Blood Ties Conversation Part Deux

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen. The second entry. I hope we can keep ourselves sane until October.





  1. vicki said

    I am first….and I will try to keep myself sane by watching my tivo over and over, and wearing my t-shirt Hehehe Happy waiting boys and girls

  2. vicki said

    Ok…I will start everyone off with a question..something to make you say .Hmmmmmmm
    How would you feel if Vick i hd a fling with Henry…for whatever time..and then went to Mike……….did the whole happily ever after…???

  3. Anzia said

    I need to get me one of those t-shirts! 🙂

    Did I compliment the design to whomever created it? If not I LOVED IT!

    ms.gypsy- you have an email waiting for you my dear!

  4. vicki said

    Anzia…thank you I did it…I kept thinking about the moon shot at the beginning of the credits..and the bats…and I just loved that picture!!!

    I had way to much fun making it..and I have ordered one…I am going to wear it and take a picture of it…maybe send the pic to LIfetime headquarters..LOL

  5. Anzia said

    R U talking about Vicki being with Henry, then leaving him for Mike with whom she’d do the whole ” ’til death do us part” committment (not actual marriage but just stay forever with him)?

  6. vicki said

    yeah…maybe a two or three year affair…just till that old clock of hers starts ticking and she is ready for a “mini me”. then say bye to Henry and get the whole marriage,,,,house… ..till death do us part stuff.

  7. DIZEY1 said

    NO way! I want her with Henry. They could actually do the infinity and beyond kinda thing. Although she’d have to turn, to be with him forever. Oh man then we have to deal w/ the hunting/territory thing all over again. There has got to be a loop hole around this hunting thing.

  8. vicki said

    A looppole would be great,,,or a we can make henry mortal thing….spell…voodoo..whatever…

  9. Anzia said

    Um.. well if she left Henry just to have kids with Mike then i’d be a bit mad at her. I mean, if her desire for a ‘mini me’ destroyed her relationship with Henry, and she felt SOMETHING for Mike… I’d be dissappointed ’cause poor Henry would be all alone (although I don’t mind being the rebound girl ^_^). I don’t know. If it was reality I probably wouldn’t say that. I know people marry for all the wrong reasons all the time, but in fiction– reality is overrated sometimes.

    Feel free to rip my opinion to shreds.

  10. vicki said

    I have a feeling that Henry and the professor were romantically involved at one point and I am sure one of them at one point said..>WOW she is old now…gotta move on….that would break my heart for Vicki….and it would probably break Henry’s to see her get old…and know he could do nothing about it….MMmmmmmmmmmmm I am having a Pooh moment


  11. vicki said

    No riping…good opinion…I would hate that too..Love him while we an….then I am outta here…but WOW I like what Vicki said during Norman episode..I dont want to live with a regret.(Paraphrasing)


  12. Anzia said

    Fountain of Youth?

    I’m sure that Sagara & Henry were as well.

    I really don’t want to see Henry & Vicki get together just for her to leave him again. I would proably cry–actually, I’ll admit it, I would cry. It would bweak my wittle hart *tear*

  13. DebS said

    I definitely want to see Henry and Vicki together at least for awhile. But ultimately I do think she is meant to be with Mike. I haven’t finished the books so I don’t know where the book relatationships go (and don’t tell me 🙂 ). Either way, part of me hopes that she ends up with Mike, because the ending has got to be happier there. Right?

  14. DIZEY1 said

    I was watching Deadly Departed the other day and the scene w/Vicki & Henry @ the salon. The son Brady was like melting or something from the spell the old mama put on him. Henry’s shock that his mother could do this to him stuck in my head. I’d like to see them go back to his childhood or right before he was turned and see him interact with his mother, family etc. I’d like them to show us the Human Henry, before Christina( that wench) took his life & left him all alone. That makes me feel sad for him. Yes I know he’s not real……

  15. DebS said

    Its okay Dizey…I think we all feel the same way here. I would love to see the show explore more of Henry’s past lives. Before he was turned and after. Here is a question I suspect we could spend some time on (and probably already have)….what flashbacks would everyone want to see during the real second season. That I am absolutely convinced we are going to get.

  16. DebS said

    I know it is early, but I think I am heading to bed. Catch up with you all tomorrow.

  17. prtfvr said

    A little update on what everyone’s doing for the summer from the imdb.

    Christina has two movies in the hopper. “3/5 of a Man” is in development. The plot line is “A drama focused on Nat Turner and the 1831 slave rebellion in Virginia.” She’ll be co-starring with the always hot, Ving Rhames.

    “Ascension Day” is in post production but that looks to me as if it’s just “3/5 of a Man” renamed.

    It looks like Dylan and Kyle don’t have any plans at the moment or they’re not posted yet. When I see something new, I’ll let everyone know.

    — prtfvr

  18. DIZEY1 said

    Well chix & doodz, I’m gonna go get some Henry & the gym’s calling me @ 4:30 in the A*Freakin’*M, so I’ll doze off with Henry. Not too shabby if I say so myself. Can I possibly watch that movie again??? Maybe.

    ********PROPS TO YOU **Z** BIG GRADUATE!!!!!
    Oh and Anzia, I didn’t get to go to college, but what you’re supposed to do in life, I think will find you. Don’t stress, you’ve done a ton of that to get you to this point. Breath a little and enjoy some of the ride. God’s got a plan little sista’ , and you’ll be just fine. Girls rule, don’t ya know.

    Sweet Henry Dreams

  19. Claire said

    If you showed up at my party with someone 30 years younger,I would say”you go girl! Does he have a brother?LOL!! don’t worry about age,it is really just a number..As for Vicki and Henry,why can’t they just enjoy each other while they can…you know what they say..better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all..anyway I’m bleary eyed,had my 3 year old grand daughter today on top of my 7 year olds,I’m wiped…my daughter was exhausted and having trouble breastfeeding so Miss Mya Jolie came to spend time with me….lord I’m tired…type at you all tommorrow! sweet dreams whomever you dream about!

  20. Anzia said

    Thanks guys. 🙂 You’re seriously making me blush with all the congrads. Early congrads at that. I still have two weeks (well 12 days) before I get the piece of paper. A lot can happen between now and then (like my psych term paper not getting done ’cause I have NO DRIVE to do it).

    Beth- If he could just show me what it is i’m supposed to be doing, I’d REALLY feel a lot better right now. 🙂 I know girlz rule. Without us the poor boys would be beating each other with clubs dragging their knuckles on the floor. (*giggles*- for the record, loves history, I do not COMPLETELY think that).

  21. vicki said

    it does make me sad to think they (Henry and VIcki) would never get together, but I also think that it would be bad (in a way) if they did…never able to stay together..forever…the whole he is not human thing..

    OH will keep me going till Oct. thinking about it..

    I would love to see more of Henry long ago…yes even before that evil woman got ahold of him..(but in a way we owe her…henry would never have met Vicki without that time in his life) talking with his father..(a fly on that wall)LOL
    with his mother..his schooling…maybe some things after he was turned… times in history…etc..

  22. vicki said

    Anzia…Congrats…did know!!!

  23. Anzia said

    Thanks. 🙂 I’m going to sign off for tonight. I really have to get to work and I’ve been trying to work while indulging in my two obsessions (you guys being one of ’em). I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow (hopefully). I have my Senior Dinner tomorrow night from 5-midnight (there’s a pre-dinner thing and a reception) so I’ll pop in to see how ya’ll are doing at some point.

    I WANT them to get together so bad. I’m a horrible romantic and don’t want the couples that *I* (emphasis on the fact that it’s just those couples that I believe belong together) think belong together to be apart. I know how the books end, which is totally fueling the way I want the TV show to end up. I think Vicki and Henry belong with one another. The kind of together that fairytales were born of. When even death doesn’t seperate them. (see, the hopeless romantic in me? It’s fairly obvious)

  24. simone taylor said

    Anzia, congrats again and enjoy your dinner tomorrow.

  25. msgypsy said

    Anzia, got your email. You rock! Now I just need to figure out a way to make it work. LOL!

    I’m exhausted. That commute is killing me. I’ll be back tomorrow, though.

    BTW, I see Vicki and Henry as a semi-tragic romance. They’ll have their time but she will eventually have to move on, just as Dr. Sagara did. I think she and Henry will always “be together” in the same way, too. Sagara has her studies and her students. I think Vicki will always be trying to help those who need her. And she needs both Henry AND Mike to do it. So she’ll always be torn between the two and I think eventually it’ll calm down. But not too soon. We still need that conflict.

  26. loves history said

    the way it works is vicky and mike go on hrnry takes a hike all you to do is read the last story in blood bank —-\\\its mike kids-

  27. msgypsy said


    Just thought I’d warn the folks who haven’t read all the books yet.

  28. Teresa said

    I agree with Anzia, I think V&H are the couple that belongs together, although I wouldn’t mind at all if Vicki could be with both guys, why not?
    loves history and other who know how the books end… remember that how things ended up was not really her choice. Mike asked Henry to turn her because she was dying and he would rather know she was “alive” even if that meant he would lose her (or so he thought), than have her die. Once she was turned and her “education” had ended, Henry drove her away because of his belief that two vampires could not be together, based on what Christina told him, although he found out later that it was only partially true. Once her “education” was complete, I think Vicki decided to commit herself to Mike for the rest of the time he had left on this earth, although I suspect Henry might have done a bit of convincing there due to his respect for Mike and the realization of how much Mike really loved her. In spite of all that, V&H still longed for what they had had, and I think Henry, in particular, was starting to look forward to what could be (in book 5), but he would probably restrain himself until after Mike departed this world.
    All that being said, I cried like a baby at the end of book 4 at the realization of what Vicki’s change meant for the future of V&H’s relationship. I lived through one of those Romeo&Juliet turned tragic love stories (many years ago) due to cultural and political forces we were not able to defeat. At the time, we both felt like we would die and it took years to recover, and I guess when I encounter that type of love story in books/TV/movies I can really relate *heavy sigh*
    OK, sorry about all that, can you tell how the lack of BT has plunged me into a deep depression? 😦 This rainy weather the last 4 days hasn’t helped the mood.
    I think a BT marathon is in order tomorrow to brighten the mood 🙂
    ‘Night all!!

  29. loves history said

    BOOK SPOILER ALERT Teresa yes vicky didnt choose to turn henry and mike made that decision to save her. at that point they were almost a marriage of 3. I am refering to the last story”so this is christmas”IT IS SO CLEAR that vicky loves mike at the end of that story you would have to be blind not to see it as you said the y found apartial solution in blood debt but that book was about moving on (look at Tony) there is a reason tanya left a group she loved she had told the story and moved on,( to a 4th valor book coming up) i believe that love is not about sex. i married a HOT babe no that not why i married her i was not in her league but she chose me. well its 31 years later and that sex stuff is BS now i picked the right girl its not funny to be married to sick man who see doctors 3 times a week( today acatscan)and does not have the strenght to go out to movies much or do any thing else.or to be cheerful when u might be a widow any day.

  30. loves history said

    Sorry about above temporary regression to anger stage

  31. Scotialynn said

    I was just at the Lifetime boards and BT is #1! Let’s keep it there!

  32. lwildstar said

    hate to burst your bubble Scotialynn, but I was just at Liftime and BT has slipped to #4 – guys when you get a chance log in at Lifetime and post something – at the very least we have to stay in the top 5!

  33. DebS said

    Good morning everyone! I have a long day of work ahead, so I will be lurking and try to join in on conversation whenever possible.

    Thank you for the putting spoiler alerts. I am going to finish the books soon I promise! 🙂

  34. Nina said

    Hello Everyone,

    Happy Birthday Simone!!! I hop that you enjoy your day and have lots of sweets and a big B-Day cake 🙂
    How old are, if I may ask?

    I haven’t read the books yet, but in the series I really want Vicki and Henry to be together. I like Mike, but for me they can let him be together with Kate, you won’t hear me complain about it. But that is in the end, for now I like the traingle. It is fun to watch them get jealous and all the bikkering they do 🙂

  35. DebS said

    I miss the bickering. Mike and Henry had some great lines

  36. Margaret said

    Ah yes, but just think about it. Maybe the tv series will rewrite the stories as Dylan said now that its gone to TV its mostly in the producer’s hands. I personally, if I were Vicky, would opt to be turned by Henry, but then I’m a romantic fool. I’m just getting really TIRED of seeing Henry wear his heart on his sleeve and getting rebuffed all the time. I don’t want to see Henry get hurt again. He seemed to be truly hurt by what Christina did to him and I don’t want to see it again.

    Besides, Vicky has already said she doesn’t think the world is ready for any of her mini-mes. I don’t see her as being all that maternal anyway.

    P. S. If she doesn’t want to spend eternity with Henry, until the territorial thing kicks in, I’m sure the line would form somewhere here. lol.

  37. DebS said

    All this talk is making me want to see the second half of the season.


  38. DebS said

    I would love to see Mike and Kate hook up, at least temporarily. It would make Vicki so jealous. The conversation that would come out of that…Vicki’s sarcasm and wit would just make that scene hilarious!

  39. Scotialynn said

    I’m not so sure that Vicki would be jealous of that relationship. Her comment of ignoring things until they go away leads me to think that she would be either oblivious to it or just would be happy that Mike has found something normal…at least until Kate goes all wonky cause you know that is what the writers would have to do to her…or she’d be some victim for when Norman comes back. (That is something that I’d like to see in the second season. More Norman please.)

  40. DebS said

    Definitely more Norman. I don’t know though. Vicki was upset about Mike and Medusa. Although, I guess that did have more to do with Medusa being “young” and Vicki being “old.”

  41. Claire said

    Good morning ladies and gent!! Loves history,I hope all goes well at the doctor..Simone have a wonderful birthday,Anzia enjoy your dinner…I guess I’m a romantic at heart also,I would love to see Henry and Vicky stay together,I think they could possibly get past the territorial thing,after all it’s not the 1700’s anymore,there are way more people and larger cities…back then it was harder to feed and stay below the radar..more superstitions…smaller population to feed on.But,like I said last is possible to be with someone and love them dearly…and then move on…it doesn’t mean you have to end the friendship..or be out of their life…really loving someone means you want whats best for them,so if Vicki decided not to turn and eventually felt the need to have children..I think Henry would understand…he could be like an uncle the kids only see at night LOL!

  42. Margaret said

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m getting tired of Kate snipping at Vicky. Seems a little high schoolish. And Vicky getting jealous over Henry needing to feed-she had her chance. These girls need to grow up!

  43. loves history said

    ON a happy note i spent a long time on tanyas huff web site You can see her JUne2 if you go to toranto iasked her and she replied Fast wheter she would come to ny she said she didnt sell enough books to justify a book tour i t\did a little counting and found that Tanya was my tied 8-9th most purchased author 3of whom asimov,heinlen and E

  44. loves history said

    lost 1/2 my comment oh well the 3rd author was RR burroughs of tarzan fame so go out and help tanya ouy

  45. Anzia said

    I think we need a BT Romantic Fools T-shirt so we can wear our hopes on our sleeves (in tribute to Henry’s heart). ^_^

    I know everyone is talking about Vicki having kids and leaving Henry so, I have a question. What’s to stop Vicki from harvesting her eggs, turning, then having a serogate mother carry her children? If anyone’s read the Feehan novels you probably have an idea of where I’m going. There is nothing to say that Vicki & Henry can’t be vamps together (in a big city, on opposite sides so as to not work with the territory issue) and her not have kids. They could even be Mike’s babies! *giggles* And Kate could be the serogate *giggles* talk about wacky relationships! They could have people who know who and what they are who take care of the kids during the day. It would be no different than parents who work nights and aren’t really around during the day.

    I’m with Margaret on the whole jealousy thing though. I’m kind of not as angry at Vicki ’cause getting involved with a vampire is a rather risky move. Even if it is Henry Fitzroy who seems to be the “perfect” vampire male (if there is such a thing). Kate is just annoying at times. I think they need to give us a REAL reason for her snipey-ness beyond jealousy. I mean, show us a flashback of Vicki accidently screwing Kate over and Kate not believing it to be an accident or Vicki proving Kate wrong on a very important case. SOMETHING that would establish a rocky relationship from the start that has just deteriorated into a HS snipefest (at least on Kate’s side). Also, wasn’t Kate pushing Dave to leave Mike alone about his feelings for Vicki? In the first couple of eps? She actually said they were good together (or something to that effect). TPTB really need to work that plot point out a little better. It’s a tad inconsistant.

    I also agree that Henry and Mike need to not be so chummy. I like that the scooby gang is all cooperative and all, but, seriously, the jealousy and wit that resulted from their encounters was AMAZING! It was even more fun with Vicki trying to keep it together and everyone focused (one of the best part of Love Hurts- IMO of course).

    Okay, done digressing. Must work now.

  46. Laurel said

    I went back and watched the first two episodes again and it seemed like Kate was supportive of Mike’s relationship with Vicki. Now it is hard to tell what she wants. Somehow I think there’s more to that story line that the writers haven’t figured out yet. Making her a girl-friend would certainly put her in more danger, and I think it would really irritate Vicki to have to rescue her.
    Of course if they want to twist things up Kate could end up as one of Henry’s late night snacks. That would put some tension back into the mix.
    Egad! I don’t want to see that! I must need to spend more time watching reruns!

    BTW – what gives with On-Demand? It doesn’t look like they are going to give us “Norman” after all! Is this Comcast’s decision or Lifetime’s? Who do I call/write to about making this right? HELP!
    Oh, man! Not even close to October yet!

  47. msgypsy said

    Okay, quick one before I have to work. (My boss rearranged things so that my computer is in his direct line of sight and I’m paranoid.)

    I miss the Henry/Mike bickering, too. I think at some point it has to become fairly obvious to all that Vicki is in love with both or else the bickering will go away for good. And that bickering is part of the show’s (and the books’) charm. If Mike settles for Kate (and it WILL be settling, since it’s obvious his heart is Vicki’s) he’ll be less interesting to me. I’m a romantic, too, but I want to think that a man will hold onto the promise of hope. So will a vampire. It’s kind of a win-win thing for me if both Henry and Mike continue to pursue her. Yes, she finally has to give in to Henry and she’s obviously given in to Mike in the past and is likely to again. And I know that network censors are likely to frown on her being unfaithful or whatever, but it just won’t work for me any other way.

    But as for Kate’s unreasonable snippiness, yeah, I’d love to know the back story on that one! And if there isn’t one, someone needs to write it for the next season. YES I AM THINKING POSITIVE! NEXT SEASON, FOLKS!

    Hey, heywriterboy, if you ever read this blog (I doubt it but who knows…) can you write that one? Please? Pretty please? I’ll pay you back with good chocolate. (I have a source for awesome good chocolate … Laurel, I’m talking Moonstruck Chocolate. Think that’ll do for a bribe?)

    (Or hometown brewed sake. There’s a sake brewery about three miles from my office… Of course, can’t ship that internationally, can I, not without a permit? Damn!)

    Loveshistory, where do you find Tanya’s website? I’m not sure which one is hers or if maybe I missed one altogether.

  48. Marianne said

    I would really love to see more flashbacks……..of Henry and his father, and even when Henry met Christina.

    That’s just my opinion though.

    Happy Birthday Simone!!! 🙂

  49. simone taylor said

    Thanks Claire, Marianne, Nina. I miss the bickering between Mike and Henry too. That was fun to watch. I really didn’t mind Kate in the beginning but that last episode with Norman I thought so much less of her. Mike deserves better.

  50. Tango said

    Sheeeeeeeees back! Hello Ladies and Gents!

    Still on my much needed vacation and had to wait until the Bellsouth opened Tuesday to get the number down here to get dialed in. Spent most of my webtime catching up yesterday. I have been thinking about you guys while I was away and wrote you a couple of poems.

    Not really a limerick but it rhymes just the same
    What Lifetime has done is a crying shame
    No more blogging where bloggers once blogged before
    Now msgypsy is the bearer of this toilsome chore
    No more Vicki, nor Mike, nor Henry Fitzroy
    What will we do without our favorite boy toy?

    We haven’t officially met ~ I’m Tango, nice to meetcha’!

    Anzia, I know you must be ecstatic about the big ceremony in a couple of weeks. I know you’ve got the paper and maybe a couple of things before then, but at this point I am sure you have it in the bag. I would be beside myself if I knew that I was going to Spain after graduation. Spain, right? Please send pictures so that I can envy your trip.

    Got lots to say, but I’ll break this up to be easier to read.

  51. Anzia said

    Simone- Happy BIRTHDAY! 🙂 I’m sending fun (and naughty ’cause it’s ME sending them and I’m rarely anything else) thoughts of Henry your way. You’ll dream well tonight. 🙂

    Tango- France. It’s one of my dream vacations so I’m REALLY excited about that, just not about all the work I have to do in the next 24 hours. I promise to take LOTS of pictures! I’ll send ’em out (or somehow get them so you guys can see ’em) when I get back. (Which will be somewhere near June 18th.)

    Who else loves Kyle in the pose he is in my pic (the one I linked to my name)? Seriously, that pose is better than the shower scene. *hides head as projectiles come a flying* Yes, I know, that’s a no-no thought but… it’s true. I think it has something to do with his facial expression (I love laughter- nothing attracts me more— well, maybe not ENTIRELY true…*angel*) and the position of his hips…

  52. loves history said

    ms gpysy google tanya huff 3rd dow( and puff )is tanya i spent 3 hours reading her journel can anyone think wheter an epi with henrys real wife would be interesting it could be her jealousy that causes henry body to be hidden ( as in real life)so that christina had to save him Thats in the books

  53. simone taylor said

    Thank you Tango. I’ve usually lurked on the blogs. I’m generally a better listener than talker. I love everyones different opinions. I was reading the Blood Books but now that I found out about the last ones……I don’t do sad very well.

  54. DIZEY1 said

    Hey my chix & doodz,
    Good morning to ya’ll. Tango I replied to your e-mail & it came back I re-sent to your email.


    I also can’t wait till the dueling DUDZ are back. BTW I was re-watching Norman and Henry tells Vick that vamps can sense the sun long before it rises. I’m thinking maybe that’s what **5:55** is about. Remember Tanya saying that it would be important info for down the road. Maybe that’s sunrise issue. Does our Henry play too close to the fire. That’s probably not what 5:55 means but I thought sunrise.

    Anzia, I’d love to see Vicki & henry w/babies. I think it would be hysterically funny. They could do some kind of ep where they babysat or something. Henry does miss it, he’s already said that. He’d be the nurturer. Vicki talks a good game but I think she’d get into it w/humor or sarcasim(as I would). Could you see the two of them trying to change a diaper. ROFLMAO*** I love that idea. HEYWRITERBOY I hope you do read a little bit of this, Take some notes, we’re givin’ ya some good ideas here. Aunt Vicki & Uncle Henry too cool!!!

  55. Marianne said

    See you all later…..I’m off to the gym. Have a good day everyone! 🙂

  56. simone taylor said

    Thank you Dizey1. Changing nappies……oh now that is too funny.

  57. Tango said

    Anzia, Scooby gang? I almost pulled a Kate-coffee thing. Good call!

    I also miss the jabs the men use to take at each other. I hope we will see more of that this fall. I like msgypsy am putting out the positive vibes for a second season. I just feel it in my bones that there will be one. Then again, I didn’t see the end of OC coming. Does anyone know what happened there?

    A back-story is greatly needed for Kate’s animosity toward Vicki. As a few have mentioned and Laurel confirmed, she was supportive earlier in the season, so why now? Is she just now coming to terms with her feelings for Mike? I’ll have to go back and pay attention to see, but is Vicki aware of this backbiting Kate is throwing her way?

    I’m with Scotialynn, more Norman ~ definitely more Norman!

    I know that V&H don’t really want to talk about the whole Norman incident, but I certainly want to hear them talk about it!

    The time has come for us to see
    What life is like without BT
    Withdrawals galore and DTs abound
    We scan the channels but it’s not found
    We rely on our friends to help shake the fret
    What I’d like to know ~ is it October yet?

    Diz, I got the 2 on the 28th. But nothing since then. I wonder whatzup?

  58. Anzia said

    Tango- *giggles* ^_^

    I’d like more Norman too. I’d especially LOVE the sympathetic “I don’t want to but I have to” Norman that we saw when Coreen asked him if he was going to kill her. That is my ABSOLUTELY favorite moment with him. He’s evil, he’s nasty, he’s creepy, but he’s human (in a demon sort of way). It was great 3-D character action.

  59. Tango said


    I also like those aspects of Norman, but the little nuances of the hair flipping, the jerky spins, and of course the neck-popping are priceless.

    Dizey, the babysitting idea would be a hoot. To have the baby cry every time Vicki picked it up and calm down when Henry got it. Of course she would say that he was using his powers of persuasion on it. Let just not have anymore “Children of the Corn” moments like we had in Postpardum.

  60. Tango said

    Going down to the beach, type atcha later!

  61. Danielle said

    Good afternoon guys and dolls.
    I had a horrible crampy morning. Ugh! Happy Birthday Simone.
    I would love for Henry and Vicki get together forever and have Mike be a mid morning fling whenever Vicki needed it. She could get her “mini-me’s” that way. I do not want her to be turned. We all know what will happen then and then I would be really pissed off.

  62. Anzia said

    I still maintain that the territory issue was only an issue for Christina. (I’m an optimist at heart I guess) Besides, chalk this up to naivete otherwise…well you’ll see, I truely believe that those who are supposed to be together; those that have the forever kind of love; will find a way to make it work. It WILL work. (see the naivete portion— i do believe it. Whole heartedly so be kind…) I don’t want Vicki to lose Henry. I don’t want Henry to lose Vicki. I don’t want Mike to be upset but… I’m a Henry/Vicki shipper all the way. (Sorry Minxes)

  63. Carla said

    Dizey1 I was thinking the same thing about kids. Maybe they have to rescue some kids (various ages) and are stuck with them someplace isolated/dangerous for awhile. “UncleMike” would be great with them, Henry could be OK and Vicki could be hopeless except with the smartmouth teenagers!

    I have a question for the Stargate fans. Over at scifi website they have interviews with some of the SG cast and different people have mentioned the “SG 2 movie deal” Are they TV movies or theater releases? They just mention it like it’s common knowledge (not common enought for me though).
    It’s also over there that Sam Carter will be going to Atlantis.

    Back to BT. In the Firefox interview, buried pretty deep on p.5 I think, Tanya Huff again hints at the “real series final epi” that Henry & Vicki finally get together. Hope it’s HOT. We deserve it after having to break up the first season this way 🙂 The interview has been posted for awhile but I just found it. Slow week at work!

    Sorry so long.

  64. Danielle said

    Anzia-I too am a hopeless romantic. I want everybody to be happy. Well except maybe Kate because she is so damn annoying. My sister(the extremely religious one) tells me that all the romance books I read are brainwashing me and nothing is like that in the real world and I refuse to believe that. If it were true nobody would stay married. For crying out loud her husband calls her pal. If my guy ever called me that I would slug him. Is that all she is to him. There has got to be something better than that in this world.

  65. Anzia said

    I’m with you Danielle!

    “Only the deepest of loves will induce me to marriage. So I fear I will be an old maid and teach your ten children to play their instruments very ill indeed” – Elizabeth Bennet, “Pride & Prejudice” (don’t hold me to the exact phrasing. It’s probably not right but it’s close)

    I’m of the belief (and I don’t want to make anyone mad by this) that marriage is a one time deal. I want to do it once and once only. Granted I’m 22 and never had a “serious” relationship…

  66. Danielle said

    Hey I’m 28 and never had a serious relationship.

  67. Anzia said

    Oh, I wasn’t implying that My age had anything to do with it. I was just saying I’m young and not really experienced in the serious love department. I didn’t mean to imply anything other than what I meant. Sorry!

  68. Danielle said

    No I wasn’t upset about what you said. I was just saying that I feel the same as you. That I am in the same boat as you. Man I really some off as an idiot. Sorry!

  69. Danielle said

    I mean I come off as idiot. I always make myself sound mad or upset by what people say and I don’t intend it that way.

  70. Anzia said

    If it makes you feel better I worry about making people mad unnecessarily. 🙂 I’m sure that’s an obvious trait since I usually have a disclaimer on anything I think someone could be offended by. ^_^

    We’re a pair aren’t we?

  71. DebS said

    Carla- The SG-1 cast are working on two movies right now up in Vancouver. Originally they were going to be straight to dvd releases…but I think I may have heard about them premiering on Sci-Fi now. So, I am not sure which it will be. I do know they won’t be theatrical release. And yeah, Carter is going to Atlantis…she will be taking Weir’s place. I have mixed feelings on that one. We will see how it goes.

    Anzia, I agree with you on the marriage thing. I do want to get married eventually, but I am in no hurry. I want to do it right and have it last (although the small amount of pessimist in me, says that is a very difficult thing to have happen). I also don’t have a lot of experience in the love department. I keep my fingers crossed for the future though. 🙂

    As for the whole who should be with who thing. Right now I don’t care which of the characters hooks up next…I just want my show back!!!! hehe. IS IT OCTOBER YET??

  72. Danielle said

    Anzia-I got so bad with the worrying and then thinking up horrible scenarios to go with the worrying i.e. someone being so mad they wanted to do horrible things to me or my family and then it moved on to anything happen for any reason not just being mad I have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder which is technically a form of depression. It comes along with insomnia and some other wonderful symptoms. My brain works overtime thinking horrible things up. It even stopped me from going places with friends or shopping. It turns out it runs in my family. My mom and two sisters have it and grandfather gave it to us.

  73. DebS said

    Anzia- Is your trip to France a graduation gift to yourself? I absolutely love travelling. My dream was to go to Spain, and I was able to do that two summers ago. I was only there for a week, but it was amazing! Where in france do you plan to go?

  74. simone taylor said

    Thanks Danielle. I used to be a romantic. I admire those of you who are. Anzia, I really hope you find a romantic person to share your life with. Yes marriage should be a once in a lifetime thing. And I really want that for you. 🙂

  75. Laurel said

    Happy Birthday Simone! I hope you have something special planned for your week-long celebration! I firmly believe that a birthday is worth at least a week of self indulgence and joy – so if you needed permission to party on you now have it!
    Anzia – Congratulations! What fun you will have in France! I hope to get there some day, but for now I’m just going to be happy for you! Flirt with someone over coffee and a croissant and drop me a line. I could use a good scene in my short story and would be happy to write you in.

    Tango! Yippee! You made it to vacation! How is your hubby feeling now? I hope you get plenty of relaxation this week,
    I am envious that you get to go to the beach. I lived in California for several years and had friends in Laguan Beach,CA. We went down to visit almost every week, to play in the water and eat lots of good picnic food with friends. To me, that is what a beach vacation should be.

    Anzia and Danielle – good for you both! Being sensitive to others’ feelings is great and shows character. That said, I don’t think most of us will be easily offended. We will ask for clarification when we need it but you are among friends here.

    Loves history – how did your cat scan go? Rest up and get back to us. We are out here praying for you.

  76. Scotialynn said

    Aniza , Danielle~ I’m in that boat with you two. When I was a teen I didn’t see the point of a serrious relationship. Now its just so hard to meet noncrazy people that you want to form that kind of attachment to. If I get married it will be a one time deal. And it will be that ture love or nothing. My mom thinks that I ste the bar too high, and I think that we (as a nation) have the divorce rate that we do because too many of us don’t set it high enough. That is just my opinion and every one has to live thier life as they think is best for them.

  77. loves history said

    the vamps hate each is NOT made up by C a vmp feels rage a desire to kill other vamps as we see when another vapm crosses vickys way it isnt preatty.Danielle anzia i am even more of hopeless romanticve with same girl for 31 years 4 years back a 18 year student of mine said she would graudate in a week and we could legally hookup she was hot but i showed her the door.if you wife is not your best pal then no matter how good the sex is things are not worrking. i want vicky to be with mike 1) tanya wrote it that way. the actor who plays henry seems like wimp he wouldnt have lasted two min with me in a fight when i was that age i grew up on tough streets my grandmothers boy was tough nyc police capt who sid hit 1st hit hard and keep on hitting them i ran errands for the mafia at 8 and up the sopranos is pld ladies club compared to the real thing.

  78. simone taylor said

    Scotialynn, I’m with you. You have to set a high standard and live up to it. As you said (as a nation) divorce is easy. Many of my co-workers asked why I put up with my husband when I’m angry. I’ve been with him for 26 years, married 21. My friends are on their 3rd marriages. They think when it gets tough, just bail. So then what is the point of “for better or worse” ????????

  79. Carla said

    These silly people didn’t mention our favorite author!

    Maybe because she’s not currently writing vampire fiction.

  80. Laurel said

    loves history – sounds like you seriously need to write a book! Isn’t amazing how real life can have so many odd twists and turns? Good for you finding a great love to journey through life with (bonus points for the fact that she is so beautiful to you).
    Marriage is a lot of work, even between good friends, and if you expect great passion and flowers and happy-happy joy-joy every day you are setting yourself up for trouble. But if you can see yourself loving and honoring that person , and being loved and honored in return… Every day is a choice, and you can choose to step forward, or not.
    Hmmm something about that last line sounds familiar…. “What is your choice?”

  81. Tango said

    With all this talk about marriage, I felt like I needed to put my two cents in…

    Disclaimer: I’m not a marriage counselor, relationship specialist, nor do I play either one on TV. I am only one woman who has been married for 14 years to the same man, whose parent’s will celebrate their 51st anniversary this year. So I’ve had good role models.

    … my advice to those singles out there is to be picky but realistic. Don’t be in a rush to be married ~ date your prospective mate for years. Did I say years? Yes, years. You both will be trying to impress each other for the first two years (and boy can that be exhausting!) and it’s not until after you both let your guards down that you can really know what the other is like, flaws and all. Don’t be afraid to ask all the important questions about faith, money, children, goals, etc. I think that is one reason why the divorce rate is as high as it is. People don’t really know whom they are marrying and when the newness wears off, they really don’t like who is staring across the breakfast table.

    Don’t get me wrong ~ marriage is hard work as Laurel & Simone just said. You have to constantly look at ways to keep things fresh keep those communication lines open. My hubby and I have done classes, retreats, and other things to strengthen our marriage ~ always trying to find those that are biblically sound and filled with humor.

    OK, that was more like four cents ~ stepping off soap box now 😉

  82. Leigh said

    Ok, I’ve been gone a while and I see we’ve moved and I followed! I haven’t been able to blog in forever and I JUST got to watch the finale this past Sunday, LONG story and thank GOD for my DVR.
    I can’t believe it’s over till October. I’m reading the first book now so I have to be careful about all ya’lls spoilers, but thanks for alerting me it helps to know what to skip over.
    Take care and I look forward to jumping back into chatting with you guys!

  83. simone taylor said

    Well said Tango. 🙂

  84. msgypsy said

    Simone, I’m trying to figure out a birthday present for you but nothing practical springs to mind. I thought maybe I’d put up a birthday thread for each person with a birthday but that could get unwieldy really fast. So I think I’ll settle for wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Loveshistory, what’s your LJ Id? Mine is something completely separate from anything you’ve seen me use to date. LOL! Tanya doesn’t blog nearly enough for me!

    Tango, I am painfully jealous of you going to the beach. I haven’t been to the coast in two years. It’s only 60 miles away and I live right off a direct route. But life has a way of interfering. For my birthday (next month) my friend Dea (whose birthday is one day before and twenty years after mine) and I are ditching everyone and going to the coast all by ourselves. Or that’s the plan right now.

    I married my best friend. The trouble was, there were things about him I was hoping I could change in him. So I have advice for any woman looking at a potential life partner of any kind. Adults can’t be changed by other people. The only person who can make a substantial change in another is a baby who does it by the mere act of being born. Adults have to be able to accept adults on their own terms. I’ve long regretted that by marrying him I interfered with his life and possibly made things worse for him. (Yeah, his felonious tendencies predated my meeting him but I can’t help but wonder if he might have been more careful were he not thinking of me as his shield or protection … or beard, if you will.)

    Tonight on my way home I’m attempting one of the tougher trails that I used to do a lot last summer. It’s due to be around 90 and that’s the best shaded trail I know of. Wish me luck!

  85. DIZEY1 said

    Back from lunch, I like this topic. Dani, & Anzia I am a hopeless romantic and I just told my mom this last week, that I do look at life through rose colored glasses. I’m a glass half full girl, it’ll be better tomorrow girl , it’s a silly optimistic look at life. I do believe that the the guy gets the girl in the end of the movie. We are so bombarded with the bad stuff on the news, etc. that I LIVE FOR THE FAIRY TALE. And at (46) I’ll be damned if anybody tells me I can’t have it. It’s my brass ring to grab. Ya like all those cliche’s, but why can’t we have all that gooey stuff. I’ve never been married and my mom and dad will be married oh god (48) years this Sept. Pretty amazing, because we’ve become a throw away society. The Greatest Nation in the World and we throw away everything even people/relationships. I will not buy into that, they will not make me believe that there’s NO HOPE. I think there’s someone out there for everyone. And until I find that guy that’s all mine, the one who’ll think that I walk on water I guess I’ll have to kiss a few frogs along the way. It makes the journey a little more interesting. (KERMIT’S KINDA COOL)


  86. Maddie Mo said

    My 2 cents on the marriage thing . Marriage is hard at times, and even when I am totally ticked off at my husband I would still rather be fighting with him than spending time with anyone else. Having said that, this is my second marriage. Sometimes we are so in love with someone we can’t see that even though they are our always and forever we may not be theirs. I said I would only do it once and if I hadn’t reconsidered I wouldn’t have my husband or my little girl. All I can say is you never REALLY know someone till you have lived with them.

  87. Tango said


    Bill is much better thanks, he’s outside with our neices riding bicycles right now. The LaGuna Beach we vacation at is actually in the Florida panhandle, next to Panama City Beach. It has beautiful white beaches and emerald waters and is located on the Gulf Coast. There’s a picture at this site.

    We are getting plenty RnR and enjoying the sights and great food that a beah vacation brings. We hope to go see Pirates 3 in the next day or so. Base on all the feedback here, it should not disappoint. Johnny Depp and Orlando Blume, what more could I ask? Kyle Schmid would be a nice addition.

  88. Rifkind said

    Loves History,
    I agree with Laurel, you should write a book!
    Maybe you and your wife can sketch out some of the powerful events that happened in your life.. and then fill in the blanks when you have time..
    maybe talk about them when you have to go to the doctor… just slowly fill in the blanks.. it could be a real nice way to share with her some of the things that happened before she met you.
    It sounds like you had some exciting moments in your young life.

  89. Himmiefan said

    Welcome back Leigh, and welcome and happy birthday to Simone. I’m glad to see Prtfvr and Catcornmom have checked in. We just need to get Sai13.

    1) Where’s Weir going on Stargate Atlantis?

    2) More Norman. Yes! He’s hysterical. Of course, Kyle doing him is great too. 🙂

    3) Babysitting – great idea! I agree that Vicki would be the clueless one.

    4) I’ve also been thinking about how can Vicki and Henry get together. I’d resist, reluctantly of course, getting into a romantic relationship with him because it can’t really go anywhere and having to break it off after several years would be too hard to bear. So, in my happy, happy Himmiefan universe, Henry pines away for me and becomes human again. We then ride off into the sunset with all our little Henry’s and mini-me’s. 🙂

    Thinking about this is a lot more fun than working.

  90. msgypsy said

    Tango, Orlando never did anything for me until the second half of P3. Or actually it’s more like the last quarter of the movie.

    And my friend Kim wants a t-shirt that says “Nobody move! I’ve dropped me brain… ” This will make sense once you see the movie. And it’s hardly a spoiler.

  91. loves history said

    HEREs hopeng that lifetime does not pull the plog i am worried angie cant handle it my wife moms love LIfetime sh watchs it 8+ hours day and likes BTS i watch 9 hours a week + the knife collectors show. but iam feeling a lot of anger buidind toward life time there is no need for this pain they are inflicting.tango is right about getting to know your other anything can be handled if it is not a suprise( like one person hating vampires)Laural write abook?? unless your into bridge there not a lot to write beauty is fleeting i look 20 years older then i did 5 years ago but about 6or7 years ago some one asked my wife if was i her son she was never madder she did look like a hotter C.COX 30 years ago but blondes tend to look old when they hit 5o i on the otherhand(never very preatty) looked the same at 50 as 30

  92. msgypsy said

    And I want one that says “You add an agreeable sense of the macabre to any delirium.” Again, no spoiler and it’ll make sense once you see the movie.

  93. simone taylor said

    Thanks Ms.Gypsy….this place for us to still share is gift enough. Orlando, I liked him better as a blond with pointed ears.

  94. Tango said


    Would that be you and Henry ridding off in the sunset in Henry’s himmie mini-me minnivan? Say that 10 times fast!

  95. *sigh*
    I am very much a hopeless romantic. My honey finds it somewhat obnoxious at times, but he puts up with me. 🙂
    I’ve been dating the same man for 2 1/2 years, we’ve lived together for almost 2 of those years. People think we are insane, we think we are in love. Yes we are engaged, but haven’t even thought of planning the wedding yet. We know we are not ready, both mentally and financially.
    That being said, I have always rooted for a good solid relationship between Vicki and Henry. While I know how difficult it would be, I see the potential for it in their eyes. (very good actors, indeed)
    Sometimes I really do think all the romance novels have turned my mind to mush. ha ha!
    I’ll be around today, although I feel the urge to dive into my writing, I must put it off for at least another couple of hours, until my nephew is napping.
    Oh and thank you for giving a warning about the book spoilers. I haven’t received the rest of the Blood books yet, and I don’t want to know anything that will ruin the ending for me.
    Sorry for the long post, I had a lot to make up for as I spent most of yesterday glued to my laptop writing.

  96. Marianne said

    I also love SG-1……….and I’m really glad that they are making a movie!!! 😀

    Is Richard Dean Anderson going to be in it?

    Not that this post is in any war related to BT lol.

    Eh. Marrige. If I meet the right guy, then I meet the right guy. I’m not going to spend my life being miserable, *or* wondering “what if?”

    I grab life by the horns and live it. Dating a younger guy, or an older guy or a guy so completely different than me that other’s just scratch their heads: it’s all good- If I listened to what society (at least here in SW VA) dictates, I’d be married, or married on my way to a divorce, with a few kids and no way to support myself.

    One guy I seriously dated while I was in nursing school wanted me to stop going to school and marry him. He said that he felt like I was “penciling him in” to my schedule.

    He was right. I was.

    My education is more important that a guy, sorry. (I moved 700 miles to go to school, not to get married).

    He has since moved onto his second marrige (lasted 3 days) and lives with his parents at the age of 42.

    I’ve gone on from my LPN to get my RN, and live in a decent apartment. Yeah, I’m single, but if I ever did have a child I know I could support myself and my kids, with or without a husband.

    Hmmmm do you all think I made the wrong choice?

  97. Himmiefan said


    Geesh. I can’t even get through that once. I’m horrible at tongue-twisters. 🙂

    I think I prefer Henry’s Jag.

  98. Tango said

    msgypsy, I hope you get your trip to the beach. The beaches up there, as I remember them, are much different. The memories I have of the Oregon beaches is that the waters were too cold to get in. I remember my older sister and I running into the water and quickly running back out when it got to our ankles. There was also something about poisonous octopus too? Do you know anything about that? My parent’s may have been pulling our legs. We spent the day walking up and down the beaches going into caves, picking up driftwood and visiting an aquarium. It turned out to be a great trip. What kid doesn’t like exploring caves!

  99. Himmiefan said

    Oh, did I mention that in the Himmiefan universe, Henry adores my cat (the himmie in himmiefan)? He’s so in love with me that he doesn’t mind getting her fur all over him. 🙂

  100. Himmiefan said


    Sounds like you definitely made the right choice!

  101. Anzia said

    Okay, LOVE the P3 quotes! ^_^ Orlando was HOT with the bandana and the curly hair and the shirt unbuttoned all the way to the waist… oh boy! *giggles* The “Nobody move, I’ve dropped me brain” t-shirt idea is great. The section where he was introduced— EWWW!

    loves history- I KNOW that tanya wrote it that way, but as has been pointed out, just ’cause the books say it is so doesn’t mean the TV show is going to follow. Also, there are loopholes to EVERYTHING, you just have too look for ’em.

    I grew up reading the “trashy romance” novels that everyone loves to bash but most secretly hide in their bookshelves. I then read the classic romances (Austin, Bronte, SHAKESPEARE). I can honestly say that the combo has warped my little mind as to what I want. I know that marriage is hard work. My parents were divorced when I was 6mons old. My mom remarried (to a jacka$$ abusive—) and is unhappily married to him today. My dad remarried when I was 9 and, as my stepmom has said, the only reason they’re still together is because he works in Chicago or London during the week and is home only on weekends. I don’t want that. I keep being told my standards are too high as well. But, really, all I want is someone who’ll make me laugh, let me cry, STOP me from going insane, and help when I can’t do it by myself. Seems a rather short list to me…

    Also, the babysitting idea is great. I keep meaning to say it but I never quite got it out there. 🙂 I feel that Mike would have LOTS of fun with Henry surrounded by lots of kids and Vicki conveniently busy— somewhere else in the apartment.

  102. Anzia said

    Marianne- Nope, not the wrong choice at all! ^_^

  103. Marianne said

    I have to agree with what Anzia said. Tanya wrote the books one way, but the T.V. show is completely different. She’s even said that herself.

  104. Anzia said

    Marianne- Nope, I don’t think that at all. ^_^

  105. Anzia said

    Ooops- I got this error msg saying that the site had had a “small crash” and I didn’t think that my post sent. Disregard my 12:44pm post. *blushes* it was supposed to be my 12:32 post

  106. Margaret said

    I’m new at the vamp thing so you’ll have to humor me but can’t Henry knock boots with Vicky without having to drain her of all of her blood. After all he did snack on her in one of the earlier episodes and she didn’t turn. Or in order for them to have an “on fire” connection does he have to turn her?

  107. From what I’ve gathered he prefers to “boink” as he feeds. He seems to absorb the emotion of his food as he feeds on them. Obviously sexual pleasure is far better than fear.
    Although if he turned her he couldn’t feed from her as they knocked boots. I think he would miss that most of all.

  108. Marianne said

    No, he can “knock boots” with her….some of us just want to see them together for a long time.

    She won’t “knock boots” with him.

    Now I personally would have no problems being with him LOL.

  109. Anzia said

    LOL I’m with Marianne. knocking boots with Henry Fitzroy is definitely NOT an experience I’d turn down. *giggles*

  110. DIZEY1 said

    Marianne, My sister-in-law went to Charity School of Nursing(was a top nursing school) and I think June of 2005 right before Katrina hit. She was working @ Memorial Hos. one of the ones that still hasn’t re-opened. She’s making some serious $$$ now. Her, my brother, and at the time my 2 yr old nephew lived w/us till she got out of school. My the brain aneurysm survivor but is still on dissability because of seizures from said brain surgery. Thank god Raini(sister in law) is actually right now the bread winner. She takes good care of Logan(nephew) and my bro.(Robert). You made a great choice and right now nurses here can almost name their price because of the crap that Katrina left(that wench). Ochsner Hospital which is a huge hospital here bought like (5) of the damaged hospitals all around Orleans & Jefferson Parishes to re-build & re-open them. Things here still not fixed yet. But it’ll get better eventually.

    Where did you move from to go to school. No good nursing schools in your area?

  111. DIZEY1 said

    Anzia, Marianne
    Knocking boots would be very good. I’d much rather BUMP UGLIES though.
    OOOhhhhhhhh yeahhhh

  112. As much as I would love to say I’d just fall in bed with Henry and let him have his way with me, a little voice in the back of my head tells me that that’s insane.
    He’s a fracking vampire! No sane person is going to, for one instant, really believe they are in the presence of a vampire, let alone let him feed and pleasure her/him.
    It’s a nice fantasy, it might even be considered romantic, but it’s totally crazy!
    Now, I don’t usually live in reality, as is my nature. I’ve always been a dreamer. So I usually tell the little voice to stuff a sock in it.
    Can you tell Henry visited me again last night? This is becoming quite a dilemma, I had hoped that my vampires would get a night for themselves so I could figure out what is to happen next with them.
    Oh well… Crap, I rambled on and on again… Sorry if I’m not making sense, lack of sleep and a totally hyper kid running around are doing nothing for me today.

  113. Marianne said


    I’m so sorry about your brother, but i’m really glad that he made it through his aneurysm. That’s GREAT!! Not everyone does. He is a true miracle.

    I moved from Boston, Massachusetts to Roanoke, Virginia. The cost of living was too expen$ive for me to go to school and live. Rent was through the roof, food, gas, etc. I had been laid off from my job as a nurse aide in a hospital- the hospital was $12 million in debt and was facing closure.

    My sister lived here, and she told me that if I go to school down here, I could live with her for free.

    I moved, after thinking long and hard. It was a lot to give up, pretty much everything i’d ever known.

    I stayed with her for 7 months before I moved to my own place. I can’t live off of someone else’s charity, I just can’t. When I came here, I had no car, no furniture except for my bedroom set, and that was about it.

    Yeah, Nurses can pretty much write their own salary. I don’t really care about money though in the sense that i’m not materialistic. I just want to be able to pay my bills, live my life, maybe see a movie once in a while.

    I will tell you that my hospital paid for my education, not once, but twice. They will also pay for me to go on for my Bachelor’s, my Masters, or even PHD if I want it.

    I don’t. I’m good where i’m at.

    My hospital just gave me a 1$ an hour raise to keep me here, plus my annual review raise of 64 cents…. When I went on job interviews a few months ago, I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and had job offers before I even left the interview. How crazy is that? Oh, and no resume either.

  114. DIZEY1 said

    On the subject of sssex…. Spike & Buffy did do the nasty, bump uglies, knocked boots etc.and she didn’t turn, correct?? So why can’t V&H both get a little she can let him feed a little also and they both can have a cigarette afterwards.
    My god man can’t she get some Henry pleaseeeee.

  115. Marianne said

    Oh, now instead of living with my sister, I live in an apartment with cathedral ceilings, a marble fireplace, chandelier, and a walk in closet the size of a small home office.

    I rent, don’t own, because I’d like to move back to Boston. My best friend up there makes $48 an hour, and when they were short, the hospital she works for offered incentive pay so she was making $95 an hour.

    My hospital is offering incentive pay as well- $11 an hour on top of your hourly wage, and if you’re into overtime……….that could be like $70 an hour (remember, the cost of living is less down here than in Boston).

  116. Anzia said

    My thinking is, if we can’t get some of him VICKI at least needs to! We must live vicariously through that her. *sigh*

  117. simone taylor said

    Marianne sounds like you have a nice home for now. And if you like your job, that’s all that matters.

  118. DIZEY1 said

    Marianne I know when Raini told me how much she was making, I almost choked. And she’ll work holidays nice incentive there also.
    And my brother I think is a miracle, We lost our sister 9 yrs.ago to the same aneurysm and supposedly in the same location in the brain. Needless to say my other 2 bro’s called when Rob’s was found and each went and got an MRI. The doc’s said not heridtary but I think they might have been wrong. He’s such a blessing to have here & luckily only has seizures. I say only he’s 6’1 and lifted me up w/one leg. I’m not a petite woman. Super human Henry like strength. But happy he’s w/us everyday. Like they say If God leads you to it he’ll lead you through it.

  119. Ok, a little bit of useless vampire knowledge for you all.
    Most vampires turn others by taking almost all of their blood and then replacing some of the lost blood with their own immortal blood, thus triggering the conversion.
    Sex during the act is just to make the experience more enjoyable, it is not nessicary nor will the act of sex alone convert someone.
    Or at least that is how it is in most vampire stories. I believe that is how Tanya wrote her version of the vampire mythos, if I remember the first book correctly.
    Now an accident could happen while the vampire was feeding and *cough* doing other things and they can take too much blood. They would then either be forced to convert their victim or watch them die, it all depends on the connection and or relationship between the two.

  120. Anzia said

    Off to my senior dinner! Have a great night guys. I’ll be around tomorrow night (my paper is due tomorrow afternoon so I might be a bit wacky from relief!)

    Hugs & Lovely Henry/Mike Dreams!

  121. Marianne said

    Simone~ I *heart;s my job!! Couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I got two specialties: Cardiology and Physical Therapy. It’s so nice to be able to go home at the end of the day and know that I helped ease someone through theirs.

    Dizey1~ Smart idea that your brothers went through an MRI as well. You are right: If God leads you to it, he will lead you through it.

    I lost my nephew feb. 17th, 2006. He was 26 with two little girls and a fiance. One of the hardest times of my life- He was like a brother to me. My family and I got through it…… through the grace of God. Not that i’m particularly religious, but in this case He helped my family and I get through it.

    I am glad that your brother made it.

  122. loves history said

    ONCE again sex has nothing to do with turning in the books they have sex early turning has alittle to with turning. its she who must drink his blood in the process henry must the kill her sowhen he turned vicky she had to to drink. i ntied that there no comment on henry(the real) being married. wouldnt that shape his views toward womem just think of poor cath erine howard iam sure i remember from the books that his sister Elizabeth ask him to leave England how did that hit him

  123. Margaret said

    So, then they could bump uglies, knock boots, do the horizonal mambo, etc. and he wouldn’t necessarily have to turn her then and they could snack at a later date then, right?

  124. Marianne said


  125. Exactly Margaret. They can hump all they want and not have to worry about her becoming the undead.
    What’s holding them back is Vicki’s unwillingness to commit to Henry. I think she’s afraid of her feeling for both of the men in her life and choses to ignore it in hopes that it’ll just… go away.

  126. loves history said

    ihave a friend who make 62 dollors an hour and he thinks that he desitute thats lot more then SSJ and i dont think that i want anything well maybe buy tanya new book in hardcover rather then wait for the paperback.

  127. simone taylor said

    Marianne–I’m glad you love your job and that you really feel for the people you help. I know of too many people who don’t like their jobs or when I was in the hospital a few years ago some of the nurses were in it for the money. They weren’t sympathetic or anything. They just wanted to hurry up and go one.

  128. Margaret said

    So it probably all comes down to how scarred she was from her dad leaving at an early age then, maybe? What do you think Doctors? Could it be she is unwilling to commit to a man because she feels she can’t trust them since her dad deserted her at an early age.

  129. simone taylor said

    I think that’s a possibility. Lots of times we marry men like our dads, so maybe not getting too involved with a man because of her dad makes sense.

  130. loves history said

    yes vicky must suffer from fear because her father by the way di=o think in the early stages of the books tanya wanted to bring in a lesbian lover ive read more then one review that said vicky was bi and when tanya stared BTS that what she was known for

  131. Sometimes its not a daddy complex, but just that she can’t handle the stress of a relationship.
    Although not having her father around probably makes it hard for her to connect to men other than in a professional position, which is why she was so successful as a cop. She never saw any of them (except Mike, apparently) as potential lovers, just schmucks who worked with or under her.
    Under her command you perverts!

  132. loves history said

    bythe gypsy did you access tanya web site

  133. DIZEY1 said

    DING..DING Gold star for Margaret as Norman would say. Vicki has serious abandonment issues. You can see it all over her face.

    Lady A..I got it that you turned by consuming the immortal’s blood like Louis & Lestat. I just wanted to make sure that he (Henry/vampire) still could play for her enjoyment. I wasn’t sure if he still participated in the human sexual pleasures. Making me warm just tinking about it.

    Marianne, sorry for your loss. I’m a catholic & not devout(hangs head in shame) but I know who holds the big power. God got us through.

  134. Marianne said

    No……not in it for the money. If that were the case, I have had several opportunities where I could have moved on and made LOTS more. One hospital was offering a $20,000 sign on bonus in northern VA. Nope……not interested. it’s about Quality, not Quantity.

    Always has been.

    Vicky Bi? Hum. That’s an interesting take. Never thought of that….I know Vicky has commitment issues, I mean, who doesn’t at one time or another? I just wish she would commit to Henry for a little while. LOL

    *evil grin*

  135. Marianne said

    Thanks Dizey. We are as a family doing okay. It does color all of our lives, and it will for a loooooong ass time. I’m not particularly religious either, so no worries girlfriend.

    Thank you though. 🙂

  136. It seems as though he can… perform as it were. But in the books it is a little vague if they actually did the deed or if they both found release with the act of feeding.
    On the show it is clearer that Henry can indeed have intercourse, or at least that is what it looked like he was doing hovering over some of his female companions.
    *cough* well now that I’ve spent the afternoon talking about the sexual desires of a vampire that isn’t my own, I must now go see to the needs of poor Connell, whom I left asleep for the day. He’s going to be mighty hungry when he wakes.

  137. Margaret said

    I went to Tanya’s Live Journal and this is a few of the questions I asked:

    Do you think if the show were picked up that it could sustain momentum for a year or two or would they run out of stories and/or demons? Did they just use your books to initial guide the show and then they’re started going off with their own story lines?

    Her response:

    After the pilot, they’ve only using the books as guidance but there’s an infinite number of stories out there — I doubt they’ll run out. Of course the problem is Supernatural uses a lot of the same stuff and they’re a full season ahead… *g*

    So, if thats the case what some of you all may know to be sop for vampires may change at the hands of the writers I would think. What channel is Supernatural on? I don’t watch that one. I’ll only watch BT.

  138. lwildstar said

    yippeee! just checked the Blood Ties Board at Lifetime and we are back at #1 from #4 this morning!

  139. I am so looking forward to October. I am half way through the first book, I would be done by now if it weren’t for school. I am so glad there are so many devoted fans, and I am so proud to be among all of you!

    BT FOR LIFE!!!!!!!

  140. Brenda said




  141. susana said

    Hey ladies/gent
    FINALLY GOT MY INTERNET AND CABLE BACK! not being able to check out the blog proved that i am addicted to you guys…i don’t get to post much cause of work, can’t post from work, too busy with patients

    Marianne-Hi, fellow nurse 🙂 was a NICU nurse for 4 years, then went to NP school cause i wanted to be able to wirte prescriptions and work with women in all life stages…love taking care of pregnant women and doing all those pap smears etc also the pt education is great (you’ll be surprised how little women know about thier bodies), i LOVE what i do, it pays less than being an RN but i would not trade it for the world!

    Claire…i am a breastfeeding guru( if i say so myself) wish i were there to help your daughter, don’t let her give up, i am still feeding a 14 month old and folks think i am crazy…that is when i tell them i am going to feed her till she goes off to college!!!!! (the expression on thier faces is priceless!)

    loves history- keep us updated on your condition

    dizey/marianne- happy for you that you survive your losses admirably

    simone, we have not met but happy birthday….wish you what i wish everyone else….a henry dream that involves honey 🙂 lick away!

    My take on henry and vicky, i am on book #4, glad for the spoilers, now ican brace myself! the henry book is intense…love him! On the series who he ends up with for me does not matter as much as henry gets to bump his ugly with vickys 🙂 , he will at least have the memories and yup, she needs to admit she loves him! Thier relationship needs to last at least 2 seasons 🙂 TOO MUCH TO ASK …I KNOW! Hopeless romantic here…or maybe just horny (smiles shyly)

    My 2 cents on marriage….lots and lots of work….married to a wonderful guy,5yrs later, 1 child later…doing great…however i did live with him for 2yrs before marriage, we knew each other well. .i HAVE TO SAY for those who don’t know this yet, i am form Kenya and africans see marriage a little differently, you are in it for good (not always a good thing) but there is alot of community supprot against divorce, now i have a mix of my culture and the new one i am adopting ,,,makes for an interesting marriage…especially since my husbadn had to pay dowry for me !!!!……….my main belief though is you have to remain connected…finding ways to do that is the challenge…the question is..


    Missing BT bad…watching episodes on itunes now to capture all those “little” moments i may have missed during my initial watching when i spent time sighing my way thru episodes. just cause we have all this time on our hands….go and watch”GIFTED”, when vicki and henry are at the girl’s mother’s house…where he smells the blood?…….ok, forward to when she shows him the drawing then…kid has a yada yada…imagination..yada..yada, look at his lips right before they change the scene, he does this cute thing…youcould almost miss it 🙂 GOSH..i feel so pathetic!


  142. susana said


  143. Anzia said

    Susana- you’re one up on me, I can’t spell worth crap! ^_^

    Okay, my thought for the night: Do you know how funny it is to see your professors completely SLOSHED! Authority goes down the toilet! It was hilarious though…

    okay off to work. HOPEFULLY, I’ll be able to stop posting long enough to write my paper! *crosses fingers & prays* It’s ONLY 50% of my grade…

  144. loves history said

    hi susana was in kenya 36 years ago had a pride of lions sun themselves on our land rover so waiting for Oct is easier then u think

  145. susana said

    hey loves history…glad to meet someone who has been to my home…i MISS it so! We have a farm in west kenya and elephants are always running down the fences..seems unreal but parts of kenya are still that rural:) i will be going home in october…..wish i knew when BT is back cause i love my home but i will NOT MISS A SINGLE BT EPISODE!….how pathetic is that, ihave not even bought my ticket yet 🙂

  146. susana said

    kenya is very different now than when you were there, were you visiting?

  147. vicki said

    Hey all..

    Anzia…you go girl…I am a Austen..Shakespeare nut!! Your quote was fairly accurate..”I am determined that only the deepest love will induce me into matromony….” I felt the same way and I didnt marry till I was 29 and I am SOOO glad I waited.
    Did you see that their is a movie coming out this summer called “Becoming Jane”

    IT is about Jane Austen’s life…I am sure it is HIGHLY inaccurate..but it looks really cool.

    Oh by the way..I ordered my t-shirt and I should be getting it this weekend. I want to have it so I can wear it sunday and be depressed. HEHEHE

  148. loves history said

    marriage is a trip sometimes the road is rocky sometime smooth sailing

  149. loves history said

    i was on a sight seeing hunting trip kenya was smooth when compared to the Rio negerss in the amazon river basion ican help hunting my dad took me hunting at 8 and at 10 i bagged my 1st deer i Love venion got an impala in kenya had aknife made with is bone about 28 years later

  150. susana said

    folks still hunt in kenya, not as big now though…my dad has eaten lot of game…elephant….even tasted lion once…not a fan myself…just a beef girl here 🙂 oh and the tribe i come from loves chicken 🙂

  151. loves history said

    i would not kill and elephant only kill alion in self-deense had to kill a bear once i hated it ( to kill) i hit with 17 9mm rounds and didnt slowed it 0 however i hate owls my sister lived in long island with my dad and one killed one of her kittens ishot it and 4 other s my dad was p_d because i wasnt supposed to go in his gun rack when he was not there but sisters tears saved me

  152. susana said

    currently watching noecrodome…sniffing scene…being a guy you probably don’t get why we get a stirring in our loins at the whole scene……..but hey whatever makes the marriage better ROTFL

    anyway, i have tasted rocky on the marriage side and makes me really appreciate the good stuff! I love marriage cause it is comfrotable, i want to be able to exhale without you thinking my gut is too big from that angle (WTF)..i also do not expect youto make a federal case when i do not wear make-up…..interestingly….i rarely wear makeup …..all that petty dating stuff, i so do not miss!

    sorry love story…loading you with all this “estrogen” talk, seems we are the only ones around 🙂

  153. susana said

    loves history…BTW…never held a weapon in my life…have mixed feelings about them (not trying to get political …don’t worry)…hunting , i know…is however a different story:)

  154. loves history said

    my wife puts on lots of makeuo its harder on a woman when you get older more so if you were hot i never looked so great so iam not going to pick on her now after putting up with me for years

  155. loves history said

    getting political what happ inDarfur is beyond the pale spent a day in Khatoum and got really bad vibes there. i dont believe the US can get involved we have too many enmies in moslem world as it is you guys dont have enough troops so it will go on

  156. Rifkind said

    Hi late night folks, I have a question for Gypsy when she looks at the blog agian….

    Hey Gypsy,

    I would like your take on the difference between the effects on humans, (and vampires) on a FULL moon vs a NEW moon.
    I was surfing the web and it looks like both May Flies and Ocean corals are triggered to breeding at the FULL moon, or a few days after the FULL moon.

    I would think that the NEW moon would have some special significance too as this is the point where Earth has the largest tidal pull. (Sun and Moon in alignment pulling together).


  157. loves history said

    idont think iknowwhat your talking about thats rare for me rifkind

  158. Brenda said

    Came back 2 check up on this thing!

    Susana- interesting take on marriage, even though I am nowhere thinking about that right now at this point in my life!
    I love that question you asked whether marriage is an exciting frustration or a frustrating excitment? I can’t answer that but I will say that any relationship whether you’re married or just dating is difficult. I’m dealt w/ a conundrum myself. The guy I was with is about 2-3 yrs. older than me & when he left for college… that was the hardest thing for me. Saying goodbye is never easy but I know we will meet again since I know his brother. But it really makes me happy when I just found out recently that he is doing very good in his job! =]

    I realize that nobody has the perfect happy relationship & that it takes 2 to really really make it work if you wanna keep going. Sometimes it takes tough lovin’ to make you see things how they are.
    But I strongly think that love is such an divine inspiration…(I know I’m kind of a Hippie when it comes to love)…what can I say when you’re young & in love!

  159. Brenda said

    I’m Single like a Pringle now and definitely on the PROWL for a “Henry”!!!!!!!! *Giggles*
    I really want a bad boy! But can you blame me after watching BT?

  160. Rifkind said

    loves history,
    some folks think that a FULL moon will make humans, LOONY. More accidents, shooting, etc at the hospital, at a full moon..
    In nature, many species of animal are effected by the full moon.

    I was hoping the Gypsy could give me a bit if Wiccan wisdom about both the full moon and the new moon.
    I too am working on a story, and need to decide if I should use the full moon or new moon in my story…

  161. loves history said

    thanks rikind BRenda for you its time toplay and get to know your self idont think you should look r\fro type when your having fun you will know it.look at the heart and brain not the face

  162. Rifkind said

    Night all, maybe just you, loves history,
    Gotta get SOME sleep…

  163. Laurel said

    Dang, where did everybody go?

    It is only 10:30 out here. I just spent 1/2 hour getting caught up on reading the blog, and now I find you’ve all been gone for a while.
    Oh, well.

    Gypsy, I have to drive out to FG tomorrow. Do you have time for lunch?
    I’ll go send e-mail to try and catch you. I’ll check mine @ 9am.

    I can hardly wait to see what the new moon/full moon debate might do for our Henry. Could be significant if the writers get wind of new possibilities. Or not.

    I found out today that Z was filmed out here in Oregon. Eugene to be precise. Cool. Now I will have to order it. And a T-shirt, (and an I-pod as long as I’m making a wish list). Dang, I think I have to get another job!

  164. Brenda said

    That is very true… some people can surprise you from what they are like on the inside.

    Props, to the person who put up the site where you can get that T-Shirt! I’m goona have to order 1 myself!

    In a hurry b/c I am tired & must do that thing we call Sleep, so I guess I’ll say G’Night & Sweet Dreams! =]

    BTW, that whole Moon conversation… from my window I can see it is FULL & shining very brightly* 😉

  165. loves history said

    well its time for me to dream of my beutiful Belle Morte i like my vamps evil and she is with a capital————————–E

  166. msgypsy said

    Rifkind, what kind of info are you looking for specifically? I can tell you from when I was working for a mental health care agency that the full moon was a time when our counselors and therapists knew their emergency calls would at least double. As for Wiccan or occult significance, in spell work the full moon is a powerful time but new moon is a strong time for spells of beginning (such as finding a new job, etc.) and waning (old) moon is for endings (like ending a bad relationship.) Full moon in my training was a time for worship and dedication but that was just my tradition’s training.

    Laurel, I’ll get in touch somehow tomorrow morning. Lunch would be wonderful.

    I hiked 2 miles which might not sound like much to some of you but it’s a hell of a first attack on that trail. It’s not an easy trail for someone who isn’t used to hiking. I’ve been recovering from a knee injury since November (Yeah, it was THAT bad) so I’m pretty blown away by how I did.

    And now I need to shower and take myself off to bed. Be back tomorrow. (ALthough my boss has informed me that I may no longer blog from work because our new office is under-supplied with bandwidth. He doesn’t mind me blogging in general but it screws up the whole system now. So I can blog at the office before 8 AM but after that I’m outta the blog. Email is okay though. Sigh!

  167. Laurel said

    Good night all! Sleep well and dream something wonderful.

  168. Scotialynn said

    Margret~ I’m sorry if I’m repeating info. Skimming all the entries quickly before starting work. I believe that Supernatural airs on the CW.

  169. Margaret said

    I was thinking, which sometimes on its own is a dangerous thing, do you think the very things we wish Henry could do are the very things that make him so special to us? In other words if he could do everything we do, like eat, have kids, etc. what would make him all that special any more? He’d be just like the rest of us. Just a thought.

  170. Margaret said

    Thanks Scotialynn: Never seen it and don’t plan to start because I wouldn’t want to ruin Blood Ties for myself. Even though Tanya says they may be using the same things they don’t have Henry, Mike or Vicky, and I think that is what will keep me with BT. IS IT OCTOBER YET??

  171. Scotialynn said

    I tried to watch Supernatural. I was a fan of Gilmore Girls and one of the actors from there is on Supernatural. I got through the first three eps before loosing interest. I think that I’ll stay nice and cozy with BT and be all the happier for it.

  172. DebS said

    Good morning all! I saw Shrek the Third last night with a 10 year old girl I mentor (I am a Big Sister in the Big Brother/Big Sister program). I saw the movie with friends my own age and then I went and saw it with the little girl. Seeing a kids movie is so different when you are seeing it with kids. The things she thought were funny, I hadn’t even laughed at the first time.

    I skimmed the blog and saw some questions that I dont’ think got answered. If they did, sorry for the repeat.

    Supernatural is on CW. I really like it. I have never cared for scary stuff…I like the character development more so than the MoTW.

    I think the writers on Stargate Atlantis just decided to shake up the show a bit for dramatic effect. Which is why I think Weir is leaving. I liked her character so that is sad.

    I don’t know if RDA will be in the stargate movies, but I have read the synopses (sp?) and they both look good. Of course I am a hardcore fan and will follow the show anywhere.

    Okay, It is now 9am and I have been at work for one hour and done nothing. Should get to it, before the boss finds me. 🙂

  173. msgypsy said

    I used to watch Supernatural and then for some reason lost interest. I can’t remember what it was that made me disinterested, because whatever it was is gone now. I saw the season finale and now I have to get caught up in the reruns. (I had a moment last night when watching Dark Angel on one of the cable channels. It was one thing when I recognized Michael Weatherly and it took a moment to realize where I recognized him from. But recognizing a young Jensen Ackles was even weirder. (I kept saying to my dog, “Is that Dean? That sure looks like Dean. I bet that’s Dean.”)

    One of my co-workers had that kind of a moment with Kyle’s picture yesterday. He was swearing he’d seen him somewhere before, but when I recited his filmography he kept saying, “No, nope, not from there.” Then I popped up the picture of him laughing (the one Anzia used to have linked to her name, not the one she currently has…) and he said, “Wait, wait, you said History of Violence? THAT’S where I know him from!”

    Coffee’s done and I have to get ready for work and no blog. (I’ll take my notebook with me and hopefully discover a rogue wifi connection but don’t make any promises…) Catch you all later. (And I’m hoping I’ll see my fellow Minx at lunch…)

  174. Rifkind said

    Thanks Gypsy,
    Your information on the moon was very helpful.
    The New moon = New beginnings, may be a useful story point.
    I am still torn though about there being so much that seems to be tied to the full moon.. I will have to mull this over for a while.

    New Moon/Full Moon and our Henry. . . .
    Over on the Lifetime BT blog, we were discussing the pilot episode, where Henry was sitting on the rooftop… waiting for the demon.
    In Tanyas books, Henry’s eyes are very light sensitive, so he may actually prefer to be outside and “hunting” at the new moon… just a thought.
    Though the TV Henry doesn’t seem to have much of a problem with artificial light… or it could just be that low-light shooting and TV production, just makes the job too difficult for the director of photography when he has to try to make the scene look like low-light.. hee hee, the REAL world strikes again…
    BTW, I love that they have some regions of colored light in Henry’s condo.. If you look at the pilot episode, you will see that there is an area by the front door that is awash in red light.. I loved how this made Henry and Vicki look when they were talking before she left his condo for the first time, and he was hinting that they could hook up….
    VICKI: Well you know, 400 years old or Not, if we start hanging around together, folks will say that I am robbing the cradle…
    love it!

    Off to work.
    Later Blog-kin -Rifkind

  175. loves history said

    ms gpysy i envy you i used walk around the hiis for 12 staight hours now i have stop after 2 blocks some says i cant use the strairs so have to take cab rather then subway that why i m at my computer so much i dont love. tv cant work or hunt can only play qne session a day in bridge( was 2-4 and 3rd overall in two side games this weekend at the brige tourmy)

  176. lwildstar said

    the Lifetime Board has BT back down to #4 – oh well as long as we stay in the top 5…..

  177. Carla said

    If getting Vicki and Henry actually together knocking boots is not something the writers want to give us, how about Vicki and Mike? They have the perfect excuse, “Ex” sex! Most people who have broken up or divorced know that it happens, even if you don’t mean it to. It would put some zip in the mix and think how Henry would react if he just showed up at Vicki’s the way he does, and Mike was coming from the bedroom! They could argue, Vicki would get mad at both and that would keep the tension going for another couple of months! Plus we’d get to see Mike’s bedroom techniques compared to Henry’s!!

  178. Margaret said

    Carla: You are sooo mean. Henry needs to get a little, he’s been wearing his heart on his sleeve for how long now. We all know that Mike’s had his turn. Why not let Henry have one, and then go to that scenario.

  179. Margaret said

    Then we could see exactly how made Henry gets when he’s jealous. How he would be able to control it would be interesting to watch.

  180. Claire said

    Morning blog friends!
    Hey Tango!! Good to see you! Glad hubby is doing well! Beach sounds good right about now..Hitting 90’s today here in Northern Va.
    Anzia,hope you had a good time at your dinner.
    Susana,I do wish you were here..for some reason my daughter can’t get past the one week mark when breastfeeding..she quit after one week with her daughter Mya,and she quit again with Jacob..I didn’t want to upset her,she has a touch of post partum depression,so I said “oh well a week is better than nothing” but I tell you her daughter Mya was constantly sick up to this year.I breast fed 6 of my kids for a year…even the quads…they took turns…since I only have two breasts LOL!!!! and they have rarely been sick…I am immune to chicken pox from birth..freaky! and so are 6 of my kids! I didn’t breast feed Monique,was 19 in college and working..she got the chicken pox!
    Loves History..How are you feeling today? goes it with the website?
    As to the subject of marraige…been married twice..don’t know if I will ever again.Both exes claimed I was to intelligent,strong,independent made them feel inadequate!
    Oh well! and they were my age! The younger ones I’ve dated have liked it!
    why is that? So..almost 49,still haven’t found the one…My kids joke I’m going to be the crazy little old lady with cats..I have two.I once took the e harmony personality test and it said”we can not help you at this time” lmao!

  181. Scotialynn said

    Carla~ While I am a Hen, I really like your idea. I can see it now…”Hey Coreen. (Cause I really want Gina to drop in on occasion) What’s VIcki up… *enter Mike and Bring on the Vampiness!*

  182. simone taylor said

    Good morning ladies & gentlemen, minxes, hens vices ect…..
    Anzia how was your dinner?
    Loves HIstory :; Now Belle Morte was EVIL.

  183. DIZEY1 said

    Good morning blog bud’s .
    Rifkind, on the Full Moon subject. I can tell almost to the moment when the moon is full. The term “lunatics” I think was coined from Luna(moon) way back in fokelore loony etc. You know I’m a cancer/moon’s my sign and I can feel the almost manic craziness that does come w/the full moon. We laugh at work but when customers start getting a little crazy , a co worker & I look @ each other, look @ the calander & almost to the minute say it’s the moon again. It’s wierd but next full moon watch how people act around you. HOWL AT THE MOON!!!! OOOWWWWOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  184. simone taylor said

    Claire, you are an inspiration……quads and 3 others? I have only 1 and to me that was HARD. I admire women with more than 1 child. Kids do keep you young at heart though. Don’t they?

  185. DIZEY1 said

    Hey my Claire,
    Supermom, I have a natural immunity also I didn’t get any childhood diseases except for Red Measels on my 16th b’day, and then my poor mom had all (5) of us down w/it. I was the carrier I brought home everything and caught nothing. I’ve also got an immunity to German Measels, not like I’m gonna have any kids now. Too old. Wassup w/that?? My poor sister got everything.
    How is my SWEET SMELLIN’ JAKE? And by sweet I mean TOTALLY AWESOME.
    Gonna be hot there again today huh? We’ve gotten rain the last 2 days here. My sinuses are killing me w/the humidity.
    I’m afraid of doing that E-harmony thing, they’d probably say execute her immediately.

  186. loves history said

    In the books henry owned the nighy mike the day both were getting it its the TV writers who want a little suspence, Belle Morte has had every BTS MOTW castrated henry wolld to be VERY careful even if you didnt know she evil the name says it all

  187. Carla said

    Here’s a link about one of the other vampire shows coming out, this is the one based on Charlaine Harris’ “Sookie”

    Maybe Lifetime beat the curve on the new trend and will go for more seasons of BT.

  188. Carla said

    Here’s another article (it’s lunch and I’m bored). This one has comments from our Christina toward the end.

  189. Danielle said

    Hey guys. Geez it takes me forever to catch up.
    DIZEY-I am glad your brother is all right. My parents used to do foster care and two of the kids they took care of got adopted by the same family. A few years ago the mother died of an anuerysm(sp?). It just happened all of a sudden. It was really sad for the kids. I think it is cute that you call me Dani.

    OMG I love Jane Austen.

    I prefer to Bump Uglies over Knock Boots.

    I loved Orlando with long gorgeous blonde hair and pointy ears(I have a cardboard stand-up Legolas. I just can’t seem to part with it) but when I saw him with dark hair I loved him even more. I am the kinda girl that flips over dark curly hair(Henry, Josh Groban, Orlando) although I loved Deirks Bentley’s blonde curly locks. Maybe it is just the curls I flip over.

  190. Laurel said

    Good morning all!
    Looking at the e-harmony comments reminds me to be grateful for my husband of 24 years. Although he drives me crazy sometimes (he is a man) we have continued to enjoy each other’s company. Maybe it is because we dated for 6 years, maybe it is because our families are very much alike – both sets of parents have been married over 50 years so far, and grandparents over 60 years. Maybe it is because we respect one another’s need to be individuals within our marriage. Today, he is off fishing with friend from church/hardware store and I am off to lunch with Gypsy.

    Okay, enough philosophy.

    Simone – Continued birthday joys are wished for you today!

    Claire – Not everyone is dedicated to breastfeeding so your daughter shouldn’t feel bad. I held out for the 10 days it took for milk to come in with my first, but looking back it is a wonder that I did. My pediatrician was having me feed her with a bottle because she was becoming too dehydrated and loosing weight. Turns out I was extremely ill and didn’t know it, but I treasure those times when I held her close to try.

  191. simone taylor said

    Thanks Laurel

  192. Danielle said

    I was just watching Norman again and as the real Henry and real Vicki kiss somebody said “beautiful” at that exact moment and I was like “Yes it is”

  193. DIZEY1 said

    Ya know Danielle I agree, and we also got a lot of lip lock even though they were supposed to be Norman. V & H did get some good kisses in there. I liked the kisses @ Henry’s (MC LUSTY”S) lair. When she leans up to kiss him in the “Loveseat”. those were some nice litlle smooches there.

  194. Danielle said

    A lot better that when Henry being Norman being Henry. That was just to sloppy. That is the way I imagine a geek would kiss.

  195. lwildstar said

    help! I’m trying to find a picture of Henry in the cell with rosary (when Maria askshim to prove he’s not the devil) and I haven’t had any luck with any of the Galleries so far – does anyone have a link? Don’t know why my cousin wants it but I told her I’d ask,

  196. DIZEY1 said

    God if and when they do have a **LOVE CONNECTION** I may be out for days!! Spontaneous Combustion baby, if ya catch my drift…..


    OR MAYBE……..

  197. DebS said

    lwildstar-Sorry, I don’t have a link..although I wish I did.

    Danielle-McLusty…i love it. 🙂 Good luck on your date tomorrow!

  198. Danielle said

    Iwildstar-Sorry Iooked and couldn’t find anything.

    Around the time we started coming up with the drinking game some of you were talking making a certain drink the official drink of BT. Did anything come of that. Someone mentioned a blood mary but I cannot stand tomato juice. I was thinking something with cranberry juice to give it the red look.

  199. Danielle said

    Thanks DebS I can’t wait. You never know if this might be the one. In a way it is kinda exciting.

  200. DebS said

    I agree. I just started talking to a guy on eharmony…perhaps it will go somewhere. 🙂

  201. Danielle said

    Good luck!

  202. loves history said

    how about a modied sherly temele ginger ale or beer grenadine the whisky your choice topwith cherrys

  203. Danielle said

    Top with cherries sorry I that just made me laugh.

  204. loves history said

    cant you meet someone with mutal interest i meet my wife at a bridge tourney

  205. Danielle said

    There isn’t many places to go around here that include my interests. You can’t meet people at the movies and places you can go with groups of people that sew or crochet are all older women. The singles group at my church are all people much order then me. Meeting at the bar is just not the way to go not to mention I would expect it isn’t very safe.

  206. loves history said

    DANielle i love cherris a;lmost as much pasta with lots of Garlic

  207. Danielle said

    I have a recipe book of cranberry mixers are home. I will look through it and put some ideas on here in case anyone else doesn’t like tomato juice. EW!

  208. Danielle said

    I love cherries too. I can’t go into details about why it made me laugh.

  209. Could we not mention food? I skipped breakfast, again.
    Afternoon folks!
    Official BT drink…. Hmm…

    How about Cranberry juice and vanilla vodka or vanilla rum? It’s super yummy and you can hardly taste the alcohol if its mixed right. Not to mention its got that great reddish color from the cranberry.

  210. DebS said

    I am with Danielle on the finding men to date with similar interests. I am new to the area I am living in and I have found that eharmony has at least allowed me to meet new and interesting guys (even if we don’t end up dating). I don’t want to meet guys at bars, or at least the guys I want to date aren’t going to be found at bars.

  211. Danielle said


    Yum Cranberry and Vanilla

  212. lwildstar said

    thanks Debs & Danielle – I’m going to keep looking.
    If any one is still interested the link for the jewelry it should be ready Sunday evening – if everything works I’ll post it here on Monday.
    And what a sad Monday it will be, another Sunday with out going to bed without my last thoughts being of Henery – ok thats not entirely true, but you know what I mean…Is it October yet?

  213. Danielle said

    Besides guys at bars are probably only looking for one night stands and I am not into that.

  214. loves history said

    well except for HS 1 in college allthe womenive know were from Bridge you could sount that 18 year old who mase pass at me that she she was 18 made me feel a little sick talk about cradle robbing if she was 21 i would have felt flatterd those few yeard make a difference the result would been the same you dont stay happily married 31 years if you fool around and at 50 well sex has lost most of its alure.

  215. simone taylor said

    Good luck Danielle.

  216. lwildstar said

    Just snuck a peek at Lifetimes Board list – we’re back to #1! I wonder if anyone over there pays any attention – as soon as it starts to slip theres a flurry of activity and it goes back up.
    yeah! Keep it up!

  217. Danielle said

    Thanks I appreciate the support. I am both nervous and excited. I am more nervous with this one than the last.

  218. DebS said

    Back when we were on the lifetime bloodblog, someone said they lived in Bloomington, IN. Whoever you were, did you follow us over to this blog? If so leave a comment…I have a question. 🙂

  219. loves history said

    by the way anyone play bridge its the best game and in new york there lots young men that play

  220. Danielle said

    Bridge? I always thought that was a structure usually made of metal that spanned a body of water or another road. LOL! jk Nope don’t know how to play.

  221. DebS said

    I don’t know how to play…but am love learning new card games. Sadly, I don’t live anywhere near New York. Always wanted to visit though. Do you live in New York City or somewhere else in the state?

  222. DebS said

    Wow! As the day goes by my grammer skills go farther down hill.

  223. Danielle said

    Deb-I looooove NYC! If you ever get the chance to visit don’t pass it up. It is so fun and all the people. OMG I can’t stop gushing over it. If you do let me know and we can meet up there.

  224. lol DebS. I have that problem as well. It’s quite a problem trying to chat late at night and all I can get out is gibberish that no one can translate!
    Ack I’m being dragged outside to set up a pool. I’ll be back later tonight!

  225. DebS said

    I have a list of places I want to visit in the US, and NYC is at the top. Actually a lot of people from this blog live near or in the cities that I want to visit. 🙂 I know people to show me around now. I have a Debra Travels Fund, so that eventually I can actually take vacations to fun places.

  226. Danielle said

    Trying to type while drinking is funnier. God some of the stuff that comes out of my mouth or in this case fingers are way out there.

  227. Scotialynn said

    I’m picky about my juice…I don’t drink anything that is naturally red…For those of us/ you who don’t drink Why not a shirely tempe?

  228. Scotialynn said

    I’m picky about my juice…I don’t drink anything that is naturally red…For those of us/ you who don’t drink Why not a shirely temple?

  229. DebS said

    So I had to get a new cell phone yesterday. I dropped the other one in the snow to much (from when I used to live in Northern Ohio). So I have the Razor now. Does anyone on this blog own that phone? And if so, how do I get the speaker phone on? Or does it even have that function? I looked it up in the manual and couldn’t find information on it.

  230. Danielle said

    I want a Chocolate by LG

  231. DebS said

    Yeah…I don’t nkow if I actually need a razor, but here I am with it. It is a nice phone. I also need to figure out how to put my family on speed dial. I am talk to them ALOT!!! I am sure that is in the manual…I may spend my weekend figuring this thing out.

  232. Rifkind said

    Thanks for the comments on how the FULL moon effects you.

    >> I can tell almost to the moment when the moon is full.

    I may use this in my story, just like Tanya did, when Henry said that he could FEEL the sunrise coming… my vampire may feel the full moon.

    Gotta’ get back to work! -Rifkind

  233. DebS said

    This is a long day at work. I have the most beautiful view out my window, and I keep staring off into the distance. Not a good way to get things done.

  234. Claire said

    Thanks Simone! Yeah they do keep you young at heart! Maybe that’s why I feel so damn young…then I look at my drivers license…lol
    Dizey girl…me too no German measles either! Sweet doing fine..he is most adorable..makes me want to bite that little Kyle chin he has!!
    What do you mean you’re too old to have kids…didn’t you see that 60 year old on the news..she had twins!!!! JK!!! and by the way to me 46 is not old….cause that would make me a senior citizen..since I’m older than you..LOL!!
    Loves History,as for finding a man that has the same interests…how many men do you know who love vampires…modern music…video games…vampire novels…and would allow me to obbsess about blood ties..and the very goodlooking actor who plays him?
    I mean besides yourself…LOL…and you’re married
    and Sai13.

  235. DIZEY1 said

    Kinda dreary here. So damn slow too, I’ve got to try and sell something or baby doesn’t get a new pair of shoes, if ya catch my drift.

    Rifkind, your welcome. I’ll think about you next full moon when I’m howling at the moon.

    Dani, what’s chocolate by LG?? Red drinks…I do love a good Bloody Mary w/spicy tabasco green beans in it (yummo) , but we have probably the only one in the US a drive-thru N.O.Original Daiquiris. The jungle juice, tropical itch good red ones. The Long Island tea is a kickass driink, the cajun crawgator I think I need to go get one when I leave work. Oh after I go give blood. It’s for Henry & the Blood Ties gang.

  236. Danielle said

    Thank you Claire My thoughts exactly. Although I am much younger than you (sorry) it is still wierd for a woman to like video games. I am always on my playstation to if I am not on here with you guys. Hey they could make a BT video game. How cool would that be?

  237. DebS said

    Claire-My thoughts as well. I don’t do video games often…but I would totally play a BT game. To bad none of us are in charge of merchandising…we would have turned this show into a franchise by now.

  238. Danielle said

    A Chocolate by LG is a phone you can get through Verizon. It comes with a navigator and mp3 player and all the other fun stuff. I also like the name very much.

  239. loves history said

    new york is the best place to esic for vampires my niece went to avamp club and wad freaked out

  240. Danielle said

    We could all be livin large with the dough we would be raking in.

  241. DebS said

    You could defintely get your Chocolate by LG then….and so much more. 🙂 I could affod to visit NYC.

  242. DIZEY1 said

    Claire I don’t feel old until I think about me having a child at this age. I’d have to hire you to come and save me. You’re the one with the red cape!! I do feel like Henry sometimes and miss not having my own children. I’m sure if I really wanted to I could find a suitable donor(swimmers). But hey I’ll live vicariously through you. Jake, now’s the time to be able to nibble on that little dude. he can’t say stoooppp, like my nephew Logan does. Man once they hit like 5-6 they’re so picky about the snuggling,cuddling, hugging stuff. Kids are great, you’re so blessed to have all of them. Growing up in a large family(5) kids was great. My childhood was so good, my mom was lucky enough back then to be a stay at home mom. She was there when we got home from school, cookies baked, all the storybook stuff. I was lucky as are you’re kids. Good MOM!!

  243. Danielle said

    Yay! I could get a computer for home so I don’t have to run to Chris’s(my sister) or Kelly’s to blog with you guys.

    I am blowing this joint talk to you all tomorrow. 😉

  244. Anzia said


    So, I’m SOOO excited and SOOOO tired! I turned in my FINAL PSYCH PAPER EVER at 2:30 pm (mark it ladies and gents!) this afternoon! I wrote the entire thing in 12 HOURS!!! That has to be a record of some sort! ^_^ *does happy dance with a lovely limp from her bum knee and what might be a broken pinky toe (I was so tired this morning at 3 something that I walked into the doorframe going to the bathroom)*

    So, my senior dinner… not what I expected. I was a little disappointed. My table wasn’t really talkative (at least not to me) and the speech was really long and only moderately funny. I did end up sitting with Heath. Heath and I have an interesting history. He was President of Hall Council my freshman year when I was VP. We couldn’t stand one another ’cause our policies were TOTALLY different. So, for a really long time we’d just snipe at one another whenever we got the chance. Seriously, we had a class together where we were debating about Sula by Tony Morrison (pretty good book if you’ve never read it). We were on opposite sides of the issue and it turned into a huge screaming match between the two of us. The professor had to step in and moderate what had been a peaceful exercise. Now, we just like picking on one another. I have so much fun matching wits with him ^_^ Sometimes I feel like I’m taking a gun to a knife fight but… *giggles* Although he did get me good last night. I was laughing so hard. Really, I would have hated it if he hadn’t been there in all his inappropriate glory (he was making bodily function noises during the speeches and such).

    Someone mentioned an official BT drink- I vote for Tequila Sunrise (or Sunset depending on when you put the grenadine in) or Sex on the Beach. For obvious reasons. 😛

    Claire- I’m with you girl! I actually LOVE video games. I am the MASTER (not really but I like to think so) at (please keep the hysterical laughter at a minimum) Yu-gi-oh Forbidden Memories for PS1. I also have the X-Men game & well just a lot. That and I LOVE SIMS2! I have the University Expansion pack. I use it as stress relief. When I have a bad day so do my Sims. Yup, I’m a horrible god-like-thing to not-actually-real creations of mine. ^_^ Did you know if you get the Sims 2 Nightlife expansion pack you can have Vampires? My roommate has it, I’ve contemplated “borrowing” it quite a few times… I promise I don’t play VG’s as much as it seems. I just own a lot.

  245. Margaret said

    As if I weren’t depressed enough about not having any Blood Ties for the summer then I read the book spoilers. Granted, no one held a gun to my head but it was like a train wreck, I knew I shouldn’t look but had to. My biggest hope is that the producers don’t follow the books for that direction. Besides they could never let Vicky be totally happy with either one of them as that would be the end of the show.

  246. DebS said

    CONGRATS ANZIA! I remember how relieved I felt when I turned in my last paper ever. I wrote mine in a very short time as well.

  247. DIZEY1 said

    ANZIA….YIPPY GIRL!!! I’ll bet you’re doing the dance. Now can I come lay on your couch and you can shrink my head?? Maybe there’s some pill that you can prescribe for this empty CHOCOLATE CHAIN, HENRY POPS LONGING FEELING THAT I JUST CAN’T SHAKE. HELP ME DOC’ “Z”!!

  248. DIZEY1 said

    Oh by the way have ya’ll seen or played “Guitar Hero”? 2 of my bro’s have this video/game it’s hysterical. One of them also has a golf game which believe it or not is really fun. It’s kind of got a rolling ball thing like the old arcade game
    Centipede had. I’m sure I’m dating myself by saying that game it was my ultimate fav’ and I’d love to get one if I could find one.

  249. Anzia said

    Dizey1- You’d like a Centipede? Can’t you just go to a garden and get one *hides head from booing crowd* bad pun I KNOW! I just couldn’t help it. It was RIGHT THERE!
    Dear, the ONLY prescription I can give you would be to wallow in the glory that is henry fitzroy during the day, dream of lovely luscious things that go “bump bump slurp slurp” at night and NEVER apologize for the I-just-did-something-REALLY-naughty grin you should be wearing all day!

    BTW, one of my friends asked me what I was going to get her for graduation and I said Chocolate Chains and she busted out laughing. We were sitting in our Creative Writing class waiting for the prof so of course the entire class looked at me and gave me the “WTF?” look. Dana, poor girl, just kept laughing. I guess it didn’t help that I offered her a blow pop that i’d mark on so it said “Blow Henry Pop”… Yeah…

  250. simone taylor said

    Good for you Anzia. That’s great.

  251. Anzia said

    thanks! 🙂

  252. simone taylor said

    Anzia—you could make a fortune on just us…… “Doc I’m obsessed with a vamp & a cop……”

  253. Anzia said

    works for me! I wouldn’t have to do the whole apply & interveiw thing!

  254. simone taylor said

    Is there anything in particular you would like to work with, like just children, only adults, special cases?

  255. loves history said

    mw wife with disabled adults hey thats me now. if wanted come to nyc what would be on your list of things to do.claire vamps yes video games alas not the same one now bridge,poker,chess many yes. you know u dont have agree on eveythingmy wife hare sci fi ect. she thought tanya was composite of us she loces scifi vamps (me) spider solatare cats my wife and that sure wouldnt for tanya as she likes girls

  256. ndayeni said

    DebS – I live in Bloomington, IN. Sorry to be so long in answering you/speaking up here, but I don’t often get a chance to read this at work during the day, so have to play catch up at night…and usually again the next morning before work if possible. What was your question?

  257. Anzia said

    I only have a BA in psych so I’m not actually a Dr. or anything. If I did go on in psych (which I’ve thought about) I’d go with abnormal psychology. I LOVE personality disorders and such. Research is FUN! (well, not writing it up but doing it was fun.)

  258. loves history said

    dont kill me but army wives looks good i love the leads

  259. Anzia said

    bored at work… anyone fun around???

  260. Marianne said

    Congrats Anzia!!!!!

    I know how hard it is to write that last paper. Good work, girl!!

  261. Marianne said

    Loves History: Army Wives does look good……….just not on Sunday nights @ 10pm.


  262. Laurel said

    Congrats Anzia! That last paper is always a big hurdle to get over.
    Of course my Sr. Thesis was so long ago that it was done on a typewriter! No computers, so I typed the final draft in the wee hours of the morning and had to retype any pages with typos. OMG! I am soooo old.

  263. Anzia said

    ^_^ Sadly, that paper I turned in is no better than a C. and ONLY if my professor takes it easy on me! Such a crap paper… I’m just too tired and too done to care.

  264. loves history said

    anzia nobody is going to cars about your paper once you get your degree.what is your next plan

  265. DebS said

    ndayeni-Cool. I will be in Nashville, IN at the end of the month. I was thinking that Bloomington was near there…and if so are you familiar at all with Nashville? I am trying to pin down a reasonably priced hotel/motel/inn to stay in with my parents while I am there. Just not sure if there are alot of options there.

  266. Anzia said

    loves history- sleeping. that’s what I’m doing next.

  267. Laurel said

    Lucky me!

    I had lunch with Gypsy! We had such a good time talking about whatever came to mind. Of course BT was the main subject so conversation was easy. Go figure, we have a mutual adoration of Mike/Dylan (and french fries) lol.
    Thanks again for lunch! Let’s do it again soon!

    The rest of my day should be titled “Revenge Of The Blue Plaid Skirt” – It may yet make MOW status. The darn thing will have to be completely remade. I had a feeling that might happen, but oh well. If I can get it to fit right Gran Fletcher will look lovely.

    I have heard that no good deed goes unpunished. *JK*
    Actually ’tis a labor of love.

  268. Laurel said

    Of course I meant MoTW status. As in monster of the week. Dratted finger fumbles.

  269. carla said

    Tonights vampire night on Scifi channel. First Queen of the Dammed and now BloodRayne. Queen of the Dammed was better than BloodRayne is turning our to be. I think I’m going to back BT videos.

  270. loves history said

    debs i will be in nashville in july ill ask about hotels i am staying with my wifes sister she might know

  271. Anzia said

    I’ve seen Blood Rayne. Don’t waste your time.

  272. DIZEY1 said

    Hi ya’ll! dropping in for a quick catch up. Went & gave my reg. 8 wk. blood donation & will send the paperwork to Bloodlines site for the Blood Ties blood drive. Pretty cool works for us & for the blood banks. Oh and as I’m telling my flobotomist(love that word) that I need to send my receipt for this vampshow I watch, she asks if it’s Blood Ties?? I was pleasantly surprised as she stuck me in the 2nd arm. Missed on 1st try. But for my Henry it’s all good.

    Hey Gypsy, I like the wrist warmers. Colors are great. My aunt had both wrists operated on for carpal tunnel(sp??) In this computer age, more & more people are going to have problems.

    Thanks for the FREE advice Doc’ Z. Chocolate chains…aaahhhhh just love those. Turning your friends onto them now, and Henry blow pops? Don’t give away all our goodies. We need to keep some for ourselves…….”IS IT OCTOBER YET”????????

  273. DIZEY1 said

    I hope you appreciated the “Hooked on Phonics” flobotmist(SP******)
    (blood suckers). If they looked like Henri’ I say YES PLEASE**

  274. Claire said

    Just checking in on my favorite BT fans!
    Anzia,I’m such a freak,I have every sims 2 expansion pack,even seasons,and yes I have vamps..including one Henry Fitzroy! That’s right! Since I had previously made my entire family even my cats…I just moved our vamp across the street from my house LOL!!,I also use it for stress,I love building glamorous mansions,and all kinds of crazy stores! but playing God and running an entire towns life for a few helps me relax…whenever I get a chance.Dizey…not my boys..I got real Mommas boys! my 25 yr old is 6ft 5in and still thinks he can hug and snuggle and stuff! My 7 year old boys..have to beat them off with a stick LOL…always laying all over me!…but then again my 30 year old daughter fell asleep on my lap last Christmas! I don’t know Dizey and they never seem to want to move out! LOL! man I beat it out of my house at 16!!
    Danielle,you know at one of the sites that I download stuff for my Sims,they did a poll..the majority of the players were woman,and more than half were my age or older!!!
    Guys see what I mean when I say I don’t fit in with people I meet my own age…I can just imagine my daughters mother in law trying to play Sims…roflmao…she thought I was nuts when I brought up BT.
    Loves first husband was a bouncer and sometime body guard for some Mafiosos and celebrities in NYC.He once did a gig at Le Bar Bat…he came home all freaked out LOL!! he was all …”Claire,I swear I think some of those freaks were real vamps!” as for your comment on “we don’t have to agree on everything” I know this,but it’s hard when the other doesn’t care to even try to find out why something is our passion.I also am into paranormal..both my ex husbands did not want to hear it.I do Tarot card readings..since I was a kid..have never been wrong.My second husband called my a freakin Witch,said I was nuts.So…would have to be a very open minded man and love large families LOL!
    Anyway,I think my lovely daughter has finished taking a shower,time to see if theres any hot water left for me!
    see ya later! oh who was asking about the razor phone..cause I have a razor (red)

  275. Rifkind said

    Congrats Anzia!
    Enjoy your long awaited rest!
    Sweet dreams of niffles and Henry

  276. Rifkind said

    I meant to write SNIFFLES as in snuggles and sniffs from Henry..

  277. Rifkind said

    or would that be SNUFFLES… sounds better, not like you have a cold or something…
    Obviously I need another drink… fat fingers are catching up with me..

  278. Teresa said

    Simone – Your question to Anzia made me laugh!! Special cases? Yep, that’s us.
    Anzia – I’ve heard that you don’t need any particular certifications or degrees to be a couselor, you just need to hang up your shingle. You could concentrate on treating BT addictions; God knows you’d have enough clients, provided we’d want to be cured of the addiction 🙂
    I usually don’t pay attention to commercials, but a recent Red Bull commercial caught my attention when it said “Red Bull, get wings” or something like that. Well, you know what wings I was thinking of… ewwwww.

  279. ndayeni said

    DebS – Yes, Nashville, IN is fairly close to Bloomington…about a half hour or less drive away, depending. Unfortunately though, I haven’t been over there in a long time…at least not for more than just passing through it on the way to Columbus, IN where one of my aunts lives. I know there are a few hotels along the main state highway that runs through there…I’m pretty sure one of them was a Red Roof Inn or other such chain-type hotel. If you were willing/able to drive a bit, you’d likely find a larger selection of places to choose from in either Bloomington or Columbus….neither is more than a 30 min drive from Nashville…Columbus is probably a bit closer than that. I can ask around at work for you, though…I know some of the people there are more familiar with Nashville than I am.

  280. Kiera said

    Anzia, I ordered one of your t-shirts. I can’t wait to get it!! Thank you for taking the time to be so creative. I love it!! I am glad to see another blog about Blood Ties. I hope between the few I’ve saved and you tube I can make it thru the summer.

  281. loves history said

    had bloodsuckers on after Bts it was boreing blood rayne had a fewgood moments i need to sleep have be at the hospital at 8,30 when i was young i used to go to sleep at dawn and sleep all day i know what it sounds like but when i was young new york was the city that never slept i would play all nite and go to china town at 500am spent $3 and eat like a king when you burn your candle someday you will have to pay, in my dreams Belle mort is starting to look like vicky or maybe like my wife she did look like her once

  282. msgypsy said

    Blog-kin, I’m about to fall asleep here. Long effing day…The only high point (and it was a GOOD one) was lunch with Laurel where we discussed the world of BT and things that go wrong when you open the wrong video on Youtube at just the wrong time and how that photo of Dylan on the satin sheets almost cost me my job AND my sanity. (I’m sorry but, Minx that I am, there are some things my favorite hunky Canadian detective should NOT do and posing all sexy on satin sheets is one of them. Save it for his wife, maybe, but it was just a startling picture and I’m still sometimes catching crap for opening it at work…) (The shower pics were better…) And I got to meet the infamous blue plaid skirt. (It’s a lovely fabric and I hope it someday becomes exactly what both Laurel and her friend want it to be. It looked pretty good when I saw it but I understand about having to redo it.)

    Okay, I just saw an ad on the CW for the fall lineup. Someone PLEASE tell me that was a joke ad!

    So, as I said, I’m falling asleep and need to do a few things before that happens so I’ll try to be back tomorrow morning. Behave yourselves, kids.

  283. Anzia said

    Teresa- Okay, so, red wings… NOT JUST A HOCKEY TEAM! Ewww! Also, I think you might be right about the counsler thing. However, as with EVERY job it seems, you can’t get it w/o experience. *sigh*

    I’m actually thinking marketing/advertising (well as much as one CAN do w/o that particular degree). I also want to get into the publishing/editing world like no tomorrow.

    Okay, so I’ve slept a total of 1 hour and 23 minutes in the last 40… I’m a tad tired. I’ll probably be lurking but cognitions are getting a little hard to come by. Well, that and I have to wake one of my roomies up in half an hour.

  284. ndayeni said

    Ok, so I feel like a dunce here, but…could someone please tell me what channel “the CW” is? Aside from Blood Ties, I haven’t really watched TV for years, and when I did do so last, it was generally either one of the Discovery channels, one of the History channels, or other similar sorts of programming. So…I’m sadly out of the loop about a lot of the current networks that are out there, esp. many of the cable ones.

    I might well be watching a lot more TV come this fall however, as it sounds like there could be a lot more worth watching with all the new vampire shows coming out. Assuming, of course, that any of them end up being anywhere near as good as Blood Ties…which has been so well done thusfar that it’s going to be a tough act to beat or even equal 😉

  285. Anzia said


  286. Laurel said

    Okay, I just saw an ad on CBS for a new show called “Viva Laughlin.” I saw the pilot of this when I stayed at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. There is a CBS studio and store in the back corner of the casino complex.
    This show was awful!!! It is a musical (you know, like the high school does every spring). It includes Hugh Jackman, and Melanie Griffith (sp) and a couple other names that escape me at the moment. I got paid $50 to join a discussion group after the viewing so I think I came out ahead, but I wouldn’t give up another 1/2 hour of my life to watch that again. Yuk!

    On a brighter note, this will be no competition for anything else I might want to do with that time! Like watch BT on tape!
    I hope they don’t eliminate anything I watch on CBS – almost everthing I like in mid week.

    ndayeni – CW is usually picked up by a local station. Here in Oregon it is cable 3 on comcast. If you get cable you should be able to look it up on the website for your cable provider or dish carrier.

    Other Vamp shows? As long as they don’t have a time slot that conflicts with Blood Ties you might as well check them out. I would like to get a look at the one on HBO that portrays Charlaine Harris’s characters, but I don’t want to pay extra for the premium channel.

  287. Margaret said

    I was able to talk to prtfvr about her website last night. She’s working her butt off and we all need to visit once its up and running. She says her birds are pissed at her, seems she has been ignoring them for other fowl (us hens). Since her birds won’t talk to her we’ll have to. Seriously, I’ve visited to see what she has and so far it looks great. I love the pictures. Later.

  288. Margaret said has a podcast interview with Christina Cox, also the one with Dylan, and one with Kyle.

  289. DebS said

    Good morning all! Thanks ndayeni and lovehistory for the info on Nashville. LovesHistory are you going to the Nashville in TN or in IN. They are both fun, but very different places. 🙂

    The CW is a merger of the WB and UPN. Sadly, they got rid of my favorite show, Veronica Mars.

    Viva Laughlin is a remake of a popular British series called Viva Blackpool. I have not heard good things about the remake. Blackpool only ran for 1 series (6 episodes), which is how many british tv shows are. It was extremely popular and starred David Tennant (the 10th Doctor). I had high hopes for the remake, but based on everything I have heard those hopes have been dashed.

    I have a half day at work today! Yay! I think I will watch Z and BT for the rest of the afernoon. I haven’t watched Blood Price in a long time.

  290. DebS said

    prtfvr- Just stopped by henryshens. Looks good! Love the pictures. I haven’t given up on you!!! You can do it!!

  291. ndayeni said

    DebS – I asked one of the gals I work with about places to stay in Nashville, and she says it’s mostly just small, independant hotels in that area, being that it’s a pretty small town. She didn’t have much idea about price on them. She seemed to think that you’d most likely find a better selection of reasonably priced hotels (chain-type ones anyway) in Columbus. As a possible alternative, there’s most likely a variety of bed and breakfast type places in that area that could be interesting if you’re into that kind of thing.

    Hope this helps you.

  292. DebS said

    It does help! Thanks!

  293. DebS said

    One of my bestest and longest friends in the whole world, Andrea, works for a town newspaper in Indiana. She just got her first official online blog for the newspaper. Very exciting!! It is all about Harry Potter. She is truly a know-it-all when it comes to Harry Potter. She convienently forgets that I am the one who convinced her to read them in the first place. Anyway, her first post is up and I promised to spread the word. It looks good to the boss the more people that visit. So, if any of you are interested in Harry Potter (as much as BT), please stop by and check it out. 🙂

    Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled program: A Day in the Life of BT-aholic: Coping with the constant need for chocolate chains.

  294. DebS said

    By longest…I mean we have been friends for the longest time. Seemed weird once I saw it posted…lol.

  295. Scotialynn said

    DebS~ I love Harry Potter as well. So I left her a comment.

  296. DebS said

    Thanks Scotia! I love HP as well. I am very excited about this summer’s movie and book. I need to re-read the books, but have found I am caught up in Tanya’s, J.R. Wards, and Christine Feehan’s books right now. 🙂

  297. Leigh said

    Hey everyone,
    So my 17 year old son fell down the stairs in our house and messed his hand/wrist up pretty bad. I had to spend all day yesterday getting it X-rayed and fixed up so he can function. The good news was they were 99% sure it wasn’t broken but they saw something odd in the wrist bone on the X-ray and we have to take him back next week for another one. Anyway, I tried reading all the posts and just can’t get them all read, but I’m dying to know 2 things 1. where can I get one of those t-shirts? and 2. what is the addy to ptvr’s site.
    I can’t remember who had the links with some of the kyle pics but OMG thanks for that! What’s better than sitting here at work and opening a link with Kyle wet in the shower? That was HOT HOT HOT!! I had to look away, I think I might have blushed with the thoughts I had!
    Ok..must stop thinking about that.
    Take care my fellow hens, I hope to check in again soon!

  298. Margaret said

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I find myself watching less and less tv as the seasons come and go. I refuse to watch much on CBS because of the way they treated/canceled JAG and Close to Home. If I do watch anything on there I won’t admit and to the people I do admit it to I’ll have to kill them if they divulge it.

    The only show that has caught my attention is a long time is Blood Ties. Its well written, well cast, and just a great show with all the right elements. I hope Lifetime realizes what they have in this show and gives them more episodes. If not, I guess we have the DVDs to look forward to and cherish, should the worst happen.

  299. Tango said

    Well, the ol’ vaca has been keeping me quite busy. I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to blog this week. In fact, it’s only 8:48 am and we’ve already gone down to the local donut shack and gotten breakfast. This place reminds me of the Soup Nazi eppy of Seinfield b/c there is usually a line of about 50 people outside. Now we are getting ready to go see Pirates 3 before we head down to the beach. I think I need a short vacation from the vacation when I get home this weekend. But no, I’ve got a retirement party to go to.

    Claire, you are too funny! I am sure there is someone out there for you. I just don’t know how you would have time to get out there and meet anyone – being supermom and all. Having never had children, is it strange of me trying to imagine how you pulled off breast-feeding the quads? Just another reason you have my vote for supermom.

    Anzia, Congratulations girlfriend! I know you are glad to have that monkey off your back. What are you planning when you get back from France? Do you have a job lined up? What is your degree? I know it was a psych paper you just finished, is that – correction – was that your major?

    Prtfvr – I love that pic of Henry holding what seems to be a matchbook. I haven’t seen that one before. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see your masterpiece when it is done.

    Laurel & msgypsy, hope these wildfires I saw on the news aren’t a threat to you two.

    Leigh, Sorry to hear about your son. I hope that his recovery is quick. Here is the addy you wanted Would you expect a different address from her?

    Sorry for the long post – still have more to say to Dizey and Marianne, but that will have to wait until another time. Johnny and Orlando are waiting!

  300. DebS said

    Leigh-Sorry to hear about your son. Hope he feels better soon! Here is the link to the IS IT OCTOBER YET? t-shirt. I do not know if there are others out there yet.

    Tango-So great to see you again! Glad to see that your vacation is fun. Where are you again? How is your husband feeling these days? Hopefully fully recovered.

  301. Danielle said

    Leigh-I hope everything turns out ok with your son.

    Congrats Anzia. Now you breath a long sigh of relief.

    No date tonight guys. He(his name is Jason) has something he has to do so we are going out tomorrow night instead.

  302. DIZEY1 said

    Hey ya’ll , my dad’s back in the hospital (diabetes) may have to remove (2) more toes. Hopefully nothing more. Please say a little prayer for us, the chaos that is our lives lately is soooo overwhelming. I live w/my parents & help my mom take care of my dad(health issues) also w/my bro. w/seizures it’s stupid crazy.

    Claire, I need a reading!! Can you pull out your tarot cards & do me a reading.? I’ve started cleansing our house to try and get rid of the bad energy that’s keeping all this bad stuff around us. To some this may sound crazy but I’ve seen these things work. I need some good karma, some positive karma. I have my sage smudge sticks etc. Any other reccomendations would be greatly appreciated. “NO CASE TOO STRANGE”
    VICKI’S JOB IS MY LIFE***************************

  303. Danielle said

    prtfrv-Just went to the site. It looks great!

  304. Danielle said

    Wow DIZEY I’m sorry to here about that. My dad has diabetes. He hasn’t any complications from it thank God. I will put in a prayer for you. My grandmother’s cousin was a bishop over in Slovakia. He died two years before I was born. He is Blessed Vasil Hopko at this time. He needs one more miracle and he will be a saint. I will send a special prayer to him.

  305. DIZEY1 said

    PRFVR…..Awesome job , love the pic’s and the little captions when my mouse moved over the pic. Very cool. I wish I could do this.

    Props to you!!!!


  306. DebS said

    Dizey-I will keep your father in my prayers.

  307. DIZEY1 said

    Dani, thanks I’ll take all the prayers I can get and someone who’s almost a saint. Very cool.
    Tell your dad to be very good & do what you’re supposed to and he shouldn’t have all these kinds of problems. Considering that he made 70 this year and up to last year things were somewhat okay. Diabetes is like a slow eating cancer. It’s quiet and sneaky, slowly eating away at you , & if you don’t follow the rules it’ll bite your ass big time. It’s biting him now. I’ve got it but we’re treating mine w/diet, excersize, and a pill. I’m determined to chase mine away. I will not be my dad in 20 yrs. besides I don’t have any children to take care of me, so I’ve got to make it go away.

  308. Danielle said

    If something does go wrong hopefully you are lucky enough to have friends that will stand by and help.

  309. simone taylor said

    Leigh, sorry to hear about your son. My daughter broker her finger last week. She was playing football with her friends. The orthopedic surgon said she was lucky in the kind of break she got. A piece of bone broke off at the joint but was still attached to the tendon. The dr. said usually that piece of bone detatches from the tendon and they have to surgically reattach it. But her is still in tact. Thank heavens for that. But I hope your son feels ok and it’s nothing too serious.

  310. Danielle said

    My dad has been through so much. He had thryoid cancer a few years ago, right now he is cancer free. Last year he had transverse myolits which paralyzed him from the waist down for 6 months. He was told he will never walk again but he was determined and 6 months later he drove to the doctors office and walked in to pick up papers that stated he will never be amulatory again. What a hoot that was. Sometimes Dr’s don’t seem like they know what they are doing.

  311. simone taylor said

    Lots of them only guess and people believe what they say. I truly believe that the mind does rule the body. If a dr tells you something then your body will begin to act on what they say, either for better or worse. I think that dr. do have their place but, you have to question and research, and not take what they say as gospel truth.

  312. Danielle said

    My mom was very pushy with my dad too. She said you will do this now do your exercises.

  313. simone taylor said

    Good for your mum. 🙂

  314. DIZEY1 said

    God Danielle that’s fabulous, yeah I guess they’re only human too but, I think that God Complex sometimes clouds their vision. They sometimes can’t see the forrest for the trees. I say thank god for Science & Technology because it’s definitely saved many people or at least given them more time than they would have had even maybe 5-10 yrs ago. So all you scientists out there keep on keepin’on.

  315. loves history said

    just in from the hospital henry would have had a nice snack from all the blood DIzey1 i have had diabetes since 1995 and it seems to beunder i know in the long run iy will get you but i dont think i have a long main problem has 0 to do with D and if i dont get transplant ive got ayear maybe?Debs nashville TN,any one near or coming to nyc

  316. DIZEY1 said

    Loves history, what kind of transplant do you need??

  317. DIZEY1 said

    Loveshistory, I went and gave blood yesterday and told that to the phlebotomist (still think I sp wrong) that Henry could have it from my jugular and as much as he’d like. It would be so much more fun that way.

    NYC my mom and aunt went in Oct. of 2005 after we got back from Katrina evac. They loved it. She and I want to go maybe for like 4-5 days around the fall and do some shopping, ya know?? I’ll let you know if wwe plan that, maybe a bunch of BT babies can meet there.

  318. Anzia said

    Dizey- I’m really sorry to hear about your dad. You’ve got my prayers and I’ll pass the request along to my roomie.

    Tango- plans after france include looking into jobs. I don’t have one lined up (as is obvious from the previous sentence) because about a week after I get back from Paris I’m going to Washington D.C. with my aunt, uncle & 2 cousins (i’m coming as a babysitter for the 4 yr. old). So,I won’t actually be able to work until the end of June/early july. Oddly enough, people won’t hire someone with that kind of gap between application and availability… okay so they won’t hire ME like that.

    I have a BA for Psychology and English (although I’m not sure that “for” is the appropriate preposition there…). I focused on Brit lit ’cause I love it so much more than american literature and basically have a huge emphasis on social and abnormal psychology. SO MUCH FUN!

    I confess that I haven’t seen a BT episode in almost a week. I’ve been so busy that I just make a “quicklist” on you tube and press the “play all” button whenever the list stops. I haven’t even opened my iTunes in that week. Couldn’t be buggered with it. ^_^ I’m very odd when stressed as I’m sure you can tell.

    I’m so excited! I have ONE MORE CLASS at 1:50 then I’m done with classes FOREVER … well… until law school actually takes me. But, i have to run to the post office for a friend who’s working on HER final paper. Doesn’t sound like much but the post office is A LONG WAYS AWAY and it’s 80+ and horribly Humid! ICKY! *sigh* but i’m off anyways. talk at ya’ll laters!

  319. Danielle said

    Beth I will definitely meet you there. As I said yesterday I loooooooove NYC!

  320. DIZEY1 said

    Dani… I’ve never been but I do want to go. Maybe Claire would go too. Her old stomping grounds. She can bring us to some cool clubs etc. I’m dying to go play I can use a little now. And ladies & gents I know it’s before noon but I could actually use a drink right about now. And hey it’s 5 o’clock somewhere right??

  321. Danielle said

    That’s right! Maybe I will be able to get to the wax museum. Did you know that have a sex museum in NYC? That should be interesting.

  322. DIZEY1 said

    Wow a sex museum…hmmmm Yeah we’ll have to check that out, ya know for research. Inquiring mids want to knwo. I want to go when there’s a little snow. Man I can’t wait, we need to check it out seriously. A sex museum you say??

  323. Danielle said

    I heard it goes through the different eras of sex and toys and lingerie and stuff like that. It would definitely only be for research. I don’t what else they have.

  324. Laurel said

    Did any of you see the news last night? I saw a quick blurb about a new theme park opening in Orlando in late 2009. A Harry Potter “world” with all of the shops and the school and people in costumes… Hmmm

  325. Danielle said

    I can tell it is Friday. I can’t type for s**t. Here is the link for the Museum of Sex website

  326. DIZEY1 said

    See that talking about sex and CLEARLY I CAN’T TYPE with that on the mind.
    Ya know when there’s no significant other I have to live vicariously through the escapades of others. Oh and watch “Zerophilia” many,many, times. Love that MAX. I guess im MADD FOR MAX!!

  327. Danielle said

    Laurel-I heard that on the radio this morning. That would be really neat.

  328. Laurel said

    No, really, I wasn’t trying to change the subject! You all were typing while I was out here checking my spelling.

    Sex toys? Museum? NY? Lingerie? Different eras? The only thing you left out of that sentence was Henry! LOL

  329. DIZEY1 said

    Laurel, WE need to do research FOR HENRY!! Sex toys, sexy lingerie oh my GOD!!! It’s been waaayyy tooo long my friends. I need a man soon.
    Sorry if that freaks anybody out.



  330. Laurel said

    Danielle – Oh good, I was afraid my mind had just made that up because I am anxious for new book.
    How many of you will be hanging out at a bookstore, waiting for midnight of July 21st? I have done it for the last three books and already have a reservation for the local Borders store. We dress up and have a great time. Yes, I even have a costume for the evening. I hope to have my new cape finished in the next week or so.

  331. DIZEY1 said

    Hey maybe I need a trip to Hogwart’s and get me a little spell. Sorry Henry but I’d have to use a little magic. It won’t hurt you’ll just be smiling for a really long time. AND BABY WE WILL DEFINIETELY CUDDLE AFTER*************


  332. simone taylor said

    Diezy1–you are too funny. All the things I could think you say….. i guess it’s the old british reserve in me. but hey i hear the british victorians were a randy group. 🙂

  333. Danielle said

    I was thinking of Henry when I was typing it but I wanted to keep the visions to myself.

  334. DIZEY1 said

    RANDY…Good term simone. Yep I can tend to do that to people. I have a problem with it getting in the head and before I can assimilate it. It falls oput of my mouth and well you know the rest.

    Crazy American chicks , ya gotta love us. We’re CLEARLY entertaining!

  335. simone taylor said

    Yeah, you yanks are very amusing. But in saying that I’ve kept quiet and lets some oppurtinities pass by. So……. i like your way better…….

  336. Laurel said

    Seriously Dizey, don’t you think Henry would have plenty of knowledge on the afore mentioned subjects? After 450+ years of life and s… he should be able to answer any questions you might have about the historical significance of all things on display.

    Poor dear! You do need a man! If you were out in my area I would set you up with my handsome brother-in-law! Looks more like Mike than Henry, but is good guy. Single, handsome, owns his own home, employed, can really hold his own in a pun contest, great laugh…

  337. loves history said

    dizey are you from new orleans my niece and my cousines daughter were at turlane during katrian they both had the good sense to get out of town. my wife had tyroid cancer in 84 it was taken out and she takes synroid ineed a liver transplant liver disease makes you look terrible so i dont want to scare you.

  338. Laurel said

    Talk at you all later. I am off to Diagon Ally to get the potion for making my hair dark and shiny. See ya in a couple of hours.

  339. Danielle said

    Wow Laurel you really do like HP a lot.

  340. DIZEY1 said

    loveshistory, are you on the list? & How long have you been if so? When my sister passed the organ procurement people come a lookin’. We donated in her name anything they could use. The only thing that was usable were her cornia;s, and her heart valves because of all the med’s used to try & keep her alive it messed w/other organs that couldn’t be used. We got letters after that 3-4 people rec’d those and can see and have a good heart now. Since that time I am an advocate for organ donation. Hoepfully it will save your life. Now they can even give you a piece of a liver and it can re-generate. So I say thank god for science & technology. You’ll get one & if not call me I’ll donate a piece to you if I’d match.

    Laurel….silly me! You’re right sista’ Henry’s the bomb baby. I’m sure he’s been there & done that. He can be the master & chain me to the big **X** marks the spot thingy . Need a code word right? That’s what I hear anyway. Never been into the masochism but I trust HENRY with my life.(heeheehee)

  341. DIZEY1 said

    Oh loveshistory, sorry yes I am from New Orleans, ROLL GREEN WAVE TU!!!
    glad they got out when they did. Things are still pretty crappy in certain areas, but I the eternal optimist will stay and help put my city/home back together. It’s such an awesome city. The culture, food of course, the music man just the music alone jazz, blues rock you can find it all here. I think NY & NO are very similar in the feel of the city don’t you think. Have you ever been here before??

  342. Anzia said

    Okay, if there’s a trip to a sex museum I AM SO THERE! just as long as we can take pictures and notes… I might be distracted otherwise… wonderful imagination and all…

    Where is that Henry “action” Toy anyway… *goes off to look*

  343. Ok, you all are giving me too many ideas for when I’m in New York in November.
    Sex museum? Oh yeah baby! Just the kind of research I love to do.

  344. simone taylor said

    Would the Henry “action” toy be life size?????

  345. DIZEY1 said

    Lady A***Love the new pic’ He’s sooooo beautiful when his face lights up like that. He shines baby! You’re going to NY in Nov. just for fun??

    We need to gather at the same time. Could you see all of us loose in NY, that would be a wicked naughty time, you do realize how wild it could be??
    (hee hee) I’m in.

  346. Anzia said

    They have a virtual sex museum… there’s things about sex machines… inventions… i stopped there…

  347. DIZEY1 said

    SImone*** I sure as hell hope so. Anything smaller not even worth fooling with. OOOhhh a life size Henry doll. The mind reels….. Spontaneous combustion anyone??

  348. simone taylor said

    What about a Mike “action” figure. All those lovely muscles. The mind boggles.

  349. I’m going to be in New York for a modeling gig, but I’ll have a couple days before and after to do the touristy thing.

  350. DIZEY1 said

    Ok kidz I’m gonna grab a bite. Henry maybe…. I’ll be back in about an hour. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…………..Not Much!!


  351. Anzia said

    Simone- yes, it would be. I believe the original sales pitch was that it was a fully articulated and anatomically correct life sized “action” toy of Henry Fitzroy…


  352. Danielle said

    The Henry “action” toy better be life sized. I declare here and now as many of us as possible meet in November in NYC.

  353. Anzia said

    Enjoy your lunch Beth dear! I’m going to class, running errands & CELEBRATING with friends. ^_^

  354. I’ll be back later. The chores have piled up and I need to get working on them. *sigh*

    Have a great afternoon everyone!

  355. simone taylor said

    Well ladies & gents…..they have dumped a pile of work on my desk and I supposed I’d better earn my pay. I’ll talk to you guys later. NY in Nov. that would be a fun trip for us to get together for.

  356. loves history said

    iam offthe list because of a foot infection in 2 week hope to be on . anyway is hard to get one here thats why i am going to nashville maybe it wii be easier there,i never heard about any sex museum would any one want to go to vampire club i warn you they arent fooling.

  357. Teresa said

    Here’s a fun link posted on the LF BT board:
    You enter you name and it generates a vampire name for you, here is what I got:
    Great Archives identity – Countes of the Ghastly
    Known in some parts as Scourge of the Winged Death
    Great Archives record – Comes in silent wings in the night and wraps a deadly cloak about the victim; impartial as a die; unyielding as a stone

    Why does the word ‘wings’ keep coming up now that I know about those “other” wings? *groans*
    Hmmmm….. impartial as a die, unyielding as stone… interesting because I thnk my friends would agree with that 😉
    If anyone else visits the site, please post your results, I’m curious to see the results 🙂

  358. Danielle said

    The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
    Duchess of The Underworld
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Bitch of Blood
    The Great Archives Record:
    Thirsty, unstoppable and vicious.

  359. The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
    Musette Vigée-Lebrun
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Leto of Seducers
    The Great Archives Record:
    Beautiful and alluring – hiding great power, great danger.

    Oooo I like that!

  360. Teresa said

    Wow, Danielle! Bitch of Blood! Intense!
    L.A. – Beautiful and alluring, interesting… aren’t you a model?

  361. DIZEY1 said

    Ok look at who I am, was , may have been?? Of course I throw the parties!

    Great archives identity……..Magdalene Beau Pre
    known in some parts of the world as: Haunt of the Beltane Feasts
    Great archive record: One of ritual and pleasure-presiding over the gluttonous feasts of the wickedest night of the year.

    loveshistory, you’re going to Tennessee to get on the list there?? Oh and the vampire club sounds interesting. Real bloodsuckers there? Is that what you’re trying to say?? Do they really bite??

  362. Leigh said

    Thanks for all your well wishes about my son, he’s doing better today!
    also thanks for getting me those links, LOVE the pics on prtfvr’s site, can’t wait for it to be up.

    I wasn’t impressed with my vampire name 😦 something about howling wolves! Why couldn’t it be cool like bitch of blood cause that’s AWESOME!!

    Well, i’m off for the weekend, gonna watch me some Henry and wish it was October. I may even order me one of those shirts! love them!!

    Have a great weekend all!

  363. Yes, Teresa, I am indeed a model.
    I’m usually bored with my results on pages like that, but this one made me smile.

  364. Margaret said

    The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
    Josette Spenser
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Aphrodite of Wraiths
    The Great Archives Record:
    A needy and violent spirit.

    Can’t say that I like being called a needy and violent spirit.

  365. Danielle said

    I need a T that says Bitch of Blood I like that

  366. Danielle said

    Yes I am Duchess of the Underworld

  367. Danielle said

    Hear my call! I am out of here for the day. I a might go over Kelly’s to watch a movie. If I do I will be on later. Have a great weekend.

  368. Teresa said

    Margaret – Don’t take it the wrong way. I think it means that you are needy for Henry and violent when you don’t get enough of him 🙂

  369. lwildstar said

    has anyone seen the previews for New Amsterdame and Moonlight? I wasn’t thrilled with either.
    New Amsterdame is about an imortal who got that way when he saved a priestes?shaman and took a mortal wound – she heals him and gives him imortality until “he finds his one true love”; Moonlight is another “reluctant” cvamp – turned by his lover – who he did not know was a vamp – because she wanted him ofrever – dumped her and now is a detective – he doesn’t “feed” he takes his blood with a needle, he was just a little too “oh pity me”
    I also noticed last night SciFi channel ran a vamp marathon of some pretty bad movies. So everyones jumping on the band wagon as it were.
    Blood Ties was still at #1 on the discussion Board with Lifetime when I checked this afternoon – I wonder if we can keep it there all summer? or at least in the top 5.

  370. lwildstar said

    has anyone seen the previews for New Amsterdame and Moonlight? I wasn’t thrilled with either.
    New Amsterdame is about an imortal who got that way when he saved a priestes?shaman and took a mortal wound – she heals him and gives him imortality until “he finds his one true love”; Moonlight is another “reluctant” vamp – turned by his lover – who he did not know was a vamp – because she wanted him ofrever – dumped her and now is a detective – he doesn’t “feed” he takes his blood with a needle, he was just a little too “oh pity me”
    I also noticed last night SciFi channel ran a vamp marathon of some pretty bad movies. So everyones jumping on the band wagon as it were.
    Blood Ties was still at #1 on the discussion Board with Lifetime when I checked this afternoon – I wonder if we can keep it there all summer? or at least in the top 5.

  371. lwildstar said

    oh a double post – how’d that happen?
    anyway those of you who contacted me about the jewelry – the link should be up Monday – I’ll post it here.
    thanks for the interest and comments

  372. Teresa said

    Just for kicks, here are the result for Kyle:
    The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
    Solomon Beau Pre
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Haunt of Sewer Rats
    The Great Archives Record:
    This one sinks low and is prosperous. Breeding many times over.

    for Christina:
    The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
    Anne West
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Curse of The Crows
    The Great Archives Record:
    Intelligent, knowing, wise and shrewd. This winged one was cast from the firmament.

    for Dylan:
    The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
    Ahab Green
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Magician of Blood
    The Great Archives Record:
    Thirsty, unstoppable and vicious

  373. DIZEY1 said

    Funny I put in Kyle’s name and he would be:

    Solomon Beau Pre ( my husband??, vampire lover) ooooh
    Haunt of the Sewer Rats ( we are both born in the year of the rat)
    and the record says: This one sinks low and is propserous. Breeding many times over.

  374. loves history said

    dizey1 if you mean drink blood yes they do that a reporter went missing some say a vampiire killed her

  375. prtfvr said

    “Sex Museum”? Why aren’t I kept up to date on these things! 😉 Do you think they have a “Try before you buy” section? GACK!

    Henry life size action toy. “Actual size shown” or “Objects are closer than they appear in mirror”? Who knew the smell of nylon could get you hot?

    Regarding the Hens site. Thanks for checking back everyonce in a while. I miss you guys too! I’m getting somewhat better. I hope to at least have one active page up next week. I’ll let you know.

    I was digging on the vampire name thing.

    The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
    Guinevere Papillon

    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Devil of Blood

    The Archives Record:
    Thirsty, unstoppable and vicious.

    Ok, apparently my name means “White, fair, smooth butterfly”. Who knew?

    Devil of Blood? So THAT’S what they’re calling cramps these days.

    And amazingly I AM thirtsy! Try to stop me from getting some water and I’ll scratch your eyes out! 😉

    I miss all my Blood Ties Buddies!! I don’t have an nuttier friends.

  376. loves history said

    what is a HENS SITE

  377. DIZEY1 said

    PRTFVR*******Hey I miss you too!! The site is looking great. Love all the pic’s. How’s baby Henry?? I hear the birds are ready to throw you from the nest?? Feeling a bit neglected are they??
    White , fair, smooth thirsty vicious butterfly, oh w/cramps!!

  378. DIZEY1 said

    Loveshistory********What?? is that true or are ya’ yankin’ my chain??

  379. prtfvr said

    Hey Beth!!

    Baby Henry is a jerk! He’s always trying to bite me which is to be expected I guess. Unlike our Henry, he has a bald spot where his crest is supposed to be. Dad has a touch of OCD and pulled the feathers out! I’ll see if I can take a picture and put it on hens.

  380. Margaret said

    Okay, you knew someone would get curious and do this so let me be the first:

    The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
    Solomon Beau Pre
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Haunt of Sewer Rats
    The Great Archives Record:
    This one sinks low and is prosperous. Breeding many times over.

    The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
    Ahab Green
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Magician of Blood
    The Great Archives Record:
    Thirsty, unstoppable and vicious.

    The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
    Anne West
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Curse of The Crows
    The Great Archives Record:
    Intelligent, knowing, wise and shrewd. This winged one was cast from the firmament.

  381. Margaret said

    Well, I take that back, let me be the third or fourth. Sorry. Guess while I thought I was being cleaver so was everyone else. lol.

  382. Teresa said

    Margaret – It looks like we’re on the same wavelength 🙂 Dizey1 looked up Kyle also.
    How many of you secretly looked up Kyle and are too ashamed to say? 🙂

  383. Margaret said

    Thanks Teresa. I feel better. Although I was exhibiting signs of needyness and violence right after the last episode of Blood Ties.

  384. Teresa said

    Margaret – Great minds think alike. That’s everyone on this blog is so awesome!!!

  385. DIZEY1 said

    Margaret, no worries your cool girl. It’s all good, I like Christina’s curse of the crows. And Dylan Magician of Blood.

    Tanya’s is

    The Great Archoves determines her to be: Belle Brown
    Know in some parts of the world as: Devil of the Winged Death
    The great archioves record: Comes silently in the night and wraps a deadly cloak about the victim; impartial as a die; unyielding as stone.

  386. Teresa said

    Ooooooh, cool! My record is the same as Tanya’s, wooohoooo!

  387. loves history said

    yes about blood i dont believe that aREAL vampire maybe just some wacked out dude

  388. Laurel said

    The Great Archives determins you to be
    Venus of Slovakia – Marchioness of the Ghastly
    The Great Archives record
    A wretched creature who haunts taverns looking for fights, excuses to draw blood.

    Okay, I only gave my pen-name. I wonder what it would do with the real me?

  389. loves history said

    if there are real vamp 1) there are not alot of them2)theywould kill any threat3)the lure of free blood with no killing might Draw them to vamp club where n they could hide in plain sight$ new orleans must hve vamp club what anne rice

  390. Laurel said

    I didn’t look up Kyle. I looked up Henry Fitzroy!

    Samael Oleander

    Dispatcher of the Lamiae

    The offspring of a Goddess, beautiful, powerful and ruthless

  391. Laurel said

    Whew, real name is much better.
    I may have to give up the pen-name anyway.

    The Great Archives determine her to be:
    Persephone Tussand
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Kimi of the Howling Wolves
    The great Archives record
    Hot of blood and running wild with the hungry wolves.

    Yes! Local high school is Timberwolves so I have the bumper stickers already on the car.

  392. Claire said

    Hi there blood buddies! I am sitting here sweating my a** off…my central air decided to pack it in last night…my poor kids woke up drenched! still waiting for @#$% repairman whom I called at 9 this morning!! UGH!!! need some Henry to calm me down!!!!! Good thing is my daughter finally ventured out and she brought Jake over…Dizey I stuck my nose in his armpit!! LOL! he just smells so good,and I poked his little cleft in his chin!!
    Leigh good wishes for your son..
    Dizey,sorry about your father..I will do a reading for you..when my kids go to sleep,I never do them when theres people around,to many other vibes get in the way.For now I send you blessings..
    Tango-breastfed those little monkeys in shifts LOL!! 2 on breast,2 breast milk in bottle and then alternated the next feeding!
    Anzia,I was born in Marseilles…haven’t been back since I was 22!wish I was going with you!
    My daughters and I are planning to go for my 50th next year…man I get so homesick sometimes when I see movies about France.
    When I went to Montreal last year,it was so hard to leave…french food,dancing in the street during bastille day! OOOHLALA!
    Hey by the way Anzia D.C. is 40 minutes from my house girl!!!!
    I might consider going back to NYC if its with you gals!!!!!
    Hey loves history…you’ll get better and you will hang with us dude!!!
    I’m all up for vamp club,wax museum,sex museum…whatever!!!!
    O.K. Teresa did the vamp name..didn’t get the bitch of blood damn..
    Anne Raven
    known in some parts of world as
    Demeter of Gypsies (Ms.Gypsy and me haha)
    The Great Archives
    A traveller of travellers of good humor but dangerous!

    Hmmm…I always wanted to go to Romania…LOL

  393. DIZEY1 said

    Laurel, I looked up the Fitz also , offsprin of a Goddess beautiful, powerful and ruthless. That sounds like our “Fitzboy”!! Soooo beautiful.

    loveshistory, I’m sure there probably is I’ve never really checked to see. Yeah Anne’s had some halloween parties at her house in the past and can only imagine who and or what showed up. There’s a bar down in the French Quarter called the “Dungeon”. Very gothy but I don’t know if there are any vamps there. Have you been down here before?

  394. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Claire, soooo sorry about the air. I know how hot , hot can be. The humidity is the killer. Ahhh Jake, I bet that pit was sweet.

    Hey yes to NYC, I’ve never been and it would be a blast to be with all of ya’ll.
    Like your name “Anne Raven” very cool .

  395. Claire said

    OMG!! Dizey its 85 degrees in my freaking house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes and it is HUMID!!!!
    Something to think about NYC….
    I do like Anne Raven…but sounds like I should have lots of dark hair..instead of lots of red hair!LOL!!
    rapairman said he’d be no later than 6:15…It’s now 6:04…I might live up to the dangerous part of the description…after I kill him if he doesn’t show up LOL!!

  396. msgypsy said

    LAUREL!!!!! How come you can’t fix ME up with this handsome brother-in-law? LOL!

    I have NO chance to catch up today but wanted to say hi as I passed through on my way to work related stuff. But I did generate my name:

    The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
    Selene Tussand
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Kimi of The Balkans
    The Great Archives Record:
    An animal-like vampire who can barely speak – everything is actions with this one. It runs with the deer.

  397. Madonna said

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been lurkiing on the blogs since about episode six or so, haven’t posted anything though, (I’m really shy – I guess it extends to the internet world as well.) I love the show as well and I’m definitely a hen.

    Anyway this talk about diabetes spurred me to come out of hiding and I just want to say I am a Type II diabetic. I found out on my sixteenth birthday and I am twenty seven now. (My endocrinologist said I had probably had it for about eight years before diagnosis.) This can strike anyone of any age. So have your doctor check occasionally, especially if you have a family history or are EXTREMELY TIRED ALL THE TIME!!!

    Ok enough seriousness.
    My vampire name is:
    Empress of Trannsylvania
    Known in some places of the world as:
    Epona of the Vile
    The great archives record:
    Vile, foul, filthy and greedy. This creature knows nothing of light.

    Yep, that’s me!

  398. ndayeni said

    Glad I’m not too far behind on posting this…

    The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
    Chastity West
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Curse of Wraiths
    The Great Archives Record:
    A needy and violent spirit.

    Amusing…and somewhat true I suppose. Though almost never violent.

  399. lwildstar said

    looked up the vamp name under my pen name
    Enid Cromwell
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Mistress of The Howling Wolves
    The Great Archives Record:
    Hot of blood and running wild with the hungry wolves.
    under my real name I came out as
    Alice Cromwell
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Mistress of The Vrykolakas
    The Great Archives Record:
    Originated in Greece, in the fever of the Crypt.

    either way it looks like I’m a Cromwell…
    Just checked the Lifetime Boards and Blood Ties is down to #3 –

  400. Laurel said

    ms.gypsy – I’m a Kimi, you’re a Kimi…something in the water? Or maybe it was the french fries we weren’t supposed to be eating for lunch yesterday. lol

    This was a fun site to play on today. What are we doing tomorrow?

    My 17 has SAT in the morning and is marching in the Starlight Parade in downtown Portland tomorrow night. Lots of studying for finals in between.

    It is Rose Festival for the next entire week out here in “The City of Roses.” We have a grand floral parade much like the one in Pasadina, CA, with floats and bands and horses, etc. That parade is a week from Saturday. I will probably be helping put flowers on one of the floats with our Girl Scout troops next Friday. Pretty fun, but almost always cold. It usually rains for the parades, but tomorrow night the forcast is for 80` at 9pm start time.

    Wish you all could see it. Good local beers, brots, fresh strawberries, coffee. Cleaner air than most of the west coast…

  401. DIZEY1 said

    Laurel, Hey take some pic’s and link em to us. There should be a way we can see them on here. The beer & brots sound real good.

    Welcome “Lurking Madonna” new blood peeps. Always happy to have another Hen in the House!!!

    Anne Raven you still here?? Magdalene Beau Pre here, I like my vamp name.
    Did the A/C man ever show?? God for his sake I hope he did!!

    I’m gonna go post something on the LT board ya know to get it up…. (to #1 of course)

  402. Claire said

    Hey Vamp Beau Pre! Yeah the damn A/C man showed at 6:15,he’s lucky! then proceeded to tell me he had to go home and get a part,and was gone for 45 minutes…while the temp in my house steadily climbed to 88…even the crazy Jack Russell was quiet for a change! So,ok now it’s fixed but it’s only down to 80 in the house…GOD!!! why did I want a huge house?…I was wondering if I could link up a kodak easy share album to here all you peeps could see my tribe.maybe if I do it on the url line where I have Kyle? anyways going to take a cold shower and watch a movie…bored…grown kids are out for the night…little kids sleeping.Type at all you blood bitches and howling wolves,gypsies,wraithes and Ms.Beau Pre tommorrow!

  403. DIZEY1 said

    HOLY CRAP, I Just came from heywriterboys blog “Dead things on sticks” and he gave the Canadian premier dates AUGUST 13TH,16TH,& 19TH in 3 different cities in Canada. That means friends that the time frame will probably set us to see the final ep’s around the same time. God I can’t wait.

    *******IS IT OCTOBER YET***************COME HOME HENRY***********

  404. DIZEY1 said

    Night Ms.Raven sleep tight in your cold house(later it will be). Put that sucker down on 60 and put a blanket on the bed.

    Gonna go watch a little BT, first I’m gonna order my shirt.

  405. loves history said

    i think we are all going a little nuts one part of me wants to boycott lifetimefor what they have done to us on the other i want to see army wives. we seem to be losing focus, that why i wanted work on plot lines. instead i n couple weeks we will talking about recipes

  406. Danielle said

    Hey Bitch Of Blood here. How are you all? I am at Kelly’s. This is her vamp name: The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
    Rosalind Vigée-Lebrun
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Mother of The Storm Riders
    The Great Archives Record:
    The Riders come with the rain clouds, you will hear the thunder of their hooves in the sky.

  407. Danielle said

    Well Danielle just realized its 11:30 here so is any one out there???

  408. Danielle said

    Eating melty chocolates my fave chocolate covered cherry

  409. loves history said

    see danielle youve gotten a jump on food by the way are u a new yorker

  410. prtfvr said

    Oh man! I didn’t realize it was 11:30 until you said that, Danielle! Now I’m tired out of nowhere!! 😉

    loves history: you must have showed up late to the blog party because recipes have always come and gone on the posts. Just ignore them and it’ll pass quickly.

  411. loves history said

    yes i bloged because so p-d at thr tudor killing our henry off at 5or6 and was incensed no had commented

  412. Danielle said

    No Danielle and I are in Ct.

  413. Laurel said

    I’m out here!

    Melty chocolates are better than no chocolates any day!
    Mother of the Storm Riders sounds pretty good. I have certainy heard worse today.

    Dizey – Do you have any idea how challenged I am by my computer??? I can barely make my way from one web site to another! Maybe my daughter can help me do the link thing. Or maybe Gypsy will take pity on me and give me some good written directions.
    I will try to get some pictures to send you, or maybe I will find the local newspaper’s link for the parade.

    The idea was to entice some of you to come out here for a visit! We have plenty of fun in the Rose City, and there are lots of great places to visit. I live in the wine country just out of the big city, so there are lots of winery tours between me and the beach. 🙂

    Kimi of the Howling Wolves

  414. Danielle said

    But I visit NYC at least once a year sometimes Kelly comes sometimes she doesn’t
    Bitch of Blood

    And sometimes I have the brats Oh I mean kids and sometimes not.
    Mother of Storm Riders

  415. loves history said

    are there 2 people at danielle

  416. Laurel said

    hi prtfvr! Long time no hear from you. I was out looking at the hen site and am really impressed.
    Sorry to hear your birdie buddies are giving you a hard time.

    I am having bird difficulties of a different sort. I have a nest of starlings in my attic directly over my bed. They announce the dawn every morning – which is now at @ 4:45am. I am soooo tired of the noise, I have to figure out what is the appropriate action to take. I would like to Un-Invite them asap, but I am disinclined to do them harm. I guess I just hang out until the babies leave the nest and then climb into the attic and screen off the vents. Man, I need more sleep.

    Change of subject – does any one watch the BBC america channel? My husband and I are getting a real kick out of “Coupling”. It seems like the kind of humor some of you would appreciate. We laugh so much that we miss some of the lines.

  417. Tango said


    You’ve been on my mind ever since you mentioned about your brother’s aneurism, and now with your father back in the hospital. I will certainly keep him in my prayers. I know how serious diabetes can be, so I’ll make it a power prayer! We have also had a lot of trials in our life over the last 5 years. October we started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve told a few of you in the past that my husband was disabled for the past 5 years with spinal injuries. He actually suffered a broken neck when he was 25 (was attacked – mistaken identity- long, but interesting story). Since then he has had 4 additional disabilities with herniated discs, knees, shoulders, etc. At this point about 2/3 of his spine is damaged in some way. Now he has to be careful about what he does.

    Also during the past 5 years my father got cancer and my mother is going blind. We, and especially I, learned a lot about myself – that I am a strong person. That I was up for the challenge to take on a more demanding job, to take care of my loved ones, and to give back to others because I have a story that can help others. I use it everyday in my job. I am a fringe benefit’s specialist and retirement counselor for Alabama educators. As you can tell, income protection/disability insurance is a passion of mine because we didn’t have it on Bill, and we lost over $300k in the last 5 years, and it would have made a big difference in our lives. So if you are reading this and don’t have it on yourself or your spouse – go get it this week – long-term disability insurance at that. 1 in 5 people will be disabled sometime in their life.

    Let me just offer this to anyone out there who wants free advice about their employee benefits – I would be more than happy to answer anyone’s questions about such things. Just Email me at I don’t want anyone to go through what we have been through and it is a simple thing to remedy.

    Dizey – you remind me a lot of myself with your caring nature and upbeat personality. I wish you and your family the very best and want to share my mantra with you.
    “Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.”

    You’ve mentioned your faith in God even though you claim not to be religious. Once you realize that faith in God is about the relationship and not about the religion, you will begin to understand what He can do for you and those you love. It has been the cornerstone in my life that has kept me together during the tough times. You’ve said or maybe it was Marianne who said, “If He brings you to it, He’ll bring you through it.” I also like the song that says, “His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me” I know he loves me more that a sparrow, so I don’t doubt He will meet my needs as well – always has, always will.

  418. loves history said

    what is the hensite nobody tells me is this because i am aman

  419. loves history said

    laurel is your husband on ssd i am

  420. loves history said

    Sorry meant Tango sometimes my brain doed not work

  421. Danielle said

    loveshistory-the hen site is It is brought to youby the fans of Henry and Lifetimes bloodblog. Created by prtfvr. It is all about Henry. You don’t seem to care for him so you probably won’t like it.

    Bitch of Blood

  422. Danielle said

    I am so glad I am not drinking right now. It is sooo hot in Kelly’s apartment. It must be 90 degrees. I would feel even more uncomfortable if I were drinking.

  423. Danielle said

    Yes there are two people at Kelly’s Kelly and Danielle and dont let her fool you she is to drinking.

  424. loves history said

    well i dont feel so good so i must go viste my Belle mort maybe she will turn me and fix all my problems

  425. loves history said

    no A/C

  426. Tango said

    Loveshistory – sorry for the long delay in getting back to you- i’ve been trying to catch up on the blog. No, he was never on it for a couple of reasons. For those out there who are not familiar with social security disabiity (US) their definition of disability is much more strict than that of most disability policies. You can not even file for ss disability until the 5th month. Depending on your disability they may go back and pay for the first 5 months, but what are you going to do until then? My hubby’s situation is that his back would deteriorate then he would have surgery and then he would go through the cycle again, so he would barely get to the 5 months point and then be to the point he didn’t meet the requirements. Also the machismo factor played into it. From what you’ve said – your case is pretty cut and dry. But I’ve know several people who have tried for 4-5 years before being granted ssd.

    Hey Debs! How are you sweetie? Yes, vaca has been good dispite my hubby’s reaction to his new medications – the Protonics that he was taking for the ulcers is causing him to have bad headaches! And it was the ibuprofen, Goody powders, etc he was taking for his back that caused the ulcers. Aye ya ya! It’s a vicious cycle!

  427. Laurel said

    Tango – I too strongly believe in having long term disability insurance if at all possible. My husband was diagnosed with prostrate cancer in his early forties and was off work after surgery. Three months of no income was devastating, and then he went back to work half time for six more months. Thanks to his insurance coverage we survived, no frills.
    As a physician he was extra aware of all the possible bad outcomes, but together we faced it with faith.
    Now, five years later, we too have a story of survival to tell.
    You are right, it isn’t about the religion it is about the relationship. Or maybe the relationships. With God, with family, friends, even strangers.

    Dizey – Our prayers are with you and your Dad, and your entire family. I know you are all affected by their trials and tribulations.
    Tango – What a blessing you are. I wish I had your eloquence at offering support.

    Kelly and Daniell – Have a great weekend you two!

  428. Laurel said

    Good night – loves history, hope you have a really good weekend. We are keeping you in our prayers every day. I’m glad you have someone there with you.

  429. Danielle said

    Ok we are signing off now to watch the Chronicles of Riddick. Type at ya later.
    The Bitch fo Blood and the Mother of the Storm Riders.

  430. Tango said

    I hope the post about my offer for free advice isn’t perceived as an attempt to try to sell you something. I couldn’t even if I wanted, not licensed anywhere but Bama – and you’d have to be an educator, and you’d have to be in one of my accounts. So, no pressure!

  431. loves history said

    tango i filed right away was on summer break any so iwasnt working i got my 1st payment 5 mouths later i was nt able to get ssi for the 5 monuths too man assets but i get my for the rest of my life

  432. msgypsy said

    Danielle, coincidence time. At lunch we watched “Chronicles of Riddick” (we got away with it because my boss was out of town and we watched it on my laptop so there’s no trail left behind in case he looks…)

    I just got “Better Than Chocolate” from Netflix. I can’t watch it tonight because I’m convinced I’ll fall asleep no matter how good it is because I haven’t gotten more than a few hours sleep a night since my bed developed some new lumps. (New mattress arrives on Sunday…) But I plan to emjoy the heck out of it sometime this weekend and I’ll report once I’ve seen it.

    Had our first rehearsal for “Macbeth in Minutes” tonight. I love this script! I get to run around the stage, flapping imaginary wings, shouting “The woods are moving! The woods are moving!” And I get to say “Macbeeth…it has to rhyme with heath.” And more. I’m hoping someone will videotape us and put it on Youtube or someplace else I can share it from. Some of the cast got hiccoughs from laughing at the full script.

    And now I’m going to sleep.

  433. Tango said

    Laurel, Thank you for the kind words darlin’. I don’t know about the whole eloquent part, but I think I’ve been given the gift of mercy.

    My father survived prostate cancer about 10 years ago too. He had it removed and spent about 3 months off work – actually needed another month, but didn’t take it. He was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma about 5 years after that. I took him to every one of his chemo treatments and doctor’s appointments because I was the resident expert on cancer in the family (b/c of work). He is doing great now, and boy was he an inspiration to me during that time. He had no doubt God would get him through it. He had done it before with the prostate cancer so why not now? I hope that your hubby’s PSA numbers continue to be very low!

    Loveshistory – I’m so glad you were able to get your ssd in line. When one is faced with such a difficult health condition, the last thing you need to be worrying about is how am you going to pay the mortgage or the power bill. You need to focus on getting healthy. What people don’t consider when you are dealing with a disability is how it might also affect the health of the disabled person’s family. I know what stress has done to my health. I thought I was handling the stress fine, but it does manifest itself in ways you can’t imagine. We do our best and we go on. I sincerely hope that you get the transplant you need and that you can lead a healthier life soon my friend.

    Well, I’m signing out for the evening. Got a 5 hour car trip home tomorrow – good night all!

  434. Anzia said

    hey everyone. You guys have A LOT of survival stories. On one hand I want to say “great” & “I’m glad to hear that, it’s great!” but on the other I’m thinking, “I’m sorry they’ve all had to go through all of that.” So, yeah…

    I did my vamp name. I am INSANELY proud of it. I might just change my pen-name…
    The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
    Mary West
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Curse of The Flesh
    The Great Archives Record:
    A sensual one who knows the flesh – and knows the blood.

    This is the vamp name for my actual pen-name:
    The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
    Sorceress of Scandanavia
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Leto of The Tormented
    The Great Archives Record:
    A soul in torment and tumult – hell of their own making!

    I like ’em both. Sorceress of Scandanavia & Mary West… I feel a superhero coming on…

    Claire- 40 minutes away huh??? That’s kind of cool actually. I’m looking forward to it but dreading it at the same time. Nothing like playing “round up the 4 yr old” in a city/state you’ve never been in before. Going ot be SOOO MUUUUCH FUUUUN

    Dizey- Do you konw for sure if you’re going to be in the Milwaukee area in July? I don’t remember if you said yay or nay.

  435. loves history said

    any years ago in the amazon river valley while swimming with the pirana( yes i did that sick huh) i met ayoung Lovely English couple on their honey moon(only MAD dogs and englishmen types)now lets take a trip 6years in our time machine and my wife and i are invited stay with them is england we work out a plan on where to go we let our friend pick the hotels(misake #1) when we get there we find that they have a4 year old Oscar and hes coming with us(#2) On the trip my wife and i re name the tike-to Damien-we dont not make it accorring to our plan, we barely escape to a hotel( what an american would ahotel) we unfortunely lost our friends who no doubt still slave for the antichrist(and the one she had in the oven)
    no children EVER for me after that, beware anzia i know claire sounds great but stay away from any child under 9 less its your and you have to Do it.

  436. lwildstar said

    DIIZEY1 said,
    June 1, 2007 @ 5:55 pm

    HOLY CRAP, I Just came from heywriterboys blog “Dead things on sticks” and he gave the Canadian premier dates AUGUST 13TH,16TH,& 19TH in 3 different cities in Canada. That means friends that the time frame will probably set us to see the final ep’s around the same time.

    ***thats great – last thing I saw said they weren’t gong to start the Canadian releases untill October when they start the back 10 here! and that they ween’t going to release the dvds untill after epi 22 was shown in Canada – if the time table has been moved up …..oooooo we could have the DVDs by Chrismas! I wouldn’t mind finding Hery under my tree…….******

    Just was over at Lifetime -we’re slipping, Blood Ties is at #3 on the Board…..

  437. Rifkind said

    I just got through all the great posts,
    happy Saturday!
    I ran my name and got :
    The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
    Sarah Keat
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Mother of Seducers
    The Great Archives Record:
    Beautiful and alluring – hiding great power, great danger.

    Come on Henry, the “Mother of Seducers” is waiting , hee hee

  438. Rifkind said

    I posted twice on Lifetime… but BT is listed as #4…
    somebody else post there …pleeeeease!

    Off to a day-long seminar…
    Later Blog-kin!

  439. msgypsy said

    I wish I could help with the Lifetime boar but my connection to wifi seems to have a peculiar firewall and Lifetime is blocked. So are several of the food boards I frequent. Im dying until Comcast installs the new high speed which will be today, I hope.

    I slept last night. YAY! On the couch, but sleep is sleep.

    Anyone here in the path of tropical storm (is it a hurricane yet?) Barry? Stay safe, all.

  440. msgypsy said

    Lifetime boar? Wow, my typing is bad today.

    BTW, I don’t ever watch Lifetime except for BT. Has anyone seen anything about Dylan’s new movie for them? The one he described simply as some variant on “men are scum?”

  441. loves history said

    how many of you are seeing army wives

  442. loves history said

    posted at 639 where was 639 the(the Pac. O)???? posted lft did my bit

  443. Anzia said

    loves history- as much as I MIGHT complain about my cousin, I love that kid as if he WERE my own. I usually work for my aunt and uncle as a babysitter over the summer and anytime during the school year that they need me. That child has seen me more often than his mother and for quite sometime he called me “Mom.” Something my aunt wasn’t too thrilled about (understandably of course). I love children regardless of how they behave. I’m good with children and can usually keep even the “damien” in line. I don’t care if they’re mine or not. (Seeing as I have NONE that would be a HUGE problem.)

  444. loves history said

    your the aunt well thats ok somethimes i forget my niece and nephew are not mine. any in any one seeing army wives

  445. Laurel said

    8:30am pacific daylight-saving time

    loves history – I noticed the time signature too! I am in Pacific Time Zone and the blog clock is apparently an hour further west than me. Maybe we should occasionally type in the time from wherever we are posting.

    Anzia – I like kids too, but I know one like loves history met up with. It was not so much the kid as it was the parents leaving all the decisions up to him. “Dear, maybe you shouldn’t hit the little girl with that stick you found on the path.” Excuse me? Maybe? That little girl was sitting in my lap when he struck!

    Okay, end of rant. Sounds like your nephew is lucky. Extra adults to love and guide him, he will do well.

  446. Anzia said

    Laurel- Thanks. Don’t get me wrong though, that kid can cause trouble like no tomorrow. He’s going ot be the death of me! He climbs onto the back of the couch, straddles it and then leans AWAY FROM THE SIDE WITH THE CUSHIONS to see how far he can lean before he falls. Or, he just walks lenghtwise across the couch and doesn’t stop when the couch does! WAHHH! Heart attack! I have another cousin, Sean, who would fit your guys’ idea of “damien” child. He’s 13 (i think) or 12 and he does what he wants when he wants to regardless of what his parents say. If he doesn’t get what he wants he throws a temper tantrum (tears, screaming, everything) wherever they’re at. If you say the word “maybe” in regards to something he wants or wants to do, then he takes it as a Yes and will envoke the temper tantrums to FORCE you to do it if the maybe becomes “no.” He’s INCREDIBLY smart though. That kid is in every excelerated class his school offers. The state allowed him to take his ACTs already (WI is weird that way). He’s way into space and can talk about rocketry & space ships in such technical terms! OMG! it’s kind of creepy. (He really is a terror- don’t let my pride in him fool ya)

  447. loves history said

    “I want it” damiens tag lines and he got it though not what he deserved. yes maybe its is the parents we wenttothis wounderful turkish rest i Bath oscar mis behaved th staff took care of him while we dined( giveing Ice cream not on menu for which they didnt charge)we racked up abig bill drinks appetizers main course 3 bott of wine they gave us 4th on the house.we got the bill will 10% grat.added i suggested we leave another 10 % because of the royal tratment we recieved they instisted no IN ENGLAND if there is a grat thats all you leave putting withdamiem was worth 10% in my opione thes were not poor people they made over 200000 (and not $ either) i left another L5 very embarrised.

  448. msgypsy said

    I believe I have fixed the time stamp problem. I think there was some Daylight Savings Time Confusion. In my head. I’m a trifle math-phobic when it comes to time zones. Hopefully it works now.

  449. msgypsy said

    Yup, it works. Time stamp is for west coast USA. And probably west coast Canada. Dunno about Mexico.

  450. msgypsy said

    Anzia, I love the new picture but don’t recognize it. Which ep is it from?

  451. Laurel said

    Nicely done Gypsy.

    I finally got to re watch Norman! My husband set me up on his laptop and our wifi. I can even enlarge the picture and still get the sound and picture perfectly in sinc. Wow! I soooo love that man (and my man I mean Mine)! Thanks to him I have also finally seen all of episode I. Nice. Explains a great deal that I had missed.

    Anzia – I have a nephew that sounds like your cousin. He is now 13 and working hard on the proper teen attiude. Still, I love the little monster. Beware though, they get big enough to take down – even if it happens by accident. We were having a mock fight in my kitchen that ended with me flipping over his hip. Dam, I’m way too old for that! He was so scared by what had happened that he brought me an ice pack (bruised my pride on the right cheek) fixed me a cup of tea, and gave me a shoulder massage. The whole teen attitude thing is a bluff.

  452. Anzia said

    it’s from the first ep when he sends his dinner home and goes to sit on his couch or whatever you would call it. 🙂 He’s naked! (well in theory anyways)

  453. Laurel said

    Obviously, on Saturdays spelling doesn’t count. I guess I should have proofed that. lol

  454. Margaret said

    If we chose music for Blood Ties, what would you pick? I’d love to hear Al Green’s “I’m So Tired of Being Alone” when Vicky comes in the door. lol. For you youngers, Al Green is probably before your time but he has a kind of sweet jazzy soulful sound.

  455. Margaret said

    Whoops-should have been youngsters.

  456. vicki said

    hey all..

    Prfvt- Love the pics you have put on the website..He looks so good.

    i have a newphew that is about 13..he can be an absolute pain sometimes..and totally smart mouthed.

    Other times he is great..wants my opinion..asks for help..etc. As a teacher of 8th graders..I can tell you sometimes they are night and day in their personalities. (That lovely hormone…teenage..angst stuff). But most of hte time it is their own insecurity that drives them to act like they do..Just my humble opinion.
    Is it Oct yet??? Hte weekends seem so sad now.. nothing to look forward to.

  457. Teresa said

    Here’s the sniffing scene, in case it hasn’t been posted yet.

  458. Laurel said

    Gypsy – wanted to let you know that I heard from Comcast. They said Lifetime has not released “Norman” to them for On-Demand. We need to contact Lifetime to persuade them that we need it. Btw – (212)424-7000 if you want to call LT. I am going to e-mail now and call on Monday.

  459. lwildstar said

    Its going to be a looooong summer!
    At lease I have the books to help ease me through the wait – but at the rate I’m reading them – I’ll be done with all 6 Blood books and the 3 Smoke books by the end of the month!
    In the books by Mercedes Lackey Henry (aka Robert) was injured in an assination attempt on Elizabeth by Dark Elves and had to be taken UnderHill by his guardian Light Elve – who is now in charge of Elizabeth – to be saved and was replaced by a changling to cover his disappearence – and thats whos buried in the lead lined coffin 🙂
    My friend – who is an Army Wife – watched the preview and wrinkled her nose with disgust – “if anyone acted like that in my “suport group” we wouldn’t last through this mess.”
    I can’t get her hooked on Blood Ties (not her cup of tea)but she still thought it was better than what she saw of Army Wives – so that saying alot to me.
    We’re hanging on at #3…more posts, more posts!

  460. vicki said

    WhOOO HOOO!!!

    My t-shirt that I designed came in the mail today.!! I may never take it offf. I will get a picture of me wearing it and post it tonight if I can. I am soo excited!! It turned out better than I thought it would Cafepress rocks!!

  461. Quick funny story and then I’m off to go beat my head against my laptop for a few hours.
    I asked my fiancé to make me a CD of songs that would help to inspire me while I write.

    He labeled it… Stuff For Vampire Porn

    lol! He knows me too well.

  462. vicki said

    Mmmm vampire porn…interesting…did Henry make some???((HOPES)))

  463. msgypsy said

    Lady A, what’s on the cd?

    My high speed was just installed and after lunch I’m going to try to get onto Lifetime’s boards again.

    Other than that, it’s TOO FRIKKIN HOT IN THIS ROOM so I’ll probably only try once.Then take the laptop someplace with good coffee, a/c, and free wifi.

  464. Claire said

    Hi all…Man the A/C man did a good job! Woke up this morning,my house was freezing! We like it cold when we sleep!!! Then went off to the pool with the kids!!! Sent Nikki of to our favorite hairdresser(birthday present)she’ll be 22 Monday.Anyway she called me all excited,seems they want her to be one of their hair models!Loves History…I’m sorry you’re so down on kids just because of one demon! They are not all like that.I have met kids that I wanted to strangle,but I still love children.My kids are great,and I’m not just saying that cause they’re mine.Sometimes it’s the way they are raised sometimes they are just bad seeds.I have never had all those problems people have with their kids.They don’t demand,they don’t disrespect,and they have never had a hissy fit.My older kids have always known they can tell me anything,and they do.I taught them that while they may have gotton grounded for telling me something wrong they did,I respected them for telling the truth. know what I noticed you and our darling Kyle have the same Vamp last name…whats up with that?..something you should be telling us..?LOL!!
    Oh loves history..I will not be watching Army wives..not interested!
    Anzia..maybe you can sneak off..and come over!

  465. AlisaSG said

    >> I would really love to see more flashbacks……..of Henry and his father, and even when Henry met Christina.

    recently, I’ve been finding some photos of Roy Dupuis (Michael on La Femme Nikita) where he looks almost like Kyle’s Henry (expression, voice), and not just when Henry was on the roof (in the “Blood Price” ep) waiting / scanning for the demon to show up.. when I saw more current photos, Roy had a beard and looked just like Henry 8th in some pictures!

    Just change the clothes, and there’s a potential (earlier version of) “daddy”… he’d just need to be (won and) lured over to Blood Ties.. and then get a powerful storyline to keep him there! He’s already got the charm, mannerisms, and an intense stare down. Never thought I’d ever like Henry the 8th as any story character, but if Roy got the part, that could easily change!

    some links to Roy/Michael’s scenes are already posted on Tanya’s blog for further analysis.

    Rifkind noticed the same similarities (with Kyle’s Henry), and nailed some photos for me. They were identical to the ones I picked out, too.

  466. loves history said

    i know you seem to want to watch reruns iwant new BTs with better MOTW( they mostly lame except for javier and the 2 normans i read at amazon that the back have some based on Blood trail time to have some wolves to bay at the moon full i hope

  467. loves history said

    we need a henry VIII flashbackhow could you not use such a powerful figure MY idea of using henry as bodyguard to modern royal withRD asroyal not back except the modern R Family is only distanly related to the tudors i think princess Di was closer so maybe her brother,

  468. DIZEY1 said

    HEY YA’LL , stopping in to say HI! Thanks for all the well wishes for my dad ya’ll are a God send , sorry to dump my problems here. Somedays ya just need to vent!
    Tango sorry about your Bill’s trials and I thank God everyday for what I’ve got and for taking care of my sister. If she can’t be with me I’m glad she’s with him. I am a slouching catholic. But God doesn’t care, he loves me anyway. I really had no clue how strong I was till my sister passed. My mom and dad were so distraught and I had to do everything. Picking caskets??? In hind site Kathy set me up I think to do all of this. A week before she died she brought a dress over that she bought for a X-mas party, she hung it in my closet and I didn’t think anymore about it . Then the funeral parlor needs clothes. She was helping me out. It was a blur, from the aneurysm bursting to turning off the machine. I was so glad to be there when she left by her side telling her it was ok.

    God does bring you through it, he gives me strenght everyday. So thanks again for all your good thoughts. Sorry to be such a downer today.

    Claire, coinkidinky I think not he’s my man from another time & place. I’m choosing he’s my husband, not my brother. Just to set the record straight.
    Oh and I’m so glad you woke up under a blanket. I’m going to play a bit and shake off the icky sicky stuff.

    Love ya, and will chat when I get back. (may be a little tipsy)


    Beth & family

  469. msgypsy said

    Okay, ladies and gents, I can get the Lifetime site to load just fine on the desktop. YAY!

    Now I need to go out and buy sheets because the new bed has a deep, deep mattress and my waterbed sheets simply don’t fit it. (Yes, the bed came a day early. Am I complaining?) Sadly, it’s so deep it raises the bed about four inches higher than the valiant Faraday can jump so I also have to get him a step stool. Greater love hath no woman than she who purchases a step stool for her dog so he can get into bed with her.

  470. Madonna said

    Hi msgypsy,

    Thanks for the blog! Very cute about dog. What kind is he/she?

    I have a very SPOILED pup myself. I find I almost can’t go shopping without bringing him something back. He’s half Shih Tzu, half Pekingese, very long white hair, too beautiful. He can be very spirited and even mean at times. My fault I think.


    Thanks for the welcome.
    As I said I’m very shy (almost to the point of mild social anxiety disorder) so people will have to excuse me if I seem a bit formal and disconnected at times. My prayers go out to you and your family.


    My prayers go out to you as well. I’m 27 and medically speaking I’ve been through the ringer all my life. Just try to surround yourself with people who love you and stay positive.

  471. Anzia said

    Claire- I’ll see what I can do. ^_^

    Everyone wants flashbacks of Henry and his Father (or at least the marjority of the blog-addicts here have said so). Even I want flashbacks. I just don’t want the episodes REVOLVING around the flashbacks. I had issues with the pilot because there were so many of them that by the time he told the story I was like, “FINALLY could have mentioned it SOONER.” Besides, who doesn’t want to learn more about our lovely vamp…

  472. Teresa said

    Welcome to the blog and the club!! This is a good place to let your hair down, so to speak, because no one will judge you here. I’ve learned some pretty interesting stuff here, and since my friends can’t relate to my BT obsession, this is the best place to be to share with other BT addicts 🙂

  473. The CD has…
    W.A.S.P. – Hellion
    Skid Row – Electric Eye
    The Ramones – Pet Cemetery
    Spinal Tap – Sex Farm
    Savatage – Gutter Ballet
    GWAR – I hate Love songs
    Spinal Tap – Stonehenge
    Alice Cooper – Hell is Living without you
    Exodus – Toxic Waltz
    My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult – Sex oh Wheels
    Queen – The Show Must go on
    W.A.S.P. – L.O.V.E. Machine
    Skid Row – Subhuman Race
    Steel Dragon – Stand Up
    Queen – Get down, Make love
    Skid Row – Here I am
    Steel Dragon – Blood Pollution
    Alice Cooper – This Maniac’s in love with you
    Rammstein – Bang Bang
    Slayer – Raining Blood

    It’s an odd mix of stuff, but it gives me what I need to keep writing late into the night. Not to mention who can resist a CD labeled “Stuff for Vampire Porn”?

  474. *growls* I posted a comment with the cd listing and I think it got marked as spam.
    I’m off to go hang out with friends. You all have a great evening.

  475. msgypsy said

    Fixed the spams. I can’t tell what this system identifies as spam. Neither of them had links in them…

    Madonna, a PekeTzu! They’re adorable. My kid is a kissin’ cousin on the Shih Tzu side. He’s a Tibetan Terrier and at 7 he ought to be a full grown adult. But, of course, he’s spoiled as all get-out and still behaves like a puppy. Yes, I did buy a set of steps to help him get up on the bed. Petco had three examples, one of them costing over $60!

    I’m hunting for good Celtic style rock bands and almost all of them are from the prairie provinces in Canada. What’s up with that? (Dust Rhinos, Men in Kilts…)

    I have to go put new sheets on new bed and curl up under the best fan in the house and read the rest of Smoke and Mirrors now.

  476. Claire said

    Loves History,Yeah I would love it if they use the Weres from blood trail.other than loving Vamps, Werewoves are my second love! Loved underworld!
    As for all of you going through medical issues..
    I have found that staying positive always helps,my parents were Catholic/Jewish..yeah talk about confusion..I don’t believe in organized religion..I don’t go to temple or church,but my children and I all pray..we just happen to believe in a god and goddess.Whatever you believe in,praying,believing and staying positive does work.
    I have had a hard life also,the hardest thing was being told my son passed out at work when he was 19,some sort of seizure…turned out to be a grapefruit sized brain tumor…stage 4 cancer.
    I didn’t get angry,that doesn’t help..I just prayed,for strength..if it was meant to be that it was his time to leave,I would have to deal with it and be strong for the rest of my kids,but mostly I prayed for my son to survive.Today,he is 25,and he has a part of his brain missing due to the surgery,lost alot of long term memory,like child hood things.He has titanium staples holding his skull together and endured massive amounts of radiation treatment,but he is alive and cancer free.So guys sorry for the downer story,but all of you just stay positive… be happy for the things you do have.

  477. Teresa said

    I rewatched Norman, again… At the end, when Henry said he was concerned about what Norman might have done to Vicki when he was pretending to be Henry, I think it was more jealousy than concern, me thinks 🙂 The thought that Norman (as Henry) might have gotten further with Vicki than he had so far, physically and emotionally, was more than he could bear. Also, when Norman (as Vicki) was at his apartment and he thought things were finally going to move to the next level, then to realize it was all an illusion, must have been pretty devastating. He knows Vicki well enough to know that all that touchy-feely stuff is not her thing and it was clear from her answer in that scene at the end that she had already put her barriers back up and wasn’t going to tell him what really happened since that would mean revealing how she really feels for Henry. Lord, he just needs to vamp her and get it over with, already!!!

  478. Tango said

    I am trying to utilize the drive home by typing some of my blog convo in the car. Like I said yesterday, I’ve got a lot more to say, just didn’t have the time to do it with trying to entertain the family during holiday. BTW, I’m not driving 😉

    Susanna, just heard the song Jungle Love by the Steve Miller Band and thought about the jungle fever that you have for Henry. It also made me think about what you were saying about your homeland, Kenya. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have those wild animals roaming about my home. I live out away from the city and will occasionally see deer, bunnies, and fox running through the yard. And when I say fox, I don’t mean Kyle or Dylan. But wouldn’t that be a treat?! I bet you must have gone through a culture shock when you moved to the states. How long have you been in the US? And what was the biggest adjustment for you? Do you come from a big family?

    I got Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants to watch while at the beach. I was also doing the whole blog thing while watching it. I tell ya, if you aren’t paying attention to it you could easily miss Kyle’s part in it. They really missed the mark in that movie. They should have cast him in the role of the soccer coach not the silent stepbrother. I asked my nieces (ages 10 & 11) if they thought he was cute. Their response was not favorable. I didn’t care for the blonde hair myself. He looks much better with the darker hair – tussled not brushed. Ironically the 11 yo’s hair is almost exactly the same as Henry’s.

  479. loves history said

    claire i am as mixed up as youmore so both grand ma catholic both gf were jewish 1 was adopted by pros so im a pros in name.dont believe in organized reo either

  480. Tango said

    Welcome Madonna! Glad you decided to join us! You’ve taken the step to join in and participate so it’s just a matter of time before your inibitions vanish and you revert to the extravert you’ve got deep inside.

    Saw Pirates 3 Friday and laughed at the part that msygypsy referenced earlier with, “Everyone stop! I dropped my brain.” I must say I was hoping it would have been as funny as Pirates 2, but was glad to see some of the funny characters in it. My sister said that she saw an interview with either the producer or director and they stated that they have finished the trilogy. It appears to me they set themselves up for a Pirates 4. What do you think? Oh yeah, Orlando in the red shirt…mm mm mmm.

    Anzia, or should I say, “Sorceress of Scandanavia” or SOS for short? Where are y’all going to get these names? I love that pic of Henry too! For the longest time I thought he was totally neked with no clothes on, but then I saw the shorts when he got out of bed after I rewound it for the 40 millionth time, and now I just trick myself to think he is neked. Neked spelled in this fashion,btw, is more neked than naked:-)

  481. Claire said

    I’ll say, loves history! you are more confused than me LOL! I don’t think I could handle another religion thrown into the mix!
    Anyway my beautiful people I’m off,got alot to do,still.
    type at yas tommorrow!
    Sweet dreams everyone…I know who I’ll be dreaming of…lol

  482. Laurel said

    So Tango, are you home now? I am sorry to hear Bill’s meds are giving him trouble. There are several others he can try – maybe his DR can get him some samples.
    Neked,neked,neked… I just like the way it sounds. Hehehe.

    Gypsy – Sarah says you might like a group called “Flogging Molly.” I like most of it, but there are a few lyrics that are incompatible with driving long distance with the family.

  483. Tango said

    Hey Laurel! We got home a couple of hours ago. Now it’s back to reality. No more being a beach bum. And I’m so good at it too, dang it! Too bad I can’t make a living at it. I definately will incorporate it into my retirement plans.

    Neked, neked, neked Henry, hmm, they will have to move the show to Showtime!

  484. loves history said

    drugs-pain killers we have codine. vicadin peracet oxecontine but its the avandia they just took me off idon really take all the pain killers but have enough in reserve in case.i dont like it but will give army wives achance unless sopranos blows me away 10-1 tony takes a dirt nap by the end thats 2 weeks

  485. Tango said

    Some eye-candy for the hens tonight…

    You’re welcome! Now dream of the dreams that would make joe momma blush!

  486. Danielle said

    Hey guys The date was great. We went to dinner and then saw Pirates 3. Awesome movie! He kissed my hand and said I was beautiful. He said he has had his heart broken before. He used to be engaged but the bitch cheated on him and kicked him out.

    I need all your prayers thoughts etc now. My pregnant sister has colitis and it is acting up. They are worried about the baby. I am at her place right now staying with her kids. She just got back and was never seen because trauma after trauma was coming in. She said one woman was there for 6 hours and still was not seen. She said she is going to have to put the fate of this little baby in higher hands,

  487. Teresa said

    Tango – I think we were meant to believe that Henry and Sinead were ‘nekid’ in bed, but the filming wad kinda flubbed because the shorts and whatever it was Sinead had on showed when they got out of bed. So… keep on believing that Henry was nekid since that’s how it was supposed to be anyway 🙂
    I have everyone here (and your loved ones) in my prayers. For those that are ill, I pray that you will recuperate quickly and for those that are not, I pray that you remain healthy and that you remain strong for your ill loved ones.
    Keep that positive energy flowing!!!

  488. Anzia said

    Danielle- You have my prayers! *sends warm thoughts & HUGS*

    Tango- I LOVE THAT NAME. One of my roommates was getting bossy earlier and I almost told her that she could start addressing me as the Sorceress of Scandanavia. ^_^ Here’s the link for the vamp names:

    So, i’m going to CRASH! It’s really sad when you can count up how many hours of sleep you’ve had! 14 hours of sleep in 96 hours total! Can anyone say walking zombie??!! So, i’m going to go dream of a world where Henry doesn’t own shorts (of any sort) and when the only time he leaves the bed is to get me some sustenance (’cause unfortunatley I can’t live off him like he could me)

    Night All!!!

  489. Margaret said

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you but as someone said before: If God brings you to it, he can bring you through it (Even Kyle said that in an interview). And for those of you who don’t believe in God-place your faith in your higher power, whatever or whoever you believe that to be.

    Teresa: There was a moment during Norman that Henry knew that Vicki was Vicki and she did let her walls down a bit, even if it was to let him have a little snack. We did hear a little moan here and there. He had to stop her, rememember? If not, I think she might have lingered and we could have seen something we have been wanting from the start.

    As far as music goes, I’d love to hear strings of Al Green’s “I’m so Tired of Being Alone” or “Love and Happiness” play as Vicky walks through Henry’s front door one of these days. How appropriate would that be. For you youngsters Al Green may be before your time but he was kind of a soulful and jazzy singer that could really sing. He has since become a minister and I don’t think he really does that many concerts any more.

  490. AlisaSG said

    on a positive note — prayers to everyone needing them!
    This is one of the first places (Tv community group) I’ve ever read where multiple families have had cancer or tumors or some other kind of major health problem affecting their family’s life. It’s almost as if you’ve all been gathered here for a reason.. *Blood Ties* in more ways than just the Tv program.. it’s a spirit-sensitive bonding that has brought us all together.

    It’s truly a comfort to know there are other folks “out there” who do believe in the power of prayer. I’ve seen other web sites where *prayer* (in TPTB) doesn’t exist, except in theory, and only as a hopeful comfort to one’s tormented soul that can help someone endure the anguish they see someone (themself or someone else) suffering thru. That makes communication of prayer and the ability to discuss it more difficult. (*sad*)


    on a different note, I went “Henry the 8th” hunting (for comparison pics) again last night.. saw more photos of Roy and Kyle/Henry that were nearly mirror images of each other. awesome, the magic is still there!

    But I also went to wikipedia and read that apparently someone (or group of someones) attempted to vandalize the “Henry 8th” (wikipedia) entry site. It’s currently under investigation.

    It’s a sad world we live in, when *noble* knowledgeable resources trying to achieve or maintain as best historical accuracy as possible, get ruined like that. Regardless of the subject matter and who doesn’t like what, it’s still wrong.

    Maybe King Henry 8th was heartless and psychotic for not having an heir live long enough, but the internet vandals are just as heartless and cruel to the rest of the literature and historical world for messing up something that belongs to the world (of historical knowledge), not just a selective few.

  491. vicki said

    lauerl and Tango…
    I will quote a cmdian…N a k e d ..just means you aint got no clothes on..

    N e k e d means you aint go no clothes on…and you up to something. LOL

    My prayers for your sister danielle…prayer is the thing I have always counted on that has never let me down.. I might not always get what I ask for but I do get an answer. whatever higher power you believe in….just believe..

    I saw a really good Masterpiece THeater movie on Henry VIII about 5 or 6 months ago..showed him from his first wife to the last…very interesting…he was kinda sad in a way. Always searching and striving for a son.

    well happy Sunday all… I will watch an episode sometime today…maybe Love Hurts.

  492. vicki said

    Found my vampire name…kinda strange..didnt know I was mentally disordered LOL

    The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
    Aurora Papillon
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Hero of Hungary
    The Great Archives Record:
    A mentally disordered monster haunted more by its own imaginings than by its hunters

  493. Claire said

    Morning all!
    Danielle my prayers to you and your sister!
    Loves History,hope you are feeling well today,checked out the blood blog,is Angie okay..she seems to be a little more…Angie than usual..;0.
    Bored out of my mind! raining..
    UGH! another Sunday without BT…seriously having withdrawal..
    guess I’ll go find something to clean…so exciting….:(

  494. loves history said

    i think the writers of BTS do not see all of the posabilties henry gives them. Angel made great use of flash backs, got to sleep about 5 hours in arow normaly i sleep 2 and i am up again that why i love late night posts

  495. Nina said

    Morning All,

    It’s been a few days sinds my last visit and it’s almost impossible to read all the comments 😦

    Danielle, my prayers to your sister. I hope all goes well.

    Second Sunday without BT 😦 …..October yet????

    I’m off to do some studying, be back later 🙂

  496. ndayeni said

    On the subject of flashbacks: I’m sure we’d all like to see more of them, and I’d bet that the writers would like to include more of them as well. However, I believe it’s been said by someone in some interview or other (sorry, I’ve read/listened to so many different interviews with cast/producer/Tanya that they’ve all kind of blurred together at this point) that the main reason they didn’t do many was that the budget was too limited to allow for it. I know almost nothing about what goes into filming a TV series, but I can see where doing flashbacks could be costly….from the cost of preparing period costumes for various time periods, to constructing different temporary sets, etc.

    Hopefully if/when they do a real second season, their budget will allow for more of them.

  497. susana said

    hey ya’ll,
    Madonna- welcome to the BT-holics gang where henritis thrives 🙂 no need to be shy here, we get kinda horny somtimes and are not ashamed to admit it ..can i get a yihaaa?……oh! dang its sunday…can i get an amen them?….

    Tango/Danielle: Will pray for you, i do not go to church , though i was raised protestant/baptist…. i am just so disconnected from organized religion …. i consider myself a good christian and very spiritual and i will tap into my resources and spread some love and healing prayers your way (oh! that was deep….must be sunday 🙂
    Danielle ….how far along is your sister in her pregnancy? colitis really sucks!!! Even harder in pregnancy!
    Tango…sometimes the reaction to the meds is harder on the patients than the illness…have your guy hang in there

    Tango……… i came to the US in 1997, wanted to go to med school , changed my mind and picked nusing instead (to the absolute horror of my father) cause it was more appealing to me. Went to Tennessee, that is where i met my husband as well, Bachelors there….moved to Austin, then houston whichis where i did my masters. Kenya has many contrasts….very modern cities and very rural areas…….so most of what is here is at home , what hit me the most is there is a much less sense of community here or has it just been my bad luck to live in those kind of neighborhoods 😦 very individualistic lifestyle and very rushed too! things just move faster here. But somethings are the same i grew up in a home watching ER and we had a microwave etc .When i got here someone asked me if we wore clothes back in Africa WTF!!!!! OH! same person wanted to know if i knew who tarzan was!!!!!! I mean i understand that we all cannot travel around the world but it is ok to at least read about other places or be a little more curious. I have run into some racism (hard to be a black female in this country) every now and then and some profiling cause i am foreign and they can tell from my accent when i talk (kinda british and slightly tribal). i do not get the whole racism thing, i guess cause i was not raised to think any less of myself cause of my what i call caramel mocha 🙂 skin, just doesn’t bother me…..find it a little amusing at times how someone goes out of thier way to make me feel less about myself!
    SO in short, i am well adjusted and enjoy your country very much. Miss home very much. There are 4 of us. 2 boys and 2 girls, i am the 1st girl/second born. My younger bro and sis live in the US as well. My dad was a diplomat so we travelled alot…i mean alot!.

    second sunday BT waaaaaaaaaah! I like loves history will watch army wives…cause i like the lead females….and also if only to burn time till i see MY henry again…..currently reading book number 4….man, they are intense i cannot put them down! there is that familiar stirring in my loins 🙂
    see madonna,no need to be shy here,you should meet angie!!!! she is hilarious…..go ahead claire/anzia/dizey…..tell her about angie! Did she ever join us here?

    My fav flashback will still be when they show henry getting “changed”….and all the other potential christina/henry flashbacks!

  498. msgypsy said

    I believe we will get to see that flashback, Susana. Or at least hear lots about it in season 1B.

    Laurel — That who you mean? Punk Celtic rock, what a concept! I do like them, thanks and thank Sarah. Since I don’t drive long distances with any family likely to object, their lyrics don’t disturb me. LOL!

    Danielle, I always have to ask this first. Will you or your sister object if I light a candle for her? (Some folks do and I really hate to do such things against their wishes.)

    So I dreamt last night about Tony Foster. And it was amazing, Tony looked just like my bestest friend Billy (no surprise there!) and Henry looked like Henry looked in my head pre-Kyle. He’s more of a contemporary dresser, and he’s got lighter colored hair. And his face is longer and narrower than Kyle’s. And he isn’t half as attractive as Kyle!

    Having a real bed is just so wonderful. Faraday managed to get up on it once, but doesn’t seem anxious to do it again. He hates the steps I bought for him, though…

  499. loves history said

    yes they wear clothes in kenya, but do they wear shoes in tenn. i was really asked that ques. when i told my class (HS) that my neice and nephew lived there i told them only on sunday, WHO knows the real Tarzan after reading 24 tarzans i can tell that lord Graysoke master of many tongues is not your movie “me Tarzan-you jane ” bloke.

  500. Teresa said

    Susana – I can so relate to your experiences and culture shock after moving here! I’m from Mexico and went to college in the midwest. Talk about a culture shock! I grew up in the second largest city in the country (a little larger than Houston) where my father was a very prominent heart surgeon. I landed in a small private college in the middle of the cornfields because I didn’t know any better. That experience scarred me for life, I tell ya. I too was asked silly questions like do we use the same alphabet as Americans, do we have bathrooms and cars??!!! Even though I hadn’t travelled much before moving here, I was well aware of other parts of the world, and at least familiar with their cultures/societies/lifestyles, so those questions came as quite a shock. The racism stuff I don’t get either; although I was aware it existed because of stories my mother told us about the civil rights movement, it didn’t seem real because I was not exposed to it in Mexico. Because I am very light-skinned and don’t look like what people think a Mexican looks like, it is assumed I am a “regular” white American (also, I don’t have an accent when speaking in English) and people have said things to me about this or that group of people that would make your hair stand straight up because they never imagine that I am one of those people. What an unpleasant eye-opener!!!
    Well, on to commiserating about our lack of BT this Sunday… I feel so empty and devoid of purpose today 😦 I looked through the TV guide just to make sure there hadn’t been some kind of miraculous change so that TPTB had changed their minds and decided to give us the rest of the season instead of waiting until OCTOBER, but my hopes were dashed 😦
    I am not at all interested in watching Army Wives. I’m not interested in military related stuff even though I have an uncle and cousin who are Marines. I almost didn’t start watching NCIS because of that, until I realized the military aspect of the show was peripheral enough to ignore.
    The movie showing on LT this evening with Kristi Alley looks interesting, so maybe I’ll watch it and then go to bed after that, which is extremely early for me, in the hopes that sleep will make me forget about the absence of BT 😉 I just started a new job, so I guess getting there early on Monday is only to my advantage 🙂
    Prayers for everyone on the blog and your loved ones!

  501. loves history said

    susana there is a diff. between racism and nativism may of scared any they fear could be… well look at the weekend scare at JFK. kenya was a victim of al queda, but how many americans know that i know on sept11 when i saw with my own eyes i would killed anyone in that attack glady.

  502. Claire said

    Oh Susana…people can be soooo ignorant! Ya know? I get alot of ignorance on the subject of my quads…and the worst racism I ever suffered was when I was walking with my first husband in Brooklyn,we lived in Besonhurst,back inn the day predominately Italian/Catholics…Irish.Anyways this lady was on a rant about f**king Jews and what not,cursing and stuff,we had our first Monique in a stroller,so my ex just said to her “maam,please watch your language,we have a child”she said WTF are you a Jew! So,we said as a matter of fact yes.She then said f**king Christ killers having more little Christ should die with your demon child! WE were so shocked..we just walked away.I don’t waste my time with morons.One person,after asking me if my kids were Quads,said”why the hell would you do something like that? I feel sorry for you” I responded”well thats why I was blessed with them and you weren’t.”
    As for Angie Susana..she is at the blood blog..losing her mind,it seems like LOL!!
    I mean I miss my beautiful Kyle/Henry like anything…but Angie needs an intervention LOL!!!
    See ya later peeps!

  503. Teresa said

    I don’t think Angie will budge from the BT blog until they shut it down, just out of principle 😉

  504. Teresa said

    Susana – I know what you mean about the sense of community… That’s why I like living in Montrose, it has more of that city neighborhood feel than anywhere else in Houston. Those master planned communities are what has killed the ‘communities’, IMO, with everyone commuting long distances for work, then coming home, driving straight into their garages and only going back out, in their cars, to run errands or drive their children to their activities. In Montrose you actually see people walking around at all hours, and there is so much to do where you can walk to from your residence. I’ll never be able to afford a house in this area unless I win the lottery (which I don’t play), but this is the only place to live in Houston, especially if you want a refuge from living in a red state 🙂

  505. msgypsy said

    Claire, I can’t imagine that happening in Bensonhurst. My father was born and raised in Bed-Stuy and I haven’t been back to any part of Brooklyn since my grandparents moved to Queens (and Grandma died when I was still in my 20s which should tell you a few things about how long ago THAT was!) There were some days when people driving by the Jewish stores would flip the bird at them but nothing as blatant as that woman you describe. Sounds like a lunatic who needs to be put away as a danger to herself and others!

    And now I believe I need more coffee. (Had a brief thought early this morning about what would happen if Henry could drink and benefit from Red Bull … ROTFLMAO!!!!!)

  506. DIZEY1 said

    Good afternoon, trying to catch up, whew!!!
    Susana, small minded people what can I say. And it’s women in general that are still not given the same opportunities as men. Oh well we just persevere because we are women.

    Claire glad you’re son’s doing so well. Rob had short term memory loss after the surgery. So glad no cancer!!! Ya know AlisaSG was right about all of us w/so many ailments etc. brought together **Blood Ties** connected all of us .

    Well gonna go hang w/mom she’s gonna make homemade lasagna comfort food ya’ know?. I’m telling you she was an italian in her previous life. She can cook anything & everything.
    I’ll have to send ya’ll some of her stuffed breads. WOW!!

    I’ll check back in w/ya’ll later.


  507. lwildstar said

    to anyone who was still interested in the Blood Ties inspired jewelry I was working on – heres the link
    there is a second link on the page which will take you to my Yahoo photo album so that you can veiw larger pictures – the only thing I wasn’t able to get on was the rosary bracelets – hoping to add those soon.
    These items are in limited quantiy – I have priced them basically at cost, I’m looking to make loads of money – this is therapy for me and I appreciate your interest.
    Ordering and payment details are on the page – and once the stuff is gone its gone – If there is ALOT of interest I’ll work on some new things.
    Thanks again!

  508. loves history said

    most of my relatives are Irish i never heard 1 anti semetic comment growing from them when i asked about my gf family my gm widowed at inher 30s would say “”they didnt like me me’.but not one word againest them, on the other hand i heard many remarkes by my jewish relatives german jews dont like polish or russian anything espicalli p+r K-s (which mean eastern european to them)..i remember stopping a beating a jewish kid was getting, he was getting it because he was weak and differant if they tried that on me i would taken a baseball bat and beaten them bloody OF course the fact that my gms boyfriend was the biggest toughest irish police captain in the nypd or that i run errands for” uncle ”vito.\dint hurt either.

  509. lwildstar said

    Wait Wait Wait – that was a typo! I’m NOT looking to make loads of money – somethimes my hands and brain don’t match when I type.
    Sorry – didn’t mean to sound like some greedy gruby person – I’m really not – I worked on the jewelry to keep me from thinking – I’ve been going through a rough time and find this all theraputic.
    Please at least take a look and let me knw what you think
    thank you for your tolorence.

  510. msgypsy said

    Okay, I want to send one of lwildstar’s items to Tanya! Maybe one of the bookmarks. Does anyone have any idea of a better way to get it to her than sending it to Daw in New York? I’ve tried to find a Canadian Daw address and failed and Daw isn’t anxious to help out. At least they don’t respond to my emails.

    lwildstar, if we can find an address would you be willing to do the Customs paperwork to ship into Canada? I’ll pay for it all. As soon as I pay off the credit card for the new bed. (New Bed Good Thing!)

  511. Madonna said

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks again for the enthusiastic welcome. It means a lot to me. I LOVE BLOOD TIES. This is the only blog that I have ever followed or participated in. I love it that much. If anyone posts a comment for me please forgive me if it takes me a while to respond. I’m a full time senior graphic designer for a huge company, I am trying to start a home based candle business and I’m trying to write a historical/supernatural romance. I’m just as busy as I am shy.

    In my early and mid teens I was dealing with a multitude of medical issues. Some requiring extensive surguries. My schools were not equipped to deal with my needs at that time. So here I was an already shy, overweight fourteen year old home-schooled. I was pretty much confined to the house by myself until my parents came home from work. I killed time studying or painting. The only time I really got out of the house was for doctor’s appts. or physical therapy.

    Finally, after about two years I was able to get back to school. I knew people but I found they weren’t very welcoming and I had a hard time relating to people my own age. I had gained even more weight during my absence and you know kids will be kids, so I got the teasing too. My self confidence was shot. But I dealt. I joined art club, and even taught a couple of workshops. I graduated 7th in my class and went on to college.

    Today, I do alright. I can handle one on one situations pretty well, but you get me into a social situation and I start stuttering and usually make a complete fool of myself. Medically speaking, I’m doing really well. I have the diabetes and I have a lot of residual pain. However, I thank the lord every day for what I have and what I can do because I could be SOOO much worse of than what I am. I also have my mother who is my biggest supporter, who by the way is JUST AS BIG A BLOOD TIES FAN AS I AM, and she is 52. SHE LOVES HENRY, HATES MIKE.

    Blood Ties has given me happy place to go to as well. All I have to do is think of the notHenry/Vicki lip licking kissing scene and I start giggling.


    I’m not ashamed to admit to the lust either, I just have a much more difficult time expressing it. I’ve been around long enough to know Angie. She reminds me of my sister who is also an Angie. Hmmmm…..

    Thanks again everyone.

  512. lwildstar said

    msgypsy – of course I wouldn’t mind! I think thats a fabulous Idea.
    I’m going to try and work up another page once I finish the rosary braclets.
    You can email me directly at either the address on the webpage or at just make sure Blood Ties or jewelry are in the subject just in case you end up in spam – it happens sometimes!
    thanks for looking!
    Remeber eerything is is short supply – so if you want something its going to be first come first gets – now thats not to say I won’t decide to make more latter , I just don’t have tthe funds right now and I’m trying not to purchase supplies – just use up what I have.
    Thanks guys – although you don’t know it yyou have been a big “lift” for me these last few weeks.
    Keep posting at LifeTime were down to #3!

  513. lwildstar said

    ok – there is a HUGE thunderstorm moving in so I’m off the computer before I loose poer – if you have questions about the jewelry feel free to email me directly at the address or the address on the website and I’ll check tomorrow – I got in trouble for blogging last week so I may not get to check backhere til lunch time tomorrow or maybe not til after work – just remember to put Blood Ties or Jewelry in the subject line.
    Thanks again!!!!!!!

  514. loves history said

    you can try the bookstore where tanya worked and she had her book signing for Valor yesterdayit on her webb site or your could leave amessage there she has answered me. iwildstar ishoed my wife your stuff she thought it was preatty but wanted sterling silver chains she a true Jap and wants only real jewelry

  515. Claire said

    You guys are not just intelligent,open minded wonderful people,but talented too!
    Iwildstar….very,very nice!

    man,I am so bored this Sunday…no BT Henry/Kyle fix again…that I cleaned my house..all three floors!! If you knew me would understand LOL!

  516. simone taylor said

    Danielle, you and your sister are in my prayers. Being pg. is tough enough without anything getting in the way. On a lighter note….I’m glad your date went well. Who knows, maybe he’s a keeper 🙂

  517. Margaret said

    Fun how a BT addiction colors how you look at everything out in the real world. Was at Wal-Mart the other day and saw the diapers that kids can swim in (Little Swimmers) and couldn’t help but laugh to myself. Of course this wouldn’t be funny to anyone but me or someone who watches BT. Guess I’ve gone off the deep edge. Hope my tapes last until October. I’m afraid I’m going to wear them out.

  518. Margaret said

    Funny how a BT addiction colors how you look at everything out in the real world. Was at Wal-Mart the other day and saw the diapers that kids can swim in (Little Swimmers) and couldn’t help but laugh to myself. Of course this wouldn’t be funny to anyone but me or someone who watches BT. Guess I’ve gone off the deep edge. Hope my tapes last until October. I’m afraid I’m going to wear them out.

  519. Claire said

    I wanted to see if this works…These are some pictures that I put together awhile ago..for friends…thought I share with you guys.just run the mouse over my name and see if it works.

  520. Margaret said

    Sorry for the double post.

  521. Claire said

    No damn didn’t work

  522. msgypsy said

    I need to get up from in front of the computer and DO SOMETHING today but I’m feeling kinda bump on the loggish. It’s not quite 80 out and so I ought to be okay going hiking or something, but I’d need to get up and move for that to happen and moving is just too much trouble for me right now. I’m even too lazy to just get in the car and drive, much less hike. Although I bet if I head to Vernonia I’ll find a nice cool trail AND get good Mexican food along the way. And thanks to Lifetime being buttfaces about it, I don’t have to hurry home.


    I miss hurrying home.

  523. msgypsy said

    Okay, rewatching “Norman” now (I really need to get out of the house today!) And, yeah, Dr. Sagara (did Henry call her Emma?) is confused. She’s not sure if that’s really Henry, changed by Vicki, or not Henry. And it’s obvious she’s decided that either way, she’s safest giving away the grimoire and counting on Henry being able to defend himself.

    Or words to that effect. I need to get out and DO SOMETHING today. Will someone please provide me a motivation of some kind? (Do I sound like a cliched actor or what?)

  524. msgypsy said

    Nope. Changed my mind. Dr. Sagara doesn’t know. That was my imagination running away with me.

    They can’t do a flashback to her younger days easily but it would be nice to see her when she and Henry were together.

    I’ve decided … Henry needs to turn Kate. That way we can get rid of her, and still have Mike conflicted some. I don’t mind there being competition for Mike’s affections. I just don’t like Kate.

  525. Margaret said

    Works for me Ms. Gypsy but do you think Mike needs any more reasons to stay pissed at Henry? lol. Bad enough he’s after one of his women, now both? But you’re right about Kate, she’s gotten to the point where she’s really annoying and needs to go.

  526. lwildstar said

    Well that storm blew through really fast and I oniy lost power for a few minutes:
    Clair – thank you – I appreciate it

    loves history – how I wish I could do everything in sterling and goldfilled : I can do sterling chains (but I only have two?) – like I said I’m low on funds – let me know if you’d like one of the pendants changed and I’ll see what the price would be. Thanks for looking!

    margaret – I know what you mean – – in my case I was at my neices and of all things she wanted to watch The Cheeta Girls – everytime Kyle came on screen I couldn’t help but giggle – after about the tird time she finally looked at me and asked “What is your problem?” and that made me start laughing – I was not going to try and exsplain this obsession to a 10 year old and certainly not my neice! And I find my self giggling or smiling at the strangest things that remeind me of the show – like a shirt or jacket that ooo wouldn’t Henry look hot in….smiles!

  527. Madonna said


    Beautiful work, I love the gold toned pink pearl necklace.

  528. lwildstar said

    Thanks Madonna!
    Was just over at the LifeTime Board – in two hours Blood Ties has gone from #3 to #1 – personally made three post – got to keep it up there.
    Lots of nice feed back from both blogs about the jewelry.
    Thanks guys.
    I guess if anything sells I”ll make something new with what supplies I have left and change out the website – will let you know when the rosary bracelets are done – my cousin says there a decent match to the full rosary Henry was wearing as a bracelet.
    Damn theres thunder again – I guess I should get off the computer just in case – I hate these kind of storms – off – on – off – on….good grief – thanks guys – will check back later if I still have power.

  529. Nina said

    How is everyone holding on this very difficult day? 😛
    I’m doing really bad!!! Watched Love Hurts, Bad Juju and Norman the last 3 hours….and the pain keep getting worse 😦 😦

    OCTOBER YET!?!?!?!?!

  530. Nina said

    Ms Gypsy, great idea to get rid of Kate and it would give Henry and Mike something else to be bickering about 🙂
    Oh can you Vicki getting jealous over that lol

  531. Nina said

    Ms Gypsy, great idea to get rid of Kate and it would give Henry and Mike something else to be bickering about 🙂
    Oh can you see Vicki getting jealous over that lol

  532. vicki said

    hey all..
    welcome modonna…and never worry about the lust thing…we have all come to accept our addiction and lust is just a part of it..EHEHHEHE

    today has been a down kinda day…nothing to look forward too..((sighs))
    I have been wearing my shirt (Is it October yet?) just to make me feel better. I will post of picture of me wearing it later tonight if I can. It really turned out well. Cafepress rules!!!

    Ms.gypsy..I agree Kate has gotta go…annoying and so obvious of course Mike being a man hasnt noticed that she has a thing for him…but still just to much.. she… has to go…telll Vicki to get that star thing ready….LOL

  533. msgypsy said

    I’m trying to find the directions to a fabric store now. Maybe if I get to work on Dea’s birthday present I’ll be energized to go out.

    I don’t care how they get rid of Kate but either she needs a personality transplant or she has got to go. And much as I like the idea of Henry turning her, the truth is Henry wouldn’t. He doesn’t turn the unwilling unless it’s life-or-death. And while it might be easy enough to create that situation, we’d lose the Henry-Vicki relationship for that year the vamp and the “child” stay together. So my thought is that some other vamp can come along and do it. Or a demon take her somewhere. Or else Kate can get laid. By someone. Anyone not Mike or Henry. (Cuz if it’s Mike we’ll have to put up with her more and I’m tired of her.)

    Uh … apparently she really bugged me in Norman.

    I’ve got a bunch of corset patterns to play with now, so either I’m going out someplace with a/c for lunch or I’m going to the fabric store to try to find something better to make this out of. Either way, I have GOT to get out from in front of the computer.

  534. Madonna said


    We were discussing our “babies” last night. You said Faraday doesn’t like the steps. That doesn’t surprise me. My baby Boo-Boo had a little accident with the steps when he was about eight weeks old, it kind of traumatized him, and now he won’t even attempt to go down a flight of stairs. Has to be carried. Little dogs are sometimes just funny that way.

  535. Anzia said

    A fix for the “turning Kate” problem. Just have the MOTW almost kill her and have Henry have to save her (*before anyone points it out I KNOW what your going to say … but it could WORK for Kate). OR, just have another vamp do it. I mean, Henry says there are other vamps around… they can’t ALL be good people… I’m sure one of ’em is desperate enough to eat Kate.

  536. Margaret said

    I have it: Have Christina come back to town and she can turn Kate. That way Mike and Henry are left out in making it happen but can react to it all day long.

  537. Anzia said

    ^_^ Sorry ms. gypsy. I didn’t read all of your post before posting… 🙂

  538. Margaret said

    lwildstar: I’d love to see the rosarys once you have them done.

  539. lwildstar said

    The storm is over for now – I hate this kind of weather – I’ll email you when the rosaries are ready ( and post a link here) hoping to have something done by the middle of the week – but that all depends on how things go….
    thanks for the interest.

  540. Madonna said

    Is anyone on here from or live around the midwest? I don’t see much interest in Blood Ties from my area of the country on any of the blogs. I live in No. Kentucky, just across the Ohio river south of Cincinnati. Just curious.

  541. DIZEY1 said

    Iwildstar, love your stuff. For sure I want a rosary bracelet. I hope you do well. I hear a little thunder here also.

    Madonna, I am deep in the heart of Dixie , New Orleans to be exact.

    I’ve re-watched these ep’s so many times. AAhhhhhhh (heavy sigh)

    Vicki, which shirt did you get???

  542. lwildstar said

    thanks Dizey1 – will let everyone know when they are ready – it looks like I’ve only got enough supplies for maybe 6 total thats why I’m doing braceletes instead of a full rosary – I’ll see what I have. If you want to email me your email address so I can send you the link directly email me at – just put Blood Ties in the subject.

    I have other stuff posted on another site, but I haven’t been able to update it, everytime I try the program locks me up – but thats AOL for you – if you are interested in looking at that its
    and if anyone sees something there you like email me for availability – I can give discounts on that stuff because its listed with a “retail” price.

    Thanks again every one for the interest! it’s really appreciated.

    Going to log off now (what with this crazy weather) and finish book three and since theres no other reason to stay up tonight I’ll start book four .
    Night all!

  543. Margaret said

    Madonna: What city do you live in? I was born in Louisville, but I’ve been transplanted down to Florida. And for all you Johnny Depp fans who may or may not know, Johnny was born in Owensboro, Kentucky, not someplace exotic like Europe although he lives there now.

  544. Claire said

    Ms.Gypsy,if anyone was dumb enough to turn Kate,garrantee,she would come back an even more annoying vamp!But Hmmm…Vicki does have the sun thingy! so MUhahaha no more Kate!
    yeah..okay..can you tell a another Sunday without fresh Henry is driving us a little more nuts than we are already!
    for the love of god….IS IT OCTOBER YETTTT???
    can’t keep watching old epi’s..they just add to the pain! LOL!

  545. Madonna said

    Hi Margaret,

    I live in Independence, KY, minutes from Covington or Florence and about 20 minutes south of Cincinnati, in fact I work in downtown Cincy. I have family in Louisville, so I’ve been there several times. Also for anyone else who didn’t know George Clooney is from Augusta, Kentucky.

  546. vicki said

    Dizy..I made one it is on I designed it and it got here on Sat. I still have it on. LOL I didnt put a markup on them so I am not making any money off it…but I just thought since we keep saying “Is it October yet?” that we might as well put it to good use.

    Madonna…I am in WV…southern part about 20 minutes from Charleston..I have family in Murray, KY.

  547. Margaret said

    Madonna: I still have an aunt and some cousins who live in Kentucky. Remember the train derailment there about 6 months or more ago. It was just down the the hill from my aunts house, she’s been displaced from her house ever since it happened. We’ve told her not to go back no matter what the railroad tells her about whether its safe or not.

    I used to live in a little dot on the map called Brownsboro, the kind of community with 2 churches, a general store, and if you blinked you were out of it. lol

  548. Margaret said

    I think we should develop another game. It will be called: Top my Blood Ties Addiction. First and foremost, listing the repeatly watching of past episode of BT is not allowed, as that would be a given for all of us.

    (1) I have started pulling up one of the podcasts interviews (Dylan, Kyle, or Christina) before I go to sleep, sometimes when I can’t sleep. Since they seem to loop I go to bed hearing one of their voices and get up hearing one of them.


  549. lwildstar said

    Since we can’t mention how many times we’ve watched any one episode or scenes…..Does risking getting fired (or at the very least repremanded) spending every free moment at work either surfing the web for any bit of information and or popping into blog – or viewing galleries, or bopping to youtube to watch Henry count?
    Not to mention producing a line of jewelry?

  550. Margaret said

    Yes, I’d say that would qualify just fine. I, myself, have had close calls at work, visiting BT sites or You Tube. Next.

  551. Madonna said


    No, I don’t remember hearing about the train derailment, but I hope everything works out for your aunt.

    My mom is from Pikeville, KY. She was a coal miner’s daughter and if you compare her childhood to Loretta Lynn’s, (well let’s just say Loretta Lynn grew up in the lap of luxury.)

  552. Teresa said

    How about cancelling job interviews because you were up until 5:00 am watching BT reruns and can’t keep your eyes open any longer?!!!

  553. Madonna said

    Blood Ties – yeah I’m addicted, but I can’t even get a good fix from watching the past episodes. Stupid me, the only one I thought to tape was Norman.
    To get them from iTunes I have to update my iMac and iTunes and since I’m on dial up thats likely to be a while.

    I’m trying to turn some of my co-workers into fans. Pretty tough considering most of them are men in thier 20’s.

    One says he’ll catch them when they come out on DVD, since he doesn’t have cable.

    Another is into shows like Supernatural and Smallville and he says he is intrigued and will have to watch it sometime. All the rest just laugh at me.

  554. Tango said

    Msgypsy, haven’t harmed any clowns today, have you?

    Susanna, I can only speak for the places that I’ve been to in the US (not the world traveler yet) that discrimination comes in all forms whether it is racism, or judgment of where you live, religion/faith, female or male, beautiful or not, socio-economic, fat or thin, or something else. I’ve been on the receiving end of many of these throughout my life, and once I have the fleeting thought of “You’re an idiot!” ~ I just feel sorry for those who are so closed-minded that they can’t enjoy the diversity that all people bring to this wonderful place we call earth. How boring it would be if we were all the same!

    One of my funniest discrimination incidents was while at my company’s national convention a couple of years ago when a 20-something year-old boy from California asked me when finding out I was from Alabama, “Do you drink moonshine?” I looked at him in all seriousness and said, “No, but we did get indoor plumbing last year.”

    Alisa, I agree – all us meeting – a divine appointment maybe? I don’t believe things happen accidentally.

  555. Margaret said

    Canceling an interview. That’s a good one. Don’t feel bad Madonna, I only taped about 5-6. For the life of me I don’t remember why I didn’t tape the first 1-5. Maybe I was so mesmerized I forgot to stick the tape in.

    Loves History-I’ve watched a bit of Army Wives and its not good enough to stay up for like I didn Blood Ties. I’m not used to seeing Catherine Bell in a victim situation since she was so squared away and independent in JAG. Time to put my tape of Norman back in.

  556. DIZEY1 said

    Ok , How about buying paraphernalia posters, DVD press kits, Tee shirts, ordering all books author has printed. Does this stuff count???


    XOXOXOX Sweet Dreams of Henry & Mike for you Minxz


  557. Tango said

    Margaret, if you wear your tapes out I will burn you a dvd of the ones I have. I say that I will do this, but I haven’t attempted it yet.

    How about bringing Norman back to take care of Kate? I do love Norman! Maybe he could crush on her and then take her to an alternate universe or somewhere and then if she does come back she could have an attitude adjustment.

    Nite Beth!
    Don’t know if this worked, actually dropping a picture in, but it is of Henry with the open shirt. You know the one, the one you want to drag the bottom of the picture down to see what else you’re missing! Sweet dreams!

  558. Tango said

    OK, it didn’t work. But you have the image in your mind. Mission accomplished!

  559. Margaret said

    Yes, in deed, Beth I would say those qualify. I bought a Celtic cross because it kind of looked like something Henry would wear. Geeez, are we far gone or what. How will we ever last until October?

    Not that I’m an advocate of lying but when we send postcards to lifetime we might want to tell them we’re in the 18 – .. demographic. Thats the demographic that all the networks seem to crave. That is one of the reasons that JAG and Close to Home were cancelled, they were reaching the right age demographic. God forbid some of us old people like something, they don’t care. In a matter of years the older generation will out number the younger one, what do they plan to do with their demographics then?

    I’m off to watch Norman AGAIN for about the 10th time. I can’t take watching Army Wives and I think I’ll get on Lifetime tomorrow and tell them they made a mistake pulling Blood Ties. Later minxes, vices, hens….

  560. Tango said

    You know Margaret, you have a good point. I don’t fit that demo either. And I certainly spend a whole lot more jack with their sponsors than I did when I was in the demo they target. Someone care to explain that to me?

  561. loves history said

    well the ‘tudor did it againthey killed off henry VIII sister off years wives was ok no BTS

  562. msgypsy said

    I finally got out of the house. I went out to eat at this little local restaurant where they know me and will let me sit for hours if I want. So I sat and read and knit and suddenly a couple of my friends walked in; they didn’t know I was there but we ended up having a lovely dinner and afterwards went down to the river to sit on the boat launch dock and watch all the boats coming in. It’s one of my favorite hot summer evening things to do. I just wish I had a boat and could be one of the boaters coming in. So I’m feeling a lot less depressed than I expected to be at this hour on a Sunday night this early in the “Is It October Yet?” period.

    Is Lifetime targeting 18-29 or are they targeting 30-39? I can’t tell. The ads they showed during “Blood Ties” were so oddly inappropriate. I know I’m not in their target demographic but I thought I was closer than that!

    I think it’s time to shower and watch one of the episodes I haven’t watched recently. (I watched “Heart of Fire” again today but there are some others I want to see again.)

    Oh, I got “Better than Chocolate” from Netflix but don’t want to watch it while I’m in a hot and tired mood because it sounds like such a delightful little movie and I don’t want to be cranky while I watch it.

    I’ll catch up with you tomorrow morning, folks!

  563. lwildstar said

    new “lets get rid of Kate” scenerio

    Kate gets more possive of Mike and more suspicious of Vicki and starts digging around into what Vicki has been “dragging” Mike into, and starts checking out Henry as well. After breaking into Vickis office while she and Henry are out on a case Kate finds al sortes of occult related items and begins to “fear” for Mikes carreer…….at some point Kate decides to take matters into her own hands and goes to investigate what it is Vicki is looking into and ends up being some occult one notices her missing until she doesn’t report for work and then boohoo her body is Vicki and Henry and Mike must find the killers.of course Mike blames it all on Vicki – well Henry for dragging Vicki “into this kind of stuff” and now we are rid of Kate and Mike and Henry can go back to taking verbal snipes at each other!

    Ok – to the addiction – how about taking a magazine from two different doctors offices just so I could tear the full page Blood Ties ads out?

    Don’t feel bad Margaret – I taped them all and then my machine ate the tape with episodes 1,2,3 on it – my sister managed to get 4-7 recorded to DVD and then 9-12 recorded to dvd – I am guarding my tape with epi. 8 on it until I can find someone who can transfer that to dvd for me.
    Have alovely day – my boss just walked in and I don’t want to get in trouble so I’ll talk at you all at lunch!

  564. Margaret said

    Note to self and others: Never open DVDs that you ordered and had sent to your work addresses in front of co-workers: The first two I got were: Sex and the Single Mom and What Girls Learn. Needless to say I had to listen to CRAP! Won’t do that again. lol.

  565. lwildstar said

    Just checked LifeTime Boards and BT is back to #1!

  566. DebS said

    Good Morning! I have just tried to catch up with all of the posts from over the weekend…I really need to check in on the weekends. Whoo!

    Danielle- Glad to hear your date went well! Sorry to hear about your sister though…I will keep her in my thoughts.

    Tango-Yikes about your husband. I hope his health issues work themselves out.

    I saw Pirates 3 this weekend. I thought it was really good. Long though. Also watched A History of Violence…man that was intense. I don’t like Kyle as a bully. I definitely prefer him as Henry or Max from Z.

  567. Danielle said

    Morning all! My boss is on vacay. YAY! Thank you everyone for your thought’s prayers etc.
    Susana-My sister is only about 6 weeks along.
    ms gypsy-I would appreciate it if you lit a candle for her. I know she will appreciate it too. She ended up leaving the ER before being seen. Multiple traumas kept coming in and everyone kept getting pushed back. One woman had been there for 6 hours and still wasn’t seen. She said she will have to leave the fate of the baby up to a higher power whatever that may be for everybody. This is going to be a very long pregnancy if this keeps happening. My sister has already had 3 miscarriages because of the colitis.

  568. lwildstar said

    another hint to self and others:
    if you think you have “spys” in your office monitoring how long you’re online blogging, etc – – remember to clear out your computer history and the cookies – then empty them from your recycle bin. 🙂 just a thought.

  569. Danielle said

    Another thing about my date, I wore a red shirt, his fave color, and he wore a purple shirt, my fave color. Do you think that is a sign? This morning when I checked my email there was an email from him with this quote: It wasn’t my ear you whispered into, but my heart. It wasn’t my lips you kissed, but my soul. I was like wow. This guy is total romantic. *sigh*

  570. Danielle said

    Iwildstar-I loved the jewelry designs. I want an anklet and one of the bangle bracelets. Sadly I have no money. I just bought the T off of ebay and I shouldn’t have done that.

  571. Anzia said

    Madonna- I’m originally from Lima, Ohio but my parents moved to Chillicothe Ohio when I left for college. I’m from the midwest but now live in WI. So, there are others… Just not me anymore I guess. ^_^

    Margaret- I did know that’s where Johnny Depp was born. I also konw that his parents didn’t get along well and they got a divorce. For christmas my father got me a crap ton of Johnny Depp stuff. Including an England only Released biography. ^_^ WITH PICTURES! *giggles* It made me happy.

    BT-Addict game huh? My contribution- I play & loop my BT eps on iTunes and then move my computer up by my bed so that I can watch, listen & dream about Henry during the night. Not BT related but the only reason i’m still moderately sane is because I’ve turned the fuel of my BT obsessoin to another obsession which is almost WORSE than BT. Still yurn (sp?) and long for Henry but at a manageable level. ^_^ It’s the “cure” (notice the quotes… i’m lying to myself… partly) that I have to worry about now…

    I introduced a friend to Z— oh was she a happy girl! (THANK YOU CLAIRE!) and is going to get her own copy now!

    Oh, and on the Getting Rid Of Kate idea, I don’t like her as she is right now but I’m not sure I want her dead though. She provides a female for Mike to interact with. He actually acts differently with her than he does with Dave or Vicki so Kate gives Mike’s character more avenues of expressoin and more depth. I’m with lwildstar. Kate should start digging into Vicki’s cases, etc. She should start following Vicki. AND, Vicki being Vicki, they will both be caught by the MOTW. So, Kate sees first hand that this stuff is real. Her and Vicki have to work together to get out of the mess. The boys come in right at the end to “save” the two of ’em (they’re basically already saved by their own doings). By the end, Kate realizes that it’s all real (maybe with some convincing from Henry) and, since I like Kate & Mike together, Mike gives Kate a lot of attention so as to make sure she’s okay. Vicki sees this and realizes that she should be nicer to Kate ’cause it could make things hard for Mike if she isn’t.

  572. DIZEY1 said

    HI Ya’ll dad’s surgery is tomorrow. Don’t know how much they’ll have to remove. Toes…foot, unsure till they get in there and see what’s viable & what’s dead. The toe looks really bad. Hope for his sake they don’t have to go up the leg. Very traumatic even if you think you’re prepared. Trying to be strong but the heavy weight(pressure) is wearing me down. I’m worried about my mom. This a crappy, crazy, SUCKY day.

  573. Margaret said

    Here’s something we need to think about. If Kate is with Mike, then Mike would stop bugging Vicky and she’d have to give more thought to Henry.

  574. lwildstar said

    Thanks Danielle – hopefully the jewelry will get enough attention to keep it around a while – if you want an anklet just keep checking back to see if the site is still posted (if I don’t get any bites (ha ha ah) by the end of the month I’ll probably stop and reabsorb the stuff into stock). But since the anklets are “order to size” you could still check in with me about getting one. If you’d like email me at and I’ll put you in my folder for “interested parties – jewelry”.
    For those who asked – I should have the rosary bracelets completed this week – I’m just waiting on the crosses – I found someone who had three really nice wood ones that are kinda antquie looking – thought of Henry -and they are mailing them to me. Will let you know.
    Thanks for the interest….
    I really should stay of of here but my Monday mornings are so empty with out Henry on Sunday night…it’s going to be a lonng summer. How are we going to last?

  575. simone taylor said

    Danielle—-That is so romantic about him. I’m so happy for you.

    But now I need Dr. Anzia’s help. I’m so used to my vamp on Sunday night. I watched a STUPID vamp movie last night. I don’t think I’ll make it to October.

  576. Danielle said

    Hey guys I “turned” my 13 year old niece on Saturday night when I was waiting for my sister to get back from the ER. I started watching Norman and Alli was sitting up with me and she loved it.

  577. Danielle said

    Man Mondays are so depressing. It doesn’t help that is raining like HELL here.


  578. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Dani, It’s pouring here too. Wasssup w/dat?? The Carpenters had it right rainy days and Mondays always get me down. If anyone knows who the Carpenters are. I get a little retro somedays. Good for you on the younger recruitments. I’ve been having some Henry dreams lately. And may I say props to my imagination. It may just get me through the summer yet. Thank God!!!

    Anzia, sorry I didn’t answer you from the other day. I’m supposed to be in Madison from July 23-26th. I’ll be attending product knowledge classes for
    Sub-Zero/Wolf Appliances. They’re the BOMB baby. It’s on my wish list.

  579. Danielle said

    Beth-It’s that stupid tropical depression whatever his name is. I know who the Carpenters are. I love older music.

  580. Anzia said

    Simone (and anyone else needing it)-

    Okay, calm down *takes her by the arm and guides her to a couch* Sit here on the couch. Yep, just relax. Yes, just like that. Okay, relaxed a little? No, here *hands her a Blow Henry Pop* (yes I changed the name for the sake of therapy ^_^) just gently suck on this. Not too vigerously. Simone dear, it has to last… make Henry hard-suckables is hard work… they just don’t pop up of their own accord… Okay, yup. That’s good… Don’t dribble on the leather dear. *hands her a Henry Towel* Look, there’s a designated area for your mouth… I thought it was convenient too.

    Sorry, I digress. How’s the blow pop going? good, good… relaxing yet? Still a little tense? Okay, here’s a travel sized Henry Action Toy. I can see you feel a bit better just by touching him don’t you? Yes. It’ll just fit right there in your purse and you can pull him out and play whenever you start to feel that tension buildup. Okay? Good. *listens to breathing* Honey, you need to calm down. We used all the chocolate chains in our last session and the new batch hasn’t come in yet. See, the stain is still on my carpet. Well, i had to move the couch to cover it of course.

    Again, digression, okay. So, we need to find something to take the edge off. *at her look of fear* oh, no, honey. I’m not taking cure. There is no cure. I mean, we need to give you something to wet your whistle. I offer you this: Now, it’s not Henry. It’s not a vampire. But it is concentrated sexiness (in leather!) shaking parts of his anatomy that will make you go THUMP THUMP. I can see that got your attention with that… Well… since the original is ALWAYS best… here’s this: No need to worry about words. Just watch that body! (Nina or I can tell you what he says).

    Also, just to help.

    Session Ended….

  581. lwildstar said

    lunch time! yeah I’m free to do what I want! I’ve been slipping online off and on all morning – I think I got spoiled with the boss out the other week – now I’ve got to be careful….well since this morning the LifeTime Board has slipped to #3
    its finally stopped raining here – but the thunder boomers last night drove me nuts – I hate storms, once when i was little we had the tornado siren go off and had to hide in the basement (was not my favorite place anyway) and during the storm I looked up at the window and saw two red eyes glaring back at me – storms have freaked me out ever since – book three gave me the shivers when Vicki saw the red eyes looking up at her from the book…..burrrrr….
    Well I’ve been getting lots of comments about the rosary braclets – I only asked for 6 crosses – and so far I have two people who “really want one” – so if you want to put yourself on the waiting list email me – its up in one of my posts – Margaret, I already added you to the list.
    This all may be for not, as they say, but it gives me something to do, something to talk about and since beads have been my first Obsession I can enjoy combining it with my new Blood Ties Obsession!
    Thanks for the interest and support
    DIZEY! – your dad is in my prayers – along with everyone else!
    Have a good day!

  582. lwildstar said

    hey my post never showed up! well its lunch time and no one can bother me, but I’m going to have to be careful, I got spoiled while the boss was out.
    oh well……checked the Lifetime board and we’re back to #3.
    To those interested in the rosary braclets I’m getting lots of feed back so if you want to be on the waiting list you’ll have to email me (address is up on one of the previous postings) – Margaret I already added you – several people from the LifeTime blog have contacted me as well.
    Anyway what I babbled on about in the post that dissappeared……..the rain has stopped for now, but the thunder boomers last night were bad – i hate storms have since I was litte – one night the tornado siren went off and we had to hide the basement – not my favorite place – and during the storm I looked up at the window to see two golwing red eyes glaring at me…..just finished book three and it really freaked me out when Vicki saw the two glowing red eyes looking at her from the book- gave me shivers….
    Thanks for your interest and support – at least I can combine my two osessions – Beads and Blood Ties – now while I have some time left I’m off to hunt down pictures of Henry to drool over.
    Have a good day!

  583. Anzia said

    No probelm Dizey

  584. Anzia said

    Okay, I’m going to try this again…If it comes up twice I’m sorry but the post isn’t showing up…

    Simone (and anyone else needing it)-

    Okay, calm down *takes her by the arm and guides her to a couch* Sit here on the couch. Yep, just relax. Yes, just like that. Okay, relaxed a little? No, here *hands her a Blow Henry Pop* (yes I changed the name for the sake of therapy ^_^) just gently suck on this. Not too vigerously. Simone dear, it has to last… make Henry hard-suckables is hard work… they just don’t pop up of their own accord… Okay, yup. That’s good… Don’t dribble on the leather dear. *hands her a Henry Towel* Look, there’s a designated area for your mouth… I thought it was convenient too.

    Sorry, I digress. How’s the blow pop going? good, good… relaxing yet? Still a little tense? Okay, here’s a travel sized Henry Action Toy. I can see you feel a bit better just by touching him don’t you? Yes. It’ll just fit right there in your purse and you can pull him out and play whenever you start to feel that tension buildup. Okay? Good. *listens to breathing* Honey, you need to calm down. We used all the chocolate chains in our last session and the new batch hasn’t come in yet. See, the stain is still on my carpet. Well, i had to move the couch to cover it of course.

    Again, digression, okay. So, we need to find something to take the edge off. *at her look of fear* oh, no, honey. I’m not taking cure. There is no cure. I mean, we need to give you something to wet your whistle. I offer you this: Now, it’s not Henry. It’s not a vampire. But it is concentrated sexiness (in leather!) shaking parts of his anatomy that will make you go THUMP THUMP. I can see that got your attention with that… Well… since the original is ALWAYS best… here’s this: No need to worry about words. Just watch that body! (Nina or I can tell you what he says). And I just have one last comment… THE STAMINA THAT MAN HAS!!! OH THE POSSIBILITIES!

    Also, just to help.

    Session Ended….

  585. lwildstar said

    Posted on the LifeTime Board …..can’t remember if we already posted this here:

    ‘June 4, 2007 at 7:00am (#1131 of 1133)
    Blood Ties coming to Canada in August!
    This could be good news as meaning we might not have to wait as long for the DVD to come out as rumored. Dennis McGrath’s blog stated that BloodTies will begin on several dates in August for those north of the border. I believe it is Citytv that they will be on and the show starts August 13,16,&19. That might mean that by the time we have the last 10 eps, both us and Canada will be on the same time frame so could we really get lucky for Christmas and not only have seen the rest of the season but also have a great gift under the our trees? Boy! WE CAN HOPE!!!! Better yet, maybe an answer to a second season sooner than later too! Now breath everybody……”

    i’d love to find Henry under my tree…heheheh

  586. Anzia said

    Simone- I didn’t ignore you… my post isn’t posting… 😦 I think I’ll try doing it in chunks… see if that works…

  587. Anzia said

    Simone (and anyone else needing it)-

    Okay, calm down *takes her by the arm and guides her to a couch* Sit here on the couch. Yep, just relax. Yes, just like that. Okay, relaxed a little? No, here *hands her a Blow Henry Pop* (yes I changed the name for the sake of therapy ^_^) just gently suck on this. Not too vigerously. Simone dear, it has to last… make Henry hard-suckables is hard work… they just don’t pop up of their own accord… Okay, yup. That’s good… Don’t dribble on the leather dear. *hands her a Henry Towel* Look, there’s a designated area for your mouth… I thought it was convenient too.

    Sorry, I digress. How’s the blow pop going? good, good… relaxing yet? Still a little tense? Okay, here’s a travel sized Henry Action Toy. I can see you feel a bit better just by touching him don’t you? Yes. It’ll just fit right there in your purse and you can pull him out and play whenever you start to feel that tension buildup. Okay? Good. *listens to breathing* Honey, you need to calm down. We used all the chocolate chains in our last session and the new batch hasn’t come in yet. See, the stain is still on my carpet. Well, i had to move the couch to cover it of course.

  588. Anzia said

    Session pt 2-

    Again, digression, okay. So, we need to find something to take the edge off. *at her look of fear* oh, no, honey. I’m not taking cure. There is no cure. I mean, we need to give you something to wet your whistle. I offer you this: and Now, it’s not Henry. It’s not a vampire. But it is concentrated sexiness (in leather!) shaking parts of his anatomy that will make you go THUMP THUMP. I can see that got your attention with that… Well… since the original is ALWAYS best… here’s this: No need to worry about words. Just watch that body! (Nina or I can tell you what he says).

    Also, just to help.

    Session Ended….

  589. Anzia said

    Again, digression, okay. So, we need to find something to take the edge off. *at her look of fear* oh, no, honey. I’m not taking cure. There is no cure. I mean, we need to give you something to wet your whistle. I offer you this: and Now, it’s not Henry. It’s not a vampire. But it is concentrated sexiness (in leather!) shaking parts of his anatomy that will make you go THUMP THUMP. I can see that got your attention with that… Well… since the original is ALWAYS best… here’s this: No need to worry about words. Just watch that body! (Nina or I can tell you what he says).

  590. Anzia said

    Session pt 3.

    Also, just to help.

    Session Ended….

  591. lwildstar said

    Anzia you are the best!!!!!

  592. Anzia said

    Session pt 3-

    Also, just to help.

  593. Anzia said

    Session pt 4-

    Session Ended….

  594. Anzia said

    ms.gypsy- if i happened to have all my other posts listed as “spam” I’M SORRY!

  595. Teresa said

    How do you guys get the picture pop-ups attached to your name?

  596. Anzia said

    on the bottom, after you putin your email. Put the pic url in the next space.

  597. Anzia said

    Also, Teresa, how many posts of mine can you see? Can you see the ones with all the links? Nina has tried and can’t see ’em but I can on multiple computers…

  598. Teresa said

    OK, let’s see if this works.
    Anzia – I see your posts, but not any with links.

  599. Teresa said

    Well, it kinda sorta worked, but how do you get just the picture to display instead of the whole web page?

  600. Danielle said

    Anzia-I can see your posts but no links. What day is your graduation?

  601. Danielle said

    Teresa-I am not sure how I got mine to just have the picture. I guess it was a fluke.

  602. Teresa said

    What I noticed is that for your picture and Danielle’s, the link says full size and when you click on the link it is a large size picture in a regular web page with a URL, instead of the small one in a window, with no URL, you get when you click on it from the BT gallery pages. Hmmm… So, how did you get the picture to display like that in order to capture the link? Inquiring minds want to know 🙂

  603. Anzia said

    Okay, if you click on the picture and make it as big as it can be then copy & past THAT url, it will worik.

    Danielle- Graduation is this next coming Sunday.

    Re: links- GRRRR!

  604. Danielle said

    Ok I think I remember now. What I did is I clicked on the picture and very briefly a URL flashed at the top where the topic of the page is and there was a certain number as part of the URL that was different from the number in the topic. So I then copy and pasted the web address into the area that I had to be and changed the number to read the URL one and added “&fullsize” with no spaces. Good luck!

  605. Teresa said

    One more time…

  606. Danielle said

    It worked it worked I can see it! Another thing about this guy I went out on the date with. His name is Jason Morgan and the people he works with call him Captain Morgan and he has never even had rum.

  607. DebS said

    Back from lunch.

    Anzia you are hilarious!!! Just what I needed to get through the day. They turned off the AC at my work to fix something…and so it is ridiculously hot in here right now.

  608. loves history said

    oh danielle you gave me culture shock idont think of the caroenters as old music they are aftet my 50s and 60 music so they are new old is glenn miller bing, frank and benny goodman i sometimes call my capt. jack his name is jackson pollock.(alao my little baci,other cat),

  609. Tango said

    Lwildstar – I like your “lets get rid of Kate” scenario. But I’d like to add Norman into the mix. This might spur the conversation between H & V to address the issue they skirted the last time Norman was in town.

    Danielle – Wow! What a romantic guy! Sounds like this could be the start of something great. How is your sister feeling today? I will definitely keep her in my prayers.

    Dizey, I’m sorry you are having a dreadful day. It’s during days like this that I try to find the silver lining, which could be easier for me because I deal with people on a day-to-day basis who have loved ones or they themselves are in worse shape than I am in. It’s a gentle reminder to me to have a grateful heart. I will continue to keep your entire family in prayerful mind.

  610. Danielle said

    Aren’t the Carpenters from the 70’s? I was born in 78. They are old to me. I like Bing and Frank to. And Elvis to. But they are still all old.

  611. Teresa said

    Just snuck a peek at the LF boards; Army Wives is #1 and BT is #2. I think that shows the strengh of the BT fan base that it’s one slot below a show that just debuted (sp?) and BT isn’t even on the air now!!! I took a look at some of the posts on Army Wives and it looks like some of the posters are getting pretty snippy. Just another reason to love the BT group even more, we’re full of positive, loving energy 🙂

  612. I survived Hell Night 2 (another bloodless Sunday)
    I went to see Pirates 3
    and picked up a copy of Pan’s Labyrinth which I also watched last night

    I loved both of them!

  613. Danielle said

    Tango-She is feeling better. She said she doesn’t feel any discomfort today. We are all going to be on pins and needles until this baby is born. The ironic thing is that the baby is due on her ex-husband’s birthday.

    Beth-Hang in there. I will still be praying. To be optimistic he is still alive. Someone I know lost her aunt at 40 years old from diabetes. She really did not take care fo herself.

    I just realized that this might sound really cold and unthoughtful. That is not how I meant it.

  614. lwildstar said

    Tango – well there you go – Norman could be the “case” they are working on!

    Ok – not to cause trouble – but once I finish the rosary braclets I am going to offer tham to those on the wait list first – before posting the link – since they will be in limited quantity – I have 4 names so far and only have been able to find 6 crosses.
    The top three know who they are – I just emaled you….
    If I come up with anything else or someone on the list doesn’t want “there’s” I post. Trying to be fair to those =who called “shotgun” as it were.
    Thanks guys

  615. simone taylor said

    Thanks Dr. Anzia….. I’m really busy at work today. Right now I’m relief operator and it’s usually kinda quiet during lunch so I can try to catch up.
    Thanks again doc.

  616. Madonna said

    I just have time enough this afternoon to say hi to everyone.

    Dizey1 – You and your family are in my prayers. I know just how scary impending surgery can be. I’ve had close to thirty five in my lifetime. I’ve always gotten encouragement through something my mother says.
    “God will never burden you with something that you are not strong enough to handle.”

    Danielle – Hi. I hope your sister is doing better. I’m glad your date went so well. Gives me hope….

    loves history – You are also in my thoughts. STAY POSITIVE!

    Just a note… I also know who the Carpenters are. I’m a 60’s music fanatic.

  617. Danielle said

    Madonna-If you don’t mind me asking how old are you? The only way I was able to find someone was on I tried eHarmony and did not like it. He really sounds promising. You know what they say there is someone out there for everybody. You just hope you find them sooner rather than later.

  618. Danielle said

    Ok I am out for the day. Type at ya manana!

  619. lwildstar said

    just bopped over to Lifetime and the board shows Army wives at #2 and Blood Ties at #3
    I think I’m pretty much done here for the day!

  620. Tango said

    OK, this is strange. Anzia, those posts you did with the links appeared before my last post, but only after I posted my last post (does anyone else hear the Twighlight Zone music?)

    Anzia, I just sent you an e-mail “graduation wish” It is excerpts from my favorite book, “Oh the Places You’ll Go” by the one and only, Dr. Seuss. I thought there might be some plagerism problems posting it here.

    lwildstar – Are the rosary bracelets going to have the5-6 rows of beads as if it were a rosary wrapped around the wrist with the wooden cross? Do you have any idea of the price point?

  621. Madonna said

    Hi Danielle,

    I’m 27, I’ll be 28 on June 16.

    I’ve thought about internet dating since I’m so shy. I will not go to bars to meet men and the singles scene where I live really, realliy sucks.

    I was in a relationship with a guy for about three years and I truly loved him, He was an alcoholic and a drug addict, and he was very immature due to brain damage from mild cerebral palsy and his addiction. I know he cared about me, but he was not good to me at all.

    I haven’t been out on a date in 3 years.
    I want to meet someone, but my shyness and being somewhat jaded now kinda holds me back.

  622. Update on the Lifetime boards… Blood Ties is back at #2, still under Army Wives.
    I added my two cents, for what its worth.

  623. DebS said

    Madonna-I do online dating and it has worked some for me so far. I don’t do bars. And I find it hard to meet guys, particularly since I am living in a new area. It works well if you are shy. Either or eharmony is good…just depends on your preferences.

    I love the book, “Oh the places you will go” I got it when I graduated from undergrad.

  624. Teresa said

    Madonna – We have a saying in Spanish that goes something like “better alone than in bad company” and I tend to agree with that saying. Some people find themselves feeling more alone in a relationship than out of one because the partner in that relationship ends up not being good for us. So, be good to yourself and good things will happen.

  625. Teresa said

    I really liked these quotes from Norman:
    Vicki: You really shouldn’t have stolen my shape.
    Norman: It’s not like you’re having any fun with it.

    Isn’t that the truth! Vicki – see what happens when you don’t use what God gave you?! You lose it!!!

  626. lwildstar said

    I just can’t stay away today!
    Tango – the design so far is only two rows due to a lack of supplies – i fact I have to make sure that I do have enough to do two rows an all six braclets – the first three (spoken for thus far) should have two rows – but I think the next three may only have one – at least in the wood braclets.
    I ust to make rosaries years ago and I am going to look and see what crosses I have left – I may have one or two lying around in metal – hoping to find a Celtic one in the stash but I think I used those up long ago.
    Price point – not sure yet – it will depend on how many beads I use, and I am trying to keep the cost low since I’m using up stock, but rosaries have a lot of labor….will keep you in mind, but you might want to email me at and I’ll add you to the wait list – just make sure you put Blood Ties or Jewelry in the subject.
    if in the end it looks like I can do more I’ll let everyone know…..
    thanks for the interest!

  627. Elizabeth said

    I hope this works. I have never, ever posted on a blog before (never mind read one)! It just goes to show what an addict I am for BT. I have been lurking since I first discovered the web site, but was a little intimidated to post. Anyway, I have enjoyed reading all the comments, absolutely ADORE Henry and my DVR gets a workout because I can’t leave the episodes alone. It is nice to know I am not totally crazy and that others feels as I do.

  628. Tango said

    Dr. Anzia, was able to go back and connect to the links and now my blood pressure is up! You may have to send Henry over to release – I mean reduce it.

    Teresa – also a fan of Norman I see. That was a good one. My favorite is when he would say things like, “Sweet stereo. And when I say sweet, I mean wicked awesome.” As if he is some surfer dude! That cracks me up!

    “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” is a book I found for my neice when she graduated Elementary and I have been known to give it to graduating seniors as well. Great book.

  629. Teresa said

    Yay! One more joins the fold! Welcome to our crazy world Elizabeth!

  630. Oh trust me, Elizabeth, you are not alone. Welcome, enjoy your stay at the Blood Ties rehabilitation center.

  631. DebS said

    Welcome Elizabeth! I had never posted on a blog before this one. But all of the people on this blog are so awesome, it is hard to resist. BT and these bloggers are addicting!!

    Teresa-Great Quote from Norman. I think I need to go home and watch some BT.

  632. Madonna said


    I agree with you.

    I let him walk all over me for a while, because I was extremely lonely. But I finally got wise.

    Heres my breakup story.
    He was sentenced to 5 years for accumulated DUI and suspended license charges. He served six mos and was released to go to a live in rehab center for 2 years in Atlanta. I live close to Cincinnati. I knew at this point it was pretty much over, but I still continued to be the good little girlfriend. After about 3 mos. in Atlanta he was arrested for susp. license, possession and to beat it all he was pulled over because his “friend” in the pass. seat was topless. This was on my birthday. I cut off contact with him.

    He still continued to call for a while then I heard nothing for about a year.
    Then out of the blue he shows up at my front door. (I live with my parents and his family lives three houses down from ours. He was visiting from Atlanta for Thanksgiving.) Anyway he asked me to go for a walk with him and stupid me I did.

    He starts telling me that he is sober and that he has a new girlfriend and how much like me she is, and then he asks me for money so that they can move in together. THAT TOOK SOME BALLS! At that point I told him that I thought I had given enough and told him to leave me alone.

    We live on the same street again and I try to avoid him at all cost.


  633. Elizabeth said

    I am sitting at my desk grinning like an idiot! I am soo glad I decided to take the leap and join in the fun.

  634. Madonna said

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I just joined the blog family on Saturday myself and everyone has been great.

  635. Tango said

    Ok, here is one for the BT addict game…

    Watching ‘Necrodome” on the big screen while blogging on blood-ties-conversation-part-deux, and researching a quote from “Norman” on my laptop, getting carried away with “Norman” and the whole vampire movie convo, but being distracted by the sniffing scene I see over the top of my laptop screen. Pausing “Norman” to finish the sniffing scene and then pausing it to check and see who is calling me on my cell, because I am suppose to be at home “working” – how dare a customer disrupt my BT flow!

    Has anyone heard from the Betty Ford Clinic to see if my room is ready?

  636. Teresa said

    Wow – Madonna, some people just have too much gall!!! Good for you for finally seeing the light! Although it was a painful experience, I’m sure you gained in wisdom and found strength you didn’t think you had in you. On to the next adventure, I say!!! 🙂

  637. During the first week without BT I watched several bad vampire movies… I also dug up my copy of Nosferatu and watched it in the dark, curled up in my Big Comfy Chair.
    (I think everyone should own a BCC, I do all of my reading and writing in that chair, I don’t know what I would do without it!)
    I also gave in and named 2 of my characters Kyle and Dylan, although their physical appearances will differ from our boys.
    Well its about that time again. Gotta go see what trouble my vampires will get into today.
    Wish me luck!

  638. Elizabeth said

    Madonna, I have had the kind of relationship you mentioned. I wondered later where my head was. I certainly discovered being along isn’t all that bad. Good for you in deciding you were worth more than that jerk.

    msgypsy, did I read somewhere that you are from Oregon?

  639. loves history said

    girls dont panic there is someone for you Aim highidid and hit the jackpot iand i dont mean just looks that goes away(its fun for awhile),idont dont thinkI was ever good looking nice muscle( then) i was an 8-ihit the jackpot think c.cox 38d-24-36 so hang in there i dont like commputer dating but if where u live its hard to meet people go for it( i would try bridge the men there are useally preaty smart at least)

  640. Tango said

    Welcome Elizabeth, much like you, I had never blogged before the whole BT phenomena happened. I’ve met so many new friends and as you can tell it is a diverse bunch. Our common bond, although professionals might consider it an addiction, has brought in people from all over. Nova Scotia I think is the furthest. Where are you from? Just think how many new snowbirds we will have this fall when BT airs under the maple leaf flag,

    Sorry, was just distracted by the scare, the chase, the rail and the dismount. Ooouuu I do love the dismount!;) Which addict can give me the name of the eppy this came from?

    Madonna, good for you girlfriend! Boys can be so stupid. Not sure if I formally welcomed you, so “Welcome Madonna!”

    Lady Afrodyte, I agree about the BCC or BCCWO (with ottoman) – mine has the primo spot directly in front of the big screen.

    Hey has anyone heard from sai13?

  641. Elizabeth said

    Hey Tango, I currently live in Oregon, but spent many years living in Tennessee. I noticed that some of you ladies are from that neck of the woods.

    Thanks everyone for making me feel welcome.

  642. Claire said

    The dismount was from necrodome Tango!

  643. Anzia said

    So, when I first posted that “session” i was worried it might be too graphic for some people… *gets out soapbox* So, i’ll put the disclaimer here: If you don’t like what I said, don’t read it. Ms. Gypsy will tell me if I went too far or not and at that point I’ll stop. *puts soapbox away* … I really hope ya’ll had as much fun reading it as I did writing it. 😛

    I’m so glad that my links FINALLY worked! ^_^ I really hope ya’ll give Mr. Hrithik Roshan a chance. That man… ….. ….. ….. …..

    *satisfied sigh* ye—-ahhhhhh.

    *blushes* I got your email Tango! I’m seriously freaking out about the whole graduation thing. Not even a high dose of Kyle or Henry or any of my current obsessions are helping anymore. As a control freak who is in control of NOTHING, I don’t know how i’m going to do this. I ended up bawling this afternoon ’cause I can’t take it anymore. I just need SOMETHING. Only God know what that something is but i need it and need it fast. UGH…

  644. Anzia said

    OMG, the DISMOUNT… i have to watch that ep! … Maybe… after work & The Riches…

  645. Madonna said


    You did already say hi, but thanks again!

    I believe the scene you are referring to is from Necrodrome. Am I right? The whole hip thrusting thing right?

  646. Elizabeth said

    I am having difficulty posting for some reason (couldn’t possibly be operator error!) I apologize in advance if any of my previous posts suddenly turn up.

    Tango – I currently live in Oregon, but I spent a great deal of time in Tennessee.

    Love Necradome and the “dismount”. My daughter thinks I am crazy because I won’t let her erase the BT episodes until the DVD’s are released. Can’t wait!

  647. Tango said

    Yes, Claire you were the first one to the buzzer. Come on Ed, tell her what she’s won!

    Ed: “Yes Claire! You’ve won an adorable sock puppet from Coreen’s desk!”

  648. Tango said

    Hey Elizabeth – you know our beloved msgypsy and Laurel are also from OR. My sister, Kat also lives in Portland.

  649. Elizabeth said

    I thought I remembered that others lived around here. I live in Sherwood – not too far from Portland.

  650. Elizabeth said

    I thought I read that msgypsy lives in Oregon. I live in Sherwood, not too far from Portland.

  651. Claire said

    You’re welcome Anzia anything I can do to promote more Kyleitis! You are hysterical,you are killing me with all the Z pics!
    Dizey,I’m sorry you are having a bad day,good thoughts going out to you!
    Welcome Madonna,and Elizabeth! I’m one of the mayors of perville(actually I’m kind of up there like ceo) cause I think the mayors are all in their 30’s.
    Tango,I think we lost sai13!
    Did anyone watch the MTV movie awards last night? I heard Nikki screaming..
    went downstairs just in time to see Mr.Depp swagger across the stage..and accept his award.OH MAMA!!!!! See peeps I’m flexible…Depp is in his 40’s!
    have to be diverse ya know?
    Got a free ticket from my son to see P3 OOHLALA!! taking Nikki,belated birthday present.My darling,crazy daughter is 22 today! but her boyfriend came in from NYC,so she’s going out with him tonight.We are going Thursday.
    I’ll check yas later..have to feed the quads and help them make cards for their big Sis!

  652. Elizabeth said

    Arrggh – Why am I having so much trouble posting!!!

    Okay, I feel better now. I will give this another shot and hope I don’t embarrass myself with too many repeated posts.

    Tango – I live in Sherwood, which isn’t too far from Portland. I thought I remembered reading that others were in my area. Way cool!

  653. Tango said

    Anzia, I thought that the paper was the final piece of schoolwork you had. What are you stressing out about? Have you thought about what you are going to wear under your robe and what you are going to do after graduation – that night? Graduation night is when my (now) husband asked me out on our first date. Saw him out at a club, and I was actually on a date with this model guy – can’t even remember his name now. I graduated in mid December and he asked me out for New Year’s Eve. I told him to call me and I would let him know later. My friends had to talk me into going – I wasn’t sure if I liked him and they told me even if I found out that I didn’t like him, I might like one of his friends that were going. How funny is that? We’ve been together ever since that first date – almost 19 years.

  654. Claire said

    Oh Anzia,before I go,can you fit me in for one of your sessions? I warn you though since I have Henryitis and Kyleitis,I’m going to need a life size action fiqure,a new shipment of chocolate chains,and Z playing on large screen…oooh yeah the Henry Pops too…so what do you think?can you help?

  655. Tango said

    Claire, I too have a thing for Johnny. Even if he does wear eyeliner in this one. But also be sure to check out Orlando in the red shirt – end of movie. Yummy! Happy Birthday to Nikki!

  656. Tango said

    OK, that was fun… we had a few people who guessed and everyone got it right. Now here’s the next round…

    Give me epi and who said it…

    “Bless us o Lord
    In these thy gifts
    For which we are about to receive
    From thy bounty through Christ our Lord.

  657. Elizabeth said

    Man, work keeps interrupting me – what is up with that?! Ladies & Gent, thank you for making me feel welcome on the blog. I will catch up with all of you tomorrow.

    I feel the need to watch Norman again when I get home; or maybe the sniffing scene in Necradome – oh wait, what about Love Hurts. So many choices, so little willpower *sigh*

  658. Elizabeth said

    Heart of Fire & Henry said it dragging the Priest – hehehe

  659. Elizabeth said

    Heart of Fire & Henry said it while dragging the priest – hehehe

  660. loves history said

    where you all did i scare you off cause i anit purty

  661. loves history said

    left out go

  662. Claire said

    Thanks Tango for the birthday wishes for Nikki! You really are making this too easy girl,us BT holics will get right everytime… HEART OF FIRE!!!!!

    Awe Loves History…you could never scare us off! Purty isn’t everything…even though it sounds like thats all we care about with the way we go on about Kyle/Henry.Just real life keeping us busy! My daughter was visiting with Jake all day so I couldn’t blog and my other daughters birthday.
    How are you today?
    OOPs dinners ready see ya later.

  663. Tango said

    Yeah, that was kinda easy. But I just liked that one. Here’s one that’s a little obscure…

    Clank! ” I guess iron really does work.”

    Who said it and what epi?

  664. lwildstar said

    Tango – Episode 8 Henry just before he monches the mad monk!

  665. loves history said

    since i didnt bring the carpenters up who said “top of the world Ma”” not to be confused with the carpenters top of the world song i dont think i can name agrouo after the 70s does Madonna count was famous person is she related to george Bush is related to Henry VIII VERY Distanly this much closer did i say that i can be you all at jeopardy Trust me I can.

  666. Tango said

    lwildstar – Correctamundo! Any guesses on the next one?

  667. lwildstar said

    Post pardum – Mike when he hits the dark elf

  668. Elizabeth said

    I think the reference to Iron was in Post Partum and said by Mike. I think that’s right?

  669. Rifkind said

    Hi All,
    I finally have caught up on the posts from the weekend. Whew!
    Dizey1, I hope that everything went OK for your Dad. It is a very stressful time, when your Dad or a parent is so sick.. Thoughts and prayers sent your way!
    I too, will light a candle for you and your Dad.

    I am re-reading the last 4 chapters in Blood Price… So good!
    I was trying to read it before sleep last night, but it was sooo late..

    Does anybody here have the first two episodes of BT copied onto DVD??
    I started watching the show after the premiere was over and missed them.

    Tango do you have the first two episodes ??
    Once I get those two episodes, I could make Mararet and lwildstar a non-professional, NOT-FOR-PROFIT copy of the shows that I have…
    I hate to hear about BT addicted fans losing their “Fix” when their VCR eats the tape..
    Later Blog-Kin
    I am off to add a post to Lifetime to keep the numbers UP


  670. lwildstar said

    the ride home was horrible – a thunderstorm hit just as I got to the bus station – complete with lightening.(told you I hate storms!)- ..I spent 15 minutes in the little bus “hut” with my eyes closed rerunning bits and pieces of BT through my head – yes with sound…is that bad or what I’ve practically got them memorized! Wow a new use for Henry – a calming agent against phobias I like it!

  671. Tango said

    OK, I’ve got a couple of questions.

    How do you capture a picture from an episode? Do you have to have special software?

    I just put “Beautiful People” in my Netflix queue. I saw somewhere that he is not in every episode, does anyone know if he is on all 4 discs or what episodes he is in?

    Has anyone seen the horror movie Death Row that Kyle just recently made? I’m not in to the whole horror genre, but I will put up with the blood and guts to critique my young heartthrob.

  672. Tango said

    DING! DING! DING! DING! Round 3 goes to lwildstar

  673. Anzia said

    Tango- Mike & Post Partem

    No, I have a final (tomorrow at 1:30) and a paper due Wed. The paper, the jerk professor, was SUPPOSED to be due last thursday but I just got my rough draft back. AND my family is coming up on Wed. to move me (almost completely) out of my room. So I have to be packed by Wed @ 7pm. I have a mtg/ice cream outing for the group I used to be President of at 5:15 on Wed. i’m freaking out because, have no idea what I’m doing. I have no prospects at all. I’m existing (or will be) off the charity of my Aunt & Uncle and I can’t stand that. RIGHT AFTER GRADUATION, I’m going out to dinner with my mother, step-father, Father & step-mother (none of which get along) my aunt, my uncle, two brothers and a fiance of one of ’em, my two cousins and my little sister. it’s bound to be a hoot… or give me a heart attack!

    sure Claire but It’ll have to be AFTER wed. 😦 sorry…

  674. lwildstar said

    Rifkin – if you can get me epis 1-2-3 on dvd my life woud be complete – I’ll pay you for the disks – we could work out an exchange dvds for jewelry – can you tell I’m excited! happy dance!!!!!
    Is that sad or what? so little makes me this happy anymore.
    Oh you guys are ssooooooooooo wonderful.
    I just found out today that my company is finally going to stat training me so that I can work “up” to the next level – I have been begining them since the position became available and they hired a temp instead – but now they are going to give me a shot – down side is – no blogging during work time – except maybe lunch 😦 and I will be moving down to the new office at the end of the year which means I will no longer get to see the guy in the office across the hall I’m lusting after…have you ever had one of those moments when you mouth gets ahead of your brain? I told him I was going to miss seeing him each morning (he makes me smile) he blushed – oh thats soooo cute in a guy – he’s very shy and doesn’t want to be any more thatn friends – I want to jump him…sigh……I went one of the astrology sites and we are celestially a perfect match – he’s a Piciese and I’m a Virgo – I guess Earth and Water make MUD in this case though…..ok enough rambeling.
    just visited Lifetime and we we’ve pushed Army Wives down to #2 – we’er currently #2
    Can I just say again Rifkin I love you!!!!!! Happy dance at just the idea….
    I signed up for one of those torrent downloads to get what I was missing – but my computer doesn’t have the memory and it literally took 24 hours to download epies 1-2 but them=n my computer wouldn’t run the conversion software to burn to disk – I’ve given the login in to 4 differnt tech heads – three frommy IT dept at work and 1 whos a computer specialist for the military and NONE of them were able to get it to work!

    ok so Tango did I win the next round?

    who asked about getting “stills” from the epies? I did it off of youtube pblowing it up to full screen and pausing (takes quick reflexes – took 30 minutes for me to get the shot of Henry with the rosary) you do a “print screen” and paste it into word – but thats the best I’ve been able to figure out thus far – I’m a jeweler not a techy.

  675. Tango said

    Anzia – that dancing Greek guy – ok, I don’t know what nationality he is, is s great dancer. It makes me want to watch one of my other favorite shows – So, You Think You Can Dance” . Does anyone else watch that show? Many of those people are amazing! Especially some of the B-boys. It’s acrobatic!

    I also watch, “The Rich’s”. Eddie Izzard is one of my favorite comedians. He’s so bloody funny, even more so than on this show. Have you seen his cable special, “Dressed to Kill?” It’s a must see. I’ve got all of his routines in my queue and watch them from time to time. But that one is the best one.

  676. Rifkind said

    I am a BT addict, I even made my new password here at work…
    Henry9th…. so I think of him each time I log into work..
    Also trying not to do too much reading of the blog here at work….
    but it IS addicting..


  677. lwildstar said

    untill last week when the boss was on vacay – I never blogged and only occasionally popped in to read – you are sooooooo right about the addiction aspect – plus I think theres that “hint of danger” aspect – how many of you have to be carefull about getting caught at work?

    I’ve changed my password at work to HotHenry1 – was going to make him my screen saver, but I think it would be too distracting. Hhehehehehehe…

  678. Rifkind said

    I love it the password lwildstar ,
    When I have to chane mine again in 60 days, I will change it to
    HotHenry1.. hee hee!
    Must go home now!! Must go home now!
    Stop blogging…. that’s an order…….

    Later Blog-kin!

  679. lwildstar said

    I am home – no one to watch over my shoulder! yippee –
    I should be working on jewelry.
    Just popped in at Lifetimes We’re still #2
    #1 seems to be “what movies you want on dvd” and Breast Cancer #3 has currently pushed Army Wives to #4!
    Keep posting!!! we want #1!
    good night Rifkin, Tango and everybody else – I’ll be good and go work on the rosaries and then off to read!

  680. Tango said

    Thanks for letting me know how to capture the picture, I will try that tonight. Yes, Round 3 goes to you, lwildstar

    Hubby out of town on assignment for the next three days. So what am I doing you ask? I’m having a BT marathon – just me, Ellie Mae, Nova and Sugar Ray (2 dogs and a cat – all rescue animals)

    I will be happy to burn those epies for you, I’ll e-mail you to get your address. I’ll go get some DVD-Rs tomorrow. I was going to burn some for my sister in Portland anyway. Again I am saying this having never done this before, so bare with me while I experiment.

  681. Anzia said

    Tango- He’s indian as in from India. Although he could be from london i guess…NINA! she’d know. ^_^ I love Eddie Izzard. I have all of his shows on my iPod. Well the soundtrack not the actual visual ones. Tonight is the season finale. I have a LOT of vids of him. He’s not only a great dancer but REALLY nice to look at. ^_^ (can you guess what one of my new obsessions is???)

  682. Tango said

    I’m sorry Rifkin, I will be glad to send them to you as well, just e-mail me your address. I wasn’t trying to ignore you.

    Anzia, my dear ~ forced family fun (FFF), make the best of it – something interesting is bound to happen. Make sure you have a video camera or a camera phone with you. We may be seeing your entry on next season’s America’s Funniest Videos.

    I personally don’t do yoga, although I’d like to have time to try classes one day. But you can just seclude yourself from everyone for about 30 minutes and do some deep breathing excercises. Sit Indian-style with your back against the wall and breathe in deep from the diaphragm – the one your body comes with not the one you add yourself 😉 Slow deep breaths, I promise this works. Think only of pleasant things. Puppies in a basket ususally does it for me – I’ve used that one since I was a kid and it always comes back to me. You will feel the tension work it’s way out your body.

    I’ll still add ya to the prayer list!

  683. Nina said

    Hello All,

    I’ve been lurking a little bit. Don’t have a lot of time left these days (Exam on Thursday).

    Tango – Anzia is right, he’s Indian. Anzia got the bollywood fever very bad 😛
    Welcome Anzia to my world….hehe..I’ve had this fever sinds I think I could watch TV and still have it.LOL. If anyone likes more vids of him you can ask Anzia or me. We’ll be happy to give you some relief from Heryitis 🙂

  684. lwildstar