Chatter Chatter Chatter

We can sure chatter, can’t we? Okay, so now we’re casting for the movie where we rescue Henry from … something. Sounds like a hit!



  1. Teresa said

    Since we’ve focused so much on Henry, I thought I’d give Mike a little love ๐Ÿ™‚ even though I’m a total hen! Hey, I’m an equal opportunity drooler ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Teresa said

    Oh, man… WP must think my pic is porno ๐Ÿ˜ฆ bummer! *sulking*

  3. Teresa said

    I guess I’ll go back to Kyle until I can find a pic of Mike/Dylan that’s decent ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Margaret said

    Can anyone still be cast in the movie as long as we’re past 30? I used to fence years ago and I’m sure its like riding a bike. lol, Can I have a part?

    As far as the shoes go-how about Blood Red Wizard of Oz type shoes? Sequined? Or would that just be ridiclious?

    Lifetime should know how crazed we have become suffering from withdrawl. The things we have to do to amuze ourselves with. lol.

    Danielle: As everyone has told me age is just a numbers game. I suspect you wouldn’t believe you should have been married by now unless the media had sold you a bill of goods. I was 30 when I married and 32 when I had my first and last child. At the risk of sounding like someone from one of those lifetime movies, when you least expect it you will find someone. So please don’t sweat it and try to have fun, relax and have a good time in the meantime.

  5. Margaret said

    As far as rescuing Henry from something should we rescue him from Christina or are we not that brave? Norman, maybe?

  6. lwildstar said

    ust popping in before my cousin shows up – wanted to remind everyone to send there greetings for Tanyas “Thank YOu”card to by the end of the month – thats when I’m going to try and put the card together and send the book mark out….please keep messages short so that I can fit them all on the card – so far I’ve only received 4 or 5….

    MsGypsy – emails I send to you are bouncing back – so I’m not sure the best way to discuss the postage with you….didn’t really want to post all the details here.

    I love how the movie is coming along! I could be the “Q” to the bunch (you know the one who comes up with all the “toys” needed……..I am very creative after all.

    I posted the one remaining rosary bracelet this morning – there will be more

    thanks for the support!

  7. lwildstar said

    whoops for got to mention the rosary is on page two – out for the day – have fun!!!

  8. Rifkind said

    Happy Saturday Blogkin!
    I just got caught up with reading the blog.
    For those of you who like Celtic / Renaissance music , check out my favorite artist.
    Richard Searles..
    Here is the link to Amazon and his music.
    Check it out!

  9. Tango said

    Claire – you should have 5 e-mails containing Kyle/Spacey pictures and 1 e-mail of the video. If you don’t have all of them let me know. Please be sure to let us know that you are still breathing after viewing all of these.

    Has anyone seen the video and wondered – this is an awards show? It looks like they just happened to catch Kyle on the street and was impromptu about it. Kind of bizarre.

    Mysgypsy – the new contest sounds fun. I hope to have time next week.

    Having Father’s Day festivities at our house tomorrow and having to entertain 11 people – so I’ve got much to do to prepare. Will check in with y’all later.

    Happy Father’s Day to you loveshistory if it applies.

    lwildstar – you new items are great! I can’t wait to get mine!

  10. Rifkind said

    I love the music of Turlough O’Carolan, light and fun music makes me want to dance a jigg, .
    I especially love it played with flutes, or harpsichord. Fun HAPPY music.

  11. Rifkind said

    I am so happy that you got to see Riverdance with LIVE music etc. It adds so much to the show!

  12. Rifkind said

    Looks like you Gals had way too much fun with Henry last night on his birthday, no one here but Tango and I.
    I will go over to his place and watch over him today while he sleeps… Just like Vicki did in Blood Price, I can run my hands all over him and see if I can wake him up..hee hee!
    He did say that passion was a distraction, even for a vampire.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. DIZEY1 said

    Rifkind, I guess I should ask you…..”Where have your hands been?” Watch it sista” that’s my dude you’re fondling. Happy Saturday to ya’ll also.

    Tango we’re having a BBQ here also for fathers day. It’ll be easier for my dad then trying to weave your way through a crowded rest. w/his foot and all. BTW he’s got a darned infection, and get this the RX @ Walgreens……over $1000.00 yes that decimal is in the correct place. My mom and I just laughed. Can you see why so many people don’t have health care, and there’s no way anyone could afford that or should have to fork out that kind of money. Sorry about the rant.
    The filk am I to understand that you choose some song you like and make up your own words to that tune?? I’d never heard of the term FILK before , but I’ve learned alot hanging around here. Tango I also wondered about the Spacey girl on the street thing. How different was that??? Very odd, and did all the awards get presented that way?? Saves on the cost of renting a facility I guess, talk about low budget.

  14. DIZEY1 said

    Well I’m gonna go to the gym and will check in when I get back.

    See ya’s a little later.

  15. Rifkind said

    Well Dizey,
    We Henry and I just got into the shower.. . . .
    He is a passionate man, and my attentions did wake him.
    He seems to like showering with me..

  16. msgypsy said

    Here is an example of a filk. It took me a while to find one that wasn’t too long. More examples (LOTS more) can be found at
    The Sands of Arrakis
    Words: Doris, Dee, Rose, and Bonnie Beetem
    Music: “The Streets of Laredo”
    As I walked along on the sands of Arrakis
    As I walked along on Arrakis at noon,
    I saw a young Fremen all dressed in a stillsuit
    A-ridin’ a sandworm ‘way out on a dune.
    I see by your stillsuit that you are a Fremen,
    You see by my stillsuit that I’m a Fremen too.
    We see by our stillsuits that we are both Fremen.
    Climb down from your worm, I’ll share water with you.
    He was a Fedaykin, a Fremen commander.
    He was a Fedaykin, though only a lad.
    We’ll crush the cruel Baron and win for Atreides.
    The green and black banner will rule the jihad.
    I see in a vision this young Fremen dying.
    I see that he dies in a Sietch Tabr cave.
    He gives me his life and the tribe gets his water;
    Thirty-three liters–the rest to the grave.

    There’s a lot on the subject at Wikipedia.

  17. AlisaSG said

    to swamp LIFETIME and let them know we want more BT..
    people with the ability to do so, should click on at least one of the Blood Ties video links nearly every day.. that might get their attention.

    They’ve fixed the site so that the commercial doesn’t pop up between every episode any more, unless it’s just my computer they’ve done that for.. (snicker). not sure if it even comes up at all, any more either, since it didn’t pop up on the first one at all, including the FULL episode segments.
    Plus, I get to watch “Blood Price” (eps 1&2) whenever I have time (and in any order too..) ๐Ÿ˜€

    streaming video/sound QUALITY looked excellent off the LIFETIME site, unless you try to manipulate it (enlarge/shrink or move the screen) while watching it already in motion. Pause button works to a degree, too. But moving the arrow cursor back a quick rewind of something that just whizzed by or you want to savor again, that was a little tricky. I actually had to move the cursor further back to see the part I wanted to hear the dialogue over again..

    Just a forewarning.. if anyone does look at the FULL eps (which are broken into 5 separate segments), you should know that the eps are streaming video and start automatically in order after each other. There’s a few seconds in between to stop them, but for some weird reason, I had my computer browser clicked OFF-line, and the screen came up with the next episode anyway. It wasn’t cached at all.

    NONE of the eps cache, btw, in case that question comes up.
    And for Henryitis addicts, his intro (bed) scene with that cute blonde is in the first video segment. The scene which ends, where everyone thinks is deceiving in appearance – with him sitting on the couch a la natural.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. AlisaSG said

    from AlisaSG
    >> The scene which ends, where everyone thinks is deceiving in appearance – with him sitting on the couch a la natural..

    sorry, that should read as
    “That’s the scene which ends, where everyone thinks is deceiving in its appearance – with him sitting on the couch a la natural..” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    from Rifkind,
    >> Looks like you Gals had way too much fun with Henry
    >> last night on his birthday..

    Henry’s birthday.. one day after my anniversary (*g*).

    thought I’d wait until the new post went up to wish him
    a *Happy Birthday!*


    >> He did say that passion was a distraction, even for a vampire..

    I know he said that in the “Norman” episode, but I think he mentioned it also in part during his (bed) scene during the intro in “Blood Price”.. I just watched it, and I thought that’s what he was talking about. Gotta watch it again to be sure.. the excuses we make to watch things over and over!

  19. Madonna said

    Hey everyone,

    So many interesting topics. Where to begin?

    Thanks guys for letting me be on the rescue squad. I’d wither and die just being an assistant. I might be shy but when it comes to getting a job done I’m a take charge kinda gal.

    Tango – Thanks for the birthday present. I needed that.

    Danielle – Vampgrl,
    Girls, hold on to your you know… until you are ready, absolutely, positively ready. I was 21, and had been with that guy I was telling you all about for about six months. He was very, very experienced, and lets just say he was my first EVERYTHING. He really put the pressure on me and I was afraid of losing him, even though I loved him, I wasn’t ready but gave in. He never made it good for me. It has been my biggest regret. There hasn’t been another since, so I kind of consider myself a born again, you know…

    Dizey – I hope your dad is Okay. Are his blood sugars under control? I know that goes a long way in helping a diabetic with infection.

    Thank you for the compliment! It was done in Photoshop. I just found the images, did a little airbrushing and set the type. Same sort of thing I do every single day so it is no big deal, but let me tell blood is hard to create.
    I don’t know if this will help, but here goes… Open up a program on your computer that will let you import art. Make a document that is 4″x6″ and import the PDF. Then just print out the document on either card stock cut to size or you can buy Postcard sheets in any office supply store that you can print out two cards on. (You may have to play around with your printer settings a little to get it to come out right.) Then just repeat the process to print out the address side on the back of the same sheet.

    As I said today is my birthday. I’m 28 today. I woke up kind of down in the dumps, so to speak. Feeling reflective on my life, you know. What have I accomplished that I wanted to in the past year that I wanted to. The answer is not much. I really wanted to lose the majority of my weight (I’m 5’3″ and 220 lbs.). I’ve tried but it is a little more difficult for me than most. Due to the problems with my feet, which have led to major problems with my knees and now my hips, and I’ve had surgery on my back, I have the joints of a worn 60 year old. So chronologically I’m 28, I have the wants and the dreams of a young woman but most days I feel middle-aged.

    Then after thinking about it, I just got mad. It has occurred to me that I may never be slender. I never have been yet.

    I would love to meet a young man who could love me back with all the love that I could give to him, but I am not what most young men dream about. Most look at me and it seems as if they are looking right through me. I’m not ugly, at least I don’t think I am. (You don’t have to put a paper bag over my head to look at me.) Mmm. maybe I’ll have to take a random survey on that one. I just don’t have a good body, and my being so shy it is extremely difficult for me to talk to a man long enough for him to get past appearances. Hell, I have actually been MOOOD at, like I’m a cow.

    I just think that it is a sad commentary on society that we are so focused on appearances, The whole ratings system and all. I know it is a fact of life, one that will likely not change any time soon.

    I am 5’3″ and 220 lbs. and I have a lower lip that sticks out a little too far, but look at Angelina Jolie. I have a good heart, I care about people, just because I AM FAT, BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT I AM UGLY OR UNLOVEABLE!!

    Okay I’m sorry about my rant, but I figured you girls will understand.

    Time for my daily affirmation.
    Let me find a mirror….
    Okay I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and DOGGONE it people like me.

  20. susana said

    Hey madonna………don’t need to look at your pic or even know your dimensions to know that you are a nice person! This society in particular places so much pressure to look a certain way, you are never thin enough in this place.There are people who would not like you even if you were 90lbs. Plan to lose the weight for yourself, be your own motivation. I someone starts to like you more because you have lost the weight, they are phony and artificial human beings , not worth your time! IF YOU KNEW ME YOU WOULD KNOW THAT I DO NOT JUST SAY THINGS TO MAKE PEOPLE FEEL BETTER, I AM USUALLY VERY FRANK AND I MEAN WHAT I SAY!

    And just for effect , the next time someone Moooooos at you(can’t believe the bastards) MOOO right back and laugh right in thier face and ask them if they want some milk with that or would they like thier steak medium or rare ๐Ÿ™‚ Even though inside it may hurt at that time, you will throw off thier balance and it will kill that sour taste in your mouth that comes whn some idiot insults you based on based on physical traits…who the …. do they think they are

    AND THAT IS MY RANT…….can you tell i have been there? a little different from you but i grew up hunching forward cause they made fun of my height. now when someone says something about me , i think of something about myself that beats them and smile to myself ๐Ÿ™‚

    My name is susana, i am 5’10 and weight 187 lbs and i am 30yrs old and EVERY INCH OF THAT LOVES HENRY!

  21. Margaret said

    Madonna: Go to You Tube and check out something called Fat Rant. Its about a larger girl and she seems to have the right perspective on the whole thing. We can all stand to lose a little weight just to be healthy but you are still young, you still have time. It gets harder to lose it as you get older. I’m 53, soon to be 54, and I weigh close to what you weigh. Now what do you think my odds are of catching a man, young or otherwise, my odds go down considerably more than yours do. Get something to occupy your hands, learn to knit or cross stitch. I used to polish my nails everynight, something I got out of the habit doing but have gone back to. You can’t eat with wet nails. lol

    Take care of yourself, get a manicure, go out and get a new haircut. YOU WILL FIND SOMEONE…..I on the otherhand am not so sure. lol.

    Rifkind: Pls. email me ( Got the package. Thank you, thank you, thank you.l

  22. Ok, my skills for the movie… I’ve been studying European martial arts for 5 years. I can hold my own in a sword fight, and I’ve got some mean knife fighting skills.
    (renaissance faires are a great place to learn how to defend yourself)

    I’ll take my risks with the Big Bad.
    This movie idea is fun!

  23. susana said

    margaret…….my patient 1 month ago was close to 200lbs, a virgin and was getting married for the first time to the nicest man ……now i know this part ismaterial, but the rock on her hand , is what sank the titanic!

    You are right margaret….losing the weight for your health is step 1…..finding habits to occupy your mind/hands is a very effective way. I have hypertension (diagnosed at 21) i miss taking any of my meds and i end up in the ER with really high BP’s. After i had my daughter, i lost 40lbs (cause of breast feeding) and my blood pressure significantly improved , most health probs fade with weight loss

    The medical field uses BMI (body mass index) to decide who is over (23) or under (18) weight, it really sucks cause i know many health people who fall outside that range, cause of genetics and look great

    Just now watching bad juju…..looks like it is going to rain pretty bad here…oh well, BT marathon for me then ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Margaret said

    Ah yes, Susana, but how old was she?

  25. susana said


  26. Margaret said

    Great for her!! So theres no reason to abandon ship yet then,?

  27. susana said

    no margaret….no need to abandon anything yet….life is no rehearsal ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t die with regrets! that’s my motto

  28. Margaret said

    Absolutely. I’m going to start trying to make my second half better than my first was. And of course, lets not forget the new/old standard: Love is worth the risk, eternity is a long time to live with regret. Now, is my room ready at the Henry Ward of the BT Hospital of Vancouver?

  29. Margaret said

    Ok, as you all know I am a computer illeterate. I’m trying to capture a certain video from a certain site, which shall remain nameless and my computer keeps saving it as a html. What am I doing wrong. I right click to save as, then it saves it as an html. Is there some kind of safeguard that’s built in that is prohibiting me from the capture?

  30. Madonna said

    Ok ladies,

    Sorry to rant and run earlier but I had to pick up presents for Father’s Day and a Graduation Party tomorrow.


    Thanks for the motivation. At 16 I was 230 lbs. I found out I was a diabetic and through strict diet and as much exercise as I could handle, I lost 75 lbs. in six months. It almost killed me. My joints were in horrible shape and I was in pain ALL THE TIME. My body could not take so much activity. So I gained almost all of it back. Then about 5 years ago I managed to get down to 180. Then I gained that back. I can eat lettuce all day for every meal but if I can’t move, I may not gain any weight, but I can’t lose it. If you don’t move your joints deteriorate even more, so I inevitably pay for the activity or lack thereof either way. It’s simply a vicious cycle.

    Don’t get me wrong, seeing me walk you’d probably never know that I have the joint problems that I do, but I simply can’t physically do what most women my age can. My joints don’t have the stamina to allow me to do more than walk for 15 to 20 min. at a time let alone anything more vigorous. I get jealous sometimes when I see other 20 somethings go out dancing. I love to dance, but a night of dancing would put me off my feet for a week or more.

    The whole Mooing thing. That is not even the worst of it… In high school I was walking down the steps one day and this guy behind me, who picked on me regualrly, was trying to show off for his friends and actually punched me in the kidney.

    But I always keep fighting the good fight.

    Aren’t you the one who was asking about vampire books that aren’t too scary?
    Try Highland Vampire by Hannah Howell. Its not too bad.

  31. Madonna said


    Thanks for the info on the video. I’ll have to check it out when I go back to work from vacation on the 25th. I have dial up at home and it won’t allow me to do anything. As far as html thing. I assume you are on a PC, and I’m a Mac girl, so I haven’t a clue.

  32. Margaret said

    No worries Madonna. Like Popeye, I yam what I yam. Until we all get down to the weight we want to be we have to try to make ourselves comfortable in our own skin. I’ve never been this large and I certainly don’t want to depart this world weighing this much so while I’m trying to lose weight I buy clothes that fit me now. I read somewhere in a Weight Watchers Magazine that someone sold their old big clothes on line which helped them finance their new clothes.

    And, yes I am a pc girl. Pooh. Help somebody….

  33. Teresa said

    Here is my foray into the online world of LJ and blogs. Of course I have to promote Blood Ties! And I put a link to this blog as well; gotta share the love we all over here, right?

    I’m going to alert my friends about my LJ and see if I can manage to at last convert some of them to the dark side, hehehe.

  34. msgypsy said

    Teresa, I just added you to my friends list on LJ. Just so you know it’s me cuz I use a totally different name there.

    For some reason, after I woke up at 6 AM and got back into bed with the newspaper (my usual weekend routine) I fell asleep until now. I hope I can get something done today!

  35. Teresa said

    Ms.gypsy – what name do you use on LJ so I can add you also?

  36. Teresa said

    Ms.gypsy – OK, never mind. I figured out! Remember I’m new to all this and I rambled around my LJ figuring there was a way to tell who had added me. Went to your LJ – from I read, I like how you think!!!

  37. msgypsy said

    Another kind of filk can be found at if you don’t mind that they’re not very good. This is the kind of filk where they write their own melodies. The kind I’m wanting for the contest would use an existing tune so we all can sing along.
    Teresa…Add andpuff. That’s Tanya.

  38. Teresa said

    ms.gypsy – I added Tanya already. She’s the only one I knew of that an LJ. I clicked on the LJ personality test link on your LJ and it turns out that I’m very weird, go figure… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. Claire said

    Wow!! I haven’t been gone that long..just today and come back and find a new page! WE sure can gab!!


    I weighed 130 when I got pregnant with my quads,I went up to 245,so that my babies would have a chance of survival. The day after they were born,their father came to the hospital and said to me”god who would believe you’re a model..I think I’m going home and throwing some hay down for you,since you look like a side of beef”. Yes it hurt,but very calmly I said”Yes,this is the best side of beef you will ever see,Filet mignon,you can’t even afford it,we all know you’ve been having cheap ground beef,that’s more your style!” He was cheating on me with the cheap tramp next door.

    So screw them Madonna…love yourself no matter what!!

    Tango,TangoJe t’aime pour toujours maintenant ! (I will love you forever now!!) OOOHLALa!!!!! those lips,that scruff….ooooh,yes I did stop breathing for a bit..thank God Nikki came in!
    OOH yes I will keep up the French baby! As a matter of fact I want to be in charge of whispering sweet nothings in Henrys ear to keep him calm,while we rescue him of course! In French! Something like “Je veux courir mes mains partout votre corps”! you all fiqure it out,it’s easy…what do we want to do with our hands? to Henry? LOL!!
    The other thing I ask..if Mendosa is being written in..I want to be the first to give him a serious ass whipping for making our notre beau henri souffrent !

    Madonna OOOHHH I love the post card!! Thank you!!!!!! and oh by the way I am 5’8 and now weigh 146..not model weight and you know what”I don’t freaking care”!!! I also have a slight limp and weakness on my left arm..due to a brain,ex inflicted on me,I love myself,thats all that matters,and the people that count don’t see any of that!
    OK today must be rant day..;)

  40. Danielle said

    Hey guys I am at my sister’s to walk the dog. They are in Boston for the night. Happy Birthday Madonna. I am 5’6″ and way exactly 200 lbs. Yikes! I was just on a date with Jason and I showed him a picture of my sister(the pregnant one). She is tall and very slender and very pretty. I said to him that she is the pretty one, she got all the good genes and he said he thinks I am prettier than her. Don’t worry about what other people think. I say screw them. It took me awhile to learn that and be ok with it. I was always trying to please other people with everything down to the way I looked. I wore make up to my sister’s house once and her husband said I looked liek I was ready to go to a Phish concert. I immediately took the make up off. I still do that sometimes but now I have learned that it is ok to so no every once in a while.

  41. Claire said

    Tango…I emailed but billy got it! LOL! Just letting you know…got every single pic!!

    And that voice..I love his voice…I love his voice….mmmmmm! ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Teresa said

    Claire – your hands aren’t going anywhere near that body until I have him first j/k ๐Ÿ˜€ And yes, we are going to make Mendoza suffer double what he inflicted on our Henry!!
    As for the height/weight proportionate issue, I’m not going there except to say that I’m approximately the same dimensions and height as Madonna and much older, but I still get an occasional admiring look. It’s all in the way you carry yourself!! I have great posture ๐Ÿ˜‰

  43. Madonna said


    Thanks for the compliment on the card. I was happy to do it. Thanks for the birthday wishes too.

    Man your ex sounds like just as big a creep as what I dealt with.
    You know I talk about him like a dog, but despite everything I forgive him. He had a million and one problems to deal with himself but it was still no excuse to treat me the way that he did.

  44. Danielle said

    I mean it is ok to say no, not so no. Hehe Sorry

  45. Danielle said

    Claire what your ex said to the mother of his 4 just born children wins my award for creep of the year. Good for you for saying what you did and you were right also.

  46. Madonna said


    Thank you for all the Birthday wishes and allowing me to vent and for making me feel better!!!!

  47. loves history said

    madonna i am a chow hound eat too much when i waswas 511 220most of my life i always was very active and 25 lb more muscle then normal but iwas always chubby since 1973 if iwanted to take off a few i would swim laps for some hours there is less wear on your joints that way go at your own pace add a lap aweek you will look better now that im sick i weigt even more ( some is water weight icangain lose 20 lbs of that in a day comes with LD) a lot of muscle is gone and they now tell me ive shrunk a inch! my wife over the years has put on 40 lbs i dont think about it she went from 38d to 44dd so there is more of her to love( not that im in the mood much these days)i didnt know u will all think im lying but i didnt fall in love love with her because of her looks iwas crazy for girls who were 52 to 55 with long dark hair who were zaftig that wasnot her(except for being busty we played bridge for two mons before i had any thoughts about sex you might say ifall in love with her brain had to except the rest of the package oh well i had to suffer with tall and blonde for 31 years

    wild hair and zaftig

  48. loves history said

    teresa i forgot how do ileave ameeage on your site ( by the way you used wrong entry date for your message on BB we blog 1 below or we did till Angie went AWOL

  49. msgypsy said

    Claire, bravo for your retort to your ex. (I have a friend who should have known that line. She got pregnant with twins and her then-husband complained that she was looking fat rather than pregnant and he was embarrassed to be seen with her. He divorced her while she was still pregnant, saying he wasn’t sure he was really the father. Never mind that they went through in-vitro to get pregnant in the first place… While I appreciate your graciousness in forgiving your ex, I think you’d have been equally justified in never wanting to know of his existence ever again. My friend tried to forgive and let water run under the bridge and all that but he never lets her forget that he’s the MAN and she’s the weak little woman who happens to have full custody of HIS children…)

    Madonna, if I forgot to wish you a happy birthday, I’m sorry. I haven’t had a lot of time to be online lately and some things got away from me.

    And for all my fellow luscious full figured ladies, let me tell you, nothing beats a big smile for beauty.

  50. Claire said

    Ohh yes,There are no words to describe just what a piece of work that man is!!!
    but Madonna you are a better woman than me…cause I will never forgive him! not for what he did to me,but to my children!
    For example..when Chris went to Virginia beach with Brittany last week..Nikki,her boyfriend,the quads and I were eating dinner,when the firstborn Alexandria asked”When is Chris coming back?” so I said tommorrow why? she said”because my teacher was making fathers day cards,and I told her I woudn’t be needing one,cause I don’t have a father,but she said I could give it to my brother,so I want to give it to him”.Her sad tone of voice..and the look on her face…I wanted to take a flight back to Brooklyn and punch that loser in the face!!!!

    Umm will probably be dark in whatever dungeon we rescue Henry from…I ‘m sure he won’t know if there are more than one pair of hands LOL!!!!!

  51. Danielle said

    OMG! Claire that is so sweet what your little one said. I would have gotten all choked up and started crying. I am sure your son will appreciate it.

  52. Teresa said

    Ah, yes, Claire, we can play sharesies ๐Ÿ˜‰
    LH – You need to post a comment to whatever entry you want on the LJ to leave me a message. Thanks for checking it out. I promise to post a pic of Vicki at some point, just for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Danielle said

    I have to go now guys. Talk to you on Monday.

  54. Tango said

    Claire – Vous รชtes bien sรปr l’accueil mon cher ami. I was able to get Henry to come over and translate for me! I also asked him where your hands had been!! He said he would demonstrate once I got through here. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Did you notice how he said, “Enjoy” when they introduced the clip of Blood Ties during the Spacey interview? Boy, it really turned the heat up on my body thermostat.

    I wonder where Anzia is right about now? I hope she is having the time of her life!

    Madonna – The Christina Aguilera song, Beautiful, should be your mantra. What a song and so true for everyone.

    It is evident to us that you are a very caring, smart, generous and genuine person. When someone makes a derogatory comment to you it is only because they have self esteem issues and are trying to make themself feel better by making others feel inferior. Don’t you dare buy into the crap they are selling! Don’t even dignify it with a response. Just give them a look like they are pathetic – b/c they are. And just remember, what goes around comes around. Too bad we are ususally not there to see it.

    How did I not get in on the post card? I would love for you to send it to me.

  55. Madonna said


    As many problems as I’ve had, he had just as many. He was born with cerebral palsy. When I first met him I didn’t know that there was anything wrong with him at all, he looks that normal. He even resembles Tom Cruise only more muscular. He has a slight limp, very limited use of his right hand which has kept him from being able to hold a job and his mental capacity is limited. His mother once told me the doctors told her he would probably never get beyond the maturity of a 15 year old. All that coupled with drug and alcohol addiction was not a good combo. So yeah, I can forgive him, but I can’t forget, because if I forget I’ll end up letting someone else do me the same way, and that will never happen again.

    I might feel a little differently if I had kids with him, but seeing that I cannot have kids that is a moot point.

  56. Madonna said


    Thanks for the advice. I agree with you. When I am faced with negativity like that I usually try do what my mother taught me, who is by the way is the wisest woman I know. Madonna, she says, kill ’em with kindness.

    Tango, or anyone else,

    If you would like the postcard please post your email for me and I will try to send it to you. I tried to send it to Brenda but her service provider thought it was obscene or spam. It’s really not that bad.

  57. Madonna said

    loves history,

    Thank you as well. I sincerely hope you are feeling better and my prayers are with you. I don’t ever give up hope, so don’t you do it either.

  58. Claire said

    Danielle I pretended to pick up my napkin so she wouldn’t see my eyes water.
    Tango…Merci Beaucoup mon Cherie!
    I did enjoy very very much!;)am feeling s’est maintenant allumรฉ! LOL!!
    Teresa good to know you are not the jealous type..sharsies it is!!!!
    Thank you Ms.Gypsy..your friends husband sounds like a clone of my ex.
    He said the same thing and we also did invitro!
    Alexandria had blue eyes for a couple of months when she was born…he said she can’t possibly be mine! Um can you say Moron? I carry a ressesive gene…my mom had blue eyes…my first three have blue eyes.But just the fact that we did could she be someone elses?
    He also divorced me…THANK GOD!!!
    Madonna was the one that forgave her ex…I am not so nice..He can fall off the face of the earth for all I care.

    Well my lovelies I’m beat ,late night last night and much to much sun today
    I’m going to curl up with sexy vamp book and dream of Kyle or Henry..either one is fine with me!!
    Bonne Nuit mes amis!!!

    See you tommorrow want pool again!

  59. Teresa said

    LH – I posted a message for you on my LJ. Check it out. It will either cheer you up or give you a heart attack, and I sincerely hope it’s not the latter ๐Ÿ˜€

  60. Madonna said

    OK, I’m exhausted and I’m going to bed now. My family has four celebrations tomorrow, Father’s Day, Graduation Party, belated baby shower and my birthday.

    Thank you everyone for being my support group today. I needed a big hug.

    Love ya all,

    Good night and sweet dreams

  61. Tango said

    Claire – Henry says he’s turned on too, you must have gotten him reved up from all that hand wandering you did earlier. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚ The French lessons are a bit hit here – he’s an excellent teacher! Oh apprendre les choses plus parfaites dans le franรงais de Henry! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Madonna, send that postcard to Thanks!
    Claire – see if that e-mail will go through to this one, since my other one is being obstinate.

  62. loves history said

    well worth going to tees site i MUST say.

  63. loves history said

    DEBS i need help wife returns tomm how am i going to clean it up in time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. msgypsy said

    LH, depends on what you need to clean up! If it’s just laundry scattered all around, that’s easily remedied. Kitchen cleaning is another matter. But if you have to do things like shampoo the carpet it might be a little late to get started. I think you need to look at what you need to do and start with whatever is easiest. That way you’ll get the most done. (That’s my philosophy, at least.)

    I’m watching “Addams Family Values.” It’s still adorable after all these years. I think this means I’m one sick puppy, still. Good to know I still have it! LOL! I especially enjoy Wednesday and Joel’s (?) romance. It’s so sweet and so perfect.

    After sleeping close to 17 hours last night, I think I’m about ready to hit the sack again. Sad…

  65. loves history said

    its the first 2 and cat throw up i cant move well sothat the worst

  66. himmiefan said

    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday Madonna,
    Happy birthday to you!

    “Madonna? She wears it well. Trust me on that.” – Henry in Blood Price

    Well, ladies, the plot is thickening. For potential villains, we’ve got Mendoza, Christina (I’d loooove to kick her butt), Norman, and the guy who mood at Madonna. I think we’re more than capable of taking them down. Hmmmm, the creative juices are flowing. After we release Henry, how about he goes after and takes care of Moo Guy. I’m liking this.

  67. himmiefan said

    Oops!!! I meant to say ladies and gentleman! Sorry!!!

  68. Lets please not mention juices.
    I don’t think my mind could take any mention of Henry and… well lets leave it at that.

    I feel for anyone who has to clean, I just did a whirlwind run through the entire house to clean up just in case my honey’s b-day celebration finds its way back here…
    I’m tired, and I haven’t even eaten cake yet!

  69. vicki said

    Danielle & Vampgirl…I am not ashamed to say that I was 29 before my “first time” I had certainly had offers and chances before then,,,but it never felt like the right time. And I am SOOOO glad I waited!!! My husband is 7 years older than me and he had been married before. (Plus I tease him about his “slut years” LOL) But he was so wonderful and considerate. It was truely an amazing experience, so please wait till you are sure!! the middle girl in a family of three and the “fat one” Some of you are old enough to remember “pretty plus” size??? Anyway…even my mother got in on the name calling by the time I was in my mid-twenties..I was 5 6 and close to 200lbs. I lost 60 and went from a size 14 to a size 6 (I had never worn a single digit in my LIFE!!)

    I am still 5 6 but I have struggled with my weight my entire life. The main thing is take care of you. Walk…eat veggies and fruit…I have been married 10 years and I can say my husband has never ONCE said anything about my wieght. (He is one of a kind!) I work out at the YMCA and try to stay active.. I cross- stitch

    I am at about 150 right now..and I wnat to lose 10lbs…(so I can weigh what my drivers liences says LOL) But I am not going to kill myself doing it. Take your time….do it slow….be good to yourself.. rant is done.

  70. I hate thinking about my weight. I taught myself years ago how to dress so that I hide where the bulk of my weight is. (hips and thighs, ugh)
    Now as a model I am constantly thinking of how I look and it’s driving me batty! Oh well… I can’t really complain. I’ve accepted the fact that I will always weigh between 180 and 200, although it would be nice to be around 150.

    There’s a birthday cake behind me… I know there is. I must not eat it!

  71. susana said

    Tomorrow is fathers dsay and i thank God for my wonderful, wonderful husband! you ladies have made me appreciate that , one dot more ๐Ÿ™‚
    Now i am going to bed to give him some of that APPRECIATION!He may even get………
    night ladies!

  72. Oh my, Susana…. ha ha!

    Happy Fathers Day to any fathers lurking out there.

  73. loves history said

    vicky 5.6 and 150 yum thats what i call zaftig

  74. loves history said

    susana 187 is ok but cant handle 510 wife i s 58 too tall for me i told you how i suffer when i was inkenya i say people redbrown and dark black which are you

  75. lwildstar said

    still at my cousins, and no one else is up – I just cant sleep in when I’m not in my own bed
    wow i go away for the day and just look where you’ve run with this latest topic…..i’m right there with you 5’6 185 – was at 225 for awhile – a severe bout of depression is not the healthy way to lose weight – but at least I have been able to “maintain” at this level….my doctors wants me to drop 30 lbs – it amazes me how doctors rtreat you like your not even trying to do anything………
    anywho on the man front – shall we say – hummm….I guess do to the self esteame issues and need to at least have an emotional connection to a guy first……embaressing to say but at nearly 39 I’ve never been well “deflowered”..not that I haven’t been asked, in high school I was approcehed many times under the “fat girls ar easy” context – but I rarely even kiss on the first date being as most of them have been set up dates and I cetainly wouldn’t be going further with out at least knowing the guy for awhile (Henry excluded), ……….worst experience was I met a guy through a dating service – first date we went for a walk had dinner, talked all night – so much the gentelman it was a little surprising – second date – ALL HANDS – when he really got pushy and I said no take me home – he acctually said that hed never “dated” someone he hadn’t had in bed by the seconde date – my response was “now you have”……it was eight months before he called me back for a third date – he realized the error of his ways and that I was too nice to have been treated that way – turned out he was seeing someone else who dumped him for her carrer – I agreed to meet him at a wine festival where I was selling my jewelry – I wore shorts a tank top and a mans dress shirt – he couldn’t stop drooling and I told him that I didn’t date men who expected to get “any” by the second date! I just wanted him to see that he blew his chance! Have had A LOT of first dates between then and now – and other than for my sunshine “Paul” I’m going through one of those “bleak” periods…..but you know if all they are looking for is a Barbi doll then they have little depth themselves (not that all Barbi dolls are shallow – but you know what I mean)…if a guy can see the beauty in a “cabbage patch doll” (as I have refered to myself as on many occasion) – then theres is a chance that he is the real thing – ya know?
    Ok enough early moring depressing self deprication…..
    Last night after fighting to get the kids to leave us alone my cousin and I toasted Henrys birthday with gourmet trufflels and settled in for a mini marathon – after 6 episodes back to back – I dreamed of nothing but heavenly Henry all night – but I guess I was too tired to control any thing becasue the dreams kept “wandering” and flashing between what I was dreaming and clips from the episodes we watched and bits of the books….I’ve got my cousin hooked now – she’s a Minx and proud of it – she called Mike a “loveble jerk – with potential” after the first episde………
    well I here tiny feet running around upstairs so I guess the household is up……
    will pop back in after I return from takeing dad out for fathers day.

    have a good day to everyone!!!!

  76. Margaret said

    Although I’m an advocate of being comfortable in our own skins I don’t think we should settle for things as they are. We should always strive to make things better and not just say thats the way I am and I’ll never change. We need to know that it didn’t take overnight for most of us to get this way and it will take a while to get it off. I intend to keep trying. I want to be healthy. I don’t ever intend to be one of those stick thin models that you can make fall down with one breath as I am a firm believer that most men want something they can hang onto.

    Remember in the roman days, men like women with curves, Enough said!

  77. Margaret said

    And I guess if people from Kalidescope are monitoring us they have already discovered we’re not the right demographic. Too bad we hadn’t develope a secret code for our actual ages. Too late now.

  78. Madonna said

    Good morning all,

    I’m feeling much better today.

    If you haven’t already, check your email. I sent that postcard to ya.

    You’re right, historically men liked women who were a little more plump. Just look at the art from the Rennaisance. A few extra pounds back then was a sign of good health and vitality. My how times have changed.

    I like how you are thinking. When we rescue Henry and I tell him that someone Moood at me, he’ll be so outraged for me and so hungry he’ll be glad to get ’em. He’s just that kind of guy.

    Alright the partying today starts at one o’clock and I have presents to wrap and have to get ready. If I am not back tonight, I’ll probably be around a little more this week than usual. I AM ON VACATION ALL WEEK!!!! YAY!!!!!!


  79. Margaret said

    I’ve finished all the books and all I can say is that my heart breaks for Henry. I believe the reason I love him is he is such a romantic. I’m not going to spoil the books for any of you but there was a certain part in one of the books that I thought my heart would break for Henry. Kudos to Tanya for her ability to turn the written word into emotions that turn our hearts warm, enough to feel sympathy for a vampire.

    I know that some of you are quite versed in the way of the Vampire but I really never watched that much Charmed, Angel, etc. The last thing I wanted to do was get hooked into another TV show. I swore after getting so attached to JAG that I wouldn’t go there again. Talk about different universes-straight arrow to vampire. Talk about leaps.

    I have to say that I don’t think I would have enjoyed the books as much if I hadn’t have watched the show first. Seeing the show really brought the characters to life. And after reading all the books, I finally get, finally get the meaning of the sweetness of death. I look back and think why didn’t I get it while watching the show but now seeing everything they all went through I finally get it.

    And even though Kyle is one nice looking kid, I have to think, maybe we’re really in love with the romance of it all, the passion, and the sacrifice and maybe that just makes Kyle look a lot sexier than he would be if we just met him on the street as John Q Normal as opposed to one smokin looking guy playing an even sexier vampire. Am I making any sense or have I fallen completely off the planet with my ramblings?

  80. loves history said

    girls you may be carring that no sex thing alittle far maybe it was where i lived when i lived but sex was very easy if i was going for numbers im sure i could had 200 by the time imet my wife i turned down at least 30 too tall for me i had sex with a lesbian she was 5.4 wild long hair very busty after i said well you bi now she said no still allgirl but she liked me so it was ok NO BIG DEAL the point is nobody i knew seemed to care it was easy!and the girls were very agrresive my first time i didnt even know it was happ til it was over i was 16 she 18 and i barely knew her.

  81. Margaret said

    How are you feeling loves history?

  82. loves history said

    good but i face maasive cleanup job the kithchen is a mess

  83. Margaret said

    Just pace yourself. You have a good idea of when your wife is coming back, right? Let the dishes soak or put them in the dishwasher while you do something else. You know, multi-task like we women do. lol

  84. himmiefan said

    Yep Madonna, Moo Guy doesn’t stand a chance with Henry. The little scumsucker’s going down!

    Always remember, health first! Have you tried getting a group of friends together and forming a workout group? Much easier and more fun to workout while you’re gossiping! I have a friend about your size and weight, and she loves Curves. The atmosphere’s not intimidating at all.

    I agree with Margaret. It’s Henry we all like. Kyle’s probably a nice kid, well adult, but you know what I mean. If Dylan were the vampire and Kyle played something like a dorky sidekick, we’d be all over Dylan. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still a Kyle fan and one huge Hen.

  85. DIZEY1 said

    Good Morning & Happy Father’s Day to anyone that it may apply to! My peeps have been very busy since yesterday afternoon.

    1st. Miss Madonna…….my dawlin’ your story tugged at my heart. I’m still on the heavier side than I’d like to be and have lived w/weight issues since puberty kicked in. The small cruel people out there I’ve learned will get their just rewards. I do believe in karma, fate, destiny and a something my Mom (my hero) used to say if I was down was that God doesn’t sleep. He knows what’s going on who’s good and who’s not. All the good things that you bring to this world will so outweigh the stuff the ignorant, petty, shallow people do. Lift your head up and if we are christians than we believe that we are created in God’s image. You are beautiful, you are strong, you are worthy!!! See it and believe it. How boring would this world be if we were all the same, I like the diversity, I live in the melting pot. So many different people here. Belated birthday greetings to you my bro’s b’day and Danielle’s is same day. All these great Cancer people. My b’day is July 6th we’re gonna do a party (of course) on the 7th to celebrate my, Eric’s & 4th all in one. Should be fun. Life is short have all the fun you can grab onto. Like Tango said or maybe Susanna this is not a dress rehearsal you get one chance to do it. Have fun today!!!!!

    Now Claire, I wanted to go kick your ex’s ass after reading your post. What and pardon my French a “MF”. What a useless crappy, person. My best friend Melanie’s sis 20 yrs ago got pregnant of dad says no way can’t be his. Nicole who is one of the smartest, brightest loving children/women I know. She did actaully search and found her ass of a father, she called him. She’s got balls if she was a guy. He acted like he didn’t know who she was. I say good riddens she was raised by strong, good women and he can go to hell, which he probably will anyway. I hate that women get abused, whether it be verbal or physical. I grew up in house where no way did you hit especially not women. Unacceptable, no excuses you are one of the best,strongest women I’ve met in a long time and when I grow up I want to be just like you. You rock and take no shit from people always be that way!!!!! LUV YA!!

    See what happens when you’re away for a day. Sorry for the ramble, but I don’t like to see my friends taken advantage of. Going to go out and skim the leaves and stuff out the pool should be a beautiful day to play.


  86. loves history said

    n hey not everyone is a kyle fan iknow some girls out there who think mike is better i dont like preatty boys i cant write the story for all to read suffice to say my PB made mooguy look like Sir Galahad he got 1/2 of what he should have got coming to him but he needed killing.

  87. Margaret said

    himmiefan: Or as I like to call him-man/child. As someone said at work since he’s 21 he’s legal but I still think if we met him without his Henry aura we probably wouldn’t be worked up into such a lather. Or maybe I should just speak for myself. I’m still jarred by seeing those other women being stupid with that 26 year old waiter last week or so. Think its God’s cosmic way of smacking my hand, or should I say those thoughts in my head. lol.

  88. Margaret said

    Of course, I’m not saying I would turn someone down that was younger, I just think they’d have to be a LOT older than Kyle. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the fact that Kyle is one good looking man/child though. lol

  89. DIZEY1 said

    I don’t know Margaret, I like Kyle, he’s the guy I’m going to meet not Henry and in all the roles we’ve seen him play I see Kyle in all those characters. Little subltle nuance’s of him. Yep I like him, and lets say you were blind and couldn’t see him, met him, & you hit it off, once you found out his age would that still bother you?? He’s not a child he’s a full grown man, just younger than some of us but a beautiful full grown all male man!!! I’ll let you know when he gets here. I’ll have him call you, ok?? (HEE HEE)

  90. DIZEY1 said

    I’m feeling today a bit on the frisky side, or as Simone taylor would say a bit randy…. how about ya’ll???

  91. Margaret said

    Dizey 1 you are sooo bad. Lets say I am blind and no one told me how old he was-heck yeah, I’d love to get busy with him but the sad truth is I’m not blind and he is ages younger than I am, and why are we having this conversation again as there is not a bats chance in he.. that I’ll ever meet him, much less he look twice at me other than being an older woman who has totally lost her marbles. lol.

  92. Margaret said

    But I have to admit that dreaming about the possibility does keep me feeling a bit younger. lol

  93. Margaret said

    There’s a fine Irish saying: The older the violin, the sweeter the tune. There is something to be said about older women, what was it: Age kicks beauty’s ass.

  94. Teresa said

    Here’s a piece of artwork by Kady intended to be printed out for a bookmark, found on the Bloodlines forum:

  95. loves history said

    if i can meet angel(D.B onBones) you can run into kyle when iwas 50 an 18 year old made apass at me i only felt sick if i had been 18 iwould said yes in a heart beat and it was not that i was married( yes i would said no because of that) it was totaly the age thing that made me ill.

  96. Margaret said

    For anyone who is interested: Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman) is on TNT at 6:00 p. m. Eastern Time. You might want to check your local listings.

  97. loves history said

    tee what is wrong with your site cant find my comment or your response if any

  98. loves history said

    dizey your not even 30 there is no age thing no guy at 23 wouldnt dream that 29 was a problem

  99. Margaret said

    Thanks loves history. Hope springs eternal. Maybe one of these days I can make it to Vancouver, just don’t want to be arrested for stalking though. lol. Actually, I’d rather have a job as his personal assistant now that he’s told people he didn’t get anything that weird in the mail. Now, that would be an interesting job. I told him to keep me in mind. lol.

  100. Teresa said

    LH – I have to approve anonymous postings before they show up, which I’ve done now. Glad you enjoyed it!
    Yes, I’m feeling more than a bit randy today. I read some very steamy fanfic last night and, since I didn’t have an outlet for my frustration, it lingers on… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  101. Teresa said

    For the Minxes in our midst, I posted some icons and screencaps of Mike on my LJ.

  102. Laurel said

    Thanks Teresa! That was nice of you to give us some Mike pics! I have spent 1/2 hour catching up on the posts and needed some eye candy!
    I am 200 miles from home, having Fathers’day celebration with Dad, Husband and Brother-in-law. Also my baby sister’s 42nd birthday. Dang, maybe that makes her the older sister now. I kind of don’t think she will go for that.
    Last year we had our brother here for our parent’s 50th and introduced him to people as our Big Brother. Since he is taller and heavier than either one of us we weren’t fibbing. He caught me telling someone and made it a point to mention that I am the older sib. He is the middle child. That explains so much. lol

  103. lwildstar said

    Hope you have all had a great day!!!
    wow you’ve been busy today – thats what I love about this – all the positive reinforcment!…makes me feel less “alone” ya know

    Margaret – Van Helsing – did you know Hugh Jackman is doing a tv serise this fall called Viva as in Viva Las Vegas…..I loved him as Wolverine…..

    If anyone is interested I posted some earrings on the site – two pair on each page
    Hoping to have more rosary bracletes by next weekend – if the crosses come in this week

    Elizabeth I’ll email you a PDF tomorrow

    Just finisehed Blood Debt – oh my poor Henry – I’ll be happy to console you…..starting Blood Bank tonight and then on to the Shadow books – I sware this is the most I’ve read in a month since I’ve been out of school (and thats a long time). Thank you Tanya for the great books and wonderful books.

    Don’t forget to send be your greetings to Tanya
    I’m going to put a link on Page two of the site.

    Well I am worn out – spent most of yesturday out shopping – had a late night mini marathon of Blood TIes at my cousins and have spent most of theday with my parents – I am ready for a nap.

    I might check back in tonight – more likely tomorrow…..

  104. lwildstar said

    FYI – AOL seems to be having problems with the link to the site – If you copy the link and then paste it in to the address bar or hand type it , it should work….thanks for your support.

  105. Tango said

    Before I head of to today’s festivities I wanted to pose this question:

    What powers does Henry have? We know about
    Super speed
    Healing fast
    Staying young
    Power of persuasion
    Curing a bad martini โ€“ not sure how that became a super power
    Flying or jumping high โ€“ not sure
    Super strength

    What am I forgetting? And what others does he have in the books that we havenโ€™t seen so far. I wasnโ€™t aware that being a vamp came with so many powers.

  106. loves history said

    some vamps have vat powers read LKH blakes henry is a baby compared to an ancient master vamp

  107. simone taylor said

    Good afternoon blog sibs. I’ve been busy these last few days and boy did I miss a lot. I’ve been trying to catch up for the last 1 1/2 hours.

    Happy belated birthday Madonna. and Claire……that ex of yours does belong in the movie and we can all handle him for you. What a jerk. You ladies are all so wonderful and compassionate. I love coming here. We all have weight issues and I believe most people do. I’m 5’3 and weigh 190. My daughter is 5’10 and weights about the same. But it looks better on a tall 14 year old. My husband’s family all weight over 300 lbs.Their hobby is eating. He lost 2 of his sisters due to health problems and weight. I used to weight only 115 in my 20’s. I went to the gym and danced in the nightclubs all night and played tennis. Then I started dating my husband and he didn’t want me to go to the gym or play tennis. One of my friends said that he was trying to get me to be be heavy like him so on one esle would look at me.

    But somewhere one of you ladies mentioned that God made us. He made us all beautiful on the inside. Just by speaking your hearts and comforting us with your words ALL you ladies make me believe that. With all the hope and support everyone shows here I would never guess all the heart breaking stories of you guys. But everyone is so positive and wonderful and that’s what I love about you all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  108. Teresa said

    Tango – Henry also has:
    super hearing
    excellent night vision
    jumping high – yes
    scaling walls like a spider (in the books)

  109. Margaret said

    Next Saturday at 8:00 p.m., I believe, Eastern time, TNT will be airing the Chronicles of Riddick. Check your listings.

  110. Tango said

    Thanks Teresa! I forgot about the subsonic hearing. I think that one was mentioned in Necrodome. And the scaling walls, I think that was in the first one – I wasn’t sure if his scaled the wall or just jumped.

    So I pose this question. If you could have just one super power, what would it be? I think I would have do go with the shape shifting. Oh the knowledge you could obtain by being able to shape shift. I first thought invisability, but I think shape shifting would even be better. Then that would also take care of staying young as well.

  111. Tango said

    Teresa – so what was the deal with the martini?

  112. Tango said

    loves history – you had mentioned about seeing Angel in Grenwich Village (I am just now realizing that it is not Grenich Village). Have you ever been to Pastis down there? We went there when I was up there on one of my trips – a great little brasserie – be sure to have the chocolate mousse if you go. My wellness doctor is actually in Manhattan – Rockafella Plaza to be exact. I will have to touch base with you for a recommendation on a hotel next time I come up there. We’ve stayed at the Affinia 50 and the Roosevelt so far.

  113. loves history said

    i seen patis its greenwich know the roosevelt—————————

  114. AlisaSG said

    Happy Birthday to everyone having birthdays in June and July
    (and anyone past who I might have missed).
    and Happy Father’s Day to any dad’s out there, including you
    super-moms doing juggling mom and dad roles with your loved ones,
    and super brothers/uncles, too!


  115. Vampgrl said

    Heh. Just popping in for a quick sec. Don’t have time to respond to anything at the mo…I just wanted to change my pic. Couldn’t resist, I just HAD to grab that one too. Yuuuummmmmm….
    STILL couldn’t get the Avatar thingy to work. It’s retarded…hehehe…grrrrr….

  116. msgypsy said

    Tango, you made me think about “Heroes” with your question about super-powers. I think I’d like to be indestructible. Or be able to move through space and time. So I’d like to be either Claire the Cheerleader or Hero the Nerd. Interesting choices…

    I just got back from the fabric store and now I have much sewing to do. None of my SCA garb is black and for the play I need black. So I have until August to put together a black period outfit. Black not being one of the more popular colors in the 16th century Russian Court (gold and red were preferred) this might take some doing. I think I can do black with red trim or black with a red underdress. I’d better start researching.

    But I think first a nap might be in order.

  117. lwildstar said

    just stopped in to see if I missed anything….won’t be back tonight –
    Have any of you seen this?
    I don’t have a my space account so I can’t get past this first page
    anyway I’m out for the night…talk to you tomorrow

  118. Margaret said

    I think that site is the one they referred to in the podcast interview he gave to sci-fi talk. Well, after seeing Van Helsing I have to say I still like Henry a heck of a lot more. Makes everyone else pale by comparison. Bad pun, I know.

  119. loves history said

    ——–if i never post again it is your duty to report it to the police murdered for leaveing a messy apt say the Jap did it.—————-

  120. loves history said

    ——–if i never post again it is your duty to report it to the police murdered for leaveing a messy apt say the Jap did it.———

  121. msgypsy said

    Hey LH, is that Jap or JAP? (I understand the difference. Don’t approve of either usage but I understand…)

    I’ve had an eventful day. I’m not sure I actually accomplished anything but it sure felt that way. I hiked about a mile on a strenuous trail, went out for a very nice breakfast, hiked again on Sauvie Island (had to skirt around a bunch of cow poop) and then rested on the banks of the river freezing my knees off while watching the ships go in and out of the Port of Portland, then went to the farm store, then to the fabric store, and now I have to go cook. Somewhere in there I wish I could take a nap but it’s not going to happen…

    BTW, if you want to know what a part of Vancouver, BC looks like, this video is shot of a friend of mine (a comedian) strolling through Vancouver, BC’s Chinatown explaining how he’s coming up with a joke he later used on stage. It’s not a particularly funny discussion (unless you know Marc in which case it’s more ironic than funny) but there’s a lot of scenery. And then, if you’re intrigued, you can find him telling the actual joke onstage. Marc and YouTube are good friends. I think the videos of him are posted by his publicist. Not sure, though, and afraid to ask…

    And now I must go make something with all this excess strawberries and rhubarb I have hanging around.

  122. Claire said

    Good Evening Blogkin! I finally made it! The kids kept me at the pool until 7p.m.
    But I didn’t mind,everyone was having a good time..Nikki made some friends,for her and of the quads was playing with a liitle girl who was with her father…so Nikki started talking to him…then Gregory who was playing with the girl,comes over”Mommy I made a friend,her Dads name is Gregory also” Then Nikki who apparently behind my back had checked ring finger,brings him over…No harm done,nice guy,good looking,divorced and has full custody of his daughter,wife skipped out,so he said he’d like to hang with us next time we are at the pool.Now on to matters at hand…

    Ms.Tango…exactly what perfect things in French is Henry teaching you?HMMM!:)
    parce que Henry m’a indiquรฉ, j’รฉtais le professeur le plus parfait, de chaque maniรจre!!! LOL!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ms Dizey…Yeah he is a real MF!!!! and yeah we should write him into the movie and throw down a smackdown on him LOL!!
    Thank you so much girl..Je t’aime aussi!

    I ‘m also with you on the Kyle thing Dizey,if Mike were the way I would still be lusting after the geeky side kick if it was Kyle.I have also liked him in all his other movies…he is still sexy Kyle..just being very good at portraying whatever character he’s playing.To me,there is just something,
    Je ne sais pas ce qui ! but he’s the one I also want to meet.

    Loves History..I am really starting to develope a soft spot for you…sometimes you are too funny…
    โ€”โ€”โ€“if i never post again it is your duty to report it to the police murdered for leaveing a messy apt say the Jap did it.โ€”


    We’ll just have to come up there and lay a smackdown on her!!!

    Anyway,I really have to wash this chlorine out of my hair and body…so

    jusqu’au demain ma bonne nuit d’amis

    luv yas!!!!

  123. DIZEY1 said

    Hello, out there was a busy Dad’s day, played in the pool all day too. Unfortunately no new guys came to my house today….you are a lucky girl Madam Claire. I hope everyone had a good one. Feeling a bit beat will catch ya’ll in the morning.

    Oh LH I am definitely over 30 you sweet talker you, and we can’t let anything happen to you. Your the driver of the escape vehicle, critical to the movie plot. Plus we’d miss that witty banter you have. Oh and curiosity has me by JAP are we talking princess??

    Also CLaire & LH just want ya’ll to know that we had “Nathan’s” franks on the grill today. One day need to go to Yankee Stadium & watch a game & have a dog, on my to do list. My cousin is Ron Guidry “Louisiana Lightnin'” on my mom’s side. They’re kickin the Mets pretty good right now.

  124. loves history said

    for afull explaination of jap go to blood blog for june 17th at around 9pm yes p= princess, june 18th is her birthday

  125. lwildstar said

    good morning bolgkin – hope you all had a wonderful wekend

    Dizey and Teresa – check you emails for the tracking numbers – I made it to the post office this morning.

    May or may not be back at lunch – very busy today –

    Have a good day every one!!!

  126. Danielle said

    lwildstar-If you haven’t seen my money order yet you should soon. I sent it out last week. I am surprised that you haven’t seen it yet.

    Beth-You mean your cousin is on the Yankees. Yuck! Sorry but I am a Red Sox fan. Johnny Damon SUCKS!

  127. loves history said

    Guidry is the GReat yankee pitcher 25-3 in1978 cy young winner not just on the yankees

  128. DebS said

    Good Morning all!

    Madonna-You rock! Happy Birthday! I know I am a little late to the weight conversation…but I am about 5’6” and 180 pounds. I get frustrated sometimes because when I was in high school and early college I was much thinner…and I mean MUCH. But I am okay with myself now, I work out for health not weight loss. I figure if I do that, the weight loss will come in a healthy fashion.

    LH-I hope you were able to get the house clean! I wasn’t on this weekend because I was cleaning my apt. I did it all, shampooed carpets, dusted, reorganized, donated clothing. I feel like a whole new woman!

    So…I know that we are all addicted to BT, but has anyone ever watched the BBC’s Robin Hood? Just curious. I watched the second half of the first season this weekend and think I may have found a new addiction. It is no where near my BT addiction, but I suppose if I already have one, whats another!

  129. vampgrl said

    Hey guys. I have LOTS I want to respond to, but unfortunately…once again…no time. REALLY busy today. Lots of cross-training going on. We have lots of people off in the next couple of weeks in my row. Our vacations were all approved but bad thing is they all overlap. Heh. Mine is July 2-7th. WOOHOO!!!

    Yo! Shoutout to Cairo2! If you’re around here…finally got your emails. LOLOLOLOL!!! LOVED the Nocturnal News bits. More on that later..hehe

    Chaat at ya laters! If I ever get a break. If not, I’ll get on tonight before I pound the sack…hehe

  130. vampgrl said

    Grrrr…dammit! My pic disappeared!
    Aaaahhhh….much better..hehe. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  131. Claire said

    Morning Blog family!

    Hey Beth,I remember Ron Guidry!!!
    Love nathan franks!
    LH-You must of got the house cleaned up…since you’re still with us LOL!!!
    Happy Birthday to your Jewish American Princess!
    Today is the last day of school..the quads will be home at 11:30! I’m doomed!
    Just kidding! just no more peace and quiet for the next two months..

    see yas later

  132. lwildstar said

    haven’t seen it yet Danielle – what day did you send it? I’ll keep an eye out!

  133. Teresa said

    Good morning ladies and gents! I am sooo exhausted!! I discovered this whole world of BT fanfic over the weekend, which I didn’t think I would be interested in, but I guess my desperation for something new and BT related made me take take a peek. Bad idea! The ADDers lack of impulse control combined with the OCD sucked me in and I ended staying up until 4:15 am!!! My alarm went off at 5:00 am, oh Lord! I dragged my butt into work, and of course, there was a crisis I needed to handle before I even had a chance to put my purse down! I didn’t have a chance to eat breakfast so I’m subsisting on Dr. Peppers until lunch time ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    OK, back to the fanfic… All I can say is, don’t read it unless you have an outlet for the… um, frustration it will cause, whew! There was an awful lot of Vicki & Henry sex going on, some Vicki, Mike & Henry threesomes, and surprisingly, quite a bit of Mike & Henry, and even Mike & Coreen.
    I’m telling you, any guy that looks at me twice today is in danger of getting jumped ๐Ÿ˜€

  134. simone taylor said

    Good morning blog sibs–another Monday morning. Danielle how was the date?

  135. lwildstar said

    So Teresa, where did you find this fanfic?

  136. Danielle said

    lwildstar-It was either Wed. or Thurs. that I sent it.

    Simone-The date was good. We went to Chili’s. I had my fave, Grilled Shrimp Alfredo. Yum! Just enough spice and oh the shrimp. I invited him to my sister’s house next weekend for dinner and a movie. My apartment is not so clean to invite him there. Plus I am not so sure I want to be alone with him in my apartment yet.

  137. Teresa said

    lwildstar – I found it at this LJ

  138. simone taylor said

    Daielle- smart girl. Sounds like a good plan for next week. I’m glad it’s working out well.

  139. Danielle said

    Thanks! I am glad to, even if he isn’t the one, it gets me out there and gives me some experience and I get a new friend in the process. I am all for new friends like all you are.

  140. loves history said

    sorry debS but Robin hoodwas lame my wife likes BBC so ive seen parts of most epi now Errol Flynn wow.

  141. Teresa said

    DebS – I don’t get that channel. I’m on basic cable.
    I posted 3 icons on my LJ, one with our favorite expression and two humorous. I so do not need to be stimulated anymore today, so I’m not looking at any hot pictures, at least until I get home ๐Ÿ˜‰

  142. DebS said

    I actually didn’t watch Robin Hood on BBC….I got it off a site called I think you can also get it on DVD. LH-Sorry you didn’t like it. I really think BBC is doing great things with drama these days. I haven’t seen the Errol Flynn version, and I love older movies and tv shows…maybe I will check it out. I have never really had a thing for the Robin Hood myth.

    Danielle-glad that your dates with Jason are going realy well. Sounds like he is a good one!

  143. DebS said

    Oh man, Claire! I can’t imagine a summer with 4 children running around. Good luck!! This may be to personal, so feel free to answer. But after your story earlier, the father sounds like such a jerk! Does he have anything to do with the children?

  144. Teresa said

    lwildstar – got your e-mail. I can’t wait to get my package!
    I ordered books 2 & 3 of the Smoke series and a couple of the books to be read in the BT book club; can’t wait for those either. Maybe these books will keep me off the fanfic sites ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Next, I’ll be ordering the t-shirt Vicki is selling on Cafepress. All right, Christmas in June ๐Ÿ™‚ !

  145. lwildstar said

    Danielle – depending on where its coming from I should have it tomorrow or Wednesday – will email you when I ship – could be Saturday.

    I have acraftshow this weekend so I’ll be working on getting all my regular jewelry together – that long winter break and I didn’t do a thing with the stuff!

  146. DIZEY1 said

    Good morning my chix & doodz!!!

    LH….I saw Ron in the dug out last night while we were watching the Yankees/Mets game. He’s still got a record that hasn’t been broken yet. Cool plaque there. My mom, my bro’s & I want to see a game in Yankee stadium sooo bad. I love an outdoor stadium, and our Nathan’s franks were sooo good. Oh and LH wish your lovely patient bride a very happy birthday!!!

    Claire, yep you’ll have a busy 2 months for summer vaca. I guess ya’ll will be by the pool quite a bit. Oh and the pool guy from yesterday will probably be there too…hmmmmmm. Coinkidink????

    Danielle, you and the Capt. had a good time?? Sounds like he’s a nice guy. You know a lot of relationships start out as friends, if that’s all there is then it’s cool you’ve got someone to go to the show or grab a bite & not be alone. With time though it could evolve into something more. You’ll get whatever you want, just make it happen your special & you deserve it.

  147. vampgrl said

    On Teresa’s comment about the steamy fanfics, all I gotta say is…see? That’s why I usually stay away from fics like that anymore. Just say no. Heh. Not good to be walking about with all that sexual frusatration going on. I’ve got the same problem. If their were any guys in my age range near me, I’d probably be jumping them too. *g* Bad enough that I’m currently in the middle of reading a novel that has a couple of hot parts in it too, and reading that anywhere in the vicinity of your parents is REALLY embarrassing. *eg*

    Okay…back to the movie thing…what exactly is my role again? Okay I get that I’m pretty much the bait, but is that it? Sadly, I have no talents to speak of. So what? I just distract the evil monsters? Ummm…that kinda plan could go bad really fast and in a really big way. I’ll just hope you guys get medieval with your bad selves with all of the ass kickage and don’t screw up on the rescuing of me part. Hmmm…maybe I could be captured and put in with Henry? No. Wait. Also semi-bad, especially if he happens to be starving. Nope. Call me the overly-negative one, which I am, but this is not looking good for me. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Not that I’m not up for the occasional neck slurpage every now and then. ๐Ÿ™‚ :O

  148. Teresa said

    This just in!
    Christina was nominated for a SyFy award!

    Also posted on my LJ. I am, however, shocked, I tell you, shocked that I didn’t see a mention of our fabulous Kyle!!!

  149. loves history said

    babe ruth holds the record for winning the most natthans hotdog eating contests he could eat as many as 40 dogs during a home game!

  150. DIZEY1 said

    LH…..40!! That’s just nasty. The great Bambino, the curse. What a trip, I love baseball. We have a minor team here the Zephyr’s and that’s fun to go to. Football now that’s our game.The Saints YEAH my boys played their hearts out last season and hopefully this will be out year. Now Tulane has a good baseball team and LSU also, this year wasn’t too good but you never know.

    Sorry Danielle about those Red Sox girl, but I’ve got to root for the Yank’s. Don’t forget BUCKY DENT!!!!

  151. DIZEY1 said

    Iwildstar…. got your email and will let you know when it arrives. I’m so excited. Thanks again.

  152. lwildstar said

    Sorry – my last post was cut short by an impromptu request from paul to join him for a mini walk – just to the market and back – he’s been really busy and we haven’t been able to go for a walk in a couple of weeks – oh well I supose 20 minutes of him is going to have to be enough to get through the rest of the day ๐Ÿ˜‰ sigh…..
    as i was saying….hopfully i can get the stuff for the craft show together tonight – by the end of the week I just won’t be in the mood – may be I’ll come across some stuff to post on the site? – I don’t even half remember what I’ve got.

    So curiosity has got me now and I may just have to go check that fanfic out – after I get home – I had ordered all the books months ago so i could just keep reading right on through, the last Shadow book just arrived last week….passed the first four Blood books on to my cousin this weekend.

    The mini marathon with my cousin saturday was great! her husband had put in a 64″ flat screen in the flamily room (basement) a couple of months ago, so we got to watch supersize Henry – since we don’t have 1 & 2 recored we satred with #3 and made through #8 before we just couldn’t stay up anymore – that and having to fend off curious two children and her nosy husband (I think it was all the exclmations of OMG I didn’t remember that – or did you catch that the first time?…we did a lot more analizing looks, expressions and movements then we did the first few times)

    My member account over at LT got all goofed up again with the Board postings – some of my posts weren’t showing up after I submitted – so i deleted the account – I’ll have to go make another one just so I can put a post up now and again – don’t want them to forget about us – and I suspect things will slow down now that summer is here…..

    Well probably won’t be back til tonight – work is picking up along with my training and it seems everything comes right after lunch…..and now that I am “moving up” i shouldn’t be popping in as often – too many close calls as it is.

    Have a good day!

  153. elizabeth said

    Good grief! It has taken forever to catch up on all the comments made over the weekend. Good morning everyone!

    Madonna – many of us struggle with our weight and insensitive comments from others. It has taken me many years to recognize my own self worth. After I got into my 50’s I realized I had to do something for me; that I couldn’t do it for other people. I joined the Y and do deep water conditioning. It is muscle building activity where all your joints are supported by the water. You might consider something like that to help with your activity. I also do Yoga and Karate. I may be the oldest in the karate class, but I have a ball!

    Claire – I am sorry you had such a jerk for a husband. I can totally relate – been there; done that. My daughter decided that she does not celebrate father’s day, but she does celebrate Brother’s Day instead. Her brother is 10 years older than her and he has been a wonderful influence in her life (he’s a great kid, even if I do say so myself!!) She refers to her father, whom she hasn’t seen in 5 years, by his first name. Personally, I just hope her father decides to take a very long walk off a very, very short pier into shark infested water.

    Margaret – I pretty much agree with your assessment on Henry/Kyle. I love the character of Henry. The romance, the ability to look deeper than just the surface and Kyle does a phenomenal job of bringing him to Life. I have seen Kyle in other things and thought he was a good actor, but nothing got my blood really moving until BT. Kyle definately has a beautiful masculine face and he channels Henry so well.

  154. elizabeth said

    Oh, and back to the movie thing. It seems like we have some extraordinarily talented women out there. How about if I just come through the woods on horseback (the monsters won’t be expecting that – I hope) and while you guys are totally kicking monster butt I will grab Henry/Kyle and ride off into the sunset – yeah, baby!!!

  155. elizabeth said

    Did I mention that I am directionally challenged and it may take me a day or two to find my way back to our rally point? Don’t worry – henry is safe with me – hehehe

  156. Danielle said

    Beth-I love how you just call him Capt. It is too funny. You crack me up.

    I just spent my lunch hour reading all that fanfic that Teresa put the link up for. That was not a good idea to do at work. I may have to sneak away from my desk and have a little “me” time in the bathroom. LOL! Just kidding.

  157. DIZEY1 said

    Elizabeth, nice try little lady. I’ve got a Henry GPS and I’ll be able to track your butt wherever you take our dude. I’ll find ya.

    Been thinking about how epi 22 is going to end. Whomever said the idea of Henry not being able to save Coreen, sounds pretty plausable. I’ve been trying to think of what could threaten the relationships, and it would have to be something along those lines so they can write her character off the show. As I was watching Norman for the bazillionth time I heard Vicki tell Maurice that one person was already dead trying to bring Astaroth back, did she mean Norman?? Also at the end of that ep when they sent Norman back into the abyss Coreen says to them I thought he was gonna kill me and take me with him. I think she answered my questions in that statement. What do ya’ll think??

  158. Danielle said

    Beth- When Vicki tells Maurice that one person was already dead trying to bring Astaroth back I thought she was talking about the body builder at the beginning.

  159. DIZEY1 said

    Dani, nut he wasn’t trying to bring Astaroth back he just bled on the floor and stoked up the pentagram, which brought Norman through. I’m thinking it was Normie**

  160. DIZEY1 said

    That was supposed to be but not nut!!!!

  161. lwildstar said

    have a huge print job going so I snuk back for a minute…
    i think Norman did something to coreen in epi 12 – her reactions a the end were weird (to me) – staying even though vicki told her to run “I wont leave with out you!”, running straight to vicki to untie her – when she was standing right between henry and mike, and then the look she gave vicki as mike lead her away , norman was messing with the spell book – and there are spells that can bind one person to another – he could have bound coreen to vicki as a “just in case”, as well as binding himself to coreen – that way he would have a link back………..that would be a lead in for him to come back and try to take coreen with him, not being able to save correen would put a BIG stress on the relationships all around……
    just a thought – and now the printer is done.


  162. Danielle said

    Hey you can call me a nut anytime. I know I am one. But doesn’t Norman have to come back first in order to bring Astaroth back? He did die after Norman came back because Norman is the one that slashed him. I am curious about what everybody else thinks now. Please give us your insight on this topic.

  163. DebS said

    Hey guys! Back from lunch. I went home and was reading a book over lunch. Guess what phrase popped up? “flagrante delicto” Forgive the spelling. I was just reading along, read that, and burst out laughing…cause the first thing that came to my mind was Henry/Kyle pretending to be a gangster! I love that scene.

  164. elizabeth said

    I like lwildstar’s thinking on episode 22. I thought it was weird that Coreen wanted Vicki to untie her knowing Vicki’s hand was just slashed. I also thought Mike’s reaction was a little strange – He just asks Vicki if she is okay and then takes Coreen away to look at her cuts on her wrists. It just seemed to placid for Mike.

  165. DIZEY1 said

    Ok I see waht you’re saying. I took it that from the 1st ep/movie when Norman was summoning the minor demon & wanted more , so he used the 3 items & was summoning Astaroth. It ends where Norman got sucked into the vortex. I thought Vicki meant that when Norman got sucked into vortex that she assumed he was dead, & I thought that’s who she meant when she talked to Maurice. Did anybody understand what the heck I just said?? I confused myself.

    PS Dani girl, got your email the other day and will let you know when the package is ready.

  166. Danielle said

    Beth-I understand what you are saying also although technically Norman isn’t dead is he? Now I am just confusing myself and getting a headache.

  167. Claire said

    Debs..He was allowed supervised visitation with a court appointed supervisor,for two years two hours every Sunday.I had an order of protection and he was not allowed to know where I lived.then two years ago he gave up his right to see them…and I was finally able to leave NYC. They don’t remember him really.

    Elisabeth…I hope when your daughters father(um at my house we call men like that..sperm donors)falls into those shark infested waters my ex is with him!

    Dizey my lovely…yup I’ll be frying at the pool all summer with nice new friend.
    I have had a doosy of a day already…6 mth old washer…not draining full of water!!! called GE,”Mame the next available service date is June 28th” Me”Are you crazy! I have quadruplets! Do you know how much laundry I do!!! get me service man asap!!!!” Them “Ok mame calm down we’ll get someone to you on Thursday” see going crazy on people works at times!
    I had to hand wash underwear for my kiddos!!!

    Anyway off to clean up the mountains of paper and junk they brought home after cleaning out their desks..good news..all were promoted to second grade!

  168. Danielle said

    Ugh! 2nd grade. That is the grade I was held back in. The school said I was not emotionally ready and I played with the younger kids. I was smart enough to go ahead but emotionally and mentally I was stunted. Plus that was the year my made me get my waist length hair chopped to my shoulders because I wouldn’t take care of it. Please I was 7, how was I supposed to take care of it myself?

  169. Danielle said

    It would be an awful feeling for the kids if all but one went on I can imagine. It would probably devastating especially to the one held back.

  170. DebS said

    Claire-Your ex should definitely be thrown into shark infested waters.

    Congrats to the Quads!! I almost didn’t pass the 5th grade because I was so mad that I had to move every year. I remember thinking that I was just not going to contribute, so I didn’t. I got, I think, a D in math and reading. I was a very smart kid (and a smart adult), so as I look back it must have freaked my parents out. I wonder if I ever had to talk to a school counselor? I should ask my mom…lol.

  171. Danielle said

    I was so terrified to start high school that I was purposely failing science in 8th grade in order to stay back. This is the whole anxiety disorder coming out. My parents told me if I passed and went on to high school they would buy a CD player and a few CD’s. This was when they were still kinda new. They pretty much bribed me although they called it an incentive. It worked though. I went on to high school and I am so glad that I did. Now I wish I could do it all over again minus the exams. Ick!

  172. Teresa said

    Ah, yes, ladies, I highly recommend you NOT read the fanfic on that site at work unless you want to be squirming in your chair all day, or you’ll have to have some *me* time in the bathroom like Danielle. Too funny ๐Ÿ˜€

  173. DebS said

    Dani-I wish I would have been offered a CD Player. I was an avid reader, to the point where I was rarely doing anything else. So, my parents were not happy when I kept bring home D’s and F’s in reading and english. Funny thing is, all the books we had to read I had already read.

  174. lwildstar said

    vicki does tell mike (oh after that line about “so since when does hell have a exit privliges?)or something to that affect that “technically” norman didn’t die – he was just sucked into hell – the “rules may not apply to him – and it only took some one bleeding on the old pentagram to allow him through….I think the “person” vicki was reffering to when speeking to maurice was the weight lifter guy – because technically 4 people died previously…

    my thoughts – got to run – this is bad – I’m suposed to stay out of here today!

  175. simone taylor said

    Claire-congrats on the quads moving up. Wow you are still my inspiration, quads that is a handful. Unfortunately, your quads will be better off without a jerk for a father. I know it’s sad but, you will be a better guide for them as to what’s right, and good and strong. You have to have a strong character to be a single parent, let alone with multipels. You rock!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  176. Danielle said

    I wasn’t doing my homework, not paying attention, etc. I was and still am an avid reader. My mom told me I was reading at 3 years old. Granted she said it was just street signs but hey I was reading.

    I was always getting D’s or worse in math.That is not my subject at all. Whoever said that people that are musically inclined are great at math needs to be shot. I was in choir since I was in 4th grade. Sometime in high school I started taking voice lessons and stuck to them for nearly 5 or 6 years I think, maybe more. I still sucked at math. I hated it!

  177. elizabeth said

    I am one of those that don’t look back on my school years with any nostalgia. i went to English schools until I was 10 and then we moved to Montana (of all places) I was shocked speechless by the change, teased about my English accent, and struggled in school because they didn’t quite know what to do with me. I was really advanced in some things, but behind of studies that were purely American. I was put in the 4th grade and quickly learned that surviving in the wild West meant conforming. I lost the accent and fell in love with jeans and cowboy boots. I, too, am a voracious reader and got into trouble in high school because they didn’t believe I could read at such an advanced level. My grades certainly didn’t support it – I was bored and didn’t do my homework – too busy daydreaming I guess.

  178. Danielle said

    No I just want to do high school over, not all of it. There are so many things I would change. Do more things, join more groups, go to all the games, dances, etc. I would make sure I came out of my shell. I was injured emotionally and mentally with all the horrific and cruel teasing in el. and mid. school.

  179. loves history said

    ive done HS over and over

  180. simone taylor said

    I’m with you Danielle, I’d just get out more in school. I was the most average student. And very shy. All my friends went to a different high school. My parents said that I couldnt go where they went because it was too far. 5 miles vs 8 miles (what’s far?) So I was teased because I was odd man out. But, I think that sometimes life give us these things to make us what we are.

  181. loves history said

    claire did your husband beat you does he live in nyc?-

  182. DebS said

    I don’t think I would do high school over again..even knowing what I know. It is so clickish and teenagers are so mean to each other. I might do college over again and just get out more and enjoy myself. I don’t think I had as much fun as I could have.

  183. vampgrl said

    I may have to sneak away from my desk and have a little โ€œmeโ€ time in the bathroom. LOL! Just kidding.

    LOLOLOLOL!! I know all about that. *g*

    Ugh. I would not want to go back to school. At all. I totally HATED school and couldn’t wait to get out of it. Long story really short, I was born with CP and I was in leg braces up until I was in the 8th grade. Then I had an operation to stretch both of my heel chords. Even after that, I still didn’t walk perfect, still don’t, and I would trip and fall a lot. I got made fun of pretty since the time I was a little kid on. That’s why I like the workplace better. Adults are nowhere near as cruel as younger kids are. I really didn’t have any friends in school either, I still have some self esteem issues, and I’m still basically a pretty shy person in RL, if that makes any sense. Plus I got made fun of by other kids ’cause I liked to read a lot. BEFORE I started working and actually had the time to read and my eyes weren’t so friggin’ blurry after staring at a computer 24/7. So they basically saw anyone who liked to read as a nerd. Oh and on the weight front, I’m 5 5 and I’m somewhere close to 180. I totally gave up on trying to lose weight. It’s just not gonna happen anytime soon. And I would rather enjoy the things I do eat, thank you very much. If someone doesn’t like me for who I am, then they can just kiss my booty. *g* So yeah, I wouldn’t go back to school if someone paid me in dark chocolate…hehe

  184. Danielle said

    High school was very clique-ish but everyone finally left me alone. Oddly enough I had friends from all the different cliques.

    I middles school the teasing got so bad and none of the teachers or principals and vice principals were doing anything about it, my mom called the school and told them she was taking me out of there school and putting me in the Catholic school. They talked her out of it and I was able to stay but the adults were much more attentive to me. Thank God they talked her out of Catholic school. I have nothing against it but I was used to public school and that is where the friends I had were. I have been best friends with Kelly since 7th grade. We are the only ones we still talk to from school. We occasionally see at the store people from school and talk but nothing more.

  185. simone taylor said

    I did go the Catholic School route. I think the cliques were worse because we were together from 1st to 8th grade and high school was 9-12. All my friends from 1-8 went to the other school and I was alone 9-12. I did make 1 or 2 friends but it was tough.

    I enjoyed the learning process I just didn’t like recess & lunch. And when I was in high school religion was period 1. which said God created everything. Biology was 5th period which taugh evolution???????? Talk about mixed up kids.

  186. Danielle said

    Really mixed up! I can’t believe a Catholic school would teach evolution anyway. Especially after going through all the trouble to make you believe that God created the world and everything in it.

  187. simone taylor said

    Remember this was 35+ years ago. Alot has changed in that time.

  188. Danielle said

    Going to public school and then Catechism, I just believed both. I still do I guess although it is easier for me to believe that God created Adam and Eve and in the long run us than believing we used to be apes. But then there has been found proof of dinosaurs obviously but they aren’t in the bible.

  189. Madonna said

    How was everyones Father’s Day?
    Mine was pretty good. It ranged to everything keys getting locked up in the car on a 95 degree day to seeing my dog (my baby) eat cake and ice cream to garnet earrings.

    from Danielle,

    I hear ya sweetie. Grades K-4 were pretty good for me. I was popular even, shy but popular. Then we moved and I got into a new school, a school where we were graded in PE. Despite probably 20 written statements from my orthopeadic surgeoun to the effect that there were some things I could not do, my teacher made me try to do them anyway. I was 9, so it was out of my hands and I did them. Well the result, I ended up breaking several fusions in my feet. Over half the bones in each of my feet were fused together at six weeks of age to try to straighten them. To beat it all I got a D in PE class. Looking back, my parents and I should have sued the teacher and the school blind.

    From there I stopped doing things because of the pain, and that is when I started gaining weight, that’s when the teasing started, and that’s when I shrank back in my shell. I still did really well in school though. It was the one thing I had control over and could focus on. At twelve I found out that I had an interest in art. So I took all the art classes in school that I could. It was something that I excelled at. Starting high school I was homebound because of surgery. My teacher who pretty much just brought me work came to my home and said, “So you’re the art prodigy.” Word reached them before I did. (I hope that doesn’t come out conceited. It isn’t how I meant it to sound.)

    Despite not being in high school for nearly two years and socially inept I managed to graduate ranked 7/236 with several academic and art scholarships. My whole point about this was that for the first 20 years of my life my education was my sole concern.

  190. Madonna said

    OOPs I did not mean from Danielle.

  191. Claire said

    Danielle,yeah I did and do have a fear of one of them falling behind.Until all 4 are up on stage receiving High school diplomas,I will not breathe easy! LOL! There is so much competition amongst siblings when you have would be devastating for the one that was held behind.
    Debs…yeah Sharks…that’s the ticket!!
    Thanks Simone!
    Loves History,yes..beat me,but I still fought back,I was on bedrest during pregnancy,couldn’t really do anything,so he stopped buying food,my son was 17 then and working after school at Mcdonalds…he would bring me the leftover food so I wouldn’t lose the babies…then when I was rushed to hospital at 4 mths,and had to stay,he through my son out and changed the locks,and told Nikki who was 14,if she let him in,he would through her out too.He would taunt them”your Momma ain’t here to defend you”
    I spoke to social workers at hospital…and eventually he was arrested and taken out of home..but it took two years of hell.
    and yes the piece of S**t still lives in Besonhurst Brooklyn.

  192. Danielle said

    Madonna-In second grade I got my braces and it all went downhill from there. In fourth grade I got glasses and hit puberty. Talk about awful. I remember kids making fun of the way I sneezed. In 6th grade I had English and reading in the same classroom one period right after the other. All I had to do was switch desks. I left my pocketbook at the other desk. It was sitting in the floor. The girl that sat at that desk the next period opened it up and pulled one of the sanitary napkins out a little and left it like that. I know we were always told to ignore them but I was devastated. I ran out of the classroom in tears. I let them see that it bothered me and that made it worse. I was so unhappy I was laughed at because I never smiled. If I did or if I laughed someone would say, “Well it must be funny if Danielle is laughing.” I was so miserable. I tried everything I could to hide my breasts. All I wore was jeans and a very baggy t-shirt. My sense of style came after high school.

    By the way a few years ago I was a cup size F and I was in so much pain from the grooves in my shoulder to my back and I was very self concious. I consulted a plastic surgeon and had surgery. I am now a very happy cup size C. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I can walk a little taller and prouder now.

  193. Madonna said


    Oh my god woman… I can see why you would not mind if he fell off the face of the earth and I don’t blame you. Trying to deprive you of food while you were pregnant and then doing your kids that way. What the hell was wrong with him?

    How did you meet this jerk and what was he like when you first met him anyway?

  194. elizabeth said

    Ladies my hat is off to all of us who have survived all the horrendous and negative things we have. Every one ofyou has come through with courage and perseverence. We may have been bloodied, but we aren’t broken!!

    Claire, my ex was violent, but was actually scared to touch me because of my son. I thank God every day that he is out of my life. My daughter has grown up to be a beautiful, self possessed young lady, but it took all kinds of counselling and positive reinforcement to undue some of the emotional cruelty she lived through with him. Your children are lucky to have such a strong Mother.

  195. Danielle said

    I feel much stronger and more sensitive to everyone else’s feeling for having that happen to me. I think that is why I worry about everyone else before myself.

  196. DIZEY1 said

    Hey back from lunch, Claire props to the Quad patrol on their move up the ladder of intellect.

    I went 1-8th to Catholic school, navy blue skirts and white blouses and don’t forget those lovely OXFORDS!! 9-11th Catholic ALL GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL can only mean trouble!!! I was busted w/a friend skipping out only did it twice but they frown upon that stuff, and was suspended and didn’t return for senior year. My senior year I went belive it or not to public school at the end of my street. Huge CO-ED school largest co-ed grad. class and no UNIFORMS. I met Melanie (both transfered in from other schools) on the 2nd day there asked her a question and we’ve been together ever since. Still both single but wild and crazy baby. Music & art were my favorite classes, not a big brainy kid, but I’m smart.

  197. Madonna said


    I think we really have a lot in common. I’ve went cross-eyed at two and had to have surgery for that and had to wear coke-bottle glasses. For one year in fourth grade I actually had to have bi-focals. I did not get contacts until I was 16. I was in a bra, not just a training bra at 8. They stopped at a C cup though.

    I was thinking about how schools and teachers respond to bullying. I realize that it is a tough thing to deal with for them, but they can at least try.

    I remember in 7th grade history two different classes would join in one room and we used to watch videos pretty regularly and there was this really popular guy from the other class who would come in sit right behind me and then while his friends watched he would pretty much molest me by running his hands all over my legs and trying to reach between. They would just laugh like hell about it. I told my teacher who was a man and all he did the FIRST TIME I told him was grin about it. I had to tell him four times before he finally saw to it that he was seated separate from me.

  198. lwildstar said

    wow we’re all so much alike! I hated school just in general….in grade school I was one of the “special” students because of my illness – which made me weaker and of course you know how the school system can be – separate the kids for their own good…anyway i spent most of my early years trying to redefine the term “retard” – thankfully i had a very good friend back then who being a major tom-boy had no problems not just sticking up for me but actually laying out anyone that just didn’t get the message – Jr. high was just as rough – my “body gaurd” friend decided that she wanted to change her image and in that “dumped” me as a friend – you know those “hormone years” and I was going through that “who am I stage” and being over weight and still carrying the “stigma” from grade school (even thought my health improved)didn’t help… i threw myself into studying and instead of “retard” I became a “nerd”, not straight A’s but enough………….high school I think was when I decided I didn’t care about what other people thought….i had some how lost most of my freinds during that summer in between jr. high and High school as they all reformed the clichs…….by senior year I only had one female friend and the rest were all BAD BOYS (all image nothing to back it up in most cases) but having them as friends was like having a shield – people just left me alone………i guess that kinda stuck with me – the fewer people you have around you the fewer people to hurt you. I only went to community college and lived at home so I really didn’t get the experince a lot of young people get – now that is one thing I would like to be able to go back and change….
    My 20th high school reunion papers came last year? I threw them away – no one I would want to see or associate with ever again…………i think I’ve only recently have begun to open up and seek out new friends, its not easy when you’re shy but I am trying ๐Ÿ™‚ .
    Now not only have I gone and broken my promise to myself NOT to pop back in til I got home, but I’ve gotten all meloncholy (sp?) again…………….
    oh well …45 minutes to go and I’m home free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. Danielle said

    Oh my God! How awful. One time at the bus stop this one guy in a grade above me was staring at my breasts and saying yep definitely stuffed, they are crooked.

  200. elizabeth said

    I have an off-site meeting this afternoon and I am out of the office all day tomorrow. My mother fell on Sunday and broke her wrist (she is 76). She messed it up so badly it couldn’t be put back together that day and she has to have surgery on it tomorrow. I will be spending the day at the hospital with her.

    I will certainly miss the lively discussion that has been going on and can’t wait to get back on Wednesday to see where the conversation has ended up. Take care all–talk to you soon.

  201. Danielle said

    I hope your mom is ok Elizabeth.

  202. Madonna said


    I am so sorry about your mother. I hope she is okay.

  203. Madonna said


    Kids and even adults sure can be cruel can’t they? Not to get overly religious on anyone but I alway think about the scripture where Jesus says, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”

  204. Danielle said

    Alright guys. I am out of here for the day. Talk to you beautiful ladies tomorrow.

  205. lwildstar said

    best wishes to your mom Elizabeth….take care

  206. Danielle said

    That is a good one Madonna.

  207. DebS said

    Elizabeth-Sorry to hear about your mother. I will keep her in my thoughts…hope the surgery goes well.

    We all definitely have similar experiences. I was one, of what I like to call, “the invisibles.” I was neither popular or unpopular in high school…i jus was. I got along with most everyone (but the really mean girls and boys). I just wasn’t noticed. I had my small group of friends (mostly self described gamers), and was happy enough. I did my thing and was left alone.

    Although, I was in color guard and that was a very uncool thing to do. There was this perception that if you were in color guard you were a lesbian. I always thought that was funny because none of us were. But I thought I could be considered worse! ๐Ÿ™‚

  208. simone taylor said

    Yes Elizabeth, hope your mum is ok.

  209. lwildstar said

    Tango – the crosses came in today! I might be able to email you something tonight… ๐Ÿ™‚

  210. Himmiefan said

    Hello everybody! Made it back from Chattanooga and still didn’t caught in Bonaroo traffic.

    Someone suggested that we go to the Liftime site and download the BT episodes. I’ve been doing that and posted a big thank you on the BT board.

    Vampgirl – being bait is a very important responsibility. You’re the one who has to get to Henry and put the homing device on him so we can find him. We’ll all donate a pint or two of blood so you can carry snacks to him in case he’s been starved.

    Now Elizabeth, you can ride off with him, but you must bring him back. Sharesies!

    Claire’s ex is definitely one of the bad guys. We’ll have Mendoza, Christina, and Norman, and then their flunkies like Moo Guy and the ex.

    As for me, I went to a private girls’ school from 7th grade to 12th. Oh so attractive uniforms! (sarcasm, sarcasm) I was in the Christian group, but our group was so large that we weren’t considered the “Christian geeks.” I was lucky in that in our group, there was a lot of positive peer pressure not to do all the bad stuff. It’s scary how at that age, parents don’t have nearly as much influence as friends do. When I’m a parent, I’m just going to freak!

  211. Himmiefan said

    Lwildstar – my mother was a teacher for 30 some-odd years. I know for a fact that a lot of those “retard” kids actually have high IQs.

    Elizabeth – hope you mom gets better fast!

  212. DIZEY1 said

    elizabeth…hope mom heals quickly. I know of the wounded parent thingy. I’m the caretaker in my family.

    Loveshistory…. WHat happend w/the bride?? Are you wounded, did you get the place clean, oh I know you called that scantily clad model in your bldg. and she came over wearing just a night shirt and cleaned up for you right??

  213. Claire said

    Madonna,when my eldest was 16 she suffered from ovarian cysts.One day one burst and I took her to ER,and the jerk was a security guard that’s how we met.He seemed perfect..even my friends thought so…now in retrospect..looking back..he was too perfect..know what I mean.Oh you don’t have to drive I’ll take you…oh you don’t want to go to that photo shoot…you can do better…in the summer..when I was at work..he would pick up my kids and take them to lunch,dinner etc. Never wanted to let me take the subway to work.
    Then we got married and moved into his big old house…and I noticed little things…but I attributed all to the fact that he didn’t have any children let almost at puberty and two teens…so I chucked up to he needs time to get used to being a Stepdad.Monique moved out at 18,I became pregnant and it got worse and worse.The court had a forensic Psychologist evaluate the family to determine who was telling the truth…they diagnosed him as borderline sociopath…they said I was lucky to be alive..and that my children should never be alone with him.
    Elisabeth…My kids also had extensive counseling…especially Nikki..he messed her up really bad and until this day…she freaks if someone reminds her of him.
    I hope your Mom is ok and heals quickly!
    Dizey Thanks…they are happy to not have gotton any butt smacks LOL!! I was teasing them when I was opening their report cards LOL!

    Himmiefan…I know I’m almost in the menopause squad,but I volunteer to go in with vampgrl…so she doesn’t have to run and carry blood at the same time…she needs her hands free…I will soothe him with sweet nothings in French…and then he can have alittle of mine…he won’t take to much..because he’ll know I have to join you guys after to kick some serious butt!

  214. DIZEY1 said


    Well then I’m getting ready to pack up my stuff and blow this popstand, catch ya’ll when I get home.

  215. simone taylor said

    Oh Claire, I’m so sorry to hear that. They all seem perfect in the beginning…. and then reality sets in. I’m just glad your OK now and I hope the older ones know that not everyone is like their dad. I married a man like my dad, because I knew no better. I try to show my daughter that there is better out there and just to know that and to keep a look out for that. Everyone here has been thru so much. That’s why God brought us all to this palce. We are alot alike in many ways. And not feeling like “it’s only me” is a good thing.

  216. Madonna said

    Dizey1 and Claire

    I’m with you all on that whole Henry/Kyle thing. Don’t get me wrong, Blood Ties is my guilty pleasure and I looove it. Kyle’s portrayal of Henry is superb as is Christina’s, Dylan’s and Gina’s in their portrayals. I think my interest is more with Kyle Schmid. If we ever crossed paths HE would be the one I would meet.

    I’ve seen several of Kyle’s roles now and he is just a fantastic actor, especially considering how young he is. (I don’t see how he did not get nominated as well.) From all the interviews I have seen and heard he just SEEMS so well rounded, respectful, kind and fun loving. That is rare with celebrities, especially young ones.

    In one interview he said something to the effect of “his entire life has been nothing but extreme highs and lows.” I find that intriguing. It may also have something to do with why he comes off sounding so mature and well grounded. Trials tend to make one come out more mature. I also respect how much he tries to put into his art. I think he would be fascinating to sit down and have a conversation with.

    I also find it endearing to hear him talk about his dog, because I feel the same way about mine. She is his baby and his pride and joy. They say you can tell alot about a person by how they treat animals.

  217. loves history said

    one of the defense points in the s copes trial was that thereno reason god couldnt have used evolution as his creation tool after all he didnt make man 1st eveything else later he follewed same order as EV. claire over the years one meets people who able to remder justice to people like your husband.If he livee in Bensonhurst then to find him would be easy.

  218. Madonna said


    They all seem so good at first don’t they? When I met my ex, it was like a whirlwind.

    We met at a week long job hunt workshop, through the state of Kentucky. We got to talking afterward one day and realized that we had a lot in common. We went to the same high school at the same time although I did not know him then. (He knew of me.) Also we lived three houses from each other and had for several years. It seemed like fate. It seemed like an answer to a prayer.

    After a month or so, I started seeing his drug use, but by then I was hooked. I was tired of being lonely. Almost suicidally lonely. I found myself stuck in a relationship that I always told myself I would never get into.

    The worst thing he ever did to me was he held a knife to my throat while he was dog drunk one night, it was scary, but as wierd as this sounds it was not really threateningly done. He was feeling guilty because he had just had sex with an ex-girlfriend that afternoon.

    I’m better off now for having broken it off from him, even though I still get lonely.

    A Garth Brooks’ song comes to mind when I think of him. “Some of God’s Greatest Gifts Are Unanswered Prayers.”

  219. Himmiefan said

    Okay gang, please let me whine for a second. I just got out of a meeting where we were planning a training session on Wednesday and Thursday for the managers in the computer section. There are several really good people there, but a handful of managers think they’re God’s gift to the world and don’t want to be in this mandatory training and therefore they’re going to take it out on me. Trust me on that. l don’t like these people, I don’t want to do this training, why do I have to do it, whine, whine, whine. Maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll come down with the flu, TB, or the plague those days.

  220. Claire said

    Simone…I feel that although I went through hell and almost died,it served a purpose…both my older girls Nikki and Monique are smart as whips when it comes to men.I always told them…don’t ever let someone make you a victim..if your man saids one abusive word,he will say two..if he raises his hand once..chances are he will do it twice..They learned that lesson well.Both are in very good healthy relationships.My son is wonderful to his girlfriend,but he is afraid of having children..he saids with the male role model he had..what if he doesn’t know how to be a father.

    Madonna..You are 100% right on how you see Kyle..I see exactly the same thing..I think its part great parents and part his birth date..When I hear him talk it reminds me of myself at times.
    also listen to the Martina McBride song…Broken Wing..that’s me and everyone else here who didn’t let a man kill your spirit!

    Loves History…I know where he is…he’s living the life in our home that I had to leave.He was taken out of house…but made my life hell fighting over a damn piece of property,I moved out and he was allowed to back home.

  221. Himmiefan said

    Claire – sounds like it worth giving him the house just to get him the heck out of your life.

  222. Claire said

    Loves know what kind of guy he is…the kind that takes a job as a correction officer so he can feel powerful…its easy to beat people who are behind bars..with no rights..and women and children.But I once saw a neighbors husband step up to him..and he ran inside and called the a big sissy.

  223. Claire said

    Yeah it was himmiefan!
    forgot to tell you guys…Julia Roberts,had a baby..guess what she named him?

    HENRY!!!!! LOL!!

  224. simone taylor said

    Claire, too funny about Julia Robert. But I’m glad your ok and your girls at least have an idea of what is out there. Your son shouldn’t worry too much. Even though he had a bad father himself, it will only make him more cautious with his own children, and you are a good model of strength and compassion and I believe that was instilled in him.

  225. Margaret said

    Ok, I feel like I’m a day late and a dollar short-where’s the fanfiction? You leave this board for a few hours and you miss everything.

  226. Vampgrl said

    Vampgirl – being bait is a very important responsibility. Youโ€™re the one who has to get to Henry and put the homing device on him so we can find him. Weโ€™ll all donate a pint or two of blood so you can carry snacks to him in case heโ€™s been starved.

    Aaaaaahhhh…thanks bunches. That sounds like a better plan to me. That way I don’t have to be the snack. Although I wouldn’t say no to a little nibble…hehe

    And DUDE! Just how did we get on this other convo anyways? Okay…more of my stuff…I get the whole thing about the glasses. I first found out I needed glasses when I was in 6th grade, though I tried to ignore it for a while. I just moved all the way up to the front of the class and tried to pretend that nothing was wrong. Long story again short, I got glasses, but being a kid, I picked ones with pink frames. Okay so bad choice on my part. Still, it wasn’t the color so much as the fear of being made fun of, since I know how kids are and I was already being made fun of for wearing leg braces and I didn’t need to add glasses to that. So, I never wore glasses all the way up until I was out of Tech School pretty much, which screwed up my eyes even more than they were before. I’m so near sighted now that I can’t even see half way across the room with my glasses off. Having a job where you’re staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week doesn’t help either. Ugh. Changing topics, I also used to get made fun of when I was a kid ’cause I have more hair on my arms than most people, ’cause I was born 2 months early and that hair didn’t have a chance to fall off. Kids used to call me Hairy. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Lucky I didn’t get my period until I was right around 13, but I had to carry a bigger purse to fit the sanitary napkins in and I was running to the bathroom so much that everyone kinda knew I had it. And I asked a guy teacher if I could use the restroom during class and he said no. Grrrr….that still goes on today. Evil. And I kinda wished schools required uniforms, then I wouldn’t have been made fun of for wearing the clothes I did. Okay so my parents didn’t have as much money as some of the other parents did, and they couldn’t afford brand name clothes. If you weren’t wearing Jordash Jeans and Nikes or Reebox, you were accused of being a Kmart Shopper. And don’t happen to wear the same type of pants in the same week, or you wouldn’t hear the end of that either. I also understand about feeling invisible, ’cause I’ve always felt tha way. Still do. Another bad experience I had awhile back that I never forgot. One day at work 2 of the managers pulled me into the office and told me 30 co-workers were complaining that I smelled like mothballs. We use them in my house to keep out ants and things. We keep them mostly in the closet, on the window sills, etc. Now, because of that, I can’t keep them in my room at all, and I constantly have ants coming in on the window sill. They couldn’t tell me who complained, just that the smell was so strong to them that they started spraying air sprays and stuff and some people were alergic to those. I couldn’t smell anything on my shirt at all besides the stuff from the dryer, so I really didn’t get that. Basically they told me to either stop using moth balls totally, change the laundry detergent, or hire an extermantor if we have a bug problem. Yeah. Right. For ants? I think not. Then they said if the problem continued they’d have to talk to me again. I was so upset after I left the office, that I ran to the bathroom and couldn’t stop crying. Then I called my Dad on my cell and told him what happened. I was a total wreck the rest of the day after that, since they decided to pull that crap on me early in the morning. They have no idea what that did to me. I still never forgot it. I feel like I’ve been picked on all my life and it still continues to some extent.

    That’s why I like being on here. At least I know I’m not totally alone. Thanks for listening to my totally depressing ramble. I just had to get some stuff out.

    Dude. I wish I had a high IQ. Not that I’m stupid, I just failed every exam my Senior year ’cause I just couldn’t have cared less. My last report card was so bad I tossed it. *g* Although, with my job, I feel stupid sometimes. Talk about confusing…hehe

    Done now. Really. Going away now before I hurt myself. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  227. DIZEY1 said

    Claire are you kidding me? Henry!! What a trip I guess it’s that vampire magnetism we find so tempting….. So now she has Hazel, can’t remember the boy twins name unique, and now baby Henry.

    Hey loveshistory, go kick that S.O.B.’s ass!!! Hey and you never said what did your bride do when she came home?? Was the place clean when she got home??

  228. Margaret said

    As far as the Blood Ties Marathon in September, here’s what I got from Lifetime Karen:

    To: margaret
    From: LifetimeKaren
    Date: Monday, June 18, 2007
    Subject: Re: Talk About “Blood Ties”

    The reply I’ve received to your questions is “Nothing that can be confirmed.” Therefore, it is a wait-and-see.


  229. Madonna said

    As to the comment above about my ex. I want everyone to understand that to my way of thinking, I was as much to blame for the relationship as he was. I was lonely, but I LET him treat me that way. That is why I can say I can forgive him, but I never really have forgiven myself for being so weak and stupid at that time in my life.

    Back to the whole Kyle Schmid conversation from earlier. Don’t ever think you can’t run into someone like that. It is a small world after all, and no matter how high a pedestal we put a celebrity on they are all human, just like us.

    The Cincinnati area’s FOX station is broadcast from the building I work in. They do celebrity stories and segments there all the time. I have seen local and national politicians, I’ve seen Jim Belushi outside smoking a cigarette, I’ve seen Tommy Davison from In Living Color. I’ve been in the same building with Ace Young and Jennifer Hudson of American Idol and Josh Hutcherson, the kid from RV and The Bridge to Terabithia. I’ve literally run in to Anthony Muรฑoz, Bengals Hall of Famer. (I was coming out of the restroom and I bumped into him.) He is about 7 ft tall and I’m only 5’3″ so you could basically say I walked face first into his groin. He just smiled. I apologized, hung my head and walked away mortified. All this where I work….

    Maybe I should start hanging around with some of the producer during their smoke breaks. I could pique their interest into doing a story about all the supernatural shows coming out. I could drop a few names….. LOL!!!

  230. lwildstar said

    Himmiefan – no offense to your mother, but personally I always felt it was the fault of the school lableing me and having all the teachers treat me differently in those early years.
    I spent 3years (age 2 to 5) in and out of the hospitals and then spent my pre K in a school just for kids with physical disabilities, by the time I got to Public school I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t accepted – after all my first exposure to school was with kids who were missing limbs or had CP or any number of illnesses (my “first boyfriend” at age 5 had a deasies where he didn’t grow and at age 5 was being carried in a baby carrier)….it never occured to me at that age that although to look at me you couldn’t see that anything was wrong – it was internal – that the other kids would be so crule – I was just weaker than the average kids – it only slowed me down in PE. And then having to go through 7 years in the same school with the same kids didn’t help – no one ever forgets you’re differnt ya know……the problem was the teachers reenforced that “differnced”

    well thats enough ranting…

    TANGO check your email tonight!

    Elizabeth – got your email – replied – no problem!

    Daneille – money order showed up today – I might make it the post office Thursday – will email you to let you know.

    Teresa – went and checked out the Fanfic – good thing I waited til I go home – wow ! but then again if I wrote out my dreams – the computer would melt!

    the movie sounds like its really starting to take shape – with such a diverse group – this could get really interesting!

    ok question: episode three – I watched it again last night because I noticed something saturday that I didn’t notice the first time around – did anyone else think it was strange when vicki and henry go looking for angelic (and find her her in the warehouse) that after henry catches the knife angelic calls him by name?…ok logically angelic could have been told by the guy from bar – but I just found that odd.

    well I’m off for the night – had a rough day at work – my first project after training for the new position, and I made a “booboo” – no one yelled at me or anything and it was easy to fix, but still – I felt like a twit…

    Night all!!!!

  231. Madonna said

    Vampgrl – lwildstar – Danielle AND EVERYONE ELSE….

    You can often judge a society and its people by how its weakest members are treated. I think America still has a long way to go.

    That being said, not a one of us on here are weak. It sounds like we have all been through the mill and tortured by very human conditions. But we have survived, and you know what they say, What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. And don’t worry about not being “normal.” NO ONE ON THIS PLANET IS NORMAL!!!! Everyone has their moments of weakness but you must grasp on to whatever it is that sees you through your journey in life.

    And by god Helen Reddy was right. Just listen to the lyrics in this song.

  232. lwildstar said

    AMEN Maddonna!

  233. loves history said

    well for most of you it was clean for her i got about an hour of abuse wildstar saved me i gave her a moonstone her bithstone and she loved it she may yell and pinch me but when i quit my job to take ateaching job at 1/6 the pay she said go for it ( even though many told her to devorce the bum) maybe she be on this site telling you about her bad choice. but she knew it was my deam and she loved me enough that that was all that mattered.

  234. Margaret said

    Ok, it should go without saying, but let me go ahead and say it. If any of us is ever fortunate enough to meet any of these people that we have grown so attached to a blow by blow account will be required. Notes are to be taken in addition to pictures being taken.

    If we could rewrite the series or the books how would you like them to turn out: Vicki with Henry or Vicki with Mike. I personally would like to see her ride off into the sunset with Henry as he has been so long suffering with her and we’re not even half the way through the first/second season. I truly believe Henry has had the patience of Jobe, for a man or a vampire. It has to be a blow to vamp who is used to women falling at his feet to have someone so oblivious to his charms. Even though we aren’t that far into the shows just yet, I find myself wanting to smack Vicki and tell her to: “Snap Out of It!” I’m sure there would be a line of other women just happy to take your place.

  235. Vampgrl said

    Amen right back at ya, Sista! ๐Ÿ˜‰ See why I love you guys? You are just the bestest! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€
    Oh! Never got to comment on that whole race convo the other day. My Grandmother was Irish, My Grandfather…that is my Mom’s father, was German and my other Grandfather, that is my Dad’s dad was Welsh. So I’ve got Irish, English, Welsh and German in me. I’m only one quarter Irish though. My Mom got more of that than I did. *g* But we did trace our Lineage. We even got a book that shows our family crest and everything. Turns out I’ve still got family in Wales. I still want to go to Ireland though. If anyone ever gets to go, don’t forget to take me…hehe…
    Oddly, I was never into the whole Celtic thing. My friend introduced me to Enya online and I was hooked ever since. I LOVE Enya. I have her Best of album and her most recent ones…and I’m always on the look out for more. *g* I used to listen to a live radio station on my RealPlayer that broadcasted directly from Ireland, I pretty much grab up any Celtic CD’s I can get my hands on, I have a cool catalouge that I can order lots of Irish stuff from, bracelets, necklaces, CD’s, I even bought myself an Irish Beanie Bear. *g* I also love the Celtic Woman CD’s. But I still want to go to Ireland.
    And this is to Claire: I’m still jealous you got to see Riverdance live. I SO should’ve been there. *g* And whoever got to see Celtic Tiger live, Danielle I think it was? I want details…if you can remember some. How was it live? You must spill…hehe… That is my fav show. I didn’t even know about it until a co-worker of mine mentioned it to me. He has all of Michael Flatley’s DVD’s too. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I swear, I just can’t get enough of Celtic Tiger. I’ve watched it like 8 or 9 times already. Now I’ve got to drag the parental units into watching it…hehehe…but my fav artist still has to be Enya. I also bought a Celtic CD once at Walmart for 6 bucks called Trilogy of Fantasy…though I never did find the other two..hehe..except that it’s all in Gaelic so I can’t understand one word they’re singing. Heh. I just like the melodies.
    Okay…leaving now….really…see? This is me. Leaving. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

  236. loves history said

    cani blog o n will someone else try to see if you can do it

  237. Vampgrl said

    DUDE! I’m like totally abusing the poor smiley’s, aren’t I? *g* But totally. For me, it’s Vicki and Henry all the way. Not that I don’t like Mike, drool over him even, but I’m still rooting for Henry. He’s just too sweet and romantic for words. Especially for a vampire. And if Vicki doesn’t wake up and smell the hottie, I’ll sure as Hell take him. I’d be glad to fall at his feet. If only we could all be so lucky. *sigh*
    Okay. Last time. Going now. For real this time. Really. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€ :} ๐Ÿ˜€

  238. loves history said

    in the vicky and henry and V+ mike are too is TV that is creating rateing not the real story it is not tanya it hack writers

  239. Vampgrl said

    Ummm…no problem blogging here. And please excuse that one smiley. It kinda got pummeled by the rest. *g* Anyone know how to make a kick ass smiley with fangs? I think I saw someone do that once..hehe… ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

  240. Madonna said

    My heritage is German, Irish and I have a strong concentration of Native American blood in me. Sioux on my dad’s side, Cherokee on my moms. I come from some very tenacious, mean people. I am also a direct decendent of Zebulon Pike, who was an American explorer. Pike’s Peak in Colorado was named in his honor.

  241. DIZEY1 said

    Loveshistory, I think you married wisely. She sounds like a great woman. You must have loved teaching alot because they are waaaayyy underpayed. My cousin teaches and math is her forte’, she teaches high school and loves it. Sad that we don’t pay enough to the people that save our lives (fireman, & policeman) and we don’t pay the ones who mold the minds of our future. Somedays I’m just amazed at what our priorities are.

    On that note I bid you all adieu’, till the morrow.
    XOXOXOX **Sweet dreams Henri’**


  242. vicki said

    Thank you !! I teach 8th grade reading..and I LOVE IT!!!! But if anyone had told me what some of the kids and even the PARENTS would say and do….WOw!! I would have still become a teacher but I think would have taken a course in Law…just to be prepared for law suits!! LOL…of course I have not been sued…yet!!

    I do have to say that my number 1 pet when someone says “But you get summers off” LOLOLOLOL If they only knew…

    Continuing education classes…recertification book adoption semenars….getting ready for the next year…etc..etc…

    I do get a giggle out of it sometimes

  243. Laurel said

    You all can sure talk! I have been on here reading for another 1 1/2 hours just from the last post I made yesterday. If I don’t post something now I’ll never remember where I left off.
    Elizabeth – I hope your mom’s surgery goes well. I wish I knew what hospital she was at, I could come by and check on you both.
    I must admit I am afraid to go read the fan-fic from the link up above. I think I’ll keep to my own fantasies for now. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You all remind me how lucky I am to have so many good, kind men in my life. My father, grandfathers, uncles and great-uncles have all been incredible, positive influences in my life. Now my husband is that same caliber of man as the ones I grew up with. I count my blessings every time I read the sad and horrible stories of so many of you.
    Not perfect, but always working on being better people. Kindness counts.

    I do have a brother who is a bit odd, but I think he is a good dad, too.
    I would have traded him in on a pony any day of the week! lol

  244. loves history said

    dont reget summer school i taught 11 years one summer no A?C iwould buy abag of ice put it in a waste basket the kids could keep the water cold that way by 1.30 summer days end you could have taken a bath in the melted ice it was warm *t grade what courage 9th grader were horrilble 12th graders who i mostly taught were a dream did anyone try blood blog i cant after 20 never made 1/3 of what i made before is money that important when you pick a man be honest

  245. loves history said

    i think they have closed the blood blog cant post please try

  246. Madonna said

    loves history,

    I am by no means a gold digger, but I do want an intelligent man who can hold a job and HELP provide income and security. Especially considering my medical history. I have no idea how long I’ll be able to remain in the work force. So big bucks? No. Responible? Definitely.

  247. Madonna said

    See guys I told you I’d be around a little more since I was on vacation. I even got a nap today. It was absolutely wonderful.

    But I am ready for bed now.

    So good night and sweet dreams.

  248. Madonna said


    I’d like to eventually see Vicki and Henry riding off in the sunset together too. But I think they would have to wait until nightfall, otherwise it might be a very short relationship. (I know it was just a figure of speech.) I’m just pickin’ at ya. Don’t be mad at me.

    And if I ever did meet anyone, of course you’d get a full account.

  249. Claire said

    Hey Kin…

    Checking in to say Bonne nuit…I just finished watching Alpha Dog with Nikki…what a messed up movie…totally depressing…and a true story..UGH!
    Thank God my kids are smart in picking their friends.
    Madonna…I heard you roar…Amen!
    Loves History…Glad your wife loved her present! you’re lucky! she loves you very much!
    Alright mes amis
    jusqu’aux rรชves de bonbon ร  demain

    love yas

  250. loves history said

    many years ago a little girl (about 90lb) was being strangled by a boy 180lbs if iwait for a secuirty gd she was dead so i stopped him he claimed i was a racist and would sue in fear the princlpe did not call the poilice told me that the contract did not protect me and if the boy sued he would give me a urating itold he was f-k coward and if he gave me a u rsteing the press would find out why the kid was pampered i got an s but was excessed( forced to leave the school)at the end of the year.

  251. msgypsy said

    Folks, I’m not even TRYING to keep up at this point!

    Loveshistory, sounds like you have a good marriage. Mazel tov!

    If anyone wants to read a very interesting interview with Dennis McGrath (Heywriterboy) it’s at He’s certainly a colorful fellow!

    I’m going to need to take a day off from work to do some sewing. No, July 4 isn’t enough. I need a costume for the play, a new set of garb just cuz I have some really gorgeous fabric to use up, something with the yard of stunning burgundy mock silk, and probably another set of garb in black with this beautiful trim I found. And that doesn’t even take into account the birthday presents I have to make!

    Is anyone else getting frustrated at it being June 18 and STILL no word from Lifetime?

  252. Anzia said

    I’m reposting what I posted on the old thread. I’m too lazy to rewrite everything.

    I had LOTS of fun. Got my sister hooked on bollywood music while in Europe. Went to pretty much ALL of the major sites in Paris in 4 days. I walke ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP OF Notre Dame! Thats 400+ steps (or there abouts) on Wed. morning and waddled pretty much the rest of the time. OUCH! anyone! I spent 9 hours in the Louvre. (walked through EVERY wing). Went to the top of the Eiffel Tower (I was actually in the first group of people to go up on Sat. Morning). Saw the Bastille. Shopped at Champs Ellysee. Saw Arch De Triumph & Grande Arch. So much walking. ^_^.

    I think it was either Tango or Dizey that said I was probably getting into a lot of “merde” while over there… um… I plead the fifth on that one ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have well over 100 photos that I took and about 1500 my dad/mom/little sister took combined so… there will be LOTS of pics to share later.

    I also have a few stories. Nina mentioned that ya’ll talked about if the french were nice or not. I’d have to say mostly yes. There was one guy though. OMG. SO FUNNY! I was at the Basilique Du Sacre-Coeur (basilica of the sacred-heart) in Montmarie with my mom and little sister right. Well my mom decided she wanted a bottle of french wine. We walked around a bit and then found this little convenience/grocery store-esque shop with an entire wall and a half of wine bottles. Well we walked in and my mom confesses to not knowing a thing about french wine (duh! mom). SO, I asked the gentleman standing in the doorway (leaning up against the frame with one leg propped backwards against it, one hand in his pocket and the other holding the cigarette dangling from his lips- looked very much like a pose you’d see in a movie) if he spoke english. His reply, the best I’ve ever heard was: “A little, What do you want?” It was great. After we left I laughed so hard. It was AMAZING.

    I’ll have to share the story about the guy on the Metro later. I’m babysitting tonight…

    How have you guys been? Doing anything delightfully naughty since Iโ€™ve been gone?

  253. Anzia said

    Night ya’ll talk at you tomorrow!

    Oh, Claire- we’re not going to washington D.C. anymore ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It was too expensive. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  254. Anzia said

    and what’s this about a movie???

  255. AlisaSG said

    wow. I just had to share this..
    I’ve been really tired lately, and falling asleep early, so I haven’t been missing not seeing the eps Sunday night (on late anyway).

    However, I’ve been able to catch a few glimpses of the 1st 2 eps (that I DO NOT have) from Lifetime’s gracious snippets of the eps in separated portions. Nice.

    was again *very* tired tonight – so much that a few winks on a pillow would have been about a 4 hour nap or more.. got laundry in the dryer too (the non-ironing type that if left in the dryer – they’ll wrinkle.. defeating the purpose of the PermPress cycle – yah think?) :p

    so, I’ve been craving to see more of the eps (1 & 2) that I’ve missed – you know, finding where all those lovely nuances are.. (hee-hee!).. like when Henry finds Vicki and brings her home- first words as she wakes up
    “Son of a b—-!” really..!

    And Henry was so gracious in changing the mood with his ultra charming self.
    Oh.. and he calls her Victoria a lot until the next video segment series, when she okays him to call her Vicki, instead. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    then, there’s that conversation with Vicki about Christina. Vicki DID say “jealous?” and Henry (tried to) denies it – claiming that territorial thing.. and it WAS about a girl that was probably on Christina’s din-din list, too.. sounds like “jealousy” to me..

    anyway, I managed to see about 3 video segments (parts 5-7), and boy THAT was INTENSE! Surely, I could probably fall asleep if I thought about it, now, but those particular scenes woke me up. WOW!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  256. susana said

    teresa you bad, bad girl:) the fanfic…OMG!

    the whol echool conversation…..never wanna do mine again! high school was all girls, very mean girls, i was in charge of discipline and so noone really liked me! too bad for them…if they could see me now ๐Ÿ™‚

    ANZIA!!!!!! welcome back, pics pls soon!

  257. loves history said

    i will that nobody could get away with what they let us kids get away with in school susana

  258. Himmiefan said

    Hi everyone. I’ve semi-recovered from my meltdown (see above). The computer managers had better watch out or they’ll be bad guys in the movie!

    Lwildstar – yeah, schools do have a share of the blame. My sister was, well, is, severly dyslexic and wasn’t treated well. On top of it, she had muscular dystropy, we just didn’t know it at the time, and was made fun of in PE. Of course, she has an IQ of 140, which she doesn’t let her Phi Beta Kappa husband forget. ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for me, there’s nothing wrong with me, and I still sucked at PE. But, I will give it the old college try when we rescue Henry!

    Welcome back Anzia! The movie came about in order to make fun of the icky blood, guts, and gore movies like Saw, etc. The second Hostel movie just came out, and I observed that move monsters don’t attack anyone over 30, and older people need to go in and kick some monster butt. From there, our movie, Elder Hostel took off. (Elder hostels are like youth hostels, just for senior citizens). Any of us over 30 are the rescue team who rescue Henry (it was Kyle, but now Henry) from Mendoza, Christina, Norman and assorted bad guy flunkies. Those under 30 (like you, I think), are vulnerable to the monsters, so you have to be assistants who keep us in chocolate.

    Well, I must go to bed so I can have the strength to have another meltdown tomorrow. Happy Henry dreams!

  259. vampgrl said

    What can we say? I guess we just like to talk? Changed my pic again. I’ll probably do that every day. Everytime I delete the cookies, my link disappears. Grrrr…..

    Madonna said,
    June 18, 2007 @ 7:10 pm

    My heritage is German, Irish and I have a strong concentration of Native American blood in me. Sioux on my dadโ€™s side, Cherokee on my moms. I come from some very tenacious, mean people. I am also a direct decendent of Zebulon Pike, who was an American explorer. Pikeโ€™s Peak in Colorado was named in his honor.

    Hmmm…direct descendant of the guy who Pike’s Peak is named after huh? That is too cool! My Dad’s been to Colorado. I never was. My Dad’s been lots of places I never was. Also notice that almost everyone has Irish in their family somewhere? It always Irish. Wonder what that says about the Irish? *g*
    Funny story…sort of…my Dad says he’s actually related to Jack the Ripper somewhere down the line. His father…my Grandfather…used to tell him that story all the time. My Dad told me. So he’s somehow distantly related to Jack the Ripper. Kinda odd and disturbing when you think about it…

    Madonna said,
    June 18, 2007 @ 8:23 pm


    Iโ€™d like to eventually see Vicki and Henry riding off in the sunset together too. But I think they would have to wait until nightfall, otherwise it might be a very short relationship.

    LOLOLOLOL!!! Sorry, I just thought that was cute. *g*
    Oh and I have to tell you guys about this really odd dream I had last week that I still remember. More on that later…hehe ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ :

  260. vampgrl said

    Hey Anzia! You need to fix your pic link. When you scroll over your name is says Error: File not found. *g*

  261. lwildstar said

    just popping in to say good morning blog kin!
    once again I had to do a speed read to catch up with you this morning….the boss is in and I must go
    no trouble posting on the LT blog – but I have to redo my mebership to get on to the Board.

    LovesHistory – glad i could help!

    talk to you guys later!

  262. Margaret said

    Yes, Vampgirl, pardon my blunder. I should have thought of that, shouldn’t I. Well, maybe we should have them ride off into the darkness. There is something to be said about spending eternity together if you can get over the desire to kill each other but if anyone could do it I’m sure it would be Henry. Besides, look at it, Vicky has teased him to the point of madness with her unwillingness to commit and he hasn’t done anything to her yet, up to and including leaving her confused butt. lol

  263. Danielle said

    Good Morning Dears
    Anzia-Welcome back. So Paris was awesome huh? I am just dying to go to Italy, Rome, Tuscany, Venice. Ahh that would be heaven.

    vampgrl-Celtic Tiger was awesome. OMG! I was in shock that Michael Flatley and I were breathing the same air. That was exciting. Of course I acted the same way when I saw Bon Jovi and Josh Groban. It was a very exhilerating show to attend. Michael was as awesome as ever. Even after kinda letting himself go and gain weight he was still very good. The whole show was astounding. My favorite part was when one of the electric guitar players came out all by himself and played the National Anthem on it like Jimmie Hendrix did at Woodstock I think it was. That part isn’t on the DVD. I have searched for over and over again. I love the wail of an electric guitar. I just get goosebumps. If you have any questions about it I can answer them for you.

  264. nina said

    Hello Blog family,

    Margarat- I agree with you. Henry is definitly the man for that after what Vicki put him through. He really has nerves of steal to be so patient with her ๐Ÿ™‚

    A while back someone mentioned HOT Mario. This is what I found while looking for HOT guys

  265. lwildstar said

    Yes Margaret that would be a short relationship at that – didn’t notice i that the first time i read your post – thats the problem with speed reading.
    My song is playing right now – we listen to a R&B/jazz station here at work – and everythime this song comes on Robin Thicke “With out U” I envision Henry and Vicki…….I wish I could do one of those music video things –
    well go to scoot…………I shouldn’t be popping in anyway.sigh……

  266. Danielle said

    Madonna-Garth Brooks Unaswered Prayers just came on, on my itunes player. Great song!

    You know I have to say I like Henry and Kyle both. Kyle is not so much younger than me that it would be icky. I am only going to be 29. That is 6 years. Actually I think it is closer to 5 because he is going to be 24 soon. Not too bad. I wouldn’t have any qualms about it. They both appeal to me. I have always liked guys younger than me. I can’t explain why. Yes Kyle does seem like a very mature man which you don’t see to often in any age for a man. They just never seem to mature.

  267. vampgrl said

    Margaret: I love what you said about Henry leaving Vicki’s confused butt. RIMCLOL! Heh. Totally though. Henry has loads of patience after what Vicki has been putting him through…with all the brush offs and whatfor. I don’t see how he does it. If I was Henry, I would’ve been all over her by now, and vice versa…hehe…but if anyone can overcome the whole killing each other territorial thing I think it’s those 2. Personally, I don’t get that. I think Christina was just jealous seeing Henry feeding off another woman. If Henry had been feeding off a guy, maybe it woudn’t have been an issue. Either that or Christina is just one HUGE bitca. *eg* I feel a Bitca slap fest coming on…hehe
    But that would totally suck if you couldn’t be together forever. What would be the point? I wouldn’t wanna be a vamp in that verse if I would end up killing the one I fell in love with, or the other way around.
    To Danielle: I am still SO jealous! I would pay in chocolate to see Celtic Tiger live. Seriously. Ummm…it didn’t look to me like Michael Flatley gained all that much weight. I mean, he gained weight but still…of course I’m only going by the DVD. I wasn’t actually there. Heh. And that Amerian Anthem on electric guitar part sounds really cool. Shame they couldn’t have shoved that on the DVD. That would’ve kicked! Maybe they figured the DVD was long enough already. *g* How long was the live show? Ummm…no other questions…just wanted as many details as you could squeeze out. I’m just hungry that way…hehe

    Grrr…dream post later. Ran out of time again. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  268. Danielle said

    vampgrl-I think with intermission it was roughly 2 1/2 hours long. My sister had gotten four free tickets to see it. She went to the casino to get them for me and they told her that they weren’t on sale yet but the host said that he could give her 4 free ones if she wanted. She goes to the casino all the time. They love her there. I went with Kelly, my niece Alli and Alli’s dad. The strip tease part was a little rough to watch with Alli sitting there and her dad throwing out catcalls.

  269. Danielle said

    Wow This place is deader then dead today. Like Henry and Christina and Delphine put together.

  270. Danielle said

    I guess all of you are being good little employees. Me? Everybody in my department is off at the Customer Appreciation Gold Tournament. I have the place to myself. I love it!

  271. lwildstar said

    Danielle – pretty sure I’ll be able to ship on Thursday

    wow it is dead in here — I’m going home early so I’ll check back later and see if things have picked up – I think we are in the begining of the summer slow down- we need something to get us going again!

    talk at you later!

  272. Danielle said

    I meant Golf Tournament

  273. Danielle said

    Can’t wait. I still haven’t gotten my shirt from eBay. Beth has yours arrived yet?

  274. Anzia said

    Hm… I do have some lovely swiss chocolates… I guess I could supply those… ^_^

  275. Madonna said

    Danielle – lwildstar,

    I’m around and will be off and on throughout the day. Since I’m on vacation I slept in a little. Today though, I need to clean. Certainly not my favorite thing to do. I also need to work on research for my book. Maybe I’ll talk to y’all about 2 or 3 today if anyone is around.

  276. Anzia said

    I’m babysitting a sick four year old and an annoying 12 year old so I’ll be pretty scarce today. *sigh*

    have fun…

  277. Danielle said

    Anzia-One of my nieces is 11(Kelley). I can’t wait until she gets out of the annoying phase. She can really get on my nerves. Funny her older sister, she’s 13, never really went through it(Alli).

  278. Madonna said


    I only have a niece, Harley. She is 8. She is and always has been a handfull. She’s smart as whip, but you would not believe the backtalk that comes out of her mouth. I think that has a lot to do with her father and my sister. A lot of negative energy there.

  279. simone taylor said

    Welcome back Anzia ๐Ÿ™‚

  280. Danielle said

    Harley, that’s a cool name. Amber is only four and she is already as smart as a whip.

    I have two nieces Alli(13) and Kelley(11) and two nephews Johnathan(10 next month) and Nick (8 next month). I love them all to death. I can’t believe Alli is going to be a freshman this year. So scary. I was a freshman when she was born. Yikes!

  281. Madonna said

    I was in my final year of college when Harley was born.

    You would think that my sister would be into motorcycles wouldn’t you? Nope she just really liked the name. She found out later that it is old English for “field of hares”, which is really funny considering she loves anything to do with rabbits.

    When my niece was a baby, I kept seeing leather jackets in the stores for babies and children with the Harley logo and an embroidered rose on it. I wanted to get her one especially since her middle name is Rose but I just couldn’t see spending $150-$200 for something like that.

  282. loves history said

    my niece julie she 22 and ia a KO at 59 she a little too tall for my taste but has dark hair which i like

  283. loves history said

    my niece is julie she 22 and a KO with dark hair at 5.9 she too tall for my taste

  284. Madonna said

    You should see Harley. She is really tall for eight years old. Next year she’ll probably be taller than me, and she has long thick dark brown/auburn hair down to her waist. Every time I see it I get jealous, not only because it is beautiful, but when I had the surgery on my head I had to lose about 2 feet of hair. I went through a bit of an identity crisis after that.

  285. elizabeth said

    Hey guys, just popping in for a moment. My Mom’s surgery is going to be tomorrow – she is on some great drugs and trying to find out what is going on was a merry go round.

    Laurel – did you get my email about lunch?

    lwildstar – thank you for the PDF, my dear! You have awesome jewelry!

    I’ll check back with you all later! Toodles

  286. Danielle said

    I had hair like that in 2nd grade and then like I told you my mom had it all cut off. That was too evil.

  287. DIZEY1 said

    HOLY MERDE!!! WELCOME HOME “Z”, WE MISSED YOU. I love the pic’. What is that?? Notre Dame??

    Dani, still no tee. Damn it. I could have woven, painted my own from scratch (if I were domestic that way) by now. I wrote them an email to see if they rec’d my check and they hadn’t gotten it yet. Wassup wit dat??? At least my Blood Moon jewelry and stuff should be here soon.

  288. Laurel said

    Elizabeth – yes! Lunch on Friday is great with me. I don’t care where and will e-mail my phone # again if that helps. How about Red Robin near your place? Give me a time and I’ll be there.
    Which hospital is your mom at? I could meet you near there if that works better for you.

  289. Danielle said

    They got my check because they left me feedback. I sent them an email today to question what was up with the shirts. I have not gotten one back yet. It says on the item page that it may take up to 2 weeks but that is only if they get really busy. It has been at least that though.

  290. loves history said

    no that the secread heart

  291. Claire said

    Good afternoon Blogkin!

    ZZZZZ…bienvenue en arriรจre!! I missed you…I’m so jealous…just seeing your picture…made me homesick!
    So…any hot french guys? LOL!!
    1st day of Summer vacation…already loads of bickering going on….
    I will likely be an alcoholic by summers end LOL!!!!
    chores are calling…see you later!

  292. elizabeth said

    Laurel – how about 12:30 on Friday at the Red Robin in Sherwood? I am not sure about all the details where my mother is concerned. I keep getting confused stories out of her, so it would be better not to meet at the hospital. But, I may just give you a call to chat if that is okay?

    I just popped over to the LT blog. It is still up and running, but I didn’t post anything.

  293. vampgrl said

    Dude. This place is deader than the Bronze on a Wednesday night. *g* And please tell me someone got that joke? Heh.
    Back later. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  294. Danielle said

    Hey where did my post go?

  295. Danielle said

    I said Sorry What’s the Bronze?

  296. simone taylor said

    I remember the Bronze. Buffy right?

  297. Danielle said

    Was The Bronze the club on Buffy?

  298. Claire said

    Elisabeth…I just went over to the blood blog too…what craziness now? Angie saying we’re a bunch of hypocrites over here? What is she talking about? Did we do something to her? I have no patience for that crap.

  299. Danielle said

    I think Angie has gone off the deep end. She is definitely whacked. We invited everybody over here. She is the one that decided not to come.

  300. DIZEY1 said

    Claire…I agree 500% she’s trippin’ out. I almost jumped in to defend us, and thought better not to get involved. I’m not sure what the problem is , she seems very angry. I don’t think it has anything to do w/us or the blog thing. I think she’s got issues or something.

  301. Claire said

    Yah Danielle…she has gone off the deep end…and I clearly remember inviting her over here myself…I can’t understand half the rambles she posts over there..but it seems she’s not happy unless she’s alienating someone.I have no idea why we’re suddenly the blog of hypocrites in her eyes and I really don’t care…but in case Loves History doesn’t understand why some of us won’t blog over there..that is why.I come here to enjoy myself with you guys and talk about our favorite guy among other things…why would I want to blog somewhere where there are always arguments? Did enough of that with my ex.

  302. Danielle said

    That and she has some very racy x-rated comments that I don’t neccesarily want to read about. I have my innuendos but jeez, she doesn’t hold anything back. Her language is something to have concern about also.

  303. elizabeth said

    I just get a little concerned that the tone on the LT blog isn’t the best any more. That doesn’t send a very positive message to the powers that be. I thought about jumping into the foray because I got a little tweeked by the hypocrite comments, but decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. I love it on this site and soak up all the good vibes here. Everyone is so supportive and funny and no matter what tangets we go off on we still always get back to our first love BT and Kyle.

    Lwildstar – believe it or not, the money order is on its way – yea! I can’t wait to get my bracelet.

  304. Danielle said

    Ok I just checked out the Blood Blog. It sounds like LH was defending us to her. Thanks LH. Angie does seem to have a lot of nerve. She hasn’t come here to see what we are all about. She also said something about being to old to be playing games like that. I think she was talking about the movie. She really needs to just lighten up. Maybe she needs to go on meds.

  305. lwildstar said

    home now – still not feeling any better – but I’d rather feel like garbage at home than at work.

    No worries Elizabeth – your bracelet is safely tucked away waiting.

    I’m going to take beads with me to the craftshow this weekend as I have a feeling its going to be 5 hours of roasting under the tent so I may have a few more rosary braceltes by Sunday……..

    Probably will only keep the site up threw July – maybe start it back up in September – we’ll see how things go and if I can keep enough interestig stuff on there.

    Oh I never found the email for the who ever it was who asked me to “reserve” a book mark for them – who ever you were please email me back if you still want one – the chain came in yesturday – I only ordered enought to make three…..I’m going to work up a differnt design to use up some stuff I have around here – I’ve got to start cleaning up my basement office looks like a bead store exsploded!

    Well I guess I shold go take a rest – that is why i came home….at least work was nice about it……..but I learned along time ago that if you aleast put in the effort to come and you don’t start feeling better they usually are cool about sending you home……

    Ok doke Bolgkin – if I’m feeling up to it later I’llpop back in.

  306. Danielle said

    Feel better lwildstar.

  307. Claire said

    Well Danielle…whatever…maybe that’s why all of us “elders” are so much fun..LOL! cause we can still play games and have imagination…I firmly believe when you lose that…you might as well stop living…maybe its better she doesn’t come here…it is positive here..nothing but good vibes…wouldn’t want to see that tarnished..I’m also concerned about what the execs might think..if they’re peeking overthere…heck they might even decide not to let the blog continue in Oct.
    Big thanks to LH!!! for having our back! love ya!
    Yeah Dizey..I thought about it too…but as nice as you guys think I am…I also have my dark side…a very nasty tongue when someone attacks me or those I care about.I don’t like to let that I just kept my mouth shut…it wasn’t worth me getting stressed.

    going over to Henrys Hens..need some laughs.

    back later

  308. loves history said

    there was a death hit angie hard another blogger who nevr never comes here also lost her husband imade ajok e which made angie cry thats me alwaays talking too quickly if i think is funny she feels sense of loyality over there feels a little abandoned.

  309. Laurel said

    Elizabeth – 12:30 is perfect! We’ll talk on the phone later! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wow, Angie is not who I would have chosen to represent the Blood Ties fans.

    Claire we all have our dark side when attacked but most of us have social filters in place to screen for content of what we let out into the world. I, for one, would like to say a number of unpleasant things when provoked, but since you can’t take bake the words once they leave your lips…
    Maybe I can think of something nice to say over there.

    lwildstar – hope you’re feeling better kiddo!
    Thanks loveshistory, for the heads up!

  310. Danielle said

    Claire-We all have our dark sides. I have such a violent temper. I will scream and throw things. Of course I do it in private. Then after all that is out of my system I will start crying.

  311. DIZEY1 said

    Holy Merde’!!!! I’m going to lunch and had checked out Teresa’s fanfic site. Can I say I really should go home know, because that little story messed with me. OMG!!!! Not good to do at work can I say. And also I wish it were me with that Henry. YES HE ROCKS MY WORLD!!!

    Check ya’ll when I come back from lunch. If I make it back…….Thanks alot Teresa!

  312. Brenda said

    So much I’ve missed!
    I don’t get what’s going on but I just wanted to share my love & state that I am not going anywhere…

    I got a new computer & have to wait for internet installation! I’m using a friend’s to login & such, So don’t think I’ve disappeared ๐Ÿ˜‰

  313. Madonna said

    My philosophy in life is to treat others as I want to be treated. No name calling. It gets you no where in life.

    you are so right. Once something comes out of your mouth, there is no taking it back. Even if someone will forgive you your harsh words, they still haunt the memory.

    Loves history,

    I don’t know why she should feel abandoned. She was invited over here. No one left her out. I lurked over there and I followed over here. Besides when you are on dial up you can only wait so long for those comments to load.


    I have a horrible temper too. However, I seldom if ever let it out. I get mad and I start shaking all over, you’d think I was having a siezure. My mother says that she pities the poor person that I finally unleash it on.

  314. Madonna said


    If you’re still there… I tried to send you the postcard, but it didn’t go through.

    Your provider thought it was obscene or spam. If you have any other ideas as to how I can send it to you let me know.

  315. Madonna said


    I also hope you are feeling better. My prescription is to watch two episodes of BT’s and check back in with us later.

  316. Danielle said

    Beth-I just a got a message back about the t shirt. It got sent this week. Hopefully I will be seeing it soon. She said it takes 10 days for checks and money orders to clear. I think you ordered yours before I did so you should be seeing your any day now.

  317. vampgrl said

    simone taylor said,
    June 19, 2007 @ 9:45 am
    I remember the Bronze. Buffy right?
    Danielle said,
    June 19, 2007 @ 9:46 am
    Was The Bronze the club on Buffy?

    YAY!!! You guys got it!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ I was hoping someone would. I was afraid I would have to break out my big stick of death and get medieval on your patookies. *g* Hmmm…missed out on the whole Blood Blog thing. Only went there once or twice. Don’t like the background. All that white on black plays havok with my eyes. And my poor ancient pc has trouble loading the page. Last time I tried to scroll through all those messages, I got the Blue Screen of Death. Ugh. Haven’t been over on the LT board either. It seems like everyone over there is getting bitter too against Lifetime. Myself included. No offense to anyone who watches AW, but I REALLY wish they’d stop running the crap out of it. I feel it’s better that I stay off of there before I say something really really bad. Better to hang out here. :()

  318. Danielle said

    Madonna-It isn’t good to leave all that emotion bottled up though. That is why I leave and go home or when I was living at my parents I would escape to my bedroom.

  319. vampgrl said

    And please excuse my grammer in the previous post.
    That went WAY beyond bad. *g*
    And shout out to Cario2…if you’re still here. Sorry. No LT board for me. If I go back over there, things could get ugly-er. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  320. Laurel said

    Why do some of us end up crying when we are really angry?
    All that steam, from temper held in check, condenses and leaks out of the eyes.
    More a sign of strength than weakness.

  321. Danielle said

    vampgrl-Is there some sort of prize for Simone and I? What did we win?

  322. Danielle said

    Laurel-I think it is a female thing.

  323. Madonna said


    I think a lot of it is just way that I was raised. My father is the same way. We were in a car accident once, it was how I sustained my back injury. He got out of the car to face the other driver, his face was blood red and he was trembling like a leaf.

    That’s not to say that I never let any of it out, just not the full fury. Just ask the poor girl I work with. She is really, really, really nice to me now.

  324. Danielle said

    Alright guys. Since it is the end of the day and no one is here I am going to skip out early. Talk to you all tomorrow. Have a wonderful Henry filled night! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  325. simone taylor said

    Yeah Vampgrl—how about an hour for Danielle and I with Henry?????

  326. Madonna said


    How is your dad? Was he ever able to get some affordable antibiotics?


    I hope everything goes well with your mother’s surgery.

    They are both in my prayers.

  327. DebS said

    Hey all! It has been a busy day at work so I just now sat down. I skimmed the blog.

    Z!!! It is great to have you back. Glad that you had such fun in Paris. Can’t wait to see pictures.

    As for the LT Bloodblog. I was always a little uncomfortable with angie. I mean she almost made several of us leave the blog when the show was still on because of how rude she was to people. When we first moved over here I still visited the blog for a few days, but as soon as the show was over she just let loose and became even harder to digest. I am sorry that she feels abandoned, but we did invite her to move with us…she was the one who chose not to come.

  328. DebS said

    Oh and the cutest thing happened to me last night. I live in an apt inside of a residence hall, and during the summer different camps come to our campus. This week a children’s church camp is taking place, and the boys are living in my building. I came home last night and standing in front of the door was this cute 6 or 7 year old. He immediately took soldier’s position in front of the door and told me, “You are girl. Girls cannot come in this building. It is the boy’s building.” It was the cutest thing ever!!!!

    I explained to him that I lived in the building and that I wouldn’t be around the boys so it was okay for me to come in. I explained that my apt could be a “girls only” apt for the week.

  329. I knew there was a reason I hadn’t been by the Blood Blog this week.
    I too have a very bad temper and I’m sure whatever she said would have set me off.
    *sigh* Some people just can’t let others be happy.

  330. loves history said

    will you lay off angie ok a lot makes me mad the many of you coo over henry is one thing ive 2 preatty boys who knew how to get what they wanted from women and have them loved for doing one icall Mr evil the other make moo guy and claires husband look like a saint he deserved to die. claire huband sound like he need some broken bones it p-d me
    the comment have a henry filled night he is avampire he wants blood not love tanya picked mike not me why do think she did? comment on that not what hack tV writers have put henry thru on tv mike not getting it either and all he wants is vicky not her and her blood but not one comment for him only for the preatty boy

  331. simone taylor said

    There are some people that want everyone to be as miserable as they are. We are a hopeful, happy group here. “we dont need no stinking negativism here.”

  332. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Madonna, dad’s having a port put in today for the IV antibiotics, and hopefully it will go through Humana. They gave them a scrip yesterday and that would have been over $400.00. Can’t afford that either. it is obscene that anyone should be expected to pay that amount of money for medicine. What do you not pay the mortgage, or the light bill or buy groceries. What do they expect people on fixed income to do?? I’m flabbergasted (SP???)

    Anywho……enough of my whiiining. I’m still tripped out by that fanfic stuff that Teresa found. Some people have such imaginations huh????

  333. DIZEY1 said

    Loveshistory, I’m sorry if you think we said anything that was wrong or hurtfull I do apologize. Angie’s well I don’t know what she’s doing. I’m sorry you think you have to defend her. She’s a big girl. We’ve always told her to come on over & she chose not to. Anyway what’s up with the “Pretty Boy” thing dude??
    You don’t like him because he’s pretty??????

  334. loves history said

    so now you hate me for my”stinking negativsm”where i come from you stand by your friends when they are in the dumps and others hurt them

  335. vampgrl said

    simone taylor said,
    June 19, 2007 @ 12:16 pm

    Yeah Vampgrlโ€”how about an hour for Danielle and I with Henry?????

    Ummm…sounds good to me. Have at it then. *g* I’ll supply the melted chocolate and assorted goods. ๐Ÿ˜€

    To Dizey1: care to share what fanfic you were reading there? Heh.
    To Loves History: Umm…did I happen to miss something there? I never said I wouldn’t go after Mike. I would SO jump all over Mike if Henry wasn’t available. ๐Ÿ™‚ That being said, Henry can have my blood anytime. Like he said, a man has to eat…hehe

  336. vampgrl said

    Dizey1 said: You donโ€™t like him because heโ€™s pretty??????
    Heh, don’t hate me because I’m pretty…hehehe ๐Ÿ™‚

  337. vampgrl said

    Oh and Loves History? Please don’t be negative. After all, I probably have enough negativity for this whole board. *g*

  338. DebS said

    I vote to just leave Angie out of conversations. This happened last time at the blood blog when her name comes up everyone has a different opinion. She is definitely entitled to her opinions and so is everyone else here. I don’t want to see anyone upset to the point that we all start leaving the blog again.

    I do feel bad that she felt abandoned, but the reason we moved the blog was because it was so hard for some of us to load that blog. Ms.Gypsy was kind enough to open up her blog home to us and we are kind enough back to respect her and keep this generally clean.

    LH-You have been awesome here! I wouldn’t want to see you leave. Your opinion is valued! ๐Ÿ™‚

  339. DebS said

    On to other things…I know many of you have sent postcards to Lifetime. Are you just sending any postcard you can and sending them…or is there some kind of “special” postcard you are sending? Just curious. I haven’t participated in that yet, and might want too.

  340. elizabeth said

    Loves History – I am sorry you felt you had to defend Angie and you are right, that is what friend do. It is unfortunate that our joking, daydreaming and plain fantasy about Henry bother you. This is all harmless fun and Henry is the focus. I am sure there are plenty of sites out there that do the same for Mike. And, at the risk of getting myself blasted, this is only a TV show – not real life. Given the real horrors many on this site have lived through; a little fantasy is okay. Angie can express her opinions, but by the same token, so can we. I vote we move on…

  341. DebS said

    Wow! It is quiet this afternoon. I just got Season 2 of Stargate Atlantis in the mail today. I am going to have great evening!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  342. Margaret said

    loves history: If you read the books you will find that both Mike and Henry do love Vicky. As far as the pretty boy thing-not only is Henry pretty, he is soulful, and he’s been quite patient with Vicky. If all he wanted was Vicky’s blood he would have taken it long ago.

    As far as Angie goes, like someone said, she’s a big girl, she has dished plenty of her own. It does none of us any good for Lifetime, Kalidescope, or any of the others that monitor us to think we’re just a bunch of crazy people. Crazed for Blood Ties-yes. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you and we are looking for something from Lifetime so it makes no sense to be unpleasant with them.

  343. Anzia said

    The pic is The Basicilica of the Sacred Heart in Montmarie. It’s the place I was visiting when that guy said, “yeah, a little. what do you want?”

    I did see a few really hot french guys. There was one. OMG! I about dropped where I was standing. He had just gotten off his motorcycle/motor bike and had his helmet was in his hand. He had the most gorgeous curly/wavy brown hair! He was dressed REALLY well! Black pinstripe suit! He actually looked A LOT like a bollywood star but –WOW– I stumbled on the sidewalk. Oh, to have been THAT bike!

    There was also this guy on the subway. *giggles* He was sitting so that I could see his reflection in the windows. Which, means that he could see me. Which explains quite a bit. He was wearing blue jeans and a white & blue striped (horizontally) collared shirt- tucked into his jeans with a brown belt and brown shoes. (I really do pay attention to details… i’m not COMPLETELY creepy ^_^) He wasn’t particularly cute but something kept drawing him to my attention. So, I spent quite some time watching him out of the cornor of my eye. Suddenly, there was this tiny (and totally adorable) smile on his face. That’s about when I realized he could see me reflected in the window. I turned away, and found him in my window- smile still there, glancing over at me. So, i had my own cute little knowing smile on my face for a while. Until I got off the metro, we played that game. It was rather interesting. ^_^

    So, sad news… I got the official letter from the law school I applied to telling me that I didn’t make it in. Not that i’m really surprised but, still kind of sad. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Let the great Job Search Begin…

    This pic is the Champs Elysees. I know I should have mentioned this earlier but these aren’t my pics. I found ’em on the ‘net. I haven’t gotten mine uploaded yet. Sorry.

  344. DIZEY1 said

    Loveshistory…. Don’t you go gettin all touchy on me. I do believe in taking up for your friends when they need it. Angie doesn’t like us I guess. Not the other way around. And cut out the negativism (SP) remember me the optimist put a smile on that face dude we love YA!!!

    Vampgrl, loveshistory doesn’t like our pretty boy. Not sure why. Pray tell us why you don’t like our Pretty Henry. Oh and the fanfic is up in yesterday’s post by Teresa, it’s an LJ site. But I warn you little girl you’ll need some alone time when you’re done. With that ENJOY!!

  345. Claire said

    Amen Elizabeth…I second that emotion…Loves History…like I said the other day…I have a soft spot for you…so chill…our gushing over Kyle/Henry is a way to bring a little fun/fantasy/stress relief into our lives,we don’t all have the amazing luck to be married to someone as wonderful as you did.I also once told you that contrary to the lust and craziness we exhibit here…I don’t find men attractive just because of their looks…not all pretty boys are bad LH!…and not all not so good looking guys are good.Look around you LH..look at this world and some of the things we’ve gone through and seen…there’s nothing wrong with a little fantasy.
    And we’re not jumping all over Angie sweetie..just expressing concern,and opinions.

  346. loves history said

    its not that he ispreatty its your reactions he said himself ”dont forget what i am”woman are most vunable to someone like him i seen from expereance the devastion left in his wake . i never left anyone devastwed i was always was thuthful up front i want this i dont want that what ever i dint want women to hurt them or to steal from them or just to dominate them if they ever lied to themselves thats there problem.

  347. elizabeth said

    Anzia, I am so sorry about the law school. This just means that something special is around the corner waiting.

  348. Anzia said

    what fanfic? i’m confused…

  349. DIZEY1 said

    “Z” girl glad your trip was everything you hoped it would be right down to the fine FRENCH MEN!!

    Sorry about the law school thing, but it’s that perverbial fork in the road. Step up to the plate and take a swing. Life is waiting for you.

  350. Anzia said

    Thanks Elizabeth. I hope something special is coming… i’m going nuts with worry about everything. Being the worrywart taht I am… this is furtile ground for a freakout. Which is fast approaching so all be warned. It’s going to be a rocky summer if I don’t find something soon…

  351. Anzia said

    OH, I’ll take a swing alright… like I said, I’m already going nuts… I have NO CLUE what to do with all this “free time” on my hands.

  352. DIZEY1 said

    LH got it. I thought you just didn’t like him. It’s the Pretty Boy personna the ego, the attitude of said “Pretty Boys” that you don’t like. But not all pretty boys (Kyle/Henry) are love em’ & leave em’ type, he’s just so damn pretty LH. I just like to look at him.

  353. loves history said

    yes i agree henry loves vicky in the books (the fact thats he henry the VIII son scares me a -little the tudors were not the best people) imight have a thing because of those i vemet i have a talent for saying the wrong thing after my wife and 1st had sex after knowing each other for several months she said why didnt we do this sooner i gave her a thurthful answer”” i am not really attracted to beautiful blondes”” she inflicted instant pain when i said that ( itold you the preatty ones are dangerous) needless to say i was not welcome back in her bed for some time.

  354. elizabeth said

    I agree Dizey1 – my son is very good looking, or so I have been told, and he is definately not the love em’ & leave em” tpye. He was taught to respect women and (believe it or not) he genuinely likes women. The funny thing is he has trouble finding a steady relationship because most of the women only want to play games. It totally baffles him and has led to some very interesting conversations between the two of us. He will find the right woman eventually and she will be one lucky girl. Gee, do I sound like a proud momma, or what?

  355. elizabeth said

    LH – I think I like your wife. She sounds pretty terrific.

  356. DIZEY1 said

    Anzia 1st thing you do is scroll up to yesterday’s post and find the one from Teresa it has a LJ site link. That’s the fanfic she found. Come back after you read it and let me know waht you think!!! That should put a smile on your face and a McLUSTY in your heart.

  357. Claire said

    Anzia…so sorry about law school…I’m going to get all sage and parenty on you ok? When one door closes..another one opens! Ok thats enough grown up LOL!!

    We are the proverbial optimists here remember? OOOH your picture…I used to live on Rue St.Germaine near the CHamps Elysees…homesick now..

    LH…I get care about us..but LH we’re big girls and after what I’ve been through,there’s no way anybody pretty boy or not,is ever going to get over on me again.Henry is a character LH,he is not real,we know that,and no I don’t forget what he is…but he does have a heart…so to speak…he is not consciously evil…and like Dizey said if all he wanted was Vickis blood,then he would have taken it…against her will.As for Kyle..if we met him and he was a jerk then I’m sure all of us would not give him a second thought.But he is nice to look at…and seems to have his head straight..LH..I’m sure you have been guilty of lusting over pretty girls…even though some of them are evil B****s..
    that doesn’t mean that you would actually go for someone like that.It’s all just eye candy babe..WE love you.:) ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  358. DIZEY1 said

    LH I love ya dude!! What a breath of fresh air. I thought only women were honest. I don’t know many men that really speak that honestly. And I bet you weren’t welcome for a while. It takes big ones to speak up and be honest even though it cost you in the long run.

    Elizabeth how old is your young man?? He sounds like quite a catch. And you should be proud, to have raised a good man.

  359. simone taylor said

    No, loves history…..I just mean it in general. Lots of people try to say mean and hurtful things to bring you down to their level. We love you here. I know that your health is causing you pain, and we just want you to be well and happy. I never meant anything by it. But I remember Angie was causing trouble over there and I would rather not have her messing up this place.

  360. Rifkind said

    I’m so glad that your Dad is getting IV antibiotics. He needs to get that infection under control or he could lose more of his foot or worse.
    Light and Love being sent to you and your family.

    Welcome back!
    So fun to read about your little flirting on the metro.
    Condolences on the Law School, don’t get too panicked about the JOB front. Something will come your way.


  361. simone taylor said

    Anzia, sorry to hear about law school, but your metro story was a good one. Sometimes when one thing happens there is better just aroung the corner. ๐Ÿ™‚

  362. Claire said

    Oh do sound like a proud Momma and rightly so! I too have a really good looking son..even with no hair and scar on head from brain surgery..and he is a wonderful young man…he has never cheated or mistreated anyone..after all he saw that happen to me.I also have had many interesting conversations with him..I’ve also held him when he cried over his ex girlfriend cheating on him…while he was in the hospital…boy I wanted to punch her lights out! But now he has Brittany and he treats her like a Queen! as he does all his women big and small…it’s what he calls me and his 4 sisters and niece! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Loves History..don’t you dare feel unliked here…you know how we feel.

  363. Himmiefan said

    A lot of what Loves History is saying is true in real life. I was just thinking about that the other day. My longing, love, devotion, and slobbering over Henry is fantasy. Of course, I’m attracted to the character because the character himself is not a slam-bam-thank-you-mam type person like a lot of guys. Now, it is true that our Henry does bed some ladies just for some fun and a drink. He is, though, in love with Vicki and would be faithful if she entered into a romantic relationship with him. Now, in my fantasy world, Henry and I have had a talk about the revolving door into his bedroom, and he admitted that sleeping around is just a temporary fix for the terrible lonliness that comes with being a vampire. He desperately wants a true, long-term relationship with a woman. At that point, all I could do was give him a hug and a big kiss. I’ll let ya’ll know where we’re registered for wedding gifts. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am big-time rambling today. Basically, I can spot a player, and I’m not impressed by them. That’s the real life part I was referring to up above.

    As for Angie, I do hope whatever is going on with her gets better. We always welcome anyone who wants to hang out here and have fun.

  364. DIZEY1 said

    Catch ya’ll when I get home.

    Later, aligator!!

  365. Rifkind said

    My Dad was also on some very expensive medicine. It was $7,000 every 8 weeks! It was also an IV drug administered at the hospital. He was on medicare and had a hard time finding a โ€˜โ€PLANโ€ that covered the cost of his medicine. Each year, when the medicare plans were revised, he would find out that he had to switch plans & doctors to new ones that covered the medicine. And then he had the costs of his other medicines too..
    It isnโ€™t cheap!

    My Mother-in-law was on fixed income and couldnโ€™t afford her anti-cancer medicines after having breast cancer and radiation. She never told anybody. She just quit spending the money on the medications. The cancer came back in her lungs and killed her.

    I suspect that when the baby-boomers get to retire, that very few people will be able to afford the medicines.
    Gotta work on staying healthy!

  366. Himmiefan said


    I spent a year in law school back in the 90’s. I call it “serving time.” I never should have gone in the first place. My LSAT scores were just high enough to let me squeeze in. Once I got there, I was so frustrated because no matter how hard I studied, I still would analyze a court case differently from the teacher. What seemed clear to me was incorrect in the teacher’s eyes. So, use this as an opportunity to stop and decide if you’re meant to go into law. If so, then great. If not, then you’ll find your path; I gaurantee it (mine is apparently not as a great speller, but anyway….).

    I ended up working full-time and working on my masters part-time. I finally went to grad school full-time for a year and finished with an MS in I/O psychology, which is human resources and training. I enjoyed it much, much more than law school.

  367. Anzia said

    Just read the fanfic… Well, that blows my dance scene to smithereens (spelling is such a hassle!). I’m still working on the dinner scene i promised ya’ll. Don’t get your hopes up though. Not going to be ANYTHING like that was!

    I’ve know quite a few of the “love ’em & leave ’em” types. I’ve been lucky in that respect. I’ve never fallen victim but I’ve definitely been there holding the pieces of my friends after the damage was done. That’s why I like the character Henry. He isn’t like that. He doesn’t put on pretenses of forever. He’s like you describe yourself Loves History. He’s honest about what he wants. At least that’s how I interpret him to be.

  368. elizabeth said

    Dizey1/Claire – my son is 24. He works at a job that takes him in to a lot of peoples homes and he told me he was in one where it was a houseful of women (single mom) with one son. The boy was pretty young and Justin stopped to talk to him for a moment. He told the boy that he was lucky to be raised in a houseful of woman and that he would realize that as he got older and started to like girls. He told this kid it was how he learned to talk to women and to understand them. He also added that understanding them was WAY harder than it looked. He can be too funny at times.

  369. lwildstar said

    wow I’m out for a couple of hours and look at all this!
    Maddonna – tried your prescription but only managed half of Love Hurts before – well lets just say there was no way to watch tv from where I ended up for a while – feeling better now and will start the dvd over ..

    LH – I’m very sorry that you were upset about whatever was said about Angie – personally I’ve not paid all that much attention to her posts so I really can’t make a comment on them or any ones reactions to them – we are a very passionate and vocal group – and I think passion is what drives us – not just the passion for this show, the charactors, the eye candy – but our passion for life. Many of us – if I read correctly – have only recently gotten that passion back, myself included….and some of that IS because of this show – the charactors say things to each other we wish we could say or have said to us – and we’ve found a little “family” of fellow “nuts” that we feel comfortable with expressing this new found passion. And like ALL families there will be disagreements, fights, arguments, we find the need to protect and comfort each other, and everything else that goes with that, BUT when all is said and done we forgive and move on – we have soooo much more in the world to worry about than that.
    I have so few simple joys each day (really I only have one and thats the odd chance of seeing Paul – he looked so yummy today and I felt like garbage – didn’t even flirt with him sigh….) Ok got side tracked, what I was saying is that I look forward to coming here – reading your thoughts & sharing mine – just being “me”, it bums me out to see , well postings like above, but if we are going to openly voice our opinons and passions on EVERYTHING were going to have to take it all with a grain of salt.

    Now that I have gone all Mother-y on the group – I think its the light headedness from being sick, I would like you all to “kiss and make up”.

    So now if I can manage to keep another cup of tea and some crackers down – I’m going to go finish Love Hurts, and crawl in to bed…..

    Night all, be good, and “see” you tomorrow…….luv ya!!!!

  370. loves history said

    anzia sorry to hear about law school at your age i had no direction didnt want to do any thing but play cards i was lazy and hated daylight i hadalittle club and i ‘played” went to grad school when i did get a job i got it by going to work withmy bridge partner and i made BIg bucks went to the office whrn my boss got up and played lots of bridge but was unhappy. so i quit in my mid 30s towork hard for no money as a teacher and i loved it the point is something is out there so few take the time to find or are willing to take a risk when i they find it,if that makes me” a lazy bum wellso be it.

  371. elizabeth said

    lwildstar, I hope you are feeling better soon.

    If it helps Anzia I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I have had many different jobs and plenty of experiences. I just kind of landed in the position I am in right now and I enjoy it tremendously. If the Law is something you truly want to study then you will find a way. you just might take a little detour along the way *grin*

  372. Madonna said


    DebS said,
    June 19, 2007 @ 1:40 pm

    I do feel bad that she felt abandoned, but the reason we moved the blog was because it was so hard for some of us to load that blog. Ms.Gypsy was kind enough to open up her blog home to us and we are kind enough back to respect her and keep this generally clean.

    LH-You have been awesome here! I wouldnโ€™t want to see you leave. Your opinion is valued!
    I’m here because I love the show. I need the friends, the support, the light and the fantasy. I need all that stuff to help me keep finding that hope I’m always talking about.


    I designed a Blood Ties postcard. If you are interested, I’d be happy to email it to you. Just post your email for me.


    The prices of all those medications and the cost of health care in general is astonishing. My company was bought out by Cox Enterprises this past year, so when the company changed hands we also got new insurance. There was a lapse of about a month and a half when we had no prescription coverage. I take 6 medicines on a daily basis. My cost for that time span was over $1,200. I was flabbergasted. As I said you can often judge a society by how its weakest members are treated, and America has a long way to go.

  373. loves history said

    anzia honest does not mean alls good lets iwas a sadist( im not) i not wanted somebody who liked being tied up and wipthed is he good if your friend was willing to be beaten would you want that if your sister wanted to jump off the goldengate bridge would you let her go. not that you could really stop her if that was what she wanted.if a man said no kids or no me he honest would you marry him if you really wanted him and if you did might not you regret it .later.

  374. Himmiefan said

    Lwildstar – sounds like you’ve got a bug. Hope you feel better!

  375. lwildstar said

    just popped in before I go to bed………Henry is deffinatly good medicine – but now I’m hungry – ๐Ÿ™‚ – hopefully by morning I’ll be feeling better –
    Called my mom (funny that no matter how old you are you call your mom when youre sick) she thinks I have a mild case of food poisoning from the salad…wouldn’t surprise me.
    Thanks for the well wishes talk to you guys tomorrow.

  376. Madonna said

    loves history and everyone else,

    It took me a while to come up with the right way to word my comment and this is only my opinion.

    As far as a Pretty Boy is concerned, I believe that EVERYONE has certain physical traits that they are attracted to. It is that little something that sets your heart to beating faster and gets your blood pumping. A certain type if you will. I believe that even you LH has said that your type is a woman of average height, long dark wild hair and an ample bust. So don’t be mad at us ladies for seeing a “type” that we have found attractive. It is only the romance and the fantasy of it all for us.

    That attractiveness goes down exponentially if he or she, whatever your preference, is conceited or arrogant.

    Be it Henry or Kyle Schmid that you are fascinated with, he just SEEMS like a sweet guy. One that even though he is attractive, doesn’t let that get in the way of how he treats other people, especially women.

    I know I mentioned this on Saturday when I was feeling down, but I find it saddens me to think that society and some of the pretty people out there think that overweight people are not worth thier time and are not to be noticed. Like we are beneath them. That is why I hate the ratings system so much. If I am a “4”, does that mean that I am not worth the love and affection of a “9” or “10”? Does that mean I should stick with my own kind? Does that mean I’m sub-human?

    That is why I like Kyle Schmid so much. He is a young, attractive, seemingly mature man who does not give off the impression of a jerk. He seems to value and care about his fans, no matter who they might be.

    Okay that is my rant for the day….

  377. DIZEY1 said

    Hey ya’ll pretty bad storms going on for about 2 hrs now. My pc’s down so I’m on my mom’s laptop. I guess it’s back on the phone w/Dell.

    Elizabeth, your son sounds very wise for his 24 years also. And there’s a lot to be said about being raised by a house full of women. I know many whether it’s deadbeat dad’s( my sister in law), or dad’s who say they’re not the dad. Their loss, huge friggin loss at that. My sister in law’s dad has never seen my nephew Logan, he has no clue what he’s missing. I adore my Logan, he and I are tight. He’s all of 6 but very wise for his years .

  378. Tango said

    Claire, no doubt you are the best French teacher Henry has had. Henry a appliquรฉ les leรงons que vous lui avez enseignรฉes avec un tortillon spรฉcial. Donc je dis merci pour รชtre un si bon enseignant! J’ai apprรฉciรฉ les fruits de votre travail! Labor of love that is.

    You are definitely the poster child for โ€œWhat doesnโ€™t kill us makes us stronger!โ€ Your face will forever pop in my mind every time I say that now. As Iโ€™ve said before, you should write a book on how to overcome adversity. The more you reveal about your life the more it seems that your experiences is what has molded you into this supermom that you are. Being the mother of quads is not for the faint of heart, so I donโ€™t doubt that you, Claire, can handle anything they, or anyone else for that matter, throw your way.

    Z! So glad youโ€™re back sweetie! You were missed. I canโ€™t wait to see the pictures and to see the โ€œdinnerโ€ scene youโ€™ve been working on. You did promise, and thanks for that. Now I need to go back and read the dance scene again. It sounds like your trip was fabulous. I would love to spend time in the Louvre as you did. Your metro experience sounds like a scene on a movie. So no numbers were passed?

    Sorry you didnโ€™t get into the law school you wanted. It might just be that you were meant to go to a different law school, or you may have a different destiny altogether. Before the current career path that I am on now, I stayed in a dead end job that seemed to be geared for those who were willing to compromise their principles to get ahead. Therefore I wasnโ€™t succeeding there, making comfortable money, but not the kind of money to be comparable to the effort that was being put forth. It had to get to the point for a new inexperienced manager to come in and make things miserable for everyone for me to make a change. It was a scary decision for me to make because my hubbyโ€™s workmanโ€™s comp was ending and this was going to be the only income for the house, so it was a total leap of faith. Now I am working for a company who really appreciates itโ€™s employees making twice as much as I use to and in a much happier work environment โ€“ not a dog-eat-dog one like before. I say all this to make this point ~ if you truly want to get into law than do what you need to do to make your dreams come true, but donโ€™t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and take a chance if certain doors close and unfamiliar doors open. I wish you the best in this journey you are on and know you will be great in whatever endeavor comes your way.

  379. Anzia said

    loves history- First of all, sexual gratification from pain and suicide are two completely different things. You can’t compare the two. And you definitely can’t If the people are consenting then there is no reason nor right for me to condemn. Or judge them in any manner at all. If my sister tried to commit suicide I’d move heaven and hell themselves to stop her. If a man told me that i couldn’t have kids if I was with him then there would be two problems. 1) he didn’t know me that well and 2) i would stay unless I REALLY loved him. But, I would rather have that information BEFORE i got married to him than not. Honesty is not a bad quality to have. It may not be used nobly but that doesn’t mean that a person expression something honestly is a bad person. Again, it doesn’t mean that s/he is a good person either. It’s just a good trait to have. Which was my point and will continue to be my point. Henry is not a fake. He’s honest with his vamiric desires. He’s honest with his desire. He’s honest with his love. He’s also honest with his violence, evil, guilt, anger, fear, etc.

  380. Tango said

    Hey Diz – it appears that I missed a lot while I’ve been out for the past couple of days. I am sorry your father is still struggling with infection. I certainly hopes he gets that under control quickly. I can also relate to high medical expenses as we’ve had over $20k in out-of-pocket expenses in the last two years. Does your mom or dad have flexible spending through work? It’s a tax program under Section 125 of the IRS that allows them to set aside tax exempt dollars into a savings account to spend on out-of-pocket medical expenses. He is a perfect candidate for this program. They should check into it. It will save them about 40%.

  381. Anzia said

    tango- ahhh, ^_^ you’re a sweety. I think that’s what’s going on actually. I was questioning whether I wanted to go to law school ’cause I wanted to or because I’ve said so for so long. I’d love to do some kind of editing but I don’t have experience doing that. I’m editing a book a friend wrote. An entire novel. I about died when she asked me to. I was so honored. Then another friend wants me to do it for them… we’ll see how it goes. ^_^
    I really just want a job where I can help people. As korny and naive as it sounds, that’s what I want to do. I just want to do something to make people smile.

  382. prtfvr said

    Hey! I need you guys to help me out. I’ve put up a chat room on Hen’s and I need some volunteers to check it out – don’t know if it works.

    To you brave volunteers: let me know if it works.

    Good luck!

  383. Anzia said

    I’m heading over… ^_^

  384. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Tango, missed ya! Yep the old infection MRSA is here. Wicked can kill you if you don’t get it under control. Mom and Dad are both on Soc.Sec. that’s their income. Insurance w/Ochsner Hospital is now Humana. Dad doesn’t want to switch all his DR’s for another insurance that probably won’t be any better than what he’s got. Right now they’re in that “Donut Hole” that’s what they call it . Basically it’s a portion you pay out of pocket and then once you meet the total Humana picks up again. I’m not real sure I just know you work your whole adult life to someday retire and then you get screwed by health & insurance companies until they kill you. I’m packing them up & we’re gonna go to Canada where the med’s are cheaper, and I can get some fringe benefits for all my troubles. That could work!!

  385. Anzia said

    The CHATROOM WORKS!!! Everyone should come stop by!

  386. DIZEY1 said

    Very Cool prtfvr’s been a busy bee. Well heading for the big bed. Will talk at ya’ll tomorrow.

    Anzia so glad your home there and here.

  387. vicki said

    where is this chatroom..??

  388. Anzia said

    ahh thanks beth! *blushes*

    You guys are the greatest.

  389. Anzia said

    It’s at Prtfvr’s website: Click on the link for the chatroom at the top.

  390. Madonna said


    I’m glad that you are back as well. I’m also sorry that you didn’t get into the school you wanted to. However, I think Tango is right. I believe that God has a purpose for us and what needs to happen for us to achieve that will happen at the right time.

    Also, no matter what job you are doing, no matter how small, if you are doing it with the best intent and a smile on your face, then you are always helping someone.


    I hope that the tone of my earlier post did not anger anyone or make anyone feel uncomfortable. It was something I just really needed to get off my chest.

    Love ya all,


  391. loves history said

    anzia where did you eat in Paris I have always very lucky there. i think honesty is great my point is sometimes it can reveal things that will keep you away. i did notice that when the kids thing came up you took it as I couldnt (my point was that that is HIS hang up,) any way i am not here to fight!!!!

  392. Claire said

    Good evening kin,
    UMM Himmiefan…not if I register for those wedding gifts first…hmmm..we might all have to move somewhere where they practice polygamy…Henrys Harem lmao!!!!

    Elizabeth..your son sounds just like mine..Chris is 25..and grew up as the only male in house,until the quads anyway..made him very intune to womens feelings
    and quirks…and he cooks and does laundry!

    Iwildstar…hope you feel better..I wish I could make you some chicken soup LOL!
    Jewish Moms cure for everything!

    LH-quitting one job for another you love doesn’t make you a lazy makes you passionate.

    Tango…Oh did he now..applied everything I taught huh? and you’re welcome..for the fruits of my hard work!!! Lmao!!
    and thank you so much for all your kind made me misty eyed!

    Je vous considรจre vraiment un cher ami

    Anzia….very eloquently put!!!

    PrtFvr…headed right over.. see ya there!

  393. Claire said

    Damn..I don’t see any link to chatroom…I just get a blue page with the pictures and the cute captions!!!!!!! UGH!

  394. Tango said

    prtfvr – checked out henry’s hens and had fun. Let me just say it is like this site on speed!

  395. Tango said

    Claire – You are a true inspiration. I call them as I see them friend. Love you honey!

  396. msgypsy said

    Keeping up is leaving me out of breath!

    Anzia, I got turned down by three law schools myself. That’s when I gave up and went into accounting. Andit was a good idea because by going into non-profit accounting I managed to combine my family’s history of social service AND do something I’m good at. For every door that closes, there’s a window that opens.

    And on that cliche, I’m going to curl up with some more Babylon 5 in an effort to catch up…

  397. Claire said

    Ok I’m going to bed…disappointed..The page I see is blue…with pictures..can’t figure this out now.

    Bonne Nuit!!

  398. Tango said

    mysypsy – out of breath with all the hiking that you do? Unbelievable!

    That is a twist on the cliche I know – exit out of many windows, do you? I’m sure you’ve got a lot of good stories to go with that.

  399. Tango said

    Claire, you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the picture comic and sign in there. Good night!

  400. Anzia said

    Night guys. The chat is GREAT! I even convinced a friend to join. She hears about you guys so much i figured she should meet ya’ll. ^_^ I’m working on getting her hear.

    Prtfvr said we should pick a day and time to all meet in the chatroom and … well… chat… so, Ideas

    loves history- I dont want to fight either. I was just defending my point. friends?

    Claire- i’m sorry honey! *hugs* we’ll get you there, I promise.

    Well, I have to go. I have a sick 4 year old who is asking for cuddles and a 12 year old I’m just gonna bash with a club until he’s unconscious. Catch ya’ll later. Lovs to all!

  401. Tango said

    Anzia – you’re too funny. I hope I don’t see your mug shot on the news tomorrow – wanted for – well homicide. Dream of angels! (that’s what I tell my neices) or gorgeous Henry would be good too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  402. Tango said

    OK, I’m not feeling left out anymore. Anzia, I thought that you sent a Paris picture to Dizey, Claire and the others, I kept checking my e-mail to see if it was there. Now I found it behind your name. Silly me. Cool picture!

    Z – if you find a career that allows you to help others it will be so much more fufilling. And even the bad days, whether it’s personal or business related, you know that you’ve helped someone and it helps you sleep at night. I think everyone here in a service related field will agree with me.

  403. Tango said

    lwildstar – sorry you are feeling so puny – take care and get well soon. I am looking forward to getting my new bracelet in a few days. Yea me!

  404. susana said

    hey everyone,
    just caught up AGAIN ๐Ÿ™‚
    – i will only go back to LT bood blog in october…till then this is my home! We are all grown……and life sucks sometimes, so here is to fantasy..take it away ladies
    – Anzia………this is your chance to find a new, probably greater path…everything for a reason…cliche but there is a reason it is a cliche ๐Ÿ™‚
    -Dizey! MRSA is a bitch!!!!!wishing your dad lots of healing, keep sugars under control no matter what…all the meds will never work if his sugar is not under good control….hang in there
    going to check henrys hens!

  405. Laurel said

    Holy moly! I finally catch up only to find you’ve all run off to another playground! Sheesh! I spent most of the evening working on two of the stories I’ve been writing. It is good to get things on paper – so to speak.

    I guess I’ll go over to HH and check on you all there.
    LH – it wouldn’t be the same without you here. I hope you are having a better week now that your sweetie is home. I am sure the jewelry did the trick because we haven’t had to report you missing. Thank goodness.

  406. Laurel said

    Okay, I have proved how inept I can be… tried to go to Henry’s Hens and got nada! Perhaps it is the whole Minx thing? I like the vamp, really, but I was going to let you gals have him!
    All I got from the site was the pictures.

    Jeez, now I feel like such a vouyer!

    Never mind. My dear husband is home and smiling at me in that “hey babe” way that makes me warm even when the air-conditioner is on. I love it when he calls me his pretty lady.

    Guess I’ll have to catch up to you gals and guy tomorrow.

    Sweet dreams!

  407. prtfvr said


    Sorry that you’re having so much trouble with the link! It’s a little confusing because I still haven’t mastered the art of placing things on a page exactly where I want them.

    The link is on the top of the page with all the pics. It’s over the first picture of Henry and Vicki. It should be underlined and blue. Look for this: “The Hen’s Chat Room”. Click on that link and you should be there. The web address is

  408. vampgrl said

    June 19, 2007 @ 8:36 pm

    Good evening kin,
    UMM Himmiefanโ€ฆnot if I register for those wedding gifts firstโ€ฆhmmm..we might all have to move somewhere where they practice polygamyโ€ฆHenrys Harem lmao!!!!

    LOLOLOL!!! Henry’s Harem, huh? Definiately wouldn’t say no to that. *g*
    Hey, could someone give me that link to that particular fic you guys have been reading? I don’t feel like backtracking and you guys are driving me nuts here. *g*

    To Loves History: Please don’t leave. Love you lots, Dude. And, I feel like on a blog with all of us crazed women about, a guy’s opinion is a breath of fresh air. ๐Ÿ™‚ And on the whole honesty thing and if I met a guy that said he didn’t want kids, that wouldn’t be a problem for me, since I don’t plan on having kids anyways. And don’t feel too bad. You’re not lazy at all. It took me 2 and a half years before I found a job that was even remotely close to anything I wanted. It’s still not really where I saw myself, but it’s still money…and that’s all that really matters right now to me. Plus I don’t have to worry about too many bills ’cause I still live at home. More extra spending money for me. Heh.
    I’ll be back on break. I was gonna get on last night, but my Dad was waiting for a phone call, which he never got, so that was kinda pointless. *g*
    Checked out the chat room thingy real quick, I THINK it’s working…and if you guys are looking for a night to chat, how about Saturday night? Can’t guarantee I’ll be there though. Sat night for me is usually late night movie night at home…hehe
    Now where’s that dinner scene on Henry’s Hens already? Dammit. Heh. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    Sorry. Pic gone. I’ll put it back later. ๐Ÿ™‚

  409. Margaret said

    I’m with Vamp Girl, I asked about the fan fic before and no one told me the link. How about sharing peeps? Like I need to get just a little more hot and bothered more than I already am. lol

  410. lwildstar said

    good morning blogkin!
    thank you for all the well widhes ysterday – managed only to finsh watching Love Hurts before crashing into bed..
    Clair – as much as I love “jewish penicllian” (SP?) all i could manage was toast and tea………and that just barely…..I think mymom was right and that salad from Monday was bad.
    Let me tell you I went to bed at 9 and was as dead as Henry by the time my head hit the pillow – I was drained! had weird dreams all night, lots of arguing – I only remember the waking dream though – Kyle was arguing with Henry (yeah I know) about the US tour and who got what cities and where they would start – Henry tried his “Prince of Darkness” voice on Kyle when Kyle refused to give up NewOrleans and Kyle laughed back at him – “you keep forgetting that doesn’t work on me”….at some point (after Viki/Christina Cox? – not sure which persona – told them that if they couldn’t play nice she was going to join either one of them on the tour and was going to stay home with Mike/Dylan)………….in the end they agreed to split the county – Kyle was going to start in Vancouver work down the coast and then east and Henry was going to start in Toranto, work his way down the east coast and then west – both zig zagging across the county to the oppisite coast – that way they could both hit all the cities they wanted and not cross paths (now remember this is dream geography so who knows if its even logical) …thats about when the alarm went off……….
    Well I guess I should get to work – I have a lot to catch up on from yesturday and I’m supposed to have a training session today so maybe I’ll check bac at lunch.
    Will try to get over to HnerysHens and check that out as well.

    Have a good day!

  411. Tango said

    Here’s the post from Teresa earlier this week:

    Teresa said,
    June 18, 2007 @ 8:02 am

    lwildstar – I found it at this LJ

  412. DebS said

    Good morning! I have not caught up on all the comments so I have no idea if anyone is even here. Have we officially moved over to the chat room?

    Madonna-I would love the postcard. My email is

    lwildstar-I would like to know why you have not asked the lovely Paul out. I know you said he is shy, so maybe he feels he can’t ask you out. So you should! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I am a firm believer that it does not always have to be the guy that makes the first move. Maybe you should even just ask him to lunch.

    Although….I am not necessarily the person to be giving dating advice…lol.

  413. Margaret said

    Tango: OMG, thanks for the link. I visited but realized I can’t read that while I’m at work…..for obvious reasons too numerous to name but I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about.

  414. Madonna said

    Good morning everyone!


    Check your email. I sent that postcard to ya.

  415. DebS said

    Madonna-Apparentely I have to have something called winzip to open the document….which i think it odd because I have adobe on my office computer. I will try to open it when I get home and am on my laptop.

  416. lwildstar said

    Debs – i did ask him to lunch – you’d have to find the previous ranting on the last? set of post (third times the charm) anyway I asked him to lunch and we talked – just to get to know you- type stuff – small talk – I told him then that I “LIKED” him and his response was I’m not looking to date or have a relationship – but we can be friends – that was over a year ago – its been slow going but we are slowly becoming real freinds (I think – I hope) at least he makes an effort to walk by my office (I’m the “front girl” in my office) and say good morning just about every day – sometime he’ll stop by in the afternoon to see if I’ve already checked the mail or if I need to, then we take the elevator to the basment where the mail boxes are – but other than the occasional lunch or walk – thats been it. He did ask me to his companies holiday party (also noted in the previous post) but he was very clear it was “just as friends”……we went to a movie first, but he was up front about that being a delay tactic to not show up at the party early – he really hates social gatherings. Rencently he has loaned me three books about Christian heros (as I said religion is a big issue with him and I’m not all that religious) I read one because I had seen the movie – haven’t gotten past page one on second – not that I think he’s pushing for me to “convert” or anything I get that he is just trying to show me a part of his life that is very important to him.
    I don’t remember if I mentioned this but how we met – other than the occasional “hello” in the elevator – was the day he brought over a flyer regarding the disappearence of his cousin Taylor Behl – don’t know where you guys live but it was a big local story here – when ever I saw him in the hall after that I made sure to take moment to ask how he and the family were doing……it was MONTHS after that before I asked him to lunch. A co-worker of mine – who knew I was obseing over him – talked with him before she left (she quit for another job) but she never told me what he said – and to this day still wont tell me! I stopped asking long ago anyway….
    So there is where I stand – in the “confused” line of relationships…..i think I’ll find out if we are truly friends after the office moves downstairs and I won’t be where he can see me everyday (but then again I won’t see him either)however I am more likly to send him an email just to see how he’s doing or if he’s free for lunch then he is to come downstairs to see if I’m free………..oh well I’ll deal.

    guess I should get back to work now……

    Oh and a warning about the FanFic site – if you blush easily – stay away – and I suggest not reading it at work unless yo have a private office!!!!

  417. lwildstar said

    ok I just left a really really long post in response to Debs re: Paul and the damn thing went poof! and never showed up!
    If some how the other post does appear you’ll get better ranting.

    Debs – ok the short version then – no details as I have previously posted the whole thing on third times the charm – I have asked him to lunch – the first time was when I told him I “LIKED” him and he was the one who said he didn’t want to date and was not looking for a relationship we could just be friends – and more or less we have been- he even asked me to his companies fancy holiday party – details also in that previous post – but just as friends. I think I’ll know for sure if we really are friends after the office moves downsatirs and he doesn’t see me everyday.

    Well now i really have to go……………

    Oh and yes be warned about that FanFic site – I do not recomend reading it at work unless you have a private office!

  418. Anzia said

    what’s this postcard ya’ll are talking about?

    I’m working on the dinner scene. I’m working guys, I’m working… I want it to be PERFECT! Is there anyone else who hasn’t read the Dance Scene and therefore don’t know about the dinner scene? I’m sorry Vicki, I didn’t know you hadn’t read it.

    I promise I didn’t actually club the 12 yr old. Although it was tempting after he slapped Kev (4 yr. old) who then cried for 10 minutes before I could calm him down. Right as he was FINALLY going to bed. *sigh* Oh well…

    So, we have on vote for Saturday. I vote for anytime before the 27th ’cause I’m gone again from then until the 3rd.

    Thanks guys for all the positive comments about my future. ^_^

  419. DebS said

    lwildstar-It is his loss! You seem like a really great gal and it is unfortunate if he does not see it.

  420. Margaret said

    Madonna: Can you send your postcard to me at

  421. Danielle said

    If it is Saturday I might not be able to get on. I would have to go to Kelly’s or my sister’s. That wouldn’t be a bad thing but there is no certainty that I will get there. Depends on what I have going on. That is my birthday weekend and I always seem to wish somebody would surprise me with a party or something it never seems to happen.

  422. DebS said

    hhhmm…I must have missed something in the comments (I went back up and read). What is going on this weekend?

    Happy Early Birthday Danielle!!!

  423. Danielle said

    DebS-Thanks! Z is trying to coordinate one day and time when we can all congregate on prtfvr’s chat room at

  424. Anzia said

    Ah, ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Sorry Danielle. I understand completely! I’m the one who always organizes everyone else’s surprises and wish, every year, that someone would do the same for me.

  425. DebS said

    Ah! I so missed that. I am good for anytime, I will just watch for it to be posted.

  426. Tango said

    Just a thought, but wouldn’t it be good to try to rally everyone during our beloved BT timeslot?

  427. Danielle said

    Me too! For once it would be nice for someone to reciprocate. I’m not being selfish but sometimes it feels like it is not appreciated. I took Kelly to the casino for her birthday several times. I am always doing something for everybody else. Even a nice thank you card would be nice.

  428. Danielle said

    That is a good idea Tango.

  429. Tango said

    Danielle – sometimes you just have to tell people what you want. I know I have to do that with my husband and my birthday. Some people just need to get knocked over the head to get them to realize what is going on.

  430. Danielle said

    Not to bring down our happines but has anyone heard about the 26 year old woman that was 9 months pregnant in Ohio that disappeared? That sounds like an awful situation.

  431. Chery said


    We are sending postcards to LifeTime Television to urge them to order more seasons of Blood Ties!

    Everything is on hold until they give the go ahead, purchase more seasons.

    We cannot wait until they show the seconds half of season one in October!

    Writers, production company and actors need to begin shooting by Auguest!!!!!!

    If Lifetime procrastenates too long the main actors will go to other acting assignments and we will lose BT!




  432. msgypsy said

    Good morning, blog sibs!

    I have a doctors appt (routine exam, nothing for anyone to worry about) today and thus I can almost promise I won’t be anywhere near the blog today. So play nice, everyone. No staking the vampire. No wedgies for the cop. No sending the half-blind PI out to play in traffic.

  433. Danielle said

    Madonna please send the postcard to me. I don’t know why I waited until now to ask for it. I just get going on one thing and forget about the other. My email is

    Maybe Lifetime has already made the decision to buy more seasons and they are waiting until the very end of June to release that decision. They want to draw out our torture as long as possible.

  434. Danielle said

    HEHEHE! When the parents are gone the kids will misbehave.

  435. Danielle said

    When the boss leaves the employees play.

  436. vampgrl said

    Ummm…care to elaborate on exactly which fic got you guys all hot and bothered? Like was there a specific one? If so I SO have to save that link for later. *g*

    To lwildstar…glad you’re feeling better. I had food poisening back in 2004 and it was not fun. I was throwing up like every 5 minutes. I couldn’t even get to a phone to call myself in sick from work. I had to call my Mom at work just long enough to get her to call me in sick. I broke all the blood vessels in both of my eyes, around my eyes was all black and blue, I had a rash, and I c couldn’t even go outside without wearing sun glasses. My eyes were too sensitive to the light. I had to go the the emergency room ’cause I was dehydrated, and I spent most of the week consuming beef boulin, chicken soup, tea and jello. I got SO sick of eating Jello I can’t even tell you. *g*
    So yeah. Hope you’re feeling better today. And that is one SERIOUSLY weird dream you had there. Kyle and Henry fighting with each other? I think you finally got me beat in the weird dream department…hehe
    I’ll stop back in again later. I probably won’t get on tonight. Ghost Hunters is on. And I have to tape it ’cause I have to call one of my old Buffy peeps in CA and wish her Happy Birthday. Oh and to Danielle…HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! WOOHOO! I’m still bummed everyone seemed to forget it was my birthday…besides my parents..but they don’t really count…and my Buffy peep…which is why she’d totally beat me upside my head through an angry email if I happened to forget hers…hehe ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  437. DebS said

    Tango-Great idea! We will all be pining away anyway ;).

    Danielle-I know how you feel. My birthday often goes uncelebrated. Last year, my dad forgot it was my birthday!! Sad thing is I tell people when my birthday is! I love birthdays-mine or anyone elses.

  438. Teresa said

    Well, dropped out for a day or so and things got rather toasty over here ๐Ÿ˜‰ I had some actual work to do and RL stuff to take care of, in between recovering from all that fanfic, but I’m baaaack.

  439. vampgrl said

    So play nice, everyone. No staking the vampire. No wedgies for the cop. No sending the half-blind PI out to play in traffic.

    LOLOLOLOL!!!! Okay we promise. No staking of the vampire. Don’t worry. I totally got Henry’s back…hehe

  440. Danielle said

    DebS-My dad often forgets my age. That is really bad.

    vampgrl-All the ones rated nc-17 and some of the R ones are the best.

  441. lwildstar said

    I’m sending out another 10 this week. Thanks brings me up to a count of 35?

    Little reminder that if you want to be added to the Thank You card for Tanya send your greetings to me at I’m going to be putting the thing together next weekend and sending it out the first week of July!

    At this time (since I don’t have photo shop or anything) its not fancy – just some pictures of the “trio” and if I can find a good picture of Toranto I’m going to add that…..I’ll let you know when I’m done and if you want a copy i can email it to you. Trying to keep a resonable size to keep the postage down – MsGypsy – i’ll email you the estimated total for the postage – I’m going to the post office Thursday and I’m going to get the proper “papers” and envelope – it was suggested taht I use Global Priority (about $16) as it has a better chance of getting there? I presume I am using the Kalidascope address?

    Ok back to work!

  442. lwildstar said

    ok i botched the email address for the card its
    I got the walker spelled wrong!
    geeze I guess my brain is still a little mushy after yesterday

  443. Danielle said

    I sent a message to the person I got my t shirt from on eBay about this being the best show I have seen in a long time and she agreed with me. I invited her here. Let’s see if she takes the bait and joins us. Her name is Crissy I think.

  444. Anzia said

    no, i didn’t hear about that…

    Tango- I like that idea. Sunday at 10…

  445. Anzia said

    lwildstr- you get his back, I get his front!

  446. Danielle said

    Her name is Jessie. She has a 2 year old boy, Blake. Her place was ransacked. The mattress was off her bed, the sheets and comforter were gone, as well as her cell phone, and bleach was poured all over the floor. The little boy was saying mommy is in the carpet. I got a news email this morning that a newborn girl was left on someone’s doorstep in Ohio. The umbilical cord was tied off with a rubber band. The woman new she was having a girl. The officials are saying they doubt the newborn is this woman’s but I am trying to figure out how they can say that when she was 2 weeks from her due date and all of a sudden a newborn is dropped on a doorstep. I think we all need to put our power on this woman. Pray or whatever else you believe in. It sounds like these people are going to need it.

  447. DebS said

    Danielle-Maybe our dads are just in denial about our ages. It probably makes them realize their own ages…hehe. I will give props to my dad for always remembering that I am the oldest.

  448. msgypsy said

    LWildstar, yeah, I think the Kaleidoscope address would be best.

    Can someone give me the link to the cafepress shop with the Is It October Yet shirts? Please?

    Okay, gotta go get ready for the doctor. It involves drinking coffee and eating cereal…

  449. Danielle said

    I think it is easier for him to remember now. It was when I was younger when he was constantly asking me how old I was. I never let him forget it.

  450. Madonna said

    See everyone,

    We really are survivors. It is June 20th. That means we have made it a whole month without our show and we are not crazy yet. Or are we?


    Try that again. This time I sent the front and back separately. For some reason when I sent them together it was zipping them.


    Check your email. There’s a present for ya.


    I designed a Blood Ties postcard that I could send out begging for more seasons.
    If you’re interested, just post your email for me and I’ll try to send it to you.


    You’re not being selfish at all. We give so much, that sometimes it is nice to know that the love is reciprocated.

  451. Anzia said

    Ms.gypsy- there ya go!

  452. DebS said

    Danielle-I had no idea this had happened. So sad.

    Margaret-Thanks for resending it…I am going to check my email now.

  453. Anzia said

  454. DebS said

    Ooops…I thanked Margaret. Madonna thanks for resending it. It is really great! You are very talented. I am definitely going to send a few. Has anyone made others? Man, so many of you are very talented in the arts and crafts area.

  455. lwildstar said

    Anzia – ‘scusse me – not sure which HE youre reffering to – but I get the front!

    Waiting for a big fax so I figure I have a minute to pop back over – starting next week you won’t see me as much – I’m being told my work load is going to double – oh well , I’ll be able to pop in first thing in the morning – catch up at lunch – and then when I get home.

    And yes DEBs – he is missing out – but considering how long it took me to just strike up real conversation with him – I think i can understand how shy he is – it took me a month to talk myself into asking him to lunch – which then he insisted on paying for – which was really sweet. We switch of back and forth now between who pays for lunch – sometimes I think it embaresses him if I pay, but I don’t want him to feel that I EXPECT him to pay every time. I have asked him out for a trip to the park or movie but he’s always busy. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I think he’s just scared of me…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Wow a whole month! we are a tenacious bunch – i just hope we can carry this through all summer – can you imagin how this is going to exsplode after the marathon – or the new episodes air? good grief! I cant wait…..

    ok back to work –

  456. Teresa said

    Madonna – I’d like to get that postcard also. Please send it to Thanks.

  457. Madonna said


    Check your email. I just sent you a present too.

    I’ve also heard about the story in Ohio. It’s only about 2 hours from where I live.
    About a year or two ago there was a case here where I live. A young woman about 20 I believe, abducted another woman who was almost to term. The kidnapper tortured and attempted to cut the baby out of the woman’s stomach while she was still alive. Luckily the mother to be was able to take the knife away from her and killed her instead.

    I found out later on that the kidnapper actually went to the same HS as me and that I knew her father through my ex-boyfriend. Turns out she had been telling everyone that she was pregnant, and of course she needed a baby…. Terrible case.

  458. Danielle said

    Ugh! Some people in this world are so ugly. They my be pretty on the outside but if they are twisted inside then it doesn’t matter what they look like they are just plain ugly by their actions and thoughts. Was the woman and baby ok?

  459. DebS said

    Madonna-Where do you live? I live in Bowling Green, OH for two years recently.

  460. Teresa said

    Just a note about cafepress and BT… Vicki – I’ll be ordering your t-shirt probably by the end of the week. But, please everyone, do NOT purchase any of the other merchandise others are selling on that site that specifically has Blood Ties on it (I’ve seen some of it). Kaleidoscope is non too happy about all that unofficial merchandise being out there! I don’t think Vicki’s t-shirt is a problem, however, since only the fans know what the t-shirt means. I guess we’ll just have to be patient (again) and wait for the official stuff Kaleidoscope says they are working on.

  461. Danielle said

    There are far worse monsters out there than vampires. I would prefer to meet Henry in a dark alley than any of societies monsters.

  462. Madonna said

    The woman had to go directly to the hospital to deliver her baby due to the trauma. But yeah, mother and baby were perfectly fine otherwise.

    The kidnapper’s father is in jail for sexually abusing her and her sister. He still insists that he did not do it and there is supposedly evidence that says she was making it up. But who knows…

  463. Anzia said

    DebS- I’m originally from Lima, Ohio! I have friends that go to BGSU!

  464. Madonna said


    I live in Independence, KY. It is about 20 min. south of Cincinnati. Just across the Ohio River.

  465. Danielle said

    Madonna-Thanks for your little gift. That is my neck with the bite on it you know. My cousins maiden name is the same as your last name.

  466. lwildstar said

    Yes i agree with Teresa about the Tee shirts – remember the flack that I caught in with the jewelry – you can not say Blood Ties or use any of their pictures – the phase “is is October yet?’ is ours so they can’t say anything – and they can’t copyrite the moon……

    And to clarify some messages i got: there is always hope for Paul to come around – but I’m not holding my breath…..1)i think he was hurt really bad – I know he had a girl friend she came up in casual conversation when we were discussing the area and how its changed over the years – 2) again he’s very religious and I’m not – and since I don’t plan on changing myself or my beliefes – well theres a road block – and he’s made it clear that religion is a very important part of any relationship
    and since I’ve known him he’s had some bad things happen in his life (his grandmother passing away and his mother became very ill – he moved closer to take care of them, taking an apartment in someones basement) and somethimes that makes us close down to bringing anyone new in – maybe I can change that who knows.
    I don’t know where some of you live so I don’t know if you remember the Taylor Behl case (VA Tech student that dissapeared 2 years ago?) it was a big local story – well she was Pauls cousin and I guess you could say we truly met (not counting polite conversation in the elevator) the day he brought over a flyer regarding her dissappearence and asked me to post it in the office and I suggested that he put them in the mail room – when ever I got the chance over the next few weeks I always made sure to ask him how he and family were holding up…..I think that is what eventually gave me the courage to ask him out, even though it took another month for me to do so….

    Unlike my sister I am not looking for wounded puppies to save (she married one and its not been pretty) I am attracted to spiritual people and Paul is that.

    so enough ranting on that subject…I’m dying here! All I want to do is go over to LT and watch videos – can’t – must return to work – being very bad girl today – must stay off the computer except for work – thats me trying to convince myself

    ok I’m out – one of the girls is having a birthday today so I’m taking her to lunch!

  467. DIZEY1 said

    GOOD MORNING!! What a magnificent Day!! Fter that big storm last night left us with low humidity, very pleasant.

    1st..Vampgrl…If You’ve got Henry’s back. Then I’ve got his front Baby!!! BTW did you find the fic site??

    Iwildstar…love the dream and it rocks that Kyle didn’t want to give up New Orleans, YEAH ME!!! I told ya’ll he’s coming here , I’ll let you know when he comes……

  468. Himmiefan said

    Oh Ms Gypsy, you are so not fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

    For people still trying to find the fanfic, the link to it is somewhere in this issue of the blog. I can’t remember who posted it for us, but it is here. Just keep on scrolling. It’s worth it!

    I’ve also wondered if Lifetime has already made up it’s mind about BT. I too read that production would have to start in August. If so, Lifetime might be letting momentum build. Who knows.

    Be careful about the chat room over at Hens. It’s going to be addictive! I absolutely, positively had to get some work done last night before bed, so I had to exit the chatroom after only a few minutes. Bummer.

    Lwildstar – we’ve all had situations like this with guys. I know it sounds very cliche, but there really are bigger and better fish in the sea. Men who actually know what they want. I don’t think this guy does.

  469. Teresa said

    Madonna – I got your e-mail with the postcard. It’s amazing!

  470. DIZEY1 said

    Good Morning!! What a magnificent day!! After the big storm last night it left us with low humidity soooo pleasant for June.

    Vampgrl,….If you’ve got Henry’s back, then I’ve got Henry’s front……OK?? BTW did you find the fancic site???

    Iwildstar….Love the dream, and a special thank you for Kyle not giving up New Orleans on the tour, he rocks my world!!. I told ya’ll he’s coming here. I ‘ll drop you a line when he comes…………

  471. lwildstar said

    you’ve got to laugh – no sooner thatn I posted the above paul emailed me an invite to go for a walk at lunch – AHHHHH – I politly asked the girl who I was taking to lunch if we could postpone til tomorrow and exsplained why – her response was a GO GO GO GO!
    Do you think his ears were buring?

    Himmiefan – if you know any of those men send them my way

    Dizey – if the schduling works out you should get a vist from Kyle and Henry!

  472. Madonna said

    Thank you for the compliment. It is the same sort of thing I do for a living every day so it is no big deal. Only thing is, is that I work with cars. It’s not nearly as much fun.

    You’re present has been delivered. Check your email.

    I prefer to think that is my neck, but I’ll let you believe it too.
    There are a lot of us Pike’s out there. Where does your cousin live?

  473. Danielle said

    She used to live in Essex CT. She lives in Ivoryton, CT now. Her first name is Beth. Her married name is Cirillo. Her dad was my Godfather, Uncle Bob Pike. He died of stomach cancer about 5 years ago I think. She has a little girl Eliza now.

  474. Madonna said

    OK, Ladies and gent,

    I’ve got to go do something productive now.

    As it turns out vacation is a good reason to be lazy. Go figure.

    I’ll try to check back in later.

  475. Madonna said


    That has to another branch of the family. I don’t think we have any relatives up that way.

    By the way, have I ever mentioned how jealous I am that you guys can sneak on here during work. We can only use the internet at breaks and lunch. At my company there is no down time. The atmosphere is like you see on TV in a newpaper office. I always have to GO, GO, GO, GO, GO. Sometimes its hard to even catch your breath.

  476. Tango said

    I found the coolest car we need in our movie. It’s called Aquada look here:

    Now we’ve got LH manning either the Chopper or tracked vehicle with many of the Elder Warriors along for the ride due to the size
    Dizey will be in the Red Hummer with a possible jet ski that shoots out the back – haven’t figured out the engineering on that yet.
    Laurel & I will be in the sexy black Ferrari doing ground recon
    But we need someone driving the Aquada.

  477. Rifkind said

    Can you send me the post-cards too?
    rmeyermn at Yahoo dot com

    I have been modifying the pineapple postcards that you get at the post office.
    I made a stencil template of a TIE like the one on the BloodLines site. THen use red marker to fill it in … I also add some heart shaped stickers… I’ve been sending about 3 a day this week….

    Later Blog-kin! -Rifkind

  478. Danielle said

    Can I? Can I? Or does it have to be one of the elders?

  479. Himmiefan said

    The Aquada is very impressive. Henry might even have to take it for a spin himself. Can’t you just see all of us piled in the car with him?

    Okay Danielle, you called dibs first. You are the official Aquada driver, but I think you’re going to have to let Tango have a turn now and then.

  480. Teresa said

    Oh, very cool car! Maybe we can get a fleet of them to equip our entire crime fighting team with them ๐Ÿ™‚
    And once again, here the link to that fanfic site. It is not recommended that you read the stories at work, they are very hot and steamy!!

  481. loves history said

    skip the ferrari, go german(BMW) one of my perks was a company leased car, my boss got a red ferrari for 2 years , i drove it the 2nd year it was always in the shop for work i had a beamer for 3 years loved it

  482. Danielle said

    Yay! I get the really cool amphibious car. That is wicked and when I say wicked I mean totally sweet. Don’t worry I will let Tango have a turn every now and then. I am all for sharing.

  483. Tango said

    Thanks Hemmiefan, I am sure that I can get some good air with this one too, whether land or sea/lake/pond. Oh, how crazy would it be if I got air on land but landed in water?!

    Teresa, I actually thought of you when I saw this car b/c you are always doing recon work for this site by bringing us links to other BT related stuff, so I think the fleet might be a good idea or at least you and Danielle share the driving responsibilities. I’m still attached to my Ferrari, but maybe we can switch up from time to time.

    Now I don’t currently have any repelling skills, but I’ve always wanted to try, so just so you’ll know – I’m game!

  484. Himmiefan said

    Loves History – our main car will be a Beamer. Now, you’ll get a turn at the amphibious car too.

  485. Danielle said

    As long as I can claim it as my main mode of transportation I am willing to share with anyone. I love being on the water in a motor or speedboat with the wind flying through my hair. That is definitely a car for me.

  486. DIZEY1 said

    Tango, what a cool vehicle. Of course I like the red one. Can’t wait till my Hummer arrives, and it’s the big one no wussy H3. And don’t ya love to jet ski, what a blast!!

    Teresa, thanks again for the fanfic, I happened to read it yesterday while I was at work,. Can I say BADD Idea!! Whoooeeee baby.

    Loveshistory, BMW very nice choice. We Germans do make some very nice vehicles. My boss owns a litlle sporty Beemer, and has been very happy with it.

  487. lwildstar said

    Have we mentione motercycles? – I’m not sure I got lost somewhere along the way with who was driving what….

    anyway – 5 minutes til lunch is over and must return to work – madonna, don’t be jelous I’m not suposed to be on here except for in the morning and at lunch….

    the walk with paul turned into lunch at a nice little cafe – I felt bad because I really didn’t want to eat anything after being sick yesturday – so I just nibbled at my sandwich and left the salad – of course he had to pick on me not eating – maybe he thinks I was doing it for “diet” reasons? don’t know, but he made sure I took the leftovers home for dinner…..we had a nice converstaion about my new job, how his office is going through a change and of cours lots of small talk –

    well my 5 minutes is up and I must go…..

  488. Danielle said

    Ok so by now you all know I have a little sister 4 years old named Amber and that I have a 13 year old niece named Alli.

    Alli had her 8th grade graduation today. She one an art award that nobody new she was getting. They were told to study an artist that appealed to them. Alli’s was an artist that took part of something and used that one part, like just a finger or something. Alli took a flower and dismantled until she found a part that she really liked. She then painted that one part. None of us except Alli and her teacher have seen it. Apparently it was very pretty, all purple and blue and just gorgeous. Alli’s teacher sent the painting to museum and it is now hanging in that museum in Ohio. She named it Through Amber’s Eyes. When asked why that picture and that name she said because Amber is so small and that must be what she sees when she sees a flower. Oh my God! I am tearing up just reading this.

    Ever since Alli was 11 she has had hip problems. She broke her hip and has had numerous surgeries on both to prevent it from happening again or to the other one. It is a hereditary disease called Capital Femeral Slipped Apiphisys. My mom had it. Since this happened she hasn’t been to play softball or basketball which she loved and was really good at. She didn’t let that get the best of her. She found something else to pour herself into. Oh My God do I love that girl.

  489. Laurel said

    Yes! The Ferrari!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ (laurel does happy dance around the computer) Beats the heck out of the ‘Pacific-mist’ 89 Honda Accord LXi I’m driving now! Way cooler anywhoo.

    TANGO! You are definately good to me! Do I need to make you a black and silver cape to go with the car? Mine is almost done for the HP night in July, and I have some beautiful silver celtic knot fasteners left.

    btw I have a cousin – Kevin – who works on Ferraris and Jaguars for extra cash.
    For me he would probably work for food. He seems to think I’m good at cooking the things he likes best. (Did I mention he is my favorite) hehehe

  490. DIZEY1 said

    Dani, aren’t these nieces & nephews(my Logan) amazing kids. They blow my mind at how highly intelligent and sweet loving children. I adore my dude like you feel about Alli. He’s got my heart, he’s a very old soul w/me. Maybe that’s why we bonded so easily. I can’t say enough about my little man.

    An artist, one door closes and another one opens. Conrat’s to her and in a museum, too cool. One of Claire’s quad’s is a protegy don’t know if it’s in art?? All these amazing little minds that will be running the world one day.

  491. Tango said

    With a name like lwildstar, I think a motorcycle would be a good choice for you. Do you have experience riding? If not, you can do like most actors do and have a crash course before filming. OK, crash course probably not the best choice of words there.

  492. Annalaise duChat said

    Greetings BT fans!

    Long time no type. I tried to skim the posts to catch up but no way! My you guys have been busy! I apologize for not keeping up, but things have been very busy at work. Blogging has been giving my computer fits so I can’t risk it when I’m in the middle of a job, too many crashes. I do lurk occasionally though to see what you are up to. Looks like you are all holding up pretty well. October is just around the corner!

    I’ve been spending most of my free time working on my novel. It’s coming along very well. I’ve had to temporarily give up vampire fiction to keep my mind clear from outside influences. So I’m trying not to think about Henry & the gang. (Not as easy as you would think, but then you guys would know.)

    Ms.Gypsy have you ever given any thought to setting up a separate thread for a writer’s support group. I know you and several of the other bloggers write. We could maybe discuss and critique each other’s work. I’m not talking about fan fiction, I know you don’t want to discourage the BT people, but what about serious original writing? To me fanfic’s a waste of time anyway. Why would you spend so much time and energy developing someone else’s characters? (Lovely characters though they may be.) When you’re done you have absolutely no rights to that work. It just doesn’t make sense.

    Anyway if you set up a separate thread for it anyone who didn’t want to see it wouldn’t have to look. OR the actual stories could be emailed to the group members that way they wouldn’t actually be posted on the internet, just the discussions. I actually think that might be better anyway. That way our precious stories would only end up in the hands of a few trusted souls.

    Love you all,

  493. Danielle said

    It amazes me. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. For however many monsters there are out there, there are that many and more living angels.

  494. Tango said

    Gotta get on the road for my investment appointment, but wanted to say this before I go…

    Laurel – I’ve not done well with capes in the past – ugly incident with a revolving door once – but a lovely black and silver sexy pant outfit that will match the car would be nice.

  495. DIZEY1 said

    Annalaise long time girl, we missed ya’. Glad all is well. I’m waiting to get busy. Summer is usually slow for me anyway, but still so many people waiting on insurance money etc to re-build. So I just stay busy with all my vamp-kin.
    I wish I could write but not my forte’. We all can’t be good at everything right??

    Dani, very well put. I guess our angels balance off the wierdness out there. I feel so bad for some kids that aren’t loved the way we love ours. It just breaks my heart to think of some child not getting what they need and deserve. I’ve decided when my big money gets here (The Secret) I want to be a philanthropist, I want to create an organization like Make A Wish, or something like that and give money and good homes to kids that haven’t gotten it before. I’ll do that as soon as my fortune arrives!! Should be any day now.

  496. Danielle said

    My parents used to do foster care. I have so many battered and bruised and traumatized kids go through my house. When you get that money Beth let me know and I would be glad to help you out. Nobody should have to go through something like that. Especially a child that can’t do anything to defend themselves.

  497. lwildstar said

    Tango – I haven’t ridden in a long time not since my hip got messed up when I was mugged (little 17 year old snot) anyway my sister is a Harley MaMa so I’m sure she could hook me up – her father inlaw has a collection!
    my name, by the way, comes from a charactor I developed back in high school when I was going to be a cartoonist/graphic artist (Henry)…think of her as the female version of HanSolo….only with more attitude! really a kick ass – ask questions later kinda girl!

    Danielle congrats to your neice! they can be so surprising – my nephew just got three awards at his grade graduation two for academics (attendance and honor role 5 years running) and one for PE – but he doesn’t remember what he did to get it! – my neice did so well at the recital that the head of the dance school invited her to the “after”party at her house (apperently that is a big thing) and she told me that she has been invited by two older girls to dance with them in a solo (trio) for next years recital. So now shes torn between being a dancer and a vetrinarian (sp) – I told her there was no reason she couldn’t be both!

    ok enough playtime – must return to work now!

  498. Annalaise duChat said

    Hi Dizey,

    We are usually slow in the summer too, but this year I’m swamped for some reason. I have 5 school calendars to design that need to be at the printer August 8th and some time in there I have 2 magazine deadlines and a weeks vacation. I’m not complaining though, we had a very slow spring.

    Hang in there hopefully things will pick up soon. The economy stinks right now in a lot of places. I know my magazine customer from inner city Cleveland complains everyday about how bad thing are in that community.

  499. DIZEY1 said

    Dani***That has to be so hard to take in children get attached and have to let them go. I thank God for people like your parents who have such generous giving spirits, because that’s all some of these kids will ever get. Heartbreaking. I’ve been so blessed that I feel God gave me to my mom and dad. Two of the best people I will ever meet or know in my lifetime, good, kind, loving parents. I’m lucky and I know it ,and I’d share them with everyone. They were loving to each other and loving to us & taught us that’s what it’s all about. It starts at home, good or bad. Learned behavior.

  500. DIZEY1 said

    Gonna go grab a bite..(maybe Henry). Will catch ya’ll when I get back.

  501. Laurel said

    Tango – Oh yeah, I understand about the revolving door problems, but then I am forever hooking the pocket of my winter coat on doorknobs and handles so I can relate.
    The black cape is actually suggested as a backup plan for getting our Vamp out of captivity during the daylight hours. We need to be prepared to move him without getting him fried. lol
    Seems to me that the ones providing the cover might be receiving first gratitude. I wanted to make sure you are at the top of Henry’s list. My gift to you for letting me drive the hot car. ๐Ÿ™‚

  502. Laurel said

    prtfvr – regarding “Henry’s Hens” site, I only get a white page that never completes loading. Am I doing something wrong or am I just inept?
    I used the link you put up here this morning and got far enough to be told that “laurel” was a name already taken. Maybe me from last night’s attempt? I saw the pictures on the first page and found the enter chat click at the top…
    Then nothing.
    On the bright side – I have gotten a lot of editing and rewriting done on my story!

    A duC – nice to see you back!
    Anzia – nice visuals on your reflected smiles scenes. I can see the whole thing in my head. Sweet. Sounds like it made you feel good. ๐Ÿ™‚

  503. Madonna said


    You have to admire good people who will take in a child.

    Foster parents in the Cincinnati area are having a tough time and are under a lot of scrutiny right now. Last summer there was a couple who said that there 4 yr. old foster son went missing in a local park. They sent out pleas for help and search teams spent almost 2 wks looking for him. The couple’s live in girlfriend later came forward and told police that she and the foster couple bound him in duct tape, wrapped him in a blanket and left him alive in the closet of an unairconditioned home in the middle of summer to go to a family reunion several hours away. They took thier own children. When they returned days later, he was dead. So they burned his body and dumped the ashes in the river.

    The saddest thing of all is that in his short little life he never really knew a happy day. He was autistic and was taken away from his mother because he fell out of a 3rd story window.

    Now screening is much tougher on potential foster parents, so many are not even applying.

    The real losers are the kids who have no one else.

  504. lwildstar said

    points to remember during the rescue – Vampires can’t swim! there bones are too dense and they sink like stones – while technically I don’t think Henry can drown – its a teriffying feeling (been there done that)…and if you are going to move him in the daylight (yes wrap him up tight) remember he weights alot more – same reason as above…

    onto other news – it looks like they are going to move ahead with moving me up – I just got notice that they are going to start interviewing for a replacement for my receptionist/admin duties…yeah…but that also means you’ll see less of me..

    Oh well I really shouldn’t be in here so much anyway..

    I’ll check in with you guys tonight

  505. Danielle said

    It is a sad situation everywhere. The only reason my parents aren’t foster parents anymore is because me dad was handicapped for about 6 months a couple years ago. He was in a wheelchair. The department of Children and Families started making claims against my parents saying the kids were always dirty for there supervised visits, there was no heat, the house was a mess. All these claims were bogus. Even the Dr that DCF appointed to look the kids over said my parents should sue. He said there was nothing wrong with the kids. It was all because of the ramp that was built in front of the house and my dad in the wheelchair. They can’t come out and say that is the reason because it is discrimination to say that my mom can’t take care of the kids and my dad. My parents were ready to fight it but the officials said to my parents that if they did they will come up with a reason and enough evidence to have Amber taken away forever. They signed the papers immediately which DCF coincidentally had handy with them all ready to be signed. Talk about slander. Even the people that are supposed tp fight for the kids don’t care about the kids. They care about there own hides.

    Amber’s lawyer, before she was adopted, fought tooth and nail to keep my parents from adopting her. She couldn’t say it was because my parents were too old, discrimination again, so she came up with a million other reasons.

  506. Madonna said


    Check your email. I sent that present to you too.

  507. Claire said

    Good afternoon Blogkin!!

    Kids are keeping me busy! can’t get on that much.Tango,merci beaucoup je t’aime en arriรจre!
    P.S. I want the motorcycle…pretty please…before I got pregnant for the quads I had a black custom,Harley 1200 sportster!

    Hey hey Dr.Duchat..nice of you to check in on your patients! LOL!!
    Hey…none of that front stuff Anzia! unless you share with me and Teresa..we agreed to sharsies..
    Iwildstar…Lmao!!that was one funny dream girl…wishful dreaming huh?

    Dizey…yes the first born Alexandria is a art started when she was two..MOnique gave her a sort of flat foamy bracelet type thing,and I caught her biting it…when I went to take it away from her,I noticed that she had bitten it into the shape of an elephant,at the time she was obsessed with elephants! I showed it to her O.T. teacher,and she was amazed.She now sculpts..crazy realistic animals..she did a whole Dinosaur tribe,trees,rocks everything.

    When we moved here last Sept. all the students were told to do a self portrait.I was called up and told to come to the school.They wanted to show me her self was eerie..the eyes looked real.Thats when they asked me if she could be in a special program run by the art gallery in’s called Grace Art and it sponsors and gives more lessons to gifted art students.

    Her portrait hung in the main entrance of the gallery all year and then it was given to should see the basement’s really an art studio..LOL…easel,paints,brushes,clay…you name it!

    Anyway sorry to go on and on..I’m just so damned proud of that little munchkin! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Man,how much some of us are alike is uncanny…I always say when..I get my millions I’m going to adopt a bunch of kids..or open some kind of center to help kids…I hate to see children suffer.

    Prtfvr…I got in..very cool.It’s comcast being stupid.I have to use Aol..then I can enter the chatroom.
    I second the vote to meet on Sunday!!!

  508. For the chat Sunday are we using eastern or pacific time?
    I’ll be out of town till Sunday evening and I might miss the chat. I hope you all have fun.

  509. Danielle said

    It might be harder for the Eastern people to get on since 10 Pacific time is what 1 here. There is no way I could get up for work. Besides my sister or Kelly would kill me if there at that time on a work night. Especially since Kelly’s computer is in her bedroom.

  510. Danielle said

    Unless we say there will be two times and what you can do great if you can do both even better.

  511. lwildstar said

    Clair – you and I can share the honor of the motorcycles…and yes happy wishfull thinking – but is there any other kind? I just thought its was crazy that I got both Kyle and Henry ๐Ÿ˜‰ more wishfull thinking I supose!

  512. msgypsy said

    Only a few moments allowed online…

    A duC, I’m not fond of fanfic either, although I’ve read some that isn’t bad. (I wish those writers would develop their own stories so I could enjoy buying their books!)

    If we want to start a writers’ group, for regular fiction, I’m okay with that. I’ll work on it tonight. AFTER I finish work, hike my scheduled 2 miles, return a TON of library books, and cool off at home.

    Laurel, I’m not going to be available for lunch on Friday (you hadn’t asked but I thought I’d tell you) but tomorrow is a possibility. And as for the blood drive thing, no one seems to be free at the same time as anyone else so I think the Hello Kitty tattoos are for some other project.

    Back later, bloggerini.

  513. Danielle said

    Alright ladies, I am out for the night. Gotta make an earth box for my veggie plants. It looks like I am going to have a lot of zucchini. Talk to you tomorrow.

  514. Aww everyone is dropping off early today. Guess that’s my clue to switch to the laptop and write some more.
    I left my heroine is a pretty bad situation last night, but I was too tired to keep writing.
    I think hitting both time zones for the chat would be good. It gives everyone a chance to stop by and say hi whether its early or late.
    I’ll try to pop in once I am home, that is if I don’t pass out as soon as I walk in the door. (long weekend at a hot as hell Renaissance Faire)

  515. Rifkind said

    Thanks, I have to wait until I get home to check my Yahoo! email as my work blocks it..
    I can’t wait to see the postcard!

  516. vampgrl said

    Hmmm…vampires can’t swim? Is that in the blood books somewhere? ’cause I haven’t read them yet. Or is that just general vamp mythology?
    Geez! You guys are just posting all over me! You’ll have to catch me up once again on the whole movie deal tomorrow, ’cause I couldn’t keep up with that either. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Catch you guys tomorrow! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oh and when I said I got Henry’s back, I meant I would protect him not…heh…nevermind…hehe…but I TOTALLY didn’t mean for that to be taken the way you guys obviously took it. *g*
    And I’m sure Loves History would have Vicki’s back. ๐Ÿ™‚

  517. I never did buy into the whole “vampires can’t swim” aspect of the mythos.
    I personally loooove swimming and I want my vampires to be able to enjoy it as I do. So I have floating vamps… lol

  518. Laurel said

    ms gypsy – I think I’m having lunch with Elizabeth on Friday, so I’m not free either. Tomorrow is a possibility if husband goes fishing. I won’t know until late tonight, maybe not even until early tomorrow. Would you prefer I call your cell or e-mail when I know?

    Re: fan fic? I don’t read much of it either. I’m writing some just for my own amusement. I use my own characters bot someone else’s world and rules of engagement. For me it is just an excersize in writing that entertains my brain and occasionally my family. Sometimes I don’t want to have to make up the whole thing, which is why some of my own stuff is set in locations I have personally been and know well.

  519. Laurel said

    FYI – Just as I was posting that last bit I got a call from Elizabeth. After spending all morning with doctors her mom is scheduled for surgery late tomorrow and because of greater damage to the wrist needs some extra hardware to hold it in place.
    She said to let you all know she’ll probably be out of touch for a couple of days. I’ll let you all know if I hear from her again.

    Prayers, good thoughts, etc are gratefully accepted.

  520. DIZEY1 said

    Claire….that is amazing. You know the Vincent’s, Monet’s God given talent, such gifts. The other 3 do any of them share a love of art?? When our big money gets here (Secret money ya know) We can run the kids center and I was thinking since we all met here, it should be “Henry’s Kids Center” I can’t wait to open. We’ll have Kyle come and cut the ribbon and I’d bet he’d actually be happy to participate in something like that. Sounds real to me, it will happen if I just make it so. goodies came today. my mom called and said I had a prize waiting for me when I get off work. I can’t wait to see. Oh and how do you know that Henry’s got HEAVY BONES?? You’d know this…..because?? I’ll have the Big Red Hummer w/dark tinted glass and will be waiting at rendezvous point to scoop up said vampire to save his gorgeous booty!!

  521. Rifkind said

    Hey All !!
    Tanya has posted a new message at LJ about Blood Ties.
    She had an interview with SPACE TV about the show. Apparently they are going to put on a half-hour show about BT in the fall.
    I hope that this attracts lots of new fans!

  522. Anzia said

    Motorcycles… okay, if peeps are getting some of those I TOTALLY want in! I know I’m not in the right age group to be the heroines/hero of the movie but… I’d LOVE to ride a bike… oh, if we have an amphibious car can we have jet skis? That’d be an AWESOME chase scene! I volunteer to ride one of them if I can’t have a bike?

  523. DIZEY1 said

    Lady A***I love the Hump Day pic’. I also am a water baby as my mom called us when we were young. Still am today, in another life I may have been a mermaid, or a dolphin love em’. But yeah my Henry loves the water and we will be taking moonlight swims OMG that just sounds like sooooo much fun doesn’t it?? Oh what trouble we can get into (muuuuaaaahhhh) Good trouble of course. How goes the rosaries?? I want one when you’re done.

  524. DIZEY1 said

    Yeah Z, I’ve got the jet ski’s on the back of my Big Red Hummer. Cool deal it’ll be like Charlie’s Angels. Too funny.

  525. DIZEY1 said

    Ok will check in when I get home. Can’t wait to see my Blood Moon goodies.


  526. Laurel said

    Rifkind you are so fast with that news! I was just over posting a comment on Tanya’a LJ. I love the way she writes about herself. So real and fun.

    Hey, maybe we need to give her a part in our movie! She has already shown great talent with her part on BT. hehehe

  527. loves history said

    anzia you can be bait then dizey blast the bad guys with a50cal mg mounted onher hummer

  528. loves history said

    how do you look in a black leather bikini with black boots

  529. loves history said

    how do you look in a black leather bikini with long black boots

  530. Claire said

    Prayers going out to Elizabeths MOM!!
    Dizey…Girl you rock…that sounds like a plan…Henrys center for children! Yup..Kyle would so be in on it!!!

    As for artistic talent…no,the other three don’t share the love of art…but Victoria has a knack for writing…she’s always making up these really amazing stories…about magical forests and unicorns and stuff.

    I’m pretty artistic..I am the designing part of the clothing boutique my daughters and I are putting together..It’s going to be called V.E.G.A Kids..those are the quads initials and also the brightest star in the constellation Lyra.
    I am in the process of designing inspirational/self esteem T-shirts,we also hope to do a line for multiples and room decor…I created a fairy forest wonderland for the girls wall…and the boys have the solar system and aliens.
    So …wish us luck..until the” secret “money comes in.

    Hey Dizey…another thing I’ve always wanted to do is go to Africa…do something to help there…Nikki and I religiously watch American Idol…cause she sings…and they did a Help Africa I had tears streaming down my face! those poor babies.

    Anyway yah it’s all good
    Iwildstar…yeah we’ll take turns on the bike!!! Hey whats not to like about your dream…both of them…yeah man!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  531. loves history said

    claire did you know i have bee to africa went hunting bought back an Impala horn yearslater had acustom bowie knife made out of it

  532. lwildstar said

    Well I’ve been inspired to go back to writing – I dug out all my old outlines from High school (ya Iknow) when I was an aspiring cartoonist/graphic artist – yes I had planned on a carreer in comic books – even took lesons with some one who had done work at Marvel and several independant companies – anywho after pitching out 90% of those old things (wow mutants were the big thing in the 80’s) I came a cross one out line that I think – now that I am older – I can really do something with as a written story – I had based it on a Japanese myth about a wandering spirit, a lonley soul, and a vengful deamon- I’ll let you know if anything pans out…..

    DIZEY1 said,June 20, 2007 @ 2:22 pm goodies came today. my mom called and said I had a prize waiting for me when I get off work. I canโ€™t wait to see. Oh and how do you know that Henryโ€™s got HEAVY BONES?? Youโ€™d know thisโ€ฆ..because?? Iโ€™ll have the Big Red Hummer w/dark tinted glass and will be waiting at rendezvous point to scoop up said vampire to save his gorgeous booty!!

    Well – aside from personall experiance (blush…snicker snicker…) its in the books… glad your goodies came today – I like them being refered to as a prize – hope you enjoy them….

    Personally I prefer to think vamps enjoy the water – oohhhh there goes that side of my mind again… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well I’m off to go work on some rosaries – I’ll post whatever I get done on Sunday..I really should try to get some sleep – I get to help interview the candidate for taking over my admin duties – I guess I should take that as a sign of confidence in my ability to move up in to this new job………………

    Wonderful Henry Dreams to all you Hens and Mike dreams to all you Minxes!

    I’ll check in tomorrow morning…

    Tango & Danielle, check your email in the morning for your tracking numbers~

  533. Claire said

    LH…yeah I read your post that you had been to Africa…it must have been great…although I don’t condone Hunting…I guess I’m a real girl when it comes to that…Animals are just majestic to me…to me they have the purest souls..yeah they kill…to survive…to keep the balance of nature…but thats the way it’s supposed to be.I live on a wildlife nature reserve…and we have so many deer…some of the property owners tried petitioning to hunt them…I’m glad it didn’t go through…yeah I know they starve and get hit by cars…but I can’t kill something beautiful.

  534. Teresa said

    lwildstar – I got my goodies today, yay! I love them! The bookmark is already in one of the Blood books I’m rereading for the BT book club. Now I have to find something to wear tomorrow that I can show off my pendant, oh, boy!
    As for a vampire’s bones being heavy, that comes to light in Blood Debt, I believe, when a certain vampire goes swimming, sinks like a stone and has to be rescued by the lifeguard. The vampire’s creator neglected to mention that little tidbit, probably because it was something that never crossed his mind.
    For the movie, I’d rather have the amphibious car than a motorcycle. I have a lead foot and would feel safer in a car ๐Ÿ˜‰

  535. loves history said

    claire a mans got to feed his family ( espically when his father inlaw is telling her to devorce the bum because he can no longer suppot her on$31000 ayear will about $4000 more if teachs summer school

  536. DIZEY1 said

    Lh***thanks for the 50 cal mg. I never thought I’d need a weapon, better safe than sorry I always say! I should probably use the silver ammo too.

    Teresa I got my goodies today also, the necklace is awesome and my rosary bracelet too. I’ve got to start reading these books soon. I now have my new cool bookmark and all, need to start!!

    Claire, love the constellation thing. Very cool w/the kids names. I know the V and the A , curiosity what names are the E and G ?? We’ll have more than enough money to spread the wealth anywhere we want to spend it to help anywhere we can. I so want to actually do this. I’m ready send me the money universe!!

  537. Madonna said

    Hey everyone,

    I’ll just weigh in quickly on the whole artistic thing. Yeah, I am a designer for a living, but in reality I’m more of a painter / illustrator. And yes, there is a huge difference. Right now I make my living as a senior graphic designer for Auto Mart magazine. (The Redneck’s Bible) 13 cities, about 1300 ads every week. The hours are a killer. My favorite kind of work is wildlife and fantasy, especially parrots and big cats. I’ve thought about doing some Blood Ties paintings and sending them to cast as gifts, but it almost seems too fanatical to me. Time is a factor there too.

    As a teenager, I used to want to go into animation. But then I realized how much school that takes.

    What a coincidence. I’m trying to start my own business with my mother too. We design, make and sell gel candles. We’ve got some really creative stuff. Our working name is Totally Wick’d Candle Creations

    Elizabeth and Dizey1,
    Prayers being sent your way for your parents.

  538. prtfvr said

    Laurel: No way are YOU dense! Don’t even suggest it! I don’t know why it isn’t working. That’s really weird. I can’t figure out why it won’t work. It sounds like you’re going to the right place.

    I don’t know if you can get to the site by clicking on my name here but you could try. I’ve been checking in on and off today but no one’s ever there. WAHHHH!!! Or, everyone could be logging in to check and if no one’s there, logging back out. That’s what I’m doing. Probably should stick around, huh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I hope it works for you. It’d be lonely without you!

  539. Claire said

    LH-I know…you gotta do what you gotta do…your father in law should’ve minded his own business.

    Dizey-their name are-Victoria Hope,Elijah Charles,Gregory Dylan,Alexandria Celine.

    Keep those positive vibes going out to the universe…

    Madonna- love the name of your business…totally wicked..and by totally wicked I mean Sweet!!! LOL!!! Gotta love that Norman!

  540. Tango said

    So let me see if I have this straight โ€“
    LH now driving a Beemer
    Dizey in the Red Hummer with rear door ejectable Jet ski
    Lauren and I are in the Black Ferrari
    Aquadas โ€“ Teresa & Danielle
    Motorcycles โ€“ lwildstar and Claire
    Z โ€“ Jet Ski
    What is everyone else in and on? And donโ€™t say Henry ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I also wanted to give you these options:

    The Humdinga an amphibious 4 wheel drive seats 5 and you will notice Dizey it has a gun mounted on top of the roll bar.

    Could you see it? It was camouflaged.

    And you Jet Ski people donโ€™t have to settle for just a jet ski โ€“ there is the Quadski amphibious 4 wheeler.

    Sexy cool toys for our movie!

    The Quadski eliminates the need for the ejectable jet ski

    So what is the name of this dream team? And what can our logo be? Put your creative minds together now.

    Laurel โ€“ you asked about a part for Tayna. Himmiefan said earlier that she has the dubious honor of being the โ€œCharlieโ€- type character.

  541. prtfvr said

    Beth? Where’d ya go?!

  542. DIZEY1 said

    prtfvr** I stopped by earlier, I did leave a little note that I was there. But I did log off after that. I had no problem getting in or logging on.

    Claire***their names sound very regal. I love the name Elijah. Beautiful names I’m sure for beautiful children.

    Miss Madonna, thanks so much for the well wishes dad’s actually feeling better today I think antibiotics are finally kicking in. Speaking of wicked do you have a website??

  543. DIZEY1 said

    Do you mean which path did I take to get there??

  544. DIZEY1 said

    Deb, I clicked on your pic under your name.

  545. Tango said

    The last post I just sent did not go through – probably due to the links. I found a couple of more amphibious vehicles for our movies.

    Diz – yes there is an amphibious Hummer called the Humdinga – complete with gun mounted on the rollbar.

    There is also something called the Quadski – you guessed it – a amphibious 4-wheeler – or Jet Ski on steriods!

    Sexy cool toys for us sexy cool chicks! If you want to check them out before the other post comes up, go back to my 9:11 am post today and click on the link. Click on the the picture of the Aquada and it will take you to a new page where you will see the others.

    Claire – great name for a great business idea. I hope you get it up and running soon.

    Madonna – our other little entrepreneur – also a great name. And Claire you took the letters right off my fingers with the Norman quote. And yes, I gotta love Norman.

  546. prtfvr said

    DIZ: As soon as you close the window on IM, everything you wrote goes away, unfortunately.

    Random thought: If Claire had an online business she could call it “eClaire”.

    I’m SO tired I’m slap-happy. Think I’m going to bed now. Nite, nite.

  547. Claire said

    Thanks…Dizey…Elijah..means message from God.Thanks to you too Tango..
    Well for some reason..I’m feeling 49 today…totally exhausted…could be 4 little Indians on summer vacation? LOL!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Time for a bath and glass of wine…don’t forget the vamp book..reading Keri Arthur Guardian series….you think the fanfic is hot? these books are not to be read in public…some very serious heat! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Bonne Nuit mes Amis!!!!

  548. Madonna said

    Thanks everyone for the compliment on my future business name. It was inspired by someone I work with. I don’t have a business license yet, because we still haven’t figured out the right direction to take the company in. No website as of yet…but it does look like the internet will be are best bet. We don’t really have the money behind us to hire someone to create the website so it looks like that will be up to me. That means that I have a lot of reading to do since I am creative but not necessarily technically inclined.

    So, 40-60 hours a week at work, trying my best to start a company, and trying to write a book. SOMEONE HELP……PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  549. AlisaSG said

    forgive me for getting in here late, but I just read this-
    vampgrl (posted at June 20, 2007 @ 1:39 pm)
    >> Hmmmโ€ฆvampires canโ€™t swim?
    >> Is that in the blood books somewhere?
    >> โ€™cause I havenโ€™t read them yet.
    >> Or is that just general vamp mythology?

    Lady Afrodyte (June 20, 2007 @ 1:45 pm)
    >> I never did buy into the whole โ€œvampires canโ€™t swimโ€ aspect of the mythos.
    I personally loooove swimming and I want my vampires to be able to enjoy it as I do.


    hmmmm.. If I read CQY’s Blood Games correctly, Saint-Germain swims (and he’s a vampire). He dove right into the water and went chasing after those alligators. I imagined it as a picture-perfect dive and nice strong swimming strokes to match his hunky arms and shoulders and well sculpted muscle tone. He also has his own private (roman) “bath” and pool, too, so he swims a lot in there, too.

    *roaming* in the (roman) pool.. LOL!
    I always imagined at least one of his more trusted girlfriends visiting and going for a nice moonlight swim.. warm water temps, too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    If Henry breaks with some of the standard vampire myths, and the TV Henry is slightly different from the books, surely he could go on one of those moonlight swims, too. I’d think by now, he’d be an expert swimmer, too. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I thought that’s sort of what Christina did behind the story of his portrait of her with the waterfall (not necessarily a shower). It seemed to be a night scene in moon light shades of sorts, except for the red (blood?) on her hand..

  550. Tango said

    I’m with you Alisa – I say our Henry should be able to swim. Any reason to get him out of a shirt is good with me.

  551. loves history said

    was there a test for witchs which invovled water

  552. msgypsy said

    Hey!!!! I’m in the nondescript grey sedan, with the really hunky, square jawed, light haired cop looking guy in the passenger seat. The lookout vehicle can’t stand out too much. It’s got a killer engine, though. And a nice, big back seat.

    I’m going to start a writers’ support thread under my Nano topic. I’ll do it as soon as I’m done typing here.

  553. vicki said


    I have never heard of the “no-swim” rule for vampires..and I have read lots of Ann Rice over the years…Seems odd..but maybe it has something to do with being able to breathe to float….vampires have no breathe…so no float..but I am guessing…

    Madonna…Modzilla has a composer section that you can use to create a website…it is fairly user friendly…and if you have some Microsoft knowledge you would be fine..or if you have Frontpage..then you are golden..very easy to use…and works great.

  554. vicki said

    loves history…
    Yes…Salem Witch trails..if you were a witch…if you werent..
    Kind of illogical…I die if I am innocent????


  555. Tango said

    Well, if the witches were smart they would just swim away underwater wouldn’t they?

  556. vicki said

    they couldn’t I think that they had a rope tied around their waist

    There is a picture in my head of a woman tied to a chair and being dunked into the water…but I thiink that was to make them confess…(Past life??? or bad movie) LOL

  557. Madonna said


    Thanks for the info. I’ll check it out, but it kind of scares me. I really have no knowledge of PC’s. I’m a MAC girl. We did do some website design when I was in college, but it was very limited and that has been eight years ago. I’m a perfectionist too so I am going to have to figure out all the fancy things you can do.

  558. msgypsy said

    Writer support thread at

    They didn’t use dunking at the Salem witch trials. That’s a European bit of nonsense. The suspected witch would be tied to a chair and dunked in a body of water, held under long enough to drown. If she died she was innocent and if she lived she was guilty. Fascinating logic they used in ye olde dayes.

  559. vicki said

    oh…must have been a bad movie I saw…

  560. vicki said

    but yes logic seems to be missing from their actions

  561. Madonna said

    Just a thought,

    About the vehicles for the movie…. I’m a retro girl so I was thinking I could drive a turbo charged blue ’57 Chevy convertible with lots of cool 007 style gadgets. Again just my thought.

    Oh well, that is it for me tonight.

    Sweet dreams.

  562. msgypsy said

    I think we can call this Javier Mendoza logic…

  563. Tango said

    What a horrible way to die. Not just the drowning, which in and of itself is bad enough, but having – I assume, a group of people who are subjecting you to this – and there were probably spectators too, right?

    I almost drowned as a child, but my sister saved me. That whole suffocating feeling is very very scary.

  564. Anzia said

    LH- I’m all for being the bait and I definitely don’t mind the leather and boots but if I wear a bikini we will need a rather large editing budget! Or a body double…

    Tango- I tried checkin’ out the “jet skis on steroids” and couldn’t get to the site. My computer must really hate me right now…

    That’s all I have for tonight guys. I’m exhausted. I’ve decided NEVER to have kids ’cause my cousins have destroyed my patience for them. UGH! Needless to say it was a pretty bad day. *sigh* So, I’m going to bed and going to dream of things that will make it all better…


  565. Tango said

    Good Night Madonna!

  566. Tango said

    Z – try this link and there are two pictures on this site, one by land one by water.

  567. Anzia said

    I’ve always wondered about that logic myself. I always got a kick out of the salem witch trials in regards to property. If you confessed you lost everything and if you were found guilty after claiming your innocence you lost everything. There was one guy who was crushed to death ’cause he wouldn’t say one way or another that way his family couldn’t lose their home and property. I’m not sure but I think they took it away anyways. Corey? was that his name???

    But i’m with the whole suffocating thing sucking. Never been close to dying like that but as a kid my Asthma was HORRIBLE. Not being able to breathe is the scariest thing in the world.

    Okay, to bed I go.

  568. Tango said

    Sweet dreams Z – I’ll take your cue and head out as well.

    And to all a good night…

  569. Anzia said

    Tango- all I get is the blue bar with pics and under it says the function could not be performed. But if it’s the last pic, then I want one of THEM! That’d BE AWESOME!

  570. Tango said

    Yeah, the last two pictures are of the Quadski showing you both land and water functions. Cool huh!?

  571. msgypsy said

    Giles Corey was pressed to death to protect his family’s right to his property. I was in “The Crucible” in high school and since it was a school, we had to learn the whole history of the event in addition to doing the play.

    There was serious property taking going on during the Salem witch craze. There were some odd laws about who got the seized property and I seem to recall that you can look at the map of Salem as it was set up in that era and see exactly what was going on. But I can’t remember how it worked.

    BTW, I assume Henry got to see it all first hand and I’d love to hear his take on it all. (I find it safe to assume that Henry got to see all the major turning points in history first hand…)

    Bloggerini, I hiked an accidental mile more than expected this evening and I’m feeling BUSHED! I think I’m heading for the pillows and will pick this up again tomorrow.

  572. AlisaSG said

    I think I remember a Stargate SG-1 Tv program episode, probably about Teal’c getting chained to a chair and dunked into a lake. He was chosen as bait for the rest of the team by some idiot superstitious *fool* in some Salem type witch trial. Because he came back to life later (his symbiote saved him), the entire team was chained together to become food for a creature known as the Unas, who sort of set himself up as a creature to be obeyed and worshipped.

    anyway, msgypsy mentioned-
    >> There was serious property taking going on during the Salem witch craze…
    >> BTW, I assume Henry got to see it all first hand and Iโ€™d love to hear his take on it all. (I find it safe to assume that Henry got to see all the major turning points in history first hand…)


    I’d say that belief was confirmed when Henry is talking to Vicki in “Blood Price,” and she tells him she has a minor (degree) in history. Henry told her in that scene that he had to learn history the hard way – he lived thru it. I’m guessing he’s had some awful memories during the worst of those turning point times. Sort of goes along with his other comment in another episode about him (wanted to be) being able to “choose” which battles he’d prefer to get involved with or not.

  573. loves history said

    tanya wrote a ss about this in blood bank i related to mary esty a salem witch

  574. Himmiefan said

    Now Ms Gypsy, you and Mike must do some actual looking out while you’re in that nondescript gray sedan. Not to worry, you’ll get breaks every now and then.

    I certainly hope Henry can swim because I had a very cute mental image of him wearing water wings. Adorable, but not scary vampirish.

    Take those images of Henry in a Speedo out of your heads now!

    Well, the young ‘uns are clamoring to have a more active role in the movie even though keeping the rest of us in chocolate is extremely important. So, I’ve decided that you guys must therefore wear some sort of monster repellant. Nooooo, not something that smells like death! I know what you’re thinking; I’m on to you guys.

    I’ll give this some thought. Must go to bed now because I have to battle the evil computer managers tomorrow (see my meltdown above). I’ll be armed with my black suit, pearls, and power pumps. They’re not going to know what hit them!

    Oh, BTW, I wish there was some way we could dunk Javier’s ghost. I’m sure he would have done it while he was alive, so the slimeball must reap what he sows.


  575. DIZEY1, I took some pictures of the rosaries I have, but I don’t like the way they came out. I’ll re-take the pictures on Monday and send them to whoever was interested via email. I don’t have a web space set up to sell them yet.

    I’ll collect emails monday.

  576. Margaret said

    Ok, so I don’t get a part? Whahhhhh…

  577. vampgrl said

    Just a quick Hidee HO! posty. I SERIOUSLY can’t keep up with you guys. It took me this long to read all your posts from when I left yesterday. I never have time to squeeze out a post myself. I feel like the 10th wheel around here. Heh. I might get to post some stuff that dream I keep forgetting to mention…before it fades totally. Later peeps! ๐Ÿ˜€

  578. lwildstar said

    busy day today – just popped in to say good morning

    Danielle and Tango I mailed your boxes and emailed you the tracking numbers

    Rifkind – check your mailbox in a couple of days – mailed you a thank you!

    after i logged off last night I started writing my story that I mentioned last night – I just started typing and let it go – now tonight I’ll go back and read what I wrote to see if its going anywhere.

    Thanks for the writers need love link – you may see me ther if I really start to work on this seriously.

    Ok things are picking up – I’ll try to come back at lunch and catch up

  579. nina said

    Hello bloggers,

    Lately I don’t have alot of time to be around.
    vampgrl – me 2! It’s been impossible for me to keep up.

    Tango, love that picture. I heard there is a very long waiting list for that car/boat.

  580. Rifkind said

    Morning Blog-kin!

    Thanks Madonna for the Postcard, you rock girl!

    I bet that if you did paint portraits of each of the stars, that they would love it! You might even be able to give it to them personally and get pictures with them… I can see you with Kyle right now in my mind.. showing him your portrait… He even kissed you on the cheek…
    watch the neck!!! Hee Hee

  581. Rifkind said

    lwildstar ,

    I am glad to hear that you are writing again!
    A secret from my writing teacher, was to write and write and NOT go back and re-read .. as your natural editor will kick in and stop you from continued creation. Write as much as you can while the story is strong.. there will always be time later to edit… it is the first creation that takes it’s toll and can easily be sidetracked by editing and re-reading / re-writing. (OK maybe that should go on the writing thread..)

    I will be looking in the mail, I was very glad to help out the Blood Ties addicts that were missing episodes and are on dial-up like I am.

    Hey Universe!!! We are still in desparate need of episodes 1 & 2!

    Tango, do you know anybody who can loan you a DVD burner for a day and copy the episodes off of your TIVO???
    Oh, Pretty Please!


  582. Annalaise duChat said

    Good Morning all,

    ms.gypsy-Thank you for the writer’s support thread. I started off the posting this morning. Hopefully all the budding writers in the group will join in.

    prtfvr-I’m having the same problem with the chat room as Laurel. Could this be a Mac thing? BTW love the site, It’s really coming along!

  583. lwildstar said

    I couldn’t get into the chat room either – but I tried from work and it may be a security thing – I’ll try tonight from home.

    Thanks for the advice Rifkind!

  584. Danielle said

    Morning Gals and LH.
    I am really getting annoyed. All this week I have been waking up before my alarm goes off and I have no idea why. Grrrrrr!

    Beth-I got my shirt yesterday. Have you still not seen yours? It is great. I asked for black and she sent me white though. Oh well! I’m not complaining.

    I just got an email on a news update, Stonehenge Revelers Welcome Summer Solstice. An exuberant gathering of 20,000 people welcome the first rays of dawn on the years longest day.

    I just think that would be a sweet experience and when I say sweet I mean totally wicked.

  585. Danielle said

    I am sitting over at the chat room if anyone can sneak away and sign in.

  586. msgypsy said

    1. I can’t keep up and it’s MY board! So no one should feel bad about not being able to keep up.

    2. I’m sure I’ll be able to keep watch from the backseat of the nondescript grey sedan. I think my fellow lookout has some … er … experience in these matters.

    3. Speaking of the movie, am I right in assuming we can have Mike along but not Vicki? She could be assisting LH, you know.

    4. There is no number four but I figured I’d make it an even list.

    Later, bloggren! Keep a-chatting!

  587. Danielle said

    Vicki can come along as long as she doesn’t get a revelation and realize she really does love Henry. She may not be able to keep her hands off him then and I might have to jump her.

  588. Anzia said

    Danielle- As LH can keep her occupied (if that’s okay with him of course) then I don’t think you’ll have to worry about it.

    Also, who exactly am I the bait for? Mendoza? Norman? Christina? I know I’m not a hero/heroine but I’d LOVE to take a whack at Christina. Just one. I wouldn’t hurt her too much… and If I’m the bait for her… well, it would be me fighting for my life not fighting the bad… *shrugs* just a thought. I’m happy with whatever though…

  589. Danielle said

    That’s right I forgot about her riding with him. That will be fine then.

    Somebody asked above what our name will be. Anybody have any ideas? I am totally drawing a blank. My mind isn’t working right now. I think it will have to be something totally unbiased because we have some minxes helping us and we should be fair to them. They don’t have to help us you know. Gypsy will be happy just having Mike to herself in the nondescript look out car though so she might not care what we call ourselves. As long as she gets her goods she will be fine.

  590. Teresa said

    Madonna – I was able to upload the smaller postcard images, yay! I don’t know what it was about the first one; I couldn’t even upload it to Photobucket ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Madonna graciously allowed me to upload her postcard design to my LJ and I will attempt to upload it to the Bloodlines site as well. Now that I think about it, it’ll probably be easier on Madonna if you grab the design from my LJ instead of her sending out individual e-mails (I hope I’m not presuming too much, Madonna). Here’s the link

  591. Danielle said

    Personally I’d like to kick some Mendoza ass. I’ve got the sweet ass Aquada vehicle though so I can leave him to the rescuers as long as they give him a bit for me.

  592. prtfvr said

    Annalaise: I built the site on a mac so that should be ok. What browser are you using? It works on Safari, Explorer and Firefox. I’ve checked it with those three. I checked it with Explorer on a PC. Is your browser up to date? That’s three of you now who can’t use it but I have three others who can. Why can’t anything work right out of the gate?! >:I

    Regarding vampires and water: I’m a vampire lore fan from way back so I know about the water problem. Folklore said that vampires can’t cross moving water, this is not to say that any of the Dracula movies used that particular device because how do you get your vampire from Transylvannia to England if they can’t fly as a bat over open seas or take a boat. That particular detail is normally saved for when the vampire’s evil – in books at least. Some “rules” that I know of are:

    – Sunlight burns.
    – They fall asleep as soon as the sun rises – even if they’re on fire, I guess.
    – Can’t cross running water.
    – Can’t enter a house without permission but hotels, guest rooms, etc don’t count because many people come and go so no one person is attached to it as a main residence.
    – Can’t re-enter a house after it has been sanctified and the permission to enter rescinded.
    – Silver burns and/or weakens them when placed around the body such as necklaces, hand and ankle cuffs.
    – They’re afraid of crosses and burn when touched with one.
    – Can’t bare to hear God’s name spoken or any sort of prayer.
    – Only cutting off their head will kill them and even then, if you keep the head with the body there’s a possiblity that they’ll regenerate.
    – You must stuff the mouth of a beheaded vampire with garlic to keep it from attaching itself back to its body if they’re buried together. That one doesn’t always work!
    – Can regenerate body parts. Not a head, apparently.
    – Can’t starve to death but will go insane without food.
    – Sleep in coffins.
    – Super strength.
    – Ability to control animals.
    – Ability to mesmerize people.
    – Don’t like garlic which will burn them.
    – Evil, evil, EVIL!
    – Three bites from a vampire guarantees that you’ll become one once you die.
    – Drinking FROM a vampire just once guarantees that you’ll turn when you die.
    – Become soul-less once they turn.
    – Rise from the dead three days after death.
    – Prey mostly on the weak and sickly.
    – Impervious to disease even blood borne.
    – Cannot have “sex” and/or living children.
    – Can make the victim THINK they’ve had great sex and not just that they were bitten.
    – Can alter people’s memories once they’ve been bitten – mind control.
    – Once they turn someone, they can always sense where that vampire is no matter how far away and the new vampire is considered their “child” and subservient to the “Master” vampire.
    – The older they get, the more powerful they become.
    – Tend to be loners once they turn a thousand or so years old.
    – Can get tired of living and will “walk into the sunlight” to end it all.
    – Cannot eat or drink anything but blood.
    – Will drink from animals when desperate.
    – Can’t drink from the dead.
    – Can drink from other vampires.
    – Can turn into bats, wolves, mist.
    – No reflection in mirrors.
    – Don’t breathe.
    – Have an extremely slow heart beat that stops completely at sun rise.
    – Have no sense of cold or heat.
    – No sense of humor other than laughing at the misfortune of others.
    – Can’t sweat.
    – Can’t love.
    – Vampires will often gather together. Always with a big bad in charge.
    – I think that Bram Stoker’s vampire could walk in daylight but I haven’t read that book in years so I’m not sure.

    There are more but that’s all I could think of while sitting here pretending to work. Guess I should actually do some of that work now.

    Wow, I just realized that I know WAY too much about vampire “rules”! I might need help.

  593. Margaret said

    Well, I guess Henry/Tanya have broke the typical mold on some of those then. But then, we always knew that both of them were special and didn’t necessarily fit in anyones mold.

  594. vampgrl said

    When Mark asked, “What is it about Henry that Vicki’s attracted to?”

    Instead of babbling about bad boys and Han Solo, I should have said: “I have no idea. I mean, he’s totally hot, he’s rich, he’s talented, he’s got a great sense of humour, he’s sophisticated, he’s hip, he’s mysterious, he’s got a great car, and he’s very interested in her. Why would any woman be attracted to that?”

    WOOHOO!!! Thank you, Tanya! I popped on over to her LJ real quick to read that little bit and I gotta say that is my fav part. ๐Ÿ™‚

    On the vampires being swimming not swimming thing, I never did get that whole thing. Still don’t. And if they can’t, then that kicks out that whole dream sequence I had of me and Spike smimming in my pool, under the moonlight, and he was naked. *drool*
    Oh and Himmiefan? Sorry, I definately like the thought of Henry in a Speedo better. HAVE to get me some of that. *THUD*
    Ummm…little confused here. I thought I was the one who was the bait here? What? Are lots of us bait now? And who am I bait for exactly? Hmmm…monster repellant huh? Like what? MonstersBeGone? I don’t think they sell that in a super-size can. Heh. Okay, I can’t drive anything to save my life, so who will I be riding with? And I can’t fight to save my life either, so I guess my role is to basically supply Henry with blood and keep the rest of you guys supplied in chocolate, am I wrong? Heh. Blood and Chocolate. Sounds like the movie…hehe
    Oh! Dream. Almost forgot. This was sometime last week, can’t remember when, think it was Thursday night, anyways, it was a 2 in one thing. First part my Dad was yelling that the TV was freaking out or something…in my dreams my Dad is always yelling about something…then it switched and I was over at one of the neighbors houses for a barbecue…only it was our old neighbors who moved away from us a couple of years ago…so I was at a barbeque and lots of the HOT Hollywood guys were there. Hugh Jackman was there, David Boreanaz was there, Klye was there…can’t remember who else…but those three are enough for me right there. Mmmmm…Magically Sexaliscious…hehe…talk about weird though. Please don’t get inside my head…hehe
    Oh and I remember some of you mentioning Wolverine before? Sorry, I might have to fight you for him too. *g*
    And on the dunking Mendonz’s ghost thing? Forget that! I say we bring him back from the dead and all beat the total crap out of him. Mendoza Smackdown. WOOHOO! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚
    And I’m not supposed to be here either…so leaving now…*g*

  595. Annalaise duChat said

    prtfvr- I’m using Safari 1.3.2, so yea it’s up to date. I tried again a while ago and seemed to get in but the interface is incomplete. I can’t see any reponses. I’ll keep trying.I’ve got to go do some work now. Bye.

  596. loves history said

    LK hamitons are more poweful belle mort can feed off of sex another vamp can steal your body and live in it another cancause Earthquakes many can day walk our henry candrink water anne rices vamp can fly if powerful enough.

  597. Danielle said

    I like anyone who doesn’t follows the rules so Yay Tanya and Henry.

    vampgrl-Teresa and I are taking turns with the Aquada. I invite you to ride along with us. By land or by water we will get our guy. Hey that is a good motto for us. How about the Paranormal Avengers as a name for us.

  598. Danielle said

    Annalaise-I saw you on there. I saw your responses.

  599. Margaret said

    Ok, who is assigning the parts in the movie? I still don’t see where I have a part. Do we need someone to ride in a decoy car?

    Totally off subject-exactly what color are Kyle’s eyes?

  600. Danielle said

    I just looked at a good shot of him. His eyes look like a really nice clear blue.

  601. Rifkind said

    Thanks for the long list of Vampire “rules”.
    I am into Blood Ties for its light and romantic side and also the humor.
    I was never into heavy horror, so really didn’t get into too much by the way of vampire lore.
    The list was very helpful.

    In the movie (Elder Hostel), I get to be the techie geek, (ala SG-1 Sam Carter) working on the elecronic locks that are keeping Henry, Anzia and vampgrl locked up. We go rushing in and I shout,
    “I’m Rifkind and I’m here to rescue you!”
    Now that the electronic locks have been picked, Henry breaks his chains and rushes to me and kisses my neck and after a delicious neck slurpee, we free Z and vampgirl from their chains and all go rushing out to meet “HenrysHens” who are busy kicking some bad guy boody!
    I just love the thought of Mendoza and Christina getting what is coming to them!
    We ROCK!

  602. Rifkind said

    Happy Solstice day MsGypsy!

    Litha, The Summer Solstice

    I wonder if Litha is from Lilith, of Adam’s first wife (before Eve) lore… some stories say that she is a vampire

  603. Danielle said

    My sister Chris, mom and neighbor swear I was a Gypsy in a past life. They think I have tendencies for Gypsy like things. I definitely have an alternate way of thinking and acting. My sister Kim hates it. She is always trying to tell me I shouldn’t be wearing stuff like that or doing stuff like that. She is always trying to change me. Totally off subject I know. Since we started talking about the Summer Solstice though I thought it went along with it.

  604. Teresa said

    Just saw this post by Scribble on the Bloodlines forum and thought you guys would get a kick out of it. Barbi is one of the owners/mods for the forum.

    “Just for Fun I had Barbi make up a card and we sent it to Kyle wishing “Henry” happy 488th birthday from his fans at Bloodlines. Don’t know if he has seen it yet but thought I would tell you.


  605. Margaret said

    Teresa: Where exactly was it on the site?

  606. msgypsy said

    Thank you, Rifkind. Litha is some kind of Celtic word but I don’t know what. I don’t think it’s related to Lilith because her name in Hebrew is Lileet (accent on second syllable) and she’s descended (metaphorically speaking) from a Sumerian succubus style demon.

    And on that note (hmmmm…, a nondescript stake out vehicle, Mike … Sounds like a good plan.

    Gotta go. Boss is here.

  607. prtfvr said

    Rifkind: I’m so out of touch here that I KNOW there’s a story going on but don’t have a clue where it lives or what it’s really about. Maybe I’ll catch up one day.

    OH GOD! The f-ing phone is ringing AGAIN! I hate that thing!

  608. Annalaise duChat said

    OK I’m on lunch now, maybe I can work out the issues with the chat room. I can see the names of the people that are there but no responses. I’m going to try again. If anyone’s there let me know what happens.

  609. DIZEY1 said

    prtfvr*** OMG I can’t believe all the things you DO know about Vamp’s. May I say WOW!! too cool. You are I guess our ABBY from NCIS, very knowledgable about a lot of things.

    Dani, you lucky girl. Still waiting on my shirt to arrive. Someday my shirt will come. I’m wearing my rosary bracelet I got from Iwildstar, I love it too cool. My cross dangles just like Henry’s.

    I’ve had customers all day , ther nerve of these people expecting to be helped!!

  610. Teresa said

    Margaret – This is where I found it, on the 2nd page of Bloodlines Forum Index -> Blood Ties – The Show -> Henry Fitzroy’s Birthday

  611. Danielle said

    Annalaise-I just went there and I don’t see you.

  612. Teresa said

    Oops, sorry Margaret. It’s on the 1st page. Scribble posted it yesterday.

  613. DIZEY1 said

    Damn it I just wrote a post and it’s in cyber limbo….

    Prtfvr***I’m surprised at home much info. you DO know about vamps. You can be our Abby (NCIS) very knowledgeable about many things!! You’re good.

    Dani*** still waiting on my flippin’ shirt. Someday I’ll get it. Oh and I’m wearing my new rosary bracelet I got from Iwildstar, I love it. My cross dangles just like Henry’s.

    Had customers all morning, the nerve of people expecting to be helped.

  614. DIZEY1 said

    prtfvr, that was supposed to be HOW MUCH info. Besides it losing my post this things actually writing it’s own.

  615. Danielle said

    Beth-When did you order the shirt and pay for it. I swear you did it before me. Did you try emailing her?

  616. Annalaise duChat said

    Thanks Danielle. Maybe I need to ty a different browser or something.

  617. Danielle said

    My Blood Jewelry went out this morning. I can’t wait to get it. I probably should get the rosary blessed by a priest before I wear it. Just a thought. Maybe I should ask my mom.

  618. Danielle said

    Your Welcome. I don’t know what could be wrong Annalaise. Maybe you can call your service person. Maybe they will know what you can do.

  619. DIZEY1 said

    I ‘m not sure but I sent a check, and that’s probably what’s holding up my order. They’re probably waiting for it to clear the bank. I a can only assume that’s what’s going on. I checked my bank online and the check hasn’t come through yet so. I’ll wait a couple more days and see if they want me to resend another. I’m PMSing big time today. Midol’s ok but chocolate chains I think would be a better medicine if ya know what I mean. Everything’s pissing me off.

  620. Danielle said

    I’ve had those days. They SUCK!
    I do know that she told me that it takes 10 days for checks and money orders to clear the bank. I used a money order. I can’t figure out why a money order has to take 10 days to clear the bank. I have to give the teller the money I want the money order to be made out for. I know that money is going to that and only that.

  621. Margaret said

    Isn’t Scribble a production assistant on the show? You’d think if anyone would know anything it would be her?

  622. Danielle said

    I think Scribble does work on the show somehow.

  623. lwildstar said

    yippeee! its lunch time – at least you guys didn’t get too far ahead of me – so now that I’ve caught up

    Yea, Henry’s already shown that not all the myths are true – in his case – so lets keep up the trend and allow him to swim – I like the idea of him in speedos!….ooo I know at somepoint during the rescue he has to swim – and can either strip before (depending on time) or after the dunk! his silk boxers clinging to his wet skin….works for me!!!!

    just found out that as of Monday I will moved to my new desk (until we move offices) and a temp will be taking over my recp/admin duties till the summer….I’m excited, it shows that they really do feel i have the potential to move into the new job – even tough I haven’t finshed training – downside is that I won’t beable to sneek glances at Paul when he walks by..sigh….oh well, he starts telecommuting next month, so hes not sure how much he’ll be around anyway – i did tell him tha I plan on checking on him occasionnally (via email) to make sure he doesn’t get too stressed out – his new commute will be like 2-3 hours depending on traffic…I got the feeling at lunch yesterday that he’s not sure they will let him telecommute more thatn once a week – he’s their only IT guy – he’s been talking about quitting – this may just be the final straw…..oh well, we must all move on….

    madonna – check out your post card – you did a great job!

    checked out Taynas LJ – too bad they didn’t give her an idea of the air date!

    Told my sister that I was going to go back to writting – she laughed and said “you just went back to sketching” – anyway shes going to try and rehab one of her old laptops for me – won’t be much more than a word processor but at least I’ll be able to work upstairs in the recliner – but knowing her it will be Christmas before she even gets around to it.

    Started the first book in the Shadow serise last night……it hasn’t quite dragged me in like the Blood Books did but we’ll see – i was intrupted by my sister so I only got half way into chapter one…..

    Well the weather is still decnet and I think I’ll go for a walk…

    i’ll check in later.

  624. Margaret said

    Teresa: Thanks, I found it. Too bad we couldn’t see the card.

  625. vampgrl said

    Danielle said,
    June 21, 2007 @ 7:28 am

    I like anyone who doesnโ€™t follows the rules so Yay Tanya and Henry.

    vampgrl-Teresa and I are taking turns with the Aquada. I invite you to ride along with us. By land or by water we will get our guy. Hey that is a good motto for us. How about the Paranormal Avengers as a name for us.

    Cool! Sounds like a plan then. Like that name too. Paranormal Avengers…. coolbies! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Going by Rifkin’s above post, Anzia are both bait then? Don’t mind being chained to Henry though. *g* Sounds like we’ve got a script going here. If I was talented enough, I’d write one myself.
    Oh and crossing fandoms now, but can I bring a friend? He’s just itching to kick some SERIOUS bad guy booty. ๐Ÿ™‚ Pssst! Scroll over my name…hehe

  626. Danielle said

    lwildstar-It is taking me forever to get through Smoke and Shadows. It is not as good as the Blood Books in my opinion but still entertaining.

  627. Margaret said

    Too bad we can’t ask Scribble if she/he has been called back to work or given an idea but I supposed even if she/he knew that we’d all have to be killed if we were told.

  628. Danielle said

    Spike is fine with me. The accent alone is very sexy.

  629. Teresa said

    Margaret – Good thinking. I think I’ll post a request for an image of the card, if available. Will let you all know the results.

  630. Margaret said

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I won’t be able to last until October, then if they only show the last 9 episodes and keep us hanging for months after that I’ll be in a padded room somewhere. So here we go: What would a Blood Ties Addict take to the hospital to occupy themselves with: (1) Blood Ties Tapes & CDs, (2) Computer to access blogs (3) A helmet to prevent damage to the head from beating it agains the wall from lack of Blood Ties, (4) Blood Ties Jewelry and T-shirts just to feel close to Henry, (5) A massive amount of Chocolate and Henry Blow Pops, (6)…….

  631. Danielle said

    (6)My Henry life size action figure that is of course anatomically correct.

  632. lwildstar said

    Danielle – 1) don’t know if you can get that one blessed since its not a real rosary – but then again we get my sisters Harley blessed at the “Blessing of the Bikes” every year where she lives – its an old beach community that at some point in the 60’s 70’s became mostly bikers – really nice people let me tell you – they do more charity work down there! 2) money orders don’t tak anytime to clear the bank – they are the same as cash – si if you are being told that – the personis messing with you. Thas why I take money orders instead of personal checks – I don’t have to wait for the money and the customer doesn’t have to wait the two weeks for the items to be shipped.

    Oh Dizey watch the cross – don’t get it hung up on anything – the one I bought in Scottland is all beat to hell (smirk) because I kept closing the desk drawer on it!

    Lisa Rose from Kalidescope is Scribble – at least that is what she said when we were emailing back and forth about the jewelry….she is the executive assistant to Paul McConvey – don’t know what department
    She has posted once or twice over at LT as well….I’ve never made it over to the Bloodlines forum……

    you can see I didn’t get very far on the walk idea….

  633. Margaret said

    Danielle, you clever girl. Now, why didn’t I think of that. lol

  634. Danielle said

    lwildstar-I think you can get pretty much anything blessed. If it has special meaning to you especially. They do a blessing of the fleet here. You can take your boat there and have it blessed if you want. It is really neat to watch all the different boats line up to be blessed. I am going to call my mom now.

    Margaret-With all the withdrawal going on and that will be going on you certainly can’t be expected to think of everything.

  635. Danielle said

    Ok my mom said that you can have anything blessed. My church has a special day where they will bless your pets. Priest can come to your house and bless that. We bring our Easter baskets to a special ceremony to get them and all our Easter food blessed. The catch is after it is blessed the item has to be sacred. It has to be treated is if it were sacred. I don’t think that is such a good idea for our rosary bracelets. Especially since it is inspired by a vampire TV show.

  636. lwildstar said

    Daneille – true enough – as I said we go to the Blessing of the Bikes yearly…
    ok – lunch is almost over and I haven’t walked yet – so I’m out will catch up later!

  637. Danielle said

    I mean it will be sacred to us but no one else will understand that.

  638. lwildstar said

    Daneille – you’ve got a point there….. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  639. DIZEY1 said

    Dani*** They do a blessing of the fleet here also, mostly the fishermen, shrimpers, etc. There’s also a blessing of the pets that you can bring your pets to church , can you imagine how wild and crazy like Noah and the ark.
    Thanks for remembering that life size anatomically correct Henry for the hospitalized. Right about now the midol’s kickin’ in and I feel a little buzzed I gotta say. No pain and a little happy. Ready to go dancing??

  640. DIZEY1 said

    Hey how do I get those smiley face guys ya’ll have?? I like em’.

  641. Danielle said

    Beth-:) = : )

  642. Rifkind said

    On Money Orders,
    Some jerks figured out how to scam folks with what looks like REAL money orders.. You can deposit them but there is no REAL money behind them. Here is what I found on Craig’s list :


  643. Danielle said

    Ok Beth-To get ๐Ÿ™‚ you need a colon and the parentheses that is with the 0

  644. Danielle said

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ you need a semi colon and the same parentheses

  645. Danielle said

    I am not sure if this one will work :)~ you need the colon same parentheses and the squiggle next to the 1

  646. Danielle said

    nope didn’t work ๐Ÿ˜ฆ you need the colon and the opposite parentheses

  647. DIZEY1 said


  648. Danielle said

    There are others but I am not sure what they are maybe this one will work :0 you need the colon and the 0

  649. DIZEY1 said


  650. Danielle said

    nope my last one didn’t work either.

  651. DIZEY1 said


  652. DIZEY1 said

    MAY I SAY HUH????? I’m stupid today , I don’t get it.

  653. Danielle said

    Beth-do the colon and only one parentheses

  654. prtfvr said

    James Marsters, aka “Spike” is a born and bread Californian who spent some time in England where he learned that hot accent. Spike…sigh…I miss him so! My dog’s name is Spike.

    Actually I have almost the entire cast of Buffy at home along with Henry from BT and Tweek from South Park. Oh, and a budgie name Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump – he lost a toe when he was a baby so…Oh yeah. Mulder and Scully too. My Xander budgie plucks which makes sense if you know Xander’s character. Buffy the cockatiel is an independant kick-ass bird, Oz is always being abused by Al Birdy (Married w/Children ref).

    The only out of character bird with a character’s name is Butters (lutino lovebird). She’s an evil bitch. Oh wait, there’s one more Buffy star, Tara. She’s very demanding and loud so she’s not like Willow’s Tara at all. My Willow budgie died this past October. Angel (moustache parakeet) can be a lover or a biter, depends on whether he has his soul or not I guess.

    Then there are the regular animal-type names.

    Molly (also Milly for some reason)

    That Henry, boy! He’s an ass hat! Flies all over, not friendly, won’t come to me. Pretends to bite. Generally acts all pissy and I helped raise him when he almost died. Kids! They never appreciate what you do for them.

    I had a ‘Nona’ cockatiel for Winona Ryder but she died in September. My other cockatiel, Six, died a day later. I had a bad couple of months last year bird wise.

  655. Danielle said

    ๐Ÿ™‚ equals : )

  656. DIZEY1 said


  657. Danielle said

    ๐Ÿ˜ฆ equals : (

  658. DIZEY1 said

    OMG, I’m not an ass, well not always. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Prtfvr, I had a cockatiel that was named Spike. ๐Ÿ™‚

  659. Danielle said

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ equals ; )

  660. Danielle said

    That is ok. You learn something new everyday right?

  661. Rifkind said

    Hi All,
    My post seems to have disappeared.. so will try again

    About MONEY – ORDERS
    Some jerks have figured out how to scam folks with fake money orders. We THINK that they are good and don’t find out that there is a problem until much later.
    Here is a warning found out on Craig’s list:

    My Mom and her husband were trying to sell a car, the guy wanted to send a money order and let his friend go to AZ and drive the car to Canada for him.
    The local car dealership warned them about schemes like this… once the car was in Canada, they wouldn’t be able to do anything about the scam, as Canada doesn’t have car TITLES the same way that we do in the states… if the money order was bad, they would have been out a bunch of money and have NO car!
    So, always be careful and cautious.

  662. Danielle said

    lwildstar-I swear my money order is real.

  663. DIZEY1 said


    I had a cat that lived to be 23 her name origianlly was “Piewacket”(SP) named after the cat in the movie “Bell,book, and candle” she a few mnths later became “Pickles” found her in the bottom of a bag of dill weed and when found there smelled like…..pickles. She was a wonderful cat, everyone in the neighborhood new her she had free reign. She when she passed was 3 yrs. younger than my youngest brother, it was like losing a sibling when I had to put her down. Heartbreaking. it is funny how we name out animals. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ :~

  664. Danielle said

    My cat is named after Audrey Hepburn my fave actress. My sister Chris was visiting when she was a kitten and she was calling her “little Hepburn” so my nephew Nick called her “little Heffer”