I need to figure out what she’s wearing

This is a picture of a statue, representing Anastasia Romanovna Zakharyina . She was the first and best beloved wife of Ivan Grozny (known in English as Ivan the Terrible) who was the Tsar of Russia from 1547 until his death in 1584. My SCA persona, Izadora Ivanova, would be from around 1550, the more moderate period of Ivan’s reign. Credit for this less violent and non-destructive period is often given to Ivan’s happy marriage to Anastasia, who was chosen at an event reminiscent (to my mind) of the ball Cinderella crashes … er … attends in disguise.

My attempts to find examples of the garb of the minor nobility of that era have brought up a lot of adapted peasant wear. This is the only example I’ve found of a noblewoman’s garb. Leaving out the crown (which obviously does not belong in SCA garb for anyone not of the SCA nobility) I need to figure out what she is wearing and try to reproduce it. Arghhhh!!!!!

This is the only other picture I can find of her and as you can see, all that shows is her blanket and her headdress. Now, the headdress is a nice thing to have a picture of. But I want to know what 16th century Russian court dress looked like up close and personal. Damn!

Awww, isn’t it touching? I think that’s supposed to be ol’ Ivan sitting beside her as she lays dying. And he’s losing his mind and planning to take it out on his citizenry. A fitting tribute to a beautiful, intelligent, and wise wife, don’t you agree? (NOT!)


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