – someone ordered it and I never heard back from them – its not posted yet. If you have any problems viewing email me at and put BloodTies in the subjet

    Thanks for the compliment Elizabeth – I haven’t worked on any new jewelry as the “fever” seems to have cooled off – plus now that I’m writing I don’t have the time. I really have to work on getting rid of the jewelry I have – all of it…don’t be surprised if one day I announce a going out of buisness sale for all the stuff I have stacking up – if anyone is interested I have a .PDF version of the “catalog”. I’ve told myself I CAN NOT buy another bead until I sell some of this stuff off…but its like BT – you can never have enough!

    My pack of 100 postcards finally showed up! – so I’m two days behind….I guess that means tonight I’ll have to do 30! Thank goodness I already have the computer set up – I just cantt hand write another one!

    ok back to work – I’ll catch up after I get home. Its storming here right now so I hope I have power tonight.

  520. AlisaSG said

    >> The little mini wheat guys w/crunchlettes are shown before the videos on Lifetimes site. Before every freakin’ part of every show.

    I just take my headphones off and do something else for the quick moment.. πŸ˜‰

    >> It’s ok Margaret, we’re all a little stressed, no Henry and all. He gives really good massages with those strong hands I’ll send him over. Get the deep tissue massage..

    Ooooo, you’re *bad* .. just reading it is as bad as enjoying the
    *jacuzzi treatment*..

    >> I have absolutely NO idea what you’re referring to above but my mind instantly pictured the little man in the boat. =O

    yikes!! more *baaaad* .. that’s what my hubby says, too-
    “little man in the boat” (LOL!)
    and (Henry//*Michael* or __character’s name__) has no trouble maneuvering the boat oars going upstream a little further, too, tho. πŸ˜›

    O.M.G..!! drop-dead gorgeous *vampires* steering the helm!! πŸ˜€

    >> Claire: Maybe I prematurely geezed everyone! It’s just that I’ve been studying Kyle/Henry so intensely recently – purely for research, of course –

    sure. *g* .. Of course..! *g*
    now we know where you’ve disappeared to – all those days you weren’t here..

    good golly!
    especially the photo with the fingers and Henry’s drooppy expression..

    *that* takes talent (and probably dozens of hours) to meticulously find those things.
    prtfvr, Do you have a picture capturer machine attachment?

    We used to have a color one (it could go frame-by-frame too), but it was a hand-me-down and not in great shape, so we got rid of it from a lack of use.. and do I miss it! 😦

  521. rifkind said

    Hey Danielle,
    Check your email … πŸ™‚

  522. msgypsy said

    The odds against me catching up are pretty solid. Sigh! I’m training someone today so I get minutes at my desk, and most of them are taken up with email.

    I thought I was going to print out my own postcards yesterday, all pretty pictures and stuff, but I checked and my paper is too small. DAMN! So I’m back to having to buy them!

    Does anyone know how to convert .avi files to files that can be viewed from a dvd? And I’m not asking for immoral or even unethical reasons.

  523. Dani said

    rifkind-You and Anzia are so BAD! I guess I will have to be a little to pink I guess.

    I have to go. My mother is freaking out. Tornados are touching down all over the place up here and she wants me home. She doesn’t want me out if one touches down in our immediate area which the weather guy is saying it will.

  524. Madonna said

    Greetings from Kentucky everyone!

    It’s pouring buckets here and has been for about 2 hrs. I know, my workstation is right underneath a 16×16 skylight, and we’ve had a heck of a lightning show. Also the floor my office is on is starting to flood.

    I’m at lunch and I just got caught up on all the posts. It looks like it got pretty intense on here last night. I’m glad that is over. I agree with Dani about avoiding conflict whenever I can. It makes me antzy.

    I think we’re all just dealing with personal issues on here coupled with serious Henry, Mike, and Vicki withdrawals. We’ll be OK!!!!

    Now everyone in for a big group hug…. (((((((Anzia, Dizey, Dani, Claire, prtfvr, Himmiefan, Lady Afrodyte, Margaret, Vicki, Annalaise…. wait a minute… catching my breath….Laurel, Moonbeam, AlisaSG, Ms. Gypsy, Cree, susana…. damn, I need to work out more…….Elizabeth, loves history, Tango, Teresa, Chery, Mara, DebS, Brenda, vampgrl, simone taylor, Rifkind……. gasping for breath….)))))))) Now that is what I call a good group hug! Look how many friends we’ve made and it is all thanks to Blood Ties!!!! I feel like I’ve left out a few, if I have I’m sorry. You can jump in any time.

    prtfvr, Here is an extra big bear hug for you two, since you two need it the most right now.

    Laurel, Happy Birthday!

    I’m glad you decided to come back. I thought I was going to have to leave work and drag your butt back. My boss wouldn’t have liked that at all! But I would have you know!

  525. Madonna said

    Bye Danielle

  526. Anzia said

    Thanks for the hug! I love hugs. πŸ™‚ I’m a very huggy person.

    Laurel- Sorry i didn’t do this before. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (((laurel))) have a birthday hug… or two! Here’s my present to you: Enjoy love.

    Himmie- I’m glad you’re here.

  527. Himmiefan said

    I’m here, I’m here! I appreciate the various and assorted threats to different parts of my anatomy.

    Madonna – I love your roll call!

    Laurel – here’s a big load of birthday weed coming your way! πŸ™‚

  528. rifkind said

    Hi ALL,
    Yesterday was a tough day here!

    I am going to post this note that was being sent around the internet..
    Many of you may have already read it, but I think that this helps to explain why we are FAMILY.
    We may not be a genetically related family… but we ARE BLOOD (Ties) Family.. so that makes us related by Blood .. hee hee!
    This note talks about Women.. but guys can get very socially isolated too..
    Friendships that provide love and support are what makes us human.
    SO here it is.. Loves History and SAI and any other lurking guys, translate it to your gender and make sure that you have some close guy friends, and you are always welcome to come here and swim in the estrogen pool with us!!
    I have tweaked the original email to add a few blog entries..
    Sorry that this is going to be a Loooong Post…

    A young wife sat on a sofa on a hot humid day, drinking iced tea and visiting with her Mother. As they talked about life, about marriage, about the
    responsibilities of life and the obligations of adulthood, the mother clinked the ice cubes in her glass thoughtfully and turned a clear, sober glance
    upon her daughter.

    “Don’t forget your Sisters,” she advised, swirling the tea leaves to the bottom of her glass. “They’ll be more important as you get older. No matter how
    much you love your husband, no matter how much you love the children you may have, you are still going to need Sisters. Remember to go places with them now and then; do things with them.”

    “Remember that ‘Sisters’ means ALL the women…
    your girlfriends, your daughters, and all your other women relatives too. “You’ll need other women. Women always do.”

    ‘What a funny piece of advice!’ the young woman thought.
    ‘Haven’t I just gotten married? Haven’t I just joined the couple-world? I’m now a married woman, for goodness sake! A grownup! Surely my husband and the family we may start will be all I need to make my life worthwhile!’

    But she listened to her Mother. She kept contact with her Sisters and made more women friends each year. As the years tumbled by, one after another,
    she gradually came to understand that her Mom really knew what she was talking about. As time and nature work their changes and their mysteries upon a woman, Sisters are the mainstays of her life.

    After more than 50 years of living in this world,
    here is what I’ve learned:

    Time passes.
    Life happens.
    Distance separates.
    Children grow up.
    Jobs come and go.
    Love waxes and wanes.
    Men don’t do what they’re supposed to do.
    Hearts break.
    Parents die.
    Colleagues forget favors.
    Careers end.

    Sisters are there, no matter how much time and how many miles are between you. A girl friend is never farther away than needing her can reach.

    When you have to walk that lonesome valley and you have to walk it by yourself, the women in your life will be on the valley’s rim, cheering you on,
    praying for you, pulling for you, intervening on your behalf, and waiting with open arms at the valley’s end.

    Sometimes, they will even break the rules and walk beside you…Or come in and carry you out.

    Girlfriends, daughters, granddaughters, daughters-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law, Mothers, Grandmothers, aunties, nieces, cousins, and extended
    family, (and Blogkin), all bless our life!

    The world wouldn’t be the same without women, and neither would I. When we began this adventure called womanhood, we had no idea of the incredible joys or sorrows that lay ahead. Nor did we know how much we would need each other.

    Every day, we need each other still. Pass this on to all the women who help make your life meaningful.
    I just did. Short and very sweet:

    There are more than twenty angels in this world.
    Ten are peacefully sleeping on clouds.
    Nine are playing.
    And one is reading her email (OK this BLOG), at this moment.

    Happy days!
    {{{ HUGS }}} to you all dear Blog Family πŸ™‚

  529. rifkind said

    Oh Anzia!
    You have to put ***WARNINGS*** on those links girlfriend!
    OMG! Those pics are almost too hot to open up at work… Someone may see the steam rising from my monitor and cubicle!

    πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  530. elizabeth said

    rifkind – thank you for posting about sisters. I have had a difficult day and this was just what I needed to remind me that it will be okay.

  531. vicki said

    wentworth miller is gay???? i am dying!!!!!!

  532. elizabeth said

    Did I miss something? who is Wentworth Miller?

  533. DIZEY1 said

    Claire alors je vous remercie He m’a enseignΓ© bien

    Will check back later my peeps are bugging me here at work.

  534. prtfvr said

    Hey! Pulling all those pictures of Kyle WAS research! Yes indeedy! I just use the picture capture software that came with my mac. Photoshop supposedly lets you do that too but I haven’t figured out how yet.

    I actually DO go frame by frame until it gets to the point that I like the image and then, SNAP! It’s MINE!! πŸ™‚ It’s been an enlightening experience. People have so many different expressions when you slow it down to a snail’s pace. Like that frowny face? That was actually Kyle doing an “It could happen” look that I moused through to make it fit what I was saying. It ain’t art – anyone can do it, but I’m enjoying the hell out of myself!

    As soon as I can figure out how to photoshop myself in with Henry in some of those hot pics, I WILL!! That’s the best shot I’ll ever get to be with Henry and I’m not too proud to fake it. Women fake it all the time! I’m a woman so it’s fair. Really, it IS!!

  535. prtfvr said

    Thank you so much for the warm wishes and support. When I asked my husband whether or not I should have my budgie cremated he said “Do whatever you want, it’s your money.” OUCH!

  536. vicki said

    he is on PRison Break Major HOTTIE…he was on that site of beautiful men..and it said he was “dating” some actor…gave his name dont remember..I think I blacked out!!

    that ruins prison break for me…(((Sighs))))

  537. elizabeth said

    Ahh, I don’t watch prison break, but have seen ads for it. I think that is why I don’t want to know too much about an actor. I love the fantasy of their character they play…reality can be a real turnoff sometimes. Tom Cruise comes to mind..

    I just checked out the blood ties site. It seems to be up and running and I love the video that plays. Another item to bookmark for repeat viewings πŸ™‚

  538. Anzia said

    That was a great post about sisters. So true too!

    I’m glad you liked the pics. ^_^ Um… i’m not sure how true anything on that site is. I just keep it ’round ’cause those pics are REALLY nice and since I am a totally and COMPLETELY devoted Hen…

    Wentworth is his name huh? Somehow it fits. ^_^ He was in Dinotopia… I loved his character… well what he became. There was a period of whiney baby in there that drove me batty.

    So, i’m introducing my aunt to Zerophilia.

    prtfvr- Here’s a hug back to you. I lov you dear and am sending you strength and support.

  539. DIZEY1 said

    Well I’ll check in when I get home, love ya’ll my sista’s XOXOXOX

  540. Laurel said

    Thank you to everyone for the Birthday wishes!!!! I have never gotten so many e-cards, especially since moonbeam is the only one in the family who has been able to master her computer.
    I went to lunch with my husband and daughter. We did go to PF Changs and had MuShu pork, sweet and sour chicken, and singapore street noodles – glorified lo-mein! lol It was a good (slightly giggly) lunch. Birthday dessert was Banana spring roll with coconut ice cream, fresh berrys and a drizzle of caramel. Yummy!
    Now for presents!

  541. lwildstar said

    good evening ladies!
    don’t have much time – they just announced a thunderstorm warning – and I don’t want to be on the computer ya know?

    Ok I must say I am doing the happy dance! While no one has offically said anything about my new position – I did get a raise – retroactive to July first! Yippeeeeeeeee!

    Just finished 20 postcards – will do another 10 just to keep the quota up….

    Gave Robin my dvd to get her hooked! I made her promise to bring it back – every day I send her another picture of Henry to entice her to come join us……this is funny, when she stopped by to pick you the disk – after she said thank you , the next thing she says is “have you talked to Paul about going to lunch?” I just laughed about how he hasn’t accepted my invitation yet…..ok now should I be worried? I’m torn between liking the idea of have an “insider” and worring about, well what she may say to him. So I’ve decided I am not voulentering any info about how I feel (dah I think she knows) and I am not going to ask her to “fish” for me – that is just too high school…plus I made that mistake once. One of my coworkers put in her notice last year and one day at lunch I jokenly said “before you leave go find out what Paul thinks of me”, damned if on her last day she didn’t corner him in the hall! she’s never told me what he said. I have the feeling I’m gla I didn’t find out……oh well. But I am DYING to know if he has said anything to Robin!

    Well I’m off to make corrections to the Henry-Vicki short – hopefully it will be ready this weekend….and print some more postcards.

    Night to all my sisters!

  542. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Prtfvr πŸ™‚ What do I need to have to do the picture thingy you did w/your Mac. I have a Dell PC w/Photoshow deluxe 4 and Printshop 21. I don’t know if either of these are comparable to what you have. Maybe I need to purchase something different like the Photoshop THINGY. See I use my technical computer lingo all the time πŸ˜‰

  543. AlisaSG said

    >> Hey! Pulling all those pictures of Kyle WAS research! Yes indeedy!

    >> I actually DO go frame by frame until it gets to the point that I like the image and then, SNAP! It’s MINE!! πŸ™‚

    ugh.. thinking about sitting at a computer for *that* long — oy!
    if you read one of my posts several months back, I made a note about how intensive it was making a video documentary (it was about vampires, btw). I literally ate, slept and drempt about where to pull scenes from various sources, and how to write it all up for at least 3 entire weeks. I had other projects to do, too; but that became my pampered *baby* so to speak.. where I poured my emotional heart and soul into it.. πŸ˜€

    of course, the instructor who was supposed to watch it had other commitments, and didn’t even see the whole hour, plus, because of those other appointments! He got about 2 minutes into the tape and kept asking “wow! how’d you do that??” (a machine called a video special effects generator..) πŸ˜‰
    He gave me an A or A+

    It would have been fun to see his reaction into seeing the entire documentary. I mean, there was a LOT of research that went into finding the still shots (which made up a good half hour at least of the tape).

    >> Budgie Scoop: Vet said that Nicky Jr. was perfectly healthy and most likely suffered from a heart attack, stroke or anuerism.

    here’s more ((((((((((hugs!!!!)))))))))).

  544. Laurel said

    Sisters, the greatest blessing I know is to be in your company. Thank you all for being out there where I could discover you.

  545. Laurel said

    Oh yeah, and thank you for steaming up my glasses today! lol

  546. Madonna said

    Good evening everyone,

    I love the new opening page. I especially love, And 2…… That’s my sense of humor! I’m not sure exactly what you are trying to do with the photos in photoshop from your description, but on your Mac you can press Command + Shift + 4. That will give you crosshairs and then you can capture any part of an image you want and not the whole screen.

    AlisaSG, Thanks for that. It was very uplifting!

    Not to exclude any men, but we are a sisterhood here ladies. That being the case I propose another new name for our group. Echoing one of Kyle’s movies…..
    Sisterhood Of The Traveling Henry.

    Now down to business…..
    It’s time to save OUR show. We all need to decide as a united front what direction we need to go in. Do we take someones advice and join the fangs campaign? Do we try to come up with another campaign that will catch. If so, does anyone have any ideas that we can spread far and wide to all the forums and sites? Do we just let the postcards do the talking?

    Referring to someone’s letter, How do we peons get the word out to the press?

    This is already July 19th. It’s crunch time!!!! Whatever we decide, everyone from all the boards needs to be involved. Strength in numbers right?


    Now anyone got any suggestions?

  547. Madonna said

    Your very welcome Laurel.

  548. DIZEY1 said

    Awwww Laurel I’m so glad you had a good day!! It sounds like the food and the company were good too. See in life that’s the good stuff the true important stuff. The family and the friends that we have on this journey are the things and people that make us who we are. There’s no tangible gift that you can receive that could come close to the warmth and love you get from family and friends. Enjoy!! This day’s all yours , oh and “wear something nice !” Love that line sorry. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ 😎

  549. DIZEY1 said

    Madonna, I’m still a postcarding fool. Wrote more out at lunch while my iPod played Norman coinkidinkily (SP) . I thought about the fang thing, I don’t know??? 😦

  550. DIZEY1 said

    Just checking my pic’ that I changed πŸ˜‰

  551. DIZEY1 said

    Found a couple of new wallpapers on Bloodlines go check em’ out. Cool 😎

  552. lwildstar said

    ok I’m postcarded out for the night! my printer ate three of them so I will have to see if I can save them.

    I have lost my links to The Dinner story parts one and two and the links to Elder Hotel – its like my computer deleted them….someone please repost or email them to me, please πŸ™‚ oh and how do you get the sunglass smiley 8)

    Thanks – My head is starting to hurt – and the storm is starting to come in – took longer thatn I thought the way the weather man was acting – so I am logging out and I’m off to bed.

    ((((HUGS)))) everyone!

  553. lwildstar said

    Hey it worked!


  554. DIZEY1 said

    Nighty night Iwildstar XOXOXOX 😎

  555. prtfvr said

    God DIZ! You’re asking the wrong person! If “Preview” didn’t come with my mac I would have had to figure something else out.

    I really need to find out how to do it with Photoshop since I’m hoping that it would produce better quality pictures – I’m not satisfied with most that I pull but I have over a hundred and counting now so I guess I’m used to the embarassment of posting lousy pics as long as my story is clear. πŸ˜‰

    Hey Madonna! Do you have any advice for the DIZ-meister on how to grab screen shots on the PC? I know that you can but I never needed to know how before this.

  556. Madonna said

    Here’s my secret graphic design tip for you. If you can get that image capture at a decent size, open that file in Photoshop, Go to Image, then go down to Image Size and set the resolution to 266 dpi. That should give you pretty good quality. They rarely give us all the artwork we need to do an ad so I have to use this trick all the time.

    Sorry, when it comes to PC’s I know nothing. Believe me you probably don’t want to invest in Photoshop either. It’s hundreds of dollars and I don’t even know if they sell it separately. You may have to get Creative Suite to get it. I paid $1,200 for mine.

  557. prtfvr said

    Thanks Madonna! I have Creative Suite 3 for Web Design. There’s a great discount where I work so instead of $2,000 it only cost $500. How could I resist.

    Damned if I know how to use Fireworks or much of anything else besides Bridge; Contribute and Dreamweaver but I can’t resist a deal AND I’m a meglomaniac! I love having neat stuff and all the associated bells and whistles even if I’ll never use it. It’s very sad. I have issues!

  558. Madonna said

    Photoshop, InDesign, QuarkXPress and Illustrator are my specialties.
    I wish they did but my company doesn’t offer deals to it’s employees. Now I’m jealous.

  559. Chery said

    Hey everyone! I think you all have very good ideas, but don’t forget to e-mail some of the advertisers that you used their products after seeing it advertised on Blood Ties.

    I think Margaret posted a list of the advertisers on the last thered.

    Also! Media! E-mail the television critic in your town and say all of the things we like about this show!!!! Maybe they will contact Lifetime to ask about the show.

    I turned my hairdresser today, like everyone I have “turned” they had never heard of Blood Ties. Come on Lifetime promote the show and “they will come”

    Off to write 20 postcards to send tomorrow!

    Love yu all……………..

  560. Margaret said

    Chery: I asked for them but I think Tango was the one that posted them. Its not in this topic but the one before this I believe. And everyone, don’t forget to thank Kelloggs for providing the videos of the show, even if you don’t like those little pink crunchlettes.

  561. Madonna said

    Hey guys,
    You know how we have talked on here about how often Lifetime plays Army Wives?
    Has anyone else noticed that fans of Army Wives can’t watch their show on Lifetime’s site? I still want repeats of Blood Ties but I guess that is one small concession that they made for us.

  562. prtfvr said

    Madonna: Of course I have InDesign too as part of the package but I’ve never even opened it. I don’t know what it does! I barely get by on Dreamweaver, it’s rudimentary knowledge at best.

    What I’d like to know is how to make the pictures all fit in the same size box without making their dimensions screwy like lightbulb head Henry or horse face Vicki. Know what I mean? I’d like it to look like a real comic strip with real pictures. If I could draw I’d be drawing Henry and me together all day!

  563. Himmiefan said

    Lwildstar – congratulations on the raise!

  564. Madonna said

    InDesign is page layout software.
    First of all you need to decide how big you want your photos to be.
    You may want to do all of these in a different document and save the original photos in case you want to use them again later.

    In Photoshop make a document the size you want it to be. If the photo is low quality or you want to increase the size you’ll want to set it to 266dpi. Make sure it is set to RGB. If it looks OK and you are not trying to make it much bigger you can leave it at 72dpi since it is going on the net. Open the picture you are working on. Drag it to the new document. To adjust the size to scale, do a Command + T to transform. Hold down Shift and drag one of the corners. If you don’t hold down Shift while doing this it will distort the picture. Then you can add borders or play around with it however you like. Unfortunately some photos may have to get cropped somewhat to fit in your desired size. If you have further questions for me about it, feel free to email me. I’ll be glad to help. I usually don’t check my email until the evening though.

  565. Madonna said

    You got a raise? Sorry I must have missed that. Congratulations to you dear!

  566. msgypsy said

    Blog-kin, I officially surrender. I CAN’T keep up! So if I’m missing something important, please someone email me. Meantime, I’m going to go finish dinner and then bake something … for … some reason…

  567. vicki said

    HEY ALL…

    Madonna- I mailed 10 of my postcards today. I printed off that picture from the bloodties-bloodlines site of a red “blood” tie. I made it a little smaller and taped it to all of the postcards.

    I thought it was a nice visual to get the attention of the people reading it. A “blood tie” on the postcard is a link to the show…a name…a reminder. If nothing else the people reading it will get a giggle, and hopefully remember we are fans taht love our show and want MORE!!

    I also took a picture of me wearing my “Is it Oct. yet?” t-shirt and taped it to one of the postcards. I also made sure that each postcard was respectful, polite, and of course asked for another FULL season of BLoodties..

    Anything else I should add??? Just wondering..

  568. Madonna said

    I really don’t know what we should do. That’s why I was asking earlier. Whatever it is though it needs to be a combined effort. Should we get craftier to grab their attention? Truth is, I just don’t know.

    All the criticism I have seen about Blood Ties tends to stem from the fact that they think to plot is unbelievable and too “out there” to be mainstream television. I’m thinking that if we could find a way to show Lifetime that we are “real women” watching, that that might be a good theme. That is what they are going after in viewers after all.

    We’re real women who just want a little fantasy, just look at the romance novels out there today. There’s a ton of people out there who would love Blood Ties if only they knew about it.

  569. Claire said

    Hi Family and Sistas(LOL)
    Finally!!!! Those kids are asleep!!! How can kids get up at 7 and not be falling on their faces by 10?? Man…I love to sleep…always did!

    Rifkind…The poem about sisters…Awe I’m so damned Happy…I found you guys!! πŸ˜›

    Madonna…The group hug was awesome…right back at ya! πŸ˜›
    Iwildstar…you go girl…congrats!

    Dizey….vous Γͺtes bienvenu, il Γ©tiez mon plaisir ! LOL!!!

    Anyway until tomorrow…Bonne nuit mes soeurs …..
    et d’hommes aux rΓͺves doux Γ©galement !

  570. Madonna said

    Alright everyone,
    I’m going to bed now.

    Goodnight, and let Henry bite.
    (He needs the nourishment to keep up with The Sisterhood of The Traveling Henry you know!)

  571. vicki said

    I did mention on a postcard that I am a teacher and a “normal” woman. I also put in that I wasnt a big fan of supernatural shows, but this one was so well written, acted, etc. that I couldnt help but watch.

    I am going to finish the other ten cards tomorrow for the head of programming. I will mentin this stuff again. I also will mention that I have NEVER written to a network about a show, but I felt so strongly about this one that I HAD to write and let them know how I felt.

    well..night all…sleep tight…let Henry or Mike dreams fill you up!!

  572. vicki said

    BTW…I also emphasised (Sp) that what I like most was the strong, self-reliant, capable, kick butt woman in the lead!!! I think being the “television for woman” this would mean more to them than anything.

    I may have also mentioned the chemistry between the three main characters and what a fantastic job the actors were doing..What woman wouldnt want Henry or Mike…as we have proven here…Minx or Hen…we got it going on with this showQ!!!! LOL

  573. DIZEY1 said

    merci que Claire pour le plaisir Henri me donne

    Well goodnight my sweets, be good and sleep well.


    reves doux d’Henri


  574. Anzia said

    Hey guys. I would suggest that we continue with the postcards and if we do anything beyond that, do it in conjunction with other “groups” that way the BT fan front is more united and organized. Besides, if they have to many things like the fangs they might get more annoyed than not. That, and as was pointed out a couple of times, the sheer amount of nuts sent by the Jericho fans is what got them into the media. If we split our man power into different gimicky (for lack of a better word) things then we might not have the same force as they did. I do think we could do something with the postcards so that we all had that same something. Maybe a tiny picture of the “Is it october yet?” logo on it.

    Actually, come to think of it… that might be something that everyone could do. Even the people at the bloodlines site and so forth. If the creature of said logo was okay with that of course. I mean, that’s OUR motto, logo, mantra, whatever. That’s the essence of our campaign.

    I thought that someone posted the list of advertisers in a “contact/information” thread. I could be wrong but I Thought someone asked ms. gypsy if that was okay…

    OH, and another thing that could be mentioned on the postcards is Coreen’s character. That the bond between her and Vicki is the perfect example of “sisterhood” and that we like (or at least I do) seeing a friendship on TV that is shared in reality with someone close to us. Or just that Coreen is another non-wilting flower woman who knows something paranormal happened to her boyfriend and wasn’t going ot be steam rolled into thinking otherwise. It’s another example of a strong woman.

  575. Anzia said

    Oh, another thing we could mention is that while the women characters in BT are strong and independant, they do not drag the men behind them. Instead, they allow the men to walk beside them and take the lead when they feel it necessary. It is not a show that beats it’s viewers over the head with the idea that either men are more in charge than women or that women have to be in charge ‘case we deserve it. Instead, the show shows the equality between the two. Mike is in charge in the police area. Henry in the supernatural. Vicki in the PI & butt kicking. Coreen in the research. The good Doc in the science. It is a TEAM and not one man or one woman against the whole supernatural world. That, at least, is something that I love about the show anyway.

    let me know when I go too far off the deep end with this stuff guys…

  576. Anzia said

    On the “normal” woman front (be warned this is a pet peeve of mine)- There is no such thing as “normal” for it to be applied it has to be so abstract to inclued things that actually go against the definition of “normal.” Unless you go with normal meaning confines to all societal “norms” in which case I think every human being breaks at least one of those and thus cannot be termed normal. Besides, if they want a ‘normal’ bunch of people watching they need a ‘normal’ show. They dont have one of those. They have an extradordinary show with great writing, acting and concepts. They have a lead woman who doesn’t just sit down and cry when things get tough but instead squares her shoulders and meets it head on. Growing and learning along the way. Their audience is a reflectoin of their show and if they expect a “normal” batch of people then they’ve sorely mistaken BT for Friends or Seinfeld or something.

    *puts soapbox away* Sorry, i’m done now… *goes and sits quietly in a darkened corner*

  577. rifkind said

    Hi Blogkins!

    I am glad that you liked my “Sisters” post. I was a bit worried that it was too long, but then folks could skip over it if they wanted to.
    I guess that the post reflects how I feel about you here at MsGypsy’s.

    I have no genetic sisters, and I only get to see my physically close gal friends, about twice a year. At work, I am mostly alone, and no gal friends there either. I think that when families were large, and you had built-in sisters to share the world with.. now families are so much smaller and we tend to get isolated.
    Women tend to want to support each other and share our life experiences… the older women want to share their knowledge with younger gals… and we all sometimes need someone to JUST listen.

    I love this blog because we are here for each other.

    * We celebrate with Anzia as she graduates starts her “after college” life.

    * We laugh with lwildstar as she shares her stories and fears about talking to Paul. (We LOVE that you are coming out of your shell dear! I am so happy to read that you are writing again!)

    * We can relate to Claire’s position.. I would be run ragged by 4 children. We respect her and can give her an ear when she needs to share something with other women. Claire you have been through so much, and we all really think that you deserve the title of SUPER MOM!

    * We cry with each other as we lose our pets, and share our support of each other in our grief. Sharing the world with those little critters is a blessing!

    * We send love and prayers for parents who are sick or in the hospital, and for Loves History to pull through, get a transplant and be well.

    * We chastise each other when we get too far out of line — or too far into the gutter…

    * We group together in support of each other and also for support of BLOOD TIES, which we love.

    * Our Den Mothers will defend the family against attack from intruders.. (But we can still disagree and chastise ourselves , but this has to be from WITHIN the family..)

    * We want to be there for those of our family who are usually shy and withdrawn. We give you a chance to share yourselves with us, when you are ready, knowing that we will not be judgmental and will be here for you and be supportive.
    We will be here and rejoice with you as you find your way in the world. Not everyone has to be an extrovert.. and being quiet or introverted doesn’t mean that you don’t need your Sisters any less.

    This sounds to me like that is what a FAMILY does.
    {{{ H U G S }}} to all of you.

  578. Laurel said

    Anzia – I think you nailed it with the whole “team” spirit thing. I love the ensemble cast. Strong personalities, great interaction, plenty of eye-candy. Respect between the men and women. Men who can take no for an answer and not get all pissy about it! What’s not to like?

    lwildstar – congrats girl! You rock!

    Lunch tomorrow? I will have Rose with me but she has a book to read and will let us talk to our hearts content! You can let me know here if you want, or e-mail. πŸ™‚

  579. Anzia said

    I’m proud to call you guys family.

    (((Rifkind))) I agree 100%

  580. Laurel said

    That lunch bit is aimed at Gypsy! I am in a stupor from all of the dessert.

  581. Laurel said

    Well said Rifkind, well said.

  582. Anzia said

    My mom is mad at me. Why, you might ask, would a mother be angry at her daughter after SHE lied about how sick my dog was. Because there’s a family reuinion this weekend and I can’t come. I have an interview the interview on Monday. 😦 She felt it necessary to call and push the guilt trip. *sigh* oh do i just enjoy talking to my mom… you get a free trip with every call or text msg or email or IM…

    Diz- we REALLY need to come up with a Henry Cuddle toy. Actually, they could be manufactured in all the characters so everyone could cuddle with anyone they chose. Since my mind is teetering on the edge of gutter at the idea of wrapping any part of me around something remotely associated with Henry and bed…

  583. msgypsy said

    Laurel, noon? Call me. Rose is welcome. She can protect you in case day-walking vampires attack … or something.

    My baking was … less than spectacular. Possibly because I was distracted by a great postcard idea. I’m sending pictures of my ancestors (I’m the family archivist because I have a scanner) and saying they want to see more “Blood Ties.” And a picture of Faraday because he just LOVES it when I cuddle up in front of the tv to watch shows that I like and he totally resents my having to watch some of them on the computer since there’s no room for him in my lap when I’m online.

    Pant pant pant. Run on sentence much?

    Bedtime. Type at you all tomorrow. Y’all are making me choke a little with the outpouring of love here. Kisses, all of you, and ya know what? I’m not dreaming about Mike, Vicki, or even having Kyle for a son. I’m dreaming about all of you. So there!

  584. Laurel said

    Gypsy – You know I love ya’ but dreaming of all of us? That’s just a little….creepy? Crowded? Hmmmmm.
    Lunch at noon is good. Maybe I can figure out what’s wrong with my birthday toy by then. Steve got me an i-pod to play Blood Ties I downloaded from i-tunes! Only problem is – they sold him one that is formated for windows and I have a mac. A mac with all of the i-tunes software already installed and loaded.
    😦 I think I have to go to the Costco to exchange it before I can actually play. So far it is capable of being a clock. Whooo hooo!

  585. Margaret said

    I posted this over at the Lifetime Board:

    TPTB: As you already know Blood Ties has inspired several websites, message boards, etc. Over at Ms.Gypsy’s we have become Blood Sisters in the true sense of the word, we have shared our ups and downs, given advice when it was asked for and sometimes even when it wasn’t, some of us are incredibly good looking just like Vicki, some of us aren’t, but the one common thread is that we are women (for the most part, although we do/did have two men who visited) who have gone through lifes trials and tribulations just as Vicki has. The show has inspired some of the more shy ones on the board to venture out and test the waters. HOW CAN YOU TAKE THAT FROM US? This show has united women from every end of the world together to form a common bond, it would be cruel to take that from us. The women range in ages from the young, in that demographic that makes all of you networks jump up and down, to the more mature women who can still appreciate the beauty of a well-written show with great actors who just happen to look downright beautiful

  586. lwildstar said

    Hey guys!
    Thanks for the congrats!
    YOu know I’ve been at this job only 3 and a half years – and I feel more respect then i did at the place I worked at for 8 years (I won’t go into details – but they fired me so that the owner could retire and turn the company over to her daughter how hated me – up side – the mother fired the daughter had to go back to running the company and has finally come forward and told my sister (who still works for her) that she made a terrrible mistake in firng me. HA!) anywho – I just hope I can keep up the good work.

    on the post card front: sent off a pile this morning. basically i’m saying that while I was not one to watch Lifetime on a regular basis BloodTies really pulled me in, and I have been watching the occasional Nora Roberst movie and Reba. That I love the strong, yet volnerable Vicki nelson (and Hot Henry) and that i wish they had more charactors like Vicki that we can relate to.
    It sounds better ont he card – trust me.

    Well the boss is here and I must go. I’m alone again today, so i expect o be swamped!

  587. Margaret said

    Ok, not that I’m obsessed or anything but I have to go to the post office for my second set of 100 post cards, or is it my third, I’m starting to lose count. Don’t know about the rest of you but I’ll be writing post cards this week and emailing sponsors.

    Just heard a Rob Thomas song that pretty much sums my addiction:

    “I’m not crazy, I’m just a little impaired.” Lol, or should I insert an earie laugh her.

  588. Margaret said

    should have been “here”.

  589. msgypsy said

    Lwildstar, sorry I’ve been remiss but MAZEL TOV! on the raise.

    Speaking of Nora Roberts, does anyone think Lifetime ought to consider the Eve Dallas books for TV? Me, I just want to see the near-future high tech, but I can imagine who would play Roarke … or, for that matter, Ian McNAbb.

  590. Chery said

    Margaet, I have to go to the post office for my next 100 postcards also.

    Thanks for the post over at the LifeTime board. How wonderful E-mail and the Internet are! The fact it has brought together a diverse group of women of all ages because of this show is simply amazing!

    As I have said before, I have never in my entire life been this obsessed about a show like this one.

    By the way does anyone live out west besides me? I am in Colorado am I the only one?

    Talk later

    Love yu all……..

  591. msgypsy said

    Hey, Chery, some of us are FURTHER west than you are. I used to live in Colorado but now I’m in Portland, OR and I think we have a group of Californians here, as well.

    BTW, those aren’t CREEPY dreams, Laurel. They’re happy dreams of women and men who have come to care about one another. And mostly I dreamt about my dog trying to push me out of bed because … well, that’s what’s usually happening to me when I sleep.

  592. msgypsy said

    Just curious … do we have any Canadians here? The ones who’re watching the show on Lifetime or who downloaded it from iTunes because they Just Couldn’t Wait?

    I want to shake their virtual hands. Now THAT’S loyalty.

    I know some Canadian fans did that but I don’t know how many found their way to the various blogs and websites.

  593. Dani said

    Hey Sisters. Kudos on the Blood Sisters post rifkind.

    I will pretty much be lurking today preparing to take next week off. Woohoo!

  594. Dani said

    Oh and Madonna I liked what you posted over at Lifetime.

  595. Dani said

    I just had to let you guys know that a 25 year old emailed on He is a little younger then what I am looking for but you never know what might work out so I am giving him a try.

  596. DIZEY1 said

    Yes Dani try the young ones, they’re good!!

    Iwildstar sorry I didn’t see the part about the raise, PROPS to you girl you I’m sure deserve it. Bat money in mail today 😎

    Chery, & Margaret, I also will p/u another 100 tomorrow and will finish up the pack I bought last Saturday. My weekend will I suppose include a little writers cramp. I still need to figure out how to make my printer do the Lifetime printing part. It would cut some of my writing down a little anyway. Woo Hoo on all these postcards. Oh and I think they’ll know which are mine w/all my little bat stamps, and my bow stamp. Eyes will roll and they’ll say OMG it’s these batty people aaaagain !!!! (hee hee hee) πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  597. Margaret said

    Dani: I’d say go for it. Of course, we want detail later.

  598. elizabeth said

    lwildstr – congrats on your raise! You go girl! πŸ™‚ It is wonderful when a company recognizes talent. I don’t know if you work in a large corporation or not, but sometimes it isn’t easy to gain respect for the work you produce.

    I love reading this blog. We have some wonderfully talented women here and reading how eloquently some of you express the whole feel here is..okay I am at a loss for words *looks sheepish*. I love you guys!

    Margaret – I sometimes think that song you referred to should be my theme! I find mentally singing it when my days get tough at work. See, there it goes again……

  599. elizabeth said

    Ooops – should have inserted “myself” mentally singing. Sigh – it is going to be a long day….

  600. Laurel said

    Dani – younger men are a good thing! I know because I am married to one! Not much younger, but… πŸ™‚
    elizabeth – I think you’re right about the long day. The Harry Potter book doesn’t come out until mid-night and I will be at Borders for at least five hours by then.
    Okay, did you all just hear a little voice say “Wear something nice” ?

  601. Margaret said

    lwildstar-Congrats on your raise and your new job.

    We have a drinking game, now we need a theme song, should it be the
    Rob Thomas one I referenced:

    I’m not crazy, I’m just a little impaired.?

  602. msgypsy said

    Laurel, considering who said “wear something nice” you might want to run very, very fast AWAY from that voice.

    Well, I made my ancestor postcard. It’s kinda cute. It’s my two grandmothers and my father. I should make one with the really awesome photo of my great-great-grandmother (I think that’s the right number of greats) that was taken with a Civil War era camera and you can tell the poor woman had been sitting for hours with that same look on her face.

    I’m not messing with Borders. I’ll be home sewing (I need FOUR INCHES MORE of the $25 a yard border fabric, dammit!) and waiting for the mailman to bring me my book from I can wait a few more hours in exchange for the comfort of my own living room.

  603. DIZEY1 said

    Margaret, it sounds good to me. I love Rob Thomas. I love the Street Serenade πŸ˜‰ 😎

  604. Himmiefan said

    Rifkind – πŸ™‚

    Anzia – come out of your corner, girl. What you said was really good!

    Margaret – your Lifetime post: you go girl!

  605. Dani said

    Diz-Isn’t it Symphony

  606. lwildstar said


    sorry just had to get that out of my system, its been one of those mornings. They really ahve to stop leaving me by myself until I learn a little more – but oh well what are you going to do/
    To tell you what my mind has been like – it took me 5 tries to figure out MAZEL TOV! and I spent most of my early years as a mothers helper in a Jewish community! then i couldn’t log into my email and couldn’t figure out why – turns out I was trying to use my blog pass word!

    thank you everyone – yes its nice to be appreciated at work. We have almost 300 employees between 5 offices and my office is one of the small ones (for now – we are getting 15 new employees by the end of the year). I sat down and figured that in 3 years I’m now at the same place I was after 8 years at the other company – and I ran that company for 7 of the 8 years! I didn’t realize how little she repected me…my sister is right – I am so much better off now!

    And speaking of Sisters – I think i am going to work that in to my next set of post cards…thanks for the inspiration Margaret.

    Well I think I am going to run off and write for awhile – chapter 7, can you believe it? I even got a co worker to start writing. She makes up these stories for her neices and her husband suggested she write them down, well you know she made a lot of excusses and what not – so at lunch yesturday I told her to just take an hour a day – even just 30 minutes and just write – don’t worry about any of the technical stuff (as Rifkind told me – you can address that in edit). Shes been carrying around a little note book for months jotting stuff down. She said she wrote one page last night and then her husband wanted to “help” – his style is to get ALL the back story, description, etc first and then write (its a childs story about a magical ballarena)…so now she is all frustrated..I suggested she thank her husband for wanting to help, but that maybe it would be best for her if she just write and then give him the pages in sections to edit for her. Hope she doesn’t give up on it.

    And on that note – I would like to thank all of you for insiping me to “oick up a pen” and start again myself!

    o-kly-dok-e-ly I’ll check in later

  607. DIZEY1 said

    Dani yeah I re-typed w/my correction it’s Streetcorner Symphomy πŸ™‚
    but it must have not posted or I didn’t hit the submit button. πŸ˜‰

  608. Himmiefan said

    Hi everybody. I just have to share. This has nothing to do with BT, but appeals to my warped sense of humor. This is from today’s Tennessean:

    Cowboy Troy looks for ‘hickest chick’


    Cowboy Troy, a country rapper known for his brand of “hick-hop,” has launched a 14-city quest to find the hickest chick around.

    The Miss Hick USA contest was inspired by his new single, “Hick Chick,” and includes such competitions as watermelon seed spitting, pie eating and dancing the “Hick Chick” line dance.

    Silly, I know, but I think it’s funny.

  609. Madonna said

    Hey everyone!
    My boss just came to me and told me I’ll be doing 5 new books by myself on top of the other 7 that I work on. Oh, yeah….. Can’t ya hear the excitement here?

    Sorry my eyes were faster than me and I thought it was Alisa who gave us the sisters post. It really was beautiful.

    Don’t know if I’ll get to stop by here during my lunch at 3 so have a great vacation. Try to stop by and see us from Kelly’s if you can. By the way, I say go for it!!!!

  610. lwildstar said

    ooooo Dani – yes go for it and we want details! Some of us have to live vicariously (sp) through others.
    Heres hoping all the best for you!

    ok lunch is over and its backto work!

  611. Anzia said

    madonna- what do you do? if you mentioned it before and i missed it i’m sorry. πŸ™‚

  612. vicki said

    hey all…
    congrats on the raise…

    BTW,,, soapbox out….I didnt use the word normal…you did..I was only trying to convey on my postcards that I wa sthe “target” audience. (Female…etc) I dont think there is such a thing as one is that. we are all different, unquie, strange, and wonderful creatures. I use the word strange as a good thing. No one is normal. heck. I am almost 40, a teacher, two kids under 10, I sing with a band, I was born with only one ear..had 33 surgeries growing up so they could “make” me an ear, I am a tv aholic, and I believe that people have some good in them no matter how they try to hide it. ….soapbox in..

    Sorry.. I feel better now…I think the PMS is gettinng worse..LOL

  613. Anzia said

    Vicki- i wasn’t directing it at you. I was just commenting. It was said somewhere that we needed to let LT know they had gotten ‘normal’ people and not just paranormal fans involved. I’m sorry if you thought I was. (((hugs)))

  614. Madonna said

    It’s slow on here today.

    Full Time, I’m a graphic designer for AutoMart Magazine. Didn’t you say you lived near Milwaukee? If so, pick up a copy of the magazine up there, you’ll see some of my handywork. Part Time for now, I’m trying to start my own candle business. I also dabble in romance writing.

    I hear ya! There is no such thing as normal because in reality we’re all abnormal. Does that make any sense? Each of us is in some way flawed and utterly beautiful.

  615. DIZEY1 said

    Hi ya’ll back from lunch. Kinda quiet here on the farm today.

    Hey Vick I too am PMSing last night took 2 Midol’s hell I didn’t wake up till that old alarm was buzzin’ away. They work really well I must say and the people around me appreciate them too!! πŸ™‚

    Hey Z, what’s up with the pup?? DId they have to do anything yet?? I went last night and re read the food scences love those stories girly πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  616. Madonna said

    Sorry to start the confusion. I said “normal” last night. I just think that as sad as that is that is what Lifetime wants to consider it’s target audience.

  617. Margaret said

    Where did you all see that they (Lifetime) wanted “normal” viewers?

  618. Madonna said

    Hi Dizey,
    How are you this fine day?

  619. Madonna said

    I didn’t see it anywhere. Lifetime and critics of Blood Ties has said that it is really a show that is out of the networks element. Just my opinion, but I think they see us as paranormal viewers as “out of the norm” and therefore a much smaller market. Oh hell, I don’t know if I am even making sense here anymore. Brain’s fried from this week!

  620. vicki said

    Midol does nothing for me LOL…I am reduced to either chocolate or wine…HEHEHEH hmmmm I am thinking both for tonight.

    I will be a golf “widow” this weekend..and I am going to get up and go buy Harry Potter..Cant wait to read it.!!!

    Its. ok …I will be fine by Sunday…by then my “little friend” will show up and I will be on DMS>..(During Menstral Syndrome) LOL

    Growing up my sisters and I referred to it as “George” because we decided that only a man could be that cruel to a woman. LOL

  621. DIZEY1 said

    OOh Madonna I like that ! I’ll have to tell that to my peeps I”m flawed and utterly beautiful.

    I know when you think about it all families are somewhat disfuntional too. We’re all raised differently, and somehow we can all be on the same page here. That’s one of the cool things about being from New Orleans, we’re called the melting pot and it’s such a diverse culture. Huge variety of peoples, foods, music, makes you more accepting and tollerant of the different kinds of people in the world. Yep I love it here, it’s all I know. I’d love to **TURN** you people.

  622. Madonna said

    Guys, PMS for me means that when someone says hi to me I tend to either break down in tears or have very sudden, vivid fantasies of ways to rip their heads from their shoulders. My poor, poor family!

  623. Dani said

    HAHA my sister calls it Myrtle

  624. Madonna said

    Why Myrtle?

  625. DIZEY1 said

    Ms.Madonna I’m just fine on this Friday afternoon. We’re on the downslide now and I’m off tomorrow, so IT”S ALL GOOD πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    Hey where the heck is my Prtfvr today?? I miss my Ice Pickin’ girl when she’s not here. Come back little Debbie……….I’ve got Henry looking for you toooooo πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

  626. DIZEY1 said

    Ha Dani I just call it a pain in the ass πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› 😎

  627. Madonna said

    I’m sure it’s New Orleans is beautiful, but I don’t think I could handle the heat and humidity. I have asthma and my hair already looks like I put my finger into a light socket.

    Sorry guys my ride’s here… Check in with y’all later!

    Have a wonderful vacation.

  628. Dani said

    Not sure why it is Myrtle. It has caught on with me and her daughter who just got Myrtle for the first time a couple months ago. Poor thing. At least she has reason to be moody now.

  629. Madonna said

    Dizey, Sorry I didn’t mean to call you Didey dear! Slip of the fingers.

  630. DIZEY1 said

    Hey no prob. Madonna, yes the heat and humidity can be pretty rough at times. And sometimes I could run our AC for at least 9-10 months a year. Hell it’s sub-tropical and we get the storms and stuff right from the Gulf, so yeah it can be a little sticky from time to time. You just grab a cold beverage/cocktail for me and jump into the pool, and we’re good to go.

    Dani girl if I don’t see you leave have a great vaca.!!! πŸ™‚

  631. lwildstar said

    Growing up in my house George was the garbage disposal! we always refered to IT as a curse – mainly because my poor dad was trapped in a two bedroom apartment with three females~ poor guy had no escape!
    Now I think I’m have that new verson of PMS – what ist PMDS or something – with the massive anxiety attacks and depression….itsn’t just regular PMS bad enough! Give me chocolate!

    I heard back from Robin today – she tried to watch episode 4 last night (I lent her my disks) and she said that about 15 minutes into it her husband asked “can’t we watch something else?”…shes hoping for some hubby time this weekend so she can watch at least one disk. I offered to have her over for a marathon if need be! her husband has the greatest accent – he’s from Sweden? Switzerland – gosh now I can’t remember! But he has a French undertone to it.

    I’ll be out all day tomorrow with the parents – part of the “help me decide how to decorate” saga – they are remodeling. We are going to the Eastern Shore for the day. I already told them I HAVE to swing by the post box up the street before we leave – must send my daily requist of postcards!

    I spent almost my whole lunch time writing – I think I might even finish chapter 7 to night…..good grief. I think i will print out the short story and take it with me tomorrow to proof – its a two and half hour drive, so i might as well use my time wisely…if I thought they wouldn’t look like a child wrote them I’d take post cards – but I like how the computer printed ones look so I don’t think so.
    I tried to print a picture of a bat over the moon on the cards last night and they came out all in red instead of black – which was a problem because I did the text in red (I think my ink must be low)- can you say unreadable? I printed the words out on a sticker and stuck it on over the mess. Oh well – its not prett, but it works.

    Can you tell nothing is goingn on at the moment? I have 15 minutes left before I can sneek out at the earliest…….sigh……

    ok what else – oh Paul thinks he can make lunch next week but will have to get back to me – sorry no more bathroom jokes – now I’ll have to think of something to get him going again πŸ™‚ I wonder if he thought he went over the line with that last statement – frankly i couldn’t stop laughing, and It’s kept me smiling all week!

    Well i should log off now – just in case.

  632. lwildstar said

    Danielle – didn’t make it to the post office with your bat…sorry time got away from me today!

  633. moonbeam said

    Hey BT Family-

    It’s so nice to take a break and catch up on what’s happening. It’s amazing how quickly this site has infiltrated my life! Wow.

    Dani- Have a fabulous vacation!

    Dizey1- I remember a grand vacation in New Orleans on our Motorcycle way back in’79 Big Fun (pre kids/world of work and all of that jazz)

    This week however:

    Seven retirement homes, minimum of 1 1/2 hours @ each with a grouchy mother, at times – 0ne map quest dead end = scenic route . . . .ugg more appts. to make- sigh. . .

    Harry Potter tonight :>)

    50 postcards sent

  634. Anzia said

    Madonna- I’ll do that. ^_^ Get the mag. I mean. πŸ™‚

    Diz- I don’t know. I’m not talking to my mom right now. It’s a pretty sticky situation between the two of us. I hope he’s okay but I don’t know. I’d think my brother would call me if something happened.

    Vicki- I hope i’m not asking a really bad question but what do you mean by “golf ‘widow'”?

    Midol doesn’t work for me either. My PMS is basically three weeks outa the month and the one week i’m not hormonal I’m in so much pain i’d rather kill than look at ya. I’m always on the verge of tears but will pick a fight at the slightest provocation.

  635. Himmiefan said

    Hey Moonbeam! One thing to consider when you’re looking at retirement places. My parents are in what I call a three-in-one. It’s a bit more expensive, but worth it. My parents have their apartment, and when it’s time, they’re guaranteed a place in the assisted living unit, plus guaranteed a place in the nursing home part. They live in a verrry nice place. Anyway, have fun!

    Anzia – have you been to a doctor about this? What about going to a different one? There is no need to suffer like this.

  636. rifkind said

    Hi All!
    I’m sneaking a peek at the blog …
    I’m still at work, but didn’t take a lunch break.
    Happy Friday everybody!

    Thanks to all of you who appraciated the “Sisters” post.
    We ARE a great bunch of folks, aren’t we?

  637. vicki said

    Anzia.. means my husband is leaving for the weekend to join up with some of his friends to play golf at Myrtle Beach.

    I will be all alone..which means BT marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO HOOO

  638. Anzia said

    Oh, okay. I was imagining a very horrible story … ^_^

  639. moonbeam said

    Thanks- It’s slow process and I’ve had to gently proceed to get her to this point. It won’t be long before you hear me talking about trying to deal with selling her condo, I hope!

    Anzia- I agree about the doc. Gracious sakes, you shouldn’t spend so much of your life in distress!
    As a migrainer, I know that there are ways to seek treatment for our maladies. Some of my family just endures their headaches and some of us have learned to get help to prevent them.

  640. DIZEY1 said

    Sorry Z about the squabble w/you and mom. I’m sure you’d have heard if anything would have happened. Have you ever gone to any like GNC’s they sell herbs and stuff more vitaminy for the PMS. By herbs I don’t mean (birthday weeds) although you’d probably feel better. Anyway buck up my little friend it’ll get better I SWEAR πŸ˜‰ I’ll send you a little bit o’ Henry ok, he can rub it and make it feel all better (wink wink) πŸ˜‰

    Rifkind, I didn’t get to tell you I’ve gotten that as an email from a friend (like my sister) before and those are some of the most profound words and really do express how we feel here. Henry would be the ties that bind us together, ya’ll rock and I look forward everyday to opening this site and see what kind of good stuff my sista’s have got goin’ on. So thanks for the reminder of the sisterhood πŸ™‚

  641. DIZEY1 said

    Moonbeam I just realized you were an easy rider. You go girl. A motorcycle mama !!! I’m impressed πŸ™‚

  642. rifkind said

    Thanks Dizey!
    Things got a bit upsetting and all here at the blog the other day.. and I wanted to share with everyone, why this is such a special group.
    I still had the emial in my “IN” box, and wanted to share.

  643. moonbeam said

    Ummm, that was in the old days—we haven’t had a motorcycle for years and even though I’m licensed, I haven’t had my own since forever. I did have a cat, Aloysius, that we took to live with my folks on the back of one (in a crate) He purred) (from Oregon to Las Vegas~ that was crazy)

    I got really tired of putting on all of the rain gear. On a day like today, I’d love to go for a ride, however!

    On the trip to New Orleans, we put on 15,000 miles ,in the summer, 33 states few motels, young love lots of peanut butter

  644. Cree said

    Good Afternoon, BT Family! Hope everyone is doing well. Sorry to those of you who have lost pets over the past week. It is a very hard thing to have to go thru. That is the only part of my job that I really hate is having to deal with death and having to help people make the decision of when is the *right* time to do it.

    >>Margaret said (from her post on the LT board): “The show has inspired some of the more shy ones on the board to venture out and test the waters”

    and Rifkind said: “We want to be there for those of our family who are usually shy and withdrawn. We give you a chance to share yourselves with us, when you are ready, knowing that we will not be judgmental and will be here for you and be supportive. We will be here and rejoice with you as you find your way in the world. Not everyone has to be an extrovert.. and being quiet or introverted doesn’t mean that you don’t need your Sisters any less.”

    Ok, Ok, I can take a hint…….I’ll try to stop being so shy and start posting more often! LOL. Just kidding. Don’t know if you guys were referring to me, specifically, but I am assuming you were (which is totally fine). Both of those posts hold so true for me. I have never done any kind of blogging before this site and you guys have all become like sisters to me. I have come to love all of you girls here. Your kindness and non-judgemental attitudes have given me the courage to come out of my dark little corner and say “hi” every so often. I always catch up on the blog everyday when I get home from work, but am still working on the courage to actually post everyday like most of you. I’m slowly getting there though….don’t give up hope on me yet!!

  645. DIZEY1 said

    Doc not a problem write when you want and lurk like most of us do when you just don’t feel like talking. It’s all good here sista’.

    Rifkind it worked, touched everyone wise words.

    Well I’m ready to blow this pop stand and I’ll catch ya’ when I get home.

  646. rifkind said

    Hey Cree!
    I was thinking of you and a few others who post here once in a while.
    Can you guess that I fit into the Extravert side?
    You shared a bit of yourself with us, and others also added how difficult it is for them to mix in face-to-face meetings. You let me see a small part of your world… one that I don’t see being an extravert. Sometimes it is a good thing to see the world with different colored glasses.

    I’m glad that you came to join us here at MsGypsy’s.
    Lurk and laugh with us.. and post when you like.
    When you need your Sisters, we are here for you!

  647. Dani said

    Hey sisters. I’m FREE! One whole week. YAY! Thanks for all the good wishes for my vacay.

  648. Dani said

    Cree Welcome back

  649. Himmiefan said

    Hi everybody! A little bit of silliness before Potter-mania sets in:

  650. Cree said

    Himmiefan: OMG…your latest installment of Elder Hostel was laugh-out-loud funny! I’m still laughing even now. Great Job!

  651. Dani said

    You are a genius himmiefan. That is so funny.

  652. Dani said

    We have a few places to go before Kelly and I go to Borders. We will be leaving soon. If I can coem on after I will. Ciao!

  653. lwildstar said

    *OMG* Himmiefan! that was a great way to start the weekend!
    I have been trapped on the phone with my sister for almost two hours – I needed a good laugh. I just couldn’t hang up I felt soooo bad for her – she was starving for adult conversation – although a conversation for my sister means she talks you listen and interject a soothing noise once in a while…
    oh well

    and AHHHHHHH, my baby shaved his head! I saw Paul as I was leaving work and he’s got a military hair cut! ok his hair was short but how am I to run my fingers trhougha buzz cut! I must say I couldn’t help my self and before I knew it I was touching his soft soft hair….I think his ears turned red…on;ly lasted a few seconds before I realized we were in the hall whee anyone could see and retreated (blushing myself I’m sure) but I fussed at him for cutting it and reminded him were ARE going to lunch next week if I have to get Robin to throw him out the door and I have to kid nap him!

    What was Margaret saying about the shy ones venturing out! I would NEVER have done that a few months ago…you guys have really given me more confidence…and I am TRYING to take Henry to heart and not have “regrets” for not taking a chance.

    Ok I am going to go write – I tried to while I was listening to my sister and couldn’t concentrate.

    May or may not check in tomorrow night – depends on when we get back.

    Love ya. (((HUGS))) all around…….Night All!

  654. lwildstar said

    well its quiet tonight…have to get up early tomorrow so I’m off for the night!

  655. DIZEY1 said

    Nighty night Iwildstar .

    Himmie that was OMG on the money. You have really got my Norman down pretty good I must say, I can see Michael echoing your words.

    I just finished watching Music and Lyrics, can I say I love Hugh Grant I love British humor. LMAO funny, and Drew she’s so cute and so funny. Anywho gonna go watch a little more tube and will check back in a bit. πŸ˜‰

  656. rifkind said

    OH you are so funny! I just loved it.. You have that comic humor down!

    lwildstar —
    OMG! You didn’t??!!
    When started reading your post, I thought that you were talking about playing with his hair… as in speculation …not real action… then got to the blushing part… YEAH! You GO Girl!
    I am so happy for you… well at least Paul knows that his little joke about hiding in the bathroom didn’t bother you.
    Sounds like you BOTH are coming out of your shells a little bit.

  657. Claire said

    Phew!!!! Can you imagine the sweat running down my brow? I finally finished my big Friday cleaning!!!! My back is killing me!! Speaking of PMS…Holy Merde!!
    You know what happens when a bunch of women hang together right? everyones cycle changes so they all get it together! cause I’m so crampy and Anzia I feel ya! I am evil today!!Dizey…You’re welcome…LOL!! Believe me the pleasure was all mine!!!!!
    Rifkind…Thank you..I don’t feel like supermom…especially today!!! just tired like a dog mom!
    Himmie…I love Elder Hostel…You do Norman SOOOO good!!

    Well ladies….Nikki is breathing down my neck…I have to watch a movie with her!
    Until tomorrow ….Sweet dreams…Love yas all!

  658. moonbeam said

    Iwildstar- too, too funny about the hair!! Snickering at my computer gets quite the looks around my household.

  659. Madonna said

    Hey all,
    I laid down about 7 and told my mom not to let me sleep too long. It is almost 11 here and I didn’t get up until about 10 minutes ago. Needless to say…… I’m awake now.

    You know with all this talk about sisters and PMS and such the past couple of days, I kind of feel sorry for loves history and any other men who might be lurking. I’m sure however, that to an outsider this blog is a fascinating study into the minds of us women.

    That’s too funny. I just love how Sinead just pops in.

    I started lurking on Tanya’s blog about episode 5 or 6 of our show and I didn’t pipe up and say anything on there or here until about 2 wks after Norman. That’s a solid two months of just looking before I got my courage to pipe up. So post when you are comfortable, laugh with us when you are not, and remember you are a sister here too. NO one is going to give up on you.

  660. DIZEY1 said

    I just re listened to Kyle’s podcast , damn I just adore this dude. I pray that he’s got a guardian angel watching over him, because there’ll be hell to pay if anyone messes him up. He’s been in the biz a good while he’s got a lot of credits to his name and so far his head’s on straight. He’s just so amazing for someone so young and I know I’ve said it before, but when I listen to him speak he just blows me away. Oh yes my girls there most certainly will be a season 2, and 3, and 4……….. πŸ˜‰ Mark my words BLOOD TIES will be ours. On that note of glee as my Henri would say I bid you all adieu’.

    reves doux d’Henri’/Kyle too (hee hee) they’re hard to separate πŸ˜› 😎


    Oh CLaire BTW…..Aujourd’hui Henri m’a enseignΓ© l’art du massage. Il a frottΓ© mon corps avec ses mains passionnΓ©es. May I say OOLA LA BABY πŸ™‚

  661. Margaret said

    More advice from some of the Jericho fans:

    Organize,organize, organize. Even before the cancelation was announced, hard core fans began setting up alternate fan sites, we found an icon(NUTS) ,and we proceeded to innudiate the network fot attention. What do you know, IT WORKED.
    Keep up the pressure, get organized, and DON”T STOP until your satisified. Good Luck.

  662. Anzia said

    Himmie- sent you a note via πŸ™‚

    Diz- Henry and massages… What a lovely thought. ^_^

    I showed Zerophilia to my aunt. She wasn’t impressed with much of anything but Kyle’s body. Kind of sad…

  663. Himmiefan said

    Hi everybody!

    Llwildstar – sounds like you had a good day πŸ™‚

    Claire – thanks for coming over and doing my house next. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the reviews! I did a second part but deleted it. Believe it or not, it’s really, really hard to do meaningful dialogue between a vampire and a frosted mini-wheat.

    Gotta go to the bookstore! Have a good night!

  664. Madonna said

    Hey everyone!

    I just found this and I thought it was interesting so I though I’d share. There is a book that has been written about my high school and the tragedy that occured there in the early 80’s. Looks like a movie about it is in the works too. This article references George Clooney and his dad Nick. George is from Augusta, KY, about an hour away from me. His parents currently live about a 10 minute drive from me. It’s basketball related so it is probably not everyone’s cup of tea on here.

  665. Anzia said

    Madonna- I’m glad the story is being told but sorry that it happened. It’s always sad to see stories like that.

    Something like that happened in my HS when my aunt (only 10 yrs older than me) was a freshman. There was no explosion or anything but it was something that shocked the entire school system and city. There was a boy. The stereotypical geeky nerdy boy that the popular kids would pick on and always had a crush on the most popular girl. Well, this kid saw the most popular girl crying one day and walked her home. Her ex (that’s why she was crying- they’d broken up or something) and his friends caught up with him and beat him. When everyone left, the ex came back and stabbed him to death and left him in a ditch. There’s a memorial by our football stadium to him. No one talks about it in my family though (thus the sketchy details) ’cause my aunt and him were friends. His house was actually at the end of the street my grandmother lives on. It’s really sad that kids can do that kind of thing to one another. 😦

    So, I just watched the pilot of “Side order of Life” and I really like the show. I was crying so hard by the end of the episode. I’m sure that there are more than one of you guys that would like the show. *shrugs* Just thought I’d share. Sadly, it has left me a bit on the depressed side… which means some fun angsty poetry…

    I’ll be back tomorrow guys… or later I don’t know yet… I got to get me some Henry…

  666. moonbeam said

    Oh, those are all such heartaches. . . . I think that show sounds good~might be pretty tough some days

  667. Madonna said

    Just a side note….
    When the school exploded there was one student killed. He was in the art room when a wall fell on him. (Closest spot next to the boiler room where the explosion occured.) There is a scholarship set up in his name for 1 student who wants to pursue a career in art. I won the scholarship my senior year.

  668. moonbeam said

    Madonna- that certainly makes the scholarship have a unique and special meaning Wow!
    My son, Maxx, is hoping to study art. Currently he is into ceramics. He really loves to draw and silkscreen, as well. He is quite the artist. He is working on his senior project this summer with an artist in ceramics.

  669. Margaret said

    I know a lot of us are undecided about sending the fangs but we need to decide one way or the other, it can’t be done in a small way. For better or worse, I guess I’m going to make the leap. Since we were told by someone who should know I think we need to go ahead with it but as I said we really can’t do it in a small way. Jericho fans said to organize, organize, organize and latch onto an icon. I can’t speak for anyone else but I have uneasily thrown my hat into that ring, for better or worse. If we do it in a small way it most certainly will piss them off, if we do it in a big way it will piss them off but it will make a point.

  670. prtfvr said

    Good morning! I couldn’t post yesterday. Took the old 18 year old to get all of his wisdom teeth yanked so I was playing nurse. I gotta say though, that kid of mine is TOUGH! He came home, tried to eat – spilled food all down himself, numb mouth – and never went to sleep!

    Later last night he ran around trying to figure out why the phone line had noise on it. He drove me CRAZY!! I told him to remember that pain pills give you a false sense of well being and that he was going to pay for running around like a nut all day! He’s a good boy though.

    I made him go upstairs to take a nap, he got up and I fell asleep in my room! I’ve been getting a chest cold for about a week – everyone has been sick here on and off since my oldest brought back the creeping crud from Ocean City. I held out the longest but it hit me full force yesterday. I’mthisclose to having bronchitis, I can feel it.

    So I went back to bed at nine which annoyed my husband because I absolutely HAVE to be sitting wherever he is even if we’re not talking or he’s just gaming.

    My tolerance is lower than EVER for nonsense so I’m feeling a bit evil right now. I can’t tell if my husband’s really a jerk – more than usual – or if I’m just sick. A little of both I’m thinking.

    Anyhow, I’m sorry that I missed everyone yesterday. Anzia, I don’t understand your mom. That was a cruel thing to do (pretend your pet was seriously ill to make you feel bad). I’ve cut off people for doing less. you’re a better person than me! *hugs*

    Rifkind – you really know how to hit the nail on the head. This is a great group of sist