Next topic, blog-kin!!!!!

I haven’t been around much this week (and weekend) and I think it’ll take me a lifetime to catch up. But you seem to be maintaining so well yourselves I’m not worried.

Continue to chat, hermanas, and I’ll be back as soon as I finish up all the other crap I have to do.



  1. Rifkind said

    Am I #1??

  2. rifkind said

    Thankg Gypsy for making a new topic!
    It was taking forever to load the page on my dial-up account!

  3. Madonna said

    Ms. Gypsy,
    Thanks for the new thread. Is everything OK with you?

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I did not go to the hospital because it became obvious that I wasn’t actually passing a stone. I would have been in a lot more pain than that. So I took a Percocet and went to bed. It still hurts a little, almost feels like the cramp you get in your side after running for a while. Since July of 2004 I’ve had five ER visits, I’ve passed 4 stones, and have had surgery to break others up 4 times. These pesky 2 that I have now won’t break up with lithotripsy. Last time I was at the urologist they said they wanted actually go into the kidney and remove them. That would be a 1-3 day hospital stay and I don’t want to do that, so I have avoided their office like the plague. Probably shouldn’t though as they estimate one of the stones to be 8-9mm. Too big to pass.
    Anzia wrote,

    Madonna- I’m sorry to hear about your medical problems hon! *Sending “get well” vibes* If it wasn’t Dizey’s birthday week I’d ask her to give you Henry for the night. He’d be able to nurse you, maybe not back to health but I’m sure he’d be a sight in the candystriper uniform. Oooo, could you see him in a lab coat w/stethoscope (spelling sucks sorry)! With nothing but black boxer briefs underneath it. Even better… commando baby! Just picture him giving you a sponge bath… tucking you in and sitting beside you on the bed. Leaning down close so that he can fluff the edges of your pillow and brush away a few stray hairs that had fallen into your eyes so he can admire the depth of color there. Then, when he asks if there’s anything he can do for you, and places his hand on your cheek, moves in close and places a kiss on your forehead. When he nuzzles noses with you he whispers, “I’ll be sleeping in a chair in the corner. If you need me just call out.” With a lingering caress he slides his hand down your cheek, across your chest and off the bed as he walks away.
    Thanks, that sent me to sleep with a smile on my face. Or maybe that was the Percocet. No, no I think it was definitely both.

    Did you have fun at your Birthday/family party dear?

    Yes, the darn things do hurt don’t they? I am sorry your friends made you so miserable that night. I can relate though. When I was having all my orthopeadic problems in high school and was unable to go anywhere, the “friends” that I did have all but turned their backs on me. It was like if Madonna can’t go here or hang with us, oh well. If anything those situations let you know who your real friends are.

    I am familiar with the properties of cranberries. I eat them dried, but I can’t stand to drink the juice. We did mix in the cranberry supplements into our dog Minnie’s food when she got old and started having kidney problems. It definitely helped her. They have me on a medicine now that is supposed to help with overall kidney health (since I am a diabetic) and is supposed to suppress the formation of new kidney stones.

    Ignore those silly, foolish women, and say to yourself, “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”
    You are a classy woman who has been through so many trials it is near unimaginable. You’re a woman everyone should look up to. I hope that someday I can have your strength. I’m sorry there aren’t any other adults there for you to hang around but I can assure you that I am your friend and I know you have lots of other friends here as well.

    Not to sound cheesy, but isn’t it great that Blood Ties has brought us all together?

  4. msgypsy said

    I’ll be back by the week, I hope. I’m having to do some big deal computer maintenance and now I have to go out for the rest of the day.

    Next time it gets that long, please email me. I can be reached at or else there are a couple of you (Laurel for sure and I think one or two others) who have my work email address. I can’t share that one too widely, though. But one of those folks can reach me at work where I’m pretty well tied to my desk and can log in at least long enough to start a new topic.

    And now I have to get going. Continue those dreams, amigas!

  5. Madonna said

    I was just over on Bloodlines site and there was no good news to come out of the Polaris convention about a real second season. That’s sad.

    However someone who was at the convention posted this little line…..

    “It looks like Polaris 2008 will have a vampire there, so keep an eye out!”

    Everyone got their travel plans made? Oh, poor, poor Kyle!

  6. annalaiseduchat said

    Greetings everyone.

    I’ve been on vacation. Been lurking and trying to keep up on you guys but it’s next to impossible. I love my new hi-speed internet. I finally got to download the first two episodes of BT. Woo Hoo! Also the free episode of Jericho that Itunes is offering. If you haven’t seen it yet it was very good. Check it out.
    I finally can participate in all the internet has to offer. I’m like a kid in a candy shop.

    Anzia – I’m loving your story. Very hot!
    Check out mine at password: dreamcatcher
    if you want. (Not near as hot though.)

    Dizey – Happy Belated Birthday, Hope you had a great day.

    Madonna – I hope you’re feeling better soon. I’ve never had stones but I’ve had more that my share of UTI’s ,not fun.

    Love to you all,

  7. Chery said

    Madonna, You really brought bad news from the Polarias site!!!!!!

    I hope it is not true about no more seasons of BT. I know that Lifetime is making a big mistake if they do not order more seasons of this show.
    They are already promoting Ghost Whisperer and the new Vampire show
    “Moonlight”? or something like that. The actor playing the Vamp does nothing for me!!!!!!!!! No Charisma at all………….
    I am still sending in my 10 cards and hoping for the best. Can’t believe the short sighted decisions made by the “business types”.
    What good will great “numbers” (Neilson) be this fall, if Lifetime only has the show for the remaining 10 episodes????? This does not make sense to me…..

  8. Madonna said

    They did not say that there wouldn’t be a second season. They just didn’t say anything at all about it one way or another. Sorry if that came out wrong.
    I think no news about a second season is good news so far.

  9. Margaret said

    Didn’t Peter Mohan say on one of the podcasts that he did that Lifetime had to premiere a couple of more shows and they were probably waiting to see how they did before they gave any word on Blood Ties?

  10. Any news about another season would be welcomed at this moment. I had hopes that they would announce something this weekend. Oh well. Maybe they’ll have something later this week? That’d be a rocking b-day present!

  11. Oh and I started working on a story last night for you all. It’s not the steamy romance that Z writes oh so well, but more along the lines of an episode of the show. I hope it turns out well. I had to stop writing last night after I fell asleep with the pen still in my hand. D’oh!

  12. lwildstar said

    good afternoon ladies!
    its disgustingly hot here – after I got my hair cut mom wanted to got to the farmers market – I think dad was driving her nuts and she needed a break – so we spent a couple of hours walking around all this wonderful fresh produce and all i wanted to do was get back in the AC – I got some great things though – real fresh organic stuff…

    so now I think I’ll go take a shower and then do some writing.

    I’ll check in tomorrow if I can!

  13. lwildstar said

    ok – I got my avatar to change but I can’t get the picture with my name to change!

    auuuggg…not in the mood to play with it, but if you have an idea of what I”m doing wrong, please let em know.


  14. Margaret said

    Blogkin: Here’s another email to send questions to, see if we can’t generate interest.

    (Its an insert in the Florida Today and USA Today papers, like a little magazine). It has a section called: Who’s News by Lorrie Lynch which covers celebrities.

  15. Margaret said

    Under the topic of useless trivia but a good excuse to see Henry’s smokin hot bare chest again: Blood Price, Second episode: When Vicki goes to the peephole and discovers the doorman is there her hair is in a braid. When she goes back to open the door, with Henry’s robe around her, her hair is loose. Now between the time it took her to come back from the peephole, take her shirt off, put Henry’s robe around her, I don’t think she had time to take her hair out of that braid. Let me know what you think.

  16. Chery said

    Thanks Madonna! I keep hoping that we will hear soon and I really want to believe that it will be good news.

    You are right, if they are in negotians (sp) regarding other seasons, and make no mistake that they are probably tough ones at that! Then Peter Mohan or Tanya cannot say anything at the moment.

    I guess we just keep up our support more than ever by sending postcards and also e-mailing other venues.

    Blood Lines has some very positive suggestions about e-mailing other media outlets about support of the show.
    They also said on their update that they sent in over 2,000 signatures on their petition plus people did give blood and send in their receipt. Wow I would like to know what other show has that kind of support.

    We also need to get the word out. I talked to my mail(woman) the other day and told her about BT. She did not even know it had been on or anything about it. I convinced her to go to on demand ComCast to pick up ep 1 and 2. Now she is hooked.

    I would bet the “numbers” would be even better if LifeTime really gave the show more “plugs”.

    Lets keep positive thoughts everyone and remember that Lifetime originally only picked up 10 episodes of BT. Then after the premier and how well it did they picked up the remainder.

  17. Margaret said

    Chery: Don’t hang your hat on how many people gave blood for Blood Ties, there weren’t that many, although they did send in what they had.

    I guess we should hope that the new shows they premiere don’t do well. One is that new shrink show that they are putting on Sunday nights. Not sure what the other one is.

    I talked to a girl at work, I’ve tried to turn her but haven’t suceeded but she did say she had a friend who would love this kind of stuff. Gave her the name of all the Blood Books and showed her how to get to the episodes at the Lifetime board so she could tell her friend. As Tanya said, tell a friend, have them tell two friends.

    And it couldn’t hurt to keep writing postcards and writing to every media outlet we know. The only one that actually gave me a response and it was automated was Oprah. Oh well. The major talk shows just send you an automated response or just try to discourage you all together. Maybe we need to direct our efforts toward print media such as: People, Ok, US, you know all the ones that follow the celebrities around. We should write to TV Guide too.

  18. Cree said


    >>I don’t think I would ever be able to hold a snake. I have an irrational fear of them. I admit it’s irrational, and I’m okay with that, I don’t want to fix it.> I am sorry your friends made you so miserable that night. I can relate though. When I was having all my orthopeadic problems in high school and was unable to go anywhere, the “friends” that I did have all but turned their backs on me. If anything those situations let you know who your real friends are.>Not to sound cheesy, but isn’t it great that Blood Ties has brought us all together?

    I totally agree. I never open up to anyone the way I have been able to open up to you guys, and it feels good to be able to get it all out knowing that no one here is judging me. We all seem to be so similar in so many ways and a great support system for each other……

  19. Cree said

    Ok, ignore my last post, something strange happened to it and it ended up deleting all of the things that I wrote, but keeping all of the things I copied and pasted from what other people wrote to me….I’ll try it all separately and hope it doesn’t do the whole double post thing.

  20. Cree said

    >>I don’t think I would ever be able to hold a snake. I have an irrational fear of them. I admit it’s irrational, and I’m okay with that, I don’t want to fix it.

    I was the same way before I ever actually held one, but once I did, I fell in love with it. It was a larger snake, a boa, and it just laid in my lap my whole time and barely moved. When it did move it was so slow that I realized it wouldn’t be able to do anything to me without me first being able to get out of harm’s way!

  21. Cree said

    Madonna: Hope that you are feeling better today and not in as much pain as you were last night.

    >>I am sorry your friends made you so miserable that night. I can relate though. When I was having all my orthopeadic problems in high school and was unable to go anywhere, the “friends” that I did have all but turned their backs on me. If anything those situations let you know who your real friends are.

    Yes, that is very true. As bad as that New Year’s Eve night was, however, I had an even worse experience last summer. I was admitted to the hospital for what they thought was appendisitis. They were going to take me straight to surgery upon admission. Well, I was scared to death and did not want to have surgery. I called some of my friends in this area who all said they were busy and couldn’t come up to the hospital to see me. So, then I called my 2 best friends back home in Tennessee (I live in FL) and neither of them could come down. So, as a last resort, I called my parents (remember I haven’t been home in the past 3 years because I hate the way they act and treat people). Well, my mom said she couldn’t come down because she was “too busy” and my dad said he couldn’t get off work. I was like “Too busy??!! Your only daughter is scared to death about to have surgery all alone and you’re too busy to take an hour plane ride to be with her?” I even offered to pay for their plane tickets and they still refused to come. Guess I know now where I stand.
    Well, it turns out it wasn’t appendisitis, but instead a ruptured ovarian cyst which luckily the surgeon caught before opening me up, but I still had to be in the hospital for 3 days all alone which was very depressing. Just to rule out anything more serious, they put me under anesthesia for a colonoscopy, and when I woke up, I just started crying uncontrollably which I NEVER do. I am always very calm and collected and never let anyone see my emotions, even my closest friends. Well, the doctor came back in the room and saw my eyes all red and puffy and thought I was having an allergic reaction to the anesthesia and started calling to the nurse for emergency drugs. I was so embarrased when I had to tell him that I wasn’t having an allergic reaction, I was just crying because I was all alone. The look of pity in his eyes was something that I will never forget. It made me feel so bad about myself.
    Gosh, and now I am starting to cry again just thinking about it. If I learned anything at all last summer, its that the only person I can truely count on is myself. And like I said before, I guess I know now where I stand with my family and my supposed “friends”.

    >>Not to sound cheesy, but isn’t it great that Blood Ties has brought us all together?

    I totally agree. I never open up to anyone the way I have been able to open up to you guys, and it feels good to be able to get it all out knowing that no one here is judging me. We all seem to be so similar in so many ways and a great support system for each other which I love, because as you can see, I don’t really have anyone in my life right now that I can truely count on when I need them. I am glad you all are hear to listen….thanks, BT blog family!! I love you guys!! OK, now I sound cheesy…….

  22. Madonna said

    Hi Cree,
    It’s OK to be cheesy. I don’t really have anyone in my life right now either other than you guys, my mom, my dad and my sister.
    Love you too!

  23. Madonna said

    I’ve still got a few twinges in my side but I do feel better. I think sometimes one of those little suckers gets lodged in the wall of my kidney and refuses to let go. The only thing that seems to help is lots and lots of water.

    My irrational fear by the way is ROACHES!!!!
    I see one and it paralyzes me. I can’t move let alone kill the little monsters. I’ve had horrible dreams about being in a room with millions of them. I start getting antzy just thinking about it.

    Everyone in my family has a fear of something.
    For my mom it is worms of any kind.

    For my sister and my dad it is spiders.

  24. Cree said

    Madonna: I’m with you on the roaches. That is the one thing I cannot handle. Any other insects I am fine with, even spiders, but I completely freak out when I see a roach. Thank goodness for my cat. He kills them for me whenever he finds one (which luckily is not very often), but he always knows they are there way before I do which means I really don’t have to deal with those evil little creatures! I don’t know what I’d do without my kitty!

  25. Chery said

    I agree Margaret: I know that not many people gave blood but even a few is great.
    I do think that the petition with over 2,000 signaures is a good thing.

    Also I think that you are correct and we should send e-mails to print media.
    I have sent one to tv guide and a couple of others.

    Also I still think the postcards are great and will continue to send them until we hear something…………..

  26. Margaret said

    Chery: Well, let me put it to you this way, I have to do something with that $28.00 worth of postcards I bought… So I’ve been sending 10 a day, right along with you. And at the risk of sounding childish, I have no intentions of watching Lifetime again if they don’t purchase additional episodes. I’ll watch the remaining 9 episodes of Blood Ties but thats it. And I resent having them try to show Army Wives down everyones throat every 5 minutes. My patience and cheery disposition are slowly but surely deterating and the only thing Lifetime is accomplishing with me, is pissing me off.

  27. AlisaSG said

    >> As Tanya said, tell a friend, have them tell two friends.

    actually, I’ve told more than two people..
    short of getting myself fired for disrupting my coworkers on their breaks with *my* Blood Ties Tv show, I’ve gone as far as I could on the personal one on one level, including sharing pictures of Henry in some of his best moments.

    >> We also need to get the word out.

    done. On 2 of the more linking sci-fi web site forums too.
    One has *connections* (people in high places, sort of and) links to the others. If the majority of eps don’t live up to expectations by a certain (Sct-G reader fan) persona on there, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear rumblings of it elsewhere..

    The other site (gateworld) is a huge gathering for the Sci-Fi crowd and Canadian and UK viewers, as well. ..And now that FLASH GORDON is coming on soon, Gina Holden’s fans might connect back to BT. Word has been posted to Steve Bacic’s (Stargate) topic about his guest appearance in the next BT ep # 1×13, titled “D.O.A.”

    Steve also guest-starred on BLADE’s Tv series, but most viewers there were more into the blood and gore than any romance.


    So, the anti-romantics have –also– been notified. Worst case scenario, they’ll (sometimes go out of there way too, to) get on any BT web forum site and *diss* it just because that’s what they like to do. You wouldn’t believe the anti-Stargate comments I’ve seen about the 2nd movie “SG-Continuum” coming up. Gosh, even DOCTOR WHO can’t escape the nonsense of (negative!) criticisms over who his companions are (series 2, seasons 3 & 4)..

    Depending on how well the remaining eps 13-22 go, might depend on whether or not BT gets the green light. Sometimes I swear some of those folks just take the opposing POV, just to test how loyal the rest of us viewers truly are.. that’s just a gut feeling, but it just seems awful strong.

    If it’s not that, then too many people get bored way too fast nowadays. 😦
    and in the world of vampires, there’s just way too much (endless) comparison going on between the shows (at the other sci-fi web sites) with all the other ones – specifically Buffy, and now Kindred. First couple of eps, okay, complain to get it out of our systems (cause we’re too spoiled from other programs).. but the rest – let the series live for itself and up to its own goals..

    So, how can we encourage those tiring of Vicki’s put-offness, and Henry getting beat up in the latest eps to stick with and support BT..? That’s the other obstacle / hurdle to overcome.

  28. Claire said

    Good Evening Family!!!!
    Can I just say right off how much I love you guys!!! You always know exactly what to say!!! And as I read all your posts my smile gets bigger and bigger,whether it has to do with something I wrote or not…you guys rock!
    Merci tellement, en ayant vos moyens d’amitié davantage à moi que n’importe quel cadeau dans le monde, vous sont comme un diamant rare, quelque chose que vous trouvez une fois dans une vie !

    Alisa..Thanks! Anzia…I love you girl…you’re my adopted daughter remember? and you can raid my earring collection anytime..I just bought 8 more!

    Madonna…Thank you so much…you actually made my eyes water! and you don’t sound cheesy at all.We’ve discussed this before here…the powers that be saw that not only did we all love BT…but that we all had so much in common and needed each other..that viola` here we are!
    I also have bad kidneys…no stones…just so many utis that my right kidney is actually misshapen.I am very sensitive scented toilet paper,no scented soap,bubble baths etc. I get quite sick and start bleeding.I have to drink 10 glasses of water per day,and since I get sick of cranberry juice I take the pills.
    But there are days when the pain in my right kidney makes me feel like I went a round with Tyson!
    Now on to this Polaris 2008 thing! Where is it,so I can book my travel plans NOW! 😛

    By the way ladies and gent…went to a different pool today…near pool dads house…had a great time..everyone there was great…and actually got one phone number from another Mom with twin girl and boy my kids were playing with.Pool Dad was not there though…it was his ex wifes turn with the baby,and he stayed home and did errands.I guess it’s just my neighborhood and my pool where all the nasties are! Nikki loves pool Dads pool also…lot of people her age…the Life guards are smokin!! She made tons of friends…including one smokin young lifeguard…she came home with phone numbers!! and promises to join them for volley ball on Thursday nights!

    Anyway…it was 96 here today..I’m fried and tired…so I think I’ll call it a night..and settle in with my dagger book!

    Bonne nuit..
    Le bonbon rêve mes amis merveilleux ! ! !

  29. AlisaSG said

    aww, Claire, you’re welcome. Anytime! 🙂
    as I’ve noted many other times, you’ve been an amazing inspiration in my life! 😉


    about BT’s next ep (“D.O.A.” 1×13 = season 1x ep# 13)
    Steve Bacic.. I forgot to mention he was on Andromeda for the last season or 2.
    So, he’s got an already built-in fan base from that and his reoccurring appearances on Stargate-SG1.

  30. Laurel said

    I have been off watching episodes 1 & 2 today, and have added my sister-in-law to the ranks of BT fans. She is definately a Henry’s Hen! She fits right in with all of us here and I hope to introduce her to the blog in the next couple of days while she is visiting at my house. 🙂
    We actually watched 3 episodes and now she is sitting on my patio reading the first Blood book. 😉 Too funny.

    Claire – On your recommendation I am reading the first of the Dagger books. So far I really like it. Thanks.

  31. Tango said

    Claire – thanks for the kind words sweetie, you know the feeling is mutual. I am sincerely happy for your new discoveries today. You know what they say – location, location, location! Yea for you and Nikki! 🙂 I see your circle of fiends really taking off now! Again yea for you and your family! Oh, and how sweet was it for your over-protective son to come make sure you got home fom the pool. I would love to have such beautiful relationships with my children – problem is – I don’t have any 😦
    I’ve been working on your b’day gift. What day did you say yours fell on?

    Rifkind – thanks for the instructions on stating a new page (thread). I will know next time. When I saw that section on new post, I didn’t realize that it was talking about a new page.

  32. Madonna said

    Claire, You are welcome! I meant every word.

    I have a unique problem where I work. I am the only woman among the designers. All the rest of them (6) are men in their 20’s or 30’s. Not exactly Lifetime’s demographic. However, I keep plugging away at them. One who is about 25 and watches shows like Supernatural and Smallville is intrigued and says he will try to watch it when they start the marathon. The second guy is a 31 year old black man. He likes Christina Cox. He works 3 jobs and doesn’t have cable or a computer so he says he will check out the show when it comes out on DVD. (I’d like for Lifetime to hear that piece of news.) The other guy who sits right next to me is just a smidgen older than Kyle and really isn’t into supernatural shows. However, I do have him asking questions and I catch him trying to sneak peeks at my computer screen while I watch the webisodes during lunch. The other day he referred me to a website where he said I could watch Blood Ties without commercial interruption. I think that even though he teases me about it he is secretly watching it on there. If you need some kind of Kyle fix, I think a few of the series that he has guest starred in are on there as well. It is

    I’m telling you ladies. we need to work on turning the men in our lives as well as the women. That would really help Lifetime’s ratings.

  33. Madonna said

    Well I’ve played on the computer enough tonight. I think I am going to go take 1/2 a Percocet and head to bed.

    Love y’all!

  34. vicki said

    Hey all..
    I still have hope for a 2nd season. I just sent an email to the “Watch with Kristen” person on She does interviews and stuff on TV shows…but she has NEVER mentioned. BT.. Anyway she is always talking about some of the really hot actors as her “future husbands” LOL So I wrote and told her she needed to add Kyle to the list and mentioned the show..and asked why she HASNT talked about it. I am hoping she will take the hint and at least answer my question and mention it on the site.

    I have been wearing my “Is it Oct yet?” shirt alot and of course I tell everyone who even glances at it what it means. LOL It has made for interesting conversations at the grocery store..park….pool…etc. But I am sure that at least some of them will watch come OCt.

    I will send the pic of me and my shirt..Hang on

  35. DIZEY1 said

    Bon jour, my blog-kin!!! Recovering today from yesterday. Did have a great time was so warm my AC couldn’t cool the house down. Took quite a while but today a much more lethargic day. Just trying to skim and catch up as best I can. Thanx again for all birthday greetings, love all of you dearly 🙂 😉

    Claire…. my sweet Claire , one word BITCHES !! 😛 Small people who can’t buy a clue. Shallow country club eliteists (SP). Even when I have my millions, no billions, I could not nor will ever treat people that way. My mom always told me if you don’t have anything nice to say…..don’t say anything at all. Wise words from a wise woman.

    Well I’ll chat at ya’ll tomorrow, sadly I’ve got to return to work. Just till my fortune shows up that is.

    Love ya’ll XOXOXOXOXOX

    reves doux d’Henry …………….Beth

  36. vicki29 said

    Here is the link to a picture of my t-shirt…I hope you can see it.

  37. vicki29 said

    Hey Dizey…
    Happy B day…

    Claire…you are strong woman…do not let anyone tear you down or make you feel small…or insignificant!! My favorite Bible verse is Phil. 4:13…”I can do all things through CHrist Jesus” I really let the “All things” part stick in my helps me alot when I am feeling low or like I wont accomplish something

  38. Anzia said

    Hey all!

    Claire- ^_^ So, adopted mom, what do those new earrings look like?

    My uncle and aunt were whispersing about me and my job possibiliites (right in front of me btw, how stupid can you be?!— we were in the car!) and came to the conclusion that I dress too conservatively. I swear to you, my uncle said,and I quote, “She needs to get herself some short skirts, low-cut shirts and a much softer hair-do. She looks too severe most of the time and others she looks like she rolled out of bed.” I, of course, called him on it and he said that my job potential will raise expodentially (sp?) if I use my sexuality. I was a bit miffed. But I console myself with the thought of all the great EARRINGS i can get out of this! Still mad that he thinks I won’t be able to get a job based on ME alone.

    Madonna- I’m glad you liked it. ^_^

    I had classes with a girl (Heidi) who had a mother whose toes would become freezing cold and peralyzed should she see a snake. I always thought that was an incredibly ODD reaction to have to a fear. Seems to go against the “fight or flight” response. I’m squimish around spiders. The only thing that REALLY bothers me is the idea of anything getting in my hair! (it’s really long. Down to the middle of my back) It just creeps me out that something could be moving around and I’d never be able to see it! is GREAT! I love that site. ^_^ I found a lot of the cartoons I grew up on on there! Like JEM, TMNT, Sailor Moon(!). Seriously, that place is a GOLDMINE for memories! It’s also how I used to watch BT eps. 🙂

    I’m so EXCITED! I don’t have to babysit tomorrow! *long sigh of relief* I wasn’t sure I was going ot make it through the weekend! I’m not kidding. I wanted kids, loved kids (still do…), thought they were the bees knees. Now, I seriously doubt my desire to be a mom. I’m not sure I like the person I am when they misbehave. I grew up in a not so “nurturing” environment and I see parts of that behavior come out when Kevin or Sean start to be too much for me. Sean keeps saying I’d make a horrible mother and a worse wife and my aunt used to defend me (now not so much) and I’m not sure how wrong he is. This really SUCKS!

    Whoever has emmanuel (i know dizey’s busy with Henry this week) send him my way! I have a MAJOR longing… and a lot of energy that needs to be spent on more productive things than what its being used for now.

  39. loves history said

    laurel i am out and around ABOUT snakes my sister had a federal grant which brought her into the desert every moring she shot lot of rattlers(RS meat is the best)she used a neat .380 auto perfect pistol for a female.

  40. I thought I’d have that story for you all, but it keeps getting longer and longer! It’s at 3 pages now and growing. I had to hop online and find a suitable monster for my story. I made a joke to my honey earlier about how I should write for the show with as much effort as I’m putting in for a short story! Ha ha! It’s a great writing exercise.

    I’ll try to have it done tonight now that I’ve got everything squared away.

    You all have a great night!!!

  41. Anzia said

    LA- Can’t wait to read it! ^_^ That’s the problem I had with mine. The food scene was only supposed to be that, a scene, and now it just keeps going! and I agree, it IS a great writing exercise. Mostly because you can’t really add aspects to the character. You have to work within the perameters already set. It’s one of the things I freak out about. I don’t THINK I do this, but I worry that I’ll have the characters do something that doesn’t quite fit with what we know about them. I don’t know how many times i’ve had to bother poor Nina about the possiblity of Henry doing this or Vicki doing that.

  42. Tango said

    Z – Here’s something to lift your spirits.

    Now tell me what type of positions are you going to be applying for and with what kind of companies. For your uncle to make the comment that you needed to dress sexier (which is what I think he was going for) is not necessarily correct. But I will follow up with this – you do need to dress for success. You need to find out what the successful people in the field you are in are wearing and fashion yourself to dress similar but with your own flair. You must feel comfortable in the style you chose. Many companies have websites with pictures of employees on it, so you should take you clue from these.

  43. Anzia said

    The positions I’ve been going for are basically administrative assistant positions and a few “collection” positions with Khols. I do know that I can’t wear jeans and t-shirts. I worked at the Milwaukee County DA’s office for a summer and had to dress professionally (i LIKE dressing like that—well minus the skirts…). I just don’t like the idea of NEEDING low-cut shirts and short skirts.

    love the pic! *Drool*

  44. Tango said

    I agree. You don’t NEED to wear anything that you are not comfortable in. You don’t have to dress like the Madusa character with the low cut tops, you see how sexy Vicki comes off wearing turtle necks and pants.

  45. Tango said

    I guess the point I missed was – professional is the way you want to go in that arena, although your sexapeal can still come through if there turns out to be a hottie in the office. We all know you’ve got the sexapeal from your stories. Sorry I got off on the tangent, as I’m a little distracted right now trying to do two things at once.

  46. Tango said

    Well, that’s it for me tonight, check ya later! G’nite!

  47. himmiefan said

    Anzia, I agree with Tango. You’ve got to dress for success, and not for success on the nearest street corner! Of course, you already know this. Anyway, I work for a very professional hospital corporation, and short skirts and plunging necklines get noticed, and not in a good way. Believe me, dress does make a difference.

    Hey Tango. Cutie Patootie is adorable as usual, but don’t you guys think he looks a little thin in that picture? He needs my cooking!

    Madonna – hope you feel better soon. My brother-in-law suffers from kidney stones every now and then. Not fun.

    DID SOMEBODY SAY “ROACH!!!” Oh, okay, Henry’s here to save the day, I mean, me. 🙂


  48. Anzia said

    SORRY TANGO! I got caught up with the other thing I was working on. I know what your trying to say. I just resented the fact that he assumed I wouldn’t know such a thing and that he put it in terms that implied I needed all the help I can get. When I started to protest he looked at my aunt and said, “what did I tell you?” which made it even worse. I don’t know. I just, in my naivete, assumed that I would be able to get a job based on me and what i’ve done. Not on the kind of clothes I wore. (that is said knowing that I will need to dress in a professoin manner) Besides, I wouldn’t be able to pull of the Medusa look. That woman had more boobs than a silicone valley! (no offense intended to anyone!)

    If there’s a hottie in the office I’d get so nervous I’d probably trip over my tongue! Or just make jokes until we were friends and I got to hear all about the girls he was interested in. ^_^ That’s WHY i’m able to write that stuff. It’s called frustration! 😉

  49. Anzia said

    Himmiefan- here’s a can of Raid. Keep it in case of emergencies… that way you can buy yourself some time until Henry gets there. 😀

  50. Laurel said

    Anzia – I suggest you find a special blouse or earrings or something that makes you feel really good when you wear it for an interview. I have a saphire blue silk shell that does amazing things for my blue eyes and short dark hair. When I wear it I feel professional, confident and even taller. (It doesn’t hurt that I got it on a terrific sale).
    Consider how you stand and sit when you are feeling powerful. You might even consider how one of your characters would move and speak if they were interviewing for the same job. Channel a little Vicki Nelson, exhude a little Henry Fitzroy. 😉
    We know what an awsome person you are so maybe you could think of all of us marching right in behind you. We are your invisible network of support!
    Now, take a deep breath and remember this – You are hungry for the opportunity to do the work, not desperate for a job. 🙂

    Go get um’ kiddo!

  51. vampgrl said

    Hey guys, I’m back! Sort of. Eeeerrr…no idea what I missed. I’m not even gonna try to catch up at this point. I was on vacation all last week and I didn’t feel like turning on the computer. Didn’t even feel like looking at it. At all. *g* I didn’t do much reading either. Mostly I just lazed around, watched TV, hung out in the pool a little bit, and slept. A lot. Yeah, I’m lazy. So sue me. *g* I spent time yesterday checking my AOL mail, reading some old fics and trying to clean out my personal filing cabenet a bit. It was starting to get scary. Heh. Just thought I’d drop by and say hey. So hey. 🙂 So, any new on the BT front yet? How goes the movie thingy? Any bad-ass monster butt kicking going on yet? I’ll stop by now and then, but I have no idea where you guys left off, so I’ll just pick up from my post on. Maybe. 🙂 Looks like you guys had mucho fun without me, heh? 🙂 😮 😛 🙂 🙂 🙂 😛 😮 😛 🙂 😛 😛

  52. vampgrl said

    DUDE! Talk about abusing the poor smiley’s huh? *g*
    So, quick update on any convos I might have missed? Or maybe not so quick? Hehehe
    Sorry, put my Spikey pic back. Spike is still da vamp…hehe

  53. lwildstar said

    good morning blogkin – boy were you busy last night – thats what I get for logging off early – still havent’caught up on everything.
    Hope everyone had a good weekend…

    Hang in there Claire! My sister faces that attitude everytime shes with the inlaws – they are all elietists (sp) you get the idea – her sister in law is the worst, when she gets drunk she becomes a total trash mouth and says some of the most awful things about my sister – theyre a bunch of hipocrites – they call my sister white trash, yet her husbands family use to be the “BAD” bikers in the 60’s and 70″s – you know the scary kind…drugs, beating their kids, etc, etc and now that they have money (inheritances) they’ve got the nerve to spout off about what a horrrible mother my sister is and how she should try to “improve” herself! makes me just want to smack them.

    Ok done venting.

    Got 5 more postcards to mail today – have ten left in the pile to get ready.

    Not much going on. Havent even been over to the LT board to check things out. I hate Mondays! Its hotter than blazes already, and theyre calling for it to hit 100 today! – uggg.

    Tango – love your Avatar! oh those lucious lips!

    I’ll try to stop in at lunch!

  54. lwildstar said

    hey – I finally got my name pictuer to change – took three trys for some reason…

  55. Madonna said

    My advice is to call the place you are interviewing with and ask the receptionist what their dress code is. Whatever he or she says take the way you dress for the interview one step higher. Wear an outfit that you are comfortable in. Don’t wear too much perfume.

    Just remind yourself and your uncle that if a company only wants to hire you for the way you look, then you probably don’t want to work for that company anyway. Can we say sexual harrassment?

  56. lwildstar said

    messing around online looking up something for work – had to google it – and I decided to go to images and google Blood Ties to see if I could find any new Henry/Kyle pictures and found this link
    its the comic book store from episode 4? has some behind the scene set up stuff – just htought it was interesting.

  57. Tango said

    Good morning Blogeratti!

    There’s a couple of new things regarding BT up at Bloodlines if you haven’t seen them. An interview with the actor that played Demetri on Stone Cold and a gallery of my favorite freak Norman (Michael Eklund)
    There’s one of Norman in Henry’s apt. sitting in the chair by the phone like he’s waiting on a call from Asterof or something. Another one I got a kick out of was the one of Michael in his street clothes – there’s no mistaking who he is (giggles) – there are several others, but those are my favorites. He’s definately got a sense of humor.

  58. Danielle said

    Good morning! How was everybodies weekend? I was at Kelly’s on Friday and Saturday but the cable company shut off her internet access because there was an extra 50 dollar charge on her bill that she was not told about so she didn’t pay it.

    I was able to figure out how to work the DVD recorder and I tried to record the first two episodes and…….. dadada dada! It worked! The ones I did over the weekend I am going to send to lwildstar. If anyone wants me to send the some let me know. Email me at with your address. I will let you know shipping.

    After church yesterday I was skimming through the bulletin from this weekends masses. Under the baptism part there was a little baby boy baptised and his name was……Kyle Henry. I pointed it out to my mom and she said his mother must have been a BT fan. LOL!

    Ewwwwww! Roaches?! I am deathly afraid of roaches and spiders and centipedes and milipedes. The apartment next door was being bombed for roaches a few years ago and they migrated to my place which had to be bombed. I literally couldn’t sleep until they were gone. I would sit in bed all night crying. I ended up staying at my parents until my landlord got the bombs and set them off.

  59. Cree said

    Iwildstar: Thanks for the link with the behind the scenes look at the comic book store. I always love seeing behind the scenes stuff. Just wish there were more pics of Kyle. There were plenty of Christina. Did you notice that in one of the pics where they are sweeping up the broken light that there is a box of candy bars behind them and it contains O’Henry! candy bars? I thought that was kinda funny.

  60. Rifkind said

    Dr Cree,
    Don’t feel bad about crying after anesthesia.
    Crying is one of the NORMAL reactions to anesthesia.
    I was put under for removal of my wisdom teeth and woke up bawling my eyes out.. I LOGICALLY knew that there was nothing to be crying about .. and it was then that the nurses told me that this is normal. See, anesthesia is a depressant (but you already knew that Doc..), and crying was a normal bodily reaction.

    I am so sorry to hear that NONE of your family would come and be with you while you were in the hospital. I am speachless. To me, family is so important! I just can’t imagine not being with someone at the hospital.
    I guess that they figure that they didn’t think that you could be THAT sick… you are too young to die … right?? What a shame that they have made you feel so devalued.
    Well, you have folks here who care!

  61. Rifkind said

    I would take my NOTES and check with MsGypsy… I am not sure that I had all the right steps to making a new topic… but it was worth a try!
    I was so glad to see that Gypsy made the new topic.. it was taking Sooo long to load the page!

  62. Rifkind said

    It really DOES look like the same comic store.. and looking at the pictures of the Vancouver store… it looks like they DID shoot the scenes there..

  63. Tango said

    Rifkind – I just needed a little direction, I think I can figure it out now – so muchas gracias! I always take things on the cautious side, and since this is not MY page, I certainly don’t want to screw anything up. Ya know?

    I just read the Craig Demetri (Emanuel) interview, which btw, is a great interview promoting the show. I have been disappointed with the interviews from Steve Bacic -Paul ‘Dirty’ Deeds from forthcoming epi 13 and Demetri from Stone Cold. Their interview weren’t as inviting as Criag Veroni’s. It appears that they may bring Emanuel back in a future epi, which I am sure would be to the liking of most here.

    As you can see I have changed my avatar again. It was the closest thing to a shirtless Henry I had. While enjoying the direction my mind was wondering, I remembered something Christina Cox said in an interview about an upcoming epi where Kyle was sprawled across Vicki’s light table. This scene in my head played out with Henry being scantily clad, and was quite steamy. I can’t remember whether this was a behind the scene action or whether is was actually going to be in an epi. Does anyone remember her talking about that?

    Anzia you will have to work on a scene with Henry and the light table for us. 😉 Can’t wait! You know Z, you are fufilling a lot of women’s fantacies with what you are writing. 1000 thank you’s from me!

  64. Cree said

    Rifkind: I did know anesthesia was a depressant, but I didn’t realize it would actually make you cry (guess my patients can’t really do that). That makes me feel a little better about crying after waking up. But my question is this…..if a lot of people cry after anesthesia, why would my doctor automatically jump to me having an allergic reaction instead of thinking that I had been crying? That kinda makes me wonder about him a little…..
    As far as my family goes….they would rather bad mouth each other behind their backs than be there when someone needs them as this would be an inconvience. People die under anesthesia just for routine procedures all the time and I told my mother this, but I guess she thought I was being over dramatic or something. Who knows what goes on in their twisted little minds? Guess if I am ever in that situation again, I know who NOT to call!

  65. Tango said

    Am I the only one who wishes these dang avatars were bigger? Or am I just going blind as a Vancouver PI? (you thought I was going to say ‘bat’ didn’t you?)

  66. Tango said

    Cree – sorry about your family situation there. I actually have the opposite problem (which you have opened my eyes to being more of a blessed curse), but my family both parent and in-laws want to go with me (and hubby) to everything from MRI’s to other hospital visits. Maybe you just need to let me know when you’re going and I’ll send them your way! 😉

  67. Rifkind said

    My guess is that the doctor was new to this reaction, I bet that the normal recovery nurses see this all the time though!
    Was this doctor a man?
    He may have been working under the logic of .. well we didn’t find anything wrong, so why would she be crying??
    He may also have had a patient who DID have a problem with the procedure, so that this was the first thing on his mind when he saw you..

    As for family…. well now you have a great bunch of sisters, (and a few briothers too!), who love you just as you are!
    We get to choose our friends, but are stuck with the family with the we were born into..

    Sending a cyber hug !! {{{{HUG}}}}

  68. Himmiefan said

    Vampgirl – good to have you back! Rehearsals will start soon. In the meantime, check out Anzia’s second Vicki and Henry entry. There should be a link somewhere near the end of the last blog thread.

  69. Danielle said

    Cree-You can always turn to us for any comforting, reassuring, uplifting, etc. you need.

  70. Danielle said

    Plus I want to make sure you will be around whenever I have a question about my cat or dog. LOL! Just kidding.

  71. Himmiefan said

    Cree, at this point, the best thing you can do for your family is to pray for them. Also, and I know this can be hard, treat them with kindness (I’m not saying you don’t, but you know what I mean…).

  72. Margaret said

    Ladies, Ladies, Ladies: I have news, not great news but news never the less. One of the biggest reasons I love Tanya Huff is she is so great to her fans. I emailed her sometime back and asked her a few questions, this is her response:

    First, we’re still looking at around the end of July for any announcement of a second season.

    Second, Henry feeds from her wrist because it’s actually easier to access the circulatory system there as well as much harder for the victim to bleed to death should there be an accident. Blood vessels in the throat are large and feeding from them is usually only done when the vampire doesn’t care about either the mess or if the victim lives or dies. The neck makes better television but much less real world sense.

    Third, Henry has to be patient with Vicki because the moment they hook up it’s a television truism that the show will lose all momenteum and end shorty after with everyone bemoaning how it used to be good but had really gotten boring of late. (eg: Remington Steele, Lois and Clark, Moonlighting…) Also, remember, he’s essentially immortal and he’s only been patient with her for twelve weeks so far. That’s less than a blink of eye to him…

    Fourth: Unfortunately, the odds of any network wanted the second season of a show when they don’t have the rights to the first season are highly unlikely.

    Fifth: I’m so glad you enjoyed the books!

  73. DIZEY1 said

    Good morning my BLOGGERATTI 🙂 😉

    Well 1st day back @ work and may I say the amount of emails was a bit staggering. Took all morning to go through those and then to catch up here too.

    Cree…so sorry about the family values or the lack of them. My peeps have plenty of love and kindness to share with everyone here. Ya know good southern welcoming. I’ll need to send a care package to you also when I mail off Dani’s, and Claire’s.

    Iwildstar thanx for my card I got it when I opened my email here today.

    Dani girl how did you record onto a disk?? is it a regular DVD/VCR player etc?? BTW I’m going to try and send off your goodies this week may not be till Friday or Saturday but I’ll let ya’ know to be looking out for it. 🙂 😛

  74. Margaret said

    That being said I don’t think we need to let the pressure off Lifetime anytime soon. It just means that we’re closer to knowing the fate of the show by the end of the month. Now more than ever we need to push them, if they are the least bit ambivalent. So I say we still send postcards, we still email, etc. And if it goes our way, we turn around and send postcards and emails letting them we appreciate what they did.

  75. Danielle said

    Beth-My mom has a DVD/VCR recorder/player. I just set it up to watch them On Demand and recorded them at the same time. I am trying to get some stuff together to send to you too that is specific of CT. I am having a hard time coming up with anything. I can’t figure out what CT is known for. We are the Nutmeg State. Maybe I can send you a thing of nutmeg. LOL! Also I do have something from the UCONN Huskies to send you.

  76. Danielle said

    I also want to send you some dried lavender from my garden. I just love the smell.

  77. lwildstar said

    Cree – ((((HUGS)))) – geez I just understand your family not wanting to be there with you – sometimes ihave to tell mine NOT to come along for doctors apt and such. Of course I prefer mom, somethings I just don’t want my dad around for in case the doctor may have to discuss something – ya know. I had an out pateint surgery last year and BOTh insited they come. I’ve never cried coming out of anesthesia, I usually feel like I’m having an “out of body” experience and then feel fine and about two hours later, I want to go to bed. Last time I slept for 5 hours! Scared my mom.

    Margaret – thanks for the up date!

    I didn’t get to look at all the pictures from the comic shop – being at work and all – they are starting to crack down on computer use and I was suposed to be doing a work related search at the time – so I will have to take a peek when i get home. Funny that site didn’t come up when I googled Blood Ties under regular stuff – I got that when I was under images.

    Well I’m off to work on postcards for the rest of lunch – I’ll check back in tonight.

    Just remember you have a family HERE and while we may not be able to be with you we are always “with you”.

    Aw now I’ve gone and gotten all mushy!

  78. lwildstar said

    oooopps typo on that comment Cree – I ment i DON”T understand your family.

    isn’t a mind a terrible thing to waste?

  79. DIZEY1 said

    Danielle, Lavender don’t you just love it. What type did you plant?? I tried to grow some here a few years ago, but I don’t think it liked the heat. I may send you some “Saints” stuff and YES you have to wear it when we play!!! This is gonna be our year sista!!!! Oh and mom would love the nutmeg (whole) right??

    I’ll make you a fun box, fun and YUMMY!! 🙂

  80. Danielle said

    Type? I didn’t know there were different types. I have four plants 2 dark purple 2 light purple. The light purple isn’t as fragrant as the dark. I got them from the local nursery.

  81. DIZEY1 said

    I think there’s English Lavender and Claire should know I think there’s a French Lavender. Now which is which you’ve got me. I read the little tags they put in them that’s how green my thumb is. I wish I could find a way to ship ya’ll some of our Creole tomatoes if you like them. God mom and I will make a tomato sandwich with mayo and a little salt and pepper. OMG the best!!

    Are you alergic to any foods, nuts (pecan’s) I’ll send you some of my mom’s Pralines to die for.

  82. Danielle said

    I am allergic to penicillin and caraway seeds. I break out in hives with both and get headaches with the caraway seeds.

    What are Creole tomatoes? I like normal tomato sandwiches with mayo and salt. My mom used to get them into triangles for me. To this day that is the only way I will eat them.

    I love pecans.

  83. Danielle said

    But I love almonds more.

  84. DIZEY1 said

    Cool, this is going to a fun box to make and for you to eat. Creole tomatoes are local tomatoes grown here in Louisiana and it’s our soil. Some of the best ones are from Plaquemines parish, good tangerines and satsumas also.

    Once you’ve had them no other will do. I didn’t realize other people ate tomato sandwiches, I thought we were wierd. I’ll try and send some that are green and you can let them ripen on a window sill. 🙂

  85. Danielle said

    I have to have lots of Hellmann’s mayo on it. No other will do. There is a person I work with who loves them as well as his wife but they have cheese with it also. I am not so crazy for the cheese with it.

  86. Madonna said

    Hey guys,
    I’m happy! I’m getting off work early. That NEVER HAPPENS!!!

    A couple of weeks ago you mentioned you hurt your ankle. How is it now?

    Sorry it’s going to be the Bengal’s year. (We’re due too!)

    Thanks for the update. I’m still staying positive.

    Talk to you all for a bit when I get home.

  87. Danielle said

    My ankle goes back and forth between burning, aching and just plain throbbing. Sometimes I wish I could just live on my mother’s percocet. I don’t though. I have had it x-rayed at the ER but they said I have heel spurs. They couldn’t find anything wrong with the ankle. The spurs don’t bother me to much anymore. I keep saying I need to go to the chiropractor. My mom said I maybe I should go to a podiatrist instead. Thing is I hate the doctor. I have a brace for it but it so aggravating to wear.

  88. DIZEY1 said

    OOOHHHH before I forget, I had a Henry/Kyle dream last night and my man was wearing chaps. Yes girls chaps we were in the wild wild west I guess. I can only remember bits and pieces but OMG he looks great in western wear, let me tell you and he can definitely sit a horse very well. You think he swaggers when he walks, you need to ride behind him. It was very sexy. Dirty , beautiful face. 😛 🙂 😉

    I couldn’t tell if it was Henry or Kyle they llok so much alike ya’ know??

    Going to lunch chat at ya then

  89. Danielle said

    There was only chaps right? Nothing beneath? That would be my fantasy. Bare assed.

  90. vampgrl said

    Himmiefan said,
    July 9, 2007 @ 8:51 am

    Vampgirl – good to have you back! Rehearsals will start soon. In the meantime, check out Anzia’s second Vicki and Henry entry. There should be a link somewhere near the end of the last blog thread.

    Ummm…could you give me that link?
    REALLY don’t feel like backtracking at this point. Plus…no time…work and all. 😦

  91. Danielle said

    Here you go vampgrl

  92. Madonna said

    Burning and aching in your ankle. I’m no doctor, but since I have the same problems myself that sounds like inflammation. If you are not allergic to it have you tried taking a regular dosage of anti-inflammatory medicine (Ibuprofen, Tylenol) for a week or two. That may help. Did you actually injure it or did it just start hurting?

    Yes, they do look so much alike. They could be twins ya know. I’d take either one.

  93. Danielle said

    It actually had been bothering me for a year or more when I had my physical and talked to my doctor about that and pains in my hip. That was last year. The hip she said was bursitis. She told me to ice and take Aleve for both which I did for awhile and I stopped for awhile to see if it had stopped. I went quite a few months until it started up again. Actually last week I tripped on my uneven sidewalk and twisted it so right now it hurts even more. I have even wondered if it was lupus because blood tests I have had says I am positive but I don’t have any symptoms.

  94. Danielle said

    I have actually sprained it twice in the past. Once the summer before 6 grade at girl scout camp and second on July 16 1997. I remember that exact date because that is the year I graduated high school. The guy I liked called to see if I wanted to go out and I was so excited I ran down the stairs to take a shower and missed the last step. That is also the exact day my nephew was born.

  95. Anzia said

    Danielle- i love that you put the link up. I just have one questoin, did you search or did you have it ready? ^_^

  96. Danielle said

    I had to search. Sorry. I have it saved somewhere but I can’t remember where I put it.

  97. Danielle said

    I didn’t save it to my Favorites and I am not sure why. I have all the other BT links saved there.

  98. Madonna said

    Ouch, I had bursitis in my shoulder about two years ago. I couldn’t lift my arm. It was fun to have the actual ER doc give me a massage. He also wrote me out a prescription to go have more. My aunt has lupus and has for many years. She seems to do OK. Have you seen an orthopeadist? Maybe some physical therapy would help.

  99. Danielle said

    I keep meaning to go. I haven’t paid the co-pays for my past few doctors visits for follow ups on my anxiety and I am afraid to go for fear they won’t treat me until I pay.

  100. Danielle said

    Anzia-I just saved it!

  101. msgypsy said

    Speaking of types of lavendar, check this out and click on the “Types of lavendar” button.

    I buy at least one lavendar from the Herbary every year and at this point I have four plants. Two are English, one is French, and one is one of the other ones (I’ll have to go look at the tag when I get home tonight.) I get lots of stuff from Blue Heron but they’re best known for their lavendar. Too bad they don’t ship, but they’ll always let you know where to go to get what you’re looking for. (I got my mandrake that way.)

    I’ve got a bunch of poisonous plants (semi-poisonous, to be honest) in my front yard, including a nightshade, a belladonna, and now a wormwood (absinthe wormwood) as well as the dormant (and apparently depressed) mandrake. I love unique herbs. I also have three varieties of oregano, which is strange since I rarely cook with oregano. I also have bergamot so I can make up my own Earl Grey tea. Not that I ever do! LOL!

    I was hiking on Thursday night and managed to lose the headphones from my mp3 player. When I went to buy replacements I discovered how cheap mine were. If I lose the new ones, I’m going to be much distressed! But it does mean that when I take my halfway break, I can now watch BT (it’s a video and mp3 player…) and try to catch my breath…

  102. msgypsy said

    BTW, I’m going to repeat my plea that, should the blog seem to be getting too big and I don’t seem to be around, please email me or have one of the folks with my work address email me. I really don’t want Tango put in the position of having to mess around with anything other than the comments.

    I think my boss wants me offline again. Even though I have a half hour of lunch left. Phhhhbbbbbttttt!! Well, I understand why but still…

  103. Danielle said

    Doesn’t lavender have a special meaning? Like if you have a plant or planted in a certain spot it means this-

  104. Danielle said

    I searched pictures and it looks mine is English Lavender.

  105. Madonna said

    Danielle said,
    Ewwwwww! Roaches?! I am deathly afraid of roaches and spiders and centipedes and milipedes. The apartment next door was being bombed for roaches a few years ago and they migrated to my place which had to be bombed. I literally couldn’t sleep until they were gone. I would sit in bed all night crying. I ended up staying at my parents until my landlord got the bombs and set them off.
    I mentioned this last night. When I was about 6 years old I had a traumatic experience with roaches. My parents went out for the night and took me to my aunt’s for her to babysit me. She lived in a very run-down neighborhood and her apartment was highly infested. You could walk in and see them crawling everywhere. I had been there maybe an hour or two when I finally decided to eat the fish dinner my parents sent me over with. I ate most of it and set the rest down on the table next to me. I turned my head for maybe 30 seconds and when I looked back there had to be about 150-200 baby roaches crawling all over what was left of the food. I already feared the damn little things but that did me in. A little later that night a roach about the size of my hand crawled out from under the chair I was sitting in (the same chair, I hadn’t been able to move.) It looked like a black hole moving across the floor. My parents were going to leave me there for the night but they changed their minds and picked me up. I’m so glad they did.

  106. Anzia said

    Madonna- OMG! That’s just EWWW! I’m sorry that you had to go through that. I’ve lived in pretty crappy places and am pretty obsessive about NOT having bugs in my homes so, just eww. ((((Hugs))))

    Danielle- I have that link in my favorites too! ^_^ Just in case someone needed it. I don’t want to have to search for it. 🙂 I’m a lazy girl at heart.

  107. Danielle said

    I skimmed the posts. Sorry I didn’t see yours Madonna. I was in my parents in FLA quite a few years ago. We went to stay overnight with the woman that used to be my dad’s foster mother. Her apartment was crawling with them. She would just stick her hand out and slap them with her hand. I didn’t sleep that night. My glasses fell off the arm of the couch in between some things and I had to get them myself and I was shaking so bad. They weren’t FLA palmetto bugs, they were regular roaches. That was my first experience with roaches. I have never seen a palmetto bug alive but I have seen plenty dead. There is a place in MA about an houw near called Magic Wings. It is a butterfly sanctuary. You can go and sit in the greenhouse with them flying all around. They have cases with other bugs and the last time I went they had the huge NY roaches. I couldn’t go near it.

  108. Himmiefan said

    Hello everybody! Over at Lifetime Boards, Blood Ties is number 1! The-Show-That-Must-Not-Be-Named is number 2, still high, but less than BT. Woo hoo!

  109. Madonna said

    Yeah, it was pretty bad and there were other experiences with the monsters, mostly with the same aunt.

    BTW, Has anyone ever seen a drunk roach? It is pretty funny!!! Makes them much easier to kill too.

  110. Danielle said

    Alright guys. I’m off. I have to head to my sister’s and give her her birthday present. It was a month ago but I have been putting a scrapbook together for her from the pictures of her and her kids that I had. I started when she was a baby. My mom was helping me. I wanted it to be perfect. I know it is a month late but at least it looks good.

  111. Himmiefan said

    Danielle, my parents grew up in FL and were used to the roaches and palmetto bugs. I’m not! As children, my sister and I threatened to sleep in the car because the brand new Holiday Inn in Tampa where we were visiting had huge, and I mean, huge bugs. I’m not sure about the difference between roaches and palmetto bugs. All I know is that they must die. Period.

    Anyway, my father used to tease us, and still does, by saying that when he was little, his family used to put saddles on the palmetto bugs and ride them around. He said they’d also put them on leashes and let them graze in the front yard. I told him what an evil person he is.

  112. Danielle said

    A drunk roach? How did it get drunk?

  113. Danielle said

    Palmetto bugs are a type of roach.

  114. Madonna said

    My mother tells me that when I was a baby we were at the same aunt’s previous home spending the night. My father was out of town so my mother, my sister and I were sleeping in the same bed. In the middle of the night she says she woke up turned on the light and there was a roach about an inch long getting ready to crawl up my nose.

  115. Madonna said

    My uncle would put beer into a bottle cap, and the roaches would gather around, drink their fill and then try to stagger away.

  116. Danielle said

    OMG! Thank God you were a baby and you can’t remember it.

  117. Danielle said

    I am really going to leave now.

  118. Anzia said

    Himmiefan- “the show that must not be named” huh? Are we collectively the Order of the Pheniox then?

  119. Madonna said


    Danielle said,
    You can always turn to us for any comforting, reassuring, uplifting, etc. you need.
    I second that!!!!!!

    I don’t ever really share this story with anyone but because you bared your heart to us the other night about your parents, I’ll bare mine as well. My mother is by far and away the best woman I know. She has been there for me through thick and thin. No one could do more for their child than what she has done for me. My father, I love dearly but he has his faults. He is an alcoholic. He does not drink every day but 3-4 nights a week he’ll go off alone or with his brothers and drink himself into an oblivion. When I was a child he was a mean drunk. (I don’t know what made him change but he isn’t mean anymore.) When I was twelve my mom got tired of it and filed for divorce. He got his own place and moved out. That Thanksgiving, my mom worked so I spent it with him, my aunts and uncles and my grandmother.

    He got drunk with his brothers that day and when they dropped us off at his apartment that night he got really mean. He made me gather my things and told me he was taking me home even though I was supposed to sleep there. I had every word in the book thrown at me during the drive home that night and he even went as far as saying that I was the reason they were gettng divorced and that they were going to put me up for adoption and move to California.

    My parents were separated for about five months and then reconciled. We do pretty well as a family nowadays.

    I know that it was the alcohol talking that night and I knew it even then, but if I let myself think on it too much it still stings. I know he loves me and he has changed since that time, but it still stings just the same. My point is, is that parents, even though they love you, can be cruel at times. It is human nature.

    Sorry to depress anyone.
    My mom took my dog to his appt. today. Apparently, the vet sent some of his blood work from last week off for further tests. He says that those tests show that my boy has a liver infection. Could that be what is causing all of his symptoms? How can a dog get a liver infection, and how do I prevent it in the future?

    You both remind me a lot of my mother, and that is the highest compliment that I can pay to anyone. (Your strengths, and your senses of humor especially.)

  120. Himmiefan said

    Anzia – Yes. Also, I have it on good authority that this show is a favorite of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Figures.

  121. Oh man, I watched a special on HP last night… Normally I would wait to see the movie when it comes out on DVD, but I am seriously considering going to the theaters to see the new one. It looks too cool to miss!

  122. Madonna said

    Lady Afrodyte,
    Hi, I know we haven’t had the chance to “talk” much on here, but would you mind giving me an email address so I can send you a present on Wednesday. I think I have almost everyone elses. By the way are you a minx or a hen?

  123. Hen through and through. lol

    afrodyte5150 at gmail dot com

    Just make sure to tell me where you are from so I don’t accidentally delete it!

  124. Himmiefan said

    Lady Afrodyte – The Order of the Phoenix is going to be great! My mother (who’s a 76 year old kid, by the way) and I agree that it’s the best book so far too. If I go to the theaters this weekend, there’ll be a mob scene, and then there’re all those children. Children! There should be special showings for rug rats and showings for serious-minded adults like us.

    But, but, but, next weekend, the final books comes out! Decisions, decisions, what am I going to do???? Oh, I know, I’ll put a three-hour meeting on my calendar and sneak off to the theater in the middle of a week-day. Of course, I’ll probably see other people from work sneaking in the theater…

    Anzia – so, are we the Order of the Bat? The Order of the Fangs, the Order of Henry, the Order of Yumaliciousness? Hmmmmm.

    Madonna – you sound like you could be a Potterite too. Anyway, we’re trained to respect our parents, but sometimes, and I’m talking from experience, it helps to just say that in a particular instance, they were just plain wrong. Period. No excuses.

  125. I’ll wait until after the opening rush and hit a theater I know isn’t too busy. I’m waiting to read the books. I love the movies too much, I feel that reading the books might ruin the movies for me in the long run. (I hate spoilers!) lol
    it’s weird, but it makes sense to me.

    BTW the story I am working on hit a small snag and didn’t get finished last night. I’m aiming for tonight, but if it doesn’t get finished it’ll have to wait until next week. Starting wednesday my life will be very, very busy.

  126. Cree said

    AUGH! All of this talk about roaches and palmetto bugs is going to give me nightmares! Especially with all of the horrific stories you guys were telling. I live in FL and those palmetto bugs are everywhere (except in my house luckily). They are big enough to pick up my cat and carry him away! And when you see one flying at your head……OMG, duck!

    Tango: Glad to hear you actually have the opposite problem with your family than I do with mine. Although, I think if my family went to every single doctor’s appt with me that would probably really get on my nerves. Guess thats better than not ever having them there at all, though. Consider yourself lucky.

    Rifkind: Yes, my doctor was a man, but that doesn’t excuse him from not knowing when a woman is crying. Maybe you’re right…..maybe he did have a patient that had a bad reaction and was just trying to make sure his butt was covered, who knows? Thanks for the cyber hugs. They were much appreciated.

    Danielle and Madonna:
    >>Cree-You can always turn to us for any comforting, reassuring, uplifting, etc. you need.

    Thanks, girls. It really does feel good to know you guys are there to listen and offer comfort….even if it does require me having to give out free vet advice…just kidding 🙂

    >>Cree, at this point, the best thing you can do for your family is to pray for them. Also, and I know this can be hard, treat them with kindness (I’m not saying you don’t, but you know what I mean…)

    I really do try to, but in my family its just so hard not to be mean and catty when thats the way everyone is to everyone else. I feel justified in making them feel bad (or TRYING to make them feel bad) since that is what they do to me, even though I know is it terribly wrong of me. I just can’t help it……they bring out the worst in me and that makes me even more angry at them!! AUGH….it is a never ending vicious cycle and I hate it.

    Dizey: Thanks for the kind words. Oh, and you were making my mouth water with all of that talk of tomato and mayo sandwiches….they are my favorite!! I had to go make myself one after I read your post! 🙂

    >>Just remember you have a family HERE and while we may not be able to be with you we are always “with you”. Aw now I’ve gone and gotten all mushy!

    Aww, thanks. And thanks for the hugs you sent my way. You almost made me cry! I love that we have all found each other and can share these things with one another and be a part of each other’s support system. You guys ROCK!

  127. DIZEY1 said

    Hey ya’ll actually had a customer.

    Madonna, I feel very honored to remind you of your mom. I feel the same way about mine. She’s by far the most selfless person I have ever known. She gives and expects nothing in return, she’s grace under pressure. I hope to be like her when and if I ever grow up. Sorry about your dad, growing up in New Orleans alchohol (SP??) not hard to come by & who knows who can handle anything addictive. Happy to hear you and your dad get along. Have you ever confronted him about that?? OOPs getting ready to close the store and will chat when I get home.

  128. Cree said

    Madonna: I can’t believe your dad actually told you the divorce was your fault and they were going to put you up for adoption! I can’t imagine anything worse ever being said to a child. I thought I had it bad when my parents threatened to send me off to boarding school because they didn’t know what to do with me anymore since I was such a bad kid in school (turns out I was just bored and need to skip a few grades). Them telling me that scarred me for life (that was the initial root of our problems), but it doesn’t even begin to compare to what your dad said to you……I am so sorry! Thank you for sharing your story with us. It took a lot for me to share mine about my parents, so I know where you are coming from. I think you guys are the only ones I have told the whole story to. To everyone else, I just act like I don’t care that they didn’t come down and that it was no big deal, when inside it was tearing me up.

    >>My mom took my dog to his appt. today. Apparently, the vet sent some of his blood work from last week off for further tests. He says that those tests show that my boy has a liver infection. Could that be what is causing all of his symptoms? How can a dog get a liver infection, and how do I prevent it in the future?

    I KNEW it! That is the first thing I said when you first told me about your dog’s problems was that it was probably his liver. Immune problem my ass…..sorry, but I really don’t think I like your vet. Not to be concieted, but I am damn good at my job and I have been practicing for over 2 years now, and have yet to be wrong about a case (knock on wood). Liver should have been the first thing he should have considered with the symptoms you were describing and immune deficiency, or whatever he called it, shouldn’t have even been on the list at all!! Now my next question is this….were the liver values just elevated on the bloodwork, because if that is all he found, that does not necessarily mean he has an infection, it just means there is something going on with the liver. Yes, the most common thing is an infection, but if your dog is young and has had this problem for a while, I would consider a congenital liver shunt which is the first thing I thought of and told you about when you presented me with this case. The way to know for sure is to do a “bile acids” test (a specific blood test) or go for a liver ultrasound. Do you know the name of the test he sent off? And did you even know he was sending a test off, because it sounds as though it was a bit of a surprise to you?

  129. vicki said

    Hey all..
    The house we moved into when we got married had been vaacant for about 6 months and had cedar for siding..SOoooo we had roaches all over the place. (we are surround with woods too) Anyway…I called the Orkin dude..and he told me that roaches are attracted to the smell ofbeer and that they like cardboard. (who knew??) the Orkini dude came for about two years…till I cancelled it but I never found anymore roaches…WHOO HOO Hate those things

    I am sooo going to a matinee on Wed. to see Harry Potter. I jjust reread the bookOrder of the Phonix and I cant wait!!!! I am also dying for the new book…but I am also worried about the ending..but I still want it.!!!

  130. Claire said

    Evening Family…
    Thank you all again for your encouragement and compliments…even though I have never met any of you physically…I feel as though I’ve always known you all…and you matter to me ALOT!!!!

    I also have no one other than my children…my story is a little different but similar in the fact that I wound up alone.My father was married when he fathered me…a marriage between wealthy families…they cheated on each other ridiculously!
    My mother was nine years younger and her father was a business associate of my fathers father.My fathers family was part of the French aristocrats that helped the Jews escape mother was born in their wine cellar.
    Anyway long story short…my father fell in love with Celine(my Mother) also a religious Jew,he a Catholic.The feeling was mutual…she got preg,she was 16!
    Her parents severed all ties with my fathers family,and said the prayer for the dead for my mother,He set my Mom up in an apartment and took care of us.My father was also half Sicilian…involved in some nasty S%^T ! My Mom died..his wife wasn’t having it…I lived with them for 8 years..she made my life hell.He sent me to NYC with a Governess and made her my Guardian even though he footed all the bills.As soon as she had me alone…she showed her true colors…Physical and mental abuse..was something I dealt with every single day…until I was 16..left and never looked back..well except for the nightmares! Anyway..sorry this went long again..I just wanted those of you that feel or are alone to know….I understand…been there.
    I am here for you.

    I am feeling really mushy today man!
    anyway the masses are calling for food! will be back later!

  131. Margaret said

    Tango: I think I remember Christina saying something about Kyle being scantily clad in a future episode on her lighted table. It was hypaspace behind the scenes. You do have to sit through a birthday for cheetah before the BT stuff comes on though.

    Here’s the link:

    Cree, we can be your family if you’d like, disfunctional as we may be. At least we put the fun in disfunctional. lol.

    P. S. Ladies don’t expect Henry and Vicki to ever really get that close, they may have some near misses but go back to my previous post from Tanya and you’ll see what I mean.

  132. Himmiefan said

    Lady Afrodyte – definitely read the books at some point because there’s a lot they can’t put in the movies because of time. Also, Rowling’s sense of humor is hysterical!

    Cree – you and your family are definitely in everyone’s prayers.

    Vicki – do you have The Half Blood Prince? It and this last book are really two parts of the same story.

    Claire – I am so sorry. I had no idea. Your children, though, sound like a real blessing. As for the other folks, you know the saying: “Vengence is mine, says the Lord.”

  133. Cree said

    WooHoo! You guys are all HP fans! That is awesome. Unfortanely I have to work the rest of the week and weekend, so I won’t be able to see it until probably next Monday which is going to KILL me to have to wait. But I am right there with you on the kids, Himmiefan. That is the one thing I hate about the opening days of new HP movies. Hopefully by Monday things will have died down slightly and there won’t be that many rug rats running around (my apologies to those of you with kids, they are just not my favorite things to have to deal with, and don’t worry, I don’t ever plan on becoming a mom. I would be terrible at it and I know that, therefore it would not be fair of me to bring a child into this world).


    >>I am feeling really mushy today man!

    Don’t worry, I think we are all feeling really mushy today….you just fit right in 🙂 Sorry about your childhood. Sounds like we all have our sad stories to tell. I am more amazed every day at how similar we all are. And I know I have said it a hundred times, but I will say it again…..I am really glad we all found each other here.

  134. Himmiefan said

    “P. S. Ladies don’t expect Henry and Vicki to ever really get that close, they may have some near misses but go back to my previous post from Tanya and you’ll see what I mean.”

    Oo, oo, excellent! I knew the man was mine!!

  135. Himmiefan said

    This just in: my boss is trying to figure out how she and I can slip out on Thursday or Friday and see the movie. She’s a huge Potterite too. 🙂

  136. Madonna said

    You may have heard of him. His name is Thomas Angel. I know he was the president of the Aviary Association for a while. He has to be close to eighty and as I said before I think he may be losing his touch. That is not to say that I have no faith in him, but sometimes I get the feeling he is milking me for the money. I’ve spent close to $1,000 just this past month alone. He had a much better bedside manner when we took our two Pekingese to him.
    My mother takes him to his appts. for me because I don’t drive and am working all the time. I’ve been arming her with the information you’ve given us but the vet really doesn’t give us a lot of time to ask questions unless we force the issue. I knew he was sending some blood work off, but he never said what he was looking for. I just spoke to my mother and all she could tell me was that something in the liver showed up elevated. He sent him home with Clindamycin and Melhaschol (sp?)
    Thanks for all your advice.
    The stuff about my father is things that I don’t ever talk about with anyone but my mom and sister, maybe the occasional aunt on my mom’s side. My father used to drink every night, pick a fight with my mom then come wake me and my sister up to pick a fight with us. Never physical. Just verbal. This was from about the ages of 5-12 for me. My sister is 10 yrs older so she was better at not pissing him off. Even though he would never admit it, he has worse social anxiety problems than me. I think he was just really depressed and angry at himself back then and took it out on us.

    No, I’ve never confronted my dad about that incident. He still doesn’t think he has a drinking problem even though we have told him. He is disabled with a back injury from the coal mines and has been since before I was born. He says that the alcohol helps dull the pain, and it is either that or narcotic pain meds all the time. He comes from a loooonnng line of alcoholics.

    Sounds like you have had it rough too. Like I said you remind me of my mom. You and she would get along very well.

    Love you all!

  137. lwildstar said

    good evening blogkin!

    What a horrid commute home. Between the heat and the lack of AC on the bus – I felt like I was going to melt! All I wanted to do was get home, take a shower and come check in on “the family”.

    We really need to plan a get together – all of us, the first annual BT convention!

    EEWWW Roches! when we moved here we lived in an apartment – now my mom is a clean freak – you could eat off her floors – and for the first few years we didn’t have problems – our neighbors were very clean – but at some point all the apartments changed over and before we knew it there were bugs every where! At one point we had to demand the health department come in because no matter how much stuff the exterminators put down we couldn’t get rid of the bugs – I was afraid to even get up to pee in the middle of the night. When the health department showed up they condemed our next door neighbors apartment becasue of the number of health code violations – apperently where ever they had come from didn’t have garbage disposales and they didn’t understand about how to properly store or dispose of food.
    EEWWW – it was beyond discussiting – The health depatment made the complex clean the apartment because it was their property – with in three months after the family moved back in – it was right back to where we started so the complex had to evict them – you know we were never able to get rid of the bugs after that. I was never so happy to move out. I moved into my own apartment and was very lucky that none of my neighbors were “dirty” – and now with the house the only thing I have to worry about is spiders (YUCK) and the possiblity of termites – oh the joys of home ownership! Now I’ve got the creepys….

    I don’t expect you’ll see much of me this week – except in the evening – all these meetings coming up and because of my new positon I have to sit in on them – hopefully the serve lunch…I hate when they schedule meetings around noon and then don’t feed you. You can’t concentrate and by the time you get out your so hungry your cranky!

    I’m going to go through withdrawl! I need my BT fix in the middle of the day its the only thing helping me get through Paul withdrawl! I’m going to lunch Thursday with one of his coworkers – she and her husband are in to anime, we’ve been discussing different movies we’ve seen…….I’m going to be good and not ask her about Paul, that would just be too highschool – but boy am I tempted!

    Well I’m going to log off for awhile and go write.

    ((((HUGS)))) to everyone!

  138. Madonna said

    My mom’s story….. She grew up dirt poor in the mountains of Eastern KY. They lived in a tiny shack with dirt floor and an outhouse. She is the youngest of seventeen children. Not all whole siblings. Her dad who was paralyzed and 63 at the time died when she was eight. After that her mom kind of gave up and didn’t put a whole lot into her kids anymore. My mother got pregnant when she just turned fifteen and had my sister. My grandmother abandoned her for several years after that.

    My mom did her best to raise my sister, then she met my dad when she was about 21. At 24, right before she got pregnant with me she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She had treatment and thank the lord she has been cancer free since. Well she had me and I was a medical mess when I was born. Lots of medical bills all my life. She worked two jobs and took care of the store my parents owned out of our house, while my dad watched me. She dealt with my dad’s drinking and somehow managed to hold it all together.

    She hurt her back working at a factory in the early nineties, and has been disabled since as well. She has almost as many medical problems as I do, but she still moves on. All during my surgeries when I couldn’t get around she was my nurse. She played cards with me or listened to music, or just let me cry on her shoulder when I couldn’t hold it in anymore. She still does. She takes care of the house, works on the candles with me, drives me to and fro, (my dad does as well) and she has almost as many medical problems as me.

    That is part of the reason I work as hard as I do. I’m trying to help them secure a better future for themselves, because they have done so much for me.

    I share some of the stuff from the blog with her and she really enjoys it. She would get on here herself but she is afraid to touch the computer.

    I’ve almost got her convinced to head on up to Polaris 2008.

  139. Cree said

    Madonna: Clindamycin is actually contraindicated in patients with liver problems, as it will make them worse. He should have chosen another antibiotic. As for the melhaschol……I have never heard of that, so I just went to look it up and it is not in any of my drug books, so I have no idea what that is. The 2 drugs he should be on if his liver is elevated are Clavamox and Metronidazole. The Clavamox at normal dose, and the Metronidazole at a low dose because this drug is to be used with caution in patients with liver issues, but it is also the main drug that treats a liver infection…go figure. He should be on both of these drugs for 2 weeks, and if it truely is just an infection, this should clear it up for good and it should not come back (will need to repeat bloodwork to verify the liver values are back to normal, if they are not, it was not an infection, but something else).

  140. Madonna said

    This name on this baggie is handwritten and not very ligible so maybe I have it wrong. They are large white capsules about 3/4 of an inch long?

  141. Himmiefan said

    Hey Laurel. That was a nice post you made to Angie over at the Lifetime blog. I didn’t understand her response, but you post was nice anyway.

  142. Himmiefan said

    Hey Madonna. Based on Cree’s info, I’d try a new vet!

  143. msgypsy said

    Dammit, who had to go and start talking about ROACHES????? I hate the flippin’ things!

  144. Madonna said

    Himmiefan, Based on Cree’s info, I’d say you might be right!

    Sorry Ms. Gypsy. That was me, it started over the weekend with snakes.

  145. loves history said

    one of the bt epi is about bugs so you might have get over it

  146. Margaret said

    Going off to write postcards and watch some old BTs.

  147. Danielle said

    Hello My sister loved her scrapbook She gave three different bottles of rum for my b-day. 2 nippers of parrot bay(mango and coconut) and a big bottle of island breeze by bacardi. It is berry flavored. I am enjoying the mango right now.

  148. Madonna said

    Hi Danielle,
    Glad she liked her scrapbook. I hardly ever drink but when I do it is usually something with rum. I just now read the joke you forwarded me it was great.

    I wish I could stay and chat, but I was just getting ready to log off and go to bed.

  149. vicki said

    Yep read it in two ddays…could not put it down..I think I will re read it before I get the new book..BUt I am going to get it on the day it comes out..I am soo excited…


  150. Anzia said

    Himmiefan- I think we should be the Order of the ‘Yum’s! Mostly because Order of the Bat leaves out Mike, Coreen, & Vicki (right now) & Order of the Bad (which I REALLY like as a title btw) but that sounds more Norman-y than not. ^_^ Still like A LOT though

    Madonna- I’m sorry about what your dad said hon. My step-father was an alcoholic when I was really young. He stopped getting drunk but still maintained the meanness. I can’t tell you how many times I hid my brothers in a closet or tried to step between his fist and my mom. When my oldest younger brother and I were big enough to actually do something, he moved to verbal barbs. He used to tell me that he was glad I wasn’t his daughter because he’d never have spawned such an excuse for a human. We get along (sort of) now but only because I don’t live with him anymore. If we’re together for longer than a day, it gets really really tense.

    Claire- ((((HUGS)))) I love you honey! As my adopted mom I am invoking my rights to find that horrid woman and do horribly nasty things! Grrr…(Sorry Himmiefan but I’m protective of those I care about. In HS i was refered to as the Lioness ’cause I wouldn’t stand for people messing with my friends and family.)

    It seems that we’ve found more things that most of us have in common. Our backgrounds aren’t the picture perfect dysfunctionality that America seems to be known for. Definitely brought together for a reason.

    AND, I’m a HP fan too! I actually LOVE the Goblet of Fire. It is hands down my absolute favorite book. And i LOVED that movie a million times more than the third one (sore, subject so we’ll pass over it REALLY fast). I do have to say that Malfoy looked REALLY REALLY REALLY good in that black suit at the beginning of the movie.

  151. vicki said

    Of course I have read it twice but hey…its the lasat book…I gotta do something..But I have a feeling I will cry through it.

  152. Anzia said

    I cried so hard when Syrus died! Then again when Dumbledore died. 😦

  153. vicki said

    Me too…but I am still missing Syrus…I think Dumbledore will come back

  154. Claire said

    Yes Please!!! No MORE ROACHES!!! EEEWWWWW! I’m itchy all over….another coincidink!!!! I literally shake all over…hate the things…I lived in NYC..remember…they are immune to roach spray…they stand up and fight you!
    I was infested at one point because of gross neighbors also..they sold the house…I got a good exterminator..all gone! NOw here in the woods..every now and then we get waterbugs…big giant the length of my finger flying suckers! The whole neighborhood hears us all screaming…including 6ft.5 Chris…who climbs on the sofa and screams like a little girl LOL!!!!!! 😛
    Don’t ever tell him that! ;P
    It was 101 degrees here…I stayed in my 65 house!
    Dizey girl…I love ya!!!
    Laurel…man those dagger books are addicting…I finished book 2 in 2 days..and am now in the middle of book3! love them.
    Madonna…Thanks for the link! and if you keep up the kind’re going to make me bawl…so stop! lol! I love ya girl!
    Anzia…they are all kinds of pretty…dangly…shiny..crystal you’ll love them!
    Tango….my birthday is on Friday August 24th…just like my beloved…err our beloved Kyle!! Didn’t I tell you he’s spending the weekend?
    L.H. so glad you’re out and about! but can I say…ewwwe on the snake meat!!!
    you are one adventurous dude!
    I second the BT fans gathering…it would be soo cool to see all of you…only I don’t get away from the quads much.Nikki has work and school..Chris the same..Monique with two kids now..will freak if I leave 4 more at her house!
    SO…hey all of you come here! LOL! ;P

    Anyway…can’t stay away from my other Vamps…so going off to read..and hopefully rêve de notre bel Henry angélique affectueux

    Bonne Nuit…Je t’aime

  155. Anzia said

    Vicki- me 2! I actually got into a rather heated “debate” with someone in a class about that. I also have a theory that Malfoy WILL follow in his father’s footsteps until Voldemort kills his mother. After that, he’ll join Harry. I’m about 50/50 on if HP dies or not.

  156. DIZEY1 said

    Bonsoir, ma famille…:) Just checking in before TURNing in.

    I had no clue so many people loved Harry !! My mom’s huge Potterite has all the hardcovered books , and we have all the DVD’s . I must admit I’ve seen the flick’s but haven’t read the books yet.

    **Z** “Order of the bad” is that our Gang name??

    LH**** how are you ?? How are those kidneys doing?? Yes sir you were correct on the bug epi and I do belive they are ROACHES 🙂 😛 I think my roaches here could compare to your NY roaches. Big , black/brown disgusting suckers !!

    Well bonne nuit !

    Reves doux d’Henri XOXOXOXOX Beth 😉

  157. Anzia said

    Claire- Shiney? crystal? ME WANT! ^_^ I’ll probably try and get a pair or two at the Ren Fair on Sat. (I can’t EXPRESS how excited I am to go!)

  158. Anzia said

    Diz- instead of “Order of the Pheonix”… but only if that’s okay with everyone else. I do like “Order of The Yum” although… sounds a bit kinky… makes me wonder what a Yum is… and my mind REELS at the possibilities! Something along the lines of the Henry Action Doll! 😉

  159. Laurel said

    Well, this day was hideous!
    I spent the entire morning in the local ER. 😦 Uncontrolled abdominal pain made me wake up my sister-in-law to take me in at 3:30am. I probably should have let them admit me but I was in the wrong hospital for my insurance. Plus, the good iv pain meds made me think I was feeling pretty good. Got home after going by my doctor’s office – on the other side of the county, and now I think I will just sleep and hope I feel better tomorrow.
    Good meds wore off 😦
    My husband is 300 miles away at a remote campgrounds with no phone service, and my sister-in-law came to visit me and my girls for some girl time.
    On the up side – Debi finished “Blood Price” book and started “Blood Trail” after watching first 5 episodes of BT last night.
    I missed you all today! I’m sorry I missed the HP discussions. I am a fan as well, and will be spending hours at the local Borders, waiting for the book to come out July 21. In constume of course!

  160. Tango said

    Gypsy – I’ll be sure to let you know from now on when we reach 950 so that you can start a new page.

    LH – glad to see you’ve returned. We were getting concerned when you went AWOL.

    Madonna, Cree & Claire,
    Wow! All the stories that have been shared today have been downright inspiring! I have been blessed today with what you have revealed about yourselves – thank you for sharing. Look at what amazing ladies you’ve all turned out to be because of your strength to endure. ((A big bear hug that you feel all the way down to your soul for your all))

    To all my BT friends:

    There is a great lesson to be learned from all these experiences. No matter what you go through in life that it is only temporary, life will get better, God will get you through it. As I’ve said before, I believe our meeting was destiny. I have never blogged before, but I find it extraordinary that it was a tv show that brought us together, but the tie that binds us is not blood-related at all. I see the friendships that have formed here lasting much longer than our beloved Blood Ties will (and I expect at least 8 seasons) Ok, group hug! 🙂 0

  161. Tango said

    Laurel – oh no sweetie. 😦 What did they say was wrong? It reminds me of the trip with my husband in May. No ulcers for you I hope. Pain meds are such God-sends aren’t they! Did they not send you home with happy pills?

    Claire – Oh what was I thinking… Kyle did mention that to me last week. I am sure you will have a fabulous time, just make sure you have him back to me for the Labor Day weekend! 😉

    Diz & Z & Himmiefan –
    Order of the Yum – I love that one, b/c I love this phrase yummilicious that HImmie came up with, it makes me smile all over. And it sums Henry up to a T.

  162. AlisaSG said

    okay, okay, I was beginning to wonder if all these roach stories were lead-in’s to what
    loves history wrote,
    >> one of the bt epi is about bugs so you might have get over it

    that’s the ep that *vampire Christina* who turned Henry appears in. Not sure what her connection to the bugs is, except Henry discovers her killer nightmare is invading in his turf..


    >> AUGH! All of this talk about roaches and palmetto bugs is going to give me nightmares! Especially with all of the horrific stories you guys were telling. I live in FL and those palmetto bugs are everywhere

    adding to the roach nightmare stories, I had never ever seen a roach in the first 35 years of my life. Silverfish, earwigs, spiders, millipedes, hairy legged-tiger striped centipedes (that’s my term for the ugly buggers!) that run like roaches, yes, but real roaches? No.

    Well, not until we moved into a sight unseen apartment under an in-law’s help. Oh, he had a house beautiful – fully decorated. But the other apartment? Sight unseen, it was from a friend of his, and they held it for us. Looked like something out of 1918 WWI era, and just as dumpy (I couldn’t believe he fell for a sight unseen “deal of the century” apartment!). Well, previous occupant left a little present.. must have been pregnant, too.

    I got suspicious when I saw a inch-long bug I never saw at my mom’s suddenly appeared in my kitchen utensil box. When we figured it wasn’t from my mom’s but from the new apartment.. okay sparks flew!


    It was bad enough finding a bug or two scurrying in one of the rooms every day for two weeks. It was a screaming TIZZY fit (the *it* was about to HIT the FAN) when one was hiding out under the toilet seat, after I had to use the toilet one morning.. I’m surprised the entire neighborhood didn’t wake up from my screaming fit!!!!!!!

    But then came the day of the eggs getting laid. Not sure what roach eggs look like, but these guys were planting quaker squares into the corners of my walls. When I had enough of seeing that and freaking out, I dragged someone up to the place and prayed they weren’t roaches.. sorry, they were. Had the fancy markings on the shoulders.. so they must have been the palmetto variety (they matched the photos on the internet sights for pests (aka- roaches!).

    I say that because when we moved my mom to a gorgeous rental home in Florida, we cleaned out the dust from the closets before we put anything in. Found several Palmetto bug roaches. One was 3 inches long. Fortunately, it was already dead, or my heart-attack would have been more critical!

    Not sure what the real difference is – but Palmetto bugs (roaches) have a specific pattern on their shoulder area (between their head and wings). The standard variety roaches are plain without the pretty pattern. Either way, they run like the proverbial chickens without heads, and look like giant beetles, but multiply faster than rabbits.


    I’m *definitely* not looking forward to that 2-parter episode with Christina terrifying Vicki and Henry via bugs. ..and in my book of values – *that* in itself – makes Christina evil and up to NO good for Henry’s future. I’d like to think I’m wrong, but it seems to read EVIL.. even if Christina got herself into trouble and is trying to rid herself from the critters and dump them onto Henry!!

  163. Himmiefan said

    Laurel – Don’t leave us hanging! What did the ER doc say? Not to worry, Henry will kiss it and make it better. 🙂

    Harry had better not die, Dumbledore had better not be dead (or permanently dead), and Snape had better not be a bad guy for real. As for the two major characters who will die, I wonder if it will be Snape (sacrificing his life for Harry?) and Malfoy. I hope one of them isn’t Lupin, but I’m worried since Pettigrew has a silver hand and silver kills warewolves. Oh yeah, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named will definitely die. Probably from watching too much of the Show-That-Must-Not-Be-Named.

  164. Himmiefan said

    I am not, repeat not, getting close enough to a roach to see what it’s shoulders are like!!!!!!!!

    And I’m definitely taking one to a bar to get it drunk. (For those of you who think I’ve lost my mind – you’re right, but that’s beside the point – see Madonna’s post from earlier today).

  165. Himmiefan said

    BTW, roaches have shoulders?

  166. Anzia said

    I’m not sure Malfoy dies. I’m sure his father is toast. Probably his mother. I think Ginnie & Hermonie have a pretty good chance of buying it in the end too. Mostly Ginnie ’cause Harry already gave her up to save her. (which we all know NEVER works! Spiderman! HELLO!)

  167. Anzia said

    Himmie- i just got a picture of a roach doing a hula dance from your comment on shoulders… Oh my! FUNNY! ^_^ (don’t ask me what the connection was… I don’t know)

  168. AlisaSG said

    As Tango wrote,
    >> There is a great lesson to be learned from all these experiences. No matter what you go through in life that it is only temporary, life will get better, God will get you through it. As I’ve said before, I believe our meeting was destiny. I have never blogged before, but I find it extraordinary that it was a tv show that brought us together, but the tie that binds us is not blood-related at all.

    an *extraordinary* wow! .. 😉

    >> I see the friendships that have formed here lasting much longer than our beloved Blood Ties will.. Ok, group hug! 🙂 0


  169. AlisaSG said

    >> BTW, roaches have shoulders?

    probably not, but that’s the part that connects their legs shielded by that tough back/top-sided hyde of theirs.. I think it’s called the Thorax part of their anatomy. It’s the tough back area between the head and where the wings actually join beneath. There is a unique pattern on that specific part of their body.

    try Googling “Palmetto Bug” under the “images” Google feature.

    I’ve never seen a drunk roach.. just busy ones and hurrying to and fro types. Dang! Need a Texas-sized fly-swatter to make sure you don’t miss smacking one of them. That and tons of roach killer spray – just don’t have any pets around if spraying. Fortunately, it was summer and I left the windows cracked open to defumigate, until the exterminator killed off the rest of the lot.

    and needless to say, that situation didn’t bode very well on the in-laws *communication* scales. Trust?? That sort of shattered my faith in trusting that person’s advice for a long time to come.. oh, and he didn’t have roaches on his side of the house – because the field mice were invading his cabinets and eating them on that side of the house!

    I’ve heard of being a country bumpkin, but that took the icing on the cake!

  170. Laurel said

    Tango – I guess I have reached an age where all women’s health issues are at a crisis point. They think one of my ovaries has become twisted up in the scar tissue I have from several tubal pregnancies. The problem is not just the pain but the fact that it drops my blood pressure to a dangerously low level. Since pain meds lower blood pressure once I get to a certain point they don’t want to treat the pain. Vicious cycle.
    Yes, I did get some happy pills to take at home, but they really mess me up for days so I don’t always take them as often as I should. Tonight I am going to just take two and turn out the lights. Thank God my sis-in-law Debi is here and can make sure the kids get fed and she can do all the driving. I am truly blessed.
    Tomorrow will be better. 🙂

    LH – I am glad to see you are back! I hope you are feeling better.
    Blog family – you are all an extrordinalry group of caring people, and I am grateful for all of you.

    Gypsy – are we on for later this week? Let me know if something would work out.

    Elizabeth – I hope I didn’t miss you today. I called your work # and heard you were not back until tomorrow. If our lunch date was for today, I will make it up to you, just name the day. 🙂

    Claire – I am missing the second Brotherhood book! I found 1,3 & 4 at the used book store. Do I need to read them in order? Never mind the answer to that. I have enough OCD to know that I MUST read them in order. lol I really love them.

  171. Himmiefan said

    I agree, group hug! 🙂

    Now, who am I coming after if I dream about roaches???????

  172. Himmiefan said

    Re: roach dreams.

    Okay Alisa, looks like I’m coming after you!! 🙂

  173. Tango said

    Laurel – bless your heart, or should I say bless your ovary. Is there not a surgery that would remedy this? I know what you mean about the vicious cycle, my husband has been dealing with one with his back pain and not being able to take many things due to the ulcer. I am trying to schedule him back to see a neurosurgeon soon. However, today was a really good day for him, so I am keeping my finger’s crossed and sending many prayers up for him as I know that works better than the whole finger thing 😉

  174. Himmiefan said

    Question for everyone. In “Deadly Departed” was Sinead casting the I Ching? Was that the sticks she was rubbing and throwing down? Just curious….

  175. Himmiefan said

    Laurel – prayers for you!!

  176. Tango said

    I agree HImmiefan! I have avoided the subject today and have tried to just blaze over the subject entirely, but I also didn’t want to miss any of the good stuff that was intertwined with all the gross stuff. Your comments have been hilarious, I can only imagine what tomorrow’s blog will turn out as we all have bizarre dreams tonight!

  177. Tango said

    I don’t know nuttin’ ’bout castin’ no I ching Miss Scarlett!

    Don’t keep up with the dark side 😉

  178. Rifkind said

    Night All!
    I am also a Potter fan!
    Snape is NOT the bad person we think that he is..he has pushed Harry to be tip-top to be able to stand up to Voldy… Snape also has to die right after we are shown that he is really a good guy.

    There has to be SOME sort of death of Harry.. so that both he and Voldy “die” together… I am not quite sure HOW JK Rowling ressurected Harry… but I do expect there to be a bittersweet happy ending…

  179. Tango said

    Good night Rifkind – I’ll take that queue as well and bid you all a fond adieu!

  180. Himmiefan said

    Hey Tango. Yeah, I’m not into “real” magic myself. Real as in occult. Fantasy like Harry Potter, now that’s something different. I began reading Harry Potter because as a Christian, I wanted to see what it was all about. Not only is it not about the occult, but it’s addictive!

    Anyway, about the I Ching, well, um, you’ll see.

    Sweet non-roach dreams!

    Ooo, Henry with no shirt and a big can of Raid. Yum!

  181. Himmiefan said

    Anzia – roaches doing the hula. Now that’s going in the movie!

    Okay, now I’m going to bed. Promise!

  182. Laurel said

    Himmiefan – thanks sweetie, I appreciate the prayers, always.

    Tango – The ovary thing is just a guess on their parts. Ultrasound couldn’t actually find one of my ovaries Dr formulated a theory. They could do an exploratory surgery, but I am not wanting to go there. I have had just enough problems with surgeries that I am paranoid about taking any extra risks. My doctor said I should pray for true menopause to take care of the problem. Oh yeah, and if I want to try the hormone route I could go back to having regular cycles. At nearly 49 I am ready to be done with all of that, thank you very much.

    RE Harry Potter! I am not convinced Dumbledor is really dead, and much as I want to hate Snape, Dumbledor always said he trusted him. I think the characters slated for death are Neville Longbottom and either Ron or Ginny.

    Btw – I was over on Tanya’s LJ just a while ago and she mentioned something about a Tony short story! I hope that is more than a tease because I really liked the Smoke books. I don’t know what title she would find for another, but I want to read more of them.

  183. catcornmom said

    Hello Blogkin!! Just returned from a vacation in San Antonio. Luckily we didn’t get swept away by any flood waters while we were driving down!! My daughter’s basketball team went down there and showed those Texas girls what some Kansas girls can do and we came away with 2nd place!!! We only lost our last game, so we were 5-1 for the weekend.

    If I don’t read this blog everyday, it gets difficult to keep up!! I’m going to have to go back to work (teaching school) pretty soon, just so I can set some time a side to keep caught up on my blog reading! I’ve been too busy reading vampire books though. I’ve read all of the brotherhood books….those are AWESOME! I’m reading the Dark series by Christine Feehan, and they are really good. There are 18 books in that series that I can look forward to. I’ve read 5 of those, and I’m searching for the others. Her books are good, and I’ve also read some of Susan Sizemore’s which are pretty good. Susan’s vampires take drugs so they can go out in the sun.

    I’m also excited about Harry Potter. I re-read Order of the Phoenix recently to get ready for the movie. I don’t think I’ll be at the midnight showing on Tuesday, but I’ll be at one of the showings on Wednesday or Thursday with my kids. I also read Half-Blood Prince to get ready for book 7 next week. I don’t think Harry is going to get killed off…I think Voldemort is going to be the one to get it. Someone mentioned Dumbledore coming back…I sadly, have to disagree with that. I think he’s gone for good. The thought that Snape might turn out to be a good guy…that might be a possibility. Snape might come back at the end and help Harry kill Voldemort. That would be a good ending. Just a thought…I am just dying for that book to come out!!!

    Well, if you don’t hear from me, know that I’ll be lurking around!!!

  184. Laurel said

    Good night all. My day has caught up with a vengance, and I need some sleep. Thanks to whomever sent Henry over. That foot rub is going to put me in a happy place and I will surely have some good dreams. Actually the drugs in my IV today gave me some very vivid dreams of Henry… and here I thought I was a dedicated Minx. Guess I can make room in my dream life for both of them. 🙂
    Uh, one at a time is probably best though. hehehe

    Man, I need sleep.

  185. lwildstar said

    well what do you know Harry Potter fans too – I guess great minds do think a like!

    it took so long for me to read what I missed last night – now I don’t hae time to write!

    I’ll try to come back at lunch….

    I had the most wonderful Henry dreams last night – and not a bug amoung them!

  186. Annalaise duChat said

    Good Morning all!

    Big Harry potter fan here. I’ve got my copy reserved at Borders.

    After reading The Order of the Phoenix I was convinced that Harry himself is the 7th Horcrux, containing that last piece of Voldemort’s soul. Which would mean that in order to destroy Voldemort Harry must die, or find some fantastic inner strength and power to defeat the spell. There’s a lot of evidence that points to this.
    1. Harry always seems to be tuned into Voldemort, he actually knows what he is thinking and feeling a lot of the time.
    2. He’s a parseltongue which doesn’t run in his family. I think he gets that from V.
    3. Every other person Voldemort cast a spell on died. Harry didn’t.
    4. A death is required to complete the Horcrux spell. Both Harry’s mother and father died that day.
    5. Rowling/Dumbldore lists the locations of all but the last Horcrux. Hmmm?

    There was a few more reasons too but I can’t think of them right now. It was last summer when I read the last book. I have to get to work now if I remember I’ll post them.

    Have a great day all.

  187. Madonna said

    Good morning everyone,

    Loves history said,
    “one of the bt epi is about bugs so you might have get over it”

    I can handle it as long as it isn’t roaches and even if it is….. well it is a good thing we have Henry to balance it out right?
    Loves history, How are you feeling by the way?

    I’m sorry you are feeling sooo bad. Sometimes those women’s things just suck don’t they?

    Well I have to work now. Chat at y’all a little later.

  188. Rifkind said

    Annalaise duChat ,

    I think that you are right. That is why Harry has to die, to break the spell between Harry and Voldy.
    Dumbledore may have placed a spell on Harry or made a plan to bring Harry back from the dead once the binding spell with V is broken.
    It should be a great story!

    So here are my guesses:
    Peter Pettigrew : has to die for giving up Harry’s parents and making everyone think that Serius was the servant of V and letting him rot in Azkaban

    Snape : GOOD guy in the end, but dies right after this is revealed

    Voldemort : dies after a great fight with Henry and breaks binding spell

    Harry : dies breaking the spell, but is brought back to life (I hope!@!!!!)

    Hermione and Ron … they have to be hurt really bad or killed or magically removed from the final battle in some way.. (I hope that they don’t die),

    The final battle has to be with just between Harry and Voldemort
    So everyone else has to be busy with other things, fighting death eaters, or be magically placed out of the game while the final battle rages.
    I hope that in the end Dumbledore is like the Phoenix and he arises from apparent death ….. but again this can’t happen too soon or he will really die, as the final battle has to be the show down with just Harry and V

    I wonder how close I am??
    I can’t wait!

  189. Annalaise duChat said

    Interesting theories!
    I’m glad someone finally agrees with me. Of all the poeple I’ve mention it to no one else seemed to pick up on that. But to me it was pretty obvious.

    Don’t cha just love this blog? We can get as far off topic as we like and nobody gets upset.

    Thanks ms gypsy!

  190. Annalaise duChat said

    Oh, I think Snape is going to turn out to be a good guy too.

  191. msgypsy said

    Laurel, are you sure you’re up to lunch? I’ll email you from work and we can decide then.

    According to JK Rowling in an interview I read last year, Dumbledore is deaddeaddead. So is Sirius. I have my copy of the new book on order from Overstock and it’s supposed to be delivered on the 21st. I may have to take that day off! We’re betting that my boss calls in sick in order to take his kids to the first showing of the movie. If he does call in sick, we’re all going to head to the theater to catch him at it. And join them. I think we’ll get away with it, too. We’re a whole office of Potter-maniacs.

    Keith Olbermann had a wonderful thought on the subject of who will or won’t die. Here’s an exerpt:

    “Consider it from the marketing standpoint. Book number seven, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows ,” reaches sweaty palms on July 21st. But the movie reaching theaters July 13th, “The Order of the Phoenix” is only the fifth film. What is the box office going be like for that one if eight days later Potter is killed off?

    And the sixth movie and seventh? Who is going to go see them if the world has already known for a couple of years that hero has been offed via the Cruciatus curse?

    What about the generations of buyers to come? A Harry Potter emerging alive and well after seven books and 70,000 brushes with death and snakes and curses and stuff; he will become an immortal character of fiction. And fictional immortality means sales of books, DVDs, even film remakes that’s longer than Professor Dumbledore’s beard.

    Ask Sherlock Homes. So suffice it to say, if Harry Potter dies in the “Deathly Hallows,” J.K. Rowling and her descendants will lose millions of dollars. Since we already know either Potter or Voldemort will croak, it’s got to be so long, Voldy.”

    The whole thing is here:

    (And elsewhere at MSNBC there’s an interview with Rupert Gint — the fellow who plays Ron — where he says this of Snape: “He’s definitely pretty evil, I think.” I’m especially amused by the definitely — I think part of that… hee hee!)

    And now I have to confess something terrible. I keep saying I like older men. And it’s true. But every once in a while someone so cute I just can’t stand it comes along. Keep in mind that I’ve always been drawn to engineers, computer geeks, etc. So when I saw the preview for “Chuck” I was immediately all a-squee.

  192. Tango said

    Good morning everyone!

    Margaret – thank you for that link. It was good to go back and refresh my memory. So there is hope to see Henry scantily clad on the light table in the fall. 🙂 Something to keep my spirits up for awhile.

    Laurel – are you getting brainwashed by all the Henry talk that we are espousing? Are we turning you? I know Gypsy will be glad to hear that she will not have to share Mike as much. I know you are not completely turned, I just found your comments amusing. I hope you are feeling much better today and the footrub last night helped you sleep well 😉

  193. Danielle said

    Good morning bloggies!

    I have had the last Harry Potter book reserved for a couple months at Borders. I am not going to the midnight showing of the movie. I would never make it to work tomorrow. I will try and go this weekend. The Borders here is having a party the Friday before the book comes out. I might check it out.

  194. Danielle said

    As for the opinions as to who will die, if Snape is good or bad, etc. I don’t want to have any theories because I might be disappointed and I hate being disappointed. I just hope Harry Ron and Hermione doesn’t get killed.

  195. msgypsy said

    OMG! I don’t believe it! I put too many links in my own post and had to to retrieve it from the spam bucket!!!!! So my most recent post is about four above this one. If anyone is interested.

  196. Annalaise duChat said

    Danielle –

    I got my invite in my email today too. I don’t think I’ll go though, I don’t relish the thought of standing in line at midnight with hundreds of overtired kids waiting for my book. The next day is soon enough! As for the movie I’m trying to talk my daughter into going with me. She used to like Harry Potter but , I don’t know, maybe it’s not cool anymore since Mom likes it too. Who knows what goes on in the mind of a 15 year old. I’ll probably wait until the novelty wears off a bit before I try to go see it. I just hate waiting in big lines.

  197. Rifkind said

    Too funny MsGypsy!
    Your own blog put your message into spam!
    Have a good day Blogkin!
    I am off to work!

  198. Tango said

    Gypsy – that is the funniest thing I have seen in awhile. I will definately put that on TIVO this fall. Please make sure you mention it this fall, as I can’t even get a season pass for it unless it is within two weeks away. Chuck is a riot!

  199. Margaret said

    Tango: I had forgotten all about it until you mentioned it. I enjoyed going back and watching it too. In fact I sent it to someone’s friend to help “turn” them, along with instructions on how to watch the episodes over at Lifetime.

  200. Danielle said

    Quiz time-Who’s birthday is 7/31?

    Lady Afrodyte’s is tomorrow.

  201. Isn’t that Christina Cox’s birthday?

    *I didn’t sleep last night, so my memory is a bit fuzzy*

  202. Danielle said

    You got it. Did you know that off the top of your head? I went to to see when her’s and Dylan Neal’s is. His is 10/8

  203. I actually did just happen to know that. One of the many fan pages on myspace was collecting names to put on a card to send off to her a while back.

  204. Danielle said


  205. Danielle said

    Are you doing anything big for your birthday?

  206. Yep, yep. I’ll probably forget the boy’s birthdays, though. I only remembered hers because it was in July. lol

    Can’t sleep, clowns will get me………

    Everyone stop! I’ve dropped my brain!

  207. I’m going to the circus! It’s always in town during my birthday, so it’s become a sort of tradition. I can’t wait, it’s supposed to be a great show!

  208. Danielle said

    I love the circus.
    So far I have written everyone’s birthday’s down or at least the ones that I remembered. I wrote dizey’s 7/6, your’s 7/11, Claire’s 8/24, Kyle’s 8/24, Christina’s 7/31 and Dylan’s 10/8.

  209. Danielle said

    I know Ms Gypsy’s was last month not far before mine but I can’t remember the day.

  210. I think it was the 22nd. I could be wrong

  211. Danielle said

    Laurel will probably know.

  212. I’m sure she will.

    Did we just take over the blog? *insert evil laugh here*

  213. Danielle said


  214. Danielle said

    I always wondered what it was like to take something over.

  215. This could get interesting considering I haven’t slept yet.

    Of course right now I am using the blog as an excuse to not clean the house, which is fine by me. The house can wait an hour or so.

  216. Danielle said

    Sleep? What is that? For some reason my air conditioner was not working right last night so I was rather hot and didn’t get much sleep. It has been in the low 70’s at night here. Ugh! At least I don’t live out west. My aunt lives in Redding CA. I can’t imagine 117 degree weather.

  217. I live in Fresno, CA it averages about 105 – 110 here in the summer. I play vampire during this time, except when I can’t fall asleep when the sun rises, that makes me cranky.

  218. Danielle said

    My aunt said she is sick of the heat there and is ready to move back here to CT. She has lived there for as long as I can remember. I actually just met her for the first time about 3 or 4 years ago. She has three kids around my age that I have never met. She said she can’t move back here until I visit CA at least once. How far is Fresno from Redding?

  219. Redding is about 5 hours north of here.

  220. Danielle said

    Oh that is far. I was just wondering if it was closer. I do have to go there before she moves here. I have never been to CA. She has no family there anyway. Her kids live in TX.

  221. Redding is kinda close to Sacramento I totally suggest checking it out. It’s got a few historical tourist traps that make for a great afternoon outing. Also try to find time to swing over to San Francisco. You must eat anywhere on fisherman’s wharf (or whatever they call it now) great sea food!

  222. Danielle said

    Ok I will. I like historical stuff.

  223. 🙂
    I guess I should try to get something done around the house before it gets too hot. My A/C has already kicked on twice since I’ve been online and it’s set for 78! Ugh, I hate the summer.

  224. Danielle said

    Ok have fun!

  225. DIZEY1 said

    Good morning my little hens…what’s happening other than Harry?? Dani girl I think the Gypsy’s b’day was the 23rd. I could be wrong, it’s been known to happen.

    Lady A** I got the heat too. We unfortunately get the humidity from the Gulf so it’s sticky too…yuck !! 😛 The circus huh?? I HATE CLOWNS, my friend Melanie and I have this wierd clown phobia. I just don’t trust em’ especially the one from Poltergeist, remember that creepy clown?? EEWWWW 😉

    I’ve been to Cali for work trips, Thermador and Dacor fun trips. The interstate sucks BIG TIME!!! I could never deal w/that for hours to and from work everyday. But the one trip they put us up in a 5 star hotel on PCH my view was the ocean and it could hook you quick, beautiful site, bonfire at night on the beach I had a blast. Mel’s aunt lives in ALASKA, Anchorage to be exact and we went in 97′ and by far that is the BEST most beautiful place I have ever been and would go back in a NY second. It’s everything and more. We took a 9 hr. day cruise to the Glaciers saw whales OMG!!!!! Everyone should go there.

  226. Danielle said

    I think your right. Gypsy’s birthday is the 23rd. For some reason that sounds familiar.

  227. Danielle said

    I have a feeling today is going to be a dead day.

  228. It’s kinda humid here, not so much that I can’t breathe, but the second I put clothes on, they stick to me. Ewww.

    Clowns don’t freak me out, never really have thank goodness.

    I got half of my yard cleared of leaves and branches… Filled the green bin, shoot. I wish they gave us bigger bins for green waste.

  229. DIZEY1 said

    Lady A……Ya’ll have to seperate your garbage??

  230. Danielle said

    Nope Clowns don’t bother me either.

  231. Yep. We get three bins. Grey for regular garbage, Green for leaves, grass, etc., and Blue for recycling. It’s a pain in the butt at times, but they swear it’ll save us money or something in the long run. Thankfully we don’t have such tiny bins as they do on the coast. One large garbage sack will fill those things!

  232. Danielle said

    You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban just came on my Itunes player. That song makes me feel totally at peace with everything. Just hearing his voice makes me feel at peace. It makes me feel that in the end everything is going to be ok with everyone.

  233. heh… My peaceful songs are anything but peaceful. I listen to a lot of heavy metal stuff to relax. I don’t know why, but it always puts me in a good mood.

    Man I am one odd duck.

  234. Danielle said

    That song helped me through the death of my grandfather in January.

  235. I am glad you had something to help. I had a hell of a time dealing with the passing of my father. Nothing helped, not even family and friends. I just had to sort of deal with it on my own terms.

  236. Danielle said

    I like that also. Those type of music just makes me feel all happy inside though. Especially when I am in the car with the windows down and the music as loud as possible. When I am driving down my street and the rap listening thugs are out I turn it way up. I like all music except rap and opera.

  237. I looove Opera. It’s one of my guilty pleasures.
    But shhh, don’t tell anyone!

  238. Danielle said

    I went and Josh in concert in March almost two months after he passed. I felt really guilty for going and being happy when I felt I shouldn’t be happy. Then he played that song and I was alright. Well actually I started crying but I knew it was alright.

  239. Danielle said

    I like classical but the full blown opera I’m not so crazy about. I love the Phantom of the Opera though.

  240. I thought I hated Opera until I actually was dragged to a performance. Boy did my mind change quick! I can’t remember what show it was, but it was so silly and well sung that I just couldn’t hate it.

  241. Running off to do a little more yard work before the heat catches up.
    Be back in a few!

  242. DIZEY1 said

    Lady A, do you like music like “Disturbed”, or Seven Dust, that’s the stuff my brothers listen to. My brother had my nephew at the age of maybe 2 dancing to Disturbed. You’re not odd at all.

    Danielle, I know what you mean. When my sister passed Sarah Mclachlin (sp) “I will remember You” came on and made me feel better. I have quite a few that I link with her. Strange how you can relate soemone else’s words to life changing experiences. The Dance by Garth was another I think of her when I hear it.

  243. lwildstar said

    looks like its dead in here today – I guess its the heat.
    Work had barely any AC yesturday afternoon , and none this morning – it finally came on round 9, but we were already sweating!

    I got an email from Amazon confirming harry Potter 7 to be shipped! Yipee – I hope I finshe the last Smoke book by the time it arrives – so many books so little time – I have a stack waiting to be read. Went to the second hand book store to see about the Black Dagger books, since they are going out of buisness I figured I might get them at a good price – NADA – bummer!

    Work still hasn’t made anything official – but tomorrow is the monthly staff meeting and it will be one month since I “moved up” as it were – so we’ll see whats said. If they don’t make an announcement I’m going to email my suporvsor and ask “whats up?” …. he works out of another office so he may not even know – but personally I think he should send a memo at least.
    Oh well.

    I think i will log off and go write. I am now “toting” my story backand forth so Ihave something to do at lunch. Its too damn hot to go for a walk and paul isn’t around.
    I do have two BT short stories outlined and if I can figure out the whole “creat your own blog” thingy I’ll write them up and post them – will let you know.

    talk at you later.

  244. Danielle said

    My sister played The Dance over and over when she got divorced. This was years ago (I was still a teen) and she played The Dance over and over and we had to share a room. I like the song but at that time I got really sick of it.

    For the DVD my cousin’s husband put together of pictures we all compiled of my grandfather he did it to Celine Dion’s song Because You Loved Me. The compilation is online at this link
    Check it out. There are a few pics of me with him. One is on my First Communion with just me and my grandparents, another is when I was 2 and my grandfather was giving me his bottle of beer, and the is I was holding my nephew Nick sitting next to my grandfather outside against a red house.

  245. vampgrl said

    Yo! Lady A! Where’d you find that pic at? You know? The one where you scroll over your name?

  246. I found the original picture on the Bloodlines site, I added the words in photoshop.

  247. I listen to stuff like Slipknot and OTEP most of the time, but sometimes I’ll listen to 80’s metal stuff.

  248. elizabeth said

    I’mmmm back!!! I really missed you guys…even though I had a really good visit with my sister in San Diego. Do you know how impossible it is to catch up on all the posts?? I finally had to just skim and it has taken me 2 hours (in between working at answering all my emails at work) 🙂

    When my flight was heading up the runway I looked out my window and saw this huge red circle with a large, black BT in the middle. Guess what immediately came to mind? Nope, nothing to do with aviation 😉 I was having some serious withdrawal while away because I couldn’t watch any episodes of BT.

    Laurel – I hope you are feeling better? How does lunch on Friday the 13th sound? I hope you aren’t superstitious? I’ll email you with a time and place if that works for you?

    lwildstr – I can’t wait to get home and check my mail to see if my Bat has arrived yet. My flight didn’t get in until very late last night so I haven’t checked my mail yet.

  249. Danielle said

    Lady Afrodyte-What does OTEP stand for.

  250. lwildstar said

    Elizabeth – welcome back. I forgot to bring the tracking number and it looks like AOL ate the email i sent you with the tracking number in it…..I’ll check when i get home. You should have him by now.

    Well lunch is over and I must return to work.

    they are calling for storms tonight, if they are wrong I’ll pop in and say hello – other wise, may be tomorrow. thsy have decided to start tomorrows meeting a little earlier and not serve lunch…oh well.


  251. Danielle said

    I found this online. It is an interview with Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter

  252. DIZEY1 said

    Hey welcome back elizabeth, glad you had a good time. I clearly get the BT addiction. I can link pretty much anything to Henry or Kyle amazing.

    Laurel***** are you feeling any better today. I hope so. Glad you’ve got someone there to help you also. Take the pain med’s when you’re supposed to in the long run you’ll be better off. My dad’s bad about that, afraid he’ll get hooked or something. The Dr’s won’t give you any more than you’re supposed to have. So be the good patient and let someone take care of you, you deserve it. 🙂 😉

    Will check back after lunch 😛 😛

  253. Anzia said

    Hey ya’ll WOW were you guys busy! ^_^

    Re: Harry Potter- I don’t think Dumbledore is dead because of the blood on his mouth. It’s a bit suspect. Also, I will be VERY angry if HP is the seventh part of Voldy’s soul! If that happens then Harry isn’t special by himself but only because Voldy made him. I KNOW that Neville could have been in Harry’s place due to his birthday but HP is ALWAYS going to the front and beat the bad guy. He’s got a strength in him that none of the others have. I would HATE for JK to take that away from him. I think that the final battle will be just V & H but I think that Ginnie dies right before it. She’s the catalyst that causes Harry to fight with no thought of his own life. If not her it’s Hermoine.

    Himmiefan- I got my dancing bug into the movie! COOL! ^_^

  254. Anzia said

    Welcome back Elizabeth & Catcornmama! I’m glad you guys had good vacations! ^_^

  255. Laurel said

    Yes, I am still out here. I am feeling lots better today, but not quite back to normal.
    I can’t remember if I took medication or not but am begining to think I haven’t taken any since last night. Hmmm. Pain meds affect my memory and emotions so the next few days should be a challenge.
    Gypsy – I will go check my e-mail next. I think I have company until Thursday night and I have had to cancel with elizabeth twice already so you and I may have to try for next week. Hey! I get to start my B-day celebrating next week so I for sure want to get in a lunch date.
    Elizabeth – welcome back! I think Friday will work out fine. I am not superstitious about Fri the 13th but I have had trouble when the 13th falls on Thursday. Weird.
    Dizey – I’m not too worried about the addictive meds, I’m such a control freak that I don’t like the way they make me feel. I always have leftovers to throw out because they are years old. Oh well.

  256. Danielle said

    I think the A/C has died in my office. The temp has officially reached 82 degrees. We all were given digital clocks that also display the temp and that it what it reads right now.

  257. Laurel said

    Catcornmomma – I hadn’t realized you were gone! I thought you were probably just lurking. Welcome home!

    Re earlier music discussion – Josh Groban’s “You’re still you” is my fav. Opera is not my first pick but I can really get into it at live performances. Heavy metal? I must be from too far out in the sticks to appreciate it. Rap I like the beat and the overall sound but hate lyrics that promote violence against women, children,… anyone. Garth Brooks “The River” touches my soul.

    Harry Potter – I wonder about him being the 7th piece too. My kids are on both sides of that one. I agree that killing Harry in the last book would be a disaster for the Rowling empire. Who would want to see the movies if they knew he was doomed? I hope she managed to save him, and Ginny Weasley too.

  258. Laurel said

    Even Portland is on tap for a hot day. We are expecting 102′ and it is already much warmer than yesterday. My A/C keeps kicking on and it is set for 76′. I hate having to cover the windows in the summer but I think I’d better pull the drapes if I want to be able to pay the electric bill at the end of the month!
    I love the light, but not quite so much heat.

  259. msgypsy said

    Passing through real quick before the boss catches me. My birthday was June 23, and wasn’t Danielle’s on the 25th? I can’t remember.

    Laurel, I didn’t have a chance to email you but next week sounds good.

    Gotta go, blog-kin!

  260. Danielle said

    I am all about the dark except at night. Then I need a nightlight. I have been afraid of pitch black ever since my mom’s cousin killed himself and his father.

  261. Danielle said

    Yes mine was the 25th.

  262. msgypsy said

    Holy COW, bloggerini! It’s already 91 at my house (warmer here at work, but here we have a/c.) I’m SO glad I brought my lunch today and don’t have to go outside at all.

  263. Danielle said

    I was just talking to mom and she said it is 100.8 outside, 76 inside. Her AC works.

  264. OTEP doesn’t stand for anything. It’s the first name of their lead singer, Otep Shamaya. She writes beautiful lyrics and her voice has a haunting aspect that I adore.

  265. Speaking of weather, it seems we have been given a slight reprieve from the heat. It’s over cast and a bit humid, but no where near as hot as it has been the past week. Hopefully this will last through the weekend. (A girl can dream, right?)

  266. Danielle said

    Oh I will check them out. Is it really heavy metal or more like Evanescence. I like them.

  267. The first album was really heavy with a few lighter interludes. The second album lightened up a bit, but got more political. There is a third album, but their record label dumped them soon after they finished mixing it, so it is unknown whether we will ever see the entire album in stores.
    Albums in order of release:
    Jihad (ep/demo)
    Sevas Tra
    Abominations (DVD with live footage and music videos)
    House of Secrets
    The Ascension (not released)

  268. prtfvr said

    Greetings! Spent the last four weeks transitioning from one job to the next so I haven’t been doing anything else. I have a new comic that I’m working on though so that everyone can have something new to look at. Gwen’s going to help me with the site. I just ordered her software the other day but when that comes in I’m sure she’ll be harassing me even more than ever to get my ass in gear and accomplish something!

    Hope to see you soon!

    — prtfvr

  269. Danielle said

    Ciao, bloggies. Talk at ya tomorrow.

  270. DIZEY1 said

    Laurel & gypsy I can’t believe that it’s that warm by ya’ll. Down here we expect it, it’s part of the southern tropical thing we’ve got goin’ on. I can remember Christmas day being so warm I was outside playing w/my new toys in shorts and tee shirts. Yes many a warm winter.

    Yo PRTFVR**** 🙂 I’ve missed you girl. Is that Baby Henry still bad?? How’s all at your home?? 🙂 😉

    See you tomorrow Dani girl 🙂 🙂

  271. Margaret said

    prtfvr: Boy have we missed you. I loved your last comic so I’m sure this one will be even better. Especially the don’t play me comment. I thought that was soo funny.

  272. Laurel said

    Yes Dizey it does get hot out here but usually only for a couple of weeks. We always get into the 90s in late July and August, but 100 doesn’t happen every year. The best part about the NW is the temp always drops at least 20′ every night. We will expect mid 70s by midnight tonight. Here on the west side of the Cascade mountain range it is slightly more humid, but the eastern part of both Washington and Oregon are simi-arid desert. I grew up in E. Washington where it was in the 100s much of July, almost all of August and even part of Sep. No one had air conditioning, but we all opened the houses up to catch the evening breeze. It would get almost cold at night and we could close things up in the morning to keep it cool until early afternoon. Not a bad life.
    I wonder why I thought you needed to know that? I think the meds make me ramble on a bit. 🙂

  273. elizabeth said

    Is there anything more evil than getting stuck on a technical conference call for an hour the day you return from vacation? Arrrggghhh!

  274. Himmiefan said

    Welcome back Prtfvr, Elizabeth, and Catcornmom!!!

    Ms Gypsy – that show looks so cool. I love spy stuff, that’s why I like Burn Notice (cute guy too).

    Annalaise and interested others – here’s a like to an interesting article on Harry’s scar being a horcrux:

    I thought about all of you today. Was dashing across the lobby to go back to my office area, and there on the floor by our door was a beatle that was, I swear!, about 2 inches long. It even had those awful pincher things on top of its head. Ick!!! I did my “oo oo” dance while frantically trying to scan my security door card. Double ick!!!!

  275. Himmiefan said

    Um, that’s “link”, not “like.” Definitely time to go home.

  276. Claire said

    Hi Family!!
    Went to the pool with Brittany and the kids…man it’s hot here…I was dripping sweat just applying sunscreen to the kids! Then a few boomers so we came home!
    Laurel…LOL…I have the same ocd..if I can’t read them in order…I don’t until I find the missing one!!! I even pre-ordered the dagger book that’s not out yet!! It comes out in Sept.
    I hope you are feeling better!!! Female stuff sucks!!

    Catcornmom…great to see ya! Hope you are sticking around!
    Um…speaking of dreams….I uh…gulp…cheated on Henry…cringes..I dreamt of the brotherhood…all of them…!
    Dizey…another coinkidink….my kids and I…ewwwwe on the clowns!!!!!

    Danielle…when my quads graduated from pre-school in NYC…they did a beautiful picture slide show…the kids at age 3 to age 5…to You Raise me up!…the entire auditorium including Nikki and I were sobbing!

    Me…I like Anyway and Broken wing by Martina Mcbride…both are the story of my life! They give me renewed strength..when I feel myself slipping.

    Prtfvr….Hi girl…miss you!

    OK Nikki saids she’s dying from hunger! gotta go!

    XOXOXO Luv yas

  277. elizabeth said

    While I was trying to catch up with all the posts I noticed a lot of you were talking about a series of books that had a vampire hero you were drooling over :). Unfortunately, I didn’t think the write down the book titles or the author…can someone share the info so I can go to the library and check them out? Please…pretty please…with sugar and Henry on top 😉

  278. lwildstar said

    well the storms have finally stopped and its safe for me to get on and catch up.
    Unfourtunatly my brain has gone to mush toaday and I can’t thinkof anything interesting to chat about.
    Spent the afternoon collecting, colating and packaging up files to be sent back to the home office – totaly mindless work.
    Tomorrow I’ll find out if they are going to say anything and make my new postion official.
    Sorry to be such a party pooper but I think I am going to go read for awhile and hit the hay.
    Night my lovelies – many sweet dreams!

  279. lwildstar said

    oh almost forgot – Elizabeth your baby bat was delivered yesturday.

  280. prtfvr said

    OMG! It’s been 98 degrees for the past three days. We finally had a huge storm and now it’s hot AND steamy. That normally would sound appealing but…UGH! Can you say, new underwear in the morning, new underwear when you get home? Ok, TMI. I know. 😉

    Baltimore blows in the summer time! The airconditioner in the bird room has decided that anything over 90 degrees just isn’t worth cooling. The bird room is a steady 78 degrees and that’s with both ceiling fans on. The birds don’t seem to mind but after an hour, I gots ta go!

    Update on baby Henry: As big a jerk as ever. Finally clipped his wings and now I have to chase him around the rug instead of on all the ropes I have hung on the ceiling for all of them. He still has a huge bald spot behind his cere (nose) where dad decided those feathers needed to go. I don’t think they’re ever coming back. Let’s hope our Henry fares better!!

  281. DIZEY1 said

    Hi ya’ll checking in to say wasssssup???

    Elizabeth, I think those were Claire’s Dagger books maybe. I still haven’t read the ones I’ve got. I reeeeaaaly shouldn’t order new ones should I ??? 😉 🙂

    Claire OMG I don’t know why but those damn clowns creep me out. Shifty or something. Definitely not trusting them. 😛 Hey, Claire how’s my baby Jake?? Any new pic’s???? I’m sure Mom’s been snapping away. Send us some sweet baby boy 🙂 🙂

    BTW I was watching Blood Price aaaagain and when Herny’s telling Sandra that looks can be deceiving and he sits on the side of the bed. He’s definitely got longing going on there. My poor Henry looks so sad, I wanted to just cuddle him. I felt for the 17 yr.old that got turned. Also on same epi when Vicki comes back and says I guess were working together. Watch when Henry closes the door and the way his smile goes from cool, ok to HA HA got her !!! (devilish boy grin) So badly I want to grab him there. Can you tell I’ve re-watched these so many times, there all running through my head. Oh how about the different hairs of Henry. I loved his hair in #7 Heart of Ice (HOT, HOT, HOT!!) Maybe we can come up with some kind of episode game?? I don’t know I’m feeling ancy (SP) kinda bored *******IS IT OCTOBER YET????????

  282. annalaiseduchat said

    Himmiefan – Thanks for the link about Harry. Extremely interesting.

    That diffinately supports my theory.The first thing I said when I finished the Half Blood Prince is OMG Harry’s the seventh horcrux and he doesn’t know it. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see though.

    I’m always amazed at the depth and layers in J.K. Rowlings books. Layer upon layer, twist upon twist. They’ve been keeping people debating for years. She’s my hero. I want to write like her when I grow up. 😉

    Well, I’m going to try work on my own story a bit tonight if I can stand the heat in my office.

  283. annalaiseduchat said

    I just wanted to try this


  284. catcornmom said

    Elizabeth- I got the suggestions for vampire books from Gypsy’s blog site:
    But I will tell you some of the books and the order you should read them.

    The brotherhood books are IMHO the VERY BEST!!! They are by J.R.Ward:
    Dark Lover, Lover Eternal, Lover Awakened, Lover Revealed, Lover Unbound-coming in September!!!! (I’ve read all of these–AWESOME!!!)

    Christin Feehan: Dark Prince, Dark Desire, Dark Gold, Dark Magic, Dark Challenge, Dark Fire, Dark Dreamers (Dark Dream), Dark Legend, Dark Guardian, Dark Symphony, The Only One (Dark Descent), Dark Melody, Dark Destiny, Hot Blooded (Dark Hunger), Dark Secret, Dark Demon, Dark Celebration, Dark Possession –coming in August (I’ve read the first 4…waiting for Dark Challenge to arrive so I can continue!!–really enjoying these)

    Susan Sizemore: I Burn For you, I Thirst For You, I Hunger For You, Master of Darkness, Primal Heat, Primal Desires–coming in August (I’ve read #1 & 3 accidentally out of order….waiting for #2 to arrive. These are good–These vampires can walk in the sun with medicine.)

    I’ve also picked up some books by Maggie Shayne, and it looks like her books should be read in order. You can just go to the author’s website and find the order the books should be read in. I’ve been going to a couple of used book stores in Wichita, but I’ve also been finding some used books on I have a serious book reading habit/collection. I’m fairly certain I have over 1000 books.

    I didn’t realize there was so many paranormal books out there. I know I’m just getting started with reading them, but it’s helping me get through my Blood Ties withdrawal!! I of course started with Tanya’s Henry & Vicki’s books!! Let me know if I can answer any questions!

    Prtfvr-good to see you!! I still get such a kick out of your website! I have to go there every few days just to have a chuckle!

    Laurel-I do a lot of lurking…it’s difficult to keep up since I’m not on the computer so much during the summer!! I will be heading out of town again next week, but this time it’s for a middle school mission trip — I need my head examined. I don’t know how I let the youth pastor talk me into this trip. At least my son and nephew will be going too. We’re going to Omaha to do something. I guess I’ll know what it is when we get there.

    Well, I’m going to go watch Shaq’s trainers yell at these overweight kids. It makes me feel better about myself! :-0

  285. annalaiseduchat said

    It’s supposed to be a vampire.
    This is an expirement to see which of these work. Thanks for your patience. Got em from this page:

    0=) Angel, :-t Angry, ~:0 Baby, 😮 Bored, :-# Braces
    Grin, =) Happy, 🙂 Happy, 🙂 Happy, Smug, 😛 Sticking Tongue Out
    😮 Surprised, :-{ } Talking, (:| Tired, :-J Tongue in Cheek
    :-& Tongue-tied, =-O Uh-oh, :-\ Undecided, **== United States Flag
    :-E Vampire, 😎 Wearing Sunglasses, 😉 Winking, 😉 Winking
    |-O Yawn, Z Zorro

  286. Madonna said

    Hi everyone,
    Just checking to see how everyone is.

    It has been hot here too. Upper 90’s. We’ve had a heat emergency the past two days.

    My inspirational song is kind of a wierd one but it does the trick for me. “If I Can Dream” by Elvis

    About the clowns….. They don’t scare me at all, but can someone please tell me how they are supposed to be funny? I never got it.
    I went to college with a woman who cried just seeing a picture of a clown.

    Well, I’m scheduled for 10 hrs tomorrow, so that is it for me.


  287. Laurel said

    A DuC – Cool!
    I need to know how to do the Wearing Sunglasses smile! Please!

    Claire – I managed to get the second “Lover Eternal” ordered from a neighboring Library and should get it in the next two days. 🙂
    I have read all of the Charlaine Harris vamp books too, and really like them.
    The Lindsay Sands vamps are a fast read and pretty steamy. I just liked the names of them “Single White Vampire, Tall Dark and Hungry, Love Bites, A Bite to Remember…and one or two others.”
    Did not like “Dead End Dating” I can’t remember the author, but the main woman vamp was seriously into wearing pink. I found myself wishing I could take her out by staking the book. %)
    I guess I’d better go look at that book list Gypsy has going. I have more to add! 🙂

  288. Claire said

    Hey Dizey! yeah I feel ya…I ‘ve watched that episode way to many times! He looks so lost…Awwww! come to mama! I think I loved his hair best in Heart of ice and Heart of fire…when it was all wild and in his face…man oh man!
    Yup…the clowns are just plain creepy…they never look happy and joyful to me…just angry and evil!

    Yeah the Black dagger books rock..sorry Henry…
    Je suis juste passant le temps jusqu’à ce que vous reveniez à moi… que personne ne peuvent prendre à votre endroit à mon coeur mon amour !

    Oh forgot to tell you all…Me and Chris….crazy over Potter! Chris bought me all the books and we have all the movies…my order is in for the next book!

    Anyway my lovelies…The Brotherhood is calling me…Until tomorrow! Oh and whoever has Henry tonight..tell him…they don’t mean a thing…just some mind candy til he comes back to me,LOL!!

    Bonne Nuit!!

    P.s..I’ll see if Mo has any new pics of baby Jake for ya Dizey!
    Je t’aime

  289. Laurel said

    :[ B)

  290. Laurel said

    Nope, that is not how you put sunglasses on the smiley. Hehe

    Claire – have you listened to any of the Harry Potter books on tape (CD)? The guy that reads them is fabulous. Jim Dale has a gift for reading them just right. He does different voices for each character ane really hits some of them perfectly.

    We even got my husband hooked on Potter by having the tapes playing in the van on a long trip. He made sure I got a better sound system in my mini-van just for the last one!

  291. DIZEY1 said

    Can’t wait to see him I’m sure he’s growing by leaps and bounds 🙂 Aww that was sweet to tell Henry only he’s got a place in your heart huh???

    Hey Laurel, how ya’ feelin’ dawlin?? Better it sounds. I need to do the sunglass guy also 😉

    Bonne nuit & reves doux d’Henri’
    Je t’aime XOXOXOXOX
    Elisabeth (Henry’s mom’s name)

  292. Rifkind said

    Yes I noticed that SH!t eating grin … he looks so cocky and self assured as he closes the door in Blood Price…
    I also loved the line
    Come to me tomorrow night with your answer….

  293. Rifkind said

    I this it for the sunglasses?

  294. Rifkind said

    Guess NOT!

  295. annalaiseduchat said

    Hey guys go to the link I supplied. They’re all on there and more.

    It’s the number eight 8 dash ) and Closing Parenthesis )

    I was bad I didn’t write. I watched Heart of Ice and Heart of Fire. Poor Henry.

    Good night! I’m turning in. Type at ya tomorrow.

  296. Himmiefan said

    Annalaise – thanks for the link!

  297. Laurel said

    Yah, I’m feeling mostly better. I walk kind of careful and will be wearing loose dresses for a couple of days, but I am not headed for the ER anytime soon. I owe Debi a couple of gourmet meals as soon as I can spend some quality time with my kitchen. Maybe tomorrow? 🙂
    I have her watching Heart of Ice right now. She is sooooo hooked! 😉 Hehehe
    It is fun sharing them with the newly turned. Next victim is my other sister-in-law. I sent her a picture of Henry in an e-mail a couple of days ago and she wrote right back asking for directions to use On-Demand! Bwaaahahahaha

    Wish I had tickets for Harry Potter movie tonight. 😦
    Actually I really need to go to bed. I will have to wait a couple of days to see it.
    Good night dears!

  298. Laurel said

    Thanks Annalaise! 😎
    I love this one!

  299. I managed to catch up… Unfortunately my sleep deprived mind can’t function any longer.
    I’m off to bed.
    Free Slurpees tomorrow!

  300. Anzia said

    Arm slurpees???

    I’m going to see the movie tomorrow! YAY! I just have to endure my cousin the entire time… um… is it worth it…/???? Sure… why not 😉

  301. Madonna said

    Lady Afrodyte,
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

  302. vampgrl said

    😎 :-E I-O Z

    Had to try some. No idea if those worked or not though. Heh

  303. vampgrl said


  304. vampgrl said

    Hmmm…that’s weird…looks like the sunglasses one is the only one that actually works. That one’s cool though. 😎
    Oh! Read Anzia’s new part to the food scene again. Gotta tell ya, I don’t think I’ll ever look at Chinese food the same way ever again. Yuuuummmmm….*drool* On the sub of vamp books, I read all kinds of books, not just vamp books. Mostly anything paranormal or scary I’ll read. But right now I have WAY too many books to read at this point I’ll never catch up. I’m still in the middle of A Quick Bite. And I still have to read Tall, Dark and Hungry. I totally love the titles of those books too. Especially Single White Vampire. Heh. Not to mention I still have to read the Blood Books some time this century and lots of BT fanfic yet. Ugh. OH! Found something really cool at the B&N site. Now I know I said I never got the whole comic book/graphic novel thing, but I totally lied. If I had the money, I would TOTALLY grab up the Aliens comic books and graphic novels. I already have a list partially made. *g* Those must have lots and lots of blood and gore in them. My kind of comics right there. Oh yeah….Heh.

    Oh! Just have to let this out. AAAAAAAARGGGGGGGGHHHH!
    I TOTALLY HATE technology!!! Anyone know where to buy regular TV’s today? A 27 inch TV? Not widescreen. Not LCD and not HDTV? I know our Walmart pretty much sells nothing. They’re all for new tech. I say give me old tech anyways. And in a lot of ways I STILL like VCR’s. Sorry, DVD’s are great and all, but VCRs are better in a lot of ways. It’s not my fault that lazy @@@ people don’t want to have to rewind tapes. *g* Speaking of, I finally have to cave and get rid of some of my old Buffy tapes I was holding for no good reason. I know I have old interviews and some specials crammed on there I don’t want to lose, but they’re just not worth taping. I’ll probably never watch those on tape since I have them on DVD, plus I need the room. I doubt anyone else wants eps from Seasons 1 2 and 3 anymore. Heh.

  305. lwildstar said

    prtfvr – I know what you mean ((OMG! It’s been 98 degrees for the past three days. We finally had a huge storm and now it’s hot AND steamy. That normally would sound appealing but…UGH! Can you say, new underwear in the morning, new underwear when you get home? Ok, TMI. I know.)) I’m just down the road from you in Silver Spring – already this morning its digusting! I take public transportation so by the time I get in to work I need a shower and a new change of clothes!

    Thanks for the list of books – so many books so little time to read.

    I can’t wait to get my copy of epis 1 &2 – now I really need to go back and check that scene out and see his face – its just not the same on the comoputer screen – plus we’ve been warned that we can not access certain sites from work any more – I don’t think LT is on the list, but if they see me go there too many times it might end up on the list, ya know?

    oh I have found that if I write before I go to bed I dream of my charactors – if I read I dream of Henry…funny thing is last night – I got both. My charactors in there own BT episode – oohh I soo love Henry, but my lead male charactor got so jelous! This is fun!

    Well time to start work – at least we have functioning AC today.

  306. msgypsy said

    Okay, so the heat kept me awake until around midnight and The Dog Formerly Known As Fuzzbutt (now known as His Baldness) woke me at 4 AM. It promises to be a long day.

    There are a couple of you I’ve promised tapes/CDs to. Be patient, please. I can’t figure out which bag I put the CD into. And it’s too bloody hot in the living room to tape anything. To even turn that TV on. We’re due for a “cooling trend” (by which they mean under 100F) this weekend and I’ll try to take care of it then.

    Okay, you KNOW I’m having bad withdrawal pangs when I download the episode of “Mutant X” that Christina Cox was in…

  307. Margaret said

    BOOK SPOILER!! There is a Q & A with Tanya and she explains who Vicki ends up with and why.

    Here’s the link to the interview:

  308. Annalaise duChat said

    Good Morning All,

    I’m glad to see you guys having fun with the emoticons.

    lwildstar– I do the same thing when I write before bedtime I keep waking up all night with the plot and my characters running through my head. I actually have come up with some pretty good ideas that way. The trick is to remember them in the morning. 😕


  309. Margaret said

    Ladies: Which season of Beautiful people was Kyle in?

  310. Margaret said

    Updates from Bloodties-Bloodlines:


    Look for two of Kyle’s movies playing on HBO this month. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and History of Violence.

    On Monday July 16, look for Christina Cox in an episode of Andromeda on the Sci-Fi channel and on TBS on July 21 and 22 they are airing The Chronicles of Riddick which also features Christina!

    You can see Dylan Neal in several things this month. Look for Dylan in the movie 40 Days and 40 Nights airing on Comedy Central on July 14, Cradle of Lies on Lifetime on July 14, Chupacabra: Dark Seas on Sci-Fi Channel on July14, Dawson’s Creek on TBS on July 15 and Sabrina, The Teenage Witch on ABCFamily Channel on July 20!

  311. msgypsy said

    “Chronicles of Riddick which also features Christina!”

    I’m not sure features is the appropriate verb here. She’s only in it for a segment in the middle of the movie. But she’s one kick-ass bitch in that segment and I just loved her in it.

    I commented elsewhere that I’m not really sure I CAN watch “Chupacabra: Dark Seas.” Not without slitting my wrists first. Don’t doubt my Minx-iness, but I have to draw the line somewhere. That poor man has been in EVERYTHING. I suppose having a family means never turn down work but….damn that was a bad movie! Anyhow, wasn’t it Dylan who described movies for Lifetime as (I’m paraphrasing) generic-men-are-scum? I’ll probably watch the movie he’s in on Lifetime. But I draw the line at “Chupacabra: Dark Seas.” I can’t bear to watch him abase himself in order to put food on his family’s table. Leave the man some dignity! (I avoid “Sabrina” for personal reasons having nothing to do with the witch part of the title and I avoid “Dawsons Creek” because … well, for much the same reason I avoid “The OC.” I just don’t get those series…)

    (You can’t see me snorting and giggling so you’ll have to trust me that I am.)

    Okay, gotta leave for work where at least it’s air conditioned. I think Mr. Faraday is REALLY glad the groomer took every last bit of his fur off now!

  312. Danielle said


    Claire-I love Martina McBride. I can totally see Broken Wing being your song.

    lwildstar-Your DVD’s are going out today. I put a little surprise in there for you also. I hope you enjoy.

    I thought there was someone else that wanted to have the DVD’s. If anyone would like me to do it for them let me know.

  313. prtfvr said

    lwildstar: You’re in Silver Spring? Finally! Another Marylander! I thought I was alone over here.

    I’ve been going through the few paltry episodes that aired, pulling pics for my comic and I’ll tell you, Kyle is hot as ever. Like that’s news to anyone. I hadn’t watched the shows in a while. And honestly, I don’t have the sound on because I’m looking for good shots and not watching for entertainment purposes but wow! I miss this show! 🙂

  314. Danielle said

    It looks like it is really dead on here today again.

  315. DIZEY1 said

    1ST HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY A***** :*) :-E 😎 I hope you have the very best birthday , Oh BTW Henry should be there at anytime 😎

    Dani me girl I’d love a set and let me know how much I’ll send you check or money order. 😉

  316. DIZEY1 said

    : -E =-O :-J :-&

    trying these

  317. Danielle said

    Beth-I will burn you a copy tonight and add it to your care package.

    Happy Birthday Lady A. I didn’t forget exactly. I thought about it when I got to work and then other things distracted and it flew out of my head. Sorry. I hope the circus is good.

  318. DIZEY1 said


  319. elizabeth said

    Happy Birthday Lady Afrodyte – I hope you have a wonderful day!

    Catcornmom – Thanks for the rundown on the books. I have ordered them from the library and I am itching to start reading. I got into Vampire books last year and love Charlaine Harris and Susan Sizemore…so much so I went out and purchased them for my collection. If you could see how many books I have you would think I am insane 😉

    Laurel – I know you are not feeling well and if it would work better for you if we postponed lunch on Friday I am happy to do it? Just let me know.

  320. elizabeth said

    lwildstr – Vampiro Lunare made his appearance yesterday. He is a cheeky little guy and very opinionated. he looks adorable flying from my car rear view mirror.

    Geez, I miss Blood Ties…. October seems so far away 😦

  321. Danielle said

    Withdrawal is horrible. I think we are seriously having some issues stemming from that right now.

  322. Claire said

    Afternoon blog family!!!!

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Lady A!!!!!!!

    Yeah know me….I look at all the eye candy…but Henry/Kyle has my heart! LOL!!!
    Yeah..Monique is leaving for Michigan for 10 days to visit her Husbands family..she said she will have lots of pics for you Diz!

    That sounds great Laurel…good way to fall asleep for me..letting someone else do the reading…think I’ll go to Borders!

    Yeah Danielle…I have the song on my ipod and sometimes I forget I’m not alone and start belting it out! LOL!!!

    Prtfvr….hey…you in Maryland? yea!!!! not too far from Northern Va!!!

  323. Danielle said

    I always belt songs out. I don’t care who is listening. I used to take voice lessons so my voice is ok I think, not great but ok. When I had to do the recitals though I would freeze up. If anyone asks me to sing something I can’t do it but if I start singing on my own I am fine.

  324. Danielle said

    I get incredibly nervous and shy.

  325. elizabeth said

    I have grand illusions that I can carry a tune in a bucket…notice I said grand illusions 😉 I love to sing along with the music in my car. That way I am the only one who is subjected to the noise-hehehe Right now I have been listening to a lot of Nickelback. Luckily for everyone I am out of my Phantom of the Opera stage….

  326. DIZEY1 said

    Oooh Claire merci beaucoup 😎 Can’t wait to see him. He must be getting so big and has his own little personality. Is he a sweet boy like our Kyle??

  327. Danielle said

    Watch your mouth Elizabeth. How can you get out of a Phantom of the Opera stage? That is like the all time best. I LOVE Phantom of the Opera.

  328. Himmiefan said

    Happy Bithday Lady Afrodyte!!!

  329. lwildstar said

    that meeting was and hour of my life I’ll never get back! and no once again nothing was mentioned about me, so i think tonight I’lldraft and email to my suporviser – but I think I’m going to go with the “here’s what I’m doing” approche and then ask – “so am I now the TA?”

    Prtvr – I don’t go to Baltimore that often – the whole “not driving thing” the last time I was up that way was for training in the home office inTowson – where abouts are you?

    Elizabeth – so happy the little guy showed up! Don’t forget to feed him some sample of Henry or BT daily or he’ll get cranky!

    Danielle – I can’t wait!

    My cousin emailed me that she got my a HUGE surprise for my birthday – now my bday isn’t until September – so I can’t imagin what it could be – but it must be BT related…….she said she won’t make me wait til September to get it so I’m sitting on pins and needles with excitement. Like Christmas in July!
    I got her hook on BT during our last “mini” vaca together – we had a three hour drive and I spent the whole time up and back rehashing every episode that had aired at the time (1 to 7) – I just sent her the first four books – I still have to get her the last two and then the Smoke books –

    She is planning our summer vacation – I’m pushing for Vancouver! but we have to see what the flights are like – I hate flying, but I’m willing to try!

    A-duChat – the problem is my mind is like on “chapter 12” and I’m only up to 4! and now with the dreams getting all mixed up with Henry – wow! Talk about hot and bothered in the morning….. ; )

    I’ll tell you guys something – this whole “experience” has really gotten my creative juices going – the jewelry – the drawing (no I don’t do portraits so no Henry) and now back to writting!

    Dizey – thank you for the Glass of Milk – I copied and passed it on to Paul (yeah hes is back!) he was very cranky this morning when I talked to him – emailed him – so I thought he could use it to “lift him up” a little. I had sent him a “good morning” yesturday and his reply this morning was ” 2.5 hour commute – I need a valium!” , I replied back that I didn’t have any but that I had chocolate!…..he just replied with a smiley face : )

    I was bad this morning and went to the Bloodlines site intending to only print off the transcripts for episodes 1 & 2 to refresh my memory – and printed off all 12! Personal use of the office supplies is prohibited (wink, wink, snicker)
    Hey at leat i did them double sided… whent he power goes out I can snuggle up with the hurrican lamp and read them!

    Ok I’ve only got a little of lunch time left and I have a few things to do.

    If there are no storms and I have power I’ll check in tonight!

  330. DIZEY1 said

    Ya know I never saw the Phantom of the Opera. The new one. Saw the old movie years ago. Some of you youngens probably didn’t even know there was a movie. Never heard the soundtrack either.

    Been thinking about my dude as usual. I had asked this question last week and had no response. Does anybody have a clue if our Mr. Schmid has siblings or what’s the deal w/his dad. Never hear anything other than him talking about his mom and grandfather. I’m just curious about his real life.

  331. Danielle said

    Beth-Go here and it has a mini bio on Kyle.
    It doesn’t mention anything about mom dad sibs or grands. In all the searching I have done I have not been able to find anything out about them.
    Yes I did know that there were a few Phantom movies. None of them had the music I love so I was wishing there was a movie with the music and then, TADA, it came out. You definitely have to check it out.

    Check these out:

  332. elizabeth said

    Danielle – I had to put Phantom of the Opera aside for awhile because I couldn’t get the music out of my head! I had my headset on at work and was writing Personnel reviews while listening to it…man, was that a trip 🙂 Probably some of my most creative writing ever 😉

    Dizey1- I watched the newest Phantom on HBO with Gerard Butler as the Phantom. OMG! He was magnificent! I recorded it and watched it so many times my daughter started to complain. So, I went out and bought the DVD. Love that movie!

  333. Danielle said

    Oh yes Gerard Butler is awesome and hot and magnificent. I could go on and on about him. Just his accent makes me melt. I have a Phantom movie poster autographed by Gerard Butler(the Phantom) Emmy Rossum(Christine) and Patrick Wilson(Raoul). It was on eBay for 100 dollars. I couldn’t resist.

  334. Annalaise duChat said

    Happy Bithday Lady Afrodyte!!!

    lwildstar – the problem is my mind is like on “chapter 12″ and I’m only up to 4!
    What I do is carry a little notebook around in my purse and when I get those wonderful out of place scenes that just pop into my head I write down keywords to jog my memory and then when I have more time something a little more setailed that way if there is a way to fit them into the story they are not lost when the time comes.

    For example I came up with this hysterically funny little scene between my two main characters with Monica teasing Kieron about being afraid of Stacy & Clinton showing up to do a Vampire Edition of “What not to Wear” He refuses to wear shorts. “Not when his legs haven’t been exposed to the sun for 300 years.” (Now there’s a mental image for ya!)
    I doubt it will make it into the book but it sure made me laugh.

  335. Morning folks!
    First off, thanks for all of the birthday wishes!!! I can’t stop smiling now. I got the emails from Claire and Madonna, too cute you guys!

    I’ll probably pop by once more before I run away to join the circus.

    I hope you all have a great Hump Day!!!

  336. OMG Annalaise! Hahahaha! That scene has so got to make it in, or at least be in a short story. It’s too funny not to use. Not to mention I am totally addicted to that show.

  337. elizabeth said

    Lady A – love the picture when I scroll across your name – too funny! I bet you can imagine my thoughts 😉

    Annalaise – I loved the idea of a Vamp refusing to wear shorts! You certainly made me laugh. I hope it does make it into your book..

  338. Claire said

    Yeah Dizey…he’s sweet like our Kyle! By the way…you are not the only one who’s super curious about Kyles life! I just didn’t want anyone to think I was obsessed or anything! LOL! 😉

    Me too Danielle..I love to sing…had a small band back in the 70’s…we did friends parties and neighborhood bars.Nikki is fantastic though…she was in show chorus in H.S. and the NYC Choir.But she has bad stage fright man! She got auditions in all the best High Schools in NY including Julliard…but everytime she had to audition she couldn’t show her amazing talent…her voice cracked or she forgot a note…or she would get sick.

    Yet she can perform for a large audience and she is the first one up at karaoke bars!
    She can also write beautiful songs…her and Chris wrote and sang an amazing song..that they recorded in his bedroom! I’ll have to find a way to see if I can send it to you all!

  339. Himmiefan said

    H! For those of you busy slaving away at work:

    According to it, I’m Dumbledore!

  340. Annalaise duChat said

    I’ll have to see. It doesn’t really go with the mood of the story.

    I’m trying to write Kieron as realistically as possible. How would a real life vamp deal with day to day situations? It is an intersting approach. As I’m going about thing during the day I think WWKD. 😉

  341. Danielle said

    WHAT!? It says I am Draco. How can I be Draco? I don’t have a mean bone in my body. I have never bullied anyone. That is so wrong. I still prefer to think of myself as the Bitch of Blood.

  342. prtfvr said

    OMG Himmie! I’m Harry Potter! How the heck did THAT happen?

    lwildstar: I live in Dundalk which is about 20 – 25 minutes away from Towson.

  343. DIZEY1 said

    Ok my BT fans I’ve filled out the rest of my postcards and will send out a few each day.

    Claire I too love to sing all my life. Ask my poor family all the years singing with the great bathroom acoustics ya’ know. I’ve driven them crazy for years, my brother Eric’s the band boy. He’s one of the BEST drummers in N.O. if you ask any of the music people around here. I’m gonna see if I can get a pic of him playing. I’d love to hear Nikki & Chris’ song. Very cool. Oh and us obsessed ?? 😛 😎

    catch ya’ll when I get back from lunch.

    Luv ya’ll

  344. elizabeth said

    Bummer – security at work won’t let me check out the site. I hate this 😦

  345. Annalaise duChat said

    I’m Hermione Granger! Cool!

  346. Danielle said

    Ok I did it again and really thought about the answers so some were different and now I am Hermione.

  347. prtfvr said

    I’ve never seen one Harry Potter movie OR read the books. Riddle me this; is it a compliment or an insult to be Harry? I’m assuming that as the title character it’s a good thing but you never know!

  348. Danielle said

    Yes it is good to be Harry.

  349. Danielle said

    It is hard to believe the very last book is coming out next week. It is so sad.

  350. Annalaise duChat said

    prtfvr – You diffinately have to read them if you haven’t. You’re in for a real treat!
    Once you start you won’t be able to put them down.

  351. Margaret said

    Happy Birthday Lady Afrodyte: I’ll be emailing you a card but might have to wait until I get home. Have to see how far under the radar I can get at work.

    Does anybody know which season Kyle is in on the Beautiful People? I asked before and everyone ignored me.

  352. Danielle said

    Margaret-I had to look it up at It looks like it was the first season.

  353. Danielle said

    I didn’t ignore you. I just didn’t know. I figured someone else would answer because some have seen it.

  354. Margaret said

    Thanks Danielle. supposedly is having a sale.

  355. Danielle said

    Well it says it was from 2005 and it also said first season but I thought the first season was before that. I could be wrong, they could be wrong. It is more likely that I am wrong.

  356. Danielle said

    I need to pay off some money on my credit card so I can get Zerophilia from Amazon. Not only am I going through Henry withdrawal but I am going through Max withdrawal as well.

  357. Laurel said

    Happy Birthday Lady Aphrodite! What are you going to do with your birthday weed? I suggest lots of cake and ice-cream to keep your strength up. Henry should be arriving just after sundown. Please, be gentle with him! I think I get him next! 😉

    What do you know, I’m Harry Potter, too! Hey prtfvr! Now what do we do?

  358. Laurel said

    Holy crap! that was supposed to read Birthday WEEK! I don’t even want to know about the other.
    Stupid fingers.

  359. prtfvr said

    Laurel: Two Potters, eh? I guess that makes us rich! 😉

    I was looking at the book lists but maybe I missed it. Did anyone mention Kim Harrison’s Witch series? FANTASTIC series! It has vampires too, of course. You all know that I’m a vamp slut. Jim Butcher is terrrific too he’s a magician but occasionally there’s a vampire running through.

    I love Mary Janic Davidson. Her vampires are hysterical! Actually, ALL of her books are hysterical. I could definitely hang around with some of those characters and be perfectly happy just to see what happens.

    If you want the creep factor without the supernatural overtones, I recommend the Dexter books by Jeff Lindsay. They’re really disturbing but still good. I’ve never read anything like them.

    Geez, I didn’t realize how much I missed you guys! I’ve been too busy lately.

  360. Annalaise duChat said

    I was wondering what Lady Aphrodite was going to do with Birthday weed!

  361. Laurel said

    elizabeth – Friday should be fine. I am feeling musch better and am looking forward to meeting you. How is your mom doing. Is she still living with you?
    I guess I will catch up with you in a couple of days.

  362. Danielle said

    I was wondering about that Laurel. Is there something about you we should know about? Maybe Henry is bringing birthday weeds instead of birthday flowers. *wink wink nudge nudge* 😉

  363. Annalaise duChat said

    That one’s laughing so hard I’m crying!

  364. Laurel said

    So Lady A, what are you going to do about your “birthday muchies”? Snack on Henry? Or just be the snack?

  365. DIZEY1 said

    Hey back from lunch and I’m Ginny Weasley. I don’t know is that good or bad??

    Lady A** I don’t know about the birthday weeds 😉 but if you partake I’m sure the cake and ice cream will hit the spot after. Love that Laurel 🙂

  366. DIZEY1 said

    Laurel I also see you’re feeling “musch” better eh??? I want some of whatever you’re taking. I think the party’s at your house today 🙂 😉

  367. Danielle said

    I’m ready to party. What time are we meeting up? Yes Ginny is also good.

  368. DIZEY1 said

    Oh Dani girl I took it as the other weed. Sorry of course gutter girl would take the low road. (Hee hee)

    Prtfvr…….we missed your witty reparte’. You crazy girl you belong with us or me in the gutter. I know you can run with the big dawgs 😎

  369. Madonna said

    Good afternoon everyone!
    Every one asks me to sing for them because of my name. I tell them I will if they want their ears to bleed. I honestly can’t sing a lick. I sound like a screeching man when I sing. Speaking, I sound husky like Kathleen Turner or Kirstie Alley only not sexy at all, just very harsh and grating. Damn!!! Damn!!! Damn!!! I hate my voice!

  370. Annalaise duChat said

    Hmmm? I wonder if will partake in the Birthday weed?
    Lady A – don’t take advantage of him if he does. :->

  371. Annalaise duChat said

    Uh Sorry that was suposed to be I wonder if HENRY will partake in the Birthday weed.

    I can’t type when I’m laughing.

  372. Danielle said

    No Beth I was thinking of the in the gutter type weed but I was being my facetious little self. I was trying to be like terribly naive and innocent.

  373. msgypsy said

    Shhhh…don’t tell my boss, blogsibs. I’ve got “Blood Price: 1 & 2 on my Zen and I’m watching it surruptitiously (sp?) while I work…

    Okay, I’m at lunch now but still…

    Gotta go. Hopefully it’ll be cool enough tonight for me to sit in front of my computer for a while.

    BTW, apparently I’m Ron Weasley.

  374. Madonna said

    If Henry did partake of the birthday weed, the munchies might be a little too powerful and he might drink Lady Afrodyte dry. Might not be such a good idea. LOL…..

  375. Annalaise duChat said

    Hey Gypsy- good of you to stop by!

  376. Danielle said

    Oooooo but then he can change her and she will live forever and I know he could find away to let them be together forever. No wait that’s my fantasy.

  377. Madonna said

    Danielle, I think we better start forming the line….

  378. Danielle said

    I know I know

    We could all live happily in the same bordello. Never having to go anywhere. We would be one big happy family. We already know we get along.

  379. Annalaise duChat said

    Danielle that’s all of our fantasies!

  380. Madonna said

    Well I’m back to work. I’ve been here since 9 and I don’t get off til 10 tonight. ERRRRR……..

    Take care!

  381. Danielle said

    I know

    He’s just gonna have to take all of us under his wing well except the minxes.

  382. Danielle said

    and no jealousy ladies. There is enough of him to go around.

  383. Danielle said

    I have to get going. My mom has a wake to go to tonight and I need to stay with Amber.

  384. Annalaise duChat said

    >>>>We could all live happily in the same bordello.

    We’d have to have one of those take a number machines like at the deli counter!

  385. Anzia said

    Annalaise- OMG! ROTFLMAO! “Now servicing number 23” *giggles*

    LA- HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! Have fun with the slurpees! ^_^ I hope your day really is great!

    Claire & Danielle- I LOVE Martina McBride! Most of my fav country songs are from her. My favorite country song of all time is “Ships in the Night” by Joe Diffie. I love that song!

    I’m Hermione Granger… who woulda thought… hm… Oh if you haven’t seen the movie SEE IT! It’s really really good! I cried! ^_^ TWICE! (but i’m a sucker for sad things…:()

  386. Himmiefan said

    Laurel – I think you’ve had all of us laughing out loud at our desks today. 🙂

    Whoever asked about being Harry and Ginny, it’s great to be both of them. I think I’m actually more like Ginny in “real life” than I am Dumbledore. Long beards just don’t look right on me.

  387. DIZEY1 said

    Anzia since I’m the sign of cancer I’ll be number *69* ok???

    I’m still Ginny Weasley!!!

  388. DIZEY1 said

    Will check in w/ya when I get home.

  389. vicki said

    hey all

    Well..I am a huge Harry geek..saw the movie this afternonn….HEHEH it was GREAT!!!

    I just took the quiz..and I am Ginny Wesley…funny I always thought of myself as Herminie…oh well….at least Ginny gets Harry in the end…sort of..

  390. vicki said

    welll…I do have red hair like Ginny…LOL

  391. lwildstar said

    Good evening blogkin!

    I think maybe it was a good thing I wan’t able to get on earlier, I would have been laughing so loud the boss might have found out I wasn’t working. Truth is I was up to my eyeballs this afternoon – that stupid meeting wasted two hours of my time and I fell behind – their fault and I ment to tell them if anyone said anything – thankfully no one did!

    Must tell you what happened on the way home….
    I take public transportation – you meet and see a lot of types of people….so I get on the bus to come home and there are several rather Rubinesque (SP) women, including myself, the bus driver and two transit workers…these boys got on the bus and started Mooing (I’m sure you can guess where this is going!) anyway after a while the bus driver pulled the bus over and looked up into the over head mirro and said “either shut up or get off the bus” well the boys quieted sown but not for long – they started mooing again, one made a sound like an elephant and then after a fit of giggles (yes giggles and snots) they started making hippo comments. One of the transit workers got up and walked back to where they were sitting – I don’t know what she said to them but I didn’t hear a peep out of them the rest of the ride! I immediatly got this vison of Henry going all dark eyed and educating them on the honor of a lady! remember in episode one or two when Vicki is complaining about her name and Henry says that Queen Victoria wore her weight well…. Maybe Henry can teach a male sensitivity class…night courses – of course!

    A-duChat – I’ve tried the notebook thing before – I kept losing it (remember I ‘m the one who threw my check book away and left the tv remote in the fridge – and most recently lost the my ASCAP packet – still haven’t found it and I suspect I threw it out too)….besides it seems I’m “writing” most of this when I’m sleeping – I told you I do a running dream 24/7 like my own tv serise in my head…at least I can “change the channel” to Blood Ties!

    And speeking of ASCAP they finally got me listed as co-author for my song – don’t know what all it means yet – I haven’t recieved any paperwork, but at least now I am officially registered! yea me!

    Well I think I am going to go write for awhile, I’ll pop back in before I go to bed…

  392. lwildstar said

    ok that was ment to be giggles and snorts!

  393. annalaiseduchat said

    lwildstar – Young males can be so obnoxious! (Actually so can young females)
    Did you all applaud the transit worker?

    When I’m writing I walk around in a daze most of the time too. I understand completely. I still have a couple of freelance jobs I did before I started the novel that I still haven’t billed for yet. I keep putting it off because I’m too busy writing. *-*

    Have a productive evening. BTW How did you get the picture of Henry to come up when I roll my cursor of your name? Inquiring minds want to know!

  394. AlisaSG said

    >> Re: roach dreams.

    eeeewwwwwwwwwe. bugs!
    that’s why I don’t watch the Sci-Fi channel’s bug movie marathons.
    It’s bad enough trying to keep on top of these things (no pun intended) with the exterminator on a yearly basis.

    >> Okay Alisa, looks like I’m coming after you!! 🙂

    okay, I admit I missed the boat for adding my own (real) nightmares on these things, but I didn’t write the bug story that Christina shows up in.. something tells me, that’s gonna be one long 2 week time frame.. 😦

    re: dreams..
    I had one the other morning about the colors red and lavender. Wherever I was going in the dream, those two colors dominated my wardrobe.. after I woke up, I thought it had to be because red ribbons and lavendar (plants) came up in the topics.. 😀

    (luxurious) silky / satin fabric and styled outfits in shades of red and lavendar.
    weird dream, tho..! about having to get to work via the long routes.. 😉

  395. lwildstar said

    A-duChat – no applause but I gave her a smile a nod and a thumbs up!
    Yes tonights session of writing was very successful, thank you, I fiinished “chapter” 4…I printed out the first three “chapters” this morning – I’ll print #4 out tomorrow – I know Rifkind told me not to go back and edit – but I really need to go back for continuity issues…….I promis not to edit.
    Eventually I’ll let one of you read it for content.
    I’ve been shuffeling it back and forth to work to get some writing in at lunch – its been too hot and too sormy this week to walk…

    AlisaSG – red and lavender – you thinking of joining the Red Hat Society?

    Did you know Highlander has an anemi movie? The Search for Vengance – or something like that – just saw the commercial for it….

    The picture on the name – go to your profile at Word Press and past the html address of a picture you like – Directions: go to say Bloodlines gallery, bring up a picture you like – I suggest clicking on it to get the full screen size – then right click go to properties and copy its name – go to your profile and past it in the, oh crap what is it? oh the html address box on the right side of the screen. I think thats right…..
    Then click update profile.
    I found that it didn’t change immediatly – I had to log out and then log back in to get it to show up or to change when I changed it last – that may just be because of my computer – I dont know – it took me four trys to get my Avatar to change….

    ok Im wasted now and I feel like some mindless tv tonight.

    AND just because I have to…Yeah! Paul is back! I caught a glimps of him today…total eye candy! yum yum…..”talked” briefly via email until we both got too busy….I invited him to lunch next week – still waiting for a a response – I think I may have scared him – I told him I missed talking to him…oh well : 0

    Night my lovelies! I’ll check in tomorrow morning….

  396. Margaret said

    Anyone heard from Loves History? Is he doing ok?

  397. Claire said

    Can I just say…you gals can not be left without supervision…..Birthday Weed? Munchies? Roflmao!!! Laurel? are you okay? can I have some of what you’re having?

    I vote on living in a Bordello with Henry… all Know I’d share him…only cause you are all my girls! I vote we determine how long someone gets him,by how many there are of us and the days of the year.Birthdays of course are separate!

    Ok I’m Ron Weasley!!!!!! I mean just cause I have red hair…and a bunch of kids!
    Doesn’t he have around 10 siblings LOL?

    Anzia…see great minds…do think alike! Well we all do!

    Anyways…I’m out!
    tired of playing with kids all day…and my vamps are lonely LOL!!

    Prtfvr…Did you say you are a vamp slut? Lmao…OMG…I must be one too!

    Bonne Nuit mes amis!


  398. DIZEY1 said

    Night ya’ll long day today w/that butt crack meeting this morning. I’ll check in the morning. Be good and don’t stay up too late know.

    reves doux d’Henry


  399. annalaiseduchat said

    Good Night All. Type at cha in the morning.

  400. Alright one more try.

  401. msgypsy said

    It’s not actually cooler back here by the computer but I have more fans here.

    Lady A, I would serenade you with my birthday song (it’s actually the Muppet Birthday Song”) but I lost the lyrics when my computer committed hari-kiri. So please know that somewhere out there, a fake muppet with a vocal chord impairment and asthma is sining to you in a voice that might be something like Miss Piggy’s … if you’re on drugs and have a good imagination.

    Also, please accept this virtual ice cream chocolate cake. (Coldstone is the BEST!)

    I’ve been looking for something to use as a “patch” to keep me going until October and I discovered “Torchwood.” It hasn’t aired in the U.S. yet so I have to find it online and there’s no one I find terribly sexy in it but it’s fun. And it’s a stopgap as I search for a better Blood Ties methadone.

    Okay, now I have a mental image of “What Not to Wear” for vampires and it’s making me giggle far too loud. And lead me to imagine “Queer Eye for the Vampire Guy.” Oh, dear, I don’t write vampire fiction but this one might just need to be written…

  402. Thanks lwildstar, I got it to work.

    ms gyspsy – Now that’s got some potential!

    Good night Again!

  403. Madonna said

    Mooing huh? I think they pull boys aside in gym class and teach them these things. Henry definitely needs to teach those sensitivity classes and he needs to start soon. There’s a lot of boys out there he needs to reach.

    How are you feeling? Your birthday is next week right? What day?
    Birthday weed….. That’s secretly what you want for your birthday isn’t it? Subliminal message. Hmmmmm…….

  404. AlisaSG said

    ask and yee shall receive.. 😉
    I found the “official” Torchwood web site link; however, it says that the program isn’t airing outside of the U.K. for “rights reasons” (sale and copyright?)

    not sure if any of the links within work, but here they are

    (above link turned into below link, and also in non-flash mode)

    you’d probably get better (story details) results reading the spoilers off of Gateworld’s DOCTOR WHO forum, with subtopics on Torchwood.

    “Torchwood Episode Discussion (Spoilers for all eps aired in the UK)”

  405. Anzia said

    ms.gypsy- “Queer Eye for the Vampire Guy”? OMG! That’s great! ^_^

    Hey, I’m in for the bordello! I’m putting Nina’s vote in too. That poor girl is so swamped with school work!

    Claire- I think I was just lucky. My mind isn’t so great right now… ^_^ lots of steamy overload!!!

  406. AlisaSG said

    >> AlisaSG – red and lavender – you thinking of joining the Red Hat Society?

    LOL!! no. The outfits were more of the *Victoria’s Secret* variety line.
    Mostly red on outer layer with lavender accents (scarf, gloves) and several gift-boxed intimates (went shopping in this dream, too!). Even the gift wrappings and packages were designed in red and/or lavender.. weird!

    But– really *Nice* lavender satins.. with cashmere sweaters and other silk/satin outfits.
    Sounds more like business and evening casuals.

    hmmmm.. notices the postings above discussing about work and what to wear..
    subliminal BT messages being programmed into me again, I suppose.. 😎

  407. Tango said

    Just popped in quickly to say…

    Happy Birthday Lady Afrodyte!
    Bon anniversaire – French
    Glücklicher Geburtstag – German
    Aniversário Feliz – Portugese
    С днем рождения – Russian
    Cumpleaños Feliz – Spanish
    生日快樂 – Chinese
    Gelukkige Verjaardag – Dutch
    Ευτυχή γενέθλια – Greek
    Buon Compleanno – Italian
    誕生日おめでとう – Japanese


  408. Anzia said

    lwldstar- Mooing guys huh? Too bad they didn’t oink ’cause they’d be speaking their native language! Ugh, I hate people like that. I used public transportation over the summer & was privy to a couple having it out on the bus. Well, it was really just the man telling the woman how much of failure she was. How she had ruined his vacation. How everyone on the bus was a looser. He was a really horrid person. Finally the bus driver told him to get off the bus or she was calling the police. He pulled out his cell phone and called the transit line to complain. She told him to go right ahead and started the bus again. He’d settled down at that but after a while he was laying into the woman he was with again. So, she stopped again, openned the door and told him to get of. He did and the bus started moving again. We all asked the woman if she was okay. She insisted that she was and that she had to get off or else he’d never calm down and things would be worse.

  409. Tango said

    Oh, Bordello! I’m in! 😉

    Laurel, since you always have leftovers of your pain meds, please share! You were too funny today! Hope you are feeling better.

  410. AlisaSG said

    International translator..
    I just posted and saw Chinese and Japanese and wondered how that happened.
    Then I realized Tango and I posted at the same time.. 😀
    and we both did the sunglasses smiley picture too
    (in a way, being of like minds — too cool..!)

    Happy Birthday ladies..!!!! 🙂 lots of birthdays this month.
    my mom’s was also in July. She died a few years ago, so no more birthdays..
    cause she’s *forever* now. 😉

  411. Tango said

    hey Z! looks like it’s just us 2 tonite. I’m sorry to hear about your mom. I know that must have been hard for you. My mom’s b’day is 7/31, when was yours?

  412. Anzia said

    howdy tango! HOw you been?

  413. Tango said

    I’m been busy this week, and I tell ya what, you ladies have been quite chatty for the past couple of days.

    I hope you saw my scene idea over the weekend with Henry on he light table at Vicki’s place. I think about the use of light in this show, and they have done such a good job creating the mood with it. Especially the Spanish Inquision scene with the shadows in the cell when you could only see his eyes or just a part of his face. Now that was sexy!

  414. loves history said

    the japs copied from the chinese.maggie ive been hanging around

  415. Tango said

    My typing sucks like Henry tonight!

  416. Tango said

    Hey LH! How are you feeling?

  417. loves history said

    lon cahney sr in 1920s 1st phantom claude raines the next

  418. Tango said

    I’m sorry Alisa, I looked at that wrong. That comment was meant for you.

  419. Anzia said

    Mine sucks too.(typing that is) I’m wearing a brace on my right wrist so it’s hard to move in the right ways. ^_^

    I haven’t been around much today or yesterday. I’ve been running around with my aunt. *sigh* now I have to work on “christmas” presents that she promised ot make for her mother-in-law. 😦 Yay for crocheting… WITH a brace on…

    I did see your scene idea. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get him on there without vicki throwing him there. ^_^ I have this GREAT pose on my head. He’s laying on his left side with the same leg straight out. His right leg is proped up. His head cushioned on his left hand. His right just laying across his chest. And, what is he wearing you ask. Just boxers (or boxer briefs… haven’t decided. It depends on if there’s going to be something on teh boxers or not)

  420. AlisaSG said

    >> I’m sorry to hear about your mom. I know that must have been hard for you. My mom’s b’day is 7/31, when was yours?

    foggy memory.. July 30 (close enough, too!). I always got her dates mixed up.

    She died from complications of a major head-on collision (car accident). Complications being an infection that set in from knee surgery and resulted in getting worse. She was very banged up all over; and we knew she’d never make it thru rehab without a longer stay (because she also had diabetes and poor kidneys, etc). She basically gave up the will to live. She felt she had a good life when she did have it, and it was her time to go. 😦

  421. Tango said

    Alisa, oh wow. I am very sorry she had to deal with that in her final days. I hope it was a time when you were able to get to know her better, and I am sure they are days that you cherish.

    Z – thanks for that image. It will be something I will build my dreams around tonight. 🙂 I must have missed your post that explained what happened to your wrist. Carel tunnel or an accident or what?

  422. Tango said

    Z- if you decide on boxers, please make them red silk – oou la la!

  423. Anzia said

    Oh, you didn’t miss it hon. I didn’t mention it. A couple of years ago I got a RUI. Sadly, i got it ’cause I had three really large papers due in one week. Well, if I use my wrist too much and for long periods it hurts and I have to wear a brace. I have a habit of hurting my wrists in unusual ways. I sprained it in HS opening a door! I just put my hand on it and pushed and BAM! sprained it. The REALLY bad thing is when I wear my brace it makes my elbow hurt! It’s one of those d@mned if you do and d@mned if you don’t kind of things I guess…

  424. Tango said

    Well, my eyes are getting blurry, and I think I hear Henry calling from atop the light table 😉

    Check you guys later!

  425. Anzia said

    Actually, I was thinking of putting batman on ’em. ^_^

  426. Anzia said

    sleep well tango dear

  427. Tango said

    It sounds like you and I have another thing in common. I’m a little on the accident prone side myself (married someone like that too) so much so I have ourselves insured for accidents (as in we will get money for getting hurt) kind of like a singer insuring their voice. What can I say – I’m in the insurance biz. Not sure what RUI is, ok, not only not sure, just plain ‘ol don’t know what it is.

  428. AlisaSG said

    Tango, thanks for your comforting thoughts.

    It was harder the first day I heard about her accident (she was on her way to get approval from another doctor for back surgery – for inserting steel rods or something similar in her spine). She had been in and out of hospitals for several years – for various other health type reasons; and sometimes stayed in there for weeks on end. Her kitties felt abandoned (or that’s what they kept wondering).. my sister was taking care of her and her cats during the duration. Now, the cats are back with my sister (she just couldn’t say no to not keep them.. besides, our mom’s cats were her mama cat’s babies).

    Probably her other significant hospital time, and emotional trauma for me (with her) was when she turned blue (CODE BLUE..!!) from diabetic shock. I was on my way to a Christmas / holiday dinner with my coworkers, when I got the call about that. Instead, I showed up late to dinner with red eyes from crying, instead. She went progressively downhill health-wise after that (her immune system started rejecting even the super-antibiotics for healing.. which was not a good sign for things to come). 😦

  429. Anzia said

    Repetitive Use Injury. ^_^

    maybe superman if not batman (I’m a HUGE superman fan! For…an odd and admittedly embarassing reason)

  430. Tango said

    A vampire wearing batman underwear? You are so silly – I love that!

  431. Tango said

    ok spill.

  432. Anzia said

    ^_^ I figure that’d be Vicki’s response…

  433. Tango said

    Ok, I really must go now. I’ve increased the view to 150% and still blurry. Besides, tonight Henry has on his red silk boxer,s and he ‘s calling my name!

  434. Anzia said

    Um… if you SWEAR not to laugh!

    Okay, so there’s a bollywood star named Saif Ali Khan… in one of his movies, Salaam Namaste, his character has a whole crap load of superman stuff. After that movie it became his signature. ^_^ I’ve suddenly found that superman is VERY sexy! (actually, I used to watch teh TV show) This is the song where I started my disent:

  435. Anzia said

    Should I hide in shame now???

  436. Tango said

    Z – a pregnant woman moonwalking? What’s going on? No fair to say no laughing, that’s just not possible. But you know, this is one of the things I love about you – your twisted bizarre taste. 😉 Hey what ever floats your boat to keep you motivated & keep us supplied with more Henry scenes. You keep on doing what you’re doing.

    Third time’s a charm 😎
    Tango out

  437. Himmiefan said

    Mooing guys are officially part of the bad guy flunkies in our movie. Shall we name them Guys with Small Dicks? Is that offensive? I debated before typing it, but it just seemed to fit them.

  438. Laurel said

    Hello dears, I was out riding in the car for the afternoon, and then took a nap when I got home. Went to visit my other sister-in-law who lives 45 minutes away. I probably should have stayed home with my vicodin and slept. We had a good visit, but I practically laid on the table while everyone talked. We skipped lunch because they didn’t think I was up to it so we all got too hungry. Oh well.
    I am glad you all had such a good time with my typo today! I was initially horrified but I enjoyed everyones’ running with it. 😎

  439. Anzia said

    May be offensive but it’s fitting!

  440. Laurel said

    Himmiefan – GWSDs is good!

    Hey Gypsy? Did we have an earthquake at about 8:53pm? We felt it here in south Washington County. It went on a bit but wasn’t very strong.

    To all of you who have lost your moms, my heart goes out to you. Mine just called to tell me she is having a cardiac arteriogram on Monday. I am very concerned because she is so short of breath she can not walk across the livingroom without really working hard. I am terrified of loosing her. It promises to be a worrisome time while we wait to find out what the test will show.

    My oldest, Sarah – 17, is leaving for a 10 day trip with our church group on Wed. She has never been far away from us for that many days. It is amazing to watch her spread her wings, but scarry, too.

    My birthday is 7/19, Thursday.
    I won’t be taking it for granted, I will celebrate!

  441. Himmiefan said

    Laurel – I love GWSDs! At this moment, while I should be getting ready for bed, I’m slaving away for my fellow Hens and Minxs penning a very silly opening scene for Elder Hostel.

    You and your family and especially your mom are in my prayers!

  442. catcornmom said

    Birthday weed?? I thought, OMG…I’ve really been out of the loop for a long time!! We’ve gone from Henry-pops to weed!! Happy B-day Lady A!!

    I took the Henry quiz and I’m Ron Weasley. I think that makes me a little nerdy. I said I wanted to be in Slytherin and a wizard assassin, so I’m not sure how I can be Ron. Oh well, it’s not going to keep me up tonight, not like the giggling about b-day weed!

    Didn’t get to Harry Potter today, but we’re going tomorrow. My kids are the ones being wimpy about the crowds. They are only 12 & 14 and they are being so baby-ish about it!!

    Well, I’ve almost finished one of Maggie Shayne’s vampire books, Blue Twilight. I haven’t really enjoyed it like some of the other books I’ve read. To be fair, it’s a book from the middle of the series, but the vampire hasn’t been in it very much. I guess I want a little more vampire in my vampire books. Has anyone read one of her books that they really liked? I have one more of hers that I’m going to read. Prince of Twilight…The covers are beautiful.

    Oh, Harry Potter-Daniel Radcliffe is on Conan. He’s so cute. I love those English accents. They showed a picture of him when he started the Harry Potter movies and everyone said “AHHHH” and he acted all offended and said, “that was unnecessary!!” It was too cute!!

    OK…I’ve done my lurking for tonight. Good Night blogkins!!

  443. Himmiefan said

    Let’s see, in our movie, we’ll have Susana’s boobage, Anzia’s hula dancing roaches, and Laurel’s birthday weed. Anything else you guys want to include?

  444. Laurel said

    Thanks Himmiefan. 🙂

  445. vicki said

    I am watching Conan too!!! LOL…the accent does it every time…LOL..And I agree with Conan…he does have beautiful…hypnotic eyes…

    Daniel was on Larry King earlier this evening..and I saw the movie today..It was awesome….very good.!!!

  446. Laurel said

    Wait a minute! The thank you was for the prayers! The birthday weed belongs to Lady A!

    Doesn’t anyone else suffer from dislexia of the fingers? I always wish people a great birthday WEEK. One stupid slip of the fingers while on presciption pain meds and I am now the weed lady?
    Laurel hangs her head and sighs. Years of clean living wiped out in a single momement.

    Okay, I’m actually delighted to have given everyone a good laugh. 🙂 It must be my inner comedian (not inner clown, because that would be just scary and creepy)!

  447. Laurel said

    Weird. The last two sentences of my last post disappeared.

    I just wanted to say good night to everyone.

    Whoever has Mike, would you please send him my direction?
    Gypsy? If it is you, just un-tie the man and put him on the bus. 😉

  448. Anzia said

    Don’t forget the MWSD’s!

    okay, so i was in an international relations class (btw, if you EVER want to get incredibly P.O’d at how our government works in regards to other countries take an IR class! I was incredibly mad for 11 weeks!) and we were told about DEP’s. First off, my prof was REALLY boring. Second, DEP looks a lot like Depp and to a half conscious pretty angry mind that’s all the invitation needed to create fun fantasies. Third, DEP stands for Deep Earth Penitrators (sp?) which REALLY doesn’t help matters any. I feel we need a new product. Henry & Mike DEPs. ^_^

  449. Himmiefan said

    Hey Anzia. One thought before bed – must go to bed, must go to bed. I’m a 100% true blue, patriotic, “Amerucan” and I’m really PO’d at the rampant anti-Americanism, but I think that we need to go out of our way to treat other countries fairly. I shudder to think what some in our goverment have done to strong-arm other countries. It’s un-American!!!

    All right. I’m going to bed. Bed, bed, bed.


  450. Anzia said

    Himmiefan- That’s not what I meant. There’s a contract that was signed by the US, Canada and Mexico that allowed a country to be sued if they did something “tantimount to expropriations.” The US got sued by both Canada and Mexico (for different reasons) and it cost the gov’t a lot of money. The reason Mexico sued? Because there was going to be a factory built in one of the villiages but the villiagers protested. It got too costly so it wasn’t built there. The Mexican gov’t sued for money above and beyond what was lost. Canada sued us because we bought supplies from a different company than normal. The problem wasn’t the government but the moron who wrote the contract that opened us up to a lot of hurt. But the government let it go through. That’s the problem I have. Well, that and the guy who wrote it (can’t remember his name) said that he never thought of things like those decribed above when he wrote it. He just wrote it. Now, they can’t fix it.

    I didn’t mean to offend. I’m sorry. I hope you sleep well. G’Night.

  451. Himmiefan said

    No, no! You didn’t offend!!! I just know that in the past, certain individuals in our government have treated other countries unfairly, even though there are countries that would have done even worse! That’s what I thought you were talking about.

    As for the contract thing, I had no idea! Geesh. Gotta love it as a taxpayer!

  452. Anzia said

    GOOD! I was worried there for a sec! I have this HUGE fear of confrontation… so… yeah…

    No, that contract actually has it’s own court. It never goes public. No one ever hears about it. I really wish I could remember the name. North American something …

  453. Himmiefan said

    Shoot, offensive? I’m the one who’s been talking about guys’ private parts. I wonder if the gov figured that it would be cheaper in the long run to settle and not fight the lawsuits.

    Is this the agreement that Ross Perot said would make a great sucking sound as jobs were sucked out of the US and go to Mexico? I can’t remember the name, but I can remember the sucking sound part. Am I sophisticated or what?

    What am I still doing up? Why are you still up?

  454. Anzia said

    Actually, there was talk about expanding it to other countries too. The original purpose was to keep countries from interfering with commerce in a country w/o that country being able to get paid for the damages.

  455. Margaret said

    I love the bordello idea, possibly housed in a huge castle somewhere with a wing for Mike and the Minxes. Can’t leave him or them out. Geez, I guess you could even invite Vicki to stay but she doesn’t get to visit Henry unless we take a group vote on it, don’t want the poor boy in pain and she just makes him crazy. lol. Also, she gets a wing near Mike, don’t want her too close to Henry, she’d be too much competition. And if Henry were to die, which we know he can’t at least he would go with a smile on his face, wouldn’t he ladies?

  456. prtfvr said

    I am SO out of touch! The conversations have really branched off since I was here last month! Everyone’s having health problems (me too: acid reflux – OW!!!) I must be a terrible person because Anzia’s RUI made me laugh. Ok, here’s why;

    After her great description of why it happens, all I could think of was whether or not Henry ever has that problem. I mean, OBVIOUSLY he gets plenty of….tail? But maybe there are some lonely times? It could be a medical show! ‘Henry Fitzroy, RUI’.

    Actually, I’ve had carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists – in the late 80s. That’s when my health started going to hell. In ’89 the old uterus fell out! I mean, what’s up with that?! I’m just minding my own business and the darn thing decides “that’s it, I’m outta here”? It’s not like I’m nostalgic for it but when your own uterus can’t stand to be with you, you KNOW you’ve got issues!

  457. vampgrl said

    *sigh* I don’t know if my post disappeared, or if you guys didn’t notice ’cause everyone just posts all over me…hehe…but I’m sending again. I just always feel invisible. 😦 Or maybe it’s just that there’s WAY too many people on here I just can’t keep up. *g*
    But you guys are TOO funny! LOVED the Birthday weed typo. The only thought that popped into my head was breaking out the ‘special brownies’…hehehehehe!!! 😎

    vampgrl said,
    July 11, 2007 @ 4:56 am

    Hmmm…that’s weird…looks like the sunglasses one is the only one that actually works. That one’s cool though.
    Oh! Read Anzia’s new part to the food scene again. Gotta tell ya, I don’t think I’ll ever look at Chinese food the same way ever again. Yuuuummmmm….*drool* On the sub of vamp books, I read all kinds of books, not just vamp books. Mostly anything paranormal or scary I’ll read. But right now I have WAY too many books to read at this point I’ll never catch up. I’m still in the middle of A Quick Bite. And I still have to read Tall, Dark and Hungry. I totally love the titles of those books too. Especially Single White Vampire. Heh. Not to mention I still have to read the Blood Books some time this century and lots of BT fanfic yet. Ugh. OH! Found something really cool at the B&N site. Now I know I said I never got the whole comic book/graphic novel thing, but I totally lied. If I had the money, I would TOTALLY grab up the Aliens comic books and graphic novels. I already have a list partially made. *g* Those must have lots and lots of blood and gore in them. My kind of comics right there. Oh yeah….Heh.

    Oh! Just have to let this out. AAAAAAAARGGGGGGGGHHHH!
    I TOTALLY HATE technology!!! Anyone know where to buy regular TV’s today? A 27 inch TV? Not widescreen. Not LCD and not HDTV? I know our Walmart pretty much sells nothing. They’re all for new tech. I say give me old tech anyways. And in a lot of ways I STILL like VCR’s. Sorry, DVD’s are great and all, but VCRs are better in a lot of ways. It’s not my fault that lazy @@@ people don’t want to have to rewind tapes. *g* Speaking of, I finally have to cave and get rid of some of my old Buffy tapes I was holding for no good reason. I know I have old interviews and some specials crammed on there I don’t want to lose, but they’re just not worth taping. I’ll probably never watch those on tape since I have them on DVD, plus I need the room. I doubt anyone else wants eps from Seasons 1 2 and 3 anymore. Heh.

  458. Margaret said

    As far as the movie, I think we should have a magic pill that we can take that turns us into any particular shape we want, along with an option to turn our hair blonde, black, brown, etc. I mean if we are going for fantasy, we might as well go all the way.

  459. Margaret said

    Me, I want the figure I had when I was 18 and the knowledge that I have now. I’d be a double threat. As they said, youth is wasted on the young.

  460. lwildstar said

    Its taken me 20 minutes to catch up!

    ok hemmifan – the mooing guys can be our version of the “red shirts” they get to die first!

    sign me up for the bordello – can’t let you guys have all the fun!

    Got to go! having lunch out today so I’ll check in tonight!

  461. Madonna said

    Good morning guys,

    I’m one of the first at the bordello.

    The MOO guys should definitely have a part. And that name is appropriate not offensive. Since we’re all in the movie here is something we can all weigh in on.

    Now of course we are all playing ourselves in the movie but hypothetically speaking if you HAD to cast someone else as you who would it be. Base it on any criteria you want. I’ll start….

    Based on similarity of appearance alone – This is tough for me considering I don’t really look like anyone. If I had to say… Cameron Manheim from The Practice, even that is a bit of a stretch. (I could do passingly well playing Kyle’s older, fatter, plainer sister if the role were ever called for. I have almost identical coloring, hair, skin, eyes.)

    For glamour and beauty – Catherine Zeta-Jones. Love her hair. She is just beautiful.

    Personality – I’d have to say Sandra Bullock. She is a strong woman who has just enough nerdiness and vulnerability and she likes the bad boys.

    My choice – Sandra Bullock

  462. Annalaise duChat said

    Good Morning All.

    What interest tangents are we going to go off on today?

    How about Kyle’s movies? I’m recording a History of Violence on my DVR so hopefully I will have that to watch soon. I hope Kyle is in it a little longer than he was in Sisterhood OTTP.
    Did any of you see the previews for Death Row? I came across the Trailer for it yesterday on the “web site that can’t be named” Disgusting movie! I’m not into all that blood & gore. I kind of hope our boy stays away from that kind of flick in the future. He doesn’t need to get “type cast” in that genre.

    Any comments?

    Have a great day!

  463. Margaret said

    Annalaise duChat: I ran out and bought a lot of the movies that Kyle was in and I HATED that one. The boy needs to get a better agent or if he’s chosing his own he needs to rethink his choices. By maybe he thinks he needs to get air time. Someone mentioned that Dylan Neal did some stinkers so he could feed his family. Maybe Kyle thinks he can become more discriminating in the future, after all, he’s a young actor trying to get his foot in the door. But with the acting chops that he has shown in Blood Ties I would hope that he could afford to choose better roles in the future. Mind you, I don’t really like Jeff Goldblum but since the movie has Kyle in it, I’m there. But yes, Death Row was a real STINKER! And, yes, I hated the blood and gore. Seems that some of the younger kids go for that kind of stuff, I know my son had me watch SAW II with him. I hated it!

  464. Margaret said

    Here’s a mind-boggling topic for you: What do you think Henry’s definition of love is? Obviously, he’s not a one woman man. I went to Tanya’s live journal and asked her how she was defining his idea of love when she wrote the books, don’t know if she’ll respond but I’d be interested to know.

  465. Danielle said

    Henry and I will do the shopping around for the Bordello. I thought it up I get first picks on it. I know that sounds selfish and I am sorry because I am not really like that. Sometimes a girl has to think of herself before all others. We will go to Austria, Romania, Ireland, etc. All the countries with really great castles hanging around. We will take lots of pictures and bring them back for everyone to peruse and we can come to a decision together. I am thinking of a good sized guest house for Vicki. She needs to be kept far away from Henry. As for the minxes they can have a wing for them and Mike. To tell you the truth I would like a taste of Mike for myself but I am forever faithfully Henry’s.

    There will be a very nice landscaped pool, a hot tub, and a sauna. The grounds will contain the garden of my dreams with lots of Henry’s Bleeding Heart bushes, red and white, no pink. There will be lots of lavender bushes of all varieties and a bunch of gorgeous rose bushes. If anyone on here likes pink we can throw a few pink flowers in but not to much. Ew Ew Ew!

    Everyone insert your own requirements here.

    This Bordello definitely has to be in the movie. Maybe after we rescue Henry and he is rewarding us.

  466. msgypsy said

    Good morning, bloggerini! It’s cooler this morning and I hear rumors we’re cooling down to a high of the mid-90s today. By the weekend I should be able to breathe without being worried about the exhale heating my face up too much. Yeah, it’s THAT hot.

    We did indeed have a little tiny earthquake last night. It registered 3.3 and was centered in Canby. I didn’t feel it but my friend who lives in Tualatin did. Faraday apparently did. I was napping and what woke me was the barking.

    I’m relieved to see the political discussion being peaceful. I shy away from politics in entertainment related forums (fora?) just because I’m not sure I can keep my own mouth under control. (One of my other handles is Peasantwitch and there’s this one person who calls me Pleasantwitch because I try so hard to keep things peaceful even when everyone knows where I stand on the issue under discussion.) Anyhow, thanks for keeping it not only civil but pleasant and informative.

    I napped too much last night and didn’t get a nice cooling shower in so now I have to blow off my morning doing that instead. Sigh! Later, blog-sibs.

    Oh, Laurel, I put Mike on the bus but he called to say that the route I sent him on had already ended for the night so he was walking. He may be a little late. Sorry.

  467. Annalaise duChat said


  468. Danielle said

    Oh and I was going to pick Sandra Bullock for me but Madonna beat me to it. She is just so classy and normal and down to earth. The girl next door you know. Since I think of Christina Cox that way, she is me then. All she has to do is put on a few pounds but since this is our fantasy the way she looks now is the way I want to look so she doesn’t have to change a damn thing. I even wish I had her hair.

  469. msgypsy said

    The bordello has to be someplace where it’s legal so Mike can come visit, too. And it has to be classy. I’m a little worried that Henry’s tastes are kind of stuck in the 16th century sometimes. Please keep his hereditary excesses under control!

    I would like a small, intimate restaurant on the grounds, one that people can visit with or without partaking of any of the other amenities. And I reserve the right to visit Vicki. I’m not sayin’ what for… LH gets first dibs, I’m sure, but I want to at least visit…

  470. Danielle said

    A restaurant, I can see that. It can be a way to bring in revenue without having to actually work. We can own it but have other people run it. We would check in occasionally to make sure everything is running as should be and no one is trying to embezzle from us but other then that we can just play. What kind of restaurant, Italian? Oooooo maybe Chinese so we can play with our food.

  471. Rifkind said

    Morning Blogkin..
    Man didn’t get on here at all yesterday and look what fun I missed!

    Laurel wrote :
    >Doesn’t anyone else suffer from dislexia of the fingers? I always wish people >a great birthday WEEK. One stupid slip of the fingers while on presciption >pain meds and I am now the weed lady?
    >Laurel hangs her head and sighs. Years of clean living wiped out in a single >momement.

    Laurel thanks for the fun. Your type sent us on a fun trip.. hee hee… L.A. had to be careful that Henry didn’t get the muchies too badly… So very funny! Then your comment above made me laugh out loud..
    “Years of clean living wiped out in a single momement. ”

    Soo funny!

  472. Danielle said

    I think it will need a ballroom also. That way when our friends and families visit we can have bitchin’ parties.

  473. Tango said

    Catcorrnmom – glad to see you back! Missed ya!

    Elizabeth – good to see you back too!

    Annalaise – thanks for the great post with all the smilies! I love all the new ones we will be experimenting with. Annalaise – I rented Death Row – I don’t like the B&G movies either, but I did want to see Kyle so I just used the fast forward button a lot. I must say, it was what I thought it would be. He did the best with what he had to work with, but his performance as Henry just outshines everything else he has done. IMHO.

    Dizey – the one for dazed *-* would be a good one to use for Dizey. That should be a signature one for you.

    Prtfvr – carpel tunnel is what I was eluding too last night, not carel tunnel. The visual on your uterus story just brought a tear to me eye.ROTFLMAO! =D Thanks for getting my day started off with a smile. If you haven’t tried the purple pill for your reflux, you should try it. (Nexium)

    So baby Henry has a receeding feather line? I hope this is not a prelude for our Henry! 😉

  474. Rifkind said

    I was also one who wanted to get the epospdes…
    SAI just sent me an email that he has a care package being sent to be … YIPPEEE!!! Bit thanks for the offer.
    Thank You Universe! You did send me my missing Henry eps.. YIPEE!!!

  475. Tango said

    Himmie – Margaret had a good idea with the castle (she was referring to the bordello, but I think our movie needs a castle too) This could be our HQ!

    Vampgirl – Some of the smilies you are just suppose to tilt your head to the left and see the image from the keystrokes – if that makes sense. As far as a new tv, if you’ve got an HH Greg (sp?) in town, my husband is always making comments about how inexpensive they are. I even asked them if they had any tvs on sale and he said you could get a 25” for less than $100 – so check them out.

    Margaret – very thought provoking question – I’ve got to run now, but I will give it some thought and check back at what you chicas and chico say later. Good job with the castle idea! I am also right with you there with Jeff Goldblum, something about him just get’s under my skin. Of course not enough to make me miss anything that Kyle is in. 😉

    Gotta go! I’ve got a lot to do before I leave on my Oklahoma City trip Sunday. My company’s national convention – should be fun.

  476. Danielle said

    Ok I just wanted to make everyone that wanted them got them.

  477. Rifkind said

    Himmiefan ,
    It is NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
    Here is the WIKI page :

  478. Tango said

    Oh Gypsy, since you’re here. I e-mailed you, but you might see this first. There are a couple of medical related posts caught in the spam filter. I thought you might want to look at them so I didn’t delete them.

  479. Rifkind said

    prtfvr said,
    > … In ‘89 the old uterus fell out! I mean, what’s up with that?! I’m just
    > minding my own business and the darn thing decides “that’s it, I’m outta
    > here”? It’s not like I’m nostalgic for it but when your own uterus can’t stand > to be with you, you KNOW you’ve got issues!

    OMG, you are so funny! “the old uterus fell out” I laughed out loud!
    So glad that you can be light hearted about it.. as there is nothing you can do about it..
    We do miss your comments here..

  480. Rifkind said

    I think that we have a Harem not a Bordello, as Henry and Mike are the main visitors.. although I think that we need Emmanuel to be our gardener.. and well, if Mike and Henry are otherwise occupied….. 🙂 I’m sure that we could take flower arranging classes or SOMETHING … Hee Hee

  481. Danielle said

    Emmanual will be a welcome substitute. The only reason I used Bordello is because I was thinking of the Bordell of Blood. That sounded kind of icky so I just stuck with Bordello. Besides we can invite any of our other favorite guys to visit, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp, Gerard Butler, Viggo Mortenson, Orlando Bloom, Ewan Mcgregor. It is a fantasy so we can include whomever we want be ONLY to visit. Henry and Mike are the only mainstays.

  482. Rifkind said

    OK how sad is this..
    I went over to IMDb to look Emmanual (Craig Veroni )
    and under the bio it has this:
    Tamara Mckay (2002 – present)

    I guess with rampant divorce rates, this makes sense.. but it was a shocker to see it listed like that..
    If I were a “hollywood wife” reading the “to present” would be a reminder of how temporary Hollywood marriages can be..
    It was just a shocker to me to read it…

  483. Rifkind said

    Orlando can come to room #6 anytime for a visit! YUMMMMMMM!

  484. Danielle said

    I will take them all periodically throughout the night and day, room #24. Oh I want Apolo Anton Ohno to visit also.

  485. Claire said

    Morning blog family!

    Danielle…definitely Romania for the Bordello…have always wanted to go there! I mean that’s where most of these vamp…were legends come from.Since seeing Blood and chocolate….really want to go there!! the architecture alone is worth seeing up close! are too funny…and so good, you are ok with the old uterus moving out.
    I’ve been trying to get mine to move out since I had the quads in 99.I find it ridiculous that as close to 50 as I am..the damn thing still wants to live here and is still working!! Didn’t it hear about early retirement? 😉 to calm the crazy kids! back later!

  486. Danielle said

    Claire-Don’t worry I spoke with Henry and we definitely plan on focusing our search in Romania but if nothing looks good there I intend to check out Austria next. Broken Wing just came on my ITunes player. I thought of you right away.

  487. Rifkind said

    A warning to those of you with Ipods..
    Folks wearing them and who get struck by lightening end up with some very bad burns and blown ear drums..
    MsGypsy be very careful while out hiking!

  488. Danielle said

    Here are a few castles Henry and I found that we both like. Check them out. Austria is next.

  489. Danielle said

    Does anyone think it would be to tongue-in-cheek to commandeer Dracula’s Castle. It is haunted. If anyone gets scared Henry will be there to protect us.

  490. Himmiefan said

    NAFTA! (Slaps forehead). Anzia and I got the “NA” and couldn’t remember the rest. Thanks! Apparently she attended an interested class that talked about the pros and cons of NAFTA.

    Okay, so who would have ever thought we’d be able to mix together talks about a bordello and NAFTA. Are we talented or what?

    Prtfvr – I just sat at my desk and laughed out loud! 🙂

    Can our castle/bordello/headquarters be called The Hen’s (and Minx’s) Harem? I wouldn’t want anyone to think WE’RE

  491. Himmiefan said

    NAFTA! (Slaps forehead). Anzia and I got the “NA” and couldn’t remember the rest. Thanks! Apparently she attended an interested class that talked about the pros and cons of NAFTA.

    Okay, so who would have ever thought we’d be able to mix together talks about a bordello and NAFTA. Are we talented or what?

    Prtfvr – I just sat at my desk and laughed out loud! 🙂

    Can our castle/bordello/headquarters be called The Hen’s (and Minx’s) Harem? I wouldn’t want anyone to think WE’RE the ones open for business…Headquarters of the Yum? Henry’s Den? Henry’s Lair? Hmmmm

  492. Himmiefan said

    Don’t you just love how when you hit the “Stop” button on your browser, the server or whatever doesn’t stop!!! Love those incomplete posts!

  493. Himmiefan said

    Now, how can we work Prtfvr’s uterus into our movie?

  494. Danielle said

    I think Henry’s Lair is a good one. Home of the Order of the Yum and the Paranormal Avengers.

  495. Himmiefan said


  496. Danielle said

    I wonder where Beth(IDizey) is. She hasn’t been heard from yet and she usually has come on by now. Maybe she is just really busy.

  497. Anzia said

    I have a request for the Bordello. If Romania doesn’t work I BEG that you look in Ireland! I love the restraunt & ballroom idea. I think we should get a really large one and set up the extra room as commercial rooms. To be rented out for weddings or something like that. Same with the ballroom. For the same reason as stated earlier- more money in means less work for us. HOWEVER, i feel that we could have a pretty lucradive (sp?) movie making career.

    As for the Bordello in the movie, we could set the ballroom up as the On Land command post and then do shots of the outside and various fun places inside at the end to show the “happily ever after” ending. Maybe it’s just “Satisfied ever after”….

    Ms.gypsy- I didn’t even think about the reaction my political comments would make. I’m sorry. 🙂 I promise to think a little more before I comment. I’m just so comfortable with ya’ll that it didn’t sink in until Himmie responded… yeah…

    NAFTA! THANK YOU! It was driving me NUTS!

    vampgrl- I love my DVD’s. Mostly because when I was at school I put them all in CD binders and it saved me A LOT of space. I do own a VCR and have a few tapes but REALLY like my DVD’s. ^_^ My TV is actually the first TV my aunt & Uncle ever owned. It has genuine fake wood paneling down the side of it. Upside? it comes with HUGE speakers and Stereo! ^_^

  498. Danielle said

    It sounds like our love nest is really going to take off.

  499. Rifkind said

    I want to be the first to sign up for ballroom dance lessons with Henry!
    (I am sure that HE already knows how to dance wonderfully)
    He and I can practice for hours and hours… until I get the hang of it..
    Should I be a bad student on purpose.. 😉 Hee Hee

  500. Himmiefan said

    Hey Anzia. I think my wording made it look like I was disagreeing with you, and I wasn’t! I had been typing away with my breath-taking opening scene, so was in a very wordy mood. I have to confess, though, I’m rather ignorant about NAFTA. I’ve been drowning in hospital finance issues, and I’m sure none of you want to hear about that! Hey, that can be one of my weapons against the monsters! I’ll tie them down and put them through my financial reports training. They’ll be begging for mercy in no time.

    BTW, you know, we can have lairs all over the world. Ya’ll decide what country our headquarters is to be, um, headquartered.

    Well, gotta go to a meeting and fake enthusiasm.

  501. Danielle said

    Austrian Castles

    This one looks like it is actually built on the lake

    Not many pictures but it looks awesome outside.

    Not much but I love the garden in the first picture.

  502. Danielle said

    Toronto, close to home:

  503. Danielle said

    Another that looks like it is right on the lake.

  504. Margaret said

    Since I married into an Irish Family I vote for at least one Irish castle. Doesn’t have to be headquarters, maybe a summer home for us?

  505. Danielle said


  506. Laurel said

    rifkind – glad you enjoyed the typo and all the conversation it inspired. Who knew it would turn into a day long giggle.
    I’m glad to have been of entertainment value yesterday! You all are definately the high point of my days! Of course now our movie must have gourmet brownies available at all times, along with really good coffee or your drink of choice to go with them. Coffee and chocolate are the drugs of choice in my household but not nearly as funny.

    I can envision a series of well crafted movies for the Paranormal Avengers. Maybe something that lets us feature different team members in their specific areas of expertise. We could use a number of different locations as our base of operations depending on the specifics of the script. I vote for Ireland and the British Isles as a definate must. I have family ties to Scotland.

  507. Danielle said


  508. Danielle said


  509. Danielle said

    The Netherlands:

  510. Danielle said

    It’s very yellow.

  511. Laurel said

    I have to tell you all about my sister-in-law Debi. I have been trying to get her interested in BT for months but she kept saying “I don’t really get into vampires.”
    Well, she was sitting beside me on Sunday when I scrolled over Tango’s name and revealed the pic behind it. “Hey!” she exclaimed, “who’s that!” Hehehe
    I knew I had her then. I carefully explained that he was the yummy vampire I had been offering to show her.
    We have now watched all 12 episodes and she has read the first three books. 🙂
    She may join us on the blog but is afraid she doesn’t have enough disipline to play on here and still get her work done. I had to admit that you all take up a lot of my time, but I am enjoying it.

  512. prtfvr said

    Regarding falling uteri (?). I blame my last big boy for that (baby, not a man! What a thought!) He was impatient to get out and tortured me the last two months of pregnancy by being in position so early. I’d walk and that head of his would hit a nerve and my leg would go out! That was exciting.

    I didn’t even know the thing was heading south. I missed my gyn appointment for the first time – ever! And didn’t go for a checkup until 18 months after I had old stubborn. Here’s the scene:

    Doctor: Have you noticed anything unusual lately?

    Me: As compared to what?

    Doctor: Have you noticed that there’s a protrusion? (Ok, I forget what he said but that’s the gist.)

    Me: No, it’s not my job to stick my hand up there. That’s why I have a husband and he ain’t mentioned it.

    Doctor: Well, it’s prolapsed (which sounds positive but it really isn’t) so we need to decide whether to remove it completely or place a pessary (sp?) instead.

    Me: Pessary? Isn’t that like, a shelf?! What the heck am I going to do with a uterus on a shelf? I don’t even dust my house! Plus, I already had my tubes tied – you probably just cut something loose that was holding everything up.

    Doctor: I assure you that your fallopian tubes do not hold up the uterus.

    Me: So you say but it’s awful suspicious timing…

    Anyhow, Blue Cross made me get a second opinion and I don’t know where I got this ass but he was an ass. THAT visit went like this:

    2nd Opinion Dr: Why do you want a hysterectomy?

    Me: Hello? Weren’t you just up there? Did you notice something in the way or even the fact that you didn’t need a speculum to look at the darn thing?

    2nd Opinion Dr: There are other solutions. We could go in and tack it up…

    Me: Don’t tell me you want to install a pessary?! Ain’t no man going that route with me! Plus, it’s not like a hem or anything. How the heck would that hold?

    2nd Opinion Dr: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah….pessary.

    Me: HELLO! Have you been listening? No shelves, no tacks! It’s a going, going, gone sale and I want it out now!

    Long story short (too late), I had it removed and after surgery my doctor went to talk to my husband and said “We did this just in time. If she would have bent over and pressed on her stomach, the whole thing would have popped out.”

    First, let me say – WHEN would I EVER do that? And what for? Second, you’d think that fact that even I could touch my own uterus without trying would have tipped him off to that bulletine.

    Anyhow, enough of that. Makes me want BBQ real bad though! 😉

  513. prtfvr said

    Himmiefan said: “Now, how can we work Prtfvr’s uterus into our movie?”

    My uterus didn’t work for me, I’m pretty sure it won’t work for a movie.

  514. prtfvr said

    I’m sorry that I don’t know much about the script or I’d offer tons of suggestions because I just know everyone’s missed this opinionated ass. And that wasn’t a fat joke…although I am fat…

  515. Danielle said

    Now this is what I’m talking about.

    Let me just say wow!

    This one seems perfect.

  516. Danielle said

    I think I am liking French castles the best.

  517. DIZEY1 said


    I’m HERE Dani girl, just can’t catch up on the posts. Wheweee I’m in for the Bordello/Restaurant. Henry’s Haven, The Lord of Lechery’s Lair. I’m hanging wherever Henry’s hanging baby. 😎 😛

    Yesterday BTW I was lurking @ Bloodlines and read Michael Eklund (sp) interview. It was freaking great. I knew I liked him but I love him now. Ya’ll need to check it out.

  518. prtfvr said

    All this talk about my missing uterus made me wonder: Is there going to be a moat around this castle?

  519. Danielle said


    I don’t think this will work for us but I like the lights on it at night.

    I read a romance novel about this one kinda so I had to put it in.

  520. Danielle said

    We can have whatever we want. We can add stuff if it doesn’t have it.

  521. prtfvr said

    Hey, that’s what the doc told me too! 😉

  522. Danielle said


    I just liked the name of this one.

    A lot of the Spanish ones look almost exactly the same.

  523. Anzia said

    um… it depends on how disgusting you want to be? I mean i have something that could be described as disgusting (actually… it probably IS disgusting) in mind to do to the MWSDs.

    himmie- no problem lov! ^_^ You’re a doll and i can’t wait to read the movie.

    prtfvr- watching legally blonde? ^_^

  524. Danielle said

    This would look so awesome covered in a blanket of fresh fallen snow.

  525. Anzia said

    the disgusting is in reference to using prtfvr’s uterus in the movie

  526. Laurel said

    prtfvr – I just read your story aloud to Debi. She is gasping for breath and almost rolling on the floor. Says “that’s it! No way can I get on that blog. I would make the mistake of getting on during the day and end up hysterical!” She is an elementary school teacher with a great sence of humor who can laugh with great gusto.
    Since she is the one who drove me to the ER at 3:30am on Monday I need to give her my undivided attention for the rest of the day.

    By the way, she seems to think you all are infringing on her time with me. I didn’t jump up and make her a latte fast enough (something I usually do just because I love her) and she blamed you.:( I have to admit that she has a point! I am still working on balancing the needs of real life and my fun time on here. 😉
    Now, I must run off for a while. We are going to the Museum of Science and Industry today for a special exhibit and an OMNIMAX movie.
    Visit with you later.

  527. Annalaise duChat said

    Send Henry to check this one out. He and I can share the tower room! Sorry gals. Take a number!

    prtfvr – I’m so glad you have a sense of humor about the whole thing. The way you tell it is hysterical! The Hysterical Hysterectomy by prtfvr.

    Is this movie script posted somewhere when we can all go check it out?

  528. Danielle said


    Sleeping Beauty’s castle LOL!

  529. Scribble said

    Okay so I promised a quick appearance so here I am.

    Hi! I am the Exec Assistant to one of the producers for Blood Ties and I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you on behalf of TPTB (and Tanya) for the package of the bookmark and artwork page with all of your encouraging comments. We really appreciate all of our viewers and keep up the great work of bugging all the networks to continue buying Blood Ties!

    I have to run, we are really busy with the development of the DVD and the Canadian launch, but I will try to pop on again soon!

  530. Danielle said

    Last one I swear.

  531. Danielle said

  532. Danielle said

    OMG! That was too cool. Our bookmark was recieved.

  533. prtfvr said

    Anzia: Please don’t use my uterus in the movie! I’m sure that was a joke! Besides, it’s camera-shy and I don’t know how to get in touch with it – haven’t seen it in years.

    Laurel: You make friends Lattes?!! I want one! 🙂 Tell Debi that I only show up sporadically, torture everyone and then disappear for a month at a time. Besides, she has the night to lurk! Always glad to have another BT fan on board!

  534. Danielle said

    Scribble-Thanks for taking the time to come on.

  535. prtfvr said

    Anzia: Legally Blonde? Love that movie but I haven’t seen it recently. I just have a goofy grasp of the language at times. 🙂

  536. Danielle said

    Ok so we should have one location in at least every major country. Maybe more minor locations everywhere else that way no matter where we are when we get the Henry or Mike urge there is a place for us to go. I like one castle in France that disappeared. My post with the France castles must have gone to limbo land waiting to be approved. Whenever it shows up one of those should be our main headquarters.

  537. DIZEY1 said

    Castles 🙂 I like the Romania idea and would keep us knee deep in vampires.

    Dani, we could have Bachanalia’s sooo very cool. I’d love to go to one. We could all be dressed in period attire. The big wigs like Antionette , Henry all decked out in his Man in the Iron mask wear, with the royal purple sash , no wig. I can picture his fine behind all decked out. Yep I could be turned by this man of course after we signed a contract that he wouldn’t leave me behind for eternity like Christina did him.

    Sorry I had a customer. Stopped in mid sentence forgot what I was writing 🙂

  538. Danielle said

    His fine behind doesn’t need any decoration. All it needs is a snug pair of black slacks seductively caressing his perfect cheeks.

  539. DIZEY1 said

    HI Scribble, So very glad to see you here, It’s our pleasure !! 😉 Also glad to hear that the bookmark made it there. Just a small token of our appreciation for what has become our wonderful addiction. 🙂

    Please DO NOT let us keep you from those WHOO HOOO DVD”S . YEAH , it doesn’t take much to please us here as you can see.

  540. loves history said

    most castle i france were torn down by lousis xIV WHAT relpaced them are just fancy houses. italy spain germany just about everywere else has many more real castles

  541. Danielle said

    I tell IT guys don’t really know what they are doing. They pretend they do and totally BS there way through everything. Something happened with the fax server and all the orders that were sent today never went. They are so frustrating.

  542. Danielle said

    It was supposed to be I tell ya.

  543. DIZEY1 said

    Dani girl it’s you and me in the gutter today. Lets go play 😛 Seductively eh???

    Oh yes October can’t get here fast enough. I am longing for my man, and all that light table talk from Tango just makes me miss him all the more. Ooh the interview w/Michael (Norman) he said the line in Norman at the end when he tells Vick about the tat’s being a gift and he says that orignally was supposed to be “You can have anything you want” he added the line “even him” and they kept it. Watch Kyle and Christina’s face they look a little surprised I gues. I thought that was a perfect line. I guess Norman was channeling through him at the time. 😉 Great interview he’s even cooler than I thought he was. He can hang with us at the castle. We’ll make him work for Henry’s Harem as a go between w/th demons etc.

    Going to lunch, some peeps here got chinese today the mind reels……. 😎

  544. Danielle said

    I am in a very playfull mood today. Watch out! Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. Woohoo!

  545. Margaret said


    Thanks so much for the visit. Its nice to know that the things got to their final destination.

    I’m assuming you would tell us if you heard from Lifetime yet. Tanya has said it will probably be near the end of July. I can’t tell you how much we are all looking forward to the release of the DVD’s. And it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, October is just too far off to make us wait for more Blood Ties.

    I can’t speak for the other ladies but I envy you your job. Seems like it would never be boring.

  546. Danielle said

    Honestly Beth I don’t think your mind ever makes it out of the gutter completely. It always has at least one toe hanging in there.

  547. Danielle said

    Margaret-Boring? She is one of the exec assistants for one of the producers. She got to hobnob with Kyle all day everyday. I would say that would keep my interest.

  548. prtfvr said

    DIZ: That’s cool info about Norman (Michael Eklund). Now I have to watch that ep again just to pay attention to that part. Like I need an excuse?

    Could it be Norman’s Nymphettes? Too unbelievable, right?

  549. Rifkind said

    You just kill me..!!!! Good thing that I am working from HOME today..
    I would be ROFLMAO and folks would know that I wasn’t working!

    Well Lunch is over.. better get going .

    Scribble… glad to read your note. WELCOME, come and join us anytime.
    We know that you are busy, and apprecieated your short visit!

  550. Chery said

    Good fternoon everyone. I am enjoying reading everyone’s comments
    from castles to a “uterus”? Wow what divergent subjects. LOL

    Just wanted to tell I just ordered copies of Henry’s rings! the jeweler in Van Couver who made the originals is listed on the Blood Ties Central Website.

    Just sent off my International Money Order and expect the rings in about 10 days!!!!! Can’t Wait……………

  551. prtfvr said

    You know those medical questionaires for women and one of them asks: Hysterctomy? I always write “No womb at the inn.”

    That one’s for all you Catholics out there or watchers of any Nativity specials. 🙂

  552. prtfvr said

    Chery: Let us know how the quality of the rings are and rate their value versus what you had to pay for them. I spend a lot of money but I like to be practical about it. 😉

  553. Himmiefan said

    Scribble – Thanks for keeping us updated! Much appreciated!!

    Prtfvr – first hemming and then no womb in the inn. You’ve got to write! You’re a natural at comedy!!! The uterus was just so wacky that I’d hate to leave it out of our movie, but I can’t find a way to include it. Bummer.

    Loves History – I didn’t know most of the French castles had been torn down. What a waste!

    Ladies – I love all the castle suggestions. Do we want to narrow them down? We don’t have to; it’s up to you. Also, remember to choose one for headquarter.

  554. Danielle said

    I choose one of the ones I picked in France for our main headquarters. My post disappeared so I can’t tell you which one until it shows up. Other than I say you pick one from each of the other countries I put up there. You are the one writing you get to pick whichever ones strike your fancy.

    I think we should use this one for Austria: This one looks like it is actually built on the lake

    and this one for the US: Cinderella’s castle LOL!

  555. Margaret said

    Danielle: I would have asked if there were any job openings up there but thought better of it. After all she was nice enough to visit. Besides you all have already dashed my hopes on that pipe dream with talks of strict immigration and work visa laws. Waaaah.

  556. Margaret said

    Oh, I vote for an Irish Castle.

  557. Danielle said

    Hey I didn’t dash anybody’s hopes. I had no idea of what the laws were like. Everyone else dashed my dreams. LOL! 😉

  558. Danielle said

    Of course I think since Henry is a vampire and we are all technically vampire sluts it should be in Romania.

    Once again I ask does anybody think it would be to tongue-in-cheek to have it be Dracula’s Castle?

  559. prtfvr said

    Himmie: The only use I can think of for one slightly used uterus is as a sack to hold water like they used pig bladders (I resent that) as wine skins. Although, I HAVE had three kids so maybe a futon?

  560. “I was wondering what Lady Aphrodite was going to do with Birthday weed!”

    I leave for the day and this happens??? Ha ha! That’s a great typo, and pretty perceptive as well. *cough*

    I had a great time yesterday, the circus was amazing!!! My jaw hit the floor more times than I care to count.

  561. Margaret said

    Danielle: Didn’t mean you personally. Whoever you all are you know who you are. Its that southern thing excaping again. Sorry. And, I was ready to pick up and move too, lol. Yes, I’m sure we’d all be in heaven if we could be Kyle’s personal assistant but who would ever get any work done and then he’d fire us.

  562. Madonna said

    I love all things Scottish, so here’s my nomination. It’s surrounded by water so there would be less interference from the outside world. Plus, it is firing my imagination of seeing Henry in a kilt.

  563. Danielle said

    I don’t know Margaret. If we were Kyle’s personal assistant we would keep that man very happy or at least I would if you catch my drift.. He would be loath to fire me after I took care of him. Hard to believe I am a virgin huh?

  564. Himmiefan said

    Prtfvr – fill it with explosives and drop it on the bad guys? 🙂

    Dracula’s castle. Hmmmm. It might be just so obvious that the bad would think that we’d never use it. You know, it would be like hide in plane site.

    Now, Henry’s originally British, story’s located in Canada, and it looks like we’re all in America. Well the midpoint is out in the ocean, so that’s out.

    Just thinking out loud here. What if Henry bought the other half of the top floor of his condo building? He’d, of course, buy it for us. So, when our superhero alarm system goes off (system to be determined), we’d all converge there. Just a thought. It’s up to you guys to decide.

  565. Madonna said

    Danielle, Margaret,
    With the distraction I don’t know if I could take care of him…. but I’d damn sure give it the old college try.

  566. Danielle said

    As long as he reciprocated I would be more than happy and capable of taking care of him.

  567. Himmiefan said

    Oooohhhh Madonna. I’ll bet money that we’ll all start speculating what he wears or doesn’t wear under his kilt.

  568. prtfvr said

    Himmie: I like writing. I used to write all the time. Tried writing a script too – got the real software and everything but only got 25 pages done. The main bad guy made me so angry I just quit writing. He was an evil dude. Go figure, an evil bad guy, what’re the odds? Now I can’t find it! I’m so sad!

    As far as entertaining everyone. I’m going to post a new comic Saturday called “No, I’m NOT gay!” It’s about Henry and how beautiful he is versus many men hitting on him because of how he looks and him constantly saying “No, I’m NOT gay!”. Basically an “I’m flattered, but I don’t swing that way” story.

    Pulling pics that totally misrepresent what was actually happening in the episode takes longer than I thought! I need advice from Star Magazine!

    The blog’s been done for a while but ms.gypsy’s is so good I didn’t see a need to publish the address for everyone to use. It’s just out there sitting fallow.

    Gwen’s software came and I’m sending it to her this weekend. She’s working on “Gwen’s Garret” which will be our fan fiction section. A separate section with a “Warning, Explicit Sexual Content” notice will be there so that no one goes there without knowing what they’re in for.

    I enlisted Gwen because she writes fan fic all the time and she’s on me constantly to finish the site so asked to “assist” me in getting it up. (Oh lord, that sounded BAD!) Let me tell you, my unintentional month off from the website hasn’t gone over well with her! Good thing she doesn’t lurk here! I’m always complaining about her nagging and you just don’t want to piss off a New York cop. 😉

  569. I’ll get the blue ribbons ready and we can have a “contest” about Henry’s kilt.

  570. Madonna said

    If he wears that kilt the way it supposed to be worn, we wouldn’t have to speculate on anything.

  571. Danielle said

    Speaking of ribbons and kilts has anyone heard that song about the Scot that feel asleep under a tree and found himself wrapped in a ribbon and some other person said he one first prize.

  572. Madonna said

    I’ll say he wears it the right way. He does seem to be a tradionalist afterall…..

  573. prtfvr said

    Lady A! I totally missed your birthday felicitations!! Happy Birthday and Many MORE!!!

    Beware of the birthday weed, it can cause bloating – that last for years and sometimes shows up as weight gain when clearly it’s no! 🙂

  574. The Scotsman is the name of the song. I listen to it and sing it a lot. I usually sing it in my head during renaissance faires as I watch all of the guys walk around.

  575. prtfvr said

    If Henry’s going to wear a kilt, I demand a “Marilyn Monroe, standing over a subway grate” scene!! That way I don’t have to wonder what he has on under there. 🙂

  576. I didn’t even partake in the weed, but my mother made so much food that I barely fit in my seat at the circus!!

  577. Danielle said

    I wasn’t sure if it was The Scotsman or not. I love that song. It is so funny.

    Henry Fitzroy over a subway grate in a kilt worn traditionally. That is a very pleasant thought. Does anyone know his shoe size? 😛


    Scroll down to the bottom. There is a calendar I think you all would like. 😉

  579. Danielle said

    [audio src="" /]

    Go here to hear the Scotsman.

  580. Claire said

    Hi all!
    Prtfvr…man laughing today from all your crazy comments…you really need to be here more often!
    I have officially now heard it all….uterus on a shelf…lmao!

    I still vote for Romania! come’s beautiful…it has castles…gorgeous men with accents…human and non human…Henry…will be there,what more could we ask for?

    I also agree with Dizey…I like Norman! I read the interview and saw the pics over at Bloodlines…he is wicked awesome! we must find a way to include him.

    Oh but Diz…he ain’t turning you before he turns me…maybe he can do two at a time… 😛

  581. Madonna said

    But Claire… Henry in a kilt!

  582. Danielle said

    I am leaving soon guys. Tomorrow’s Friday. YAY! Talk atcha tomorrow.

  583. Danielle said

    We can make him wear a kilt in Romania. We will be in private most of the time so no one will know.

  584. Danielle said

    And if we are going to have a base in all countries it is all good anyway.

  585. Danielle said

    Ok I really am leaving now.

  586. msgypsy said

    Lyrics for The Scotsman:

    Well a Scotsman clad in kilt left a bar on evening fair
    And one could tell by how we walked that he drunk more than his share
    He fumbled round until he could no longer keep his feet
    Then he stumbled off into the grass to sleep beside the street
    Ring ding diddle diddle I de oh ring di diddly I oh
    He stumbled off into the grass to sleep beside the street

    About that time two young and lovely girls just happend by
    And one says to the other with a twinkle in her eye
    See yon sleeping Scotsman so strong and handsome built
    I wonder if it’s true what they don’t wear beneath the kilt
    Ring ding diddle diddle I de oh ring di diddly I oh
    I wonder if it’s true what they don’t wear beneath the kilt

    They crept up on that sleeping Scotsman quiet as could be
    Lifted up his kilt about an inch so they could see
    And there behold, for them to see, beneath his Scottish skirt
    Was nothing more than God had graced him with upon his birth
    Ring ding diddle diddle I de oh ring di diddly I oh
    Was nothing more than God had graced him with upon his birth

    They marveled for a moment, then one said we must be gone
    Let’s leave a present for our friend, before we move along
    As a gift they left a blue silk ribbon, tied into a bow
    Around the bonnie star, the Scots kilt did lift and show
    Ring ding diddle diddle I de oh ring di diddly I oh
    Around the bonnie star, the Scots kilt did lift and show

    Now the Scotsman woke to nature’s call and stumbled towards a tree
    Behind a bush, he lift his kilt and gawks at what he sees
    And in a startled voice he says to what’s before his eyes.
    O lad I don’t know where you been but I see you won first prize
    Ring ding diddle diddle I de oh ring di diddly I oh
    O lad I don’t know where you been but I see you won first prize

    Lyrics for my favorite, “Scotland’s Depraved”:

    Bring me some whiskey, mother
    I’m feeling frisky, mother
    Bring me a sheep for I am lonely tonight
    I need a lover, mother
    No, not my brother, mother
    I need a sheep to keep me warm through the night

    Sheep never talk about it
    They never ever doubt it
    Always so placid, affectionate and nice
    Bring me that lanolin
    Better than flannel-in
    I need a sheep to keep me warm through the night

    Owls, bats and other critters
    Just seem to give me jitters
    I need a sheep to keep me warm through the night
    Gerbils don’t make it, mother
    They just can’t take it, mother
    I need a sheep to keep me warm through the night

    Bring me a beast, dear mother
    Nay, not the priest, dear mother
    I need a sheep to keep me warm through the night
    Bring me a sheep, dear mother
    Slip it beneath the covers
    England may rule the seas, but Scotland’s depraved

    Alternate verses added later by others:

    Some think a swine is fine
    And some like a horse of course but
    Those in the know, know that sheep are the best
    Their fleece is soft and white
    They keep you warm at night
    England may rule the seas but Scotland’s depraved

    Call out the Glasgow bobbies
    We’ll teach them brand new hobbies
    Bring out the sheep for I’m so loney tonight
    Dollies inflatable
    With morals debatable
    England’s a beggar, but Scotland’s depraved

  587. DIZEY1 said

    Oh Dani girl, and you say I’m never totally out of the gutter. You my friend are giving me a run for my money today little miss!! 🙂

    Kilts….. Yes a man in a skirt turns me on. Shoe size I forgot to check last night, but I’ll let you know when I find out. 😎 😛

    Lady A, glad your Big Top adventure was all you hoped it would be. Even as a kid I just didn’t get the circus. Kinda freaky, but hey it’s just my clown phobia talking again I’m sure.

  588. Claire said

    Henry won’t need a kilt..remember…he will either be in his robe…commando…or in his boxer briefs! Except when he takes one or two of us out on the town…then he will wear those gorgeous vamp shirts and dark slacks…yummmm. Sleeping must be done…sans aucun vêtements dessus, complètement la nudité, ainsi nous peut n’admirer son physique fin entre autres.

    Speaking of minds in the gutter….
    cet esprit se sent vraiment vraiment sale aujourd’hui

    🙂 ;P 🙂

  589. Claire said

    Awww my winky guy didn’t work!

  590. msgypsy said

    Okay, folks, when posting a ton of links, remember that your post will go into the moderation bin until either Tango or I can approve it. Just reminding you. There are eight or ten comments that I just approved that you’d have to go back to earlier today in the comments to find.

    As for castles, I heard last week that Vlad Dracul’s castle is up for sale. Just a thought….

    prtvfr, you’re lucky. I’ve been trying to get my uterus removed for years and they keep telling me it’s not necessary yet. Never mind the symptoms I have from uterine fibroids and menopause. They want me to keep it. Ugh!

    BTW, if you want me to link to the fanfic blog, send me the link and I’ll put it up on my front page.

    Scribble, welcome to my disorganized home! Feel free to visit whenever you’d like. Hey, if you’re interested in 16th century Russia, give me a holler. I can always use someone to bounce ideas off of! (I’m reading a workbook on icon painting and I’m starting to think maybe I’ve bitten off more than I can chew…)

    Laurel, I WANT A LATTE!!!!! I can wait, though. LOL!

    Okay, gotta get back to work now. Later, sibs.

  591. DIZEY1 said

    Oh yeah Claire I agree on Romania that should be our home base. I don’t think he’ll mind doing two of us at a time. He’s got stamina and a very good appetite, don’t you think??? I wouldn’t mind him “doing” us in his kilt though. OMG the mind does wander (heavy sigh 🙂 )

    PRTFVR**** Can’t wait for the new installment, that sounds hysterical. As it is when I need a pick me up I’ll go and read the dance again and it just lifts my spirts. I love the “don’t play me bitch”, you just bring a smile to my face, love ya and missed you terribly.

    Tango if you’re lurking what was the Dazed thing about???

  592. DIZEY1 said

    OOlala Claire, sleeping in the nude to see that beautiful body, did I translate correctly?? I ‘m a bit confus on the last line. Something about the spirit smelled really really ????

    Hey Laurel if you’re making latte’s I’d like a cafe’ au’lait . YUMMMMM

  593. prtfvr said

    Lady A: If you’re gonna gain weight, the circus is where you wanna be I guess. 😉

  594. elizabeth said

    OMG! You ladies are hysterical! It has taken me an hour to catch up on all the comments and I practially fell off my chair over prtlvr’s uterus story. I love your sense of humor 🙂 i had a hysterectormy 10 years ago and always referred to it afterwards as “a womb with a view”. I personally like your take on it better.

    As for the Harem location – Scotland would be good. Particularly in the Highlands. I definately learned to appreciate kilts when I visited there some years ago. Watching men do the sword dance in a kilt is very educational 😉 As long as I have a room in the harem I don’t really care where we are.

    Laure/msgypsy – I had no idea we had a small earthguake!! How weird.

    I took my Mom to the doctor this morning and she got her second cast off her arm – yea! They put a removable cast on for her and she was so excited you would think she won the lottery 😛 Anyway, she wanted to go home because she has been with me for about a month now and she misses her life – go figure 😉 Did you guys know that the fire department will gladly come out to your home and change batteries in smoke detectors, etc? I sure didn’t; but, we made sure my Mom knows so she never stands on a chair again to change batteries.

  595. prtfvr said

    Danielle: Regarding Henry’s shoe size – ROTFL! I actually have answer for that!

    It’s generally, although not scientifically proven that you can judge a man’s “shoe size” by the length of his middle finger. That’s considered the “at least this long” factor. Hope that helps. 🙂

  596. DIZEY1 said

    OK Prtfvr, now armed with that information do you think Kyle will let me measure “him”??? 😉

  597. Margaret said

    Well, he does have some long fingers, doesn’t he? Ladies, and I address this to myself, we need to crawl out of the gutter before we get so far down we can’t get up. lol

  598. prtfvr said

    DIZ: I’ve missed you guys too! I’ve been catching up for lost time since yesterday. Never know when I’ll have the time!

    As far as “doing” Henry in a kilt – don’t ask me how I know this but…the kilt gets in the way and the wool sometimes goes in areas that aren’t suitable for it. I’d hang the kilt over the foot board and look at it longly from time. Just my opinion which, as you know, I’m very free with!

    ms.gypsy: The fan fic area is going to be an ftp site where people submit their stories and Gwen reviews them first before they’re posted. It’s a scary thought to have everyone able to post stories without some kind of content check. 🙂

    I had the fibroid tumors too! But I didn’t find out until AFTER they took “it” out. That sure explained A LOT of pain I’d been in since it started getting annoying at nine. Having it yanked was the worst pain I’ve ever been in and I’ve been married before AND had three kids! Who knew?

    I don’t miss it. Cried when I heard that it needed to be shelved or removed and then I got over it. So far the husband hasn’t lost any jewelry or heard any echos so I guess I don’t need to worry about THAT any more. 😉

    BTW, I’m not kidding about that conversation. That’s almost word for word how it went down with both docs. The first time I met that gyn and he was “down there” I asked him if I was “just another pretty face”. MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!

    elizabeth: “Womb with a view”?! LOL!

  599. loves history said

    you need 2 castles the bad guys are keeping hENRY A PRISNORIN ONE

  600. prtfvr said

    DIZ: If you agitate him enough, I’m sure he’d be willing to “give” you the finger. 🙂

  601. prtfvr said

    Margaret: Don’t make me get out of the gutter yet! I’ve missed it down here SO much! This is where I can find my fellow pervs. 🙂

  602. prtfvr said

    And another thing…I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this but Italy has some damn fine castles.

  603. elizabeth said

    prtfvr – When I found out I needed a hysterectomy I was glad and relieved. I had fibroids and a great deal of pain. The weird thing, though, once I had it done I went through this whole grieving process. No more children (what am I insane – I already had 3). I couldn’t explain it even to myself, but once I got over that – woo hoo! Life is good 🙂

    Oooh, I just realized I can go home tonight and watch Henry to my hearts content ;P I know my Mom turned into a total convert, but there was always something that needed to be taken care of while she was with me and I rarely had time to sit down. Ooooh! I can watch Zerophilia, too and the Covenant. Withdrawal is such a bitch and now I can feed my habit 🙂

  604. prtfvr said

    Annalaise: Almost missed your script question. It’s not posted anywhere. I can’t figure out where I saved it! I never printed it so it’s on a computer somewhere. I hope it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands because the subject matter is a little..unusual.

  605. elizabeth said

    I just read where Army Wives has been renewed for a second season. They have ordered 18 new episodes to start in the Spring. 😦 I am beyond annoyed!!! Why don’t they make a decison about BT? Okay, by decision I mean renew it!

  606. DIZEY1 said

    Prtfvr, Oh you thought I meant his finger??? HA HA HA 🙂 You silly girl you can be bad with me anyday my gutter gal.

    Elizabeth they’re just saving the best for last. Remember me optimist, we’re gonna have soooo many more seasons. It’s all good girl use the positive affirmation.

    Well kidz I’ll check in after I get home from the groomers (for me)


  607. Anzia said

    Oh, lord! Henry in a kilt! For some reason I saw him spread out on Vicki’s lighted table in the thing! Oh, the shadows to be probed!

  608. lwildstar said

    I just got home….what a day – I have been on the verge of an anxity attack for the last three hours – for no reason other thatn stress!
    One girl is out and I’m taking all her calls, unfourtunatly I don’t know enough about the clients yet – hense the anxity…

    Its a good thing I speed read – or I’d never be able to catch up with guys!

    Scribbles – glad you got a chance to make an apperence! Nice to know the card /book mark got to the right place…and a big WHOOO HOOO on the DVDS! Stop by anytime – tidbits are always welcome…it takes so little to please us! We’re hungry for Henry!

    Had lunch with one of Pauls co-workers – I think I’ve got her hooked on the idea of checking BT out – I gushed about all the lovely people I’ve met here and told her how wonderful it is to have a support group that covers EVERYTHING from Henry withdrawl to the need to smack a mooing guy!
    She’s really cool and if I can “turn” her I’ll have some one ‘at work’ I can share with! I gave her the list of books and told her I would lend her my copies of the epis. The big hook – when we got back from lunch I emailed her my favorite pics of Henry – her respons was “YUM YUM YUM-I NEED TO SEE THIS SHOW!” and if I can get her to join the blog..*OMG* she has a fantastic sense of humor and she would fit right in with us. She loooves vampires, especially the hot sexy ones!
    When we got back to the office she asked me what Paul and I talk about – I told her that I do most of the talking – getting something out of him is like pulling teeth – she said that is is very intraverted (SP) and that it takes a lot to get him talking, especially about himslef…….I wonder if shes going to put in a good word for me? no i didn’t ask her too!…….when I told her about the awful speed dateing experience – she asked me “how many did you slap!” does that give you an idea of her personallity. She’d be such a great addtion.

    so that was my fun filled day – I’m going to go shower and eat – be back later!

  609. Himmiefan said

    Loves History is right. The bad guys do need a castle with a dungeon to put Henry in. Hmmmm. I wonder if they can have Dracula’s castle.

    Loves History – glad to see you’re still here. I was afraid the flying uterus had chased you away. You know, hanging out here, you’re getting a rare look into the minds of women. We might have to kill you so you won’t talk. 🙂

    Prtfvr’s right. Italy does have some nice castles, and a whole lot of great food. Lemon gelatto – the best!!

  610. Margaret said

    We are an odd group aren’t we: Castles, uteruses (is that the plural, I’m not sure), Henry/Kyle’s shoe size and length of his fingers, you can’t say we’re a boring group can you?

    Wonder how often Scribble’s lurks and how crazy she must think we are. lol.

  611. Claire said

    OMG!! Dizey Roflmao!!! I was speed typing to my friend and to you guys at the same time….and I wrote the wrong thing!
    My friend and I were talking about how smelly it is in NYC during the summer!
    What I wanted to say to you was..

    J’ai des pensées très sales aujourd’hui!

    And yes you got the first translation correct!!

    I fiqured you would since you’re my gutter mate! although Prtfvr is doing a good job of joining us there lol! ;P

  612. elizabeth said

    If you are looking for a great castle that has a frightening dungeon you might want to check out Warwick Castle in England. That place scared the begeebies (is that spelled right?) out of me and would be perfect to house the bad guys in 😉 Who would suspect what is going on behind those high walls and corner towers? Ooh..ooh – it has a wonderful blue room that you can watch the river meander by from. Can you imagine Henry with those lovely blue eyes in a room that is a wonderful shade of blue *me drooling*

  613. Chery said


    I will let you know about the quality and how I like them after I receive them.
    I am really excited.

    Also from what Maragaret said it is very important Blood ties addicts that we really step up our postcards and everything else we are doing to let LifteTime know what a “gem” they have in Blood Ties.

    I am sending 10 postcards a day plus I am posting on The Life Time boards every day to keep LifeTime in the top.

    It sounds like we really need to step up our efforts in the next two weeks!!!!

  614. Margaret said

    Let me throw something else out and let me know what you think. Do you think if the other two shows that Lifetime is premiering do well that will kick Blood Ties out of the running? If thats the case I’m not even going to bother to watch and I’d suggest that you tell your friends not to. After all they probably only have so much money to go around.

  615. elizabeth said

    Margaret – I am hoping that Lifetime needs a better line up than what they have currently and even if these new premiers do well there will still be room for BT. After all, it did pretty well and they haven’t had anything worth watching in a long time. Didn’t someone say that LT was trying to change its image? With all the new vampire shows that are starting this Fall I would think they would want to keep BT. It is a proven winner and obviously there is quite an audience out there for these type of shows.

    Dizey1 – See I am trying to be an optimist here. Close eyes – Deep breath – positive thoughts – deep breath……

  616. Evening Ladies and Gent,

    Here’s an interview with Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson ans Rupert Grint that Blockbuster was nice enough to send my way. Thought you Harry Potter fans might enjoy it.

    As for Lifetime picking up Army Wives for a second season, What’s up with that? Has anybody come across the Nielson Rating numbers for BT to compare with AW?
    I can’t believe it’s doing better. I can’t believe it has a dedicated following like BT. I think we need to do some investigating along those lines, and if we get a favorable comparison write to the LT execs with our evidence.

    I’ll check to see if I can find anything.

  617. Margaret said

    I’m sorry but I just don’t trust Lifetime, with the constant hammering of Army Wives into the schedule, the number shifting over at their message board (Blood Ties would be 1st and then all the sudden Army Wives was first with less posts), then, last but not least, lets not forget how misleading they made the premiers when the show was actually on. If I’m wrong, I’ll be the first to eat my words, I just don’t trust them and if I have to go into debt to bury them under postcards to keep Blood Ties, sign me up. Lets rock and roll. We aren’t beat yet!!!

  618. elizabeth said

    Time for me to head home. Buona Notte, Signore Belle.

  619. Margaret said

    Off to my postcards and BT tapes.

  620. lwildstar said

    well i’m off for the ight – my computer has gone insain
    I finally got the issue with it not recognizing the flash stick traightend out and now my cd player/burner has vanished! oh well I’ve had it and I’m off to bed!

    night guys!

  621. Rifkind said

    For all you Adrian Paul Fans..
    The new Highlander Movie “The Source” is coming out this September..
    SO we have something to look forward to before October..

  622. vicki said

    Hey all..
    As for the castles and kilts…I am ready…I went to Scotland on a chorus trip right after grad from college. AWESOME!! Beautiful country!! Castles and churches look the same as they did about a 100 years ago! I was truely enchanted with it all. I wish we had spend more time there (only 10 days) and had more time to sightsee(we were singing EVerYwhere), and of course my camera at the time (1990) SUCKED! HEHEHE so…some of my pictures are not very good.But the castle at Endinbourgh and the places in Dunoon were amazing. I still have two rocks that I took from the shore in Dunoon and money I saved.
    They dont really wear the kilts except for special occassions. But we did see a few men wearing them in Dunoon. (of course they were the really OLD men) LOL..
    My goal is to visit Ireland before I die….(as I am Scots-Irish)..but still I wouldnt mind going back to Scotland.

  623. loves history said

    WARWICK is the best

  624. msgypsy said

    lwildstar, you have my sympathy. It was losing the cd burner that convinced me I needed to replace my old computer. I wish I could have fixed it, though.

    I’m have to comment on the lighting and iPod story. I’d heard this before but since the Pacific Northwet isn’t famous for its lightning storms and if there were one going on I wouldn’t be out on the trail, I think I’m safe. (And if I were caught by a rogue sudden, unexpected electrical storm the first thing I’d be doing is putting my Zen deep, deep in my backpack to keep it from getting wet.) So I think I’m safe. But I appreciate the concern.

    (Of course, as I type this I’m listening to the weather forecast, predicting lightning for the area around Mt. Hood, which is 20 or more miles east of me…)

    I’m planning a hiking expotition this weekend to the new park out near Vernonia. Anyone in the area (Elizabeth? Laurel?) want to come along?

  625. Claire said

    Good night my loves…kids are wearing me out..and the brotherhood is still calling me…until tomorrow sweet dreams ladies and gent!

  626. catcornmom said

    It’s so weird that people started talking about lightning and wearing ipods. There was an article on the front page of our paper this morning talking about just that:
    One guy has had to have surgery on his ears. OUCH!

    prtfvr–that uterus story has got to be shared…it’s just too funny!!! Isn’t there a play called the Vagina Monologues? You need to be a player in that show!!!

    I am just sick Army Wives has been picked up again. I haven’t watched it once. Where are the fans coming from? Surely there can’t be any men watching that show!!! I need to find the rest of my postcards and get them sent. Lifetime needs to get with the program!!!

  627. Anzia said

    g’night claire! I hope the brotherhood keeps you nice and comfy tonight!

    I’m really glad ya’ll love those books. When I first read ’em I about died! The third is my fav ’cause I love Zsadist. ^_^ I’m a sucker for tortured souls. Which might explain my ever continuing devotion to Christine Feehan’s Zarek. Wait… anyone else see a pattern here? I guess I just like Zs???? :0)

  628. Laurel said

    Gypsy – I would like to hike with you some time, but I am having a really bad afternoon and think I should not plan any major expeditions for at least a few days. 😦
    I got into the middle of the “Body Works 3” exhibit at OMSI @ 2:30 and became faint and sweaty about 20 minutes later. I found 1/2 of a vicodin in my purse which took 45 minutes to work. After that I managed to enjoy the exhibit, but had to sit down pretty often. It is a fasinating show that I will have to go see again when I feel better. Finally got home and took more pain med and now can barely type. Damn, I hate this.
    Okay, I’m done griping for now. I missed you all this afternoon! Sounds like you had fun. I will have to go check out the castles tomorrow.
    I did see the message from doodle! I am going to take that as a positive sign that we will be getting some good news soon. I have more cards to send tomorrow.
    LH – always good to hear from you! Keep hanging in there, we will get you through to October! I am getting ready to read the first of the Valor books just because you recommended them. 🙂

  629. DIZEY1 said

    Nighe Night my peeps. Catch ya’ll at work tomorrow. 4:30 for the gym …….yeah 😛 trying to get psyched up.


    reves doux d’Henry

  630. Laurel said

    Yippee! The library called and they now have the Brotherhood book I was missing! Of course I am already in the middle of 3 other books and have a stack of heaven knows how many others to read, but I can pick it up tomorrow! 🙂 😉

    I think I’d better go lie down for a while. I have all those lovely images in my head of Kyle in the perfect kilt. My family plaid isn’t one I care for but I know just the one I would like to see him in….. yum!

  631. prtfvr said

    catcornmom: I think that I’ve shared the uterus story enough here. Is there a Vagina Journals? Maybe I could submit it there.

    I don’t get the Army Wives thing either. Does Lifetime produce that show? That could be the difference since they do anything with BT other than buy episodes.

    They don’t have a vested interest in continuing the show I’m guessing. We might do better to approach their advertisers and convince them to pressure Lifetime to renew BT.

  632. Himmiefan said

    With the way Lifetime is pushing Army Wives, I too think that they’re producing it.

  633. Himmiefan said

    Has anyone thought about contacting SciFi to encourage them to consider BT?

  634. Himmiefan said

    Um, hello, hello (tap, tap). Is this thing on? Oh! Sorry, a little feedback never hurt anyone.

    Attention please. Production has officially begun for the next great epic, Elder Hostel: The Order of the Yum. Start trying on your superhero outfits and practicing your karate kicks. Now, I’ve written a very silly opening scene, well, scenes. Anzia can handle the hot and heavy stuff that she does so well. I have an idea for a closing scene, but haven’t finalized anything yet. It involves our headquarters, Henry cooking dinner for all of us, and me getting mobbed as I set up a giant sign-up sheet showing slots of Henry’s time. At some point in all this chaos, I’ll have to scold Ms. Gypsy and Laurel for hogging Mike.

    Anyhoo, here’s the link. If you need a user name and password, they’re himmiefan and matilda. Enjoy, just don’t expect great literature. 🙂

    Oh yeah, gratuities accepted!

  635. Anzia said

    Himmie! OMG that’s freakin’ hilarious! WOW, I LOVE IT! ^_^ absolutely delightful! Really! “Can you lick my face please?” I’m really glad I wasn’t drinking or anything ’cause i would’ve choked! I really can’t wait for the rest… Just great!

  636. Margaret said

    Someone posted the sponsors one time when Blood Ties was still airing. If someone knows where it is would you please post it. We need to start putting pressure on the people who advertised during Blood Ties and tell them how much we want it back.

  637. lwildstar said

    I’ll have to read the story when I get home tonight….I’m here alone today – so it’s going to be crazy!

    Got the cd rom working last night – but now I’m not sure the computer is recognizing the camera! I need to save up and get a new computer – plain and simple!

    Just dropped off the last 5 postcards I had in the pile – need to pick up more this weekend.
    I was looking over my mid year tax stuff for the jewelry business and guess what? 90% of the “profits” from the Blood Moon Jewelry went to purchasing postcards!
    I just wanted to thank all of you for your support…I’m not really working on anything right now as the “fever” has died down, but the site is still up if you feel like looking
    I managed to get a link on page two to go to page three…I don’t know whats going to happen with it as time goes on.

    Well its time to start work – I’ll try to stop in at lunch!

    have a good day everyone!

  638. Annalaise duChat said

    Morning all.

    I started checking into the Army Wives vs. Blood Ties thing and we had a power outage and I lost my internet connection. I will continue this evening as time permits.

    Happy Friday!

  639. Margaret said

    Now does this schedule allow us to “have” Henry multiple times during the week? I need him more than one day a week, I’ve have a drought as of late and want to make up for lost time. lol

  640. Annalaise duChat said

    Himmiefan – LOVED IT! Can’t wait to find out what happens next.

  641. Chery said

    To answer several comments about Army Wives, Yes, it is Life Times “Baby” they produced this one and have a lot invested.
    They picked up Blood Ties very cheaply I understand.

    Lifetime is looking for a breakout show to propel them. They cite the example of “Monk” on USA for instance. Well I can tell them that the two new shows that began and even Army Wives will not do it.

    Supernatural shows appear to be the new thing on the main stream networks, so if Life Time wants to strike while the iron is hot, they should embrace Blood Ties! Sign it up for several seasons and really promote it. If they did that the numbers would be there. Especially since they know that the episodes 1-12 are also being downloaded on I-Tunes.

  642. msgypsy said

    Himmiefan, that’s great work! I gogglesnorted several times and you have Norman down just perfectly. And I love the whole approach you’re taking.

    And now I have to get dressed and run to work. But what a GREAT way to start my day!

  643. Danielle said

    OMG OMG OMG Himmiefan that was hilarious. I was crying I was laughing so hard. “Babe, would you hold it down. I’m trying to watch Army Wives here.” OMG! So totally not worth it. So totally freakin funny.

    The instructions are encoded in a wrinkle cream commercial? Absolutely brilliant.

    If Lifetime got it cheaply the first time around don’t you think it will be cheap the second time around? Maybe not as cheap because TPTB that sells it to Lifetime will know how hot it is down here and want to make more money but still pretty cheap.

  644. Danielle said

    Happy Friday the 13th by the way.

  645. Danielle said

    I would just like to say that I am sorry for my conduct yesterday. I was in a very playful mood and I still am so watch out. Dizey and I may be stuck in the gutter all day today also. I am thinking of stopping at a bar on the way home. I have some cash for it. Better yet I will stop at the package store and head to Kelly’s after work and we can get smashed. Actually I don’t have to. I still have some Parrot Bay coconut rum and my sister gave me a new kind for my birthday because she said it is time I tried a new kind. I haven’t tried it yet but it is berry flavored. I really love my coconut though. That way I can just crash at her place. Her ex will be hanging around so we will just ignore him. We need to recruit somebody to get rid of him. Who has Henry? Can I borrow him tonight? He might be effective at getting rid of the ex. Then he can pleasure us all night. Henry can rid me of my virginity any time he wants. You know come to think of it I don’t think I got him on my birthday.

  646. DIZEY1 said

    HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH **** Good luck day for me. Good numbers.

    Holy Merde !! Himmie, I was almost crying I was laughing so hard. “Why do I Ching when I can do Krispy Kreme?” I loved you’re chewing too loud, and Norman was perfect. Oh and I loved…”For a good time, call anyone but Sinead!” Oh and as I’m reading this I’m eating an APPLE. Are we the order of the “YUCK” Norman was speaking of?? The cancellation demon.. Girl you write very well, pat yourself on the back.

    Dani girl no apologies necessary, you said nothing naughty and if you did I say Bring on the NAUGHTY. Life’s short girl let loose and have some fun!!
    Luv ya, and lets toast to that. 😎 🙂

  647. Danielle said

    Beth-I did some really awesome shopping for your care package yesterday. The thing that sucks is no one had any UCONN tees. I tried all the sports stores. They all seem to be out until the football and basketball seasons start again. I do have a cute little UCONN bear to send to you though.

  648. Danielle said

    Oh luv ya to. I am toasting right now with the Parrot Bay nipper my sister gave me.

  649. Danielle said

    *Hiccup* ;P I think I had to much already.

  650. Danielle said

    You know Henry does have long fingers. I wonder if he plays the piano. I can see him playing and me singing lounging on top in a slinky fiery red dress. Afterwards he would teasingly slip it off me………Can’t go there.

  651. Danielle said

    Going back to the story and blah being in it. Where did our little teeny boppers disappear to? They don’t have school so they don’t have that excuse.

  652. DIZEY1 said

    Here we go Dani this should be us 😉

    or maybe this one……

    I wonder what he’s thinking about …. kissing what else 🙂 😛

  653. DIZEY1 said

    I know and I guess we freaked Sai13 out too. You’ve got to be made of tough stuff to hang with **THE ORDER OF THE YUM** 😎 We are the coolest blog in town, castles, Henry in a klit and out of a kilt. I think Norman was making fun of us too. We’ll have to kick his skinny little ass too!!

  654. Danielle said

    kicking Norman’s skinny little ass. That will be sweet and when I say sweet I mean wicked awesome. Although I love him because he is so good at being bad.

  655. Danielle said

    I have a very thoughtful, insightful question……….IS IT OCTOBER YET?

  656. Claire said

    OMG!!! Lmao here!! Himmiefan….that was wicked good….and by wicked…I mean….SWEET!!! you are too funny…I loved it!! what an imagination!

    Anzia…how funny…I love Zsadist…he’s just so f’d up…you have to love him!

    3 months and counting Danielle!

  657. DIZEY1 said

    Dani I sure wish it was. I so need a new Henry fiz…. oops supposed to be FIX. See where my mind is, on castles and boys in kilts………. 🙂 ;(

  658. elizabeth said

    Himmiefan – OMG! You are too funny! I loved your writing and what better way to start a Friday the 13th than with a good laugh! I loved that Asteroth is in Iraq 🙂

    Danielle – I second your thoughtful, insightful question. I feel like a kid that wants to throw a temper tantrum because I can’t get what I want 😦 I put on a burnt orange shirt this morning and immediately it reminded me of Halloween (the color – not that I looked scary in it 😉 ) Anyway, that led me to think of October and from there you know where my mind went. I had to change shirts….

  659. Danielle said

    Actually three months doesn’t sound so bad. Wait a minute what am I saying? That is terrible. It was worse when two months ago when it was 5 months to go.

    Henry fiz-The new merchandising product, Henry soda. Thanks to Diz for that idea. Taking a bath in it with Henry, a whole new sensation.

    I totally see where your mind went with that one Elizabeth. I think it is awesome that will be back in October. Everyone’s minds will be on the crazy scary bizarre Halloween stuff. More people will be apt to watch our show. That just might be a good thing for the ratings.

    I think I am about to crack from the withdrawal. Somebody HELP!

  660. elizabeth said

    msgypsy – Some time i would love to go on a hike with you and Laurel. I can’t right now, though, I strained my ankle throwing a kick in Karate last night. It is kind of tender at the moment. Sometimes I have to wonder why I decided to try Karate at my age????

    Laurel – How are you feeling today, kiddo? If we are still on for lunch give me a call at work. Idiot that I am – I left my cell phone at home this morning 😦

  661. Danielle said

    It is lunch time. I am bored. I am sitting here twiddling my thumbs eating cottage cheese.

  662. Scribble said

    Hi All:

    Please check out a special “Open Letter to Blood Ties Fans” on the Bloodlines site for a message from the producers.


  663. lwildstar said

    Thanks for the note Scribble!

    its finally lunch time! *OMG* i just used my mood meter and its black – which means highly stressed!

    I have finally couaght up on all the posts and went to read himmifans story – great job!

    Now to help me unwind, I’m going to go work on my writing….started “chper” 5 last night.

    I’ll pop in later this afternoon or tonight.

  664. DIZEY1 said

    Thanks Scribble, just read the letter, thanx for the heads up. I will go to the post office and pick up more post cards and start mailing tomorrow.

    OMG**** Should we be worried???? On the open letter it said to send to Suzanne Daniels etc. Should the post cards be addressed to her attention ??

    Is anybody else here but me???? 🙂 😛

  665. lwildstar said

    Hers the whole note….
    FYI: my next batch of post cards will be going to Susan Daniels!


    Dear Blood Ties fans

    On behalf of all involved in the production we want to thank you for the tremendous support you have given the show. It has, and continues, to mean a lot to us. As we complete production of the 1st 22 eps, it’s time to let Lifetime know how much you like the series, how grateful you are to Lifetime for presenting it, and how much you want them to continue the series with production of new episodes. It is extremely valuable to broadcasters to receive direct communication from their audience, as it gives them a glimpse of the show’s performance not necessarily evident in ratings etc.
    Your communication should be made directly to Lifetime, if possible to
    Susanne Daniels, Head Of Programming, and Andrea Wong, President, or to Audience Relations. Enthusiasm is certainly called for, but please remember to be respectful, as they are valued partners in the series.

    Yours truly

    Paul McConvey

    Time is critical guys, let’s let Lifetime know how much we love this show. Please post this open letter everywhere you can think of: Livejournals, blogs, forums, Wiki, WordPress, Yahoo Groups, you name it! Plaster it all over the internet!

    Here is the Lifetime address to write to!
    Lifetime Entertainment Services
    World Wide Plaza
    309 West 49th Street
    New York, NY 10019

  666. Himmiefan said

    Scribble – Thanks for checking back in with us! I’ll get more postcards at lunch today. I’ll remind Lifetime that they’ve got a potentially huge hit on their hands.

    Everyone else, good morning! I’ve been busy this morning e-mailing today’s Dilbert all over America. If you’ve suffered through ISO 9000:2000, then you can relate.

    Glad you liked the opening of our story! It ain’t Shakespeare, but it was fun to write.

    Guess what I had first thing this morning. A Krispy Kreme! Glazed!

    BTW, someone yesterday commented that they had fallen in the gutter. The line that flashed through my head was, you guessed it, “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” Hmmm. Maybe a slogan for the Yummers.

  667. Danielle said

    Beth-It sounds like with the volume of postcards they have been getting it would be hard not be noticed and mentioned in the offices of Lifetime. Stuff like that spreads like wildfire. I am sure TPTB got what they needed to know we want more. From now on though I am sending all addressed to Susanne Daniels and the others.

  668. Himmiefan said

    Hey everybody, again. Seems like we have a lot of writers on this board. If you aren’t shy about sharing some of your stuff (I’m still a bit shy at this point), then let us see some of it. Maybe we can form our own writers’ support group on I think, repeat, think, has things for writers groups.

    Just a thought.

  669. Scribble said

    We hope they are noticing the volume too. One especially avid fan has sent over 150 so far! Can’t miss that landing on somebody’s desk.

  670. Danielle said

    LOL! 150 can you imagine how much that person spent on postage. How much are stamps these days?

  671. Danielle said

    To be honest I have lost track of how much I have sent. I put Danielle, Dani, “D” on them. I don’t want them to think I am stalking.

  672. DIZEY1 said

    Danielle what a trip. I actually just finished up the last 10 I had and will p/u another 60 or maybe I might as well p/u 100 why not!!! It’s for our Gang!!!!

    YEAHH….MORE BLOOD TIES PEOPLE !!! Start Writing 🙂

  673. Margaret said

    Scribble: Should we be worried? I know I’ve been sending 10 a day for the last couple of weeks or longer.

  674. Annalaise duChat said

    Himmiefan – We already have on on this blog that ms.gypsy set up for us if you are interested:
    I’d love to see more of you participating there! (It’s been pretty dead.)

    Scribble – do you have any info about how BT did in the ratings compared to Army Wives? We were just curious!


  675. Himmiefan said

    Annalaise – Excellent! Thanks!

  676. Himmiefan said

    Oh!!!! I think I’ve found my new postcard slogan: A Henry is a terrible thing to waste.