It’s either this or the old brown postal tape and I prefer this

I think there may be some among my readers who may find <a href=””>this tutorial</a> useful.

One of the problems I have when sewing for myself (and I know I’m not alone in this) is that it’s next to impossible for me to check the fit of a garment. For one thing, I’m either looking down at it or at a reflection of it.  And anytime I move to make an adjustment, it changes how the garment is hanging on me and then it changes the adjustment I’m going to make and in the end it just takes forever for me to get anything right.

I found instructions in a book for making a dress form out of an old t-shirt and old brown paper tape. This version, using duct tape, seems a little more efficient and certainly it’s made with more readily accessible supplies.

Now to find the time to actually make this!


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