Accepting Suggestions for Vampire Novels

Strange as this may seem, I’m not a big fan of vampire novels. Really, I’m not. I am a fan of novels where either the supernatural or future tech intersect with murder mysteries. I am dealing with the unfortunate fact that romance often intersects as well. But on the topic of just plain novels about vampires, I’m not a fan. I’ve tried. I’ve really tried. And vampire movies are fine. (Especially the ones with Keanu Reaves and Winona Rider but I digress…)  I didn’t much care for Interview With a Vampire, although I did take advantage of the concept of the Talamasca and run with it for a Halloween costume one year. (Business suit, briefcase, mystical looking ID card and for some reason a large box of chocolates because I figure even a vampire ought to be attracted to gourmet chocolate.) I tried reading Laurel K. Hamilton’s stuff but … you know, I’m the last person to object to pornography in general, but her stuff just makes me shudder. It was good for the first few novels but then she got all humpy and I lost interest.

So my enthusiasm for the tv series “Blood Ties” can only be explained by a combination of (a) remnant of my time as a Buffy fan, (b) my love for Tanya Huff’s writing, (c) my admiration for a helluva job done by a helluva casting director, (c) and everyone else connected to the show did a helluva job, too, and (d) I have to confess a small crush on Tanya herself. (I didn’t realize that was going on until this afternoon when the friend who first introduced me to the Vicki Nelson books pointed it out. {BLUSH!!!}

On the LifetimeTV’s “Bloodblog,” which Tanya sorta kinda runs (at least she directs it at the outset of each week but I think we bloggers just run amuck unsupervised and we have way too much fun doing it) people are recommending vampire novels to one another. I’m not able to contribute to that discussion but I am able to offer a place here for people to make their suggestions easier to access. So, go ahead, post a comment recommending your favorite vampire novel or series of novels. This way people won’t have to hunt through that whole bunch of wild and crazy posts to find your suggestion.

And, who knows? I might even decide to read your recommendation and discover that I actually LIKE your taste in vampire novels.



  1. Anzia said

    Okay, so here we go. I am an AVID (sp?) vampire novel reader. So I know quite a few good authors.

    Sherilynn Kenyon- she does the Dark Hunter Series. It has Mythology from various cultures and doesn’t actually conform to “normal” vampires. They are instead entitities (Damons is their name) that must suck the blood & soul from humans to continue to exist after their 27th B-day (i think it’s 27). Otherwise they are a race called Appolites. The Dark Hunters are the immortals that hunt the Damons. They don’t actually drink blood (a few do but it’s generally frowned upon).

    Christine Feehan- She does the Dark series. Again another series that doesn’t actually conform to “vampire rules.” It is about a race of people called Carpathians who are “of the earth.” They are basically like vampires except they do NOT kill their food. They do drink blood however, can’t be in the daylight, can’t eat food and other normal vampire things. However, they are alive and have souls. The men in this society lose the ability to feel and see colors after a few hundred years and only through the killing of their prey can they regain feeling but to do so they give up their souls and the possibility of a Lifemate (i.e. soulmate).

    Shannon Drake- She does a series about vampires. I have no idea what it is called and it spans over quite a few books. It is just regular vampire fiction.

    Barb & J.C. Hendee- They write the Dhampir series. This is NOT ROMANCE fiction. It is fantasy. I love this series because the lead female is just amazing. Very strong, very sure of herself and slowly falling in love with her elf partner (yes, i know I said no romance but it really isn’t the focus). The stories so far are just about her and her elf and their pasts finding them as they try and make a future for themselves. It really is really good.

    J.R. Ward- The Brotherhood books are AMAZING. They have very steamy sex scenes (as do Kenyon & Feehan) and incredibly attractive guys. They are hypotestosteroned and the women are just as strong. Each book is about a different member of the brotherhood. I’ve only read 2 of the four so I don’t know too much about them other than you should check ’em out.

    Linsay Sands- Great vampire series. These are romances as well. It is about a family of vampires actually. Instead of them being dead they are decendants of the people of Atlantis. That society created a mirco-gadget that used blood to regenerate and fix the human body. The initial idea was to use it to heal wounds and broken bones etc from the inside out. However, the body is always deteriating and the mechanism that would shut down the gadgets after all it’s work is done is never activated. These people can eat, but usually only do so while falling in love. They can’t be in the sun ’cause it causes too much damage to the body.

    Katie McCallister(sp?)- Has a vamp series that is fairly normal. There is some psychic aspects to her universe and she has a GREAT sense of humor. It is incredibly sarcastic which make her books soo much fun to read. She actually has two series about vamps I believe.

    Okay, that’s all I can think of right now. 🙂 Told you I was well versed. 🙂 Hope someone finds this helpful.

  2. CSD said

    I too love Sherrilyn Kenyon(love Ash!) She has vampiries, were-hunters and the Gods of Olympus. I also like Maggie Shayne. Her characters are vampires but they are tring to find a way to be human again.

  3. Claire said

    The best vampire books I read,besides the blood books of course were..

    Kelsey Cole:
    the immortals after dark series,very,very good…werewolves,vampires,valkyrie,half name it.Very good story line and should be read by adults.The vamps do not have sex,until they find the one they are pre destined to be with,their bride..once they lay eyes on her,their heart starts beating again,and they will stop at nothing to conquer her.Very intense love scenes,same thing with the weres,only its their mate.Most of the immortals not only are very beautiful,but have a soul.

    Keri Arthur:
    Riley Jenson guardian series

    Lots of Vamps,werewolf interaction..for adults.

  4. kt1066 said

    I have enjoyed “Sunshine” by Robin McKinley, “The Nymphos of Rocky Flats” by Mario Acevedo, and “Happy Hour at Casa Dracula” by Marta Acosta. They are all fairly different from each other and from Tanya Huff’s books. I find it interesting how different authors fit the vampire lore to their stories.

  5. merigrase said

    the novels of the black dagger brotherhood from j r ward are awesome
    she has 5 of them in a series
    they are
    dark lover(about the blind vampire king wrath and his half human/vampire queen
    lover eternal(about rhage and his human girl mary)
    lover awakened(about former abducted blood slave and tormented souless vampire zsadist and his vampire he loves bella)
    and lover revealed (which is about a human cop butch who has a secret past and his love marissa the vampire)
    at the end of each novel is an excerpt of the next and her next novel
    is going to be calledlover unbound(about vampire vishous )
    all the males are 6 foot and up and together they are over 1000 pounds of animal magnetism, very erotic, brutal and just plain awesome.
    the women are all beautiful and the sex scenes are very erotically written
    i read each book in one night
    the books are an extremely intense,erotic,non-stop rollercoaster ride from beginning to end
    the vampires in her novels are so very different from tanya’s
    they eat and drink liquor,stay awake during the day,can not turn humans
    into vampires ,drink from their own race but the opposite sex only,and they are being exterminated by a society of non-humans called lessers who’s hearts and blood are removed to make them what they are
    the brotherhood are strong and were bred from pure bloods to protect the vampire race and they all live in a society with class levels

  6. Anzia said

    There is also Susan Squires, Susan Sizemore, Kelly Armstrong, L.A. Banks. I haven’t read too many of these. Susan Sizemore is pretty good. Her vamps are seperated into families that seem much more like what we would call packs. It’s pretty awesome. 🙂

    NOTE: ALL of the writers I’ve suggested except the books by the Hendees are romance and have explicit sex scenes. If you don’t like things that really do go *thump*thump* then they probably won’t be to your liking. The great thing about some of the authors I’ve noted is that their plots don’t revolve around (or REALLY need) the sex scenes.

  7. Nuala said

    I’ve read the Dhampir series and I enjoyed them. I read some of the Anita Blake sories & like the first three, possibly four (hard to remember when they started getting to be too much for me to read). I don’t really read much in the way of Vampire stuff though. Which is why Blood Ties was great for me as both a TV series and an introduction to Tanya Huff’s writing. I devoured the books as quickly as I could — 7 books & assorted short stories in a record 4 days, because I couldn’t put them down. I really liked her style.

  8. carla said

    I’d like to recommend Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy. They’re not vampire, but fantasy/supernatural. Very original concept, easy to read if you’re female but males would probably find some of the imagery unpleasant (ever watched a guy when someone talks about circumcision?). Women of the Blood have lots of power and there are some descriptions of torture but it doesn’t go on for pages and pages. It’s about power, the use and abuse. It’s also about evil and what makes a person good or evil. After the trilogy, there are other books set in the same universe and she has also started a new series about a succubus that ironically (given the hero) has very few sex scenes (not graphic like LKH).

    Sorry if this was supposed to be for vampire stuff only.

  9. Timewalker said

    I enjoy the Southern Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris. They are a little futuristic and the lead character is Sookie Stackhouse who lives in northern Louisiana. She is a telepath and first hooked up with a vampire named Bill who was *mainstreaming* and trying to live a normal life among non-supernatural people. He was her first boyfriend and since the vampire mind was quiet for her it was a relief not to be bombarded by other people’s thoughts. The vampires live in what is called nests if they aren’t mainstreaming and drink synthetic blood which they can buy in bars or wherever drinks are sold. They have a hierarchy and each area has a *sheriff*. There are other supernatural beings in the stories also, shapeshifters, werewolves, fairies in addition to the vampires. The vamps can’t go out in the day and don’t eat regular food and she gets involved with them because of her telepathic ability. Very cute and has some funny moments but not a comedy.

  10. Sylvie said

    If you like murder mysteries, maybe you should give P.N. Elrod’s Jack Fleming series a try. These books are set in 1930s Chicago. Al Capone may be a distant memory, but the mobs are still alive and well! In the first book, Bloodlist, newly-turned vampire Jack Fleming teams up with a private investigator named Charles Escott in order to solve his own murder. (I should mention that his murder has nothing to do with how he became a vampire.) What I like best about Jack is that, while he has several supernatural abilities (he can vanish and drift through walls, and he can hypnotize almost anyone instantly), he still thinks of himself as an ordinary guy with an unusual condition.
    Anyway, this series is about a dozen books strong, and keeps getting better and better! The most recent, A Song in the Dark, came out last year, and I can’t wait for the next one!

  11. Laurel said

    If you simply like supernatural romancy sorts I recommend the following:
    *Robin D. Owens – Heart Mate, Heart Thief, Heart Duel, Heart Choice and Heart Quest. Heart Dance should be out soon. These each stand alone, but you do meet characters that go on to be the main story in a future book so I recommend you read them in order. Robin has a web site
    Her other series is also quite good and in a different world. Guardian of Honor, Sorcerer of Faith, Protector of Flight, and Keeper of Flame coming in January 2008.
    No one is writing fast enough to suit me, so I have many series in progress at any given time.
    Tanya Huff’s Summoner series is very witty and sarcastic. I love them and would like to see them made in to a tv show. Loads of possibilities!

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