Third time’s the charm

Here we go, third post. At the rate we’re going this is gonna be a damn big category. Hell, it already is a gorram big category! We’re talkative fans, aren’t we?



  1. Margaret said

    Lets go back to favorite lines: Some of mine are: Absolute favorite-We could cuddle after (2) You don’t have to play with your food, (3) I could quote you some poetry if you like, that seems to work, then the line about the garbage….

  2. Tango said

    Anzia – if I could use a 72 pt font to type “OMG!” I would about the dancing scenario you gave us last night. I almost choked on my frosted mini-wheats this morning. The audible OMG actually came out of my mouth, and now my husband is curious to what I am reading. I loved it! It would have been nice to read before I went to bed last night, but I guess I will just have to go back and read it again tonight. I wish it were you that saw epi 13 so give us the play by play. You would have done a much better job. Heck Z! You need to rewrite what I did with your finesse.

  3. Scotialynn said

    Fave line of Coreen’s is “Delicious until proven guilty.”
    Fav Mike line is “Actually she is the good cop.”
    Fav Vicki line…Hmm…I think it’d have to be “Damn another vampire myth blown to bits.” for now. That one changes alot.
    Fav Henry line:….Any line where he smiles. And this line touched me. “But when it goes, and it does, you have to have a deeper connection.”

  4. Rifkind said

    **Reposting comment on new thread **
    Hi All,
    Man, It took me a long time to get caught up with the blog. I was out a few days, and just could never get caught up!!!
    I missed the conversations about ADD, comments being pulled from the LT board, what we are looking for in Men, being shy, . . . . too much!
    And then Episode 13, NO FAIR!

    I hope that your Dad is recovering
    I am glad to hear that Brittany has you in her life. Death comes into our lives and changes us, makes us realize how precious life is. The loss of Mother, is especially tough, as we look to our moms to be there to hug and comfort us, nurture us. It is sad that Brittany will not have her mom there to help her into her full womanhood. I am glad that she will have you to lean on.

    Can somone post the link to the LT Board? I have just been going to Tanya’s BT blog… I should probably find the right link to post to to help keep BT number 1.
    Off to work, I hope to catch up with the blog again sometime… I hope, I hope… I will just be a few days behind the rest of you!

  5. Teresa said

    Anzia – OMG! I think my eyes just about popped out of their sockets at that dance scene! I read the dance scene here at work a little bit ago and thank God most everyone is out today or someone might have caught an expression on my face I would’ve had to explain. Whew! There should have been a warning on that one 🙂

    lwildstar – From reading the books, I don’t recall any reference of Henry turning anyone. He killed some people and fed off others, but he didn’t actually turn anyone, so I think that’s what he was referring to when he told Mike he had never done that before. In the show there has been reference to him turning at least a couple of people.

  6. lwildstar said

    Margaret – you have my top three – but then I have to add in the bot the “never forget who/what I am speach and the passion speeach – not one liners – but certainly my favs!

    Oh oh “Age Stomped Beautys ASS!”

  7. Margaret said

    Oh yes, how could I have forgotten those? Especially the one about age kicking beauty’s ass. And I love the never forget line too. Oh, and “Eternity is a long time to live with regret”. I’m trying to make that my creed so I’ll go out and try new things in my life. Wonder if Kyle would like to try some old things. lol. Sorry, had to say it. I’ll go back in the perv corner now.

  8. Teresa said

    Rifkind – here’s the link to the LT board

  9. Anzia said

    Teresa & Tango- I’m glad you guys liked it. I thought the pic was a nice addition myself. *wink* I’m just naughty I guess. I actually had a whole backstory as to why they were at the club in the first place! *i’m a dork* They were there to try and lure the MoTW out of hiding. Hadn’t figured out what yet but that Henry had actually cut in on Vicki “dancing” with the client. (It’s a missing persons thing where they were trying to get the MoTW- who they’re looking for- out of hiding by dancing with the client to incite jealousy) Well Henry got “hungry” cut in and… Isn’t the imagination great! ^_^

    Okay, well I’m off to my graduation rehearsal. For all BT-holics who need a session, Dr. Z is prescribing a dose of the sniffing scene, love hurts, and my dancing scene. I’ve left a package for each of you (except loves history ’cause we have no vicki merchandise) with henry blow pops & Life size, fully articulated and anatomically correct Henry Action Toys. The chocolate chains are in the freezer. Use sparingly, the cost to get my carpet cleaned after these sessions is getting pretty extravagent. ^_^ Talk at ya’ll later!

  10. Teresa said

    Well, consider me slapped! See my message to LifetimeKaren and her reply. Hell, does anyone ever read the rules and disclosures (fine print) on anything? We should, but I know most of us don’t.
    To: Catwoman313
    From: LifetimeKaren
    Date: Friday, June 8, 2007
    Subject: Re: Blood Ties board

    With all due respect, rules as to posting imposed by the owner of the forum are NOT censorship. Censorship, as commonly recognized, implies governmental restraint on publication. In America, the man, woman, child or organization that owns a press (or its electronic equivalent) is free to impose whatever standards he/she/it wishes on those who use it.

    The reason I posted what I did was because a BT fan decided it would be “funny” to go to another show board and post a message with the sole intention to disrupt, and then returned to the BT board to brag about it. This is highly inappropriate. I’m sure the Blood Ties fans would not appreciate someone doing that in their the “Blood Ties” discussion.

    To my knowledge, none of your posts have been deleted. You can locate all of your past posted messages by using the search function. However, please read the “house rules”, to which you agreed when registering, for further clarification of how the boards are managed. If you have any questions, please let me know.


    –Original Message—
    To LifetimeKaren from Catwoman313
    Date: Thursday, June 7, 2007
    Subject: Blood Ties board

    It’s very disappointing that this board is being censored the way it is. We know that posts/comments are being deleted because some of us are in touch with each other via other blogs and this issue had been brought up. And now one of my posts has been removed as well and I have no idea why. I was trying to be diplomatic while at the same time informing others that there were other venues to discuss things outside of this board’s parameters.
    This kind of action does not gain popularity points for Lifetime.

  11. lwildstar said

    Rifkind – you have to join Lifetime members – so go to
    click either Boards or Login and follow the directions to join – after that you login go to Boards and choose talk about Blood Ties!
    very simple very easy
    how I could I forget – “Eternity is a long time to live with regret”. the look on Henrys face made me melt!

  12. lwildstar said

    Well just got a message fro LifetimeKaren that I can not post my website there anymore – oh well?
    I’m not even going to bother to check and see if they’ve pulled all the posts – at this point the only people I care about shareing with are here 🙂

    Besides I know some of you are over there under a different name 🙂

    Oh I finally got some work to do this morning – see you at lunch!

  13. DIZEY1 said

    Happy Friday Bolggeratti!!!

    Rifkind, thanks for asking mom and brother Rob broke him out of the hospital yesterday. I think he slept pretty good in thier bed.

    OR ***********


    OMG yes Henry IT”S JUST YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. DIZEY1 said

    Boy when I look back at my fav’s I sense that I’ve Got some longing going on there. I think I need Some…..thing.

  15. Anzia said

    *points to previous post* read and follow instructions beth my dear…

  16. lwildstar said

    Dizey – good ones I forgot about those!

    well half my posts are gone from Lifetime – oh well. I think the whole this is silly – but on the upside, does that mean they ARE paying attention to us?

  17. DIZEY1 said

    Iwildstar, you know what they say bad publicity is better thatn no publicity. I ‘m not into the whole aggressive thing w/them. I went and checked out the LT site & wrote a nice note. It’s no Big. My moms theory was always you catch more flies w/honey. I’m trying to be sweet, it could happen.

    Hey ya’ll talked yesterday about pic’s did I miss a post somewhere along the way?? Oh well. Waiting on my tee from eBay to come in. I watched Stone Cold again this morning, I love that ep. I love the thump, thump for some reason he makes that seem so sexy, or it could be that longing issue I’m having.

  18. DIZEY1 said

    Iwildstar**** Did you get a chance to get me a total so I can send you some money??

  19. DIZEY1 said

    Dr. Z…..Where did you say I could find those chocolate chains, the freezer???
    I don’t mind my chocolate hard, among other things. OOOhHHH baddd girlll.
    Ya know I think I want to hang in the gutter today. Yep a trashy gutter girl today. (sorry to anyone I may offend today).

    Deprivation is pissing me off, just a little.

  20. simone taylor said

    Anzia——OMG—–That dance scean of yours. It’s a good thing I’m the operator now. Everyone is in a meeting and I’m wishing I was Vicki in that scene……You ever consider writting??????

  21. Margaret said

    Dizey1: I forgot those, how could I have. I love those lines. Especially the thought of me running my hands all over your…….

  22. Laurel said

    Go ahead Beth, channel some of that anger!
    Deprivation is a pain and we are all feeling it.
    Now, back to my mini-wheats. sigh.

  23. DIZEY1 said

    I was wondering if I was the only one here today. I ws starting to feel like Angie over @ the Blood Blog.

    Like Hello??? Is this thing on??? Hey if anyone watched the AW sunday , did ya’ll notice the little guy who married the young girl, he played Chris on Charmed. He was Piper and Leo’s son from the future. I do believe it was him.

  24. DIZEY1 said

    Sorry Laurel, hope I didn’t scare you. Maybe it’s PMS. Nothing a little, naahh
    a lot of Henry couldn’t fix.

    Where’s the scene ya’ll are talking about??

  25. Tango said

    Hey guys! I just got the ability to tell the future in the mail today. You may be wondering how I got such an ability – and in the mail no less. Evidently my company has a new marketing toy. It’s like one of those magic 8 ball key chains. I asked it if we were going to get our reruns this summer. It stated,
    “not now”. Is there anything you would like to know?

  26. DIZEY1 said

    Ya know as I read my comments I do sound angry. I think it’s because I had a Henry or it could have been a Kyle dream last night. I awoke to the realization that it was just a dream and I can only think that’s what pissed me off today.

    I do apologize for the rants. Chick stuff, what can I say. Life’s bitch some days.

  27. DIZEY1 said

    Yes Tango ask if Beth will get some any time soon?? Because at this rate I will spontaneously combust!

    Oh and it was supposed to be Life’s A Bitch some days, I can’t type.

  28. simone taylor said

    Yes Dizey1 it is some days.

  29. Tango said

    My dear Beth, your question is relative. Soon is such a vague term. My magic keychain says, “Maybe”. I think you better be a little more specific.

  30. Anzia said

    Simone- I do write. ^_^ nothing like the dancing scene but I do write. I have a friend, Heath, who wants me to write a story about sex just so he can read a sex scene by me. I’m leary ’cause I’m not sure how it’d turn out… maybe i’ll do that on the plane to france… Maybe it’ll be a treat to all the hens out there…

  31. loves history said

    1( C.Cox was a dancer,gymnest and wants to do a musical so danceing is her thing. was on she was interv on after ellenL(les) and BI sex vicky came up and she didnt deny it. in the comments section thr dicussionwas about wheter CC was alesbian no one knew,Anziaa – they take blood from me twice aweek each time ive have marks for 10 days i call them the mark of the vampire.

  32. Tango said

    Hey Z, how about a decedant cooking scene in the kitchen that they are hopefully building right now for season 2?!!!! I think if i read the aforementioned scene from you I might just go into a day dream coma that no one could pull me out of.

  33. lwildstar said

    DIZEY1 – I just re-sent it – I don’t know waht AOL does with stuff some times. I had emailed you a question on Wednesday but didn’t hear back from you so I presume you didn’t get that either….

    yes I think the Henry deprivation is getting to us all –
    was just over at LT and currently we’ve moved back to #1 but that won’t last long – i HAVE YET TO FIGURE OUT HOW THAT THING “RATES” THE STANDINGS…

    Anywho now that we’ve all been chastized and punished for speaking our minds over there – I guess we will only be able to “make nice” safe comments in our postings (only to keep BT on the Board) and then come here to voice our true opinions….

    Its freekin hot out today and freezing cold in the office – no wonder every one is coming down with sore throats.

    I love the whole dnceing scene……wish I had the talent for putting down on paper all the “episodes” i’ve created in my head…………………..hey maybe that could be a new thing – an episode writing “contest” between us? I’d be willing to give it whirl even tough I just can’t seem to get the right feeling on paper.

    How much do you think it would cost to have a fan-con for BT/ of course one not sanctioned by LT……think of the trouble we could get into!

  34. simone taylor said

    Anzia—please do…..let us all dream of henry and ourselves in it….I think the newspapers would have a field day “Menopausal Women spontaneously self combust At same Blog” 🙂

  35. DIZEY1 said

    Tango, Anzia… Sex scene (YEAH from me), cooking I think would be a fun scene, food can be very erotic. Remember was it 9 1/2 wks Mickey Roorke(SP) and Kim Basinger?? Blind folds, ooolala baby. Tied up and blind folded and forced to eat chocolate coverd strawberries. I’m eating a funky apple right now letting my imagination run away with me!!

  36. lwildstar said

    Just posted at Lifetime:

    By LifetimeKaren on Friday, June 8, 2007 at 9:21am (#1272 of 1272)
    Send a personal message to LifetimeKaren.

    BT Marathon and video
    There has been no confirmation about a marathon possibly happening any time soon.
    If you want to see the videos on the site in full screen on your monitor, click on the “scale video” icon located on the right of the volume control.

    Lifetime Online Community Host

    Do you think LifetimeKaren is getting tired of us?

    AND I found that in one place you click into the Boards BT is #1 – but in another – the general log in area – is still at #3 – weird

  37. Anzia said

    lwildstar- an episode writing contest huh? We’d need judges… although I guess it could be by popular vote via those on the blog that read ’em… I’d give it a shot..

    Should I take requests on what kind of “scene” to write? I could just do a grouping and then send ’em via email ’cause I’m not sure it would be appropriate to put ’em on the blog itself… ^_^ Let me konw if anyone’s interested!

    I just realized that i’m NEVER going to be able to catch up on the blog after I get back from my vacas. SO, if anything incredibly important happens ya’ll will have to email me k?

  38. DIZEY1 said

    Z******Count me in!!! You’re literature major or something like that huh?? Ringer, but I don’t care. I can’t write I don’t think anyway. Very cool idea though. You, Laurel, the gypsy, man all you writers so lucky. I just pretend in my head ALOT. Also in my dreams………..

  39. prtfvr said

    Geez, a blog fight and I’m not involved?! What a relief. Does this mean we’ll be abandoning the LT Blog when the show starts up in the fall?

  40. Anzia said

    Dizey dear, all great things that come out on paper are played with in the head first. ^_^ I promise that I “watched” that dance scene MANY times while writing it! It’s one of the best parts!

    So, we have a dinner scene… anything else?

  41. Tango said

    I am all for you guys doing the writing contest. We are going to keep it BT related aren’t we? I am not going to write, but honey you can bet your bottom dollar I will read what you guys put out there. Put me on the mailing lists of anyone who is going to be participating.

    Anzia, remind me when you are leaving for your trip.

  42. simone taylor said

    Count me in. I’m not a writer, but I am a reader. I’d enjoy everyones input. Everyone here is so creative, it’s great.

  43. loves history said

    heres someinfo ! vicky will be using a gun in future epi a big shinyone acc to CC some monsters you have to shoot ther will be a mummy MOTW i hope like Tanyas my favorite scene A Beach scene with CC in athong after all she “Better then chocolate”

  44. Tango said

    prtfvr, what brawl are you referring to? The one with Lifetime Karen?

  45. DIZEY1 said

    OOOOHHHHH loveshistory,

    You sound like me today , you randy boy you!! Thong huh???? She does have the body that’s for sure. I have to rent that movie, since today I guess I’m all about the damn chocolate. I’m gonna go to the Godiva store. OOOhhh they have that awesome peppermint bark.
    Loveshistory how are you doing?? I see you hanging out with that Angie girl. It seems that it’s just the 2 of you over there somedays. I paruse (sp) there when I get a chance. How’s the infection and are you back on the list??

  46. DIZEY1 said


    Went and watched the little movie again @ Henryshens. I just love it , brings a smile to my face.

    Thanx, & You Rock!!

  47. lwildstar said

    oh yes the writing contest would be stricktly BT related either scenes or episodes – I would say my public vote?
    but if we are going to post them here – we’d have to limit size so may be only scenes and not whole episodes – unless someone has a place to save them….

    Ms Gypsy – i emailed you a question regarding Dizey and I sending something to Tanya – haven’t heard back form you – did you get the email? It seems lately many of mine are dissapearing…thanks

    I’ve given up on the LT blog – you know my account at LT is all screwed up now – it kept showing that I had messages and i didn’t and wouldn’t let me delete what was in there so I deleted my profile and changed the login and what not – and you know when i log in it goes back to the original log in for lwildstar – even though i deleted that – whats even stranger is that I can still get into the old mailbox – the old messages are there and it wont let me delete them.- oh well – I’m not going to the help desk over this one! guess I’ll just pop over there once in a while to leave a post praising Blood Ties!

  48. lwildstar said

    Funny – no sooner than did I commplain about the LT blog not working – now it is – go figure?

    Dizey , Ms Gypsy – I’ll check my email for responses later.

  49. simone taylor said

    prtfvr-brilliant…I loved it. One of the guys looked over my shoulder here at the office and said ” Oh that’s a nice one” I have Henry as a desktop pic and the guy in the office wants to know when I change it. He by the way like Vicki. He never knew what she looked like. All he sees is Henry & Mike. He said about the beefcake of Mike that Mike needs a tan. I said with as hot as he is in that pic…….??????

  50. elizabeth said

    Wow, get called to an offsite meeting yesterday afternoon and spent all morning in another and I can barely keep up with all that has happened here! I did visit Henryshens and absolutely loved the whole montage going on there. The pictures are incredible – only problem was it was Vicki’s face instead of mine. No wait, that is my fantasy – sorry.

  51. prtfvr said

    Thanks simone. Mike DOES need a tan. I never realized that before. I guess he does all his best work at night. 😉

  52. prtfvr said

    Maybe I can substitute our pictures for the ones with Vicki. They’d be calling out the white coats on us for sure! LOL!

  53. elizabeth said

    Hey, what do you guys think about the scene in Norman where Henry is talking about passion. You know – there’s passion and then there’s passion speech. I absolutely love the look on his face. The emotion is so strong.

  54. lwildstar said

    prtfvr – that is fantastic!

  55. Margaret said

    I think they are talking about the Message Board, where several topics are offered for you to talk about., as opposed to the blog which is the one that we left from to come here.

  56. prtfvr said

    Tango: Yep, the LifetimeKaren thing. I’m coming in on the tail end of that. When did Lifetime start paying attention to what we were writing on the blog? What’s going on? I’m SO out of touch!

  57. DIZEY1 said


    Pleeeassse can I be Sinead??? God to be Sinead!!!

    Well going to lunch will check back in an hour.

    BE GOOD KIDS!!!!

  58. prtfvr said

    Send me some scenarios and I’ll see if I can piece together enough images to make it seem “real”. 😉

  59. simone taylor said

    Prtfvr—Wish we could be there with Mike’s night work…. 🙂

  60. Rifkind said

    I haven’t have a chance to read the blog part-3 but have a few minutes here at lunch to write.
    I agree! prtfvr – that is fantastic!

    Now where are those chocolate cigarettes!

  61. Teresa said

    Elizabeth – that passion scene just made me melt! God that was so… passionate 🙂
    On the other hand, I caught where Henry said “HIS lips” and that made me wonder again if that was a clue to Kyle’s true orientation or if Henry was saying that as if Vicki were the one feeling those lips, hmmm…

  62. elizabeth said

    Teresa – good point, but I think he was talking about Vicki feeling “his lips”. Just a quick question, because obviously I missed something along the way – but, is there a rumor out there that Kyle is playing for the other team so to speak? Maybe I am confused – which is nothing new.

  63. Teresa said

    Hey, folks! Don’t forget about the vampire book club on the bloodlines site. Blood Price is the book for June. My understanding is that Tanya is participating in the book club. They will raffle an autographed book each month, but you have to participate in the book club forum to be eligible for the raffle.
    We have 5 wonderful authors participating in this event with us:
    1) Tanya Huff
    2) Rosemary Laurey
    3) Amanda Ashley
    4) Angelique Armae
    5) Michele Hauf

  64. Teresa said

    Elizabeth – some of us have suspected as much, but as I’m not likely to ever even meet Kyle, it makes no difference to me what team he plays on 🙂 He’s just plain HOT and a fabulous actor and that’s all that matters to me.

  65. elizabeth said

    Teresa, I couldn’t agree more. Truthfully, what he brings to the character of Henry gives me goose bumps (among other things). He has so much potential and acting range that I knew he is going to be around for a very long time. Chalk my question up to an unquenchable curiosity about everything.

  66. Margaret said

    Ok, what did I miss now?? Passion scene, where?

  67. elizabeth said

    Hey Margaret – we were talking about the scene where Henry is talking to about “there’s passion and then there’s passion” in Norman. His face is so eloquent and I love the interplay of emotion on his face.

  68. elizabeth said

    Ooops, he was talking to Vicki – sorry.

  69. elizabeth said

    Okay, I am bummed. I have to leave work (good news) to go the the dentist (horrors). At least I don’t have to come back to work, but *this is me hanging my head* I don’t have a computer at home so I will not be able to talk to you guys until Monday. How did this become an addiction so quickly???

    Have a good weekend everyone and I will catch up on Monday. TTFN

  70. lwildstar said

    just taking a brain brake
    I agree with teresa – if the player,s hot – who cares what team he’s on! – its all eye candy!

    popped over to LT and the message Board has really slowed down this after noon……..what a pity no marathon ;( …personally i don’t think thats true – it would be stupid of them – in my personal opinion LifetimeKaren is being petty – meoow – and if not for the one person going to the AW board and posting a message there I think they would have happily left it alone – but now that we have there attention lets not waste it – I’m going to try and go there at least twice a day and put a nice little post – I had to delete both of my previous accounts with them and get a new one – some how the two old ones got linked and no matter who i logged in as I always showed up as lwildstar but I couldn’t empty the message boxes…..oh well……..its done with – more important things to worry about – i have more fun over here anyway……
    Getting more post cards this weekend!

  71. Margaret said

    How on earth did that spin to him playing on the other team. Could be he’s speaking for Vicky when he says that or he’s reverting back to the books where he was actually bi. In fact I know he’s talking for Vicky when he’s talking about passion and gun magazines.

  72. loves history said

    no talk about kyle on after ellen but there is talk about CC but no one KNEW she has NOT come out despite the fact she a lesbian icon ithink form her answers she would say so if she was 100% She is adancer and would love to do a musical what you talking about is the another place on LIFETIME i can comment HOW?what is the vamp book club. the southren vamp series was well written but only read book 1 the 1st 9 Antia Blakes were smoking. BUt LKH sunk her books with too much sex( i know but LKH is not the best writter) my foot infection has gone away.

  73. Teresa said

    loves history – the bloodlines-bloodties site has organized a vampire book club. There will be five books featured and read, one each month, starting with Blood Price this month. This is a good place to post your comments about the book without worrying about posting spoilers, since everyone participating has read/is reading the book. Check it out.

  74. lwildstar said

    i think he was saying for her to feel his lips…….speeking from her point of view as it were

  75. loves history said

    how do find the club i clicked books 0 i seached bloodlines book club zilch

  76. Teresa said

    Loves history – go to the forum. The book club is one of the topics. Here’s the link

  77. Rifkind said

    Thanks lwildstar,
    I have figured out that I needed to go to the BT board, and NOT just Tanya’s blog.
    How am I ever going to keep up with all this reading?
    I can’t even stay up-to-date with you gals here at Gypsy’s place..
    Now I should read the Lifetime BT Board, Angie is still stuck on the BT Tanya Blog, … then there is bloodlines about the books.. and I am sure that there are great comments on their board too..
    I may just have to quit working so that I can read all the great comments!
    Hee Hee,
    OK, Friday-itis has hit.
    So much to read, so little time 🙂

  78. Teresa said

    I have a questions… I just watched epi 7 and I’m wondering how Javier knew that Henry “had already tasted her” referring to Vicki? It just seemed like he knew an awful lot about the trio that he could only know by being a fly on the wall, so to speak. Hmmmm…

  79. Margaret said

    Changing the subject-Have you noticed that all Kyle has to do is clench his jaw in a certain way and it says volumes or just a roll of his eyes. I have to agree with Elizabeth I believe young Mr. Schmid will be around for a long while to come.

    And then back again:
    And ultimately I don’t think it really matters which team any of the cast plays for as we will never get that close to them to find out. Besides, what does it matter when they act their parts so well?

  80. Himmiefan said

    My favorite line is also the one Henry said about a lover’s lips and “his delicate touch.” I think he was referring to it from Vicki’s perspective. His delivery, though, was yummy as usual. As for Kyle, no, from our perspective, it doesn’t matter what team the actors are on, but I just can’t see the boy playing for the other side.

  81. Himmiefan said

    Oh yeah, the clenching of the jaw gets me every time!

  82. Teresa said

    “The vampire’s whore. You think I haven’t seen the devil’s own marks on you?” says Javier. How could he have seen these devil marks? Two little puncture marks on the wrist that are probably healed by now? WTF??!!!

  83. Margaret said

    I’m with you Himmiefan about Kyle, and Christine too, but on the other hand I never knew that Richard Chamberlin was on the other team. He steamed my glasses up when I watched the Thornbirds which I guess that means he was one hell of an actor. I won’t tell you how many times I rewound “those” scenes between he and Rachel Brown.

  84. Claire said

    Afternoon Blog family!
    Was babysitting Sweet Jake all day! In my nicely repaired working really well A/C! Holy melting chocolate chains…almost 100 degrees outside!
    Rifkind,thank you for your condolences…That Brittany won’t have her she becomes a Woman is what really makes me sad..I know when I had my children,I missed not having a MOm.
    On a happier note…Prtfvr….Don’t play with me bitch! Roflmao!!!
    You naughty girl!!!
    Anzia….you are a very,very,very naughty girl…Is it hot in here?
    speaking of favorite lines…Because running my hands all over your body would be…horrible….OOOOH baby..not at all!
    Eternity is a long time to live with regrets.
    And my very favorite..yeah Dizey..I choked on my coffee when I first read it in the book…My neck was not the only place she put her mouth…I will apologize in advance for the following pic…

    Dizey..roll in the gutter all you want,I will be right next to you today!Must be something in the damn air.
    Loves History…I don’t think Male Vamps are better at hiding it..yes Henry said he was dangerous and he has killed,but I’m talking about Vamps that just kill and torment humans just because they can..that kill when they eat.Henry has implied that in the beginning when first turned and in bloodlust he did,but he doesn’t take human life unless he has no choice.
    Oh I found a non evil female vamp,and she was turned against her will…whats her name on Underworld.

  85. simone taylor said

    Teresa-maybe since Javier drank vamp blood, it could be kinda tuned in to who has been on the menu????

  86. Laurel said

    Dizey – You didn’t scare me off this morning! I forgot I had a meeting and kind of flew out of the house without turning off the lights or anything. Geeez! I need a keeper!
    I would love to participate in a writing excersize with all of you writers out there. Maybe Gypsy could offer some guidelines about length, topic and where to share our first efforts. (Only if you are willing to do so Gypsy):)
    I like the writing process as it seems to be the only way to get a scene to quit playing repeatedly in my brain. If I don’t write it down it just loops back through, and I begin to wonder if I’m loosing my mind.
    Okay, writing doesn’t answer the question about sanity, but it does make me happy. I suspect happy crazy is better than talking to myself crazy.;)

  87. DIZEY1 said

    “There’s passion & then there’s passion like the passion of longing for a lovers lips, his delicate touch, and then there’s the passion for gun magazines and shaking down suspects, Vicki: “And you think I’m the latter”. Then later when Norman/Vicki goes to Henry’s place and Henry tells him/her that “Even if I didn’t want to believe it you’ve made it perfectly clear what we are to each other”.

    Henry wants Vicki badly he was trying to make a point to her that his passion (McLUSTY BABY!!!) is different from her passion (Glock magazines). I don’t think she really got it untill Herny/Norman came to her office and she said “IF I died I would have regrets” and proceeds to kiss the NOR-MIESTER**** and the BIG WIERD BEGINS.

  88. Himmiefan said

    “Even if I didn’t want to believe it, you’ve made it perfectly clear what we are to each other”.

    You know, I can’t figure out the “even if I didn’t want to believe it” part. So, he doesn’t want to believe it, but he accepts it? He does want to believe it? I’m getting myself confused. Anyway, I think it’s kind of strange wording on the writers’ part.

  89. Himmiefan said


    Yep, Richard Chamberlin in The Thorn Birds was very, very nice to look at. He plays straight well!

  90. lwildtar said

    i think javier presumed that since Vicki was spending so much time with Henrey – remember he was following them and the picture he showed Mike was from episode 4? when Mike confronted Vicki over Henry being a vampire “you knew about this?!” – so even if he had no proof he would have figured, by his way of thinking, there would be no other reasen for the two of them to be together other than that she was his “thrall”…………I so love Henrys line to javaier about how he (javier) is the real vampire…..

  91. How weird that I would stop by and you guys would be discussing Heart of Ice and Heart of Fire, I just watched those two on LT.
    From what little info we were given, Javier had been following Henry around for a while and finally found a weakness in Mike to use against him.
    His reasoning in going for Mike may be that if Vicki were under Henry’s spell that she would defend him blindly and not give up any pertinent information. Nor would it be so easy for him to convince her to put the device on Henry.
    I still get angry at Mike during these episodes, I actually caught myself growling at the screen after he turned Henry over to Javier.
    Guess I’ve spent too much time thinking about Henry!

  92. lwildtar said

    I don’t know if this will work – but this the link to the passion speech – posted on Bloodlines – audio only
    [audio src="" /]

    theres also one from norman – of not!henry giggling – its only about 3 seconds – but its funny, I can picture him in my head……

  93. I use those wav. files as the sounds on my YIM.
    It totally rocks to hear Henry talk every time someone logs on or off.

  94. DIZEY1 said

    I know Claire I am a gutter slut today. I watched the 2nd DVD of Beautiful Peeps last night. I must have seen at least 5 or 6 of those shows when it was on and it was a good show. They take off the good stuff and leave us w/stuff like AW.

    And my girls although I truly couldn’t give a flying fig if Kyle’s gay or not I don’t think he is. Sorry, I just don’t get that vibe from him. And ya know what I think someday I just may meet him. The power of positive thinking, (The Secret) I’m gonna will him to me. I’ll call you when he gets here.(hee hee hee)

    Catch ya’ll when I get home

  95. lol, DIZEY1!
    I don’t get the gay vibe from him either, but its so difficult to tell from interviews and the show.
    My gay-dar doesn’t work unless I’m in the room with the person. Guess that means I gotta meet the man!

    Don’t I wish…

    I’ll be around, I’m manning the BBQ tonight and got some really nice pork ribs to cook up.

  96. Claire said

    Hey Lovey…I also own(The Secret)so it’s just a matter of who is the better visualizer…who’s house he goes to first…LOL!!!!
    I also don’t (ooh Nooo) get any gay vibes,quite the contrary!

    luv ya Beth!!

  97. loves history said

    ALERT for those who think henry is no killer READ “Scleatus”henry runs up a VAST numbers of kills( yes he has HIS reasonS)he learnthat with killing comes more POWER by not killing he denies himself that power.the marks Javier sees is the pentacle tatoo.vicys is the femle vamp i who is not evil. yes there is underground chick what up with Blade is that canceled Angie has lost her mind offically.

  98. I thought Angie had lost her mind long before we all migrated over here.

    She’s sweet, but just a bit off.

    (not that its a bad thing) 😉

  99. lwildtar said

    Lveshistory : anyone? where are these short stories please? I can’t get enough of Henry…….and i don’t know about these……

    If any one has been wondering the transcript from Norman should be up on Bloodlines next week – I emailed Bonnie earlier today.

    well now I’m all anxious over getting chastized by Lifetime for posting my link – I know they won’t do anything but delete me which they already did – but as you well know from the whole dicussion yesturday – this is going to bug the hell out of me……….sigh….
    so on a lighter note,…someones got the giggles!..

    oh damn – its started storming – again – I hate this time of year.

    I guess I should log off, go work on some jewelry and not worry……I need chocolate chains and a Henry pop! wellif the storm blows over I’ll be back if not – have a good night and maybe I’ll pop by over the weekend.

  100. I’ll try to work on either a story or a quick scene for the show. I’d do it right now, but I’ve got an early dinner and then a concert to go to.

    OTEP rocks!!!!

    Sorry, I’m a little excited today.

  101. loves history said

    blood bank daw books 2006 has blooddebt also last story copyright 2006( yes vicky loves MIKe read it youell see)

  102. Tango said

    Lady Afrodyte – you guys with all this tech knowledge kill me with your wav.files and such. I don’t have a YIM or have time for it for that matter, but I was wondering is the wav.files something that you can use for a sound that you computer uses (I.e. when mail comes and you get that little ding noise)?

    Himmiefan – I know this seems like we are going back forever, but thanks for the insight on the name. I did remember you saying something about your cat before, but before hearing that himmie engine was the only thing I could relate to the name – sorry. I too am a Patricia, go by Tricia or Trish – unless I’m in trouble or having to sign a legal document.

  103. Tango said

    Himmiefan – thanks for the insight on the name. I do remember you saying something about your cat in the past, but before I knew that – the only thing I could relate to was the whole himmie engine thing. I too am a Patricia – go by Tricia or Trish unless I’m in trouble or have to sign a legal document.

    Lady Afrodyte – you guys with all this tech knowledge kill me with your wav.files and such. I don’t have a YIM or have time for it for that matter, but I was wondering is the wav.files something that you can use for a sound that you computer uses (I.e. when mail comes and you get that little ding noise)? I think I would love to hear Henry everytime I got mail.

  104. Tango said

    How about that ladies and gents – double post with things in a different order! Can anyone beat that!?

  105. lwildtar said

    Storms over…
    I found this posted on posted LT – I think this is what we expected – don’t know where shes getting her info from

    ****By StacyinNC on Friday, June 8, 2007 at 4:21pm (#1286 of 1286)
    It won’t be released until all the eppys air in both US and Canada. From my understanding when the US gets it back, we will be on the same schedule as those in Canada *****

    I noticed on Bloodlines at the bottom of the home page it says DVDs coming soon…

  106. Margaret said

    Just got back from dinner and drinks with some friends. Saw some other women try to pick up a 26 year old waiter, I was reminded that I’m glad that I don’t have the money to go to Vancouver because I would have looked just as foolish. The girls that I was with almost fell off their stools and I have to say I almost did to. Fate has a cruel way of reminding you of age factors. lol. But then I got to thinking-women are just starting to do the same thing men have done for years-it may not be right but they seem to be catching up behaving the same way.

  107. lwildtar said

    loveshistory – is “Scleatus”va short story?

    I just sarted book five Blood Bank – I guess I’ll be up readig all night – again
    Looks like things are slowingdown here-
    Night all, I’ve got work to do.

  108. Margaret said

    Did I miss something again while I was gone. Has the Lifetime message board taken away the ability to send private emails to others and the “gatekeeper”? I don’t see anything about my messages now. What happened?

  109. Claire said

    Margaret,the thing is to not try and pick up 26 year olds.They should be picking you up! LOL!! You would be surprised how many younger guys are fascinated by older women.This conversation comes up alot with my older kids friends…My daughter once had a barbecue at her house and all her and her husbands male friends showed up wearing T-shirts that said..WE LOVE HOT MOMS…because she had told them I would be there! So we got into the conversation,of would they date someone older,like my age..all 10 of the males present said yes..versus the females who said they would not date someone that much older.

    Loves History…Vicki wasn’t evil,but she had a mean streak in her…she sometimes enjoyed intimidating people with her new power!
    I don’t know if they canceled Blade…but you are so right in saying…Angie lost her mind…she needs mega doses of Henry..or we might have to reserve her room at the clinic!!

    Iwildtar…got to love those giggles!!!!!

  110. Nina said

    Hello Blog family!!!

    OMG OMG OMG you guys have been very busy! It’ll take forever to catch up. Two days of all stress for me and I come back to 300+ posts to read 😐

    Tango, first of all Thanks you soo much for the mail!! I promise to mail you back 🙂 And you had me fooled for a second there with your active imagination! I was jumping in my chair going “YESSSS” LOL

    Anzia Dear, we’re definitly sister alright! And I promise to mail you your graduation gift. I really had a crazy day today (Family just showed up unannouced(sp?) ) and you know what a pain in the ** that is when you had decided to take a nice relaxing day 😦

    Well I’m off to read all your writtings, saw some good stuff while scrolling through them 🙂
    I’ll be back later!!

  111. Margaret said

    Claire: I have to say that I admire the heck out of you with all your kids and your outlook on life. But as I told someone at work when I watched Kyle in some of the movies where he was 15 and his voice hadn’t changed I said to myself now that’s a cute little “boy”, but 7 years later I can’t say that I feel the same way which makes me feel real pervy. On top of the fact I wonder why I’m sweating this since I will never meet Kyle anyway. Maybe I can put it into perspective and say hes like a beautiful piece of art, nice to look out, I just can’t touch it. Although, he did say on one of those interviews that he didn’t want to put walls up and felt that you weren’t living if you stopped learning things. Wonder if that applies to learning from older women? lol

  112. loves history said

    iwildtar yes tha story is in blood your blood debt alone if so you will to buy omibus edition

  113. Tango said

    Hello Blog buds,

    Margaret I know you posed the favorite lines forever ago, but better late than never, right? Here are one’s that appeal to the romantic in me.

    Love is always worth the risk; eternity is a long time to live with regret.

    Passion isn’t something you can shut out forever Vicki, it knocks down walls, it sweeps you off your feet, it can change your life.

    And then “Age kicked beauty’s a**” appeals to the growing older not so gracefull side of me.

    Claire, Margaret – on the topic of dating younger men. There is a new reality show coming out soon when they take a 30 something man and give hime 10 20 somethings and 10 40 somethings to date to see where the love connection would be. Might be an interesting experiment to watch.

    Nina, you are welcome. I hope it curbed your Henry addiction even if just for a few moments. I hope that you did well on your exam and that you can breathe a little easier now. Are you graduating too?

  114. msgypsy said

    Damn! I can’t keep up with my own board!

    Coinputers at work are dead and deader. Hopefully they’ll be fixed by Monday but in the meantime I’m totally out of contact for most of the day.

    Re: Writing stuff…

    I’d really like to keep fanfic out of this board. I have my reasons, but one big one is that if Tanya were to decide to visit any of the other boards, the presence of fanfic might keep her away. (The way she explained it is that she encourages fanfic, just don’t tell her about it because her publisher will have issues with it.) I also am not comfortable with all forms of fanfic and don’t want to have to make individual judgment calls piece-by-piece. My suggestion, for either fanfic or an episode writing contest, would be for someone to set up a blog like this and allow it all to be posted there. You don’t ahve to be the only person authorized to post in any one blog ao ir wouldn’t require the blog owner to retype or even cut and paste each piece. There are some fanfic sites, too, that will accept fanfic based on books. Sorry to make a rule like that, but I would be a lot happier if it weren’t on my board.

    Feel free to post links to any fanfic you have online, however.

    That said, I think I’ll finish up my spoonful of Ben&Jerry’s Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream (good stuff) and get my butt (and the rest of me) to rehearsal. I’m having a really hard time finding my motivation for saying, “Go hizzle, fa shizzle,” in the style of Shakespearean theater. (Yes, that IS one of my lines…)

  115. Margaret said

    Tango: You’re right-how could I forget the first half of that quote on the eternity is a long time to live with regret and the line about passion too. I saw the thing about the show, seems like it will either be a big hit or miss.

    Its not that I have a great desire to date younger men, heck, I’m so old, I’ve just about given up on dating men at all, no matter what their age. lol. Besides as I’ve told friends, I don’t see that many beating a path to my door but as someone told me-it always helps to leave the house. lol. I didn’t make that great of a choice the first time I married so I guess I’m kind of gun-shy about the whole thing but as I get older I realize you only go around once. I don’t think I’d object to dating a younger guy-I just haven’t had any ask.

    Maybe its the whole thing about growing up in the Bible belt and lusting after a man/child who is only 2 years older than my son and considerable years younger than myself. I feel I should be registering myself with the nearest police department. lol.

  116. Claire said

    Lmao!! Margaret you are to funny…you are not to old girl…never too old…age is but a very silly number…I made a bad choice the first time,a horrific choice the second time…and for a few years I kind of wallowed in that,and hated all men.Then I got over it,and put the blame where it belonged…not on every man.I too thought I would marry only once and never divorce,but it wasn’t to be for me.
    I guess if you feel that you have to register with the police,I better go with you,cause I’ve got children older than Kyle! LOL!

    On that note I will wish all your beautiful women,and purty man Good~night

    Sweet Henry/Kyle dreams…Loves history…all I’ve got to say to you…
    Vicki in a thong!

    luv yas…type at you tommorrow!

  117. AlisaSG said

    got about a 3 hour HUGE thunderstorm coming.
    went to Tanya’s blog.. said nothing. Wanted to say something really nice and as a thank you for something that was posted earlier in the blog, but the conversations have really gone downhill – fast.

    why deliberately kill a blog? I don’t understand that logic.


    anywho.. found the original preview commercials on the internet (that don’t speak of the name site..). Lifetime screwed up the video previews, and removed the original preview so the replacement to “Blood Price” is more on the flakey (but fun) side. It’s not as interesting (to me) as the original ones were. But Lifetime won’t put the original preview back in there.

    I think that might not help bring in new viewers. If any newcomers come in (like those from Canada), they’ll be looking for flights of fantasy fun, and not expecting the more serious side into the mix as well. *sigh*

    Anyway, for the previews currently on Lifetime’s makeover video link — you have to sit between EACH preview with a 30-second commercial about cereal (unless they change it to something else). It’s not set up the way the original previews with the behind-the-scenes (which are sorely absent now) were set up, which could be selected and replayed any time at random, without having to sit thru a non-BT commercial on top of it. Plus, the replay/pause button is harder to manipulate for staring at certain still photos. It’s frustrating to try to use, which might be what TPTB in the network’s programming dept are after. (*sad*)

  118. DIZEY1 said

    Go Hizzle, Fa SHizzle, OMG gypsy that’s a trip. You’re having to use a SNOOP DOGG line?? I guess in the context of the play it might work… it a comedy???

    Claire baby, you know the Secret too???? I’ll share him with you. Whoever summons him first or hardest gets him first????

    Maragaret with that attitude little lady, of course you won’t meet him. I’m gonna draw him to me. He’ll come to me!! Come on use that power of positive thinking. Affirmations sista!!
    You know I’m such a chatty chick that I find I can talk with younger guys and feel very comfortable. I don’t realize the age difference unless he is 15 and not gone puberty yet, and then its just twisted at that point. I say pick up the young man or better yet let him pick you up and whatever happens let her rip.

    Yes I am sexually frustrated today, I need some and I need it SOON!!!

  119. Margaret said

    Theres only one big problem here, I think I’m older than the both of you (53). Which would make me, I don’t even want to think about how much older I am but you both can do the math. lol. Of course I do work with some girls (30 year olds) who say if he’s over 21, he’s legal. lol.

  120. Tango said

    Margaret & Dizey – The magic 8 ball keychain says to “act now”! You know what that means?

  121. DIZEY1 said

    Listen to those girls Margaret, I’m 46 and I still feel as if I were still in my 20-30’s I don’t know I have and old soul, with a young spirit?? Can you have both?? My youngest brother is 13 yrs. younger and I feel like I can still run with pack if you will. I get along good with their friends they’re cool.

    Ahhhh who cares it’s a thrill ride/roller coaster. Lots of ups and downs, and it goes by so quick that I don’t want to miss a second. I don’t want to live with regret.

    Well on that note I’m going to chase down a little Henri’ crawl into bed and…….have some sweeeeeeet dreams. Or it could be Kyle (hee hee hee)

    Sweet Henry Dreams, night Minxz, and oh yeah for the Vice ( A THONG!!)



  122. Margaret said

    Well, ladies I will continue to go out and hopefully I will come back to our safe harbor here and tell you one day that I’ve made you proud. For now, I’m going back to watch Norman one more time before I go to bed. Thanks for the encouragement, I needed it. Will chat with you all in the morning. Night……m

  123. loves history said

    claire me at 21 get married are you nuts tie your self with someone who will cheat onyou when your out of town i hunt,travel .go to Bridge tourms. today 31 years of marriage my left to see her mom for a week and i dont know what to do—– go out younger when i was 50 (didnt Look it) a 18 year old asked me out i felt sort of sick today im57 look 60 and too sick to doanything anyway but i would not trade it in for 72 virgins9only had 1virgin and that wasnt so great but when your 16 you dont know or CARE. Sorry you made some bad choices i expect i was dumb lucky.

  124. Anzia said

    As to age- you’re only as old as you act/feel/think. So, i’m somewhere around 12 ^_^

  125. Tango said

    Just watched the movie “Code Name:The Cleaner” with Cedric the Entertainer. Gina Holden had a very brief role as a receptionist in it. This was a cute movie, Cedric is quite entertaining!

  126. msgypsy said

    Margaret, I’m 54 and this evening some of the other cast members told me they thought I was 35. I look my age (once they found out my age they agreed I look it) but my attitude is younger.

    But I like older men. I’m a little embarrassed to admit it but I would LOVE to meet Lewis Black. I’ve seen him in interviews where he drops his on-stage persona and I just adore the man. He’s sweet and kind and really intelligent (he used to be a drama teacher at one of the Ivy League schools, I think. Or that’s what I thought I read somewhere.) I find young men like Kyle interesting and in Kyle’s case he’s certainly beautiful but he just doesn’t trip my trigger.

    Being an equal opportunity luster (BTW, being bi-sexual does NOT give you twice the chances for a date.) I do find Christina Cox … um … compelling (?) in much the same way I used to find (and still find) Claudia Christian compelling. But they both look like full-grown adult women.

    And I was surprised to find that I find Dylan as attractive as I do. I never thought I’d go for the Brawny Man type (he really is that type…) but when I re-watched “Legend of the Rangers” I realized it’s not that in him. He didn’t have that Brawny Man thing going on when he was younger but I still found him attractive. So I have no idea why he’s attractive to me but he is. So there.

    The Snoop Dogg line is at the end of the first scene where the three witches meet and talk around the cauldron. (It’s a parody of Macbeth.) As we leave the stage at the end of the scene, we each have an exit line. That’s my exit line.

    I also greet Macbeth later with the thou shalt be king line, and honor him by doing the YMCA dance from the Village People song. Yeah, it’s THAT kind of play. The title is “Macbeth in Minutes” and it’s a 20 minute or so parody. I think others that might come along later include “Half a Hamlet” and “A Midsummer’s Nights Nap” although they aren’t written yet. The titles have been thrown around some. At any rate, I’m counting on some wiseacre attending our first performance, videotaping it, and putting it on Youtube for the whole world to see.

    My bed is calling my name. And I think I should go see what it wants. Good night, bloggren.

  127. Himmiefan said

    Ms Gypsy – it sounds hysterical! 🙂

  128. Margaret said

    Ms. Gypsy: Thanks for the company. lol. I do agree that you’re as old as you feel. Maybe its just that I’m grappling with feeling like a perv that makes me feel uncomfortable but I do believe that young men are safe from me at the moment. lol. But my experience watching other women fawn over a 26 year old kind of put things in perspective. Maybe I’m worrying about something that will never be an issue.

    On to better things, found another great line from I believe Heart of Ice: From Henry-I choose to give my life to be with the woman I love, I choose to experience hundreds of years of human histroy, and every time I feed, I chose to live. Could it be that we are all in love with Henry because he is just so darned romantic and we’d love to hear some of the beautiful words that come out of his mouth. I know if I met someone who had the gift of gab that Henry has I’d probably be a goner. Could be why I didn’t pick so well the first time, seems like we can be talked right out of any reasonable semblance of intelligence when a man tells us something we want to hear (I’ll preface that with saying I’m only talking about myself).

  129. Margaret said

    And just in case you have nothing better to do, here are some sites where you can vote on your favorite shows/celebs and actors: I already added Kyle to the celebrities and actors section and added blood ties. Appears that Army Wives has asked to be added:

    Serious Voting Site Purpose Vote to show Music executives what fans really care about. Vote to show TV executives what fans really care about.

    For Fun Voting Site Purpose Have fun ranking your favorite Celebrity. Have fun ranking your favorite Actor.

    They claim to have the tv execs ears but I doubt it. I made friends over there and still email a friend in Germany. I have to say tha I devote most of my time to here, Henry’s Hens, and an occasional visit to the original Blood Ties Blog just to see if Angie is still ok.

  130. Teresa said

    Good morning all! I woke up seriously traumatized this morning. I had a very x-rated dream last night and I’m still trying to catch my breath 🙂 Funny thing is that the guy in my dream was the guy that played Ryan Atwood in The OC. He’s in his mid-20 but played a tormented, brooding teenager on that show. He’s cute, but I didn’t have the hots for him. I think my brain decided to use him instead of Henry because he’s young and if it had been Henry, my brain would have had a nuclear meltdown and I would have woken up melted into the bed in the manner of the O’Connor guy being melted into the chair in Deadly Departed. It was that kind of a dream! Let me tell you, no place was safe, indoors or outdoors, from our passion! Lord have mercy!!!

  131. Margaret said

    Teresa: Tell me how you can will yourself to dream. I’ve even left those podcast on all night, hoping that it would reach into my subconscious but no luck. I can’t seem to get my dream mojo in gear. lol

  132. Teresa said

    Dizey1 – I’m also 46 but feel 25. People are always surprised when I tell them my age. They say I look at least 10 years younger (I use a great moisturizer, lol). Most of my friends are in their 20’s and 30’s and sometimes I feel like they act older than me 🙂 Most of the guys I’ve dated in the last 15 years have been younger than me (4 to 12 years younger). I have yet to meet a guy my age that thinks and acts young like me, and because of that, guys my age just seem so… old. I’m not ready to think about an impending retirement, or limit certain activities or behaviour because it’s not what a 46 year old would do; and that’s what I seem to get with guys my age. Even the last guy I dated, whose 4 years younger seemed to think it was time to slow down! Whatever!!!

  133. Margaret said

    Guess we’ve chased loves history away with all this younger men talk. Maybe he’s keeping Angie company again over at the other board.

  134. Teresa said

    Margaret – I didn’t will myself to dream at all. I actually fell asleep with the lights and the TV on. My cats have an uncanny ability to sense the different stages of my sleep cycle and always seem to start bugging me when I’m at the cusp of ending a dream. That’s what woke me up, but I refused to open my eyes for a long time, trying to figure out what was going on, the dream seemed so real. Maybe I had a visit from an incubus, hmmmm… God knows I’ve been sexually frustrated since BT started *breathe in, breath out*

  135. Vampgrl said

    Hey guys! I’m here now! WOOHOO!
    Still pissed at the LT board, but that’s a whole other story.
    Ummm..what did I miss? And what’s this dancing scene you guys are talking about?! SPILL! *g*

  136. Margaret said

    Teresa: I think we’re all in that sexually frustrated boat since BT came into town and left. And even when the back 9 comes back we know that they won’t “bump uglies” in them. So that leaves us to the additional episodes, I guess?

  137. lwildstar said

    Good day Bogkin!
    I’m feeling better – over the anxiety – all I needed was to get myself some Henry and settle myself down – feel asleep dreaming of our boy and woke up with a sore wrist…hummmm………anywho
    I’ve been a busy bee this morning – I’ve rearranged the site added page two (look for the link) unfortunatly the corsses havent come in yet so it will be atleast another two weeks for the rosaries – but I added lots of new goodies – ALL ONE OF A KIND – SO FIRST TO EMAIL ME REQUESTING AN ITEM GETS IT! I promise to keep up with removing sold items so you don’t get confused.
    Now this is A NEW LINK to the site – whils I was working onit this morning we had a power surge which cut off the computer – when I went back on line AOL could nolonger find the original site – it got deleted so I started over so use this link:

    I welcome questions, comments….whatever…enjoy and thank you for all your support!

    Started book 5 this morning – boy Vicki always was an arrogant *B* but Vamp Vicki – good grief!

    Enjoy the new goodies and I’ll check back with you later –

  138. Teresa said

    Welcome, vampgrl! Glad to see you finally made it over here. You will find us much more agreeable than LifetimeKaren 😉
    The dancing scene is a little bit of fantasy that Anzia (I believe) dreamed up that got us all whipped into a frenzy. Go to the comments under Blood Ties Conversation Part Deux, towards the end and read all about it. Make sure you have your drool bib handy, though :-0

  139. lwildstar said

    Welcome vampgrl – glad to see you made it over – we’re so much more fun!

  140. Madonna said

    Hi everyone,

    Well, real life has been calling so I have only been able to skim through all the comments. You all have been really busy in my absence.


    I do indeed think it is possible to be a strong woman but socially shy. (If I were not as strong as I am, life would have eaten me alive a looong time ago…


    I’ve been watching the webisodes during lunch at work. Lets just say they’ve kept me going.

    My three favorite lines.

    1. We could cuddle after.
    2. I don’t want to season them Coreen, I want to kill them. (It just makes me laugh. What is a vampire doing with salt anyway?)
    3. When beauty fades and it does, there has to be a deeper connection.

    I too love it when Kyle clenches his teeth and you see that jaw muscle move. I’m a sucker for a man with a strong jaw line, and Kyle Schmid just has it. (Literally makes me weak in the knees.

    I rented A History of Violence last night. I know he’s supposed to play a real jerk, but hey. I’ll let you all know what I think.

    Until later…

  141. msgypsy said

    Howdy, vampgrl. Always room at this party.

    lwildstar, I’m still trying to find a good address to send something to Tanya at. I think it was loveshistory who suggested looking up the address of the bookstore she used to work at. So far that’s the best idea I’ve heard. If nothing else comes up over the weekend (and it won’t. I have no confidence in my own sleuthing abilities) I’ll send you payment via Paypal and we can work out sending her a bookmark.

    I’ve lost the link for the Cafepress site for the t-shirt and yesterday was payday. Excuse me while I panic. Okay, just a little panic…

  142. Margaret said

    Just because I’m old and pushy I went to the “Inside the Actor’s Studio” and sent an email asking them to interview Kyle Schmid. I doubt they will but what the heck. Maybe if the rest of you emailed them too. I only expect to get an automated response because they said something to the effect that they have too many things coming through but hey, it was worth a try. I think we should pepper every media outlet we know about-tell them about Blood Ties-Kyle, Christina and Dylan. What do we have to lose?

  143. Margaret said

    ms. gypsy: You might write to her at her live journal although she hasn’t seemed to be answering it lately. Can you google her, see if she’s represented by a particular agent maybe?
    You could try lifetime but I doubt they would give up anything.

  144. Madonna said

    Just an afterthought,

    I didn’t realize that my comment on Lifetime’s blog would get people sending out emails. (I am mjp79 over there.)

    I just think that maybe people should be letting the production companies know how much we like their product, as well as Lifetime.

    Look at it this way.

    CHUM, Insight, Kaleidoscope (Manufacturers)
    Lifetime (Middlemen, Retailers)
    Us (Consumers)

    Lifetime or any other network for that matter can’t buy what isn’t being made.

    All that aside I’m hopeful for a real second season. (GOT MY FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED.)

  145. msgypsy said

    I tried googling her but I gave up a little too easily, I think. She hardly ever answers on her LJ (never has, because too many of us fans write her gushy comments, I suspect. I know I’m gushy.) But the best thought I had was to find a Canadian address for Daw and I haven’t come up with one yet. Still trying.

    As a last resort, the bookstore address is here.

    UPDATE!!!!! I think I have a Canadian address for Daw. They’re part of Penguin, right?

    Penguin Books Canada Ltd.
    10 Alcorn Ave., Suite 300
    Toronto, Ontario
    M4V 3B2 Canada

    That’s just a sales office so we could also sent it to Daw in New York

    (Author’s Name)
    c/o (Imprint) Publicity (This would be Daw)
    375 Hudson Street
    New York, NY 10014

    and include a partially filled out customs form.

    What do you think?

  146. Margaret said

    Well, she answered me at least once or twice early on but I think maybe she might be on a book tour or something. And my comments were as stupid as they get, told her I was so addicted I rewatched the episodes and took the books in my car and read them at stop lights. She cautioned me to be careful as she didn’t want to lose a fan. lol. When we were all of the lifetime blog she answered back but I think maybe now that BT has taken off maybe she has less time to check it. You think? Besides with people stalking Kyle I would doubt that any of these people would be very giving with any personal information of any of these people, including her for fear we might show up on their doorstep. Now you and I know that we wouldn’t do that but they don’t.

  147. Margaret said

    Madona: I couldn’t find you. When did you post over there, what day? But first and foremost, Lifetime has to make a commitment to purchase additional episodes before Chum and the others can get in gear.

  148. Vampgrl said

    Oh! *total brain freeze* I suddenly remembered what you guys were talking about. Grrr…friggin’ slow pc…too slow to tread through all you guys’ messages. I swear, I’ll never be able to keep up with everyone here. You might see me once a week…if that. I never get the time, and my stupid work place is no seriously cracking down on people being online…even during breaks, which is SO wrong! I already got told about it once, but I still sneak every once in a while. Plus I figured if I do it when I first get there in the morning, I’m not even on the clock yet, so it doesn’t really count. Heh. I also lurk over on the Bloodlines board as Spike’s Lover. *g* But yeah, you’re talking about the thing right? Someone on the LT board sent me that link. TOO FUNNY! I happened to read that yesterday during work and LOLOLOL!!! My 2 fav comments are ‘Ok, clothes off now’ and ‘You want me to what?’ *eg* And DUDE! I can’t believe I don’t remember the tongue pic! Now I have to go back and watch Norman. I don’t get the time to watch the eps all that much. What’s worse is stupid me never kept them on tape, so I had to get someone to copy all the eps on DVD for me. *shrug* The sound isn’t all that great, so I have to turn on the smart sound button on my TV to hear them right, but atleast I get to drool over Henry whenever the Hell I want, and that’s all that matters. *g* My pc is totally incapable of playing videos of any kind. I have what some people might call a BC PC..hehe…anywazzzz…I totally LOVE that caption story. We must have more of that. Right now. Damnit.
    To lwildstar…hmmm…had a dream about Henry and woke up with a sore wrist, huh? Maybe someone was having a little late night snack? *g* No bite marks anywhere on your person perhaps? Hehehehe!!! And I am SO jealous of anyone who happens to have any dreams about Henry. *sigh* The only good dream I had about Henry so far was after I watched the second half of Blood Price right after it aired. It had something to do with me stumbling into Henry’s room in the dark…only I didn’t know it was his room. *g* And I never actually saw him. I only heard his voice. I was just about to turn around…when I woke up. I had nightmares after watching Heart of Fire…twice…where Henry attacked and bit me…then there was the dream where I was letting Henry feed from me…but that’s a whole other thing….hehe…most of my other dreams are just too damn disturbing to mention. Anyone who is also with me over on the LT board already knows this, if my posts didn’t get pulled. Heh. My head is one disturbing place. Most of my dreams involve me being chased by various vamps, mostly Angelus, being turned by vamps, again Angelus…and Marcus…of course in one dream I actually begged Marcus to turn me…hehe…and I had this other dream where I was a vamp and I was drinking from Marcus’ wrist…which was kinda hot…in the kinda disturbing way…hehehe…I’ve had dreams where I’ve been raped by Angelus in my own bedroom, and more stuff with the blood drinking…drinking blood through a straw from a styrofoam cup. See? Disturbing. Someone told me nightmares can be caused by negative energy…which is probably my problem most of the time. Of course, a couple of my dreams have been so damn vivid, it also makes me rethinkt he whole Incubus issue. And you do NOT even wanna get me started on the dream I had involving Angelus and people chained to walls being skinned alive. *shudder*

    I’m trying to stay off of the LT board for a bit, before I say something that will totally get me booted. Sorry. Still bitter. And I’m even all that sure what went on, but I’m still bitter. Mostly ’cause some of my more fun posts got deleted. I mean come on! If we can’t at least have a little bit of fun, what is the point? I don’t like being treated like a child! I’m an adult, dammit! Who just happens to act like a child…hehe…and I’ve been bitter ever since my 30 birthday came and went back on May 14 and I never even got so much as a card or balloons from my so-called co-workers. Grrr…second year in a row too. I swear, I always feel invisible, like most people wouldn’t even notice me if I wasn’t there. And on the whole being shy thing? That used to be me, both in RL and online. I’m thinking I should go back to being that way, ’cause all I seem to do anymore is get myself in loads of trouble…hehe

    You guys can keep posting on the LT board, though we never seem to stay at number one for long. I have no clue how they rate that thing either. And did you notice that AM is still the number 1 discussion? BITE US!!!! I swear, it’s like LT doesn’t know what they have with BT, they wouldn’t know a true hit unless it came up and bit them on their collective ass or bludgeoned them over the head with a really big stick, and they don’t appreciate their fans either. We might have to spread our love elsewhere…hehe….
    And now they even deny us re-runs?! Ummm…Hello?! Nnniiicccee way to gain more fans. What the….?!

    Oh! Also read that artical on Tvdiot…or whatever it’s called about what if they cancel Moonlight and what if they sent blood?!

  149. Margaret said

    As I suggested to prtfvr it would nice to have a bathtub scene with Henry and Vicky but I guess since Vicky will never let Henry get that close we’ll have to wait for pigs to fly first. Remember the scene in that baseball movie with Kevin Costner and Susan S. (don’t know how to spell her name) where he was polishing her toenails, now that was SEXY! Almost as sexy as the sniffing and the toe rubbing that Henry has done.

  150. Vampgrl said

    Oh! *total brain freeze* I suddenly remembered what you guys were talking about. Grrr…friggin’ slow pc…too slow to tread through all you guys’ messages. I swear, I’ll never be able to keep up with everyone here. You might see me once a week…if that. I never get the time, and my stupid work place is no seriously cracking down on people being online…even during breaks, which is SO wrong! I already got told about it once, but I still sneak every once in a while. Plus I figured if I do it when I first get there in the morning, I’m not even on the clock yet, so it doesn’t really count. Heh. I also lurk over on the Bloodlines board as Spike’s Lover. *g* But yeah, you’re talking about the thing right? Someone on the LT board sent me that link. TOO FUNNY! I happened to read that yesterday during work and LOLOLOL!!! My 2 fav comments are ‘Ok, clothes off now’ and ‘You want me to what?’ *eg* And DUDE! I can’t believe I don’t remember the tongue pic! Now I have to go back and watch Norman. I don’t get the time to watch the eps all that much. What’s worse is stupid me never kept them on tape, so I had to get someone to copy all the eps on DVD for me. *shrug* The sound isn’t all that great, so I have to turn on the smart sound button on my TV to hear them right, but atleast I get to drool over Henry whenever the Hell I want, and that’s all that matters. *g* My pc is totally incapable of playing videos of any kind. I have what some people might call a BC PC..hehe…anywazzzz…I totally LOVE that caption story. We must have more of that. Right now. Damnit.
    To lwildstar…hmmm…had a dream about Henry and woke up with a sore wrist, huh? Maybe someone was having a little late night snack? *g* No bite marks anywhere on your person perhaps? Hehehehe!!! And I am SO jealous of anyone who happens to have any dreams about Henry. *sigh* The only good dream I had about Henry so far was after I watched the second half of Blood Price right after it aired. It had something to do with me stumbling into Henry’s room in the dark…only I didn’t know it was his room. *g* And I never actually saw him. I only heard his voice. I was just about to turn around…when I woke up. I had nightmares after watching Heart of Fire…twice…where Henry attacked and bit me…then there was the dream where I was letting Henry feed from me…but that’s a whole other thing….hehe…most of my other dreams are just too damn disturbing to mention. Anyone who is also with me over on the LT board already knows this, if my posts didn’t get pulled. Heh. My head is one disturbing place. Most of my dreams involve me being chased by various vamps, mostly Angelus, being turned by vamps, again Angelus…and Marcus…of course in one dream I actually begged Marcus to turn me…hehe…and I had this other dream where I was a vamp and I was drinking from Marcus’ wrist…which was kinda hot…in the kinda disturbing way…hehehe…I’ve had dreams where I’ve been raped by Angelus in my own bedroom, and more stuff with the blood drinking…drinking blood through a straw from a styrofoam cup. See? Disturbing. Someone told me nightmares can be caused by negative energy…which is probably my problem most of the time. Of course, a couple of my dreams have been so damn vivid, it also makes me rethinkt he whole Incubus issue. And you do NOT even wanna get me started on the dream I had involving Angelus and people chained to walls being skinned alive. *shudder*

    I’m trying to stay off of the LT board for a bit, before I say something that will totally get me booted. Sorry. Still bitter. And I’m even all that sure what went on, but I’m still bitter. Mostly ’cause some of my more fun posts got deleted. I mean come on! If we can’t at least have a little bit of fun, what is the point? I don’t like being treated like a child! I’m an adult, dammit! Who just happens to act like a child…hehe…and I’ve been bitter ever since my 30 birthday came and went back on May 14 and I never even got so much as a card or balloons from my so-called co-workers. Grrr…second year in a row too. I swear, I always feel invisible, like most people wouldn’t even notice me if I wasn’t there. And on the whole being shy thing? That used to be me, both in RL and online. I’m thinking I should go back to being that way, ’cause all I seem to do anymore is get myself in loads of trouble…hehe

    You guys can keep posting on the LT board, though we never seem to stay at number one for long. I have no clue how they rate that thing either. And did you notice that AM is still the number 1 discussion? BITE US!!!! I swear, it’s like LT doesn’t know what they have with BT, they wouldn’t know a true hit unless it came up and bit them on their collective ass or bludgeoned them over the head with a really big stick, and they don’t appreciate their fans either. We might have to spread our love elsewhere…hehe….
    And now they even deny us re-runs?! Ummm…Hello?! Nnniiicccee way to gain more fans. What the….?!

    Oh! Also read that artical on Tvdiot…or whatever it’s called about what if they cancel Moonlight and what if they sent blood?! RIMCLOL! There’s an idea for LT…let’s send blood…lots and lots of blood…hehehehe

    Back for more later…hopefully…on my thoughts about TV today, technology, what I really think about TV networks, and more useless crapola. Sorry…still bitter that Blade got cancelled…stupid SpikeTV…and that I only kept a few eps on tape. I MISS MARCUS! I even made a WP for him. *g*

    I’ve seen too many good SciFi/fantasy shows get pulled over the years after only one season or less…Kindred: The Embraced, The Visitor, John Doe, Tru Calling, Point Pleasant, Firefly…though I wasn’t really into that, but I know lots of people were…and The Nightstalker…mmmmm….Stuart Townsend….to name a few….

    And I’m also coming to realize that pretty much everyone’s fav vamp movie is Queen of the Damned. Hmmm…couldn’t imagine why…hehe

    And if anyone was over on the LT board and saw the post about the Vampire Hotel, I’m still trying to find out how I sign up for that….hehe

  151. Vampgrl said

    Heh. Sorry about the weird double posting. I must’ve hit some other button when I meant to hit the caps lock and it went through before I had a chance to hit stop. My total bad. Here’s a little ditty someone posted from the LT board. Just wanted to share…hehe….
    “It stated that the Vamp Retreat and Spa was such a huge feeding frenzy hit that they have decided to expand to the states but to make it a bit different by offering a Hotel with your favorite vamp as your companion while you stay there, so that way you have two different ways to enjoy nightly feedings, moonlit walks and I think you all can imagine where it goes from there.”

    *sigh* A moonlit walk with Henry…or Spike…or Lestat….I HAVE to find out where I sign up for that. *g* Also wierd that this is still in the postings list. Weird…hehe

    And here’s some of my posting I want to share. We were coming up with fake phone numbers and web addies for ways of Henry getting a free snack…hehe

    “Need a Snack?
    Henry call 1-800-Call now” RIMCLOL!!! Heh. That was too cute!
    I SO need to call that number. I wouldn’t mind donating some blood to Henry, you know, for a good cause…hehe “If you do not get results from 1-800-Henry, for those of you in real distress, go to Bite Me or I’m open” Hmmmm…’I’m Open, huh? Ooookkkaaay…I’m just gonna step FAR away from that one, if you don’t mind, ’cause you REALLY don’t wanna know where I took that one…hehehe…and Bite Me totally sounds like a real website…real enough that you actually want to type that in under search…hehe Dude, you guys are the highlight of my day…and that’s not saying much. *g* Oh! How about Or… Or… Heh. No shame on ordering out every once in a while…hehe
    Oh! Got it! *eg*
    Okay so those were totally lame…but still fun…hehe”

    Yep. Crazy is me…hehe…

    *drroolll…* A bathtub scene with Henry….DUDE! Don’t say things like that around me! I might melt into a big pile of goo. Mmmmm…me and Henry in the tub…rub a dub dub…errr….Heh…..and now my mind also went somewhere else…involving Henry, a nice soft bed and some chocolate whipped cream….some chocolate chains would be nice too…or maybe some chocolate undies…mmmmmm mmmm good…WOOHOO! *THUD*

  152. AlisaSG said

    hi all..
    I personally wouldn’t worry over the other genre programs (Moonlight, etc).

    Sci-Fi (the actual network) might beckon in the background for Blood Ties (because they KNOW how *passionate* most of us are with it, and I think they like that type of *passion*, if the other networks give up… (altho, Sci-Fi network wants their ratings higher than 1.9, which according to the stats, BT hasn’t yet reached that point.) Still, they took Gina Holden into their care. Maybe they’ll woo the rest of the BT cast and crew, and LET the BT powers that be control their own show, instead of dictate to it as the network has done to other sci-fi/fantasy programs.


    okay… we need to start encouraging potential *future* Canadian viewers into the Blood Ties *connection*.. yes?? we’ve got 2 months before they get their first morsels of eps 1 and 2 “Blood Price”.

    The original Premiere previews (and there’s 2 of them- same program, but 2 different preview versions) for the “Blood Price” Tv eps are at:

    and (the 2nd Henry smack-down version)

    if the links don’t come up in here, copy and paste each (separately) into the URL at the top of your browser screen. It’ll work then (and it’s easier to watch them one at a time). I’ve found these to be much better (have more of a lasting impact // impression) than the “sleuthy” one that LIFETIME replaced with on Tanya’s blog site for the video snippets.

  153. Margaret said

    I wonder if he has a rubber ducky?

  154. loves history said

    just dropped by to say hi iam sick and depessed 1) wife left for week to see her mom2)sopranoes ends tomm30 noBT and imay never see them4) Angie mad at me and wont talk to me.or maybe she just wont cause she angie and that it

  155. msgypsy said

    AlisaG, I wouldn’t count on SciFi for anything. We’re still waiting to hear of “Dresden Files” is being renewed and that has a hardcore fanatical following, just like “Blood Ties” does. Sci Fi is too dedicated to fecal matter like “Mansquito” or “Fire Serpent.” For every “Battlestar Galactica” style success they manage to come up with an equally spectacular piece of manure.

    But I have faith. I have faith in the Canadian fans and I have faith in us. We’ll find a way.

    LOL! Yeah, the post on Television Without Pity about CBS worrying what the fans will send if they cancel Moonlight (since we the dedicated Jericho fanatics sent peanuts) was hysterical. I’ll see if I can find the link for folks. I put it in the last blog but finding it there would be scary.

  156. msgypsy said

    Would someone please explain to me how the BT board at lifetime could go from #3 to #4 when I posted and no one else added anything to the thread (the one about movies on dvd) that moved ahead of it?

    I smell a fix. Either that or a faulty computer. Or both.

  157. Teresa said

    Loves history – just stay on the blogs with us, the week is almost over and your wife will be back soon. I doubt Angie is mad at you, she’s just being Angie, going off on her own tangents. She may have forgotten all about your questions; she’s been on kind of a tear in the last few days 🙂

  158. Teresa said

    I’m with you ms.gypsy… something fishy is going on over there.

  159. loves history said

    Teresa( is that you over at the blod blog, my wife lat night after a 4hours wait at airport she is not comming back till next sunday

  160. Teresa said

    Loves history – yep, it’s me. Oh, I thought your wife had left last weekend, sorry about that. I hope you have someone to call if you start feeling really sick in your wife’s absence. Just keep visiting on the blogs, we’ll keep you company until your wife comes back 🙂
    Looks like everyone else is taking a break. I think I’m going to watch one of the epis on LT.
    Chat at you later.

  161. AlisaSG said

    >> AlisaG, I wouldn’t count on SciFi for anything. We’re still waiting to hear of “Dresden Files” is being renewed and that has a hardcore fanatical following, just like “Blood Ties” does. Sci Fi is too dedicated to fecal matter like “Mansquito” or “Fire Serpent.” For every “Battlestar Galactica” style success they manage to come up with an equally spectacular piece of manure.

    ahhh. you’ve noticed that too… 😉
    very sad that the situation *seems* to exist that way, tho. *frown*

    Sci-Fi also seems to have an avid following of militant soldiers trashing other shows, especially when their *favorite* ones get upstaged by popularity (Stargate, and especially SG-Atlantis was constantly under attack) after BSG reached it’s 3rd episode.

    last night’s SG-1 “Family Ties” digged at how the SF network has treated its Stargate series – in between the episode’s actual storylines.. that too, got noticed!
    I thought the same thing for the same scene that’s described in the below link. Here’s a snippet of what I saw regarding that..

    (if the whole page comes up, just copy and paste the link into the URL box, instead)

  162. lwildstar said

    hey guys – finally home

    Rubber Duckey! LOVE IT! OMG! now I have all sorts of things popping up in my head………sigh………I could do with a nice foot rub right around now…..ok, stop that….giggles….

    Did anyone get a chance to go look at the new goodies? guess not – no comments yet – there are two items I am dying to know what you think of but I don’t want to spoil the surprise so I’m not going to tell you what they are….for our new comers its –
    I welcome questions, comments….whatever…enjoy and thank you for all your support!

    Ms Gypsy – I think Dizey was going to pay for the book mark – I just need to know what to do about the shipping – if you want to cover that I’ll do the customs paper work and bill you via PayPal after I send it – what do you think?
    I’ll email you ……..and you can email me directly.

    Well I have been out all day with family and have a lot of crap around the house to get done since I will be at my neices dance recital all day tomorrow 🙂

    so I guess I should get off for tonight – I’ll check in later……

  163. Margaret said

    Guys and Gals: The History Channel is running a show on Vampires right now (8:14 Central Time).

  164. lwildstar said

    ok I lied – I threw in one load of washa nd decided I was too wipped out from beingout in the heat all day to do more thatn that

    I agree with AliceSG – for every good show SF comes up with, like Dresdin Files and Battlestar, they do a run of trah – Pain Killer Jane? really – it wan’ta bad two hour movie, but not a serise. And they tend to contract one actor to a years worth of movies and run those over and over.

    Some one on the LT board – yes I went over to see if there was anything there – mentioned petioning the production company verses petioning LT….that they are more likely to be checking out Bloodlines………

    However it goes at least we know we will be getting the remaining 10 – and if all our hopes and prayers are answered LT will ri=un the first 10 – they normally do – I mean even FX channel will run the previous season of a show to lead into the new season……

    I just want :
    **a real kiss between Vicki and Henry – of course you know they will make excusses and Vicki will put up all those barriers again – and poor Henry will be left ot wonder what he did wrong….
    **a shower scene with Henry…or Mike as your tastes may be
    ***for Henry to grab Vicky and really feed – ( like the switching sides of the neck scene in epi 7 – that was soo hot)

    New favorite line is from book 5 Mike to Vicki “if you bite it off you won’t be able to play with it anymore!” I could not stop giggling after that!

    Ok now I am going – my energy is draining way and all I want to do is go curl up with my book and dream of Henry…
    Night all!

  165. Margaret said

    Sorry about that, its actually eastern time (8:30 p.m.)

  166. lwildstar said

    I know I’ve seen this on before…is it a rerun fom last weekend?
    Thanks Margaret!

    I know I said I was gong – but had to tweek the site first…the washing machine just shut off so now I’m leaving…

  167. Tango said

    Greetings fellow addicts!

    I’m here in my home office about to pull my hair out because Vista is screwing me up yet again. I’ve been on the phone with both Bellsouth DSL and IBM today for over 3 hours and still no resolution. I will be calling IBM back momentarily once my back up is done. Msgypsy, I know this is the last thing you wanted to hear having just gotten your Vista resolved with being compatible with your programs. As it turns out a windows update has corrupted my radio signal and I can’t use my WIFI, I’m on ethernet cable now. It looks like I am going to have to default back to the manufacturer settings which means i am going to have to install everything again.

    BUYER BEWARE!!! If you are considering a Mic base laptop or PC, DO NOT get Vista – stick with XP!

    Msgypsy, just a thought on getting something sent to Tanya. You could find out where she is going on her book tour or convention schedule and forward the item to the venue she will be at so that it will be waiting on her.

    Well guys, I guess I will check on y’all tomorrow – that is if I haven’t thrown this laptop out the window!

    Tango out!

  168. AlisaSG said

    >> ***for Henry to grab Vicky and really feed – ( like the switching sides of the neck scene in epi 7 – that was soo hot)

    that only works better for me, when it includes the whole sniffing leading in, with a few passionate kisses in between, and then gently work his way into sinking his teeth into her neck..

    yeah, I’m picky.. too spoiled from Saint-Germain (in the CQY novel series) doing it that way.. 😉

  169. AlisaSG said

    OMG! reading about Richard Chamberlain is just too coincidental -OMG!!
    There is definitely a connecting BLOOD TIES link between some of us here..!
    I was just talking about Thorn Birds earlier today, on a different web site, before I saw the postings here in this blog about Thorn Birds..! Of course I think I was referring more to the novel than the Tv version.


    >> Yep, Richard Chamberlin in The Thorn Birds was very, very nice to look at.
    >> He plays straight well!

    sad part is, my sister ALWAYS had a crush on him during his Dr.Kildare years.. and I fell in love with his Meggie scenes in Thorn Birds. I didn’t tape the series, but those scenes kept replaying within my mind for years afterward – in every detail, too!

    I think I cried for a week after I saw the whole (Thorn Birds) series the first time it was ever on, because I grew up Catholic, and priests never went on vacations within my childhood mind. That was a no-no! And especially, they were never allowed to go swimming or dress up in plain clothes horse-back riding!

    That’s why I dreaded becoming a nun. I liked to go swimming. I liked to savor the fun things, like horse-back riding. So, the emotional impact hit me VERY hard after seeing the movie.

    It was sort of funnier, too, before the movie actually came on, because I was reading in the TV Guide how Richard Chamberlain broke his hand from getting mad about not being able to do one of the love scenes passionately… I think he won his way (and I think he said so, too) after breaking his hand. I kept the article for years, too, so I’d never forget the meaning of true *passion*.

    anyway, it was sort of *funnier* because I was too engrossed in reading the article, and the blasted PHONE rang, and I thought it was my mom. I was also in the bathroom at the time, and quick got up to answer in a really PO’d mood (because my mom had a *talent* for interrupting during the worst of times!)
    “yeah, WHADD’AH want?!!!!!”

    It wasn’t my mother. It was a wrong number (!!) from some young teenager -who probably freaked out BIG time- …OMG! I apologized immediately, and had to laugh over the whole incident.. I never did tell my mom – lest she’d want to know about reading the Thorn Birds article.. and I wasNOT about to tell her anything about that.. because she was a strict mom.. and it was just best NOT to tread in that (romantic) territory zone around her. 😉

    maybe that’s why the scenes stuck even more clearly within my mind after that, too.. LOL!

  170. AlisaSG said

    okay, dumb question… how did *BLADE* get snuck into this whole conversation? There’s only two places I know of where such a conversation exists outside of the SPIKE channel.
    Gateworld and

    for the record, BLADE-The TV series *was* cancelled. It wasn’t picked up by any new network, and SPIKE didNOT renew it.

    conversation about it getting axed was on Sci-Fi wire ages ago.
    Fans were furious on both web sites that I just mentioned.

    directly quoting a (r-com) comment-
    >> They’ve staked “Blade”!! that’s *cruel* (temper tantrum smilie)

    >> No season 2 TV series. Season 1 will be going on DVD. Sci-Fi Wire reports..

    >> “Blade Gets The Spike” as of 12:00 AM, SEPTEMBER 29, 2006″

    and here’s the actual article about it… (the link still works)


    Jill Wagner, who played Krista on BLADE is now starring on Stargate (I think she’ll be joining SG-Atlantis). See Gateworld’s article on her for details-

  171. Tango said

    I thought I would pose this question while I am in eternal hold with IBM – has anyone figured out if we can burn a DVD from the full epies on the LT site?

  172. Anzia said

    Hey guys. This will probably be my last post for quite sometime.

    Tango- I’m sorry i didn’t answer your question. 😦 I’m leaving on Monday and will be back on the 18th or somewhere near there. I promise lots of pics! ^_^

    I actually have a thing for rubber duckies (long story). I actually have a shower curtain with them on so I pictured Henry in a bubble bath surrounded by this curtain w/candles lighting around the rim and his head thrown back against the porcelin (sp?). It was GREAT image… considering I was in the tub w/him! *giggles*

    So, I have one request. If the address for the blog changes someone email me? Please. It’s I promise to come back with at least one present each for the Hens and Minxes. ^_^

    Have a great time guys. I’m off to get some sleep before i become a college graduate! *eek!* *crosses fingers* PLEASE pray that I don’t end up hurting one or both sets of my parents tomorrow! It’ll be a test of my patients.

    Love you guys!

    P.s. Welcome vampgrl… though I’m not sure I know you…

  173. Teresa said

    Tango – I hadn’t even thought about burning a DVD from LT. I just don’t want to deal with the frustration of figuring out how to do it.
    lwildstar – I am interested in getting a couple of items. I’m still trying to decide between P1 and P2, and then between P4 and P7, I also want the bookmark. My Paypal account is messed up so I haven’t figured out how I’m going to pay for the items. I had talked to tech support and it was supposed to have been fixed, but I went to it a couple of weeks ago and it still wasn’t fixed and I haven’t pursued it, since I rarely use it, which is why they shut it off originally. I apparently didn’t respond to an e-mail with their new terms, or some such thing. Tech support gave me instructions on how to let them know I agreed to the new terms, blah, blah, blah, and they were supposed to reopen the account after they received my e-mail. Oh, well… I guess I better get on the phone again.
    Margaret – I caught the tail end of that vampire show as I was channel surfing. I’ll have to see if they run it again later tonight. I usually stay up until the wee hours of the morning on weekends.

  174. Teresa said

    Anzia – I hope you have a great trip! I went to France eons ago and had a blast. I only got about 4 hours of sleep each night because there was so much to do and see, but I figured I could sleep after I came home. Losing sleep was well worth it!
    As for dinner with the family, just smile and nod, look like your paying attention and instead have visions of Henry 🙂 that’ll at least help with the smiling part, lol!
    We’ll keep your spot open here!

  175. Tango said

    Anzia – will miss you girlfriend! Have fun tomorrow and remember this is your day. Don’t let family members get your way of enjoying it to the fullest. I am sure they will be nothing but supportive for you. God speed on your trip, and I look forward to seeing the pictures when you send them. I will make sure you are aware of any site changes. It just wouldn’t be the same without you.

    vampgirl – Welcome to the inner sanctum! We’re a close-nit group of BT addicts and are trying to keep each other sane during this time of reruns. We are also a united front looking for direction, and once we find it, we will be a force to be reckoned with. We are glad to have you join in, and I am sure we have plenty of room on the Bt-aholic wing at the Betty Ford Clinic. Susana will be assigning you a room shortly and giving you the guided tour – letting you know about the programs available for your addictions.

    Teresa – I tried the DVD thing, but unsuccessfully. I am not computer savy enough I guess.

  176. Himmiefan said

    Hi everybody. I’ve been spending the day helping my brother-in-law lay down carpet. Lucky me. Oh well, he’s going to help me with mine later on.

    Let’s see, there’s been talk about Richar Chamberlain, Angie (what’s up with that chick?), and Anzia going to France. I’m jealous!!! Have fun!

    Now, someone noted that many vampire fans love Queen of the Damned. Well, I didn’t think the story was very good; I just watch it for Vincent Perez, who played Marius. Heck, I’d watch a movie of him just making toast.

    Good night and happy Henry dreams!

  177. Laurel said

    Anzia – You will be missed! I know you will have a great time. Go easy on the parental units tomorrow, murder investigation would interfere with your trip. lol
    Gypsy – You might try e-mailing Elizabeth (Betsy) Wollheim at Daw NY. Her secretary might be able to give you an idea of where to send small gift. I have heard that she is good about pampering her authors.

    loves history – Sorry to hear you are feeling sick this weekend. We are here for you to talk to and you will remain in our prayers. A week is a long time to be without your sweetheart, and we will worry about you until she gets home. Make sure you check in once in a while, please.

    Tango – Hang in there! I hate having to wait on hold for computer related problems. We will think good thoughts for your system’s health!

  178. Tango said

    Minx Laurel – Thanks! I am now out of computer purgatory. Only 4 1/2 hours on the phone with 5 different techies. That’s all it took! But I am up and running with my WIFI and am a happy camper now. It’s just been one of those days. The last thing you want to be doing when you have a sinus migraine – ya know?!

  179. Tango said

    Himmiefan – Good night to you, your cat and your truck! 😉

  180. Laurel said

    G’night kids.

    Tango – glad you made it through the ordeal!
    Bummer about the sinus migrane! I get those when the low pressure fronts come in. Nasty business. 😦

    Sleep well and dream something hot and steamy! We need some good fantasies to get us through another Sunday night.

  181. Laurel said

    I love these faces! 😦 🙂 😉

  182. Tango said

    Laurel, I’m checking out too.

    Good night all! 🙂

  183. Margaret said

    Anzia: Like Tango said, savor every minute. We’re so proud of you and yes we will miss you. Have a good time, know that we will miss you but like a said enjoy every single minute.

    Actually when I was talking about the rubber ducky I was talking: Rubber Ducky, Henry, Vicky, some sniffing and maybe some toe nail polishing. Wouldn’ that be a dream come true. Most of our favorite scenes melding into one big one. Geez, I’m frustrating myself.

  184. Margaret said

    Question: Ladies: Could the reason that we love Henry so is the fact that he is the ultimate romantic. That he says and does things to Vicky that would just make us mortal women melt into a puddle?

    I know Vicky has abandonment issues with her dad but she really needs TO GET OVER IT!!!

  185. Tango said

    Margaret, Absolutely! I think you hit the nail on the head with that one. I think it is bred in us from the time we a very young little girls being read the fairy tales of the handsome prince courting the fair young maiden. It is what we long for, so when we see it oozing out of Henry, of course we are drawn to him. Hint hint to all the men out there!

    Was it Elizabeth who had the date where the the gentleman (b/c he deserves that title) came back and said something like,” When you looked into my eyes you were looking into my soul and when you kissed my lips you kissed my heart.” (Paraphrasing there) I am very fond of this guy too, and I haven’t even seen. I could easily see Henry saying that , although at this point I think it would be wasted on Vicki.

  186. Margaret said

    Tango: I think you’re right. And I think Lifetime sells those kind of movies day in and day out. And look at the irony here, even though the vamp show is sooo different from the other shows they sell, its still the same somewhat because Henry is always SAYING WHAT WE WANT TO HEAR AND WOULD DIE TO HEAR (FROM MORTAL MAN OR SMOKIN HOT VAMP), because we’ve been brainwashed with those fairy tales and watching movies on Lifetime. What a mind screw. My head hurts from figuring that one out. lol.

    And for them to try to sell us the bill of goods that Army Wives is their stellar premiere with the most viewers I don’t buy it. Something is stinky in the woodshed. I think I’m going to have to stay away from the Lifetime board for a while because I’m really starting to get pissed. I think they are playing us and for what good reason?

    I went to Tanya’s Live Journal and asked her if Chum Television is a publicly traded stock on the stock exchange. Maybe we can roll our pennies and finance additional episodes. Stop me, I think I’m going off the deep end. I have Henryitus and I’m become anemic from not getting enough (Henry). lol

    And as far as the smooth talkers, we all need to be on our guard, because as much as we want to hear it sometimes that’s all it is, is talk. No cynic here. My apologies to the younger ladies.

    I had something close to what Henry had with Cynthia in my first marriage but woke up one day only to discover it was only an illusion and someone telling me what I longed to here. SHAME ON YOU LIFETIME FOR LEADING US ALL ASTRAY!!!

  187. AlisaSG said

    (originally from) prtfvr,
    re: >> Geez, a blog fight and I’m not involved?! What a relief.
    >> Tango: Yep, the LifetimeKaren thing.
    >> I’m coming in on the tail end of that.
    >> When did Lifetime start paying attention to
    >> what we were writing on the blog? What’s going on?

    I thought you were referring to the blowup that Angie directed specifically at you during
    the NECRODOME blogging sessions. (no offense to Angie, but) started around this posting time
    Posted by: Angie, Friday, May 11, 2007 at 10:08 AM

    That was about the approximate time when things didn’t calm down on the blogs (went on for hours and hours into days) and it was getting impossible to get back into the actual TV ep details…
    it just got worse and worse after that point.

    Hopefully, the blogging sessions are back on track (and most *egos* are happy again), even tho some conversations still keep falling into the crevices (with the *crude* words) now and then. Creative imaginations work so much better than direct crudeness, IMHO.. most people think similar, but some aren’t as direct in speaking it, as others are (thinking and speaking it are different entities).


    … speaking of crude terminology (for anyone concerned)–
    I get the direct (crude F and S words) stuff outside my (real) neighborhood window, and it gets annoying when it just goes on non-stop (nearly every day/night) outside our window. That’s the other side most people in cyberspace wouldn’t have a clue as to why it gets so overbearing (and beyond a point of toleration) after a while. It’s mostly caused by kids (teenagers), in our neighborhood, but the adults have their own share in tempering down the lewd/crudeness too. I’m almost certain that one of the kids is going deaf so he shouts in the middle of the night, so you can hear the F and S words a block away. He does it (to gain) for attention, too.

    .. If I start sounding annoyed in the imaginary BT blogging world after reading things like that (in my escapist forum worlds) non-stop after a while, it’s the real world pushing that annoyance into the dark RED zone (the “dark side of the force”). When there’s no escape (for endless days) from either world (real or cyberspace), it becomes crushing. So, if I’ve personally said things that might have bothered anyone in particular (requesting the conversations to *please* lighten up / back away from the crude/murky deep end), that’s the primary reason; aside from the other one, which was dealing with potentially younger readers venturing in and getting adult reinforcement of *crude* being in the “acceptable” zone.

    anywho.. (sorry) had to spout off about the real world (which also makes sleeping a full night (seven days a week) impossible – can’t leave the windows cracked open for a nice, gentle weatherly breeze to cool things off). The morons are up all night insuring that such wonders are no longer possible. And *that* usually interfers with the dream sleep, too. No nice, pleasant, happy dreams.. just the weird and crazy *disturbing* ones, instead.

  188. AlisaSG said

    wow! did the front page of the blog just change or was it also in the woodsy living colors with a tree and fancier font?

    anywho – important question below.. 🙂

    are you going to be saving the current “comic” segment between Henry and Vicki for future reference – back.. so someone can look at it again later, after any new pages get added to henryshens?


    also (from prtfvr),
    >> Geez, a blog fight and I’m not involved?! What a relief.
    >> Does this mean we’ll be abandoning the LT Blog when the show starts up in the fall?

    are you referring to Tanya’s blog or the LIFETIME forum for Blood Ties?
    they are 2 different entities. The forum requires registration (of specific personal information) in order to actually post to the site (I think also to simply read anything on there too). I gave up on the registration part, and almost didn’t start on Tanya’s blog, because I thought that was part of Tanya’s blog posting process, until I found out (actually from prtfvr) to just start typing, and ignore the URL box at the bottom (if it didn’t apply). Once I got past the next page with the tracking codes, things went so much easier…
    happier camper…

    — have a great rest of the weekend everyone.

  189. AlisaSG said

    >> I thought I would pose this question while I am in eternal hold with IBM – has anyone figured out if we can burn a DVD from the full epies on the LT site?

    Oooooo! bad question. best not to tread down that route. (*eeeek!!!*)
    Some geeky people are probably sure that there is a way, but then Lifetime might fix the site, so that none of us can watch on our computers (cached or not) either after that.

    personally, I’d only be picking out certain viewing parts to watch all night..
    still waiting for the DVD’s to go on sale, since it’s most likely the stuff in there won’t be anywhere available on the internet soon, until after the DVD’s come out.. and then there’s those copyright issues, too.

  190. lwildstar said

    Teresa – if you are still interested in getting a couple of items. (“I’m still trying to decide between P1 and P2, and then between P4 and P7 I also want the bookmark”) . Email me at . If yourPaypal account is still messed up I’ll take a money order to pay for the items….just let me know – but you MUST email me to “lock in” your order.
    Thank you for the interest….

    Wonderful dreams of Henry last night – but I can only remember parts of the “waking” dream this morning – Henry resqued me and of course of course I haad to reward him……sigh……

    Geeze I wanted to finish reading tall this from last night but well, I’ve got to go to my neices recital – so I guess I will check back in this afternoon, and try to catch up then………

  191. Teresa said

    Lwildstar – I just sent you an e-mail with my order.
    Well, I had another wild dream last night! Although Henry himself didn’t appear in the dream 😦 somehow I ended up becoming his assistant in some kind of video company he owns and operates. He’s supposed to be the brilliant designer of these videos, as well as a brilliant businessman. This was the tail end of the dream. The other part was me helping Vicki outwit and beat down a gang of bad guys trying to kill her (I can’t remember why). Vicki is still a cop and we hole up in this old police building to lure the bad guys to us, although for some reason we don’t have police backup, but there are plenty of victims/potential hostages in the building. The bad guys keep coming at us in waves, seemingly through every nook and cranie (sp?) of the building and Vicki does some amazing martial arts stuff and I mostly serve as the lookout, warning her of where they’re coming from and how many. We finally kill them all around sunrise. Then my dream switches to scenes of me being Henry’s assistant. How me being Henry’s assistant and helping Vicki defeat the bad guys are connected is a mystery to me. It seemed like the dream went on forever though.

  192. AlisaSG said

    you dream sounds like *wishful* thinking.

    At least it’s better than the disturbing ones I get. No happy endings. Just disturbing most of the way in. I usually have to deliberately manipulate the dreams to force them into a happier ending, or at least one that is more tolerable… usually involves my favorite vampire coming to the rescue.. and then the rest is ummm.. yeah.. nevermind… 😉

  193. loves history said

    QUSTION i know that you are all crazy about BTS DVDs but i HATE reruns of any thing i watch very little TV to begin with since my wife lft Zero tonight i will watch1-3 hours depending on how hard the Sporanoes hits me after that the News and that it Iwont even watch rerun of the SOP Is there something wrong with me that you all delight in reruns and i only want NEW bt.

  194. Teresa said

    AlisaSG – how do you manipulate your dreams?

  195. loves history said

    by the way my wife bithday is coming up whenshe getts back i dont know what to get her she liked lwildstar stuff but as soon asshe found out it was not real she bolted( she is such a Jap last time we were in Paris(97) she spent $4000 on2 pairs of shoes and a handbag ispent $100 on a Laguole pocket knife and and it was what do you need another knife for you have too many i hunt) last year when iwas still workong i took her out to ashow and dinner now onSSd iam too sick to see a browdway show.

  196. Claire said

    Good Afternoon,Blog family!! Missed you all yesterday! Beautiful weather yesterday,spent the whole day poolside,then showered and went to a reggae(spelling)music festival in town.Where I live we have a beautiful town square…storybook pretty.In winter it is a skating rink..complete with gorgeous foountain.In summer free concerts every Saturday night.
    Even baby Jake came! We got home at midnight..hit the bed!

    On the subject of age…Ms.Gypsy,Teresa,Dizey,Margaret…it is true that people will think you are younger if you have a youthful soul.Dizey..I understand what you said…old soul,young soul…me too.I am going to be 49 on our darlings birthday,which you all know…yet most of my friends are younger..I still have massive amounts of energy…why last night I was dancing reggae all night with my kids!…I don’t actively seek out younger men,just for some reason,men my age don’t come on to me…and when they do…they are just to boring and slow…for ex,my first husband and I are still friends,he is 48…needs a nap during the day on his days off…does not know how to email,Im,and my daughter had to teach him how to use his cell..I love life,no matter what,the good and bad…my attitude and my moisturizer…lead people to think I’m no older than 35.Yesterday my 30 year old daughter cracked up,cause we were
    dancing side by side in front of the band playing,lots of men there right? well wouldn’t you know it,the one that smiled and said you’re beautiful,was the base player in the band…gorgeous long blonde hair around 26.
    Anzia..luv ya,I’ll miss proud of you girl!!
    Loves History..don’t be sorry for my bad choices…you never stop learning in life…my expierences made me who I am today..and left me 7 wonderful,amazing children.I’m sorry you are feeling poorly,I wish there was something we all could do for you.Don’t worry about Angie…she’s mad at the world..and going off the deep end..I go to the bloodblog often,I just don’t post anymore.We love you here…
    Welcome vamp girl…I had a dream similar to yours..but it was Henry…lets just say that during some very graffic frolicking..he reached up and gave me his wrist..which I promptly bit!
    Dizey…yes I do know the secret…it has worked amazingly for me.Lets see if it does with this LOL!!!
    Anyways time to be Ms.responsible..laundry,cleaning..etc.
    see yas later!

  197. AlisaSG said

    Claire, Dizey, and anyone else needing this-
    prayers of comfort (always) coming your way… {{{{{{{{hugs!!!!}}}}}}}}

    Teresa, you asked..
    >> AlisaSG – how do you manipulate your dreams?

    easy. Actually, it’s sort of complicated and doesn’t always work.
    But probably because I have a hyperactive imagination that never sleeps, even when I’m supposedly sleeping, I think that might help??

    Whenever I feel trapped in a nightmare, because things just won’t resolve in the dream-state, there comes a point where you actually wake up a little out of that dream-sleep state, and have the ability to manipulate the dream to a certain degree.

    I’m not sure if it’s actually been scientifically proven or not, but that’s how it works for me.


    Usually, in most cases, I cry out from deep within my heart for that
    proverbial “knight in shining armor” to come to my rescue, and he does…
    Whether it’s subconscious or consciously done, I’m not sure. Most of the time it works.. and then it becomes a matter of how the invasion (of the *wishful thinking* rescue attempt) into the rest of the nightmare occurs where Prince Charming pulls me off to the side to protect me; and then the dream changes – which is often where and when I realize that I’m more in control of the dream at that point in time, and often where I can manipulate the next set of details that happen or not.

    Once I began to experience these types of manipulative dreams, I kept up the pursuit.
    Maybe it takes practice to actually make the manipulation work. But I think the desire to escape from the nightmare has to be so strong, also, that it actually makes it possible to change the dream into any direction your heart desires..

    Hope that helps and makes sense. I’ll probably think of a better way to explain it later, tho.

  198. DIZEY1 said

    Hey bloggeratti***Missed all ya’ll yesterday our annual ” Creole Tomato Festival” and they started an annual “New Orleans Seafood Festival” linked together it was can I say Freakin Hot****** but they had great music and great food. Bought a 25# box of creole tomatoes, yes I said a 25# box. I’d love to send you some of these. Once you eat a creole tomato you’ll crave them. The smell, the flavor OMG the best. I digress sorry, Going to take Logan outside to swim. Will check back after while.

    Claire, I’ve just recently discovered the secret. I’m still learning.

    Be Back soon


  199. Margaret said

    Did I miss something again. Can’t leave this place for a few hours without something happening, can I?

    I have decided I need to be committed to the ward for the Henryly insane. Went to church and saw a young man who could have been Kyle’s younger brother, he looked that much like him, then they mentioned the youth choir was going to Vancouver and I was sorely tempted to voluteer to go and chaparone. Ladies/Gents I will not make it until October. I HAVE GONE OVER TO THE DARK SIDE, hours of my day are spent thinking about Blood Ties when I should be thinking about something more worthwhile, like my job, so I can continue to pay my bills.

    If you have found any cures for this affliction please let me know as I don’t know how much longer I can last. Certainly not until October.

  200. Teresa said

    I’m trying to channel my BT longings into something productive 🙂 so below are my latests results, contact information to the other PTB:

    From the Insight Film Studios website:
    Corporate Office
    112 West 6th Avenue
    Vancouver, BC V5Y 1K6
    Office 604-623-3369
    Fax 604-623-3448

    Kirk Shaw
    Chief Executive Officer
    (one of the 4 executive producers of BT)

    Blood Ties Office & Soundstage
    Stewart Crescent
    11517 Kingston Street
    Maple Ridge, BC V2X 0T6
    From the CHUM website:
    CHUM Limited Head Office
    299 Queen Street West
    Toronto, ON
    Canada M5V 2Z5
    phone: 416-591-5757
    fax: 416-591-8457

    This might be the appropriate person to direct correspondence at CHUM:
    Senior Vice President Content, CHUM Television
    As Senior Vice President Content, Roma Khanna guides all of CHUM Television’s domestic and international content creation, program acquisitions and distribution efforts, overseeing the Programming, Independent Production, In-House Production, International Distribution, Interactive and Creative Services units.
    Kaleidoscope Entertainment Inc.
    23 Lesmill Rd. , Suite 201
    Toronto ON M3B 3P6
    Main Phone: 416-443-9200
    Main Fax: 416-443-8685
    Updated: 8/1/2006

    One of the four executive producers:
    Mr. Marshall Kesten
    Executive Vice President & CEO
    Updated: 10/1/2005

    Another of the four executive producers:
    Randy Zalken, President

    This is also the address for fan mail.
    Fireworks International, a ContentFilm plc company, from their website:
    (they hold the worldwide sales & distribution rights to BT)
    Fireworks International – UK Office
    19 Heddon Street
    London, W1B 4BG
    Tel: +44 20 7851 6500
    Fax: +44 20 7851 6504

    Greg Phillips, President.

    Fireworks International – US Office
    1337 Third Street Promenade
    Suite 302
    Santa Monica, CA 90401
    Tel: +1 310 576 1059
    Fax: +1 310 576 1859

    Saralo MacGregor, Executive Vice-President, Worldwide Distribution.

    Diana Zakis, Director, International Sales.
    I can’t find a specific address for Peter Mohan, the showrunner, writer and one of the 4 executive producers of BT. Maybe at the BT offices in Maple Ridge or the Kaleidoscope offices.

    Let’s start a writing campaign to these people in addition to the one we have going to LT. I think more is better than less in this case, don’t you think?

  201. msgypsy said

    I think I need to learn to do without any sleep at all. Sheesh! LOL!

    Anzia, you probably won’t see this but mazel tov and have a wonderful trip!

    Tango, have I mentioned lately how much I hate Vista? I finally got all the right drivers but it’s still a pain. You know the ad for Mac where there’s a guy asking the PC constantly if he’ll allow a question or answer? Yeah, that’s what it’s like. I’m trying to download the software that allows me to download from Amazon (I’m collecting Babylon 5 that way instead of spending huge bucks for each season. This way I spread it out over months instead.) It popped up THREE times to ask if I was sure I trusted the origin of the download. Did I mention how much I hate Vista?

    Lwildstar, the only thing about the gift for Tanya is that I wanted to make it somehow from all of us. I don’t know that everyone needs to contribute money but everyone who wants to be involved should at least be able to put her (or his!) name on a card or something. Can we manage that? I’m thinking that we can each say whether we want to be part of it or not, and send it with all the names attached (maybe a couple of the websites involved, too?) I want her to know how many of us love her that much. Am I making sense? Because I slept WAY too much last night and am not sure.

    I need coffee. It’s desperate now. I need coffee and food. And I NEEEEEEED there to be a new BT episode soon!!!!!

    (BTW, the line about biting that off is one of my favorite Mike lines, too. And it’s really tough for me to picture Dylan saying it. But I’m pretty sure if he had to, he’d do it well. Ah, the life of the lonely minx…)

  202. msgypsy said

    Who is Kaleidoscope specifically? If that’s where the fan mail is supposed to go, perhaps that’s where the bookmark ought to go. Just checking out the possibilities.

  203. Claire said

    Margaret,I’m sorry but I can’t help you,since I am way ahead of you in my spiral downward into Henry/Kyle addiction…while reruns and repeatly watching old epis sounds good,it only makes the longing worse…need more new Henry…to survive….October? not soon enough LOL!!!

  204. Margaret said

    Thanks Claire. You make me feel better. Actually all of you do and I guess that’s why I keep coming here. Besides no one other than you all would under stand this addictions and some of the othe things. Thanks again.

  205. msgypsy said

    I don’t think we’ve seen this one before, old though it may be, and I think it kind of explains who Kaleidoscope is.

  206. msgypsy said

    When is fully operational (why do I feel like I’m talking about the Death Star?) there needs to be a section called the Home for Terminal Henryitis Patients or something along those lines. I also want a wing for Minxes In Denial.

  207. Teresa said

    Ms.gypsy – thanks for posting that link. That article explains exactly how those four entities (contacts posted above) are related to BT. Basically, they are the ones that financed, produced and sold the show, and LT happens to be one of the purchasers. So, my thinking is that if LT doesn’t want to purchase more seasons, maybe we can still encourage (via letter-writing campaign) TPTB to keep financing and producing the show and have another network pick it up (Bravo, Sci-Fi, TNT).

  208. Tango said

    BT is #1on the LT board right now for what that’s worth. Someone just posted that Tanya recommended that we focus our efforts toward Chum to get new efforts. So I guess that’s where I’ll start dropping suggestions and praise. I did send an e-mail to Insight last night just because I ran across their e-mail and thought it couldn’t hurt.

    Thanks Msgypsy for the link that explains the players and what they do. I have been so confused about that until now. Also for the link the other day about the peanuts – I got a big kick out of that.

    Msgypsy & lwildstar – I will be happy to pitch in for the Tanya gift. I will just add it to the amount for the rosary bracelet you are making me. I think that’s a good idea, thanks for giving everyone a chance to join in. I think it will mean a lot to her. Did you guys decide what we are going to send her?

    Mysypsy – you didn’t have to tell me you hated Vista – it has been evident as it is with me. When you do a pro/con list – the con list is far outweighs the pro list – at least at this point. I hate that it questions everything you do – what am I – a child? It kept doing this to me while I was on the phone with tech support yesterday. Even the tech support guys for IBM and Bellsouth DSL were saying that it had been a pain for them too.

  209. Tango said

    And if you don’t want new efforts, be sure to ask them for new eppies. Jeez!

  210. AlisaSG said

    Ooooo! the Bravo network sounds good! I forgot about that one. Except they might force the scripts to changeover to both sides of the gender spectrum, bi… “Norman” (of BT) would definitely be at home on Bravo.

    Then I can watch my Circa de Solei too, whenever those eps air! 😉
    absolutely *awesome* performances by those troupes!!

    anywho… here’s something I just came across that’ll make any BT blood boil in the EXTREME…

    Oooooooooooo! (or should I write *grrrrrrrrrowl*…!)
    I just peeked in the local TV Guide and thought finding Army Wives on 4 times today was bad enough – insult for injury… actually, not quite. It GETS WORSE–
    wait til yahs read this next tidbit… found the following schedule info out (direct from LIFETIME)

    LIFETIME schedule for June 11 – June 17 (All times are et/pt.)

    all showings are marked for airing of ARMY WIVES
    Monday.. 8 p.m.
    Thursday.. 12 p.m. AND 1 p.m. (not sure if that’s a 2-parter)
    Friday.. 4 p.m.
    Saturday.. 11 a.m. AND 12 p.m., PLUS 11 p.m.
    Sunday.. 10 p.m., 12 a.m. AND 1 a.m.

    that’s how many showings *ENCORE* (and NEW) in the same week? I lost count after the first 3 days.

    BLOOD TIES aired only twice the entire week??? is that a rip-off?? especially when we pleaded and nearly begged for the network to provide an encore viewing at least once, but instead got tortured with sicko Tv movies… you folks should be fuming over this!

    Sunday 10 p.m. AND (repeated) 12 midnight (into Monday a.m.)
    only one encore.. whoopee.
    thank God for DVDs and videotape!

  211. AlisaSG said

    okay, I’m guessing that was about 10 viewings of Army Wives in the same week.
    Nothing about Blood Ties anywhere…

    Here’s the weekly schedule list (I think this is a live link – might change weekly, so whenever you look at it, it’ll be in constant change). I wanted to keep it separate from the other post, so the other one would show up faster.

  212. AlisaSG said

    (my) last entry probably went in as SPAM, even tho it wasn’t.
    Weekly schedule link to Lifetime is in there. Not sure if you want to bring it back out. The majority of the bad news details are noted in
    my (first) June 10, 2007 @ 2:15 pm posting.

    and on a different subject – computers and Vista…
    My hubby and I have Vista (against my wishes, of course.. he couldn’t wait for the other computer to simply fizzle out and wanted the first generation higher than XP’s latest version). So far, it’s incompatible with several programs.

    Requires constant rebooting for dumb things, and is
    a *general* pain in the “took-us” ..
    yep, when my hubby got frustrated with i-tunes and the whole I-POD program, he ended up going back to Vista’s manufacturer’s default settings, instead. He buys music thru i-tunes. I buy the actual CDs and DVDs.

  213. Teresa said

    I went to Tanya’s LJ and didn’t see any specific reference from her about CHUM being the one we should pester, although I did see comments posted about CHUM having to sell its CityTV channels. I think Tanya’s reference to CHUM was in relation to their CityTV channels being the ones broadcasting BT in Canada, so Canadians should pester them, just as we’re pestering LT here in the U.S.
    So, if CHUM will no longer be in control of the CityTV channels, I think we need to focus our efforts more on Kaleidoscope and Insight since they are the financers and producers, and Fireworks since they are responsible for selling and distributing the show. Kaleidoscope and Insight started working on this project years before LT came in the picture, so my thought about directing our comments to them is more in the vein of letting them know that no matter who ultimately purchases future seasons, we’re on board!! We also need to let Fireworks know that also.
    Maybe we can include copies of the petition that’s circulating? I think the originator of the petition is planning to send it to LT, but I think the money people need to know as well, not that they are oblivious, but maybe don’t realize to what extent we are willing to go 🙂
    Oooh, maybe we could include pictures of ourselves with our BT t-shirst and/or jewelry!
    Ms.gypsy – I would also like to participate in the purchase for Tanya’s gift. Let me know how it will be handled.

  214. Teresa said

    AlisaSG – the reason I mentioned Bravo is because CHUM owns it, so if LT doesn’t pick up future seasons, maybe CHUM could broadcast them on Bravo. I mentioned Sci-fi for obvious reasons, and then the TNT ditty “We do drama” popped into my head, so I thought, why not? BT is drama of the best kind, after all 😉

  215. Teresa said

    Henry’s birthday (June 15) has been mentioned on the LT BT board and on the Bloodlines forum. The forum is discussing what Vicki could give him for a present. I’ll let your imaginations run wild for bit on that one 🙂 and then you can tell us your suggestions 😉

  216. Tango said

    Teresa – There’s also the CW which airs Supernatural and Smallville. In glancing at their line up for the next few days, it looks as boring as Lifetime’s – but that could just be a summer thing. So there are several possibilities.

  217. Claire said

    I didn’t even have to think on what I would give Henry on June 15th!

    ME!! and if Vicki were smart..she would do the same…Eternity is a long time to live with regret…imho…anyway.

  218. Tango said

    Here’s the e-mail address I used for for Insight Film Studio Thought you could put i8t with the other.

  219. Margaret said

    I’m with Claire. I don’t care if Dad left when she was young or not, does she not see how much fun she’s turning down.

  220. Tango said

    Claire – there’s a long line behind you with the same gift my friend. I might also add that October is a long time to wait without BT! It sounds like you had a lot of fun last night. How big is the city you live in? It sounds quaint. Birmingham is having their big music festival next week called City Stages. We are having several acts come in which include the Steve Miller Band, Earth, Wind & Fire, Ludacris, Red Jumsuit Apparatus, even a couple of 80’s hair bands – Rat & Poison and several others. It’s $15/day and you can see all the different bands that play that day if you can stand the heat.

  221. AlisaSG said

    Teresa and Tango,
    already thought of TNT and the CB.
    Sci-Fi deliberately killed off Stargate after it’s efforts from BSG didn’t kill it.
    Not sure if you’d really want to look down that route, even IF Sci-Fi woo’d Gina Holden over into their domain.

    I also thought of the USA Network, but that’s Sci-Fi’s sister station. Both are owned by NBC. I know someone who worked at NBC for a long time, and she doesn’t have much good to say about the people who make the executive decisions over there (she’s very cynical about anything NBC related).. She seemed to say she only stayed because the benefits of traveling around the world outweighed the annoying Tv programming decisions, and then she got a nice retirement package in the end (things that we put up with in the world of real work). Plus, her field of work was more in the technical nit-picky end of making sure errors got corrected.

    That’s NBC and its affiliates. It’s not the first time they – as a corporation have disappointed me (or let me down). They also have a habit of airing things under the 5-year standard, and killing off quality worthy programs they simply don’t like (so why air them to begin with??).. and they get bored too quickly after the first few months (the original adult-ADD syndrome??).

    On the other extreme, ABC is more tenacious about hanging on to something it finds potentially worthy of keeping genre-wise.. for the fullest lifetime it can get.
    MacGyver lasted 7 years on ABC.

    The higher networks are harder to get into, because they want to hog the majority of higher ratings. They’ve been struggling over the more recent years from competition with CABLE Tv channels.

    Also, another thought as to possibly why ARMY WIVES might be being aired so many times – maybe the network figures if they air it more times during the week, the more viewing ratings they’ll get from already established viewers.
    It’s just a thought… which might also be why BLOOD TIES only needed 2 viewings per week. (yes, I do try to give the benefit of the doubt, even when the statistics seem to state something else..).

  222. Teresa said

    I second that, Margaret. My parents came from highly disfuctional families and got together to create one of their own, but that hasn’t stopped me from partaking of and enjoying the opposite sex 🙂 I’ve gained enough insight to realize that although the last thing I want/need is a man like my father (relationship-wise) I have tended to gravitate toward that type of men and they tend to be attracted to me (probably to ‘fix’ me, lol), but now I can see it before something happens and steer myself in another direction. Vicki, as an intelligent woman, should be able to do the same, but both book Mike and Henry realized that self-reflexion wasn’t something she did well, if at all, and probably didn’t want to do, either.

  223. Tango said

    Margaret – earlier we were discussing how Henry is the ultimate romantic. Certainly young Kyle is taking notes here. Oh the lucky girl who gets to benefit from his training!

  224. Teresa said

    Amen, Tango! In that interview podcast Kyle did, I got goose bumps listening to him. He seemed so grounded and mature, so ‘old soul’, so not the typical 22 year old that I just melted into my chair! His parents clearly did a great job raising him and whoever he partners with is lucky indeed! Remember that in one of his interviews Kyle said his mother raised him to be a lover, not a fighter, and what a lover he’s turned out to be 🙂

  225. Margaret said

    Yeah, that was one of my questions on the Lifetime site that they will never ask him-I asked if he found some of the lines he was given in the show had drifted into his real life. I know they won’t ask him that one. lol And even though it sounds like Kyle has his head screwed on straight right now I wonder how long it will take for him to succumb to all the adulation we’re throwing his way. He did say in one of the interviews that he wished he was Henry as he was (something to the effect of the coolest guy in the room), powerful, etc.

    Here’s another couple of questions: (1) Could Kyle be an only child as he says that he hung around older kids and adults when he was growing up (which is usually a sign of an only child). He says that he’s an old soul. (2) Wonder what religion he is. He said in an interview if God brings you to it, he’ll bring you through it. Wonder how he reconsiles his religion with playing Henry but for the most part Henry is a nice vampire with a soul and a conscience (if there is such a thing).

  226. Teresa said

    Right now I’m watching reruns of Kyle XY. I just discovered the show and it seems OK. Another cute, mystery man, but this one does not produce feelings of lust, so I’m not a perv after all, lol 🙂

  227. Teresa said

    Margaret – I’ve wondered if Kyle is an only child also, since I haven’t seen any mention of siblings. I tend to think he is an only child because he mentions his parents often enough, so if he had siblings, I would think he would mention them also. The fact that he even mentioned anything religious surprised me; somehow I get the impression he’s Catholic, though where I’m getting that, I don’t know.

  228. msgypsy said

    For some reason I’ve been sleeping all day so now I have major catching up to do but I do want to comment that I got the impression Kyle might be a late child, meaning he has siblings but they’re all substantially older than he is. I’m like that and for the longest time all my friends were a lot older than I am. I stopped that once my sister had a child and I realized I was closer in age to the child than I was to my sister.

    I think for sending the bookmark to Tanya, all we need to do is let Lwildstar know what names to put on the card or something along those lines. If Dizey1 is paying for the thing that it would be best for folks who want to contribute towards the expense to get together with her. That make sense to folks?

    What was the exact fan mail address? I can’t find it and I know it showed up on the Lifetime blog at one point. I really think that’s the best place to send it.

  229. Teresa said

    Ms.gypsy – check out my post of today at 11:52. It’s the Kaleidoscope address.
    Dizey1 – email me and let me know how we’re going to do the payment thing for Tanya’s gift.

  230. Margaret said

    This is what was posted at Bloodlines-Bloodties although when Tanya mentioned it on the Lifetime blog the comment about insert Star’s name here was on top.

    Here is some info for sending fan mail and requesting photos:

    Send mail to:

    Kaleidoscope Entertainment Inc.
    23 Lesmill Road
    Suite 201
    Toronto, Ontario
    M3B 3P6
    Attn: (Insert Star Name Here)

    If you want an autographed photo your best chance is if you include a self-addressed envelope with an international reply coupon (not US postage as it isn’t valid in Canada), a coupon can be purchased at any post office and then the agent up there can trade it in for the equivalent in Canadian postage.

    Teresa: I got the same thought about him being Catholic and I don’t know where I got it either. Just a a feeling. Maybe I should ask if he has an older brother. lol.

    Dizey: Email me and I’ll help you with the expenses.

  231. Tango said

    Margaret – I’ve not heard anything mentioned about either one. I know I tended to surround myself with older people growing up. I am the middle child of 3 girls, but there is 6 and 7 years between us – so that may have something to do with it. Now that I am older, age really doesn’t seem to be a factor anymore. I lean toward what Beth was saying earlier about having an old soul with a young spirit. I had never thought of it like that before, so thanks Diz for that.

    From what I hear, Johnny Depp is someone he emulates – so hopefully he will take a clue from our man J and not let it all go to his head. J seems to be very gracious and thankful for what he has. Hopefully he will hang on to his beliefs in God and not fall for all the hooey that Hollywood presents. Just look at what Paris Hilton, Nicole Richey, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears have allowed the fame and money to do to their lives. Such a pitiful site – the whole lot of them.

    Teresa, I thought that interview was very insightful. You could sense the old sole yet when he saw the ocean you could hear the young spirit come out. I was surprised they got such a long interview out of him.

  232. AlisaSG said

    this is what Tanya wrote on her LIFETIME blog.. not sure if this is the address you’re looking for, but it might help..

    “Margaret — About fanmail…
    Send it to this address and the wonderful people at Kaleidoscope will see it gets where it needs to go.

    (Insert Star Name Here)
    c/o Kaleidoscope Entertainment Inc.
    23 Lesmill Road,
    Suite 201
    Toronto, Ontario,
    M3B 3P6

    ((Posted originally by: Tanya Huff, Thursday, May 17, 2007 at 03:48 PM))

  233. Teresa said

    Tango – I don’t think Paris Hilton and that crowd got any grounding at all. They grew up as rich, spoiled brats and they remain so. I get the impression that Kyle’s family is a regular, middle class family and he seems to like it like that.

  234. Tango said

    Diz – same goes for me – count me in. You know how to reach me.

  235. AlisaSG said

    ugh… Paris Hilton??
    after what she pulled last week?
    she’s making the USA courts look bad.. Hilton hotel chain or not. She’s just being plain spoiled and she knows it. Even Lil’ Kim had to spend nearly an entire year in jail, and Lil’ Kim went quietly, tho probably protested within every day.

    Between Paris and Lil’ Kim, I think Lil’ Kim has more brains and gusto.. and Kim is much shorter than Paris. So the little people (i’m one too) height don’t matter. It’s the strength of one’s personality and character that counts.

    PS.. as for Kyle XY.. he *looks* alien (from another world, that is).
    *our* Kyle S. on Blood Ties is much more appealing to admire.. 😉

  236. AlisaSG said

    okay, about Kaleidoscope’s fan-mail address, etc..
    Margaret and I posted about 3 minutes apart..! :p
    but when I started to type up the info, the reply box was right underneath
    msgypsy’s question.

    I guess that’s the right address to go with.
    Two minds with the goal of one (address).

  237. Margaret said

    Funny how we all think alike isn’t it (insert Kyle’s crazy laugh from his podcast interview here). What I want to know is where are those 1.3 million people who watched Blood Ties, why aren’t they here with us waging the war to get more episodes. I know for sure that I turned a married couple I knew by having the wife go home and make her husband watch. Although, she doesn’t seem to be quite as addicted as I am. How sad it would be to think its just us fighting this war, kind of like Don Quiote (or however you spell it). Maybe we should have have viewing parties and try to turn people in mass. I’M TELLING YOU PEOPLE I WILL NOT LAST UNTIL OCTOBER. I HAVE COMPLETELY GONE OVER THE BEND.

    Why lifetime doesn’t see what they have in this show is beyond me. And the longer they don’t response the crazier it makes me.

  238. Vampgrl said

    Heh. Missed a lot. Might be back later though. LOVED the comment about the rubber ducky…and the visual of Henry in the bubble bath surrounded candles…*THUD* Now…if only *I* was the one in there with him…it would be perfect…hehe
    Missed the comment about Henry’s B-day, I haven’t been over to the Bloodlines board lately…and I’m still PO’ed at the LT board, but I SO know what I would give him for his B-day…and sorry…but I’m not telling. Henry is all mine. Go away before I bludgeon you all with sticks…Hehehehe 🙂

    Oh! I might get someone to join us from the LT board. I figured we needed new blood. *eg* Funny thing is, I have no clue WHY I’m pissed at the LT board…I just am…Heh. But her name is 1amanda…and she currently hangs out in a coffin for 2…hehe….and in case some of you didn’t know…’cause I didn’t tell you…my bad…my name is Bernadette and I hail from FL…although if you see my sig on the bloodlines board, I hail from my big ass office at Wolfram and Hart. *g*

    And I think we need a new blog category on here. Blood Ties Conversation, and Whatever Else Hits the Fan…hehe

  239. Teresa said

    Wow! I just looked up the actor that plays Kyle XY and he’s actually older than our Kyle! Maybe he looks like a teenager because he plays one, but there’s still no longing here 😉
    “Matt Dallas is one of the TOP most beautiful celebrities of 2006 ! ” Oh, hell, no! What are these people smoking??!!! Obviously, whoever these people are, they’ve been living in a cave and have no knowledge of our beautiful Kyle Schmid!!

  240. lwildstar said

    I go away for a day and you guys just run amouk…..its a good thing I speed read! But there is just too much to address…so the highlights….

    Teresa – controling dreams – I do it all the time – I don’t know, how thats the only problem – and some of them run all day – I mean its like a continuos movie – really strange, but I’ve always done it – my mother says its because of when I was a kid I spent alot of time in the hospital – a lot of time alone – and I just amused myself with lots of imaginary friends and made up stories for my self – I guess it just carried into adulthood…go figure…I have a very vivid imagination…sometimes too vivid 🙂

    MsGypsy – …” I think for sending the bookmark to Tanya, all we need to do is let Lwildstar know what names to put on the card or something along those lines. If Dizey1 is paying for the thing that it would be best for folks who want to contribute towards the expense to get together with her. That make sense to folks?” I say the more the merrier!
    I guess, Just email me that you want to be added and I’ll print up something and “sign” every ones name to it? Or maybe you could each email me a SMALL card like a post card type as an attachment – no pictures please it uses up too much ink to print – which I could print and add into the package
    PLEASE NOTE _ ****IF WE DECIDE ON THE EMAIL ATTACHMENT IDEA***lets decide on this first BEFORE you start sending me things – I have an alternate email address which I would use so that I know ANY AND ALL emails going to it would just be for this – that way I don’t have to cull through the inbox ya know…?……Does that work? ….anyway just let me know…

    the recital was two hours of near tourture! If i had to sit through one more hip hop number I was going to walk! My neice did beautifully (of course) and only messed up once when her butterfly wings got tangled with another girls wings….my sister did well too – but said she was never ever doing this again! The best number was the Fathers Only dance – 5 of the dads dressed in drag and danced to Shake your Grove Thing – I laughed till my eyes started tearing up!

    Ok question for anyone who has checked out my site since I had to do the redo – are you having any problems getting to page two with the link? and if you are getting there are the pictures coming up?
    I’m not having any problems, but my cousin emailed me that when she went to page two it comes up but had no pictuers – she tried again and only half the pictures came up – sooooo before I start messing with it I wanted to see if anyone else was having a problem or just her. Thanks for helping me trouble shoot…..

    FYI Two items have been sold and removed – I left the picture of the book marks up even though they are all gone because I’m going to make a couple more – they may be different andif they are I’ll cahnge the picture. Rosaries in two? weeks I hope…..

    ok one more time I send out a plea for help getting episodes 1 & 2…I’ll take video tape…please, help – (does the puppy dog pout)

    Ok well I’m tired and cranky, and I have migrain from the loud music and flashing lights at the recital….so thats enough whinning for tonight. If I get a chance when I check into work tomorrow I will othe wise it will be lunchtime….I’m suposed to start training for my new positon but no one gave me a concret answer on that Friday…

    So good night Bogkin – sweet dreams 🙂

  241. Margaret said

    Disappearing for a while to take a bath (oh Henry)……..ah yes, wishful thinking or it means I’m calling out for a candy bar).

    Where are we calling the name of the hospital? Will we have a Henry wing or a wing for Henry’s Hens, Mike’s Minxes and Christina’s Vices?

    You know if Lifetime doesn’t know what they have after Heart of Ice, they are idots. I don’t think it would cost them any money to come clean and just tell us when the dvds would be released or at least a marathon. What are they gaining other than ticking us off? I don’t understand it. Are they trying to alienate us in an effort to boost ratings for Army Wives?

  242. Teresa said

    Good for you vampgrl! There’s a few other people that post regularly at the LT BT board and I haven’t seem them post anywhere else, unless they use other names. Let’s try to get them posting over here also. We don’t want to abandon the LT board altogether, lest they get the misguided idea that we don’t care anymore 😉 but we can continue posting on ALL the BT related blogs and boards 😀

  243. lwildstar said

    uuuugggg – I just finished a really long post and it vanished!

    ok at the risk of it showing up again lets see if I can remember what I wrote…

    1) response to MsGypsy – the more the merrier on the card – we just ahve to figure it out…I have two ides – so lets decide on which to use and I will post and ALTERNATE EMAIL ADDRESS to use – that way I know only the emails in that box are for this…
    idea one – just email me you wan to be on the card and I’ll print something up and “sign” it for everyone
    idea two – you can email me SMALL attachemtns with a personal “card” that I can print out and add to the box – only rule is NO PICTURES it take stoo much ink to print color.
    So decide and get back to me – I guess post here or email me at the other address what we are going to do and then I’ll come back and let everyone know the alternate email for this.

    2) I think I was responding to Teresa and controlling dreams – I’ve always done it I just don’t know how – my mom says it has to do with the fact I spent a lot of time in the hospital as a kid – a lot of time alone – so I came up with lots of imaginary friends and made up lots of stories to amuse myself – I guess it just carried over into adult hood – I do have a very vivid imagination – sometimes too vivd – I can carry a “dream” all day – sometimes on for days – like an on going movie….

    ok 3) has anyone been having problems getting to page two on my site – or are you having problems seeing the pictures on page two? My cousin emailed me that when she went to page two only half the pictures came up…I’m not having any problems so I wanted to know if anyone else had – thanks for the help with troublshooting…

    4) the recital – I never want to see another hip hop number! my neice did really well except for when her butterfly wings got cought in another girls wings – my sister did alright too but said she was never doing this again – the best number was the Fathers Only dace – five of the dads dressed in drag and danced to Shake your Groove Thing – I was laughing until my eyes watered

    5) a plea for episodes 1 & 2 again – I’ll take video tape…beg, whine, puppy dog pout….

    6) whoever was going to try and get the epis off of the LT videos – I don’t think you can – I tried to save one to computer and only ended up with the link back to the website…..

    ok I think that was it…I’ve got a migrain from the loud music and flashing lights from the
    Good night and sweet dreams I’m off to curl up with Henry!

  244. msgypsy said

    (Insert Star Name Here)
    c/o Kaleidoscope Entertainment Inc.
    23 Lesmill Road,
    Suite 201
    Toronto, Ontario,
    M3B 3P6

    Yup, that’s the address I was thinking of. Thanks, AlisaSG! Lwildstar, I think if we send it to Tanya at that address it will find its way to her. Let me know how much the shipping will be and I’ll paypal it to you. And I think you should decide what’s the easiest way to handle getting people’s messages, since you’re the one in charge of printing them. I would love to include a card, too, even if I can’t add a picture.

    I sold my old waterbed frame. YAY! And now I can just laze around all day today. Like I’ve been doing anyway. And now I’m watching a show on History about the Mafia and I keep waiting for Henry to show up in the background. That makes me think I need to watch one of the other eps again.

  245. Margaret said

    I doubt that Sarah Jessica Parker was thinking of Blood Ties when she designed her new clothing line “Bitten” but she has some nice things. The local Steve and Barry’s stores carry her line. She has shoes, jewelry, tops, dresses, shirts, skirts, etc. and the nicest thing about it is her sizes go up to 22. Its nice when someone tiny thinks about us “big” girls.

  246. lwildstar said

    ok here is the email address to use ONLY FOR THE CARD

    I would prefer if it ends up just being a list of peoples names – but I don’t mind if you want to send a SMALL attachement – no color please – with a personal card.

    Lets say I’ll collect “greetings” though the end of the month? before shipping.

    MsGypsy when I have everything collected I’ll email you and we’ll work things out then.

    Hows that sound?

    Ok now I AM going to bed…the migrain meds are starting to kick in 🙂

  247. Claire said

    Tango,I don’t live in a city,rather a town of 56,407 souls.It was built in the 70’s and is goverment protected.The original founder is still living here,Robert.E Simon he is 93,and still rides a Harley!! The town is named after him Reston.
    If we want city we drive to D.C. I love it here..Mr.Simon designated a certain amount of land for homes and the rest is the wildlife nature center,which is where my house is at.There will absolutely never be any more building,since our forest is protected.
    Now about Kyle…I heard the interview,and it only confirmed what I already sensed…Kyle is a very old soul…and he too when he is older will have the youthful side.I don’t know how many of you believe that the sign you are born under affects your personality,but I think it does.I have the same birthday as Kyle..and I never had friends my own age,when I was young,my friends were older,always..I had no patience for kids my me they were silly.
    Then as I got into my 30’s my youthful nature kicked in and my friends got younger..although I have child hood friends that are older than me..they too are young at heart.Kyle does seem to be in the right place for someone that age…there is also a softness that comes through in his voice.Bless his parents is all I have to say!
    Brittany and Christopher got home about an hour ago.Brittanys grandfather made her a beautiful collage of events in her Moms life,it is just lovely,and her father sent me a beautiful bouquet of purple lilys with butterflies..My favorite color and favorite flower,I do believe that this was all meant to be somehow.
    I also had the strangest dream..more like heard a voice in a dream…Brittany getting married and having a little girl..weird.

  248. Margaret said

    I was thinking we could send lifetime some customized m & m’s but the cheapest thing they have is a small bag @ $3.75 with a minimum order of 20 bags. Would be something like $74.00 plus and I don’t think 20 bags would make that much of a dent, or maybe they would.

  249. Margaret said

    Thank God Brittany has you there for her Claire. She’s going to need a woman to talk to. I’m glad that you can be there for her.

    Too bad we couldn’t guage how old Kyle’s soul is, maybe we could count from there. lol. Have you noticed that he’s not getting any play in the teenybopper magazines. Maybe they have more sense then we do, they know he’s too old for them, as opposed to being too young for us. lol.

  250. lwildstar said

    Just posted on the LT board

    By LisaSez on Sunday, June 10, 2007 at 5:50pm (#1333 of 1335)
    Send a personal message to LisaSez.

    Reruns in September
    I know it’s a long way off but Tanya reported on her livejournal that BT reruns will start up in September and then we’ll have the new episodes in October.
    It will start in Canada in August. She said that it is unlikely that we will hear anything about another new season until this season kicks off in Canada.

    Keep your fingers crossed that it’s a hit!

    if someone gets the chance go over to Tanyas and see if this is true – especilaly since lifetime Karen said its not true –

    ok yes I’m going to bed – had to fix something ont he website – the link to the bigger pictures want working ……..

    Ok good night and sweet dreams of Henry!

  251. Claire said

    I hope that she knows that she can talk to me about anything,since she has been here during some crazy conversations between my daughters and I.Some people may not agree with my style of parenting,but it has worked for me.I have never kept any secrets from my kids nor ever let them think that I was on a pedestal and never did anything wrong.My quote to them..I am your mother,but I am also a woman,and before that a teenager..whatever you’ve done,I’ve done it too.I’ve made mistakes and will make mistakes.This has earned me my kids trust,we talk about everything and I mean everything.So I hope I can be a good friend to Brittany.Whatever you guys decide on the gift for Tanya,let me know,like amount you need contributed and me.

  252. Teresa said

    Margaret – Oh, yeah! Customized M&M’s, good idea. We could send red M&M’s with “We want more Blood Ties” printed on them. Who wouldn’t notice or want 20 bags of chocolate? I ordered some for Christmas a couple of years ago, imprinted with the family name. They were a big hit! I don’t remember that the minimum was 20 bags, I know I didn’t order 20 bags, but they may have changed their minimum requirements, or it could have been an introductory offer or something. Anyway, it’s a good idea and I’m willing to contribute to the cost. If you want, I can spearhead the ordering process, if we get enough participants.

  253. Vampgrl said

    To Margarate on calling out Oh Henry and then you said maybe you’re calling for a candy bar. LOLOLOL!!! That’s my Mom’s fav joke. *g* Oh Henry….
    And again, I am SO jealous of anyone who can control dreams. I never did figure that out. A friend of mine from CA told me to imagine a door and escape from a bad dream, but I told her the way my mind works there would either be something blocking the door or the door would open up onto a wall. My luck, Angelus would be blocking the door. Lucky I haven’t had any dreams with him in them lately. Haven’t had any dreams with Henry either. *sigh* As I said, the only good dream I had with Henry in it involved me stumbling into Henry’s room in the dark, only he was living somewhere else, and me hanging out with a bunch of guys talking about Godzilla movies of all things. Heh. And on the card idea, I could just send my name, right? Sorry, I keep catching only snippets of everyone’s convos.

    To lwildstar…saw your post over on the LT board. Check out my post. And that’s all I gotta say. Bitter much?! HELL YEAH!!!

    I might be back tomorrow, hopefully in the morning, before I’m on the clock, if not, whenever I can squeeze the time in. Later, all my BT peeps! WOOHOO!

  254. Tango said

    Claire – What an incredibly thoughtful grandfather and father Brittany has. I think there is some grand plan in place that had your paths cross at this particular time in life. It was not by accident but by design. God knew that you were going to be what Brittany needs, so be the best you you can be as it was meant to be.

  255. Vampgrl said

    :> :

  256. Vampgrl said

    Heh. Just ignore that. I was trying something..but didn’t work…hehehe

  257. Margaret said

    I think they only allow 8 characters a line though. I was thinking: ” More BT” on the first line and “please” on the second line. I don’t know if we can have them all red or not. But if not, red and white, maybe? (Red and Black-Vamp colors?).

  258. Claire said

    Yeah Tango thats what I think also.
    Anyways my lovelies..signing off..Sweet dreams of Henry!!! 😉

  259. Madonna said

    Okay, I’m a little sad right now. Kyle is probably on TV right now at the Spacey Awards, and we don’t even get to see it.

    Oh, by the way I watched A History of Violence. Thought it was a little wierd, not necessarily bad, just wierd. Kyle was definitely the bright spot. He certainly does a fantastic angry face. I just think it is absolutely amazing how much range he has. It’s strange and I don’t know why but he reminds me of a very young Mel Gibson.
    (Talent wise…Not looks.)

    I think he has a great future ahead of him.

  260. DIZEY1 said

    Hey ya’ll, got cooked a little today in the pool. Just tryingggg to catch up, but my heads spinning a little. Was there a new interview I missed??

  261. Tango said

    What is the Spacey Awards?

  262. Madonna said


    Not that I’m aware of. The Spacey Awards are airing in Canada tonight and Kyle Schmid is supposed to make an appearance.

  263. Madonna said

    Tango, my understanding is they are awards presented on SPACE channel in Canada. Sort of the American Sci-Fi channel. They have the awards every year honoring science fiction and fantasy programming.

  264. Margaret said

    Wonder if anyone would capture it for you-tube?

  265. Margaret said

    The spacey awards has a website and guess whose name is posted on the bottom? Chum Television. Things that make you go hmmmm. They have highlights from last years awards, maybe they’ll do the same for this years. We can only hope. You would think is Chum is tied into they’d want to promote Kyle wouldn’t you?

  266. DIZEY1 said

    Night peeps,
    I’m wooped going to bed. Will catch up in the A.M..

    XOXOXO Sweet Dreams of Henry…………..


  267. Teresa said

    Margaret – I went over to the M&M site. Now I remember what I ordered – 4 bags (7 oz each). That was the minimum order for that size packaging. The 20 bag order is for bags of 1.75 oz each and yes, we can order all red M&Ms (no black available for printed ones), but the ribbon on the bags can be black. There are 2 lines of 8 characters each available for a message, and for this type of order, we can have 1/2 the order with one message and 1/2 with a different order (or all one message), same parameters for each half.
    In addition to your suggestion of More BT Please! here are some others: We Want More BT!, Say Yes To BT! and More BT Seasons!

  268. Madonna said

    Oh well, again y’all probably won’t see much of me until next weekend. The bright spot is starting on the 18th I get a week’s vacation from work. My birthday present to myself. It’s my first vacation in nearly two years. In reality I can’t even say that because during that time off I had surgery to have a “brain tumor” removed. Turned out not to be anything to worry about immediately, but that is a long story.

    Until next time everyone,
    Sweet dreams.

  269. AlisaSG said

    noted from Teresa,
    >> “Matt Dallas is one of the TOP most beautiful celebrities of 2006 ! ”

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT??!! OMG!! NO wayyyyy! Zen Gesner (“Sinbad”), and “Max” (Jason Behr), and even Brendan Fehr “Michael” on Roswell had much more charisma than Kyle XY.
    They’ve got the wrong Beautiful Kyle listed!
    (must be another *favored* Sci-Fi network fix)


    noted from Teresa,
    >> Oh, hell, no! What are these people smoking??!!! Obviously, whoever these people are, they’ve been living in a cave and have no knowledge of our beautiful Kyle Schmid!!

    definitely — agree there!!
    I have to laugh about this too, because I just showed someone pictures of Kyle as Henry – awww!
    He’s stunningly gorgeous, even when he was being tortured in HEART OF FIRE..! She couldn’t believe I actually said that! okay, there’s very few people I say that about, but when I sense a vibe, it’s there — and Kyle definitely has *it*..


    you’re scaring me again about the age thing.. (j/k)
    >> and I never had friends my own age

    Oh my! we’ve got to stop this *ancient* gene thing. Kids my actual age were usually jerks or too sophisticated in my childhood school. You’re one of the first persons (same age as me) who shares some of my own sentiments!

    my *age* link goes all the way back to the beginning of when creation on earth began.
    and in case your emailer isn’t taking my new address in (because earthlink went bye-bye!), in answer to your question, those *lights* passing by – were people flying around the universe too.

    I would send you more info (about that), but the baby was due, and everything just went crazy in all directions.. hoping things are calming down on your end.

  270. Teresa said

    Margaret – SPACE is CHUM-owned network. Who know how they do things in Canada? Although remember that Keleidoscope and Insight Films are the producers of BT, and CHUM is the broadcaster.

  271. AlisaSG said

    >> a plea for episodes 1 & 2 again – I’ll take video tape…beg, whine, puppy dog pout….

    I just found out yesterday, LIFETIME was *gracious* enough to post the FULL (yes COMPLETE FULL) episode of eps 1 & 2 on Tanya’s blog site, via the Video link. Once clicking on it, find the link for
    FULL episodes, and then select the program of choice.

    The eps come up in 5 separate segments (probably with a commercial before each that you’ll have to sit thru…). Right now, it’s better than seeing NOTHING.. (I don’t have the first 3 eps at all. most people don’t have anything – period.. and I know a few people who’ve Never even seen eps 1 & 2, because they missed seeing the message about it by a few hours or days.)

    and MAYBE if enough of us keep clicking on those eps links (over and over again, nearly every day as much as possible), MAYBE Lifetime just might get the message that this IS what we want??
    .. it’s just a thought..

    either that, or they’re baiting us and waiting for more silence.

  272. Margaret said

    Well, if we ordered the 20 bags it would be $75.00 plus, not counting the postage and packaging once someone received them and sent them back out. Do we want to do this? I think we’d have to guesstimate the cost and see if everyone wants to participate. Send them to the exes of all those companies.

  273. Teresa said

    lwildstar – I can’t help you with epis 1 & 2, sorry. I didn’t record them either. I did purchase them from iTunes but they don’t play well on my computer, so I didn’t purchase the rest. That’s why I was glad to see them on LT.

  274. AlisaSG said

    ooops! posted by AlisaSG (me!)
    >> Teresa and Tango,
    >> already thought of TNT and the CB.

    transposing my WB with CW there. sorry! I meant to say the CW.


    Margaret said,

    >> As I suggested to prtfvr it would nice to have a bathtub scene with Henry and Vicky but I guess since Vicky will never let Henry get that close we’ll have to wait for pigs to fly first. Remember the scene in that baseball movie with Kevin Costner and Susan S. (don’t know how to spell her name) where he was polishing her toenails, now that was SEXY! Almost as sexy as the sniffing and the toe rubbing that Henry has done.

    Oy! Have you been recently peeking at that “La Femme Nikita” video (snippet scene clip) of Roy/Michael and Peta/Nikita in the tub (on u-tube) and transposing the images??

    Another proof positive reinforcement of Roy/Michael having similarities with Kyle/Henry. 😀

  275. Teresa said

    Margaret – I wish we had the funds to send 20 bags to each entity (5), but that would be about $500 total. Remember that these are really small bags (the size of a package from a vending machine), so I don’t know how much impact sending only 4 or 5 to each entity would have. Hmmm, maybe we need to rethink this, unless we find a financial backer 😀 or send them all (20 bags) to one place.

  276. Teresa said

    In the unlikely event a financial backer came along, there are volume discounts for purchases over $1,000. Yeah, yeah, keep dreaming!

  277. Teresa said

    There’s got to be something inexpensive, besides postcards, we can flood all these people with that would catch their attention, like the peanuts did for Jericho.
    All you creative types, any ideas?

  278. msgypsy said

    Remember “HeyWritierBoy”? Well, he’s apparently getting some notoriety in Canada.

    About the M&Ms, I’m just wondering who you want to send them to. Lifetime is an end-user of BT. That’s a lot of money to spend to ask an end user to purchase something that might not be available. Will M&Ms (whatever the company is) ship direct to Canada? If your intent is to send it to Insight or Kaleidoscope, and if the company will ship direct, it’ll save you time and blood pressure in the long run.The customs form aren’t too onerous once you figure them out but it’s still likely to be a pain to have to repack and remail all that chocolate. This may have already been discussed, though. I’m having a hard time keeping up with the blog this weekend.

  279. AlisaSG said

    >> .. it would nice to have a bathtub scene with Henry and Vicky but I guess since Vicky will never let Henry get that close we’ll have to wait for pigs to fly first.

    I forgot to mention that “pigs have already flown”.. happened during a recent DOCTOR WHO episode. Pig got augmented via alien space science and flown into space, before the ship it was in crash landed into the River Thames (in England).

    so.. next idea??

  280. msgypsy said

    See? It was discussed and I missed it!

    We could come up with a postcard theme, like pictures of local landmarks from each of our hometowns, or something like that. And don’t forget the blood drive being done on the Bloodlines website, I’m hoping to go next weekend with Laurel (are you free to go then?) and maybe one of the Bloodlines mods who lives here (and isn’t there another Portlander here?) and then we’ll take a picture of ourselves with out bandages at the elbow and Hello Kitty tattoos on our wrists. (The tattoos were Laurel’s ideas and thank all the powers it’ll be temp tattoos!)

  281. Teresa said

    Oh, I just got an idea from something vampgrl said in one of her posts on the LT BT board. I wonder how much those cheap disposable chopsticks are? If we break a pair apart, do you think they would look enough like stakes? Yeah, it would be a pain to unwrap and split a gazillion pairs of chopsticks, but if the price is right…

  282. Margaret said

    I’m afraid you all are right about the cost of the m & ms. Maybe we could take scenes from blood ties put them on the postcard backs, put a message on there somewhere about wanting more blood ties. But we need to know who we really need to target to we don’t waste resources.

  283. Margaret said

    Put a little red nail polish on the end, sharpen them to a point and then wrap them with a bandage so customs wouldn’t arrest us. lol.

  284. Teresa said

    Margaret – too funny! That made me think of the doorman at Henry’s building when he was sharpening that stake.
    OK, I need to put a brake on my brain now. I have to get up at 5:00 am (I am not a morning person) and I can’t be late because I’m going to have people lined up at my desk by 8:00 am and I need to prepare myself and the stuff they’re comming to pick up before then. Oh, Lord have pity on me 😦
    Night all!

  285. loves history said

    Vamp Girl is angelus dead? you got here after my idea of using jamie bergman as a fallen archangel vilian(they didnt Know who she was)whats your take ,As for tonite tv TONY lives>>>>…..!!!!!! Army wives YUCh” I am the KING of ENGLAND” how did henry turn out so nice

  286. msgypsy said

    DAMN! They’re starting to practice for 4th of July really early this year. The valiant Faraday is going off the edge, poor pup!

    I think I’m dedicating the rest of my evening to reading a murder mystery and ignoring the fact that THERE IS NO BLOOD TIES ON TONIGHT!

  287. Margaret said

    I got it!!! Halloween is coming up. Go to the Dollar Stores, order on line, etc. bats of every shape and size, if you want to get fancy get small cardboard boxes to put them in, spray paint them black, put a red cross on them, and send them to the executives at Lifetime, Chum, Etc. Paint “More Blood Ties, Pls.” or whatever you want (you get my driff) on the Bat Wings with blood red fingernail polish. Doesn’t matter if they aren’t all the same, the more different the better. Send them one or a dozen and we keep it up until they tell us something. (Make the writing look shakey, which will just add to it) lol. What do you think?

  288. lwildstar said

    ok only had a brief moment to scroll though and address:

    vampgrl – took a peek at tyou LT post – can I just say “MEEEOWWW”, I’m sure you’ll be deleted soon – all of my comments like that were.

    AlisaSG – Teresa – yes I know the epis are on LT – I just would like to be able to watch them in the comfort of my recliner – the vids don’t play well on my home computer – skipping and what not – and I don’t think i can stand to see that mini wheats comercial one more time! I’m missing 1-2-3 because my VCR ate the tape 😦

    Chop sticks – i don’t know how the post office would like us sending in (individulally) sharpened chop sticks – how ever if some one were willing to collect them and send i a big box? thats always an idea.

    What about sending them tons of blood red ties – it goes with the post card thing – I went to Bloodlines and copied the “bloodtie” picture and printed it onto stickers which I stick on the post card.

    now I am having visons of Henry in the shower – I can always flash over to “Z” clips for that inspiration (MAx) – but yes a tub scence with Henry and Vicki! oooo hot………

    I have so much more I’d like to say but now I must start work and I don’t think I’ll be back til luch – and I’ll forget everything by then 🙂
    Have a good day all!

  289. Margaret said

    Don’t remember who gave the emails for all the different exes. but they first get quarantined as spam and you have to ask it to be forwarded somehow. I’m not sure it actually does it but I asked that my messages be forwarded.

  290. loves history said

    of course we spam they dont care what we say

  291. lwildstar said

    well my training doesn’t start today – so now I am at a loss for what to work on.

    margaret: Love the bat idea! I say we start now! I’m sure we could get patterns for paper bats offline from Clipart……I say we send them a swarm!
    Do you think sending them to the addresses above (see previous posts) will work?

    new dream: Vicki got kidnapped by someone she and Mike put away – don’t remember how he got out but he wants revenge……of course Henry comes to the rescue ignoring Mikes efforts and ends up getting trapped with Vicki… since he didn’t feed that night – spending it looking for Vicki, well lets say the next evening he was very hungry and trying not to go after Vicki but she offered….ok won’t go into details there – let your own imagination fill that part in…….any who so how this is where I came in and ended up helping Mike track down Vicki (not knowing that Henry was with her) blah blah blah a couple of fights, a flash over to Vicki guarding Henry while he slept – her captor comes in to beat her up and kick Henry around – ticked that he got the wrong guy (hoping for Mike)……in the end Mike has to put himself out there as bait – we find where Vicki and Henry are -and I ended up feeding Henry because Mike refused the bad guy was dead and Vicki couldn’t again – and she was upset that I went home with him…again fill in the blanks with your own imagination……

    I’m finding that my first dream going to sleep and my waking dreams ar ethe better ones – the few in between seem to meander a little more and stuf like work gets mixed in – like Henry sowing up at the office in the Middle of the day and stuff like that…….

    thinking too much……………dreaming too much
    Need a Henry transfusion………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  292. Margaret said

    I’d say we send the bulk of them to Lifetime, then Chum and the rest of the other addresses. Couldn’t hurt. We have to do something. This way we won’t go to jail for sending weapons through the mail and it would have just enough creepy factor to make them remember us, don’t you think?

  293. Teresa said

    lwildstar – the idea for the chopsticks was to send in bunches to each exec (like the peanut thing). I don’t think we need to sharpen them though if we include a nice big note; they’ll get the idea 🙂
    Margaret – good idea on the bats! I went online to Oriental Trading Co. and saw many options for inexpensive stuff to send the execs in sufficient quantities for them to take notice. I have some ideas jotted down if you want to discuss by e-mail at

  294. loves history said

    Afterellen has said that they want vicky to be Bi well may be henry the wrong vamp for her how he feel if he founf christina and vicky sapping spit and blood bo had acomment on Blood blog i wouldnt mind too much as londg christina was HOOOOOT

  295. DIZEY1 said

    Good morning my peeps,

    What’s up w/the chopsticks?? Iwildstar money order in mail, you should see it in a day or so. Bookmark for Tanya…. we could compile a list w/all of our names on it to send with it. Maybe make a goody box or something. Let me know what I can do, I’m in for whatever we do.

    Dani***** How was the Relay for Life?? I haven’t heard from you since Friday, hope it went well.

    Keep me updated on what we want to do for Tanya.

  296. loves history said

    teresa i am thinking that it would be a good idea to stay away from blood blog for COUPLE WEEKS i seem to be stepping on too many toes what do u think

  297. Danielle said

    Morning everyone!

    Wow! It has been a long three days without you and BT. I wasn’t working on Friday and there was no way I would have time to get to Kelly’s or my sister’s with the Relay for Life and Amber’s dance recital.

    Beth-The Relay for Life went really well. It was rainy all Saturday morning but that doesn’t dampen everyone’s spirits. Some of the kids decided to mud wrestle in the rain. My team raised $301. Not much but everything helps.

    Amber loved doing her recital. She can’t wait until classes start up again. I’m not sure if this will work but I will put a pic of her on here.

    Ok never mind. No pic. I guess I can’t put pictures from my computer directly on here. Either that or I don’t know how.

  298. lwildstar said

    Had to pop in for a minute

    we just had a big upheavel here at twork so i am going out with one of the girls for lunch to dicuss what has happened – good news is my training is to start tomorrow – so you guys may not hear from me til tomorrow night.

    Dizey – will email you tonight about the card / bookmark

    Rifkind – the girl Im going to lunch with today is going to check and see if her sister taped the episodes we’re missing or if she only downloaded the ITunes – will let you know……

    yes still desprate to get copies of epis 1 & 2 so I don’t have to fight with computer to watch them!

    oh and someone please check my sight and let me know if you have problems getting to page two….I had my sister check last night and the same thing happened – only half of page twos pictures showed up – when i try I don’t have any problems at all…thanks

    talk to you guys tonight (unless of course there is a lull this afternoon)!

  299. Himmiefan said

    Loves history,

    Just hang with us and you’ll be fine. 🙂

  300. simone taylor said

    Good morning ladies & gentlemen……I’ve been trying to catch up on the blog from the weekend. My computer at home as way serious problems. My husband got me an ipod for my birthday hoping i will buy a new computer to download music. My daughter told me I could downloan BT. Hey what do I know about technology? Anyway my husband and daughter and i were having lunch in a resturant yesterday and we ordered something with chocolate. I started thinking about Henry and the chocolate chains. My daughter asked what was so funny. I just mentioned “oh the ladies on the blog” My daughter said, mind you she is only 14, “what, you guys dream of pouring gauche over the hot vampire man?” This shocked even me??????my 14 year old pouring liquid chocolate over a man……….. THen she started saying ” Don’t tell the blog ladies” What an effect that man has on everyone. Since she is only 14 I know that after she poured she wouldn’t know what to do about the rest. We would 🙂

  301. Himmiefan said

    “what, you guys dream of pouring gauche over the hot vampire man?”

    Um, okay. Sounds good to me.

  302. simone taylor said

    No, my daughter does…….I never thought of it, darn, ……

  303. Claire said

    Morning blog kin!

    Hey loves History,how are you feeling,is your wife back yet?
    Simone Roflmao! pouring chocolate huh? Now that is just going to get alot of imaginations running rampant around here…especially mine!

    It still feels weird to not be discussing BT episode on a Monday,like we used to!

  304. loves history said

    COMeon nobody wants to comment on a v&c combo

  305. loves history said

    wife returns Nexy sunday at 10 Pm

  306. simone taylor said

    Claire, it started my going, and I had to blame my child for it—scary. But yeah it’s sad not to talk about a new episode today.

  307. Danielle said

    I just went to henryshens and saw the whole dance thing on there. OMG! That was so funny. Good job.

  308. Himmiefan said

    “Since she is only 14 I know that after she poured she wouldn’t know what to do about the rest.”

    Simone, that’s cute. And she shouldn’t know!

    (I know, I know. Starting sentences with a conjunction. I just want everyone to know that I do know better.)

  309. DIZEY1 said

    Simone taylor*** If you were around Friday I was the gutter tramp, and I think I still am today. You have unfortunately stoked up my fire again. I can come up with quite a few things to do with my Henry drenched in chocolate. I’ll start by grabbing a big juicy RED strawberry and dipping it in maybe that deep six pack he’s got. Nice trough he’s got there don’t ya think??

  310. Danielle said

    Beth-Substitute the strawberry for a cherry and I know what you mean.

  311. simone taylor said

    Dizey1, Danielle… brain is starting to fry…….I’m at work and I have to try to think clearly. Breath, Breath, slowly, slowly…….Am I making this worse??????

  312. Claire said

    People stop pleeeeeaaaase! My mind…Oy!
    It’s been awhile ya know?
    Beth…do not mention deep six are going to make me combust! LOL!
    I think I’m going to have to call my friend in NYC,see if he can make a visit…I blame your over active imaginations! LOL!!

  313. Margaret said

    Ladies: I wrote to Tanya and asked her what we could do and this is her answer below:

    Thanks so much for your enthusiasm! It means a lot!

    “There’s nothing you can do south of the border to influence CHUM (different country and all) but you can keep the pressure up on Lifetime to buy into a second season.

    we have no idea how much it really costs to product those episodes, do we?

    Pick a number. Multiply it by 20. Add some zeros. And you’ll probably still be a bit low. It’s scary how much money is needed to get a show on the air!”

    Me: So maybe we should put all our efforts into Lifetime since Tanya doesn’t believe we’ll get anywhere with CHUM.

  314. Danielle said

    As I have said before Henry can pop my cherry anytime. I am ready and waiting. And ohhhhh that six pack, his biceps, his pecs. Oy! is right. Whipped cream, cherries and chocolate, it’s a black forest cake Henry.

  315. Margaret said

    Ok, Bats are you ready to fly. Blood are you ready to spill for a receipt?

  316. simone taylor said

    Since we are about to have meltdowns at work, the LA Erotic show will be here in a couple of weeks. What vendor will have the Fully articulating, anatomically correct Henry Dolls?????????

  317. DIZEY1 said

    Claire, you know me I’ll drag you down smut alley right along with me. Chocolate and Henry/Kyle in the same sentence can only take us to dangerous places. I need a friend like you’ve got. I tend to like white chocolate almost as much as milk or dark chocolate. Do you care which kind we use on him?? We can dip anything I don’t care.

    Dani** glad the Relay went well and yes every dollar counts. Cherries huh??
    Bing cherries I’m sure, damn good stuff.

  318. Claire said

    Danielle! Lmao! but oooooooooh the whipped cream!

  319. elizabeth said

    It has taken me nearly an hour to catch up on all the comments! I hate not having a computer at home. Maybe one day soon I can find the extra cash to get one – who knows.

    Okay ladies, I have a confessions to make. Earlier everyone was talking about age and younger men. I was actually involved with a guy 15 years younger than me for about 4 years. Age was never an issue and certainly didn’t cause our eventual split. It was amazing how much we thought alike. I am certainly not opposed to getting involved with a younger man *smile* and if I am working “The Secret” correctly I should expect to see my own Henry show up any day *can’t wait*. Oh, BTW I am now 53 years old.

    I have also found that younger men really do like older women. I had this 23 year old that worked for me for a short period of time and I was totally shocked when I caught him checking me out! I am not, by any means, the kind of woman that men usually look twice at! I certainly got teased by my friends over that one!

    I agree that the character of Henry is so appealling because of the romance angle. Who wouldn’t want someone to look at you the way he does or to think that there has to be something more than just beauty. When he clenches his jaw or gives that half grin I totally turn to a puddle of mush.

    I am totally envious that some of you have been able to download and listen to his interview. Too many blocks on my work computer. I can’t access Youtube or anything else that might prove interesting. If it wasn’t for the kindness of lwildstar I wouldn’t be able to see her fantastic jewelry.

  320. Danielle said

    The darker red the cherry the better.

    I do not like white chocolate, too sweet. I love milk chocolate, just right. Dark chocolate is warming up to me. I used to think it wasn’t sweet enough. I think with age my tastes change.

  321. DIZEY1 said

    Oh simone if you find that doll buy one for me also!!!

    I need a man!!!!! Not just any man you know which one I want and I need to summon him!!! I need to learn a conjuring spell. Watching waaaayyyy too much tv.

    Margaret, so do we send **BATS** to LT I’m game I’ll play let me know what ya’ll want to send them.

  322. elizabeth said

    Danielle – a black forest cake Henry. OMG, I love that idea!

    I checked out the Wav files on Bloodlines and really got a kick out of Norman/Henry’s giggle. But, it made me think (really scary), have we ever heard Henry actually laugh in BT? I don’t think my nerve endings would be able to handle it – he would probably have this deep, sensous chuckle. Okay, I had to pause for a minute to get myself back under control, sigh.

  323. Margaret said

    Well, shall we put it to a vote? What should we send and to whom? Everybody needs to weigh in on this as there is power in numbers. I’m all for drowning Lifetime in whatever we send bats, chopsticks, whatever we decide.

    So lets hear from everyone. Probably need to make sure the address to send to is right. Should we try to ask Tanya who to send to and see if she responds?

  324. simone taylor said

    Oh Oh!!!! Mike’s beefcake bod under chocolate….YEIKES!!!!! If I find a Henry doll I’ll send one out to all of you.

  325. Danielle said

    I like the idea of bats and moons and anything blood red but specifically ties.

    I think I will only need a Henry mask to put on my guy if things go the way I think they are going with this guy I have gone on a couple dates with.

  326. loves history said

    when you girls are finished eating COME OVER to tanya Blood blog for some hot stuff

  327. Teresa said

    Margaret – We can probably dig around here to find the right address for LT. Yes, we absolutely should flood them with something, but I also think we should flood Insight Films and Kaleidoscope since they are the ones financing and producing the show. That way, even if LT doesn’t pick up any more seasons, Insight and Kaleidoscope will see that there is interest and shop it to another network. After all, they started working on this project years ago and pretty much had everything lined up before LT even came into the picture.

  328. Teresa said

    This is what I found on the LT website:

    You may write to Lifetime by sending a postcard. All communications not sent via postcard will not be read. Send your postcard to:
    Lifetime Television
    309 W. 49th street
    New York, NY 10019

  329. lwildstar said

    I step out for an hour and you guys go straight to the gutter ! and you didn’t take me along! shame on you – now I only have 5 minutes left of lunch and my head is too fullof visons of Henry drenched in chocolate in a bead of strawberries and cherries that I just can’t think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh you are just too too much, I love it! Christina Agularas “Candy Man” – except for the line about the tatoos – all I can think of is Henry when I hear it!

    ok i am all in for the bats – plastic, paper what ever – just tell me how we want to do this….as a group – one big box-o-bats or singularly…..
    Blood Red ties are good too – and sometimes you can find those at the dollar stores…..

    Thans for your kind words Elizabeth – I didn’t want you to feel left out 🙂

    don’t forget the card for Tanya email ok here is the email address to use ONLY FOR THE CARD
    I would prefer if it ends up just being a list of peoples names – but I don’t mind if you want to send a SMALL attachement – no color please – with a personal card. I’m going to put reminder ont he website tonight with a link to the email address

    ok must return to work – I’m hoping for a slow afternoon so I pop back in but I’m not counting on it after this morining.

  330. lwildstar said

    Loveshistory – I have ONE sterling Piece up – Cletic on page one and I have a sterling chain……..think about it

    Just a thought 🙂

  331. Danielle said

    Ok I wasn’t able to read everything on the last topic discussion. It would take to much time. So what is this card thing that everyone was talking about? I missed it.

  332. loves history said

    i like p7 do you have a sterling chain

  333. lwildstar said

    loves history: the blue moon – oh I love that one, austrian crystal – yes I still have two sterling chanins left – can’t think of the length off the top of my head but generally I had bought either 16″ or 18″ figuro. – the sterling chain would only be $2.50 (my cost)… me at if you are interested to “lock in” your order……
    thanks for going back to look……P3 is ssterling and then there is a Celtic charm on page two thats sterling as well…..

    I’m really surprised I’ve not gotten a single comment about the two Henry portrait charms……………

    Danielle – the card is to got with the book mark I made we are going to send to Tanya

    Ok MUST return to work

  334. lwildstar said

    FYI – the three black crosses were just delivered so I will have three rosary bracletes done by the weekend!
    Still waiting on the other raw wood crosses I ordered 😦

    ok now back to work…..

  335. Danielle said

    Ok so do I just send you my name to that email address. What is the whole scoop on it?

  336. Danielle said

    lwildstar-I get you money order tonight and send it out tomorrow. I had a really big weekend and have not even paid my rent. Luckily my landlord is a friend of the family and is understanding. That and he knows I am pissed about all the work he needs to do on my apartment and keeps putting it off.

  337. elizabeth said

    lwildstar – I can’t wait to see how those rosary bracelets look! i don’t know how far down I am on your list for one, but I know they are going to be gorgeous! I don’t usually wear bracelets, but I am making an exception for that one!

  338. vampgrl said

    Okay, SO don’t have time to repsond to everything. Hey, did anyone see Lifetime Karen’s lastest post over on the LT board? The addies for Chum and all the other stuff got deleted. Hmmm….oh and to lwildstar…glad you liked my post. And I got a ‘Meow’ out of you. GO ME! *g* Actually…that post was a LOT nicer than what I was originally gonna send, so go me again…hehe…
    And I’m glad you guys liked the whole ‘send wooden stakes’ idea. And I was just joking, but hey! Check me out being idea girl here. Though I do like the bat idea. That is too sswweeetttt…hehe

    And EGADS! Enough with all the stuff about Henry covered in chocolate and strawberries and cherries, and the chocolate chains and the whipped cream! OYE! My brain! Looks like you guys decided to have a ‘let’s cover Henry in chocolate’ party and forgot to invite me. Shame on you. Shameshameshame. 😦

    Oh and the only time we really heard Henry laugh was that evil laugh he did in Heart of Fire, when he was chained to the cross.

    Hmmm…is Angelus dead? Eeerr…not sure I got that comment. Only if I staked his evil ass…hehe

    *sigh* Another vivid dream from lwildstar. How come the only dreams I ever have that are that vivid are all the ones that I don’t really want to be that vivid?

    Back later…maybe…


  339. Danielle said

    Where did everybody go? Are we to tired out from thinking about the cherries and strawberries and chocolate and whipped cream coated Henry?

  340. lwildstar said

    I’m waiting for a a large print job to finish so i thougth I would pop in and take a peek…

    vampgrl – you need to work on your imagination – or rather controlling it so that you can get the dreams moving in your direction…..

    elizabeth – I think you may be #5 or #6 on the list – so you’ll get an email from me when I finish the braclets before I post the pictures or post here

    Danielle – i unserstand about the rent – neccesities first – just let me know when you mail it – in refering to the card : here is the email address to use ONLY FOR THE CARD
    I would prefer if it ends up just being a list of peoples names and you can email me a fancy font “signature” if you like – and I don’t mind if you want to send a SMALL attachement – no color please – with a personal card. I’m going to put reminder ont he website tonight with a link to the email address
    At the end of the month I’m going to print out what ever has come in and firgure out about the shipping – with the people who just send signatures – and you can email me a fancy font “signature” if you like – I’m going to copy and paste them onto the card I make – any personal messages that I get sent will be printed and poped in with the card.

    hope that answers everyone…printers done… to later

  341. elizabeth said

    vampgrl – I totally forgot about the evil laugh in Heart of Fire. I forgot! OMG I forgot – I am slipping – I need to go back and watch more BT. I thought that laugh was bone chillingly evil and so appropriate for the scene. I would still like to hear a sexy, seductive laugh out of Henry though.

    Danielle – this board seems a little quiet today, doesn’t it? I am never tired of talking about chocolate, cherries and Henry. Not necessarily in that order, but, come to think of it, Henry is a little like Chocolate in that he raises my endorphin levels.

  342. Danielle said

    Thanks lwildstar

  343. Teresa said

    Danielle – didn’t you hear the collective THUD at our reaction to all that chocolate Henry talk?!

  344. Danielle said

    I DON”T LIKE QUIET! That was me yelling. When it is quiet with no background noise or anything I go crazy. I feel like I need to whisper.
    Hmmm? My endorphins levels have been up since BT first aired and I got my first glimpse of Henry.

  345. Danielle said

    I did hear the thud but I thought everyone would be revived by now. You haven’t “sniffed” your smelling salts yet?

  346. elizabeth said

    Danielle – I seem to have developed this inability not to grin whenever I hear “sniffed” in a sentence any longer. People are starting to give me really strange looks – if they only knew-hehehe. I can’t count the number of times I have watched that scene. It is so darned erotic.

  347. Teresa said

    Here’s what LifetimeKaren gave as her reason for removing my post with the contact information:
    I’m sorry, but I had to remove your posts with all the phone numbers and personal email addresses. As this is a public board, bots can and do scrape for this type of info and then use it maliciously. Therefore, we do not allow it. If you located this info from their web sites, you may post a link to it.

    Give me a break!!

  348. Danielle said

    I have to grim whenever anything is talked about with my favorite scenes. Like the sniffing, the foot rub in Deadly Departed, the thump thump in Stone Cold. I could go on and on and on and on……………………..

  349. elizabeth said

    Teresa – Has lifetime always edited the BT blog for content, or is this something new since BT season ended?

  350. elizabeth said

    Danielle – does it mean I have watched the shows too much when I actually visualze the whole scene from a few key words? Naw! It is impossible to watch too much of BT. I even hear the background music (okay, that is a little freaky)

  351. Danielle said

    I keep hearing the opening music, now, in my sleep, just before falling asleep, just before waking up, etc.

  352. Teresa said

    Elizabeth – I’m not sure about the editing, I really didn’t start going over there until nearly the end of the 1/2 season. I guess I’ll have to go back and read the rules and see what LifetimeKaren keeps refering to. She must be getting a few nastygrams about deleted posts because, in addition to sending me a message explaining the reason for deleting my post, she posted an explanation on the board in response to someone else’s post about noticing that mine had been deleted. Whew! Got that?

  353. Danielle said

    Sometimes I really feel like I am cracking up. All weekend at the Relay and all the stuff for Amber’s recital all I could think about is I wonder what they are talking about at the blog right now.

  354. loves history said

    lwildstar have emailed you. vampgirl in last epi it looked bad for our boy what do you think about jaimie bergman as villain wanted her to g-star on angel. NO comments on vicky and chistina hitting it shame on you girls

  355. Danielle said

    Sorry lovehistory but I am not so sure I want to see 2 girls “bumping uglies”

  356. DIZEY1 said


    That’s been running around in your little head all day , I think it’s more of a guy thing (visual thing). I never really thought about it, but Christina’s a hottie to you for sure, and if I were to go to the other side she’d be on the list. That being said, I just LOVE MEN….HOT, HARD BODIED(VERY KYLE LIKE), POLO BLACK WEARING, SEXY SWAGGERING………..MAN/MEN!!!!


  357. loves history said

    didnt say ido either but afterellen say produccers want a bi vicky just reporting the facts mame

  358. Teresa said

    LH – I don’t think Henry would let Christina anywhere near Vicki, so you will not get your girl-on-girl fantasy anytime soon, sorry 😦 From the synopsys of that epi, Henry is the one that discovers Christina is in his territory and something happens that Vicki has to end up trying to save Henry. There may be a cat fight, but not the kind of action you want to see.

  359. Danielle said

    Wow! Beth you are really sounding desperate. I thought I was bad. Although I do feel like I am reading to jump this guy Jason’s bones.

    Well gotta go blogerrini. Gab atcha tomorrow.

  360. Danielle said

    Ready not reading GOD that sounded wierd.

  361. lwildstar said

    Dizey – I second that plea! if I could just get the guy across the hall to loosen up – well it took me a year to just say Hi and then 6 more months of polite conversation i the hall or elevator before i asked him to lunch (which he then insisted on paying for) …sigh….but he just wants to be friends and I think theres an aspect of lack of religion (in my life) that is also holding him back…..anywho, at least I have some one to go to lunch with on occasion – though when the weather is nice we are now going for walks at lunch time – for the excersis – my idea – hey good a reason to get out and I get to spend time eith him…off that subject now before I start day dreaming……..sigh (again)

    Loves history just emailed you back with a couple of questions…thanks for th order….
    you guys make me feel good!

    Elizabeth – i can practicaly play a whole episode with dialoug in my head now!

    yes Teresa, one of those THUDS was me! immediatly had to get a piece of dark chocolate from the snack basket!

    oh i smile or giggle or something like that because for no reason what so ever a flash of a scence or a one liner or something will run through my mind…..
    How are we going to survive the summer – even IF they do a marathon in September that still…3 months? That would be a nice B-day present for me…heheheheh…..ok thats enough…now I’ve got both Henry and the guy from across the hall on the brain….!!!!!

  362. Teresa said

    I don’t know that the producers necessarily want a bi Vicki. The issue came up because there is a hint that she is bi in the books and there was speculation about whether TPTB would have the courage to bring that into play on the show. The producers want to stay as close as possible (and feasible for TV) to the storyline in the books, so if they think they can do it, they will. I get the impression, however, that Canada is more open to those storylines than the U.S. is, and since there’s a whole lot more American eyeballs than Canadian ones, they might have to tread lightly. I personally wouldn’t have a problem with having that aspect of Vicki’s character introduced; it was done very subtlely in the books.

  363. lwildstar said

    before I forget I will be in training ALL day tomorrow – including lunch (hey at least its a free meal) so if you have questions for me regarding the jewelry or the card to Tanya or anything else – email me – I won’t be able to look at the blog until I get home and there will be just tooooo much stuff to read thru ( 🙂 ) …so anything spacific to me might get missed – I tend to start speed reading – I can start with the email and then pop over here.

    Tango – i may have pictures for you tonight – and FYI – when I respond to your emails its still going to the other address – you might want to check with Bellsouth on that…..

    will check in when i get home…night for now!

  364. elizabeth said

    Dizey1 – I second the motion on the hard bodies men. Could you also ask for one to be sent my way???? PLEEEAAASSE.

  365. elizabeth said

    Oops, I meant hard bodied men. Geez, I can’t type worth a hoot when I am thinking about …well, you get the point!

  366. Claire said

    Loves History…I don’t understand…The come on over..cause I went to the blood blog and what was so hot? The question about Vand C?

    I also agree that it’s a guy thing..Henry bumping uglies with whom ever is HOT!! I am not even remotely interested in Vicki and Christina bumping uglies.
    Not that I have anything against bisexual or even gay people.I do have friends with diverse taste,but I was born to love men.Amen Dizey!!!!
    Besides,Henry would probably rip Christina a new one if she came near Vicki.
    Oh mentioned we were too busy trading recipes? Oh you must mean the different ways we would coat Henry in Chocolate? LOL!

    Yeah thats us,we’re always busy discussing different ways to… how shall I say it,so I don’t get in trouble..Hmm…different ways we could partake of all that
    beautiful man….

  367. loves history said

    ireally disnt see it inthe book reread that patr in blood price about reporter the door was there Tanya never walked thru it with vicky the girl has enough on her plate i hope they leave her alone now for a coreen exit. ? lwildstar replied same danielle do nothing until 4th date if no 4th date then all he wanted was sex unless thats ALL you want but i dont think so?

  368. elizabeth said

    Oooh, Clair, I loved the way you worded your comment “different ways we could partake of all that beautiful man…” It boggles the imagination – well, mine anyway…

  369. Claire said

    Anytime I can be of service Elizabeth! LOL! It is my duty to help others realize that they too may be suffering from Henryitis with a side effect of Kyleitis!!!
    There is no cure except for letting your boggled mind run amok with all kinds of imagery!!!

  370. Teresa said

    LH – Mike asks Vicki if she’s still seeing that reporter (I can’t remember in which book) and she answers that she’s having lunch with her (to talk about a case) but wasn’t seeing her anymore or something like that. There was also some conversation Mike was having with himself about his and Vicki’s ‘open relationship’ and how it was Vicki that had had other lovers during the time they had been together, but the only one he had been with was Vicki. The only time I remember any mention of Mike even looking at another woman was the Chinese doctor he had lunch with in Blood Debt.

  371. Claire said

    Dizey I missed your post earlier about would I mind what kind of chocolate we used.Not at all,whatever you want,would you be adverse to whipped cream?
    I dispatched an email to my friend with benefits LOL!! but he is a workaholic,so lets see how long it takes him to answer! We haven’t seen each other since last September! just some late night phone calls lately.

  372. DIZEY1 said

    Claire, I can live with whipped cream, what about the NUTS?????

    Benefits what the heck is that??

  373. Teresa said

    Hmmm! Claire – I may need to find one of those kinds of friends too 😉 The last guy I dated offered a couple of times after we broke up, but that was way before BT and I declined. I may have to look him up. My best friend, whose in the same band as this guy, keeps telling me to be nice and give him a call/another chance. Maybe it’s time I did 😀

  374. Teresa said

    Dizey1 – I think he already comes with nuts 😉

  375. DIZEY1 said

    Here’s one he heard about the chocolate I think…………

    But after thinking about it I think he likes the idea of us licking chocolate off of him…..(was that only in my head??)

    And now he’s saying to ME and this is what I’m gonna do to you!!!

    “Oh Henry you do miss me???”

  376. Teresa said

    Dizey1 – Friends with benefits is when you are friends and on occasion partake of some physical pleasures, no strings.

  377. DIZEY1 said

    OOOOOhhhhhh Teresa you’re right (muuaahhhhhh evil laughter) he sure does come with nuts!!!

  378. Claire said

    Yeah Diz,LOL! I think we provide chocolate and whipped cream and he provides the nuts!!! lmao!!
    Go for it Teresa..for me it works…I have a great friend..we have lots in common..and when the feeling arises well…we partake..LOL!!!
    No jealousy,no promises,no possesive feelings etc.

  379. elizabeth said

    I wish I had a friend with benefits….. I can’t believe I just said that! I just popped over to the Bloodlines site and checked out some of the Zerophilia pictures. Geez, the camera sure loves Kyle’s face. It is a good thing I didn’t drool on my keyboard.

  380. loves history said

    lwildstar 18 would be better T i i see what you mean

  381. DIZEY1 said

    Oh Teresa… sorry dawlin’ that was my sarcastic tone coming out there. I just haven’t had any in such a long time.

    My theory is this and I hope I don’t freak anybody out. But here goes, I feel that after such a long drought if you will , I am basically a virgin again. I did have a friend that we tried the no strings thing, great at first. I thougt this is cool I felt just like a guy no ties, but after a while soorrryyy not enough for me I’m a woman and we don’t work that way. I wanted more, he didn’t but it was fun for a while. Sadly enough I like the cuddle stuff and all that foes along with it. Hell I deserve it!!!

  382. DIZEY1 said

    Sorry all that GOES along with it

  383. DIZEY1 said

    WIll catch up when I get home. See you crazy kids in a bit.

  384. elizabeth said

    Dizey girl, what is not to like about the cuddle stuff and all that goes along with it? I joke that I would like a friend with benefits, but the truth is, it might be fun in the short term, but I want a deeper connection. I think that is what really gets to me with Henry. Who wouldn’t love to hear some of the things he says and know that he really means it? To have someone truly look at ME and love what they see is what I am holding out for. BTW, I have had quite a draught myself.

  385. Claire said

    Yeah me too Diz,I would love someone to look at me in that way.I am a hopeless romantic..but until it does…who better,than someone who loves me as a friend..who will call me when he can’t sleep and who I can call at 1a.m. cause he’s still up and willing to listen.He met me when I was battle scarred and angry,so maybe it could have been more,and maybe it would have been good,but I told him I couldn’t give more than I had,and he said he understood.I care about him,but I don’t love him,he is the guy I told you ladies about.He’s 33.
    So until I meet the ONE!! My friend John can fill the loneliness for awhile.

  386. Claire said

    Looks Like theres a full out draught everywhere…including here! man oh man.

  387. elizabeth said

    Claire, you are lucky to have your friend John. It is even better that you are not trying to convince yourself you feel more for him than you. Therein lies madness.

  388. lwildstar said

    Hey I’m home now

    Loveshisotry – just emailed you the invoice – got you the 18″ chain

    Margaret – got your money order – should be able to ship Thursday – I’ll let you know and email you the trackig number.

    ok – on the guy – I wasn’t talking sex – though that would be nice – but he won’t even hold hands – let alone get a kiss out of him (not even a peck on the cheek) the grandest gesture he has made thus far was to ask me to his companies holiday party – as friends ( it was a fancy party at a historic resturant – we went to a movie first because – now this is his reason – he hates social gatherings and wanted to delay arriving at the party – we almost missed dinner!) – the three female coworkers of his that I am even remotely “friends” with arranged the seating so that we sat with them and their husbands – which was really nice because I didn’t really know anyone else -funny thing is that all his female coworkers are convinced we are dating – and I have done NOTHING to encourage that image….but apparently he has talked about me to them – they already know our office is moving down stairs (one lady caught me in the hall and jokeingly said that I didn’t have permission to leave ) and now they know about my pending change in position – I haven’t discussed any of this with anyone from his office but him….confusion with him reigns supream. The one time I told him I “LIKED” him he looked like a scared rabbit – told me he was not looking for a relationship and that we could be friends – I told him that was fine – a least I could spend time with him (I think he got burned BAD in a previous relationship – I know he had a girl friend a few years back before we even met)……..the other road block seems to be religion…although I was raised basically Christian I have my own ideas, don’t go to church, etc etc…that seems to bother him…….but then again he has been very suportive and a good friend letting me b—- & vent when I need to so I really can’t complain – I just would like a little more after nearly two years….but then I am almost 39, single and havent dated in years….I think that is called despiration!

    enough whining! I’ll let you mull this over – I’m going to go eat dinner – I’ll check back later.

  389. elizabeth said

    wildstar – I may be misinterpreting what you wrote, but it kinda looks like you are getting some mixed signals from this guy. Do you really like him and want this to go further or are you just lonely? (Been there done that – still lonely myself)

    I am not a church goer myself, but I am very spiritual. I don’t think I could function in a relationship where that was an issue for my partner. But, that is just me.

  390. Teresa said

    lwildstar & elizabeth – I agree on the mixed signals. He seems to choose your compnay for anything from a walk to a companion for events, but wants to stay friends? He’s either extremely shy or extremely battlescarred, or another posibility is that he’s still in the closet (I know, I keep going down that path). I would start keeping my options open to possibilities with other men because at this rate, you’ll be 80 before he makes a definitive move, lol! I know it’s hard to put out ‘available’ vibes to other men when you’re hooked on another, but hey, time’s awasting!

  391. loves history said

    love is a funny thing my type was short dark busty wild wild long hair that what i lusted for so what I end up with a tall blonde whos hair was neat medium length i was plying bridge with her for a few months with not too much thinking about sex i was a man so that about every day but i was seeing other people so i had no need for a pass at her. then one dayi woke up in love, that why i am loves history

  392. Margaret said

    I don’t know about the rest of you but Blood Ties/Henry/Kyle woke up a lot of things that I had long forgotten about. I think we get set in our ways, get used to the way things are instead of going out there and trying to make a different path, myself included. I don’t know about the rest of you but I miss having a stupid grin on my face driving into work because I remembered something Henry said and the way Kyle made me believe it. My name is Margaret and I am a victim of Henrykylitus. Please take me to the nearest tub, fill it with bubble bath, so I can get in and rock myself to sleep yelling: Oh Henry, Oh Henry………lol. I’ll either get a candy bar or ……

  393. elizabeth said

    Besides, Wildstr – you are so worth something better. I am finally learning to appreciate who I am and realize my self worth. I know, absolutely know, that settling for something less is heartbreaking in the long run.

  394. elizabeth said

    Margaret it is so true about the character of Henry and how he has made me think about things differently. I see it often enough in the comments that people love the comment “eternity is a long time to live with regret”. that is so totally my new motto. I have let so much pass me by because I was afraid to reach out and I don’t want to do that anymore. That is what I love about this blog – like minded people who help reinforce the wacky, wild, and serious sides of human nature through the wisdom and humor of BT.

  395. elizabeth said

    I’m outta here guys. It is time to head home. Enjoy your evening everyone.

  396. Margaret said

    At the risk of quoting another TV show: Do you believe in fate? Fate brought us together and keep us together? (Jag, last episode). But oddly enough, it seems to apply to us. For some reason, we seem to have been brought together here. We have had some GREAT conversations and have opened new doors for ourselves. And like you Elizabeth, I am embracing the: Eternity is a long time to live with regret. I’m not dead yet and I have some living to do. (Wish I had enough money to go to Canada, lol). Wonder if the writers on that show really realize how their writing has affected some of the people who have watched the show.

  397. Margaret said

    Had to have a molar pulled this afternoon and am under the influence of some pain killers. Not sure how much longer I’ll be on the board. I’m hoping my deminished state will lend itself to dreams. lol.

  398. Claire said

    Elizabeth…So true so true!
    I too let so much pass me by because of fear…of getting hurt…of trusting…men and women alike…due to the fact that while I was in the hospital pregnant with quadruplets and fearing for their lives…my ex husband was playing house with my next door neighbor and friend.
    But by me being afraid to reach out again..I lost so many opportunities..and I feel as though I let my ex and the bimbo win.
    And I really don’t want to live with regrets…I really would like to be crazy in love again one day! And yeah I love you guys too..who else would understand that a 450 year old vampire,and a 22 year old man with the face of an angel made us see the light….so to speak.
    Have to go clean up the kitchen,see ya later! 🙂

  399. DIZEY1 said

    Hey ya’ll , Margaret you go girl! What pray tell would you do when you got to said Canada??? So sorry about that tooth. Ouch, but the pain killers help out.
    Very strange how we are all drawn here each w/our own issues,problems, illness’. It’s destiny, fate whatever you’d like to call it that’s linked us all here.

    We’re what’s left of a group of sane, intelligent, smart, savvy women after being whipped for 11 consecutive Sundays into submission by one HOT, McLUSTY, SEXY, CHEST THUMPING, BLOOD SUCKING BASTARD SON OF THE KING , MAGNETIC VAMPIRE!!! I like him……………

  400. loves history said

    lwildstar think payment went in if not email me remember to add my apt # its not on paypal account

  401. Teresa said

    Elizabeth – Amen, sistah!!
    Dizey1 – OK, so sarcasm, eh? I kind of wondered when I saw that post, but hey, I’ve learned some things from reading these posts, so I thought maybe there was a possibility that you didn’t know what that meant. It’s all good 🙂
    Margaret – I agree with you. All kinds of stuff have woken up in this here body that I’d forgotten all about. And now I started working at this place where there’s actually some cute guys for a change (none as hot as Kyle), and Oh Lord, you have no idea how hard it is to act professionally when what I really want is to jump their bones right there on my desk 😀

  402. Chery said

    Hey everyone just coming from the Life Time Blood Blog

    Listen just heard an interview with Peter Mohan posted on Blood Lines and he said they are waiting for Life time to make a committment! The interviewer said he thought that should happen around the end of June and Peter said usually that is the case but things now are pretty strange.

    Please everyone now is the time to send postcards, and call Lifetime to tell them to renew the show!

    Maybe it depends on how well Army Wives is doing has anyone heard what the ratings are????? Are they better than BT?????

    Peter Mohan said that ep 22 is a real cliff hanger, Oh my G we have to have another season it would be awful to end the show on a cliff hanger.

    I am going to start sending in multiple postcards EVERY DAY STARTING TOMORROW!

    We have to mobilize everyone if we want more BT!

    Love yu

  403. Himmiefan said

    Hi Chery. All I know is that the premier numbers for Army Wives were good, but there are an awful lot of negative posts on various blogs about it.

    Margaret – hope your tooth, or lack of tooth, feels better soon! Don’t be brave; take those pain killers.

  404. Margaret said

    Karen from the Lifetime Blog said that Army Wives can in first as far as it premiere and rating were Blood Ties was closer to fourth place. I agree with you, we need to start doing things.

  405. Margaret said

    Whoops, should have been “came in first as far as its premiere and ratings, where Blood Ties was closer to fourth place”. Guess those pills are doing something, eah?

  406. Teresa said

    Hey, Chery! Welcome and thanks for the breaking news! Good grief, if LT hasn’t gotten a clue yet…!!
    Lemme rush over to Bloodlines and download that interview! Peter Mohan is definitely the ultimate authority on anything BT!!!

  407. lwildstar said

    Margaret – can’t believe you’ve made it this long – I’d be curled up and asleep

    Wow didn’t think my rambeling would cause such a run…..but, Yes – mixed signals! Not just from him – but with in myself – and that is where I stand – I’m not focusing all my energy on just him ( I di work up the courage to flirt with a guy at a week long seminar – but that was safe – didn’t expect to see him again and never expected him to email even though we exchanged email address) – but yes there is a desire for companion ship (at the very least), but I”m not going to chase him – its not like he doesn’t know how I feel and where I am….so for now I’m just going to have to be content to have him around and start looking else where….problem is I just don’t go out – you know the whole socially inept thing – wall flower hiding in the corner – I think my sister got all the social butterfly genes – she walks into a room of strangers and everyone loves her by the time she leaves! me I walk into a room, find a chair in the corner and hide (self esteme issues don’t help)…my best friend has set me up on more “first dates” then I can stand – she’s finally stopped after the last one wasn’t very kind in his rejection………personally I prefer dark hair and dark eyes but Paul (ok I’ll start using his name) is blonde and blue eyed……and it was his personallity that first attracted me – he wasn’t “just being polite” when we first talked….and he didn’t blow me off when I asked him out to lunch, six months later, its been nearly two years since all this started and I still haven’t a clue – we go out to lunch more often now and now go for walks once and awhile but no “dates”……..again he knows how I feel and where to find me – if he comes around he comes around – I figure once I move to the new office and we don’t see each other everyday I’ll know whether we are starting to be real friends or just “office friends”, or if he was just being nice, time will tell.

    I guess maybe that is one of the reasons I was attracted to BT – Vicki – as hot as can be – is as flawed as the rest of us, she has issues and just can’t give in to whats being offered to her…………I wish I had that kind of problem.
    I love the open romance. If I could find someone who talked like Henry….sigh….maybe thats why lately I’ve felt more “needy” , Henrys view on life has woken up ideas I haven’t thought about before, I refuse to “settle” just so I won’t be alone…my best friend “settled” and is now in an unhappy marrige …so I guess I’ll be alone alittle longer……what did I read? oh “as long as I breath there is hope.” add that to “eternity is a long time to live with regret” and thats kinda where I am mentally right now.

    you know its nice to have people I can whine to who understand……….its nice knowing youre not alone!

    oh well back to reality….we are starting to depressing……time to watch the cartoon channel….
    I’m into Anime – Inyasha, Trinity Blood, Bleach, and Blood – interesting how two of those are about vampiress huh –

  408. lwildstar said

    I am currently listening to – less then watching – this insain clamation show on – what ever the channel is that has the “EYE” in the circle as their symbole CBS? any way its crazy animals dicussing art……

  409. Chery said

    Thanks for the answers everyone. I just know that “Army Wives” is not my cup of tea.
    It may not be a good thing that Army wives beat BT in its premier episode.
    I know that BT received 1.6 million viewers for it’s premier. The good news about BT is that it kept a steady 1.4 million viewers the rest of the episodes.

    Also Lifetime attracted a much younger viewing audience also. Not sure about Army wives.

    I checked the blog for Army Wives and at the time after almost a week there was only 700 posts. We have had over 1,000 in less than a week.

    Also you would think that Lifetime would want to be ahead of the other networks who are premiering seveal supernatural shows this fall.

    BT has a built in audience and fan base to build off of.

    Post cards with postage are cheap, and they are the only written letters that LifeTime will accept.

  410. loves history said

    chery where do you teach i also was a hs teacher in ny

  411. lwildstar said

    Tango – just sent you a picture of the beads – had to try twice so let me know if you get it or not.

    I’ll be able to briefly check in first thing when I get into work tomorrow but then not again till (possibly) before I go home, but most likely after I get home.
    Wish me luck on the training assesmetn Ihave to take tomorrow….

    Night guys – sweet Henry dreams……chocolate, whipped cream, strawberries, cherries…..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

  412. msgypsy said

    Holy cow! I can’t keep up!

    Girl-on-girl. (1) Ain’t gonna happen in BT. No matter what people want or don’t want it just doesn’t fit in the myth arc as presented on the show. (2) PLEASE don’t call it “bumping uglies” when it’s two females. There’s no bumping and they ain’t ugly. (3) We aren’t going to see any man-on-man either. Everyone needs to just settle back for a nice hetero romance with one woman and two men. “Torn between two lovers” indeed!

    Our computers at work are dead dead dead. So I can’t keep up. I’m going to a cyber cafe tomorrow for lunch, taking my laptop along, and hopefully that’ll help.

    Having no computers, one of my co-workers and I went out shoe shopping at lunch and my goodness shoes are enticing.

    As for what to send to Lifetime, I had another thought. How about red licorice whips? Call them blood ties… Tie them in bows or something.

    Gotta eat. Back later.

  413. msgypsy said

    Wildstar, I sent you my card entry. Let me know what the price for shipping is going to be and I’ll paypal it to you. We have to wait for you to make more of the bookmarks, don’t we…?

  414. lwildstar said

    MsGypsy – I think you are thie first to send an entry – – are we going to do the Kaleidoscope address? I’m going to email you the postage estimate……
    should have three more book marks depending on how we send it in two weeks – had to order the chain – if I come up with something in the mean time I’ll let you know.

  415. DIZEY1 said

    Iwildstar, how are we doing this? Am I mailing you a postcard, what??

  416. Teresa said

    OK, I’m listening to Peter Mohan’s interview and I feel like going postal on TPTB at LT!!!! The Canadian and foreign markets have already made commitments (for more BT, I presume), but LT is still making up its mind, grrrrrrr!!!!!
    I’m not sure how to interpret all that as it relates to a 2nd season of BT. If the other markets have made a commitment, it seems to me that a 2nd season is a given, whether LT gives the green light or not. Well, I never said I understood how the TV industry works 😉
    Peter Mohan also mentions that Kaleidoscope is the entity that approached him about the BT project, and since he was already familiar with the books and liked them, he jumped at the chance.
    I’m off to see if there is any news on the other sites that might help dispel my confusion.

  417. Claire said

    Ms.Gypsy LOL!! You’re right! They surely ain’t ugly!!!!
    I had an idea…what if we all made T-shirts and took a picture of ourselves and sent it in?
    I am putting together a collage of make a blood ties t-shirt hopefully it will come out good.Maybe we could email the pic to someone who knows how to work with photoshop,and that person could stitch all our pics together unto a postcard with all our names.

  418. Rifkind said

    Hi All,
    It has been several days, and I have a hard time catching up with you!
    WHEW! (I am still not completely caught up.. but at least am on the same day as the rest of you!)
    I miss being an active part of the conversation. I feel like a silent lurker!

    I am sending out a plea for lwildstar and I.
    We CAN’T watch the Episodes 1 & 2 on Lifetime or Utube … as I have a dial-up and lwildstar has a bad computer etc..
    We both are risking big trouble if we are caught watching the shows while at work..
    Tango and Vicki or anyone else who has Blood Ties on TIVO… can you check with your extended friends …or your kids friends and find somebody who can loan you a DVD burner for a day? The shows copied off of TIVO will work..
    If you can get us ONE copy of Episodes one and two.. I will burn us another copy…
    So PRETTY PLEASE check your friends and family for us…
    If anybody can get us a copy, we will pay you for the disks and shipping…
    BT- addicts needing a Henry FIX 🙂 🙂

  419. lwildstar said

    Dizey – you can mail me a real postcard with your payment – if you want to use color do that – otherwise you can email me an attachment of somesort – small please, no color – and I’ll print it out and add it to the box. or if you just want your signature cut and pasted on to the card I’m going to do you can email me a message with a facny signature in it…
    Hope that helps

    (actually anyone can do the above – of course if yo are not mailing me a payment for any jewelry you can email me me to request the address to send me a card to add to the box)

    MsGypsy – the more physical cards we get the heavy the box will be and that is going to make a difference in shipping – iemailed you an estimate for 1 pound….

    Ok the allergy meds are kicking in and I am getting sleepy – so my dears I will try and check in with you tomorow. 🙂

  420. susana said

    Hey ya’ll

    Was out of town for the weekend adn had no chance to check the blog, gosh , you guys have been busy!

    Christina and vicki bumping uglies does nothing for me….except wonder how henry would react!

    Need to send more postcards….agreed, you know even though army wives beat BT in the premier ratings, BT is a totally new category for them with surprisingly good reviews and ratings for a show of its kind, hopefully we will prevail 🙂

    Dizey…you horny ……..i am where you are, how can Henry make so many women crazy? I watched norman last night and then took my loin-stirring, feeling-horny,craving-new-BT-episodes,feeling-warm-all-over…. self straight to bed to meet my husband 🙂 It was one of those nights when you can tell your man is going to need some 🙂 and not just the regular boring kind…the kind that makes you want to light a cig and you you know you are NOT a smoker….even the neighbors are going to want a cig 🙂 lucky him even when i have had a tiring day and my daughter has run me rugged, all i do is relax, check the blog, have a glass of wine and watch some henry and i am good to go!

    Pssst! i forgot, i have a 15 month old sleeping in my room…the neighbors don’t get to hear us anymore LMAO!

  421. Teresa said

    Below is a link to an article in the LA Times about LT and how they are trying to change their image (yeah, right!). It seems like everything the exec said goes contrary to what they’re actually doing. Nary a mention of BT in all that gushing about their new lineup 😦 At least we have some specific names of execs at LT to target 😉,0,1175425.story

    Below is a link that gives details of ratings, again, no mention of BT.,0,998623.story?coll=zap-tv-headlines

  422. Vampgrl said

    DUDE! You guys are just crazy. *g* Just popping in for a quick posty before I head off to bed. I’m still stuck on the whole slathering Henry in chocolate thing. Mmmmm….dark chocolate if you please….or which….whichever…I’m SO not picky there. And don’t forget the strawberries. Yyyyuuummmmm…

    To lwildstar…sorry…never figured out how to control my imagination…and I probably never will. I’m at the mercy of my own brain…hehe

    elizabeth said,
    June 11, 2007 @ 12:17 pm

    vampgrl – I totally forgot about the evil laugh in Heart of Fire. I forgot! OMG I forgot – I am slipping – I need to go back and watch more BT. I thought that laugh was bone chillingly evil and so appropriate for the scene. I would still like to hear a sexy, seductive laugh out of Henry though.

    What?! How could you forget that laugh?! Shame on you! I must now beat you with the stick of shame. Heh. *shudder* Gotta say though, that evil laugh REALLY freaked me out. It’s one of the reasons that ep gave me nightmares…twice….it also reminded me a bit of Angelus’ laugh when they brought him back in season 4 of Angel. Sorry, but the name of the ep just escapes me…and I actually have that sound file on my pc…figure that one out…hehehe…and one I made myself of Angelus cracking a whip and someone yelling ‘YES! YES!’. I’m a total sucker for punishment. I am SO twisted. *g*

    To Loves History…ummm…still have no clue what you mean by who you want to play the female villian. And gotta say, the only two girls I liked together on TV were Willow and Tara on Buffy. *sigh* Those 2 were just SO sweet together…until that got ruined. Dammit.

    Oh…and while you guys are at it, could you send a man my way too? Please? I work with mostly women at my job, and all the men are either too old for me, or their already married. Not that I still don’t like being single but still….talk about the whole sexual frustration thing…hehe

    Talk at ya laters! 🙂

  423. Vampgrl said

    Oh. Almost forgot. How the *BLEEP* can Army Wives have better ratings?! What the *BLEEP*?! Do I REALLY needto go there again?! SO not thinking so! Someone! Please! Hold me back! I feel another LT board smackdown fest brewing…hehehe

  424. Vampgrl said

    Oh dammit. I meant White Chocolate back there.
    See? This is what happens when you type before bed. But I’m sure you guys got that…hehe

  425. DIZEY1 said


    Yes I am!!! You lucky girl you, or should I say your lucky hubby. Baby in the room, doesn’t that crimp your style just a little?? We missed you, and it is nearly impossible to catch up on this wild ride if you miss just a day, let alone 2 days.

    Iwildstar** what’s the timeframe we’re working with, deadline to get to you. I’ll help if freight gets up there not a problem. After all it’s for Henry’s mom(Tanya) and she’s worth it.

  426. Chery said


    I teach in an inner city High School in Denver, Colorado. Any other BT lovers from Denver out there?

    Also, Question, if Life Time Bails, can the producers then sell BT to other Networks??????????

  427. DIZEY1 said

    Well kids I’m gonna crash. Alarm for the gym goes off at 4:30, gotta go.

    Catch ya’ll tomorrow, Luv Ya!

    Sweet Henri’ Dreams

  428. Brenda said

    Hey Folks! How is everyone doing on this fine Monday night?
    I haven’t been on here for a good week or so, not even on the internet!
    Busy busy busy… like a honeybee! 😉
    So what have I missed in ohh 1 week and half? Just kidding, but any currently interesting topics you would like my insight on, feel free to ask away okay. I’ll be waiting.

  429. Brenda said

    If you guys and girls don’t mind me sharing my enthusiasm… my graduation is this Thursday yaay! Can’t Wait for Grad Nite as well 😉
    Finals start tomorrow (crap) & I need to study for only 1 test! This sux, being on here only makes even more lazy! But this particular science test isn’t til’ Wednesday, so I guess I have some time 2 chat! But, its just so hard to focus w/ BT on the Brain! 😉

  430. susana said

    yes it is hard to catch up, but worth it, i curl up with some wine and enjoy myelf! Yup, i have to agree, having a man does help relieve the pressure, there is only so much fun you ccan have by yourself 🙂 ………….sorry msgypsy….another one escapes (smacking self on cheek!)
    Yes baby in room does make us have to keep it down a little, i do not really have a big house, but the “baby room” is way on the other side of the house and neither my husband nor i are ready to leave her out there yet….to the dismay of all my workmates 🙂 but in Kenya, we are usually in no hurry to kick the kids out of the room, especially the firstborn. At this time , i have turned my walk in closet into our sex cave 🙂 The fit is tight but oh what fun we have:)

  431. susana said


  432. Tango said

    Elizabeth, I can try to e-mail the Kyle interview to you if you like.

    Amen Susana! To be married to your friend with benefits just makes it that much sweeter! Easy access baby! This show has done some great things for my marital bliss too. We have to have continued seasons – we just have to!

    So we’ve decided that

    Lifetime Television
    309 W. 49th Street
    New York, NY 10019

    That Teresa posted at 10:01 am is the address we are using? If I can get a confirmation on this I will start sending out lots of card immediately. We need to act on this fast bloodies because the end of June is just a couple of weeks away. Don’t delay! I also like the bat idea, but I think time is of the essence and the postcard campaign should be our first line of defense unless someone can get their hands on these bats quickly this time of year.

    Lwildstar – I replied to your e-mail. I will check with Bellsouth about the diversion to my husband’s email. Not sure what the dealio with that is.

  433. Teresa said

    Hey, Brenda! I was wondering where you’ve been! Congratulations on your graduation, hurray!!!!
    Damn, Susana! Look at you! I bet your hubby is really glad you discovered BT, LOL!!!!
    OK, on to BT business… I found this post from Scribble (posted 06/05), who works at the BT production office:

    Best thing is to focus on the networks as they are the ones that pay the production companies to make the show. Kaleidoscope and Insight are aware of the fan support and appreciate it very much.

    I guess that settles that question, although I still think we should send something to Kaleidoscope and Insight in case LT flakes out on us, to encourage them to find another network. Anyway, let’s get those postcards and whatever else on their way to LT!!!!

  434. Brenda said

    Thanks Susana!

    I just watched the mini clip on the lifetime board of Christina swinging that sword. Wow, can you say pro? I thought she did that pretty well & then taking a chunck out of sometrhing? I wonder which epi she was doing this for? {I currently don’t have sound right now} urr urggghhh!

  435. Claire said

    Well I’m wiped out..Type at yas tommorrow! I’m off to see if I can conjure up Henry/Kyle whomever and have some chocolate covered dreams! Congrats Brenda..Missed you Susana!!!

  436. loves history said

    chery Denver isnt inner city how many smgs have you taken off kids how little girls are carring a 9 so they dont end up in a pool of blood for not having sex my kids would eat yours many convictecdrapists or killers in your classes. VAMPgirl jamie bergman is angelwife(the actor i mean)she was playboy 50th annvers playmate of the month.has ppeared in her own sitcom.

  437. Tango said

    Congrats Brenda on the graduation! Oh the places you’ll go! It’s up to you my dear, so dream big and reach for the stars!

  438. Brenda said

    Theresa Thanks

    You are so right b/c we can never be too sure & just incase, its probably a good idea to be safe than sorry.

  439. loves history said

    susana glad your back been thinkingof kenya how the lions sunthemselves on our land rover how everyone laughted at us it very rural few trees when i told my stundents about it they wanted to know how we cut our way thru the jungle i told them no jungle- grassy plains,its buith up alot since then hope no mickey Ds but they have in Brazil and there is jungle there.(in some parts not my beuatiful Rio

  440. msgypsy said

    Chery, which high school? I lived in Denver for 15 years before moving to Oregon. My godsdaughter is in the Denver school system but I’m not sure which school she’s in. She’s in jr high, though.

    Brenda, mazel tov me’od! (That means congrats and then some!)

    LWildstar, never got an email from you. Are you sure you sent it to the right address? (some folks try to spell gypsy correctly and that’s where emails go astray. LOL!)

    Must go forth and eat chocolate mint ice cream now. And daydream about future BT episodes. BTW, I believe that is the correct address for Lifetime above and I’ll be sending my cards soon. So no one liked my red licorice whips idea? Ah, well, it was a fun thought.

  441. Teresa said

    Ms.gypsy – the red licorice is a great idea if we can manage to get an impressive quantity in time 😉
    Here’s another post I found on the Bloodlines forum from Sandra, the BT script supervisor, posted on 05/28:

    All I know is I spoke to Gina on the phone at the beginning of May and she said that she would be willing to do more Blood Ties if it could work with her Flash Gordon schedule. Coreen’s role on BT is often limited to the office thus her scenes for one episode can be shot in a day, so it isn’t inconceivable that she could maintain the role. Ultimately it is up to the producers of each show to come to an arrangement that works, if they can. I am hopeful that it could happen as we all recognize how important Coreeen is to the show.
    And on that note, I have to get my butt to bed.
    Sweet dreams everyone!!

  442. Tango said

    Mysypsy – I like the licorice idea, but time is not on my side, so I will be doing the postcards for now.

    I am off now to go design a BT postcard to send. Good night all!

  443. susana said

    I too have to get to bed
    HI to you too loveshistory and claire missed ya’ll 🙂

    Loves history, were you a teacher when you went to kenya? sorry may have missed that part if it was conversed at some point…just curious what you wen to kenya as, tourist or teacher…you mentioned students?

    Teresa….thatnks for that note about Gina…….yup, she is key to the storyline and keeps things cohesive

  444. Himmiefan said

    I love Ms Gypsy’s idea about the licorice whips!! I’m all up for it if you guys think we need to do it. Oh, and thanks for spelling out “licorice” for me. As the saying goes, bad spellers of the world, untie!

    Okay, for people like me who haven’t been paying attention, do we just send one postcard or several? You know, e-mailing SciFi probably wouldn’t hurt…

    Congratulations Brenda!

  445. Chery said

    Wow glad to have Denver Connections, and to loves history, Denver may not be New York, but we do have inner city problems, The crypts and the bloods came in the 70’s and 80’s and we have an immigrant population also. So drugs, gangs and the whole thing is here!

    Proper address for Life Time is:
    309 W. 49th St.
    New York, NY 10019

    I also agree that it would not hurt to write to the Canadian’s also
    Enlightenment (sp)
    Kaildascope (sp)

    Also everyone, I have been copying the “Blood Tie” image on the Life Lines Website and pasting it on to my postcards. It takes a little work but hey more seasons of BT is worth it!!!!!!!!!!

    Someone on the Blood Blog just posted all the networks and their addresses I think it was Teresa. Thanks!

    Good night all…… I am reading the first Blood book……. not difficult at all to picture Christina, Dylan and Kyle as the characters in the book!

    Love Ya

  446. loves history said

    susana i started teachingin 84 taught african history an elective seemed right as i had been there,.in kenya as great white hunter(me bawana you Jane I mean susana)in early 70s had a bowie made out of impala horn i bagged there.

  447. Scotialynn said

    Took the LSAT yesterday and have been away from the board since Friday and have only skimmed through the posts. (Still have no idea how six thirty-five minute sections should take eight hours to administer.)
    ~YEA BRENDA!!!! I wish you the best in what ever endevor you embark upon next.
    ~ms. gypsy: I LOVE the licorice whips. I just about died with laughter as that is what I’m munching on right now

    I can’t remember who said it, but I too have been applying the “Blood Tie” to my post cards.

  448. Tango said

    Thanks Chery for the proper Lifetime mailing name, you may want to go post that on the LT board as well.

    You know it came to me as I was doing post cards last Frosted Mini-Wheats for breakfast this morning I realized we also need to be contacting and purchasing products from those who had the brilliant idea to sponsor our favorite show. So those of you who have the shows taped, go back and lets find out who those products were and post it here so that we can all be doing this.

    I’ve got to head to work now, but I will start on epies 1 & 2 when I get home this afternoon if you guys will decide who can look at the others. Remember, be specific on what company and what products the commercials were for. And if you can also get an address to post as well, great!

    Have a fabulous day! Remember – Lifetime should be letting them know their decision at the end of the month and today is June 12th! A quick response is of utter importance. Have a fabulous day! 🙂

  449. Tango said

    I definately need a cup of coffee before typing in the morning.. my last post should have read:
    You know it came to me as I was doing post cards last night. As I sit here eating my Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats for breakfast this morning, I realized we also need …

    Very important to mention the Kellogg’s part as that was the point I was trying to make. Not sure what happed to all the words that disappeared right there.

    Gotta go!

  450. lwildstar said

    only made it through about half of what you posted after I went to bed – guess I’ll have to catch up tonight –
    “Deadline” for greetins and whatnot is the end of the month – say June 30th

    Ms Gypsy re emailed you but here in the gist: ” will wait til I have all the emails and cards etc….if we get enough of individul greetings it might raise the weight….
    if we mail Priority with Delivery confirmation (up to 1 pound) is $17 + plus whatever the customes if any….regular mail for a small padded envelope would be around $6…but the priority is “safer”…….I think what I’ll do is ask the postal person whe I go Thursday to mail our Margarets and loveshistories orders…
    Then I’ll have a better idea of what the cost is and what paperwork I’ll need”

    Thanks bunches! will check in when I get home – I have the feeling I wont get a chance to come back during the day……………my training startsin 30 minutes so I better scoot…..

  451. Margaret said

    Wildstar: I’ve also sent you my card sentiments. Let me know how much I owe you and I’ll send you a money order, don’t have a play pal account.

  452. lwildstar said

    I’ll work out the postage details with MsGypsy

  453. Chery said

    Thanks Tango I will post the address on the Lifetime site.
    I got the correct address from Blood Ties Central Web Site.

    Good idea about the advertisers! We also might mention that we are buying the prodects from the advertisers on our post cards that we send to Life Time!

    I am going to start today sending several post cards per day. Spacing them out every day is a good idea also.

  454. cairo2 said

    Hello BloodLovers, new here. First of all to Vampgrl – I”M HERE! If you want a weekly update of the Nocturnal Journal News(where my imagination goes and maybe a good laugh at times), send me your e-mail address through the message route from the Lifetime site as I do not want to fill up this lovely site with all my crazy brainstorms. Second of all to Catwoman313 – Sooooo, did you get detention or suspension for being naughty and caught? Thanks for all the info and as I try to respect those who only once e-mail me, let me know if you want me to delete your address or added to that news update but before I do what you wish, I hope you enjoy a trip down memory lane of those famous “Dick and Jane” books? I sent you a thank you to your e-mail, not a traditional type though. You might have seen this one going around, if not word to the wise……. NO drinks near computer and/or no boss (If it is a male) hanging around, he might faint! LOL! By the way “Lady” cat, should we send postcards or letters of parchment written of course in red? Unfortunately there is a blood drought going on and we all would be drained from writing what we request and stating all we want in blood and there is no vampires to be found lately to bring us back to life (was in the NJN). Thanks for letting me share and are you sure that Lurch is not lurking around some where to grab us all by the collar if we are bad here???

  455. Teresa said

    Check this link out. It gives ideas for feedback, and information on how the networks guage the popularity of a show:

    The information makes me doubt the usefulness of sending packages to LT unless we address them to a specific person, like the exec from that LA Times article.

    Maybe instead of sending them stuff, other than postcards, we should purchase all the epis from iTunes, if we haven’t done so already. I only purchased the first two because they didn’t work very well on my computer, but at $1.99 an epi, I might just purchase them anyway even if I can’t view them, although I did see a post on the Bloodlines forum about a program that converts the epis to something else so they can be viewed on Windows Media Player, and are able to be viewed better.

    I have filled out those feedback forms on LT a couple of times, as well.

    My conspiracy-theory mind is going this morning and I am wondering if the lunatic fringe (right wing Christian conservatives) is also mounting a campaign, but AGAINST BT. Has anyone heard anything on that front? I know (personally) some Christians who are dead set against Harry Potter, Halloween, etc. as devil-worship and whatnot. And when these people get whipped up in a frenzy, they’re 10 times more dedicated to their cause than we are for ours!

  456. Teresa said

    Welcome, Cairo! Catwoman313 here! OMG, Cairo!! That e-mail was too funny 😀 Unfortunately I didn’t heed your warning and a male coworker walked over to my printer, which sits behind me, right as I scrolled down to the images, but I think I was quick enough and managed to minimize the e-mail before he saw anything, whew!

    I think my previous post got sent to spam hell because it had a link, so we’ll have to wait for ms.gypsy to unspam it. In the meantime, the link was posted by someone on the LT board, so you can go there for it. The link has important information on sending feedback on BT, etc.

  457. Teresa said

    Cairo – yes, you can continue to e-mail me, and yes, we can be bad here, hehehe!

  458. Claire said

    Morning Blog Kin,

    I am totally confused..what are you all sending Iwildstar? cards? for lifetime? or do you just need our names and emails? Anything that helps us keep BT,I want in on.

  459. Teresa said

    Claire – what is being sent to lwildstar is our names and a sentiment, if we wish, for those participating/cooperating toward the gift for Tanya; she will then gather the monetary contributions when she has a total for the gift, postage, etc.

  460. DIZEY1 said

    Claire I think I’m going to send her an actual postcard because I don’t really know how to do anything fancy on the computer. Maybe I’ll send something New Orleansish. Now what do ya’ll want me to send to Lifetime?? I have about 30 postcards that I finally got from the USPS and will start mailing them off. SHould I send something else…. bats, licorice??

  461. DIZEY1 said

    Sorry Good morning, how rude of me.

  462. Chery said

    Dizey1 Post cards are great the address for Life time I posted last night here!

    The Websidte/Blog Blood Lines has a great picture of a “Blood Tie” dripping drops of blood that you can copy, cut out and past to your post card asking for more seasons of BT

    The important thing is that we have to do this now………. Life Time will probably be making a decision by the end of June……..cross fingers

    Thanks everyone
    hope our support works!

  463. Teresa said

    Posted Monday in response to merchandise availability.

    Hi Everybody:
    It is definitely in the works! I’ll keep you posted as I learn more.

    Blood Ties Production Office
    Hmmm… Could this be a sign that they are confident of more seasons or is this wishful thinking?

  464. Teresa said

    Sorry, I meant to say ‘a question about merchandise availability’

  465. DIZEY1 said

    How do I copy the tie thingy. The postcards I rec’d are paper postcards right?? Or am I so out of the computer loop that I can’t buy a CKUE??

  466. DIZEY1 said

    That was CLUE………..sorry and my typing SUCKS AS MUCH AS HENRY FITZROY!!!!

  467. simone taylor said

    Good morning everyone. Congrats Brenda.

  468. Teresa said

    Dizey1 – you can right-click on the tie and and then ‘save as’ to your ‘my documents folder’. I haven’t tried the next step yet, but I intend to paste the tie image to mailing labels that I can run through the color printer at work. That way I can then stick the labels on the back of the postcard with my signature. We’ll see if it works 😉

  469. elizabeth said

    Good morning everyone! I have a few minutes before my first meeting and, funnily enough, I gravitated here.

    Tango, I would love for you to send me the Kyle interview. My email at work is I know, pretty pathetic that I don’t have a computer at home.

    i wonder if Army Wives debut was so high because of all the advertising they did for it? I don’t remember BT being shoved down our throats with ads the way this show was. I think I actually stumbled across it (thank goodness) and thought it might be interesting. Boy, is that an understatement!

  470. Teresa said

    Woohoo! It worked! I had to rotate and manipulate the image a little, but it worked!! This will make it much easier than cuting the image and pasting it on the postcard 🙂 I can e-mail the document as an attachment to anyone that wants it, just let me know at

  471. DIZEY1 said

    Grear Teresa you can send it to me here @ work

    Cool thanx

  472. Himmiefan said

    Morning everyone! Got a question. Do you think Lifetime is going to be impressed by multiple postcards coming from the same person, or would they discount them? Would they respond more to one postcard from one person? I have no clue since I’ve never done this kind of thing before….

  473. Danielle said

    Good day all! I have repeatedly tried in the past to print the bloodtie and the only way I can get the whole tie in is if it is a full 8 1/2×11 size. If I make it any smaller it cuts off the top of the tie. I have just drawn a dripping red tie on my postcards. It gets the point across right?

    Elizabeth-I did notice that the advertising for Army Wives was way over the top. A girl I work with came to my desk yesterday to ask about my dates and she started talking about Army Wives. I started hissing at her and told her to never mention that in my presence again. She said she is crazy about that show. I shooed her out of my cubicle.

  474. Danielle said

    When I was emailing LT a while back to pick up the back episodes I used Dani and Danielle and two different email addresses because I thought the same thing. I can do the same here. I will use my address my parents address, use different names like nicknames

  475. Chery said

    Hey everyone, I posted this on the BT site and will do here also.

    The actual phone number for Life Time TV in New York is:

    212 424-7000 But please there is one very over worked operator who answers the phone. Ask her for the viewer comments phone line you will get a recording that cuts you off if you go on too long.

    How about asking for Merchandise from Blood Ties there????? That would be better than just saying we like the show.

    Thanks Teresa for the blood ties “tie”. I have been hand pasting!

    Also I went to my Post Office and bought actual post cards with postage they were like 23 cents each. I have started sending 5 per day.

    I know this obsession is soooooooo bad!

    Love yu

  476. Chery said


    Do not put your return address on the post card. Also I write in red ink, print then hand write………… make it look a little different.

    Actually I think sheer numbers would be fine. It would get their attention.

    I can tell you that no one is doing this for Army Wives!!!!!! Also they have like no one on their blog.

  477. Himmiefan said

    Danielle and Chery,

    Great ideas! Thanks! I’ll go get some postcards.

  478. Teresa said

    Danielle – my tie is pretty small and it wasn’t cut off. You have to make sure you’re grabbing the right border when resizing.
    Chery and Dizey1 – I just e-mailed the doc so you can print labels. I hope it helps!

  479. Danielle said

    Thanks it worked that time. It was getting really frustrating. I am usually good at these things but you can’t get it right all the time.

  480. vampgrl said

    Just thought I’d post this here for anyone who isn’t over on the LT board. Yes, that was me who posted the link. Thank you me…hehe

    By vampgrl on Tuesday, June 12, 2007 at 4:53am (#1371 of 1376)
    Send a personal message to vampgrl.

    Here’s a link with lots and lots of info.
    It probably has all the addresses you need to write to to. Heh. To to…hehe

    And I see we’re still below Army Wives…again…someone hold me back before I break out the sticks. Grrrrrr….

    Danielle said,
    June 12, 2007 @ 9:08 am

    Elizabeth-I did notice that the advertising for Army Wives was way over the top. A girl I work with came to my desk yesterday to ask about my dates and she started talking about Army Wives. I started hissing at her and told her to never mention that in my presence again. She said she is crazy about that show. I shooed her out of my cubicle.

    ROTFL!!! Too funny! Sounds totally like something I would do. *g*

    Oh and could someone send me that interview with Kyle too? Since I have NO idea what you guys are talking about? My email is
    And no, I’m not really a Ho, I’m just Spike’s Ho. *eg*.

    Oh and shout out to Cairo2! HEY!!! *pounce* Sorry, didn’t get time to respond to your post yet…hehe


  481. Teresa said

    Here’s something I posted on the LT board with a link I had posted here earlier. We’ll see how long it takes for it to disappear 😉
    Article about Lifetime
    Here is a link for an article that appeared in the LA Times recently about Lifetime trying to revamp their image.,0,1175425.story

    IMO, what Susanne Daniels says in this interview does not track with what they are actually doing in terms of programming. They don’t seem to be promoting the shows that will achieve this goal, like Blood Ties, which she didn’t even mention, and just keep scheduling the same type of shows that I believe the woman of today is tired of. I am not exactly young, but I want to see women in other roles other than the poor, suffering wife or some such scenario. That is the reason I don’t read “women’s magazines”. Drivel such as how to catch a man, how to please a man and how to cook his favorite meal demeans us as women and as human beings in our own right.
    OK, I’ll get off my soapbox now 🙂

  482. Danielle said

    I agree wholeheartedly Teresa. I don’t want to know how to cook his favorite meal. It should be how to cook together at least.

  483. Claire said

    Teresa,Please send me the document as


  484. Claire said

    I don’t know why it highlighted the well.

    Oh I forgot to ask,Does anyone play Sims2? Cause awhile back someone made Kyle at ModtheSims2..but they made it from one of his younger pics…I made one from the pic where his eyes are mesmerizing and he has that scruff on his face.It came out pretty good,so if any of you want it let me know,I can email it to you.I will try to start up the game later and see if I can get a closeup pic.

  485. Himmiefan said


    Amen! It’s seemed to me for quite some time that programming directors are a strange bunch and have no idea what the audience really wants. Then they wonder why viewship has been going down. So, of course, they keep on scheduling the same old stuff thinking things are going to change!

  486. Teresa said

    Claire – it’s on its way!

  487. Danielle said

    Claire-I play sims2 but it is on my playstation2. There is no way for me to get it on there. Otherwise I would love it.

  488. loves history said

    lets face it Btdoes not have long life its not LTs thing ven if they agree to buy more that will it, WHY thank Tanya she has given up and moved on long ago. you all are new toBB and love them for me they are dead i them read years ago then they stopped tanya had moved to smoke which i read and did not love iwatched my Anita Blake book become a perverision where you are i ve many years before Tanya has all the power to save us but she wont thank god the new valor books are good that all ive got because of her.So dont gush over the cat lady its over til she sings,

  489. DIZEY1 said

    Claire, I don’t know about the sims thing but my bro’s got a playstation, is that what you play on??

    loveshistory….. DAWLIN’ you won’t catch any flies with all that vinegar! I’m using my “Secret” it will happen, we will have more years of Blood Ties, and Henry will be mine. How ya like them apples?? Not being pushy or anything, just stating the facts. The power of positive thought will get you what you want.
    Try it, make it happen.

  490. Danielle said

    I just got a confirmation for an order from none other than Henry. The handwriting looks like it could be his also. Neat but masculine, kind of old world.

  491. lwildstar said

    I have 10 minutes till I have to go back to training so I am just popping in to say hello~!

    postcards – they do not pay attention as to who they are from – just the total number they get – so lets drowned them in paper! going to pick some up this weekend – I’ve sent 24 already!
    I printed pages of the BloodTie from Bloodlines onthe UPS shipping label paper (snitched from work 😉 – I just made it a word document and pasted the ties one after another til I filled the page – then all I have to do is cut them out and ppo them on!

    Next weekend I am going to work on the card for Tanya – I don’t know how I can get you each a copy to view so if someone has a place they can “park” it so everyone can take a looklet me know – I love the sentaments You’ve sent so far – working on a funky way to past them to the card so it looks like we’ve all “signed” it – you know yearbook like.

    the raw wood crosses came in so now I have those to stain…..lets see that gives me a total of 9 (provided the stain works) three of which are black – will let you know what I get done this weekend… much to work on so little time…you know a 9-5 job gets in the way 🙂

    Tomorrow Ihave a big staff meeting so you may not see me….well I’ll probably sneak in a some point…..

    talk to you guys later!!!!!

  492. loves history said

    the thief was setenced to die by the king the said wait my king if u spare me i will teach your horse to sing the gave him 1 year if he failed he would die later he told his wife “” a year is along time the horse may die the king may die I may die the horse may learn to sing!” you Dizey are that thief i may not see oct much less a year i call that acceptense.

  493. loves history said

    the thief was setenced to die by the king the said wait my king if u spare me i will teach your horse to sing the gave him 1 year if he failed he would die later he told his wife “” a year is along time the horse may die the king may die I may die the horse may learn to sing!” you Dizey are that thief i may not see oct much less a year i call that acceptense.your at bargaing

  494. Himmiefan said

    Okay, my two cents. I seriously think Blood Ties has a good chance at a renewal.

  495. Danielle said

    Himmiefan-I do to. Just looking at all the positive feedback for BT and the negative for Army Wives boosts my confidence in that. Never forget the power of positive thinking.

  496. Chery said


    Fingers crossed! also lets write to CHUM televison, they ordered the season (production of) first before Life Time bought it.

    Numbers Numbers send lots of postcards. If Lifetime insists on snail mail then I will start mailing about 10 per day!

    I have never felt this strongly about a show……………ever!
    love ya guys!

  497. lwildstar said

    no negitive thoughts lovehistory!
    Blood ties WILL BE renewed!

  498. loves history said

    i think it will be renewed as well but thats it.

  499. elizabeth said

    I have to believe that BT will be renewed. The alternative doesn’t bear thinking about! Like all of you; I have never felt this strongly about a show before. Mostly, I was mildly interested, but not enough to join a discussion group or seek out every morsel of information I can find about the program. I keep positive thoughts towards Lifetime and hope they don’t let this terrific program slip through their fingers.

  500. Tango said

    Elizabeth – I just tried to e-mailed you that Kyle interview. My e-mail server rejected it due to it’s size. Does anyone know how to remedy this?

    Anyone doing post cards today – Let’s be sure to mention that we are supporting the sponsors of the show. This is who sponsored Blood Ties the movie and Gifted which aired on 3/24. BTW – Army Wives first BT commercial add was during Gifted – over 2 months before it aired. Also remember, Lifetime has spent A LOT OF MONEY promoting Army Wives so don’t bash it, that will not make us look good in their eyes. The whole attacting more bees with honey cliche ya know.

    Some of you may use quite a few of these already. Notice how there were more advertisers during the 1 hour Gifted than the movie. I haven’t had the time to review any of the others and wonder how many of them are the same as these two epies. Someone else may want to start reviewing the other shows especially the more recent ones. I’ve included websites where I could so that it would be easier to contact these sponsors.

    Blood Ties movie (2 hours)– 3 supporters had two ads – Lifetime also promoted movies and other shows during this.

    1. State Farm Insurance –
    2. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter – advertised twice
    3. Synvisc RX for osteoarthritis – advertised twice
    4. Tide Simple Pleasures
    5. Frontline Plus Flea & Tick RX – advertised twice
    6. Requip RX for Restless Led Syndrome
    7. Sandals Resort
    9. Curves 30 – workout gym and program for women
    10. 1-800-pet meds
    11. Simple Start diabetes program
    12. Swiffer
    13. Downy Tahitian Waterfall and Cashmere & Silk fragrances
    14. AIG Insurance
    15. Arm & Hammer Advance White Toothpaste
    16. Nature Made Cholest Off
    17. Hydroxycut
    18. Febreeze Noticables
    19. Mr. Clean

    Gifted (1 hour) 3 advertised twice. Also Lifetime promoted other movie and shows.

    1. Degree Women – deodorant
    2. Botox Cosmetic
    3. Charlotte’s Web out on DVD
    4. Slim Quick – advertised twice
    5. Wyeth – Caltrate medicine
    6. Astelin – allergy meds – advertised twice
    7. Nutrisystem Nurish
    8. Wyeth Alevert allergy meds
    9. Kashi – cereal and cereal bars – advertised twice
    10. Applebee’s
    11. Avon – Plump & Smooth limstick
    12. Kenmore Dishwasher
    13. Humira arthritis rx
    14. One A Day Women
    15. AllergyMD
    16. Cylaris weight loss formula
    17. L’Oreal – Vive Pro Nutrigloss
    18. Disney Parks
    19. Restasis chronic dry eye rx
    20. Playtex 18 hour bra
    21. Sunsilk Color Boost
    22. Kellogg’s Raisin Brand Crunch
    23. Home Again Pet Recovery System
    24. Hewlitt Packard Pavillion laptop
    25. Sprint
    26. Maybelline – Define a Lash
    27. Pantene Texturize Collection

  501. Teresa said

    Wow! Tango, great work! I’m surprised to see two of the sponsors on the first list. Curves and eHarmony are on the Christian right and might not have realized what kind of show they were sponsoring.

  502. Tango said

    Teresa, I actually remember EHarmony advertising on another one of their episodes. You’ve got to remember Teresa, all Christians are are a bunch of sinners trying to get closer to God – myself included. That is not meant to be a slam on anyone, so I hope that it is not taken that way. We Christians know that we are by no means perfect. So I am not surprised at all with their advertising choice.

  503. vampgrl said

    Just thought I’d post this here for anyone who isn’t over on the LT board. Yes, that was me who posted the link. Thank you me…hehe
    Figured you guys would still want the info, since LifetimeKaren seems to be delete happy lately. Seems we just all piss her off in a big way. *g*

    By vampgrl on Tuesday, June 12, 2007 at 4:53am (#1371 of 1376)
    Send a personal message to vampgrl.

    Here’s a link with lots and lots of info.
    It probably has all the addresses you need to write to to. Heh. To to…hehe

    And I see we’re still below Army Wives…again…someone hold me back before I break out the sticks. Grrrrrr….

    Danielle said,
    June 12, 2007 @ 9:08 am

    Elizabeth-I did notice that the advertising for Army Wives was way over the top. A girl I work with came to my desk yesterday to ask about my dates and she started talking about Army Wives. I started hissing at her and told her to never mention that in my presence again. She said she is crazy about that show. I shooed her out of my cubicle.

    ROTFL!!! Too funny! Sounds totally like something I would do. *g*

    Oh and could someone send me that interview with Kyle too? Since I have NO idea what you guys are talking about? My email is
    And no, I’m not really a Ho, I’m just Spike’s Ho. *eg*.

    Oh and shout out to Cairo2! HEY!!! *pounce* Sorry, didn’t get time to respond to your post yet…hehe
    I LOVED your post about the vampire hotel. I’m still trying to find out how I can get a room with Lestat and Spike. Heh. Forget Party at Henry’s Place…more like Party at the Vampire Hotel. WOOHOO! *g*
    *sigh* We were having fun over there, weren’t we? Odd that my post is still there. I thought it would’ve gotten booted by now…hehe

    Teresa: TOTALLY agree with what you said about the programming on LT. What the Hell are they thinking?! Ugh. That is why I have never watched that channel too much…before now. And I disagree with how much they previewed BT. Okay so they didn’t preview it as much as AW, but they still previewed BT quite a bit. You just had to be lucky enough to catch it on lots of different channels. *g* I first saw the preview way back in either Feb or March…and I was already hooked…hehe

    Oh and Loves History? Don’t make me break out my REALLY big stick. *g* Blood Ties WILL be renewed. Dammit. And Henry will SO be mine! WOO! And a whole Hella Friggin’ lotta HOO! *eg*


    I had more stuff to say, but alas…I have no more time…

  504. Chery said

    Thanks Tango!

    I will include those sponsers in tomorrows batch of postcards. I just mailed the ones for today.
    Also on the cards I say things like Congratulations on a great show!
    great characters, plot lines, stories!
    You are ahead of the new crop of shows about the supernatural coming out in the fall!
    You have a great fan base to build on………….
    Things like that
    “Moonlighting meets Buffy” for adults.
    I have pasted the “Blood Tie” Tie also. It looks great by the way.


  505. Laurel said

    Wow! i was away from the computer over the weekend and just spent 2 hours reading to catch up.
    Must say, I got hung up in fantasy land at the “Dip him in chocolate” conversation. Chocolate ganache, yum! I always make that to put on my own birthday cake. Hmmmm! Lethal Chocolate Peppermint Cake!
    Now I’ll be even more distracted when I’m making the frosting.

  506. Tango said

    I had another thought about the list of sponsors. Our efforts might have more punch is we focus on the big hitters first like HP, Downy, Mr Clean, Sprint, Tide, Avon, Kellogg’s, & Disney and the pharmaceutical companies who may have a bigger advertising budget. What do you think?

  507. lwildstar said

    my training is over for today and my brain is MUSH! at least I have two weeks til the next session – but that will be two days in a row! My brain is already hurting!

    Tango – are you trying to send the interview as a document or link?
    If as a document paste it directly into the email rather than as an attachment – that might work…and thanks for all the info on the sponsors~

  508. Himmiefan said

    Good job Tango!! Yeah, I’m not going to slam AW to Lifetime; I’ll just keep it here within the family. Actually, I don’t have an opinion on AW itself. As I said in one of Tanya’s Blood Blogs, I woudn’t like any show that takes BT’s place, even if it’s a show about cuddly puppies and kittens!

  509. Danielle said

    Even if it was about Bon Jovi I wouldn’t go near it if it took the place of my beloved Blood Ties. I haven’t given Army Wives a chance and I don’t plan to.

  510. Teresa said

    Sorry, Tango, I didn’t mean to offend. I’m Catholic, so I was really talking more about that segment of Christians that boycott everything under the sun because they think it’s anti-Christian or there’s some big conspiracy to eleminate Christianity from this country. Well, I don’t want to get all political on this blog, I just wanted to let you know that I hadn’t intended on offending. We can continue talking via e-mail, if you wish.

  511. lwildstar said

    I only watched the first episode of AW – I think the 3rd or 4th time it aired – I only like the “white trash wife” as she reminds me of my sister – but thats not enought to keep me watching!

    training went well – hopfully I can prove I can do the job and get moved into the new postion – then i can start negotiating $$$$…we finished earlier than i thought we would – looks like its about to storm and the trainer wanted to get out before the storm hits…and I foisted all my normal work off onto the intern…so I’m doing busy work until its time to leave (and I may sneek out early if the weather does turn bad)

    I’ll need a good dose of Henry tonight, let me tell you….already having visions of chocolate dipped Henry…………….

    i just love this look!

    Tango – if its not storming tonight and I can get on the computer (before I pass out) I’ll email you a picture – I think I can do what you want, if I can find the right string/cord 🙂

    ok should be good and go do some work!

  512. Margaret said

    Chery: Tanya said that she really didn’t think we would have that much influence with Chum since we are south of the Canadian border.

    Geez, Tango, you’ve really been working at it.

    I still think we need to hit Lifetime the hardest. Possibly tell them we’re within the coveted demographic they lust for. Many good shows have bit the dust because they didn’t bring in the right demographics.

    As for Army Wives, as I’ve said in the past it goes against every fiber in my body watching Catherine Bell playing an abused woman who just sits there and whines about it when even though she had flaws in Jag she was squared away, she was an independent woman, with a functioning mind. How could Lifetime think that we would want to watch that CRAP!!!

  513. Teresa said

    Tango – I just sent you the labels. Sorry for the delay.

  514. Margaret said


    I moderate all of the LT Shows, Movies, Teens, and LRW boards. My primary function is to maintain the message boards and log reports. I have no affiliation with LT producers, directors, or actors/actresses. Sending a postcard and/or emailing via “Write to Us” is your best bet to reaching these people.

    Sorry I can’t be more helpful.


    –Original Message—
    To LifetimeKaren from margaretdaly
    Date: Monday, June 11, 2007
    Subject: Re: Talk About “Blood Ties”

    Karen: Stupid question on my part, why would they make you moderator of this board and give you no information? That is dooming you to fail and people seem to have a tendancy to want to shoot the messenger as I’m sure you have already noticed. The executives should know that we are going to ask, and keep asking until they tell us something. Who do we need to contact in the Lifetime organization to make our wishes known about additional episodes, who specifically? Thank you. M. Daly

  515. Danielle said

    Alright everyone. I am out of here. I am going over my sisters though so I will probably come on when I go over there.

  516. Himmiefan said

    Hey Teresa. I’m a practicing Christian, and I think a lot of those people are nuts! There are a lot of Christians like me who wish those people would just go away!

    And then they start picking on Harry Potter. Okay, them’s fighting words! I’m a Henry-addict, but I’m also a huge Potter fan (the character, not the actor…)

  517. Tango said

    Teresa – no offense taken and sorry if it seemed that way. I was trying to convey something from a marketing standpoint, and it didn’t come across the way I intended. We are all good here! Thanks for making sure everything is good as I hope they remain so. I don’t think anyone here intends malice words for anyone which is one thing that I like about this great group we have here. 🙂

    Also thank you for sending the labels – haven’t gotten them yet, but I look forward to using them.

    lwildstar – 🙂 I can’t wait!

  518. Himmiefan said

    New Potter book and movie coming out next month. That’ll sort of help me wait until Oct. 🙂

  519. Tango said

    Elizabeth – I had to compress the file of Kyle’s interview, but it looks like it went through. You will have to unzip it when you get it. Let me know that you were able to hear it.

  520. Teresa said

    Tango – it looks like my e-mail to you with the labels bounced back. This is what your address looks like and I’m pretty sure it’s wrong, maybe it’s a device to stop spam?

  521. vampgrl said


  522. elizabeth said

    Tango – I am excited to get the interview on Kyle. This has been a really weird day for me. I am feeling the blues and I can’t figure out why. I know this interview will help cheer me up. Thank you for figuring out how to send it!

  523. DIZEY1 said

    loveshistory*****I’m the thief?? I’m the optimist, I BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL BE HEALED, and you will be here in October when our show returns. I’ve said it before I look at life through rose colored glasses. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. AND THEY WILL HAVE MORE SEASON’S BEHIND THIS ONE.

    I Hope you feel better soon, and you’re in my prayers loveshistory.

  524. Margaret said

    Here’s another thought. I have an account. Tryed to search for an email for them and hidden in the darker corners of their site they have a place where you can email regarding orders, etc. Soooo, I sent them an email asking them when they would have Blood Ties (the tv show) on DVD. So if any of the rest of you have an account how about bugging them? The more the merrier.

  525. Himmiefan said

    Loves History,

    I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that you’re sick. Hope you feel better soon!

  526. vicki said

    loveshistory..I too am a firm believer in positive thinking..and the power of prayer. My favorite verse is Phil.4 :13..”i can do all things through Christ Jesus” I tend to focus on the “ALL THINGs” part…so powerful if you think about it.

    I also believe that God has a plan for all of us..(would be nice if he let us in on it.) LOL…anyway..

    I too am anixously waiting for Harry Potter book and movie…HEHEh so cool. I am just soo hopingn that Harry lives!! ! I can see me getting on a plane and having a long talk with an author if he doesnt. HEHEH Just kidding..

    I am sure most advertisers are mostly concerned with one thing…the bottom line.. MONEY

  527. Himmiefan said

    Harry had better live!

    Oh, and I think Snape is still one of the good guys. At least I think…

  528. Tango said

    Elizabeth, evidently the file is to big for you to receive it – it bounced back. Sorry dawlin! 😦

  529. Claire said

    Teresa got the labels! Thanks!
    Danielle and Dizey,no I play on my computer..but I will post a pic for you guys when I play later.
    Dizey I’m with you! Positive thinking!!! all the way!

    Loves History I’m sorry you are sick,really I am…but you are very negative…that’s not acceptance…and who says you have to accept anything…Think positive…fight for your life…You always say you hit the jackpot when you married your wife…then be positive for her! I know it’s hard to be in pain and not yourself…but you can’t give up.

    When I was a baby my mother was killed,I was with skull was fractured and in the hospital I had a stroke…my father was told she won’t walk and she’ll have brain damage..she will probably not live past puberty or have children.

    I walked…not only walked but ran….even walked down the catwalk…my I.Q is 145…we all know I lived past puberty and I not only had children but I had 7.

    When I became pregnant with my quads at 41..was told they’re going to be retarded…you’re going to miscarry…you should abort.

    One is gifted,in special class for art prodigys..all are normal 7 yr olds!
    Was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000,didn’t die,didn’t lose my breast!
    My son Christopher was diagnosed with stage 4/5 brain cancer,there are only 5 age 19..he had a grapefruit sized tumor and part of his brain cut out…he refused to give up..he stayed positive..even though his left side from eye down was paralized and he had no long term memory…he got his left side back…has regained alot of memory back…and is still cancer free.

    Sorry to get on my soap box..but positive thinking and never giving up works!!!
    Just hang in there..loves History…if need be I’ll be positive for you!!!

    As for BT…we will get more seasons…People thoughts are things!

  530. loves history said

    army wives i ok i watched towind down from the sopranoes i hateseeing cath bell a victim but her son is the one person whos a-s she just cant kick out i am waiting for aliver transplant so who knows?dizey the thief is an optimist,thats the point the horse is not LT its tanya she can make all better write another blood book by the way her new valor book is smoking you must like military Sci fi,

  531. vicki said

    Claire.—YOu rock!!!

    Himfan…I agree Snape is good…we just dont see it yet.. I am hoping that Harry, Herminie…and Ron all survive…but who knows…40 some more days and we will all know.LOL

  532. vicki said

    Claire.—YOu rock!!!

    Himfan…I agree Snape is good…we just dont see it yet.. I am hoping that Harry, Herminie…and Ron all survive…but who knows…40 some more days and we will all know.LOL

    Hey I did get my t-shirt in the mail..the one I designed on It looks amazing..I will take a picture and post it soon.

  533. loves history said

    claire end stage liver failure begins at what they call a MELD of 15 im23 in ny 23S dont get transplants with my blood type insurence wont cover out of plan lt even if the hos charges less besides this the most intense surgery(12-15hours) and we have the best liver guys in the world

  534. DIZEY1 said

    AMEN Miss Claire,

    You know Dr.’s aren’t God, they’re human just like you and me, they can give an educated guess, but no one knows when we go. Miracles happen everyday, some things can’t and shouldn’t be explained. They’re a gift and hopefully you’re gonna be one of those people who’ll receive one, why not you??

    I’ll catch ya when I get home.

  535. Tango said

    Teresa, I got your e-mail, thanks. Very cute! Do you have just one that I could cut and paste? I tried copy and paste, but it wouldn’t let me.

    For anyone who has had your e-mails to me bounce back – I have just been chanting – no chatting with a bellsouth e-agent regarding this whole bouncing ?billytidwell thing. Have you ever had a dog who would have this great trick but would never do it in front of your friends? Well, that’s the way I felt with this person. They had no bouncing problems, and I even sent them some of the e-mails you guys sent me and they told me to tell you guys to quit sending it to that address! Are you kidding me? Holy crap! I had already explained to them that I didn’t give that address to you all – that it was just being forwarded there.

    So they are telling me to delete the account and start over – gives me a headache just thinking about it. So bear with me, and maybe I will have a chance to do that this weekend. Just know that it is coming through on the tangotango address and just bouncing off the ?billytidwell one for now.

  536. elizabeth said

    Tango – thanks for trying. I guess I am not meant to hear that dratted interview. I am so bummed.

  537. Margaret said

    Elizabeth: Do you have dialup? Most public librarys have access to the internet now. You may have to sign in but you could listen to it there I would imagine. Ask them if the computers have speakers and ask for a pair of headphones. You might try that. I’m assuming we’re talking about the podcast that was on sci-fi talk?

  538. elizabeth said

    Claire – Wow, you are one incredible woman! Makes me feel ashamed I let myself get down today for absolutely no discernable reason. You are a total inspiration.

  539. Claire said

    Thanks Vicki! Again Dizey I agree!
    Loves history…I understand everything you are saying…but I still don’t want you to give up OK? Look into every option,available.
    When my son got sick Staten Island University(who by the way has the best brain cancer wing in the U.S.)wanted me to take him home..cause his insurance sucked..and wouldn’t cover.I said no…I threatened them with news coverage…and called the hospital administrator! They said We’d love to help you,but he has very poor insurance…and he can’t get medicaid because he’s employed…I said this…called his job,told them My son is in the hospital don’t know when he’ll work again,he has brain cancer…turned around and said to the administrator…my son is no longer employed…where’s the medicaid office? left the jerk with his mouth open!

  540. elizabeth said

    Margaret – See this is what I like best about this group. Someone always has an answer! I will check the Library and see if I can hear the podcast there!

  541. Nina said

    Hello dear Blog family,

    I’ve been away for a couple of days and I’m pulling my hair looking at the number of posts!!
    I was busy with a school project and it had to be finished by today 🙂

    ok one funy thing that I’ve noticed, every time I hear Tommy Hilfiger I think of Kyle!!!….hmmmm……Is that crazy?? It has happened 3 times already.

  542. Tango said

    Loveshistory – I am so sorry you are having a bad day/week/year. I really hope that the stories of your BT friends here is helping to lift your spirits. I am with the rest of these great ladies here. We’ve all got our stories which is another thing that binds us together. I think it was a devine appointment that we all meet, so you should listen to what we are telling you because many of us have been in very dark tunnels and have seen the light and come out bruised, injured, sick or whatever, but we did come out of the tunnel.

    My hubby actually died twice (coded), had the whole out-of-body experience when he broke his neck. He was not expected to live, walk or anything else, but he beat the odds. And for awhile he was almost as good as new, but over time things are deteriorating. We have found great comfort in being able to turn things over to God and let him take the burden off our shoulders much like the example of the ox and the yolk or the Footprints poem that is so popular. I can’t imagine having to carry all this weight myself.

    When it is our time to go, we will go. But if you have something left to do on this earth then you will be here until your purpose is complete. This is not a dress rehearsal – we only get once chance to live our life to the fullest. Make the best mark on this world that you can, because when all is said and done – it doesn’t matter how much money you had, how much stuff you had, but if you made a possitive impact on those around you.

  543. Claire said

    Thanks Elisabeth! OOOOH Margaret,I have a Amazon account! I’m going to do that!! Can’t hurt right?

    Nina,thats OK most of us think of Kyle/Henry when we see boxers/hear the word sniff/eat chocolate/take showers…etc.etc.LOL!!!

  544. Claire said

    Tango…I love ya!!!

  545. Tango said

    Claire – right back atcha! You really are one of my heroes! We have more in common than you know. I’ve just not opened up on the net like you have.
    We’ll have to talk some day. You should think about writing an inspirational book.

    Did they ever find out the cause of death for Brittany’s mom? I was talking to one of my clients today that told a similar story of his father and it made me wonder if they knew what happened to her.

  546. elizabeth said

    Dang, Tango, where were you when I needed a kick in the pants to live my life instead of hiding in a corner? Your statement “we only get one chance to live our life to the fullest” goes beautifully along with “eternity is a long time to live with regret”. Time to step out of the shadows and embrace the chaos *big grin*

  547. elizabeth said

    I am outta here for the day. Hope all of you have a great evening!

  548. Tango said

    You go Elizabeth – step into the light sister! Take those chances! You’ll be so glad you did.

    Let me recommend a couple of books to you. Keith Harrell spoke at my company national convention about 4 years ago and he was OUTSTANDING or as he puts it SUPERFANTASTIC! He had about 600 of us standing, cheering, whooping and hollaring. He is absolutely the best motivational speaker I have ever seen, and would love to see him again. First read “Attitude is Everything – 10 Life-changing steps to turning attitude into action” and follow up with “An Attitude of Gratitude – 21 life lessons” Ask your companies to have him speak to your employees – books are one thing to see him in person is a whole other level.

    Sometimes I think that Claire and Dizey must have already read his books. It must be similar to “the secret” I’ve always considered myself positive, but not to his level. Now I try to walk those life-changing steps everyday and I find that my life is much more fufillling, and that I am leaving a legacy that I can be proud of.

  549. lwildstar said

    this will be my ONLY post for tonight – I barly made it home through the first storm and now there is a second one coming – worse than the first because the “sever weather” beeping thing keeps breaking in…

    Any who – Tango just emailed you pictures – hope you get them I’ll check tomorrow morning –

    Miracles DO happen: I was very ill as a child with a muscular disease that at the time (30+ years ago) they didn’t know what it was or how to trreat me – I was very lucky and got into what we affectionalty call a “gueine pig program” at NIH – my parents were told that they would be lucky if I wasn’t an invalid and if I lived into my teens (at the time they gave me to age 12-14) – well I’m almost 39 and other than “side effects” from being on steroides as a child and some self esteam issues – I am relativly healthy…….every day I can get out of bed I thank the “powers that be”…..I think that spending so much time as the “one on the outside looking in” made me very accepting of all kinds of peoples, ideas, etc….and thats what I love about you guys – I never know where this place is going to takes us! I just love the “off” Blood Ties disscussions………………….but some how it does all lead back to that doesn’t it – accepting differences?
    Vicki (and Mike – although grudgingly) accepting Henry? and keeping an open mind to whats out there in the world…. 🙂

    Ok there goes the thunder! so on that note, I say good night to all of you.

    Sweet dreams!

  550. Tango said

    lwildstar – got your e-mail and love, love, loved it! I can’t wait til you finish! (doing a happy dance 🙂 )

    And yes we are a “whosoever” group!

    Oh Henry, you’ve touched us deeply – you’re a part of us now!

  551. Tango said

    Has anyone noticed how Mr. 🙂 just scoots on over on top of the next thing you type? I’m hoping I put enough room between this to see if it worked or maybe he just likes the attention. Being out front and all.

  552. Tango said

    So I guess he just likes being the center of attention! I actually put about 8 spaces between him and the word just and it still did it.

  553. Tango said

    Gotta scoot myself, check with y’all later.

  554. Danielle said

    Hey I am at my sister’s. My dad had transverse myolitis a year ago adn was told he would never walk again. My mom pushed him and him and we all prayed and six months later he drove to the DR’s himself and walked in to get the papers stating that he will never be ambulatory again. As of now there are no side effects that he has.

    Beth-have you gotten your shirt from eBay yet? I am still waiting for mine and I thought it would be here by now.

  555. Claire said

    Tango,Thank you so much…and yes one of these days we must talk..Tango the only thing so far is that her heart was three times normal size,no one knows why, still waiting on toxicology report. Iwildstar…Some of us have said it before…there is a higher power behind our meeting…we all seem to share alot of similarities..maybe that power knew that watching BT would bring us all together..for what reason…who knows…maybe just because in small ways we help each other,and every human needs that once in a while.

    Oh Henry, you’ve touched us deeply – you’re a part of us now! LOVE THAT! TANGO!

  556. Madonna said

    Hey everyone,

    I’ve been reading through all the comments posted and I’ve noticed that a lot of you are making your own or drawing on your postcards… Although it has been a while since I last designed one professionally I can tell you it is
    VERY IMPORTANT TO KEEP AT LEAST 1/4 – 1-2 OF AN INCH ALONG THE BOTTOM AND ALONG THE RIGHT SIDE BLANK OR IN VERY LIGHT COLORED INK, so that the post offices routing codes can be printed clearly. This is almost as important as having the address correct. Your card may still get to them but it may take weeks to find its way there, and I have a feeling weeks are something we do not have.

    I’ve been thinking about designing my own BLOOD TIES postcard with a “professional look.” It will be Friday evening before I have anything though and it would only be one-sided. If you are interested just say so and maybe post your email so that I can send it to you.

  557. cairo2 said

    Hey BloodTie fans! Just coming on for a Quick sec and shouting out to Catwoman313 and Vampgrl…. I decided not to make you two wait due to what is going on. We need to cheer up and hope it will do that for you. Check your e-mail boxes and hopefully you will get a chuckle….. On the BloodTies front, have we yet heard of a definite on if north of the border is taping a second season? If so we might have to send the post cards stating that IF Lifetime does not pick them up, could they please try another network due to the growing and solid fan base that is here in the states. I think we might want to do it anyways….. but that is just me

  558. vicki said

    cario2…The show JAG jumped from one network to the other and seemed to do very well. I am hoping that is not the only show, but I cant think of any others off the top of my head.

    Lifetime bills itself as “television for women” and that holds true for the most part…(My husband calls it the “misery” channel, since every movie or show has misery, death, disease, etc.) LOL I am hoping that the wide variety of age demographics and the actual number of fans will be enough to make them green light the show..But lets remember…studio 60…cancelled…veronica mars…cancelled…etc.

    Still I am sure that henry,vicki,mike et al. will return and give us more of what we want!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what do we want??? EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW…I saw that Forever KNight was out on DVD at WalMart…didnt know…

  559. Danielle said

    Claire-I totally agree with you about a higher power bringing us together. I mentioned it to my mom and she said BT brought us together and the higher power kept us together. She is very happy that I have all of you to talk to, not just about BT but everything else to.

    Welcome back Madonna. Missed you.

  560. Rifkind said

    Hi Blog-kin!
    Once again, I get caught up with the rest of you!

    I will have your DVDs in the mail tomorrow.
    BLOGKIN, I still need a copy from TIVO of Episodes 1 & 2… can ANYBODY help us there?? Pretty Please!
    Or even a VHS tape would be great! I am still thinking positive.. somebody can help us. (remember I have dial-up so links to LT or UTube aren’t much help..)

    I know that you were missing some of the episodes too.. so please send me your mailing address. It takes me a while to burn the DVDs, but I will get you the episodes that I have. remove spaces from this address,
    rmeyermn @

    No one suffering from Henry-itis should have to suffer until October. 🙂

  561. Madonna said


    You are indeed an inspiration. Prayer is always the best bet. Positive thinking though just makes you feel better, no matter what you are going through.

    As a baby, I was born severely club foot (both feet.) Specialists have told me that they had never seen a case worse than mine and that had I been born just 10 years earlier that I would have been permanently wheel chair bound. Thank god for medical advancements.

    In my early teens the base of skull started growing funny. It was like a protrusion of what felt like bone all the way across and up behind my left ear. I had a CT done and the docs told me it was just bone and not to worry about it. I figured I was just really hard headed.

    It kept continuing to get bigger and I was starting to have neck pain and more frequent headaches. So in 2005 I was seeing my ear/nose/throat doc for something unrelated and he felt it, and sent me for another CT. Those findings were a little different than the other one. This showed what appeared to be a tumor that was partially soft and partially calcified, still inconclusive, so he set me up for a MRI. Showed it a little clearer but he couldn’t make heads or tails of it so he sent me to a neurosurgeoun.

    I got there and and the doc looks at it and he believes that it is just a benign bone tumor, but had his radiologist look at as well. He comes back in the office, points to a spot on the MRI and says that the bone tumor has started to spread invading the soft tissue of the brain, and that I have another about 4 inches above the left ear. He set me up for surgery to remove the large one right then.

    So I had surgury, turns out it wasn’t even a bone tumor and there was nothing invading my brain just yet. It was a very large, hard mixed tumor that they literally peeled away from my skull. 4 histology exams later I’m told there are cells in it that have never been seen before. (Okay start playing the Twilight Zone music.)

    Currenty I am being researched to see if I have a very rare genetic disorder which can cause the growth of both benign and malignant tumors in the body.

    These among a whole slew of other medical ailments have made it very hard for me to stay positive through the years, but with the help of people who love me, I’ve managed for the most part. MY MOTHER HAS BEEN A GODSEND.

    I think that the way I have managed it, is to always, always find something you can look forward to. No matter how small or how far off that something is you have to have something to hope for. When we lose that, as humans, we’ve just lost.


  562. Madonna said


    Thanks, missed you too.
    It is alway nice to be missed.

  563. Danielle said

    When I was born I was normal weight about 6 lbs. Things went bad from there. I was born in FLA and it turns out I almost have an intolerence to heat. I get very sick to my stomach and have a hard time eating. That is why we moved to CT when I was 1. But I wouldn’t eat anything. Well except cheese. The doctor told my mom to just give it to me. I was eating it that was the most important part. When I was three I only weighed 20 lbs. Not very normal. I had my tonsils removed at that time and I was fine. I started gaining and growing like a weed. I never knew what was wrong with me and why I wouldn’t eat and gain weight. I remember reading all the stuff that my mom wrote about that in my baby book. She was really worried. I guess it turns out it was just the tonsils,I will never know fir sure, but it could have been any number if things.

  564. Danielle said

    Alright I have to go home now. Bedtime for me and it will take at least a 1/2 hour to get home. Type at ya tomorrow.

  565. Rifkind said

    I know that this is very late, but Simone have you had THE TALK with your daughter??
    When girls are hitting puberty at age 10 and younger, a girl of 14 may THINK that she knows what she’s doing with those urges…
    I hate to see her enjoying a chocolate sunday too soon in her life, and having to make adult choices about the consequences.

  566. vicki said

    ok…since we are all sharing…I was born a month early..only 5lbs..and had jaundice..I was also missing my right ear… no hole..nothing..only an earlobe..(i know..weird) anyway…sincce it was 1967..this was a pretty big deal and of course devistating to my parents…I had to have many canal to the eardrum..which I did have. Funny thing was..I could read lips…(just kinda of picked it up) spoke completely lisp or anythiing..and I have perfect pitch when it comes to singing notes. (Strange uh??)

    they tried making me wear a hearing aid in high school..thing drove me nuts..I would throw it in my locker when I got to school and leave it there all day. Hehe

    Long story short..(I know) 33 surgeries later.. They made me a canal and for about 6 months to a year I could hear on both sides of my head. But the canal shrank and then I was back to were I started..anyway.. I never felt I was handicaped or different from anyone or “special” Made good grades…sang…did all the things I wanted to. (except talk with a phone on my right side) LOL…
    It amazes my students that I can hear as much as I do.(I am sometimes reading their lips..but I aint telling them that) I usually dont even bring it up to them unless someone notices that my ear looks different (They consider making the outside look normal “cosmetic” so insurance quit covering)

    the point is I am so grateful to my mother and father for never telling me you shouldnt cant do that…etc. We can do and try.. the rest is up to God.
    I know not as big a deal as some of you but I wanted to share. I was kinda of worried when I got pregnant with my first child, what if it was born that way?? Do I need to do something?? Have something checked??? But of course my husband was wonderful with his advice.>Why worry about something you cant change?? If the baby was missing an ear what was I going to do about it?? Carry it and worry for the last 5 months? Nope…no good.

    So I didnt worry..I trusted that mine was something that was out of my control and my parents. Good news is both my children are beautiful..healthy and got both ears.

  567. Brenda said

    I back for a 2nd day in a row, how great is that! I don’t have much time but Thanks to the other fellow bloggers I didn’t get a chance to mention yesterday… for the congrats!

    ~Loveshistory, I’m sorry for whatever it is that your going thru right now but just keep your hopes up ok. My mom’s advice has always been to have good faith and when you stop thinking about what hurts, eventually you forget & then it doesn’t hurt anymore!

    ~Madonna, I am definitely interested in that BT postcard! Send it to me when you’ve got time @

  568. Brenda said

    Madonna- If you do send it let me know please! This way I’ll know when to check my e-mail b/c I rarely do lol. I just simply don’t have time sometimes!

    Don’t you guys ever wish there were more hours in the day… I know I sure wish this was true 😦

  569. Margaret said

    Ok, Guys and Gals, its all about supply and demand, so lets supply so demand to AMAZON.COM.

    I emailed them and this is their partial response: (If you write to them make sure you reference Blood Ties the TV show as there is a movie called Blood Ties). The more of us that rattle their cage they may have to go out and inquire as to where they can get it, right?

    Thank you for contacting us at

    I offer my sincere apologies regarding this issue, and can
    understand how interested you are in obtaining this item “Blood Ties
    (the TV show).”

    Unfortunately, our supply of some items is limited and these
    products sell out quickly.

    We do not know if this item will be available for purchase on our
    web site in the future. For this reason, the item is currently
    listed as out of stock.

    I will be sure to pass your message on to the appropriate department
    in our company for consideration so that they can make arrangements
    to avail this item.

    Customer feedback like yours is very important in helping us
    continue to improve the selection and service we provide.

  570. Margaret said

    Whoops, should have been lets supply the demand…

  571. Madonna said

    Although it can be depressing, I believe that it is important to be able to share our stories with each other. Knowing that other people are going through or have gone through something just as bad if not worse than you makes you grateful for what you have and therein, lies some of the hope that I mentioned earlier.

    By the way, since I know that many of you are in your child bearing years.
    Be careful what you take if you have morning sickness, especially if your doctor prescribes Bendectin for you. My mother took it while pregnant with me. Many of my doctors believe that this may be the root of many of my conditions. Tests done on this drug in the late 70’s and early 80’s, showed that it caused birth defects and it was pulled from the market and heavily litigated in the 80’s. About five years ago it was put back on the market, and most doctors you talk to insist it is safe.

    One of my mother’s sisters who was pregnant at the same time took Bendectin with her first two pregnancies and both of them were also born club foot, although not nearly as bad as me. No one else in my family before or since then has been born club foot..


  572. Chery said

    About the post cards, do you mean on the blank side where the message is written??????
    I have been pasting my blood ties picture there.
    Or do you mean on the front where the address goes????

  573. DIZEY1 said

    Wow kids you’ve been busy since I left work. Ya’ know I am amazed everyday as we all tell our tales and the strangest things have happened to most of us here. The power of the universe, damn it’s bizarre. Ya’ll have to read, watch or listen to the Secret. You will be inspired.

    Claire I just got my copy of the movie The Secret. Can I say wow!! I’ve been listening to the audio disc’s. But the film although the same stuff hits home. I am empowered, I’m Vibratating baby!!!! ENERGY…YEAH!!!

    I’m ready for all the good stuff (not just things) to come to me and everyone I know.

  574. Claire said

    Wow I’m more and more inspired by all of you! This is not just a group of BTholics..It’s a group of amazing fighters!!!!
    Love you all! Madonna,Vicki and all the others who posted their stories today!
    Madonna please send me the postcard I’d like to look at it.

    I’m signing off…filling a hot of wine…hopefully dreams of Henry or Kyle…LOL! Nighty night!

  575. Madonna said


    If I am able to put it together, it will be done on Friday evening. I will send them to those that want them right after it is done. So check your emails late Friday night or Saturday. If anyone has any creative ideas for it also let me know between now and Friday.

    I’ll try to read through the blog the next two days but probably won’t be participating much since Wed. & Thurs. are my long days.

    Until later,
    Goodnight everyone.

  576. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Miss Madonna,

    Can you add me for that email also… I’m bto sure what to do about the Tanya card thing. Mail or email?? Oh well kids 4:30 rolls around fast so will chat with all you powerful people tomorrow. Stay strong, fight the good fight if need be, and in my mother’s immortal words…..” If you keep movin’ they can’t catch you”.

    Love all of you inspiring people sleep well and have sweet Henry dreams


  577. simone taylor said

    Rifkind- Yes I have had “the talk” with my daughter. My husband’s nieces all got pregnant at 15,16,19 and one at 25 but still not married. My daughter goes to a Christian school that really tries to teach a biblical way to live. Including making them sign contracts not to get involved with the oppsite sex. I know that some of these things sound extreme, but in this day and age our youngsters are seeing more than we saw as adults….and it scares me.

    But on another note, all of you ladies are an inspiration. All of the really difficult life situations you had and all of you are so positive and happy here. I really enjoy coming here to see all wonderful and good hearted things everyone shares. Even though we get “wild and crazy” with our ideas everyone is supportive and understanding. I know that we have all been brought here for a reason, even though we may not completely know why. But this is comforting place. 🙂

  578. Madonna said


    Yep, I do mean the blank side where you write. Since many postcards are full bleed on the front, the post office prints the code on the side where it is addressed. Most of the time they don’t print anything on the right edge but it is better to be safe than sorry.

  579. msgypsy said

    Bloggren, WOW! I can’t keep up. I’ll do what I can with the skimming I was able to do. (Are we going to need a new topic before the week is up? How’re the dial up folks managing?)

    Harry Potter fans, there’s a really adorable filk you might enjoy at

    Loveshistory, please know that many of us are pulling for you, whether it be by prayer, hope, or any variation thereof. Whether you call it God or Jesus or The Lady or Allah or whatever, know that there is a Greater Power and you are important to this Power.

    Tango, that’s some heap o’research you did. Thanks! And I’m pleased to see several products and companies I am already fond of on those lists.

    As for EHarmony or Curves … most businesses put their money into advertising to their target consumer, regardless of their personal feelings about the place they’re advertising. It takes a LOT to turn them away from a popular venue … and, remember, Henry is a very moral vampire.

    I have to go do stuff around the house. I’ll check back later but if it’s as talkative as it has been, I might be drowning anyway…

  580. vicki said

    well.. summer is here..I am home with my school…no worries.. I plan on vegging out…playing outside..going to the YMCA to work out and having a relaxing summer.

    Now I have to go to bed and dream of Henry..sitting by the pool..swimming trunks sitting by him…big grin on my face..Ahhhhh

    DREAMS RULE!! HEhehe (in my world vampire Henry can be outside in some daylight OK??)

  581. Rifkind said

    I am so glad that you talked your daughter. I was shocked when my 10 year old niece had her period already.. YIKES! That is too young an age to understand all the ramifications, and a baby can be such a huge strain on their young bodies when they are little more than children themselves. Can you imagine having all those hormones raging through you and being told that you can’t do anything about the urges until at least 8 more years.. (Age 18..) Makes you think!

    In high school, my girlfriend had a baby at 15. Her folks were a bit on the slow side, so nobody told her what was going on. She went into labor without knowing anything that was happening. She tried to crawl off the delivery table to “Get Away”. Needless to say, it was such a trauma, that she never had any other children, and eventually became a lesbian.
    If your daughter were to read some of the stuff on the blog, she might think that we are all sex-crazed women, ready to do the bumpin-uglies at the drop of a hat.. please let her know that we all have fantasies.. and you can’t get pregnant from imagining our sweet (fictional) Henry wooing us. That is why there is such a business from some of the more explicit romance novels.. It feeds the need for imagination that fuels the female romantic/sexual mind…

    night all, off to make DVDs for lwildstar and Margaret

  582. Himmiefan said

    “and, remember, Henry is a very moral vampire.”

    He is, and quite frankly, that’s a large part of why I find him so attractive. Okay, okay, his looks don’t hurt. 🙂

    I love these smiley thingies!

  583. Himmiefan said

    Hi ladies, and gentleman. Indulge me for a moment. I just saw another commercial for the second Hostel blood, guts, and gore movie. Remember how I said that movie monsters don’t attack people over 30 and that we need some menopausal women to go in and kick butt? Well, I’ve decided to make my own movie called Elder Hostel. Kyle will be the 20-something sweet, young thing we have to rescue. The “we” includes those of us who are post-menopausal, menopausal, perimenopausal, and the I’m-just-41-I’m-not-perimenopausal-I-don’t-care-what-my-sister-says. The young ‘uns like Anzia and LadyAfrodyte can be our assitants who keep us in chocolate. As for Loves History, he can drive our woman-mobile.

    I think I’ve got a possible hit on my hands. OR, we can all just sit, eat chocolate, and watch Henry. That works too.

  584. Madonna said

    Hi everyone,

    I couldn’t sleep so I was just over on the Bloodlines site and they have an interview with David Winning, who directed 4 episodes. At the end of the interview there is a great picture of Kyle posing with David. It’s kind of creepy and cute at the same time…

    OK, I’m going to try to sleep now. Six o’clock comes awful early.

  585. Brenda said

    ~Madonna- Thanks

    ~Simone Taylor- I think its good that your daugther is in a Christian school even though some things sound extreme. You are definitely right about teenagers now a days! I’m of them, although my parents never really sat me down on the couch to have “the talk” I learned it from school or my health class to be exact. Sounds kind of lame but after all I think I have turned out to be a girl w/ good morals 🙂
    My parents know me and trust me. But on the other hand, my cousin got his girlfriend preggers & both were 17 at the time! Now we have a beautiful little girl named Destiny 🙂 She is sooo cute like all toddlers are but when she comes over to our house, its like a tornado just hit b/c she messes up everything… I guess she’s my second cousin but I don’t know how 2nd/ 3rd cousins thing works out… (I hope I don’t sound stupid)
    Anywho, I think that girls are starting to develop earlier then when I did! Holy Canoli sp?

  586. Brenda said

    I absolutely love this place if I haven’t mentioned it before! Its like we are all family… giving each other advice! Even though we don’t know each other or seen any faces but come on what other site is quite like this one! We all have 1 big thing in common that brought us together and Ms. Gypsy is responsible for giving us this Sanctuary 😉

  587. msgypsy said

    I know I’m not the only one reading Dennis McGrath’s blog (He’s heywriterboy.) There’s an entry we all need to read.

    Based on what he has to say in here, I suggest we stick with sending postcards for the time being. Getting too cutesy at this stage might not send the — er — right message.

    Himmiefan, I would be honored to appear in Elder Hostel. My last hot flash lasted fifteen minutes. That qualifies me if nothing else does! LOL!

  588. Brenda said

    Uggghhh! I just got done eating my dinner a while ago but man, I went through sooo much stress about an hour ago 😦
    I had to clean out my room and it SUCKED like nothing else. I’m so tired and STRESSED but I don’t wanna feel this way anymore! I cleaned my desk off spotless… which I will later give away my desk 2 a kid who needs it. Threw away posters, paper, magazines, pictures, drawings, etc. Thanks to my momma who helped me… what would I do w/o her 😉
    Everything looks almost empty but I have a few things to finish tomorrow. I did most of it today & took most of my afternoon but clutter is clutter!
    I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know why I didn’t do it before but my mind is more clean & SANE 🙂
    Trust me, if anyone’s house has unneccessary items… dispose of it or donate to Good Will! You’ll feel better b/c a clean house is a happy house 🙂

    ~This is my tidbit of the day!/night lol.

  589. Brenda said

    Now that I am done, I have a coulple mo’ minutes 2 spare before I head off to a well deserved NIGHT OF HENRY DREAMS

    Good night peepz & I might return late afternoon tomorrow.
    And I have that BIG science final so please wish me LUCK b/c I kind of feel nervous. But I really want an A, so I just hope I get it! I gotta snap out of it & just take it easy & take my own damn advice lol.

  590. Anne said

    Latests podcast on SciFiTalk is with Peter Mohan,

    He mentions a DVD not earlier than Christmas 2007.

    I saw “Alley Cats Strike” yesterday –
    “I love the smell of rental shoes in the morning” 🙂

  591. vampgrl said

    I’m just trying to send something I tried to send yesterday, but it wouldn’t send. Hopefully it goes through this time. Shoutout to Cairo2, but no, I didn’t check my mail box yet. Heh.

    And I SERIOUSLY can’t keep up with you guys. Dude! You guys are so inspiring. *sigh* I could get started in on my life story…since all you guys shared…but maybe later…and if you all think 5lbs is small at birth, try 2 pounds…

    Just thought I’d post this here for anyone who isn’t over on the LT board. Yes, that was me who posted the link. Thank you me…hehe

    By vampgrl on Tuesday, June 12, 2007 at 4:53am (#1371 of 1376)
    Send a personal message to vampgrl.

    Here’s a link with lots and lots of info.
    It probably has all the addresses you need to write to to. Heh. To to…hehe

    And I see we’re still below Army Wives…again…someone hold me back before I break out the sticks. Grrrrrr….

    Danielle said,
    June 12, 2007 @ 9:08 am

    Elizabeth-I did notice that the advertising for Army Wives was way over the top. A girl I work with came to my desk yesterday to ask about my dates and she started talking about Army Wives. I started hissing at her and told her to never mention that in my presence again. She said she is crazy about that show. I shooed her out of my cubicle.

    ROTFL!!! Too funny! Sounds totally like something I would do. *g*

    Oh and could someone send me that interview with Kyle too? Since I have NO idea what you guys are talking about? My email is
    And no, I’m not really a Ho, I’m just Spike’s Ho. *eg*.

    Oh and shout out to Cairo2! HEY!!! *pounce* Sorry, didn’t get time to respond to your post yet…hehe


  592. vampgrl said

    Just thought I’d post this here for anyone who isn’t over on the LT board. Yes, that was me who posted the link. Thank you me…hehe

    Elizabeth-I did notice that the advertising for Army Wives was way over the top. A girl I work with came to my desk yesterday to ask about my dates and she started talking about Army Wives. I started hissing at her and told her to never mention that in my presence again. She said she is crazy about that show. I shooed her out of my cubicle.

    ROTFL!!! Too funny! Sounds totally like something I would do. *g*

    Oh and shout out to Cairo2! HEY!!! *pounce* Sorry, didn’t get time to respond to your post yet…hehe


  593. vampgrl said

    Okay, for some reason my posts won’t go through.
    I just don’t get it. *sigh*
    SHOUTOUT TO Cairo2! *pounce* And no, I didn’t get to check my mailbox…yet…

    And you guys are SO inspirational. I could start in on my life story..but I haven’t the time. I might annoy everyone with that later. Heh.

    And DUDE! It took me the whole morning just to keep up with you all.

    But for some reason, the message I tried to post yesterday got swallowed up somewhere. Damn.

  594. lwildstar said

    uuuugggg…..this is my second try at posting this morning – my first one went pooofff and now I don’t have time to rewrite it

    my sister sent me this post for getting proffessional post cards done and sent out by the post office

    Tango & Rifkind – I responded to your emails this morning. THANK YOU!

    worked on staining crosses – lets see what Sunday brings us in the rosary department….

    MsGypsy – the link to heywritterboy didn’t work – I got a message stating page not found

    ok got to go will check in to lunch.

  595. msgypsy said

    Try this, although it looks identical to me.

    Vampgrl, if your post is long and contains links and/or email info there’s a good chance the system will interpret it as spam. I have to clear each suspected piece of spam. I’m trying to keep up with that but sometimes it takes a few hours. If you find that your posts are disappearing, try cutting it into multiple posts and limiting the links inside it. I will approve all the messages that go out into the ozone like that, but they’ll fall into place where they belonged in the first place and therefore might not be seen by everyone.

    I’m on terminal hold with Sprint. Why is everyone there so SLOW?????

  596. Madonna said

    Good morning,

    Does anyone have any clever or funny ideas for the postcard? It can’t be anything overly suggestive and I won’t use an exact copy of their logo. (If someone over there woke up cranky, they could get me for copyright infringement, and I won’t take that chance.) Other than that I could do pretty much anything.

  597. loves history said

    i come from big baby land i was 9.6 oz my da was 11.4oz but hewas late (2weeks)VAmpgirl Jaime Bergman was Angel( the actor)wife and an actress and 50th Ann playby playmate.

  598. Danielle said

    O MY GOD O MY GOD O MY GOD! I am jumping up and down and shrieking. Everyone in my office is looking at me like I am wierd. DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND? I just read heywriterboy’s blog which I check up on everyday. That is so exciting. That definitely sounds good to me. All our effort is really paying off. Give all of yourselves a pat on the back. All the postcards and calls and emails and petitions really do matter. YAY!

  599. msgypsy said

    I’m doing my bit. I’m downloading episodes 1 and 2 from iTunes. I have a hacker friend who may be able to figure out how to burn DVDs of them and send them to you folks who need them. According to McGrath, the downloads are the thing they notice most. and it’s worth $4 to me to download a few episodes.

    Gotta go to work now. Sprint took TWO HOURS to get my phone properly programmed!

  600. lwildstar said

    Madonna – I used the picture of the moon with the bats flying across it from the opening sequnce (no Blood Ties logo) for the website – that would be good thing.. I had to crop it out of a picture I got from Bloodlines – if you want to use that you may be able to copy it off my website
    if you can’t copy it, email me (click the Questions Link) and I’ll email you the .jpeg file when I get home….

    going into a staff meeting….oh sooooooooo fun………..I think they are going to “anounce” my advancement? myaybeyes, maybe no……
    talk to you guys later

  601. Danielle said

    Good luck lwildstar. Hope you get it.

  602. Tango said

    Wow! The stories continued after I left yesterday. Madonna, Danielle and Vicki all with heartwarming life stories all inspiring on many levels and with one thing in common – perseverance. Well-done ladies!

    Msgypsy – the research took me about 45 minutes yesterday thanks to TIVO, most of the commercials had the websites listed – but you are certainly welcome. The link to heywriterboy, Dennis McGrath, did not work – so try this one and scroll down to Lifetime talks about Blood Ties.

    I am really digging Susanne Daniels, President of Lifetime Network. She said, “The show did well for us – not spectacular, not a breakout…but it was one of the most downloaded shows consistently on Itunes.” Daniels thinks that the show hasn’t reached its full ratings potential, and they can get it there with better attention and positioning in the fall.

    I know we don’t understand how the networks run their business, but this article explains how she is doing things to really change the landscape of Lifetime and I commend her for that.

    Ladies and gents our efforts are being noticed, so be sure to put an encouraging word about or to Mrs. Daniels in your post cards. And keep those itunes downloads going and keep watching the webisodes on the LT site. Postcards are vital now, so lots of them and often! Thanks mygypsy for the link, this was very encouraging!

  603. Rifkind said

    Thanks MsGypsy for the attempt to get episodes 1 & 2 for us..
    We would SO MUCH appreciate it, if this works!

    lwildstar ,
    I have the DVDs for you done and a box ready, so I am starting on Margaret’s DVDs.. it will take me 10 hours to copy the shows that I have..
    I watched so many episodes making the DVDs, that I know that I heard both Vicki and Henry’s voices in my dreams last night.. Didn’t get to be until about 2 AM… The dreams were nothing steamy, but it is amazing how this gets into your head.

    Later Blog-kin! Rifkind

  604. vampgrl said

    Heh. My post FINALLY went through, so now it’s actually in there about 3 times. My total bad. But at least now I know about the spam thing. Must’ve missed that before. And ignore that thing about sending the interview to my email. I probably wouldn’t be able to listen to it on my ancient pc anyways.
    Someone please slap me for triple posting and taking up space. I SO need to be punished. Ugh. 😦 But I’m used to seeing something right after I send it, you know? But you guy all know what my email is now, so I’m glad I shared…hehe…

    Guys guys guys! We SERIOUSLY need a new blog topic now. I haven’t tried getting to this site on my pc, but I don’t think that wil be a fun time at all. *g*

    Oh and count me in on the whole Elder Hostel thingy. Even if it totally sucks that I have to be the assistant. Heh. But, if you guys do decide to bring me along, don’t blame me if I end up jumping Henry. I swear, if you put me in a room with Henry, or any of the other HOT vamps on my list, Angel, Spike, Lestat etc, I don’t think they’d stand much of a chance. *eg*
    And I must’ve had a REALLY nice dream last night, going on the ‘special’ feeling I had when I woke up this morning…if you know what I mean…hehe…now…if I could only remember the dream that caused said feeling. *sigh* It escaped me. I couldn’t remember a friggin’ thing. THAT SUCKS! Grrrrr…and I SERIOUSLY need to lay off the Erotica Fiction, for totally TMI reasons…hehe

    And if anyone didn’t get to read my EXTREMELY long-winded post to the LT board on Sunday night, I’m posting it now. Odd that it didn’t disappear yet…hehe
    By vampgrl on Sunday, June 10, 2007 at 6:40pm (#1337 of 1370) Send a personal message to vampgrl.
    WE WANT MORE BLOOD TIES!!!! YAY!!!We’re number 1 again! YAY!!! Sorry, I’m not around on here much. I’m still bitter. Not sure why. Just am. *g* Yo! To Cairo2! What’s up?! Are you on Gypsy’s board?! And I totally agree with what everyone said on the BT rerun front. Lifetime can keep showing Army Wives over and over again in the same week, and they would only run BT twice, and at 12 at night no less, when most people were already in bed and couldn’t watch it anyways?! What the?! And I read a snippet from Tanya Huff about reruns in September when LT says they have no reruns planned anytime soon?! Now just who are we supposed to believe?! It would be SO nice to see reruns in September…since I REALLY don’t feel like killing my DVD player at the moment. *g* And I agree with what everyone’s saying about Army Wives. I think life is depressing enough normally without adding soap opera type shows to that. It is so nice to have a little Scifi/fantasy every once in a while. And, I can’t vouch for everyone else, but for me, my anger and bitterness stems from the fact that I’ve seen WAY too many good shows that got cancelled over the years after only one season or less. Kindred: The Embraced, The Vistitor, Firefly, John Doe, Tru Calling, Point Pleasant, Blade The Series, Surface, Invasion and Threshold…to name a few. *g* It seems like all the TV networks are trying to turn America into a nation of total morons and think we all want to watch nothing more than shopping channels and reality shows. No offense to anyone who does watch shopping channels…or reality shows. I mean, I watch 2 reality shows myself, mostly American Idol and America’s Got Talent, but really, just how many reality shows can a person watch? Does anyone remember SciFi’s Mad Mad House a few years back? Now THAT was classic reality. I actually looked forward to that every week. But again, I hate TV in general anymore. There usually isn’t anything good on, which is why Blood Ties was such a Vamptastic breath of fresh air. Props to Tanya Huff, for writing the books in the first place, which I probably won’t get the chance to read until the year 2020…hehe…to the all the production teams and whatfor, and of course all the wonderful actors on the show. You deserve much applause…and flowers. *g* But yeah, I’m still bitter, about today’s TV, the state of the world and life in general. And I agree that we need to start spreading our love elsewhere. I mean, I love BT as much as the next overly hormonally crazed woman, but I feel that we can only talk about how much we love the show so much. If Lifetime hasn’t gotten the message by now, they’re never gonna get it. It seems like they take pleasure in trying to shove Army Wives down our collective throats more than anything else. And I’m sick of it, along with the rest of you. Kick me off the board all you want. I have a bad habit anymore of telling it like it is. But if you think we want to watch the type of programming you run, Blood Ties excluded, then you’re in for a REALLY big surprise. But then, maybe we’re all just a new breed of woman. *g* And I think that we can only send posts of BLOOD TIES RULES! and GIVE US MORE BLOOD TIES! so many times before we all start sounding like a bunch of mindless robots. LIFETIME! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE CAPPUCINO! Grrr… And okay, so sending blood is out then. Ummm…wooden stakes maybe? Hehehehehe I thank you. Now I’ll just stand back and wait to get deleted….

  605. Teresa said

    Tango – I think the problem with your e-mail is where it’s getting directed when someone replies to you. When I sent you the jpeg, I sent it to the tangotango address, but I just replied to your e-mail and it bounced back because it went to that odd address again.

  606. Teresa said

    A little more specific on the LT address:

    Lifetime Entertainment Services
    World Wide Plaza
    309 West 49th Street
    New York, NY 10019

    ATTN: The Programming Department

    I’m kind of wondering if we should address some of our post cards to Ms. Daniels at Lifetime as well.

  607. loves history said

    teresa angie has posted after over 24 hours something bad has happ do you know what?

  608. loves history said

    Is blade the tv show gone for good

  609. Tango said

    Teresa, thanks for the e-mail observation. I will try to figure that out this weekend. Got the single tie, just have to figure out how to make it smaller. I think it would be a good thing to address some postcards to Susanne Daniels as well.

    Anne – thanks for the link to Peter Mohan’s interview. A very good listen. Thanks for all the scouts that go out and find these interviews and bring them back to us. It’s like having our own little recon team. Good work!

    Vampgirl – tried to send you the interview, but the zipped file was even to big for you to receive. Afterall, it is almost a 30 minute interview. You may have to go to the library and get online to listen. It will be on the scifitalk site.

  610. Teresa said

    Tango – I had to play around with the tie also to make it fit within the label and turn it on it’s side.

  611. simone taylor said

    Rifkind, Brenda-thanks. it’s hard raising a teenager now. Some days i’m so scared I just don’t know what to do.

    lwildstar–good luck.

    Ms. Gypsy–thank you for a place for all of us 🙂

  612. Tango said

    Teresa, got the labels printed out, but of course I don’t have the labels that fit the template that you did. The size of the blood tie actually fits perfectly on the Avery 5162 or 8162 (1 1/3″x 4″) but this sheet has 14 labels/2 col of 7 ea) so I lose four of the ten that are on the template that you sent. I can’t seem to figure how to manipulate so that I can copy and past 4 more so that it fits my label pages.

    I am sending them on postcards to both the production dept. and Susanne Daniels today.

  613. Teresa said

    Tango – Play around with clicking on the image until you get the borders of it to pop up, you should be able to copy it then and paste it on something else.
    I just sent out two postcards to the programming dept. and one to Ms. Daniels. Address label on the side where the stamp is, red tie label on the other side with my message in red ink.
    As soon as I found out what the postage rate is for sending postcards to Canada, I’m sending a few up that way also; it couldn’t hurt!

  614. Himmiefan said

    Happy dance, happy dance! I just read Denis McGrath’s blog. I hereby take back most of what I’ve ever said about the stupidity of programming directors. Sound like Ms. Daniels knows that if BT is promoted correctly, it can be a big hit. I’ve gotta go get me some of those postcards. Shoot, why does work have to get in the way???

    Loves history – yeah, I think Blade is gone for good. Personally, it was a little too gory for me, plus I have a hard time with shows where I don’t like the main character.

    Ms Gypsy – hot flashes are good! We’ll channel that energy into some type of ray gun.

    Vampgirl – Okay, I’ll give you a promotion. Now, since you’re apparently under 30, you will be vulnerable to the monsters. Maybe we can use you as bait. It will give you an even bigger role in rescuing Kyle’s character. As Martha says, it’s a good thing.

  615. Teresa said

    According to, the postage for postcards to Canada is 69 cents. That seems kinda high for a postcard, but I’m going to do it anyway! I guess I have to buy more postage to add to those postcards I bought with the preprinted postage.

  616. lwildstar said

    MS.Gypsy – below is the return message I got to the email I sent you regarding the postage for the gift to Tanya – do I have your wrong email address or did you not recognize me? Please respond to the address so that I have your correct email.

    From: Linny
    Sent: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 10:11 am
    Subject: Re: postage estimate for Tanyas gift

    This is a scam take me off your lists, ms.gypsy has been using my email address.
    On 6/11/07, wrote:
    will wait til I have all the emails ans card etc….if we get enough of individula greetings it might raise the weight….
    if we mail Priority with Delivery confirmation (up to 1 pound) is $17 + plus whatever the customes if any….
    regular mail for a small box would be around $6…
    I think what I’ll do is ask the postal person whe I go Thursday to mail our Margarets and loveshistories orders…
    Then I’ll have a better idea of what the cost is and what paperwork I’ll need.
    Thanks bunches!


  617. DIZEY1 said

    YO MY CHIX, & DOOD!!

  618. elizabeth said

    I love this site! You guys are always so inspirational and fun – even the rants are great!

    My hat is off to all of you ladies who have overcome so much. It is wonderful to see you retain your optimism and enthusiasm for life. it can be difficult to share our histories sometimes and it is awesome that we feel comfortable here in doing that.

    I decided I was feeling a little down yesterday due to Henry withdrawal. I spent several hours last night rewatching episodes I haven’t seen in awhile. I sure felt better afterwards!

  619. elizabeth said

    Denis McGrath’s blog *this is me jumping up and down*! I was so thrilled to see our show being mentioned I got chills!

    Oh, and ladies – they aren’t hot flashes they are power surges! I definately want to play in Elder Hostel, too. I don’t know how much good I will be though, I will be watching Henry too much to pay attention to the Monsters.

  620. DIZEY1 said

    YO MY CHIX, & DOOD!!

    Good Morning!!! I read Denis’ interview w/Suanne Daniels very enlightening(SP??) and inspiring. Got my postcards w/me @ work so I’ll write them out and just need to figure out the sticker thingy to put on them. Anyway see the secret’s working kidz we’re bringing the good stuff to us. Yeah US!!!

  621. lwildstar said

    thank you Rifkind – let me know if I owe you anything!
    I Cant wait – I’ve only been try to watch on the computer because I’ve been afaid of using the tapes too much – major Henry withdrawl!!!!!

  622. Teresa said

    Hang on to your chapeaux ladies! Here’s a link for screencaps of Kyle at the Spaceys. It looks like he’s being interviewed (?)

  623. vampgrl said

    Himmiefan said,
    June 13, 2007 @ 9:01 am

    Vampgirl – Okay, I’ll give you a promotion. Now, since you’re apparently under 30, you will be vulnerable to the monsters. Maybe we can use you as bait. It will give you an even bigger role in rescuing Kyle’s character. As Martha says, it’s a good thing.

    Hey hey now! Just turned 30, spank you very much. *g* But sure. I can be bait. YES! I’M THE BAIT! WOOHOO! And somehow it seems wrong to be too excited about that, does it not? *g* Can’t promise there will be much of Henry left by the time you guys get to him though…hehe

    To Loves History and…ummm…Himmiefan? I think it was. Yep, Blade is gone for good. Damn SpikeTV. I know the show was gory, but that’s one of the things I liked about it. *eg* Plus I had the hots for Marcus…hehe
    I still have a few eps on tape that I watch. Pity I never thought to keep the set. 😦 Damn the writers for leaving us hanging like that.

  624. lwildstar said

    well nothing “offical” was mentioned during the meeting – frankly it was two of wasted time…..they are going to wait until they see how I do throught training before saying anything…I’m sure you all understand that.

    aaahhhhhh….I feel better already – my sweet eye candy from the office across the hall just walked by and poked his head in to say hello – I’m going to miss that when the office moves – sometimes thats all I need to get through the day…sad huh?

    can’t seem to open the pod cast from Peter Monahan – did he really say this Christmas? I expected as much…that way Canada will have seen them all by its release date.
    Henry under the tree with nothing but a bright red bow on….ok now theres a thought to get you through the day!

    Transcript for Norman is now posted on Bloodlines.

    Got to scoot – will check back later!

  625. Tango said

    Thanks Teresa! I got my blood ties on my label sheet – all 14 of them. 🙂 I put the tie on the front with the address, b/c on the back with the message I have the heading of NEED MORE BLOOD TIES! with “blood” in red.

    Himmiefan – I’d like to partake in this movie as I fit into that last category as well. I’d like audition for the sleuth part since my PI hubby is rubbing off on me, and I’m also an excellent driver and can cart all of us around. I did take defensive driving in college (yes that was an actual course for all those who wanted to be put into a hydroplaning spin and pull out of it – a lot of fun! 🙂 ) and in my college days I have gotten a car airborn riding over railroad tracks and made a beautiful fishtale turn while being chased by the police with a car full of of girls. All scenes that would be played out excellently if we were chasing monsters.

  626. elizabeth said

    Good Lord, that man is just gorgeous, isn’t he? I am really thankful that some of you are talented enough to find these links and share them. It just feeds by guilty pleasure….

  627. elizabeth said

    Tango – for some reason I have no trouble picturing you driving the car for our movie! Actually got a car airborne, huh? That is some serious talent!

    Okay, I get to be the one going all Karate on the bad guys. Yes, I know, kinda weird thinking of a 53 year old and karate in the same breath, but I have a mean roundhouse kick – hehehe!

  628. Danielle said

    It seems like it should be a sin for someone to be that good looking and making all of us crazy.

  629. elizabeth said

    lwildstr – I am really sorry nothing was mentioned in your meeting. I know from personal experience how frustrating that is. You are so going to rock that training that your promotion is a foregone conclusion!

    I’m glad your “eye candy” was there for a quick boost.

  630. elizabeth said

    I’m off to a meeting, I get to look forward to 1 1/2 hours of marketing hype – yea me! I just need to keep my mind on the meeting and not let my imagination drag me to my Henry addiction. Hmmm – meeting vs. Henry “this is me weighing the option”… wanna guess what wins?

  631. Danielle said

    Well Henry gets my vote. I am so happy I don’t have to do the meeting thing. Maybe once a month for an hour.

  632. Teresa said

    Oh, Lord, my heart has been beating faster since I saw those pictures and it hasn’t slowed down yet!! Kyle was the presenter for one of the awards. I can’t wait to see those pictures. I hear he looked very hot, what?! more than usual?! be still my heart!!!

  633. Danielle said

    Oh his smile! How much more can I gush over his smile. I get all warm inside every time I see it. I just melt into a Danielle puddle.

  634. lwildstar said

    ok now I’ve got both my “sunshine” from across the hall and Kyle/Henry on the brain…………………I really don’t feel like working now!

  635. Danielle said

    Oh Jeez…….You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You’ll never know dear how much I love you. Please don’t take my Henry away.

  636. Danielle said

    Pretty ironic since Henry can’t be in the sunshine.

  637. lwildstar said

    Daneille: I was refering to “Paul across the hall”, but yes that does apply to Henry as well! 😉

    ok back to work!

  638. Danielle said

    I realized that but I had to put my own twist on the sunshine. I’m sorry for taking you sunshine comment but I couldn’t resist.

  639. Margaret said

    Teresa: How on earth did you find the pictures? Of course, they don’t send any one that isn’t young and pretty, do they? lol

  640. lwildstar said

    Just a note:
    I got an email from Kalidascope that the two pendants with Henrys face on them must be pulled from my website – sorry guys – they are no longer available.

  641. Rifkind said

    Hi all,
    I have a thought,
    I am going to try to make my own home-made rubber stamp of a
    “Blood Tie”, or maybe of the loop of ribbon that everyone wears for supporting different things.
    How about one that is RED ribbon for support for Blood Ties?
    The shape should be easy to cut out of some foam… heck, some kid friendly sites tell you that you can carve a stamp out of a potato…
    Then just get a stamp pad with RED ink…
    Off to get some postcards!

    Later Blogkin! -Rifkind

  642. DIZEY1 said

    Hey sorry customers actually wanted to be helped, the nerve. Anyway Rifkind, when I was a little girl in the brownies we did make stamps using potatoes, so easy and cheap!!

    I’m gonna do that myself. Good idea.
    I loved the pic’s of my dude. I love to see him outside in the daylight too, he looks like he’s got a tan on that beautiful face. I’m waiting for you Henry/Kyle either one’s welcome here!!

    Going to grab some lunch and will chat with you later..

    Luv Ya’!!

  643. Tango said

    Here are the sponsors of “Heart of Fire” which aired 4/22.

    1. Dodge – 4 times
    2. Quaker granola bites & mini bits 3 times
    3. Caress 2 times
    4. Ziploc double zipper freezerbags
    5. Breyers – double churn icecream
    6. Nutrisystem
    7. Alavert allergy med
    8. Keebler – Dunkin Delights
    9. Pataday Itchy Eye RX
    10. Wyeth –
    11. Mucinex DM
    12. Heartburnmd
    13. Smartburn
    14. Preview for Georgia Rule movie
    15. Because I Said So – DVD out
    16. Glade Scented Oil
    18. Preview for Army Wives
    19. Dream Girls out on DVD
    20. Humira – RX for arthritis
    21. Slimfast
    22. Weight Watchers online program

    Notice we had a few of the same as were in the original movie and “Gifted”.

    And I got to see Spanish Inquisition Henry with the stubble – yummy!

    Teresa – thanks for the Spacey link. I would have liked to hear the interview. You know he dresses very similar to Henry – although I doubt we will ever see Henry with sunglasses on.

  644. lwildstar said

    ok – just so you know the above mentiond email includes rosaries….

  645. Teresa said

    Margaret – I found the link on the Bloodlines forum, which someone posted over there.
    Henry does look a little tan. Probably all that California sun he soaked up, but he’s going to have to put that sunscreen on and start to stay indoors soon so he can start filming season 2 🙂

  646. Danielle said

    lwildstar-It sucks but I totally understand. Copyright infringement you know.

  647. Teresa said

    lwildstar – I can see that Henry pendants might be considered a copyright issue, but the rosary bracelets? Well, I guess we don’t want to piss them off.

  648. Danielle said

    But you know I thought of something. If making replicas of all there jewelry is a nono, then they really should do it themselves. You know like they did with Lord of the Rings(I have my very own Arwen’s necklace) and Harry Potter and Eragon and all those really big movies. Why don’t they do it for our show also? Who knows maybe it is in the works. It won’t as unique as lwildstar’s stuff though.

  649. vampgrl said

    What the?! I KNEW I should’ve ordered one of those Henry charms before they were gone. The nerve! Grrrrrr…
    Oh and back to Blade and Himmiefan…you totally sound like my Mom. *g* She thought the show was too gory and bloody too. That’s why me and my Dad were the only 2 watching it every week. That’s the only time I’ve ever watched SpikeTV before…or since.