Writers need love, too

I’m famous for starting to write a piece of fiction and losing interest almost as soon as I put fingers to keys. One thing I’ve learned about myself is that if I tell anyone too many details about what I’m writing, I realize that the story has been told and I lose interest in writing any more of it. But for some folks, I know that sharing the story with sympathetic, like minded friends makes it easier to write.

So here we can share out writing frustrations and victories. And maybe some of or writing. And we can laugh and cry and enjoy ourselves together.

Enjoy, my bloggren!



  1. Annalaise duChat said


    Wow! Ask an ye shall recieve! You are truly a generous soul. So how do we go about this? I guess since it was my idea I should start.

    I am about 7 chapters into my novel. I’ve been working on it for about a month. I’ve been writing most every evening, trying to take advantage of the inspiration while it’s flowing. It’s become almost an addiction. You know how it is when you’re reading a really good book and all you want to do is get back to it all day long? Only I have to write it before I can find out what happen’s next. I’ve been pretty lucky so far that my biggest probllem has been finding the time to write not what to write about. Once I got plot going it’s almost writing itself.

    I’ve had my husband, my good friend and some family members read it and everyone’s been very encouraging. Right now my goal is just to have fun with it but I have a 20 yr old niece who recently had a book published. If she can do it then I guess why not?

    I’m at work right now so I don’t have any passages to submit, but I thought I’d get tha ball rolling and see if anyone else jumps into the game.

  2. Rifkind said

    *** Re-posted from MsGypsy’s [Chatter Chatter Chatter] thread ***

    lwildstar ,

    I am glad to hear that you are writing again!
    A secret from my writing teacher, was to write and write and NOT go back and re-read .. as your natural editor will kick in and stop you from continued creation. Write as much as you can while the story is strong.. there will always be time later to edit… it is the first creation that takes it’s toll and can easily be sidetracked by editing and re-reading / re-writing. (OK maybe that should go on the writing thread..)

  3. Rifkind said

    My book is still in the plot line phase
    I am co-writing this with my hubby, and he is a detail man.. (Works as an engineer…)
    anyway we have a great idea, and several plot points and how the story will end.. Now to get the story to come to life.
    Since my story is set in ancient Egypt, I have been getting lots of books and doing research.. but I know that too much research will kill the story..

    You go! I am so happy for you. I wish that I had 7 chapters written!


  4. Annalaise duChat said

    I just signed up for a wordpress blog. I’ll try to play with it some this evening and see if I can figure out how it works. If I can, I’ll post the first couple chapters and send a link for you guys to take a look at it.

    It’s called Analyzing Annalaise. Am I clever or what?

    Gypsy is there any way to post something so that it’s not out on the general web but by invitation only?

  5. Laurel said

    Annalaise – Seven chapters?? Wow! All in the same story? Even better.

    I have three different stories going, and over 20 documents holding them in bits and pieces. It seems like I get to look into a window and see/hear the story for a while – then they move to another room and when I try to follow I end up with a different story. Maybe I should keep this to myself, along with the “voices in my head.” Maybe I should just walk around with my headphones on or my cell phone up to my ear? hehehe
    Rifkind – writing with someone else, especially a husband who is an engineer, my hat’s off to you for your brave spirit!
    Okay gypsy – what are we supposed to be doing over here? Do we talk about our stories or what?

  6. msgypsy said

    Annelise, I think you can put a password on it and send the password to those you want to have read it.

    I have a little sign on my monitor and another on my old laptop (I’ll probably put one on the new laptop, too.) It says “FIX IT IN THE REWRITE!!!!!” What I learned doing nanowrimo was that once you get it all written down, it’s easier to go back and fix it than it is to edit as you go. Doing continual editing will (a) slow you down, (b) bore you, and (c) pretty much convince you that it’ll NEVER be right. I wrote “Murder Dot Org” in one month. It’s taken me til now to finish editing the first eighth of it. It’ll probably take me a long time to get it where I want it. But at least it’s DONE. I know who everyone is, I know what’s going on, I know where things are occurring, I know the whys and wherefores. Now I just need to correct the words so that someone else can read it and understand the story I’m telling.

    I think that we should use this place to discuss how we write, help each other write (help with writers block, stuff like that) and maybe if someone understands the ins and outs of publishing, discuss that should any of us ever find we’re ready. (I’m not but maybe others among you are.) I might try to invite my writing friends who aren’t BT fen over, too, and the rest of you can do the same.

  7. Annalaise duChat said

    Hi all,

    Whew! What a day. I wanted to post something earlier but it has been one of those days you just try to forget. I woke up this morning to water all over my kitchen floor dripping from the icemaker of my 4 1/5 month old Frigidaire side by side refrigerator. All the food in the freezer was thawed, and the ice was melting and dripping down the door. Needless to say I was not a happy camper.

    I had to run out to get ice for the coolers, clean everything up and put all the food into cooler before I had to leave for work at 7:00am. I went into work to pick my back up drive and enough jobs to keep me busy at home today while I waited on the repair guy. The news? It sprung a freon leak and we’ll be waiting until Thursday for the part.

    So now all my food in in ice chests on the deck. I’m trying to salvage what I can but I don’t think it’s going to be much by next Thursday. GRRRR!

    Anyway, back on topic.

    I like the advise you are giving about writing while the creative juices flow. I think that’s how I got so much done so quickly. Thing’s just seemed to fall into place chronologically & creatively. I admit though, that I have gone back an done some editing where I had to to keep the continuity going as new possibilities in the story line opened up.

    I seem to come up with really good scenes while I’m driving into work in the morning and I can’t write anything down. My boss says I need to get a little tape recorder so I can keep track of my ideas. I think he thinks I’m a little wacko with all the vampire stuff but he’s very supportive.

    I was checking out how to use the blog last night but I still didn’t get any of the story posted yet. With the is d#@% dial-up that I have at home it takes so long to do anything that I just get frustrated. I haven’t really had any spare time at work.

    I’m also trying to get over my “stage fright.” It’s kind of a big deal to put something like this out there for the world to see. I’m sure you guys would all give constructive critiques, but I’m not sure I’m ready yet. I really kind of torn between being really proud of it and wanting the whole world to read it and being afaid that if the opinions weren’t favorable I would get discouraged. I know that’s something I need to get over though.

    As professional artist I’m used to having my work ripped apart, and professionally I can take it because I have been commisioned by my custumer to do a particular job. It goes with the territory, but this is something with a little more of my soul in it.

    TTFN, Type at ya later.

  8. annalaiseduchat said

    OK, well I did it I posted the first 2 chapter. If you want to read it the password is: dreamcatcher.

  9. annalaiseduchat said

    OK, well I did it I posted the first 2 chapter. If you want to read it:
    http://annalaiseduchat.wordpress.com/ password: dreamcatcher

  10. msgypsy said

    Hmmmm…. I can’t seem to find the story.

  11. Annalaise duChat said

    I was afraid of that. I’ll try again.

  12. Annalaise duChat said

    Alright, It should work now although I can’t seem to get tha password protect to work.http://annalaiseduchat.wordpress.com/

  13. Rifkind said

    It looks like the password is working now.

    Yes it will be a bit difficult to work with an engineer! He is sooo deatail oriented and a bit of a perfectionist.. He has had a GREAT story idea for YEARS, that I know would be a best seller… I just couldn’t take it over … as it is HIS story..
    This one is mostly MINE and I can push and get it written.
    Once hea and I get a few books published and under out belts..he has a ton of great stories that need to be told!

  14. annalaiseduchat said

    Hi all,

    ms.gypsy – I got your message. Why don’t you post of your comments here. That way it will spur some discussion and get this forum going. Anything that you think might be to sensitive to discuss here email to leacatlett@yahoo.com.

    Rifkind – Thanks for your comments. I will have to give some thought to solving those problems.

  15. annalaiseduchat said

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I’ve posted the revisions on the first 2 chapters for review.

    http://annalaiseduchat.wordpress.com/ Password: dreamcatcher

  16. lwildstar said

    hello my lovelies!
    i finally made it over here – i keep forgetting.

    Anyway I started chapert three last night – I don’t know if you can really call them chapters, but I am breaking things up. My problem lately is that I am letting the story run on in my head and now I am so far ahead of what I’m acctually writing I’m confusing my self over “did I already say that/” “did that happen yet?”

    I’m going to need someone at some point to read this over I think – Maybe I should get a blog? and post it for you guys? I’ll have to look in to that as get in further to this.

    I had forgotten how hard it was to write – I’m doing a lot of “don’t look at the screen just type!”
    So differences betewwn people speaking and think gets a little confused, but in general I think I’m doing well.

    This is going to be good theraphy for me this summer I think!

  17. msgypsy said

    I have a couple of friends who are keeping blogs for their writing. They keep them secure so only they can see their own work until they’re ready to show them to someone else.

    I keep mine in Google docs which has a function that operates just like Word. And I keep notes there, too. But for the next thing I’m planning to write, which is a post-apocalyptic vision of the Northwest, will require research and not-keeping, so I’m likely to keep notes in private entries in one of my blogs. (Or start a new one…)

    I say again, my motto while writing. FIX IT IN THE REWRITE!

  18. annalaiseduchat said

    Hi everyone,

    I’m glad to see some activity over here again. It was pretty dead for a while.

    lwildstar- Whenever you’re ready post the link and I’ll be happy to take a look.

    msgypsy- You mentioned that you had some comments about my story. I’m anxious to find out what you think.

  19. lwildstar said

    thanks a-du-chat: first I have to figure out how to do the blog posting thing – no hurry – couldn’t write at all yestureday because of the storms. I may try the posting thing this weekend and see what happens – I haven ‘t been having very good luck with online stuff latley

  20. lwildstar said

    Finished part one of my Henry / Vicki short – now what do I do?

  21. rifkind said


    If you want to do what Annalaise duChat did with the beginning chapters of her book and put your work on WordPress go to :
    Then in the top right hand side is the blue box with
    Sart your free WordPress Blog…
    and then you can use that to put your work out there to be read..
    You can add a username/password to the pages and share it with those you want to be able to read it

    You could go to where Anzia has her writing.


    HIMMIEFAN for Elder Hostel

    Danielle — Awaiting entry of her 9/11 poem
    http://www.writing.com/main/view_item/user_id/luvslegolas300 I

  22. rifkind said

    OK co-writing frustration 101
    Hubby is a very detail oriented person and wants EVERYTHING to be defined before we start to write.. On Saturday I just took one story point and started getting the keys hot.. I need to get some practice here … It is one thing to be an editor and critic of others work.. it is totally another thing to create on your own!
    So I spent some time getting words into the computer…
    I asked him to read it…
    Good thing I went into the kitchen when he answered…
    well your second sentence is a fragment…..
    I could have killed him…
    Edit in rewrite!!
    I was just trying to get SOMETHING to work with…
    I was not saying that I have something that I would send to an editor or even have you gals read yet… but as a co-writer we need to get on the same page… UGH!
    He then recognized that our work styles are so very different.. he wants to have the WHOLE story framework done and THEN do the smooth writing…
    I am just itching to start creating some images and dialog to make my characters come to life…
    We talked more about the story during dinner, and I was less frustrated.
    My scene occurred at sunset and now will be rewritten to be during the day..
    I still like the dialog and action.. so will move that to another section of the story once we find where to put it….
    Oh the joys of co-writing 🙂

  23. msgypsy said

    Working with a co-author is very difficult and I can’t offer any advice because every time I’ve tried it’s nearly come to blows. Except in my screenwriting class but that’s because my partner gave in to me on everything…

    I think writing.com is a wonderful site and highly recommend it but you could also create either a wordpress or blogspot blog if you prefer. A friend of mine has a really fascinating blog going (private, so I can’t share, sorry) where he puts each chapter of his novel in progress in a separate post so we can comment on each one.

  24. Annalaise duChat said

    rifkind – what made you decide to team up with your husband?

    I let my hubby read and comment, but there’s no way we could work on a project like that as a team!
    Writing for me is such an individual expression, I can’t even imagine have to confer with someone on every line. I think it would just stifle my creativity.

    I admire that you can though, I can’t wait to read some of your stuff.

  25. rifkind said

    Annalaise duChat ,
    Q: what made you decide to team up with your husband?
    A: Hubby and I have been talking about writing for many many years.. He has several great stories that he has sketched out, but never done anything with them, he never developed them. One would be a really great story and he never went anywhere with it. These were HIS stories… so I couldn’t really take over. I wanted to take the one over that I know could be a best seller and a great movie… but I CAN’T just take over his story..
    So this is story is I at least half MINE.. so I can force some forward movement.. We have had more written for this story than most…
    So I will work with him… he does have a great mind.. so we will have to accomodate each other’s writing styles a bit.. it is just frustrating!

  26. lwildstar said

    thans for the advise – I’ll look into Word Press blog for my story – that way I can do a post per chapter – once iI get up the curage to post it.
    I might be in the market for an “editor” though…..

    I think I might do the writer.com post for the short story.

    Thanks guys.

  27. lwildstar said

    I need someone to proof my short story – any Volunteers? email me at LognWldstr@aol.com

  28. msgypsy said

    Is anyone still here?

    Okay, if you are, I have a silly problem. I have a novel in planning stages, and there are four lead characters. They are each named for one of the “four elements”: earth, air, fire, and water.

    The earth girl is named Aretha
    Air is Ariadne or Arielle
    Fire is named Fiera

    Anyone got a good name for the water girl? I really hate Wanda, which was the first one that came to mind. Help?

  29. Hi gypsy–

    What about the obvious Aqua or Aquaria, or maybe Aquila.
    There’s also the hydra angle something like Hydrangea or Hydran.

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