Hippo Birdy to me, to Joss Whedon, and to Danielle and all the other Cancerians among us

New thread. Let’s keep this movie plan going. I can’t wait to see the mayhem once the bad guys meet up with our crew!



  1. Sai13 said

    Hello Ladies!
    Just wanted to drop by and say hi to all my BT companions. I miss everyone.
    And Happy birthday to you msgypsy! Hope your weekend is starting off well.

    Hugs to all!

  2. Laurel said

    Hippo birdie – two ewes
    Hippo birdie – two ewes
    Hippo birdie Ms. Gypsy!!!!!!
    Hippo birdie – two ewes!

    Have a great weekend dear lady! Laugh long and hard and share with your friends!

    Sweet Mike dreams to ya’ dear!

  3. Laurel said

    Sai13 – Happy to see you here! We’ve been wondering when you would pop in to check on us.
    I feel I must warn you we’ve gone a little bit off the deep end.
    On the bright side – we are managing to entertain ourselves quite well. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I hope you will be sticking around!

    Good night everyone.

  4. Madonna said

    Ms. Gypsy,
    I sent you something. Check your email.

  5. Himmiefan said

    Happy birthday Ms Gypsy!!!

    Claire – my prayers for your friend.

    Madonna – were you the one asking about your part? All depends on age. Over 30, definitely a member of the something or another Avengers. Sorry guys, it’s almost 2:00 am and my mind is frazzled. I’ll find the name tomorrow. Anyway, under 30, assistants who keep us in chocolate. You see, movie monster don’t attack anyone over 30. Now, if you want to risk it, you can take a bigger role in rescuing Henry, but you must wear MonsterBeGone monster repellant. Someone (Tango?) reported that it should be at Sams.

    Sai13 – ’bout time your showed up! Poor Loves History has been the only guys hanging out with us ladies. Go to the previous thread and scroll around until you find out about the movie we’re making where we rescue Henry. It all started when I was making fun of the ultra-gross slasher films out these days. The second Hostel film is out, so I said our film would be Elder Hostel since movie monsters don’t attack anyone over 30.

    I took pity on Loves History being the only guy and gave him the special role of driving the woman-mobile in our movie. Well, we branched out to several high-tech vehicles, and Loves History is now driving a BMW. Oh, and Vicki is driving with him. So, pick your role, pick your vehicle, and keep Vicki away from our Henry. He’s ours!

    Now, anyone heard from Catcornmom? She’s now the only one we haven’t heard from in a while.

    Gotta go to bed. Good night!

  6. Himmiefan said

    This is cute. I found this while poking around the net reading about the Spacey awards:

    “But, I have to say that once again Kim was a disappointment. I actually thought I saw saliva hanging from the side of her mouth when she was presenting the award with Kyle the gentlemen from Blood Ties.”

    Come on, give the girl a break! How else would she react around him? Probably better than I would!

    Anyway, there’s a cute video of highlights from this year’s awards on the Spacey site.

  7. loves history said

    anzia-is under 30 but she has volenteered to die blow up the gate at the end the under 30s get j Depp one over 30 dizey has vol to die after spending the night locked up with henry she must have a gory death or the other hens will be jealouus, tanya willdie at some point to atone for having stopped writing bLOOD BOOKS of course coreen dies early because she has little time dUE TO HER BUSY TIME ON FLASH GORDONo .our villians are insane old vamps led by uma thrurmen henrys real life wife who want to make henry king and an army of ZOMBIES wehave r DOLTICE of LFN PLAY HENRYS DAD IN FLASHBACK AlissaSG as his wife, we have topay attension to weapons, j Depp has apistole with magic bullents to kill UMA

  8. loves history said

    I DRIVE AN AROMORED PC to carry vicky and at least 10 over 30 stormtroops aNGIE HAD THE BEAMER TO PICK LARUREL AND TANGO AFTER A HIGH SPEED CHASE IN FERRIARI, Ms gypsy drives a nondescript sedan to whisk mike away after we rescue him as well( HE IS CAPTURED AFTER 1ST FAIL ATTACK tanya loses her head in that scene.

  9. Margaret said

    Sai13: Long time no hear. Why don’t you stay awhile.

    Madonna: Thanks for the explanation, I think. As Henry said in one of the episodes: “I feel so old”. Maybe that will stop the discussion of whether he’s gay or not or it just tells us he’s easily influenced. But he still is somewhat of a kid. The guy who talked him into should be smacked upside the head but then again, I doubt Kyle doesn’t do anything that he wants to.

    Dizey: Thanks for the picture. Was going to use it as a background at work but guess thats out. lol.

  10. Teresa said

    Somebody please send me the picture!!! I’m feeling really left out here! teresab313@gmail.com
    Sai – welcome back. We’ve been wondering where what happened to you.

  11. Margaret said

    Teresa: I’ve forwarded the infamous picture to you. Enjoy.

  12. lwildstar said

    Good Morning Blogkin!!

    Happy Birthday Everyone!!!!!

    woke up to a wonderful dream of taking Henry for a ride on the Harley – I was driving and he was using “the voice” and squeezing me playfully tight around the waist, trying to persuade me to let him drive – as I scooted between two cars on the yellow line and passed a truck on the wrong side I laughed “no, you drive too fast!” – and then the alarm went off darn it!!!!! GRRRRRR

    Well I’ll be off at the craft show today and then I’m taking my friend out to dinner for her birthday…….I’m a month late, but thats the good thing about friends – as long as you remember them they don’t mind ๐Ÿ™‚

    I worked on another rosary bracelet last night before bed – I’m getting faster – will post pictures on the site tomorrow and give you a heads up when I do.
    Theres no one left on the waiting list, so I’m guess ing everyone got what they wanted?

    Welcome Cree! glad you could join us…we’re a strange little family, but very accepting, and from what I read of your posts last night – You’ll fit right in!

    Talk to guys later, have a good day!!!!!!!

  13. Anzia said

    Howdy guys! I hope everyone had a great night with wonderful dreams. Mine went WAY left field last night. NO Henry or anything. Just the mob and… well it was like watching one of those slasher films that started our movie. *sigh* The joy that is my mind at times *gag*

    Sai13- WELCOME BACK BOY! Wondered where you’d gone. ^_^

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ms. Gypsy! Don’t be too naughty with Mike tonight ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m off to babysit the terrible two (my sweet little kevin has turned into a DEMON CHILD! Very sad sad occurance *sniff*sniff*) I’ll try and pop in some time today but… well, i might not be sane by the time evening comes so keep your fingers crossed.


  14. Margaret said

    Claire: I’m glad I wasn’t alone in my bawling fit. Reminds me of the first and last time I watched Old Yeller. I will and can’t ever watch that movie again. It just tore me up.

    Danielle: Tell me what you thought about What Girls Learn. Did you cry or are Claire and I just wimps? lol.

    Happy Birthday Ms. Gypsy-Hope you got my second card.

  15. nina said

    Hello Guys!!

    Wow I missed a lot here.
    First of all: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS GYPSY!!! Lots of kisses and hugs ๐Ÿ™‚

    I really want a part in the movie..PLEASE…See I’m begging for it LOL

    Anzia-I feel your pain! I’ll be here after you’re done babysitting ๐Ÿ™‚

    What picture are you guys talking about??Can someone mail it to me too, ninalucks@yahoo.com

    Ok I’ve to go back to my boring project

  16. Margaret said

    Rifkind & Nina: Its winging its way to you as we speak. I think by the time we all get through with the picture it will have traveled around the world. lol.

  17. Madonna said

    Good Saturday morning everyone.

    Happy Birthday Ms. Gypsy!!!

    Again I have lots of work to do today, but I’ll stop by once or twice. I shouldn’t if I listen to my horoscope. It says that I am not to socialize until I take care of the pressing matters on my mind. If I listened to that it would be 5 years before you all heard from me again.

    One of Kyle’s Lifetime movies, Cyber Seduction, is on the Lifetime Movie Network at 11:30pm Eastern Time tonight. I’ve also rented The Covenant and have to watch that. I’ll have a busy night.

    Until a little later,
    Take care

  18. Tango said

    Good morning all!

    Happy Birthday Gypsy! Ecard headed your way.

    Sai13 – thanks for the email and glad to see you found your way over. I know the link I sent you was probably about 3 pages ago. We are a chatty bunch. I hope you will be checking in with us more often. Whatcha been keeping yourself busy with this summer?

  19. msgypsy said

    Madonna, it didn’t get here. Would you be a darling and send it again? ms.gyspy@gmail.com

    Okay, this is the weirdest (I think) BT related dream to date. And no characters from BT were in it! I dreamt about my ex-husband as I sometimes do, and he’s always up to no good and as always happens in such dreams I’m always along for the ride. And I *KNOW* better than to follow him into his crap. But anyway, in this one he was trying to swindle someone out of a house. And halfway through listening to the louse talking about his nefarious plot to my mother and me (my mother tends to show up in such dreams as someone I have to protect since she’s close to 90) I start to wish someone would please contact Det. Sgt. Mike Cellucci. (I’ve been reading the Smoke books and I always will remember how Tony told the Vancouver cops to contact Mike to find out that Tony is okay and Mike’s response included many cuss words…)

    Well, it’s my birthday and I thought I had plans but they were with a friend who just arrived in town after a four year absence and I suspect she’s still asleep (and she may not have my phone number anymore!) so I should probably accept that there may be a need for alternate plans. I’ll be back later, although how much later I don’t know.

    Do we folks in the surveillance vehicle (that would be Mike and me in the back seat. LOL!) get any super high tech new weaponry?

  20. DIZEY1 said

    Happy Birthday gypsy lady!! Is today actually your b’day?? My brother and Dani celebrate the same date, mine is on July 6th so we’re gonna do a big blowout celebrating Eric(bro), Mine , and the 4th on the 7th (Saturday) can’t wait. Are ya’ll gonna do something special?? Busy at work w/customers today just dropped in real quick in between cust. will try and catch up later.

    SAI13 DUDE!!! we missed you!! Glad you weren’t scared off. You’re tough you can hang with some crazy chix huh???


  21. msgypsy said

    SAI13!!!!! Great to see you!

    When buying Monster-Be-Gone, beware of cheap imitations. I’ve seen Monster-Go-Away and Monster-Get-Lost but they’re both cheap imitations. LOL!

  22. Margaret said

    Ms. Gypsy: Did you get both cards I sent?

  23. msgypsy said

    Cards aren’t showing up. Is everyone using the right address? Be sure to misspell gypsy as gyspy!

    I’m rewatching Norman. I wonder if Demon-Off Cream is available in the US? LOL!

  24. msgypsy said

    All right, I’m watching “Norman” again and now I have a question.

    I know that all that exposition had to take place outdoors so Norman could hear it but why the hell didn’t Henry tell Vicki the important information either inside the car or in someone’s apartment … someplace where they’re relatively sure they’re in private? And not to be too nitpicky, but if that’s supposed to be a stone chalice, why when not!Vicki picks it up in Maurice’s store is it some kind of metal?

    I obviously have to to stop watching these episodes over and over again.

  25. Margaret said

    Ms. Gyspy: I tried again. Let me know if you get it.

  26. msgypsy said

    Yup, got it this time! Thanks! (that one picture — you know which one — STILL manages to startle me every time it shows up!)

    Yup, I’m one of the old ladies, now. Although even my doctor misjudged my age by (get this) TEN YEARS. And by ten years I mean ten years the good way. Had to look it up in the records because he was sure I was older! (This isn’t my regular doctor but I’m on Kaiser and they have all the records from everyone right there.)

    I think that for my birthday Lifetime ought to run the BT marathon today. (They didn’t go for it, I notice…)

    Now I still want that picture of Kyle and his dog.

  27. Tango said

    Msgypsy – I wondered about the whole privacy thing too. Bad move, very bad move. I know we are generally only working with 43 minutes per epi and the writers did it to move the story line along, but I found it hard to believe they would be that careless.

  28. nina said

    Anzia-I just send you an interview of Abhi. Guess what! He calls preity “Z”. Had to think about you ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. DIZEY1 said

    Tango ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ I thought the same thing about Norman in the garbage, but at the time Vick and Henry didn’t know that the demon (Norman) was already here. They were still thinking that it had to be summoned. I know I’m giving them waaaay too much credit. I also have watched these damn ep’s way too many times, when I see Dr. Sagara, she I think knows that’s not REAL Henry, the way she checks him out , his stance the thumbs in the loops of his pants, she noticed something then. Oh and the poke on the nose, also when he’s leaving and says.”Thanks for the book” I think she kinda knew something was up. It’s by far one of my fav’s and the freakin’ funniest. i just love Kyle doing Norman, w/Sagara and she’s telling him hoe Vicki’s scared, yada yada yada and he runs his hand over his hair and chuckles. He’s just so damned adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Rifkind said

    Yes there is that old Jedi mind trick, if we read a word and know what it IS and it has all the right letters in it, we don’t necessarily see that it is spelled wrong so we see
    gyspy the same as gypsy..
    You tricky Gal!

    Felicitations on celebrating another solar rotation….
    or for everyone else to understand :
    Happy Birthday!

    We might not like how old we are, but it beats the alternative.. Marilyn Monroe will never get older…
    Think of it this way, we just got a free ride around the sun! Hee Hee!
    Funny to think of planet earth as a space ship.


  31. vicki said

    Hey alll
    Happy B day Ms. gyspy!!1

    welcome Cree…the Bloodties ward of betty ford is fantastic…we talk alot…share pics…and we hav absolutely NO desire to be cured of our addiction!! HEHEHE which is just fine…henry we love you..lust you…need you…sorry got distracted..

    I am rewatching the first episode…because I CAN@!!! I just keep getting a giggle over..”Clearly I need more beer.”
    BTW–I added a few more items to the cafepress page. different shirts and I tried to add buttons but they didnt seem to center properly soo I will have to work on it.. I am also working on a shirt that says HENS on front and MINX on the back…(i will of course do a reverse of that for all you Minxes!!) LOL

    well..I have a few more hours till I have to get ready to sing tonight…(Got to go and DIVA up!) which means watching the sniffing scene to get me fired up!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Margaret said

    msgypsy: I tried emailing you the picture. Let me know if you get it.

  33. DIZEY1 said

    How rude of me before ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Welcome Doc’ Cree, most gracious welcome. Glad you got the pic, these chix here are too quick I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to get online till this am. You will be very happy here in our Little Henry Ward!! By the way I can pick your brain if you don’t mind. I had a dream that I had a black puppy that happend to be a Newfoundland it was very vivid and I think said pup is looking for me he even has a name already. Question being do I want a Newfoundland?? I don’t know anyone with one and can’t figure out why that dog, but I also though about getting a Dogue de Bourdeaux and of course would be named Hooch!! Tell me Doc’ should I research the Newf ?? Any info would be greatly appreciated. We’re all drawn here for some odd reason. :0:0

  34. Rifkind said

    Dizey you bad girl!
    Making your Avatara picture of Kyle and his umhmmm hand gesture!

  35. Sai13 said

    Wow, thanks for the great welcome. Its nice to be back in the BT groove, though I must say, you have outdone yourselves :o) hehe
    Once again, i will be spending all day going over everything I have missed..it will take awhile I think…

  36. Madonna said

    Ms. Gypsy,
    I did send it to the wrong address the first time. Let’s try this again…

  37. DIZEY1 said

    Rifkind ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ Why whatever do you mean it’s just a man and his dawg!!

    Sai13** I understand and it will clearly take you many moons to catch up.

    BTW in the movie, I see LH’s got me dying a GORY death, my RESURRECTION better be a Totally Sweet one or I could be Awesomely Wicked, ya’ know ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. DIZEY1 said

    Oh and thank you to whomever I think Ms. Madonna, translated the old “Shocker” thingy for ya’ll. Those bad, bad college kidz. Most people won’t have a clue what that means so Margaret you could make it your desktop wallpaper and no one would be the wiser. It’s just a picture, enjoy our boy!!

    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. Anzia said

    Okay, so the pop up pics are randomly working again… *shakes head* I will NEVER understand technology.

    ms.gypsy- I think if you want hi-tech gear you have to ask for it.

    Is anyone keeping track of what’s been requested???

  40. DIZEY1 said

    I have trouble as you can tell with my little smiley face guys. I need someone who knows all the punctuations to make me a list of which ones do what, cuz’ sometimes I get it and sometimes I don’t.

    OOHHH my 3rd “Beautiful Peeps” showed up today. Will watch tonight also “Z” cuz’ I fell asleep on Henry last night ( ON HIM…hee heee) w/work and all today. I went and Googled I’m a big Googler, and checked out my Newfoundland Newfie for short and they originate in catch this ….CANADA, all paths keep leading me to CANADA. Coinkidinky I think not. The other dawg I liked is from FRANCE..Madam Claire’s homeland. I’ve got to find this dog I think it’s time. I’ve been w/out one now for almost a year, and haven’t been w/out a dog for at least 20-25 yrs. give or take. I guess I’m having a longing ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  41. Anzia said

    Dizey- if Emmanuel shows up at your place send him my way! I’d vie for Henry but he seems to be bouncing between you, claire & Tango… poor boy must be exhausted! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Emmanuel… yeah… ~_~

  42. DIZEY1 said

    Anzia**** what are you doing?? I’m bored, I guess I should go hang out with Claire’s kidz. Come on over and lets go swimming, play in the pool I’ve got a floating ice chest we can fill that bad boy up w/some cold Guinness’, Heineken, whatever your poison. Come play!!!

  43. DIZEY1 said

    That boys got stamina baby!! He’s not human, he’s a superman! I’ll most certainly send Emmanuel over to ya, although most of us here are all having a LONGING going on, so we may have to stand in line for Emmanuel too, damn. We need more hunky fine guys, Mike’s looking mighty fine about now. Hell soon Vicki’s gonna be on the menu!!

  44. DIZEY1 said

    Sai13*** Dude cool myspace site and love the Vamp Secret’s I love the “Don’t make me bite you” very cool and your page is awesome. You are a tech guy!! Nice to see the face that goes w/the name. I may have to shop a little at your store. ROCK ON DUDE!!

  45. DIZEY1 said

    Running to Sam’s be back later:):);)

  46. Anzia said

    Dizey!- Vicki? LMAO I think you’ll have to fight LH for her. You asked what I was going. I’m actually crocheting (yup, last night knitting and today crocheting…) and hiding from my cousins. I’m on the last strand of patience so… figured hiding would be good. ^_^ I actually don’t drink beer. I don’t like the taste. I get lots of crap about that from family and friends but *shrugs* unless it starts tasting better, I’m not going to change it ^_^ Although, I’m more than willing to try new stuff so… We’ll see. and i’d LOVE to come play! I love to swim!

    Hope you have fun at Sam’s! I like buying books from there. They’re usually pretty cheap. And sometimes the movies are as well.

  47. msgypsy said

    Dizey, are you running to Sam’s for a six-pack of Monster-Be-Gone spray?

    Hey, Vicki’s been looking good to me for a long time. Yeah, Mike is that extra-special kind of a guy but in terms of how long I’ve been awe-struck, Christina Cox wins hands-down. I used to see Dylan as kind of geeky (he’s bulked up some and looks my-tee-fine now, though) and this is the first time I’d even noticed Kyle (and I still feel like I ought to be checking his essays for spelling errors … it’s just me…) but Christina caught my eye in “Chronicles of Riddick” (Although I admit I was seeing it because Vin Diesel, while not at all appealing to me, is my evil sekrit vice) and when I saw her in BT and realized that was the same person I was awe-struck all over again.

    But that doesn’t matter because I’M IN THE NONDESCRIPT GREY SURVEILLANCE VEHICLE WITH THE HUNKY COP!!! And I’m not sure what kinds of high tech gear we have but I’m sure a lot of it is long distance audio and video surveillance and there’s certainly a sophisticated alarm system set up near the car…

    So far as I can tell, all birthday cards arrived safe and sound. Some of us folks are darned creative! Thank you all!

    I’ll be spending this evening with a friend who left Portland three years ago with her then two and a half year old, who has since had another child and who is here to show the new child off to her parents. I’m so excited about this! She’s been complaining that she can’t see any tv shows because (a) she has two kids, and is homeschooling the older one and (b) they’re all on cable and she doesn’t get cable because with two kids she can’t afford it. I can’t WAIT to tell her that she can see BT on Lifetime using her mom’s high speed connection (it doesn’t work really well on dial-up, as I can attest…) And I’m taking my laptop along to see if it’ll work in the park after dinner. She’s wild about the books and has been really straining at the bit waiting for the DVDs to be released.

  48. msgypsy said

    Sai13, do you run the Vamp Secrets website (not the myspace page, but the retail one)? If so we may know some people in common. Some of them I wish I didn’t know and some of them I adore. I’m just sayin’…

    But I do understand better why you like hangin’ with us vamp fan gurls.

  49. Anzia said

    Have fun ms Gypsy! ^_^

  50. Cree said

    Hello Everyone! Wow, I go to work for a day and it takes me close to an hour to catch up on everything I missed on here today. Thanks for the very warm welcome and acceptance from everyone into the Henry/BT ward of the Betty Ford Clinic. I already know that is definately where I belong!! Its nice to have a place where I can get the jokes of “longing” and “sniffing”. When I hear someone at work say those words, I can’t help but giggle and then everyone looks at me like I am crazy because they just don’t understand. I did get the opportunity to do my part to try and help promote BT today….I had a client come in and somehow we got to talking about movies and he brought up “UnderWorld”. I said, “oh, if you like vampires, you really need to check out this show called BT on Lifetime, it rocks”!! Bad news is, though you have to wait until freakin October to catch it (that is, if you don’t already have every single episode permanently saved on your DVR box like the rest of us do).

    Madonna–thanks for looking up the info about the nasty hand gesture. All of my techs at my clinic are in their very young 20’s and I asked them today if they knew what it was and when I showed them the gesture, they all cried out in unison, “the shocker!!”. Wow, it really made me feel old, and I am only 28!

    Margaret–I thought the same thing about Kyle as you did when I learned what the hand gesture was. I used to question whether or not he is gay (not that I really care one way or the other), but I think that probably puts any gay rumors to rest. I just can’t see a gay guy wanting to make that gesture. And who knows…maybe that other guy wasn’t the one who talked Kyle into doing it, maybe it was Kyle’s idea all along. Maybe our little Kyle isn’t so sweet and innocent after all!! Maybe he is a naughty, naughty boy….hmmm…that leads to a whole other set of fantasies I haven’t even thought to explore yet…….

    Dizey–Newffies have their good points and their bad points, like any breed. The good points are that they have great personalities. I have never meet a mean one and I have been in this business for over 10 years (counting my time as a kennel tech and vet tech before vet school). They are a lot of fun and have lots of energy so they need a very large yard to run around in to expend all of that energy, otherwise prepare to have your house destroyed. On the negative side (at least I think it is a negative), they are HUGE dogs. On average, the ones I see are 150-180 pounds and due to that large size, be prepared to spend lots of money on him every time he gets sick because drugs in veterinary medicine are dosed by weight….the more your dog weighs, the more of that expensive medication his body will need. (For example, a 10 pound dog’s antibiotics will cost about $30, whereas those same antibiotics for a 180 pound dog will cost about $250 because he will need so much of it). Genetically, they are pretty sound dogs. Hip dysplasia and arthritis are very common in any large breed. The most common thing I usually see with Newffies is skin problems. Their hair is long and unless you brush it every single day, it will matt very easily which leads to skin infections which in turn leads to…..thats right…..lots of very expensive medications!! They are a lot of upkeep. I don’t know what part of the country you live in, but Newffies generally don’t do well in warmer climates. Other than that, they are great dogs. And great with kids too if that is an issue for you. Any other questions, feel free to ask….I’ll mail you the bill. LOL

  51. DIZEY1 said

    Hey ya’ll, how’s it hangin’?? ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Little Gypsy B’day girl, turning a child eh?? Oh and at Sam’s I got the 55 gal.drum of “Monster ———– . Ya know I have not seen Chron. of Riddick yet, I think it’s in my Netflix Que , CLEARLY I need to move it up. I like the Vin man, he’s cool. I’m gonna go watch a little pretty peeps and will catch up later.
    **Z** girl, crocheting, knitting……..you need to get up and have some fun dance around to some kick ass music, it’s Saturday evening, at 22 my butt was NEVER home. But I do live in New Orleans, enough said?? :):):) I’ll be back…….ha ha ha!!!

  52. Margaret said

    Cree: You’re right, never thought of it being the other way around. Kyle seems the type to be somewhat mischievous, since Tanya told us that he broke the bed the first week by cannonballing into it. But don’t feel bad about not knowing the context, had Madonna not been good enough to look it up I wouldn’t have either. Like I said, I feel soooo old.

    I’m hoping all this adulation doesn’t swell his head but he seems to have it screwed on somewhat. Said he avoids the net although his mom tells him whats going on.

  53. DIZEY1 said

    Cree:) ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanx maybe not such a good choice then , I’m way down here in New Orleans, I’d say pretty darn warm, and very humid. I had 2 Pom’s before one had bad skin problems. Wierd dream. Oh well. I’ll just go to our local SPCA plenty of animals need homes since Katrina.
    I love the shocker story, and most certainly I think Mr.Schmid possibly instigated such gesture. He could do it and not lose his job. Other dude might not be so indispensable (SP). You blend in just fine because I also have DVR in my room w/all ep’s and one in the den w/9 of the 12 copied. And I still say………**:) IS IT OCTOBER YET:)**

    BE BACK IN A BIT:) ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  54. Tango said

    Dizey – I love the Newfies too, just love big dogs. But when you are in the heartof Dixie like we are, they would suffer in such heat as Dr. Cree says. I saw a show about them on the Animal Planet. Have you thought about the Great Pyranese? They are large, family friendly dogs who would love your pool. We’ve had friends who have had them and love the breed. We were thinking of getting one and have somehow ended up with rescue dogs instead. If I ever buy a dog, I would look at getting something like the Labradoodle b/c it is an active dog, cut, and best of all, I heard they don’t shed – hypoalergenic. Is this true Cree?

    Hey Diz – got my disc for Beautiful People – 2. I’m hoping Kyle makes more appearances on this disc.

  55. lwildstar said

    good evening bokkin – I’m toast after spending the day in the heat – so I’m just stoping in to say hello and good night.
    I think my website is down – again – while I was able to view the page I just can’t make any changes to it – Danm AOL – I think its time to switch over the verizon set up, I’ve just been so lazy – so it may be next weekend before you see anything new from me…I’ll take a crack at it tomorrow and see.

    This is a real pity because I wanted to show you the present my friend gave me – she worked the craftshow with me.
    I was presented with a “mascot” of sorts he is a small metalic purple pompom bat named: Henry Michael Victor Fangs (the Victor is for Viki) – I was going to post his picture on my website but since AOL his having issues I can”t… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and I’ am just to tired to deal with it tonight….she actually gave me two of them, but I haven’t named the second one yet.

    Only got to watch part of the Pacifier last night – OMG I couldn’t stop laughing at Kyles “gangsta” routine threatening Vin Desil and then the “hate the game not the plya” routine…….he was such a cute kid!

    ok night my dears~

  56. Teresa said

    I got my other two Smoke books yesterday, yay! So, since it’s nasty and rainy here in Houston, it’s a perfect time to curl up with a good book.
    Well, from the looks of it, Sai can probably school us on other hand gestures, phrases and such, should the need arise. Maybe he can be a source for our movie outfits and accessories/weapons ๐Ÿ˜‰

  57. Madonna said

    Guys, don’t feel old. I’m only 28 and I had to look up “the shocker”. I think that all depends on what circles you travel in.

    I must admit I was a little shocked myself when I found out what it was and what mischief “our Kyle” was up to. But you know he is young and boys will be boys.

    He may not be indispensible but I would bet he got a stern talking to from TPTB.

    Welcome again! We have a lot of fun around here. The more the merrier.
    I know you probably hate this and I promise not to make a habit of it, but can I ask a question? I have a 20 mo. old Shi Tzu/Pekingese who has a serious problem with his appetite. He’ll go 2 sometimes 3 days at a time without wanting food of any kind and has been this way since he was a puppy. He has had to go on antibiotics 4 times already this year. His vet suspects that he may have an immune system problem and has given him shots to boost it, but he kind of beats around the bush with us. Could there be a bigger problem? This dog is my baby and this is one of my major concerns. Sorry to ask you to bring your work home with ya.

  58. Madonna said

    Oops…. Sorry I meant dispensible.

  59. Cree said

    Tango–it is partially true. The poodle part of the breed is hypoallergenic, but the lab part is not. If you are not highly allergic, that breed is fine. As a rule of thumb, the hypoallergenic breeds (the breeds that do not shed) are going to be your curly haired breeds such as poodles, bichons, etc.

    What part does Kyle play in Beautiful People? I loved that show when it was on the air and never missed an episode, but I don’t remember him in it. Probably because I had no idea who he was back then………

  60. Teresa said

    As for the aforementioned hand gesture, I am familiar with it personally (TMI?), although I had no idea it had a name or that people actually flashed it as a hand gesture to others. Had I seen the picture before the explanation, I would have thought Kyle and the other guy were just being mischevious and the gesture was some inside joke. Well, well, well…

  61. Cree said

    Madonna–what kind of antibiotics was he on and for what exactly? Did he have an infection, or was he just placed on antibiotics just as a precautionary measure? First of all, do you switch his food often? That is the most common problem I see with dogs that won’t eat. Their owners change their food all the time because they think the dog gets tired of it, so the dog learns to hold out for something better, such as canned food or people food. If you don’t change the food often or overload him with treats (as this would make him too full to eat his food), I would start with bloodwork if that hasn’t been done already. There are tons of things that can cause a dog to have a lack of appetite and lots of them will show up on bloodwork. Congenital liver shunts can present like that and there would be indicators of it on a full blood panel. If that comes back normal, I would next look at xrays with a possible barium series just to rule out any anatomical abnormalities. Immune problems are extremely rare, especially in mixed breeds. If he truely has an immune problem, he would be sick all the time, always having skin infections, upper respiratory infections, bladder infections, etc. because his body would be unable to fight off any kind of bacteria or viruses.

  62. AlisaSG said

    loves history
    >> wehave r DOLTICE of LFN PLAY HENRYS DAD IN FLASHBACK AlissaSG as his wife, we have topay attension to weapons, j Depp has apistole with magic bullents to kill UMA

    not sure who r DOLTICE is unless its actor Roy Dupuis (who portrayed Michael) from La Femme Nikita..

    but you want me to play Henry’s dad’s wife?? which one? in other words, have my head handed to me? nah-nah.

    (shrieks a loud scream so loud you can hear it all the way into NYC from the Jersey side!! LOL!)

    thanks – I appreciate the honorable thought in contributing to a significant role, but I’d rather like to keep my head, too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    think I’ll just stick to the sidelines and observe from the courtyard instead. :p


    I think I gots enough of a handful with SG-1 and watching Daniel getting scolded from viewers who don’t understand him for yelling at Vala – to which I believe was totally IN character for him (especially after everything SHE put him thru!) oh my..!

  63. AlisaSG said


    hoping your birthday is an enjoyable one with a super wonderful year ahead, as well.

    and if you didn’t already know, you also share your birthday with Zen Gesner
    (he was born on June 23, 1970)
    (oooOoO!) I just googled his name to see if I spelled his name correctly and a bunch of photos came up from his
    “Adventures of Sinbad” days. *sigh* another cutie pie with shoulder length, long hair that makes him look hunkier than with a shorter hair style. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    try not to burn the cake with all those candles, tho (just teasing! I’m right behind you along with Claire’s age) hmmm, if my parents were still alive, they’d probably put some of those re-lightable candles on the cake – just to frustrate my efforts, and make me think I’m really getting too old to blow those candles all out..
    (oooOOOoooooo – that was so mean of them!) ๐Ÿ˜€

  64. Madonna said

    Thank you so much for your answer. The vet he sees is elderly and sometimes I think he is losing his touch.

    He has been getting upper respiratory infections all year. His main symptoms are vomiting, couging and fatigue. His throat has tried to close up on him as well. The vet usually starts him w/amoxicillin and when that doesn’t work gives him Clindamycin Hydrocloride. He’ll get better for a month or so and then gets sick again. Right now he has him on something called Pred-IMG 2x a day (That is what is written on the baggie.)

    When he does eat, he eats Cesar or cooked ground beef w/rice as that is what his vet recommended. For treats he gets those marrow treats or beef jerky.

    Thank you again.

  65. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Tango, thanks for the info , I had a Siberian Husky years ago a great dog his name was Taaka. All of our animals basically lived indoors. Right now my bro. Eric’s cat Monkey aka(Louise) big cat 20ish lbs. is the only pet we have now. But lately I’ve had that LONGING again, I think I’m gonna go check out the SPCA though. Since Katrina it’s been tough for all the animals there. There’s also an organization that rescues & finds homes, they do not destroy any animals. Sometimes the SPCA doesn’t have any options. I need to go save a dog & they’ll save me I guess. It’ll work for both of us.

    Madonna ๐Ÿ™‚ you are so right. I bet he got his little butt chewed up a bit. I’m telling you it literally could only have been online maybe a day. I saw it and copied it, next day kept looking @ work for it and it was gone. TPTB must have been pretty p/o’d. Had no clue at the time I hadn’t looked at it too much detail. Then the big todo. AAHHH…..young and stupid, BEEN THERE DONE THAT. Well not THAT exactly, but many, many things some no one will ever know. We all have some little secret, right?? ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  66. Madonna said

    Yes we all have some little secret. LOL!!!! I had heard about that picture over on Bloodlines site, but the only reason they gave for taking it off was that they did not have “clearance” to post that picture.

    Wouldn’t you have loved to be a fly on the wall when Kyle got called to the office?

  67. DIZEY1 said

    Hey I said earlier that I hadn’t seen Cron. of Riddick well it’s on the tube , got the DVR taping it and will go and watch in a few.

    Tango & Cree , Kyle wasn’t in any of the 3rd disc of Pretty Peeps, what a bummer. But the show was good. I guess it’s back to “Zerophilia” to get a fix, and then onto……heck Norman aagaaaain. (heavy sigh ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )

  68. DIZEY1 said

    Madonna, Does that make me sadistic to say yes?? That and I can console him after the flogging. Lick his wounds as it were. Yep I need a fix.



    Will be back later

  69. AlisaSG said

    prayers for all seeking them.

    Birthday wishes to everyone for at least the next few weeks.

    and PS – about dogs, had a shelty (miniature lassie type with similar color patterns too). Similar to the border collie in temperament, they’re very spunky but also very patient around children, too. Ours died a week before his 10th birthday. He had a tumor growing on his back end, was going blind, and started experiencing kidney failure, etc; so my parents finally had him put to sleep.


    and I’ve got a personality question below.. not sure if everyone who isn’t a SG-1 viewer would understand, but most of you do seem to understand why and how different personalities seem to react, etc.. and most everyone here seems to understand how patient Henry is.. so this is sort of similar, but on a different level of having patience for tolerating moments that really should be dealt with when such moments actually occur..


    >> Wow! ..I just got Season 2 of Stargate Atlantis in the mail today. I am going to have great evening!!

    cool!! another *Stargate* viewer person ๐Ÿ™‚
    Just got thru last night’s hump from both SG’s finales, etc.

    Question.. and I’m not sure if I’m explaining this clear enough–

    why is it that people here connected to BLOOD TIES seem to understand the type of personality like Henry’s – who puts up with or tolerates a ton of heart-break from Vicki, yet people in the real world media don’t? You’d think that understanding personalities might be a prerequisite for being a Tv critic (which some of them are critics, but not romantics, and certainly – apparently, not the type of person who would understand Daniel being tolerant of most people and not blowing off steam at them, yet *finally* blew off his rage at Vala during a vulnerable program moment..?

    I’d provide a link on where the discussion starts, but this blog doesn’t take too well to forum links of entire message pages that go on for seemingly endless pages..

    I could understand how most people who don’t have Daniel’s personality might think of him as doing what he did out of character, but maybe there’s just more con-artists on the internet than claim to be of the so “sweet and innocent” type.. and con-artists just expect everyone to cater to their whims and wishes, but don’t understand when someone goes against that hype after putting up with it for endless months and months.

    SG spoiler–
    That’s what Daniel did with Vala last night, and I don’t blame him one bit. Vala had it coming a long time prior to that. I’m sort of glad TPTB wrote the final blow-up into the script, just to get it out of their system (even if they did erase the actual memory of that time in the episode).

    I can see this coming with Vicki down the road, if it happens but under different circumstances with Henry – if he chooses to blow off some steam. I think Mike has already said something, and Coreen nailed it, when she got tired of Vicki putting up a (protective) con-front.

  70. Madonna said

    Sadistic? Not at all dear….not at all!

  71. Madonna said

    Our animals have always been family to us. We had a male Pekingese. When he was 12 he had a kidney removed because of cancer. Over the next 6 mos. he had to have stomach surgery, he had a stroke and got cancer on his other kidney. We gave him injections of pain meds at home, but when it became unmanagable we put him down. My parents charged over $12,000 to their credit card in an effort to save him. (Money they didn’t have.) The vet eventually stopped charging them for services. That is why I feel a sense of loyalty to him. It almost broke all of us. Our female Pekingese lived to be almost 18. We literally could not handle the thought of going through all that again, but we saw our little Boo-Boo and fell in love immediately.

  72. Claire said

    Good evening blogkin!!!!!
    Thanks again for all the prayers..
    Hรฉlas je suis parvenu ร  amuser les quadruplรฉs en les laissant nager toute la journรฉe, aprรจs que le dรฎner nous observent un film.

    Translationโ€ฆ.I entertained the quadruplets by letting them swim all day.After dinner we are watching a movie.

    Joyeux anniversaire
    Happy birthday to you!

    OK Iโ€™m off to dinner and to watch Bridge to Tarabithia with the quads!

    see yas later!

    I’m so lazy…I copied this from the other thread…waterlogged I didn’t realize we had jumped to a new thread.

    Anyway….Hey Sai13 Dude where were you hiding? We missed you! I think I hear a sound of relief from NYC…EH…LH? not the only guy here anymore!

    So I loved watching Bridge to Tarabithia with the kids…I’m big on never shutting down my kids imaginations…so many parents do.
    This movie was all about how kids can invent new worlds because of their great imaginations…..sort of like us…LOL. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So Cree…I have a 6 mth old Jack Russell+Benji mix…is she going to be crazy forever….cause she didn’t take after her nice non barking dad! LOL!
    The blog family can attest to the fact that she once ate my memory foam mattress!!! And she barks,barks,barks at anything and everything!

    Well lovies pool again tommorrow…so bonne nuit dames et rรชves de bonbon ร  messieurs! until tommorrow evening…MS.Gypsy…don’t get into any trouble lol!!!

  73. Anzia said

    Diz- Honey if I had the money to go anywhere I WOULD! Also, I don’t really have the freedom to do that. I mean, i’m basically on-call to babysit my cousins 24/7 while I stay at my aunt and uncle’s place. All of this can change after I find a job but not really until then. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ My only “play time” is when I’m on here or chattin away with Nina. ^_^

    Claire- have fun! Just think of all this water time as practice for the movie. ^_^ I loved “Bridge to Tarabitha.” I saw it on the plane to Zurich and CRIED! My sister and I both did (and my step-mom too but she was on the otherside of the plane so I didn’t know this until later). Such a great movie! And I’m eternally grateful for my mother never putting a stop to my imagination. I’m sure I’d be expidentially more boring if not for it. :p ๐Ÿ˜€ :p

  74. Laurel said

    I have been checking up on all of you today but haven’t gotten a chance to sit down and post anything. My girls took me for another bike ride this morning and we went twice as far as yesterday. Jeeez, nothing makes me feel quite so old as trying to keep up with them. But, I suppose that is what keeps me young. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I noticed “Pacifier” was replaying tonight at the same time as “Cronicles of Riddick” so I spent some time flipping channels between the two. This is usually my husbands behavior so when he caught me doing it he got a big laugh!

    Oh well. I have to fill the time until October.

    Gypsy – I hope you are having a great start to your birthday extraveganza week!
    What kind of cake/pie/dessert do you like to celebrate with?

    I got Smoke and Ashes yesterday and am over half way through it. I keep seeing all of us in the references to “Mason’s fans” and have to laugh. I thought the first one was a slow start, but I am really hooked. Next time we have lunch you can give me your take on some of the relationships.
    I suspect you all have gone off to bed so I will wish you all sweet dreams!

  75. Madonna said


    Your comment earlier reminded me of last summer when my parents tried to throw me a surprise birthday party. It’s a long story but it didn’t work. Anyway she called me on my way home from work and told me to pick up the candles for my cake. I was in a hurry and didn’t pay attention to what I bought. That’s right, I bought myself trick candles.

  76. susana said

    happpy birthday gypsy, sorry i am late to wish yu well….HUGS….

    Welcome Doc Cree! nice to have you join the madness here, we are proud to have TOTALLY lost it while we wait for october!

    PRAYERS your way Claire….loads of it!
    just had a surprise dinner for my husband for his 34th birthday….we was so happy, he isnot a “tangible gifts” kinda guy, but he is a people person, so i had 25 of his friends over!

    lol ya’ll, very tired today!

    SAI13! ONG you made it, please stay, i think loveshistory enjoys the attention (wink…wink) we love our guys here!Feel free to bask in the estrogen or lack thereof Ha!HA!

    wayeta@hotmail.com i need that pic of kyle being bad! i looked up the gesture OMG! I am just going to say…big no entry sign ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. Anzia said

    GOOD NIGHT GUYS! I hope everyone had a great day (especially you ms gypsy).

    Danielle- when exactly is your b-day? I know it’s soon??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyways. ^_^


  78. AlisaSG said

    Madonna, oh noooooooooooo!

    >> AlisaSG,

    >> Your comment earlier reminded me of last summer when my parents tried to throw me a surprise birthday party. Itโ€™s a long story but it didnโ€™t work. Anyway she called me on my way home from work and told me to pick up the candles for my cake. I was in a hurry and didnโ€™t pay attention to what I bought. Thatโ€™s right, I bought myself trick candles.


    OMG!!!!!!!! you poor dear! that probably had to be one of the worst moment of your life, with the laughs ending up on you from everyone watching you try to frantically blow out those candles. And I’m guessing you were also probably kicking yourself all night from not paying attention to the label on the box / wrapping.

    Otherwise, that’s also known as “Murphy’s Law” at work.

    hoping your birthdays since then have been much better..

  79. loves history said

    alissa sg if you did nt notice you cast in our movie as hENRY VIII wife( NOT ONE WHO LOSES HER HEAD) played you know who of LFN a steamy love scene is included.

  80. Margaret said

    Danielle: You never told us how much you cried with What Girls Learn.

    Cree: We always love to have fellow addictees. This is one of the few safe places you can voice your addiction without getting the obilagatory eye roll and are you crazy look when you want to discuss it. I’m light years older than Kyle but for some reason I don’t feel the least bit motherly toward him except when he does stupid things and then I want to ask him why he does it. I’m hoping he doesn’t laugh his self silly over the way we act although I would think he wouldn’t since we are ultimately his bread and butter. If they don’t bring this show back with additional episodes I will be pretty much crushed as I promised myself I would NEVER get sucked into another TV show again, after JAG and here I am. I think the thing that has made this show so special is that Tanya shared so much with us, the behind the scenes things, the fact that she is as much of a fan that we are, and the fact that the cast is a perfect fit together. The writing on the show is great. So again, welcome to our crazy belfry. We’re all crazy here and I’m certain none of us will last until October. lol

  81. Margaret said

    Ms. Gypsy: Hope you had a great birthday. You know that picture, I’m not even a minx but every time I see it -it takes my breath away. Almost makes me want to turn into a minx. Maybe we should familiarize Cree with our terms: Hens, Minxs, and Vices. The perv meter regarding Mayors and all. Any volunteers?

  82. Margaret said

    Ms. Gypsy: What would you think about posting your link over at the Lifetime Board, will they let you do that? (about tonight’s chat). Maybe go to Tanya’s Live Journal and invite her over if she’s around. If we can keep up the steam maybe we can do this until October as we know that most of us will NOT be watching Army Wives.

  83. lwildstar said

    wow I’ll never catch up on all the posts!!!!I’ll have to read them later.

    I was presented with a โ€œmascotโ€ of sorts he is a small metalic purple pompom bat named: Don’t know if this will work but here is a picture of Henry Michael Victor Fangs (the Victor is for Viki)


    Well the website is still down – AOL has totally screwed the whole system – I can get in and change text but it won’t allow me to upload anymore pictures. So I guess I’ll have to move it over to Verizon (when I get the time)

    I did finish some more rosary bracelets if anyone is interested please email me and I’ll send you the pictures LognWldstr@aol.com

    Well I’m out for the day talk to you later…

  84. DIZEY1 said

    Good Sunday morning my bloggerati ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Just starting my day off with a smile. I just was watching “Tristan and Isolde”, love that movie. I know it’s early but it’s a nice lazy slow day. Gonna get in the pool and just hang out. What time is our chat supposed to be for ?? My time??

    Claire, haven’t seen Tarabithia yet, although I do love Narnia, and this morning was flipping between Tristan (fine dude) and Ice age the meltdown, love Sid the Sloth, and Diego (love Dennis Leary). Well enjoy your swimming today as will I , use plenty of sunscreen ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Check back later enjoy the day!!!

  85. Annalaise duChat said

    msgypsy: I know it’s late but Happy Birthday. I hope you had a spectacular day.

    Would some kind soul please repost the details about the chat so I don’t have to go searching back through all the posts. I’m woring at home this weekend to make up for missing Friday and I just can’t keep up anymore. I kind of log on read back about a half a dozen post to catch the current them and that’s about all I have time for. I would like to try and be there though. Looking forward to chatting with you all.

  86. Annalaise duChat said

    Oh, that was WORKING not the other word that it looks like.
    An unfortunate typo!

  87. Himmiefan said

    Hi everybody! Hot, hot day here. I’ve been away on a real rescue mission, and I’ve got the moscuito bites to prove it! The bunny rescue group here in Middle Tennessee got a call about a domesticated bunny that had been dumped out in a ladies yard. So, we’ve been trying to catch that critter. He has been eating the food we’ve laid out. So, we go back about twilight to see if he’s come back the the little burrow he’s created.

    Annalaise – I did have to smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I know I’m a bit late with this, but I do have to weigh in on the shocker issue. If Kyle were standing here and I were able to keep my hands off him, and that’s a big if, I would tell him that 1. the shocker is just plain gross and 2. it probably violates the production company’s anti-sexual harassment/hostile work environment policies. Now, he’d probably be so remorseful that I’d have to give him a big kiss. Okay, I’m stepping off my soapbox and back to scratching bites.

    Gotta go. I promise, plot is coming!!

  88. Himmiefan said

    Oh Ms Gypsy, about the high-tech equipment. I had just assumed that you’d be, um, a bit too busy to use any high tech equipment. I could be wrong… ๐Ÿ™‚

  89. loves history said

    we have a basic plot to movie already

  90. Anzia said

    Chat tonight at http://www.henryshens.com at 10 eastern/9 central and 10 mountain/ 9 pacific (is that how it goes?) If you’re ambitious come to both ^_^

  91. Tango said

    lwildstar – I got my rosary/bracelet this weekend. Thanks so much darlin’! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I got thru watching Beautiful People disc 2 last night. It must have been one that has been passed around the BT fans alot b/c it seemed to be a little worn out, kept going black on some of the scenes. I kept wondering if had been to any of you guys’ houses. Our Kyle is a sweetie in this show – playing Evan, boyfriend of the older sister. There’s only two more discs and I’m getting sad that I am running out of things to watch him in and it is only late June.

    Hey LH, I’ve noticed you put Angie in the movie… Frankly I’m surprised she’d want to be in it. Does she even know? Also, for us civilians out here, what is an APC – vehichle that you are driving?

  92. Margaret said

    I thought we were chatting here? Is it here or at Henry’s Hens.

    I’ve been busy so here goes: (1) Oprah’s website (www.oprah.com) makes you register and then allows you to leave a comment, no visable email. (2) Rachel Ray, send feedback to: rrfeedback@kingsworld.com, (3) Regis and Kelly, allows you to send them an email, not visable though. (4) Entertainment Tonight-go to the Be the Producer, sign in and leave a comment. (5) Ellen DeGeneres (http://ellen.warnerbros.com/show/dear ellen) go to Dear Ellen and leave a comment. (6) David Letterman-Allows you to go to the feedback form and leave a comment. The ones I COULDN”T get to were: Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno and Saturday Night Live as they are all on NBC i think it is and they have a snitty little message due to the enomous amount of mail they receive they can’t forward it to the talent people. MTV and VHI were not all that easy to navigate and I just gave up.

  93. lwildstar said

    Boy its quiet here today – wish it was slow at home too.
    I did take a break to watch Heart of Ice & Heart of Fire. I
    needed to decompress after spending an hour with the stupid website issue.
    AOL is soo totally screwed up that now it won’t let me in at all – so if you have the link you can still go view what I had posted http://hometown.aol.com/lognwldstr/Moon.html – I just can’t post anything new. Then I went to my Verizon account to set up the website you can get there and my computer is having issues…you have to turn off all pop ups to use their software – so I did that and it keeps insisting I have pop up blocker on – good thing I only signed up for the free site ‘cuz if had bought one of the ones that have a monthly fee I would be on the phone yelling at some one. I guess I’m going to have to wait unitl my techy cousin can come for a visit and look over the computer….not that I was planning on keeping the website up after July anyway – it just ticks me off! I wanted to get a site built for my regular jewelry business – guess I’ll have to have my cousin check into that for me and see what I can use with this computer.

    I do have new rosary bracelets – which obviously won’t be posted anywhere ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I know a couple of you were still interested – so just email me and I’ll email you back the pictures. I also have about a half dozen plain wood crosses left if anyone is interested – real cheap! AND I have three book marks with the moon at one end and the blood drop at the other… LognWldstr@aol.com

    ok enough self promoting

    The card to Tanya – only have about 6 entries for it…going to work on it next weekend and it should be ready to send out with the book mark after July 4th.
    I’ll let you know when its finished so that if you want to see it I’ll email it to you – its not going to be anythong real fancy but I think Tanya will get a kick out of it.

    Ms Gypsy – I’ll email you about the shipping – I asked a differnt lady at the post office to see if she had a different answer then the first I asked- she suggested the same thing – Global Priority (International).

    We have a Plot line now? did I miss it? You know this is funny – I was looking through old drawings from my aspiring graphic artist days – I designed a motorcycle for Wildstar! I couldn’t believe it….I don’t normally do mehanical drawings, but it looked pretty cool.

    I don’t think I’ll be able to make the Chat tonight – I have an early morning meeting related to training my rect/admin replacment and what duties I’ll have to keep until they find a permanent replacement….and I was so looking forward to this new chat. Oh well the job pays the bills so I guess I should be “bright eyed and bushy tailed” in the morning. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well with the new position at work you won’t see me much except at lunch and in the evening…

    Good night all – have fun in the chat tonight – sorry I won’t be joining you!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  94. lwildstar said

    Bring Back, Bring Back, bring back my Henry to me! to me!
    OH….Bring back, Bring Back, bring back my Henry to me to me!!!!

    Just had to get that out of my system before logging off!

    There is horrrrribble vamp moving on SciFi right now – from Dusk til Dawn 2?I’ve been listening to it in the back ground….I think I’ll go pop another episode of Blood Ties back in the machine….

    NIght all!

  95. Anzia said

    The chat is at Henry’s Hens to both test out the chat feature under high traffic and to just chat with everyone. ^_^

  96. Margaret said

    Thanks Anzia. I would have been here chatting to myself. Something I do sometimes anyway. lol.

  97. AlisaSG said

    >> I thought we were chatting here? Is it here or at Henryโ€™s Hens.

    I think the “chat” at Henry’s Hens is live (everyone is on-line together and gabbing all at once, while reading each other’s comments). It’s sort of more personal info that I’ve heard usually gets posted during those sessions.. and sometimes very off-topic, unless there’s an actual interview going on with a moderator.

    Personally, I’ve never done live chats. Takes too long for me to read. I’d never be able to keep up, so I prefer the forum and blog methods of chatting instead.

    I was under the impression the Henry’s Hens site was going to have a forum set-up (which is similar to this blog), but the blog went up here, until the forum became complete. By forum, I mean something similar in design to what the bloodlines web forums look like with separate topics and categories, etc. Anyway, that’s what I thought it was going to eventually end up, but I don’t really know.

    happy to post here in the meantime – about daily events, life in general and of course – BT. ๐Ÿ˜€
    (I prefer it here more than on the bloodlines “drippy blood” graphics forums).
    my hubby is definitely NOT into that stuff, so its better to post here, than there.

  98. Claire said

    Hey all! Back from pool…feeling very toasted lol! those kids had me at the pool at 11 a.m. Going to shower..make some tacos…chat at yas at 10…maybe sooner.

    Dizey…I loved Tristen and Isolde…I’m such a sucker for romance movies!

    See yas later

  99. loves history said

    APC ARMORED PERSONEL CARRIER THE PLOT Henru real wife ( uma thrumen) HIRES CHRISTINA TO TURN HENRY SO THA THE WILL HAVE THE POWER TO KILL DAD AND BECOME KING C falls in love with henry steals his body as in book now uma leads a group ofinsane ols vamps who still want henry to be king the y kipnap him killing coreen whomust go on to flash gordon theyhave henry inols castle guarded by day by army of zomies dIZEY IS SENT TO INFORMHEN OF RESCUE SHE SPEND THE NIGHT WITH HENRY BUT CAUGHT AND DIES GORYLY THE 1ST ATTEMPT FAILS MIKE IS CAPTURED TANYA IS BEHEADED SHE MUST DIE TO ATONE FOR NOT WRITING ANY MORE BLOOD BOOKS VICKY ALMOST DIES BUT I SAVE HER WITH MONTH TO MONTH 2ND ATTEPT IA ASUCCESS ANZIA DIES HOWEVER HENRY FIGHTS UMA IN LONG SWORD FIGHT BUT CAN KILL HER J Depp comes in kills her with magic bullets hens share henry under 30s get j dEPP gypsy gets mike in nondescript vechicle i drive off with vicky

  100. Anzia said

    Claire/Dizey- I have that movie but I’ve never actually watched it. I was told I’d cry (which if you know me and how I react to really good romance movies that’s not a surprise). Maybe I’ll do that sometime soon…

  101. Laurel said

    Greetings from the Wet Coast. Rainy and muggy here today.
    I’m sorry I will be missing tonight’s chat. I will be missing for the entire week. Due home afternoon on Friday, but you all will be gone home by the time I return.
    Hold on to any more “wardrobe orders” until Friday if you can. I am trying to keep a list and know I will have plenty of posts to read when I return.
    Elizabeth and Gypsy – I will let you know when I’m back, maybe we can schedule to meet the following week. ๐Ÿ™‚ I may try to call each of you from camp but reception on cell is notoriously bad there. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Have fun dears. I will be thinking of you this week!
    Tango – don’t let LH trash the Ferrari, okay?

  102. Anzia said

    Have fun Laurel! Definitely hope the weather improves for you. ^_^ HUGS!

  103. Cree said

    Wow, this site is so addicting…all I could think about at work today was coming home and jumping on the blog to tell you guys my funny little story of the day. At our clinic, any dog that is due for their yearly stuff, like all vaccines, bloodwork, etc. we require to drop off for the day to ensure that we are able to spend enough quality time with each one and make sure they get everything they need. Well, I came in this morning, and there is a dog in the back that I had never seen before and she looked EXACTLY like Cali! I mean EXACTLY!! I almost flipped out. I swear those dogs are twins lost at birth. If I hadn’t known better, I would have sworn it was her. She was the cutest, most fun dog ever! We let her out to run around and play when we weren’t busy and I totally fell in love with that dog. I just kept wondering the whole day if that is how Kyle’s dog acts. If so, he got one heck of a dog! I tried to explain to my techs why I was so excited over that dog, but of course, they just don’t understand…..but I knew you guys would!! I love it here on the blog! I have only been here a few days and I am already a serious addict….HELP!!

    Claire–Jack Russell Terriers are the craziest dogs I have ever encountered. I have never met one that was calm, no matter how old it was, so sorry to say that you will have to just put up with all of the hyperness for the rest of her life! I am not surprised she chewed up your mattress. Those dogs are very destructive because that is usually how they help get out all of their energy.

    Madonna–Pred is a steroid that is sometimes used to treat auto immune disorders among other things. I am assuming that is why he put him on that. I myself am not a big fan of steroids, as most younger vets are not because of all of the dangerous side effects of long term use. It is a drug that mostly only the older vets still use because thats what they were taught to do in school decades ago before anyone really did any studies on it. Has he done chest xrays on your dog? If he keeps getting upper respiratory infections and no other types of infections (skin, bladder, etc), then he may have something going on in his lungs such as a fungal disease that antibiotics won’t entirely clear up (and that pred will eventually only make worse) instead of having an actual immune problem.

    Himmiefan–what part of middle TN do you live in? Just curious as I was born and raised there and all of my family still lives there.

  104. Margaret said

    Yes, Cree, you will find the oddest things become amusing to you now, like you can’t go into a Walmart or other store and see Pampers Swimmers without chuckling and thinking of Mike having to donate some swimmers.
    You’ll find yourself renting or buying movies that you would never have dreamed of watching before because “he” or “she” is in it (Kyle, Dylan, or Christina). You’ll learn dirty gestures you never knew about before (who knew). You run out and buy all the Blood Books that Tanya has ever written and hoping upon hope that even though she said she would NEVER write any more blood books with Henry and Vicki in them, you hope that maybe we can change her mind. And you begin to think that October is too far off for no other reason than we won’t be able to see Blood Ties before then. Yes, welcome aboard the crazy Blood Ties Train, the more the merrier. Or is that misery loves company. lol.

  105. Madonna said

    Thank you so much for all your information.

    Blood Ties and this blog are addictive, but in the words of John Mellencamp, It Hurts So Good.

  106. Himmiefan said

    Hi Cree! I meant to mention this to you the other day. I’m orginally from Chattanooga, but I’ve been here in Nashville since ’99. I really like it here. I’ve lived in the Brentwood area for about four years.

  107. AlisaSG said

    loves history,
    wow! sounds like you’re acting out some anger moments in those story ideas scenes described, with the exception of the last line..

    >> in nondescript vechicle i drive off with vicky

    ..backing up to the middle of those details —
    that’s pretty harsh – killing off Tanya for not writing any more “Blood” related books..??

  108. AlisaSG said

    and more ..loves history,
    >> alissa sg if you did nt notice you cast in our movie as hENRY VIII wife( NOT ONE WHO LOSES HER HEAD) played you know who of LFN a steamy love scene is included.


    LOL!! steamy love scene, ehh..? but, that might make Claire jealous, since Roy/Michael is more our age (he’s a few years younger than us) and he looks a little like Henry at times, and is gifted like Henry too.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Altho, it might also make Rifkind jealous if I’ve got Roy as King Henry all to myself, too..

    well, actually, tho I admire Roy, and adored his mysterious *Micheal*, he’s not really my type. However, back to that steamy part – as in the bathtub one b/t Michael and Nikita on LFN? kind of a small fit; and it could actually be one that was similar to King Henry VIII’s real one, but hmmmm. that’s a tough choice. Roy’s Michael does know how to sniff (actually snuggle up) and kiss..

    (Ohhh, good Lord! I can’t believe this is even being discussed!)

    somehow, I’ve always liked Saint-Germain’s 1st century jaccuzzi (oversized tub) version better. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve made a modified version of it for *my* Michael (MD, vamp) character. His complexion is closer to Henry’s but this Michael (MD, vamp) has got exquisite brown eyes and dark, curly hair. He carries his beloved Tasha into it for some relaxing water therapy sessions for her painful PMS cycle (that’s not for pre- but for present- cycle). Yeah, that’s a *bit* more on the steamy side.. perfect water temps, too!

    can’t go into details on what else transpires in there. It’s left for the imagination to choose whichever direction it wants, but fades somewhere with those tender neck “kisses”.. :p

    sorry, couldn’t resist.. it left that moment wide open!


    BTW, according to wikipedia (or wickedpedia!), Jane Seymour was considered to be King Henry’s
    ‘sole “true” wife, being the only one who had given him the male heir he so desperately sought.’

    talk of irony.. I’ve always adored actress “Jane Seymour” ever since I saw her in the
    original Battlestar Galactica series (1970’s), and thought she was one of the world’s most beautiful women (during her BSG and James Bond years). Her hair is baby fine, just like mine and Kyle’s, too! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Wonder if she’s related to Henry VIII’s Jane Seymour of long ago?

  109. lwildstar said

    I spent an hour writing – the problem I’m having is that my brain gets so far ahead of what I’m typing that my “train of thought” gets derailed. Oh well – for good or bad I’m just going to try and stick it out this time.
    I know we have a lot of new bloggers joining us and I’d like to say WELCOME! to you all! and invite you to add your greetings to the Thank You card for Tanya. I’m going to work on it next weekend and it should be ready to send out with the book mark after July 4th.
    Iโ€™ll let you know when its finished so that if you want to see it II can email it to you – its not going to be anything real fancy but I think Tanya will get a kick out of it. If you would like to send your greetings for the card send to:

    Wish I could join you at the chat…..Have fun tonight guys!

  110. Madonna said

    Alright guys,

    It seems like the movie is shaping up nicely. Let me see if I can get this straight….

    – Hens over 30 get to share Henry after they rescue him
    – Assistants under 30 keep the rescue squad in chocolate and get to share Johnny Depp (I’m 28 so it looks like I’m relegated to that role.)
    – Ms. Gypsy gets Mike
    – Loves History gets Vicki

    Here’s my request. Johnny Depp just doesn’t do it for me, so can we at least write in a nice hot love scene between Adrian Paul (The Highlander) and myself.

  111. Himmiefan said

    Okay, Loves History. I’ve got your ideas and I’m scanning to see what other suggestions are floating around the blog. I’ll compile everything and see where we are. This is going to be great!

  112. loves history said

    ok maddona you get to turn ap to trade sides and join the hens

  113. Anzia said

    Madonna- Adrian Paul! YES PLEASE! *DROOL* I loved the highlander series! SUCH A GOOD SHOW! It broke my heart that every woman he loved died. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  114. DIZEY1 said

    Hey ya’ll just stopped in to see what ya doin’ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Played in the pool today and feelin a bit pooped.
    Anzia, you’ve got to watch Tristan & Isolde a fabulous movie, right up my alley. I just love the era and yes Claire most certainly I’m a sucker for romance. When she finds him on the beach. OMG yeah baby he’s not so hard on the eyes either. YUMM!!! You’ll love it Z and you may shed a tear but it’s worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  115. Anzia said

    LMAO Oh, Dizey! *hands her her Henry Doll & Chocolate Chains* Go work off some of the “yumm” dear. ^_^

  116. Claire said

    Yeah Diz…with me it’s more about the era and the romance…I also loved…camelot…..first knight….and braveheart.

    Cree….why did I know you were going to say that? LOL!!!
    yeah little Josie is going to be the death of me…she’s so crazy.
    She also likes to run away from home and play in traffic! We have to make sure we open doors real quick…or out she goes 90 miles an hour!
    I swear she needs doggy prozac! LOL!!

    Anywho heading over to hens..to see whats shakin.

  117. Claire said

    Ok nothin shakin at the hens…maybe I got the time wrong? wasn’t it at 10?
    Well…I’m tired…nothing like hot sun and chlorine…to wear you out…well 7 year old crazy quads too lol!!!

    off to bed…old lady that I am….yeah right!!

    Bonne Nuit mes amis!

  118. Margaret said

    We’re waiting over at the Hens. Where are you all?

  119. Madonna said


  120. Madonna said


    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday Danielle,
    Happy Birthday to you.

    If you haven’t already, check your email dear. I sent you something.

  121. Himmiefan said

    Happy birthday Danielle!

  122. loves history said


  123. loves history said


  124. loves history said


  125. Anzia said

    Happy birthday Danielle!

    Claire- I LOVE FIRST KNIGHT! OMG! GREAT MOVIE! Dragonheart is really good to. Not so much a romance but VERY good! (well, I think so anyways. ^_^)

  126. Anzia said

    TO everyone chatting in the second round, I would LOVE To stay up but i’m FINALLY tired enough that I might get to sleep (been battling insomnia lately- GRRR). ^_^ Have fun!

    talk to ya’ll later!

  127. Rifkind said

    You might have to share Adrian! YUMMMMMMY!
    DId you know that there is going to be another Highlander movie??
    Adrian is the exec producer, and characters, Methos and Dawson will both be back as well.
    In the TV series, I LOVED the flashback story about Methos.. the 4 horseman of the apocalypse as real barbarians. A great story!

    LH, IOn the movie, don’t forget that I get to do the (SG-1) Sam Carter thingy and use some techie stuff to get the electronic locks to the doors to unlock to get to Henry…

  128. Scotialynn said

    I also loved First Knight…But I love Dragonheart move. I think its rooted in the fact that the first Sean Connery film I saw was Darby O’Gill and the Little People. Still watch that movie at least twice a year. (Halloween and St. Patrick’s of course… ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  129. Tango said

    I might get killed off for saying this, but I’m not keen about the idea of killing off Tanya. She is our Charlie and will be needed for the sequels won’t she? Charlie never got into the action himself, and with all the Avengers why would Tanya need to?

    LH I can understand your frustration with the books, but I can only imagine what she might think if she (or any of the Lifetime people) actually read that we were planning her gory death in a movie. Reminds me a little of the two California Menendez (?) brothers who wrote a movie script about killing their parents and then actually did it. I personally think we should steer clear of his.

    I would be curious of the direction Himmiefan was considering taking the movie since it was her brainchild. Action/Adventure or slasher?

  130. Tango said

    correction – steer clear of this.

  131. lwildstar said

    good morning blogkin – sorry I couldn’t join you last night over at the “hen house” but I was just too wipped out and of course i had to get up early this morning.

    I agree we should not kill Tanya off – I don’t think thats a good follow up to all the praise we have given her – not to mention the Thank you card we are sending…..

    And I second the vote for Adrian Paul…oh yes there is going to have to be some sharing….you know he did a vampire show as well – I’ve seen the pilot, but can’t remember the name at the moment – he was a vampire police detective/leasion between the human and vamp communitie – yes they were an “open” society…..

    I’ll check back at lunch –

  132. Margaret said

    Well, since we all are entitled to an opinion I vote NOT to kill Tanya off. We’d never be able to try to convince her to write more books if we sent her to the great beyond. Besides, she’s been so good to us, not a good reward. I vote NO.

  133. Annalaise duChat said

    Good Morning All!

    Had fun in the chat room last. Anzia, Loves History you guays awake this morning? We were the die hards at the 10:00 session.

    Loves the Highlander and First Knight. Recently rewatched a Knight’s Tale with Heath Ledger. That one was fun too.
    fI was on a Heath Ledger kick recently and rented Brokeback Mountain. It was very sad. Well done.

  134. DebS said



    Noticed Sai13 was around this weekend, so sad I missed him. I am going to try and catch up on all the posts later, just wanted to drop in and say hi!

  135. DebS said

    Oh man, must read some of the above comments…totally missed the chat room. I was in bed by 10:15pm. I am so lame…hehe.

  136. Anzia said

    I really don’t want to kill Tanya either. For basically the same reasons that have been mentioned and because killing her in an incredibly gorey fashion just because she stopped writing a series seems a bit harsh.

    At the rate we’re going, we’re just going to need a truck of REALLY hot men to help service us in many capacities: Backrubs, foot massages, water, etc (where did ya’ll minds go? naughty people ;))

    How did Johnny depp get into this anyways? (Just curious. DEFINITELY not complaining) I had a dream where he was a vampire (it was a while ago) and let me tell you, that man made one SEXY vampire! He was a bad boy too. Sent to kill me and all that jazz…

  137. Annalaise duChat said

    Anzia I like the way your mind works. Johnny Depp would make a great vamp.

  138. Teresa said

    Missed the chat last night *sob*. I got caught up in the ending of Smoke and Mirrors and by the time I reached the last page it was 10 central. And, of course, since my OCD was in high drive, I had to start with Smoke and Ashes right after that. About midnight, I was trying to talk myself into putting the book down and go to sleep since I have to get up at 5:00 am when I started to hear fire truck sirens getting mighty close to the apartment, and next thing I know they were at my building. I didn’t want to get caught in my skivies in case I had to evacuate, so I had to check things out. Turns out one of my next door neighbors somehow twisted and broke an ankle trying to get her cat out of the closet. She’s rather large, so there was all kinds of discussions and manuevers trying to figure out how to get her out without creating more damage, while her partner was freaking out because she couldn’t find the power of attorney paperwork. She’s a head case (and I say that in the nicest way, since I am one too), and I guess that’s what she needed to focus on so she didn’t fall apart. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep last night.
    I streaked into work this morning a few minutes late with wet hair, which I have never done before, so I suspect I’m going to feel out of sorts the rest of the day. Just my luck, my boss had a meeting first thing with some outside people, so he noticed when I got here.
    Let’s hope the rest of my day doesn’t go so well ๐Ÿ˜‰

  139. Teresa said

    Annalaise – Didn’t JD play a vampire in some movie? I seem to remember something like that.

  140. loves history said

    depop as a vamp could work why did henry has just this big sword fight which he wins uma has to go she controls evil black magic and is opsessed with idea of making henry king she is so insane that she does not grasp that in the 21 cent that wont play henry cant do it he took a vow to protect her vicky is too busy to doit so i had to think who could just walk i do the dirty deed and we would still love him=JD as for tanya there will be no more blood books someone has todie to give crediability to our villains this amovie not tv OF COURSE WE WILL WAIT FOR HER TO FINISH

  141. loves history said

    J DEPP CAN DO WHAT Henry honor forbids and we will still him afterward. we are making amovie not atv show the villains have kill someone we all care about to get us mad as h-l, as there will be no more blood books(WE will wait for her to finish 4th valor book another set she plans on abandeing then) YOU ALL TOO SOFT HEARTED that why you are the good guys i learn as akid working for the mafia “ITS JUST BUSENESS”

  142. loves history said

    though i hasd lost 1st part you get the idea

  143. msgypsy said

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANIELLE! (It’s the25th, right?) Hope you have a tremendous day today.

    I had a great weekend. Saturday night I had dinner with my friend and her two kids and her niece. Kids ages ranged from 6 months to 5 years (and 10 months, she insists…) and after dinner we took the kids to the playground and tried to wear them out. (It didn’t work but we tried!) Then Sunday morning I left really early for a wet, dark, dreary day at the coast. You know you’re talking to dedicated northwet’eners when we give that description with a smile. We got down to the shoreline and thought the tide was going out. We were wrong. So we got wet. And then we went to look at the tidal pools and the wind picked up and it started to pour and we got wet. And then we decided to check out some of the big rocks and to get there we had to cross the rather wide little creeks the incoming tide creates and we got wet. It was GREAT! And we went to the Astoria Sunday Market where we didn’t get wet but we did get some really tasty pickled asparagus and some unbelievably good coffee, and to a lovely restaurant in Seaside where we exchanged birthday presents (we both had birthdays this weekend, you see.) And we ate cheesy looking birthday cupcakes and then came home late.

    Now does everyone understand that going to the coast here means you pack additional clothes for a three hour tour? The vast wardrobes of the characters on Gilligan’s Island makes perfect sense to me…

    I vote we don’t kill Tanya. She stopped writing the Blood books, but she kept Henry going (if somewhat put-upon) in the Smoke books and Vicki is always mentioned in those.

    Since we’re adding cast, can we add Claudia Christian? That way, when Laurel manages to steal Mike from me, I’ll be able to console myself with the woman of my dreams. (I did mention, did I not, that I’m an equal opportunity luster?)

    Gotta go get ready for work Have a great day, everyone!

  144. Annalaise duChat said

    Teresa – I Googled it but couldn’t find anything. He just plays a lot of weird characters. Maybe you’re thinking of Edward Scissorhands. If any body knows clue us in.

  145. DebS said

    I don’t think Johnny played a vamp, but I could be wrong. I do agree that he would make a great one though!

  146. Annalaise duChat said

    Hey what about Orlando Bloom? I could see him with fangs!

  147. Annalaise duChat said

    …or Vigo Mortenson. He’s got the eyes for it.

  148. DIZEY1 said

    DANI GIRL ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ***HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU …HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU …HAAAPPPY BIRRRTHDAAYY DEAR DANIELLLE……HAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY TO YOUUUUU************* ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ May you have all the things in life that you want, may you find peace in whatever you do, and may you always love and be loved the way you should be. Happy Birthday my friend. ENJOY YOUR DAY!!

  149. DIZEY1 said

    Gypsy, You were by Astoria as in the Goonies??

    Too cool and I hope your Birthday was wonderful!!! Did someone give you kids for your birthday?? If so were you being punished , not a very relaxing kind of birthday. JK about the punished thing for those w/children. They’re all angels I’m sure ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  150. Teresa said

    Hey, we’re veering off course here! We need to concentrate all our energies on BT and send all those positive vibes toward LT. This is the last week of June, OMG, and we need to keep that psychic energy flowing in that direction so we get a response from LT NOW!
    Just saying… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  151. Danielle said

    Hello! Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes. So far nothing extraordinary has happened. I invited Jason over for some cake tonight but I have not gotten an answer yet.

    I was planning to go on at henryshens last night but I was gardening all day and I have been having trouble with my ankle. It burns and throbs all the time. I have been meaning to go to an orthopedic to have it checked out. I just haven’t gotten there. So anyway, it was hurting extra from the gardening so I took one of my mothers’s percocet’s and it knocked me out. Sorry!

  152. Margaret said

    Just thought you all would like to know that I will also be celebrating Canada Day on my birthday (July 1). Oh Canada, Oh Canada, thank you for these bounties that you have given us, hotties 1, 2, & 3 (Kyle, Dylan, & Christina). My apologies to any Canadians on the board. Just seems are the beautiful people come from Canada….

  153. DebS said

    What about Hugh Jackman? I just watched The Fountain last night…I would seriously watch that man read the phone book.

  154. Margaret said

    Whoops, should have been “all”

  155. Danielle said

    I could watch Viggo, Orlando, Johnny, Hugh, Apolo, Henry/Kyle, Bon Jovi, Gerard Butler, Ewan Mcgregor, Josh Groban, etc read the phone book. Any and all are welcome to add to my list.

  156. Danielle said

    Happy Belated Birthday Ms Gypsy.

    I have not watched What Girls Learn yet. I was busy all weekend. If things stay fairly quiet tonight I will try and watch it. Chances are I won’t cry though. That is just me. I don’t tend to cry unless it is really real. There have been times though when I did, Titanic and My Life. I cried during those movies.

  157. Danielle said

    What happened as soon as I come on everyone disappears. Did I scare you all away? ๐Ÿ˜›

  158. DIZEY1 said

    My Life is that the one w/Michael Keaton. I sobbed like a baby in that one
    Titanic yeah when Jack finally had to go bye bye, very sad. It doesn’t take to much to tug at my heart strings. The first time I saw Heart of Ice I wanted to cry for Henry. Oh BTW this am on Encore “Anne of a thousand days” was on about, Anne Boelyn, too cool and she mentions to Henry DADDY about the Duke of RIchmond and his succession to the thrown etc. Good flick w/Richard Burton as Henry VIII. Cathryn of Aragon sadly the woman who played her may I say woof. Sorry, but not a pretty woman. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oh if anyone is going to get the 3rd disc of “Pretty Peeps” no Kyle in there so if that’s all you’d be renting for, don’t bother.

  159. DebS said

    Oh Bon Jovi…did anyone see the MTV Unplugged with them. I have it tivoed, but haven’t had a chance to sit dow and watch it. I love them (him).

    Danielle I am still here!

  160. DebS said

    I cry at movies/tv/books/commercials…it is a really sad state affairs. When it comes to real life it takes a lot to get me emotinal, but for some reason when it comes to watching or reading things I sob like a baby.

  161. DIZEY1 said

    ME TOO Dani ๐Ÿ™‚ :P~

  162. Margaret said

    Halleluah-Finally got my copy of Z. Guess I know what I’ll be doing tonight when I get home.

  163. DebS said

    I got my copy of Z and then immediately loaned it out to a friend. I felt it was imperative taht she watch it…and now I am kind of missing it…haha.

  164. Danielle said

    Yes My Life is the one with Michael Keaton and Nicole Kidman. I didn’t cry at the part when Jack said bye bye. I started crying at the part when the water shattered the glass dome and the Irish mother in steerage was telling her kids the story of Winken Blinken and Nod I think it was. Then again when the men in the rowboat were going back to find any survivors and they were moving through the water and dead people and there was the mother with her baby frozen. Oh that really got me going.

    DebS-I didn’t watch the Unplugged with them. I thought it was on VH1 this past Saturday. It was on right after the 100 Greatest 80’s Songs. Number 1 was Bon Jovi-Livin on a Prayer-my fave. Yay!

  165. Danielle said

    Not much gets me going. My DAD cries at the Maxwell House commercials or any sappy ones like that. It’s not that I don’t get moved by them. I just can’t cry unless it is real life usually. I must be defective.

  166. DebS said

    Ah, perhaps it was on VH1. I don’t actually know what channel things are one anymore or what times. I just tell the tivo what program to record and so I don’t have to know all the details. It is kind of a lazy way to live acutally. haha.

  167. Annalaise duChat said

    What always gets me is sad animal movies. I can maintain when bad things happen to people, but throw an animal into the mix and it gets me everytime.
    I guess it goes back to being traumatized by Bambi when I was young. D%$#@ Disney flicks!

  168. DebS said

    I would say crying at real life over movies is not defective. I fell so defective that I can choked up over a hallmark commercial, but not over real life events.

  169. Danielle said

    I don’t like to watch Bambi because of his mother. I can’t watch the animal cop shows on Animal Planet. It pisses me off. How can people be so cruel. I still don’t cry.

  170. DIZEY1 said

    I get weepy over animals big time, The Horse Whisperer(Cried), Oh Homeward Bound when they find there way home and Shadow is the last one limping over the hill (Cried), SUCKER is stamped on my forehead. BARBARO on HBO OMG I was sobbing when they finally had to put that magnificent beast down. Yeah animal movies get me good. I guess cuz’ I’ve had to put down what 4 animals it’s tough but like Mufasa said the circle of life, (Cried) then too in the freakin LION KING a damned cartoon. Am I a wuss or what??

    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  171. Danielle said

    No It doesn’t make you a wuss. It makes you stronger. Even though I giggle when my dad cries at the commercials but I admire him for it also. I man that isn’t ashamed to let people see him cry is stronger and more secure than a man that won’t. I am afraid how he will be when I get married.

  172. Annalaise duChat said

    Me too! I am just a sucker for animals. They are full of unconditional love.

  173. DIZEY1 said

    He’ll be a proud sobbing daddy. That’s his job ya know.

  174. DIZEY1 said

    Dr.du Chat,

    You are so right. They do love with all their little souls. I think while I’m off next week on vacation I may go check out the SPCA for a pup. I need one it’s been long enough. My problem w/the SPCA is how do you pick just one?? They all want to go home with you. It’s so hard to do that. But ZEN is looking for me. That’s his name in my dream. I need to find him.

  175. Anzia said

    I just don’t like Bambi. I won’t watch it. I remember as a kid watching a movie about the old testament and a lot of horses died. I was so upset. I sat there crying and no one could get me to stop. My step-father after explaining that the horses hadn’t really died asked me why I was still crying and I said something like, “yeah,but they died then! and they didn’t do anything. Why did god have to kill them?” Still cry over needless animal deaths.

    Actually, and Nina will attest to this, I cry at REALLY romantic things. Or if a movie has really made you wait for the “happy ever after” I’ll bawl! But it goes the other way too. I get so ANGRY at movies and characters that I’ll skip over parts of movies or just never watch them again. For example, in Legally Blonde, when Elle is asking the same question over and over again… I can’t watch it. It makes me really uncomfortable. my face flames red and i act as if it were ME!

    To who asked, Johnny Depp has NOT played a vampire. I just have a VERY active imagination ^_^ Let me tell you. I will NEVER think about those changing tents at beaches the same again! WOW!

    DebS- your right. If I’m crying w/o a movie it means one of three things: 1) something really REALLY bad has happened, 2) i’m REALLY stressed or 3) I’m on the verge of losing my temper and I can’t do anything about it except cry.

    If we’re adding hunks i’d request Billy Currington (country singer). I know I’m dead at the end but… i’m SURE a few of you guys would enjoy him too. ^_^

  176. Annalaise duChat said

    Good Luck with that! We got our 3 1/2 year old Catahoula Leopard Dog at the pound when she was 6 months. What a treasure! She is the sweetest, smartest dog. Very unique markings too. Black and Brindle tan with white points & chest. She has one blue eye and one brown eye. When we were in checking her out that day she was very shy until I said “Would you like to come live with us?” then she washed my face so I knew she was the one.

  177. Danielle said

    Oh yeah Billy Currington. He is another curly haired cutie. Dierks Bentley, Keith Urban,…….

  178. DIZEY1 said

    Annalaise, thats awesome. Yeah I’m ready. I haven’t been without a dog for so long, and I love when I come home and they’re all happy to see me what a wonderful feeling. I miss that lovin’. Monkey the fat cat doesn’t play those doggy games. She wines when she wants to be fed, and every now and then wants a little rubbin’. But she’s a good cat.

  179. DIZEY1 said

    While we are speaking about country dudes, how about my home grown Tim McGraw, he’s one fine hunk of man, lucky Faith I say. What a body on him, especially when he wears those white T-shirts and check out the tight jeans. OOOOEEEEE Baby!!!

  180. Anzia said

    Dizey! – LOL of COURSE!

    Danielle- YES! I’m actually really diggin’ Trent Tomlinson too! Something about a bad boy on a motorcycle singing about his daddy being a good man who goes astray at times. *purrrs* yes please!

  181. Danielle said

    Timmy and although Kenny Chesney doesn’t have the best looking face(his smile is adorable though) he has one of the best looking bods. How about Keith Anderson? Anyone know what he looks like?

  182. Annalaise duChat said

    Kitties are great, too. Particularly if you don’t want to be tied down as much. Leave a dish of food and plenty of water & a litterbox and they are good for several hours. Doggies need to be let out on a regular basis. Makes it hard to travel too far from home for extended periods. That’s something to considr if you want a dog.

  183. Danielle said

    I have a cat and a dog (mini Dachshund).

  184. Annalaise duChat said

    I’m not too much into Country Dudes, but I can appreciate your “Rodeo Romeos”.
    I’m a rock girl myself. Bon Jovi is pretty awesome. Let’s see who else? I’ll think about it while I’m at lunch. Back Shortly.

  185. Anzia said

    Keith- http://www.adamscountyfair.net/keithAndersonGlowOFF.jpg
    Billy- http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y120/skeays/playgirl.jpg (I want this magazine!)
    Trent- http://www.countryconcert.com/images/Tomlinson07.jpg

  186. Danielle said

    Johnny Rzeznik-GooGoo Dolls

  187. Margaret said

    So Danielle, you didn’t cry at What Girls Learn, did you? If anyone wants an excuse to have a realy cryfest rent a really, old, old, movie called Old Yeller. I watched it once and couldn’t bring myself to watch it ever again. It came on TV some time back and I still couldn’t watch it.

  188. Danielle said

    I didn’t watch it yet Margaret. That is what started the whole crying thing. I said I hadn’t watched it yet but I don’t think I will cry. We will have to see. If everything stays fairly quiet tonight I will try and watch it. I doubt it will be quiet tonight. If anybody comes to wish me a Happy Birthday it will probably be pretty crazy at my place.

  189. DIZEY1 said

    Yo Margaret, Old Yeller just sad. All Disney flicks think about it Cinderella, no family wicked step’s, Old Yeller kill the dog, Bambi kill the mother, Snow White poison apple, SLeeping Beauty, pricked by spinning wheel & sent into indefinite slumber. In the grand scheme of things Walt was a little twisted in trying to get a message across. So many of the Disney flix are like that, Nemo’s mom gets eaten by a barracuda, twisted ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  190. Danielle said

    The Fox and the Hound-Tod’s mother was killed and he had to be kept from Copper, his best friend.

  191. DIZEY1 said

    Oh and Ms.Margaret, Your b’day is July 1st. I’m on July 6th. You know we have quite a few cancerians here and it sure does explain alot about us and our likes and dislikes. What a trip. I’m taking off all next week I do every year and it’s so close I can taste it.

  192. Danielle said

    Will you be coming on here when you are off Beth? You will probably be very busy.

  193. DIZEY1 said

    Danielle, isn’t that strange. I know Walt was trying to teach life lessons but when I look back at all the movies and how sad some of them were, it just makes me wonder. Now don’t get me wrong, I love pretty much all the Disney stuff Nemo’s one of my fav’s, Dory (Ellen Degeneres/sp?) so freakin’ funny. It’s nice to just watch some simple tv. OPEN SEASON OMG Ashton Kutcher if ya’ll haven’t seen it you must really funny. I have to watch all this with Logan, he makes me, I swear ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  194. lwildstar said

    Disney movies?! boy have you guys gotten off on a strange track to day. Swamped witht he new position…but i really don’t have enought things to give the temp – poor girl is sitting out there bord out of her mind!
    Well it looks like I can work on the new site from work- so that may be my lunch time project – may just play around with it – I was thinking of “closing” it down for the summer as intrest wanes anyway.

    Love all the new eye candy you have been suggesting as extras for the movie – yes we will all need lots of comfort when we return from our mission!

    I’m half way through the first Shadow book – its good but hasn’t hooked me the way the Blood books did – I still don’t think we should kill Tanya off – I think having to “put up” with us preparing for the rescue will be enough of a punishment – kinda like hearding cats.
    Well lunch is almost over and I still have to go bother with ASCAP about my song – I’m suposed to receive some kind of update this week.

    Have fun guys and I’ll check back this evening…..

  195. DIZEY1 said

    Oh for sure at home I’ll get mesmerized by this darn blog and can’t stay away. You’ll see me or read me.

  196. Danielle said

    Cool. You would definitely be missed with all your stories from the gutter.

  197. DIZEY1 said

    Oh yeah Birthday girl I’m your GUTTER GIRL for sure. A little smut goes a long way.

    ***I MISS HENRY…………..IS IT OCTOBER YET???? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  198. Annalaise duChat said

    All right here’s who I thunk of.
    Rob Thomas & John Mayer. BTW I’m going to see John Mayer on July 1st at the Blossom Music Center (in Ohio) I have 11th row seats. I can’t wait!

  199. Danielle said

    Oh Rob Thomas that’s right. John Mayer does nothing for me. He is from CT though. Right here from Connecticut.

  200. Anzia said

    OOO, Smut? did someone mention smut? I’m in! ^_^

  201. Annalaise duChat said

    Oh John Mayer’s a cutie, and his songs are so romantic. “Your Body is a Wonderland” I just melt eveytime I hear it. Takes me back to my youth. Sigh.

  202. Danielle said

    I like his music but to look at him he is not my ideal. I like that song. What is that line about laying your head in my hand or something like that. That is my fave line from the song. Or is that another of his songs?

  203. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Z, of course it was me say something dirty to me. I need it I’m longing for my Henri’. I’d like him to whisper sweet French nothings in my ear while he’s doing that nibbling and sniffing thingy. I do need a man. Maybe Claire’s friend w/benefits has a friedn for me.

  204. loves history said

    disney i know your all girls dont you have ant standards

  205. Annalaise duChat said

    No it goes “You tell me where to go, and though I leave to find it I’ll never let your head hit the bed without my hand behind it.” That’s hot.

  206. Danielle said

    That’s right I love that line.

  207. DIZEY1 said

    John Mayer just played at this years N.O. Jazz & Heritage Fest I didn’t make it the day he played. the first year he came to the fest was wild. The crowd was so into it. Rob Thomas, yeah he’s cool. I like Chris Daughtry I’m from the old school of rock also. I like Damned Yankee’s, Styx, Chicago, Journey, I liked old Van Halen great rock-n-roll man. Those were our Florida summer party days, on the beach spiked watermelons, god I miss the old days.

  208. lwildstar said

    my goof on the previous post – I ment to say we SHOUL:DN”T kill tanya off – my hands and brain dont always work together when i’m typing fast.

    Well lunch is over! Talk at you tonight – weather permitting – those nasty thunderstorms are expected again tonight!

  209. Annalaise duChat said

    You don’t want me to start reminiscing about old style rockers. I was in my late teens early twenties in thelate 70’s early 80’s. Now that was the time for rockers!
    But you young ones probably EEEW they’re old!

  210. loves history said


  211. Danielle said

    Name a few Annalaise. I like the Stones, Elton John, Lynyrd Skynrd, etc.

  212. DIZEY1 said

    LH***Dude so sorry for the Disney tangent. Somehow we slipped man, it was an accident and we’ll try not to let it happen again.

  213. Danielle said

    Simon and Garfunkle

  214. loves history said

    ANNALAISE( i hope that your real name i love it) AM I THE OLDEST HERE NOBODY REMBERS THE DOORS yesterday the lead singer of the tokens died the” lion sleeps tonight”

  215. Annalaise duChat said

    Peter Frampton was the hearthrob of the time. David Bowie was also pretty cool in a highly androgynous way. Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, uummm thinking…….

  216. Danielle said

    Stillwater Oh no wait that was in a movie. Almost Famous, I loved that movie.

  217. Annalaise duChat said

    Oh yes! Jimm morrison in his “Youg Lion phase”. Yummy!

  218. Annalaise duChat said

    Sorry I can’t type when I get excited.

  219. Annalaise duChat said

    No, Annalaise is not my real name. just my alter ego.

  220. DebS said

    Oh man, Old Yeller. I watched that at school once in elementary and I just cried sitting in the classroom. I really dont’ think they should show that in school…they probably dont’ anymore. How about Where the Red Fern Grows (movie or book)…sobstory!!!

    YMMM…Keith Urban, Rob Thomas, John Mayer. I do like where our minds have gone today.

    Let me add Christian Bale and Ewan McGregor to the list of hunks. I think I must have something for British men.

  221. DebS said

    I love Elton. Possibly one of my top faves of all time. Love Eric Clapton too.

  222. Danielle said

    Although I think all rockers are sexy and hot I have to think twice about Steven Tyler. What about BIlly Idol?

  223. lwildstar said

    When doing the Thank you card – do you think it will be ok to use pictures of the “Trio” or should I stick with the non specific pictures –
    Also MADONNA – what do you think about adding a shot of your wonderful postcard on the thank you?

    Will check back tonight for responses…
    this is the last week if you want to get your greeting added email them to me at

  224. Danielle said

    Christian Bale-Yum Deb I beat you to the punch on Ewan. He was on my list up further and he is from Scotland. Sorry!

  225. Danielle said

    Who likes Jude Law? He is a yum also.

  226. Annalaise duChat said

    Steven Tyler is not pretty. But when he was young and strutting his stuff he was fery sexy. Mick Jagger falls into the same category. Dis you ever see the movie Gimme Shelter?

  227. Danielle said

    Nope. What is it about? I also like Rockstar with Mark Wahlberg. Oh another yum.

  228. Annalaise duChat said

    It’s a documentary about the time the Rolling Stones hires a group of Hell’s Agel to do security at a concert at Altamont Speedway and they ended up killing some people in the crowd. Heady Stuff.

  229. Danielle said

    Oh I heard about that incident. It was on VH1’s Most Outrageous Moments in rock or something like that.

  230. DIZEY1 said

    Christian Bale, yes Batman the last one right?? I do like Steve Tyler also. OOh Def Leppard, Bruce Springsteen (w/out political comments) Born to Run, brings back memories. J Giles band, I’m def. dating myself here.

  231. Annalaise duChat said

    They took a lot of flack for it. They probably should have gone to jail or something.
    Although I’m sure they didn’t expect anything like that to happen, but it was very negligent on their part. If that happened today I’m sure the outcome would have been much differant.

  232. Danielle said

    Duran Duran, U2

    Songs-867-5309/Jenny, Take Me On. In case you haven’t noticed I love 80’s music.

  233. Annalaise duChat said

    How young are you Dizey? Ha Ha!

  234. elizabeth said

    Good Grief! It is impossible to keep up with everyone’s posts. I have really missed you all.

    Happy belated birthdays to Danielle and MsGypsy. I hope you both had wonderful celebrations.

    Thank you for all the well wishes for my Mother. Surgery went well, but she requires a lot of help. She has a honkin’ huge cast on her arm and shuffles like Tim Conway’s little old man. Right now she is staying with me so that my daughter and I can help her.

    Okay, I tried to skim all the posts, but I know I missed most of the good stuff. Can someone explain what the gesture Kyle was making was all about? I didn’t see the picture and my curiosity is killing me ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am feeling left out here…all the talk of the movie and I have absolutely no role. I want to play!!!! Can we give me something cool to do – Plleeeeezzzee?!

    You know, one of the worst things about being out of touch to help my Mom was not being able to watch any of my BT episodes. It has been the worst form of withdrawal.

  235. DIZEY1 said

    Dr.Du Chat, I’ll be OMG **47** on July 6th, that’s next week, when did that happen?? However I feel more like 30 ya know what I mean??

  236. Annalaise duChat said

    I love Jethro Tull, Genesis, Blue Oyster Cult, REO Speewagon, Heart, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Manfred Mann, Springsteen, I could go on and on.

  237. Annalaise duChat said

    Dizey you are the same age as my husband. (I like them young) I am 51 chronologically but mentally I’m still in my 30’s as well! You are only as old as you think you are.

  238. Blah said

    Happy Belated Birthday

    How my ladies doin?

    Didja miss me? ๐Ÿ™‚

  239. Danielle said

    HEY BLAH! How have you been?

  240. DIZEY1 said

    elizabeth here’s what Madonna posted Saturday about the shocker hand gesture. Hope you don’t get offended.

    The gesture refers to the act of inserting the index and middle fingers into a vagina and the pinky finger into the nearby anus (the โ€œshockerโ€). The thumb is used to stimulate the clitoris. Because of its explicit sexual connotation, the shocker is sometimes considered vulgar. Has thought to have been originated in St. Catharines, Ontario, by local aboriginals.

  241. Himmiefan said

    Hello everyone! Still scratching moscuito bites from the bunny rescue operation this weekend. We didn’t get the little critter, but we’re still on the lookout.

    Now, I whole-heartedly approve of you brining in other objects of your affections. That way, it won’t be so bad when Henry runs off with me! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh, stop throwing rocks at me!! Ow!

    I hearby decree that in Elder Hostel, any and all deaths will be solely on the part of the bad guys. They’re free to kick the bucket any time. Any supposed deaths of any member of the rescue squad will be only a ruse to confuse the bad guys. Fortunately, that won’t be hard to do. Queen Tanya as Charlie won’t be nearby and will be out of danger. In the movie, Loves History and others will send her flowers and her favorite foods in order to entice her to write more books with Vicki in them. You catch more flies with honey, although I don’t know why anyone would want to catch flies.

    Gotta go. Lunch calling!

  242. Himmiefan said

    By the way, did Nina and any other interested parties get caught up with what we’re doing? Also, didn’t someone mention a mascot?

    My cat has announced that she’s coming on the missions since someone has to be cute and fluffy.

  243. Blah said


    I’m cool but I missed my blog-family.

  244. Margaret said

    lh: You’re not the only old fart here. I remember Jim Morrison. He was born in Melbourne, FL I think. Buried somewhere in France.

  245. Danielle said

    Never ever stray again Blah. The repercussions aren’t worth it.

  246. Annalaise duChat said

    Gee, Looks like our boy ain’t so sweet and innocent after all. And I was afraid of offending his sensibilities. Girls I think we should let him have it.

  247. Blah said

    Ah but ’tis not my fault.You see my computer fried itself the sunday Norman aired. Long story short I went three weeks without internet access and now have a laptop.whoo-yoo

  248. Danielle said

    Damn those fried computers. Don’t they realize addictions have to be fed. The need to chat with your BT/blog friends are imperative at this point. Dr Z any help?

  249. Annalaise duChat said

    Are you talking to me or Anzia?

  250. Danielle said

    Either but Dr Z is Anzia.

  251. Blah said

    Yes it is imperative to talk to you guys. I think I about drove my mom crazy because I had no one to talk about BT with exept her.

  252. Danielle said

    I bet she was rolling her eyes at you. My mom always does.

  253. Blah said

    My mom likes BT (or maybe just Henry) but she isn’t addicted to it like me.I guess I need to work a lil’ harder. ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

  254. Danielle said

    Himmiefan-Nobody can take the place of my Henry.

  255. Danielle said

    Blah-Is this your first time with access to the internet since Norman? They yanked all the episodes off youtube. You have to watch them on Lifetime now. I wasn’t sure if you watched them on youtube or if you have the itunes ones.

  256. Margaret said

    Well, at least after that little hand gesture, no one seems to want to debate whether he’s gay any more. So out of all bad things comes a little good.

  257. Danielle said

    *sigh* Danielle breathes a sigh of relief. I didn’t even think of that one little good thing.

  258. Annalaise duChat said

    It never crossed my mind that he was gay.

  259. Margaret said

    Not that would be bad, it would just be a waste for all of us who have spent considerable hours lusting after him.

  260. Danielle said

    Blah-I mean I know you said it fried around the time Norman came on but I go on at my sister’s or my friend Kelly’s occasionally. In doing so I got my 13 year old niece Alli and Kelly hooked.

  261. Margaret said

    Odd question: Checked the teenboppy magazines and there is no sign of our Henry. Does that mean he’s too old for them and too young for us? lol

  262. Danielle said

    Annalaise-It never crossed my mind either until people makes comments about it and I get worried that maybe he is. It is really hard to tell today.

    By the way I got this match on match.com today who said, “To be honest I am bi-sexual.”

  263. elizabeth said

    Dizey1 – Thanks for the explanation. I guess our boy isn’t as innocent as I thought – hehehe. Where was this picture located?

  264. Danielle said

    I think he needs to be a little more famous here in order to be in the teen mags. He is definitely not to old for them. They always do the hottest stars under 25. Really age is not a factor if he is mature in my opinion.

  265. Danielle said

    and knows how to treat a lady, with respect and and equality.

  266. Danielle said

    How the H E double hockey sticks did that second and get in there? I now I only put one.

  267. Blah said

    I had a little access at my grandma’s house which I used to read infinite amounts of Harry Potter,BT,And Law&Order:SVU fanfiction.I tried to check the blog but her computer was being evil.

  268. Danielle said


  269. Annalaise duChat said

    Where did everybody go?

  270. Margaret said

    Most of the kids I saw in there were probably the same age of the readers with the exception of Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan (great role models, geezzz). Heres the conundrum-He’s probably way too old for most of them and way too young for most of us. And people want to know why I like to fanatize.

  271. Danielle said

    I’m here just kinda lurking, waiting for somebody to say something. Kelly told me that she comes on here and lurks. She really needs to get off her ass and just say something. Yes Kelly if you are reading this, TALK!

  272. Danielle said

    You know being my birthday today she should come on for my sake. She knows she shouldn’t really call me at work so she can come on here and say Happy Birthday. Humph Whatever! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  273. Danielle said

    Well I’m skipping out early. Boss called in sick today. That must have been his birthday present to me. Thanks for all the birthday wishes everybody. Talk to you tomorrow.

  274. Claire said

    Good Afternoon Blogkin!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! DANI!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    LH-you are not so old and certainly not the oldest…aren’t you only 50?
    I do remember the doors and always sang The Lion sleeps tonight to my kids…
    even the 7 yr old quads know it!

    So,I got a call from MOnique this morning…you said she was feeling very sisterly and was coming to pick up Elijah for a week!!!

    He is the youngest of the Quads…and the biggest…and my biggest challenge…very alpha male…the noise decibel has dramatically dropped since he left.You don’t hear or see the other three…right now,they are all asleep.
    Elijah never sleeps LOL!!! So it’s a nice break.

    Went by the hens last night at 10…nobody there WAAAAAAH!
    so I went to sleep…and I’m still sleepy!
    Hey Blah….Nice to see ya again….bienvenue en arriรจre!

    I think I’ll take a nap!
    see yas

  275. Annalaise duChat said

    It was the Tokens tha did The lion Sleeps tonight” The Doors did Light My Fire.

  276. Blah said

    Nice to be back Claire. Could someone please tell me what’s been going on I feel majorly out of the loop.

  277. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Blah*** Glad your back!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dani girl enjoy your birthday ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Claire, my Logan seems like he’s always yelling. I’m constantly telling him I’m right here I can hear you man. You lucky dog I wish I could take a nap right now.

    Ms.Elizabeth give me your email and I’ll send you the pic. it was the one they shot at the end of the season. Was on one day and yanked off the next.

    Annalaise ๐Ÿ™‚ it never crossed my mind either and I’ve never got any vibe from him that he was gay. No big either way but my opinion is NO WAY he’s all man ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  278. lwildstar said

    yea! my copy of Zerophillia finally came in! So many of you have been going on and on about it that I just had to get a copy. Guess thats what I’ll be watching tonight if the expected storm doesnt knock out the power ๐Ÿ™‚ …..I watched History or Violence over the weekend…
    well, got a little time left on the clock, so I should get back to work.

  279. elizabeth said

    Dizey1 – my email is elizabeth.parker@xerox.com. Thanks for sending me the picture. I am ever and always curious ๐Ÿ™‚

    lwildstar – I hope you love Zerophillia as much as I did. It is a movie I have watched numerous times, along with The covenant. Where do you live that you have so many vicious storms?

  280. elizabeth said

    Hey, I got the smiley face to work! Too cool ::

  281. DIZEY1 said

    Iwildstar , and everyone else who just rec’d “Z” *** You’re gonna love it. I can’t wait to hear your reactions. I’m gonna watch tonight also. Love my Max, he’s totally sweet. And I mean totally sweet ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚
    What did you think of History of Violence. I love Viggo, one of my fav’s. Kyle did a great job getting his ass kicked don’t ya’ think. He does a good job being bad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  282. Blah said

    Dizey1-See I knew y’all missed me! Everyone loves a teenager. (yeah right)

  283. Annalaise duChat said

    Bye all! Time for me to head home. Catch you tomorrow if not sooner.

  284. elizabeth said

    Dizey1 – I got the email. Thanks for the picture. Now I see what everyone was talking about ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t seen the History of Violence yet. I have hesitated because I thought it would be…uh..well…violent. Is it watchable for a person who can’t stand too much violence?

  285. DIZEY1 said

    Blah**My dawlin’ of course we missed ya’ and we don’t descriminate here, we’re peeps of all ages, nationalities, religions. We don’t get mad if our opinions differ. IT’S ALL GOOD!! How TEEN are you??

  286. Blah said

    13 going on 35. Okay so maybe I’m just 13 but hey.

  287. DIZEY1 said

    elizabeth, I was hesitant at first, but I love Viggo and the I like Maria Belo also. Very good movie just intense. Worth watchign. They also have a behind the scenes which is called Acts of Violence that shows th making of and Kyle putting on his padding before the “Ass Kicking” you may want to watch that first and it won’t seem as violent to you . Does that make sense??

  288. Tango said

    Wededede dedededede a wee um um bo way! With all this talk about the Lion Sleeps Tonight โ€“ just had to do it!

    LH – I guess I am just not following your logic of villain credibility. You state, โ€œsomeone has to die โ€œto give credibility to our villainsโ€. I think if someone dies, let it be someone who is not a main character. I think anyone who plays a part in our blog is a main character. Just as BT kills off extras and not the main characters. This will go a long way to keep good will within our bloggerati as well โ€“ so we are not necessarily โ€œsoftiesโ€ just trying to keep peace amongst our own side. Us against them, baby! I think as Hemmiefan is the director/producer, she has already taken a stand on this anyway.

    Although you have worked for the mafia in the past, please donโ€™t forget the age olโ€™ saying, โ€œHell hath no fury like a woman scorned.โ€ We donโ€™t need no stinkinโ€™ villain to kill one of us to get our featherโ€™s ruffled, just mess with our men and we can be very vindictive, sneaky, and kick a**. Can I get an โ€œAMENโ€ ladies? Just look at what Vicki did when Havier (sp?) vampnapped Henry โ€“ she was willing to kick but although she didnโ€™t get the opportunity. Let them threaten to kill us, but not succeed.

    I know this isnโ€™t a TV show weโ€™re planning, but sequels are big business my friend, and we have to be thinking ahead. After all, what will we be doing next summer? Elder Hostile โ€“ part two I presume. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hey blah! Glad youโ€™re back sweetie! ๐Ÿ™‚

  289. Madonna said

    Hello everyone,

    You all have been busy. My vacation is over so I had to go back to hell today.

    Wow, I mentioned Adrian Paul and I started a lust fest. (I’m not sharing by the way.) Wink, Wink…. I can handle being an assistant as long as I can have a man. Johnny Depp is not bad looking, but I associate him with my father. A bit of a story there…..

    I can’t tell you just how much of a 60’s music fan I am. I’m sad to hear about The Tokens lead singer. I saw them live about 8 years ago. I love old Motown, 60’s party rock and British invasion, but my favorite are The Righteous Brothers. Anyone remember them? My favorite song is You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’. Bill Medley just has a voice that can melt ya.

    You can feel free to add the postcard to Tanya’s card. Could you sign it for me as well. I would have sent my greeting a long time ago but the link you post on here doesn’t seem to work for me????

    Glad to hear that your mother is doing well.

    Hi, I’m Madonna. I don’t think we have “met” before.

    Well I may be back later, maybe not. Busy…busy…busy….

    Love y’all.

  290. Anzia said

    Hey guys! Dr. Z is needed huh? I will promise everyone something. I will have the first section of the Henry/Vicki Food scene done and ready by tomorrow. When I went back to edit (yes, I really put a lot of effort into this) i expanded it by about 3 times. So, we’ll see how long it finally ends up as. Notice, the first part is only the warm up. Also, I probably won’t post it directly TO the blog as I konw ms.gypsy isn’t a fan of fanfic. I don’t want to force people to see it if they don’t want to so I’ll be putting up links. ^_^ Or, I can just email it out. Let me know which you’d prefer.

    Dizey- I love smut. I was READING smut when I was in Middle school (which might explain a lot if you think about it. ^_^)! I will admit, with pride!, that I still do read and usually enjoy my “smut.” I don’t remember the name of the first book Harliquin Romance (it was an Intrigue) that I read but I can describe in GREAT detail this one scene (probably not for the reasons you think but they were doing that too). The guy’s name was Adrian and he had this cream that healed a wound (a very bad one) in hours. That’s about all I remember (other than the aforementioned scene) but I’m hooked.

    himmiefan- ^_^ You mean I get a chance to play with henry when we’re all done now? YAY! or, wait, is it J. Depp? *shrugs* either works for me!

    How about Johnathan Rhys Meyers and Sean Biggerstaff! IRISH BABY!

    LH- I LOVE DISNEY THANK YOU! I will admit it freely and proudly that at 22 I, by choice, go to Disney movies in the theatre and own quite a few of them on DVD. I even have a huge playlist of Disney soundtracks.

  291. Anzia said

    Oh, Elizabeth welcome back!

    Hey Blah! Welcome to you too!

    (sorry, got happy with the “enter” button on my previous post ^_^)

  292. Himmiefan said

    Amen Tango! (standing up and testifying)

  293. Blah said

    Anzia & Tango- Nice to ‘see’ you two.

    Madonna- I believe we haven’t ‘met’ yet. *waves* HELLO

  294. Rifkind said

    Hi BlogKin!
    I went to LT and looked for the video section to see if I could watch the full versions of the episodes.. Maybe I was on the wrong page, as I I saw were the PREVIEWS. There WAS a link that hooked you to iTunes so that you could BUY it…

    Welcome Back BLAH, we missed you!!


  295. Tango said

    Rifkind, make sure you are under “Full Episodes” and not just under “show”.

  296. Himmiefan said

    Hi Blah. I don’t think we’ve met yet either. We’re just playing around here plotting out our own pretend movie where we have to rescue Henry. At 13, you can be in the movie too, but we’re going to have to dunk you head first in a vat of MonsterBeGone. Anyone under 30 is a prime target of movie monsters. Just a fact of life. So, those of us over 30 are going in to kick some monster butt and save Henry.

  297. Blah said

    Rifkind-I misssed everyone of my blog sistas (and brothers), but I’m back and you can’t get rid of me -as if you’d want to- ๐Ÿ™‚

  298. Blah said

    Hi Himmiefan I ‘d love to be in the movie.Even tho I think I could handle myself if you must dunk me head first in a vat of MonsterBeGone so be it.

  299. Tango said

    Himmiefan, your himmie’s name is….?

  300. Himmiefan said

    My himmie’s full name is Matilda McMeow. ‘Tilda also answers to Stinkerbell and Pookie. Heck, there’s a slew of sickingly sweet names she responds to.

  301. lwildstar said

    maddona – I’ll add your greeting no problem – if you get the chance please try this email again, just as a test Nightwalker0001@aol.com or try the other email that I use for the jewelry LognWldstr@aol.com…I just want to check on things….make sure Blood Ties in in the subject so you don’t get spamed.

    Tango AMEN sista!

    Himmefan – I mentioned a mascott but its just a silly little metalic purple bat my friend gave me – she called him our mascot….theres a post to see him somewhere above…his name is Henry Michael Victor Fangs (Victor is for Vicki)…she thinks I’m nuts with all this “obsesive behavior” as she called it, but since we were together for 8 hours Saturday I told her she had a choice in conversation 1) Blood Ties 2) Paul 3) work…we started with work and ended with Paul – she wouldn’t let me talk about Blood Ties!
    as for the movie I like the idea of a bat for mascot

    Hey I lost my post!….We’ll see if it shows up again, like last time

  302. lwildstar said

    Elizabeth – I live in MD just outside DC…this time of year with the humidity we get these “pop up” thunderstorms – so every weather report says we are to expect them – even if we never see a cloud – sucks big time..I take public transportation to and from work and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left work and its bright and sunny only to get to the half way home and have the heavens open up……if I’m lucky I can pull the “puppy dog pout” on my one supervisor and get him to drive me home – but that usually only works if its already raining……

    right now its starting to cloud over, so I don’t think I’m going to risk the computer tonight, I’m to frustrated with the website issue anyway – I did copy all my pictures to disk and I’ll just slowly rebuild it a lunch at work until I can figure out why I can’t get the program to see I’ve shut off the pop up blocker…oh well – a geek I’m not. I’ll post the new website address when I get something worth viewing up – I still have to figure out how to add pages and link them.

    I hope it doesn’t storm too bad I want to watch Z tonight!

    Ok did I get to everyone? I’ll check back in the morning……

  303. loves history said


  304. lwildstar said

    Glad you mom is feeling better – Elizabeth – I live in MD just outside DC…this time of year with the humidity we get these “pop up” thunderstorms – so every weather report says we are to expect them – even if we never see a cloud – sucks big time..I take public transportation to and from work and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left work and its bright and sunny only to get to the half way home and have the heavens open up……if I’m lucky I can pull the “puppy dog pout” on my one supervisor and get him to drive me home – but that usually only works if its already raining……

    right now its starting to cloud over, so I don’t think I’m going to risk the computer tonight, I’m to frustrated with the website issue anyway – I did copy all my pictures to disk and I’ll just slowly rebuild it a lunch at work until I can figure out why I can’t get the program to see I’ve shut off the pop up blocker…oh well – a geek I’m not. I’ll post the new website address when I get something worth viewing up – I still have to figure out how to add pages and link them.

    ok power just bliped! I hope it doesn’t storm too bad I want to watch Z tonight!

    Ok did I get to everyone? I’ll check back in the morning……

  305. Tango said

    I’m that way with my cat too, and dogs for that matter. So, will Poolie (like that one for the movie) be a sidekick in one of the vehicles, or will she be the cat that Laurel and I avoid in the Ferrari that gives us our great airborn scene?

  306. lwildstar said

    well lets try one more time to post – and I appoligize if I end up with duplicates

    Glad you mom is feeling better – Elizabeth – I live in MD just outside DC…this time of year with the humidity we get these “pop up” thunderstorms – so every weather report says we are to expect them – even if we never see a cloud – sucks big time..I take public transportation to and from work and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left work and its bright and sunny only to get to the half way home and have the heavens open up……if I’m lucky I can pull the “puppy dog pout” on my one supervisor and get him to drive me home – but that usually only works if its already raining……

    right now its starting to cloud over, so I don’t think I’m going to risk the computer tonight,

    ok power just bliped! I hope it doesn’t storm too bad I want to watch Z tonight!

  307. Tango said

    Well, I guess you have one more nickname you can add – Poolie, I meant Pookie!

  308. AlisaSG said

    backtracking a bit..
    yikes! over 100 postings since the last time I came in here to visit..!


    Anzia and Scotialynn,
    awww, I *loved* Dragonheart – cried at the ending, too, when everyone else was crying, as the star was being formed, etc. It was so beautiful. Story had its funny parts too (like the scene with the hero getting bashed into the trees, and the sword in the dragon’s mouth and the dental work that resulted after).


    I’m also a sucker for cartoons, too. So, age doesn’t matter. It’s what’s in your heart that counts.

    and Adrian Paul.. OOoooo!
    nice choice, but still not my ultimate vamp.

    We must be passing on vibes to each other, because I kept thinking of Adrian Paul for some other reason, in the back of my mind for the past several days. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oh… now I know why Adrian Paul kept coming to my mind-
    because Gateworld’s (web site) been having some “Highlander” (cartoon) ads pop up for the latest venture on the market. I forget the name of it, tho.

  309. lwildstar said

    Tango – just sent you an email with the tracking results – please let me know when your goodies arrive – USPS says thebox is in Pinson, but not yet delivered…

    another power blip!
    I’m out
    Sorry about all the double posts!
    Talk to you tomorrow!

  310. Blah said

    I’ll talk to y’alll later tonight I need to go seach the kitchen for something that resembles food. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Peace out Blogkin!

  311. Tango said

    lwildstar – I guess you didn’t see where I posted Sunday letting you know I got it thisweekend. I wore it yesterday. Thanks honey! ILOVE IT! ๐Ÿ™‚

  312. Madonna said

    Sorry dear. There were about 8-10 of us there last night for the chat at 10pm Eastern. I think we just showed up fashionably late.

    Who doesn’t love a little smut? I have quite a collection of it. Heck I’m even trying to write it. LOL!!!

    We touched on this on the chat last night for a minute, but I think it deserves mentioning again. While waiting in line at the grocery store yesterday I picked up a copy of TV Guide and flipped through it. They had an article about Jericho. It said specifically that the only reason that show will be back in the fall is because of fans support. They sent peanuts. I’ve also seen a commercial for it that starts by saying something like “Every so often a show comes along that captures the loyalty and imaginations of its fans.” It ends by saying “Fans, this is for you…”
    So here is to hoping that Lifetime will value us and it’s great product and the fine cast enough to keep it around for a long time to come. Everyone involved deserves it.

  313. Rifkind said

    Thanks Tango!
    I knew I was on the wrong spot… I now see the episodes … You had it pegged. I was on the SHOW link!

  314. Anzia said


  315. Tango said

    I just looked up this Adrian Paul you all have been cooing over today. I vote yes! I don’t know if his accent is his, but I like the accents I’ve heard him do.

    Dizey – cute e-mail today – thanks for the smiles! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I sent you an e-card to your work address, make sure you sound isn’t too loud – unless you want people to know what you’re up to. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  316. Tango said

    de nada Rifkind!

    I’m off to create a culinary masterpiece and dine with my lover – see Z, you’ve already got me going about your next installment ,and I haven’t even read any of it yet. A link or e-mail is fine with me either way.

    Check with y’all later dudes and dudettes!

  317. Anzia said

    Tango- I just hope it’s good enough for ya’ll. It scares the crap out of me to write characters that aren’t really mine. Might not get the vibe right. ^_^ So, just be kind when you respond to it. ^_^

  318. AlisaSG said

    I didn’t see your other note until I pasted this reply into the box, but I might as well post this anyway, for anyone else.

    >> I went to LT and looked for the video section to see if I could watch the full versions of the episodes.. Maybe I was on the wrong page, as I I saw were the PREVIEWS.

    it’s still there. Just scroll up on the “Channel Navigator”
    (which is to your left side of the screen) to the
    “Full Episodes”
    click on Full Episodes. Unfortunately, Lifetime hasn’t put a stop mode on their previews yet, so the previews will continue to play until you click on a different image link. I tried to pause the previews – and even that was a bit tricky and iffy. So, do the following.

    When you finally click on the “Full Episodes” link-
    currently, Blood Ties is listed under Army Wives.

    Then Click on the Blood Ties link and it won’t automatically start playing — until you click on one of the actual segmented image links to the right side of the box -your visual right- that is (or the word “PLAY”). There should be 5 choices per each FULL BT episode.


    I just tested it again to see if it was still working (it is) — clicked on the below episode after seeing your note..
    and since I keep forgetting to mention – during that time I managed to locate one of my favorite *other* lines from the following.. (thought I’d write it down this time and share)

    Episode 2, Part 1
    Vicki: “wow. I wouldn’t have *pegged* you for a day over 450.”

    Henry: “I use a great moisturizer” (grin)

    grin is right! ๐Ÿ˜€

  319. AlisaSG said

    testing… lost my post just now. don’t want to repost – just in case the other one shows up…

  320. AlisaSG said

    Sorry if this reply duplicates. It done disappeared a few moments ago..
    I think it got zapped into never-neverland.


    missed seeing your other post above.
    thought I’d go ahead and note this anyway for anyone else who had trouble with the same thing (I did.. Teresa almost had to rescue me, too, but I finally found it). ๐Ÿ™‚

    >> I went to LT and looked for the video section to see if I could watch the full versions of the episodes.. Maybe I was on the wrong page, as I I saw were the PREVIEWS.

    it’s still there. Just scroll up on the “Channel Navigator”
    (which is to your left side of the screen) to the
    “Full Episodes”
    click on Full Episodes. Unfortunately, Lifetime hasn’t put a stop mode on their previews yet, so the previews will continue to play until you click on a different image link. I tried to pause the previews – and even that was a bit tricky and iffy. So, do the following.

    When you finally click on the “Full Episodes” link-
    currently, Blood Ties is listed under Army Wives.

    Then Click on the Blood Ties link and it won’t automatically start playing — until you click on one of the actual segmented image links to the right side of the box -your visual right- that is (or the word “PLAY”). There should be 5 choices per each FULL BT episode.


    I just tested it again to see if it was still working (it is) — clicked on the below episode after seeing your note..
    and since I keep forgetting to mention – during that time I managed to locate one of my favorite *other* lines from the following.. (thought I’d write it down this time and share)

    Episode 2, Part 1
    Vicki: “wow. I wouldn’t have *pegged* you for a day over 450.”

    Henry: “I use a great moisturizer” (grin)

    grin is right! ๐Ÿ˜€

  321. AlisaSG said

    oh for crying out loud! the first one (finally) came back.
    Now there’s two for *good measure!*
    Oy! (sorry about that)

  322. AlisaSG said

    hmmm, maybe a correction of direction–

    >> When you finally click on the โ€œFull Episodesโ€ link-
    >> currently, Blood Ties is listed under Army Wives.

    maybe that should read instead, as

    >> When you finally click on the โ€œFull Episodesโ€ link-
    >> currently, Blood Ties program ep link is listed right below Army Wives.

    hope that reclarification makes clearer visual sense, since we all know that the BT program is not a part of Army Wives at all.

    (eek!!!! I’m batting a 1,000 tonight.)

  323. Claire said

    Yeah Diz..my Elijah is always yelling…but today and for awhole week he’ll be yelling at his sisters house LOL!!!

    DR.Duchat is correct…the Token sang The lion sleeps tonight…I said I remembered the doors in response to LH.

    Amen Sister Tango…
    trรจs bien dit mon ami

    On the question of pets…
    Two cats..two dogs

    Smokie-12 year olds beautiful blue smoke color tabby…responds to Man…but you have to say it in a high pitch…he goes totally crazy purring.

    Thor-2 years old…born with broken tail that looks like lightening bolt,all black except for his white armpits…gigantic 25 lb cat! doesn’t respond unless he feels the need for lovin lol! oh also drives us nuts meowing all night…doesn’t like when we are asleep!

    Milo-1 year old Fox hound..really pretty…semi good boy!

    Josie-6 mth old insane Jack Russell…likes to watch BT with me..although I did scare her with my screaming a couple of times!

  324. Tango said

    AlisaSG and anyone else who needs to know.

    Sometimes when you post the website or the program marks your posts as spam and puts it in a seperate place to be approved, sometimes the posts are sent to a page to be moderated. Mygypsy and I both check these places as we can to release things that are sitting there. But this is a manual process and not that they are getting hung up or that the system is slow to posted. I hope that helped clear things up to why things don’t always get posted right away. Not sure why they end up there, sometimes it a link, but sometimes there seems to be no rhyme or reason. Mine end up there on occassion too.

  325. Tango said

    Ello Claire! You must have a huge place to cover all those bodies – pets and kiddies. And to say that you have an insane Jack Russell is a bit redundant. They’re all a little insane in the membrane!

    Since we are spilling about our pets… we’ve had Chows in the past but now we have 3 rescue animals.
    1 gray/white/black long-haired tabby 4 yo male – Sugar Ray due to his boxing gloves and boots. Nicknames – Shug, Shuggie Boogie
    1 3 yo tailless black lab/rotty mix (body of a rotty and face and temperment of a lab) Ellie Mae – She was named that b/c she likes people & other animals as much as Ellie Mae Clampet loved animals. She also goes by El and Big Momma – she is like the momma of the other pets – grooming & loving on them – Shug loves her to pieces.
    1 – 2 yo black and tan svelt Heinz 57 male dog with rotweiler color markings. Nova – hubby found him as a puppy on the side of the road with two siblings (one run over and died), all of which had been on their own for awhile, skin & bones, and battered looking. Found a home for other survivor, but Nova looked mangy (but wasn’t) so we became attached to him before he could get all his hair back and decided to keep him.

    All of my animals shed like crazy – we brush them constantly, but would love to know if there is anything out there to retard the hair loss. Dr. Cree – any suggestions?

  326. DIZEY1 said

    Hi ya’ll, just checking to see how things are going. Dad went back into the hospital today. Foot not looking good and they’re probably going to remove it to above his knee. As horrible as that sounds he’s hurting so much it has to be better than the way it is. He’s my dad and it doesn’t matter to me as long as he’s here it’s all good. And once again I have to say: “If God brings you to it He’ll bring you through it.” I’m unfortunately using this motto way more often than I’d like to. Anyway not to be a downer, just a lot of wierd crap going on lately around here. Has anybody else noticed that??

    I’ll check back a little later, gonna watch a little Kyle maybe some “Z” that’ll make me happy!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  327. AlisaSG said

    thanks Tango. I knew about the links holding it up and possibly longer postings. But that’s the first time I’ve heard about mentioning the program title (without a link) within a post. I’ve never seen that happen before about the title, itself.

    anywho. sorry about thinking it just went poof this time. I’ll try to remember to take a hike elsewhere and come back in a few hours, instead.


    re: pets.. I mentioned my family had a sheltie many years ago. I just read in the paper about the bear population getting out of control in NJ this year (because the state refused to kill any off to keep the numbers down)..

    So front page of the local paper, there was an article about a couple of dogs getting attacked by a bear. The one was a sheltie and had it’s jaw broken and bleeding. I don’t know if dog was or will have to be put down. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  328. Margaret said

    I wrote to Denis McGrath some time back about our frustration with Lifetime and he educated me with the following:

    DMc said…
    M.Daly, yer welcome. I may not agree on things like fanfic, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t respect fans and feel grateful for their support, and think that maybe that means a bit of responsibiilty of trying to keep them in the loop. Tanya, if anything, is even more patient than I. She sets a great example.

    As to your question though, don’t be so hard on Lifetime re: DVD releases. I’m not sure that Lifetime has much to do with that.

    For Lifetime, Blood Ties is an acquired show. It’s not something they produce. It was produced by a Canadian company, and that company and their partners have to distribute the show around the world. The budget and profit is made first from TV sales to other countries. Blood Ties went to market a couple of months ago and did really well — sold all around the world, in fact.

    Now all those TV channels that bought BT have to run them. In Canada, the show hasn’t even started yet (It begins in August.) The company would be foolish to bring out the DVD before it’s aired in the countries who paid good money for TV rights.

    With piracy and torrenting a problem, there has to be the space for the countries to air the season first.

    This used to happen all the time and you never heard about it, because there was no internet, and you didn’t really hear about a show or a movie until it opened in your area or the publicity started for your local tv airing.

    Big conglomerates like Sony have responded by now opening their movies all over the world at once, and paying for advertising all over the world at once. You can do that if you’re a huge multinational. You can’t do it if you’re a small Canadian company.

    The perception is that “three to four months” for a DVD release is “normal.” But it’s not “normal.” It’s incredibly fast. The show hasn’t finished airing anywhere yet (including the USA) and hasn’t STARTED in a lot of places.

    So I’m sorry if you think the DVD is taking too long to come out, but the only thing I can say to that is, it’s not, and this is how the show was sold to get it made, and I know they are working on it, and I’m sure they’ll get it out as soon as they can.

    And oh yeah — don’t bother Lifetime about that because they have nothing to do with the DVD.

    Hope that explains things a bit. Be well.

    June 21, 2007 11:55:00 AM EDT

  329. Margaret said

    Dizey1: Hope your dad comes through everything alright.

    Not to ruin your day any more than it has been but I read a review somewhere on Z that said that the actors used body doubles. So your mission is to freeze frame the shower picture, map out locations of moles, birthmarks, etc., and compare them to Henry the next time you see him. I know its a dirty job, but someone has to do it. lol. Didn’t Christina say something about Henry being on her lighted table partially disrobed? That should be something to look forward to.

  330. Madonna said

    I’m so sorry to hear that about your dad, but it is better that he lose a leg than his life. If his leg has to be removed maybe he can look into getting a prostetic. Was he already in bad shape when he found out he had diabetes? Didn’t you once say that you were a diabetic as well? It is such a scary disease and takes such a toll on the body. I’ve lived with it now for 11 years and I know all about the fears that go along with it.

    Keep your head up and your faith strong and God will see you and your family through it. And if you want to talk about it at all you know where to find me. My prayers are with you all.

  331. Claire said

    Yeah Tango..Thank God..the house is big!…5 bedrooms,4 bathrooms,open plan on first floor…plenty of room for crazy Josie to chase the poor cats round and round the kitchen,dining room,living room.Fully finished basement,with huge bedroom(Christopher/Brittanny)playroom,laundry room,closets.The fox hound is Christophers baby…he sleeps and hangs out in the basement..We don’t let him run around too much upstairs…cause him chasing Josie,who by the way is a third of his size,but manages to kick his butt..would destroy the hardwood floors…the basement is carpeted.Big Yard also.

    Dizey…My prayers go out to your Dad! There is some weird Merde going on…isn’t there? Love you girl.

    Monique had a coyote in her garage!!!! Seems a few of my neighbors have also seen them around!

    Anyway…..Rรชves doux..Bonne Nuit

  332. Tango said

    Beth, I am so sorry to hear about you dad. But I know what you mean, my father is in poor health and has been thru cancer twice in the past six years. I agree with what you said – You don’t care what shape they’re in (well you do, but you know what I mean) as long they are here to love on. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.

    Alisa, by all means stay and mingle, just realize that if you don’t see that Gypsy or I have posted in awhile it’s probably safe to say we haven’t had a chance to check to see what’s gotten caught up. I always enjoy your comments and hope you’ll to hang around more.

  333. Anzia said

    I’m sorry to hear about your dad Dizey. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ You have my prayers for you and your family and a great big HUG for you.

  334. Cree said

    Tango–unfortunately there is no miracle cure for shedding, though I desparately with there was! The best you can do is brush them every day and feed them a high quality diet for a better hair coat which will cut down on the shedding as much anything can.

  335. Himmiefan said

    Dizey1 – prayers for your dad!!

    Claire – your Thor sounds like my Matilda. Why let Mama nap when she could be up doing something for the cat? We all know who the boss of the house is….

    Tango – Matilda would love to help you and Laurel achieve your great airborne scene. Just don’t get distracted by her cuteness.

    Also, I tell people that I buy the clothes with the hair already on it. Paid extra for it.

    Margaret – thanks for sharing your message from Denis McGrath. I like checking his blog every now and then. I really do think BT has a good chance of being renewed, but I hope they get on the ball and do it before Kyle is in his mid-40s and Christina and Dylan are nearing 60.

    Now, I have an opening scene for our movie. Don’t know if it’s good or not, but I think it’s pretty interesting. I know Ms Gypsy doesn’t like fan fic, so I’m not sure where to post this. Any suggestions? It’s not very long.

  336. msgypsy said

    I haven’t been near a computer almost all day so catching up is going to be a challenge,

    But, I have to make a distinction. I don’t care for fanfic, true, but I don’t see this movie as fanfic. It’s more like satire, satirizing ourselves. It’s like that play I’m in, which isn’t exactly Macbeth, but is based on Macbeth. So I think it’s okay to post the movie scenes here.

    And now I’m going to at least give catching up a shot. But more likely I’ll be curling up shortly with a book and my crochet hook. It’s been a hectic weekend followed by a hectic day today.

  337. Anzia said

    Okay guys! It’s 4 am and I just finished it. So, as promised (and as early as I could) Here’s the link to Henry/Vicki’s food scene pt. 1: http://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1282268

    If for some reason that link won’t work go here: http://www.writing.com/main/view_item/user_id/storyndreams and click on “Vicki/Henry Food Scene pt 1”

    I really hope ya’ll enjoy it! Feel free to email comments (anziacromer@yahoo.com), or put ’em here if ms.gypsy wouldn’t mind. But don’t feel like you HAVE to comment! I’m just giving options ^_^. I really hope it’s up to par.

    Enjoy!!!! & GOOD NIGHT! ^_^

    oh, and prbably shouldn’t read while at work…

  338. Margaret said

    Beth: Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your dad. Please let us know how he’s doing.

  339. lwildstar said

    well the storm never appeared over my house last night – but it must have been somewhere over the power grid because the powere kept going on and off for about an hour or so – it was nearly 9pm before I felt i could saftly watch “Z” and can I just say “OMG!” I’m sure to be watching that again soon!
    Max, Max, Max! the shower scence – I would have prefered more shots of his rear thatn hers, but begggers cant be chosers.
    I find now that I’m watching more movies looking for Kyle that I’m recognizing more of his manerisms (Kyleisims) the smirk, the eye brows, the clentched jaw, the scowel, the smile (oh that smile), and my fav – the “I know soething you don’t know” smile – makes me smile just thinking about it!

    Well I’m scooting off to the post office to pick up some post cards before work – its going to be too disgustingly hot to go at lunch.

    Thanks Tango – I must have missed the message – or maybe I saw it and forgot – its been like that the last couple of days!

    Ms. Gypsy – I’m going to pick up the international envelope and any papers I’ll need to ship – will contact you soon.

    Toodles for now – maybe I’ll check back at lunch after I fight witht he website a while!

  340. Rifkind said

    Thanks for the extended info on how to find the episodes on LT.
    Even risking the double post monster to be sure that I got the info.
    Thank You!

    We are all pulling for your Dad.
    Be sure to take care of yourself too during this very stressful time!
    Take your stress vitamins (B & C) and be sure to get some sleep.

    I add my Thanks to Himmiefan’s
    You are the best for posting your email conversation with Denis McGrath about Blood Ties DVDs. It helps us to understand the business side of how our beloved show is made.
    You ROCK lady!

    More later Blog-kin! Off to work!

  341. Rifkind said

    I DID get your package. Thank You. Check your email messages.

  342. Margaret said

    Anzia: You need to place warnings on your writing. DO NOT READ AT WORK!!

  343. Margaret said

    Whoops, I didn’t see your last sentence. Well done…… Reading it just makes me more…….. (P. S.: Don’t read early in the morning either). Seriously, it was great.

  344. annalaiseduchat said

    Morning All!
    Dizey, Sorry about your father.

  345. Tango said

    Thanks Margaret for the great insight from Denis McGrath. It did give me a new perspective about what is going on. I hope we will be hearing something in the next couple of weeks that production has been given the green light to start filming again.

  346. msgypsy said

    LWildstar, what’s the ID to use for sending you money via Paypal? (You can email that to me if you prefer.)

    I’ve been following Dennis McGrath’s blog, too, and I find his writing to be damn near compelling. I can’t wait to see some of the episodes he’s credited with writing; I’m betting he’s as good when his words hit the TV screen as he is when his words hit the monitor screen.

    Well, off to earn money for Faraday’s kibble. (I can’t have a cat because I don’t like being subservient. Yet I still manage to be second to the dog in importance in the house…)

  347. DebS said

    Morning everyone!

    Dizey1-Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he pulls through. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    I go on vacation at the end of this week. I am going back up to Indiana to my parents house. I think I might actually catch up with all the posts around that time. ๐Ÿ™‚ haha.

  348. Tango said

    Oh Z – are you kidding me?! I kept looking around the page looking for more. You’ve done a terrific job so far, but you’ve got me worked up… it’s like an alcoholic looking for more liquor – looking in all the cabinets, even the medicine cabinet for the cough medicine. You’re such a tease! Please finish part 2 soon, before I come unraveled.

  349. DebS said

    I love Denis McGrath’s blog. Ms.gypsy hit it right on, it is very compelling. And interesting. I have an addiction to tv and movies and find the whole art of making them quite interesting.

  350. Tango said

    lwildstar – I will be glad to share in the shipping expense too. Just send me a paypal invoice and I will pitch in. Msgypsy shouldn’t have to flip the bill on that by herself.

    Msgypsy – LOL on the subserviant comment ๐Ÿ™‚

  351. Danielle said

    Morning my friends.
    lwildstar-I got my goodies yesterday. Just in time for my birthday. You planned it that way didn’t you. I love them all. They fit perfectly. I am wearing the rosary bracelet today. My mother beads and makes jewelry. She said you do very good work.

    So my birthday kinda sucked. My sister was at my mom’s when I got there(the not so cool sister). She said she thought the 25th was today(Tuesday). Jason didn’t come over for cake. I think he is losing interest. My other sister was having more problems with the pregnancy but today everything seems fine but she couldn’t come over. My dad works second shift so he was at work. It was me, my mom, and Amber eating brownies and chocolate cake. Fun fun!

    Beth-I am sorry to here your dad is still not doing well. I will keep you guys in my prayers.

    Z-You better hurry and get more of that story up. You can’t leave me hanging long.

  352. Blah said

    Good Morning Blogkin,

    Dizey I’ll pray for your dad.

  353. msgypsy said

    Off the topic completely but in line with my own favorite things, if you’re looking forward to the new Indiana Jones movie it’s started filming and there’s a brief (maybe a minute, maybe less) video of the first day shooting here. http://www.indianajones.com/community/news/firstday.html It requires Quicktime.

    I don’t mind splitting the shipping but I think we’re starting to get into major bookkeeping issues for lwildstar. So I’ll leave it up to her to decide. (You know that once the show starts up again we’ll be sending things to the stars, too, so y’all might want to think in those terms, too. (Every once in a while I turn Texan for a few seconds.)

    I forgot to tell you about my friend that I had dinner with on Saturday. Turns out she was so intrigued by me telling her how good BT is, she downloaded all the episodes and watched them late at night when all the kids were asleep. She’s in love with the show but says there is no time for her to blog, not with two kids, one of whom she’s home schooling, plus she has to take care of the house for her sister-in-law. She sais that after the first two episodes she Googled Kyle because he was so perfect for the role she wanted to find out his background. Then she found out his age and she says it was one of those “It feels so wrong but it feels so good” moments. LOL! (She also said that when she told her husband about it, he bet I was reacting to Kyle by wanting to make him dinner, check over his homework, and go over the ground rules for him borrowing the car to go to the mall. These people know me WAY too well!)

  354. msgypsy said

    Oh, Danielle, I’m so sorry you didn’t have a great birthday. I’m sending you virtual Faraday kissies if that’ll help. He does great kissies. Always makes my day better.

  355. Danielle said

    Oh I was able to watch What Girls Learn last night. I did not cry but I did get choked up. I though Kyle doing the NJ accent was terrible funny. It didn’t suit him though I think he did a pretty good job at it. He looked like such a baby in that movie.

  356. Danielle said

    Thanks I needed it Ms Gypsy. I would love when my doggie did it if her breath wasn’t so smelly. We have tried everything to give them fresh breath and it just doesn’t seem to work.

  357. Claire said

    Morning blogkin!!

    I don’t know how many of you believe in the paranormal…but I had the weirdest most exhausting night.I was just falling asleep,when the noise of my printer made my eyes pop open,at the same time it felt like my cat had jumped on the bed…sort of like it feels if someone light sat on the bed…then it felt like my covers were moving…so I sat up…nothing,to make a long story short,I got no sleep cause my printer kept trying to print all night! There was no paper in the paper tray,and everytime I would close my eyes the thing would start making printing noise.I checked to see if the power button was on and it wasn’t.I wasn’t scared…just really annoyed.It didn’t stop until 6 a.m.!

    I don’t know what to think…I do have an open mind…and I know there are more things in heaven and earth,than we know,but could it be some sort of crazy power surge thing,that only affects my printer.

    Since I moved in my bedroom phone will at times…light up and say ringing…and theres no one calling.I’m so used to it,I actually joke to my kids…answer the phone…my ghost is calling!

    Yeah so I hope I didn’t freak anyone out..but just wanted some input as to the reason I am a walking Zombie this morning on no sleep.

    More coffee calls….see yas later

  358. Danielle said

    Claire-I definitely believe there are ghosts out there. How old is the house? After my grandfather died January 17th I found a picture of my mother high school that I had framed on a shelf in my kitchen moved to the corner table of the corner I have instead of kitchen chairs. I had been hoping for some sort of sign from him and the next morning I found the picture moved. The corner table is directly underneath the shelf and if it had fallen off the shelf it would have landed picture face down. It was set up like that is where I had put it. That definitely freaked me out.

    My dad was visiting the house he grew up in a few years ago and he was looking in what was the kitchen I think. He felt my grandfather’s hand in his shoulder. This grandfather died when I was 10.

    I definitely believe there are otherworldly things out there.

  359. DebS said

    Danielle- I am sorry that your birthday kinda sucked. That is just never fun.

    Claire-HHmm…paranormal interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚ I find that kind of stuff fascinating. Although, I doubt I would if it was waking me up all night.

  360. Danielle said

    DebS-How is the eHarmony thing going?

  361. DebS said

    Danielle-okay i guess. Most often I find I get as far as the emailing/phone conversation stage and then it doesn’t go anywhere. I can’t figure out if I am just not forward enough or what? I was talking to a really nice guy named Walter and then he just stopped emailing. So, I don’t know.

    How is dating Jason going? or is it still going? I haven’t been able to catch up on posts as much as I would like, so you may have already mentioned it.

  362. Danielle said

    Claire-They could be poltergeists (sp). You have your very own Peeves from Harry Potter.

  363. Danielle said

    I asked Jason if he wanted to come over for birthday cake yesterday. He was kinda side stepping the invite. I think he is losing interest. That is the way it was for me on eHarmony.

  364. annalaiseduchat said


    Check out this link. This is a woman who is local in my area that does truly amazing things. She sees and communicates with spirits and solves peoples problems with the earthbound ones. She is very convincing.


  365. DebS said

    Oh I hope he isn’t losing interest. He seemed like a great guy…and you are definitely a great gal!

    Here is something funny..at least it was funny to me. I work at a women’s college and have so for almost a year now. So, I pretty much only interact with women…and I don’t really notice it that much at all.

    Until…this weekend I visited downtown Greenville, SC for the first time. It is a really beautiful downtown and very hopping. So, I am walking around with my friend Amy and I just see young available men everywhere. I about had a heartache. I didn’t realize how much I miss being around guys! haha. We were walking behind some guys on our way to a coffeeshop, and I just stared at their backsides. I am not an ogler!!! I think I am just deprived..haha.

    I totally sound weird now, dont’ i?

  366. Danielle said

    No you don’t seem weird. If you are walking behind guys and they have great looking behinds it is only natural to stare. It is almost we can’t help ourselves.

  367. Anzia said

    Claire- after my grandfather died my family and I started getting the flickering lights thing going on. It wouldn’t stop until we yelled at him to stop it. We’d also get our toilet flushing randomly. That was kind of freaky. But my sophomore year of HS my house burnt down. When we got our new house we had all kinds of problems. My brother (a year younger than I) walked out to the kitchen one night and said he say a dead body hanging from the ceiling. At another time he said he saw our grandfathers sitting on the couch talking. Our pastor at our church told my parents that they needed to stand in a window facing east and as the sun came up pray to God to help cleanse and protect the land our house was on (same land as the house that burnt btw). Even before the new house was on there though, a group of women (including my very religious and very open grandmother) went to the land and prayed. My grandmother freaked out because she said something wasn’t right in the land.

    So I TOTALLY get what you’re saying. Maybe the soft presence on the bed was Emmanual coming to cure your longing but you woke up too soon. ^_^

  368. Danielle said

    I just found this link: http://www.quizilla.com/users/misfit/quizzes/Which%20Famous%20Vampire%20are%20You?/

    It tells which famous vampire you are.

    I was told I am Lestat. Impossible Lestat is male.

  369. Danielle said

    Ok my last post disappeared. It had a link in it. It must have been spammed. I will wait for it to be allowed.

  370. Danielle said

    Wait I will try it again and see if it works.


    It is quiz to see which famous vampire you are. I was Lestat. Whatever! He’s a guy.

  371. Danielle said

    Z-That is seriously creepy. Seeing a dead body hanging from the ceiling. Wow! Can you say the Sixth Sense? I see dead people.

  372. DIZEY1 said

    Good morning my little blog familia’ ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for all the prayers and well wishes for Big Daddy. I’ll pass those along to him also.

    **Z** ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ my girl loved the story but… I like Henry am HUNGRY for more. It was great you underestimate yourself big time. MORE MORE MORE!!!

    Claire you know** I ** do believe in all things otherworldly. You might want to get some sage smudge sticks and cleanse the house. I have a woman who used to be here a couple of blocks from where I work. She lost her place from Katrina and lives in Diamondhead, MS. now but I have her number. She’s really good and can maybe walk you through some things, just to make sure that there’s no bad spirits etc. Sounds crazy but, I told ya’ll I believe in this I live in N.O. where Marie Laveau was born and practiced Voodoo. Let me know if you want her name and number. I actually spoke w/her about a mnt ago for a reading. She did see some stuff that’s already happened. Maybe we can get T.A.P.S. to come over to your house, they’re cool guys and can also work on any plumbing issues while they’re there..heehee ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  373. Anzia said

    yeah, it freaked me out. I wouldn’t leave my room after dark for a while.

  374. Anzia said

    *hides behind protective shield* I am saying this as a warning KNOWING that it might not be recieved well but… I’m leaving at 4am and won’t be back for a week. It’s my “second vacation” with my aunt, uncle and two demon children (so sad that my lovely little Kev is now grouped with his brother *sigh*). You’ll get something when I get back (and type it up which proves harder than one might think since I tend to edit as I type– Ooops). I’m sorry guys! I would’ve had it done but with the job hunting & Kevin sick for 4 days… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I guess I can post the dancing scene up there if ya’ll want it. That way you can take the edge off???

  375. annalaiseduchat said

    Anzia – Very weird.
    I used to take a tai chi class with a woman who’s adopted daughter saw dead people. She would carry on full conversations with people who weren’t there and wake up screaming in the night and wouldn’t calm down until Beth said a prayer and asked the “visitor” to leave. They lived next to a cemetary and the young child loved to be taken for walkeds through it. She would greet all her friends. One Halloween though Beth took her out trick or treating and was going to cut through the cemetary on the way home and this little girl started screaming hysterically until they left it. Freaky Huh?

  376. Himmiefan said

    Hey Danielle. Sorry your birthday wasn’t the best. I think we’ve all been there at one time or another. Others will be better.

    I hope that today is a much, much better day for you!


  377. Anzia said


  378. Danielle said

    I guess my birthday was just another day in the story of my life. No big deal. It isn’t the end of the world. All I know is somebody better through me a really huge party next year for my 30th just to make me feel better.

  379. Danielle said

    throw me a really huge party not through

  380. DIZEY1 said

    ***Z*** Please before you go. Yes we’d love the dancing scene before you leave us again. I love these stories, if I can’t get my smut from CHUM then I’ll get it frommy girl *Z*. You rock little girl!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  381. elizabeth said

    Good Morning everyone!

    Danielle – I’m sorry your birthday didn’t turn out to be much fun. I’ve had many of those and I still always end up feeling disappointed.

    Claire- very creepy stuff happening at your house. I absolutely believe there are things out there that we can’t see, but make there presence known on occasion. The occult fascinates me, but I know I would totally freakout if I actually had the kind of experiences you are having ๐Ÿ™‚ Mostly I just have dreams that are disturbing in the extreme.

    Dizey1-I will keep your Dad in my prayers. I know what it is to worry about a parent and have to help in their recovery. I know all will go well for him. Just remember to be kind to yourself as well – you deserve it.

  382. loves history said

    anzia my mother claimed ti see ghost many years ago a stange book vey old no had ever saw before turned up. that was it,i am going into the hospital so i wont be around bye now

  383. elizabeth said

    Anzie – OMG! I just read your scene. Now how am I going to concentrate at work?! I actually got chills, girl!

  384. DIZEY1 said

    My Dani girl, so sorry your day wasn’t what you’d hoped for. My answer is this sadly some people don’t look beyond themselves. If you want or expect something from them , tell them what you want. Let them know that you expect a party for your 30th b’day. You deserve it and if they don’t or won’t do it then I’d plan a party for myself!! Throw the biggest and best party and you won’t be dissappointed. Life is way too short to live with regret if we’ve learned anything from our beautiful sweet talkin’ Henry it’s that. Have fun and play more, it’s my motto now. BTW you’ll have a good present coming from me in the next week or so. WIll send as soon as I can. Luv ya!

    elizabeth** I know you’re dealing w/the parent thingy too right now. I am learning to take better care of me. Not always easy to do, when you take on the caretaker roll. Thank ya’ll so much for the good thoughts. He’ll be ok I just can feel it , I’m just more concerned for my Mom that she doesn’t take better care of herself.

  385. lwildstar said

    yea! lunch time – its been so hard to keep off of here today -yes Rifkind, I’m trying to be a good girl – can’t jepordize the new position.

    ok lets see if I can catch up on all the comments….1) paying for the postage for Tanya, – it looks like its going to be between $11 and $16 depending on which postal employee I talk to. The one this morning said I didn’t need the international envelope to send to Canada – but I did pick the customs slip. I can’t think of an easy way to split that up – it would be silly to PayPal everyone a invoice for a $1 or two. I’ll think on it and email Ms.Gypsy tonight or tomorrow.

    2) Danielle – I’m so glad you got your goodies in time for your Birthday! Dont you just love those kind of surprises? tell your mom thank you for me!

    3) Anzia that was great – don’t keep us hanging for part 2

    if I missed anyone, sorry, but my lunch sucks and I need to run down to the market while I still have some lunch time left and get something to eat – thats what I get for trying something new.

    We are under another thunderstorm alert (actually all week) so I may or may not be able to get back on tonight and check in.

  386. DIZEY1 said

    LH*** How long will you be in the hospital, and what are they going to do??
    Hey can you give us an address OH and you’re real naem I’d like to send you something in the mail if you trust us that is??

  387. Claire said

    Hey Guys…
    Danielle the house is only 30 years old…and we haven’t found any history of anything…although this part of Virginia is very rich in history and alot of people I know have seen things…especially those living close to the old battlefields…
    I don’t think it’s a poltergeist…I don’t sense anything bad at all,just a sense of something trying to communicate.When we first moved in…my son Chris asked me if I ever saw things that looked like tiny lights. I did and do all the time,around the house.But I took to this house immediately as soon as I saw it,I told Chris…”I want this house”..I have always felt like my family belongs here…like the house welcomed us…does that make sense? or does it sound crazy?
    There have been times when both Dogs have looked up growled at nothing.
    But again,we are never afraid…I mean I walk through this house in total darkness.
    Anzia..if only it had been Emmanuel…but no…my eyes were wide open and whatever was moving my covers.
    Analaise…I bookmarked the site you sent me.
    Dizey…and the rest of you..a little more info on myself..I think it’ just my family..somehow we attract certain energies..cause everywhere I’ve lived my entire life…something like this has gone on.
    We all have the ability to see and hear certain things…we just don’t talk about it much cause generally people are very closed minded and think we are crazy.
    I remember as a four year old in France…my uncle crying…he was desperate for sleep…and he was having something going on in his apartment.For whatever reason…maybe he knew something I didn’t yet,my father took me there and asked my uncle to leave me alone in the apartment,they waited just outside the door…I had no fear..just incredible sadness..I will never forget what I saw…a girl sitting on the window ledge just crying.She didn’t actually speak to me..more like telepathy? She had been used by a womanizer who she thought loved her…and he left her pregnant…she distraught..jumped out the window.My uncle never complained again and I vaguely remember going to other places with my Dad through out the years.
    So Dizey I don’t know if cleansing would help..but ask your friend..I would like to know whats up with my family..can’t ask Dad he’s been dead since I was 22.
    Elizabeth whatever it is…it’s not scaring anyone…I just need my damn sleep! LOL
    Now don’t you all go thinking I’m I weirdo…cause I see dead people! LOL!!

  388. Claire said

    OKAY!! Holy S***T! My printer just went off again as I was posting that last comment…right next to me…cold chill went up my legs and the hairs on the back of my neck went up..um going downstairs…I put paper in the printer…and if anything starts to print…I don’t want to be n the room.People my age have heart attacks..

  389. elizabeth said

    Claire-I have known others who have the same kind of energy/ability that you seem to have. I have admired the grace with which many of them have handled their talent because it is truly just a part of what makes them who they are. Too bad you didn’t have paper in your printer – you might have had an interesting message ๐Ÿ™‚

  390. Anzia said

    Margaret- ^_^ I’m glad you liked it. This is DEFINITELY a new way for me to write. I’d NEVER written anything like this until the dance scene. From the reaction I get I guess I’m not to bad.

    Tango- Was it worth the wait? I promise to make the next REALLY steamy. Just for you dear. ^_^ Any specific requests? I’m sure I can work ’em in to what I already have.

    Danielle- sorry honey. Unless some miracle happens I won’t get it up today and I leave in the morning. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ *hands an extra large box of chocolate chains and blow henry pops* I’ll even give you the code to get into my secret stash…(you too TANGO).

    Dizey- ^_^ Okay. I’ll post it. You’ll be able to get to it from the second link I posted. (it’s my general portfolio on that site) I’ll post a direct link when I post it.

    lwildstar- I’ll try I swear to you I will but I can’t promise anything.

  391. elizabeth said

    Okay, that was just weird. I posted my earlier comment and yours popped in about your printer.

  392. Anzia said

    Okay, here’s the link of the dance scene: http://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1282365

    Or just click on the title here http://www.writing.com/main/view_item/user_id/storyndreams if the link above doesn’t work.

  393. Danielle said

    If I were you Claire and something started to actually print I would bolt from the house, no freakin kidding. Another thing about my apartment, I have a picture of my mother’s uncle hanging on the closet in the living room. Behind that picture I hid a picture of my mother’s cousin, his son. There names were Frank and Frankie. Roughly five or six years ago Frankie came out of his bedroom, he lived with his parents because he had Parkinson’s, with a gun in his hand and said I can’t live like this anymore. He went back into his room and Uncle Frank followed him into the room and they were struggling. Uncle Frank was trying to get the gun from Frankie. Uncle Frank got shot right through his eye and then Frankie shot himself point blank in the middle of the forehead. My cat is always staring at that one spot where the picture is. She seems very agitated especially when the lights are off at night when I am watching a movie. There must be something about either or both of the pictures.

  394. annalaiseduchat said


    Email Maryanne she has different things she can recommend, ways of cleansing the house and stopping hauntings. I’ve heard her talk on the radio. Your situation is right up her alley. You need to be careful. some entities are benign, but some can sap your strength and make you ill.

  395. Anzia said

    Oh, I forgot ot mention that everyone who liked the story bit should thank Nina for putting up with me. I was so far gone writing that that I kept asking her questions about if Henry would really do this or that or if this could work. ^_^ Poor girl…


  396. DIZEY1 said

    Thank you Nina and Anzia, very good writing. Oh and the dance …..way too short. I was just starting to get into it and I’m like that’s it?? It’s cool little Henry Vicki fantasy. I LIKE IT AS NOR/HENRY SAYS, LET’S TRY IT AGAIN** ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ hee hee hee!!!

    Claire they just may be trying to communicate with you. My grandmother on my dad’s side was born with what they called a veil. She’d tell my mom Dizey we haven’t heard from your mom and son of a gun a day or so and my maw maw Helen would call. Mom said stuff like that would happen all the time. I’ve had dreams that I think are their way of communicating w/me my maw maw and I had a great bond and I think especially in church she’s w/me. I feel her presence a lot. I had a visit yrs ago from my dad’s dad sweet memory. He’s been gone some 30 yrs. this year. I think my little pom Nikki visits me I’ll catch a glimpse of something small and black flit by and I miss her a lot, she’s hanging w/me. I like some of these things un known, just nothing bad or harmful.

  397. Claire said

    Ok…I said a quick prayer crossed my fingers and came back here,no sooner did I sit down at the computer the printer started up again…so I sucked in my breath and said”What do you want? There are better ways to go about telling me something than to scare the hell out of me and keep me awake,I have children I need to care for!”
    Printer stopped.

    Danielle…why do you think I didn’t have paper in the printer? I would have messed my pants if something actually printed! LOL!!
    as for your cat…cats are especially spirit sensitive,but dogs react to it also.

    Yes Analaise..I will if it continues…in NYC…that happened to Nikki…everyday she looked more pale,more drawn,she wouldn’t even come out of her room…she was not getting any sleep…male entity in her room.

    I sucked in my breath and prayed for courage..went into her room and had a chat with him…told him,he needed to cross over…that it was beautiful and he would see his loved ones and not be sad anymore..took 2 hours.

    That night all was quiet and she slowly got better.
    I just wish I knew why my family has this (Gift?)

    Anzia…I did read your story…I want more. ^_^ love you! LOL

  398. lwildstar said

    I have about 5 minutes left – I wanted to get in on the GHOST experiences – My cousin and I are both sensitive and shes the only one who understands me and doesn’t scoff at my “feelings”. Most of our vacations are to areas where there is “reported” activity. Just to see….I know gluttons for punishment. I’ve had many minor experiences, feelings, etc.. but I’ve had 6 “up in your face” experiences

    1) the red eyes in the basement windows when i was a kid – mom tried to explain them away as an animale – but I’ve never seen animal eyes like that
    2) waking up with a horrible pain in my neck the day one of my younger cousins died when a tree fell on him killing him instantly
    3 & 4) both at Gettysburg – I got horribly dizzy at the Devils Den in the area where the dead soldier was posed for the photagrapher and then up on Big Round Top something hit me in the back just below my shoulder and for an instant I felt like I’d been shot – really freaked me out
    5) the catacombs under Edinburagh – when the tour guide was talking about the “angry man” I looked at my cousin and said “you have no idea” when she asked me “what do mean?” I was like “what do I mean about what?” and she told me what I had just said – I didn’t remember saying anything to her and only know this because she told me…the rest of the tour I kept feeling like someone was following us, and was really annoyed with us being there
    6) my cousing and I went to pay our respects at Ground Zero in New York – we took the subway as far as we could and walked the rest of the way – now i havd never been to NY before and had no idea how far or close we were but as we walked I got dizzy and couldnt breath, by the time we got to the site I was starting to feel sick – but I didn’t say anything to my cousin until we got up on the observation platformand I started crying uncontrolably – I was in such physical pain she had to help me walk away – i didn’t start feeling “better” until we were nearly three blocks away.

    Makes you stop and think sometimes……my cousin told me once that she always thought that I “saw” things differntly then everyone else….guess she was right.

    Ok Lunch is wellll over and I must return to work.

  399. Danielle said

    I know this is horrible but I have gone to NYC every year since 9-11 and have not been able to bring myself to go to Ground Zero. That day affected me very strongly. I didn’t know anybody that was there at the time but it didn’t just happen to them it happened to us all. I keep telling myself this year I will go and I just bring myself to even suggest it to the people I am with.

  400. elizabeth said

    I know what you mean, Danielle, I feel the same way about Ground Zero. I can’t think of that day, even now, without being swamped with sadness. I am not sure I would be able to visit the site either.

    I guess the only time I have really felt the unseen was while I was in England visiting Warwick Castle. I went into the dungeon and I immediately broke out in a cold sweat. I could hear the walls screaming and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Even the purported haunted room didn’t scare me as badly as the dungeon did!

  401. nina said

    Hello Bloggers,

    Just stopped by to see how Anzia’s story is doing ๐Ÿ˜€
    Don’t thank me, I just love anything with Henry. It was a pleasure listening to it and don’t stop!!

    I’m completly lost to what’s going on here. Maybe someone could give me an update??LOL. I’ll try to come back soon, but this is a really stressful time at school:(

    Bye guys!!!!
    Have fun.

  402. annalaiseduchat said

    I had a very strange and disturbing experience when I was in high school. My art class went on a field trip to a local landmark called the Kirtland Temple. This is the seat of the Mormon religion in our area and a beautiful structure. Supposedly when it was built all the people donated their china to make the mortar so the building actually sparkles in the sun.
    When we went inside I had an extreme panic attack from the moment we walked in the door. I felt like I was going to fall, as if I was at a great height. I couldn’t get out of their fast enough and I’ve never gone back.
    I feel as if maybe either someone fell from a hreat height during the construction of the building or maybe it was me in a previous life.

  403. Danielle said

    I am afraid of what I will see, hear, experience when I go there. I have felt things in other places. When my parents were cleaning out the house that the shootings took place in I went with them to keep an eye on the foster kids but I would not go in the house. I stayed in the car. I got a tightness, breathless feeling in my chest. It was almost painful. It could just be because of my anxiety disorder.

  404. DebS said

    Z, can you repost the links to your story. I haven’t had a chance to read over previous posts, but I would love to save the links and read the story while I am on vacation. ๐Ÿ™‚

  405. DIZEY1 said


  406. Himmiefan said

    Claire, have you unplugged the printer?

  407. Danielle said

    I am really getting worried. It has been over an hour since someone said something. Everybody must be really busy.

  408. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Dani ๐Ÿ™‚ just getting back from lunch. Did you think with all that boogie man, voodoo talk we might have disappeared?? BTW I watched Deadly Departed while at lunch. All that talk about ghost’s I had to have one at lunch. Of course I get my Henry & DO ME SINEAD scene to get through the day. Now I need some chocolate after all that McLusty, do meeeeee Henry stuff.

    What are you doing?? I’m thinking about Henry how about you?? ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  409. Danielle said

    The IT guy was at my desk fixing my email and he saw my foot rubbing scene on my desktop and he asked who that was and I simply said vampire. Then I pointed to all the pics pinned up in my cubicle and I told him from our show and he said he heard of it but he didn’t know it was on Lifetime and that he would probably watch it if he had a chance. My mind is all over Henry right now.

    I think everybody got scared away with our ghosty talk.

  410. elizabeth said

    You know, I have decided I am a real idiot – no…I’m more moronic than that! I read Anzia’s work, which actually gave me chills and got me to thinking (dangerous) and at lunch I was reading a book that has this incredible, and I do mean incredible, seduction scene. Now, I’m sitting here thinking about Henry and I am all hot and bothered AND I HAVE A MEETING TO GO TO!!! The sound you are hearing is me beating my head against my desk!

  411. Danielle said

    Sounds like Elizabeth needs some quality alone time in the ladies room.

  412. DebS said

    Ghostly talk is fun! At least interesting. I just got busy doing budget stuff for awhile….annoying budgety stuff.

  413. Danielle said

    I love talking ghosty.

  414. elizabeth said

    I think I have just been single too long. Forget the alone time in the bathroom – I need..okay, I’m sure you get the picture ๐Ÿ˜‰

  415. Danielle said

    I went to this one place in Stowe VT that is haunted. It is the White House Inn. It was very cool on the top of this hill overlooking everything during the fall so it was kind of windy and the leaves were blowing. Nothing ghostly happened but it was still cool.

    I have also passed by this lighthouse at the middle of the mouth of the Thames River from Long Island Sound by boat a couple times. That is supposedly haunted also.

  416. Danielle said

    I don’t know what you need……I am a virgin, unfortunately. I am kidding I do know what you are talking about.

  417. DIZEY1 said

    When ya’ll come down here to N.O. I’ll take you on the Haunted tour in the French Quarter (plenty history) by horse drawn carriage. OOh and we’ll go to some Plantations some are very haunted. The Myrtles, Houma House, Oak Alley , go online and I’m sure you can find some good scoop on some of the plantations down here. When you go to Oak Alley breathtaking check out this site*** http://www.oakalleyplantation.com

    I’d love to have ya’ll come and check out some spooky sites.

  418. elizabeth said

    I think I should just concentrate on the budget stuff sitting on my desk. I am sure reconciling expenses will bore me spitless in no time at all and set my mind in the right place for my next meeting.

  419. Anzia said


    Hereโ€™s the link to Henry/Vickiโ€™s food scene pt. 1: http://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1282268

    Okay, hereโ€™s the link of the dance scene: http://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1282365

    If for some reason the links wonโ€™t work go here: http://www.writing.com/main/view_item/user_id/storyndreams and click on the titles.

    Claire- love you too! i’m glad you like it.

  420. elizabeth said

    Dizey1 I have always wanted to visit New Orleans. I lived in Tennessee for years, but never made it to Louisiana. I often regret that I never made it down there before Katrina, but like much of the South, I am sure N.O. will rise up and be great again.

  421. Claire said

    Nope..not scared just freakin tired as hell…
    I just had to get tough on my friend again!
    told it to quit playing with my printer!!!

    Himmiefan..I unplugged it this morning..thinking ok its was some kind of power surge…but no…it’s still playing.

    The only other experience with electronics gone wild was when I was married to Nikkis Dad back in my twenties…my VCR, would turn on and off constantly,then one day the answering machine started going off without the phone ringing,until one day the answering machine went off and there was all this static…then something said my name…the entire family heard this..it was pretty scratchy but it sounded like…maman and dad…its us..tell you.We didn’t wait for the rest we all ran out of the house crying!
    Next day Monique comes running home from school….crying that a crazy woman had tried to snatch her on the way home.So,could it have really been my parents warnng me about Monique? who knows?
    Monique thinks its Brittanys Mom..trying to tell me something.
    I just hope I get some sleep tonight cause I am exhausted.

    But on a side note..another coincidence…that most of us have had some sort of otherworldly experience? HMMMMM.

    I went to Ground Zero..right after it happened…Monique survived it…but alot of her co workers didn’t along with one of her best friends,and her other bestfriends father who was one of the first firefighters to go in.So I wanted to go and pay my respects to people that I loved..but the minute that Chris and I got in front of it…unbearable sadness…the feeling of not being able to breathe…Chris and I both left in tears.Never went back…that place is beyond haunted.

    well I’m off to read part deux of Anzias lovely story.

  422. DIZEY1 said

    tisk tisk tisk elizabeth….. You know that mindless paperwork will do nothing to get this out of your mind ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ***AAAAHHHHH****that was DELICIOUS ๐Ÿ™‚

    or*********ORGASMIC BABY!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰



  423. Danielle said

    Beth-I so totally want to visit. I have three weeks this year that I can take off. I wonder if I can get together enough money, plane tickets, hotel, food, ugh. That plantation looks amazing. A horse drawn haunted tour. Yikes!

  424. Danielle said

    I am out for the day. Talk to you tomorrow.

  425. Claire said

    I would love to go also Beth…but being as sensitive as I am…God knows what I would bring back….Double Yikes!!!!

  426. Himmiefan said

    “Himmiefan..I unplugged it this morning..thinking ok its was some kind of power surgeโ€ฆbut noโ€ฆitโ€™s still playing.”

    That’s freaky!

    Okay, here’s what you do: box up the printer and put it out in the trash. Hand copy everything you would have copied. If that fails, move.

  427. vampgrl said

    DUDE! You guys are crazy! I have to actually print you guy’s posts now just to keep up. *g* I now, I lurk. Sorry. Busy…and all that stuff. *g* Hopefully I’ll be on a bit next week. vacation. WOOHOO! Hi peeps. Hi anyone I don’t know. *g* And late Happy B-day to everyone. Outtie! ๐Ÿ™‚

  428. Claire said

    I’m going to try something as soon as it gets dark…I did it in NYC…in Nikkis room.I’m going to take a no flash pic with my digital in complete darkness..if anything shows up..I’m sleeping with the lights on LOL!! no J/K…if anything shows,I will show it to you guys.
    LH- hope everything is OK. and I also would like to know your real name and address..send you something. ๐Ÿ™‚

  429. Margaret said

    Claire: Henry said to tell you not to sleep with the windows open.

  430. Claire said

    No Himmiefan…I love this house, as do we all! No way I’m leaving.I don’t think it wants me to leave,it just wants my attention and being a brat about it.

    I was talking to my friend Danielle..she’s thirty and I watch her 4 mth old Josh..she works part time.I asked her”Do you believe in Ghosts?” she goes,
    “Oh for sure,I had one when I lived in this town” she’s one town over.She tells me she had some old lady from the 1800’s in her house,she saids almost everyone in this town and all the surrounding towns have ghosts…because of the two major civil war battles fought near here,in Manassas.All of Moniques friends who grew up here are all very used to chills,apparitions and so on.

  431. Himmiefan said

    Hi Claire. I hope I didn’t sound too glib. I get that way with things I don’t understand. I do think there are vibes in the air, like your sadness at Ground Zero. Now, I haven’t had my own ghost experience, but then again, I once took steps to prevent one. Right before I went to England, I saw a show on the ghosts of Hampton Court (a palace Henry VIII basically stole). I really don’t want to encounter a ghost (I’m a true blue coward), so I just had a talk with God and said that the only spirit allowed near me was the Holy Spirit. I didn’t want to see, hear, feel, anything else. As it turned out, we had a great time, and Hampton Court is a beautiful place.

    Now, I said I have not had a ghost experience. Maybe I haven’t, but then again, maybe I have. Right after my old cat died, I found doors and bags open the way she would open them. A few months later, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a figure. I turned and looked straight at it. It was about a foot and a half long, gray yet translucent, not quite a foot off the ground, and moving very quickly. My current cat even saw it. My whole family has experienced something like this.

  432. Himmiefan said

    Oops. I forgot to add that the figure disappeared into thin air. My family calls this Ghost Cat. Ghost Cat is more than welcome in our house.

  433. Claire said

    No it’s ok Himmiefan,you didn’t sound glib,and my family has also had experience with a ghost cat,I had a beautiful very loving all black cat named Simba,when I first married the quads father,he died under Nikkis bed,curled up next to Smokie,he was only one..we later found out it was a heart defect,but anyway for a couple of weeks my entire family had some kind of sighting or heard meowing.I looked up one day from mopping floor to see a see through cat sort of sitting on the step.Something Simba always did.I also saw Smokie lying on the sofa..so I knew it wasn’t him.And Smokie would run and play and pounce,with something we couldn’t see..

    Margaret…Why? is he paying me a visit? cause if he is…then the door will be open also…LOL!!!!!

  434. Himmiefan said

    I love hearing stories about ghost pets! I think ghost pets are very comforting. I know if helped me because loosing Scarlett was very tramatic. I was 13 when we got her and 32 when she died.

  435. Claire said

    Yeah…I don’t know what we are going to do when it’s Smokies time..I can’t imagine…he will be 12 July 15th and I’ve had him since he was 5 weeks old..he still sleeps curled up next to me.

  436. Himmiefan said

    I know what you mean. Matilda isn’t allowed to die. Period.

  437. elizabeth said

    Dizey1, thanks for the links – just when I t hought my blood pressure was going to return to normal *grin* You’re right paperwork didn’t help; I just need to stay focused in my meeting and not let my mind wander down interesting paths;) Wish me luck!

  438. lwildstar said

    I snuck out of work early. But now its going to storm – again – we’ve got actual rain tonight….so I’m going to log off and not risk it.

    Claire – I think like the saying “power calls to power” that similar people are drawn to each other – and face it, if you go back and read the old posts – we all have alot of experiences in common – so either it is the “demographic” of our group – or the TPTB have decided we need each other….
    I like to think we’ve been brought together

    I emailed my cousin that we were discussing Ghostly experiences and she brought up one I had forgotten…..when we went to Philly two years a ago I kept getting a creepy feeling everytime we walked by this one building thats a rebuild of a tavern that burned down (we had stayed in the historic distric)..two nights later when we went on the huanted tour we found out that a woman had burned to death in that tavern – if I hadn’t had the feeling days before I would have called i the power of suggestion, but since neither of us know – I just call it creepy. Oddly enough that was really the only experience we had in the historic distric despite its history…

    Margaret – emailed you – my goof! I didn’t give you an alternate address!

    if the storms not too bad later I may try to pick up the writting – I hate staying in the basment too long – I really hope my sister makes good on the offer to rehab one of her laptops so I can type upstairs – she said that thats all it will be good for – if she does it.

    Ok my lovelies I’m off for – I’ll check back in the morning!

  439. Rifkind said

    You could try automatic writing to see what the spirit wants to communicate. That might stop the nighttime events.

    When you go to bed, tell the spirit that you need to sleep.
    Tell them to TALK to you in your dreams if they need to, but that you need to rest.
    Then mentally surround yourself with a cocoon of white light. The light of God and love. Nothing evil can enter this safe sanctuary.
    Then imagine Simba as your spirit guardian, and that he will chase away any bad spirits, then come and curl up next to you and keep you safe.

  440. DIZEY1 said

    Claire, all my animals live to be pretty old. My cat Pickles when I finally had to put her to sleep, was 23 yrs. old and she was only 3 yrs. younger than my youngest bro. Robbie. It was like losing a sibling. Every now and again I think she hangs around here. It is very comforting that I guess they felt so comfortable with us on this plain. If you come here I won’t take you to all the haunted boogie man voodoo places. You’ll be safe with me, I’ve got Henry, and Louie’, and Lestat to protect us.

  441. Claire said

    Iwildstar…Yeah I like to believe we were all brought together!
    Rifkind…I did do all that! I have a saying..and I know my Mom was Jewish..but I belive in Jesus (he was Jewish) so I usually say”I surround my self with the light of the holy spirit and I invision a cocoon of beautiful white light.I did tell it that unlike it,I was human and needed sleep,and I did ask it to speak to me in my dreams

    Dizey…you bad girl..you got all the right men…errrr…vampires! LOL!

    Seriously speaking…I have always wanted to go to N.O.
    dreamt I lived there in a past life..I was mulatto..and Monique was there..she was my daughter a baby with the same weird blue eyes but dark skin!
    I really hope I can come up with the money to go.

    on that note…my meatloaf in the oven is calling…I know I’m crazy..88 degrees and I got the oven on! but my A/C has my house at 62 LOL!!!!

    be back later

  442. Margaret said

    Claire: We all know that Henry came come in no matter what, closed windows, closed doors, etc. I was referencing your ghost and the line he gave Celluci when he asked him if he slept with his windows open. Guess I shouldn’t have made the reference so obscure. lol.

  443. Margaret said

    Claire: We all know that Henry can come in no matter what, closed windows, closed doors, etc. I was referencing your ghost and the line he gave Celluci when he asked him if he slept with his windows open. Guess I shouldn’t have made the reference so obscure. lol.

  444. Rifkind said

    I added a few comments over on LifeTime..a s Blood Ties is rated #3 ..
    Danged if Army Wifes wasn’t #1..
    We want MORE Blood Ties!

  445. Rifkind said

    OK so tell me how something HOKEY isn’t going on at Lifetime..
    Army Wives has ONLY 1482 posts, but is listed at #1…
    Blood Ties Has 1714 and is listed at #3..

    Looks strange to me!

  446. Madonna said

    Hi everyone!

    if you see this, good luck, my prayers are with you.

    Sorry your birthday was so awful.

    I tried both of those links. Again the one for the jewelry works, but not the one for Tanya’s card? I doubt it is a problem with your site though, I often have problems accessing certain sites.

    As to the whole ghost issue. I definitely believe there are things out there beyond our realm. My mother has had several interesting experiences, mine have been pretty minor.
    1.) When we had a pool table you could sometimes hear the pool balls clink together even when no one was even on that floor.
    2.) When I was a little girl, we lived in a 3 story house. Our main living area was on the 2nd floor. 3 huge staircases. One night my sister who is 10 years older was babysitting my two cousins and me. All 4 of us distinctly heard footsteps climbing the stairs. We were the only ones it the house. The youngest who was only 4 at the time still remembers it.

    My dad used to give one of our dogs a crumpled up cigarette pack to fetch. I know, great toy huh? One day while my parents were at home by themselves, they were both standing on chairs try to hang curtains evenly. My mother says that all of a sudden a cigarette pack flew hard into the wall next to her head. Our dog went over to smell of it, then ran away like he was scared.

    I have always had this thing with my dreams. I can have a perfectly ordinary dream that I’ll clearly remember and then days, months or years down the road the scene that played out in my dream will happen to me in real life. I get this disoriented feeling like the past and the present connect. Deja vu feeling I guess. I will know every single detail about what is going to happen to me and around me in the moments ahead. It has never been with anything major though, usually just a conversation with someone or something stupid like that. It’s happened to me probably 12 – 15 times now. Now I guess I just need to dream about meeting some of the stars from Blood Ties right? LOL…

  447. lwildstar said

    Madonna – I’ll add your greeting to the card, is there anything special you want to say? I guess you can post it here – I didn’t get an email from you at either address…as for the website – it looks like sometimes you can view it but I can no longer make changes to it!

    Last call! I’ve only got 6 greetings for the card, NightWalker0001@aol.com

    I’m starting on the Verizon one, but until I can figure out why my home computer won’t run the program I’m building it a work during lunch – that being the case the new site will only be whatever new stuff I make – I’m not redoing the whole site again! hoping to have something up next week showing the new rosary bracelets and the book marks.

    You guys will laugh but I have to tell you – after I logged of earlier I ate dinner and settled in to watch the anime I taped last ight, and suddenly remembered I had a homeowners meeting to go to ! I had to get dressed and bust out of here – just got home a few minutes ago! twit!

    Just my opinion but I think the reason Army Wives is currently “up” right now in position on the board is because of this whole “forbidden Kiss” thing. I think the board moves when a lot of posting gets done all at once and they are not basing it on the over all number of postings.

    well my night is shot now – too tired to write….besides in my mind I’m chapters ahead of what I’ve acctually written! At least the main charactors have finally met.

    Oh well I’m going to go read – see what predicament Tony is in ๐Ÿ™‚

    night all!

  448. Madonna said

    That’s wierd. But like I said, I often have problems with other sites. I kept getting kicked out of the chat room on Sunday night. It’s kind of strange since I have AOL too. Oh well, I’m sorry about that. Could you please just put on the card… Tanya, Thank you for inventing the characters we love. May they live long and prosper! – Madonna

    Thank you.

  449. Madonna said

    I also think you are right about the rankings over on Lifetime’s site.

  450. DIZEY1 said

    Hey ya’ll stopping in to see wassup?? ๐Ÿ™‚ Gonna crawl in bed and TRY to watch “Z” fell asleep on Henry, no Kyle, no Max last night. All those guys it’s hard to keep track ya’ know ! Anyway , Iwildstar will send you a message in a few. Can’t do anything fancy so I’ll just jot down something.

    Madam Claire……hmmm (clearing throat) “Bonne nuit”, “Fait de beaux reves” sorry about the accent. Pardonnez-moi l’francais. LUV YA ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  451. Rifkind said

    My Hubby has the same thing happen to him with Deja Vu moments that he dreamt.
    He feels that they are cornerstone moments, that there are big changes coming in his life when these moment happen. The actual event that he dreams may not be at all related to his personal life changes, but are there as a psychic flag to say…yup, life is going as planned, and something big is about to change/happen.
    His deja vu moments are very detailed and he can actually know what the other person is going to say!

  452. Anzia said

    Hey guys! Have a great week. I’m sorry but i’m not going to have the thing done. I’m running around the a headless chicken trying to get everything done! I’ll talk to ya’ll in a week unless I get internet during the trip. We’ll see…


  453. AlisaSG said

    hmmmm, experience with apparitions..
    anyone who has ever had direct contact with tarot cards, ouiji boards, dowsing items, etc., will have visits from the spirit world -those are usually their open doors to you. Some are mischievious, others are downright nasty. The *friendly* ones can turn nasty, however. They prey on your pyschic mind.

    let me just say I am in enough constant communication with the spirit world, that them and me have an understanding about each other..

    a year or so ago, when my hubby was on an emergency night call, in the early morning, I felt an impression on the bed, that moved the bed enough that I felt it about 2 feet away (we’ve got those mattresses that don’t disturb the other person). I didn’t open my eyes, because I thought it was my husband, until I realized he still had a few hours left at work. Maybe about 10 minutes later, I opened my eyes, and nothing was there. I went to check the entire house – no one but me and mom’s urn, with all the doors and windows locked tight. Had it been a spirit, I scolded it (in Jesus’ Name!).

    When I told my husband about it, he did a purging prayer, and ordered the *spirit* to depart. Only (Jesus’) angels are allowed in. Well, now and then the impish spirits try to gain a foothold again.
    won’t bore anyone with more details about that for now..

  454. AlisaSG said

    from Claire,
    >> no sooner did I sit down at the computer the printer started up again…so I sucked in my breath and saidโ€What do you want? There are better ways to go about telling me something than to scare the hell out of me and keep me awake,I have children I need to care for!โ€
    >> Printer stopped.


    okay, that’s kind of freaky, or a huge coincidence of timing. Still, something greater is tormenting (playing games) with your mind.


    more from Claire,
    >> Himmiefan..I unplugged it this morning..thinking ok its was some kind of power surge…but no…itโ€™s still playing.


    well, if it’s still playing and the power is either unplugged or turned completely OFF, then you’ve definitely got a bigger problem (spirits taunting your mind).


    the other possibility is if the printer is plugged in, power on, internet connected all night – it could be a hacker taking control of your computer.

    If the computer is not connected to the internet and the printer is still making noises, it’s possible there is a device in the computer scanning for the printer. When it finds it, it does things.. creepy, when it happens too.

    We had a printer that was constantly going off at weird moments -all night- didn’t matter what I did. Finally, I shut the printer’s POWER off, so it OFF-OFF. That worked.

    However, now we have (Microsoft) Vista (ha, ha!). Vista thinks it’s humanoid and waiting for commands, etc. It tries to think for you, too. If I power OFF the printer while the computer is on and ALIVE, Vista gets cranky with some phantom syndrome, and thinks it lost a leg or something. So, it pops up a DELL support message to send an error report.. every time so far, this has happened.

    Now, I shut the printer OFF before I turn the entire computer system on. Vista still gets cranky, but only when the anti-virus program starts acting up automatically…

    I hate to say we’ve grown to the point of ignoring these issues, but we used to scan during hacking attacks.. gave up scanning.. most of the attacks were from the other side of the planet (Asia, various places in the Middle East, sometimes Russia). makes yah wonder if the guys over there who want Americans dead were culling info (or stealing ID info) by using their *bot* (robot) programs, or live hacker people were doing it.

    Fax/Answering machine used to give us similar problems – most of those were unsolicited faxes from anywhere on the planet. We finally disconnected the Fax so it is no more..

    the problem with the *bot* programs is that there are so many hacker programs on the loose out there, that the anti-virus programs are updating sometimes several times a day. Sometimes, whatever is in those programs is what causes the printers and (image photo) scanners to kick on and start processing without anything else (meaning you) prompting it to do anything other than just sit there and look *pritty*..

  455. AlisaSG said

    >> AlisaSG,
    >> Thanks for the extended info on how to find the episodes on LT.
    Even risking the double post monster to be sure that I got the info.
    Thank You!

    ah, you’re welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚


    >> Alisa, by all means stay and mingle, just realize that if you donโ€™t see that Gypsy or I have posted in awhile itโ€™s probably safe to say we havenโ€™t had a chance to check to see whatโ€™s gotten caught up. I always enjoy your comments and hope youโ€™ll to hang around more.

    thank you for the encouragement!
    actually, it’d take an awful lot to pull me away to stay away from here.
    REAL life likes to drag me away kicking and knashing teeth, hanging onto the keyboard and mouse
    (noooooooo! I’m not letting go!!!!!!)

    If I’m ever away from here, or not posting (and trying to read to catch up on the latest info), it’s probably because I’m off visiting my other favorite forums and their topics; or because I’ve either got grocery shopping, laundry, cooking, dishes, or cleaning to do, on this side of reality.
    bummer.. but it’s gotta get done. Otherwise, I’ve given in to sleep and actually shut everything off to find my pillow and hypo-allergenic comforter (yes, even in the hot summer – I love that snuggly blanket! mmmmmm).

  456. Himmiefan said


    I just read your food scene, and all I can say is “Wow.”

    Very, very nice.

  457. Himmiefan said

    Hey Anzia, again. You’ve gotten me all inspired. I’ve created a free Writing.com account. My goal in the next couple of years is to quit my job and write full-time. Oh yeah, and hopefully do the marriage and screaming baby thing too.

    Are there any benefits to getting one of the other memberships, or should I just stick with the free membership?

    I was very tempted to use Goddess Divine as my pen-name, but stopped because I don’t think most people would recognize the Pride and Prejudice (Matthew MacFadyn!!!!) reference. Oh well, I can remember Himmiefan better anyway.

    What am I still doing up??? I do have to do that work thing tomorrow. Someone’s got to earn money for cat and bunny food….

  458. Rifkind said

    Morning Blogkin!
    man you were busy last night!

    I agree with AlisaSG, that someone may be messing with your computer.
    My hubby is so paranoid about hackers on our machine.. and we have antivirus and Zone Alarm etc to protect our machine… and we are still on dial-up… so we are NOT online ALL the time..
    I forget that some folks may be VERY vulnerable to hacking attacks. SO get yourself up-to-date with all your antivirus stuff.. and turn the computer OFF for the night so that you can get some sleep!

  459. Annalaise duChat said

    Very, very nice Anzia! You do good work.

    Girls, what’s up thi is the first time I’ve logged on after an entire evening and it’s only taken me a few minutes to read back through the posts.
    We can do better than this!

  460. lwildstar said

    AlisaSG – you’re right about the Tarot cards – I throw them at least once a week – but never the oiji – thats just asking for troubel – but I had experiences with “things” long before i attempted the tarot – they just stronger after…..

    My last waking dream was strange but shows you where my mind is – I hired Henry and Vicki to rescue Paul from an evil Deamon! Won’t go into details – some of which are becoming fuzzy anyway – but in the end Henry took Paul to the side and Vamped him so he wouldn’t remember anything while I discussed with Vicki what an idiot she was being towards Henry…that turned into a shouting match which Henry had to break up. He smiled and told me to go take care of Paul so as I walked a away to where Paul was sitting on a bench – I shouted backat Henry “You better not have bitten him!” and then the alarm went off……

    well must get to work now…I’ll check in a t lunch!

  461. Danielle said

    Good Morning!

    Himmiefan-I get the Goddess Divine pen-name. I loved Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen. I like reading Jane Austen.

    All the talk of ghosty’s yesterday, in bed last night I kept hearing funny noises all night last night.

  462. Danielle said

    Did I scare everybody away again?

  463. Margaret said

    Has anyone heard from LH. Wonder how he’s doing?

    At the risk of being really sappy I have to say I love this place and the rest of you. Its so nice to be able to come to a haven where you can discuss your addictions without someone thinking you’re crazy or rolling their eyes. The people on the “outside” just don’t understand, do they? lol

  464. annalaiseduchat said

    Are we still talking about ghosts today? My daughter reminded me last night of a really freaky incident. Last year my neighbor from across the street (Faye) passed away. Living next to her is my daughter’s friend’s (Katie) family. Katie’s mom Jackie went to the funeral. Jackie told me she watched Faye standing by the entrance to the church smiling and waving and saying good bye to everyone as they left. She also told me she frequently sees paramormal things and that her daughter Katie has inherited this talent. There was a girl that attended their Junior high that had committed suicide and one day Katie saw her apparition getting a drink from the fountain.
    Katie also claims that she has seen the ghost of my cat that passed away in our family room.

  465. Danielle said

    Oh Margaret I so agree with you. This place and all of you are awesome. You are all non-judgemental and I can disagree with something and not have everybody jump down my throat in anger.

  466. Danielle said

    As for LH He said yesterday that he was going into the hospital and he wouldn’t be around for awhile. My guess is he will be there for a few days. I hope everything is alright.

  467. Danielle said

    Wow! It is really dead today. Henry must be around.

  468. Margaret said

    As far as the spirit world goes: Years ago my mom, my brother & I went to visit my grandmother in Kentucky who had cancer. I believe it was the second night that we were there I had an overwhelming sense of sadness and started crying like crazy. The next day we discovered my father had died of a heartache. I was 13 at the time.

    Yes, Scully & Mulder-the truth is out there…..and if not there are plenty of spirits trying to lead you somewhere.

  469. DIZEY1 said

    Good morning my BLOG SIBLINGS ๐Ÿ™‚ Over slept today and didn’t get to the gym. Next 3 days must go!!! 4:30 in the am is just so darned early. But afterward I do feel great. A lot to be said for endorphins, which I could bottle it. Dani sorry the things that go bump in the night kept you up. I hope LH is ok and it’s just some tests etc. Hey Iwildstar you have LH’s address & real name. Not that I’m asking for any privat info , but maybe I can send a card to you w/postage of course and you could forward it to him. YEAH ME!! I think he’d trip out if we all sent him some get well cards, what do ya’ll think??

  470. Margaret said

    Whoops-should have been a heart ATTACK.

  471. Margaret said

    I’d like to send him one, how will we go about doing it?

  472. Danielle said

    It might put LH in better spirits.

    Margaret-I was wondering about that. I thought maybe his heart was aching because you, your brother and mother weren’t with him.

  473. Danielle said

    Beth-The funny thing is I heard the noises over my air conditioner in my bedroom.

  474. Margaret said

    Well you know how it is when you haven’t drank enough coffee, you can’t think or type straight. lol.

  475. Danielle said

    I am so glad I can function without coffee. I am not a morning person but I do ok without coffee. I don’t like it too much. I like light and sweet iced coffee or Dunkin Donuts Coffee Coolata’s

  476. DIZEY1 said

    Dani girl dead here because Henry’s w/me ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sorry about all my typo’s.

    Madam Claire….Bonjour’, comment allez-vous?? As-tu bien dormi?? Hopefully MR.Xerox left you to your slumber last night.

  477. Danielle said

    I guess it is hard for you type correctly when Henry is doing what you’ve dreamed of for the past few months.

  478. DIZEY1 said

    Margaret, bonjour , I think if we ask nicely Iwildstar may send them to him for us since she has all his info from said gift for his bride. We’ll have to see what she says.

  479. elizabeth said

    Good Morning everyone! It appears that most of you have had some very interesting paranormal experiences. I wish I could add to the flow, but I rarely have these kind of experiences. I have visited psychic’s before because I am very curious and have had some fascinating readings, but I am too..what is the word…strong minded…willful..stubborn ..scared…to let myself go enough to embrace too much of the paranormal. I had a reading once that told me I had a veil across my mind and I needed to walk through it. Maybe someday ๐Ÿ™‚

  480. DIZEY1 said

    OUI’ Danielle, as you can see he’s been giving me French lessons and is keeping me abreast of all the current trends should I say. OOLALA, I told Henri’ “Ton baiser m’a coupe’ le souffle” , oui Monsieur ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m practicing all my good l’francais taugth to me by Henri’, passed on to him from M’adame Claire. Merci Claire ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  481. Danielle said

    Are you cooking him a souffle? You better hope it doesn’t fall. Nobody likes a flat souffle. ๐Ÿ˜›

  482. DIZEY1 said

    No you must have M’adame Claire translate for you. I hope I didn’t say anything naughty..(hee hee hee) Bad gutter girl that I am. ๐Ÿ™‚

    BTW how’d you get your little smiley face to have a rouge bouche’??

  483. Danielle said

    : P is the way to get a tongue

    I was teasing about the souffle thing. It is my facetiousness coming out again.

  484. vampgrl said

    Thanks for listening…hehe ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  485. Danielle said

    vampgrl-Did I miss something? What’s wrong?

  486. vampgrl said

    Er. Sorry. Just having a bad day…bad week, bad couple of weeks, bad month, bad couple of years since the year 2004…take your pick. I swear, I’m on the bottom of the happy pole. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ YippyNotSoSkippy.

  487. elizabeth said

    vampgirl-what can we do to help?

  488. lwildstar said

    I figured out why I was having problems loading the pictures yesturday – apperently you can’t have spaces in the file name – go figure – still can’t load them from home but I can from work.

    I just posted the Pictures of Henry Michael Victor Fangs and the rosary bracelets…please if you go to look let me know if the above link works – you may have to type it in….also discovered today that everytime I make cahnges the link address changes so I will repost the link whenever i make updates…its annoying but have what are you going to do when its a free site?
    I put a link on there to the “old” site so you can still view whats there!

    i’m not going to work on it any more today so you should be safe to use the above – thanks for helping me trouble shoot and I appreciate all the support!!

  489. Danielle said

    I hope things get better for you. At least you are still able to get up in the morning and have people who love you.

  490. Danielle said

    Oh my gosh-HMV Fangs is too cute. I love the Celtic cross on there. Yep it worked.

  491. elizabeth said

    lwildstar- believe it or not I can actually open your site and see your new designs! Very cool!

  492. Himmiefan said

    Lwildstar – I forgot to tell you that I love the idea of HMV Fangs as our mascot! He’s adorable.

    Your website looks pretty cool. Neat stuff.

  493. lwildstar said

    This is killing me – not being able to get on til lunch – I feel sooooooooo left out and lonely! lunch is almost over and I haven’t caught up on the posts!!!

    I agree with Margaret, Rifkind, Danielle, every body – we are a family! its good to know we have such a support group – not just for out Blood Ties addiction (theres only one person at work I can even mention it too – and she still rolls her eyes) – but for all the other crap we have to deal with! Personally this is the first time I have ever joined one of these blog groups or anything like it – its just you guys are so damn lovable ๐Ÿ˜‰ and I really really really enjoy this and appreciate all the support – on the jewelry front and on the relationship front – thatn k you for your emails – I feel like I have extra Moms!!!

    Re: Get Well Feel Better cards for LH – no problemo – send them to me!

    Email me at the LognWldstr@aol.com if you need my address, those of you who ordered jewelry from me may still have it – I’ll collect them and pop them all in the mail togther – say by next Saturday? That gives you a week to get them out to me. I think it would pick his spirits up to get a packet of well wishes.

    Hey Margaret – do you mind if I use some of the $ overage you sent me towards the postage for this?

    Dizey – you must share Henry now! allow him to spread his joy!!!!

    side note: i showed the above mentioned co-worker “the” picture…she knew immediatly what Kyles hand sign was! I asked her how she knew…long story short – apperently the quarterback of her high school FB team was named J. Shock aka the “shocker” and he had tee shirts printed with that hand sign on it with the words “THE SHOCKER” on the back for spirit week….it was a big joke for everyone in the know – especially when teachers wee wearing them – the guy got suspened for two weeks once TPTB discovered the true meaning!

    Ok I only have a few minutes left to go check my emails and then back to the salt mines – I’ll try to check in to night, but I promised myself at least 1 hour of writing!

  494. lwildstar said

    yea! I see you got to the site! Yippeeeeee….I didn’t get to post this on the site yet and since the link will change if I do, I’m not doing it today…..if anyone would like to adopt some of HMV Fangs’ brothers (yet to be named) please let me know. My friend went berserk making them to give out instead of candy for Halloween last year – and no kids showed up! I think she has like 12 of them – adoption fee is $2.50 each for the postage!

    ok now I must go check my emails and get back to work!

    Thank you !!!!!

  495. Claire said

    Good Afternoon family!!!

    Slept like a baby…and had not beautiful but ok dreams Ms.Beth!
    Ummm…Your kiss has me cut’ the breathโ€, yes Mister….what???

    Dizey… apparently Mr.Henry needs to give you more lessons! LOL!! I know you won’t mind staying late after school! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    No hackers here..just Ghosts..My computer has been off all week at night and we have a very strong security system…firewalled etc.Everything is encrypted.These big houses in my area are all on wireless,so we have to be very protected.Besides I’m not the only one having visits..Chris is too.

    I don’t mess with Ouija boards,I lay tarot cards every now and then…but the ghost thing has been with me since I was a child…myself and all my children see..

    I had a nice chat with “it” last night…”it understood I need to sleep..I actually had a very good sleep…merci infiniment de votre fantรดme de Monsieur de bontรฉ

  496. elizabeth said

    lwildstar – count me infor adopting one of HMV Fangs siblings – they are adorable! I also agree with you comments on this blog family. It truly is wonderful to be able to communicate with all the delightful people on this site. I get to laugh, drool over pictures and comments and generally be myself in a safe environment. All of you guys are absolutely the best and I don’t say that lightly!

    Claire – glad you got some rest. I don’t mes siwth the Ouija board either, but do like tarot cards. I also like to use the pendulum for answers.

  497. lwildstar said

    Elizabeth – email me – I’ll check in with you later!

  498. Danielle said

    I am such a fool. I read some more of that fanfic. When am I going to learn to not read it at work. *slaps myself*

  499. Rifkind said

    I’m glad that your visitor let you get some rest last night.
    I am also glad to hear that your computer system is secure.

    I agree with everyone about sending a note to LH to get better.
    I will be sending a greeting to lwildstar to send on to him.

    I also LOVE HMV Fangs.. so CUTE

  500. DIZEY1 said

    Iwildstar ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for doing the card thingy for LH. I think he’ll see how much we do appreciate him. I’d Love to have a Henri’ sibling. Tell your friend yes for me and I’ll send the money with the card , if that’s ok with you??

    Henri’ said ” Je vais tout lui apprendre”. “Service avec sourire”

    I’ll send him to you when we are finis!! : P ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜‰

  501. Danielle said

    Back to the Disney movie topic: Lilo and Stitch is one of all time favorites. I just love Stitch. The Elvis music in it was cool too.

  502. DIZEY1 said

    M’adame CLaire, pardonnez moi, it was supposed to be…..You took my breath away when we kissed. Oh hell I have trouble just speaking and writing english I guess I should say finis and move on. Sorry if I botched your beautiful (beau??) language. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I’m a cancer and I just can’t quit. ๐Ÿ˜›

  503. Margaret said

    lwildstar: I emailed you back this morning. No sweat applying the other $ to postage. I’ll also be forwarded a ecard to you for LH later tonight.

  504. Danielle said

    Hey Beth-Exactly how do you cut the breath? Not that I should be picking because I don’t know any foreign lanquage. I just thought that transtation was pretty hilarious. At least it wasn’t cut the cheese.

    Wait I do know this: Buenos Suerte Con Senor Guapo. It is Spanish. Can anyone translate that?

  505. lwildstar said

    Elizabeth – one bat for you
    Dizey – I’ll get a “bat” for you too – I’ll email you later.

    I just sent her an email and asked if she could drop the “brood” by this weekend, or next week…..

    bad bad girl I shouldn’t be here, but I’m waiting for something to print – and I bore easily!

  506. elizabeth said

    Ha, Danielle – I totally get the fanfic post. After yesterday, I am really staying away from it at work ๐Ÿ˜‰ I had a heck of a time concentrating for the rest of the day -hehehe

  507. Danielle said

    It is very dangerous. Most may find the male on male grosses them out but if the need is strong enough it serves it’s purpose. It gets the job done. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ LOL! Sorry JK

  508. Rifkind said

    Buenos Suerte Con Senor Guapo
    Good Luck with the handsome man!

  509. Danielle said

    You got it! Well Senor is really mister. At least that is what I was taught in high school. That is all I can remember from Spanish class in high school. Pretty fitting to our purpose isn’t it?

    I used to be able to count to 100 in spanish but that memory has flown the coop.

  510. vampgrl said

    Danielle said,
    June 27, 2007 @ 10:53 am

    Back to the Disney movie topic: Lilo and Stitch is one of all time favorites. I just love Stitch. The Elvis music in it was cool too.

    YAY!!! Another Lilo & Stitch fan! Woohoo! That is one of my fav movies too! I have all 4 of them. *g* I also have the talking Stitch stuffed animal, the movie soundtrack and the McDonald toys. My parents don’t get my obsession with that movie either. Heh.

    Danielle said,
    June 27, 2007 @ 11:22 am

    It is very dangerous. Most may find the male on male grosses them out but if the need is strong enough it serves itโ€™s purpose. It gets the job done. LOL! Sorry JK

    RIMCLMAO!!! Ummm…I used to read lots and LOTS of hot and steamy Spike/Angel(us) fics back in the day. Just saying. *g*

    And again, don’t mind me. My life generally just sucks. I’ve had dental issues going on and can’t take time off to actually go to a dentist at the mo. Bites. More Excedrin and Ambesol for me Baby. Hehe

    Oh! LOVED all you guys paranormal posts yesterday. I printed all the posts so I could read them on the bus on the way home. Heh. Now at least I don’t feel so alone. I’ve had an experience too. Mostly involving my cat Sam, who passed away about 2 years ago. Or 3? I think it will be 3 this Dec. Anyways, I still hear noises off and on. I hear the bells we used to have on her collar. And I know it’s not my current cat Gabby’s bells, ’cause everytime I hear the sounds, Gabby doesn’t have her collar on. The sounds started back in 2005, right after I got my current cat. Almost like Sam came back to check out the new cat. *g* I heard the same noise last week in the hallway. At the time, my current cat Gabby was in the bathroom with me and didn’t even have her collar on. I never got to see Sam. I wish I had. I even used to talk to her, asking if she would show herself. My Mom thought she saw a white cat run by her once…and it wasn’t Gabby. She also heard the food bowl rattle when no one was there. My Dad has even heard the bell sounds. I also felt as if something jumped on my bed in the middle of the night, and my current cat wasn’t even in the room with me. I also felt as if something walked by my leg once. Also not Gabby. Also need to share. The day before Sam passed, she kept meowing and staring up at the ceiling, like she was seeing something that we couldn’t. I only thought about it later though. Angels maybe? Make that kitty angels. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope that made sense. REALLY shouldn’t be here.

  511. vampgrl said

    I also used to know up to 100 in Spanish.
    Now I’m lucky if I know 10. I learned that from Sesame Street. *g*

  512. Danielle said

    vampgrl-I have the Stitch from the Disney Store with the red sweater that say naughty on it holding a snowball. I have the same in a smaller version for my Christmas tree. I also have normal looking Stitch.

  513. Claire said

    Oh Man Diz..you are too funny….Service with a smile huh!
    Manque trรจs bien Dizey!
    I have something for you to say to Henry…he will think you are doing fabulous in your lessons and give you a big reward! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Vous รชtes un si bel homme, mes genoux vous tournez vers l’eau quand vous รชtes prรจs de moi !

    ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

  514. elizabeth said

    I am stressing big time. I just got off the phone with my 14 year old and apparently my Mother is having a melt down. My mother is hard of hearing and refuses to invest in hearing aids – she’d rather travel. My daughter is a typical teenager, but is trying her best to help out while I am at work. Krysten woke up with a migraine this morning and consequently isn’t talking real loud because it hurts. Long story short – my Mom thinks she is being ignored and is considered a burden so she started to cry and get mad at my child. She said she is going home tomorrow (yea, right – she can barely function with my help right now) and Krysten (my daughter) is feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Ain’t life grand?!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  515. elizabeth said

    Sorry about the rant…I guess I am a little overwhelmed, too. This is me deep breathing and trying to find my happy place…..

  516. lwildstar said

    getting ready to leave – just wanted to thank all of you for adopting some of HMV Fangs sibs – they need a good home – I’m going to try and get the whole “brood”? “flock”? “heard”? (what do you call a group of bats?) from my friend – if nothing else they’ll have a good home at my place – I’ll hang them from the celing around my work room!

    If the storm holds off I’ll pop in tonight!

  517. vampgrl said

    Danielle said,
    June 27, 2007 @ 12:05 pm

    vampgrl-I have the Stitch from the Disney Store with the red sweater that say naughty on it holding a snowball. I have the same in a smaller version for my Christmas tree. I also have normal looking Stitch.

    Aaaaaahhhhh…no fair!
    I wish you could still find one of those and send it to me. I have the talking Stitch in the orange spacesuit. The one’s that removable, though I don’t recommend it. Once you remove it, it’s WAY too hard to get back on again. The only time I did that, I almost ripped his little arms off. *g*

  518. DIZEY1 said

    Claire ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My poor translation here, You are one that handsome man, something about lap or knee (hmmmm) turn water? when you were close to me??

    I flunked Spanish in school and never attempted to try another language. So sorry M’adame Claire for the merde I’ve given you here…help me!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  519. Rifkind said

    Oh Dizey,
    I think that we ALL would turn into a puddle of water if Henry were around and giving us some of his love and attention..

    BTW, How is your Dad?

  520. DIZEY1 said

    Ok ya’ll Eric and I are going up to the hospital to see my Dad. Will check in when we get home.



  521. DIZEY1 said

    Rifkind, Did you translate that from Claire’s post?? Thank you I know I botched the translation just a bit.

    Dad’s doing ok, they’ll probably take part of the leg it’s gotten to that point. He’s come to grips with it some what, but when they want to take a part of your body off, can you ever really be ready?? We’ll survive and he should have better quality of life afterwards. Thanks for inquiring.

  522. Rifkind said

    No, I didn’t really translate Claire’s post.
    I don’t speak French at all..but did CHEAT a bit and went to the Babel fish translator to see what was being said.. It seemed to be saying that our knees were turning to water… or would that be better said , turning into JELLO!

    Now if we had may lifetimes to learn to speak different languages, that would be different!
    I wonder how many languages Henry speaks? I am only just into the second BLOOD book , so don’t know if Tanya ever said how much linguistical skills Henry had.

    Love, light and prayers to you and your Dad.
    What a tough time for you! I am glad that you have the Blogkin for love and support!

  523. lwildstar said

    the storm followed me home – but I just wanted to check in before logging out for the night – I was really hoping to get some writing done – if the storm blows over I still might try – provided we don’t lose power. Have I mentioned how much I hate the weather this time of year!

    I’m in classes for the next two days for the new job – if I get a break I might check in!

    Good night my lovelies – I think I responded to everyones email – if not I’ll catch up tomorrow…Night all!

  524. Margaret said

    Dizey: My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Wish we could literally be there for you. Take care..

  525. catcornmom said

    Hey everyone…..you guys have gone crazy!!! I feel so loved to get a shout out!! I do miss you gals!! I have lurked a few times, but it is so hard to keep up with everyone! Since I’m not teaching, I’m not at the computer that much. But Gypsy’s website is a window that I always have open on my computer! I still consider myself a Hen!
    I have been filling my Henry-less summer by taking the vampire book suggestions and reading like crazy. J.R. Ward books are AWESOME, and I just started Christine Feehan’s Dark books and I can NOT put them down. Not a great Henry substitute, but they do help!!
    My daughter just finished driver’s ed this week, and Friday we are headed down to San Antonio for her to play in a basketball tournament and then play at Sea World for a few days!! We went last year and just loved it.
    When I get back next week, I’ll try to get caught up on the blogs and do a better job checking in. I do miss Blood Ties and the blood blog….it’s like a little piece of me is missing!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  526. Madonna said

    Good evening everyone,

    Man, it has been slow here the last couple of days. I’m back at work so that explains my absence but where are the rest of you?

    My prayers continue to go out to everyone in need of them.

    You’re not being sappy. It’s nice to have a place to come and chat with your friends. So as Smokey Robinson so eloquently put it “I Second That Emotion.”

    Danielle and vampgrl,
    I also like Lilo and Stitch and most other Disney movies. As a teenager I wanted to go into animation and make them, but then I realized how much that schooling would cost and that my drawing skills were probably not quite up to par. (A lot of drawing involved.)

    Also Danielle or anyone else who likes Elvis music… If you ever get the chance go see Ryan Pelton in concert, GO! He is an Elvis impersonator but you would never know he isn’t the real thing. He’s absolutely incredible, even up close. He sells out auditoriums and he is the only impersonator ever invited to perform at Graceland.

    Well it looks as though I may have a 16 hr. work day tomorrow and then I’ll have to get up and do it all again on Friday. If it doesn’t kill me I’ll stop back by on Friday, maybe Saturday. My legs are already so swollen from sitting for 11 hrs at a computer today they feel like they are going to burst.

    I’ll leave you with a little Blood Ties trivia. It should be easy for this group of addicts.

    In what episode does Henry say “Looks can be deceiving.” and what was he doing when he said it.

    Well until later everyone,
    Love ya

  527. DIZEY1 said

    Hi Ya’ll ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜‰ Checking in with my peeps, thanx to all my chix here in my BT blogkin family XOXO Dad’s in great spirits go figure. My dad’s usually a bit of a pesimist, a gift from my grandmother. I adored her but the glass was half empty. Not mine baby!! Anyway don’t know when surgery is but could be any day. We just laugh alot cuz’ crying sucks, and generally you don’t feel better.

    Rifkind you’re slick I thought you knew what Claire wrote. I Googled for help(head hung in shame) but I’m learning for Henry, my sweet breathtaking, magnetizing vampire man!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I will whisper sweet nothings in his ear and while I’m there have a nibble of my own. If I were a vamp I could suck ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜›

  528. Rifkind said

    Stone Cold…
    Henry said it to the bouncer..

  529. DIZEY1 said

    Bonne nuit, reves doux ๐Ÿ™‚ Buona notte ( Tuscany aaaahhhhh) till tomorrow.

    Luv Ya! XOXOX

    Beth ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜‰

  530. Rifkind said

    Or did he say,
    “I’m older than I look.” to the bouncer…
    now I ‘m confused… probably have it wrong ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  531. Himmiefan said

    Dizey – more prayers for your dad!

    Catcornmom – good to hear from you!

    I haven’t seen Lilo and Stitch, but I did recently see Over the Hedge, which is Pixar, not Disney, but anyway… Over the Hedge was on HBO recently, and I saw it in the hotel I was staying in. Yes, I don’t have HBO, so business trips are the only time I get to watch HBO. Am I a wild and crazy chick or what? Let’s see, thanks to my HBO-watching business trips, I’ve turned on Eyes Wide Shut exactly three times just in time for the orgy scenes. Still not a good movie, folks.

    If anyone is looking for a good vampire book, try The Historian. No sexy vampire, but still really good. Warning, read it with plenty of chocolate nearby. The main character and her father go on lots of picnics and eat lots of chocolate bars. I started craving Hershey’s big time!

  532. rifkind said

    We have missed you! Glad to hear that you can lurk sometimes!

  533. rifkind said

    MY turn to try to get the avatar to work.

  534. msgypsy said

    ” Buenos Suerte Con Senor Guapo”

    No es el espanol mejor. Quieres decir: Buena suerte con el hombre guapo. O con su novio guapo. Aunque. hay otros palabras para guapo, como bonito, pero de verdad, guapo es la palabra mejor. Bonito es mas o menos para un muchacho pequeno.

    (I work with a largely Mexican community. It rubs off.)

    I love that we here are sufficiently family that I can be busy as hell for a few days and trust you all to keep the “house” standing and not eat every blessed thing in the refrigerator without at least leaving a few quarters. Or some metaphor like that.

    Lwildstar, do we know the shipping cost yet?

    Best wishes and positive energy for all those who need and will accept it.

  535. Cree said

    Madonna–Henry says “looks can be deceiving” in the first episode, “Blood Price”. This is when we are introduced to Henry for the very first time and he is in bed with that blond chick who tells him he can’t be more than 23….

  536. rifkind said

    I’ll take Henry as “mi novio”, anyday!
    El es un hombre MUY guapo!

  537. rifkind said

    One more try.. Avatar, Oh Avatar, come out and play!

  538. rifkind said

    One MORE try, How can it be so late!
    I have messed around with this image WAY TOO LONG!
    I hope that it works!

  539. vampgrl said

    Hey, guys. Just checking in real quick. *taptap* Is anyone here? DUDES!!! DUDETTES!!! Ummm….Blogeranians? *g* Say, speaking of TAPS..hehe..did anyone watch Ghost Hunters last night? I thought it was a big disappointing myself. I SO wanted that doll to smile. That would’ve been cool. Creepy…but still cool. Heh. Yep. Just me and the cat watching Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth last night. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Say…can someone send me that shocker pic everyone’s been talking about? You guys have been driving me insane! SO not a good thing…hehe
    Send to spikeslittleho@aol.com
    Outtie! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜›

  540. lwildstar said

    good morning my lovelies!

    Just checking in before I head off to class. I’ll check my email just in case, but other wise I won’t be back til tonight. Be good!

  541. Annalaise duChat said

    Good morning all!
    I am just soooo excited! They finally finished installing the digital fiber optic cable/ internet infrastructure in out neighborhood and are flipping the switch to put us online! YEA!!! My hubby signed us up, I’ll have hi-speed wireless internet access next Thursday! Also digital cable with 2 DVR’S. The first thing I’m going to do? Upgrade my operating system, then Itunes, then download BT! Yea!
    I don’t know why it took them so long to install it in our area. The rest of Mentor has had it for ages. I guess being in this little isolated community surrounded by the marsh and Lake Erie has it’s drawbacks.

    Everyone have a great day!

  542. Margaret said

    Ok Vampgirl: Its winging its way to you as we speak.

  543. rifkind said

    I FINALLY got this to work! Must have been that 5 hours of sleep that did the trick!

  544. Annalaise duChat said

    Margaret called you send it to me too?


  545. Annalaise duChat said

    I mean could you send it to me too.
    Duh. I’m supposed to be a typesetter!

  546. rifkind said

    Oh Avatar, where did you go??
    No fair hiding!

  547. Madonna said

    Rifkind and Cree,
    You all are better than me. It appears that he has used that line more than once. Niether of those episodes was the one I was thinking of though.
    Think comic relief.

  548. Margaret said

    Can someone walk me through posting an avatar here? I know we went through this before but I still want to try again. Don’t you have to wait a day before it shows?

  549. rifkind said

    Cree was right, I had the wrong episode

  550. lwildstar said

    Ms. Gypsy – I’ll email you details about the shipping for Tanyas card tonight – getting ready to leave for class right now

    as for the cards to Loves History feel free to email me for my address so I can collect them and mail them all together – OR you can send an ecard to me and I’ll forward the email to him

    and out the door I go!

  551. vampgrl said

    Yo, Margaret! Just got the pic! Honestly, I never would’ve noticed that pic was offensive ’till you guys had to mention what that naughty gesture meant. *g* I never knew that either. Guess that means I also grew up in a bubble…hehe

    Oh! Click on this link. I found this amusing. *g*
    I wish the site would come back up though. I have to have some site that still has Buffy and Angel pics on it. ๐Ÿ˜›

  552. DIZEY1 said

    Good morning , Buona Mattina, Comment allez vous, guten morgen ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜›

    That covers some of the places I want to go. At least I can tell them good morning. How are ya’ll on this beautiful day??
    Doc’ would be correct on that line from Blood Price, I ‘ve watched waaayy too many times.
    Lady Madonna, which epi were you referring to that Henry said “Looks can be deceiving” ???

    Iwidlstar… having trouble w/my outlook express @ home. Hope to have fixed today and will email you my Tanya note. I’ll also get the card for LH and **BAT** ๐Ÿ™‚ money to you in the next day or so. Thanx for my little bat boy!!

  553. Margaret said

    Vampgirl: Don’t feel bad, one of the youngens here googled it for us. What is really shocking is I asked a little part-timer (17 years old) we have here at work if she knew what it meant and she said yeah. Said she had been told by a girl claiming to be real religious. Soooo, don’t feel bad, you weren’t the only one living in that bubble. lol.

  554. rifkind said

    There you are little Avatar…
    I guess that the system didn’t recognize that I was logged in.

  555. Margaret said

    Ok, now I’m getting pissed. I’ve even lost the ability to post the other picture.

  556. Himmiefan said

    Elizabeth – sorry I had overlooked your meltdown earlier. Hope things are better! I don’t have a teenager, but I have parents and other elderly relatives. If only both could use their powers for good.

  557. rifkind said

    OK Gals and Guys (are either of you around??)
    Anyway a new line of discussion,
    In the Stone Cold Eposode
    Vicki is talking to Henry about killing Medusa and he doesn’t want her to have to do it.

    From transcripts over at Blood Lines
    Henry stops Vicki from leaving with the sword, trying to convince her to let him handle Medusa.

    Henry: I could hold that.

    Vicki: And let you do my dirty work? That would be the easy way out wouldnโ€™t it? Iโ€™m doing this.

    Henry: Itโ€™s not like killing a Wendigo or a Demon; sheโ€™s human in many respects.

    Vicki: Just what sheโ€™s showing us.

    Henry: Sheโ€™s not going to be easy to kill.

    Vicki: I know.

    Henry: Then maybe this isnโ€™t your job. Have you ever killed a human being?

    Vicki: My third year on the force. This kid has got a bead on my partner; heโ€™s ready to pull the trigger. And I tap him. He died almost instantly. And thereโ€™s pretty much not a day that goes by that I donโ€™t think about that.

    Henry: I donโ€™t have that problem.

    Vicki: I donโ€™t believe you.

    Henry: Sometimes I think you forget what I am.

    Vicki: Sometimes I try to forget.

    Henry puts his hand over Vickiโ€™s on the sword that now rests by her leg.

    Henry: Iโ€™m not going to be haunted by this.

    Vicki: This is mine. Because I think you forget who you could be.

    Vicki walks away and Henry turns to look at the portrait of his father before following her out.
    * =============================

    OK WHAT exactly does Vicki mean by this line??
    Vicki: This is mine. Because I think you forget who you could be.

    I was never sure about that one.
    Does it mean that He could become as much of a killer as his father?
    Or does she mean that because he has worked so hard to control the killer aspect of himself, and she doesn’t want to make him kill again.

    What do the Blogkin think?

  558. Margaret said

    I think this thing doesn’t like foxfire as an engine, if I remember right I put the picture on when I was at home on internet explorer. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

  559. Himmiefan said

    Rifkind – I might be way wrong about this, but I took that to mean that she thinks that he could be even more human if he put his mind to it, that maybe he uses his vampirism as an excuse – OR that maybe she thinks that he’s not such the big, bad killer that he thinks he is, that he is affected more than he wants to admit.

    As much as I love BT, every now and then there’s a line or two that just doesn’t make sense. I’ve even thought about putting that into our movie in that Henry notes that sometimes the writers make him say things that he just doesn’t understand.

  560. elizabeth said

    Himmiefan – thanks for the support. I loved your comment “If only both could use their powers for good.” You hit the nail on the head with that one! yes, things are better today, but smoothing ruffled feathers can be a daunting task some days.

    Rifkind- I also wondered about that part of Stone Cold and I think Himmiefan is right. Or, at least, that is the way I interpreted the scene as well. The other line that I have always wondered about was in Love Hurts where Henry is golfing and tells Vicki – My father killed the Scottish king – Yes, I golf. That never made much sense to me.

  561. Teresa said

    Haven’t been around for a couple of days. Took me a couple of hours to catch up, whew!
    On the vampire quiz – I am Elvira, sexy, mysterious and an icon for vampires everywhere. Who knew?
    On the fanfic – I am having trouble staying away from it at work as well. I know I should, but even when I’m doing other stuff, my mind keeps replaying scenes I’ve read. Now I know why internet porn is so addictive! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anzia – Excellent stories, but too short ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    The BloodTiesCentral site added some info on Henry’s rings, if anyone is interested. There is also an interview with the BT prop master with some pics of Henry’s pendants and rosary. Links to both in the News section.

  562. Himmiefan said

    Golfing comment – me neither!!

    I didn’t want to quibble with the writers, but I think Henry was actually away fighting the French when the king of Scotland was killed. Henry’s wife at the time had actually sent out the army for that particular fight with Scotland – if I’ve got my battles right. Historians say that that probably did not sit well with him since he was such an egomaniac.

  563. Himmiefan said

    Oops, Henry VIII, not our Henry. ๐Ÿ™‚

  564. Teresa said

    The comment in Stone Cold – Yes, I think Vicki was trying to remind him of his humanity and that she wasn’t fooled by Henry trying to make her think he was a ruthless, unfeeling vampire to whom killing someone would make as much difference to him than crossing the stret on a green light. Of course, Henry trying to take the psychological burden for Vicki just proved his humanity because if he was so unfeeling, he wouldn’t care how it affected her.
    As for the golf comment – maybe he meant that he was around when the sport originated, not only in time but in place, so if anyone should be familiar with golf, it would be him.
    Maybe the writers put in a few cryptic comments to see how closely we’re paying attention, or maybe there’s some inside jokes going on *shrugs*.

  565. msgypsy said

    I was wondering about the golf thing, too, in that context. But I think he maybe was referring to the fact that his father’s army defeated the Scottish king’s army, but in the terms of the time, this meant that his father defeated the Scottish king. And even if Henry VIII was pissed about it, the fact of the matter is that he (by virtue of his army) DID win.

    The boss is out sick today so I have a little more leeway with getting online but not much since the system runs slow if too many of us are online at once.

  566. vampgrl said

    The sounds….of silence……

  567. elizabeth said

    Oh, now I have the Simon and Garfunkle song “Sounds of Silence” stuck in my head. Drat ๐Ÿ˜›

  568. elizabeth said

    I’m outta here for awhile. I have to take my Mom to the surgeon to see how well she is healing. I will check back later this afternoon. Ciao

  569. DIZEY1 said

    elizabeth good luck wtih mom @ Dr.’s today.

    Himmiefan ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought that the line meant his humanity also. I think he underestimates himself on the human level. He gives too much power to the Vamp side and not enough to his Henry side. He controls much better the vamp than he thinks he does. Now I took took the Scottish King remark to be a little more on the sarcastic side. When Vicki kind of makes fun of him playing golf, I took his response as “HA!! my father killed the Scottish King , and YES I play golf….so there ๐Ÿ˜› I think he was a little pissed off.

    Funny how we all do see different versions of the same lines. TOO COOL Ya’ll ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  570. Tango said

    Ello Chicas!

    It has taken some time to catch up over the past couple of daysโ€™ posts. I must say it was like you guys were on some kind of camping trip sitting around a fire telling ghost stories. When I was at college there were quite a few ghosts that roamed the campus, or at least there were different ones in certain areas. Even had an encounter with something that acted like an incubus. After all, what better place for an incubus or a horny ghost to be than on a college campus?! Imagine my shock when the subject was featured on BT. I had actually forgotten about it until that epi.

    Just looking at pics from Henryโ€™s apt. and noticed this art heโ€™s got in the corner (statute of a headless, armless man). I donโ€™t recall ever seeing it in the show. Itโ€™s rather odd for a bachelor pad, donโ€™t you think? And wouldnโ€™t you think that a vampire would at least want a statute with a neck and in Henryโ€™s case, a womanโ€™s neck?

    Teresa – thanks for the links to the jewelry. You always do great recon work for us here. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also agree with your view on the whole golf convo and Stone Cold convo. That was my take on these too. Although the sarcasm as Diz mentioned was definately the overtone.

  571. Tango said

    Himmiefan – I must have missed the opening scene to the movie that you mentioned. Could you please post it again, or Email it to me?

  572. DIZEY1 said

    What’s even funnier is that I watched Stone Cold when I was getting ready for work this morning. I love the lines……

    Vicki: Well you know 500 years old or not, you and I start hanging out together and people will say Iโ€™m robbing the cradle.

    Henry: Iโ€™m willing to take that chance if you are.

    Vicki: Must be that vampire magnetism I find so tempting.

    Henry: My powers of persuasion donโ€™t work on you.

    Vicki: Then I guess itโ€™s just you.



    Henry: Can you even see?

    Vicki: Not much. Look, getโ€ฆ get in the car. Weโ€™ll argue about whoโ€™s driving later!

    and I love this one too**

    Henry: Michael Celluci, of your acquaintance, was at the home of Elena Kanapolous, suspected gorgon. As we were leaving, Iโ€ฆ sawโ€ฆ him.


  573. rifkind said

    I saw the statue in the background of Henry’s apartment … and also wondered what the story was about it….
    If the show goes on long enough, I hope that we will be told WHY this statue is shown so promenantly in his home.. There HAS to be a story that goes with it.

  574. DIZEY1 said

    Sorry ya’ll my epi’s got switched around but the pro’s that we are with knowing this show verbatim, I’m sure you’ve already noticed I *F’d* up (hee hee)
    ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  575. rifkind said

    Henry and golfing…
    He may have been a bit pissed that this is one of the things that Christina took away from him. Playing golf at night ??? He can hit balls, even get some balls that are lit up.. and off to lit up cups… but he can’t really play a regular game of golf anymore thanks to Christina.

  576. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Tango, Ola’ que passa chiquita, I only learned the useful lines in spanish. On the pic’ I never saw that statue before. Also the name on the bottom right corner of pic’ is the same last name they used for the father of our evil Damian creepy kid. Deskin!! I like the way they use everything around them people included.

  577. Himmiefan said

    Tango and others – I haven’t typed up my silly opening scene yet. Will do tonight!!

  578. DIZEY1 said

    Off to lunch my pets….(grrrrrrrr) I wish I could say I’ve got a rendezvous (sp) planned with my slurpie boy, but only a steak fajita. It’s still meat though

  579. Teresa said

    Maybe the statue is a nod to Henry’s bisexual nature… It could also be a genuine work of art from his past. I think there was something mentioned in the books about the ‘antiques’ in his apartment being genuine period pieces that most people would assume are reproductions because it would be too incredible a collection for them to be real.

  580. Himmiefan said

    I know Henry in the books was bi, but I just can’t see the TV Henry as bi. He just doesn’t strike me that way. Frankly, it would ruin the romance for me, but then again, I don’t like seeing him with any woman other than me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  581. vampgrl said

    Himmiefan said,
    June 28, 2007 @ 11:32 am

    I know Henry in the books was bi, but I just canโ€™t see the TV Henry as bi. He just doesnโ€™t strike me that way. Frankly, it would ruin the romance for me, but then again, I donโ€™t like seeing him with any woman other than me.

    LOLOLOLOL!!! I beg to differ. *g* I can’t see him with any other woman than ME!!! Don’t make me break out my big stick of death…hehe….eh. I can’t really see Henry as bi either. That’s probably why the summary for the smoke books kinda lost me. IF I ever get done with the blood books, I might buy them, but it’s still a really big if. Funny, I could read all kinds of Spike/Angel(us) slash fics, with them getting it on in every position imaginable…hehe…but I can’t see Henry with guys. Odd. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh! Talk about a weird dream. Forgot to mention this one. This was quite a long time ago now, but it kinda stuck. It involved me being a vampire and getting it on in a threesome with Darla and Dru. Talk about disturbing. And it also involved killing people. And blood. LOTS of it. And that’s pretty much all I remember now. Still…I don’t even swing that way, so I have NO idea where that ever came from. *shudder*

  582. msgypsy said

    Vampgurl, if it helps convince you to read the Smoke books…the bisexuality doesn’t really come into the discussion except peripherally, except in the third book and even there it’s used with a delicate touch. (Which I think is what happens in that one scene, but we’ll let you wonder for a while…)

    Slashfic didn’t do anything for me even when I was reading fanfic regularly. I’ve seen what men do together a couple of times closer up than I probably wanted to and it just didn’t look like fun. Reading about it doesn’t make it seem any funner to me. (And a lot of straight women enjoy girl-on-girl books and movies. I have no explanation for it, but I’ve noticed it a lot.)

  583. Madonna said

    The “Looks can be deceiving.” line that I’m thinking of was from Necrodrome. Now what was he doing or about to do when he said it?

  584. Claire said

    Good-afternoon blog family,

    Wow summer and kids home is keeping me busy and tired,I hate missing stuff but I don’t think I’ll be on as much as I was,maybe on rainy days LOL!! Last night took my kids,including Chris and Brittany to Chilis..ate good had fun,got back late,went to sleep..had some weird dream…medieval time period and vampires.Kids are pestering me to go out…I do think my Ghosty zapped some of my energy the other day..just feel like sleeping!

    The looks can be deceiving line is from the first epi..Henry is in bed with noisy blonde…I forget what he saids..she saids”and you are all of 23″ he saids”looks can be deceiving.

    catch yous later….

  585. Himmiefan said

    Vampgrl – you know, it so funny, everyone is rooting for Henry to get together with Vicki and inside I’m going, “Noooooo.” It’s not so much Vicki but that it’s not me! I have got to get a life. Or a man; that works too. Gosh, Henry’s got me kind of spoiled though….

    Speaking of Vicki, I liked her better in Blood Price, which I’ve watched more times than I care to admit. She was strong yet soft. In other episodes, she can come across as a real witch that starts with a “b.” In some episodes, I have to wonder what Henry sees in her. Okay, maybe I’m just a littttlllle prejudiced because it’s not me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Um, Ms Gypsy, sounds like you’ve got a humdinger of a story to tell. ๐Ÿ™‚

  586. Margaret said

    Just think how frustrated we will be at the end of 22 episodes knowing they won’t not only NOT knock boots but that a lot of things will be left unresolved. Could Lifetime, Chum, Kalidescope, torture us any more than they already have. Then when and if they go on break for season 2 (if there is one), how long is that goings to be. Get me a helmut, I can feel some head banging coming on.

  587. Himmiefan said

    Hey Margaret. I noted earlier that I hope the powers-that-be get into gear and make a decision about a second season, and start filming, sometime before Kyle is in his mid-40s and Christina and Dylan are nearing 60. Just seems like it’s taking a loooooong time.

  588. Teresa said

    Hey, hey, hey! None of that ‘if there is a second season’. We need to keep all that positive energy flowing to ALL TPTB because it’s ‘WHEN there is a second season’. We just have to make sure that WHEN doesn’t take too long. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  589. Claire said

    Hey vampgrl…Comcast is playing Angel TNT channel everyday at 7a.m.!
    Was flicking through channels while drinking my coffee,the other day and voila`
    Now I watch every morning while my 25 year old son sits next to me also drinking coffee complaining how”I’m soooo gay” but yet…he starts asking questions as to what is wrong with Spike.Remember when Spike turned into a ghost? cause he threw himself into the hellmouth to save Buffy.

    It’s not BT and angel and Spike aren’t Henry,but it will curb my vamp craving a little while! ;P

  590. Teresa said

    Ooooh, Lord! How’s this for toasty! 85 degrees, 79% humidity. That’s actually cooler than it was yesterday! I think I’m going to melt in the time it takes to walk from the elevator and my car in the parking garage ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  591. elizabeth said

    I have a question for you ladies – When Henry and Vicki are watching that old Vamp movie it was in his apartment, but has anyone ever seen a TV in his apt. other than that one time? And where the heck was it located? I have gone back and actually looked for it in other episodes – any excuse to re-watch right? – and I have never seen it.

  592. elizabeth said

    I think Oregon has forgotten it should be summer. It has been very cool here and..surprise, surprise…it is raining again. I think all my veggies in my garden are stunted from lack of warmth and sun.

  593. DIZEY1 said

    NOW GIRLS…Settle down, you’ve got to use that power of poitive thinking. I KNOW WE WILL HAVE A SEASON 2 AND MANY MORE DOWN THE ROAD. Not a doubt in my mind, I have good info from my boy Henry, he says it’s a go girls ๐Ÿ˜›

    So don’t worry your little heads off, cuz’ Blood Ties ain’t goin’ no where. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Chat at ya’ when I get home ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜›

  594. DIZEY1 said


  595. Teresa said

    Maybe the TV is in some little alcove, tucked away from sight. Or then again, it could be one of those oops moments for the continuity people.
    I don’t think we’ve seen all of Henry’s apartment yet. The large area that is not his bedroom seems to be partitioned into sections by screens and one of those areas is his workspace, another is the area V&H were sitting in the first time he took her to his place.

  596. Teresa said

    Elizabeth – I’ll trade you ten degrees of heat and 30 percentage points of humidity for the equivalent in coolness and dryness ๐Ÿ˜€

  597. Himmiefan said

    Also, where is Henry’s computer? Does he have one? I was typing away today and starting thinking that Henry probably wouldn’t type correctly. He’s probably a hunt and peck type person.

    Can you see Henry trying to fix a problem with his PC? No amount of vampire charisma would help him with that.

    Is it just me or is Henry’s apartment just a little too clean? I mean, shouldn’t there be a pair of shoes or a jacket lying around? A few golf magazines on the couch and coffee table?

  598. elizabeth said

    Ah, Himmiefan..you are headed down a slippery slope with your musings! I wondered much the same things and then started to figure out who did the laundry, did he have a maid to keep the house so neat..and, Oh by the way, how could he since he would have to trust someone to come into his home and possibly discover his secret…you get the picture. I ended up making myself crazier than usual and then laughing at myself for even thinking these things. I would certainly raise my hand to be his “care taker” – hehehe ๐Ÿ˜‰

  599. Chery said

    Margaret and Teresa I am so thinking the same thing. I sent off 8 postcards today. I know I know………

    A show like this comes along like never!!!!!! Life Time may be delaying because the numbers on “Army Wives” is better than anything Life Time has ever done. But will they be able to sustain the numbers.

    Blood Ties remained very steady number wise. And Lifetime repeated the show again the same night but no other nights during the week.

    I guess keep positive thoughts and Blood Lines has e-mail addresses for tv guide, and other places we can send e-mails.

    YES THERE WILL BE SEASON 2,3,4…………………

  600. Himmiefan said

    Can you all image Henry running a vacume cleaner. ๐Ÿ™‚

  601. elizabeth said

    Now that is something I would like to see – I’m sure Henry would still manage to look sexy even running a vacuum cleaner ๐Ÿ™‚ He can come over to my house anytime he wants to do that!!!

  602. msgypsy said

    Elizabeth, my strawberries are happy with the rain. Nothing else around me is, though!

    I wonder if Henry has a housekeeper who knows what he is. Some friend from the Henry & Betty days, if you catch my drift. I’m pretty sure his bedroom door has a solid lock on it, although it’s pretty darned clean, too. And I suspect he’s just fine with his PC except when he has to call in the Geek Squad and they don’t make night calls. (Sorry, the mental image just made me choke…) Are we sure the TV was in his place and not Vicki’s? Because the popcorn implies a microwave at least and we have no evidence of his having a kitchen in his place.

    On that note, I’m heading for home, bloggerini. I’ll catch you later.

  603. lwildstar said

    Dixey – no problem with either the ecard or the $ – will keep an eye out for both

    Claire – got your email, did you send me an ecard for LH? – if so it hasn’t shown up yet.

    Class was tediuous beyond belief – we had one lady who just couldn’t get it so the instructor had to stop and give her personal instruction – I would start to daydream and had to pull myself back and try to focus – the fun part was when we got to do the “practical” and had to set up a client – I set up Vicki Nelson Investigations – Henry is her partner and only driver – vehical Black BMW, I listed Mike and Moadvan (sp) as an “off site” consultants…I had to laugh entering Henry as the driver because you have to put in an age and birth date – I was sooooooo tempted to put in 488 years and work backwards for the DOB – but I wasn’t sure the training system would get the joke so I went with 23yrs.

    Well I am totally wiped out and I have to go back first thing early tomorrow morning….

    FYI – I should have the bats by Monday – so no hurry on the $, the little guys aren’t going anywhere.

    Well logging off for the night will check in tomorrow! I’ve got ten more postcards to write up and send out!

    Night all!

  604. elizabeth said

    msgypsy – I wondered at first if the Tv was at Vicki’s, but they were sitting on the black leather love seat he has in his apartment, which made me decide it was at Henry’s place. Speaking of a kitchen – I also wondered why he had Salt when he doesn’t eat in the episode Bad JuJu. See, I told you it was a slipper slope – now I will absolutely have to go home and rewatch these episodes – poor me ๐Ÿ˜›

    I love Oregon Strawberries ms Gypsy. They are so sweet, so I won’t complain about the rain ๐Ÿ™‚

    lwildstar – I will be sending you the money for Vamp, Jr. tomorrow. Also, look for an ecard for LH. Thank you for doing this!

  605. elizabeth said

    Well, gang; I’m outta here for the evening. all of you have a great evening, k?

  606. Madonna said

    Alright guys, Cree got it. I actually forgot that the line was said in Blood Price and this one could be really easy to miss. It is from Necrodrome toward the end. This is a good scene.

    Vicki: Looks like this could be a tough party to crash.

    Henry: Looks can be deceiving.

    Henry winks and then turns and lays out the greeter in one punch

    Vicki: Ohhh. Okay, uh, you know what? Go to Mikeโ€™s car, give me three minutes, then switch on the sirens and head back in here.

    Henry: How do I do that?

    Vicki: Itโ€™s the switch marked โ€œsirensโ€.

    Henry: Sirens.

    Henry walks away as the greeter starts coming to and getting back to his feet. Vicki gives him another shot and knocks him out, then drags the body out of the way and looks for another entrance.

  607. Margaret said

    Going to watch bad Ju Ju, someone mentioned something about his walk in it over at bloodlines.

  608. Cree said

    I also thought the T.V may have been at Vicki’s apartment only because I have never seen one at Henry’s place, even though the couch did look like Henry’s. And speaking of Vicki’s apartment, is her apartment and her office one in the same? She always says that things happened at her apartment when talking about things that we saw happen at her office, like that gross kiss between her and not/Henry. She asked the real Henry if he was just at her apartment kissing her, when we clearly saw in the scence before that when not/Henry kissed her it was at the office because when he walked in, the first thing he did was ask where Coreen was. I’ve always been confused about that.

    Madonna–I never would have guessed that line you were referring to from Necrodome. Its one of those lines I never really noticed until you pointed it out.

    Margaret–You’ve got me curious….what about Henry’s walk in Bad JuJu? I went over to the Bloodlines site but couldn’t find what you were referring to.

  609. msgypsy said

    Yes, Vicki’s office is in her apartment. I’m not sure what the setup is, probably something like the office in front and the apartment in back. We rarely see her apartment, though, just the office part.

  610. Tango said

    Mystery of the elusive televisionโ€ฆ Could it be this room off of the main room that looks like the same wall color and the picture in the middle of the set of three there looks like it could be the portrait that we see when Vicki has her butt up in the air. The portrait looks more like Henryโ€™s style โ€“ maybe another family portrait. We also see the shoji screens for a brief ยฝ second in the background, so we know that it is Henryโ€™s apt. I donโ€™t think it is the main room because there is no side table at either end of the love seat. (What can I say โ€“ Iโ€™m married to a PI)

    Himmiefan โ€“ we could all have a spotless house if we had vamp speed. Would love to have that vamp speed! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now here’s a little treat for everyone! This must be a picture from an upcoming epi. A flashback scene no doubt. Oh I canโ€™t wait! ๐Ÿ™‚ :p :-0

    Is it October yet?

  611. Madonna said

    It looks like some information is starting to surface as to what Kyle Schmid has been up to during the hiatus. It sounds like it is a starring role opposite Jeff Goldblum in the drama Into A Far Country. No synopsis is posted as yet though. I found this at Hollywood.com

    Well I manage to get away with a 13 hr work day today instead of the 16 I was expecting. Scheduled for 8 hours tomorrow. Off to bed now for me.


  612. Tango said

    Missing TV โ€“ upon further review, this picture below and looking also at the Bad JuJu salt scene when Henry runs back into his apt to get the saltโ€ฆ We see that he runs into the first room to the right once you enter his apt which is the room I thought was the TV room, but this picture shows another room in between the possible kitchen and the shoji screen which has the same doors (as seen in Bad JuJu and Norman) Mystery solved.

    Himmiefan you will also notice that there is one of Henryโ€™s jackets laid across one of the chairs! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now that we have established that Henry must have a kitchen (ie. Salt, popcorn, and microwave) โ€“ I hope that they get to building the set soon so we can have some sexy cooking scenes in there!

  613. Tango said

    Sweet Henry dreams Madonna!

  614. Madonna said

    Goodnight Tango. Sweet dreams to you too.

  615. Margaret said

    Cree: I think it was in one of the chat lines. They were talking about his swagger. Someone even said he was slightly bowlegged but I think its the pants they have him wearing.

  616. DIZEY1 said

    Hey blog family ๐Ÿ™‚ just lurking before I hit the hay. Tomorrow’s my last day before my vaca. starts. May I say AMEN!! Whoohooo, don’t go back till the Monday after 4th of July!! Yippy, very happy dance ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

    Margaret what’s up w/Bad JuJu??

    Lady Madonna thanks for the info on hiatus boy!! I can’t wait to see him in something new, I don’t care which comes first **BT** or another movie etc. I’ve rewatched my ep’s so much, I probably could do all the dialog.

    Well Sweet Henri’ dreams…….I know mine will be ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  617. Margaret said

    I was lurking on one of the chat lines over at bloodlines bloodties. They were going on and on about his swagger in Bad Ju Ju. Someone even said he was slightly bowlegged which I don’t see, I think its the pants he was wearing. As far as his swagger don’t see that either. He certainly does have a presence but its not just his walk. Do I really have to go on about what it is: Lets see, its a certain way he clinches his jaw, a certain way he looks at you that can make you melt, a certain way that he’s chewing on someone elses neck which makes you wish you were yours, do I really need to go on?? LOL. Please direct me to a padded room, in lieu of that just drive me to the nearest police station so I can register. Is it October Yet???????????????????????

  618. Himmiefan said

    Speaking of kitchens, wouldn’t it be cute to show Henry trying to bake something or make dinner? Henry trying to figure out an electric beater, leaving the top off the blender, wearing an apron, etc. Adorable!

  619. Tango said

    Himmiefan – it’s funny how our minds wander in different directions when we are given just a smidge of information. My mind went in the direction that since Henry has been around for so long, that he knew his way around a kitchen. I think it is very sexy when a man knows what he’s doing in the kitchen – when he can crack an egg one-handed, or can saute up something sizzling in one pan while also preparing something exquisit like crown roast of lamb. Now if we could have Henry creating something decadent in the kitchen when Vicki comes over and he feeds her a taste of what’s cooking – I think this could turn into something short of the 9 1/2 weeks scene that would make us all very happy viewers. Afterall, Henry is one hot tamale!

    Now I need to see my “Take Home Chef” – great show if you haven’t seen – good-looking ausie chef finds women in grocery stores and goes back to their place and prepares a feast. TLC channel.

  620. Tango said

    Well, it’s getting waaaaaaaaaay too late! Ah man, what was I thinkingโ€ฆ tomorrow is crazy โ€“ I should go ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Altered a little bit, but you know where I got it from. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  621. Margaret said

    But we’ve never seen Henry eat anything other than an olive so the question is since the writers have already breached what Tanya basically lets him do (drink water only) does this mean that the writers will let him eat a full meal down the road. After all the only thing he seems to have an appetite for is blood and sex, not necessarily in that order. lol

  622. vampgrl said

    msgypsy said,
    June 28, 2007 @ 12:14 pm

    Vampgurl, if it helps convince you to read the Smoke booksโ€ฆ

    Still…I said MAYBE I might buy them. I haven’t even read the Blood Books yet. And I have a TON of BT fics to read I keep printing out and taking home…so I’m not really looking for anything else to read yet. *g* Bad enough right now I’m in the middle of 2 books…hehe…
    And the only F/F fics I used to read were Buffy fics with Willow and Tara.

    Claire said,
    June 28, 2007 @ 2:40 pm

    Hey vampgrlโ€ฆComcast is playing Angel TNT channel everyday at 7a.m.!

    DUDE!!!! Where you been?! They’ve been playing Angel on that channel pretty much forever. *g* Sadly, I’m already at work by the time it’s on…usually I’m at work, if not, I’m still on the bus. So I don’t get to see the reruns unless I watch them on tape. *sigh* But there is hardly a scene involving Spike that I don’t remember. Heh. It’s BT I’m still a little raw on…especially since I don’t get to watch the eps as much as I’d like. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I wonder if Henry has a housekeeper who knows what he is. Some friend from the Henry & Betty days, if you catch my drift. Iโ€™m pretty sure his bedroom door has a solid lock on it, although itโ€™s pretty darned clean, too. And I suspect heโ€™s just fine with his PC except when he has to call in the Geek Squad and they donโ€™t make night calls.

    LOLOLOL!!! Henry trying to figure out how to use a computer. I would TOTALLY pay to see that. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also wondered what would happen if it were Angel or Spike using a computer and said computer started to freak out. Not pretty…hehe…
    So…what did you guys think about my freaky dream sequence? Or did you miss that? Or did you miss that on purpose maybe? *g*

    New piccy! Mike looks so friggin’ HOT in this pic…I just wanna eat him up. *ddrrroooolll…* Must bet the way he’s holding that gun. ‘I love my gun’ *g*
    I don’t know…this pic just does something for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜›

  623. rifkind said

    OMG . . . ROTFLOL,
    I just got such a chuckle from your post about going to the police station to register!
    I had to read your post to my hubby, about us crazy and FUN ladies on the blog!
    We are such a great family.
    Thanks again to Gypsy for hosting us here this summer!

  624. lwildstar said

    Rifkind – you have my baby as your avatar! whoo hoo!
    my avatar still wont work.
    Class is about to start – will taklk at you later!

  625. rifkind said

    Well a few posts on Lifetime and now Blood Ties is number ONE!
    Drop over and leave a message for TPTB that we want MORE seasons of Blood Ties!

    Well Gals, off to work!
    I may not be able to Blog again until very late tonight!

  626. Danielle said

    Ok apparently I wasn’t missed yesterday. No biggie. I couldn’t come on at all. Very busy at work. I have to leave early today for the big race this weekend in New Hampshire and someone else in my department is on vacation next week so I have to make sure I get all her stuff to her this week. Plus it is the end of the month and all price changes have to be in before the end of today. ARGH! I won’t be on today either. I just wanted to come on and say I missed gabbing yesterday and I will miss it today and tomorrow but maybe not Sunday because I will be at the race. Jeff Gordon is gonna win man. Beth watch and you might see me. LOL!

  627. Margaret said

    rifkind: Glad I could provide some amusement as when I start roaming around my brain I find it somewhat disturbing and perverted. Guess its the Southern Baptist thing…..but I guess as far as the major sins go-he’s not married and weren’t there vast age differences in couples in the bible, although it tended to favor the men in most cases. As someone said, he is legal. And last but not least, I’ll never meet the guy so why am I sweating it-when you come right down to it he’s just a really SWEET dream or fantasy. Although I have told everyone at work if I get hired as a personal assistant up there-they won’t even see the dust when I leave. lol.

    Tired of Florida, the sand spurs, no scenery, property tax and property insurance crises, I’m just so over it. I’d like to do something exciting before I pass into the nether world. God, my life is boring……

    I’m off for the day (in more than one way), going to pay bills and watch some more Blood Ties. Otherwise I might revert to my fetal position or my head banging quoting the words over and over again-“Is it October yet”?