I think this ought to suffice for the month of May, don’t you?

To converse you have to call it a comment. I believe I’m set up to accept comments from anyone but if you don’t register you have to wait for me to approve it. I’m pretty fast on that and I’ll reset the rules if I can as soon as I can.

We can stay at Lifetime’s blog til the end of May but after that, if no one is giving us new posts to comment on the site’ll be too big for some folks to load. So I’ll put up a new post here in this topic every once in a while so we can continue the laugh and blood fest (snort!)Β  in more manageably sized chunks.



  1. msgypsy said

    I’ll start the comments so you can all see how it looks. I believe html works here, but if you post links it’ll force you into needing approval so be judicious with that, okay?

  2. imsandym said

    Hey msgypsy – this is Sandy from the BloodBlog. I’m checking to see how this works since I created a WordPress account. Did you have to approve this comment?

  3. Anzia said

    Did you have to “ok” everyone’s comment on the Book listing page? If so, I bet that got tedious! πŸ™‚

    Thanks ms.gypsy for giving us somewhere to play when the BB gets too bogged down. Very nice! ^_^

  4. msgypsy said

    Nope, don’t need to approve your posts so long as you give an email address. Also, you can get updates sent to your Google reader. (It will only update new posts, not new comments, but it’s better than nothing. LOL!)

  5. Scotialynn said

    Thank you so much for offering us a place to converse durring the interum. I’m sure that you are going to have your hands full with this rowdy crowd! πŸ™‚ Thanks once again!

  6. DebS said

    Hi Ms.Gypsy and everyone! Thanks for giving us a place to talk while henry’s hens is worked on. Just wanted to stop by and say hi.

  7. Brenda said

    Hey Ms.Gypsy!

    I’m Brenda from the Blood Blog! Just wanted to say hello and that hopefully I can stop by once in a while to check up. Great idea, this will give everyone a chance to do that whole blogging thingy lol. Thanx so much, later.

  8. Anzia said

    They just gave notice to shut down the blog… 😦 So sad…

  9. msgypsy said

    Yeah, for all that the codes you had to try to decipher in order to post something were a pain, it was a great blog made all the greater by knowing that Tanya would drop by from time to time. Sigh! I’m a sucker for a good writer. LOL!

    So welcome to my blog until prtfvr gets hers up and running. Limericks are at https://msgypsy.wordpress.com/2007/05/17/so-now-were-doing-limericks/ and the drinking game is at https://msgypsy.wordpress.com/2007/05/02/welcome-to-the-blood-ties-tv-series-drinking-game/

    If you stumble into my SCA and miscellaneous other stuff, you can navigate out by going to a different topic. Or you can stay and read it. I love the SCA and am always happy to share that with others.

  10. Danielle said

    Here I am guys. Let’s get this party started!

  11. Danielle said

    OOOO I like this. We don’t have to type in our info. It is already there for you.

  12. Found my way over. I so did not want to get to the computer this afternoon and find that they were shutting the Blood Blog down for the summer. At least we have other places to go.

  13. DebS said

    Hi everyone! By the time I was able to read all the comments on the bloodblog I noticed they were shutting it donw. So, sad. But we will still have each other. πŸ™‚

    I am with Danielle…I like that it puts my name and emial in. Very cool.

    ms.gypsy-Forgive my ignorance, but what is the SCA?

  14. Danielle said

    One question: it is 3:15 pm where I am and DebS comment that she just did said she did it at 11:06 am. Why is the time so friggin screwed up? There is not that much of a time difference between all of us.

  15. All I know about SCA is that they have something to do with Renaissance Faires. (I think)

  16. msgypsy said

    SCA=Society for Creative Anachronism. “The SCA is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe. Our “Known World” consists of 19 kingdoms, with over 30,000 members residing in countries around the world. Members, dressed in clothing of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, attend events which may feature tournaments, arts exhibits, classes, workshops, dancing, feasts, and more. Our “royalty” hold courts at which they recognize and honor members for their contributions to the group. (I hope I can use html in comments…)

    I “play” (that is to say, I take on the persona of) a mid-sixteenth century daughter of a Russian nobleman. Rank in the SCA, such as it is, is earned. All of us are presumed to be minor nobility to begin with.

    I love this kind of play, especially as it comes complete with research opportunities. And I love to research. (It’s why I knew who the Duke of Richmond was before Vicki’s conversation with Henry.) (BTW, should Henry ever try to play in the SCA he’d have a problem. He can’t be the son of the king, even the bastard son of the king, unless he earns the position either by royal award or by right of arms–e.g., fencing or other forms of fighting. And he’s be just arrogant enough to refuse to play if he can’t be himself…)

    I’m building up a list of links on the home page of this blog if you want to look into it further. (I’m trying to “recruit” my fellow Minx Laurel because she’s an accomplished fabric embellisher (I think that’s a real word!) and we need more of them here in Three Mountains.)

  17. Wow I think thats the first time an SCA member has actually said anything to me about the structure of the group.
    Sounds interesting, but I prefer the way a small Renaissance guild is run. Not to mention playing Irish so rocks! ha ha! (I would surely catch hell from Henry)

  18. Maddie Mo said

    Hello all. I had trouble getting caught up this morning/afternoon. I guess Lifetime is giving us the boot. Thanks Ms. Gypsy for taking us all in.

  19. msgypsy said

    Lady A, where are you? When I lived in Denver I had trouble getting anyone from the SCA to talk to me about the SCA. They’d just ask if I wanted to join and wouldn’t share details. Then I got here to Oregon and everyone just talks and talks and all they do is talk about the details. I love it! And you can be Irish in the SCA, but the organization is much larger than the Ren Faire type groups. I like that there is potential for me to get awards and to travel on a larger scale than most of the smaller groups have available. I mean, An Tir extends from the Oregon border with California to the Arctic Circle, with Alaska mysteriously allied with Kingdom of the West (California and, like, SE Asia … it’s a weird way to break down the kingdoms but who am I to judge?)

    I wonder if Lifetime is shutting down the blog or just not going to maintain it. They didn’t really explain, did they? But I think eventually people will find their way to wherever we all are. We’re infectious!

  20. I live in Central California. We have a rather large ren faire network here and I spend most of the year traveling to faires across the state. I do it more for the atmosphere than for anything else. I’m an actor at heart. I also love the fact that I don’t have to play a noble woman. Up until this past year I was what we call a “black wife” or someone that travels with the army and tends to their “needs”. It’s fun and I’m not over heating in 200 pounds of velvet and hoops! lol.

  21. Anzia said

    To christen the site:

    For the Minxes

    For the Hens

  22. Anzia, that’s evil! I still haven’t been able to order a copy of Zerophilia yet. Waaah!

  23. msgypsy said

    Lady A, do you have Netflix? I’ll move it to the bottom of my queue if that’d help you see Zerophilia faster. I’m not dying for it.

    BTW, I don’t EVER wear velvet and hoops. Russian everyday wear is a really thin chemise and a brocade sarafan and a headdress that keeps my hair up off my neck. (You want to know why vampires started out in the Carpathians? It’s most likely got to do with easy access to the necks of the local maidens or something … well, no, probably not but it’s fun to think about…) And in winter it all turns fur and wool and is nice and comfy warm. (I just need to find a good example of 16th century court garb somewhere…)

  24. Anzia said

    *smiles sweety* I’m a good girl I am

  25. loves history said

    henrys mother,s husband was the earl of richmond was that where they got Richmond from Henry was also the earl of nottingham

  26. No I don’t have Netflix, I’ve been avoiding renting movies as much as possible because of our money situation. However I am due a HUGE paycheck soon so I’ll have the extra money to go out and buy what I want. I just have no patience.

    I’m the one under the table, we had just finished having a brawl and I crawled under the table so the English lords could have their argument and not step on me. Later that day, my boyfriend surprised me with a handfasting, unfortunately there are no pictures from that.

  27. Annalaise duChat said

    Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to check out the new digs. Thanks ms. gypsy for taking in us homeless strays.

  28. Danielle said

    Henry’s mother was his father’s mistress I thought. If they were married Henry wouldn’t be the bastard son of Henry VIII.

    Anzia-I’m a good girl I am. Audrey Hepburn said that in My Fair Lady. She said it with a Cockney accent. Audrey Hepburn is my favorite actress.

  29. Danielle said

    Or are you saying she was married to somebody else after having Henry.

  30. msgypsy said

    the Knitting Women

    I’m third from the left. Second from the right. Whatever. In gold. Not wearing the headdress because it was getting on my nerves when I tried to eat. (It was a feast event.) The lady in burgundy beside me is my friend Kim (known in the Society as Giana Visconte) who is the one I learned about Tanya’s books from in the first place. The cross I’m wearing so completely freaked my mother out that I no longer allow it in photos of me. But it’s based on St. Tatiana’s cross, she being the Russian patron of scholars.

    Yeah, I know I’m not as pretty as, say, Kyle, but hey, I’m cute! LOL!

  31. Anzia said

    Danielle- I LOVE Audrey Hepburn. I was hoping someone would get the reference. I don’t have any slippers nearby so, i figured a quote would work. *angel*

  32. msgypsy said

    Lady Blount (Henry Fitzroy’s mother) was married but she was the King’s mistress and bore him a son. Her husband knew about it. In that era, it was not uncommon for this to occur and husbands as a rule knew when to shut up and let their wives (or daughters, like Ann Boylen’s father) sleep around as it could enhance their own court positions.

  33. Danielle said

    Ms Gypsy-Thanks now I have been set straight.

    Anzia-My favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany’s

  34. Anzia said

    Danielle- I usually can’t decide between Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Sabrina…oh and I LOVE Funny Face.

  35. Knitting… I’ve totally forgotten how to knit, again! I have half a scarf in my faire basket that will never be finished. I prefer to crochet, it goes faster for me.

  36. loves history said

    and Lady Blounts husband was the Earl of Richmond.an earl is 2 ranks iower then duke.

  37. Anzia said

    I can knit. I used to be able to crochet but that was a LONG time ago. However, I’ve never been to a Ren Faire much to my own anguish. I always plan to go with my aunt but we never actually get there. 😦

  38. I have spent a good chunk of the past year crocheting baby blankets. It seems all of my friends got together and decided they all wanted babies at the same time. *headdesk* I still have a couple to finish, but my hands can only take so much punishment.

  39. msgypsy said

    I knit and crochet. (Crochet is not “period” in some cultures and thus is not encouraged at SCA events but most of us just ignore that silliness.) I prefer to knit because I don’t have to watch my fingers while knitting. I can even knit in a movie theater during a movie. (And not using those silly lighted knitting needles I saw at the Naked Sheep last week!)

    Check here for a list of Renaissance Faires to see if there’s one near you.


    It’s far from a comprehensive list but it’s one of the best I’ve seen. Lady A, have you seen a better one anywhere?

    BTW, did I crow on the blog about getting the role in that play? Well, if not, let me crow now. I WILL BE THE WEIRDO THIRD WITCH in a parody of Macbeth. I do broad comedy better than I do actual drama so this is great for me.

  40. Claire said

    OOOOH! I’m so happy you are all here!!! Thanks for telling the blog was closing Anzia and Laurel! I’ve been sooo busy,I only checked it a few minutes ago.Thanks Ms.Gypsy for giving us a place to take our ramblings and fawnings about Henry!

  41. Anzia said

    Congrads! I’ve never actually played in a real production of Shakespeare (parody or otherwise). I usually get cast as the grandmother in the stuff I did (it was school musicals). I did, however, memorize the three witches in their first scene in Macbeth for a school assignment. OH WAS THAT FUN!

  42. Anzia said

    CLAIRE! I was wondering if you were gonna make it over! πŸ™‚ YAY! Dizey & himmiefan & Angie are the only ones missing, I think… don’t hold me to that…

  43. msgypsy said

    Is prtfvr here? Laurel? I’m sure there are others missing, too. Like Tanya. (Okay, that was a useless attempt but I had to try!)

  44. Anzia said

    You are right. πŸ™‚ Can’t forget those two! πŸ™‚

  45. loves history said

    msgypsy ihave some swords and Daggers is that SCA stuff.s roman times too far back?

  46. I love parody’s of Shakespeare’s plays! Congratulations. I wish I had the time to actually act on stage. *sigh* Modeling and attempting mothering are taking up all my spare time.

    There are quite a few guys and gals who haven’t found their way over yet. I hope they do, it wouldn’t be the same without the whole peanut gallery!

  47. dizey1 said

    Hi guys I went and logged in I don’t think I needed to but oh well. Anzia,
    Lady Afrodyte I want to be able to de the name thingy. How do you do that?? I have all kinds of software that came w/my Dell computer I bought last year. Photoshop deluxe , I need a GEEK to help me use the stuff I’ve got. Helllllppppp meeeeee!!



  48. msgypsy said

    As for ancient Roman times, my last Baron (Baron being an elected position within the SCA) was Titus, played a persona from late Roman period. When he retired he reverted to the title Proconsul. We go from late Roman period (around 1000 AD or CE depending on how you define it and some groups are more or less strict about period than others) through the mid 16th century (again, some groups say up to 1600 while others say through about 1650. My particular group goes through the end of Elizabethan.) Does that answer your question? We also have lots of folks who fight with swords, but they’re usually peace-bonded (rapiers aren’t but fencing is a modern sport, too, and there are ways to work with non-bonded weapons in fencing.) Plus there are those who do shield and buckler type fighting.

  49. Anzia said

    Dizey1- YUMMY! I was craving something for dinner. Guess I know what it is now huh?

    Put the site of the pic in the “website” line under the “mail (will not be published) (required)” etc…

  50. msgypsy said

    Hey, Dizey1, go put that one in the comments on the limerick entry if you want. Or I can. I love that one!

  51. Yep, just pop it in the website space. I make a new Henry jpeg every day to use as a myspace comment. I really think that should be added to the check list for rehab.

  52. dizey1 said



  53. DIZEY1 said




  54. Laurel said

    Hey! I finally made it over to the new place! I thought the other was gone, but it was still up a few minutes ago. There is still a bit of life in it!
    Now I know where everyone went, so here I am!
    An accomplished fabric embellisher! Why thank you! I am grateful you remembered to slip in the word fabric. I have some projects to work on for the summer, but I would like to see what your SCA folk are doing. Go ahead, tempt me!

  55. Laurel said

    DebS – I am the one who mentioned Jake 2.0 this morning. There is a marathon coming up on Sci/Fi channel in mid-June, and I hope to have TiVO by then!
    It is a great feeling to be able to talk about other things in this new space! I love the Blood Ties talk, don’t get me wrong, but there are some wonderful dimensions to all of you that we can now discuss. I have a feeling we are going to have a great summer!

    Thank you Gypsy!
    Hope your office moving is only minor a minor trauma/drama.

  56. DIZEY1 said

    I’m home yippy , big cat(MONKEY) chasing me for food. Gee it’s almost like being chased by Henry….wanting to feed.

  57. Margaret said

    Thanks for giving us homeless hens, minxes, Vices, and Colleen admirers somewhere to go. Do you think they will actually leave the Lifetime blog open to the last day of May or in mid-sentence someone is going to be cut off. Don’t know about the rest of you but I’m suffering massive withdrawal. Even though Heart of Fire is dark and somewhat depressing I think I’ve watched it at least 4 times already. Probably because it shows how talented Kyle is.

  58. Anzia said

    That’s one NICE pic you have there Dizey!

  59. msgypsy said

    I’m betting Lifetime leaves the blog up until it takes a half hour to load even on a T-1 line.

    I have to wonder if any of the sneak peekers from the show will ever check in over here. I left the address on the Lifetime blog, so who knows?

  60. My house smells like bbq, this is evil.

    Just thought I’d let you all know.

  61. msgypsy said

    Lady A, THAT WAS AN EVIL THING TO SAY! I have to wait until later for dinner tonight (with the Canton, mind you, and it’s going to be a fun potluck but still… it’s not barbecue!)

    I’m avoiding the obvious reference to vampires and barbecue sauce, though… It’s obvious to me, at any rate.

  62. msgypsy said

    Heading home now, bloggini. I’ll catch up later tonight. Don’t trash the place while I’m gone! LOL!

  63. Anzia said

    So, I’m talking at work and I mention a book I got for my birthday called “The Glass Book of the Dream Eaters.” Everyone, of course, looks at me like I’m nuts and I explain that the reason I wanted the book was because of the title. Again, crazy people looks. I start laughing and say, “It had ‘Dream Eaters’ in it! Who wouldn’t want to read it?” Silence prevails. This is followed by my hurried explination that titles are very beguiling for me. i mean there’s a book called, “The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocolypse” that I really want to read. No idea what it’s about…

    I finally got a response, “Anzia, we’re not english majors.”


  64. sherrybaby said

    Hi MsGypsy,

    So glad you are going to do this blog so we can all chat while waiting for Bloodties to come back. I found another site called bloodlines, they have a chat room, and chat about Bloodties as well. Just FYI.

    Can’t wait until October.


  65. ndayeni said

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I’ll be sure to check in her regularly even if I don’t get a chance to post much. I’ve really enjoyed following the conversations on the bloodblog from the sidelines the last few months.

    Oh, and I’m a bit ticked looking over that list of RennFaire locations that Ms.Gypsy posted the link to. I missed the one in Bloomington, IN where I live. I work just 2 blocks or so from that location, and I never heard or saw anything about it last month, so never knew it was happening 😦

  66. DIZEY1 said

    I went to Limerick land and don’t think I did it right. Tell me how to post it. It left it as if it were a response.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone checked out your handy work. You did GOOD!! I do feel much better knowing where everybody is and that we’ll make it through the Henry/Mike/Vicki drought fo a summer together.

  67. Anzia said

    I think we should come up with a BT Playlist. Songs that remind us of the show or were on the show or something to that nature. It could be fun! πŸ™‚

  68. Anzia said

    So, i’ve been staring at the pic you posted Dizey1. The very first one, with the tongue… it’s breaking my conscentration! (as if I had any to begin with).

  69. DIZEY1 said

    Anzia my dawlin’ your pic’s killing me!!!! One of my favorite Henry moments. Actually the first time I saw him. What a scene to start your Blood Ties career with. Lucky girl. How many times did that scene have to be taken?? OOps sorry Kyle I didn’t mean to lift my leg like that. HeeHeeHee!! Feeling a bit naughty , I need a fix. What should it be??? Can I possibly watch Zerophilia again?? Hmmm maybe, but I think I wanna little Henry, and by a liitle I mean “TOTALLY WICKED” amounts of Henry.
    I think I’m gonna go get a little(plenty).

  70. DIZEY1 said

    Cool idea the song list.




  71. Sandy said

    This blog must be some western time time one – It’s 8p something here. I’m LEAVING the computer. Deadline met, happy client and while I love y’all, I’m really tired of looking at a computer screen. Don’t do anthing I wouldn’t do!!! πŸ˜‰

  72. Anzia said

    lol, dizey girl, if I weren’t at work I would be really naughty and change my pic so many times, just to see you smile! πŸ˜€ *tries to hide horns* I love your songs. I actually own the first and the last one (both CD’s actually)

    Song list:
    STAY by Elisa (if you’ve never heard this song you should go to youtube and search for it. I know there’s a House/Cameron vid with this song.)
    LIPS OF AN ANGEL (I figure this could be Vicki & Henry’s song during Post Partem)
    QUEEN OF THE NIGHT (*giggles*)

  73. loves history said

    if lifetime leaves BTs on will we be gettingthe same kind of shows in season #3 will vicky become …as in the books… how will that impact on henry some one just talked about season 5 without evolving.Will bts go the way of anita Blake you would love that her fans didnt.

  74. Anzia said

    Not a pic from the show but is fan art and it’s beautiful

    just pretend ladies


  75. DIZEY1 said

    Going to take a hot jaccuzi bath & escape!! You know where….. Ahhhh
    Henry take me away. Yeah baby.
    Chat when I get back.

  76. msgypsy said

    Dizey1,Sorry,apparently the only way to do it is to have you post it as a comment. I’m the only one who can post main entries. (There’s a way to authorize others but for the moment I’m going to leave this as it is. I need to decide where the overall blog is going first.)

    So I moved it into the main body of the limericks (but even I can’t delete the comment. LOL!) And anyone who wants to post new limericks should probably send them to me or post them here and make sure I see them or something.

    I shared this with Laurel last night but I think the Minxes amongst us need this for a fix. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWtuKm6C1Sw (A segment from Bab 5 Legend of the Rangers. Dylan plays a hardened starship battle commander. And he’s remarkably … er … Mikeish.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjIPFf42ncI is a trailer for Zerophilia.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_v-5BvZhN0 leads me to ask one of “those” questions about Christina Cox. (I asked them about Claudia Christian, too … but for a different reason.) Either Christina is one hell of an actor or … or she’s one hell of an actor because she’s got me convinced in both this and Blood Ties!

  77. Teresa said

    Hey, everyone! Good to see the regulars on this site. Anzia you are evil πŸ™‚ Even though I am more of a Henry fan, those pics of Dylan were… amanzing. I need to get a boyfriend or at least find someone for an ocassional booty call to release some of the frustration building from all those pics, muuaaaahhh!

  78. msgypsy said

    And I have to leave for my potluck now so BE GOOD everyone. No crayon on the walls and please don’t leave the seat up on the toilet because these are mostly woman and we have bad attitudes about such things. Hee hee!

  79. Anzia said

    Teresa- πŸ™‚ I take pride in my abilities (-:

  80. Anzia said

    So, i get to go to a midnight showing of Pirates 3! I’m so excited!!!! So, it starts at 12am (duh!) and is 3 hours long, plus the ride back so 3:30 and I have class at 8:30am… this might be interesting! πŸ˜€

  81. loves history said

    noone is posting sexy picturns of c.cox they could not have cast vicky better how tall is she i am thinking 5.9 or 10

  82. Anzia said

    For those of you who can’t get Zerophilia I have a surprise for you. Now, they’re only CLIPS not the full thing:

    There’s a clip for the end of the movie but I’m not going to put it up here. It’s called Zerophilia Clip 3. Enjoy!

  83. Laurel said

    Gypsy – I noticed you have s tie to the Central time zone. It is weird to have things post an hour before I even think of them.
    I just went to pick up pizza for the family so I won’t have to poke through the leftovers in the fridge. Gives me more time to read tonight!
    I am going to start the Blood books over again and see if I can actually read “all” of the words. I think I was speed reading the first time through because I was so glad to find them. Next the Shadow Books, and then the Keeper series…
    Thank heavens for Powells used books.

  84. DIZEY1 said

    Anzia you lucky girl. Well tonight anyway. As long as no exams, it’s a ride in the park. I think Johnny Depp is one of the finest, accomplished actors in the biz. I think Kyle will be the same way. The writings on the wall. Watching that Zero clip, I’ve gotta watch that one again tonight. He can shift from one emotion to the next, so smoothly like “budda baby”.

    Barbosa… He’s so creepy he’s cool I like him. “We named the monkey Jack!” Love him. Have fun, and be GOOD!!(wicked badd)hmmmmmm.

    Our Romeo & Juliet (cool if they we’re in period clothing)


  85. Anzia said

    Another song for the BT Playlist:

    Breathe- Breaking Benjamins

  86. DIZEY1 said

    All this bouncing back & forth, going to see “Z” and doze off.

    Sleep tight if your lucky Henry will bite….heeheehee

  87. vicki said

    Ms. Gyspy…
    May God Bless you!! Thank you for this place to come vent…dream…and dish on our favorite topic. I just might survive till Oct now…maybe..of course I will need Dizey and Aniza to keep posting all those lovely pics of Henry…Sighs…that man is just beautiful….dont you just hate people who luck out in the gene pool??? LOL


  88. The bbq so rocked! I got some yummy chicken and a baked potato.

    Now listening to a friends radio show and then I’m going to try and NOT write Henry into my own vampire book. It’s going to be hard.

  89. simone taylor said

    ms. gypsy,

    Thank you so very much for a place for us to come to. I’m glad to see most everyone here. Even though I lurk I’ve enjoyed everyones insights.

  90. Tango said

    Hey ms.gypsy!

    Took me long enough to get here. Just wanted to drop in to say hello then get caught up with the blog. I’ll be back next week when I’m on holiday. Hope you get your wifi fixed, I know how frustrated you must be.

  91. Teresa said

    Ms.gypsy – I think “that” question has been bouncing around on AfterHelen.com regarding Christina Cox (les or bi?). See article about Christina here
    I must admit the thought entered my mind as well, just as it has about my adorable Kyle (not the les part :-)). Ultimately, they are both great actors, and I will continue to have wet dreams about Kyle, regardless. After all, the sad truth is that the possibility of me ever even comming in contact with Kyle are slim to none, let alone having a chance for anything else, so it doesn’t matter which way he blows (oops, did I say that?)

  92. msgypsy said

    Back from the potluck. Apparently I volunteered to make a venison stew for 100 plus people in December. I HATE it when I inadvertantly volunteer for something! But it’s all good. I have a chef on call and he’s got some ideas.

    And my oldest godsdaughter turned 13 last Sunday. I feel so old. (Not Henry old, but old nonetheless…)

    Okay, to unwind I watched a few scenes from “Norman” on Youtube (are we allowed to mention Youtube?) and I still think Dr. Sagara knew that wasn’t Henry. She may not have been sure it was Norman but she seemed to be acting like she knew. If nothing else, she knew that wasn’t actually Henry. And it’s possible the words of “advice” she had for Vicki were actually for Norman. It wouldn’t make sense for her to tell Henry what to say to Vicki. Why would Vicki believe it coming from Henry? From her Vicki might accept it but Henry’s already tried all those cliches on Vicki.

    Just my gut talking.

    Bed calls. And tomorrow is the traumatic and computer-less move. I’ll be back whenever I can. ‘Night, bloggerini.

  93. loves history said

    How did you get the vension.are you a huntress.your in SCA.now your cook and maybe a huntress.

  94. Anzia said

    Night everyone! BTW, EVERYONE SHOULD SEE PIRATES 3!!!

  95. DebS said

    Good morning everyone! The time stamps confuse me onf this site, so I have no idea when most of what was written was actually written. πŸ™‚

    ms.gypsy-Thanks for the explanation about SCA. It sounds really interesting. I have always heard about ren. fairs, and thought they sounded fun.

    Laurel-I didn’t know about the Jake 2.0 marathon, maybe I can get my tivo to record it. Tivo is such a great thing! I am also looking forward to hearing more about other stuff you all are interested in.

    ndayeni-I am from Winchester, IN (right around muncie). I live in SC now, but always enjoy getting back up north to visit friends. I have been to bloomington a few times. Are you a student at IU?

    Dizey-Sent you an email with my contact info. Just want to make sure you got it? I had some issue using my email the last few days. I want to blame it on the email people….but I think I just have no tech savvy.

    Last thing (sorry for the long post) I love all the pictures you have attached to your names. They are little hidden easter eggs. I also like that I can just put my mouse over the name and it will show me the picture…nice touch.

    Okay I really need to do some work. Have a great Friday!

  96. Maddie Mo said

    Good Morning all! Ms.Gypsy I love the way you have this blog set up. So much easier than the BT blog with the codes and all.

  97. Maddie Mo said

    Song ideas for the playlist
    Far Away- Nickelback
    Right Here- Staind
    Pain- Three days Grace

    Song that make me think of Henry every time I hear it
    Come a little Closer- Dierks Bentley

  98. Maddie Mo said

    Okay just trying to get the name thingy to work.

  99. DebS said

    Maddie Mo-I agree with you. This blog set up is much easier. I don’t have to squint to read the codes any longer. Yay!

    I think this is a sad day that both blogs are very quiet this morning.

  100. msgypsy said

    Me hunt? Nah. The group I’m working with for the Yule SCA feast includes a couple of hunters and they have the venison already butchered and frozen. By December there will probably be some that’s fresher. One of my friends (who is not part of this group but is also SCA) is married to a professional chef. I have to do the research (like that’s a hardship for me!) but he’ll devise the recipe and oversee the cooking.

    I think I may have set this up for the wrong time zone. I’m on the west (often wet!) coast and it’s daylight savings time at the moment so I probably mis-calculated. I’ll see what I can do with it later.

    In theory I have no computer access at work today and I have to leave soon so if I don’t get back until tonight, you all behave yourselves, okay?

  101. Danielle said

    Another song is My Immortal by Evanescense.

    Maddie Mo-Oooo Come a Little Closer Dierks Bentley very sexy song very sexy guy. It sucks that he cut all his curly blonde locks off.

    Ms Gypsy-I created a few limericks last night. They suck but I am really proud of them.

    The Lifetime blog is saying goodbye
    But the Blood Ties fans never say die
    To Gypsy’s we did move
    We had something to prove
    Waiting five months and still asking why

    Norman from Hell got his ticket out
    Most people still thought he was a lout
    The three items he found
    While slinking around
    But in the end he went back to pout

    Several people we have tried to turn
    But some of them can’t seem to learn
    They won’t listen to us
    So then we want to cuss
    It appears that they don’t give a durn

    Hey I am pretty damn proud of them

  102. Claire said

    I think the blog is officially dead,I tried to post,it took like 15 minutes to load,the code thingy came up twice,then finally it said typepad is not available! anyway I hope the link I posted works.They have alot of nice avatars over at bloodlines.I plan to O.D. on Kyle tonight..Zerophilia again..beautiful people…oh and watched the first epi of BT again,wow I had forgotton all the moaning Ms.Blonde was doing…but why am I surprised lol! IT’s Henry!

  103. Claire said

    O.K. lets try that link again…

  104. DebS said

    Claire-I am envious that you still have zerophillia…i returned it to Netflix and haven’t bought it for myself. Just got paid today, perhaps I will go and treat myself. I plan on spending this three day weekend holding my own BT marathon. I haven’t watched the pilot in awhile….could be fun. To bad no one is in my area we could have a little BT party.

    Danielle-I think your limericks were great! I have no talent for that kind of thing, so I am impressed with all that poems that everyone has come up with.

    I am really quite bored here at work….need something to do….maybe will stare at pictures of Kyle/Henry for the next few hours.

  105. Maddie Mo said

    I love Dierks, I agree with the hair I loved his hair before. I have “Come a little Closer” on my CFM playlist

  106. Maddie Mo said

    Claire, How is the grandson and your daughter doing? I hope well.

  107. ndayeni said

    DebS – No, I am not a student at IU, though I did do my freshman year there some 20 years ago now. I’m a native Hoosier…born in Bloomington, then grew up elsewhere mostly…lived in Ft. Worth, TX for 24 years…just moved back here at the end of 2004.

  108. ndayeni said

    Just testing the picture linked on the name thingy…

  109. luvslegolas3000 said

    Hey guys it’s Danielle I signed for a user name. I am luvslegolas now.

  110. ndayeni said

    Hope the name thing is right now, sorry for spamming.

    On song ideas, I’ve thought for awhile now that “When I’m Gone” by 3 Doors Down would be a great one for one of those YouTube videos. I’ve no time or skill to do anything like that, however.

  111. Anzia said

    BT blog is still up guys! TPTB really need to put a DEADLINE on those kinds of announcements!

    Danielle/Maddie Mo- I LOVE DIERKS! My favorite songs of his are “Distant Shore” & “Settle for a Slow Down”

    DebS- Those are better than the Limericks I came up with! πŸ™‚

    OTHER BT songs:
    WHAT ABOUT NOW (also a HUGE Daughtry fan!)

    A song for Vicki- STRONG ENOUGH TO BE MY MAN (I prefer the Stevie Nicks & Cheryl Crow live version so…)

  112. DebS said

    ndayeni-Cool. I went went to school and lived in Evansville and grew up in Winchester. I ocassionally miss Indiana…but am enjoying the South Carolina weather. If i never saw snow again I would be the happiest person alive. hehe.

  113. Claire said

    Oh Maddie Mo,The baby and Mommy are doing great..big sis Mya..being alittle devilish…after being #1 for 3 years.Debs…I had to buy zerophilia..I couldn’t help myself LOL!!

    that ought to tide you over..until you can buy the movie LOL!!

  114. DebS said

    Thanks Claire! Where did you find Z? I am seriously thinking of driving over to Best Buy after work….even though I have a million other things to do.

    Hi, my name is Debra and I am Kyle-aholic.

  115. Maddie Mo said

    are we having another BTA meeting today????

  116. I checked for Zerophilia at Borders and they didn’t have it. Maybe it is a too obscure movie.

  117. DebS said

    It probably is to obscure a movie…I am thinking i am going to have to go with ordering it off amazon…which is fine I just don’t get the instant gratification I desire from buying it immediately and bringing it home.

    Maddie Mo-hhmmm…after 5 months without BT. We will probably be calling many BTA meetings to order.

  118. DebS said

    I also noticed that Taylor Handley (who played Luke in Z) is going to be on a new CW show called Hidden Palms. It hasn’t been reviewed well by critics though..so who knows if it will last.

  119. I think Josh Grobans You Raise Me Up may be a good one but that is only because I absolutely love that song. I love Josh Groban! The song may be a little to pure. I just want to see how someone might do it up in a BT video.

  120. Danielle said

    That was me Danielle as luvslegolas3000

  121. Himmiefan said

    Hi everybody!! I’ve taken roll, and it looks like Prtfvr and Catcornmom are MIA. Any word on them?

    Big thanks to Ms. Gypsy!!!!

    By the way, I rented Pirates 2 last night. Hilarious! Can’t wait to see 3.

  122. Danielle said

    Angie, sai13 and loveshistory aren’t here either

  123. Anzia said

    So, I think I may be on the “critical” list for BT/Kyle-holics. I have an entire folder in my favorites dedicated to just pictures of Kyle in his various movies. NOW, before anyone starts thinking I’m COMPLETELY creepy, there was a logical (albiet a minor one) reason for this: I just got tired of searching all over the place for the pics that I wanted to post. But, I still had WAY too much fun compiling this ever growing list! (I also have one of Mike/Dylan pics for the Minxes)

    I can’t wait to see Zerophilia.

    Claire- I won’t know if it’s here until after 1pm! WAHHH!

    Oh, and I’m with whoever said they loved the “snap” thing w/the pics! THAT IS AWESOME! So handy when you’re at work with an outdated version of Internet Explorer w/o the tabs!

    Danielle- I love that song too! I dont’ think it’s too pure. I feel that it would work, you would just have to get the moments right. πŸ™‚

  124. DebS said

    Don’t see Tango either.

  125. Anzia said

    Tango & Loves History were here earlier. Angie is still banging around the actual BT site… so not totally lost, just a little misdirected maybe??

  126. Danielle said

    I am going to try and get to see Pirates 3, maybe at the drive in. Johnny Depp looks good in any movie he does except maybe Willy Wonka and by my screenname luvslegolas3000 as in Orlando Bloom I of course love him too.

  127. Danielle said

    Anzia-Don’t feel bad. I have entire folder labeled henry-kyle-bloodties. I am right there with ya sista.

  128. Danielle said

    and I love all music basically, except really heavy duty rap and really heavy duty opera.

  129. Anzia said

    OMG, if you see Pirates 3 WATCH FOR ORLANDO IN THE RED SHIRT! *DROOL*!!!!!! I about died right there in the movie theatre! I actually MOANED! Audibly! Would have blushed if it hadn’t been so dark…

  130. DebS said

    I am sure they will all make it over here eventually.

    I thought Johny looked creepy in Willy Wonka…but other than that I am with you Danielle..he looks great in any movie….and Orlando as well.

    Anzia you are going to love Z. I watched it for Kyle, but I also thought the plot was fun and interesting and the acting was pretty good.

  131. Danielle said

    How about Elvis-Hunk O Burning Love for Henry. I love Elvis also. I have very eclectic tastes.

  132. Maddie Mo said

    Danielle & Anzia, I have a Henry/Kyle folder too. Bad thing is there are more picutres in there of him than I have in the baby’s picture folder.

    Hello my name is Amy and I’m a BTaholic. I’ve wathced “Norman” 7 times this week, and I keep more picutes of Henry on my computer than my baby.

  133. Anzia said

    Danielle- pretty much the same here on music selections. πŸ™‚

  134. Maddie Mo said

    Marvin Gaye- Let’s get it on for Henry

  135. Anzia said

    LOL, I had to seperate my folder into “Henry” “Zerophilia” & “Various Others” because it’s so large that I was having troubles finding what I wanted. πŸ™‚

  136. DebS said

    Shall I contact Betty Ford for the three of you? πŸ˜‰

  137. Danielle said

    I had a picture of me and Amber but I changed it awhile ago for Henry. The picture changes daily although my foot rubbing picture is on there often.

  138. Danielle said

    DebS-This is one addiction I do not want to be cured of. No Betty Ford for me.

  139. Maddie Mo said

    DebS, I’m not really ready for treatment. I kind of like it.

  140. DIZEY1 said

    Hey my Hens, Mixz, and Vice’s… Claire I got my copy of “Z” this week. I’m
    sorry to say I’m a sucker……ordered mine from Amazon. Got it in 2 days!!
    Yes I am a member of the **BFC** and I am ADDICTED, love that Henry , yes I love Vicki, and yes I love Mike. I got my “Z” fix last night before I went ot dream land. “Oh Henry you do miss me don’t you??”
    Guess who said that??

  141. Danielle said

    DIZEY1-HEY! Was it Sinead?

  142. DIZEY1 said

    DING DING DING Gold star for you!! I’ve watched these ep’s sooo many times. I think we could do our own version of the shows. Re-enact them.
    Hey I checked out that clip gypsy posted last nigt the Nikki & Nora one from youtube. Gypsy’s right CHristina is a great actor. I believed her, as both Vicki & the NIkki/Nora character. And I have to say and I’m not sure why I’m saying it now. But if I were to go the way of the girl…I’d say I’d crush on her. That’s a bizarre statement I just made. Sorry girls I just love the boys/men. Maybe a 3 some(heeheehee). Yep very strange mood I’m in. I think I watched “Z” too many times. I kinda wish I could do the “FLIP” thingy. Some times I’d like to be the guy!!!! I think only a woman feels secure enough to say that. I don’t know many men who’d be willing to play the girl.

  143. Danielle said

    And then Henry said something like no one turns down a drink or something like that.

  144. DebS said

    Then I shall put down the phone and turn to enabling your addiction.


  145. Anzia said

    Danielle I could stare at your foot rubbing pic all day!

  146. Danielle said

    Me too

  147. Anzia said

    Nope, we’re not addicted… NOT AT ALL!

  148. DIZEY1 said

    I just adore this face. I’ll bet a pretty good bit of our Kyle in that face. I’m a HAPPY BOY/MAN!!!!

    CAN I SAY ….****FLIIIIPP****

  149. Danielle said

    Speak for yourself. I am a Bt-Henry-holic and I am damned proud of it.

  150. Nina said

    Hi GIRLS!!!

    THX Ms.Gypsy for this blog!!!!
    LOTS of posts and a lot to catch up πŸ™‚
    I’ll be back :D:D

  151. Nina said

    THANK YOU Ms.Gypsy for not adding the robot security thingie!!!!!!!!

  152. DebS said

    just seeing if can make this work too

  153. DebS said

    still trying…

  154. DebS said

    okay…not working for me…explain to me again how you all do that.

  155. Claire said

    Debs,I had to order it from amazon,they were the only ones who had it.I already confessed to being a BTholic with a side order of Kyleitis…LOL! My favorites folder is ridiculous,it has more links to youtube videos,kyle fanclubs,Kyle photosites,BTsites than anything else.I finally bought a DVD burner,so I can burn all the videos and BT epis and get them off my computer,I have no room on my hard disk anymore LOL!!
    I won’t be checking in to Betty Ford though,I kind of like my addiction!

    see..I can’t help myself

  156. Anzia said

    I LOVE my addiction. I wouldn’t change it for the world (maybe for Henry). I was just being sarcastic. Sry.

  157. DIZEY1 said

    Danielle, yeah I’m a big Henry-HOLIC, say it loud , say it proud. I need some chocolate, that might help w/some of the withdrawal. I watched some of my fav’ ep Heart of Fire this morning and I know a little twisted but I kinda like him chained in that “X” marks the spot position. One of those BIG X’s in your living room…. I can say I got it from the Antiques Road Show, ya know. It’s a piece of art…yeah that’s the ticket!!!(heehee).

    “Passion is at the core of my work”…….

  158. DebS said

    ooohh..i just might have figured it out.

  159. DebS said

    I did! I did!

    BT-aholics unite! We need a motto or something. πŸ™‚

  160. DIZEY1 said

    Claire…I love MAX!!! I just loved when he comes to the house and meets ….”LUCA” for the first time. He knew and I could see it all over that beautiful face. Love that pic’. Loved when he showed the tat, I was yelling at the tv show her the freakin’ tattoo damn it!!

  161. DebS said

    haha…Dizey I did the exact same thing. I love how vulnerable and sad he sounds when Luca comes by looking for Michelle. I also love the scene where Max and Luke get in a fight. Oh and when Max is rollerblading, sees Luca, and SMILES then promptly falls down.

  162. DebS said

    oops…sorry to those who haven’t seen it. Got carried away.

  163. Danielle said

    Yeah Thanks DebS

    Passion is a great distraction.

  164. Laurel said

    Okay! I will have to order “Z”! There are no copies available to rent out here!
    I feel a little left out! *pouting*

  165. loves history said

    Danielle -have been to both this and life times blog.as in hospital earlt this moring Home now.offbloodies you can use venison any way u cook beef it is best in sauces i like it as meat sauce for pasta, ive bagged about 300 deer so ive eaten plenty.

  166. Danielle said

    I don’t think I could ever bring myself to eat deer. I don’t eat cow either. I am not a vegetarian. I just don’t like it.

  167. Wow you all were busy this morning. Hopefully I will get paid today and I can send off for a copy of “Z”. *crosses fingers*

  168. DebS said

    I had deer when I was really little…haven’t had it since. I didn’t seem to mind it as a kid. I am not really a vegetarian, but I have recently noticed that I do tend to order vegetarian meals at restaurants.

    Laurel-You must order Z. It is exactly the thing you need to feed the BT addiction.

  169. Laurel said

    Gypsy – I have cooked plenty of venison and know a few good flavor combos, Call me if you want some ideas!
    I am supposed to be out looking for fabric for a friend’s “Grandmother of the Groom” skirt – “Anything wil do, dear, just as long as it is a pale blue plaid, doesn’t need ironing, is flattering to my figure, and … oh, yah, I’m a size 3X.”

    I may be back by nightfall. :0

  170. Danielle said

    Ok I have to know since I am listening to this music right now. Who out there is a fan of Michael Flatley and Riverdance and Lord of the Dance and now Celtic Tiger? Inguiring minds want to know.

  171. Good luck finding that fabric!! I know how hard it is to please someone, especially when you have a limited number of places to go look.
    I can’t remember the times I’ve had to drive 4+ hours just to go buy 3 yards of material for a cranky client.

  172. loves history said

    i like irish folk music Flatley is great but full of himself like bill Oreilly( must be an Irish thing)mby the way does any one not know the patrick obrain story it is a mind blower

  173. Danielle said

    I think Michael Flatley has a right to be full of himself IMO. I am not Irish but I am British. Who is Patrick O’Brian?

  174. DebS said

    I just watched the sniffing scene again. Why do I torture myself? I have seen it a thousand times and still get goosebumps. I never considered sniffing a turn on until I saw that scene.


  175. Aww DebS, don’t do that to yourself!
    I’ve only managed to rewatch Norman once since last week. I’ve been good, real good.

    I hope those books come today!

  176. Rifkind said

    I LOVE the music of Riverdance.
    I have the music on cassette tape as well as 2 different versions of the music CD. I also have a copy of the show on VHS and on DVD.
    Michael Flatley was good in the original creation of Riverdance.
    However the production of Lord of the Dance tried to be too cute-zy with the lighting techniques, and it became a distraction.

    He IS a bite too full of himself. When asked who the greatest dancer of all time was, he said HIMSELF. Can’t agree with that…
    Take a look at the dancing in “white nights”. Mikhail Baryshnikov is the BEST.
    He even has his shirt off

  177. I love Irish folk music. I’ve learned a lot of songs to sing at faire and am constantly searching for new ones.
    That being said, being full of ones self is not an Irish trait, Flatley is just a jerk who happens to dance well. I can look at him and think it looks good, but god forbid he open his mouth.

  178. I’ll be back later, gotta do some house work. Yay… *justshootmenow*

    take care!

  179. loves history said

    he was a best sellig author hes sold 10 or 20 times as many books as tanya his big series was the master and commander as in the movie with that oscar winning aussie,his hero is the ships doctor who writes the books Ob was praised for detailed mediclal reseah.OB was a flinty old irishman who was one of the leaders in the Back to Gaelic movement. in one his last book he wrtes a little piece of poetry. some one discovers the the real writer of the poetry was unkowne pre war english Doctor. oB is assailed with plagerism charges he promply dies. entended reseach finds that oB is NOT oB he made it up. he is really that obsure english doctor,i saw him on Tv with that thick irish accent So FULL of himself His whole life was a LIE

  180. Danielle said

    Ok sorry I brought it up

  181. Rifkind said

    Really check out the dancing in “White nights”! YUM!

  182. Danielle said

    For haha’s I just tried to get on Lifetime’s blog and it totally screwed up my computer. It opened exactly 13 windows of the same thing. I had to shut down and everything was really slow. It was really wierd.

  183. Danielle said

    A girl I work with is going to see Godsmack tonight. She is really freaking out because all the highways are backed up and she can’t leave yet.

  184. Danielle said

    Boss left I have nothing to do.

  185. Danielle said

    Dancing queen young and sweet only seventeen
    friday night and the lights
    looking out for a place to go

  186. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Danielle, I think like “Chandler Bing” would say he scares the bejesus out of me. His feet do seem to be independent of his body. But yes I have to give him his props cuz’ I sure can’t do an Irish jig even though I’m part Irish. I’m as my dad would call us Heinz Variety, I’m Italian,German,Englis,Irish, and French(Acadian, cajun, some even call us coonasses down here) I said I was a mutt. I’m working on the emial list and some peeps I don’t know where they’re from. I’ll leave blank and have it saved so I can add to it.

  187. Danielle said

    You are All-American like me. I am French, Italian, British, Slovakian, and Native American. I am an all around mutt too.

    I like watching Michael Flatley in his tight leather pants or at least I did before he pudged up.

  188. Danielle said

    Some people have said to me, “If you are British chances are there is some Irish in you” but I don’t know how true that is.

  189. Danielle said

    Alright they are kicking us out. Have a great weekend and Memorial Day everyone. I have plans to head to Kelly’s and gab there.


  190. Maddie Mo said

    I can’t believe the weekend is here and we don’t get any new BT on Sunday. It just doesn’t seem right.

  191. Anzia said



    Also, as a side note, my nickname is Z so when you guys reference Zerophilia as that, I sort of do a double take. It was really weird the first couple of times. πŸ™‚ Just thought I’d share. πŸ™‚

  192. DIZEY1 said

    Hey “Z” you’re gonna love it. Verify for me your e-mail so I can add to my list.

    Hey Claire where are you??? I miss you.

  193. DIZEY1 said

    Oh Anzia buy the way like the MAX pic. Good scene, have you seen it yet??

  194. Sandy said

    I got my copy yesterday along with History of Violence – I think I’ll watch it Sunday night – when I’m missing my BT fix.

    I think I need an intervention – I also ordered the Dylan Babylon 5 movie (no hardship – Babylon fan – don’t know how I missed that movie!) and the Christina Cox movies. They haven’t arrived yet, so those will be for NEXT weekend.

    And, y’all are subverting my mind. I’m dreaming in limericks now. I’ve woken up w/ a couple that I would blush *entire body* to publish (and that’s saying something!!). *grin* At least I’m having happy dreams!

    Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL MEMORIAL weekend!

  195. Anzia said

    Sandy-! If they’re THAT good you MUST SHARE! πŸ˜€ Feel free to send ’em my way! anziacromer@yahoo.com!

    Dizey1- Nope, not yet. I won’t get to for another 7 hours or so. 😦 I hate it when your day is so busy you have to schedule bathroom breaks!

    Off to run errands before mtg friends at the vrrrr (vrrr= Viking Room which is the on campus bar!) Be back later after work!

  196. loves history said

    was henry the bully in Hisrtory of violence

  197. loves history said

    was kyle the good kid or the bully in H of V

  198. DIZEY1 said

    loves history Kyle was the BULLY a bad boy. The movie is very intense and he does get his ASS kicked, he kind of deserves it.

  199. Claire said

    My daughter actually saw Riverdance when Michael Flatley was performing,she still talks about! Dizey I did love Max..he’s just so damn beautiful..yeah I love when he first saw Luca…and of course I also screamed during tattoo scene! Anzia,ENJOY!!!!Now don’t spontaneously combust or anything Okay? We’ve grown fond of you here LOL!
    Damn I may have to watch again tonight!

  200. Anzia said

    I’ll try not to. πŸ™‚ I promise

  201. DIZEY1 said

    Claire, I think that I’ll probably have to watch tonight again also. I could spontaneously combust whenI watch. The makeout scene is VERY VERY combustible, it’s hot!!!


  202. DIZEY1 said

    Catch ya’ll @ home from my new mail box. See ya in a bit.


  203. loves history said

    posted at mail site 1st in 2/32 hours.danielle sorry you didnt like my story but i think a man with a lot of talent who made millions at what he did would so hate himself he had to invent an alter ego and then take its identity

  204. Claire said

    Hey Dizey I’m in and out..you know must keep up the front that BT and my blog buddies are not taking over my life LOL!!! Must even do chores and feed kids every now and then…I am taking some time off from setting up my new business since my daughter is one of my partners and she has to recuperate from Jacobs birth.So,tonight I’m turning Nikki onto zerophilia,she saw the box when it came,so I said you want to watch it tonight. I use every opportunity to convert people to Kyles acting! LOL! see ya later my little indians are hungry!

  205. AlisaSG said

    well, it’s too tempting to stay completely away!
    thanks msgypsy for providing this outlet to continuing sharing about Blood Ties.
    Many thank you’s for keeping what’s become one of my more interesting (addictive!!) programs of characters to watch (over and over again!).

    I’ll visit here now and then, but first I’ve got tons of work to catch up on that I let slide a little – in order to watch BT and read these incredibly dedicated conversations. :p

    I do hope LIFETIME takes a hint and leaves their video previews accessible year-round. I do watch them now and then, and look forward to the new ones going up… I doubt if LIFETIME seriously understands how good BT’s is.

    I love the dynamics of how creative everything is — and it usually takes a lot of effort to win me over to something of that nature, since I’m not really into detective/crime dramas. That’s why I appreciate the added humor and wonderful cast.


    Everyone, have a very happy, healthy, and safe Memorial Day weekend, too!
    ~ AlisaSG

  206. loves history said

    you have to give tanya a lot of credit she wrote with humors the actors have a ggod read on the charicters if this show was about anita blake actors would find themselves toinject humor of cousre she have to stop killing or having sex long enough to be funny. Are allowed yo talk freely about the bboks or would that be a spoiler for someone.

  207. loves history said

    anyone here

  208. susana said

    hey everyone….finally made it…..usually not able to post during the day cause i can’t even sit at work! glad to be here….thanks msgypsy…you have helped relieve great anxiety among the masses πŸ™‚

  209. susana said

    is this thing on?

  210. Himmiefan said

    Ms. Gypsy, I’ve got a complaint. According to your SCA interactive map, I live in the Kingdom of the Middle. The Middle? How boring!!

  211. susana said

    OMG…how could l forget to let ya’ll know i bought and watched zerophilia,actually aside from kyle looking so damn fine…the plot is good and so is the acting(Psssst!CLAIRE…I BOUGH IT BASED ON YOUR RECCOMENDATION) THANKS!

    I HAVE STILL PASSED OUT, right after the …….this is also known as the end symptom to henritis…will be needing CPR soon…someone save me when you sign back on

  212. Nina said

    Sandy – Please mail me your limerick too…Always fun to read a Good one :D:D ninalucks@yahoo.com

    Now I’ve to get Zerophilia. I thought to do that in summer, but I’m having serious BT and Henry withdrawal problems and not even a week has passed 😦 😦 😦

    OCTOBER HERE YET????????????????????????

  213. Claire said

    Lmao!!! Susana,what am I going to do with you? Are you okay now? Yeah its the end symptom to Henritis and the beginning of Kyleitis..which leads to Henritis all over again…Haven’t you heard?there is no cure…just grin and bare it…once you turn you can’t go back.All you can do is subject yourself to massive quantities of BT episodes and endless viewings of Zerophilia..remember to slo mo the shower scene…if you follow all these directions…it won’t cure..but you should find some temporary relief from your symptoms!!

    As for you Nina…you should quickly follow the same prescription! Amazon.com 2 day delivery!!!

  214. vicki said

    hey all…

    I am guessing i will have to go and get this movie..what is the plot?? Never mind…if Kyle is there who cares??? LOL

    I have watched at least 4 episodes this week because I know come Sunday there will be nothing new.. Thank God Monday is a holiday,,,I will need to morn…recover…watch more….LOL

    I went to an SCA meeting years ago…it was kinda cool.. I got to shoot arrows..and all the men kissed my hand. (My hair was really long then. down to my waist and curly) They kept telling me I looked the part.

    I think a good song for Vicki would be “Wake Me Up Inside” I cant remember who sings it…but I heard it the other day and I thought that is just what Henry has done for her…woke her up…and he will save her from the darkness. (Obsessive..yup..I know) But it just seemed to fit..and it is such a powerful song…slow…fast…rock…love it.

  215. DIZEY1 said

    Susana, I got my copy Monday and didn’t send back Netflix till I got my own copy. I think that sounds pretty twisted when I say/write it out loud.
    Everyone on this blog (listen up people) should have there own copy of “Zerophilia”. It just lives in my DVD player. How pathetic do I sound.
    Tough, I don’t give a flying fig. I love the soundtrack, anybody else??
    Oh I should be able to email ya’ll the list tomorrow from work.
    Vicki order your’s today Claire’s right (2) days count em’ fom Amazon.
    They rock, and I’m obsessed.

    There once was a girl named Beth
    Who lived her life obsessed
    She impatiently waited
    For Henry she stated
    Now this summer will be her test

  216. DIZEY1 said

    Sorry gypsy, I didn’t know where to stick thay limerick and I didn’t want it to slip out of this hollow head.

  217. Laurel said

    Hah! I found the Blue Plaid fabric and the size 3X pattern! Egad! I hope she likes it, because I don’t know what I would do with it if she doesn’t.
    Well, maybe I could make table covers for bookstore @ church…

    Someone mentioned Irish/Celtic music? Have you tried anything by Great Big Sea? They are a Canadian Band and sing a lot of ballads and pub songs. Some pretty funny stuff. I keep hearing one called “When I Am King” and thinking of our Henry.
    I am going to go in search of Babylon 5 movie! Maybe I can find that while I search for Z.

    What is everyone reading right now?
    I am reading “Hawkes Harbor” by S.E. Hinton. It has a Vampire, but he is not the nice sort at all. Good read, so far!

  218. msgypsy said

    Hey, Himmiefan, look again. Kingdom of the Middle may be a boringly named Kingdom but you’ve got a big chunk of Ontario in it. I can’t tell if it includes anyone special but at worst it’s neighboring. LOL! (Plus there’s a big chunk along Lake Huron that’s unclaimed and folks there could come up with a better name for themselves if only there were SCA members there…)

    I’ve had NO computer access all day. Wen I got home I was so tired from hauling boxes I fell asleep. And now I’m watching “Tomb Raider” for the umpteenth time. And I have to work tomorrow. Blargh!

    Limericks are caught and posted. I’m doing the best I can.

    The way the comments are building, I suspect I’ll need to start a new post either tomorrow or Sunday.

    And now I think I’m going to get popcorn and pop something into the DVD player. I can’t decide. It’s either something all political and stuff or “Legend of the Rangers” so I can see it again before I loan it to Laurel. What do you suggest? LOL!

    Back later, bloggren.

  219. Anzia said


    I JUST WATCHED ZEROPHILIA! THE SHOWER SCENE….*starts panting—hyperventilating–* can’t breathe… *eyes bulge* OMG, The HANDS!, THE STOMACH… THE BACK! *going to die*


    Okay, I’m done… so, Claire, hear me in Virginia did ya?!

  220. DIZEY1 said

    Well it seems al is quiet and I may as well make my escape now. Almost eleven and I have to work tomorrow. Will chat with ya’ll tomorrow.

    Sweet Henry Dreams



    last one I promise…..


  221. Teresa said

    Ooohh, Maddie Mo – Marvin Gaye, that’s perfect! Or how about something from the Isley Brothers from the early 80’s? That was some serious, um, makeout music *whew*. I’m not familiar with the music most of you have mentioned, so I can’t comment on it *Salsa freak here*.

  222. Anzia said

    Dizey your pic is not helping the “after Zerophilia frustration!”

  223. DIZEY1 said

    Anzia or should I say “Z” wasn’t it everything we said!! Very cool movie.
    Well I’m going to bed with that one tonight.

  224. msgypsy said

    Gosh, Anzia, tell us how you REALLY felt about it.

  225. Teresa said

    Dizey1 – Please add me to the e-mail list:
    Teresa Barragan
    Houston, TX

  226. DIZEY1 said

    will do Teresa, I’ll add ya in the a.m.

  227. DIZEY1 said

    Teresa will add ya in the a.m. And the last pic was a duplicate so I get a
    DO OVER……….


    Can u say “bumpin uglies” I say YES PLEASE!!!


    There you go Z that should lull you into a comatose state for awhile It works for me.

  228. Claire said

    Soooo…that was the sound my daughter and I heard…while we were engrossed in our own delirium watching the shower scene…Hello Anzia….are you able to stand..focus..and then watch it again!! How about those hands huh?

  229. Claire said

    type at you tommorrow,now I need some BT to close up the evening..off to watch blood price part 2,then sleep with big smile on my face…

    Anzia..may you dream of Max/Kyle in the shower lol

  230. Anzia said

    I’ve already told the roommate that watched it with me that they were no longer allowed to call me “Z”…too many interesting things came to mind. ^_^

    Sry, ms.gypsy, I promise to be good.

  231. msgypsy said

    Anzia, you’ve been very good. And you apparently enjoyed that very good look!

  232. susana said

    anzia …join the rest of us in our permanent trance whenever that movie starts playing…. i even found myself watching it again and actually moaning thru the shower scene…how pathetic is that…have i completely lost it?I HEARD YOU TOO HERE…..you are going ot wake the whole state with all that groaning πŸ™‚
    claire….you were so right..that movie will carry me to october…..those hands…girl..the hands…………”all over your body would be?……”

    Teresa, i am also a salsa fan
    For me , my henry song though is Marvin Gaye “sexual healing” ….yes i said it….anyone willing to deny that is what we need?

    Hmm! have a wierd stirring in my loins..where is my man?

  233. susana said

    msgypsy…promise to be good as well πŸ™‚ just had to let that one out!phew!

  234. Teresa said

    This was sent today by one of the administrators of the BT Forum.
    Greetings all!

    I have a few things to update you all on.

    First I have added some more sound bites from Stone Cold, Necrodrome, Post Partum and Norman to the wavs page. Major thanks to Treisme for making these!!


    Secondly, be sure to check out Jessie’s Poll and announcement on the forum about our Book Club idea for other Vampire related books. It will be a great way to pass the time while we wait for the show to return and read some good books in the process! You may even get an autographed book signed by the author!


    Also be sure to check Jessie’s post for questions to David Winning. David directed 4 of the episodes for Blood Ties: 5:55, Post Partum, Drawn & Quartered and We’ll Meet Again. He has graciously agreed to an interview and answer some of your questions so be sure to get one in!


    The petition is still going strong with over 1100 signatures! You guys are the best!! Keep spreading the word!!!



  235. Teresa said

    Well, I tried to copy and paste a message from one of the administrators of the BT forum but for some reason the comment wouldn’t post here.

    The items mentioned were a poll, a vampire book club, posing questions for David Winning (director of 4 epis) who will be interviewed soon and new sound waves. You’ll need to go the Bloodties-bloodlines site for more info, etc. Sorry about that.

  236. Anzia said

    ROTFLMAO- Oh, you guys are great! After the amazingly stressful day full of interrogation & police (he was cute—okay increadibly hot but i’m sure the uniform had a part in that—or his crystal green eyes! NOT KIDDING! Those things SHONE—obviously I was focused on the problem at hand…) A heaping dose of Z and you guys make it a lot better. Thanks. πŸ™‚

    Oh, just so you don’t think I went and tried to stalk Mr. Schmid or anything… one of my roommates was reported missing today. They found her a few hours later so it’s no big deal (anymore). Nope, I was a good girl. Nothing naughty…well not CAUGHT anyways.

  237. Teresa said

    Susana – Yes!! Dr. Henry has a special “sexual healing” prescription for what ails ya πŸ™‚
    I’m a fan of the old school salsa (Fania, etc.) and have had the pleasure of meeting quite a few of the singers/musicians thanks to my friendship with local musicians who have performed with them when they’ve come to town, how great is that?!

  238. Anzia said

    I just realized that the description of the officer really makes me look like a … well a B with an itch… sry… usually wear that title proudly… crap… need more Schmid, the effects are wearing off!

  239. Teresa said

    I just saw a comment posted to one of the Norman videos at you-know-where – “There’s passion and there’s Blood Ties passion” – oh, yes and we’re all familiar with that kind of passion, right?!! hehehe!

  240. msgypsy said

    Anzia, I believe the word you are looking for is “Bee-yotch.”

    I haven’t gotten up off the couch to put in a DVD yet. I’m SUCH a potato tonight!

  241. Anzia said

    I tired the whole “go go gadget arms” thing for ya ms.gypsy…but it didn’t work. Sorry ^_^

    So in Necrdome Mike & Vicki are fighting ’cause Mike doesn’t want her to go where the nice resurrected bodies are playing. He says, “Knock yourself out” anyone else find that funny? Considering she’s trying to get an ex-boxer’s body back???

  242. Teresa said

    I haven’t seen any comments about this “Norman” scene, when notVicki goes to Henry’s to get the dagger and she tells him he was right about being afraid of passion. When he says “Even if I didn’t want to believe it, you’ve made it perfectly clear what we are to each other”. Awwww, it broke my heart, poor Henry, how can Vicki let him think his love is unrequited??!!!
    I think it was loves history that said something about Dr. Segara knowing it wasn’t Henry in her office. I don’t know, she may have sensed something was different, and she commented on that, but I think she thought that “something” was Vicki’s effect on Henry. The way Vicki melted, let the “tough girl” barrier down and went for notHenry in her office… it seems Dr. Segara hit the nail on the head as far as what Henry needed to say to Vicki, too bad it wasn’t the real Henry that said it 😦

  243. Anzia said

    G’NIGHT ALL! Happy Henry/Mike/Vicki dreams!

  244. susana said

    teresa…..email me some clubs in houston where i can go salsa…love meregue too….. wayeta@hotmail.com
    just watched zerophilia again…sweating now and going straight to bed to meet you know who there…..no not my husband…well, his body at least…the rest πŸ™‚
    night all

  245. Teresa said

    I was cruising around the ‘net and clicked on this link from one of the BT sites
    I found the titles of the three songs, claimed to be Christina’s favorites, very interesting and apropos for BT:
    Holding Back the Years
    If I Ever Lose My Faith In You

  246. loves history said

    went over to bts site felt like a morgue. it a lot different here. i cant belive what i am reading SHOCKED at alittle bit. i have been with my wife longer then many of you have been alive anzia was 22 i think,i am on my 32nd year( i did tell you she looked a lot like C.Cox i know when ive got 4 aces in a poker game)wont be around that much next few games we are having a big Bridge tourny in NY and sick as i am i want to play four 2 day event is called the goldman pairs.

  247. Margaret said

    Don’t know about the rest of you but the closer it gets to Sunday the more I get bummed. Seems like a need a real life if a tv show can make me depressed at missing it. I’m going to order Z, and some of Kyle’s other movies, I might even have to resort to ordering Cheetah Girsl as its going to be a long summer. lol. Went to BT site and Angie seems to be the only one left. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve watched Norman, almost gotten to the part where I can quote everyone’s lines. Wouled be nice if some of the cast members would share what they’re going to do on hiatus so at least we could watch their other projects.

    By my estimate if there are only 9 episodes left, we don’t get to see them for 5 months, that makes about 7-8 months where we don’t see anything new from them. Kyle said he was working on things in post production but couldn’t discuss it yet, Dylan said he was doing a Lifetime Movie, and I don’t recall whether Christina said what’s she is doing and Gina, well we know what she’ll be busy with.

    I have a certified addiction and I don’t think there is a cure. But on the other hand, I don’t think I want one. I miss Tanya’s insight too, so I guess I’ll be visiting her live journal during the summer.

    Question: Henry has fed from Vicki, not a lot, I guess what you would call a snack. Does he completely have to drain her to “turn” her? And then she drinks his blood? I’m kind of new to all of this so I’m not sure. Anybody have an answer?

  248. loves history said

    no just enough blood to kill her , i am not sure wheter somebody turned angie the way she is rambling on over there.

  249. Danielle said

    Hello guys morning. It is gorgeous weather outside. I want to play all day out there.

    loveshistory-It was not your story of that author I said Sorry I brought it up. It was the whole Michael Flatley thing.

  250. Rifkind said

    Hey Blog-kin!

    I went to see Pirates last night…
    I really enjoyed it.
    When you go to see it, be SURE to stay through the credits for the “Credit cookie”!!!!
    You won’t want to miss it.

  251. Danielle said

    I can’t wait to see Pirates Three. I have to go to the drive-in to see it. Was it good?

  252. lwildstar said

    has anyone else seen the fan produced BT merchandise on Ebay? Theres a tee shirt with Coreen, Henry, Vicki and Mike (search under Blood Ties)and a mouse pad or Henry/Kyle (search under Kyle Schmid)……may be this will give Lifetime some ideas…..
    is it October yet?

  253. loves history said

    no one have ever answed the qustion can we taklk freely about the books without it being a sp, spoiler, or will upset some to know about the books

  254. Danielle said

    I have already read the Blood books I am reading Smoke and Shadows now.

    I just went to ebay saw the shirt and bought it. LOL

  255. Danielle said

    My pregnant sister is feeling down so I have to go cheer her up. Talk to ya’ll later.

  256. Danielle said

    Oh I don’t mind talking about the books.

  257. Rifkind said

    It was a good story. It is a long movie, but I didn’t even notice, since the action kept moving.
    Orlando Bloom, OMG! He is great! Bring your drool bucket. Hee Hee!

  258. loves history said

    many years ago i began 2 vampire sagas both had strong female leads the first had better writing but alas the author lost heart it seemed and the saga ended( OR SO IT SEEMED) THE OTHER MUCH VIOLENTand evil vampires ( my all time fav Belle Morte or beautiful death) went on.that was the anita Blake sagait should have been the other way blake caught a disease which made her have sex many times a day horror turned into porn and plots revolvr around the Bed room. then i discovered blood bank iwas not abandoned. and as akicker i heard that blood ties was coming out as tv show many of you are fans. im no longer mad at tanya she had a story she gave it a happy ending vicky is with the love of her life MIKE i know you protest but just read tanyas last story and you will see that the way it was meant to be. now if only we get new story this year i ill be cotent. by the way i have no intension of reading the last 2 installments of LKHs anita blake books

  259. loves history said

    many years ago i began 2 vampire sagas both had strong female leads the first had better writing but alas the author lost heart it seemed and the saga ended( OR SO IT SEEMED) THE OTHER MUCH VIOLENTand evil vampires ( my all time fav Belle Morte or beautiful death) went on.that was the anita Blake sagait should have been the other way blake caught a disease which made her have sex many times a day horror turned into porn and plots revolvr around the Bed room. then i discovered blood bank iwas not abandoned. and as a kicker i heard that blood ties was coming out as tv show many of you are fans. im no longer mad at tanya she had a story she gave it a happy ending vicky is with the love of her life MIKE i know you protest but just read tanyas last story and you will see that the way it was meant to be. now if only we get new story this year i ill be cotent. by the way i have no intension of reading the last 2 installments of LKHs anita blake books

  260. Margaret said

    I can’t speak for anyone other than myself buy I’m still reading the blood books and would prefer that I not get spoilers. If there is anyway you can talk generally about stuff that would be great. If not and you do spoil it, worse things have happened: Lets see-#1-Having to wait until October for more blood ties. lol.

  261. Margaret said

    I’d be the first one to buy some blood ties merchandise but itsn’t that stuff copyrighted? If not, Lifetime sure has missed the boat. They could have made millions off of us by now, right.

  262. msgypsy said

    Has anyone come up with an “Is It October Yet?” t-shirt? If not, I had a thought (and it didn’t even hurt!) and will design it if anyone wants one. I can sell it at my cost through Cafepress.

    BTW, I have been trying to avoid talking about the Blood books past the third, just because there are possibly people not past that point. (Prior to that point, seeing the show gives you enough information that the spoilers for the books won’t hurt you any.) I think that’s a pretty good rule of thumb. Just MHO.

  263. Margaret said

    That works for me msgypsy. I’m going to the mall, are the smoke books primarily about Henry?

  264. DIZEY1 said

    Hey CHIX, and DOODZ, Good morning @ work & will send ya’ll the list I have as of right now via e-mail. If ya’ll have a problem getting it up let me know. (oops that sounds like a me line, hmm) I can fax if that’s better.
    Ms.gypsy I’d love to buy a tee from ya’. Let me know where, when, how much, I’m all about Free Enterprise. Can we make a business selling these items, w/out any legal ramifications(big word)?? I’d love to start a company making different parafanalia(another big word) it’s all about the “Blood Ties”. Our ideas candy Henry, one line Tee’s. Not infringing on any likeness’ of the websites etc. What do you think, cuz’ I hate my job and would love to do something *BT* related something fun , anyone can help me get a FUN JOB!!!

  265. AlisaSG said

    >> I think a good song for Vicki would be β€œWake Me Up Inside” I cant remember who sings it…but I heard it the other day and I thought that is just what Henry has done for her…woke her up…and he will save her from the darkness. (Obsessive..yup..I know) But it just seemed to fit..and it is such a powerful song…slow…fast…rock…love it.

    *sigh* –gosh– I *KNOW* it well!!
    there’s a beautiful Blood Ties video/musical tribute with Henry and Vicki done to that particular song – including the part where Henry feeds (arm slurpie) and Vicki’s eyes are open, Henry’s eyes are closed (he’s probably absorbing the essence of her thoughts and spirit and seeing visions within his mind of what lurks deeper within her..)

    I’m not sure if the link can be posted to here, and but it is the correct link. It just keeps coming up on my computer screen as in response to “Temptation Awaits…” (weird!)

    Can’t tell how many times I’ve played that same song/Henry&Vicki tribute over and over (4 hours worth??) πŸ˜‰

    So, I think the song you are looking for is actually by
    Evanescence and titled “Bring Me to Life”

    not sure how these links end up embedded or what, so here’s a try…

    Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life” music video w/Henry & Vicki selected BT scenes

    more selected BT scenes set mostly in slow-motion to the following song –
    “This Love” music by Sarah Brightman, BT video(??) montage by Marie

    many, *many* thank you’s –also– to Claire for sharing that one, too!! πŸ™‚
    I’ve watched them both just about the same amount of times.. =)

  266. Christianna said

    Hiya Ladies: This memorial day weekend it is really hot in NY, so thinking about going to see Pirates 3 in a airconditioned movie theater πŸ™‚
    So, what’s this BT merchandise! awesome! I would love a Henry tee, hope this happens…catch up with u later.

  267. lwildstar said

    Please don’t spoil the books, I’ve only just got mine!
    On the subject of BT merchandise – I’m trying to work up some jewelry designs – if I come up up with anything I’ll post a onote and where you’ll be able to see it – my website (for jewelry) is still a work in progress. Will be surfing Ebay regularly now that “home made” things are staring to show up.
    Is is October yet?

  268. DIZEY1 said

    Hey anybody there????
    I got an e-mail today from the chick @ Bloddlines website. Interesting info & stuff to get us through the summer doldrums(lack of Henry) & also Book club info. Did anyone else get an email from them??

  269. msgypsy said

    I’m having to go into work today, at noon, so I’m busily being lazy until then.

    My t-shirt idea won’t violate any copyrights because it won’t say anything at all about BloodTies specifically. The only thing I will do is have it say “Is It October Yet?” accompanied by a non-specific graphic that I’m working on. And I really don’t want to make money off of it. I’m never in it for the money. Does anyone watch BBC’s “Robin Hood?” Well, I think Mutch is right and Robin is in to to be loved. Marian’s got MY number, though. I’m in it for the glory. LOL!

    BT related jewelry sounds really fascinating. Please let us know when we can see it.

    Lady A, you design clothing, right? Or garb of some kind? (I’m old and I’m allowed to be a little forgetful…) Do you sell anywhere? I’d love to see it.

  270. DIZEY1 said


  271. AlisaSG said

    yes, hiya Dizey!
    I’m here. but I’ve got things to do, so this will be a quick post.

    msgypsy, thank you for linking the BT links!
    hoping we can all savor those *special* BT/music combo videos together!

    >> I think a good song for Vicki would be β€œWake Me Up Inside” I cant remember who sings it…but I heard it the other day and I thought that is just what Henry has done for her…woke her up…and he will save her from the darkness. (Obsessive..yup..I know) But it just seemed to fit..and it is such a powerful song…slow…fast…rock…love it.

    one more thing about that particular BT tribute video (“Bring Me to Life” music by Evanescence)

    (Henry and Vicki — BT video selections were composed together by renbyr)

    that song was actually in my head long before I even saw the BT tribute video to it. I’m happy to see someone on the same wavelength of thought by piecing selected scenes together. It’s a wonderful video too. Helps tell the story for people who haven’t seen the series yet.

    Also, according to that actual web site where it’s posted, it’s also had over 16,370 views so far on it. WOW!!

    re: (“Bring Me to Life” music by Evanescence/BT video)
    — love the way Henry just slinks up to Vicki (and gently touches/caresses her arm) during the
    “frozen inside without your touch, without your love — darling” part of the lyrics

    it’s one of my all-time favorite songs, and I’m glad someone pieced it together as a tribute to both Blood Ties and Evanescence.

  272. Unfortunately I don’t get enough designing/sewing time to justify having a website.
    The last thing I designed was an amazing skirt for a formal event I helped host. I’ll have to take pictures of it to show you all later.
    Last night I discovered that the gentleman who played Jason in Freddy vs Jason was Diesel Swanson in Necrodrome. *squee!*

    Anyways, hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I’ll be stopping by a couple times today, but I really need to try and get some writing and researching done on my book.

  273. DebS said

    Hi everyone,

    Just got around to actually doing something with my day. Clarire’s, Susana’s, and Dizey’s comments about Zerophilia put me in a mood to buy. So I did. Yay! I will get my copy sometime next week…cant wait!! I love that movie. I wonder if there is anyone associated with the movie that is wondering why all of a sudden there is an increase in sales and rentals…lol. Probably not.

    I am ony the fourth book and don’t mind if anyone talks about them. But I would appreciate a large *SPOILER WARNING* if you are going to say something I shouldn’t know about until I have finished all the books.

    I am going to go and see Pirates 3 this weekend and am so excited!!

  274. Tomorrow is my Pirates day. My fiancΓ© is babysitting my nephew so my mother and I can go see the movie. I’ll probably go again next week too so I can take him to go see it.

  275. Anzia said

    I’m okay with you guys talking about the books just put HUGE SPOILER WARNINGS. I haven’t even started the thrid book (i don’t own it yet) and don’t want to know more than I already do about it.

  276. vicki said

    I am working on some t-shirts too for cafepress..We have some there for our band. My husband and I have a band here and we put together a few things for t-shirts and stuff….if you want to see….go to cafepress.com and look up “Lost Cause WV (i know..silly name for a band, but it works for us.)

    LOL…gotta go..got a gig tonight I have to go DIVA up. I’ll let you know about the shirts,…I was thinking one with Hen on the front and Minx on the back. Or “Cleary I need more beer”

    “We could cuddle after”
    “You should work in recruitment”
    “where do I sign up”
    just a few of my thoughts….

  277. “I think we need to talk about your drinking problem…”
    “Clearly I stopped too soon”

  278. lwildstar said

    just stopping in while I check my ebay listings – selling off my ex’s Star Wars book collection πŸ™‚
    Dizey1 I don’t do rings right now – but I’m working on pendents and beaded designs – hoping to have something before the summer is over! Suggestions always welcome.
    It looks like my old website is down (I guess I should get to work on a new one) so If anyone is interested in checking out my stuff send me an email address and I’ll email you my “catalog” from last year (Its a PDF). As soon as I get a BT design in production I’ll post something here.
    Tee shirts – my cousin talked to a guy at the mall who does air brush tees who said he would copy photos (now to find the perfect Henry shot) as long as we didn’t ask for the show tiltle on the shirt (no copy right issues then) so check the mall and any beach / boardwalk stores this summer – you could get a custom shirt painted.
    Up to chapeter 7 in book 1…..if I didn’t have things to do today I’d curl up, read all day and finish the book!

  279. For merchandise they could do stuff out of Bloodlines and use their logo instead of Blood Ties. It would advertise the site, and still be Blood Ties merch, in a way.

  280. Danielle said

    Hey guys back from keeping my sister company. She feels better now and I got a really cute pair of capri’s. Nothing like shopping to make you feel better.

  281. Danielle said

    I would love any links to anybody designing Blood Ties merchandise, shirts, jewelry, etc. I am waiting for my sisters fiance to come up with a design for me.

  282. I was thinking of making up a few rosaries like the one Henry wore on his wrist. I just gotta find a close up of it.

  283. Danielle said

    That would be really cool. I would love one of those.

  284. It’s going to take me a while to find a picture, or go through the episodes I remember it in to take a screen cap myself. Hooray! An excuse to watch BT!

  285. Danielle said

    The only thing I can remember about it is the cross was just a plain old wooden cross, nothing fancy. Almost like it was made from a block of wood. Very simple no frufru stuff. That is the way I like it.

  286. Yeah, I was hoping to get a shot close enough that I could see the length and maybe a bead count. But right now I cant find anything with it in it!

  287. msgypsy said

    Maybe it’s too obvious but … weren’t there several close ups of it in “Heart of Fire?”

    I haven’t made it in to work today. I called my boss with an excuse that was both believable and mostly true and he seemed to think they could survive without me for the day. Whew! I’m not even dressed yet! I love days like this, when I don’t have to be anywhere. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get up early and hike somewhere. Gotta love 3 day weekends!

  288. I found a close up shot in the beginning of Heart of Fire, enough that I could see the length.
    I had to look up the rest of the info I needed (bead count) and I’m planning on getting the supplies I need tomorrow to make a few up and see how I like em.
    I’m off to drag my guy outside and take a few pictures of that skirt that I promised.

  289. Sandy said

    msgypsy – that’s most of my days! *grin* Working from home my schedule has been, have breakfast, work until 11-11:30a, go workout, then take shower and get dressed and do rest of day!

    BTW – that x-rated limerick – I didn’t write it down and now one of the lines isn’t coming out right! πŸ˜‰ When I figure it out, I’ll email it. And, I’m not just doing limericks about BT now. It’s like having a song that you can’t get out of your head… now when something strikes me as funny my head tries to rhyme it up! Make it stop!!!!

    Dizey1 – I got an email from them too. I signed up for the book club thing – it could be fun! I don’t post much over there tho – mostly lurk – this is BT blog fambly for me!

  290. msgypsy said

    This is my BT blog fambly, too. The bloodlines site is great but it seems too slick. I like the way we operate better, kind of free-flowing and happy.

    As you can tell, I’m still inside. But I did get out long enough to pluck some fresh sage and a fully opened and beautifully scented peony. It’s gotta count for something.

  291. Danielle said

    My BT fambly all the way.

  292. Sandy said

    I did my first yoga session today (at recommendation of my chiro – I’ve lost flexibilty due to bad case of tendonitis and WANT it back!). It seemed easy (not EASY – I did stop where the stretches started to burn and I’m NOWHERE near limber so I did not look at all like the DVD) but now I’m feeling it where I had the tendonitis. Now I see why she told me not to do it every day. After shower I graduated to yoga pants and t’shirt.

    Flowers good – gardening for me first thing Monday before BBQ – I’m thinking I’m going to bring in a few coneflowers – I have a few of the new Sunset and Sunrise starting to bloom and they’re looking good!

    That’s a good way to put it… Plus, while all the pictures and stuff are cute, there’s so much stuff / clutter (better word) I get ‘tired’. (I like the way the links hover here much better). And, we are a varied/goofy/twisted/outgoing fun bunch. I get lots of giggles/guffaws and have just plain fun w/ y’all!

  293. Danielle said

    I have a date Friday night with a guy from match.com. Woohoo! Go me!

  294. Sandy said

    Yep – today is quiet day before craziness of holiday. I finally made it into yoga pants and t’shirt to do my first Yoga session at recommendation of chiro. I’ve lost flexibility due to a 2 year recovery from bad tendonitis in one shoulder and both elbows and wrists and I want it back! It’s a beginner DVD, seemed easy (tho I’m NOwhere near as limber as the guy on the DVD), but I’m starting to feel that after workout soreness (probably why my chiro told me to do this every other day!) Does anyone have any suggestions for beginner Yoga DVDs? I know I’ll get bored with just the one.

    Flowers good – I’ve got some of the new coneflowers, Sunset and Sunrise, that are starting to bloom. Think I’ll have to bring some in – good idea msgypsy!

  295. DebS said

    Congrats Danielle! Is the guy you were talking about on YIM.

    I haven’t left my apt all day either. I am watching Babylon 5 and avoiding any type of cleaning. Although my apt could use it.

  296. Danielle said

    Ms Gypsy-My mom’s peonies haven’t thought of starting to open yet. Maybe it is because of the difference in zones.

  297. Danielle said

    DebS-Yeah his name is Jason. We are going to an upscale Italian restaurant. I can’t wait. I just got off the phone with him.

  298. DebS said

    I miss planting flowers. I live in residence hall and so I don’t have a yard. I though about keeping some house plants, but I don’t know enough about plants and flowers to know what can be kept inside. Suggestions?

  299. Danielle said

    I planted a bleeding heart bush in honor of my Henry a few weeks ago.

  300. Sandy said

    DebS – For indoors, go with the pothos and philodendren. I water mine when they start to droop and they stay happy. And, about once a month, I give them a shower. πŸ™‚

  301. I designed and helped sew the skirt. My mother did the more difficult pleating. The cat in the last pic is Nikto (Gotta know Army of Darkness to get it).

  302. Sandy said

    Danielle – a friend of mine wants me to join eharmony (the blind dates she set me up on were….. uh….., and some others weren’t so much fun, I’ve pretty much sworn off the blind date thing). match.com and eharmony are the ones that I hear about. Are they similar?

  303. Eep! I posted pics of the skirt, but they’ve gotta be approved!

  304. Danielle said

    Sandy-I tried eharmony and I didn’t like it. IMO match.com is much better. I had one guy from eharmony that didn’t want to meet in a public place. He wanted me to go to his apartment for our first meeting and I was like UUUHHH NO. I put in a complaint about him and they sent me a email back saying that maybe he was uncomfortable with public places. If you ask me that was not to smart on there part. Who knows what that guy wanted besides the obvious. I am sorry but I will not give it up to anyone except maybe Henry.

  305. I’ve had one blind date in my life and I made damned sure we met in public.
    2+ years later, I’m still with him.


  306. DebS said

    Sandy-I have done both match.com and eharmony. I think they are both worth trying. I liked eharmony better because it is a more lengthy process to get to open communication (more my style). On match.com you look at a profile and then you choose whether or not you want to email that person. Either way I am like online dating so far.

  307. msgypsy said

    On a lazy day like today I tend to approve things fast. If I go out it takes longer.

    Nikto is adorable. Bruce Campbell fan? Or just a fan of really good bad movies?

  308. Danielle said

    I am hoping for that kind of luck. I will never meet anyone unless it is in public.

  309. DebS said

    Way to go LA! meeting in a public place is definitely a must on a blind date. I don’t like them that much though.

  310. I collect really bad movies. It drives my guy up a wall. I’ve actually had ppl tell me I couldn’t chose the movies we watch on movie night.

  311. Nina said

    Danielle, That was definitly creepy that he wanted to meet at his appartement :s

  312. DIZEY1 said

    Lady A, I tried to get a rosary bracelet re-dipped(silver) didn’t work. I’d love a new one. I’d buy it now. I think less is more.(sometimes…) I found this pic maybe if you zoom it may help.


    and I found this one zoom to about 200% maybe….


    Danielle, you go girl!!

    Well gotta get ready goin’ out tonight w/my best friend Melanie, we’re going to see Zebra. Haven’t seen them in years. They’ve been playing in New York. Catch ya’ later girls

    LUV YA!!!!

  313. Danielle said

    I like that dress very much Lady Afrodyte.

  314. Danielle said

    Your telling me!

  315. thanks! It was a pain to make, but really fun to play around with.

  316. Danielle said

    If I could I would dress like that all the time. It isn’t really acceptable at work. When I am with family or on Halloween I let my other side out.

  317. Sandy said

    Thanks Danielle – I’ll have to check out match.com. And, I agree w/ you. NO way I’d go non-public place on first date! I won’t even let them know where I live – meet them first few times. Me… I’d take Mike – LOL

  318. Danielle said

    Honestly if either of them offered “I’m there man” but Henry is still my number 1.

  319. Danielle said

    I mean “I’m there, man!” not “I’m their man”

  320. Danielle do you have a secret you’re not telling?

  321. Sandy said

    Ooooo – LOVE Bruce Campbell – Hercules, books, movies. Geez – I’ll take Bruce. oh yeah – and Henry (tho not Kyle – same age as god-sons – eek).

    Is it October yet??? The moon with the bats would go good on a black t-shirt with “Is it October yet??? in dark red. How about on the left shoulder, over the heart? And a v-neck? (gotta keep that neck uncovered!!!)

  322. Danielle said

    No it was a slip up. LOL! I didn’t word it right with the right punctuation. I am 100% female and always have been my whole life. Just ask my mom going through the whole puberty years, getting boobs before all the other girls, having major zittage going on, PMS before all the other girls plus I had glasses and braces. I had a truly cruel childhood and all the kids didn’t help my tragedy.

  323. I think it was a subconscious choice to have been male during puberty. I’d much rather take a few accidental squirts during the night instead of aching boobs and bleeding. I too developed early, it wasn’t easy.

  324. Danielle said

    It would have been nice. Too bad we couldn’t change sex and then change back when it was all over. I wouldn’t give up the chance to have kids.

    See me in fourth grade when all of the yucky stuff culminated. Yay me 😦

  325. loves history said

    danielle where do you live ,you so bright and together(except where a certain vampire is concerned) why do want a comuter date.

  326. Ok, looking through the pictures, I know what I am going to do. A few full length rosaries and a few chaplets. Chaplets are like mini rosaries, perfect for wearing on your wrist.

    Of all the hobbies I picked up at faire, this has to be one of the weirder ones.

  327. AlisaSG said

    You’re smart to stay away from *creepy* dates like the one who wanted you in his apartment on 1st date.. with him shy or not..
    that’s pushing it from his side, imho!

    I’ve been on too many internet sites that warn people NOT to post too much about their locations. It’s not just for the ones communicating with them, but it’s also because there are too many perverts (of the demented criminal type) out there reading various web sites searching for vulnerable people (especially females).

    Cyberangels had a whole series of efforts on their web site in trying to help educate newbies and persons unaware of such things. A friend of ours is trying to get her photo done, so she can post it into the internet personals – I personally think she’s nuts for asking and trying…… there’s also her background ethnicity that puts her in danger (she’s Jewish.. and that alone puts her life in [complete] danger with unknown personas who want to see all of Israel’s descendants removed from the planet).

    So, *please* — Just be careful on where you post it and how.

    I’m not sure but I think I read that certain (web site) cyber-security enforcement agencies will not help anyone out, if you’ve deliberately and knowingly invited yourself into a potential trouble(d) scenario. It’s sort of the same principle as compromising/breaking a restraining order that were originally set up against people you’d like/prefer to have stay away.

  328. Margaret said

    lwildstar: How about trying some crosses? I really like the ones that Henry wears. Went to Spencers and found a Celtic cross which wasn’t too bad.

  329. Anzia said

    LA- (sorry if you don’t like the abbreviation) that is a GORGEOUS dress! I adore clothing like that (I own none of course but secretly covet all that i find). I tried sewing one summer… I was told never to do it again. My stepmother– amazing seamstress btw– told me she’d seen more functional modern art. Oops. ^_^

    Danielle- good luck on the date! πŸ™‚ I’ve had no blind dates to speak of but with my dating history, I feel they probably would have been better. At least then I could seriously look at those around me and say, “I don’t know him!” *sigh*

    Okay, off to work *blech*… be back later.

  330. AlisaSG said

    okay, we’ve got thunderboomers coming..
    so.. in the meantime.

    I just noticed something.
    not sure if there’s a bad link in my previous post for the “This Love” song,
    but the correct, direct linking code after the “?” in the link should show as


    it shouldn’t have the additional
    at the end in it. (but my guess is – that’s probably the disabling embedding code)

    if that doesn’t work, try the actual web site link direct from BT-bloodlines at:


    I think that’s the original creator of it. You can view it from the link within the first post in there.
    (those were the selected BT scenes set mostly in slow-motion to the music by Sarah Brightman)

    BTW, just an additional note.
    I personally believe Marie did an amazingly beautiful job with that video montage. There’s a particularly special moment captured at one part of the video montage — scene where Henry has his eyes closed, Vicki is in the background, and Henry looks deeply hurt. There’s so much emotion radiating from that *one* scene capture!

    ..mere words cannot properly describe it. *sigh*

  331. Margaret said

    I’ve heard commercials that this weekend you can communicate for free on eharmony.com. Sounds too good to be true so I’m sure there’s some kind of catch.

  332. AlisaSG said

    ((hoping this doesn’t look like a double post, it’s not really- see details below))

    not sure if what I just posted before would post.. so if not – here it is in broken form
    it’s not embedded and part of a whole larger conversation about the song “This Love”.

    (no links are directly within, you’ll have to follow the instructions to get to the actual link)

    okay, we’ve got thunderboomers coming..
    so.. in the meantime.

    I just noticed something.
    not sure if there’s a bad link in my previous post for the “This Love” song,
    but the correct, direct linking code after the “?” in the link should show as


    it shouldn’t have the additional
    at the end in it. (but my guess is – that’s probably the disabling embedding code)

    if that doesn’t work, try the actual web site link direct from BT-bloodlines at:

    http : // www .bloodties-bloodlines.com /phpBB2/ viewtopic.php?t=895

    (so this wouldn’t become an embedded link – to access the above conversation directly–
    please remove all blank spaces in between first when going to the direct link.)

    I think that’s the original creator of it. You can view it from the link within the first post in there.
    (those were the selected BT scenes set mostly in slow-motion to the music by Sarah Brightman)
    BTW, Marie did an amazingly beautiful job with that video montage, especially the one scene where Henry has his eyes closed, Vicki is in the background, and Henry looks deeply hurt.

    msgypsy, if you have to delete the other post, please do- this one should suffice in its place. thx!!

  333. lwildstar said

    rosaries! duh (hand slap on forhead) I use to make those years ago for a religious store in town, but I couldn’t keep up with the imported stuff and stopped – bet I still have most of the parts around here. Will look into that – I know I should have some crosses – especially Celtic, my personal fav., if not I know where to get them.
    If you want to email me for a copy of last years catalog (pitafull as it was) send requests to LognWldstr@aol.com . Its a PDF file I can email you – give you an idea of what I have – working on lots of new stuff , now that I have been inspired (sigh) who knows what I’ll come up with for the new year πŸ™‚ – going to try esty.com this year to sell, and try to get a real website up for show.

  334. Teresa said

    It’s been raining buckets here in Houston so I have an excuse to stay inside and indulge my BT/Henry obsession, hehehe

  335. loves history said

    ALiisaSG st germain novels love stories not hoorror SG happens to be a vamp he is too ethical to be a vamp he didnt even become Vamp the normal way. as an aside like henry there really was a SG.

  336. AlisaSG said

    loves history,
    I know about the *inside* track on the real Saint-Germain. He, too, was an alchemist or dabbled in it.. similar to CQY’s fictional character. I don’t remember which book had more of his origins in it. But it probably was the third one in the series “Blood Games”… (and as I noted on Tanya’ blog, it had nothing to do with Tanya’s own series. I think CQY’s book came out first, tho.)

    thanks for sharing that tidbit, tho. πŸ™‚

  337. loves history said

    we would be over 1100 if we had bloged on other site Alisa does your SG stand for… idont konw…saint Germain.!!!

  338. AlisaSG said

    loves history,
    >> Alisa does your SG stand for… idont konw

    SG = Stargate. (all of them! *wink*)
    one of my more devoted (watching) TV time favorites.

    That’s when I realized I couldn’t just use the same initials for Sct-G (Sanct-Germano / Saint-Germain) and why I need to differentiate between the two somehow, so I wouldn’t confuse even *MYSELF*!! (LOL!) :p

    re: “SG”
    When Stargate began, the series had enormous possibilities (it still does!).

    But some of the more zealous fans began getting overly picky about certain characters or plots sort of ruined it in the long run (to which I’m hoping doesn’t happen with BT’s characters and viewers). Unfortunately, I somehow think that maybe some of the actual Stargate cast might have grown into becoming numb to the plots, from being a part of the entire series for so long. I’m still faithful to it, regardless of what TPTB come up with for it.

  339. Ok, it’s Saturday night. I know someone’s gotta be out there. Anything interesting going on, or did we exhaust ourselves around lunch time?

  340. Anzia said

    I’m here! just lurking…’cause I have nothing to add to the conversation that seemed to be going on…

  341. Well lets start our own! Got any ideas? lol

  342. Anzia said

    um… not really. I’m watching the “bumbing uglies” moment. *drool*

  343. msgypsy said

    I’m too busy watching the whole “From Earth to the Moon” mini-series on the Science channel. Reliving my youth or something…

    And going to make popcorn and settle in for a while.

  344. Anzia said

    Actually, when he says, “ribbed up with the perfect song” what do you think of? I’m worried that I’m the only one making a word association with “ribbed”

  345. ha ha! You must be really distracted right now. I swear if Henry sneaks into my dreams again, I may just have to trap him there. This is getting really evil.

  346. loves history said

    loved stargate the movie could get into the tv Stargate.Does anyone read the honor harrigton books by david weber she is a space age Hornblower( if youdont know horwho hornblower is … well have a Nice day.)

  347. Anzia said

    You gotta love college life. There’s a party going on across the hall and one three floors down on the patio. I can hear, plain as day, both & their music. (whoever decided to combine pop with hindi rock was crazy!)

  348. Anzia said

    I don’t remember my dreams! Well, this is a recent development. I usually can remember them in amazing detail. But, ever since Henry walked into my heart *coughs* and libido *coughs* it’s all a black blank… Hmm…

  349. Try some dream exercises. Like a dream journal and such. There more to it, I just can’t remember.

  350. Anzia said

    I have one. Well, i have one but don’t usually write in it. I use my dreams as basis(es ?) for my short stories (not all the time but the more interesting ones). I do a bit of dream interpretation. So, I really notice when my dreams go a bit haywire… and those things that occur around the same time.

  351. Thats good. I need to get a dream dictionary.

  352. Anzia said

    I have three. :0) I like to have my bases covered. πŸ™‚ My favorite one is called “Dreamer’s Dictionary” by Garuda. Here’s a link:

    I can’t say I’m a particularly good at this stuff. So, what I’m recommending could be crap. It has explains the symbology behind some entries, the what seeing the object means, and the depth psychology behind them. Of course not all entries have all three. It also has an interesting history of dreams etc in the beginning of the book.

    Like I said, it could be a crappy book- I just like it. A lot actually. I did a research project in my Psych course in HS on it. I’ve been hooked on it for a VERY long time though. πŸ™‚

  353. I’ll check it out. Thanks for the link!

    My ear is going to fall off if my friend talks any longer…. oww!

  354. Anzia said

    Icky! Cell phone? regular phone? psychic connections??

    it’s only 11:05 here and I’m SO ready to sleep. Too bad I have battle of the parties going on all around me. *grrr*

  355. cordless phone. It really hard to balance it on my shoulder and type. But I’m making due. I need a headset.

  356. Anzia said

    Ahhh, that is talent. I call alum of my university askin’ em to give $$ and so know EXACTLY what you’re talking about. πŸ™‚

    Now, a real problem would be if you were trying to watch BT (or anything Kyle), talk coherantly & type at the same time. I’d submit ya to the Guiness (sp?) book of world records at that point.

  357. I’ve sewn hems on pants watched the superbowl, talked to someone and listened to the radio all at once before.

  358. Anzia said

    I can’t sew. Well I can, i made two dresses once and ONCE only. They were hideous.

  359. I’ve only recently been able to get my mothers sewing machine not to hate me. Everything I sew is usually by hand. The skirt I showed pictures of earlier was my first big project on the machine.

  360. Anzia said

    I can do mending and such. That stuff is a sinch but my stepmom’s sewing machine… very tempramental. Emphasis on the MENTAL part! ^_^

    You’re writing a book right? Is this your first one? Do you mind if I ask what it’s about?

  361. Yes I am writing a book. It’s about a sci-fi writer who gets dragged into being a mediator between the cops and the “freaks” (vamps and were-animals). The plot is still developing right now, and I’m only about 35 pages in on the first draft.
    I’ve written tons before, but this is the first full length novel I’ve tried since I got out of college.

  362. Anzia said

    That’s awesome! I’ve never finished any of the novels I’ve started (i’ve got four now). I’m not sure I CAN finish them so whenever I see someone doing that, I mentally bow down! A friend of mine wrote a young adult fiction novel as her senior honors project. I’m so excited, she gave me one of only 3 printed copies so I can read & edit. *does happy dance*

    Is it a mystery? romance? thriller? supsense? (sorry for all the Q’s. Feel free to yell at me ^_^)

  363. Right now its a thriller. I’m trying to not to throw too much romance (ie: sex) in it. I had to take a couple days off from writing because I got really weird sex dreams that were leaving me totally frustrated and unable to write anything but sex!

  364. Teresa said

    The things I do when I can’t sleep… In the wee hours of last night/this morning I was surfing and came across a French fan site for Christina Cox where they say that even though she is a blond now, her natural hair color is brown. So maybe Vicki saying “Not a real blond” in the Norman epi as true. And I think we all know how to tell what her real hair color is right? Only Mike and Henry will have access to that knowledge πŸ˜‰

  365. Teresa said

    Oh, and in the books, Mike says he knows Vicki is an ash blonde because that’s what it says on the box, assuming he’s refering to a box of hair color.

  366. Anzia said

    So, my d@mn computer is freaking out. I’m using my roommate’s computer right now. GRRR the thing is five years old and has decided that it can act like a petulant child. I’m seriously p-o-ed at it right now! GRRR>….’

    *thinks mean thoughts*

    Romance doesn’t always mean sex. I’ve never written a sex scene (mostly ’cause I’m too scared to see what I’d actually come up with– I’m sure you’ve noticed where my mind is USUALLY at…) and I write nothing but romances (well, there’s mysteries in there but all my longer works are about love, trust, etc.).

  367. I haven’t had much exposure to Romance novels that don’t involve sex.. Of course most of the vampire books are the same. I’m trying to keep the sexual tension there without doing the deed. I don’t know if I’ll be able to actually write a sex scene, or if I’ll do the before and after and let the reader use their imaginations.

  368. Anzia said

    Oh, I know there are lots of romances with sex (I’ve got entire LIBRARY full of those books). I enjoy a good sex scene as much as the next person. ^_^ In my creative writing course my freshman year, I started a story with two characters working out. The dialogue was purposefully insinuating (i really need to learn how to spell…) they were having sex. I thought it was funny. My profeseor didn’t. He told me it was childish. Well, there was a guy in my class named Heath. Heath and I DO NOT get along. Our entire relationship, especially then, was based on throwing insults back and forth whenever humanly possible (oddly enough it’s turned into an almost friend like thing now…). Well, he looked at our prof and said that he thought it was amazing. He said, “I was hooked. If Anzia was going to write a sex scene I know it would be great. I was geared up for a great show and by the time I realized I’d been tricked I was too far into the story to care.”

    That’s kind of why I haven’t done it yet. People know me and my sense of humor and sort of expect a level of sophistication (or trash- I’m not really sure which). Don’t want to fail to meet it.

    Does that even make sense???

  369. I started off writing this novel for myself. Hell I’m still writing it for myself. That way if and when others do read it and find it lacking, I can just say, well that was a good try.

  370. loves history said

    lady AFRODYE I DONT WANT TO INTERFER but now that the violence has been pared back that sounds like antia blake book(+ tons of sex) she works for the cops is dating werebeasts and is a master vamp humaen sevat she actes as a go between( she also raises the Dead)

  371. loves history said

    lady AFRODYE I DONT WANT TO INTERFER but now that the violence has been pared back that sounds like a antia blake book(+ tons of sex) she works for the cops is dating werebeasts and is a master vamp humaen sevat she actes as a go between( she also raises the Dead)

  372. Yeah my Heroine has no powers of her own. and unless I have a sever fit of fantasy she won’t be sleeping with anything supernatural. I’ve read all of Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake books, and I am trying not to use her world, or anyones world except my own.

  373. Anzia said

    I’ve tried writing what other people wanted and I hated it. I still hate it. I’ve gone back and tried to “fix” the story but I can’t. It just feels like it’s lacking emotion. To me it is. I get into trouble ’cause my writing is “emotionally intense.” My character “bounce between emotions too fast and too thuroughly.” As my classmates were telling me. πŸ™‚

    I’m all for writing what makes you happy. πŸ™‚ It’s the only way to love what you’re doing and what you’re creating. That and if you love it other people will as well. At least that’s what I think. it is totally possible that I’m wrong. ^_^

  374. Laurel said

    Hi gals! I finally got a minute to sit down and catch up. First time on today.

    I have 207 pages done on my book, and 3 other stories started. I just have to figure out where and when to send something to a publisher. Any hints?

  375. I think you should try writing some more. But do it when you have down time and when you are relaxed. I tend to only be able to write when my nephew is sleeping, thats a precious few hours a day, and I take full advantage of them.

  376. Anzia said

    Howdy Laurel, what’s your story ’bout?

    I usually end up writing in the wee hours of the morning or in the rare afternoons when all three roommates are gone. It just works better that way. I can write with music on. When I’m not alone in the room that’s what I do… I’m not sure if it helps or not. Have either one of you tried? Do you think it helps or hinders?

  377. I always have music on when I write. My honey made a CD for me to “inspire” vampire-like thoughts.

  378. loves history said

    also in early books blake was good girl F-D 1 killed 30 inthe last i sex10 times killed by her=0

  379. Laurel said

    I am glad to hear I’m not the only one who is writing to entertain my own self. I figure if I enjoy the writing it wasn’t a total waste of time, even if it never gets out into the big world. For me it’s easiest to write romance with a touch of mystery or a little hint of supernatural. The sci/fi fantasy I am trying to write is more dificult because I have to create the whole world from scratch, and figure out the rules for everything and everyone. It is kind of a juggling act, and I end up with two dozen sticky notes on the edges of my screen (to remind me what the rules are)!
    As for writing the sex scenes? So far my 17 year old is my in house editor, so I am keeping all those possible scenes in my head. lol

  380. Anzia said

    Awww, that’s so sweet!

    So, as a testiment to how much I’m addicted… On all the sites that have pics of Kyle in the shower in Zerophilia, they only show his face, arms & afterwards while drying off. Well, I managed to grab one of his stomach & that lovely happy trail of his.

    I spend my time wisely don’t I!? Oi…

  381. I have a notebook with about a billion pages of notes. I screwed up the time line when I started writing, so I had to make note of it. I also screwed up the layout of a building, so this afternoon I sketched it out in my notebook. I also have way too many characters so they are all written down along with little things about them (like hair color/clothing preference/ flavor of were-animal)

  382. Laurel said

    Definately writing with music makes a difference! I like to put on IL DIVO, or Josh Groban, or Nora Jones. I actually write better when the song is sung in Italian or Spanish. Not sure why, maybe because I can’t get distracted by the words as easily.
    I have been practicing writing in someone else’s world, I suppose that makes it fan-fiction, but I don’t intend to submit it anywhere. I give it to my girls to read, since they have read some of the same writer’s stuff.

  383. Anzia said

    I have a few ideas for possible worlds. I have three actually. Two vampire worlds and a magic/psychic/normal world. If it were possible, I’d just combine all three (I think the vamps could be combined but it would be interesting). The story I was talking about earlier- with the psuedo sex scene- is actually in the third world. The story is fun ’cause it’s got an X-Men feel to it but with magic there too. πŸ™‚

    Anyone else just love creating worlds? or plots for that matter? I get so excited.

  384. I found an artist on Myspace called Emilie Autumn. She has a lot of… odd songs. But they have a very good feel to them. One of them I swear is based on good ol’ dad (Henry VIII) and I giggle every time it plays.

  385. Laurel said

    I just got the signal from my husband. You know the one I mean? Suddenly the lights are being turned out and there is music playing on the stereo in our room. Hmmmm. Guess I’d better take the hint, before one of us falls asleep.lol
    See ya’ later. Sorry I couldn’t stay longer, this is the conversation I was waiting for. Perhaps we can discuss writing again?


  386. loves history said

    i like making up plots epicially alternate history or far future stories where alost colonly reachs a tech level like the bronze and refights little known earth battle against natives Tanya did that when she rewrote rokes drift for her Valor hero. $ to any one who knows roked drite without looking it up i was so proud i that i knew before tanyas credited it in the afterward.maybe her i should collarateon her next Valor books except i only have ideas cant write.

  387. I am always willing to discuss writing. Laurel, are you on the massive list o’ Blood Blog emails?

  388. Anzia said

    I’ve never tried fan-fic. I usually take a person’s world (if I like it) and try and make it newer, more interesting (if possible).

    I have a notebook (well like 4 actually) where I write plots and such. I have a special notebook where I write character profiles. I have everything: Physical description, Family, hometown status, school, asperations, favorite foods, most hated foods, pet peeves, etc. I even have notes as to which characters could interact with one another and how well they’d get along etc.

  389. Wow those are some detailed notes. Although I’m still the one drawing out buildings because I cant remember where I put a door!

  390. Anzia said

    Laurel- Same here! I love talking about writing! πŸ™‚

    loves history- no idea who that is.

    STUPID PARTY IS STILL GOING ON AND IT’S 1AM! GRRR… Shouldn’t they have gotten approval from the people who have to live in this building before they did this! *fumes*

  391. Anzia said

    Oh, I draw out the floor plans to most of my buildings. That short story (called Powers) that I’ve referenced twice now, actually has a compound on it. I have maps (by maps I mean I drew everything out) of the entire grounds complete with underground sewage (only because I might want to use it later). ^_^

    When I was in middle school I got “The complete idiots guide to creative writing” and in it was a worksheet for character profiles. I basically use that. I love that book. It explains how to do screenplays, effective dialogue, plotting, etc. VERY informative! ^_^

  392. hmmm idiots guide, eh? I need to pick up an assload of reference books for occult stuff, might as well find some for writing while I’m shopping. I know it will come in handy eventually.

  393. Anzia said

    lol, I’ve only got a few reference books. I’ve found quite a few that I wouldn’t mind getting– should I ever marry into the Gate family of course (although I think he has only daughters so that might be a little hard for me…)

    My friend, the one who wrote the novel, likes to put her Encyclopedia of Guns next to her Angel Dictionary. It freaks her mom out. πŸ™‚

  394. bahahaha! I have a dictionary of Superstitions and a book of angels that always end up together, not too sure how.

  395. Anzia said

    Okay, I need to try and go to bed. I have to drive home tomorrow. *thinks about gas prices and eeks*

  396. Sweet dreams and drive safe!

  397. Anzia said

    LOL, I have a whole folder in my “favorites” on I.E. that I use for my writing stuff. If anyone were ever to investigate me for something and look there… I’d have A LOT of explaining to do. (lots of poisons, ballistic stuff, fabric analysis, etc.)

    Okay, Sorry to cut the convo short, but I really need to go to bed. My head’s going to be meeting my keyboard in a second or two (even with my windows rattling from the morons below).

  398. Anzia said


  399. loves history said

    rorkes drift was abattle between 4000 zulus and about 150 british JAN 22 1879 Tanya used it as the basis for a battle in her VALOR BOOKS THE BRITS WON 11 VICTORIA CROSSES THE MOST OF ANY BATTLE.

  400. Teresa said

    I was lurking in the BT forum (bloodlines-bloodties) and there is mention of a Dragoncon where they will have at least one panel on BT. At least one of the forum administrators will be there, and one of the BT crew indicates that she is in disucssions with the organizers regarding “possible involvement from the production”. More details will be posted when they have them.

  401. Nina said

    Goodmorning Gals,

    I see that most of you write your own stories, that is so cool!! I tried that once, but never got time to finish it. That was about 4 years ago and I completely forgot wat it was about 😦

    Laurel, maybe you can add the sex scenes after your daughter has done the editing πŸ˜‰

    Lay Afrodyte, Handling your phone while typing :)..Hats off to you. ‘ve done it a couple of times and well I begin to say really wierd stuff on the phone.

    Anzia, never mind anyone else, I be more than happy to read what you’ve written. I think you’ll put a lot of that humors of yours in it πŸ™‚ Always write what you like and if someone else likes it than that is just a bonus!!
    Drive safe today and hope you got some sleep 😦

    It’s Sunday today and for a second I was so happy, but then it hit me…Not till October 😦 😦

  402. Anzia said

    that Freakin’ party went on ’til 3 AM! GRRRRRRRRR

  403. Anzia said

    Okay everyone, I just wanted to say HAVE A NICE MEMORIAL DAY. I’ll try to catch up with everyone tomorrow night or Tues!

  404. ndayeni said

    Finally got caught up on all the posts here and just wanted to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day tomorrow.

  405. As much as I want to, I won’t be around today. I got a bunch of errands to run. I’ll be back later tonight.
    Lets see if I can make it through the first Sunday since the break began. *sigh*

  406. msgypsy said

    I’m awake! At last! Man, I thought I was going to sleep a whole day away. But what woke me is a friend calling needing a ride to the store so I guess I’m gone for a while now. Sigh!

    Has anyone else tried to get through National Novel Writing Month? (http://www.nanowrimo.org) I finished last year and this year I’m trying something a little more interesting than a murder mystery. (I chose a murder mystery because I thought it would be easy and it was.) I’m doing a post-apocalyptic novel this year, although it’s more at the end of some societal evolution than a one-shot apocalypse. And I need someone with some background in Constitutional law to advise me on my premise. LOL! At any rate, Nanowrimo is a great concept and I got some awesome plotting done as a result of the deadline. I highly recommend it for folks who have trouble finishing the books they’ve started.

    Thanks for the suggestion of Emilie Autumn. Not sure yet if I love her because I’m on the low speed and can’t hear it yet but I love the look of her. Will check her later when I can get on the high speed.

    Well, I need to shower and get dressed and do Productive Things today. Tonight I’ll be here, with a lot of you (I suspect) being depressed. Or else I’ll be curled up in bed, in a fetal position, watching my tapes over and over and over again.

  407. Margaret said

    Msgypsy: I’m right there with you. I’m rewatching the episodes that I did have the foresight to tape. As it nears 10:00 I find myself becoming more and more depressed, wondering if my VCR tapes will last 5 months. I’ll b e spending some time on Amazon.com tonight, trying to distract myself by order Z, and some of the other movies that young master Kyle has done.

    I’ve forced myself to do productive things like wax floors, etc. I want to pace myself through the Blood Books as I know they will have to last for 5 months. Haven’t gotten into the fetal position yet, but the night is young. lol

    Hope everyone has a great memorial day.

  408. vicki said

    I have no more productive things to do except sit here and sigh as it gets closer to 10pm (east coast) I have watched at least 7 episodes this week and I am still not feeling any better. Oct is soo far away…

    I dont know how but my Tivo has lost one episode, dearly departed..oh well I will get it again..some day..but I have been looking at youtube video…Alisa..that one with the song “Wake me up Inside” was wonderful, and the Sarah Brightman was soo sad and soulful…loved them..

    Wait…I still have to make potato salad for a picnic tomorrow at my mothers house…YEAH something to do to get my mind off of Henry..Vicki..and Mike…(((Sighs))))

    Ladies it is going to be a LONG summer….

  409. prtfvr said

    Hi everyone! I’m around, I’ve just been teaching myself website development. Apparently, I’m a lot dumber than I look. Don’t forget me in the mean time!!


  410. vicki said

    prtfvr–modzilla has a composer for websites at the bottom of the screen…it is pretty user friendly…..

  411. I can already tell that I am not going to make it through the night. *sigh* I couldn’t find a copy of Z in town, so I will be ordering it this week. Maybe that will help me cope with the long summer.

    Have a happy and safe Memorial day, everyone!
    I plan on celebrating by lighting up my bbq and cooking some really yummy sausages!

  412. Claire said

    Hi ladies and gent,
    Just popping in to see whats shaking.My daughter kept me out all day shopping yesterday,and today with almost 90 degree weather here in Va,and all pools open,who could refuse…so I spent the entire day at the pool with 5 of my kids.It’s really cool,it has a twenty foot slide,and its so close I can see it from my front window,so no need to drive.Then came home and grilled some burgers.I tell you guys,I really don’t miss NYC,I’m sorry Loves HIstory,but after living there 40 years and surviving Sept.11,almost lost my daughter and did lose alot of great friends,and just summer in NYC,being so nasty hot.Nope don’t miss taking 5 trains to go to the dirty beach.It so much better to just walk over to the pool and instantly cool off,plus as loves History can attest to,not to many NYC apartments have central air.Anyway my daughters laptop isn’t working so she’s harrassing me to use mine.Oh by the way,my daughter and I pretended it was still Henry time tonight and we watched Norman at 10.OK friends type at ya tommorrow.
    Sweet dreams

  413. msgypsy said

    It’s not 10 yet on the wet coast, so I could conceivably lie to myself and pretend there’s going to be an ep tonight. But that’ll just make 10 so much harder to take. I think I’ll go find videos on Youtube at 10. We had a craft get-together at my friend’s house today and I ate enough that cooking dinner sounds yucky to me. So my only option is to lie around and be depressed.

    I invited a new person to join this blog. One of the crafting ladies turns out to be just as addicted as we are, but she didn’t know we had outlets like this one. I didn’t mention our 12 step program, either. hee hee! Hopefully she’ll show up soon.

    Tomorrow I’m going to lunch with a friend and her husband, who we sometimes call the Feral Troop ™ because he just returned from a year in Afghanistan and his family was warned to expect a “period of adjustment.” Haven’t seen him since he left last year so it’ll be entertaining, at least. And buying him lunch is my way to honor the troops.

    And then I’ll be doing laundry the rest of the day…

  414. Margaret said

    Remember when we were talking about candy at the Lifetime site. I don’t think anyone mentioned but believe it or not there used to be an O’Henry Candy bar. They may still be around.

  415. Anzia said

    Margaret- you’re right! *giggles* someone already gave us something yummy to eat with Henry’s name on it. πŸ™‚

    ms.gypsy- I’m doing laundry too… I hate doing laundry… well I hate folding it. The rest of it is fine with me… I need a cabana boy to do my folding for me (well, that and a few other household chores ^_^) Also, how much info on Con. Law do you need? I know a bit about it but I’m not an expert. I might be able to help.

    What is nanowrimo? I know what nanowrimo means but what is it?

    I, sadly, am cut off from all things Henry & Kyle at my Aunt’s house. My Uncle deleted all the eps off their Tivo (my aunt still isn’t really talking to him!). It’s horrible. I’m substituting Henry for Nick Stokes on CSI. Still yummy but not … well as inspiring. I actually had to borrow my cousin’s computer ’cause I couldn’t go without something BT. 😦

    I informed my aunt that she needed to get Z. I mentioned the shower scene and started laughing. My aunt says, “yeah?” and i responded with “yeah.” Sad that that was all it took to convey the absolute amazingness of that scene..

    Also, what programs do ya’ll use to grab scenes? I thought I had grabbed one of Max’s/Kyle’s stomach while in the shower but it disappeared…

  416. msgypsy said

    Nanowrimo is November. It’s a month in which you pledge to yourself that you’ll produce 50.000 words worth of a novel. It doesn’t have to be good. It just has to be finished. (The theory is you can make it good later. I have a poster on my laptop that reads “FIX IT IN THE REWRITE!”) I’m rather pleased with myself for actually finishing the novel. (50,000 words is a novella, and the theory is that you’ll fill it in during the rewrite.) There are are all kinds of activities sponsored by Nanowrimo, like write-ins and lunches and stuff like that. Plus the word count challenges on the website (and at the get-togethers) are really fun. At least I thought they were.

    I loved Nanowrimo so much last year that, when Tanya announced that BT would start to air again in October, I freaked out because that would impact November, too. Then I realized that with a laptop I could do both things at the same time, plus “all nano and no rl makes gypsy a very cranky girl.

    I would SO not be talking to your uncle, too, Anzia. Of course, I never taped the first three eps at all so I’m not one to talk.

    (BTW, I’ll email you the question, okay?)

    Margaret, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen an O’Henry (or is it Oh Henry?) bar in the last few years. Maybe it was in the catalog for one of those “candy from the olden days” companies, though.

    Is anyone else planning to do the blood donation thing? I am, and I think it’s ingenious. (I also sent nuts to CBS for Jericho…another extremely clever campaign…)

  417. Laurel said

    Hey kids! Are you gals okay? I know we passed the critical hour for some of you and I don’t see signs that you’ve survived. Makes me afraid! I see that “Troy” is on Hallmark channel tonight. An excuse to watch Orlando Bloom, and to listen to Groben sing the theme song, “Remember.” Very poignant.
    I am trying to get my fav sister-in-law addicted this weekend while she is visiting. I sure wish I had the first episode, but she could get hooked without it, just like I did.
    ms.gypsy – I have to be out near your new office site this next week to deliver the blue plaid skirt (which I will make on Tues). I’ll try to catch up with you before I drive out.
    We had a big family gathering here today, to celebrate and remember. Why is it we do that by over-eating? Slow smoked ribs, garlic bread, great salads, fruit….chocolate cinnamon bars…coffee… gasp! I wonder if I will be able to climb the stairs to bed tonight?
    I remember the O’Henry Candy bars! Geez, I’m so old I remember them being 10cents! I believe they are still made and can be found on-line. Food Network does stories about old candies sometimes and you can try to find them through links from foodtvcom.

  418. vicki said

    Evening all…

    I have great news!!! If you want a T-shirt that expresses how much we miss our show go to http://www.cafepress.com/bloodwear10 and see what I have put out there. There is no mark up on it so I am not making any money off of it. My husband helped me but I just loved the moon shot from the beginning titles. HEhehe It looks soo cool…let me know what you think.

    I am working on other shirts…one with Hens..Minx..”cleary I need more beer” etc… Let me know if you have any other ideas…

  419. Laurel said

    What’s up with the sudden color change? I love the new decorating you’ve done in here!
    I think I would like to be involved in the Nanowrimo! Maybe we can learn the ins-and-outs in time to join you in the project. I could use a challenge like that!

    Nick Stokes from CSI, yes, definately not the same as Henry or Mike, but not bad. I was watching Monk for a while, and now Troy, but CSI is almost always on. I like CSI-NY as well. Season ender was pretty good.
    I suspect I am the only one on here who watched the Indy 500. It was a strange race day, and good that I don’t place bets on anything because every driver I would have picked ended up crashed!

  420. vicki said

    Laurel….now I am soo hungry…LOL..but it is aftermidnight here..My family is having their get-to-gether tomorrow..so I have cooked…and tried to keep busy…just so 10pm would come and go…of course I missed Henry..vicki..mike..etc…(((sighs)))) I was watching some of the youtube vidoes earlier…WOw….Henry is just sooo fine.

  421. catcornmom said

    Vicki-Cool shirts!!! I might have to spoil myself and get one of those.
    Well, hasn’t this been a sucky evening without a new episode to watch?? I’m finally able to breathe now that I’m finished up with grading finals, getting my classroom cleaned up and checking out, and there’s no new Henry to look forward to tonight. At least I’ve been able to read about 600 posts to pass the time! Thanks Ms.Gypsy for the new home. prtfvr-keep up the good work on HenrysHens. The pics are awesome!! Thanks also to whoever suggested the J.R.Ward books. I’ve purchased and read all 4 that are out. The are awesome vampire books. Now that’s something else to be depressed about…I don’t have anymore J.R.Ward books to read!! I think I’ll go start a Blood Ties marathon on my iTunes. I need to perk up! Night Night!!

  422. Laurel said

    I think I will have to resort to watching at least one episode of BT before I go to bed tonight. But which one should it be?
    I can hardly wait until Tuesday morning because I will finally get to watch “Norman” again. I have watched “Heart of Fire at least five times since last Sunday, just to survive the withdrawl. Of course I have also watched “Post Partum” twice just to see Mike and Vicki get together. Pathetic.
    I am now getting ready to read the Smoke books. I was trying to wait until the kids are out of school but that is another three weeks. I’m not going to make it to October!

  423. msgypsy said

    Vicki, awesome! That was the design I was hoping someone would use. I can’t order one for a few weeks (I’d have to have a 3X and the markup is awful on those) but I’ll for sure be getting one!

    I just made the strangest discovery. I am doing some rewrite on my nano novel from last year and the heroine wakes up on the day after Thanksgiving and watches a talk show. Here’s the relevant portion: (I apologize for the language but it’s how the character talks.)

    Friday dawned dark and drizzly, typical Oregon weather. Sally allowed herself the luxury of sleeping in late, rising at eleven o’clock and stretching lazily before even thinking about getting out of bed. The closed door to his bedroom was message enough that Danny was sleeping later than she was, and that he did not wish to be disturbed. She walked downstairs quietly, and, resisting the urge to turn on the news channel, tuned her television instead to a talk show featuring a perky woman with perfect makeup.

    The guest was a writer, an author of romantic horror fiction about vampires. This kind of discussion would usually have bored Sally, who was no fan of either the supernatural nor romance fiction, but this author captured her attention and held it. The first vampire in her series had been a romance writer, dragged into being a private investigator by a persistent woman who then became a regular fixture in his life…er…yeah, Sally decided, life was the best word she could think of. Listening to the author discuss her creative process, Sally found herself wondering what it would be like to have a romance with a vampire. He would be tall, she decided, and dark haired. And blue eyed. And handsome, suave, British…

    Aloud she chided herself, β€œHe would be Pierce fucking Brosnan! What the hell am I thinking about this for?”

    Man, I hope that code worked. Anyway, I honestly didn’t remember having done that and I’m betting Tanya would do a serious spit take upon reading that description of herself.

    I would love to recruit all of you into nanowrimo. It’s a hoot and a half. And a wonderful experience.

    I’m consoling myself with a Food network show on grilling. I love Alton Brown and he’s making fun of Tyler Florence which is always a good thing. And when it’s done I’m watching Post-Partum again.


  424. Teresa said


    I love the t-shirt!!! Unfortunately, I will not be able to order one for a couple more weeks either 😦
    You should post the info for the t-shirt on all the other blogs, forums and LJ’s as I know I’ve seen plenty of other people moaning “Is it October yet?” on all of them.

  425. Teresa said

    *Heavy sigh* This Sunday definitely sucked big time!!! I found myself wandering aimlesly through all the other TV stations like a lost soul with no energy to do anything productive. Not even Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt (in Troy) could get a rise out me as they would have in the past, pre-Kyle/Henry. Yep, I think I’m going to visit that unmentionable website and watch a few videos now that I’ve come out of my semi-coma.
    Vcki – I bookmarked your t-shirt site so I can get it as soon as I can.

  426. Laurel said

    I love the T-shirts! I seriously think I’m going to need one right away. How long will they take to ship?
    I will have to read the answer to that little question in the morning. I really need some sleep. Enjoy your Monday holiday, everyone!

  427. Rifkind said

    Vicki and Anzia,
    I have Tivo too…
    MY TiVo has many of the recently deleted files.The number of files in the Recently Deleted files folder depends on how much space you have. So you might be able to recover the deleted BT shows.
    Vicki, go to your (find Programs) –> (Season Pass Manager), and look at your settings (Change Recording Options) for Blood Ties. You probably have the limit set for how many BT episodes to keep. Review (Keep at Most) , If you have it set at 5 and already have 5 episodes on the TiVo box, and then another episode was recorded, the oldest one would be deleted.. keeping the count at 5. So you may want to double check how many episodes you are set to keep.
    You may also want to set the BT programs to be KEPT until you delete them, otherwise they will automatically delete if the machine is running out of space, it will delete the oldest shows not flagged to be kept.

    OK, then go into the (Now Playing List), and go to the bottom of the list, and click on the recently deleted label. If the BT episode is still in the list, then the show can be recovered… Click on the BT show, and then click on (Recover this program).
    Good Luck!

  428. Rifkind said

    Check out this image!
    I was thinking that we could use this one for T-Shirts

  429. Margaret said

    Vicki: Love the t-shirt. How about: We could cuddle after for one of the T-shirts? I’ll be getting one of the shirts as soon as I pay for all those movies I ordered. lol.

  430. Margaret said

    Vicki: Love the t-shirt. How about: We could cuddle after for one of the T-shirts? I’ll be getting one of the shirts as soon as I pay for all those movies I ordered. lol. P. S. Ms. Gypsy-love the color changes-makes it easier to read for us old farts. lol.

  431. loves history said

    ” the children of the night what sweet music they make” EXCEPT around here WAKE UPPPPPPP

  432. vicki said


    The site says 5 buisnesss days to ship..that runs pretty true. We have t-shirts on there for our band, and it took about that long.

  433. Nina said

    Goodmorning Girls!!!

    We made it through one week. πŸ™‚

    Margaret, I got my t-shirt with “We could cuddle after” already!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    ow it is one of my most precious things I own!!!!!

    Love the design Vicki. Keep it up and don’t forget one with “Age stomped beauty’s ass” and “We have to talk about your drinking habits”.

    See you girls later πŸ™‚

  434. Margaret said

    Nina: Where did you get your shirt ordid you tell us and I forgot already? Speaking of age, have any of us figured out yet why so many of us beautifully aged women seem to think Kyle is so smokin? I keep having to tell myself he’s someone else’s son but that doesn’t seem to help much. I’d say my hairdresser is in her thirtys and obviously she’d love to get ahold of his hair but said she wouldn’t mind the rest of him either.

  435. Margaret said

    Actually, we both got so carried away talking about him that I think she took off too much hair and more of my eyebrows then she generally does. But we had a great time talking about him and thats the important thing. Whats the phrase: Eternity is too long to live with regret?

  436. Rifkind said

    Morning all!
    Had a great day yesterday with friends on a walking tour on Summit ave in St. Paul. It starts at the historic house of railroad baron, James J Hill.
    I have always LOVED old houses, and the street is lined with grand old mansions.
    Now, how about attracting that 450+ year old vampire to go with that house… hee hee
    I am off to hit the super Memorial day sale at my favorite thrift store.
    Later Blog-Kin!

  437. loves history said

    nina OMG but last time i looked i was not a girl

  438. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Chix & Doodz…
    Margaret I need to dbl.check your email address the list I sent out yours came back. Nina where’d you get your Tee from. i ordered the one off of eBay. But I can always buy more!!

    ms.gypsy, I love the new graphics/colors etc. We’re high techy now. You’re very good at this computer stuff too. I know just enough to get me into trouble, if you know what I mean. My guru here at work loves me..(not) I’m the clicker girl. I go places no one’s been before. He’ll ask how’d you get there?? My answer “CLEARLY I HAVE NO IDEA, ONE CLICK TOO MANY”!!

  439. DIZEY1 said

    This BITES more than my Henry!! Am I the only friggin’ person working today?
    My cheap ass boss’!!. This sucks!!!

  440. vicki said

    Sorry Dizey…As a teacher i have the day off,,,but I am not looking forward to going back..we have to get through finals this week and they were wild as hares last week….Can we get a little focus!!!! LOL….not likely with 8th graders….

  441. Margaret said

    dizey1: My email is margaret_32927@yahoo.com. The shirt may have to wait for a while, I just ordered about $60+ worth of movies from Amazon.com. Sure hope the boy gets royalties from all the past movies he’s done. lol.

  442. Nina said

    Loves history, so sorry about the girl thing πŸ™‚ I forgot that **blush**

    As I live in Holland, there are some very nice sites where you can design your own t-shirt. Maybe you have same sorts of sites in the US? It’s very nice, you can pick your own shirt style an have your own design on it πŸ™‚
    I’m very proud of it πŸ™‚ Want to get more, but as a student I can’t afford to spend all my money on them. I’ll order another one prob in october.

    Margaret, Very dangerous talking about Henry and cutting hair πŸ˜‰ But yeah, hair grows back.lol.

  443. loves history said

    dizey i too get every day off but as i am on SSD you will forgive me

  444. loves history said

    Qustion Has anyone read tanya huff Valor books ive talked about them alittle but no has commented if you vicky u will like Valor.

  445. DIZEY1 said

    I’ve just rec’d the Blood Books, the Smoke books & Smoke & Ashes was b/o and will probably start reading maybe today. The Valor books, were they after the afore mentioned ones that I just got??

  446. loves history said

    the 1st Valor book was in 2000 not aagic bbok it was sci fi

  447. DIZEY1 said

    Margaret, I’ve tried like 4 diff.times to email you this list. Keeps coming back and strangely enough the return was from *MAILER DAEMON* like DEMON. Kind of strange there. Let me know if you have another email you’d like me to try , or I can fax it to you if that’ll work. Let me know.

    Sorry about that


  448. msgypsy said

    Margaret, speaking as one of the old farts, yeah, I was glad when I discovered other possibilities for the blog layout.

    I watched “Necrodrome” and “Post-Partum” last night. (“Norman” isn’t available On Demand here yet.) And then I watched some of the vids on what apparently is the unnameable site. And this morning I think I’ll watch some more videos. And then go to see “Pirates 3.” (I’m not as sold on Johnny Depp as I used to be but he’s still easy on the eyes.)

    And then tomorrow I start work all over again. Sigh! Since the office move my commute is now a full hour each way. I think I’ll have to find more and better music to keep me company. And any day I take mass transit? I’ll need DVDs or something. (The notebook plays DVDs.)

  449. msgypsy said

    I think I missed something somewhere. What is the email list people are talking about?

  450. Margaret said

    Beth: Sorry: Don’t know what’s happening there. Try margaret_32955@yahoo.com. I don’t know whether I have to accept the email or whether you already have to be in my contact list or what. Strange. Sorry.

  451. DIZEY1 said





  452. DIZEY1 said

    Not feeling so hot today, I THINK I’M MISSING MY HENRY CHROMOSOME……
    sorry the typing sucks so badly.

  453. Claire said

    Hi Ladies and Gent!

    Vicki love the shirt,Who had mentioned something like”Go Ahead play with your food”? I’d love that one..but would a person need permission to use one of Henry with his playmate?
    Doesn’t it feel weird that we’re not taking apart and oohing and ahhing over a new epi?
    On the subject of writing books..I’ve been writing a book for 5 years now..not vampire or Sci-fi,but about my parents…my mother was born during WWII,in my fathers basement…His family..French resistance…..Hers..Jews.
    I can’t seem to finish it..maybe one of these days.
    Anyway..what is everybody up to today?
    I’m just staying home..fried at the pool yesterday,so today..boring stuff like laundry ironing and grilling later.
    check ya later

  454. Last night was rough, but I managed to make it through. My honey and I watched a couple of movies. It kept me distracted enough, but when I went to sleep my mind wandered back to Henry. Only this time he was interacting with MY vampires. (The ones from my book)

  455. ndayeni said

    The discussions above about rosaries has had me wondering again about whether or not Henry ever got Maria’s rosary back after being rescued/escaping from (and killing) Javier. It bugs me when details like that are left unanswered. I can think of at least a few different ways in which he could have recovered the pieces of it, but it’s never been overtly mentioned or obviously shown in the show since then. To those of you here who are far better at noticing such details than I am…has it been in evidence about his wrist since then? Or have we seen any part of it, such as the crucifix perhaps, restrug as one of the necklaces he wears? I’m afraid I’ve never been observant enough to really make out what exactly the necklaces he routinely wears are…

  456. AlisaSG said

    Hi Claire!
    >> Anyway..what is everybody up to today?
    >> I’m just staying home..fried at the pool yesterday,so today..
    >> boring stuff like laundry ironing and grilling later.

    grilling after being fried? sorry, couldn’t resist. I’d be a lobster in this weather.
    it’s hot up north!

    just had a dream — but it wasn’t BT related.. something about getting the window open, because it was *cooler* outside (strange for a day like today!).
    We’ve got the A/C on.

    laundry and cleaning. Boring stuff, but it’s gotta get done.

  457. Danielle said

    Hey guys and gals.
    My sister went to Block Island overnight, she will be back today, so I am at her condo to let the dog out and I thought I would come on for a little while.

    loveshistory-Thanks for the bright comment except for the bash on my Henry. I live in Connecticut. I am sick and tired of being unattached little me. It hurts sometimes to watch my friends or sisters going off with there boyfriends or husbands. Besides I am going to be 29 on June 25th. I think it is time I decided to settle down, but just a little.

    Love the shirt Vicki. I personally want one with We could cuddle after. I too ordered the one off of ebay.

    I spent the day planting. I planted Candytuft to attract the butterflies and some funky that I got because it is called a Goblin flower.

    I got A History of Violence the other day so I watched it last night. Wow that was one wierd movie, good but wierd. Kyle was such an a$$ in that movie. I will be getting “Z” in a few days. No not you Anzia.

  458. vicki said

    hey all..
    just order a shirt…cant wait to get it…I will take a picture of me in it and post it.. HEhehe I plan to wear it so much that it will be worn out by Oct. Or maybe just a picture of me wearing it sent to Lifetime headquarters….LOL…do you think that would help them understand.?????

    Doubt it…but fun to try

  459. Danielle said

    Is anybody out there or is everybody enjoying Memorial Day. Let me tell you the weather is gorgeous here. Went to the parade this morning, had a good time.

  460. sassygirrrl said

    Hey all! Sooooo nice to see that we can all still blog!! Thanks so much Mrs. Gypsy!


  461. Danielle said

    I’m bored! sassygirrrl I don’t remember you from Lifetime’s Bloodblog.

  462. Danielle said

    I guess I am the only one in Blood Ties Land at the moment.

  463. Danielle said

    Alright well I am going home now. I will talk to you all tomorrow.

  464. sassygirrrl said

    Danielle, I’m so sorry that you don’t remember me. Look back, darlin. I’ve been there from the beginning.

  465. eep! looks like I missed the burst of activity in the blog. Oh well. It’s almost time to BBQ! w00t!

  466. msgypsy said

    Dizey1, try sending it to ms.gyspy@gmail.com.

    Off to see P3. I’ll be back…when I get back. I spent the earlier part of the day in overcast Vancouver (WA) with my friend and her hub, the recently returned Feral Troop ™ (So named because the returning troops families got briefings that made the guys sound like dangers to themselves and others … no loud noises, no sudden moves … sheesh! They think they’ve been brainwashed! or something) and now it is gorgeous out and I’ll be sitting in a movie theater. Ah, well.

    Later, gang.

  467. loves history said

    NEW plot mike is instructed to help an interpol agent who has a death warrant for henry signed by the PM i would love to hear comments about and about tanyas Valor books.Anything by tanya should beat tie shirts.

  468. AlisaSG said

    in case your reading this blog also, here’s what you requested (I’ve posted this same message on Tanya’s blog site for you, too)

    e-mail has been sent (around Mon 5/28/2007 8:03 PM).

    Please look for in the subject line:
    05/28/2007 from AlisaSG, BT and Sct-G related

    hope the e-mail isn’t TOOOOOOO long!

    {Posted by: AlisaSG, Monday, May 28, 2007 at 08:11 PM}

  469. loves history said

    where are you. come out and play.

  470. AlisaSG said

    if it’s any comfort, I remember reading some of your posts – all the way back in the beginning, and that was *before* I started posting on the blogs.

  471. Claire said

    Hi all..hope you all had a nice memorial day! I spent time alone doing chores while my monkeys went to the pool with their older siblings..then we had a nice BBQ! All is quiet now…funny thing though..my two 7 year old girls have little crushes..I know! Already! anyway their crushes were at the pool,so their older siblings were giving them alittle bit of a teasing at home..Nicolette was saying”oooh Victoria loves Pierce,Alexandria loves Oliver” so then everybody jumped in and Nicolette says”Ok everyone has a love,except Mom” and Victoria of course saids”No,no you’re wrong Mommy loves Henry!” ROFLMAO!!!!
    Of course she’s the one thats always in my room looking at my screensaver of Henry! Kids man! Anyway, type at you girls and guy tommorrow,going to read these books I just got ,I’m being unfaithful to Henry LOL!! Nora Roberts of all people has a vampire trilogy out.Quite good.So,sweet dreams all..leave your windows cracked LOL!! you never know when Henry might find the need to bump uglies!!!!

  472. loves history said

    claire arent u young to be a gramp if you money was born in WWII then you were born in mid 60s that makes u 45 max

  473. Laurel said

    Claire – I read those! NR does a pretty good job with this story line. I am now listening to them on CD when I have the car to my self – like when I drive out to meet Gypsy for lunch. The guy reading them is a disappointment, he makes all the women’s voices extremely whiney. Annoying.
    Don’t worry, this does not make you unfaithful to Henry! You would never leave Henry for Cian! Besides Cian is too old for you, almost 1000 yrs if I remember right.
    Loves history – hope you’ve had a good weekend! I haven’t read the Valor books but I’m going to start the Summoner Series. Have you read those (I suspect you have).
    Gypsy – oooh, scenic Vancouver. Nice. I hope you had a good visit with your friends.
    All my company has gone home, so now I’m left with CSI re-runs.
    No, wait! I have you!

  474. loves history said

    ALERT–ALERT tanyas new book just came out the heart of Valor for some reason you wont talk about valor. But think about this she could have written a blood SHE choose to write about Valor instead Since i am crazy about Sci fi and LOVED thr Valor books ,i cant say im that sorry

  475. loves history said

    laurel-have rea blood smoke and valor books i read about 20 diff series hard to keep up my next huff will be Heart of Valor,

  476. msgypsy said

    Just got back from P3. I had a tear in my eye at the end. (Did everyone remember to sit through ALL THOSE CREDITS to see how the movie actually ENDS?) And now it’s bed time… tomorrow (probably at night) I’ll start up a new topic for the discussions.

  477. msgypsy said

    Oh, Loveshistory, it’s possible no one is talking about Valor because not many of us have read it. I need to finish a metric buttload of books before I can even THINK about starting another series. So I’ll read Valor when I get caught up, and then I’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

  478. Teresa said

    For all of the over-40 crowd who are feeling a wee bit sqeemish about drooling over Kyle/Henry remember there is a real-life star couple out there – Ashton and Demi. I’m sure there are other real-life non-famous couples in that same category that we don’t kinow about. Hey, if guys can get involved with women younger than the children of their first marriages (I actually know some) why can’t women? I know, it’s that old double standard, but I get the impression that all the women on this blog are strong women, so breaking barriers should be second nature to us, right?
    I personally have no problem drooling over someone of that age and would have no problem dating someone that age either, especially someone that looks like Kyle and who seems so well-grounded.
    *off to take a cold shower now* and then to bed…

  479. Himmiefan said

    Hey Teresa. Just remember that the character that we’re all drooling over is over 450, so no matter how old we are, Henry will always be older. Perfect!!

  480. Anzia said

    Hey everyone. I hope your memorial day was okay.

    Danielle- πŸ™‚ you made me laugh with you comment about me & you having some “z”. πŸ™‚

    Everyone who saw pirates AND saw the easter egg at the end of the credits I have some PERTINANT information to the ending of the movie but I don’t want to post it on here. (spoilers…sorta). I know ms.gypsy saw it anyone else?

    I love CSI, next to BT it is my favorite TV show. I’m totally all for George Eads. Lovely lovely man to look at. In a pinch he’s an okay sub for Henry.

    I’d love to do the novel writing challenge thing. πŸ™‚ I’m always up for one of those (challenges that is).

    okay, it’s 2:30 here. I’m going to FINALLY go to bed

  481. Scotialynn said

    This last weekend was…interminable. My computer wont get past the Welcome to Windows screen, youngest sister deciede that she was going to complain about how my other sister and I excluded her from out movie venture (we went to see the premire of Pirates 3 (and all I’m gonna say is that 6 days is not enough! E-mail me if you want an explanation of that because I don’t wan to ruin it for anyone who wants to see it. Which you should!)) even though I had asked her the week before if she wanted to come. I still haven’t revcieved my copy of Zerophillia and Amazon said that it should have been here 4 days ago! All they can tell me is that its somewhere in Greensboro. UGH!!!! And now this morning my car didn’t want to start. I’m so glad that you all had great weekends. Thanks to everyone who posted a pic. It really has made my morning better!

  482. loves history said

    Sorry ms gypsy– i was so overjoyed at my discovery last night( think that Lifetime had changed its mind and will begin the backend 10 next week) the coverart of tanyas new book( she was born in1957)looked terrific.

  483. loves history said

    by the way does anyone know about how henry got his title lady Blount henry mom was married to the earl of richmond did henry become the duke of richmond because his legal dad of was earl of richmond? henry was earl of notticham also,

  484. Margaret said

    Loves History: Don’t tease an old woman. Is Lifetime changing its mind a rumor or something that can be substantiated? Where did you see this? Are you really sure?

  485. Margaret said

    Loves History: You are kidding aren’t you? It was just wishful thinking wasn’t it?

  486. loves history said

    does anyone know why Henry is the duke of Richmond his mother hubsband was the earl of richmond IT wouldnt have been an insult to him to make henry duke of the same.when promotions occur ( very rare you were given a new title name example when the earl of moringtons 1st son was promoted it was to the marquee of wellsely( the family name)when his younger brother was made a duke (unheard of ) he became the Duke of wellington. henry was also the earl of nottingham why not duke?

  487. ndayeni said

    loves history – I found this on the web:

    Henry had a particular fondness for this child, and created him Knight of the Garter at the age of six, on 24 Apr 1525. He was then advanced to Earl of Nottingham, and the same day, 16 Jun of 1525, made Duke of Richmond (a title associated wtih Henry VII before he came to the throne), then a month later Admiral of England, Ireland and Normandy. He was also made Warden of the Cinque Ports; Lieutenant of Ireland and given other titles and an income which made him the richest person in the kingdom after the King.

    I seem to also recall reading somewhere once that part of the motivation behind Henry VIII piling so many titles on Fitzroy, a young child, was to grant him position almost equal to Mary, his legitimate heir, so that if he were able to work things to be able to name his illegitimate son his heir, it wouldn’t be as much of an elevation in station. I can’t recall now where I read such, however, and it may have been pure speculation on the part of the author.

  488. loves history said

    no i was giveing an example on how i felt about Hearing about Tanyas new Valor book, hence think how good THIS would make you feel. see you liked it… sorry for the misunderstanding.

  489. loves history said

    MY BAD i read that henry s father was the Earl of Richmond i assumed his moms husband wrong Henry the VIII was the earl of richmond before he became king. our henry was married by the way to the daugther of the duke of norfork a Howard then.

  490. msgypsy said

    Also, the name Fitzroy is a title in itself. I’m not sure of the etymology but it means son of the king. And Dear Ol’ Dysfunctional Dad was so paranoid about fathering only daughters that he was going to make Absoltively Sure everyone knew this BOY was his doing.

    Gotta get to work early today. Arghhhhhh! I’ll be back when I can.

  491. Anzia said

    that wasn’t a very nice tease.

    now my day is already on “this sucks” and i’ve only been awake for an hour and a half!

  492. Margaret said

    ##** I knew I should have drank that second cup of coffee. That’s what I get for coming late to the party. lol.

    Besides I did the math on Ashton and Demi and I need to go sulk. My age span is quite a bit larger which I guess makes me one of the Deputy Mayors of Perville.
    Yewwwww. Maybe its more of the character that he’s playing that I’m drawn to; besides we know how fictional he is: How many men would actually say: “We could cuddle after”. Besides, if I’m attracted to his character that means I’ll always be the younger woman. lol.

  493. msgypsy said

    Anzia, I sympathize but I’m sure loveshistory didn’t mean it as a tease. I know I get excited whenever there’s a new, say, Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich.

    Well, time to shut down the computer and rejoin reality. Feh!

  494. lwildstar said

    the weekend was just anit climatic – the first Monday I haven’t had to get up for work and there was no reason to stay up late!
    Just checked the Lifetime website – you can still get to the Blood Ties page to read old postings and view the clips – also checked the “talk about” Board – Blood Ties has moved back up to #3 – that should tell LifeTime something – it had slid to #5 and for one day it was off the top five list and now its back to #3…please keep posting there, may be someone at LifeTime will get the message – especially if we can get it back up to #1.

    Started the jewelry designs – the “first collection” is going to be called Blood-Moon. Haven’t come up with anything for a “second collection” yet. Will hopefully be able to post a link this coming weekend if everything goes right this week (crossing fingers).
    have a good day!

  495. DebS said

    Good morning!! I took a break from my computer this weekend and delved into some great books, movies, and tv shows (my tivo was getting cranky cause I hadn’t watched all the stuff I’ve recorded over the past few weeks). I miss you all while I was gone! I have become very attached to my blog family. πŸ™‚

    prtfvr-Stopped by Henry’s Hens. It is shaping up! Great job again! I think it is so amazing that you do that.

    ms.gypsy-I may have missed them in the skimming of my post. How does one become involved in nanowrimo. My sister is a creative writing major, and wants to write one day. I think she would really enjoy a challenge like that…I want to pass on that info.

    Danielle-How did your date go? Would love to hear…send me an email if you don’t want to post about it on here.

    Supposedly my copy of Zerophilia should be here soon. Yay! Can’t wait.

  496. DebS said

    Oh and I forgot. Vicki-Love the t-shirt. I can’t wait to order one. I will wear it proudly…although no one around here will have clue what it means…hehe.

  497. Scotialynn said

    prtfvr~ Awesome work on the site!

  498. DebS said

    Is anyone around?

  499. DIZEY1 said

    If I can’t see Henry on tv on sunday’s then I’ll make my own little show.








    Does this help just me?? I think not CLearly I need some Henry EVERYDAY!!!

  500. Claire said

    claire arent u young to be a gramp if you money was born in WWII then you were born in mid 60s that makes u 45 max

    Actually loves history,I was born August 24th,1958..I will be 49 this year..I guess you could say I’m young to be a grandma,but married straight out of HIgh School and had my daughter at 19,she is 30.
    Laurel..Lol,you’re right he’s too old..but he does sound kind of cute!
    Teresa…you go girl…I feel the same way..I know plenty of men who don’t even look that good and are running around with girls young enough to be their daughters…no one calls them child molesters…but if a woman our age is seen with a twenty something or other…we are cradle robbing..or cougars or desperate…me,I say if he’s over 21,doesn’t look like a baby,and is mature for his age…then so what.I have met 40 something men that were ridiculously immature.

  501. DebS said

    Hey Claire-How is your daughter and grandbaby.

  502. Margaret said

    Of course I guess I can rest easy when I put the whole thing in perspective-what are the odds that I’ll ever make it up to Canada? Or that I would be able to meet Kyle? Or, what are the odds that Kyle likes older women? He has his whole life ahead of him so I would imagine he has an entire buffet of girls his own age coming after him hot and heavy. Ahhh, I feel so much better now that I’ve shrank my own head. Don’t leave me hanging here ladies-I feel soo alone and somewhat pervyyyy. Maybe if I look at it from aspect that he is just so great to look out. Kind of like one of the lines from the speach Al Pacino gave in the Devil’s Advocate: God tells you can look but don’t touch.

  503. Margaret said

    P. S. I don’t know how I got in the wrong time zone but I’m in Eastern time down here in FL. Its closer to 11:30 in the morning down here.

  504. DebS said

    Same here Margaret. Going to lunch.

  505. DIZEY1 said

    Teresa.. You are so right ON w/the dbl.standard. For centuries now women have been given the ROYAL SHAFT if you will. Think about it , still a man’s world even though WE (women) bust our asses working as hard if not harder, come home & take care of the family TOO! and we still are not given the respect we deserve!! JMO, now and everyone knows I’m opinionated and will speak my mind. Hope I didn’t offend anyone w/my tangents. But that being said I don’t feel squimish about admiring, dating,(whatever)…. a beautiful MAN, no matter what the age is. Life’s way too short to worry over trivial things. I like younger guys, they’re not so jaded yet and tend to enjoy life for what it is so far. Not that I’ve seen many (young dudes), but I’m open to try anything at least once.(hee hee hee). I SAY BRING IT!!! GOD I MISS HENRY***

  506. Margaret said

    Ok DebS: Does that mean you agree with me about younger men or the time zone thing? lol. I just know that Blood Ties and their cast members have given me an adrenline jolt that I haven’t had in a while. Actually I told someone the other day that I’m making that one line from Henry (think is was in Necadrome, or however you spell it) “Eternity is a long time to live with regret” my motto.

  507. Nina said

    Hello gals and guys πŸ™‚

    How is everyone doing today?
    I’m really tired and irritated today 😦 Have been taking care of official papers for my sister, so she can come and study here and those people at immigration here in Holland know how to get on the nerves.

    I’ll be checking in later.
    BTW I saw “Z” yesterday!!!! Kyle was soo HOT!!!!!!!!

  508. loves history said

    mageret so i am a little bit older i would never go out with him.on a more somber note i would never go out with vicky(it would kill me cause she is my type i have been very fortunate in the quality of my female companionship) it wouldnt be fair to her,

  509. Danielle said

    HELLO! I wanted to let you know that my pregnant sister is engaged to a guy 7 or 8 years younger than her. He is my age. She is going to be 36.

    I have not had my date yet. It is this Friday? I will let every know how it went when I can get on. I will not go into all the details though. Who knows maybe I won’t be so sexually frustrated after this date. HAHA! Just kidding. I will wait until it is right.

  510. simone taylor said

    Diezy1, I’m with you. Tomorrow I’m “turning” (ha ha) 47. I’ve been depressed about it. My daughter is only goning to be 15 and I see that she has a whole wonderful life ahead of her. And she keeps telling me “It’s sick mom to think Henry is hot”. But your comment made me feel better. Yeah, life is too short to worry about silly things like numbers and age…..We have wisdom on our side, don’t we?

  511. Danielle said

    Happy Birthday tomorrow Simone in case I forget tomorrow.

  512. simone taylor said

    Thank you Danielle.

  513. Danielle said

    Your welcome

  514. Anzia said

    Hey everyone! Happy birthday Simone! πŸ™‚

    To everyone who is getting crap from their friends and family for being attracted to Henry Fitzroy, remind them that Henry is a 450+ year old vampire and not a 23 year old actor. That would be Kyle Schmid (who is also incredibly attractive). Just forget to mention that you’ve seen Z 2 million times and counting (i’m somewhere near 140, 382 times myself– but I started late). Besides, being attracted to a TV persona (’cause who really knows what he’s like in real life) is not as creepy as those people who actually stalk the poor celebs.

    Just wanted to put my two cents in (I’m over charging I know…). I’m off to the library and then some SERIOUS homeworkin’ (i have 9 days until I graduate! OMG! *HYPERVENTILATES* I’d rather face a MOTW than that right now!).

  515. Danielle said

    Anzia is right. IMO there is nothing wrong with anybody of any age lusting after him, whether it is Kyle or Henry, or any good looking man younger than you. If someone hands you that crap tell them to that it is none of there business and they need to keep there noses out of it. Why do they care? It isn’t hurting anyone or anything. It is just a harmless little obsession.

  516. simone taylor said

    Hey, congrats Anzia. That’s great.

  517. DIZEY1 said

    simone taylor, yes maam and like Henry said …”there’s a lot to be said for experience”. I wouldn’t mind being a mentor. Age is just that a number, and hell lets have some fun sista”. Have yourself one helluva good Birthday too. Think Henry baby, it’ll bring a HUGE SMILE to your face. HE DOES IT FOR ME EVERYDAY!!

    A couple of pic’s to brighten up your day. HERE WE GOOOOOO……….






  518. lwildstar said

    if you havent been to http://www.kyleschmidfans.com/ there are a few new behind the scenes type photos posted there – also theres a link for writers, didn’t get a chance to check that part out.
    The video link for one of the “up coming” episodes that had been posted on MSN is now gone…I think they should have left it up to entice people. Oh well.
    Searched around ebay alittle, other than the mouse pad and the tee shirt there are some candid photos of Christina, Dylan and Kyle.
    is it October yet?

  519. DIZEY1 said

    simone taylor***HAPPY BIRHTDAY GIRL!! Ilike Henry said “Don’t knock experience” very wise man!! I’d love to be a mentor. People who spend soooo much time worrying about what’s right & wrong for me(anyone) else. They need to walk a mile in my shoes, & they still can’t tell me yay or nay. Like BON JOVI says “IT’S MY LIFE”!!! YEAH US!!! CHIX ROCK!!!





  520. DebS said

    margaret-I was referring to the time zone thing. Kyle is ony two years younger than me.

    Congrats Anzia on graduation! What is your degree in…college I am assuming?

    People are upset by what they don’t understand. It is not our fault others cannot understand our obsession with BT and Kyle/Henry. Lust on Ladies (and gents)!!

    None of my friends watch the show, sadly. I have made attempts to get them to watch, but to no avail. I will persevere though.

  521. Anzia said

    Simone- Thanks. πŸ™‚

    DebS- I will have a B.A. in Psychology & English (british literature as an emphasis but that really doesn’t matter much I guess). Even more interesing is my inability to understand basic grammer & spelling. ^_^ I’m one of those english majors that were in it for the amazing books and authors instead of the writing itself.

    In case you didn’t know there’s a HUGE difference between the two and, at least at my university, there is a general dislike of one group of the other. Those who are grammer proficient look down on us who aren’t. Lots of fun when you take a creative writing course and there’s more of the Grammer Nazi group than the Book Lovers group. (not that the two don’t ever meet, they do. Just not in me ^_^)

    prtfvr- I meant to say this earlier, I love the site! πŸ™‚ The Henry pic made me smile!

  522. simone taylor said


    wow, psychology. I always wanted to study that and egyptology. but i was told i could never make a living at either (by my parents) But I’m so happy for you.That’s great.

  523. Danielle said

    I wish I had gone to college. I juest went to a one year technical school. My parents were proud because it is the closest any of there kids got to college but it just wasn’t the same. I am thinking of taking a few classes at the community college near me. I want to take photography, sign language, astronomy(I love the stars) and Italian. I just need the money.

  524. Nina said

    Nice interview

  525. Margaret said

    Happy Early Birthday Simone. Too bad we couldn’t develop a BT Birthday Card for you, ah yes, yet another avenue they have missed the boat on.

  526. DebS said

    Anzia-Very cool.

    Danielle-Any college is a plus, and it is never to late to pursue any form of higher education.

  527. simone taylor said

    Thank you Margaret. Yeah, BT e-greeting cards. :O

  528. Anzia said

    You can make a living with basically any major if you go to a liberal arts college. IMO anyway. I have NO IDEA what I’m going to be doing after June ends but I’m certain it probably won’t have anything to do with either of my majors. I had everything planned out regarding “life after college” and it all went to ____ (insert any negative 4 letter word you wish here). So, now I get to join the work force with no experience in ANYTHING. Oh the joys of becoming a responsible member of society.

    I totally recommend psyc to anyone who is interested. It’s pretty facinating (although I do have issues with some of the stuff that i’ve learned over the last 4 years).

    Nina- you’re right. Great interview. I hope they bring him back. I loved Emmanuel! Besides, what could go wrong with having two very nice looking immortals in one TV ep??? (other than us all spontaneously combusting of course…)
    Is it october yet???

  529. Anzia said

    Margaret/Simone- Oooo, you could downlaod screenshots & edit them with fun sayings! Wouldn’t be too hard to do. You’d probably be able to do it in paint… That’s at technologically advanced my pic editing software gets. Sad, I know

  530. Nina said

    Simone – HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you’ll have a lovely day.

    Anzia – Life after College 😦 Still one and a half years away for me πŸ™‚
    Goodluck in “Real life”. πŸ˜›
    I hope that they included the gigling scene he was talking about in the bloopers. And yup, me want Emmanuel back 2…hehe

  531. DebS said

    Nina-Are you the one who lives in holland?

  532. simone taylor said

    Anzia, I’m not too clever with a computer. I wish I were. But hey as long as I can communicate with you guys, that’s ok. Thanks Nina.

  533. Nina said

    Yes DebS πŸ™‚
    All the way the other side of the ocean.lol

  534. msgypsy said

    On my lunch hour, bloggren, so I have a few moments to blog.

    My problem with Kyle’s age is that men that young, or men who LOOK that young, just don’t turn me on. I feel like I’m a mother to them. It’s not that I don’t lust after a good looking man, but that I find myself more attracted to men I don’t think I’m going to have to check over the homework of.

    But I can appreciate the beauty that is Kyle and the actor in that beautiful body. Which is why I maintain such an elevated and exalted position in Pervs-ville.

  535. Margaret said

    Simone: Pls send me your email (margaret_32927@yahoo.com). I have something I need to send you.

  536. simone taylor said

    ms. gypsy, I feel like I should be checking their homework, but with that face and body……homework is the last thing on my mind. Maybe sick (as my daughter says) maybe not?????

  537. Afternoon ladies and gents!

  538. Anzia said

    I love how we have great diversity in opinions on here. πŸ™‚ It really makes me smile.

  539. p.s. the photo link is for Simone.

    Sorry I got a bit distracted by my nephew running up and yelling at me.

  540. Margaret said

    Ms. Gypsy: Actually this is the first and last time I’ve ever thought anyone as young as Kyle was that good looking. Maybe I’m blurring the lines from his character which I’m more attracted to but I still think he’s pretty, which is somewhat unsettling to me.

    Simone: I made you a card. That’s why I need your email.

  541. simone taylor said

    Thank you so much Lady Afrodyte. Just talking with you ladies is taking the blues away. πŸ™‚ Thanks all.

  542. sassygirrrl said

    AlissaSG: *bows* thank you!

    If a guy was younger than I, but acted mature, i’d date him. I’ve done it in the past, a couple of times. The relationships never broke up because of an immaturity issue……

    I say as long as they are over 18, anything’s possible. Look at Ashton and Demi.

  543. Danielle said

    There is not only diversity in opinions. The diversity in age and location(Holland) is great also.

  544. DIZEY1 said

    simone, I also need your email if you’d like to be on the email list. I’ll add & send yopu a copy.

    Lady A…How do you do the image shack thingy. I’m not geeky enough to do alot of these computer things, plus I’m older than you are. I’ve been working since I grad.from high school, sadly before there were computers everywhere. Simone I’ll be 40 something this July 6th, oh and Kyle and I are both born in the year of the **RAT**. Yummy eh??

  545. You’re welcome Simone.
    I really can’t put in on the age conversation. I’m 22, almost 23, so I am in Kyle’s age range. It’s odd to think that he’s my age considering he not only plays a character who is much older, but he also acts very mature outside of the show. *shrugs* Oh well. I’m not even on the pervy scale!

  546. Danielle said

    I tell people that say a certain guy is too young for me “Hey as long as they are legal they are fair game”

  547. http://www.imageshack.us/

    You make an account and then upload the image onto their site. With the account you can go to the site and pick up the address for any pictures you’ve put up. It gives you a variety of codes to use for websites, myspace, message boards…
    It’s pretty easy.

  548. DIZEY1 said

    Hey Sassygirrrl, I’m going to add you to the list also if you’d be ok w/that.
    Marianne right??


  549. Nina said

    Lady Afrodyte, Same here. It is very weird for me that Kyle is of the same age that I am. Considering how childish I sometimes behave and he is playing this very mature guy πŸ™‚ But I can say that I’ve not yet met any boy my age that comes close to Kyle’s manerisms(sp?)…Look at me!:) Talking like I know him..How sad am I?

  550. Danielle said

    Being 29 next month it believe since we are both in our 20’s it is ok. Although it is wierd that I was born in the 70’s and he was born in the 80’s.

  551. simone taylor said

    Dizey1, I’m a rat too. e-mail is ilejay@aol.com.

    Diversity is good. We are all different ages and places it give us new perspectives on things. It’s fun actually.

  552. Danielle said

    I agree very fun. It is interesting how people from different areas of the US can be so different. I forgot what animal I am. I think I am a horse but I am not sure. Where can I find out?

  553. Marianne said

    Hey Beth, that’s fine. Do you need my email addy?

  554. DIZEY1 said

    simone where are you located??

  555. simone taylor said

    Danielle, i think this is it http://chinese.astrology.com/

  556. Margaret said

    Could be the reason I feel like such a perv is I was raised in the Bible belt down here. Needless to say I don’t discuss Blood Ties when I go to church. lol.

  557. simone taylor said

    Margaret-that is funny….I also don’t discuss BT with my church friends.

    Dizey1–San Fernando Valley, CA.

  558. msgypsy said

    Folks, I just discovered that WordPress logged several of your comments as spam and hid them for a while. I’ve de-spammed them so if you see something that should have been here days and days ago, that’s why. Sorry.

    Lunch is over. Gotta quit reading fun stuff. (Whedonesque.com is fun stuff.)

  559. msgypsy said

    Has anyone seen this interview with Tanya? It’s old (from March) but this is the first time I’ve seen it.


  560. Marianne said

    Spam, huh? Oh, well. 😦

  561. Marianne said

    Great interview!! Thanks msgypsy for posting the link!!

  562. Danielle said

    Yep I was right I’m a horse. I need big open spaces but have the need for love and intimacy which makes me feel trapped.

  563. Marianne said

    I’ll be back in a little bit, ladies. I’m off to make a veggie stir-fry with garlic-ginger terryaki and also a peanut tai sauce!!

    Be back in a while…….

  564. Marianne, please share!!!

    I just ate breakfast (woke up really late) but I am sure I have room for what you’re making. πŸ™‚

  565. Danielle said

    I am outta here.Gab at ya tomorrow.

  566. Ok, since it’s slowing down I’m heading out.
    Got a book to write and a house to clean. Hooray for me! ha ha!

    Talk to you all later.

  567. DebS said

    ms.gypsy-I hadn’t seen that interview, will have to read after work. Whedonesque is fun.

    Happy Birthday Simone! I can’t make a card, sadly I don’t have any computer skills.

    I think I was born in the year of the rooster, but can’t remember exactly.

  568. Margaret said

    DebS: It has nothing to do with any great talent. I have a software program that I bought from Hallmark some time back that I can remove their graphics and replace it with some of our more generally acceptable photos that we all like here (BT). Its not the greatest in the world but it lets me take things out and add which I like. Computer wise I’m only savvy enough to be really dangerous. lol.

  569. simone taylor said

    Thanks Debs…

  570. DebS said

    hmm..maybe I should try to find these programs we’ve been talking about on here. I have grown up with computers and yet often realize I only know the basics.

    Simone-Any big plans for the birthday? I love birthdays. I believe everyone should be treated to an ice cream cake on their birthday.

  571. DebS said

    I really love that we do not have to enter code any longer. πŸ™‚

  572. simone taylor said

    DebS–no big plans, I always go for my physical on my birthday….just to make sure I make it to the next birthday. My husband is on a night job so he won’t be around. And I don’t have tivo or anything to watch reruns of Henry and Mike. Just a quiet evening at home.

  573. DebS said

    Hey sometimes a quiet evening at home is what we need most. Since you have no reruns, here are a few presents for you to unwrap all night long.







  574. DebS said

    Simone, Didn’t think to ask if you were a minx or a hen. If you are a minx, perhaps someone here can provide you some of those lovely half naked Dylan shots from a few blogs back.

    Okay, I am off to an end of year work party. Have a great night everyone!!

  575. Margaret said

    Simone: For some reason it won’t let me send it from here (you know, the 8:00 to 5:00 place). Sooo, I’m forwarding it to my alternate email address and will forward it to you from there.

  576. simone taylor said

    DebS–I’m a Gemini so I can’t really make up my mind if I’m a hen or minx. I did save the lovely one of Dylan in the sheet.

    Thank Margaret I’ll check there. I’m on my work e-mail right now.

  577. Rifkind said

    By continuing the chatter on the Blood Blog (Monday, May 21, 2007) link, we have made that BLOG #1 on Lifetime’s discussion boards.
    It should show thatem how much we love the show!

    It jsut take FOREVER for the Lifetime page to load at home when I am on dial-up.. SO thanks Gypsy for making this place to chat, so that those of us with dial-up can still connect, when we are not at work.

  578. Claire said

    Happy Birthday tommorrow Simone!!!

    Anzia-I’m so proud of you!!! All of my older kids are still in school.
    Monique-business management-Masters
    Christopher-business management-BA
    Nicolette-Child phsycology-BA

    Wish I were closer,you need a graduation party!!!

    As for the discussion about age…as I said before..some young guys are scary..in the fact that they are very mature and don’t look their age.
    I mean I mentioned on the blood blog,look at Tobey Mcguire,he’s 30 and ewwe he looks 12.When I was 32,I met a lifeguard at the beach,all the teen girls were running around acting really silly around him.He came over to me,and we started talking,let me first say,he was Scottish,dark skin,black hair,very dark scruff on his face,beautiful blue eyes…he looked 30 at least,very mature personality..well then he told me he was 23,I almost fainted! but you know what,we dated awhile,and we parted because he went back to Scotland,we kept in touch for years.It all depends on the guys maturity,because granted there are some young guys I wouldn’t be caught dead with LOL!! My problem is that I am still full of life..and I stay current with the times! men my age don’t seem to know what to do with a computer,let alone know who Nickelback is or Evanescence! Also men in their 50’s freak out that I have the quads and 7 children altogether.The younger ones are more open and think it’s cool..they just comment on how I don’t look like I have 7 children.And my amazing older children just say,”Mom whatever makes you happy is what we want”

  579. Claire said

    So all you others in the over 40 group…LIVE!!!! who cares? Our life is a gift,not to be wasted caring what others think!

  580. Anzia said

    Simone- I think DebS was also talking about these photos: http://www.mostbeautifulman.com/sambagblog/17.shtml

    Danielle you’re right. Diversity of age, opinion, location really does add a lot to this place. It would be so much more boring if we all just agreed with each other and had nothing different to share.

    Nina- I’m so addicted! I’ve got so many bollywood movies checked out now (and on my Amazon wish list) it isn’t funny! Good thing that after next Tuesday I really have nothing to do but move out of my dorm room huh?!

    I’m an “ox” (really does nothing for the self image!). I find that this description is rather apt: Out in the world, though, Oxen tend to be stubborn, dogmatic, my-way-or-the-highway kind of people who have no concept of when to back down. Oxen don’t care to be pushed, especially since they think they’re the good guys of the Chinese Zodiac. Yeah… that sums up the down-er side of my personality nicely. ^_^ Now I can tell my mom I have an excuse for always being right! (well, sorta anyways).

  581. Anzia said

    Claire- Thanks *blushes* It’s nice to know that I’ve made it this far (there was a lot of doubt in the middle as to if I would be able to finish school here @ LU). It’s odd, everyone keeps telling me that I’ve got the entire world open to me but I don’t feel like that. *shakes head* I don’t know if I’m just repressing it all ’cause I don’t know if I can deal with it or what. But I seriously feel like there’s a precipice (sp?) that I’m kind of being shoved off of.

    By way of graduation party- I’d be happy with a lot of money and an open bar ($$ to be used at the bar nothing else)! I promise I usually don’t drink as much as it seems. Stress is a great inducer to alcohol! I am looking forward to the trip to Paris *squee* but other than that… *runs & hides* yeah, icky.

    Also, this has NOTHING to do with BT but I found this vid on youtube and it made me smile! It’s long but I promise it’s worth it! (well I think it is anyway)

  582. loves history said

    anzia do what you love (not just for money)-yeah you were invested in going to college now its over and the real fun begins

  583. Susana said

    Hey ya’ll,
    My crazy neighbor, cut my cable and internet lines while “gardening” 2 days ago and then went to Seattle for the summer!!! I am writing form work and will catch up on all comments tom…when the cable guy shows up! I hope it rains in Seattle all Summer…can you tell i need my cable..thatks goodness there was no new BT this weekend!

    Anzia….CONGRATS! Drink yourself silly and then get a cab home πŸ™‚ Enjoy the world of employment….the money matters but you have to love what you do and who you do it with…i love what i do and it pays well so i got lucky, wish the same for you!
    i am leaving for home now, will check out the comments in am from last 3 days!

    i just got thru, the third book! The mummy kinda scared me , i hope that becomes an episode…the book henry is intense! Are we discussing books yet?

    Hi claire! Dizey! Angie! missed you guys as well as everyone else, when did i develop bogittis? oh yeah..thatnks kyle πŸ™‚

  584. Margaret said

    Simone: Just got home from a meeting and sent it again. It should have 3 pages, plus the back page. The first page says Henry would have been there earlier but couldn’t because of his schedule. I won’t ruin it for you. I’m sorry, I never thought to ask if you were a minx or a hen, just assumed you were a hen. Shame on me.

    Let me know if you got it and if you liked it.

    Have a Happy Birthday tomorrow.

  585. Margaret said

    Ok, I love you all for being so enlightened but just for yucks lets just say I show up at one of your parties with a man/child who is 30 years younger than I am. What would you say? Possibly that I’d be taking the big dirt nap with Henry when the kid hits 60, because I’ll be 90 if I live that long. lol

  586. loves history said

    the mummy was the villian really terror filed. the trio worked well together to beat him also the evil god is still lurking

  587. Anzia said

    Margaret- In all seriousness, it wouldn’t bother me at all. My parents are 18 years apart! (yeah, when you’re in HS try dealing with the idea that your dad was a senior in HS when your mom was in Kindergarden_–EW!!!) If you guys are happy then why should anyone else really have a say in the matter? There would be people asking ‘why’ (…and probably ‘how’ esp. if your 90 & he’s 60) but it’s really none of their business.

    It would be GREAT to do something I loved, I just don’t know what that is right now. I’m thinking marketing, editing, anything to do with LAW (’cause I WAS going to law school)…

  588. Margaret said

    I think I’m probably losing it for lack of Blood Ties. I’m having these big conversations with you all about age differences when there is one big thing missing. I’d have to meet that man first. lol. Just put me in a padded room. I think I need to watch some of my Blood Ties tapes. Maybe we should start a list of what the symptoms are of Blood Ties withdrawal.

  589. Anzia said

    the first they I was told when I started taking my psychopathology courses (abnormal psych- disorders and such) was to never self-diagnose. If you start looking for symptoms then you’ll find them (yay power of the mind). So, if we’re going to make a list (which i think was done on the BB at one time) we should look at the group rather than just ourselves.

    that and I’d like to keep some of my more odd symptoms to myself. *blushes* my secrets no one shall find. Muwahahahahahaha

  590. Anzia said

    * the first THING I was told OR the first thing THEY told me

    Give it up to the almost college grajuate who can’t even make a complete sentence!

    “Clearly I need more beer”

    *giggles*- and i’m stone cold sober *sigh*

  591. msgypsy said

    OK I think I’ll start a new topic now. We’ve exceeded 500 comments and after that point dial up gets troublesome.


  592. DebS said

    I am not sure if we have moved over to the new section yet, but thought I would add my two cents in on the age thing.

    I would be happy for you Margaret if you showed up at a part with someone half your age. Good for you!!! Like Anzia said, if you are happy that is what counts most.

    As for meeting men, maybe try the online thing…might work for you. πŸ™‚

    Okay, I am heading over to the new entry to see if you all are over there.

  593. loves history said

    Anzia-you see how well i make sentences and i ve got 3 degrees i did have have a good proof reader,as long as the ideas are yours.girls get a hobby you will meet men i met my wife at a bridge toury,Okay you wont meet them sewing.I bet ms gypsy met a few at SCA. youve met me too bad im taken.

  594. Margaret said

    Ladies: Just so you don’t get the wrong impression, I’m 53, not 60. I was just being hypothetical with the 60. Will turn 54 in July.

  595. Scotialynn said


  596. Margaret said

    Simone: Were you ever able to get that card?

  597. Rifkind said

    Loves History,
    I agree with Laurel, you should write a book!
    Maybe you and your wife can sketch out some of the powerful events that happened in your life.. and then fill in the blanks when you have time..
    maybe talk about them when you have to go to the doctor… just slowly fill in the blanks.. it could be a real nice way to share with her some of the things that happened before she met you.
    It sounds like you had some exciting moments in your young life.

  598. Kiera said

    Hello, msgypsy. Thanks for opening a blog for those of us that love all things related to Blood Ties.

  599. angela said

    I”m a stay at home mom and just found Blood Ties a few months back. Since then I have been hooked. These last two weeks I have stayed up to watch it but no luck. I waited on Lifetime to show some sort of ad letting me know what going on with no luck. Soooo………..I dared the internet to do a google search and here I am!

    I am so relieved to know its back in October. When all you watch from 7am till 4pm is Blues Clues, Dora, Wiggles and more then at 4pm till 9pm all you see is Pokemon, Naurto, Ben 10 and more then you would know the panic I got when Blood Ties didn’t show. LOL

    Anyway I don’t want to take up anyones time. Just wanted to thank everyone involved with this program. I really do love it. I told my sister about it since I knew she would love it (she’s a big Anne Rice, Sherrilyn Kenyon fan) and I was surprised she’d run acrossed it already and had been loving it as well (I am a bit disgruntled that she didn’t tell me about it beforehand).

    Oh and wanted to say I’ll be doing a search (since I had no ideal this was based on a series of books) and hope to get this collection of books to read until October makes its way.

    Thanks again!

  600. Chery said







  601. Reoldilla said


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  602. belleparas said

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