Canadian Cuisine part deux

Oh, how could I have forgotten Molson? How? How? It’s pretty much the definition of Canadian beer and, let’s face it, “Blood Ties” fen, what do we all think it is that Vicki clearly needed more of?

Now, being from Oregon where we not only like, but pretty much worship our local microbrews, I of course have found what ought to be Henry’s favorite malty beverage. (Yes, it has been established that he drinks. Presumably he doesn’t get drunk. Cuz that would be ugly.)

And while Dead Guy Ale is one of my favorites, it’s no

Hmmmm … I think I need to head out to the store now.

Beer reviews are always welcome here. I’m a brewer (not necessarily great at it yet but I’m getting there) and a bit of a connoisseur of grainy, malty beverages. And a Pacific Northwet beer snob. (And a PNW wine snob. But I concede that other regions have excellent beer and wine, too.) In fact, I believe I’ll start a brewing topic here. After all, I’m city famous (in a certain number of circles) for my autumn apple ale, and I intend to make a batch of herb beer this summer as well as some regular beer. I’ll need a place to keep my notes. And share them with the world. Or at least with the world’s residents who are really dedicated to finding stuff buried deep within the World According to Google.

And, clearly, I need more coffee.


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