Contest!!!!! Deadline Will be June 30

This is NOT the contest Laurel and I discussed earlier today. I will be doing that contest later. This is a shorter one just to see how much response the idea gets.

Here are the rules: As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not comfortable putting full fledged fanfic on this blog. I don’t do fanfic and while I will read it sometimes, I’m trying to keep this blog a comfortable place for everyone, including, say, Tanya or people from Lifetime or who-knows-who-else to visit. And full fledged fanfic would make it a little difficult for some of those to visit here. Filk is another issue. Filk is A fan fiction that is a parody of a song.

Write me (us) a filk. Pick a song and parody the lyrics to be about “Blood Ties.” You only have to write one verse if that’s all you can come up with. I will judge on quality, not quantity. Post it as a comment in this thread. Please don’t put anything other than contest entries into this thread; put the comments about it in the regular discussion threads. (I’ll move anything that ends up here by mistake.) On June 30 I’ll announce the winner and arrange to send her (or him, as the case may be) a box of Moonstruck Chocolates (or a Moonstruck bar if that’s all I can find at the time — Moonstruck isn’t something you want to have sitting around for a long time.) If the winner doesn’t want to give me her address, I can arrange an online gift certificate for some kind of gourmet chocolate.

I am extremely fond of filk and might have an entry or two myself. I am, of course, disqualified from the competition but it would be fun just to share.

Go forth and filk, my friends!


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