I doubt I’ll make it but it’s a pattern that’s good to have on hand.

It came from a newsletter that I’m sure I’ll delete without thinking about it so at least this way I’ll have the pattern saved if I ever want it.

American Flag Pattern




Any yarn will do, cotton works the best.

Size 6 (US) needles


Stripes are worked in garter st.

(knit all rows) and the blue field in seed st.


Cast on 72 sts, using red yarn.

K 5 rows.

Change to white and k 6 rows.

Change to red and k 6 rows.

Continue until you have 6 stripes (3 red, 3 white.)

Change to red and k 37 sts.

Attach blue and k 35 sts.

In the next row, begin the seed

st. in the blue section.


Continue as set, changing red and white every 6 rows until 12 stripes are done. Change to red and k 5 rows.  BO as follows; BO knitwise 34 sts with the blue, change to red and continue binding off knitwise to last st.

For stars: Using one strand of white, embroider 30 stars in rows of 6 horizontally by 5 vertically.  Then embroider 20 stars in between the 30 in rows of 5 across by 4 down. Use a cross-stitch design.

Sew in all ends.

Display with pride!



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